Mary's Path 2022-2023 Annual Report

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– 2023 ANNUAL REPORT Changing Lives Two at a Time

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of Mary’s Path,

It has been a year of exciting growth for Mary’s Path and the teen moms and babies we serve. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your donations, volunteerism, and advocacy, all of which make our mission and work possible. In 2023, Mary’s Path served 38 teen moms and 22 babies. We’ve celebrated high school graduations, first jobs, and even one new first-generation college student! (Please see page 8 to learn about our other accomplishments.)

We remain committed to growing our positive impact on the teen moms we serve within California’s foster care system. Mary’s Path is proud to be a fully licensed behavioral health facility with professional staff fully trained in trauma-informed, evidence-based practices. Tremendous investments in focused training and professional development—well beyond the minimum requirements of our licensing body—ensure that Mary’s Path can fully support every teen mom and her baby who comes through our doors.

Every teen mom we serve has access to our robust continuum of therapies, including Intensive Care Coordination, Intensive Home-Based Services, Individual Psychotherapy, and Crisis Intervention, along with alternative therapies such as art, poetry, journaling, and yoga. Mary’s Path also offers our customized Guided Animal Intervention Therapy (GAIT) program, which provides equine therapy in partnership with the Seneca Family of Agencies. See page 18 for a spotlight on GAIT, including the story of how our Director of Operations, Clete Menke, led the development of equine therapy for children with behavioral health needs more than two decades ago prior to his tenure at Mary’s Path.

Despite our many successes, the sobering fact remains: Mary’s Path’s work is far from complete. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) continues to spread throughout Southern California. Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes has described it as an epidemic—and further states that CSEC is now Orange County’s #1 crime. With more than 90% of the teen moms who call Mary’s Path home identified as CSEC survivors, it is clear that the need for our programs and services are now more important than ever.

Going forward, we remain resolved to our purpose of changing lives, two at a time, ensuring that vulnerable teen moms and their babies receive safe and stable housing where they can heal and obtain the resources they need for lives of hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency. We thank you for your continued support.

With Appreciation,


Message from the Board Chair

Dear Mary’s Path Community,

What a year of growth and advancement for Mary’s Path, where I am proud to serve as Board Chair. In 2023, we have progressed in our goal of Changing Lives, Two at a Time, by partnering with California legislators to pass SB14, launching our three-year strategic plan, furthering our Advisory Council made up of law enforcement, philanthropists, and business leaders in Orange County, and advancing our development efforts with our educational and advocacy-focused Spring Gala.

As one of only four facilities in the state of California that provides services and resources to teen moms in foster care who have chosen to create a family, we take immense pride in the profound impact we are making in the lives of the teen moms and the babies we serve. Mary’s Path provides education, mental health counseling, job placement assistance, life skills, childcare and parental support, and guidance for these teen moms.

Additionally, we provide access to the necessary healthcare services for both teen moms and their babies. And because our girls are from the foster care system, with more than 90% of them survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, Mary’s Path provides trauma-informed care addressing the distressing events that they have experienced throughout their lives.

While the girls we serve have experienced so much trauma, they are still teenagers, and at Mary’s Path we ensure they have experiences to further their social and emotional development. We are grateful for our donors whose support helps to facilitate these experiences, including shopping trips, movie nights, Disneyland, VIP trips to the zoo, and decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas.

I am very grateful for our powerhouse Executive Director, Jill Dominguez, dedicated and inspiring staff and volunteers, and fellow Board members.

A special thank you to The Honorable Diane Dixon, Assemblymember California District 72, for her bipartisan efforts to bring a voice to the population we serve.

And at Mary’s Path we have only just begun - we have so much opportunity ahead of us to restore dignity and hope in those we serve. I am filled with gratitude for our donors and supporters of our vision and am optimistic for the future of Mary’s Path. Here we come 2024!

With heartfelt gratitude,


Mary’s Path Forges a New Path Forward to Success

Mary’s Path recently completed a new Strategic Plan for 2023-2024 through 2025-2026. The culmination of many hours of hard work from the Board of Directors and staff, the new Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for Mary’s Path’s programmatic expansion and sustainability goals over the next three years. Progress on the plan will be reviewed quarterly to ensure transparency and accountability.

The planning process also yielded an updated mission, vision statement, values, and guiding principle that together will serve as the north star for our work at Mary’s Path.


Believing in the value of every life, Mary’s Path empowers vulnerable teen mothers in foster care and their babies to create lives of dignity, hope and self-sufficiency.


Teen moms in foster care become loving, caring mothers and raise happy, healthy children.


Mary’s Path changes two lives at a time by supporting new families through their journey to a hopeful future by allowing the following values to guide our work:

• Every life is to be valued.

• Our work is facilitated through patience and love, instilling hope and healing for the future.

• The past does not define us.

• We embrace the whole life experience of our residents.

• We invest in effective, high-quality care and services provided by professional, experienced and compassionate staff.

Guiding Principle

The moms and babies we serve always come first. We are guided by what serves them best.


Lily’s Story

Lily’s story is brutal, harsh, and shocking.

Sadly, it is not an unusual story at Mary’s Path.

Lily endured many horrific events in her young life. At the young age of four, which is about the earliest age that most people can recall memories, Lily’s life was completely disrupted. Her trusted uncle began to molest her. The sexual assault continued for years. She never told anyone and he never faced any consequences, a fact that has left Lily, now 23 years old, suffering from anxiety.

“He’s still out there, so I’ll dream about it still like he’s coming, or something’s going to happen,” she said in a video testimonial for Mary’s Path.

When she was 12, Lily’s father passed away. Her father was keeping the family together, and his death shattered any semblance of hope she had for a normal life.


Her mother re-entered her life, and Lily hoped her mother was strong enough to support them. But, not long after her father’s death, her mom started inviting different men into their home. They, too, eventually molested Lily. Fed up, she gave her mom an ultimatum: stop bringing men home, or Lily would leave.

“She said I could leave if I wanted to, so I remember at 12 years old, the same day my mom kicked me out with a bag of clothes, and I think I had like five dollars in my pocket. From then on, I was on the street. I was living in tents. I was being sexually abused out on the street.”

She started using drugs, was in and out of juvenile hall, and was repeatedly exploited. While in juvenile hall in 2017, she found out she was pregnant.

Finding out she was pregnant nearly drowned her in a wave of panicked uncertainties. How was she going to cope without drugs? Can she be ready for a child so young? How was she going to deal with having a son?

A staff member in the juvenile detention center referred her to Mary’s Path. Lily recalled how easy it was to get removed from one group home and shipped to another, and she assumed Mary’s Path would be no different. But Mary’s Path stuck by her side even when she tried to force them to remove her from the program.

With the help of Mary’s Path, Lily got clean and became a strong mother with the help of the parenting skills she learned at Mary’s Path. She now has an apartment of her own, two healthy children, and money to care for them. She credits Mary’s Path with saving her life. “I thought I’d be dead on the street by 18,” she shared. She hopes to inspire others with her story. We thank her for her courage, resilience, and willingness to share her journey.

For more about Lily’s story, please visit:




teen moms babies

housed, including seven healthy babies born to teen moms while residing at Mary’s Path. The average length of stay was 7.3 months before each teen mom safely exited to independent living.

450 + 22 &

hours of specialized advanced professional development provided to staff over and above licensing requirements for Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTPs), including Child Parent Psychotherapy, Professional Assault Crisis Training, and Suicide Prevention.

5,000 +

hours of trauma-informed therapeutic services, which included Intensive Care Coordination, Intensive Home-Based Services, Individual Psychotherapy, and Crisis Intervention.

Implemented curricular enhancements for our Guided Animal Intervention Therapy (GAIT) equine therapy program, allowing us to better meet the unique and complex mental health needs of Mary’s Path’s teen moms.

Offered alternative therapies such as art, poetry, journaling, and yoga to complement individual and group therapeutic services.

Provided parenting/life skills education, child care during school/work, academic support, job readiness assistance, and access to medical/dental care to 100% of teen moms.


Six high school graduates through Mary’s Academy, the on-site high school at Mary’s Path.

Five teen moms attained their first job with assistance from our job readiness services.

One college enrollee – the first in her family to attend college.

Ten teen moms successfully transitioned to independent living and connected with AfterCare services.


The inaugural Changemakers Gala was a spectacular success, raising more than $300,000 for Mary’s Path. Held in May 2023 on the grounds of Advisory Council members Patrick and Jolynn Mahoney’s beautiful estate, the event saw more than 190 people turn out to support the Mary’s Path mission and the teen moms and babies we serve. The Gala Committee, headed by long-time supporters Patrick and Mary Dirk, included Carole Geronsin and Patrick and Jolynn Mahoney. During one of the highlights of the evening, gala attendees were treated to a poignant video of Lily, one of Mary’s Path’s proudest success stories (see page 6 to learn more about Lily’s inspiring journey).

Later in the program, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes spoke to the audience about the growing epidemic of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in Orange County, including the shocking revelation that CSEC is now the County’s #1 crime. The audience responded with a heartfelt and enthusiastic flurry of bidding activity on several live auction items and Fund-A-Need opportunities in support of our therapeutic services.

Mary’s Path thanks the Gala Committee, our Board of Directors and Advisory Council Members, event volunteers and sponsors, auction item donors, and individual attendees for contributing to the success of the Changemakers Gala.

A Great Evening at the Changemakers Gala CSEC Advocate Diedre Pujols and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes Jolynn and Pat Mahoney with Jill Dominguez Jolynn Mahoney and Wylie Wylie and Bette Aiken Patrick and Mary Dirk Patrick Dirk Starts the Bidding Patrick Dirk, Carol Geronsin, Dierdre Pujols, Sheriff Don Barnes, and Jill Dominguez



Festival of Children Foundation, Sandra Segerstrom Daniels

Valet Sponsor

First Pacific Bank

Centerpiece Sponsor

Community Works Consulting, Inc

Paddle Raise Sponsor

Will O’Neill

Our Table Ambassadors

Stacy Davis

Patrick and Mary Dirk Family

Elevated Health, Dr. Paul and Kate


Carole Geronsin

Teresa Hernandez

Courtney & Harald Herrmann

Julie Luckey

Patrick & Jolynn Mahoney

Redwitz, Inc.

Sheppard Mullen

Sandra Segerstrom Daniels

Jael & James Tanti Change Maker Sponsors


Patrick and Mary Dirk


Iman Bar


Jim Antonowitsch

Mary Galyon


Pamela Ball

Mary Cramer

Carole Geronsin

David Horowitz

Scott Mason

Kate McKinley

Jael Tanti

Craig Wildvank

Redwitz Inc

Shepherd Mullin


Banc of California

Elizabeth Garcia

Up to $999

Amy Farrell Caves

Rebecca Cooper

Mary Galyon

Mike Hamel

Pamela Joy Levin

Thomas and Jean Metz Family Trust

Lynne Nicole Stewart

Silent Auction, Fund-a-Need Paddle Raise, and Other Donations

$10k - $24,999

Lucky Lippa

Deidre Pujols


Wylie and Bette Aitken

Suzanne and Jeff Anderson

Banc of California

Sheriff Don Barnes

John and Carolyn Ben

Elna Berg

Lindsay and Lorrie Brown

Sharon Buffa

Dennis Cardwell


Shawn Dewane

Amy Farrell Caves

Adriana Fourcher

Denise Frink

Kristin Hayman

Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller

Jeannie Jensen

Karin Kroguis

Martha Mahoney

Scott Mason

John McEntee

Pedro Miraz

Hung Nguyen

Nicole Stewart

Lyndsey Tidwell

Timothy and Meredith Tunney


Brent Benson

Ed Cottone

Jill Dominguez

Mary Galyon

Darren Lenyi

Jon and Darcy Lewis

Molly Mahoney

Doug Martin

Barbara Nelson

Judy Speak

Richard Stebbins

Ken Struss

Monica Youssef

Up to $499

Jane Anderson

Laura Araluce

Angela Avina

Scott Baugh

Ariana Benn

Kathleen Bevilaqua

Laren Blaes

Yvette Brooks

Alexis Brown

Madeline Brown

Rabia Chaudhry

Fisher Chavira

Stacy Dominguez

Edmund Duvignau

Elizabeth Garcia

Meredith Hart

Carol Hass

Georgeana Ireland

Linda Kean

Joanne Kottman

Shannon Mandich

Clete Menke

Belinda Mesa

Thomas and Jean Marie Metz

Diana Munoz

Marco Ramos

Marc Sayur

Eugene Siegel

Michael Wallace

Mimi Walters

Pat Wong

Valerie Yurada

Live Auction Donors

Jael and James Tanti and the Happy Cooking Company

Patrick and Jolynn Mahoney

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Special Thanks

Patrick and Jolynn Mahoney

Thank You

Sheriff Don Barnes

Chief Jon Lewis (retired)

3 Count Band

Reflects donations received July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

If your name has been inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please contact us.

Government Funding Program Services Contributions, Private Funding Fundraising Investments Management and General County Mental Health Program Reimbursements Revenues and Other Support Expenses
50.4% 92.1% 17.3% 6.2% 2.3% 1.7% 30 Other 50.4
Statement of Activities
Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions Total Revenues and Other Support Government funding $2,473,871 $2,473,871 County mental health program reimbursements $1,475,639 $1,475,639 Contributions, private funding $780,565 $67,000 $847,565 Investment gain $105,907 $6,077 $111,984 Other $3,364 $3,364 Subtotal revenues and other support, net $4,839,346 $73,077 $4,912,423 Net assets released from restrictions $63,287 ($63,287) Total revenues and other support $4,902,633 $9,790 $4,912,423 Expenses Program services $4,064,003 $4,064,003 Total program services $4,064,003 $4,064,003 Support services: Management and general $76,370 $27,885 Fundraising expenses $272,320 $272,320 Total support services $348,690 $348,690 Total expenses $4,412,693 $4,412,693 Change in net assets $489,940 ($9,790) $499,730 Net Assets, Beginning $3,430,281 $87,674 $3,517,955 Net Assets, Ending $3,920,221 $97,464 $4,017,685
Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2022

Statement of Financial Position

Year Ending June 30, 2023

Restricted Investments, Endownment
Property and Equipment Accounts recievable, net Total nonconcurrent assets Prepaid and other assets Total assets Total current assets 378,491 1,104,398 517,477 1,647,906 895,968 554,214
Cash and cash equivalents Current Assets

Without donor restrictions, undesignated

Without donor restrictions, designated


Accrued compensation and PTO
Total current liabilities
liabilities and net assets 3,635,481 68,470 284,740 126,437 97,464 194,907
Current Liabilities Net
Without donor restrictions Total net
and Net Assets
4,212,592 Liabilities

The Healing Power of Horses: Guided Animal Intervention Therapy (GAIT)

Equine therapy is one of the alternative therapies offered by Mary’s Path to the teen moms it serves. In partnership with the stables at the Seneca Family of Agencies’ Anaheim facility, the Guided Animal Intervention Therapy (GAIT) Program provides therapeutic activities and sensory experiences to facilitate and support improved behavioral health and promote stronger social and emotional skills.

Equine therapy is evidence-based and trauma-informed, and it has been shown to be effective in healing trauma resulting from adverse childhood experiences. Through the integration of horses into therapeutic care, teen moms learn to manage emotional triggers, build trust, and develop self-esteem. The curriculum was recently revamped and is now 100% customized to meet the complex and unique needs of teen moms who call Mary’s Path home.

GAIT provides a nurturing and healing space, with activities that allow these young moms to enjoy themselves, relax, learn, and heal.

“I’m hoping I can learn to be more patient from being with the horses, because if I’m frustrated, they can tell,” states one GAIT participant.


Another participant says she wants to “learn to be patient, because [the horses] need to trust [me].” Both participants emphasized the development of patience, empathy, and trust, critical first steps in healing from trauma and learning how to develop healthy relationships.

Clete Menke, Mary’s Path Director of Operations, has a long history with the development of equine therapy for children and youth with behavioral health needs. Prior to his time at Mary’s Path, Clete was instrumental in piloting the use of equine therapy beyond treating children and youth with developmental or physical disabilities, helping to develop a curriculum to include those with behavioral and mental health needs.

“Equine therapy focuses on learning to care for the horses, rather than learning to ride,” he says. For example, one of the most enjoyable activities for the teen moms is bringing apples and other treats for the horses. The simple act of providing these snacks puts each teen mom into a caregiving role with the horses.

“The horses have no judgment, no expectations,” Clete continues. “Despite this, caring for horses—whether it’s bringing them treats or learning how to groom them—requires selflessness, as well as patience and trust. The caregiver role gives each teen mom the opportunity to learn how to be calm, nurturing, and compassionate.“

Mary’s Path acknowledges the Healthcare Foundation for Orange County (HFOC) for its long history of support for the GAIT Program.

“We are grateful for HFOC’s unwavering support and belief in GAIT,” says Jill Dominguez, Mary’s Path Executive Director and President. “GAIT continues to grow and evolve, and each week we see the positive impact that this program has on the teen moms that we serve.”

Executive Director Jill Dominguez Rides Pidrini, a Norwegian Fjord Pony

Being a mother was such a great joy! She made my life worth living. She will always know that she is the light of my life and makes me the happiest mom in the world...I have to thank Mary’s Path for being such a helpful place for young moms. This place is raising strong women.

—former Mary’s Path resident and mother of a now five-year-old daughter


Thank you to all of our donors and supporters

$50,000 +

Peter and Annabel Demuth


Anonymous #1

Anonymous #2

Diocese of Orange

Patrick and Mary Dirk

Mary Galyon

Maureen and Greg Kirkorowicz

Jane and Nicholas Kleha


Mary K Bartrom

Katharina and Frank Coughlin

Giancarlo Ganddini

Alyce Handal

The Vincent and Shannon Pozzuoli

Charitable Fund

Trinity United Presbyterian Church

Clarence and Janice Turner


Joan and Richard Basile

Jackie and Paul Brady

Jaclyn and Sean Connolly

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Knights of Columbus Council #9487

Knights of Columbus Council #9594

Jolynn and Pat Mahoney

Pedro Miraz

Fauna and Bill Randolph


Simon and Jude Church/School

St. Timothy Catholic Church

Rozmarie and Arthur Strauss


Angelee and Stanley Anderson

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Anonymous #2

Elizabeth and Terrance Barry

Jane and Paul Bunkers

Priscilla Carroll

Nancy Celio

Maureen Downes

Janet and George Fague

Brad and Beth Fischer

Laurie and David Flaherty

Carole Geronsin

Bobby Gilbert

Giving University

Kay and Wyn Holmes

Kristine and Mark Howlett

Matthew Jennings

Michael and Lucy Joerger

Kim and John Keelin

Knights of Columbus #3926

Knights of Columbus #4922

Knights of Columbus Council #12451

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Knights of Columbus Council #9195

Knights of Columbus Council #9667

Knights of Columbus, St. John Paul II

Council 16488 Foundation Inc.

Sonia and Mike Kostura

Richard Ley

Diane and Jim Meaglia

Teresa and Pat Menke

Kathryn and Richard Merdian

Elaine and Charles Muselli

Mary-Ellen O’Neill

Gina Olsen

Orange County Trial Lawyers Charities

Presbyterian Church of the Master

Terri Prisco

Karen and Rick Purpura

Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church

San Antonio De Padua Catholic Church

Terry Sherry

Joseph Shockey

Desmond Silveira

Soroptimist International of Laguna


St Thomas More Parish, Knights of Columbus Council 13111

St. Bonaventure Catholic Church


St. John the Baptist Catholic School

St. Kilian Catholic Church

Deborah and Jeff Strunk

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Jade Turney

United Way of Orange County

Richard Weiland

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Patricia Williams


Sylvia and Charles Agozino

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Michelle Bandoian

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Blessed Sacrament Episcopal Church

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Catholic Daughters of America Court

Blessed Sacrament #2024

Charities Aid Foundation America

Karen and Mike Chronley

Robert and Carolyn Clarke

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Carol and Lawrence Doeling

Jill Dominguez

John F. Donahue

Valerie and Richard Elliott

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Ladies Auxiliary, Knights of Columbus Council # 6020

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Reflects donations received July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

If your name has been inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please contact us.


Mary’s Path is a nurturing, home-like place where teen moms can heal from trauma and obtain the skills and resources needed to build happy and healthy lives with their children.


Board of Directors

Jill Dominguez, President Executive Director

Mary’s Path

Kate McKinley, Chair Board Director, Investment Chair

Maxwell Biosciences

Lorrie Brown, Secretary Business Partner Troy Group, Inc.

Elizabeth Garcia, Treasurer Finance Consultant Real Estate Agent

Laura Araluce VP, Relationship Manager First Pacific Bank

Frances Hernandez Partner

Sheppard Mullin

Monica M. Youssef Senior Corporate Associate

Sheppard Mullin

Advisory Council

Don Barnes Orange County Sheriff

Patrick and Mary Dirk

Dirk Family

Carole Geronsin The Geronsins Real Estate Group

Jon Lewis Chief of Police (Retired)

Newport Beach

Jolynn and Pat Mahoney West Coast Arborists, Inc.


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