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orange t-bar wedge

cross strap wedge

weave strap wedge

blue t-bar wedge

cross strap wedge

WEDGE HEAVEN navy stripe tie wedge

red stripe wedge


denim spot wedge

weave strap wedge

red stripe tie wedge

vest: size 8-20 capri: size 8-20

crochet wedge

vest: size 8-20 short: size 8-20 navy tie wedge

playsuit: size 8-18

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size 8-20* rint tunic p : IC N TU 2, [1] p size 8-2 ill layer to -20 [2] TOP: fr 8 ze rts si : print sho 2 [3] SHORTS -2 s size 8 floral vest -20 [4] VESTS: orts size 8 : jersey sh TS R O 8-22 H S [5] tubes size sign boob e d S: P -18d [6] TO p size 8b frill bikini to [7] BIKINI: ze 8-18 ottoms si frill bikini b n size s-xl hite kafta w : N TA F A [8] K ch towel floral bea [9] TOWEL: y charm trilb [10] HAT:



Sun dresses:

size 8-20 also available in coral & white

[1] TOP: twist bandeau top size 8-20 [2] BOTTOMS: fold over brief size 8-20 [3] TOP: triangle tie top size 8-20 [4] BOTTOMS: tie belt shorts size 8-20 [5] DRESS: stripe beach dress size s-xl [6] FLIP FLOPS: flower flip flops size 3-8 [7] BOTTOMS: tie side brief size 8-20


Caitlin wears: DRESS: lace tiered maxi dress

Rachel wears: OPPOSITE PAGE [1] HAT: floppy hat TOP: lace tiered cami

Michelle wears: OPPOSITE PAGE [2] TOP: seemless marl cami CHINOS: cropped white chinos *all product size 8-20

finishing touches: [3] FLOPPY HAT: floral floppy hat [4] HAT: floral tie back straw fedora [5] HAT: floral band fedora


als o ava ila ble in pin k 7

VEST: ribbed vest size 8-22 more colours available RUFFLE VEST: ruffle vest size 8-22 CAPRIS: gingham capris size 8-20 CAPRIS: coloured capris size 8-20

(from left)

Nicky wears: PLAYSUIT: spot playsuit size 8-18 also available in red

Tassia wears:VEST: ribbed vest size 8-20 CAPRIS: gingham capris size 8-20

Sophie wears:RUFFLE VEST: ruffle vest size 8-20 SHORTS: printed twill shorts size 8-20

Margaret wears: [1] CARDIGAN: crochet cardigan - TOP: floral cami top CAPRIS: linen capris [2] SHRUG: knitted cable shrug


SHORTS: twill shorts size 8-20

TOP: detailed waved top - SKIRT: floral maxi skirt

printed twill shorts size 8-20

[3] DRESS: floral dress all sizes 10-22


DRESS: floral dress size 8-20 BAG: saddle bag BELTS: 2pk belts size s,m,l,xl for Footwear see page 3 & back page

once it’s gone, it’s gone!

TOP: gold top size 8-22 - SHORTS: patterned shorts size 8-18 SHOES: weave strap wedge size 3-8 - TOP: stripe top size 8-22 VEST: sequin vest size 8-22 more colours available


(from left)

Katya wears:

BLAZER: stripe blazer size 8-18 - VEST: ribbed vest size 8-22 JEANS: jeans size 8-20

Chloe wears: T-SHIRT: coral stripe t-shirt size 8-22 - SHORTS: denim shorts size 8-20 Genevieve wears: T-SHIRT: Union Jack t-shirt size 8-22 - SHORTS: chino shorts size 8-20 12

Sai wears (from left) TOP: beaded collar lace blouse size 8-18 JEANS: skinny coloured jeans size 8-18 - TOP: sequin collar seahorse top size 8-18 SHORTS: daisy lace shorts size 8-18 - SHOES: cross strap wedges size 3-8 DRESS: sequin lace dress size 8-18 also available in mint - SHOES: platform shoes size 3-8


Nathan wears:

[1] SHIRT: check shirt size s-xxxl POLO: pink polo shirt (worn underneath) SHORTS: blue wash chino shorts

Ben wears: POLO: stripe polo shirt POLO: yellow polo shirt (worn underneath)

SHIRT & T-SHIRT: shirt & t-shirt set size s-xxxl

SHORTS: large check shorts

[1] cargo shorts size 30-44” waist

[2] SHIRT: linen check shirt

[2] belted shorts size 30-44” waist

POLO: blue polo shirt (worn underneath)

[3] camo cargo shorts size 30-42” waist

SHORTS: purple wash chino shorts

[4] button pocket cargos shorts size 30-42” waist

*all clothes size s-xxxl

FLIP FLOPS: design canvas toe post size 7-11


Ash wears:

SUNGLASSES : HATS: size s/ m & m/l wide range available

mo re colou rs ava ila ble

[1] T-SHIRTS: design print t-shirt size s-xxl [2] VEST: jersey vest size s-xxl [3] SHORTS: swim shorts size s-xxl [4] HAT: blue band straw trilby size s/m & m/l [1] POLOS: pocket polo shirts size s-xxl [2] SHIRTS: linien shirts size s-xxxl [3] SHOES: boat shoes size 7-11 [4] SHOES: leather cross strap sandals size 7-11

[5] FLIP FLOPS: stripe print flip flops size 7-11 wide range available

[5] SHORTS: chino shorts size 30-42� [6] BELTS: elastic belts size s-xxl [7] HAT: woven band trilby



[1] VEST: 2pk vest size 3mths-5yrs TUTU & BOPPERS* LEGGINGS [2] T-SHIRT SHORTS: size 3-13yrs HAT & CAPE*

Dejan wears:

[3] DRESS UP: queen dress up* size 3-9yrs,

T-SHIRT: Shackelwell t-shirt size s-xxl

[4] DRESS UP: guard dress up* size 3-9yrs,

JEANS: straight fit dark wash denim size 30-38 s/r/l

* selected stores only

SHOES: high tops size 6-12 [1] T-SHIRT: London bus t-shirt size s-xxl [2] T-SHIRT: The Jam t-shirt size xs-xxl [3] T-SHIRT: Liam Gallagher t-shirt size s-xxl [4] T-SHIRT: flag t-shirt size xs-xxl [5] T-SHIRT: London news t-shirt size s-xxl UNION HEART TOP* size 3mths-5yrs



BOYS I LOVE LONDON* size 3mths-5yrs

BULLDOG T-SHIRT size 3-13yrs


VESTS: 3pk frill vests size 3mths-5yrs SHORTS: patterned shorts size 3mths-5yrs HAT: ribbon hat size 6mths-4yrs FLIP FLOPS: flower flip flops size 4-9 JELLIES: pink jelly sandals size 4-9 T-SHIRTS: print t-shirts each size 3mths-5yrs

[1] FLIP FLOPS: floral flip flops size 4-9

SUNGLASSES: patterned sunglasses

[2] VEST: 3pk surf vests* [3] HAT: straw trilby [4] SUNGLASSES: sunglasses [5] SHORTS: patterned shorts* [6] SHOES: character clogs size 4-9* [7] CAP: sunglasses cap size 6mths-4yrs

[8] T-SHIRTS: slogan t-shirts* [9] SURF SUIT: patterned surf suit [10] HAT: sun hat size 6mths-4yrs PICTURED: [top left] SWIMSUIT: butterfly swimsuit

T-SHIRT: 2pk t-shirts

SURF SUIT: spot surf suit size 3mths-5yrs

SHORTS: 2pk shorts

HAT: spot hat size 6mths-4yrs, FLIP FLOPS: glitter flower flip flops size 4-9


3 mth s - 5y rs

[bottom right] T-SHIRT: 3pk t-shirts SHORTS: 2pk shorts




HAT: straw rope hat SUNGLASSES: sunglasses TANKINI: matching frill tankini

FLIP FLOPS: flower flip flops

HAT: white floral hat


SUNGLASSES: sunglasses

SWIMSUIT: floral swimsuit HAT: pink hat JELLIES: pink jelliies* size10-5

DRESS: SANDALS: available in white & gold size 10-5

SWIMSUIT: swimsuit SKIRT: 2pk skirt* BAG: ribbon beach bag



3pk vests


PICTURED: [top left] T-SHIRTS: 2pk t-shirts SHORTS: green flower swim shorts [1] HAT: straw trilby one size [2] SUNGLASSES: fashion sunglasses* one size

[1] T-SHIRTS: 3pk t-shirts - SHORTS: 3pk shorts

[3] SHORTS: swim shorts* [4] FLIP FLOPS: fashion flip flops size 10-6

[2] DRESS: 2pk dress [3] SUIT: jersey dress & pants

[5] VESTS: 3pk vests [6] VESTS: 3pk vests [7] SHORTS: 2pk swim shorts*

[4] TOPS: 3pk t-shirts - SHORTS: 3pk shorts

[8] FLIP FLOPS: logo flip flops size 10-6, [9] T-SHIRTS: printed t-shirts

[5] SUIT: car romper suit [6] SUIT: boat romper suit

[10] SHORTS: sweat shorts

SHOES: pram shoes size 0-18mths


s u m m e r ba biehss 0 -18 mt


Erika wears: [1] HOODY: printed zip hoody selected stores only


VEST: printed vest - SHORTS: grey shorts SOCKS: stripe knee high socks size 15.5 - 5.5 [4] DRESS: white dress - BAG: flower straw bag

Bridget wears: [2] VEST: Malibu vest - SHORTS: stripe shorts

[1] HOODY: pink textured hoody - T-SHIRT: printed t-shirt - SHORTS: denim shorts

SOCKS: stripe knee high socks size 15.5 - 5.5

LEGGINGS: aztec leggings [2] PLAYSUIT: lace denim playsuit

[3] VEST: crochet vest - SHORTS: floral trim shorts SHOES: crochet espadrille size 10-5


[3] TOP: printed tie top - CHINOS:pastel chinos


[4] T-SHIRT: London print t-shirt - LEGGINGS: animal leggings


fantastic value double duvet set

[1] DUVET: Pintuck duvet set available in lilac & duck egg - double - king

[1] BIRDCAGE: birdcage votive holder [2] HANGING BIRDCAGE: vintage hanging birdcage

[2] DUVET: Enchanted Garden duvet set available in lilac & duck egg - double - king

[3] DINNERWARE: Provence dinner plate side plate mug cup & saucer bowl

* sets include duvet cover & 2 matching pillow cases

[4] CUSHIONS: embroidered butterfly cushion blue metallic pique lilac metallic pique blue floral chenille - lilac floral chenille



word art [1] CUSHION: 1st class cushion [2] CUSHION: London bus cushion [3] CUSHION: cat in crown print cushion [4] CUSHION: kick around print cushion [5] WORD ART: London [6] CANVAS: Union Jack canvas [7] TEAPOT: crown teapot [8] CROWN MUG: crown mug [9] FRAME: Union Jack picture frame [10&11] STORAGE: set of 3 storage trunks



[1] CANVAS: British text canvas [2] CUSHION: wide range of colours available [3] BEDDING: Union jack bedding set single double [4] STORAGE: Union jack storage box


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04 mme may 2012 mailer final