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Car care tips that will help you and your ride survive & shine this winter season Winter is upon us and you probably already knew how to check your car’s coolant and heating system as well as the tires. But did you ever think of protecting your car’s interior and exterior? Harsh winter element can take their toll on both your car’s interior and exterior so it’s important to take protective precautions to ensure your car not only to survives but shines this winter.

1) APPLY A QUALITY PAINT SEALANT to your car’s paint, exterior glass and rims to prevent the damaging effects of the salt and de-icing chemicals on the road. Rain, snow and ice in-of-themselves don’t pose the greatest treat to your car’s exterior – it’s the salt and other man-made chemicals used to clear the roadways during winter that can zap your ride’s shine. De-icing chemicals contain corosive properties that when left on un-protected surfaces can stain, strip and even rust metal surfaces. Quality Paint Sealants like Hi Def 1080 Nano Seal can give your car the extra amount of protection it needs to weather winter storms. Hi Def 1080 Nano Seal’s unique blend of PTFE Acrylic Resins form a chemical resistant shield over your car’s paint, glass and rims that outlasts traditional waxes that melt, evaporate and wash away in weeks.

2) WASH YOUR CAR WEEKLY WITH A WATERSMART CAR-WASH LIKE HI DEF EVO-WAX OR EVO-WASH. The Hi Def line of Water-Smart products allow you to wash your car INSIDE your garage without getting your car or more importantly YOURSELF excessively wet. It’s important to remove the salt and dried slush from your car before it begins to attack your paint and wheels. Use EVO-WAX or EVO-WASH with quality micro-fiber towels in combination with the “Two-Bucket Wash System” to clean paint, glass, chrome, wheels and tires quickly and easily.

3) TREAT INTERIOR LEATHER, VINYL AND PLASTIC WITH PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR PROTECTANTS. Everytime you enter your car you bring a little bit of the outside…inside with you. Salt, slush and snow are literally ground into your car’s floor mats when you step inside. When you are covered in snow or rain, your seats are soiled by the moisture and oils from your clothing. We suggest you clean your interior with Hi Def Total Clean and condition dash panels and plastic trim with Hi Def Whip Juice.For maximum protection treat interior leather and premium vinyl trim with Hi Def Leather Care Conditioner and Hi Def Interior Protectant. Use a professional fabic protectant to prevent dirt, debris and liquids from sticking to your cloth seats and floor mats. Vacuuming your car’s interior regularly will help to remove surface dirt and salt that lead to eventual staining.

4) RECONDITION CLOUDY AND FOGGY HEADLIGHTS. Darkness comes early during the winter season and driving visibility is a major concern. Cloudy and foggy headlights on your car can reduce your ability to see AND be seen when you’re on the road. Invest in a professional headlight reconditioning service that can REMOVE the damage from your headlamps, RESTORE clairty to the lens-covers and apply an arcylic sealant to prevent the damage from RECURRING. Hi Def Auto Detail uses a properitary reconditioning system that increases you driving visibility and your car’sVALUE by giving it a cleaner more youthful appearance.

These tips can help you and your car survive the winter and get ready for the sunny days of Spring. If you have questions about how Hi Def Auto Detail can help you prepare for winter email us at or call us (214) 265-7135. DRIVE IN HI DEFINITION.

Car care tips that will help you and your ride survive & shine this winter season  

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