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form & motion course document

guide - shashank metha mathew sebastian tgd 4th sem

The aim of the course was to understand the concept of form and mortion. How form changes or modifies with a motion. Or how motion affects or results in a change of form. After exploring different kinds of forms, which are movable / incorporated with motion. Different kinds of explorations were made.

initial form explorations

Initial form explorations The tree, has a mechanism which will open a bunch of trees in a layer. But, it did not came back to its position after that..

Initial form explorations Another tree, this form is to make a full circle of forms.

Initial form explorations The manual calender explores the different form and motion possibilities in the frame. But this exploration did it give much effects on form.

Initial form explorations This small bird shaped forms connected to small stud worked well, it made a form and comeback to the original shape. This form was considered for further development.

This are the pictures of the final form.

the final form.

the final form.

the final form.

the final form.

the final form.

thanks shashank metha guide sajith gopinath faculty tgd soni bhai dvc

form&motion course document  

National Institute of Design course document form & motion student- Mathew Sebastian guide -Sasank Metha