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Recovering From COVID-19

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Mining Gold From Adversity



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Maui Vision Magazine

Summer, 2020

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A Vision For Shaping Maui’s Future By Mark Sheehan “A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt Maturity begins when we realize we will die. The awareness of mortality more or less ends childhood. We take life for granted until a shock breaks the spell – we lose a job or a lover. If we get the message, we start to change and see life differently. Something similar happens to corporations, countries, cultures, and even civilizations. The coronavirus pandemic has not only brought us face-to-face with our mortality, but it has also forced the world to look closely at our very interconnected lives. Disruption can do that. This crisis has disclosed the tremendous advantages of public health care systems. Since we have no public health system to speak of in the United States, thousands of our citizens will perish. It has also made us think deeply about the climate crisis. With the daily demise of hundreds of species, we are now contemplating ‘the sixth mass extinction.’ The pandemic has also revealed leadership stars and complete failures who mask their incompetence by blaming others. In response to this pandemic, previously unthinkable trillion-dollar budgets have been passed to keep sputtering economies afloat. Here in Hawaii, tourism has collapsed. While the national unemployment rate hovers around 25 percent, Hawaii is looking at 40 percent and Maui about 70 percent. In Honolulu, legislators and business leaders are planning a recovery. There are, however, no farmers at those meetings and there should be. Tourism should certainly be reviewed to provide greater health security for hotel and restaurant staff. But the entire industry should be re-

vamped, from visitor arrival to departure, along with the kinds of experiences offered. In addition, far more thought has to be given to our reliance on imported food and our failure to build agricultural infrastructure. For decades, farmers and ranchers have fought for greater support but the state legislature has ignored the warnings. Instead, they have supported the growth of export crops (including GMO seeds) that offer no real food security. Perhaps we need a campaign to discuss food basics and the potential of upgrading our farm system to increase the production of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Coffee and citrus will get us through breakfast, but what about lunch and dinner? Who will shape our future? Corporations have ruled these islands for over 100 years. From the original Big Five to the modern hedge and pension funds that own hotels and Mahi Pono, their powerful influences, not citizen needs, have shaped major decisions. It’s been awesome for the one percent, but not so good for the residents. Control of water holds the key to corporate dominance. It’s also vital to shaping our next economy. Will the DLNR grant A&B and Mahi Pono a 30-year lease for East Maui’s wai? Wouldn’t it be better to create an independent water authority that restores watersheds and al-

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locates water resources more equitably? How long will we tolerate chemical farming that poisons our land? What will it take to get the offshore owners to adopt sound regenerative agriculture principles? Maui Cattle Company seems on track to increase herd levels and local meat production. Those efforts should be augmented by the construction of food hubs to improve storage and distribution. In addition, hundreds of people on our three islands have come together to keep farmer produce moving from farms to families. Dozens of other efforts have been developed to share food and financial resources during this tough period. One thing we must do is get the money out of politics. Without this, Oahu legislators will never help us rebuild Maui’s infrastructure. Maui County needs its own agriculture and education departments. The state offices are far away, top heavy with administrators, and out of touch with the ‘aina. Decision-making has gone online. Given the challenge of conferring online, our councilmembers have been busy crafting budgets and passing important bills. The online system allows public testimony from home, an innovation that should become standard. Maui Tomorrow Foundation will soon have an open online platform so we can all share our best ideas to create a just, equitable and resilient future. Let’s not go backward, but move forward. Imua! Mark Sheehan is a deep green real estate broker. He started an organic farm over 30 years ago. He is a partner of the HAPI farm in Haiku and a board member of Maui Tomorrow, the SHAKA Movement, SAFE, and Food Security Hawaii. Contact him at Mark@MarkSheehan.com

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Summer, 2020

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

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Mining Gold From Adversity

By now, all of us know the cards that COVID-19 has dealt us. Having seen three cases among family and friends who recovered successfully, I am grateful. At the same time, I am saddened by others’ losses. This is undoubtedly an unprecedented time. COVID-19 has invited us to slow down, look inward, and find a deeper appreciation for life. It has revealed our interconnectedness with all beings sharing this planet. In this issue you will find insights from our authors on how to care for yourself during this pandemic, as well as harvest the potential inner and outer gifts that this pandemic presents to us. I am one of the fortunate ones who is actually benefiting from the lockdown. I’ve gotten enough help through mortgage and loan deferrals to reorganize and simplify my finances. Having temporarily lost a parttime job, the extra $600 weekly through unemployment has helped. Finally, my workaholism has paid off. Professionally, because of COVID-19, some amazing opportunities are opening up for me in print publishing and electronic media. If and when they gel, you’ll be hearing all about it! In the spiritual arena, a downpouring of liquid light energy – which I am calling ‘the Descension’ – has deluged me as well as many others. I would love to talk story and hear what’s happening with you. Enjoy the issue! - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine

Summer, 2020

Ritual Is The Remedy

By P l u m a On March 18, 2020, at age 49 and in what most would consider exceptional health of body/mind/spirit, I began to notice an unusual dry cough developing. By March 25, an onset of fever began my journey with COVID-19. It has been established that three colleagues and I became infected with identical symptoms while working together in Los Angeles. Already practicing self-quarantine back on Maui, I spent the next week with uncomfortable yet manageable flu-like symptoms. During this period I focused on healing, which included deep listening, ceremony, and learning all that I could. I embraced remedies my grandmother would have administered and began to recover without any complications. I fasted on liquids and broth, soaked in mustard seed oil and salt baths, inhaled eucalyptus, and ingested copious amounts of propolis, mushroom extracts, turmeric, ginger and lung supportive nutrition, particularly Vitamin D. Recently discovered, Vitamin D is not merely a micronutrient but a hormone with extensive immunomodulatory functions, including how the lungs recognize and respond to pathogens. Today, I’m 110 percent. Allowing the virus to run its course boosted my immunity, elevated my antibody response and within several weeks, I recovered organically. Feeling well, I took an IgG total antibody assay test which proved my COVID-19 infection. Now that my vitality has returned, I’m living with more gratitude than ever – thankful for the valuable experience of falling ill. Throughout my recovery it became evident that much more was at stake than the health of a population. Seemingly overnight, the world had gone mad and I too began feeling the systemic effects of this outbreak on my psyche and emotional landscape. What remedy could be employed to quell my growing fears and frustrations, and cure a society displaced by collective chaos and literally uprooted and suspended in an unrecognizable reality? The only one we humans have always been able to count on is the remedy of ritual. Ritual practices are found at the heart of every civilization. They house the traditions of our communities, regardless of religious or cultural identity. Whether elaborate ancestral rites or simple intuitive acts of intention, rituals are supportive, restorative and particularly grounding forces during transitional moments in our lives. I have found no better vehicle to reunite with my authentic nature and fine tune the senses required to handle unexpected challenges. Navigating the virus was certainly unforeseen, but negotiating financial and social restrictions are now at the forefront for all. Yet, we need hope and the courage to follow our visions with action. The power and magic of ritual is that it influences the logic within. You can easily begin incorporating meaningful rituals into your everyday life, right now! Each morning I make small offerings of fresh flowers, light a candle, and give thanks while asking for guidance at a small altar. This is a place I keep talisman and special symbols that influence me to give to and receive from the mystery. I create special moments on the new and full moons – some rooted in the mundane, some in the mystical. I water and tend my garden. I write out a new prayer and symbolically burn things that are ready to be released. Whatever afflicts you in these times, take a chance on ritual. We belong to life. The natural world is our home and there could be no better time than now to initiate or revive a bit of the sacred into your life through the simple practice of ritual. If you need a place to start, I offer an online course with author Mary Lane entitled “Anatomy of Ritual.” P l u m a produces and designs conscious content and sits on the council for the Divine Nourishment School. To get in touch with her, email consciouscurations@gmail.com. For course information, visit this website: www.bit.ly/AnatomyOfRitual

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Trust Your Intuition In Response To COVID-19 By Paul O’Brien Imagine an invisible enemy that can invade and destroy your body, unwittingly brought to you by a friend. It’s as if we are living a horror movie, and nobody knows the ending. It’s a strange movie and the popcorn tastes of hand sanitizer. Nothing unsettles our security more than the threat of a deadly virus sneaking up on us. Together, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of uncertainty; a season of suffering that sometimes feels like it may never end. Around the world, people feel their lives in a stranglehold, stalked and stymied by an invisible and deadly enemy. As we face social isolation, financial loss and a dangerous beast, it’s easy to feel powerless; but choosing our outlook can help us get through this. In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl wrote, “When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves . . . Everything can be taken from a human but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” With that inner freedom, Frankl survived the Holocaust, found meaning in his suffering and empowered himself. He chose his response to tragedy, instead of letting contagious fear take over his mind. How can we find faith in total uncertainty? How can we balance our innate human need for connection while being as safe as possible? Can we trust the authorities? Can we trust our intuition about the best course of action for ourselves? Wise decision-making becomes critical in times of crisis and much more challenging. With so many unknowns, we must rely on our intuition to a greater extent than ever. In times of uncertainty and conflicting information, emotional reactions fill the gaps and lead to

terrible decisions. We catastrophize, we get fatalistic and even seriously depressed. We should not make decisions while in this state of mind. In this “deep unknown,” when uncertainty and fear are magnified by a sense of urgency and untrustworthy information, taking advantage of the opportunity to slow down, use intuitive intelligence tools, and make better decisions can keep us both safe and connected. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Everyone’s chosen approach to living through the pandemic will look a little different and that’s okay. While you find your way, assess your acceptable level of risk, seek advice from trustworthy sources, and do what feels right to you; consider not only yourself but also collective safety. This pandemic will not last forever. Beyond figuring out how to survive, let’s heed the call to be both more careful and more caring. Let’s strengthen our immune system, honor spiritual priorities and find our personal point of balance. Perhaps the only certainty we can be sure of is that which we create through our commitments – perhaps to some healthy routines, rituals, and more conscious heartfelt relating. By shifting our perspective, fine-tuning our intuition, accepting what life brings – by focusing on what we can learn and do – we can keep hope alive even in the face of massive uncertainty and doubt. The fog will lift, things will become clear, and this too shall pass. Like Viktor Frankl, we have a choice – between falling apart or coming out of this stronger and more aware. Find your balance and keep the faith. Paul O’Brien is author of Intuitive Intelligence: Make LifeChanging Decisions with Perfect Timing and the Visionary I Ching Oracle app. He is host of Pathways Radio/podcast archived on www.Divination.com.


e are naturally wired to restore harmony and resiliency in our nervous systems and physiology. Over time, with support and practice, we can learn how to tune into these natural rhythms and develop a naturally coherent and regulated nervous system. Organic Intelligence® is a tool to help us feel more relaxed and resilient. It fosters kindness and compassion and allows alignment with what has deep meaning for us. This possibility is what inspires me to offer Organic Intelligence® to others.

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Maui Vision Magazine Summer, 2020

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~ Ask The Death Professor ~

By Rev. Bodhi Be Professor, what’s your take on COVID-19? – Doobie Williams When I ask large groups of people, “Please raise your hands if you know you’re going to die, and you don’t know when.” Everyone raises their hands and looks at me like, what a dumb question. The thing is, when I look around and watch people, hardly anybody appears to act as if that’s true. It seems that for most people, this is simply ‘head knowledge’ and not, in fact, embodied and realized truth. Either that, or in the face of the truth of our approaching death, we’ve developed strategies to distract and avoid knowing what we know. Some will say that there is no death. Yes, that’s true; and too, there is death. To our detriment, we act like we have plenty of time. Now in the midst of coronavirus, millions of people are having a ‘near death experience.’ It’s become more real and more realized that any one of us, including those we love and care about, could die any time now. What has always been true has broken through our cultural sleepwalk and pushed past our avoidance, aversion and denial; it is now present in the thoughts and feelings of millions of people all at once. Wow, that’s big! If we don’t turn away from these thoughts and feelings by distracting ourselves in the many ways we can – with food, sleep, entertainment, social media, sex, drugs, alcohol, conspiracy stories, gossip, spiritual override, acting like we have plenty of time – then we have the possibility of transforming our lives in deep and spiritual ways. We can wake up to how precious, fragile and impermanent life is. We may rejoice each morning in the fact that we woke up today,

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Maui Vision Magazine Summer, 2020

as many people went to sleep last night not knowing they wouldn’t wake up this morning. We realize how important our relationships are, as well as our place in family and community. We start to treat each encounter as if it’s the last time we will see or speak with the person in front of us. Imagine that! Many of us have regret and wish we knew that would be the last time we saw or spoke with someone who died. I know I do. In the face of our uncertainty of the time of our death, we look at our lives. Do we love our life, our work, our partner, and the ways we show up in community? Are we living a full life? Is the trail we leave behind us filled with love, respect and a community that values us? Do we long to live more on purpose? When the truth that we will die and we don’t know when comes center stage, we stop procrastinating; we tear up our bucket list and get on with life. We stop being lazy unless we choose so. We show up in life, not holding back for some future time. The unlived life is often what causes the most suffering for a dying person: “How could I be dying, I still haven’t lived my life?” Dying people are often busily trying to clean up the messes of their past. It’s harder if you wait until then to do that work of ho’oponopono. What would you need to do to be ready to die? Who would you need to speak with, make amends with? What karma needs to be cleaned up before you die? Who’s going to know who to call? Who will know what your wishes are for your body? Who’s going to deal with your stuff? Living well leads to dying well. Reverend Bodhi Be directs Doorway Into Light. Check out the full story at www.ipuka.org. To get in touch by phone, call 808.283.5950.

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Summer, 2020

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Choose Well, Dear Ones

By Juliet Butters Doty The year 2020 has been one of epochal change. The push is to turn inwards, to discover what is truly important in our lives, to find what do we value, and what are we connected to. Is it love? Indeed, it is Love that will help us all rewrite the scripts of our future. What will you desire and magnetize into your life? You get to be as happy as you want to be, regardless of how others choose. You get to be in charge of your frequency by choosing desires that bring you joy. Choose well, dear ones. It is up to us to uphold the beauty of this world, for humanity, for our children and their children. Use your imagination, get creative, allow your instincts to run and your intuition to soar. Use the beauty of this island to uplift you. 2020 will be relentless, and, it will take time to create the new. Hold strong, see your future, use your emotional body for what it is meant for. Desire like never before what you truly want in this brave New World. We are magnetic, creative beings with incredible diversity. Everything is frequency. Our emotional bodies are the alchemy to make the changes we all need now. Mother Earth has waited long enough. We are letting go, surrendering all. We can’t look back; indeed, the past no longer exists. The new is waiting to be written by our hearts. Our future is being written in real time each day, poised at the leading edge. Unlimited imagination is innate within you. See the future you wish for; deeply feel it, maintain your attention to it, act as if it is already here. Don’t wait for it; live it. It is teeming with limitless potential. You are powerful beyond measure, so write well! Juliet Butters Doty is available for Evolutionary Astrology readings, Soul Detox ‘Unwind the Soul’ healings, and guided meditation journeys. Visit www.unwindthesoul.com or call 808.359.8676.

Silver Lining Covid Playbook

By Gayle Barklie The other day a friend asked, “What silver linings could there possibly be from the recent pandemic?” As a psychotherapist doing past and between-lives regression work, I witness clients who frequently remember that lifetimes were chosen for the spiritual awakenings provided. That holds true even during challenging, victimized existences. By delving past superficial levels, valuable insights and soulful lessons are there to be learned from all events. Experiences filled with devastation and defeat, can shift into empowerment, mastery and positive contributions. Looking at the bigger picture, COVID-19 was an extraordinary ‘kick in the butt’ to inspire massive personal growth plus evolution of the collective consciousness. Old paradigms shifted and priorities rearranged. People stood up for what’s right and offered compassionate, grateful support in ways they may have never considered. Traumatic triggering, along with social distancing, afforded time for crucial and healing introspective work. People realized the importance of decluttering, both externally and internally. Lack of busyness allowed for creativity and innovation that could undoubtedly change the world. This all-in-the-same-boat experience compelled authenticity. Pretenses vanished as everyone connected, clinging together and cooperating through their fear and panic. Planetarily, the environment was gifted with a purifying reset. With fewer cars on the road and polluting factories shut down, Mother Earth got a chance to breathe. Happily, she breathed a big sigh of relief. People learned to rely on themselves, developed new skills, and reawakened long-dormant, inner-intuitive guidance. These strengths will endure. As my clients attest, “Once you know, you can’t unknow.” When denial no longer works, nothing will ever be the same. Although sitting in uncertainty was uncomfortable, we’ve spent our entire existence preparing for Real Love to emerge. It’s finally time to see the light at the end of lifetimes of tunneling. Gayle Barklie, CCHT, MFC, has offered transpersonal hypnotherapy, past life regression, life between lives, clinical art therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and marriage and family counseling since 1991. Remote sessions are available! Contact Soul Purpose Maui: 808.344.5688, www.soulpurposemaui.com.

While we are endowed with physical faculties to experience the sense worlds in and around us, likewise, we also have an innate ability to imperience consciousness directly within our own blood and being. We regard profoundly wholesome qualities like love, compassion, and This book by Maui author moral conscience Erik Knud-Hansen explores as matters of the heart, and the depths our inherent, umbilical of these feelings reflect their source in connection with the heart of divine consciousness. Imperience is divine consciousness! how we awaken conscious awareness “A spiritually and intuitive insight into the dharma transporting, thought(truth) of nonduality and the very heart provoking volume.” of consciousness. – Kirkus Indie Review

To purchase: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1504344472 Learn more about Erik and the book: www.erikknudhansen.com or contact: erik@erikknudhansen.com Page 10

Maui Vision Magazine Summer, 2020

Create Your Own 5G Shield By Judy Levy For many years I had been asking Goddess for 30-hour days. It seems She finally answered my prayer, but it has come in this giant chunk of free time for endless days. I delight in this time to ‘catch up on life.’ I have time to meditate more and to finally integrate some beneficial ‘personal upgrades’ that I’ve needed for a long time – walking, swimming and writing daily. Occasional waves of uncertainty hit, depending on which brilliant speakers I choose to watch on “Youtube University,” my new best friend. I truly believe this time we are going through will net us positive benefits as a human family. As I listened to doctors, scientists and researching authors, I got more concerned about the imminent possibility of 5G technology hitting our airwaves, as I’m already quite sensitive to EMFs. Sharing my fears with wise friends, they reminded me that as a ‘light warrior’ I have a choice. So I decided to ‘install’ a high-tech, state-of-the-art ‘shield’ right inside my aura, visualizing the waves deflecting from my body and keeping me protected. I’ve been feeling better and I have personally felt calmer about our ‘techno-future’ while still supporting the crucial, timely efforts of our own, dear Dr. Debra Greene. She’s been keeping us aware of the progress of the 5G rollout on www.keepyourpower.org. I just went to visit John Doucette, gifted chiropractor and advanced kinesiologist who ‘talks to my body’ about new supplements, etc. He tested me with my cell phone and my body stayed strong! My shield is working! This shows that our thoughts are powerful. Judy Levy, Maui’s crystal lady, invites you to see new, diverse crystal ‘babies’ for adoption. Enjoy a chakra rebalancing with “Judy’s Angelic Crystal Journey,” a unique session with crystal layout, lymphatic gua sha, reflexology, Reiki and inner child card reading. In Haiku by appointment: 808.269.7762. “Mystic~Holistic Fairs” coming soon again!

Mining Gold In Your Dreams By Lalénya L. Vann To mine gold, one needs to dig down deep – to the bedrock! Why not prospect your nightly, personal oracle – your dreams! Your soul, or your higher self, speaks to you in your dreams and gives you messages to help you in daily life and on your spiritual path. Do you need some guidance on how to navigate these changing times and the world around us? Ask for guidance from your dreams before you go to sleep. State your question or intention out loud, or write it on a slip of paper and put it under your pillow. The next morning, as you journal your dream, notice how it relates to your question. For spontaneous night dreams, your intention might be as simple as traveling to a relaxing place to recover, heal, or just have fun. You could go to the “night cinema” and watch movies all about you. You might even want to step through the screen and become the scriptwriter, director, or star of your own life movie! Maybe you want to explore underground caverns of gems and crystals. Anything is possible, and you can direct it! Your intuition is on “high alert” in your dreams. You can see at a distance and into the future. You might dream of future scenes that you will want to avoid, or outcomes you would like to manifest such as a beloved partner, a new green economy, a safe future for our children. Healing and health information is abundant in dreams, too. You could experience a spontaneous healing in a dream. Dreams certainly offer us so much! So, dig deep in your dreams and bring back golden nuggets of insights and magic! Lalénya L. Vann is a certified instructor with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. For new Zoom classes in how to work with your dreams, as well as drum journeys, visit www.ActiveDreamingMaui.com or call 808.757.8761.


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Summer, 2020

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Loving The Fierce Mother

By Julia Carmen with Juliana Guerrero Have you ever heard a baby cry for its mother? As mothers, when we hear our babies cry, we know from their cries what their needs are. Whether you have birthed a baby or a business, raised a sibling or a foster child, you know what it is to give birth and to nurture. Now, in this human form of life as adults that we Be, do we not see that we, too, have a mother within? Do we know her cry? Can you hear her? And if so, how soon do you respond to her? Do you wait until the other ‘external’ cries are taken care of, before yours? The cries of the mother within are the cries of all the mothers of our lives – our mothers, our aunties, our grandmothers, all mothers of the past and future including our ancestors and our future Beings. The gift we can give to the mother within is to get to know her. Now is the time to love her. Mother Earth. She breathes for us. You allowed her to help you take your first breath. Now let her show how to breathe the new air. Now is the time to love her. The Moon. She shines for us. You allowed her to shine through every speck of your lingering stardust. Now let her heal your beautiful body. Now is the time to love, the soul of you and the soul of others. We cannot do these acts alone. Through solidarity, we find our tribes. Love each and every single one of them, as you are a village, and you stand together as one. Julia Carmen was born with a gift of a Curandera de Alma (Seer of the Soul) and has guided clients to quiet themselves to hear their own true divine soul self. Join Julia for online courses, and more. Learn more at www.theschoolwithoutwalls.net. Julia’s granddaughter Juliana contributed to this article.

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Mining Gold From Adversity By Barbara Ensign, CHt The definition of adversity reads, “serious or continued difficulty or misfortune.” There may be things from your childhood that you feel you will never get over, or continuing events in the present day that seem to reactivate traumatic or fearful feelings. Whatever has happened to you – in the past or present – the good news is that nothing is insurmountable. But how do you get past the adversity when you know you have done your best and tried your hardest to put events and feelings aside, only to find those old feelings keep coming back? After time you begin to narrow your world, so as not to encounter anything that will remind you of those negative events or feelings. This, of course, is done to protect yourself. Sooner or later you are left with your own negative thoughts and beliefs that are so embedded in your subconscious mind that it seems impossible to make any changes, big or small. With the help of hypnosis, and your desire to see things differently, you can make the long-lasting changes that you desire. Every memory, every anxiety, every thought that originates in fear can be offered to the light and seen from a higher perspective. Your true self cannot coexist with fear or anger. The gold mine in the adversity is finding the freedom from any events, people or circumstances that have controlled you and kept you from being and realizing your true self. But most of all, it is the freedom to view things from a higher perspective. By releasing the old, you are free to choose to recreate your world on a higher plane. Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life and life between lives spiritual regression. She has been serving Maui for over 16 years. For more information or to make an appointment, call 808.269.2129 or visit www.hypnosishawaii.com.

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Maui Vision Magazine Summer, 2020

The Vibration Of A Word

By Christine Warner A word has multi-dimensional vibrations of energy. Here is where you discover its meaning and power. Its mood changes with the intonation. Yet in the center is an essence that is its unique meaning. It is here that I find myself uncomfortable with the word ‘hope.’ Whenever I hear it used in altruistic context I am skeptical. Uttered by an individual in some need it often invokes helpless compassion. ‘Hope’ in some way may be disempowering or at the very least a timid stepping-stone to the word ‘faith.’ In the realm of ‘faith’ I find a foundation of strength. In contrast to ‘hope,’ ‘faith’ is a word with an essence that inspires conviction, trust and action taken with courage. When someone uses the word ‘faith,’ whether I am in agreement or not, I know that their truth has been spoken. Saying to ‘have faith’ or ‘lack faith’ has a vibration connected to something greater than ourselves. ‘Faith’ is a word where in the vibration and intonation of sounds, God dwells. At its very essence is a trust in Divine Intelligence. ‘Faith’ has an almighty power built into its soul. Why is ‘faith’ so strong and ‘hope’ a weak choice? ‘Faith’ has a universe where action with God builds a new compound: commitment. ‘Hope’ may be void of action and carries a faint aroma of resignation and defeated expectation. There is no commitment in ‘hope.’ ‘Hope’ is a word clutched to by a victim. ‘Faith’ is a co-creator’s agenda. ‘Faith’ carries with it the strong reassurance that a heart’s desire will be fulfilled. In its realm there is a dusting of inspiration that moves the heart to action, where one can trust that God is moving in all things and is always creating for the greatest good. Christine Warner works with conscious connected breathing and positive affirmative prayer. Call or text prayer requests to 808.283.8546. Visit www.radiantbreathwork.com.

Good Or Bad, Who Is To Say?

By Debbie Dehm This crazy time we are going through will go down in history as one of the most unique human experiences we have ever had. Some people will always remember it as a horrible and tragic time, while others will have a different view. This reminds me of a parable that my meditation teachers have shared in their classes. It tells a story about a farmer who had a plow horse that ran away. His neighbors said, “Too bad your horse ran away, now you can’t plow your field.” But the man answered, “Good or bad, who is to say?” His son decided to find the horse, and when he did he found that it had become the leader of a herd of wild horses. He brought all the horses home and started to break them. The neighbors said, “What a blessing, now you have many horses.” But the man just replied, “Good or bad, who is to say?” While his son was breaking the horses, he fell off and broke his arm. The neighbors said, “How is your son going to work now that he broke his arm? So sad.” The man said, “Good or bad, who is to say?” Just then the army came marching by and wanted to draft the son, but could not because of his broken arm. This story illustrates that there is no good or bad. It is often our perspective and our expectations that make something appear good or bad. Whenever I complained to my teachers about a situation in my life, they repeated the man’s phrase: “Good or bad, who is to say?” Hearing this helped me to reconsider my situation. Debbie Dehm is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master. She is also the author of a new book, My Spiritual Journey: How Learning Reiki Changed My Life. It is available on Amazon for Kindle and print. Visit her website, www.compassionatehealing.biz.

Dr. Laurie Moore, Globally Renowned Human And Animal Intuitive Laurie’s LMFT, CHT and university graduate psychology instructor background adds infinite wisdom to her readings. ~ Manifest ~ Awaken ~ Heal ~ Be Valued

Learn from Animals, Nature, & Your Own Unique Inner Master

Info at www.animiracles.com/new 831 477 7007 Drlaurieanimiracles@Gmail.com Summer, 2020

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A Voice From The Future

By Shanna Shanti Rhythms more complex than day and night and the change of the seasons, influence life on earth. Classic Hindu texts refer to a Yuga Cycle, or period lasting 24,000 years, in which the sun and Syrius star travel closer together and further apart. Consisting of an ascending and descending wave spanning 12,000 years each phase, earth beings must ride through tides of greater and lesser consciousness. Though the beginning and end dates of the Yuga Cycles are debatable, the cusp of the Piscean and Aquarian Age was marked by peaceful and stormy weather. During this epoch transition, environmental degradation and disease reached a catastrophic climax. Possessed by materialistic desires, humans had been raping the earth to feed their insatiable hunger for resources and power. Man was synthesizing chemicals, plastics and fuels that contaminated food and water supplies and oceans worldwide. The Aquarian Age spawned a demand for higher knowledge; however, man’s technologies were emitting harmful radiations. Disturbances to natural frequencies led to pineal gland calcifications and to what humans called “brain fog.” At its peak of toxicity, the earth could no longer stomach man’s poisons. A series of health pandemics and climate disasters shook earthlings from their slumber. Advanced extraterrestrial races would no longer observe humans’ foibles from space. Beacons of truth and wisdom, they descended upon earth to cast away the shadow hanging on the masses. Top officials exposed ancient technologies that would pave the way for a sustainable future. Magnetic propulsion, replication devices, telepathic networking and thought-speed healing were finally here. As day gives way to night, darkness will bring its challenges. However, turbulent times help humans evolve to steer their ships with grace. Bearing torches illumined by lifetimes of wisdom, such souls guide others to shore. Shanna Shanti is an intuitive bodywork therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy and trauma resolution. Her sessions aim to release restrictions and restore inner peace. Visit www.IntoTheHealing.com, call 808.866.0298.

Join me on my spiritual journey… as I discover the healing power of Reiki to transform my healing practice, and my life! A new book by Debbie Dehm, author, healer, psychic, spiritual teacher, channel for Quan Yin and student of Hawaiian kahuna Auntie Puanani Mahoe. Available NOW on Amazon.com Visit Debbie’s website www.compassionatehealing.biz Or call (808) 856-1962 Page 16

Maui Vision Magazine Summer, 2020

The Heart Of The Matter

By Mary-Allana Holmes During these past months, I’ve continued to marvel at how adaptable people are! In movies featuring pandemics, they don’t show people sewing masks for each other and handing out free groceries. It’s clear our hearts have been the primary force driving us forward. During this time of distress and drama we have seen large, heartfelt responses of “we’re in this together.” You don’t have to look far to see the gold that is being mined during this time of global calamity, because it is exactly this challenge that has propelled forward our collective care — for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our global family. It has been a bumpy ride with much loss and sickness. But throughout this pandemic, every one of us, every day, has had to choose between fear and love. Every time we choose love we transmute part of the global, collective fear. All of the collective fear that is being transmuted has helped lift all of us into higher frequencies of consciousness. Close to home, I feel there is a gift in this opportunity that we all are getting to live in the true Hawaiian spirit without the veil of tourism and the continual need to offer up Aloha as a selling point. During the weeks and months that so many of us have spent time at home with our families, we’ve truly been given a gift to rediscover the heart of the matter. Personally, I’m feeling the mechanisms at work that are lifting us into the fifth dimension. What so many of us came to this life to experience, is finally happening. The guides want to work with us now more than ever to provide the healing we need and to co-create the new structures that will serve us moving forward. Mary-Allana Holmes offers co-creative soul sessions, healing, and clearings. She also serves as facilitator channel for co-creative projects and businesses with individuals and groups. Contact her through: www.CosmicChannels.com, cosmicchannels@gmail.com, or 540.449.6221.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Enhance Energy & Vitality With Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy!

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A revolutionary, ground-breaking treatment combining Homeopathy, Brainwave Optimization Technology & Shambhala Healing Tools.

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Mining Gold From Adversity

By Rhonda Felix This season of our lives has taken many of us by surprise. But having a Christian belief system, I believe there are gifts to come from this adversity. Personally, I have gotten a garden planted and some serious cleaning accomplished. But I believe there’s more to it all than this. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but one of power, love and self-discipline.” This passage read freely and easily until I got to “self-discipline.” This hit the nail on the head, as they say. We Christians believe God has our back. This means we believe He will meet our needs. But so often we forget the key of self-discipline. We have to do more than just believe. We must act. Self-discipline means being mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds. This brings us back to our beloved author and teacher Louise Hay, who said, “Change your thinking, change your life.” With thoughts of fear, wrong, doubt and mistrust surrounding us, we must keep an armed guard at the first door of our minds and our mouths! We must be disciplined in what we say. Our words carry a very strong vibration. Our self-discipline is key to our ability to mine ‘gold’ from adversity. In these times, are we exercising or are we watching Netflix while overindulging in our favorite unhealthy foods and drinks? If you have found it difficult to be disciplined with time, make yourself a daily schedule. It will help you start getting organized and feeling better about yourself. There is always ‘gold’ that comes from adversity; we just have to find it! Rhonda J. Felix is a certified teacher for the work of Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”®. She is a licensed Unity teacher and licensed massage therapist with reflexology as her specialty. Contact Rhonda for a consultation or reflexology treatment, at 808.205.8302.

Calling Upon Creativity By Rich Ralston Plato is noted for saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When we are faced with the need to accomplish something that we have never done, our innate instinctive consciousness provides us with the creativity needed to solve the problem. For thousands of years the human species has relied upon creativity to survive. Today is no exception. With the COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe, the world is making changes out of necessity. We can change reluctantly or accept the challenge and realize it is an opportunity to call on our creativity. Many of us have been or will be faced with changing our accustomed paradigm of reality. This may be an opportunity to change occupations, create a new occupation, change locations, find new circles of friends, leave behind old behavior patterns or lifestyle choices that no longer suit our needs, get an education, use talents to teach or help others, and most of all, find joy in creativity. Zig Ziggler has a saying in one of his books: “This too shall pass.” What we are experiencing today will not last forever. So what do you want your future to look like? Set aside the conspiracy theories that predict your future. Take some time to meditate and ask yourself what you want to do in the future. You have the power to make changes and take charge of your life. This period of time may allow you to experience the most significant change in your lifetime. The future will be here before you know it. Why not prepare yourself for new opportunities? Rich Ralston, clairvoyant energy worker and healer, facilitates past life karma clearing, communication with souls of the dead, chakra clearing, and remote healing. Rich was recently interviewed on a podcast called Exploring Death by Lisa Jones. Google it and check it out. To get in touch with Rich, email subtleenergy101@gmail.com or call 808.313.2736.

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Surrendering To Newness

By Sara Schroepfer As the sun rises and falls, our only known is the present. During 2020, have you found yourself in a state of questioning? Have you wondered when everything will get back to “normal?” My word for now continues to be surrender. Every day has the opportunity for change, for something new. The present moment is all we can be certain of right now. It is time to embrace this more than ever, trust in the process, stay in our center, and not get caught up in the fear of the unknown. This applies to pre-COVID-19 times as well as after. When we are in our daily pattern it is harder to see the mystery of life. We are so busy being productive that we miss the magic in the moments that make up our days. The blessing during this crisis has been returning to what is important in our life and what stirs our soul. Slowing down allows time for selfreflection – to ask ourselves if we are really living our purpose, passion and truth. Slowing down creates space to take up the things we love, or even pick up new creative endeavors. We are all in this together. Now, more than ever, is the time for our spiritual community to connect – virtually or in person. Remember to incorporate wellness and selfcare tools daily, such as practicing mindfulness or utilizing physical exercise, health services, and energy clearing. These methods help us to triumph through any perils that life may bring. Together, we will be the heroes of this story. It is up to us to begin to write a new dream for our future, to bring it into the present, and to anchor it into the now. Sara Schroepfer is a shamanic practitioner and owner/director of 808 Wellness Healing Spa & Yoga Studio. 808 offers: acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, retail and yoga. Please visit 808wellness.com or call 808.875.4325. 808 Yoga Studio is now virtual!

Fill Yourself With Good

By Katharine Stone Ayers We all have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it has been a profound call inward; a time to express creativity, enjoy deep rest and commune more deeply with ourselves. For others, it has been a time of increased fear, anxiety, frustration and worry. We can take comfort in knowing that there is an organic intelligence that knows how to return our systems’ coherence and resiliency, regardless of the external circumstances. If we take a moment to watch the clouds drift by, hear a birdsong, immerse ourselves in the intoxicating fragrance of a beautiful rose, or feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, we might notice that something begins to settle within us. This practice of orienting to pleasure is one of the simple and profound practices of Organic Intelligence®. This practice regulates our nervous system and physiology. Focusing on what is wrong – i.e., fear of the coronavirus, how we are not measuring up, or becoming overly focused on our pain or someone else’s pain – dysregulates our nervous system and trends our system towards chaos. It is a challenge to not get thrown off balance by some of the fearmongering and excessive drama on the news today. But we can come back to our center by doing something as simple as taking a deep breath. Changing our focus to something that brings us pleasure brings our nervous system and physiology into more coherence and regulation. In his TEDx Marin talk entitled “Hardwiring Happiness,” Rick Hanson tells us that we can learn how to practice “filling ourselves with good” for a happier life, despite external circumstances. See the full video here: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpuDyGgIeh0 For an exercise on orienting to pleasure, visit: https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=XN4h1bieabQ Katharine Stone Ayers has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and MA in counseling psychology. She is an Organic Intelligence® practitioner and Organic Intelligence® expert. She is available for sessions on Skype or Zoom. Visit www.returntoharmony.org.

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Summer, 2020

Developing Resilience

By Maurgana Stiastny Thanks to COVID-19, we all have had time to consider what’s important to us and where we stand in our lives. For many, it’s been a time of awakening and expanding beyond the self-imposed limitations of our mind. Through these months of turmoil, it has become apparent that we need to be more resilient – not just as individuals, but as a community and as a planet. There has been heightened awareness around immune boosting. While some people have been taking better care of themselves, others haven’t. One thing that has not supported our health is the media creating mass hysteria, causing fear. We participated in the social distancing, incessant hand washing and mask wearing. Perhaps that was important in the beginning, but now we’ve moved further along and more information has become available. Perhaps we need to rethink how we are handling things. Cultivating a healthy immune system absolutely requires that we remain calm. When we are afraid, the sympathetic nervous system kicks into overdrive, which impacts our immune system. We have evolved from our ancestors who had to run away from saber-toothed tigers! The human body is actually designed to prioritize blood flow to the extremities for escaping. There’s no point in healing an illness if you are going to be somebody’s lunch. Thus, it is vital that we cultivate peace and equanimity. We all can achieve a calmer state of being through gratitude, meditation, play, song and deep breathing. Keep in mind that we have co-evolved with viruses, bacteria and fungi. Our immune system is adept at keeping us healthy if we support it with good food, clean air and water, exercise, and a positive mental outlook. Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 29 years, and recently became certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ practitioner. Find her at Maui Vibrant Health located in Paia and Kihei, or call her at 808.579.8810.

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Calling World Changers To Action!

By Marsha Wald What a delicious time to be alive! I wake up every day with glee because I get to create my day, my way, and it’s all mine! Not long ago this was a fantasy, and as of April 1st it became a reality as a result of the massive universal shift caused by the gift of COVID-19. In my reality, COVID-19 does not exist as evil. Rather, I see it as a gift and I try to imagine that others see it that way. It seems I might be right because almost every conversation seems to center around the “gift.” I know others reading this may have mixed emotions because they may not be experiencing the bliss of this shift. I have compassion for people who have lost loved ones and material possessions. I also realize that this time invites us to face the hard lesson of looking at our lives, and we may not like what we see. Your perception creates your reality. However you are experiencing reality during this time – whether you are in bliss or in the pit – know that this, too, shall pass. Your responsibility during this time is to take care of yourself. You are responsible for how you feel and how you react. You can’t rely on the system. You have to wake up! Honoring every emotion that you feel is your duty and it makes life easier for those with whom you interact. In checking in with yourself, you are prepared to handle anything that crosses your path and take charge of your reality. Herein lies a “world changer in action!” Imagine if we all do this together. Marsha Wald is the founder of Art of Living Maui. She has a passion to help people achieve their best by offering workshops and tools that are practical and applicable, such as feng shui, life strategies coaching, Reiki and numerology. Visit www.artoflivingmaui.com.

Summer, 2020

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Living In The Mystery Rather Than The Conspiracy By Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP Human minds tend to reach toward certainty; it feels soothing, even when that certainty limits our perspective and options. In my everyday work, I help shine light on subtle mental programs learned in early childhood that limit a person’s potential to thrive and shine their light in this world. We understand that our human operating system is always doing the best it can with what it knows, and solving for maintenance of safety and avoidance of danger. And until we activate our neocortex to come online with updated understandings of our true safety, we will be unconsciously run by our more simplistic amygdala and brain stem, valuing stability over complexity. Today our collective is navigating unprecedented chaos, and I am witnessing the desperate grasping for certainty, even if that certainty is a false platform and not in contact with the real ground. Some people are clinging to mainstream corporate medicine and vaccines as our saviors. Others are reaching for conspiracy theories to explain away their existential anxiety. I would like to be a champion for critical thinking and living in the mystery of the unknown. My sense with conspiracy theories is that

Herbal “Cure” For COVID-19 Announced

On April 20, 2020, Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina announced the development of a promising herbal tonic for COVID-19, that he claims is a cure. Formulated at the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research in the island country off the east coast of Africa, the tonic is called Covid-Organics. It is made from an existing traditional non-toxic herbal formula for malaria with some new twists. The new formula has been met with skepticism. In late May, according to ghanaweb. com, President Rajoelina said “WHO will sign a confidentiality clause on the formulation of the Covid-Organics and will support the clinical observations process in Africa.” Check updates through your favorite search engine, as the product is not being distributed in the United States just yet. If it works, a vaccine for COVID-19 may not be necessary, as it is being used for prevention as well as a cure.

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it is really tricky for people to come to terms with the randomness of tragedies. On a primitive level their minds feel more secure having a bad guy to blame. I witnessed this recently when Amanda was missing in the Makawao Forest. Very quickly people started dreaming up nefarious scenarios, first about what may have happened to her, and then even more crazy theories about her motives once she was found. I suppose it’s hard, especially at times when emotions are strong, for people to imagine there are simple explanations, random tragedies, and also random miracles. Here are several common cognitive biases to keep an eye out for: Confirmation Bias: The tendency to easily accept information that confirms your point of view and reject information that does not support it. Anchoring Bias: The tendency to place

Summer, 2020

excessive weight or importance on one piece of information – often the first piece of information you learned about a topic. Availability Cascade: Tied to our need for social belonging, an idea accumulates more credibility as it spreads – e.g., “I’ve heard this from a bunch of people so there must be some truth in it.” Dunning-Kruger Effect: The tendency for incompetent people to overestimate their competence, and very competent people to underestimate their competence. System Justification Bias: The tendency to try to actively maintain the status quo. Reactive Devaluation: Devaluing an idea because it originated from an opponent or adversary. Sunk Cost Fallacy: When we double down on our past choices. We invest more in things that have cost us something (even just time and energy) rather than altering our investments, even if we face negative outcomes. My wish for humanity right now is that we get a little more comfortable with living in the mystery. This Earthwalk is a wild adventure, and none of us are getting out of here alive. Are we going to spend our precious life force trying to employ an anxious mind into figuring out what exactly is happening? Or is a better world in closer reach when we invest our energy directly into acts of kindness, service, and beauty? Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP has enjoyed over 10,000 hours of working with couples and individuals to clear unconscious blocks and create the lives and relationships of their dreams. She offers sessions from her home office in Haiku or over video. Visit www.consciouslife.us or www.conscious.love for more info.

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Microgreens: Not Just A Garnish! By Shone Edel Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, giving us a variety of exciting and healthy options. Microgreens are among these. We have seen these beautiful little greens used sparingly in restaurants and cooking shows, but that does not give them the credence they rightly deserve. Microgreens are loved by chefs and foodies. However, they are also superfoods, packed with 4-40 times more nutrients than their mature plants. It is best to consume them as a food group, not just as a pretty garnish. They are delicious, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and are probably the healthiest food on the planet. They have a variety of tastes – from sweet, crunchy and nutty to spicy and more spicy! Every dish will be enhanced with microgreens, such as shakes, smoothies, eggs, sandwiches, soups, tacos, pizza and salads. On our Hana farm, we grow arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, daikon, kale, lettuce, peas, radishes, spinach and wasabi microgreens. The USDA Agricultural Research Service has identified multiple key nutrients that are packed into microgreens, including ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), tocopherols (Vitamin E), phylloquinone (Vitamin K) and beta-carotene (a Vitamin A precursor). Microgreens are the future of food. They grow quickly and an abundant supply is possible. Our microgreens are grown in a screened space filled with sun and fresh air. We personally eat tons of our labor-intensive microgreens. We have also created some new products – pea pesto, an organic pea protein powder, and a superfood microgreen spice. Every Monday we trek to Central Maui and Kihei to deliver our microgreens to delighted customers. We look forward to sharing them with you! Froyam and Shone Edel have owned an organic farm in Hana for 15 years. They’ve been food industry participants for longer than that! Their focus is to provide great food and products that facilitate a healthier diet and lifestyle. For more information, visit www.microgreens-heal.com, email info@microgreens-heal.com, or call/text 808.281.5508.

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Sifting Through Layers During Sacred Home Time By Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT Upon hearing that COVID-19 arrived, my heart fired up into intensified service-devotion. Internally prompted to leave California a while back, I felt that climatic world waves would be non-nourishing for me there. When pivotal times hit, I was happy to be home in Hawaii. A sacred time has begun. The Light Generator Beings have prepared for navigating new waves of light. Immediately letting clients know about my greatly reduced rates for quarantine – the innerintrospection time – caused an avalanche of calls. What delights me most is that people are calling in states of peace. Humans all over the globe share a perspective: Time for Mama Earth to have some rest. It’s a time for humans to listen deeply to animals and nature. Time for each individual to make major inner changes – re-navigating freshly, contributing to new realities in harmony. Thank you, Light Beings! My own journey has been beautiful yet challenging, too. Not being able to visit my dad in California, who I had invited to move here just before the virus started, has turned out to be as graced as visiting would have been. We talk frequently as he is in his last phases of life on earth, and at home happily in love with my stepmother. I note immense light beaming through him, a child-like heart of innocence returned. This amplifies my experience that each moment with each loved being is sacred. I’m loving home with my cats; and sifting through layers of physical, mental, emotional, and beyond incarnate self, into eternity. I’m finding energies of sweetness, plus harsher layers ready to go; vibrations of expansion, and contractions ready to be tenderly loved into new births as they

arise. Accepting each aspect of emerging existence though “I” in quiet revelry with beloved cats, fulfills profoundly. Becoming new, reincarnated versions of self without leaving the body is pleasurably glorious some moments, and strained with peculiar flavors in other moments. Helping clients in similar discoveries brings new peace, a new world, birthed through everyone! Gratitude encompasses. Life long issues intensified for final evacua-

CAROLYN QUAN Award-Winning, Internationally-Collected Artist

Visions of Hope and Beauty



Maui Vision Magazine

Summer, 2020

tion, are calling forth love and forgiveness in the exit. Experiencing energies departing, relaxing deeper into home temple, is jubilant. Previous planetary times called forth hearts merging together. This era, each individual is asked to energetically define self with the connection to sun and ground, heart-miles-into-eternity, 360-degree directions emanating. Each is finding his/her unique way from Source, not schemes. When sitting with people and animals, I am touched by how each one is constructed uniquely with a variety of characteristics informing how to orient, approach, express, assume, contribute. Humans, honor thy inner workings! Learn from animals. Animals inspire me to listen deeply to self and other as inquiry, not knowing, and instead finding out what is present each moment. It’s been deeply smooth and easy with a variety of friends and family, while alarmingly painful and aggravating with others. Both experiences are instant feedback on how to revise and create while in earth school. Clients share similar experiences, so helping each to find his or her own truth is miraculous in energetic results. Those ready to hear animal friends’ wisdom on this, receive joy! We are all in this together. Each must find a unique way. Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT is a human and animal telepathic reader and author. She assists people with understanding their animal’s communications. She experiences great joy in helping people to erase financial, career, and relational troubles so as to build fulfilling realities. Visit her websites, www.animiracles.com and www.animiracles.com/new. Contact her at drlaurieanimiracles@gmail.com or 831.477.7007.

Masks And Isolation Cause PTSD

By Shone Edel Our world is enveloped in a pandemic. COVID-19 is unlike anything we have experienced. What was believed to be “normal” has shifted worldwide with daily changes. Our quest for a cure keeps us focused on the media. “We are all in this together” is what we hear, despite our feelings of stress and aloneness. Worry and fear have taken over. Pressure is everywhere with no definitive answers. The thought of isolation can be terrifying for many. Feeling hopeless and depressed, missing our families and loved ones may become our primary focus. How can we come to terms with a family member dying in a hospital alone? Who of us does not feel sadness when first responders get the virus themselves? Too many are affected with PTSD, not realizing how deeply. Just wearing a mask can be frightening for some people, not to mention being isolated from loved ones. The Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy that I offer has profound effects. I have personally seen dramatic and deep changes in people severely damaged mentally, physically and spiritually. As memories fade, a comfortable level of detachment remains. The treatment works gently, allowing you to experience a peaceful shift. Time will pass and triggers are gone. These treatments can bring you to a place of spiritual equilibrium. My late father was in the RCAF in WWII. He suffered severe PTSD and was treated with shock therapy, which negatively affected his life and our family. Thinking of what he must have experienced in that war propels me to make these gentle and effective treatments available. I feel a great passion to help people suffering from this debilitating illness. Shone Edel, BA, NHC has been practicing homeopathy on Maui for over 20 years. Maui Homeopathy has created a line of wellness products available online and in stores across Hawaii. For more information: 808.248.7568, www.mauihomeopathy.com. Location: 210 Imi Kala Street, Suite S4, Wailuku.

Depressed? I help people overcome Depression without medication. Are you interested? Call me for details: (808) 579-8810 Maurgana Stiastny, MAcOM, LAc, LMT,

is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist. She also is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ therapist. Over 29 years of experience using integrative natural medicine for health and wellness.

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Finding Tranquility And Calm By Amitabh Amidor During the past few months, we have experienced a unique and delicate situation where people around the globe have been forced to stay at home in order to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The lack of predictability, mobility, connection, and physical/financial safety has created anxiety and stress for many. Practices that support self-care and selfregulation can assist us in reducing stress and anxiety, and can even create pleasant experiences in this time of uncertainty. Protective measures, such as a consistent healthy routine, exercise, virtual connections and time in nature, can help tremendously. It is also important to relax, connect to ourselves and find peace within. This is not always easy, especially when unpleasant thoughts and sensations can bring us towards feeling overwhelmed. Somatic Experiencing® (SE®) is a therapeutic method that assists in the healing of trauma, PTSD and stress-related issues through utilizing tools that bring self-regulation and ease into our lives. SE® creates a mind-body dialogue that opens the gates to deeper understanding of the nature of our anxiety and stressors. These tools help us to regulate our nervous system, which in turn brings us towards greater internal balance. When we are balanced, we can feel safe and at ease. Anxiety and stress are internal states that produce negative thoughts, emotions and sensations, while peace is an internal state that produces calm, ease and joy. When we are faced with difficult situations such as the current pandemic, finding tranquility and calm within ourselves is a goal worth pursuing. From a state of inner peace, we can have peace with the current situation and with our surroundings. In that way we turn adversity into gold, anxiety into peace of mind, fear into acceptance, and isolation into inner connection. Amitabh Amidor is a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner. Amitabh works with individuals and groups, supporting people in their journey towards well-being.Call 808.740.1528, email SomaticTherapyMaui@gmail.com, or visit www.SomaticTherapyMaui.com to get in touch.

Witnessing A Global Initiation

By Amorah St. John Never before in the history of humanity has every person on the planet experienced the same thing at the same time. I’ve spent half a lifetime wondering what it would take to unify the people of the world in a single, shape-shifting experience. Well, now I know. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our entire global family regardless of race, age, sex, income, fame and faith. It’s clear we have the same fears and desires for a better world, and we are banding together in light of this pandemic. As a community of souls, we are in the midst of a profound initiation. Each of us, in our own way, is engaged in a search for what’s important in a 3-D world blasted by a deadly virus. We begin to examine what we are here for, what is the real purpose of this virus, and what is our unique contribution in this changing landscape. There’s a new narrative now taking place around the planet. Evolution is speeding up. We have no choice but to buckle up our seatbelts and go with it. I love the creativity that is bubbling up with people having more time and energy to pursue their artistic passions. Our social media is a creative stream of inspiration and inner-tainment. Imaginations are on fire. Everyone I talk to is grateful for this down time, while acknowledging the tragedy of lost lives. Summertime is when people usually come out to play, smell the roses, and bask in the glory of a new season. Maui summers are getting hotter; let’s use this fiery energy. I hope the sun’s rays fire up our resolve to mine the gold coming from this global crisis. Now is the time to really rest, rejuvenate and re-evaluate our lives. If not now, when? Amorah St. John is a writer, producer and host of “Gutsy Women” on Maui’s community radio station, KAKU 88.5FM. Fridays at 11:00 a.m., replay Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.

Summer, 2020

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REIKI NATURAL HEALING TREATMENTS, TRAINING, SUPPLIES Shalandra Abbey, Reiki Master 808.280.7704 www.ReikiHawaii.com

TAOIST ABDOMINAL MASSAGE Chi Nei Tsang Maui Hawaii 310-490-7493 shrisheri.com

REIKI PRACTITIONER & STUDIO William Sabal, 808.244.4536 www.valleyislereiki.com

TAX PROBLEM RESOLUTION The Maui Tax Resolution Center 808-575-9911 Juliet Kong, EA www.MauiTaxResolution.com

REIKI SESSIONS & TRAINING Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 www.mauireiki.com

WHOLISTIC CATERING SERVICE Cindi Nand 808.264.4177 www.WholisticRetreatCatering.com

REIKI TREATMENTS & TRAININGS Jenna Keck, Reiki Master www.ReikiWithJenna.com 408.621.4102

YOGA CLASSES - LAHAINA Island Spirit Yoga Maui 667-2111 www.islandspirityoga.com

RELAXING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Lomi Hanamana 808-214-5054 LomiHanamana.com – John Gelert RETREATS - HEALING CENTER www.mauihealingretreat.com 808) 870-3711 SACRED SEXUALITY COACHING Tomas Heartfield 808 572-1250 www.talkinghearts.com SHAMANIC HEALING Genesis Young 874-8646 SOMATIC THERAPY Amitabh Amador 808.740.1528 SomaticTherapyMaui.com

YOGA/MASSAGE/ACUPUNCTURE Maha Yoga & Wellness Center www.maha-yoga.com 808.868.6475

HERE'S HOW TO PLACE a Healthy Maui Directory listing for your business or healing practice! Format is: CATEGORY IN ALL CAPS Your name or name of business Phone #, Email or Website. 3 lines are $15 for 3 issues, extra lines are $5.00. Email your listing to MauiVision@aol.com and we will send you billing instructions.

PAUL OBrien’s

Visionary i Ching A modern version of the oracle designed for better decisions, better relationships, less stress Now available for iPhone and Android

Mining Business Gold Online

By Taryn Kama As I write this article, most of the world is in some version of a ‘lockdown.’ With the world in economic chaos, a few clients have asked me lately, “What should I be doing with my business to get it on-line?” In this context, they are asking more about live video conferencing rather than just having a website. While the answer is different for every person and every business, here are things to consider when contemplating live video. Doing business online is more complicated than just doing a Facebook Live event or Zoom conference, though both are relatively easy to do. Before you set something up, consider your content, audience, media and promotion. What kind of content are you going to provide and who is your audience? Is it entertainment, a lecture, or a discussion? How does your business translate on-line? Who are you trying to reach, and how many? The type of technology you would use would depend on your answers to those questions. A few mediums that offer group conferencing include: Zoom, Facebook, Crowdcast, Instagram, Ring Central, and more. Zoom and Facebook are the most widely used by businesses and professionals. Free Zoom accounts have a 40-minute time limit. Instagram and Ring Central users are younger and ‘in the know.’ Crowdcast is most often used by musicians. How will you get the word out? Do you have an email list of clients who have used your service? If so, promote your virtual event there as well as on your social media pages. Give people at least a week’s notice, and then do reminders via social media at least a couple of times before your event and then 10 minutes before. Taryn Kama is a Maui-based media expert and college professor. She is the owner of Go Get it Media, a business that provides media services and workshops/education on on-line marketing for heart-centered businesses. Visit www.gogetitmedia.com.

Pandemic Special! Psychic Readings By Donation

Haiku Helen

A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years We’re on a Roller Coaster Ride with this Pandemic Opening to New Realities. Give me a ring, let’s talk...

“When I have a difficult decision or concern, I call Helen. She helps me ‘see’ through ‘real eyes’ what resonates with who I am at the soul level. I find joy is an experience of path intertwining with the soul. Helen shines a light that helps me see both.” - William Greenleaf “If you are asking yourself anything at all, need advice or find yourself rumbling through your head of how to handle something, give Helen a call. She listens beyond the voice, not only to you but from another place that holds the wisdom of how to navigate through your life in a more peaceful, productive and fulfilling way. She is one of the wisest shamans I know. In addition to her wizardry she has a huge loving playful heart.” - Chef Teton Phone reading: “Speaking with Helen was a life changing experience. I can not recommend her highly enough. Remote healing really works.”


Donations accepted / appreciated. Text (808) 276-4859 or email haikuhelen@twc.com to set up a session Also: E-mail Promotion visit haikuhelen.com

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EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGER, TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALER. Guided Meditation Journeys. Seer. UnWind the Soul with Juliet Butters Doty. 25 years in business. Healing Sanctuary in Pukalani, Now is the time. 808-359-8676 www.unwindthesoul.com

GOT CRYSTALS? Why not put some crystal HEALING energy in your home? Crystals come to us from all over the planet, each with a unique frequency and special healing ‘assignment.’ They are all beautiful to look at as well. You will enhance your personal space with uplifting crystal energy and your body and immune system will benefit. NEW treats from the Tucson Gem Show in Feb. a magnificent new selection of ‘crystal babies.’ Come See! By private appointment in Haiku and at our monthly “Mystic Holistic Wellness Fair & Crystal Sale,”(see listings-7/19 & 8/16-) @ the VFW in Kihei; All price ranges ~ unique gifts. Call for vendor info for Holistic Fairs; Judy @ 269-7762 RE-SPARK YOURSELF! Veteran U.K. Portrait and Boudoir Photographer offers: consultation, photo shoot and 10 edited digital images~ Use for personal social media, and the empowerment of your Divine Feminine. I'll bring you backdrops, lighting and many years experience. By donation. Call or email: Michael 808.269.6785 . michaeljd. maui@gmail.com COSMIC CHANNELS FOR CO-CREATIVITY & HEALING ~ Mary-Allana Holmes 540-449-6221 www.CosmicChannels.com REIKI HAWAII - Distant Reiki Treatments are invaluable to relieve stress while healing body, mind and spirit. Reiki is an energy medicine healing art. Find Gift Certificates, Treatments, Training, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. Visit www.ReikiHawaii.com or call 808.280.7704 ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR ~ Dr. Laurie Moore. Heartto-heart understanding of your animal beloved’s needs, feelings, insights, perceptions and gifts to you. I speak to all species (domestic and wild) alive or passed over. 831-477-7007 www.animiracles.com/new www.animiracles.com drlaurieanimiracles@Gmail.com Kamaaina Rates 808 WELLNESS, www.808wellness.com ~ Healing Spa & Yoga Studio in South Kihei, MAE #3142. Join our Premier 808 Wellness Healing Arts Network! Be recognized and become a part of our 808 tribe of healers either online or in-studio! Available for all healers or instructors for all things wellness or community-related. Contact us today to apply: info@808wellness.com or find more details online. ARE YOU FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY? International Astrologer Marci Winters is offering astrological consultations by donation – www.marciwintersastrology.com Call (512) 662–0904 - All inquiries welcome - Individual – Relationship - Relocation ACADEMIC SERVICES - Maui’s BEST tutoring for 25+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. editor@ MauimsMD.com or 463-0779 GENUINE PSYCHIC answers your question or thrills your guests; crystal ball and gypsy regalia optional. naia96708@yahoo.com READY TO BUY an Inflatable Standup Paddle Board or Inflatable Longboard? M2W, a Maui-based company, offers Maui Vision readers $50 off: use discount code: FRIENDS2020. Go to https://mountainstowater.com/.

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MAUI BODYWORK & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE LLC. Integrating Aston® Patterning, postural alignment, ergonomics, movement coaching, lymphatic drainage, & therapeutic massage to facilitate recovery from acute injuries, sports injuries, chronic/overuse injuries, accidents, surgery. Shelagh Sandstedt (Lampshire), MAT-11571. 808-344-2017. www.mauibodyworkmassage.com. GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover this True Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, DC is an authorized international consultant/practitioner and instructor of GMN founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioner's effectiveness and the use of modalities and/ or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the 5 Biological Laws. www.germannewmedicine-au.com or call (808) 244-0415. LOMI HANAMANA Massage Sessions, Workshops, and Gift Certificates - Call 808-214-5054 AMITABH AMIDOR, SEP. Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner for healing trauma, anxiety, PTSD and stress. (808) 740-1528, SomaticTherapyMaui@gmail.com, www.SomaticTherapyMaui.com 37 ACRES UPPER KANIO Bring your 4 wheel drive. $599,000 w/ electric and near water. Build with catchment water. Rocked walls. Hunters? Never want to have visitors? This could be 4 U. View of ocean and Mauna Kea. Next to hundreds of acres of conservation lands. Google MLS 382936. Sylvia Cabral Realty RB 14394 sylviacabralmaui@gmail.com 808 879 9007 SACRED PLANT MEDICINE JOURNEYS ~ Explore the ancient combination of Cannabis and Yoga, Conscious Cannabis Circles and Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Journeys. Experience release of long held physical and emotional patterns. Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga classes Friday at 4PM at Temple of Peace in Haiku. Breathe, feel and heal! Also available for private and small group conscious cannabis circles. Call 808-344-4788 or Email Bre@brewolfe.com or visit www.brewolfe.com for more info. Bre Wolfe is a 500 hour RYT Yoga Alliance teacher, Certified Professional Integrative Life Coach and Certified Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Sitter. MEDIUM/CHANNEL- Do you wish you could have one more conversation with a loved one on the other side? Would you like to expand your own intuitive gifts? Are you curious how your past lives are influencing you now? Receive insightful messages of love, hope & encouragement from your Beloveds, Spirit Guides, & Angels to help, comfort and guide you on your life journey. Betsy Palmer is an empathic medium/channel here to help facilitate your transformation. Please contact her at: 808.250.4661, betsypalmermedium.com EAT LOCAL, EAT HEALTHY! Broth Café at Alive and Well, curbside pick up, call 808.877.4950 or visit www. brothataliveandwell.com. CHRISTIAN COUNSELING With Rev. Dr. Ayin Adams, D.D 808-276-6864 Is it time to RECREATE YOUR LIFE? Business and Life Coaching to connect your skills and talents to what’s needed now in the world. Transform Fear, Apathy, Blockages. Coaching sessions via Telephone or Zoom. Recreate Your Life workbooks: 3rd edition in binder $12.00. 4th edition PDF online, $17.00. Contact Nina Cherry, Certified Hakomi Therapist, Graduate Corporate Coach University, 35 years experience. Nina@NinaCherry.com

Summer, 2020

ORGANIC SUPERFOOD www.organiccommunitymarket.com ‘Putting well being of people before profit.’ 9/20 Learn Compassion and Forgiveness by Understanding Yourself and Others ~ LOVE AND DESTINY CARD READINGS are a great way to learn about yourself and others. I offer several different readings including Individual, Love or Friend Connections, and Destiny. Please visit my website: www.loveanddestinyreadings.com REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 5724177 www.mauireiki.com “HANA DAY VISITORS” Come along, sacred sitessacred sounds. Exclusive tour/healing, Native Hawaiian host and Sound Healer. Same day booking 2-3 hr. session. 600-0376 AlikaSoundHealingMaui.com (12/19) CHI NEI TSANG applied Chi Gong to the organs & foot reflexology treatments call 310-490-7493 www.shrisheri.com PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship concerns, business issues, and spirit messages. Phone and in person sessions available. Liah Howard 808-269-3137 www.liahhoward.com ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. 808. 879.2287 www.SouthMauiAcupuncture.com. (6/20) LOMI KE ALA HŌKŪ – PATHWAY TO THE STARS. Private Sessions & Training Retreats in Sacred Pre-Polynesian Bodywork addressing Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Ancestral Bodies with Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. www.LineageofLight.com for more information. (12/20) IF YOUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZES IN: healing, creating or inspiring and you want assistance or training with your marketing or website, we can help. www.GoGetitMedia.com. DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF, 808 348 8311, Aloha Medical Massage Solutions. Michele Leilani MMP, LMT# 15960, https://aloha-medical.massagetherapy.com/ ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! Maui Vision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 2807893 or visit www.mauivision.net for details ARE YOU READY TO RENEW Your Body, Mind & Spirit? Rhonda J. Felix is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in Reflexology. She is a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” classes, and offers group and individual sessions, as well as counseling through Dream Yoga. Call (808) 205-8302 today to discuss your renewal options! Visit soulspacemaui.com, Kahului Swap Meet on Saturday space 642. CONSCIOUSMAUI.COM, Maui’s conscious business guide. Find local businesses to support, Events, Special Offers, Opportunities to Volunteer, Surf & Weather and more!

HOW TO PLACE A CALENDAR OR CLASSIFIED LISTING Place your listing by email to MauiVision@aol.com. Classified ads are 30 cents per word, no minimum. We will email billing instructions to you. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Fri., Aug. 14 for the fall edition publishing on Sat., Aug. 29. (Covers the months of Sept., Oct. and Nov. 2020).


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Go to http://www.TheCenterForWorldPeace.Love and read Curriculum Vitae (CV) Course Of Life Parts 1-10. Page 28

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Summer, 2020

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Maui Vision Magazine, Summer, 2020 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

Maui Vision Magazine, Summer, 2020 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

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