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Friends Let Friends Let

Matt Margo



© 2011 Matt Margo

All rights reserved.

Cover art: “upside-down cross friends” © 2007 Tao Lin

This book is dedicated to everyone who has influenced my writing in any possible manner. My thanks to you are endless.


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ONE the iirish accent on ya :L some may not understand why i say this.. but it is because of these tragedies that makes her poetry become more and more beautiful. She also had alot of abortions too, including the first child she got pregnant by with Hughes,(before Sylvia killed herself) in a time when abortion was not as excepted in society. I made the movie in iMovie. per your comment: yes you do. excellent! ***** i love Finland! my lifesong :) should be a james bond theme song I didn't understand a word you said! In English? :-) The movie In The Mood For Love was followed by 2046, but will there be a third movie in the storyline? There were interesting questions left at the end of 2046, and any excuse for another movie from the that splendid mind of Wong Kar Wai is good enough for me. 27 lady gaga fans can not appreciate true music Amazing song, from amazin film... polonaise is a form it's not a title -_- i don't agree either!!!i believe te best scene is in the cap!!!when they get home!!!i can telle the reason!!!it's wonderfull!!! the sexual tension between the two of them is blatant from the start. Tony Leung is such a

great actor! HK accent. LOL If they are professionals who makes money off of their ability to sing or perform, they better be good at it. If not, audience have the right to criticize them. Period. why would you "respect" an actor more because he/she speaks English.. I wouldn't use that word. But I get what you mean. the fuk is wrong with the guy who push the other dudes head think he cool or something speaking in english but look like a retarded chinaman speaking english with accent.

TWO um he does an 50 50 on a small quarter pipe and then a nice switch back 50 on a down rail...doesn't mean he is bad ass or anything 6)manuals look better with a side view instead of aerial thums up if u have a girl board and ur fav. skater is koston :) are you a street sk8er or a verticle sk8er TO ALL THE HATERS THAT ARE HATING ON THIS CHICK. GET A FUCKING LIFE! I BET SHE SKATES WAY BETTER THAN Y'ALL THAT ARE SAYING SHE IS A GUY. AT LEAST SHE IS PLANNING THE REST OF HER LIFE WHILE YOU GUYS THAT ARE HATING ARE GOING TO END UP WORKING AT A MOTHER FUCKING FAST FOOD RESTAURANT. ONE DAY SHE WILL WALK INTO YOU WORKING AND I HOPE SHE FUCKING LAUGHS AT ALL OF YOU. HATING AIN'T GONNA GET YOU ANYWHERE. OKAY. THANKS. BYE. :) Holy shit, Girls should not skate. Let alone stand on top of a rail and try to drop off like it's a fucking quarter pipe. lol xD you know whats interesting? a adult male comments "nice ass" nothing is said. i comment "skateboards dont belong in the kitchen" and you call me an asshole.

instead of getting butthurt over a small joke, hey, why dont you worry about the real assholes that chase after little girls. good day sir. i love your kickflips yea i can u know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 so you skate and scooter?? you ride a pink scooter flip blunt airplane style so exsided to learn how to make a concret bowl till i found out it was not fucking english. party fowl awesome now get a real board and try to skate. please try it breaks my heart to see people skating with they're hands englich please damn it can you put like sub titles on it for english plz o remember when dwite set the office on fire because no one listened to his safty speatch Awesome park and not trying to sound like an ass. he stole chuck norris' beard! what wheeeeelss are thes??!!! this assmouth owns. those guys suck.....mike is good, and so is Taylor rosenbaur or how ever u spell his last name.... and so is elias assmuth. theyre tech...this guy didnt do any flip tricks. all he did was basic grinds. now i can take off my sunglasses :) You know you could still kick the crap outta me... WOW mikey without cool glasses the 2a guy was such a bad ass mother fucker! ARE THEY HAVIN NUTELLA ON THIER BREAD?!

THREE Well were all screwed 2012 is real and its all because Byakuya TOLD A DAMN FUCKING JOKE. I JUST THOUGHT OF " KENNY- CHAN " AS THE PINK POWER RANGER CUS HE GETS FROCED INTO IT.... When I watched this episode for the first time, my mom walked in the room RIGHT at this part and she was like WTF ARE YOU WATCHING!?!?! Ichigo: EMBARRASSING YOU!? YOU'RE THE ONE WEARING THE PENIS NECKLASS!!!!!!!!! was he talking sbout his daughters panties....? hahas lols hahas but isshin is kinda of hot when comes to fight i like .. I believe he said: dagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! or something like that XD in all honesty this part cracked me up more in japanese then in english since Rukia always sounds assertive (and frankly has a rather deep tone of voice) despite her tiny size. and for the first time (and i think the only time) she sounded so helpless and scared. press 6 repeatedly for boo boo cushion lol well if this was in ENGLISH then it would be funny where can i get a dad like that!?! english plz Wow no comments ........

FOUR everyone on here got problems with wayne and i got a salution STOP LISTEN AND GET THE FUG OF HIS PAGE.....EASY Attention!! Attention!! yo imma 14 year old rapper outta jersey right across the bridge from philly, ten mins away, check out my music and leave feedback. most ppl say i got potential and i just need to keep goin at it so its not like im fuckin terrible like some ppl who say this shit.plz thumbs this up so more can see this and subcribe, thank you peace. frick park market isn't the album the album is blue slide park the first single was frick park. whats the song at the start with that voice? i know the original is from anna but i cant find that version. this is gay!! verse comes from ''That tree''- Kid cudi & snoop dog lol, okayy you guys dissing the artist of the song are fucking idiots, read the fucking discription, this guy who uploaded the song isn't the artist, your dissing the guy who made the song for no reason...I heard the fist time the original was released,, it wasn't under cudi's step off. this should be on mediafire or something Oh, he just called me a 'cunt', haha. I didn't bother with a response because it was

juvenile and immature, besides, I'm really just here to listen to Kid Cudi. xD Thank god I live in Holland, and can smoke weed legally!! Internet warrior over here? LOOOSER. Get a life. And you have no idea how dumb or smart I am so you can take that dick of yours and shove it down your throat for all I care. Stop bitching and getting on my case when I didn't even ask for your opinion. You just gave it to me because you are a loser with too much free time on your hands. Idk why I'm even acknowledging you with a response. Get off me. Ho. guys this song isnt all about smokin weed and gettn high u people need to realize that hes also talkn bout his life instead of marijuana..... Im tired of people making stupid ass comments because of the dislikes, get over yourselves bitches. i so fucking wish i was blown this song will just make me driftttt into my thoughts where being sober cant just produce I was told DON'T PLAY THIS SONG but i listened to SCOTT MESCUDI VS. THE WORLD anyway and i realized the REVOFEV was on its way so im on an adventure like MR RAGER but THESE WORRIES are heavy so i smoke MARIJUANA with ASHIN KUSHER to get rid of the GHOST thats TRAPPED IN MY MIND and get lost in the mother fuckin MOOD, since my girl wants to ERASE ME i try to tell her that my MOJOS SO DOPE but ALL ALONG im alone but WE AITE cuz im WILD'N CUZ IM YOUNG and MAYBE in THE END i wont be a MANIAC I'm here for tonight. Ayyyyyy thats my sh*t!

FIVE Damn racist SOB's. Its a fuckin skin color. Would you hate me if I was purple? Probably not. And if you did, you wouldn't if you knew me. It annoys the fuck outta me.. get the facts right dumb little kid! Classic. :'( This shit really helped me right now. I've been feeling fuckn down and the Therapist seems to be thee only thing working right now He mean's that he need to believe in anything other than himself because nothing and no one can save him from anything but himself. And yes, this song is kind of anti-religious. lol. I generally listen to Punk and Hardcore but this is just fantastic. Love the new album, these guys are going to be huge!!! how come this band is soo under rated?? D: their fucking amazing!!! wayyyyy better than most of the popular bands out there!! its better than sex idint understnd a word they were sayn bt i was LMAO he's doing a helicopter in the video Well, they have boobs, and boobs make milk, and milk is in cheese. I'm both hungry and horny now. Think I'll take a ride to BK. This is very disrespectful towards china and our history and culture . We are not part of US fast food culture. Tabloid junky? That's funny, I

didn't know 60 minutes was considered a tabloid. And no offense, but if you were willing to leave your children with something who was accused of child molestation on two separate accounts, both settling out of court for lumps sums of cash, and then your children came home to tell you that they slept in this man's bed with him and you didn't think anything was wrong with this, well, you're a fucking horrible human being. Chris Rock said it best. Jermaine is the greasiest n_____r ever. LOL forget it jermaine and michael love each other very much if you don't believe me type up smile at the memorial and you will see jermaine was hurt so bad because he loved his brother and that will never change no security, that was his actual girlfriend that he kissed, no money to pay a real model; and ppl in the video were his real friends, nobody got money out of it. The traffic in the beginning was not set up by the video ppl, it was the real traffic. These ppl were really CHEAP, even though the song was successful i guess. I AGREE WITH YOU. I could by me a nano with 18 Gb of memorey, its about 2 hundred $ so smooooooooooooooooooooooooth Ohmny goodness what a trip! I was just playing this song looking for that lead singer and I was like damn! then I saw your note. Yep it is the Stylistics but LTD sounds damn good right now! I am grooving back in time when everything aws simpler and I always had a smile on my face! Thank you DErrickB!

SIX U SAY UR 17 BUT UR PROFILE SAYS 26. WTF? WHO CARES WHO OLD U ARE. JUST SIT BACK N ENJOY THIS SHIT. THIS IS ME & MY HUSBAND'S FAVORITE SONG!! WE OFTEN DANCE TO THIS IN OUR LIVING ROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!! My name is Michael. It was a song called "Rumors" by Timex Social Club in the 80s. The lyric was, "Did you hear that one about Michael. Some say he must be gay." SMH Wow, this is some blue eyed soul for ya! Him and Michael McDonald what a great collaboration. I have loved this song since I was three years old. For instance, the way he goes into the second verse " No room to run. ooh.... the way he sings run is genius...... '80's were retarded? Seriously? Look around you, take a look at the singers around you, Lady Gaga, Bieber, Usher, Rebecca Black... That's retarded. I have a father that is very musical he was in a band, he writes his own songs and improves the songs of other people but for me his greatest accomplishment was introducing me to good music and teaching me to love reading. I hope everybody should get a father as awesome as mine Hey. im

going to get some McNuggets. when i come back i want this to be a top comment GET TO WORK! Vivian Campbell should be strung up by his nuts for the way he treated Dio. Karma kicked Viv's ass, though. Ronnie James Dio is a rock god, and Campbell plays/played? for Def Leppard, the biggest sellouts, EVER. I'm even including Metallica when I'm judging them against the biggest sellouts. Satan .... we will give you Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus , The Jonas Brothers , the Naked Brothers band and the rest of that new Disney Crew iff you give us back Dio holy shit i remember that race. i didn't race in it 'cause i'm terrible at that game (i'm not a racing game fan) but my friend was playing that, he called me and told me he was racing jb. didn't believe him 'till he told jb (which if you don't mind me adding is 'bj' backwards) to tell me something. it was amazingly awesome. Hey, those three guys who sang are kind of funny. Have they ever done movies? They should do movies. What is wrong with the dude with the flower.

SEVEN Dave Grohl is MY HERO !!! Dave could talk so well...he's so special. Him being with Nirvana is like another lifetime of 3 in his life... one being his childhood; that is still a long 10-15 years. Now for the Foo Fighters, it's like, even if I am finding myself almost seriously atheist and antichristia... not exactly, it's like they are all like Jesus fighters in the most non-religious way. Just that Nirvana-happy but with a little more JEsus look... it's crazy for how much I come to see shit about JEsus but thye make it wait wheres kurt? oh he's just ramming his head through an amp like usual lol You dumb shit! it's like asking ozzy about nikki minage or whatever her name is, he would just give you the finger and kept walking. Dave doesn't have to stop the line just to answer your stupid question! Yeah but seriously I can see why Kurt Cobain fucking hated being famous,there are some scary moments of him with this fucking pissed off look caught on camera and film its creepy as shit. I dont know how Dave can just be like"Whatever." Was it a fight fight? or just a little pit beef? I'm seeing Foos from the pit in a month and I'm really hoping its a mosh-

friend envronment because I can't see myself enjoying the show without moshing. Or will it be a bunch of pussies who once I try to start a pit, start freaking out and looking at me like I'm starting a fight, therefor getting me kicked out by my idol Are you kidding me? Yes people will remember Elton John for being talented. But the fans of true rock will remember Dave just as long, or longer for being one of the most versatile and talented musicians ever. What he played was the beginning to the song "Gone Away" by The Offspring if anyone is interested in knowing. Dave has to be the fucking luckiest guy ever. Seriously he was In the Greatest band Nirvana and now he's in the second greatest band The Foo Fighters, Man he has a fucking sweet life. I wish i was dave. Without Nirvana, Dave would be nothing. EXTREMELY talented guy, but Nirvana's demise is what made Foo Fighters get somewhere in the first place. All this for a mere bra?!? This guy must be misogynous... Very strange!!! It just goes to show how fuckin' dumb Rihanna's fans are. i just watched the interview. they were plkaying at a metal festival they sed there were about 14000 people who acctuallty dident mind or wanted to see them, but there was a few people that really werent having it a threw rocks.. thats the explination guys what an ignorant little fuck stick to throw anything at someone on stage is just plain wrong , i hope security showed him the way out to the street face first

EIGHT Ya this CAT REALLY knows how to RoCK !!! Lighten up! I've been an AC/DC fan for years and i found this well funny. Maybe you could crack a smile now and again? Hmmm? Just a thought. this is nothing unusual from some dumb ass rapper wanna be always wanting to get something for nothing. He should be happy his is where he is and not on welfare where he belongs....everything that comes outta his mouth is noise anyway not music. He's no artist he's trash and someone needs to take the garbage out and put it in it's place! look like fucking clowns in theri costumes SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU NASTY COMMENTATING WHORE Man a women yes ,maybe Inter sexed but defiantly not a man only soeone ignorant of Genders would say this All women are part Elenor Rigby. Jackass my sisters is bi-sexual,she likes to wear underwear around the house and she likes to wave her vagina in my face lls, Perve really? and is that all you can say because you really have no proof that lady gaga is a man? its kind of pathetic. but at least you tried,lls. I dont get why people like you take time our of your life looking up proof that one of the most amazing,

inspirational people in the world, may or may not be a hermaphrodite. Cant you just forget about and and listen to amazing music? I wont comment on your sexuality but you guys are good looking and extremely lucky. I will say again Extremely lucky guess why? Because if you are hermaphrodite you are born in america. America, canada, UK are best countries in world for hermaphrodite. You should be thankfull to god that you are not born in pakistan or india. I feel so sad they dont get treated like humans in those countries. You are being a troll again . I didnt say no one was attacting me . That song is really offencive to me and sends the wrong message to people , As for not beleaving me . I dont care . becouse im NOT sleeping with you or invovled with you . I dont beleave that is you in your youtube profile . but that does not matter becouse I dont know you or want to know you .So why dont you do every one and yourself a favor and get overit. . Anymore comments back towards me proves your trollin For the people who dont know what "The Gestapo" is its the Nazi police that sniffed out the jews He's an awesome singer, songwriter and comedian!!!!! His show in berlin was amazing!!! .. Yeah me thinks purple rain was meant to be the encore if all had gone to plan :( .. No fair.. I really wanted to know what movie drew would have been in too :) I was there too !!! Had waited so long as well, so much better than I could have imagined. AIDS with jazzhands !!! How is the blue and pink unicorn tat queer? I'm getting it tomorrow!!! Lol

jk homies!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hilarious! and yet it also sucks. cuz i would have preferred video games.

NINE XD we are arrogant, you ever seen Josh Beckett? What about Lester? What about Youk....oh wait, he got tossed by Porcello...... Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I agree that he is not the greatest SS to ever play, but it does puzzle me when people say he's overrated. His list of accomplishments goes on and on. In my opinion, he is what they say he is. First ballot for sure. Also, being a life long Yankees fan, I've watched him from the beginning and he does alot of stuff that just doesn't turn up in the stat books. He still makes plays that would be written in movie scripts. i don't blame you for not fighting with me...i wouldn't fight me either if i had no brain. retard. got traded 2day Crybaby. Our customization website will be up and running by the end of this year! Weâ€&#x;ll let you know when itâ€&#x;s ready. What glove and color combo would you order? you said november and december for the customizer how long will it take to make them? cause i really want one and was going to ask for one for christmas. why are so many of these damn kids spoiled shit i have two gloves infield outfield daz it learn to work kids

and then say u dnt like something Trust me, I'm not jealous, I just get pissed off by little kids who think they are the shit and everyone should be jealous of them because their parents buy them some expensive gloves when they already have what they need. I was just curious about your throat, I wasn't tryna be douche-y. Calm down no one cares fatass lose some damn weight i bet u could suck a golfball through a gardon hose hey kyle i have been waching your videos for a couple days and since i in a traveling team how do u like your glove to be formed like i want to get a new glove in a couple months and i see people with there gloves formed diffrent your gloves to be formed

TEN HAH earthquake? that's only going to make their economy STRONGER! think about all the stuff that got ruined or wiped out. they need to replace alot of it which means MORE JOBS! more materials and more supplies needed. creates somewhat of a boost. . . glad you like the track, co-wrote the verses . . the vocals are not soo good, but we didnt even have a tune to start, nor woods, and did it in one day . . . would like to re-record a stronger version . . . but still a catchy song : ) fkin useless aren't ya m8 What about the one where he fights the tree monster? Really?! does EVERYTHING have to have dubstep?! i channeled andy kaufman "Hurricane" Irene sucked least in Massachusetts...i would have loved to see trees rip out of the ground and desturction everywhere :\ ....well, better luck next time XD ohhhh. poor little boy's still angry that his testicles haven't dropped yet so he's using the 'everyone hates you' comment. awww. how stupid. i mean, you couldn't think of a better reply other than 'your friends hate you.' really? at least you're amusing. i mean, you're a pussy, but an amusing pussy. seriously, your whole existence is just

one big joke and i'm having one big laugh riot over it. have a nice day, pussy troll. fucking pussy ass gay faggot Why are people so fast to scream rascist about humour that isn't to their taste? When did politically correct bullsmack become the order of the day. It's a parody. It's not meant to be tasteful or tactful, the whole damn show makes fun of life as a whole. Put your pwecious sensibilities into a box or just don't watch, simple as that. I may not agree with their right to say something, but I WILL defend that right. i know you think its cute cause you're a fucking homosexual you faggot. get the dick out your mouth faggot oh coolboy, there's a episode where peter finds that great great griffin or something was black! No kidding, it was in one of the episodes in family guy. Morons ! HAHha YOO I WORK DEre DAT SHIT IZ FUNNy AS hell

ELEVEN You're obviously not reading my posts now, and have begun to respond like a child with their fingers in their ears saying, "I'm not listening". Yet you stay engaged with me, and your language is now revealing your "level 2"- your protective rage. Like a scared tribesman trying to make himself look big when he thinks he's being attacked. I assure you, I'm not attacking. Maybe some day when you are older, you will be wiser and kinder, but right now you are are simply a young, stupid, EVIL dumbshit! A Jew crying out to God (in Yiddish) would likely say, "Roboyne shel oylem". This could be translated (literally but poorly) as "Master of the Universe". I believe that's how it's often done in English translations of Yiddish jokes. Other common terms are "gotenyu" and "tatenyu", "tate in himl", etc. All of these are untranslatable since English-speaking cultures do not allow for such a close and personal (chatty?) relationship with the Creator as is found in Yiddish (Jewish) culture. He fell out of the guard tower shooting at the Jews. Fucking Nazi bastard worshiping cunts...hope all of you fuckers who think that it's funny taking the piss

out of Jews die a slow and painful death! hahahahahah stupid idiot go to gym! FAT PIG! LOL you fuckers got more jokes to tell us... Shitalians not only you got ur ass raped by us in WWII you ass monkeys you have the face to talk as well?? LMFAO Everyone knows how badly you idiots SUCK at war.. Great italian warriors con la guitara el mano you are best in my bed time stories. Get lost now garibaldi, what even makes you believe that you are even Romans, you fuckers are a mix of Goths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Greeks, Etrutscans, Lombards, the list goes on.... Get lost Son of a bis wtf Nice pictures, but the vide is too long and sloooooooooooowly. Its not racist at all -.- its just stereotyping in a funny way :D hes causing confusion and delay not to mention massive copyright inbridgement issues XD thomas calm the fuck down











DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE duper! Your next race is against James. Good luck! henry is FAT Dude, three engines to pull six trucks? Stanley pulled MANY more than that in The Great Discovery up Gordon's hill, though with difficulty. DX New Application 2011 for iPhone, iPod and iPad: Proberbilly because it's not the kids singing it. 2010 new version! 2010 new version! thanks for the comment 7 hours ago, tmbrewer1126. PS i am getting zip,zoom and logging adventure and shake shake bridge for christmas! Nice video. And I'm glad you could get 'arry. Around where I live, he is nowhere to be found in ANY stores. Only Bert is. It kind of irritates me, too. You should be lucky you live in an area where 'arry is available. And it's VERY funny that you're on about me "starting arguments" over "grammar errors" (it's actually a SPELLING error) when you can't even spell arguments Fakey the fake fake faker face! you've discriminated the world of Thomas, what would The Awdry family think of you... >:( lol. Nice :) I like how you changed the faces. whoops. I need to pay better attention. I was thinking

that when Smudger was turned into a generator, I thought Falcon became the new No.2











hihí_anÿöñé_wÂnñÂ_chát_wïth_me_î_fèél_sõ_löÑËlý_todÃÿ♪ you should get the Japanese tomy thomas, much better quality, detail, the american tomy... not so much.. Awsome if your kid likes to play with that thomas the tank engine stuff I would sugest you get him duplo legos they are really fun to play with and they are compatible with the main version of legos whitch contains small peices so it wouldnt be verry good for young children but you could check out my channle to see some of the diffrent things you can build with thoes what my videos in my channel nhu cut nice ... I just got the Talking Mack Truck, very kool too ;) Easy for a miss understanding like that to hear a police car siren and a backfireing engine at the same time that was good.. you should add sound fx to really make it cool - use something like ikitmovie ( it has lots of cool sounds - look it up in google ) make guys are good at it. awesome toy collection, I just got Monster Truck Mater toy El Materdor it's awesome !! you gotta check it out ! you are the gay!!!! Where's the pipes? ALL YOU FREAKIN PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP THIS BOY IS ONLY 1 OR 2 YEARS OLD SO SHUT THE HECK UP ALL YOU STUPID PEOPLE ARE SO KID-LIKE AND I'M ONLY 10 AND I'M ALREADY MATURE LIKE WHOLE FAMILY IF THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE OLDER THAN ME,THAT ARE JUDGING


THIRTEEN I'm 19 and that scene is my favorite part in the first movie! Mater is so adorable, I can't wait to see the second one!! :D is this on a computer? Ohhh!!!! i love how starstruck Sally is and how McQueens all "I'll never forget it." fangirl spaz attack. Chick: *says in a mimicing tone* right turn..*says normally* so what?! It wasn't a real race anyway! Nobody was here to it, or watch us, nobody was there like a you know if a tree falls in the forest and know...doesn't get heard does anybody see it? Or you know hear it... its on PC I call them the European race cars, and with those points, you could give Lightning a new paint job, like his Dinoco colors. I have the pc version of this cars 2 game (on my i7, 12gb ram & gtx580) & I was absolutely SHOCKED BEYOND BELIEF to see how awful the graphics are (on high settings) when compared to the console equivalent. The PS3 & 360 versions sport gorgeous graphics, stunning backdrops & great lighting & texture work. This pile of trash is utterly laughable & comparable to Mario64!!!!! How can there be SUCH A HUGE graphics margin here????? i am not a fan of NASCAR but they should have stuck with it or just nascars around the world i mean rally car vs f1 ? japan? not a famous race i know of. if you need to have from all types race groups

then a rally in Finland , NASCAR in america , 24 hour in France , f1 in England finally touring car in Germany . not world grand Prix western grand Prix I am italian, and, i love Francesco!!! German forklifts! Professor Z i actually would want to have this for my birthday or christmas present. Even if i do get to have this, i would feel very lucky. I've got the Big W magazine about this fully loaded transforming and talking finn mcmissile and it's right on the front page. Costs 38 dollors and 87 cents.. ; ) that's a good price for this big car. Y do u like cars Actual results make take up to 36 weeks BEST COLLECTION EVER SEEN ! I M 14 YEARS OLD BUT I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HAVE ALL THESE!! ( not playin with them ) WOW, that takes me back to christmas 1978, the best fucking present an 8 year old could have(normal Scalectrix seemed boring compared to this). I notice the lights on the police car don't work....great condition tho. Sadly my dad took mine and a box load of Star Wars toys to a charity shop when I left home......WHAT AN ARSHOLE!!!!....gutted. I have iMovie too but WHERE DID YOU GET THESE SOUND EFFECTS??????????? whoah whoah whoah whoah look in the description, he "frew" the car as hard as he could, someone needs to frew his ass back to grammar school Yeah it s funny, accept mine was an accident, and his shit craic is on purpose. Should be titled "How an Asian Guy Says February" power balance? if u

wanna be a hater then ge toff this page OK SO WHAT U WAITIN FOE LEAVE STOP BEIN A HATERR!!!

FOURTEEN Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Tiao Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time, while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying Whats My Name.Eminem looked around and said Im Not Afraid, then Willow Smith began to Wip Her Hair, which started a Far East Movement. They then crashed their G6 into a club and stopped Party Rocking. Luckily for Nelly it was all Just a Dream. ooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggg he is dead crap crap carp You dont now anything about the world!!! comment removed by some random asian guy balled up in my closet corner who thought it would be funny to delete my comment after i went to bed, curse you I love clean rap.Thumbs up if u agree. really did u break up with her for that but i wouldent but i would be mad hes awsome EMINEM IS SO DAMN SEXY OH MY GOD FUCK MY ASS EMINEM!!!! OOOO EMINEM FUCK MY ASS UNNNNNN EMINEM (:Check Me Out!! the next best thing looooovvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee this song its soooooooooooooo awesomee ;) <3 ahh those were the dayz space jam was my movie and still is one of my fave cartoon movies i was 2 now im 17 years old.. space jam was always my fave and this for you i

will was beautiful song monica for the movie. i luv this sonq ... i sunq it my school talent show..! i was the last 1 2 preform and the crowd luved mhee ...! Only whiteboy can ragequit before a grenade that stuck him has time to explode. look at your pennis lol im in the sniping clan of blackops sure i wont be missed HA LOLOL mw2 is fucking retarded mw3 will be even more gay its retarded all mw2 is, is camping assholes and people who bitch to much black ops is not like that so what the fuck do you think mw3 will be filled with? camping fags all over again when I was about to feed him he just jumped in my coke -_-

FIFTEEN im still sad because people are better than me

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if i out grew it i wouldnt care i agree with icepawhawkpaw !!! I've wanted a horse since I new what a horse was. I begged my parents for about 13 or 14 years. They always told me "No, we have no where to keep one" or "No we dont have the money for one". When I turned 18 I gave up on them and worked hard on my own to get one. Four months before my 19th birthday I got my horse. I was lucky because I was able to board my horse with my friends horse at her house. Never give up on getting a horse. You just need to realise that sometimes it all comes down to you To every one out there who wants a horse I get it but u need to b grateful u get to even c a horse let alone ride one

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Matt Margo is the author of compostable (chalk editions, 2011) and When Empurpled (Pteron Press, 2011). His work has appeared in Otoliths and Gone Lawn and is forthcoming in New Wave Vomit and Moria. Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter is his literary blog.

“If you could somehow manage to get William Faulkner, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Bret Easton Ellis, and a half dozen former child actors in the same room, set them all up with Twitter accounts, and force them to communicate that way for the rest of their lives, you might be able to wrap your brain around Matt Margo‟s FRIENDS LET FRIENDS LET.” — Keith Higginbotham, author of THEME FROM NEXT DATE

“If you like books that take you on magical rides that sometimes leave you confused and disoriented, read FRIENDS LET FRIENDS LET. If you do not like those kinds of books, read it anyways because it will probably make you like that kind of book. From baseball and earthquakes to Casey Anthony and iPhone apps, this has almost everything you need.” — Justin Carter, editor of BANANGO, THE LITERARY BLOG

“Matt Margo‟s FRIENDS LET FRIENDS LET is a regurgitation and reinvention of language. Words are taken apart, put back together, and taken apart again—slang bleeds into slang and the letters start coming apart. The pieces are collected in one place and rematerialize on the internet. „The people who made this are crazy.‟” — Kyle Muntz, author of SUNSHINE IN THE VALLEY