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About Me. I love to produce simple, beautiful and elegant design solutions to your problem. Brands, brochures, websites or what have you, I have the expertise to provide solutions that help you stand out in your marketplace. I work by old fashioned ethics. You deal with me directly, Im flexible and reactive to your needs as a client and as a company.

Staying up late obsessing over every detail is my idea of a job well done. I have experience with Creative Suites 3 & 4 and extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and a deep understanding of typography and grid systems. I am also trying and learning new things all the time; I am currently learning css and xhtml for marking up websites semantically.

Freelance Clients Design solutions for real companies while working freelance. I managed the projects and was self motivated for all the work. I made every deadline and completed several other non disclosure projects.

Orchid Fitness Fitness company in East Anglia offering pilates, massage and fitness instruction. I had the job of researching and designing the website and logo.

“I have found Matt's creativity and guidance inspirational. He has had plenty of patience for the less computer literate. It is comforting to know that I have got a great website with the knowledge that the technical backup will be there when I need it. Thank you� Nikki Hambling, Orchid Fitness

Striptees UK Local specialist printing company wanting a complete rebrand came to me with high hopes of their brand name. They have reported to me their return on investment (ROI) has been exceptionally fast and their business continues to grow.

I am now working with them to create this brand presence online. I was responsible for the research and design of the logo, website and printed work and photography.

Bob Kerr and his Whoopee Band From the Genius of the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band. Bob Kerr and his traveling whoopee band have travelled all around europe.

I was responsible for the bands logo which was used on every medium the band could think of. From Mugs to Banners they wanted a colourful and infinitely scaleable logo that suited the British eccentricity the band portrayed.

Cellranger Brochure Small internet company selling signal enhancers wanted an illustrative brochure demonstrating their product to be produced on masse for their small shop in San Francisco.

They love the final result and the brochures are on display in their retail store in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, cellular coverage isn’t perfect. Millions of wireless

The Cell Ranger Media Kit Thanks for your interest in Cell Ranger. We’ve spent more than two years in development, and we’re excited about finally bringing our products to the public This media kit contains important information about our product, please take time to review it before testing or writing about Cell Ranger. CONTENTS: P3



The technology behind Cell Ranger


The product line


How to test Cell Ranger


Causes of poor reception:

customers are caught in dead cell zones at home, in the office, or


while commuting. For some people, occasional dropped calls are

America is a big country, with a population th

a minor annoyance. But for users who regularly experience signal

a very large land area. This makes building c

problems, it can be a major frustration.

considerably more expensive for American ce their European counterparts.

Cell phone towers are expensive to build and

Our solution:

sized cell tower costs hundreds of thousands o

Cell Ranger is a portable solution to signal problems. Whether at

order to minimize infrastructure costs, carriers p

home or on the go, anyone can plug in Cell Ranger and enjoy fewer

carefully to cover the maximum number of peo

dropped calls and 2 to 3 bars stronger signal.

number of towers. Because of the spacing bet

Cell Ranger’s applications:

of customers live in fringe coverage areas whe

Carriers know that such fringe areas exist, but HOME/OFFICE USE

new towers is simply not financially viable.

Poor reception at home or in the office can be a major frustration. Cell phones have become the dominant method of day to day to


communication, but signal problems can make staying connected

Cellular signals are transmitted on very high fr


easily absorbed by building materials, particu

concrete. This means that signal conditions ins

A. Press Release B. Relevant statistics


considerably weaker than outdoors, with walls

C. Our testing

Cell Ranger’s portable format makes it easy to On the road

signal from nearby cell phone towers.

Road warriors and business travelers need to be constantly

These problems are further complicated by an

connected, but coverage on the road can be unpredictable. Cell

called “multipath interference.” Cellular signal

Ranger STIX, the 12V in-vehicle version of our product, solves these

buildings and landscape features often arrive


destructively interfere, creating dead spots wh should otherwise be strong.


Newly built EVDO and UMTS networks means that you can now get broadband data access without a fixed line service. However, the real-world download speeds of these networks depend very strongly on the signal strength. Cell Ranger PORT’s USB interface makes it a perfect complement to 3G data cards, allowing broadband data users to achieve up to 200% faster download speeds.

The technology behind Cell Ranger To overcome pricing and design obstacles, our engineers were forced to think outside the mould of existing booster products. Their research resulted in the development of the Cell Ranger microprocessor, which forms the core of our first two products, PORT and STIX. The Cell Ranger microprocessor means that our products are

How the microprocessor works:

able to actively analyze cellular signals and dynamically

When cell phones place and receive calls, they are

select the signals need amplification in order to provide the clearest call quality.

assigned a frequency “channel” that is used to communicate with the nearest cell tower. The clarity of the received call depends on the “signal to noise” ratio – i.e. the strength of


Cell Ranger is simple to use

The Cell Ranger microprocessor measures signal leve

automatically sets itself up to amplify the necessary si input from the user is necessar y.

the cellular signal relative to the surrounding signal “noise”. Most existing cellular booster products amplify the entire frequency spectrum, including the “noise” that surrounds that carrier channels. Amplifying noise means that these products harm the overall quality of carrier networks. For this reason, most big cellular networks have been unwilling to promote use of such products on their networks.

Cell Ranger is carrier friendly.

Cell Ranger amplifies the signals that cell phones nee

not the noise surrounding the cellular signals. By scan

the cellular bands, Cell Ranger determines exactly w

frequencies are being used, and amplifies only those

Instead of blindly amplifying the entire frequency spectrum, Cell Ranger’s microprocessor detects the channels being

Cell Ranger is intelligent.

used by the cell phone to communicate with the network,

The Cell Ranger microprocessor carefully monitors sig

and restricts amplification to those signals. This unique

to provide the necessary amplification on the right ch

approach makes Cell Ranger products completely carrier

By updating this information every 2 seconds, Cell R

friendly, and distinguishes our products from existing

makes sure that signal levels are maintained at optim


for best call quality.


the antenna in the 1 Place area where you get the best signal

Our products


• Our first two products, PORT and Stix, are designed as compact, portable

USB Powered (no drivers or software needed – PORT only uses USB for power)

solutions for users with reception problems.



Compatible with every US and Canadian carrier and cell phone (except legacy Nextel phones on the Sprint network)

• • •

2 – 3 bars more signal in a 6 foot coverage radius

12V cigarette lighter powered Perfect for cars, trucks, RVs, and marine applications Easy installation

Prevents dropped calls and improves audio quality Compatible with broadband 3G data services – up to 200% faster download speeds.

• • •

Easy installation

Intelligent amplification controlled by the Cell Ranger microprocessor


110V AC Adapter Our AC adapter includes adapters for both PORT and STIX units, and includes a 10 ft cord. Cell Ranger JUICE - Universal Rechargeable battery JUICE is a rechargeable battery back for Cell Ranger PORT that allows you to boost your signal no matter where you are. Juice Ranger comes with a full range of phone adapters, which means that it can also be used as a backup battery supply for most major phones and portable electronics.

the 15’ cable from the 2 Run antenna to your laptop or computer

better cell p 3 Enjoy reception and fas access


Cell Ranger Home

Expected in Q1 2009, Cell Ranger’s Home uni

square feet coverage for fixed installations in ho details soon to come… CELL RANGER’S DOWNLINK AMPLIFICATIO

Both PORT and STIX units provide 50dB of dow

uplink gain, i.e. signals coming from the tower t

amplified, but signals being sent by your cell ph not.

We chose only to provide downlink gain, beca

that weak downlink signal is the cause of almos

The reason for this is that the components and a

ers are much more sensitive than those in your c

In some rare cases, uplink issues also cause pro

happens, users will see full bars on their cell pho

drop when they try to place a call. The PORT an

problem, but they do fix downlink problems – i.e dropping calls and it has low signal bars.


Find a location with weak cell phone signal (your should show low bars, or calls should be regularly dropping).

Run the Cell Ranger’s magnetic mount antenna to an open area (balcony, window, etc) that has clearer signal than

to test Cell Ranger

indoors. Please consider the following:

est and evaluate Cell Ranger’s performance, it’s important that you

The separation between Cell Ranger and the

right location to perform testing, and that the product is installed correctly.

signal antenna is very important. Cell Ranger

y the gradation of signal bars is not standardized, so depending on the

will reduce it’s amplification considerably if

ufacturer the number of bars of signal improvement may vary.

there is not enough separation between the

we recommend using the Apple iPhone’s in-built “Field Test” mode, which

If you are not seeing an improvement in signal strength of at

antenna and the main unit. This is to prevent feedback effects.

e exact received signal strength for different nearby towers. Instructions

g and using the iPhone’s Field Test mode are included below.

Not seeing results?

Using the iPhone Field Test mode.

• Prevent line of sight between Cell Ranger and the signal antenna. Ideally Cell Ranger should be installed with

In the iPhone’s dial prompt, type in *3001#12345# and press “call”. This will open the “Field Test” menu.

• •

Select the “Cell Information” option.

least 10dBm, this indicates that there might be a problem with the installation. Check the setup instructions above and make sure there is plenty of separation and no line of sight between the antenna and the PORT unit.

Each row corresponds to on nearby tower. The number after

If you are still not seeing the results, please take a moment

a wall or some sort of barrier blocking line

the “RX” value indicates the signal strength of each tower (in

and call us at (949) 878-8202.

of sight between the signal antenna and

dBm), and the “FQ” value shows which frequency channel it is

the Cell Ranger unit. This increases isolation


and can dramatically affect performance.

RX values are all negative, and a less negative number means

Once the outdoor antenna has been correctly

stronger signal. For example, weak signals are in the – 90 to

located, plug PORT into an available USB

-107dBm range, whereas stronger signal is in the -70dBm to


-89dBm range.

Plug in Cell Ranger, and use the “refresh” button to update

It takes up to 1 minute for cell phones

the signal levels. Depending on how close to Cell Ranger you

to update their signal bars to reflect the

are, and how well the unit is set up, the signal strength should

improved signal strength. Keep your cell

increase by between 20 to 30 dBm.

phone within 1 to 6 feet of Cell Ranger for optimal performance.

Bqzeen BBQ Technology A small company excited about their product came to me with an idea of making BBQ’s fun and asked me to create their website. The photography was outsourced to a local photographer and the Bqzeen team were very happy with the result.

The work was featured on many inspiration galleries for designers. In 3 months managed to attract just over 20,000 individual hits.

University Work Work from briefs set by the graphics staff at Bolton University. This work is from the second year.

Fortis Banking The task was about understanding brands and the identities of them. We had to produce an identity and guidelines for Fortis Bank.

Whitney Header One Semibold 45pt Type, -10pt Character Spacing & 54pt Line Height. Whitney Header One A Semibold Small Caps 35pt Type, 10pt Character Spacing & 30pt Line Height.

Whitney Header Two grey scale 80%

grey scale 60%

Medium 35pt Type, -10pt Character Spacing & 54pt Line Height.

grey scale 40%

Typography Headings Logo Colours

The typefaces and the spacing shown in the styles above are the set guides for the headings and body text. The importance of the text and heading is your decision. These Headers are only guidelines the versions of the fonts can be used if shown. Whitney Black is the only weight prohibited.

Fortis Bank has three main colours. Careful and distinctive use of the colours will support and enhance the logo and typeface used. Distinctive use of the three colours has been given for the stationery and all other items, which are detailed further on in this Design Guide under Stationary and Advanced Elements. Black and white versions of the logo will use the top values for the colours. This is the equivelent of a one colour logo as it uses only tints of black. Colour Matching Printed Items with Pantones references must be matched, whether being reproduced on coated paper, uncoated paper, other materials or any materials with effects applied. In most cases the colours will be printed as specials or spot colours. However, there may be a need to reproduce the colours using the cmyk process, and care should be taken to match the colours. It is the responsibility of each printer to achieve this, making allowances for different papers, finishing and lamination.

pantone 225c C: 51 M: 100 Y: 0 K: 25

R: 115 G: 20 B: 114

pantone rubine red C: 0 M: 100 Y: 15 K: 4

R: 226 G: 1 B: 119

pantone 646c C: 65 M: 30 Y: 0 K: 11

R: 78 G: 138 B: 190

When the Whitney font is not available to you an alternative of Verdana can be used and should be used on the web and other documents where the font is needed to display. Other typographic styles can be made although please make sure that it includes correct kerning and line spacing.

Whitney Header Two A Semibold Small Caps 20pt Type, 10pt Character Spacing & 22pt Line Height

Whitney Header Three Book 35pt Type, -10pt Character Spacing & 26pt Line Height. Whitney Header Three A Book Italic 20pt Type, 50pt Character Spacing & 22pt Line Height

Basic Body Text, Whitney 10.5pt Type Light. 20pt Line height and 10pt Character Spacing.

Ichbin auf dem schmalenWege vorbei, und gewinnt über solche ganze Reihen den Vortheil. Stehtman still, um etwas zu betrachten, so kommen sie einem wieder zuvor,und man ist doch durch große Schluchten und Thäler nach Italien, derandere gleicherweise die Reuß nach dem See zu erblicken, indemein tiefer Nebel das ganze Thal, konntenin der Ferne gegen Nordwest sich unterschied.

Larger Body Text, Whitney 14pt Type Light, 20pt Line Height and 10pt Character Spacing.

Ichbin auf dem schmalenWege vorbei, und gewinnt über solche ganze Reihen den Vortheil. Stehtman still, um etwas zu betrachten, so kommen sie einem wieder zuvor,und man ist doch durch große Schluchten und Thäler nach Italien, See zusich unterschied.

Web Body Text, Verdana 10pt Type Light, 20pt Line Height and 0pt Character Spacing.

Ichbin auf dem schmalenWege vorbei, und gewinnt über solche ganze Reihen den Vortheil. Stehtman still, um etwas zu betrachten, so kommen sie einem wieder zuvor,und man ist doch durch große Schluchten und Thäler nach Italien, derandere gleicherweise die Reuß nach dem See zu erblicken, der Ferne gegen Nordwest sich unterschied.

7 8

Staff Counter Uniforms The staff uniforms are also subject to the brand experience the counter staff uniforms are the same colours as the logo and feature the whirls. The female’s dress and head scarf are the key parts of the uniform. The uniforms will help the customers experience instore.

Credit and Debit Cards The credit and debit card designs are a key part of the bank. The text should be raised and embossed and the hologram should be inside the fortis text as a security feature. The logo is placed oversized and cropped on to the card this is the key background to the card. The card is sized to ISO ID-1, 85.60 x 53.98 mm.

21 20









for immediate release 21.5mm

contact: john doe (ext 349) 020 565 11 11

Fortis SA/NV, Rue Royale 20 1000 Brussels, Belgium Tel.: +32 (0)2 565 11 11

The Private and Commercial sector has a higher quality of customer so the paper must be to a high quality the logo to the left will be UV Varnished and the whole cover should be Matt Laminated.


Fax: +32 (0)2 565 42 22

The cover should be printed on 250gsm stock with the inside paper cheques at 180gsm this will give a heavy and more quality feel to the cheques making a difference between these and the normal cheques.

As business users will write more cheques than personal users the cheque book cover should be more rugged.

Checkbook Covers Press Release

These are the three different banking area’s cheque books. They are designed to something that you take away from Fortis that feels like the brand.

The press release needs to have the brand shown as well as get enough of the necessary information across. This is the public face of the brand so the logo has to be clear at 40mm x 400.

The cover should be printed on 200gsm stock with the inside paper cheques at 120gsm this will give a heavy duty cover and lighter cheques to fit more inside the business users checkbook.

There are set paper effects and thicknesses shown in the descriptions. This will help the individual customers gain the brand experience they require.

To change the business sector the 40mm square logo needs to be placed in the given space.

This area will have the most amount of customers requiring alot of units to be produced so the paper thickness is reduced to save on costs.

The typography used is Heading 3 in Red and Grey and the normal body copy.

The cover should be printed on 180gsm stock with the inside paper cheques at 120gsm this will give a more cost effective checkbook still with an attractive design advertising the other services. If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with John Doe please call Fortis Public Relations.


17 18

Internal Posters The internal A3 and A2 posters also need to contain a specified style inside the brand. The illustration style is simple and easy to replicate. The information text should be placed where the current Lorum Ipsom text is and the headline should be replaced with a current slogan or offer.


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Dryvers Non Alcoholic Beer The task was to understand the constraints of packaging and use 3d to mock up the final package.

Blue Screen Movies This awefully named assignment was for a blu-ray e-commerce site not unlike play or amazon. I wanted t differentiate from all the other people doing the same project so I didn’t use blue.

British Lung Foundation Brochure Project was to design a range of stationary and literature for the lung charity, making it as friendly as possible with it remaining professional.

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