Spring 2021 Issue

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Stay Hungry Trevor Lisa

Exhibit 53f – Federal Trade Commission v. AfterVida Nutrition Company Interviewee: Nicholas Shields Interviewer: Detective Hannah Russell, on behalf of the FTC Date of Interview: 05.28.1X List of Acronyms: NS = Nicholas Shields; HR = Detective Hannah Russell

Note: The following account was ascertained in an effort to support the Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing investigation into any and all connections between the Atlanta-based AfterVida Nutrition Company, a bonafide multi-level network marketing company (i.e. “MLM”), and criminal activities. These include false advertising, conspiracy, money laundering, grand theft auto, assault, and murder. We have assembled the following transcripts in their standing order and redacted the comments of the interviewer to isolate the speaker and attempt to give some semblance of organization to what was otherwise a vexing, scattered, and altogether incoherent conversation.