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Rational Expressions Word Problems Rational Expressions Word Problems In mathematics, a rational expression is the type of expression which is used to represent the mathematical problem in the form of two integers. Rational numbers are the type of number system which is used to represent the integer’s value in the form of denominator and numerator form. Here the numerator and denominator refers to representing the numbers values in the form of a / b. In the given notation the word ‘a’ refers to the numerator value of the rational number. In the same aspect we can say that the word ‘b’ refers to the value of denominator of the rational number. In the above given notation the word ‘a’ and ‘b’ refers to the integer value of the rational numbers. In the same aspect rational expression are the expression that is used for representing the mathematical word problem in the form of numerator and denominator form. As like the rational numbers we can easily apply the mathematical operations on the rational expressions to solve the problem that are related to the mathematics. In the rational expression word problem we need to focus on converting the word problem into rational expressions. At the time of solving rational expression word problem we need to follow the some of the steps that are given below: Know More About :- Geometry Adjacent Angles

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(A ) First of all read the word problem very carefully. (b ) After that assume the unknown value by representing with the any type of variables. (C ) Arrange the numerical value in the particular format after getting line by line of the word problem. (D ) In the last solve the rational word problem by applying the various mathematical operations. In the below we show you some of the rational expressions word problems to understand the concept of rational expression word problem. Example A: Suppose there are two friends in the class. The science teacher allots an assignment to each friend to do from home. If the first friend complete the assignment in the 12 hours and the second friend complete their assignment in 10 hours. Then calculate what will be the total time taken by both friends when they complete the assignment together? Solution: Here we solve the question by applying the above steps that are used for solving the rational word expression problem. First we read the above question, in which given that there are two friends completing their task. Now we need to convert the given rational expression into rational number format.he rate of work done by the first friend is = 1 / 12, in the same aspect , The rate of work done by the first friend is = 1 / 10 , If in case both doing the same assignment together then the total time will be taken by both friends are: Rate of first + Rate of second friend 1 / 12 + 1 / 10 => so, total time will be taken= 5 + 6 / 60 = 11 / 60 hours. In the above we can see that by converting the rational expression into rational word problem we can easily solve the problem that is related to the mathematical calculation. Read More About :- Geometry Rectangle

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Rational Expressions Word Problems