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WELL-FIT速 EDUCATION What is the Concept WELL-FIT速?

The Concept WELL-FIT速 A new concept for group activity, in which participants perform localized exercises, for all the principal muscle groups, with a high number of repetitions using moderate weights, in circuit format and using resistance machines especially designed for this training concept.

THE CONCEPT WELL-FIT® • For the first time resistance machines are introduced into the fitness room, for the integral development. • Unites efficiency,simplicity, and results with enjoyment. • Requires 45 minutes and provides a workout for all the major muscle groups. • Performances of high number of reps, with moderate weights during an extended time period, to the rhythm of motivational music.

THE CONCEPT WELL-FIT® • Accessible to all types of persons who can practice together in the same session. • Constant practice permits changes in appearance and body shape, fat burning,improved physical condition, increased bone density, posture correction, strength gain and muscle toning in several weeks. • Appropriate for all those who wish to do weight training but are not motivated by the weight room, allowing them to train all the muscle groups in a safe, heathly, and enjoyable manner.

Benefits for the individual • • • • • • •

PHYSICAL Improved body composition. Improved quality of life. Improved physical appearance. Improved physical condition. Increased bone density. Improved posture and prevention of back problems . Prevention and relief of osteoporosis.

Benefits for the individual COGNITIVE • Incresase self esteem. • Improved emotional health and attitude.

Physical qualities involved • Aerobic resistance • Strength • Muscular resistance 8general or local 8aerobic or local

• Flexibility

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