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There never seems to be enough time during training to review all of the excellent websites that exist to help agents perform better. The following list has been created, curated and updated for well over a decade. There are always new sites popping up and some sites add features to make it better. This list is created as a reference, but is not a complete list of all Real Estates sites across the web, just those that I've used and find useful in everyday practice. I hope you enjoy and feel free to visit to contribute more sites or find an updated list. You can also visit for a list of useful real estate mobile apps. ~Matthew Rathbun

Free Marketing Tools

Listing Distribution Website Listing Aggregator Listing Aggregator

Premium Marketing Tools

Single listing websites Exceptional list of listing marketing resources Digital and Analog agent and listing marketing tools

Agent Promotion and Marketing Tools

Setup Social Media Marketing on Free marketing and business tools for agents free marketing and business tools for agents Build contemporary resume easily for free Manage your Google Business profile Market information and marketing tools Real Estate Flyer templates and design suite Premium marketing platform for social media and blogging content CMA and Presentation suite Press Release system Digital and Analog marketing system Low priced, exceptional marketing freelancers

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


Transaction Management

Transaction Tasklist and Management Docusign Transaction Room – Document/Transaction management Contract writing software Gmail based transaction management system Buyer and Seller estimated closing cost form (MRIS users use

Client Resources

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Credit Scoring Information Local Crime Reporting Consumer Feedback on local daycare centers


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Offender and Crime information EPA Information School comparison information Walkabiilty Factor for Community Utility Information for Buyers and Sellers Flood Insurance Information Mold Information Lead paint information DEA meth lab lookup Check if someone died in a house by address Full Report of all available information on a house

Graphic and Photo Editing Tools

Google free photo editing tools (similar to LightRoom Wordle Maker Tilt Shift effect Free software similar to “Photoshop” Graphic editor with contemporary and social media templates Turn .png files into .jpg files

Document and Presentation Sharing

Document and PowerPoint Sharing Embeds PDF in a magazine like fashion on a website Hosts PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations Free desktop office suite Convert documents to different formats (PDF to Word) Create PDF out of a website Free cloud-base office suite

Meeting and Scheduling Tool

Free conference call app group calendar and scheduling app Find time on multiple people’s calendar

Research and Reference

Property resource with exceptional reports branded to the agent Free ebooks and resource guides for Realtors Resource for up-to-date research information Telephone and Reverse Number Lookup Free resource to show the value of individual upgrades by region Find out what your phone number spells

Green Resources

Enviromental Protection Agency Green Remodeling Real Estate Guidelines US Green Council HUD FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage Ecological Footprint Calculator

Website and Blog Tools

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Save current webpage for viewing later Free FTP client Insight into your website Tools to manage and promote your website Test load speed of your website Great agent site for agents and only $60 per year Site posts all blog posts to various social media accounts


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Create RSS feed for your blog URL shortener and QR maker Notify Google that your website exists Setup notifications as to when a phrase has been found on a new site

Video Tools

Largest Video hosting site Premium video hosting site Desktop Recording App


Free video conference and communication tools Mass texting system

Team Tools

Project and task communications tool Tasklist and management tool Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistants Online Lead management system

Audio Tools

Free audio editing tool free podcast hosting

Survey Tools

free surveys free surveys and embeddable contact forms

Cloud Storage Tools

Cloud storage system Cloud storage system

Organizational Tools

Free and Premium note taking (plus more) service

eMail Tools

Free email marketing system (premium upgrade) email marketing system

Social Media Tools

Organize and manage your social accounts in one place feed to your Facebook account Stage posts for later distribution

Listing Promotion

Virtual Staging tool to enhance listing photos 3D home models Online offer platform Map engine lets you create your own Google Map


Voicemail system with emailed transcripts

Broker Tools

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Market Share and Recruitment Software Recruitment marketing and personality tests Meeting and Training registration tool Onboarding and Coaching system for Real Estate

Realtor Site Tools

Find your NRDS number Realtor Quizzes Rookie Toolkit Website help for Realtors NAR International Information Resort and Second Homes NAR Legislative Issues NAR Daily News NAR Field Guides NAR (Fill in the Blanks) news releases NAR Personalized Marketing Realtor Banner graphics Realtor Ad Generator NAR Local Public Awareness Realtor Technology Realtor Benefits NAR Realtor Property Resource

Automation System

Various apps that perform a myriad of business and personal tasks

Password Management

Password Manager Password Manager Password Manager

Client Testimonials

Client solicitation and management system

Business Planning

free business planning assistant app

last updated: 11.25.2016

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Websites Real Estate Agents Must Know About  

This is a list of websites from Matthew Rathbun that will help real estate agents market themselves better, do business better and be set ap...

Websites Real Estate Agents Must Know About  

This is a list of websites from Matthew Rathbun that will help real estate agents market themselves better, do business better and be set ap...