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Transition to…


independence Transition to… interdependence Transition to… profession

Transition to…

In the beginning… There was an ending

Really. That’s where the transition starts. As they say at high school graduation, “Welcome to commencement.” Here at Mays Business School, we help you commence the next stage of life. And even more importantly, help prepare you for what comes after the next commencement… when you earn a bachelor’s degree.

At Mays, all freshmen are invited to join the four-year Transitions program, which shepherds you during the transition into college, through college and on to professional life. Classes and small learning groups meet all four years of your undergrad career, and apply to all business majors. Our Transitions program will prepare you to become a lifelong learner, armed with the skills required of all business professionals for their work and personal lives. What does that mean? When you graduate, no one expects you to know everything about your job—but you are expected to know how to look for what you need. In other words… when change happens— and it will—you will be prepared.

In the Mays Transitions program, it’s our goal to help you develop and catalog the skills you’ll need to perform well in business…no matter what field you go into.

The 7 vital competencies • The ability to get your ideas across with effective communication • Being able to identify and fix performance gaps with problem • Creating new


opportunities for organizational or personal growth

• Leading others to aspire to a noble purpose • Being comfortable managing a project… or yourself • Relying on and working

with others in a work group or team

• Maintaining your character and integrity by acting


Transitions takes you to the peak of the “Mount Everest� of your college career, and beyond. Take a look at how the program works:



Graduate as a Mays Lifelong Education and Development program member, gaining access to continued resources and support as you begin your career

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Business capstone Assess your competencies and develop a plan to further strengths for lifelong learning

Business enhancement seminar Enhance your skills with discipline-specific seminars and programs

Integrated worklife competencies Apply those competencies in an intensive servicelearning project with a team

Freshman business seminar Build an understanding of vital competencies that will aid personal and professional development

Professor Shontarius Aikens leads freshmen through the first course in Transitions.

FRESHMAN YEAR :: Freshman business seminar The freshman year course introduces you to the broad skills needed by all business professionals. Class managerial leaders (you might call them instructors) will show you how to develop those competencies and reflect on each new skill set you master. You’ll also start documenting your development in an electronic portfolio that will become vital in demonstrating to employers, later on, what kind of business skills you possess. You will find a new home of sorts here. Your first year in Transitions is a learning community that helps you forge relationships with other students, faculty and staff. You’ll meet in large class sections some days for lecture, and smaller groups other days for discussion and application.

Here’s a preview of learning

outcomes for freshmen:

Create a portfolio and begin archiving achievements in the seven vital competencies

Develop personal management skills, understand personal leadership

Learn how to prioritize and set goals for your first semester and beyond

Discover your strengths and leadership style

Learn about ethical dilemmas, cultural communication and how to tap into creativity

SOPHOMORE YEAR :: Integrated worklife competencies You’ve probably volunteered before, maybe even headed up a fund-raiser. But have you ever had the chance to decide what your community needs, form a team with your peers, and then find a way to make at least $1,000 worth of difference for a cause?

As another option during your sophomore year, you can become a peer leader for the next group of freshmen. You’ll be on hand to show transitioning freshmen the resources Mays and college life have to offer. You will partner with a team of peers and lead weekly discussions and lessons.

That’s what your sophomore year in Transitions is all about. Maybe it’s man-hours spent volunteering with a local service group, or a fund-raiser that allows a charity to purchase needed supplies. The point is, your team decides how to best serve community needs. Consider these sophomore

learning outcomes:

• Lead and manage aspects of a team project • Master forms of business writing • Demonstrate problem solving with a team • Create a team and together find new opportunities for community enhancement

JUNIOR YEAR :: Business enhancement seminar By your junior year at Mays, you have settled on a major and are now pursuing discipline-specific courses to prepare for your career. What better time to complement those classes with learning and leadership experiences that bridge the gap between general business competencies and the detailed technical know-how you’re gathering in class?

SENIOR YEAR :: Business capstone Enhance your portfolio as a senior in Transitions. Get prepared for life after graduation with a portfolio of your competencies. Work with the Transitions personal coaches to complete a full review of your college career and decide which areas to strengthen to prepare you for lifelong learning and enhanced performance on the job.


In the Transitions enhancement seminar, continue documenting your skill development and mastery in your portfolio. You might: •

Sample from three one-hour seminars on relevant business topics. Fill in the blanks in your portfolio and add more projects to your competency matrix.

Practice your skills in a student-run organization in one of the business disciplines

Choose an enrichment program offered in your major

Develop leadership capabilities in a cross-curriculum experience such as Mays Fellows

GRADUATION :: Mays LEAD Your college commencement is not an end—but a beginning. Finishing your business degree at Mays and completing the Transitions program testifies that you are ready to commence the next leg of your journey. You are now a member of the Mays Lifelong Education and Development (LEAD) program. You’ll have access to resources from Mays Transitions managers no matter how far into your career you progress. Learning is a lifelong process. So is our commitment to helping you continue to develop the skills that will carry you through promotions, community leadership, family rearing and all of life’s roles. Once you commence with your career, you too will find yourself in the business of making successful transitions… for life.

“To become a better business woman, I must start now and treat each task as a chance to expand my experience and my overall marketability to future employers.” — Christine Harvat ’10


Transitions Program Mays Business School 4216 TAMU College Station, Texas 77843-4216 (979)845-4873

Transitions Program at Mays Business School  

At Mays, all freshmen are invited to join the four-year Transitions program, which shepherds you during the transition into college, through...

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