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REACH Beyond Zero

LIFE SAVING RULES Life Saving Rules were created to keep us safe while performing high risk activities, apart from applying them we must: ° Keep our eyes and mind on the job ° Identify the line of fire and don´t stand in it ° Avoid the rush ° Avoid shortcuts SAFE SYSTEMS OF WORK Comply with safe work norms, standards and procedures in force, handle appropriately hazardous materials, use the protection equipment and elements specified to do a work, do not disable neither critical safety equipment nor protection devices.

1. Comply with the procedure for work permits and perform hazards analysis 2. Ensure competences and resources 3. Receive and deliver the area with safety, and ensure simultaneous activites Remark: Identify the line of fire, don´t take shortcuts, don´t rush

WORKING AT HEIGHT Protect your life from falls, falling-object and structures and use prevention and protection systems against falls when working at heights.

1. Ensure personnel is certified in safe work at heights 2. Apply prevention measures 3. Ensure protection measures

LIFTING AND RIGGING Follow a lifting plan, perform lifting and rigging operations with certified equipment for which you have been trained and certified, operate within the limits of design and safety, do not walk under suspended walks.

1. Ensure personnel is competent and certified 2. Apply Safety Protocols at the point of manoeuvre 3. Ensure equipment and Lifting tools

HAZARDOUS RELEASES (SUBSTANCES AND ENERGIES/POWERS) Ensure that sources of power and chemical agents are isolated and depressurized before starting working on systems or equipment, follow the isolation procedures in force and do the established environmental measurements.

1. Identify, isolate and release all energies/powers 2. Place logs and tags 3. Check zero status for energies

CONFINED SPACES Only enter a confined space if you are trained and authorized to do so, attendant and rescue plan are in place and gas-test as required.

1. Ensure personnel is authorized and physically fit 2. Control hazards and accesses 3. Count on emergency preparedeness

DRIVING Operate vehicles safely, comply with local regulations, wear seat belts in all seats, practice defensive driving, follow journey management plan and do not use handheld mobile devices.

1. Ejecutar las actividades solo con personal autorizado y capacitado en seguridad vial 2. Hacer la inspección pre-operacional del vehículo antes de su viaje 3. Evaluar permanentemente los riesgos y peligros antes y durante la conducción

ELECTRICITY Obtain authorisation before working on electrical equipment and only if you are trained and certified to do so.

1. Electrical works executed by qualified and experienced workers 2. Work on de-energized electrical systems 3. Use standardised electrical equipment and systems

HEAVY EQUIPMENT AND PLANT Only operate certified equipment and plant which you are trained and certified to use and always position yourself out of the line of fire in relation to moving and energized equipment and plant.

1. Ensure equipment or plant inspection before operating 2. Ensure personnel is competent and certified 3. Compliance with the safety protocols and/or operation standards

MANUAL LIFTING AND MANUAL HANDLING AND TRANSPORTATION Keep a safe body posture when handling materials, chemical agents, equipment, tools walking. Take into consideration maximum weight limitations: 12,5 kgs women, 25 kgs men.

1. Before handling the load, be sure a mechanical support can be used 2. Take into consideration maximum weight limitations: 12,5 kgs women, 25 kgs men 3. Apply corporal technique for manual load lifting and manual load transportation

EXCAVATIONS Only enter a trench or excavation through safe access and egress points, if it has been inspected and secured and report any changing conditions.

1. Count on the adequate training and certified experience 2. Stop immediately the excavation work if there is pipeline buried 3. Be alert and prepared for a possible emergency and evacuation

The compliance and implementation of these rules is mandatory, and applicable to any person working directly for the Company, or subcontractor, in our locations or facilities or the client´s, they do not exclude the compliance of norms/standards and procedures. # Idotherightthingwhetheranyoneiswatchingme


Life Saving Rules  
Life Saving Rules