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MASSART TRANSFORMATION Dear Friends, This has been another landmark year at MassArt, marked by record-breaking fundraising and the ongoing evolution of our urban campus. It has been my privilege to serve as Interim President, as the College embarked on a nationwide search for its next president. Dr. David P. Nelson was named the 12th president of the college by the Board of Higher Education, effective June 2016. We are delighted to have President Nelson join our exceptional community and our longstanding commitment to creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence. With them, we are uniquely poised to focus on our core mission of providing a world-class education to everyone with talent and the will to succeed. We are profoundly grateful for the support of each donor who has generously contributed to MassArt this year. Philanthropy plays a vital role in creating the infrastructure at MassArt necessary to inspire young artists from underserved communities to confidently pursue an art and design education. This financial support has made it possible for hundreds of MassArt students to study in such distinct destinations as Italy, Israel, India and Japan. These travel scholarships allow our students, many of whom have never traveled outside of the United States, or even their own states, to immerse themselves in cultures around the globe. The impact on their artmaking is immeasurable.




Our campus transformation continued with the opening of the Design and Media Center, featuring a vibrant and welcoming new front entrance for MassArt on Huntington Avenue, Boston’s Avenue of the Arts. We are delighted to realize our goal of a 40,000 square-foot, flexible academic space to encourage collaborative learning across disciplines, to keep pace with the rapidly evolving standards in art and design education, and to provide a gathering space for our own and the larger community. The UNBOUND campaign to renovate the Bakalar & Paine Galleries is now our highest fundraising priority. As the largest free contemporary art space in New England, these professional galleries are a critical learning space for our students, a welcoming place for arts lovers, and a landmark on the MassArt campus. Within a firm $12 million budget, the project will transform the interior space, create a new entrance, and improve the streetscape with new landscaping concepts. We have $7 million now raised to date! Thanks to our remarkably generous donors, whose unwavering support has inspired us to move forward. To all of you who support contemporary art and design, and our gifted young artists, designers and art educators, please accept my deep appreciation for your continued generosity. Sincerely, Ken Strickland | Interim President







ENDOWMENT: $15,616,922 Permanently & Temporarily Restricted Funds

$5 M

$16 M


$15.617 M

$14 M ENDOWMENT: $15,616,922

Permanently & Temporarily Restricted Funds

$4 M $5 M


$12 M $16 M

$15.617 M

$10 M $14 M

$3 M $4 M

$8 M $12 M


$2 M

$6 M $10 M

$3 M

$4 M $8 M

$1 M $2 M

$2 M $6 M


$1 M











$4 M














Source: Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Years 2005-2015 $2 M
























Source: Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Years 2005-2015


34% NET TUITION & FEES $22,699,397


TOTAL REVENUES (operating & non-operating)


July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015






JULY 1, 2014 -JUNE 30, 2015 1% STATE GRANTS & CONTRACTS $694,552








8% STUDENT SERVICES $5,218,078

34% INSTRUCTION $22,996,852


TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015


9% ACADEMIC SUPPORT $6,083,229

1% PUBLIC SERVICE $777,809




THANK YOU Since 1975, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation has raised millions of dollars to support the mission of the college. With the continued support of MassArt’s passionate, dedicated donors — many of whom appear on the following pages — we will continue to do so for years to come. Justine and James Laugharn

OVER $100,000

$5,000 TO $24,999


Altieri Events LLC

The Ashurst Foundation

artscope magazine

Estate of Beverly Hallam

A Street Frames

David Greer

Alison and Scott Babka

Beverly Hallam ‘45 †

Robert and Hope Bachelder

The Mabel Louise Riley Foundation

David and Sandra Bakalar

Elizabeth Kelner Pozen

Barbara Krakow Gallery

Elissa and William Warner

The Beker Foundation

Windgate Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Harvey and Jayne Beker P ‘07

Gail Lewenberg Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Carl and Bridget Long

Clement and Stephanie Benenson Blick Art Materials

$50,000 TO $99,999

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Holly and David Bruce

Bookbuilders of Boston

Richard and Gabrielle Coffman


The Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation

Cynthia Clarke James and Christie Connors

Highland Street Foundation The Janey Fund Charitable Trust Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation

Jonathan Copper Jean and Richard Coyne Myha and Eric Danner

Surdna Foundation

Pamela Davis Parisi ‘67 and Philip Parisi ‘64

Keith Wang and Katherine Sayn-Wittgenstein

Tim Cawley


Caroline and Robert Collings

Kyle and Susan Weaver

Collings Foundation

Webster & Company, LTD.

Michael and Rebecca Collins

David Webster

Julie and William Condron

Wellington Management Company LLP

Consulate General of Israel to New England

Susan Whitehead

Julia Crapo

Wilhelmina Denning Jackson Art Scholarship Fund John and Leonora Williams †

Pamela and Jeffrey Choney

Amy Cueva Suzanne Cutts ‘84 and Robert Cox, Jr. ‘84 Amber Davis-Tourlentes FAC and Stephen Tourlentes ‘88 M FAC

Kristina and Patrick Lyons

$1,000 TO $4,999

The Design Insight Foundation

Mark and Mariya MacLean

Amanda Accardi ‘06

designLAB architects

Richard Marshall

Nancy Adams and Scott Schoen

Massachusetts Cultural Council


Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Agnes Martin Foundation

Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

Aisha Al Riyami and Al Wadhah Al Adawi

Jane and Scott Maxwell

Frances Andahazy ‘83 and Michael Nedeau

MFS Investment Management

Renée Anderson and Mike Bertos

Richard Miner and Corinne Nagy

Mark Andrus

Edvaldo Morata and Caroline Lu

Around the Corner

William and Brooke Muggia

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Mullen Advertising

Association of Professional Administrators

Newbury Comics, Inc.

Margaret Badenhausen and Thomas Kelly

Olivia English and Tracy Gallagher

Diane Nordin and Thomas Keller

Joseph Baerlein and Dotty Volpe

Ennead Architects

Megan and Robert O’Block

Richard Baiano and Craig Tevolitz

Ronald and Deborah Feinstein

Jonathan Ostrowsky and Kathleen Wright

Maxwell, Jr. and Beth Bardeen

Mary (Sissy) Ffolliott ‘77

Pass & Seymour-legrand

George and Barbara Beal

Lisa and Ronald Fisher

Alchemy Foundation

David D’Orio Paul Drolet and Robert Echols Daniel Drory and Eve Proctor P ‘18 Maria Dwyer William Eastler ‘07, ‘08 The Echo Charitable Foundation EdVestors, Inc. Frederick Ehrsam Daniel Elias and Karen Keane Elkus | Manfredi Architects Emergency Production, LLC

$25,000 TO $49,999

Fotene Demoulas and Tom Coté

PBD Events

Robert Beal

Maura FitzGerald

The Ad Club Foundation

East Meets West

Meichi Peng

Bergen County United Way

Paul and Cecily Foster

Jennifer Epstein and William Keravuori

Phillip and Carolyn Perelmuter

Belinda Berman-Real and Terrence Real

Anthony Fry

Esplanade Capital

Paul Pflugfelder and Deborah Kokke

Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation

Deanna Fulp

Fidelity Investments

The P&G Fund

Sarah Bertulli

Robert and Kimberly Gatof

Nina Fletcher ‘91 P ‘99

Jeremy and Heather Pozen

Henry and June Biner

John, Jr. and Brenda Geishecker

Cheryl and Larry Franklin

The Ramsey McCluskey Family Foundation

David Blanke

Peter Gelhaar and Christa Comeau

Bruce Greene

Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation

Katherine and Tom Block

Glasgow School of Art

Nicholas and Marjorie Greville

Christina Rifkin

BK Boley

Debra Glassman P ‘08

Jeff Hannon

Bryant Ross ‘04

Boston Beer Company

Arnold ‘60 and Mildred Glimcher

Jennifer and Paul Harrington

Santander Bank

Boston Cultural Council

Bernice Godine

HATCH Marketing LLC

The Schechter Family Foundation

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

William and Susan Griffin

William and Lucile Hicks

Susan and Robert Schechter

Linda Bourke ‘73 FAC

Angela Hahn and Tom DeVesto P ‘16

The Lucretia Philanthropic Foundation

Jean Hynes and Mark Condon

Schwab Charitable Fund

Whitney Bower

Molly Halligan ‘12

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Bernard Jalbert ‘76 and Carole Jones ‘77

Mary Shannon

Margaret Brown

Margery Hamlen ‘95

Charles Jobson and Donna Farrell

Kathy and Garrett Sharpless

Donna Bruno ‘93

Handel and Haydn Society

Roberta Moore

Elizabeth Johnson and Robert Ketterson

Tammy Skuraton

Dillon Buss ‘12

Geoffrey Hargadon and Patricia Lavalley

National Endowment for the Arts

Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Virginia and David Spencer

Bytten Inc.

Paul and Elizabeth Harrington

Marjorie O’Malley FAC

Sholly Kagan

Lionel and Vivian Spiro

Anne Callahan ‘86 and Larz Medina

Timothy Hilton and Sara Miller

David and Pamela Phillips P ‘98

Paul Karger

Stanhope Framers

Emma-Louise and Thomas Calus

Horizon Beverage Company

Valentine Talland and Nagesh Mahanthappa

Gus and Arlette Kayafas

Twin Focus Capital Partners LLC

Carroll and Sons, Inc.

Kristian Horvei

Brian and Amanda Kinney

Universal Wilde Inc.

Mary and Scott Carson

Howard P. Colhoun Family Foundation

Charles Turner

Jill and Shawn Kravetz

Vanguard Charitable

Mary Cassesso

Michelle and Frank Ingari, Jr.

Jérôme Urvoy and Marc Wurbel

Tali and Mark Kwatcher

Patrick and Karen Veale P ‘10

Ronald and Ronni Casty

Consuelo and John Isaacson

Clare Villari and David Weinstein

Jay and Kristy Ladieu

The Vesper Foundation

Pieranna Cavalchini

Jay Jakubowski

Hope and Mel Barkan The Boston Foundation Fay Chandler † Civil Society Institute The Commonwealth Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ann C. Gallo J. E. & Z. B. Butler Foundation Alison ‘07 and Isaac Judd M

Wesley and Ashley Karger Frederick and Jennifer Leichter








Barbara Jelleme

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Anne Harney ‘11 and Harvey Cantor

Anne Baldwin ‘68

Kathy and Don Dienst P ‘16

Julie Anne Joyal

SKIN-EEZ Skincarewear

Judith Harper ‘67

Arthur Banda ‘53

Nicolas Kane and Travis Place

Jodi Slater and Jonathan Wakely

Kelley Harwood ‘09 and Christopher Grace

Alexander Barbosa ‘12

Giovanna DiNicola and Steven Huberman P ‘17

Joel Katz

Kurt FAC and Sarah Steinberg

Erin Hasley

Julie Barrett ‘12 FAC

Amy DiPlacido ‘07

Christina Kazis Sayare and Mitchel Sayare

Inez Stewart

Michael and Joan Hass

Dolores Bartlett ‘49

Deborah Disston P ‘15

Maureen Keefe

James and Cathleen Stone

Elizabeth Hatke

Geoffrey Barton

Martha ‘84 and Shawn Dodge P ‘18

Maureen FAC and Gerard Kelly

Ralph, Jr. and Carol Stuart

Donn and Veronica Heath

Louise and Robert Bastarache P ‘16

Adell Donaghue ‘88 and L. Magliochetti

Robert Knight ‘06 M

Claudia Talland and Brian Barnett

Peter Heller

Susan Battista and Fritz Klaetke

Saoirse Donegan Downeast Cider House


Lance Koenig

Marilyn ‘51 and William Tarlow

Paula Herman ‘03

Oona Beauchard ‘96

kor group

Michael and Merle Tarnow

Frances Hickey FAC

Linda and Kenneth Behar

Thomas Dunn III P ‘11

Lynne Kortenhaus

John ‘05

Jessica Hughes ‘09

Bruce Bemis ‘97

Stephen, Sr. ‘53 and Nancy Durkee

F. Danby III and Esu Lackey

Olaf and Peggie Thorp

Kristine Irving ‘91

Jane and Mark Bennett P ‘18

Joie Edson P ‘16

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Mark Bennett ‘17

Arthur ‘56 and Gretchen Eilertson Emack & Bolio’s

John, Jr. ‘52 and Caroline Langan

and Nathalie Thompson ‘09



Lisa Thors


James and Michelle Lapides

Chiara Trabucchi

Jeffrey Johnson ‘86 and Ann Christensen

Ellen Berezin and Lewis Shepard

Norman and Sondra Levenson

Ellen Tsangaris P ‘18

Kenneth Jones P ‘08

Martin Beveridge ‘98

Deborah Epstein and Alan Joslin Jessica Erickson ‘03

Gregory Jundanian and Seta Nersessian

The Liberty Hotel

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

Nikki Bialow

Emily Kahn

Karl and Theresa Bienwald P ‘18

Caroline Esdaile

Alex Lopez and Elisabeth Le Sourne

Beth van Belle

Beth Kantrowitz and Ben Scheindlin

Lee Binda ‘92

Malcolm Everett and Claudia Lefko

Lourie & Cutler, P.C.

Wakely Investment Management

Matthew Karl ‘05

Andrew Blair and Mary DiSalvo

Rene and Linda Fabbri P ‘14

Elizabeth Lowrey

Walsh Brothers, Incorporated

Jean King P ‘16

Richard Blaisdell ‘56

Douglas Farel and Sheila Riley P ‘11

Nancy Lukitsh

Roslyn Watson

Virginia Kropas ‘74, ‘76 M

Jay Bordage ‘90

Linda and Harvey Fenton

Ted MacLean and Joanne Liautaud

Tom Weisend

Jane LaLonde ‘92

Barbara Bosworth FAC

Molly Ferguson

Claire Malaguti

Gregory and Alison White

Yvonne Lamothe

Anne Boudreau ‘17

Neal Ferri

Marriott International

Meg White

Sharon ‘84 and Larry Lapham

Marion ‘50 and Jeffrey Bowe

Lars Fischer FAC

Mastwood Charitable Foundation

Christopher Whitlock ‘03 and Mary Flannery

Aubree Lawrence

Laurey Brainard

Gail ‘85 and Eric Fitzgerald

Edward and Amy Brakeman

Maureen Fitzgerald

William & Marilyn Tarlow Individualized Fund

Diane LeBlanc ‘95 Daphne Leclercq

Ingrid Brimer ‘90 and M. Goggin

Jennifer ‘82 and Ryan Flaherty

Jane Lee

Matthew Brimicombe ‘13

Elizabeth ‘70 and F. Fletcher P ‘03

Sunhee Lee and Myungdoo Chung P ‘16

Barbara ‘59 and Abraham Bromberg

Lorraine and Steven Flora P ‘15

Harriet and Alan Lewis

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Mission Bar & Grill Kyra and Jean Montagu Brian Moore ‘09 M Colin Moore ‘08 and Rebecca Butler John Moran and Michael Wood Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Anne Williams and Kevin Mohan Jennifer Willis Marcia Wilson ‘78 and Philip Hartley Samuel Yin

Libby & Joanne Cooper Rebecca and Jake Lilley Janna Longacre FAC and Joseph Upham

Peter Muise and Anthony Grima

Joanne Lukitsh


Mary Anne Muller and Michael Krugman

$500 TO $999

Kirsten Martin

Andrew Myers

Mary McCabe P ‘89

The Naduse Foundation

James Ackerman and Jill Slosburg-Ackerman FAC

Paulina Neely

Tushar Advani

Emily McComb and Nicolas Massard

Neiman Marcus Natick

Terry ‘82 and Richard Albright

Beth McGavock

The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education

Hillary Babick FAC

Tracey McLeod


Clint ‘08

Jennifer McPhilimy


and Mary O’Neil


and Tasha Baclawski

Diane McCafferty

Jacqueline McRath

James and Beth Pallotta

Meredith Baker ‘77

Carol ‘65 and Philip Mecagni

Saul Pannell and Sally Currier

Katharine FAC and Gary Barrett

Ronald Miller

Nirva and Paresh Patel

James and Clara Batchelor

Jennifer Morla ‘78 and Nilus De Matran

Aidan FAC and Kathryn Petrie

Boston Foundation For Architecture

Mary Lou and Scott Navin

Jonathan Pierson ‘84

Kristine Brennen ‘06

Deirdre and Barry Nectow

Beth Piskorowski

Zayde Buti ‘10

Lan Nguyen ‘12

Marc and Heni Plonskier

Ellen Carr FAC

Fran and Huron Oh

Ellen Poss

Michelle Carter ‘09 M

Emily O’Neil

Joann Prescott-Roy

Katherine Carton

Lark Palermo and Jim Orlin

Aruña and Alejandro Quiroga

Katherine Cavacco ‘10

Prataap Patrose and James Paradis ‘05

Naomi Ramieri-Hall ‘87 and Lawrence Hall

Morgan ‘60 and Janie Chickering

Theo Paul and Rebecca Jackman

Charles and Patricia Ribakoff

Karen Christians ‘97

Zoe Perry-Wood ‘81

Martha Richardson

Susan Ciampa ‘81 M and Demetrios Sklivas

Margie and Richard Perse

Catherine Riedel and Michael Myers

William III and Rachel Coakley

Katherine Peruzzini

Patricia Rivers

Juliet Cocca

Lauren Pitalis


Connelly Partners LLC

The Pittman Family Foundation

Sheila Rogers ‘88

Kevin Connolly ‘99

Veronique ‘95 and Robert Pittman

The Ronald G. Casty Family Foundation

Continuum LLC

Michael Plofker ‘76 and Robin Gitomer


Steven Corkin and Dan Maddalena

Stuart and Helen Potter ‘59 P ‘92

Lee and Margaret Rubenstein

Molly Cumming

Proximity Lab LLC

Erik and Joannah Saarmaa

Ellen-Deane Cummins

Donald Rendall ‘96 and Rebecca Jewett

Jaka and Gad Saarony

Andrea Dabrila

April and Lawrence Riccio

Lynne Sampson-Tuffin ‘82

Catherine ‘50 and William Daley ‘50

Shelby Richardson ‘13

Samuels & Associates

Jessica Darling ‘11

Sydney Rockefeller

Mark and Audrey Schuster

Peter ‘87 and Rachel Dixon

Alessandro Scotti


and Lisa Roberts

Jeff and Linda Brown ‘12

Laura ‘89 and Michael Foley

Stephen ‘67 and Mary Bruce

Mark Fortin and Lisa Frey

George Bucklin ‘53

Janet ‘50 and Donald Fowke


Nancy ‘73 and Christopher Burden

Susan and David Frail P ‘17

Caroline Burghardt ‘03

Beatrice Frain and David Freitach


Susan and Jeffrey Freedman

Donald Burgy ‘59 FAC and Joy Renjilian-Burgy

Julia Frenkle ‘04 and Mike Kunelius

Joanne Burke Casey ‘80 and Walter Casey

Mara ‘77 and Robert Friedman P ‘15

Richard and Marietta Burns P ‘11

Elaine Friel ‘68

Ambreen Butt ‘97 M and Iqbal Ahmed

Deborah Frizzell

John Cady ‘60

Marilyn ‘56 and Charles Fuller

Mary Cahan ‘74

Martha and Herbert Fuller P ‘00

Heather Cairns ‘88

Jane Fulop

Priscilla Cambraia P ‘18

Albert Fung ‘96 M

Sharon Molly Cantor ‘96

Amy Furman ‘75

Elizabeth Carey

Marilyn ‘64 FAC and John Gabarro

Kimberly and Gil Carlock P ‘17

Mary Gagliano FAC

Susan Carlson ‘72

Lois Gallant and Charles Pratt P ‘16

Jenna Casey ‘08 and Derek Cascio ‘06

Stephen ‘94 and Ellen Gallivan

Maura Casey

Ruth and Peter Galvin

Laura Caswell P ‘02

Francis Gardino ‘88 and Denise Bousquet

Michael Catacchio ‘78

William Garland

Richard Cavaliere P ‘17

Emily Garner

CCR Wealth Management, LLC

Carole ‘55 and John Garvey

Keith Cerone ‘06

David Gelinas P ‘18

David Chalpin

Elizabeth Geller

Susan Chandler Hart ‘77 and Daniel Hart

General Electric Foundation

Marcia ‘60 and Clifford Chase

George and Mary Gerrior ‘60

Carlos Chavez ‘80

Ingrid Gersin

Nicole Chesney ‘97

Virginia and Stephen Gibbons P ‘18

Diane Chester-Demicco

Leah Giberson ‘97 P ‘13

William Childs ‘56

Frank and Sheryl Giguere P ‘18

Anita ‘52 and Rick Chisholm

Carol Gladstone

James Chisholm ‘95 M

Roberto and Elizabeth Goizueta

Eleanor Chmiel ‘78 M and William Berger

Gordon Goodman P ‘17

Yumi Choi P ‘15

Harold and Rona Goodman

Seth and Pam Roman

Lindsey Cimochowski ‘05 and Bradley Rufleth

Janet Goodman ‘85

Michael and Karen Rotenberg

Anna ‘06 and Jonathan Claeys

Joan Goodman ‘67 and Lawrence Boxer P ‘14

Susana Segat FAC

Bradley Doliber ‘72 † and Marilyn Skeffington Kathleen Fernsler ‘45

Beverly Rusoff ‘77 and Seth Holzman

Catharine ‘06 and James Claiborne

James ‘68 and Jayne Gordon

Daniel Shannon and Marcia Lloyd FAC

Lyla-Jean Clapper P ‘12

Tara and Jeremy Goss

Kenton Sharp ‘76

John Ferrari

Katie Ryan and Gregory Lawrence

James Clifford ‘00 M

Charlotte Gottesman

Richard and Kerry Shea P ‘07

Ann Forbush

Howard Salwen and Sheryl Marshall

Dorothy Cline

Michael Gower, Jr.

Mercedes Sherrod-Evans FAC and David Evans

Gallery NAGA

Julia Shanks Diana Shonk ‘80

Ania Gilmore ‘08

Bernard Clohisy

Leslie and Allen Graff

Valerie Shey

Christina Singh and Jeffrey Huvar

Kim Gonzaga ‘93

John Cogan, Jr. and Mary Cornille

Jeanette Grant ‘80

Leslee Shupe

James Smith FAC and Robert Clifford

James and Paula Gould

Michael Cohen ‘57

Arlynne ‘53 and Douglas Grearson

Brooke Sikora and Lars Gehre

David Smyth ‘95

Fay and Reginald Greene

Chris Colbert and Kate Gilbert

Carol ‘61 and Burton Greifer P ‘98

Pamela and Richard Simons P ‘12

Rhonda Snow

Akin and Noelle Greville

Theresa and Steven Coletti P ‘17

Clare and Raymond Grenier, Jr. P ‘12

Helen Singh

Kenneth FAC and Karla Strickland

Paul Hajian FAC and Cha Rosenbaum

Claire ‘82 and John Griffin

Leslie Sullivan

Susan Collazzo-Millman ‘76 and Barry Millman

Marissa Swinghammer

Cynthia ‘91 and Thomas Connelley

Richard, Jr. and Ruth Griffin P ‘05, P ‘10

Texas Instruments Foundation

Rebecca Connolly Hackler ‘01 and Jason Hackler

Larry and DeAnna Grosbaum


Topper’s Rhum Clare Vadala-Clark ‘86 and Paul Clark Evan Voelbel ‘12 Howard and Carol Wayne Wells Fargo Foundation Michal and Mordechai Wiesler Laura Williamson

Marianne Connolly Matthew Connors

Marilyn Griffin and Richard Johnson

Kara and James Gruver Harold Gustat ‘64


Michael ‘71, ‘78 M and Sandra Hachey

Sonia Coode-Adams Laura Cooley and Stephen Pasto P ‘17 Robert Cooney ‘60 and Dennis Arocho

Caryl Haddock ‘98 Eleanor ‘64 and James Hahesy

Lisa Costantino P ‘17

George Hallak and Nahla Majdalani-Hallak P ‘16

Jamie Beth FAC and John Costello, Jr.

Elisa Hamilton ‘07

Mary Coughlan ‘73

Nathaniel Hammatt ‘02, ‘11 M

George Courage ‘85

Andrew Hammerand

Anne Cowie Harold ‘53 and Mary Crowley

William Harby and Marilyn Pappas ‘52 FAC P ‘90

Rania FAC and Jean Abouhamad

Suzanne Crowley

Cheryl Hardy-Faraci ‘78 and Charles Faraci

Jonathan Akland ‘06 and Amy Ackland

Anne Côté ‘92 and James Head

Judith Harney ‘60

Barbara ‘65 and Arnold Albert

Doris Cucchiarella P ‘18

Patrick and Alethea Harney

Deborah ‘92 and Amory Aldrich

Larry ‘78 and Gretchen Cummings

Susan Harrington and Robert Fichman P ‘17

Stephen and Stephanie Alpert

Elizabeth and Cummiskey P ‘16

Deb Harvey

Ursula ‘93 and Lavalier Alves

Michelle Curran

Nancy Haverty

Thomas and Susan Anderson P ‘18

Curtis Thaxter LLC

Gina Andress ‘17

Louise and Lary Custodio ‘12

Kerstin Heinsen

Charlotte Andry Gibbs ‘85 and Charles Gibbs

Ann and William Cyr P ‘18

Nikki Henck ‘94

Russell ‘59 and Catherine Czyryca

Robin Henschel ‘74 and Howard Husock

Nancy Anthony

Linda and Jack Darbyshire P ‘18

Lois Hetland FAC and Raymond Wootton

Meryl and Mitchel Appelbaum

Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper ‘79 FAC

Carol Hoffman

Rita ‘60 and John Arapoff

Victoria ‘80 and Jic Davis

Michelle Hoffman

Jacqueline and Stuart Arbuckle

Robert Deacon ‘60

Thomas Hoffman ‘93 M FAC

David ‘73 and Marni Armstrong

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

The Home Depot Foundation

Debora ‘91 and Dror Ashuah ‘91

Paul ‘58 and Nelia D’Entremont ‘78 † P ‘06

Edmund and Victoria Hornstein P ‘12

Sherry ‘96 and Sanford Autor

Pamela De Oliveira-Smith

Willard and Elki Horn P ‘18

Aventura Dental Arts, LLC

Leah De Prizio ‘63

Jean Hurley P ‘17

Donald Bae and Jeannie Chung

Nancy Deveno ‘71, ‘99 and Richard Pagano

Robert Hurst ‘87 and Mary Littlefield

Janet Baker and Richard Malabre P ‘17, P ‘19

Nancy Dickson

Donald and Ruth Hyer

Timothy Wise P ‘17 Zipcar

$100 TO $499


Vernon Haynes P ‘18 P


Louise Outler ‘00

Lisa Baker



Laura and Louis Ricci P ‘17

Steven and Enid Wetzner P ‘99

Rachel Bookbinder ‘04

Judith Richland ‘78, ‘03 M and Kevin Shea William Roberts FAC and Paula Barta

Vanessa White-Capelluti ‘89 M and Joseph Capelluti

Mary Booras ‘08

Joan Rooney P ‘17

Wheaton Wilbar ‘55

Robert ‘76 and Elizabeth Booth

Tamara Roy

Milton, Jr. ‘55 and Susan Williamson

Karen and Andrew Borg P ‘18

Irina Rozovsky ‘07 M FAC

Lauren Wilshusen FAC

Jay Borrelli ‘15

David and Lisa Rubin P ‘17

James Winston

Lindsey Boss ‘08

Bonnie Rudkin ‘76

Ashley Wisneski and Will Heward

Alexandra Boucher ‘15

Luisa San Juan and Marcelo Marchetti P ‘15

Barbara ‘80 M and Richard Wissoker

Richard Boucher ‘68

Anthony and Joyce Santoro P ‘12

Luanne Witkowski ‘86 FAC

Robert ‘55 and Marion Bouchie

Laurie Savage ‘98 FAC

Tony Wong and Nancy Ng P ‘18

Athanasios FAC and Carol Boulukos

Daniel and Lara Scammon P ‘18

Sabrina Wozniak-Jellison P ‘15

Anne and Tim Bouwer P ‘15

Judith ‘73 and Robert Schachner

Daphne Xu-Chan and Ho Foo Chan P ‘18

Nicollette Bovat ‘14

Susan Schereschewsky ‘62

David Yalen ‘78

Darrah Bowden ‘13

Erika Schmidt

Kimon Yannopoulos ‘99

Barbara Bowen P ‘13

Deborah ‘81 and Peter Schradieck

Kristine Yu

Christopher Bowers ‘15

Margaret ‘73 and Robert Schwier

Anthony and Joan Zacconi P ‘89

Ashley Bowersox ‘17

Brooke Scibelli ‘12

Alicia ‘87 and Philip Zampitella

Betty Bowker ‘72

Stacy Scibelli ‘04

Andrew Zimmermann ‘03 M

Ruth ‘67 and Robert Bowler

Richard and Carol Scott P ‘89

Malgorzata Zurakowska FAC

Nina Boxer ‘14 Victoria Braga ‘15

David Sellers P ‘18 Daniel FAC and Angela Serig John Miller P ‘13

William Serovy

Anne ‘76 M and Peter Jackelen

Lucy Miller

Nancy and Bruce Shaw

Janet and Bob Jepson P ‘18

Marc Miller

Michael Sheehan ‘86

Hollis Johnson ‘15

Rhoda Miller ‘53

Emily Sheffer ‘15

Tristam, Jr. and Wendy Johnson P ‘14

Kimberly Mimnaugh ‘96 M and Mark Greco

Kelly Sherman ‘02

Ellen and Phillip Jones

Nancy ‘84 and David Mitton

Gloria Shields P ‘17

Dominic Justo P ‘18

Matthew FAC and Margaret Monteith

Alice Shire ‘64

Carole Katz ‘72

Paul and Dina Monte P ‘18

San Shoppell ‘84

Kathryn and John Kearney

Laura Montgomery ‘92 M

Richard ‘61 and Joyce Keaveny

Susan and David Moriconi P ‘18

Ricardo Silva and Evelyn Rodriguez-Silva P ‘16

Judith ‘64 and James Keeley

Ruth ‘63 and Sidney Morton

Kathleen Silverman

Kathleen Keenan FAC

Richard Moschella ‘89

Katherine ‘66 and Ronald Simmons

Donald Kelley ‘05

Dana Moser ‘82 M FAC

Melinda Simon ‘97

Patricia Kelliher

Julie ‘80 and James Mott

Hugh Simons

Ed Kelly and Terese Hammerle P ‘18

Sarah Mott ‘79 and Hans Schaefer

Wesley Simons ‘05

Jay and Freda Kennedy

Patrick Mulligan ‘08

Unju Sim ‘93 and Mark Goetemann

Mindy Keyser ‘75 M

Angela Murphy

Beatrice Singh-Arnone and Vincent Arnone

Karen Murphy and Michael McGrath P ‘17

Katherine FAC and William Sloan

Arif and Deborah Khan ‘08

Ellen Murtagh ‘52

Irene ‘53 and William Smith

Patricia King ‘07 and Thomas Powers

Mary Beth Nafis P ‘17

Jeffery and Merry Smith P ‘18

Margaret Kipp ‘45 P ‘75

John Nahill ‘72

Karen and Jeffrey Smith P ‘17

Lisa Kirby

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Nanfeldt

Everett ‘62 and Louise Snowden

Agnes Klausz-Baier ‘92

Jane ‘60 and Stephen Needel

Stephen and Georgiana Snyderman ‘09

Nan and Allan Kline

Kevin Neils P ‘18

Eleanor and Antonio Sodano P ‘17

Richard and Helen Koehler ‘93

Earl Newman ‘56

Andrea Southworth ‘77

Denis Kokernak and Donna Loring-Kokernak P ‘18

Jane Newman ‘78

Rosemary and Peter Spaeth P ‘17

Wing-Ip Ngan ‘97

Lorraine Sparrow FAC

Mia Koski-Schultz FAC

Jane Niejadlik-Deihl ‘74 and Douglas Deihl

Lorraine ‘60 and Philip Spaziani ‘59 P ‘94

Ellen Kosmer ‘62

Carmen Nofsinger P ‘17

Carl Spector and Marilu Swett ‘81 M P ‘18

Cynthia Koure

Miriam Novogrodsky ‘17

Norman and Joyce Spector

Patricia ‘60 and Alexander Koziol ‘61

Susan and John Nugent P ‘18

Patricia ‘69 and William Spencer, Jr. ‘68

Mona Kumar

John O’Brien

Ruth ‘52 and David Stanger

Keith Kurman ‘85

Debra Olin ‘80

Patricia and Arthur Stavaridis

Mark and Nicole LaCamera

Mario and Aurelia Oliveira P ‘18

Dani FAC and Derek Stefanik

Mary and Dwight Lancaster

Kathryn O’Malley

Anne Marie Stein FAC

Theresa Larivee ‘09

Brian and Nancy O’Neill P ‘11

David Stern

Gail Lattime

David and Deborah O’Rourke

Thomas Stocker and James Alexander

Shane Lavalette

Laura and Jonathan Otting

Sarah and Jordan Stone P ‘18

Joni Lebov

Nathan Ouellette ‘14

Karen and Robert Stout P ‘16

M. David and Celeste Lee

Patricia Packard and Victor Arranz ‘18

Ilona Strum ‘89 and Po Shu Wang

Kenneth ‘74 and Gail Lehrhoff

John and Patricia Palmer P ‘18

Nita Sturiale ‘90 FAC and Giuseppe Taibi

Ilana and David Lescohier

Philip Palombo ‘80 M

John Sullivan ‘74, ‘76 M

Marie Lessard ‘73

Richard ‘48 and Barbara Palson ‘46

Judith Swain ‘79 and David Strauss

David Less

John Pantekidis and Meletia Laskou

Jessica Sweeney ‘02

Renee and Matthew Levin

Nancy Panza

Carolyn Swift ‘06

Lorraine and Francesco Liberti P ‘18

Kim Paradiso ‘03

Eric and Alissa Tanaka

Elizabeth Lide and Paul Kayhart P ‘18

Jamie Parker and Phil Greenough

Lois Taylor ‘53 and Warren Field

Byungjin Lim ‘18

Ian and Lauren Patrick P ‘17

Tech Superpowers

Diane Lim and John Cannon

Amelia Perkins ‘15

Richard and Dina Telesco

Francia ‘73 and Jack Lindon

Marie ‘61 and Henry Peters

Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman ‘03 M

Karen Pfefferle

Janet Tereskiewicz and Robert Sorensen P ‘18

Chun Liu ‘87 M and Wei Zhao ‘85

Judith and Stuart Phillips

Elizabeth Lou

Larry Phillips and David Brown ‘79

Tristin ‘90 and Rebecca Lowe

Natalie Phillips P ‘84

Elinor Lynch ‘47

Lisa and Alex Pierpont

Amy and Jon Lysik P ‘16

Vasco Pires ‘71

Charles and Corinne MacDonald P ‘05

Shelley Platt

JoAnn and Daniel Madigan P ‘18

Laura and Robert Plaze P ‘18

John Magee

Samuel Plimpton and Wendy Shattuck

Rebecca Magill ‘00 M

Anthony Poillucci ‘92, ‘94 and Astrid Flores ‘91

Trident Gallery

Holladay ‘87 and Richard Pontius ‘89

Elise Tucker ‘91

Margaret Maki FAC

Rae Anne and Craig Popjes P ‘17

Elizabeth ‘86 and Peter Turowski ‘86

Christopher Maliga ‘11

John Powell ‘86

Trudy Tuttle ‘77

John Maloney ‘83 and Barbara Devereaux

Joan and Craig Powers P ‘17

Catherine ‘62 and Andrew Tvirbutas

Robert Maloney ‘96 FAC

Timothy Power ‘98

Bill Unsworth

William ‘54 and Rose Maloney P ‘96

Filomena Vagueiro P ‘09

Florinda ‘46 and Cecil Marchionne

Marie-Elena Poyant-Bourque ‘87 and Norman Bourque

Carol and Mark Marotta P ‘18

Vivian ‘03 M and David Pratt

Shannon and David Vanderhooft

Audrey Mason ‘83

Verizon Foundation

Melissa Masters ‘17

Praxair Matching Grants For Education Program

Arthur, Jr. ‘50 and Nancy Matson

Maureen Precopio ‘84

Deborah and Mark Mattingly P ‘18

Charles Provancher ‘95

Elizabeth Viggiano ‘15

Paul FAC and Theresa McCaffrey

Diane Psota ‘75

Wayne Waaramaa ‘72 and Susan Perl-Waaramaa

Dyan McClimon-Miller FAC and Scott Miller

Qualcomm Matching Grant Program

Carolyn Wadman ‘57

Donald and Phyllis McCormack P ‘11

Jane Quimby ‘04

Katherine Walczak P ‘18

Ellen McCullough ‘92 and William Mackey

Richard Ramsdell ‘50

Daniel Wallack and Joan O’Meara P ‘11

Richard McElroy ‘71 FAC

David Random ‘69

Judith ‘67 and Jason Walsh

Joyce McGuire ‘52 and Donald Mc Guire

Carolyn ‘66 and John Ratay

Amy Waltch ‘87

Sarah McGuire

James FAC and Dori Read

Michael and Lindsay Wands

Charles McHugh III ‘76

Reebok International, Ltd.

Rui Wang ‘07 and Duer McLanahan

James McKean ‘86

Laura Reeder FAC and Read Bullen

Kevin ‘84 and Jennifer McLeod



Diane Maguire-Horton ‘77 and William Horton

James ‘98, ‘05 M and Laura McLoughlin Sarah Mealey ‘06 Leah Medin ‘13 The Merck Foundation Lindsay Metivier ‘08 Mary ‘65 and Lloyd Michaels Lucius ‘86 and Michelle Michel

Kathleen Abbott and Gianluigi Piotto P ‘17 Ann and John Adams ‘17 P


Helen Brechlin ‘15

Rebecca Aidlin ‘18 P

Sheri and Mark Brenner P ‘13

Philip Airoldi

Paul Briggs FAC

Joanne Akie Robert ‘58 and MaryLou Alberetti Beverly Alberts

Alison Brown

Elizabeth Almeida ‘15

Michelle Brown Colby ‘84

Birmania Almonte P ‘18 Cali Almy and Francis Boogaerts ‘18 P

Arleen and Gary Alphonse P ‘17 Rosemary ‘67 and Jay Altshuler Samuel Aman ‘10 Victoria Andreozzi Barzin and Shahin Barzin P ‘13 Jenny Andress ‘17

C. Tibbets FAC Joseph Tonnar, Jr. ‘81 Donna ‘85 and Lucio Trabucco Mary Alice ‘58 and Austin Treworgy TripAdvisor Gift Matching Program

Vincent and Linda Valvo P ‘15

Joy Verner ‘60

Eliza Brown ‘13 Stephen Brown ‘80 and Paula Pitman Brown ‘78 P ‘13 Patricia Bryant ‘61 Ann ‘59 and Donald Buchanan John and Lisa Buchholz P ‘16 Barbara and Matthew Bucklin P ‘16

Fernando Angell ‘17 P

Carole ‘58 and Paul Thurlow

Daniel Browne ‘15

Alice Brunton ‘51

Charlotte Anderson ‘51

Remi Thornton

Shawn Broderick ‘98 Charles Brouillette ‘88

Debbie Allen P ‘12

William Thompson and Natalie Pangaro

Thomas Briggs ‘65 FAC P ‘08 Arthur ‘58 and Sharon Brophy

Phyllis and Stephen Aldrich ‘18 P

Paul Thom ‘72


Phyllis Braxton ‘61

Kate Agarwal

Joanne ‘61 and Leonard Burgess ‘59

Liam Annis ‘17

Shaun Burgess ‘09

Bernardine Antonucci Mary Beth and Mark Aprea ‘16 P

Janette and Jose Araya P ‘18 Love Aridou ‘18

Amelia Burke ‘17 Ellen Burns P ‘16 Kirby Burt ‘17 Ashley Bussell ‘15

Cynthia Armstrong P ‘18

Maxine and Richard Bussell P ‘15

Heather Armstrong ‘12 Jason ‘00 and Jacante Arnone Susan Aron ‘79 Ryan Arthurs ‘12

Frank and Theresa Braney P ‘17 Paula and Kenneth Brawn P ‘16 Jacquelyn Braxton ‘15

Aetna Foundation



Michael Brainard ‘15

Mark Abair ‘00

Charles Intravaia


Joan Bragen ‘01

UNDER $100

Sybil ‘60 and Kemon Sermos

Gretchen Keyworth

Barbara and Mark Boone P ‘18

Sharon Butler ‘87 and Jonathan Stevenson Marcia Butman and John Sackton Allyson Buttermore ‘17


Kathleen Byrnes ‘93 and Douglas Touart

Alik Arzoumanian ‘04

Noemy Cabrera P ‘16

Sarah Ashby ‘16 Wayne ‘73 and Janice Atherton Kim and David Audette P ‘16 Michael Avagianos ‘15

Stephanie Cabrera ‘16 Laurie and Gerard Cahill P ‘17 Amy Cain ‘84 Carol Calabro ‘87

Anum Awan ‘12 Natalie ‘50 and Lawrence Bacheller Nancy Bacon ‘95 M Jennifer and Peter Bagdigian P ‘17 Jon and Doreen Bailey ‘15 P

Wendy and Scott Baird P ‘17 Elliot Bamberger ‘12

Jeannine and Ernest Calandra P ‘18 Christopher Caldwell ‘15 Jhennipher Cambraia ‘18 Amalia Canna Susan ‘81 and John Cannarella Nora ‘90 and Douglas Cannon ‘84 Patricia Capaldi ‘91 M

Ryan Barbosa ‘15 Pamela ‘78 and David Bardon Beverly Barisano ‘60 and George Brody Barisano Sally Barkan

Ralph Caputo ‘59 Colin Cardinal ‘15 Michael ‘09 M and Pia Cardinali Antonio Cardoso ‘17 Kyle Cardoza ‘18

Michael Barker ‘15

Laurie and David Carey P ‘17

Damian Barneschi ‘06

Danielle Carmel ‘03

Victoria Barquin ‘16

Kelsey Carmichael ‘16

Vanessa Barreto ‘15 Dawne and Rene Barrett P ‘17 Rosimari Barroso ‘18 P

Melissa Carpenter ‘17 Ryan Carroccino ‘17 Anika Cartterfield ‘15

Marguerite Barrows ‘55 Nancy and Jeffrey Barta Christopher and Darcey Bartel Jeffrey Bartell ‘13 M

Sheila Casey and Kevin Durkin P ‘13 Tara ‘87 and Tim Casey Jane Cash ‘68 Sara Casilio ‘01

Stefanie Bazarian ‘19 Michael and Andrea Beale P ‘18 Alexandria Beaudoin ‘16

Anne Marie and Michael Cataldo P ‘16 John III and Julia Cavacco P ‘10 Deborah Ceballo P ‘17

Patricia Becker FAC Donna and Paul Bedard ‘15 P

Diane Bemis ‘85 Malin Bengtsson ‘99

Mel and Beth Chafetz P ‘07 Monika Chakraborty P ‘18 Charles ‘64 and Linda Chamberlain

Phyllis Benjamin and Michael Shia P ‘13

Patricia ‘65 and Howard Chansky ‘65

Marianne Benson ‘76 M and Peter Clemons P ‘10

Bethany Chappell ‘15 Tatiana Charlot ‘15

Nicole Benson ‘17

Caleb Chase ‘17

William ‘59 and Patricia Berry

Ellen Chase ‘85

Tina Beyea ‘87

May Chau ‘07

Dominica Bilotti and Raymond Gmeiner P ‘17

Norman ‘50 and Barbara Checkoway

David Bissell P ‘18

Marie Cherry ‘87 and Theo Maione

Lynn Black ‘81, ‘82

Nicole Chevalier ‘16

Janet Blagdon ‘72 M

Stellah Chinamora ‘15

Kuan Chen

Carly Blais ‘15

Yu Zhen Chin and Xiang Li P ‘14

Phyllis Blond ‘44 †

Hyon Choe and Hsiu Yung Lien P ‘18

Daniel Boardman ‘12 M FAC

Sky Chow

Susan Ward Rae ‘70

Deborah Boardman ‘84 and Joseph Ferguson

Debra and Anthony Christopher P ‘18

Elizabeth Reifeiss Krason ‘94 and Daniel Krason

Tom Ward

Allen ‘95 M and Lois Boemer Robert and Anne Marie Boerner P ‘14

Hayley Ciarrocchi ‘16

Mary Reifeiss ‘90, ‘94, ‘98

Suzanne Warren P ‘10 Cheryl Warrick ‘88 and Kelvin Brooks

Stephanie Bogle ‘15

Mary Louise Watson ‘59

Paul Bolas P ‘18

Irvin Weaver ‘81

Peter Bonadies ‘98 M

Sandra Webber ‘72

Bonadies Studios LLC

Patricia Webster ‘59

Matthew Bonneau ‘18

Elizabeth Wenzel ‘99

Andre Bonniol P ‘18




Robert, Jr. ‘90 and Wendy Reifeiss Jeanne and Allan Renz P ‘18 Elizabeth Resnick Cockburn FAC and Victor Cockburn P ‘05 Rachel Resnik FAC

Nancy Ciampi P ‘16 Peter and Scherie Ciarrocchi P ‘16 Muriel Cid Joanne ‘80 and Marc Clamage Diana Clarke ‘12 FAC Elaine and Richard Clark P ‘18 Margaret Clark ‘76 Joan Clifford

Nancy Cloonan and Michael Lisi P ‘17

Kathleen Durgy-Concepcion P ‘16

Barbara ‘40 and Albert Grosvenor

Amelia Dutton ‘17

Marilyn Guadagno ‘61

Theresa Kelly Ruhlmann and Paul Ruhlmann P ‘16

Donna ‘82 and Gerard Lynch

Elizabeth Cloutier P ‘15 Olivia Cody ‘15

Danne Dzenawagis ‘06 and Tim Blasko

Elise Guillen ‘16

Plum Kennard ‘96

Mary and James Lynch P ‘16 Laura and Derek Lynsky P ‘16

Jillian Lynch ‘15

Sharon Cohen Alessi ‘85

Evan Eagan ‘15

Dorothy Gunther ‘57

Brenna Kennedy ‘18

Helen ‘43 and Herbert Cohen

Hannah Earley ‘15

David and Patricia Gustafson P ‘11

Kyra Kennedy ‘15

David and Holly Lyons P ‘15

Amanda Cole ‘95

Nancy Eaton ‘83

Jeanne Guthrie

Jeanne ‘89 and Martin Kent

Joshua Lyons ‘17

Deborah Cole P ‘15

Jeanette Eberhardy FAC

Nancy Guzelian ‘49

Mary Kiely

Cynthia and John MacDonald P ‘04

Nicholas Collazo ‘17

Kristi Eckert

Paul and Janet Hadzipanajotis P ‘10

Kerianne Kimball

Janice MacKenzie ‘85

Kristyn Collins FAC

George ‘60 and Stella Economides

William ‘74 and Helen Haff

Sung Kim ‘17

Sheila and Andrew Mackie P ‘17

David Comberg ‘78

John Egan P ‘14

Gustav ‘58 and Marcia Hagman

Theresa Kineke ‘15

Cecily ‘66 and Allan MacKinnon

Susan and Ross Comeau P ‘16

Mara Eglitis ‘63

Mark Haigh P ‘17

Dorothy King ‘46

Bruce and Nancy MacNaught ‘71

Karyl ‘57 and Richard Conant

Roger and Roberta Ehlert P ‘09

Marlyn ‘57 and Richard Hall

Amanda Kingsland ‘16

John Madfis P ‘18

Denise and Denis Concannon P ‘13

Lesley III and Jodi Ellis P ‘17

James and Joanne Halpin

Sean Kinsky ‘15

Marlena Maginnis ‘17

Rafael Concepcion ‘16

Marc English ‘86

Darci Hanna FAC

William ‘75 and Kris Kipp P ‘13

John Magnifico ‘07

Kerri Conley P ‘17

Felicity Erwin ‘98

Joseph ‘80 and Cheryl Hannaford P ‘19

Eric Magnussen ‘15

Carolyn Conrad ‘61 and John Iversen

Jane Erwin ‘78

Hanover Family Chiropractic

Margaret Kirk-Ciardelli ‘83 and James Ciardelli P ‘15

Patricia Conti P ‘07

Elyse Etra and Leonard Oshinsky

Jessie Hansen ‘17

Corey Corcoran ‘07 FAC

Melanie Evans ‘16

Joanna Corea ‘15

Thomas Evans, Jr. ‘87 M and L. Priestley

Maria Hansson-Wicher and Janusz Wicher P ‘18

Bruce Cormack ‘95, ‘04

Hillary Faccio ‘03 FAC

Marianne ‘50 and Glenn Cornish

Hayley Fagan ‘17

Susan Corson

Kevin and Carol Farley P ‘16

Amy Coull Shaun Coveney

Patricia Feeney Murrell ‘64 and Lawrence Murrell

Ronald Cox ‘70

Maureen Maher ‘96

Emily Klobucher ‘15

Maggie Mahoney ‘17

Mika Klos-Shakaid

William, Sr. ‘60 and Claire Mahoney

Andrew and Louise Knight P ‘14

Kim Mai

Elizabeth and Robert Knox ‘15 P

Lucy Harackiewicz ‘06 M and John Feidelson

Elizabeth Mailhot

Gail ‘64 and Bob Kocsmiersky

Edward Malouf ‘85 and Carol Lieb-Malouf ‘83

Elizabeth Harris ‘15

Claudia Koeppel ‘76 and Richard Lowenstein

Stephen Harris ‘94

Cynthia Kovalck ‘91

Mitzie ‘77 and John Feltch

Ilene Harsip ‘78

Joan and Melvyn Kramer

Roy Mandell ‘66 and Maggie Schmidt-Mandell

Madison Coyne ‘18

Joseph Fennell ‘18

Janice Hartwell ‘67 and Robert Burke

John Kramer ‘94

Keith Maneri ‘07

Richard ‘78 and Lora Crabtree

Patrick and Mary Fennessey P ‘12

Zachary Hartwig

Carol ‘73 and David Krentzman

Phernel Manigat and Lunick Toussaint P ‘16

Linda and Dana Crawford P ‘13

Mia Ferrara ‘18

Janet Hauer P ‘14

Carol Krieger

Maralin ‘55 and Robert Manning

Elizabeth ‘59 and John Creeden

Jason ‘07 and Marianne Figueiredo

Nairi Havan-Kazazian ‘89

Christina Kukielski

Sheila Mann ‘74

Lisa Cremonini

Amy Files ‘07

Phyllis Hawkes ‘64

Elena and Vladimir Kulik P ‘17

Masliza Manshoor ‘97

Jayne and Richard Crescenzi P ‘16

David Finn ‘82 M

Elias Haynes ‘18

Matt Kumph

Michael Marafitte ‘15

Marie ‘55 and Charles Crocetti

Karen ‘79 M and Barry Fitzgerald

Lance Hazelton ‘04

Jeanne ‘63 and Paul Kunze P ‘89

Naouma Maravelias P ‘97

James, Jr. and Gail Crocker P ‘18

Kerry Fitzgibbon ‘16

Verne and Annette Hebard P ‘08

Debra Kurlansky Winer ‘72, ‘75 M FAC

Sandra ‘89 and Augusto Marchetti

Matthew Cronin ‘13

Lisa Fitzpatrick ‘93

Kaleigh Heinhold ‘15

Edward and Virginia L’Abbe P ‘07

Wendy and Paul Marciano P ‘17

Megan Cronin ‘94 FAC and Christopher Faust ‘89

Elaine Fiveash ‘10

Ian Henderson ‘03

Elizabeth and David Lachapelle P ‘16

Jules Marino ‘62 and Louise Maloof

Robyn Fizz

Margaretha and Brian Henderson P ‘16

Anne LaGattuta ‘15

Claire Marley ‘17

Beverly and Keith Crudgington P ‘17

Gail and Daniel Flannery P ‘13

Gail Hendricks-Hill ‘75 and James Hill

Rebecca and Thomas LaGrasta P ‘17

Seth Marois ‘03

Christopher Cruz ‘15

Laurie Fleming P ‘18

William and Susan Hennessy P ‘09

Jasmine Laietmark ‘02

Albert and Lisa Marquis P ‘14

Christian Cucchiarella ‘18

Laura Flint P ‘10

Kristen and Richard Henshaw P ‘04

Paul ‘63 and Ellen Laincz ‘63

Richard and Anna Marshall

Christa Cucci ‘07

Bonnie and Paul Floyd P ‘15

Elizabeth Herring FAC and Leo Menard

Theodore, Jr. and Nancy Laitala P ‘88, P ‘92

Kathleen Marsh ‘91, ‘96 M and John O’Brien

Zachary Cunningham ‘14

Christian Flynn ‘05

Kristine and Scott Hersey P ‘17

Brooke Lambert ‘17

Anne ‘79 and Donald Martin

Ellery Curran ‘12

Laura Flynn FAC

Mary Jo Herter P ‘17

Susan Martina ‘81

Michaella Cyr ‘18

Sayra Flynn ‘64

Joseph Herzfeld ‘84

Christine Lamb Toubeau ‘71 and Richard Toubeau

Kim Dacier

Daniel and Deborah Foley

Jeremy Hetherington ‘10

Frederick Dalton ‘17

John, Jr. ‘66 and Lori Foley

A. Higgins ‘83 and Paul Nicklas

Dan Daly ‘81 and Cheryl Oliveri-Daly

Richard Forand ‘80

Florence ‘66 and A. Hill

Dennis ‘73 and Linda Daly

Campbell ‘91 and Melissa Forbes

Kristen Hinds ‘15

Stewart Dalzell and Cindi Adamski P ‘11

Cheryl and Shawn Fortes P ‘17

Cecilia Hirsch ‘95 M

Frank D’Amato ‘52

Christina Fossa ‘15

Janet Hobbs ‘71 and John Hixson

Shireen Damghani ‘95

Corrine Fournier P ‘17

Anna Hogan ‘43

Chris Danemayer and Pamela Krueger P ‘12

Christine and Warren Fox P ‘18

Daniel and Deborah Holland

Dayanne Danier ‘99

Emma Fox ‘18

Randy Hom ‘61 and Naizhen Pang

Joan Daugirda ‘51

Caroline France ‘17

Jennifer Hopkin

Ephrat and Benny David P ‘15

Michael Franklin

Catherine and Keith Howard P ‘16

Deborah Davidovits ‘90 and Matthew Harle ‘89

Priscilla and Charles Frank P ‘16

Teresa Howe ‘72

Mary Frazier-Davis P ‘17

Lisa and Henry Hsu P ‘17

Allison Davis ‘85

Michael Frazier ‘09

Marc Hughes and Stephanie Douglas P ‘18

Christopher Davis ‘15

Shirley ‘51 and Richard Freeman

Michael, Jr. ‘99 and Abby Hutchins

James Davis IV

Julie Freyer ‘14

JiYoon Hyun ‘15

Robert Davison ‘89 FAC

Colleen Hardison ‘16




Wilfrido and Marta De Castro ‘16

Maureen Fuller ‘04

Monica Ianculovici ‘03

Susan De Crosta ‘80

Anthony Fusco ‘15

Gloria Im ‘15

Robert DeFelice ‘72 and Wendy De Felice

Christian Fusco ‘17

Jessica Im ‘15

Sara Delaney ‘01

Susan Fusco-Fazio ‘80

David Ingenthron ‘13

Shauna and Michael Delano

Barry Galer P ‘12

Paul Inglis ‘86

Argentina and Rommel DeLeon P ‘17

Amy and James Gallagher P ‘16

Peter Inglis ‘85

Elizabeth ‘60 and William del Giudice

Charisse Gallagher ‘03

Patricia ‘54 and Donald Isaac ‘54

Marie and Paul Deluca P ‘15

Naijah Garrett ‘15 P ‘15

Jacob Jackmauh ‘17

Marissa Deluca ‘15

Henry Gates and Jacqueline Gatest

Michael Jarnes and Sherrie Talmadge P ‘14

Skye DelViscio ‘14

Joann and Jim Gatzimas P ‘17

Jorge Jimenez ‘18

Alexander DeMaria ‘07 M

Dorothy Gaydosh ‘12

Patricia ‘81 and Stephen Johansen

Marilia Depina ‘18

Miguel Gaydosh ‘12

Megan Johnson ‘17

Jodi ‘91 and John Deros ‘91

Susan Gebbie and Eliot Weinstock

Naomi Johnson ‘62

Mary ‘49 and Charles Devoe

Louis ‘81 and Barbara Genatossio

Tanya ‘95 and David Johnson

Theresa Devona ‘18

Lori and Gary Generali P ‘17

Elizabeth Jonassen ‘73

Kenneth and Jennifer Dewar

Alice ‘81 and Richard Gentili

Nancy Jones-Broder

Sarah ‘79 and Christopher Dewart

Marjorie ‘63 and Cris Ghilarducci

James Jones ‘79 and Karen Nuzzo

Lauren Dewey ‘15

Adam Giangregorio ‘08

Noemi and Jordan P ‘16

Raymond Dewhirst

Jacob Giberson ‘13

Kristina ‘67, ‘81 and William Joyce

Sheena Diaz

Micah Gilmore P ‘18

Soraya Diaz P ‘15 Andrea Dietrich and Simon Maskell

Susan and Gary Giordano P ‘18

Kelly Differ ‘15

Anuradha ‘98 and Krish Giridhar

Christopher Dillon ‘17

Sybil and Richard Gladstone

Cara Diluvio ‘17

Miriam and Steve Glassman ‘15

Marc Dimov ‘05

Meg and David Glidden ‘16

Allison Disher ‘15

Isaac Goldstein FAC and Kelly Casilio ‘01

Rosemary Dobosz ‘88 and Lise Fried

Lori and Gilbert Gonsalves, Jr.

Brian ‘50 and Irene Doherty

Alice and Steven Gonzaga, Sr.

Joanna Dole ‘81

Jeanne and Steven Gordon P ‘16

Sabrina Dorsainvil ‘12

David Gorelik ‘18

Jan Doucette ‘67

Joanne Gormley

Susanne Douglas Harris Laurie Douglas ‘84 and Eugene Goldfield

Elizabeth Gospodarek and Stephen Chase P ‘17

Kira Doutt ‘15

Lori and Paul Gossett P ‘17

Laurie Downey ‘85 and Mark Milller

Benjamin Grant ‘18

Clare ‘65 and Michael Doyle

Marygrace Gravallese Festa ‘78

Donna ‘74 and Bernard Drew Patricia Drew ‘43

George Greenamyer FAC and Beverly Burbank ‘84

Jennie ‘88 and Edward Driscoll

Edward ‘10 and Eliza Greene ‘01

Angela Drosidis ‘12 M

Cindy Greenhalgh ‘83 and Jerome Moorman


Robert Duarte ‘04 Julia Dudley-Kramer ‘17 Stephanie Duncan ‘16 Elena DuPlessis ‘02 Angelina and Stephen Dupont P ‘17 Jeremy Dupont ‘17 Nicole Dupuis ‘17 Catherine and Damian Dupuy P ‘15 David and Patricia Durgin P ‘15



Mary Ann Mayer P ‘17

Janine LeBlanc ‘76 and David White

Lois McAfee ‘58

Kaela Lee P ‘17

Brendan McCabe ‘15

Leslie Legg ‘90 and Michael Ryan ‘77 P ‘06 Camela and Eric Leigh ‘17 P

Priscilla ‘65 and Daniel McCarron Jerry and Beth McCarthy Richard McCarthy P ‘13

Anthony Leone ‘98 FAC

Sally McCarthy ‘83 Catherine McCormick and Harold Grey P ‘17

Richard Leone ‘72

Abigail Mc Coy ‘15

Janet and Paul Letalien

Kathleen ‘65 and Paul McElligott Amanda McIntyre ‘15 Mary McKenna ‘78 and David Sullivan

Jane ‘69 and David Lewis ‘68

Diane ‘66 and Peter McLaughlin

John ‘75 and Anne Lewis Karen and Darwin Lewis ‘15

Kristen McLaughlin-Ober ‘91 and Terrance Ober

Maria Lewis ‘98

Margaret and William McMahon P ‘12

Scott Lewis and Chia-Ju Hsieh P ‘16

Paul McMahon ‘75


Egila Lex P ‘12

Kelly McMurray ‘02 M

Fred Liang FAC and Jeanette Juba-Liang

Diana ‘86 and William McNamara

Ellen Libert

John McNamara ‘71 M and Diane Darrow

Dandi Li ‘15

Judith Meadow ‘61

Toby Liederman ‘78

Elaine and Peter Medeiros P ‘18

Kay Life ‘82

John and Kathryn Medeiros P ‘10

Louis Lightman ‘50

Oriana and Joseph Medeiros P ‘17

Nancy Linkin P ‘18 Thomas ‘53 and Eileen Linton

Patricia Medeiros and Antone Medeiros Jr. P ‘17

Tarja Lipponen P ‘17

Kerry Mello and Thomas Sullivan P ‘14

Ann-Carol Lipshires

Nancy ‘64 and Jeffrey Melzack

Laurie and John Lisakolsky P ‘17

Gregory Mencoff FAC and Ruth Daniels

Micah Litant ‘14

Martha Merson ‘07


Tim Little and Jean Schwab P ‘16

Lewis Meszoly ‘59

Daniel Lloyd-Miller ‘16

Anne Meyer ‘13

Jesse and Virginia Kalin P ‘88

Patricia ‘78 and Weldon Lloyd

Elizabeth Meyer ‘73

Brenda Kane-Curry ‘61 and Thomas Curry

Maria Lobo ‘15

Katerina Michelakis

Diane and Stan Kaplan

Courtney Lockemer ‘11 M

Rachel Millar

Neal Kaplan ‘79

Marissa London ‘15

Michael Miller ‘09

Eric Karten and Karen Sussman-Karten P ‘12

Sophie London ‘15

Valerie Miller ‘82

Angela and Richard Long P ‘18

Michelle Millette ‘06

Ruth ‘77, ‘78 and Murray Kates

Dianne Long P ‘18

Michael and Jill Millis P ‘13

Sharon ‘68 and David Katseff

Sunok Lopes

Lisa Ming P ‘17

Mary Kalin-Casey ‘88 and John Casey, Jr. ‘88


Cynthia and David May P ‘13

Cheryl Lavoie ‘60

Jameson Lewis ‘15

Mina Kalemkeryan ‘98

Randi and Howard Ginsburg

Kenneth and Donna Maxwell P ‘11

Kathy Lavine ‘89, ‘91

Rebecca Levine ‘15


Christina and Thomas Gillon ‘17

Lenna Matthews ‘94


Eduard Leon

Marissa Iamartino ‘16


Alexa Mattes ‘15

Robert Lavigne ‘60 and John English

Sangmi Lee ‘15

Suzanne ‘68 and Thomas Frizzell

Darlene Gillan ‘12 M FAC

Jessica Mathis ‘15

Patricia Larkin ‘00 Janis Lavine ‘86

Stacy Friedman ‘15

Alice and Andrew Dhliwayo P ‘17

Joshua Mathews ‘16

Carol and Eric LaRiviere P ‘15

Samantha Day ‘16

Brandi Diaz ‘15

Anthony and Constance Matheson P ‘11

Rosemary Laranjo ‘17

Joseph and Valentine Iamartino P ‘16


James Mason ‘81 FAC

Arianna Lanzillotti ‘15

Elyssa Iacobello ‘18


Catherine Martzloff and Pablo Barquin P ‘16

Dawn Lane ‘80

Molly Friedman Cowan ‘13


Deborah Martin ‘75 and Robert McFetridge

Carol Landraitis

Stephen and Sandra Davis P ‘15 P


Laura Katz ‘15

Carmen Lopez-Darrach ‘18

Christine and Bev Mitchell P ‘18

Doron Katzman and Cindy Kane ‘15

Ivana Lopez and Geovanny Hernandez ‘16

Douglas Mitchell and Andrea Gibbs P ‘14

Tova Katzman ‘15

Joan and Richard Lowe

Leila Mitchell ‘03 M FAC

Gerald ‘56 and Carol Kaufman

Marsha and Paul Lubin

Jane and Luther Moen P ‘17

David Kay ‘79 and Joanne Jolly-Kay ‘79

Christopher Lundquist ‘16

Erin Monahan-Clark ‘03

Jane Keddy ‘89

Sara Lunt ‘03 and Daniel Bonham ‘03

Kelly Moneghan

Patricia ‘75 and Richard Keefe

Gabrielle Lupoli ‘15

Ruth Montgomery

Richard and Catherine Keleher ‘68

Sara and Peter Lupoli P ‘15

Barbara ‘50 and Robert Moon

Jean ‘58 and Paul Kellen

Patrick Luteran ‘11 FAC

Hong Esther Moon ‘15

Alice Kellogg ‘78

Christine Lutz-Garrity and Reid Garrity P ‘18

Grace Moore ‘15


Mary Ann Kelly ‘87 M and Dennis Bidwell


Jo-Anna ‘80 M and Michael Moore


Lists reflect donations received between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. While every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, we apologize for any errors that may occur. Please direct any inquiries or corrections to the Office of Institutional

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Edward ‘40 and Dorothy Malsberg

Sarah Moran ‘10 M

Chester Pawlowski P ‘18

Douglas Rickert ‘11

Scott and Heidi Stipetic P ‘16

Frederick ‘85 M FAC and Stephanie Wolflink

Erica Moriconi ‘18

Colleen Pearce

Vicki Rieder

Katelyn St. John ‘15

Ryan Wong ‘17

Elinore Morris ‘83

Katie Pearce ‘05

Stephanie and James Rippe P ‘18

Susie Stockwell FAC

Cathryn Wright ‘72

William ‘58 and Patricia Morrison

Lincoln Peart

Kimberly Ritchie ‘92

Alexandra Stone ‘18

Marie ‘59 and Alan Wright

Jane and Robert Morrissey

Ruth Pease and Gregory Blanchette P ‘16

Miguel Rivas and Divena Urena P ‘16

Margita and Harry Stone, Jr. P ‘15

Sally Wright ‘58

Sean Morse ‘15

Maria and Carl Peirce P ‘18

Claribel Rivera

Jessica Stout ‘16

Charles York ‘73 and Marli von Stutterheim

Sara Morton ‘00

Nicholas Peladeau ‘18

Norman ‘58 and Phyllis Rizzi ‘59, ‘63

Victoria ‘90 and Sam Strevens

Ayumi Yoshida ‘16

Robert and Ellen Mott P ‘12

Guy Pellerin ‘79 M and Monique Mongeau

Marilynne Roach ‘68

Colin and Christina Strutt P ‘05

Margaret Young FAC

Stephanie Motyka ‘15

Sherri and Bob Pelletier P ‘18

Bonnie and Mark Robbins P ‘14

Caitlin Sullivan ‘10

Andrew and Debbie Yun P ‘18

James and Margaret Muise P ‘95

Sarah Peloquin

Elizabeth ‘96 and Benjamin Robbins ‘96

Kaitlin Sullivan ‘17

Michelle Yun ‘18

Kathleen Mujahid Pasek ‘74 and Mustafa Mujahid

Carol and Ed Peltier P ‘12

Brittany Roberts ‘14

Timothy Sullivan ‘13

Emily Yurkevicz ‘12

Mary and Lambert Pengelley P ‘15

Mimi Robins ‘51

Ken Susskind and Monica Marshall P ‘16

David and Ellen Mulhern P ‘14

Nanette Pengelley ‘15

Alysha Robinson ‘17

Donald Suthard ‘90

Harriet Zabusky-Zand ‘88 M and Howard Zabusky

Paige Mulhern ‘14

Laura Penney ‘15

Maryellen and William Roche P ‘15

Virginia ‘73 and John Sutherland P ‘10

Michael Zaia ‘15

Sachi Mulkey ‘17

S. Pennington ‘70

Paul and Elaine Roche P ‘08

Karen and Thomas Swann P ‘16

Robin Zaia P ‘15

Gina Mullen ‘77 and Richard Campbell ‘77

Christopher Perry P ‘17

Mariellen Rodman and Joseph Alfonse P ‘18

Sally ‘65 † and Gordon Swanson

James Zanca P ‘15

Michael and Theresa Mundy ‘14

Elizabeth Perry and Carl Ahlstrom IV ‘10

Nicholas Rodrigues ‘03

Ann and Michael Swartz

Joyce Zavorskas ‘09 M

Loreto and Michael Murray

Lisa and Kenneth Perry ‘13

Gabriella Rodriguez ‘18

Brett Sylvia ‘11

Andrea Zax ‘79

Mary and Thomas Murray

Robert Perry, Jr. FAC

Trinere Rodriguez ‘16

Michael ‘75 and Georgine Symes

Barney Zeitz and Phyllis Vecchia P ‘09

Lucinda Myatt-Cravenho ‘74

Jagger Perusse ‘17

Nancy Rogers

Daniel Szabo

Edward Zides ‘56

Barbara Rollins ‘50 and Dexter Jacobs

Daniel and Kathleen Szatkowski P ‘16

Kathleen and Joseph Zimbone

Edward Rooney P ‘16

Samuel Tager ‘89 and Jenny Rathaus

Shelly Zinsmeister P ‘01, P ‘16

Eleanne Roosenburg ‘94

Melissa Taing ‘16

Helene Zuckerbrod ‘97 FAC

Sharman and Larry Rosen

Soy and Reasmey Taing P ‘16

Karen Zunich and James Palazzolo

Lisa Rosowsky FAC

Yang Soo Tak P ‘18

Karen Rossow ‘85 and Kevin McLeod

Johnny Tang

Steven Ross and Lucie Gauthier

Jesse Tarantino ‘97

Denise Rothschild

Elizabeth Taylor ‘83




Glenn Ruga ‘79

John Tekian ‘65


Alexander Nally ‘16

Joseph Petrillo ‘17

Denise Napoli P ‘14

Anna and Fiore Petrucci P ‘18

Adam Nau ‘09

Judith ‘48 and T. Phakos

Peter Negri ‘17

Giselle and James Piantedosi ‘15

Maria Negulescu ‘00, ‘08

Jordan Piantedosi ‘15

Benjamin Nelson ‘16 Gerard ‘87 and Kristen Nelson ‘86 P ‘19

Brygida Pietras Trzaska and Grzegorz Trzaska P ‘07

Landon Newton ‘15, ‘17 M

Jennifer Pillsworth ‘96

Donald and Hilda Nicoll

J Plunkett

Catherine Niedzwiecki ‘90

Andrea Polivy ‘75

Nine Zero Hotel

Franco Pons ‘18

Matthew Nouv ‘15

William, Jr. ‘64 and Judith Poole

Henry Novak ‘15

Holly Popielarz

Susan and John Novak P ‘15

Barry ‘58 and Babette Poretsky

Kimberly Nowers ‘15

David ‘64 and Rubie Porter

Linnea Nugent ‘18 Shela ‘54 and John Oakey

Susan Portnoy-McKinnon ‘65 and Bill McKinnon

Bethany and Lawrence O’Brien P ‘17

Joan Potter ‘53

Martha ‘50 and Robert O’Brien

Maria Prada Strange

Sean O’Brien ‘07

Christina Preher Roberts ‘04

Cheryl and Brian O’Driscoll P ‘17

Cynthia Prelack ‘72 M

Marie O’Hara ‘48

Suzanne Pretty ‘69 and Raymond Hamel

Jacquelyn O’Hare ‘92 M

Jennifer Proscia ‘15

Noreen and Thomas O’Hear P ‘13

Noel Puello ‘16

Ritvaliisa Ojanen ‘78 and Karl Molander

Jesseca Purdy ‘15

David Olsen ‘08 M, ‘09 M

Kateri Quirk ‘14

Denise O’Malley ‘91

Barbara and Jorge Quiroga

Jake Ormonde ‘16

Michael Raabe and Patricia Levesh P ‘11

Donald Oster ‘90 and Karen Kotkow

Robin Radin ‘92 M

Rachel Oswald ‘15

Ann Rahming ‘58 and Thomas Greene

Thomas and Lisa Ouellette P ‘14

Marc Raila ‘98

Tommy Ouk ‘18

Aurelio Ramirez

Claire Owens ‘17

Sandra and Stephen Ramponi P ‘15

Frank ‘73 and Francine Ozereko ‘73 P ‘05

Dawn ‘50 and Robert Randall

Tania Pabon P ‘17

Margery Raphael ‘72 M and Philip Weinstein

Sheryl Pace ‘02 M, ‘12 M and Fish McGill ‘04 FAC

Joanne Rattan ‘48

Enrique and Elena Padilla P ‘15

Catherine Redding ‘18

Maximiliano Padilla ‘15

Lauren Redfern ‘71

Pam Pakey

The Red House Group Limited

Matthew and Linda Palladino P ‘18

Paul ‘66 FAC and Beverly Regan

Galen Palmer FAC

Mark Regnier ‘80

Marcella and Erich Pannenborg

J. and Stephanie Reid ‘78

Marisa ‘82 and Dana Pappas MaryEllen Paquette P ‘18

Katrin Reifeiss-Helmick ‘98 and Tom Helmick

Susan Paradis ‘64

Phyllis Resnick

Julia Paranay ‘15

Christian Restrepo ‘15

Ralph Parente, Jr. ‘57

Chelsea Revelle ‘07

Jane Parhiala P ‘15



Edward Ryerson FAC

Nancy Tharler

Tamara Safford ‘11

Sheila ‘52 and Henri Theberge

Margaret Salinas ‘18

Jean ‘76 and C. Thomas

Sumiah Salloum ‘15

Laurence and Sherry Thomaz ‘16

John Sanders ‘72

Fawn Thompson ‘02 and J. Kaufman

Virginia Sandman ‘79, ‘03 M

Jill Thompson-Stetz and Barry Stetz P ‘17

Christopher Santoro ‘12

Timea Tihanyi ‘98 and Sandor Kovacs

Gilda Santoro Phillips ‘62 and Eugene Phillips

Kellee Tildsley ‘05

Franklin Santos

James Tirone ‘07


Hayley Parker ‘11 Elizabeth and Edmund Parnes Michelle Paroline ‘06 Amy Patacchiola ‘02 FAC Lisa Patacchiola Stella ‘63 and A. Pathiakis Susan ‘78 and William Patterson John Pauplis ‘98

Katherine and Tom Block

Margaret ‘54 † and Earl Timmons Marsha Titova ‘15

Jonathan Sapienza ‘02

John Tittmann

Irma Sarianides

Frampton Tolbert

John FAC and Eileen Sauer

Alison Torrice ‘06

Rachel Saunders ‘15

Katherine Touart ‘85 and Kinsey Wilson

Dillon Buss ‘12 Amber Davis-Tourlentes FAC and Stephen Tourlentes ‘88 M FAC Downeast Cider House East Meets West Emack & Bolio’s Emergency Production, LLC Neal Ferri David Greer Handel and Haydn Society Horizon Beverage Company

Jean ‘73 and John Sawyer ‘42 †

Steven and Linda Toupin P ‘14

Caroline and Yves Scemama ‘14

Jonathan and Sari Tower

James ‘60 and Beverly Scenna

Susan and Donald Trinque ‘17

Stephen and Marion Scharoun P ‘07

Kelsey Trottier ‘15

Carol ‘93 and Anthony Schena

Beverly Tryon

Victoria Schenck ‘17

Barbara Turner ‘12


Gus and Arlette Kayafas Shane Lavalette Gail Lewenberg Kirsten Martin Melissa Masters ‘17 Neiman Marcus Natick James and Beth Pallotta PBD Events

Elaine and Robert Schenot ‘12

Catherine Twomey ‘17

Katharine Schenot ‘12

Nancy and Herbert Ueda, Jr. P ‘16

Walter and Irma Schmitt ‘18

Maida Uhlig ‘87

Nancy Schoefl ‘50

Natasha Urkevic ‘15

Cynthia Scholz ‘94

Gabija Vaisvilaite

Joseph Schramm

Nicholas Valaskatgis ‘15

Valbona Schwab

Alison Valvo ‘15

Karen and Howard Schwartz

Jennifer Varekamp FAC

diane ‘03 and Thomas Scotti

Flor Vasquez Cano P ‘17

Jennifer Seamans Johnson ‘84 and Lane Johnson

Laura Vaughan P ‘14

Bryant Ross ‘04 Jodi Slater and Jonathan Wakely Stanhope Framers Topper’s Rhum Universal Wilde Inc. Beth van Belle Clare Villari and David Weinstein Stuart Walker WBUR Zipcar

Nicole Veilleux ‘15 Madeline Ventresca Elizabeth ‘67 and Norman Vezeau Dominick and Kathy Viggiano P ‘15

Helen Shair ‘60

Carlos Villamil ‘12

Barry and Sue Shamus Christine and Jeffrey Shapiro P ‘16 Yali Sharon ‘05 David and Maria Sharples P ‘14 Janet Shartle P ‘18 Fowzia and Omar Sherzai P ‘17 Maggie Shirland FAC Ruthe ‘59 and Lloyd Sholler Heather Short ‘12

Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic Daniel ‘02, ‘17 M and Meredith Vlahos Jacqueline Vo Hilda ‘54 and Howard Volkin Julia Von Metzsch Karen Wagner ‘93 P

Laura and Ken Wagner ‘13

Stuart Shumway ‘18 Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. Laura Slygh ‘79

Barbara ‘53 and John Walsh James ‘84 and Jenny Warner

Emily Smidt ‘03

Clare ‘80 and Thomas Weber

Cornelia Smith FAC Gregory and Wendy Smith P ‘14 Kristin Smith P ‘18 Mimi Smith ‘63 and Burt Lieberman Tyler Smith ‘17 Maura Smyth FAC and Aaron Schain Brian Snee

Lynn and Jerry Weinstein Shelley Weiss ‘86 and Jeff Banks Yicheng Wei Elizabeth Welch ‘14

Lisa and Peter Soulard ‘18 P

Maureen Sousa P ‘16 Tosh Spencer ‘16

Praxair Matching Grants For Education Program Qualcomm Matching Grant Program

Texas Instruments Foundation TripAdvisor Gift Matching Program Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

In Honor of Lauren Anderson ‘18 Thomas and Susan Anderson P ‘18 Joan and Craig Powers P ‘17 In Honor of Catherine Avril and Michael Chiusano Robyn Fizz

Geoffrey Wells ‘10


Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

In Honor of Clare AuBuchon ‘17

Bette Wells

Jennifer Snyder ‘03

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program


Ana and Steven Weissman

Luke Welling ‘17

Jane Snerson

The Merck Foundation

Jessica Weber

Debra and Mark Welling P ‘17

Meagan Snee ‘18

The Home Depot Foundation

Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Stuart Walker Susan Walsh ‘81 and Fred Simon

Louise Small ‘49

General Electric Foundation

Reebok International, Ltd.

Pat Walker

Jordan Siegel ‘14

Aetna Foundation

The P&G Fund

Denise Vozzella ‘91

Alice Wahl ‘82


MATCHING GIFTS The Commonwealth Fund

Gregory Vines ‘68


Austen Shumway ‘18

Patricia Soha

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Kris Shaffer ‘84

Juan Rave ‘01

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John Sears


artscope magazine

Elaine Thap

Judyanne Searles ‘84


Around the Corner

Xinh and Raffaele Russo ‘17


Jessica Petriello FAC

Altieri Events LLC

Diane Teubner ‘00


Christine and Michael Nader P ‘18

Amanda Accardi ‘06

Thomas ‘67 and Teresa Russell ‘67


Kelsey Peterson ‘15


Emily Teague ‘08


Marcia Nadeau-Tanner P ‘18

and Sharon Sabin ‘94

Hai Yan and Xiang Yu Ruan ‘18 P



Ann-Carol Lipshires

David Wentworth ‘10

Norman and Joyce Spector

Tara West

Bette Wells

Peter Wetherbee ‘06

Patricia Spinale ‘80

Matthew Whipple and Joanne Robida-Whipple P ‘15

Allison Spitaels ‘15

Anne White ‘60

Mary Jane ‘67 and H. Squires

Emily White ‘11

Rose Srebro ‘76 and Michael Fein

Kevin Whitman ‘15

Anna Stabler ‘15

Nicolle Whitten ‘16

Stephen Stanne and Cara Lee P ‘11

Denise Widman

Ruth Steeger

Barbara Wiese ‘80 M

Danielle Reynolds-Milner ‘03 and Mike Milner

Katherine Steele ‘82

Suzanne and Robert Wilga ‘13

James Steil

Paula Wilk

Asya Reznikov ‘97

Elaine ‘52 and Richard Steinhilber

Lindsey Willette ‘15

Ali and Betty Riaz

Diane Stempel

Betty Williams P ‘15

Christine ‘64 and Robert Riccardi

Chris Stevens

Michael Ricciuti ‘12 M

Ann and John St. Germain P ‘17

Jeanne Williamson ‘80 M and Joshua Ostroff

Cynthia Richard ‘59

Kristine St. Germain ‘06

Samantha Wisell ‘15

Lindsay Richard ‘14

Rachel St. Germain ‘17

Nina Wishnok ‘95

Pamela Richards and Eugene Connolly P ‘17

Maryann Stickney and Norman Stickney Jr P ‘16

Jarmila Wlaschinska and Dan Wlaschinsky P ‘14

In Honor of Brandon Bailey ‘15 Jon and Doreen Bailey P ‘15 In Honor of Claire Blanchette ‘16 Ruth Pease and Gregory Blanchette P ‘16 In Honor of Donald Burgy Jasmine Laietmark ‘02 In Honor of Choohyun Chung ‘16


Sunhee Lee and Myungdoo Chung P ‘16 In Honor of Andrew Clapper ‘12 Lyla-Jean Clapper P ‘12 In Honor of Christian Cucchiarella ‘18 Doris Cucchiarella P ‘18 In Honor of Mairead Dambruch Joan Clifford In Honor of Ethan Drory ‘18 Daniel Drory and Eve Proctor P ‘18

In Honor of Reid Drum

In Honor of The Kipp Family

In Honor of Richard Phillips ‘84

In Memory of Kanik Chung

In Memory of Helen Meleney

Tushar Advani

Mary Coughlan ‘73

Natalie Phillips P ‘84

In Honor of Kayvon Edson ‘16

In Honor of Eoin Laramee ‘15

In Honor of Jordan Piantedosi ‘15

Beatrice Singh-Arnone and Vincent Arnone

In Memory of Dorothy (Jacobs) Platt

Timothy Wise P ‘17

Joie Edson P ‘16

Kelly Moneghan

Giselle and James Piantedosi P ‘15

Christina Singh and Jeffrey Huvar

Shelley Platt

In Honor of Emily Frank ‘16

In Honor of Howie Larosee FAC

In Honor of Hart Rippe ‘18

Helen Singh

In Memory of Robert Reifeiss, Sr.

Priscilla and Charles Frank P ‘16

Molly Ferguson

Stephanie and James Rippe P ‘18

In Memory of Jean Bartalussi Clohisy ‘59

Mary Reifeiss P ‘90, P ‘94, P ‘98

In Honor of Sandra Massirman Frank ‘61

In Honor of Alexander MacDonald ‘04

In Honor of Max Roseglass ‘08

Bernard Clohisy

In Memory of Charlotte Alpert Shelnitz ‘43

Mary and Thomas Murray

Cynthia and John MacDonald P ‘04

Debra Glassman P ‘08

In Memory of Anne Costello


Steven Ross and Lucie Gauthier

In Honor of Lauren Madigan ‘18

In Honor of Paige Schmitt ‘18

Susan Carlson ‘72

Nancy and Jeffrey Barta

Lynn and Jerry Weinstein

JoAnn and Daniel Madigan P ‘18


In Memory of Mike Couch

CCR Wealth Management, LLC

Karen Zunich and James Palazzolo

In Honor of Modhurima Mallick ‘18

In Honor of Jeanene Scott ‘89

Tristin ‘90 and Rebecca Lowe

Muriel Cid

In Honor of Jillian Freyer ‘14

Monika Chakraborty P ‘18

Richard and Carol Scott P ‘89

In Memory of Mark Ferguson

Dorothy Cline

Julie Freyer P ‘14

In Honor of MassArt Advancement Team

In Honor of Caeleigh Smith ‘18

Elyse Etra and Leonard Oshinsky

In Honor of Zach Gabbard FAC

Elizabeth Herring FAC and Leo Menard

Jeffery and Merry Smith P ‘18

Naomi Ramieri-Hall ‘87 and Lawrence Hall

Tushar Advani

Patricia Soha FAC

In Honor of Nora Snyderman ‘09

Diane Chester-Demicco

In Honor of Lauren Olivia May ‘13

In Honor of Amanda Gallagher ‘16

Cynthia and David May P ‘13

Stephen and Georgiana Snyderman P ‘09

Amy and James Gallagher P ‘16

In Honor of Lauren Medeiros ‘10

In Honor of Yvonne Sousa ‘16

Mark Fortin and Lisa Frey

In Honor of Christina Generali ‘17

John and Kathryn Medeiros P ‘10

Maureen Sousa P ‘16

Donald and Ruth Hyer

Lori and Gary Generali P ‘17

In Honor of Kelcie Monger ‘14

In Honor of Kurt Steinberg FAC

Nancy Jones-Broder

In Honor of Cassandra Gossett ‘17

Caroline and Yves Scemama P ‘14

Molly Ferguson

Janet and Paul Letalien

Lori and Paul Gossett P ‘17

In Honor of Roberta Moore

In Honor of Rory Sullivan ‘14

Ruth Montgomery

In Honor of George Greenameyer and Harris Barron

Susanne Douglas Harris

Kerry Mello and Thomas Sullivan P ‘14

Donald and Hilda Nicoll

In Honor of Tom Morganti ‘59

In Honor of Elizabeth Viggiano ‘15

Jane Snerson

Janis Lavine ‘86 M

Barbara ‘59 and Abraham Bromberg

Dominick and Kathy Viggiano P ‘15

In Memory of Rosamond (Strong) Halle ‘46

In Honor of Elisa Hamilton

In Honor of Michael Nedeau ‘94

In Honor of Danielle Williams ‘15

Jonathan Ostrowsky and Kathleen Wright

J Plunkett

Betty Williams P ‘15

Charlotte Andry Gibbs ‘85 and Charles Gibbs

In Honor of Suzanne and Bill Hamilton Elisa Hamilton ‘07 In Honor of Craig Henshaw ‘04Kristen and Richard Henshaw P ‘04 In Honor of James Horne ‘18 Virginia and Stephen Gibbons P ‘18 In Honor of Blake Johnson ‘14 Tristam, Jr. and Wendy Johnson P ‘14 In Honor of Sarah Karten ‘12 Eric Karten and Karen Sussman-Karten P ‘12

In Honor of Nathan Ouellette ‘14 Thomas and Lisa Ouellette P ‘14 In Honor of Max Padilla ‘15 Loreto and Michael Murray Enrique and Elena Padilla P ‘15 James Steil In Honor of Dan Pasto ‘17 Laura Cooley and Stephen Pasto P ‘17

Curtis Thaxter LLC

Harold and Rona Goodman Charlotte Gottesman Diane and Stan Kaplan Nan and Allan Kline Joan and Melvyn Kramer Joan and Richard Lowe

In Memory of Dina Zacconi Intravaia ‘89

In Memory of Nancy Barry ‘03

Anthony and Joan Zacconi ‘89

Shauna and Michael Delano

In Memory of Dick Keohan

In Memory of Norma Bloom

Jennifer ‘82 and Ryan Flaherty

Martha Merson ‘07

In Memory of Marie and Robert Lavine

In Memory of Melissa Carroll ‘05

Kathy Lavine ‘89, ‘91

Richard, Jr. and Ruth Griffin P ‘05, P ‘10

In Memory of Kirsten Malone


Frampton Tolbert In Memory of Evelyn Nelson Martin ‘45

In Honor of Nanette Pengelley ‘15

Deborah Martin ‘75 and Robert McFetridge

Mary and Lambert Pengelley P ‘15 Nanette Pengelley ‘15

Susan and Jeffrey Freedman Sybil and Richard Gladstone

David Less


Linda and Harvey Fenton Randi and Howard Ginsburg

Nancy Dickson

In Memory of Brian Hollingsworth ‘98

In Honor of Brian O’Neil ‘11 Brian and Nancy O’Neill P ‘11

In Memory of Thomas Frary Sr.

Marsha and Paul Lubin Jane and Robert Morrissey Elizabeth and Edmund Parnes Phyllis Resnick Sharman and Larry Rosen Karen and Howard Schwartz Barry and Sue Shamus Ann and Michael Swartz Ana and Steven Weissman In Memory of Laszo Szabo Edward Ryerson FAC In Memory of Victory Thay Anonymous In Memory of JoElla Hall Wozniak Sabrina Wozniak-Jellison P ‘15


Deborah Kass

Alvin Ouellet ‘85 ‘87 M FAC

Bill Thompson

Scott Alario ‘06

Carlos Estevez

Janet Kawada ‘92 FAC

Maximiliano Padilla ‘15

John Thompson ‘05 M FAC P ‘09

Will Alderfer

Emily Eveleth ‘87

Catherine Kehoe ‘89

Susan Paladino

Remi Thornton

Elizabeth Alexander ‘04

Pat Falco ‘10

Ian Kennelly ‘94

Lyssa Palu-ay ‘01 FAC

Marsha Titova ‘15

Meg Alexander

Chris Faust ‘89

Jeffrey A. Keough FAC

James Paradis ‘05

Kevin Townsend FAC

Zachary S. Allen ‘15 M

David Faust ‘89

Jordan Kessler ‘01 ‘13 M

Anna C. Pausch ‘15

Mary Alice Treworgy ‘58

John Anderson

GW Felts ‘14 FAC

Roger Kizik ‘72

Yana Payusova

Sam Trioli

Aimée Archambault ‘09 FAC

Jeffrey Fichera ‘00

Ástþór Helgason & Kjartan Kjartansson

Colleen Pearce ‘15

Kate True

Paul Arsenault ‘00

Andrew Fish FAC

Emily Lubow Klobucher ‘15

Sheila Pepe ‘83

Gastón Ugalde

Peter Arvidson

Gayle A. Fitzpatrick ‘74

Deborah P. Klotz ‘88 ‘93 M FAC

Jeff Perrott

Janna Ugone ‘79

Erica Aubin ‘10

Shalom Flash ‘85

Paula Williams Kochanek

Zoe Perry-Wood ‘81

Brian Unwin ‘99

June August

Walton Ford

Melissa Krok-Horton ‘15

Tanya Philbin-Chin ‘98

Peter Vanderwarker

Lee Aulson ‘11

Rick Fox ‘94 M

Dave Krugman

Fulvio Pinna

Jimmy Viera ‘14

Mike Avagianos ‘15

Robert Freeman

Molly Lamb ‘14 M FAC

Dulce Pinzon

Evan Voelbel ‘12

Diane Ayott ‘97 M

Stacy Friedman ‘15

James Lambert ‘15 M

Michael Pollock ‘15

Christina Renfer Vogel ‘05 M

Clint Baclawski ‘08 FAC

Leah Gadd ‘11 M FAC

Adam Lampton ‘04 M

Rosemary Porter

Julia von Metzsch

Julie Barrett ‘12 FAC

Ian Gage ‘13 FAC

Howard G. LaRosee ‘06 FAC

Vivian Pratt ‘03 M

Adam Waimon ‘06

Molly Batchelder

Fran Gardino ‘88

Cathy M. Laskowski ‘13

David Prifti ‘83 †

John Walker

Larissa Bates

Geoffrey Gavett ‘10

Mark Levinson

Diana Jean Puglisi ‘16 M

Thomas Ward ‘11

Genie Belozersky

Sarah Gay-O’Neill ‘07 M FAC

Sol Lewitt

Deb (Cailler) Putnam ‘78

Cheryl Warrick ‘88

Anne Benware ‘91

Alex Gerasev FAC

Ron Li ‘15

Mel Ramos

Joseph Webster ‘15

Cindy Sherman Bishop ‘14 M

Jacob Giberson ‘13

Fred H.C. Liang FAC

Monique Rancourt ‘08

William Wegman ‘65

Carly Blais ‘15

Leah Giberson ‘97 P ‘13

Markus Linnenbrink

Winfred Rembert

Julie Weiman

Carole Bolsey

Wally Gilbert

Micah R. O. Litant ‘14 M

Chelsea Revelle ‘07

James Weinberg FAC

Barbara Bosworth FAC

Darlene Gillan ‘11 M FAC

Patrick Luteran ‘11 FAC

Erin M. Riley ‘07

Rachel Perry Welty

Linda Bourke ‘73 FAC

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Alex S. MacLean

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Ann Wessmann FAC

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Brian Whalen

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Lucas Goossens

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Dillon Buss ‘12

Daniel Gordon

Denise Marcotte ‘83

Traverse Day Robinette ‘09

Kevin Whitman ‘15

Ambreen Butt ‘97 M

Mikey Gower ‘15

James Mason ‘81 FAC

Jeury Rosario ‘03 FAC

Brian Willmont ‘07

Rick Callahan

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Rania Matar FAC

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Fred Wilson

Michael Cappabianca ‘98

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Nancy McCarthy ‘99 FAC

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Kayla McKenna ‘15

Stacy Scibelli ‘04

Helene Zuckerbrod ‘97 FAC

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Susana Segat FAC

Christopher Chippendale ‘89 FAC

Sk Hampton ‘12 FAC

Diane Sawler McLaughlin ‘66

Tara Sellios

Zachary Chomyszak ‘15

YoAhn Han ‘14

James C. McLeod FAC

Alex Sewell ‘13

Stephanie Chubbuck ‘94

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Laura McPhee FAC

Dina Shaposhnikova ‘10

William Ciccariello

Geoff Hargadon

Amanda Means

Cory Munro Shea

Anne F. Harney ‘11

Jonas Mekas

Kelly Sherman ‘02

Paul Harrington

Greg Mencoff

Anna Collette ‘99 FAC

David Harrison

Lindsay Minihan ‘05

Danny Simmons

Mark Cooper

Matt Harty ‘13

Tim Ian Mitchell

Nancy Simonds

Robert Coppola FAC

Kelley Harwood ‘09

Rob Moore FAC †

Suzannah Sinclair ‘02

Corey Corcoran ‘07 FAC

Leonard Allen Haug

Sally B. Moore ‘88 ‘00 M

Candice Smith Corby ‘01 M

Linda Cordner

Ian Henderson ‘03

Abelardo Morell

Joanna Sokolowska ‘15

Karen Hendrickson-Santospago ‘99

Stephanie Motyka ‘15

Cheryl Sorg ‘99

Nona Hershey

Dana Mueller ‘08

Agnieszka Sosnowska ‘95

Emily Cobb ‘10 Catarina Coelho ‘13


Ann Craven ‘84 Frank Criscione ‘09




LEAD GALLERY AUCTION SUPPORTERS Barbara Krakow Gallery bk projects Carroll & Sons, Inc.

Adrienne Shishko




Center Street Studio DC Moore Gallery Drive-By Projects


Gallery Kayafas Gallery NAGA Gold Gallery kblockart

Kyle Cusson ‘07

Jeremy Hetherington ‘10

Greer Muldowney

Eric Starosielski ‘99

LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University

Michael David ‘15

David Hilliard ‘92

Jennifer Liston Munson ‘84

John Steck Jr. ‘10

Miller Yezerski Gallery

John Davis ‘15

Chris Hilton ‘73

James Ovid Mustin III ‘11 M

Anne Marie Stein FAC

Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Blane De St. Croix ‘79

Sarah B. Hoff FAC

Bruce Myren ‘91

May Stevens ‘46

Pace Prints

Alice Denison ‘07 M

Yoav Horesh ‘03

Annie Narrigan ‘14

C. A. Stigliano FAC

Ryan Lee Gallery

Kelly Differ ‘15

Lisa Houck FAC

Caleb Neelon

Stephanie Mahan Stigliano ‘88 M FAC

S3 Contemporary

Adell Donaghue ‘15

Charlie Hunter

Carlton Nell

Tom Stocker


Rebecca Doughty

Olivia Ives-Flores

Brien Neudorfer ‘78 †

Lindsay Joy Stockbridge Stone ‘12

Kira Doutt ‘15

Karen S. Jacobs

George Nick FAC

James Stroud FAC

Joerg Dressler

Lavaughan Jenkins ‘05

Dean Nimmer

Steven Subotnick FAC

Kate Drewniak ‘10

Bara Jichova ‘07

Ashley Normal ‘07 ‘15 M

Christopher Sullivan ‘90 FAC


Michael Eder ‘03 M

Kate Jones ‘93

Maureen O’Connor ‘81

Anna Swanson ‘15


Yorgos Efthymiadis

Phillip Jones

Kathleen O’Hara

Johnny Tang

Jules Ellison ‘12

Phil Jung ‘09 M FAC

Susanne Okamoto

Guy Michel Telemaque ‘98 M

Julia Emiliani ‘15

Masako Kamiya ‘99 M

Debra Olin ‘80

Kristin Texeira ‘10





Eric Aho ‘88



Foundation Board of Directors

Corporate Advisory Council

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation, Inc.

Christopher Whitlock, Chair | Fidelity Investments

Tali Kwatcher, Chair Jennifer Harrington, Vice Chair Jill Kravetz, Vice Chair Valentine Talland, Vice Chair Jeremy Pozen, Treasurer Marjorie O’Malley, Executive Director and Clerk Robert Bachelder June Biner Emma Pickard Calus Richard Coffman Caroline Collings, Honorary Director Deanna Fulp Robert S. Gatof Nicholas Greville, Honorary Director Trevania Henderson, Chair Emerita William Hicks, Chair Emeritus Consuelo Arostegui Isaacson Charles Jobson Alison Judd ‘07 Wesley Karger Brian Kinney Fred Leichter Marcia Lloyd, Director At Large Kristina Hare Lyons Edvaldo Morata Diane Nordin Paul Pflugfelder Susan Rothenberg, Honorary Director Jeffrey Rutchik Susan Schechter, Chair Emerita, Trustee Representative Kathy Sharpless Jodi Slater Katherine Sloan, College President Emerita, Honorary Director Kurt Steinberg, Executive Vice President Ken Strickland, Interim President Michael Tarnow Chiara Trabucchi


Jennifer Harrington, Vice Chair | HATCH Franny Andahazy | PBD Events Jason Arnone ’95 | Sonos Katy Barrett | MassArt BK Boley | ADD, Inc. now with Stantec Duncan Browne | Newbury Comics, Inc. Anne Callahan | kor group Richard Coffman | Wellington Management Brian Collins ’82 | Collins Amy Cueva | Mad*Pow Maria Dwyer | State Street Bank Maura FitzGerald | Version 2.0 Communications Paul Foster | Paul D. Foster Associates Deanna Fulp | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Jeff Johnson | Primacy Greg Jundanian | CYS Investments, Inc. Paul Karger | Twin Focus Capital Partners, LLC Wesley Karger | Twin Focus Capital Partners, LLC Kathy Kiely | The Ad Club Lynne Kortenhaus | Kortenhaus Communications Tali Kwatcher | MassArt Foundation Fred Leichter | Fidelity Investments Elizabeth O. Lowrey | Elkus|Manfredi Architects Mark McKenna | Putnam Investments Mat McLaughlin | Reebok International, LTD Marjorie O’Malley | MassArt Foundation Aidan Petrie | Ximedica James Read | MassArt John Reilly | Public Relations Consultant Lee Rubenstein | edX Jeff Rutchik | BEAMstudios Susan Schechter | MassArt Trustee Maryellen Schroeder | MassArt Kathy Sharpless | MassArt Foundation Tammy Skuraton | Mullen Anne Marie Stein | MassArt Kurt Steinberg | MassArt Ken Strickland | MassArt Dorothy Urlich | Sleek Machine LLC

John Thompson ‘05 Elissa Warner Cheryl Warrick ’88, Honorary Director

Senior Administration

David Webster

Ken Strickland, Interim President Kurt Steinberg, Executive Vice President

Board of Trustees Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Maureen Keefe, Vice President of Student Development

David Lee, Vice Chair

Marjorie O’Malley, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, MassArt Foundation

Hope Barkan

Susana Segat, Chief of Staff

Dr. Richard Marshall, Chair

Paul Foster Elisa Hamilton ‘07 Alexander Armand Nally ’16, Student Trustee Pamela Parisi ‘67 Susan Schechter Richard M. Shea, Jr. John Taylor “Ike” Williams Samuel Yin, Ph.D.



Profile for Massachusetts College of Art and Design

MassArt Annual Report 2014-2015  

MassArt Annual Report 2014-2015  

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