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Overview: Under Armour Image Research Current Performance Problem Statement Audience Under Armour • Promise Values Logo Typography Interaction Imagery

UNDER ARMOUR Under Armour is a sports and fitness apparel brand with the mission to “make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.� With high quality materials, competitive loyalties, and athletic sponsorships, UA strives to be a leader in elite fitness apparel and lifestyle.

IMAGE Under Armour pushes the idea of elite athleticism. The imagery and visual identity promote the epitome of fitness.

IMAGE Under Armour uses professional athletes and other celebrities to promote their brand; all of whom are at a peak of physical fitness.

Sponsored celebrities appeal more to a younger demographic of users and can represent where they aspire to be.

CURRENT PERFORMANCE Currently, UA’s overall performance is in a decline in relation to other sports apparel brands like Nike and adidas, and in the collegiate realm, lacks a strong foothold. operating margin (TTM) - 13.00%



- 11.00% - 9.00%

profrit margin (TTM)


- 7.00%

8.11% 7.97%

- 13.00%


- 11.00% - 9.00% - 7.00% - 5.00% OCT ‘16

NOV 16

DEC 16

JAN 17

FEB 17

MAR 17


5.57% 4.81%

UA also doesn’t have as strong a presence in collegiate sponsorships, either, staying in competition with Nike, adidas, and Russel Athletics in multiple college leagues.






BIG 12


PROBLEM More college-aged users are engaging in personal fitness journeys to increase wellness and lead healthier lives from a younger age. They want to embrace brands that support their journey and represents their demographic, but Under Armour’s brand seems more inclined toward already-fit clientele and less inclusive of the “average� user. This lack of representation deters younger users from embracing UA as a brand that not only makes athletes better, but helps people be better athletes.

How can the UA brand be repositioned so intermediate fitness enthusiasts can feel represented and more strongly connected to the mission of making athletes better?

AUDIENCE UA wants to re-target the collegiate bracket of users, who are currently among the most disengaged with the brand, and generally unrepresented through current marketing. AGE

USE 0-10 years


10-18 years


18-30 years


30+ years


c. 2014; https://underarmourcaseanalysis.files.wordpress. com/2014/03/ua-paper-final.pdf

Within that bracket live three major user archetypes, ranging in involvement with and motivations to use the Under Armour brand.




• Not particularly fit/ athletic

• Recreationally active; enjoys working out/ intramural sports

• Collegiate athlete

• Wears sports/fitness apparel for aesthetic over performance • Values cost/ accessibility over quality

• Needs clothes suitable for sport, not necessarily top notch • Values most quality within reasonable affordability

• Needs athletic apparel that enhances performance • Willing to pay more for best quality product

• • •

I don’t see UA around not worth the money for why I wear it just want to look good

• • •

“oh Nike has those” “costs too much” “it’s only for people who work out”

• • •

celebrities more “trendy” apparel friends wear popular brands more often

“nobody wears UA like that” pays no attention to brand statements

• •

• •

• •

• •

Would opt for UA if he really needed it just wants quality + comfort

“no UA products for my sport” “can get the same for less”

• •

“UA has the basics” “What’s better vs what’s easier to get”

other brands in more stores limited selection depending on type

school sponsorships by other brands apparel options range in bulk buys

goes for quickest buy takes what fits, regardless of brand loyalty

will spend for top performance needs what will help personal gains

would get UA, but takes others based on school loyalty settles for accessibility


“Athletic brands should be [in tune with] the culture of the customers” “...surroundings definitely play a part ... if I see friends with it, I’m more inclined”

“As a millennial ... being fashionable as well as comfortable really attracts me.” “[advertisement] effectiveness depends on your personal view of the people in the ads” Through user interviews and surveying, more insight was gained as to what consumers want in a brand and how to best connect with the target demographic.

PROPOSITION: UNDER ARMOUR • Under Armour • U is a brand campaign that focuses on collegiate users and how they can engage with UA to become better athletes in their everyday lives. The motive is not from the perspective of proving UA “sees” this demographic, but rather, intentionally wanting this demographic to see themselves in the UA marketing and branding.

PROMISE UA•U wants to reach users in a place when fitness is most important; UA•U wants to inspire your next steps by guiding your first ones.

“Inspiring your next steps”

UA•U is making athletes better -by making better athletes.

“See yourself.”

“You can run before you walk.” “Excel in any field.”

ESSENCE & VALUES UA•U wants to ensure that every representation of the campaign communicates its message -- the brand supports the user. Always look for these: JUXTAPOSITION. Where you are vs where you’re headed. FOCUS. Goal-setting. Forward. CONTRAST/BALANCE. It’s as dynamic as work and play. IN THEIR ELEMENT. If users go beyond the weight room, so can UA•U. The brand works with them in every arena.




LOGO The UA•U identity can live in three ways: black, white (negative), or the “U” can coincide with and adhere to a particular sponsored university.

Auburn Orange



“U” The UA•U “U” can correspond to any of the Under Armour-sponsored universities. This decision exists to make UA•U even more about “U”. Users are able to customize their own UA apparel as according to their school.


DIN Condensed

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 !@#$%^&*()

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 !@#$%^&*()

DIN Alternate Bold is used for UA•U body copy.

DIN Condensed is used

in the UA•U logotype; typically, this typeface is only utilized here.

Wanted M54 is used for the UA•U “U” in the logotype, mark, and in collateral. The “U” is typically outlined.


The Edo SZ typeface is unique to the UA•U identity because of its active personality; the typeface captures the athletic, bold energy of UA•U and brings a fresh vibe to the Under Armour visual aesthetic.

INTERACTION Users can engage with the brand through platforms already frequented by the target audience; the campaign can live in-store, or digitally via social media platforms.

Northwestern University

Utah University

IMAGERY The UA•U imagery puts the consumer directly into the brand. By juxtaposing UA products or sponsored individuals with depictions of the target audience, it visually reinforces the idea of pairing “where you are” with “where you want to be.” Though it may be niche collateral, it opens the visual identity to be more inclusive and relatable.

Under Armour • U shows that an athletic brand can work with the lifestyle of multifaceted college students. UA•U wants to bring Under Armour back to its original audience in a way that makes them visible and represented as an essential part of the identity.

Under Armour • U Brand Campaign  
Under Armour • U Brand Campaign