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24 y.o. Minimalist

More me Italian, based in Milan, graduatedproduct designer in Polytechnic of Turin and student in Polytechnic of Milan. Sport lover, I play basketball since I was 5, so I’m used to work side by side with other people. I’m relaxed, sympathetic and intuitive aptitude, in love with minimalism and simplicity in products. People think I’m a Hipster, but I like to see me as a vintage passionate. Beard included.

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Studio Fabio Novembre Milan 2019

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Ventiquattrore di sport Group: Michela Burzio Eleonora Giacometti Andrea Tortone

Reuse of a banner advertising made in TNT from sport event in Turin 2015. Bag with a wrapper function to protect, camouflage and make versatile during transportation the classic office briefcase, in order to make sporty what usually is classic.



Stick Group: Michela Burzio Michal Kolberg Andrea Tortone

Stick is an electric Last Mile Vehicle, inspired from the foldable bike designed by Richard Sapper in 1988, one of the first attempts to find a solution to the traffic of the city. Stick is a intravehicular trasportation, complementary to other means of transportation like car, bus or train. Easy to open and close with simple movements, once compacted it occupies minimal space.



Rubberevive Group: Michela Burzio Michal Kolberg

Rubberevive is a project for the recovery of rubber, as a special refusal, from national typographies. Each product, made from this material, is unique and unrepeatable for the appearance created by its use. Neb and Rose are two containers assembled with rubber, flexible for size or shape respectively. The Beret lamp can change aspects as needed, while Seamlines is a lamps line in which the electric cable function is as constitutive material and as decoration.



Damaged sheet


99% New sheet




1 sheet = 100€ Formats 35x50 cm 50x70 cm 70x100 cm 100x140 cm

Usurated sheet

1% Damaged sheet

Selling Books/Magazines

Life cycle - 1.000.000 prints





Neb is a simple container, with a shape suited to office environment inside or outside home. Closed in the two extremities it reminds the profile of a beak, hence the name Neb. Available in three sizes, it can be stored in one within the other taking advantage of the space. The reduced dimensions allow the product to be washed comfortably, as the composition of the material can accommodate all kinds of substances.


Rose is a double function container with soft and polymorphic profile that recalls a nature rose form. In the closed configuration, pockets are created, which may contain organic material, such as plants or flowers. Thanks to some buttons, it’s possible to change the basic shape creating a more capacious multi-purpose container. Rose is intended for a private home or an office area.


Seamlines is a lamps family that exploits the electric cable in order to close the lampshades shape. Three suspension lamps, Conic, Teepee and Arrow, are made from various basic shapes such as square or ellipse, closed to different cones, creating three types of light beams based on changing needs. The cable is made of fabric and matches the different departure sheet colors.


Beret is a suspension lamp in exaggerated shapes. It has three different configurations made from a single circular form. The open configuration defines a sort of hat, allowing the sheet to freely occupy the space asymmetrically. If the sheet is semi wrapped, with the special button, it creates a particular shade directing the light sideways. Wrapping the sheet tightly, it creates a long cylinder narrow-beam that can be combined with other similar products creating a suggestive atmosphere environment.

Breath Group: Alice Dian Jacopo Fusi Andrea Leccardi Alessio Righi Jiaxing Wang

Usually light is associated with a positive phenomenon, but its true power is that in some situations it contrasts with the common good meaning: a midday sun is unbearable and too strong, a direct light source must be covered and usually it’s difficult to look directly due to glare; Breath comes directly from this duality. The cube is constantly waiting, and when one of the two buttons is pressed it wakes up, hitting the observer with an annoying flashing, matched by an equally annoying buzz. The instinct of the user is to press the button again to make the cube stop, but surprisingly this leads the cube to intensify the annoying effect, increasing frequency and intensity, to further force the observer’s state of stress. Every subsequent attempt is useless, stress increases, the only way to make it stop is hidden in the name: Breath, “Take a breath”, “Wait a moment”; the cube stops autonomously after being left alone for ten seconds, teaching the value of patience and cold blood.


Breath internally has a completely removable loft structure; in the lower part we find the 12 V battery and the switch to close the circuit. On the upper part there are a Bradboard, 4 transistors, a buzzer and 6 G4 4000K LEDs onnected to an Arduino UNO which regulates the flickering and repetition of the buzzer sound based on the impulse emitted by two buttons on the upper face of the cube.

X-Tend Group: Alice Dian Jacopo Fusi Andrea Leccardi Alessio Righi

X-Tend is designed for the supermarket environment, which needs quick solutions to spend as little time as possible, maximizing efficiency; in such an environment, users who move in a wheelchair are extremely disadvantaged, both with regards to the view compared to the higher shelves, and regards their reachability. The solution we designed represents an extension of the arm in order to be able to see and grasp the products from a sitting position, without having to ask for help.



Enjoyable Group: Alice Dian Jacopo Malacarne Philip Mensah Andrea Leccardi

Enjoyable is a set of objects for the car sharing world, designed to expand the vehicle’s possibilities. The objective of the project is to equip the car sharing automobiles for various activities; a family of intelligent and friendly solutions facilitates gestures inside the Enjoy cars, in two ways: the objects of the set act as deterrents of behavior but also as indications of gestures to make driving easy even for a user not practiced to the model.


Seat adjustment

Wiper lever

Clothes hanger



SuperNormal Concept

What happens when some of the most famous chairs in the history of design meet today’s streetwear brands? Now you have an answer SuperNormal is a concept collection of some of the most famous chair in the history of design, mixed and reinterpreted with the guidelines of modern streetwear brands. The idea comes from the reverential fear with which young designers study the works of the masters of the past, considering them sacred and untouchable; on the contrary instead I believe we need to be brave enough to change, adapt and absorb their ideas, merging with modern trends and making everything more appealing for a contemporary audience, often composed of non-experts.


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Portrait Portfolio - Matteo Ercole  

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