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toMas Bata university in Zlin 2007-2012 Department of Product Design - Industrial Design i Bachelor and Master degree

designskolen in kolding 2010-2011 Exchange study in Denmark university of design


Bang & olufsen struer, denmark Summer 2009 : three-weeks summer inovation camp for danish company. team-building, sketched, rendered and mocked-up new product for the outdoor experiance.

plastkon Prague, Czech republic Since 2013 : External designer for leader of the plastic designs production for the garden and winter segments in the Czech Republic. I am designing various product like flower pots. Sketching traditionally and digitally, as well as useing 3D software to print 3D models.

rehau rehau, germany 2011 - present : External designer for an international company. I am working closely with marketing and engineering to create a new product to be brought to the market. Sketching traditionally and digitally, as well as useing Rhinoceros to conceptualise in 3D.

Matyas Fuchs

studio-Q Prague, czech republic 2011-2012 : Furniture design studio. Presented and chosen sketches of furniture, which were then put into a 3D software and transformed to CNC in the workshop.

+ 420 777 288 909 I was born in Prague Czech Republic and I am a freelance designer. I started with art and design at a young age with basic pencil and paper drawings, sketching, painting and playing with ceramics.

red Bull Prague, czech republic 2011-2012 : Designed and created a mockup, while consulting the proposal with the marketing department. the project is a broad and complete design process, to be finished with an actual sized prototypes.

My student years were crucial in giving me the practical skills, creative space and the basis for future development in design. By cooperating with companies like: Airforce Spa, Rehau or Bang &Olufsen, I have been able to continue my technical develop and experience the whole complex process of a design turning into a final product on the shelves.


In design I believe that it is of fundamental importance to combine beauty and practicality with business intent. This way I try to convert my ideas and designs into living products for the world to use and benefit from.


My moto: Think hard, design simple.


airforce sPa fabriano, italy 2011 - present : External designer for kitchen hood company. I am working on various hoods design projects useing sketching, 3D and visualization. B1 centre for contemporary design CZ 2012-2013 : Founder of the B1 in Prague. Organising design events. Design consultancy with young designers and promoting them. Junckers kolding, denmark 2009 : Design co-op with a wooden floor company. Designed an exhibition stand for trade fairs. Worked in a team of 4 designers on research, sketching, rendering and mock-up.

design Experienced in traditional sketching as well as rendering digitally, teambuilding, consept generation, interaction, model building.

software 3D Rhinoceros, V-ray, adobe creative suite 6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffect), Corel Painter, type 3/caD, Keyshot, V-Ray

11.1. 2009 first audience Prize of the Salon community of Architects and Designers for design - Palette nominated for good and eco design Mobitex 2010

Young Case 2006, 2007, Mobitex 2008, 2009 Student Design, Osram 09, Hettich Design Award 09, ABB 2011

photography, skiing, snowboarding, golf, rock climbing, archery

Palette The tray designed from carton in palette shape is a one-time use multipurpose tray for parties. The palette shape is particularly suitable for vernissages. With compartments, or „bowls“ for the different types of food and canapés as well as a holder for one‘s wine glass.

Groundnut Groundnut Box for groundnuts is an example of a practical „open-eatthrow“ design. When you have opened the box, one half will be full of delicious nuts, while the other empty half will function as a place to discard the nutshells. Once finished you simply close the recyclable box and throw it. Easy, practical and clean.

Balconia OVI Balconia OVI is fower pot that make a bloomeing balcony. It was created for Plastkon.

B el l y B el t This belt with a music player built into it can entertain a baby inside the mother‘s belly. From a practical point of view the „fetus“ inside the belly cannot recognise music per se, however, it can recognise some frequencies, which calm the baby. Medical papers stress the positive effect this can have. For example when during the pregnancy the mother uses the BabyBellyBelt and plays selected songs to the baby in times when she feels calm and happy, the child, after it is born, will subconsciously respond to this music. These songs will induce the memories of a sense of tranquillity and calm even an upset and crying child. The future mothers can easily put the belt on, even over their clothes, and adjust it with a Velcro. With integrated speakers and a flash memory they can choose the desired music track and also listen it with their own headphones, simply adding to the mother and child bonding experience.

Kitchen Hoods The following kitchen hoods are designed, produced and sold in association with Airforce company located in Fabriano in Italy. Since July 2011 I have been working for them as an external designer on working on tangible products.



Main idea for this kitchen hood was that one can also use it as a holder for cookbooks. It is cheaper than an interactive touchscreen integrated into the hood. A kitchen hood is the best place where one can read recipes in the course of cooking.

Hood #2 This was my first product which completed the cycle and has been not only manufactured, but also sold as part of Airforce product portfolio.

Hood #2

Hood #2

Movable socket If you ever got fed up with limiting yourself while preparing a meal in the kitchen, then you would appreciate these „movable sockets“ where you can clip and move sockets wherever and whenever you need. This elegant design was conceived as a solution to the many anaesthetic, complicated, and frustrating situations surrounding AC power distribution at home and at any workspace (eg; not enough or misplaced outlets, messy power bars, visible extension cords, costly and messy electrical modifications, etc .). This movable socket can be simply clipped on to any part of the supporting frame and can provide instant power, wherever needed. The holder can also function for other products and through its unique design it is completely safe to use in all environments. Work on this topic is currently in progress with REHAU ltd.

O ´ clock Light shineing true the solid wood is doing from simple piece of wood something more. Shine the light true the wood it might be interresting to use it in many fields of design. As in furniture or any interactive products instead led diods and ugly buttoms.


Pissoir Do you have burned flowers and small trees on your garden? If you teach your dog where is his toilet than this pissoir could be the sollution. Because all dogs makes marks over the other mark on every corner of the buildings. Pissoir could be also applyed in the cityes and absorbe the marks and smell. The Pissoir is made of glassed ceramic. It is easy to clean and the ceramic is hard and it should defend to detrimental effects.

Portable party bar Party bar is designed for redbull company. The bar is for unexpected partyes where Redbull can not be missing. Symply the redbull crue comes with the case and set it up as a party bar. To make the case interesting I designed there kick board, that has a marketing role. You drive the case throught a crowd of people and after they will be asking what the hell? You can set up the bar and sell all drings what you have inside.

Pear Light Light is composed of an inflatable body, in the shape of a pear, and a few diodes located at the base which inserts in pears as lighting. Light could be for orientation purposes in a room or apartment at night hours or those who do not like sleeping in the dark.

Tu r t l e Party seat or outdoor - indoor light.

Tu r t l e Turtle isseat a outor and indoor seat with lightlight. inside. Party outdoor - indoor The of

constructions concrete and

is combination plastic material

Cup for man Porcelain cup is for real mans who loves huge shapes in hands. Cup is for 1L of liquid and after you finish your drink you are going to love cleaning it.

Cup of golf Porcalain cup for a golf-fans. the 3D patern of the golf ball on the bottom makes you enjoy coffe in your favorite clubhouse.


Glass Brick Glassbrick inspirated by woman shapes. The glassbricks can be made of glass and porcelain. You can use it in architexture as wel as in design field.

Junckers exhibition stand Solution of exhibition stand for JUNCKERS company. Junckers Industrier is one of Europe‘s largest manufacturers of solid hardwood floors and Denmark‘s largest timber industry. The company‘s primary goal is to produce top quality products on the basis of an ongoing dialogue with architects, builders, contractors and owners.

The stand is compromise between nature and human craft. the wood comes from the floor into the artificial trees which should show the story, where tho wood comes from . me and my group change the common point of view (the floor only on the floor) and it becomes something more easy to acces. You can touch it, feel it, observe it and of course step on it.

Reception Ceder reception is designed for Wilson and Partners-law company in cooperation with Stuart Howit architekt and StudoQ s.r.o. company.



+420 777 288 909 MATYAS.F@GMAIL.COM

Matyas Fuchs portfolio 2013  
Matyas Fuchs portfolio 2013