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• Everybody using their computer to connect to internet, but this computer have a one direction a one number to identify the another computer, is known as IP direction. It’s like your address home. The IPv4 its over to America Latina and The Caribbean. • the demand alternative is IPv6 this quantity of ip address can be of 340 sextillion.


• What do you do in your free time ? • R: When I have free time, i sually watch movies and play computer. • How many years have you been working? • R: I’ve been working for 1 year • Why are you working at inacap ? • R: i’m working at inacap because it’s a comfortable place to work • what’s your biggest challenge at work? • R: I remember once, when I have to explain to new students what they have to do for the next week, and nobody listen to me. So, I need to change my attitude and being direct with them

• Do you Prefer to work independently or in teams.? • I think, the team work is very important currently, most of jobs use this method. So, I prefer to work in teams. • do you have children? • R: No, but I want to.

• where do you live? • R: I live in Santiago, near Metro Station Cumming • Why is it important to study telecom, in your opinion? • R: Because, the telecommunications are one of the most quick growth areas in the world, so enterprises will need people who know how they (Telecommunications) work.

• Where did you go to the University? • R: I study right here, in INACAP Santiago Centro.

• When you was born? • I was born in may 13th, 1994 • Do you have children? • No, i don’t • Where do you live? • I live in Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile. • Where do you study? • I go in inacap • What do you do in your free time? • I stay with my family, with my friends and my boyfriend

• Do you Prefer to work independently or in teams.? • I prefer study independently because I work to my style. • Dou you like study? • Yes, I like and I like my degree


aqui esta el trabajo


aqui esta el trabajo