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Introduction To Working with the Will This series of teachings is designed to assist in the development of the capacity to transmit the energy of the Will. These teachings are not intended to replace teachings that focus primarily on the development of the Intelligence or the Love aspect but to complement them so that a synthesis results in the life of service. As disciples become increasingly aware—Love and Light are not enough. Power is also required to bring the life of the soul in both an individual and planetary sense into full externalisation. As an individual or group becomes an expression of Purpose they also become a transmitter of the energy of planetary purpose. The transmission of this energy is best likened to the transfer of an electrical ‘charge’ that empowers—a current of Life. One symbol for the First Ray is that of lightning. Lightning is an outer expression of the flow of current between two electrical poles. As the air between the poles ionises two things happen simultaneously. The thundercloud sends forth ‘step leaders’ which are like flows of ‘plasma’ extending not in straight lines but wherever there is an opening to the flow. The earth at the same time extends ‘streamers’ of plasma to meet the descending flows. When the two flows meet there is the transfer of current and the electrical ‘gap’ between the two poles is bridged. If we relate this phenomenon to the world of spiritual realities we might think of Shamballa as the source of planetary purpose—an energy that is held within the Council chamber—a raincloud of energy held within an etheric reservoir. Humanity is the opposite electrical pole and Hierarchy could be likened to the dual action of consciousness in bridging these poles.

Training in ‘working with the Will’ essentially involves the dual use of the antahkarana in revealing the sutratma (or Life thread) as the transmitting agent for planetary purpose. Shamballa is ‘in charge’ literally and electrically of planetary evolution as it expresses through consciousness and matter. So these teachings are for those who are learning to be ‘in charge’ both in an electrical sense as well as in the sense of a ‘straight line movement through time and space’. Those who are ‘in charge’ bring to any field a sense of potent presence and help to invoke and induce alignment with the Life aspect in the whole field. Piscean models of leadership personalise and centralise the concept of ‘being in charge’ to create a system of static power exchange between an individual ‘leader’ and a group. Aquarian models recognise that leadership is a state of being and not a fixed personal attribute. It is the One Life which leads and that Life seeks to reveal itself at the core of all directly, as well as by transmission through whoever is ‘in charge’ at a particular moment in time and space. True power is not an exchange of authority but the affirmation and revelation of essential Identity. This revelation is not a static process but a dynamic nuclear reaction that releases immense reserves of energy that reside in the very centre of the being. Life calls to Life. May these teachings serve to assist in the flashing forth of the electric fire of the Will amongst the many networks of Light and Love that have been built around the planet. Bruce Lyon Shamballa School

Part One

Working With The Will Series—Transmission 1— April 2006 Aries—The Seed What is Meant By The Will? Normally when we speak of the Will we are referring to atma—the First Aspect of the triad or the ‘will of the soul’. The atmic plane is the meeting place between Hierarchy and Shamballa or soul and monad, just as the mental plane forms the bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity or the soul and the personality. We make the approach to the monad via the triad so atma becomes a doorway to the higher Will for the soul, just as manas is the doorway to contact with the soul by the personality. Just as the personality and the soul have a three-fold division it is also useful to consider the three-fold expression of the monad on the top three subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. In this case the ‘Will’ as we have previously understood it, becomes the third aspect of a higher trinity or we must expand what we mean by the Will to refer to the three-fold monad as a whole.

We might define the three energies of the monad as follows: 1 2 3

Logoic Plane Monadic Plane Atmic Plane

Being Purpose Will

Being, Purpose and Will are related to the three Shamballic energies of Purification, Destruction and Organisation. The first planes of the system—that of the fire mist—is where the Life that indwells the form of the planet experiences itself in the purest state. Pure Being as it is experienced on the cosmic physical plane is a state without distortion or modification of any kind. It is pure undirected energy. The second or monadic plane is that of Purpose because it is here that the pure energy of Life is cohered into a subtle form—the centre we know as Shamballa. The Council chamber is a reservoir for the energy of Purpose. Pure energy has now been contained or focused and directed. Being has ‘chosen’

and a divine intention (in-tension) has formed, although in matter far more refined than that with which we are familiar. Once a Being has purpose it is no longer able to dwell only in the purity of its undivided state. It has said, in effect ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. A subtle duality has arisen that provides an energetic direction or fiat. Once there is purpose or choice then there arises a natural duality between those elements and lives within the ring-pass-not that are in alignment with that purpose and those which are not. This plane is related to the energy of Destruction because once the great ‘Yes’ sounds then also the great ‘No’ is heard. Purpose creates a wave of directional impulse that both gives rise to and ‘pushes against’ resistance. It is the source of evolutionary striving and involutionary resistance. In addition, because all lives within the ring-passnot are also imbued with differing degrees of this capacity to choose, the One Life may encounter active and conscious resistance to his Purpose. The third or atmic plane of the system is where the energy of Purpose held on the monadic plane is actively expressed as ‘Will’. This relates to the Shamballic energy of Organisation, for it is here that the Purpose is ‘formulated’ into the Plan. When we think of ‘formulating a plan’ we tend to see it as that process which occurs in mental matter when humans take the energy of an ‘idea’ and attempt to create a vision or mission with specific time and space goals. What is referred to above is a higher octave of this process. To the Masters an ‘idea’ such as ‘brotherhood’ or ‘democracy’ or ‘the greater good of the planet’ is already a dense material expression. It is the energy of Life that underlies ‘ideas’ and gives them a ‘livingness’ that is being-formulated into the Plan on atmic levels. The Masters commune together to consider which great ideas must be vivified in a coming cycle and which

must be devitalised. In this way they ‘organise’ the Life which is conditioned by the buddhic ashrams and generates lighted thoughtforms on the levels of abstract mind, which in their turn inspire the leading thinkers of humanity. It is thus that human civilisations rise and fall. Finally it should be noted that for those who have freed themselves from the cosmic physical plane altogether and are functioning upon the cosmic astral, the Will refers to the energies of the cosmic mental plane, the first in a higher trinity that comprises the cosmic personality. In turn, to a Solar Logos functioning in the triad, the Will refers to the solar monad expressing on the three highest cosmic planes. The purpose of developing conscious contact with the Will aspect by any entity is preliminary to a synthesis of any three aspects and the shifting of the identity into the next level. Alignment with the Will & Resting in Being While we may be unable to shift our identity into the monadic planes until after the Fifth Initiation it is possible to align with these energies, invoke them and have them operating within the consciousness of the disciple, resulting in an acceleration of the initiatory process. It should be realised that the Will energies are already operating via the sutratma or Life thread anchored in the heart. When we align in consciousness via the antahkarana and throw our solarised personal will on the side of spirit, we can widen the channel for the inflowing Life-stream. The monad as the essential self has a dual nature which corresponds to Purusha and Prakriti—that essential duality which underlies all manifestation. The unity of Being expressing on the first plane divides, like the horns of Aries, into the subtle duality of Purpose and Will on the next two planes.

Purpose is passive and ‘holding’ corresponding to Purusha. Will is active and ‘expressing’ corresponding to Prakriti. In the consciousness of the disciple approaching the monad, this basic duality is expressed in an unusual paradox which we can refer to as ‘the Vishnu paradox’ because it has to do with the nature of consciousness itself. The paradox expresses itself through two qualities that are developing in the inner life—those of ‘striving’ and ‘surrender’. Most of the psychological difficulties that arise for those working with the Will aspect are the result of an imbalance between these dualities. When synthesis is achieved its expression is the so-called ‘effortless effort’ of the uni-horned initiate. Striving relates to the world of becoming and the active energy of Will. Surrender relates to the world of Being and the passive energy of Purpose. Striving allows the consciousness to penetrate to the heights and the depths—to take the kingdom of heaven by storm and to implement the monadic purpose on the physical plane. Surrender allows the consciousness to realise it is not separate and has never been separate from the very purpose to which it seeks to relate. Striving leads the soul to the doorway of higher evolution and Surrender allows for passage through that door. From the perspective of the human soul as a member of the Fourth Hierarchy on the buddhic plane, we penetrate into the monadic mysteries in reverse order. First we experience the Will through an encounter with the Will aspect of the triadal soul. This impact relates us to the Plan and our ashramic place in that Plan. This experience, however brief, is summed up by the words ‘Father, not my will but thine be done.’ The extremity of the soul in service as it attempts to carry out that Plan and express that Will, brings forth an experience of the ‘Purpose’ that lies behind Will.

This Purpose is not the Plan, nor the Will that implements—it is not a time and space defined outcome. It is a reservoir of energy that already contains the outcome and the time and space in which this occurs. The experience carries with it the unshakeable realisation that nothing can hinder the implementation of that Purpose in the five worlds because those worlds are all inherently an expression of that Purpose. The Purpose already IS. It is the energy that underlies all manifested or ‘directed’ Life. The great battle between the will of the soul on the atmic plane and the will of the planetary entity on the physical plane comes to an end as these wills are seen as a dual expression of the one Purpose. The first plane or adi is where that energy of ‘Life’ or pure Being can be experienced by the Fourth Hierarchy or the human soul. Penetration involves the experience of Life Itself before it becomes contained or directed on the second and third planes. Pure Being has no possessions, no purpose and is unaware of any separation or division. Therefore it is the only place of true ‘peace’ on the planet. It is important to remember in this analysis that the higher planes are not the source of this Life but are states or vibrational levels of matter in which the soul can experience that Life and learn to identify with it. It is the soul which is experiencing these higher energies and thus they still form part of the experience of consciousness rather than of monadic Life Itself. We can make this clearer by analogy. It is possible for the disciple polarised in his abstract mind to venture into the realms of buddhi, but this will be a different experience than actually leaving mind and entering into the buddhic experience naked—free from the cloth of manas. Similarly an initiate below the Fifth Degree is able to penetrate via his atmic sheath into the realms of the monad 10

even though he may be unable to transfer his identity there. Indeed it is the capacity of the soul to penetrate into the heights which is a prerequisite to being able to externalise itself fully on the physical plane. On a global level this is why it has been important to build the higher antahkarana between Hierarchy and Shamballa at the same time as the lower bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity, to provide the Life energy necessary for the Externalisation process. Striving allows the soul, as the soul, to penetrate into the higher mysteries by directly experiencing the vibrational states on the highest three subplanes of the cosmic physical plane AND to externalise itself through directly expressing on the lower three subplanes as well. Surrender allows the soul to be penetrated by both higher and lower energies and thus provides a ‘sheath of fire’ for the transfer of the highest into the lowest and the lifting of the lowest into the highest. Striving expands consciousness so that it is able to penetrate and ‘en-lighten’ more and more of the Third Aspect. Surrender allows consciousness to be a conduit for the energies that are unconscious and superconscious to relate to each other. Surrender and Striving together, rhythmically applied, create a field for the revelation of that which lies deeper than both consciousness and matter—the energy of Life Itself. A practical example of the difference and complementary nature of Striving and Surrender as they relate to the transfer of identity from the personality to the soul: We are told that there comes a time in the life of every disciple where a mental proposition must be created that embodies their understanding of the Purpose of deity. Through study and intuition the disciple articulates his best understanding of this Purpose. He then proceeds to formulate his understanding of the divine Plan and the Hierarchical intention for the present cycle. 11

Again through research, study and intuition he may identify his own ray make-up, ashramic affiliation, soul purpose and the piece of his Master’s work for which he has taken responsibility. Extending the process, he may identify specific time and space goals that he intends to achieve (for example, in this coming twelve month period), in alignment with this Plan and Purpose. He then utilises all his resources in the implementation process. This is all an example of Striving. On the other hand we are told that the essential purpose of Sanat Kumara is “unknown, unseen and unheard”.1 Not only do we not know it but we cannot know it (and yet we ARE it) for it has its essential life and location beyond the access of the mind. Further, the soul does not have a purpose—part of its essential nature is Purpose. It is impossible to become something that one is not already, therefore the path of Surrender calls us to discover or uncover that which lies unrealised at the core of our own Being-nature outside the time/space world of evolutionary becoming. Striving creates the conditions for mastery of a plane or sphere of activity. Surrender creates the conditions for the entry into that plane of higher energies and for the exit from that plane of the indwelling identity. Striving creates the jewel. Surrender allows for the transmission of energy through the jewel and the transfer of Life from it. And yet…it is impossible to achieve Being by Striving, for Being is the source of all Striving as well as what is striven for. It is impossible to experience Being by Surrender, for Being is the source of all Surrender as well as that which is surrendered to. Even so…when Striving and Surrender balance each other and all action (however subtle) ceases, then Being is revealed as ever present. On the seventh day (and seventh plane counting up) God rests and we, as one with God, may rest in Being. 12

Aries provides an opportunity to penetrate through the duality of Will and Purpose into the Will-to-be. So before contemplating any ongoing work or new initiatives over this Aries full Moon time, consider the synthetic yet dualistic aspects of the Striving and Surrender paths when seeking effective alignment with the Purpose of deity. And then step for just a moment off both paths altogether and rest in the ever present eternity—the pure font of Being. The Mantram of Life There is no soul. There is no time. There is no space. There is only Life. One Life. This Life I am. My will is for all my lesser selves to know me at their core as the essence, the beginning and the end of their existence. It is thus, as the One Life, I LIVE


Alice A Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, Lucis Trust Publishing Company, New York, 1961, p.241.



Working With The Will Series—Transmission 2— May 2006 Taurus—The Diamond Eye The mineral kingdom is governed astrologically by Taurus, and there is a symbolic relation between the “eye” in the head of the Bull, the third eye, the light in the head, and the diamond. The consciousness of the Buddha has been called the “diamond-eye.”1 In Taurus the non-dual becomes the dual (or jewel) and we enter the mystery of desire. Much has already been given in the literature concerning the relationship of desire and Will. Due to the identification of human consciousness with desire, spiritual teachings have emphasised—variously—its indulgence, its repression or its transmutation into aspiration. More advanced teachings focus on understanding the cause of desire, disidentifying with it and the development of the spiritual Will as a higher counterpoint to offset it. In this current paper I would like to talk about the ‘transfiguration of desire’. A dictionary definition of transfiguration is “a transformation that serves to exalt or glorify”.2 The word ‘glory’ has a particular relationship to the Third Aspect and to the demonstration or revelation of the divinity in form. While we all know in theory that matter is divine, the Seventh Ray Age will demonstrate the reality of this truth. The diamond represents the epitome of the mineral kingdom and the diamond soul in turn represents the flower of the human kingdom. In both cases the diamond stands both for the perfection of form and its capacity to transmit light. At the Third Initiation when in the human being soul 15

and form are brought together, the revelation of the jewel in the lotus is the revelation of their essential “dual unity”3 and allows the monadic Will to be transmitted into the three worlds.

Now another duality appears to the human soul released onto the buddhic plane—that of spirit and matter. The soul stands between the formless worlds of the Father that call to abstraction and the substantial worlds of the Mother that call for sacrificial descent. The Son principle must expand in both directions and attempt to reconcile this dual experience. In effect we have therefore a trinity—the Father aspect or monad, the Mother aspect or personality and the Son aspect or the triadal soul. 16

Just as there is that which synthesises the trinity of mind, emotions and body, there is also that which synthesises the trinity of monad, soul and personality. This emerging ‘fourth energy’ is cosmic desire as it expresses from the cosmic astral plane and therefore forms the desire body of the Logos, seeking to unite with and express through the cosmic physical plane. Desire as we know it is a lower expression of spiritual Will, but what we call spiritual Will is also a lower aspect of desire—cosmic desire. Thus we see how the energies of desire and Will form an interlocking whole. Spiritual Will (monad), pure reason (soul) and astral desire (personality) are a three-fold expression on the cosmic physical plane of cosmic desire, and therefore represent sentiency or the soul aspect of the Logos operating in form. The cause therefore of humanity’s suffering is not desire itself but the operation of that desire separated off from its higher counterparts. Desire is a divine energy reserved for the final descent of sentiency into form. Just as the human soul is seeking to fuse with its personality, so the Logos is seeking to fuse his cosmic astral body with his cosmic physical. The monad, soul and personality are like three ‘camps’ established for a mountain ascent, although in this case it is a descent, for the mountain peak is the physical plane and reaching the summit is the equivalent of the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. The final summit ascent camp (the personality) has lost contact with its mid camp (the soul) and is marooned on the peak (or in the depths), retaining only the memory of (desire for) the material world. Building the antahkarana allows the three camps to reconnect with each other and the personality to remember its mission. Once this is achieved it will be realised that ‘desire’—that most problematic of energies—is the very fuel needed to 17

fully externalise the planetary soul. Disciples will once again become ‘passionate’ but it will be a divine passion that consummates a heavenly marriage.

The summit of this reversed ascent is Aquarius and it is in the Age ahead of us that ‘Light Supernal’ will be known on Earth. Light Supernal is a seven-fold light or a synthesis of all seven rays. For it to operate on the physical plane it also requires a synthesis of consciousness on the seven planes. An analogy is to see the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical as a flute and the cosmic astral energy as the breath that sounds each of the different notes. There is one intent—one breath—one anima mundi that is the sentient nature of deity playing throughout creation. Sentiency in all kingdoms IS the Unmanifest pervading the Manifest. Just as the soul eventually infuses all three vehicles of the personality, so cosmic desire 18

(carrying cosmic buddhi) is seeking to infuse the cosmic physical plane via the triplicity of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. These three centres when functioning properly, correspond to the transmitting Will, transforming Will and transfiguring Will respectively, and are a differentiated synthesis of the transcendent Will which is cosmic desire free from all identification with the cosmic physical plane. Another way of expressing this is to say that they are the causal, subtle and gross divisions of the Manifest universe, while the cosmic astral plane is the Unmanifest. When the two are brought together Brahman and Samsara are one. Of course this duality of the Manifest and Unmanifest is only an apparent duality, but it is real in consciousness. For example, we are taught that the Buddha returns to Earth once a year at Wesak, but it should be remembered that in the timeless and spaceless Reality there is nowhere else from which he might return and no time in which he is not present. Just as the Christ links Humanity with Shamballa via the Hierarchy, the Buddha links the synthetic triplicity of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity with the cosmic astral plane because his primary identification is there. However the two cosmic planes are only apparently and not actually separate. By way of analogy, try directing your consciousness into your thumb. The thumb may become momentarily energised by the directed attention but it is never really separated from the consciousness as a whole. The Risen Christ is a living reality to those who have built the lower antahkarana. The Risen Buddha is a living reality to those who have built the higher antahkarana. The ‘Reappearance of the Christ’ and the ‘Return of the Buddha’ are therefore terms which refer to the directed attention of these beings who have expanded their identification to 19

include much vaster spheres of experience than we are able to encompass. The Buddha and the Christ cooperate with the Avatar of Synthesis in order to reveal to the various ‘kingdoms of consciousness’ operating on the cosmic physical plane their ever present interdependence as part of one system. They are aided by the fact that the atomic subplanes of each plane form one vibrational whole that we might term ‘the jewel of the cosmic physical plane.’

The jewel is a six-pointed star with the buddhic plane as its centre; or in three dimensions it can be viewed as an 20

octahedron—one of the platonic solids. The descent of the transcendent Will from the cosmic astral plane follows a diagonal lightning path. In the human part of the system we can see how the Will energy enters the crown chakra (7) directly from the jewel in the lotus (5) or via the astral head centre (6). On a cosmic scale there are likewise two energies entering Shamballa—the synthesis of the cosmic astral plane (sentiency) and the synthesis of the cosmic mental plane (Will) via the Logoic jewel in the lotus. There comes a time in the development of the human being when the central point of each chakra is operating synthetically and therefore the seven chakras are operating as a single system transmitting the monadic Will via the jewel in the lotus. At this stage it can be said of the microcosm that the ‘Will of God is known on Earth’. When the seven kingdoms of nature are similarly operating, then the current of Will from Shamballa will be flowing through all levels. The New Group of World Servers is in effect those members of the lower triangle—Humanity—in which the ‘jewel’ is beginning to be revealed. As there is really only ‘one’ jewel they form the transmitting centre on the highest mental plane (5) that is also intimately linked with those who are identified with the ‘will of the masses’ on the astral plane (6) and an emerging group that represents the ‘will of the indigenous peoples’ that vibrate to the energy of the first subplane of the physical/etheric (7). A Shamballa impact is effectively the running of current through the jewel or ‘Life thread’, and this current both energises the whole system as well as bringing to light (consciousness) any blocks there are to the flow of cosmic electricity. The Planetary Logos is seeking to express his Will on Earth via the three centres of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. The Solar Logos expresses his Will through 21

the solar system via the three synthetic planets—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. Uranus, the lightning God, is the First Aspect of this trinity and it is his energy that works through a lesser triangle of Vulcan, Earth and Pluto. In the combined glyphs of these three planets we once again have the jewel or octahedron. This mystery is revealed through the hierarchical astrological rulerships of the first four liberated Hierarchies on the cosmic astral plane.

Uranus - The Synthesiser

Pluto - 1st Ray Personality

Earth - 1st Ray Monad

Vulcan - 1st Ray Soul

The Solar Will Diamond

The Fifth Hierarchy (or Eighth) is trying to free itself from the cosmic physical plane altogether and is therefore the higher correspondence to the Fifth (or Tenth) Hierarchy operating on the mental plane of the cosmic physical. Taurus is ruled by Vulcan, and at the Wesak time the transcendent Will is directed downwards into the cosmic physical plane in its rhythmic hammering of the form into a translucent jewel that will be able to take and transmit, eventually, the cosmic Will. 22

God is directing his conscious gaze to our part of creation and that gaze is directed through the ‘eye’ created by the Buddha and the Christ (already diamond-souled) as part of a planetary project designed to make of the Earth a precious jewel able to perfectly reflect and transmit the Will of the One. For the myth of Indra’s net teaches us that each jewel is a holographic expression of each other jewel. In Aries we reach through into the pure ‘current of Being’. In Taurus that current evokes the crystalline form or the jewel through which that current must be passed. The Life energy destroys (Pluto), purifies (Vulcan) and organises (Earth) the duality of form and consciousness so that synthesis can be revealed. Synthesis allows the seven-fold nature to be experienced as one, whether this is the seven chakras of an individual, the seven ashrams of Hierarchy or the seven sacred planets. They form an Aquarian hierarchy or ‘holarchy’ where all levels are recognised as being divine. When it is realised that the goal of the personality is the crown chakra but the goal of the monad is the base chakra, then the 1/7 or Shiva/Shakti duality is resolved and the battle between spirit and matter is over for the individualised consciousness or soul. And this battle can end no matter which plane of the cosmic physical plane that the consciousness is operating on. Desire is a problem for humanity because seventy-five percent of human souls are polarised on the astral plane. The polarisation is not a problem—it is the identification with the matter of that plane that is the problem. If we are identified with the agnisuryans that make up our astral nature then we are moved by desire rather than allowing it to move through us. The transfiguration of desire does not involve its transmutation or transformation. It does not seek to raise the energy to a higher level or to sublimate its expression. 23

Transfiguration is the radical release of identity from the forms through which that identity is functioning, resulting in their glorification. The education of humanity resulting in the gradual repolarisation of large numbers onto the mental plane will gradually proceed, but it should be realised that humanity, just as it is right now, IS serving the Life aspect in its transcendent nature and could also consciously serve the Life aspect as it is transmitted through Shamballa if it were able to awaken to the true nature and function of desire—or worded another way—to realise the divine nature of desire. Indeed it will be through the very energy of desire that the Christ (“the Desire of all Nations”4) will be able to reach through to expression on the physical plane. The transfiguration of desire is rapidly occurring and for those with eyes to see, humanity in larger and larger numbers is beginning to yearn for and demand ‘spiritual life’. The consummation of this transfiguration will occur when the money of the world (which is largely controlled by the energy of desire) begins to flow more and more rapidly towards those creations that are consciously imbued with higher energies. We are familiar with the association Venus (as exoteric ruler of Taurus) has with money through terms such as interest, appreciation and value. Vulcan (esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Taurus) as a representative of the Uranian First Aspect also has an association visible through the linking of words such as current (currency), charge and volt (vault). After connecting with our transcendent being in Aries, it is in Taurus that we experience the charge of that being towards the manifest worlds of the cosmic physical plane. If the desire of the Logos for manifestation ended, then so would that manifestation. As human beings we are all ‘sons of that desire’ in some form or another, and when we allow it to flow through us without being moved by it—it is that desire which 24

‘organises’ our physical plane life in such a way that it is able to handle the descent of the Life principle. As souls we are gradually being built into the synthetic jewel which is the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara. Across all divisions of race, religion, philosophy or politics we come together in the blue-white fire to transmit the energy of synthesis, of Light Supernal, through the three worlds. We also recognise that in the very depths of solar incarnation that is planet Earth, a cosmic diamond is being fashioned that will be able to transmit a cosmic Will, and so at Wesak we stand and withstand along with our brothers the Buddha and the Christ so that ‘the dead may be raised to Life.’

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 3— June 2006 Gemini—The Mystery of Love

Let me begin with a few orientating statements. • Love is the effect of the realisation of the non-dual within the dual realm. • Relationship is possible because there IS only ONE. • The birth of the third from the second is possible because of the first. To understand duality we must go to its source. It arises before the manifestation of the universe and so is inherent in our Kosmos. Its prototype is Prakriti and Purusha—the universal principles of spirit and matter. The whole manifest universe in both its gross and subtle forms is Prakriti. The energising Life or spirit of the universe is Purusha. They arise together but they are not intrinsically separate. At their core—their rootless 27

root—they are not other than the One Boundless Immutable Principle which cannot be conceptualised. It can never be named—a kind of abstract One About Whom Naught May be Said, but equally it Can Never Not Be Mentioned! When we speak of duality sometimes it is this basic division of spirit and matter (within the manifest universe) that is referred to and sometimes it is the dual division of the Manifest and Unmanifest universe—the Day and Night of Brahma. He who knows at the same time both the Unmanifested and the destructible or manifested, he crosses over death through knowledge of the destructible and attains immortality through knowledge of the first cause.1 HPB in The Secret Doctrine refers to the One Boundless Immutable Principle as ‘Sat’ or Be-ness—that which is beyond both Being and Non-Being. It is the One without a second. Once the universe begins to arise there becomes two—the realm of the Unmanifest or Non-Being and the realm of the Manifest or Being—this latter itself dual as spirit/matter or Life. Within manifestation then there arises a third—that which becomes conscious—first of the duality within manifestation and then of the duality between manifestation and non-manifestation. This ‘third’ or relating principle is a ‘self ’, made possible because of the original Self. The analogy in human experience is of a human child generated from two parents. In one sense the child is the result of the parents’ union and in another sense (the soul of the child coming into manifestation) it is the cause of their union. The Son principle then is both the result of the union of spirit and matter and the evidence of the fact that they were never two but one.


h e Absolute T

First Logos - The Unmanifest

Unmanifest Non Being

Second Logos Spirit/Matter - Life

Manifest Being

Third Logos Fohat

Sat or Be-ness

In Taurus we discovered that it was the pervasion of the Manifest by the Unmanifest that produced ‘sentiency’. In Gemini we discover that it is the reality of Be-ness that produces within sentiency the experience of a ‘self ’. This is why the sign of Gemini is related to individualisation and the founding of Hierarchy upon the Earth. Within the manifest realm of the Solar Logos (the three cosmic planes) the three primary abstractions have their correspondences in the following way: Be-ness Unmanifest Manifest

– cosmic mental plane – cosmic astral plane – cosmic physical plane

The cosmic physical plane can further be divided into form and formless, or spirit and matter. At the mid-point on the buddhic plane the Fourth or human Hierarchy comes into conscious expression. A small piece of the solar 29

identity coalesces within the sentiency that pervades the fourth cosmic ether. The birth of the Son on the fourth cosmic ether is a direct correspondence to the appearance of the physical Sun on the fourth etheric plane. This Son then extends a piece of itself into the higher mental plane and an individuality is experienced. The soul manifests and can say ‘I am’. The Son is the principle of Light or consciousness that arises between the two darknesses—that of ‘pure spirit’ and that of ‘pure matter’. In reality these two darknesses are the same for there is no real duality. The analogy on the physical plane is the darkness of ‘inert matter’ where the ‘Being’ pole is present but latent as ‘charge’. Conversely in the darkness of a black hole the ‘matter’ pole is present but latent as ‘mass’. The Son partakes of both parents but its origin lies beyond them. He is responsible for the radioactivity of ‘matter’ through the arousing of the kundalini fire and the potency of ‘spirit’ through the descent into manifestation of electric fire. He is the Will—to Love—in Action. When the Son identifies with his ‘material’ parent we have the analogy of planethood—a solid separate sense of identity as matter. As a star, a Son is radioactive and corresponds to the causal body at the time of the Third Initiation. At the Fourth Initiation the Son is beginning to identify with his ‘spiritual’ parent and his identity is no longer centered on itself but has become identified with the light it is radiating. The causal body is released and the Son experiences himself as the light of the ashram (galaxy) as a whole. At the Fifth Initiation his identification is moving into the dark ‘spirit’ centre or the monad. Thus the Third, Fourth and Fifth Initiations and planes are those of the Son and can be summed up as follows: 30

• I ‘as matter’, spirit. “I must arise and go to my Father”.2 The Mystery Of Electricity. • I ‘as spirit-matter’ Am. “I and the Father are One”.3 The Mystery of Polarity. • I ‘as spirit’, matter. “I leave the Father’s Home and turning back, I save”.4 The Mystery of Fire Itself. The descent of the Sun to Earth is the key motif that underlies the lesser mysteries and is epitomised for us in the Christian story by the birth of the Christ at the winter solstice. The revelation of what lies behind the Sun as a result of its birth, crucifixion and resurrection is the motif of the greater mysteries and is summed up for us in the Gayatri “Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun”.5 (See the following paper on the “Sun door.”) The physical representation of this process is made apparent to us at the time of the Gemini full Moon—the Christ’s unique festival. From the perspective of the Earth, the Sun ‘stands’ between the pillars of Gemini and the Moon lies in the direction of Sagittarius and the galactic centre. It is interesting to discover that the hierarchical ruler of Gemini is the Earth itself, which is a non-sacred planet. The Earth is also the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius, the polar opposite of Gemini. These are the only two constellations ruled by the Earth, and this fact is of major significance, creating an unusual situation in the solar system and a unique relation. The cosmic line of force from Gemini to Sagittarius and the reverse is subjectively and esoterically related to our Earth, thus guaranteeing its soul development, the unfoldment of form as an expression of that soul, and leading our 31

sorrowful humanity upon this woeful planet inevitably to the very gate of initiation in Capricorn. … “When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) become the energy of the one who rides towards the light (Sagittarius) then the fourth becomes the fifth. Humanity, the link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good. Then all the Sons of God rejoice.”6 On the current full Moon there is also an alignment between the three planets of the ‘solar diamond’—Earth, Vulcan and Pluto—with the latter conjunct the galactic centre (or our ‘cosmic Shamballa’) in the same way that Sirius expresses the ‘cosmic Christ’. Within the manifest universe our identification expands along the following evolutionary sequence: individual – planetary – solar – galactic – universal We uncover our individual soul purpose and find this is not fundamentally separate from the planetary purpose held in Shamballa. This in turn is an aspect of the solar purpose, which is an aspect of the galactic purpose, which is an aspect of the universal Purpose. This latter is the One universal Life or Being. Beyond this is the realm of the Unmanifest or NonBeing and beyond this is the Absolute. Just as the lesser is physically present ‘within’ the greater, the greater is ‘spiritually present’ ‘within’ the lesser. The universe exists within a grain of sand just as a grain of sand exists within the universe. It is this non-dual truth which lies behind the dangers of the premature release of the Shamballa force. The energy of Shamballa ‘universalises’ the Son or consciousness aspect. If that consciousness is identified with its material self or ‘personality’ then the result is egoic inflation, the increasing assertion of self will and the urge to dominate. The grain of sand begins to think of itself AS the ‘beach’ instead of ‘beach 32

consciousness’ arising within the grain. The consciousness is only freed from identification with the personality at the Third Degree and so it is at this stage that the monadic influence can be safely handled. The influence of Sirius and the energy that ‘pulls away from form’ also becomes vital in the inner life, and the link therefore between Gemini, Sirius and the higher mysteries is apparent. In a planetary sense therefore, the entrance of the Shamballic force at this time in the planetary evolution both requires a significant number of Third Degree initiates in order to correctly wield it, and at the same time is the causative factor in producing them and moving them into positions of influence within human society prior to the Externalisation of the planetary soul or Sun. The Shamballic force is released through the jewel and corresponds to the revelation within consciousness of that which lies behind the Sun. It is the electric fire of the Father made available to the Son in order to give him the power to fully manifest on Earth. It has the effect of making the causal body radioactive and eventually results in its disintegration altogether and the release of the indwelling Life onto the buddhic plane. It is the descent of Masters of the Fifth Initiation into incarnation which is the self same impulse that will result in the release of large numbers of humanity in taking the Third Initiation. This relationship between the Fifth and the Third to produce the Fourth is the counterpart in the realm of initiation to the same process which produced individualisation and the fourth kingdom in nature. Again you find the note of duality in the relationship... between the third kingdom of nature, the animal kingdom and the kingdom of God or of souls, the fifth kingdom in nature, thus producing the fourth or human kingdom. Between these two the influences play from 33

Sagittarius to Gemini and vice versa. It was the activity of Venus—under the influence of Gemini—which produced the great crisis of the individualisation when the two kingdoms “approached” each other. Venus, Mercury and the Earth then set up a magnetic field which made the intervention of the Great Lodge on Sirius and the dual stimulation of Gemini effective in producing significant results of which the fourth kingdom in nature is the expression. The fact that Gemini is the third sign and embodies what is called “a third potency” enabled it to reach, with its force, the third kingdom and produce that reaction which resulted in the individualising or the humanising of its higher forms of life. You will note that Venus is also the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, thus showing the power of the mind and its place and purpose in connection with both the major human crises: Individualisation and Initiation. It relates humanity in an unique way to Gemini. In the coming world religion this fact will be noted and in the month of June, which is essentially the month in which the influences of Gemini are peculiarly strong, due advantage will be taken in order to bring man nearer to the spiritual realities. Just as Venus was potent in producing the relation of such pairs of opposites as the fifth kingdom of souls and the third kingdom (the synthesis of the sub-human kingdoms) leading to a Great Approach between soul and form, so in the new world religion this fact will be recognised. Appeal will be made to the Forces which can utilise this planetary potency in order to work out the divine plan upon the Earth.7 Gemini rules the etheric body and it is through the planetary ethers that the electric fire is transmitted in order to ‘set the body of Christ alight’, restore the mysteries and


manifest the Plan on Earth. The Hierophant of the Mysteries is the planet Uranus—Wielder of Electric fire and the One who operates through the triplicity of the solar diamond. His is the lightning flash which reveals the face of true spiritual Sun. In Esoteric Astrology Uranus is also given the name “The Source of Duality” and “He who relates”.8 The Pillars that he stands between and beyond as Hierophant are the pillars of Gemini, the great sign of the Love principle, and it is this combined symbol which we invoke with the words of the second verse of the Great Invocation: “May Christ Return to Earth”.9

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 4— July 2007 Cancer—The Instinctual Embrace of Spirit

The secret of the Mutable Cross concerns itself with form and its transcendence and is summed up in the words: “The robe, the robe, the beautiful robe of my strength no longer serves”. The secret of the Fixed Cross concerns itself with the soul and is revealed in the words on the Cross “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me”.1 The secret of the Cardinal Cross is the secret of Life Itself and might be inadequately expressed in the phrase ‘There was only, ever One’. These three Crosses concern themselves with the evolution of consciousness that first identifies itself with form, then with the soul, and finally with the Life principle, only to discover that there was only one identity permeating the entire universe all along and that we are eternally ‘it’. In order to discover this we must first develop a separated identity that this mystery can be revealed to. Gradually the One is then known by each of its parts. 37

Cancer is the sign of mass consciousness and incarnation. The Light of Life emerging in Aries desires manifestation in Taurus, enters through the pillars of Gemini, spreads throughout the group in Cancer, focuses to a point in Leo and is birthed into the wider field in Virgo. We are familiar with this process as it concerns consciousness. The soul entered during the time of Gemini, became mass consciousness in Cancer and focused into the individualised soul in Leo. A similar process occurs when we concern ourselves with the Life principle and its entry into the consciousness of humanity with the resultant formation of the New Group of World Servers and the release of the energy of synthesis happening all around us for those with eyes to see. We are told that the light associated with Cancer is the “‘dark light’ of matter”.2 We are aware that the Light of Life issuing from Shamballa is also called a “dark light”.3 These two dark lights, together with the light of the soul, make up a triplicity which is in reality One.

The Light of the soul between the dark light of matter and the dark light of Shamballa


The light of the planetary soul enters the lower darkness of matter through the New Group of World Servers and the Light of Life enters Hierarchy via the Masters at the centre of the ashrams. The Master Morya presides over the ashrams on the atmic plane whose function it is to add “darkness unto light so that the stars appear”.4 The cycle of invoking the higher darkness over the three spiritual festivals culminated in the entrance of that energy at the time of Gemini. During the full Moon of Cancer this entering dark light should spread throughout the group field before being focused to a point at the time of the Leo full Moon. How are we to understand the spreading of this energy? A clue lies in the fact that Cancer is an ‘instinctual’ sign. The instinct for self-preservation operates somewhat unconsciously or automatically, particularly in stressful environments. The higher octave of the self-preservation instinct is what we might call the spiritual instinct or the ‘will for the good of the whole’. Both instincts operate without conscious thought. We have an impulse and we take action. An example would be a situation of danger in a battle. If the consciousness is identified predominantly with the separated self then the instinct for self-preservation overwhelms the decision-making self. If the consciousness is identified primarily with the One, then the instinct for ‘Self ’-preservation overwhelms the decision-making self. In both cases action is taken without thought, but the direction of that action may lie 180 degrees apart. The straight knowledge of the intuition is associated with the higher instinct, while what we might call the ‘animal instincts’ are associated with the lower. The important point is that it is exactly the same energy that produces both instinctual reactions—which one will manifest depends upon the consciousness (or soul) principle that is operating. Hence we see 39

that the release of the Shamballic force into the Human centre can only take place without destructive consequences when there is a core within the human field capable of responding to it via the higher instinct, and it is for this purpose that the educational project undertaken by the Hierarchy has been forwarded over the last two centuries. When this higher instinct is operating in a group field what is experienced is a ‘synchronicity revealing common purpose’ or synthesis. Synthesis is different than unity. Unity is the result of a process whereby individuals are drawn together by a common vision or purpose that is already known to them and is developed through group interaction. Synthesis is the cause of a process whereby individuals are drawn together through a synchronous instinctual response to a purpose which is revealed to them and through them as a result of group interaction. This is an important distinction. An initiated group will eventually be able to operate as a spiritual organism united in ashramic consciousness, moving in the inner and outer worlds as a flock of birds moves through the air, driven not by instinctual connection that is pre-individualisation but by the spiritual Will of the ashram which is post-individual and synthetic.5 The energy of planetary Purpose or Will is entering the consciousness of humanity and is resulting in the re-organising through resonance of those capable of responding to it. The result is the building of a new field of relationship within which this energy can find expression. We are familiar with the keynote of Cancer “I build a lighted house and therein dwell”.6 Normally we associate this with the soul and the causal body as the Heart of the Sun. When we are contemplating 40

the Central Spiritual Sun however, the ‘house’ may be built of a dark light. The Moon is known as the “Mother of Forms”7 and represents the sea of emotional energies in which our personal planetary self swims and out of which it must emerge to individuate. We might also consider a ‘Mother of Light’ which is represented by the sea of light of the galaxy or ashram in which our solar self is embedded and from which it must eventually emerge. There is also a ‘Mother of Darkness’ which is represented by the void of space in which all the galaxies have their home. The ‘Son’ principle in the great dark sea of space is represented by the black hole—a centre of dark light or radiation—the Central Spiritual Sun. If space itself correlates with the ‘empty darkness’ then a black hole is a nadi point or laya point of the ‘full darkness’ or ‘darkness in expression’. A galaxy remember, has a black hole at the centre and a halo of dark matter within which the light of a hundred billion suns blaze. Around those suns spin countless billons of planets or what we call physical matter. Metaphysical Space is the great Father/Mother which contains both the unmanifest universe (empty darkness) and the manifest universe (full darkness). When the soul or Light principle begins to be initiated into this higher trinity of darkness then it begins to burn more brightly. This darkness is revealed through the jewel and begins to turn the causal body radioactive, just as it is the light of the soul which brings the personality into full expression. The incarnate soul begins to be aware of its transitory or supplementary nature, and like all natural things, begins to fully flower in the face of its own demise. The petals open to reveal what is both the seed and the fruit—the jewel in the lotus. It is through the diamond in the core of the soul that the doorway into Shamballa begins to open. 41

Let us consider for a moment the process of building the lighted house within the field of humanity. The flowering of the soul is a natural process and here and there throughout the history of the planet and aided by Hierarchy, souls have ‘turned on their lamps’—become ‘suns’ or stars in the sky of our collective consciousness. These souls have acted as entry points of light into our dark world and various religions, philosophies, nations and so on have been built up around them. When there is only one Sun then the organisational dynamic is easy. The Sun goes in the centre and the planets circle in defined orbits. As more and more suns begin to appear in the sky however, then the need for them to relate to each other becomes more important. Constellations of stars begin to form. As we enter the Aquarian Age, group initiation results in the bursting forth of many points of light which begin to get organised into ashrams. Constellations are not enough, and we become aware of our galaxy and the synthetic whole in which all the ‘stars’ are held. As the galaxy becomes self-aware then it recognises its place in the universe and so on. Synthesis is the result of a higher organising principle being revealed within a system—once again as both its seed and fruit. We could look at the worldwide Bailey esoteric movement for example, as a field of light that contains many groups that have been operating independently and are now coming together to form constellations as they recognise via spiritual instinct, the sounding forth of the synthesising note of their galaxy—the Master DK. In the wider field of humanity nations, religions, philosophies, businesses and cultural groupings are all being brought together into an integrated and integrally functioning whole as the Shamballic note of synthesis is sounding forth from the planetary jewel or flaming diamond of Sanat Kumara. 42

The esoteric community is merely one galaxy within a field containing hundreds of billions—it must find its differentiated place and purpose within the context of the whole. Just as the individual within the group looks out from their own centre and perspective, so the group individual has a similar bias or distortion. In fact one of the definitions of initiation is ‘the relocation of identity from the centre of a lesser sphere to the centre of a greater one’. Each galaxy has the tendency to place themselves at the centre of the universe in the same way that a sun or a planet does. Identifying as humanity then, we must ask the question ‘what is the unique purpose and function of the esoteric community within this larger field of which it is a part?’ The asking and answering of this question will bring in the perspective and energy needed to reveal the synthesis within the community. The Shamballic note produces a dual effect. On the one hand it tends to produce crystallisation, a retrenching of consciousness in its attachment to forms and a powerful assertion of separated ‘identity’. On the other hand it produces transcendence or the release of consciousness from form altogether and identification with the whole. Which effect dominates depends largely upon the preparation of the consciousness involved. This is why education about Shamballa and the energy of planetary Will under whatever name, is so important. It prepares and conditions consciousness so that the likelihood of a higher instinctual response to the impacting energy is increased. Both tendencies can be summarised in the symbol for the First Ray:


The point represents the tendency to contract to the centre. The circle represents the tendency to expand to include the whole. Taken together they express synthesis, which is both a differentiation or a clarifying of individual purpose and an expansion of identity to include a greater whole. In this way the processes of individualisation, initiation and identification are seen as three aspects of a single energetic event. In Cancer we define the field in which the ‘Son’ principle or the ‘point’ emerges. The dark Sun emerges from a dark container, which is the hidden symbology of the ‘black Madonna’. Our monadic centre is already identified with the One Life of the planet, and through this with the One Boundless Immutable Principle. To have this centre revealed at the centre of our consciousness we must be able to hold our conscious identification with the whole. Cancer is the sign of mass consciousness—we are connected instinctively with humanity as a whole, and this innate sensitivity can cause us to contract into our shell as well as expand in compassionate embrace. We focus on home and family and discover Earth is our home and humanity our family. We develop the muscle for transcendence and embrace. The deep truth at the core of our being is that ‘we hold the universe in our embrace and the galaxies are our children’. If this is so we might at least be able to sustainably hold identification with the level of shared responsibility for one small planet. When we can do this, what is revealed to us is 44

the One who has already taken that responsibility and therefore is in a position to share it with us. If it is the Christ-in-us that is the “hope of Glory”8, it is the Sanat Kumara-in-us that is the ‘consummation of Purpose’ and the jewel in our crown. Together they embody and reveal the “glory of the One”.9

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 5— August 2006 Leo—The Central Spiritual Sun The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery BREATH in its absolute Unity. In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the electric Fire of all Life.1 The Central Spiritual Sun is spoken of in the esoteric teachings in a variety of related ways. Firstly it is the One Life—the essential nameless Reality. In the manifest universe it is the animating or Life principle of that universe. Within a galactic system the ‘seat’ of this principle is the black hole at the centre—the central ‘Sun’. Within the solar system this principle is embodied in the synthesising planet Uranus. Within the planetary system the Central Spiritual Sun is Shamballa, and in the human system it is the monad. Leo is the time for self-assertion. Which self will be asserted depends upon the level of identification of consciousness and the degree of spiritual tension within any system. A soul, whether individual or planetary, at a high level of tension—necessitating the application of the First Aspect of its own nature (the Will)—may have increasingly revealed to it the divine power that resides in the Central Spiritual Sun. Leo is ruled by the Sun on all three levels. Esoterically the Sun veils Neptune and hierarchically the Sun veils Uranus. It is the bringing together of the First and Second Aspects—Will and Love—in the heart that holds the key to spiritual power. Let us trace the flow of energy starting with the personal system. 47

The monadic force enters the triad from the second or monadic plane and is focused through the jewel in the egoic lotus. This energy then pours down into the crown chakra and from there to the base where the kundalini lies. The downpouring and uprising energies are balanced in the central laya point of the heart chakra which joins the sutratma and the antahkarana or the First and Second Aspects together. Within the solar system Uranus represents the electric current passing through the jewel from the solar monad whose outer symbol is the black hole. This energy is then passed through the three planets that are destined to form a seed or germ of the next (Will) system. Vulcan has a First Ray soul and corresponds to the crown. Pluto, a First Ray personality, corresponds to the base. Earth with a First Ray monad will have the function of blending these two currents of the Will and fusing them in the heart with Neptune—the Christ force. 48

On Earth we can see the effects of some of these forces active in our current situation. Uranus was conjunct the galactic centre in 1988/1989 and the outer expression was the fall of the Berlin wall, Glasnost and the end of the Cold War. Pluto is currently sitting on the galactic centre and we have the centralising of what has become essentially a global conflict in the Middle East. If we step back we can see the conflict as the activation of karmic threads that lie deep in the psyche of humanity and the uprising on all sides of self will. The position of all protagonists is essentially similar and can be summed up in the assertion ‘it is time to do whatever it takes to resolve this’. The Central Spiritual Sun is the ‘Cosmic Magnet’ and its effect is to synthesise ‘wills’. The cosmic magnetism gathers nations, gathers races, gathers parts of the world, gathers aspects of evolution, gathers arcs of consciousness, gathers manifestations of all attractions. At the root of all vital manifestations may be discovered cosmic magnetism, and even behind the karmic law stands the Cosmic Magnet…2 The effects of this are quite different depending upon which ‘will’ is operating however. Again, a useful analogy is the physical cosmos. When planets come together they collide, resulting in considerable damage, sometimes the destruction of one planet or its diminishment so that it becomes a moon circling the other. When suns come together they orbit a mutual centre and form stable binary or tertiary systems. When galaxies come together the black holes fuse and the result is a single larger galaxy. When an individual human, group or nation is operating out of personal will then the magnetic effects of the Central 49

Spiritual Sun draws that will into collision and conflict with other personal wills. Conflict is normally engaged to achieve a total victory of one over the other. When the consciousness is ‘solarised’ then there is the attempt to relate through dialogue, the attempt to find a common centre and mutual interplay that benefits both. When the consciousness is ‘monadified’ then there is a recognition of essential identity and a fusion of ‘centres’ in such a way that allows for the interdependence of other levels of consciousness. In the Middle East crisis we see the personal will operating whenever an individual (whether that be a soldier, a president or a country) takes action or avoids taking action based on its own separative agenda. We see the soul will operating whenever individuals come together to share perspectives and seek solutions out of a genuine urge to find a solution that works for everyone. A problem is that the soul will is slower to activate and takes longer to work out than the personality will, which means that a great deal of damage and escalation can occur in the meantime. We see the monadic will operating at times of maximum tension when there is a collective demand for a deeper and more permanent solution to emerge from levels beyond that which can be achieved through either conflict or dialogue. It is the heart’s innate recognition of the essential divinity of humanity that can call forth this deeper centre—this Central Spiritual Sun—of the planetary life. One can feel the growing tension in the heart of humanity each time images are shown on television of the latest tragedy—usually involving the death or maiming of innocent civilians. The heart is frustrated both with the emotional cycle of hate and retaliation as well as with the endless mental debate over causes and possible solutions. The heart demands that something be done. 50

We know the manifestation of the Mother of the World. We intensify the complete flow of the Magnet to restore the doctrine of the Heart.3 It was this demand of the heart that resulted in the formation of the United Nations after the Second World War, and it will be this same demand that will result in either its restructuring or the development of an alternative global body to establish peace and the implementation of international law. Watching the talking male heads on the Security Council it is easy to wonder: Where are the women? Where are the mothers? War will end as a means of resolving issues on planet Earth when the heart of humanity will no longer accept it and demands peace. Hunger and poverty will end when the power of the Mother of the World manifests through humanity’s heart and calls to the heights. It is the direction of this demand that is critical. The demand must be made to Shamballa—the only centre of true peace on the planet. Personalities assume that power lies in the hands of personalities and thus directs its demand to the leaders of countries, councils and corporations. Souls assume that power lies in the Love or consciousness principle and direct their demands to the Christ or whatever name they have for the centralised Love principle. Monads call on the energy of Shamballa and the Life principle of the universe. When the tension of that demand reaches through into the etheric heart centre then the response will also reach the etheric plane. The energy of Leo links the energies of Shamballa and Hierarchy, and the resultant dual fiery inflow can offset the Plutonic fire of the personal will. Let the dynamic force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballa come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid.4 51

The feeling of impotence that the average human experiences in the face of war can be directly traced to the lack of awareness of the power of the heart. The causes as they are presented by leaders and intellectual commentators are so complex and the solutions so seemingly remote that a growing despair can result in a tendency to distract oneself from the issue altogether. But the heart is invincible! Through the heart we are one with the whole of Kosmos. We are the force that spins galaxies and pulses through the Heart of the Sun. The fire that flows through the heart is part of the one fiery breath of the great cosmic Dragon. What can resist that power? When the magnet of the heart—which is not separate from the Cosmic Magnet—begins to function it is automatically and instantly linked to the Life principle active in all other hearts. When Humanity demands a response from the true centre of planetary power—Shamballa—it must come under Law. As that response takes shape in time and space we will witness emerging the outline of a planetary government. The outer form of this government will gradually model itself more and more completely on the inner archetype. In all the three bodies—human, planetary, and systemic or logoic—will be found a great organ within the organism which acts as the receiver of prana. This organ has its etheric manifestation and its dense physical correspondence. ... In the system, the organ of cosmic prana, of the force vitalising matter, is the central sun, which is the direct receiver and dispenser of cosmic radiation.5 It may be an evolution of the current United Nations or it may be a new form altogether, because the form is not as important as the spirit and it is the spirit of global governance, of cosmic Law, the covenant with Life, that is most needed now in our planetary sphere. When we make collective demand on 52

the inner government then the response will show itself in the emergence of new leaders and new leadership initiatives that originate through the dynamic, instantaneous and synchronistic activity of the Cosmic Magnet. We get the leaders we are willing to settle for and when the heart truly awakens it is unwilling to settle for less than the One Life. As the power of the Cosmic Magnet begins to operate in our own lives we also become leaders, but it is leadership of a different kind than that which is expressing through organisational structures. The Life principle “bloweth where it listeth” (John 3:8) guided by an intuitive and spiritually instinctive response to need. The yogi naturally turns up at the right place at the right time and says or does the right thing—without thought or ‘planning’. This is because he or she has surrendered to the current of the Cosmic Magnet and is now an emissary of that force and therefore automatically responsive to the tension and unspoken demand of the heart. We, Brothers of Humanity, battle for the Cosmic Magnet and for the life principle. The time is complex, but great! In tension, amidst humanity’s monstrous noncomprehension of the principle of Be-ness, We give a new Covenant. We summon humanity to that Covenant. In the great Covenant lies the principle of Be-ness. We say to humanity, “Venerate the Origins; venerate the Mother of the World, venerate the awesome Covenant of the Cosmic Magnet.”6 These two images—the Cosmic Magnet or Central Spiritual Sun and the Mother of the World—are closely linked. Both are invisible but all pervasive. Together they are ‘Sat’ or Be-ness—the origin and destiny of all. In the universe one is Purusha and the other Prakriti. In the galaxy one is the black 53

hole at the centre and the other the dark halo that surrounds the galaxy. On Earth one is Shamballa and the other is the power of planetary kundalini as it manifests through the heart. When the power of the Mother of the World rises in our hearts and demands change then the Coming One hastens to her aid. “Manifest thy hand O Lord because great is the Darkness.�7

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 6— September 2007 Virgo—The Blended Dual Light Virgo symbolises depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventually “brought to light”; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light. It is the “blinded stage” which is found in Masonic rituals and which ever precedes the gift of light. Virgo stands for the “womb of time” wherein God’s plan (the mystery and the secret of the ages) is slowly matured and—with pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict—brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time.1 We have been examining the signs of the zodiac as they relate particularly to the energy of Will or the spirit aspect. The ‘dark light’ diffused through matter we examined in Cancer. The light of the Central Spiritual Sun we examined in Leo. In Virgo these two ‘lights’ are seen as aspects of a dual system, as indicated in the phrase “I, God, I matter, am”.2 We have been using the analogy of the black hole at the centre of the galaxy for the Central Spiritual Sun to distinguish the monad from the soul or Sun principle. The symbol for ‘spirit within matter’ will be the centre or core of the Earth. The function of the Fourth Hierarchy or the human kingdom is to bring these two aspects of spirit, this dual ‘dark light’, into conscious relationship. We might imagine a human being standing on the Earth extending his consciousness principle in two directions. Firstly via 55

the Sun door (the dark centre in the core of the Sun) he enters into relationship with the galactic centre. Secondly, via the heart and the two soles of his feet he extends his consciousness into the very centre of the Earth. This image is the outer correspondence to the engagement of consciousness firstly with the monad via the jewel in the lotus, and secondly with the kundalini force via the etheric body and the base centre. These two powers, which are in reality twin aspects of the same power, are the “blended dual Light” of Virgo.3 The dark light of the superconscious requires the dark light of the subconscious in order to be expressed through the light of consciousness on Earth. On a planetary level we can see the two approaches to this dual power in the legends of Shamballa and Agharti. Agharti is the name for the central kingdom of the Earth in that version of the myth which locates it underground, while Shamballa is the name for that kingdom which is located in the planetary etheric. The potent ‘powers’ which are located in the kingdoms are called ‘Vril’ and ‘Agni’ respectively. Both versions have similar themes. An advanced race of men in adverse times on the physical plane, withdrew—either into the inner realms or into the underground realms—to await a time of great need whereupon they will re-emerge and save the world. In the works of Alice Bailey the Shamballa centre is emphasised, while the Agharti centre is only hinted at in quotes like the following: This is a most difficult situation for the average man to comprehend but the entire problem of the conscious use of that which exists upon the planet and also its destructive usage is tied together into one most critical situation. Part of the solution will come along similar lines and of this the prophecy now coming into the racial awareness 56

that there are those “who sleep in the caves of the earth who will arise and bring liberation” has reference. But be not too literal in interpretation for “that which is of the earth can also be found in the sky.”4 There is to be found in the very bowels of the earth, an evolution of a peculiar nature, with a close resemblance to the human. They have bodies of a peculiarly gross kind, which might be regarded as distinctly physical as we understand the term. They dwell in settlements, or groups, under a form of government suited to their needs in the central caves several miles below the crust of the earth. Their work is closely connected with the mineral kingdom, and the “agnichaitans” of the central fires are under their control.5 It is said that Hitler and his group in their search for occult power were helped by the adepts of Agharti but refused by the adepts of Shamballa.6 The reason for the emphasis on Shamballa is the requirement for its emergence into consciousness before its counterpart. In the stance of the Seventh Ray magician the right hand should be raised before the left hand descends. In depth psychology it is important to engage the superconsciousness before releasing the powers of the subconsciousness. In spiritual practice it is important to access the monad before attempting to awaken kundalini. However one aspect of this dual system will always evoke the other. We are told that the release of the Shamballa force resulted in two major outcomes: Owing to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetary crisis and to the present invocative cry of humanity, energy from Shamballa has been permitted to play upon the “centre which is called the race of 57

men” and has produced two potent results: first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, the fission of the atom, resulting in the atomic bomb, was brought about.7 Let us consider how these two events are related. Fission results in the splitting of an atomic nucleus so that it now forms two distinct nuclei. Tremendous energy is released because the strong binding forces in the core of the atom are overcome. The Second World War also produced a global fission—a division of humanity into two distinct camps. It was the Third Aspect of the Will or Shamballa force which was released at that time. Currently it is the Second Aspect of the force that is being released and that humanity as a whole is learning to handle. This Second Aspect, as with all second aspects, has the Love or cohering principle strongly active. In the realm of the atom we can expect to see the development of nuclear fusion.8 This process releases tremendous amounts of energy by once again overcoming the strong nuclear forces, but instead of splitting one whole into two parts, it combines two nuclei into a single whole. Its development is requiring a multi-national cooperation. Within the body of humanity we can expect the release of this force to bring spiritual pressure on the collective consciousness wherever there exists an ‘us and them’ mentality. We can see this operating in the realm of race, gender, religion and politics. Fission seeks to separate and force a ‘final solution’ by one side upon the other. Fusion seeks to unite by asserting the essential identity that lies at the heart of apparently separate systems. It is the process of nuclear fusion that powers the Sun and the stars. 58

No planet is a sacred planet unless the centre at the base of the spine (speaking symbolically) is aroused and the great fusion of energies resulting therefrom has been effected.9 This group achievement... marks the point where there can be the inauguration of a new phase of activity in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord of the World to become the Ruler of a Sacred Planet which, up to date, has not been the case. Our Earth can now become a Sacred Planet, if all right conditions are fulfilled. A new divine quality (as yet unrevealed and which we would not at this time recognise if presented with it) is slowly crystallising into expression, through the medium of this hastened initiation process.10 We might refer to this new divine quality as that which lies behind the three already revealed qualities of Will, Love and Intelligence and their respective vehicles—the monad, soul and personality. This fourth quality comes into our collective awareness when the soul aspect has mastered the ‘technique of duality’ and managed to at-one the twin poles of spirit and matter within its own nature, thus making possible the revelation of their non-dual origin. It is the coming to birth of this new quality that is indicated by the mystery of Virgo when understood at the level of spirit. At this level it is not the soul which is coming to birth within the vessel of matter, but the realisation of divinity which is coming to birth through the centre of the soul. (There is always difficulty in using the term ‘spirit’ to refer differentially to both the Third Aspect of a trinity and to that which substands the trinity, so I will use the term ‘divinity.’) So, in order for the Earth to become a sacred planet the base centre must be awakened and its energy fused (or realised as identical with) the crown centre. This results in the 59

revelation of a new divine quality. While the full planetary awakening of the base centre will take place in the seventh race, different sections of the human family are at different stages of development. The current transit of Pluto across the galactic centre provides us with a unique opportunity to serve in group formation as a conduit for the inflow of Shamballic energy and to play our small part in awakening kundalini power as a microcosm of the planetary kundalini. In order to play our practical part in this process it is necessary to bring the soul to a point of extreme tension, which is what makes it possible for the monadic force to enter and combine with the energy held in reserve at the base of the spine to produce a ‘saving force’. We come now to our second point, that initiation veils a secret and that the revelation of that secret is imminent. Just what this secret is, I may not reveal, but it is concerned with a peculiar type of energy which can be induced at a moment of supreme tension. The only possible hint I can give you in connection with this mysterious matter is that it is closely related to the “Blinding Light” which Saul of Tarsus saw on the road to Damascus and the “blinding light” which accompanied the discharge of energy from the atomic bomb. The “Blinding Light” which ever accompanies true conversion (a rare and sudden happening always when true and real) and which is an attendant demonstration of all Lives Who have passed the human stage of consciousness— according to Their degree—and the light which is released by the fission of the atom are one and the same expression on different levels of consciousness, and are definitely related to the processes and effects of initiation.11 A fourth great rent still remains to be made as a result of the energies released and the gained good which the 60

three earlier rents have made possible. This fourth major rent will be made by humanity itself, standing with “massed intent,” focussed through the groups which are externalisations of the Ashrams of the Masters. It will therefore be made at the time that the Hierarchy takes physical shape upon the earth again.12 Once again we have the themes of darkness and the blinding light of revelation as they relate both to the initiation of consciousness and the release of energy in matter. As groups learn to contact, contain and distribute the energy of Will then they will be able to play their part in the release of an energy that brings to fruition the educational process that has been the focus of Hierarchical endeavour for many decades. As all teachers and students know, the process of learning proceeds through long periods where new information is being mastered, interspersed with sudden moments of revelation or initiation where the previous phase of experience becomes ‘seared’ into consciousness and a new phase begins. When we act as distributors of the Will force, we add the electric light(ning) of realisation to the solar light and pave the way for the entrance into that great darkness that hides the central mystery. When we are able, in mass formation, to penetrate through the final veil into the cosmic astral plane we also by necessity must penetrate into the deepest core of the physical planet and release the kundalini force. There is an analogy to this process which occurs in the preparatory stages to initiation: In this stage, the soul light penetrates into the region of the pineal gland; there it produces an irradiation of the ethers of the head, of the vital airs; this produces a stimulation of the atoms of the brain so that their light is fused and blended with the other two, the etheric light and the soul light, and there is then produced that inner 61

radiant sun of which the aspirant becomes conscious in his physical brain experience. Frequently students speak of a diffused light or glow, this is the light of the physical plane atoms of which the brain is composed; later they may speak of seeing what appears to be like a sun in the head. This is the contacting of the etheric light, plus the physical atomic light. Later they become aware of an intensely bright electric light; this is the soul light, plus the etheric and the atomic. When that is seen, they frequently become aware of a dark centre within the radiant sun. This is the entrance to the Path disclosed by the “shining of the light upon the door.”13 We might add that when the light of the monad is added to the light of the soul, the etheric light and the so-called ‘dark light’ of the physical atom, then the highest and lowest lights are recognised as one light and the work of the intermediary, the soul, is done. One symbol for this is that of the serpent eating its tail. The serpent is the appropriate symbol, for it was the coming in of the dragon or serpent energy in the Second Round which laid the spiritual foundation in matter for the evolutionary and therefore initiatory journey of the soul. The serpent is also the symbol for the kundalini energy which was anchored prior to the separation of the sexes. Virgo, it will be remembered, is a sign intimately related with the ‘battle of the sexes’,14 and here again we have a primary duality not just between the sexes but in our approach to the sexual force. Just as with the division between Agharti and Shamballa we have the so-called ‘left hand path’ of tantric yoga which emphasises the sacred union of sexuality as a means to contact the kundalini force, and the ‘right hand paths’ of (for example) Vedanta philosophy and Christianity that focus on the non-dual transcendent reality. 62

The shaming of the sexual force in Western culture has created a dislocation from it and thereby also induced an opposite reaction of fascination with it. It is no accident that the sexual revolution and so-called ‘liberation of the feminine’ were coincident with the release of the Shamballa force in the middle of last century. ‘So-called’ because equality between the sexes has largely meant that women have been freed to participate equally in endeavours motivated by a masculine consciousness. The true rising of the feminine principle in both men and women, with its subsequent effect upon all levels of consciousness within a system, will have to wait for the future and the full advent of the Seventh Ray Age. In the meantime we can expect, with the inflow of the Second Aspect of the Shamballa force, a new expression of fusion to show itself in the relationship of the sexes. This fusion is not however, a co-mingling, but a differentiated orientation to a mutual synthetic principle. This principle is not so much an awareness of our shared humanity but of our shared participation in the Life principle that animates the whole planet. This Life principle was anchored prior to the separation of the sexes and the individualisation process, and so is held within the instinctual will-to-live drive that is so intimately connected with our sexual response. If we use the analogy again of the human being standing upon the Earth reaching with their consciousness towards the galactic centre and the centre of the Earth, we note that the consciousness that is penetrating into the Earth must pass through the ‘soles’ of both feet (a duality). Similarly it must flow backwards in time to reach that point of singularity prior to the division of the sexes. One of the mysteries of Jupiter, as the hierarchical ruler of Virgo, is that it operates as a head, heart and base centre synthesising the First, Second and Seventh 63

Rays in the three solar systems. In the first solar system there were three lower centres which we might locate for correspondence purposes at the knees, the feet and at the centre of the Earth itself. (DK draws an analogy between the evolution that lives in the caves and the feet and legs of man.15) In addition we can locate three ‘higher centres’ through which energy flows—the causal body, the ashram and the monad. We might arrange the thirteen centres of force as follows: 3rd System

2nd System

1st System

Head Ajna Throat Heart Solar plexus Sacral Base

Monad Ashram Causal body Head Ajna Throat Heart Head Jupiter Solar plexus Ajna Sacral Throat Base Heart Knee Solar plexus Feet Sacral Earth Base

Much could be said about this chart, but the most relevant piece of information for our current discussion is that the highest and the lowest centre form one centre, and this is realised in the heart—the central point. When we contact the energy of the One Life which is part of monadic experience we also contact the energy of planetary kundalini. These are not two, but one—as the symbol of the Ouroborus indicates. The linking of the highest and lowest through the heart is the crux of the work that the human 64

Hierarchy is here to do and it is humanity, standing with massed intent, that will rent the final veil and complete the Great Work. “When the lowest of the low, the densest of the dense, and the highest of the high have all been lifted through the little wills of men, then can the One in Whom we live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of Earth, and then another greater Voice can say to Him: ‘Well done! Move on. Light shines.’”16 Virgo is a practical sign and so we will conclude by linking this information to what can practically be done, as a group, at this—the midway point in a year of unique opportunity for the activation of planetary Will. The initiation of humanity takes place in time and space and all of us will stand before the door at some time or another. Groups who are ready to work with the energy of the Will form centres within the general lighted field that is the human kingdom. It is this field that forms the womb of Virgo on a higher turn of the spiral, and it is this field into which the seed of solar purpose will fall. We might imagine this field as having three tiers, each with a slightly different quality of light. The light of Intelligence is well established and is the largest expression. The light of Love or solar fire is becoming more and more prevalent. The light of Will is breaking out here and there amongst the New Group of World Servers. As the power of synthesis enters, the central jewel in this global causal body begins to emerge from the dark centre of tension and flash forth its clear cold fire. 65

seed Light of Will Light of Love Light of Intelligence

As part of our meditative work on the equinox we can work as an invocative and evocative centre. We identify with the human family (spread throughout time as well as space) standing with massed intent. We can also identify with the solar principle and as members of the fifth kingdom reach upward in demand to the Life principle which flows through us and into the very core of the Earth itself, awakening the kundalini power. The downflowing and uprising energies meet in the heart of humanity, giving birth to the emerging fourth quality of deity—one aspect of which we might call “the peace which passeth understanding”.17


In the beginning is my end... O dark dark dark. They all go in to the dark… I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope… In order to arrive at what you are not You must go through the way in which you are not… And what you do not know is the only thing you know. TS Eliot, lines from “East Coker”

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 7— October 2006 Libra—The Hub of the Wheel The energy of Libra opens us into relationship with entities at a similar level of being. If the solstices represent a vertical dimension, the equinoxes are pauses in the annual cycle in which we can be opened into deeper horizontal connections. In our cosmological analogy we have been viewing the levels of planet, sun and black hole as equating to personality, soul and monad. These are three distinct vertical levels or orders of entity, each of which has its own array of horizontal relationships. Planets form planetary systems, stars form constellations and so forth. Even though there may be variation in these horizontal relationships (for example between our Sun and the star Sirius or between a Third and Fifth Degree initiate) they are variations of degree and not identity. The three primary identities of a human being are expressed on the three Crosses and synthesised on the Cardinal Cross, just as the monad synthesises the three periodic vehicles of the cosmic physical plane.


Galaxy - Monad


Sun - Soul


d a

Earth - Personality

It seems redundant to speak of monadic relationship for the monad is an expression of the Life principle and Life is One. Consciousness too, is One. All souls are one with the Oversoul and yet that consciousness expresses through differentiated spheres focused on ‘points’ of identity. Within the one light of a galaxy, many suns or points of light exist. Similarly, within the one great darkness of spirit, points of focus exist and the revelation of this allows those points to “onward move in life”.1 In the first six signs we explored how the initiate into the mysteries of the Will must engage and identify with the darkness of the monadic principle that lies at the core of his own nature. In the last six signs we will see how this identification makes possible the revelation of a whole new dimension of group relationship. 70

In Virgo we were left with the image of a soul standing as an ‘at-one-ing’ Sun between the black hole at the centre of the galaxy and the kundalini force at the core of the Earth. We might express this as a vertical arm on the Cardinal Cross, for the galactic centre lies at 27 degrees Sagittarius very close to 0 degrees Capricorn. At the December solstice the Earth lies close to 0 degrees Cancer and (from the perspective on Earth) we must look through the Sun door to find the galactic centre. On the equinox the Sun lies at 0 degrees Libra and looking through the Sun door we must direct our gaze outside the galactic plane altogether to find a super galactic centre that represents a higher order of relationship.


To find this centre we must not only gaze at 90 degrees to the direction of the galactic centre but also almost 90 degrees (84 to be precise) to the galactic plane. There, 50 million light years away and close to the heart of the Virgo super cluster, we find a galaxy called M87 with a black hole the mass of 3 billon suns. (By comparison, the Milky Way centre has a mass of 3 million suns.) Just as stars exist in orbital and constellational relationship to each other, so galaxies exist in clusters and super clusters. Our galaxy is part of a local group that includes Andromeda (with which it is on a merging course) and this group is part of the Virgo super cluster. This super cluster is in turn being swept toward an area of even greater mass that we term the Great Attractor, some 200 million light years distant. Light is the great symbol of the consciousness principle so it becomes obvious, when we speak of distances across which light takes 200 million years to travel, that we must enter into the Life principle in order to have any experience of the relationship between these centres. The attempt human consciousness is making to generate a ‘grand unifying theory’ able to coherently link the nuclear forces (Will), electromagnetic forces (consciousness) and the force of gravity (matter) is an outer expression of the required ‘synthesis of the three’. Of course this synthesis cannot take place within the consciousness principle but requires ‘entry into Life’. What we call Life, consciousness and matter are three expressions of a single reality expressing through, and as, time and space. Just as matter and consciousness are not evenly distributed within space and time, nor is the Life principle. It is focused and held in reservoirs such as, on our planet, the centre we call Shamballa. This Life energy is used to drive the evolutionary processes of both form and consciousness. Although ‘contained’ in different reservoirs throughout Kosmos, 72

from planets to black holes, this containment is only so from the angle of consciousness. Experienced from within the Life principle, life is one throughout Kosmos and in constant contact with itself. Communication (a consciousness term) is instantaneous compared with the speed of light, just as light is relatively instantaneous compared with the speed of matter. Everything manifest has some time and space dimension but there is a quantum jump between these three levels. Matter takes a ‘long time’ to evolve. Consciousness evolves exponentially compared to matter. Life IS—at least from the perspective of consciousness. It does not appear to evolve but is the end seen from the beginning experiencing itself in the ‘eternal now’. Once we enter the Life principle and begin to come to terms with the vast shift in degree, we will find that there are correspondences to evolution but on completely different scales. Remember that we are talking about Life or spirit as the First Aspect of a manifest triad here and not the Boundless Immutable Principle which transcends both manifest and unmanifest realities. One definition of non-dual awakening could be said to be the experience of the infinite by the finite. Entry into large scale time and space realities are not in themselves non-dual experiences but they serve to grow the capacity of the finite to receive the infinite and increase the effects of that awakening within the finite realm. The Life principle within manifestation, while not itself infinite could be said therefore to be the ‘local incarnation’ or concentration of the infinity principle. Let’s bring these ideas down into practical illustrations. The chohans in Shamballa are in direct (relatively instantaneous) alignment with the principle centres or reservoirs of Life in the body in which our Earth finds its place. In this paper we have traced the sutratma or ‘vertical relationship in Life’ from our planet to the Sun to the galactic centre to the super 73

galactic centre to the Great Attractor. This alignment occurs despite the fact that the antahkarana or ‘vertical relationship in consciousness’ has not yet been built between these centres, just as the Life principle is active in the human heart when the consciousness principle has yet to be developed. When a human soul takes initiation or a human personality succeeds in obtaining a goal, they are drawing unconsciously on the Life principle anchored in the planetary sphere by Sanat Kumara and permeating its consciousness and form. At the Third Degree the initiate becomes aware of this relationship in consciousness. Similarly our whole planetary life evolves by drawing ultimately on the One Life principle that pervades Kosmos. We might say that the process of enlightenment is the process of gradually becoming aware in consciousness of that which is, and has always been, keeping us ‘alive’. Libra brings to us the opportunity and the lesson of ‘relating in Life’. We are drawn into connections with other individuals and groups based on our mutual resonances and capacities to transmit the Life principle. This means changes, just as the shift from personality to soul brought changes. In our planetary life it is bringing together ‘lineage holders’ from different spiritual paths, leaders of different nations and experts from different scientific disciplines. In our solar life synthesis brings together logoi from different planetary schemes; and in the intergalactic life it brings cosmic logoi into deeper realisation of their inherent connection in ‘Life’. Thus the initiate must endeavour to link with the monad and triangulate the energy between the three vehicles—monad, soul and personality. He must create a channel for the descent of Life from the highest to the lowest, and this will result in the raising of the kundalini force from the base to the crown and back to the heart. She must stand in group relationship and 74

allow the new inpouring energies and alignment to reorganise her relationships based on dynamic resonance with the Life principle rather than magnetic response to the consciousness principle. A planet simultaneously circles a sun, the core of a galaxy, the core of a super galaxy and so on. Libra provides us with the opportunity to choose which of the inner equivalents of these centres we identify ourselves with and therefore which will subsequently direct our consciousness. As a result of our choice we find ourselves together with others who have made a similar choice and we are drawn inexorably into relationship with the hub of that wheel.


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Working With the Will Series—Transmission 8— November 2006 Scorpio—Release “The truth would seem to be that, at a certain point in spiritual life, the ardent disciple, who has sought in all things to bring his soul into unison with the great Soul, who has striven to bring his will to likeness with the Divine Will, passes through a marked spiritual experience, in which the great Soul draws him upward, the Divine Will raises his consciousness to oneness with the Divine Consciousness; for a time he perceives and feels, no longer as the person, but as the Oversoul, gaining a profound vision of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infinite Power, which works through life and death alike, through sorrow and joy, through union and separation, through creation, destruction and recreation. The awe and mystery which surround that great unveiling have set their seal on all who have passed through it.”1 Scorpio and Taurus are the astrological duality that will reveal the emerging fourth quality of deity. Sentiency pervades form, satiates its desire for manifestation and is released. The same process occurs on all levels—the astral body pervading the physical, the soul pervading the personality and the cosmic astral plane pervading the cosmic physical. Normally when we consider the tests of Scorpio on the path of discipleship we are referring to the relationship between soul and personality. When these are successfully undergone the result is the ‘death’ of the personality, which in reality means the end of the illusory identification of the incarnated soul with its vehicles. It is the separated self which ‘dies away’ 77

so that the soul is released and now able to function freely through the personality. There is a higher octave to this process however, which results in the ‘release’ of essential being from its identification with the cosmic physical plane. The three-fold ‘personality’ of the cosmic physical plane is made up of the monad, soul and personality expressing the divine qualities of Will, Love and Intelligent activity respectively. The ‘free monad’ is therefore that realisation of essential identity that expresses on the seven planes of the cosmic physical while remaining completely disidentified from them. That Monad can—at a certain very advanced stage in evolution, and one far beyond that of the Adept—have its triple simultaneous manifestation, and show forth as a Master in the three worlds, as a Bodhisattva on His own plane and as the emancipated Dhyani Buddha; yet these Three will be but One, will be the result of a great spiritual vibration and will perform the triple work which may (from the standpoint of the three worlds) appear as the work of three separate great Existences. They are forms of three monadic “vestures,” worn by the one Monad as a man wears his three bodies simultaneously, and functions in them separately.2 The sign of Scorpio is triple, as is the sign of Virgo. In Virgo the form nature is veiling the Christ. In Scorpio the Christ is freed, as illustrated by the glyph. The nine heads of the hydra in this higher octave are not confined to the three lower planes, but are in fact the nine initiations that the human or Fourth Hierarchy must undergo. Three tests involve the personality, three the soul and three the monad. There is in reality only one identity undergoing these tests. On the lower three planes 78

this identity experiences itself as the personality, on the middle three as the soul, and on the higher three as the monad, but it remains One. An analogy is the triple manifestation of water as ice, liquid and steam. These manifestations occur at different levels of pressure and temperature (equating to the different ‘planes’ of manifestation), but nevertheless the same water molecules are involved. There is a triple point in the manifestation of water that occurs at 0.1 degrees Celsius (note the binary code or IO backwards) and 611.73 pascals (pressure). At this point water can manifest in all three expressions. Below this point we have the duality of steam and ice (spirit and matter). There is also a critical point that occurs at 374 degrees Celsius and 22.064 megapascals. At this point the distinction between liquid and steam begins to break down.3

We might say that the experience of the soul or Christ principle occurs on the three planes of the triad (just as the liquid phase of water occurs between the triple point and the critical point). The soul, freed from 79

the personality, can experience itself via the process of identification with all three levels of expression. It knows itself to be both spirit (monad) and matter (personality), and yet a third thing that bridges these two modes. Further, it begins to know itself as having its origins beyond both its ‘parents’ in the same way that a human child is both a product of the union of its parents and yet also has its own independent origin. On the buddhic plane then, the free human soul begins to become aware of its essential identity with the Oversoul— understood at this stage as the energy of the cosmic astral plane. A number of initiations still await on the higher planes of the cosmic physical before release from this whole plane is possible, but nevertheless brief peak experiences of that which lies behind the three-fold manifestation on the seven planes become possible. Scorpio (as well as Sagittarius) is associated with Aquila the eagle—that bird which flies outside time and space. Aquila, the eagle, is the bird out of time and space and as Hercules struggles with the hydra he looks up, sees the eagle, and is reminded that he has come forth into incarnation and will fly back from whence he came.4 ...the goal of our system during manifestation is “initiation or release into the air,” so that the bird of life out of time and space can fly free.5 Another mythological bird that is associated with both death and freedom is the swan—kalahamsa. According to Plato the swan gives forth a particularly sweet song on approaching death, and in Indian tradition it is said to simultaneously exist in time and space and in the eternal. 80

Release from the ‘three’ is also associated with the fourth dimension. The ‘three’, whether they be mind—emotions—body or monad—soul—personality can be represented by the three axes of the manifest world each at 90 degrees to each other.

In order to move into the fourth dimension we must enter the Sun door at the central point where all three axes intersect and thereby transcend the time and space ring-passnot. This is an initiatory experience and allows us to both transcend and pervade our little system. Fourth dimensional movement takes us to a higher centre where all the phenomena experienced in the lesser system are seen as a special subset of a more general cosmic law or—worded another way—as partial manifestations of a higher Will. This same principle is at work for the Lord of the World who is known as “the Great Sacrifice”.6 Sanat Kumara, under the Law of Freedom, has committed himself to the manifestation of the planetary life and at the same time is free of all identification with that manifestation. He is polarised on the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral and the revelation of the fourth quality on Earth results from an alignment between the human Hierarchy on the fourth subplane of the cosmic physical (the buddhic), the Lord of the World polarised on the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral, the fourth subplane of the cosmic mental and the fourth cosmic plane—the cosmic buddhic. This “breaking forth of the light of victory”7 which involves the fourth plane, Mercury and Uranus, as well as Vulcan and Pluto, will naturally be experienced differently depending 81

upon the polarisation of the entity receiving the inflow. For the world aspirant it will be experienced as a momentary freedom from the control of the physical plane and its imperatives of survival. For the world disciple it will result in freedom from controlling thoughtforms; and for world initiate it will result in freedom from controlling Will or Purpose. Pluto, therefore, comes into full force and expression in order to stage the testings of the world disciple and to this end brings in the potency of Scorpio the sign of discipleship. Under these influences, the death of forms must eventuate leaving the disciple free; the dissolution of old group structures of thought, embodying worn-out ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene; crystallised old forms must dissolve and disappear, but in their place the undying spirit—impressed by revelation and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth—will create the needed new forms of appropriate expression.8 Pluto conjunct the galactic centre creates conditions necessary for the invocation of the planetary Will and the activation of a portion of the planetary kundalini. This rising force balances the Vulcanian descent and results in the crystallising and shattering of old forms and the creation of new ones. Those forms can be physical, mental or atmic. On the physical plane we have war and the prospect of war. On the mental plane we have the clash of thoughtforms—the material and spiritual. It may be surprising to think that there is also a tension experienced on the atmic plane between the will of the soul and the will of the monad—or macrocosmically between the will of the Planetary Logos and the will of the Solar Logos. Just as for the personality, development of the mind is necessary before it can be transcended, so the soul must develop its will nature before it can be transcended. Once 82

alignment is achieved between the will of the personality, the will of the soul and the will of the monad, Will or Purpose is transcended and the identity lifts free into that which lies behind Purpose. (Or put another way—into the context in which Purpose arises.) In the worlds of becoming, purpose exists and drives the evolution of form and consciousness. In the world of Being, no purpose exists for there is nothing to achieve and no time in which to achieve it. Both worlds exist and like kalahamsa, the initiate is a dweller in both the eternal and temporal universe. In the temporal Earth world we have the American midterm elections falling just after the Scorpio full Moon, and the pivotal role the United States can play in the emergence of the spiritual quality of freedom will receive its next test. Over the last few years since the Shamballa impact the voting public have had an opportunity to experience the consequences of following through on a particular thoughtform with respect to the 9/11 attack. Will that be reviewed or reinforced? Similarly the disciples of the world have had five years to shape the energies of planetary Will into new thoughtforms and initiatives as impressed by their soul and ashramic purpose. Will these new forms emerge or will they shatter? Scorpio teaches that the only way to bring a purpose (and therefore a system) into full expression is to ‘die to it’, or worded differently, to transcend it. Initiates also have a defined task which involves neither the purpose of the soul nor the politics of the personality world but that which transcends and includes both. It is the task of the initiate to align and circulate the energy between the three planetary centres, Shamballa—Hierarchy—Humanity via their own triplicity of monad—soul—personality. When this is done the ‘saving force’ can enter through the central eye—or 83

more accurately we recognise ourselves as that essential energy that has been present all along and yet unrevealed. It is the task of the fourth kingdom to make this great revelation and demonstrate thereby the harmony that underlies all conflict. The white knuckled fist of the self Suddenly opens. Empty!

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Working With the Will Series—Transmission 9— December 2006 Sagittarius—The Power of Freedom After the victory achieved in Scorpio, the disciple becomes a potent force in Sagittarius. The duality represented by Gemini becomes the fused centaur and the soul and personality are united in a one-pointed spiritual focus. This potency is what allows for the penetration into the galactic core (the direction of the archer’s arrow) as well as the awakening of the kundalini force in the base centre. As Pluto conjoins the galactic centre we enter into a time where the planetary Will is being activated and the disciples of the world must come to the fore. It is quite apparent that the challenges which humanity faces are fast coalescing and revealing themselves as part of a single problem—the problem of human selfishness which looms as the planetary Dweller. Many of the critical issues such as the environmental crisis, poverty, aids, religious intolerance and so forth are well researched and the solutions are well known. Governments have even made financial and other commitments that would see these solutions implemented. What is missing is the will to carry through on these commitments. That will is missing because of an insufficient contact with the energy of Purpose, for it is Purpose which awakens the Will. There have been many documented cases where people have been capable of extraordinary efforts—for example, a mother whose children were trapped under a car was able to lift it off them in the heat of the crisis—a feat she would otherwise have been quite unable to perform. Survival crisis and danger can activate the kundalini force momentarily, but 85

it is the energy of monadic purpose that sets off a sustained activation. Both activations are apparent in the world around us. On the one hand the growing crisis of climate change is activating humanity’s survival fears. In particular with events like the tsunami of December 2004, hurricane Katrina and rising sea levels, the deep memory of the Great Flood is rising from the collective unconscious. Many have decided that it has gone too far and that it is too late—global catastrophe will soon be upon us. Others are determined to save the world (actually it is mainly humanity they are trying to save as the world will probably be just fine). America is a strong focus for these two camps, as is fitting for a continent with strong links to Atlantis. Disciples on the path of initiation are free from both these positions for their focus is not primarily on the form—personal or planetary—it is on the unfoldment of purpose and principle. That purpose and those principles remain unaffected by the survival or non-survival of the personality, and that is why one of the appellations of the initiate of the Third Degree is “The Conqueror of death”.1 Cataclysm or Catalysm? There are two very similar words that illustrate the current global situation. One is ‘cataclysm’ from the Greek ‘kata’ meaning ‘down’ and ‘klyzein’ meaning ‘wash’. A cataclysm is a global ‘wash down’ much like the Atlantean flood, that clears the slate and allows the evolutionary process to restart. The modern dictionary definition is “a violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about fundamental change.”2 We might remember the biblical story of God giving humanity the ‘sign’ of the rainbow after the great flood as a promise that such a global event would not occur again. We might imagine this promise (the promise of and for humanity) to 86

be embodied in the modern day disciple—rainbow warriors equipped with functioning antahkarana. The other word is ‘catalyst’ which also comes from the Greek ‘kata’, and ‘lysis’ meaning to break down or ‘dissolution’. ‘Catalyst’ was used in the sixteenth century with reference to the breaking apart of political groupings. Later as a result of scientific usage, it acquired its modern meaning “one that precipitates a process without being involved or changed by the consequences.”3 A disciple is a human catalyst—one who has passed through the destructive use of the Will into a greater degree of freedom and is now able to maintain his or her ‘peace’ while operating as a causal agent in the world around them. Sanat Kumara is the planetary archetype that holds the peaceful silent Will for the planetary scheme under the great Law of Freedom. Fission or Fusion? Another potent symbol emerging on the physical plane is connected with nuclear energy. Nuclear fission results from the splitting apart of atomic nuclei forced into close proximity by a conventional charge. Fusion requires an even greater force that results in the welding together of the nuclei and the release of even larger quantities of energy without some of the more dangerous potential side effects. The ITER is an experimental fusion reactor being built by a cooperative international effort and is expected to be operational by 2016.4 The counterpart of this physical process which will release great quantities of energy on the physical plane is the process of group initiation, which releases corresponding amounts of energy on the plane of the soul. Listen to some of the words being used by the media to talk about the outer process of nuclear fusion: 87

‘Harnessing solar fire.’ ‘Making manifest on Earth the power of the Sun and thereby freeing the human spirit from its survival concerns.’ Group initiation allows the causal bodies of portions of humanity to become radioactive and have potent effects on the collective consciousness and creativity. The Fourth Quality In the duality of Scorpio/Taurus we saw that the disciple was introduced to the fourth quality of deity—that which lies behind the triplicity of Will, Love and Intelligence. This quality—this ‘saving force’—begins then to be wielded in the three worlds by the disciple—at first largely unconsciously but gradually with more awareness. It is wielded through his soul or middle principle. Fusion always takes place by a mediating principle in contact with a fourth point, and the energy of Sagittarius is the guardian of this process. For example, the mind and body are fused by the astral ‘self ’ in touch with the soul. Soul and personality are brought together by the mental ‘self ’ in touch with the monad. Monad and personality are brought together by the soul in touch with the cosmic astral plane. In a group sense Hierarchy and Humanity are brought into fusion by the New Group of World Servers in touch with Shamballa. Shamballa and Humanity are brought together by Hierarchy in touch with the Solar Logos, and so on. The Logos of the Earth is polarised on the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral plane, and therefore he is in a position to bring together into a fused relationship the energy of the cosmic physical plane and the cosmic mental plane. To do this he must be in contact with a fourth energy that lies behind the three. 88

Cosmic Buddhi In cosmic buddhi we find the solar ashrams built around galactic Purpose. This Purpose is stepped down through solar purpose, planetary purpose, ashramic purpose, soul purpose, personality purpose into the very substance of the atoms of the physical world. In the heart of every atom lies cosmic buddhi. The antahkarana or great Chain of Being stretches from the heights to the depths and discovers in a peculiar manner that they are one and the same energy. Pluto conjunct the galactic centre reminds us that what lies at the spiritual core of our galaxy and what lies at the physical core of our planet are not separate. “The secret of Fire lies hid in the second letter of the Sacred Word.�5 Cosmic fire is revealed by the soul able to make of itself a bridge between the dual energies of Life: Purpose and Will. So the initiate, freed from the mental plane and anchored in buddhi, is able to penetrate into the heights and depths, gaining direct perception via this mediating principle (and with the assistance of that which lies behind the triplicity) of both the logoic and the physical plane. This is why it is said that transfiguration is the applied power of the intuition. Kundalini As we have seen, it is the capacity to penetrate into the heights that allows for a sustained awakening of the kundalini force. Sagittarius facilitates this penetration under the selfinitiating efforts of the disciple prior to taking initiation in Capricorn. Humanity as the planetary disciple is being made aware through both inner and outer processes of the possibility of penetration into the energy of planetary purpose held in Shamballa at this time. The Shamballa impact of 2000 formed a direct relationship between the first and third planetary centres (Shamballa and Humanity). By Wesak 2007 Humanity will have 89

the opportunity to demonstrate whether or not it is able to make a reciprocal invocation and thus set up an energetic flow between the two centres. It is the disciples of the world who are able to make this invocation and set up this interchange on behalf of Humanity. They have their antahkarana built to various degrees and are coming together via the group initiatory process under the impress of the Ashram of Synthesis. What is more, they have a unique environment in which to work that has the potential to accelerate the initiatory process. We are told that it is the extremity of the soul in service that calls forth the power of the monad. The global crisis is the perfect ‘hot-house’ for the disciple to take initiation and so fulfil the purpose of the incarnation, at the same time assisting in the anchoring of planetary purpose and the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. If Humanity in its higher reaches does make such a reciprocal response to Shamballa, we will see significant numbers taking the Third Degree as a result of the activation of planetary kundalini. This kundalini force results in the liberation of souls from the three worlds just as the activation of solar kundalini results in the liberation of monads from the cosmic physical plane altogether. Global Governance and Making Demand It is generally apparent that some form of enlightened global governance is necessary in order to regulate humanity’s collective impact on the global commons as well as to limit aggression and realise our collective and diverse potential. It is also apparent that there are many obstacles to this emergence. Between now and the advent of the Fourth Ray in 2025 we are likely to be engaged in a prolonged period of crisis. We are unable to see from our perspective just how much cataclysm and how much catalysm will be required to align our planetary personality with its purpose, but when we 90

throw our will on the side of ‘whatever is necessary’ rather than what we think is right or comfortable, then we open the door to real aid. There are no external circumstances that can defeat the human spirit and it is the demonstration of this that will allow the disciples and initiates currently incarnate in the world to step forward into the time and place of their planetary service and prepare the way for enlightened leadership. Disciples anchored in their solarised personality, can make demand on the energy of planetary purpose. As members of the New Group of World Servers they will thereby assist in the fusing of the second planetary centre (Hierarchy) with the third (Humanity). Initiates anchored in the soul, can make demand on the ‘saving force’ and the fourth quality of deity. As members of Hierarchy they can assist in the fusion of Shamballa and Humanity. As we do our work at the level of the antahkarana we are capable of activating, we also take our small part in the cosmic process that integrates our planet within its solar and galactic dimensions.

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 10— January 2007 Capricorn—Initiation The initiatory energies of Life that were impulsed in Aries reach their deepest level of expression in Capricorn. In the individual sense this makes it possible for the soul, under the impress of the monad, to penetrate fully via the etheric body into the vital airs of the head and the result is initiation experienced by the man on the physical plane. In the case of the logoi the same process occurs on cosmic planes, and humanity in their collective causal bodies form those structures within the gaseous plane of the physical body of the Logos which receive the higher energies that will result in the initiation of the planet. In man the energies must pass unimpeded from the causal body through the mental, astral and etheric vehicles, and so it is in cosmic man. The Earth scheme along with Vulcan and Pluto, form a triangle within the solar life whose purpose is the anchoring of the germ of Will which will form the basis for the next solar system. Within the Earth scheme itself members of the human kingdom are being trained to respond to the Shamballa force both experientially and theoretically. This is why the teachings on Shamballa form such an important part of the current cycle of Wisdom teachings. They create a resonant mental thoughtform that can be entered into by the emerging energy. Just as a ritual object dedicated to a certain energy may become a transmitter of that energy, so a thoughtform is also an object within the planetary life that can be used to transmit extra-planetary energy. As humanity is able to ‘stand and withstand’ the Shamballa 93

force they are also learning to invoke it, thus forming a responsive energetic flow that completes the circulation of energy around the triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. When these three centres are linked and functioning properly a fourth energy is revealed—represented by the eye within the triangle—lying back of all of them. This energy is the ‘saving force’, and it is the destiny of the Fourth or human Hierarchy to release this force within the planetary sphere. In the next solar system, the centre which we today call Shamballa will manifest (intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity. It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centres, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness. It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings that these centres can ever come into true functioning activity.1 The Secret Doctrine has ever taught that mankind has a special function in saving and regenerating nature. The “saving force”—a circulatory combination of the three major energies—is radiated by humanity as a groupcreative impulse, and this gradually sweeps all forms of life into the field of its magnetic potency, thus relating them (or rather the soul of each kingdom) to the Hierarchy and to Shamballa.2 The human Hierarchy can serve this function because of its location on the fourth or buddhic plane in this fourth scheme in a fourth order solar system. The incoming of the Fourth Ray in 2025 will mark the beginning of a cycle in which we will see this process come to a greater flowering and it is for this we prepare. 94

The human being can link the energies of the three major planetary centres because we also have a correspondence to these centres in our own expression. We are capable of linking monad, soul and personality because we are in fact—none of them. We are that which works through them in the same way that the soul works through the three-fold personality. This may seem quite a statement when we consider that the normal way we see development is to progress from personality to soul to monad, and this is indeed the way that we experience identification with our vehicles in time and space. But just as the Solar Logos expresses through three systems sequentially and yet remains focused in the eternal now, so we have a part of our own being that remains aloof from incarnation and is able therefore to operate as the God of our own small system. The seven planes of the cosmic physical plane are vibratory states of matter in which differentiated states of consciousness are experienced by the indwelling lives. The Fourth Hierarchy experiences itself on the lowest three planes as ‘personality’, on the middle three planes as ‘soul’ and on the higher three planes as ‘monad’, undergoing nine initiations that represent the various states of awareness. These are initiations in consciousness, but the essential Life remains ever the same and has its origin beyond the cosmic physical plane altogether. The mystery of Makara that is revealed at the Third Initiation involves the mystery of the five liberated Hierarchies that are resident on the cosmic astral plane. They who (when the fourth and fifth kingdom merge) are ourselves, experienced incarnation on the lower five planes of the cosmic physical plane in the first solar system, are therefore in a position to remind us via their representative 95

on the mental plane (the solar angel) that we are not the sheaths into which we have incarnated. Just as the soul must disidentify with its three sheaths (the personality), and the monad must remain aloof from its three sheaths (the triad), so our essential selves must remain aloof from the three major sheaths of the cosmic physical plane. The three highest planes of the cosmic physical represent the synthesised life of the whole plane. The atmic plane synthesises the personality identity, the monadic plane the triadal identity, and the logoic plane the monadic identity. These three then operate as the triangle of head, heart and throat in the etheric body of both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Awakened humanity will thus form part of the throat centre of the planet under the impress of the Masters on the atmic plane. These centres transmit energy from the cosmic planes, and as our Solar Logos is in the process of taking the Third cosmic Initiation he will be focusing his attention on the cosmic buddhic plane and therefore the energy of cosmic buddhi will increasingly begin to flow through his etheric body. Shamballa currently transmits the energy of the cosmic mental plane, Hierarchy the cosmic astral plane, and Humanity the cosmic physical. It is their combined energies—or in reality the revelation of that which underlies them all—that constitutes the ‘saving force’, and it is this energy which Humanity will be able to release as it learns to triangulate the three energies in the microcosm. Just as the light in the head is generated out of the overlapping effect of the three head centres, becomes a bright sun and also a doorway when its dark centre is revealed, so too a cosmic light is being revealed within the united periphery of the three major planetary centres. The formulation of the 96

Ashram of Synthesis has a correspondence to this process within Hierarchy. We may look at this same process through the analogy of sound. The AUM represents the three-fold chord of monad, soul and personality. When the soul has done its work the OM sounds forth expressing the duality of spirit and matter. Eventually only the great O is sounded in Shamballa every one hundred years, representing the synthesis of spirit and matter and an expression of the great SOUND. When a man can sound forth his own three-fold chord he has begun to become identified with the One Life he essentially is. The ray energies associated with Capricorn are 1, 3 and 7 which we can represent graphically as:

Combined and reflected they create a similar word of power to that which we have associated with the Third Initiation. These are the three rays of the planet Uranus and also the likely personality rays for the three planets associated with the Will project—Pluto, Earth, Vulcan. On the reversed wheel, the Saturnian influence exhausts itself in Capricorn and the man is then free from karma and needs no presentation of opportunity for he stands a free initiate, a true Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held back by no thought of self or selfish desire. He comes 97

then under the influence of Uranus, that mysterious and occult planet. His will is focussed and developed by the Uranian influences‌3

Pluto Earth Vulcan

The above symbol, an expansion of the synthetic SAT hieroglyph, is revelatory to the intuition. One of its many significances has to do with the link between Uranus, the Hierophant of the Mysteries originating in Sirius via the pillars of Gemini, anchored via the jewel or diamond soul in the pyramidal form of the First Ray school in Egypt. To enter the realm of Uranus we must pass through the gates of Saturn and reunite as Mercury/Venus with the 98

Father. In the Greek myth Saturn sided with his mother Gaia, and scythed off the testicles of Uranus which fell into the sea to become Venus. When the soul (Venus) stands upon the mountain top (Saturn) to receive the lightning flash (Uranus) of initiation, the split in consciousness between spirit and matter is healed. The human Hierarchy (Mercury) is able to respond to the note of each subplane of the cosmic physical plane and yet remain disidentified with all of them. The initiate recognises them as the seven-fold expression of a three-fold note, and behind that note he knows himself to be not separate from the great SOUND of Life Itself.

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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 11— February 2007 Aquarius—Communion There is one aspect of initiation which is apt to be overlooked. Every initiation is a process of energy transmission from a higher centre of energy to a lower; every initiation charges the initiate with electrical force, and this charging and re-charging is related to what H.P.B. calls “the mystery of electricity.” These transmissions of energy enhance the magnetic-attractive force of the initiate, and at the same time are eliminative in their effects. In this fact lies a great planetary truth and the key to the science of planetary redemption.1 This series of teachings are designed to assist in the development of the capacity to transmit the energy of the Will. As an individual or group becomes an expression of Purpose they also become a transmitter of the energy of planetary Purpose. The transmission of this energy is best likened to the transfer of an electrical ‘charge’ that empowers—a current of life.2 After the processes of initiation in Capricorn the soul moves out of the control of Saturn and comes more deeply under the Uranian influence of Aquarius, and it is in Aquarius that the impulse begun in Aries is brought to fruit. The effect of the Aquarian influence on Hierarchy is to bring in the energy of Shamballa3 and to act as a distributing agent for “Life more abundant”.4 Electric fire from the monad, running through the triad, enters the causal body via the jewel and begins the process of causal 101

burning that makes a soul such a radioactive force within their environment. The handling of this ‘current of fire’ requires new skills in both the individual and group life and is an emergent phenomenon in the life of humanity and the planet as a whole. Its emergence is preparatory to the revelation of a deeper, more universal and synthetic aspect of deity. Let us consider the parallels with electrical phenomena in the physical world. Electric current is the flow of electric charge. Electrical resistance is a measure of the degree to which an object opposes the passage of an electric current. The quantity of resistance in an electric circuit determines the amount of current flowing in the circuit for any given voltage applied to the circuit.

where R is the resistance of the object, usually measured in ohms, equivalent to J•s/C2 V is the potential difference across the object, usually measured in volts. I is the current passing through the object, usually measured in amperes. (Source: Wikipedia5) The greater resistance to the flow of current the more ‘excited’ the electrons in the wire get and the more heat and light is given out. The tungsten filament in a light bulb for instance, has high resistance to flow and hence the light. 102

Copper has low resistance and so is an excellent conductor of charge. (As an aside huge copper deposits have recently been found in the Gobi desert.6) In spiritual practice we may meditate and get ‘overstimulated’. Early on the path as the current meets greater resistance the individual identity becomes ‘excited’ and there is much talk and activity generated as a result. This culminates in the full radioactivity of the causal body at the Third Degree. It is an interesting thought that the implementation of one’s soul purpose may be the result of the resistance to the flow of planetary purpose. Later on when one’s resistance is burnt out and the soul is released, the current flows without heat and light. The initiate becomes a less visible but more potent force. Another interesting thought is that a ‘sun’ may be a point where there is ‘resistance’ to the flow of the electrical current in space and hence the solar display. Electrical currents can also flow through a number of ‘nadi’ points in a circuit. These ‘resistance points’ can be arranged in series or in parallel. Any device in an electrical circuit—whether a light bulb or a motor is designated as a resistor and given the symbol: Resistors can be arranged in series or in parallel. Resistors In Series:



Power source

R2 103

Resistors in Parallel: —


Power source

R1 R2 When resistors are in series the overall resistance in the circuit is greater and if one resistor fails then the whole current stops. When resistors are in parallel the current can flow in either or both circuits, as both resistors are connected independently of each other to the power source. The overall resistance in the circuit is significantly reduced. The analogy can be extended to spiritual group life. In Piscean groups there is one ‘sun’ connected to the power source (spirit) and the group is hooked up in series. Distortions and resistances in the leader are propagated throughout the group and the resistance of all members is added together to create a significant obstacle to the flow of current (and much heat and light in the process). Furthermore the group is only as strong as its weakest link. If one resistor breaks the current stops flowing. In an Aquarian group (note the above symbol when resistors are in parallel) each member has his or her own direct alignment with the source of power. Multiple circuits are possible, the overall resistance is lower (and therefore the current and charge are higher) and individuals can come and go without breaking the overall electromagnetic field. We might compare this process to the following from Rule XIII in discussion concerning the group which will serve “as Aquarius indicates”7 and reveal the hidden mystery: 104

See you, therefore, the necessity of eventually organising a group in the world which will be so constituted and so carefully chosen and interiorly related that all its members are initiates, all have created their own “rainbow bridges” with understanding and accuracy, and all can now work in such complete unity that the group antahkarana becomes a channel of unimpeded communication direct from Shamballa to the group because every member of the group is a member of the Hierarchy. In this manner the three planetary centres arrive at the needed relationship, and another great triangle reaches true functioning activity. When this takes place, a revelation undreamt of will be manifested upon the Earth; a new divine quality, of which no knowledge at present exists, will make its presence felt, and the work of the Buddha and of the Christ, and the work of the coming Avatar, will be superseded by One for Whom both Shamballa and the Hierarchy have unitedly waited and of Whom the doctrine of the Messiah and the doctrine of Avatars have been and are today only the dim distant symbols.8 After the Third Degree the effects of initiation are not confined to the individual but form part of a wider transmission of electrical energy within the great Ashram as a whole.9 Initiates of different degree pass the current through their own monadic and triadal sheaths in such a way that it is stepped down to the appropriate level for assimilation by others. In this way the ‘fire of God’ is distributed throughout the whole of creation. Within the life of the planet the Aquarian energy emphasises the relationship between Shamballa and Hierarchy so that conscious souls are called to create a united field for the transmission of planetary electric fire (Shamballa force) to Humanity. Eventually, once Humanity has learned to assimilate 105

and respond automatically to this energy, the Hierarchical centre will become supplementary and withdraw via the path of higher evolution to the more subtle cosmic plane. Prior to this, a triangulation of the three main centres will allow for a divine revelation. Let us extrapolate what this might be from the individual to the universal. When the monad, soul and personality are realised as a three-fold expression of one reality (rather like steam, water and ice are expressions of H2O) then the energy of the cosmic astral plane is dimly sensed (as one might sense a flower essence diluted in water). As essentially we are the returning nirvanis of a previous system (the five liberated Hierarchies on the cosmic astral) then this realisation results in a fusion of our cosmic astral and cosmic physical plane ‘identities’. “I am the body and its loving life. I am the Self, whose quality is love. I am the life of God Himself. The Mother-Father-Son am I. Behind these three there stands the unknown God. That God am I.”10 When Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity are triangulated the planet will become aware of its ‘unknown God’ who overlights Sanat Kumara. I might pause here at this thought and make somewhat clearer to you the distinction between this “unknown God,” who expresses himself through the planet as a whole, and Sanat Kumara in His high place at Shamballa.11 We might say that Sanat Kumara is the life of the planet on the cosmic physical plane operating through seven chakras or centres of force on etheric levels. He has his counterpart on the cosmic astral plane, the cosmic mental plane and so on. 106

Similarly within the solar system the triangulation of the three synthesising planets (Uranus, Neptune and Saturn) reveal the Solar Lord in his three aspects as the Sun, the Heart of the Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun. Within the galactic life the triangulation of the Pleiades, Sirius and the Great Bear reveal the Galactic Lord, and so on. The confirmation that there is a black hole at the centre of our galaxy in 2000, coming at the same time as the Shamballa impact, is part of a pattern that leads us—via the registration and response to the First Aspect of Will and Purpose—towards the revelation of that which lies behind all three manifest expressions of divinity. Who is it in whom we live, breathe and have our being? There is the planetary life, the solar life and the galactic life. Behind these three and with no ‘centre’ of its own is the universal Life which permeates and infuses all the galaxies, solar systems and planets and yet remains beyond them all, even in their most subtle manifestations. As human beings we are nothing less than a direct incarnation, an embodiment or avatar of that universal Life. So is every pebble and every idea, but because humans have been individualised and endowed with self-consciousness we can become aware of that fact and through the power of that realisation become conscious transmitters of that Life within the sphere in which we find ourselves. This of course applies in the vertical dimension to the lower three kingdoms on Earth. Humanity is of peculiar importance in relation to these triangles because it is the destiny of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms.12 (italics mine) But there is also a spatial dimension to the role humanity has to play within much greater spheres of universal livingness. 107

Here is the Hierarchical Plan laid out for us in four easy steps: 1. The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, through the medium of humanity, an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system. … 2. To found upon earth...a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity—as a whole—can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself ) and inducing an interstellar activity. 3. To develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one. This question of light, bound up as it is with the colours of the seven rays, is as yet an embryo science, and it would be useless for us to enlarge upon it here. 4. To set up a magnetic centre in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.13 This expansion takes us from an individual focus to the universal, and decentralises the role of the human kingdom at the same time as empowering it. The individual—whether human, solar or galactic—is miniscule in comparison to the universal and yet…it is the only location in which the universal Life can live. 108

In the search for extra-terrestrial life it is said that a definitive answer either way will be paradigm breaking for humanity. From an esoteric perspective the universe teams with Life and consciousness but we do not know how rare it is for that consciousness to have reached the particular stage that it has on Earth and how critical this may or may not be to larger plans within the universal Being. When the spiritual and the electrical charging of the three major centres on the planet—Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity—has reached a high stage of receptive efficiency, a certain cosmic Avatar will “become conscious of the vibratory quality of the little point of light within the solar sphere” and will then “turn His gaze and send His force unto that point of light, and cosmic evil will be driven out and find no more a place on Earth.”14 It might be fruitful to consider the likely origin of this cosmic avatar, remembering that the function of an avatar is to transmit energy from a larger system to a lesser system. A cosmic avatar, as distinct from say a solar avatar, comes from beyond the solar system and is only registered on the top two planes of our system. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire we are given three examples of such an exalted being: An avatar from Sirius, an avatar from the Great Bear (specifically the third star) and an avatar from our “cosmic centre”.15 Remember that during the dispensation of the teaching given out through A A Bailey the Pleiades and specifically Alcyone was initially given as the centre around which our solar system revolves. Knowledge of the galactic centre had yet to penetrate human consciousness and Alcyone was therefore used as a blind. Blinds must make sense however, and we can see that the Pleiades, as a cosmic throat centre, has a correspondence to the atmic plane and Saturn. Until a certain stage of the path is reached atma is—to 109

all intents and purposes—all that the disciple can relate to of the Will. Saturn is however, to use a thinly veiled phrase, an earthly father and not a heavenly one. (Uranus is the heavenly one.) An initiate penetrates—through the ‘will of the soul’ that atma represents—to the Will embodied by the monad. Similarly a planetary or solar being when undergoing initiation, must access cosmic Will. Is the cosmic avatar who is ‘on his way’ in fact an energy transmission from the galactic centre? Is there an opportunity as Pluto conjuncts this centre in 2007 for consciousness on Earth to register, however faintly, this transmission? For an effective triangle between Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity to function as an entry point for this energy, there will need to be an adequate response from a group within the Human centre. The effect of such a visit as that of the avatar from Sirius is seen as the sum-total of civilisation and culture, viewing these from the standpoint of the entire system and in “one flash of time”.16 What might the effect be of such a visit of an avatar from the cosmic centre? We might imagine that it would at least concern itself with the life and evolution of consciousness within the seven centres of which ours is one. No doubt the entry into this larger system would require a triangular alignment between the three super constellations, and a similar triangle would operate within our solar system as well as in the planetary life. We know that the anchoring of a ‘seed of Will’ which will become the germ of the third system—a Will system—is a project that our Planetary Logos is undertaking in conjunction with the Vulcan and Pluto schemes, and that this triangle anchors the electrical force of the synthesising planet and home of electric fire (Uranus17) in our system. Earth, as the heart or monadic First Ray point within this triangle, must integrate and fuse the two ‘wills’—that of 110

the soul and the personality represented by Vulcan and Pluto respectively. It is interesting to note that at the very time Pluto is conjoining the galactic centre it has been ‘demoted’ as an archetypal force within the human psyche,18 and at the same time there is present within humanity a great upwelling of Plutonic energy manifesting as fundamentalist terrorism in its many forms. If this is so we should also look for the inflow of Vulcanian energy which will bring those leaders to the fore who are able to wield the complementary fire of the will of the soul. Indeed many disciples are experiencing an inner push to externalise themselves more in service. Behind this dual activity lies the synthetic action of Uranus forging the diamond soul of Earth. From the perspective of the Solar Logos the inflowing energy forms part of the process that will result in the taking of the Third cosmic Initiation and therefore the awakening of systemic kundalini. From the perspective of our Planetary Logos the inflow is part of that which will enable him to take the Second cosmic Initiation when a monadic touch is required to “seal the door where evil dwells”19 and to overcome his cosmic desire nature. To understand a little of how a flicker of the gaze of a cosmic avatar will help to ‘seal the door’ we need to investigate the origin (theoretically and within our little system) of cosmic evil. We know that there is a misalignment between Solar Logoi of the three great constellations in which our Solar Logos and Planetary Logos play their part, and we would expect a cosmic avatar to effect a realignment. Within our planetary scheme we know that our Heavenly Man is one of the ‘imperfect Gods’ and that he has yet to fully master his desire nature. What this practically means to life within his ring-pass-not on the cosmic physical plane is that periodically the whole plane is swept with his desire for physical life. This 111

is experienced by the seven incarnate Hierarchies as a pull towards materiality, and this pull is particularly dominant on the lower three planes where it is also the cause of humanity’s so-called “sexual misery”.20 When a soul is able to function on the buddhic plane and fuse with the Fifth Hierarchy as representing the five liberated Hierarchies, this pull is offset and the soul begins to be able to make discrimination between planetary desire (which is only partly solarised) and solar desire which is infused with cosmic buddhi. When a human being takes the Second Degree, contact with the monad is not used so much to negate desire as is commonly portrayed, but to offset it with its higher correspondence—the Will. Once “Life more abundant”21 has been tasted, lesser experiences begin to pale and the incarnate soul seeks more. As the poet Rumi eloquently expresses it: “There is some kiss we want with our whole lives”.22 When a planetary entity takes the Second cosmic Initiation a similar process occurs. His focus is drawn via the triad to the monad, and down the antahkarana created by his attention can flow the Will force which will have the effect of abstracting and freeing his consciousness from the cosmic physical plane altogether. As cells within his body, as souls within his great Ashram, we have a similar choice as to where we put our attention. For those who seek to work with the Will and learn the secret of abstraction, we may form part of that conscious antahkarana which will allow the entry of an energy so subtle we will barely be able to register it—an essence within the waters of Life—the presence of a future (and ever present) synthesis. Of what use is this big picture, one might ask, when the world is in such crisis? Many feel their soul’s attention drawn to assist in education about the environmental crisis or to help offset the Plutonic forces that may bring religious war, 112

and these are indeed necessary and worthy goals for the soul. Each must respect the way they are called to serve, as that call emerges from the depth of their own being. The seeds of future civilisation are always being planted amidst the chaotic upheaval of the past, and it should be remembered that initiates in any generation, and the culture they nurture, are the cause of evolution and not its result. Consider this quote that illustrates the power of group meditation on cosmic sources: The reason is that if the name were known and if enough people could do the work of occult meditation and visualisation, accompanying the work with a vivid imagination, it might be possible to attract into our system such a downpour of attractive energy from the constellation involved as to unduly speed up the processes of evolution upon our planet, and thus upset the systemic economy most dangerously. People do not yet realise the potency of meditation and especially of group meditation.23 From our perspective the third solar system—that of the Will—exists in the future, but from the perspective of the Solar Logos the three systems are occurring contemporaneously. When we penetrate into the eternal now and allow this reality to permeate our present experience in this the second solar system, some sections of humanity are discovering this: that what is needed to offset the stubborn and potent materiality that is left over in the matter of the first solar system is to bring forward the spirit of Will and abstraction that permeates the coming third system. Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the level of consciousness in which they were created. We know that from the solar perspective the White Lodge and Black Lodge serve a dual purpose, and no doubt from the perspective of 113

the galactic centre solar good and evil form a similar duality that is resolved by the affirmation of that central Life in which they are synthesised and whose purpose they serve—consciously or unconsciously. To use the electrical analogy: Resistance is the force necessary to generate light (consciousness). We do not oppose it but merely increase the flow of the current by tapping, in parallel, into a more potent power source. The triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity is composed of three points that, while equally divine, are of different hierarchical potency. We might think of it therefore as a vertical triangle as well as a horizontal one. (All are centres within the body of Sanat Kumara). Within the cosmic Being in which we live move and play our part we might identify another vertical triangle of distinctly disparate levels. The galactic centre (substituting for Alcyone), Aquarius and Humanity. The first is a centre within the universe, the second a centre or constellation within the galaxy, and the third a centre within the solar system (when the Fourth and Fifth Hierarchies are fused). They are also a horizontal triangle when it is considered that they are all of them incarnations to greater or lesser degree of the One universal Life. Communion with and the transmission of‌that Life‌is the true spirit of Aquarius and the opportunity that lies in the future for the human race as a whole, or in the timeless present for that small section of it who are willing and able to respond.


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Working With The Will Series—Transmission 12— March 2007 Pisces—Sacrifice and Surrender All beauty, all goodness, all that makes for the eradication of sorrow and ignorance upon the Earth must be devoted to the Great Consummation. Then when the Lords of Compassion shall have spiritually civilised the Earth and made of it a Heaven, there shall be revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcend nature and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-ment with all Enlightened Ones, help to fulfil the Law of the Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but the beginning.1 There is a divine darkness which is the essence of both the light of consciousness and the darkness of matter. There is one Self which permeates and transcends the whole universe in both its objective and subjective expression. In the East this Self is called Brahman and Self-realisation is the awakening to the direct experience of this Self. This Self is both the centre and circumference of the universe—the one Monad—for everything arises within it and it is in everything which arises. When any self-conscious element that forms part of the universe inquires into its true nature it will eventually discover this one Self. The Being that lies at the core of the Monad is the same Being that lies at the core of the whole universe. This Being is known as the great Breath. On the outbreath the universe is brought into expression and on the inbreath it enters pralaya. Behind this breathing lies Beness—the essence of both Being and Non-Being to which is 117

given the name ‘Sat’. This is the One Boundless Immutable Principle about which nothing may be surmised. We are essentially this Principle incarnate and to get a clearer idea of the sheaths we use for that incarnation it will help to integrate the Western concept of spirit and matter with the Eastern concept of Purusha and Prakriti. They are not the same, as the following diagram should make clear:

What we often mean by spirit and matter are the two vibratory poles of substance or Prakriti which is contrasted with Purusha. On the lower planes of Prakriti consciousness is more identified with substance, and on the higher planes consciousness is more identified as essence. The monad, soul and personality are three expressions of self-consciousness that overlap on the atmic and mental planes. There is only one essential Self that lies at the core of these three experiences of awareness. 118

When the soul focuses on its outbreath then it is creating and sustaining its expression in the three worlds. When it inbreathes it turns its attention through the centre of its own being towards the monad. When the monad is outbreathing it is creating and sustaining its life expression in the five worlds. When it inbreathes it turns its attention to the centre of its own being and discovers the One Life in incremental revelation. This is the way of the higher evolution. There is the One Life of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. The monad is onward moving in Life and yet this life is the same life throughout Kosmos, just as consciousness is the same throughout Kosmos and yet is expressed in ever-expanding entities and ring-pass-nots. Substance is seven-fold. Consciousness experiences and gives rise to triplicities. Essence experiences and gives rise to ‘wholes’ or singularities. A galaxy is sustained by a single life even though this life exists within and is essentially the same as the universal Life. All black holes in this regard are essentially the same black hole. Darkness is One. The surrender and mediumship that is connected with Pisces allows us to be used as a conduit for the awakening of consciousness to this divine darkness…the awakening of the individual to the universal... the Self-realisation of humanity as the essential spiritual Self of the universe. Self-Realisation Spiritual enlightenment in the great traditions can be summed up as the process of ‘Self-realisation’. Here and there an individual has awoken (albeit in different ways) to the realisation that they are and have always been essentially divine and that at the core of their own nature they are inseparable from the core of everything. They normally establish a tradition and help to awaken those who are ready and those they come 119

into close relationship with. In the Aquarian Age the ‘saviour’ is essentially a group of those enlightened beings who have won through to a degree of freedom transmitting and radiating that realisation and that energy of freedom throughout the consciousness not only of humanity, but all of the kingdoms in nature. The Ashram of Synthesis The idea behind the Ashram of Synthesis addresses the deeper reality that underlies all three planetary centres—Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity—and not just the middle or consciousness principle. The self can awake to itself at any level of Prakritic immersion, as the presence on Earth of simple saints who have little mental development attests. How this self-realisation is expressed will depend on other factors. Therefore such an ashram will contain within its ring-pass-not members from each of these three centres, as well as representatives from each planetary kingdom. It will include members of the devic as well as human evolution, as well as that “mysterious third evolution”.2 What all members of this synthetic centre will have in common is their realisation and expression of the One Life. This is easier to achieve on the higher subplanes and therefore it will be more difficult to find those members who retain their participation in the centre we call Humanity than some of the other planetary lives. The process that we call the Externalisation of the Hierarchy has a counterpart we might call the Internalising of Humanity. This involves the initiation of consciousness but the sacrificing of the liberation of that consciousness onto higher planes for a certain period. This has its higher counterpart in the delay in treading the cosmic paths by the monad when required by the needs of planetary evolution. 120

Humanity as a Station of Light In Kosmos the awakening of the one Self through the medium of the planet Earth is a significant development that will not be fully appreciated until that awakening is more advanced. In the Virgoan sense the Earth serves as both a womb and a tomb for the One Self. The Life energy enters into the lowest plane as the kundalini force which must sleep because it is yet unconscious of itself and must perforce operate instinctually. Nevertheless it is still the One Life. When a centre of self-consciousness is developed and that consciousness is able to realise that that which operates at the core of its instinctual life is the same energy as that which it detects in its superconsciousness via the intuition, then initiation takes place. The life which animates the top plane of any system is the same life which animates the bottom (and indeed every) plane. When this is realised ‘in consciousness’ the result is the burning through of the webs and a realised synthesis of the Life, light and substance of all the planes. Human Beings As Cosmic Kundalini The same process of synthesis occurs on the seven levels of the cosmic planes. A human monad is essentially a spark of the one flame—the One Self. Its confinement on the lowest of the cosmic planes is analogous to the confinement of the kundalini force within the base centre, and is why our prototype Sanat Kumara is known as the Great Sacrifice. As the human monad begins to realise itself as the planetary life, the solar life, the galactic life, the universal Life, so the highest and the lowest on the cosmic planes meet and cosmic kundalini rises. Human monads are therefore the energy of spirit-as-Purusha, as Atman, as 121

Brahman sleeping within the cosmic physical plane. The triplicity of monad-soul-personality are the three serpents behind whom stands the Great Dragon who in his essential nature is the One Life. Cosmologically the association of our planetary life with the constellation Draco and the arrival of the serpent energy in the second or monadic round has a direct relevance here.3 Before ‘we’ came as consciousness at the time of individualisation, ‘we’ were already here as kundalini. When the energy of the Dragon arises from its ‘sleep’ and rises back to its origin there is made possible a cosmic synthesis. The circle of revelation is rounded out; the cycle is completed; the serpent of matter, the serpent of wisdom and the serpent of life are seen to be one whole and behind the three “stands the Eternal Dragon for ever spawning forth the triple serpent, for ever saying: Go forth and come thou back.”4 The monadic essence—the One who was the three— withdraws from the cosmic physical plane and proceeds along the higher Way. Unless he chooses or is asked to stay. It is possible for kundalini to awaken but not arise. We might liken Shamballa to the dark pupil of an eye. It is possible for the pupil to dilate or contract in size to allow more or less light or consciousness through. The degree of dilation is controlled by the number of Sixth Degree initiates who are asked to remain in Earth service. By refraining from rising, the centralised Life energy empowers and vitalises the ring-passnot in which it remains willfully limited. Some understanding may thus be gained about the role of Sanat Kumara, the path of Earth service and the role of Pisces from the perspective of the Will aspect. 122

Pisces—Virgo & The Sacredising of Matter Esoterically Pisces is ruled by Pluto—a planet associated with the base chakra—and Virgo by the Moon veiling Vulcan—a planet associated with the crown chakra. (On the current full Moon there is a total eclipse so the opportunity is to deal with Vulcan directly.) Virgo is the Mother aspect and associated with the darkness of matter or the spirit buried in the earth. Pisces represents the Father aspect and is associated therefore with the symbol of the black hole at the centre of the galaxy. When it is realised that these two are One, there is a burning through of the webs that separate them and a liberation of Light Supernal—a seven-fold synthetic light. The Mother principle is restored to equality in consciousness and ‘raised into heaven’, while the Father principle ‘descends to earth’. In reality they have been an ever present duality in the universal Father/Mother or Purusha/Prakriti. It is Finished The vehicle of the soul is being subjected to pressure from within but then—both in the case of the individual initiate and of the initiated group—the final blow has to be struck also from without, by an act of the united will; this corresponds to the great cry of the Christ upon the Cross when He exclaimed “It is finished.”5 Then will open for you as for others, the Way of the Higher Evolution, and the glory of the Lord will be seen in a new light—a light which will dim and throw into the shade all previous goals and visions.6 This cycle of teachings on the Will has been laid down over one zodiacal cycle like the twelve petals of the heart. It could be synthesised by three imperatives representing the individual, group and universal levels of the Life aspect: 123

Monadic Striving The creation and sustaining of a dynamic point of tension within the individual soul consciousness that must result in initiation into Life. We might call this…making demand. The willingness to place all the accumulated possessions of the soul (all goodness, all beauty, all wisdom etc) in the service of the unknown but emerging centre. We might call this…being the supply. The result is initiation in Capricorn. Monadic Radiation The inner recognition of those other selves with whom one is joined ‘in Life’. The transmission—in group formation— of the electric fiery current that vitalises and stimulates the Life aspect within the planetary ring-pass-not. The triangulation and circulation of energy around the three planetary centres generating a field for the revelation of that which lies behind all three. The result is world service in Aquarius. Monadic Surrender The group intensification of the Life principle through greater and greater revelation of its universal nature. This is achieved by being willing to be entered and empowered by the life of those entities (such as for example the Avatar of Synthesis) capable of containing and transmitting greater levels of Life force. It is also achieved by being willing to enter, consecrate and empower via the Life aspect lower kingdoms within the One Life. The result is the emergence of the world Saviour in Pisces. The current opportunity provided by Pluto conjunct the galactic centre is for the consciousness of humanity (or those 124

sections of it that are ready) to be struck from the outside—as it were—in response to a united call to the Life aspect. The advent of a cosmic avatar from the galactic centre is not a single moment in time and space but a process that lies behind time, space and consciousness as we know it. The coming of the avatar is a story that conveys meaning to the human mind. In reality this cosmic Shamballa centre is radiating its peaceful silent Will and transmitting its profound realisation of the One universal Self without particular reference or regard to our little cycles. Nevertheless in the process of directing the degree of Will and consciousness we collectively possess towards that great centre in this time of planetary crisis, the energetic results must follow under Law. The initiative helps to generate a thread of connection that may be built upon by others, and the small seed of inflowing essence may yet bring forth an unknown and unforeseeable fruit.


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Part Two



The Third Approach The esoteric teachings outline three Great Approaches to or from our divine source. The third phase approach is concerned with the First or Life Aspect in the trinity of Life—Love—Activity or monad—soul—personality. It is selfevident that this contact can only be made consciously when the Second or conscious Aspect of the soul has been developed. However the consciousness does not have to be fully developed before contact with the Life principle is undertaken and indeed early contact, properly guided, can speed up the process of soul development. A useful analogy is the situation as it occurs between the disciplines of exoteric psychology and esoteric psychology. The leading edge of mainstream exoteric psychology, while acknowledging the transpersonal worlds, cautions against developing transpersonal awareness until the ‘personality’ is fully developed and integrated. There is obviously some wisdom in this approach and many will have anecdotal experiences of individuals becoming ‘ungrounded’ or imbalanced through premature soul contact. On the other hand, there is the equally valid truth that soul contact can speed up personality integration through alignment with the wisdom and purpose of the soul. Esoteric psychologists level a legitimate claim that prolonged focus on ‘personal development’ can be an over-emphasis on the Third Aspect and an unwillingness to progress the identity into the Second or soul Aspect. Trainings like Psychosynthesis attempt to bridge the gap between these two approaches. In the future we might isolate a third approach to psychological development and integration—a spiritual psychology—that emphasises our primary identity as spirit 129

or monad. Indeed it is indicated by the Master DK that the new esoteric schools will train students in contact between monad and personality through the science of occult meditation.1 The emphasis upon the soul or Second Aspect is today becoming exoteric—forming part of many mainstream approaches to education and organisational development. The inherent wisdom and creativity of the individual and the collective synergy of groups aligned to Purpose are increasingly being valued. This third approach will have its own strengths and weaknesses but will increasingly become recognised as a distinct pathway that will attract certain types of individuals and groups. It is in reality a third approach to initiation. When the process of initiation was introduced it began with a focus upon the individual. Gradually the emphasis has shifted as we enter the Aquarian Age into a focus upon the group. This third method places the emphasis upon the whole. There is also a third method of individualisation which will become the normal method for the next solar system—individualisation through abstraction. In the first system individualisation occurred through the evolutionary progression of the Third Aspect. In the current second system the method of individualisation is through the aid of the agnishvattas or the consciousness principle. We have help from our ‘higher selves’ which are naturally group conscious. Thus the development of consciousness through ‘education’ or the ‘drawing forth’ of the consciousness principle is the keynote of this system. In the third system the keynote will be the Life principle, and activity and consciousness will be developed in an accelerated way through identification with the monad, the One.2 The core identity will, in effect, be abstracted from the lower five worlds of the personality and the triad. 130

These three forms of development can be related to the three primary rays of the monad. Indeed the different approaches will be favoured by those on different ray lines. A major distinction on the planet is between those who individualised on the Moon Chain, where the Third Aspect was dominant, and those who have individualised on Earth (Earth humanity) where the Second Aspect is dominant. In time we might also include Mercury Chain humanity—those who are showing signs of ‘fifth chain’ development and beginning to respond to the third method of development. Of course this third approach will also attract (with less long term benefit to them) those who have strong First Ray at the soul and personality level. It will be most suitable to those upon any of the rays who have reached a certain level of soul/personality integration and therefore those in whom the Will principle is becoming increasingly expressed. In the worlds of time and space we develop awareness of our three levels of being sequentially (personality, soul then monad), but in terms of our essential identity the order of relative importance of these aspects is reversed— monad, soul then personality. When we attempt to place first things first we must therefore consider whether we are primarily anchored in the world of Being or the world of becoming. There is another reason for developing and strengthening the third approach to divinity or responsiveness to the energy of Shamballa, and this lies in a later synthesis. When the monad, the soul and personality assume their rightful balance and order of relative importance in both the inner and outer worlds then the revelation of that which lies behind these three aspects becomes possible. Just as the 131

three vehicles of the personality when integrated, reveal the synthetic principle of the soul operating through them, so too do the three vehicles of the cosmic physical planes hide a synthesising energy—a fourth quality of deity waiting to be revealed.3 The development of the Will and monadic identification is not therefore an end in itself but part of a process—a process of synthesis. Those who develop the Will aspect will still need to achieve full rounding out of the consciousness and activity principles in time and space. They will do this however with the aid of the synthetic fourth principle which ‘sees the three as one’. Within the esoteric community the emergence of this third approach will be likely to raise a divergence of opinion, just as the emergence of the second approach is a challenge to the first. Just as there are those who say the acquisition of outer knowledge and skill is more important than the development of the innate wisdom of the soul, there will be those who say that the development and unfolding of consciousness is more important than the identification with the Life principle. Of course everyone is ‘right’ and merely emphasising a partial truth in a pre-synthesised triad. There will be those who say that an attempt to contact the monad is presumptuous when we have only just begun to know and develop the soul. There will be those who say that we have not yet understood and applied the first and second phases of the Ageless Wisdom that has already been given out and so why bother trying to delve into the ‘third phase.’ There will be those who say that the most important requirement on the planet is the building of the bridge between personality and soul, not that between soul and monad. Of course different perspectives emphasise different priorities. Different aspects of the one synthetic whole are 132

seen as differentially important by entities within it. Synthesis however, occurs after each of the three strands are balanced and not before. A synthesis of opinion in the minds of men is an even more difficult undertaking and so as always, pioneers must demonstrate their priorities and values in the face of prevailing status quos. They do this by testing out new pathways in the context of experimentation, allowing time and evolution to weave their work into the greater whole. The work therefore of the third approach is to complete the higher antahkarana through identification with the Whole so that the synthetic operation of the three centres in man and in the planet can occur—bringing revelation of a fourth quality of deity. This revelation is essential to the Aquarian Age. We can fit ourselves to aid in this process if we, as DK indicates, ‘walk humbly with our God’.4 So far we have looked at this third approach with respect to the individual approach to divinity, but it applies equally to our planetary life as a whole. Two Great Approaches by spirit to form have already been made, with two lesser approaches embodying the Great Approaches by individual avataric members of the human family. The first Great Approach occurred in Lemurian times and resulted in the individualisation of animal man, the birth of the fourth kingdom in nature and the appearance of the human soul. It was literally the arrival of Light.5 The second Great Approach occurred when humanity had grown through the ages in sensitivity and intelligence. It was the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy to Humanity and made them aware of the path to God, the path of initiation. God had hitherto been a purely transcendent and unapproachable reality, but now God became immanent and the path of sacrifice could be walked by advanced humanity via the Christ or soul principle residing at the core of our own 133

natures. The Buddha was an embodiment or expression of the first approach and the Christ an embodiment of the second. The second Great Approach will be consummated in humanity with the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. The third Great Approach already has its beginnings with the coming into relationship of the energy of Shamballa with Humanity. In the early stages the new approach is not recognised for what it is—“the will of God in new and potent livingness”. 6 It has effects, but these are largely unconscious. As humanity develops responsiveness to this new energy it is able to begin conscious cooperation with it through the science of invocation. That invocation is beginning to occur in two ways—through the largely unconscious call to freedom from the masses of humanity and the concerted invocative appeal by the New Group of World Servers. Just as the first two approaches have their outer representative embodiments, so too will the third approach. We await a coming avatar who will embody in himself the principles not only of Light and Love (although developed in lesser degree to his predecessors the Buddha and the Christ) but also the energy of Power. He will thus synthesise the three great qualities of deity and make possible the revelation of that which lies behind their expression. Coincident with the coming of this avatar will be the founding of the Temple of Power upon the physical plane, which will make possible the restoration of the mysteries and the taking of the First Initiation as a recognised outer event within the human family. Already two temples exist—a Temple of Light upon the mental plane presided over by the Buddha, and a Temple of Love on the astral plane presided over by the Christ.7 134

The three approaches—of spirit to matter (and vice versa) through the three-fold workings of consciousness—form part of one great whole, and when they are consummated we will have a “new heaven and new earth”.8 This is the promise that the combination of the energies of Aquarius and the Seventh Ray make possible.9 Only then we will not use the terms ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ or ‘spirit’ and ‘matter’ for there will no longer be experienced any sense of such a duality. Light Supernal, the Light of Life Itself, will reveal the One Life pervading all levels of manifest Being, and humanity will take its conscious place as a divine centre. Then this planet will manifest a truth in consciousness which has ever been a timeless divine reality. Earth has always been in heaven.

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The Black Hole God The history of human culture tells us that whatever symbol we place in the centre of our collective imagination reflects itself through all levels of civilisation—our religious, political, social, educational and economic structures. Naturally enough, the cosmos has been a primary source of our ‘heaven symbols’ and we can trace the development of human consciousness by paying attention to which of the ‘heavenly bodies’ captures our attention and centralises our society. When the Moon is dominant in our psyche we have the emotional and psychic life ruling with its emphasis on the physical and astral body. When the planets are the dominant focus we have the pantheistic traditions and pay attention to the different qualities of the personality. Earth or Gaia-centered consciousness could be said to be culminating on the planet currently as the mass consciousness of humanity is integrating as a ‘personality’. The vision of Earth from space was a powerful unifying symbol. The Sun is the centre of many of the monotheistic traditions and represents the dominant central symbol for advanced humanity over the last several thousand years of evolution. It is the symbol of the soul, the Christ life, and is the central motif for the Piscean Age. The Sun is the source of light and love, the epitome of the saviour and of selfconsciousness. It is Leo, and allows man to say ‘I am’ firstly as a personality and then as a soul. There are two relatively recent events that are bringing a new centralising symbol to the imagination of humanity. The first is the journey out of the solar system by the Voyager spacecraft.1 137

The twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are currently passing through the heliosphere and symbolise the extension of human consciousness beyond the ring-pass-not of the Sun in the same way that the launch of the Sputnik in 1957 symbolised the release of human consciousness from the planet. The second event is the postulation of ‘black holes’ and the discovery that a black hole forms the central hub of our Milky Way galaxy and indeed, in all probability, of all galaxies. At the start of the Aquarian Age we have a new symbol which is in many ways the opposite of the Leonine Sun. The Sun is a source of light, of consciousness, of order. The black hole is darkness, the unknowable, chaos. It is the contention of this paper that the symbol of the black hole coming into the human psyche is the outer equivalence of the monad or spirit aspect, just as the Sun relates to the soul. In the Aquarian Age the main spiritual task is not the relating of soul and personality but of monad and personality via the soul. The three major symbols of Earth, the Sun and the black hole can be meaningfully equated to these three levels of ‘self,’ each at the centre of its respective orbiting attendants:

Black Hole - Monad Sun - Soul

Earth - Personality

Moon Emotions

Or expressed another way familiar to esotericists—the personality is four-fold, the soul is three-fold and the monad is singular, corresponding to the ‘singularity’ at the core of a black hole: 138

The Sun is thus a ‘light’ between two ‘darks’—the darkness of matter and the darkness of pure spirit. It is matter itself which is consumed in the heart of a star, and it is light that is consumed within the heart of a black hole. Light cannot escape the gravitational pull once the event horizon is crossed. Light is the symbol of consciousness, and as we know, consciousness is dual, requiring subject and object. Spirit is non-dual and when the ‘Life’ which lies beyond consciousness is entered, consciousness as we know it—‘soular’ consciousness—is no longer experienced. The identity or ahamkaric principle is dissolved in emptiness or sunyata. The following chart and image lists the relationships I am proposing between the physical plane and the physical manifestation of members of the cosmic family—planets, suns and black holes:


First ether Second ether Third ether Fourth ether Gaseous Liquid Physical

logoic monadic atmic sun (third order) buddhic sun (fourth order) mental planet—Venus eg sun (fifth order) astral planet—Earth eg physical planet—Mars eg

universal akasha black hole supernova—black hole


We know our Sun is manifesting on the fourth ether and that science is gradually penetrating into what lies behind light. I suggest that a black hole is a manifestation of second etheric matter generated out of the first ether akashic sea of black hole / white hole energetic substrata. A planetary logos eventually becomes a solar logos. A solar logos eventually becomes a cosmic logos (with intervening levels of constellational logoi). We see this reflected in the physical plane. If Jupiter was larger it would have become a sun. If a star is of great enough mass it will end its life as a black hole. 141

While these are correspondences relating to the physical plane they naturally reflect the realities of the cosmic physical plane. The higher antahkarana represents the relationship between soul and monad, Hierarchy and Shamballa. The number of Shamballa is 24, revealing the link between the second or monadic plane and the fourth or buddhic plane. Formula V given in Discipleship in the New Age II “THE SUN…BLACK…ANTAHKARANA” is the formula linked to revelation of the Will and to Shamballa.2 When the higher antahkarana is constructed we have the potential to circulate energy between the triangle of monad, soul and personality in a way that reveals a fourth energy or ‘saving force’. Accepting for a moment that the black hole is a symbol of the monad, we might ask how this symbol reveals itself in the coming Aquarian civilisation. The keynote of spirit or the monadic aspect is ‘synthesis’. Synthesis is not fusion. Fusion or unity belongs at the level of consciousness or soul—its outer symbol is the field of light that constitutes a galaxy. The many suns share a common ‘consciousness’. This consciousness or light does not penetrate however, into the lower levels of matter which is in the process of becoming ‘solarised’, nor does it penetrate into the higher levels of spirit—the black hole. Thus consciousness cannot be the origin of synthesis but only a field for its revelation. True synthesis is based on the realisation of an ‘already present’ principle that lies at the core of differentiated expression. For example a planet such as Earth does not need to become a sun in order to circle the black hole—it just needs solar consciousness in order to ‘realise’ the fact that it is already doing so. “Jesus saith…no man cometh unto the Father, but 142

by me.” (John 14:6) That no man ‘comes to the Father’ except ‘through the Son’ or ‘Sun’ is true of man’s consciousness. Of course he is already related to the Father aspect because spirit is the very source or unrevealed origin of his existence. The sutratma or ‘Life thread’ is already present in all men. Not all men have built the antahkarana however, and become cognisant of this fact. Constellations, suns, planets, moons, comets, asteroids etc are all present within the form of a galaxy. They are differentiated expressions of the life of that galaxy. Within human society there is a similar differentiation. All individuals are souls (suns) but not all are expressing their solar nature. Similarly groups and organisations are functioning at different levels within the planetary human organism. How do we develop an integral context for human society that encompasses all levels of expression? It could be said that human consciousness on Earth is currently undergoing a transition from personality-centered to soul-centered structures. From the perspective of the consciousness of a disciple this creates a ‘battle’ between these two forms of expression, symbolised by the war between the Black Lodge and the White Lodge—the forces of materialism and the forces of light. A disciple is an intimate part of this conflict because it is being waged in the core of his own consciousness. From a higher perspective however, once victory is achieved the forces of light and dark are seen as dual aspects of a single energy system. The aim of the monad is to fuse the soul and personality at the Third Initiation so that the central Life principle can express through both. Unsolarised personality-centered structures tend to marginalise and exclude soul values and impulses, as we well know. Unin‘form’ed soul-based structures can also tend to exclude the instinctual and unconscious impulses of the 143

lower personality. We see the latter in the sometimes naïve and utopian expressions of individuals and groups during this cuspal time that can exclude or be unaware of the very real forces driving man’s lower nature. The soul is not able to fully control the lower aspects of the personality until it is anchored in the base chakra. Spirit or ‘Life’-based structures have therefore to include all levels of expression—superconscious, conscious and unconscious—if a true synthesis is to be expressed in the many fields of human experience. Let’s take this analogy into some of those fields: Politics • Personality-centered systems—survival or form-based, assertion of ‘self-interest’. • Soul-centered systems—values-based, assertion of ‘group interest’ or ‘common good’. • Monad-centered systems—Life-based, assertion of synthesis. One of the main themes in planetary politics is the movement towards global governance and international law. One of the main hindrances is the seemingly conflicting interests of different sectors within the global group of nations. There is a struggle to accommodate the different perspectives of the so-called ‘developed nations’ and the ‘developing nations’ as well as the inequalities in economic and other resources. In addition there are fears of the loss of individual sovereignty to a global body and the various formations of intermediate groupings based largely on regional economics. The power of the United Nations is diminished by its need to find a consensus between different perspectives, as well as its lack of judicial power in 144

international law to implement decisions. A personality-based UN would result in world domination by the self-interest of the most powerful nations. A soul-based UN requires the sharing of a set of common values and the spirit of goodwill by those involved. This is not yet evident, nor is it likely to be so in the foreseeable future. A monad-centered UN would recognise that nations are at different levels of development. It would include all nations in its General Assembly, recognising the inherent sharing of the Life principle. It would also have a differentiated Council made up of those nations demonstrating as souls. These nations would have increased powers in the global decision-making process, based on their demonstration of soul principles at work in their national expression (however those powers could not be used to promote self-interest). These nations would also have increased responsibilities, including economic ones, to the community of nations. This inner group would have at its core both a set of principles (that were unanimously agreed upon as serving the whole) as well as a living dynamic relationship with spirit. This centre or ‘Black Hole God’ would not be limited by any outer idea or thoughtform but recognised as a ‘living presence’, the inspiring principle underlying the planetary life expression. Religion Within the religious field we are also seeing the forces of unification at work, but the spirit of synthesis is only beginning to be felt. There are now numerous ‘umbrella’ organisations which seek to relate the different traditions with each other and attempt to find ‘common ground’ between their teachings. These organisations could be equated with ‘constellations’. They are bridges of light 145

and understanding between ‘suns’, or the solarised causal bodies of the great lights of human religions. Rather than one ‘sun’ trying to absorb all the others, they are beginning to recognise and respect each other’s ‘sunship’. The ‘cosmic Christ’ is being recognised, not as one large sun but like the light of the galaxy itself, containing within its aura numerous solar manifestations. There is a similar growing recognition of the distinct strengths of different pathways, and with the spread of religious tolerance individual human beings are able to respond more freely to the different teachings as they meet the need and particular stage of their own soul development. The New World Religion will no doubt arise out of the response by individuals and groups within all pathways to the synthetic core of them all. There may be articulations of the core, but it will surely be the livingness of God by whatever name or ideation, that draws humanity into a united rhythmic response to that Presence which pervades all manifestation. For true synthesis to be present it must of course include all those who do not ‘believe’ in a God at all, and even actively oppose such an ‘idea’. It is not therefore a case of finding a new more inclusive consciousness for religious experience but the recognition of what lies behind and produces both consciousness and form. Education When the ‘sun’ is the centralising principle of politics we have the phenomenon of the ‘sun king’ or beneficent ruler. In education we have the ‘Christ’ or ‘soul principle’ as the great teacher. The sun has planets, the teacher has students or disciples. When the development of consciousness is the goal, as it is in this system, then the most developed embodiment of consciousness in the system is revered. When the predominant 146

consciousness is personality-centered, then those with some soul infusion are the teachers. When the predominant consciousness is becoming more soul-based, as is increasingly the case on the planet, then it is those souls who are able to draw on the power of the monad that are required. In the new schools it will be the linking of the monad with the personality that will be the goal, and not so much the building of the lower antahkarana between personality and soul. In esoteric teaching the focus upon Hierarchy and the Christ is being extended to a growing realisation and relationship with Shamballa and the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. Once again this is not so much of a realisation in consciousness, but of that which lies behind consciousness. The words of the ancient mantram of the Gayatri “unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun hidden by a disk of golden light”3 may have reference to the monad, and an outer correspondence to the discovery of the black hole. It is the Life principle that is present in both teacher and student that holds them both in a greater orbit around a central synthetic principle. With the advent of more and more advanced souls into the planetary life, many educators are under great pressure, as is the education system in general. Some students are being driven not so much by the ‘will-to-knowledge’ or even the ‘will-to-love’ but by the ‘will-to-Life’ and ‘Life more abundant’. They cause trouble within the ordered ‘light-filled’ world of consciousness evolution. Some classes seem more a demonstration of chaos theory and the uncertainty principle than they do of ordered Newtonian physics. Education is finding a new ‘strange attractor’ or centralising energy, that goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It requires the development of the capacity to live in not knowing—in joyful relationship to the great 147

mystery amid the explosion of information and knowledge that has been the hallmark of the twentieth century. So much information is available that the value of the intellect is being surpassed by the value of the intuition and its ability to acquire ‘at will’ what the livingness of the moment requires. Business, Economics & Environment With the advent of advanced information technology and the ‘etherealisation’ of money from the gold standard through paper, to digital credit, there is a peculiar phenomenon occurring on the planet: No-one is ‘in control’. Economists are talking about a seemingly self-organising principle around an ‘empty centre’. The central banks and the World Bank still have an influence on the global economy, but vast sums are washing throughout the globe with little that any organisation can do in an ultimate sense. There are still of course the outer ‘assets’ like property and minerals, however ‘assets’ are increasingly hard to define. There is ‘intellectual property’ such as ‘brand names’. There are sharemarkets based on future performance of companies—futures markets based on share markets, and options markets based on futures markets. Our perception of ‘where wealth comes from’ is shifting ever higher from ‘things’ to ideas, and will eventually make the journey out of the planetary ‘body’ altogether into the planetary etheric. The solar angel (Venus) is the source of wealth and value. The world soul is the true source of wealth; and when the world’s money supply comes under “the jurisdiction of the Christ”4 that wealth will be used in accordance with Shamballic purpose. Rather than pouring our money into the ‘black hole’ of the desire body it will come under the direct influence of the ‘black hole’ of the monad. The physical plane is the most distant from the logoic, and the Seventh Ray is bringing the ‘highest into 148

the lowest’. It could be said that humanity has a relatively enlightened mind, an opening heart, but a wallet that still requires prising open. This is why the Externalisation of the Hierarchy onto the physical plane will not occur until humanity has learned to share its economic resources wisely. The two processes are intimately interlinked. The forces of globalisation and the state of the Earth’s environment are forcing a crisis where even the Third Aspect is coming to realise that there is really no such thing as separated ‘self-interest’. The Christ returns with a sword and the awakening of Humanity as a third divine centre through crisis could be said to be one of the results of the direct impact of Shamballic energy into that centre. Human consciousness, even Hierarchical consciousness, is not enough to bring a solution. Consciousness itself is caught between two ‘darks’—the downpouring ‘dark light’ from the crown chakra of Shamballa and the upwelling Plutonic fires from our unconscious base chakra as our planetary survival is threatened. The resulting ‘galvanisation’ of the world soul is a planet-wide initiation. Conclusion The synthesis of humanity cannot be achieved through consciousness alone. The soul is not enough and the Sun is not a sufficiently potent symbol on its own, to draw our global imagination towards its destiny. As we enter the Aquarian Age we are opening to a new realisation and exploration of that which holds six billion human souls in orbit around it—the “unknown, unseen and unheard” purpose of our Planetary Logos.5 It is not up to us to come together and decide what this purpose is, but to have it revealed to us. 149

The planet Earth journeyed on its annual path around the Sun and its 250 million year orbit around the black hole at the galactic centre long before humans gazed up at the stars. It continued to do so when we thought the Earth was flat. It continued to do so when Copernicus was promoting his ‘heresy’ that the Earth revolved around the Sun; and will continue to do so when mankind is long gone from the surface of the planet. We do not create reality with our consciousness, but we can grow to the point that reality is able to reveal itself to us. As with the physical realities, so with the spiritual. Our journey is from the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge; but there is a greater darkness—the darkness of the ‘not-knowing’ that comes after ‘knowing’ and not before. The doorway to this greater darkness is on the third subplane of the atmic plane where the ashram of the Master Morya “adds darkness unto light so that the stars appear”.6 So to conclude one might say the personality thinks it is Something, the soul knows itself to be the Sun-thing but the monad IS No-thing. Or in the words of the well known American philosopher W V Quine when asked his view on modern philosophy “I really have Nothing to add”.7

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2006–2007 The Activation of The Energy of Planetary Will This paper explores the impact and working through of the Shamballa energy within the planetary life against a background context of cosmology and the Trans-Himalayan teachings. The significance of the conjunction between Pluto and the galactic centre will be analysed and some practical suggestions offered for the group use of the energies that have become available as a result of this transit. What little we know of the purpose of our Planetary Logos involves the working out of an aspect of the Will of the Solar Logos. This is carried out in conjunction with the Logoi of two other planets—Vulcan and Pluto—and will come to fruition in the third solar system.1 We might express the relationship between these three Planetary Logoi of Will as follows: Pluto Vulcan Earth

- Ray 1 Personality - Ray 1 Soul - Ray 1 Monad

A visual of the synthetic operation of the three astrological symbols for these planets gives some hint to their joint operation once they are fused:




Vulcan Fig 1

The Diamond Soul

We might say that Vulcan symbolises the descent of the will of the soul to the base chakra, Pluto symbolises the rising of kundalini energy to the crown, and the Earth symbolises the fusion of these two energies—Shiva and Shakti—within the heart. These three chakras are those used by the political workers and the First Ray. The Shamballa impact that occurred during Wesak 2000 can be related to the impacting energy of the planetary crown centre and the planet Vulcan. When we examine what lies ahead for the year 2007—seven years after the impact— we notice that the planet Pluto is prominently placed in the cosmological sky. It moves into a conjunction with the galactic centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius over a prolonged period. This conjunction occurs only once every 248 years or so, and this will be the first time such a conjunction has occurred within the consciousness of humanity. By that I mean that Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and so while the conjunction took place previously humanity was not aware of it and so could not respond consciously to the energies it represents. 152

The Significance of the Galactic Centre In another paper (see “The Black Hole God”) I have outlined the significance of the black hole at the galactic centre (the existence of which was confirmed by scientists in the year 2000) coming into the consciousness of humanity as a symbol during the entry into the Aquarian Age. Briefly, if the planet represents a personality circling around the soul (Sun), the black hole is the Sun of the Sun, the Dark Sun, or the monadic point around which our solar system orbits. Intervening ‘larger suns’ within the galaxy—for example Sirius or Alcyone which have been mentioned in the esoteric teachings as centres with which our Solar Logos is related—are seen as intermediary relating points (cosmic ashramic affiliations if you like) between the Solar Lord and his monadic source. A physical alignment between the galactic centre, our Sun and the planet Earth therefore represents on the physical plane an alignment between the planetary, solar and cosmic logoi—or worded another way between the personality, soul and monad of the Earth.

Fig 2 Black Hole, Sun, Earth Alignment


To place this alignment in context, we might recall that the Logos of Earth is in the process of taking the Second cosmic Initiation.2 At the Second Initiation on the human level a monadic ‘touch’ is required in order to subdue the astral elemental, while at the Third Initiation it is the energy of the monad which releases the kundalini energy fully and allows for its rising and the resulting fusion of Shakti and Shiva—base and crown. While the completion of the Second cosmic Initiation will probably have to wait for the next round, and the full activation of the base centre of Earth is far in the future, we might look for a fractal or holographic activation appropriate to the time and space evolution of our Logos. We should also remember that the kundalini energy is always active, providing as it does the vitalising impulse for the personality expression of the planetary life. If we take the perspective of the Solar Logos, we understand that the Third cosmic Initiation is his goal.3 If we imagine the Earth as a base centre within the solar system then the importance of this planet as a source of solar kundalini becomes apparent. Once again we must wait for the next system for the Will function of Earth to be fully unfolded. Not only do we have an alignment between the galactic centre, Sun and Earth but the planets Mercury, Vulcan and Jupiter are also intimately involved in a conjunction which occurs in December 2007. Here is a heliocentric visual from the NASA Solar System Simulator for Dec 23 2007. The galactic centre lies in the direction of Pluto.


The Significant Dates: 155

The Significant Dates (Galactic centre at 26 degrees 57 minutes Sagittarius tropically.) Geocentric: Pluto conjunct galactic centre (within 1 degree orb): February 3 – May 27 2006. Station retrograde March 29 at 26 degrees 45’. Pluto conjunct galactic centre (within 1 degree orb): December 3 2006 – Jan 29 2007. June 10 – October 29 2007. Station direct September 7 at 24 degrees 46’. Pluto conjunct galactic centre (exact): December 30 2006. July 15 2007. October 28 2007. Pluto conjunct Sun conjunct galactic centre December 19 2006. Heliocentric: Pluto conjunct galactic centre (exact): 26 February 2007. Pluto conjunct Jupiter: 23 November 2007. Pluto conjunct Jupiter conjunct Sun conjunct galactic centre conjunct Earth conjunct Mercury: December 20 2007. Brief Interpretation One interpretation is that through an activation of the planetary kundalini a fusion or synthesis can potentially occur between the planetary mind and planetary heart or between the New Group of World Servers and Hierarchy. Planetary kundalini has an outer correspondence to the fiery energies of the Earth’s core and to disturbances in the Earth’s crust as a result of tectonic, volcanic and geological activity. We have already witnessed a number of potent activations recently—the most significant being the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.4 The Tibetan informs 156

us that the flow of Will through the New Group of World Servers is intended to be a constructive force that offsets the destructive energies of the First Ray and when the power is released it has the potential to “heal humanity’s wounds and will bind all men together in a planned synthesis”.5 In the life of the disciple it is easy to observe that when potent spiritual energies are not drawn off and worked with by the consciousness they often flow through into physical plane symptoms. Humanity as the planetary disciple has a unique opportunity to use the cosmic energies available during the coming conjunction to result in a fusion of consciousness. Pluto is in Sagittarius and this conjunction with the galactic centre provides the possibility for a clearing away of obstacles to the synthesis of human thought as represented in global ideologies, religions and philosophical traditions. We know that catharsis and war are one way that Pluto can work in order to purify the field and clear obstacles, however in the life of the disciple Pluto’s arrow can be used for upliftment and healing. Purification of Consciousness Prior to Pluto’s movement into Capricorn and the clearing away of the obstacles to global governance and international law, we have the need for a purification and synthesis of the global ideologies which underpin and outpicture as our systems of justice. These systems are primarily based on the materialised concept of man as a physical being and have the preservation of the physical vehicle—human and planetary—as their primary goal. Pluto invites us to confront death and reorder our values and priorities in the face of immortality. At this point in time there is great difficulty in the planet coming to a consensus about global governance 157

issues, as there is a real reluctance to yield sovereignty to any body that is tainted with self-interest—material or ideological. The only government that will be ultimately acceptable is Hierarchy and prior to this the initiates of the world as the Externalisation takes place in this time of the forerunner. The recognition of the reality and value of the spiritual world will come about partially as a result of the failure of the material personality world of humanity to provide solutions to the deeper human imperatives. In the face of the increased and inexorable tension that Pluto brings (and perhaps also in the face of real or expected outer crises) humanity will be turning towards those who can offer the real and timeless solutions to the human problems and who are able to hold their alignments amidst the chaos. This process will result in a purification of the consciousness of humanity and a healing of the gap between the material and spiritual world views. We can see this occurring all around us if we have the eyes to see. What Can Servers Do? The New Group of World Servers in working with the energy of the Will can adopt the asana of surrender. It is not up to us to wield the Will but to have it work through us. Surrender is not submission and involves an opening to be used, a willingness to allow whatever needs to be purified in our own system to be purified, and a decision to stand unmoved in alignment with the higher inflowing energies no matter what transpires on the outer plane. It may also be important to remember that while Will may be focused through a mental proposition concerning purpose—individual or planetary—it is not that mental proposition. Therefore any fixed ideas or fixed ideologies will come under increasing pressure to be released as the living energy of planetary purpose purifies all 158

its ‘containers’, shattering some and transforming others. The new thoughtforms that will bring in the new civilisation will also be built and vitalised. Perhaps most significantly, we can provide a model for the energies of healing, brotherhood and synthesis at work in our group life. The energy of Pluto acts to ‘sweep away’. The lower unsolarised energies rise up and overpower the consciousness because, being Will, they are more powerful than consciousness—even the consciousness of the soul. If the consciousness reaches through to the higher Will however, to Vulcan or deeper to the monad, it can stand unmoved while the purification work is taking place. If we are able to do this in our own lives and in our group life, then—and only then—will we be able to truly assist those who have been swept into the Plutonic turmoil or who are struggling to hold their alignment. We become then a group “source of strength, enabling them to stand”.6 The Liberation Of Money Pluto means ‘wealth’ in Latin and Greek and one of the likely effects of the coming Pluto transit is the liberation of money to the work of the Hierarchy. Money represents the concretised energies of Love upon the etheric/physical plane and this energy must rise to meet the descending energies of the planetary soul as the Externalisation process takes place. It could be said that Humanity as a being has a relatively enlightened mind, an awakening heart, but a closed wallet. We know that the proper sharing of the world’s resources is necessary before the Reappearance can take place. There has also been considerable work done on the resolution of humanity’s persistent problems—for example, poverty and hunger. The research has been done, the critical plan to resolve the issue has been made and costed out. 159

Governments all over the world have even made the pledges for the money needed to implement the plan. What remains is the Will to actually make the pledged money available and to carry through with the implementation. Humanity must demonstrate to Hierarchy that it is capable, through the right appropriation of the energy of planetary purpose, of solving those problems which it has created itself through the misuse of energy. Then it must demonstrate humility in the face of those problems it cannot solve and invoke the aid of Hierarchy. Conclusion There are always opportunities occurring within the life of the individual and collective disciple. Astrologers and cosmologists are forever pointing out curious alignments and conjunctions that they claim represent significant shifts in the consciousness of humanity. It should be remembered however that Humanity is a divine centre and is imbued with the power of free will. Opportunities and alignments come and go. What makes them potent and potentially decisive in the life of our planet is the conscious and willful cooperation of Humanity in the process of invocation and utilisation of the available energies. The conjunction of Pluto with the galactic centre has happened before but we have never been conscious of this transit. Consciousness provides us with the opportunity of choice. We cannot be responsible for the choices of the whole Human centre, but we can be responsible for our own, and we can make others aware of the opportunity through education. It is said that an initiate is the cause of planetary evolution and not the result.7 Disciples can become a causal factor by willingly and consciously invoking the energies of Pluto, the galactic centre and the planetary monad into their own lives. It is a transfiguring 160

energy that sweeps away all obstacles and allows the energy of planetary purpose to pour through and restructure the planetary civilisation through destruction, purification and organisation—the three energies of Shamballa. The secret of Pluto, the Lord of Death, is that in the heart of an awakened being he becomes an agent for healing and the entry into the world of ‘Life more abundant’.

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The Sun Door At The End of Time—Mythology & Science In the words of the Gayatri “unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun”1 we find a theme that has been part of the deep esoteric teaching in many traditions. The great Sun, the dark Sun, the Sun of the Sun, the Central Spiritual Sun, the Cosmic Magnet, cosmic Shamballa etc are all references to that entity that lies ‘through the Sun door’. Christ is a Sun god and as the Sun he states “no man comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). The ‘seat of the Father’s throne’ was once thought to be Alcyone in the Pleiades, and this is also given in the Bailey teachings and in The Secret Doctrine. The orbit of our Sun around this centre is purported to take 25,000 years. In another paper (“Do We Orbit Alcyone?”) I have given the reasons why I think this is a blind and Alcyone is a ‘stand in’ for the real orbit of the Sun around the galactic centre—the black hole that represents the outer form of the galactic Logos or true Grand Heavenly Man. Our Solar Logos is but a point of light within the etheric body of this great Being, as we are but points of light within the Solar Logos. While astronomy has only relatively recently established the outer reality, we might expect the ‘inner truth’ to be preserved for us in the world’s esoteric and mythological traditions. In researching this I found that Ananda Coomaraswarmy, in a collection of essays, explores a motif of what he calls the ‘Sun door at the End of Time’ gathered from a number of traditions. The keynotes of this motif are: There is a doorway on the other side of the Sun. It is at a crown point or Mt Meru of a vertical axis. 163

To enter it you must pass between the pairs of opposites. You must pass ‘in an instant’. You leave the universe and there is no time or space ‘there’. It is dangerous and there is usually a toll—the opposites close on a tail feather, the stern of a boat etc. There are guardians (scorpions, centaurs, and in one case Indra receives the soma from the lips of the serpent goddess). What lies on the other side is soma, immortality or the ‘waters of Life’. These can be taken back to humanity in two ways: • Either the treasure is taken to gain power, in which case it brings ruin. • Or i t i s t a k e n i n t h e s p i r i t o f s a c r i f i c e f o r the good of the whole, in which case it brings bliss. These two approaches form part of one reality. The Sundoor itself, thus hidden by the dazzling rays that illumine and enliven every living being, in whom they operate as the “powers of the soul”, is precisely the “point” at the centre of the fiery Wheel, at which they intersect; and since, in most general case, the sun is “seven-rayed,” and is situated in the middle, whence the six directions of the cosmic cross (trivrd vajra) extend, so that the universe is “filled” with light, it will be seen that the way in by what is called the “seventh and best ray,” [Light Supernal and the Seventh Ray—BPL] viz., that which passes through the solar disk and so out of the dimensioned universe, leads as before in the case of the Clapping Rocks between contrary pairs, in this case East and 164

West, North and South, Zenith and Nadir. The Way is always a “Middle Way,” or as Boethius expresses it, “Truth is a mean between contrary heresies”. (Contra Evtychen VII) The sun-bright Wheel that guards the supra-solar Otherworld is, naturally the Wheel of the Sun himself which Indra tears away from the Great Fiend when either he, or the Falcon for him, robs the Scorcher of “all life’s support”. (Rgveda IV.28.2, etc) It is also, in other words, the sparkling sun-hued Brahma Wheel of Fire of Maitri Upanisad VI.24; and the guarded Sundoor of Jaiminiya Upanisad Brâhmana 1.3, 5 and 6, where the “opening in the sky” is covered all over (concealed) by rays (the spokes of the “Wheel”) and it is only by his Truth that the Comprehensor “is enabled to pass through the midst of the Sun” and is thus “altogether freed,” attaining that Immortality, or Water of Life that rises in the Land of Darkness “beyond the Sun”. It is, then, precisely from “pairs” that liberation must be won, from their conflict that we must escape, if we are to be freed from our mortality and to be as and when we will: if, in other words, we are to reach the Farther Shore and Otherworld “where every where and every when are focused,” “for it is not in space, nor hath it poles”. (Paradiso, XXIX.22 and XXLI.67, italics mine) Thus the Way “to break out of the universe” (Hermes Trismegistos, Lib. XI.2.9, see note 46) into that other order of the Divine Darkness that Dionysius describes as “blinding by excess of light” and where the Darkness and the Light “stand not distant from one another, but 165

together in one another” (Jacob Boehme, Three Principles, XIV, 78) is the single track and “strait way” that penetrates the cardinal “point” on which the contraries turn; their unity is only to be reached by entering in there where they actually coincide. And that is, in the last analysis, not any where or when, but within you; “World’s End is not to be found by walking, but it is within this very fathom-long body that the pilgrimage must be made” (Samyutta Nikaya 1.62).2 Clearly the hero’s quest is never meant to be a one way street—The Holy Grail must be brought back to the world of manifestation. The Hero becomes a “soma-thief,” where Soma is the waters of life, the Golden Fleece or the golden apples of Jason. It is also called the “vessel of plenty.” “No dweller on earth partakes of the true elixir, but only of substitutes ‘made to be Soma’ by rites of transubstantiation, participation being a prefiguration or anticipation of the blessed life of the deceased.” This transubstantiation is achieved in a ritual sacrifice that allows the sacrificer to identify himself with the hero who is always a Christ figure, and who as it were crosses over and brings back the Soma. “The soma can be a nectar or poison depending on how it is drunk. This is why the soma centre is guarded for if an unprepared soul who still clings to earthly ambitions succeeds in acquiring the soma nectar, the results are destructive for that soul and for the world”.3 So where is this ‘Sun door’—apart from the obvious, which is in the Heart of the Sun? Coomaraswarmy poses himself this as the fundamental question: At what is the arrow of Sagittarius pointing? We know the answer now from astronomy: In between the Scorpion, the Centaur and the Serpent, the arrow is pointing at the galactic centre! The black 166

hole. The monad of the Sun. A place where literally time and space end in a singularity and perhaps we ‘break out of the universe into that other order of divine darkness’ or the ‘dark light of galactic Shamballa’. Let us have a look now at science and the metaphysics of ‘doorways’. Fourth dimensional movement always takes place through the centre where the three dimensions meet— the trivrd vajra mentioned above. This is the centre of a sphere, a six-pointed star, a cube or an octahedron—which have all been used to symbolise a ‘self ’. In the centre of a chakra is the ‘diamond point’. In the centre of the soul is the ‘jewel in the lotus’. These diamonds or jewels represent energy which has been compressed until it reaches a stable crystalline state. Consider this: The Earth’s core is made of almost solid iron crystals. In 1995 seismic surveys led scientists to believe there was one giant crystal 1,500 miles across, but it now looks as if the picture is more complicated. What we do know is that there is compressed iron down there in hexagons. When a star collapses to form a black hole it goes through stages—the final one being compressed iron. Young stars are hydrogen, and the nuclear reaction converts hydrogen to helium with energy left over. The left over energy is the star’s radiation—heat and light. When most of the hydrogen has been converted to helium, a new nuclear reaction begins that converts the helium to carbon, with the left over energy released as radiation. This process continues converting the carbon to oxygen to silicon to iron. Nuclear fusion stops at iron. If you could slice a very old star in half, it may look (sort of ) like this:4 167

This is as far as matter goes before collapsing into a black hole. A star has to end its life with a mass of about three times that of our Sun in order to form a black hole. Our Sun is destined to become a white dwarf—and that means—a diamond! From a recent news article: Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats, astronomers have discovered. The cosmic diamond is a chunk of crystallised carbon, 4,000 km across, some 50 light-years from the Earth in the constellation Centaurus. It’s the compressed heart of an old star that was once bright like our Sun but has since faded and shrunk. The white dwarf is not only radiant but also rings like a gigantic gong, undergoing constant pulsations. “By measuring those pulsations, we were able to study the hidden interior of the white dwarf, just like seismograph measurements of earthquakes allow geologists to study the interior of the Earth. We figured out that the carbon interior of this white dwarf has solidified to form the galaxy’s largest diamond,” says Metcalfe. Astronomers expect our Sun will become a white dwarf when it dies 5 billion years from now. Some two billion years after that, the Sun’s ember core 168

will crystallise as well, leaving a giant diamond in the centre of the solar system. “Our Sun will become a diamond that truly is forever.”5 So we have the central eye of the Earth a molten core of iron—which can be likened to the kundalini fires of the base chakra of a human being. We have the Sun (the Sol) becoming at the end a diamond—likened to the human causal body which, when the petals open, reveal the diamond or jewel at the centre. And we have a galaxy—whose central point is a black hole—likened to a human monad whose centre is a doorway or pathway to the cosmic planes.

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The Darkness—Ravishment or Rape? There is little dispute that consciousness on planet Earth is entering a crucial stage of its unfoldment. Light is being confronted by darkness both from without and within. An outer symbol of this is the planet Pluto—Lord of the Underworld—conjunct the black hole at the galactic centre. Darkness is entering. Will it be a ravishment or a ravaging of consciousness? To answer this question it might be useful to look at the interplay of light and darkness.

The Sun represents the sphere of light or consciousness that is radiating between an inner and outer darkness. The outer darkness represents the three worlds which the soul is attempting to enlighten. The inner darkness is the monadic core of Being that lies behind consciousness. When the soul is establishing itself in the world then darkness is seen as a resistant force antagonistic to the unfoldment of the world of Light. A real fear exists that the outer energies of the unconscious will overwhelm the fledgling conscious self and light will go out. This battle is epitomised in mythology by the slaying of the dragon of 171

the unconscious impulses by the Sun god—Apollo, Helios, Zeus, St Michael etc. In esoteric psychology this is represented by the victory of the solar angels over the lunar, or the soul over the personality. The reverse symbol of this that once carried superstitious awe in all cultures was the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon. Once the Sun or solar self is firmly established however, then it begins to become aware of a ‘higher’ or divine darkness that lies at its core. This is the darkness of pure spirit. The symbol for this is the revelation through the Sun door of the dark centre of the Sun. Hierarchy—as the planetary soul—forms itself into two natural divisions, represented by the orange dotted line in the diagram. One stands as a wall to protect Earth’s ‘solar centre’ from the ravaging forces of the outer darkness, and as a source of entering light via the ashrams on the buddhic plane. They bridge Hierarchy and Humanity. The other stands as a wall against destructive forces entering from the cosmic astral plane and as a source of the ‘dark light’. They bridge Hierarchy and Shamballa. The effect of darkness on light is three-fold: It purifies, destroys and organises—the three energies of Shamballa. Let us consider Pluto as the agent of the lower darkness that ‘presses in’ on the field of light. It is destructive if it is able to destroy essential structures of consciousness that are needed for the emerging civilisation. However if those structures are preserved by Hierarchy, then the destructive energies merely destroy those forms and thoughtforms that have outlived their use-by date. Some consciousness structures are purified—the anti-globalisation movement’s critique of corporate greed for example. Others are organised as a result of the challenge by darkness. An example of the latter would be the growing global realisation that we need 172

international law with teeth to combat both the ‘forces of terror’ and ‘vigilanteism’. Let us consider Vulcan as the agent of the higher darkness. The destructive force of Vulcan is that which eventually destroys the causal body, liberating the essential Life. Its purifying power is expressed as the jewel at the centre of the causal body—the essential ‘matter’ of the soul is revealed as a many-faceted highly polished and compressed gem—the stone of Shamballa. The organising force of Vulcan is expressed in the revelation of the ashrams as transmitting agents of the divine Will via the jewels in Indra’s net. From a non-dual perspective Vulcan and Pluto are one, and we can see this by their symbols—Vulcan’s hammer ‘cracks open’. Pluto’s arrow ‘pierces’ to the core. Darkness is Will. Will is stronger than consciousness. Whether or not consciousness understands and opens to Will determines whether it experiences rape or ravishment. One of the names of the First Ray Lord is “The Ravisher of Souls”.1 The planetary personality is on the anvil between Vulcan’s hammer and Pluto’s arrow. Whether it will be ‘pierced’ or cracked open is partly up to the New Group of World Servers. We might imagine the planetary personality as a king in his castle beset from without by the hordes of peasants in revolt against his rule, and from within by strange dreams and visions. He is under pressure. Should he crack down harder on his subjects—raise taxes and imprison the ringleaders of the revolt, or should he listen to these strange inner promptings to surrender his kingdom into the guidance of…what…something totally intangible…and yet…and yet…so compelling! The New Group of World Servers are like the advisors to the king who encourage him to transcend the limitations of his own consciousness. They advise him to develop and 173

rely upon inner guidance. They can do this because they know Hierarchy exists and have proven it in their own lives. They also advise him to take outer action based upon what is best for the whole kingdom and not in the name of vested interests. When Pluto moves into Capricorn in 2008 the control structures of the planet will come under major decade-long transformational pressure. The current transit of the galactic centre is like a flash or peak experience that will assist in that process. The transmission of the Will as an empowerment of the NGWS will give them the synthetic impulse to step forward en masse to provide models and voices of inspired but grounded leadership in these times of transition. What is transitioning is the ‘executive power’ from the planetary personality to the planetary soul, and the NGWS is the bridge for this. Let the darkness...enter! From a meditation on the divine darkness: Contemplating and invoking the dark centre of the soul’s journey at the time of the solstice [June 2006] produced the following insights: The first darkness encountered was full and luminous— like velvet, it seemed as if this darkness was black because it had absorbed all the light in the universe—indeed that the light in the universe was only there because it could not fit into the dark chalice and was poured out or emitted as an overflow. The energy of pure Being, full and vibrant—the roar of a lion—the fiery dragon of Kosmos that both IS the life of the universe—Beingconsciousness-matter—and that which permeates it. This first darkness ‘charges’ the heart and soul with strength and the feeling of invincibility. 174

The second darkness came next and seemed to negate all that was present in the first darkness. If the first was Being, then this was Non-Being. If the first darkness was full to brimming, this was totally empty—void—Non-Being. The effect on the heart/soul was to ‘quail’ before such total negation. If the first darkness strengthened then this darkness chastened and the Life principle seemed totally humbled before that emptiness in which it arose. These two darknesses are complementary and opposites. It occurs to me that they must represent some of the states experienced in Vedanta, Buddhism and mystic Christianity, and I recall the variety of debates about whether the fundamental principle is empty or full— the proponents of each school seeing the other as a preparatory stage of their own favourite. In some way they represent the primary duality of consciousness taken to its extreme—an expansion that results in the embrace of ‘everything’—or a contraction/ negation that results in the realisation of ‘nothing’. What is similar about these two states of ‘dark realisation’ however, is that there is still a trace of the witnessing consciousness—there is still a soul to be ‘thrilled’ or ‘humbled’ in some way before the experience. Some vessel of consciousness, however transparent or flimsy, still escapes the event horizon and retains a memory trace of the divine adventure. As for the third darkness, I can only report on the momentary flash that occurred before the experience and afterwards, but not during—perhaps because there was no ‘during’. Once I became aware—in that thinnest of veils of consciousness still present—that the first two darknesses were complementary—like two dark pillars that were the reciprocal of each other—one manifest and 175

the other unmanifest—there was a moment—and in that moment it felt as if all the love I have ever experienced was rushing through me all at once and then—nothing. It was like a fuse blowing—a total annihilation of all consciousness and experience that could have lasted an instant or an eternity—and then the fuse was replaced, the same rush of love rushing back from a torrent to a steady handleable flow. So it seems that this third darkness has no attributes, for there is none present to experience them. The self literally dies, disappears or is reabsorbed, and while there is obviously the experience of continuity between the selves before and after the experience, there is also a lingering sense of discontinuity or unrealness—as if the fabric of identity has been torn and darkness, divine darkness, is seeping in and unravelling the core knot of being. It is good to know that if it is love that bestows a sense of self to make our strange multi-incarnational journey through the world of consciousness—it is also love—an even greater love—that takes it away again, returning the drop to the sea. There was also an interesting spatial component to the meditation. In New Zealand at the time of the solstice—just after midnight on a crystal clear night—the galactic centre (and Pluto) was directly overhead, which meant of course that the Sun (and Vulcan) was directly beneath the feet. It was as if the base and the crown were inverted (it is strange enough in the southern hemisphere anyway!) It was easy to be aware of the fact that this galactic centre was the real still point of the moving worlds—the dark Sun around which we have always turned as a physical planet. Even when there was no life on Earth to contemplate a centre. Even when that life developed consciousness and thought Earth was 176

the centre of the universe. Even when that consciousness discovered the Sun was the centre and began to worship it—firstly as a physical deity and then as a metaphysical one. Through all this, that dark centre has been still. Through twenty revolutions of the Sun. Through 5,000 million revolutions of the Earth. Peaceful, silent, radiating its dark Life!


Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, vol.1, p.64.



The Soul Is Not Enough This paper is an attempt to link some of the following subjects: • • • • • • •

The Life principle—Monad, Shamballa, Central Sun etc. The importance of the fourth plane/subplane. The coming of the Life energy of the soul in the Second Round. The dual working of consciousness. The penetration of science into both the black hole cosmology and the internals of the atom—quantum physics. Mercury, Venus, Saturn decanate rulerships of Aquarius. The Aquarian Christ.

Alternative titles for this paper would be “The Application of the Energy of Life to Consciousness” or “The Adding of Darkness to Light”. To begin we must focus our awareness at the heart of the second system—the human Hierarchy on the fourth plane of buddhi. The human being is that peculiar combination of Mercury and Venus or the Fourth and Fifth Hierarchies. The human soul, Mercury, representing the spirit aspect, and its devic counterpart Venus the consciousness aspect. Mercury sends Venus in two directions—towards the monad and towards the personality. In both directions Saturn is encountered—exoteric Saturn on the fourth subplane of the mental plane separating the solar from lunar lives (or consciousness from form), and esoteric Saturn on the fourth subplane of the atmic plane separating consciousness from Life, or Hierarchy from Shamballa. This can all be seen by examining the hierarchical rulerships of the planes: 179

Atmic Buddhic Mental

- Libra Saturn (exoterically Venus) - Scorpio Mercury - Capricorn Venus (exoterically Saturn)

The penetration of the gatekeeper, Saturn by Venus under the direction of Mercury, must happen in two directions simultaneously at the Third Initiation, thus allowing the monadic energy to flow through the triad and transfigure the personality. So in the second system we see an expansion of consciousness from the triad in both directions towards the higher three planes and towards the lower, resulting in the ‘solarisation’ of the seven planes. When Christ linked with Shamballa he simultaneously made it possible to solarise the astral plane. When he took the Seventh Initiation thus linking with the logoic plane, he made it possible to solarise the physical. This is a development in consciousness, but underneath consciousness or behind it is Life, so that Life must be pre-existent but unrealised. In the second system the two planes most important to the Life principle are the monadic and astral. (75 percent of humans are focused on the fourth subplane of the astral). The coming of the ‘serpent energy’ in the Second Round is the descent of this Life energy into the sixth plane prior to the coming of (self )-consciousness. Consciousness on the middle three subplanes is intended to link the second and sixth subplanes through the building of the antahkarana. The kundalini or dragon energy anchored in the second chain/round/race etc is the material source of the ‘life of the soul’ (“the secret of life lies hidden in the serpent stage”.1) The monad is the spiritual source of the ‘life of the soul’. These two ‘lives’ must meet and know themselves to be one—which they can do on the buddhic plane. It is the monad that gives the human Hierarchy 180

(Mercury) on the fourth plane, the spiritual power to make this at-onement, and it is the ‘rising agnisuryans’ that give the ‘material’ power to the soul enabling it to break free of the causal body. The way I have expressed this in my book Agni: Way of Fire is as follows: It is as if a king has had to leave a loving wife in a far land and asks her to remain faithful. He knows that he will be gone so long that he will be unrecognisable to her on his return so he gives her one of his strongest swords and tells her to meet all potential suitors on the field of battle. The one she is unable to defeat she will know is him.2 This is why I say the soul is not enough. Only the monad is able to meet and conquer the ‘serpent energy’ and therefore only when the triadal consciousness has penetrated through the fourth subplane of the atmic into the Life aspect is it safe to awaken kundalini in its full power and consummate the marriage of Shiva and Shakti. The Dweller and Angel meet and merge. If we go to the cosmic planes we might look at a similar relationship between Mercury/Venus and the Sun/Sirius. Our Solar Logos is moving towards the Third cosmic Initiation and therefore trying to link the Cosmic Logos to the Planetary Logos. Our Planetary Logos (the Great Dragon) is polarised on the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral. I leave you to make your own correspondences. In the third solar system we are told that there will be three evolutions—humans (Mercury), devas (Venus) and the “mysterious third evolution”3 linked to the planetary entity (Saturn). Now Saturn is the Cosmic Moon and builds the bridge to the last system. We might think of the life of this 181

entity, currently involutionary and building form, as being motivated by and protecting a solar kundalini—the serpent energy. Earth is synthesised into Saturn, Venus into Neptune and Mercury into Uranus. Thus we have the synthesis of the three great schemes. If we pause to examine what is happening on our planet we note the release of the Shamballa impact coinciding with both the penetration into the atom and penetration into black hole cosmology. This is humanity using Venus to penetrate on the physical plane into the mysteries of Life through higher (event horizon) and lower (shell of the atom) boundaries. Parallel to this we have the descent of higher Life energies into consciousness, resulting in the synthesising of different belief systems, the development of international systems like the United Nations (and the shadow side—attempts at global domination by Hitler etc). Spiritual Life is pouring into the higher consciousness while at the same time we have had a tremendous release upwards from the collective unconscious—sexual liberation, empowerment of the feminine principle, modern depth psychology and the many addictive and obsessive/compulsive patterns associated with the reptilian brain and ‘life urge’ in matter principle. The energies of ‘life in matter’ have been suppressed by lower consciousness (Saturn) until the higher energies of Life (Uranus) were strong enough to meet them. That is increasingly the case, and rather than polarisation we may find the urge for trance dance and bungy jumping in the young to arise from the exact same energy that in its higher octave results in transcendence of consciousness and the experience of spiritual livingness. The Age of Aquarius brings Light Supernal to the physical plane and the Reappearance of the Christ. The three decanates of Aquarius are ruled by Venus, Mercury and Saturn and we are told by DK that: 182

Ordinarily speaking, the mass of men would pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo; by the slow unfoldment of the mind through the activity of Mercury; finally, as the result of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity to suffer and, through suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyse correctly and to decide upon the higher values. These points must be carefully considered by the astrologer. But at this time, we are at a point of crisis and the problem takes wider implications, for the reason that, for the first time in its history, humanity is beginning to mount the Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversing its progress upon the circle of the zodiac. Humanity—as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants and thinking idealists—is entering Aquarius, via the open door of Saturn. At the same time, a very large number of men are in the non-thinking instinctual stage and their consciousness is predominantly Atlantean. These enter via Venus and hence the conflict.4 Thus we will have the exact same conflict between the energies of Venus and Saturn that the disciple must reconcile at the Third Initiation but working on a planetary scale. Light Supernal is a seven-fold light that we can link back to a quote from Hilarion: For the Sun to shine again with “seven-fold light” indicates that at some preceding period of activity the sun in question with all its burden of life must have been developed to a very much higher degree. For the seven-fold light here mentioned is the light of the Central 183

Spiritual Sun. If the sun of our solar system were to shine again with that particular “light,” it would be necessary for the energy of each principle of the Central Sun to be focused upon the Solar Orb again—as in some preceding age when the cyclic law permitted such a like focus.5 Replace ‘Sun’ with ‘Christ’ and we have an indication of the mission of the Aquarian Christ. This seven-fold energy—a blending of the seven rays via the Seventh Ray—is focused through the atmic plane into the physical. It must unite the lower five worlds, Hierarchy and Humanity, into one whole—a fusion of the soul and personality of the planet. This is his great mission, and to fulfil it he needs members of humanity who have been able to make this at-onement in their own lives in order to ‘focalise’ this seven-fold light through the higher mental plane. That [the release of the Great Invocation] was the first step in the planned precipitation of the “light supernal”; the second step will be the reappearance of the Great Lord, Who will act as the lens through which the light can be focussed and adapted to human need. Conditions are rapidly being brought about whereby this great event of light distribution will be possible. The Christ can and does function now upon the atmic plane and embodies within Himself the great Point of Revelation which has been expressed by me in the words: “The Will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice.” The invocation now mounting from humanity to that high Place where dwells the Christ is, at this time, focussed in or originates upon the plane of the emotions; because of this, we find the words in the Scriptures that at the end of the age “the Desire of all Nations” will come forth. The movement to bring Him—from the angle of the masses—emanates, 184

therefore, from the astral plane. The plans for His coming are being laid in the higher correspondence of that plane, the buddhic plane, or the plane of pure reason.6 The rapid coming of the Avatar Who will found the station of light and power upon the physical plane is dependent upon the rapid unfoldment and appearance of integrated personalities who love and think and seek to serve. There has here been given a new hint upon one of the more esoteric aspects of the work of the New Group of World Servers...7 Today, through human effort and hierarchical endeavour, a great alignment and linking up is taking place, and MonadSoul-Personality are being more directly related than has hitherto been possible. One reason for this is that there are present in incarnation upon the planet many more initiates of the third degree than ever before; there are many more disciples being prepared for the third initiation; and in this third strictly human race, the Aryan (using this term in its generic sense and not in its prostituted German connotation), the three aspects of the personality are now so potent that their magnetic influence and their creative effect are making the building of the antahkarana an outstanding achievement, thus linking and aligning the three aspects in man. The same is true of the three divine centres in the planet which embody these divine qualities: Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity.8 These methods of overshadowing will be largely the ones used by the Great Lord and His Masters at the end of the century, and for this reason They are sending into incarnation, in every country, disciples who have the 185

opportunity offered them to respond to the need of humanity. Hence the need of training men and women to recognise the higher psychism, and the true inspiration and mediumship, and to do this scientifically. In fifty years time, the need for true psychics and conscious mediums (such as H. P. B., for instance) will be very great if the Master’s plans are to be carried to fruition, and the movement must be set on foot in preparation for the coming of Him for Whom all nations wait. In this work many have their share, provided they demonstrate the necessary endurance.9 Linking the above quotes we can see the need for Third Degree initiates, or those preparing for this degree, to come together in synthesis creating an ajna centre in the human race so that Light Supernal can be directed via the Masters on the atmic plane through the higher mental plane (thus reconciling Venus and Saturn). Behind this and generating the energy of Life is Shamballa, working through the Christ as the representative of humanity who has linked the energies of all seven cosmic planes in his own being. This Light Supernal is focused through the planes of the triad and able to reach and lift the concentrated energies of the astral field (which are themselves an expression of the Life aspect), through the mental field (liberating as a by-product those members of humanity who are acting as the lens on the mental plane), to produce at-onement on the buddhic plane and thus increase the power of the human Hierarchy to expand in two directions—towards the physical and the logoic planes. Thus we see that the soul is not enough, and it is only when the energy of Shamballa is added to Hierarchy and able to penetrate into a connection with Humanity itself that the redemption of the personality life of the planet is attained. 186

This requires the conscious, focused participation of those members of humanity who are themselves able to act as a bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity and reconcile these two spheres of activity in themselves, thus creating the antahkarana of consciousness that can link the two energies of ‘life’ in this system—the monadic and astral planes. Eventually we will see the destiny of the Fourth or human Hierarchy fulfilled when it can expand its solarising consciousness fully into the physical plane, thus redeeming matter itself and releasing the ‘Light within the form’. “When the lowest of the low, the densest of the dense, and the highest of the high have all been lifted through the little wills of men, then can the One in Whom we live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of Earth, and then another greater Voice can say to Him: ‘Well done! Move on. Light shines.’”10 “When the radiant light of the Solar Angel is fused with the golden light of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens from darkness the rush light of anu, the speck.” The “cosmic intermediary” is the term given to the etheric body, which is part and parcel of the universal ether. It is through the etheric body that all the energies flow, whether emanating from the soul, or from the sun, or from a planet. Along those living lines of fiery essence pass all the contacts that do not emanate specifically from the tangible world. The dark light of the tiny atoms of which the physical vehicle is constructed is responsive to the stimulation passing down from the soul into its vehicle, and, when the man is under control of the soul, there eventuates the shining forth of the light throughout the body. 187

This shows as the radiance emanating from the bodies of adepts and saints, giving the effect of bright and shining light.11 Thus we also see the importance of science using Venus to penetrate into the mysteries of the etheric/physical plane. Scientists create a channel through which the redemption of matter by the soul will eventually reach consummation.

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The Will As The ‘Imperative to Shine’ The Shamballa impact has provided an inflow of the energy of Will or planetary purpose. Just how this inflow is integrated into the Human centre will depend largely upon the level of consciousness operating within it. This is why there has been such an effort by Hierarchy to ‘raise the consciousness’ over the last hundred years. This process has produced results in three directions: Firstly, the consciousness of mankind has been able to penetrate more fully into the material worlds through the scientific application of the increased vibratory rate. Secondly, there has been a remarkable expansion in awareness and building of relationships within the human family and the planet as a whole. Thirdly, there has been a slow but steady abstraction of human ‘units’ from the three worlds into conscious identification with the ashrams. Taken together, these processes constitute the outer effects of a planetary initiation that is currently in process and is also known as the ‘Externalisation of the Hierarchy’. The energy of Will flowing in from the monad in the individual sense and Shamballa in the planetary sense, provides what we might call the ‘imperative to shine’. The Hierarchy, as the planetary soul, have been instructed to ‘shine forth’. The result of this increased shining is three-fold: 1. A penetration into the three worlds—the Externalisation. 2. A greater development and coordination of the one great Ashram—the Formation of the 49 ashramic centres. 3. An abstraction into and deepening of the relationship with Shamballa. 189

Human causal bodies (soul consciousness identified with matter) are the fuel for the Hierarchical burning. As the imperative to shine sounds forth, this fuel is required in greater measure. The instigation of group initiation allows for the acceleration of this process. The soul, like a sun, may burn through its fuel faster and therefore have a brighter but shorter life span. We have commenced a period—the Aquarian Age—where a ‘sustained burning’ is required. Within the Hierarchical centre itself the work is divided amongst three levels of initiate. The Fifth Degree initiates or ‘Masters’ are principally concerned with the inflow of the energy of planetary purpose from Shamballa. The Fourth Degree initiates are concerned with the coordination of the ashrams and the flow of energy through these planetary etheric centres. The Third Degree initiates, having causal bodies, are concerned with the shining forth of the Hierarchical life into the three worlds and the flow of fire on the abstract mental plane. Within the Human centre that is aligned with the Hierarchy—which we call the New Group of World Servers— there is likewise a three-fold differentiation. Some are involved with initiating projects and manifesting thoughtforms that are aligned with the Plan. Others are involved in the building and coordination of ‘right human relationship’ between individuals and groups within the NGWS, and still others are focused on assisting to contact, interpret and distribute the energy and ‘idea essences’ that pour in from Hierarchy to inspire the NGWS. Just as one needs to develop a personality before it can be surrendered to the soul, so one also needs to ‘develop a purpose’ before it can serve as a vehicle for the energy of Hierarchical and planetary purpose. Then a gradual transformation or expansion of identity takes place 190

from ‘having a purpose’ to ‘being Purpose’ until, focused on the atmic plane a Master of the Wisdom is able to assert “PURPOSE ITSELF AM I”1 and move into closer identification with Shamballa. It is not necessary to wait until we are Masters however, to begin to deepen our relationship to and identification with the energy of planetary purpose and Shamballa. We can practice the Technique of the Presence long before we become the Presence itself. One simple way of differentiating and balancing the three-fold process of ‘shining forth’ as a soul is to notice when we really need to: 1. Sound our solar note so that others receive the particular quality of Light, Love and Power that shines through our causal selves. —Be the Sun. 2. Relate through communion and cooperation with others so that the light of the cosmic Christ is able to express through us as a whole. —Be the galaxy. 3. Hold identification with the peaceful, invisible silent centre that “adds darkness unto light so that the stars appear”.2 —Be the black hole. It is The Will That Conquers Death It is the connection with the energy of Life—the identification with it—that comes from the realisation that it lies at the very core of our being, that allows us to face death without fear. Identified with Life we know through experience that there is no death, no real endings, no way that the core of consciousness can ever be separated from its parent. Facing death therefore, is one of the tests that allows for greater participation in Life. And yet most of the consciousness upon the planet is desperate to avoid the confrontation with 191

death in even the smallest ways. We are afraid to throw out old pictures or move house let alone being willing to lay aside our physical, emotional and mental vehicles if that is what is called for in the moment. To LIVE is to be aware of our relationship and participation in the energy of LIFE, and this Life is not the opposite of death—death is merely the gateway between life in the three worlds and Life in the higher four spheres. When death ceases to be an obstacle for consciousness we will have humans able to be conscious on all seven planes simultaneously, and then incarnation will be a wonderful experience that adds the capacity for manifestation—or the imbuing of the lower three worlds with the Life that is experienced in the higher four. It is not that this Life does not run through all the planes. It is the consciousness of Life—the conscious relationship TO Life—that is missing and is peculiarly the work of the fourth kingdom in nature to bring forth. In the past the most common way of connecting with the energy of spirit was the ‘desert experience’. This may or may not have been an outer physical experience but denotes a state of consciousness—a dark night of the soul where all the meaning disappears from the things of the three worlds. Identification with all that is known is lost, and the soul longs for the darkness of that which is not yet known. ‘Spirit’ and ‘matter’ are two poles, and in the Sixth Ray Age the soul of man oscillated between those poles. When the matter experience was turned up then humanity lost connection with spirit. When the spirit experience was turned up then humanity lost connection with matter. This oscillation produced by the Sixth Ray upon the fourth kingdom has the result of increasing the capacity of the human soul to identify with both poles—at first sequentially and alternately, but eventually simultaneously. 192

It is this simultaneous identification that is the hope and the promise of the Seventh Ray Age, and that which will allow ‘the dead to be raised to Life’. The Life here is that which lies beyond the duality of spirit/matter and incorporates them both. This Life is also that which pours through the eye in the triangle when spirit/soul and matter are balanced. The human soul is thus a transitional entity that occurs primarily between the Third and Fourth Initiations. At the Third Initiation the conscious identification with the Mother aspect or matter is broken. At the Fourth Initiation identification with the Father or spirit aspect is achieved. In between the soul is identified with itself—it recognises itself as a dual expression born of two parents but having primary allegiance or identification with neither. The soul thus becomes a self-referencing centre for a transitional period, and it is during this period—unidentified with either spirit or matter—that it becomes the distributing agent for the energy of Peace which lies behind this great duality. Peace here refers to a point of balance between spirit and matter wrought out in the crucible of each human soul through an equal rejection of (or identification with) both poles. Within the cosmic physical plane the battle between spirit and matter is waged relentlessly—indeed it is a duality that is the cause of all manifest expression from the perspective of the higher planes. Outside of the cosmic physical plane there is a peace that is experienced upon the cosmic astral that has its roots upon the cosmic buddhic plane. Human souls at the Fourth Initiation are a channel for that peace—the “peace which passeth understanding”.3 1. 2. 3.

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Wesak & The Light of Life

Image from a ceremony in the Wesak Valley, Tibet May 2000

The annual festival of Wesak is a festival of light, revelation and empowerment. It is a time to pause in the annual cycle in order to deepen our penetration into the spiritual realities and to allow the energies contacted to more fully permeate, infuse and charge our work in the world. At Wesak those two great brothers, the Buddha and the Christ, cooperate together in order to serve as a channel or conduit into our world for subtle energies and in particular at this time for the energy streaming into (and from) Shamballa which we may call the “Light of Life�.1 The Buddha is the 195

embodiment of the light of Intelligence and the Christ embodies the light of Love. When these two lights are blended and fused then the light which lies behind them both is revealed. This light is also called Light Supernal, the light of spirit, the dark light of Shamballa, the light of the monad or universal Light. This Light, though ever present, is relatively new in the consciousness of humanity and we are still very much learning about how to correctly contact and utilise it. In the current cycle it has been active since the Shamballa impact that occurred at the time of the Second World War and subsequently in 1975 and in the year 2000. It is particularly potent because it is impersonal—stimulating both the realms of consciousness and matter, soul and form. When and where these dualities have yet to be fused, the Shamballa force precipitates crisis and therefore the opportunity to resolve that crisis through fission or fusion. A descriptive name for Light from the First Aspect is “the light which shocks”.2 This is meant both in the psychological sense but also in an electrical sense of ‘charging’ or galvanising the being. It is an electric light and it lies hidden from consciousness at the very heart of consciousness in the jewel or ‘bull’s eye’ of the soul. Behind the central sacred sun, hidden within its rays, a form is found. Within that form there glows a point of power which vibrates not as yet but shines as light electric.3 To access this Light we must look not outward into the worlds which the soul illuminates, but into the very centre of the soul itself. We must find the ‘Sun door’ which reveals “the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disk of golden light” 196

as the Gayatri describes4—or the God Savitur (the impellor or driver of the Sun) in the Sanskrit original. The difficulty is that light as we know it—the light of the soul or solar fire—is unable to penetrate into this centre—just as physical light is unable to return from the event horizon of a black hole. For consciousness to enter into that which is the source of consciousness it must dissolve the subject/object duality of consciousness itself. The witness must become one with that which is witnessed in both the inner and outer worlds, at least for a moment. This is called ‘identification with the Life aspect’. For this reason the light of Shamballa or the light of spirit is called a “dark light”5 for it is as dark to the soul as the deep recesses of matter which remain unsolarised. Indeed it is the work of the soul to bring this higher darkness and the lower darkness into conscious relationship. Light and Love (intelligence and consciousness) are not enough to fully and finally offset the forces of materialism on our planet or in the individual. Power is required. The lower fires must be fought with the higher ones until it is discovered that they are essentially one fire whose purpose has yet to be revealed. It is the power of the monad, the Shamballic force, the Light of Life Itself which allows the soul to fully fuse with the personality and resolve the duality of the ‘Angel of the Presence’ and the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ through the revelation that they are essentially one. In a planetary sense Hierarchy, as the soul of the planet, is trying to fuse with its personality—Humanity. Shamballa is assisting in this gradual fusion through the empowerment of the New Group of World Servers—an intermediate group between Hierarchy and Humanity. As members of that group, Wesak is our opportunity to receive this electric fire and to direct it in such a way that 197

the fusion process is assisted and to offset the ‘fissional’ forces at work in the world. Let us look at two practical ways in which this ‘light which shocks’ may enter and effect changes within the consciousness of humanity so that the process referred to as ‘the Externalisation of the Hierarchy’ is assisted. The Master DK tells us that the two major factors (both demonstrations of materialism) that are hindering the Reappearance of the Christ are: 1. The inertia of the average aspirant or spirituallyminded man. 2. The lack of money for the work of preparation.6 All disciples will be aware of those stubborn energy drains within their own systems that inhibit their full expression as souls, and they will equally be aware of the challenges that finances represent. The Externalisation is not just a global process but is also taking place holographically in each individual and group. We are able to participate in the ‘Reappearance of the Christ’ precisely to the degree that he has ‘Reappeared in Us’—or to word it another way, to the extent that the soul is in control of our personality expression. Many of our own blocks to full expression we will be aware of and will have tried to work on—making progress with some and not with others. Some of our blocks we will be unaware of, and Wesak provides an opportunity for such illumination. The monadic light not only reveals itself to the soul but also empowers the light of the soul to penetrate more deeply into matter, and offsets a tendency in consciousness to ‘remain aloof ’ from the grosser realms of embodiment. If you would like a practical illustration of the ‘light which shocks’ may I suggest the following exercise: 198

Compile a list of your principles, values and goals and take note of their relative importance to you (as a centre of consciousness) in percentage terms. Now do a precise audit of how your time and money has actually been spent during the last year or month. Compare the two lists. The purpose of the exercise is not to invite judgment, guilt or pride but to clearly see the difference or ‘gap’ that exists for most of us between our subjective and objective realities. On a global level we are subject to the ‘light which shocks’ each time Pluto brings to light from our collective unconsciousness an Enron debacle, a looming environmental disaster, a war crimes tribunal, or just about anything that occurs on the African continent. We have a tendency to ‘resist knowing or seeing’ partly because it makes us feel powerless and inadequate. Fortunately the ‘light which shocks’ not only reveals the activity of the forces of materialism but it also empowers us and galvanises us into the action necessary to change. It does this by infusing the soul or consciousness aspect with the energy of pure Being—revealing the invincibility of the spirit at the core of consciousness. At the root of the problems of inertia and the lack of money for Hierarchical work lies the fear of death. The fear of death has its root in the misidentification of consciousness with form—we fear to lose that which we think we are. The Light of Life reveals to us that we are in fact that Life Itself—unborn, undying, eternal. If we look behind the events occurring on the globe at this time we may see the emergence of this Life principle through its two planetary embodiments. Pluto is lifting all that is hidden in the lower darkness into the light and tearing at the very fabric of those structures of consciousness we call 199

human civilisation. At the same time Vulcan is bringing in the higher darkness—penetrating human consciousness from above with the hammer of the planetary Will, calling us to the governance of the timeless principles. Pluto is Life energy and cannot be controlled or repressed by consciousness—only by its higher counterpart. We might say that materialism has been successful on our planet as an evolutionary stage, much like the stage of dominance by the human personality. Once it crystallises however, it begins to stifle the Life force and is brought to the anvil to be broken open and refashioned by the planetary soul. Cracks are beginning to appear, and it is through those cracks that the Life-giving waters are starting to flow. One of the names of the Christ is “Dispenser of the Water of Life”.7 We become that water to the extent we have identified with the soul or the ‘Christ in us’. We are that which is poured forth to thirsty men at the beginning of this great Age of Aquarius where Light Supernal can be known on Earth. Wesak is a ceremony where through the combined action of Hierarchy and Shamballa the waters are ‘charged’. We are ‘plugged in’ to that great electrical current that lies behind all expressions of consciousness and form—our batteries are filled with the invincible fire of Being. That fire will both reveal to us the next phase of our work in the world (as the cracks continue to open) at the same time as providing us with the power and the Taurean persistence to carry it through into full expression. As willing and conscious cooperators with the great evolutionary process at work on the planet, may we find at this time the inspiration and courage to release our ‘grimy rags’—those old identifications, ideas and possessions that 200

we have outgrown but still cling to. May we stand together, soul naked, in the great waterfall of spirit that is available to us everywhere and every-when but cycles now into our time-space awareness at the festival of Revelatory Light which is Wesak. om bhûr bhuvah svah tát savitúr várenyam bhárgo devásya dhîmahi dhíyo yó nah pracodáyât om

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Power, Authority & Leadership in Occult Groups The esoteric world is littered with failed groups and the misuse or misunderstanding of power. All true power is given from above and comes from the alignment with the energy of Will via Hierarchy, Master Morya, Sanat Kumara and ultimately the Solar/Cosmic Logos. We are learning how to contact and wield that power and at Shamballa School we are making a particular experiment of approach to this energy via a Second Ray educational focus. Misuse of power comes from an assumption of excess authority by a lesser entity along this Chain of Being, and eventually results in the ‘drying up’ of true power and the increasing assertion of authority by the entity in order to make up for this loss. In esoteric groups we see this in leaders claiming divinely given inspiration and excluding all who disagree with them and ‘holding’ others through both fear of exclusion and the offering of ‘special’ connection. This results in ever dwindling numbers until there are only one or two left sitting in a room in the suburbs asserting to themselves that they are holding the whole world together and are misunderstood and unrecognised by the masses. In other words the real result is not power but impotency. In order for this misuse to happen there must develop an unhealthy co-dependency between a leader (or leaders) and followers—the Piscean experience. Both need to increasingly deny or ignore a deeper sense of truth in order to preserve the illusion that makes them feel special and hides an underlying fear of impotency. What makes true Aquarian groups different is that each member of the group must be a soul with their own 203

independent alignment with Hierarchy and eventually with Shamballa. They must each take responsibility for the choices they are making moment by moment, including the surrender of any authority or choice. In Hierarchy this surrender of authority is made through a process of ‘occult recognition’. In other words souls, out of their own alignment, recognise the alignment of other souls—their particular function, and both the quality and capacity of the energy which they are handling and directing. This is what creates a ‘hierarchy’—a recognition of differentiated function within one Ashram—the Ashram of Sanat Kumara contained in the ‘body of Christ’. This recognition occurs through a process of progressive ‘revelation’ as the identification of the individuals shifts more and more into their soul nature, and they thus become more aware of themselves as members of Hierarchy and thus intrinsically and already a ‘group’. On the way to this revelation outer groups form and break as training grounds where the principles of working with Love and Power can be learned. An initiate group is composed of members of the Hierarchy. They come together cooperatively to do a specific piece of work, recognising each other’s quality and ‘standing’ within Hierarchy. They come together through their shared desire to serve the purpose of a recognised higher level of responsibility—a Master, the Christ or Sanat Kumara for example—as well as through a shared desire to serve those who are not yet conscious of themselves as souls. They are group members of Hierarchy and thus stand between Shamballa and Humanity. Training for group initiation involves a strengthening of each group member’s alignment so that they are capable of becoming members of Hierarchy and demonstrating occult 204

recognition. This training also sequentially develops the group’s capacity to recognise and handle higher energies as a unit within the ashram. This training is somewhat quarantined at first, but eventually becomes part of the work of Hierarchy itself—and is a by-product of that work. Initiates ‘know because they work’ and an initiate group ‘knows’ because it begins to recognise the particular function it is performing within the Plan. True power in these training groups is given from above—from higher levels of Hierarchy. Authority within these groups is never imposed. It is freely given to the senior members of the group through the process of occult recognition. It requires the conscious participation of the individual ‘wills’ of the group. Individuals recognise the power flowing through the leader’s alignment. This power flows according to the degree of surrender the leader is able to make to a higher Will, and it evokes from the group an increased surrender of Will towards the same place the leader is surrendered—ultimately Shamballa. It is not so much a surrender to Will but a surrender to Surrender. The secret of power is in surrender and humility, and not in authority. The heart naturally responds to the Love principle—the Christ’s greater Love causes an opening in the hearts of disciples resulting in both an upsurge in love towards the Christ as well as an outflow of love in service to humanity. The crown naturally responds to the Power principle. The Great Sacrifice of Sanat Kumara causes an opening of the crown and an upsurge of the Will principle—the urge to surrender or offer Will to support and respond to the greater Sacrifice, as well as an outrush of the willingness to sacrifice on behalf of the growth of humanity. When these two responses are reconciled in the heart, the central core opens—in the soul the jewel is exposed. In 205

Hierarchy, the great at-onement made by the Christ when he linked with the Father is realised. The result of this reconciliation within a group training for initiation is not a dwindling into impotency but a great expansion of the energy of Love infused with Will, and a loss (in consciousness) of the group identity as it expands to include and identify with the greater and greater ‘wholes’ in which it forms a part. Cosmic Evil, Hitler & The Shamballa Force That is why Hitler, the exponent of the reversed reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evil reaction) had to gather around him a group of like-minded people or personalities. On the upper arc of the evocative cycle (Hitler being the expression of the invocative arc of the Shamballa force) it requires a group to bring about evocation.1 To understand something of the ‘reversed reaction to Shamballa’ it might be useful to look into the occult mythology behind Nazism. The Distinction between Shamballa and Agharti In Shambhala: In Search of a New Era, Roerich also hinted at a similarity between Shambhala and Thule, the hidden land at the North Pole, which, as we shall see below, inspired the Germans in their quest for a secret land. He also mentioned the association of Shambhala with the underground city of Agharti (Agarthi), reached through tunnels under the Himalayas. Its inhabitants will emerge at the ‘time of purification.’ In her Collected Letters (1935–1936), Helena Roerich pointed out that Saint-Yves d’Alveidre had mistakenly identified Shambhala with Agharti, but they are not the same place. 206

Similar to Bailey’s claims of the connection between Hitler and the Shambhala Force, several postwar studies on Nazism and the Occult have asserted that the Nazis sent expeditions to Tibet to seek the help of the forces of Shambhala and Agharti to carry out their Master Plan. Bailey, however, only mentioned Shambhala in this connection and said nothing about Agharti. These accounts, on the other hand, purport that the masters of Shambhala refused to assist the Nazi expeditions, but the adepts of Agharti agreed and returned with them to Germany. Moreover, they attribute the Nazi search for occult support in Tibet to the beliefs of Karl Haushofer and the Thule Society. Haushofer was the founder of the Vril Society in association with the Thule Society and was a major influence on Hitler’s occult thinking. The Thule and Vril Societies combined beliefs from various sources.2 We know that Shamballa is associated with the high cosmic ethers and the crown chakra. Agharti is mostly referred to as an ‘underground’ kingdom associated with the hollow Earth mythology. The energy associated with Agharti is ‘Vril’, while the energy associated with Shamballa is ‘Agni’. Perhaps if we considered Agharti as a symbol for the base chakra of the Earth and Shamballa as the crown, then ‘Agni’ would be the descending spiritual fire originating in the Solar Logos while ‘Vril’ would be the kundalini fire rising from the base chakra of the Planetary Logos. Thus Shamballa/Agharti and Agni/Vril are twin aspects of the First Ray force (Purpose/Will, Shiva/Shakti) that must be brought together in a future planetary initiation (the Third Initiation). As we know, awakening kundalini energy through forced conscious attention has disastrous effects. The dragon energy or Will in matter is aroused before the consciousness 207

is ready, and insanity is often the result. When the soul is in control and serving as a sheath of fire for the descent of monadic energy, then the lower fires can be safely controlled. They arise in brief spurts of their own accord, in response to too much suppression by the unsolarised consciousness (Plutonic eruptions such as the French Revolution) which are like earthquakes or volcanoes releasing pressure. The results are cathartic and often purifying. However when they are consciously invoked and the attempt is made to direct and control them without access to their higher correspondence—the Agni fire of Shamballa—then they will rage out of control. Jocelyn Godwin, in Arktos, The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival (1993), identified agni power with vril. Vril is the psychokinetic power protected by the inhabitants of Thule, which the Nazis tried to obtain for helping to strengthen their Aryan superrace.2 It seems then that the Nazis mistook Vril for Agni and Agharti for Shamballa, with the results we are all familiar with. The Nazis became part of the invocative arc of Shamballa—that is to say consciously identified with the rising Plutonic energies evoked by the Shamballa impact. Their counterbalance was the occult groups who were evocative of the Shamballa force—the purpose of Shamballa. The symbol for the inversion was of course the reversed swastika. So to bring the discussion around to cosmic evil: We know that our Planetary Logos is undergoing the Second cosmic Initiation. At the Second Initiation the powers of the monad are brought into play to master the astral energies. These astral energies fought their major battle in Atlantis—the aftermath of which was the World Wars in 208

the middle of the Fifth Rootrace. The energies which we associate with cosmic evil would be working from the lower desire portion of the cosmic astral, seeking to prematurely awaken the lower fires of the planet. The aspirational energies of the higher cosmic astral plane would be seeking to lift the conscious entities on the cosmic physical plane into relationship with Shamballa. We know that part of the purpose of the Planetary Logos is to ‘anchor a seed of solar Will’—or to word it otherwise, to make of the planet Earth an outpost for the manifesting purpose of the Solar Logos who is taking the Third Degree. We also know that three planets—Earth, Vulcan and Pluto—are the First Ray triangle involved in this project. We know that Hierarchy (as the solar consciousness of the planet) withdrew onto higher planes after the Atlantean battle. Might it not also be reasonable to think that a balancing aspect of consciousness (material) withdrew to lower planes? We have the legends of an underground Agharti, and also quotes like this one from Bailey: It must be remembered that the mysteries of existence are as yet but little cognised by man. In cases where profound mysteries lie, man is often totally unaware of it; and frequently man remains blind and deaf where no mystery is but only revelation for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. When man has penetrated to those secrets which lie behind the lower kingdoms in nature, when he has solved the problem of the constitution of the interior of the Earth, and has from there worked his way back to knowledge of the working of the involutionary path and the lives which tread that path, then and then only will he begin to realise the strangeness of that which lies beyond his ken.3 209

Thus a possible analysis of the First Ray triangle and the eventual planetary synthesis might run as follows: Vulcan represents the First Ray soul and therefore the descending power of Agni from the Solar Logos. Pluto represents the First Ray personality and therefore the uprising power of Vril from matter. The Earth has a First Ray monad and so its destiny is to balance these two ‘powers’ through the recognition that they are twin aspects of one Fire. Vulcan is close to the Sun and therefore the solar heat is far more significant than the internal heat of matter. Pluto is in the reverse situation. Earth is in a unique situation. The energy radiating from the Earth’s living ‘vulcanised’ core matches almost exactly that arriving from the Sun. The solar and planetary radiatory energies are in a precarious balance. Humanity as representatives of both lunar and solar consciousness, are beginning to learn how to work with the energy of the First Aspect. If they encounter it too early however, they are drawn to its lower manifestation. Once the consciousness is truly solar it can call forth the energy of Shamballa, which will naturally and in its own rightful timing call forth Agharti and the Vril power from the base chakra of the planet. In the case of the planetary Logos of our little sphere, the head centre, the ajna centre, the heart and solar plexus centres and the throat centre are the five focal points of energy which are the most alive and vibrant. The sacral centre is slowly dropping below the threshold of the logoic consciousness whilst the centre at the base of the spine is practically entirely quiescent, except in connection with its pranic effects upon the form life, engendering the will to live, the urge to survival and the vitalisation of forms. These facts will give you an idea of our planetary status in the great family of the 210

central sun and indicate why our planet is not a sacred planet. No planet is a sacred planet unless the centre at the base of the spine (speaking symbolically) is aroused and the great fusion of energies resulting therefrom has been effected.4

1. 2.

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Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, p.35. myths_shambhala.html This website has a useful overview of the impact of the different Shamballa myths on the political developments during the World Wars. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.847. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.453.



Peace, Jerusalem & Humanity ...peace, as the expression of the will of Shamballa, produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis and understanding, plus a spirit of invocation which is basically an action producing reaction. This demonstrates as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God.1 “There is a peace which passeth understanding...”2 So runs an ancient and powerful mantram that points out the futility of seeking to engage the deep energy of Peace through the mind. The challenge of any article on the subject then, is not so much to stimulate the mind into an understanding of peace but to clear away illusory thoughtforms so that this ever present reality can reveal itself and the awareness slip out of the mind altogether into the bed of buddhi. In this spirit, perhaps it may be useful to begin by pointing out what ‘peace’ is not. Peace Firstly and most significantly, peace is not emotional tranquility or serenity—although this may be a consequence of the identification of consciousness with ‘peace’. If peace were dependent upon emotion then it would not be a separate quality. It is not mental calm nor physical well-being—peace exists behind the three worlds. It cannot be disturbed by anything that occurs in the three worlds at all. It is a quality that permeates the three worlds and is ever present and yet mostly unrecognised in creation. 213

When identification with all lesser activity disappears then peace is revealed to be ever present. Peace cannot be achieved by any action in the three worlds. Action in the three worlds can lead—through the right use of balancing polarity—to its revelation, but action cannot create or uncreate peace. If all action—whether thought, emotion or activity— can only create the circumstances in which the peace that already exists can be recognised, then a yogi acts in the three worlds not to achieve anything, but to counter or balance those activities which have clouded the perception of peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict—it is the absence of identification with conflict, in the midst of conflict, thus revealing a more potent identification with a principle that lies deeper than those in which the conflict is occurring. Peace is not the absence of tension, but the maintenance of a higher tension. It is a dynamic act to hold the awareness fixed in the ‘eye of the storm’ when all about is being swept into the maelstrom. Now I would like to define peace in a very precise way—always appreciating that the map is not the territory. Peace is the fourth quality of deity—a quality that lies behind and operates through the revealed qualities of Intelligence, Love and Will. It is a dynamic leavening energy that permeates creation. It is an energy that it is the destiny of humanity—the Fourth Hierarchy—to express and reveal. It is associated with the Fourth Ray, the fourth plane, the fourth scheme, chain and globe and a fourth order solar system. It is both the source and the outcome of pain and suffering on the planet. It is as present to us as water is to a fish—it is the very medium in which we live, move and have our being. 214

The origin of this energy of Peace is the cosmic buddhic plane, just as the three revealed qualities of God are related to the cosmic mental (Will), cosmic astral (Love) and cosmic physical (Activity). Just as a human being at a certain stage of initiation must be able to pass the energy of the buddhic plane through the fourth etheric subplane of his etheric body, so a Solar Logos must transmit the energy of cosmic buddhi via his fourth etheric—our buddhic plane. It is the work of the ashrams on the buddhic plane to transmit this energy, and it is what will eventually make of Earth a “station of light and power”.3 Earth has a unique role within the solar system in the revelation of this quality of deity. Peace, as it is thus defined, is the ‘saving force’ which is brought into operation when the three planetary centres Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity are brought into mutual functioning relationship.4 The centres are related, although for full functioning it remains for the Human centre to consciously respond to the energy of Shamballa. This is increasingly occurring subsequent to the Shamballa impacts of last century and at the commencement of the current one. The energy of Peace forms the ‘eye in the triangle’ created by the three revealed qualities, and in a planetary sense, the three main centres: Will - Shamballa

Peace - The Saving Force

Activity - Humanity

Love - Hierarchy


We are told that advanced human beings in group formation, who have synthesised the energies of the three head centres (crown, ajna, alta major) and formed a relationship via the antahkarana with both the Hierarchical and Shamballic centres, will increasingly be able to act as transmitters for this ‘fourth energy’ and so participate in the Great Revelation.5 On a planetary scale the New Group of World Servers (ajna) are brought into relationship with Shamballa (crown) and the Nirmanakayas (alta major) via the Spirit of Peace. The Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalise the responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peace on earth. What is peace? It is essentially the establishing of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplay between the three planetary centres and an illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent.6 The Christ as the focal point for the Aquarian Age and the ‘Prince of Peace’ is held in the central ‘eye’ of a triangle formed by the Buddha, the Spirit of Peace and the Avatar of Synthesis. As the Point within the Triangle, Christ becomes the awakener of the hearts of men, and the one who institutes right human relations by being simply what He is and by standing unmoved where He is. This He accomplishes by transmitting the energies from the three points of the surrounding Triangle to humanity. This blended, impersonal energy, triple in nature, will be spread abroad universally, producing evolutionary 216

growth, attracting people and nations magnetically to each other and automatically causing the unfoldment of the sense of synthesis, of provable unity and of a desirable fusion.7 Having explored what the energy of Peace is and how it is released within the planetary life, we might now focus our attention on a particular conflict and a particular place on this fourth globe where the energy of Peace must prevail: Jerusalem Perhaps like no other place on Earth, Jerusalem, the “place of peace”, has become the symbolic heart of a conflict that threatens the entire world. The Master DK warns us that if there is another World War it will be based on religion and could well prove to be the end of humanity.8 We know that the real Jerusalem is Hierarchy and the only place of true peace on the planet is Shamballa; and yet Humanity has materialised and out-pictured a concept of all that is ‘holy’ and ‘sacred’ onto this physical location. Palestine has become a potent entry point into the Human centre for the influx of evil,9 thus demonstrating the power of the Fourth Ray in producing the opposite of what was imagined. The symbol of Humanity’s highest aspiration has become an expression of our lowest nature—not because of anything inherent in the location itself but because of a misidentification in the consciousness of Humanity. This misidentification has manifested an aspect of the planetary Dweller. The Dweller cannot be offset by Humanity alone, nor by Hierarchy, but only by the combined power of the three planetary centres working synthetically. The Christ will demonstrate that he is the wielder of this synthetic energy by using it to correct this misidentification, resulting in right human relations and the inauguration of the New World Religion. In completing this 217

task he will abstract the spiritual essence of the three major religions that have Jerusalem as a centre, and thus reveal their essential quality—in the same way that Peace lies unrevealed behind the energies of Will, Love and Intelligence. Will - Islam


Intelligence - Judaism

Love -Christianity

Each of roots back to consider them then the most

these three monotheistic religions trace their Abraham, the archetypal Father figure. If we as three personality aspects of a single energy, fitting allocation would be as follows:

Judaism Christianity Islam

- Third Aspect The Intelligence of God - Second Aspect The Love of God - First Aspect The Will of God

This was also the order of their emergence as religions, and the validity of the allocation is also most starkly seen in the ‘shadow’ side of each faith as it has shown its inability to live up to its core ideal. Of course in making any abstract generalisations we must be aware that they are only that and do not represent the living truth that is found in individual experience. There can be little doubt that Judaism has fostered the flowering of the human intelligence. Its contribution to thought, the arts, finance and creativity in general is immense. The shadow side of this Third Aspect is revealed in separatism, pride, manipulation, rationalisation and 218

control of resources. It could be said that the at-onement sought by the Jewish tradition is that of concrete and abstract mind. The Christian tradition has as its major axis the polarity of love and hate as it seeks to reconcile the buddhic and astral planes. There is no doubt that Christianity has made a great global contribution in alleviating the suffering of humanity. There is also no doubt that it has been a great source of suffering. One example that has relevance to our theme is the taking of the city of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1099 at the epicentre of the Piscean Age. Robert the Monk made the claim that the Crusaders’ conquest of the city was the greatest event in world history since the Crucifixion.10 Here is a quote from an eyewitness to the event, Raymond of Aquiles: If I tell the truth it will exceed your powers of belief. So let it suffice to say this much, at least, that in the Temple and the Porch of Solomon, men rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins. Indeed it was a just and splendid judgement of God that this place should be filled with the blood of unbelievers since it had suffered so long from their blasphemies.11 For three days the Crusaders systematically slaughtered some thirty thousand inhabitants in order to reclaim ‘possession’ of the site, whereupon their ‘saviour’ died for the sins of humanity and preached his gospel of Love. Jerusalem never had a more brutal rule. Islam has had its expressions of great intelligence and love but its prime ‘note’ is that of the Will. Islam asks for an existential surrender of the whole life to God. As a result it is perhaps the most ‘purist’ of the traditions, and it made its first appeal to women, slaves and the dispossessed 219

who felt that they had less of an earthly life to lose and more to gain by such a surrender.12 This has relevance still today where Islam is the religion of one fifth of humanity and represents a section of humanity that is relatively economically disadvantaged and has a high population growth. We need to understand the message of Islam just as we need to understand the Will aspect of deity as it is expressed in the uniting of the atmic with the physical plane. The shadow side of Islam is before the world’s eye in the image of the ‘suicide bomber’. This is a potent and shocking symbol of the willingness to surrender one’s physical life—if not to God’s Will then at least to what one conceives God’s Will to be. The word ‘Muslim’ means “one who surrenders to the will of God”13 and to the tradition of Islam. Abraham was the first Muslim, although they consider that it was his son Ishmael and not Isaac that he was asked to sacrifice—a sacrifice made according to legend (but not necessarily the historical record) on Mount Moriah where the Temple was built.14 This ‘sacrifice of a Son/Sun upon a mountain’ lies at the core of the religious experience for it holds the key to the role of the Fourth or human Hierarchy. The human soul is the bridge or antahkarana on the fourth plane of buddhi between the three inner worlds and the three outer. When identified with the three higher worlds it must be ‘sacrificed by the Heavenly Father’ in order to carry his message of salvation to the lower three worlds. When identified with the lower three worlds it must be ‘sacrificed by the earthly Father’ in order to rebuild the sacred link to God. The role of the ‘Son’ is to bring the inner and outer realities together in himself. Thus we see the Christ, as the Prince of Peace, standing at the apex of two tetrahedrons representing the soul of Humanity: 220

Heavenly Father - Sanat Kumara

The Buddha

Avatar of Synthesis

Spirit of Peace Christed Human Soul The Son on The Mountain




Earthly Father - Abraham

It probably should also be stated that the sacrifice of the Sun upon the mountain is a peculiarly ‘masculine’ symbol in the sense that the human family is masculine in relation to its counterpart, the devic evolution. The relationship between the heavenly and earthly ‘mother’ and her child is not ‘broken’. Therefore there is no pain and no sacrifice required to mend the ‘gap’ in consciousness. The devas do not suffer pain as does mankind…They grow through appreciation of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through the shattering of the forms man learns through discontent. Thus is acquiescence in the work of the greater Builders achieved. Pain is that upward struggle through matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is the following of the line of the greatest resistance and thereby reaching the summit of 221

the mountain; pain is the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation which leads to the warmth of the central Sun; pain is the burning in the furnace in order finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is the journeying into the far country, resulting in the welcome to the Father’s Home; pain is the illusion of the Father’s disowning, which drives the prodigal straight to the Father’s heart; pain is the cross of utter loss, that renders back the riches of the eternal bounty; pain is the whip that drives the struggling builder to carry to utter perfection the building of the Temple.15 The mystery of the Fourth Initiation concerns the human Hierarchy and the meaning of pain. Once the soul is sacrificed it is realised that there was never any sacrifice, only the release of illusion allowing the experience again of the inherent and all-pervasive harmony to be restored. Pain is the result of illusion, and yet the suffering is very real for souls living within that illusion. In the Sixth Ray Age with its Martian aspiration, humanity has attempted to fly back to God and in doing so has also created a source of more suffering for itself, like a bird thrashing against the self-created bars of its cage. In the Seventh Ray Age we are told that the disciple must “stand steady at the centre within the mystical pentagram, and there suffer until the light in the East rises upon his darkness, discovering him still at the midway point.”16 The pentagram is the causal body, and the outer symbol for the causal body is the Temple on the Mount, or ‘Solomon’s Temple’. At the Third Initiation the disciple is tested to see whether there are any circumstances that will make him leave the temple and identify with his personality or one of his vehicles. At the Fourth Initiation he is asked to surrender the temple itself. 222

Until a man’s consciousness is such that he can, through an inner mechanism as yet unevolved in the majority, respond to the planetary consciousness and “enter into the secrets of the Ancient of Days,” the problem of pain, of bloodshed, of war and of suffering must remain an inscrutable mystery. It will be solved—and this is the keynote of most importance—only when man has himself changed the initiating process for the animals from that of bloodshed to that of domesticity and of mutual love.17 Humanity’s attempt to ‘at-one’ with God was once marked by human sacrifice. This later transmuted into the sacrifice of animals. Religious war is essentially the forced sacrifice of the animal selves of others in the name of God’s Will. It indicates that humanity would still rather sacrifice for its beliefs than sacrifice the beliefs themselves. The result is initiation through death of the form, initiation through suffering, rather than initiation through Life. The Christ, as the “Dispenser of the Water of Life”18 has come to change this: As the risen Christ he reveals the ecstasy of the Crucifixion in contradistinction to the Man of Sorrows on the Cross. The challenge of the New World Religion is not that it asks for the world’s religions to give up the forms of their faiths but the very soul of them. In the case of humanity a causal body is where all that is of value garnered through many lives is stored. A religion too has a causal body where its deepest mythology and most sacred ideas and experiences are stored—forming a living psychic storehouse or inner sanctum. It is the work of the Christ—by whatever name—to so stimulate the fire of sacrifice through the jewel of each religion that they become willing to release that which is held most sacred. The Temple of Solomon must be sacrificed so that the Temple of Ezekiel—the monad—can be experienced.19 The question goes 223

forth: Will you give up the essence, the very core of your faith in the trust that it will be abstracted and built into a new and higher form that will serve the whole of humanity? Will you give up your historical experience and concepts of God in the living presence of God? Are you willing to die, not for your faith, but to it? The synthesis of religions is a very different thing than the unity of religions. Unity is a path that allows each tradition to keep its core and build common understanding and appreciation. It is an important path. Synthesis requires something much more however—it asks that each tradition surrender its core in order to experience it. There are many ideas about what might happen in Palestine and Jerusalem. Some have talked of the Temple on the Mount becoming at a future date a world shrine dedicated to the whole of humanity. This is an inspiring idea. Humanity can do much to improve the operation of its own centre, but unless the root cause of conflict is abstracted it will surely find ways to express itself anew. The root is immoveable by man. It is sourced beyond the realm of mind and requires the action of the Christ with the aid of powerful allies. Humanity We have seen that under the influence of the Fourth Ray, Sixth Ray humanity through its religious traditions often produces the very opposite of that which it attempts to achieve. Attempts to produce ‘heaven on Earth’ often result in the experience of hell. Seventh Ray humanity will learn that spirit and matter are essentially one and that it is not the role of man to choose between them and to try and dominate one with the other, but to stand as a living creative bridge between these dual expressions of divinity. In order to do this we will 224

have to release ourselves from the grip of mind through an understanding of—and then direct experience of—the Will of God. This will allow us to triangulate the three energies of monad, soul and personality so that we can become conduits of the fourth synthetic quality of Peace. We are told that only those aspirants who “walk humbly with their God” will be able to participate in this process: The instruction is intended for a group which will come later and which will prepare the way, and of which some of the more advanced aspirants can form part if they “walk humbly with their God.” This, my brother, is one of the most advanced injunctions in any of the world Scriptures and is found in The Bible. It has no reference to humility as usually interpreted and understood. It signifies the ability to view all life with a sense of divine proportion and from the angle of spiritual mathematics, and (paradoxical as this may sound) with no sense of dualism. The usual meaning is not correct. It involves acceptance and comprehension of purpose, and this in such a manner that the consecrated personality—under control of the Monad, via the antahkarana, and in cooperation with the one known God—walks the ways of Earth as a channel for the three divine qualities (love, will and intelligence), but also as a channel for that which these three qualities will enable him later to sense, know and reveal.20 “The acceptance and comprehension of purpose” is an important phrase. We are told that candidates for initiation must each form for themselves a mental proposition of the Purpose of deity.21 We are also told that Purpose itself is an energy held in the Council chamber.22 Therefore our thoughtforms about purpose—individually and collectively—are containers for the 225

flowing in of that energy, but are not that energy themselves. We are asked to rhythmically throw away these containers so that more effective ones can be built, and indeed eventually to give up containers altogether and identify with the energy itself. When the son of man is taken onto the mountain and tempted perhaps the most difficult temptation is that of pride. Once the human mind decides it knows what the Will of God is it begins to move out of alignment with that Will. To walk humbly with God is to give up the possibility of ever knowing, except moment to moment through the straight knowledge of the heart. To stay in alignment with that Purpose is to enter the “peace which passeth understanding”23—a peace which cannot be contained in structures built by humanity, whether they be thoughtforms or physical temples, especially when those structures seek to claim the Presence of God as their sole possession. Mankind has always found ‘peace’ a mystery, often seeking to engage the experience by repetition—whether that is revisiting a particular location which has become ‘sacred’, performing a ritual or rite, engaging in philosophical or artistic pursuit, or through acts of service or attainment. It is interesting that the God El—a predecessor to Shalem and Yahweh—‘lived’ in a tent on the mountain, and Yahweh himself was a travelling divinity before setting up permanent abode on Temple Mount. Civilisation has been an anchoring process and man’s concepts of God have anchored and crystallised with him. Then, rising and pointing to Mount Moriah whereon stood the Temple, He [the Christ] said: “My Grandfather created the Temple of stone, but He sits under the linen of the tent”.24 226

There is no doubt that there are sacred places in the world where man and deva have cooperated to build (in consciousness—for there is no real separation) the ‘stairway to heaven’. It is equally true that no place is more sacred than another and that we have no idea of what is truly sacred to God. All our temples—physical or causal—are temporary structures, and ultimately the ruined temple on the Mount may be as fitting an outer symbol for the habitation of the human soul as the gilded dome of St Peters. If the Christ is attempting to wield the energy of Peace in the world and to instigate the era of right human relations, and if this energy requires synthetic operation of the three planetary centres, what can the New Group of World Servers, as representatives of Humanity, do to cooperate in this process? As mentioned above, synthesis is not unity. It is not wrought through cooperation but through sacrifice. That sacrifice requires the giving up of our core identification to find whatever IS. We think of the Synthesis Ashram as being composed of units from three different ashrams. Might we not also conceptualise an energetic centre within the body of the Planetary Logos made up of units from the three planetary centres—ie Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity? Can we imagine the love, brotherhood and sacrifice that would need to exist in order for consciousness of such vastly different dimensions to commune together? If Humanity is a divine centre along with Hierarchy and Shamballa, what chamber of divinity might representatives of all three be called to attend? How might we equip ourselves for such an endeavour? How does the human soul, individually and collectively, become a true agency for peace in the world? Of course I do not know the answers to these questions and I am not sure I would trust any conceptualisations, but they are questions that are worth living and questions that take 227

one to the summit of the mountain where one day Humanity may fall to its knees and confess that, left to its own devices, it cannot create peace and does not even know—cannot even know—what peace truly is. When we have suffered enough in our pentagram—when the cries of mothers who have lost another generation of sons and daughters have opened our hearts—the ‘sound’ of pain that is the peculiar note of the human Hierarchy may be met with a pervading grace, a ‘peace which passeth understanding’, a draught of the waters of Life that will, as Rumi says, ‘soak each trembling cell with heaven’.25 Spirit of Peace Help us to learn that you are a destiny and not a destination Jerusalem is not a city but the emanation and resting place of a planet yet to recognise you in the fiery core of all things guide the bullets and the bombs through the hearts and hands of men weave each death every act of bravery and despair into the vortex of some greater victory breathe upon the bright ember of divinity that lies yes even at the core of war that a spark of you might accompany every departing soul, whether cause or casualty and another ignite the final flames of courage and assent in the hearts of those left to hold the taut emptiness for us all 228

a spiritual silence that only your voice can fill Your power lies in this: we may not reach or contain you with our concepts or our conflicts thankfully it is beyond us to create Peace only those conditions that force us to confess you have been there all along

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Planetary Purpose & The Current World Crisis This paper is an attempt to look at the current world situation from an esoteric perspective. Since the Shamballa impact of 2000 and the year of the Great Decision in 2001 when Hierarchy decide what form of crisis to precipitate within humanity in order to carry forward the Plan, we have seen major outer events unfold: The twin towers in New York, Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the American elections, climate change—there is much debate about what has happened, what maybe should have happened and what may happen in the future. The hearts and minds of humanity are ‘galvanised’ and paying attention to global issues in a way that has not happened since the Second World War. Gaining some insight into the intended outcome from esoteric levels can assist in clarifying and strengthening our cooperation with the planetary purpose as it attempts to express more fully. The seed of these ideas originated in inspired writings out of the DK stream which I call the “Mercury transmissions”.1 These extracts are taken from transmissions received around the time of the September 11 crisis: 12 September 2001 America has long stood for democracy and the principle of freedom in the world. Admittedly that freedom has often been misinterpreted at a personal level and taken to Sixth Ray extremes, but it must be remembered that the principle is still there nonetheless and that this principle represents the height of what humanity is collectively able to demonstrate of this evolutionary energy. America today is facing the biggest crisis of her history—greater even than the Civil War and the World 231

War, because in this current conflict extra-planetary forces are at play. In particular the energy of Freedom as it streams in from Sirius. The decisions that this nation makes will be critical for the whole of humanity and for the purpose that the human kingdom is designed to serve within the solar system and beyond. To understand Pluto and Vulcan and their connection with Saturn and the Earth, you might consider the following: Saturn represents the control developed by the dominant personality. It is the Cosmic Moon. That is a good thing and evolutionary up to a point. The personality, once developed, needs to become responsive to the will of the soul. Vulcan represents the will of the superconscious—the soul will that is trying to impress itself upon the dominant personality. Pluto represents the will of the subconscious—those energies WITHIN the three vehicles which are not aligned with the dominant personality. They are both oppositional to the will of the personality. They are the fires of striving and of desperation. Both can be used to the good. However Vulcan’s hammer must eventually control. If Pluto is able to destroy the personal will without the will of the soul to replace it, then anarchy and chaos result. In the rubble caused by Pluto, look for the signs of Vulcan. Look for those leaders to emerge sounding the note of spiritual principle. 19 September 2001 At this time the Second Ray soul of the planet is trying to exert influence upon the Third Ray personality. The result as far as humanity as a whole is concerned is the opportunity to take the First Initiation. The energies of Vulcan and Pluto are at work to bring the resistant aspects of the personality to the surface and break the long-lasting and prevalent focus on materialism of which humanity on Earth is such an 232

exponent. One result may be the freeing up of the world’s money supply. What is needed from the disciples and initiates on the planet is a demonstration of the magnetic power of the Second Ray soul. Shamballa will awaken men from their slumber in materialism one way or another. This is part of the Decision being made at this time. Hierarchy have decided that humanity is ready. That humanity can intelligently understand and respond to the clear distinction between the spiritual values and the material ones. The educational work of the Hierarchy has seen to this. Everywhere the two positions are being articulated clearly. Whether or not humanity WILL choose is entirely up to them. Hierarchy have decided that it is time to offer the opportunity. We have set ourselves to respond as fully as possible to help if humanity invokes our aid, which we certainly want them to do. And we are prepared to offset the worst effects of a decision by humanity to ignore the spiritual opportunity and reinforce the old pattern of security and materialism. However, humanity is genuinely on its own in the decisionmaking process. How else could it be? Everywhere leaders are coming forth on both sides from within humanity, representing the best and worst of the developed human mind and heart. Humanity can and must choose its future. Hierarchy have made their decision and it is a defining one. Essentially, Hierarchy have decided that humanity can be trusted. Trusted, in the final analysis, to cooperate with the greater good. This is a tremendous statement and a tremendous decision. 26 September 2001 Something that has not been considered within the esoteric thought is this: What are the inflowing energies that allow the Hierarchy to enter upon the higher way? If 233

a relatively large number of Sixth Degree initiates leave, or prepare to leave, the planetary ring-pass-not every 49 years, what is the energy which is pouring into Hierarchy that allows this process? The Decision taken by the Sixth Degree initiates is deeply linked into the type of crisis which occurs. If the majority of initiates choose a particular path (for example we know that they will all choose together the Path of Earth Service at a later date) then it is the energy inpouring along that path which is what precipitates the ‘crisis’ in humanity. At the time of this current Decision the emphasis is particularly upon the Fourth Path, the path to Sirius. While this path is always emphasised in any Decision because of its close connection to the Fourth Hierarchy, it is especially dominant at this time. This is linked—if you could but see the cycles—to the incoming energy of the Fourth Ray, due to make its presence felt at the mid-point of this 49 year cycle in the year 2025. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, the coming in of the Fourth Ray, the decision of the Sixth Degree initiates, the reappearance of the Mysteries and the Sirian energy of Freedom all form one coherent interlocking whole that will express itself over the next fifty years. The Sixth Ray is passing out, the Seventh Ray is coming in and the Fourth Ray will allow the units of the human Hierarchy, the Fourth, to become spiritually radioactive upon the buddhic plane, the fourth plane of the seventh cosmic plane, the cosmic physical. It is all one beautiful interlocking pattern, and Hierarchy are merely playing their part. The difference is that Hierarchy are more conscious and humanity has yet to awaken fully to their role in this great Plan. 234

Let me give you a line of thought which will prove productive in this regard. In the individual process there is a gradual replacement of the energies of the four ethers in the etheric body with the energies of the four higher ethers. What this means is that the fourth ether is able to transmit buddhi, the third atma, the second monadic energy; and the first ether at a later date will be able to transmit the energy of the logoic plane, and the highest and the lowest shall therefore meet. If you think this process through upon the cosmic levels then insight will come as to the role of Hierarchy, working as they are upon the fourth, third and second cosmic ethers; and in particular the role of the Fourth Hierarchy on its own plane, the buddhic. This should give you a key to understanding the type of energy flowing down the Fourth Path and the link between the Sirian Logos and the Logos of our planetary scheme. When the Seventh Ray is in manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius – as has happened six times so far during the Fifth Rootrace, the energy of Light Supernal is able to be registered on the physical plane. The seven rays blend their light with the Seventh Ray. This is the seventh such event during the Fifth Rootrace. What might this mean? The United States of America was founded under the Masonic influence and has as its ruling energies the astrological signs of Aquarius and Gemini. The keynote of the soul of America is ‘Freedom’—the energy pouring in from Sirius. Perhaps some glimpse of the energies behind the world crisis may become evident. The Sirian energy focused through the American soul is pouring into the planet as a result of the Decision by the Sixth Degree initiates. It is causing a great abstraction from form and from materialism, which is what this energy does. That abstraction will have great consequences for the Sixth 235

Ray personality of the US, an energy which is on its way out of incarnation and will naturally have similar effects upon the situation in the Middle East and those races conditioned strongly by the Sixth Ray. The result of the cooperation between the Second Ray soul of the planet and the Second Ray soul of America will be both a great abstraction of energy (this will take out the Sixth Ray and make way for the Fourth) and a great anchoring of energy (this will happen under the influence of the Fifth and Seventh Rays). We have the four rays of Attribute all involved: The Seventh Ray and Fourth Ray cycling in, the Sixth Ray cycling out and the Fifth Ray coming in through Aquarius. If we add the Third Ray personality of the planet and its Second Ray soul, some idea of the potential synthesis may be grasped. This whole process needs to be held in the context of the Planetary Logos taking the fourth sub-initiation of the Second cosmic Initiation. The astral polarisation of humanity will be somewhat lifted into its buddhic correspondence as the Sixth Ray goes out and the Fourth Ray comes in. On the buddhic plane, humanity will contact the higher energies of cosmic buddhi entering via the Planetary Logos on the cosmic astral plane. These must be directed by the Fourth Hierarchy—humanity—through the fifth plane onto the seventh and affecting primarily the fourth ether. Expect this dual process of abstraction and anchoring to occur simultaneously and consequentially. By that I mean that the inflow and outflow are essentially linked as dual sides of the one event. However with the forty-nine year cycle, expect the emphasis to be on abstraction for the first half and anchoring for the second, beginning in 2025. 236

13 March 2002 The Shamballic Impact is an ‘abstracting force’ designed to release the consciousness from form in preparation for the incoming Seventh Ray which will then shape form according to the Plan. Reactionary Sixth Ray energies must be offset by the highest aspect of the Sixth Ray, the devotion to spiritual principles regardless of the consequences to the form, be it body or land. Individuals embodying this highest aspect of the Sixth Ray exist amongst both groups, and it is to them that we can direct our energies of support at this time. But this will not be enough. The conflict is not a localised one—it has its origins deep within the karma of humanity, and thus must be solved by humanity as a whole. This requires the strengthening of the United Nations as a centre within humanity for the direction of Will energy as an abstracting and synthesising force. In order to distribute this ‘abstracting force’ a triangle is being created between Shamballa, Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers; the latter representing the ajna centre. As conscious servers we are encouraged to see the outer events upon the world stage within a wider context. With understanding comes the increased power to serve. Hierarchy needs the conscious, willing assistance of humanity in order to triangulate the Will force pouring in from Shamballa. It is through the aligned thought, directed through the New Group of World Servers, that the Plan will be brought into manifestation on Earth. This is a call to unitedly and esoterically strengthen the United Nations as the only Human centre able to respond to the entrenched survival-based will-force within the lower nature of humanity. This fire must be fought with fire. The fire of the Will to liberate. The fire of the Will-to-Good. The fire of Shamballa. 237

COMMENTARY Key ideas The 2001 Decision brought in energies along the fourth strand of the antahkarana—the cosmic path to Sirius. These Fourth Ray energies stimulate the Fourth Creative Hierarchy which is Humanity, currently identified with the three worlds. They produce a crisis in the human family—one that is definitive and one that Hierarchy has decided Humanity is equipped to deal with. The result of this crisis (properly handled) will prepare the way for the Externalisation and the incoming Fourth Ray in 2025. America with its Second Ray Aquarian soul and Sixth Ray Geminian personality has a key role to play within the human family with respect to this crisis. The United Nations must be esoterically strengthened. IMPLICATIONS There are a number of Sixth Ray battles going on, precipitated by the inflowing energy of the Fourth Ray of harmony through conflict. There is the outer ‘war on terror’. The ‘coalition of the willing’ represents the Sixth Ray response of aspects of the personality of the planet led by the United States to the Sixth Ray fanaticism of those who seek the overthrow of the planetary personality. Behind the revolutionary forces lies the First Ray power of Pluto. Behind the conservative forces lies the First Ray of Vulcan. Behind the ‘with me or against me’ rhetoric we can see that something else is going on. These two forces of the Sixth Ray are brought together by the First Ray in order to produce something, to fashion (or really, reveal) something which we might call the ‘diamond soul’ of Earth humanity. This battle is polishing the discriminatory capacity of the mind of humanity. 238

And then within the United States there is another Sixth Ray battle going on, reflected in the national elections. This is more subtle, but a battle none the less between the left and right aspects of the Sixth Ray personality. To those caught up in it, the future of the world is at stake and all ‘right thinking’ people need to be convinced to join their side. —One thing both sides have in common is their righteousness. In its higher reaches this battle expresses the Fourth Ray: Intelligent partially soul-infused individuals on both sides, left and right, entering into (sometimes) respectful debate about the issues with the genuine aim of trying to find the best way forward for America and the world. Two extra forces can come into play when the Fourth Ray process is at work. One is the Shamballa force as it expresses through the will of the masses. The people must decide which of these two aspects of the American personality will take them through the next phase. When we put all our own prejudices and opinions aside we see that the Will of God is what IS and not what we think should be or would like to be. The other energy that can be brought in by the balancing process of the Fourth Ray is the Second Ray soul of America. Remember that America is on the 2—4—6 line, and the Fourth Ray bridges between the Sixth Ray soul and the Second Ray personality. These are the final words of the Fourth Ray integration formula: “The word goes forth from soul to form. ‘Both sides are one. There is no war, no difference and no isolation. The warring forces seem to war from the point at which you stand. Move on a pace. See truly with the opened eye of inner vision and you will find, not two but one; not war but peace; not isolation but a heart which rests upon the centre. Thus shall the beauty of the Lord shine forth. The hour is now.’” 239

It is well to remember that this fourth ray is preeminently the ray of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human kingdom, and therefore has a peculiar relation to the functions, relationships and the service of man, as an intermediate group, a bridging group, upon our planet. The function of this intermediate group is to embody a type of energy, which is that of at-one-ment.2 Compare this with the Sixth Ray integration formula for the personality: “The word goes out from soul to form: ‘Run not so straight. The path that you are on leads to the outer circle of the life of God; the line goes forward to the outer rim. Stand at the centre. Look on every side. Die not for outer forms. Forget not God, Who dwells behind the vision. Love more your fellow men.’”3 And the second ray formula for the soul: “The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Release thyself from all that stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. Look unto me with eyes of love, and seek the path which leads from the outer circle to the point. I, at the point, sustain. I, at the point, attract. I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing them to the centre and moving forward with the travelling points towards that great Centre where the One Point stands.’ What mean you by that Word?”4 The Fourth Ray can bring the opposite ‘running straight to the outer circle’ energies of the Sixth Ray together and hold 240

them in balance long enough for the point in the centre of the circle to attract their attention. The Second Ray soul of America channelling the Fourth Ray energy of ‘freedom’ can reach through to those on both sides of the political spectrum and fuse them into a governing body that has as its core principle not ‘political partisanship’ but the love of the whole. During the first part of the twenty-first century the parties were so evenly balanced that either side could easily have won and there was a great deal of cooperation evident in the forming of the various governing entities. Those on both sides of the political divide who are genuinely motivated by the soul of their country and the good of humanity actually have more in common than those who are at war for an ideal. In the Fourth Ray process this is revealed. Now I want to point out a third battle that really synthesises the other two—this one is even more subtle and has both Sixth and Fourth Ray elements, but is primarily a Fourth Ray issue and has the First Ray at its back. It is the issue of global governance and the United Nations. On the one hand there is the view that the United Nations as the only real international governing body we have currently produced, should be the decision maker when it comes to issues of global war and peace. This view would have it that the United States was wrong to act independently in the war in Iraq and should have submitted its national will to the will of the planetary body. On the other hand, there is the view that the UN is fatally flawed due to the admittance of totalitarian powers into the Security Council and therefore impotent to act when it is patently obvious that things need to be done on the planet. According to this view, the taking of independent action is the moral responsibility of the individual. Of course there are shadows on both sides as well as obvious truth. 241

This battle in my view is a higher one because it involves the Leo/Aquarius individual/group dynamic. On the one hand divinity can only fully express itself within the individual, and on the other hand the imperatives of the whole must override the self-serving personality assertions of the individual. Of course anyone who has been intimately involved in group process knows that it is not Leo versus Aquarius but the combined and healthy expressions of both energies that expresses the nature of the soul. The irony here is that the United States is an Aquarian soul, and the UN could be said to have certain Leonine characteristics. This last battle is a major global issue and is bringing up very important debate all over the world. How do we balance the demands of individual national sovereignty with international law and respect for different cultural and evolutionary imperatives? How do we have a whole (all the nations of the world) that is also differentiated in expression and development? How do we give up our attachment to our ideal of ‘peace’ after ‘the war to end all wars’; and reconcile ourselves to living with and managing necessary conflicts in order to reveal the true peace of Shamballa? If we looked behind this battle I think we would find Shamballa at work—fashioning in the third centre, Humanity, a polished jewel that will eventually be able to channel First Ray power. It is obvious that the United Nations as it stands cannot do this. It is equally obvious that the United States cannot and should not be allowed to run the world with its policies and agendas. The Aquarian soul of America is bringing to light through this conflict a very real deficiency in the current operation of global power and international law. We have a toothless, flawed, talk-aholic as the current incarnation of a planetary parliament. It will not do. AND we must remember that this 242

entity is only in its fifties—a tiny time span for the unfoldment of the First Aspect in humanity. It was a positive development, however flawed it may be. The lessons can be learned and it can be restructured or done away with and replaced with a more effective form. I propose that the events of the current planetary crisis involving war and international law are effects of this primary Shamballic intent. In giving humanity the power to make definitive choices what is also being revealed is the imminent need for a planetary body within humanity through which to make such choices, and precipitating a crisis that will help generate it. The United Nations is a Fourth Ray organisation, and by the time Hierarchy externalises and the Fourth Ray comes into expression in 2025 it (or a replacement body) must be in place to direct the energies within the throat chakra of the planetary being. Therefore the injunction to esoterically strengthen the UN does not necessarily mean exoterically supporting it. Indeed, the inflow of First Ray energies into any form will often result in its destruction to make way for a more suitable form, or it will purify the form of flaws so that it can handle increased LIFE. In summary, I would say that there is always a temptation to direct attention to the loudest demand, and esotericists are trying to develop the capacity to respond to the subtle forces at play behind outer events. My proposition is that the real issue on the planet demanding our attention is NOT the war on terror or the war in Iraq. Nor is it the presidential election in the United States—relatively important as these outer happenings are. The real game is the precipitation of a Fourth Ray crisis 243

within humanity as a whole in the attempt to reveal at the point of greatest tension the ‘cream’ of humanity—those initiates who will eventually form the jewel in the third planetary centre—the fusion point between Humanity and Hierarchy capable of more effectively channelling the Will of God on Earth. This revelation will be coincident with the formation or restructuring of a United Nations type body. If the proposition is correct, then as members of the New Group of World Servers one way we can play our part is by becoming conscious of this aim and helping collectively to focus this First Ray energy of Will and Purpose into the three worlds in the direction it is so willed.

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Uranus & Gaia All cultures seem to have some version of creation myth that involves the separation of heaven and earth and the coming into being of an intermediary world of light or consciousness. The Greek myth has had its most profound effect upon the Western mind and civilisation. HPB calls it the exoteric version of The Secret Doctrine. We can tell it is the exoteric version right away when we hear in the traditional version of Hesiod that Uranus was Gaia’s son. Right here we have materialism at its seed—matter gives birth to spirit. The esoteric version is the reverse—spirit gives birth to matter and Gaia is the child of Uranus who synthesises the entire cosmic physical plane. From a Hierarchical perspective the reality is a fusion of both. Spirit is matter and matter is spirit and so we have in the Orphic mysteries the version where Uranus and Gaia spring together out of Night—or the void. This is the ‘first fall’—one that creates a duality. We can think of the seventh cosmic plane as a circle, and at its central point the human Hierarchy on the buddhic plane.




The human being is therefore both the parent of this duality (from the cosmic buddhic plane) and the child (on the buddhic or fourth plane of the cosmic physical). In this latter sense we are Mercury—the son of God and messenger between heaven and earth. The ‘second fall’ involves the duality of Saturn and Venus. Saturn is the son of Uranus and Gaia. He castrates his father and replaces him as the patriarchal figure, marrying his sister Rhea. Saturn and Rhea then have offspring of their own. Sphere of Uranus/Gaia

Sphere of Saturn/Rhea Venus

From the severed genitals of Uranus, out of the foam of the sea, comes Venus. This is the second fall resulting in the Fifth Hierarchy, bestowing human beings with selfconsciousness at individualisation. Saturn and Venus—the personality and the soul—arise together, and in their struggle with each other they create the best and worst of what we call civilisation—an out-picturing of human consciousness on Earth. In his positive aspects Saturn creates a safe container for the nurturing of the soul and for the growth of those structures of consciousness which will serve spirit. In his negative aspects he is the controlling patriarchy, restricting and suppressing in 246

particular the power of the goddess—sexuality. Venus in her positive aspects bestows appreciation of the ‘finer things’—the finest of them all being spirit itself. In her negative aspects she seeks to undermine all boundaries through desire. This duality is not however, one of sprit and matter— Mother and Father. It is the duality generated between a Mother’s son (Saturn) and a Father’s daughter (Venus). Saturn and Venus are brought together and this duality resolved upon the mountain top of the Third Initiation, and after this time it is the deeper duality of Uranus and Gaia, or spirit and matter, with which the initiate deals. In the great sweep of evolution we can see that the second fall is necessary—without self-consciousness humanity cannot fulfil its role as a spiritually creative agent. That self-consciousness is developed in the nursery, but at a certain point of time that nursery becomes a confining prison and self-consciousness must become Self-consciousness. The universal Self must absorb back the individual self. The son of God (Mercury) and the son of mind (Venus) must marry and know their parents (Uranus and Gaia), and further know and identify with that Self who stands behind the whole triplicity of Father—Mother—Child. The struggle between Uranus and Saturn is primarily waged on the atmic plane. Saturn attempts to keep the potency of Uranus out of the lower five worlds until consciousness and civilisation are developed enough to ‘take the seed of the Father’, and Uranus is continually trying to break through into the ‘minds of men’ and reveal himself. The discovery of the seventh planet from the Sun and the naming of it ‘Uranus’ began a period in human civilisation where the potency of this heavenly power began to increase. This has begun a great revolution and renaissance of human civilisation which is ongoing. Symbolically it also coincided with the beginning of the outlawing of ‘castration’ in modern 247

society—a practice which goes back at least 6,500 years. Castration—in animals and then in man—was used as a ‘civilising’ influence. A eunuch was ‘one who can be trusted to watch over the inner household’ and they became great bureaucrats (we can see the hand of Saturn at work here). Ironically the castrati (boys castrated before puberty) were prized in the Church choirs for having voices that could ‘call unto the heavenly sphere’. Prior to the First Degree, Uranian energy has the effect of stimulating the sacral centre towards desire of form. This does not only express itself through sexuality. Freedom from attachment is brought about as the fires of desire are overcome, and though the sacral centre is depicted as having specific relation to the sex nature, yet that sex nature (as it expresses itself on the physical plane) is symbolic of any attachment between the soul and any object of desire other than the spirit.1 We also know that the sacral centre of Humanity is the centre that is used by the materialistic forces2 and that four major problems will be solved in the next 200 years: • Territorial possession • Sex • Death • The Middle East.3 All are related to ancient fear, and we are given the following meditative formula with which to work: In the sacral centre lie the ancient racial fears and deepseated personal desires. Ponder not upon the sacral centre, for that would bring these ancient inheritances to the surface, but let your work be related to the creative throat centre. Then perform the following exercise: 248

1. Sound the OM within the throat centre, as the soul focussed in the ajna centre. 2. See (with the creative imagination) the throat centre as a radiant, vibrant, brilliant reservoir and know it to be so. 3. Then send forth from that centre a broad and vital stream of energy, down the spine to the sacral centre in the spine, preserving the stream intact in your consciousness so that no part of it is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral centre, the gonads. 4. Then see the sacral centre (in the spine) as a radiant reservoir of energy, but as energy deflected from physical creative activity to the destruction of ancient racial fears in the world. Then project that energy out into the world of men, to aid in the destruction of fear. 5. Next, reaffirming your consciousness positively in the ajna centre, withdraw your attention from the sacral centre and the throat centre and sound the OM—as the directing disciple—seven times, slowly and inaudibly.4 If we apply this formula to the planet as a whole we would have the following: 1. Sound the OM as the soul in the ajna centre (Hierarchy in the NGWS), in the throat centre (Humanity), visualising the creation of a reservoir of vital Life. 2. Send forth this stream of Life to the sacral centre (materialistic forces) taking care that it is deflected from expression on the physical plane. See then the sacral centre as a radiant reservoir of energy streaming out into the world to aid in the destruction of fear. 249

3. Then reaffirming focus in ajna (NGWS), sound the OM seven times (one for each plane of the cosmic physical). This would be an Aquarian meditation—groups working with groups. Third Degree initiates are those who have ‘conquered death’ and are in conscious touch with the Life principle. Uranus rules their crown chakra and they have lifted and sacredised their own lower nature. Standing together as part of the NGWS or ajna centre of Humanity, they are able to generate a reservoir of that Life and transmit that vital fearless energy to that centre where desire, distorted by fear, prevails. They can do this because they are in touch with Light Supernal—a seven-fold light which is the synthesis of the planes (and chakras)—with the soul (7 = 5 = 12). Saturn is unable to ‘seal the door’ but can merely attempt to control and limit the activity of the materialistic forces. We can see this in Iraq, and in another sense we can see it in the attempts to regulate business and sexuality. Saturn can limit behaviour but it does not get to the root of the problem. The best a Saturnian civilisation can do is balance the selfish desires of the individual with the needs of society as a whole. At best an uneasy truce prevails. Venus cannot ‘seal the door’. Love, with all its power to uplift and call to the best in the human soul, is not enough. There are forces resistant to this power. What is required is the revelation and affirmation of our true parentage and our essential divinity. Gradually, behind the scenes but becoming more visible, are the players in the original duality. Gaia is making her presence felt and humanity is suddenly becoming aware that there will be consequences to its unbridled desire. Uranus, through Hierarchy and recently directly through Shamballic impact, is beginning to make its presence felt. Like two poles 250

of a great defibrillator this primary duality generates the electric charge to kick start the Heart of the system—the human soul—into ‘Life more abundant’. Uranus, Hierophant of the Mysteries, resolves the tension—not by balancing the desires of the individual and the needs of the whole (as does Saturn through Libra), but by revealing to the individual that he IS the whole. The individual and universal—Leo and Aquarius—are brought together by Uranus who rules them both (the highest and lowest) from the hierarchical level. The same process that involves the transmission of Life in the individual or within the planetary life, also takes place cosmically. Our Solar Logos has yet to take the Third cosmic Initiation, and so a more developed Logos (the Logos of Sirius) played the part of energy transmitter when the last phase of anchoring the mysteries on Earth was enacted. Just as the individual soul needs a Christ, so our Solar Logos has his cosmic Christ who is in touch with his Father or monadic originthe galactic centre. We might illustrate the anchoring of the Sirian mysteries on Earth via Uranus as the first pictograph below. The second shows the remaining phase that corresponds to building the higher aspect of the dual antahkarana. We might expect our Solar Logos to make his own direct alignment with the galactic centre in this next phase, and its registration in the consciousness of Humanity as a centre in his body seems to be a critical part of that process.


Galactic Centre





Phase 1

Phase 2

The Anchoring of the Mysteries

The Third planetary Initiation is the First solar Initiation. The Third solar Initiation is the First Sirian Initiation and, as we might expect, the Third Sirian is the First galactic or cosmic Initiation. In this way the great empowerment of the cosmic Life force is transmitted throughout the consciousness of the galaxy, and each initiate forms part of the transmission of that Life. What we call the ‘solarisation of a planet’ or the ‘Return of the Christ’ or the ‘Externalisation of the Hierarchy’ is a single process that is spread throughout time, space and consciousness. The anchoring of the soul on Earth begins to take hold in the First Degree initiate and is consummated in the Third Degree initiate. Humanity as a whole is undergoing 252

the First Degree and so the planetary sacral centre is being raised to the throat centre as the Christ returns. First Degree, Third Degree and Fifth Degree initiates all experience different consciousness and roles in this process. For higher initiates, at the same time as the process we call the ‘return of the Christ’ is taking place, a paralleling process we might call ‘the return of the Father’ or more accurately ‘the return of the Father/Mother’ is occurring. Of course nothing is really returning as nothing ever left—it is human consciousness that is doing the re-turning and so experiences the appearance and disappearance of certain ever present realities. Yes, it is true at a level that Venus is the ‘soul of Earth’, and yes it is true at a level that the Earth scheme is synthesised by Saturn. At another level however, we will experience Earth as the bride and Uranus the heavenly bridegroom, and at that wedding feast the water will be turned to the wine of communion that the Aquarian Age promises. An Aquarian version of the Lord’s Prayer might be more like the following: Our Father/Mother who art everywhere and when Hallowed be all names Thy kingdom is ever present Our Will is being done On this Earth as part of Heaven Let us realise in consciousness What we experience in Life DIVINITY IS

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