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38 APRIL - JUNE 2018

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Increased demand for Brazilian beef seen across Arab countries in 2018 The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) has forecasted that the demand for Brazilian beef across Arab countries is expected to increase throughout 2018. The positive outlook follows recent reports that beef exports to these countries saw a 38 per cent increase in terms of value and a 59 per cent increase in volume during the first quarter of the year (Q1 2018). Over the same period, Brazil sold over USD190 million worth of beef to the Arab region--demonstrating an even sharper increase in terms of volume. According to the country's Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), Brazilian beef exports for Q1 totaled USD189.75, reflecting a 38 per cent surge as compared from the same period in 2017. In terms of volume, Brazil was able to export 48,510 tons to Arab countries, showing a 59 per cent increase from last year. The ABCC revealed that Egypt took the spotlight in beef import-related activity with purchases worth USD138.58 million during the first three months of this year--posting an increase of 193 per cent over Q1 of 2017. The second major destination was Saudi Arabia with USD32.61, followed by the UAE, which imported USD22.52 million worth of beef. The list is followed by Jordan with USD18.45 million, showing a 60.4 increase from last year. The ABCC further shared that total exports to the Arab world during Q1 2018 hit USD2,742,058,257, accompanied with a total volume of goods weighing 9,120,730,680Kg. The country's exports to individual Arab countries are as follows; KSA (USD579,417,484), UAE (USD494,117,392), Egypt (USD473,927,367). Meanwhile, Brazilian total imports to Arab countries reached USD1,776,463,080 for the first three months of 2018, combined with a total volume of goods weighing 9,120,730,680Kg. Over the same period, the UAE exports to Brazil totaled USD60,877,571. KSA exports reached USD632,824,025 and Kuwait posted USD112,490,398.

Agthia announces net profit of AED 206 million for 2017 Agthia Group PJSC, ('Agthia' or 'the Group'), one of the UAE's leading food and beverage companies, has reported consolidated financial FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST

results for the fiscal year that ended 31 December 2017. The Group reported a net profit of AED206 million for 2017, with net revenue reaching AED2.05 billion. “Despite several external challenges, Agthia has managed to grow revenues and mitigate effects of reduced subsidies and slower consumer spending. We continued to create value for our shareholders in a difficult year, and the Group is on track to becoming one of the Middle East's leading food and beverage companies.� commented HE Eng. Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Agthia. The Group's total assets reached AED2.94 billion, increasing 16 percent over last year. Revenue from the Water and Beverages category totalled AED915 million, increasing 25 percent versus the previous year. Both bottled water and five-gallon water registered strong performance in the UAE while Delta Water in Saudi Arabia contributed AED143 million in revenues. Al Ain Water, Group's flagship brand, has now reached 28 percent volume share in the UAE, further increasing its lead versus the nearest competitor. Al Ain ZERO - the breakthrough no-sodium water - has reached almost 5 percent since its launch almost one and a half year ago. In a market characterised by declining volume and value largely as a result of aggressive price reductions to maintain consumer base, Group's Dairy segment's revenues increased moderately by 1 percent. Agthia's Consumer products portfolio, driven by Water, now constitutes 53 per cent of the Group revenues, which used to be only 17 percent a decade ago. Agthia's community support activities have reached a new milestone in 2017. In addition to increasing their product offering in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain municipality outlets, Agthia extended its government partnerships into the Ministry of Interior (Fazaa), Homat Al Watan, and the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation. As a result, members of these government organisations are able to purchase various products at discounted prices through Agthia's food distribution centers in Al Wathba and in Um Al Ramool. Revenues in the Agri business, comprising of Flour and Animal Feed, dropped by 13 percent, as both businesses have been adapting to the new post-subsidy market norms. APRIL - JUNE 2018



Buhler breaks into natural hazelnut market with Turkish launch Buhler, the world's largest provider of nut processing technology, has announced that it is to expand into the natural hazelnut market with the Turkish launch of its innovative combination of sorting technologies. This commitment is set to transform the industry and help increase yield and efficiency, similar to levels already achieved by US almond, pistachio and walnut processors. The decision to move into natural hazelnut processing is the next logical step for Buhler following the major success of its SORTEX® E and SORTEX® F optical sorters with BioVision™ technology, in the American walnut, almond and pistachio markets. Producers there are reporting increases in yield and efficiency as a result of process optimization, with natural hazelnut processors expected to achieve similar results once the new technology is available to them. Buhler invited hazelnut processors to its launch event held on April 28, at Black Sea port of Ordu, in the heart of Turkey's hazelnut growing region. Turkey is the world's largest producer of hazelnuts, currently responsible for 60 - 65% of the global market. Already recognized as a key player in the processing of roasted and blanched hazelnuts, by entering the natural hazelnut sector Buhler is now able to provide a total sorting solution from harvesting to end product for all hazelnut variants. The move will significantly increase the technological options open to natural hazelnut processors, a historically challenging sector for sorting, because of the complexity of distinguishing between skin and shell while also being able to recognize nut damage and shape distortions. Natural hazelnut processors are currently reliant on laser and ultra sound technology when sorting their natural material. The Turkish launch of the SORTEX® FB range and BioVision™ technology introduces the natural hazelnut market to four processing technologies, wrapped up in one innovative solution, capable of detecting color defects, shell and foreign material in one process. It is estimated that the Buhler solution will increase yield by simultaneously removing more FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST

unwanted material while ensuring less loss of good material per pass. Sorting times, and therefore production costs, are decreased by reducing the need for multiple-pass sorting, maximizing profitability from graded product, while reducing waste of good product. The four technologies being brought together are BioVision™, Enhanced InGaAsHD, ColorVision™ and PROfile™. BioVision™ technology has been designed specifically to optimize shell removal in the sorting process. After launching in Turkey Buhler plans to launch its new solution into the global hazelnut market. Buhler had already successfully launched its sorting solution in the almond, walnut and pistachio markets before announcing its move into the natural hazelnut sector.

New-York based Atelier House Hospitality enlivens GCC culinary landscape with new Dubai and KSA restaurants Atelier House Hospitality, a subsidiary of the Altamrea Group and a full-service hospitality and asset management firm based in New York City, has announced that it is bringing new restaurants to Dubai and KSA following the launch of its first Dubai office in March 2018. New York success story 'Marea' and homegrown concept 'Mohalla' are due to launch in Dubai soon, while the popular 'Ristorante Morini' will make its way from Manhattan's Upper East Side to Riyadh for the first time. Ahmass Fakahany, CEO of Atelier House Hospitality and Altamarea Group, commented: “Atelier House Hospitality is supported by a proven international track record including 17 successful restaurants worldwide in Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York and other parts of the United States, so we are confident that our three new restaurants will make competitive additions to the GCC region's vibrant F&B sector. Ristorante Morini and Marea reflect our expertise in expanding award-winning franchises internationally, while Mohalla demonstrates our flair for developing fresh dining concepts for new markets. All of the restaurants will be supported by our seamless end-to-end consultancy process to ensure they stand out as leaders in the exciting culinary landscapes of Dubai and Riyadh.” Mohalla, which means community or neighbourhood, will bring authentic Indian home cooking and street food to the urban APRIL - JUNE 2018



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hub of Dubai Design District, where guests will experience an intimate and soulful experience as well as excellent value for money. The restaurant will showcase the flavours, authenticity, colour and comfort of real Indian cuisine, offering healthy, wholesome food that satisfies appetites and delivers a nostalgic taste of India. Marea, a two Michelin star Italian restaurant based in New York that is due to open in DIFC, redefines high-end Italian cuisine with a fresh interpretation of coastal seafood from Chef Michael White. The menu will read like a map of the sea, allowing guests to experience a variety of dishes including crudo, oysters, antipasti and Chef White's award-winning hand-made pastas, as well as composed fish dishes, whole fish preparations, and a selection of meat and side dishes.

Abu Dhabi Farmers' Services Centre supplying fresh local produce to Elite Agro The Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Centre (ADFSC) announced that they will be supplying fresh local produce to Elite Agro, a leading Abu Dhabi producer and distributor of fresh vegetables and fruits in an agreement that will see both consumers and farmers benefit from the buying power of a strengthened domestic supply chain. At the recently concluded Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture (GFIA) exhibition held at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi, an agreement was signed between Nasser Mohammed Al Junaibi, ADFSC acting Chief Executive Officer and Dr Abdulmonem Al Marzooqi, CEO of Elite Agro LLC for the distribution of ADFSC produce through Elite Agro's retail partnerships. “ADFSC is proud to partner with Elite Agro as it shares the vision of producing highquality produce that can compete with the high levels maintained by imported produce” Both customers and consumers will benefit from this venture as the exposure to highquality produce grown in the UAE will increase in direct competition with imported produce Al Junaibi said. “We aim to increase the farmers' income through the marketing of their products to consumers in an attractive way. Prior to this stage, we strive to improve these products whether agricultural or animal - so that not only the consumer approves of them, but they also FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST

meet and surpass the highest international standards. In addition, it is a move to enhance the competitiveness of domestic produce being a high-quality fresh product.” He added. ADFSC will supply a range of produce including tomatoes, capsicum and cucumbers and Elite Agro will ensure this reaches key retailers and consumers. In doing so, customers and consumers will receive fresh produce as opposed to the imported produce that can be up to one week old. The demand for fresh food continues to increase in the UAE as consumer attitudes towards local produce changed significantly over the last year. Consumers now perceive local produce as equal, if not better in quality than imported produce and are aware of the low carbon foot print for local products compared with imported products. According to Euromonitor, UAE consumers ate 3.3 million tonnes of fresh food in 2017 and the market is predicted to grow in the high single digits. The turn towards healthy living may also be contributing to the increase in consumption. Fresh and healthy foods are a part of burgeoning change in lifestyle in the UAE. In recent years, the incidence of Diabetes and heart-related diseases have surged, mainly due to sedentary life-styles and high-caloric intake. However, as consumers become more aware of the choices available in the market, and turn to fitness and health consciousness, fresh high-quality foods are seen as an important resource. Both Elite Agro and ADFSC are passionate about high-quality and sustainable agricultural practices, and this collaboration combines ADFSC's best farming practices with Elite Agro's distribution and retail relationship power. “GLOBALG.A.P. Certification is a prerequisite for crops and without it we would not have a market and this will encourage the local farmer to be certified by GLOBALG.A.P” said Dr Abdulmonem after signing the agreement. Elite Agro's and ADFSC's strategy includes the supply of high value quality products suited to the health and wellbeing consumer segment as well as encouraging the population to make healthier, fresher choices. “The welfare of the people and the country is of equal importance to us. Making healthier and fresher food choices is a step in the right direction. With the increased demand for health-giving fresh products, we are committed to supplying a product that consumers need. By signing this APRIL - JUNE 2018

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agreement with ADFSC we have taken a decisive step towards meeting increasing consumer demand for local produce and have secured a consistent high-quality supply” Dr. Al Marzooqi added. The co-operation between ADFSC and Elite Agro will benefit both the organisations as their respective market positions are expected to strengthen, a wide range of customers, and the end consumers. The relationship is expected to grow and prosper just as agriculture in the UAE grows and prospers.

Brazilian food & beverage companies set to sign deals worth USD 1.4 billion in 2018 The successful participation of at least 100 Brazilian food and beverage companies in the recently concluded Gulfood expo in Dubai is set to generate business worth USD1.44 billion in 2018, recording a 25 per cent hike from the USD1.1 billion in deals that stemmed from the 2017 edition of the expo. The overwhelming response enjoyed by Brazilian businesses at the event once again underscores the steady and continuous progress of trade relations between Brazil and the Arab World. The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) pavilion at the expo attracted many visitors, including key stakeholders and several business and collaboration prospects, reaffirming the popularity and demand for Brazilian goods in the region. Rubens Hannun, President of the ArabBrazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “Our participation at this year's edition of Gulfood has been extremely fruitful and we are confident that the new deals and consolidated partnerships will translate into significant business revenue in the coming months. The region represents one of our most important markets and hence the trade show is of great significance to us.” Inspired by the massive success at the latest edition of the Gulf region's annual food trade show, ABCC is set to incorporate an even broader array of businesses and products next year. Brazilian exports to the Arab region had climbed significantly during 2016-2017, during which, ABCC recorded an 18.58 per cent increase to reach USD9,908.58 billion in 2017 from USD8,355.8 billion in 2016. FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST

Eloma's Backmaster Edition of GENIUS MT Eloma is proud to present the Backmaster Edition of their combi steamer series GENIUSMT. The leading manufacturer of combi steamer and bakeoff ovens is taking its more than 40 years of baking expertise onto the platform of its flagship product. Eloma does not consider this as a new development, but a logical consequence and target group focus in the product portfolio. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked rolls. Or do you prefer croissants, pretzels, bread? No matter your choice of serving fresh goods, with the Backmaster Edition of GENIUSMT it is made easy and done reliably. Whether in a hotel, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, canteen or multipleoutlet operation - the baking result is consistently of high quality and process reliability is guaranteed. All true to the motto: Cooking and baking with ease. Systematically. In this sense, the baking version of GENIUSMT is equipped for a master of baking. The electric door opening ensures that the baking process stops once the program has finished. The adapted graphical user interface with baking mode is customizable for every application and operator. Integrated baking, snack and breakfast programs cover the entire daily offer. Thus, the unit provides complete flexibility in the process. The operator can continue using existing equipment as the optional Vario hanging rack accommodates both gastro norm and baking norm trays. With this edition, the customer gets maximum flexibility as changing to the cooking mode is done with a single touch of a finger. Hence this version is the perfect unit to cover all applications of the gastronomical day. Eloma is known for their solutions such as stacking kits which can also be used to combine the Backmaster Edition with a standard edition of GENIUSMT. The Multi-Eco hood with no protruding parts condenses steam from the exhaust pipe and discharges it through the drainage. This keeps the kitchen climate clean.

Emaar Hospitality Group and ARADA join hands to launch three distinctive hotels in Aljada, Sharjah's new lifestyle hub In a significant deal that will boost the hospitality landscape of Sharjah, ARADA, a joint venture between KBW Investments and Basma Group, signed a management agreement with Emaar Hospitality Group, the hospitality & leisure APRIL - JUNE 2018



subsidiary of Emaar Properties PJSC, to launch three new hotels in Sharjah. The three hotels under Emaar Hospitality Group's premium lifestyle Address Hotels + Resorts, upscale lifestyle Vida Hotels and Resorts, and the contemporary midscale Rove Hotels will be located in Aljada, a 24 million square foot integrated lifestyle destination, and a new leisure and entertainment hub for Sharjah. The agreement was signed by HE Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of ARADA, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, Vice Chairman of ARADA, and Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, in the presence of senior officials of the two companies as well as Emaar Hospitality Group.

Surrender to the temptation of Feuillage - the unique cookie from Morozoff of Japan After winning the hearts of the Japanese since 1986, Feuillage, now here to tantalise customers in the UAE. Translated as 'leaf' in French, the essence of the Feuillage cookie is its lightness and delicate texture, highlighted by the exquisitely layered favours. You've never tasted anything like this before. Launched in the UAE by Emerald Star Group, Morozoff is a household name in Japan with around 1,185 outlets in the country making it one of the largest confectionery chains. You can taste the exquisite flavours of Feuillage at the Wafi Mall. This delicate leaf-thin cookie has no equals and is packed with sliced almonds and hazelnuts giving it a crunchy fragrant finish. The true beauty of Feuillage is that it delicately draws out the exotic flavours of the nuts and creates a delectable layer, sandwiched between a cookie's exterior. Hence it comes as no surprise, it is the fastest selling product in the Morozoff range due to its unique taste and crisp, slim texture. COO of the Group Jayesh Motwani couldn't hold back his enthusiasm when he said “Feuillage is the jewel in the Morozoff crown. The unique taste of this leaf thin cookie packed with sliced almonds and hazel nuts is unmatched. The sweet taste of success shows in the high demand growth forecasts that are extremely encouraging. In response, plans are in place to expand across the UAE, GCC and India.� The Feuillage range comes in 4 distinct flavours: almond with smooth milk chocolate; almond highlighted against delicate white chocolate; hazelnuts accompanied by the sophisticated sweetness of milk chocolate; hazelnuts enhanced by fragrant cacao. Take your pick. So, now's the time to excite your senses with the mouth-watering range of Feuillage cookies. The luxurious flavours will win you over. It also makes a great gift for all occasions. You will be back for more.

Global Food Industries is only UAE-based Company named as finalist at 4th World Food Innovation Awards in UK Award-winning Global Food Industries (GFI), a world-class value-added frozen food manufacturing company and part of Albatha Holding - one of the largest conglomerates in FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST



the UAE - has made history anew on the global stage after it became the first and only company across the Middle East to become a finalist at the recently concluded World Food Innovation Awards (WFIA) 2018, the latest edition of the international food industry's leading and most established awards scheme, in the UK. In a fierce contest that received a total of 220 entries from more than 29 countries, GFI edged out its major global contenders in the 'Best Children's Product' category to land in the top five adjudged as excellent by the judges. Being named as one of the finalists in the international food setting is proof that GFI stands firmly behind the Healthy Farm brand promise - 'Nothing to hide, the choice is yours' - which is meant to empower consumers into making the right choice. 'Nothing to hide, the choice is yours' entails communicating the authentic benefits of the delicious Healthy Farm products in the most transparent and honest way. The company's 'Chicken Quinoa & Kale Burgers' and 'Super Chicken Quinoa & Kale Nuggets' are all 100 per cent natural--being presented with 30 per cent more protein, 90 per cent more fibre, 40 per cent less sodium, 40 per cent less carbohydrates and 60 per cent less calories. The highly innovative products also offer eight times less fat, 12 times less saturated fat and six times more calcium as compared to the other chicken burger patties and nuggets available in the market today. Jacek Plewa, General Manager, GFI, said: “We are proud to come to the international stage and be recognized for our efforts to develop healthier food choices for kids around the world. In the midst of growing unhealthy lifestyles choices in our communities, GFI has launched the Healthy Farm products to help address the numerous health challenges facing our society today. We are privileged that the international community has duly recognized our efforts as evidenced by this great achievement. We were the only UAE-based company to reach that esteemed level. Rest assured that this will continue to inspire us to further innovate and positively impact the lives of many people.� The annual WFIA showcases some of the most ambitious new products and developments of the year from a wide range of both small and large international companies. Staged at Hotelympia in London, WFIA's fourth edition celebrated innovation and excellence across every product category, seeking out the best in packaging, marketing, technology, and sustainability. This is not the first time that GFI has been recognized in the industry. The company received three major awards in February of this year alone, namely the 'Best Halal Food' and the 'Best Meat or Poultry Innovation' awards at 'Gulfood Dubai 2018' as well as the 'UAE Innovation Award' organized by Dubai Quality Group. GFI was the only food company to win the prestigious 'UAE Innovation Award' APRIL - JUNE 2018


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despite strong competition from well-known private organizations from all verticals, including education, energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, sports, technology, tourism and hospitality, transport, and non-profit.

MEAT ATTRACTION 2018 has released a preview of its B2B meetings programme with buyers from priority markets. MEAT ATTRACTION 2018, the second edition of the meat sector trade fair, organised by IFEMA and ANICE, has announced details of the "Meat Attraction Buyers Meetings", a programme of B2B meetings with international buyers from priority markets, with support from ICEX Espana Exportacion e Inversiones, through its global network of trade offices. The initiative aims to create an environment with individualised value for exhibitors through business contacts, as well as the buyers' programme, which will be one of the core areas of MEAT ATTRACTION, boosting return on investment. The priority markets identified for these meetings in Europe are Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland, joined by Colombia and Mexico from Iberoamerica. In the case of Asia, the countries chosen by sector companies are Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam, as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Israel in the Middle East. MEAT ATTRACTION is the first trade fair in Spain to specialise entirely in the meat industry. The event is designed to ensure healthy returns with a moderate investment, multiplying business opportunities among all the agents in the value chain. According to the Management of the Event, “we don't want businesses to invest in framework and large, costly structures that are difficult to recover, which is why we offer fully fitted modular stands, so that exhibitors can move right in and start offering their new products and services”.

NEZO launches new brand identity and aims to increase market share of retail salt in Middle East countries NEZO, a leading retail salt brand of AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, has unveiled a new brand identity and further plans for growth in the Middle East. FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST

Khadija Nadi, Global Sales Manager for AkzoNobel Salt Specialties, says: “With 100 years of craftmanship and love for salt, NEZO gets a brand-new look. NEZO's new packaging introduces a unique segmentation and navigation system to guide consumers in selecting the best salt for their desired culinary application, thus maximizing the flavor of meals. NEZO has been adding a 'pinch of great taste' to food since 1929 and NEZO salt is one of the purest forms of salt in the world.” NEZO is sourced in Netherlands and Denmark from underground deposits created million years ago by the evaporation of Zechstein sea. NEZO has been a reliable kitchen companion in the Middle East since 1950s with distributors appointed across Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman. She adds: “Our business has been growing steadily year-on-year across the Middle East markets. According to the results of a local study we conducted in the UAE, many consumers think of NEZO when they think of salt, which shows the popularity of the brand. We now plan to enter new markets including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan and Kuwait. We will also diversify our portfolio with the introduction of new products planned for this year. NEZO offers a range of salts suitable for every home, and restaurant or catering business.” Salt is a taste enhancer and can help turn a plain plate of food into a culinary experience, but it is the shape and size of a salt grain that determines the actual flavor impact. NEZO's new brand identity makes it easy for customers to identify it on the crowded super market shelves and understand which salt is better for different culinary applications.

Sacmi compression technology leads the way in the Gulf Group to take part in the fourth edition of Oman Plast, presenting all the latest developments in its CCM, IPS and CBF ranges: cap, PET preform and container-making solutions that have, thanks to cutting-edge technology, won over the global industry's biggest players. Incorporated in the CCM (continuous compression moulding) press range - which has the lowest running costs in the industry compression technology lets manufacturers set the cap parameters and design directly via the operator interface as each mould cavity can be APRIL - JUNE 2018

3 0 O c t ˜ 1 N ov 2018 D U B A I WO R L D T R A D E C E N T R E

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Kissabel is a hit with European consumers ®

The IFORED red-flesh apples get their first commercial trials in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Kissabel® apples have won European consumers' seal of approval in their first test: the new varieties, with coloured flesh - from pink to intense red received widespread approval for their innovative appearance and great flavour. This is the outcome of the brand's first commercial trials, performed in late 2017 in retail chain stores in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. The tests were managed in their respective countries by the partners in IFORED, the international project that brings together 14 of the biggest apple producers from 5 continents with the aim of developing and marketing new red-flesh varieties under the Kissabel® brand. With their innovative, original character, the three types of apple launched at Fruit Attraction in October last year received an enthusiastic response from trade professionals. They combine an attractive exterior with an amazing interior and nice flavour. In the countries where the sales launch was accompanied by guided tasting sessions, consumers' feedback was also very positive about the apples' flavour and their own possible future purchases. “We carried out the tests in two stores with small volumes of Kissabel® Orange. Globally, the feedback was very positive - states Marc Peyres, Blue

Whale export sales manager, France - In both tests people were happy about the taste. This is the most important factor for us. For long term development of the market, people must find them nice for the colour and then like the flavor”. “The feedback is that Kissabel® is something truly different, and stores are really looking forward for future sales - says Steve Maxwell, CEO Worldwide Fruit, United Kingdom - People definitely think that Kissabel® apples are really impressive, they look fabulous and they also taste great. Our customers are really keen to sell these products when they are available”. “We grow Kissabel® Rouge and Jaune. At the beginning of the season, we did some tastings at retail fairs and many German retailers tasted Kissabel® - reports Jens Anderson from Red Apple Germany GmbH - My impression was that they are very impressed by the red flesh of the apple and curious about the taste. They eagerly await to start selling the apple. We will start in 2019/20 with the first small harvest from the growers for market-research in outlets”.


managed independently. Versatility and total quality control run parallel with Sacmi's capacity to provide integrated cap-preform solutions. The latter reduce weight without affecting performance (i.e. lightweight solutions), lowering energy and raw material consumption even further. Sacmi leads the world in manufacturing HDPE caps with this technology and has succeeded in transferring its advantages to stretch-blown container manufacturing. CBF (compression blow forming) is the world's most advanced blow moulding technique and combines the very best characteristics of alternative technologies such as EBM, IBM and ISBM. This single-stage platform is characterised by excellent thermodynamic stability, no gate on the bottom of the container, high productivity and precision-moulded necks. It lets manufacturers make containers directly from pellets, using all the main commercially available resins. Thanks to the versatility of being able to use different resins, precision and uniform thickness, Sacmi CBF machines have made huge market gains (especially in the dairy and pharma sectors). The third essential component when it comes to providing economically advantageous solutions for the beverage packaging world is the Division that develops and produces the PET preform injection machines in the vast IPS (Injection Preform System) range. The world's only company capable of providing a proprietary technology for every stage of beverage production - from cap-preform systems to blowing, filling and labelling - Sacmi combines plant engineering excellence with a far-reaching service to provide assistance before, during and after the sale.

Appetite for organic foods in KSA increases by one-third The appetite for organic foods in Saudi Arabia is on an upward trajectory, with a third of consumers (33%) purchasing more organic produce in the last 12 months compared to the previous year, according to a new survey conducted by YouGov. Commissioned by Arla Foods, the world's largest manufacturer of organic dairy products, the research also revealed that over half of Saudi consumers (55%) purchase organic foods more than once a month. The leading driver of this trend is health APRIL - JUNE 2018


reasons (64%) with 49% of consumers believing organic food to be healthy, more natural (45%) and safer for consumption (44%) when compared to non-organic food due to the general understanding that production methods are free from pesticides (45%), added hormones (40%) and antibiotics (30%). In January 2018 Arla launched Arla Organic Milk in Saudi Arabia across Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, as part of its commitment to make organic accessible and affordable to families in the Middle East. Since the launch, consumers in the Kingdom have shown strong consumer interest in the range of organic products. Interestingly, in addition to perceiving organic to be healthier, over a half of Saudi consumers (51%) also believe it to taste better. This could differ across categories of organic products. Ethical food choice motives - concern for environment (19%) and animal welfare (12%) - also have a strong influence on consumers' attitudes as organic agriculture is largely considered environmentally friendly. Fruit and vegetables is the dominant organic category, making up 66% of the market, followed by dairy (50%), eggs (49%), poultry (45%), cereals and bakery (44%), fish (36%), followed by red meat (35%).

Rapid expansion of UNDER500® marks new milestone with 20 new locations in Saudi Arabia UNDER500®, the healthy eatery franchise, has expanded its reach in Saudi Arabia, to open 20 new locations in the coming years, for individuals to enjoy wholesome meals, with all dishes under 500 calories. This new milestone is part of UNDER500®'s growth strategy and drive to spread the concept of healthy bespoke eating to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and beyond. Since its founding in 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UNDER500® has rapidly expanded across the MENA region, opening 3 new restaurants in its first year alone, with unique offerings satisfying the diverse palates of customers. The distinctive eatery fuses a healthy base, topped with wholesome ingredients, delivered to customers at affordable prices. It also helps customers manage their nutritional requirements with a variety of flavorsome, guiltfree options to choose from. “Health and nutrition are at the forefront of APRIL - JUNE 2018


what we do, and we are eager to spread our passion globally,” said Co-founder of UNDER500®, Mahmoud Bartawi. Bartawi shared the global expansion strategy of UNDER500®, with the aim of “building healthier communities, to combat the regional and global epidemic of obesity and other health issues.” “We seek to cater to our customers in their quest to adopt a more health-conscious approach, keeping in mind their nutritional requirements,” shared Co-founder of UNDER500®, Fadi Ghaly. “The menu is diverse, with raw, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, high-protein and low-carb options to choose from,” he added. UNDER500® brings together the worlds of innovation in cuisine, in a comfortable healthy eatery setup. The rich menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options, complete with fresh, gourmet meals, aiding individuals in their mission to stay fit and healthy, with nutrientdense ingredients. The opening of new franchised UNDER500® locations, across the MENA region will be announced soon.

Re-energize and Nourish Your Body with The Magic of Wild & The Moon's Cleansing Detox Programmes The renowned Wild & The Moon is excited to introduce their awesome new Detox Programmes that are set to help reboot, cleanse and bring purity to bodies throughout the UAE. Think Detoxing means deprivation? You'd be wrong and the experts at Wild & the Moon, believe that health should go hand in hand with pleasure in order to be sustainable in the long run. Their classic detox is designed to cleanse and nourish your system. This is the perfect programme for those who are tired of feeling heavy and drained or those simply aiming for a fresh start. Their tasty, nutritionally balanced juices will help you to eliminate toxins and replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and live enzymes, giving your body a break from impurities. Our programme consists of yummy juices and elixirs created in collaboration with Wild & The Moon's Executive Chef, several naturopaths and nutritionists. Cleansing doesn't have to be a tedious medical process - it should be fun, varied and effective. Cleansing is a time to really listen to your body and give it the FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST



UAE is the biggest importer of hard Italian cheese in Arabian Peninsula As per the financial data announced by the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano, 2017 was a record year for Parmigiano Reggiano production, which saw a total increase of 5.2% on the previous year. The over 3.65 million wheels of cheese (about 147,000 tons) produced in 2017 represent the highest peak in the age-old history of Parmigiano Reggiano. A 2.2 billion euro turnover for the protected designation of origin product, which is increasingly expanding abroad: an outlet for a constantly growing production that needs new market spaces. In the last three years, production rose from 3.3 million to 3.65 million wheels, a 10% increase. Parmigiano Reggiano is also enjoying a very good period as far as price are concerned. While in 2016 the cost per kg was 8.60 euro, in 2017 the average price stood at 9.81, a 14% increase (source: Borsa Comprensoriale Parma bulletins). Italy accounts for 62% of the market, while the


export share is 38% (+3.9% on the previous year). Though specific data on export to Middle Eastern countries were not circulated, the Consortium highlighted that as per official export datas provided by ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) regarding the whole sector of the “hardtype Italian cheese” which includes Parmigiano Reggiano, 394 tonnes were exported to UAE in 2017, followed by 128 tons to Saudi Arabia, 101 tonnes to Qatar and 3 tonnes to Bahrain. According to the Consortium, UAE is the biggest importer of hard Italian cheese in Arabian Peninsula and it is also considered a fast-growing market. The financial data of the Parmigiano Reggiano sector were presented at the Exchange of Milan in the presence of the President of the Consortium, Nicola Bertinelli, the Vice President, Guglielmo Garagnani, and the Deputy Minister for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Andrea Olivero. The Consortium presented an overview of the sector, and also discussed the actions the Consortium will undertake to guide its growth. The challenge is that of positioning the product in the market at a profitable price: a further growth in production is expected in 2018, bringing the number of wheels to over 3.7 million. In order to increase demand in Italy and abroad, the Consortium's budget includes a 20-million euro investment in communication (12 in Italy and 8 abroad): 7 million more than in the previous year. The strategy of the Consortium rests on four pillars: distinctiveness of the product, increase in exports, fight against counterfeits, and development of direct sales from dairy farms. The first, and most important one, concerns the distinctiveness of product: “3.5 million families are very loyal to Parmigiano Reggiano, 3.9 to Grana Padano, and 14 million families buy either without distinction. To increase sales, we have implemented brand repositioning actions, strengthening communication with the objective of conveying to consumers the benefits that make Parmigiano Reggiano PDO a unique cheese in the world. It is a product that stands out from the competition because of the selection of the best, all-natural products, the complete absence of preservatives and additives, and faithfulness to the same recipe for a thousand years” says Nicola Bertinelli, President of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. APRIL - JUNE 2018


attention it requires. In this vibrant city everyone works and plays hard so cleansing is a way to regain balance. The cleanse can be used to jumpstart and aid the body's natural processes of detoxifying, alkalizing, losing weight, or simply give the body a break from processed foods. The cleanse menu consists of two different focuses: The Essential, and The Intense geared towards cleaning the system and energising through those long days days, with fresh organic and locally sourced plant based ingredients. The cold-pressed process protects the fragile enzymes your body needs and uses. You will experience a great variety of benefits including clearer skin, lightness, increased focus and improved energy levels.

Torres y Ribelles S.A. nominated for "The Award for International Expansion" by the European Business Awards TORRES Y RIBELLES S.A. has been awarded as 'Ones to Watch' in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM in the category "The Award for International Expansion". This company was chosen as it demonstrates exceptional achievements in this category as the result of their increasing sales all over the world in Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa or Asia. The 'Ones to Watch' for 34 countries across Europe can be found at www.businessawardseurope.com. TORRES Y RIBELLES S.A. is a Spanish Olive Oil 100-year-old company founded in 1914, and nowadays, they are one of the top-ten Spanish olive oil exporting companies with their brand BETIS. The Olive Oil is the result of a blend of some varieties of olives: Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Picual, which are packaged in tin cans to ensure optimal conservation of their organoleptical qualities for a longer time, or in an exclusive glass bottle with a distinguished design that makes consumer remember the product, or in PET bottles with tight and competitive prices. Currently, the packing volumes is superior to 25,000,000 liters and the packing capacity is about 150,000 liters of olive oil per working day of 8 hours. APRIL - JUNE 2018


TLA and BonelliErede Middle East represented the Shareholders of Al Islami Foods in the Sale of a Minority Stake to Mitsubishi Corporation International law firms Tribonian Law Advisors (“TLA”) and BonelliErede Middle East announce that they have represented the shareholders of Al Islami Foods, which is part of the Dubai Cooperative Society and the leading manufacturer of halal food products in the Middle East, in the sale of a minority stake in Al Islami to Mitsubishi Corporation, the Japan-based globally integrated business enterprise. Saleh Saeed Lootah, chairman of the board of directors, Dubai Cooperative Society said: “This association with Mitsubishi Corporation is another step in Al Islami Foods ongoing efforts to accelerate growth. We believe the relationship with Mitsubishi will increase our production by double-digit growth over the next 5 years through a combination of the expansion of our product range and greater exports.” For Mitsubishi Corporation, which operates businesses across virtually every industry, the deal expands its position in the global halal food market, which is expected to reach US$1.7 trillion by 2020. Carlo Pianese, partner at TLA, and Marco De Leo, local partner at BonelliErede Middle East, commented: “We are very pleased to have acted as legal advisor to the shareholders of Al Islami Foods partnering with a blue chip Asian investor like Mitsubishi Corporation. The deal confirms the trend of an increasing interest by sophisticated international investors in the UAE market, especially in certain strategic sectors”. “This transaction endorses once again TLA's prime position advising on cross border deals across a variety of different industries”, added Rindala Beydoun, managing partner at TLA. The TLA team was led by the firm's managing partner Rindala Beydoun and partner Carlo Pianese, who were assisted by associate Shiladitya Majumdar and trainee Tala Azar.





is Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, opened Gulfood 2018, the 23rd edition of the world's largest annual food and beverage trade show at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). Spread across one million square feet of exhibition space, Gulfood is the world's first major food and beverage trade event of the year and attracted over 90,000 food industry professionals and 120 exhibiting country pavilions. The show welcomes international heads of state, ministers, government officials and national trade associations. Touring the mega show, which runs for five days at DWTC, Sheikh Hamdan reviewed the latest innovations and technologies that are




redefining the food sector landscape as key sector players look to meet the evolving demand of a rising, younger, increasingly urbanised population. Featuring more than 5,000 regional and international exhibitors across eight segments, including Beverages; Dairy; Fats & Oils; Health, Wellness & Free-From; Pulses, Grains & Cereals; Meat & Poultry; Power Brands and World Food, eager to get their slice of a growing global food market, which is one of largest manufacturing sectors, contributing $77.5 trillion to the world economy in 2017 according to the Gulfood Industry Outlook Report, and is forecast to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.9 per cent from 2017-2030. This is driven in part by APRIL - JUNE 2018


rising populations in emerging markets within Asia Pacific and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions and a shift towards packaged and convenience foods. The UAE F&B market meanwhile, is forecast to reach $13.2 billion by 2018, according to a KPMG report. “The F&B industry in the UAE and wider region is thriving, which provides a diverse range of business opportunities for local, regional and international companies alike,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events, DWTC. “Gulfood continues to serve as the industry benchmark and is the ideal platform for industry professionals looking to network and explore new business avenues.” New to this year's show is the Gulfood Discover Zone, where new-to-market products are showcased in an exclusive and interactive lounge. The zone featured vertical segments of Dairy; Hot Beverages; Cold Beverages; Meat & Poultry; Health, Wellness & Free-from; Confectionary; Snacks and Condiments. Gulfood also featured Halal World Food, the world's largest annual Halal food sourcing trade show; the annual Emirates Culinary Guild International Salon Culinaire, the world's largest single-entry chef competition; the World Coffee Events' 2018 Cezve/Ibrik Championship and the Gulfood Innovation Awards, which recognised best-in-class excellence and innovation across the region's F&B industry with a glittering awards ceremony at the Madinat Arena.








lternative nutrition forms are becoming more and more popular, and vegan and vegetarian products continue to gain ground, according to a study by market research company Mintel. Meat and milk alternative products long ago stopped being the exception and are more and more becoming standard, around the globe. According to Innova Market Insights, in the last few years Latin America has had the highest annual growth in vegan products at 132 percent, outstripping the next fastest growing markets of Europe (50 percent), Australasia (45 percent) and North America (34 percent). Not only are more and more vegan foods available, consumer expectations on flavour, texture and enjoyment are also rising. Innovative solutions are in demand. For the wide spectrum of dairy alternatives, Hydrosol has developed individual stabilising and texturing systems that give products properties that are very close to those of products made from cow's milk. This includes fermented deserts based on alternatives like almond milk, that contain no animal milk components, soy or gluten. A functional system of modified starch, hydrocolloids and plant fibres lets manufacturers adjust products to get a texture comparable to yogurt. A creamy, smooth consistency and authentic flavour are characteristic of vegan creamed cheese alternatives made with stabilising systems from the Stabisol range. Used in vegan cheese alternatives, these tailor-made ingredient complexes give ideal melt properties as well as the taste and enjoyment consumers want. For drinking milk, Hydrosol works with alternatives not only to animal milk, but also to soy. A


current example is a drink based on sunflower and oats that delivers a pleasing flavour. Functional systems for soft-melt, creamy vegan ice creams round out the product line. “Our goal is not just to present customers with ideas for vegan alternative products, but to deliver concepts with added value,” explains Dr. Dorotea Pein, Innovation and Product Manager for Dairy Products. “So in developing our stabilising and texturing systems, we address the latest trends. One example is the rising demand for protein-rich products. According to market studies, this is by far the leading category. We use knowledge from this area in the development of dairy alternative products.”


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he promotion for the cinema start of “Maya the Bee - The Honey Games” awakens children's and parents' appetite for tasty fruits and healthy nutrition. SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables, and Maya the Bee are taking off for a joint flight to fruit enthusiasts of all ages. Concurrent with the release of “Maya the Bee - The Honey Games", the cheeky darling of the public is laughing on the labels of SanLucar's strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The cooperation with the film producer Studio 100 runs in Germany and Austria until the end of May. In recent years, similar promotions have always proved to be a success. "Whether Paddington Bear, Shaun the Sheep, Heidi, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age or now Maya the Bee; characters from popular animated movies are ideal ambassadors for our concern to make children enjoy the food that contains the vitamins and nutrients they need for their development and growth," says Michael Brinkmann, CEO of the SanLucar Group. On top of that, the cheerfully buzzing Maya the Bee also stands for the protection and care of natural resources in agriculture. Fruit and vegetables are cultivated by SanLucar as naturally as possible. Therefore, bees play a key role, for example when they pollinate plants in the greenhouses in Tunisia or Spain. Measures such as the coloring of the ends of the transparent tunnels in which the berries are grown make it easier for bees to orientate themselves better during the flight. Taste in harmony with people and nature - that is the philosophy of SanLucar that guides the company's activities. In order to enable consumers to see for themselves, SanLucar is raffling off a trip to Andalusia and the SanLucar strawberry-growing region of Huelva near Seville. The journey for four people is part of the Maya the Bee promotion.






t took a while for Europe to catch up with America's love affair with pralines, but finally the UK marketplace is reaping the benefits of sweet praline nuts and seeds across multiple sectors, including snacks and ice cream. Still, there is much more potential for innovation according to Jenny Baillie, Business Development Manager of leading European inclusions pioneer Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) Ltd. Despite its recent £3m investment in high tech manufacturing and storage facilities, the company remains true to its roots when it comes to pralines. Nearly 70 years ago Pecan Deluxe was founded in the US, the name derived partially in tribute to the delicious praline pecans that elevated its ice cream way beyond the retail curve at the time. Now, almost seven decades and three international branches later, Pecan Deluxe still manufactures its pralines the traditional way - combining real butter and sugar in copper pans to produce premium quality praline inclusions for confectionery, cereals, beverages, ice cream and other desserts and snacks. Jenny Baillie explained: “Whilst pralines originated in the southern USA, they have since become an undoubted favourite across multiple sectors in the UK and Europe. The ice cream sector grows year on year, currently generating around £1bn of sales in the UK, and praline pecan consistently appears in the annual list of the top 20 flavours. Similarly, the market for savoury snacks in the UK is the largest in Europe at more than £1.3bn in value, with the highest growth rate of all Western European countries; we can thank praline nuts for at least some of that growth. “New trends are on the rise: for example, adding different textures and health benefits such as protein and fibre to indulgent foods and nuts are a great way of achieving this. APRIL - JUNE 2018

Our R&D department is constantly looking for new ways to advance the scope of our praline inclusions, creating new flavours and applications such as chocolate, bakery products and snack mixes. Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to apply our inclusions to gain an edge within key sectors, and we're convinced that pralines have so much more to offer as a premium ingredient bringing a unique combination of flavour, mouthfeel and health benefits to the table.” Pecan Deluxe manufactures its pralines in a dedicated segregated nut facility, supplying multiple sizes from whole to extra small pieces in either frozen or ambient form. The food tailor works with food producers to develop bespoke flavoured options and other retail solutions. All Pecan Deluxe products, including traditionally made but innovatively flavoured fudges, moulded chocolate shapes, brownie pieces and praline nuts, are made using natural colours and flavourings in strict allergen controlled, BRC double A grade facilities. The company is constantly innovating to develop new flavours and textures and can create bespoke products tailor-made to customers' requirements.






he promotional and information campaign entitled “European Poultry - The Power of Quality”, organised by the National Poultry Council - Chamber of Commerce, has completed the second year of its operation. The aim of the campaign is popularisation of poultry of EU origin produced according to the QAFP system - Quality Assurance for Food Products. The wide range of activities organised as part of the campaign aimed to reach all target groups, such as poultry processors and distributors, HoReCa representatives and opinion-formers. The diversity of the activities results from the specific characteristics of the markets the campaign is intended to reach - United Arab Emirates, China with Hongkong and Vietnam. Increased awareness of European OAFP poultry produced in accordance with all the strictest safety standards and animal welfare standards should create a demand on the target markets covered by the campaign. The second year of the campaign started with a Polish trade mission to the United Arab Emirates which coincided (16 February - 3 March 2017) with the prestigious Gulfood 2017 fair - one of the largest and most prestigious trade events in the Middle East. The experts - campaigners participated actively in business meetings with representatives of the HoReCa sector, processors, retail chains, manufacturers and importers, sharing comprehensive knowledge of European highquality poultry and presenting mutual benefits arising from a potential collaboration. Part of the meetings focused on the “farm to


fork” principle, which demonstrates full traceability of each stage of the production process. One of the events during the mission was also a press lunch with the media, during which European poultry produced according to the QAFP system and according to the principles of Halal was presented. Representatives of leading media outlets were able to interview the experts involved in the campaign, which reinforced the positive image of European poultry on the UAE market. Before the press lunch, the delegates met with a representative of the Polish embassy to discuss sensitive issues to bear in mind while talking to business partners from Arab countries. The next stage during the second year of the campaign was participation in the Food&Hotel Vietnam 2017 fair, organised on 25-27 April 2017 in Ho Chi Minh. For the ninth year running, the event attracted many guests, who were happy to visit the booth of the “European Poultry - The Power of Quality” campaign. The experts at the booth answered all questions concerning high-quality European poultry and the campaign itself, and talked in an easily accessible manner about the goals of the campaign during a trade seminar. The third target market addressed by the campaign - China with Hongkong - offers a APRIL - JUNE 2018


wide range of renowned trade events, such as the HOFEX fair, where the campaign was also present. Between 8-11 May 2017, representatives of the campaign actively promoted QAFP poultry, presenting its benefits to 50,000 representatives of the regional food industry attending HOFEX 2017 - an event with 30 years of history. It was also accompanied by a series of informative meetings and a trade seminar, attended by representatives of the Asian poultry sector and trade associations, potential business partners, local authorities and the media. Discussions focused on the quality of QAFP poultry, its taste and production system, which ensures its repeatable high-quality, safety and freshness. The participants were also able to try dishes made with European QAFP poultry. While continuing the collaboration between Europe and China as part of the campaign, the National Poultry Council - Chamber of Commerce had an honour in July 2017 to welcome in Poland high-level delegates representing, most of all, CIQA (China EntryExit Inspection and Quarantine Association). The guests were able to familiarise themselves with economic data on European poultry and on bird flu, whose outbreaks were reported in Europe at the turn of 2016/2017. As a side APRIL - JUNE 2018


note it should be added that despite the initial difficulties resulting in the closure of many target markets to European poultry, intensified monitoring and prevention of epidemic diseases, as well as ongoing cooperation between veterinary agencies have facilitated getting the situation under control. The main theme of the third International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition FMA China was safety and quality of foods imported to China. Therefore, “European Poultry - The Power of Quality” campaign's presence at FMA China 2017 in Guangzhou, held on 19-21 September 2017, was very important for the promotion of European QAFP poultry, mainly with regard to the safety of the production process. At the campaign's booth, very popular among the guests, the experts provided exhaustive information on the benefits of European poultry, while the seminar entitled “The International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit” was an opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants. The CEO of the National Poultry Council, Mr Lukasz Dominiak, participated actively in the seminar and gave a lecture entitled “European and Polish Poultry Industry - QAFP - in Response to the Challenges of the Chinese Market”.





Almost at the same time as the FMA China fair, the Speciality Food Festival 2017 was organised at Dubai World Trade Centre, where the campaign was also presented. The event, constantly growing in popularity, took place in 2017 as part of the Dubai International Hospitality Week. Therefore, the booth dedicated to the “European Poultry - The Power of Quality” campaign was very popular among the exhibitors and visitors. As part of their scheduled activities, the experts met with, among other, representatives of public administration bodies, such as the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and the Dubai Municipality, as well as representative of international businesses based in Dubai. The experts answered questions asked by the officials, who were mainly interested in issues related to safety and quality of food, as well as legal aspects concerning the supply of European poultry to UAE. During the second year of the campaign, representatives of the European poultry industry also participated in a trade mission to Hanoi in order to promote European poultry produced in line with the QAFP quality system. The visit coincided with the Vietfood & Beverage 2017 fair organised on 8-11 November 2017. Numerous business meetings, seminars, a banquet and one-on-one talks, organised in collaboration with the Polish embassy in Hanoi,


were attended by representatives of the authorities, the poultry industry and local opinion-formers from Vietnam. They were able to familiarise themselves with the goals of the “European Poultry - The Power of Quality” campaign, with the process of safe production of high-quality QAFP-certified poultry and with the great potential of a trade exchange between the EU and Vietnam in that regard. The last event during the second year of the campaign was a trade mission of representatives of administration bodies and businesses from the United Arab Emirates to Poland, which took place between 27 November 2017 and 1 December 2017. During the first few days, the guests from UAE visited poultry production plants, which manufacture high-quality QAFP-certified poultry meat, also in accordance with the principles of Halal. An important part of the mission was a trade seminar which took place on 30 November 2017 as an accompanying event to the Central Agricultural Fair in Nadarzyn. The participants of the seminar had an opportunity to engage in B2B talks in relation with a possible cooperation in the scope of exporting European poultry to the UAE market.






ealth is one of the twelve central megatrends identified by the Frankfurt Future Institute's Food Report 2018. A healthy lifestyle is important to all age groups, and nutrition plays a major role alongside various other components. Using its new premix for healthy bones and heart as an example, SternVitamin shows how beverage manufacturers can address the topic of health and turn a profit. This micronutrient mix picks up on one of the top trends in the beverage market water-based enriched products. Worldwide, this is the beverage category with the highest growth potential, even higher than other categories. The vegan premix contains vitamins B1, B12, C, K2 and D3. Organic agave syrup powder gives it a slight sweetness, while natural flavours give the drink a “dark berry� taste. It dissolves clear in water and leaves no turbidity. This new micronutrient beverage premix is just one example of many different target group concepts that address different life phases of consumers, from childbearing and pregnancy to school, study, professional life and senior years. A targeted micronutrient mix for vegans with higher vitamin B12 content is also a possibility, as this nutrient occurs in meaningful quantities only in animal products. Currently there is no plant source of B12. To prevent deficiencies, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) advises all vegans to take vitamin B12 supplements. The SternVitamin Premix for Vegans is one way to do this. Along with vitamins B12, B2 and D, it provides the appropriate amounts of iron, zinc, calcium, iodine and selenium. It also contains the amino acid lysin, which occurs in only small amounts in plants. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) goes a step further and recommends APRIL - JUNE 2018

that all best agers (50 and older) take supplements or eat foods with added vitamin B 12. Women of childbearing age are advised to eat foods naturally rich in or with added iron. Simultaneous intake of vitamin C is necessary to help the body absorb the iron. This is easy to do with tailored micronutrient mixes. Alongside its target-group-specific premixes, SternVitamin also offers marketing support. The company shows how EUapproved health claims can be used on the final drink packaging for effective marketing. For example, if the product contains enough of the respective micronutrients the packaging can have statements that vitamin D is important for growth and bone development in children, or that vitamin B1 contributes to normal heart functioning.





eading Saudi Arabian pastry chef, Mayada Badr and counterpart Waddah Bou Saad, originally from Syria and now based in Dubai, have had recipes using the finest French cream published in exclusive dessert recipe book. Leading Middle East pastry chefs have had their own unique recipes commissioned by the European Union and the Centre National Interprofessionel de l'Economie Laitière (CNIEL), the French Dairy Interbranch Organisation, and will now appear in an exclusive dessert recipe book highlighting the many uses of cream. Chef Mayada Badr, or the Macaroon Queen as she is more commonly known, was born in Geneva and raised in Riyadh and Makkah, has had her recipe for her unique cream pastry 'Al Huda', meaning serenity, published in the exclusive book, called Crème De La Crème. Chef Mayada first developed an interest in gastronomy in Paris while holidaying with her family, it was there she took inspiration from the city's indulgent pastries and culinary quirks having interned at Ladurée and Bastide de Saint Antoine, a two-Michelin starred restaurant in the French city of Grasse before returning to Jeddah to open her own patisserie, Pink Camel. According to the latest research by the French Dairy Board, Saudi Arabia imported over 5,000 tonnes of French cream in 2017 while the UAE is expected to import over 2,000 tonnes of French cream this year and is seen as a key developing market for the industry. The second chef to feature in the unique recipe book is Syrian Chef Waddah Bou Saad. He worked as a pastry chef at La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie, one of the most renowned pâtisseries in Dubai, before joining Lighthouse, a new concept store in Dubai Design District (d3). His dish, White Forest, is an ode to cream and combines his love of working with chocolate while alluding to his favourite cake, the cheesecake. “The White Forrest sits on a sablé breton base with layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate cream, mixed berry confit and Morello cherries, finished off with white chocolate vanilla cream. Laurent Damiens, Communication Director, Centre National Interprofessionel de l'Economie Laitière (CNIEL), said: “French cream is the essential ingredient in any French pastry, it is unique in that no other product even comes close to replicating the distinctive taste and flavour. It is however a versatile ingredient and can adapt with


SWEET TREAT FOR LEADING MIDDLE EAST CHEFS differing techniques and influences.” As part of the growing demand for experienced pastry chefs from all corners of the world, SOPEXA runs a series of French pastry training courses in the UAE and KSA, cofinanced by the European Union, which are set to run through to 2018. “The recipes are very much based on the tradition of French baking, which comes as little surprise as there is an increasing proliferation of French chefs working in the country and a growing popularity of French cream in the service industry and retail outlets due to its undisputed taste and quality,” added Damiens. Q&A with both chefs Chef MAYADA BADR, from Saudi Arabia, first studied design before pursuing her passion and enrolling at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. After she returned to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, she went on to open her own pâtisserie: Pink Camel. She is commonly known as the Macaroon Queen. How important do you think cream is in pastry-making? Cream is extremely important in my cooking: it gives my pastries a certain lightness, puffs them up and gives them a soft texture. This sensation of lightness is crucial for me, and cream is the ingredient that truly helps me create the right feel. How do you process and use cream? I use cream in almost all my recipes. Be it meringues, ganaches or icing… I'll let you in on a little trick I use! I use lots of cream to make my macaroons lighter and tastier. Honestly speaking, you just have to use cream for a scrumptious pastry! APRIL - JUNE 2018


What does cream remind you of? For me, cream is essentially all about lightness, softness and creaminess. It is the ingredient that can take a dessert to the next level and bring out its flavours. APRIL - JUNE 2018


What is your favourite cream cake?/Which of your creations best highlights the role of cream? I think my prettiest cream pastry is the one I have made for this book. I call it “Al Huda” FOOD BUSINESS GULF & MIDDLE EAST



meaning “Serenity”, but it is also named after my aunt who was a terrific cook! It is a vacherin with the creaminess of ice-cream, surrounding a soft gooey centre of coffee and cardamom, covered by a rose meringue. It is a light and creamy dessert that you just can't put down once you have begun! Any advice about how to use/handle cream for your peers? You need to be quite careful while working with cream. Don't heat it for too long. Always ensure that your cream is nice and fresh so that you can whip and work it correctly. Chef WADDAH BOU SAAD, from Syria, is extremely passionate about pastries. He especially loves working with chocolate and his speciality is eclairs. He worked as a pastry chef at La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie, one of the most renowned pâtisseries in Dubai, before joining Lighthouse, a new concept store.

How important is cream in your pastry-making? Cream has always been an essential element in my cooking. It is an extremely special ingredient that I use in all my pastries. It adds lightness to my desserts, gives them a rich texture and a unique taste, and gives my creations the perfect balance. I think pastry chefs are also artists, and cream allows us to express our creativity! How do you process and use cream? I whip my cream by hand, and I like doing this because I have found that I can control it better than a mixer. Though this does take longer, I am so thrilled with the end result that it's certainly worth the effort! You can feel that the cream is indeed lighter! I usually use cold cream for all my preparations, but sometimes I infuse it (at 45-50 degrees) with herbs like basil and mint or Tonka beans. I also find that cream goes perfectly with certain local ingredients like cardamom. Generally, you won't be able to see the cream in my desserts unlike the Chantilly cream, but there is no missing it when you taste it. What does cream remind you of? Cream for me is lightness and softness. What is your favourite cream cake? Which of your creations best highlights the role of cream? When it comes to my favourite cakes, I love cheesecakes, especially those with passion fruit. I also love eclairs. The softness of the pastry cream contrasts with the power of the icing, which is always a lovely surprise. Sometimes, it is the simplest things that leave the most profound impact. I created the White Forest as an ode to cream: it is an immaculate white and perfectly balanced round pastry with a refined elegance. Any advice about how to use/handle cream for your peers? Cream is a delicate ingredient. It is very important to be careful while working with it to create that perfect texture. You have to understand the cream well to get the most out of it.







aser Food, the technology pioneer behind safe laser-labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables, looks set for major expansion across Europe during 2018, following significant progress in the roll-out of the system in leading markets. Spearheaded by Laser Food customer Eosta, laser-labelled produce is now available for retail sale in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark, with France likely to be added to the list this year. The technology's growing acceptance has also sparked global interest from companies from Canada to China and Japan. Laser-marking of fresh fruits and vegetables, the eco-friendly alternative to traditional labelling developed by Laser Food, has spread across Europe over the past 12 months with a growing number of major grocery retailers committing to the technology. In the wake of Eosta's successful roll-out of laser-labelled produce with Swedish grocery retailer ICA in late 2016, the Dutch organic produce marketer is now supplying laser-marked products to major retailers across Europe as acceptance of the system grows. These now include Delhaize in Belgium, Rewe, Edeka and Netto in Germany, and Hoogvliet in the Netherlands. Additionally, Dutch retailer Albert Heijn is currently testing the concept, while roll-out with one or two grocery chains in France looks likely before the end of 2018. Eosta invested in a Laser Mark machine in 2016 after meetings with the Laser Food team; a decision that was motivated, according to Eosta's packaging expert, Paul Hendriks, by strong interest from grocery retail customers. Hendriks said: “We put it to some of our customers and two of the biggest supermarkets in Europe were very interested in pursuing this, and that resulted in us putting the first lasermarked products into stores of Swedish APRIL - JUNE 2018

supermarket ICA by the end of the year.” Beginning with avocados and sweet potato supported by an explanatory leaflet, Eosta has since expanded to also export laser-labelled butternut squash to the Swedish chain. The products form part of a range of 10 products that Eosta markets under its own Natural Branding label, which include mangos, ginger, pumpkins, cucumbers and courgettes. Since the introduction of the laser-marked fruits and vegetables with ICA, Hendriks said the response from both consumers and other retailers had been overwhelming. “It exploded on social media and we have been overloaded with positive comments,” he said. “We received enquiries from Canada to Japan and China and we connected them with Laser Food.”






new UAE fresh food producer, The Farmhouse, has launched its inaugural line of locally grown, pesticide-free vegetables. The produce will be sold in supermarkets across the Emirates, giving residents a new option for high-quality vegetables at a competitive price. The Farmhouse also announced its first major sales contract, partnering with leading UAE food business Barakat Group to supply multiple product varieties. “This is a proud moment for the UAE,” said Hisham Malak, Founding Partner of The Farmhouse. “It's one step closer to achieving our food security objectives. We'll be growing and harvesting all year round. Even during summer, we'll be providing supermarkets with stable supply and consumers with quality vegetables.” All of The Farmhouse's crops are being grown in the controlled environment of its 430,000-square-foot (4 ha/10 acres) greenhouse hydroponic farm in Ras Al Khaimah. The first phase of the facility was completed and produced its first harvest in March, with crop production ramping up this month. When all crops are in harvest, The Farmhouse will supply over 25 tonnes per week of best-in-class vegetables for local consumers. A second phase expansion to over 1 million square feet (10 ha/25 acres) will commence later in 2018. Hydroponic technology uses micro-irrigation to deliver nutrient-enriched water to plants. This technique is increasingly popular across Europe, North America and parts of Asia but, to date, adoption in the Middle East has lagged. The Farmhouse has successfully adapted this technology to the region's uniquely challenging weather to grow and harvest crops all year round in the UAE. “Our hydroponic ecosystem is the key to The


Farmhouse,” said Operations Director Esteban Barrachina, a third-generation hydroponic farmer. “It allows us to control all aspects of our greenhouse environment, so we never need to use pesticides or chemicals. We are able to closely monitor growth of our vegetables and harvest at the peak of their freshness.” The result is pesticide-free vegetables which are picked, packaged and delivered to UAE supermarkets in less than 24 hours. Short transit times ensure vegetables are ultra-fresh when they hit store shelves, without the high price tag of imported products that spend days in transit. In addition, The Farmhouse's methods are more sustainable than traditional farming, using fully enclosed growbags and an advanced water runoff recovery system, APRIL - JUNE 2018


resulting in 80% less water usage and significantly higher crop yields. The Farmhouse offers customers a “Grow to Suit” model, growing precise volumes required, providing options for various size and shape specifications, and delivering orders to a preagreed schedule. This strategy has quickly won support, with the signing this month of the company's first major supply deal with the Barakat Group. Barakat has committed to volumes, prices and schedules for multiple varieties of vegetables over the course of 2018. “We're extremely excited to be forging a partnership with The Farmhouse so early in their trading life,” said Steve Rudge, Vice President for Procurement at Barakat Group. “The Barakat Group has always been at the APRIL - JUNE 2018


forefront of promoting local sourcing for our fresh produce business.” In a country where 90% of fresh produce is imported and over 70% of fresh water is consumer by the agriculture sector, The Farmhouse is already making a meaningful contribution to the UAE's food security and sustainable agriculture objectives. From their base in the UAE's food bowl of Ras Al Khaimah, The Farmhouse is currently selling cucumbers, capsicums, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and zucchinis and has plans to expand their offering over time.





OMRA Sorting Food unveiled upgrades to its ground-breaking Nimbus BSI sorter for the nut, dried fruit and other food industries at The Almond Conference 2017 held in Sacramento, California, on December 5-7. The upgrades included new, user-friendly software, improved Biometric Signature Identification (BSI+) technology, more accurate mini-pitch manifold, and more hygienic accept and reject chutes. The BSI+ module identifies product defects visible and invisible to the human eye using a near-infrared spectrum. This makes the sorter a market leader in detecting problematic defects in


almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts, including insect damage, mold, discoloration and doubles (where two nuts are found within one shell). At the same time, new software will further improve the user experience for setting up a product's biometric signature, making the BSI technology easier to use for operators and requiring less training and resource investment. The upgraded intuitive user-friendly interface now gives customers more input options and flexibility, allowing them to quickly and easily assign classifiers to meet their own requirements. Customers using the existing Nimbus BSI sorter will also be able to benefit from the new software upgrade, improving their sorter's performance without making any mechanical changes. The sorter also boasts various mechanical upgrades which result in more effective sorting of nuts, dried fruits, grains and seeds. The size of the mini-pitch manifold has been reduced by 25 percent, making the rejection process more precise, reducing false rejections and resulting in higher yield. The product chute has also been redesigned to improve access to the Rear Ejection System meaning customers can ensure better hygiene and sanitation. This can provide customers with peace of mind during hygiene audits and keep the machine's uptime as high as possible. Thomas Molnar, TOMRA Sorting Food's global sales and marketing communications director, says: “The upgrades available on the Nimbus BSI help processors work more efficiently, produce an even higher quality product, minimize product waste and maximise profits. “We always work in partnership with our customers to understand their processing requirements and create solutions that meet their sorting needs. The result of these close partnerships and listening to customers' needs is our launch of these important upgrades.”

For more information about the upgrades to TOMRA's Nimbus BSI visit: www.tomra.com/nimbus-bsi







anish-Arab collaboration to supply food containers made out of bamboo, palm, sugarcane fiber, and starch. Field Advice, Scandinavia's leading supplier of food packaging, has recently signed a partnership with Alpha Sky as part of its international expansion plans in the Middle East and to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly disposable containers in the region. Mark Remmy Sali, Managing Director of Field Advice, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Ayman Al Hilali, CEO of Alpha Sky, in the presence of Denmark's Minister of Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen. Under the agreement, Alpha Sky and Field Advice will supply nature-based disposable tableware and food packaging to restaurants, airlines, hotels, retail and other businesses that cater to consumers who prefer on-the-go, speedy, and convenient food services. Field Advice tableware and packaging products are made out of renewable resources such as bamboo, palm leaf, sugarcane fiber and starch. The starch-based packaging look and feel like the plastic containers widely used in the food service industry yet are biodegradable and sustainable. Ayman said that the growing trend in takeaway and food delivery backed by mobile platforms is raising the demand for disposable food containers globally, and consumers are becoming more conscious not only about what they put inside their bodies but also about how those products are brought to their homes. “We believe that our food containers is the APRIL - JUNE 2018

Mark Remmy Sali (left), Managing Director of Field Advice, and Ayman Al Hilali (right), CEO of Alpha Sky, sign a Memorandum of Agreement in the presence of Denmark's Minister of Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen (middle). The Arab-Danish partnership marks the launch of their eco-friendly disposable food containers in the Gulf region.

answer to the demand for packaging that is sustainable and not harmful to the people and the environment,� Ayman said. He added that everyone should take action to support various government initiatives in the region for responsible waste management and the use of sustainable resources.





our recipes created in the homes of everyday UAE residents are now available in select restaurants across the country following the close of Anchor Food Professionals' Baked with Goodness competition - a social media-led campaign designed to unearth the Emirates' hidden culinary talents. With hundreds of blossoming bakers, pizzaiolas and chefs submitting their favourite home-made recipes, Anchor' Food Professionals' Regional Senior Advisory Chef, Manfred Kohlen, and the respective Head Chefs of the competition's partner outlets painstakingly evaluated the recipes, before adapting and perfecting four winners using Anchor's all-natural dairy products. The final winners include two cakes, a pizza and a pasta dish, all of which are available at Revo Café Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, Sale Sucre Patisserie and The


WINNING RECIPES FROM ANCHOR FOOD PROFESSIONALS' Pizza Company outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Both cakes are available now until May 15th, with the pizza and pasta dishes going on sale next week and will be available until Eid. “The volume and quality of entries received has been truly exceptional; separating the recipes during the judging process was extremely difficult but we APRIL - JUNE 2018



looked for originality, adaptability and a basic synergy with current tastes and trends,” said Chef Manfred. “Our outlet partners in this competition believe the winning recipes will be extremely popular with customers because they align perfectly with a growing, society-wide preference for less processed and natural ingredients in meals and snacks.” Jordanian Mais Al Mahsiri, a wife and mother-of-four based in Abu Dhabi, was chosen by Revo Café Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate for her Flourless Chocolate and Coffee Cake. Combining mousse and biscuit, Chef Manfred used Anchor Butter and Extra Whipping Cream to adapt Al Mahsiri's creation, which is on sale now at the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate café. Coffee was a key ingredient in Sale Sucre Patisserie's selection of a Cream Cheese Coffee Cake by Deborah Francisco from the Philippines. The delicious recipe was adapted to include Anchor Butter, Anchor Extra Whip Whipping Cream and Anchor Soft Cream Cheese. “It's a strange and amazing feeling to have my recipe recognised by professional chefs - their improvements have my full approval,” said Francisco, who has won an overnight stay and brunch for a family-of-four at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, kitchen equipment gift vouchers and an exclusive culinary workshop at the Anchor Innovation Centre in Dubai. Unsurprisingly, the pizza and pasta categories were so hotly-contested that The Pizza Company opted for two winning recipes: Pesto and Feta Pizza by Meghna Gupta, an Indian mother of two who teaches baking in Dubai, and Creamy Tuna and Shrimp Pasta by Roger Alair, who only moved to Dubai from the Philippines in March. Chef Manfred adapted both recipes by using Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream, Anchor Butter, Anchor Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese, Anchor Soft Cream Cheese and Anchor Feta.




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