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It’s Easy to Make an Altrusa Movie! Using Windows Live Movie Maker featuring the Automovie feature

Why would I want to make a movie? If you have a website or Facebook page it is

a GREAT new way to get your message to members and to the public! Recruit new members! Tell your community about your events and what you do!

But wait… I don’t know HOW to Make a Movie!

Don’t worry! Windows Live Movie Maker does the work for you!

What is Windows Live Movie Maker? • Windows Live Movie Maker is video creation/editing software • Turns photos and videos into polished movies that are easy to share • Automovie feature helps you add special effects, transitions, music, and captions to help tell your story.

Windows Movie Maker is fun and easy to use ! It lets you be the movie director you always wanted to be right at your home computer!

If you do not have Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer No problem -you can download it for FREE!

The 6 simple steps to make a video using Automovie in Windows Live Movie Maker

1. Add photos to Movie Maker 2. Arrange the photos as you want 3. Add music if desired 4. Select Automovie theme 5. Fill in title and credit pages 6. Save project

When you finish you can share your video with the world!  Save your video on your computer, then send it out as an attachment to an e-mail message  Publish it directly to You Tube from Windows Live Movie Maker!  Or post on your club Facebook page!

OK - sounds great! I’m ready to go!

Let’s make my movie ! Tell me again what to do!

First - make sure you have Windows Movie Maker Live check in your computer under “All Programs� if you do not have it then download it

Open up Windows Movie Maker

it will look like ‌

Initial Blank Workspace

Preview Window

Playback Controls

Step 1: Click on Add videos and photos and choose the photos you want in your movie from your files

Your photos


Step 2: Photos will load into the Storyboard area you can move them around and arrange them into the order you want them to show in your movie click and drag photos to arrange

Step 3: Click on Add music and choose the music you want in your movie from your own files or a great resource for free music

Black and White Default Cinematic Fade Contemporary Pan and Zoom Sepia Step 4: Click on one of the Automovie themes at the top of the screen ďƒ˜ Try out each theme and see what it looks like and pick the one you like best ďƒ˜ It will automatically add transitions and effects when you click on it

Step 5: Click on Title – for title at beginning

Click on Credits – to add info. at end

Click on Caption – to add captions to any photo


Now post your video on your Club Facebook page post it on YouTube or Send it to your members! And sit back and Enjoy the applause!

The two Macomb Altrusa videos Macomb Altrusa - What are We?

Macomb Altrusa Holiday Bazaar

Any Questions? Please feel free to email Heather Munro at Communication Committee Altrusa of Macomb, Illinois Or post a message on our Club Facebook page

It's Easy to make An Altrusa Video!  

Altrusa Club of Macomb, Illinois shares how to make a video with Windows Live Movie Maker

It's Easy to make An Altrusa Video!  

Altrusa Club of Macomb, Illinois shares how to make a video with Windows Live Movie Maker