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Deepening Renewal

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Maui Vision Magazine

Winter, 2018-2019

Ohana Candidates Unplug Maui Patriarchy By Mark Sheehan The blackout reported election night was experienced from Kaunakakai to Hana town. That system-wide outage was caused by a power surge from Ohana candidates as they systematically unplugged the prevailing patriarchy. Led by the Sustainable Action Fund for the Environment (SAFE) political action team, the coalition stunned the power elite and caused their energy grid to crash. It was a stunning turnaround. Back in ‘the day,’ political priorities could be decided at a few board meetings in Honolulu, and later by hotel honchos in New York and Orlando. The new majority will likely upgrade the power system with new policies and procedures. They could start with restructuring property tax rates. Some of the patriarchy’s power systems were old and frail; despite temporary fixes after  the 2016 election, it couldn’t handle the renewable energy loads that came through from the people’s coalition. The simmering neglect felt by voters was never adequately addressed by the mayor or the council that dithered, delayed and derailed critical decisions for years. Many voters saw the lastminute vote for an $80 million parking structure in Wailuku as frivolous, particularly in light of the meager and stingy $1 million allocated for affordable housing. Long lines at the Haiku polling center showed that the county was not prepared for the turnout. The magnitude of the win by SAFE’s slate was revealed in its plurality of votes; Ohana candidates had 30,939 more votes than their challengers. South Maui representative Kelly King received 30,855, the most of any candidate. Her long experience in management makes her the

likely choice to lead the next council. Her collaborative manner will be a welcome change from the authoritarian style of her predecessor, Mike White, who has moved back to his day job as GM in Kaanapali. The greatest outage was reported from Arakawa’s campaign headquarters. It seems the mayor blew his fuse when he realized his dream of perpetual service was crushed by newcomer Tasha Kama, who received 10,875 more votes than hizzoner. His power zapped, the mayor turned churlish and petulant, lashing out at Kama as a “low watt” wannabe. The public perceived Arakawa becoming more Trump-ish in his last term — arrogant and out of touch. Like Diocletian leaving Rome to grow cabbages, Arakawa plans to retreat to his mango farm in Kula. Lanai seat holder and supposed Lanai resident, Riki Hokama, once again beat Gabe Johnson. It will be Hokama’s 19th year on the council. Whether  Hokama  actually  qualifies  for  the  seat is an open question, as there is no record of his residence on Lanai. Hokama has expressed interest in chairing the budget committee, though that seems far-fetched. To change the power structure, SAFE’s PAC knew that people had to get to know their East Maui candidate; so creative director Lauryn Rego had twenty 7-foot-tall cutouts made and placed in key spots around the island. Sinenci was seen

from Kihei to Kapalua, standing by the side of the road, holding a sign that said “Shane Sinenci is Cut Out for Council.” It was easily the most creative nudge in this election cycle, and voters agreed with the slogan by giving Sinenci a 4,000 vote margin of victory. The Molokai seat was also a ‘must win’ for the Ohana slate. Late in the campaign, Tina Wildberger, fresh from her win of the 11th district state house seat, stepped in to assist Keani RawlinsFernandez. It was Keani’s second run against the incumbent, but this time she was better prepared, campaigned harder, and squeezed out a 1,000 vote win. SAFE’s candidate for mayor, Elle Cochran, lost decisively to popular and well-funded Mike Victorino who had widespread union backing, a huge budget, and a slick campaign. Victorino’s printed materials mirrored Cochran’s as he promised urgent action on the top issues facing the county. Cochran’s said that she will continue to fight for environmental sanity and social justice. Another serious setback to the progressive agenda came when Alika Atay was beaten by returning councilwoman Alice Lee. The popular Atay made a few blunders in office, but he was  publicly stymied from day one by Council Chair White who systematically sabotaged Atay, crippling his ability to do his job. The new council majority is committed to openness and transparency, professional management, comprehensive services for the homeless, and fast track implementation of affordable housing. Mark Sheehan is a real estate broker, organic farmer and environmental activist. He is a board member of Maui Tomorrow and SAFE. Contact:

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Winter, 2018-2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

Deepening Renewal

During the winter season we are given a unique opportunity for renewal, and to turn our focus inward. Many of our writers in this edition encourage us to go within during this time, and to dig deep within our souls for renewal, healing and transformation. Consider this time as an opportunity for hibernation before the fresh energy of 2019 springs forth. The cooler weather (even on Maui) encourages deep sleep. I have noticed an uptick in dreams that I am remembering; some of them have been prophetic and full of symbols. It is important to take notice and act on the messages in your dreams. If you need help deciphering the clues, seek out a dream expert to help you interpret your dreams. May this season bring you abundant opportunities for deep rest and renewal, even amidst the hectic scrambling the holidays often bring. All of us at Maui Vision Magazine wish you a wonderful season of glad tidings and good cheer, and an amazing, healthy, happy and prosperous 2019! - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine

Winter, 2018-2019

Self Empowerment With Crystals

By Uma Silbey After reading many of today’s crystal and gemstone books, I noticed one thing. They don’t cover how to work with them. To fill in the gap, here is some basic information that you can use in your transformative work with crystals. First, the natural formation of a quartz crystal features six sides or faces, with a point on one or both ends. If it has a single point, it is called “single terminated.” If it has a point on each end, it is called “double terminated.” If there are multiple points facing outward from one end of the crystal, it is still a single terminated crystal. If there are multiple points facing outward from both ends, it is still considered double terminated. Clear quartz crystals can either be single or double terminated. This is an important distinction with quartz crystals because it generally determines which way the subtle energy flows through and outward from the crystal. Each quartz crystal contains a line of direction along which energy flows when it is transmitted through the crystal. The energy flow in the crystal runs up from the bottom where it enters, up through the crystal, and then out through the point. If the crystal has a point on each end, the energy comes and goes in both directions. Though it may seem to us that the energy flows in a straight line, it actually spirals up through the crystal and outward in line with its spiral construction of molecules. This energy flow can be enhanced when we direct it through our focused intention. More information can be found in my latest book, available on Amazon — The Ultimate Guide to Crystals & Stones: A Practical Path to Personal Power, Self-Development, and Healing.

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Renewal Of The Body

By John Gelert, LMT In the context of psychology, renewal is the restoring of the body or mind after it has been worn out, run down, or broken. A deeper renewal takes more time and does a more thorough restoration. Massage therapy renews the body by soothing run-down muscles. All types of massage improve circulation, energy and health; they reduce stress, tension and pain. But often there are painful knots and other stresses in deeper muscle layers that require deeper renewal. One of the best ways to restore those muscles is to have a deep tissue massage. These massages require the massage therapist to move much slower than during a regular (Swedish) massage, to properly renew the deeper muscle layers without causing pain. Deep tissue massage treats chronic pain much more effectively; improves athletic recovery, performance and flexibility; helps prevent and treat injuries; reduces arthritis symptoms; helps regulate the autonomic nervous system; releases oxytocin and serotonin to boost mood and relaxation; and lowers high blood pressure, cortisol and heart rate. Deep tissue massage is often perceived to be painful. Many people think they need to experience pain for a deeper renewal; that is not true. Deep tissue massage therapists generally use the forearm and the elbow. The forearm is broad but does not apply even pressure to all areas of contact. The elbow is powerful but cannot get into all tight places. It can also be hazardous because it cannot feel much compared to the hands. Only skilled deep tissue massage therapists can avoid causing pain. Lomi Hanamana is a gentle, relaxing deep tissue massage that is powerful enough to relieve pain and does not hurt. Therapists use the fists instead of the forearm for broad areas, and the knuckles instead of the elbow for more focused areas. Lomi Hanamana provides ‘blissfully relaxing pain relief.’ John Gelert owns Lomi Hanamana Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Kihei. Call 808.214.5054 for information on sessions and workshops.

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Winter, 2018-2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Spiritual Science And The Holidays By Paul O’Brien As this year draws to a close, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas is both a materialistic celebration and a religious holiday – a convoluted intersection of opposing belief systems. But the real spirit of the season derives from a celebration of nature and the solstice’s pivot towards greater light – a celebration neither materialistic nor religious. It is spiritual. It’s strange that religion and materialistic science – in conflict for centuries – can intersect at all, but one thing they have in common is that they are both in opposition to nature. While religion and spirituality sometimes overlap, they imply different things. Religion is generally belief-centric, dogmatic and ideological, whereas spirituality is practice-oriented, in tune with the season and experiential. These differences have significant ramifications. Dr. Steve Taylor, author of Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World, writes, “Every culture needs a metaphysical system to make sense of the world, a belief system that answers fundamental questions about human life, the world and reality itself.” I had Dr. Taylor on Pathways Radio and Podcasts. We discussed these belief systems, as well as the growing role of spirituality. (Find the interview here: “Spirituality wakes us up, opens us up to the aliveness and sacredness of nature, and reconnects us to the world,” Taylor wrote. Aside from dogma and morality, “[Traditional religions] encourage compassion and altruism, teach us to be cooperative rather than competitive, to be moderate rather than hedonistic, and tell us that we shouldn’t expect complete

Loss Will Lead To Renewal

By Maurgana Stiastny Impermanence is a universal truth. Experiencing impermanence in our lives can be painful. I recently experienced loss in my life, and I have some friends who also have experienced deep loss. Loss can come in the form of death or separation from someone, breaking a habit, changing careers or moving. I’ve been reflecting on how these difficult moments are natural processes like the changing of seasons. Letting go of things is almost like a winter in your being. Loss can be likened to darkness, like the approaching winter. The nights are long and dark, but we know the light will return with the coming spring. If we use the opportunity consciously and wisely, loss will lead to renewal, just as the season of spring follows every winter. Loss is a form of significant change, and some of the processes of renewal are not easy. Grief is a critical step towards renewal. In our culture, grief is generally not acknowledged or encouraged. Some of the stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It’s important to allow yourself to feel your feelings and to take time to reflect and turn inward. See it as a natural process, and keep in mind that the light will return. It is important to be gentle with yourself, and to allow the transformation to occur. It is not a process that can be pushed or rushed. It takes patience, care and love. In a way, renewal is unavoidable. If you can keep that in your heart as you traverse the experience of loss, this may support you to move forward towards the light. One day you may even feel gratitude for the experience that made this transformation and renewal possible! Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 23 years. Find her at Maui Vibrant Health located on the north shore of Maui, or call her at 808.579.8810.

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Maui Vision Magazine Winter, 2018-2019

fulfillment in this life.” Scientific materialism, on the other hand, is a reaction to religion. “Our culture is in thrall to a particular paradigm… which in its own way is just as dogmatic and irrational as a religious paradigm,” writes Taylor. “This is the belief system of materialism, which holds that matter is the primary reality… and that anything that appears to be non-physical – such as the mind, our thoughts, consciousness, or even life itself – is physical in origin, or can be explained in physical terms.” Many people see materialism – which ultimately negates anything but the physical – as the only alternative to religion. Taylor calls this ‘scientism,’ which is dogmatic, like religion. This materialistic paradigm promotes rampant consumerism, hedonism, status-seeking, competitiveness, and environmental destruction. After all, if nature is but a biological machine whose sole function is to sustain us, then as long as we continue to survive, there is no inherent value in maintaining other species or their ecosystems. By placing God outside of Nature, religions support this attitude too. There is a fundamental sense of meaninglessness that takes hold without spirituality, but Taylor is optimistic that we are heading into a postmaterialistic phase, where there’s growing room for a spiritual worldview. This viewpoint honors the insights of philosophers, physicists, mystics, as well as spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures. “The idea that the essence of reality is a non-material, spiritual quality is one of the oldest and most common cross-cultural concepts,” writes Taylor, and he explains how modern science is converging with mysticism. Perhaps someday in the future we can move beyond a consumer holiday or celebrating the virgin birth of a savior, and return to one that honors the changing of the seasons, the return of the light, and a sense of connection with nature, each other and all beings. Hallelujah! Paul O’Brien is author of Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and the “Visionary I Ching Oracle” App. He is also the host of Pathways Radio with podcasts available via, iTunes, etc.


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Maui Vision Magazine

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Deepening Renewal

By Matteo Musso Meditation, prayer, massage, long walks in nature, breathing exercises, yoga, drumming, or even a relaxed conversation with a friend — these are all helpful ways to revive, reenergize and renew ourselves. You’ve probably heard of these and you may even do some of them. I’m going to share a new idea or two that I’m guessing you haven’t tried. As an autistic, renewing myself looks different as I experience life in unique ways. I renew myself daily; usually many times throughout the day. The sensory onslaught piles up higher and higher as the day progresses, so if I couldn’t renew myself throughout, I’d explode! I’ve learned to do this because I’ve been given no choice. My neurology makes certain of that. My secrets? I listen a lot. I don’t talk much. Most think that’s just sad, but it’s not. I’ll share some of its advantages. When you don’t speak, filtering all the information you hear is imperative. That’s number one: Let it go! When we hold on to too much, we get clogged up and bogged down. The news, comments of others, self-judgments, etc. — just listen, then release. If you want to act, do so, but then release the energy to be transformed. A trapped prisoner isn’t free and takes up valuable emotional real estate. I also turn inward a lot throughout the day. I am practicing, with the help of Mom and meditation, to notice every muscle in my body and how relaxed or tense it is at any given time — including my face muscles. Smiling releases tension immediately and it can brighten someone’s day at the same time! Make fists with your hands, then open them up to a flat hand — and feel the stress just fly out of your palms! I think letting go of stress is the biggest gift we can give ourselves; it renews our entire being. So smile more, greet strangers, listen to your body, breathe it out and let it go. Then enjoy your new freedom! Matteo is a joyous 15-year-old author, inspirational speaker, and mostly non-verbal autistic young man who recently found his voice by spelling his thoughts one letter at a time on a stenciled letter board. His inspired thoughts and wisdom are now being shared with the world. Visit www.matteomusso. com; search ‘Mondays with Matteo’ on YouTube.

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Maui Vision Magazine Winter, 2018-2019

Winter, 2018-2019

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine Winter, 2018-2019

Deepening Life Through Death By Lisa Jones Most people don’t like to think about or talk about death. However, the most deepening experiences of my life were witnessing my husband’s death after a 7-year cancer battle when he was 44, as well as standing beside both my mother and father when they took their last breaths. The fact is that everyone is going to die. Unfortunately, our culture has made death a taboo topic. The $20 billion dollar death industry has tried to keep death behind closed doors, and I believe it has robbed us of the opportunity to fully grieve our loved ones in an intimate and healing way by having home or green funerals. A death positive movement is currently sweeping the nation. In 2015, cremations surpassed burials in the United States for the first time; a few decades ago this would have been unheard of, as it was originally a very unpopular idea. Also, green funerals are on the rise and very popular with the baby boomers. Another death positive movement is that of the death doula, a professional who helps families navigate the transition of their loved ones in a more natural, intimate and respectful way. One way to embrace death is to take charge of what you want to happen when your time comes. Having a conversation with your loved ones about your thoughts and wishes, is imperative. Completing your legal documents is also an important step. If you haven’t done so already, you can download your living will at, which creates a legal living will and helps you put into words your dying wishes. It’s a wonderfully holistic approach to your end-of-care planning. Embracing death will allow you to more fully deepen your life experience; it’s the only other thing I can guarantee other than death itself. Lisa Jones is an author, speaker, transition coach, Hospice Maui advocate and volunteer. Check out Lisa’s podcast, Exploring Death, on iTunes. Email


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To Renew, Clean Your Yard By Joe Swartz, M.D. Imagine that each cell in your body is a little house with a front yard, backyard, side yards, a street in front and a street in back. Everything that your body needs, such as food, electricity and water, has to go down the street, through the yard, and into the house. Everything that your body doesn’t need has to go out of the house, through the yard, and out onto the street. The streets are your capillaries that bring in everything your house needs, and take away everything your house doesn’t need. Your yard is the space between your capillaries (the streets) and your cells (the house). The yard is filled with special trash cans. Their function is to collect the excess garbage that accumulates. If the trash cans get filled up and overflow into the house and the street, it is the breeding ground for diseases such as cancer. If you want to renew your life and your health, and if you want to feel good, clean up your yard. Take out the trash and don’t bring more trash into the house. Exercise is the most important thing you can do to support the health of your capillaries (the street). Eating healthy, real foods keeps the garbage out of your yard (the space around your cells) and your house (your cells). Eating processed foods brings garbage into your yard and house. Read books about anti-aging and alternative medicine to learn more about how to clean your yard and renew your life. J. M. Swartz, M.D. has written ten books on anti-aging and alternative medicine (available on Amazon). Dr. Joe has been successfully treating chronic pain that has failed all other treatments for 29 years. Call him at 808.344.0244 to learn how he can help you to painlessly heal from pain and addictions.


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Maui Vision Magazine

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Re-New-All By Clearing The Past By Gayle Barklie This time of year, which includes my January birthday, always reminds me to spend time focusing inward, allowing for rejuvenating self-care, and squeezing in some ‘bear-like’ hibernation time. The colder weather and shorter days are the planet’s way of encouraging our instinctive predisposition to hunker down and stay warm, both inside and out. Plus, accomplishing another revolution around the sun should be celebrated with some down-and-in ‘me time!’ As a transpersonal hypnotherapist who guides people to rediscover their soul purpose, I’ve heard countless, reasonable-sounding justifications (i.e., fears) for not exploring what’s loitering in the closeted recesses of the past. Some proclaim and often swear that the past has no effect on them; and they express concerns that stirring up what’s taken years (or lifetimes) to ‘cope’ with is too much of a struggle. The truth is, looking at the past is much easier than the effort it takes to live life suppressing it! Life isn’t meant to be lived backwards; Just let sleeping dogs lie — these are amongst the many clichés that encourage ignoring those bygones. But, like trying to avoid that elephant in the room, it takes a ton of denial to ignore a 3-ton creature, making its influence even larger. Tactics aiming to bypass the influence of the past do nothing to alleviate its negative impact. Techniques such as acting as if, stating positive affirmations, or doing creative visualizations all have some modicum of power, but until we address what’s trying to bubble up, they’re fairly useless. As a truly wise saying goes, Whatever we resist persists. Like studying a history book, addressing the past can provide insight, offer clarity of direction, and show the next step toward manifesting dreams. We’re born cognizant of why we’re here — our unique, divinely guided life purpose. But over time, that knowledge gets suppressed, shoved aside, and ultimately forgotten. Why? The influence of significant unresolved events from this life, as well as past lives, gets in the way.

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Maui Vision Magazine Winter, 2018-2019

We buy into belief systems from family and society at a young age; we get locked into programmed fears we concluded were important to believe; we willingly accept judgments and invalidations handed to us from others. This just scratches the surface of how the past impacts our present. Getting out a shovel and digging up the past is certainly challenging, but it’s a fascinating journey worth the endeavor. Recalling and releasing subconscious memories can free our present life in innumerable ways. Re-examining old programming that takes up gigs on our inner hard drive, can help us delete the outmoded garbage. Ultimately, the exploration opens space for empowered, boundless, joyful living. Frequently, this work helps clients discover what they’ve forgotten — the unique gifts they’re meant to share this lifetime. Clearing out the past that’s hampering their present uncovers who they really are, so they can confidently contribute their talents, abilities and aliveness to the world. During this compelling time in history, it’s more important than ever to activate your greatest reason for being. As the planet experiences accelerated change on every level, it’s time to stop living in the slow lane as a thwarted version of yourself. You’re here to do extraordinary things, because only extraordinary beings would choose to be incarnated during these challenging times. You’ve spent lifetimes of seasons developing into you. This winter, give yourself some inner cave-dwelling, soul-excavating ‘bear time.’ You just might unearth some mysteries that re-new you to the ‘real you.’ Gayle Barklie, MFC, CHT, created Soul Purpose in 1991 to help clients transform from struggling to inspired, utilizing empowering hypnotherapy techniques, past life regression, life between lives, clinical art therapy, marriage and family counseling and equine therapy. Contact: or or 808.344.5688.

A Message From Spirit For Renewal By Sulara James Our message today is a simple one: Gratitude and celebration. Begin each day giving thanks for your life, for all the Love and abundance which is yours. You are so blessed. And the simple act of speaking those words, “I am so blessed,” allows and opens you to infinite blessings. Welcome the new day and find some way each day to celebrate your precious life, doing something for yourself that brings you joy, that brings a smile to your heart. Radiate that smile, reflect this smile into Mother Earth, touching the hearts of all your brothers and sisters who are needing a smile. Breathe into the Love, the Mana that surrounds you always, wherever you are – that life force, that energy of Love that is there for the taking, the allowing. It is a simple matter of breathing it in and allowing that Mana to fill your entire being with Joy. Be sure to laugh every day and to share that lightheartedness with someone or many others. Connection is so important, is necessary to your joy. Community with like-minded friends is a much needed part of filling your heart with the Love and the Joy of the Oneness of Creation. Know that you are all One Heart – In Lak’ech. More connection, more Love, more laughter, more joy. This is what is needed for all. This is what is important in life – connection and sharing as One Heart, each facet of the crystal unique, each with a gift to share, to shine into any corner of the heart where darkness, a lack of light, resides. Fill each corner of your heart and the universe with the light of Love. Breathe it in, breathe it out. Don’t keep it to yourself, and open yourself to all the Love and Light that surround you always from all of life. Continue to go out into nature each day to connect, to replenish, to restore your sense of balance, your Oneness with all of life, and you will set the joy meter to “high.” Remind yourself

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to breathe into that Oneness, that Joy throughout the day, come what may. There is no greater beauty, no greater joy, no greater Love that can be found by joining in the rhythm of life, the rhythm of Love in the beat of your heart as you join in the beat, in the rhythm of Love & Oneness. Allow your heart to sing a song of joy, a song of hope, a song of gratitude. You are one of the choir of Love, one of God’s angels with a voice and a heart so clear, so pure, so filled with Light. Allow your heart to sing out, gathering together with all those who are looking for a choir of Love with which to join their hearts, their voices, to create a symphony of Light and Love to lift the darkness into the Light to be forever healed, released into Love which

is the greatest gift offered to all – that gift which heals all. And this gift is already yours. Simply acknowledge, allow, and align and fill yourself with the Love that you are as a part of the One Heart, Mother-Father God. More laughter, more joy. Open these gifts that are always offered as a part of the Love that you are. Now go forward in this day allowing the lightness and the hope and the joy to put a spring in your step as you drink from the eternal spring of Love within your own heart. We love you. Goddess loves you. May this message give you the courage to meet the day in a better way. Sulara is a Kihei-based author and intuitive. See or call 808.874.8646.

Carve Out Self-Care Time

By Shanna Shanti, LMT The mind governs the response of all living cells. A healthy mindset leads to a healthy body, similar to how a strong root system grows a healthy tree. Hardwired to heal, there can still be glitches. Agitation interferes with our natural healing process. When conflicting thoughts trigger unsettling emotions, we fuel dis-ease. It is inevitable for negative thoughts to surface, yet we must monitor our reactions. Although we are masterfully designed, chronic stress throws the autonomic system out of balance. We simply cannot restore ourselves in fight or flight mode. A restless, overactive mind is akin to a flash drive devoid of space. It can’t be receptive to information. Past regrets and future worries must be left to the wayside so we can enjoy the roses. With our fast-paced lives and overwhelming schedules, we must make extra effort to carve out self-care time. We can’t always control exposure to harmful EMFs and industrial pollutions, yet we can mitigate external burdens with activities that nourish the soul. Meditation, exercise, proper nutrition and a positive outlook help soothe our nerves. Relaxation jumpstarts the rest, digest and repair cycle. Choose your medicine. Jump off the pessimistic bandwagon and join the peace train. Here are a few self-care reminders: Introspect. Spend at least one hour per day in meditation. Discard beliefs. Forgive yourself. Dance with your eyes closed. Cleanse. Seek professional support to help detoxify and balance the gut. Savor your food. Chew foods into liquid and drink your foods. Digest. Be at Peace. Soak in the tub with Epsom salts and baking soda. Play at work. Your life purpose does not involve stressing out. Speak affirmations with conviction. Shanna Shanti is a licensed therapist, yoga teacher and nutrition enthusiast specializing in craniosacral therapy and trauma resolution. Her hands-on sessions aim to release restrictions and restore health. Shanna’s intuitive therapy and workshops are offered at the Reiki Makawao Energy Center. Visit for more information or call 808.866.0298.

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Natural Resilience

By Katharine Stone Ayers You don’t need to ‘do’ something in order to make your nervous system become more resilient. Resilience is a naturally occurring process like breathing or digesting food. We’re living in a culture addicted to drama and intensity. We have a habit of unconsciously focusing on ‘what’s wrong.’ This can cause our nervous system to repeatedly exceed its ideal intensity thresholds. Everyday challenges can begin to seem insurmountable. Imagine a situation where you are having a disagreement with a loved one. As your nervous system goes over threshold, the conversation may become heated and the tone of voice can become threatening; your heart might beat faster and your breathing can become rapid and shallow. On the other hand, you or both parties can take a moment, lean on meditation practices and/or use your inner witness to interrupt the escalating intensity. When you learn to tune in to ‘ideal intensity thresholds’ of the nervous system, you can become more calm and regulated. As the nervous system becomes more resilient, coherent and harmonized, it becomes possible to respond to a disagreement with more openness without feeling stressed. Rather than looking for what’s wrong, the Organic Intelligence practitioner employs a ‘shaping’ paradigm of positive reinforcement. The practitioner is trained to recognize the degree of organization or disorganization present in the client’s nervous system. It then becomes possible to make interventions that support natural systemic reorganization. Over time, the system becomes more relaxed and resilient. It becomes easier to respond appropriately. Here is a link to videos that support resilience in the nervous system and physiology through meditation and other exercises: Katharine Stone Ayers is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and has a M.A. in counseling psychology. She has been in practice for over 40 years. She recently completed a 3-year training in Organic Intelligence, and was given a certificate as Organic Intelligence Expert in 2017. To contact Katharine, call 808.572.4972.

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We use the best alternative medicine using the most effective Oriental Medicine and other treatments to cater to your body’s needs. Through this, we can begin the natural healing process that your body has been yearning for.

Maurgana Stiastny,

Entering Inner Silence

By Sara Schroepfer The shift into winter is a call toward introspection and a deepening into one’s self. Even on Maui, the return of the whales and cooler temperatures at night remind us it’s time to shift focus. According to Chinese medicine, supporting the kidneys now is important to grow your seeds to sow them in the spring. More rest and a slower pace is advised. Bear animal medicine is a powerful source of inspiration during this time. Bear teaches us to go within the cave of our heart to reflect on healing, renewal and rebirth. Reflection helps us recenter and become aligned with our true purpose. But how do we go within, and where do we go for support? Many ancient practices guide us to go within. Yoga, meditation and shamanic journeying are more known now, but is their essence understood? As the western world has put its twist on these healing arts, it’s best to find instruction that resonates with your intention and feels aligned. The right guide can help you enter the realms of silence where your answers lie. Some refer to this as the void. Other ways to get there are within healing treatments that allow the lucid state to blend with the dreamtime, such as craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, and energy medicine such as Reiki or shamanic healing. By entering inner silence this winter, you can align your heart with your spirit and body/mind. Observing the places of weakness and strength will help you identify where balance can be brought through any of the mentioned practices. When we find the strength, wisdom and courage within winter hibernation, in the spring we emerge renewed to bring forth the changes we have been cultivating in our heart cave.

Sara Schroepfer is owner and director of 808 Wellness Center and Studio, and is a shamanic practitioner. 808 offers acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, holistic retail, and studio space for events and yoga. View for more information or call 808.875.4325.

Experience What Reiki Can Do For Energetic Renewal Of The Body, Mind And Spirit Hands-on Sessions & Distant Sessions Learn a daily routine for living a radiant life Next Reiki Training Jan. 26 & 27, 2019 in Pukalani

MAcOM, LAc, LMT, is a nationally-certified Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Herbologist. Over 25 years of experience using integrative natural medicine for health and wellness.

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New Year, New You

By Barbara Ensign The New Year is approaching, and this is a good time to renew and deepen our commitment to ourselves. Hypnosis is a perfect way to make any and all changes that you desire. Too many times, we tend to blame outside events for the way we are responding. In reality, our own thoughts play the most important role in the way we are feeling and responding daily. With the help of hypnosis, you can learn how to program your mind for success and happiness. What is hypnosis and how does it work? Hypnosis creates an altered state of consciousness, where the subconscious mind is open to receive positive suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes hypnosis is about changing our perception and loosening the hold that the past has on us. Anyone with average intelligence can easily be hypnotized. Most people have heard that the average person uses only a small portion of their mental abilities. What percentage do you think people use? The answer might surprise you. The average person uses only 3 to 5 percent of their capacity. What could you accomplish by learning to utilize more of your mind? Listed are just a few of the areas where hypnosis has been proven to be helpful: weight loss, smoking cessation, improved memory, stress reduction, and all types of behavior modification. All of this and much more is possible with hypnosis. Thousands of people have used hypnosis to enjoy a more positive and healthy life, and over the years I have had many people say to me that they have had wonderful results with hypnosis. Discover how hypnosis can change your life, and have a wonderful New Year! Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life and life between lives spiritual regression. She has been helping people on Maui for over 16 years. For more information or to make an appointment, call 808.269.2129 or visit

Winter, 2018-2019

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Sun., Jan 6th ~ MYSTICAL ALCHEMY NEW MOON SACRED SOUND & Cacao Ceremony with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal & Friends, Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, 1813 Baldwin Ave, 7-9pm, $20 at the door, or $25 includes a CD www. Dec. 4 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Joe Marshalla presenter @ Unity Church of Maui • Email for more information. MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Dec. Events (all events start at 6:30):“Tarot Tea Party” Wed., Dec. 5. $15. “New Moon Meditation,” Thurs., Dec. 6, $5. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Dec. 12, $15. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Dec. 19, $15.. “Full Moon Meditation,” Sat., Dec. 22, $5. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. Sun., Dec 9th ~ MYSTICAL ALCHEMY NEW MOON SACRED SOUND & Cacao Ceremony with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal & Friends, Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, 1813 Baldwin Ave, 7-9pm, $20 at the door, or $25 includes a CD www. Dec 15 ~ THE MAGIC OF WINTER SOLSTICE: The Light In The Darkness Heart Circle with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing.We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. LOMI HANAMANA WORKSHOPS ~ Learn how to give a relaxing Lomi Hanamana deep tissue massage! Next 20-hour workshops are December 17-21, January 14-18, February 11-15, and March 11-15. Information at Call 808-214-5054

MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Jan. Events (all events start at 6:30):“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Jan. 2, $15.“New Moon Meditation,” Mon., Jan. 7, $5.“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Jan. 9, $15. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Jan. 16, $15. “Third Friday,” Fri., Jan. 18, featuring 10 minute readings for $10. “Full Moon Meditation,” Mon., Jan. 21, $5.“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Jan. 23, $15. .“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Jan. 30, $15. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. “SHAPE YOUR 2019”,Visioning workshops: In a small group setting, experience powerful inner-exercises to help manifest your dreams into reality. This New Year, intend what you deserve, utilizing guided imagery, journaling and vision boarding. Choice of dates: • Sat., Dec. 29, 10am-2pm; • Wednesdays Jan. 9, 16 or 23, 6-7:30 pm; • Sat., Jan. 19, 10am-2pm; • Sat., Feb. 9, 10am-2pm. Presented by Gayle Barklie, CCHT, PLR, LBL, MFC. For details, visit SoulPurposeMaui. com, (808) 344-5688 AWAKENING TO YOUR SACRED SEXUALITY for Women, two-day workshop, Sat. & Sun., Jan. 5-6 at Wailea Healing Center, Wailea, Maui. We all hold wounding from this life and past lives in our lower chakras, creating blocks to awakening in all areas of our lives. The second chakra or sexual/ pelvic/yoni center is the root source of our financial, sexual, creative and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life, to pleasure far beyond imagination. Through this powerful Awakening and Healing (AH) process, you can release trauma as well as physical. emotional, or spiritual abuse and experience healing and fully embrace your life force. You will benefit from this sacred workshop whether you have a history of sexual abuse or not. https:// Contact: Pat Hastings-Burns, MS, CPC, Author hastings. or call 401-862-8859

ALOHA IN ACTION WINTER SOLSTICE ~ 10-11:30am, Fri., Dec. 21 at Kukuipuka Heiau. Come share in Hawaiian prayer, blessings, protocols and setting the intention for Global GoodVibes. This event serves as an annual fundraiser for the preservation & maintenance of this sacred Heiau. Suggested Donation $30 Cash, no one turned away or online donations at Eventbrite More Info:

REIKI NATURAL HEALING First Degree Classes - January 12 & 13 or April 6 & 7, 12:30-6:30 pm in Beautiful Maui Meadows by Reiki Master, Author Shalandra Abbey serving Reiki full-time to Hawaii Residents and Visitors since 1990. www. to register or Call 808.280.7704 Jan 19 ~ THE MAGIC OF NEW BEGINNINGS HEART CIRCLE with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. BEGINNER’S AURA CLASS 1 ~ Learn to see, sense and read the aura clearly! With Heimana Sherman and Kimberley Day. Six Sundays starting Jan. 20 at Spirit of Maui/Maui Mana Makawao (across from Casanova’s) For more info. call (808) 385-0898 or email

REIKI TRAINING – January 26 & 27, 2019 in Pukalani. Manage and Renew Personal Energy. Presented by Jenna Keck, Reiki Master. Register online or 408.621.4102.

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS with Unity Church of Maui, Dec. 24-25.Visit for details on services.

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BASIC WATSU CLASS: learn the basic moves of Watsu® aquatic bodywork in a 16 hour weekend class. Choose from two different dates, Jan. 12 & 13 or Feb. 23 & 24. For more information contact Brenda Martin at 808-269-4337 or email To learn more about Watsu visit

Sun., Jan. 20 ~ “MYSTIC~HOLISTIC FAIR” & CRYSTAL ADOPTION SALE at Soul Asana Yoga Studio in Kahului-12-4pm (at Maui Mall, behind WFM, next to Super Cuts) Come receive practical guidance (at special “Fair” rates) and healing from several of “Maui’s Best” Intuitive Readers and “Energy Medicine Practitioners.” Call Judy Levy 808.891-1114 for info on monthly Fairs

Fri., Dec 21st ~ MYSTICAL ALCHEMY WINTER SOLSTICE SACRED SOUND & Cacao Ceremony with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal & Friends, Makawao Union Church (Community Hall), 1813 Baldwin Ave, 7-9pm, $20 at the door, or $25 includes a CD

Sat., Dec. 29 ~ “MYSTIC~HOLISTIC FAIR” & CRYSTAL ADOPTION SALE at 808 Wellness Studio in Kihei -12-4 PM Suite #208 @ Rainbow Mall (upstairs behind Cafe O’Lei. Enter on north side) Come receive practical guidance (at special “Fair” rates) and healing from several of “Maui’s Best” Intuitive Readers and “Energy Medicine Practitioners.” Call Judy Levy 808.891-1114 for info on monthly Fairs

Sat., Jan. 12 ~ “MYSTIC~HOLISTIC FAIR” & CRYSTAL ADOPTION SALE at the Wailea Healing Center. Come receive practical guidance (at special “Fair” rates) and healing from several of “Maui’s Best” Intuitive Readers and “Energy Medicine Practitioners.” Call Judy Levy 808.891-1114 for info on monthly Fairs

GINA SALA, innovative leader in the fields of global music, voice and wellness, presents “Some EnCHANTing Evening II” Concert / Kirtan, 7pm, Sun., Jan. 27, with special musical guest Daniel Paul at the Makawao Union Church. Check calendar listing for ticket info. or visit

Winter, 2018-2019

GINA SALA “Some EnCHANTing Evening II” Concert / Kirtan, 7pm, Sun., Jan. 27, with special musical guest Daniel Paul. Gina Sala, an innovative leader in the fields of global music, voice and wellness, returns for her 2nd year at the historic Makawao Union Church. $25 Cash Advance Tix available at Maui Kombucha - Haiku, MacNet - Kahului & Monsoon India Restaurant - Kihei or online (+fees) at, otherwise $35 Cash only at the Doors. Desserts / Chai by Shamapriya beginning at 6:00pm more info or www.


Jan. 29 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Suzanne Giesemann presenter @ Unity Church of Maui • Email for more information.

MAUI HOMEOPATHY ~ Shone Edel is a Classical Homeopath practicing on Maui for 18 years. She passionately treats people of all ages throughout the world. She makes Vog Off!, Smog Off!, Breathe On! and Kid’s Throat Spray which are oral environmental healing sprays for our polluted world. She also makes specialty formulas and sleep remedies. Maui Homeopathy is also the home of Homeopathic Brainwave Therapy, a unique groundbreaking treatment combining homeopathy and brainwave technology. Shone also works with Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools at her new office in Wailuku. By Appointment: 808-248-7568 (4/19)

Fri., Feb 1 – Sun., Feb 3 Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax & Frank Ostaseski ~ “THE BLESSINGS OF MORTALITY” Weekend Workshop Series at the historic Makawao Union Church. Three iconic pioneers, in the Field of “Death as the Time for Transformation”, team up for an intimate exploration of the Blessings of our own Mortality and the ways in which we can come to terms with Suffering and Fear as tools for Awakening. Online Registration and More Info Events Page…no walk up registrations… advance online registration only MAUI OPEN STUDIOS : Enjoy free self-guided tours of artist studios and exhibition spaces every weekend all over Maui in February! The free Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition takes place 5-8pm, on Sat. Feb. 2 at : Pa’ina Culinary Arts Center – Home of Maui Culinary Academy, UH Maui College, 310 W. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului – View Map. At the celebration, pick up copies of the MOS Guidebook, partake of complimentary wine, enjoy food and beverages for purchase, live music, and meet many of the artists in person. Visit for full details. MAUI MANA/SPIRIT OF MAUI Feb. Events (all events start at 6:30): “New Moon Meditation” Mon., Feb. 4, $5. “Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Feb. 6, $15. “Tarot Tea Party” Wed., Feb. 13, $15. “Third Friday,” Fri., Feb. 15, featuring 10 minute readings for $10. “Full Moon Meditation,” Tues., Feb. 19, $5.“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Feb. 20, $15.“Tarot Tea Party,” Wed., Feb. 27, $15. Located across from Casanova’s in Makawao. Call (808) 385-0898 for details. GERMAN NEW MEDICINE, Level I - Online Event, Feb. 8 & 9 (Hawaii) and Feb. 9 & 10 (AustralAsia). See for info and registration. Heal biological conflicts in the psyche. Call (808) 244-0415. SPRING ENROLLMENT - MASSAGE SCHOOL. Transform your life. Become a Massage Therapist. Join MSTM’s 650-, 800-, 850- or 1000hour massage therapy program. 12-month Part-Time Program begins March 5, 2019 and 7-month FullTime Program begins March 18, 2019. Open House, Sun, Feb. 10, 3-5pm, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, 1043 Makawao Avenue # 207, Makawao. Faculty demonstrations, student testimonials, free massages/refreshments. For more information, free catalog, RSVP for Open House, call: 808-572-1888, email:, or visit: Wed., Feb. 13 – Sat., Feb 16 JAI DEV SINGH & SIMRIT KAUR ~ Maui Kombucha Presents “Life-Force Academy LIVE.” Jai Dev Singh and Simrit Kaur, along with special musical guests Salif (Kora) & Shannon Lee Hayden (cello) for Life-Force Academy LIVE Maui Workshop Series at the Makawao Union Church Community Hall. “The Heroic Heart: Awakening the Force of Compassion” LIVE Music Kundalini Yoga Experience consists of 4 three-hour sessions over the 4 days, register for one, two, three or all 4 sessions. Online Registration @ www. $50 Single, $100 Two, $130 Three or $150 for Full Retreat. CASH ONLY at the Doors if space remains. More Information: www.

ART WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS,Art&Soul Coaching / Retreats / Trainings. Ceylan Hulya M.A., Creator / Educator / Curator Yogart Facilitator. 310-433-3734. www.art4allpeople. com

MAUI ARTIST TIM GARCIA will open his studio and share his art as part of Maui Open Studios, returning to Maui every weekend in February. Opening event is Feb. 2. See calendar listings for details, or visit Sat., Feb. 16 ~ “MYSTIC~HOLISTIC FAIR” & CRYSTAL ADOPTION SALE & “Maui Made” Gift Boutique at 808 Wellness Studio in Kihei -124pm Suite #208 @ Rainbow Mall (upstairs behind Cafe O’Lei. enter on north side) Come receive practical guidance (at special “Fair” rates) and healing from several of “Maui’s Best” Intuitive Readers and “Energy Medicine Practitioners.” Call Judy Levy 808.891-1114 for info on monthly Fairs Feb 16 ~ THE MAGIC OF LOVE UNLEASHED HEART CIRCLE with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D. ~ for couples and singles. Sat, 10 am-6 pm. Includes delicious organic lunch, $100. These monthly community circles give you the opportunity to be connected to life in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others. Email: or call 808 572-1250 to hold your space. Feb 16 & 17 - ART EXHIBIT - Lalénya L. Vann exhibits Paintings of her Dream Journeys at the Sacred Garden, 460 Kaluanui, Makawao, as part of the Maui Open Studios Tour. Open 11 - 6, Free Entry. Maui Kombucha presents SIMRIT LIVE IN CONCERT at the historic Makawao Union Church, 7pm, Sun., Feb. 17. Joined by special musical guests, Salif (Kora), Shannon Lee Hayden (cello), Daniel Paul (tabla) Simrit returns to share her soaring, spectacular, soul stellar Concert Experience to another sold out Maui audience. Get your $30 Cash Advance tickets early @ Maui Kombucha - Haiku, MacNet - Kahului, Monsoon India Restaurant - Kihei or online (+ fees) @ , otherwise $40 Cash only at the Doors. Come Early for Best Seats and Maui Kombucha Dinner / Desserts / Beverages beginning at 5:30pm / Doors Open at 6:00pm. For More Info Feb. 26 - NEAR DEATH EXPLORATION – 6-6:45pm NDE Experiencers Circle. 7-8:30pm Bill Letson presenter @ Unity Church of Maui • Email for more information.

Learn Compassion and Forgiveness by UnderstandingYourself and Others ~ LOVE AND DESTINY CARD READINGS are a great way to learn about yourself and others. I offer several different readings including Individual, Love or Friend Connections, and Destiny. Please visit my website: REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 Experience the JOY OF MOVEMENT in Nia class every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 PM and Thursday from 7:45-8:45 AM at Island Spirit Yoga with Jennifer Loftus! Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Find out more about Nia at www.movesingheal. com or visit INTUITIVE HEALING WORKSHOPS ~ Awaken & sharpen your innate healing gifts. Learn hands-on techniques for self-care and care for clients. Visit for dates & locations. VOICE LESSONS ~ Free the True Beauty and Power of your Natural Voice! All levels and styles of singers can benefit from these innovative techniques ~ Excellent References ~ Excellent Results! Patient and Supportive 572-1000. DREAM CIRCLES - Learn to interpret your dreams yourself in introductory classes that include a drum journey. Bring a night dream to share. Drop in by Donation. See website for dates and locations of new classes in the Spring. Private Sessions now available. HEART LIGHT HULA - Sacred dance for women. This class is a weekly gathering where students learn hula basics,Tahitian fundamentals, story-telling through beautiful hand gesture, and how to express our heart light with aloha! Upcountry location. Contact Kumu Karyne for details: karynecontreras@ / 205-0908 ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion. A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily. (6/19)

Winter, 2018-2019

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(Continued from the previous page.) ANCIENT LOMI LOMI • Sessions & Training with Jody Mountain.Visit: or contact: BEACH DANCE - An extraordinary experience where music, movement, and nature merge. Events happen every week and are free of charge. Call 808-268-4356 for info. BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, 845 Waine’e Street #204, Second floor. Old Lahaina Shopping Center. Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828. BELLYDANCE AND FLAMENCO CLASSES with master teacher and performing artist Rosalind Modica. 20 years professional experience~ All Levels~ Private and Semi-Private 572-1000 MYSTICAL ALCHEMY NEW MOON SACRED SOUND Healing Ceremonies & Prayerformances with Heather Salmon and Donny Regal. For their Lumeria Maui Retreat Center events schedule or to book visit 808-269-4333 LUMINOUS REIKI 1 and 2 CLASSES/ ATTUNEMENTS Individuals and Small Groups - Dive deep into Divine healing energies of Reiki. Increase your healing abilities. Receive sacred symbols, deepen your connection with Divine source and your intuition. Makawao home with Lucia Maya, Reiki Master/Teacher/Mentor 808-866-8246, INTUITIVE CARD READINGS at Maui Mana / Spirit Of Maui with Psychic- Heimana Sherman , Angel Card Reader- Donna McCabe, Tarot Card Reader- Carole Hughes. Call for information and to make an appointment 808-385-0898

SUNDAYS CELTIC MUSIC TWICE EVERY SUNDAY Hamish’s ‘Maui Celtic Radio Show’ 8-10am & 5-7pm on KAKU 88.5fm Maui. No signal? - listen online at

TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service.Temple of Peace Spiritual Center is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 am.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808-575-5220 UNITY CHURCH~ Sunday Services at 10am. Please join us for an inspirational morning, message and music. 483 S. High Street, Wailuku. 242-9327. MAUITOPIA is a TV expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on Maui.Tune in on AKAKU Channels 54 & 55 every Sunday from noon-1 or visit No listings.

TUESDAYS EXPLORE YOGA and other Movement-Based practices for Scoliosis and Back Care with Sandra Razieli. Tuesdays 4:30-5:45 in Makawao. Private Instruction also available. Contact yoga@raziyoga. com Every Tuesday KIRTAN CHANTING 7-9pm. Free. Followed by vegetarian potluck at Temple of Peace 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku. For more info call 575-5220.

WEDNESDAYS 808 WELLNESS STUDIO: WELLNESS WEDNESDAY | Speaker Series | Free | 6:30pm. Every Wednesday, we hold space for speakers and presenters of all modalities of wellness as they share their knowledge and gifts with you.All topics related to health, healing and wellness will be explored.The presentations and education are a complimentary wellness service, free and open to the public. Pre-registration encouraged at:

Radiant Breath Work

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

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E-mail your listing to The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization. Additional words/and/or listings are 30 cents per word. Classified ads are 30 cents per word, no minimum.We will contact you with payment details. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Feb. 15 for the spring edition publishing March 2. (Covers months of March, April, May, 2019). NEW: ONLINE LISTINGS ONLY! Did you miss our print publication? You can place an online listing of up to 75 words for $7.50. E-mail us your listing and please allow 48 hours for it to be processed and appear online. Our website, gets over 125 page requests daily.

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage is based on the theory that unresolved emotional issues are stored in the digestive system and that poor “emotional digestion” causes ill health. When blockages are removed in the organs and key muscles such as the diaphragm and psoas are toned and relaxed, regardless of the particular symptoms, the client experiences a softer abdomen and greater ease in movement. Visit

Call Sheri Brinks 310-490-7493 for info. In call/out call sessions available on Maui Next Chi Nei Tsang Workshop Feb 2. 2019 in Haiku

What Is Panchakarma And Ayurvedic Medicine?

By Susan Wilesmith Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. More than a mere system for treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. Practitioners utilize a variety of organic herbalized oils, roots and powders to bring back balance on all levels. Panchakarma is one of the most effective cleansing programs in ayurvedic medicine — the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and wellbeing. It is recommended seasonally, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing illness. Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means “five actions” or “five treatments.” The process is used to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease and poor nutrition. Normally the body has the innate ability to efficiently process and remove these waste materials, including the vitiated doshas (energies or elements present in a person’s body.) However, due to one’s repeated dietary indiscretions, poor exercise patterns, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition, the digestive enzymes, metabolic cofactors, hormones, and agnis (fire) which regulate the body’s internal homeostasis, become disorganized. This can lead to the accumulation and spread of toxins throughout the physiology, resulting in disease. In Ayurveda, this waste matter is called ama (a foul-smelling, sticky, harmful substance that needs to be completely evacuated from the body). Panchakarma removes the excess doshas and corrects imbalances in them, and also eliminates the harmful ama out of your system through the body’s own organs and channels of elimination (colon, sweat glands, lungs, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, intestines, etc). Panchakarma purifies the tissues at a very deep level. It involves daily massages and oil baths, herbal enemas and nasal administrations. Ayurveda recommends panchakarma as a seasonal treatment for maintaining mental and physical hygiene and balance. Panchakarma is a five-fold therapy; it is highly individualized based on the individual’s ayurvedic constitutional type, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, and many other factors. Depending on each individual’s needs, all or only parts of the five therapies are utilized. Specially trained therapists must administer these procedures in a definite sequence for a specified period of time. In addition, although panchakarma is for the most part a delightful and comfortable therapy, there can be periods of discomfort associated with the profound release of toxins, which does occur. It is therefore essential that a knowledgeable expert who can recognize the signs of properly and improperly administered panchakarma, supervise the therapy. Fortunately, these signs were meticulously recorded by the ancient vaidyas (physicians). Like all medical procedures, panchakarma therapy always must begin with an initial consultation by a qualified ayurvedic physician who can determine the individual’s prakriti (constitutional type), the nature of the health problem (if any), and the appropriate degree of intensity of the prescribed therapies. Panchakarma treatments have been shown to create measurable brain wave coherence and to lower metabolic activity. They allow the body and mind to drop into a profound level of peacefulness. In this state of relaxation, it is possible to cleanse toxins from tissues as well as release deeply held emotions. Susan Wilesmith, of Alohaveda Spa, has over 15 years experience in panchakarma and Ayurveda. She has treated hundreds of clients from around the world. Alohaveda Spa is an appointment-based clinic, located at 42 Baldwin Avenue, Paia (across from Mana Foods). Susan also offers treatments in Makawao. Please visit or call 808.634.0346.

Are you curious about the “Afterlife”? Together, we’ll explore and be uplifted by inspirational speakers from Hawaii and worldwide.

December 4, 2018 – Dr. Joe Marshalla, HI January 29, 2019 – Suzanne Giesemann, FL February 26, 2019 - Bill Letson, CA Meet at Unity Church of Maui, 483 South High Street, Wailuku 6:00 – 6:45 – NDE Experiencers Circle 7:00 – 8:30 – Speaker & Discussion Donations Gratefully Accepted Extra parking at Wailuku Elementary School 355 South High Street

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Choosing Alignment Over Hustle By Ania Ananda Wood I work with a lot of creative entrepreneurs, and I have noticed a common struggle amongst them — how to create ease and flow as well as productivity in creative work. So many of our cultural models for work and productivity are about clocking in at regular hours and squeezing work out of ourselves. However, for creative entrepreneurs, that model just doesn’t cut it. A lot of mainstream coaches talk about ‘hustle’; that you have to work hard to create success. This is an outgrowth of trying to apply the corporate mindset to creative work. Sometimes it works, but I’ve never seen hustling lead to both conventional success and a blissful life. These people are an adrenal fatigue existential crisis waiting to happen. Believing that you have to hustle to succeed is based on scarcity mindset, disconnected from your ability to co-create with the universe. If I believe I live in a dead universe and that my success is solely based on how well I control things in my life, then I am setting myself up

Reichian Breath Work

Reichian Therapy is an effective way to free blocked energies, release anger and reawaken to our natural vitality and pleasure through breathing, movement and sounds. Stiff and hard muscles blocking sensation and energy flow will begin to soften. Visit

to believe that my success comes from hard work, and that working harder will create more success. If I believe I live in a benevolent and abundant universe, and that it’s not just me and my ego mind in charge of making things happen, then it makes sense for me to think of the bigger picture. I can align with my life force and what activates and nourishes my life force, and live with faith that I can allow the divine intelligence of the universe to take care of the details for me. My job is not to control the small stuff, but to keep my energy aligned with the spirit that is moving through me and inspiring my contribution to this planet. This is working smarter instead of working harder. This is working from spirit rather than mind. What does this look like, on a practical level? Well, most creatives have a rhythm

Are You Experiencing Loss Of Firmness And Dullness In Your Skin? A Non-Surgical Facelift Can Help Eliminate Wrinkles And Tighten Saggy Skin! How it works: The heat energy along with the 3mhz radio frequencies will prompt the dermis layer to be firm and elastic, by improving the health and appearance of the skin on the face and the neck. This facial is FDA approved as a non-surgical facelift. However, if you have undergone a surgical facelift it helps restore the lift and encourages collagen growth and elasticity. Molly J. Hoffman is a master technician. She has owned and operated her Maui business since 1999. She works privately and confidentially in her private salon in Kihei. After just one facial you can notice a real difference and you will be amazed by the results! Investing in your appearance is worth it.

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for their productivity that does not look like clocking in every day at a certain time. Rather, waves of inspiration hit them and they may do a week’s worth of work in a day, though not be able to pull off that level of productivity on a regular basis. If this sounds familiar — if you’re the type who can fly with the muse some days, but lose yourself in procrastination other days — then one way you can honor your orientation is to allow a lot of unstructured spacious time into your work schedule as a necessary element of your optimal work structure. I’ve noticed that people with this orientation can tend to have high expectations of themselves to be ultra-productive because they have seen themselves so often in that deep flow state. One thing we know about flow states is that they don’t happen on demand, but they can be cultivated by setting up supportive conditions. These creatives with high expectations can fall into patterns of procrastination when not honoring their unique orientation. By giving themselves permission to have a super spacious, ‘non-productive’ day in their week, they are actually giving their brains the rest that is necessary for activating the next flow state. It’s like letting yourself enjoy that dessert rather than eating in front of the refrigerator. I learned this the hard way, with much ego resistance to this notion that the kinder-onmyself path would lead to success. I’m happy to share that it just gets easier! Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP loves empowering her clients to clear unconscious blocks and create the lives and relationships of their dreams. She offers sessions from her home office in Haiku or over video. Visit or, or call 415.990.4451 to make an appointment.

Winter, 2018-2019

Molly J. Hoffman • (808) 385-4929

It’s Important To Enjoy The Ride By Rhonda J. Felix Renewal is what we long for after a full day of work, teaching or caring for children, caring for an elder family member or someone we love, or any other activity that leaves us needing some tender loving care for ourselves. Sometimes renewal can help break the everyday monotony of life. Currently I am a full-time foster mother for two children. Many children in Maui County need love, a safe place to call home, and support from agencies that can help meet their physical, mental and emotional needs. If your heart is called to help, please call me. So how do I bring myself back into balance as I extend myself out to others? I have always been an active person, unafraid to jump in and give new things a try — from traveling on my own to China in the early 1990s, to Italy in the late 2000s. Now, though, how do I get myself out of what feels like a whirlwind, when taking a nap wins over the desire to take a walk? This has taken a great deal of prayer and listening, and the willingness to listen to the still small voice inside. When things feel hard instead of easy, I wonder who said that things need to be hard to be of benefit. I am pretty sure this comes from the mentality of ‘no pain, no gain.’ Renewal comes from taking the time to connect with my ‘higher partner’ every day, and to say “no, thank you” to things that don’t bring peace of mind. In this journey, it’s important that I enjoy the ride! Rhonda J. Felix is a certified teacher for the work of Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”®. She is a licensed Unity teacher and licensed massage therapist with reflexology as her specialty. Contact Rhonda for a consultation or reflexology treatment, at 808.205.8302.

Get Lost In Being Found

By Dr. DreamingBear Let this be the first day of your new life. Exist on purpose, with such enduring gratefulness for the chance to simply be. Look at how magical and magnificent everything truly is! Consider the mystic Hawaiian nights — like the lip of a great earthen cup filled to the brim with stars. Your soul is a keeper of moments great and small; it stores the best of them deep within its heart so that they can always be relived in a kiss. Transformation is about remembering yourself without all the distractions. It’s about being willing to look within. It’s about escaping the illusions of money, prestige, politics and religion by being alone in the absolute company of nature. These stars we see are our most shining cousins. If you listen closely, you will hear the enormity of each moment teaching you something. The ever slight, but still present breeze to tease your hair and tickle the leaves into whispering. The vague, distant sounds of birds singing about the beauty of being able to fly. I look at everything with endless fascination. I see the flowers and wonder what it’s like to bloom as them, to be as beautiful as they are, and to know it. I wonder what it’s like to be a tree and watch the centuries pass in quiet meditation as an ode to the unknown. We have had the privilege of being everything. We have been the subatomic particle bouncing off of infinity, and we have been the lush and green grass growing. We have even been a teardrop falling from God’s own eye. Dr. DreamingBear is nature’s poet and mystic philosophical entertainer. Author of 11 books/albums and creator of Lovevolution Foundation Charity, he produces Mauitopia TV show, Maui Mystic radio show, Temple of Dreams Animal Sanctuary, and Rainbow Honeycomb Butterfly Sanctuary. Visit and to purchase products, make donations, or book an edutainment event.

The Only Way Out Is In

By Alison Grabel To Heal = To Become Whole. When we believe something is unpleasant, a complex yet often subconscious process takes place where we judge this experience, blame it, say it is wrong, bad, and that it should not have happened. As a defense mechanism, we suppress, deny, avoid, bury it; and we are left fragmented, until one day we are inspired to heal and integrate, re-membering our true nature as infinite, boundless and one with all that is. For safe, rapid and integrative healing to manifest, it is essential to first have the awareness that there is something to heal, something is out of balance — a seeming pain. It isn’t necessary to have full memory about a trauma that possibly caused this pain. It can be recalled through a bodywork session upon being touched where an experience is stored, or manifest as a chronic pain that creates a spark of awareness that you seem to be having an unpleasant experience. The next ingredient is inquiry. Now that we hold awareness, look/feel into it. Educate ourselves on everything there is to know about this ‘pain.’ Find teachers and healing allies, meditate, read spiritual texts, move your body, stay present and observe. Next comes integration, coming into wholeness, forgiving, loving and owning our experience. No amount of resistance gets rid of resistance. When we resist, run away, ignore and hide from pain, we resist what is. Instead, I invite you to dive in, become an inner-space explorer of this sensation we call pain, sit with it, breathe into it, and acknowledge it. See what happens when you forgive, love and thank it. Yes, thank it! Offer up sincerest gratitude, for pain is our greatest teacher! Alison Grabel is a Certified Advanced Structural Integrator dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf. She delivers all her sessions with Aloha, and is grateful to assist in your journey to expansion and balance. Visit Alison’s website,, or call 808.639.0394.

Healing Our Hearts Through Sex

By Niyaso Carter Deep and ecstatic sex touches us like few other things do. It takes us out of our normal, controlled way of being. It opens our breath, senses, feelings and heart. This can be so lovely, beautiful and liberating, but also disturbing or exposing. When we truly make love, surrendering deeply to our instinctual selves, to our body’s senses, to our aliveness and to our hearts, feelings do come up. They must come up, and it is our heart opening in trust that makes for truly great sex. As you probably have experienced first hand at one time or another, emotions can make or break great sex. No amount of sexual know-how, tantric technique or special energy exercise will have true meaning if we don’t allow our feelings to play their role in sacred lovemaking. Without this, any knowledge or technique will remain rote and mechanical. Often, the reason people don’t have deep and fulfilling sex is that they don’t trust this emotional movement. Yet the more we open sexually, the more the shadow side of ourselves will come up also — that is, the unlived, unresolved and unhealed parts of us. This is particularly dramatic in the case of trauma survivors, but it’s true to some degree for everybody. When we open sexually, vulnerable parts of us may also come out, triggering various emotions. If we don’t resist this movement of feelings, and when we dare to trust this in ourselves and our partner, then grace can open up for us. The sex act, when done with awareness, has incredible healing potential. Through loving sex we can heal our bodies, our hearts and our entire beings. Niyaso Carter is the author of the audiobook Tantra, Sex for the Soul, bestseller on Audible. She teaches workshops and advises couples and individuals in the areas of tantra, sacred sexuality, trauma resolution and spirituality. Visit or call 808.572.2234.

Winter, 2018-2019

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Embracing Life’s Challenges

By Douglas J. Price Life has its challenges, and these opportunities can be just as valid as the life experiences we embrace. Can we embrace the unpleasant challenges, and learn the lessons in life with unconditional acceptance? All repeating health challenges have a pattern for us to recognize. When we embrace them as lessons to be learned, we reap the benefits. For example, every day someone is diagnosed with leukemia. The  research of Dr. Hamer, founder of German New Medicine (his discovery), teaches us that  leukemia is actually an unexpected, dramatic,  deep self-devaluation conflict. In other words,  an unanticipated dramatic event caught the person off guard and resulted in a very deep  shame leading to low self-esteem. Another case relating to a similar traumatic conflict is of a young girl who was impacted  by her mother’s addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Years later, the mother’s recovery through the  12-step program led the mother to apologize to her daughter for her insult when the daughter was younger.   The daughter had a leukemia condition. The daughter realized that  when anyone reminded her of her mother, her condition would worsen  with bouts of depression, feelings of shame, as well as doubt and low self-confidence.   Through the brilliance of Dr. Hamer’s research, new doors have  opened, and  not all diseases are found to be  in stress phases. Dr Hamer’s  first book — Cancer, Disease of the Soul— was groundbreaking. Knowing  that  every  disease  process  can  provide  deeper  meaning  through  lessons learned and a deepening sense of renewal, so we can embrace every challenge in life for the progression of total healing through body  and soul alignment. Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic and kinesiology. His approach to healing is revolutionary, encompassing both wellness and resolution. Author of Activate Your Brain To Heal Your Body, he teaches online and travels internationally. Contact:, 808.244.0415.

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Finding Renewal In Nature

By Bre Wolfe Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, on multiple continents, for spiritual purposes — and it is making a resurgence at this  pivotal time in the planet’s evolution.   Every week, a group of people from various walks of life gather to  partake in sacred plant medicine, in the form of cannabis from our Mother  Earth; they use it mindfully and reverently with intention and with the  practice of yoga. This practice offers refreshment, profound insight and  healing for their body, mind and spirit. This sense of restoration lingers  long after they leave.   Cannabis  is  a  non-specific  amplifier,  a generous and gracious energy-generating  spiritual medicine. When combined with yoga, it can lessen the accumulated effects  of living in a desensitized world. Rather than using cannabis as an escape, its spiritual use allows for living with greater compassion and  connectivity,  and  with  a  wide  open  heart. It’s not about getting high; it’s about  being fully aware of the here and now.   As an amplifier, cannabis helps one to  tune in to the still small voice within, and to see one’s life (including one’s body and  actions) from a deeper perspective.   Some  of  the  renewing  benefits  of  sacred  plant  medicine  yoga  include: living in the present moment more creatively, learning to pray  in a deep way, feeling awe and wonder with the miracles of life as they  happen, loving nature and people (including oneself) more fully, and  slowing down and relaxing.   When combined with breath work, cannabis can support, enhance  and strengthen many spiritual practices — that is, anything that enters  you more deeply into the now. Whether that’s yoga, tai chi, chanting or  something else, if you can keep focused and breathing, cannabis can  enhance it. Bre Wolfe is a certified professional integrative life coach and RYT 500 yoga teacher. She teaches sacred plant medicine yoga at the Wailea Healing Center. For more information, call 808.344.4788. Visit

Exploring The Aura:

Living Light

By Heimana Sherman “Once I believed, that’s when the magic started.” - Kimberley Day The aura is consciousness in the form of light — an electromagnetic field made up of multiple vector fields. A vertical flow of energy flows up and down the spinal cord. It extends out beyond the physical body — above the head and below the sacrum. I call this the alpha and omega. The swirling cone-shaped vortexes are called chakras. The aura is a part of your light body. Although there are hundreds of chakras present, we have 7 main chakra vector fields. As you walk through life, your experiences affect your energetic body, which make up your aura and provide a protective shield around you. My goal is to help others see and interpret the aura. The aura does not lie, and it can give us an infinite amount of information. The aura is not seen with your physical eyes; it is seen by your psychic sight — primarily by your 6th chakra. Healing the physical and emotional body occurs through aura readings, chakra clearing and balancing. The following are the seven dominant chakras, along with their known colors and main qualities: the 1st chakra (color red) represents security, survival and physical functioning; the 2nd chakra (color orange) represents self-identity, pleasure and pain; the 3rd chakra (color yellow) represents logical, linear, intellectual intelligence; the 4th chakra (colors green and pink) represents balance, emotional intelligence, what things mean to you, love and affection; the 5th chakra (color blue) represents expression, communication and telepathy; the 6th chakra (color indigo) represents your belief system and ability to visualize; the 7th chakra (colors purple, white and gold) represents higher mind, connection to divine and spiritual intelligence. Heimana Sherman, psychic medium, aura reader and crystal healer, can be found at Spirit of Maui Metaphysical Center (Makawao) and Maui Mana (upcountry). Aura 1 class on seeing and reading auras with Kimberley Day and Heimana Sherman, a 6-week series, begins January 20, 2019 in Makawao. For information call Heimana: 808.385.0898.

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Is The Universe Our Spiritual Metronome?

By Dr. Ayin Adams Become aware of how quickly the body responds to you — every moment is yours, through all eternity. But right now, you have an intention: to listen, to listen to your heart, to be aware of what is moving through your consciousness, to become receptive to all that is you right now. And your will is a willingness to let go — let go of everything else, be aware of yourself inhaling and exhaling. Imagine a metronome. We know it is used by musicians — mostly pianists, but any musician. The pianist or the musician gets in tune with its rhythm, which is very natural for them. Is the universe our spiritual metronome for our hearts? The creative energy of love, the very heart of the universe, is beating individually as each one of us. We know when we’ve gotten out of rhythm; and we also know the peace of being synchronized, of coming together with the spiritual frequency of our own being and resonating with it. In each individual heartbeat, there is so much to listen to, to feel, to expand with. It’s right where we are — not someday or someplace else, but right now in the present moment. And what does this spiritual metronome say to you? What is its frequency, individually, expressing as you? How do you see yourself? (Not a self-image that someone else could give you, but the image in which you are created.) Let every cell and organ and function of your body respond to it. And this body, this temple in which we live, is the first to feel it. As co-creator, give way to that spiritual frequency. And then as you look at your thoughts and feelings, there’s no separation — there’s still one energy, one heartbeat, one divine intelligence, expressing uniquely as you. Appreciate your uniqueness. And then as you look out into the world that is your environment — whether you call it divine order or something else — remember that same rhythm of love and creativity is there in everyone and everything around you. If there is someone you are praying with today, go beyond the personal, beyond the body, beyond the outer appearances. Know that the heartbeat of the universe is right there. I free this one and everything that concerns this one to get synchronized with its frequency, and there is harmony and abundance everywhere — and it’s now. And so it is. Dr. Ayin Adams teaches Science of Mind principles at Holistically Alive Center in Wailuku. Call 808.276.6864.

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Change the World Sulara James: Author, Intuitive, Channel for Healing “Everything can be changed by each choice that you make. As you go into your heart, you change the world by choosing Love, not fear. Kindness instead of anger. Joy and gratitude instead of victimhood.”

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Raising Our Vibrational Frequency For World Peace By Anonymous What can we do to make ours a more peaceful planet? We have to individually raise our vibratory frequency on a global level. How do we raise our frequency? Simply by loving more. The goal of the soul while on earth is to vibrate to the highest level that can be achieved while in the human flesh body. The highest vibration is God, Love or Christ Consciousness. In order to get ‘there,’ which is ‘here,’ don’t look out there for the Kingdom of God for it lies within. If we do not achieve this energetic vibration, we force ourselves to return to earth (or another material dimension) to learn the lessons of love. As the song goes, “All you need is love.” So, we all are just a bunch of bundles of vibrating energy – light or dark. How do we know this? Read what these spiritual teachers, physicists and scientists have said: Paramahansa Yogananda: “Each (hu)man is stamped with his(her) own vibratory signature of his(her) own state of consciousness…” Dr. Walter Semkiw: “We are born with a set of frequencies…our energy signature…” Eckhart Tolle: “Every human being emanates an energy field…vibrating at a particular range of frequencies and thoughts.” Dr. Gary Zukav: “A thought is a form formed out of energy or light that has been shaped by consciousness. There is light and there is shaping of light by consciousness. This is creation.” Wynn Free: “As a human soul reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime its energetic signature…uniquely coded…programs…unique intelligent patternings and archetypes…receives an imprint of exact planetary configuration at the moment of birth.” Dr. Deepak Chopra: “You will…influence the lives you incarnate into.” Rodney Collin: “Form multiplied by its time yields its own unique signature.”

Dr. Michael Newton: “Intelligent energy waves create subatomic particles of matter.” Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev: “Time is a form of energy.” Dr. Brian O’Leary: “Mass may not exist at all.” Dr. Paul Davies: “A unified mathematical scheme with an emerging pattern, design, plan, and blueprint and intelligent design.” A powerful prayer that we all should invoke daily, that will raise the energetic frequency of the planet, is this one: “I am eternally grateful and thankful Lord God for giving me the opportunity to bring peace and love to planet earth.” It is our thoughts that shape reality and the reality we all should want is a world of brotherly love and peace. I have offered “The Solution to a Permanent and Lasting Peace Between Israel, Palestine and the World” through the Foundation for World Peace. The Foundation For World Peace* offers insights to peaceful solutions for an embattled planet. In Hawaii we speak of Aloha. Aloha means love and comes from the breath of God. When we come together in the spirit of peace, love, light and understanding, focused on change, we bring about higher conscious awareness, empowerment, betterment and the upliftment of humanity. We can effect positive change to rights, health, resources, environment, land, air and the food we eat. The power of will, attention to intention, and focused, directed spiritual energy, can make the world a better and safer place for our children. *See Ephesians 2:20; Isaiah 28:16; 1 Corinthians 3:11; Psalm 118:22; Acts 4:11; Luke 20:17; Mark 12:10; Matthew 21:42 The author wishes to remain anonymous, and invites readers to explore this website: www.TheCenterForWorldPeace.Love. Remember:Christ-Mas means ‘love more.’

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e are excited to open a new AlohaVeda Healing Centre in the heart of Paia, opposite Mana Foods and upstairs from Cafe Des Amis! Owner of Alohaveda, Susan Wilesmith, has treated hundreds of clients with imbalances and diseases using Ayurveda, an ancient form of natural healing. She performs Panchakarma detox treatments to rebalance the natural rhythm of the body along with many other healing modalities. She has established successful businesses before on Kauai and the Big Island and now lives in Makawao. Her vision is to inspire the Community towards an organic healing system of herbs and treatment protocols to assist them in the knowledge of health. Susan creates over 100 Organic Health Products based on Ayurvedic Superfood herbs: Ayurveda Tea/Superfood Smoothie Blends/ Churna Seasonings for Vata, Pitta and Kapha and Organic Skin Care. AlohaVeda also offers Spa Treatments - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, Mixed Massage, Organic Facial, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing.

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Connecting To Your Higher Self

By Heather Solarie The sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce said one of the best things we can do in life is to “know thyself.” When I think of deepening renewal, I think of deepening a truer and more conscious connection to what may be called the ‘natural self,’ ‘true self’ or ‘higher self.’ It’s the part of us that is in alignment with ‘divine mind.’ This part of us has the bird’s-eye view. It sees the big picture for us on a personal level and also a universal level. Because of this it can guide us, creating perfect synchronistic access to people, places and things that may be the next best step(s) on our path. Connection to our higher self also assists us on the inner level by showing us more advantageous ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves, others and the world. In quieting the mind through meditation or self-hypnosis, we can access a lifespring of insight, understanding and wellbeing that is available to all of us through our connection with our own higher self. In hypnotherapy, we call it the superconscious level of awareness. It doesn’t really matter what method we use to access this level of mind, as long as it yields results. Consistency and regularity seem to play a key role in developing a relationship with this consciousness. Weaving our chosen form of practice into a regular part of our life provides stability and accessibility that may be more elusive to those who only practice sporadically. Creating a daily practice with the intent to connect to this higher-level awareness can provide us with our own personal evolutionary missing link — offering a connection between where we are currently and where we want to be. Self-actualization is the ultimate form of deepening renewal — not as an end result alone, but as a means to an end; and one that provides a richly rewarding and wonderful journey of discovery along the way. Heather Solarie, LMT, CCHT, NLPP, can be reached online at, by phone at 808.442.2950, or by email at

Understanding The Afterlife

By Rich Ralston For several years I have had a renewed desire to learn more about the afterlife. I have deepened my understanding about the afterlife, and in the process have had to change some of the previous ideas I held. I wrote a new book about my recent experiences, called Afterlife in Hawaii. As a spiritual medium, one of the things I had to learn during my interactions with souls was to eliminate judgment towards people; and also to respect others’ beliefs, whether they agree with mine or not. My personal beliefs regarding spirituality and the afterlife have been validated during my experiences crossing over souls; every time I cross them over, the associated paranormal activity ceases permanently. However, after assisting souls to cross over, I have been able to communicate with them further and hear how their perspectives have changed about themselves and the afterlife. It’s not always easy to change our thoughts when a paradigm of understanding has been our norm for years. It’s possible, of course; and one method I like to use to scrutinize any belief I hold as truth, is observation. Pick something you have been taught that predicts a certain outcome. One by one, learn all the facts involved and then see if there is any validity behind this thing you were taught. In this day and age, when we are bombarded with information, it’s important to consider your source, research the facts, and question what you are being told, rather than accept it as truth without a second thought. If you find that the truth is not what you expected, are you willing to rethink your ideas and move on? Rich Ralston is a clairvoyant energy worker and healer. His abilities include chakra clearing and energy release instruction, past life karma clearing, communication with souls of the dead as well as crossing them over. To get in touch, email, call 808.313.2736, or visit

Soul Renewal With Dreams

By Lalénya L. Vann Use your dream time for deep soul renewal, healing and transformation. Since dreams are messages from our souls, what a great way to connect and renew! The best way to ‘catch’ your dreams is to write them in your dream journal immediately upon awakening. And, write how you feel. Feelings and first associations are important for your dream interpretation. Even fragments can hold a universe of information. A few quick notes are better than nothing. Note colors, sounds, voices, smells, and anything you recognize from your waking life. I find that the action of writing out my dreams usually gives me immediate insights. If you want to break a ‘dream drought,’ start a dream journal. Every morning write how you feel when you wake up. This sends a message to your soul that you want to remember your dreams and restart that dialogue. Carl Jung liked to ‘walk’ his dreams by reflecting on them throughout the day and being alert to synchronicities for further clarification. Another of his techniques, “active imagination,” can be used to rewrite a dream or an ending that you want to change or complete. After you have written out your dream, write also what action you are going to take to honor the guidance of your dream. For example, you may feel inspired to write a poem or a story, make a drawing, or email the friend in your dream. While it can be helpful to research dream symbols in books and on the web, remember that only you can interpret your own dream symbols and stories. Be creative with your journal. Your connections with your soul will be joyfully renewed! Lalénya L. Vann is a certified instructor with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. For information on private sessions and upcoming classes, visit Lalénya’s paintings of images from her dreams can be seen on her website:

Enhancing Word-Of-Mouth

By Taryn Kama Many of my clients come to me because they want to increase their online presence, rank higher in search engines, build modern websites and social media platforms, and promote their business in general. While I help them in all of those areas, I remind them that a successful small business (even if it’s totally online) should also have a strong presence in their local community. You can build the best website and rank high in search engines, but being known in one’s community will boost the word-of-mouth (WOM) factor. “Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising — an increase of 18 percent since 2007, according to a new study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.” (www.nielsen. com/us/en/insights/reports/2012/globaltrust-in-advertising-and-brand-messages. html) How do you increase the WOM factor? To be known in your community, you can invest in print advertising in this magazine and other publications that are relevant to your work. You can volunteer in the community, speak at local clubs (such as Rotary or networking groups), or write guest columns in your local paper. You can use online services such as Yelp and Google Local, to help you appear higher in the ‘local’ searches. As you probably already know, successfully marketing your small business takes a consistent and multi-faceted approach over the course of time. Taryn Kama is a Maui-based media expert and college professor. She is the owner of Go Get it Media, a business that provides media services and workshops/education on online marketing for heart-centered businesses. Visit

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Haiku Helen A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion Ask for Special Holiday fees “I was blown away by her words. My log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer.” – Nita Hughes author of Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy

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The Magic of Maui Real Estate Professional Service

“She is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. She has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me.” – Wendy Orange, Ph.D., author of Coming Home to Jerusalem “Her accuracy is uncanny.” – John Morris, Hollywood Stunt Man

Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit Page 28

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PERSONAL & CAREER MINDFUL/HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING Anthony Rogers LCSW 310-386-1808 (Kihei) PSYCHIC INTERMEDIARY Karmen Smythe 808-268-6321 PSYCHIC / MEDIUM Liah Howard 269-3137 PSYCHIC-PALMISTRY Helen Kritzler 573-6343 REIKI NATURAL HEALING TREATMENTS, TRAINING, SUPPLIES Shalandra Abbey, Reiki Master 808.280.7704 REIKI SESSIONS & TRAINING Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 REIKI TREATMENTS & TRAININGS Jenna Keck, Reiki Master 408.621.4102 RELAXING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Lomi Hanamana, 808-214-5054 – John Gelert RESTORATIVE MASSAGE, ENERGY HEALING & LIFE COACHING 808.446.1164 RETREATS - HEALING CENTER 808) 870-3711 ROLFING (ADVANCED), ADVANCED CRANIALSACRAL Joe Swartz MD (808) 344-0244

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Honoring Women In Power

By Judy Levy Look out, America – here comes the 52%! I remember seeing the front page news 25 years ago – that new census figures revealed that women comprised 52% of America’s population. I immediately wondered out loud, “And why aren’t we in charge?” I believe that if women were indeed overseeing and guiding our country, war would quickly become a thing of the patriarchal past. What woman could ever send her child or anyone’s child to war? Women’s values, perspectives and priorities would ultimately result in a more compassionate society where children, education, justice and cooperation would be the hallmarks of a thriving society. We are on our way! We just elected 117 new women to our national leadership. We are finally waking up as a responsible populace – thanks to president #45. Realizing that it’s up to us, more people voted in this midterm than any other. Though our Hawaii turnout was still painfully low, we elected 5 women to council! I just learned that one of my true American ‘sheroes,’ Marianne Williamson – author of 12 books (including the insightful The Healing of America) – just declared that she will run for president! Check her out at I will be excited to work for Marianne’s campaign. Excitement supports our vitality. My diverse crystal collection helps to keep me vibrantly healthy and energetic as I put my heart and energy into working for change in our American political system. I also enjoy seeing others benefit from the power of crystals. I strategically place an array of specially selected crystals on your energy centers during my “Judy’s Angelic Crystal Journey” sessions. Judy Levy ,“activist tutu,” is Maui’s “crystal lady.” She offers monthly fairs at various healing centers, and conducts crystal sales privately. Also, as a sex educator, she presents monthly “Kiss the Goddess Within Parties.” Love toys are available. Call Judy at 808.269.7762. Please inquire for holiday specials.

PAUL OBrien’s

Visionary i Ching A modern version of the oracle designed for better decisions, better relationships, less stress Now available for iPhone and Android

Email to and we will send you billing instructions.

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PSYCHIC/CHANNEL. Specializing in relationship concerns, business issues, and spirit messages. Phone and in person sessions available. Liah Howard 808-269-3137 WATSU AND MASSAGE JUST FOR YOU~ Offering traditional Watsu® aquatic bodywork in a private pool. Or, if you prefer table massage. Kama’aina rates, gift certificates and discounts on packages available. Call Brenda Martin, 808.269.4337. QUANTUM SCANNING & INFOCEUTICALS - NES BioEnergetix is a unique, detailed scan that identifies bioenergetic distortions and offers liquid remedies similar to homeopathics. A comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing. Deep discounts during the holidays. Debra Greene, PhD; debra@YourEnergyMatters. com or 874-6441 LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER! A non-surgical facelift in my private Kihei salon can help. For details, call Molly at 808.385.4929. CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR LMTs: Enhance your skills & renew your inspiration with world-class instructors! Pregnancy Massage Certification with Frances Salvato (1/10-11; 1/17-19). Elements of Hawaiian Healing with Jeana Naluai (1/25-2/4). Joint Play Mobilization for Upper & Lower Extremities with Lynn Wind (1/30 & 2/14). 85-hour Myofascial Certification with Lynn Wind & Frances Salvato (1/31-4/12). Myofascial Mobilization I: Torso & Lower Extremity (1/31-2/4); Myofascial Mobilization II: Core & Upper Body (2/15-2/18) with Lynn Wind. Somatic Intelligence: Awakening Your Innate Ability to Heal with Lisa Cary (2/8-3/1). Myo 3:Posture 101 (3/14-3/15) & Myo 4: Myofascial 3-Series & Integration (3/21-23) with Frances Salvato. Joint Play Mobilization Core: Low Back, Pelvis, Thoracic, Cervical with Lynn Wind (4/10, 4/12). Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Lynn Wind (4/25-4/27). Advanced Spring Intensive with Jeana Naluai (4/15-5/2)....and more to follow! Register early and save $ with Early Bird rates! Consider joining our 150-, 200-, or 350-/our Specialty Advanced Certification Programs for significant discounts. Go to: http:// for more info. Email: or call: 808-572-1888 to register. HEART LIGHT HULA - Sacred dance for women. This class is a weekly gathering where students learn hula basics, Tahitian fundamentals, story-telling through beautiful hand gesture, and how to express our heart light with aloha! Upcountry location. Contact Kumu Karyne for details: karynecontreras@gmail. com / 205-0908 Learn Compassion and Forgiveness by Understanding Yourself and Others ~ LOVE AND DESTINY CARD READINGS are a great way to learn about yourself and others. I offer several different readings including Individual, Love or Friend Connections, and Destiny. Please visit my website: REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING ~ Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 www. HEAL YOUR PAIN! 29 Years Experience. Call now and learn how Joe Swartz MD can help you to painlessly heal from headaches, back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, sciatica, TMJ, and addictions to drugs, smoking, food. (808) 344-0244. REIKI HAWAII - For everything Reiki, Treatments, Trainings, Tables, Supplies, Books, Music and More. www.ReikiHawaii. com or 808.280.7704 ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808)-879-2287 (9/18)

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MINDFULNESS-BASED STRESS REDUCTION (MBSR) PRIVATE PROGRAMS offered by Melissa Sutor, MS, MA, who has completed professional training with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D, creator of the MBSR program. Melissa is a mindfulness expert with 10 years of teaching experience and is featured on the cover of the August 2018 edition of Mindful Magazine. For individuals, couples, and leaders/employee groups on Maui. MASSAGE IN MAKAWAO Get a great massage for a great price. Relaxation and Therapeutic. Easy access and parking. $60 Hour. Experience includes Kripalu and 20 years at Four Seasons Resort. Rejuvenate today! Gift certificates too. Anne Pierce 268-4468 808 WELLNESS: CENTER & STUDIO, ~ A healing sanctuary & sacred studio in South Kihei. Treatment room rental by the hour if you are seeking a professional place to hold your healing practice. Our event studio is also available to rent for workshops or classes, inclusive of, but not limited to: yoga, meditation, healing circles, sound baths and more! Become a featured Wellness Wednesday Speaker. Contact us today: 808.875.4325 CONSCIOUSMAUI.COM, Maui’s conscious business guide. Find local businesses to support, Events, Special Offers, Opportunities to Volunteer, Surf & Weather and more! VINTAGE? YES! RETRO? YES! COSTUMES? YES! 1942 Main St. (opposite Subway) Check out https://www.facebook. com/RagQueenofMaui/ for our store info. ACADEMIC SERVICES - Maui’s BEST tutoring for 25+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. or 463-0779 GENUINE PSYCHIC answers your question or thrills your guests; crystal ball and gypsy regalia optional. naia96708@ SACRED AWAKENING CARD READING ~ Positive Affirmations,,, Mystical,,, a tool for Guidance, deeper Awareness and Love ,,, RECLAIMING BALANCE - Personal and group wellness programs. Personalized Health Coaching (in person & by skype), Yoga Therapy, Qi Gong, Massage, Shiatsu, Mediation, Mediation, Catering & Retreat Support. MAT #18121, 808-354-7159,, ELIZA BASSETT - astrology (natal, transit and solar return interpretations), tarot, shamanic sessions. 808-214-6587 IF YOUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZES IN: healing, creating or inspiring and you want assistance or training with your marketing or website, we can help. HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY at Temple of Peace in Haiku. Cellular functioning, cellular repair and cellular healing! So your immune system can be “jump-started“ and fueled into greater action. 808-575-5220 HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING- Maui Miracle Mind Hypnotherapy offers professional clinical hypnotherapy certification, personal growth classes and private sessions in Sacred Renewal Breathing, Neuro linguistic Programming, Massage Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy for all issues including childbirth prep, surgery prep and accelerated healing, pain control, habit control, emotional and spiritual growth, relationship issues, prenatal and past life. Heather Solarie LMT, CCHT, NLPP. 808-442-2950.

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ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! Maui Vision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 280-7893 or visit for details. LOMI HANAMANA Massage Sessions, Workshops, and Gift Certificates - Call 808-214-5054 MYSTICAL ALCHEMY SACRED SOUND HEALING & Sacred Music Moon Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies, Prayerformances, Retreats, Classes & Personal Sessions. Heather Salmon & Donny Regal, 808-269-4333 ; GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover this True Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, DC is an authorized international consultant/practitioner and instructor of GNM founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioner's effectiveness and the use of modalities and/or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the 5 Biological Laws. or call (808) 244-0415. HOLIDAY MASSAGE SPECIALS - Save $20 off one massage, $30 off two for a couple (back-to-back), or 20% off a package of 3 or more! Sale ends Dec 31st! Traditional Thai 'Yoga' Massage, Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Backwalking, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Structural & Custom Blends! Questions? Text 808-463-7734 or email Discounts Available online via Jan. 25-29, 2019 : Visit the famous TUCSON GEM & MINERAL SHOW ~ Join “Crystal Lady” Judy Levy and friends to be guided thru the enormous (all over Tucson!) International Expo. We’ll go the week before show opens to public (for best selection as “Wholesalers”) and enjoy learning about magical healing crystals and purchasing at wholesale. $200 tour cost+ low cost for accommodations and transportation in Tucson. Only 4 spaces left. Call Judy Levy 808.891-1114 for info MAUI MYSTICAL ALCHEMY RETREATS - Personal and Group Retreats. Sound Healing, Yoga, Aerial Yoga Play, Cleanses, Excursions. 808-269-4333 “KISS the GODDESS WITHIN ~ Awakening the Divine Feminine” Parties for women (and “upcoming Goddesses”) of all ages. Learn “all the good stuff Mom never taught us.” It's never too late to enjoy a satisfying “love life” whether you are with a partner or getting ready for your next one. Discover the best “love toys” and de-mystify “orgasmic living.” Fun and elegant presentation - (complete privacy) Call Judy Levy for monthly locations or have a party at home with your girlfriends. Earn free gifts. Call Judy at 808.269-7762 for info WISH YOU WERE HERE? NEVER MISS another Maui Vision Magazine deadline. Sign up for email alerts:, click on "Join Our Community E-List." ARE YOU READY TO RENEW Your Body, Mind & Spirit? Rhonda J. Felix is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in Reflexology. She is a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” classes, and offers group and individual sessions, as well as counseling through Dream Yoga. Call (808) 205-8302 today to discuss your renewal options! Or visit, Kahului Swap Meets on Saturday space 642. PSYCHIC READER~ Laura Van Wagner, (808) 874-1451 www.

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED LISTING Place your listing by email to Classified ads are 30 cents per word, no minimum. We will email billing instructions to you. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Friday, Feb. 15 for the spring edition publishing on March 2. (Covers March, April and May, 2019.)

Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinical Bio-Integration restores wellness utilizing Chiropractic Care and Kinesiology. Specializing in Trauma Resolution and other methods. Please Visit:

Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. Author and Educator Over 30 years experience

What would it take to create a life with infinite awareness and possibilities that create more choices to align with your mind, body and spirit? $30 off your first visit! Exp. 2/28/18

Call Dr. Price (808) 244-0415 Winter, 2018-2019

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Maui Vision Magazine Winter, 2018-2019

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Maui Vision Magazine, Winter, 2018-2019 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

Maui Vision Magazine, Winter, 2018-2019 Edition  

Quarterly holistic lifestyle glossy magazine published according to the seasons in Maui, Hawaii. Distributed free of charge. Extensive calen...

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