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All About Me Gabriela


My family and I like to go to Colorado. First, I went riding bikes and I was happy. Then, we went rock climbing and it was very fun. Next, we went home and we were all sweaty. Finally, we went to sleep.

One sunny day at Rio Dulce I had fun. First, I went running with all my family because it was a beautiful day to go running. Then, I was shot so I wanted to swim in the river. Next, I jumped on the cool river with my clothes on and I swam with my family!

My Favorite hobby is gymnastics. First, I practice my routine and I was super excited. Then, I competed with other girls and I was very nervous. Next, I won third place in the competition. I felt brave for competing. It was an excellent day!

I like myself because I am as adventurous as my dad. First, we were ready to go and it was very exciting. Then, we went biking and I had to be careful. Next, I took the picture and I was very muddy. Finally, I was happy because I was able to do what my dad can do.

I’m having fun at the beach. First, I look for shells with my family. Next, I build a sand castle with my cousins. Finally, I go into the water looking for fish, crabs, and swim with my family.

About The Author

Gabriela is 8 years old. She likes to spend time with her family. She lives in Guatemala. She goes to school in Colegio Maya.