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nebulous selfie a poetry series by Mary Bond & Matt Margo

On February 26, 2014, artist Mary Bond and writer Matt Margo sent one another ten selfies and then wrote a poem in response to each of the selfies that they received. Mary’s poems written in response to Matt’s selfies appear in red, and Matt’s poems written in response to Mary’s selfies appear in blue.

nebulous selfie heartache their dead to me greenest or love song

your cheekbones are a desert, and your collarbone is a rainforest.

fanciful lied a crying there, this selfish burning for me up

with eyelids heavy and backs pressed against bedsheets, we’re ready to rest.

creative loved me distort an glass glass glass blurry or upon it

the color of your eyes is shaded by shadows, lessened by the lens‌

merciful mirror mirin a me not me twisted or wordless

snarl a snarl of pink and white and i’ll turn away. i’ll heed your warning.

nebulous purple whitewash his under this condone and timely

what’s your a/s/l? let’s trade histories. i’m sick of knowing myself.

merciful crying reflect her, my lifed deadly if meta

i want your white teeth inside my mouth. i’ll knock them out if i have to.

fanciful squirrel darker than my eyes blind no time if unself

are you laughing at me or crying because of me? does it matter?

creative facebook status her selfie no kill me or kill me

scream a scream that kills both your throat and my heart at the same exact time.

beautiful dead dead dead dead its dead dead dead dead dead and dead dead

if i could, i would take a sharpie and connect your birthmarks like dots.

sizeable life as not more under simply the swirling so of me

physiognomy is a blur, facial features frozen into frames‌

Mary Bond is a tech oriented student focusing on Computer Science and Visual Art. She is seeking internships or entry level paid positions that may involve a mix of coding, user interaction feedback, and product ideation. She is excited by startups with energetic culture that will expect her to take on a lot of varied work and push herself to learn and excel with unexpected challenges. She is proficient in front end code (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Processing and Arduino work, and continuing her education in Ruby, Java, and C++. She has an ongoing interest in databases and metadata - highly related to her work with the Internet Archive. She is interested in positions that push her to further her knowledge of code and considers herself a quick learner when it comes to picking up the logic, syntax, and grammar of new languages. In addition to her explorations in code, she has been featured for her work with words and in the visual and internet based arts. She also has extensive experience with fashion and fashion design. She prides herself on interpersonal skills and has worked as an educator with adults and children. She is involved in queer and women’s rights education and activism.

Matt Margo is the author of what i would say (Peanut Gallery Press, 2014), Judd (opcode press, 2014), and When Empurpled: An Elegy (Pteron Press, 2013), among other works. He is currently the editor of experiential-experimentalliterature, white sky ebooks, and Zoomoozophone Review as well as an editorial assistant for Hiram Poetry Review at Hiram College, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. Unlike Mary Bond, he has no knowledge whatsoever of programming languages, though he does have an invested interest in algorithmic literature and internet poetics. He also considers himself an enthusiast of abstract, asemic, avant-garde, conceptualist, experimental, minimalist, postmodern, and visual forms of writing. His favorite rappers are Lil B and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

nebulous selfie by Mary Bond and Matt Margo  

a collaborative poetry series

nebulous selfie by Mary Bond and Matt Margo  

a collaborative poetry series