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The Masters campus offers serene natural beauty with its rolling hills, verdant lawns, and location above the Hudson River. But it’s a mere 35 minutes from the vibrancy, excitement, and richness of New York City. This closeness seems to contribute a certain cosmopolitan feel to the campus and community. Perhaps no other school in New York utilizes the city to the extent we do. A class studying world religions might visit a Sikh gurdwara, a Hindu temple, and countless other diverse places of worship.

Big City Big opport uni t es : Number of New York City museums listed on over 100 Percentage of Masters boarding students who attend a Broadway show and visit a New York City museum each year: 100

Spanish students might visit El Museo del Barrio or go to Washington Heights to put their Spanish to conversational use. Students can study on the weekends at conservatories and universities. And Masters’ many performing artists get


opportunities to take the stage in the city’s venues—

The Masters School is a coed day and boarding

lectures, poetry readings, classic films...there’s

school that engages fifth through twelfth grade

simply no limit to what can be learned in this vibrant,

students in a rigorous college preparatory curricu-

thriving metropolis.

lum. Founded in 1877, Masters is located on a majestic 96-acre campus in historic Dobbs Ferry, New York, just 35 minutes from New York City.

Best of all w or ld s There’s only one New York City. And there’s only one boarding school this close to it. The Masters School takes full advantage of this proximity, tapping into the rich cultural and educational resources the city offers.

sometimes including Radio City Music Hall. Scholarly

Average number of academic field trips to New York City per year: 30 Miles between the MetroNorth Railroad station in Dobbs Ferry and Grand Central Station: 20.7

fe a sting on the big apple Here are just a few of the ways The Masters School’s students experience New York City:

Class trips We integrate educational excursions into our curriculum with frequent class trips to museums, exhibits, landmarks, performances, and more.

City project In this unit of World History I, ninth graders compare the modern infrastructure and systems of New York City to those of the ancient world.

Supplemental/advanced learning Model United Nations

Masters students can receive instruction and

As part of the sophomores’ yearlong Model UN

mentoring from alumnae/i and parents in New York

experience (in which students gain firsthand

City who are leaders in their fields. Students might

understanding of current global issues, legislative

intern in a science lab at Columbia, visit Wall Street,

procedures, productive debate, and consensus-

or meet with professional journalists. Additionally,

building), the class takes a trip to the real UN.

some students receive advanced art, dance, and music training at institutions such as Juilliard and the


Manhattan School of Music.

Students cover breaking New York and United States news for the Masters school newspaper, Tower.

Fun We also use New York City for pure entertainment,

Big Apple Academics

taking frequent weekend trips for both day and

This program gives students opportunities to

boarding students. Excursions include: Broadway

supplement their classroom studies and earn extra

shows, professional dance performances, street fairs,

credit by visiting museums, exploring neighborhoods,

baseball and hockey games, opera, or just exploring

or seeing performances.

Times Square.

cityterm Masters is home to, and inspired by, CITYterm. This innovative program gives a select group of 30 intellectually adventuresome high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to spend a semester at The Masters School. Using New York City as a classroom and laboratory, CITYterm challenges its students to engage fully in experiencebased learning, pushing them to think, question, speak up, and grow.

CLASS ACTS Following are some of the specific ways the various Masters classes have recently broadened their classroom experience using New York City: An AP U.S. History class toured the Tenement Museum and Grand Central Station to study urbanization and the Gilded Age. French IV/V students went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for a private tour with a French guide; and then dined at the French restaurant Le Bouchon. The Political Science class analyzed political advertising at the Museum of Television and Radio. Art students in the New Digital Media class visited the Whitney Museum. In their City Project study of criminal justice, a group of ninth graders visited Manhattan Supreme Criminal Court, where they witnessed a murder trial. The students also spent time at the Police Academy interviewing officers and cadets and then toured the Police Museum. Advanced Journalism students traveled to the Financial District to cover breaking news about the Occupy Wall Street protests. World Religion students enhanced their classroom studies with visits to houses of worship in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

EASY ACCESS Masters’s unique location makes it extremely convenient for local, domestic, and international transportation. The campus is only five minutes from the train station and less than an hour from LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark airports.

The Masters School: A coed day and boarding college preparatory school for grades 5 –12, located in historic Dobbs Ferry, New York, 35 minutes from New York City.

Office of Admission The Masters School 49 Clinton Avenue Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 Tel: +1-914-479-6420 Fax: +1-914-693-7295

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The NYC Advantage at The Masters School  

There’s only one New York City. And there’s onlyone boarding school this close to it. The MastersSchool takes full advantage of this proximi...

The NYC Advantage at The Masters School  

There’s only one New York City. And there’s onlyone boarding school this close to it. The MastersSchool takes full advantage of this proximi...