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Vibrant Health

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Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012

Towards A Radiantly Healthy Planet By Mark Sheehan

First, a short postcard from Denmark – my fifth visit. What I see: everyone on bikes – from ages 2 to 92; bike lanes on all major streets in Copenhagen with thousands of people using them; bike paths way out in the country with people peddling miles between small towns; and trains that go all over the country, even between tiny villages. What I don’t see: homeless people, cops or police cars, chemtrails, billboards, or telephone poles (all utilities are underground). How it feels: cold, but the people are energetic and focused; the whole society feels grounded and sane. Knowing so much about what is wrong with our polluted planet can be depressing. Let’s face it – you can’t have “radiant health” if you’re radioactive! For the latest reports on radiation levels, please visit It’s long and grim, but if you read it you can start searching for solutions (and here’s a hint – it’s not South America). Wanting to read good news for a change, I downloaded Abundance to my Kindle. The authors are inventor/entrepreneur Peter Diamandis and visionary journalist Steven Kotler. They set out to understand how abundance can be created all over the earth. A medical doctor with a lifelong interest in space flight, Diamandis came up with the idea and found a donor for a $10 million prize for whoever could launch a space vehicle. After that success, he formed a group to fund prizes for development in health and the environment— the X Prizes. Along with famed futurist Ray Kurzweil, he formed Singularity University, a 10-week training program for wizards who want to work towards solving global problems using

the full range of technology. The book began by defining the term abundance, along with a pyramid for achieving our highest goals. At the base of the pyramid are clean air, food, water, and shelter. The next level involves work, communication, and income. At the top of the pyramid are freedom and fulfillment. Central to these visionary technologies is their perspective on exponential change. Think of the evolution of energy from fire to solar, or how the invention of the wheel led to transportation. To understand the concept of exponential growth, consider that if you take 30 meter-long paces you end up about 30 yards away, but if you could take “exponential” paces (e.g., 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.), you could end up going around the earth many times. My first “portable” computer was a 28-pound Osborne; at 1/100th the weight, my iPhone is 10,000 times faster, has 100,000 times the memory, and half a million apps. The book explains what is already happening as people in the developing world combine cell phones with microfinance with web-based databases to make dramatic strides towards selfreliance and sustainable growth. The authors give

examples of leading innovators like Craig Venter who sequenced the human genome in 2001. It cost him $100 million, about 7.5 percent of what the government spent to do the same thing. Ten years later, you can derive the same information for about $1,000! We have extraordinary geniuses amongst us, but there is genius in all of us. Millions of us can work collaboratively to create what no individual could ever do. Wikipedia, for example, took 100 million hours to create. In the U.S., we spend 200 billion hours watching television and who knows how many hours playing video games. Think of the possibilities! Women in the developing world spend a huge amount of their time hauling water. Seeing this, Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt created Ethos Water, a premium brand that donates a portion of its proceeds to help children get clean water. A Danish team came up with a straw that filters water. With 440 patents, Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, created a potable water purifier called Slingshot that can now purify 250 gallons of water a day using as much energy as a hair dryer. Of the dozens of cool inventions, my favorite is Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC), a smartphone size device that does an entire health assessment. This book will inspire you and get you thinking in positive ways about how we can work together towards creating our future. For more information online, visit and Mark Sheehan is traveling with his wife, the Danish healer, Sonja Aclon. They will return to Maui in the fall.

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October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Maui Vision Magazine

Radiant Financial Health

Sometime in the past month a brilliant thought flashed in my mind. It was a simple solution to our nation’s financial woes that could solve our “crisis” and debt problems easily and quickly. As empowered by the U.S. Constitution, Congress could create the Bank of the United States, with branches established in every post office around the country, instantly making them a vital part of every community again. Collecting all the tax dollars, the Bank of the U.S. could function in a dual role to the established Federal Reserve, and operate according to the exact same rules. The big exception is that all of the profits would be held in the public trust. All interest earned on loans would benefit the public good. Simple and creative, this solution wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. The only people furious would be the bankers who would be one-upped at their own con game. - Eric T. Richter, publisher

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Maui Vision Magazine

August/September, 2012

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Seven Key Elements Drive Vibrant Health

By Dr. David Klein Vibrant health is our birthright! The human mind-body is a self-preserving, self-cleansing, self-regulating, self-healing and self-renewing marvel. If all of our natural biological needs are met, we can attain and maintain perfect health attended by an extraordinary sense of vibrant wellness. Our prime needs are: fresh air, pure water, rest, sleep, cleanliness, a health promoting diet of vegan whole foods (of which at least 75 percent are raw), comfortable temperature, sunshine, pleasant environment, vigorous activity, recreation, constructive work, creative expression, mental-emotional poise and mastery, mind-body-spiritual awareness, self-love and lovingly supportive social relationships. Disease processes and symptoms are the body’s response to improper living practices, especially unnatural dietary indiscretions and excessive lifestyle stresses. Unhealthful lifestyle choices bring about enervation and toxemia from overloads of decomposing foods, chemicals and metabolic wastes. This results in systemic malfunction and illness. When we remove all of the causes of disease and implement healthful living practices, the mind-body is enabled to create vibrant health. Here are seven key practices to embrace on your health path: ATTITUDE Don’t accept enervating stress and disease. Love and take the best care of yourself, claiming your right to vibrant wellness. Think constructive, healthful thoughts and be passionate about your health process! NATURAL LIFESTYLE Design a new healthful lifestyle to keep your vital energy strong. Set up a nurturing, peaceful environment in your home for cultivating serenity and fitness. Create a life that includes constructive, fulfilling activities and creative work and play. SLEEP The result of overworking and undersleeping is chronic fatigue, emotional imbalance, disease and rapid aging. Sleep is the “great restorer.” It recharges our nerve energy “batteries” so that we can function optimally. For vibrant vitality, sleep more. EXERCISE The body will not improve itself unless it is given a reason to do so. At a safe, comfortable pace, exercise all of your muscles and get into good aerobic shape, preferably under the sun’s life-giving rays. COMPLETE DETOXIFICATION & INTERNAL PURITY Via healthful living, the body will be able to completely detoxify and rejuvenate on its own. Products are totally unnecessary. It is especially important to omit clogging, low-nutrient, starchy, sugary and fatty processed foods. Drink several glasses of purified water and/or juice and fruit smoothies (made with only fresh fruits and greens) every day. Exercise daily to aid detoxification and maintain a clean body, inside and out. NUTRITIOUS PLANT-BASED DIET Our bodies are designed to function optimally on a vegan diet of predominantly organically-grown raw fruits and vegetables, with minimal amounts of nuts and seeds (preferably germinated). Cooked foods are devitalized; they have low vibration and cannot be completely digested. Fresh raw foods, especially fruits, have the highest vibration. They are purifying, extraordinarily nutritious, most energizing and regenerative. When eaten in proper combinations and sequences, they digest perfectly. Follow your senses and enjoy the bounty of Hawaii’s fruits! EXPRESSION Feel good about your whole self. Smile, laugh and express your vibe with others who share your passion for vibrant health, and go for it all! Dr. David Klein is a hygienic doctor with a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Healing. He directs the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center, located in Haiku, Maui. Leading people to health independence via their natural selfhealing powers is Dr. Klein’s passion. If you have questions, call 808.572.0861 or email or visit

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Maui Vision Magazine

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Getting Out Of The Way So Your Light Can Shine By Liah Howard The cosmos can surprise us with moments that change us forever. One of these moments happened in my life over 30 years ago, and its radiance is still lighting my path today. We are all able to have these moments of grace. The key is being able to get out of the way so that the light can shine into and through us completely. Here’s how it happened for me. It was an early fall morning in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I awoke before dawn to escape the noise and busyness of my relatives’ house. My daily routine, then as now, included a morning walk and meditation, so I slipped outside and began walking. I walked for over an hour on wooded streets and rolling hills until I discovered a beautiful lake with a few homes nestled around it. I headed down to a wooden dock where I sat in my yoga pose, legs crossed and hands open on my knees, facing east as the sun peeked over the trees. I closed my eyes and began the practice I’d been doing for a couple years: using a deep exhale to empty the personal self, inhaling and filling up with God’s presence as light, and breathing that light all the way down to my toes. Suddenly, all noise stopped. A stillness pervaded my being. Then whoosh! I was lifted up and out of my body to a realm of light. My personal self dissolved into this golden-white shimmering light. The light and I were one; pulsing, expansive light with no beginning or end. Time stopped.

Then my body fell over and hit the dock hard. That’s when I realized something amazing had occurred. Before I opened my eyes, I lay there and felt the light permeating my being. Then, as if by magic, I felt my body reappear. I gently opened my eyes, but I was not ready for what I saw. Everything was a radiant light. There was no lake and no trees. Then stroke by stroke, the way an artist paints, all the sights around me returned. My physical reality returned, but I was



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never to be the same, for I had glimpsed the truth of my being. I am light! A deep peace filled my heart and a broad smile graced my face. My body was buzzing with energy. I felt more alive than I ever had. I looked around and could see the auric glow around the trees and feel the pulse of life in all. I was connected to my cosmic source and it was real! My mind swirled with this new awareness. I had by the grace of the divine tapped into the truest essence of my being. I walked back home and sat at the table with everyone, unable to eat breakfast. I felt like I was existing in two worlds at once. This light has been a constant gift guiding me to my most radiant self, helping me in my hardest moments. You too can have this awareness if you allow yourself to get out of the way. Find a practice that helps you let go of your attachments to a personal self, and to what you think you know. The key ingredient is a deep and heartfelt desire to know God, the cosmos, or your true nature. It is the energy of love in the heart that opens the window to this infinite and life-changing radiant light.

October/November, 2012

Consultations, Seminars, Webinars Available Introductory Video at Dr. Douglas J. Price, DC is a 30-year Clinical Practitioner of Integrative Medicine. He is an International Consultant and an Authorized Teacher and Practitioner of German New Medicine. Contact him at 808.244.0415.

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October/November, 2012

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Do you yearn for love, passion, joy and happiness in Your Life? Call me! I can help you find what is keeping you from having it. Dearborn Clark, Intuitive Channel Call: (808) 572-6125 “Let what is ready to blossom come forth in our meeting.” The Keeper–Dearborn

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Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012

Glowing Skin From The Inside Out

By Smita Khatri For Samana Benedetti, owner of Spa Luna at Maui Mall, proper skin care is about more than just the products you use on your body; it’s a lifestyle. According to Benedetti, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body. For external skin care, Benedetti warns against using soap or harsh products on your face, and recommends the following: (1) use vitamin C concentrate to protect your skin from the sun – it deflects the sun’s radiation better than sunscreen; (2) use coconut oil on every part of the body; and (3) get a microdermabrasion, pumpkin peel, and face toning treatment. Microdermabrasion is very effective for removing dead skin cells and treating acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scar tissue, stretch marks, and more. Benedetti feels strongly that what you put in your body impacts your skin. She suggests the following nutrition habits for more radiant skin: (1) eat foods that give you more energy and cut out foods that make you sleepy; (2) eat clean proteins, such as quinoa; (3) don’t eat meats that have been pumped with hormones; (4) eat live, fresh foods that were recently picked off the tree or from the ground; and (5) eat food containing fats such as avocados, salmon, nuts, seeds, and coconut oil. Lastly, exercise and stress reduction are vital. Daily practices that get your heartbeat going, calm your mind, bring you back into your body, and focus your attention on appreciation and gratitude are essential to maintaining radiant skin. So pick a papaya off the tree, take a walk, and write down three things you’re grateful for – your skin will thank you for it. Samana Benedetti is the owner of Spa Luna, located at the Maui Mall in Kahului. She is a teacher, writer, and counselor specializing in relationships and addiction. For more information about their esthetician and massage classes or getting treatments at their low cost student clinic, visit spaluna. com or call 808.575.2440.

You Have A Healing Intelligence Within! Jane A. Eldridge,

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Discover powerful tools to create a foundation for a healthy and growth enhancing relationship.

Women Healing Ourselves Group: Personal growth with a spiritual foundation. Develop a self-healing practice through self help tools, breathwork, meditation and sharing authentically with caring sisters. Make new friends and go deep in a safe and supportive and loving circle. Please call for more information.

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Our Health Is Our Most Precious Gift By Kutira Décosterd

We all want radiant health; yet we often take it for granted, especially in our younger years. As the years pass, we become aware that our bodies are not as durable and replaceable as we would like. As you read these words, I invite you to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and look inside. Take a scan of your physical body and emotional state of being, and then listen. Ask yourself these questions: “Am I as fit and healthy as I could be?” “Am I happy with how I am living my life right now?” When we allow our bodies to have a voice and allow our hearts to listen, we can make wise decisions that promote radiant health, inside and outside. Our innate wisdom guides us towards having a healthy body and living a happy life. There comes a time in our lives when we begin to acknowledge that our health is our most precious gift. All of the blessings of life – from material wealth to relationships – are dependent upon our health. A beautiful Taoist quote begins: “When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.” We often have to create a wake up call, where we become uncomfortable in our body through pain, sickness, obesity or allergies. Inspired by my own wake up call and the desire to live a more healthy and balanced life, I embarked on a journey to discover new ways of taking care of my body. During my journey, I morphed my body and my mind, rapidly reducing my weight by 40 pounds with the amazing support of a hormone (HCG) that helped me burn fat and reset my body’s metabolism. I share my complete story in my book The Lightness of Body and Being. I have been very good at taking care of Mother Earth, by sustaining her with conscious environmental practices and living off the grid without county water for more than 20 years. At the Maui Eco Retreat, I created sustainable housing using bamboo and organic gardens free of GMO and pesticides. What has been more challenging for me is taking care of my own body. I was always busy with the land. Now I realize that taking care of my body is no less important than taking care of Mother Earth. The quality of our food affects both our physical bodies and the land.

Do you know how much our food is overproduced, lacking vital nutrients and contaminated with GMO? This is a wake up call for us all to make conscious choices in how we eat and treat our soil. Obesity and sustainability are now the number one challenges in our world. Our global community can only solve these with an awakened consciousness. Bhutan’s legal code states: “If the government cannot create happiness for its people, then there is no purpose for government to exist.” It is vital that we demand regulations from our government to protect our environment and our right for clean, healthy, and nutrient rich foods. Let your voice be heard for our Earth! Radiant health starts with a radiant earth. Only with a healthy environment that nurtures us with good water, air and soil can we celebrate our radiant selves. Kutira Décosterd has been creating an ecologically sustainable lifestyle and educational eco retreat center in Maui. She brings her 30 years of wisdom and experience as an author, spiritual teacher, environmental activist, artist, musician and social entrepreneur to the global community. Email or call 808.572.6006.

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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We All Deserve Radiant Health By Rev. Shelley St John, R.N. As human beings, we need to continuously return to balance. The body is inundated with harmful toxins from internal and external sources. In this modern world, we are exposed to external toxins such as pesticides, industrial pollutants, and harsh chemicals from household products and personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant. These toxins make their way into our air, water, and food, then enter the body and take residence in our organs and tissues. Processed foods, laden with preservatives, lack natural enzymes and nutrients that aid digestion, allowing undigested food to ferment in the intestines and colon and become toxic. To rid itself of the toxic burdens, the body uses the seven organs of elimination. Due to daily increasing numbers of toxins, the systems of elimination get overwhelmed and do not always do their job as smoothly as we would like. Take an assessment now and ask yourself, “which is my priority: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being?” If you chose physical well being, then eat organic, non-GMO foods and purchase organic household and personal products. Begin an exercise program, or step up the program you currently follow. If you currently exercise two days per week, then step it up to four or five days, and meet a buddy at the local gym or nearby park. This will support oxygenation and increase circulation. Also, begin a colon (and herbal) cleanse. When warm, purified water enters the colon, the portal

Revs. Shelley and Kedar St. John vein in the right corner of the colon gently sends the water up into the liver, to the kidneys, to the lymph and circulates through the whole body. This process supports the body to eliminate parasites and toxic waste buildup. How can we absorb our organic food, supplements, and other sources of nutrition if our colon contains thirty pounds of waste matter? The happiness hormone, serotonin, is released during colon therapy. In addition, it activates intuitive and psychic gifts, giving us better guidance to make choices and make our

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October/November, 2012

dreams come true. Whether cleansing, fasting, taking herbs, increasing our exercise and water intake, or alkalizing the body, we are going to feel lighter, cleaner, happier, more free and in love with ourselves. Here at the Temple of Peace, I work with open-closed colon therapy systems, scalar lasers, bemer technology, aromatherapy, reiki, and access bar (32 points on the head for healing and balancing). Three months ago my husband, Rev. Kedar, and I noticed that we had some middle age aches and pains, as well as some excess weight we wanted to release in the belly and butt. We did some fasting and then changed to a plant-based diet. We also stepped up our yoga and meditation practice. There is a saying, “the proof is in the pudding.” The aches and pains went away and the weight dropped. Take this opportunity to look inside yourself and pinpoint what is screaming out (or softly whispering) for change. When you shift one area of your life, then other areas will start to change too. We all deserve radiant health. Shifting the internal and external factors will help uplift the community, our country, and our planet. Rev. Shelley St John, R.N., is a certified colontherapist, instructor, gifted intuitive healer, and co-creator of Temple of Peace, located at 575 Haiku Road in Haiku, Maui. This international spiritual center features state-of-the-art colontherapy cleansing, spa, and a metaphysical store. Contact Shelley at 808.575.5220, shelleystjohn@, or visit









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October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Chiropractic Helps The Body Heal Itself By Anthony Jayswal, D.C. I would love an opportunity to explain chiropractic the way I believe the founder of our profession, D.D. Palmer, believed it should be practiced today. I think it’s important because the general public has been very confused by all of the dramatically different philosophies chiropractors espouse. The human body is created with a brain and nervous system. If functioning at 100 percent, the body can heal itself if the brain stays connected to the body via the nervous system. By staying connected, the body can maintain ease, which in the words of our founder D.D. Palmer, is the absence of dis-ease. A common problem is subluxation. A subluxation is a misalignment of two spinal bones, putting pressure on the spinal nerve. It only takes the equivalent of the weight of a dime to put pressure on that sensitive spinal nerve and block up to 60 percent of the signal coming from the brain. In addition, the spinal nerve only has a pain receptor in the middle of the nerve, making it hard to detect a subluxation because there is no pain associated with it. How do you get subluxation? Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get and rarely ever diagnosed by anyone other than a chiropractor. Any physical, mental or chemical stress, especially a se-

Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center

ries of them, can easily lead to a subluxation. You can get it at any age. In fact, the birthing process itself can lead to significant spinal trauma and subluxation that never gets detected, and then you fall down an average of 5,000 times before you are 5 years old! Not a good start for a developing spine and nervous system! What does a subluxation mean to the body? If you are only getting 40 percent or less of a signal from the brain out through a spinal nerve, there is no way your body can operate properly or heal itself. Your brain is trying to get the healing signal out, but it cannot because of the nerve interference. What is the answer? Remove the nerve interference, and allow the body to heal itself again. How do you remove the nerve interference? Get a series of frequent chiropractic adjustments designed to remove subluxation, proportionate to the amount of time the subluxation has been

808-572-0861 • Haiku, Maui

Dr. Anthony Jayswal owns and practices at Healing Hands Chiropractic of Maui, in Honokowai (north of Lahaina). He is a graduate of Palmer West Chiropractic College (cum laude). He has practiced for 11 years, including 4 years on Maui, serving over 60,000 patients. Dr. Jayswal can be reached at 808.662.4476.

Shamanic Healing Services support personal wholeness

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David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.

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in the body. The longer it has been in the body, the more it can degenerate, become more severe, and take longer to heal. If a subluxation persists and degenerates long enough, your spine can actually fuse itself together and you will be left with a diminished nerve supply. By removing nerve interference and adjusting all subluxations in the spine, a chiropractor has the ability to facilitate the patient’s own body healing itself from a range of sicknesses and diseases that would astonish most people. I became a chiropractor because natural chiropractic care helped my body completely heal itself from chronic asthma, headaches, bronchitis, and a compromised immune system from long term antibiotic poisoning. My hope for all of my community and humanity is that they can receive this message and get checked for subluxation. The power that made the body can indeed heal the body – no prescription necessary!

• life goals

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October/November, 2012

Make Conscious Choices To Reduce Your Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation By Debra Greene, Ph.D. Cell phones, WiFi, and smart grids…oh my! We live in a wireless world where we are swimming in electromagnetic frequencies of all varieties. Because of the explosion in our use of electronic devices, electromagnetic radiation increased 1,000,000,000,000,000 times from 2003 to 2007. There are several things you need to know to safely use wireless devices. Because of the varieties of frequencies and how they interact with each other, the issue is complex. Wireless devices like cordless phones, cell phones, computer Wifi, baby monitors, and smart meters have three aspects that make them particularly dangerous to human health. First, they emit low level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) because they run on electricity. Second, they also emit high level radio frequency radiation (RFR) because they transmit wirelessly. Some known effects of RFR include increased cancer risks and damage to DNA and genes. Third, most of these devices emit a pulsed microwave signal. Pulsed radiation can cause breaches in the blood-brain barrier and is especially damaging to neurotransmitters, among other things. All three of these factors combined create what I call a “triple whammy” assault on the body-mind system. Some things you can do to reduce the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on your health include:

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- Replace cordless phones with corded landline phones - Minimize cell phone use - Forward your cell phone calls to your corded landline - Keep your cell phone away from your body (e.g., text instead of talk, use speaker mode, do not keep cell phones in your pocket) - Turn your cell phone off when you are not using it - Think long and hard before using a baby monitor - Do not get a smart meter Debra Greene, Ph.D., addresses all aspects of energy health (body-mind-spirit) in her highly acclaimed book Endless Energy. She has a private practice on Maui and is focalizing efforts to stop smart meters in Hawaii. Visit for informative videos and a free report on Cell Phone Safety.

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Paulo’s Perspective By Paul O’Brien

Hi Paulo, I’ve been in an on-again, offagain relationship with John for about 10 years, sometimes with long periods of time apart (in other relationships). I don’t seem to be able to get over him and we always end up back in each other’s lives. A few months ago we “broke up” again, but have continued to stay friends (and, yes, we are intimate). He has some family issues going on, so I wanat to be there for him, as I know he needs someone right now. He also admits that he has commitment issues. My question is this: Is our relationship ever going to move forward or should I move on and find someone else? I love him very much, but I am tired of waiting on him. I keep thinking that in the long run it’ll be worth it …or will it? -Pamela, 40-50, Maui Meadows The real question is not whether it will be worth it, but whether it is worth it now. You have a “friends‑with‑benefits” relationship that must be pretty good, considering that you both keep coming back! Ask yourself why you feel like this form needs to change. If it really does, talk to John about how you can both feel more

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Maui Vision Magazine

satisfied, without bringing the word ‘commitment’ into the question at all. If you like what you have going on, see if you can let go of externally imposed ideas of what a relationship should look like, and focus on enjoying what you already have. You mentioned you love him, you are intimate physically and you want to be there for him emotionally. These sound like hallmarks of a great relationship to me! To some extent all couples ‘settle’ … it’s called settling down, as in being relaxed with someone, which is the basis for emotional intimacy. You two have a lot of intimacy and have been honest with each other for a long time. You have every right to enjoy yourselves. It’s important you make your own decision about what sort of relationship you want. Keep in mind that the romantic

October/November, 2012

paradigm, the concept that you marry one perfect ‘soulmate’ and live happily ever after, has only ruled the way people seek intimacy for 200 years. Before that, it was all an arrangement ‑ specifically, arranged marriage, still the case in many cultures. The biggest problem with arranged marriage is that women have had no ability to negotiate for themselves. Friends‑with‑ benefits is an arrangement too, but you have equal say regarding terms. Make the most of this power and make it a great arrangement for yourself! Ask for what you want, just avoid all‑or‑nothing demands. Don’t let the perfect (your fantasy) become the enemy of the good (the intimacy you enjoy). As Ken Keyes pointed out in his groundbreaking book, A Conscious Person’s Guide to Relationships, our ability to sustain intimacy is limited by our tendency to dictate the form that the relationship must take. We are much happier when we let the form adapt to the flow. Place the issue of what form you might prefer below more important factors – like how well you communicate, enjoy each other’s company, solve problems, resolve conflicts. Focus on and cultivate these blessings and you will co‑create something marvelous, something worth living for – no matter what its form … so, enjoy! Paul O’Brien is an author, mentor and founder of, with a mission to facilitate great decision-making and better timing.

Dr. Wayne Offers New Workshop

By Eric Micha’el Leventhal The Westin Maui Resort and Spa in Kaanapali will host a new weekend workshop January 26 - 27, 2013, led by best-selling author and internationally renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. This powerful and potentially life changing seminar, entitled “Divine Love - Life’s Ultimate Experience Reclaiming Your Divinity,” holds the promise to guide participants towards easing harmful thought patterns and awakening the power of divine love within. Affectionately called the “Father of Motivation” by many of his students and contemporaries, Dr. Wayne overcame numerous personal obstacles before realizing his dream of “learning to live in the love that never changes.” Dr. Wayne’s central message is that each of us can live an extraordinary life and manifest our deepest desires, provided we learn to honor our inner divinity and release our dependence on competitive and judgmental belief patterns. He challenges his students around the globe to reshape their outer personalities, discover their original limitless nature, and ultimately recognize the oneness of divinity acting on all planes of existence. A groundbreaking author and speaker in the field of self development, Dr. Wayne has authored over 30 books, created numerous audio and video programs, and appeared on television and radio programs nationwide. His books Secrets for Success and Inner Peace and Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, and other numerous best-selling titles, continue to inspire millions of people to achieve a new and transformative vision of personal reality. To potential participants, Dr. Wayne asks, “Are your thoughts harming you? Are you searching for your highest self and greatest love? Are you ready to discover your divine purpose?” If you are inspired to delve into these questions, then join Dr. Wayne Dyer on Maui in January 2013! Dr. Wayne Dyer’s workshop, “Divine Love - Life’s Ultimate Experience Reclaiming Your Divinity,” will take place January 26-27, 2013 on Maui. For more information or to register, call 1.800.654.5126 or visit For more information on Dr. Dyer, visit

One Last Hurrah!

By Suzan Proia, C.Ht. Our society has created a joyful industry surrounding the birth of a child. We happily anticipate the arrival of a new baby. Parties are held for the mother-to-be. Nurseries are furnished with cribs and tiny clothes. Birthing classes are attended. After the baby arrives we begin the annual celebrations of birth, complete with cake, balloons, presents, candles and song. Every year we mark the accomplishment of surviving another trip around the sun. If we give so much attention to preparing for and celebrating births, why are we so afraid of death? Many people are hesitant to plan, discuss or face the inevitable, yet one of the few things we can count on in this crazy world is that we are all going to die. Why is it so uncommon to celebrate the life of the loved one who has just passed? We honor and remember them, but what about openly celebrating them? From my viewpoint of the after life, I am “happy” for the departed. I believe that being “out of body” is far easier and natural than managing a physical vessel. Of course we grieve the loss of the deceased, and we deal with navigating the emotional aftermath of losing someone, but that is mostly about those of us who are left behind. When my time arrives to transition to the other side, I want my friends and loved ones to honor me in a joyous way. I hope they will remember the laughter we shared, the lives I touched, and the blessings we enjoyed together. Birth is truly a miracle, life is an incredible challenge, and death is simply a stepping stone. Suzan Proia, C.Ht., is an EFT practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and personal excellence specialist. Her international private practice is based in Maui. Suzan specializes in dissolving stress, weight, insomnia, grief, and resolving relationship issues. For a free consultation, call 808.870.8754 or visit

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Occupy Brings Awakening

By Judy Levy We are fortunate to live here on Maui at a time when the world is seeing a peoples’ revolution, mass awakening, and major shift amongst humanity. Across the globe, citizens are expressing themselves and taking responsibility for co-creating new ways of conscious living. And through our phones and laptops, we are connected in a way as never before. Peaceful citizens around the globe have come together! Occupy Wall Street was launched September 17, 2011, when a small, diverse and focused group of young Americans camped out in Zucotti Park to “shut down Wall Street.” They occupied the area and brought attention to the numerous injustices overwhelming our society. The movement spread like wildfire as those brave citizens were joined by thousands in New York City, and by citizens across the United States and around the world. One year later, Occupy Wall Street on Maui is alive and well, with some important local accomplishments and more civic participation than ever before. The Occupy movement has been about organization, public education and galvanizing energy to create solutions. We’ve testified at county council meetings on numerous issues. We’ve come together with “GMO Free Maui” and “Moms Against Monsanto.” We’ve been supporting a fully self-sustainable Maui. We want our keiki to eat healthful foods and we encourage a garden in every yard. There are still many issues to address here in paradise: clean air, cane burning, toxic reefs from Monsanto’s “Round Up” run-off, toxic fish, unlabeled GMO foods, teacher cuts, illegal foreclosures, and more. Get involved and do your part to make a difference! It will send ripples all around the world. Judy Levy, mystical wise woman, reiki master, organic farmer and activist, is co-creator of Lotus Heart Books and Gifts at the Temple of Peace, Haiku. She invites you to come feel “the vortex of peace” and browse the exquisite collection of unique gifts and sacred treasures. Call 808.575.5220 or visit

Be Moved. Feel Free. Come Dance.


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October/November, 2012

Are We Radiantly Healthy?

By Maurgana Stiastny Recently I asked my husband what he thought about the theme of this month’s issue—Radiant Health. I can still hear his monologue, or rather, tirade. He usually thinks of himself as a pretty healthy guy, and yet he started to list his health deficiencies—receding hairline, graying hair, congestion in his ears, sore back muscles, and leg cramps. Then he went on about how addicted our culture is to cosmetic health, fads, and magic pills. It got me wondering whether radiant health is even possible, and whether I know anyone who has actually attained it. Our country spent 2.6 trillion dollars on health care in 2010 alone. Did it work? Are we radiantly healthy? I believe that a deep state of inner peace within one’s own being, conjoined with physical well being, are necessary for one to truly be “radiantly healthy” and emit a healthy glow. We all want this glow. How do we attain it? Besides eating right, exercising, drinking clean water, and resting well, what else can lead to radiant health? There is no easy answer except for awareness. We live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Yet we still have our challenges—sugar cane burning, vog, electromagnetic stress, and demands of a modern technological society. It is important for us to be mindful of all of our choices in life and how we chose to care for ourselves. It is not an easy state to attain. It requires paying close attention to our inner and outer environments, and sometimes asking for help. It also requires acceptance of where we are on our journey to Radiant Health and Wholeness. Maurgana Stiastny, LAc, MAcOM, LMT, has been an acupuncturist and natural healthcare practitioner for 23 years. Find her at the Quan Yin Healing Center located on the North Shore of Maui, or call her at 808.579.8810.

Dr. Sonia Borg, Ph.D, MPH, MA, CHt

Personal Development and Sex Therapist Sexual energy is a major life force energy, affecting all areas of your life. Free up your sexual energy, and change your life. How would your life be different if you had the sex life you wanted?

Non-touch. Lahaina/Wailuku Offices. Call 1.855.377.6642

Got Pono?

By Maluhia Zorzi One word comes to mind when I think of radiant health. It has few letters but has such a deep meaning in Hawaiian culture— pono. It is a word commonly used and heard throughout Hawaii. It appears in the word Ho’oponopono, meaning to make right with others and within one’s own self. When leaving someone, you will hear the phrase malama pono, meaning take care. According to the Pukui/Elbert Hawaiian dictionary, the meaning of pono is goodness, uprightness, morality, moral qualities, correctness, excellence, wellbeing, true condition, proper, righteous, successful, and more. Being pono is intangible and in many ways hard to articulate or describe. It is an action much easier to see in individuals. If we are not pono with ourselves or those around us, it can affect our ola (health), kino (body), and more importantly our ‘uhane (spirit). It means that some or all parts of us are misaligned, and in order to fix that we must practice Ho’oponopono to bring balance and alignment back into our life and foundation. In order to understand the word, we must look beneath our feet and around us. Pono is more of a foundation. It comes from below us, it comes into us, and it infuses us. It comes from above and around us. It’s all over. Pono is the term specific to our Native Hawaiian Kūpuna. Ho’omana Spa Retreat is located in Makawao and offers an array of indigenous therapies including Hawaiian Lomi therapeutic massage and spa treatments. To learn more visit or call 808.573.8256.

The Temple of Peace -


Maui’s Premiere Metaphysical Center “Come Feel The Vortex of Peace” ~ Books & Tools for Transformation ~ Crystals & Pendulums ~ Sacred Treasures for Home & Altar ~ God/Goddess Attire ~ Psychic/Intuitive/Art Fair First Sat. 11 to 4 Wide variety of holistic therapies now being offered in our beautiful new healing space. Call for information and appointments.

575 Haiku Rd. Haiku (808) 575-5220 A Course in Miracles Thursdays 6:30-8:30.

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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XANGO Founder Joe Morton comes to Maui! Friday, Nov. 2nd; Location TBA Contact: Carol McNulty-Huffman 808-572-3466;

FROM IRELAND ~ THE MAHAYANA METHOD. One Weekend Only. By Mahayana I. Dugast, Agent of Change, Ph.D., Author. The Mahayana Method is a 3-step process that allows you to access Peace of Mind absolutely anytime (that is right!). Essential In These Times Of Great Change. Mahayana Method Transmission includes tools & processes for vivid awareness, quantum biology & subconscious clearing. Success stories: spontaneous remission, right business, unshakable self-trust, love for self and others, increased potential, etc. “Change your Mind to Change your LIFE!” Venue for all events:The Temple of Peace, 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku, Maui. Hawaii. Introductory talk on Sun.,Sept. 30 at 1pm-2pm $10. Two-day workshop on Fri. Oct. 5 and Sat., Oct. 6. Full fee $333, Early bird $293. For registration forms and bookings contact Deposit and early bird fee can be paid at the Temple of Peace by cheque or via PayPal at Radio Interview ; YOGA & CLEANSING Mini-Retreats with Danielle Ryan, M.S. Oct. 1-5 and Dec. 3-7 from 8:30 am-noon daily at Hale Ho`omana in Olinda. $365 includes classes and all your food and beverages for the five-day Ayurvedic kitchari cleanse! Save 10% with early registration at www. TRANSFORMATIONAL KINESIOLOGY ~ Learn how to remove internal obstacles and help yourself and others to achieve the life that was always dreamed of! TK is a form of transpersonal counseling inviting us to transform deeply within, to awaken to who we truly are and engage more consciously in the evolution of consciousness. TK Foundation and Level 1 Kinesiologist Certification classes available starting 10/6/12 in Pukalani. For more information, contact or 808-385-5797.

artistic expression (drawing, painting ). Awaken to your higher destiny purpose. Sat. Oct. 13th and 20th, 11am - 3 pm. $ 125, Early bird discount 15%. For registration: Maha Conyers, 876 0409, Volunteer for the WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S on Sunday, Oct. 14 in Kahului and make it a SUCCESS this year! Click the following link to get more walk info and register a team! RADIANT BREATH GROUP conscious connected breathing , 6:30pm Unity Church Friday Oct.19 Bring a blanket and pillow. Christine Warner (808)283-8546. Also on Nov. 16. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE ( EFT ) workshop. Improve your health and relationships by removing subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings through Tapping Technique. Effective and fun! , Oct 19th 11am - 3 pm, $ 65. For registration: Maha Conyers, 876-0409, info@, October 20-21, ORIGINAL REIKI TEACHINGS – LEVEL ONE Powerful transformational work and self-healing activation with Reiki Master Salini Teri Apodaca. 808-419-0497, to register. COMMUNITY ZIKR & DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE - Sunday, October 21st, 7:15 pm Please save the date for our first after camp reunion and join us for a Community Zikr & Dances of Universal Peace Gathering, where we share the loving and healing energy of our camp experience with many from the Maui Community who were unable to join us.

PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE & ART FAIR Sat. Oct 6th 11:00 to 4:00 Featuring Angel, Astrology, and Tarot readings by Maui's premier Intuitives. Different readers each month. See your radiant aura with Russian Kirilian photography and receive an interpretive reading of what the colors represent. Special rates apply for this event on the first Saturday of each month. Temple of Peace - Lotus Heart, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku. 575-5220.

FALL SUFI CAMP ON MAUI - October 12th - 19th Come for the Day*, aWeekend*, or theWholeWeek! Please Join Us for a Heart Opening, Life Enlivening Gathering, full of Amazing People, Inspired Sufi Teachings and Practices, Zikr, Dances Of Universal Peace, Superb Live Music, Singing, Dancing, Kirtan, Meditation,Yoga,Wholesome & Delicious Organic Food, And Lots of Love Sweet Love…Come Play And Pray With Us! * please register in advance and please plan to arrive no later than Wednesday 10/17, as camp will be closed to newcomers after that date. suficampregistrar@ YOUR PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY through the 7 Universal Cycles. Chart your life's map. Discover the hidden wisdom and evolutionary impulse in each 7 year cycle. Gain deeper understanding of your individual life story through

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Maui Vision Magazine

PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE & ART FAIR Saturday Nov. 3 11:00 to 4:00 Featuring Angel,Astrology, and Tarot readings by Maui's premier Intuitives. Different readers each month. See your radiant aura with Russian Kirilian photography and receive an interpretive reading of what the colors represent. Special rates apply for this event on the first Saturday of each month. Temple of Peace Lotus Heart, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku. 575-5220. doTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL PARTY/Presentation Saturday Nov. 3 4:30 to 6:00 Come discover the amazing health benefits of these medicinal quality healing oils. doTERRA is in a class by itself and #1 in worldwide sales! Temple of Peace Lotus Heart, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku. 575-5220. ASTROLOGY & YOUR CHART Beginner Classes. Sundays, Nov. 4 and 11 from 1 to 4 pm. Learn the basics of astrology and the specifics of your own chart. Group participation will be fun, interactive and enlightening. Previous experience in Astrology is not needed to enjoy this lively class. Included with this 2-session, 3-hour class you will receive your detailed, color Astrology Chart and Natal Horoscope Report for only $60 total for both classes. Register early with your birth data. Classes are held in Wailuku, and fill up fast. Taught by Intuitive Astrologer, Ginny Ross. For more details visit or call 303-931-7055 Thursday, November 15, 6:00 p.m. - FOOD SECURITY: A Public Conversation between Kipahulu Taro Farmer John Lind and New York urban gardener Karen Washington, moderated by Manulani Aluli Meyer. Maui Arts & Cultural Center, McCoy Studio Theater.Tickets $10, 242-7469. Sunday November 25 ~ RAM DASS THANKSGIVING SUNDAY SATSANG Join Ram Dass, Special Guest Dr Larry Brilliant, Musical Guests Nina Rao, Arjun Bruggeman, Genevieve Walker (KD's Friends) for this annual Maui Food Bank Fundraiser at the Makawao Union Church 4:00 - 7:00 pm Kirtan, Music, Meditation, Insights, Contemplations, Laughs and gourmet Indian Feast provided by Monsoon Indian Restaurant of Kihei. Suggested Donation $20 cash at the door info or contact 579-9261

doTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL PARTY/Presentation Saturday Oct 6th 4:30 to 6:00. Come discover the amazing health benefits of these medicinal quality healing oils. doTERRA is in a class by itself and #1 in worldwide sales! Temple of Peace Lotus Heart, 575 Haiku Rd., Haiku. 575-5220 MAUI WELL BEING debuts on Akaku Channel 52 with a new television show featuring Maui healers interviewed in their own settings. Maui Vision Publisher Eric T. Richter and counselor and therapist Maribeth Theisen interview Reverends Kedar and Shelley St. John at the Temple of Peace in Haiku, Maui. Eric receives a colonic and Maribeth enjoys a quantum healing session! Show airs 8:39 p.m., Mon., Oct. 8, 9pm Wed., Oct. 10. and 1:40 p.m. on Sun., Oct. 14. Or, search and watch anytime online on YouTube:“Maui Well Being 7”

BECOME A COLOR AROMAS™ THERAPIST ~ Get fully trained in Color Energy Healing and learn innovative Chakra & Aura Balancing techniques with Color Aromas™ Therapy, the scent of color. Upcoming 3 Day Level I Certification Course November 1st - 3rd. Visit Call 805-305-0046 or Email info@

Sunday December 2 ~ Krishna Das "enCHANTing" KIRTAN at the Makawao Union Church 7:00pm Tickets $25 Advance at Maui Kombucha in Haiku or Monsoon Indian Restaurant in Kihei or online at www.krishnadas. com otherwise $35 cash at the door info www.krishnadas. com or contact 579-9261 October 25 -METAPHYSICAL BREAKFAST CLUB meets to celebrate a very happy birthday to Dr. Ayin Adams, poet, publisher and metaphysician. Thank you for shining your bright light, Ayin! 9-11 a.m. at Stella Blues, 1279 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei. No admission, just order your own food and drink and pay your own bill. Join like-minded souls for great networking and conversation! RSVP by Oct. 23 to, or call 808.669.9091. See you there! INTEGRATE THE MEDICINE & Pleasure of Food. Join Mary Lane, author of Divine Nourishment,A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food for an afternoon cooking class, Saturday, Oct. 27 2:00 - 6:00PM, followed by dinner party. $75 per person all inclusive, limited to eight students. Details For Classes INCREASE YOUR LIBIDO, flexibility and immunity with Hormonal Chi Gong, workshop in Kula, Oct 28 th, 11am to 3pm. $ 65 For registration: Maha Conyers, 8760409,,

October/November, 2012

Monday December 3 ~ Krishna Das "HEART OF DEVOTION" Workshop at the Makawao Union Church 7:00pm Tickets $25 Advance at Maui Kombucha in Haiku or Monsoon Indian Restaurant in Kihei or online at www. otherwise $35 cash at the door info www. or contact 579-9261 LET'S DRAW CATS! Weds.Dec. 5 & 12 5:30-8 pm. AND Health Food Store Guide.Weds. Nov. 7 & 14, 5:30-8:30 pm. Cat Blake 572-8371. MAUI WOMEN’S TRANSFORMATION RETREAT ~12-12-12 Activation and Empowerment, December 10 - 15, 2012 with Ashanna Solaris & Dana DeLong. Clarity Breathwork, Kirtan, Sacred Music, Dance, Movement, Light Body Meditations, organic rejuvenation diet, nature initiations. Special Co-ed Public Event 12-12-12. Contact: Ashanna Solaris 650-279-9101 ashanna@ashannasolaris. com, www.ashannasolaris.comDana DeLong 510-691-4483,


WOMEN’S HEALING CIRCLE. Personal Growth with a Spiritual Foundation.Tues. 6 to 8 pm. Haiku.. Jane A. Eldridge MFT 268-7750.

NEW ASCENSION GROUP starting when full! For 10 individuals deeply committed to spiritual development, healing and living from the heart. Anne Rice, MA, BMP, HP, CH, ACH 808.214.8142

WEDNESDAYS HEALER’S MEETING: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, Healers from all modalities gather at Inner Healing Maui, in Makawao, to network, showcase their gifts and support each other in practice. 6pm. Call 214-447-7577.

Fall Sessions with LAMA RANGDROL.A weekly meditation group recommend for those who pursue meditative life with a sincere heart.Contact for information.

HORMONAL CHI GONG for radiant health and vitality; immune system booster, lymphatic cleanser; for your magnetic, centered, relaxed self! Kula, Wednesdays 9am - 10.15 am. $12 per class, discounts for seniors, $60 private session for Kama'aina. Maha Conyers, 876 0409,

MAUI TAI CHI ASSOCIATION & Chinese Language Institute offering classes island wide. Contact Precious for info & schedules: 281-7731 MauiTaiChiAssociation@gmail. com JOIN DOLPHRIENDS.COM. Since we are all here on one Little Blue Planet...Sharing Bodies of Water... Let's "Net"work. Become "Pod"ners. Join our "Pod"dy! Be "Pods"itive! BODY IN BALANCE STUDIO, Lahaina--Daily classes: Pilates, Personal Training, Zumba, TRX, Pole Dancing, Spinning, Aerial Tissu, and more! Call for more information. 808.661.1116. BodyBalanceMaui. com. PASSION OF MOVEMENT ~ Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Dance Classes, now open in Napili Plaza! For schedule info. call 808.419.6028 or visit CRYSTAL HEALINGS WITH STANI. Renew yourself thru alignment of all your Chakras with the Laying-On of Healing Crystals. Ongoing private appointments. Stani 875-9550 REGISTER FOR CHAKRA RESTORATIVE YOGA ~ Special Master Class @ Maui Yoga Shala with guest instructor Constance Hart, the Developer of the Chakra Restorative Yoga practice. Enjoy this fusion of Chakra-specific yoga, guided visualizations and color aromatherapy, providing a metaphysical journey into your subtle energy body.Visit Call 805-305-0046 or Email BIKRAM YOGA LAHAINA, Hard Rock Center F17 (across from movies). Lose weight, reduce stress, and feel great. Classes daily - call for schedule: 808.661.6828. GYROTONIC™ and GYROKINESIS™ private classes available with certified instructor Bob Samiljan 870-0752. Spiraling, safe, fun. Soft undulating movements to rehab the spine - in Kihei. Check it out! FOOD CRAVINGS? Let your cravings disappear with EFT. (This is NOT about willpower.) Ongoing sessions. For free consultation, call Suzan Proia, C.Ht. 808.870.8754 or REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 (2/13) MAUI YOGA PATH with Deni Roman offers Iyengar Yoga, Movement, Meditation classes and workshops. Mana Kai Resort, 2960 S. Kihei, oceanfront studio, 874-5545, www. ATTENTION: Men and Mixed Gender Groups forming now. Men and women from all relationship paths and sexual expression are welcome! Celebrate your authenticity and live BIG; Wake up to your passion and purpose; Discover deep love for self and others....more! Contact Ed Fell, M.S. Path to Mastery ; Personal Growth Facilitator, Certified Leader in the Mankind Project, personal and relationship coach, and Sex educator/coach. 808.419.8200 or EdFell3@; ISLAND SPIRIT YOGA MAUI - Connecting Spirit with Motion.A West Maui sanctuary where locals and visitors can connect cultivating physical and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that we can renew body, mind, and spirit in rhythm with the healing energies of Maui. Classes Daily (10/12)

KRISHNA DAS returns to Maui for a kirtan and workshop Dec. 2 and 3. See listings for details or call 579-9261. ffor full details or visit . PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT and Channeling Classes ongoing. Liah Howard, 808-2693137, MEDITATION on inner Light and Sound: Come and enjoy an introductory presentation about the meditation on inner Light and Sound and an ethical lifestyle in tune with higher values! Free all are welcome! Call: 808-8790871, or email:, www. (4/13) Make your party a BOLLYWOOD DANCE PARTY! I teach your guests a lively Bollywood dance routine.Visit: Contact Smita: 510.473.5143,

SUNDAYS UNITY CHURCH ~ Sunday Services at 10am. Please join us for an inspirational morning, message and music. 483 S. High Street,Wailuku. 242-9327 TEMPLE OF PEACE Sunday Service.Temple of Peace Spiritual Center, is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity. Join Rev. Kedar St John & Friends every Sunday from 10:30 a,m.- noon as we gather together in musical remembrance, practice and celebration of our divine connection, here now alive and awake in our changing world. 575 Haiku Road, Haiku - 808575-5220 The ANCIENT HEALING SECRETS of Essential Oils ~ Sundays at Lumeria Maui 1813 Baldwin Ave.11am-1pm $10 GREAT CELTIC MUSIC On Mana'o Radio 91.5 FM Every Sunday Morning Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Show' 8-10 am. No signal ? - available live online at

MONDAYS VIPASSANA (INSIGHT) MEDITATION sitting and discussion in Lower Kula two Mondays a month by donation. Call Candle, 878-6484. DANCE CLASS, AFRICAN STYLE with Joie, Maui Yoga Shala 7pm Mondays Adults and 3pm Fridays Keiki. Fun, High Energy, Great Moves, Heart and Soul. Come dance! 808-283-4123

TUESDAYS INTRODUCTION TO ESOTERIC STUDIES weekly study group meets every Tuesday 6:30-8:30 pm. Discussion of the Ancient Wisdom, seven rays, the path to discipleship and creative meditation based on teachings of AA Bailey and HP Blavatsky. Register in advance for materials, cost is by donation. Hosted by Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Mentor, Ginny Ross 303-931-7055 ON THE UPSIDE WITH TERI - On Akaku Tuesdays 7pm Channel 52 (also streaming on the Internet,

WOMENS' SUPPORT GROUP ~ You are invited. Every Wednesday, 4-6pm in Makawao. Focusing on a new topic each week/ closing with a group hypnosis for reinforcement. Barbara Enisign Certified Hypnotherapist. 269-2129 Hypnosis Hawaii 3646A Baldwin Ave. By Donation Only PUBLIC CHANNELING with the Keeper-Dearborn occasional Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. $10 donation. Please call for dates/directions: 268-1604 or 572-6125.

THURSDAYS A Weekly Conversation with A COURSE IN MIRACLES Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30pm Ongoing. Facilitated by Lavahna Taylor, a student of A Course In Miracles since 1989. $10 -$15 donation per class. Temple of Peace - Lotus Heart Tea Garden,. 575 Haiku Road, 808/575-5220 - call for more information and to register. ABRAHAM/TRANSFORMATIONAL Truth Technique. Listen to latest weekly Abraham CD, and using TTT, line up your vibration for what you want. $10. Call Teri, 891-2494.

FRIDAYS THERAPEUTIC YOGA CLASS Fridays, 9 -10 a.m. at the Hotel Wailea. Small Group Yoga Therapy in South Maui Therapeutic Fusion: Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC 891-1188

SATURDAYS HEART OF MAUI-Tools for Spiritual Growth and Conscious Evolution.We offer Andara, Lemurians, Fossils, Minerals raw and Tumbled, Pendulums, choose-your-own Chakra Balance Sets, 7-piece Sacred Geometry Sets, Crystal Children goodies from $1 and up, ShimmeringTaffeta Pouches, Karuna Arts Flags & Banners and much more (details at MV Classifieds). Find us most Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Maui Swap Meet Space #202 in Kahului. 'E Hele Mai Kakou - All Welcome. CKS, CC/DC. Kama'aina/Healer Discounts. For driving directions, product viewing or free downloadable info, articles connect with us at E us at or call us at 808-280-3682. Mahalo Nui Loa! MALAMA PONO!

HOW TO PLACE A CALENDAR OR CLASSIFIED LISTING Calendar listings are accepted by e-mail to MauiVision@aol. com, or by mail to the below address.The first 25 words are free on the first Calendar listing per person/organization. Additional words/and/or listings are 25 cents per word. Classified ads are 25 cents per word, no minimum. Make your check payable and mail to Maui Promotions, 3666 L. Honoapiilani Rd. B-8, Lahaina, HI 96761. Call 808/669-9091 for more information. Ads are due by Wednesday, Nov. 21 for the Dec./Jan.edition. For e-mailed ads we will contact you with charges due, if any.


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October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

Page 19

Our Heart: The Greatest Healing Force! By Maha Conyers I thought my granny was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her eyes shone with kindness and she exuded unconditional Love. Grandma encouraged me to travel, to learn from all cultures and religions, to become wise, and to bring heart and mind into harmony. For two decades, my quest led me to wonderful teachers who shared their diverse energy healing arts. When I came down with a severe case of candida in 1985, fortunately I had just met one of the great healers of the nervous system, Swami Shantam Dheeraj, Ph.D., founder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing. Using a specific sound and resonating the pain with the pulse beat, he had

overcome pancreatic cancer! According to him, the fear of being overpowered by male authority was one of the main causes of candida. This shed quite a different light on my relationships with men! Apparently the untransformed negativity within me brought on the disease. After Dheeraj gave me a pulsing session for my hara, old anger was gone and I was back in the “drivers seat.” The cause for the candida had been eliminated. I was in wonder of the transformative power of the heartbeat! The next time you feel stressed, try this: bring your fingertips together, lightly touching. Breathe in through the nose and out with the sound of “uhhh.” Direct your attention to the

Natural Healer, Quantum Touch Instructor And Practitioner YiXi Cuo Jia Offers: Donation-Based Sacred Couple Session Family is the root of our society Love between a man and a woman, the most sacred bonding Gives not but itself and takes not but form itself Never exhausted We are a mirror into our longing We are into each other’s bone and flesh Simply holding hands and closing eyes Let your soul dance above and flow back Into each of you Channelling and relationship advice May lovers cherish and support each other Bring heaven down to earth

Donation-based Healing Bodywork For Women Being a flower lives on earth Though tender and quivering in wind and rain We carry our mother earth wherever we go Offer great stability and devotion With nurturers warm and s weet with all accepting Going back to our most innocent state As our heart never knows about aging Our destiny is to grow gracious with age For we learn something new Into our beauty and nature Everyday May love and hope bloom

Call 808.276.1512 for more info. or e-mail Please inquire about Quantum Touch Workshops

M A S S A G E 15% off Specializing in Neck, Shoulders & Lower Back • 1 Hr. Treatment for $65 (reg. $75) • 2 Treatments for $127 (reg. $150) • 3 Treatments for $195 (reg. $225) Let Candle’s 30 years of experience reduce your stress, renew your vitality, ease muscle tightness and balance your state of mind!

Ca n d l e Su mmers, LMT

Kaiser ASHN and Auto Accident w/ Dr. referral


Page 20

878 6484

MAT. #1543

Maui Vision Magazine October/November, 2012

pulse beat. Perhaps you will notice a warming and tingling sensation as your fingertips have blended as one. Continue to breathe in slowly, sighing out. When you pull your fingertips away from each other, do so very slowly and feel the energy field that has been created between them. How do you feel now? Maha Conyers, LMT, MEd/Psych, was one of the first students of Dheeraj and has been teaching Tibetan Pulsing Healing internationally since the mid-1980s. For more information on upcoming workshops:,, or call 808.876.0409.

Radiant Breath Work

Conscious Connected Breathing Gracefully and lovingly facilitated, Be clear in all your relationships, Gently release unconscious negative thought patterns, Deeply remember the Truth, Enjoy more Clarity in every moment, Discover the Peace of God, Individual and Group Sessions, creative fee schedule. Let Breath Work be a part of your monthly wellness practice.

For more info., contact Christine Warner (808) 283-8546

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Chywanprash Herbal Tonic

By Jackie and Dave Reed Chywanprash, or chyawanprash, or chavanprash, however you choose to spell it, is a delicious Ayurvedic herbal tonic. It is a jam-like mixture of 25 or more herbs with multiple health benefits. Traditionally, chywanprash’s main ingredient is amla, which is Indian gooseberry. It has 30 times the vitamin C of oranges and has demonstrated antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It balances all three doshas, or constitutions, and contains five of the six tastes recognized in Ayurveda. Chywanprash is a super antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, builds life force, and supports digestion, absorption and assimilation of the nutrients in your food. It acts as a cardiac tonic and nourishes the brain cells and nervous system. It also energizes the lungs and respiratory system, alleviating cough and asthma. Some other benefits of chywanprash include the following: purifies blood and supports liver function; aids in elimination and eases constipation; enhances fertility and tonifies the female organs; improves muscle tone, skin complexion and fosters hair growth; promotes strong bones, nails and teeth; and inhibits bacteria infection. Chywanprash is an overall endocrine support and general health tonic. The first historical documentation of the formula is found in the Charaka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise. However, its origins can be traced to Chywan, a great Indian sage from the 4th century B.C., who first formulated it to restore his youth and longevity. Chywanprash is a great substitute for coffee, as it is a tonifier and not a stimulant. Chywanprash can be eaten directly with a spoon, mixed in warm milk or hot water, or spread on a cracker or bread. However you choose to ingest it, you will soon benefit from its numerous health advantages! Jackie and Dave Reed own and operate Maui Herbs, an Ayurveda healing center in Kihei. They are both clinical Ayurveda specialists. Jackie specializes in pulse analysis. Dave is also a chiropractor and Vedic astrologer. For more information call (808) 879-9920 or check out their website at

Sky Song Healing Paul Solomon, MA, LCSW

Access Consciousness™ Undoing limitations in all aspects of your life

Holistic Psychotherapy

Healing anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma

Energy & Sound Healing “Paul’s energy work is amazing. The moment he touched my head, I felt as if enveloped by Light. His presence and intention to facilitate healing opened the space for magic to occur. I woke up feeling blissful.” ~Evita R., Health Journalist Page 22

Reconnecting to your higher self and life purpose

Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and manifest your dreams.

Contact Paul at:


Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012

GMO Labeling On CA Ballot

By Vanessa Wolf On November 6, Californians will vote on an issue both critical and unique to all Americans: labeling GMO foods. We are one of the only industrialized nations that does not disclose this information. Europe, China, and Japan all require disclosure of GMO levels over 1 percent. If Proposition 37 passes, it would be a huge step forward for consumers who either don’t want to eat GMO food or want to know what they’re eating. Unfortunately, Prop 37 suffers from a funding problem. Big business – including big “organic” – has raised $23.5 million to fight Prop 37, whereas less than $3 million has been raised in support of it. With genetically modified ingredients in most store-bought brands, including many organic products and most baby foods, the opposition is not surprising. The Cornucopia Institute released a fact sheet revealing the multitude of organic brands (many under the umbrella of a corporate parent) that gave thousands of dollars to fight GMO labeling; the list includes Naked Juice, Horizon Organic, Odwalla, and R.W. Knudsen. Monsanto donated $4.2 million. Kashi, Morningstar, and Gardenburger (all under the umbrella of Kellogg) and Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, and Lärabar (all owned by General Mills) have together donated over $1 million to block the labeling of GMOs. It is likely that the original creators of these organic and natural brands would completely support labeling GMO foods. However, this is the result of selling (out) to companies such as Kellogg, General Mills or Dean Foods. Huge companies use the profits of small organics to fight against the very things they once stood for. On the bright side, Nutiva, Lundberg, Eden, Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One,” and Straus Organics have given significant amounts to support Proposition 37. Personally, I fully support companies that endorse labeling foods containing GMOs. Vanessa Wolf is a Maui-based writer and hypnotherapist in private practice in Kihei. Learn more about hypnotherapy and past life regression at

Choose Forgiveness

By Maribeth Theisen It is an immutable spiritual law that when there is a health problem there is a forgiveness problem. - Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Healing Have you had fantasies of getting even with someone you felt wronged you? Various spiritual traditions consider anger, resentment and judgment toxic emotions that transmit violent energy. Doctors agree. Prevention Magazine states, “It is estimated that 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots…A growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every ill that can befall the body…is influenced, for better or worse by our emotions.” Defending against hurt and fear with anger can give the illusion of strength, but true power comes from choosing to create peace of mind. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.” Forgiveness is not conceding the other person was right or that they are not responsible for their behavior. It is releasing feelings that limit you, making a choice to be free. The other person does not need to be present for you to forgive. Once you choose to forgive, write completion letters. In the first, thoroughly vent your animosity. Burn the letter to symbolize your willingness to forgive. In the second letter, focus on what you are grateful for and positive aspects of the relationship. With new found clarity, write the third letter. First, objectively describe what happened and the emotions that resulted; second, describe what you learned and the changes you are making in your attitude and behavior. Another simple tool is “The Forgiveness Diet” developed by Sondra Ray. For seven days, write this affirmation 70 times each day: “I completely forgive (person’s name) for (behavior).” Forgiveness makes you feel lighter and freer in your body, mind and spirit. Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CCHt has helped others transform their lives for over 35 years. She offers counseling, hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, PSYCH-K and more. Visit or call 808.269.2923.

Hug Facebook Today?

By Erik Blair Did you hug your Facebook today? If you didn’t, then you’re one of the one percenters who don’t login to Facebook daily. You might want to jump on the bandwagon while you still can. Social media is the new way of mixing business with pleasure and there is no better time to get started. Social media is always evolving, but it’s here to stay. What the heck is social media anyway? Social media enables everyone to become a rock star. It’s a bunch of people having a conversation about the world around us. It’s people talking to people. It’s documentation on crack. Need a ride? Tweet it. Need to sell a car? Facebook the pics! Want to make your friends hate you? Post pictures of your latest Maui road trip. Your social media influence is directly dependent upon your ability to listen and dance with those within your circle of friends and the occasional newcomer. A huge part of social media is listening to what other people are talking about and what they’re sharing. It’s considered good practice to interact, comment and share conversations. Have something to say and add pictures for goodness sake! Don’t “sell” or “market” something. You can market your business wisely by sharing the experience, but not sharing the marketing material or the product too overtly. Don’t be too wordy or try to sell to your friends. What you post on social media isn’t private. So don’t talk badly about anyone. Choose wisely what you share. Weigh your options and side for the best intent and for the most laughs (and “likes”). Go ahead, hug your Facebook. Nobody will know unless you tell everyone. Erik Blair is an internet technology geek, event promoter and social media consultant who helps small businesses successfully navigate the ever-changing online marketing world. To get in touch, Tweet him at @ erikblair, email him at or just Google “Erik Blair.”

WAKING UP TO THE REAL VALUE OF LAND Change only happens when the existing systems aren’t working. It takes a shock to wake up. Every day brings more shocks as we realize that our financial systems are giant Ponzi schemes, our governments are corrupt and dysfunctional; we have a high-tech health care in a feudal delivery system and even our food is corporate controlled and extremely contaminated. We have to do something, but where do we start? Start with food! Food brings us all together! Grow your own and sleep better knowing that it’s chemical free! Share the abundance with your friends. Asked what he thought of Western Civilization, Gandhi said that he thought “It would be a good idea.” We can say the same for sustainability, a word that means one thing to farmers and another to politicians. (Hint: malls only sustain developers and the consumer culture.) But out on our Haiku farm ‘sustain’ means preparing the soil with compost, using all cuttings for compost, using the fish waste on the garden – basically imitating nature as best we can.

We have benefited from local and visiting teachers, even recently hosting a ten-day permaculture course. Next year we will give a series of seminars to share our methods and system. Because it is up to us to upgrade our communities so they are more resilient – to make them more self-sufficient, sharing, robust and imaginative as we move further into uncertain times. We are encouraged by the spread of farmers markets, the Maui Farmers Union, the Maui Food Web, SLIM seminars, more Ag courses at the college and even farm tours for the visitors. Together we are building a stronger, local food systems that we will need as world food supplies become more scarce and expensive. I’m not sure how we will survive the GMO menace in our midst, but I know we are taking critical steps to feed ourselves. Final proof is that more of our real estate clients are asking for properties with fruit trees and gardens and proximity to local markets. Is organic food important to you? If you want to find property with favorable conditions for growing more of your own food, call us.

Mark Sheehan (RB) 283-2158, Michael Scott (R) 283-8822. Mark Sheehan is with Coldwell Banker Island Properties. Michael Scott is with Hawaii Life Realty. October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Now Located at the Maui Mall!


E STHETICIAN & M ASSAGE S CHOOL Massage School Esthetician School Workshops Student Clinics Spa Luna has been developing some of the Best Estheticians and Massage Therapists in the world for the last 15 years. Spa Luna offers exciting holistic programs dedicated to professional success in the holistic healthcare, skincare and massage therapy fields.Our programs prepare you for State, National and International Exams. International Students Welcome. Financial Assistance Available.

Massage School Program – Jan. 10 – Jul. 10, 2013 Esthetician School Program – Jan. 8 – Apr. 26, 2013 Upcoming Workshops: Hot Stones Facials – Oct. 5 and 6, 2012 Event Make Up – Oct. 27 and Nov. 24, 2012 Reflexology – Oct. 30, 2012 Brazilian Waxing – Dec. 1, 2012

Call 808.575.2440 or visit

Holistic Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in South Maui Offering physical therapy (insurance accepted), therapeutic yoga classes, private yoga therapy, private pilates sessions, energetic healing work.

Be Your Radiant Self

By Barbara Ensign I love the word radiant. I see such beautiful visual images when I hear that word. From my view, radiance is showing or expressing joy, energy, or good health in a positive way. I visualize a shining or glowing light emanating out in rays from the heart center. It reminds me of a beautiful sunrise, or the rays peeking out behind the clouds, or a beautiful gemstone. Radiant health is an unmistakable energy that shines through your face, your eyes, and your entire demeanor. It is definitely generated from within, possessing all the qualities of being self-assured and confident of your true nature. Being your radiant self automatically creates a wellspring of health and well being from within. Hypnosis can support us on the path to radiant health. Being aligned with both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind creates a powerful force that directs energy in the positive ways that many of us seek. Through hypnosis, this can be achieved through the power of your own mind. We often think that we have to make a major change or shift to get the results that we want, but many times it is only a fine tuning that creates feelings of happiness, self confidence, or abundance that allow us to be free to be our radiant self. A simple reprogramming of the subconscious, or exploring a past life, can free us to be our true self. Whichever you choose, I support you in embracing total well being in body and mind and focusing on positive life enhancing conditions. Trade in those negative thoughts and habits and be your most radiant self! Barbara Ensign is a certified hypnotherapist practicing on Maui for over 10 years. She specializes in Past Life, Life Between Lives spiritual regression, and helping people make positive changes in their lives. Her office is located in Makawao. To contact Barbara, call 808.269.2129 or visit

Pathways radio and Podcasts

Visionary Conversations about Personal and Cultural Transformation

Hours of operation: M, W, F 9-5 T, Th 9-6

Call 891-1188 for more info. Heather Ardoin, MPT, CPI, RYT

Pathways radio host Paul O’Brien is Director of the Divination Foundation, author of two books: “Divination” and “Visionary I Ching,” with “Great Decisions, Perfect Timing” on the way. A speaker, advisor and spiritual activist, he has hosted Pathways since 1984.

Pathways interviews provide enlightened 30-minute conversations on spirituality, relationships, psychotherapy, and cultural evolution. Guests include Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawkens, Ram Dass, John Gray, Catherine Ingram and hundreds more ... enjoy!

Listen to free Pathways podcasts or subscribe via iTunes: Better Decisions, Better Relation ships, Less Stress Page 24

Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012

Why You Need Supplements

By Rev. Debbie Dehm One of the great advantages of living on Maui is the year round access to fresh produce. I frequently brag to my mainland friends about how we can go out to the yard and pick fresh fruit. The variety of fruits and vegetables we enjoy provide our bodies with necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and calories. Some people think that eating a wide variety of these things is all they need to maintain a healthy body. However, it would be very difficult for anyone to eat enough of these things every day to give the body all the nutrition it needs. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is the depletion of minerals in the soil in which the food is grown. If the spinach isn’t absorbing as much iron as it used to, you’re not getting as much either. Another reason is that our stress has increased. Despite modern conveniences, we have more stress in our lives than ever before. Stress uses up vitamins like the B-complex very quickly. When your cells are depleted of B vitamins, your muscles get tight and sore. B vitamins are water soluble and pass through the body quickly if not used, so you can never get too many Bs. Another reason you need to supplement your diet is the increase of harmful toxins in our environment. Many of the things we put on or in our bodies, and are exposed to daily, cause damage. It’s impossible to avoid; they are in our air, water, and personal care products. A healthy immune system can help your body eliminate these toxins. A weak body will only hold on to them until the liver is strong enough to flush them out. For optimal health, remember to take a multivitamin every day! Reverend Debbie Dehm is a nationally-certified, Hawaii-licensed massage therapist and reiki master. For more information, visit her website or call her at 808.856.2065.

Dealing With Projections

By Eliza Bassett As we approach the Winter Solstice, many of us are feeling the pressure to release thoughts, actions, daily patterns and memories that will no longer serve us after that date. One of our challenges at this time is finding ways to deal with the projections others place upon us. Through personal awareness, you can start to see that these projections coming from friends, lovers, co-workers, or people passing through your life, are their problem and not yours. Whether you choose to engage or not, using your normal response mechanism is also part of the present opportunity for growth. One reason this projection pattern is strong is that Jupiter entered the sign of Gemini in June. The last time it was in this air sign, represented by a set of twins, was 2001. The element of air brings more mental qualities along with the drive to communicate about any and all topics. Jupiter’s positive attributes are: idealistic, generous, wisdom keeper and teacher, ambitious, faithful, visionary, humorous, inspirational, dignified, honorable, and expansive. Its detrimental qualities are: fanatical, bigoted, indolent, indulgent, lawless, gullible, impractical, excessive and pompous. Jupiter is said to be in “detriment” in Gemini. It does not operate at full positive polarity, thus bringing out the negative qualities. Perhaps you will find yourself arguing with the image in the mirror, or talking to yourself while driving or engaged in some other activity? The image of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other can feel very real for many. To get through this time, we can apply ahonui, or patience, to every part of our lives. Do not react in an “off the cuff” manner. Be aware and awake. Even though Neptune wants us to drift into dreamtime, move into the practice of being more consciously present than you have in the past. Eliza Bassett is an astrologer and shamanic practitioner. She can be reached at or 808.214.6587.

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Relax And Get Healthy!

By Heather Ardoin So many of us go through life rushing around from one thing to the next. We work, play, and sleep, but rarely do we rest. The opposite of stress is rest, not sleep. The Yoga asana, Savasana, or corpse pose is simply one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself. This relaxation pose restores all the indices of stress to a healthful balance; including a decrease in blood pressure, respiratory rate, and brain waves. Savasana allows for an increase in the parasympathetic nervous system response, facilitating better digestion and assimilation of food, improving fertility, and speeding healing. Studies also show improved immune system function when a person regularly practices relaxation. Herbert Benson, M.D. has written numerous books on “the relaxation response”. Professor Leslie Walker, director of the Institute of Rehabilitation and Oncology Health at the University of Hull, in northern England, reported, “ Our results show that relaxation and guided imagery can bring about measurable changes in the body’s own immunological defenses.” Savasana is not meditation. In meditation there is an equal focus on in and out. Savasana is deeply interior by nature. Not all restorative yoga poses are savasana, but there are a few variations that you can use. All these variations have one thing in common: the head and heart are all at the same level. I teach a therapeutic yoga class each week that ends with a 15 minute savasana. It takes this long for the physiological relaxation responses to kick in. Once we start practicing a balance between work, play, and rest, radiant health is ours! Heather Ardoin is a licensed physical therapist, a certified Pilates instructor, and a registered yoga teacher. She is the owner of Therapeutic Fusion, a holistic practice in South Maui offering physical therapy, group therapeutic yoga classes, and private Pilates and yoga sessions. You can contact her at or call 808.891.1188.

Compassionate Healing By Debbie Dehm Channel for Quan Yin

Transformational Bodywork • Massage • Reiki • Meditation • Channeling 15 years of therapeutic massage and Reiki experience “Debbie creates a cocoon of caring comfort and brings my body back to life. She is unique and intuitive.” - Lyne

House Calls Now Available! Monthly Women’s Circles Call for dates & times. Pupus and talk. Bring a friend!

Visit or call 808-856-2065 for more information! Page 26

Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012

The Lightness Of Being We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light. ~ Hafiz Radiant one. Yes, you. Fear not the fire that burns within. Those rays of heat and light… Yes, yours. Let them blaze and shine. A towering inferno of love you are. Yes, you. Let joy and passion make you laugh. Those powerful elements of nature…. Yes, yours. Express them without hesitating. Subtle Flicker and Roaring Flame. Yes, you. Radiance is a given. Sharing it isn’t. The responsibility and glory of existing… Yes, yours. And mine. Health ignites by being our light.

What Reality To Create?

By YiXi Cuo Jia What reality do we want to create for ourselves in this calling time? In this time of a great consciousness shift, we all are facing our own identity – what we really are and what we want to be. Each cell in our body is created with pure love and worth more than all the gold. We are Gods and Goddesses; each one of us is the center of the whole universe – our perceptions, our feelings, and our beliefs shape our world every minute. Three core beliefs we need to shift and confront are: there is not enough, I am alone, and I am not enough. Until we totally get ourselves out of all illusions of separation, we will live in darkness. We have to believe our creator and the Great Spirit are kind and loving. We never could be separated from each other. If we want to experience true freedom, and feel spaciousness inside of ourselves, we must live out of the starlight that we are. Today’s bread is enough for us to dance and sing. Why do we have to worry about tomorrow? Doesn’t anyone just want to be acknowledged, accepted, respected, loved, embraced, and cherished? Can we befriend each other through love, knowing what we desire in our own heart and knowing that is exactly what others want as well? From east to west, the philosophies and teachings are the same. Greed and the illusion of scarcity are the root of every cause of illness. We were born rich and noble, and we all come here to share abundance and joy. We were born equal. The money game is going to end, which is the yearning of every heart. Nothing can fill that vacancy unless we feel fulfillment by simply being in our being. Love and blessings to all. YiXi Cuo Jia is a natural healer and quantum touch practitioner and instructor. To get in touch, call 808.276.1512.

Craniosacral Aquatica

By Andy Marcus Biodynamic Craniosacral Aquatica, which I developed, is a combination of classic aquatic therapies, such as Watsu, with the sensibility and perceptual skills of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and breath therapy. A healing session begins with a connection to the qualities of warm water. The water has the ability to softly and gently carry the body (buoyancy). It has the qualities of enveloping, nourishing, melting and dissolving. It supports the release of thought and stress. In Craniosacral Aquatica, one responds to the natural unfolding or unwinding of the body as the practitioner and client flow in the water. This is based on the practitioner’s ability to relax and gently connect with the quality of water while responding to the client’s needs. While techniques create a foundation, the space the practitioner holds with trust and letting go into a natural flow are the most important aspects of the healing. From this way of working, all possibilities are open. Since the practitioner perceives from an open space and without a specific agenda, endless options for healing and movement become available. The movements can be very subtle and womblike at times, allowing one to flow into a state of suspended animation. At other times, they can be dynamic and playful, creating a sense of flying through the universe or playing joyfully in the ocean like a dolphin. The Biodynamic Craniosacral aspect of the work is present throughout the session. The sensitivity to pick up subtle movements, holding patterns and traumas help the client to release and reorient towards the natural matrix of health. This allows not only a healing of the body and nervous system, but also deepens one into meditation, peace, love, joy, wonder and awe. Andy Marcus, founder, teacher and practitioner of Healing Waters Sanctuary, has over 17 years of experience in aquatic healing therapies. His unique approach to healing creates a space to experience motion, stillness and complete transformation. To get in touch, call 808.280.0956.

October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Experience Being Touched By Truth “Truth is like tenderness, like softness. It’s like openness. Truth is the absence of needing anything. It is the absence of want.”

As the world community becomes increasingly interconnected, the awakening of consciousness is ever more apparent and necessary. In this article, Canadian mystic, John de Ruiter, suggests that only a simple heart can address the complexity and beauty of life. By John de Ruiter The heart is your conscious capacity to either close or open up, to either harden and tighten or to open and soften. The heart has the capacity to exist as a holding energy that will manifest want, need, insistence, demand, and ownership. Or the heart can be a capacity to be other than that holding energy, to be an energy of openness, where it can see past itself, where it can enjoy something outside of itself, without having to pull that inside and make it about oneself. The heart has a capacity to enjoy something on the outside without having to control it and pull it all in. The more the openness to enjoy anything without having to make it about oneself, the more truth there is. So truth is not something that can initially be appreciated by the mind. Truth is something

that touches the heart. Truth is like tenderness, like softness. It’s like openness. Truth is the absence of needing anything. It is the absence of want. When a little puppy comes running up to you and your whole heart opens up, that little puppy is ‘doing truth’ to you. When you hold a little baby, it is communicating to you. What is happening is that you are being touched by truth. Just look and see what happens inside of you when you hold a baby – that is truth. So that is how easy it is. That is how close it is.

“The role of a writer is not to say at we all can say, but at we are unable to say.” ~ Anais Nin

You have something important to say. I can help you say it. What you want are the right words. Suggest. Sell. Seduce. I’ve got them.

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October/November, 2012

When you see a nest of little baby birds, then you see what that does to you inside – that is truth happening. And this is happening all day long. Every time you see a tree or you smell something nice, the fragrance of something, immediately it does something within. It opens you up. You are enveloped by it all the time. It is just letting yourself enjoy what you honestly enjoy, without having to seize it. In order to enjoy it, you let it in. You are not taking it in, but letting it in, and continually enjoying everything without trying to fill yourself up or store it inside, just letting it in and letting it through. Then there will be a simplicity of heart instead of having a complex heart. I suggest that the open heart loves and absorbs truth without holding it. When the heart relates not to want and need, life’s difficulties flow through just like life’s beauty. The open heart relates only to the truth in any experience. This lets us rest and serenely face a changing and challenging world. John de Ruiter is a Canadian born speaker and spiritual teacher who directs others to their own deepest knowing. For free audio of John’s meetings, www.johnderuiter. com/podcast. This excerpt was adapted from an interview that originally appeared in The Teachers of One: Living Advaita by Paula Marvelly.

Yoga-Like Thai Massage Softens And Lengthens The Body By Vanessa Wolf Matthew Galena came to therapeutic massage and stretching - and ultimately Thai massage - intuitively. After a significant muscle injury at age 11, doctors were largely unhelpful, suggesting that he simply “walk it off.” Galena then discovered a large walnut-like lump in his inner thigh, began massaging and stretching it on his own, and eventually recovered almost completely. Meanwhile, friends were also having problems and wanted to understand what he was doing, but he didn’t have the words to teach what he learned through mostly trial and error. Years later in massage therapy school, a teacher demonstrated Thai massage. “I remember 10 or 15 minutes into it, I was absolutely on the edge of my seat,” Galena said. He recognized his calling. Sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga,” Thai bodywork combines several therapeutic techniques and intentions into one unique package. Massage, acupressure and meridian therapy are blended with yoga-like stretching to soften, separate and lengthen the body. “Thai Massage is a traditional physical therapy that creates space for energy flow,” Galena explains. “In a community that works together, each of your muscles is an individual, and everyone needs a little elbow room.” Thai traditions describe health as a balance between three essences: Body, Energy and Citta (cheet-tah). Body is anything that can be physically measured, Citta (or “Mind-Heart”) is considered your mental and emotional self, while Energy is the unseen force that binds them together. Energy is the natural power that separates life from death. As long as Energy flows freely, the body will harness that innate power to heal itself. In that spirit, Thai massage promotes energy flow by stimulating and stretching a distinct set of energy meridians that become congested or congealed. Galena calls them “energetic superhighways.” It also incorporates two different elemental theories, representing the body as Earth, Air, Water and Fire. One is similar to its Indian Ayurvedic ancestor, while the second is entirely unique, associating the elements almost literally: Earth is any solid created from plants, proteins and minerals we ingest, while the addition of Water and Air prevent Earth from becoming hard and dehydrated. Galena calls it “one of the simplest, most elegant models of the physical body.” Soil itself is a great metaphor for muscles in terms of how much air

Quan Yin Healing Maurgana Stiastny MAcOM, LAc, LMT

Nationally and State Certied and Licensed


and water are needed to sustain life. Fertile soil is moist, loamy, and easy to work with; dry soil settles and hardens over time, barren and difficult to break up. “When muscles constantly tighten and shorten without getting loosened and stretched, they pack and paste themselves down to where there’s little space for water and air,” Galena explains. “There’s no room for energetic movement. Parts of your body become like a brick if you don’t break them up. These days, I think of myself as an organic gardener.” But it’s not just about being tended to. In Thai healing, for radiant health, the process is a partnership of community and individual therapy. “Ruesri-Dat-Ton is a traditional Thai practice very much like yoga, designed to help heal yourself,” says Galena. “It’s the ‘Thai Yoga’ to enhance ‘Thai Yoga Massage.’ I am one of the strongest proponents for yoga you’ll ever meet, because I have been seriously injured many times, and it has healed me. Details change from one person to the next, but my advice is usually the same: breathe, relax, move and stretch! You are your own best therapist!” “I prefer to be a stepping-stone,” Galena explains. “The best I can do for anyone is guide them how to take care of themselves.” Matthew Galena provides Thai massage instruction and therapy services in Wailuku. Visit for more information or call 808.463.7734.

Haiku Helen A shaman, a wizard, a truly wise woman, doing readings for over 30 years It’s a a new time now... Things changing fast... New openings, completions & challenges... Consult with Helen for a 4-dimensional view of your life’s expansion “I was blown away by her words. My log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer.” – Nita Hughes author of Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy


“She is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. She has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me.” – Wendy Orange, Ph.D., author of Coming Home to Jerusalem

(808) 579-8810

“Her accuracy is uncanny.” – John Morris, Hollywood Stunt Man

Call (808) 573-6343 or (808) 276-4859 Also: E-mail Promotion visit October/November, 2012

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Break Your Addictions

By Salini Teri Apodaca I believe global transformation is well underway. When people feel that corporations and economic crises are co-opting their lives, they often reach for easy solutions, becoming addicted in the process. Our western lifestyle has fostered a culture of addiction. Many Americans are accustomed to popping pills to cover up symptoms and feelings. More than 70 percent of Americans are on medication. Children are becoming addicted to drugs in school, leading to later drug abuse. Widespread addiction is a sign of a sick society in need of healing. Often, transformation begins at the last stage of an addiction. At these moments, the soul is calling for help. An opportunity for change has arrived. We must stop creating addicts, and begin transforming how we manage our health and consciousness. You gain power when you relinquish all addictions and embrace a holistic lifestyle. One of the most widespread American addictions is to pain medication. It’s time for a new paradigm in pain management. We must feel our pain in order to transcend our addictions and awaken to our full soul gifts. The shortest route to wholeness and power is through pain. Surprisingly, we meet our greatest friends and teachers there. Experts say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Try the following exercise. Choose something simple to give up. For example, if you eat dessert every night, reduce it to one night per week. After three weeks, you’ve created a new and better habit. After you’ve worked with simple addictions, work towards your bigger addictions. When you’ve developed enough inner strength, you’ll naturally give up the things that take your power from you. Salini Teri Apodaca is a reiki master, author, shaman, teacher and a voice for healing and transformation. She appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” A recent transplant to Maui, she has opened The Soul Center of Maui. To get in touch, call 808.419.0497, email salinidivine@, or visit

Keep Our Children Safe

By Jane Eldridge This is not an easy subject. However, because of my concern for our children, I need to speak out. I have had many clients who have needed long-term, in-depth healing from the trauma of sexual abuse. Over and over, I have witnessed the deep agony and outrage that these clients expressed because someone used them for their own personal, selfish, and sick needs. These clients were abused by a family member or someone the family knew and trusted. They also felt pain and anxiety from not having anyone to talk to about the horror they were experiencing. They may have tried, but no one would listen to or believe them. Children don’t have the maturity to understand what is going on and they can be easily manipulated. If you have children in your life, please talk to them. Let them know that it’s not okay for anyone to hurt them on any level. Give them the power to recognize when something feels “yucky” and the confidence to say “leave me alone…don’t touch me!” If a child tells you that someone is abusive, please listen to and help them. Also, if you know a child is at risk, call the police and Child Protective Services, and make sure the child continues to be supported and protected. Using children for sex is a disease, a poison that is inflicted on the innocent by compulsive perpetrators who have not healed their own abuse issues. Please help to stop this sinister cycle of abuse. If you hire a childcare provider, check and recheck that this person is a safe caregiver. Most importantly, empower children to know that they can say “no” to abusive behavior. Jane Eldridge is a licensed marriage and family therapist who integrates psychological understanding with the foundation of spiritual awareness. She is an experienced relationship specialist and offers deep healing through body-centered therapy. For more information, call 808.268.7750 or email

Spiritual Gestalt Center of Maui Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph.D.

Gestalt & Expressive Arts Psychotherapies, Alternative Sexualities Counseling Consulting Synergist/Networker 552 Kumulani Drive Kihei, HI 96753

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October/November, 2012

Align Body, Mind And Spirit For Radiant Health

By Nancy Friedrich What is going on when we experience our own vitality as radiant and strong? What do others see and feel in our presence when we have a peaceful heart and we are glowing from the inside out? Healers call this a state of being “powerfull” (versus powerful). Being power-full, we are full with life force. We are connected to our innate gifts and talents and to our wholeness. By doing what gives our life meaning, such as being of service to others or being in-love, feelings of gratitude can help us feel radiant, joyful and power-full. We may experience this inner fulfillment when our creativity is flowing, with work or with fun, as we are deeply satisfied and connected to joy and vitality. How do we create this kind of radiance when we are not there, but would like to be? The answer to that is within each individual. We usually have ideas about what could shift our experience to more happiness and health. We may find there is a first step to take that leads to others. To move towards optimal health and vitality, we may start by tending to the needs of the body, mind and heart, or following the guide of our personal spirituality and inspiration. To be in radiant health, our body, mind and spirit need to be aligned. As we reduce compromise between head and heart, we will

feel self esteem growing. Paying attention to what we have and what is working in our lives (versus focusing on what’s not working) will help maintain vitality. We can exercise our choice, use our gifts, love and support ourselves, and put toxic thinking and any unhelpful ingesting on a starvation diet!

Nancy Friedrich, CCHT, midwifehealth educator and healer for 35 years, offers workshops, support groups, drumming circles, birth relaxation sessions, and shamanic counseling in her private practice. Your call is welcome! 808.269.5137 or email

Call for more info.! Kerry Hegarty, (646) 309-1186 (on Maui) •

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Plus, Find More Classifieds On The Next Page! SOUND RESONANCE HEALING with Didjeridoos by JoL Countryman. Relax - Revitalize - Rejuvenate. Private and group sessions available. (808) 214-3505 INTUITIVE TAROT AND ORACLE Readings By Lunara Cheshire (808) 2140866 I AM AVAILABLE for employment and/or housing in exchange for services. Please visit for more info or call Amy at (951) 966-4471.

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SHAMANIC JOURNEY to meet your power animal or spirit guide. 25% off when booked during October. Maribeth Theisen, or 808-269-2923. PROSTATE RELEASE AND MOBILIZATION - Reduce stagnation and increase circulation.Very revitalizing for a man’s well being. 808.572-7680. MAUI FENG SHUI by Kanoe specializes in quality and personable service, offering a feng shui consultation like none other. With a keen eye for design, Kanoe incorporates age-old feng shui principles with eye-catching design, to create the home you've always wanted. Whether you're looking for a complete redesign, or a simple adjustment of your current decor, Maui Feng Shui by Kanoe is dedicated to helping you! Visit for more info or to book your consultation today! EMPATHIC MEDIATION. Are you in conflict with someone important to you? Want to transform blame, anger, disappointment into empathy and understanding? Contact Smita: 510-473-5143, PAST LIFE/INTERLIFE REGRESSION. 25% off when booked during October. Maribeth Theisen, or 808-269-2923. GREEN REALTY GROUP, Maui Real Estate, Buying? Selling? Interested in self sustainable properties? retreats? private/quiet/views ... call Tara Grace (RS) Lic #62587 870-1006



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ALOHA ~ FAMILIES WANTED! The Center for Cultural Interchange has English-speaking foreign high school students, who want to come to Maui. Can you offer a home? Contact Nadine, PAST LIFE REGRESSION with Linda Starseed-Journey into a past life to explore memories that might be affecting your present lifetime. 561.213.1030 DAILY RENTAL. Your own private sanctuary on an Haiku Estate. This 120 sq. ft.. octagon, is furnished with built-out desk/work table, two upholstered comfortable chairs, a tea and coffee area with hand painted sink, filtered water,a bed to rest on, excellent massage table (astral-lite), a zafu, Surrounded by gardens. The space was created to support you to follow your desires: therapy sessions, writing, art, making sock dolls, creating a collage, meditate, dream. Your Space. Your Choice. . $50.00 a day, 8:30 AM to 5:30PM NEW WELL BEING SERVICES now available in a serene spa setting through Lotus Heart Gifts at the Temple of Peace in Haiku, including; Access Bars, Reiki, Sacred Sound Healing, Massage,Touch for Health,Acupuncture, Spiritual and Relationship Counseling, Intuitive Readings, Crystal Layouts, Gua Sha Lymphatic Massage and more. Call 575-5220 for appointments and menu of services. LOMI LOMI - one or two part ancient and sacred Hawaiian Healing Art. Also,Andara Crystal Channeling. Contact Maika @ 808-264-3086. HEART OF MAUI, Tools For Spiritual Evolution. New shipment of light-bearing, transformative Andara Crystal Glass in many colors, sizes just arrived! Now available in sets of 20 (your choice of colors) in smaller pieces at 1/2 price for $144. Also new beautiful Selenite w/Fluorite cap and teardrop shaped massage wands in Rose Quartz, Septurian Nodule, Labradorite and Carnelian.Aqua & other Aura Quartz include Rainbow, Royal, Sunshine,Tanzine, Rose, Angel Aura great for jewelry making. Exceptionally clear Arkansas Quartz in point, DT's and clusters great for chakra, gridwork, Lemurian Quartz Pendulums, Elegant 8-pocket shimmering Taffeta Pouches great for jewelry, stones, essential oils in 3 sizes for travel, gift giving. . . plus much more. ‘Crystal children’ goodies from $1 up. Free stone info, gift bags with Chakra Balancing Minerals/ Sets and all purchases. Kama'aina/Healer Discounts offered. CKS, CC/DC welcome. Find us most Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Maui Swap Meet Space #202 in Kahului. 'E Hele Mai Kakou! For driving directions, free downloadable articles. Connect with us at ; E us at info@, call us at 808-280-3682. or 'Like' us on FB. Mahalo Nui! MALAMA PONO! ORIGINAL REIKI TEACHINGS – Level One Class Forming Now! Learn To Self Heal. Reiki Master Salini Teri Apodaca offers many healing modalities, including training in “The Transformative Path to Spiritual Awakening.” Available are Soul Transformation Therapy, Shamanic Healing, DNA/ Light Body Matrix Restoration, Divine Mother Teachings, Transformational Coaching, Soul Retrieval,Abuse and Trauma Recovery, Natural Addiction Counseling & Recovery, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Instruction,Ancient Wisdom Classes. Call 808-419-0497, email salinidivine@, ACADEMIC SERVICES Maui's BEST tutoring for 20+ years; ages 3 to adult; all academic subjects; your location, your schedule; payment plan. Maui Learning LLC 573-7730 AUTHORS' SERVICES - Professional editor (my books sold on Maui now) for copy, content and/or style edits. Hourly rates, sample edit free, quantity discount. editor@MauimsMD. com or 572-7999 INTRACEUTICALS O2 FACIAL ~ Revive, replenish and protect your skin with the #1 noninvasive, anti-aging skin technology used by celebrities, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and high-profile spas all over the world. Call 662-8592 for more info, or visit Gift certificates and packages available.

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GOURMET HERBS - Many varieties, naturally grown in Pukalani. Call for your needs. Finns Funny Farm. 808.573.0945 PSYCHIC/CHANNELED Readings for individuals, couples and groups. Phone sessions available. Channeling and Intuitive Development classes all levels, both private and group classes offered. Liah Howard 808-269-3137www. PHENOMENAL BODYWORK!Thru a dynamic system of pleasurable deep tissue and sacred soothing oil massage, Devaka allows you to release chronic mind/body aches & pains. Unwind your deeply stored emotional & physical tensions. Simply the Best! Call: 808.875.8399 BODYWORK THAT WORKS: Addressing causes of pain combining 3D Myofascial, Cranial, Visceral/Post Surgery, Lymphatic, and Joint Mobility Restoration. Carol Phelan, lmt, in Paia (808) 938-7084. Auto an work injury accepted. BIO IDENTICAL HORMONES: Individualized care for understanding and using bio-identical hormones. Dr. Claudia Christman, MD, will see patients in Maui by appointment beginning in November. Contact her office for information on what is needed and to make your appointment. (808) 345-5054; ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in Kihei. Specializing in Pain Relief, Chronic Conditions and Energetic Imbalances. Most Insurance Accepted. 20+ years experience. Dr. Shahido Piva, L.Ac. (808) 879-2287 (10/12) PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT and Channeling Classes Liah Howard,, 808-269-3137, SPECIALTY WELDING - Artist welding, including small to large backyard projects, and regular stuff that's broke and needs fixin'. 808.573.0945 GERMAN NEW MEDICINE - Discover thisTrue Science that helps us to understand disease through the eyes of Mother Nature. Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. is an authorized international consultant/practitioner and instructor of GNM founded by Dr. Hamer. This knowledge will enhance the practitioners' effectiveness and the use of modalities and/or remedies, if needed, to ease the symptoms while the mind-body is healing according to the Five Biological Laws. Click on 5-minute introductory video on home page at ; or call 244-0415. THE POLE ROOM, Lahaina. Pole Dance and Erotic Fitness Classes. Group and Private lessons. Have Pole.Will Travel. 808.283.2606. BODY IN BALANCE, Lahaina. Pilates, Personal Training, Cycle, Kettlebells, Zumba, and more! Private and group lessons available. 808.661.1116 GOURMET BEE HONEY - Natural honey, comb honey, pollen comb, and bees wax. Limited supply. Finns Funny Farm, 808.573.0945, FENG SHUI Consultations for home, office, and Feng Shui Fashion Makeovers. Diane Alba-Means, Author of “Feng Shui Fashion Makeover for Success ~ A Woman's Guide to EmpoweringYour Personal Style.” Serving Maui since 1999. Phone: 280-8008. Learn more @ (12/12)

October/November, 2012

BODY OF BLISS is a subtle yet powerful rejuvenating treatment that will lull your mind into a state of serenity and expanded consciousness. Release emotions, achieve clarity, and restore balance. Bring a sense of peaceful well-being to your body, mind and spirit! 90 min./$200 Call 662-8592 for more info, or visit ; 37 ACRES ~ Upper Kanaio Road $399,000 phone, electric, cable. Big Island, Ocean Views. Remote (four-wheel drive required). Sylvia Cabral Realty, 879-9007. sylviacabralmaui@ REIKI SESSIONS AND TRAINING Experience the Natural Healing Energy of Reiki. Bill (Reiki Master) 572-4177 TOP OF AWALU ROAD ~ 18 Acres, $650,000; 14 Acres, $825,000;Terms Available, Certifiable Organic, SweepingViews. Some Stream Frontage. 879-9007 sylviacabralmaui@gmail. com. Sylvia Cabral Realty. (8/12) THAI YOGA MASSAGE - Traditional massage, acupressure and meridian therapy are blended with assisted yogic stretching to help soften, separate and spread your body to it's fullest potential! Custom blends with swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release available! Wailuku Incall/Outcall Islandwide! 808-463-7734 info@ EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY with Shakti Carola Navran, teacher and published author. In her 33-year astrological practice she reads the psycho-dynamic information of your chart in the karmic perspective of the evolution of your soul, which adds a deeply meaningful frame. One hour segments for $ 75. Call 878.8182 or visit HYPNOSIS: Override your old programming and make the changes you desire. Change a little to gain a lot. Barbara Ensign Cht. 269-2129 LIFE BETWEEN LIVES: Spiritual Regression based on Dr. Michael Newton's work.The Purpose of Life and the meaning of existence. Barbara Ensign CHt. 808 269-2129 EDDIE BOY COFFEE - Grown in Kula, Maui. Hand picked at the peak of cherry red perfection for the connoisseur. Simply the best! 808.573.0945 ADVERTISING THAT WORKS! MauiVision Magazine ads are affordable and effective. Call 669-9091 or 280-7893 or visit for full details. PATH TO MASTERY Personal Growth Facilitator and Coaching; office on Maui. Specializing in men's issues, couples and intimacy concerns, and sexuality. Contact Ed Fell @ 808.419.8200 or; GYROTONIC™ and GYROKINESIS™ private classes available with certified instructor Bob Samiljan 870-0752. Spiraling, safe, fun. Soft undulating movements to rehab the spine - in Kihei. Check it out! THE ONLY QUESTION IS WHEN? MAUI PERSONAL ASSISTANT. I can assist you with your Business or Personal Needs. “I am you, times two!” Please contact: Shawn 808.446.0350 www.


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October/November, 2012

Maui Vision Magazine

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Reclaiming Your Divinity with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Divine Love

Life’s Ultimate Experience Maui, Hawaii Jan 26-27, 2013 The Westin Maui Resort & Spa

All New Workshop!

Are your thoughts harming you? Are you searching for your highest self and your greatest love? Are you ready to discover your own Divine purpose? Join Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on one of the most breathtaking islands of Hawaii for the powerful event that could change your life. In this all-new weekend workshop, Wayne will help you ease the conflicting thoughts in your mind and wake up to the power of Divine Love.

Discover how to live from the Divine Love perspective! • Learn to live in the love that never changes—loving everything and everyone, having no criticism or judgment toward yourself or others. • Experience the stunning awareness that “You Are God” –you are the infinite, eternal, and unconditional Divine Love! Cleanse the connecting link between what you have come to believe about yourself and who you really are. You are Divine…step into the Love.

Register Early! Seats are Limited! Call 1-800-654-5126 or visit and click on event tours Page 36

Maui Vision Magazine

October/November, 2012