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I Love Me! By Ruby

Art is lovely

I like myself because I am artistic. For example, I am good at face paint. One day my Aunt came to my home and my mom told me to put on some artistic makeup to show my Aunt. Sometimes I draw a picture from a book. Because I knew that I could not ripe the page. I also painte well because I took painting clasis. One time when I was in my class I painted a gorjes panting. It was liyt pingk, liyt blue, green and lots of uther colrs. The painting was a picher of a flawer pot with flawer. My dad huge it up in the cichin. I felt joyfull and I disidid that I LOVE ART!


I love Florida. First, I visited my Granma and Grandpa and it was fun! We go their house every summer bark. Next, I went to the beach and played. The sand felt soft on my feet. Lastly, I watched the sun set and it was so pretty. It was yellow and pink and orange. Those are pretty colors. I can’t wait until I can go there again.

Disney World

I had a fun time at Disney world. First, I went on all of the rids. Additionally, I saw a beautiful castle. Lastly, it was nice to be bake in the USA where everybody speaks English. It was fun!

I love to ride Horses. First, my Trainer Hooked a chain on the horse And I got on. My trainer walked Me on the horse. Then, I Learned his name is pricipe because he has six white does that look like a crown. At first was scared to ride pricipe but he walks slow and I felt better. Latly, the horse jumps BOOM! And I got nerves that I was going to foll. My mom laft at me she almost tuck a Picher. BOO WHO!

I Love The Beach!

Beaches are awesome! For instance, I like make fruit with my family. Additionally, I love to build sandcastles with my dad. Lastly, I go surfing. I love the beach!

About the Author


Ruby Jane Hishmeh’s birthday is April 7, 2005. She is 7 years old. She goes to school at Colegio Maya. Ruby lives in Guatemala with her family. Ruby likes to nit and sow , ride horses, draw and write. Ruby’s first book is “Blue Morphow.” she wrote the story when she was 6. What’s cool about her is that she can ride a scooter with roller scats. Look out for her next book.

Ruby - All About Me  
Ruby - All About Me