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Brig Alpine SA Logo and Corporate Manual Development 10. Eiger Logo 11 - 13. Film FM Brand and Logo Development

14 - 15. 4711 Perfume Brand and Packaging Development 16 - 17. 18 - 25. 26 - 32.

Fortis Banking Logo and Stationery Durex Television Advert Development

CABE Urban Spaces Poster and Direct Mail Campaign 33 - 34.

Gourmet Olive Oil Packaging Design

Lisa Ackroyd 106 Chorley St Bolton Lancs BL1 4AL


07526 073871

alpine sports SA

alpine sports SA

alpine sports SA

alpine sports SA alpine sports SA

the truth is out there

we’ll bring it to you first




Retail Banking: Blue matched to

PANTONE速 644c Full-colour version Cyan 40% Magenta 15% Yellow 0% Black 5%

RGB version R 135 G 180 B 215

Commercial & Private Banking: Yellow matched to

PANTONE速 458c Full-colour version Cyan 10% Magenta 10% Yellow 70% Black 0%

RGB version R 235 G 215 B 100

Merchant Banking: Grey matched to

PANTONE速 Warm Gray 4c Full-colour version Cyan 0% Magenta 5% Yellow 10% Black 25%

RGB version R 200 G 195 B 185

Retail Banking Letterhead

Retail Banking Cheque Book

Address1, Address2, Address3, Postcode Tel: ............. E-mail: ............................. Web: ...........................

Addressee’s name Street Name Town County Postcode Date

Reference Number

Dear .........................

Good Design

Cheque Book 25 Cheques/5 Paying In Slips

Good design is independent of technology, style, budget, subject matter, or any other single factor. A good designer can produce excellent design in the worst of situations and with the poorest materials; an ineffective designer even with the best of everything is unable produce good design. Design is the one factor that can be counted on consistently to make a particular printed piece stand out from the rest. Ironically, it is also the factor that is most often considered expendable in a budget discussion. Although design includes a significant amount of analysis, in practice it is more like an art than



Branch Address Details..........................................

engineering; as such, it remains an essentially human endeavour.


It is the quality of design that is a key factor in determining which of the printed items we see, will be noticed, read and saved.

Senders name Title Department

A/C Payee

Yours sincerely


Cheque No.

Sort Code

£ Account Holders Name

Account No.

Trans. Code

Visualisation // Assignment 01 Project : Storyboard Aim: Produce a storyboard for a tv information advert on topic of own choice Early sketches show the young couple emerging from a nightclub before walking home but these scenes were cut from the final storyboard as the advert is aimed at teenagers, not adults, and their awareness of safe sex.

Early Sketches

Early Sketches

Final Story Plan

Final Story Plan

Final Storyboard Sketches

Final Storyboard Sketches

Final Storyboard Sketches

Visualisation // Assignment 02 Project : CABE space - Poster/Direct Mail Campaign Aim: To raise the profile of public and urban parks through poster and direct mail campaigns.

Mailshot Design // I designed the mailshot so that it would be consistent with the poster design, therefore quickly recognisable but while the poster grabs the attention it is the mailshot that provides the reader with some information on the CABE project. I chose a piece of information from the CABE website that encourages people of all ages to make use of their parks and public spaces, extolling the positive benefits of nature and ‘green space’ to their physical and mental health; the park is a free alternative to gyms in todays health concious society and a peaceful place to de-stress. The mailshot also carries the CABE logo and the positive tagline from the poster “remember, it’s your park!”

Final Mailshot Design // Front View 150mm


Final Mailshot Design // Back View 150mm


Visualisation // Assignment 03 Project : Packaging Project Aim: Design bottle labels and packaging for gourmet olive oil I sourced images of Spain and Greece and made outline drawings in illustrator. I also sourced an image of a mediterranean looking salad from the internet to be used on the label.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


I also used 3 fonts; Zapfino, Lithos Pro and Bell MT.


I stuck to a simple, 3 colour, eyecatching scheme of olive green, yellow and black.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ideal for use in salads

ideal for use in salads



Side View Final Packaging Design // Olive Oil Twin Pack I kept the design of the outer packaging consistent with the design of the bottle labels, using the same colours, fonts and images but in a slightly different arrangement. I feel the packaging looks classy, distinctive and reflects the price and market for the item. Ikept the shape of the packaging to a simple, practicle, rectangular shape to maximise shelf space in the stores.

Front View

Lisa Akroyd  

Portfolio of Graphic Designer Lisa Akroyd

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