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SENSORY WEANING Multi award-winning children’s feeding brand Tidy Tot has introduced the concept of ‘sensory weaning’, which centres around stimulating a baby’s senses during the weaning process. “Learning to eat is the most complex sensory task that a baby has to do in their first year of life,” says director Jennifer Unsworth. “The launch of the sensory weaning programme is very much at the heart of our commitment to support UK retail in delivering something new. Supporting our retail partners by developing initiatives that drive interest around the Tidy Tot brand is good for all of us.”

Above: New products to the Tidy Tot range include a long-sleeve disposable bib and the long length coverall bib which extends the range beyond baby and firmly into the toddler category.

 too long, allowed them to struggle

with difficult cutlery and stuck with plain food to avoid stressful mealtimes,” Catherine continued. “We now recognise it is vital for kids to get involved in the kitchen and understand what is in their food. It is also imporant for social development, to enjoy the whole experience of mealtimes. This takes time and patience to achieve; there are no quick fixes!” To help achieve this, Doddl is launching a range of baby cutlery in June 2019. Designed to offer all the developmental benefits of the older Doddl cutlery, it can be used by babies as young Right: Bibetta’s UltraBib with sleeves comes in a fun tropical fish or flamingo print.

Right: Nana’s Manners cutlery range launched into schools and nurseries earlier this year, a major milestone for the brand. Below: Doddl baby cutlery is designed for babies to feed themselves, allowing them to use their basic palm grip and encouraging them to develop pincer grip strength.

as six months old, allowing them to safely explore cutlery alongside food, textures and tastes. Using cutlery can still be an issue for older children and that’s where kids’ cutlery company Nana’s Manners comes into play. The knife and fork set is carefully and cleverly designed to help children eat properly while also supporting fine motor skill development by encouraging regular use of the smaller hand muscles. “We’re all about making mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone,” said founder Cathryn Baldrey-Chourio. “We’ve spoken with many children’s nutritionists over the past few years and seen a definite shift as there is an increasing awareness that it is better to start good habits early than break bad ones later!” The first range of Nana’s Manners cutlery was designed for children aged three upwards, so Cathryn was careful to select shades of colours that preschoolers would not find babyish. “While parents polled liked grey and pale colour options, these did not make the cut when it came to children selecting their favourites! We have found that products that offer a genuine benefit to children will naturally appeal to parents as well.” Appealing to older children and their sense of fun and independence is also important to Skip Hop, with

its colourful ZOO collection which offers products across a wide range of categories, including feeding. “We believe in products that simplify life while enabling child development, driving independence and fostering imagination,’ explained marketing executive Faye Anderson. “Our ZOO range puts the fun in functional as we provide toddler mealtime and on-the-go essentials with friendlyfaced characters little ones love!” Feeding has always been a part of Skip Hop’s product range, but it has developed recently to provide even more innovative designs for new modern families. “Constantly on-the-go parents need convenient ways to store food and snacks,” said Faye. “Finding creative ways to serve up tasty and nutritious treats for kids means parents are always looking for products that work alongside this.” With all manner of quality products on the market it’s easier than ever before for parents to ensure their children have a healthy balanced diet – and of course there’s no doubt that happy meal times are good for parents and children alike!

BIB BUSINESS Feeding and weaning is the main focus of baby brand Bibetta’s business, as the company continues to expand to adapt to families’ changing needs, designing its bibs to appeal to both parents and children alike. “Parents are starting to research the weaning process in more detail since the guidelines changed to begin weaning from six months plus,” said director Fiona Brown. “They want the products they use to be flexible enough to support whichever weaning process they decide to follow.” PROGRES SIVE PRESCHOOL

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