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Native Wisdom

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Vol. 13, No. 6 Feb./March, 2014 808/669-9091

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

Just Imagine, A Forever World’s Fair!

By Mark Sheehan “In the burnished copper Cauldron the Sorceress stirs her Futuristic Vision. Conjuring Incantations that call forth all Celestial Magicians. To Dream The Promised Destiny of the Forever World’s Fair into this Time and Space. It is a Gift of Alchemy. Disguised within a wondrous playful illusion that Births Collective Consciousness upon this Ailing Planet.” - Sapphire Moon

The amazing enchantress, Sapphire Moon, formerly of Maui and now living on the Big Island, called me one year ago to share a vision she had of a Forever World’s Fair. She told me it has to be on Maui and that I am supposed to be involved with it. Intrigued but busy, I tried to forget about it only to have it keep resurfacing in my thoughts. I recalled my elation spending three spellbound days at the Vancouver Expo in 1986 – fabulous architecture, brilliant displays, a world of creativity, exciting ideas and innovations. I remembered my stint as director of an experimental high school in California during the late 1960s, where we had to challenge students to go far beyond their limits. In the fall of 1969, the staff and students built 17 geodesic domes big enough inside to live. That winter we published Domebook, a 100-page “how to” book that displayed domes along with plans and building systems we used. Overnight, our adventurous spirit made our school a must-see attraction for innovative builders and creative educators. Years later, on Maui, I built three bamboo structures on my Haiku farm; first because I liked the look and the idea of building with the most sustainable product available, and second to serve as a demonstration site for people to check out the new and beautiful.

But a Forever Fair on Maui? Where might one go with these ideas? What comes to your mind? Tease your imagination and see what comes up! For me, “forever” not only means ongoing, like the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu’s north shore. It also conveys a meaning of sustainability – something that will continue for a very long time (in contrast to extraction / contamination / exploitation trends that we are seeing). A n i n t e rnational design competition will announce the Fair and draw upon resources and talents from around the world, just as the algae / bamboo competition did to inspire great bamboo designers. The Fair itself could sprawl out across the Central Maui plain, while reclaiming the soil and water in the process. Visitors could rent the newest electric vehicles to cruise around the fairways of low-rise pavilions. An enormous variety of inspiring projects would display and demonstrate sustainable technologies from Karachi to Kirabati – permaculture, nature farming, biodynamics, indigenous systems and innovations from science and new community experiments. More than mere displays of healthy forests and their benefits, there would be forests of bamboo as well as hemp and the oxygen-free furnaces that generate energy plus

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biochar to clean up the land. In the same spirit there will be various plazas of innovative buildings – eco domes, straw bale and hemp houses, thatch huts and bamboo villages, along with the craft workers demonstrating their skills. In addition to showcasing inspiring designs and innovative systems, the Fair will be a 3D Whole Earth Catalog of tools for building and maintaining ecological living. Visitors will walk through buildings that clean up water and generate their own power, and will be able to check out the latest solar, wind and algae technologies. And of course, all of the food available at the Fair will be grown on site using best practices from biodynamics, hydroponics, etc. To get a better idea of what this might look like, go to to find links to visionary projects and ecopreneurs like the team behind the Open Source Ecology movement. Know of a great technology or system? Let me know. Large-scale visionary projects draw great talents to them; they attract serious problem solvers and visitors who want to go beyond the farm tours and standard attractions to see the new and amazing. With Hoku Nui, Oprah Farms and all of the members of the Maui Farmers Union, we are already a nexus for sustainable development. The Fair could become Maui’s 21st century premier tourist attraction. Take time to explore more at! Mark Sheehan is a real estate broker and president of HAPI, an organic farm / training center in Haiku. An original member of Maui Tomorrow, he currently works with Shaka Movement (.org). Contact:, 808.283.2158.

Call 808 264-0450 Aloha nui loa, James.

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Isn’t It Time To Go Deeper? Journey within Find your inner truth and beauty Seek your own answers.

Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CCHt

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February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

Eric with Carolyn Quan, producer of Maui Open Studios

Native Wisdom

“Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth: Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty.” - Native American Elder We draw our Native Wisdom from so many places, including our heritage, family traditions, religion, education, friends, popular culture, and for the more sensitive among us, direct mystical experiences and lessons of our past lives. The Native Wisdom we cultivate within is the highest vibrational frequency of truth to which we can attune; it’s the truth of our Being. It plays out in our perception of our personal experiences. For you, do you see the glass half full of water or half empty? Drawing from your wisdom, and your own self-judgments, are you reacting to a life of fear, lack and limitation, or nurturing one of love, abundance and freedom? Taking time everyday to “get your head on straight” through spiritual practices can be the tipping point towards the positive, to help you change your viewpoint to better contend with this frenetic world and to create a healthier lifestyle. Take some time out, get your groove on and enjoy this issue! - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Visit to find Maui’s holistic community, an online events calendar, and complete advertising information and writers’ guidelines. Also, find us on Facebook. ON THE COVER: “Healing Garden (variation)” by Carolyn Quan. Carolyn Quan is an award-winning, internationallycollected photo collage artist whose work has been shown in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and numerous States in the U.S. including the Hawaiian Islands. Two of her nudes are held in the permanent art collection of the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Bloomington, Indiana. After living in Hawaii for 9 years, Carolyn is now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit to view her work and for more information.

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

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Artists Share Their Crafts At Maui Open Studios

The Fourth Annual Maui Open Studios Event will offer art lovers and collectors the opportunity to explore and experience Maui artists up close and personal during each of the four weekends in February. The mission of Maui Open Studios is “to connect the art community with art-lovers on Maui.” This is your chance to share in the passion and creativity of local Maui artists who work in a variety of mediums, get a behind-the-scenes peek of how and where they create their work, connect one-on-one, “talk story,” view live demonstrations, and purchase paintings, blown glass, ceramics, sculpture, wood carvings, photographs and unique jewelry. The entire event is free to the public. This year will include a satellite event – A Talk with Patricia Jennings, author of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawai’i – held on Tuesday, February 11 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center. It’s a free event, but guests must RSVP in advance to The Opening Celebration / Preview Exhibition is Saturday, February 1 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapu ( Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with the artists and preview some of their works, and enjoy a cash bar, no-host pupus and live entertainment. The Maui Open Studios self-guided tours begin the following weekend, on each Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am – 6:00pm. The following is the schedule of dates and locations: February 8 and 9: Upcountry Maui; February 15 and 16: Central Maui, North Shore, Road to Hana and Hana; February 22 and 23: West and South Maui. Pick up a copy of the MOS Guidebook at The Opening Celebration / Preview Exhibition. It contains an artist directory and maps directing you to different studios and exhibition spaces around the island. Guidebooks will also be available throughout the duration of the event at various locations, listed at Or just go green and follow the easy directions online!

Join Dr. Klaper and his talented colleagues, Chef Chad Sarno, yoga teacher Alese Jones and special guest, author and life-coach Alan Cohen for 7 days of cleansing and renewal on beautiful Maui. A medically-supervised retreat with options for juice fasting or light cuisine at Luxurious Lumeria Maui will include daily yoga, meditation, lectures, food preparation classes and more…Optional sightseeing excursions available. DATES for the Retreat: March 30 - April 6th, 2014. Special! New“Off-Campus” Rate For Maui Residents And Visitors!

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The Inner Ocean of Lymphatic Health & The Chinese Art of Gua Sha with JUDY TAYLOR, Author, Int’l Lymphatic Expert, NCBTMB

This 2-session intensive offers participants the opportunity to: • Explore the lymphatic system, the foundation of the body’s immune system; the place where disease & pain begins and ends. • Learn the Chinese Art of Gua Sha, the modality of unblocking the lymphatic system for a lifetime of vitality and health The Art of Gua Sha Kit is included. Bring sheet and oil. Instructor Judy Taylor teaches a natural medical protocol to regain and maintain physical and emotional health. Author of two groundbreaking books, It’s An Inside Job! and Your Inner Ocean – Wisdom for Lymphatic Health, she is nationally certified as a teacher to offer continuing education credits to health professionals. See her website for credentials. More than three times larger than the body’s blood circulation system, the lymphatic system is the foundation of the body’s immunity. It cleanses physical impurities and emotional negativity, making it where pain and disease begins and ends.

February 28 – March 3, 2014

Friday, 6-9 pm; Saturday 10 am-6 pm; and Sunday 1-6 pm, 15 CEUs Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Road, Haiku, HI $440 for Friday-Saturday-Sunday; Early registration discount by February 15, $395

Call now: Judy 928-451-2592

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Here’s The Recipe To Your Family’s Healthy Glow! By Craig King

As a young boy, I had the luxury of helping out at my uncle’s farm in rural Georgia. I would spend days harvesting produce, gathering eggs, milking cows, even churning our own butter. These days were the highlight of my youth. We would spend hours picking okra, tomatoes, collards and turnips in the smoltering hot sun. To build my muscles, I had to carry buckets of water around the farm. Life was simple and things were elemental, but things were great. After long days of hard work, my Aunt Floy would make a big farmstyle dinner. Aunt Floy would always save me the reserve cooking fluid from the collard greens and pour it into mason jars to keep my strength up. When I drank it, my whole body said yes! Not only did it hydrate me, but it would make me feel on top of the world. While embarking on my journey out into the world, I always managed to stay connected to good food and nourishment. I then stumbled upon the world of acting and I became a pitchman for just about any product you could imagine. Bit by bit my soul became depleted from the worldly game of driving consumerism. I suppose I got caught in the pursuit of looking for love and acceptance. Thankfully, I was more interested in sourcing out local ingredients and making dinner for those around me. From Tokyo, to Europe, then all the way back to the United

States, I started making food for everyone I met. I then proceeded to leave Hollywood to further pursue fatherhood, while following my dreams of becoming a chef. Food is such a part of our everyday experience. Other than oxygen and water, it is the most important part of our life. It is the primordial sense of sustenance. Most of us have been disenfranchised from our own direct relationship to nourishment. Some of us plan our meals down to a science, discussing it with our families everytime we get hungry, while others of us tend to just go for whatever is easiest. While neither needs to be labeled

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Maui Vision Magazine

Chef Craig King launched Glow Juice Maui in 2011. He delivers freshly made juices and vegetable broths daily to retail outlets and individuals to facilitate his energizing and healing “Glow Cleanse.” Craig is focused on helping people heal their bodies through nourishment. For more information, visit or call 808.281.2381.

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as bad or good, some of these choices in life tend to slowly pull us towards negative habits. It’s interesting how the most ordinary, yet necessary, function of the human body can get relegated in such a way. As I’ve worked more and more on the vision of delivering nourishment to my community, it has become clear that the solution to our health care woes is a call to action to all fellow lovers of life and wellness to help farmers, chefs and deliverers of daily nourishment in our community. We can start with things as simple as helping the management of local agriculture so that someday our children can bring dinner home from the community garden. That can then, over time, move towards the focus of relieving diabetes and obesity within our families. I propose a toast for change. Here’s to bringing forth that which we desperately need. It is through eating and drinking the garden that we will restore ourselves and our Aloha ‘Āina, our love of the earth. We must evolve from surviving to thriving human beings!

February/March, 2014

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Exploring Death And Beyond

By Lori Grace For years, I have heard stories of many people who survived death. I have also met scientists who have researched communications from the dead. As a result, I have evolved from being very skeptical of near death and life-after-death experiences to being much more open about it. Recently, I had two experiences with the deceased that helped me to shift even more how I feel about death and dead people’s bodies. One was washing and dressing the body of a woman who had been a wonderful friend of mine. At first I was afraid to wash and dress her body because I thought she might smell, or her skin might come off. None of this was true. My friend’s body looked yellowish and peaceful. I then realized I had been influenced by zombie movies I saw as a kid! My second experience was with my son’s father. I found him dead in his apartment when I arrived to take him to a clinic in Mexico. (He died of congestive heart failure.) I was in so much shock and grief from finding him that way that I decided to bypass my skepticism and contact a medium so that I could talk to him. I was recommended to Jamie Butler. Through her, I asked my son’s father about his death. I was amazed at what I heard her say as she channeled him, and I believed her because I was very careful not to tell her anything about him. As a result of this session, my view expanded on the possibility of life after death and deceased people’s ability to contact us. Lori Grace is bringing Ram Dass, Bodhi Be, Jamie Butler, scientists and others to Maui for the conference, “Life, Death, Near Death and Beyond: An Exploration,” March 6-9. She is founder of Sunrise Center (Marin) and owner of Hale Akua Garden Farm (Maui). Contact her at 415.924.7824,, or

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Circle Of Life

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

By Nancy Friedrich Whenever I teach a class, I arrange the seating so that everyone is sitting in a circle. I do this with the intention of imitating the circle of life. Sitting in a circle reminds us of how life is a circle, like the seasons continuously flowing from one into another. We create a whole unit when we sit in a circle. Each person is equal to another; no one is in front of you, no one is behind you, no one above or below you. The quiet softspoken voice brings wisdom, and so does the extroverted person who loves to talk in groups. The diversity creates a stronger whole. Native, indigenous wisdom embodies the understanding of the natural way of life—respectfully protecting the cycle of life and making efforts to live harmoniously. This wisdom is often taught through metaphor in stories or through the teachings of the medicine wheel that includes the four directions, the four seasons, the medicine of these natural phases, the archetypal powers, and even the best form of meditation to use each season. There may be a musical instrument to imitate or evoke the element and gifts of a season in a medicine wheel. Native approaches to healing and living respectfully for the benefit of life are similar around the world, as they are based on the same earthbased wisdom that comes from witnessing the cycles of life and from Nature as our teacher. The human circle of life becomes very evident when our children become adults and we become grandparents. We do not have to have a complex academic education to see these things. Life is right in front of us. Let’s stay in touch with the Native Wisdom inside of each and every one of us. Nancy Friedrich has a healing practice, teaches shamanic workshops and has extensive training in The Four Fold WayTM. Visit Nancy on the web at

A Heavenly Message

By Suzan Proia, C.Ht. Years ago, while in the process of grieving the loss of my husband, I sought assistance from a grief counselor. I felt quite connected and comfortable with her. On the morning of a scheduled appointment, my counselor, “Helen,” phoned. She tearfully told me her grandmother had died. It was obvious that she was struggling with the loss. Helen gave me the option to reschedule as she was not at her best. I sensed it was important to keep our session. That afternoon while I sat across from Helen, our roles reversed. I looked into her swollen eyes and asked her to tell me about her grandmother. As Helen began to reminisce, I was startled to see the shimmering outline of a figure materialize above her head. An elderly woman came into focus. She was floating and had a glowing aura. Slowly, the figure of a man appeared next to the woman. They were Helen’s grandparents. I did not want to upset her, but they wanted Helen to know they were there. I began to describe the apparition and the radiant smiles. Their hands were joined together, tightly clasped. They gazed at each other and down at their hands. When Helen heard this, she began to cry and laugh, simultaneously. “That’s them!” she rejoiced. “That’s them! That’s what my grandparents were known for, they always held hands! No matter what they were doing: eating breakfast, sitting together…” Her grandparents had reunited, sharing their love again. They wanted Helen to know they were together and that she need not feel sad. They had entrusted me to deliver their sacred message. Life is magical, and true love never dies. Suzan Proia, C.Ht. is an EFT practitioner and certified hypnotherapist. Her international private practice is based on Maui. Suzan specializes in personal excellence: eliminating stress, weight, insomnia, grief, trauma, and relationship issues. For a free consultation, call 808.870.8754 or visit

Attune To Nature

By Maribeth Theisen What a rich time in the world’s history! Technology has given us information, freedom and power to accomplish almost anything. As science has evolved, so has spirituality. Some have abandoned antiquated notions of God, discipline and morality to receive knowledge and inspiration from cosmic beings who are wiser than we. Yet, humanity suffers from problems that seem unrelated: poverty, hunger, new diseases, alienation, lack of direction, pollution and global warming. Perhaps these are connected. For millennia, indigenous peoples worldwide lived in harmony with Nature. Rather than subduing or modifying the land, crops or creatures of this planet, they respected them. Humans attuned themselves to rhythms and cycles of time—greeting the sun each day, honoring the changing moon each month, celebrating the seasons of each year. Folks socialized or performed sacred ceremonies according to ancient traditions, giving them a sense of grounding, connection and purpose. For the most part, the earth had clean air and water; creatures and plants thrived. Are we really better off? No, unfortunately. What can we do to get back in balance—with our selves, our friends and family, our communities, our natural resources, this planet, and the Great Spirit? Respect every plant, insect, animal and human; see them as sacred. Notice a deer darting across the road, a bird singing, or the winds changing direction; ‘listen’ for their messages to you. Thank the sun for rising each day and providing light, warmth and growth for the plants that feed you. Notice how your biorhythms are affected by time of day, your environment, and the people around you. During the new moon, imagine yourself having achieved a small goal; repeat your visual ‘prayer’ every night until full moon. Thank your ancestors for having left this planet with the abundant resources you enjoy. Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CCHT provides counseling, hypnotherapy and shamanic healing in person and via Skype. She is proud of her Cherokee heritage. Call 808.269.2923 for more information, or visit http://

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Choose Your Conscious Inner Presence By Liah Howard Sometimes, regardless of our spiritual growth and development, we “slip” and revert back to old behaviors. However, there are ways to avoid acting out our worst selves and instead access our deeper inner presence. For example, today all of the wisdom I have gleaned through years of meditation, therapy and self-awareness almost slipped away as I stood at the noisy car repair shop for the third time this week. I felt my blood begin to boil as the attendant told me they could not fix the problem that I thought had been created by them. Perhaps because my cell phone broke only an hour earlier, my normal kind demeanor receded and I felt an angry red monster growing inside me that wanted to scream. Meanwhile, the loud grinding sounds of the shop assaulted my ears as I strained to hear the mechanic tell me the bad news. It was in that moment, by the grace of God, that I made a healthy choice. Moments before I exploded, I stepped away and began to pace furiously up and down the sidewalk. I heightened my awareness of my breath as I walked wildly back and forth, clutching my dead cell phone. Ten minutes later, as my breathing slowed down along with my pace, I felt a wave of fear that had been hidden by the anger. The fear was quickly followed by tears hiding deep inside. I felt very small and helpless without my car and phone, and I wondered how I would work and make money without these essentials. My survival

mechanism had been triggered and my defenses were up. I imagined it would cost a good deal of money and time, and cause much inconvenience, to fix both of them. I didn’t feel equipped to handle losing the freedom the car afforded me, or the connection to the world my smart phone gave me. I was confronted with being solely in the moment, stripped of external escapes. I was stuck in time, in a place I did not want to be. Then suddenly, as if by magic, my gaze

shifted from the sidewalk to the beautiful mountains in the distance. My anxiety was replaced with presence. I remembered that I am not alone. I stopped walking; I bowed my head, closed my eyes and asked to be relieved of my anxiety and to have it replaced with faith that all would work out okay. I felt a wave of gratitude fill me. I knew I would get through this very human condition and my life would go on as needed. We never know when we will be pushed to the limit of our patience until something happens that is beyond our control and we find ourselves losing our temper. It takes a concerted effort to change our reactionary response and choose peace instead. If we have put in the time to meditate daily, then we have a reserve of peacefulness we can tap into and we are more likely to find our way back to our loving selves much faster. Perhaps the key to avoid “slipping” is to pay attention to our bodies’ signals and interrupt the take-over of our emotions. Our soul’s wisdom is always there if we push ourselves to access it. Our ability to make healthy choices increases when we break free from our instinctual responses and choose instead our conscious inner presence that is our native wisdom. Liah Howard is a psychic/channel and teacher of channeling and intuitive development. Visit for free meditations, inspiring articles, radio and TV interviews, her newsletter and online classes. Email her at or call 808.269.3137.

Dr. Erin Elster, D.C.,

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Published research articles by Dr. Elster: • Migraine, Cluster & Tension Headaches • Dizziness, Vertigo, Meniere’s, Labyrinthitis & Disembarkment Syndrome • Chronic Neck & Spinal Pain • Whiplash, Post-Concussion Syndrome & Head Trauma

Dr. Erin Elster, D.C.

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Mahalo, Kahu

By Jody Soltau Mountain My teacher was Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i, Aua’ia Maka’i’ole ‘Uliama.’ His family hailed from the Big Island, and went generations back avoiding any conversion to Christianity. His was a pure, unbroken line of wisdom from ancient, prePolynesian invasion Hawai’i. Kahu had nine different lineages of expertise passing through him, and he was an exceptional human being. His perspective was broad and allencompassing as he guided us through what he called ‘a time-break in the consciousness of our modern conceptual base.’ We were being guided back to the experience of ‘Indigenous Mind,’ a way of being most aligned with our natural state as human beings. His Ancient Wisdom came from the worldview that we are one being: mind, emotions, physical body, memory, spirit, hopes and dreams—navigating each moment as One. The path of his healing work involved addressing the wholeness of who we are and allowing ourselves to experience this simple truth. Every thought occurs in some way, in each cell of our bodies. It’s the same with every emotion. Every situation we have ever experienced has been registered, absorbed and recognized by every atom. If we move through our lives embracing the modern perception that the brain rules the body and each part of the body exists only for a specific function, we lose access to the mana (energy) and wisdom gathered by our cellular intelligence. By listening deeply to this intelligence, we can more fully embody our passion, purpose and creativity, and begin to ‘understand the beauty of our being—the empowered expression of that which we are here and now.’ Mahalo Kahu. Jody Soltau Mountain is a bodyworker and workshop facilitator. She will offer a free introductory evening February 7th at Montessori School of Maui. Jody will lead a 6-day training retreat March 9-14 in Hana. She also offers private transformational sessions of Kahuna bodywork and core & cellular healing. Visit

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Success On Your Own Terms By Paul O’Brien A new year is upon us – both solar and lunar (Chinese) versions. Some common rites this time of year include setting goals and making resolutions. My next book – “Great Decisions, Perfect Timing” – is about how to activate intuition and leverage synchronicities for greater success, happiness, abundance and joy in fulfilling your needs and wants. This means different things for people of different temperaments and stages of life. So, it is important that our vision of success be in alignment with who we have discovered ourselves to be. It’s an anguishing waste of time to compare oneself with others. True success can only be measured in your own terms. So, what does success mean for you? Have you defined it for yourself lately? With spring approaching, this is an excellent time for restarting. Success can take many forms. Your definition depends upon what you value most highly – not what anyone else wants (or what you think most people want). The story of my cousin Lennie illustrates the point brilliantly. He defined success for himself and has been living it for 25 years. Lennie sold his thriving barbershop 27 years ago and purchased 12 acres on Lake Leelanau, Michigan, a few miles from the village where he

grew up. He lives in a house that he built with help from friends near the large spring-fed lake. Lennie built a passive-solar home into the south side of a hill, using beautiful ash wood he harvested from trees growing there for floors and paneling. He cultivated a huge garden and dug out two ponds for trout, which receive fresh flowing water from

Happy Brew Year!

Paul O’Brien is author of Visionary I Ching smartphone app and ebooks. He is founder of the educational non-profit, which provides philosophical support and techniques for activating intuition and upgrading beliefs.

Find Locations at Bryan Willard (760) 458-1120

Come experience how music and Mother Nature move you.

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

Beach Dance

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Radiant Breath Work

an artesian spring on the property. Not only does he fish, but Lennie also hunts. He eats what he catches. This means plenty of venison, stored for consumption year round. His life requires plenty of work, but it has a beautiful simplicity and Lennie is remarkably self-sufficient. His utility bills are almost nil and he makes less than $10,000/year, mostly from working one day a week in his friend’s barbershop. Lennie’s way was to trade off accumulating money for low overhead, living close to the land in an organic, non-wasteful way. He has no regrets. For him, the tradeoffs are worth the self-sufficiency, a high value for him. It’s not for everyone, but his is a simple life and, even with some hardships, a happy one. He knows himself, what he wants and he manifests it. In light of his diligence in honoring his values, Lennie’s is a profound success story, even though he’s hardly thought of it that way. One night, as we were cooking fish we caught and vegetables we harvested that same day, I remarked what a monumental success story I consider his to be. Coming from his more “accomplished” cousin, this greatly surprised him. As we begin a new year, how clear are you about your deepest desires and what is really most important to you? This is the foundation that will determine how successful you feel – not necessarily how much money you accumulate or what you can buy. Notice and appreciate the real satisfactions of your life … you may be more successful than you thought! Such remembering will help you nurture powerful feelings of joy and abundance throughout the new year.

Deepen Your Experience

By Jeana Iwalani Naluai Lawe I ka ma’alea a ka ’ono’ono is one of our Olelo No’eau, or Hawaiian Proverbs, meaning “to acquire a skill and make it deep.” Our ancestral wisdom keepers lived intentionally in conscious communion with the land, the spirit realms and one another. The safe and accurate passage of oral histories, genealogies and traditions was a great responsibility placed from elder to child. It was hoped that each generation would use this wisdom to evolve the ohana, or family, to an existence greater than its predecessors. The ability to truly thrive was a product of tending one’s mana, or life force, in mind, body and spirit. In essence, this was seen as caretaking one’s internal flame of divinity. As each skill was learned—whether fishing, kapa making, canoe carving, farming or healing—it was not enough to simply acquire it. The fruits of any labor would be greater if infused intentionally with mana and prayers for ancestral support. Harvests would be richer, crafts finer, and the catch more abundant. This deepening of a thought, skill or action would also be overseen in subtly supportive ways by the kupuna, or elder. For example, one of the ways an elder may have asked how one was doing or feeling was by using the phrase “pehea ka la?” or “pehea kou piko?” This means “how is your light shining” or “how is your connection?” This is a far deeper question requiring an even deeper level of contemplation. It was not asked in order for the elder to have understanding of the response, but asked so that the pupil could search his or her own heart for the answer. These concepts offered through ancient wisdom are inviting us to celebrate the deepening of our gifts, our intention, our creation and our connection. Jeana Iwalani Naluai is a native Hawaiian practitioner and an international instructor of Lomi Lomi massage and Hawaiian spiritual teachings. She is the director and owner of Ho’omana Spa Maui, where she shares the ancient healing ways of her ancestors. To get in touch, visit or call 808.573.8256.

is announcing training in Core Shamanism, Michael Harner’s

The Way of the Shaman, Journeying, Power and Healing

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LIAH HOWARD Professional Psychic • Channel

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Gain insight and clarity on life’s issues. e Practicing since 1988 f

Specializing in: relationship, business, and spirit messages

Join Liah for A Magical Morning of Channeled Messages Saturday, February 15 & Saturday, March 15 10am - noon • $15 In Kihei • Via Skype as well

Call 808.269.3137

INTRO Talk, Contemporary Shamanic Healing, Thurs., March 13, 6-7:30 pm

Liah Howard ∞ P.O. Box 682 ∞ Kihei, HI 96753 Email -:

“Shamanic Training in Creativity” - April 26-27, Haiku, Maui

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Workshop, March 22-23, Haiku, Maui

(Prerequisite workshop above)

Workshop Preregistration Required ~ Call/Email for Details Contact Nancy Friedrich, Faculty, FSS 269-5137 Transform your life, learn how to help others, expand your healing and problemsolving methods, be a part of the reawakening using this amazing work.

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Empathy: We Need It To Live Authentically By Jenny Grace Shaw For decades now the main subjects in school have included mathematics, geography, history and English, which are all very important for life building skills. We need to know how to balance our checkbooks, recognize our location, understand where we have come from, write a proper sentence as well as speak appropriately to our communal audience. However, my question is, “what about acquiring the fundamental skill of empathy?” Why have we seemed to routinely brush it aside until we absolutely and positively need it, and then still refrain from teaching it to others? Why are some of the most universally used skills – such as empathy, love and respect – not given the same, if not more, attention amongst the developmental skills we teach to our precious children, let alone the adults who have lost out as well? Is it because we can’t “measure its need” statistically like we can with the benefits of science, math and history? Is it because someone said it wasn’t important enough to teach unless and until needed in a certain situation, and even then, all we need to learn can be taught in a one-hour session? Do you know what empathy really means? Do you know the difference between empathy and sympathy? When was the last time you found yourself hurting, or experiencing intense emotional anguish? Would math, English or geography have helped ease your pain? Would a better understanding of how to measure your angst guide you to soul nourishment and the ability to

move forward in your life? Have you found yourself craving a geography lesson simply to take your mind off the overwhelming desire for a hug, or for someone to look safely and directly into your eyes and tell you they “got it?” Have you found yourself dreaming of a math lesson, or the sensitive, spiritual, loving connection between you and another, no matter what you look like, how much money you have or what you do for a living? Precious ones, empathy is one of the most underestimated, unofficial, and yet official skills

every human being requires in order to live an authentic life. Love is the oxygen while empathy is our venue of love. We may have a difficult time reading a map, solving a mathematical equation or discovering why atoms are atoms, but we do not need those skills in order to live. Growth and development, reaching our potential, adjoining with the universe, acquiring successful relationships – these do not require having the best English grade. It all comes down to the basics – we must learn to love flexibly, respect widely and offer empathy kindly. If you do not know how to love others empathically, how could you demonstrate such nourishment to yourself? If you find yourself alone or lonely, empty of spiritual air, then empathy is your medicine. Empathy is empowerment in a world full of obstacles and wonders. Search out this skill as if it were your last morsel of food. Soak it up like a sponge. Relish in its richness and then, share it. You need not lose nor change your passion for other subjects, for they are all significant to your overall personal growth. Simply add empathy to your studies and make it a part of your hourly practices. Jenny Grace Shaw, M.ED, LMHC, CPT, HHP, is a therapist, personal trainer and wellness coach with offices located in South Maui. She is passionate about sharing an integrative holistic approach to health and wellbeing. To get in touch, call 808.344.5404 or visit her website,

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Ann’s Art The Tantra of Everyday Life will be an experiential exploration that will use the extensive knowledge and methodology of the Diamond Approach. Through this method of inquiry we will learn how to decode the language of our inner Being. Retreat Details The retreat will be lead by Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson, who together discovered and developed the path of inner realization, known as the Diamond Approach which is a contemporary original spiritual understanding and path, expressing timeless wisdom on self-realization using the insights of our time.

Please invite your friends, family members and/or co-workers - no previous experience is required and the retreat is open to both the general public and current students of the Diamond Approach.

Wed., May 21- Sun., May 25, 2014 Retreat Location: Makena Beach & Golf Resort 5400 Makena Alanui, Wailea-Makena, HI For more information or to register, visit Early special pricing: $599 (by May 20, 2014) $649 at door if space available

For more information on the Diamond Approach and the presenters, please visit or Copyright © 2008-2013 Ridhwan Foundation. All rights reserved. Diamond Approach, Diamond Heart, Ridhwan and the Ridwhan “Hu” symbol are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Ridhwan Foundation in the U.S., Europe and various other countries.

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Storytelling -

public and private performances Adult or Family Audiences 20 years experience

Lomilomi Massage & Reiki Treatment

Backwalking - Kua lua Hot Stones - Ili MAT# 13534 Reiki Mastership

Ann Nehaya Walsh Call 808-344-4619 qqqqqqqqqqqq q q q

Bamboo Fresh Is Delicious

Review by Lisa Evans “Wouldn’t it make sense, generally speaking, if a community that feeds itself is a community that thrives?” It would make sense and it actually does at the grab and go café, Bamboo Fresh, in Lahaina’s Shops at 505. The question above graces one of the walls in Michelle Fournier’s cozy restaurant space. They’re not only her words; they’re the foundation of her personal mission and passionate plea, which is “know what you’re putting in your body.” Michelle’s menu is a reflection of her belief that “we should all be entitled to eat the kind of food Mother Nature intended.” Bamboo Fresh offers sandwiches, wraps, bagels, rice bowls, salads and smoothies made with local and organic ingredients. As much as 95% of the vegetables and fruits are from Maui, while 65-70% of the protein sources are sourced on island. Free-range meats, baked slowly in their ovens, make for enticing aromas; and coconut water-based fruit smoothies make refreshing snacks or sweet accompaniments to meals. The café will soon be opening earlier in the day and offering breakfast items, as well as serving local Maui brews and organic cocktails. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Takeaway is the norm, as indoor seating is somewhat limited, but the air-conditioned space with soothing music and plenty of plant life offers a pleasant environment to enjoy a casual meal. Since opening her restaurant in July 2012, Michelle Fournier has been doing her part to ensure her community thrives. Tasty food with fair prices is not a new concept. But serving others what serves them best is. At Bamboo Fresh, eating organic and local isn’t just a fad; it’s a way of life and it’s a way to care for the island community. Make your way to the south end of Front Street and support your health and this delicious café today! Bamboo Fresh is open Monday-Friday, 11:00am-7:00pm and Saturday & Sunday, 11:30am-5:00pm, at 505 Front Street, Lahaina. Call 808.661.8999.

Do you feel a deep connection to the Whales and Dolphins? Would you like to share a profound experience with them?

Join some of the world’s best Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Teachers, Healers and Communicators at

Cetacean Summit Hawaii 2014

March 1-5 Kona, Hawaii

King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel Wisdom Presentations / Guided Meditations / Group Healings / New Moon / Water Blessing / Morning Dolphin Swims / Sunset Whale Watching Cruise / Dolphin Dance Party

Info./Register: Contact: Anne Gordon (661) 474-4111

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The Annual MAUI OPEN STUDIOS Event is a free island-wide art event held all 4 weekends of February and begins with a festive Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition on Saturday, Feb 1, followed by 3 weekends of self-guided tours of artist studios and exhibition spaces. Over 85 artists working in diverse mediums are featured. Design your own self-guided tours and visit studios/exhibitions at your own pace using our online artist directories or printed guidebook. Feb. 1 & 2, PSYCHIC FAIR - (1st weekend/mo) Saturday 11-4 & Sunday 12-4 @ Lotus Heart Books & Gifts Haiku @ Temple of Peace. 575 Haiku Rd. Come receive practical guidance from Maui’s best Intuitive Readers and have your Aura photographed with an insightful reading included. Special rates for Fair days! SINGING AS A PATH TO WELLNESS ~ Each of us has a beautiful voice inside somewhere, waiting to be released. Singing With Courage Workshop in Makawao, Feb. 4-7. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE ( EFT ) Workshop Series. Improve your health, release extra weight and pain, remove subconscious limiting and beliefs with the Tapping Tree Technique. Effective, safe, option and solution oriented! Feb. 6, 20 and 27, 3 - 5.30pm March 11 and 25, 3.30 to 6 pm. Maha Conyers, www.mahaconyers. com, 876 0409 SELF MASTERY: A Course in Psychic Development. Discover how to live a fully conscious life, from personal to professional, by developing your intuitive capacities. Every Thursday, 6:30-8:30 pm, Feb-Sept 2014, starting Feb. 6. Located in Awakening in Paradise, 1215 S. Kihei Rd. Contact Brenda Robards 214-477-7577 or Fawni Ruhf 808-359-1816. WHITE CLOUD INSTITUTE is teaching two 1 day classes in Kihei, “Women’s Healing Tao,” Feb. 7, and ”Love & Destiny Cards.” Feb. 8. Call today to register, 505 6703538. Class meets 9am-5pm daily. Call for location and other details. Intro Evening ~ KAHUNA BODYWORK DEMONSTRATION • Friday, Feb. 7, 6pm, Montessori School of Maui. Join us for an experience of this rare and ancient rite of passage, and witness a brief hands-on demonstration with Jody Soltau Mountain. Open to the Public. Contact Zen at 808.463.4116 or visit www.Lineageof for more information. INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Come fuse classic cooking techniques with innovative preparations, eastern nutrition, and alternative ingredients for specific dietary preferences with Renee Loux on Feb 8, 22&23 984-3231

WISDOM FLOW YOGA Teacher Training in Sprecklesville - Yoga Alliance Certification 200-hour Program Feb. 10-25, 2014 - see for details - 808-268-4095 LEARN OF THE WONDERS of Facial Light Rejuvenation.Open House at the Quan Yin Healing Center and demos of Energy Light Rejuvenation Facials at 4pm on Tues., Feb. 11, and at 11am on Tues., March 11. Seating is limited so call to reserve your space: 808-579-8810. BESTSELLING “LETTING GO” AUTHOR Guy Finley will speak on “The Secret That Makes All Dark Thoughts and Feelings Disappear” on Wed., Feb.12, from 7-9 pm at the Haiku Community Center (Hana Highway at Pilialoha St.). The talk will feature insights and practical techniques to reclaim one’s right to live without self-limitation. A $5 donation is requested, but no one will be turned away. Guy Finley is the author of “The Secret of Letting Go” over 40 books and audio albums that have sold millions of copies and have been translated into 20 languages. For more information please call 541-476-1200 or visit http:// JOIN TIM AND LINDA in Pukalani for a Channeling Experience. Clarify your mind. Ask one question. Please register at (808) 298-0943. Thursday, February 13th and March 13th, 6:30 - 8:30pm. AN EVENING OF SACRED AWAKENING ~ Individual and Group Transformative Alignment – be in Harmony, Balance, Clarity. Feb. 13 and March 13, 5-7pm, at Green Lotus,Wailuku. For other dates and places visit www. Experience the special magic at the 2014 FULL MOON LABYRINTH WALKS 7pm with Eve Hogan and harpist Irene Ryding. Thurs., Feb. 13 and Fri., March 14. Details visit 30-DAY ONLINE WELLNESS CHALLENGE starts anytime from anywhere. Refocus your priorities to be your best self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Regularly $450, register by Feb 14 for special price of $375. PSYCHIC FAIR (3rd weekend/mo) Saturday, 11-4 & Sunday, 12-4 February 15 & 16 @ AWAKENING in PARADISEBooks-Crystals & Gallery - Kihei (in Long’s Ctr) 1215 So. Kihei Rd. Come receive practical guidance from Maui’s best Intuitive Readers and have your Aura photographed with an insightful reading included. Special rates for Fair days!

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Maui Vision Magazine

JOIN LIAH HOWARD in Kihei for a Magical Morning of Channeled Messages. 10 -noon, Sat., Feb. 15, and Sat., March 15. $15. Via Skype as well. 808-269-3137 www. BECOME A MASSAGE THERAPIST & Transform Your Life! The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage is now enrolling for March 2014. Our 650-hr professional certification program prepares students for a fulfilling and successful career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. 12 & 7 month programs begin March 4th and 24th. Affordable tuition and payment plans. Hawaii DOE licensed,VA & INS approved. Advanced Certifications in Lomi Lomi, Myofascial & Structural Bodywork, Sports & Orthopedic Massage, and more! Join us for Open House on Sunday, February 16th from 3-5pm. For More Information & to watch our Introductory Video visit Phone: (808)572-1888 Email: RAM DASS SUNDAY SATSANG with Special Guests Sat Santokh & Prabhu Nam Kaur - historic Makawao Union Church 4:00 - 7:00 pm Sunday, Feb. 16. $20 Cash @ the Door includes Monsoon Indian Buffet & Maui Kombucha following the program.“Today’s Subject is Love” will include devotional music, chanting, meditation, insights, contemplations, reflections, joy, laughs & LOVE. For more info www. or or 808-579-9261. THAI MASSAGE WORKSHOPS - Get started with a 1 or 2-Day Intro! Learn the foundations during a 40-hour, 5-Day Intensive, or break it up into smaller pieces on 5 Saturdays, or 2 Evenings per Week! 8-Day and 10-Day Intensives available for additional practice & experience! Extended long-term learning options for Residents! Return to intern courses you've already taken for FREE, as many times as you need! No experience necessary! Next 40-hour courses begin Feb 17 (5, 8 & 10 Day Intensives), May 18 (Sun & Wed) & May 24 (Saturdays)!View other ad & website for details! 808463-7734 VALENTINE POETRY CONTEST! Honor your love with a valentine poem.Winner receives a 32X24” custom poster with your poem. For examples and entry details, visit Deadline: February 20th.

BEFRIENDING CHANGE ~ The Art of Living and Dying at Unity Church, Wailuku. Bodhi Be and Prakash Mackay, Fri. nite intro, 7-9pm, Feb. 21. Workshop Sat., Feb. 22, 10:30-4:30. 573-8334 REIKI NATURAL HEALING First Degree Class - Feb. 22 & 23 by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey serving Reiki full-time to Hawaii Residents and Visitors since 1990. CE Credit for Massage Therapists, Information & Registration: or Call 808.280.7704

(Kauai) The GATHERING OF THE REALMS will be held on Feb. 8-9.This gathering is for old traditions and new ways to come together with the common goal of honoring, communicating with and co-creating with the nature beings that surround us. For details visit: www.

HEALING TOUCH MAUI presents HT level 1, Feb 8-9, 2014, in Kihei. Tuition (including materials): $300; discount for repeaters. Email coordinator Tabitha at for registration information.

Feb. 15-17 ~ The Friends of Haleakala National Park seeks enthusiastic and fit hikers to VOLUNTEER IN HALEAKALA CRATER. Help our national park care for native vegetation. Visit first, then call 264-5429..

AURA PHOTOS by Tim and Linda Thursdays, February 20th, and March 20th from 5pm to 8pm. Please register at (808) 298-0943.

SATURDAY SALON/Book Signing March 8th 7-9pm Judy Taylor, Lymphatic specialist and international teacher and author of "Your Inner Ocean" How to keep your lymphatic system and yourself healthy will join us for a lively conversation about some of your body’s secrets that she has discovered. @ Awakening in Paradise 1215 S Kihei (Longs CTR) 891-1114

INCREASE YOUR LIBIDO, FLEXIBILITY AND IMMUNITY with Hormonal Chi Gong, 2 workshops: Feb. 8th and March 15th, noon to 3 pm. $75 each; Instruction DVD and private tuition available. Maha Conyers, www., 876-0409

Feb 15 ~ Join Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PhD. for a special day exploring LOVE AND INTIMACY using HEART INTELLIGENCE for couples and singles. Sat. 10 am-6 pm, on the North Shore. Limited to 12 ~ $95 includes delicious lunch. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. It is effective, fun, grounded and juicy! An integrated experience that uses physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness to move toward what you want, as you connect with what is real. Email to hold your space., 808 572-1250.

BESTSELLING AUTHOR Guy Finley will speak on “The Secret That Makes All Dark Thoughts and Feelings Disappear” from 7-9pm,Wednesday, February 12 at the Haiku Community Center (Hana Highway at Pilialoha St.) See listing, call 541-476-1200 or visit for more details.

February/March, 2014

Will Ackerman (Grammy Award winner / Founder of Windham Hill Records) & Todd Boston in concert, “THE GATHERING” an evening with two guitar masters & music of a new generation- historic Makawao Union Church 7 pm, Sat., Feb. 22.Advance tickets $20 cash available at Maui Kombucha - Haiku, Mac NET - Kahului, Island Spirit Yoga Lahaina. Otherwise $30 Cash at the Door. Come early for best seats & affordable dinner/desserts/chai by Shamapriya. More info , www.toddboston. com or 808-579-9261

March 15~ Join Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PhD. for a special SPRING EQUINOX HEART INTELLIGENCE on the North Shore, Sat. 10 am-6 pm.WHAT NEW VISONS ARE BREWING? LET'S GROUND THEM IN COMMUNITY. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life, as you build healthy connections with others. It is effective, fun, grounded and juicy! An integrated experience that uses physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness to move toward what you want, as you strengthen the guidance received from both your inner and outer worlds. Limited to 12 ~ $95 includes delicious lunch. Email joan@talkinghearts.comto hold your, 808 572-1250.

(Kauai) A PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE, Feb. 22 to March 9. taught by Michael Pilarski (Friends of the Trees Society), Ray Maki (Permaculture Kauai), and Paul Massey (Regenerative International Botanical Garden). Contact Ray Maki at 808-634-5412. ALOHA PRECIOUS ONES ~ The holidays can be especially stressing – we tend to place pressures upon ourselves to be "WONDER WOMAN." We tend to take on everyone else's needs, feelings, angsts, obligations as if that was our LIFE PURPOSE while ignoring and even destructing our own bodies and souls. Do you feel angry, resentful, self-destructive or even sabotaging of relationships--even those that had great potential? Do you find yourself wanting to "punish" others and/or yourself for past or present events. Do you know that you are entitled to your BOUNDARIES, NEEDS, SPACE, DESIRES... Did you even know you had boundaries? Do you find you lose your voice and then carry resentment with you everywhere you go? Do you blame others for your unhappiness? Are you a continual victim – of yourself? You are NOT what you DO,YOU ARE HUMAN first.You have the RIGHT to say NO instead of PLEASING others sacrificing your own health.You can live without repeating destructive coping skills like addictions, projection, isolation, anger, or denial. What is YOUR PURPOSE? Where did your POWER go? Lets GET IT BACK! My workshop will help guide you right back to you – will validate your truth and teach you the tools to find yourVOICE and use it healthily. Please join me! It takes courage to use your voice – and you are POWERFUL. May you take a moment to make this commitment to yourself! Workshop will be 4 Sundays Starting February 23, 2014 11-1pm. Insurance accepted. Sliding scale available. Look forwards to getting Empowered with you! Much love, healing, and Aloha, Jenny Grace. Call 344-5404. Register now, seats limited. AYURVEDIC KITCHARI CLEANSE & Yoga MiniRetreat Feb 25 - Mar 1 from 8:30 am - Noon daily in Olinda. $375 includes morning classes and all your food for the 5 days. Can't come to class? Get the cleanse to go and a pre-cleanse wellness consultation for $225. www. Judy Taylor, Lymphatic Expert, offers “THE INNER OCEAN OF LYMPHATIC HEALTH & The Chinese Art of Gua Sha. • Explore the lymphatic system, the foundation of the body’s immune system; the place where disease & pain begins and ends. • Learn the Chinese Art of Gua Sha – Feb. 28 – March 3, 2014, Friday, 6-9 pm, Saturday 10 am-6pm; Sunday 1-6 pm, 15 CEUs,Temple of Peace, Haiku, HI, Call Judy 928-451-2592, February 28 and March 1, 3-10 pm, Online Webinar, "LEVEL I GERMAN NEW MEDICINE." Info and Registration at . Dr. Douglas Price, DC (808) 244-0415. HEALING TOUCH MAUI presents HT level 2, March 1-2, 2014, in Kihei. Prerequisite: HT Level 1. Tuition (includes materials) received by 2/21: $295; thereafter: $325. Discount for repeaters. Email coordinator Tabitha at for registration information. (Big Island) March 1-5, CETACEAN SUMMIT in Kona with 18 world-renown speakers.A Spiritual Celebration of dolphin, whale and human relationships. Dolphin Swim Trips and Whale Watching Cruise.Anne Gordon (661) 474-4111, March 1 & 2, PSYCHIC FAIR - (1st weekend/mo) Saturday 11-4 & Sunday 12-4 @ Lotus Heart Books & Gifts Haiku @ Temple of Peace. 575 Haiku Rd. Haiku. Come receive practical guidance from Maui’s best Intuitive Reader and have your Aura photographed with an insightful reading included. Special rates for Fair days! CULTIVATE A JOYOUS EXPERIENCE in your life! Ongoing Thursday afternoon classes, 1-3 pm in March at the Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd. in Haiku. March 6:”The Body Mind Connection;” March 13: ”Giving and Receiving – The Law of Abundance;” March 20: ”Our Thoughts Create Our Reality;” and March 27: “Moving Forward Forgiveness.” Come to one or all. $25.00/class or $80.00/ series. Facilitated by Rhonda J. Felix, Louise Hay certified instructor and licensed Unity teacher. Call for info. or to register, 808-205-8302.

WILL ACKERMAN (Grammy Award winner / Founder of Windham Hill Records) joins TODD BOSTON in concert for “The Gathering” an evening with two guitar masters and music of a new generation. The event takes place at the historic Makawao Union Church, 7 pm, Sat., Feb. 22 at 1445 Baldwin Ave. Advance tickets are $20 cash available at Maui Kombucha - Haiku, Mac NET - Kahului, Island SpiritYoga - Lahaina. Otherwise $30 cash at the door. Come early for best seats and affordable dinner/desserts/ chai by Shamapriya. More info, or (808) 579-9261. CORE & CELLULAR TRANSFORMATION with Ger Lyons, March 7-12. In our truest, and purest nature we are All manifestations of Divine Love. Often we carry in our cellular memory, traumatic imprints, wounding, damaging belief systems, and deep pain. Ger offers a very simple, yet profound practice of dismantling and releasing anything at all that is obstructing this connection to our truth and love. Info:, (808) 268-6389 or AWAKENING IN LEMURIA - Expand Your Consciousness Retreat on the Big Island March 7-11th with Internationally known Animal Communicator, Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah. Come swim with the Dolphins and see the Whales Boat Trip. Explore becoming a Conscious Creator as we connect to the heart and soul of the Great Whales who are the stewards for Humanity. Explore birthing with Dolphins and DNA activations, Sacred Site Ceremonies at Volcano with Kahuna Kaleil, Waterfall and Warm Ponds. Visit 619-271-9461 Email Ask for Kama’aina rates - Daily or for the week. KAHUNA BODYWORK RETREAT ~ March 9-14 on Maui with Jody Soltau Mountain. Join us for a 6-Day Residential Retreat and discover Ancient Principles of Personal and Spiritual Transformation. Learn this transformational bodywork of Ancient Hawai'i, and it's foundations in the Sacred Alchemy within the cells of our bodies. Reconnect with your life force, essence and power. No massage experience necessary.Contact Zen at 808.463.4116 or visit www. for more information. Ready forA Change? ACCESS BARS March 11,with Kathy Williams, followed by Access Consciousness:Foundation/ Level 1 with Heather Nichols.Visit www.iotransformation. com. 808-268-8708 ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS Foundation and Level 1 classes immediately following an Access Bars class (prerequisite) on March 11. Foundation March 12-13, Level 1 March 14-15, taught by Heather Nichols. 5 Days to Change Your Life! What else is possible? Contact amritagrace@ 808-283-6203 YOGA RETREATS ~ Bhakti Fest 'Come to Paradise' Retreat March 12-16. Sacred Sanctuary North Shore Maui. Join Saul David Raye, Dawn Cartwright, Achintya Devi, Divine Harmony and special guest Ram Dass. Full-body yoga workouts, soothing meditation classes, enlightening tantric workshops, kundalini yoga, ecstatic nightly kirtan, interpersonal astrology readings & satsang with Ram Dass . OR Thurs., March 13:, 6:00-7:30 pm Introductory Talk, CONTEMPORARY SHAMANIC HEALING to take place at Studio Chiropractic in Haiku, Maui. RSVP: Nancy Friedrich, 269-5137 or email Shamanicjourneying@gmail. com

PSYCHIC FAIR (3rd weekend/mo) Saturday 11-4 & Sunday 12-4, March 15 & 16 @ AWAKENING in PARADISEBooks-Crystals & Gallery - Kihei (in Long's Ctr) 1215 So. Kihei Rd. See full schedule @ or 891-1114 Come receive practical guidance from Maui’s best Intuitive Readers. Special rates for Fair days! March 22-23, THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN, Journeying, Power and Healing, Michael Harner's original basic workshop in Haiku, Maui.And for those who has taken the basic training, “Shamanic Training in Creativity” will take place April 26-27. Come explore humankind’s oldest healing method and connection to Oneness. Contact Nancy Friedrich,, 269-5137 or visit Do you feel you'll need some deep rest and "clean-out" after the Holiday season? How about some warm Hawaiian sun, healing foods and inspirational teachings after the long, cold winter? Have a medical condition that you would like to improve - or, perhaps, overcome altogether? I invite you to join me and my talented friends and teachers at our one-week, medically supervised, SPRING RENEWAL CLEANSE RETREAT on the beautiful island of Maui, March 30 through April 6, 2014. This week of pure food and fresh juices, energizing yoga, healthful food preparation classes, personal evolution support - all in the healing environment of Maui - will offer a memorable, and potentially life-changing program that you will deeply enjoy. So, if you want to trade your aches and pains, emotional hassles, and bottles of pills for new energy and effective strategies for living a more joyful and fulfilling life, join us at our Spring Renewal Cleanse Retreat on Maui. Learn more at: http:// and please consider joining us on Maui in the spring. Aloha! April 6-June 29 - 3 month VEGAN AND RAW FOOD CHEF CERTIFICATION COURSE at Culinary Institute. Call Brook Le'amohala (808) 250-6578 ENERGY TOOLS WORKSHOP with Dr. Gayle Kimball. Clairvoyance, achieve goals, EFT, etc. April 6, Kihei. (Kauai) May 10-17 - YOGA LIFE ADVENTURES YOGA RETREAT. Yoga twice daily, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, meditation, surfing, raw vegan cuisine, & more. May 12-18 SOUL'S CREATIVE JOURNEY RETREAT with Eve Hogan and Beth Marcil. Discover your heart path! 808-243-PATH (7284) QUASAR RETREAT w/Hameed Ali (A.H.Almaas) and Karen Johnson, Diamond Approach® creators. May 21-25, 2014 @ Makena Resort. For more info, visit & join our email list!

ONGOING EVENTS ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion.A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily. (8/14)

February/March, 2014

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Maui Vision Events Continued from previous page.

MAUI WELL BEING TV. Hosts Maribeth Theisen and Eric T. Richter interview Jeana Iwalani Naluai, director of Ho'omana Spa Maui, a traditional Hawaiian healing and training center located in Makawao, Maui. Jeana explains and demonstrates lomi lomi massage. Watch us anytime online at or You Tube! BEACH DANCE - An extraordinary experience where music, movement, and nature merge. Events happen every week and are free of charge. Call 808-268-4356 for more information. BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, 845 Waine'e Street #204, Second floor. Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828. FOOD CRAVINGS? Let your cravings disappear with EFT. (This is NOT about willpower.) Ongoing sessions. For free consultation, call Suzan Proia, C.Ht. 808.870.8754 or

HAWAI'I VIPASSANA ASSOCIATION is now offering monthly silent 10-day residential Vipassana Meditation Courses run solely by donation. Weekly sits for old-student alumni too: or WHAT IS CHOCOLATE THERAPY? You are invited to a delicious introduction of this unique sensory program.Are you ready to be the energy of you by opening your life to a world of infinite possibilities? Become the designer of your life, relationships, and creativity. Call 808 264-0450 for the time and place of our next meeting. Aloha nui loa, James. PERMACULTURE TOURS at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm in Haiku - Thursdays at 10am and Saturdays at 2pm. An educational, close-up look at sustainability in action. Reservations (800) 958-1867. CELEBRATE THE YEAR OF THE HORSE ~ Experience the power of the herd to transform your personal and professional life. Individual sessions. Group workshops. Feb. - March. www.HorseHeartConnection. com Call/text Linda at: 208-883-9933


MAUI PSYCHIC CENTER ~ Classes, Private sessions, Healing. Call 874-1451 for more information.

Tune in to Salini’s radio show – EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, ;; Sundays, 6pm Hawaii time, 8pm PST, 11pm EST

MEDITATION on inner Light and Sound: Come and enjoy an introductory presentation about the meditation on inner Light and Sound and an ethical lifestyle in tune with higher values! Free all are welcome! Call: 808-8790871, or email:, www. (6/14)

GREAT CELTIC MUSIC On Mana'o Radio 91.7 FM Every Sunday Morning Hamish's ‘Maui Celtic Show' 8-10 am. No signal ? - available live online at

REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 (2/14) MAUI YOGA PATH with Deni Roman offers Iyengar Yoga, Movement, Meditation classes and workshops. Mana Kai Resort, 2960 S. Kihei, oceanfront studio, 874-5545, BODY IN BALANCE STUDIO, Lahaina--Daily classes: Pilates Reformer and Mat, Personal Training, Booty Barre,TRX, Pole Dancing, Aerial Silk, Cycle, plus more! Call for more information. 808.661.1116. JOURNEY FROM LOSS AND GRIEF to remembrance and healing.The H.E.A.L. (Helping Ease a Loss) grief support group meets weekly in Wailuku at Hospice Maui on alternating Tuesdays from 3-4:30pm and alternating Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm. Open to the community and at no charge. For details visit or call 244-5555. (6/14)

TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service.Temple of Peace Spiritual Center, is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 a,m.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808-575-5220 UNITY CHURCH ~ Sunday Services at 10am. Please join us for an inspirational morning, message and music. 483 S. High Street,Wailuku. 242-9327. SEICHO-NO-IE MAUI CENTER - All religions welcome. A Universal Truth movement started in Japan by Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi. Practice designed to connect each individual experientially with their Divine Source. First four Sundays each month, 9am, 111 Kane St., Kahului, 877-0214, 242-4488.

PRIVATE NATURE AND TOUR GUIDE Jungle John will take you to magical places off the beaten path. or 808-283-8325 "For the body you've always wanted..." DO PILATES. TRUE PILATES MAUI, Authentic™ personal and group training, all budgets, all schedules, all levels. Call: 573-3331 "" HEART OF MAUI/ Andara -Tools for Transformation and Conscious Evolution. Beautiful authentic light-bearing monatomic gold Andara from the Sacred Land. New! powerful Andara Zen-Essences created by Karuna Reiki Master Michael Reis, fragrant and therapeutic AromaStone Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends by Patricia Gail McClary Andara Crystal Glass To view and/or purchase these plus as Aqua & Aura Quartzes, Shimmering Taffeta 8-pocket Jewelry Pouches, Karuna Arts Prayer Flags and Chakra Balance Sets visit us at No longer doing the Maui Swap Meet, we encourage you to shop with us by calling 808-280-3682 or emailing to arrange a visit to our home. Kama'aina/Healer Discounts avail, all major CC/ DC accepted via Paypal or Square. MAHALO NUI LOA! HEARTFELT BLISSING TO ALL! ON-LINE PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT and Channeling Classes ongoing. Liah Howard www.LiahHoward. com, 808-269-3137,

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

MONDAYS COSMIC MOVIE NIGHT, 7pm Mondays. Films that inspire the heart, open the mind and uplift the spirit; gather in community and experience the power of positive media. Discussion after ~ Purchase tickets and view detailed schedule @ $10 donation - (*limited seating) AWAKENING in PARADISE-1215 S. Kihei Rd.(Longs Ctr)-Kihei 891-1114

TUESDAYS SUPPORT GROUP ~ A holistic approach to mental health ~ If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or just need someone to talk with, this group may be for you. Meets every Tuesday 4-6pm,Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info: Valerie Hummingbird-808-987-5231 Nia class on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 PM at Island Spirit Yoga in Lahaina with Jennifer Loftus. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Classes blend music, vocal sounding and self-expression into dynamic movement routines, ending in meditation. Find out more about Nia at or visit and step into your own joyful journey with Nia!

WEDNESDAYS REIKI HEALING CIRCLE & I AM Meditation Instruction with Reiki Master Salini Apodaca, authorized by Ammachi. Wednesdays, 7-10 PM. Call 808-419-0497 for directions. CHAKRA BALANCING & MEDITATION, 6:30–7:30pm Wednesdays with Heather Heintz. Discover how to balance the seven energy centers, helping to heal, harmonize and ground the body while calming the mind. Call Heather for more information at (949) 310-1553. AWAKENING IN PARADISE Books,Crystals, Gallery and Unique Gifts-1215 So. Kihei Rd.(Longs Ctr.) PUBLIC CHANNELING with the Keeper-Dearborn occasional Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. $10 donation. Please call for dates/directions: 268-1604 or 572-6125. NEW COURSE IN MIRACLES CLASS, 7:309pm Wednesdays with Lavahna, Feb. 12 & 19, and every Wednesday in March. Discover the uplifting power of this unique approach to spirituality and explore “the Psychology of the Soul” in the company of like-minded seekers; gatherings are weekly by $15 donation; for full schedule see, or our FB or call 891-1114.

THURSDAYS Nia class on Thursdays from 8:00-9:00 AM at Island Spirit Yoga with Jennifer Loftus. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Find out more about Nia at or visit ABRAHAM/TRANSFORMATIONAL Truth Technique. Listen to latest weekly Abraham CD, and using TTT, line up your vibration for what you want. $10. Call Teri, 891-2494.

FRIDAYS “A HEART OPENING” Fridays with Denise, 6:308:30pm. Meditation Class for the beginner or longtime meditator. This class will give you the simple, easy to apply, meditation techniques helping you to tap into the peace that already exists inside and bring it into everyday life. Prepay for all 4 classes for a discount or $15 donation. For more information, see, or our FB or call 891-1114.

SATURDAYS A MORNING OF CHANNELED Inspiration in Kihei. 10am -noon, once monthly, Sat., Feb. 15, and Sat., March 15. $15.Via Skype as well. Call for details 808-269-3137 www.


E-mail your listing to The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization. Additional words and/or listings are 25 cents per word. Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. On our confirmation, make your check payable and mail to Maui Promotions, 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8, Lahaina, HI 96761. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Thursday, March. 13 for the April/ May edition. For e-mailed ads we will contact you with charges due, if any.


Did you miss our print publication? You can place an online listing of up to 75 words for $7.50. Email us your listing and please allow 48 hours for it to be processed and appear online. Our website, gets over 125 page requests daily.

Exploring Good Orderly Direction Review by Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D. Good Orderly Direction, by Ayin Adams, is a book with daily reflections for the entire year. This book is full of positive daily affirmations and directions for reducing stress and creating inner peace. It is a powerful guide for any reader. There is a space for the reader to reflect and write down thoughts and ideas on each day’s reading. The themes run from the universal to the personal: the power to see one’s self and to change, the rewards of embracing a higher good, and the directions to develop and enhance nurturing relationships. In Good Orderly Direction, Ayin Adams opens the door to grace. The book offers practical tools for attaining a more compassionate, responsible and fulfilling life; it inspires the reader to take charge of her/his problems, relationships

and sadness, as well as life’s painful tests and situations. The book also offers readers the hope for change through acceptance, spiritual practices, and moving through inertia and negativity by making healthy choices. It opens spiritual doors to seeing beyond appearances. This book reflects the author’s enthusiasm and contagious energy. Ayin Adams’ words communicate new ways of understanding to help the reader navigate life’s ever-changing waters and sometimes turbulent situations. It is about living in the consciousness of now, and it inspires wholeness and fulfillment – knowing, loving and healing the Divine self, both physically and spiritually. Good Orderly Direction is about the necessity of stillness, patience, listening and observing in order to find personal inner freedom and a healthy balance between being and doing. It opens the path to a new level of consciousness, an inner glow of wellbeing, and a more harmonious life. Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D. is author of Frank Marshall Davis: The Fire and the Phoenix (A Critical Biography). For more information or to order the book, visit or

Stop The World, Cease The Fight

By April Pinsonneault While many of us have felt that we might like to stop the world and get off, not all of us have explored the question of what the world is and is not. We usually think of the world as those things we do not like to encounter. Heaven, for some, could be sitting on the beach or talking on a cell phone. The encroaching modern world, with all of its compromises to nature and healthy living, is not entirely the problem. Enlightened yoga teacher, Baba Hari Dass, said, “We create the world with our desires.” At any time, anything can furrow the brow, upset digestion, change the mood, or overwhelm

us. Objects of love can annoy. A schedule filled with peace-loving activities can consume. Then what is the solution? This is very tricky. At one time or another, many of us have experienced a love that turns into hate. Hari Dass states that love and hate are conditions of the mind created in the process of thinking that something is “for us or not for us.” When the mind stops operating in its ordinary way of attaching itself to the world, then the world stops. The method for stopping the world will be different for everyone, and it starts with grace. How is a state of timelessness experienced? Vietnamese Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, says to use the world as a reminder. While at a stoplight, think “stop” and breathe. If the phone rings, stop, smile, breathe and answer “mindfully.” One friend of mine hears the sound OM in his electric shaver. In this way we cease to fight with the modern world. Although making healthy choices and fighting for good causes might improve our lives, the solution is in changing our mental state. This is what people mean when they refer to calling in the divine. You can experience April’s poetry online at and her photography at

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Helping Souls To Cross Over

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Rich Ralston is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. His abilities include chakra clearing and energy release instruction, past life karma clearing, communication with souls of the dead as well as crossing them over, and remote healing. To get in touch, email subtleenergy101@gmail. com or call 808.313.2736.

Lynda M. Wright, LCSW has over 30 years experience working with individuals, couples and families in following their dreams. She has offices in Wailuku and Kula. Most health insurances are accepted. Contact her by calling 808.430.3176 for a free consultation and visit

Find Your Voice, Identify Your Boundaries, Empower Yourself!

PAUL OBrien’s

By Rich Ralston When a person dies the soul returns to its appropriate soul group. A soul group is a group of like-minded souls that come to earth to experience a similar lifetime event and/or learn the same lessons. However, when death occurs suddenly it is shocking to the soul. A soul may not realize the physical body is dead. When this occurs the soul becomes stuck in a ‘time zone,’ so to speak. It will relive the activities it was involved with just before time of death, and it lingers in the third and fourth dimensions. In almost every circumstance the soul is attempting to find someone to help it cross over. Generally, a soul is not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes a soul will have enough energy to manifest as an orb of light or an apparition. We commonly refer to these as ghosts. I have freed thousands of these souls this past year on Maui. They’ve all had stories to tell about their lives here and what they learned while on earth. At times the souls return to visit a relative or friend. Our loved ones are only a thought away. Perhaps what you think is a ghost in your house may be a relative trying to contact you. If there is a spirit on your property or in your neighborhood, I would like to know about it and help you discover who it is. I would like to free it and send it to its proper destination and give it the rest it deserves. Or, if it’s been disturbing you, I should say that I would like to give you the rest you deserve.

Workshop Four Sundays, 11am-2pm February 23 - March 16, 2014 You have the RIGHT to say NO instead of PLEASING others, sacrificing your own health. You can live without repeating destructive coping skills like addictions, projection, isolation, anger, or denial.

By Lynda Wright Madiba (Nelson) Mandela was one of the greatest leaders of our time. His death marks the end of an era. Those of us who lived through the turbulent 60s most likely remember the call to “make a difference.” We saw leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who led the civil rights movement using nonviolent approaches, and President John F. Kennedy who challenged all Americans to make contributions to improve our country. This was a time of dramatic, and sometimes rapid, changes. We were called to examine our personal philosophy and look inside. We had opportunities to participate in protest demonstrations or women’s movement consciousness raising groups. Many people became VISTA volunteers or joined the Peace Corps. We have the greatest potential to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy by discovering our life’s purpose. This may range from being a great parent to doing something that makes a significant difference for the betterment of humanity. Often what we are meant to offer can come from a traumatic life experience. This might include losing a loved one to an illness and deciding to enter a health field. When we learn to listen to our intuition and we are open to being guided by our dreams, we can look to our own native wisdom to make the best decisions possible. Consider which of your natural talents can be brought forward to help others. The possibilities are endless for how you can make the things you are most passionate about a part of your everyday life. What are your deepest, most heartfelt desires when you contemplate how you can leave the world a better place?

Visionary i Ching A modern version of the oracle designed for better decisions, better relationships, less stress Now available for iPhone and Android

What is YOUR PURPOSE? Where did your POWER go? Lets GET IT BACK!

Never Underestimate The Power Of You! I offer an eclectic, wholistic solution-focused therapeutic approach to:

• Eating Disorders • Addictions • Depression/Anxiety • Relationships/Marital • Trauma/Abuse • Nutrition/Fitness

New Visions Counseling

Jenny Grace Shaw, LMHC Call 808.344.5404 today, to see if I can help! Most Insurances Accepted

In addition to individual sessions, I offer groups on addiction, women’s issues and relationships, and seminars on eating disorders, addictions and self-harming behaviors. Please inquire. • Page 20

Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

Healing Power Of Hawaii

By Rev. Debbie Dehm When I was in junior high school, my grandfather passed away. My grandmother grieved deeply and cried every night for a year. Her cousins decided she needed a change of scenery in order to heal, so they took her on a trip to Hawaii. This was a big deal, as no one in my family had been here before. She was happy to go and she had a marvelous time; she was rejuvenated when she returned a week later. Her smile and love of life was back and she stopped crying every night. I’ve never forgotten how healing Hawaii was for my grandmother. Living in Hawaii, I can attest to that experience myself. I lost my younger brother right before I moved here, and my father the following year, and my mother last year. Although each death was difficult for me, I am so grateful that I had Maui to help me heal. Maui is also physically healing for many people. Jungle John, who I met here and have known for four years, feels that the land has helped him heal emotionally and physically. Being close to the land and soaking in the mana has affected him profoundly. He dramatically changed his diet and stopped drinking. I have noticed major shifts in him during the time I have known him. I went hiking with Jungle John the other day. We talked about this as he showed me places no one else knew about and told me which plants are edible, pointing out fruit trees and flowers I hadn’t noticed before. John leads private tours and is enthusiastic to share with others about the land in a beautiful way. Even if you live here, I highly recommend hiking with John. I certainly will again! Debbie Dehm is a nationally-certified Hawaii-licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and matchmaker on Maui. Visit her website or call 928.301.0842. To reach Jungle John, email or call 808.283.8325.

Mars’ Transit Of Libra

By Eliza Bassett We’re in a unique time. One facet of this is that the planet Mars is spending a very long time in one sign. On average, it zips through a sign in six weeks. This time, though, Mars entered Libra in November 2013 and will continue there until July 25, 2014! To review, Mars is an activator. It is our get-up-and-go, fight/flight/ freeze reactions. Through its location in our natal chart, it describes how we give in relationships, including how we care for ourselves. This is the planet of conflict and war. Libra represents the place of relationships and fine arts in the zodiac. Symbolized by the balancing scales, justice is part of this mind-driven sign. If you are one of these three signs – Aries, Cancer or Capricorn – perhaps people are poking at you in unkind ways. Aries people may find themselves confronted by directly opposing viewpoints and visible obstacles. Choose your reaction wisely. The potentially most volatile transits are the squares between Pluto in Capricorn to Mars. The dates of these contacts are on April 23, and again on June 14. If you can’t figure a way out of a dilemma at those times, let go and trust the divine process, calling in the highest and best good for all. The fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, along with the air signs of Gemini and Aquarius, may find harmonious activations from Mars being in Libra. These earth and water signs – Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces – may have disharmonious issues and feelings brought about by this transit. The disharmony may be the greatest during the retrograde period of Mars in Libra. Anyone with planets between the degrees of 9 and 27 in their natal chart may feel greater stress during the months of March, April and May. Peace to all! Eliza Bassett is available for sessions using astrology, tarot and shamanic protocols. Contact her at 808.214.6587 or by email to

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Let’s Talk Solutions

Ancient Womb Wisdom

Judy Levy, activist-tutu, is the blessed proprietress of Maui’s only independent bookstores, unique boutiques and galleries – Awakening In Paradise, Kihei (Long’s Center) and Lotus Heart at Temple of Peace, Haiku. View the exciting menu of services of holistic practitioners, and schedule of classes, movies and special events, at

Achintya Devi is the founder of Goddess Rising, a 13Moon Global Sisterhood uniting women around the world and online to celebrate and embody the wild sacred feminine. Bhakti Fest Ventures ‘Come to Paradise’ retreat takes place on Maui, March 12-16. For more information and upcoming events, visit

By Judy Levy Our paradise has many challenges. We hear regular complaints about lack of jobs and respiratory difficulties many suffer from due to sugar cane burning. To keep myself from being angry all the time about this and other environmental issues, I choose to believe that we must bless it all because it’s been a powerful force to help us wake up and take responsibility for our island, our world and our food supply. There is an ancient and global solution to many of these crucial issues that would bring life-giving mana to Maui. It’s industrial hemp and it’s helped our country since the time of our Founding Fathers, who all grew it. Hemp is now known to have 25,000 uses and more research is being done all over the world. The film “Bringing It Home,” shown at the First Light Film Festival in January, is a focused, brilliant and entertaining film showing the history (and the “disinformation” campaign) of this miraculous commodity gifted to us from the universe. It can be used as food, to make textiles and soaps, and most impressively hempcrete, a versatile and beneficial building material. You can find this film for sale at either of my two stores on Maui. You can also view the trailer at We’re on the way; there are now bills in Congress that we can support to make this sensible option a reality! Please call our Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (808.522.8970) to urge her to co-sponsor Senator Wyden’s S 359. Also, visit to sign a petition and call Governor Abercrombie (808.586.0034) to tell him we want full sustainability for Maui!

Subtle Energy and How It Affects the Body I am a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. My goal as an energy worker is to help individuals understand subtle energy and how it affects their lives. I clear energy patterns and teach how to do so. The ultimate result is empowerment. When a person wants to change their life, old undesirable beliefs can prevent one Rich Ralston from changing and achieving their desired goals and/or higher potential. I draw from 25 years of past religious experiences to help others rid themselves of undesirable beliefs and gain clarity.

My abilities include but are not limited to the following: - Instructing how to clear and maintain auras and chakras - Removal of harmful entities and cords (that block a person’s potential) - Past-life karma clearing - Crossing over souls and communicating with the dead - Clearing homes and other areas of entities and souls Call today for more information, (808) 313-2736 or email: Page 22

Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

By Achintya Devi As women, our innate feminine power resides in the womb. Our ‘native’ wisdom is housed here with the gifts of creativity, intuition, receptivity, sensuality and birth. It is here in this mysterious chalice that lie our abilities to feel, sense, receive, create, provide space and give birth either to children, ideas, projects or service in the world. Modern culture barely acknowledges this powerhouse unless the topic is sex or giving birth. May we remember that our womb energy does not only come alive then, but is always present. And in some cases, is eagerly awaiting our attention. The more deeply we connect to the source of life inside of us, the more we access our true power and our gifts as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. The physical, emotional and spiritual health of our womb space is key in creating and living the life of our dreams. Here are some key womb practices: Listen. To yourself and others. Especially to that little voice inside. Your intuition is a gift from the womb. Trust this. Receive regular lady part check-ups. Attune yourself with lunar rhythms (see Dec./Jan. Maui Vision article) and chart your moon cycles, both physically and emotionally. (Receive a free Moondala Map from Initiate sacred self-care with activities that nourish the soul: baths, aromatherapy, being in nature, receiving energy/bodywork, meditating, etc. Here are questions for self-inquiry to support you in Divine Feminine embodiment: How can I more deeply trust my intuition? How can I initiate sacred self-care into my life now? What kind of support do I need, and what’s one step I can take to make that alive?

What Is Zero Balancing?

Hope For Fibromyalgia

By Helga Fiederer Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on bodywork system designed to align our energy body with our physical body. Dr. Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing, is both a medical doctor and osteopath who studied with Ida Rolf and earned a master’s degree in acupuncture. In 1975, during a period of extensive personal revelations and insights, he created this powerful mind / body therapy. It allows patients with musculoskeletal and emotional pain, as well as difficulties from past traumas, to experience again a profound sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. Some people describe experiencing “expanded awareness,” others speak of “tension melting away,” and still others say they feel like “being balanced to zero.” The sessions seem to build on one another, or as one of my clients told me after his sixth session, “This sticks! I’ve got my life back!” The structural body is what we can see and touch – bone, soft tissue and all of the organs. The energy body is the seen and unseen movement, which includes movement of muscles, tissue fluids and cellular and molecular vibrations, movement within body fields, and movement of the life force itself. The energy body is directly responsible for our moods, emotions and vitality. Changes in body energy and its fields usually precede illness. In a typical session the client lies on a table fully clothed, and the therapist works with a form of touch known as “interface.” ZB creates a stationary point, a point of stillness, where the mind quiets; the energy fields organize and internal reorientation occurs. It is a major adjunct to getting well as we navigate through difficult periods in our lives. Helga Fiederer, a licensed massage therapist, was introduced to ZB on her quest to heal herself from a debilitating spinal injury. For information about sessions and upcoming classes, please contact her at 808.250.6709. Mention Maui Vision Magazine for a special discount.

By Erin Elster, D.C. A new treatment, known as upper cervical chiropractic care, focuses on cervical (neck) injuries and shows promise for patients with fibromyalgia. According to medical research, fibromyalgia is a brain disorder that is frequently linked to head and/or neck trauma. It is believed that trauma triggers abnormal impulses in the brainstem, which in turn cause fibromyalgia symptoms, including chronic muscle pain, trigger points, fatigue, brain fog, sleep trouble and mood disturbances. Upper cervical chiropractic care works by correcting trauma-induced misalignments of the upper cervical vertebrae, thereby restoring normal brainstem function. The most common traumas that lead to fibromyalgia onset include blows to the head, whiplash and/or concussion sustained as a result of motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports such as skiing, cycling, horseback riding, gymnastics and surfing. After a trauma, fibromyalgia symptoms can be triggered immediately, or they can take months or years to develop. Even in cases where a patient does not recall incidences of head trauma prior to his or her fibromyalgia onset, upper cervical misalignments may still be found. To determine whether a patient may benefit from upper cervical treatment, two diagnostic tests of the cervical spine – thermal imaging and digital x-ray – are performed. After a diagnosis of cervical injury, the patient’s injured neck is corrected by administering a precise adjustment by hand on a specially-designed knee chest table. Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disorder that affects the quality of life of millions of people. The relationship between head trauma, fibromyalgia onset, and upper cervical treatment provides hope for these patients. Many patients notice an improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms with just a few treatments. For more information on upper cervical chiropractic care and fibromyalgia, including published articles and patient case studies, please contact upper cervical chiropractor Dr. Erin Elster, D.C., in Kahului. Call 808.866.6551, email, or visit

Ready For Your Spring Tune Up?

Maui Matchmaker

Do you want more energy and less pain? Do you want to feel great instead of just good? Is it time for a Spring Cleanse?

Quan Yin Healing Center Maurgana Stiastny,

MAcOM, LAc, LMT, is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist. Now accepting new patients, call 808-579-8810 to see if I can help!

Energy Light Rejuvenation

Did You Spend the Holidays as a Single Person Again?

Would you like to have a special person in your life by Valentine’s Day? Contact Rev. Debbie, the only Matchmaker on Maui or call (928) 301-0842

Combines Microcurrent with therapeutic light and color. Treats visible aging with a unique non-invasive holistic system. The result is youthful, glowing skin and a relaxed and energized body!

Matchmaking the old fashioned way with personal interviews and intuition. No weeding through pictures or profiles. Let the Matchmaker do the work. Tarot card reading included with every interview.

Beauty comes from the inside. Try facial light rejuvenation! Learn more about it at our Open House/Free Demo at 4pm on Tues., Feb. 11, and at11am on Tues., March 11 at The Quan Yin Healing Center. Call /email to make an appointment or RSVP: Maurgana Stiastny, MAcOM, LAc, LMT 808 -579-8810, Pa’ia, Maui, Hawaii

Join Us for our First Anniversary Gathering, Mon., Feb. 3, 3-5:30pm, Monkeypod, Wailea Happy Hour! February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

Page 23

Accessing Ancient Wisdom

Making The Connection

By Barbara Ensign We go in and out of a trance state throughout the day. Driving a car, daydreaming, listening to music and meditating are all examples of being in a trance state. Through hypnosis, we can deliberately go into this state to bring about positive changes. A light trance depth opens our access to memories and suggestions. It is that place right before we fall asleep – we are not fully awake, but we are not asleep either. This is a good place to give yourself a positive suggestion. A medium trance depth is often used for interactive work or regressions. It is a good place to receive positive suggestions and make behavior changes. The deep trance depth is a very relaxed state. You can regress totally to relive past incidents of this life or a past life. A past life regression through the guidance of a hypnotherapist can be used to access wisdom of the ages and bring that wisdom back with us to this life. In this place we can gain confidence and empowerment, and also overcome blocks that are deeply hidden within the subconscious. A deep trance depth is required for a life between lives regression. This is a place where you can access information about your existence and the meaning of life on a much greater scale. Lastly, the very deep trance, or comatose state, is used for surgery. Complete anesthesia is achieved. This is not used for therapeutic work, but you are still in a very highly suggestible state. Each of these four trance states has its purpose in our lives. They allow us to access a higher awareness, and they have strengthened our connection to our deeper selves and to the wisdom of the ages.

By Maurgana Stiastny Native Wisdom is wisdom that comes from the earth. Modern society tends to view nature as a backdrop to human civilization, as opposed to the ground of being in which all life resides. Modern folks think they need to “go out into nature,” but there is no “out there” when it comes to nature. She is all there is. This separation from nature creates the idea that Native Wisdom is somehow in the domain of certain tribes or races of people. It is certainly the case that some groups of people are living in a more natural and simple manner, and have more experience and more sensitivity to their surroundings. I have Native Wisdom, but it does not come from a bloodline or from living in any specific place. It is my practice to connect with light, air, water, color, plants, animals (including humans), temperature, sounds and smells. Just standing with bare feet on the ground provides a connection to our earth’s electrical field that most modern humans never experience. This electrical grounding is truly vital to our health and peace of mind. I practice natural medicine utilizing plants. My grandmother said there is not an illness known to man that cannot be healed by a plant. Learning how to work with plants, and being in harmonious relationship with them, connects us to our ancestors and to a time when people lived more simply. We are an aspect of nature. We need only to stop and breathe, look at the sky, listen to the song of the bugs and birds, smell the fragrant plants, feel the sand beneath our feet, and reach into our memory to hear the ancient teachings and to remember our own Native Wisdom.

Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist practicing on Maui for over 12 years. She helps people make positive changes in their lives. Her office is in Makawao. To contact Barbara, call 808.269.2129 or visit

Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 23 years. Find her at the Quan Yin Healing Center located on the north shore of Maui, or call her at 808.579.8810.

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

Your Inner Ocean

By Judy Taylor All disease begins and ends in the lymphatic system. Your inner ocean—the lymphatic system—is your body’s water. We have three to four times more lymph fluid than we have blood. It has been scientifically proven to hold information about the key to your health. It works in concert with your immune system, mirroring your thoughts, mind, emotions and lifestyle. It is your inner flow of life; it channels its way throughout the body, carrying infection-fighting cells and filtering out fat and impurities. It is commonly known as the “garbage disposal.” The lymphatic system is critical to all systems in the body. It is designed to ward off infection, germs, inflammation and disease. It destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, fat, cellulite and other toxic materials. A healthy nervous system depends on a healthy lymph system. The lymphatic system has no pump and relies on the body’s exercise to function optimally. Move it or lose it! One out of two people in our country have a life threatening disease. You can support your lymphatic health in the following ways: be active and keep moving, practice unconditional love for yourself and others, have fun and laugh, engage in creative and enjoyable activities, keep your body and mind flexible, get adequate rest, keep your sexual energy balanced, maintain a pleasant weight, maintain good digestion, listen to yourself and tell your truth, see problems as opportunities, deal with challenges without getting overwhelmed, and engage in relationships that are supportive, enjoyable and freeing.

ifts ks And G eart Boo pen Daily! H s tu o L ” The -5220 - O ister Store Rd - 575 isit Our “S ace @ 575 Haiku V se a le P f Pe emple O At The T

Judy Taylor is a wise, passionate, dedicated and humorous expert on the lymphatic system. She has developed and teaches a natural medical protocol for treating the lymphatic system to regain and maintain physical and emotional health. Visit for information about classes on Maui in late February and early March.

A Holistic Approach To Mental Health

Have you experienced a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual crisis? We support one another through self inquiry, movement and sound, visualization, breath, rhythm, journaling and other healing modalities. Empower yourself and learn tools to help understand, become aware and move through these challenges. We can be more at peace with ourselves and the world. Learn to love yourself in difficult times.

Temple Of Peace

575 Haiku Rd, Haiku Support Group, Ongoing Tuesdays: 4-6pm Please be on time! Doors close at 4:30. No charge, donations appreciated to pay for space. Please bring a journal Special guests 3rd week of every month at 5pm Facilitated by Valerie Hummingbird CSHP, CMT, Peer Coach & Michael Warmuth MSW, Psych K, Re-connective Healer For more information, contact: Valerie Hummingbird 808-987-5231

February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Holistic Mental Health

By Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D. and Valerie Hummingbird From a holistic viewpoint, all illnesses – physical and psychological – occur when the spiritual and/or physical become imbalanced. However, order is inherent in disorder, which makes it possible to return to health. Food provides the nutrients used for energy. The endocrine system utilizes chemical messengers to coordinate various activities of the body parts. There is a certain amount of overlap with the nervous system, which utilizes neurotransmitter substances creating excitability or inhibition. This causes neurons to either fire or not. Together these provide the necessary chemicals that energize our spiritual lives. Spirit is energy fueled by the endocrine system. It is the spiritual force by which we live. There is no health without mental health. Just as we need to exercise, eat well, sleep and avoid extreme conditions and injuries that can induce sickness, we need to do the same with our emotions and mind. Everyone goes through stress and difficulty in life for which they need help, just as everyone experiences colds, flus, headaches and fractured bones. One way to deal with these problems is to go to your doctor or hospital. But in many instances people help themselves and each other. Self-help methods like meditation, mindfulness, therapy, positive thinking, motivational interviewing, visualization, journaling, etc. can be very helpful in promoting physical health and mental health (which are one and the same); and these modalities can complement medical care. As we empower ourselves and learn tools to help understand, become aware of and move through these challenges, we can create peace within ourselves and out in the world. Join us for a fun and therapeutic journey! Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D. is president of the American Psychiatric Association. Valerie Hummingbird is a certified peer counselor, sound healer and bodyworker. Valerie and Michael Warmouth facilitate a support group with a holistic approach to mental health on Tuesdays, 4-6pm at the Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd. Call 808.987.5231; visit

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

Sharing Love And Forgiveness

By Rhonda Felix I was born in California, and this makes me native to California. Having moved to Hawaii, could I ever be considered a native here? Even after 40 years of residence, I am not sure I would be considered a native. Certainly my island born children would be; lucky ones they are! I am privy to the incredible “native” customs, cultures and the “breath of life” of Hawaii. And these, to me, are embodied in this concept of Native Wisdom. One of the greatest gifts I have received is learning and doing the practice of “Ho’oponopono.” Through this practice, I have received the powerful insight that I am totally responsible for my life and all that is going on in it. I have gained the understanding I have created every experience, and what I see in you, my friend, is really a reflection of what is in me. I would not be able to see it in you if I did not have the vibration within myself. I cannot change you, but I can change me. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you” is the mantra of this ancient Hawaiian wisdom. Love and forgiveness are the key teachings of Buddha, Jesus and the Ancient Hawaiians. We are speaking of self-forgiveness, which is the letting go of all judgments of self and others. When one grasps what this truly means, it is awe inspiring and humbling. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you.” Say it as often as your monkey mind will let you; and you will change in spite of yourself! This is the Native Wisdom of the Divine. Rhonda Felix is a certified teacher for Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life,” as well as a licensed teacher for Unity Church. Rhonda is a reflexologist and loves to rub feet! You can contact her at 808.205.8302 or visit

Listen And Know

Sacred Lessons

Lisa Evans is a writer and movement arts facilitator. Of late, she’s listening to what are wise colors for painting her house. She knows pink is not one of them. Lisa is the founder of Beach Dance and hosts weekly events. Contact her at or

Paul-David Solomon, LCSW facilitates deep transformational soul awakenings using sound and energy, intuitive life guidance, and holistic psychotherapy. He assists people in reclaiming their life’s purpose and living an authentic and joyful life. Call 808.633.3009, email, or visit

By Lisa Evans In silence, I see. With wisdom, I speak. Several years ago when I first read this quote, I was deeply moved by these eight simple, yet profound, words. Today, they move me still, despite my recent discovery that they were part of the Find Your Voice ad campaign for Virginia Slims’ cigarettes in the 1990s. Unbelievable and utterly disgusting – a cigarette company encouraging women to find their voice by smoking. Were I allowed to use profanity here, assuredly I would. Instead of swearing, I offer up some of my own Native Wisdom; things I know I’ve known for a long time, but only now can articulate after listening and living into them the past 45 years: ~ Trust how you feel, not what you think. ~ Ask better questions to have more meaningful conversations. ~ Judging yourself causes your greatest suffering.~ Judging another causes the world’s greatest suffering. ~ Don’t treat anyone less than how you wish to be treated. ~ Give up guilt, envy, shame, jealousy, and regret. They serve no purpose and no one. ~ Do more of what brings you the most joy. ~ Searching for God is pointless. Remembering you are God is the point. ~ Wondering what the future holds is worthwhile. Worrying about it is a waste of time. ~ Believe in what’s possible, not probable. ~ Spontaneity is often what leads to the most fun. ~ Laughter really is the best medicine. ~ Trust is the foundation for…everything. ~ Learning to love and being loved is what life is all about. ~ Wisdom most often shows up long after the lesson has been learned. What’s your Native Wisdom? In silence, listen to what it is. With wisdom, speak what you know.

By Paul-David Solomon Hawaiian wisdom teaches us that the natural and supernatural worlds are one. All life is sacred. Everything comes from and is contained in the Pō: the great mystery, the unmanifest, the quantum field. People are called kamaʻāina, which means “child of the land.” We are the earth moving on itself. ʻAina means “that which feeds.” The makaʻāinana (common people) are those who attend to the land. Nature feeds us and we care for nature in return. Aloha is the spirit in me seeing the spirit in everyone and everything. It is love, compassion and kindness; love blossoms when we experience the oneness of all. Hā is the breath of life, which is also spirit. The inherent wisdom of the body is the same wisdom of nature and wisdom of spirit. Since all is one, any disruption of harmony within or without can lead to problems originating and manifesting in the physical, psychological, relational, community and/or spiritual realms. Transformational healing involves focusing on all of these dimensions. As humans we have the opportunity to fully awaken to our true selves while in a physical body. Our work is to open our hearts and awaken to the love of all that is. We do this by caring for our bodies, healing our psychological wounds, forgiving, empowering others and ourselves, acting pono (righteously), mālama (taking care of) the environment, and engaging in activities that help us experience our souls. We cultivate awareness; self-awareness; compassion; peace; knowing, speaking and living truth; love; gratitude; and finding the lessons in situations, knowing that sometimes there’s a higher reason or purpose of which we are not aware. In doing so, we more fully manifest these qualities in the world.


February/March, 2014

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

February/March, 2014

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SPIRITUAL THERAPY Sara Schroepfer 631-4910



XANGO WELLNESS PRODUCTS Carol McNulty-Huffman; 808-572-3466 YOGA THERAPY Therapeutic Fusion: Physical Therapy and Wellness Heather Ardoin, MPT,CPI,CYT 891-1188



One listing is complimentary with the purchase of any display ad (upon request) or can be purchased for $12/3 lines/ 3 issues. Call 808/669-9091 or e-mail to be included. You can then mail your $12 check to: Maui Promotions 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8 Lahaina, HI 96761

Haiku Helen A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion

THREE DAY CLEANSES Joy’s Place 572-2186

“I was blown away by her words. My log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer.” – Nita Hughes author of Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy

Spiritual Gestalt Center of Maui

“She is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. She has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me.” – Wendy Orange, Ph.D., author of Coming Home to Jerusalem

Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph.D.

Gestalt & Expressive Arts Psychotherapies, Alternative Sexualities Counseling Consulting Synergist/Networker

“Her accuracy is uncanny.” – John Morris, Hollywood Stunt Man

3100-A Mapu Place Kihei, HI 96753



Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit February/March, 2014

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REIKI HAWAII - For everything Reiki, Gift Certificates, Treatments, Trainings, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. or 808.280.7704 SUPPORT GROUP ~ A holistic approach to mental health. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or just need someone to talk with, this group may be for you. Meets every Tuesday 4-6pm, Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info: Valerie Hummingbird-808-987-5231,, LEELA SESSIONS & THE ENNEAGRAM ~ Support to find inner Peace & Happiness. Holding a space of Love, Silence & Compassion. Discover your own answers within. Realize your true nature. Grace 808-283-1222 VIRTUAL POETRY THEATER: Enter theValentine Poetry Contest, Join the forum, watch poetry videos, buy poetry posters, order or download the poetry book “A nun’s first love,” by April Pinsonneault and visit April’s photography at REMOTE HEALING BY PHONE~ Relationship and Heart Healings, contact Sally (808) 283-1806 or try (561) 705-5879,, MAUI PSYCHIC CENTER ~ Classes, Private sessions, Healing. Call 874-1451 for more information. SACRED AWAKENING ~ Intuitive Reading and Spiritual Counseling with Sa’arah, Creatrix of the ‘Sacred Awakening’ Card Deck ~ Transformational Healing for deeper Wholeness, Harmony, Clarity ~ Attune to the qualities of Love,Abundance, Consciousness etc. in these cards and by viewing their amazing artwork. Order through ~ Sa’arah (808) 264-5698 QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK with the stateof-the-art L.I.F.E. System, using frequencies to balance body, mind, and emotions. Relieves stress and pain, allows your body to re-align with radiant health and heal itself from a multitude of issues. Safe, gentle, non-invasive and effective! www.RadiantHealthMaui. com. Introductory specials, house calls available. 808874-9589.

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WHAT IS CHOCOLATE THERAPY? Indulge your dreams and manifest all that you love and deserve through a unique sensory program tasting gourmet Maui chocolate. Begin opening your life to a delicious world of infinite possibilities by dissolving your self limiting thoughts.“How does it get any better than this?” Call 808 264-0450 for your session. Aloha nui loa, James. INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED ARTIST and author Melissa Harris offers Spirit Essence Portraits in Maui - Kihei and Haiku. Hawaii price $144. Call 845.389.5250 MISSING HEART OF MAUI at Maui Swap Meet or other outdoor venues? Call us at 808-2803682 or email us at for directions to our Kihei home and shop for beautiful authentic light-bearing monatomic gold Andara from the Sacred Land at affordable prices. We also offer powerful Andara Zen-EssenceTinctures in drops and Aural Sprays by Maui Karuna Reiki Master Michael Reis, therapeutic AromaStone Chakra Balancing E Oil Blends by Maui Aromatherapist Patricia Gail McClary, Lemurian Seed Quartz pendulums for $22, our own HeartStone Chakra Balancing Sets, shimmering Taffeta 8-pocket drawstring pouches and Karuna Arts Flag Strings & Banners to add color, meaning and new age chic to any environment. Come to shop or view first at site and to connect with our FB Page, WordPress Blog and browse or download lots of free information on Andara colors & properties, Chakra Balancing, Lemurian Culture, Crystal Use and much more. Kama'aina/Healer Discounts avail, all major CC/DC accepted. MAHALO NUI LOA! HEARTFELT BLISSINGS TO ALL! PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship and business questions. Phone and skype sessions available. Liah Howard 808-269-3137 www. ON-LINE PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT and Channeling Classes.All levels, beginning to advanced. Take your psychic skills to their next level http:// Liah Howard, ORIGINAL REIKI TEACHINGS - with Reiki GrandMaster Salini Teri Apodaca. Soul Transformation Therapy, Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval, Abuse, Addiction & Trauma Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, 808-419-0497,, AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/ or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. or 572-7999

February/March, 2014

EAR CLEANING: Head congestion? Ears stopped up?? I am a specialist in ear cleaning. I use a water syringe, as well as ear candling, which helps to jump-start the immune system. I also use a Bowen technique to drain the lymph ducts out of the head. For a session, please call Amrita @5727680. blessings LIFE BETWEEN LIVES: Spiritual Regression based on Dr. Michael Newton’s work.The Purpose of Life and the meaning of existence. Barbara Ensign CHt. 808 269-2129 HANDMADE APHRODISIAC ROSE Chocolates to order: Make your sweetie happy with some superfoods of handmade aphrodisiac rose chocolates emanating love. Call Dilight @ 808-268-0336. MAUI CONVEYENCERS: Have everything that you want/need on your Maui visit? We specialize in sourcing what it is that you need to complete your holiday, snorkel gear, romantic chocolates, superfoods, yoga or just finding the perfect pillow for your heavenly dreams. Strictly confidential. Ph. Amrita @ 572-7680. May All Of Life’s Treasures Flow Through You This Year! ACADEMIC SERVICES Maui’s BEST tutoring for 20+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 NURTURING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE & BODYWORK: Get the Gunk out of your body’s drainage system, activates circulation, and feel renewed and rejuvenated & A L I V E !!!. ph Amrita 572-7680 SEEKING PEACEFUL HOME in Nature (Upcountry/Haiku/Huelo) Long time female Maui resident seeking spacious serene home in nature, would love a crater view. 2BR or spacious 1 BR. Around $1,200. Can also contribute massage, grounds beautification, uplifting energy. Conscious, financially solid, light-hearted. Please call 268-4468 THE POLE ROOM, Lahaina. Pole Dance and Erotic Fitness Classes. Group and Private lessons. Bachelorette Parties! Ladies only. Have Pole. Will Travel. 808.283.2606. WRITER’S VOICE / WRITER’S BLOCK : If you're finally finding your voice with the written word, but seem to get stuck or derailed, then let me help! As an editor, linguist, and former attorney, I'm insightful and accurate when it comes to the written use of language. From simple brochures to full manuscripts, I'll support you every step of the way. Theo 603-285-2727

BODY IN BALANCE, Lahaina. Pilates, Personal Training, Cycle, Pole Dancing, Booty Barre, and more! Private and group lessons available. 808.661.1116 NEED SPONSOR to speak at 29th IAU GA, August 2015, Honolulu, on the topic of changing the name of Planet Earth to Planet Love, and other celestial bodies in our Solar System ialonu.palkan@ HORSE HEART CONNECTION. Ground into the power of living in the present moment through horse guided human transformation. Become the leader of your life with a session or workshop with Clairvoyant Practitioner & EFL Instructor Linda Kingsbury. www.HorseHeartConnection. Call/ text:208-883-9933. SACRED ANCIENT HAWAIIAN Bodywork — Lomi Lomi Nui / Kahuna Bodywork Private Sessions: addressing Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Ancestral Bodies with Jody Soltau Mountain. Lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. Visit www. or call 808.575.2294 for more information.

VALLEY ISLE KOMBUCHA, Find locations: Bryan, 760-458-1120. CAROL PHELAN, LMT: Addressing causes of pain combining 3D Myofascial, Cranial, Visceral/Post Surgery, Lymphatic and Joint Mobility Restoration. NOW LOCATED at Pukalani Square, Suite 112. (808) 938-7084, Auto and Work Injury Accepted. GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover this True Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. is an authorized international consultant/ practitioner and instructor of GNM founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioners' effectiveness and the use of modalities and/or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the Five Biological Laws. Click on 5-minute introductory video on home page at; or call 244-0415. OPTIMAL LIFE COACHING/THERAPY = Release the past and live your dreams. Contact Lynda Wright, LCSW @ 808-430-3176 for free consultation.

REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 NEVER MISS ANOTHER Maui Vision Magazine deadline! Get e-mail announcements about upcoming issues and community news. It’s easy to sign up! Visit and click on “Join Our Community Elist”!


You can place your listing by email to Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. For e-mailed ads we will contact you with charges due. Make your check payable and mail to Maui Promotions, 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8, Lahaina, HI 96761. Call 808.669.9091 for more information. Ads are due by Thurs., March 13 for the April/May edition.

BREAK FREE OF ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. Call 360-540-2355 to schedule your free initial one-half hour consultation via phone or Skype. Judy Flores, Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring READY FOR FEWER WRINKLES? More ease? Access Consciousness Bars & Energetic Facelift Sessions & Trainings. Kathy Williams, 808268-8708,, HYPNOSIS: Override your old programing and make the changes you desire. Change a little to gain a lot. Barbara Ensign Cht. 269-2129 THAI 'YOGA' MASSAGE - Get Thai from Maui's Specialist! Rhythmic massage with yogic stretching helps soften, release & lengthen your body! All-purpose wellness massage, or a targeted treatment for neck, back, hips & more! Custom blends with swedish, deep tissue, myofascial & neuromuscular! Wailuku Incall / Outcall Islandwide! 808-463-7734 info@ ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808)-879-2287 (12/13) FENG SHUI Consultations for home, office, and Feng Shui Fashion Makeovers. Diane Alba-Means, Author of “Feng Shui Fashion Makeover for Success ~ A Woman's Guide to Empowering Your Personal Style.” Serving Maui since 1999. Phone: 280-8008. Learn more @ (4/14) ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! MauiVision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 6699091 or 280-7893 or visit for details. BODYTALK, DNA REPROGRAMMING and Theta Healing. Come have an adventure with your Infinite Intelligence to balance your Body, Mind and Spirit. Call: Monique (808) 283-5667. (2/14)

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Specializing in Home Delivery and Cleanse Packages Glow Juice and High Mineral Broth is always 100% non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and bottled in glass. Seasonal fruit and green juice combinations are cold pressed daily to yield maximum vitality for 48 hours. Average jar contains the nutrition of 2 lbs of produce ~ bio available ~ no digestion required. Create new and refreshed positive nutritional habits and we offer post-cleanse support. DAily GlOw CleAnSe pACkAGe inCluDe: 1 qt. seasonal fruit juice combination 1 qt. of our signature Green Glow Juice (cucumber, celery, kale, cilantro, parsley, lemon) 2 qts. Glow High Mineral Broth TO wARM yOuR SpiRiT.

“This cleanse has changed my life, and forever changed my relationship to food” -Terrance McGraTh, QuanTuM PhysicisT

“The Glow Cleanse is made easy by the delicious High Mineral broth. Wasn’t hungry at all.” -Lisa Oz, auThOr and cOhOsT Of The dr. Oz shOw

Visit for much more information or call 808.281.2381 to sign up. PHOTOS PNINIT TOOSH

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