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HOME+DESIGN January / February 2017



A Creative Culmination

Hostess Extraordinaire and Comic Book King Blend Styles in New York Story by Jessica Rivest Photography by Andrew Frasz


The House Above The River Inspired by natural surroundings, Partners By Design and Austin Patterson Disston Architects used their awe-inspiring skills to create a resort-like home complete Story by Jessica Rivest Photography by Neil Landino


A Nantucket Paean to Legacy & Eco-Elegance

When asked to redesign the interior of a Nantucket classic, Dujardin Design honors the past while shaping the future into serene sophistication.

Story by Jessica Rivest Photography by Peter Krupenye


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Editors Letter Kitchens and Baths In The Field

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Melange Kitchens Profile

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HOME+DESIGN January / February 2017


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HOME+DESIGN November / December 2016


Editor-in-Chief Matthew J. Kolk mattkolk@me.com 203-820-1092 Managing Editor James Eagen Contributing Writers Deborah Brannon, Lisa Gant, Susan Heller, Lollie Mathews, Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw, Jessica Rivest, Kait Shea Contributing Photographers Jane Beiles, Michael Biondo, Phillip Ennis, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, John Hannon, Paul Johnson, Neil Landino, Mark La Rosa, Tim Lee, Daniel Milstein, Janice Parker, Durston Saylor, Debra Somerville, Eric Striffler, Jonathan Wallen, Woodruff/Brown Photography Copy Editor Elena Serocki Graphic & Web Design East Coast Home Publishing


Publisher Shelley E. McCormick anuary is the month of renewal. A time to take all that shelley_mccormick@yahoo.com was put off in the 203-545-7091 past and take action. While many of

us enjoy the winter months and others don’t, we all beManagers gin to prepare forAccount the spring and injecting new life into Lisa Dearborn our homes. Patrick Giddings Lollie Mathews

This issue, we offer many spectacular spaces to start your blood flowing in our annual Kitchen and Bath section. Our trade partBusiness Development ners have shared some ofRandi theirK.finest creations and we are proud Lehrman, Esq. to share them with you. & Sales Advisor to the Gold Coast Marketing East Coast Home + Design We also cover an innovative mix of surface materials from experts 111 Forest Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06824 in the field of wall and surface materials to give you some alterFax: 203-286-1850 natives when making your choices. These selections can make or break a space and we hope that we have opened up your minds to take a look at these beautiful products for your own use.

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What began with a spark‌ emerges as an icon.

The difference is Gaggenau. We have been perfecting one oven for 30 years. Our latest rendition accentuates its distinctive design: the door is now created from one imposing 36 inch wide sheet of 3 mm highgrade stainless steel. It represents one vast entrance to culinary potential. This remodelled, hand-crafted work of art represents the culmination of our finest principles, skills and ethos. We’ve christened it the EB 333 in recognition of our 333 years of working in metal. This has always been more than an oven; it is a promise to create masterpieces. For more information, please visit Aitoro at 401 Westport Ave Norwalk | CT 06851 or visit www.gaggenau-usa.com.

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he tile industry ’s most popular sellers today are tiles in shapes: some geometric, others three-dimensional, and all featuring very creative and elaborate patterns. One way to achieve these stylish tiles is by a stateof-the-art process called “ waterjet cutting,” which uses a highly pressurized and concentrated stream of water to cut intricate shapes in a wide variety of materials. The machine can also create shapes and combine materials—for example, stone and porcelain can be merged into an arabesque shape. Because it can work with tightly encased parts, the waterjet is invaluable in the design process. The machine is particularly useful in cutting complex curves and patterns in the creation of mosaics. Designers and homeowners are taking advantage of this valuable— and affordable—resource in bathroom design. Indeed, as the focal 10

wall has become a very trendy and important feature within the bathroom, tiles fashioned by waterjets have become vital to the design process. These accent walls consist of elaborately designed backsplashes among more subdued painted walls, making them the key ingredient within the smaller space. The basic bathroom of days past has been replaced with this fresh design concept that exudes a feeling of luxury: thanks to the waterjet machine, tiles featuring curves and intricate details now offer an endless selection of beautiful tiles to choose from. For more information, go to Klaffs.com Tile by Walker Zanger walkerzanger.com


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TILT COLLECTION Alexander Oval in White Crackle


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Cosentino Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold



or many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where people gather, eat and socialize. And one of the most prominent features of the kitchen is the countertop.

“Picking the right countertop is important because it sets the stage for the aesthetic of the kitchen and the rest of the home,” says Jennifer Donohue of Brooks Custom, which has been making high-quality countertops, furniture and range hoods for 35 years. The company specializes in wood, metal and concrete, and its signature hand-rubbed Marine Finish is permanent, waterproof and food contact safe. Michael Schmieder, general manager of Cosentino Center Westchester, agrees that choosing the right countertop is extremely impor12

Brooks Custom Cold Cast Zinc

tant. “It’s an investment,” he says. “ The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home, and it’s where people do the most socializing.” His firm, Cosentino Group, is a global company that produces and distributes innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. It boasts of using technologically advanced surfaces to create spaces and unique designs for both the home and public areas. The company ’s leading brands include Silestone, Dekton and Sensa by Cosentino. There are many options in countertop designs, materials, colors and textures—all depending on what works best in each individual home. The latest trends and new designs give consumers many choices about how to make the countertop fit their needs and lifestyle. Currently, gray is trending as the prominent color in countertop design, regardless of the mate-


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1/7/17 2:41 PM

rial. Making a visual impact with the countertop is also in vogue, according to Schmieder. “We are seeing a lot of white and gray colors being selected,” he says. “We are also seeing color contrast between the island and the standard cabinets. Islands are turning into more and more of a statement.” This makes the island stand out in the scheme of the kitchen, and offers a large focal point for the heart of the home. Donohue says darker wood stains are popular on Brooks Custom’s countertops, but gray washes and stains are catching up quickly. She also notes that live edge wood is now in demand among many consumers, “not only for tables, but as a countertop material,” she says. “ This rustic option pairs well with white cabinets, and can be stained and customized to look a bit more modern.” Other trends are customizing metals with a patina finish or decorative rivets, color matching and adding a decorative design to concrete, and using book matching on an innovative new material to create a mirror image of each piece of the material, and to match the veins perfectly for a seamless look. Countertops serve many functions in a home: they are used for food preparation, as a homework station, as a general catchall for stuff in the chaos of a busy week. For some, countertop design is a matter of form more than function; for others, function wins every day of the week; for still others, a happy marriage between the two is the goal. Indeed, picking the right countertop material can be a daunting task because there are many choices for consumers, notes Donohue. “Since we have an incredible amount of options,” she says, “it can be overwhelming at times! We work in several unique materials: wood, concrete, sheet metals, glass and cast metals.” Other options include quartz, marble, granite, solid surface, laminate and an innovative new category, ultra compact, which Cosentino offers to consumers. Schmieder says countertops are constantly evolving to meet the needs of homeowners. “More products have highly durable characteristics in the patterns and designs that the consumers have been asking for,” he says. These durable characteristics include resistance to scratches or nicks with a blade, the ability to put a hot pan directly on the counter surface, and resistance to fading with age. Doing research is essential so the homeowner knows what to expect from the surface. “It’s important to understand the material you select before installation,” says Donohue. “You should be comfortable with the amount of maintenance required to take care of the surface, and be prepared for how the material will age.” This is especially true when the homeowner wants to maintain the beauty of the surface throughout the life of the countertop. Perhaps one of the most functional countertop designs on the market right now is Dekton from Cosentino. A

Kitchen and Bath.indd 13

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Cosentino AURA Mandarin Bookmatch

Brooks Custom Live Edge

mix of quartz porcelain and glass, this countertop is virtually indestructible. So if a family has kids who like to experiment—and perhaps use a staple gun on the countertop, for example—Dekton is prepared for such shenanigans. In fact, according to Schmieder, it’s pretty amazing what this countertop can withstand. “We write on it with a Sharpie, pour nail polish on it and then light that nail polish on fire,” he says. “When we are done, we scrub it a little with a Scotch-Brite pad and water, and the stains are gone, like they had not even been there.” Schmieder says no other quartz product can take what a Dekton countertop can take. For a happy marriage between form and function, consumers have several options. Both Brooks Custom and Cosentino of14

Cosentino Silestone White Zeus

fer products that not only look beautiful, but are functional as well. “You may want an edge-grain or end-grain butcher block countertop where you can cut and chop directly on the surface,” says Donohue. “All other surfaces will require the use of cutting boards to preserve the finish and prevent scratches on the countertop.” Schmieder says the Eternal Collection by Silestone is a good option for people who want the look and feel of marble, but don’t want to commit to the upkeep. “A lot of customers say they love marble but are scared of the maintenance,” he says. “Eternal is a reaction to that,” offering the look and allure of marble with the low-maintenance qualities of quartz. Countertop designs are constantly changing and evolving as


Kitchen and Bath.indd 14

1/7/17 2:41 PM

Brooks Custom Renovation Planning Table

new technology, materials and processes are discovered. Choosing a countertop that is suitable for your home means thinking about both design and function. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, and almost always serves as a meeting and socializing area, choosing the right countertop is an incredibly important decision. But with numerous options available, it won’t be difficult to find one that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and your home. Resources Brooks Custom 15 Kensico Drive Mt Kisco, NY 10549 914.666.2029 brookscustom.com Cosentino Center Westchester 333 N Bedford Road #220 Mt Kisco, NY 10549 914.242.1751 silestoneusa.com Cosentino Center Long Island 35 Engel Street #102 Hicksville, NY 11801 516.822.4521 silestoneusa.com Cosentino Center Manhattan 150 E 58th Street New York, NY 10155 646.891.3653 silestoneusa.com Cosentino Center New Jersey 55 Passaic Avenue Fairfield, NJ 07004 973.487.1364 silestoneusa.com

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2017 Kitchen &Bath Issue

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CHARLES HILTON hiltonarchitects.com


hat’s a chef to do when she wants to entertain at home? First, call Charles Hilton Architects! Indeed, one’s kitchen can be as much about dramatic setting as it is about custom comfort— something the homeowners and Chuck Hilton proved in this strikingly designed kitchen set in a French Normandy home.

The breathtaking kitchen opens up beyond a 20-foot timbered arch, permitting guests a clear view of the masterful food preparation unfolding before them. Glowing pendant lanterns and recessed lighting in the reclaimed-barn timbered rafting provide warm illumination of a kitchen both rustic and modern—and with no sense of discord in that dichotomy. The cooler warmth of the French Camargue limestone flooring softens the pale oak details of custom-made oak cabinetry. The kitchen is fitted with commercial appliances to be of full service to its chef, and a customdesigned steel hood and pot rack keep all her tools beautifully visible and ready to hand. The countertops are thoughtfully fitted with concrete (which can be furnished in large single slabs) and zinc in a similarly gray finish around the sinks and stove. That zinc will develop a marvelous patina as it ages, telling the story of the home, and since zinc is antimicrobial, it will be the story of a healthy home. A secondary kitchen space in an adjoining room provides a prep kitchen, a space generally used to prepare fresh produce grown on an organic farm on the property. It is also used as a staging ground for caterers for larger events. And what chef doesn’t like cooking over an open fire? Not these homeowners! Their desire for the ability to cook on an open fire year-round led to one massive, magnificent feature in a kitchen packed full of detailed delights: a stone indoor fireplace. This integrated fireplace features a shelf for stacked timber and built-in cooking racks. What culinary stories this kitchen will host! 18


Kicthen 2017.indd 18

1/7/17 12:31 PM

Kicthen 2017.indd 19

1/7/17 12:31 PM

shi for len ext Sco to you a in h in tha in roo tom


CATHERINE CLEARE cleareinteriors.com

PETER SCIARRETTA hemingwayconstruction.com


itchens are for conversation: that’s a truism that begins with the conception and construction of the space, and runs all the way through to its use for food and family. And this kitchen is ideal for conversation—as well as a paragon of collaboration. Its coffered ceilings and warm materials provide a vibrant, beautiful and practical space brought to life through the partnership of the homeowner, designer Catherine Cleare and Hemingway Construction, under the direction of Peter Sciarretta and Doug Horn.

rar Sh Lu of des ev int of We wh lea tu Ho for Si wh wo you wh ery ca tha ro Mi ar the I “A th sp how dr tio tra

Story by Lisa Gant

A floor of wide plank walnut welcomes the visitor to the open floor plan, which encompasses the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room. Two islands, both topped with Carrara marble (as are the countertops), provide focal points for preparation and gathering. Each island includes a sink and dishwasher to make quick cleanup a group endeavor. Pendant lights hang like jewels from the coffered ceilings, which gracefully delineate the boundaries of separate spaces in the home without using walls. Cabinets feature glass-fronted accents and interior lighting, and a flat-screen TV— nestled in a recessed space close to the breakfast nook—can be swung out and positioned for enjoyment from several vantage points. This kitchen is the picture of luxury, offering the best-quality materials and generous storage space. The strong collaboration and commitment to beautifully executed luxury extends into the breakfast nook. Here, the ceiling soars in a deep vault from which a stately lantern descends to illuminate the family’s meals and conversation. The eye moves organically from the light to the lush forest greenery beyond, which can be admired through the elegant single-paned windows. The table width was thoughtfully selected to accommodate two people on each side, with seating provided by the cushioned banquette and chicly patterned chairs. The chairs are upholstered in durable fabric— a thoughtful detail supporting this high-traffic space, where spirited conversations will flow back and forth again throughout the life of the home. 20


Kicthen 2017.indd 20

1/7/17 12:32 PM Designer Architect Front In Ourdoor the of Se FieB

shingle style facades on these projects because people want that comfort exterior that feels like home. But as architects, how are we challenging ourselves to translate the more modern interior to a different particularly during the first few eri McKay ne actually of the usedmost to shy challenging away from using conditions white in any provide adequate water to the plants,Resources exterior, whatever that is? in her designs, landscape thinking is shade, it wasn’t it can very be interesting caused by several in fac- years while their root systems establish, even drought tolerant or xeriScott Hobbs:concept. People Now, looksuch at modern houses and think, it’s going to become established enough tors various as large shadescanopy of white trees areand heradjacent go-to build- scape plants will need sufficient water Hammered in Time elcome to It’s atrue. new Ifyear to andsurvive in that it’s months a new start. Isn’t itDewitt great? time autilizdigit thevein, dry hot of late summer. We Every recommend of ings; colors for paint,therugs lawn and inupholstery. this area is She struggling Aaron to leak like a palette sieve, this is a typically nightmare, but that is2016! no longer changes on the calendar, we all get to start fresh! I can feel it in the air. I feel that this is going to to provide water directly be to that toyou’re white thrivecan orbeindramatic some serene, hasload, become dependbarehave soil ing either drip irrigation or soaker hoses 203.343.2224 you’re in Newlearned England, designing forcases aorsnow and you a year of growth, a year of personal challenge. A year of change and a year of excellence. decomposed leaf compost, it onof how it’s used conjunction and the plantings witha the areother leggy design and sparse. elementsWe desire hammeredintime.com a ing heck a flat roof,inyou’ve also got heck of an infrastructure there the root zone. If there is not a natural in more the from these Keri believes they need thatnot white be empty can beifvoids incorporated yard, may be necessary to top dress the desired planting areas with a thin that youroom. don’tIndeed, need areas, most of the time. Whereas, youwithin have athe pitched Look around. Take a even second of your up day and look around at how we are becoming simplistic in our lives. tomore alter the Furniture topography more into instead any design with style careful andload, plant create selection a sense of these inbeaout brightened miniIndustrial Revival Company roof, you can shed the distribute it.warmth, Sospaces as thecan products continue layer of compost, being cautious not Speaking with my cohorts, the revaluation of our lives is complete. We, as a society have become more simplistic of Hawker any changes adjacent to the withfurnished color and space. are capable of being transformed into a contempovisual focal than a few inches, which staying clear Justin tomally develop perhaps we’ll seeinmore of a shift toward more our destination; needs. We have shed, for a transition lack of a better word: on possessing fewer items, but trunk rootstuff flare,and so have as toconcentrated not harm the trees. a pleasant path; a shady an interesting 203.395.8806 rarypoint; and modern structures. personally significant items. Shefrom hasVita: experimented a woodlands with layering the possibilities different are endless. of who whiteslove and modern Lucien We areedge; pleased to find thatshades clients Color in the garden comes not only fromDesigns flowers but also foliage, off-whites, creating a sense of depth and visual texture without Cynthia design are feeling emboldened theagrowing trend modern It“White isby truly challenge to thetoward community. It isand no longer about sheer volume of possessions, theflowers meanbranches. Plantings in Cynthia shadier spots oftenbut have even The needing first step to include towards color. a successful isplanting classic and is evokes assessing ashelter sense the space to stems Davis interiors, and inpossessions fact are looking forthey a fully modern exterior as well. ing of those and how influence our daily lives. You can see it in the pages of our magazine. One great item instead of of blue, purple and pink, five the of determine freshness and the sophistication,” amount of sunlight, she says. understanding Keri likes towhether take all-the space that bloom in white or pastel shades 203.268.8928 We non-important believe that theitems. acceptance of was our the passion for modern interiors is Because we want to live in smaller spaces, more responsibly. Storage, catch phrase of 2015. Why? from a few days to several weeks; white receives roomspartial and furnish sun, partial backdrops shade, to highlight full shadeartwork, or deeparchitecshade is critical floral display can last for anywhere cynthiadesigns.com leading to a growing confidence and acceptance of modern exteriors. tural to features preventing or athe simply plants naturally from becoming stunning view. misshapen by stretching for however individuals seeking bolder colors or four seasons of interest Howard People want energy houses, they don’t Isunlight, lookLathrop: forward working with partners in 2016 to showcase individual innovations and showcase their talents our audience. examine the possibilities ofWallovers perennials withtounique foliage, or leafto scorch caused bymy tooefficient much sun. A landscape thatask re-theirshould for contemporary or colonial, they want them energy efficient. So Starting this February, we have partnered with Sorelle Galleries in New Canaan to create vignettes with our Interior Designers to showcase patterns, two tones and seaSince ceives awakening four to six to the hours designing of direct powers sunlight of the eachcolor day white, duringKeri the growing from interesting textures, to variegated Rena Paris their Each what vignette will featured in upcoming issues of ECH+D. when you go through it takes to makeclients anshade, energy efficient house, sonal variations. Selections can be 203.268.8928 mono-chromatic, integrate comworks season totalents. get is her considered clients onpartial board, sun too.be or “Many partial shy additionally away from spaces you end up with a contemporary vernacular on the outside and ev- plementary colors, or contrasting colors and textures to create visually white withbecause large canopy of kidstrees and referred pets or simply to as having becausedappled they believe or filtered it light wallovers.com SECRET LOVERS In the March Issue, weshade will be focusing on our annual and Architects Roundtable.” This is my themes personalsuch favorite event. lively eryone wants contemporary on the inside, so I think it’sto“Builders technology dynamic spaces. Mono-chromatic as silver andA white can’t arebe partial lived in,” shade. she explains. Full But, areas nowadays, receive“fearing between antwo all-white four hours Secret Lovers isofcharacterized by beautiful, artistic discussion on the state the industry. that’s driving a lot of this. room of direct should sunlight be a thing each of day the past,” andsilk deep she says, shadeAn thanks isoriginal lesstothan the two widehours of gardens, can help to brighten a spaceBrooks with Custom their lightly colored foliage mosaic and precious velvet. element Michael Black: go the opposite and sayfabrics I from don’tavailable. thinkprodthe trend is and flowers, these appear to sparkleRichard as if litBrooks by moonlight. High conarray direct of gorgeous sunlight. stain-resistant and washable that I’ll distinguishes Secret Lovers other With a newwe’re digit in the calendar comes athink new focus. I hope ayou look forward to ourcombinations focus, it’s going to be15fun! there. I think ourselves weof we’regolden seeing trend. trast foliage integrates bright Kensicocolors Drive such as chartreuse ucts in fooling the market is the if use platinum ROBERT JAMES or white with dark purples, burgundies or blues; impact is made The a designer, nextleaf step my isgoal determine ismosaic to always the availably create fresh, of water. unique Landscapes and livable featuring Mount Kisco, NYthe 10549 I “As think we’re talking the difference between style and form. It’s about artistic (from Sicis Murano Collection), I love when hardware becomes focal pointinclude of the design. Even simple shapes and finishes Today’s pantry the accessories covering the back of each of the two chairs. by using individual plants as accents or groups of plants to create spaces,” majestic shemature says. ”Whether trees can it’s provide creating unique a serene challenges backdrop although or a we ap800.244.5432 how we use spaces, the trend is coming with the Millennial generatake on a life ofconvenient their own when used in interesting pull-out shelves, racks scale and and combined with unexpected materials. Before Matthew Kolk sicis.com drifts of color noticeable from a distance. dramatic preciate pop, thewhite cool is shade oneexplode of these the canopies most provide colors.” in the heat of summer, brookscustom.com tion and going to and versatile change everything. Forget about Artistthat’s Julia Contacessi bins for placing cans and other foods Chuck Hilton Editor-in-Chief it can becontemporary, difficult to getit’s plants to to grow, the tree’s densehouse. root system BeforeBrooks Custom traditional, going change the entire We’re within easy reach. mattkolk@me.com often out competes grass and other plants for water. It is important to To be a successful shade garden is to understand that it is time to



Designer Architect Kicthen Front Ourdoor In Architecture.indd the of Section Field.indd 2017.indd Book Spaces.indd Section Jan A.indd 47 A.indd 31 2016.indd 21 51 33 65 5


9/15/16 7/13/16 11/7/16 1/7/17 1/20/16 3/9/16 5/13/16 1:40 12:32 12:53 10:47 8:14 1:42 1:20 AMPM AM PM

Kicthen 2017.indd 22

1/7/17 12:32 PM



hroughout our lives we all have a conversation with our homes, making and remaking them to suit our lifestyle, to reflect fortune, to delight the eye. So often we are seeking to make the imperfect perfect—a familiar goal that brought the owners of this lovely colonial-style home to a collaborative and fruitful renovation with Christopher Pagliaro and Nick Sajda of Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects, LLC. The homeowners, with keen eyes for design and diverse needs in the kitchen, worked closely with Christopher and Nick to create a kitchen best suited for their requirements. Different culinary interests necessitated multiple ergonomic zones of appliances and layout, starting with an 18-inch rear addition to provide much-needed space. A beamed ceiling encourages a greater sense of space from the eight-foot ceiling, and warm-toned wood inset with bright white cabinetry provides the perfect complement. A full wall of windows looking out on lush greenery is the crowning touch to a kitchen that breathes freely, glowing from the highgloss finish on every painted surface. Its occupants are enticed to move freely, to work at the island with elegant overlay doors, topped in a stunning, extra-thick-cut Calacatta marble. The perimeter counters are covered with a well-matched quartzite, and both island and counters stand at the same height for smooth transitions while preparing food. Even the kitchen doors are perfectly matched—simply larger versions of the cabinet doors, refined with frosted glass in a divided lite pattern honoring the home’s colonial roots with modern polish. East Coast Home + Design

Kicthen 2017.indd 23


1/7/17 12:32 PM

Kicthen 2017.indd 24

1/7/17 12:32 PM

There are no walls dividing kitchen from breakfast nook from dining room and so on—these spaces sigh one into the other in a luxurious open floor plan. Clever details in ceiling and furniture denote the differences in space: a charming breakfast table with banquette backs against a frameless glass wine cabinet, which in turn enchants diners at the dining table on the other side. The beamed ceiling of the kitchen gives way to half-round battens in the dining area, matching the softer texture of the walls there. Every inch of space in this remarkable kitchen was labored over with love, making architecture art and the imperfect perfect in a story to unfold.

Kicthen 2017.indd 25

1/7/17 12:32 PM



Kicthen 2017.indd 26

1/7/17 12:32 PM


mir J. Ilin, president of Küche+Cucina, needed to design a dream kitchen for a newly constructed home awaiting an owner. As expected, Amir went far beyond show-home appeal with his customary panache, achieving a showstopping kitchen and dining space (with some interior design elements staged by Mary Sferra of M.R. Sferra Interior Design). The results are magnetic and timelessly classic. This kitchen was created around the idea of gathering together family and friends to cook and converse. A generously sized island stands at the heart of this kitchen, with one side lined with cushioned stools. On the working side is an inset sink, so the cook (or cooks!) can easily turn from sink to stove and vice versa. The island is topped with solid Peruvian walnut, which will become more beautiful with age as those nicks and dings accrue where life is lived. The perimeter countertops all feature honed Calacatta Gold marble, and the backsplashes are brimming with character in a white marble mosaic. A second sink on the perimeter allows for a secondary prep station and cleanup area, while a profusion of cabinets and a walk-in pantry provide plenty of storage. The lighting in this kitchen is as generous and warm as the rest of the space: crystal-clear glass lanterns descend from the ceiling above the island, while recessed lighting shines down throughout. The cabinets feature interior lighting and lighting beneath them as well—there’s not a gloomy corner to this kitchen! The modern, white surfaces are grounded by deep-brown Armstrong hand-scraped hardwood flooring. The final touch of a trestle-style dining table with stunning open fretwork chairs rounds out this kitchen’s dream: a place for great cooking, great conversation and great gatherings. East Coast Home + Design

Kicthen 2017.indd 27


1/7/17 12:33 PM

GAELLE DUDLEY livegldesign.com



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hen you think of farm life, you think of an engaged existence lived deliberately and with the dedicated participation of every family member. That ideal was brought into being in this kitchen through the visionary collaboration “garden folly is Design. decorative between the homeowners and ”GL Gaellearchitecture Dudley—withcreatgreat simply to astonish and delight—and obcreative inputedfrom her clients—forged a modern farmhousethis interior servatory designed Bob Faesy The is no exception. that is all functional beauty and raw by sophistication. interior theme located gray on property beingofdeveloped complementsCentrally the porch-wrapped shingle exterior the home, as aa large private park, this garden follybyencourages which sits amid backcountry property accented natural rock walks, interaction with the local environment and appreciaformations. tion of surrounding views, while also reminding all who use it of the activities surrounding Several of many the most beautiful elements in them. this kitchen are crafted of reclaimed wood in warm and genuine brown tones chosen by the As the homeowners developed thiseach private park,Board working homeowners. Gaelle personally selected piece from Silly with Faesy-Smith landscape Custom Sawmill, withArchitects the help ofand thelocal sawmill’s owner, architect Rob. The Geoff unique, Middeleer, they andcustom natural beauboldly mitered barnencouraged board rangenative hood was designed ty Gaelle; in woodsy areas carefully cultivated by she and the and homeowners literally sketchedgrasses, its cleanferns lines and These are working wonderful spaces, butContinuing also areasinthat at theflowers. cabinet shop while on the project! the could of become claustrophobic with nocountertops open views.areThe folly thread functional beauty, the perimeter leathered allowed them to build a fun, central structure elevates granite—so forgiving of fingerprints and crumbs left that by a large and visitors above the the space in backsplashes a thoughtfully constructed ediactive family—while bright are white, tumbled-edge Valerie often uses white or in soft neutralpathways colors asWoven the backdrop for fice oftiles metal and stone. Multiple converge on the Italian with dark grout a subway pattern. jute runners her designs. While white in particular feels incredibly clean and refolly, made stone andmotif, woodchips and even off a bridge emphasize theofdown-home reflecting warmth the coolspangray fined, she also loves using different shades of white together to add ning a riverwarmth of flowers. Alternating design elements the cabinetry—a that’s echoed in polished brass pulls andinHicks dimension, from bright to true whites to the creamier tones. She says she railing draw visitors structure. light pendants of bronze andapproach hand-rubbed brass. makes sure to incorporate a “variety of materials, textures and details to elevate theatoverall design create interest in akitchen room. “space: Lingering this observatory invites espeThe final touches are the twinand beating hearts ofcontemplation, every the


cially table with and a tranquil nearbytable providing a refuge for dining the island,pond The dining is a custom Dory table Valerie believes “you neverobservation tire of white,” andofshe can’t think ofsee “a waterfowl. From this point, visitors can from Soundview Millworks, infusing a touch the nautical into the more soothing color to surround yourself in.” She also thinks that the park’s putting green, composition tennis court, poolspirit and area. The island is a masterful forswimming the collaborative white beenvironmental powerful if used to overall of a room, or abundant alook soothing spillof thiscan kitchen: a generous 9-views—including bycreate 4-footthebase around which this fun in a more pared-back way as an accent color. ing boisterous pond andfamily its adjacent stone walkway, the woods and and can gather to prepare mealsand or simply hang out. native plants Thisa is one garden It includes plentysooffreely storagenurtured. space alongside microwave drawerfolly and that fridge, unifies and engages allCalcutta visitorsquartz. with wine anditsis surroundings topped with a spectacular slab of gladness This is oneand fancygrace. farmhouse look that’s perfectly family-friendly.

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GEORGE PUSSER cornerstone-builders.com


o make your house truly your home, you need the best facilitators in your corner to help your ideal design become reality. The homeowner of this airy, bright kitchen built around a core of functional efficiency achieved just that thanks to a fantastic partnership with Cornerstone Contracting. Cornerstone worked closely with her to ensure that every facet of the kitchen—from the grand flourishes to the min-


ute details—were exactly according to the client’s specifications. The homeowner carefully calibrated her kitchen to make certain she would not have to take too many steps while preparing food, and also decided that the dining table would be the heart of the space, close to all the activity. While lounging at the table or doing homework there, family members and guests can easily engage with those in the kitchen.


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R ra

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The island in the kitchen proper, topped with a faint celery-green marble, is kept free of appliances to allow easy food preparation or buffet staging. As the second heartbeat, the island also encourages congregation, with McGuire chairs grouped on two sides, making it easy for people to face each other and talk. Drawers within the island are outfitted with sleeves for easy organization of lids. A cutting board stands at one end of the island across from the sink, and an integrated hole allows refuse to be scraped into a compost heap bin within the cabinet. Red Linen Pillows

Always start with clean line and neutral seating and build from there. Red is a classic unlike greys, pale blues and trendy colors, red never goes out of style. Mix it up! Modern sofa, chairs, paintings and sculptures pair beautifully with 19th century chinoserie pieces. Color brings them together!

RALPH VUOLO ralphvuolodesigns.com


Dark oak flooring emphasizes the bright openness of the kitchen, while a terrific paned window looks out on an English-style herb garden featuring a fountain. The kitchen lighting was deliberately kept simple: functional and not distracting, it embraces the client’s love of circles. A luxurious walk-in butler’s pantry is the perfect example of this kitchen’s beautiful efficiency. Its glassed-in shelves provide easy access to organized appliances, serving pieces, roasting pans and more, and accompanying drawers store silver. A dazzling light fixture is the final touch, elevating the pantry to pure sophistication. Undeniably, the ideal is made real in this superb kitchen.

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Pop Red Chair Sculpture Chair ralphvuolodesigns.com

Modern Abstract Sculpture ralphvuolodesigns.com

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MARIA MATLUCK mariamatluckcc.com


right and inviting” are often the words we hope describe our kitchens, especially since we spend so much time there—preparing food, catching up with our families, entertaining friends. The homeowners of this gleaming gem of a kitchen didn’t have to hope, because designer Maria Matluck worked with them to make “bright and inviting” their everyday reality. Indeed, after the space was gutted, and discarded materials from cabinetry, countertops and appliances were donated, Maria brought their kitchen back to life. The lines of this space run toward crisp and sleek, with counters topped in Fantasy White Quartzite and backsplashes of Carrara Bardiglio Gray Marble Mini Brick Mosaic. New warm hardwood floors of stained white oak were put down, East Coast Home + Design

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and custom cabinetry installed—not only to provide storage space, but also to engage and delight the eye. Puck lights inside the glass cabinets (also fitted with glass shelving) allow the light to filter down and illuminate the homeowner’s gorgeous glasses and plates in a radiant display. Hand-blown glass pendant lights round out the fresh and dazzling space. Maria didn’t stop with the home’s kitchen—she also designed the master bath, featuring a sophisticated and stunning dual vanity. Twin sinks allow the homeowners space to arrange things to their liking and attend 36

to their toilettes, while gorgeous matched faceted frame mirrors hide the medicine cabinets. The vanity is topped in Calacatta marble to provide a pure white background, and its gray veining is gracefully complemented by a Carrara mosaic bordering the dado rail. The same Calacatta marble embraces the bathtub, luxuriously apportioned with a generous shelf for candles, drinks and other bath-time amenities. With an adjacent arched window accoutered with privacy provisions, this bathroom stands as bright and inviting as the kitchen.


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Melange Architect

CHARTREUSE COVER ON MARSHMELLOW MANILA The new Smoke Collection has the look of vapors rising from hot concrete is the inspiration for this smoldering design digitally printed on textured grounds for a collection where artistry meets innovation phillipjeffries.com

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LARA MICHELLE laramichelle.com

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amily life can be a messy business, particularly when there are kids and life is busy. So a renovation becomes about more than style. Of course,- style is important, and beauty and brightness are requirements, but resilient and easy-to-maintain are equally important factors. These clients required all of the above, and they brought on the talented, imaginative Lara Michelle to design their new kitchen. Lara immediately went to work: the design team stripped the kitchen to its studs, as Lara married practicality and delight in her design. They replaced and added insulation, and put in LED lighting flush with the ceiling and the white cabinetry installed over new counters. The counters are topped in glossy white Dekton, a cutting-edge material resistant to stains, scratches and heat—no counter trivets required by this family! Marble mosaic tile backsplashes offer an elegant counterpoint, and a uniquely shaped island holds court in the center of the kitchen. While the island’s shape is designed to maximize storage and workspace, the darkly stained cabinetry and quartzite create a stunning feast for the eyes. Translucent stools encourage hanging out without distracting from the magnificence of the island—or the floor, which is another piece of fun and gorgeous practicality. It’s composed of porcelain to guard against slipping on bare feet fresh from the outdoor pool, while visually its pattern is a playful mosaic take on a giant zigzag. This lighthearted floor sprawls out into the breakfast area and nearby mud-

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room as well. A comfortably small table stands centered before two French doors in the breakfast area, topped with responsibly sourced crushed clam shells sealed in clear epoxy. Picture windows surround the table on two sides, and the translucent chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting above adds class without obscuring the views. Lara designed the table’s terrifically modern chairs, infusing them with her signature pops of color using 40

orange fabric from Designtex, and had them custom-made in her workroom. For a final touch and with a nod to the pool just outside those French doors, she commissioned local artist Jennifer Hannaford to recreate one of her bold water-themed paintings in the room’s color palette. Altogether, the end result is one set of happy homeowners with a kitchen that’s easy to keep and a joy to behold.


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Live Edge Wood Tables & Furniture Custom Made from an Extensive Inventory of high interest slabs.

Hand-Picked Just for you! Factory Direct from our Westchester Workshop Visit Our Showroom: 15 Kensico Drive | Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 www.brookscustom.com | 800-244-5432

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nique homes can pose the most interesting challenges— as did this 100-year-old stone carriage house-turned-residence. The sophisticated homeowner wanted “an estate version of a city loft” using the site that, at the time, was essentially composed only of the sprawling perimeter stone walls and rotted wooden rafters of the abandoned structure. He decided to work with Christopher Pagliaro of Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects, LLC, to create something truly amazing—right down to the breathtaking series of bathrooms for the home. East Coast Home + Design

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The stone walls provide a most unique and storied aspect to the home architecturally, serving as silent chroniclers of the home’s history, with their rough construction and wood nailers. Christopher used the stone walls and the steep roofs, which allow extravagant natural light and arches throughout the gabled ceilings, to delineate space. To achieve that modern sleekness requested by the homeowner, he designed gloriously understated “His,” “Hers” and guest bathrooms that lock into and accentuate the bare stone and soaring roofs. Each bathroom features glass partitions shaping the space. In “His,” they enclose two stalls, one for the toilet and another for the shower, with an acid-etched swath across the glass for privacy. Allowing the rest of the glass to remain unfrosted encourages the light to travel freely in the room and enables the occupant to see throughout. “Hers” encloses a shower space, with an open area adjacent for a tub, while the guest bathroom includes only a shower stall. The showers feature handheld showerheads

and multiple nozzles, while the doors provide access to the water valve without getting wet. Walls of white Glassos® emphasize light without drawing attention, while slightly crystallized white stone does the same for the floor. A lovely glass mosaic in shades of blue-gray suggests water falling into the tub, but otherwise the bathroom walls are meant to be easy to clean and accentuate the slices of exposed stone wall. The rest of the rooms follow that distraction-free theme. Christopher selected floating Robern vanities from Klaffs, taking advantage of their trim appearance and efficient organization tools; the faucets are Dornbracht, elegantly industrial, likewise provided by Klaffs. Pendant lighting both lights the spaces and shapes the experience of height, while lighted mirrors by Electric Mirrors cast the perfect glow to illuminate the viewer. At last, Christopher selected zinc-patched doors with matching nails to suggest those old, industrial NYC doors, cementing the union of rugged estate with urban sophistication. East Coast Home + Design

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Alexander Doherty Upper West Side



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Antonino Buzzetta Flatiron

Designers Help Promote AIDS Awareness


Story by Jessica Rivest

t is a partnership that utilizes beautiful things to raise awareness about a deadly disease. English company Farrow & Ball, dedicated to creating unmatched paint and wallpaper using only the finest quality ingredients and high levels of rich pigments, joined with Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) on the first-ever Windows by Design: Farrow & Ball for DIFFA activation. The goal: to engage local design communities nationwide while increasing public understanding about the fight against HIV/AIDS. DIFFA has been working for more than 30 years in the fight against AIDS. A leader in promoting awareness of the disease, the foundation grants funds to organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. “We are delighted to be partnering with leading interior designers from across the country to support DIFFA,” says Farrow & Ball Vice President Brand Engagement Eileen McComb. For the

project, designers used Farrow & Ball wallpapers and paint colors in their window displays, which will remain on exhibit through January 31, 2017. “Each designer has created a unique and striking window vignette that showcases our colors and designs,” Eileen continues, “ while at the same time raising awareness of the ongoing efforts to combat AIDS.” Alexander Doherty of Alexander Doherty Design was all about color in his display, using Farrow & Ball paints Terre d’ Egypte, Yeabridge Green and London Clay to set the tone. He also utilized various Farrow & Ball wallpapers creatively to wrap the gifts. “‘Twas the night before Christmas and the artist’s studio is awash in a blaze of color,” says Alexander. “Ranging from the traditional reds and greens of the season as captured on the wall blocks, to the array of presents feverishly being wrapped, the room exudes the spirit of the season and the role color plays in our life.” The painting on the wall, a Russian constructionist piece, repeats the theme with its many blocks of color. The lamp is by Andrea Koeppel, and the desk chair is a mid-century piece East Coast Home + Design

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Carmina Roth Greenwich

Photo: Alan Barry

by Milo Baughman. The wooden mannequin, with its Christmas tree hat, is a life-sized artist’s “model.” For many, the holiday season brings feelings of stress. Antonino Buzzetta of Antonino Buzzetta Design used Farrow & Ball paints Wimborne White, Rectory Red and Pitch Black to capture those feelings. “I wanted to create something I believe mimics how a lot of people are feeling at the moment—messy, erratic, and frantic,” says Antonino. “We can all use, especially now, some peace, love and kindness.” Carmiña Roth of Carmiña Roth Interiors, LLC used the mission of DIFFA as the inspiration for her design. She chose Farrow & Roth’s beautiful and bold Lotus wallpaper and gorgeous Incarnadine paint to make a powerful statement about the fight against HIV/AIDS. “The centerpiece of my vignette is the hearth—the proverbial heart of the home—whose flames also symbolize passion,” explains Carmiña. “Above it hangs a photograph by William Rolf of a polar bear, an animal known for its strength, ferocity and endurance. I chose this image, with the long, powerful legs of the polar bear stretching forward, as a symbol of reaching for a cure for the disease.” Finding comfort while searching for a cure is what drove Con48

nie Cooper of Connie Cooper Designs. “I thought about all the wonderful people in the world working so hard to find a cure for those suffering with AIDS,” she says. “My goal was to create a display that would honor the medical professionals offering both comfort and cure to those in need, while highlighting the beautiful products made by Farrow & Ball. I found an antique doctor’s bag filled with all sorts of vintage medical tools and apparatus from 1948. My space is presented as the personal office of a doctor who travels the world helping those with AIDS. She is home for the holidays but still focused on her critical research.” Cooper used stunning Farrow & Ball wallpapers Ocelot, Bumble Bee, Chromatic Stripe and Wisteria in blues, grays and silvers, as well as neutral paints Down Pipe and Purbeck Stone, to bring her comfort and cure design to life while creating a calming overall tone. Calming comfort in blue hues was the vision for the window created by Drake/Anderson. Principal Caleb Anderson explains how his firm used Farrow & Ball wallpaper in a unique way to portray this vision. “Our window limns a setting for the process of creative expression and celebrates the extraordinary work of DIFFA,” says Caleb. “Artistic expression, for the artist and viewer the same, is therapeutic and comforting. The drop cloths, splattered with various Farrow & Ball hues of blue, symbolize


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Connie Cooper | Westport

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Photo: Rachman Photography

Caleb Anderson D&D Building

this creative expression and the comfort it provides. We chose various tints and shades of blue paint and blue wallpapers, as these colors create a sense of calm. Hummingbirds—a symbol of courage and determination—are formed from Farrow & Ball wallpapers and dynamically fly out of paint cans. This symbolizes DIFFA and its tireless effort and extraordinary progress in battling misinformation and prejudice against HIV and AIDS.” DIFFA’s partnership with Farrow & Ball has provided a fantastic, unique platform to help the organization expand its reach. “DIFFA is honored to be featured in showrooms across the nation for Farrow & Ball’s Windows by Design campaign,” states DIFFA National Executive Director Johanna Osburn. “A critical part of our 50


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Celebrating 34 years of fresh, inventive, and timeless architecture

Michael Herold Paramus

Southport | Quogue | apdarchitects.com Photo: Magique Studios

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Patrick Mele Upper East Side

mission is to raise awareness about the fight against HIV/AIDS, and we are so grateful to have the support and creative talents of each participating designer. We hope these beautifully designed windows inspire others to get involved in our work.” Awareness and hope is the theme of designer Michael Herold’s window. His firm, Michael Herold Design, plays on the holiday by creating a tree dress, which Michael calls “a shimmering symbol of hope, raising HIV/AIDS awareness and bringing comfort to all on World AIDS Day and throughout this holiday season.” The festive silver-and-champagne holiday tree dress form is adorned with a symbolic AIDS Awareness red ribbon and 52

Photo: Rachman Photography

cleverly attired using recycled Farrow & Ball sample paint cans. The dress form stands tall on gifts wrapped with Farrow & Ball Closet Stripe wallpaper. Designer Patrick Mele also taps into the hope that DIFFA offers while acknowledging those who have lost the battle. “My window installation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is composed of hundreds of various-sized paint brushes that have been dipped in Farrow & Ball’s Rectory Red, each hung in rhythmic order, creating a transparent curtain wall from the street to the shop interior,” he says. “These brushes symbolize the countless fallen artists, designers and creators we’ve already lost to HIV/AIDS,


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Artistic Tile

as well as the hope of a story that is not yet over—that creation and life continue. I’d like to acknowledge my collaborators and friends, Corey Grant Tippin and Kim Nelson, who have brought a whole lot ARTISTICTILE.COM of beauty into this world.” In showcasing their creativity and compassion is this powerful window display project, these top designers each offer a unique design but all convey the same message: spread the word, raise awareness and promote care, compassion and hope in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Christopher Spitzmiller pair of wide zig zag lamps in

marigold christopherspitzmiller.com Farrow and Ball Designer Resources “Yellow is the most luminous of all colors in the with purchases and shipping, and can even suggest accommodations, Locations and Designers spectrum, in almost every culture it represents ifus.farrow-ball.com needed. Alexander sunshine,happiness, and warmth” Doherty Alexander Doherty Design We arrive Doherty at Antichita Trois, where I’m introduced to Alberto Alexander 71 W 85th Street #4A Anfodillo. again I’m whisked away—indeed, my feet UpperOnce West Side New York, NY barely 10024 touch the Gypset Travelof a somber palazzo. ground!—to the interior Of course, the ground 322 Columbus Avenue 212.390.1572 assouline.com floor is reserved for acqua alta, and thus left vacant. We enter an New York, NY 10023 alexanderdohertydesign.com elevator that is small even by European standards and are brought to 212.799.0900 the most spacious rooms of his magnificent palazzo. Alberto guides Antonino Buzzetta us through his treasure trove of antiqueAntonino paintings on reverse Antonino Buzzetta Buzzetta Design glass; aFlatiron collection of lions (the symbol of Venice); ancient boxes, some as 39 W 14th Street #504 PUZZLE CHANDELIER beautiful the inside the outside; furniture; glass; and, 32 E. 22nd New York,paintings; NY 10011 Inspired byonaStreet house of as cards, our Puzzle Chandelier is made ofNew course, chandeliers (this is Venice, all). I’ve always been fond of sheets of solid brass layered into after a dynamic York, NY 10010 917.971.0571 The clients wanted an open, free-flowing house composition. that would take adThe Architectural Modernist feel isand warmed by the luminous of212.334.8330 Venetian Murano chandeliers, now I’mup convinced that antique antoninobuzzetta.com Design by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna, The Aurelia fromLathrop vantage ofyour a dramatic waterside location ona circular a cove. Sellars metal. Chandelier above table, like is theHang way to go.isPuzzle Delft Collection a modern American interpretation of a cenArchitects and Landscape Architects were fortunate to colourArtemis Nixon, or in a here fabulous Carmina turies oldRoth familiar craft, . Shown isCarmina a foyer. hand Roth cut jewel glass laborate on this classic modern home. jonathanadler.com David Rachtian isLapis, a Venetian ofLolite, partialMica, Persian descent on hisand father’s 32 East Putnam Avenue Carmiña Roth Interiors mosia shown in Lazuli, Absolute White erie’s team decided to update them to an off-white finish. Doing so side. At hisCT shop we find antique Persian rugs from Tabriz, Kashan, Greenwich, 06830 203.987.5961 Blue Spinel. not onlyHoward helped but also offered the enduring look While Lathrop ofrooms Sellars Lathrop provided the overall dePhoto credit: lighten Chuan the Bing. imagesbychuan.com Isfahan and China, around which one could easily build a room. This 203.422.0990 carminarothinteriors.com jamieshop.com that couple for wasthe seeking. helped provide a sense of sign the direction housePlus, and the thecolor site, he knew it was important Collection thoughtfully arranged and packed antiqueIbiza storeLounge also features glassuniformity home. from Artemis, to bring in within Tara M.the Vincenta a firm known for its exrestorationhardware.com ware, silverware, jewelry and important,Connie sought-after Jewish pieces. Connie Cooper Cooper pertisewhites, in coastal plants andsilver, sensitive ecological locations. Howard grays, which “really makes decorated the artWhat catches mytaupes eye areand paperweights from the 1950s, 396 Post Roadwere East Connie Cooper Designs The couple thrilled with the results—a timeless home that is says he and Tara “worked collaboratively to meld the interior of the work stand out nicely,” she says. with mythological creatures. Westport, CT 06880 58 adult High Point Road just as with welcoming to their kids as to their guests. house the exterior.” 203.221.3117 Westport, CT 06880 White and was Chiara also integrated into sleeker modern Orseola walk me back to the where the tour began, powder and I am 203.256.9183 “Hedgerows and stone walls work together to formits thefixtures interplaytoof room, which was long and narrow, and needed pleasantly surprised to find myself in familiar surroundings. Then I Caleb Anderson conniecooperdesigns.com INTERIOR DESIGNER planes and solids that create the designthat aesthetic,” he The palbe small and Laracircle, believes aresays. important realize we have modern. made a large and theywhites have given me a lesson D & D Building Valerie etteuse ofGrant hardscape materials is limited to washed rock, in smaller rooms thatriver have no narrow wininto getting around Venice, too.and dark rooms Suite 1519 Caleb Anderson Valerie Grant Interiors concrete pavers, Ipe wood deck tiles and native stone outcropping. dows or don’t get much light. In this case, Lara “didn’t want 979 ThirdTuck Avenue Drake / Anderson 14 Friar Circle Retaining walls are natural concrete matching the pavers. A native to clutter the artwork,” she to says, “soa Leaving Venice islong like empty parting wall with with a lover; I daydream linger New York, NY 10022 67atIrving Place, 12th Floor Summit, NJ 07901 stone wall runs adjacent to the road and the parking area. instead I chose a delicately patterned silver-white wallpaper little longer before returning to reality. Visitors at least can take 212.752.5544 New York can NY 10003 917.921.1916 to fill the wall withsomething a bit of shimmer and tons of interest.” comfort in bringing back home—a beautiful lion, box, 212.754.3099 valeriegrantinteriors.com Tara white, provided a clean, simple landscape that keeps fits thethe architecture and The silver and gray color scheme small room chandelier, a commissioned Luigi Bevilacqua fabric for that very speMichael Herold drakeanderson.com spectacular waterfront setting. As she explains, “Howard and I were light and bright evenunique thoughbag. it has no like windows. cial upholstery and/or Finds these add sparkle to 160 Route 17 North The Jenning Brutalist Ribbon was to be simple and architectural, in agreement that the landscape interiors and wardrobe, lifting one out of the sea of sameness. Paramus, NJ 07652 Michael Herold Table will dazzle thethefor particularly the entrance to home, thewith use aoftint clipped Lara likesLamp toatpick a whiteincolor wallwith paint of 201.265.4030 Michael Herold Design and vermodern home with striking ilboxwood hedges, ivy groundcover, concrete plank walkways the color that will coordinate with any other colors in the Venice is a bewitching city that I can’t 287 waitS to getStreet back#8 to as soon Main lumination, simple geometric nacular stone site walls.” She uses brighter whiteAnd on itthe window trim, asroom. possible. Itthen makes me ayearn for more. makes me wonder, Patrick Mele Lambertville, NJ 08530 designs and boldto metal done with the off-white color on the doors and ceilings contrast Scalamandre Spring 2016 fabric Where will The Antiques Diva takeIndoor/Outdoor me to travel and shop next? Upper East Side 609.460.4763 BIZET TABLE inher aThe gold leafwas finish. One of the project goals to has extend the direct coastal vegetation wall. Unless clients insist, she tries to steer them away book. colors Linda selected are the 142 East 73rd Street mydesignermichael.com A stunning hand-wrought base is topped zincdoor.com into the house, all while becoming part of the shoreline. To achieve following: 27056-002 Surf, 27059-002 Surf,for 27058-002 from white fabrics on upholstered items, obvious practiThe Antiques Diva &with Co circularSurf New York, 10021 tempered glass. Distinctively Surf, 27067-003 scalamandre.com thisreasons. the NY team used a variety of ornamental grasses and perennials, cal The only white/light-colored upholstery fabric Toma Clark Haines 212.737.7400 Patrick Mele individual and suitable for a range of including echinacea, Russian sage and joe-pye weed to fill is in among she likes to use is a faux-leather vinyl fabric, which great up, I love these fabrics for settings. + 49 (0) 171 “Surf’s 386 2213 Before period andfresh contemporary 203.550.2264 theresisting native shoreline vegetation and enhance the natural cove setting. at stains and dirt. spring, they remind me of the water” christopherguy.com antiquesdiva.com patrickmele.com Zanzibar Ticking Woven Cotton Rug



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Wagner A

6 8:26 1:45 PM AM




JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017 Wagner Well Opener Ad Nov2016.indd JAN.indd 55 1

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A Beautiful custom-designed and custom-made builtin bookcases provide ample storage.

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A Creative Culmination Hostess Extraordinaire and Comic Book King Blend Styles in New York Story by Jessica Rivest | Photography by Andrew Frasz

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lending styles and creating storage were the goals of this project by Nicole Guthreau and Stephanie Tamayo of Dalliance Design. Their clients, a couple, told the designers they wanted to incorporate their own individual styles into their new home. She loves to travel, take cooking classes wherever she visits, and throw phenomenal dinner parties featuring the most delicious meals. He is a lawyer with an amazing comic book collection just waiting to be displayed. The couple’s two-bedroom home in New York City was the perfect blank canvas for Nicole and Stephanie: a fresh space with crisp white walls, new hardwood flooring and a row of windows that provided incredible natural lighting. “When you are paying top dollar for New York City real estate, the biggest request is storage, storage and more storage!” says Nicole. “Also on the list was making sure each client’s personal taste was


represented in the overall design, creating a functioning space for entertaining both small dinner parties and 60-plus housewarming soirées, and preparing for a home full of little rascals.” To tackle the first part of the process, the storage issue, Nicole and Stephanie designed an entire living room wall of built-ins. The custom built-ins were exquisitely created by New Day Woodwork of Glendale, NY. whose partnership was essential in implementing this important design aspect. “Their team brought our design to life with such ease,” says Nicole, “and they knew precisely how to implement our ideas.” The built-ins not only provide ample storage, but they have other functions as well. “The television and electrical components are of utmost importance to our clients’ viewing pleasure,” Nicole continues, “so we added functionally aesthetic mesh grills to the central cabinet doors to keep the components cool and allow for easy remote access.” Next the team had the task of creating a functional storage design


D'Alliance.indd 58

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D'Alliance.indd 59

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D'Alliance.indd 60

1/7/17 12:08 PM

to properly exhibit the owner’s substantial comic book collection. This impressive collection had been stored away instead of being displayed, and getting the books out in the open was a priority in this home. “Where some would say they had a challenge, we saw an opportunity to transform our client’s collection,” says Nicole. Their solution was to design a sophisticated reading room in the den and display the comic books perfectly on lacquered bookcases. “Stephanie curated every shelf to perfection,” explains Nicole, “and she achieved a space where any DC or Marvel enthusiast could hunker down for days on end. Our client was thrilled to finally see his personal collection displayed out in the open instead of being hidden in a storage closet.” Nicole and Stephanie were also asked to create a pleasing storage area for their clients’ two furry friends. “One of our most clever ideas resulted from our dilemma of how to hide a cat litter box,” says Nicole. “Opposite the den bookshelves is another wall of bookshelves with a desk and cabinet storage, where a kitty door is concealed on the inside of the desk/cabinet. Voila! You have a hidden compartment that hides ugly boxes and smells with easy cabinet door access for cleaning.” Their creative design is the epitome of mixing form and function in a desired space. The next step in the design process was to create a beautiful space for entertaining. That meant functional seating, different lighting options and an overall sophisticated but trendy vibe to tie everything together. One trick to keeping the cost manageable was to incorporate much of the existing furniture into the new home. Fortunately, Nicole and Stephanie had also decorated East Coast Home + Design

D'Alliance.indd 61


1/7/17 12:09 PM

Stylish stools mix form and function by providing additional seating, and are sturdy enough to safely hold a booster seat for little ones.

D'Alliance.indd 62

1/7/17 12:09 PM

the client’s first apartment, and since they had kept many of the upholstered pieces neutral the first time around, all they needed was a change of pillows to update and incorporate the existing furniture. A hostess extraordinaire needs plenty of functional seating to ensure that guests have a comfortable place to sit at any size gathering. Nicole and Stephanie accomplished this by placing beautiful neutral chairs on the sides of the dining room table and exquisite green leather ones at the heads. In the living room, the spacious couch anchors the room, while a fantastic burnt orange leather statement chair adds a pop of color and ties into the new pillows. In the kitchen, gold tone and wood counter stools are as beautiful as they are functional. They offer a spot for guests to visit with the hostess while she is working in the kitchen, as well as a place to strap on a booster seat safely. Dalliance Design nailed it with the stylish stools that complement the clean, sleek design of the kitchen and the beautiful granite counter. This beautiful home has plenty of natural light because of the impressive wall of windows, but ceiling light fixtures were pretty sparse. To give their clients numerous lighting options no matter what the occasion, Nicole and Stephanie added picture lights over the builtins and hidden lights under all the shelves. They also brought in cool lamps, such as a tripod floor lamp featuring a cheeky ruler detail, and a gold tone lamp on a side table to tie into all the gold tones throughout the home. Indeed, there is a sophisticated but trendy vibe through the house

that is tied together by metallic gold paint on the ceiling. While the clients were nervous at first about going so bold on the ceiling, the metallic paint there eventually became one of their favorite features in the home. They love the vibe it creates and the way it pulls everything together—from the mixing of metals with some of the light fixtures, to the stylish stools, to the gold accents throughout the home in the form of hardware and decorations. Having worked with the client before, Nicole and Stephanie had already built an excellent relationship with her. “Even if she was hesitant on an item or felt it was too wild, she felt confident that everything would come together beautifully in the end,” recalls Nicole. She did change her mind on one element, though. “The entire master bedroom scheme was created around the most perfect Phillip Jeffries rivet wallpaper,” says Stephanie. “The clients initially loved the idea before having a change of heart. Nicole wanted to convince them the wallpaper would elevate the design to the next level, but it was just too trendy for them—the one source of designer remorse.” The design project hit one snag when the original living room window-shade fabric arrived, and it was puckered throughout. Nicole and Stephanie believed the puckering was a defect in the fabric, but the fabric company said it was a quality of the material. The clients chose a different fabric they liked just as much, and were able to get the Roman shades completed in time for their big holiday party. “Dalliance” literally means “a love affair,” and it is the perfect name to express the passion that Dalliance Design puts into its design East Coast Home + Design

D'Alliance.indd 63


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D'Alliance.indd 64

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work. When they founded their firm in 2011, interior designers Nicole Guthreau and Stephanie Tamayo saw an opportunity to bring their unique vision and expertise to the world of high-end design. They specialize in small companies and private homeowners, striving to show them the beauty and importance of interior spaces. Stephanie says her love of interior design started at a young age, when she would visit open houses with her mother on weekends. “It was our idea of fun,” she recalls. “As I got older, we would renovate the homes we lived in, and that is where my love of flipping houses started.” She enrolled in interior design courses while she was still in high school, and knew instantly that was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Nicole says her love of interior spaces also started when she was a child. “As a kid, I used to collect house plan magazines,” she says. “For some reason, I was drawn to the different floor plans, and I started to sketch my own. It was something I loved so much, but I had no idea why. No one in my family was artsy or creative, but those magazines sparked something inside me.” She attended college at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Merchandising, and took an elective in Home Products. In that class, she discovered her love for interior design. “I was assigned a project that involved my first trip to ABC Carpet & Home,” she says. “Setting foot in that store made me feel so energized! From that moment on, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about furniture and interior design. To this day, every opportunity to transform someone’s home still gives me a thrill.” Resources Interior Design Dalliance Design Stephanie Tamayo New York 917.979.3302 Nicole Guthreau New Jersey 732.668.4607 dalliancedesign.com

East Coast Home + Design

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The House Above The River Inspired by natural surroundings, Partners By Design and Austin Patterson Disston Architects used their awe-inspiring skills to create a resort-like home complete with everything a family could ever long for Story by Haifa Faraj | Photography by Jayne Howard

Partners in Design.indd 67

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Partners in Design.indd 68

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ears ago, Pamela Stanley Dix, principal of Partners By Design, had the pleasure of working with her clients Barbra and Ken Utting, adding much needed details to their colonial in Westport. Fast forward to the find of a lifetime, and the Uttings discovered an opportunity to use Pam’s talents once again in designing the home of their dreams on an idyllic property perched above the Saugatuck River in Westport, CT.

Building Their Dreams

While the property was picturesque, the existing house, a retro 50’s throw back, had to go and was torn down. In an effort to ensure that the newly created home would reflect the Utting’s interests and best use the stunning views, they enlisted the talents of architect Mckee (Mac) Patterson, principal of Austin Patterson Disston along with interior designer Pamela Stanley Dix, principal of Partners By Design. The Uttings wanted a comfortable home for their family & guests that would allow them to spend quality time together both indoors and out. They sought to create a sort of sanctuary where they could prepare a delicious home cooked meal, enjoy a movie in the the-

ater, or play a game of pool. Once outdoors, family and friends could head to the putting green, swing a tennis racket, swim in the infinity pool, take a boat ride or kayak off the dock. The options are endless! “Barbra’s love of cooking and gardening and Ken’s passion for guitars, movies and fine wines,” were the design inspirations that Pam and Mac followed. The architectural plans were executed, a builder was hired and the team began the build! The team had weekly meetings and Barbra and Pam had tireless shopping days utilizing all of Pam’s (PBD’s) sources in pursuit of finding the perfect plumbing fixtures (Klaff ’s), unique tile/marble/stone (Akdo, Ann Sacks, and Klaff ’s) and antique art deco lighting and furnishings from Stamford’s antique district. All the components had to be perfect to compliment Mac’s “signature” detailing. The interior was filled with custom oak beams and corbels, paneled walls and ever changing ceilings. Barbra and Pam worked closely with artist and decorative painter, Jayne Howard of Jayne of Jayne Howard Studios, to select both the perfect hue for each room and to use her talents to enhance the the finishes on the custom cabinetry, select ceilings and walls. Each room then took on its own personality while still flowing into the next. East Coast Home + Design

Partners in Design.indd 69


1/7/17 11:59 AM

Eclectic Design

It took about 14 months to fully complete the construction, with designers adding little details to continue the vibe of comfortable elegance throughout the house. For example, Jayne artfully decoupaged Barbra’s collection of Broadway playbills above the wainscoting in the first-floor powder room, which is also equipped with an elegant vanity and top-of-the-line plumbing fixtures. The master bathroom, on the other hand, features gorgeous flowing ceilings, cabinetry, stone and tiles, a graduated paint finish and a custom dressing table made of black walnut. In the bedroom dubbed the “Moroccan room,” the décor includes peacock silk drapes, custom bedding and bespoke stenciled and glazed walls by Jayne.

Details, Details, Details!

The architect, Mac, describes what it’s like walking into the house as there being a distant view and almost instantly seeing the ground dropping away to the river below. The foyer envelopes you with warm exposed oak beams and custom corbels, flanked by the dining room with upholstered walls, antique furnishings, and ambient lighting. The open living room showcases glass French doors that highlight the expansive views, juxtaposed to the living room lies the piano alcove. When entering from the mudroom you are flanked by a glass wall of shelves that house Barbra’s plants opposing artful storage and a gardener’s sink. The dogs were not left out in the design process and have heated cubbies for their beds. You then meander through the butler’s pantry into the dramatic kitchen, opening to the breakfast room and family room, all with stunning views. 70


Partners in Design.indd 70

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In the powder room, Pam and Jayne artistically laid out Barbra’s collection of Broadway playbills and Jayne, in turn, decoupaged them ever so elegantly above the wainscoting.

Partners in Design.indd 71

1/7/17 12:00 PM

One of the favorite rooms in the house is Ken’s library with corner windows, custom pine woodwork, and a limestone fireplace.

Partners in Design.indd 72

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Partners in Design.indd 73

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As you descend down the staircase to the lower level, you encounter an iron-gated wine room, Ken’s guitar room, a movie theatre, a well-equipped gym and sauna, as well as a family room with a pool table. All present with views of the river and access to a cigar porch and a rambling path that leads to either a cozy 74

fire pit or the dock below.

The Kitchen

The gourmet kitchen was designed around a custom, cobalt blue, Aga stove that is accented by an arts & crafts, colorful


Partners in Design.indd 74

1/7/17 12:00 PM

The cabinetry was designed by Hemingway and then further enhanced with a custom mixed paint finish and glazing by Jayne, the decorative painter from Jayne Howard Studios.

Partners in Design.indd 75

1/7/17 12:00 PM

The Moroccan room envelops you with the peacock silk drapes, custom bedding with Jayne’s bespoke stenciled and glazed walls.

Partners in Design.indd 76

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Partners in Design.indd 77

1/7/17 12:01 PM

tile backsplash. The cabinetry was designed by Hemingway and then further enhanced with a custom mixed paint finish and glazing by Jayne, the decorative painter from Jayne Howard Studios. A unique feature of this kitchen is special storage for Barbara’s home grown, organic herbs. Using the client’s influence, the stone fabricator then designed the “Utting” edge to complete their unique limestone counter tops. The kitchen island features a burled maple top that is antibacterial. The arched, tile-barrel ceiling has three retractable hanging fixtures. The kitchen opens up to the breakfast room with expansive corner windows, which capture the rays of light from both the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The Library

One of the family ’s favorite rooms 78


Partners in Design.indd 78

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Partners in Design.indd 79

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Partners in Design.indd 80

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is Ken’s library, which has a built-in desk and upholstered furniture that offer the function and comfort a library/ office needs. Featuring custom pine woodwork, a limestone fireplace and numerous windows that overlook the Saugatuck River, the library is a perfect sanctuary to work, relax or play guitar.

The Exterior

With no nearby homes in range of vision, this residence truly feels like a resort. The full view of the river from the porch and the stucco finish panels in a timber frame add to the elegant natural theme. To help the home blend into its surroundings, landscape architect Diane Devore used an abundance of elaborate gardens and custom masonry to create an alluring welcome to a marvelous home. Resources Interior Designer Partners by Design Pamela Stanley Dix Principal Designer 203.332.7332 partnersbydesignct.com Architect McKee (Mac) Patterson Austin Patterson Disston Architects 376 Pequot Avenue PO Box 61 Southport CT 06890 203.255.4031 apdarchitects.com A beautiful Arts and Crafts style home that is perfectly situated to take advantage of the views of the everchanging Saugatuck River.

Landscape Architect Diane Devore Landscape Architect 203-256-8950 devoreassoc.com Decorative Painter Jayne Howard Jayne Howard Studios Creative Photography Painting Specialist 914.261.0039 jaynehowardstudios.com

East Coast Home + Design

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A Nantucket Paean to Legacy & Eco-Elegance When asked to redesign the interior of a Nantucket classic, Dujardin Design honors the past while shaping the future into serene sophistication. Story by Deborah J. Brannon | Photography by Michael Partenio

Dujardin.indd 82

1/7/17 11:47 AM


This graceful patio encompasses both dining and living areas with sumptuous furniture imported from France, watched over by an august and remarkable tree.


rudy Dujardin of Dujardin Design is a joyful master of her art. That art, of course, is interior design, and her work is led by her sophisticated attention to detail and her personal philosophy of eco-elegance. In fact, when you work with Trudy, you get more than an amazing interior—you find yourself collaborating with a friend whose infectious delight uplifts everyone she encounters. It’s no wonder her clients often comment that she “makes the design process fun again.” While looking through Dujardin Design’s portfolio of the many different interiors the firm has crafted, you’ll find that two qualities jump out at you: home and serenity. Each photograph suggests a deep dialogue between Trudy ’s design and the homeowners’ most authentic selves, with that tête-à-tête emerging as a tailored personal sanctuary where life can happen. Trudy ’s method and philosophy were engaged to magnificent effect at this American classic nestled on Nantucket. The homeowners were seeking respite from their Washington, DC, and New York City lives with this seaside home, and were moving away from a cottage in Siasconset, Massachusetts. “They had a little cottage that was very country, cute and very Nantucket,” explains Trudy. “But when they moved some of the things to this house, they realized, ‘Uh-oh, this just doesn’t work.’” Her clients wanted a refreshed, modern feel that stayed true to the legacy of the house and honored

its illustrious architect, Hugh Newell Jacobsen. One of the homeowner’s lifelong dreams was to own a home built by a notable architect, and this remarkable residence designed and built by Jacobsen fulfills that desire. Jacobsen is one of the foremost architects of the 20th century, with a style largely informed by American vernacular architecture. His expression of this vernacular is minimalist, embracing simplicity and strong, clean geometric forms. The house is almost composed of cubes grouped together, with a central hallway providing access in both directions. With the homeowner’s vested interest in celebrating and honoring Jacobsen’s work, the intrinsic architecture of the home inspired Trudy ’s choices. “The design evolved out of this beautiful style of the architect,” says Trudy, “and since they ’d come from a very country cottage and this house was so contemporary, they wanted to embrace that feeling, too.” Their collaboration unfolded by honoring the architecture with beautiful, classic design while also reflecting comfortable, modern sensibilities. COOL, TEXTURED LIVING “Hugh Newell Jacobsen is known for white interiors—very bright, light interiors,” observes Price Connors, senior designer at Dujardin Designs and Trudy ’s right hand on this project. So Trudy ’s design for the space played along, freshening the walls’ existing East Coast Home + Design

Dujardin.indd 83


1/7/17 11:48 AM

A restful palette accentuated with thoughtful floral additions encourages relaxation, while the dreamy counterpoint of a Wolf Kahn painting fosters intimacy.

Dujardin.indd 84

1/7/17 11:48 AM

Dujardin.indd 85

1/7/17 11:48 AM

A Kepler Hanging Lantern from Gregorius|Pineo gives the eye a place to rest between the retractable French doors and the upper windows.

Dujardin.indd 86

1/7/17 11:48 AM

color and using cool colors or light earth tones for a complementary palette throughout the residence. The living room is a haven of beige and buff notes, with punctuations of natural wood and fibers—such as the walnut dining table custom-made by noted designer Rose Tarlow, and the sandy welcome of a diamond sisal area rug by Stark. In the master bedroom, Trudy shifted into the serene embrace of sea-glass shades, accenting the bright purity of walls and floor with pale blue-green in the sitting area, window seat, counterpane and window-shade trim. While working within a simple color palette, Trudy gamboled throughout the interior with a delightful profusion of textures. There’s the sisal rug, woven raffia on the ottoman, linen on the furniture and so many other details encouraging luxurious moments of tactile engagement. “The textures are what made it really fascinating,” Price observes. “If you look on those dining chairs around that fabulous table we had custom-made for the center, you’ll see that the back is laced up in suede.” Natural fibers aren’t the only sources of texture here: visual textures enchant the eye and refresh the spirit as well, and Trudy used patterns and paintings just as precisely and deliberately. In the master bedroom, you can see the inclusion of ikat fabric—beloved by the homeowner—the dyed fibers woven together into a magical, almost Baroque pattern characterized by the soft blurriness inherent to the form. Nearby hangs a painting by renowned American painter Wolf Kahn, the canvas a dreamy impressionistic field of soft color East Coast Home + Design

Dujardin.indd 87


1/7/17 11:48 AM

The clean bright lines of the kitchen are ruled over by an island—just refinished—custom-made by Hugh Newell Jacobsen for the residence. Dujardin Design’s minimalist choices here honor that legacy.

that further infuses the room with serenity. Another Kahn painting above the mantel in the living room speaks with more passion, its livelier colors and denser composition reflecting louder moments of camaraderie. STATEMENT PIECES Just outside the master bedroom, standing august and proud on a small table in the central hallway, is a marine-encrusted stoneware jar. This is one of Trudy ’s favorite pieces in the house, discovered on a joyful antique shopping trip with her client in New York. The jar was recovered from a 16th-century shipwreck in the South China Sea, just off the coast of Java. Now incorporated into this sophisticated Nantucket seaside residence, the jar brings a touch of age and the mercurial depths of the sea into the home’s atmosphere. Its worn striations of taupe, burnt umber and cream perfectly suit Trudy ’s carefully calibrated design, permitting the existence of a small enigma: the existence of a shipwrecked 16th-century glazed stoneware jar in this place at this time is simultaneously surprising and familiar. It just belongs. Another powerful piece is wholly contemporary and hangs suspended above the dining table: a handwrought iron armillary sphere from Gregorius|Pineo. When activated, this lighting fixture is both passively striking and positively transformative. “The shadows that it casts on the walls and ceiling is very mystical, magical,” explains Trudy. In addition to enlivening the senses, the armillary disrupts the binary of high and low, allowing the eye a place to rest on its way between the patio doors and the high windows above. 88


Dujardin.indd 88

1/7/17 11:49 AM

Dujardin.indd 89

1/7/17 11:49 AM

Hugh Newell Jacobsen’s signature egg-crate bookshelves surround a cushioned window seat, while comfortable chairs in pale seafoam and elegant dark wood companionably fit this airy bedroom.

The inclusion of this armillary is another adept play off Jacobsen’s architecture, creating interplay between his windows and use of light and the warm sophistication of Trudy ’s design. As Price so succinctly puts it, “We did that to activate the whole space.” OUTSIDE COMFORT The homeowners entertain quite often in their Nantucket sanctuary, and the capacity to easily mingle indoors and outdoors is a boon to that program. Jacobsen’s cleverness extended that far: he incorporated retractable French doors into the living room. “And when they have parties,” Trudy says, “they push those divided light doors back into the wall, and people flow from the living room to the patio, and back and forth.” And if the homeowners or guests wish to enjoy the fresh sea air from indoors? Price explains, “When the glass doors glide into the wall, you can also pull out another door that matches all the mullions but is actually screened, so the doors can be open and it doesn’t disrupt his architectural flow.” With the stage so beautifully laid out, Trudy and Price went to work dressing it in a comfortable elegance that equally supports the enjoyment of both those being entertained and those seeking peace. The patio is arranged in two main areas, one for dining and another for lounging and conversation. All the furniture is very contemporary, woven acrylic in a high style, and imported from France. The pure white of the chairs and tables shines comfortably among 90

the bluestone flagstones, merrily reflecting the weathered gray and bright white of the house’s exterior. A well-trimmed lawn and lush trellised greenery freshen the atmosphere, alongside the thoughtful inclusion of a half dozen containers heaped with colorful blooms and verdant ferns. Carefully selected throw pillows provide additional pops of color. And then there’s nature’s pièce de résistance: across that tidy lawn, at the edge of the house, stands a century-old tree with branches twisting toward the sky. The view is striking, as enchanting closeup as from afar. Circling the tree’s trunk is a deck, which Trudy has set up with chaises so one can enjoy the shade and show of aged branches and yearly leaves. With each successive, thoughtful choice, Trudy left no desire unanticipated. ECO-ELEGANCE Eco-elegance is a term that Dujardin Design’s clients coined to describe Trudy ’s dedication to designing interiors with health in mind. Indeed, Trudy believes that investing in the health of your home— using nontoxic and sustainable materials and more—is the ultimate in luxurious living. “We spend so much of our time inside—I call it being in a container,” she says. “We wake up in the morning, we’re in a container; we get in the car, we’re in another container; we take the kids to school, it’s another container. They ’re on a school bus, we’re


Dujardin.indd 90

1/7/17 11:49 AM

at the doctor’s office—we’re always in containers. You want to make sure that container—the indoor air quality—supports your health and well-being.” Trudy ’s philosophy encompasses her approach to design, and she is a LEED accredited professional. Not only does Dujardin Design strive to array its interiors in eco-friendly fabrics, sustainable woods and carefully selected antiques, but Trudy is a wealth of knowledge about maintaining one’s home beautifully while keeping unnecessary chemicals out of the way. Her blog “Holistic House,” on her website, shares her knowledge and tips via what she calls “gently green conversations.” Trudy brought her expertise and care to bear on this Nantucket residence, using the gentlest and best-quality paints and finishes. The design crew used Benjamin Moore Aura paint, which is low VOC and mildew-resistant while still maintaining long-lasting brightness, and finished the floors with Basic Coatings. Both products are water-borne and nontoxic. Her wide use of beautiful natural fibers contributes to the home’s health as well, and even that gorgeous shipwrecked jar bears a badge of eco-elegance honor: as it says on Dujardin Design’s website, “created with less-toxic products years ago, antiques have long since completed any chemical off-gassing, maintaining your home’s indoor air quality.” The fresh air of this Nantucket home is certain to stay that way. East Coast Home + Design

Dujardin.indd 91


1/7/17 11:49 AM

Dujardin.indd 92

1/7/17 11:49 AM

Trudy describes her time reinvigorating this Nantucket classic and creating a home to suit her clients as a very satisfying and fun experience. Indeed, with the jubilant collaboration of the homeowners and Price’s invaluable support, she couldn’t go wrong. And the collaboration is far from over—Trudy just redid some guestrooms and evolved the media room—and she can’t stop enthusing about this project. “As you walk in the front door, you look through the foyer, and the dining table’s framed beautifully—architecturally articulated by the molding there and the entry—and then you look beyond the table, out to the back and…I don’t know. Every time I walk in there, that spot makes my heart do a little leap.” Resources: Interior Designer & President Dujardin Design Associates, Inc. Trudy Dujardin FASID, LEED AP+ID+C P.O. Box 5202 Westport, CT 06881 203.838.8100 dujardindesign.com Senior Designer & Project Manager Dujardin Design Associates, Inc Price Connors P.O. Box 5202 Westport, CT 06881 203.838.8100 dujardindesign.com

Dujardin.indd 93

1/7/17 11:50 AM




nthony Lawrence –Belfair, custom upholstery and curtain manufacturer, in collaboration with Chilton & Chadwick hosted a holiday soirée at their now open Greenwich showroom. It was a night of cheer, music and mingling amongst Fairfield counties most well-known Interior Designers, Architects and Artists. Anthony Lawrence – Belfair has been working with some of the most influential interior designers around the world over the past four decades. This family run business invites all that love design to visit the new Greenwich location to not only see quality but understand why they ’re known as “ An Interior Designers’ Workroom “. Resources Anthony Lawrence Home 138 Hamilton Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 203.869.8820 anthonylawrence.com Chilton & Chadwick Old Greenwich, CT 203.987.4789 chiltonandchadwick.com


Profile.indd 94


1/9/17 2:13 PM

Profile.indd 95

1/9/17 2:13 PM


​​​​​​T ile America Wins 2016 Best Showroom HOBI Award


ile America received the 2016 Best Showroom HOBI Award from Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Fairfield County for the Fairfield showroom located at 515 Commerce Drive, Fairfield, CT. “We are honored to receive this prestigious award, especially one of our collaborative showrooms with Torrco Design Center,” explains Brian Knies, owner of Tile America. Tile America and Torrco offer a wide array of product lines consisting of traditional, modern and transitional design concepts to satisfy the needs and desires of all customers. Lana Camera, Showroom Designer and Product Manager for Tile America collaborated with Dawn Corbo, Business Development Director for Torrco, to select products, develop the floor plan and layout of the space. The design of the collaborative showroom maximizes the 4,800 square foot space to incorporate open walkways for customers. Keeping with the layout of other shared showrooms, Tile America and Torrco strategically place design consultant workstations in the center of the showroom to maximize customer assistance. The main floor of the showroom 96

Profile.indd 96

displays 2,500 square feet of Caesar porcelain wood look tile creating a modern, yet warm and inviting atmosphere. The showroom features 27 display vignettes with feature walls, showcasing the latest in stone, waterjet, porcelain and glass tiles. Each vignette is enhanced with state-of-the art products and fixtures offered by Torrco, including beautiful free standing tubs, vanities, sinks, faucets, toilets and accessories. The showroom boasts 3 full room concepts, a working tiled shower, a large selection of working kitchen faucets featuring the latest in engineered quartz, granite and stone countertops. Tile America is a member of AIA, ASID, HBRA, HDD, IMI and NKBA. Torrco Design Center is a member of NKBA, HBRA, DPHA, ASID, ASA, PHCC, CHCC, and additionally has staff designers certified by NKBA. tileamerica.com


1/9/17 1:58 PM


MARCH 16–19, 2017 | NYC





DIFFA’S DINING BY DESIGN New York 2017, diffa.org

EastCoastH+D-TradeOutAd-1216.indd 1 Covers Jan 2017 ECH+D.indd 3

12/2/16 2:43 PM 1/5/17 3:10 PM

Covers Jan 2017 ECH+D.indd 4

1/3/17 10:02 AM