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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2019

Occupying Our Food Future By Mark Sheehan A major power shift is happening now as thousands of protestors gather on Mauna Kea to demand respect for the mountain and an end to colonial expropriation of everything sacred to Hawaiians. The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is not the problem; foreign occupation is the problem. Just as the SHAKA Movement fought Monsanto’s chemical experiments on our ’aina and families, this new activism signals another turning point to end the desecration of sacred lands for any reason. Just as Mauna Kea is sacred, so are Maui waters, oceans and lands. Why, then, do we allow offshore investors to control and pollute them? Last year, California-owned Pomona Farming acquired 41,000 acres from A&B. The new management promised to be good stewards, claiming they would test and remediate soils. They swore off GMOs and vowed to grow food mostly for local needs. They said they’d be transparent, build a food hub, and devote land for agroforestry use. We were dubious, but hopeful. But when Mahi Pono’s tough-talking farm manager Larry Nixon resigned after four months, cautious optimism faded; and after fires ravaged thousands of acres, the whole operation looks amateurish and incompetent. When they should have been planting cover crops to prevent fires and regenerate soil, the top brass was at the State Capitol pushing the ‘water theft’ bill at the legislature. In addition to the land, Mahi Pono owns half of East Maui Irrigation, the delivery system that supplies water to Upcountry residents and ranchers. A&B left the system a shambles, but the new owners said they’d rebuild and repair it. Recent reports from hikers suggest otherwise; they saw the old diversions still in place and weed-choked

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and dry streambeds. Maui farmers and environmentalists are shocked by the incompetence. One said, “It’s sad enough that the remains of dead soil left by A&B blow out to sea and smother our reefs, but couple that loss of topsoil and the diminishing ability to regenerate our valuable farmland, and it’s devastating.” Mahi Pono is not living up to its name or keeping its promises. Will we always be subject to owners putting profits over people and the environment? Not anymore. The climate crisis has changed the world and the new Hawaiian activism has changed Hawaii. It’s time to bring the Mauna Kea protectors to Maui to protect our lands and waters. We have to call out the farm charade and insist our soils be restored. We must create and implement a farm and food system that can feed us. Occupying the lands may be our best bet to guarantee future food security. The same urgency applies to the East Maui streams that have been dewatered for over a century. While Mahi Pono promises to fix the EMI system, instead they have been fighting a legal battle to assure them of unlimited water. Corporations do not concern themselves with ecological and environmental issues, nor are

they swayed by native cultural rights and practices. Profit drives all decisions. It’s time to create a water trust controlled by end-users. Once repaired and under new management, there will be sufficient water to meet our domestic and farming requirements. You might think state agencies would be interested in the tremendous potential of 40,000 acres watered mostly by state-owned lands. But for decades the Department of Land and Natural Resources sold A&B water for $3 per million gallons. No, the state doesn’t care; but our county council members are taking notice. So is the Maui Department of Water Supply, which just set up a temporary investigative group to consider county takeover of the EMI system. Four years ago, Maui Tomorrow wrote an alternative vision for use of the sugar lands. Called Malama Aina, the plan would restore depleted land to create future food security based on regenerative agriculture. It’s an inspiring document – read it here: A companion vision, Malama Wai, is needed to protect the forests that store water and the delivery system that supplies residences, farms and ranches. We know from watching the devastation Hurricane Maria wrecked on Puerto Rico that when catastrophe strikes, islanders are on their own. So it’s time to occupy our food system. It’s time for the Hawaiians to come back to protect these islands, to demand pono use of our wai and ’aina. Radical? Damn right. But better than stupid. Mark Sheehan is a real estate broker and environmental activist. He is a partner in the HAPI organic farm and thinks food security is critical to our future survival.

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Fall, 2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

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Your Radiant Awakening

Imagine the experience of a radiant awakening – a sense of connectedness with all of life takes over; a downpour of liquid light fills your mind and body. In this moment of experiencing oneness, all is well, despite your personal issues and all the problems in the world. If we all could feel this connection all the time, do you think the world would transform into a better place? The potential is there for us all to become the loving, giving people that our Creator intended. It is our true nature; this seed is within us. When we forget who we truly are, this often causes suffering for ourselves and others and leads to drama. Check out the articles in this edition to help guide you toward your own unique experience of radiant awakening. Perhaps you’ll awaken to your true radiant nature within and enhance your abilities to share love and light with the world. - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2019

Exploring The Art Of Receiving

By Marsha Wald The human experience is filled with so much mystery. We are not given any physical guidelines on how to navigate the journey, but we all expect to do a great job at living. As we begin to expand through living, we begin to learn and create our own perception of life based on our experiences and what is taught to us by our parents, peers and society. One of the many lessons we are taught very early is to be kind. Kindness is then perceived as good and is demonstrated through the act of giving and sharing with others. If kindness is shown through the act of giving and we all are taught to give, then most likely the person being given to also has the perception that they should be giving and not receiving. They may quickly want to give away whatever was given to them because it feels uncomfortable to hold on to it. Can you sense the anxiety just from reading this paragraph? And so the consciousness of giving is embedded in our psyche, but not the consciousness of receiving. Some of us have dreams and desires that we fail to see manifest because sometimes we are not aware of the tiny misperception of receiving that keeps us hostage; and the dreams/desires manifested are quickly destroyed because we are uncomfortable with receiving. If reading this article makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s time to rewire your consciousness to receive. It’s simple; just start by saying, “I am worthy to receive.” That simple phrase repeated multiple times a day will change your life. It did for me and it can do the same for you. Marsha Wald is the founder of Art of Living Maui. She has a passion to help people achieve their best by offering tools that are practical and applicable, such as feng shui, life strategies coaching, Reiki and numerology. Visit Contact: marsha@, 808.280.1751.

Persimmon Awakenings

By Gayle Barklie, CCHT, MFC On an afternoon walk, I discovered several persimmon trees, branches laden with unripe fruitlets. Not knowing anything about this peculiar looking fruit, I searched on Google and was amazed to learn the extensive nutritional and health benefits it offers. Actually, I had never even seen baby persimmons; I didn’t even know what kind of trees these were until they ‘told’ me. I communicate intuitively with plants, just like I do with animals and human clients. This tree proudly boasted: Come check me out next month… you’ll be astonished! Whenever I interact with plants, my mind feels like it’s rapidly scanning through lifetimes of ancient, archival farming data. Like with clients during hypnotherapy sessions, I flip through past existences and gather volumes of concealed, informational memories. Metaphorically speaking, the ripening “Fruit of the Gods” symbolizes the process of watching clients ‘ripen’ to their new life, transforming as they awaken to their soul purpose. Some people think that few things taste nastier than unripe persimmons – leaving your tongue feeling like it’s covered in bitter orange shag carpet. However, when harvested at their ripe-for-the-picking time, they’re candy sweet. As with these fruits, each human has his or her ‘right time’ to be ‘picked.’ Attempting to do something before your personal readiness timeline, only produces a bitter harvest and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. These persimmons remind me how easy it is to live off the land. It’s blissful to eat wild chicken eggs, kalua pig, and sweet poha berries for dessert. Self-sustainability is free for the gathering. The best things in life are worth waiting for and show up when least expected. Gayle Barklie, CCHT, MFC of Soul Purpose Maui, has helped clients transform from struggling to inspired through transpersonal hypnotherapy, past life regression, Life Between Lives, clinical art therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling since 1991. Email for a free 30-minute phone session. Visit, call 808.344.5688.

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Tame Your Ego For Lasting Happiness By Paul O’Brien A common spiritual trope is that we should get rid of ego. The word can even make us cringe or feel guilty. We try to suppress parts of ourselves, but to operate in the world we can use a strong sense of self. When kept in its place, a healthy ego is extremely beneficial. It helps us get things done and express the unique gifts of who we are. Ego can feel separate, unloved and threatened, afraid of intimacy and afraid to let love in. On the useful side, its basic job is to defend us. We can allow it to relax its guard, feel less separate, and support our higher selves. But to insist on “no ego” is just an egoistic mentality struggling with itself. We can approach all ego actions with openness instead of judgment and channel them to serve the heart through authentic engagement and love. Whether you are coming from ego or from your heart is the central question regarding lasting fulfillment in life. Spiritual mystic Matt Kahn defines ego as “the imaginary identity of an overstimulated nervous system.” He characterizes an overstimulated nervous system as having a closed heart, a noisy mind, low self-esteem, with an ego that runs things like an overcontrolling commander-in-chief. We can learn to engage and integrate the ego as a competent lieutenant, who helps us get our needs met, while taking direction from the higher self. Gradually, we can unravel and heal our battered nervous systems. The keys are radical acceptance, compassion (including self-compassion), honesty and emotional receptivity. Just like


e are naturally wired to restore harmony and resiliency in our nervous systems and physiology. Over time, with support and practice, we can learn how to tune into these natural rhythms and develop a naturally coherent and regulated nervous system. Organic Intelligence® is a tool to help us feel more relaxed and resilient. It fosters kindness and compassion and allows alignment with what has deep meaning for us. This possibility is what inspires me to offer Organic Intelligence® to others.

To contact Katharine, visit or call 808-572-4972 Page 6

Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2019

its fears, the ego cannot be defeated, cured, or overcome. It evolves through our commitment to love ourselves and each other. When we let ourselves feel grief, rage, terror and other emotions, we can free the ego to better serve our soulful hearts. The ego is only capable of conditional love and tends to be transactional, and that’s okay under many circumstances. When the immature ego, weak and conflicted, is in control, however, it blocks fulfillment. According to Matt Kahn, the ego can be thought of as the “soul in incubation.” We process ego stages of development in trying to attain security, pleasure and power. It’s only when we get stuck on one of these three lower levels of consciousness that the ego’s control bites us. (Eckhart Tolle refers to this as the “pain body.”) The soul, or higher self, is a wave on the cosmic sea, connected to all. Unconditional love comes via the soul, via a heart-centered higher consciousness. Whether we know why or how, everything is here to help us in making the transition from ego-centered to heart-centered. “While the ego judges each feeling solely on how painful or pleasant it is, the soul views each emotion while it lasts as an opportunity to love itself,” writes Kahn. Instead of fighting our ego, let’s learn to embrace it, listen to it and from that, grow and learn. In truth, through all the changes we can’t control, through all the pain and suffering of its dissatisfactions, the ego is evolving to serve the heart. Although it hurts sometimes, love is our only fulfillment … more than worth the price. Paul O’Brien is author of Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and the “Visionary I Ching” App, host of Pathways podcasts, and founder of Paul had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Kahn (spiritual teacher, healer and author) on his Pathways podcast ( and recently attending his three-day retreat in Portland, Oregon.

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Fall, 2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2019

Luminous Healing

Living Authentically

By Sara Schroepfer Life experiences create habits and ways of being that serve to protect us; eventually they become patterns, defining who and what we are. In daily life, we can get stuck in the mundane details and forget that we are on an epic journey, a hero’s quest. Patterns may begin to restrict growth. When we become stuck in these limitations, it may be difficult to find our way out. Becoming aware of restrictive patterns allows us to shift. If we are not living our highest truth, then likely a two-by-four will come down across our head to wake us up! This may come in the form of disease, divorce or other trauma. This intervention brings awareness that we can no longer go on living this way; otherwise we will be derailed from our life’s path. We are called to become an observer — to step outside of ourselves and view the bigger picture of our life. This may require a guide, as it takes practice and discipline to witness one’s own life as a movie. The observer watches the characters, storylines and themes. Staying emotionally neutral to the drama, one identifies the hero’s obstacles as they go through trials and tribulations, coming out the other side triumphant and victorious. Energy medicine, or what I call luminous healing, helps clear patterns and imprints from the energy field so that it can reorganize around a place of empowerment instead of a wounding. Becoming conscious of your patterning and life story brings freedom to rewrite it. This allows you, the hero, to choose a new direction — one that will serve you in a greater and more fulfilling way! It is always possible to choose a new ending by shifting the perception of the past and the present ground you stand on. Sara Schroepfer is a shamanic practitioner and owner/director of 808 Wellness Healing Spa & Yoga Studio. 808 offers acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, retail and yoga. Visit for more information.

By Mary-Allana Holmes How do you know when your life is ‘on track’ — that is, when you are truly walking your path, finding ways to express your deepest desires, and putting your natural gifts into service? It is an alignment that brings genuine joy, a feeling of flow and inner peace, and a knowing that you are part of everything. But what are the steps that can take us there? The road to becoming genuinely authentic isn’t an easy one. You have to constantly check in to discover what is true for you; you must let yourself search past the things you believe, have been taught, or think you know. A deep inner knowing tells you the truth about yourself. You have to quiet your mind, listen and feel. When we become authentic, the Truth literally sets us free. Everyone has a different path. You have to dig deep and find what is true for you. Get help from people who can help you to heal, not just treat your symptoms. Walk away from relationships that don’t fuel your authentic truth. Move past the fear to express what you genuinely feel. Look for others who support you. It can be a lot of work, take a lot of time, and be uncomfortable at times. But you are the conductor, the captain of your journey. Be gentle with yourself and make progress at your own rate. The universe is in high supporting mode now, and it will assist you when you start to take the steps. And know that you are not alone; there are people waiting, who will also show up to help you as you grow.

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Fall, 2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Tomorrow

Protecting Maui For 30 Years

By Mark Sheehan The vision of the Maui Tomorrow Foundation organization emerged from years of efforts to defend Maui from poorly planned growth. Three decades ago, young activists decided to protect beaches for Maui’s families to enjoy, rather than let them get developed for profit; they wanted to fight sprawl by promoting smart growth. They understood that water is a natural resource that needs to meet the needs of many, not just a few. For decades there were battles over land and water use, challenges regarding reef protection and wastewater disposal. The Superferry effort, for example, involved collaborating with Kauai and Hawaii Island and ocean protectors to take our case (twice) to the Hawaii Supreme Court. The rulings protected state environmental laws and our local resources. Twenty plus years of standing with local communities to defend traditional water rights has led to historic decisions to restore many Maui streams. We collaborated with taro farmers, stream dwellers and Native Hawaiian activists to achieve water justice. Our allies included Hui o Na Wai Eha, the Sierra Club and the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation. Clearly, Maui has now reached a crisis with visitor numbers exceeding our island’s carrying capacity. Years of County failure to build affordable housing has left working families in crisis. Whether it is development or natural resources, we must redouble our efforts to preserve, protect and provide viable solutions for residents and our keiki. Look at the central valley. Recent fires and the current drought raise questions about how best to manage the former sugar lands by planting cover crops on the fallow acres and regenerating the soils; by modernizing East Maui’s decaying 19th century ditch system and restoring its watersheds; and by bringing back native forest where invasive species have overrun the valleys. We have to make sure the new owner of the central valley farm land, Mahi Pono, lives up to its name. We need food to feed our families, not exotic export crops for profit. A lot is at stake with the climate crisis. Please take the time to visit to get informed and get involved. We have only one Maui. Mark Sheehan has been a MTF board member for 30 years.

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2019

Eat My Stardust

By Dr. DreamingBear Come to the boundaries of possibility and witness the birth of a new creation! If emotions don’t happen without our permission, they’re not authentic. Love is the anti-extinction equation allowing us to start with the impossible and work our way backwards. Bearing witness to each other’s beauty in such a way as to become the nursery of enchantment birthing itself into posterity. How does one describe penultimate dimension to a shallow world? It is a depth without an ocean. The shadow in you is moonlight moving though you. This beautiful creature that is you first needs adoration to establish a baseline for its creation and continued sustenance. It must be fully appreciated for what it is as a new species of Lover! Setting a new standard in recognition, which if not met would starve this newness. Impossibility can’t do this all by itself; it needs a conspirator in the form of mystery-magic-mischief to tease itself out of formlessness into viability. How do you feed this new creature? See it as it truly is ... recognize! True love has to be recognized in order to exist, and yet to be recognized it must exist in the future so it can be seen in the now. That’s the paradox of itself. Truth is a kiss wrapped in a hug shrouded in a lovemaking session. Loving you reveals who and what I truly am. The quality of love is playful, wild, passionate, innocent, and horny as hell! I love the way your eyes dance even when they’re closed, in perfect rhythm. Never be ashamed of anything that makes you smile. What did you do? You just suddenly appeared looking all beautiful. Nature has set the scene and now all we have to do is show up and kiss. What my tongue lacks in its ability to describe your beauty, it makes up for in its ability to trace. How can I hold you and let you be free at the same time? I never close the door on this moment of our togetherness. Little boys cry over toys, but a real man will hold you when you need it most, and seeds your heart with shameless love and reckless self abandonment. Leave me a thousand times, come back a thousand and one. These paragraphs are pregnant; I could just unravel each sentence into holy scripture and recite your name chapter and verse. Holding and being held in the sunrise of a serpentine ocean whose surface tension undulates and oscillates like the skin of a great watery beast! When I close my eyes the rain outside is falling in me, coming down my hair like a fern leaf and dropping into perfect tears upon my cheeks. When the deepest layers of pleasure hit, your face changes. The universe keeps her shooting star-gun lock and loaded, firing it frequently when something unbelievable happens, saying to possibility, eat my stardust! Dr. DreamingBear is nature’s poet and mystic philosophical entertainer. Author of 11 books/albums and creator of Lovevolution Foundation Charity, he produces Mauitopia TV show, Maui Mystic radio show, Temple of Dreams Animal Sanctuary, and Rainbow Honeycomb Butterfly Sanctuary. Visit and to purchase products, make donations, or book an edutainment event.

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Ask Ania - Love Advice From Paradise By Ania Ananda Wood Question: I want to be upfront about my own history of trauma but I find it scares away potential mates. How can I be playful, open and receptive while communicating my needs and boundaries? – Anonymous, Montreal

Dear Anonymous in Montreal, Your instincts are definitely aligned with creating authentic, deep intimacy if you want to be upfront about your trauma history. It sounds like these potential mates have not been a match to your depth. You deserve to be loved for you who are, not for how much space you don’t take up. The hidden gift in trauma is that it forces us to get intimate with our own humanity, our tenderness, and our fierce courage. Such wizened souls need a partner who has some experience being intimate with his/her own soul. They can only offer you the same quality of presence they can offer themselves. I would advise you to let that be a litmus test for who you choose to connect with intimately. As you are getting to know each other, check this person out for how deeply s/he can connect with their own human vulnerability. It’s not hard to be playful, open, and receptive, while also being deep and real, when your heart feels safe with another person. So, how do you attract someone you can feel safe being open with? I have had the privilege of supporting many women on their dating journeys and one of the most fun moments for me is when a woman who has previously complained that “there are no men out there who want a commitment,” that she “scares off” potential partners when she’s truth-

ful, comes to tell me later that her whole dating pool miraculously transformed, and now she’s only finding partners who want the same thing she wants, and she doesn’t have to settle after all. After we clean up wounds around being too much or not lovable as we are, the outside world miraculously changes! One of my very favorite tools to help this inner alignment shift into place is to Act As If You Are With Your Ideal Soul Mate (or your ideal lover, depending on what you’re looking for). If you do just this one thing well, you will find your person, because this mindset is deep yoga for

the heart. Think of it as a mental yoga pose that slowly works your emotional body into alignment. If you act as if you are dating your ideal soulmate, you will be naturally validating your needs, dissolving the illusion of scarcity, sending your subconscious the message that you are worthy of what you desire, and stepping out of your own way for quickly seeing whether the person you are dating is a match. You don’t have to get judgey or hurt; this can be a simple process of “Oh, you’re not my person! My person wouldn’t respond that way. Good luck on your journey!” And if they are a match, you make it more likely for their higher self to come forward when you are relating to them from a stance of someonewho-is-joyfully-seeking-her-person rather than from an unconscious stance of someone-who-isfearfully-trying-to-figure-you-out. If we believe that our needs are “too much” for others, then we are vibrationally resonant with a reality where other people will feel we are “too much.” When we do the healing work of aligning with a different belief, questioning and challenging those internalized soul-censors, we become vibrationally resonant with a reality where we are loved for who we are.

Love, Ania

Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP empowers clients to clear unconscious blocks and create the lives and relationships of their dreams. She offers sessions from her home office in Haiku or over video. Visit or www. To have a love question answered here, send it to with your name and city.

Fall, 2019

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Are You An Empath?

By April Curry Have you ever wondered if you are an empath? For most of my life I was unaware that I am an empath. It took acceptance, awareness of my empathic traits, and learning how to clear my energy to truly realize that it was a gift and not a curse. Below are five signs that you may be an empath: 1) You can feel other people’s emotions, physical states and energy. 2) You become easily overwhelmed in public or with crowds of people. 3) After being around people, you need time to recuperate. Being in nature really helps you to clear. 4) You can pick up on good/bad vibes in a room, geographical location, or from people. 5) You are sensitive to loud noises, lights, climate, fabrics, and to people who are high strung. At Maui Reiki Healing, I work on clearing with Reiki, which is an energy healing modality that helps to restore balance, reduce stress, ease pain, and promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki is a great way for empaths to clear their energetic system so that they can more clearly see where certain energies are coming from. I also discuss with my clients energy management, self-awareness, self-clearing, and lifestyle changes that specifically cater to the individual. Each individual is unique, and therefore each person should be treated in the way his or her energetic body suggests. Each person I work with receives a personalized healing session. To some extent, everyone has empathic qualities. Reiki can benefit not only empaths; it can also benefit those who are looking to become more energetically balanced in their life. April Curry, owner of Maui Reiki Healing, is a certified Reiki Master. April uses her intuitive guidance to help guide her through each Reiki session. Visit her at The Dragons Den (3681 Baldwin Ave, Makawao) and Lotus Acupuncture (1043 Makawao Ave, #106, Makawao). Call 808.633.6556 or visit

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By David W. Fauvre I encountered the Enneagram personality typology 25 years ago and it completely transformed my life. The Enneagram defines nine personality types represented geometrically by a nine-pointed figure. For those who know the Enneagram, I’m a ‘sexual 468’ — ‘the truth teller’ or the ‘romantic individualist.’ Watching people discover themselves using the Enneagram has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced. Discovering our Enneagram type reveals our greatest gifts and fears. More importantly, unlike other personality models, it offers a road map to transform them. What makes the Enneagram unique as a model of personality is that it provides the ‘why’ behind our behavior. This makes it an especially powerful tool to understand our own motivations and defenses, and it engenders compassion for others who have a different Enneagram type from ours. My favorite saying is, “When all is understood, all is forgiven.” The Enneagram goes further in providing a map for self-understanding and understanding others than any other model I’ve seen. When we understand why another person acts a certain way, we can no longer take it personally, and we often feel compassion where we once felt annoyance or fear. I’ve seen the Enneagram save troubled marriages, dramatically improve parent-child relationships, and turn the behavior of a difficult co-worker from annoying to humorous. I’ve witnessed countless students who, upon discovering their Enneagram type, literally transformed their relationship with themselves from one of frustration and confusion to clarity and compassion. Over the last 20 years, I’ve taught the Enneagram to thousands of students worldwide, and over a hundred thousand Enneagram enthusiasts have taken my professional Enneagram personality tests. David W. Fauvre, MA is founder of Enneagram Explorations and For Enneagram coaching or trainings, contact He will offer a training in Paia Oct. 5-6. Gift to Maui Vision readers: take David’s professional Enneagram tests for free ($18 value). Visit and enter the code: Maui Vision.

Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage

(in-call out-call on Maui)


he organs are not only responsible for the transformation and transportation of food that we eat but also process our emotional responses to outside information, CNT is an amazing healing modality that helps release blockages and health conditions.

Reichian Therapy

MAcOM, LAc, LMT, is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist.

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Enneagram Revelations

Fall, 2019

People learn to hold back basic needs and feelings which they have been taught to be inappropriate. An enormous amount of time and energy is spent suppressing these instincts, especially during childhood and traumatic events that Reich called blockages and armoring. A most effective way to free blocked energies is through breathing and movement techniques of Reichian therapy.

5 Element Dance Movement Teacher Training - Nov. 16-17 Macrobiotic class - Nov. 2, 10am-1pm Chi Nei Tsang class - Nov. 23, 1-4pm FB page: Sheri Brinks 310-490-7493

How To Awaken Spiritually

By John Gelert, LMT It is refreshing to see people who have radiant smiles. They shine brightly, expressing love everywhere they go. These people are spiritually awake. Their hearts are open to God to give them intuition, awareness, and an infinite supply of love to be shared freely wherever it is needed. How do we awaken spiritually? First we need to become aware of our spiritual condition. We need to examine our beliefs and be open-minded to explore new ideas. We need to meditate to receive answers. If we cannot hear the answers, then a refreshing change like going to a special place outdoors may help. We must let go of all negative thoughts that block our connection to God, and we must focus only on the good. It is important to take care of ourselves in all ways, including eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise and sleep. We must forgive, be patient, be truthful, and practice gratitude. As the spiritual awakening unfolds, the ego surrenders to the Divine Spirit to embody the Divine within us. Sometimes there are energetic reasons that block our ability to connect with God. Negative thoughts from past dramas can appear as dark patches in our auras. Accumulated stress in our bodies can shut down energy channels. Massage therapy can help open these channels to heal all parts of the body, including internal organs. Each chakra represents a divine aspect of our lives. Practicing kundalini yoga or receiving crystal energy healing can help energy to flow freely through all chakras for full vitality. When we are spiritually awake (or enlightened), we are happier and have a new perception of the world around us. We feel that life is sacred and we are drawn to nature and positive communities. We are grounded, creative, intelligent, emotional, powerful, compassionate, truthful, intuitive, conscious and wise. We have inner peace and radiate love. John Gelert owns Lomi Hanamana Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Kihei. Call or text 808.214.5054 for more information, or to schedule a session.

We Are Mauna Kea

By Jody Mountain I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a heightened awareness that someone was awake and watchful at the top of the highest mountain in the world – Mauna Kea. For a split second, it was as if I was looking through his eyes, or was just behind his head looking out on the cold, dark shapes of the mountain. I could feel a calmness in the alert gaze, a watchfulness that was full of love, a welcoming of this kuleana (responsibility) to watch over the land and the people even through the night. There is a growing movement at the top of Mauna Kea, and all over the world, to support the Hawaiian people in protecting their sacred mountain. They are fighting a century and a half of oppression after having the sovereign and internationally recognized Kingdom of Hawai’i captured by the United States. Hawaiians have finally said ‘Enough,’ and are standing to protect their most sacred mountain from the building of the TMT telescope. Protecting Mauna Kea, however, is not just a cultural issue – a reclaiming of rightful lands and autonomy. Although that is long overdue, this movement is also about protecting Life. It is the voice of our indigenous brothers and sisters giving us the opportunity to remember what is true: Mauna Kea is not just a land mass. It is awake and alive with beingness. Standing for Mauna Kea is standing for all of Life. It is asking us to remember that the same life that moves through our veins, also moves through the mountain. It breathes with the same Life we do. Whether we recognize it or not, we all are Mauna Kea. Visit to support. Jody Mountain is a bodyworker and teacher of Ancient Lomi Lomi in the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. She teaches a 10-day retreat on Maui November 15-24. Call 808.269.0591 / Visit for more information.

Visiting Past Lives For Healing

By Barbara Ensign, CHt. I became interested in hypnosis many years ago when I learned that you can replace your fear-based beliefs with ones that are in alignment with your highest good. With the use of hypnosis, not only can these beliefs be replaced, but if you really have the desire to make the change, it can be done easily. A hypnosis session using positive suggestions is good for anyone who would like to change a behavior. Hypnosis is easy and effective for anyone. Once I became a certified hypnotherapist, I was introduced to past life regression. Past life regression far exceeded my expectations, not only for me personally, but for many of my clients. Using a past life regression to tap into a significant past life can heal your present life physically, spiritually and emotionally. A past life regression is beneficial for anyone who has fears or phobias, or would like to reawaken positive memories to help them move forward. As I continued on my path, I trained with Michael Newton and became certified by the Michael Newton Institute as a life between lives practitioner. A life between lives session is very unique. Once regressed, you visit your immediate past life and continue into the spirit world. Once in the spirit world, you connect with your guides and receive answers about this life or any others you have lived. I have witnessed lives completely change once viewed from the perspective of one’s own divinity. A radiant awakening occurs when the missing pieces of the puzzle of your own life are discovered by you. The information received in a life between lives session is not only unique, but enlightening! Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life and life between lives spiritual regression. She has been serving people on Maui for over 16 years. For more information or to make an appointment, call 808.269.2129 or visit

The Place Where Spirit Dwells

By Haiku Helen Kritzler My first Sabbath – it’s Friday night. A Prayer is spoken, candles lit, and two angels arrive. We receive a higher soul and eat well. The next morning I awake early. My bedroom's still dark since no electricity is permitted. I step quietly into the darkened living room. As I sip my coffee, the sun drifts in. Slowly and gently, she lights the rug, couch, chairs, and walls. Outside bird song begins in the large avocado tree. Ah, nature is welcoming me. I sit on my large Buddha chair, realizing there is nothing to do. After all, G-d created the world in 6 days and on the 7th She rested. So no work today. Realizations come spontaneously. I see that usually when an unplanned moment arises, I immediately search for a distraction. – check YouTube, check my to-do list, etc. But on Shabbat, I am to just rest. That’s the commandment. In Hebrew, it’s a mitzvah. A blessed thing. I laugh. This order to rest – do we ever do that in life? Perhaps we say “take it easy” or “don’t stress yourself.” But this is not that. This is re-lax. I luxuriate in letting go. As I sit there, I look up and notice the door to my bedroom across the room. I could take an hour to walk from this chair to that doorway because there is nothing to do today. I notice my body feeling very different. I glance around the room, and stand up entering this new dimension – a portal to a place where just spirit dwells, a timeless zone, a gateway into eternity. A warm feeling pervades my heart. Joy flutters there, like my very best friend is with me. They say Sabbath is the Bride. I think it’s my lover. It’s just me and G-d today. “Hello,” I say silently. Haiku Helen is a 4th generation palmist. After studying Buddhism for 40 years, she’s now learning Jewish mysticism. Check out her website,

Fall, 2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Light On Cannabis

By Bre Wolfe What brings me radiance and lightness of being? Gratitude, loving self-care, and sacred plant medicine in the form of cannabis. Cannabis helps me drop my armor. It keeps me present and aware. It invites me into deep, restorative, healing breaths. When I first experienced it five years ago in Colorado, I was already a yoga teacher and life coach and I observed a disciplined practice. But when I tried an edible (a half gummy bear), I realized that I hadn’t completely felt my body in years and that I was dying for oxygen. That night, after a long time, I really breathed. I gulped in full breaths and held the air fully in my lungs, before slowly letting it out. I became aware of deep-rooted tension that yoga alone could not reach. But when combined with plant medicine and breath, I could finally feel, heal and release it. After extensive study and research, I added plant medicine to my yoga and life coaching offerings. When used as the sacred plant medicine that it is, cannabis supports us in turning inward, resolves tensions stored deep within the body, tracks inner sensations, and releases traumas from the nervous system. This fall I will begin training in psychedelic therapies with cannabis. When used in a therapeutic container with a professionally trained psychedelic psychotherapist, it makes somatic (body-centered) trauma work more efficient and effective. I believe we are light living inside a vehicle called a body. Our job is to dismantle any blocks that stop us from knowing this. When used as a sacrament with intention, plant medicines can help us remember who we are and why we are here. Bre Wolfe is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance yoga teacher and certified professional integrative life coach. She teaches the sacred use of plant medicine for healing and thriving. For more information, call 808.344.4788 or visit

Inspiring Maui Changes

By Judy Levy After a crazy two weeks in California with friends and family, I joyfully flew back over our precious island noting the abundance of fertile and plowed farm plots in Haiku, compared to the pitiful partially burnt lands of the abandoned sugar cane fields of the central valley. Why were these acres not properly tended to before the sugar cane company quit? Shouldn’t that have been their kuleana? I drove to Kihei and chose to feel hopeful that soon the people of Maui will demand to see beautiful green hemp plants filling all that decimated land. The soil will get cleaned and replenished from the rich benefits that ‘God’s ancient medicine plant’ will provide. And let’s speak about water! How do we solve this ongoing problem to make this natural resource available to our local farmers? There’s an infinite supply of water. We just need to make it usable for farming. Tell A&B that we want to be in control of our water! The Israelis have cultivated and made a garden in the desert. Why can’t we? Perhaps Maui County could hire an Israeli company to build desalinization plants for us. As a substitute teacher, I ask students, “How many of you have thought of being farmers when you’re older?” I also suggest they have the Roundup conversation with their parents, hoping to instill a sense of self-empowerment in these magical kids with evolved brains. Many local kids already help garden at home or help their grandparents grow. I urge them to consider growing something, such as tomatoes or greens. Let’s all get inspired to co-create a lush and sustainable Maui! Judy Levy, Maui’s “crystal lady,” offers exquisite crystal babies at Mystic-Holistic Wellness Fairs (Oct.-Feb. at VFW Kihei - see listings). Enjoy a unique “Judy’s Angelic Crystal Journey” to enhance your ascension, immune system and clarity. New “Prime My Body” CBG-CBD oil to help the brain regenerate! Call 808.269.7762 or email

Are you curious about the “Afterlife”? Together, we’ll explore and be uplifted by inspirational speakers from Hawaii and worldwide. Near Death Exploration Tuesday Nights, Sept. 24 • Oct. 29 • Dec. 3 Meet at Unity Church of Maui, 483 South High Street, Wailuku 6:00 – 6:45 – NDE Experiencers Circle 7:00 – 8:30 – Speaker & Discussion $10 donation Extra parking at Wailuku Elementary School 355 South High Street Sign up for our newsletter @




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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2019

More Information: Susan Ward - Lisa Jones -



Becoming Radiantly Awake

By Katharine Stone Ayers We can practice becoming more mindful and aware, and consciously choose new behaviors that are life-affirming. We can seek support from a therapist, mentor or coach, sign up for a course or training that is transformational, or follow a spiritual path. In a culture that is addicted to drama and intensity, it’s easy to develop a habit of focusing on ‘what’s wrong.’ Focusing on ‘the problem’ when going to a therapist or while chatting with a friend, can reinforce this addiction to negativity and create disorganization and chaos in the nervous system. Organic Intelligence® helps us break the habit of putting our attention on ‘what’s wrong.’ A skilled practitioner supports the nervous system and physiology to move toward greater harmony. She teaches us to become more mindful and aware. As we awaken we are able to choose new behaviors. We learn to orient towards what is pleasurable. By directing our attention towards simple human pleasures – taking in a sunset, smelling a rose, listening to uplifting music, feeling the soles of your feet in the sand – we can rewire our brains. The Organic Intelligence® practitioner employs a ‘shaping’ paradigm of positive reinforcement. She notices the breath, motor movements and nonverbal cues, and helps to guide the client’s nervous system and physiology towards coherence. She learns which interventions support natural systemic reorganization. Over time we become more resilient, more flexible, happier, healthier, and more open and transparent. We begin to surrender to our joyous inner nature and our natural radiance. For more resources, visit or see short videos by Dr. Steve Hoskinson on YouTube. Katharine Stone Ayers has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and MA in counseling psychology. She has been in practice for over 40 years. She completed the first three-year training in Organic Intelligence and received a certificate of Organic Intelligence Expert in 2017. To contact Katharine call 808.572.4972 or visit

Entering The ‘Zone’

By Heather Solarie In hypnotherapy the mind has three aspects — conscious, subconscious and superconscious. Each has separate functions. An epiphany or ‘aha’ moment illustrates the subconscious or superconscious sending information to the conscious, where it is received with awareness. Usually it’s information we have been wondering about, answers to questions we have been asking, even solutions to problems we have been seeking. The ‘OMG’ feeling we get when experiencing an epiphany is a sense of psychic relief, but can also be felt emotionally and even physically. People often act out of alignment with their highest good without fully understanding why. Information is always being sent and received among the three levels of mind, however not always at a level of awareness that allows us to coordinate understanding with appropriate action for our greater good. The epiphany stands out to us when it occurs because we are aware of the information we are receiving. Conscious evolution on a personal level is about creating more opportunities to become fully aware of the information exchange between the three levels of mind. Eventually the process becomes an ongoing experience instead of the occasional epiphany. We become conscious of the deeper levels of mind so we can utilize them constructively and effectively, coordinating actions and intentions. We are radiantly awakened to the deeper workings of our mind, gaining access to the vast potential lying dormant within today’s average human being. The doorway to enlightenment comes in many forms. The common denominator is a movement away from linear thinking, or the absence of it altogether. Any activities that assist in establishing ‘center’ or ‘the zone,’ such as meditation, hypnosis, daydreaming, connected breathing, or any creative activity, can open the door. The key is consciously dropping into spaces where the veil between the three levels of mind disappears and energy/information is freely accessed. Heather Solarie, LMT, CCHT, NLPP, offers hypnotherapy, massage therapy, neurolinguistic programming, connected breathing, professional hypnotherapy certification training., 808.442.2950.

Fall, 2019

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MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Oct. Events (all events start at 6pm):“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Oct. 2, $15.“Full Moon Meditation,” Sat., Oct. 12, $5.“New Moon Meditation,” Mon., Oct. 28, $5. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Sept. Events (all events start at 6pm):“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Sept. 4, $15. “Full Moon Meditation,” Sat., Sept. 14, $5. “New Moon Meditation,” Sat., Sept. 28, $5. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 3850898 for details. Sept. 7 ~ TALKING HEARTS CERTIFICATION TRAINING with Joan Heartfield, PhD and Tomas Heartfield ~ Can be taken partly on line. A 9 month immersion for those who wish to coach and/or counsel others, lead workshops, or simply discover how to support yourself and your friends with practices that open your awareness to reveal the deeper energies that are influencing your personality, decision-making and your journey through life. Designed to develop confidence, clarity and expertise in sharing what is real, alive, and emerging from your essential self. It will help you to explore, understand, and express your truth.You will develop for yourself, and skillfully facilitate others, in finding those “Ah-ha” moments. Explore Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Non-Violent Communication, Psychodrama, Family Dynamics, Heart Intelligence, Sacred Sexuality and Stanislav Grof’s work, including Holotropic Breathwork and sitting for others in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Email: joan@talkinghearts. com for more information. DREAM CIRCLES - Learn to interpret your dreams yourself in introductory classes that include a drum journey. Bring a night dream to share. In Makawao at the Sacred Garden, September 10, Tuesday and September 19, Thursday, 10 - 11:30, by donation. Private Sessions now available! See website for more information and upcoming classes: www. - text: 808-757-8761.

singles, 10 am-6 pm: Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. Each monthly theme is designed to deepen and enrich the way you connect with life.The circle format is designed to create a safe space for you to feel seen, felt, supported and respected. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that makes your reality more real and accessible. Call or email Joan:, 808 280-9005 to hold your space. LEARN MASSAGE AT ALOHAVEDA SPA: Couples Massage – 2 Days, Sept. 21–22, 2019; Lomi Lomi Basics – 2 Days, Oct. 26-27, 2019; Ayurveda Massage – 5 Days, Nov. 4– 8, 2019; Intensive Lomi Lomi – 10 Days, Dec. 2–13, 2019 (Weekends off). Contact: Susan Wilesmith (808) 634-0346. Location: 42 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, Maui. LOMI HANAMANA WORKSHOPS ~ Learn how to give a relaxing Lomi Hanamana deep tissue massage! Next 20-hour workshops are September 23-27, October 21-25, November 18-22, and December 16-20. Information at www.lomihanamana. com. Call 808-214-5054 Sept 24 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Speaker @ Unity Church of Maui • $10 Donation • Email for more information.

USUI REIKI SERIES @ 808 Wellness | Level One: Sep 13-14,11am-4pm, $225 ($200 Early Bird) | Level 2 & Master TBD | Series $750. Join Owner of 808 Wellness & Reiki Master Teacher Sara Schroepfer as she introduces this ancient healing technique. Receive an energetic activation and learn the art of healing yourself and others through this simple and powerful modality. To register, please visit:

Spiritual Class: TEACHING THE SCIENCE OF MIND. 13-week class begins Sat., Sept. 21, 2019 (10:30am-12:30pm ). Learn about your Mind: Habitual Mind, Loom of Mind, Make a demonstration, Spiritual Mind Treatments, Meditation, & more! All classes will be held in Chambers. Earn: Certificate of Completion. Co-Facilitators: Dr.Ayin, & Ciaara, Msc.P., Wailea Town Center / Call 808-276-6864 Sept. 21 ~ Fall Equinox-THE BALANCE OF RECEIVING AND GIVING with Heart Intelligence with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. for couples and

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ENNEAGRAM TRANSFORMATION TRAINING with international expert David Fauvre, Oct. 5-6 in Paia! Discover your unique path to personal and relationship transformation. Call 650-388-2992, visit or email for details. AURA 1 CLASS, 6 Sundays, Oct. 6-Nov. 10. Learn to see and read auras with Heimana Sherman. At Maui Mana Metaphysical Center in Makawao, Call Heimana 808-385-0898 for information. GET READY FOR RCNQ (R. Carlos Nakai Quartet)! ~ Native American flutist RC’s ethereal aspect is ever present, but with a bold, hip-shaking expansion into the Jazz/R&B realm! In concert Sat., Oct. 12, McCoy Studio, Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Performing with Will Clipman, drums and percussion, Johnny Walker, bass guitar and AmoChip Dabney, sax and keyboards. Maui tickets, go to or call 808.242.SHOW. More concert information, or call 808.283.5365. Sunday, Oct. 13, 12-5 – “MYSTIC~HOLISTIC WELLNESS FAIR & CRYSTAL SALE” @ the VFW Ctr.-Kihei (1136 Uluniu Pl. Behind Maui Sunset by Waipuilani Park) FREE Family fun on the beach! Receive guidance and healing from some of “Maui’s best” intuitive readers, holistic healers and energy Medicine practitioners. Huge Crystal Sale and Maui-made unique gifts, jewelry and more. Call Judy Levy 269.7762 for info and vendors BASIC WATSU CLASS: learn the basic moves of Watsu® aquatic bodywork in a 16 hour weekend class. Choose from two different dates, Oct. 19 & 20 or Nov. 16 & 17. For more information contact Brenda Martin at 808-269-4337 or email To learn more about Watsu visit Oct 19 - 22 ~ LEARN LEMURIAN HEALING™ in Lemuria. Basic and certified practitioner courses on Oahu taught by David Bower, co-founder of Lemurian Healing. Details and registration at

REIKI NATURAL HEALING First Degree Class - September 14 & 15, Maui Meadows by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey serving Reiki full-time to Hawaii Residents and Visitors since 1990. to register or Call 808.280.7704 GET THE DRIFT AND BAG IT! Help clean up Kahului Harbor, Sat., Sept. 21 or host your own clean up. For details visit volunteer.

BEGINNING NUMEROLOGY CLASS with Marvin Douglas Sebourn four Thursdays, Oct. 3-24 at Maui Mana Metaphysical Center in Makawao. Learn to use basic numerology. Call Heimana 808-385-0898 for information.

Anam Thubten Dharmata Foundation presents A NA M THUBTEN IN MAUI PUBLIC TALK Thursday Sept 26th 7-9pm at Makawao Union Church $20 suggested donation. Weekend Retreat September 27th & 28th Friday & Saturday 10am-5pm Wailuku Unity Church. Cost $150. Anam Thubten grew up in Tibet and at an early age began to practice in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the founder and spiritual advisor of the Dharmata Foundation, teaching widely in the US, Europe and Asia. Through sharing his wisdom and personal experience on the spiritual path, Anam Thubten brings alive the timeless teachings of Buddhism. For more information or to register contact: Loralee at 808-446-5458 or email at

Fall, 2019

Oct. 19 ~ PRACTICAL MAGIC and Heart Intelligence with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. for couples and singles, 10 am-6 pm: Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. Each monthly theme is designed to deepen and enrich the way you connect with life. The circle format is designed to create a safe space for you to feel seen, felt, supported and respected. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that makes your reality more real and accessible. Call or email Joan: joan@talkinghearts. com, 808 280-9005 to hold your space. FREE LYMPHATIC MASSAGE FOR BREAST HEALTH with Maui massage therapy educators, Frances Salvato, LMT (MAT-13834) and Shelagh Sandstedt, LMT (MAT-11571).Thursday, Oct. 24, 1-6pm. Sponsored by Perfection Bra Fitting Salon. 39 Central Ave,Wailuku. Call, text, or email to schedule your free massage! 808-892-2718.

REIKI TRAINING – Oct. 26 & 27 in Pukalani. Manage and Renew Personal Energy. Presented by Jenna Keck, Reiki Master. Register online www. or 408.621.4102.

The R. Carlos Nakai Quartet performs bold, hip-shaking music Sat., Oct. 12 at the McCoy Studio at the MACC. See calendar listing for more details, or visit

Oct 29 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Speaker @ Unity Church of Maui • $10 Donation • Email for more information. MACROBIOTIC CLASS ~ Sat., Nov. 2, 10am1pm. or call 310-490-7493 MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Nov. Events (all events start at 6pm):“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Nov. 6, $15. “Full Moon Meditation,” Tues., Nov. 12, $5. “New Moon Meditation,” Tues., Nov. 26, $5. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 3850898 for details. VITALLY YOU RETREAT ON MAUI ~ Nov 9 – 15, 2019. Set yourself up for success in 2020. Non-stay rates for locals! Retreat details: http:// ANCIENT LOMI LOMI TRAINING RETREAT ~ November 15-24. Join us for a 10-Day Immersive Training to learn this rare form of Lomi Lomi from ancient, pre-Polynesian Hawai'i and awaken the Sacred in your cells. Foundational physical and energetic practices open forgotten avenues of consciousness in the body and allow for profound healing on all levels. No massage experience is necessary. Teacher & Bodyworker Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, offers a Residential Training Retreat this November in Kipahulu, Maui. Contact: 808.269.0591 or visit 5 E L E M E N T DA N C E M OV E M E N T TEACHER TRAINING ~ Sat. & Sun., Nov. 16-17. or call 310-490-7493 Nov. 16 ~ THE MAGIC OF GRATITUDE HEART CIRCLE with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. for couples and singles, 10 am-6 pm: Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. Each monthly theme is designed to deepen and enrich the way you connect with life. The circle format is designed to create a safe space for you to feel seen, felt, supported and respected. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, userfriendly spiritual practice that makes your reality more real and accessible. Call or email Joan: joan@, 808 280-9005 to hold your space. Sunday,Nov.17,12 to 5 p.m."MYSTIC~HOLISTIC WELLNESS FAIR & CRYSTAL SALE" @ the VFW Ctr.-Kihei (1136 Uluniu Pl. Behind Maui Sunset by Waipuilani Park) FREE Family fun on the beach! Receive guidance and healing from some of “Maui’s best” intuitive readers, holistic healers and energy Medicine practitioners. Huge Crystal Sale and Maui made unique gifts, jewelry and more. Call Judy Levy 269.7762 for info and vendors CHI NEI TSANG CLASS ~ Intro. to Taoist abdominal massage to heal and release energy blocks – Sat., Nov. 23, 1-4pm. or call 310-490-7493 KRISHNA DAS “enCHANTing” EVENING OF KIRTAN: Celebrating 15 Years of Ram Dass Maui Satsangs at the MACC’s Castle Theater 7:00pm, Mon., Dec. 2. Join Krishna Das (+full band) and Ram Dass as they combine their long-standing popular annual Thanksgiving Sunday Satsang / Monday Kirtan programs into one big special evening. This event serves as a Food Drive for the Maui Food Bank. Please bring your generous organic boxed / canned

food donations. Indian Dinner available (extra) by Monsoon India beginning at 5:30pm $45 Advance Reserved Tix available at the MACC (box office, on-line or phone at 808-242-7469) otherwise $55 Reserved Tix day of the program. More information, or www. Dec 3 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Speaker @ Unity Church of Maui • $10 Donation • Email for more information.

ONGOING EVENTS INTUITIVE CARD READINGS at Maui Mana / Spirit Of Maui with Psychic- Heimana Sherman, Angel Card Reader- Donna McCabe, Tarot Card Reader- Carole Hughes Call for information and to make an appointment 808-385-0898 AWAKEN & SHARPEN YOUR HEALING GIFTS. Learn creative techniques to heal the Self and others.Visit or call 808.866.0298 for class schedule. MAUI HOMEOPATHY- Shone Edel is a Classical Homeopath practicing on Maui for 20 years. She passionately treats people of all ages all over the world. She also treats animals. As founder of Maui Homeopathy, Shone has created a line of healing wellness formulas for men, women and children. With air pollution being a worldwide health issue, she has created environmental oral healing sprays: Smog Off!, Breathe On!, Kid’s Throat Spray and Vog Off!. Shone offers Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy, a treatment combining homeopathy, brainwave technology and Shambhala Healing Tools. By Appointment: 808-2487568 Office in Wailuku: 210 Imi Kala Street Suite S4 Create Transformation by Moving Your Body and Emotional Energy! DIVINE FEMININE DANCE with Jennifer Loftus. Embrace your feminine essence by tuning into different archetypes to feel the full spectrum of who you are as a woman. Feel your vitality with conscious guided movement to a wide variety of music to experience more joy, freedom, power, flow, grace, flow, grace, sensuality, playfulness and pleasure! Enjoy being in the support of this weekly women’s community to raise our individual and collective vibration! Island Spirit Yoga, 840 Wainee Street, Lahaina, HI 96761. Weekly classes:Tuesdays: 12:30-1:30 pm and Thursdays: 7:458:45 am. All women welcome: no dance experience necessary. Jennifer Loftus has training and experience in a wide variety of dance modalities which she has woven together to create Divine Feminine Dance. More info at:

MICROGREENS HEAL- Microgreens are a superfood loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are 4 to 40 times more potent than the mature counterparts. Our microgreens are organic, grown in food grade trays on our organic farm in Hana. Join our Subscription Service for Maui residents. Our microgreens are sold by the pound, half and quarter pounds weekly. Please check out our website:, email us at or call 808-248-7568 ASCENSION AND KARMA CLEARING CLASSES held weekly, led by Camille Moritz. Learn how to co-create a life of ease and abundance. Call 907.299.5433 for details. HELPING PARENTS HEAL, a new peer support for bereaved parents. No dogma or religious doctrine. See For meeting info: 510-915-0850 “FINDING AND FREEING YOUR VOICE” sessions with Jennifer Loftus! Our voice is part of our body and we use it daily to communicate… learn tools and techniques to develop a healthy, free, expressive, and reliable speaking voice to communicate your message and let your voice be heard. Learn to work with your breath and shift your energy to open your throat chakra and speak your truth with ease, vocal clarity and projection. Or… explore and cultivate your singing voice… if you can speak you can sing! E-mail Jennifer at jennifer-loftus@sbcglobal. net or call 808-283-3774 to schedule a session. Find out more at GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Ongoing online webinars. (Austral-Asia). Email dr.price.gnm@gmail. com for info and registration. Heal biological conflicts in the psyche. Call (808) 244-0415. WEEKLY CBD EDUCATIONAL EVENINGS. Learn in person at Upcountry home or by zoom call, 60-90 minutes. Call/Text Mira for info.: 808-727-9826 ANCIENT LOMI LOMI ~ Sessions & Training with Jody Mountain.Visit: or contact: BEACH DANCE- An extraordinary experience where music, movement, and nature merge. Events happen every month and are free of charge. Call 808-268-4356 for info. BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, 845 Waine’e Street #204, Second floor. Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828.

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Maui Vision Magazine Ongoing Events Listings

MAUITOPIA is a TV expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on Maui.Tune in on AKAKU Channels 54 & 55 every Sunday from noon-1 or visit

(Continued from the previous page.) REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion. A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily. (6/19) SOULASANA Yoga Healing and Movement studio is located at the Maui Mall in Kahului behind Whole Foods towards the movie theater on the left hand side. Please come take advantage of our 35 class offerings each week and our Introductory Kama’aina special of 30 Days for 30 Dollars. www. (9/19) SACRED PLANT MEDICINE YOGA AND LIFE COACHING ~ Explore the ancient combination of Cannabis and yoga and Cannabis with Coaching. Experience release of long held physical and emotional patterns. Regular classes at Wailea Healing Center. Breathe, feel and heal! Available for private yoga sessions and life coaching. Email or visit for more info. Bre Wolfe is a 500 hour RYT Yoga Alliance teacher and Certified Professional Integrative Life Coach. WAILEA HEALING CENTER - Yoga - Massage - Acupuncture - Events.Visit for full schedule/menu, or call (808) 205-2005.

SUNDAYS CELTIC MUSIC TWICE EVERY SUNDAY Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Radio Show’ 8-10am & 5-7pm on KAKU 88.5fm Maui. No signal? - online at

TUESDAYS Every Tuesday KIRTAN CHANTING 7-9pm. Free. Followed by vegetarian potluck at Temple of Peace 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info call 575-5220.

YOGA WITH A VIEW at the Wailea Healing Center. Visit for schedule. MEET WITH THE MASTERS. Group discussion and personal insights. Sundays 10am, Makawao Forest Reserve. Donation $10-$20. R.S.V.P. MaryAllana Holmes, 540-449-6221 cosmicchannels@ SCALAR WAVE SEMINARS: Sundays, 3pm. Must Register, Call 808-242-5483/ 808-276-6864. TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service. Temple of Peace Spiritual Center is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 am.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808-575-5220 UNITY CHURCH OF MAUI– Unity Church offers a positive path to spiritual living, and an inclusive community that celebrates diverse beliefs that honor the sacred truth of God. Our 10am Sunday Service welcomes all who aspire to create a life of health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind through positive spiritual practice and community. Please join us as we celebrate the divinity in each of us with music, laughter, inspirational messages and fellowship. Located at 483 S. High Street, Wailuku. 808-242-9327.

Radiant Breath Work

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2019

THURSDAYS 808 WELLNESS: THURSDAY NIGHT JOURNEYS | 6-7:30pm or 6:30-8pm. Featured 808 Wellness Practitioners share their knowledge and expertise. Each Thursday join us for an experience you won’t forget! 1st- Shamanic Sound Bath, 2nd- Yin Yoga w/ Live Music, 3rd- Past Life Regression, 4th- Medium Group Readings. Pre-registration encouraged at: KUNDALINI SADHANA meditation class every Thursday evening in Haiku. Call Stephen @ 808.268.2946 for details.


E-mail your listing to The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization.Additional words/ and/or listings are 30 cents per word. Classified ads are 30 cents per word, no minimum. We will contact you with payment details. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Wed., Nov. 13 for the winter edition publishing Dec. 1 . (Covers months of Dec., 2019. Jan. and Feb., 2020.


Did you miss our print publication? You can place an online listing of up to 75 words for $7.50. Email us your listing and please allow 48 hours for it to be processed and appear online. Our website, gets over 125 page requests daily.

A ‘Near Death’ Changes Lives By Lisa Jones Awakenings can occur through meditation, yoga, diet changes, following a guru, doing a cleanse; the list is endless of all the ways people have experienced their own personal awakening. One of the less common ways people experience an awakening is through a ‘near death experience’ or ‘shared death experience.’ A near death experience is a profound event which typically is induced by emotional or physical trauma whereby your body can actually die – the soul leaves the body and then returns back to the body, sometimes because a choice is given or because you are told “it’s not your time to go yet.” The shared death experience is a little different, as you don’t actually endure any type of physical harm to your body; your soul just decides to leave with a loved one as they are crossing over, so you can accompany them on their journey, only to return with a transcendental and mystical experience. According to P. M. H. Atwater, who wrote Beyond the Light, the most common physiological aftereffects of a near death experience include more sensitivity to light and sound; substantial change in energy levels; looking and acting younger (for adults); acting older and more mature (for children); insatiable curiosity; lower blood pressure; bright skin and eyes; loss of pharmaceutical tolerance with an ability to heal quicker. He goes on to say that the most common psychological aftereffects include loss of the fear of death; becoming more spiritual and less religious; being more generous and charitable; handling stress easier; becoming psychic and intuitive; being less competitive. If you feel you’ve had a near death or shared death experience and don’t have anyone to discuss it with, be sure to visit Lisa Jones is an author, speaker, Hospice Maui advocate and volunteer, and Maui IANDS co-leader. Check out Lisa’s podcast, Exploring Death, on iTunes or on her website: Email


Peace Revealed Through Conflict

By Nova Hong What is peace? To me, peace means the absence of conflict. Can you imagine your life without conflict? I can’t. Conflict is a part of life, and we wouldn’t know peace without it. So in order to know peace, we must first see where there is conflict. One person might say he is surrounded by conflict at work and home, and in relationships. Another in a similar situation may say she is surrounded by peace at work and home, and in relationships. How can two people experiencing the same or similar situations, experience life so differently? It is all about perspective, and perspective comes from within. Our emotions, past experiences, language, present moment, and thoughts are all rooted in our perspective. Our perspective creates the world we think we live in. Is your world tainted by your perspective? Is your world thriving? One’s reality is contingent on one’s perspective. To have inner peace, we must have another perspective to the conflict we see ourselves in. Sometimes the conflict feels bigger than we are, and it’s impossible to see a way out. That is just our ego’s security alarm going off. Once you turn off the violently loud noises in your head (i.e., your ego’s thoughts), a new way will be revealed – always. We must not seek inner peace; we must walk through the conflict with a new perspective. If you’re seeking inner peace, you will never find it. If you cultivate peace by opening up yourself to a new perspective, you will have it in abundance. Nova Hong continues to be a student of self-healing, energy medicine, shamanism and spirituality. Blessed with many wonderful teachers, she is here to pass on universal love and wisdom to guide others through their healing journey, and Earth walk. For free offerings visit or call/text 808.866.0629 for in-person and remote healing sessions.

Maui’s Neck Specialist Dr. Erin Elster, D.C., Upper Cervical Chiropractor • ‘Surfers’ Neck’ • Chronic Neck Pain & Stiffness

Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training Professional Advancement Through Personal Enrichment… LEARN THE ART AND SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUS CREATION THROUGH THE LATEST CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY TECHNOLOGIES


• Whiplash & Concussion • Migraine, Cluster, & Tension Headache • Dizziness & Vertigo • TMJ Disorders • Numbness, Tingling & ‘Pinched Nerves’ • Carpal Tunnel & Thoracic Outlet Syndromes Dr. Erin Elster, D.C.

Visit to learn more! (808) 866-6551 | 296 Alamaha St., Kahului Fall, 2019

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Ask The Death Professor By Reverend Bodhi Be “What are your views on physician-assisted death and the right to end one’s life?” - Mary Beth, Indiana

I will attempt to answer in 600 words, though I could teach on this subject for four hours. First, I don’t have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer as to my personal view. I counsel and sit with a wide range of humans — young and physically healthy people, people in their 50s who don’t see the point in declining, people who have been dying of a terminal illness for years, people with advanced neurological diseases. Sometimes, in my view, the choice to end a life looks quite appropriate and sometimes not at all. Suicide is not illegal in this country. Helping someone commit suicide, to ‘end one’s life,’ is quite illegal. To put this issue in a larger context: • We are a culture that sees little to no value in the dying process. Most people questioned want to die in their sleep. Actually, that’s not dying. That’s going from being alive to being dead, and skipping the dying part. • We see little to no value in suffering. That’s in spite of the truth that the times in our lives when we’ve suffered, when we were taken out of our comfort zones, were often some of the most important times in our growth and development. Imagine a time in your life when you suffered deeply, for which you are now thankful. Most people can. • We are a people programmed by commercial advertising and medical and pharmaceutical conglomerates to take pills for everything that causes discomfort, physically and emotionally, and we want the instant fix. • We are, for the most part, control freaks. We spend an enormous amount of energy, time and money to hold on to a sense of knowing what’s going on and not being uncomfortable. Even thinking about death and dying is too much for most of us. People generally know that they are going to die and don’t know when, but few seem to live like that’s true. • As medical technology, surgery and medicines have come to allow people to live long past their due date, people are living longer. As a result they’re also dying for a longer time. • As a culture we see little value in becoming an old person. There are many wounds amongst old people of being invisible and not valued, especially women. Media has well defined what ‘good looking,’ ‘pretty,’ ‘handsome’ and ‘healthy’ look like. This is, in part, because we are a culture built for business. Old people become ‘incompetent,’ which of course is built on a value system where ‘competent skills’ are the ones that make business go — speed, consumption, and growth, growth, growth (sounds like cancer). Older people frequently slow down, mentally and physically, in the natural processes of aging; and their skills gained from wisdom and experience and a longer view of time often go unnoticed and unheard. We have long been an ‘elder scarce’ people. The business culture that values growth above everything, sees little value in decline. • We are a culture of ‘it’s all about me,’ ‘have it your way,’ ‘just do it.’ ‘It’s my life, my dying and my death’ – this may be the elephant of them all. Often times, this is a piece I introduce into the conversation. What if that’s not true? What if your life doesn’t belong to you? What a strange notion in this culture! What if your life, your dying and your death belong to your whole community – to your relatives, ancestors, teachers and friends; to the sun, the water, the earth, and all that has sustained, protected and nourished you? What if how you live and how you die, witnessed by your people, can affect generations unborn? How would that affect your choosing? Rev. Bodhi Be directs Doorway Into Light. For more information, visit or call 808.283.5950.

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Treating ‘Pinched Nerves’

By Erin Elster, DC A ‘pinched nerve’ occurs when a nerve in the cervical spine (neck) is compressed or irritated. Symptoms may include ‘pins and needles,’ burning sensation, numbness and tingling, pain, and muscle weakness radiating from the neck into the head, shoulder blades, spine, arms, hands and fingers. While some pinched nerves resolve on their own through rest, ice and over-thecounter pain relievers, others may persist. If you are suffering from ongoing symptoms, it may be time to seek help. One of the more common causes of pinched nerves is misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. Often, these vertebrae shift slightly out of position through physical trauma (such as blows to the head, whiplash and/or concussion) during motor vehicle accidents, athletic activities or falls. Even minor forces, such as sustained poor posture from long hours on the computer or looking down at electronic devices, can lead to cervical misalignment. When bones have been displaced, nerve transmission is compromised, leading to the telltale symptoms of pinched nerves. Fortunately, a rare chiropractic technique known as upper cervical chiropractic care, has shown promise for patients with pinched nerves in the neck. In order to determine whether a patient may benefit from care, the cervical chiropractor will perform two diagnostic tests — thermal imaging and digital x-rays of the spine. If a cervical misalignment is diagnosed, the patient’s injured neck is corrected by administering a precise adjustment by hand on a specially-designed knee chest table. Most patients notice improvement in symptoms with just a few treatments. With over 20 years of experience as a specialist in the upper cervical spine, upper cervical chiropractor Dr. Erin Elster, D.C. has successfully treated hundreds of patients with symptoms of pinched nerves. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Elster in Kahului at 808.866.6551 or

The Art Of Healing

By David Youngblood Creation is like a radio that is always broadcasting. The thoughts and emotions you identify with show you the station you’re tuned to. From this perspective, healing means not becoming identified with the contents of the radio broadcast. It’s not about avoiding a full spectrum of emotions and experiences. You’re in the classroom of Life — by all means take the curriculum and feel everything! Rather, healing is about finding that in you which is unchanging amidst constantly changing circumstances. It’s an art; there’s no map or formula. So how can you unlock the healing wisdom within you? The art of healing begins with asking powerful and clarifying questions. A clarifying question works by engaging that in you which is already healed, which knows how to heal the other aspects of your being by taking you beyond the surface of your awareness. As we engage a powerful question, we are actually learning to enter the hidden dimensions of our own being. We are providing ourselves a permanent resource with which to navigate Life’s challenges. Can genuine healing really begin simply by asking a question? Let’s find out. Beloved friend, what do you truly desire? At the end of your life, what will you look back upon in love and joy, and what in regret? What must you risk doing or saying in this life to feel complete before departing? Are you willing to do or say it now? Your greatest healing may be one simple question away. I wonder, what’s the right question for you? May you realize your greatest healing! David works as a writing coach, spiritual guide and healer who presents on the dynamics of spiritual life. David’s unusual perspective on healing comes from an intense lifelong journey through chronic illness, trauma and injury. He works with clients from around the world and lives in Makawao. Contact:, 518.888.6941, www.TogetherWeAreOne.Space.

What Lies Underneath

By Shanna Shanti While searching for the perfect home on Maui, I became dizzy visiting certain properties. One house seemed ideal, yet I felt sick every visit. Were spirits lurking in the gulch? My EMF detector read normal, yet I still felt ill. The fifth and final visit, I left the house bewildered. A Google search provided clues. Physicist W.O. Schumann discovered the Earth’s magnetic field emanates a frequency of 7.83 Hz, a harmonious range to human brainwaves. Besides radio frequencies, the Schumann resonance is disturbed by underground water currents, caverns, tunnels, fault lines, certain minerals, deep foundations, and even negative emotions. Scientist Wilhelm Reich claimed such dissonance causes dead orgone, which leads to health problems. German Dr. Gustav von Pohl claimed all diseases could be linked to what he called ‘geopathic zones.’ Using dowsing technology, he discovered health suffered most in places where people slept above the overlay of ley lines and crossing water. Sometimes these regions were only 6-8 inches wide. Studies show babies moving into strange positions in their crib to avoid the stress. Since water is a conduit for spiritual communication, geopathic zones are believed to attract entities and paranormal activity. We might try transforming these stress zones, yet our ancestors left them alone. Hippocrates stressed the importance of building in appropriate areas for health. Native Americans warned against settling in West Virginia due to Ohio river basin currents. Ancient Romans grazed sheep for a year in potential building areas. If their dissected livers were found diseased, they would not build. Bovarians placed an anthill in a room. Since ants are attracted to geopathic zones, the area was considered safe to place their beds if the ants dispersed. Geopathic zones are common and not necessarily bad. However, if you suspect you are being overexposed, please research solutions to protect yourself. Shanna Shanti is a wellness intuitive specializing in craniosacral therapy and trauma resolution. Contact:www., 808.866.0298.

You Can Clear The Clutter

By Shone Edel Imagine what your life would look like if you were free of the nonsense running around in your head – free of thoughts that make you angry, anxious, sad or scared; free of uncomfortable memories of past traumas or pain. We all are impacted in some way. Many relate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to war, shootings, rape or abuse. Seeing a violent movie or witnessing a car accident or any disturbing event, can also have a harmful effect on our psyche. Watching destructive images repeatedly on television is so negative to our wellbeing, yet we do it anyway, regardless of the impact on our minds. Many have tried different healing modalities to remove unpleasant experiences or memories. Somehow, though, they creep back into our minds. This is where homeopathic brainwave therapy comes into play. It is a revolutionary, ground-breaking treatment combining homeopathy, brainwave optimization technology and Shambhala healing tools. Listening to the music and receiving the treatment can clear blocks and stresses from incidents you would rather forget. By uncluttering our minds from the accumulation of judgments, gloomy thoughts or bad memories, we allow new neural pathways to grow and increase our brain power. You may gain greater clarity and feel more energetic, inspired and motivated. Homeopathic brainwave therapy is like a mental enema. Being in a pyramid with a homeopathic remedy in your auric field makes the treatment even more powerful and healing. It can be very subtle at first. Then you may notice that things do not have the same kind of ‘charge’ as before. A healthy level of detachment ultimately results in improved mood and more creativity and inner peace. Shone Edel BA, NHC is a classical homeopathic practitioner on Maui for 20 years. Maui Homeopathy created a line of healing wellness products available in stores or online. Homeopathic brainwave therapy is a powerful healing tool. For more information call 808.248.7568 or visit Location: 210 Imi Kala Street, Suite S4, Wailuku.

Expanding Healing Possibilities Hands-on Sessions & Distant Sessions

Next Reiki Training October 26 & 27 in Pukalani Jenna Keck Reiki Master or 408-621-4102 Member of The Reiki Alliance

Let’s connect to enhance the Life Force within you! Fall, 2019

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Clearing A Conflict’s Layers

By Douglas J. Price, D.C. When you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is an ideal moment for discovering a resolution of a conflict which was at hand. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a lot of emotions surface from out of nowhere, for unknown reasons? Unhealed hurts will often resurface – simultaneously on the psyche, brain, and inner organs and/or tissues on an unconscious level – when we are in a situation that feels similar to a formerly painful experience. This happens subconsciously and we can feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster, unclear of any reason this could be happening! It can feel like a volcano inside of you is about to erupt. Actually, at times, this is a purging effect of a release of a conflict. These healing crises are not limited to physical illness; they can occur on an emotional, mental and/or spiritual level. A major issue, caused by an unanticipated dramatic event, shook the core of your being; you then adapted by forming belief systems, attachments and aversions. When we experience intense shock, we internalize it deep in our psyche. However, once we have resolution of a conflict, we can have an awakening. Like polishing a diamond that is relatively unrecognized in its raw form, with awareness and coming to terms on a deep level, our innate capacity to shine radiantly will be revealed. Every conflict has layers that are recorded in the subconscious memory of our psyche. Clearing these layers like an onion supports our natural ways of being in joy, love and wisdom. Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic and kinesiology. His approach to healing is revolutionary, encompassing both wellness and resolution. Author of Activate Your Brain To Heal Your Body, he teaches online and travels internationally. Contact:, 808.244.0415.

How To Choose CBD Products

By Mira Nissim In recent decades, CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant has gotten a lot of press. On the Internet, an overwhelming number of articles and research papers pop up to discuss the potential and anecdotal health benefits of Cannabis plants. You can even stream documentaries about Cannabis from Amazon and Netflix (Illegal and Weed the People are two I recommend). Medical marijuana dispensaries have been popping up in many states, and some states even allow recreational use of marijuana! In the most recent decade, CBD, one of the most beneficial cannabinoids for our health, has been extracted from non-psychoactive hemp to meet the growing demand and to bypass sticky legalities on Cannabis. (Farm bill acts in 2014 and 2018 allow hemp cultivation and consumption.) This past year I have been crossing the mainland USA with my family and have personally seen products claiming to contain “CBD” in gas stations, health food stores, souvenir shops and restaurants in every state. However, one study revealed that 70 percent of the products they tested for CBD came back mislabeled. Looking at the FDA site, you will find many letters to companies stating much the same. This makes finding clean and pure products and a reputable company very confusing for consumers! With so many products on the market, how do you choose the one that is best for you? • Do your own research (PubMed and on your specific health concerns and Cannabis usage. • Consult a health professional and CBD consultant to decide how many milligrams are right for you. • Look for a U.S. Hemp Authority seal of approval on your product of choice. • Choose the right delivery method(s) for your lifestyle. • Try the products for at least 60-90 days to see your best results and keep a journal to note changes in your body and mind. Mira Nissim is a CBD educator and hemp business consultant. You can call or text her with questions at 808.727.9826.

Trust And Surrender To Your Life’s Calling By Shalandra Abbey Do you sometimes notice that no matter how wonderfully your life is progressing, you still feel the urge to search for a “better way?” One minute you are happily living your dream and the next minute you are off searching for a new one. Our society tells us that education is important to earn a good salary, and that we need to have a lot of money to be happy. Yet there are some really happy homeless people with darn good educations or hardly any education at all. What’s up with that? Trust and Surrender are two little words that can quickly and completely change lives. In 1988, on the outside I was living the ‘perfect life’ by society’s standards, yet on the inside my heart kept telling me there was so much more waiting for me. I didn’t know what that ‘so much more’ could be. A call was sent out into the universe – I doubted it would ever be heard. “Okay, I trust and surrender; if there is a better way, I’m now open to receive it.” Well, soon after I started having dreams of living in Hawaii and teaching something – I had no idea what that would be. Over the years I’ve discovered that these types of messages seem to bring with them challenges that are in energetic alignment with the rewards we are striving to achieve. The dreams persisted. Living in Florida,

Page 24 Maui Vision Magazine

I doubted there could be a place further away while still remaining in the United States. I decided to go with the flow and follow my dreams as long as I received a green light from my all-knowing heart, of course. A co-worker and friend at the IBM Corporation suggested I make an appointment for a Reiki treatment. That was the first time I had heard the word Reiki. She wouldn’t explain anything; she just simply said, “Trust me. I know this is what you need right now.” After surrendering to the process, I discovered it was precisely what was needed to start placing the pieces of my life puzzle together to create a most magnificent masterpiece with no leftover parts. In 1990, my life puzzle was ready for its radiant awakening. I found myself resigning from the corporate world and moving to Hawaii to become a full-time Reiki Master. People seemed so intrigued with stories

Fall, 2019

of my transformation. The next thing I knew, I was the author of Living a Life of Reiki, a book that shares thrilling stories about my adventurous Reiki life. Instead of spending work days in an office, I was offering hands-on and distant Reiki treatments and trainings for people and animals; clearing energies in homes, businesses and situations; and offering supplies for Reiki practitioners. I even became an interfaith nondenominational minister offering a variety of ceremonies often performed on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Reiki Natural Healing was my ministry. Reiki treatments and trainings have balanced my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, allowing clarity to be my road map. That was 30 years ago when I just knew my life’s mission was to share this incredibly precious, simple and foolproof gift with as many people as possible. Shalandra Abbey is a full-time Reiki Master in Hawaii and around the globe. She is a senior member of The Reiki Alliance, an international, professional organization created by the original 21 Reiki Masters in the western world. Reiki Hawaii’s website answers most any question one could have about Reiki:, 808.280.7704.

Renegade Rainbow Sheep

By Jeannette During coaching sessions my clients often say to me, “I am the black sheep of my family.” What makes one a black sheep? Is it our unique expression? Is it our particular perspective on world events? Perhaps it is just that individuated perspective which uniquely differentiates us, supporting us in exhibiting those traits, thoughts and creations, which are an extension of the truth of who we are. Family, society, business – to name a few – call out to us for sameness, vanilla-ness, conformity. Yet, when there is recognized a deeper calling – that calling of the soul to be the distinctive one we are – a cry of “I wish to be seen for who I am, the unique me that I am!” may well come forth. Conformity is the extinguisher of creative expression, it being a three-dimensional box into which we have been asked to fit. As we respond to the call of the soul to recognize our freedom, an awakening to the truth that we are Love incarnate, opens the pathway to creating a uniqueness of expression. To do so, the objective becomes to release attachment to others’ well-intentioned feedback, to witness the internal judgment and let ‘er go, supporting the creative aspects of the true self to come forth. As judgment is released (while remembering that what is deemed others’ judgment, is in actuality our own), creativity springs forth into manifestation. Loving the one we are, in all the nuances that exist, is the call forthcoming by spirit; for although God may have created us in Love, we are each a unique color of that rainbow. Perhaps that black sheep that some of us have felt ourselves to be, is in actuality a rainbow sheep, one of exquisite distinct coloration portraying the beauty of unique expression! Jeannette offers ontological coaching, assisting those in embracing the rainbow sheep they are, releasing attachment to conformity, and embracing the path of freedom. Schedule your free discovery call at

Being And Becoming

By Tomas and Joan Heartfield “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain You are born. Your soul now has a home and a new vehicle from which to live and operate. What will it take for you to find meaning, purpose and joy in life, and if all goes well, die happily? We all are given a set of challenges that are unique to our situation. We get parents who have their own sets of instructions that they pass on to us through their genes and life experiences. In the best case, they give us enough love and encouragement to live a successful life. This isn’t always the case, however. Most of us have experiences that are confusing and embed our nervous systems with habits and attitudes that diminish our ability to fully awaken to our true essence. We now have the opportunity to look deeper into our life story and find out who and what we want to be. Finding out why we were born is a process that happens as we discover our life purpose. When we find out how we became who we are, we can start to discover who we want to be. We can embrace the natural gifts we came in with, and develop them further. Along the way, we can notice where we are programmed, or bound, and free ourselves from those limitations. We must know ourselves and how we got to be who we are if we are going to be successful in fulfilling our destiny. It takes courage, willingness and support to live an authentic life. It is in our nature to help each other do this. Tomas Heartfield and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. help people deepen their connection to life. Their heart circles and counseling services have helped thousands find more joy and love in their daily lives. Visit their website,

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Sundays, Oct. 13 & Nov. 17, 12-5pm @ the VFW Ctr.-Kihei

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Everyone Has A True Radiant Buddha Nature By Maurgana Stiastny Considered to be a treasure by the Maui community, venerable Buddhist leader Lama Gyalsten is the resident lama at the Maui Dharma Center in Paia. He grew up in Darjeeling, India and has been a lama since he was a very young boy. The all good Lama Tenzin, previous lama on Maui for 20 years, chose him to lead the Maui center 17 years ago. Here are the words and teachings of our Venerable Lama Gyalsten on the subject of radiant awakening: The Buddhist philosophy is about how we live well in our daily lives. How can we train from the challenges in our lives to become better people? Buddhism teaches how we train our mind and cultivate positive human values. Buddhist philosophy is based on kindness, compassion and being loving. Equanimity is also a very important principle of the Dharma. People and all living beings are thought of as being equal and having value. Humans, animals and even insects are thought of as having worth and value — from the elephant to the smallest insect. Everyone deserves freedom and happiness. Radiant awakening is very much a radiance of ripples of light. How can we be a good example and model for others? How can you contribute to the community and to everyone? This is my understanding — how I feel and how I learned from my teachers. We can have both ordinary wisdom and supreme wisdom. Radiate to bring your inner qualities out. The Buddha nature is in every human being. Everyone has this nature no matter what. It

doesn’t matter what religion you are, or what race you are, or what socioeconomic group you’re in. All people, every single living being — their soul, their consciousness, their subconsciousness — has a Buddha nature. It is our true mind. We were born with it; we came into this world with our Buddha nature. It is pure, uncontaminated, unstained radiance. We all have obscurations which just temporarily stain our true radiant Buddha nature. We all have the opportunity to awaken. The way to cultivate your Buddha nature is simple and profound. Every day polish your life. Do not allow temporary distractions, difficulties and worries to overtake

Awakening Your On-Line Presence

By Taryn Kama As I write this article, we just finished the “Mercury in retrograde” astrological period; and happily, my business and I are experiencing a radiant re-awakening. When the planet Mercury appears to go backward in its orbit around the sun – about three or four times per year – it’s a retrograde period. It’s a time when electronics go haywire and communication wires get crossed; it’s a bad time to sign any legal contracts. Working in the field of online communications, I especially noticed it with emails not being delivered, sluggish progress on work projects, and general mayhem. It is a good time, however, to revisit old projects and old friends and to clean out your closet. With this in mind, I went with the flow and didn’t start anything new. I used the time for professional planning and redesigning my business website: In my design process, I made sure to follow my advice when I talk to clients regarding the key elements on a website – having a lead magnet (a way to collect an email address from potential clients); using simple, intuitive navigation; and making sure the site is responsive (adjusts for mobile devices); etc. Now is a great time to evaluate your on-line presence — both your website and social media — to make sure your business’s ‘radiance’ is reaching the clients or customers you want to reach. You may want to look at your “About” page — what’s on your bio, and does it contain specific keywords? Is your “About” information complete on your social media platforms? Both of those places should be optimized with keywords so that your people can better find you on the web. Taryn Kama is a Maui-based media expert and college professor. She is the owner of Go Get it Media, a business that provides media services and workshops/education on on-line marketing for heartcentered businesses. Visit

Page 26

Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2019

you. We must realize the temporary nature of things and not get too caught up and serious. Our lack of awakened mind is what makes our obscurities. Our attachments, our negative thinking, our blaming, and our afflictive emotions all contribute to obscuring our innate Buddha nature. Doing service work, developing one’s moral ethics, our disciplines and our patience, all help to support one’s awakening. Our patience is necessary now more than ever before. We then will become stronger and we will not be affected as much by our external conditions. In modern times we have so many very difficult and concerning situations facing us. We need to be resourceful and find the reasons for this, and to bring it back into balance. To summarize, Buddhism is about being a positive, good-hearted person; and your path will be open and clear. You must have goodness towards others. It’s simple, but it comes down to the same truths even in the advanced teachings. Maintain your karma. The Buddhist philosophy believes that we have many lives and we must seriously, importantly, sincerely and continuously care for our own karma. We must generate good karma and be a really good person. Your destinations, ambitions and goals will be reached as long as you continue to cultivate your good karma. Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 27 years. Find her at Maui Vibrant Health located in Paia and Wailea, or call her at 808.579.8810. The Maui Dharma Center is located at 81 Baldwin Avenue in Paia. For more information visit

Awakening Beyond The Veil

By David Bower When we choose to incarnate as humans, we accept certain parameters around our upcoming adventure. We know our thoughts will create our reality. We understand the world will be a playground of choice and free will. And we know we’ll temporarily forget that we’re limitless, eternal beings of light. So how do we reach beyond the veil that shrouds our human awareness? How do we awaken to higher truths, access divine guidance, and remember who we truly are? A wise master once told me the three most effective ways to awaken spiritually and ‘have it all’ in this lifetime: “Meditate, meditate, and meditate. But not necessarily in that order.” If you aren’t meditating regularly, I know the idea can be…well…unappealing. However, ten minutes of simple meditation once or twice a day can profoundly shift your life experience. Simply close your eyes and breathe deeply, doing your best to become thought-free. Gently focus your attention on the rhythm of your breathing – in and out. That’s it. A regular practice of short meditations does something magical. It creates a stronger, clearer connection to your higher self (that larger, wiser, non-physical part of who you really are). Why is that significant? Your higher self is your personal gateway to greater awareness, limitless knowledge and boundless possibilities. Daily meditations have a cumulative effect. They effectively loosen the veil and give you increasing access to inspiration and insight beyond your current consciousness. In essence, you create an opening for the Universe to answer all your prayers and desires. If you want to awaken spiritually and become all you intended to be in this lifetime, a simple meditation habit can make the journey much easier and more joyful. David Bower ( has been teaching Lemurian wisdom for more than 15 years and is co-founder of Lemurian Healing™ ( He’ll teach on Oahu October 19-22. His passion is helping others awaken, heal and reconnect with who they truly are.

Self-Empowered Healing from Insight to Integration • My experience comes from a 35yr journey through chronic degenerative illness, allowing Creativity to fully heal me. If you’re on a healing journey, this is for you! • Sessions connect you with your creative ability to heal. They gently blend body awareness, breath-work, quantum principles, intuitive energy reading and spiritual guidance. • Expect your session to be Powerful, Practical and Fun! I will precisely articulate the root of any issue or question in simple terms. You will receive life-changing tools and insights and be uplifted in the process! Please call or email for a conversation. Welcome!

Call 518-888-6941 E-mail: David@TogetherWeAreOne.Space Website: www.TogetherWeAreOne.Space Call for Kama’aina discount Fall, 2019

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Celebrating 15 Years Of Ram Dass Maui Satsang and found one in the historic Makawao By Mike Crall Union Church beginning ThanksgivWorld-renowned spiritual teacher ing Sunday 2012 until Thanksgiving and author Ram Dass landed on Maui Sunday 2018. in 2004 and offered his first Maui This chapter of Ram Dass Maui satsang gatherings in 2005 in his first Satsangs saw the gatherings occurring Maui residence in Haiku. Satsang — a once or twice a year, but always with Hindi term from the ancient Sanskrit rich and often emotional teachings, language — commonly refers to a including amazing story telling from favorable environment in the presence the likes of Larry Brilliant, Alan Cohen of spiritual/holy people where people and Gary Zukav, and music by Nina listen to dharma teachings and/or bhakti Rao, Zach Leary, Prabhu Nam Kaur, music, allowing participants to elevate Govindas and Radha (Bhakti Yoga their minds from ‘the worldly’ towards Shala). a higher consciousness. The most successful collaboration Following research at Harvard Unibecame the annual pairing of Ram Dass versity with close friend and associate and Krishna Das, followed by a MonTimothy Leary, Ram Dass gained fame day Night “enCHANTing” Evening in the 1960s as one of the proponents of Krishna Das Ram Dass of Kirtan for those wanting more; this began in 2013 and became a staple the use of psychedelic drugs as a path to mystical experience. In 1967, he for the Maui community, drawing over 800 participants between the two travelled to India and met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Upon returning to the programs in the Church Sanctuary and Church Hall. U.S., he published Be Here Now in 1971, described as a manual for conscious Given the size of the gatherings, having to turn people away, and not being that has sold over two million copies. Since then he has written books, wanting to risk any irreparable damage to the historic Makawao Union lectured and taught around the world on the topics of spirituality, living and Church, the time came for a new home — to make room for everyone wanting dying, and helped found and donated to several non-profit organizations, to attend and to provide a more optimum experience for everyone involved. giving away much of his book royalties and earnings. The Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s Castle Theater will host, for the first His satsangs on Maui started out with 25-30 friends, and quickly spread time this year, a specially combined program of Krishna Das’ “enCHANTing” to 100+ people packing the residence and overflowing the neighborhood — Evening of Kirtan in celebration of 15 years of Ram Dass Maui Satsangs. in time, that included people camping out, using the pool to bathe, and other At 88 years old, Ram Dass is more comfortable with ‘soul-to-soul’ untold liberties taken without respecting the house boundaries. It became a connections in a less formal manner than holding the stage for a lecture or very popular Sunday gathering. collaborating for a dharma talk with another renowned teacher. He prefers The combination of overcrowding, complaints from the neighbors, to have unstructured ‘wheel through the audience’ moments with seekers and a generous offer by Geordie Jahner (then owner/founder of The Studio looking for ‘a Ram Dass moment.’ Maui in the Haiku Marketplace) to provide the Ram Dass Maui Satsang a As the Maui satsangs begin to take another new shape in a new venue, home, all led to his monthly (to become quarterly) gatherings to continue you can be sure there will be bhakti music/kirtan/chanting, dharma talks, from 2006 to 2011. reflections, contemplations, meditation, ‘words of wisdom,’ laughs, and Each gathering featured Ram Dass with such notable teachers as Frank Indian food available at the annual program serving as a food drive for the Ostaseski, Lei’ohu Ryder, Peter Russell, Therese Fitzgerald, Sat Santokh, Maui Food Bank. Saul David Raye, Wes Nisker, Lama Gyaltsen, Rev. Mary Omwake, and renowned musicians/bands such as Shantala (Benjy and Heather Wertheimer), Krishna Das “enCHANTing” Evening of Kirtan: Celebrating 15 Sri Kirtan (Sruti Ram and Ishwari), Uma Reed, Geoffrey Gordon, Daniel Years of Ram Dass Maui Satsangs at the MACC’s Castle Theater, Monday, Paul, and Maui’s own Shankara, Neerja (Heather Parsons), Rev. Kedar, JagDecember 2, 7:00pm. Join Krishna Das (and full band) and Ram Dass as gadeesh, Krishna Konti, Dreaming Bear (spoken word artist); and several they combine their long-standing annual Thanksgiving programs into one included Zikr dances with the Maui Sufis led by Leilah and Bodhi Be. big special evening. For tickets: 808.242.7469, For more Always a potpourri of different traditions, different faiths, different information: and teachings/methods — all ‘leading to God’ — it seemed to ultimately blend perfectly together, unlike any other gathering available. “Awesome feeling! If you’re ever on Maui this is a must do.” - Adrian Kukua The eclectic pairings of teachers, musicians and dances became part of the attraction, to see how it would all ‘fit together,’ or if it would at all. These three-hour Sunday afternoon gatherings always included music/kirtan/chanting, dharma talks, reflections, contemplations, meditation, ‘words of wisdom,’ laughs and a free meal (prasad). From rice and dahl, salads made in the house kitchen, and potluck prasads where participants helped to provide the food that followed the program, to the support from Maui Kombucha and a commitment from Monsoon India Restaurant, no one ever left unfed — in their belly or spiritually. The real breakthrough was when Monsoon India Restaurant was providing quality dinner buffets, always included in the price of admission, during those times. Several times they fed 400 or more, from October 2010 to November 2018. Beginning in 2010, the Thanksgiving Sunday Satsangs shifted into becoming a food drive for the Maui Food Bank. Each Thanksgiving Sunday Satsang became the one date per year you could mark your calendar for a Ram Dass public gathering. Ever growing in audience size, satsangs needed a new home when The Studio Maui closed its doors,

Page 28 Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2019

Book Review

Grandma’s School of Life

By Eric T. Richter, publisher Grandmas are special, there’s no doubt about it. I remember a special time I spent with my Grandma Finch, sitting on a rocking bench on her back porch in Chevy Chase, Maryland when I was about 10. Knowing I was an avid coin collector, she gifted me with three 1909 VDB pennies, which I still have and cherish! Grandma’s School of Life, a new children’s book by local author, energy healer and intuitive Sulara James, carries with it that same special vibe. You might think of it as ‘chocolate chip cookies for the young soul.’ Since many of us can connect with our young souls, the book is a delight to read for all ages – not just kids 4-12 for whom it was intended. G r a n d m a ’s S c h o o l o f Life tells the story of Jacob and Amanda, who are spending the night at their grandparents’ house. Grandma, much to their delight, answers their questions about the Creator and life upon Mother Earth. “Everything is alive and made of God’s Love. We are all One Heart,” the book proclaims on its back cover. Beautifully illustrated by Barbara Hall, with each page you turn, you will be soothed by its peaceful, tranquil images and reminded of simple metaphysical truths that govern the universe and our lives. It encourages us all to embrace heart-centered living – express the truth in our hearts, find our purpose, and do what makes our hearts sing and makes us happy. It also offers simple suggestions to be kind and loving to our fellow humans, plants, animals and the Earth. The book espouses a loving, forgiving God who encourages us to learn to love ourselves, each other, and all of life with the same Love and Light. Grandma’s School of Life is a refreshing short read that will bring you back to center, and leave you feeling good and ready to share your love! For information on ordering Grandma’s School of Life, visit

D i s cove r

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Go to for the article entitled: THE UNIFIED FIELD REVEALED. Ground breaking scientific discovery into Hu-man as the embodiment of the mathematical framework of the universe


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Fall, 2019

On The Verge Of Life

By Dr. Ayin Adams Robert Browning wrote: “Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness; and around, wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in, this perfect, clear perception — which is truth. A baffling and perverting carnal mesh binds it, and makes all error: and, to know, rather consists of opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape, than in effecting entry for a light supposed to be without.” C.S. Lewis puts it very succinctly: “We must be hatched or go bad.” Catch this idea of living on the verge and you open a whole new dimension of your quest for reality. The health you desire is already within you seeking expression. The talents you wish you had — you already have in embryo form. The good you desire is already yours in potential. You couldn’t desire it, you couldn’t hope for it, you couldn’t wish or dream for it, unless this was the intimation of something dynamic in Spirit that is seeking expression through you. There’s good for you, there’s health for you, there’s overcoming for you, there’s change and beautiful unfoldments for you. You’re on the verge of them; take the added inch, step across that separation, enter in and possess your good. Break through the shell of your limited self, claim your unlimited self. Speak the word of truth for yourself; say the Kingdom of heaven is within me, and let the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Let my good unfold, let the health manifest … “then shall thy light break forth like the morning and thy health shall spring forth speedily.” May the light dawn in your consciousness this day. God bless you! Dr. Ayin Adams teaches Science of Mind principles at the Holistically Alive Center in Wailea. The ongoing fall 13-week Saturday course begins September 21. Call 808.276.6864 for details.

Savor The Moment

By Rich Ralston Our souls incarnate in human form to experience a variety of circumstances. In the course of our lifetime, we will experience many things that are either pleasant or painful. If we want to see beyond the ever-changing ups and downs of life, we can remember that we have within us a blueprint of what our souls would like to accomplish. We can discover this by listening to what the heart desires. It is helpful to remember the good experiences. Some of those pleasant memories can be graduating from high school or college, obtaining that job or career you have always wanted or needed, taking a vacation to Maui, falling in love, giving birth to a child, sharing moments of joy with your child or children, observing your children’s times of success, or perhaps retiring from an occupation. At times we encounter obstacles that prevent us from achieving our desires. Hardships and mistakes usually bring lessons with them that we can learn from, or perhaps they are simply a new experience for the soul. When you feel frustrated with how your life is going, this could be the perfect time to remember the good moments you have had. I prefer to have a mindset of gratitude and appreciation for all the good experiences in my life. I like to keep them at the forefront of my mind and savor each moment of those memories. I use them as a reference point. If I have a challenging situation to face, I will remind myself of former successes rather than focus on the hardships or mistakes I have made. Perhaps you might try this, too. Rich Ralston is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. His abilities include chakra clearing and energy release instruction, past life karma clearing, communication with souls of the dead as well as crossing them over, and remote healing. To get in touch, email, call 808.313.2736, or visit

Preventing Breast Cancer Hints

By Shelagh Sandstedt, LMT and Frances Salvato, LMT October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women and has touched everyone’s life. Here are ways to minimize risk factors: • Be physically active. • Maintain a healthy weight. • Eat 2.5 cups or more of fruits and vegetables per day. • Choose 100% whole grain foods. • Limit red meat and processed meat. • Choose beans, fish and chicken. • Limit saturated fats (solid at room temperature) and trans fats (hydrogenated oils). • Eat ‘good’ fats (poly- and mono-unsaturated): olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil, and nuts. • Limit alcohol to less than 1 drink per day. • Breastfeed, if possible. (Source:, American Cancer Society) Regular screening tests (and treatment, if diagnosed) lower the risk of dying from breast cancer. Chances for survival are highest when screening tests detect it early. Though research has not shown a link between cancer and chronic stress, “stress makes your body more hospitable to cancer,” according to Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., director of the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center (University of Texas). Here are some stress-reduction strategies: • Practice meditation. Try two 20-minute periods per day. Sit in your garden, watch the sunset, or close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place you love or feel loved. • Get adequate sleep, at least 8 hours per night. • Spend time in nature. • Exercise. Take a walk. Go swimming. On Maui, it’s easy to combine time in nature with exercise. • Take time to breathe deeply. The ‘fight or flight’ stress response of our nervous system literally turns off when we take a few deep, slow breaths. • Get a massage. Stress reduction is one of the many benefits of massage. Modalities that take you into deep relaxation, your body’s healing state, include craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage. Shelagh Sandstedt, LMT (MAT-11571) and Frances Salvato, LMT (MAT-13834) are partnering with Perfection Bra Fitting Salon to support women’s breast health - offering free lymphatic drainage breast massage on Thursday, October 24, 1:00-6:00pm. Email or visit

For Me, It’s An Ongoing Process

By Rhonda Felix Just these words alone – radiant awakening – bring a vision of beauty. My mind sees an illuminating white light so intense that it brings me to my knees in awestruck wonder and humility, like experiencing a gift from God Almighty. In general, my awakenings have come ‘inch by inch.’ They often begin when I am struggling with an issue. For instance, something isn’t going my way and I feel uptight about it – ‘they’ aren’t behaving correctly, the mail still hasn’t brought the long overdue check, the car needs a new battery, it is so hot I think I am going to melt, and on and on. When I am this far removed from my center, there is no ‘radiant’ in my view. This is when I realize how far off I am in my self-care. When did I last have alone time? When did I last meditate, and take time for conscious contact? When was the last time I sat and read something inspirational? For me, this realization tells me I am headed for a radiant awakening. For in the struggle, comes the gift when I surrender and take time to connect. Things always work out, always. So for me, the radiant awakening is an ongoing process I work for every day. The illuminating light I spoke of is to feel the presence of God within me — to be able to hear the ‘still small voice’ and to know that I am enough just the way I am. “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” - James 1:2-3 NKJV. Rhonda J. Felix is a certified teacher for the work of Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”®. She is a licensed Unity teacher and licensed massage therapist with reflexology as her specialty. Contact Rhonda for a consultation or reflexology treatment, at 808.205.8302.

Fall, 2019

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ABUSE & TRAUMA RECOVERY Teri Holter, LCSW, DCSW 205-8055 ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac 879-2287 ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, RETAIL ENERGY WORK,YOGA & EVENT STUDIO 808 Wellness: Healing Spa & Yoga Studio | 808.875.4325 | mae#3142 ACUPUNCTURE WITH A VIEW Aimee Greenwood L.Ac Text 808-217-7907 (Upcountry) ADVERTISING/PROMOTION Maui Vision Network 669-9091 AKASHIC RECORDS READINGS Grace Ellen Provost 808.344.2529 ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR Gayle Barklie CCHT, MFC Barklie’s Pet Service 808-344-5688 BREATH WORK Christine Warner 808-283-8546 CBD EDUCATOR AND BUSINESS CONSULTANT Mira Nissim 808-727-9826 CELLULAR REGENERATION & HOLISTIC CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Gina Kim, DC. 871-6996 Wailuku CHANNELED READINGS Liah Howard 269-3137 CHANNELED READINGS/ ENERGETIC HEALING Sulara James 808.874.8646 CHILDREN/TEEN BEREAVEMENT Na Keiki O Emalia 808.214.9832 CHIROPRACTIC KINESIOLOGY Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C.808.244.0415 CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY & BRAINWAVE THERAPY Shone Edel NHC 808-248-7568 Maui Homeopathy LLC COFFEE HOUSES Casanova’s Makawao 572-0220 Maui Coffee Roasters - 877-2877 The Coffee Store - Napili 669-4170 COLON CLEANSING Shelley St. John 575-5220

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HUMAN DESIGN/GENE KEYS Rupa 808 283 5774

FENG SHUI INTUITIVE COACH Finding Your Fiji LLC Kim Julen, 651-230-7361

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MEDITATION Inner Light and Sound, 879-0871

HOLISTIC PHARMACY 879-0122 34 Wailea Gateway Pl, A-103

EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY Juliet Butters Doty 808-359-8676

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Rhonda Felix (808) 205-8302

MASSAGE THERAPY Sabai Massage Therapy 808-463-7734

NATURAL FOODS Down to Earth 877-2661 Farmers Market Maui - Honokowai 669-7004 Hawaiian Moons 875-4356 Mana Foods 579-8078

INTUITIVE READINGS Alana Kay 808-633-1366

FERTILITY & WOMB HEALING Elaine Lopez-Bogard 505-218-6884


MAGAZINE / PROMOTION Maui Vision Magazine 669-9091 MASSAGE/ ACCESS BARS/ HUMAN DESIGN Robin Krieger (808) 280-6682

ORIENTAL MEDICINE / NATURAL HEALING / ACUPUNCTURE Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM 808.579.8810 PAST LIFE REGRESSION Barbara Ensign Cht. 269-2129 PERSONAL & CAREER MINDFUL/HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING Anthony Rogers LCSW 310-386-1808 (Kihei) PSYCHIC / MEDIUM Liah Howard 269-3137 PSYCHIC-PALMISTRY Helen Kritzler 573-6343 REIKI NATURAL HEALING TREATMENTS, TRAINING, SUPPLIES Shalandra Abbey, Reiki Master 808.280.7704

REIKI PRACTITIONER & STUDIO William Sabal, 808.244.4536

THERAPY/MINDFULNESS Tanya Gabriel, MA 808.269.5996

REIKI SESSIONS & TRAINING Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177


REIKI TREATMENTS & TRAININGS Jenna Keck, Reiki Master 408.621.4102

TOWING & TRANSPORT East Maui Towing & Transport, Inc. 808.281.7038

RELAXING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Lomi Hanamana 808-214-5054 – John Gelert

WATSU & MASSAGE Brenda Martin, LMT 269-4337


YOGA CLASSES - LAHAINA Island Spirit Yoga Maui 667-2111


YOGA THERAPY Escence Yoga Therapy LLC 808.371.2037


YOGA THERAPY Escence Yoga Therapy LLC Michelle Latorre RYT 500, 808.371.2037

SACRED AWAKENING & HEALING Pat Burns, MS, LCSSE, 401-862-8859 SACRED SEXUALITY COACHING Tomas Heartfield 808 572-1250 SELF-EMPOWERMENT/ SELF-HEALING David Youngblood 518-888-6941 SHAMANIC HEALING Genesis Young 874-8646 SOUL WHISPERER, SEER Juliet Butters Doty 808-359-8676 SOUND ENERGY HEALING Maui Singing Bowl 808.330.8227 SPIRITUAL MENTORING PROGRAM Ginny Ross, Intuitive Astrologer 303-931-7055 TAOIST ABDOMINAL MASSAGE Chi Nei Tsang Maui Hawaii 310-490-7493 TAX PROBLEM RESOLUTION The Maui Tax Resolution Center 808-575-9911 Juliet Kong, EA


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Awakening To “Animalspeak”

By Gayle Barklie Intuitive communication with animals has always been part of who I am. Being dyslexic, I couldn’t understand humans very well; but my receptivity to what animals were saying came through loudly and clearly, often in complete sentences. Honestly, I didn’t know that others couldn’t ‘hear’ what I was hearing. What is animal communication? It’s the ability to hear, sense or feel the thoughts of another species, and what they’re trying to get across. It seems to happen most frequently when important or intense information needs to be conveyed. Animals communicate and understand through mental pictures. So, if your thoughts and words aren’t congruent – such as saying, “Come here!” while visualizing Fido running away – he’ll be gone in a flash! Once upon a time, humans were able to effortlessly communicate telepathically with other species. Man’s evolution resulted in logic overtaking intuition, so we’ve lost touch with that innate ability. However, because animals are adept at communicating with each other without speaking, what they send out is readily available for us to tap into — if we open up, allow and trust. Although AnimalSpeak is often subtle, animals are capable of communicating very complex ideas and deep feelings with great sophistication. Combining impressions, images, requests, memories, sensations and emotions, these intimate other-species chats offer profound wisdom, interesting information, and unique perceptions. Know that sometimes a dog is just being a dog! By awakening humans to their potential to know what their pets are thinking and feeling, and helping pets find out what their humans are thinking and feeling, peace and happiness can exist in the home. What’s your animal companion trying to tell you? I’d love to translate! Gayle Barklie, CCHT, MFC is a transpersonal hypnotherapist at Soul Purpose Maui. Contact her for equine assisted psychotherapy, (all in the) family counseling, invisible containment fencing installation, in-home pet sitting, animal communication. Email, visit and, or call 808.344.5688.

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Haiku Helen A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years -

It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion

Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit

Fall, 2019

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EYES OF HEAVEN – providing powerful insights to your life and future via astrology, tarot and shamanic sessions. Contact Eliza Bassett 808-214-6587 - - ACADEMIC SERVICES - Maui’s BEST tutoring for 25+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730

EAGLEWRITER. No, the writing is not about eagles. You may request almost any other topic: Resumes, Ad Copy (including business to business), Emails, Newsletter, Web Copy... you name it. Samples available ranging from poetry to ghost stories to a book, plus plenty of Legal Writing. Special forte: paralegal work/ drafts/consulting for your practice. Also Employee Manuals, Handbooks, Policies. Editing too! Eaglaw2@ or 808.633.4109. Experienced copywriter at country’s oldest agency. PR also available.: REIKI HAWAII - For everything Reiki, Gift Certificates, Treatments, Training, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. or 808.280.7704

GENUINE PSYCHIC answers your question or thrills your guests; crystal ball and gypsy regalia optional.

HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING - Maui Miracle Mind Hypnotherapy offers professional clinical hypnotherapy certification, personal growth classes and private sessions in Sacred Renewal Breathing, Neuro linguistic Programming, Massage Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy for all issues including childbirth prep, surgery prep and accelerated healing, pain control, habit control, emotional and spiritual growth, relationship issues, prenatal and past life. Heather Solarie LMT, CCHT, NLPP. 808-442-2950.

10TH ANNIVERSARY SALE! - Get 50% off one incall visit, or $20 off outcall to your location, via online booking only at (No discounts by phone.) Thai 'Yoga' Massage, Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Backwalking, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Structural & Custom Blends! Questions? Please Text (808) 463-7734 or email info@

HEAL YOURSELF! Sessions connect you with your profound creative ability to heal! They are gentle, uplifting and fun. If you struggle with illness or pain, or if you seek spiritual guidance, clarity or support this is for you. You will receive powerful, life-changing tools and insights. Welcome! David Youngblood, Website: TogetherWeAreOne.Space, Email: David@TogetherWeAreOne.Space. Call 518-888-6941.

WATSU AND MASSAGE JUST FOR YOU~ Offering traditional Watsu® aquatic bodywork in a private pool. Or, if you prefer table massage. Kama’aina rates, gift certificates and discounts on packages available. Call Brenda Martin, 808.269.4337.

TIRED OF PILLS AND DOCTORS? Learn To Heal Yourself And Live Your Best Life. Classes: (1) Aligning Chakras Body Energy Centers and Connection to Source Energy, (2) Third Eye Opening and Mediumship (channeling, psychic and intuitive abilities), (3) Tarot and Oracle Cards, (4) Palmistry (5) Numerology and Angel Numbers, (6) Intuitive Astrology (7) Sacred Geometry Drawing and Painting Classes. Free Chakra Alignment Session when you sign up for any of our Classes. No more depression or anxiety, let me help you, we are one, remember? Wake up, let’s smile and dance again! Contact Sylvia Angel: at 808-495-1675, email:,

AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. or 463-0779

“JUDY'S ANGELIC CRYSTAL JOURNEYS,” Crystal Layouts with chakra balancing, lymphatic massage with “gua-sha,” reflexology, full Reiki session and “Inner Child Card” reading. Unique 90 min. for Healthy longevity guidance and upliftment; available in Kihei and Haiku. Call Judy Levy @ 269.7762. PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship concerns, business issues, and spirit messages. Phone and in person sessions available. Liah Howard 808-2693137 DIVINE FEMININE DANCE with Jennifer Loftus: DISSOLVE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ILLNESS & Let Miracles Happen. Eva-Maria Coburger (808) 280 4921 EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGER, TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALER. Guided Meditation Journeys. Seer. UnWind the Soul with Juliet Butters Doty. 25 years in business. Healing Sanctuary in Pukalani, Now is the time. Call 808-359-8676 ARE YOU INTERESTED in incorporating Hemp/CBD products into your holistic practice for yourself or for your clients? Let me help you get started easily. Call/ Text 808-727-9826. Mira Nissim, CBD Educator & Business Consultant CONSCIOUS WEDDING OFFICIANT ~ Contact Nancy for details and reserve date! Author, speaker, officiating your inspiring creative ceremony in paradise!

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808 WELLNESS, ~ Healing Spa & Yoga Studio in South Kihei, MAE #3142. Hourly rentals available for treatment rooms if seeking a professional place for your practice; Studio available for classes/ workshops/trainings for all things wellness or community related. Become a featured Wellness Wednesday Speaker. Contact us today: 37 ACRES UPPER KANIO Bring your 4 wheel drive. $599,000 w/ electric and near water. Build with catchment water. Rocked walls. Hunters? Never want to have visitors? This could be 4 U. View of ocean and Mauna Kea. Next to hundreds of acres of conservation lands. Google MLS 382936. Sylvia Cabral Realty RB 14394 808 879 9007 “HANA DAY VISITORS” Come along, sacred sites-sacred sounds. Exclusive tour/healing, Native Hawaiian host and Sound Healer. Same day booking 2-3 hr. session. 600-0376 AlikaSoundHealingMaui. com (12/19) ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808)-879-2287 (9/18)

Fall, 2019

COMING SOON! The amazing new Temple of Peace Metaphysical gift and crystal store. Look for our grand reopening in Haiku this fall. Mention this ad for a free gift. For current days and hours of operation please call 808-575-5220 or stop by @ 575 Haiku Rd Haiku 96708. LOMI HANAMANA Massage Sessions, Workshops, and Gift Certificates - Call 808-214-5054 Learn Compassion and Forgiveness by Understanding Yourself and Others ~ LOVE AND DESTINY CARD READINGS are a great way to learn about yourself and others. I offer several different readings including Individual, Love or Friend Connections, and Destiny. Please visit: REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 ANCIENT LOMI LOMI. Private Sessions & Training Retreats in Sacred Pre-Polynesian Bodywork addressing Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Ancestral Bodies with Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. Visit or call 808.269.0591 for more information. (12/19) GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover this True Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, DC is an authorized international consultant/practitioner and instructor of GMN founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioner's effectiveness and the use of modalities and/or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the 5 Biological Laws. www. or call (808) 244-0415. IF YOUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZES IN: healing, creating or inspiring and you want assistance or training with your marketing or website, we can help. www. ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! Maui Vision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 280-7893 or visit for details ARE YOU READY TO RENEW Your Body, Mind & Spirit? Rhonda J. Felix is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in Reflexology. She is a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” classes, and offers group and individual sessions, as well as counseling through Dream Yoga. Call (808) 205-8302 today to discuss your renewal options! Or visit, Kahului Swap Meets on Saturday space 642. CONSCIOUSMAUI.COM, Maui’s conscious business guide. Find local businesses to support, Events, Special Offers, Opportunities to Volunteer, Surf & Weather and more! COSMIC CHANNELS FOR CO-CREATIVITY. Facilitating Light & Wisdom of Ascended Masters for individuals & groups. Mary-Allana Holmes 540-4496221

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED LISTING Place your listing by email to MauiVision@aol. com.Classified ads are 30 cents per word, no minimum. We will email billing instructions to you. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Wed., Nov. 13 for the winter edition publishing on Sat., Nov. 30. (Covers Dec., 2019, Jan., & Feb., 2020.)

Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinical Bio-Integration restores wellness utilizing Chiropractic Care and Kinesiology. Specializing in Trauma Resolution and other methods.

Delve Into A New Book by Rich Ralston!

Afterlife In Hawaii Explore a collection of fascinating stories and information the author has accumulated from helping thousands of souls “cross over� into the afterlife. This book will help remove common fears associated with death and inform and prepare readers for their own afterlife, based upon the knowledge the author received from Spirit Source and from the multitude of souls he has assisted. Now available on Amazon and at the Barnes and Noble store in Kahului. Look for audio book soon.

Please Visit:

Author Rich Ralston is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. He has been a guest on Coast to Coast Radio to discuss his first book, Subtle Energy and the World We Experience. His abilities include chakra clearing, releasing energy blockages, energy release instruction, past life karma clearing, communication with souls of the dead, crossing souls over, and clearing land of souls and entities. He resides on Maui.

Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. Author and Educator Over 30 years experience

What would it take to create a life with infinite awareness and possibilities that create more choices to align with your mind, body and spirit? $30 off your first visit! Exp. 2/28/18

Call Dr. Price (808) 244-0415

Call today for more information: 808-313-2736 Visit or Email: Fall, 2019

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RCNQ Get Ready FoR

presented by

Global Media Productions

R. Carlos Nakai Quartet

R. Carlos Nakai Native American flute

Johnny Walker Will Clipman

bass guitar

drums and percussion

AmoChip Dabney sax and keyboards

RC’s ethereal aspect is ever-present but with a bold, hip-shaking expansion into the Jazz / R&B realm! Saturday

October 12 MAui

McCoy Studio Theater Maui Arts & Cultural Center


October 13 OAHu

Doris Duke Theater – Honolulu –


October 18 Big iSlAND

Kahilu Theatre – Waimea –

For TickeTs and concerT inFormaTion go To: or call 808-283-5365


October 19 KAuAi

Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center For maUi TickeTs:


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Maui Vision Magazine, Fall, 2019 edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

Maui Vision Magazine, Fall, 2019 edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

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