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Harvesting Our Good

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2018

Winning The Maui We Need By Mark Sheehan “Politics isn’t about left versus right; it’s about top versus bottom.” - Jim Hightower Hightower’s observation reminds me of the corporate lineup for this year’s election in which long-serving politicians want yet another chance to accomplish not very much. No way. ‘Nuff already. They need to clean out their offices, work on their resumes and find out what it’s like in the real world, where results matter. I’m referring to the team that gave full-throated support for Monsanto and the seed industry; the crew that allows low hotel tax assessments and approves luxury developments, but can’t find funds for affordable housing. I’m talking about the professional politicians who listen to their donors while ignoring their constituents; the ones who can’t climb in the canoe, but want to captain the race. They say we should vote them back in again. What? After 12 years running the county, Mayor Alan Arakawa wants to extend his government employment by taking back his council seat? Fortunately, primary voters snubbed him. After a nearly 60-year reign by the Hokama dynasty, Riki Hokama thinks he deserves to control the budget. Stacy Crivello wants another two years. And Mike Victorino, who termed out two years ago, now wants back on the government payroll as mayor because he thinks it’s his turn at the wheel. Hoping we have forgotten about their mediocre council performances, Alice Lee and Mike Molina want your vote because they ‘understand’ how the system works. Stepping down from office, Mr. Carroll hopes you will pull the lever for his daughter; vote the name, ignore the record. It’s deja vu. We can’t afford two more years

of kicking the can down the road. We’re running out of road, and what’s left is clogged with traffic. Four years ago, Monsanto spent $8 million to convince us that pesticides are good for the environment and that a moratorium would end farming as we know it. Mayor Arakawa was on their side, not your side. Eight council members voted against pesticide testing. Mike Victorino, Bob Carroll, Stacy Crivello, Don Guzman, Riki Hokama, Gladys Baisa, Don Couch and Mike White all found reasons why the GMO moratorium shouldn’t happen, despite dramatic, documented health risks. Only Elle Cochran understood the need for reform. She looked at the fields upwind of residential areas, listened to her constituents, and wrote a bill to limit pesticide use around schools and parks. If you scrutinize the current council’s record, you will see that the five-member majority deliberately and continuously shut down the minority, controlled all the committees, and debated, deferred, delayed and derailed meaningful legislation. In the process, it managed to accomplish not very much. For over a decade, the housing problem has been glaringly obvious, but our developmentfriendly mayor and council failed to head off the

crisis. Similarly, they delayed enforcing the vacation rental juggernaut that rolled up thousands of rental units and made it even harder for Maui families to find affordable housing. Haven’t we reached the limits of crony capitalism? In business, when management fails to head off problems, it gets pink-slipped. When voters pay attention to long-term incompetence, they can vote the bums out. If we are to win the future we want for Maui County, we have to vote in a new team that listens to the community and is committed to solving our most pressing problems. Elle Cochran has been a champion of progressive legislation. Year after year she has introduced strong bills and fought hard to get them passed. She is the best candidate to be mayor. To succeed, however, she needs a council that will work with her. Those are the Ohana candidates who possess the leadership skills displayed by current Councilmembers Kelly King and Alika Atay who have consistently contributed to positive change. The Ohana candidates have been listening to the community and crafting solutions to the suggestions they have received. But they need your active support to start making meaningful change. Only you, your families and your friends can vote for the change you want to see in Maui County. Find these candidates’ campaign pages, study their platforms and go to their fundraisers. This is the year to vote for progressive change. It can be done. The incumbents may be propped up by big corporate donors, but if we join together and vote, we can huli the system. Mark Sheehan is a real estate broker and an environmental activist. Mark@marksheehan.com.

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Fall, 2018

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

Harvesting Our Good

Sometimes life is unpredictable, and events we label ‘bad’ take place that completely stop us in our tracks. This past week, I have witnessed some events that made me pause and gain perspective. We finalized this issue of the magazine on the weekend Hurricane Lane hit Hawaii, not knowing if the magazine deadline would also be a different kind of deadline for those of us living here! A few days ago my friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her doctors were in a huge rush to get her into surgery, but it seemed senseless as the cancer had already metastasized. I know she will make the perfect right decision for her. She may choose to endure the surgery, or seek natural treatment alternatives and turn to her spiritual source for a miracle cure. Or she might embrace impending death and make the best of it, and skip the organic vegetable juicing and wheatgrass. Everyone is praying for her. Ask yourself, “What is my connection with Source?” If we can cultivate enough trust, we won’t have to ask, “Why me, God?” When ‘negative’ things happen, we will look for the silver lining and trust, “God’s got this!” And when ‘positive’ things happen, we can enjoy the sweet harvest. Enjoy the issue! - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2018

It’s All Good!

By Gayle Barklie My work as a hypnotherapy regressionist consists of helping clients remember events and choices they made in this life as well as past lives, that are still subconsciously affecting them. Retrieving what has been forgotten allows us to know that ‘it’s all good,’ and awakens spiritual transformation and empowerment. Most importantly, exploring the past can liberate lingering karma that’s undermining our best intentions and manifestations. The universal law of karma states that whatever we’ve done that we believe hurt or caused loss to self or others, will balance out in some way. If we believe we are bad, undeserving and unforgivable for what we did, the universe — a perfect ‘yes machine’ — will agree and deliver proof through what we attract. In other words, we create our own karma. Once we know that ‘it’s all good’ in the human experience (even if it feels painful), and that we are all good (even though choosing to buy into fear caused pain or loss), we can shift our mindset and our choices. Each experience provides perfect lessons and wake-up calls to assist us out of denial. We’re given countless opportunities to clean up karma, and can choose to at any time. However, don’t use these truisms to deny how you feel, or pretend you can shift just by thinking good thoughts. Mindlessly chanting ‘it’s all good’ in order to suppress and avoid our fear of pain, sadness and hopelessness, only keeps those emotions stuck. By feeling and acknowledging them, we are just as spiritual and just as good. Plus, we’ll get some serious brownie points (such as love, connection, purposefulness, power, joy and contentment) from the Law of Attraction gods! Gayle Barklie, MFC, CHT, created Soul Purpose to help clients transform from struggling to inspired, utilizing hypnotherapy techniques, past life regression, life between lives regression, clinical art therapy, marriage and family counseling, and equine therapy. Visit www.soulpurposemaui.com, email soulpurposemaui@gmail.com, or call 808.344.5688.

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Your Vote Is Powerful

By Albert Perez Now that the primary election is over, we know who the candidates will be for the November 6th general election. The winners of that election will make decisions for us over the next two to four years! Did you know that Hawaii — and Maui, especially — has one of the lowest voting rates in the country? In 2016, out of approximately 91,000 registered voters, only about 27,000 voted. Low turnout gives people who do vote more of a say in the outcome. So please vote, and encourage others to do the same. For nearly three decades, Maui Tomorrow Foundation has worked with many community groups on issues vital to Maui’s quality of life — truly affordable housing, stream restoration, open space, and sustainable agriculture. These are all influenced by who is in office. For example, the person who is elected Governor appoints members of state boards and commissions, including the Land Use Commission which makes decisions about which lands will be more intensively developed. The person who is elected Mayor appoints members of many county boards and commissions, including the Maui Planning Commission. These people decide what kinds of development are allowed near the shoreline, so your vote for Mayor influences what happens to our shorelines. It is important that we vote in all nine County Council races, because the council makes decisions about what can be built where, and how our taxes are spent. You can vote early at a walk-in location or request a mail-in ballot. See elections.hawaii.gov for more information. Some elections may be decided by a single vote! Consult with your friends, or one of the many organizations whose values you share, and then vote! Albert Perez is executive director of Maui Tomorrow Foundation, a nonprofit environmental organization that works for the preservation of open space, and for enforcement of Hawaii’s environmental and land use laws. For more information, please visit www.maui-tomorrow.org.

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Maui Vision Magazine

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Resisting Narcissistic Abuse By Paul O’Brien Have you ever wondered why you’ve been feeling more anxious or depressed in the past couple years? Having more trouble sleeping? Feeling confused or overwhelmed by behavior that you can’t make sense of? If so, you may be a victim of “narcissistic abuse.” Author and counselor Meredith Miller, an expert on the subject (and recent guest on my Pathways Radio podcast), believes Narcissistic Abuse (NA) is a leading cause of loneliness, anxiety and depression in the world today, silently happening across interpersonal, familial and societal levels. A silent pandemic of narcissistic abuse appears to be growing at exponential rates, as it’s being normalized by media and entertainment industries rewarded by corporations and institutions, and so shamelessly modeled by our bullying leader. One of the key markers is lack of empathy. Miller writes, “We are living in a world run by the narcissistic and sociopathic values of many corporations, governments, schools, religious and spiritual organizations.” Here in Maui, Monsanto is a perfect exemplar of unbridled narcissism in the corporate sector … putting profits above the health – and the democratically expressed will – of the people. NA is one of the most insidious injustices because it leaves its victims less able to trust others, or their own judgment. Narcissists emotionally manipulate others through language designed to assert greater control. They make people feel helpless and isolated in order to foster a sense of dependency. Hallmark behaviors include verbal abuse, manipulation, emotional blackmail, lying, gaslighting, bullying and withholding. Sta-


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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2018

tistics indicate 15 percent of the population has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), but it is under-reported as these are not people who seek therapy. We all have experienced narcissism, which is a natural stage of life … for a two-year-old. Clearly, it’s a stage we are meant to outgrow with the help of decent parenting. But what if one or both of our parents is narcissistic or otherwise dysfunctional? Such families operate according to an unspoken set of rules. Children conform to these rules, but never cease being tormented by them because the rules block emotional access to their parents … and themselves. They become invisible – neither heard, seen, nor nurtured. Boundaries dissolve and they are used (or abused) to suit their parents’ whims. Even if we’ve been free of NA in our families of origin or intimate partnerships, we are all experiencing narcissistic abuse these days, because our president has NPD. Gaslighting describes how narcissists try to make people think they are the crazy ones if they believe their eyes and ears. An narcissistic abuser like Trump is a master at gaslighting, constantly lying to deceive and scam or just to throw us off balance. It’s not hard to feel the depressing impact his deranged leadership is having on mental health in the USA and worldwide. How can we heal from narcissistic abuse? What are antidotes to such self-centered madness? First, we need to have compassion for all of us having to deal with NA. Develop self-acceptance and commit to letting go of our own self-destructive habits and complicity. Deliberately practice empathy and compassion. Avoid giving special attention to the abuser or taking him seriously (perhaps this means taking a “news fast” for a while) in order to rebuild an internal sense of safety. It’s never too late to redefine your sense of self and commit to creating new and better boundaries. And vote for responsible government in 2018 – especially in Maui! Paul O’Brien is author of Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and the “Visionary I Ching” App, host of Pathways podcasts and founder of www.Divination.com.

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Harvest Your Dreams


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By Lalénya L. Vann The path to enlightenment is through our hearts. It could be helpful to get some directions for that path from your very best guide — your soul, or your higher self. Our souls speak to us through our spontaneous night dreams, in our personal codes and symbols. By learning how to interpret the codes and symbols in our dreams, we can harvest the guidance that comes through every night. Dreams help us with our daily life challenges, inspire us with new ideas and solutions, nurture our creativity, and lead us toward healing and better health. They also map and advise about future events, challenges and opportunities, enabling us to modify our path or activities. Two other ways to harvest guidance include the following: First, be alert to signs and messages in your daily waking life. Synchronicity, or ‘sidewalk tarot’ as my dream teacher Robert Moss calls it, is a rich source for personal direction and answers to challenging questions. Second, take a journey with a drum or rattle. In Active Dreaming we call this a ‘waking dream.’ It is similar to what Shamans do, but you do it for yourself. It is best done with professional guidance until you have mastered it. Through this journey, you may have experiences similar to night dreams that allow you to bring back gifts of wisdom, healing and higher guidance for yourself and others. Harvest the bounty of your dreams! Write in your dream journal, pay attention to first associations, notice recurring symbols and what they mean for you, reflect and take creative action. And of course, be the divine love that you are! Lalénya L. Vann is an artist, dreamer and certified instructor with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. See her ‘Dream Journeys’ paintings at www.LLVann.com. Find information about her classes in dream interpretation, dream circles, drum journeys, and private sessions at www.ActiveDreamingMaui.com.

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Fall, 2018

Maui Vision Magazine

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Choosing To Flow Your Love

By Heather Solarie ‘Harvesting our good’ is made easy when we consciously and deliberately flow our love. When our life is lived in the spirit of love, we are vibrating at a high frequency; and we receive direct benefit from being in this elevated state. All of our skills and abilities are enhanced by maintaining a consciously directed focus on love. Action from this energy makes the process of cultivation as exciting and satisfying as the end result. When we fall in love, everything feels good to us and the world becomes a wondrous place. When the artist finds the muse, creativity flows with ease and in beauty. We need not wait to find ‘special’ people, exotic destinations or extraordinary things in order to achieve a similar state of being. With focus, through conscious and deliberate intent, we can learn to let everyday aspects of our world become for us what the muse is to the artist. We can always make choices to flow our love on purpose instead of waiting to fall in love. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing in any present moment, we can send love to anyone or anything, simply because we want to be in love. We can speak words of love and praise to the objects of our attention, including ourselves, either aloud or silently in our minds. If the present moment is challenging our ability to find something we can flow our love to, going inward is always an option. Accessing our inner creative mind can provide a satisfying experience of love. The inner creative mind has the ability to fully access a state of love at any time we call it forth. Therefore, ‘harvesting our good’ can become a proactive, elevated, ongoing experience of love. Heather Solarie, LMT, CCHT, NLPP, can be reached online at HeatherSolarie.com, by phone at 808.442.2950, or by email at contact@heathersolarie.com.

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2018

Our Cellular ‘Ohana

Moving Toward God

Jody Mountain is a dancer, bodyworker and teacher in the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. She will offer a 10-day retreat journey in Ancient Lomi Lomi, November 9-18 in Kipahulu. Visit www.LineageofLight.com or call 808.269.0591 for details.

By Joe Swartz, M.D. When I was young, I made many mistakes that I can see more clearly now. Back then, I did my best. I didn’t know then what I know now. I have learned that life is the school and love is the lesson. It’s not what I got right that makes me the man I am today; it’s what I got wrong. My greatest teachings in life have come from the mistakes I made, not from what I got right. And what is good? Good is moving toward God. Free will allows us to move toward God or away from God. Our mistakes tell us we are moving away from God. That is how we learn. We were sent here to continue moving toward God. When you have negative emotions around a mistake, it becomes like an infected boil. If you don’t learn from the mistake, the mistake sticks in you like a boil erupting from underneath the skin. The tissues around it contract, causing pain. Negative thoughts make the tissues sick and painful. When you look at your actions, look non-judgmentally and with compassion. Harvesting the good in life means seeing your mistakes with compassion and forgiveness. Then you can learn from life. Each mistake leaves a scar. But scars can heal and even lend strength. If we harvest the good from our mistakes, we learn from them and we grow strong. Joe Swartz, M.D. has been successfully treating chronic pain that has failed all other treatments for 29 years. Call Dr. Joe at 808.344.0244 to learn how you can painlessly heal from headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, abdominal discomfort, TMJ, sciatica, knee pain, and post-operative complications.

By Jody Mountain Every time we take a breath, we have an opportunity to welcome ourselves to the present moment. How often do we choose to take that opportunity? Most of the time, I’m guessing, many of us forget that we’re even breathing. The same could be said for sensation, smell and sound. These seem to happen on the periphery of our experience. What, then, lies at the center of our experience? We are planning, reacting, remembering, imagining, contemplating, assessing… any number of tasks completely managed by our minds. Is it possible to pay attention to our lives with ‘the rest of us’? Ancient mysticism tells us that there are eyes in our skin, ears in our toes and taste in our sight. In other words, there are many other dimensions of perception that we may be missing if we are only using our traditional ways of perceiving. Including the ‘ohana of our cellular being offers us a wider spectrum of experience, and brings us more deeply into the present moment. Our minds easily float into the past and future, but the body is always here now. I recently injured my right foot and had to walk more slowly than I have in a long time. I had to pay attention to the minute details of each step. It was a fantastic opportunity to recognize my usual pattern: that my attention is often ahead of myself to some degree. This injury has allowed my attention to expand into a deeper perception of the infinite ‘now.’ So much mana is available in each moment when we include our cellular ‘ohana. What would it be like to intentionally slow your usual pace? Welcome that next breath, and see!

PAUL OBrien’s

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Fall, 2018

Maui Vision Magazine

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Rolfing Transformation

By Alison Grabel The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, or “Rolfing,” is a scientifically-validated hands-on therapy that addresses the underlying causes of many manifestations of pain, poor posture and energetic blockages. It works because it initiates structural changes that restore the entire body to a more natural order, allowing posture and movement patterns to adjust toward their most efficient and at-ease form; this builds a foundation for lasting and sustainable results. The primary focus of Structural Integration is facilitating an effortless relationship between gravity and the human body. In addition to relief of physical symptoms, there’s also the transformative side to Rolfing. Dr. Ida Rolf’s view was that if you are able to align the physical body in the field of gravity, the energy that would otherwise be expended to hold yourself up becomes freed up to use in other areas of your life — physical, emotional or spiritual. At its core, Rolfing is a self-help, awareness-based bodywork process that initiates change down to the cellular level. After each session you will be offered mindfulness-based exercises to practice. The key to unlocking full transformation potential is dependent on one’s intention and willingness to do the work. If you are wondering what it would be like to experience an incredible lightness of being, improved freedom in all your activities, and emotional release from unconscious past traumatic experiences, then come get Rolfed. If you have never experienced a Rolfing session, I encourage you to be empowered and receive your first Rolfing session this week. It may be the life-changing event you are looking for! Alison Grabel is a Certified Advanced Structural Integrator dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf. She delivers all her sessions with Aloha and is grateful to be assisting in your journey to balance and expansion. Visit Alison’s website: olanaturalhealing.com or call 808.639.0394.

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After retiring from practicing medicine in Boulder, CO, Dr. Joe moved to Maui and opened his current practice of health consulting and bodywork. He has authored ten anti-aging books. HI MAT License #12537

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2018

Learning Self Mastery

By Dr. Ayin Adams You are a whole person with the capacity to transcend experiences. You have a body, emotions, and a mind that thinks; you also have spiritual drives. But within you is that which is greater than all of these – the master of your body, and director of your mind and emotions. The body is a marvelous instrument and deserves the greatest of praise and blessings. Unfortunately, we tend to cater to the body’s every whim, as if this were the primary purpose of life. Now there’s no permanent cure to this without unlearning the error of seeing the physical body as the person. You are not your body. You have a body, and it serves you well as a vehicle for self-expression. But you are more than your body. Similarly, you are not your emotions. Once you see yourself in a more transcendent way, you can assert mastery over your body and emotions. People who control their emotions rise to high positions and do tremendously creative things; while otherwise brilliant people may never achieve success because they develop dangerous emotional leaks in the boiler. The first step to controlling emotions is knowing that they’re yours to control. Then you must be as alert to the matter of preparing yourself for relationships as a musician is to tuning his instrument before a performance. Things may happen out in the world, but they can have no effect on you unless they happen in you. And if they do, it is because you are permitting them to do so. If the wind blows through your harp and there is discord, it is because your instrument is out of tune. You are never a victim of circumstance. Set the tone at which you meet life. Dr. Ayin Adams teaches Science of Mind principles at Holistically Alive Center at 900 Eha St. Suite 205, Wailuku. Call 808.276.6864. Read the full version of this article at www.mauivision.net/feature.html.

Wholesome Wellness You Deserve Vibrant Health!

We use the best alternative medicine using the most effective Oriental Medicine and other treatments to cater to your body’s needs. Through this, we can begin the natural healing process that your body has been yearning for.

Maurgana Stiastny, MAcOM, LAc, LMT, is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist. Over 25 years of experience using integrative natural medicine for health and wellness.

Now accepting new patients, call 808-579-8810 or book directly online at www.mauivibranthealth.com

Maui Vibrant Health Office in Pa’ia, Maui, Hawaii • Email maurganas@gmail.com

How To Harvest Your Good By Barbara Ensign Being in the flow of receiving our desires is natural, and can be achieved easily as long as we don’t get bogged down with negative emotions. As a hypnotist, I find that when most people come to me with negative feelings, they have let those feelings become so consuming that all areas of their life are disrupted. Even though they want to feel better, the negative emotions become all they can think and talk about. The funny thing is that when you stop focusing on problems and negative emotions, and shift your focus to the things that make you feel happy, then you move naturally into that place where good can flow easily to you. Sounds easy, right? It is easy. It’s all about habits, and thinking negatively is a habit. With the help of hypnosis, you can replace that negative habit with a new habit of focusing on the things that make you feel good. Making how you feel a number one priority, is the key to harvesting your good. The more you focus on the positive and shift your awareness away from any lack, the more good flows into your life; this is because you are in a receiving mode. This means thinking positive thoughts and positive outcomes. It means engaging in positive conversations that are uplifting to all. So the next time you have a negative thought or feeling, use it as an opportunity to try a different approach. Ask yourself what you can do or think to feel better, and then take action. You will notice that your life begins to change for the better. Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression and life between lives spiritual regression. She has been helping people on Maui for over 16 years. For more information or to make an appointment, call 808.269.2129 or visit www.hypnosishawaii.com.

Fall, 2018

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Love Is The Energy Of Creation By Sulara James For me, Love is the ultimate Soul Food. Our Soul is created from Love, and Love is what feeds our Soul. In this message I channeled with my son Teran, as a part of our series “The Voice Of Oneness,” he answers the question: What is Love? “Love is the energy of creation. Love is, Unconditional Love is, the energy from which all of life and existence is comprised. Love is that energy which fills your heart as a part of the heart of the Creator, the energy of All That Is. Love is the energy of the Light, the flame, that is Mother-Father God and that is your own sacred heart. Love is indefinable. Love simply is. Love is that which is all of existence, which makes up the nucleus, so to speak, of every living thing. Love is an energy which is alive, flowing, amorphous, the matter of all of creation. Love is. Love is never static or stagnant, but always flowing. Love expands and contracts. Love is the heart of God/Goddess, the Creator. In human experience, love is that energy which fills one with joy, with light, with life, with creativity. Love is what fuels passion, creativity, joy, and peace. Peace is Love without interference. Joy is pure Love. Love is infinite and can never be destroyed. As it changes form, it creates the expansion and contraction of the heart of God, which is the energy of all of creation. Love cannot be denied. Love is and exists in each and every living thing, no matter how one may try to ignore it, deny it, or hide it. Love is the matter of creation, Love is the Creator.

Love is at the center of the flame, the Light, of All That Is. Love and Light are One. Love creates Light, the Light is Love. One cannot exist without the other. Love and Light are synonymous with life, creation, the Creator. This Unconditional Love is what makes up all of life, for this Love is the Creator, and the Creator is Love. When one says, “I love you,” it means, “I can see the love of the Creator, the love that I am, reflected in you in its pure state, without veils.” Love is an energy, love is a feeling, love is light. Everything that exists is created from Love, for all is created by the heart of the Creator, which is Love. When one chooses from that pure, Unconditional Love, the heart of the Creator expands, recreating itself over and over again. When one connects with Love, one connects with Source, with the source of all of life, Mother-Father God. Every person, place, and thing is made up of the energy of Love. Love may be hidden by shadow or illusion, but Love is, cannot be destroyed, and exists eternally. Love is what you are made of, what all of life is made of. Love is the energy of creation. Love is the Creator, and the Creator is Love. Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love. You are Love. The Creator is Love. You and the Creator are One.” Sulara is a Kihei-based author, intuitive, and channel for healing. You can see the full article from above by visiting her website at www.shininghand.com/the-voice-of-oneness-4/. Sulara can be reached at 808.874.8646.

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by John Sanderson, MAT #1617

s 40 years of experience s A unique blend of integrative bodywork with sensory based client feedback for long lasting results Call or text (808) 280-7348 | mahajohn47@gmail.com


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Fall, 2018

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Exploring The Indigo Child And Toxic Burden By Lisa Marie Gunshore The 1970s saw the birth of the Indigo child concept. By the 1990s, a variety of books and films about Indigo children were released, and the idea went mainstream. An Indigo child is part of a larger network of interconnected souls believed to have a royal blue aura; they have been placed on this planet to create change in global consciousness. It is believed that an Indigo child possesses psychic gifts and feels strongly that they are on a mission here on Earth. They may also experience sensitivities to harsh environments. I was certain I was an Indigo child since I first read about them years ago. Ironically, Indigo children possess a sense of entitlement and a feeling that they have a larger purpose. An Indigo child’s ‘awakening’ usually begins around ages 28-29, and may continue for 7 years. This time period can be challenging and harsh as a mission is revealed. At age 28, I first came out as a psychic and began my reading and healing practice. At age 29, I left a marriage to an alcoholic and spent the next decade single. I experienced two separate near-death experiences due to illness from environmental toxins. By ages 38-39, the Indigo is finally settled in his or her gifts, and has gained confidence in his or her mission. I will be 40 in November and I am very excited about the momentum of my spiritual practice. In my research on Indigo children from years ago, I remembered that sensitivity to the environment is part of the Indigo generation. This has become a very real issue for me today, and I notice the majority of my clients who are part of this generation

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Animal Communication Classes Taught by Laura Van Wagner Call (808) 874-1451

also exhibit environmental sensitivity. Toxic burden goes deeper than physical environments — it can include toxic relationships and work environments. Some questions to determine if you are part of the Indigo generation, include: • Are you sensitive to your environment or people’s energy? • Do you identify as an empath, psychic or energy healer? • Are you creative? • Do you question authority? Do you like to live out of conventional society? • Are you drawn towards spirituality? • Do you feel you are here on a mission? Are you driven and passionate? • Are you restless and impatient? Do you grow frustrated by others who do not change as quickly as you do? Additionally, a partial list of symptoms that appear when you are in a toxic environment include: • Fatigue • Migraines • Swelling • Nausea • Sinus and ear infections • Respiratory issues • Bouts of anger or depression • Panic attacks and anxiety • Neurological issues such as brain fog, memory loss, lack of clarity, and tingling or numbness • Joint pain or Rheumatoid Arthritis Many factors can increase the toxic burden on your body, including diet. In my upcoming book, Enlightenment Pie, I share my own journey with toxicity and how my spiritual practices supported full recovery. The evolution of consciousness on the Earth asks us to speed up the process of purification in our daily lives. I have created a private group to support those who want to take active steps to relieve their toxic burdens, free themselves from toxic relationships and environments, and develop their spiritual gifts. The Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that all persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. I am a living example of this truth. Lisa Marie Gunshore is a psychic medium, author, coach and healer who offers spiritual psychotherapy, mediumship and shamanic journeying by phone and Skype. Private sessions and events will take place on Maui early next year! Call 303.960.8987 or visit www.enlightenmentpie.org for more information.

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Call 808.344.2529 GEProvost@gmail.com Fall, 2018

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GERMAN NEW MEDICINE, Level I - Online Event, Oct. 5 & 6 (Hawaii) and Oct. 6 & 7 (AustralAsia). See www.germannewmedicine-au.com for info and registration. Heal biological conflicts in the psyche. Call (808) 244-0415.

ADVANCED MASSAGE TRAINING in Mind-body Massage principles and techniques with John Sanderson MAT 1617 on 4 Sundays: Sept 2 and 16 and Oct 7 and 21. Location Kihei. Time: TBA. Call 280-7348 for more info. ENROLL IN MASSAGE SCHOOL! Transform your life. Become a Massage Therapist. Join MSTM’s 650-, 800-, 850- or 1000-hour massage therapy program. 12-month Part-Time Program begins Sept. 4, 2018 & March 5, 2019; 7-month Full-Time Program begins Sept. 17, 2018 & March 18, 2019. Open House, Sun, Feb 10, 2019, 3-5pm, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, 1043 Makawao Avenue # 207, Makawao. Faculty demonstrations, student testimonials, free massages/refreshments. For more information, free catalog, RSVP for Open House, call: 808-572-1888, email: info@massagemaui.com, or visit: www.massagemaui.com. MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Sept. Events: “Tarot Tea Party” Wed., Sept. 5.“New Moon Meditation,” Sun., Sept. 9. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Sept. 12. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Sept. 19. “Third Friday,” Fri., Sept. 21. “Full Moon Meditation,” Mon., Sept. 24. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Sept. 26. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. REIKI NATURAL HEALING First Degree Class - September 8 & 9, 12:30-6:30 pm in Beautiful Maui Meadows by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey serving Reiki full-time to Hawaii Residents and Visitors since 1990. www.ReikiHawaii.com to register or Call 808.280.7704. LEARN ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS September 10 . All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory. Call Kathy 808-268-8708 magicalkathy@ outlook.com UNITY CHURCH OF MAUI Celebrates Annual World Day of Prayer, 3-7pm, on Thursday, Sept. 13. Guided meditation, music, individual prayer time and Dances of Universal Peace will be featured. Unity invites people of all faiths to join in this sacred prayer activity. 483 S. High Street,Wailuku.Visit www. unityonmaui.org, or call 808.242-9327.

LOMI HANAMANA WORKSHOPS ~ Learn how to give a relaxing Lomi Hanamana deep tissue massage! Next 20-hour workshops are September 17-21, October 15-19, November 12-16, and December 17-21. Information at www.lomihanamana. com. Call 808-214-5054 Invitation To My Soul Family, INSTANT HEALING MONTHLY WORKSHOPS Third Wednesday 9am, Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 21 Keawakapu Beach @Kiohana Entrance. Power Energetics Calling YOU to Sacred Circle. www.retreatsonmaui.com INTUITIVE HEALING WORKSHOP SERIES with Shanna Shanti, LMT. Part 1-September 22 & 23, 8-12pm at the Reiki Makawao Energy Center. Awaken & sharpen your innate healing gifts. Learn multi-dimensional techniques to heal the Self and others. Visit IntoTheHealing.com or call 808.866.0298 for class schedule & more info. REIKI TRAINING – Sept. 24, 25 & 26 from 4-8pm in Kaanapali. Transmute Heaviness and Radiate Lightness. Presented by Jenna Keck, Reiki Master. Register online www.ReikiWithJenna.com or 408.621.4102. Sat., Sept 29: PSYCHIC & HEALTH FAIR-12 to 5pm@ the Wailea Healing Center (by Mulligan’s-120 Kaukahi St.) Get CLARITY and guidance from “Maui’s Best Intuitive Readers” and Health demos and sessions; featuring the “Pandora-Diamond Light,” to stimulate and strengthen your immune system and Pineal gland – “It’s amazing!” Massage, energy medicine, CRYSTAL SALE and more. Call Judy Levy for vendor info (808) 891-1114 MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Oct. Events: “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Oct. 3.“New Moon Meditation,” Mon., Oct. 8. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Oct. 10. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Oct. 17. “Third Friday,” Fri., Oct. 19.“Full Moon Meditation,” Wed., Oct. 24.“Tarot Tea Party,” Sun., Oct. 28. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details.

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808 WELLNESS STUDIO GRAND OPENING! October 6, Saturday, 8am - 5pm: Open House Free Classes | Blessing | Crystal Bowl Sound Healing. Pre-register on the Mind Body App or call 875.HEAL. 2439 S. Kihei Rd, Suite #208-A, 808wellness.com HEART ACTIVATION 2 DAY INTENSIVE SEMINAR, 10-5, Oct. 6-7 Power Energetics Learn Sacred Heart Instant Healing take away to heal your symptoms, bothers and reach your goals. www.powerenergeticsmaui.com CELLULAR REGENERATION TECHNIQUE: Saturday & Sunday, October 13 &14, 9am - 5pm. Learn to thrive in body-mind-spirit harmony, heal chemical, emotional/mental, physical and spiritual challenges at the cellular level. $250 if paid by 9/21; $300 after.Workbook included. 871-6996. Instructor Dr. Gina Kim, DC www.cellularregeneration.com OCT 20 ~ PRACTICAL MAGIC USING HEART INTELLIGENCE with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. www.talkinghearts.com. MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Nov. Events: “New Moon Vision Board” Wed., Nov. 7. “Tarot Tea Party” Wed., Nov. 14. “Third Friday,” Fri., Nov. 16. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Nov. 28. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. Sat., Nov.17. PSYCHIC & HEALTH FAIR-12 to 5pm Location T.B.A. Please call Judy Levy for details: (808) 891-1114

SHAMANIC CEREMONY for the Jewish New Year ~ A sacred ceremony honoring all paths of Love and Light. Deepening our connection to the Divine. Celebrating Divine Love, Joy and Peace.World Peace Meditation, Ho’oponopono, Sacred Wisdom and Chants. Led by Paul-David Solomon. Fri. Sept. 14. 7 pm. Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku. $10-20 donation (No one turned away.) Call Paul @ 808633-3009 for more information. Sept 15 ~ FALL EQUINOX- Receiving And Letting Go Gracefully Using Heart Intelligence with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing.We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. www.talkinghearts.com.

MUSCLE TESTING for Smarties and Dummies: Saturday, October 6, 1-5pm Learn to muscle test yourself and others for body-mind-spirit’s highest good. Interactive and inspiring class by Dr. Gina Kim, DC. $60 notes included. 871-6996

NOV 17 ~ THE POWER OF GRATITUDE USING HEART INTELLIGENCE with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. www.talkinghearts.com.

Spiritual teacher and author RAM DASS and legendary kirtan musician KRISHNA DAS will share two events on Nov. 25 and 26 at the Makawao Union Church on Maui. Be prepared to be inspired and uplifted! Check calendar listings for full details and ticket information.

Fall, 2018

Electric Church Maui’s JIMI HENDRIX Birthday Bash! Sat. Nov 24th 7-11 pm at Mulligans on The Blue! All-star celebration of the legendary guitar icon with more than 30 of the island’s top blues rock musicians and special guests! Dancing, 60s Costume Contest, Prizes and more! Benefit for Maui’s Music for Life Program. $20 presale $25 door 572-1000 for more information.

RAM DASS THANKSGIVING SUNDAY SATSANG at the historic Makawao Union Church, 5-7pm, Sun., Nov. 25.An evening of live music (Krishna Das & band), chanting-kirtan, meditation, contemplations and words of wisdom. Please bring your generous canned / boxed food donations to go to the Maui Food Bank for this annual Food Drive.Advance Tix $40 cash only at Maui Kombucha - Haiku, MacNet - Kahului, Monsoon India Restaurant - Kihei & Island Spirit Yoga - Lahaina beginning October 15 or online at www.krishnadas.com otherwise $50 Cash Only at the Door. Ticket price includes Monsoon Indian Dinner Buffet, immediately following the program. More info www.ramdass.org or MUC 808-579-9261

Experience the JOY OF MOVEMENT in Nia class every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 PM and Thursday from 8:00-9:00 AM at Island Spirit Yoga with Jennifer Loftus! Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Find out more about Nia at www.movesingheal. com or visit islandspirityoga.com.

KRISHNA DAS enCHANTing EVENING of Kirtan at the historic Makawao Union Church, 7pm, Mon., Nov. 26. Get your tickets early for this perennially sold out event. Gather with Grammy Nominated, KD for a night of uplifting live music - chanting / kirtan and story telling. Come get your bhav on Maui ! Advance Tix $40 cash only at Maui Kombucha - Haiku, MacNet - Kahului, Monsoon India Restaurant - Kihei & Island Spirit Yoga - Lahaina beginning October 15, otherwise $50 Cash Only at the Door. Affordable Dinner / Desserts & Chai by Shamapriya beginning at 5:30pm More info and online ticketing at www. krishnadas.com or MUC 808-579-9261


Dive Deep 12 Day Immersion, Maui, Hawaii MAGICAL MERMAID RETREAT Dec. 28, 2018 – Jan. 8, 2019 Invitation, Sit In Sacred Circle Sharing Memories of a Life Time www.retreatsonmaui.com

ONGOING EVENTS ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR ~ Readings & classes. Laura Van Wagner (808) 874-1451 ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion. A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily. www.islandspirityoga.com (6/19) ANCIENT LOMI LOMI • Sessions & Training with Jody Mountain. Visit: www.LineageofLight.com or contact: AncientLomiLomi@gmail.com “For the body you’ve always wanted…” DO PILATES. TRUE PILATES MAUI, Authentic™ personal and group training, all budgets, all schedules, all levels. Call: 808-359-3131 www.truepilatesmaui. com GODDESS TRIBE – Consciously evolving 2nd and 4th Mondays 315-6 PM at Wailea Healing Center (building by Mulligans) by donation... http://www.fb.me/goddesstribemaui Kihei, Sheea 808-866-9737 BEACH DANCE - An extraordinary experience where music, movement, and nature merge. Events happen every week and are free of charge. Call 808268-4356 for info. REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 www.mauireiki.com “KISS the GODDESS WITHIN ~ Awakening the Divine Feminine” Parties in your home. Learn “all the good stuff Mom never knew how to teach us,” healthy sex education and wisdom and love toys available, elegantly presented for you and your girlfriends. Win gifts of your choice. Call Judy Levy to book your event (808) 891-1114

JUDY’S ANGELIC CRYSTAL JOURNEYS Enjoy an uplifting crystal layout with a lymphatic “gua-sha” treatment, reflexology on ears, hands and feet, full Reiki session and “Inner Child” card reading. Call Judy Levy (808) 891-1114 Available in Kihei and Haiku

REV. BLAINE TINSLEY of Unity Church of Maui will lead the Annual World Day of Prayer, 3-7pm, on Thursday, Sept. 13. Guided meditation, music, individual prayer time and Dances of Universal Peace will be featured. 483 S. High Street, Wailuku. Visit www.unityonmaui.org, or call 808.242-9327. WINTER WEDDINGS AND VOW RENEWALS are in season and Love is in the air! Connect with your Soulmate in a Sacred Ceremony that Integrates both Heart and Soul, the Ultimate Union of two Spiritual Paths of Higher Consciousness.We bring the Spirit of the South Pacific and the Soul of Aloha together for an Enchanting Celebration of Marital Bliss. Call 808 494 4803 for details or visit www.MauiMarryingMan.com BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, 845 Waine’e Street #204, Second floor. Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828. MAUI WELLNESS ASSOCIATION – Promoting Healing Practitioners via networking, opportunities, referrals, and marketing support. Get on e-list for monthly Meetings...fb.me/Mauiassoc Kihei, Sheea 808-866-9737 DREAM CIRCLES - Learn to interpret your dreams yourself in introductory classes that include a drum journey. Bring a night dream to share. Drop in by Donation. See Tuesdays listing for September in Makawao. See website for dates and locations of new classes, and more information. www.ActiveDreamingMaui.com LUMINOUS REIKI 1 and 2 CLASSES/ATTUNEMENTS Individuals and Small Groups - Dive deep into Divine healing energies of Reiki. Increase your healing abilities. Receive sacred symbols, deepen your connection with Divine source and your intuition. Makawao home with Lucia Maya, Reiki Master/Teacher/Mentor 808-866-8246, LuminousAdventures.com INTUITIVE CARD READER, Donna McCabe at Spirit of Maui / Maui Mana Makawao every Wednesday and Thursday 1-5. Carole Hughes, tarot readings, every Friday and Saturday 12-4 thru Sept. 20 then she will be back Oct. 5. Psychic/Aura/Medium readings with Heimana Sherman by appointment. Call for appointments: 298-0403. Walk-ins welcome. Also, Psychic/Aura/Medium readings with Heimana Sherman by appointment. Located across from Casanova’s. CRYSTAL SALE! “Judy’s Gems and Journeys” on the road; available by appt. Call Judy Levy (808) 891-1114

TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service. Temple of Peace Spiritual Center is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 am.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808-575-5220 templeofpeacemaui.com UNITY CHURCH ~ Sunday Services at 10am. Please join us for an inspirational morning, message and music. 483 S. High Street, Wailuku. 242-9327. MAUITOPIA is a TV expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on Maui.Tune in on AKAKU Channels 54 & 55 every Sunday from noon-1 or visit mauitopia.us CELTIC MUSIC TWICE EVERY SUNDAY Hamish’s ‘Maui Celtic Radio Show’ 8-10am & 5-7pm on KAKU 88.5fm Maui. No signal? - online at https:// kakufm.org/

MONDAYS No listings.

TUESDAYS DREAM CIRCLES Tuesdays in September, 10 - 11:30 in Makawao, at the Sacred Garden, 460 Kaluanui Rd. Drop in by Donation. Learn to interpret your dreams and journey with a drum for healing and soul guidance. Bring a night dream to share. Lalenya@ ActiveDreamingMaui.com EXPLORE YOGA and other Movement-Based practices for Scoliosis and Back Care with Sandra Razieli. Tuesdays 4:30-5:45 in Makawao. Private Instruction also available. Contact yoga@raziyoga. com www.raziyoga.com Every Tuesday KIRTAN CHANTING 7-9pm. Free. Followed by vegetarian potluck at Temple of Peace 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info call 575-5220. ENERGY SHARE every Tuesday, 6pm All are Welcome! Reiki Makawao Energy Center/Makawao Plaza 2nd floor 3660 Baldwin 808.868.3905

WEDNESDAYS SOUND BATH MEDITATION, every Wed., 7pm. Reserve your Spot! 808.868.3905 $10 recommended donation Reiki Makawao Energy Center, 3660 Baldwin, upstairs

Fall, 2018

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Maui Vision Magazine Ongoing Events Listings (Continued from the previous page.) FRIDAYS VISIT OUR BOOTH every 3rd Friday Makawao Town Party. Free Giveaways and Demos. Reiki Makawao Energy Center/Makawao Plaza 2nd floor 3660 Baldwin 808.868.3905

SATURDAYS No listings.

HOW TO PLACE A CALENDAR OR CLASSIFIED LISTING E-mail your listing to MauiVision@aol.com. The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization. Additional words/and/or listings are 25 cents per word. Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum.We will contact you with payment details. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Nov. 16 for the winter edition publishing Dec. 1. (Covers months of Dec., Jan., Feb., 2018-2019.)

Be A Good Lover To The Moment By Dr. DreamingBear The greatest spiritual truth I can offer is this: Be a good lover to the moment! Make love to the moment like a honeybee pollinates the flower, with as much passion and vehemence as a universe being born. Let every particle of everything that ever is, was or will be, emerge as a part of you now. Time is the greatest illusion of all. Soak in the seconds until they turn into hours, and then drink in the hours until they become days. Then eat the days until they become something beyond time, and you will have consumed something truly magnificent. You’re alive! Now create something so beautiful that the world cannot help but be in love with it. Let it be something that celebrates the creativity that burns within your soul like an energy that has no name. Let it be something that invites and celebrates and asks people to be alive and do something wonderfully-wild while they still can. Let your soul be in the Great Soul of the multiverse. Let your thoughts be as great as Creation’s thoughts must have been to bring this all into existence. You have more power

NEW: ONLINE LISTINGS ONLY! Did you miss our print publication? You can place an online listing of up to 75 words for $7.50. E-mail us your listing and please allow 48 hours for it to be processed and appear online. Our website, www.mauivision.net gets over 125 page requests daily.

Radiant Breath Work

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2018

than you give yourself credit for, bound only by the parameters of your imagination. You can be anything you’ll allow yourself to be. Why not be everything? Why not know the summit of all your joys and the depths of all your sorrows; and why not embrace them both with eagerness? The great cosmic heart is beating in tune with our own, inviting us to join in the symphony. Radiating love, you will burn brighter than any sun. Dr. DreamingBear is nature’s poet and mystic philosophical entertainer. Author of 11 books/albums and creator of Lovevolution Foundation Charity, he produces Mauitopia TV, Maui Mystic radio, Temple of Dreams Animal Sanctuary, and Center for Metamorphosis Butterfly Sanctuary. Visit DreamingBear.net and Lovevolution.net to purchase products, make donations, or book edutainment events.

I Speak For The Sea

By Maurgana Stiastny We all are part of this beautiful and amazing living organism — our mother earth. It’s so important that we walk softly upon her. I swim a lot. One of the great pleasures of living on this beautiful island is enjoying the water. When I’m in the water, I’m aware of people using some very noxious sunscreens. I think of all the creatures in the water, including coral, turtles, shellfish and fish. Two ingredients that are found commonly in sunscreen — oxybenzone and octinoxate — are known to harm and kill coral. In addition to being toxic to several coral species, oxybenzone is an endocrine disruptor among marine animals. Sunscreen pollution is especially problematic in popular snorkeling locations. Spray-on sunscreens are the worst. They disperse sunscreen everywhere, including on the sand where it can wash into the ocean. In May 2018, the Hawaii House and Senate passed a bill that banned the sale of certain sunscreens in order to preserve marine ecosystems. The law does not go into effect until January 1, 2021. The best sunscreens have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. They are very easy to find. All the health food stores and the dive shops have them. It’s best not to use any sunscreen products with nanoparticles or other reef harming ingredients, such as avobenzone, octocrylene and homosalate. Check out this website for the top 10 sunscreens: www.ewg.org/sunscreen. Remember that all our body care products eventually make their way down to the sea. Becoming more conscious of how our choices affect our environment, and contributing what we can to save our beautiful planet, are great ways to walk on the earth with kindness, humility and gratitude. Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 23 years. Find her at Maui Vibrant Health located on the north shore of Maui, or call her at 808.579.8810.

The Importance Of Touch

Experience What Reiki Can Do For Your Body, Mind And Spirit Health And Happiness! Learn a daily routine for radiant healthy living. Hands-on Sessions & Distant Sessions Next Reiki Training Sept. 24, 25 & 26 in Kaanapali

Jenna Keck Reiki Master

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By John Gelert, LMT Human touch is vitally important to our survival — much like hearing, seeing and smelling. From the time we are in the womb until old age, we need to be nurtured with touch. Human touch helps to regulate our emotions and body temperature. The hormone oxytocin is released when we have close contact with one another. This lowers our stress level, which makes us less vulnerable to catching a cold or developing cardiovascular disease. Hugging for 20 seconds starts releasing oxytocin and can help the other person to trust you more. Humans derive pleasure from the shared experience of giving touch and receiving it, which makes us touch longer. The pleasure we feel when receiving gentle and positive human touch, improves our psychological and physical wellbeing. The sensations of someone touching our skin, holding our hand, or kissing our lips can produce profound emotional responses. Touching other things is also vital to our survival, to determine the texture and temperature of the objects around us. Touch informs us that we are walking on sand, grass, rocks or a wet surface. Touch allows us to communicate with phones or computers. We use touch to pick up a variety of things and to perform tasks such as cooking dinner. Humans are social creatures. We need to form various kinds of relationships with other people. Oxytocin helps us to bond with others by creating positive connections, even with people we do not know. Connection helps us feel more relaxed, feel compassion, trust and forgive. Humans who experience touch generally are happier and live longer. If we need more touch, then we can visit a friend or have a massage, haircut, facial, manicure or pedicure. If we are not in a relationship, then we can still be comforted by cuddling with a loving furry animal. John Gelert owns Lomi Hanamana Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Kihei. Call 808.214.5054 for more information, or to schedule a session.

Fall, 2018

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Harvesting Your Good

By Bre Wolfe Most of us realize that words have power to shape and create our reality. If we want to harvest good — meaning, bring in a bounty of good things – we can choose to talk about all that is uplifting and good. What we think about is what we create. To which things are you letting your mind go? What kinds of thoughts are you entertaining? What kinds of conversations are you having, and with whom? Do they make you feel better, more expanded and uplifted? What you choose to think and talk about, impacts the quality of your life. When I am harvesting my good, I focus on all the good I see around me. How? By setting my attention on that. I literally set an intention to be aware of what I love. I set the intention and then take action. I talk about my good. I look for it in the smiles on my neighbors’ faces. I see it in the morning sunshine. I feel it as I slide into the smooth morning ocean waters. I hear it in the roosters’ crow. And I taste it when I eat my spinach from Kula. We harvest our good when we savor what we have. I’m not suggesting you ignore pain or hurt. That needs to be healed. Heal it! Do what you know you need to do to take care of yourself. Then, and only then, will you be free to truly enjoy the sweet gifts that surround you. Take an inventory of all the good that is in this day. Look for it. Find it. Talk about it. Start to love what is in your life even more, and watch it multiply! Bre Wolfe is a certified professional integrative life coach and RYT 500 yoga teacher. She utilizes sacred plant medicine in her coaching and yoga. For a complimentary introductory session, call 808.344.4788. Visit www.Brewolfe.com.

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Fall, 2018

Releasing Trapped Energy

By Sara Schroepfer Patterns occur in nature, art and life. A behavior pattern is “a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation” (dictionary.com). Humans create patterns in their lives consciously (for instance, morning or bedtime routines) or unconsciously. The unconscious patterns can deter one’s growth. Behavior patterns often result from imprints. Imprints are created on the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) when we experience trauma or negativity. These imprints, usually formed in childhood, collect on our LEF and attract to us the very situations we are trying to avoid. We often see this as negative, but these experiences come to us as opportunities to heal the original wounding. It is easy to view these experiences as unwanted or negative. However, energy is neutral. It only becomes positive or negative depending on our perspective and our intention. If imprints result in certain patterns in our life, we need to step back and open our perspective to see the whole picture. Once we identify the pattern in our life, then we can begin to release the energy trapped in the imprint, shift the pattern, and shift our life. If we label something in our life as negative, we feed energy into the very thing we do not want. Embracing the witness state, we can instead view all circumstances as the exact medicine we need at that time to heal. I can take responsibility for all things in my life – the so-called good and bad! This brings freedom to know that I am creating my reality – who is in it, and who and what is not. Sara Schroepfer is a shamanic practitioner and founder and owner of 808 Wellness Center, a sanctuary for health and healing. 808 Wellness has now expanded to include a yoga and event studio! Visit www.808wellness.com for more information or call 808.875.HEAL.

Healing With Foster Children

By Rhonda Felix Over the years, my spiritual good has come from different sources and directions. Ever since I was young, I had a desire to work with children. At graduation from high school, I was registered to go to college to become a kindergarten teacher. But the call of the 1960s took me traveling the world. In my 40s, I attended Maui Community College and took classes about child development and children who suffer from abuse and neglect. At that time I did not know that someday this education would be of such value to me. I have always found myself drawn to working with children. I have been a youth leader with Unity Church of Maui for many years. And through my healing center, Soul Space Maui, I did children’s programs during school breaks and summer. Little did I know that I would become drawn into the foster system here on Maui. Some of you know my personal story, and what I want to share with you is that I was so taken with the state’s position on getting foster children help to ‘change the pattern.’ This seemed right up the alleyway to my heart. We all have the same beliefs — that we are not enough, that somehow we are not in God’s favor, that we are bad. It’s so much easier to help a child change his or her belief system than a 40-yearold! My spiritual good comes from my connection with these children of God. I love seeing children blossom with love and a safe place to live. That is all they really want and need — safety, consistency and unconditional love. Rhonda J. Felix is a certified teacher for the work of Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”®. She is a licensed Unity teacher and licensed massage therapist with reflexology as her specialty. Contact Rhonda for a consultation or reflexology treatment, at 808.205.8302.

Relax Into Good Lovemaking

By Niyaso Carter Great lovemaking is in our blueprint. Our bodies know exactly how to make divine love. Yet when it comes to our sex life, we have been so derailed from trusting our instinctual, intuitive, natural selves, that we have trouble allowing our inner knowing to guide us. Most modern media advice is so far off the mark regarding what is natural, and it makes people believe that they are clueless and deficient. So they try to mimic what they see on film or read in magazines and books, in order to measure up. Many people think that great sex somehow requires high-tech practices and intricate, complex knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. My advice to you is: Try to forget all the images of sex you’ve seen on any screen; ignore any sex advice that seems complicated; and dive into your own body for the truth. Relax, slow down and move in ways that light up your body, heart and being. Trust your body to show you what feels good. This diving into your own body takes guts because what your body will ask of you may not look like the images that you have of the perfect sex act. If in partnership, you may need to have a conversation with your partner about what your bodies and hearts want and need, and what they have to say. There may be some awkward, embarrassing moments. But I promise you that the outcome of your newfound authenticity will not only lead to a better sex life; you will also fall in love with yourself, those close to you, and the whole world more deeply than ever before. Niyaso Carter is the author of the audio book Tantra, Sex for the Soul, bestseller on Audible. She teaches workshops and coaches couples and individuals in the areas of tantra, sacred sexuality, trauma resolution and spirituality. Visit www.sacredloving.net or call 808.572.2234.

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Fall, 2018

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Trusting The Flow Of Good By Douglas J. Price Those who have suffered a series of unresolved traumatic experiences, may find it difficult to trust the good that can come into their lives. You can block the inward flow of wealth or health by giving too much of yourself. The same is true when you take too much. I am not saying that we should not give or receive. Rather, we must find balance in giving and receiving. A balanced flow allows you to harvest the good in your life. What can block us from harvesting our good? People with a history of conflicts see the world through distorted and imbalanced perspectives. In other words, they see things through the lens of their projected conflicts, which blocks their awareness. They can miss the opportunities around them that can bring health and wealth, in both giving and receiving. Dr. Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine, discovered in his research the water conflict. What he meant by water is the unanticipated dramatic event that resulted in experiencing the element of water. For example, a person having financial difficulties can feel like they are ‘drowning in their finances.’ Leading up to the disturbed flow in finances, the individual might be reacting to a childhood memory or previous experience of nearly drowning in a pool. Our psyche senses what is similar for survival; it cannot tell the difference between what is real or not real. Once the conflict is resolved, the filter is clear of what we were perceiving falsely and we can harvest our good. Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic and kinesiology. His approach to healing is revolutionary, encompassing both wellness and resolution. Author of Activate Your Brain To Heal Your Body, he teaches online and travels internationally. Contact: dr.price.gnm@gmail.com, 808.244.0415.

BOOSTING CELLULAR ENERGY Insufficient Cellular Energy (ICE) Alternative Cellular Energy Pathways (ACE) Therapies Now available at the Holistically Alive Spiritual Center

The Benefits Of ‘We’

By John Sanderson All of us humans are part of a greater ‘we’; we know about it and consciously participate in it to varying degrees. You (the reader) and I (the writer) could easily exchange places here. We often talk the same talk, sing in the same choir, and support similar causes. Thinking globally while acting locally is a common slogan that describes this process. The age of ‘me-ism’ needs to evolve into an honoring of ‘all’ — as in all lives matter and this planet matters. Each one of us has a responsibility for our own evolution, and collectively we need to make decisions and take actions to create more win-win situations around the world. Unfortunately, even by taking political, social and economic actions, ‘we’ are currently limited by those in power who think and act for their own selfish interests. As our individual and collective consciousness evolves and continues to find voice in social media, and through political and economic actions, we will see a transformation to a more conscious global interconnectedness that can create greater balance between competition and cooperation. Time is of the essence in our daily co-creation of a global reality that sees cooperation as a greater benefit than building walls. Ultimately, as we individually and collectively move away from the fear-based greed of wanting more power or money, and open our individual hearts, minds and lives for the benefit of a more healthy planet, the benefits of ‘we’ will be seen and will become the norm. Toward that goal, may we all empower each other to give, receive and share the blessings of human kindness. John Sanderson, MC, LMT, was founder and principal of the Maui Academy of Healing Arts from 1988 until March 2017. He is a trained counselor and licensed massage therapist who lives and practices in Kihei. Contact him at 808.280.7348, mahajohn47@gmail.com; or visit www.healthassociatesmaui.com.


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Fall, 2018

Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training Professional Advancement Through Personal Enrichment… LEARN THE ART AND SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUS CREATION THROUGH THE LATEST CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY TECHNOLOGIES


What Is True Goodness?

By Rich Ralston I define true goodness as unconditional love. It is the act of giving or helping others without expecting anything in return. It comes from the heart, not personal ego. This kind of goodness is rare. I find the appearance of goodness in our society to be somewhat misleading. Many people do deeds of kindness for others for personal gain. I have my personal beliefs about goodness. What do you think? Does the motive behind a kind and generous act really matter? In this short story I will let you decide for yourself. I served as a board member for a homeless shelter in Idaho for 10 years. At the time I was the chairman of the board, I had the responsibility of interacting with the city council and the mayor. The shelter was trying to acquire a low subsidy apartment building owned by the city that had been an eyesore for the city. It was occupied by drug users and prostitutes. It was not helping the image of the city. In our discussions with city officials, I asked them if buying the building and providing a safe place for homeless people was important to them. They replied that if it helped their image, then it would be important to them. We purchased the property at a reasonable price and homeless people benefited from it. The mayor took much of the credit, and it was portrayed as an act of goodness by the city. I wish I could point to more instances of unconditional acts of kindness in this world – whether it be by elected officials, business owners, or my fellow neighbors. Rich Ralston is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. His abilities include chakra clearing, releasing energy blockages, energy release instruction, past life karma clearing, and communication with souls of the dead as well as crossing them over. Email subtleenergy101@gmail.com, visit www.exploringsubtleenergy.com, or call 808.313.2736.

Life Is Perfect

By Roger Curley Enlightened Sage Sri Maharaj stated that “Everything that has happened, had to.” Life is perfect. This is true even when it doesn’t seem this way. There is divinity in the good things, and even in the bad. If everything always went well, with no challenges, we’d be in Heaven or Nirvana. We are here now; and each of us has something unique to learn, in a unique way. This perfection is not always easy to see. Consider a big challenge you have faced. At the time, you may have felt that you didn’t have what it takes to get through it. With time, we often find a solution that we didn’t see at first. Once we overcome the challenge, transcendence replaces fear with fearlessness. Hopelessness is replaced with confidence. And the beauty of life’s perfection is revealed. Challenges often rock our world, and leave us feeling a bit drained. It is hard to ‘be here now’ when right now we are facing an ugly challenge. In these times, it’s important to take time to stop and breathe in the perfection of life. It’s easier to ‘be here now’ when one is immersed in the beauty of nature. Make the time to go out in nature and witness this perfection as well — perhaps a Maui sunset! Breathe it in and take it home with you. Then when life gets ya’ thinkin’, Whyz it gots to be all like that?, you can take a deep breath all the way into the ground of your Being. Recall the deep breath you took while being in nature, and know that everything is always already alright. Roger integrates a lifetime of spiritual philosophies and deep meditative contemplations into custom ceremonies of love. Celebrate eternal marital bliss amidst the boundless beauty of Maui’s dreamy beaches with the musical accompaniment of harp and angelic vocals. Visit www.MauiMarryingMan.com, email roger@MauiMarryingMan. com, or call 808.494.4803.

Fall, 2018

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Plea To The Universe

By Shanna Shanti Dear Universe, I’m sick of being sick. My back aches. Vog hurts my throat. Expenses outweigh income. Recurring nightmares linger like bad perfume. When all appears to be progressing smoothly, a ghost knocks the vase of vibrant flowers off the table. I hunch over my altar with photos of saintly beings, crystals, candles and withered petals, and pray with teary eyes that we can all finally be at peace. Scribbled onto napkin corners are detailed requests for ideal health, home, partner, family, career and bank account. Programmed at an early age to set goals, work hard and achieve tangible evidence of my worth, happiness was never considered to be a measure of success. I dwell on things I don’t have and don’t want. My mind is like a broken record, stuck on the same ole’ song. Universe, please guide my weary soul. I have resisted your flawless design to the point of exhaustion. I’m too tired to suffer. I’m too tired to worry. I trust you to move through me. Destiny and karma are beyond my control. My power lies in the choice to surrender. Your arms are broad, loving and unconditional. You gift me every experience I need every moment. Homemade soup is on the table. My dog is licking my face. I still have a few kinks in my spine but I’m on Maui and rainbows are everywhere. My gecko friend in the kitchen comforts me with confirming high-pitched staccato squeaks. I close my eyes and see the silver lining. Shanna Shanti is a licensed therapist, and yoga and nutrition educator specializing in craniosacral therapy and trauma resolution. Her sessions aim to release restrictions and restore health and wellbeing. She offers intuitive healing workshops at the Reiki Makawao Energy Center. Visit IntoTheHealing.com or ReikiMakawao.com for more information. Call 808.866.0298.

Lisa Marie Toal

Psychic Medium. Author. Coach. Healer.

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Fall, 2018

Becoming An Emotional Alchemist

By Ania Ananda Wood I once had a taxi driver who gave me free rides in San Francisco because I would always cheer him up with my positive attitude. He would offer me his problems and I would show him a different way of thinking about them. This arrangement was a great deal for both of us! One day early into our riding together, as he was driving me to my healing center in North Beach, his response to one of my ideas was that it was easy for me to think that way because I’ve been happy all my life. He was shocked when I told him I had been this way only for a few years; that I had been suicidal and depressed from ages 6 to 18, and only really discovered my own source of joy in my 30s. My childhood experience involved surviving physical and emotional abuse. My identity and patterns of thought and emotion were forged in an experience of navigating trauma. I had to figure out how to be a person while being force-fed the message that my feelings did not matter, who I was as a person was not of value, and my body was an object on which others could act out their aggression. What does a soul do with such an experience? That’s some heavy stuff to shrug off, so at first I did what many people with similar histories do — I felt like a victim for a very long time. My body cooperated with my mindset to create a shamanic illness where I could barely walk for most of my 20s, and I was really marinating in this victim identity. When my relationship fell apart at age 29, I faced a dark night of the soul and ultimately realized that life doesn’t happen to me, it happens through me. My reality was gutted and I just prayed for clarity and guidance. My prayers were answered, every time, until it became silly to think that there was not some benevolent presence in the universe that was answering my prayers and co-creating with me. When I saw that, I went from being a victim to a creator; and the illusion of being at the effect of life fell away into the reality of being at cause. This is what souls do with trauma — they become alchemists. It’s the only thing they can do. We get to turn the lead of emotional pain into the gold of awakening our consciousness. My belief, based on my experience supporting so many beautiful humans on their journeys to reclaim their full power, is that it takes a very strong soul to choose such challenging early life circumstances. We are warriors of love, on a group soul mission to upgrade humanity. We chose this alchemist training to move through lifetimes of karma in just decades. We are capable of healing ourselves, and when we do, we also heal the gorgeous fractals of our genetic lineage. As we no longer carry the trauma patterns forward into future generations, we get to carry forward the best of our ancestors, thus sending the healing forwards and backwards in time. I know so many of these Jedi warrior souls who are called here to Maui right now. If you’re reading this and you resonate, my message to you is: Thank you for shining your light. Let’s keep walking each other home. Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP loves empowering her clients to clear unconscious blocks and create the lives and relationships of their dreams. She offers sessions from her home office in Haiku or over video. Visit www.consciouslife.us or www.conscious.love, or call 415.990.4451 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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Return To Harmony: Our Natural State of Wellbeing By Katharine Stone Ayers Our contemporary culture is addicted to drama and intensity. This has a profound impact on our wellbeing. Our nervous systems become dysregulated and chaotic, we lose our resilience, and our responses to everyday situations can become exaggerated. Our nervous systems are designed to react to stress or trauma with an impulse to fight or flee. In cases of extreme trauma, the system may be so overwhelmed that it freezes or shuts down. We can become numb or lose the ability to speak, comprehend or reason. Some of the physical symptoms that can accompany a traumatic event are feelings of disorientation, dissociation, confusion, rage, panic or collapse. In today’s society, exceeding the nervous system’s ideal thresholds can become an unconscious habit. We can become addicted to intensity. When our wellbeing is compromised, life’s daily challenges can seem insurmountable. Just watching the nightly news can leave us feeling overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless. What if you could access your capacity to be more resilient? What if you could feel more at peace, despite the news, unexpected situations or trauma? The good news is that we are naturally wired to restore harmony and resilience in our nervous systems and physiology. ‘Ideal intensity thresholds’ are innate to a regulated nervous system. Over time, with support and practice, we can learn how to tune in to these natural rhythms and develop a naturally harmonized nervous system. Organic Intelligence® has made a unique contribution to the evolution of therapy with a complete clinical protocol. The practitioner is trained to recognize the degree of organization or disorganization present in the client’s nervous system. This makes it possible to make appropriate interventions and/or allow the nervous system to continue to come into coherence. Organic Intelligence® practitioners are trained to support and gently shepherd a client’s nervous system into coherence and resilience. They learn to notice the breath, motor movements and non-verbal cues that the system is moving towards coherence. As the nervous system learns how to cycle through ideal thresholds, it will naturally enhance one’s capacity to cope. Many are relieved to learn that they don’t need to do anything consciously to make this happen. There are, however, a few practices that will help enhance the process. Learning to orient to simple pleasures is an effective way to support the nervous system. (See ‘Orientation to Pleasure Exercise’ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=XN4h1bieabQ) Watch a sunset. Look

at a beautiful flower. Listen to ocean waves. These practices encourage awareness of the ‘here and now.’ They help rewire our nervous system towards pleasure rather than ‘what’s wrong.’ Freedom from suffering becomes “freedom for living

Harvesting The Good By Matteo Musso People plant and plan their crops each year, whether they’re professional farmers or home gardeners. When harvest time comes, their crops are ready and they get to reap what they’ve sown. Some nurturing went on between the planting and harvesting stages; the farmers didn’t miraculously wake up one day to abundant crop! Sometimes there was beautiful, calm sunshine. The crops just basked in it and the farmers enjoyed the beauty. And sometimes there were rainy days. The crops thanked Mother Nature for the drink and the farmers, again, enjoyed the beauty. Mother Nature isn’t always calm, however. The storms make additional preparation necessary, for assured protection. Perhaps the farmers covered the plants with a tarp, put up sandbag barricades or said a prayer. One thing is for sure — they did not idly stand by. If we desire beautiful and fruitful crops in our lives, we don’t get to be bystanders. Seeing the good is an active choice on our part. At times when things seem to be the opposite of good, we may benefit from a ‘happiness journal’ that can help us shift our perspective.


Mind~Body~Transformation • Restorative Massage • Energy Healing • Life Coaching • Holistic Nutrition Lic # MAT 15435

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an authentic, vibrant life in the here-and-now.” To return to your natural state of wellbeing, Organic Intelligence® encourages the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness practices give us the opportunity to observe automatic conditioning and to make new and more supportive choices. Meditation, such as a guided loving kindness meditation, can help us develop greater capacity to love others and ourselves. (See ‘Loving Kindness Meditation’ on YouTube: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=LJo5Pkd2nac&t=117s) Our biology loves to learn and grow. With support and practice, we can overcome our addiction to intensity. The nightly news doesn’t have to leave us feeling flustered. With increased resilience in the nervous system, we can sit back, relax and enjoy the flow of experience. Organic Intelligence® is a tool to help us feel more relaxed and resilient. It fosters kindness and compassion, and allows alignment with what has deep meaning for us. This is what inspires Katharine Ayers to offer Organic Intelligence® to others. To contact Katharine, visit www.returntoharmony.org or call 808.572.4972.

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Search for things that are beautiful in your day and write them down — a flower, a piece of gourmet chocolate, a couple holding hands or a cute baby. Find at least ten different things each day — anything that makes you smile or feel good. This will help you practice noticing the beauty that’s around you no matter what’s going on. We find what we seek. The human ability to focus our minds is powerful. We are not bystanders in our lives. We are poets, painters and, yes, farmers. We can plan our healthy harvest. Let’s write our life script, paint it with beautiful images, then harvest the happiness that we have nurtured — even through the storms. Enjoy! Matteo is a joyous 14-year-old author, inspirational speaker, and mostly non-verbal autistic young man who recently found his voice by spelling his thoughts one letter at a time on a stenciled letter board. His inspired thoughts and wisdom are now being shared with the world. Visit www.matteomusso.com; search ‘Mondays with Matteo’ on YouTube.

Sacred Heart Activation

By Elizabeth MacDougall A genuine power of ‘knowing’ resides within all of us. It is the place where genius lives. We all can benefit from living in that place of genius. Do you want to become the great healer you were always meant to be? As the Hopi prophecy states: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Today people are turning inward with meditation. All over the world, hearts are opening. More than ever before, self-love and personal care are priorities. There is a need for understanding, and the sacred heart is the key. As the founder of Power Energetics, a new and revolutionary modality, I serve as a ‘divining rod’ for my clients. I channel the sacred heart. I teach my students to turn off their thinking, empty their minds and put energy into their hearts. Real healing begins from that point of awareness. My students acquire skills to heal symptoms and to reach their goals. Students and clients using Power Energetics have reported glimpses of enlightenment, feelings of empowerment, and elimination of problems that they never thought were possible. The sacred heart is omnipresent, eternal, and more available than you might expect. In my classes, I teach how to muscle test, body scan and perform a quantum shift. Imagine a world where everyone could heal each other with genuine love. Quoting St. John Paul II, “In the Sacred Heart, every treasure of wisdom and knowledge is hidden. In that Divine Heart beats God’s infinite love for everyone, for each one of us individually.” Elizabeth MacDougall is an energy medicine master practitioner and founder of Power Energetics — hosting monthly workshops, and custom and annual retreats. For more information or to book a treatment, class or retreat, visit www.RetreatsOnMaui.com or call 808.446.5534. The next Heart Activation Seminar will be October 6 & 7; kama’aina available.

Harvesting Our ‘4 H’ Advantage

By Judy Levy While the voter turnout was higher than in past years, I find it shocking that only 35% of registered voters bothered to vote. Four years ago, when the SHAKA Movement shook up democracy, 21,000 of us came together to say “We will make a difference!” Uncle Alika Atay shared how amazed and delighted he was to see the ‘H factor’ happening — the Hawaiians, the haoles and the hippies came together for the first time to make changes. Then two years ago, Haiku gave Alika the final victory votes and it became the ‘4 H’ factor. Every two years, each person registered to vote here has the privilege to speak via ballot. Around the world, people are fighting to come to this country to enjoy this precious opportunity. Look around at this magical place. We have the chance to change the paradigm. In my vision, I see lush fields growing yummy, healthy food and new businesses that create real jobs to grow vital, relevant development. What’s your vision for this gorgeous island over the next few years? Consider doing something new to show Maui that you cherish her natural beauty. You can join Maui Tomorrow’s efforts, or support the crucial work that SHAKA is doing. Help the Maui Pono Network’s efforts to elect dedicated and caring council members and state representatives. Come to a farmer’s union meeting (at Haiku Community Center on 4th Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.) or help at your local elementary school’s garden program. It feels great to be part of the solution. Democracy requires participation! Judy Levy harvests her love of crystals with Judy’s Gems and Journeys. She shows her unique crystal specimens and ‘Maui peace and love beads’ at some holistic health centers around the island. Monthly psychic and health fairs are held the last Saturday of the month. For information, call Judy at 808.891.1114.

Tips For Using Social Media

By Taryn Kama As a small business owner, you may have heard some version of this before: “If you are not using social media for marketing, you are missing out on opportunities.” This is true to some extent. Using the Internet and social media will definitely help you reach a wider and global audience. As of July 2018, there were more than 4.1 billion active Internet users and 3.3 billion social media users, according to statista.com. Even if you don’t do much business on-line or via e-mail, your business should have some kind of Internet presence. Ideally, your business should have a very basic website with at least three pages: ‘home,’ ‘about,’ and ‘contact information’ with a easy way to e-mail your company. If you don’t want to have a website, you could just have a Facebook business page (which you need a personal account to start). Your Facebook business page can be your on-line presence on the Internet. With just a business page, your potential clients or customers can find your business in a Google search. However, having both a website and social media presence is much better. It’s simply not enough to just have a presence on social media. For example, if you have a Facebook business page, you will want to gain followers and ‘likers’ so that your business has social credibility. It’s the same with having a Twitter or Instagram account — just because you opened an account doesn’t mean you have finished your marketing. You will want to start following others and asking others to follow you. You will need to make postings regularly (once a week minimum) and engage with others by ‘liking’ their posts. Reciprocity is the secret. Taryn Kama is a Maui-based media expert and college professor. She is the owner of Go Get it Media, a business that provides media services and workshops/education on on-line marketing for heart-centered businesses. Visit www.gogetitmedia.com.

Fall, 2018

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INTIMACY COACH, COUPLES, SINGLES, SMALL GROUP WORK Tomas Heartfield 808 572-1250 www.talkinghearts.com

ABUSE & TRAUMA RECOVERY Teri Holter, LCSW, DCSW 205-8055 ACUPUNCTURE AND TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac 879-2287 www.SouthMauiAcupuncture.com ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, ENERGY WORK, RETAIL, CLASSES 808 Wellness Center, 808wellness.com ADVERTISING/PROMOTION Maui Vision Network 669-9091 www.mauivision.net AKASHIC RECORDS READINGS Grace Ellen Provost 808.344.2529 geprovost@gmail.com ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR Gayle Barklie MFC, CHT Barklie’s Pet Service Mauipetservices.com 808-344-5688 ASTROLOGY READINGS Ginny Ross, Intuitive Astrologer 303-931-7055 GinnyRoss.com Astrologer@GinnyRoss.com BODYWORK - MIND BODY THERAPY John Sanderson, MAT #1617 (808) 280-7348 BREATH WORK Christine Warner 808-283-8546 CHANNELED READINGS Liah Howard 269-3137 www.liahhoward.com CHANNELED READINGS/ ENERGETIC HEALING Sulara James 808.874.8646 shininghand.com CHIROPRACTIC KINESIOLOGY Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C.808.244.0415 dr.price.gnm@gmail.com

INTUITIVE ASTROLOGER/ PROFESSIONAL HOROSCOPE READINGS 303-931-7055 GinnyRoss.com Astrologer@GinnyRoss.com CHIROPRACTOR, FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Dr. Katherine Gravesen, D.O. 808.270.2530, www.solchiro.com

COUPLES RELATIONSHIP COACHING/ COUNSELING AND WORKSHOPS Dee Chapon & Ken Moore 808-575-9754 DialogueCoaching.weebly.com

CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY & BRAINWAVE THERAPY Shone Edel NHC 808-248-7568 Maui Homeopathy LLC Shone@mauihomeopathy.com

CRANIOSACRAL & TRAUMA SPECIALIST Shanna Shanti, LMT 808.866.0298 IntoTheHealing.com

COFFEE HOUSES Casanova’s Makawao 572-0220 Maui Coffee Roasters - 877-2877 The Coffee Store - Napili 669-4170 COLON CLEANSING Shelley St. John 575-5220 COUNSELING/COACHING/ PSYCHOTHERAPY Teri Holter, LCSW, DCSW 205-8055 COUNSELING/HYPNOTHERAPY PAST LIFE REGRESSION LIFE BETWEEN LIVES Gayle Barklie MFC, CHT soulpurposemaui@gmail.com soulpurposemaui.com 808-344-5688 COUNSELING, INDIVIDUAL & RELATIONSHIP ~ CERTIFIED HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK Joan Heartfield, PhD 808 572-1250 www.talkinghearts.com COUNSELING/THERAPY Tanya Gabriel 808.269.5996 Tanya@mindfullivinggroup.org

EATING DISORDER TREATMENT Nova Luna Center, (808)870-9886 www.novalunacenter.com EFT / EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES Suzan Proia, C.Ht. 808-870-8754 www.mypowerfulself.com EMDR THERAPY 808-343-2259 Office in Kihei www.PattiSabla.com

IYENGAR YOGA CLASSES NORTH SHORE & UPCOUNTRY www.iyengaryogamaui.com LIFE BETWEEN LIVES- SPIRITUAL REGRESSION Barbara Ensign CHt. 269-2129 MAGAZINE / PROMOTION Maui Vision Magazine 669-9091 www.mauivision.net MASSAGE/ ACCESS BARS/ HUMAN DESIGN Robin Krieger (808) 280-6682 MASSAGE EDUCATION/ MASSAGE CLINIC Maui Academy of Healing Arts www.mahamaui.com 808-879-4266

FLOWER ESSENCE PRACTITIONER Victoria Sikirdji (808) 575-5009

MASSAGE, LYMPH DRAINAGE, REIKI, ZERO BALANCING Helga Fiederer 808-250-6709 helgaonmaui@yahoo.com

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY Rhonda Felix (808) 205-8302 www.soulspacemaui.com

MASSAGE INSTRUCTION Thai Massage Institute of Maui 808-463-7734 www.thaimassagemaui.com

GERMAN NEW MEDICINE EDUCATION Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C.(808 )244-0415 www.germannewmedicine-au.com

MASSAGE SCHOOL/MASSAGE CLINIC Maui School of Therapeutic Massage (808)572-2277 www.massagemaui.com

HAWAIIAN BLESSINGS Kahu Alalani 879-1499 hawaiianceremonies.com

MASSAGE,TIBETAN PULSING HEALING Maha Conyers, LMT, 876 0409 www.mahaconyers.com

HEART-CENTERED ENERGY HEALING Lucia Maya, Reiki Master/Teacher 808-866-8246 LuminousAdventures.com

MASSAGE THERAPY Sabai Massage Therapy 808-463-7734 www.sabaimaui.com

HEART INTELLIGENCE COACHING, INDIVIDUAL, RELATIONSHIP, AND GROUP Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PhD 808 572-1250 www.talkinghearts.com

MEDITATION Inner Light and Sound, 879-0871

HUMAN DESIGN/GENE KEYS Rupa 808 283 5774 rupachan@gmail.com www.mauizerobalancing.com HYPNOTHERAPY/HYPNOSIS Barbara Ensign Cht. 808 269-2129 HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION TRAINING Maui Miracle Mind Healing Arts 808.442.2950 heathersolarie.com

METAPHYSICAL BOOKS, CRYSTALS, GIFTS, JEWELRY, PRACTITIONERS & MORE Judy's Jems, Kihei 891-1114 MYOFASCIAL/CRANIAL/VISCERAL FASCIA AUTO AND WORK INJURY CARE MAE 2512 / MAT 3317 Upcountry Carol Phelan, lmt (808) 938-7084 NATURAL FOODS Down to Earth 877-2661 Farmers Market Maui - Honokowai 669-7004 Hawaiian Moons 875-4356 Mana Foods 579-8078

The Magic of Maui Real Estate Professional Service

Tara Grace R(S)

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taragrace808@gmail.com Lic. # 62587

NATUROPATH, ACUPUNCTURIST & BODY, MIND, SPIRIT HEALING Dr. Sierra L. Levy 808-879-6159 www.ResonanceTherapy.com

SHAMANIC HEALING Genesis Young 874-8646


SPIRITUAL MENTORING PROGRAM Ginny Ross, Intuitive Astrologer 303-931-7055 GinnyRoss.com Astrologer@GinnyRoss.com

Nia Jennifer Loftus www.nianow.com/jennifer-loftus

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE MEDIUM Henna Rose (808) 464-7445 iamhennarose@gmail.com

ORIENTAL MEDICINE / NATURAL HEALING / ACUPUNCTURE Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM 808.579.8810 mauivibranthealth.com

SPIRITUALLY INSPIRING WEDDINGS Maui Marrying Man (808)494-4803 www.MauiMarryingMan.com

PAST LIFE REGRESSION Barbara Ensign Cht. 269-2129

THERAPY/MINDFULNESS Tanya Gabriel, MA 808.269.5996 mauimindfulness@gmail.com

PERSONAL & CAREER MINDFUL/HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING Anthony Rogers LCSW 310-386-1808 Lifecoachacr@aol.com (Kihei)

TIME MANAGEMENT/ STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOPS Patti Sabla, LCSW 343-2259 LiveLifeBetterSolutions.com

POWER ENERGETICS www.retreatsonmaui.com 808.446.5534

TOWING & TRANSPORT East Maui Towing & Transport, Inc. 808.281.7038 www.eastmauitowing.com

PSYCHIC INTERMEDIARY Karmen Smythe 808-268-6321

WATSU & MASSAGE Brenda Martin, LMT 269-4337 watsuonmaui.com

PSYCHIC / MEDIUM Liah Howard 269-3137 www.liahhoward.com

WEDDINGS,VOW RENEWALS Rev. Maha H. Conyers, 876 0409 www.mahanaweddingsmaui.com

PSYCHIC-PALMISTRY Helen Kritzler 573-6343 haikuhelen.com

WHOLISTIC CHIROPRACTIC & CELLULAR REGENERATION TECHNIQUE Dr. Gina Kim, D.C. 871-6996 www.cellularregeneration.com

PSYCHIC READINGS & MORE! Lisa Marie 303-960-8987 www.enlightenmentpie.org REIKI NATURAL HEALING TREATMENTS, TRAINING, SUPPLIES Shalandra Abbey, Reiki Master 808.280.7704 www.ReikiHawaii.com REIKI SESSIONS & TRAINING Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 www.mauireiki.com REIKI TREATMENTS & TRAININGS Jenna Keck, Reiki Master www.ReikiWithJenna.com 408.621.4102 RELAXING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Lomi Hanamana, 808-214-5054 LomiHanamana.com – John Gelert RESTORATIVE MASSAGE, ENERGY HEALING & LIFE COACHING www.TushitaMaui.com 808.446.1164 RETREATS - HEALING CENTER www.mauihealingretreat.com 808) 870-3711 ROLFING (ADVANCED), ADVANCED CRANIALSACRAL Joe Swartz MD (808) 344-0244 ROLFING STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Alison Grabel, MS, ASI, LMT olanaturalhealing.com 808.639.0394 SACRED SEXUALITY COACHING Tomas Heartfield 808 572-1250 www.talkinghearts.com SACRED FEMININE HEALING Naomi Love, 808.269.1697 www.naomilove.org


e are naturally wired to restore harmony and resiliency in our nervous systems and physiology. Over time, with support and practice, we can learn how to tune into these natural rhythms and develop a naturally coherent and regulated nervous system. Organic Intelligence® is a tool to help us feel more relaxed and resilient. It fosters kindness and compassion and allows alignment with what has deep meaning for us. This possibility is what inspires me to offer Organic Intelligence® to others.

To contact Katharine, visit www.returntoharmony.org or call 808-572-4972

YOGA CLASSES - LAHAINA Island Spirit Yoga Maui 667-2111 www.islandspirityoga.com YOGA THERAPY Escence Yoga Therapy LLC 808.371.2037 escenceyogatherapy.com YOGA THERAPY Escence Yoga Therapy LLC Michelle Latorre RYT 500, 808.371.2037 escenceyogatherapy.com ZERO BALANCING BODYWORK Rupa 808 283 5774 rupachan@gmail.com www.mauizerobalancing.com

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Haiku Helen A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion “I was blown away by her words. My log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer.” – Nita Hughes author of Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy

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“She is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. She has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me.” – Wendy Orange, Ph.D., author of Coming Home to Jerusalem

CATEGORY IN ALL CAPS Your name or name of business Phone #, Email or Website.

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“Her accuracy is uncanny.” – John Morris, Hollywood Stunt Man

Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit haikuhelen.com Fall, 2018

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CALLING YOUR SPIRIT BACK. Soul Work with Dr. Ayin in Scalar Wave Healing Chambers. 808-276-6864 REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 www.mauireiki.com REIKI HAWAII - For everything Reiki, Treatments, Trainings, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. www.ReikiHawaii.com or 808.280.7704 IF YOUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZES IN: healing, creating or inspiring and you want assistance or training with your marketing or website, we can help. www. GoGetitMedia.com. HEAL YOUR PAIN! 29 Years Experience. Call now and learn how Joe Swartz MD can help you to painlessly heal from headaches, back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, sciatica, TMJ, abdominal discomfort, and postoperative complications. (808) 344-0244. READY FOR CARDIO? Join our Zumba Class that’s packed with 1hr Full On Fun Cardio ! Basic Choreography to Latin & World Wide Rhythms. Latin Instructor : Carolina 808-280-1523 teaching for over 8yrs with a professional dance background! The class is Mondays 6:15pm at Powerhouse Kihei. In the Studio $5. You don’t have to be a gym member to attend. NEW YOGA SHRED INSPIRED CLASS! This new program blends Yoga + HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) = Total Body Transformation! Wednesdays 6:15pm 75mins Class $10 at Powerhouse Gym . Hosted class you don’t have to be a gym member. Call 808280-1523 for info or questions. PSYCHIC READER ~ Laura Van Wagner, (808) 8741451 www.lauravanwagner.com LOMI HANAMANA Massage Sessions and Workshops - Call 808-214-5054 HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY at Temple of Peace in Haiku. Cellular functioning, cellular repair and cellular healing! So your immune system can be “jumpstarted“ and fueled into greater action. 808-575-5220 MASSAGE IN MAKAWAO. Get a great massage for a great price. Relaxation and Therapeutic. Easy access and parking. $60 Hour. Ask about senior rates. Anne Pierce 808 268-4468. ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR ~ Readings & classes. Laura Van Wagner (808) 874-1451 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER “CHAOS TO CAREFREE” Gylian Solay, MS. Personalized Organizing focused on Who YOU are, How YOU live. 808-344 8068; gyliansolay@gmail.com, www.gyliansolay.com VINTAGE? YES! RETRO? YES! COSTUMES? YES! Coming in October!!! Check out http://www. ragqueenofmaui.com for our store info. ACADEMIC SERVICES - Maui’s BEST tutoring for 25+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 AUTHORS’ SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. editor@MauimsMD.com or 463-0779 GENUINE PSYCHIC answers your question or thrills your guests; crystal ball and gypsy regalia optional. naia96708@yahoo.com

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GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover this True Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, DC is an authorized international consultant/practitioner and instructor of GMN founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioner’s effectiveness and the use of modalities and/or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the 5 Biological Laws. www. germannewmedicine-au.com or call (808) 244-0415. 808 WELLNESS: CENTER & STUDIO, 808wellness. com ~ A healing sanctuary & sacred studio in South Kihei. Treatment room rental by the hour if you are seeking a professional place to hold your healing practice. Our event studio is also available to rent for workshops or classes, inclusive of, but not limited to: yoga, meditation, healing circles, concerts and more! Contact us today: 875.4325 MASSAGE ANNIVERSARY SALE - Celebrating 9 years on Maui! Save 15% on one incall massage, or 20% off a 3-pack! Save 15% on outcalls islandwide. Limit one, ends Oct 16th! (MAUI RESIDENTS - Book one massage online at regular price, get 50% off your next online booking thru Nov 30th with Hawaii ID!) Traditional Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Backwalking, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Structural & Custom Blends! Questions? Please text 808-463-7734 or email info@sabaimaui.com. Discounts Available only by booking online, via http://online.sabaimaui.com WELLNESS PRACTITIONERS SHARE SPACE renting by the hour, day or week. Reiki Makawao Energy Center/Makawao Plaza 2nd floor 3660 Baldwin 808.868.3905 YOGA MASSAGE MONTH - September is National Yoga Month! Save $20 or more on massage when you attend any yoga class and provide proof of attendance! See website for details, and ongoing monthly discounts! (Maui Residents save 50% until Nov 30th -- Hawaii ID is required, no exceptions!) Questions? Please text 808-463-7734 or email info@sabaimaui. com. Discount Available only by booking online, via http://online.sabaimaui.com - more info at http:// sabaimaui.com/yogarewards CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR LMTs: Enhance your skills & renew your inspiration with world-class instructors! Zen Shiatsu with TJ Frank (Sept 8-27), Dragon-Tiger Chi Gung with Kurt Miyajima (Oct-Nov); Lomi Lomi Fall Mastership with Jeana Naluai (10/1511/2), Aston Kinetics Spiraling Fascial Integration AK103: Bodyworks I (11/5-11/7), AK101: Seeing Body Patterns (for Bodyworkers and Movement Professionals) (11/9-10), AK104: Bodymapping & Palpation (11/27-29) with Judith Aston;75-hour Myofascial Certification with Lynn Wind & Frances Salvato (1/31-4/12/19). Myofascial Mobilization I (1/31-2/2) & II (2/22-2/24) with Lynn Wind. Joint Play Mobilization for Upper & Lower Extremities with Lynn Wind (1/30 & 2/21/19). Myo 3:Posture 101 (3/14-15) & Myo 4: Myofascial 3-Series & Integration (3/21-23/19) with Frances Salvato;.Somatic Intelligence with Lisa Cary (Feb 2019, 4 Fridays); Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing Foundations with Jeana Naluai (Feb 2019). Register early and save $ with Early Bird rates! Consider joining our 150-, 200-, or 350-/Hour Specialty Advanced Certification Programs for significant discounts. Go to: http://www.massagemaui.com/continuing-education/ for more info. Email: info@massagemaui.com or call: 808-572-1888 to register.

Fall, 2018

PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship concerns, business issues, and spirit messages. Phone and in person sessions available. Liah Howard 808-269-3137 www.liahhoward.com HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING - Maui Miracle Mind Hypnotherapy offers professional clinical hypnotherapy certification, personal growth classes and private sessions in Sacred Renewal Breathing, Neuro linguistic Programming, Massage Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy for all issues including childbirth prep, surgery prep and accelerated healing, pain control, habit control, emotional and spiritual growth, relationship issues, prenatal and past life. Heather Solarie LMT, CCHT, NLPP. 808-442-2950. www.heathersolarie.com ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! Maui Vision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 280-7893 or visit mauivision.net for details. WATSU AND MASSAGE JUST FOR YOU~ Offering traditional Watsu® aquatic bodywork in a private pool. Or, if you prefer table massage. Kama’aina rates, gift certificates and discounts on packages available. Call Brenda Martin, 808.269.4337. RESTORATIVE MASSAGE THERAPY & Energy Healing by Tushita. Lahaina, 808-446-1164. (9/18) Needing peace of mind about your sexual health? Maui AIDS Foundation (MAF) offers FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL TESTING for HIV, Hepatitis-C and Syphilis. MAF also provides FREE HIV/STI education and various fun educational support groups. To learn more call (808) 242-4900. VOICE LESSONS Free the True Beauty and Power of your Natural Voice! All levels and styles of singers can benefit from these innovative techniques ~ Excellent References ~ Excellent Results! Speech Level Singing . Patient and Supportive 572-1000. BELLYDANCE AND FLAMENCO CLASSES with master teacher and performing artist Rosalind Modica. 20 years professional experience~ All Levels~ Private and Semi-Private 572-1000 ARE YOU READY TO RENEW Your Body, Mind & Spirit? Rhonda J. Felix is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in Reflexology. She is a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” classes, and offers group and individual sessions, as well as counseling through Dream Yoga. Call (808) 205-8302 today to discuss your renewal options! Or visit soulspacemaui.com, Kahului Swap Meets on Saturday space 642. ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808)-879-2287 www.SouthMauiAcupuncture. com. (9/18)

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED LISTING Email your listing to MauiVision@aol.com. Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. We will email billing instructions to you. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Nov. 16 for the winter edition publishing on Dec. 1 (covers Dec., Jan. & Feb., 2018-2019).

Celebrate and solidify your commitment to Spiritual growth as an Individual Being and Together as a Couple Envision a Ceremony of Love on a beach exchanging vows of Unconditional Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity Roger’s Deeply Connected Universal Personal Practice of Higher Consciousness… Fulfills the Deepest Celebration of Love From both Heart and Soul Ceremonies Based on your ‘Luv Story’ & Spiritual inspirations Roger@MauiMarryingMan.com

Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinical Bio-Integration restores wellness utilizing Chiropractic Care and Kinesiology. Specializing in Trauma Resolution and other methods. Please Visit: www.HealthTriads.com dr.price.gnm@gmail.com

Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. Author and Educator Over 30 years experience

What would it take to create a life with infinite awareness and possibilities that create more choices to align with your mind, body and spirit? $30 off your first visit! Exp. 2/28/18

Call Dr. Price (808) 244-0415 Fall, 2018

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Maui Vision Magazine, Fall, 2018 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

Maui Vision Magazine, Fall, 2018 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

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