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Plastics with Ecopure will have : a. the same shelf life b. the same physical properties c. the same recyclability d. biodegradability in ordinary landfill/sewage in standard of ASTM D5511 or in commercial compost ASTM D5988 e. FDA approval for its safety for direct food contact Only as low as 0.5 to 0.7% dosage of the additive is enough to trigger biodegradation for the thin plastic products!

Indeed, this biodegradable additive has totally three grades available: Grade 1 for PE, PP, Nylon, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA, HIPS, SAN, TPU, TPR, PA, EVA, Synethetic butyl rubber and Copolymers, Grade 2 specialized for PET ( RPET, CPET, APET, PETG) Grade 3 for PC, PCTG, Tritan

Our additive works by (1) expanding the molecular structure of the plastic, (2) scissoring the polymer chain and adding in nutrients and other organic compounds, which weaken the polymer chain. (3) this allows bacteria to colonize in and around the plastic. (4) these microbes secrete acids, which enzymes break down the entire polymer chain. (5) the plastics will then be completely broken down into just carbon dioxide gas, water, methane gas and humus, without leaving any plastics remnants. Comparsion:

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tabella comparativa

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