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Paul Dobbs Director Morton R. Godine Library Massachusetts College of Art and Design

How MassArt Changed the World

1. Fighting global warming 2. Protecting United States Armed Services personnel 3. Enabling anyone to look cool 4. Setting the standard for how Americans visualize the dark side

5.  Designing the logo for the world s most recognized retail logo. 6.  Creating Boston s most famous public sculptures 7.  Updating the U.S. Constitution 8.  Changing how we analyze color for NASA, Microsoft, U.S. Bureau of Standards . . .

9.  Revolutionizing who can study art and design 10.  Re-focusing why to study art and design

Massachusetts does not propose . . . to procure a few talents in harmony with the best well-to-do population, but to give to thousands of future workmen the sum of knowledge and aptitude which they need to increase the value of their labor . . . - French Imperial Commissioners reporting on the art education exhibit at the Philadelphia Exposition, 1876

What we are trying to do is to know . . . how to draw, not how to make drawings . . . The process of drawing makes ignorance visible; it is a criticism made by ourselves on our perceptions, and gives physical evidence that we either think rightly or wrongly, or even do not think at all. - Walter Smith, Founding Principal of Massachusetts College of Art, 1881

How MassArt Changed The World  

On November 6, 2013, MassArt opened its doors to the community to share this noteworthy milestone through a forum entitled "Exploring 140 Ye...

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