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Dreaming Big

Is There A Tiny House In Your Future?

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~ Living Small

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2016

Maui Wants Her Soul Back: Why We Need A New Council By Mark Sheehan “We started something two years ago. We have to finish what we started. We need to have new leaders at the table.” - Alika Atay, Hawaiian nature farmer, candidate It’s the 21st century. So why does Maui feel like it’s still in the 20th century? HC&S kept up sugar production way past its expiration date. Our County Council still operates on an agenda left over from the 1970s. Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon levels are now 400 parts per million, sea levels keep rising, and deserts keep advancing worldwide. Here on Maui, we spend $5-6 billion importing food and $6-7 billion importing fuel to the land where a million of our ancestors lived alone and well. Oahu is building an $8 billion heavy rail system that may sink the island, and Maui is building a $325 million parking garage; yet neither county can care for its homeless or house its working folks. Why is this? The best explanation is from University of Hawaii political scientist Colin Moore, who says, “The foundation of Hawaii’s Democratic Party is still in the relationship between the unions, the developers and the politicians, where everyone gets paid.” The profit is in the concrete. Let me get to the point: Our legislators are failing us at every level. You don’t need to ask why. It’s clear that money buys political influence; it determines the bills and budgets our legislators pass. Many of the hefty projects are flat out payback for campaign contributions – roads, harbors, airport runways, the parking garage at Kahului airport, and bonanzas like HART, the rail system in Honolulu. Look at how the corporate money flowed in to the state District 11 campaign in an unsuccessful

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attempt to remove an environmental legislator with one who is more supportive of the corporate agenda. With the exceptions of Elle Cochran and Don Guzman, our County Council members aren’t inclined to expand their thinking beyond a Chamber of Commerce agenda. If they did, they might see that we have an affordable housing crisis, a homelessness crisis, a deteriorating environment, a vulnerable e n e rg y s e c t o r and extreme food dependence. A few new faces on the council would be nice, but what we really need is a whole new council! We need farmers and community leaders who represent their constituents as well as small business. That’s why we need to elect the Ohana Coalition, a team with shared values different from the corporate ethos now in power. Alika Atay got public attention leading the SHAKA marches for a GMO moratorium. Atay is more than a figurehead; he is a thought leader who has worked the land and trained a generation of organic farmers. He is a consultant on regenerative agriculture, with firsthand knowledge of holistic grazing techniques and Korean Natural Farming – and can help us build a more secure food future. Kelly King has a 20-year history of

innovation in the energy field. Her company, Pacific Biodiesel, is the first US-based plant to be certified sustainable. Molokai mom Keani Rawlins-Fernandez is an attorney with a master’s degree in business administration. Molokai is a special community and should have the best qualified person to represent that island. Trinette Furtado is a passionate activist fighting for the Haiku seat that is currently occupied by a man who also maintains a full-time hotel manager job. Trinette is prepared to work full time to protect the environment, to deal with issues of water justice and community resilience. Kumu hula Napua Greig Nakasone has trained dancers and musicians for decades. She and her troupes have been ambassadors of aloha all over the world. Nakasone is very concerned about water justice for Upcountry farmers and ranchers. Lanai candidate Gabe Johnson works in land management on his home island. He and Shayne Sineni, the challenger from Hana, will represent their communities with new vigor and vision. Unions, developers and politicians all get paid in the current rigged system, but the struggling farmers and ranchers get little help; working families are on their own. We need representatives who are from the land and from the community; and who will work for all of us, not just for the party. We can have a thriving visitor industry, build affordable housing for our working families, and protect our environment. For that we need a whole new council. On November 8th, vote for the Ohana Coalition candidates. Check them out at Mark Sheehan is a real estate broker and environmental activist. To get in touch, email him:

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Fall, 2016

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

Lei’ohu Ryder, Eric T. Richter and Maydeen ‘Iao share a moment together in Upcountry recently.

Dreaming Big, Living Small

Most of the people of the world don’t live small intentionally – they do so out of necessity. So what’s behind this big Tiny House movement that’s gaining traction? One woman quoted by an Australian filmmaker may have hit the nail on the head. “One of the great things about simplifying is that I have the freedom to make choices with my career,” said Tammy Strobe, a former worker in the investment management industry. “Do you really want to spend your time working in a job you hate to buy crap you can’t afford? Probably not.” At the heart of living small is the desire to downsize for environmental and quality-of-life reasons. Some people just aren’t buying the new American dream house – whose average size, by the way, has grown 1,000 square feet since 1973. Here on Maui, the cost of rent has skyrocketed over the past few years, making living difficult for many due to the lack of affordable housing. Getting ahead isn’t an option, when just getting by is a challenge! Maybe Tiny Houses are part of the answer and deserve a chance here with officially sanctioned Tiny House parks being created and encouraged. Think about it – can living small become part of your bigger dreams? - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2016

Turning Points By Liah Howard Although our souls have mapped out the perfect plan for fulfilling our unique life path, we may feel hard pressed to come up with a new dream when the vision of our ideal life has been shattered. A kind, wise, petite woman in her late 50s said to me last week, “I live a simple life so that I can concentrate on what’s really important.” She went on to say that helping others, gardening and taking care of her health were the key ingredients in healing her grieving heart. Three years prior, she had suddenly lost her husband of 30 years to a heart attack. She had always dreamed that they would grow old together. Now she found herself alone and rebuilding her life without her beloved partner. She then shared with me that she had to learn to find love in new ways, as her entire life had revolved around being a good wife to her husband. A part of her died the day he died. She mentioned that she isolated herself in her home and wept a lot after his death. Then she tried drinking away the sorrow. Neither of these tactics brought her peace. Finally, she decided to reach out and help an elderly neighbor by giving him a ride to the audiologist. This tiny act of kindness moved her from a place of self-pity about the unfairness of her life, and into a place of compassion. That simple choice opened a door to healing for her. She began moving from living in the past to being in the present. By giving to another, she started reclaiming her light and her life. Today she volunteers regularly with the senior center, and her visits are the highlight of many an elderly resident’s day. She has love in her life, although in a form she never expected. I share this story with you because none of us ever anticipate that death, divorce, bankruptcy or ill health will surprise us and change the course of our life. But it happens. We may plan to own our own home, have children, prepare for retirement, or be wildly successful in our career or relationships; and suddenly our destiny changes. Life presents us with a turning point. We can become bitter and closed, or instead, open and willing to embrace a new dream. A friend of mine recently rekindled her dream of being a mother. After three failed in vitro fertilization procedures, she and her husband are moving forward and considering adoption. Through acceptance, they have found new hope. They are ready to dream again. Loss is not included in our dreams. So when life presents us with sudden changes or disappointments, we are pushed to grow beyond our known limits and cope with the unexpected. Untapped strengths emerge and new directions are discovered. We must reinvent ourselves in the face of great loss. But how do we do this? First, we must choose to live rather than to die with the loss of our dream. Next, after we have grieved our loss, we need to allow our souls to guide us to a new path by opening our minds to situations that can bring love and success into our lives. We move forward from the past – releasing feelings of failure and loss in exchange for hope and a new sense of purpose. Sometimes during these turning points, the smallest act of kindness can be a catalyst to a new life.

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Fall, 2016

Maui Vision Magazine

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Living Sustainably: Tiny House Style By Taryn Kama When Erik Blair decided to start building tiny houses on Maui, it was a decision that resonated with him both practically and personally. Blair, owner of Simple Tiny Houses, builds small dwellings on trailers. It’s part of the “tiny house movement,” a bigger movement of people choosing to live in smaller, sustainable spaces. You may have seen this growing lifestyle option featured on HGTV. Blair’s company builds structures with a 160-squarefoot footprint, which includes a 62-square-foot loft, for a total of 222 square feet of living space. “I’ve always been enamored by minimalism and simple living as a response to the oppressive economy, and to improve one’s life,” Blair said. “Tiny houses came to my mind years back when housing costs started to dramatically climb. Writing a check for 50 percent of your net income every month is enough motivation to look for alternatives.” Indeed, tiny houses may be one solution to Maui’s ongoing affordable housing problems. “Tiny houses are basically a movement away from traditional housing, which up until recently, has only been renting from a landlord or buying a house,” Blair said. “All the other options have been out of reach for most people due to the costs and legalities that prevent them from being realized. Tiny houses fit an untouched market and provide a low-cost option in most areas of the country. Blair says tiny houses have low impact on the environment – less waste, furniture, hoarding and land development. Living in a tiny house also allows people to save money, so they can afford healthier, simpler, more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. According to and, research on small living found that 68 percent of tiny homeowners don’t have a mortgage, compared to 29.3 percent of all U.S. homeowners.


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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2016

Blair’s houses are completely portable, which eliminates the need to permanently install them on a land parcel; being cemented on the land would require they meet the building code and have a permit. His houses are built and engineered to withstand the weather and can be driven to remote areas. They are considered “house trailers” by Maui County. “The strength of the roof/truss is critical on our windswept islands,” Blair explained. “That’s why we over-engineered the roof and made sure the structure is solid. We also made sure that the exterior walls and roof are made with stainless steel nails/screws so they don’t rust in our wet weather. Additionally, we vent the roof with soffit venting to reduce any mold or mildew threat due to the high humidity.” Blair emphasized that tiny houses are a great “in-fill” housing option – they can be placed in small spaces. Because they are portable, they can be placed in tsunami zones and even lava zones; and they can be moved in case of an approaching storm, and then returned after. Maui has the ideal weather for tiny houses because there’s no need to heat. Many spend a lot of their time outside anyway, so inside space isn’t in such demand. Not only are they built to withstand Maui weather, but Blair also uses local labor, businesses and transportation. Even with the thoughtful engineering and choice of building material, he and his team of carpenters and builders can build a starter tiny house in less than 30 days. He added that the only concern is availability of trailers, which sometimes requires long shipping waits. Blair’s tiny houses start at around $24,500. If living small and affordably appeals to you, his company or one of the few other companies offering similar services on Maui might be an option! Visit to get in touch with Erik Blair.

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2016

The Season Of Letting Go

By Sahara Sun The brittle snap from the dead hibiscus branch I was pruning caused my roommate to ask, “Are you going to chop down the entire tree?” I replied, “You have to cut away that which no longer serves in order to make room for new growth to come.” I seem to apply the Taoist philosophy of the Five Elements with everything I do. The balance of these elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) observed in nature, parallel our own body’s natural rhythm for thriving. Fall is the time when nature begins to shift its energy inward to rest. This season corresponds to the metal element. In Hawaii, we may not experience a fall like our temperate climate friends, but we will still feel its energetic effects. This season stirs the emotion of grief; reminiscing on the past, and longing for what could have been, should have been and what once was. Like the leaves on the trees, we are being asked to let go of what no longer serves us. If the soul clings to experiences of the past, we become full of dead branches like that hibiscus shrub I was pruning: alive, but not necessarily thriving. Nature is inviting us to release those old, brittle branches that no longer serve our most authentic self. By letting go, we are making room to foster vitality in the body, mind and spirit. My own healing journey has been my greatest teacher to understanding the nature of thriving. Everything you need to heal and thrive already lives inside of you. I am in service to help guide your way. Sahara Sun, an internationally known intuitive soul healer and Five Elements acupuncturist, offers transformational healing sessions on Maui and by Skype. Sahara’s book, Heart Broke Open, shares her epic journey to heal, beginning with a leap of faith to Hawaii where Maui’s magic shows her the way. Visit

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Maui Vision Magazine

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Tapping Into The Power Of Nourishing And Healing Dreams By Jenny Grace Shaw How many times have you heard the questions: “What’s your dream?” or “What do you dream about?” How did you answer? Were you even able to? Unfortunately, I hear these responses far too often: “I don’t dream at all” or “I don’t have the time or money for dreams” or “Why have dreams and goals; they’ll never come true anyway.” It breaks my heart to hear these. I believe in dreams. If it weren’t for my own dreams, I wouldn’t be writing this article. Being able to write for you – an opportunity Eric Richter, publisher of Maui Vision Magazine, gives me every few months – is a dream come true. I pinch myself every time I sit down to write another article, with such gratitude to Eric and to all who take the time to read my articles. I truly can’t thank you enough. Dreaming is natural and nourishing. Dreaming brings us to life, invigorates the spirit, feeds the soul, and actually leads to you feeling a part of the world. Who can ever forget one of the most famous dreams? Mahalo Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! Have you ever thought about how different our history would be if he had shut down his dream in shame and fear? What if those who were afraid of his dreams had been able to shut him down? I must also mention John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Wow! What beautiful “imaginations” they expressed and fought for. We look to those who have fulfilled their dreams as “heroes.” We feel a sense of magic and spiritual connection, indescribable peace and joy when we witness a dream come true. The experience of dreaming is a gift given to all of us; it is a blessing. Denying our dreams is denying the authentic self. Ignoring such internal magic is soul homicide. Preventing another from honoring their dream is deadly. I understand this may seem dramatic, but think about it. When a dream begins to open within, you can clearly see how it looks, tastes, smells; the details are so vivid. You can’t hold back the pure joy and elation. You have to share this wonderful idea with someone or write it down. You find yourself running to the phone to call the first person you can think of – your best friend. “Guess what?!” you shout through the lines. “I’ve got the greatest idea! It just hit me out of the blue and I wanted you to be the first to know!” Excitedly, you await their joyous response. But what if they laugh? What if there is silence on the other line? What if they label you “a dreamer” and begin to explain all of the reasons why you can’t, or why it will be difficult to, bring your dream to life? When a dream is denied, the spirit loses an ability to breathe. If you’re feeling “stuck,” then it may be worthwhile to look at how you are limiting yourself from authentic thriving. It is not others. It is not finances. It is not because of

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Maui Vision Magazine

your intellect, your degrees, the place you live, your spouse or your parents. It is in no one else’s hands but yours. Be willing to take your own inventory. Ask yourself whether you’re ready to get out of your own way to fulfill a dream. When the answer is yes, the next step is commitment. Dream big. Dream wide. Dream lovingly. Dream patiently. Dreaming not only nourishes, dreaming heals. Jenny Grace Shaw, M.Ed., LMHC, CPT, HHP, is a therapist, personal trainer and wellness coach with offices in South Maui. She is passionate about sharing an integrative holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Jenny would love to hear from you. Email her at, call 808.344.5404, or visit her on the Internet,

Fall, 2016

Decluttering Your Home

Shedding The Weight Shame

Cathleen McCandless is an internationally-known feng shui expert and author of the #1 best-selling feng shui book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense. For more information visit or call 808.283.1422.

Suzän Proia, B.A., EPC, C.Ht. is certified as a professional coach, an EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist. Suzän specializes in personal excellence; dissolving whatever is preventing you from being your very best! For a complimentary consultation call 808.870.8754 or visit

By Cathleen McCandless Do you feel burdened by having too much stuff? Feng shui is the study of the environment and how it affects people. Clutter is a common feng shui issue that can affect the quality of your surroundings and, in turn, your life. Keeping items you no longer want, need, love or use, bogs you down and blocks the flow of abundance and positive energy from entering your life. Having too much stuff sitting around can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and prone to procrastination. As one of my feng shui students aptly put it, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” For many, the move from the mainland to Maui required a huge purge of belongings. What to keep and what to let go of became an economic and practical decision. The effect was liberating. Shedding physical baggage often results in facing and dealing with old emotional baggage as items from the past are unearthed, evaluated and discarded. Over time, however, clutter has a sneaky way of reappearing; until one day you realize your closets, drawers and cupboards are once again filled to the brim. When I see the big container ships coming into Kahului Harbor, I often think about the tons of items being shipped here that may one day end up in the landfill. As our population grows, so does our ecological responsibility. Living on an island where land and resources are limited, it’s important to think twice about accumulating unneeded items or things that will quickly outlast their usefulness. When making new purchases, consider where that item may end up when you no longer want it. Saying no to clutter will positively impact the feng shui of your personal surroundings and our beautiful island home as well.

By Suzän Proia Weight. From the time I entered first grade, I was painfully aware of the existence of diets and the feeling of shameful eating. My mother struggled with her weight my entire life. Most years she was miserable. Misery enjoys company and I was elected as her reluctant co-conspirator. She taught me her food addiction tricks; including hiding pastries in the washing machine, and the golden rule that broken cookies don’t count. Mom dragged me to Weight Watchers meetings and insisted I taste test her bizarre low-calorie concoctions. I morphed into young adulthood, retaining the lessons my mother taught me, becoming a full-fledged chocolate addict. I consumed enough M&M’s to earn size 16 / 18 labels in my clothing. For the next decade, I felt painful self-consciousness and constant awareness of my physical size. In restaurants I would avoid going to the restroom because I was so uncomfortable walking across the expanse, afraid of being judged. I could state the exact number of calories consumed at any point during any day, and I experienced no pleasure in eating because the guilt and layers of shame were blended in with whatever was being ingested. This was pure emotional eating. Eventually, the refrigerator light went on in my head, and I realized that becoming slender would completely change my life and outlook. Each subsequent year I shed a little weight until I became comfortable in my own skin and able to enjoy the healthy style of eating that resonated for me. Yes, this takes patience, research, diligence and tweaking – but it is so worthwhile. Here’s to your success; enjoy the new you!

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Adjusting Your Internal Set Points By Linda Rayner, M.D. Are you longing for a life with less stress and more joy? More ease and less struggle? Many subconscious areas, such as your internal set points, can work against these desires. Just as we have physiological set points, like our body temperature, we also have emotional and mental set points. With our body temperature, we can change our environment but we will always adapt to return our temperature to its most optimal level. When we are hot we sweat to cool off; when we are cold we shiver to increase body heat. We always come back to that optimal level. Likewise, with our subconscious set points, though we may have various experiences in life, we will still return to our original set point level. This is great if your set point is optimal, but not so great if it is lower or higher than needed. Imagine someone with a really high set point for levels of stress. As much as they might work to decrease their stress levels – lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, energy psychology treatments – they always come back to those high levels. They may even feel “lost” without high levels of stress, as this is their norm; subconsciously they attract relationships and situations to keep the stress going. Or, someone may have a low set point for happiness. This would be like using a shot glass rather than a gallon jug to fill up at the “happiness fountain.” They may try various modalities aimed at increasing happiness, but that low set point will keep their efforts from being optimally effective or long lasting. What might be your limiting internal set points, and are you ready to start working on resetting them?

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Thinking Big!

By Barbara Ensign If you ever wonder how you are thinking, just take a look at how your life is going. Are you living your dreams and aspirations? Are you feeling inspired? Are you heading in the direction that you want to be going? Are you thinking big, or do you have small thoughts that diminish your dreams? As a hypnotherapist, I have helped many people who think small about themselves and their special gifts. This small thinking usually comes from false beliefs about life and about their selves that originated at an early age. Sometimes those small thoughts belong to others, including friends and family. Small thinking is fear-based and only creates small results. If we have old programming about what we can and can’t achieve, then our automatic thinking reflects what is buried deep in our subconscious. Just wanting to think big is a good start, but this can often be defeated by the subconscious. Through hypnosis, these beliefs can be replaced with positive, self-supporting beliefs; this helps the subconscious to be in alignment with the idea of thinking big, creating positive results. Thinking big is not about having a lot of possessions; it’s about having a higher awareness and being expansive in our thinking. It’s about helping others to live their dreams and to think big about themselves. It’s about being at peace with who we are under any circumstance. It’s about living with integrity in everything we do. Can we think big every day? We all have our ups and downs, but we can make a commitment to ourselves to think big as much as possible. It’s up to us to live our dreams, and it’s never too late! Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist in Makawao, Maui who specializes in past life and life between lives spiritual regression. She helps people make positive changes in their lives. To find out more, call Barbara at 808.269.2129 or visit

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By Paul O’Brien As I point out in my book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, one of the benefits of living the “synchronistic lifestyle” is wisdom – a rare quality that no longer gets the respect it deserves. Wisdom is the learned ability to calm down and make great decisions – based on experience, common sense logic and intuitive intelligence. Lack of this profound quality handicaps our personal and cultural evolution. Nowhere is this more evident than in polls that show almost half of American voters are so emotional they might be willing to risk further damaging government by electing a con-artist demagogue. Wisdom requires resisting the pull of strong emotions like fear and anger, the attraction to magical thinking or addictions to instant gratification. As Wikipedia puts it, “Wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgment as to what actions should be taken.” The pursuit of wise judgment is why my life and work are focused on visionary decision-making. Wisdom is both a function and result of skillful decisionmaking. You only have to listen to Trump for two minutes to see how critical a bit of wisdom is to good decision-making in these crazy times. Rather than make ridiculous xenophobic proclamations to build walls and ban entire groups of people from the country, wise leaders humbly enlist creative intuition and good advice to make decisions that will benefit everyone in the long run. When you practice fine-tuning your intuitive sense, you more easily notice meaningful synchronicities and insights that arise. Everything that happens shines with a greater sense of meaning, which provides a basis for even more wisdom to emerge. As wisdom is cultivated, it helps you balance taking care of yourself while attending to the common good. Things are out of balance, on the other hand, when our point of view is narrow or self-obsessed – constrictions of consciousness that can happen due to lack of self-esteem or an inflated sense of self-importance. As Aristotle put it, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” It is important to be able to call upon a strong ego that is ready to defend boundaries, but the ego should never be allowed to run the show. The ego is properly a lieutenant who should take direction from a higher consciousness, the spiritual self. The ego can be maniacal and does not provide good leadership. Establishing an appropriate relationship between your ego and higher consciousness is the fruit of self-knowledge. Experience is a great teacher, and the single experience that most helps develop wisdom is strategic decision-making – provided we are brave enough to creatively and proactively step up, go through and move past our fears, and make the important decisions. When asked what surprises him the most about life on this planet, the following answer is attributed to the Dalai Lama: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present, the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” Could anyone sum up the hazards of neglecting wisdom better? SPECIAL FREE GIFT: Maui Vision readers can download a free iPad, Kindle or PDF copy of Great Decisions, Perfect Timing via Enjoy! Paul O’Brien is author of Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and the Visionary I Ching App. He is host of Pathways podcasts (on iTunes) and founder of the non-profit

Fall, 2016

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Living Gratitude

By Ann Paquin It’s a big deal. Practicing gratitude makes people happier. When we’re happier, we experience less stress. We connect with our Higher Self and we receive guidance. Broader perspectives and inspired action reveal themselves. We are in a more resourceful state to offer our unique gifts that are so needed. Living gratitude is a powerful way to help encourage the world tipping point towards a more peaceful planet. Other benefits of practicing gratitude are many. We become more emotionally resilient. We have a bigger container and greater capacity to center ourselves more quickly with life challenges, including tragedy. We experience the peace that passes all understanding, giving us the opportunity to ground that peace for ourselves and others. We shine more light in the world. You may find many simple ways to live gratitude. Start and end your day thinking about a meaningful appreciation for loved ones; then feel that appreciation in your mind, heart and body. Elevate business meeting “take-aways” through appreciation. Take less for granted. Give something that went well more talk and social media time than complaints. Find the beauty in our differences. Make a habit of appreciating something about yourself every day. Look for opportunities to share gratitude in groups, and notice the increased energy you feel. Appreciate the good happening in the world that we may not personally know about. So many are contributing beyond what we can imagine. The late Edna Lemle, a grandmother with a passion for peace, connected the dots between gratitude and peace. She founded World Gratitude Day, purposefully selecting September 21 (the equinox) as nature’s symbol of equality. International Peace Day is on the same day, accentuating the gratitude-peace connection. Practice living gratitude, and Be the Change! Ann Paquin, creator of Dancing Gratitude, is an intuitive soul coach. She offers private and Skype sessions for solving your problems and creating your dreams. Bring your needed gifts into the world. Call 808.268.5724 or visit

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Visionary i Ching A modern version of the oracle designed for better decisions, better relationships, less stress Now available for iPhone and Android

20/20 Visioning

By Gayle Barklie How often do you hear yourself say, “I sure wish I could…” or “Wouldn’t it be great if…”? Learning to consciously harness thoughts, empowering them with intention, is called visioning. Used correctly, it’s a power that can attract prosperity, success and relationships, as well as dramatically shift even the most seemingly hopeless situations. Unlike magical thinking, wishing or hoping, focused and well-defined visioning gives positive volition to your thoughts, capturing their power to create big dreams. Actually, it’s the same power you’ve been subconsciously using in negative ways. Thought energy works like this: You have a thought (usually subconscious) that says, “I can’t [fill in the blank].” This thought energy gets sent out like a text message. The Universe, being a “Yes Machine,” is required to agree. It says: “You’re absolutely right! You can’t [fill in the blank].” Then, you proceed to attract situations that prove you’re right, adding further evidence that you can’t [fill in the blank]. This scenario reruns until the pattern is noticed, and intention is put toward changing those negative, show-running thoughts. Utilizing visualization to manifest is only as effective as your subconscious mind allows it to be. If your inner programming conflicts with what you’re envisioning, roadblocks will show up to stop its receipt. Discover, expose and remove those buggers lurking in the shadows. Hypnotherapy, meditation and inner work are powerful tools to eradicate those pesky, limiting notions and untrue belief systems. You are then empowered to make conscious choices and take actions that support manifestation of visions. Since the subconscious mind readily accepts repetitious thoughts, place around your house affirmations, vision boards and any positive reminders to reinforce your big new reality! Gayle Barklie, CHT, PLR, LBL, MFC, is the creator of Soul Purpose, a transpersonal therapy practice utilizing hypnotherapy techniques, passion test, visioning, marriage and family therapy, and more. She’s been practicing since 1991. To get in touch, call 808.344.5688, visit or email

Subtle Energy and the World We Experience I am Rich Ralston, the author of “Subtle Energy and the World We Experience” and I am a clairvoyant energy teacher, worker and healer. My goal as an energy worker is to help individuals understand subtle energy and how it affects their lives. I draw from 25 years of past religious experience to help others rid themselves of undesirable beliefs, which allows them to change and achieve their new desired goals. My abilities are (but not limited to): • Instructing how to clear and maintain the aura. • Removal of harmful entities and cords (that block a person’s potential). • Past life reading and clearing karma. • Manifesting desired outcomes for our life experience. • Clearing people, places, and things of entities and souls.

Call today for more information: 808-313-2736 Visit or Email:

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Fall, 2016

Check website for future classes offered.

Self Love Practices For Sexual And Reproductive Health By Naomi Love It is time, my sisters, to bring presence to sex, to connect the womb to the heart, to deepen our awareness and connection to our center. It is time to honor ourselves, to honor our cycles and our bodies. Let’s talk about the womb, the uterus, the yoni, the sex. The womb is a hollow, suspensory, detoxification organ located in the center of a woman’s body. If the womb isn’t in the optimal position, she and other related systems of flow won’t get the nourishment they need to be in their full divine expression as organs and as collaborative systems. This and other contributing factors, such as the way a woman internalizes her life as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences she has, all play a part in sexual health. A displaced womb can create lack of blood flow in and through the pelvis, which can cause a cold womb. This means that the womb can’t dance, contract and expand as easily as when she is warm and supple. Womb placement affects our physical health as well as our emotional and spiritual senses. When the womb isn’t in optimal position there can be a sense of isolation, sadness and disconnection. Some of the symptoms associated with a cold, displaced womb include PMS, pelvic pain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS, severe cramping, painful intercourse, lack of sensation during sex, disconnection, anorgasmia, ovulation pain, miscarriages, depression, and feeling ungrounded and unsupported. On an energetic-spiritual level, the womb is

a woman’s center – she is our place of creativity and connection to the earth and to our ancestral lineage. She holds our wounds and our past sexual experiences; and as a hollow organ she often becomes the storage center of our deepest fears and shame. Emotional armoring tends to produce a sense of disconnection to self, dissociative patterns, numbness, and difficulty staying present during sexual experiences. Womb massage and other self-care practices, including vaginal steams, support healing, warming and de-armoring. Steaming the yoni works because the yoni, the pelvis and the anus are directly accessible to the plant medicines and oils as the steam dances over and infuses into the

tissue. Each steam blend has its own magic and intention for healing, warming the pelvis, and stimulating movement, awareness and presence. The medicine of the steam (plants and water) is fully received into the body, warming the cold womb and making space for the reconnection of heart and womb, womb and heart. Other self-love practices include breast massage and yoni moon bathing. The breasts are the gateway to connect heart and womb. Yoni moon bathing is a wonderful way to support healing the sex organs. Set up a private spot under the moonlight with your legs open to receive the moon’s energy; sip the lunar energy up into your sex organs and invite the moon energy to dance within you, to nourish you. Another way to support healing the womb is through supportive touch – cupping your hand to feel the warmth and presence of your yoni. Also, yoni gazing can be very healing – to gaze into a mirror at your yoni and just sit in presence with her. Together let us heal, let us nourish, let us love. May our healing benefit the healing of all women. Naomi Love is a mystic healer, sacred feminine facilitator, womb whisperer, emotional alchemist, Shamanic guide, medicine woman, ceremonial priestess, intimacy coach, Tantrika, herbalist, master bodyworker, nutritionist, aromatherapist, Yoga teacher and doula. She has a small botanical apothecary and offers inperson/remote sessions, apprenticeship programs and self-love retreats. Call 808.269.1697, visit

Maui’s Neck Specialist World Gratitude Day September 21, 2016

Dr. Erin Elster, D.C., Upper Cervical Chiropractor • ‘Surfers’ Neck’ • Chronic Neck Pain & Stiffness • Whiplash & Concussion

FREE Uplifting Community Dance Event Wednesday, September 21, 9-10 am. Wai’puilani Park, Kihei Slow Movement Witness Dancing Improvisation Dance Dance and Share Your Gratitude Call Ann 808-268-5724

• Migraine, Cluster, & Tension Headache • Dizziness & Vertigo • TMJ Disorders • Numbness, Tingling & ‘Pinched Nerves’ • Carpal Tunnel & Thoracic Outlet Syndromes

Dr. Erin Elster, D.C.

Visit to learn more! (808) 866-6551 | 296 Alamaha St., Kahului Fall, 2016

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Ask Your Hypnotist

By Michelle DeStefano, C.Ht. Aloha! I am so delighted to begin this series of articles, “Ask your Consulting Hypnotist,” because it is my passion to help demystify hypnosis. Many people bypass this affordable, non-invasive healing modality due to widespread misconceptions about hypnosis and its efficacy. I am here to set the record straight. So let’s get started. The first question that I will address is from E.R. of Honokowai, Maui. E.R. asks, “How does self-hypnosis work?” Hypnosis works through your ability to relax so deeply that you bypass the critical thinking mind. It is different from knowing something. For example, with smoking cessation, people know smoking is bad for them and they should stop. Knowing that, however, and getting to the hypnotic state of relaxed, focused concentration are two different experiences. This place of focused concentration is where the shift happens. It is a skill that anyone can learn. Getting hypnosis helps you learn to get into that state, and any qualified hypnotist can help you learn that skill. Self-hypnosis is different from guided meditation, although there are some beneficial overlaps. Again, the essential difference is that hypnosis, including self-hypnosis, takes you to such a deep state that you bypass the critical thinking barrier; this helps you accept the suggestions you wish to adopt. In this state you are forming new neurological pathways of thinking in the brain, which creates the desired shift. To learn self-hypnosis techniques, find a qualified hypnotist near you who can teach you. But consider this. Just like with massage, self-massage is beneficial; but receiving a massage from someone else can be even more therapeutic! Michelle DeStefano, of Maui Hypnosis Center, is double certified in hypnosis and is a member of both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Hypnosis Association. Call to learn more about free group hypnosis programs for stress management, and to submit your questions for the next article: 808.283.1003,

Meridian Energetics®

Rolfing Assists Transformation By Alison Grabel The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, or “Rolfing,” is a scientifically validated hands-on therapy that addresses the underlying causes of many manifestations of pain, poor posture and energetic blockages. It works because it initiates structural changes that restore the entire body to a more natural order, allowing posture and movement patterns to adjust toward their most efficient and at-ease form; this builds a foundation for lasting and sustainable results. The primary focus of Structural Integration is facilitating an effortless relationship between gravity and the human body. In addition to relief of physical symptoms, there’s also the transformative side to Rolfing. Dr. Ida Rolf’s view was that if you are able to align the physical body in the field of gravity, the energy that would otherwise be expended to hold yourself up becomes freed up to use in other areas of your life – physical, emotional or spiritual. At its core, Rolfing is a self-help, awareness-based bodywork process that initiates change down to the cellular level. After each session you will be offered mindfulness-based exercises to practice. The key to unlocking full transformation potential is dependent on one’s intention and willingness to do the work. If you are wondering what it would be like to experience an incredible lightness of being, improved freedom in all your activities, and emotional release from unconscious past traumatic experiences, then come get Rolfed. If you have never experienced a Rolfing session, I encourage you to be empowered and receive your first Rolfing session this week. It may be the life-changing event you are looking for! Alison Grabel is a Certified Advanced Structural Integrator dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf. She delivers all her sessions with Aloha and is grateful to be assisting in your journey to balance and expansion. Visit Alison’s website: or call 808.639.0394.



Release energy blockages and realign your energy field with an innovative, intuitive treatment modality now available in Maui. Sally Black has recently become certified as Hawaii’s only Meridian Energetics® practitioner. Meridian Energetics® readjusts the emotional, mental, physical and etheric energy fields while realigning chakras with subtle but powerful messages to open you to experience deep, profound healing. Meridian Energetics® can make possible changes at any of these levels. Physical Changes Increased metabolism, cleansing & detoxification, improved immune response, helps break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness & suffering. Emotional Changes Reduces stress & anxiety, allows you forgiveness, helps strengthen self-esteem; helps you have the courage to maintain an open heart, helps reduce anger & frustration from being abused or controlled. Mental Changes A more relaxed, positive attitude, higher self-awareness & creativity, creating healthier patterns of thinking, greater degree of clarity, helps overcome procrastination. Social Changes Improves communication & relationship skills, helps overcome invalidation from others, helps transform feelings of shyness or social unease, helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women.

Diamond Approach The spiritual journey is not about having experiences, interesting insights, or unusual perceptions, although those will often arise as part of it. I am not saying they don’t have their place and value, but they are not the point of the inner journey. Inner practice is basically a matter of settling and quieting. It is about settling into the simplicity of just being ourselves and feeling our realness, being in reality instead of in the echoes of reality. ~A.H. Almaas The Unfolding Now Join us for a series of book studies to introduce and explore the teachings of the Diamond Approach, and learn the fundamental methods we use. It is fun and fascinating to become an explorer of who we truly are.

For further information regarding private sessions, book studies or groups please contact:

For more information,

please contact Sally at (808) 283-1806 or send an email to Mahalo! Page 16

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Fall, 2016

Laine Assid

Diamond Approach Teacher


Linda Berry

Diamond Approach Teacher


The Kaona Of ‘Ohana

Do You Need Magnesium?

Jody Mountain is a Bodyworker and Workshop Facilitator. She will teach a 7-Day Training Retreat, November 12-18, 2016 in Kipahulu. Jody also offers private transformational sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi and Core & Cellular Healing. Visit or call 808.575.2294.

Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 23 years. Find her at the Quan Yin Healing Center located on the north shore of Maui, or call her at 808.579.8810.

By Jody Mountain There is a revolution going on — almost on every level — environmentally, socially, politically and, quite possibly, inside each of us. We are at the brink of the unknown. Crises of different natures may be happening on national, global and personal levels. Some of us may be feeling pressure, a sense that we need to do something, or a desire to ‘escape.’ We may feel overwhelmed with circumstances or afraid for the future. It’s a good time to remember that in the midst of this growing momentum, you can stop, take a breath, and remember that All of You is still here. In the paradigm of Ancient Lomi Lomi from pre-Polynesian Hawai’i, every moment of your life is part of your ‘Ohana, your family; and the energy – the mana – of each of these moments has gathered to make you who you are today. In addition, your body is made up of around 100 trillion wise, conscious beings (or ‘cells,’ in modern terminology). You also share an energetic and, in some cases, genetic connection with all who have come before you – somewhere between 3 billion and 15 billion people! Imagine, in the time it takes for that single breath, that you bring with you a Life Force energy, from many different sources, all culminating in you, to meet this moment. “How will this change anything?” you might ask. At first glance, it may not ‘change’ the outer circumstances, but it may change the quality of your perceptions. As you meet the world with the energy, support, wisdom and embrace of your ‘Ohana, notice what happens. It may not change what you’re looking at, but it may reveal a different view or a greater spectrum... and that could change everything!

By Maurgana Stiastny Magnesium is the most critical nutrient necessary for the electrical stability of every cell in the body. In fact, it may be the most important nutrient needed by our bodies. Magnesium is responsible for many important functions, such as hormone production, muscle and nerve support, and electrolyte balance. It is essential in the production of nitric oxide, which benefits the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is often found to be deficient in people. I have read that 80 percent of people are magnesium deficient. Perhaps our soil is very low in magnesium due to farming practices and poor soil conditions. Also, stress promotes magnesium deficiency. Low magnesium is responsible for many conditions, such as muscle aches, spasms and restless leg. Suboptimal magnesium status may decrease someone’s tolerance to stress as well. Magnesium is helpful to alleviate pain, depression, anxiety, PMS, headaches, constipation, insomnia and nerve dysfunction such as MS. Studies show that in children who got tension headaches, the headaches decreased by 81 percent when those children were supplemented with magnesium. A blood test to measure your magnesium levels may not be accurate because magnesium is found in the cells, not the serum. Thirst is not only a sign of dehydration, but also a sign of mineral deficiency. There are different forms of magnesium and some are more absorbable than others. Liquid is considered more absorbable. Some people have good success with transdermal magnesium, which you apply to your body. If you think you are low in magnesium, you can increase the following magnesium-rich foods to your diet: leafy greens, black beans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, yogurt, bananas, chocolate and figs. A good oldfashioned way to get some magnesium is to take a hot Epsom salt bath.

Fall, 2016

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ANTION & ELANDRA MUSIC & CHANT “Dreaming Big, Living Small” Events on Maui! Sacred Voice Healing, Pineal Power, Ageless Living Rejuvenation, & Super Loving Kundalini Wow Liftoff! Sat./Sun, October 8 & 9, and again on October 15 & 16. For details, email Call 1-206-701-6609 Visit FREE GROUP HYPNOSIS FOR CANCERRELATED ISSUES ~ Second Thursday monthly beginning Thurs., Sept. 8. Doors open at 6:20pm to begin at 6:30 sharp. Session ends at 7:15pm. Wailea Health and Wellness office of Dr. Harper. Please register in advance by calling Michelle DeStefano, C.Ht. of Maui Hypnosis Center at (808) 283-1003. Space is limited. RECLAIMING THE SOUL AFTER TRAUMA – Thurs., Sept. 8, 7:00 PM at the Temple of Peace, Haiku. Victoria McGee, MA, presents an interactive workshop for those suffering from the effects of trauma, or struggling to heal PTSD. The workshop will focus on supporting your healing process with techniques for finding your faith and reclaiming your soul. Love offering. REIKI NATURAL HEALING First Degree Class – Sept. 10 & 11, Maui Meadows by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey serving Reiki full-time to Hawaii Residents andVisitors since 1990. to register or Call 808.280.7704. REIKI SHARE/MINI CLASS! Sundays, Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 20, 2 to 4:30. Give and receive Reiki, plus discussion. Topics include essential oils, receiving messages, reading energy, clearing, and self care…$10.With Lucia Maya, Reiki Master/Teacher, 808-866-8246, Sun., Sept. 11 ~ MYSTICAL ALCHEMY WORLD PEACE HEALING Ceremony with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal, Aunty Pua Mahoe & Friends, Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, 1813 Baldwin Ave, 7-9pm, $15 at the door, or $20 includes a CD REVEALING THE TOP TEN SECRETS to Facebook Advertising -- What you Need to Know - Wed. Sept. 14 , 11 to 12:30 p.m. Facilitated by Taryn Kama and Eric T. Richter. Make sure to get in on this 1.5-hour, free workshop that focuses on the ins and outs of getting started with Facebook business pages, events listings, groups and advertising.Taught byTaryn Kama, owner of Go Get it Media, and internet marketing wiz; and Eric T. Richter, publisher of Maui Vision Magazine. At Maui County Business Resource Center, Maui Mall across from IHOP. Must register in advance due to limited seating, call 808-270-5770 or email A four-week book study on “THE HIDDEN PARABLES” by Todd Michael.The Hidden Parables is a complete metaphysical retranslation of the parables used by Jesus of Nazareth to illustrate critical lessons about the nature of reality. This metaphysical, simple, to-thepoint analysis renders cosmological concepts surprisingly accessible and practical, as it highlights the actual techniques for self-development found in the words of Christ.Thursday mornings from 10:30 - noon, Sept. 15 – Oct. 6. Unity Church of Maui. Facilitated by Rhonda Felix. Call to reserve your space. 808-205-8302. Love Offering.

REIKI CIRCLE: 7-9pm, Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 22. Participants mush have at least level one certification and be willing to give and receive reiki. Cost $10 Light snacks provided. Email for directions to the Lahaina location and to get on mailing lists for other events. LEARN ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS! Become certified to use the Bars on yourself and others.Tues., Sept. 20. Contact Kathy Williams for this and future trainings: 808-269-8708 FALL REIKI TRAININGS- Sept. 20-22, 4-8pm or Oct. 22 & 23, 11-5pm. Classes are in West Maui, private classes are available. Reiki is a natural healing method for all ages and health conditions. Presented by Jenna Keck, Reiki Master. Register online or 408.621.4102. WORLD GRATITUDE DAY: A FREE Uplifting Community Dance Event.Wed., Sept. 21 at Wai’puilani Park in Kihei; 9-10 am;Ann 808-268-5724 ENNEAGRAM MEETUP: A FREE Self Love Opportunity and Salon. 3rd Wednesday of the month. Kihei Island Surf Building, Suite 216; 6:30-8:30 pm. Sept. 21 ~ Enneagram Treasures: Stresspoints, Lines and Arrows; Oct. 19 ~The Helper (Type 2); and Nov. 16 ~The Achiever (Type 3). Intimate class size, call ahead. Ann 808-2685724. A six-week committed book study using the best-selling book and workbook CODEPENDENT NO MORE by Melody Beattie. In the grip of codependency we take on other people’s problems. Learn to take your eyes off others and step into self-care. Will be held twice a week Fridays and Sundays, starting Fri., Sept. 23 through Sun., Oct. 30. Fridays 5:30-7:30 pm and Sundays 3:30-5:30pm. Facilitated by Rhonda J Felix, 808-205-8302; $175.00 including books. Scholarships available. Sun., Sept. 25 ~ MEENAKSHI ANGEL HONIG, Guest Speaker at Temple of Peace 10:30-noon, will share treasures from her new book,“Feel Good Now ~ How to FeelYou Best & Have Your Best to Give!” Book signing following Service. Sun., Sept. 25, 11am-12:30pm, Holistic Learning Center of Maui presents: THE USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS for replacing toxic household cleaners and body products. Free Brunch Event. Email for reservation and to be emailed the exact location. Event location will depend on the size of our group!

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MAUI DHARMATA FOUNDATION presents a weekend with AnamThubten- Oct. 14-16, 2016. In a direct experiential manner Anam Thubten offers the essence of the timeless, non-conceptual wisdom teachings of the Buddha. These teachings are free from any sect and point directly to one’s true nature as boundless love and wisdom.There will be a PUBLIC TALK from 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Makawao Union Church Sanctuary on Friday Oct 14th 2016. Cost is by donation $20. Our 2-day retreat will be held on Sat 10/15 and Sun 10/16 10 a.m. -5p.m. at a beautiful private estate in Haiku directions given at time of registration. Cost $150 for the weekend. Space is limited please consider registering early. For more information or to register contact Loralee 808-446-5458 or email us at . MAUI ACADEMY OF HEALING ARTS UPCOMING CLASSES: Oct. 17-Nov. 5 – Table Shiatsu: Learn a complete 60-80 minute Table Shiatsu routine; Nov. 9-Nov. 21 – Polarity: Learn an effective protocol to balance energy in the body; Nov. 26-Nov. 30 – Table Thai: Learn beneficial stretching techniques; Dec. 3-Dec. 10 – Reflexology: Learn to give a general foot reflexology session. Maui Academy of Healing Arts, 310 Ohukai Rd. Suite 318, Kihei, Maui, HI 96753, (808) 879-4266, You have a powerful purpose that can no longer be denied! Join MARSH ENGLE along with entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners and women in the transformational arts. THE CALL TO LEAD: Passion. Purpose. And the Power to Succeed. Sat., Oct. 22, Hotel Wailea. It’s going to be a mighty day! Register now. www. Sat, Oct. 22, 10 am-4 pm, KARUNA REIKI MASTER CLASS, with Lori Carter, Reiki Master/Teacher. For Reiki Masters:Take your Reiki to the next level! Pre-requisite: Reiki Master Certificate. Pre-registration requested. Early Bird Discount: $350. before Oct.10; $400. after Oct 10. 2070 Vineyard St, Wailuku (across from the Municipal Parking Lot). Call for info and other Reiki classes, (913) 219-4415. Oct. 22 ~Explore BEFRIENDING ANGER, THE SOURCE OF OUR FIRE, using Heart Intelligence, with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.These monthly community circles give everyone a way to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: joan@talkinghearts. com or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. www.

Sept. 17 ~ Explore Fall Equinox Full Moon In Aries, BRINGING BALANCE INTO OUR LIFE, using Heart Intelligence, with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch! $100. These monthly community circles give everyone a way to get connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: joan@ or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. Nia: THE MUSICAL! Nia Playshop with Jennifer Loftus. Saturday, Sept. 17 from 2-4 pm at Island Spirit Yoga. A playshop with the intention of nurturing and providing a safe space to express and move our emotional energy through the movement and sounding tools of Nia and theatrical expression! More info at

REIKI I and II CLASSES/ATTUNEMENTS on MOLOKAI. Oct. 15 & 16, 10-6. Dive deeply into Divine healing energies of Reiki. Increase your healing abilities. Receive sacred symbols, deepen your connection with Divine source. Molokai home with Lucia Maya & Zelie Duvauchelle, Reiki Masters/Teachers. 808-866 -8246,

Angel therapist, psychologist, author and Christian mystic DOREEN VIRTUE will co-facilitate her Angel Intuitive Certification Course Oct. 7-9 at the Westin Maui Resort and Spa in Kaanapali. Participants will learn how to work professionally with angels and spiritual healing. Visit for registration information.

Fall, 2016

Sat., Oct. 22, Makawao Union Church 4-7pm, Aloha in Action presents ‘AHA ALOHA OCEAN of LOVE with Lei ‘ohu Ryder, Maydeen ‘Iao & Special Guests Ram Dass, Lesley Michaels for an afternoon / evening of Pule, Blessings, Original Hawaiian Music, Hula, Talk Story, Laughs, Reflections, Contemplations, Meditations and Words of Wisdom. Affordable light pupus & beverages available. $25 Cash Advance Tix @ Maui Kombucha -Haiku, MacNet - Kahului or online at otherwise $35 Cash Day of Program / Doors. More info call MUC 579-9261 or www.

VALLEY ISLE FITNESS KIHEI/LAHAINAMaking Kamaaina health, happiness and vitality a priority! Power and RestorativeYoga, Disco Spin, Beach Workouts, Pilates, Zumba, U-Jam...Trainers who happily share their knowledge to help you achieve your goals.. Great rates! Call (808) 874-2844 Kihei (808) 667-7474 Lahaina

FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION COURSE ~ Oct. 24-29, taught by expert Cathleen McCandless, Bestselling author of Feng Shui that Makes Sense. For more information, please visit Sun., Oct 30 ~ MYSTICAL ALCHEMY NEW MOON SOUND HEALING Ceremony with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal, Aunty Pua Mahoe & Friends, Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, 1813 Baldwin Ave, 7-9pm, $15 at the door, or $20 includes a CD www.

MAUI HOMEOPATHY ~ Shone Edel is a Classical Homeopath practicing on Maui for 18 years. She passionately treats people of all ages throughout the world. She makes Vog Off!, Smog Off!, Breathe On! and Kid’s Throat Spray which are oral environmental healing sprays for our polluted world. She also makes specialty formulas and sleep remedies. Maui Homeopathy is also the home of Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy, a unique groundbreaking treatment combining homeopathy and brainwave technology. Shone also works with Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools at her new office in Wailuku. By Appointment: 808-248-7568

Nov 4 – “RIGHT RELATIONSHIP FOR YOU” Free Wine & Cheese Reception, 6-9 pm. “Right Relationship for You” Seminar starts Nov. 5, with Susan Lazar Hart of Access Consciousness. Royal Lahaina Resort, Hale Piilani Room, 2780 Kekaa Dr., Lahaina, 96761. For more info call Donna Salemink 720.314.7197 2016 Election is Tues., Nov. 8 – Suppor t NIKHILANANDA – I am standing for the 13th Hawai’i State House of Representatives – Northshore/ East Maui, Molokai, Lanai. Mahalo. REIKI MASTER CLASS/TEACHER TRAINING – Nov. 12 & 13, 10-6.Learn to teach all levels of Usui Reiki and pass attunements to others. Increase your healing abilities and move into the depths of the mystery.With Lucia Maya, Reiki Master/Teacher. 808-8668246, ANCIENT LOMI LOMI TRAINING RETREAT ~ Nov. 12-18. Learn this rare form of Lomi Lomi from pre-Polynesian Hawai’i and awaken the Sacred in your cells. Foundational physical and energetic practices open forgotten avenues of consciousness in the body and prepare us to embody our Original state of Being. No massage experience is necessary. Teacher & Bodyworker Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, offers a Residential Training Retreat November Kipahulu, Maui. Contact: 808.575.2294 or visit Nov. 19 ~ Explore EXPANDING GRATITUDE, using Heart Intelligence with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.These monthly community circles give everyone a way to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing.We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. Nov. 27, Makawao Union Church, 4-7pm ~ RAM DASS THANKSGIVING SUNDAY SATSANG with Special Guests Krishna Das & Band. Join for an afternoon of music, meditation, insights, contemplations, words of wisdom and an Indian Dinner Buffet by Monsoon India Restaurant. The event serves as a Food Drive for the Maui Food Bank, please bring canned / boxed food donations. $30 Cash Advance Tix @ Maui KombuchaHaiku, MacNet-Kahului, Monsoon India RestaurantKihei or Island Spirit Yoga-Lahaina beginning Oct 1 or online at otherwise $40 Cash day of program. More info call MUC 579-9261 or www. Nov. 28, Makawao Union Church, 7- 9pm ~ KRISHNA DAS’ ANNUAL “ENCHANTING” EVENING of Kirtan.This program sells out, so get your tix early. $30 Cash Advance Tix @ Maui Kombucha-Haiku, MacNetKahului, Monsoon India Restaurant-Kihei or Island Spirit Yoga-Lahaina beginning Oct 1 or online at www. otherwise $40 Cash day of program. Affordable Food / Beverage beginning at 5:30pm. Doors open at 6:00pm More info call MUC 579-9261 or www. December 9-11 ~ Holistic Learning Center of Maui, LLC and Body in Balance Present A WEEKEND OF TAO PORCHON-LYNCH: the world’s oldest yoga teacher is coming to Maui! Join us for an evening “Conversation with the Master” followed by a next day yoga class with Tao. At age 98, she reminds us that “There is nothing we cannot do.” Register at

ANAM THUBTEN returns to Maui Oct. 14-16 to share the timeless, non-conceptual wisdom teachings of the Buddha. See calendar listing for details, or call Loralee, 808-446-5458 or email SPRING ENROLLMENT - MASSAGE SCHOOL. Transform your life. Become a Massage Therapist. Join MSTM’s 650-, 800-, 850- or 1000-hour massage therapy program. 12-month Part-Time Program begins March 7, 2017 and 7-month Full-Time Program begins March 20, 2017. Open House, Sun, Feb.12, 2017, 3-5pm, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, 1043 Makawao Avenue # 207, Makawao. Faculty demonstrations, student testimonials, free massages/ refreshments. For more information and free catalog, call: 808-572-1888, email:, or visit:

ONGOING EVENTS MYSTICAL ALCHEMY NEW MOON SACRED SOUND Healing Ceremonies & Prayerformances with Heather Salmon and Donny Regal. For their Lumeria Maui Retreat Center events schedule or to book visit 310-415-8821 USUI SYSTEM OF NATURAL HEALING with Reiki Maui HI. Utilizing the Universal Life Force in all Living Things to Promote Healing. Hands on and Distant Treatments for People, Animals, and Situations. Ongoing First and Second Degree Training. (See Display Ad in this issue for upcoming First Degree Classes October and November.) Contact Patti@ReikiMauiHI. com for treatments and training. 808.281.9001 DISCOVER YOUR PASSION; clarify your path; manifest your purpose! Harness your inner wisdom at a powerful Visioning Workshops. Contact Gayle Barklie, “Soul Purpose” at FACILITATOR-DIRECTED, PEER-DRIVEN SUPPORT GROUP. Problem solving through peer interaction. Please contact Sally at 808 283-1806 for details of time and place. CREATE YOUR OWN Hawaiian Flower/Aroma mist. Treat yourself and/or a friend to an hour of BLISS. Discover the magic of Hawaiian Essences as you custom blend a 2 oz aromatic mist in Synergy Holistics Sacred Space in downtown Wailuku $25 pp extra mists $16, 3 or more 10% disc RSVP 808-937-1667 Patricia O’Neill certified Aroma/Essence Practitioner Other Sessions available by request see: VOICE LESSONS Free the True Beauty and Power of your Natural Voice! All levels and styles of singers can benefit from these innovative techniques ~ Excellent References ~ Excellent Results! Speech Level Singing . Patient and Supportive 572-1000. YOGA FEELS GOOD with Meenakshi Angel Honig - Internationally acclaimed Yoga Instructor ERT500 & Wellness Consultant - Classes, Private Sessions, Personalized Retreats,Yoga Teacher Certification. www. 808-573-1414.

‘COMING HOME TO THE HEART’ workshops with Anne Rice, MA, BMP, HP, CH, ACH New class forming! 808.214.8142 ((9/16) THE MAUI MYSTIC RADIO SHOW begins in July on 88.5 FM TheVoice of Maui Friday 5-6pm & Saturday @ Midnight. Sponsorship includes 30 second ad X5 during primetime hours, call 808.446.1344 for more info. GERMAN NEW MEDICINE WEBINARS Learn about the 5 Biological Laws that explain all disease through the eyes of Mother Nature and are always initiated by an unanticipated dramatic event. Email: YOGA - Everyday, Monday thru Saturday, Yoga Awareness, 8:30 to 10am.At Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. $10 a class, Call 575-5220 for more info. BEACH DANCE - An extraordinary experience where music, movement, and nature merge. Events happen every week and are free of charge. Call 808-2684356 for more information. MAUI PSYCHIC CENTER ~ Classes, Private sessions, Healing. Call 8741451 for more information. FREE BELLYDANCE CLASS with Isa Inca Sundays & Thursdays 6 PM in Kihei. Call/text (808) 268-6726 or email to RSVP. (9/16) REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 (12/16) BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, 845 Waine’e Street #204, Second floor. Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828. ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion. A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily. (4/17) FOOD CRAVINGS? Let your cravings disappear with EFT. (This is NOT about willpower.) Ongoing sessions. For free consultation, call Suzan Proia, C.Ht. 808.870.8754 or BELLYDANCE AND FLAMENCO CLASSES with master teacher and performing artist Rosalind Modica. 20 years professional experience~ All Levels~ Private and Semi-Private 572-1000. IF YOU WOULD LIKE to be part of an ongoing energy enhancement system study, please contact Dr. Ayin @ Approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Fall, 2016

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Maui Vision Magazine Ongoing Events Listings (Continued from the previous page.) BODY IN BALANCE STUDIO, Lahaina--Daily classes: Pilates Reformer and Mat, Personal Training, Yoga, Barre, TRX, SUP, Aerial, plus more! Call for more information. 808.661.1116.

SUNDAYS TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service.Temple of Peace Spiritual Center, is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 am.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808-575-5220 UNITY CHURCH ~ Sunday Services at 10am. Please join us for an inspirational morning, message and music. 483 S. High Street,Wailuku. 242-9327. CELTIC MUSIC EVERY SUNDAY MORNING Hamish’s ‘Maui Celtic Radio Show’ 8-10am on KAKU 88.5fm Maui. No signal? - online at kaku-fm/ MAUITOPIA is a TV expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on Maui.Tune in on AKAKU Channels 54 & 55 every Sunday from 9-10pm, or visit

TUESDAYS Nia CLASS on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 PM at Island Spirit Yoga with Jennifer Loftus. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Find ou t more about Nia at www. or visit Every Tuesday KIRTAN CHANTING 7-9pm. Free. Followed by vegetarian potluck at Temple of Peace 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info call 575-5220.

WEDNESDAYS PUBLIC CHANNELING with the Keeper-Dearborn occasional Wed. evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. $10 donation. Please call for dates/directions: 268-1604

THURSDAYS Nia CLASS on Thursdays from 8:00-9:00 AM at Island Spirit Yoga with Jennifer Loftus. Find out more at www. or visit FREE GROUP HYPNOSIS for stress management every 1st Thursday of the month from 6:30 – 7:15pm to 7:15p.m. Michelle DeStefano, C.Ht. with Maui Hypnosis Center at Wailea Health and Wellness. Call to register, space is limited. (808) 283-1003 www. . Who would you be without the stress? What are you waiting for? GOT QUESTIONS? GET ANSWERS! Trance channel Rod Russell. A different Being for each show! Call 888-627-6008. TheAllowLoveShow. 5 pm HST summer, 6 pm HST winter.

SATURDAYS PSYCH-K SATURDAYS at Wailea Health and Wellness from 10-12. Psych-K, a simple process that helps communicate with your subconscious mind to change self-limiting beliefs on a body/mind/spirit level. $35.00 per session, or $25.00 per session if you bring a friend. Call Maui Hypnosis Center at (808) 283-1003.

HOW TO PLACE A CALENDAR OR CLASSIFIED LISTING E-mail your listing to The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization. Additional words/ and/or listings are 25 cents per word. Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. On our confirmation, make your check payable and mail to Maui Promotions, 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8, Lahaina, HI 96761. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Nov. 18 for the Winter, 2016- ’17 edition publishing Dec. 3 (Covers months of Dec., Jan. and Feb.) For e-mailed ads we will contact you with charges due, if any. NEW: ONLINE LISTINGS ONLY! Did you miss our print publication? You can place an online listing of up to 75 words for $7.50. E-mail us your listing and please allow 48 hours for it to be processed and appear online. Our website, gets over 125 page requests daily.

Radiant Breath Work

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

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Maui Vision Magazine Fall, 2016

Healthy Maui Food Guide ISLAND-WIDE ISLAND FRESH DELIVERY, Local Organic Produce Delivery Service, (808) 664-1129 Website: O, VEG, V, GF, NGMO LAHAINA BAMBOO FRESH, 505 Front St. #142, Lahaina. 808.661.8999. Salads, wraps, sandwiches, smoothies, more! M-F, 11-6, S-S, 12-5. L, D, O, V, VEG, DI, TO, SM, Y CHOICE HEALTH BAR, 1087 Limahana Place, Lahaina. 808.661.7711. Salads, acai bowls, smoothies/juices, sushi, soups. Mon.-Sat., 8-6. B, L, D, O, V, GF, NGMO, DI, TO, Y PUKALANI LILIA’S KITCHEN, Upcountry Farmers’ Market, Pukalani. 808.572.5797. Delicious healthy baked goods, allergy-free. Sat., 7-11. O, V, GF, NGMO, TO Guide To Codes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Organic, VEGetarian, Vegan, GF (Gluten Free), NGMO (Non GMO), DI (Dine In), TO (Take Out), SB (Salad/ Entree Bar) SM (Some Meat) Y (Yelp).

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Eating According To Blood Type By Shelby Molchan Healing from illness requires making many changes. You simply cannot continue to do the same things, or eat or live in the same ways that made you sick, and expect results. Quality of life is greatly affected by diet and lifestyle. The body is an amazing self-healing machine designed to endure adversity and continue propelling you through life. Illness is a signal from the body that you’ve been ignoring the small signs for quite a while. We have been programmed to believe that certain conditions are part of life. Things like skin issues, emotional swings, allergies, headaches and digestive trouble are actually messages from the body that change is needed. When signals are ignored, the body’s cry for help escalates to an illness that cannot be ignored. Many people are not aware that eating according to blood type is one of the most important aspects in achieving good health. In his book, Eat Right For Your Type, Dr. Peter D’Adamo explains, “Your blood type determines which foods you should eat, your susceptibility to illness and how you should exercise.” For instance, ‘A’ blood types will do best with a vegetarian diet, while ‘O’ blood types need animal protein for optimal health. Eating compatibly for your blood type helps the body efficiently process and assimilate nutrition. Since blood type reflects internal chemistry, implementing this type of change can be the missing link to good health, vitality and a high quality of life. I assist my clients through the process of making these types of changes and more. People who have embraced total diet and lifestyle change have reported immediate improvements by using these methods. Shelby Molchan is a Maui-based certified colon-hydrotherapist, digestive health and lifestyle change consultant, holistic author and speaker. For the past nine years she has helped clients improve their quality of life by teaching them how to overcome illness and live comfortably in their bodies. Visit or call 775.762.2463.

Stay Healthy and Balanced with the Change of the Season Protect yourself from colds and flu by tuning up your immune system!


* Reiki gives your body what it needs, in the priority needed, for lasting results. * Simple to learn and use - Ideal for everyone of all ages and all situations.

Maurgana Stiastny, MAcOM, LAc, LMT, is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist. Over 25 years of experience using integrative natural medicine for health and wellness.

Now accepting new patients, call 808-579-8810

Quan Yin Healing Center Office in Pa’ia, Maui, Hawaii • Email

FIRST DEGREE CLASSES October 15 & 16 November 26 & 27 Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii Receive Internationally Recognized Certificate

Contact to schedule treatments or to register for class: or call Patti Gould, 808.281.9001

Fall, 2016

Maui Vision Magazine

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Scaling The Waves To Health By Douglas J. Price, D.C. In my last article in Maui Vision Magazine, I wrote about tachyon energy. I referred to this free energy as a faster-than-light healing modality. Just as important is scalar energy, which uses a lower speed of light and is vital to our health. Whereas tachyon energy raises the health state to a higher order, in contrast, scalar waves actually recondition the original phase lock of optimum, normal functioning. But before we can apply this technology, it is important to know that before any healing modality can work, we must resolve the conflict caused by an unanticipated traumatic event that occurred sometime in our life; when left unresolved, these conflicts eventually turn into illness and disease. Without addressing the cause, you may experience only limited relief from other healing methods. Information and energy are important. Rhythm flows as proper information is in dynamic balance within the triad of resolution – namely, the brain, organ/tissue and the psyche. However, faulty information may lead to a false perception from the environment; this may result in an unsuccessful adaptation. This occurs on the triad of wellness, structure, electromagnetic and biochemical levels. When we adapt unsuccessfully, we rob other tissues of the body. It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul. This may distort the energy of the scalar waves by not having the proper phase lock, which may further degrade optimum performance. Once the resolution of the conflict matches the specific inner organ and tissue in question, then, on the body level, we can provide therapy utilizing scalar technology to reset the original phase lock. This will enhance phase locking for the triad of wellness, thereby reducing redundant tissue manipulation, acupoints and supplements.

Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic and kinesiology. His approach to healing is revolutionary; it encompasses both wellness and resolution. Author of Activate Your Brain To Heal Your Body, he teaches online and travels internationally. Contact:, 808.244.0415.

Correcting Frequencies By Mary and Rod Russell Tired of being sick? Or just not feeling your best? Can’t figure out what’s wrong? Have you tried everything? Have you heard these unhappy words: “We don’t know, and we don’t know what to do to fix it,” or “We’re not sure, but we recommend this trial, unproven drug,” or “Let’s try some exploratory surgery”? Not for me! The AO SCAN may have some answers waiting for you! It gives you quick, non-invasive insight into existing conditions, chronic illnesses, old injuries, mental/emotional instability, potential diseases, biochemical levels, and other issues. Traditional medicine has some excellent benefits today, but sometimes even highly skilled medical doctors have difficulty pinpointing and treating certain ailments. So find out what is going on in your body! The AO SCAN uses infrared and electromagnetic signals to detect frequency imbalances in the subtle energy of your organs, tissues, cells and even your DNA, through a pair of special headphones. Instantly then it compares those frequencies with a database of known healthy frequencies, and displays the results via icons on body images. You see what is happening in your body! Once the imbalances have been located, the AO SCAN returns the correct, original, time-tested frequencies back to your body. Your body begins to correct itself and you can see the changes in real time. One or more sessions can make a dramatic difference. Voice analyses and color and audio therapies are available. You can even compare the results with your own doctor’s tests and exams. Sessions can be done remotely also. The AO SCAN also can identify frequencies that may predict future illness processes. Then by offering healthy, normal frequencies to the body so that it can heal itself (remember, it’s created to do that!) and perhaps choosing some lifestyle changes, negative future issues can be avoided. This includes genetic issues. Sessions generally take less than one hour. Contact Mary Sherritt Russell by phone at 818.585.2329, email; or Rod Russell at 808.652.6811, or email

Feel Better, Be Well Know Yourself! Want to feel deeply connected, nurtured and relaxed?

New Life, New Love, New You! A new way to do relationships!

I can help you using: • Massage • Access Consciousness Bars • Human Design

Call 808 280 6682 Robin Krieger MAT 9376 Upcountry

Dearborn Clark, Intuitive Channel 808.264.4177

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Maui Vision Magazine

Fall, 2016

Call: (808) 268-1604

Help For Chronic TMJ Pain

By Erin Elster, DC In the role of healing patients with chronic TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, patients and healthcare providers do not always recognize the relationship between the alignment of the head, neck, and the TMJ (or the bite). It is a very important connection that, if overlooked, can have devastating effects. Here is the connection. Your skull sits upon the very first vertebrae, known as the atlas. The atlas provides great mobility for the head, allowing it to move in many directions; however, the atlas does not have great stability and can easily twist out of place. If your atlas twists out of position – typically due to trauma, accidents, falls, or poor posture – your head may sit “crooked” on top of your neck. Because your jaw is attached to your head, this “crooked” alignment can contribute to an imbalance in the articulation of your jaw joints. Initially, you may notice that your teeth do not mesh well together. Over time, problems with your bite, difficulty chewing, clicking and popping in your jaw, pain, “lockjaw,” and headaches may ensue. In order to determine whether you have sustained a misalignment of your head and atlas, you can undergo an evaluation with a chiropractor specializing in the upper cervical (neck) spine. This rare specialty, known as upper cervical care, utilizes two diagnostic tools – thermal imaging and digital x-rays – to accurately assess the alignment of your head, upper neck, and jaw. Each patient’s misaligned atlas is corrected by administering a precise adjustment by hand on a specially-designed knee chest table. Many patients notice improvement in TMJ symptoms with just a few treatments. With over 20 years of experience, upper cervical chiropractor Dr. Erin Elster, D.C., has maintained a practice on Maui for the past three years. For more information about TMJ dysfunction or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Elster in Kahului at 808.866.6551 or

Embrace Dreaming Big

By Risaun Simmons Pause. Be still and… Expand your dreams deep and wide. As you do, something powerful occurs inside. Release all fear and hesitation and you’ll begin to experience manifestation. Your heart will take on a brand new beat as you and your dreams prepare to meet. What do you imagine? What do you see? Surely, it can come to be. Write down your vision. Yes, make it plain. By doing so, there’s much to gain. Feel the feeling of your dreams coming true. Something special unfolds when you do. Take time to meditate and vividly visualize. Believe before you see it with your eyes. For when you do, you’re igniting a flame. As a result, dear one, you’re never the same. Your dreams are real. Oh yes, indeed! Water them like you would a seed. They’ll soon break ground and begin to sprout. Your belief is what will draw them out. The time is now! Do not delay! Behold the dawn of a brand new day. Such wonderful things are headed your way. Embrace it is all that I can say. Like the waves of the sea, continue to flow. Be open to learn, to share and grow. Be inspired, and inspire others. Celebrate your ohana, your sisters and brothers. We’re all one family and it’s time to unite. How bright we shine as we share our light. The power of Love is what fuels our dreams, and causes all fear to burst at the seams. Yes, embrace dreaming big. It’s a powerful thing. Continue to do what makes your heart sing. Me ke aloha pumehana. Risaun Simmons is a light coach devoted to igniting others and infusing our world with love, beauty and light. She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, but resonates strongly with Maui and the aloha spirit. You may connect with her at

Haiku Helen


A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years -


The Crystal Store with a Heart!


It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion

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“I was blown away by her words. My log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer.” – Nita Hughes author of Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy “She is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. She has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me.” – Wendy Orange, Ph.D., author of Coming Home to Jerusalem “Her accuracy is uncanny.” – John Morris, Hollywood Stunt Man

Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit

New Hours:

Tues.-Sat., 10 am - 6 pm

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Rare Crystals and Minerals Jewelry and Beads Asian Art, Buddhas, Quan Yins Healing and Massage Tools Books and CDs Intuitive Readings by appt. 2086 Main Street Wailuku, HI 96793 (808) 244-2300 Fall, 2016

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You Are Large...You Contain Multitudes

By Dr. DreamingBear “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman A deep-seated psychological thought-form suggests it’s possible to live a perfect life and be a model person in all regards, in absolute congruity with the wisest behaviors in every situation. Experience has taught us that the truth of being human is a far more messy affair. Each of us carries a lifetime’s worth of conditioning – the confluence of karma derived from experiences that have had lasting subconscious effects on our behaviors and idiosyncratic quirks. Herein let me confess, I’m not perfect. Some patterns in my own persona aren’t congruent with my aspirations. There are gaps between me and my poetry. When I’m naked before Source, I pray, “Forgive me of my inconsistencies towards my highest ideals.” Why? Because I understand the proverb, “Seek the company of those who want to know truth, and run from the company of those who claim to have found it.” We all deserve an infinite amount of second chances, because we all are learning as we go and every child of creation deserves the Mother’s mercy. The prophet Muhammad said about sin, “When a thing disturbs the peace of your heart, give it up.” What troubles many good-hearts is the feeling of never quite living up to various expectations, and then feeling guilty about it. Unbeknownst to even ourselves, we’re enacting pre-programmed shame patterns as a shortterm fix for feelings of unworthiness. Psychiatrists say that much of what we say, think and feel about others, is really a projection of ourselves. What’s more is that we’re almost inextricably drawn to the phenomena of dramatic events, which in themselves are a coping mechanism compensating for our fear of being unloved. Guilt, blame and shame are relics of an ancient mode of control – mainstream religions. What many fail to see in their genuine attempts to

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emulate dead saints is that they didn’t become enlightened legends by trying to be like someone else. Their examples are not to be copied, but rather applauded and honored by finding the most authentic version of who we are. Omar Khayyam wrote, “To be free of belief and unbelief is my religion.” But who in any world has the courage of this man? When we fall short of the most beautiful, authentic, heart-felt expressions of our inner knowing, instead of beating ourselves up emotionally, we compassionately remember, everyone else is going through unimaginable challenges of their own. Being a public person has its perks and disadvantages. Often one becomes the subject of the coconut-wirelessrumor-mill. It’s like that childhood game where you whisper a sentence in your neighbor’s ear, and it gets morphed into a grotesque abstraction by the time it reaches the end of the chain. In my favorite book, On the Road, Kerouac writes, “Bitterness, recriminations, advice, morality, sadness – everything was behind him, and ahead of him was the ragged and ecstatic joy of pure being.” I think I know what he means. Instead of meditating, these days I see relaxation as the ultimate spiritual practice. As Rumi said, “Peace is wonderful, but ecstatic dance is more fun, and less narcissistic.” Let me leave you with a Hopi prophecy: “At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.” Remember you are large…you contain multitudes. Dr. DreamingBear is nature’s poet and mystic philosophical entertainer. Author of 10 books/albums and creator of Lovevolution Foundation Charity, he produces Mauitopia TV show, Maui Mystic radio show, and is a performer of the exotic Hijaz Hang. Visit,, and to purchase products, make donations, or book an edutainment event.

Fall, 2016

808.205.4319 Call or email for your free connection session and enneagram affirmation installation. Also available: Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Great for concussions, PTSD and recovery from MVAs

Healing Your Emotions By Shalandra Abbey I’ve found our immersion in Hawaiian culture and the Aloha Spirit here can continually influence us to change our identity. Aloha, in its many forms and by its very nature, includes the understanding that spirituality is a natural part of the human being. It teaches that any aspect of dis-ease is a lack of Aloha. We begin with loving and healing ourselves. When we have lokahi (peace or unity) we start to heal. We grow as human beings as the nature of Aloha takes us deeper into this experience, and teaches us to honor and respect ourselves and all other human beings. While Haleakala (the house of the sun) connects its masculine energy with the feminine energy of Iao Valley (the house of the moon), the balancing of masculine and feminine energies within all is invited to occur. Serving Hawaii residents and visitors for many years as a full-time Reiki Master has taught me how vitally important this emotional balance is to our health and well-being and how it occurs more naturally within these Hawaiian Islands. In my book, Living a Life of Reiki, I delve deeper into describing the energy of the Hawaiian Islands and the energy of the method of Reiki Natural Healing that was entrusted to us from Japan and has been practiced in Hawaii since 1936. Visit my website to read the book’s introduction. It is all about energy, folks; and the more we take advantage of the natural energy all around and within us, just begging us to connect, the more Aloha we have to radiate out to our Maui ohana (family) and to the rest of the world. Shalandra Abbey has been a full-time Reiki Master in Hawaii and around the globe for 25 years. She is author of Living a Life of Reiki and member of The Reiki Alliance, an international, professional organization of Reiki Masters. She can be reached through her website,, or at 808.280.7704.

Shining Your Light

By Padma The light body in each and every one of us is our original blueprint and design, which is flawless. The light is pure love and joy; it sustains itself without knowing. As the ancient Chinese teaching goes, the wisest thing anyone can and should do is to keep their energy and awareness within. Shine your light on every one of your cells. Connect with yourself more and more, and discover wonder after wonder, heaven beyond heaven. Understanding ourselves allows us to understand the whole universe. If the kingdom is within, then why do we put most of our focus outward? Because we have these senses, we tend to be pulled away by them. To discover the kingdom within is our birthright; to experience this, we need time, space and a peaceful mind with no worries. When we descend from heaven, that is when a spirit starts to live in a body. In heaven, we do not have wants and needs because all is one and one is all. When we connect with our light body, we understand through experience that we actually do not have boundaries. The most organic healing occurs through vision and breath. The breath is a powerful tool to channel our focus, and to unite the light body with the physical body so that they become one. Let your inner light guide your inner breath. Can we breathe without fear, regret and worry? This becomes our homework – to free ourselves in each moment, and to have self-control and mastery. Healing is to live peacefully and gracefully in your own being. There is no healing other than self-healing. There is no healing that cannot be seen in nature. There is nothing that cannot be healed when love and light are present. Love is our nature; it is all we are. Padma is a native-born Chinese natural healer and light worker. She offers individual and group healing sessions. Contact her at Padma’s Healing Heaven and Teas in the Haiku Marketplace, or call 808.495.6971.

Never Underestimate The Power Of You! I offer an eclectic, wholistic solution-focused therapeutic approach to: • Eating Disorders • Addictions • Depression/Anxiety • Relationships/Marital • Trauma/Abuse • Nutrition/Fitness

New Visions Counseling

Jenny Grace Shaw, LMHC Call 808.344.5404 today, to see if I can help! Most Insurances Accepted Individual sessions and support groups focus on addiction, women’s issues and relationships, emotional eating education, and grief, loss, trauma, PTSD educational support. Please inquire! • Fall, 2016

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Learn From A 98-Year-Old Master

By Susan Varsames As a student of Tao Porchon Lynch, I have learned that the breath of life stokes the fire within. Tao is a yoga master, wine connoisseur, competitive ballroom dancer, as well as a former WWII French Resistance fighter, model, actress and film producer. She is the first woman to study under Iyengar, and now at 98 years old, has been recognized as the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Tao has been featured on national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. She has two mantras that thousands live by: “breathe” and “there is nothing you cannot do.” Tao teaches us to keep it simple: eat light, sleep well, drink fabulous wines, dance your heart out, and use your breath to nourish every cell in your body. Your breath can take you to levels of healing that no medicine can. In a world of multitasking and high technology, we must remember the art of self-healing through our breathing and yoga practice. She urges students to take time daily to sit in a meditative state and allow breath to nourish every cell; to relax the mind and let the monkey chatter go; to listen to your breath and enter your yoga practice with heartfelt gratitude. The last time I was in New York in Tao’s class, she asked to come to Maui as she has traveled the world and has never been here. We are excited that she will be teaching in Lahaina December 9-11, jointly sponsored by the Holistic Learning Center of Maui and Body in Balance. Join us as we declutter our minds, focus on our breath and remember that “there is nothing you cannot do!” A once-in-a-Maui lifetime evening class with Tao, “Meeting with the Master,” will be followed up the next day with yoga classes, December 9-11. For more information and to register, contact Susan Varsames, founder of the Holistic Learning Center of Maui, LLC. Susan can be reached at 808.222.7981 or at

The Diamond Approach By Laine Assid When we begin any kind of path, what is the main thing we want to bring to it? We want to bring our openness and our presence. If we are feeling reactive, sad, hurt or angry, and we are not present to these feelings, we move away from them by distracting ourselves. We use many strategies to do this – a new relationship, new house, new car, shopping, eating, drinking; the list goes on. We don’t need to judge these activities, but we want to bring awareness to them. In the Diamond Approach we learn to be exactly where we are and to stay with our experience in an open and curious way, and not move away from it. We feel into our feelings and journey via our process of inquiry. We want to see where we are stuck, the habits of our personality, and how we avoid what feels uncomfortable. We work with the inner critic to help disengage negative thought patterns. When we start to see our patterns and our suffering more objectively, something arises. It could be strength to continue the journey even when it is difficult. It might be joy or compassion to bring kindness, curiosity and creativity to our journey. Soon we begin to open to the wisdom of our true nature. We begin to feel how beautiful, magical and exciting life can be – our life! And now we are falling in love with who we truly are! The fundamental structure of the Diamond Approach is to be part of a group and work with a teacher in private sessions, which is important to continue the thread of our inquiry and understanding. Different practices and meditations are also used. Laine Assid is a teacher of the Diamond Approach. She lives on Maui. For more information about open groups, book groups and private sessions, please contact her at 808.280.2115.

Digestive Health Consultant, Lifestyle Change Facilitator, Holistic Teacher, Author Shelby Molchan , CCHT

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Emissaries Of Aloha Share Their Message Of Oneness By Sahara Sun Along the lush, green hills of Kula, Lei’ohu Ryder sent a Hawaiian prayer of love, aloha and gratitude into the wind. Although some of the words were foreign to me, her solid presence and peaceful heart sent chills through my body. Ti leaves surrounded Lei’ohu and Maydeen ‘Iao’s home, like sacred sentinels protecting with aloha. A sense of honoring all beings seemed to wash over me, and I realized this expression of love has become their service and calling to the world. Lei’ohu and Maydeen’s contributions to their community have become their kuleana, responsibility and service in leadership. When asked how their nonprofit organization, Aloha in Action, came to be, Maydeen replied, “In 2012 we had a discussion, where I said, ‘It is so fun for us to be in service. Do you think the rest of the brothers and sisters would like to come and play?’” They are ready to play with us starting October 22nd at Makawao Union Church with their ‘Aha Aloha Ocean of Love quarterly workshops, to culminate with a big aloha bang next fall at the first annual Ocean of Love retreat. I asked Lei’ohu about these community offerings and she replied, “What we offer is an open hand of aloha without projection or separation. Those who come will be offered something authentic from us and other magnificent teachers who are in our canoe of possibilities. People may come for all kinds of reasons; they may be ill, or may be at a place in life that simply is taking the next step. They may have hit a wall and have had enough of their box. I’m here to explore something more authentic. Whether you know Hawaiian ways it is One – one ohana, one tribe, one aloha. One.” They didn’t start out embracing this spiritual path to become emissaries of aloha. Just like many of us, they had to take that leap of faith – lele lau kī (jumping over the Ti leaves). Letting go of their old identities in education and the service industry, their lives are now dedicated to helping others in need. Their mission has taken them around the world, mostly by invitation to present at events in Europe. On Maui, people find them mainly through the coconut wireless. Years ago they were students of renowned Hawaiian healer, Mahilani Poepoe. Now they inspire the authentic self-expression of love as spiritual leaders, singers/songwriters, healers, ministers, and visionaries to inspire a new way of living as One. Maydeen explained, “There are no words to describe ‘One.’ There is no you, I, them or another. It is One, a vibration of state that you cannot explain in words. You can only feel it deep in your bones, through every cell and molecule. We are all indigenous to this planet, and at the core we are all awakened, enlightened and abundant. Life is living itself through us; we are following life, not living life.” With the trade wind breeze rustling the Ti leaves surrounding us, I thought about the beautiful mana of Maui and how everyone has

a chance to experience the medicine of this land. Whether we are tourists or native Hawaiians, sometimes we need to remember the gifts that are here for us to heal and to be in peace with aloha. I asked Lei’ohu, “What would you tell a person who has arrived on this island about how to tap into this mana and aloha instead of focusing on a Mai Tai and their life circumstances?” She replied, “Introduce yourself to the land. You can do that at the ocean, at a hotel, at ‘Iao Valley. Say a prayer of gratitude, Mahalo, and open yourself up to the surprises of aloha. Throw away your agenda and please, have that beautiful Mai Tai and invite us because we like them too.” On Saturday, October 22 from 4 to 7 p.m., ‘Aha Aloha Ocean of Love takes place at the Makawao Union Church. Join Lei’ohu Ryder, Maydeen ‘Iao, and special guests Ram Dass and Lesley Michaels for an inspiring afternoon. Advance tickets can be reserved online at For more information, call 808.579.9261 or visit

Fall, 2016

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A Simple Guide To Prioritizing Your Wellness By Jen Kwasny What would it take for you to feel a sense of wellness? What images come to mind when you picture yourself “living well”? Do you imagine incorporating physical activity and nutritious foods into your everyday routine? Or perhaps spending time in nature or with loved ones, receiving regular massage, or getting plenty of sleep? In order for you to make any progress towards this picture you have imagined, it is imperative that you form a plan for yourself. First, write down what wellness means to you. When you have a list, you can begin to set goals that are specific and measurable. If you’d like to achieve wellness by exercising, instead of just writing “exercise more,” you will want to write “go for a 30-minute jog three times per week” or “attend yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays.” As you continue to incorporate your pillars of wellness into your daily routine, you may find that your definition changes, or that you need to rewrite your goals

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Energy Enhancement System™ (EES) Inventor: Dr. Sandra Rose Michael “Picture yourself getting rid of your health problems naturally by just sitting in a futuristic energy field and giving your body the energy to heal itself. Picture your back pain, knee pain and other nagging ailments improving enough, and improving your brain function enough that you could go walking and dancing again. This is the kind of improvement people are experiencing with this simple and safe energy medicine concept right now.” - Terry Shintani, M.D.

For more information and to experience it yourself on Maui, Call (808) 276-6864 or email The EESystem™ reduces inflammation and helps the body heal itself naturally from illnesses. When you have 5 to 30 pounds of waste build up in the intestines, this creates stress on the body. Having a colon therapy session rids the body of waste, chemicals, parasites, inflammation, and is a great adjunct to the EESystem.. - Shelley St. John, R.N. Colon Therapist My time in the chamber was an incredible experience. An overall sense of calm, rest, and clarity are direct results. - Bryant Neal Aloha, Dr. Ayin, It was a blessing meeting you. I would like to tell you when I got home my blood sugar went down to 77, after being in chambers. I look forward to getting another treatment. - Denise Kusmit

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Jen Kwasny holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and loves fitness and quantum physics. She believes that the best motivation to help others succeed is to be a shining example of success herself.

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to enable better adherence to your plan. Remain committed to your action items, acknowledge your progress and accomplishments, and reward yourself when behaviors become a habit for you! It is crucial to recognize that when we don’t care for and nurture ourselves, we aren’t able to nurture others at our full strength and our greatest capacity. To promote wellness in your family, amongst your friends, and ultimately in the community in which you live, the best thing you can do is to be a shining example of wellness. Outwardly discuss your action items, how you practice wellness, and see if you can offer guidance to others in achieving their personal definition of wellness. We each have the opportunity to shine brightly and illuminate this island.

Fall, 2016

Learn Facebook Marketing Sept. 14

By Taryn Kama If you would like to tap in to the power of Facebook for marketing, but you haven’t had the chance to explore it, you won’t want to miss “Revealing the Top 10 Secrets to Facebook Advertising – What You Need to Know” on Wednesday, September 14 at the Maui County Business Resource Center located at Maui Mall in Kahului. The free 1.5-hour workshop will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The workshop focuses on the ins and outs of getting started with Facebook advertising. You will learn the top 10 most important things to know about advertising on Facebook, including: using groups; boosting posts; creating events; choosing your audience; the difference between business and personal pages; using images, hashtags and symbols to link your content; Facebook tricks; and overall social media marketing strategies. At the end there will be an opportunity to ask specific questions that can help you market your business. The event will be facilitated by Eric T. Richter, owner of Maui Promotions, who publishes Maui Vision Magazine; and Taryn Kama, owner of Go Get it Media, a heart-centered internet marketing company and search optimization specialist based on Maui. Pre-registration is required as seating is limited. For more information visit: Call 808-270-5770 to pre-register. The center is located at: 70 E. Kaahumanu Avenue, Maui Mall, Unit B-9, across from International House of Pancakes.

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D is cove r

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Taryn Kama is a Maui-based media expert and college professor. She is the owner of Go Get it Media, a business that provides media services and workshops/education on on-line marketing for heart-centered businesses. Visit or call her, 360.951.0451.


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A Lifetime Of Dreaming Big And Living Small

By Nikhilananda The theme for this issue of Maui Vision is “Dreaming Big ~ Living Small.” When considering this theme, it occurred to me that this is how I have lived my life – I have over a quarter of a century of community involvement and activism on Maui, and I have traveled around the world. For one of the honorary societies I was admitted to in college, I was asked to write a goal. I wrote: “to live in an alternative community.” I was surprised when I read this many years later. I thought that I would have wanted to be some famous, wealthy criminal and/or environmental attorney! As it turns out, I lived out this goal by spending four years in Oregon in the 1980s, living in the largest spiritual community in the world. While completing my master’s degree, working full time during the day and taking classes at night, I was admitted to law school. However, I thought I would take a short break and travel for a bit. It turned into a several year world sojourn, which took me to over 50 countries on five continents, plus all fifty states of the United States. I did most of my traveling hitchhiking across North America, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australia. My environmental impact was low, as I did not stay in hotels. During that trip I visited Maui for the first time – in October 1978. I returned to live here in July 1986. I now live in a relatively small home on 2 ½ secluded acres of mostly jungle on Maui’s north shore. I am a steward of some beautiful ‘aina. I live relatively simply, yet have most of what I need, even here in the middle of the ocean. Sadly, most of the homes built on the island during the last few years have been too large for our infrastructure to handle. Additionally, we are losing agricultural land to these gated communities, gentleman’s estates and agricultural subdivisions. It is wonderful to see the “tiny home” movement slowly starting to make a dent onto our island. If I am successful in November, we all will truly benefit. As a community activist, I have a platform to advocate for changing our antiquated zoning laws and building codes to allow intentional communities and farming cooperatives – where residents may share the items they need for a comfortable life, without each person and/or family having to own their own. Bike and car sharing enterprises are springing up around the country and, hopefully, will soon make their way to Maui. It is also sad that our elected officials do not support nor advocate for residential, curbside recycling – something found throughout the mainland and all over the world. We are only limited by our vision of the future. Nikhilananda, resident of Huelo, seeks the District 13 State House of Representatives seat (North shore/East Maui, Molokai, Lanai). He is former Green Party co-chair for Maui County and State of Hawaii, and former producer/host of Maui Talks TV. He possesses an MA in Public Law/ Urban Affairs. Visit, FriendsofNikhilananda. Call 572-USUS(8787).

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Healing From Trauma

By Victoria McGee On my walks lately, I’ve been feeling fortunate to live in a quiet neighborhood where I can truly just listen to nature while I walk. In the past I tried wearing headphones for music, to block out the street noise. But I couldn’t do it. I’m a trauma survivor, and I need to be able to hear my surroundings at all times. It’s not hyper-vigilance anymore, but it is vigilance. I suspect I will always have it, and I’ve decided that’s okay. I perceive I am healed, therefore I am – for now. Because I am entwined in a relationship with the Divine, I have complete faith that as I am ready for another level of healing, the opportunity to heal will present itself. Healing is fluid, it is constant; it is a very real field of vibrational energy. And because it is a part of Divine energy, healing will never abandon us. So the burden on us, then, becomes accepting where we are in our healing. I completely understand the desire to be done with trauma. We want to get it behind us. That leaves no room for the Divine to take our hand and lead us to inevitable growth. We have to accept that we will not return to who we were before, and that’s okay. We have to move forward with our new, fragile self, holding tight to God. Faith and acceptance help us more fully heal. We will recognize our “new normal” when we reach it. Our trauma is our own. Our healing is also our own. No one can judge where we “should” be in our process. Love yourself right where you are. God does. Victoria McGee, MA is a writer and teacher focusing on reclaiming the soul after trauma. She is holding a free workshop on this topic at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 8 at the Temple of Peace, Haiku. Follow her blog at For information, call 520.591.2424 or email

Setting Our Sails To Truth

By Elandra Meredith My life has been full of both challenging and rewarding moments. All have been life-changing gifts that I woudn’t have missed for anything! I have experienced losing everything three times, reinventing myself seven times, being in 11 accidents, and being attacked and horrendously betrayed three times. I was right there at the tragic death of Jimi Hendrix just after he was carted away. I witnessed the richest, but drunkest and loneliest man in the world, pass out and die drowning in his soup at the most expensive restaurant in Europe; while nobody batted an eye. I have had my house stripped bare, with everything I owned stolen. I have had my most precious healing possessions taken away by a flash flood in Kauai. I recall my power-hungry guru exploiting and betraying me. The cult I had given my life to for almost two decades vilified me and threatened my life. I have been the lead lady in movies, smooching with Roger Moore. I was rated one of the most beautiful women in the world. I was in an accident where my smashed ankle bones miraculously healed in one day – proven by x-rays. I have been in the presence of a dying client who came back to life and was found to be cancer-free. Through all of this, I have cultivated love – practicing on my partner, Antion, whom I adore through all eternity. Married for 44 years, we did it together. We listened to our guts, heard our hearts speak, and we followed. We set our sails to truth, the wind at our back to honesty, our hearts to the sacred, and our voices to our feelings. Elandra Meredith is a healer, medical intuitive, minister, yogi, spiritual consultant, and author of From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight. She and Antion will be visiting Maui and offering transformational workshops October 8-16. To get in touch call 206.701.6609, email, or visit her website,

Fall, 2016

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REIKI MAUI HI TREATMENTS AND TRAINING Patti Gould, Reiki Master 808.281.9001 Email REIKI NATURAL HEALING TREATMENTS, TRAINING, SUPPLIES Shalandra Abbey 808.280.7704 REIKI SESSIONS & TRAINING Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 REIKI WITH JENNA – TREATMENTS & TRAININGS Jenna Keck, Reiki Master 408.621.4102 RELAXING DEEP-TISSUE MASSAGE John Gelert ~ Lomi Hanamana 808-359-2020, RESONANCE DANCE™ Ann Paquin 808-268-5724 ROLFING STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Alison Grabel, MS, ASI, LMT 808.639.0394 SACRED DANCE PATH Kumu Karyne Daniels 205-0908 SACRED SEXUALITY COACHING Tomas Heartfield 808 572-1250 SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CHt 269-2923 SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH Rev. Helen Kordyl. Text - 808-269-2182 TRANSFORMATIONAL BODYWORK Gina On Maui, LLC, MAT# 7537 808-870-1818,

WEDDING OFFICIANT, INTER-FAITH Rev. Dr. Blue Mountain aka Lew Abrams, Ph.D 283-8057 WOMEN’S GODDESS TEMPLE.YOGA. MOON CIRCLES. RETREATS. PLAYSHOPS. Achintya Devi 808.344.5273 YOGA CLASSES - LAHAINA Island Spirit Yoga Maui 667-2111

OWN A DESTINATION FOR THE SENSES! Award-winning art gallery, top-rated gourmet vegetarian restaurant, guest cottage and wedding/catering business on an historic estate surrounded by a lush upland tropical garden and adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The owner/founder, artist Ira Ono, has spent decades making Volcano Garden Arts/ Café Ono a work of art in itself, and a world-class tourist destination: a business you can be proud of! 808-985-8979,,,,, REIKI HAWAII - For everything Reiki, Gift Certificates, Treatments, Trainings, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. or 808.280.7704 GOING THROUGH A TRANSITION IN LIFE? You can Create EMOTIONAL WELLBEING and GROWTH with HOLISTIC Self Knowledge. Patricia O'Neill, certified Aroma/Essence Practitioner offering Holistic Self Knowledge through HD/GeneKey Counseling and support Aroma/Essence Remedies. In person, Skype or Email. Sessions available by appointment 808-937-1667. More details: Questions?

YOGA - INTEGRAL Meenakshi Angel Honig, E-RYT 500 808-573-1414

WAILUKU COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE - $15-$35 sliding scale, because acupuncture doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Dr. Kepi McMenemy, L.Ac., DAOM. 33 Central Ave., Wailuku. for current hours, and online booking. Walk-in’s welcome. 808-868-6052 (3/18)

XANGO ~ XALO WELLNESS PRODUCTS Carol McNulty-Huffman; 808-572-3466

VALIDATING ANGEL READINGS ~ I have been blessed with the gifts of being Intuitive (Psychic). I would love to help you get validation to questions that you may have. My readings are compassionate and heartfelt. Call today! (808) 954-2958 Reiki also available. (3/17)

HEALTHY MAUI DIRECTORY LISTINGS: One listing is complimentary with the purchase of any display ad (upon request) or can be purchased for $12/3 lines/ 3 issues. Call 808/669-9091 or e-mail to be included. You can then mail your $12 check to: Maui Promotions 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8 Lahaina, HI 96761

REAL ESTATE – Aloha, Experience, Integrity... my Standards. Houses/Ohana’s, Vacant Land, Farms, Investment Properties, Condos. Becky Hanna, Realtor Broker / Direct 808.870.0964 / Island Sotheby’s International Realty ~ “From Here to Hana.. Call Becky Hanna for all your Maui Real Estate Needs” (3/17) SHEN SANCTUARY – A HEALING SANCTUARY For The Spirit Of Your Heart. Transform your life situation and learn to thrive. Get to the heart of the matter with Intuitive Soul Healing using Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, Shamanic Craniosacral, and Intuitive Counseling. Specializing in chronic illness, pain, life transition, PTSD, acupuncture detox, and pediatric care. Individual, Couples, and Group Sessions on Maui and via Skype. Sahara Sun MS, LAc, EAMP (808) 868-9281, ACADEMIC SERVICES - Maui’s BEST tutoring for 20+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. or 463-0779 GENUINE PSYCHIC answers your question or thrills your guests; crystal ball and gypsy regalia optional. HYPNOSIS: Override your old programing and make the changes you desire. Change a little to gain a lot. Barbara Ensign Cht. 269-2129 LIFE BETWEEN LIVES: Spiritual Regression based on Dr. Michael Newton’s work. The Purpose of Life and the meaning of existence. Barbara Ensign CHt. 808 269-2129. GOT QUESTIONS? GET ANSWERS! Trance channel Rod Russell, channeling for 25 years, is available for private and group gatherings. On Maui or remotely. 808-6526811 CHECK OUT THE “MALAMA ‘AINA” REPORT on the future of the sugar cane lands, shown here: IF YOUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZES IN: healing, creating or inspiring and you want assistance or training with your marketing or website, we can help. NURTURING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE & BODYWORK: Get the Gunk out of your body’s drainage system , activates circulation, and feel renewed and rejuvenated & A L I V E !!!. ph Amrita 572-7680

For more Classifieds, turn the page. Fall, 2016

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KE ALA HOKU — PATHWAY TO THE STARS. Private sessions & Training Retreats in this Sacred Pre-Polynesian Bodywork addressing Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Ancestral Bodies with Jody Soltau Mountain. Lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. Visit www. or call 808.575.2294 for more information. (3/17)

Continued from previous page. VEGETARIAN HOME UPCOUNTRY, Offering short term rental, master bedroom with private bathroom. Very spacious and uplifting. Phone: 808-280-7868 BODYWORK IN YOUR OWN HOME, relax, release tension and stress. Outcalls: 808-280-7868 ASCENSION CONSULTANT. Soul Guidance for your pathway into higher dimensions. Wake up where you want to be at Tomorrow, TODAY !!. ph: Amrita 808-572-7680 EAR CLEANING: Head congestion? Ears stopped up?? I am a specialist in ear cleaning. I use a water syringe, as well as ear candling, which helps to jump-start the immune system. I also use a Bowen technique to drain the lymph ducts out of the head. For a session, please call Amrita @ 808-572-7680. blessings SHILAJIT SUPERFOOD: High Himalayan mineral that is chocked full of fulvic acid 60%, activates stem cell production and an awesome male tonic for building prostate juju. Call: 808-572-7680.RECYCLING PICK UP from your home or business.

We will come and pick up your recyclables, batteries, plastic , Hawaii 5 cents bottles/cans. Phone Amrita 808-572-7680

MOBILE BODYWORKER will come to your home or hotel room, for deep relaxation and healing. 808-280-7868 HAVE TRUCK Will Travel The Island - Moving, Deliveries, Pick Ups. Call 808.572.7680. REIKI YOGA with Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Christine Wilkinson. Central Maui. Phone: 808-868-8607. TRUE AGE REVERSAL: Repair of DNA, Lengthening of Telomeres, & Activation of Stem Cells. Discover the surprising effects of energy fields... *Stress Removal *Pain Relief *Boosted Immune System *Relaxation *Detoxification *Cancer *Radiation *Brain Synchronicity*Injury Recovery *Fibromyalgia *Depression *Parkinson’s Disease *Seizure Disorder *Blood Disorder *Diabetic Neuropathy *Chronic Fatigue *Peak Performance *Memory Loss *Arthritis *Deep Meditation *Balance Chakras *Focus & Clarity *Feel & Look Younger *And much more... Energy Enhancement System™ Call for Session Info: 808-276-6864 Dr. Ayin Adams, Ph.D., Msc.D.,, holisticallyalive@ Call for Session Info: 808-276-6864 SUCCESS, SALES & GOAL SETTING LIFE COACH ~ Life Success Consultants offer flexible coaching programs. whether for small or large groups, or individual coaching tailored around your specific needs. The power of personal coaching lies in the fact that it provides an individual with the most critical ingredient for consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, and most importantly acccountability. When a person knows that he or she will be regularly reporting on weekly actions to a coach - someone who is going to give them constructive feedback and encouragement all the way to the finish line - that person's commitment, enthusiasm and belief in the goal increases exponentially. For more information on our exciting coaching programs please visit our website: Email: Contact: Kimberly Parker @ 808-344-3065 ACHIEVE LIFE GOALS and dreams with an integrated approach to healing & change. Psychotherapist, Life/Health Coach, Advocate, Consultant. Nancy Satz, MA, Center for BodyMind Therapies. Phone sessions available. 35 years experience. Change negative messages & limiting beliefs. Family of origin work, chronic illness/pain, CFIDS, FMS, relationships, more. NSATZMA18@YAHOO.COM. (808) 747-5691. Free consultation.

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REIKI NATURAL HEALING- hands on and distant healing treatments, group or private Reiki trainings. or 408.621.4102, Jenna Keck, Reiki Master. CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR LMTs: Enhance your skills & renew your inspiration with world-class instructors! Joint Play Mobilization Lower (9/22) & Upper (10/13) with Lynn Wind; Myofascial Mobilization I (9/23-25) & II (10/14-16) with Lynn Wind. Lomi Lomi Mastership Training with Jeana Naluai (10/17-11/3). Spiraling Fascial Integration: Aston Kinetics 103 (11/3-6) & 104 (11/9-12) with Judith Aston. Resistance-Release: Torso, Spine & Ribcage with Deane Juhan (12/1512/17). Early Bird rates. Consider joining our 150-, 200-, or 350-hour Specialty Advanced Certification Programs for discounted rates. Go to: for more info. or call:808-572-1888 to register.

MAUI CONVEYENCERS: Have everything that you want/ need on your Maui visit? We specialize in sourcing what it is that you need to complete your holiday, snorkel gear, romantic chocolates, superfoods, yoga or just finding the perfect pillow for your heavenly dreams. Strictly confidential. Ph. Amrita @ 808-572-7680. May All Of Life’s Treasures Flow Through You This Year! $30 STUDENT MASSAGE! Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate with a 1-hour therapeutic massage by student therapists supervised by licensed instructors, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, 1043 Makawao Ave. #207. Professional massage available for $75+/hour. Professional Clinic accepts insurance for Workers Comp/Motor Vehicle Accidents. For appointments, call 572-2277. MAE#2964. Massage Therapy Certification programs begin March 7 & 20, 2017. For more information and free catalog,, or visit: THAI YOGA MASSAGE - 7th Anniversary Sale, extended through Sept 30th! Save $20 on one service, or 20% on a package of 3! (Incall Only.) Traditional Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular & Structural techniques. Kama'aina discounts available! Outcalls Islandwide, Kihei Incalls. Online booking available! 808-463-7734 PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship guidance, business issues, and spirit messages. Phone and in person sessions available. Liah Howard 808-269-3137 MYSTICAL ALCHEMY SACRED SOUND HEALING & Music Moon Circles, Prayerformances, Retreats, Classes & Personal Sessions. Heather Salmon & Donny Regal, 310-415-8821 CLAIRVOYANT/MEDIUM/TEACHER ~ Over 35 years professional experience. Love, life and career. Aura readings and crystal healing consultant. Call Susan, (808) 385-0898. BODYWORK THAT WORKS ~ Assessing & Treating Pain and Injury for positive physical change. Specialized fascial, cranio and Visceral. 24 years training and experience. Upcountry Maui, mat 3317; mae 2512 Carol Phelan, lmt, text or call (808) 938-7084. USUI REIKI CLASSES- Taught by Debbie Dehm twenty years experience. Call 856-1962 (12/16) HEALING THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE with Reiki energy. Relieve your pain and experience deep relaxation and renewal. Call Rita Massey (808) 633-1497. VALLEY ISLE FITNESS KIHEI/LAHAINA- Making Kamaaina health, happiness and vitality a priority! Power and Restorative Yoga, Disco Spin, Beach Workouts, Pilates, Zumba, U-Jam...Trainers who happily share their knowledge to help you achieve your goals.. Great rates! Call (808)874-2844 Kihei (808) 667-7474 Lahaina

Fall, 2016

MAUI PSYCHIC CENTER ~ Classes, Private sessions, Healing. Call 874-1451 or visit for more information. BODY IN BALANCE, Lahaina. Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga, Barre, TRX, Rehabilitation, and more! Private and group lessons available. 808.661.1116 4TH GENERATION PSYCHIC and Healing Lineage. Sliding scale. Jaz 808-573-1344 (9/17) CHIROPRACTIC KINESIOLOGY ~ Dr. Douglas J. Price. D.C. has over 30 years of experience. Discover his revolutionary TWO TRIADS Method integrating Trauma Resolution and Wellness, known alternative medicine modalities. Please or call (808) 244-0415. ECO-FRIENDLY HOUSE PAINTER~ 808-463-8678, Derek. Free estimates. 25 years experience. (9/16) AKASHIC READINGS: Learn about your past lives, mission, and purpose. One Dollar a minute and free recordings. Grace at GEProvost@ or call 808-344-2529. MAUI MYSTICAL ALCHEMY RETREATS - Personal and Group Retreats. Sound Healing, Yoga, Aerial Yoga Play, Cleanses, Excursions. 310-415-8821 TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY WORK with Access Consciousness. Generate more ease and joy in your body and your life. Call Rita Massey (808) 633-1497 ALOHA BODYWORK's in Hana “Hana Palms Retreat”- since 94 - affordable massage!!! “book ahead” email HanaNow4u@gmail. com. mat.4519. (9/16) THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE book club. Call or text 808-269-2182. (9/16) THE POLE ROOM, Lahaina. Pole Dance and Aerial Classes. Elevate your fitness! Group and Private lessons. Bachelorette Parties! Ladies only. 808.283.2606. CHANNELED READINGS- Readings by Debbie Dehm, channeled from Quan Yin and others. Call 856-1962 for appointment. (12/16) ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! Maui Vision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 280-7893 or visit for details. ARE YOU READY TO RENEW Your Body, Mind & Spirit? Rhonda J. Felix is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in Reflexology. She is a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” classes, and offers group and individual sessions, as well as counseling through Dream Yoga. Call (808) 205-8302 today to discuss your renewal options! Or visit, Kahului Swap Meets on Saturday space 642. ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808)-879-2287 (9/16) REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177


Place your listing by email to Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. We will email billing instructions to you. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Nov. 18 for the Winter, 2016-‘17 edition (covers Dec., Jan. and Feb.) publishing on Dec. 3.


A gentle center for learning to:

• Eliminate toxins from your body and household with nature’s remedies • Eliminate pain, trauma and anxiety with CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique • Manage behavioral difficulties with cognitive therapies • Learn to meditate and use visualizations for stress and pain-free living


SuSan VarSameS @ (808) 222-7981 ViSit: www . HoliStiClC . Com

Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinical Bio-Integration restores wellness utilizing Chiropractic Care and Kinesiology. Specializing in Trauma Resolution and other methods. Please Visit:

Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. Author and Educator Over 30 years experience

What would it take to create a life with infinite awareness and possibilities that create more choices to align with your mind, body and spirit? $30 off your first visit! Exp. 7/31/16

Call Dr. Price (808) 244-0415 Fall, 2016

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Fall, 2016

Psychic Development and Channeling Retreat with Liah Howard on Maui March 10-14, 2017 Come Home to Your Intuitive Self “Liah set my mind at ease and inspired me to step into my power and psychic ability.” Douglas DeBoer

This powerful retreat will help you to connect with your psychic self and bond with your spirit guides. Tools will be offered to assist you in discerning your psychic messages and be more clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. In a supportive and safe, small group setting, you will learn how to:

• • •

Trust your intuition Channel the Divine wisdom within Connect with your spirit guides

This retreat is for both the beginner and the advanced student of psychic development to take you to your next level of skill and trust in your abilities.


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