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Full-Time MBA Program Mays Business School


Statistics, rankings and course descriptions can help you compare MBA programs, but the real measure of quality is the caliber and success of a program’s graduates.


Texas A&M MBA graduates are in positions of leadership and responsibility around the globe. From the senior management ranks of global conglomerates to key positions in promising new technology startups, our graduates become proven business leaders.


Time for


Texas A&M. For Payton Mayes, MBA Class of 2000, the shortest distance between a dusty West Texas ranch and an executive suite on Wall Street was the FullTime MBA Program at Texas A&M University. “The program opened doors for me,” Payton noted. “Not too many people are blessed with this opportunity, and Texas A&M certainly provided me with key ingredients for success.” As a managing director in the Global Real Estate Principal Investments (REPI) group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Payton is responsible for all of REPI’s real estate investments in Latin America and shares responsibility for investment activities in the United States and Europe. He knows firsthand what it takes to succeed in today’s global economy. “The reputation of the Texas A&M MBA Program continues to grow,” he noted. “The top students from Texas A&M compete with the top MBA students anywhere.”


Payton Mayes

Texas A&M MBA

Class of 2000


Managing Director


Merrill Lynch


New York, NY

Thanks to his Texas A&M education, Payton knows firsthand what it takes to succeed in today’s global economy.



In business, as in life, success depends on the decisions you make along the way. If you are looking for an internationally recognized MBA program of exceptional quality and unsurpassed value, we invite you to explore Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School. Once you do, you’ll discover why now is the time for Texas A&M.





in the U.S. among public institutions

Financial Times (2011)




in the U.S. among public MBA programs Forbes (2011)


Time to


Recognize the Difference. “I knew Mays was a program on the upswing, and I liked the fact that it provided both a period of intense focus on the core curriculum and the flexibility to concentrate on a particular area of study, as I did in finance,” recalls Kipper Overstreet, Class of 2007. “I selected Texas A&M because of the people I met when I visited. There was a feeling of being welcomed and appreciated by those involved in all aspects of the program.” As a director with FTI Consulting in Fort Worth, Texas, Kipper is the primary contact between his firm and its clients. He is responsible for analyzing and understanding the often complex challenges facing client operations, and leads the FTI team charged with developing strategies and solutions. “I integrate my Mays education into everything I do. To address a client’s needs, it is vital that I understand all aspects of a business, from accounting to finance to IT. Once we understand all relevant issues, we then develop recommendations and strategies for implementing necessary changes. My job truly is a culmination of the education I received at Texas A&M.”


Kipper Overstreet Class of 2007 Director


FTI Consulting


Fort Worth, TX

From your first Texas A&M University experience, you will appreciate the difference.





more coursework

in the first year



MBA program

Curriculum Texas A&M’s Full-Time MBA Program from Mays Business School is built upon a curriculum designed to develop the knowledge and skills you need to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment.

You will return to the program for a second fall semester to complete your MBA curriculum, and then choose whether to continue your education into a fourth semester to specialize in a functional area or complete a certificate program. Each path has advantages.

classes alongside accomplished peers. Our program’s size and structure create a classroom environment that is challenging and engaging, and our culture encourages you to build lifetime relationships with the faculty and your classmates.

As an MBA student at Texas A&M, you will hit the ground running. Our unique and accelerated structure enables you to earn your MBA in 16 months. By covering 36 credit hours of core material in the first nine months of study, you will complete 50% more coursework in your first year than students in traditional MBA programs. This allows you to directly add increased value to your organization during your optional summer internship.

Choosing to complete your studies in December minimizes your lost income and allows you to return to your career before students from other MBA programs. Continuing your study into the optional spring semester of your second year grants you the opportunity to dig deeply into a specialized content area.

Our MBA program offers the unique benefit of a small boutique program at a large university. You learn from world-class faculty and have the flexible curriculum options that come from a Tier-One research institution, while simultaneously enjoying the small classes, dynamic interactions with peers and faculty, and highly personal experience of a small program.

Whichever path you choose, our highly selective admissions process ensures that you learn in small

Curriculum Structure


YEAR 1 November

December January




Term 1:

Term 2:

Term 3:

Term 4:

Financial Accounting

Finance for the Professional I

Management Accounting and Control

Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

Managerial Macroeconomics

Managing People in Organizations

Microfoundations of Business Behavior

Finance for the Professional II

Winter Break

Operations Management


Corporate Strategy and the Political Environment of Business Specialization Course

Marketing Management

Business Communications

Business Communications

Summer Options Internship, study abroad and/or specialization courses


YEAR 2 August September October November







Term 5: Business Consulting Project

MBA Graduation


August September

International Business Policy Directed Elective Directed Study

Optional Spring Semester for Certificate or specialization courses

Business Communications

Combined Programs

Certificate Programs


• MBA/MS — Information Systems

• Entrepreneurship

• Consulting and Strategic Management

• MBA/MS — Finance

• International Business

• E-Commerce


• Supply Chain Management

• Finance


• Business Management

• Human Resource Management


• Advanced International Affairs (Bush School)

• Information Technology and Operations • Marketing • Real Estate • Custom-Designed Specialization




Vince Castro Class of 2010 MBA Association Social Vice President MBA Advisory Board Member


“The Washington Campus offers a unique and rare opportunity to be exposed to the inner workings and inside-the-loop opinions of policy makers in Washington.”

Portfolio Advisor – Latin America




Houston, TX


Across the world, natural disasters unexpectedly cause business crises. Each day on Capitol Hill, legislative activities send ripples through the marketplace. Inventors and venture capitalists are constantly searching for the best way to launch a new product. In New York City’s financial district, analysts and traders shape the future of the global economy on a minute-by-minute basis. Knowing how to manage a crisis, understanding the complex and evolving relationship between business and global politics, and making crucial, datadriven decisions are all essential skills if your goal is the corner office.

That’s the reason Vince Castro, Class of 2010, values the experiential learning opportunities offered at Texas A&M. In Vince’s role as a portfolio advisor for Shell Oil, he manages postclosing issues related to divestitures, company closures and country exits across Latin America — ­ a role where understanding the impact of federal regulation is as critical as the tools he learned from his coursework. “The Washington Campus offers a unique and rare opportunity to be exposed to the inner workings and inside-the-loop opinions of policy makers in Washington,” Vince said.

“Every decision they make impacts the business world. Getting to hear the stories, listening to the pundits and participating in a few of my own debates pushed me to realize how critical it is for each and every business person to take an active role in shaping legislation that relates or impacts your industry, or else face the wrath of attempting to change law post-fact.” The Washington Campus was only one of the many opportunities Vince leveraged during his time at Texas A&M to prepare him for optimal career success.


Experiential Learning Inside the classroom you learn new skills. Outside the classroom you use them. Our program provides a number of opportunities to apply your knowledge through unique learning experiences.

MBA Venture Challenge

A big idea hits your desk. You’ve analyzed the financials. You’ve researched the market. Now, you must present whether or not this company is the next big deal. It’s time to put the skills you acquired in the Texas A&M MBA program to the test.  During the MBA Venture Challenge, teams of MBA students are assigned an actual early-stage firm and tasked with analyzing the products and markets for that company. By competing in this challenge, you will hone your market research, business development and creative analysis skills in ways only available through this unique competition. Disaster City Experience

Successful leaders thrive under the pressure of a crisis. From handling the impact of a natural disaster to leading your company through Chapter 11, learning effective crisis management skills is essential to your effectiveness as a business leader. The Disaster City Experience, a highlight of the first semester of our program, is a one-of-a-kind crisis management exercise staged at the world-renowned Disaster City training complex. During this day-long experience, you and your classmates are put through a series of exercises

designed to test your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Can you work together to “rescue” a teammate from the third story of an office building on fire? Can you talk to the media while your colleagues search for a co-worker in the rubble of an earthquake? Can you push yourself to succeed under extreme physical and mental stress? The training you receive at Disaster City allows you to definitively answer “yes” and know you are ready for the challenges of the business world. Business Consulting Project

From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, every business has its own unique challenges. Our capstone Business Consulting Project allows you to apply your knowledge and leadership skills as part of a small team of fellow MBA students tackling real-world business issues for business clients. Throughout your final MBA semester, you will work in a team of your peers to research a real-world issue faced by one of our business partners, develop a solution and then present the solution to your client. This project is the culmination of your MBA experience — bringing together the skills, tools and knowledge you have spent the last year developing.

Additional opportunities

At Texas A&M, you are encouraged to pursue experiential learning opportunities that are specific to your needs and goals. To facilitate this, our program provides partial financial support, in the form of scholarships, for elective experiential learning opportunities. Aggies on Wall Street Immerse yourself in the heart of America’s financial district and gain an inside look at the financial market.

Washington Campus Understand the dynamics between business and public policy through this inside-the-beltway interface with political leaders and policy experts.

Study Abroad Expand your knowledge of international business and develop the global literacy vital in today’s economy by spending time studying at one of our partner institutions around the globe.

Case Competitions Compete against MBA students from around the country and around the globe by participating in any number of case competitions.



“The faculty of the Texas A&M MBA Program are first class, and not just because of their impressive experience and credentials in their field.�


Alta Mathews


Class of 2008



HR Team Leader




Houston, TX

“They spend quality time with the students to ensure that we ‘get it,’ that we are challenged in our thinking.” “The faculty-to-student ratio really allows them to spend the time needed to get to know us individually and help us reach our full potential.” After obtaining the role of human resources team leader for the Energy Technology Company within Chevron Corporation, Alta was afforded the opportunity to apply the lessons she learned in the Texas A&M MBA Program. In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, she managed the employees at one of Chevron’s Shared Service Centers. Now Alta is the person providing guidance and support to company officials in areas such as strategic workforce planning, knowledge management and performance support. A big part of her approach to that job is based on her Texas A&M experience, especially the example set by a faculty member who encouraged her to pursue her interests and strengths. “Dr. Mary Lea McAnally is a strong example of the extent to which MBA faculty will go to help you succeed,” she recalled. “She systematically and enthusiastically laid the groundwork for my knowledge and interest in accounting. It’s not about her — it’s about you.”


Dr. McAnally Agrees.


Dr. Mary Lea McAnally Van Houten Professor of Accounting


PhD, Stanford University


Former Chartered Accountant Certified Internal Auditor

“The best part of my job is the students themselves. I never tire of coaching and guiding students. I admire their drive, their intelligence, their commitment, their struggle.”

Dr. McAnally approaches her courses from a unique perspective ­— she is there not to “teach” but to create “an opportunity to learn.” “Students file into my class mid-August, and in a few short weeks, they learn the language of business: accounting,” she explains. “Learning to speak any language is a complicated process, and accounting is no exception. Students have to acquire accounting vocabulary, master syntax, learn to read (and to tell) accounting stories. My students inspire me.” Her students quickly learn that content is only a part of the challenge in passing Dr. McAnally’s courses. “I have three goals for my students,” she notes. “First is knowledge acquisition — they should leave the course with a good understanding of accounting nuts and bolts and of the financial reporting process. Second, they should be able to use accounting information to inform and guide their business decisions. And third, they should begin to see themselves as managers — a goal that requires both experiential learning and self-reflection.”

Mentoring students comes naturally to the Texas A&M MBA faculty — it’s part of the program’s culture. You’ll find faculty doors open to your visits, not because it’s departmental policy but because our faculty take a genuine, active interest in their students. At Texas A&M, faculty-student relationships are rich and authentic. From providing contacts to a potential employer to playing golf on the weekend — in a very real sense, our faculty members serve as your mentors. The Texas A&M MBA Program is built around a shared commitment to the success of each student. Members of the core MBA faculty work closely as a team, integrating philosophies and teaching styles to ensure a more cohesive learning environment. While it is not surprising to find superior academic credentials among the faculty of a university the caliber of Texas A&M, an impressive number of our faculty are also directly connected to the business world as corporate advisors and consultants. These associations give them — and their students — insight into the real-world challenges facing businesses today.



Time to



Your Career.


Among MBA students, strong academic skills are a given. The world-class career management services of Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) focus on helping you develop the skills that set you apart in the market.

World-Class Career Management Consulting

th U.S. Public


at three months

(Financial Times 2011)

100% of seeking students with

internship offers (Summer 2011)

Class of 2011


of students seeking had positions within

90 days of graduation

There is a reason that Texas A&M University has consistently been ranked as one of the top five public programs, citing an average placement rate of 94.5 percent over the last five years. Our approach to career management is about much more than post-graduation employment. As a Texas A&M MBA, you will develop an individual career management plan based on your specific skills, career interests and goals — a plan that will serve you well beyond obtaining your first job after graduation. Beginning with a comprehensive one-on-one intake session, the GBCS staff works with you continuously throughout the program. Along with career advice and counseling, they provide assistance with résumés and cover letters, work with you to create job search strategies, and even help negotiate initial job offers. Through their services, you can explore open opportunities using a national employment database, refine your skills in mock interviews with executives, and expand your network with connections to employers and former students. By providing individual consulting and mentoring services to our MBA students, the GBCS staff gets to know each student as a whole. This allows the staff to directly refer highly qualified students for open positions — an efficient and effective way to match employers with the right candidates — which gives our students an advantage in the competitive MBA job market.


Jonathan Bass

Texas A&M MBA

Class of 2008


Business Analyst for Surgical Supplies Brand


Kimberly-Clark Health Care


Atlanta, GA

“I am very grateful for the individual attention and tailored support from GBCS in helping me find a role that not only fits within my career path, but one that I enjoy!”

“When I first started in the Texas A&M MBA Program, I was unsure of which functional business area best suited my talents and interests. I also struggled with finding ways to market the leadership skills I developed in the military.” The uncertainties facing Jonathan Bass, Class of 2008, are typical of many incoming MBA students — and precisely the sort of challenge the GBCS staff tackle every day.

“The Graduate Business Career Services staff was instrumental in helping me identify and leverage my leadership, decision-making and communications skills with civilian employers,” Jonathan recalls. “Their coaching, advice and extensive network of business contacts helped me land a position as a business analyst with a large consumer-products company.” Matching Jonathan’s knowledge, strengths and experience with the position at Kimberly-Clark is one example of how an ongoing focus on career management distinguishes the MBA Program at Texas A&M.





Carlos Stadthagen Class of 2004 Chief Financial Officer


Cisa Exportadora (Member of Mercon Coffee Group)


Managua, Nicaragua

“I owe the job I have today to an Aggie I had never met.”


As a Texas A&M MBA student, you will become a member of the legendary Aggie Network, one of the best-known alumni organizations in the world. Native Nicaguarian Carlos Stadthagen, Class of 2004, learned firsthand the reach and power of this network. “I owe the job I have today to an Aggie I had never met,” he recalled. “After graduating in the 2004 MBA class, I returned to Nicaragua and went to work at a local bank. About six months later, I got a call from Cisa Exportadora, a part of the Mercon Coffee Group. It was only after they hired me that I discovered that I had been recommended for my job by an Aggie who worked in another division of our parent company.”

The Legendary Aggie Network The Aggie Network is special. You can be an alumna or alumnus anywhere, but once you join the Texas A&M family, you will always belong — as either a “current student” or a “former student.” The distinction is small, but it makes a big difference in how former students interact. Meeting former students from Texas A&M is about connecting through your common past. The network is large, with a range of diverse backgrounds, but what you find is a connection that is both powerful and sincere.



former students

As an MBA student at Texas A&M, you will become a member of one of the largest alumni networks in the world, with nearly 300,000 former students and over 200 local alumni chapters around the world. This means that, as an Aggie, you are sure to find access, wherever you are, to a network of businessmen and women, engineers and architects, physicians and veterinarians, teachers and scholars ­— all of whom are committed to serving their fellow Aggies. You won’t find this kind of loyalty anywhere else.


It’s Time toInvest in


Katia Delgado knew she wanted a career in brand management, but she also realized that pursuing the requisite MBA came with financial strings attached — lost income from her time away from the workplace and the cost of tuition being chief among them.

On average our graduates

triple their

tuition investment

in one year


st overall in the U.S. Best Value for the Money

Financial Times (2010 & 2011)

Our program is among the most

affordable in the nation

Return on Investment The Full-Time MBA Program at Texas A&M is an exceptional value. Our program is among the most affordable in the nation, and our unique 16-month structure minimizes your lost income from time away from the workforce. Add to that the comparatively low cost of living in Bryan/College Station, and the result is a remarkably affordable MBA opportunity. Scholarship support is available on a competitive basis to all admitted MBA candidates — no separate application is necessary. Because we recognize the value of geographic diversity, resident tuition status is granted to scholarship recipients who are not Texas residents. As you explore MBA options, consider this: Over the last five years, our graduates earned an average of over $100,000 (including bonuses and other compensation) immediately after completing the program, tripling their tuition investment after just one year. Our value proposition is clear — the Texas A&M MBA maximizes the return on your educational investment.


“Texas A&M gave me the opportunity to earn my MBA at a prestigious institution with a generous scholarship,” the Class of 2010 graduate from Puerto Rico recalled. “I’m now working for Nestlé-Purina in brand management, and I was able to return to the business world with no debt. “Without sacrificing my financial future, I gained tremendous knowledge on a variety of subjects very relevant to my career.”

Katia Delgado Class of 2010 Assistant Brand Manager




St. Louis, MO




Texas A&M MBA Assocation

Amy Heintz Class of 2009 MBA Association President MBA Advisory Board Member


The resources that are available to you at Texas A&M University are virtually limitless.

Manager of Change Management Solutions


Alvarez & Marsal


Houston, TX


Time to


Locate Your


Living in College Station is not like living in a major metropolitan area, and Amy Heintz, Class of 2009, understands the value of this community. “Bryan/College Station is a safe, vibrant community with everything you need to enjoy your MBA program. Housing is nice and affordable, and restaurants and entertainment are abundant,” notes Amy, who now serves as a manager in the Change Management Solutions department at Alvarez & Marsal. “Any MBA program will keep you busy, so being located in a smaller city where everything is easily accessible is a helpful advantage when your time is limited.” Amy also has an appreciation for the opportunities that attending a university the size of Texas A&M provided to her. “The resources available to you at Texas A&M are virtually limitless — more exist than you would ever be able to take advantage of or even explore. The staff that manages the various resources available to you is extremely knowledgeable and oftentimes knows what you need for a given project better than you do yourself.”

One of


most livable

communities Money Magazine




of living



the national average

Located in what Money Magazine has described as one of America’s most livable communities, Texas A&M University is an ideal home for one of the country’s premier MBA programs. Texas stands as one of the strongest corporate environments in the United States, home to global leaders in a variety of industries including technology, finance and energy. This strong business climate provides many opportunities for our MBA students to network with key corporate leaders in their fields of interest. Crossing the plaza between Mays Business School facilities on Texas A&M’s convenient west campus, it’s easy to forget that this is a part of the nation’s sixth-largest university. You seldom encounter a stranger on the Texas A&M campus, which is known for its friendly, inclusive culture.


Fort Worth

45 35

College Station


Austin 35

San Antonio

45 290 10


As a world leader in teaching, research and public service, Texas A&M’s triple designation as a land, sea and space grant institution reflects a broad range of research. With an enrollment of more than 48,000 students in 10 academic colleges, Texas A&M ranks in the top 20 American research institutes in terms of funding. The twin cities of Bryan and College Station, home to the Texas A&M campus, offer amenities such as museums and concerts typical of much larger metropolitan areas. A community of just over 170,000 people, Bryan/College Station boasts a cost of living 19 percent below the national average — further contributing to the value of a Texas A&M education. Bryan/College Station is centrally located — only a short drive from San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, 3 of the 10 largest cities in the United States. Further demonstrating that this is a community that truly has it all, Bryan/College Station has been recognized by Kiplinger’s as one of the 10 greatest cities for raising families, and by Forbes as one of the best college sports towns in the United States. You won’t find a better location for pursuing your dreams than ours.


Mays Business School Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School educates more than 5,000 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students in accounting, finance, management information systems, management, marketing and supply chain management. Named for Mr. Lowry Mays, founder of Clear Channel Communications, the school consistently ranks among the top public business schools in the United States. Mays Business School is home to five academic departments and eight research centers, all of which work together to conduct award-winning research and provide the highest level of education for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Graduate students at Mays enjoy exclusive use of the Jerry and Kay Cox Hall, opened in 2003 as a new wing of the Wehner Building business education complex. This state-of-the-art facility features updated classrooms, special team learning rooms, computer labs and a student lounge reserved for graduate students only. MBA students also benefit from the numerous resources of the West Campus Business Library, located next door to Mays Business School. Mays is accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting agency and service organization for business schools. Our mission is to create knowledge and develop future ethical business leaders for a global society.

Academic Departments • Accounting • Finance • Information and Operations Management • Management • Marketing

Research Centers • Center for Executive Development • Center for Human Resource Management • Center for International Business Studies • Center for the Management of Information Systems • Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship • Center for Retailing Studies • Real Estate Center • Reliant Energy Trading Center


Applicants are reviewed according to the following criteria:

Time to


• A minimum of two years of

Make Your Move Is the Texas A&M MBA Program right for you?

Wendy Flynn Director of MBA Admissions

“We’re looking for well-qualified MBA candidates who share our commitment to academic success, can enrich the classroom with their contributions, and are serious about developing their leadership skills and advancing their careers.

We recognize that the MBA application process can be daunting. Our team of admissions professionals is committed to assisting you before, during and after your application submission. The friendly and personal attention you receive during the admissions process is reflective of the Texas A&M culture, and just one of the many factors that make Texas A&M like no other.”

Sound post-MBA career goals

Strong Team Orientation

Ability to be academically successful

Qualities of a Strong Candidate

Potential to enrich classroom discussion

Indication of career progression

full-time work experience with management responsibilities • Competitive GMAT or GRE scores (50th percentile or higher for verbal and quantitative sections) • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with strong academic performance in the last 60 hours • Performance during the personal interview (interviews are by invitation only) • Demonstrated leadership, academic and professional potential • For international students, TOEFL scores above a minimum of 600 on the paper test or 250 on the computerized version. If presenting the TOEFL iBT, a score of 100 is required. As an alternative to the TOEFL, international students may present the IELTS with a score of 7 or higher.

How to Apply Applications are reviewed in four rounds. To be considered for admission into the program, please submit all application materials at by one of these dates: Round 1 (early decision) — September 15 Round 2 — November 1

Evidence of professional demeanor


Experience managing people, budgets or projects

Round 3 — January 15 Round 4 — March 15 Round 5 — April 15

Full-Time MBA Program Mays Business School Texas A&M University

1.866.MBA.TAMU | MBA Programs Office | 390 Wehner Building Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843-4117


Full-Time MBA Program  

At the Texas A&M Full-Time MBA Program, we go beyond the traditional MBA curriculum, giving you the opportunity to determine the level of cu...

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