Miami Gazette Misc. Dates July 5, 1916, February 5, 1919, July 20, 1932, & November 3, 1949

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Amoni' Ule, 'new aad .d~ed feat: , ValleY Cl1autauqua Aalembly which opens July 28, and continues tintU 'AuWUlt 14th,' will ! : be the'l:t\mpJn theupper,grove to be . _ Q

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Two years .go Mr, George, 0 , March inaulrUrated a profit sh-&r,ln&' plnn in the Ma rch Bros, eaLal.J bsh:tl~~l\~:r~e:-e t~;ofi~P~~y~ : : :


- _ - :::-t " D ' ' . I .. PE ' ·'RSO-n'~l MEHT"ION The Hill Chmbing Contest c ·I'OV ,d J 0 Be a Winning Card i . - - . . --:-,,~~nrh~ft~~pi~ia.~~~~~!r~:deAtb~~n " ' ' , Ma k·,ng V ert, G00d 'r Ime·' The H'orse R· . th e e 'ars aCing PERSONAL. MENTION'I setaalde. Accordingly Ia.qt Frid!ly he dIS: , . " , . _ tributod $<1950 amnng Blxteen emw



tionofevery IOrt will TennlsCourtl featureaoftllecamp. a fut ~~ ball diamond, competent ~ ~'fimmtng Inat,r ct:ors · wlll provide op~l1unlty tor. every Ol\e to take Dr ' 0111 Osteopath 21 S. Broad~rfin IIOme kh,d o! health glvln&" way ·Leb~noD.Ohio. • bOdy building e x u c l l J c ! o l . ' This together with theereat pro- , Ilrain of entertainment offered, will M~88 Ru~h Hartaock spent ~Sunday . make the Miami -Valley , ChautaulJua w!th relatives in Day.tbn. the Id('~1 place for tlle Younii Peoplll'B " SummerVacati9n.. . MiltonThomnson, of DaytOn ,apent ..... f h 0<; J.J11IIf4! are BOme 0 t e program at- Mveral daya here with relatives. tractions, Willtam J. Bryan, Dr. George R,' S~ew~rt; Weber's prl~e Mr, and Mrs. Jos. Thompson, of band, rdll;8 Nan. Lamkil?' Dr Cam- ltIorwood, .re visiting relative8 here. . . \ den M. CObern, The White HUll8llra, MetroV'!lIt~ .Q ".nd · Qu!-rt.etf1lr. Late Cabbage, Pep rand 'roma. ~,~h'!\~io~~~, t..:o~~r:. to Plante', Park Waynesv!~e, ,GoY. Frank B WJ!lid.Tbe Sadl81'8;IO hi O. • J Sarah Mildred Wilmer. Hon · JameB . M" Cox, Ifin~bAw Light O'Pera COm. Robert Burton,- o~ D~troit, came J1aI\Y"K!3M'.Boyc~Tuper. I>;D" l:oL,D, borne Sunday and IS VIsiting with . Dixie Jubilee Singers. Dr. F. Mimon home folks. §jmm8 MISs, Florence Allen, Grace en Mise Belle Gatch. of Xenia, was ss~~: at IAI 'yC'OOlrlcFhe8IkslruC' hProffEa 'Hto ry y e, e c o o r, n the guellt Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Com"!erclal. Club Lland. Otle~bein W. H: Allen, GleeCluh, 819hop William ~ell, TI8C~- man's Orchestra. The Artl8ts TrIO . _ -'C..-.-. _• . Melllrs. Abe and Jdd Daklry. of ,• Dayton, llpept the l<'ourth holldaye .......,;;. :.. -;" ___ .......-._.lwlth relatives. '. ,

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and Ball Cawne ' Found Many Adhelr ents-Other Events "'"' - . - - - - - - + ployces averaging $3\0 each. This •• , ' _ • iii equivalent to 26 4 weeks wages. W ere V ery t-I',Att' r a' c tl · V'" .Misa. Inis Davis spent la9t week Teare of joy filled the eyes of the ' ,:;;_ .!?, wIth frlenda Mason. happy force Il~ he handed each his In

, ~U b ' . 1he Fourth of July tnW~ynesvl et Is) ': r wn s asuccess,spelled with a bigS. From the heginning of the program to the very f'1 I tlH'fe was not a slow moment, some. . " . thmg was dOing all the time. · . The committee ' with the aid of their ass i~ 1 ' Is all did fine work From the very " . . . • . start the members of the general commIttee de~ld( , Ihnllhe y would make this day a success, and they s urely did . Not only the commlttf' the bus iness men in town put their shoulders to the wheel and aided them all they Cf idcl, a nd in this wa y ver y body ca n h e

. . . SherIff Waldron Gilmour and wife of Lebanon. spent the Fourth here. T '11'1 fO . . .. . errl u ocy, 0 etrlllt, IS vIsiting hi. mother and othelr relati ves herel .


check and they in turn pledll'ed themselves to-greater interest in the husiness for the coming year, which probahly meana gl eater dividends next year - Western Star. . - - ------ - -

Dr. Macy will be at Spring Valley ' Har vey~burg next week .

tl'ie week and



Mrs, H. W. Cleavel', of Xenia, is the guest of Mr. and Mrd. C. B. Violli May Clark. daughter of Hor1 11 aCA M. and l{oxanna Clark. wu born Bentltly. given the praise for a (ay we spent. ~ near Lytle, Ohio. January 20th. 1884; While the farmers in :this' section w e r e ex! 'f 'IUe ly hll <;y ill the ir ha rves t fie ld s, ye t MiRs Helen Harri s, of /Ioyton, Is diClI July 1st, I!H6. eged 32 years. I) . d' . hi' . 1 " , . 'ti .ng Iler graneI mot Iler, MrH. AI Ice ' months At theami age11ofdays. eighteen years. in they found tUlle to . come an .. enJoy tee ay WIl l t l If 11(,I~hlJors . 1herc were people , VISI May at 1902., she graduated from present from a ll the neighboring towns , Xenia, • \ ri ng Vall ey, New Burlington and Cen - Mcl{lnRey, Lytle High School, whero, b~cau8eof . ." " . 'rhe f ar~1 , as we ll as the merchant was here , ancl terville b emg well represented, mrleed. T, R. Smith. of Brookville came hAr induRt.ry and charm of manner. pent the duy sh" was hplnved by nil of her teacb· they enJ'oyed th m selves too The proceeds for I , da y will run 111) into lhe hundred .:; down Tuesday and M ' . . with friends ." ers and schoolmates. A note worth.y feature of the day was the a h PDce of drunkell people which sl>c'lks On March 1·1t.h. 1911, ehe wal '. ' . , Mr. anti Mrs. Zell. of Pittsburg. united in marriage to aarold well for the di~trict. There was on~y one s ligli t ac ic\ent, whe n a ioul from a hall pla yer 's . 't Inl{ ' tt·IeI r pa. en t s. Mr. an d Thackera 'r h" . \ hUd Frances are VISI Mrs John Zell . a t 18 union. one c • ' "of Morrow. W88 . th e bat broke a s hIeld. on S. D. Everly s auto. • \ . . Ralp y ance, . . Carolint'. was born January 16. 1916. Besides this baby daughter. too FIRST eVENT OF , THE DAY • . : Sunclay wuest at ~he ' home of Mr. Mr . and Mra, Albert Wilkerson yopng to rememher her mother's .. .,a •• • - _____ _ ,and Mrs, J. C, H~wke. . ~ lIIIIIiIee_a and children, of Daylon, are visiting loving care. she leaves 11 hU8band. a father. two sisters. a brother and ~r. and M~. CUff Ridge, .of COI- . ..The first event of the day was the' hi1l-~liin1 ing ·conLes t . This is the firs·t atteJl1pt relatives here. many other relative1l a\ld friends to umbLls, apent the FJJurth WIth Mr. h' h' . W . 1 d . d b ". 1 . N d f Mr, and Mrs. Myel' Hyman and mourn her 1098 . . and .Mrs Mahlon Ridge_ • at sue at mg In ' aynesvtl e , an It prove to a WInner. orth s trcet was use or spent Sunday with rela- Her natural habits of Industry and , "." the 'contest, the cars ~tarting beyond th~ little b'rid ~p a nd ncling on 6th street, one half of daughter tives in Cincinnati. energy to help thOle around her M~ , 8elle Eul. . Yi~ to Dayton '1 Th· ·· · l did h b f. N • f '1 . were greator than her strength; and ~:~~=:~~~[~~SaUlrdaytoVIaItWltbrelatlYeB. She mt~. IS contes was e aye somew at ut wa~ \p~d Ou v ery saliS acton y . CharI" Cornell, W S. Graham and now sbe has done with ea~'a bur.~411/:y lifUtlllt8 Mr, wlllbell,o. . .everat". . . , J' Thefirst ~ e twas f.or carsles thaw 100. •:Jel'Co i~ ,nineentrir.s :th eseco,nd eventl B, ',Bln-nharfr 'Wenl- Lebaduu .la. enq'lnrl rA!lt, Ir har R6W"'~ _ .-= • ~--",.,-,;)"-¥:-",,~ ..; "R ' 0 = · '" 1 "'J-" ;'" DA"'~k - ~ Or ~ rost:M'g m ore than $ 000, and' the l iT event was, for ~;;~f allclasses, st a nd- tora Mon.ay morning . .....'. . , In . . . "', lLU\W e, "And you- oh. you who the wild· - - - - - -. Gbulia Bu ' t aDa,Lee Hawke went Mr. and Mr. Joe McKinley and BIt yearn, d h lad . 'Mr: qd J 0. Cartwright en- to l..ebaDNl Tb~ evenln&,. son of Morrow were week end &,ueas For the old-time step, an t e g tertained 8atbrday evening In ~~o" , _ . '. Ali M' K' return, ' a f Mre. ce c msey. Think 01 her farln. on. as dear of thelt guests, tHe M.... Gwendo- MIlS Mame Brown. of Columbus, len Merritt and Esther Hlilwlum •.A arrived here ' WednesdaJ' evening; In tbe love of There, u the love of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Perkins and Here. , 1>1~t evenin&' was _pent with, where she will 8pen1 ' her vacation. child, of Dayton. Bpent several days cardll. arid a delljrhtfui , lunch W88 this week with relatives here. '~ry~d • Think of her 8tlll, a. tha earne. MiB8 Elizabeth Sarver. a little Freeh lsay, .. Air girl, of C!ncinna.i, i9 8pedlngMr: and Mrll, Georg~, Marks enter- ber vacation with Mi88 . Helen Mar· Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hawke. of She Is not dead-she ia jUlt ,away" ~ined Sunday in honor of MI. LUlie Dayton. Bpent the Fourlh holidays .' ,)letllfhl¥. of Dayton,' whQ will becomtl latt. with Mr. and Mrs. J . C. Hawke. 9ARQ OF THANKS , the bride of Mr. Harold Telter this month. Tbosep,eeent wtlre Mr. aTld "Me&IIrs. W.O. RaRer, J, C, Hiaey. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stroud. of . I want to tfia~k all those wh~ min· Uri, M. J. Q.eeihly, Mi88_' LllIie Goo, Waterhouse, Wm. and Bryon Alexandria. Ky . is visiting Mr. and Istera? Ito mo In my ~Iate amtc~lon . Beeghly. Mr. .~d Mra.· ~rthur PrenderglUlt were in Cincinnati Sun Mrs. Robert Rainey l\nd family. the minister, Rev. J. I . Cadwallader, Staliye Ilnd Mr. Harold Tett~r, all of day. , Mr. McClure, those who Bent flowers :.. , >' , . Dayton. and the ladies who sang. Mr. and Mrs. Myer Hyman and . Harold Thackara. , Raymond Davlll and Dean Howell daughter and Milll Hazel Riley mo.oil Friday. J'u e sO, .1916, ., MrB arrived home Sunday evenh,g. after tored to Lebanon. Tuesday evening. Racbel E: Keys .. ·t)uee a two weeka~ fishing. trip.t the resdinner, The were: ervoir. . Mr. and Mrs;; Mr. and Mrs, Will Hanby and "'uter S. Levoring Cartllrri~rht. daughter, and Mr. Paul Hanby. of and Mra. Edgar Bergan and and' Mrs. John .0. ClI.i~twlllllllit Dayton. spent the Fourth with of Oetro it. are ' vlsllin&, daugoters Rhea l'anet •II~" "","'j'lI "d!IUII:b~IU:. friends . . Julia Bera-an and- other relathe Milll88 ' Gwendolen tivea berO',' • Jf(lll,y: :N. ' ...., Emma. MiS!! I".:!ther Hawken. of SpringM. E. CrlURCH M,rtba Burnett. Ethelyn PART OF THE HILL CLIMB GONTESr (;OURSE field. was the wee~.end guest of Sunday School at 9:16 a. n:l. There Mn MaUnda Osborne, Messrs '.Ki~;le ,Merritt . ' ~ Mr, nndIM~s. J, O. Cartwright amI were 13 new 9cholars IWlt Sunday; Jerry. and Granville .osborne, of ' 81 on the .honor roll lut quarter. Ogden.Cllntoncounty,vlaltedfrilmds ing stat~. Several of the cars made bettcr time ill the start than they did in the running other re.atlves. ' . We started to California 188t Sunday. 0, D. 8uvlnger and famJly , of b,reSaturday. start. The score is as follows: Mary E. Martin. pa.qtor of the Get a place in an auto and go along. Day tot!. Ueorj(e Hees and wife of Friendl Ort~odox Church, returne.d ,We will tell you "how to make II Springfield. Mr. and' Mrs. F. H~. Farr Mrs. Elton Studebaker who was First Race-Ca r. Cos ~in g Less than $l!IOU F~iday. ev~m~. from a short viSit successful 8tart." next Sunday . . and !.t188 Pierce joined J. -0. C.rt visiting relutives at the Friend 8' WIth relatIVes In Logan county. Preaching by pll!ltor both morning wright ~nd bmllY in a'PICnic at their Home lett here on Saturday for her Driven by Law, winner Time Car-Overland-Ray Law . ' 51-X acc and evening. Fourth serinon in' serbome oil'tne Fourth. The ' men c.1 " .. Baird, eeecind Saxon Slx-J. B Chapman 55~ aec Dr. and Mrs. Lee Cooper Ilnd fam· iea on Sunday evening; Bubject. , tbep.rty were members of tbe aarre . e in Chicaao. " .. Shcrwood third 56y' Bec t:hevfoletW. E. O:Neall Il~. of Dayton. spent ::;~nday here "Booker T. Wa.<4hington-The Intel. Sco~lsh 'Rite 'cl881 at Day'on. Th~ .. I:'erkin!! Spon-Chajlman 59 sec WIth relatives The MIS8es Grace \ lectual Emancipator of a Race . John Funke, onl~regret o'f tlte occ88lon, viu the .nd will Bave .. Waterh Be 1 min X lee Ford~eorlJe 'Waterhouse and Louella Williamson returned Hear these sermon!!. '1lbaihceo~H. A. Cdmell ",nd.f.mily, you money on anything in his large ' Ford-Walter KUbon " Kilbon " - 1 niin 01% eec home with them for a short visit. Clarence'S. Grauser, Pastor. ~hct were un.ble to 'to be present on IItora. Thli July Sale will be a big Suon,SlxRay Mills " 1 min 02y' Bec .. Mills .'/ a~unt of iII.ness,. . , money Avina to all who are In ne~ .. Walker Intentate-Mr: Walker 1 min 09 sec .With every '2.00 worth of -gooJs. " Hawke· '. 1 min 09Y. sec and 98 ct!!. in money, we give a fine Ov~rla~d-Fr~d Hawe ST. MARY'S CHllRCH " ·C. T. Hawke ,went to :New leona oak foot·stool - a f2.oo toot·stool Third Sunday · after Trinity. July , Second Race-Cars Costill g-~ore tha n $1000 Sund., , af~emoon ~ to 1IItI, Be~~. costin&, you only 98 cts. Ha'IV~eha,4 who tak.en sick Jut .fohn A . Funkey. 9th. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. . ! Morning Pra,er and sermon at 10:30•. ' week. aereporta htln leelh,). bet- d.,-Hud80n Supor Six-Ray Law 361ec Time " Driven by Smith lint . . " .. SherwoO.d · " ~atlonal-Harl'}' S,b.~rwQod 1 min 00 sec Mrs. Mary E. Crisenberry. of Mt. You are Invited to these aervlces. " Servis . ,_, MltcbelJ- Carl Servil • 1 min 06 lIec Gilead, a former resident and teach.. Chandler--' _ . Marathon"':"Walter Chandler 1 min 21~ IOC er in the sqIQol!\,/"lei-e. j~ ,visiting. ~~r , . ORTHODOX FR~ENDS , sister, Mrs, &hthJ:Iarrlsllnd tamlly. Free for All, Standing" S'tart Sunday' Slhool at 9:80 a. In . M'arv ' Mia Vada McPherson, music Frame. Preachin&' at 1(,:80. Car-Hudson S\1per Slx:""R.y Law ' : Driven by Tad SmUll ft~t 42~ sec Time E. at 7:30 P. m. Everybod?~!,,­ . 65 IeC teacher in our schools I. attend In&' C. Overland-Ray Law · '. .. .. Law sei:oDci- r vited. Mary E. Martin,, Pawr. , the Bummer &chool at the American , -' , Na:tlon,I-HalTy .Sb~r.tVOOd , . . . . SherwfOClltlilrd 58 sec Lackn, ~. Cbenolet-WIII O'Neall ' _. SherwOod fourth 59 sec Institute of Normal Methods in Pub· . , and' • SaXon Slx~Joe Chapman . ., .. Baird .- ' " 1 min 01 sac Iic Scbool Music In Evanllton, lll • "lP.8IIt ,'. $P.on Six-RaJ .Milla • .. •• Mills .. r min 02~ sec -..:? . ' ADllDars-11D ~~~~~·· ::;:;;.-~ ....-,:,',a -;:,i -'u ' Ch&~leB · Four-Chapman ~ -." .. Perki " 1 miD 02Y. BOC Don't fall to get some of our Un:' Mitchell~C.arl Se~Ia .. ' .. Servis 'l1i'rid''''' 'llvelilllli..._ ' , "I min 09 sec usual Bargains. As everything il or _to , bas advanced, we aell at the old and very 10weBtprices; pric~_. . Come when In needsome and a~ wecut .will eav.e , you money. John A. runkey~ . ua in our bereaveThe Family. Mrs. Frank

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--_. --_.--EASIER" 'STAR NOTICE '.


Miami Ulapter No_ 107, 0. E, S., Nautar com.mlUrlcation, aIao initla·


.albbl llecJdild to ;walk bome, It 11'88 a. dingy afternoon, .and 111e amoke'wns e"ld~ nQt only to Bibbs' sight, but to

bls nostrils, though moat or 111e pedestrlnU8 were so Bnturated with the smell tha t they ' could no Longe~ detect It. Tbls Incited n trnln of thought which continued till he approached the new! Ravon" YOU olloen w~ecI tor a mo<l.lcloe bouse. As he came to the corner of to reduce yoW' i~lT 80methlna tba' d,oo. ~, • DO~ "",u"'" d1.twa or caiee&helllclr Well' Me Vertroos lot Mr. Vllrtrees_ elaugh· right heN JOU b.n " 111 ~ ...,., , . \). ~ ter emllrged from the (ront door and lo~. "blcl1' ~U, may MQt\!'8'.t &Dtt,d~ atclre. t Faced by deman'de frorp the ' conductors, engineers, firemen and brakemen I walked thoughttullY down the path to ~Ja.n~ ~~\I~ 0;1~~~~; the pIcket cnte Sbe wns uncoDBcloas ea\ln., and red~ Ut'bl:MII, llt~I.• by llttle, that would impose on the co~nlry an additional burden in tranlportation COSti' C?f of the approach ot the pedestrian and. ~~I1,.r.'h"~":.~[" ~~oo m~~~..l:Itf"J:::f: $100;000,000 ¥ear r t~e railr~ads prop6.~ .that thi. wage proble~ be .ettle~ ~Y did not see him . until she hud opened rlt;a,::j~I~ ~':i'~t~"J~:"'~u~~~.~~ reference, to an Imparttal Fedq~al tnbunat ' .. ' . the gute and he wus u lmost bealde ber. nco; malee. 0110 IlIU1D1J aud Ibortl 01 , , With these employes, whOle, efficient .-ervice is acknowledged, the railroatil Tben abe looked up, 110d os sbe RaW "~!'re Im'O aD}' ~ ,.bJ an70D~ ilhou14 him abe started visibly. Aod It thl8 be 100 .toutz. ...b~ ~'• .w. muc;h kI<ed, have n,o differences \hat coulq ~ot . b~ coiuidercd fairly and decided justly ~Y -,ucb pertoclly,,'"lactorJ",medJ alanYdru.*tc,re. thl ng had bapllened to Rohert L am· Tauco tableta (421!'~ forge~ < tile Damo) ~ a publIc body. ' . born, be would bave had a thoulrbt tar =~wg::~rf~tP.·~=~, aot'L,~~~:t: beyond tbe horizon at falnt·lIeurted luta. tfyou can no' come to oW' ltore, we 'If1ll Bibbs' tb'll ulrhts. Lllmbom, Indeed. willi tuaco to 7OU. ~ would have apoken hll tbougbt. Btl , The formal proposal oj the ilroadl to the employe~ for , the ~ettlement of -500 BOX !,REEwould have Bllld: I} J , _ "Y{)U jumped because you were the controve.rsy is as follows: . . you are, You come down to my vloce "Wbat do you wont te tell me?" Ine tbls afternoon. Wnlk down-all the tbllllUng ot me!" FREE T",.CO · COUPON ~ "Our eonfetrn~1 h.n d.monllritled ,hit ';. ·canool hamionlte our 'dillen_ of oplolon lod tbat ...ntually Jh. THE T".SCO CO. a.mandM, bruIQucly, ' wuy. 1 suppose you know lVby your matl.n in controv."y mUir be d upon by other and di,inl.rett.1I at:.nciu, TI,.refor.,". propol. that yoU6' Boaton, M.... CHAPTER XIV. "Lamborn mad. loye to Sibyl," be futber wunts to know." ,ropOIal. Ind 'ih. propo.lrion 0 Ihe rlli"..y' 11'. !li.poooa bf by on. or Ihe olhor of tho following method .. Send me by retam mall" DOc box of yo ~ !' ' I1lhb8 nodded. ' "Machine sbop." ~. Preferably by .ubml .. ion 10 Ihe lIitenllt. Commerce Coml1)i .. ion, th. only tribunal _.. hich, bi' r.lllon of it. "oudertul obeelty lroatmant: I eocloee I Mary was the picture of a Indy Ous- In .Uver or atnmpt to help pay 1lOIIaae e",d E41~ booted. "Sbe 41d to Will!" "Stili bute , It?" a«umulaft!d informalion buring on rail ... " condition. and it. eontrol 01 th. ,!f lb. rail .. aYI, i, in I pOli' Pt.ekllll, ' 10 con.ider an" protect the ~igh tl and equilie. 01, . 11 th. int.r.. tl affectd!, and 10 provide additional revenul • llon teredo Bibbs had pOURed In his slow "flo," he laid, ara'Yely, "I know," Bibbs nodded aguln, accellary to meet th.- .dde~ COlt of operation in can your propo•• 11 .re found by the Commillion tG be iU lt and "Bow'" "Don't blarpe you!" the doctor gnmt- HtJ1de. aOlI there elnpHe<1 nn 108tnot be• ".lOoabl.; or, in Ih •••• nl the lote ... ate Comm.r« COInmi",on cannOI, und.r .xilling la .. l, .CI in th premi ••• . '~1 ,w.,. there, one da,y a week ago, ed, "Yes, 1 expect It'll runke a lump In tore either spoke or moved- It woa no that ... joinlly r.que .. Congr... to lucb acrion II m.), b. o.c.... ry ro .nable tbe Commi ..ioo to eonlid .. and with. RqscOCl, and I beard Siby l und your gizzard ngu ln, Well, whllt do longer than that, and yet It 8uffic(.'(\ ,roinptly dilpOI. oJ Ih. question. in.olvcid; or . 't was nn ~lIgerlY Interestel1 100aIC. aIm. tor eocb to .eem to 8ay, by look and at' a.mborn-" you sny? Shn ll I tell hI m you've got t. BI arbitration in I«ordonc...ilh th. provillonl ot tbe Federal la,," (Tb. N.wland, Act), Bibbs wns nQ't I\}!CustOIDed to nuytlling IItmle, "Why, It's youl" IDdltb lIC~med wttb laughter. "Yon Ihe old lump there yet? Yo'll sWI want ~ , Then tbey both spoke at once, ench like that. witb R08eoe---aod you beard to wrlle, do yOlt?" "1-YOU-rl":"';i;Un-" be stummered, .... m~ maklng love to Slby!!" "Whut's the uMe?" Buihs Buld, BmU· hurrIedly pronouoclng the otller's nUOIe as I( about to deliver a mes- add the taInt C \01' In hIs cheeks gr<ew "lo!a. I beard them Quorrellng." l ing ruefu+ly. "My kind of wrJtJng!" Leaders of the train service brotherhood., at the joint conference ,held in New "You',. tunnler than e"er, IIIbbsl" "Yes," the doctor ngre"d, "I suppose sage of Imp()rlollce. Then both came almost vivid. _ York, June 1-15, refused the offer of the railroads to submit 'the issue to arbitrati. n She was atIll looktng at hIm, nnd ne~. "You lay be mude lo"e to It you hroke awuy 8l11! lI\'ed on roots to II stop slmultaneously, but Bibbs bar beca"-8 100 beard them gULlrrel·1 JIlld berrlcs until you beguo to 'attrnct mu<le a berolc ell'ort, nnd as tbey be- she SAW the Htronge mdlonce that or Federal review, and the employers are now voting on the question wheth~1\ ...r' I the tavorable attention of editors' you glln ttl walk on toiether be contrIved ~lIme Into hl,a f~ce, Tbere WitS Aomeauthority shall be giv~n these leaders to declare a nation-wide strike. Iblng about blm, too, that el[plnlned "'1'11.... It It 70U .... nt to know might be able to hop~ ror on Income ot 10 /In<l hl8 voice. . "II-hnte n trozen fish myself," bow ,uqueer" many people mIght thllpk The Interstate Commerce Commission is proposep by the railroads al the what', 'betwf'Cn' people, you CDn-br toqr or live ~l1lldred "dollnrs a yenr by lIP sn ld, "I thInk three miles wns too him; but he did not seem "queer" to public body to which this issue ought to be referred for these reasons: the way thpy IIuorrel" tbe time you re flrty . lonll for you 10 put up wIth oue." Mary Vertrees;I; be seemed the Dlost ::Tbnt's about It:' Bibbs murmured, "You'll kill me, Bibb.! Whut I\'ere ploy •• al ""Ig.. ; and the mon.y to pay inc.r....d "ag.. No other body wiLh tllch .n inrimat. kllo\.;"d~. "Oood iroclous!" she cried, turnIng quaintly oatur8 peOlon sbe hnd E~ver they Quar II ho t'" or course I know whut you wuut to caD com. from no Dlher .lOure. th.n. tb. rat .. paid 01 railroad conditiono h •• luch an unqu .. tion.d pOI'· "Nothlo; ~b:I'K ubow I koow. Peo. do," suld Ourney, drowsily. "You don't to hIm n glow ing face trom whIch met. by th. vublic. tion in Lh. !,ublic< . He waIted, nd becnme coherent. pie who uurr,,1 over ootlllni:--It'B hoto the mucblne shop only; you bate restrnlnt nnd embnrras8ment bad sud· The rat es the railroad. may charJ:t the public for The Inl<."tat. ·Commerc. Commlillon, with ill cona lw.Y8 ce~aln-" whole show-tbe noise nnd jar an~ denly tied , "Mr. Sheridan, you're "You say somel!!lng now," be Bald. "I tran.portalion are now largely filed by Ihi. Govern· Lrol rat.l, i, in' . VOlition 10 makt a campi ••• don't even bel~g In the cborus, nnd lovely to put It tbnt way. It was an Edith stopped iaughlng abruptly , hut rt. tbe scramble-the whole bloomin m.nt boord , inY('lti~.tion a nd rendtr l uch ded.ion al "Duld protect th. interutl of th. railro.d .mploye.; th. o.. Uln Out 01 .vuy dollar rectivetl by the rallroodl from continued her Dlol')<ery. "You ought ('raze to 'get on.' Yon'd 11kI' to go Imllos l tlon for rue to have made you here I am, t l'}l\pg u to sing tbe funny . man's solo! You_ m" borne, and atter I went Into hrlllg of th. nilroldo, and <lh. public. the public nearly one...h.U i. paid dire, e lly to the em10 koow. You· VI' bad 80 mucb experl- "nUlcwherl' In A 1 !CI~rs. 01' to T"orlllinn. "No," 8be ~erruptOO. "I'd ratber ence. yourself!" perhupR, .1I1d bllRk on II hnl cooy, ijnwll· 1l1e bouse I decided I sbould hnve "I bliven't any, Edith," he aU ld. "My Ing 1I0w er. nnd writIng Ronnets. You'd wlIlked. Besides, It wasn't three miles pluy your aeco~anlment." Qu~stion D~c'de "I'll stQP an'" listen to It. then." life ,hal been about as en'IUng Rij un grow rllt on It und hu\'!' u ("'1I1'nt~ lit· to' the cnr line. I never thought ot ItI" ,J The railroads fe e l Ihat they have no right to grant a wage pre/erment of ":0<0," sold Bibbs, enrneetly. "I lDeuhator chicken's, Rut 1 look out tiP lire "II to y o ur ~,' lr . Well, whut , .;OJl~ on P&IICI a) $100,000,000 a yeM to these eniployes, now highly paid and constituting only throu/lh the ~llIa8 at tlllogs." do you MY? I "un lip like sixty, Blbh6! dldo't, either. I might have anld somethi ng If I'd tbought of nnythlng. I'm "W~ll, tbon ," sbe aald. "It YOl1 look RhRII I tell your rnlhl'r he'll 10HI' au· one,fifth of all the employt!s, without a clear mandate from a public tribunal that ont throuib tbe glns8 you mUMt know other or his boys It you non't go to tlllking now, though; 1 must remember shall determine the merits of the case after a review of all the facts, . thnt, nn(\ not worry ubout It Int er. I wbat elrjlct 8uch stulr would ha"e up· Mld ly?" The jingle iWIe. bejou the cour/frY;j whtlhe,. this c~.nt,.overJY;' t8 I" lett/ed,by ,an on ine!" She rose, "Islbly agltat~ , "I don 't wnnt to go to Rielly." aald think I'm tnlkillg. though It doesn't sound Inl eillgent even to me. I mocll! "What It It was true?" Mhe deman<led. Blhhs. "I wont t o RillY riKht lJere." impartial Gover'/Imtnf inquiry or hy ;nJlIJtria/ war/are. . bltterl". "What It It was true a hun· '1'be <lol'lor's drowHilleHR 1I1"")1IH'lIrOO up my mlnll thut It I ever met yoo oguin I'd turn on my voIce and keep It dred Umes o~er' Yon 81t there wIth tor a moment, nnd he gave his pallent National Conference Committee of the jtailwa,. your lilly tace bait ready to ililrle and a shllrp glance, "1t'H a risk. " hI' Ail id . goIng, no mLltter wbat It sn ld. 1-" ELISHA LEE. Chairman Sbe Interrupted him with laughter, half ready 10 8nlme. aDd'tell me stor ies "I think we'lI Hud yon're "0 mllch het· G. H . EMRR~ON. a.. '/ItI ... _, N. O. MAHBR. "1,.."""1101, Norfulk 4- W .. tcru ...,.. Gr ... Northern R.n".,. (~~.~~~b~!!:rL~'cn~~~:::l." like that. ahout Sibyl pIcking on Bobby ter he'll send you hock to the sbop anil Mnry Vertrees' Inugh Wn6 oue lAM BS lIUSSIlLL, 0,.'1 N ••• _ L w. BALDWIN. C,. 'I .1I'H'dt,r. Lamborn Rnd worrylnlr hIm to deotb, prelty quick. SomcUlln g's got bold whlrh fIIbbs' fnther bad declnred, atter D ••,..r a K~o Granett R.ilrns4. . c. '1"h:t:~!~~~ cg~!::i::f::h"." Cencnl nf Gtorlli. Ihihur. A , M. SCHOYBR, ••,1.1", "...., __ an<1you thInk II motters ·to me' What of yon lat ely; you're not 'Iulte so In ck- the bouse,wllrllllng, "a crlllllie would n Pleall Court Co B. '''. 6HICR, G, .. · I S.~', ]",.•••, .. C, L , BAIIDO, 0,.'/ M •••,,,, ' ..... ,Ivenl. l.I... W..... . Chcu"caka" Ohio RaY"." New York. New it H.,tford R.llra,. It I already koew all about their 'quur- adalaleal as you used to be. But I cruwl five mlIes to henr." And nt thf W. t.. SBnDON, ",...,.,.,' . A. . S. (H,nIG. Au', , • • IUIHn. First Na'loD 1 Bank of Ro.woll VI B. H . COAPMAN, Jl/n· P'II,J"., r.Un"'? Wb.t It I understood "tI'lU' wnrn you : I think the shop wIll knock merry lilting of It Bibbs' tother's 80D S..boud AI, U •• H.ltw., .. SI. I,ClUi. A Sa,. P, lhilr~. Snuthun It.ihuy . you jU8t 9S It dId betore, and perhaps took heart to forget Borne ot his trepl· Samael L. Ir • el al. Motl.·o to A.J. Sl'ONB, "",·I'""i.." C. W. ~OUNS. (i,,,'1 M ••fll"'. 8. II. COTTRII, G,o'l ~,. . ., .. Bri. n.Uro.d In' of jarlsdlolloo t\ Ichi,f\n, TilllC!kalt SUI. 1'0 R.lI~. dation. "I'll be aDY kind ot Idiot," he dlaml.. for \v.huh n ll ll~ .v ever harder, Bibbs," O. s.S..... WAtD, """I'm, " GM'III".. H. \\ MoM AS fER. Gn" M ••• ,", p , B . CUOWI.IlY . AJII. v,(.,.·rr"t;t,.11 He rose, obook blmself. And ruhl.led Buld. " If you'll lougb lit me 80me more: cverruled. II C ....,I U".. . WhnUII'" L.kl!: Uri. K.llro.4o NlEfIP YI'''''' Celllr.1 Ih l ' ",:I'" Firll' Na$ Bank of .R ollwell bls eyelids, "Well, when we go over It won't be dIfficult tor me," She dId; nnd Bibbs' cbeeks sbowed a V8 Ha{Duel LHrone et aI, Cas.e as you this Afternoon whn t are we going ~nl July ltIth. littl e nctual co lor, whIch ~rory pe.r. Illned for h to ALly a bout It?" "Tell him I'm rendy," snld Bibbs, cel,·ed. They had pnssc<1 the n ew hOUBe OlarsDce E. urfaoe, minor . bale CommissIoners' Proceedl ngs . without either ot them 8howlng-o, of real eeflU. ibnflrmed and dletll look lug at the ftoor. Ohio Board ot Admloilltrdion In "Oil no," Gurney laughed. "Not possess lng-u llY coosclousness that It bullon of proC>edl mad •. • va W. O. Gllmoar, re IDstitute for Feehle MInded, for CJ ult(· yet; but YOIl mny be almo~t . We'll bn<l been the destination of one of E. of Warren tQmalell seo. Don't torget I 8ald to walk down." them,\lo &1ft' totue, 118' .t,~::~i""~~~~?i";{~!~'1~a~...t1~~'!l~.J_~~~~L'!'" "j-:: :ize;':p aWn tol!;we,'t ~ C\)&:I" illOfim And<"'hou the examluatlon wa_o eluded, that afternoon, the doctor In- tinued, cheerfully, "and you keep on G. LOWd VI mma Bowyer, OrB , Willon, termed BIbb. thot the re9ult wos much laughing. I'm omount'l ng to something der made ~o r~.I.e dormaot jad, prlll-Jner, $1i0; W. A. , Office at' resid~ce In D, Sber too satistactory to he pleBalng. "Here's In the world tbla afternoon, I'm mak· menelf lIamol.t canlll be not !lhown road work lu Olearoreek 'o~nlhlp, wood'. hoUle, F~urth Stnet. a new 'situation' for a aile-act tarce," Ing u nolae, al1d tbllt makes you make to the oon$rll'Y within 20 day... $~0. f6; Milton OIart, defending In -BITBBlRhe saId, gloomily, to hili.. oext patient musIc, Don't be bothered hy my blent· Thomn RII~y VB The Amerloan dlKen' lIrlsoner, '60; Wood & !:Ib.r Teiepllone 28 Aufo Eq~1pmeot 'When Bibbs bad gone, "Docto~ tells Ing out sucll thIngs liS thot. I'm real· Writing Paper Co. Motion :no$ '0 WOOd, flowors for oour' honle and HOr.e.DrAwn ~qulpment a man ' he's well, uud thut's his death< Iy frlgbtened. I don't rememher talk· allow .nd liga bill of exoelPtloDII jRU. '29 1i9 ; B. Fred & 00" olo'lnnll Oblo Inj( ns much as tbls more than once filed for ihe ruaBOn tbat same Will for IlIm .. tee of jal!, $20.0fi; E. B. sen tel1ce. likely. Dam' Cuony world!" or t,wlce 'n my lite. I suppose It was IIOt filed wl'h olerll' of oour' ,,,,Ithlu 88lle & 00, 1'600rd for 80rveycr. ' DAY OR NIGHT a lw ays In me to do It, thongh, tbe lirst 40 daYI aUer motlcn for new irlal '29,1I~; C. W. 8paru, road work In TELEPHONE 7 time 1 met anyone who didn't bow was overroled. Molloo lustaloed , Unl~n township, "0 71i; J , '1'. fdharp, V. lJAQ,NI?ART, me well en()ugh not to li sten." , I road work 10 Barlan town8hlp, 01 oeur8. U Ihould I For after a "But you're not renlly talking to $40 liB: R A. McOutoheon, road PrGbate Court Proc:eedlolll NotaryJ,Publ~c s'renaou. dLAY when yoar musole. me," sn ld Mary, "You're just thlnkwork Ip Franklin townlhlp, '29,75; In r. Carl MilleI' , , Adjnd,Qd Dot O. B, Deohant. po.hgeforandllor'lI bave been exerolsed to the IhnU an lIng nloud." appllo~tlon of ~Ioan 'I LlnlDleDt will "No," be returned, gravely, "J'm insLine. ofhoe, $5 00; .Jomes Follep salary 'II My'Alm-Your Trade A.1J klpdi of Notaiy Work.aWllla and Deed. a HpeOl,al~. take the 80reneliS and IItlft'Desl away not thinking at all; I'm on ly makIng In r8 e8la\e of MIIrtha Jane, Rlob. janllor. '10.00; Raymond Bar.hand get yo. In fine shape lor the "oeal sounds. I seern to be the 9ub- ardson. deoea6ed~ ~eoond aoooont barllsr, MIllry all janitor, UO. morrow, You should .Iso all U jeet of what little meaning tbe:r pos- of executor filed. ' ' 10 re Hollow road tlDprovemeD' QUALITY-Above the Slandard' tor a saddln attaok of tootbaohe l 8eRS, and I'd like to chango It, but I Estate of Edward 8 , Walker. dli- lhe coanty aarvey6r beIng unlble DR; J. W. ·MILLeR. SERVICE-That can't be beat .~ift' nBck, baokaolre, stlnis, bllel don't kDOW how to manage 11." ceaaed, 8eoood aooClon' 01 exeoutor to oomple'o plans, profllel and or081 and 'he many aooldent~ thal are In- l "You needn't cbange the 8ubject on filed . 100'1001, 8peolfioatlon!! and 8IIti PRICES-To please all. olden ..1 to a 'Yaoatlon. "We wonld my account, Mr, Sherldun," she 8ald. ••• DeNTIST••• In re will of ~ Allea 8hall'haD, de mates 1111 dlreoted on mallon, "IDe a8 soon leave our b.gga,e al RO on "Not e,' en It JOou reully talked about ol.led. WIll fll.d ,fol' pro batIe, wal olltended uDin J aly 10, 1918. a vaoatlon or oat wlthoa' yourselt." Sbe turneil ber tnce toward "Your Father Telephoned Me' In re estate of Julia BrewEIr, de. ~loan'l Liniment ." Wr"ee one va· him as sbe spoke, and Blhbs caught K~ lIeU BJda.· day Afternoon." callonls': "We ule It 1011 every- his breath; he was pntbetlcally amazed o8&lod. inventory and ap:praiae. Phone 54-2Y. Corwin, .b_" Bh@ brokr orr with a 'Ylol@llt thlnR from oramps to toothaohe." by Ibe look she go ve him. It Willi a men'tiled, E.tat. of ~lIzabe'h Van Duren 1r@8ture. a 9we@p ot b@r arm extended Put a boUle III your bag, be pre. Don" luffer with a h.oklnl ooullh pared and have no re,rels. ~low1nlf look, warmly frIendly und undeoeassd, Hlnal aoooan' of exeou. 'hat haa weakened yoor system-get at tull I@nilb. 8S It 8be hurled Borne~er8tllodlnll. and, ",hut almost sbocked trlx filed , tblni to the Ifl'ollwl. "Do you think a a boUle of Dr. Klng'l New Vleoov. gIrl that really cored tor a Dlan woul,1 ELI'a'. of ~ ..:rah Jane Wilson, 1m· ery, In uee over 40 yeara, and bene. Dr. Bell's Pine-T~""Honew. . Wayae"iUela LeacUn~DeaUel pay any attention to that? Or t() you. beolle , Final aoooont of ,oardlen fitlnK all who uee It, the lootblng om.oe· tn K8J'B ' Blda. IIabl sa Por Oou&ha and 001". BlbbH Sherida n!" filed. pine balsam wltb tar heal tne Ir Be looked at ber steadily. and blft Estate of .Jana Dyke. deloealed rita ted air pasla,el-I.>othee the IIaze was as keen as It W88 slP-ndy. Final tlccount of alSmlnllt ator, ap · raw apotl, loosenll 'be mnooul and She met It with uo"averl"g 11rl(\e. prevlnts rsoklng the , 1I000y wltb proved and oonfirmed, Finally he nodded alowly. liB It . be had In re will of T. ·BentoD Bc,oU, c1e- oOUlhlng, 01'. Klng'l New DisoovH))Oken ami he Illeao t to airee wi th ery Induces natural aleep and ald. oeased. Will filed and admitted wbat ahe 6ald. urobate. Lawra08 A . Vool'hll ap- nature "to cure yon. "Ah. yes," he "1IId. "I woo't como polntedexuou\or .. No bondrE!qulred T~e most Modem and Sanitar-y Creamery Into the Rmok lo g room Rj(R lu . I'm Appral sen B L . Frye, WUlIam 80rry. Edith. !\Iobody ~ao mnk .. YOIl in the State and will pay highest market UOlthllLlD and Ulladee Boff, _ anythlni now , You 'll nrver see In rll 11'111 of rtebeooa Olaypool, de. price for sound, clean sour cream. We are until you Bei! tor yonraelf. 'The rest ot oeasfl<1. Will adml"ed to probate, always prompt to recognize any advance us wUI do better to keep out ot It(In Partition) Estate of Frenk Blolrll. deoealed. eap@clally lIIel" the market, and .. wUl ltake care of y.our FlnLAI acooont of admlDl"ra'or fil.d, "That's 8eoalblfl," ahe respondClI, interests at all times. Checks mailed daily . Common Pleas ,) aleph W. H~dley a4m~.ltrat?r cnrtIy , "You're mOR , BurprlA I"1I ot all or weekly as desired to co:ver all sbipmctnts. of the estste of ADdrew J, Trow. wben you're sensible, Blbba." brld,e deceued v.. EvelYlil "Yeo," he 8lgbM. ''I'm a dllil dOi. Oue No. 11160 RE!'ERENCE brldK8 et.1. \V. t.'h.... r Maple ap. Shake baod s Rnd forgl ~e me. E<1lth." poilited guardian ad litem 101f mloor ;\: Tba .. lnll 80 tar as to omlle. sbe un · Pint lfatJoDal Bank d.fendant, • derwent thl. brief ceremony, lind Street .,at BatIk In re eltato of Madba E. LoP,aore Oeorlle appearM. summonlni Bibbs to An&!il~~ Men:hant Ia d. deoBLtaBd Wal~r Keprlok ',ppolo'the library ; 'Doctor Ou rn ey was walt· lid adminlslu,Io!', Bood ,GOO, Inlr tbere, he announced. And Bibbs sa ve ble alater 8 .hy but fri end ly tou cb Ende of Anna M. Joiln'lOa, depresent average prices for kerosene and oeaged. Final aooodD' approved upon th. shoulder as a complement to Clnclnn'a tl. 01110 gasoline, kerpsene engines save and confirmed tbe han<18hllkllll, aod lett her. Doctor Guro~y was olttlng by tbe about I. I c. per horse power per their owners Real Estate Transfers 10. lire, a lone 10 the room, lind he honr over gasoline engines. merely .Innr ed over bl8 sboulder when JAmel L. Bro'IIfD to Glor,e BodIne, ble .atlent rame In , Be 'W8S not over Figure it this way. On an 8-horse engine the savlot In Lebanon . $1. o tty. 10 OIJ.\!e ot Sheridan'S bit bltunl ing is 8.8c. an hour, 88e. in a IO-hour day, $88 in 100 Pearl J , Blil to Clyde E, Urelly, "ole D~c Ourney ," Ue was gray, bow· days of work. Say that is all your engine does in a la, In MalnBvllJ~~ " l, eyer, almost a~ tblo aA Hibbs, nnel Dearly alwaY8 he looked drow sy , The Franklin Wbeel Co, 'to .he year, I:Irere Pnlp and .Paper 00.. late I. "Tour Ca ther tp.lell boned me yester· It would cost you $88 more than you need to pay, to rranklln, $1. day atternonn, Hibbs," he said, not rl.· run an 8-horse gasoline engine one year, That is more In.. "Wanta me to 'look you onr' Fred B, B81~0 '0 LOllI o.bln than a third of the price of the engine, Can you afford to ••aln. Come around bore In tront of i'llhln/J etnb ~f t!t. 8ero.. rd, Ii~ throwaway $88 a year? Can you afford even to think of me---between me Rod the fire. 1 wRnt aores In Bamllton townlhlp, '1, buying a gasoline engine when you can get a Titan that ,to _ It I can MCf' through you," Barry O. Pratetr .t al to Eva uses kerosene? Set. the Titan dealer and talk this over. "You qleaD you 're too aleepy t~ Janel lot In Wa,nlnlUe, $1.100, He bas some interesting figures to show you, Dloye," returned D1bbs, complylnlr, "I Stanley O. Wmougbby to AltoD f think )'ou'll notice that I'm let Una 0 , Ooalhmao, 10' lD I:!pu'b lAlla"one." oon, 1100, . . ''TakeD OD about twelve pound8," (-..,.uN) Banna II. UOIIO"t'er io Obarll!l Jr • •• 14 OUl'lley. "Tblrteell, maybe," 'l'blrlllelc1. 2 loti la I'raDklJID l "8~.. "Twelye." Titan karoMna ....iAea u. ",lei bJ •. M. Badlon to ,.Loo... ." . Eben"Well. It WOD't do." Tbe doctor .Ier, lot In Deerdill4, tl. rubbed his erelldo, "Yoa're 80 mach S. II, Badao. . .· t.~ 101 .I,n better I'll ba Y8 to \1IIe 80me machlner.y t,ebt.DOD, * • . . • 011 MIQ,. call 1uIci" jlllt WW,





Railroads Urge ;Public Inquiry and A:rbitration



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Leaders Refuse Offer and Take Strike Vote




For the Public to

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ow .. GEO. J. WATERHOUSE, AHACKING COUGH WEAKENS THE SYSTEM ohio.l~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!~~~




SATURDAY, JULY 12, I. D" 1916




J. F. Snook, Alt.

International Harvester Company of America









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Can You Afford Any but a Titan ~e?







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"tPP"'laltl,I!II'I, ~ th~r IUinqot rcac~ of lll~ car. Thera WII' to <:ure catarrbAI deafneds, , D. J,.. ()RAN~, ' Editor and Manager is by " eonstilu lioulIl remedY.1 Catarrhal Deafn ess il cnugecJ lby aD in Illlwed condillon of tbe Dl .L'OU9 lining of the ESI tncbian Tube. When this tube is JULY 6, 1916 II1Ramrd you bll.e a rumbling sollud or imperfe~ t hearing, and when It is entirely

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Monaltul Beaucaire," , c..Dauell of



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" Yernllp8--" sne oegll n. OUt aner pouslng thoughtfully sbe mnde R geBture with her mUir. Indicating a large.. brick church which they were n])o prollcblni . "Do you see that ch\lfCb. Mr. Sheridan'" "J BUIl1l0St' I could." be answered In .Imple truthfu lness. looklug at ber. ." But I don't want to. I have a feelIng It's where you're golni. und where 1m be aent ·bllck." abook ber bend In cbeery nega:Uon: . "Not unles8 you wnnt to 00. .Would yon like to come with mu?" "Wb,y-wby-yes." he anld. "AnyI" And ainln It was apparent that be spoke In sImple truthfulness. "Then come-If you care tor orgRn mutilc.' The orinnlst Is I1n old friend or mine. and somotlmos he plllYs tor -me. He'. a dear old mnll. That'8 b-e. wal~nlf fn the doorwuy. He looks like BeethOven. docsn't he? I tillllk he kno~a tli,,,t; perhaps. and enjoys It 8 little. I bope lIoY "Yea." Bald Bibbs, . as they rencbed atepa. "I think . Beethoven



reatored 10 ila flormal condition. hearing will t>e lIestroyed fo rever. Many cases of deafness are cnu!\Cd· by cata rrh. which iSI an Inflamed condition of th. mucous surfllce!. Hall's Co1ltarrh Cure acts through the blood 011 the ' mucous surfaces of Ihe SY~~:\'ill give One Hundred Dollars for any rase of Culurrhal Deufn cl sthat cnll/wl I.e cu red by H" U' s l:alll rm Cure. Cireulara fr~e . All Druggi. I•• 71k. ' . P . I . CH8NJ'~ V & CO., Tolcdo. O. .

Wese "ounds bring to YOII.· X es, yes, I beur It 0111 We hear-together!" And though the church grew so dIm tbnt all was mysterlouB shudow except the vngue plnues of the windows nml the organl st's light. with tbe wblte head moving h e n on~b It, Bibbs hnd no cOllsclou sness tllat the girl sitting bes ide bim hnd gl'ow n sllndowy ; h e seomed to see her Of! plainly as ever In the darkness. thougb he did not look at her. And ull the ml gbty cllnntlu g or. Voelor Krbtt. lie lias come to 118len the orgn n's mu ltitudluoU8 voices that afternoon seeDled to Bibbs to· be chowith me." 1'110 orgonl ~ t looked blunlly sur- ru sing of her nud Interpreting ·ber. prised. "Iss thnt so1" he exclllimed. s inging hcr thoUght8 aud singing tor the wOI'1<1 ot humble gra titude thnt "He 'Iss musicia n hhnselr. of course." blin wns In his heni'! because she was 80 "No." sold Dlbba. 8S tbe thl'ee ~ n­ kind to 111m. It nil meant Mary. • tered the cburch t o~eth er. " 1- 1 plnyed But wholl 8he asked him wbot It tite-I trIed to ploy - " Fortunately he Dl eaot. on tholr 1I0mewurd wny. he was cheCked himself ; hI' hall been nbout 10 s lleut. They hlu\ com1! 11 tew paces olrer tbe Informntion thnt be hnd failed .trom the church without spealUng, to master the Jewy' horp In his boy- walkin g slowly. hood. "No. I'm not II muslclun." be "['11 tell you what It meunt to me." contented himself with suyln g. she Buld. a'l. be did not Immediately " What?" Doctor Kratt·s surpr ise In- reply. "Almost any mu sic ot Hnndel's erofl8ed. "Youug IUlln. YOII nre fortu- alwnye menus oue thing above oil othnnte! I piny for Miss Vertrees; sbe ers to me : COurnge! 'l'but's It. It comos always IIl0ne. l'<ru lire the firs t. makes cowardice or whining seem 80 YOII ure the first one ever!" InBultcslmul- lt mnkcs most thlllgs In They hud renched tile head at the OUr hustling IlWe llvos 8eem Inllnlteslcentrul aisle. and n8 tbe orgnnlst fin- mill." Isbed speoklng Bibbs s topped short. "Yes." he sold. "It seems odd. turning to look nt ~(nry Vertrco8 lu a doesn't It, thnt people dowutown nre daz'ed way that WII 6 not of her perceiv- hurrying to trllins nnd bnnging to Ing; for. thougb she sto]lped os he dM. strups In trolley cu rs. wellel'lllg every her guze follow ed the organist. who way to get hom e nud foed aud s leep was walking nwny from tho!]) townrd so they cl1n get downtow n tomorrow. Ihe trout of tbe ehul'eh, slin kluK hla And yet there ISII't I1nylhlllg down while Beethovlnn niune rogul Hhly. there wortb getUng to. 'l'lIey'l'e llke "It'1I falBe pretenses on my port." servants drudging to keep the bouse Blbhs said. "YOII lUellU to be kind to golug. nnd belicvlng th e drud gery Itthe sick. but I'm not un In vu llil nny self Is the greut thing. They rnuke so more. I'm so ,,'ell I'ID goi ng buck to much noise nnd fu ss nnd dirt they tarwork In a few dill'S. 1'(\ better lell ve get thnt the hOllse WIIS mell nt to 1I\'e In. The housework hUB to be dou e. but before he begins to piny. bnllu't 11" "No," 8n ld Mary. beglunlng to wn lk the people wbo do It bn "e been 80 forward. "Not unless you don·t like overpuld thnt they're contusell nnd worsblp the housework. Tlwy're o"ergreat music." He followed bo~ to 0 8ent nbollt hlllf· pnld, ond yet, poor Ulll1 );S! tbey baven·t anything tbnt a chicken cuu·t buve. way up the al81e wblle Doctor Krntt ascended to the orgRn. '''1'bll; liner· Of course. wbcn the world gets to puylloon some Hundal!" he turned to Ing Its wogcs sensibly thnt wB . be dltterent." ahout. "D u YOll mellO , 'communlsm'?" she Mnry nodded. "Will you like thnt?" asked , and sbe mnde their slOW pace abe asked Blbb8. a llttle slower-tlley hod only three "I don't kllow. I ne\'er henrd uny except ·Largo.' I don't know IInythlnl; blocks to go. about mU8lc. I don't eV'Cn know how "Whatever tile word Is, 1 only menn that tblngs don·t. look very seDBlbl e no\\'-especlnlly to a mnn thnt wants to Iieep out at 'em nnd cnn·t! 'Commllnl sm?' Well, ut lenst nny 'deccnt sport' would flny It's fair for all th o strong runners to stnrt from the some murk nnd give the wenk ones n f nl!' d1 ~ tnnce obend, so thnt ull con run something like evon on Ih\l s tl·ctclt. And wouldn't It be Il leMnn!, renlly. It they could 011 cross the wlnlling line together? Who really enjoys bell.t lng H~'!l;Y~~:?-l.( !!.e,_~ s !h_l1 .!>eat~ ~U~'9 only way we can enJoy getting ahend at other people ~wa d a YH Is by forgettiug what the other peopl o feel. Aud thnt," be added, "Is nothing at whnt the music meaut to me. YOII see. It I keep tnlkJng abOnt whnt It didn't wenll 1 clln keep trow teUln!':' you wbat It did wean." "Dldn·t It men n couru ge to you, too - 0 little ?" slle IIsked. "Trlumpb nnd prnJBe were In It, nnd somebow those things melln courage to me." "Yes. they were ull there:" Bibbs snld. "I don't kno\v the nnm.e ot wbut he played. hut I shOUldn't tllink It would matter much. Tbe mUll thnt mnkes tile wuslc mllst leave It to you and what It cnn meun to YOII: und the name be puts to It can·t make mucb dllference-except to himself amI people Ter;y much like blm, I suppose." "I suppose Ihnt's true, though I'd nevor thoUfrbt at It like th.t-" C'rn be eontlnued)


All healtb Ie a lint aId to beauty Ibla i tor" told by 1I11drod Lou..... b..,ut)' "poelal.. t or DC!~too. M ...... Ie or unuaua! lote""'t. '

tba~ :~,,~!!':.nJ~ldM~~::%ut~th g iver " I "OIl lor mOllY mODtl.. a victim' or stomach trouble and uorvolJAo..... 1 bad sutTered torrlbly from p31118 t ha t tollo,,0<1 DaUOe. Hoadachas also would add to my ..orrl08. P~r digestion 1lnally brouKht on DervoU.lIeu. Rellill call1O. howovor. whoo I took tho 1Id"~~.!!t IOvo ....1 WOOleU wh o n It! . "Tako Iono-



Wuildiog Material

Mr. n.nd Mrs. r, A. l:lolr l.sook, of "Not loog alter I atarted tllO tooolloo tmatDRY ton . spent the Wl\Illt. (jDc! with ment. . my patrone bega.u to remind me or t.ho Imprtl\'omollt In my co ndition . And becau8e Il'. A . Hartsook And fMilily . haaUh ' S tho CJlllckeat way to I>ellllt)·. tb o Imro voment was JlBrt lcularly not.l ceabln 10 my The Davie fnmily, e l prttllned on r,RcO. ijundllY, Mr. an., 61, " .) 0 '0 I)n vl " \Vh llt. tODoJino reall y did fo r m o I Co.Ollot und Mi ss Doro'b~, of li ,rve:veba res ~~Dcoln~:~o~ 't:;~tg~~~ t~~tIJc~m ..v"ry wllllug lI!Ir. an,1 Mrs. m. J!} MlUJn ·Jo . M I 9 ~e~ . TOllollnel. Q pU"lI), vtlkDtahi.; p reparation We also have- Paint to Rnth and Glenna MaJ,lil on, "lid MI g, which goe8 1.0 t.ho ISC-Q.t 01 comnlOn malad leefttoOluch ,uh.1 kidney trouhle, ca tarrhal affoc. put on your building Ida Mannon and dtl.ugbt er. E:the l. tlUll1f ofthe mUcoul m embrBuos, U\'or BUrneDta you intend to build. Mrs. Bannah Rloh eDt,Ar ta lned on nod Impuritloo 0 1 tho blood-IID(\ qUIck ly ro!::lunaRY, Mr. Rnd Mra. ~'ra ll k Rloh ~~~~",}=rto n~lt~~n. ~gr..0~tDn'lII~~h~fo~: NoUc.: -A. wnolfne Ie " won(\er~'1 flesh and t hree Interes~ln/f ohi ldren, from builder It should not be t ..koll by noy O'lO Dot Lebonnn and Mr and M r ~ . W illt~ m wl8hlne 10 locreuo hi.. ,oel,lIt ton pound. or WIl~' and Mr. Lall'evre, 0 ' Fmnkll n . ~;'th~~ob':f~In~a~:;O~~O~~1 ~~~~ In IOVONllCB8880f etomu.cb troubl o and ne r . The Junior Prl,oll".. \~ ere pleas. Ilue \ 'OU8 lllapo/.lSla, chronic constlpntlon. ote. RnUy entertained by MIREI E lhel MaDnon, Bat,urday aftern oon . -5OC BOX FRI!:E~r. and Mr/!. W. T . .Iordla n and daughter Ilttended the weddin g of FREE TONOLINE COUPON Miss NelJH Jordan , We·lnesd&y. AMERICAN PROPRIETORY CO., Mrs. F . A. Ha.r 'soc'it and Mi s" I Boeton, Ma88, B elen were WlhnlpRton visitors Stlnd 1110 by return mall Il DOc bo~ or Friday. 1 \ ~Ir Lo('':!::~Q~ ~~B~~II:~. p~~~~~08e Mr, Rnd Mr". Lew W Olfe li nd Mr, Bnd Mrs. Ray Wolfe und fflm tl y spent Sllnday wl*h th olr paronts, Mr. and Mrs . John Wol fe . Mr. and Mu. B·. Bat"flway en terCome in and will make an estimate on tlie building '!llmd Mr~ and Mrt. OIl r l Dodd and Miss Wanda, Sunday, ' Mr. and Mra. Gpo. BQglln Bmd Aon, Mr. Nelson Hamilton and fllmlly Bert. visited Mr. and Mrs. John Give us a call, get our prices, and we are positive w BogaD, Handay. entertain ed t/.:e follo wIng guelte will get your order for lumber, etc. MISS Belen Hart;'ook spent Mon- Sllndav, Mr. nnd Mre. MartlD Weat , day with t he Misses Aadrey Bnd of Bellbrooll. i M". and Mrs. Glad Eilts lind Mr. Rnd Mrs. James Cartis Oplll Thomplfon, . 'l'here will b e program I\t Welfure Rml daul:htAr, Ml1ttle, of Spring Leugne, ~at urday evelling . Every . Brnnch; and Mr. Ben Dawson and one In t he Tow n.hlp Ie In- family, of HlltVeysburg. Mes~rs . Ed and Claude Stroad vlsvited lAnd vIsitors are u I VI flye wei Itl'd Mr. Tom Courtn ey, Thnrsday. oome. ' Mr. Chue. Kibler and daaghtflr, MIs8Afo lrene Uogle81 ,y. ond Ethel Mannon at.tended the t:1oLbrook re- Ll:ilzle. were In Waynesville 8atur. day. union Illst week. Mr. Joe tiregg IIpent Mond"y · i _________________________...___ii Miss B elen Bartsook leBv'3s Wednlgbt wit h Barry ijhaw. I n esday to attend the Frlenlis ConMr .loe Prloe and fam l)y '":lair =_-=~~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= ferenre In Now Jereey. t:! he wtll a'so visit W IlIb lngton, Phlladelph lP, Snn<1p.y dldner with Mr. Nels on MoJ[eever and family. His P08ltlon. and other polntll of Interest . "Bo's a dIrector III a bank." "00 Mise Ca~herlne Burnett Is visiting U M. Green, of Orcb ,nd I{nob. Ie on! 1'hRt t<lllow 1" "Y 011. He tells ImprovlnR t he looks of the grooery In Wllyne9vllle. by Hpplylng 110 coat of )llllnt.. A~a Whitaker and fllmlly enjoyed th e peO]lIA whl11 wlndowlI to 80 to." There will be preaohlng a t Beech tbe band oonoert at Lebanon /:Iatur: -Detroit Free Pross. • (Jrove, t!unday, by Rev, tlell, and he day evenlnj(. likes to see your faoes Mr. Joel HamlUon has retarned Almost Dese rted. Are buying all kinds of Mrs. Bannah Rloh lind Mrs Sarah $0 hie home. En khulzen, once one or Holland 's Rich ~pent Friday w ith Mr. aDd LIVE STOCK and pa yMr . Douglas Bolllnglworth and lIJOst Im llortant c l l~es. 18 no w almollt MrH. A. Mendenhall In WaYl.le8vllJe. family apent Sanday .-wIth Hnrry ing highest market price. (Iese rted. II beaatltul find ImIW8!l81'7e oere Bhn.w and famllv . We are paying the highmany wos llerformed a ' 'he home Mrs. Ida Stokes I ~ visiting her of \1rs. John Jordan , We~lneed"y, daugbler, Mrs . Ada Cciurtney . est cash price for lit 12 o'OIook nOQn, ' whlln heir seoond Mr. and Mra. Barvey Barnett look daaghter, Miss 2ilell" , beoBlme t.he ~ nnBY dinner with Mr. Llndlev No one oan either feel Kood nor bride of Mr Ge ·)rge ~. Leibert, of MenpenhBll bnd family; look good while eutJerlng from oonChioogo. fhe oeremjty v~lIe per. IItlpa\lon . (je' rid 01 'hat \trecl, formed by thR R ev : 11'1 ther Oonroy. draWIIY, I1fel181 fee\lna by 1\ 'rea'of· ·JamostowD pil ..tQb 'rbt bride Ql.8n' of Dr. KlDg'a New Llta PllIs_ T, J'iAelivered at Corwiu....... and Iroo~ len, ThurlldlloY Dllorolng, Bay a bcx to-day, 'a Ire ooe or two for 'heir new home In ' Ch loogo. pill, to night. 11'1 tbe morning ' hat 1\ IlIn" neoeeaary to have a stuffed I'uffecl, dnll feeling II gone Hod you b ead, running oose. To oough your feel beUer at onoe. !50 at yonr head off as It were. All yon need lBt do Is '0 1l8e 9r. Hell's Plne-Tar-B on- drulac . Office Phone No. 46 I~DIGESTIO.N ey. Tbe Boo'hlng and healing Res. Phone No. 48-2 Chance for a Good LIving. "1 have n sed CbaIDwrlaltl'8 Tab boleams open the ologged air paslelll and muat say the are the bee' eages Rnd In a ehort time you Ret It you are not parllcular nbout tbe I have ev er nlled fo oonlltlpatlon relief and stu' on the road to re way YOIl Rot It, a good ltvlns Clln be and In ,:1lgssHon . My f ife 8.lso ullsd oovery. Your nose s'opa rllnnlng. made orr tbose whom thA doetors have I hem for Incllgestlon ~aDd Ilhey did YOIl oough less and you know you fall od to cure.-Topoka Capital. ALL KINDS OF her Il"ood, " writes Eug ne S.·· Knigb', are getting better. Get a hoUle Wilmington, N . U. 'hamlberlllln's ose as "direoted . Keep what Is let' 'r'~bJet s Rre mild and genlle In thslr n8 a cough and oold Insuranoe. lIotion . Give the m trlell. Yoa ore certAin to be pl o'liled v~"h Ue ngreellbloluxlLUve efl'eo" whloh they prodnoe. Obtalnubl e! everywhf' re. • . _ ........J._ __ The followlnll: oAndld"tll8 anoout;loe their oandldaoy before tbe Republloan Primary &0 be held Angus' 8. 11116. MhB Lelia Bogan wall 'hs week~WaynesviUe. end Raest of her friend Miss Mary AlexllndeJ. of Spring Valley, ... 0 ... Poetofflca.D Clerk of Courts Mrs. Amanda Starr and daoghter Mu Marthll Bonnell t r l lnBaoted Of,.. Phone 77 were gOIlIl'. of Mrs. RallliRh 60gan baslness In Dayton one lI1av last DAN P. BONE 8atnrday a'*ernoon, week, JOE LEWIS Mrs. Benry Urew ie very poorly Mr aud Mrp. Joe vin anCl family, Every fllmily without exoeptlon ", this writing. cf Franklin. were o.l!Ing on Tom .bould keep this preparation a' hand Mr. and MrA. Samuel WilBon were. For Commissioner durlog tbe bot w8llther 'of tbe som- Burst and fnmlly Mood"y evening. the !!uee's of Waller Wilions Sun Messrs Clyde Bnd Obae. Penoe are mer montba . tlhamberlalD's Coli 0, A. C. BAKJ!jR day. Funeral Dil'ector Cholera aod Diurboea Remedy il vlaltinlr t belr anole at MinneApolie (BamllwlI Towushlp) Ure. Martha Jones alld eoo" Ray Ilnd enj oying a trip to tbe Great ,.orth many lImea Ita oost whon and Embalmer. W . . D. CORWIN and Carl, Mra. Laoy Compton lind aeeded ond II almoe' oertain to b e Lakes , Ervin Peler.on were Kenla I'Ihop. lleeded before the Bummer Is over. Miss Mary Keever and Mre. Julia l Waynesville. Ohlo.'1 1 ED B. ROllERS Ie hal' no .4uperlor for the purposes 8tll.Dton, of Centerville, villited Mr. pers Wednesday afternoon. FRANK BENBAM 8TOKES ~r. Edgar BOlar. and wife and for whloh I' I• . Intended, Buy It an'd Mr~. OhAS. Chllpman las& Thur~­ Call answered promptly day or night . [ (W. Tu r tloc rook Tp.1 O'neall Warwlok SpEnt Sunday at now. l)btlllnnble everywbere day. Both phones In Omeo and Residence. I:.ebanon. JOSEPB WATKINS M•. ·and Mrs. J. W. Hadleyapent Long dlstancII,No. U; Home phone (S,,..on<l T erm) M.r. Reuben JlJne. had tbe mlstorSunday B$ Dny,ton. 14-2r. Chairs and one Coach furnished free Whaling aa an Indultry. Dr. and Mrs. Walter~legfrled and 'une of bll.dly mashing two of bIll with funerals. Whaling Is nO\j a well established family, of il'ranIl:IID. s",O* ~laturda1 fiDgerB In the wheat binder lul For Recorder ' week . Blllt of aervicil lrUaranteed. tndustry olf the Portuguese-African svenln" wilh W. B . Bisgfriled . ALLEN BUB'FMAN Mr. li nd Mn. John Wile on and coast. The "humpbacked" whnJe av- . U. J. FRrr was A QueeD olty via ' 80n, Rober', Es'ber ijhambaugh, erased 46 teet. In length and the oeca· Itor one day laBt weele! R. B, SIUTB Franoe, ond Weldon WIlSOD, Evan atooal sperm whale ahout 60 feet. Mu. Ollnt BoU aii'd d.mlJhterl Bogau and Virgo Mltohner oalled on IIpent Monday with BUlh Keelldg Boraoe Compton I Bunday afternoon. Reprelentlltlvfl and famlly. Mr. and Mrs. Zimrl Halnet and TbiA dlSOMe ahnnld bo trooted aa IIOOn lalleaell Bazel LahmaD lind Oen. 80DB, Luther and Bomer took Sun MILTON CLARK AS the first IlllIIatural looeOlloaa of the TAKING BIG CHANCES IIv~ve MoCabe Mea8u Oarl laiongl1r bowels appears. When thls Is done a dal' dinner wUh Raymond Wllllons. TBOMAS E. BOOVICR U Is a gred rl." 'll tra1'el withonl land George Labman moilored '0 Bingle dose of Chamberlain's CoHo, Chol(gecoall Term ) a boUle of Obllmberl.ln 'a Collo, Chol. Ft. MoKlnley Snndny. era and Diarrhoea Remedy will effect a en.• nd Diarrhoea Remedy, lie ,hi. cure. ThJ.8 remedy can alwaya be deMr. and Mrs. Carl pl~oltford, of Treallurer pended apon eVen in the meet lIIIV8reaDd prepar'a"OIl' 0811no' be obtained 0':1 Red Lion, viii ted Mra: JQUzabeth dangm'OU8 c - , aDd "bould be ~ at' WALDRON O. <HLMOUR Blaoltford one day IIIB' ;'Belk. band ready for bIstaot uee. Never IeImI . Itr and Mrs. N.( · O~~rth and .. F. B. SBERWOOn. home 00 a jODl'DBY without it. daulJhter were, Mlan'ha . nrll: '1'18"Ol9 FOR SALE ~ ~. flae da.y lliU week. Mr. aDd Mu . WIlIWI ' I:lumber' and SOD apent ijan~~: 'II,lth Crl. WINDOW-SASH; for' wlnBD'mber' aod family. dow8, in 1J00d oondl'ion. _ Only on th~ StagB. . ¥IIIII a, John, of Wba~loD, WHI lin, J. D. MarlaU, pbone 134-hlas•• Husbands bave .become 80 kind' and 'be ~unday laElll' 01 Martha j19 conalderate that a woman haa to 10 BlUlnell. ; , to jhe, theater In order to realize hoY/' • Genavh'e UcCabe aDd Geo~IJ'I SOW allel Plga for Il1018. J. T. e~Dlola' ' Marla", Waynenllle. Route 1, Phone 145-Sy'. j12 Wan. lOme relIabll Information about any of t11Ci country weat of the Rock&e.--CalUernia. Olegen, Wcutblngton, Idaho, MOdtana, MUada, Utab, Arizona, New ~Ic:o Tfjlla.' , Want to kpo" IOmethina evera. S'ands of Beel and Boney about farmlngoppot1unltl." bUt'oad raw, roUtl!9, automob,Ue hllhfor ..Ie.' reaSOnable prtoea. In. ~ laO,f tl, ~. of 'DIetllOds of farmlDg. elf., . of J.,O. Oanoll. l'hOD8 47-8, Halrvel,.b11lr1r. O. j13 It'.out:1buIIae. to tna" aRa batlt tllis Pad6c Slope country. 'S.IOlet MapuWie ill tt* 0011 bit 1IIl1lonal magazine, ft~ectinl llta life of tbia -tr'~Md P,v\D1 accurate tp.ftmDatlou _n~, lta If!I,,tb add: d,e"'~o~ seDd 10 cent. fora I&IDpIe cop,. of~,,-, ..-.gailDi u4 iii,.' III !'letter uItIq for wbatevu bifonitaUoa JOu . -. tdre ~_y .tace III thi Wut. '


Necessary to build a well-equi.pped ' Dwelling, Barn, Stable, or Shed.




Peterson &Stoops Waynesville, O.



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Walter Chandler





.- .

-SaXOD Six Livery (PRICE~




t600 miles)

$ 9.80 " 1265 hAS


$11.45 16.00 16.80

' Mt~LS


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Going' West'?







' W

OMEN 'lil~tlte :::,axoll k ohdsterespeci· ally apPI;Bling because ' it is so simple and safe to clri'·e. It stnrt s and stops and turns with utmost case. t1.'here is never any tension or strain felt when you are at the wl¥!el of the Sa.'I(on "Four." Even at the end of a long . trip you are not fatigu d. You'll lind ( the upholstery deep and restful and l the seat is -10 inc hes wide-plenty of space for two large people. Let us tak~ you for a ride and show you how easily you can drive a Saxon H.oadster.

J. B. Chapman Wnynesyille, Ohio

Phone 116

Th'e HCllbrook centennial at Leba· non last weel( was a decided 8UCCes!. There were hundrede of old Normal· I tea who c.ame bark to spend the week in Lebanon and renew old IIcqunintances. The week started on Sunday with services In the different churches, many old Normalites fillin" the pulpits. . . I Many touching scenes filled the week and one man. Dr. Croasley. who ~ntered the IIchool in 1855,and a younll lad Y who had just entered, shook han ds. Then, agaIn, when Josiah Holbrook,Mias Anna Holbrook and Mrs. Irene Holbrook Clarke mounted the rostrum. there were cheers from the audience. The entire time was filled with !peeches, school mate meeting school mate, and reviewing the time long since go~e, and thll week PQS8ed all too Iwjftly tor' them. There were many people from a distance, and they enjoyed the time spent again In old Lebanon.

, atten be said Itoe ani veteran the horse




day and Sund~' in DaYton, as the ~uest of. MiaS Elale Gustin. ' ~ ,





!4r ~nd "Mrs. Dempsey DerlJlia and and tamily~ of Richmond. Ind., ,,~eilt , . the Fourth here. ' .


Mr " and MrIi. Frank Taft. ot .Day· ton, were·tbe gueata ot .Mr. and .Mra. W. H. Whlte Tuesday.

Mrs. Christie McKinsey. sperit several days last wt:ek with her dau~h­ In the afteriJoon, at the park, thE! ter, Mrs, Earle Swain at Ridgeville. events were Jlulled off as advertised, and they all proved to be winnerB. Automobiles surely h~d their innln~ At 1:30 the rag!s started, Steve Phil· lips actln~ as starter, Tom Dill and Sunday. The'pikes all over the·townDr. McCoy, judges, and U. M. White, ship weN' fairly burned u"" by them: announcer. The results are as fol· Mr. and Mrs. N. Seal'll and lows: family spent last week visiting with Fr~~ for All rehitlves ill Darke County and in In· . Robert E., W Carr........... 1 1 1 diana. Lady Brook.. ray .............. 5 2 2 Dolly H. H(lwk .................. ~ 4 8 Mr. and Mre. Fred Jonea and litEffie R, Furnas .... :':·....... : ...... 8 3 5 tle .daullhter, of Cincinnati, were Ground Ho~•. Graham ........... 4 6 4 guesbl of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Kelly, I




(JIl l: \I

or Oll l!ht to 1I~' pa ints and f l' lIl f' lnl'l'r tli ,lt wc h av e tit e

ho lI "t's










( , I

Close at noon Saturdays. FRANK D. MILLER, Treasurer of Warren County.

) /





Columbus 85 cents Round Trip



fir "t Race for Four Cylinder Cars • Car Owner Driver Time Saxon 4 Chapmsn Perldns 7:211Y. Marathon Chandler Chandler 6:5~1 Mitchell Servi~ SeJ:vis 5:4~1 Saxon 4 Chapman Baird (disI).


~ix Cylindler Own~<!rs Driver Time

Car SlIxon Six Mills Saxon Six Cornell Saxon ~ix Kelly Saxon Six Chapmlitl



11:43 Mills Perkins 11:16 Perkins (die). 9:02 Baird


I Saxon" Baily

Driver .Baily Mts· '

Time 8:41y'

9 FROM Saxon 6 Kelly . :&elly 6:30Y. Ford Kilbon KUbon (dls1. WA YNESVILLE S8J(<.'n 4 Perkil1~ Perkins . (dill).


Saxon 4 Chapman .Ohapman

SPECIAL TRAIN LEAVES 9:35 a.m See Lecal Agrot

DR. COX·S Barbed Wire


GUARANTEED to helll without leav-

ing a blemish, or MONEY REFUNDED. 600 and $1.00 sizes for fresh wounde, old Bores, sore backs and shouldereJ!lurne and brui&ee. 2Sc size for Fmily use.

DR. COX'S PAlMLEaS BUSTER guaranteed to cure

Is painlB88 nnd

Spavin, Ringbone, Ourb, SweenYl Splint,

PUffS] or any enlargement of DODe or

e, or lDoney refunded. PrIce 1iOc.

1011 UL&


Owing to the tact that the Gazette force all took the Fourth, sevoral items of Importance were left outof this iMue.





The last race of 'be day was the most exciling, two cars havin~ the prizes almost in theJr bandll when they were disquali ed; killing their motors when withi . a lew teet of the finish. I The oldest person ~tn the ~otmd. proved to be Daoud Shepard, 86 ) ears old. The ~unj[eat mauled couple were Mr. IUJCi Mra, Herbert Doster. '.: The general co~m~itee afternoon, and foimd --~-- ­ good shape. the . public


in the Miami Valley is wet~~e. ~ririg your family and friends.~ ..

The morning play I~' apent at tl)e factory. BeautifUl kine'ina~olor pict.ures ar'e . snow.n in the ~ HaJl bf Industrial Education. An ·intereSting Iec;:ture exp~



After the lecture, ~ideB condu~i: 'pad:ies'b\rough the fac:: tory, pQinting out. places of interest. .


FEictory trips 9

11 a.m., and

In the afternoon. visit' Hilla and Dales, south of th~ city. Walk or ride along its windin~ drives. EnjQ}!,. the trees and flowers and bracing air of the hilla. M~e the day a real holiday.

EverYthing free. I

Regist~~ Company r ,'~ c , l"lR..,r:on, Ohio

':fhe National Cash !'''~ f.,..


returned !!!~'!"!!!'!"!!!'!"!!!'!"!!!!!!!'!!~~~'!"!!!~~~~~~'!"!!!'!"!!!'!"!!!'!"!!!'!"!!!!!!'!!'!"!!!'!"!!!!!!!!!

homeweeks lut week sev· eral witb friendsapendlnll in Cin'!innnti and.other placea.


. THa CRI:ATaeT A booster gangcompcsedof Mesers. FraIlk Zell, Frank Sherwood, G. W . Hawke; Mver Hyman, W. O. Raper, IN TH. WQRLD Walter Chandler. U. M. White, POB1ISI1EII WEEnY. $4.00 PER YEJ1 "Dave" .Conner D. ' L . Crane, Ellis 1IOT1I1.~ DRUOOI.T,. SPI:CIALI.,.., Lonlr. ,Carl Mcoiure and Ethan Crane OO.TUM T.~N'F'I:., 0,1110: took in most of the adjoininll towns AND .U. •••• ,.RVIO. CAN , PRO"I~ Thursday, .dvertisin~ the Fourtb ot ay vel NO I,.. ADV.IlTIiINO COLUM ... July celebration. .


Mr. and Mrs. George Gaskill, Mr. and Mrs. Cal McBryant and daugh· ter, Mr, and Mrs. Ossie Gaskill and daughter, of Dayton; Mr. John Spray and Miss Mary Spray, . Mra Hannah McNeal and son, of New Burlington, Mrs. Harley Carbuck. of Spring Valley attended .the funeral of Mre. Naomi HlU'lan lait Frida,. , John A. Funkey's July· sale every day, His large Shoe Stock will be closed out at a big saving to CUll: tomers, all at the old price and some below. Every one knows how all shoes have ad vanced. Get your share of the baraains, 600 pairs Overalls 71ic, worth 11 .00 everywhere, the 11.lffi Ovaralls only .86c. Buy Bome and save money. Work,

"Work Is not mnn's punishment; tt Is bls rew»ord and bls strengtb. bls glory and his plensure."-Oeorge Band:

. . . . lint YOU OLIPPltll ' .. -

y _. . . ".

That for 35 y~ars ",e have SQfd

Cltale & . Sa~b~rli'8 ' High.Giilde ' , Tea. a~d" Cpf(ee~ . . If you are not a cust~nier, wouldn'i:' ft be a good idea. to investigate '.. these sple~did ptoductsj ",



Can't Lose Hair

Sun Cured Japan .... ....... . 5Oc lb.

. - . 8ari~. mend.:.... ;,'..•• ,.,..2oe .lit.

Orang~ Pe~o~ ................... 6Oc. lb.,

Diamond No. 99:.•

Goo4 Rio ............. :.,: ...... 1&e lb.

Japan Siftinp .......... " ..... 2Oc lb. Twenty Years from Today a Baldheaded Man WIIIBeao Unulual SI2ht '

!:... :·:..~ ·I~.

Cirde BJe..d ................ :,21c lb. French Brand ..... : .. ..... ,2& Ib, ~, . ; !... . " ." OoloDg Black ....... " ......... 75e lb. Favorite 8eIedion ......... 8Oe lb. , Finest Blend .......... ........ SOc Jb. . ,Java and·Mochil ......... , ...35e lb.

~olceat Imperial .... ".: ... · 7~ lb. One or ~ho mOlt promlnont drualatl 01 Amorlen made a oLatement a low Weeki ago widell 11l1li enuaod a JJreat deal 01 dlICnI8lon "moog aclentlalill III tllo medlcal Prell!, Ho .ald: "U 1110 now balr /lrowor. Mil dr9\Una aalr Romody. locfOa:I08 1""8&lee ae U 11l1li durlog the post yur. It wlll be used by ne ..rly every man. woman Il1\d child In Amo~ lea wlUlln eight yean. "When Mlldrodlna a Remedy .. uaIkl almolL unlvonuUy, dandrull' will dlaappear aod with Ita departuNI baldoOM, Itchlnlr scalp . .J1l1tllolr hair aod aU _Ip dllleU08 will lollow and twooty yean lrom now D bald hold will be a rarity." Sample ieliL 10.':, ~Oc, ~a1 ""otago. Mall o.rders Oiled by ~UIse 00 .. BOlton, M....


Third Racc FrC!efor All, Lady J)river .

mlllC H)Oooao,ooo~!OOOOOOOOoooooccooooo

the will at forty

ROund Trip

TO MY SUPPORTERS IN WARREN COUNTY I Am a Cand idate for Recorder. Please Help Me. There: w ... r" three Hol bruok bOYR in the army. al l under 11, ~ e r vinR' an average (,I' Ihree yea r~ in th e 12th, 35th and 79th i(eJ.{lments alld SiJ,(nal Co rps. 80 well kn own III II ur C(JlJnty . Th<: illncSl' reslJllinl{ from a former "anl paign in which I wal ked abeut 700 I n l l e~ Ita ~ fll.uuL di sappeared and I can I II.W ~aLi,.facto ri I Y perform duties of r,j'il'(o wh il'/l are much mure I::xtended Illll n f"rnlHly Th e lJeputy i!'l my daugh tN . .~·1t ~H II cl,(, The State Bureau of 1 }'-: P f'C 1l llll r ept ,rt s: " Th,' IWW ab3t ract index r~quired l.y s",· ~II ; I (; . C. iHreg ularly kept and I h(, \\ ork In lhe n e~order's office reflects cr"lIlt tm th e cl erica l force." In aduiti,'n to routine work done we have:tnnscribed, with corrections ' almu"t Ihree volumes of old records ~ hi ch haR made the office self'luIlPort: mg , I am I he unly member of the family . who hae heen a candidate for office and If I ha ve onl' mll re te rm I. Can J.{et:oy little home paid for . I was Secretary anu Professo r In lhe Lebanon 1fniversity, which my tath. er fuunued . frtr many years J::xpre88i~g feelin~s of prof lUnd gratitude for support in tbe past, and ~kl"g a contmlJan ce- for one more term, therebv reward. 109 a ~oldler of th e Unton .army, fi~st company organized in Leba. non, VI?,: Co. F, l<!lh Rel{lrnent, May. 1861. I am Very '1incerely y.ours, ' JOSIAH HOLBROOK.


Life's Gradations. At tw pnty yea rs or age r clgnA. at Ihlrty thp wit, und , the Jmlgmcllt.-G racinn .



Mrs, Emma Retallick


Mn. Edith Harris, while cleaning windows last Thursday had the misfortune to fall off a step·ladder and dlalocate her wrist. She is carrying her arm in a ,ling, and is suffering consIderable pain.




, or~11 Pace B S Howell left Tuesday afterLady H, Stew ....... ..... h3 1 2 1 1 noon for a ahort visit to his I anch. In MaryB, Baily : ............... 12122 Alabatna. He will be 'tone about Richard Pointe Graham ... 2 3 3 3 3 three weeki,

Between the~ce8 the field events took place an were an enjoyable ' ·'1nll - lil"' . ~h" lIlc.l feature of tbe y, as only local conag\ 'rll' ft.r testants were entered. The fat men's race was parti~lnrly funny. WhEID Fred Hawke, LI!8 Hawke, Ray MilIa, ----.-~ --Walter Cbyndlen and Lester Wills en· tered and ran tbP 60 yards to the excitement of evelYbody. The results were as follows' ill titi ~ Ifl\'. di t~· . For firh' vears this line has been 50 yd. dash-Emerson Surtace. I h,· wo rld '" I(',, (\e r thal 's ,i'hy we chosc it; and we 100 yd. dash-·:E;merson Surtace. an' J.."ld l'r-. ill . ~("" I thin gs Ill're - th a t's why th ey ~20 yd. dash-Emerson Surface. Regular communication of ( h()~l' 1I >- . It " a prl' lI \. W,od cumbinatiun to do Boy's 60 yd. a~h-FJoyd Dauglb~ Waynesville Lodge No , 163, ters. b u"iness with. . F. & A. M., Tuesday evening. Bey's 100yd. duh-James McDonSuld by July 11, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning brethren and visitors welcome. 50 yd. lI dash, 12 years aIllB D. L. Crane, W. M. unc:)er-I, catbt,aine Burnet; 2, Heljan L. A. Zimmerman, Sec'y. Sherwood. Girl's 60 yd. h, 12yrs. and over -1, Marie Sur :CC; 2, Helen Shurwood" . Wheelbarrow I double race-CIIIfence Mendenhall -and Ernest Harlan. Sack Race- I . Robert Huffma.n; 2, Dan McMillan Fat Man's Ra::e-1, Lester Wille; Harry R. Reeves and family of Richmund are guestR of relatives 2 Fred Hawke. Boy's Swimming Race-1 , Clarenc;e here, Miss Mary Elizabeth Reeves of Mendenhall; 2, Ernest Ha"l-Jan. Tacoma Washington, is at home for the summer. THE B;\LL GAME T. M. Harlan and 80n James of Miamisburg were week·elld guests At 3 o'clock f~ ball game between of A. H. Harlan and family. Harveysburg Bnd Waynesville was Mias Loig Whitaker returned Sat· called . A grea~ many of the ()Id , urday from a pleasant visit with rel- Miamis were here and Warren and !!"!",~~~~~_ _~_ _ _"",!""_~~~,!,,,,!,,,~~~~~~~~~ , alivt!sin Mechanicsburg amI Card· Herbert Edwar 8 got the bove ,to· . inllton. gether for the day, The boys plaY'ed Mrs, Elizabeth Carr fell Saturday a a-reat game, but owing to the fElct TELL THE ADVElnl~ER YOU SAW , Ilnd severely sprained her ankle . that several of them tried to 10le the HIS ADS 1:,,\ THE MIAMI QAZE1TE Born to Mr and Mrs. Andy Flem· bsll while throwing tb bases, lost the game 9 to 7. The Waynesvl.lle __!!""""'~~~~~~~_ _ _~~__'!"""''!''''!'''~~~~~~~~~~ I ing, June 29, an eleven pound son . . Mrs. Justus Reeve- and daughter boys Rot fifteen hits and Harve:ys burg 6, but the errors tor Waynesl spent last week in Springfield, "uests ville were everyone costly. of E. M. Patterson and f amily. I Mn J~e Hawkin8 and dau~ hte'r Miss Bermce spmt Wednesday of A UTO SLOW RACES , . I last week in Springfield . The June CoJlectlOn of Taxes has been extended to Misse" Edna Coyl and Marie Hall, The IWlt event "t the day held the July 20, 1916. , Q! Dayton, were here for the Fourlh . crowd together until about 7 o'clock I Maynard LeMar, of Xenia, is the in the evening, and there wasagr~~at ' OFFICE HOUR S TO THr" PUBLIC- 8:00 A. M. to guest of relative~ here. deal off attention paid to the automobile slow ral:es, the result of 3:30 P. M. - - .. - _.-which iR given 8S fol/(IWS: "~n v


Edwar:cJ Lewis, of Dayton~ pent the Fourth bere' with his parents, Mr. and Mra. Otto Lewis.

Frank Zell fell off a load of bay, at 10 "O'clock thll morning, throwing hia shoulder out of place, while haulin~ hay on his tarm on the Xenia pike. He was brought to town and Gr4 n Trot , the Iboulder was attended to. He Is restinll as easy as elln be eJCpected. Orma M, MCCiO.~ .............. 2 1 2 1 1 Samanthta, Satt rthwaite .. . l 2 1 4 3 Molly Purce!~ ( ukens ...... S 3 4 2 2 Exile Mac. MC oy ............ 4 4 3 S 4



' ,/

MIlS Hazel Riley apent last Satur.

Beat Stallion, Emley, 1st; Baily Two-year c1 -Miehener 1st; Furnas.2d, A • • Four-year.olcl and Qver-Miehenez:" 1at; Salisbury.~. Brook Mare, nd Colt-Jde Eva,ns. Farm Team Joe Evans. Best 2 or 8 ear old Colt-:D, H. Hockett. Roadster Olias..... Dr. McCoy, ls't and 2d; A, L. King, 3d.

- - -.. ...---


. C. O. TompaonJ ot Love)flnd, spent seve~ da.Ys'bere with , trle~dB thili week, _. .


50 "

Finest YOUD/Ir Hyaon ... ,,:':75c Ib:



. '. ore Wh'l'te "S S·t -.&;;










,mAY NOVEMBER 20, 1918


Ef ·


' .


I~I 'EI ,"W

, .'~'Vliet~~y BrmgDsPr~mise of a m~.1 ,m New , aYe s ' W


't,hanksgivlng p'~oclamalion by' the President

Whole Number 3505

Ifllnte~:sting '~etter~m l~romlEl 1





~a m

~ml "III

mml==$"!Jlm~la==5IU!l~'=:;=:liBE .;:'I am.=5=:lU~


, a


These Letters Appreciated by Folks "Over Here"

rn 8

a III==3, l:llll===' SEll==='l:l El'===' l:lll'==='1:1

·" D . C' . WI!8h Ington.

aae ... and look forward with new hope November 18, 1918. to new an.d greater duties, WI 'b 1 matlon "While we-render ,thanksfor t.hese P 'd • , feel ent I !~. Y proc a 28' thingS. l.t us not forget to seek the s~tslL\'ldl! Tbursda~, Novemb'rr er' divine guidance jn the performance . ,s. ~ .day ot than~sg~vll'!g and p a Y 'of tbose duties and divine metcy and Bls proclamation follows: .forgiveneBS for all errors ' of act or "It ~a!l loltg beaD' our custom ~o purpose, and pray thlt In all we do tu~ In. t.\!,e . auttm1D of the y~r 10 we . shall , strengthen the ties of praflle and tbanksgi! il)g to. ~Ir~\lgbt" friendship and mutual respect upon God "for ijJa m l\fly blessmgB ana which must a88ist t o build the mercies to UI ~ -a.' nation. , This pew sti:ucture of' peace 'and -,g ood yar: we h~ve apeclal ~nd ~~ving 'will amopg the naUon, ' call.~I'~o~be gr2~ef~1 BJlc:t to_ reJ~ice.. "Wherefore, I. Woodrow Wilson, (lC?d b~, Hie goOd pleaaul'e, ~ven Pr:eahlent of the United States ot u~ ~~. It bas not ~q~e ~ ~ 'JJle~e ~meri~, do bereby designate . c~tion of ' arm~. a mere mellef Thu~ay, the tWjlnty.eighth day '. froID the ,train and tragedy of, war. ot NoveJDber next, 88 ' a do) of .It ~as come, 88 a great tri~mph 'of thanksgiving and prayer. and Invite . rlalit: " the people tbrougbout t be land to "Oomplete victory, hail brought us, cease upon tbat day f rom their or. not <pe~ce alone, but tb" confident dinary occupations and in their sev. promise of ,a ~ew day 88 well, in eral homes and places f)f worship to which justi~ ahalLreplace force and' render thanks 'to God the ruler of jealous .intrigue ~moDI tbe . nation.. nati·ons. . , - "Our gallant armies have partlci. .'·'In witneBS whereof, I bave here,-ted in a triumph which ia not unto set my hand and caused tbe marred or ,tained by any purpose of seal of the United States to be ,selfiSh aggression. In a rigbteous, affixed. cause they. have won immortal glory . :'D~ne in tbe District of Columb!a and have nobly served, their nation thlB sIxteenth day of .November, m , . " tha.year of our Lord Dne thoutland In serving mankind . nine hundred and eighteen, ot "God has. lrideed. been Iracioua. the independence of the We have ('auae for 8um. rejololnJr aa States of America,. the one L •• _ ... _~~ ftV vea and strengthen. in all the and forty·thlrd. ~ltion8 ot national hi&' "WOODROW WILsON. tD~; A'new day abines about UB, "lilY the President: Rob(lrt Lan· ~ · · In.!whi~ our. he,a rta take . new cour- sIng. ~retary of State."

In the Service

u, s. S" Oklahoma, Ma ye we will run across each other some of these days. Oct. 27 , 1918. Well . mother, I don't know what Olmr Edltor-l suppose you nre else to write, so will close for this wondel'ln g why Mnc and J hav e not tim e, Give every,body my best, nnd written, aM th e oUter hoy s of (I~ar olr) I will write . more later. I.o\·e to all. good by~, Wnynesville have. W"II , ~he (ruth Is HAROLD JTARRIS. thRl we hav e hoen' prolly ,hu"y since W I! Id t th!' Statn" a nd rame QI'er 11 1''''\ CO. n, :J08 M. G, Bn " A. E . F. and pa rtl y IHlcll uRe wo ltu vo noglected France otl r corrcs)loll dencl', Of coul'se. we Somewhere in France, nre not fighting BubR nil ot OUI' lim e, Octoher 16, 1918. as Il eopl u seem to thlll)<, nOl' nre w o Dear Fn thcr-I will write a few shellin g th e German nnvy to [l lel"'" every day. So you see we have had II li nes to let you know that 1 have been good many chances to write if wo had wounded, hut am getting olong all ri g ht , now. r got shot in t he right on Iy done so. Now. pleas e bellel'o us, wh on we Il't!' . Was wounded on the 9th of Oc. sn y we are Borry that we huve not tohe r, when I wa s going over the top. written soO'tler, as we know t hut all of I hn ve been ovelO the top three differ· our t rl eud s at home are an xl ous to hear from us and (0 k.n o IV exacLly cnt times, We have j.(ot. those " square heads" w1wt we aro doin g. I\ow we are Just as anxiou s to let on t hp. run n"lV. Those "square heads" tb om Iillo w but you see th ero is a ;:ct up II tr~e nnd shoot at you with n I • - -- grea t difference betwel'n fl!;h t1n !; on Ill Hc hine gun. Du t t he higher they get W. H , Allen was in Cincinnati. Inud and watel·. The army muy tcll (he harder t hey fa ll. TU~~y , Madrlen was in Cincinnati , Friday . Path ar r hllve boen awarded the D. ncarl y every thin g th ut th ey have will cnn· ARMl!lnS of the cou done but with LI S It Is dltrorent-a sli V ~ (' which is cu lled a Distingoished Hl1It.\ rarJU du ct n Cnm lHll ll'1I to: Dr. Dill, Osteopa t h 21 S, e road of t he tQ n g u ~, a secl'ct accidl' nli y dis , S;' r~,i~c ('ross, for what I did at S<,Jisburea u WCmlJllr ij\Jl p d ll ~ 'l"h 311I(K' Graha m:llread -fresh every morn cl6iled- brings good.bye IIU VY , Wo S OI1~ . r am sending you the artlcl (' way. Lebanon, Ohio. giving weelr, Each PO l' , wll o JO Ill' ing at White's Slore. mi ght 1)0 com pared to a Wise detec· fl'o nl n Prem'h paper, which reads as I! IC fJli lf' I ' ~ h l p will be Iwesented with tlv e 011 th e hUllt of a dange rou s cri m- foll ows : Stanley Pence, of Duyton , spent buttoh aud with 11 c o (I l!lclleM , The condition of Miss tieorgia inal. H e ,nys little hut does mu ch, "Private Harry D, Leonard, Inia,:,squate lIUitl1b le tor fo .· In;.; to hIs ' Hadden remai ns about the same, Sunday with relativ e!! hcre , Now for n few line" 011 th e subs, try-, For extraordinarJ heroism III tront gate. Of cQUI',e you hll ve rcnd a !;rca t dl' !!1 operations north of SOls80ns Jul y ill th e va pel's abou t th em and no , . . ' ,,' Th tl week's drive will ,,"e with a U , M.. \\ h.l te IS .~ pe ndlllA' s vel al ' big nillst) meetin g held ~ ,'day, :«ov. Bring your cream to thu J, A. doubt you hal'e sh udd ered wilen you )!J to 22 , 1!118. Severely wounded on 19, 1918, he conl.inued, to g1l forJul y days With fr iends III Brown county . 30, at the county dcal . prOI\Tam, LOllg Co, F , W. Hathaway . Agent, read about some nefarious crimes th ey ward with his company until the op e~­ bave com mitted. such os sinkin g a ations were over, ~ r1 (,\l 1t ural or goa l, of tb COU:l t Only ~uly 20, In lhut time. The plurali tv for ~h~ ProhibltiolJ, e'rrort~ wlli be preselll Bl; Van Reta llick of Fort Thomas, Belgium reller shill. or tor)ledolng spite of his wound, he carrIed a mesun ass umed hos pital ship, some In , 'ulgn Is The p I! r)lose or th o CI through. a heavy barrage. ~cxt sage ~c85:lIlg to tha otTtclal count, was spent a day last week with relati ves Friends there I ~ one thing which of kin. John Leonard, father, Klnl!s large purt a big ullOm \) to untfy el • . would , or shoul d, mak e any one want Mills, Ohio." H, E. Earnhart. Lou St,-John and to go gunnin g for Fritz. Sinking E. Hath uway I havell 't heard from Fred yet, How Sidwell Ellis were Cinci nn ati visitors transports is ,bad enough , but making relatlv ~8 in Tuesday , war on a Red Oross s/Ilp is about the is everything in Kings? I got a letter fro m Mrs. Black t he other day. 1. 11n1 lowest t hln ~ that a human could de. way back of the firing line now In II vi se. As bud, or perhaps worse. than I Born- To Mr, and Mrs Frank running a baby through with a 'bayo_ nice white bed. Well, I g ue 8~ 1 hn\'c , Dakin . Thursday. November 14. t wo net. They hoth have just the same told you all for this time 80 w111 close, daughters. cbance. HARRY LEONARD , Tbeir wethod of attack Is somewhat Co, B., 16th Infantry: Just 8S tbe day was done. and Born-To Mr, and Mrs. L L. as follows : You have heard of the .. ~ "darkneBS bad tallen from the Salisbury, Wednesday, November ~O, l!~r i 8cope, a \flas.s I'bo)lt 4 inches in -,'.- , '~_~ .' of hibt--f II; ~Jee .'~ .bfll' u. nmc.tar. i.a.." uC ... h tit rttcL. · 1",... 1918 , li' dliugh\t!I', • Llo\,ir~,'~"""""'''''--~~'''''''',,,-~,,," - _. . ~ Boullf'(j{" aynesviT e. Oliio, Novem· minds yOu somewhat of a piece ot The1'egular meeting of the Wom · ber 14. 1918, KatlJarine Young. in .Iead pille moving swlfUy through the an'a Auxiliary was hald at the b~me the seventieth year of her age. In We will have an ab und ance of Ice watel', The Bub tull y submerged, II you want any j ewelry, clocks or of Mra. Sarah Zimmerman FrIday usual health to within a feW hours Cream tor theThanksgivin go holidays. travel ij throu gh the water wltb about afternoon, Nov~mber 14th, ot her death, the end was sudden silverware for Christmas, ca ll at W. C, Phillips. fo ur inches of this sllowing. He sIghts Ki lbon's Millinery Slore. agent fo r 'Mrs Cadwallader opened the meet and unexpected . tile enemy, geta his runge. and lets go Nathan 'Jo"'e~ was born June 2.1 , ing by reading the 186th Psalm. Rev. The widow of the late Robert M. Kohlhage~ , Lebanon . " N I 4fhe boys wh(l had been working at a coullla of torpedoes. It th e shIp was l'Ieproductlon of Farm BureAU Me~ J. F. Cadwallader conducted the de· Young, and tbe daughter of William she 1831, and departed this life ov . u~ chl'lateued under a hoooeOOoe, Moraine City were laid off laat week ber.hlp Card. votional exercises. Scriptural quo· and JohannBh Prendergast. she escapes. but if a torpedo hits hcr 1918 al(ed 87 yeats, 4 months and 2;) Mr. and Mrs, A, 0 : Haines , of th e and went to Dayton Fridav to get squ are ly It Is "furewell Katy, bar the day!;. His fath er came fro m, New tations were given In responlltl to born on tbe Atlantic Ocean, her pa. Masonic Home. Sp ringfield. spent for ts at efficient foo d productlon, It their pay. J ersey , His mother was a nat!ve of , door," roll·call. - The election of oftJcera for rent§ heinJr enroute from Ireland to Sunday with Mr. and Mr~ , J , C. II part ot a nation al dri 10 and ran ka Well, deal' fri ends, we do not th ink OhIo. He was one of a fa mil y uf . the coming year resulted 88 follo~8: America, in March ]849, One of a Hawke, In Importanoe wllb rllmpaigns to your watch. j ewelry, clock Leave we need dwell longer upon tbi s un· ten children, all~f whom have gOlle President. -Mrs. Cadwallader; vice family of seven children, two sisters ftnan ce the war, and optical r epairs at Kilbon's MilIi· pl easant Bubject as yo u probably to their reward xcept one brother. president, Mra. Crane: secretary and and tour brotbers, sbe is survived by " ~' hile peace will pl'l>!Je,bly re lease Leave youy watch, j ewel ry, clock nery store , agent for M. Kohlhagen, kllolV as much about wbnt Is goin g T he entire 1i e of Nathan J ~n \'~ tre88llrer, Mra. Mosher;' United Of· but one, a brotber, Thomas Prender· and optic>!1 repairR at Kil hon'H Milli- tood supplies that 'are 11 0 .... Withheld Le banon. on as we ito. ,but somehow I don't lJe- was spent in or near Wayne~v lli e ferlng treasurer, Mrs, Cadwallader; gaat. now living in Wayhesville, .A lfrctl Vivian, Dean from trude." sayS nery store, agent for M, Koh lh age ll , lIeve you cun tully realiZe th e cru elly He wa!! reared in the faith of t h... Millsionary treasurer, Rev. Cadwal. Her husband. Robert Young, died Lebanon. of the College ot Agriclillure ot the Mr, and Mrs. W, O. Raper are .of It all uutll you llal'e been on tile. Orthodox Friend s. At the age of 21 lader. last August leavinll' her to the ten· Ohio Slate University." It w Ul alBe Tbe program W88 der care and kind ly ministrations of remove powerfu l food embargoes, s pending a few days with relalives in . pot and know what Is tak in g place, years he became the .. hu sba~ d Lot Mr. Harry Hadden, of Columbus, whi ch will. there hy , greatly Increase Bro wn Co unty, wh e re Mr, Raper is It ce rtainly makes II person till ok M y J Cartwright, r Ive chlldr(-n Forty·eeeond Annual her nephew and niece. William and hll rd. uelieve us, Sometimes we feel bl::Sed ' this uni on, Two departed a cousin of Miss Georgia Hadden, tho demand for food . Poland. Ru· hunting the bunny . Woman'a Auxiliary of Katharine Frendergast. us It It were onl y an unpl easant dream this life in infancy , and two in ear ly Southern , Ohio. Mrfl. Katharine Young was a woman of spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, W. mania an d Ser via, wl ,n havo been on and th at we will walre up some morn_ II d He leaves a companIOf', reading tbe President'a marked individuality and sterling H. Allen . A, Maffitt. Dr, J, T. Ellis . Frank iu!; in the cozy little bed at home, man O th ItarvaUon olls fOl' rll ur yean, w ill one daughter, Mr~ , Mra Barnhart, Minutes of the character. Of limited education. ne need food in lorgo QllnllU tiu. A grea.t Farr , Dr. 1', 0 , Clagett. C, H . Hart- with thin gs Just th o sam o as th ey al_ °L r iriI ne grand daughtH , ty·eeeond Annual Meeting and Mrs. she yet pOBBessed a remarkable bURi· Coming Back-" Pride of Ri ch- armed force JU Il ~ t be {Uallltained in soc le, H A Cot:nell. C, M, Robitzer way s were-but no matter what we ~ura . e. 0 and a ho~ t of Crane. Annual Report of tile Secra- neas sagacity that served her well in mond" Flour ·-Ju st as good as ever, Europe tor a tim e to '\1.2..11 that the and J. O. Ca rtwrig ht attended the thlnli and try to believe we are MISS Ethelyn Jon es, . I Broth tafY life and enabled bel' to minister to 100 percent wheat. '1l'OU SNI CI'I>I'Y 111 0rni11 '" by tlJ e sound friend s to mourn thel.r oss d I' ~ . peace treaties wll1 not bo treated as !ScottiSh Rit e meeting at Dayton last , . " J was industriOUS an ~lI The meeting then adjourned ~ loved ones. A woman who practised At Will Wh ite's. more Rcral's of pn per, This IIIlans week. of (ha( bugle playl ll g th at old "I can't er ones 'III He IVwaM meet with Miaa Emma Heigbway In selt denial that abe migbt do tor get 'e m up " and wo want to heave a on a farm tl ate m t 'h ' that our enorm Oll ' a.r my will not be ' I d d 'd ot spend, IS money . f b December. othell. of deeds rather than wordR, J . C. Hawke left Mond ay morning demohlli zed in li me for crop produo- Mrs. Kilbon has tak.e n the agency shoe at him, Theo anothe r di saster ruga. an I n her's was a life of ullefulness and for Cincinnati where he will se rve on tlon nex t yen l', evon with the war for M, Kuhlh agen . J ewele r and Op. show s 11 8 that \\' 0 aro s tili In the grent unwisely , He was attentlve ~o lust. Mra. E, V. Barnhart, Sec'y pro tern. efficient activity. May she rest 'in the Federal Grand Jury , There w ill over. Furthermore, the enUre 'World tician , Lebano n. Ohio. w here you ba llle agaln, t the II un for the democ_ ness, and made life a finan,:lI b'!~ ' ------ • peace flnd Light perpetual shine be 'several important cases brought will, a8 soon as possl ble,_ increase will fin~ a first claas line of goods racy of til O world and that we will be cess. He was temperate III hIS a I S un til he ha. cOl1l pl,,(e ly s UJ'J'endered and greatly disliked th e drunkard upon bel'. ~ up tbill time among them bemg t he Ita foocl conslI nI(llI otl to normal cis- for. Christmas , eve rythIn g into th e hand s of our He held the Lord in hi g h es t~em a,nd -,---,,..---Bughes. De~ds probe C8~e. mOIHIs. T II ~ FA~~lmRS HAVE would not take his name m vam. lealN!l'. . MORE RIo; ASON f ll.AN EVER, CI ' t . ht ft Then whll o th e band pla)'s the ' He had great respect ,fo r the law, . Tl mn.Ii:FORI':, TO EX l' i1:CT A 0000 lrIS m~s co~es mI g y soon a er Witb t he enormous Stock of Wo- MA IlKI':T VOR '1'1110; BlGOEST Thanksglvm g. fn e Government r.e· Star Spangled Ban nol', and we stand and always paid his just debts, Hb e men's, Mislles' and 9 hi ldren 's C() a ~ s onOI'S TI IA:r TII E\' CAN PRO- ,quests ear.'y bUllng , and the malls at salu te, old glory will rise to the was charitable and gave to t e . . and SuiLl!. and Men s , Young Men 8 , DU CI!J NJ!: ' '\" YI!JAIt," \C IOSe t~ gifts for the Boys <!Iver seas mal nm o"t and a lon g stream er at Ille churches . In his declining years hIS friends and Boys', Suits all~ Over.coats, you \ __ • _ __ • _ __ ead y IPo December. . The S, Fred fore ?lnd we will Imow tll at at IlIR t we II l'e 'homewa rrl bo un d.' watched over him in love. He grew always have a chOIce lIS80 rtment to Company Lebano~ BI.g S tore has Now fr iend s, we mu st not lake any old g racefully and quietly went d?wn select from . Come and select for' . . , . \ prepared for ~h e SItuatIOn and, has a 'vour family needs whil e the Thanks· \ f wo- B Its hu ys a fltnft Stamp large and ~arled stock of ChrIstmas more nf YOUI' tim e or ours toJ' It Is to the gate of death He passed mto Two tboueand blue,clad sailors ah out lime to "turn in." or, as we sny, th Creat Beyond like one who had Bu y it now !goods on dIsplay . ' gathered be10re the out· door Y . M. The first nUlt!ber of the Lecture giving Special is on . "hit the oaull<lll mat." So, hopin g fo~ ht a good fight. and finished his C A platform last Monday after· Co.urse will be given on Wedn~Bday ev· that th is lelt!'r finds you all well and " g At the last he could hav e • . t C Logan (Zion City III) enmg, November 27th,. at 8 0 clock at enj oyin g life, we remain, ~~fd:;th Whittier, ' noon a ' amp , ' ' f the School Hall. On ac'count of resrto pay h!lmage to t~e mE!mory 0 ranging the dates .due to the qua ranYour frI ends of th e U. S. N . their shipmates who liave died at. the Une, a slight change haa been .made in C, S, McCLURE, .. And so beside the silent sea, atation., the course. . I wait the muflled oar; C, E . MENQENHATL, '!'he Navy Girls, advertised as the • The Y. M. C. A. Btaae was bankeo No harm from Him can come to me deep' with · oak branchee, .covereo opening number are now booked for 0 On ocean or on shore. , ............... with beautifully colored· late.r date and the Arden Entertainers, France, Oct. 20. '18. I krrow not where His i~lan~s 11ft taldng the place of ''The Allies," will I laaves and the flap of the Their fronded palma Ip aIr; Sundny, after dinner, float;ii over tbe .platfQfIIl. give the opening entertaInment. The soliciting committees of the U ni ted \:Var Drive were busy all last week, and the 1 only know .l cannot drIft, " In addition to the. readings, duets, Wblle the aaaemhlage atood at at· Mother, Father and Kid : Beyond HIB love and care. tenMon , the fliag on the quarter de~k quartets. and 8OIOS, ,a n ~xtremel~ p~pu. result of their labors is something Way n e 'fowus lt ip ought to be proud of. After all the was al6wl, 10wereCI' to balf mast Jar,feature of the llrogra~ t~ be gtv:~n Th ·rh.,. Battle Bym\l by. the ~de~ Entertair.efs IS I' 8e1'le~ drives that have been made in this vicinity, a nd ~owing that the war was at a n end, e . " d Ch lain Stut of Hiawallan songs giv~m in costumes an II' ~~ ed tb ' The ekuele is used in the accompani. that a p~ople would s\1bscribe a '230% over- th e -to'~ SUbscription, is really something to be B p~.,!.... tlie . The YOUllg' W'bmen of th.e com' and r.~t_ e a study of Hawaiian proud of. , BielioPi' wli Q BJ!ent in Honolu 11. IlfudYing This drive, therefore, is more of t h e nature ,~fa peac.e drive than any that has ,ever that ehe 'm lght the Victrob( been made I and, it is with grateful hearts that the ' people subscribed to the War Drive. . Enl~rt.lii1Elrl bring' gO'OQ,.~.o~,urand ,k1iow out' great success. "' . is the first county ,i n the state to , . J . 0, CARTvy,ij.IGHT, • m~ke ita 50%, ovelall'e of $88000 .. Chairman fo" Tp. (Signed) F. Ral?lsey, , - - - .' ,state I..hrector.






"-PERsoitMiNTiiii · COUNTY FARM t~REAU j-pfRsiAlMOOiij l - - - - - ,- - SEEKS MORE ~ =MBERS







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UTES WAR WORK _ _......... '



largest , single contribution. in the county was given by the KlDg Po~der Co , of Kinp Mills. U1rough ita president, Geo. G. Kinlf, amount. self~~ ing ~ 11200.


. ·ser as I lKn.n.,-,w Hun' The Kal !

lh HlIIill10 [/\ tn. IIcclnlm .HClor the ule knlSet' reto IJccome KreU[ lIl'ven[Qrs, tlllen Btl I n,'VCI·. \\'hnt\lvcr Amc rl cu hns produced," he declared, (',,1 veil tl () In lIle puhllC CII IIIC "Il e,utaruth er "1 udmlro your Ilwou sl y , nnd wal! ror t)Jat rCllson Of \I (lIUlel1'ul l\lvenUvc genius." It' "II I I'r ~1~lIl1kllncc. I ~'h("':1I'er ol.jeclc d vcry much to tho 1 1'"I/IV tll:1t "henol cr the 'ml Rcr I fncl Ihnt mnny nf lhe foreign oper~ 1 Cllllc(1 lit my olnec gl'ent crollll R I:uthNlnge l S WI/LC Ollructcd to New York ! (!Il'll outRide to C"tclt 0 glllllllRC of him by rca sOD or the rllhulous stllns pllid II h 'll h e COllie Ollt. They waited poth l'lII lit the Melropolltan operll bouse. ti e lltly, s.o1l1etlnw tor us long li S un







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eIllIH·lor. Thol r cooduct on thrsl~ occIIsl01l8 s how d , elY plllinly lhlll h e ... tl h Il( I n s trong hu ld on t I ICIt· o,,('c OIlR. The klliscr \In " th e ir Itlol, ulI,1 ad t n: I I Ihey II "rl' r e Y 0 8U ur a llv II conve ll eoce for I he "like Of doLng him bonor. It '''\R CtlRtflmnry fOI' I'IORS!!!! ot s('hllol c hll (I.."n Ill' tnl,en to the T ie r I:II11l'It from time to tiltH' 10 sltlll". tltl' g- rOl1p Q or shllucs of th ' klll~{'Ir';; hn· t:l' ... tOI·~ to the SlcJ,tcs All ee. Thoy u sual· I~ plI ssetl my house Olt lhe lr li lly to t h elt obJ'ct-lcs_on In nlllrloJlslIl . SOIllCtlllH'tI when the l< llf"" L~r \\IIS at toy

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I ip-.( Hf I 1111" I I 11'11 11\ 11,,1 1'" III IIIi \\ IIl ld .... 1 11 11_ \ III h l "i ,.tulI I II'd ,I fld 111.111 1 p\l o,;s 'h! 1I 11\' thl' II II It n{'cd to(lIlY, you 111 11 kf' no prl pnralloH ( ,. III HI' SI I I ... 11/ I II!I~ l\'" I " "1,11' l ' p!..1)111 II 111 I II!' ,\ III ... 1 I !,tI IlIn .. tc-..: IIld 11 11 JIII\I I Is IlIl ' l t II lI l \ \ t I) for tnrnnrt'nw ,'"r f'\ ery 1 rt'f" <. I1t j "lid ",,, 111, , .. ". I . f ' II' "rIlt II I .. 111I1 t! hilll 11 <'; I, I •.! ! .. II .. COl ~ I tln\ d I II ; I n II 1 \\ 1:-1 1111111(' III 'nlll I Iii fl OI .1 li lt down nn rJth"r sll " ulrl~" Illllnl", 1 If I "", "11 11, 1"1,1 1,,', 1,111 ,:0 '" . . . " '1' 1,1 , 1'1" 1,11 I,... 1, II l'tl l l,/1"'" 11111 u1l1111 111 ' 11 you don ' t ull~nt fWIIII ' ~\:;~h rn~H,.;:; rf' tilt' ~\II .\1 ~ lid 1;11: , ~'\ I / 1',,1 :1110,;:\\ ' 11111(11 ~\ II 1111 II'" 1,1, I I • I \ ' \ III ,t'l I 111 11 I 1111 III 1- 11 II. 1,111 II \11\ OIl! 1111 1.... 111 ..... 111 II II", time ~lll Burf'ly clime \\h e n AIII('rl(H 'Idl \ ' l oIl .d 1 ,1 dl l\ \.111 1t1 " I, Irllll q dl 11 11 " III In l 111111 II, l !tl l III I H III'II ' I Il I ! I,.' \\oultlllll\t' liplt! hll, k " \\111 huve to turn to GermullY for LIlli f ",!), 1.,,1, " I ' " "I Ih ' lI 11." II , , ' ... 1 I '11" ' " ' 1 11 " " ,,11 ", , II ,,' 1111" 11"' 1 I, >1111 11 Ih, ' 111I11t I" 1111- I" hPT." f l ."IlIH .... dl . I IIII, ' Il d) I \\1 ... 1\ •• _ 111.1 1 II I 1, ,,11 1, , It! ,d lll II I .. 1I1''I1l . "IH''' I '''I llId lh . IIndl , tl \llI~ol plt lt(trtlt" The knispr was n borqh critic or our I II I I 1,1 \\ "III I I I. t il 101 \, I I. I /J.I ' I ' " 1\ 'h. " III \' ., ..... 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In the nuttle , of the e:5tnte of A l vn

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I' " lit"

ndtll, d "1'1"'1' IlI lx s'" 1.I /ly \\ Ittl t h e w h lt(>~. I1 f141 t"I'rr \\111 lw « ()u-.:lllnt f r iction . My hrullll'r (l'rill ep II e llry ). ""hen he returned frnm hi " ,, to Ameri ca. to ld me 0 lot nboU I these n egroes. Indeed, one of the mo" t Impressive thlnn b e hcurd tbcre was a ,



" ,\ I ' II

Uncle Dudley Sez: ' f' IIl .. It 11



II. '. -lINI) '-low QUlC n ;",'.J t liAs GRo~1N '(0



HO;\lE by Jack



B t;>IO

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~ IIH1..'1


1, II



I will offel'

1111' 1I1&'1

'TI fllllrP


Span,sh S ulphu r Deposits. 1n IIt~ I" "" c C of M ll r"". Spnln, tI,,'rp Itr~ II 1111 1 her of !!ulJlhllr dl' posIt .. ~ III I' of 111\ ' most Impcutnnt ot tlll·1fI I !'; t hili 0 1 Ln Surn ttl d e L OI CIl , nt HI tilt' 1. )\\ II " t Loren. tltp hhl ot II I" , h ,xt, ,"I , 'Ie" n Illngt h or ten 1(/1"'11' " "" 11,,,1 , wIdth of Olle to t'lt O Ic[1fJl nl! t ers

Tuesday, November 36.19I H,

- - -- - - - --

\\ h " t.lled Pet ey.

T(\c t'nUy,



c;(Et.T ~IG Boo{ - Ho'J. 'OI\) LOVE' HIS




and Straw

We a re in th e marke t fo r



Call us wh en you have a nything to o ffer.


lcre ea y S oun , I.I ... t , n to ,\old,.. lind yo u \\ III )l('nr .Id ... . Il sIC'n to \nl('('~ flnd you w ill II I :t~. I cn J1 ty.- l l u\,old Go(ldaru , In .At·

Younce Brothers Grain Company.


fi. E. rt ATflA WA Y .aU 4 I1t llc~'",

1,,('h PI· F\V


' lffiofl In Ii ·.t n pg Hl ll w

E. v.

\ \ ,, 1" ,.;t

BA ~N HIl. RT .

Notary Publi c

AJgua n on

All k lor\Jj o f NrJ tary Wor k " u d D ap. r\ p " HJl{· n t.d \ f

In tl e •

Not to B e Thoug:lt O f. c blllll y Rtnlned trolll Itll lllll/o: SfIlIlI' 1I'1I 1 11 11 t~ O n S Ulltl uy h e r e lch lllt"" h lH IIl r l h,luy. II n,1 JU Rt UN tI'" 1;11 's l " I\I'I!' s" lIlcd nt t h e tu h lf' fl1 H1l1l 11 11 t-ml d 1I) "con u rll , 1 h c~ LI'OIUIIII'" hllllds ,,~,




Lin (Il 11 11 .111 JIi 0 Idle lu ""1)( tl J y !.:Inglt'







Now She is Strong and Well Ber k eley, Cal.-"I W BR nervous, irri table, no a ppetlte. could not s leep, and was a lways t ire d. s o my hous ework w as a g rea t effort. After many o t h er m edicmes h a d f ailed Vinol bUIlt m e u p a nd made m e s t rong. I h ave a g ood a ppe tlte and sleep well E v ery n ervous , wea k, ailing woman s hould tJ'Y it."-Mrs. N, Edmu nda. 2107 D WIght W a y , B e rkeley , Cal. We a~~ every n erv?UB, :wea k, rundow n , aIling w oman III thl. town to t ry this cod liver and ir on tonic on our gual'an tee to r eturn their money if it fails to h e lp them.



11 1(' gfl~olln~ lIou ld tnl<l' I h lll 8111fl1 olT VlllIr It lllltlS." III II s h"d<c,1 tO Il C h e rel,,·II.tI , "Why, 1111111111111 , ~ u ll d OIl'l t hink I "HUItJ USl' gllsolllle t ollllY, ,10 you? T h i s I s gus less ,lay."

Dr J. A McLoy, •

Veterlnarv Oraduate of Obi .. '....




~~ IIf i


Alph~h('t l ci! 1 PosGlb ll lties. All 'lh .. l1d"d,jlH n ts o f Ilil' J,!lnllP on OrlOln of UAlge rno n " (lICI1 I..!'it(I} (1I 11I ill l1.f'l1lldw,tinl.OOf)- 1 TIlt' nl1l1 " 1\1 ":1'1111111 \\II~ or\ ;:! Inn l1 y nOnl 'H)" \ ' II"-l "lI lt' IIlIt ti ll 111{, p us"' l· I "a l :"! (: ' l lll' fl." .II II! \~JlS (li s t HJlpllN1 to 111 1' I lln "'I' '''I!I '' II'' of IiII' ~n 11'lh" ~ (If o ll e of th l' r lu ""ll dlut! l'(,l'e \~ Il ls tl u'ull'l ll lil'l '\tIISIlJlII\lslngt ltlll t d(h rI .lIlI (· \\'1 ).( "III IHI Ii hut hb f(' I1 I1\\ )I t ' ''''H \\ lo l( IOPll l.! l s dll!l\llIltdl·lI(·!t 1\JII J.! 11 ff.; ( ,"~(·d Ir11lt\\lI1lnTlln l sap l'llil n of "lilt. II plIgt'~"llIllIlI(d l llti " '~s t1 l l1n . nr (drllllll, Jt)( '.lIduL! \\llIlntH w ith th~ 40 tt allsl,"sJIIIIHI of Uw Jt.\th rs , I ' Yh bld l s. 01 )lI s t 'Vhl ~k l'r~ fOI' :-dwl t. A s AI g-PIIiOO 1111' nnlll .. JUIS ,lI'f'Rlstpll In Ih e f:tlilih' t o thl' 1II ('~U' nt thill' , anc1 the tl'lIllt t1ul~t: or NorthtllllhcllHntl, WI R li t I F d

I II iI, 1 SHIIJt 11IIn~ Ollt

l l.!/1 11111\ tlwlft It-. onl y 11 :, 1111110 !o. 1I II;,!I III <0.: .... II lid 1111\11\ Illu s tl.IlIf1I1:-1 of



P hone


U Ir SQWe stG tn y ,I nit PU res luence on I 10 pper m. srd 1


111111 · ' It IlI:-;t

JII\l Uh :-W I\ltlllln \\ IIllt t"" f ,, 11 1'111 '1\1 \


- ---

hl!-; ll!SHlellcc. 11 _2 miles N . W of II elLo n, fal'mcl, and LvU c . 011 the 1''111,(' Jeluling fl"Onl Lytll' MI ~~ 1J(l1') Ibl s.itl g'lclon, uull l of to t he Dayto n a nd L ebano n p ike on "1;l;~:ll~l~~·'LcI:\~' f,lrlll e l, of mlln. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15.191 8. c: !t CS l.t.' I , Oillt! Ilind MUiS Albcl"ta COIIlIl1Clll'lOgntJOo'cJock: 4 hOl'ses. 6 \Volfe'. o f \VlI ldlo:Ol I OhIO C,ttt l c, 22 hoj.!s, ldrmlJlg J111pl c lne n ts, 1',.111(; l\t HGlf(l , l onUl'V englfl- Ov cllu nu uutound olhcrch nttel s. {; C I and MI H. Cuthcl'ln c Il offnlun. ' Sec lal~C lu ll a. ltollt of 1' 1.1111<1111. Oluo I A A M ' NeJAM I~S R JOHNS, Admr _ _ _ ___ d . Auctioneer. K:lli lan II HIll son

~." ,

" tlh'l 1I1It!fllIlIl Illut


Ca ll

nUU\"lnl'II '" ,'1' 1 " ~ 'cl l'C~t "'", n" K a nll~ '.; lot of King'. MllI ~ Oh,o callie lind fll l' l1I illlplemen is See (,t'O I'~l' W, lll alll s, Itn Cll1clll . of Le- tllg lll illil W Hller Sawy e r banoll, l nu Mr~. C.II H)r' J\ 1\1 CO lllng-- l tun of Mason, OhIO. 1 :-:)nu l S l Iul d\\ lci<.. attc rn cy .ll I nw Th e unucJ'si g- tl cd au nllnistl'ulor WIll o f I'ltt !oib lll :.:11, Pu, flntl l\ln~o:: Huby J ~ . (111 CI [ 0 1 sn lc tilt· l' h.Ittc l pt ope . ty of II VJll.ITl, o[ Leuuno1\ -HablJl J lU: qlJ th e lute A 1lhul (; chlu\1 t. fleceused , at

, ' II ~ lll ~ oIIIH'llll1llt

I" ~

Auto Livery


COlllmenclng at 10 o'cloclct 3 h Ol seh, 101 cnLule,!.U hen d of sho ..l.ts. f.lJ111 Jmp Olll e ll s, ~o) n, ele F Rog(, ls, "dm1'


H"n,lltlll R e MMcMAtl1bro!ic, ullll1i CICCt!'I anti !\11 ~ l11 Lotti boll' IIIIIt. oi


, ( 11 111


Telephllnl' 28


Good E)(p la " Rt lo". nnh I~ IIttr.l1rllnj! Ihl' k lnlil'r gn r tclI 1 011 (' I1f Ilw ('hlldr(,11 II RI<etl wh y It 1I'1l~ tllIIl nll'n 1111,1' t lt ~lr hil l s off nnd WOOl I'll 1"111(' t h olr~ fin. The lcnchl'r ex. I fllllltl~" Ihlll It II'nR n c u s tom, b u t thttl 1 111<111'1 HPl'm 10 Anti fy Bllh, \\ h ll 811111 ' "I 1,,1 (0\1; bl!Cll llSe men o r e nice, but girl!! ur.c ni cer ," .

t"I\V,. ~td'

OFFICE: Corn er Ma m all,1 Mill 'ltreets


Wayn elwille.

OR. J. W. Mil

LE~ .

...• DENTIST••• OMee ID

Almoat Beyond Ima,il n a tlon. \lfalIoQ. ' U'Qk A~tronomer8 reckon Oin t the r e o re at leos t 1.000,000,000,000 8uns In tbo u n l ve rsc ' una some of them nrc 80 f o r >


v. ~,.netl" lite. 0


d laln n t tbut light stlUUng f rolll tlle ro long before t h o ea rliest d awn of hu: m o n h istory hus DOt y et h a d time to _ _ J a nlley, Druggist, WnYllhv ille. O. r each UI. -

I t.opt)od tD IIIrnlllolet

.ell,wwp . !! Wllhl!om D,od·8hbQJ?:! 1 0,t9oI!,wlIl aurcli i>ro,n:

... ';"""ilDI"""I.Jt.~~InfI~ ' _ J


- - - ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - , ou r"~: f. . " IIJt.RFUL e


1",,1. d 0111


\\1 , 11 '1 . II. \\ ,,_1 1 , .. I hlll"': II I I I I' II I' d ,! I .(1 tI , " , 1111 1. III ,h, L" V I \\' \~un t! v WIl'f1 III fllllU I II ' .11 "I I', .. n Ih. 1, .11 ... , 1 Itti\l'rll l In t.1 ( · I t ... ... I1 I [ ,.1 ' 0111')) IlIlIt" II I I 'I II. II' .. " Iuilrll ll(,u • fir f I' \ i ' ) III H '1.~il(', W w\ 11 St1 II


1'1111'1 ,


1 I I I I ..

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111 111\' II \.t I III Jl llt " llIld

11111,,11111 0'" I I . I I I ' I II I ". I 1' 1I' d II' I " 1 Iu d II I II 'til I • I II I '01 1'" II .. 1 111 , 11\1 .1, 1.11 I I 1 II

11 "1 II I IJr I

l\"oj " 111 \1 1I .t! I 1 I. I, \ 1


" II I,

'II '!' II IIII I..! I "

I d 1•• \ , I III · 1 111111 I Hlb l ~ I I, _I " I I lit "' , I n ~ \\' II


.\ I~ ,.


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n (l~ rf)


\\". ,

und otller tlls-

Jlrnh l ell1 In yom f'lIl1l1lrv

\ II

I , I II 'i'" I I" II,

to whh h tla, ' \ olr .. rt () hul poor

rt' s lsIlllH

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J ~,Ot)O .(~)() n, ',(r.. ' ~ III litis cOlllllry . Lul thl ' Y \\ele d\llI~ 4Jff In I~reut nlllllhcrs



I !


, II

'J Il" l<rtl:-.t r \\1I !-. \1 r) 11111'11 lilt,,, ,- I,d III nlll' uegro l,r ,I ,l l III It :.;;1' 4 Ii" II 10 I fl o\£! n gT\'ll t ( 11"'110 !f in n (or IJim, lind It .. fr"lu"IIl1y rpf"r<" II, It Il ' L1tHl

II .

0 1



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111\ I'


° . .

I,· Ih ll ~ t' ,,1 10 .... 1,",,1 hI I II !'> \\ 1\ 111'1 1 1 111 \ 11hl)l '- 111 11 ... fI1 1· ,t! , '.1 Ih. t •• I' 11111 )II If II . , tl t ill' 111 10 · ,lj. l , 11 1.11 1I11 ~ II lII u ld'" IIl!hl I lli\ iii \ ,II I I t .... ' IllIlCII 11111111 1\ 111 f' • IIII·'W 11 1/1 'I (' (ol 11 11.t n 111 . 1.1 " I' II ~

... , • , 'II' "1'1\ / 1 .. \1 lit IIlIlId I II I I ' I!' I _. 1 III, ttl. II lit It \\.i !'o II , II I ' I" I. I I I 'I'! I 1111 I lild dlllJ.! I ... It/I \ 1I1i,! .: II I j " 1111 ill \ f.1I 111I11d-

,11 • 11, 1 \ " ... 1 :,\1 It I n ..:, I' r la" 1' 1.. ' ~h p' I)j l _ \'uII I,1 nt th( !o.II rl fir ~ I " I III '" ll1d 11(1 1J ... " ll llll" \\I dl \l Il gl1f1 In III -",urJlollllrni fnllll 'HI ~lI'" 1) \1 r 11, It /lo lh 1111: f,f tl lP IUlld I:; 4 \1 r h, II Ii .

ml '

101 ·

, 1 J

I I" d ...

I Jl tl l 1 "


\ It I' I I' I

dlff, l' lit fI" , ... " ,II!'\ " tIl /I .1 I" 1.111, II' lin Hd'lI l ,d-..lrUllldl \\ I ... I II I 'ot \\ ' I II. , "'III.II.,d \,n .. 1,1111..::1\ lOll I,qr

t \\

\. ,




Itol. :..

/11' 1 JI" ... II' d

, II !. III 1 \\

1,"11'1 I tll.: lI \\

Ho.ward Burton

- - --

Il dl "I 11,.1 111. l l l i q ' ".lIlt,d II 011 I III' "'1 I ' • I 1" 1/ '" III III I' til l. lttl "', In nil




1 1111 ,1 "._ II .

1I -------------------

I til d


I II 1III , I I" . ...





, It ll l '-,


• I' .

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• I


• till





" II'




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' I f I,r





Publlc Sales


l\1Anltl.\G~ LI CI;:' SER




11 I


01 11111 ' , ... :

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- , I"


I ,q. I_'l l


r l l l d l l l l"';




! ll '


l{og't' l s J!::t

MI " ,"1ll ~ IN R II(JI(;ld t-lt'll~1 H Il IIL,et ll,l1l.lnd uP~111, su hdl\' ISIOIl of I.(' hn non ~ 1.

·". n

.11 1 lid I ' I ' II" I I I 111 11 )I,,..: I I

Ho\.I g'IJll1an

I'~ I


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nd ll\ l ni stlutol I

,l'lIl·l ~ .I(Jlll l SP I' lII L:" UOl'O




Tlal' IInd eungn ed wi ll soil I lle c h ntHl'ull::, tc.l k ' Trullsrt.' r s. L.. I lllOPOJly belonging to tbo Into AI\'" N .l ntneR, d ~ ceas e d, l ·S nlilo (hdH'J Thomp <:t:lJlI to I( V \ Valler s outh or Ii'lve Points Schoo) 1l0llRl'. lot No 2 JIl Llb,\nllll OhIO. ~ l. lund 21_2 JUile R N I~, of 05Jllhl J!bolQ. "11 (, .I TI ,I I \V 'iJay to E R .\I1l\ Ulll0. au • ., ":\1 '" \V ooc!, l ot III L eba null st . 1\1 MON DA Y, D ECEM BE R 2, ~918,


I' III \ 1I ! I L \ I .\ I



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M.Sel1e) s t.oJ C .lno NI E I ""- .IIIY II" t!, I"' " 1I!.I .;e "hi It tilt· I'lIhlio I" 101 lI'gll ltllllj.: tI"'1 1 (,, 1,,111 , Plllt' of lots No no, 01 UlJ(1 IIf !-.Hl ll l, ... ' .... " Huld 1111\1' "" 1:1.' d I ltt ' ul'- 1\lIis lH sllllultl 111 '1 I Ill' undel'f1II1If't1 Ht In ~nrJI1J.!hot o, OhIO ;;i l P'Htl. 'II '~ Iii 01 '1111011(' t ill I\u l " i'r h , lIl l \\Ith Ild~splli1 "r tll\Ollnll{1111t1lil1ut ll \ l j\ II " .. III ""

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U !::if CI\\ood I S Ul11JUl I1tcd ..ts ndmtDIsllatol Bond, :';~ , : IUO. I n the rn~ltt·\· ol J~uth A. Chcnu· 'Ielll , (i('C l .I S',I I·''',lIltlt accoullt IS ..

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ulOIl~ to n eR "Docs IIc ('\tAl tnlh, n l>ou t nn)thlns'l PICH!-;O tclllllP whut he sul<l the lust time he walS here." ' I I 11 ' r\ lH'"I (,"1 111,111 Idlll! ",II' IIII! I I\\ 10m •

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J()\\('d tllc brnn c.: h(l ~ \\lIlrlt tlll'\ I"PI ,,' d orr th(\ trees to rl'lIl1llfi o n IllP grlllitul nnd \\twn til l') \\ t'rp 1t.!llIltd 11\ "'plIrl\ ...


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Is, \\IJ" .l(11i " 111, \ "IIV tIl,, !'>, '"1\1I111 1,! tH\\"l'~ IIrl hnve so runny forl'~t t1rl'S In your CO Urt· Ilrllll' II" h. \\I'llt 11/1 1.11 1 \flll try?" h e asked, uftt'r 1\ PHltlfullIrIV j l h ,, 1 gl'f ("j"'~ IIIH lI~1t til \ till I ,lItll l \ d estructlve confiugrnllt)1l III tile " 'l'S . I" II"'" ~UI h "'III.tll 1-:1111 '" A':1\111 If jlll l' hod d est rnY (llI mony 11I.; rl'S 01 tlllllli r ' H f III" ... , 111'1 \0;' ... \\1"" lI lt II \\Hultt N lid IIflow does It b il III'L'Il'!" / 11 ~11I . \\ ,r "f ~ nI H" 1t tIll IIf I" '" "I J (lXJllnfo etl to 111m Ihlfl mnc: t n r Ihfl II I, 11111 1 ' II I". tid 111111 \\ lIlIl d "II' UII" forest tlrf'S Clune ' ,qlll "r l lrld;;, flmll jill I 111111 \ ullit,11! ',lIlnf IH lllITl,ltu l an you tl\11 UH\

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this cuuntry, till' kal<::'t'r l ) olntl d otll to dl ... ! 1111' Ine whut n ~f('ut mi "'!nl,(' " to! \\tI O I Il IIJl .ltlluthP I""\\II-.; ttil' ... Of td l l tl llll rn nklng In Qot de\{)tin~ nll)J" utt{'o- Illl l \lll ~ 1t )"I, \( 'I~ 11 1\11 II .tlilCt It t 11 til '" tlODC to It. D 111 1114.,·. fI


III\lI'~ of


I Wl1d~ ~ilchrlst V8. Caroline S . Sdlenck • .et n . PqltltJon.. .. lItole l\.enu cdy I'S. Lho COIl1t1\ISSIOncrs of Warren county. Fe'r dumuj.(es. >l1I1I'tlnl claimed, 'P~:),OOO and cost~. j Thelntu LIttle, a Il1lnol', by John Itc. lIext fl wnd, VB. ~IVCI lie Couden I O.lntl1J!;es, a mount cll1,nl c d 1I'5,1 5U an~ I co ls Hoil'h 11. Littl e vs· NIna Smitl •. Divorce GlO SS ec t . l'rucerdlngs. C J ~lunnal's und E llu B. Wl'ij.(ht I \8 the H "" O. Ry Co. '1'111 5 clls e I~ I ths nu sg~ d wll.hout recold. ,


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New Suits_

flnlll U plolongl'll Rtlldy of ili0 :-;tutu es

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of hi. Ih'llult!'!1 I\II(·~'tnl ". I'HOBATE COunT l'ROCEEOIN(;::I. JIIos t or illY )lutll'llh 1,111' 11' th ut tllC kul~e , \'1 Il .. d 11I 1l, 01111 tI,,'} II .. I' CI tire,) The IV Ii I or J os (; C.It·l olI, dereus. Of H",ldul! qups:ttnns uhotll him It \\ . I ~ cd I~ ntlmlttcd to ,)l Obnle nl""," 111I\108-llIle f,JI tlt'"1 to h,' lI ml' I" tPc m" l lel ul tlte ~ s tnlc o f Jos th llt ,h ()y IIc' clu hlll " lit .. nrlvllcgc nf ( (1111011 , dect , , Jolin (lllmcy SItUII!; III the vcry "Ill I , IIhlch tflell la"oll IS 'ql"omtl'd liS cxcrutor. nt. 1",1"'r hurl oCcurl"'l uUll ti I CqllllCd "-lbelL Me,"tt, FreLi "Docs Ute 1<IIl"cr IIcluolly s it In this po ,nlIlln :tnd,Q'l:co. bdIVlI1 dH ure apcd .1S p"" 5Cl'R . v<'I'y chll lr?" t""1 would lI,k In IlIcrw· In til(' Ill lliL~\, of th(' s late of l.; \tz




('I ll In fl'unt of Utt' plur c to H\\f\ lt 1'1Il11e lor'" 110pllrllll'" IIwlr 1('"d\pI ~, 110 I (I\\,Ol' o f the plRlI1tJif nnd mllkes thb (]otlht f cllug: that th e ynUII,Cst Cl:-i II1JllllctlOn pCr nlHJ1Cnt \\011111 gil in g re nlci In s i l ililtinn f l om t;\ly Co lhn s va l\1U1Lhu 'o lhn s It 1I.,.' IIIIg Itllm " s(, flf 1111' IIvlll l! "1""1)I~otl~OIStgU·'I" "lCd. L cs II e Co x. BUI\ " u,c 0 110 I'~ :111'11 Ihllll tit,,\, CQu id po"s lbly d('rlve \Jolld IS fixl!d lit * 1,OUO


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'rhe Vil luge of Leba non va D th e Henl1L'll Uoult ftnus Lhe Jssues In

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(If ('UlII M ' " I f AI1I\ tHII 10',d ... l s \111t 11l Institution s [hn,I' hud p 'III"lIls ot '"1I111IJ: 1111 0 Iht' 1111' . \\111 .,,,,·,,,'1 - It, I h"d 1111111 ,,"I 11.1"', Ih"l I ltl' 'It'll" InlelllgPfu°..p nnd ('fiu, atlnn Il""k mf' how ""I tl fl iii r II' CI 1)1 ": H I I u's 11111 1 Il't u s \\ I '" rillt ftll "11 1,' '1 hi' AIlIf'llt nn tLt'tl we ore uhe In tOpP ,,1111 thp lnulHH8 t5-h 011 t thllll 110 \\ 11"" l 'Ilti Ill \' 11 ' )11t' ... IllntlH thlll he \\oulfln t In "leworthl"'x IPnl (l fn"rllllllll'IDI .! "h" III1I1"II "I 111 11 h,II1o - hlllSll s 1111.. ' '''''f''l .tll I" '''l' r Thedl",'I,of grntlon to Amerl '" n n rl Ih l' IIl sl vol' I '" II "I , I ,,," " , ,Ix y,.11 s II~" 1111' 1,111", till ' 111.111 I fl() ."ltI I", dldll't (',In' hOIl utne of commercial trl\nsn('tlon~ hp- p.lld lilt III .1 \\!o,,!1 11 1111 \\.1'" \ 1 1\ 1I111l11 IH I ICh It (o::; t. I ~<' Ilt \\arc) uAcl< to tween the two cltun lrlc. It Is nh nosl I """1' .It'li \\ 11111 h,' ,"/1.,,1 I" sU' II,,' Ih'll IIll1n I I nt Ih"1 1' II'PIP nolt PII"ug h unhellevnhl e thnt ~ u (' h l'rrnlll'OIlS 110- sl"'IIII .,IiI''''.lro l he 1,,/11 III,' of his Ih,1I Ir' I" Ihl' 1",lld 10 h'lI lh .l l ('u-tlc. lions shollid pre\,1111 III IIt,'s" 1'lI l1 l:hl- "XI" 111'''"' Ti ll I' ,"I' SIIIIIl' 11>I,,;s Ihn l ~IIl1r ,10 1ened days. hilt thf'\, do "1 \\ 4' 111 0\ pr Ih " ..::hlp ... from t ll tl (11 I \I ' ''' \,. II t hll\' I)" I..:: , olld tln4.,' 01 th"10 This toct parlllllly SI'f\' I" to (,),7pl"ln hnlllll"" hI' ti .. IIII,tI ' Th" III, "~" ~ Is IHllutllll1 c. I" II, III Corfu I' holV E'n.y It w,,~ for Ihe \",lsl" t11111 his " ·I!. III VI'"c/s ,." 1'"11,. "I II> I" 'II I" In s plrl'(1 nrl"!! to ,,1111 the '\1'01 o\'~ r I \I " ,' ,ry IIIU,1t 11111",,,,,1 111111 II .. C HAPTER XV. the 1"'""I,,'s P}'·~ rq;III'dIlJ/-: tit!' 1I111t1l- \\,1\ th,) art' 1I1111U" ,1.111'1 nil II , 1,.,1 I ' I nl o Ih C 11111 .. ,,,, I, ,"" till" bill - lit, ' I,ll ", por t unce (] f I \ m,' r I (;It sentry The Germ3n Peop Ic. \lur. It dlw<n't I'xplulll ut .>11 hn'" ""11, ' .. 11'"11': 1111, I . I,r 1,,,111111": I Uh,' .',lIh "f 1I11t '~ lIln'" IIhlclt ~ll'ry eVflr. how l(Jlllpit'tfily lhf' klll~llr hi III· 1Il Hst ~ 'I h, IIIIt\ ptl ...... l ldt, 11 "'1 I 11\ f: . fIll III .... "ldl,1 .lld I l l1hllc offit'la l self urHI('r(\~tltll .1tt' cl Us HlllJ PUf pU\\l'r, ~l' t' HI tIlt II I "n uld h. ttl lIliln \11 11 - ( "1 t Ik, ... I dll·l .... 11'11 !11 , t to snpport t h o

for J 4!otlht \\h e llH'r tht'lf' l~ IlIIV fnrplgn~r Ihlng- \\110 hn s Ilt' \ C'r " ~ 1t"11 Amerlco \\hn I\110 \\ 9 moro 111I0 llt o ur


UH~ ~u l.. c ot ' gr~ctln~ tb elr !

1101.11'. fot·

III ' I' n l/lllg 11111 111<1111 ~ 100 111111 , 1", It .. "I,,"I'I/I\ tlllll j! I'd Ihe y 1':11,.< II ' h a" ". II I- 11 111 M'I,," wltlt II ~ Ili k 11111111 I ""1,"1 1" '1' ~. ~.... 0.<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>0<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>0 ' Ih ,· \11 "111 :-;U"'"- " ," -hlp 11111111(Copyrigh t, 1918. by Ih ~ McClure N." "JlIlPor Syndltale..) 111"" 111101 II .. I II' I" )!I"" II 11 /1 ,,"'r II IIh " ,hll" "f IIl1glo,,,' I", ~IIIII. i \ "'II II' 111.'"_ "",, <II 11111". CHAPTER XIV. 1 .11"lr 01 I" 'J:I" '''", , I" '11111 '"' I "''''11'1 P.II I, Ih ,I tI "'1 rl'IIl1 v Ilo ,, 't I~HIl}! SOll i P \'Hllfh, f lll 1111')od, ... Hill) I,IHI\\ \\h tt tl\ do \\Itll It \\h ). I (.'The Kaiser and Things American . 1IH'lr \flil' ... \\ ~'I ,I' I It ,11 li s hi II--' , t 'lItl) OIl. nf \11\11 111111 111 111111 e!-: Among I h~ Gl'lmnns gl.'rll'rn lly Ihl'l'e Aftl'l Ih ,' -1.1111''' Ihl' "tI -1 r """ I sil" III ('IIrill 111111 " II I Illtf' nf hi s Is n s lIr)lrl "l lI J: Ih'/o:n'I' of 1/o:1t'""II,('{' ro- ' r"f," 11',1 III Ihe )"""'" IIl!lIIl1 ""11"1',,111111,,, II' Ih,' (·"url IIlth Ih e gB r dln g (undlllllDS In AIII\'lh" The I~ ~l)lIr {111I1I41' III M'III. lltUI lH 'g lO PII "' UIlIj ,IIIIIfts IlI l' ...... 'I,.!{' IJlh':lSP h ·1l the II ' , tI


ARTHUR N DAVIS D 0 S • •..... • •_....... • . -_. _B....1_._ . . _....................


hOl'~l c"~ly.


for Fourteen Years

~'. uti,,·


O<><><><><><><><><><><<><><><><><>o<><><><><:x:><><><><><><:><<> - ....._ .. _ ...... _ .........._.-... ............-.. . . . ..................._ ..........-. -.... -

,r ,

.~ ••T H E' MIAMI

.G-:A Z E T T E... ~·






Illnt.reol .... t .t he P08tomce at Waync8vlll., UhIO: al Scc.!'bd ('10" Moll Motl e .

D. L. CP ANE, Editor and Publisher. Subscriotion Price,


\Yayne~ville, O hio

An extra fine car of Shingles here

'$1.50 per year





t er


d l, OUII CP or nil


lHUUCU lit W()Ill(' 1I l UlU CIIIIC1n' II , Jl I


of' Inli ..')'ttHtlnIlHI •

Inll' mHI th e 111('1111<', of C'OIll I1 I(,Il hll-

: uluntly '! rl'lh~~' li nd oll ly ulle c'l'lIldsllI '\ to IHnlHJ o r It.- il \\'lI l-I H o t ('UIIIJ"'u l tc'l1 -


. sl",!

I not

.'IIIJ1I ~ h ! II \\'II ~ IIhsollll l' fr> lI y7 it n Cl'llI lC, Ihl'Y Siliti. flH' a .. I·IIll1n y

:===~===========-= 1 tn preserlh!! snf,·ty 11111"" fill' 111' 1111'111 \'('~sc' l '



Th l! wholll \\'orld "houlrl

w b c r cvcr nud \\' h ~ n e \'e r th e oppnr lUl\a Ity offe r ed . Eve ry sh ip tllIIl.


The Kaiser as I Knew Him For Fourteen Years

should be Slink, nlHl cI','r y Altl crknn who venturell wllhlll r nll~c of n n .. rII1UII

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ot' Ih e R llhl11l1l' in l~

th nt n (,fllllinu lltinn \\HI'flll' "

\\'0 11111 11l-

evi tllllly h r lng AmNI ('ll 11110 tI'" Wil l' fllLl lint pel·turb the 11I'''ple In tl", s lI!;htes t. "How cnn Allll!rlcn do \III mnrt' lln rm tllllll she I" no w d,}lng?" till'Y IIHle,'d. "Alll erlclln lIutl e tH lire H h ofl lln ~ down Ollr III en , AIII~"I"lIn fn Oll Is R II H I III IIIII ~


f)ur ent'lUl es. A nl pr l('u n (lol1l1 n .; I\re worlcln g nJ.:IlIrH~ t u s In C\'Pt'Y IIiH" l"I lhh' WilY. I,e t AIIIP"1 '/1 CIIIII O illl" Ih .. wur



~ll'e li S II chfi llce 10 puy h .. r hn,'" whnt. ~ h o ItIl H !luu,' 10 " " . S ho Cllu ldll' t hu elll 11 ~ lillY 1110,'11 If sh,.. I\','re (Copyright, 1918, by th e McClure Newspa- II helll l;f'I'I' nl. Wil Y u Jl u\\' h .. ,. 10 reper Syndicate.) molu Dc utl'lll und go 1I11 ~( ' allt c ,11" The juhllnllon with whll'll IIII' n ow~ IJII ~ or IIle nr~ t JlnpreRs aulls 1 r eceiv ed nliollt th e Oel'lIIl111 pCllpl e, whe n I went to IIvl! nmung them fourteon yenrs lI~fl, \l'ns I he Inc" ut corurndL~ I!hlp 1I111OIIg UII'IlI . Cln "" dl Rtinc tinlls

or..- drnwn 80 fine, nntl tlwr(1 111'0



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ceived by th e (:erll1un peol'l e WIl" g.. ne rn I. It wns AO NI'::IIlfll.'lln t Ih ll t I lIetI,'vo Ame rlell wnllld hll \'(' II .. ,'lur,·tI WUI' IlIIlIIedlntely h lld It Iw"l1 1"',,"'11. I hllvl.! fnllefl to find II "IIIJ!I~ (; ('rIllUIl who did nnt ('xult O\'"r Ih" dll"I III',II.I· ('l'!me, . nn(l Ihe uetil'lI y or Ih e 7" .1" pllllns In th ~ lr rul, ls (III OI'NI tnwlls Ilvoked s hullllr <1"IIl'II\ ~t " nli ,," ". Thut th e vi e ws which I he Il('('plc Il cl<l rl!/:lIrdlng th e conduct of the 11'111' we re strongly Influ e nc(',l by Ih e 1,"I t11e press, whi ch WII S lIhlffi ltJl'ely clO nl rull ('d by the goverllllwnt, WIlR nlll y 10 h I, ('xpected. 'rhe fn c t thut In pell ee lillie t he press of 0 ' rtUnny 'WII R I](.,.hlll'" t.hl! most r cHnble III the world, nl/I!! " or It o portlculnrly Vllillulile Inol In the hllntls of the gnverJllllt'nt , III tllII O of Wllr. The Oermnn ne \l'spnpe r I ~ gO~!l c l to the peol'll), The Inst word In nllY Ilrgume nt wus olwuys fllrnlHIlC'd hy proof Hllpplled hy sOllle new"plllWr nrtl cle. "gH s teht In d er zl'ltung ," IIherully tl'u nsluted, "'the pnper RIlYS RO," wns IIlwnys fiOliI nn.t conclus ive. NOlhlLlg th e pupers d ccillred wos too pre(lflHte rOUl! to be bell ev(.!d. The preas wne u sed to cxceltent nc1Ylllltuge to coneell l rllve rHCR Ilod lo muke the utmost cnpltn l out or suc· cesses. Right trom th e stnrt tile ncwspnpers dednred thnt Ocrlllnny WII S fighting a defe nSive wnr; thnt the nlltlons ot tile world hud jumped on Oc rmllny's n eck h(.!cnuRe t1wy w er e jenlous ot h er growing powel·. 'fhe Imporllluce whll'll Ih e Jclli ser nnd his leolle rs plllcpd In IllIhll c 01' InIon nmong th e Oe rlllllll (Icllpl (.! Is clllllrIy lIIus trllted hy Ihe IlIlu oun cemellls tll ~Y mnde nnd lho lJI eIlBIJI'CH th~y re· sorted to trom time to time, for 1,ome cousumptlon_ When In Decemher, 1010, for Instance, the kulser rentizl'd thnt th e re8ullliltion ot unrcstrlctllll "ublllul'ln' wllrfllre, which he hlld dc t('! l'Il1lu cll upon, might bring ncutml III1t1on s, Incluellng the United Stutes, Inlo th e wnr, he telt thnt It wns necc""ury to do somethlug to uphold tho 8plrlt ot his people. It toolt the form ot II Ilrouosnl of uenre to tlHl nllles. (Oontlnuod on pOliO ')

UIIIII Y g l'lldntlulIM, Ihut It ",UM ullllost IllIposslble to find t\l'O OerrunllR 011 the RnlLl C soelnl pilln e. One wns IIlwlIYs the otl, e r's IlUl>CI'lor. Ariel' nlY fOllrlllCII yeul's ' eX lw rl ellcil unlOng IhIlRl! people, I Cllnnot SIIY I hnt thllt curly hnlll'cRSlolI hnR beau relllnvcd ; U anything, It hu s been deepllned. Anyone who h ns lived In Berlin, nnd Is fumlilur with ('on,lItious III olh l' l' l!lurol>ellu I'nl lit nl M, wi ll bell I' lIIe out tllllt the Gerlllnn T,olleemnn IA the IIIO" t arl'ognnt pollet! otllclnl III th c \l'MItI. Bis wort! IH Inke u In court lu pre!','re nce to thllt flf s ix civilians, IIl1d hi s powe r Is ,mdl !lint It might very ells ll y be used "JiJir"sHlvf~ l y; IIl1t s lrnllge ly I'nollgh, (1 ~" Jllle the cUl/lulty of Ill e Gurmun ellul'Ilct e r, grlltl nnd COrJ'Uplion umon g the OCl'IIIIIn I'otle" 111111 other olllclal!l ,w e re prnctlcHlly unknown betore the wnr. Such we re the pcoplo be hlilll th o kulsol' wlwn the grent WIll' Rhll·l"d. I shn ll never totget the sentiments ex('ressed to lUe by pl'lvnte lillllvidullis fn 'e,'e ry wulk of li to nR tho vurlolls phllses ot the \l'ur d e veloped. No ml!lI HUre Ihut wns tuke n by Oe rmuny, no multe r how ntroclouR or Incon sistent \l'ltj) the world's Idell of wltot Is pet'JIII~ " I"le In civilized Wllrtnre, e ve I' brollgh t n word ot comlelJ'nation (I'OJII Ihe Ge rmon pnllllc " " n whole, Illthou~h, of COUI'He, th e re were sOllie notuhle I!XCCptlOIlM. 'I'hc grcllt majority or OerulIlus who dl sClI sRe rJ tlicse wutters \VIOl JIIe, huw\ V()I', not only defended evcl'yt hln g Ge\'llJlJDy did, but eOUlpllllned hecnusc mOl'o rlgor~uR weU8ures were not tuk en, Merely hy wuy of eXlllllple, nud not becuuse her 8uggestlon wos UIlY worMe thim hundreds of othel'!! rnl sed by Illy German pn!lents , 1 lUoy mention the s u rpris ing vi ewpoint expl'e8stld by tho Countess Slers lorprT. n relative of Von Henc\lel-Donnersmnrch. It wns ntter Ituly hod joined tho n lI os nnrl w!l e n Oermnn resentment ng lus t tbut nutlon ron very high. "What we ShflUld do nt tlte very first Ilvallnble opportunity," she declnred, Bring Up the Reserves, "Is to del!troy every s lnglll work ot nrt John wns visiting hi s grnn<lmother, In Italy, Not a single one of their who lived In tile couutry. One dny Innllmllrks or ort treasures sbould he his grlln!lmother found tbnt ,Tohn hnd lett standing. Then when the Will: Is !Jut a few eleun c10tlles left, 80 she over and Itnly no longer derives {be tolel ;John to. wrlte to his mother nnd enormous revenue Rhe hOIl beeu col- tell her to send h1m some new clotlies. lecting for years from tourists, she will John obeyed Immedlntely. ond In a be sorry lor what she bns dono to few minutes returned and sbowed her the letter, wblch wns os folloW8: ' Oermnnyl" Did tile Oermnn people countennnce "Deor ruamma. plense send me 11 1'& the submnrlne. wnrfore IIlId tile sln\lli!h· enforcement of elenn c1othCII."

Theirs Now



Will McCarr .. " a lll i FI 1111 I. Wll su u . 11'. ,,,, ,I :l II'H ' AI"a i. ''' I.!''I!;l{)U :\lul C ly d e G il ll JOn ~ , who li ves e a~ t of 1I',,,,,,,d, 'u hIl S lJlI'~R in Clll l'inuu tl 0 11 ba lly SjllJII l !:lal \lrday " " '''~ a li t! SUII _I I \I'll, is ve ry ~ i c k wit h Ilppe ndi citiR. !;a")I'(i Il )', 1111,1 ~ I I'. :lIt'Cn l'I','n bro ug ht ' lI il ll Lhe lr 11II.r e nt o, III' . ~ I I'" , I We ha ve a f e w cases of influ e n za h Ull'l l! H Fon.l l'oud »t c 1'. Il.. l!tl d lll g (O n . Il eu r Bl uh' 11 1 ·~:lt I· " h e re 'y e t, but nun c are scrio u !:! , M,'. IIlld ~ l rH . I ~ . IJ , n u ld u alld Mr , ~ II' . a lld ~ 1 1·g. A. B , 'i'u llll :q;O alld The p u blic schoo ls ope n ed here la s t IInu ~Ir ~ . W , C. Wel c h we re s ig ht 8 0 0 - so n, J.~ ~ . a nd Mrs . A'"" "d,, Gam el' Ill S 011 Thllrsda y. took S lIlIlf"y rJinne r w illI ~ l ,· . ('JlU l'le ~ Monday , In th e n car futu rc Mr , C, E. Le ircy Uru ha l1l 's , uea r l.aban oll. Wesley Smith is imp r oving hi s will 1U01' ~ his s tock of goou s lu to M a:III'. Alh ert Harris , of (':'l Inn Taylor, property on E F r ankli n St. b y puts on'R bu ~ ln oijs roOUl S. "I,e ll l S lIndn y wltb hl H n' la LI"es b ore, t ing up a front veranda and add in g T he Md Hs le TOWII ' !d p !'i uud ay an oth e r room . Our , ' hool Is husy d r ll' ing bra" .: h,·a d .. " lu c l,., aft, ,1' ~uVe 1'll1 we ults ' Sr h ool Con\'l"ntl on wll : he held at Our p09tmaster, H. E , Turner, is " 1(':111011. He .. ch C:rol'o c hurch ~ ' II1(l ay nrte r- confined t o his home, with a heavy II'lIli",,, 1.:1 II'SOII , I) 1I t: of ou,' bl ack _ 11 00 11, Dece m be r 1st . H e,· , Ij" nn ot, III eni d . " "lI hs . /"' " 1""1. " " "n,1 ha s Oil ued up .lon n h Hlln c hllrc h, wil l el" l) t ho a d. LFlwre nce Lamm e , who is in trainf1t· O~S . 111 l ·lIl'w ln. Ou ,' IOKS Is lIwlr ga ill . ing n t Cincinnati , visited h is g ran,j :I I,'" . Hannnh lli ch '1 111 1 :l 1I 9s I'n 8 m o th e r , M rs. Mary Lamme, h t' r e ~ II'. ","I ~ I m . II''' S yfel'd 1111(1 s on J"hll , "" I:OIIII ",nl ,." hy M,, " le l' Ma t lO c h Hjlf' nl 8PvcJ'U 1 rj il ," In s t lI'!,p k hlsl. Sunday, wilh Mrs, GolIJl e S urf u,',', or lVaynes_ l'II,,,,, II e re ~""l1al' g lll's is or 1\1 r. Mr . a '1 cl M r s , Wm Fulkerson , of vii iI' . ~ )' r': l'd 's 1I10th e r a l Sabin a. Spr ing Valley , viMite d her parents 1\11'. n(~ t, t n o~n n 8 QI' l l ll i,L!. t!' sc \'ernl h ele las t S unday . .\ 1,.. 1', U . P e l cl'HUll t ur .\I utTO\\ , w us Ilrf' . U Wce lt t..: JlI l g ll Ol:5 t o f litH ' l IUl U l l l !::i , ...\11'. da y" lit. hi s h!lP<G Mi:lS D o rothy Harness , of Dayton, IIl1d .\II'H, 1>'1'11 11 k L. lI a J'J' I~ . ~ II'" . ~ 11I .. lha Dayl " :,,," ~ I .. s , Len n will ~ pend the winte r he re with her .~ I J ~l l1l1 .\1 I :i . \\. \ \ . \ \ ' \ ll:h \\ e r e ill Il a rI H()(:ir anu d nug h tt I, .\l ls. H e le n, aunt , Mrs . Jess Weav e r, and will \\ I I!II d1h l U h \.' 11 t' IIlL I,) I Ii S l. 11' (' 1' 0 ca llin g on Mr s. 'I h nm a B Rich, atte n d sch oo l. !:l llntl uy n rtern on . •11 f. all d .\in, . \ \ . I.. lI ul'\ c .) u IH1 .\11'. Mis~ Ze va Morri R was th e week,U u l .\1 1 :-4 . \\ , \\' \\ I ' h.: h W t ' l v u d j' LO U :ll iAS AUllrey Cloavr'.·, :Iii'. ('h nrl e~ e nd g u " " t of her cou sin, Mi ss Mil. ::ill ')1' I'I ' I':; ull \ \ cd I II,!,.,U ay . SIlI Patl fl nti MI', Crng l'l'. It r IJn y ton , drerl Buckl es , in (Jayton.


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A new car of Brick tor Chimneys Have Tobacco Boxes for everyone



ot 'the RlnkJuJ:; u( tlw I lll s itulilu

Fresh car of Portland Cement here


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d a y. .\ [ "R. :l1.H Ut' T lly lor :O ll d tI >"' l: hr p r ~ . Pl'Iln k lin. " ppnl t h e 11'",. 1'."11 11 w ith th t'l r pn re nt s /Icre.


Mr. n lltl ~[I' " . W, '1'. .llIrdlln t ool( Thlll·" ln y e l' ollln !.: wllh :111'. nnd :lII'R, Al a n H lIrtsool(, Of (, la rles" lIl e . : --

Corwin, Ohio

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( ;l'on;u It.,;ll wanl:; lI lh! It. C. Gu ru ' 1' al ..: jI.dllllu g l O r JJ r . 1' . D. el a g l " l Illill Fra Il/\. H l'uu tl uc lc .\1 1', nllt! .\11 :-1 . J all lt' ~ l.!.:. tiIaU C lHllk\JJ' 1 ulIlI 0 0 11 1:: 1' '' ''' '[[, wlil ~ l l e llJ tho 11'111_ lUI' III Florida. ~I O I' " uf us would, If We

Si lkworm's F ast Growth. lu ~/o! da ys frfl111 hili ching II s il kworm III CI"'Il;;es 4,000 IIII ,,,g It ... "l'il!iuul slzo.





Geor!.:c Se ll e l'R Wit S 11 ~1 ia lll i,; hu r gMr. n ll,1 :lI " ~, L w i s IVus h a utl ~(I'. vi s ito l' Oil!! doy In s t we,'k. Clud e SCOLL lI' el' ' g ll " ~ l ij ot [ .. lunda In Ouytoll 011 ti UllU U j ' . M r . IV. S. W illet:/'solt \l'as t ran s a ct . in g b us in ess n nu vi s it illK n 'lali \'C!5 i n Mrs . I"ra ll k L. Ilarri , SI. uu l Sunday Le ba ll o n Olle ti ny la s t w('ek . with he r Si SLCI', ,\ll's. I t. I;;, Colle tL, a l . , ~abl n a M ' " " Tre ll e 1\I e ,lure s ftl' ll t T hll l's dlll' . . . I a nrl Friday ' " Dnyton. . 011 1' e ll I>.(' II S III Lhi s " ic illil y IIt'O l e i. , . MONEY LOANED In g 111I1(:h Im]ll'ol' " ,1 iu mind aLld bod n ev. E , Kll ,(' s lcy Ilnd .\1r . (,I'O I'~l' s ln co hos tilili cH lJ ' , ' dY Deck marl(; a 1)IJSll1 eSS t l'l jl to L"ha llon , , . II I e cense, T uestlll v, COI'II hu sk lll!.: Will s oon be t he thing • ON EY 10li n ed on II va Rtook o hu t , 01' Lhe lllt sl. Th e rabbit IlIw is 111 and lIl iss G lc n na ' ross, o f !." Iin no n, tal ~ uncI slloond ruortgll !! a!l , h UIILlll g Is ue lll g hldlli getl In wl l h Spc n L sevc' ra l days here 1,, ',1 w(' ,·k as NOl es bflug h t. .I ohn BRr bl ne, Jr . , m uch s u cce ij~ ; our coal hou ses nre ' the g- ues t o f Mr. !l ntl Mrs , TOIl1 li lll'.'It . Allen Bu ilding, Xevlli. Ohio. roB we il fllled; 11 t'l.! Jlan·dll esB is be lieved 1 MI', nnd ~I rs. W. S. Wil k l' r"," w e re In lind tbo wowl chollilers cou ventlon ' Dav t on v isi tol's, Thur~tl n \' .will not flOIl I" 'lI e Lhl ij wlu Le ,' a s antic_ I . .FOR SALE-PROPERTY Illllted. \ AI ,', !llld ;\Irs . Charles ( ha p n"", n r c mo ving- f rum LlI&il' fnrm lI o rL h "I' t ow n ROPERTY uu Baooml I:!tre e ~ . So ve rn l or OUI' c ltlze ll R \\, e l'o be- t o th e ir n e w home in Wuyn esvi lle. Inqnlre Itt tble o llice . d ·l \ JIll'. nnd Mrs. Ed. Ko~ l i n l!' , Mr . nllli be fo re the jury on WedlJ(.!sduy. I"mnk S bld llk cr a nu Rufus Icoungle 1\>1 1'8. Perry Enrnha rt 0/ Merl'iltdt()w n, WOI'C Xcniu viRit C'I'" 0 11 Pl'i""y cve n. "'''1'0 I.h e Sunday I> u e~ ss o r M I' 11Ilti FORaf)ALE In g. .Mrs . Walter Tnylor.

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.. - ...- - --

CAESAR'S CREEK Born, to Mr. lind Mrs . Gurfi eld P e tcrson, November l!lth It daug-hte r, Mury. Mr. mid Mrs . 1.1Ither lIuines s pent the week-end with her pllrcnts , MI'. und II'II-s. Chnrley La ird , lit Ca md en, O. Mrs. W . E, !.log-nn is imp l'o ving b ut not nble to be o u t ye t. Mr. nntl lI'1a-s . Will tel' W ilson took dinnci' with Zinll'i II l1i nes S undny. Mrs. Jos iah Davi s , Mrs . Loyd Dnvis, Mrs . R . E . Jones alld Ethel Curry see n t th c day Wed ncsuuy w ith Mrs. l!uwllrd Hurl ey. Mrs. H e nry , Crew ca lled on Horace Com pton 's one a fter noon Ill s t week. Homer H a ines returned f rom Wes ttown, Pa. Monday of l ust we ck . Mrs. J esso Hill Silent with Hornco Co mpton's .


Mr, Rolantl St. John, who hilS bee spending II f ew weeks with hi s Uncle, Sam Mic hner 's has returned to hi s homo in Xenin . Mr, and Mrs Horace Compton a nd Frances Wilson were in Wilmington, Sunday afternoon. Mr. Chnrlerton of P enns y lvnn in, who has recently r e turned from France, where he hilS bee n e ngnged in the Friends reconstruction work, a nve a lecture af , the F r ie nds chu "ch at New Burlington.' Aunt Esther Compton and E s ther Shambnu g h vis ited nt John Hili's Fri· dny.

Conserve Enthuslaem. Are you II boy or g irl who becomE'S very entbu slnsUc nbout some n ! ~ e thing YflU wllnt to do? B e cnreful not to be so enthuslns tlc In starting n new unelertnklng thnt you hnl'e no energy lett for cnrrylng It tbroulih 10 completion, Enthuslns m Is nn Important factor In success, but It must be B steudy Jlow, ond not burst forth lIka some of tbe geysers Which send a SPOilt of wllter sl(ywara, nnd tlie n are quIet for 24 hours.-Excba~ge, Subscribe for the Miami Gazette

Miss Irene McClure hns nli!nin h Cce pted a position wit.h the N . C . C. Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Tnylor ( nee E li n Earnhnrt) nre hallpy to announce the nrrivlIl of a li ttl e dnughter, !I1o\'e mber t h o 7th. Mrs Fl'lInce s Null had ns he r SunIin y i ucsts , Mr. nnr! Mrs . Wil l ialll I hrc, sons anti d au g ht l' rs, of \ViJ min ~ ­ tun : Mr. and Mrs . r;o, W, Rosnq ~I,' nnd (~:lu g hter Jnn et Mn rcell n, o f Vandali,1. IIIt-. unu Mrs. W . II , NulI s pen t tll~ week-end with r elutivcs in Dnyton. Mr. nnd Mrs . M. J . PorI' were !he gues t s o ( r elntives in Fnlllklin on ~ (!I1 Y las t week. Mr. nnd Mrs. W . S. Wilker son were the S unday d inn er gues ts of 1\11'. nnd Mr e. Oscnr Cle venger . . MI'. !lnd IItrs. Ch a rl es Sel hne r nn d f a mily spent SU'11ky at M?nte r cv . tl 'e g u('s t s of rellltives , Mr. nnd Mrs . H fI ~' C ' L~ nc h and Mr, Will Horlllell, of 11a)'to n, were , t fa e S,llluny L1inn er g ll ('s t s or Mr. nnd .Mrs . S. McG rudCl' .

Dietetic HabIts. ROlli!' pClll, lo 'C' , ' It, '" Ihlnl, thnt II \'(O[::(' ll1rlll n Is n ('u , lnsILy. A 1·l'tuc:h

Orlltnl(ton Oookerels for BUFF sllle. InQnlre of U. 8 . Maxwell,

R. R. 1,

W~YDes vllle ,



Pure hred Dnroo Jersev B oor . 2 yr8 , old , 10 Shropshire EVI'e LBmbs , Inqnlre of Tblld Zimm e r'mBn, WBynesv llle, 0 d ·J



In olas8 oondltlon O RGAN, Chllnp, If 80ld Boon . luqulre at nH ili~()moo.

FlllrbilnkA M o r se 'I'y pe Z kero. A sene engiL e 3 b p ., good oondl tlon , good n ew, used bot little; (I P

will 80\1 OhellJl U. B Winston, R O. 4, phon e 56-5, W~yne9vl ll e n 27 oro nKbbred Male Hog. billok 1 'l'h Polnnd China, IX ye .. rH old In <Jnlre of Gnv Rlblur, on Joe tililn e s f.llm . W .. ynt'lsville, Ohio 7 bu s b e ls of good 8aplln A BOUT Ulove r I:!eed f o r slile. Inqnlre

of Nate Gruy. Barvoysburg, Obio n 20

good ewes for 811.10. Inqnire of A. B. ShBner, R . D. 2, Waynlls ville, Ollie'. n1 2


genllru! pnrpos e mare ; olso 1 good 2 youog mnles, Inqnlre of W,

(,:\It: ul n tl n ll ~hflW ~ 11111 1 the pO)lUllltiliH I:I Whitaker, R onte I, Woyne~vm l', of the \\'01'111. nnw "" llIIlIt eli II Jljll'OX1- Oll; O n 1:l mnl~ly nt 1,(1(10,O(lO.OiHl. IR ~1I1t 1 In I", dll' l<l PII " " to (li elt' l Ie hnhlts nhon t it S foil tl II'H: Rtrl r l \'f';:"1Jl rlnns, 2!iI1,OOO,00(1 ; pr:t ctl enil y \'('g,' IJll'inns , hul cu lIJ) ~ n li ll ie O ~ h 01' flt-"h, 4fiO,OOO,OHO: eu llng ment "bolll " "ce II weel, ( on hl ,::h rlll)'~ un!! h"Jlduys) , 500.000,000; elltillg 1Il,'ut dllil y IIl1 rl sfllll(,tluw" m ore thu n on ce II dllY, .100,000,000.


Funeral Dir(>ctor and Embalmer, Waynesville. Ohio.

Standnrd Specific, • Some fllcetl nll~ pc' rlions wnnt to Either Auto or Horse drawn ~ervice. No extra charge for auto serviee. know ,,,h nt we pnil ' h the sent of our {lonts with to mJlI,,, them so ~J>bt Both phones In Office and Residence. and s hin y. !t'M nn "get·stt ck-<\i~'kn No. 14 , preparntlon, bul nn Intnnglhle and natural element known ' os tempI lit· trltus,-Houston Post. , Malarial Scourge. 1\Inlnrlnl fev e rs lire by fnr tlie Erreatcst scourge of th l! rurlll districts ot Venezuela. In th(' one sUIte ot jCarn· bobo, with II IJOpullltion 'of 19I5,800, tliere were 1:,484 d eoths from mllllarla Inst yen!'.

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AGENT URGES THE SAVING OF fOOD 'ou llty Agcn t Cl.a ss wi , hes to li lt' hU llj!e rin g v ictim s of Germnn y "nil t he atcnt iO'll of furmc rs tu the IUl1d t il<' I\·a r . E vcry l'ou ntry in Eu foll ow in g- stutell1 e nts is sued by th e 1'0 ,1 I" ," s uffe red frc-m s hol'tag-e o f Food Adminhtration: It is a imed e1i - (00,1 , I c~ s eJl ed y,eld, wenkened \'1 1'0r"ctly lit the' co ns umer to urge th" ,Ju l,tion , anos t n.f a ll the g reat truct ~ s nv in ~ of f ooll, yet it also poi n ts out ove nun anrl pill aged by Germnn ~" t.he res po'll si uility nntl opportunity Ite · t.orl ureel li nd sacked by Germnn~ " fo re th e American farmers : purtn c rs ; wrec ked by t he Ru ss ulIl "Americn mus t this yea,' "e!HI to n1:Il IIl ".~S. . . l ite !lrmies fi nd th e !lIlies fiO per ce nt Then' WOc" are ,!'creasmg; the), nTe III 'n' food than luo; t yea r- t hrc, ' fn l'lIl ~ now n t e rri hie winter. MIIIl ~' L i llle ~ the n or mal ,' xports . When tb~ \\' ill sLa1'\·C. As yct II'C c ltnn~ t h el p war e nd s s he m us t s uppl y with f~lOd ' th e lll .. e xc(',rt. where t h e Bel~l a n Re180 million peopl e who arc (!l C lll~ Ii ,· r ( o mml ~" ,on extends I~S suce.or. s tnrvaLio n unles" hel ll comes qUid" y' l Wc C:1 nnct Ill'event s tnrvlltlOn b~h'!'t1 Whcn th e wnr ." nd ~ in d ~ IlI Oll'a,' ~" " th e 11':11' .')lI rri ~ ~' or beyond the. hnllt~ tdumph , ·new ohl,lgl\tl flllS Will fall up- of sh l\llllng-. \\ here !lvc r~ cubiC ftl~ c on us. We shu ll be ca ll('" upo n to all d ,'v!' r y s<:co~d s tllllC IS n eeded 111 " md not less food, bu t more . t.1t , eff ort for vlct~ry. 'l1he allics will by no meuns jll'O Wa ne n. cou nty I ~ ('xjlect ed ~o. dv ,Iuce a IIC W hnrves t overni~ht , ht'r pllrt .I n supplYlJIg the nddltlonnl Eighty million s of men cll nnot bc ' :food . rell.u I re nlcnts. Let .ellc h ~nrmE'~ prcductio n for four ' full 111 line by cc- ope.rn~m g With th _ 1 t ake n out of yen r s without lasting losses of y icld. t Count y P a nll Bur.e nu III Its Food .Pro. IL will be yenrs before their fi elds dud ion Ca mpaig n, Thanksglvlllg will rec uperate, farm s are restored, weck. Yours r~spectfunX' nild herd s nre r estocked. . CHAS. F. ",LASS, But a nother demllnd even more Ill County A gent. si st e nt-will come to us-the cry of .





I. tbe name .tamped


the ba ck: of spoons, (ork. nnd (nney le"ing pieCH in Illver plate of proTeD 'lualUy-

.. Sill1,r PIaU

that W,ar,"



Q-llenOn tIIfII.1J¥. Dlre<tor.

0 hio "'.A~ /(J'I,:J)ad

Waynesville -BITBBR-


Owned by

Auto EquIpment ~



EqdlpmC!lt .DAY OR NIGHt

The Klnpbury CO. "



, r ......



~ ... ...

OSTMASTER ATTENDED CONFERENCE 1.:~~ld~C:I:nro:=~:~:nd::~:. :!n:u~~:~ ·EXAMINATI·ON

,r~~~;~~;:"*l [p~~~N.~~Mi!f!~~l

---- ...


Miami Theater


THANKSGI VING Comm e ncin g at6:30 p.m.

. L . . A CZimme I I. rmandi~ /I bu ~ ill c~s vis'- . A t t IIe r eq ues t. 0 f LI IC P os t mas t e r ' It or III 0 UOluUR 10 ay, ( :en e l'lll the Uni tea St ates ,ivil Ser. v 'ce ommias inn has ann ollllclld a n 'fry that good Ilrenri-Muth' g, 100 oX llminalion to be J-.eld ul Leba non. p e rcent wheat Ilour , at Whitt!'s . Oh io, on Dec. 11. W i ll , for the pos i. tio n o f pustrnasler at 1'l'l a80 n . ThiH Rev and MrR. G. N , Jo lly were ol lice has an anuual compe n sation of lincinnllti visitors las t wee k $ 1l00 Appliclltion Form 304 and ful l inf" rm a tion conce rninll th e require· ments of the exam inllli(ln may be hi cured from th e postmafl ter at the placo of vacallCY ur from the Civil SI' rvice Commitsion, W ashin g ton.

For Fourteen !~;I




Nox t 801l'SOIl'8 rood pl'Oduoll.olI prob.


:I , ::~::,~: :·: .: I :~ ~ ;~ ;~;:~ ;: : ;,:~; i {CopyrIght.

NoWSp&- whl!re s h e wil l j oin Mr . anrl M r s Frllnk T ay lor and g"o n to IUve rRid e . _~~_ _ ~_ _ _......._ ... -""- Ca lifo rni a , w h ere they Io'Xllec t t o 'fld ... pnl JlII!'o': ll W:lH th·Sl~I\(l(l to Ht'· s p e nd th e winter . t · 1\\11 tlhtilid I I 11f'1hl ,~\'~: FII"~ I .

The Thanksgiv illg Sp ti ol is tlruw in g larl{e crowd ~ of ~I I' IIl'Y Savl'rH t.o The S Fred CO lllp any Leballon Big t o lJt..); t'i'l',llId , It wus t o U l' lllOJ'- Siore Th sale cl) lll i (Ju ~::\ nlltil th e nlll,'s loy ul" lllIng tlll' ln Novcmber 27th.




Thursday, November !lIst Featuring Charles Ray in

"Playing The:Game" Mack Sennett Comedy "Pays To Exercise"

_ _ _ _ Ii

,.- \\ liS to (.'tlll\ ltH'" t lu' (;"1'1111111 1Il 'O{lI(' IlIlIt lhl.'ir 1{:tI~t ' I' \\ :IS l't':lIly the Ih..'lll' l'· In\ ing' 111(111111'('11 IIv 111\ 11 U)WIIYS ]11'0-


" " ' "' " CON5ORVW



MK:/\ enO'!

Germany in W a rtime. f:. ' rm:lrt 1'1'111)11..' ) 1ll\' C' nl· WHY!,; Ill ' vll ill 111' 11 ' ,11 1;.: 11 II c'(:(Il' d " pith t h v ]\" nl:o:","s )I lIil 'I I "'II'" 1II'II,It'd " hit'h I~ ~tI ",,1;':lIilli'alllh II '~"nl,,' d f)y th e pllplil ar !'- III :'::III: "I I,;,., 1I1:Jlld ull,'r :d l('s!" \ \l I.l) II , _";11 ",;1 1'. "llid1 "liS

'The d;~f-ing uislH:,d -lc!or ." su pported b,' " c,">:,-,t of SOC;...,

f, '



;\1'1111 ""

,J ''' ' '; ~ lIlc m

T il

You can buy Barrel Salt the cheapest at



"Sherley Kay" Opcn



7 :'()()



IOc I~

War Tax

.--.......---..................... Saturday evening




.,,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _

i ~




es in..: talk . Th e !'llldi .. is I'o l'diall y in .;. '" :ldmi -- ion \\'i ll be II\{ II ~ l1l'llI'lst ' " ill'd 10 attcnd · I lu the ft'st n.r chuq,cd .


Tuesday, November !l6th Featuring Clara Kimball Young, in


Younce Brothers I:t Grain Company

A t a lk on "Pal c~ti ll (, . " ill"s tr n t~ d wiLh Illllte l'll views lit th e W hite Uriek Il,cct ing huu SI' , No\'('mlocl' ~3 nl, at 'O::lO p. m. , by Mi ss lI1a "i" Fored I'rk l(~o n. Miss Fredericholl h ns S P~llt I,'n yea r. with lit a ll ll t h!'ai .-\Il'Cl'itnn de lo givl' co a nlony in tcl"

"-hit~ 11)1'

"Selfish Yates1,


Chri s lll1811 Giflii i ~ r(')Jre-~"nl('d ill TllP S . Fred CompallY Leh,Jnlln Bi g' Store Thanksgivin g Spt'cia l. now 011, a nd t o ct'ntinue unt il Novem b l'r 27

Hull n~llrly ol'Cl'llIpli ... llI.:d t he ol ucr.


Saturday, November !l3rd Featuring William Hart in

ng:l iH~ t 1IIl'lw.::Icl \'{'f'l ,

'f1 d~ mll rh I ~ ('N tnln: 'fhe Iwl s[' ': Jam o~ W, Davi~, or Ih (~ S S . Ore I JII "'PI' Inlt ' IHl!'!l 1lip nilit's t o nl'Cl'p t tho 1(011, ('arne h ome Olle day last we l· k 1"'(lI" 'slI l he '"l1d c'. lie oil,"luvil th nt Hi ~ furl o ugh WitH very ~hllrt , and Ill' 11\01"11 to 111", no.; did a lsl) til\' had onl y li m e lo rc'ac h hOlTle. WI1<'fl l'rltll'o V"I') l 'II'~~, ll: ~ m ost intima t e he had t o ret urn . li e WII H loo king advisor, II waS tl'l'IlU'tl in Stich H way well and happy. llin l (he nllies rOllltl 1I0t PtJs~ill )y oc('l'pt It. Hilt it :-"'1'\.'11 (1I\(' of th e PUI'An economica l plnn for llllrrh!ls inll' llO~I'::; wh l<'h it ,,":IS illtt..' ndl'd to ol'hl cvc,

ol/linty woro: W. N, Allen. County Agont C. b' . .011188. D. El. JYunbam,.JJl l.obulIolI; J. T. ElIls and J . I•. Men . . d('nhall, WayneRvlll e .. Mr. DuRham I" pros ld ent of tile Warren County Furrn Durollu.

t Miami Theater Program


1915. h\' t h e MrCluro 1,0 r "y"oIl""IO.)




11 . C,

'~r;~f: e;::ED;~:~:~~~ltd:::: ~: : e~:'

confCI'C Jll'~ at Dayton Ill st wpclt. attend ed by 126 fnl'm bureau officers anll ~o ull ty lI!;rl· Ollllurni ngents ,rrom 22 counties In . BOllthw 88torn Ohio. Tho mooting wus

Ilerns w ere tho s ubject of



ADAIR'S __________________-.:

11,'11,\ · ... nilJl":, I 'PJt1tlH 'nl't ' d,


i t 1': 1:::t :,I'no I :\ ... I I tl dl to 1 Ill' 1 ;.'I"IIII1I'''':t!'' 11 \\;t...; 1111 ' \\j,!'ld. 'I I..· ~' 1\ 1Ii'\\' It


l lll'vl-










Mrs , Ki lbon In. lak~n the aV;l'ney II 111 "I \I ' r 'I': I!:," 1,1 11 \\ 111 '11 II Hf'l'l\'l'd 1hl ' fill' M. 1<0h lh :1J« 'n . . Jewelp r and op.\ 1,1/"'1 '" :111,1 t A"j l" II I\·1I1. lIo l t o :-ouy lician, Leban on, OhiO, where you I t; I Il k , \\ Ili, It dl"I'lollt'd throug hou t wi ll find r. firs l c la ~s line of I{ood s I :"I'lnnn ), Wil~ ~(J t U'o!lttIlIWt'\I flint I n fo r C hri ~ tma ~. tit , ,\ I" ,,}.;., d ftlrwlIl'd ('ugl.'rl y

1:11,1 .. tli id

Sullie ('uSl'S it HItI')'tI:ll 11 ,,111 11,' illdlcrou s,

OIo\'lously fI, p JI""pic' \\'l' re 1,p (lt In



th eir war

t Ill' 1'1UII!'t fl f


1,111',," , III "nil'r IIIl,t 1,",III IIII's mt/;ht "11111'


ns " l'Olllpl\'ft' ~t1f'pl'i:-:l' to 1IH'111 ,' ('uln!' to Ih,' gtt\' l'l' nflu' nl's

l' IIIIII ' lI lh ll\

H I ,/ ,II (;,


" viI


\'111 1


1I :I.j



.Ilt ly ::1. l:tJ I.

td II ,t,


I '"

MA~\" :i




I!' 1\

... 11 " 11 . 1 ;,


\\'c {If wllr t I l ut W l!

~ \ ': 11''';

',n \\ II," UII IIllIknhle





Sunday 11 (')(t 1,('fMe Au ve nt, N o v· "lIllle r :!'Ith, S U I , da~' :-leh no l at !) : :~O 1\ w lfe 111 .: JIo\llr nin g [' raye !' 1\nd se rm o n aL ,


1'1I1lll tl'S

\ II d 1'" I \ II

n ..





money a ll Y easier til ,l ll 1) .\ ' Sl li l'pillg iL \'()L'I'S I ': L1 ~ to the Tri- S t ate . The Tri ·S t a t e II ;I'> !If! I>tlyill ~ ;tl;Cllh I'"r \1 e pa r XU COIllIll bsion. \\·c haH' (j\I~ I 'H. I(E to al l. .


11 11 1 ·1 1 ~ 'I,\'


11114 1 I "', 11,·tI ,,11' IIIl :1 11I"!1I1'


have ,-, ga ll o ll s "I ,[(' ,1111 If)

fo 1'("(!1 1


!i1l1.- Ih,q .. :!I! did \\t' ~i\ I' to th e I, .. " q,f , \11 II ''': p ' 11".' I'lIlilt",tI :-; illI:llIu n

We(·k of ~OYClllb l' r I." h to 2-lth incl u . If you



per pound for I Biit e Fa.


f I t"

tl l: 11


(tllllil l



~ ol u . .


t\\ . E. 01 UI(Ch

us II

:, \1 1111<11' ~ clll) o l 'II !I: l ii a I'll. Fr a llk , 1,:111 :11 ','..,\ II ' "J: , I ' I , '1"', I tI , +III I "',,:, " .11 t i l '1,:11'1. ,II "I)I,ur;:I'r 1.0\ l a)' .·lllleriut, · ,dl' lIl S uitj ,·'c t. Ja .\ CSII'J . (;('11 xxx ; ) .. 11 ) {' I, ", \,' 1'1 ... , II II .. ).:J! ... . ' I' 111111 I llf' co b Win~ li ivint' worsh ' lJ 01]. :10 . Illpic . EIILt!rinl{ +! " " 'I:! I" l~, ' rill t I 1'111 II I' pt ",. Iil e Sheepru;cl(J"lln x : I ~ ) Preac h , Ij '1\, .01 "i,qUI "1'_1,\ I/l d, ... /t il 111 1111'. nnd inl{ 7 pm. t ht'lflC . '1 hc I' n 1ui g a l "on I '!I' I ' ,. " .nl ... ,' illdkuti'III"; 01' lit' .. i Luk e)(v: 11 <!I) A ll ar .. : nvl led to , li\" 1111 ' \\" :dl:II'l Il ' 1I II n it' Ir lll'nrCOllll' a",1 wo r shi p wi lll ll". I ;JI,"" 111 III, III_ G N .Jolly . Pfi s t o r. \\ 111',1 W, - \ , Iit'd 1'( llsd nlll, 1111\\ • ;,·1 I! , ~ I :1 II' I ~ IIf "illS • ,I'

• "I


invi l,' ,J to th ese He rvice:,

1'(1 :11 h ,-:q "d 1:1' 1

,, !




1\\1'1' 11

I....: '\ It; -It 1" 111'1]111:1 r i 1,'1;:"1" d":1 I'. " t ' r" ;l li z . d tliat JlJ'l·I 'U I':ltlnn .... 1111'

Th e uni on Thanksgiving service wil l be hel d in t he M E, ch urch at \\': \ 1' "1'1,' Iwi II,,: II LII I" III t ill'llt'..:l awl 10 o' clock. T h ursdliY murninlr. N ov CINCINNATI, OHIO ,\,' :--1"1'1" d I .. 1"11 .. 1+1.·" "1t, ,tlll'J' it ~~ It"v. J . I' Cadwall aderwillroad would flHt lit' L ,'t l ' ' " IIftt'\' 1111 III r "' lII' lt tl,(' Scri p tur e l\'ssnl1, Rl!V. John Mc · S hi p IT\ your 01\ n ,.,ns IH we \\ til lua n FH I': E can s fo r :\0 days tria l. lI o/Ill!, !-i1ll' IJ '\':I"i 0111' i J,." llor:ln<:t' or \\' llt' Millan wi ll u!fer tile ope ning prayer, \\'c gu ar a nte e ) our cans and crealll aga inst loss, Hc member we t1111t m' UI ,ti" , .. I ","1. cnll Ih oll gh II a m) H ~ v . G . N. Jolly 0 D will de· re f un d t he I, rice o f yo ur shipi'in~ t icke t. ! \\'PI'e D(Jt :Il!"j...:al de t o m oLor In 13('1- li ve r th e ~e rlll ll n . Th o ch oirs of' the .-- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -_____-1 "~ I1J1Jl Hnd 1"n tll(; P, w h er e " '0 w ere variou s chu r clll~s are cordially invit o ~--~-------------_~-~~~~~"!'"'---- l lonll'"1. \\'p llIil!l,t ~:tfl'!y plnn 11 tour I.n ed to a ss i ~ t in t he s inging , the J ~)ad~ r"rt ' ..:l In Germany. 1'hi ~ shn uld btl n ve ry gracious n () hc' ("ontlo uf'Cl) Tha l , k ~)!ivlIIg se rvice. We trust that all the hu silll':jS bo u ~es will cloee f rom Ila\'II ,)! ",,01 tb" {'", stah ' (, fan", t""k a"d imr>l~ments to Mr, fJavirl 10 to 12 u'clock . and the people come ~ I rn-. 'i,., .-Hi ... "I, -aid f;orl ll f" r I, riolav. November Read Gazelle's Classified Ads t o\ie tlll'1' and /'l·nd e r thanks to the ~~n I ,. hu,·1 \ ('alll'ril,lf. L' ,rd f or II is loving kindnees and t ender IlI(!rCICS. Htll I II ill st:! IIll till ' ubi \Llrd la rll1, I \\'0 mil es east of J F. Cadwallader. ',I I) I II) \\', I, II John McMillan, --- ~ --- ---G. N Joll y.




CI ' Il1llll' IlCillg a t

I ,,'( Irwk I' .

1 I';"

FLOUR, All Kinds

II I.,



'1 It ,· \' IIcr .. bl"


l illl ').

---_..._ -

\ I;'''1I'4l'


:--:. , ,'.,

', 01

",.\ 1'." I' (' t


'I ( }.

,L u \,




FI , ' li r


/I ,

,/. n .

/ luctlOn ce r

CAI<T\\'RHi HT Ch.'lk


Sears & Cartwright

,,:'l'a l l.":


1'",.,\ i. ,tir1will AI ,p il .-,;-, _ _,'III,,'i- t: p'l f'r' II) Lhl' I. ,j"d j; :-II Pi ... . up



JI "

Aman Hlock

Phone 61-2

Wuynesville. Ohio



"J\\1I, Th ill' d; I ~'


111'\' I'

\\' , 1


a ..


j' r{';lr1 ,

:t.l ~'fll l

h' It! al

I.lVc n t ns, from wh~dl


1' 110 · funer,}.1 nl omin g fr ont Ul e

I )'

~II '. 10 o ·" i, •• k t


ah· a

~ s ll Ppl)~~

---------- - - - - I'ay~ t


We will seil you a Vic· trola lind Recnrtls tor aR li ttle 88 $5 00 down, with monthly payments of $5 00.

l"liP!' oflil'illlill"

20-24 North Detroit ' Street Xenia, Ohio

ilebecca Pre nJ er.

Interment In Miami


3 ilig- Loaves for 25c Lf ' ~tV(' yr,t1r 1'11111,·01

Convenient Terms

Rev , J , F, Cadwal-

nit'f' LI~ JI)i1Vl' ~ ,

" V('t'

We offer a Victrola Service that is a Delight to Music Lovers -: . .•

Furniture Carpels, Sloves Vieiro las

YOU lI g, w bo Ji \ 8 , au n s trok e of apn-

" "'\f\' t" l'ed,

I'l', ilkm', · or

'1' 1aUl' <11


wil l ,,·11 ::- Public Sale at my rl "i den "I' nil I , .. Upper Spri n ~(boro I'i k .. , ' .; mil l' W, " tof Waynesville, on \\ 'cdn sd~~,

·Drain Tile CETTHEM AT

Younce ' Bros.


"'rI-IE 50, 100 - AND 250 STORE



. . . ~. ~" . ...-e ,. . .. ~...A '

rccEmber4, 191 8,

··' -../··.·.'1

hf'v; inni nv; at 1<1 o'clock a . m . • the fol low ing': 7 I. ' ,rses . 19 cattle, 52 h O I{~ . If! ~hl·I · I ' , h rminJ< imIJI ('lTIents. I co rn in cril, . c'I,' See larl{e bills for parti c ulars . _ ~l~~S R Gibbo ns .


:',l,~: ,l


--~~ I Our cXl'crienn' Dlld wide a ( ' luailll :l l l('c ' g{'l YO Ii th e 1 I igh ]Jo llar. Cd terms and dat 's Il () W .

h all,u ('on 1n f eeb le

Public Sales ' \ 1" ,\




, ,'H i

.\IrK , 1\:<,Ii",ill ' "", " It

g: : I ~ t


l ' i l l / ' 11


l l ' l'lIt1II'nl ill ,\1I1I n1 c e m e t e r y ,


\;r'11 1f ' Fruit .• _ _ ~>' l'-;

( ' I;lIdll 'I' I,I ',,\


Insurance and Sale Conductors

STATEMENT 'iS s~metimes made that on account of its absolute. supremacy the Victrola is highpriced. The answer is a simple one. You can buy a genu ine Victrola for as ,little ~s 822.50 , Beautiful cabinet styles at exceedingly reasQnable figures~

can play

10 .01,', I". ' ''III'' lime. Th e fuueral \l ... Iwl J .\1 lOud lY ufLcl'Uoon at 2 1 1,',I,)(' k. I:,· , .. " . I)' off icin tin J!. In -


I'-;'-:~ I~~,~; ,~,~c::::;:-;;--

W . :\. SLAI<S

Nathan Jou es tiled

,I I hi:-. 1111 111 ' 1' 1 I lay e \' e ning, aged 87 ".1 1 .\! ,-, .1 f/ll,' ::; wa s Que of OttI'

A. A. MAYSILLES, I I )\\':,:,,!-:, 11. \ \ 11':\

T I S a brave man who willlry to dispule the verdict of Galli-Curci, Hei. fetz, Caruso, l'l'JcCormack and other supreme judges. This verdict is that the VICTROLA is far superior to all other instruments and the only one worthy of recording their art.


Hll i l, II) .\ Idl'il \.I'\\~ I Ill:III '. ,", s lIw]1 ~lel'rs, ~I Cahc .11t!:~ (II" l·II . . lil1,.: i!",jl ~"II It. AlI ;.!; ll

. Il ._··\ lIll ,. \\ . . I''. ' .illi

most .of winter evenings


Id,..,ti tutf'~

'.\ 1'11IlJt

of Music




36 Head of Cattle- AU You ng 36 C U:o ~l'ikl'f

A Message to All Lovers Get a Victrola now--make




Th e followin ll: named perSOn!3 will n ot a ll ow hUI~t ill.( on their premises, and will pr OR~l' l te any offender to th e full extent I,,' the law :

All kinds of TOYS, ERECTORS, GAMES, DRUMS, Etc. Etc. Etc.

H. C. At kinson Dr. J . T 1£l1ia

J . F. CII<lIY8IJadel' Wm . Cu m mings R. Van Tr ~ 88 Farms Frank Rraddoelt A Maffitt Jason Sheehan

SpeCialist in Bargains






~eventy-Firs,t .


Whole Number 8513



~a~'~~~~I~a~'~~~~'~S~'~::;'a~.E'~~::'B~.e'~::;'m~.~-~~~C~a-~-s-;-~~;Sh~a~~ ~~~~~~~,~ '-~i


Interesting Letters from Boys In


W iii




Lion. , ;. J. Waterhouse writes to us and 8aY8 that he i8 again in {l'I'8nce, and , will join hl8 divioion before Ion". He was w,'unded and has been in a hospltal in England for some time.




• , Happenings of Personal N.~tl1re W



These Letters Appreciated by Folks "Over Here"





rn I!JI!'


.... T

B1I Our Local News Ifeporter






'Be -=WEI'


but was thought to be a periscopebut there are no chances taken. We Big reduction In Men's Suits and Dr, Dill , Osteopath 21 S. Broadhave orders to fire at any suspicious Overcoats at Hyman & Co .'s, way. Lebanon. Ohio. 100~lng object, for you know that a Boys' Sweaters, regular $1.75 valMrs. A. Moffitt w.a.~ the week end periscope can hide behind almost ues, special, 9Se. Hyman & Co. guest of relatives In Bellbrook . anything. • Tuesday, August 20th. Still get· ting colder, We rail into a school or Miss Elsie Clevenger. ot Five A s u pply of Gillette Razor Blades. lTbe writer of tbil' article, Clar. sharks and blackfish this mornin g. P olntll, is tbe guest of- Miss Inez DaWhite's Store, encl'l Mendenhall, i8 at home on a Battle atationa at 9:80. vis, of Corwin . furlough. He has told us of various Wednesdn-y. An object was sighted G N. JC'lly D. D . spent two Rev. things not mentioned in hiB letter, but we did not come close enough to MrS, Harry Murry. Mrs. Earl Con · days in Cincinnati. t his week . and promises to write more it to' so ewhat it WIlS. passed I · ] about thr t __We I Two of lho hlll 11101 mon tnllon ner and Mr, U. M. White were In e~ more traMpor 8 tvuay, one of fonnor Pro81C1ont '1'IIoo<1oro II oharAotol'lUlo POlIO 1\1 tbd "orhl bl 9 travels Bome d ay.- Ed ltor Big reduction in Blankets and Dayton Tuesday. S 1 them being a United States ship. oOI.voll _how lho trllo QhlltnO~I' know hlm whon bo wOlileS dorr U. S. . Ok ahoma. Thursday, we are still making the et thlH fRmoul Ailloriolln boltor , II to IInr nl\ht 'or rl,ht. 011 tho Comforts. Hyman & Co. , .Dec, 10. same speed, but will make 22 knot~ t hRn could oolumn A01 lYDO In tho right I, 'Todd)' tho &oodll1'," with Men's and Boye' Suita and OverDear 'F rlend: per hour, commencing at 4 o'clock to· mO lt ,Iorltylnv editor!,,!. 110 WliM Jh ll II r ct.o4.on, Arohlo RoollOvol't Born - To Mr. and Mra. R E, coats at almost "Betore the War" Now that thiB waT is over I take morrow momin$" We caoght II wirc".! ron g lind lon(lor" n\ tho D~mll r" In hi. Arm. blOlIllAO 'todd)' Davis, of Dllyton. Monday, J a nu ary Prices at Fred's Lebanon Big Store I I ri i ' hi less message from off Ilome Spanjsh tlmo. OPPoHItO~ nllVnyn touor1 III loy04 ohlidrOll, trill \O,t of A Iter inventory Sale of Winter Gooda great _p easure , n w t ng 'Y~u t s coast last night, or rathel' this mC1'ntho mnkll.u P of 1111 ,rOllt l,cJ rn, tnllO, 'rho In"rt I. A roooM plo· 6, 1919, a son . On lhe loti I. "Tuudy tho H:thlor, " t llr. ot Oolonal Roo.nolt'. Widow, letter and letting you know where we ing at about 2:30. arc and what we are doing. Friday, we are now in ono of the Mr., TheOdora Roolov.It, Women's Coats, one odd lot, $7.95 Odds and ends i~ Ladles' Vests and We are now anchoI:ed Il,t Portland worst places there are between here ~=-=-=-=-=-=.::.::.::=:-:~--::--- --------,::':...-:...,.--=.::--~---~ . -----~-::~-::----=--:::::::~===== at Fred's Lebanon Big Slore After Pants. heavy weIght. clQ!llng out Inventory Sale. at 59c. Hyman & Co. England fifteen minutes' ride froU: and the United States-a place where , mOllt of our transports hnve been Bunk, nnxious to stnrt mancuvering lII'ound Weymouth, and one hour'1I ride from and where the U·boats lire operating after we go t, there. But we all hud to r' Mrs. F , E. Reddick, of Vancouver, : Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Herbert the gTeatest prison camp in Eorope. the thickest. We have doubled our line up :lnd be mustered, Some people Wash ., is visiting her mother, Mrs. D()ster, of near Harvey.burg. SunAlmost ' every day I see any number watch and it will hl; little s.leep we ('ngaged in the y , M. C. A. \lVCI' hel'c Elizabeth Snook . day, January 5,1919, B son. of them marching down tho atreet will get for same time. NIne had automobiles for all of us lind took . . . ' troyers carne out to meet us thIS us from the station lo the Crafton I WIth English soldIers guardmg. They morning. One of the destroyers fired Hotel, tho second ltlrgest in th,is dtvoJ , , " llt fe ·sflul11 lab", clu y, f 11 :-,Uti"., IUlld B8 llit: .i,,~. epirit lite fliel. Notice-A. married man who is Notice-A married man who 19 do not seem to mind it because they several shots at something, but we 0 seven mi llion people. '..., ,\\'hilc h.l\ ve " .1I.'d o"rlb cowbioe to lilY , wanting farm wo rk. call phone 16 2, wanting farm work. call pbone 16·2. are prisonera, because they get plen. did not hear whnt it. was that she Just to show what Al1ler~ca IS do~ng We thmk the QuakE' I' IIrl' n t ' lI ow bieS I 110. " 1: 10100 "9 wheu lie diesl " . Waynesville, Ohio , Waynesville, Ohio . ty to eat and a fairly good place to saw, She Willi bearlDg off from us for her boys over 11(~re 111 foreIgn tI H r , ., 0 In sleep. In Iact, they evan cheered about one mile. _. countries. She hia'es two d th(' Ie waT ". ut ISle.n to1,.' ' I , a lld fig· Cha l' ll's Cornell \\as born March Mrs. Sadie Zell spent Sunday In Mr. and Mrs, Sam Haines . of n~ar 80me of us sailors when we were ~eil, we are ID port at last. We largest hotel.s in London for us to /lu t ~hes'D l'Irstt, here I; j ' loI:~;t·UI' o~ 23. IS4!!, at Lumbe rton,' Clinton coming back on the train from Lon- arrIved here III Bnntery Bay a~ c1013e up at , Besldcs ull of t he Y. M. C, e epar me~ .0 I "Irs U Co unty, Ohio His young life WIIS Bellbrook, spent Sunday afternoon Morrow, vlstinlr ber friend, Mi89 don. Of course, down in their hearts, to 2:30 o'clock. ~Is placo used .to A.'s, the young ladies who ga'i.c up ~!J~ Red Cross ~ocle'y ss . IIJ~ I)~ lb~m : spent upon the farm, there growinll here with relatives. Margaret Roberta. they might have been praying for be one of Germany s greatest subma- tlu:ir hO",!e!I t~ come ovcr h~re . a~ 'Ib,;- .Reu .Cros~ looks Oi' 11.'1' C;UCl€:ty to a sturdy manh ood because of his IIOme way to 8tick a knife In UB, or rlne base~ before t he war .started. wor!\CrR ID t illS g t'cnt ol'~nll1zntlC'n, of f rlCnd~, as Ill. Ii lIer., It" eX\JI: rl out·door life Rai ~in Bread and Seven other va. One lot Boys' Shirts and Drawers, dispose of us in Bome other way, but There are Jlo other battle 13hlPS over \\ 9 we ll as for t hc sick :md I'adt!rs. I here IS nb ~' " ' P of pt:uOn Uec!!mbe r 22 l R69 hE> w rieti es of Good Bread every morning regular 60c value, closlng out Ilt 28c. it looked to us like they really meant here except us two, ,but therc ar~ n wout:Jded! certall1ly desel','e all thu ~e from WhUlll, we ,",' a!, .:t,dy uniteu in marriag e to Mory M H ~~ at White's Store. Hyman & Co. the cheer. They think mOre of th numbeT of Amera:an 13ubmarllle C1'edlt gIven them Rnd lhey 8houl<l lenrn~ct HO much ' A ,\ Ity! ll,! I Th Ii t f h" ar Americanll than they do of of any chasArs and d~8troyers, We lire de· have a whole lot. I do not know what ClI lIse in I Ill) prl!~ent'~ r III \llirl) sicdc'li f eus Irs [t!af a0 f tell'. mah'Marion E . Campbell, of Sa rdinia, Lieut. Elliott, of Richmond, Ind ., other nation. They hatC the EngUllh ta('h~d on speCIal duty, so we t he soldiers afC dojng, but 1 do know nJullthe lhl! I!:nglish {, " d:l'J~ lI av ,' r·t!inil 0 wf XSP~lI :lrm In t e worse thap ' a snake. be Wlth the grand fle~t for some tun!!. that every one of us sailc1's IIt'e go in g alfl~Jy helped 10 reCto ., rU " 1 Inor" VIC yo. e mB, 10. After one Ohio. called on friends and r elat ives spent Tuesday with his grandmoaher Well, old 'timer, I will give 'YOU And so the completIon , of our tnp to dig down in (lur pay IlCCOUnlH allu th on ;;00 1,' r"'1ch vlllag , 1, .. 1,,, d "V"I' year of ref ld e nce there , .Mr. Cornell here last Friday afternoon . Mrs, Shute, of the Friends' Home. some idea 01 ho\v we made the trip ac1'Oss. Not very exciting to rl!!ld help to give them one of tho l:'1'eote8ll ll OCO ' familiE:8 nnd m "<: II1UII 0 6 mF'ed bac~ JO Warren County. acrosu. The U. S. S. Ok\llhoma and about •. maybe, but It was plenty In· t imes they .ever hlld in their lives, OOU ind ividua ls: buill n, nrly (',0'0 ,our Chll ,ren were. born to the Men's Best Corduroy or Duck Women' s House Dresses, U 69 at the U. <S • .s. N evada left the Norfolk terestmg to os. whe.n we h,it tho goo~ o}d U '. S. A . Iionsl's; rlon ut«:d Borne : "DUO pa ckN9 ma Tlla~e. umon, MorrIS f!.., of Day· Water·Proof Coata, regular $11.50 navy 18 Ii on Saturday afternoon, Convoyed BI2 Troop !Igam . I tell you It IS Just hke be- <of clothes lind hOUEW ' ,Ill arlicle.· ton . ~ ll ham E . Harry A ,. and Lou· Fred's Lebanon Big Store After In vnlu pa, @pecial for Saturday only, ventory Sale of Winter GoodR Aug,uat 25tl.. We went from there mlt cllred for at home. They see to and diRlributed some '5 000 IV "Lh ella C. Mlll e,r, of. Way neSV Ille. $4 98, Hyman & Co . '! Now then old s cout just a few your every need and want and moke 0 f f. 'I . . .' U T he l)larnen hfe of the deceased · to Hampton ..RDadll and tried out oU'r th'n d' h' W things so [,Ieasant for \.' Oll. It makes 1 , darr~ mllCl l1l,eU, tQ~, .Bl.t! ~eeds wasexceed in rr ly happy . The fellow· Mr. and M I'!I F . B. Hpnderson and mine ' which provedd ' ve"'" I gs we overfleet convoy e are soldo· 11 f ell\lw wnnt to J!ay s?"lething nb?ut u,t, ay bIn FIance rt- shi l? o! a fam " il y of chi ldren made ~a~ sweepersW n b' ~achlld from0 the I . I tl.el IS I:I de II'h Mrs. J . H . Coleman were Xenia Mrs. J. E. Werner and two 80nll, ;fweIUltOTY. ~, we staye \)'J t _~ die because we. ar.e, oil' burners. We them and he can.not thanl! of anythmg : ~en . y w IIde 1~ I r;;, ,0 t .e thOlr h fe to be an overflowing one land Mr. and Mrs. Morris Raper. of iO~ un~U 'l1?C 1, g~ ! ~. c6n ~ ed 1:'1fU'Iub~ 'ot' Ih'UP;:' Q'1l0!~ e ou!"h to RlllI. You Ulld stand, 1 " I.":Jf'r,l~al.'.,.~~ ;'~".L& <,u ~~I(,ers .IS Mr. Corm:1I was well respected' in shopper:!, Thursday afternoon. Dayton, were the guests of Mr. and wal.' at S .45~ A. M., no~g of not;e lind soldier08 across thllt was ever eeut I think. 1- ,.. ., . ) • . . ~ . ~ p. '~ ' l ~.... ~' ~. 'r: '." - i,., w~i "h h A lived '-J- - E b , . II Mrs. W.O. Raver. ~uDdf1Y af ternoon, ~kin$' place between thill time until over at ane time. Some 'say that. Well, we all got rooms when we ' ~Qo . th~ Bureau of .' ~c l'rtE'I/US U,nJt His opiniun on' matt ci s of fa~m efti f . '\ r-'" M rB C. . g t.!rl , (,)1 ~ ay h .. JI , Just as we were .getting ready to there were half a million sold iers in l'cnched tho hotel, and hnd a good (~mf'fICall B:nd Hnthhl uf .the Red ciency was liO U ht IJ those needin spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. Women's Coats and Suits, $9,76. start, .one man Jumped overboard the bunch. Now, really, I don't know, bath and II genera~ c1ea~-up of our Cros.s th a t If! now. ~~I PJlI)I·tlllg und advice, He m~de / distinct 8UCC g and Mrs , W. J . Baker, of Corwin . $14 .76, $1975,122 95 at The S. Fred ess and tried ~ escape. Short work wall but there was the biggest bunch of clothes. yve certamly did need it, Rf- stuffing four hOSPl lu<!I, tWIJ homes in a ricullure Lebanon Big Store After m~de of hIm. Tuesday! and we were snips I ever saw at sea at one time tel' our rIde G'II the t~ain . . We were (or orphans! OlJ~ h um " f" r nlfeu peo · M~ , Co rneli' and his faitbf I d Women ,s Shoes, $2 48, $2,~5, $3.45, Company Inventory Sale of Winter Goods. still onder way, making about 18 since I have been in the service. then ready for s upper, Whi Ch, by the pie and tiOlnl,[ lmm n~e rehef !ln,1 d vote d 'f u an l $4.48 at Fred'a Lebanon BIg Store knotl! p~r hour.. We had the mla· The doughboys said that they were WilY, was certninly a fine one. It on- soci:ll wurk among th ' thousands ot e Sh~re ;.ctlve m~Crebs of fortune tn the mght to break one of glad to see us come up over the hori- Iy .costs us 2 shillings nnd a 6 pence , r efugee!!, And tho,.· Qllakers are layne h lP ~rmders u a8 After Inventory Sale of Winter Several of our citizens attended our mine sweepers. Thursday morn· :.:on. Anyway, two or three German ap'ece, There were four of us cut of doing this same work IIlao in Ita ly a8 , ea permltte . Goods. the governml.'nt sale at Chillicothe lng, at about 10:15, we. were ~I call· cruised were reported to have been my divis ion . that stayed together Russill, Serbia and tIll' Nt!therlsnus: :he l~ terest of Mr, Cornell In Monday. ed to , our battle statIons by the seen ubout 500 m,llea from Broot, most of the tlmc we were sight~ccirTli:, -The Ladies' Home J (,u rna l commumty welfare was very marked , Thomll3 Crew. of Lynn, Ind., is bugler. We only had to load the ~ns France. We did ' not meet up with We went out after we had linished OUI' I . For many yea rs, he Herved his Town· spending seve l'al week with relatives II lew times, though, but we Temamed them and so got ali the soldiers in supper, got some cigars nn.l started , ship in un official cupacity. No mat· and friends in and around Waynes. The success of \orad's Lebanon BIg Store After Inventory Sale of Winter a~ our 8tatlons. W1til nearly dinner France all right. We were all hop- out to, Bce Borne of the city. ter lIIor t hy of consideration was ville . Goods Is illustrated by the record· of tel' . . r !lAsed by unnoticed Since retire· time. At 2:80 III the afternoon, we ing we would see them and have a . It sore is a' brilliant place had to abandol\ ship. -Every one battle bot we were out of luck for mght, alt~ough 119 yet they hllvrn 'l. that keep watch rn t ",! Tower;;. \'.as ment, rh e deceased has lived in , breaking crowds in attendance, and Special, Men s a260 and $2.98 unprecedented volume of purchase . equipped himself with a life pres~rver jt.U~derstand this, before I goo any got all of their ulectric lights turned tpll l11g u ~ II s~ry cunl.ected WIth 'the Wuynesville. ' Mr . COI'ne li was an active member Coat Sweaters at $1.75. and stood ready to leave the ship In fu.-ther, we are not ris king lives and on. You know that all !.ight POWCI' c!Jopping block , wh iCh is quite true. Hymsn & Co. case It started to go down. ahiplI when it· is not neeessary but \~as cut off wher~ t he German Zeppn- l,he tIme they b~he'\\lClI Lady JI~ne of th e Mt!thodidt )~Jliscopa l Church , We had up ontil this time with us We have to drill and be so caref~ that hns ~vere dropp ang b~ll1bs down on GrllY tl,Je exec.ullonel' had to st1"lke FLlr many yt!ar~. he h8ll been an of· one lIubmBTine chMer and one torepdo we like any old kind of a IIcrap, even the. cIty. They hll ve st"l got some of three ~nnes With I,,:> ax before her Iit- ial l1I(;mlier of the Church . He Mr, and Mrs, Lawrence Sherwpod, boat destroyer. But they both, had a from a bunch ot U-boats to a battle t~elr ~amous stutuos protected from head f~nlll1y rolled tIl ..the floor. It g'nve much time and attention to its of New Jer!!Cy. and Miss Dorothy serioos breakdown and - had to go with the two dogs that we have on the lI~r rmd~ !lc,\\" AnywllY, it is very was slud thllt she hau such a pretty welfllre He will be greatly mi i!s d Sherwood. of Lebanon, spent Thurs· nice as It 18. neck thllt the mUll co" ld not help i ' I I 1'1 ,t' e back to the States. They a~e post- ship. day here with relativ es. ing extra. sharp !ookou~_ for UWhen we gol back to Ireland again ; thinking about iL, lind so made a poor 11 I.. (e 1.lera lo.ns. Clara, second daughter of J. C. Sec Idstorlc ~cenes . job of it. He WIlS Lo hut f orty pound" I or lI UI~O a tllne. Mr. Cornell has boats tomght, aJtliough nothing haa after ,the big convoy, we had a pretand Rebecca Murray, was born near been _Igbted 80 far. ty IIad crew. I gue8/J about aU the The next morning we Htartcu ou t for doing tho work, but instead it oeen ITI fU ll.lIlg hea lth . He Willi e~· barrel of Fancy·Sorghum. WaynllllvlUe. Ohio, September 17, king for U-Boall shlp'~ company had what we call the immediately after breakfast. A man ~ost him fo rty pou".! , und (lie drinks III ely .consclOu~ of the fnct tbat hlB GetAnother your supply, this it! the last. 1887. and dellarted this Iif. at ber Spamsh flu. 'lIhe).'e were lots of thllJD. by the nHllIe of Sir Cuptai n Duno- around, This is till' way that the all ilction wou ld sooner or lutllr prove loo . Will White. home in Jonesboro. Ark., December 'F riday, and we are still making on h.e re that. died with it. There for hnen, a person who wus recently fower came lo be (,;" Ied the Blo,ody falal. He !l1et Ihis wi th t~Je ~almness 25, 1918, Sbe was married durlnsr about 18 knots per hour. We tra.ined a while w~ were "haVing lonera\s ev- lmfghted fOr his gl'eut wOl'k in tho '['JWel', Be lieI'll 1,1" , it is Ii damp anri seremty characteristIc 'of a Mrs . I. N, Harris and dlUlghter, tbe summer of 1913 to A. E. Forten· · our guna on what we thought to bJ! ~q day. They got it under control, war. He is f rom the Australi lln !~Ioomy place, and I would hute t~ Christ ian . In his life, he had deberry, at Birmingham, Ala., wbo two ,cennan, but they hnd though, in 'a ehon tI~e. But not be- army. Besides him and us fo ul' were have to star in there "01' uny length of p.!nd ed mu ch upon God , He knew MlsliI Ruth, of Dayton, were the s uryives her, also her father, J . C. disappeared before we <'got In range fO'l'e we had lost IIOme Of the good fel- two Canadia n soldiers, and four younl~ 1i1ll<l. ~il' WlIllel' 1(,.Ieigh was im- IliuL the Gorl whum he trusted wo uld week ·end guests of Mra, A.lice Mc· Murray, of Rogers, Ark. anel one of them. We l'BD into a heavy etorm lows thatbelped to put the Qklahoma lad.ies, American Relief Workers who .,rjsoned in . uunbclI n of the Tower not rai l io the hour of his grcatest Kinsey and daughter, Miss Henrietta. sister, Mrs. E . W. Hopkina, of Wayearly this morning. AU handa wer"P with ,the leaders o{ the f1set. nave been over here ever since A~gus~ J U (' a great numul r of ycars before need . nesville, Obio. called at 6 o'clock. We had battle )Veil, no uae to give you every de- last yeaI'. One of the boys wi th us I·e was cxe"" t~d, On J anuary 6, 1919, he quietly From 10% to 33Yu% off on Under· She retired at night In ber apparstations at 9:i5. Had 11 few snappy tad' of our atay'in !relanel. Suffjce to was from Texas, her native stllte, and l.:ow I hOllsan<i ;; of ,Icwcls and peacefully ~Iept away a t the age wear at The S , Fred Company Leba· ent usual good health and wben the loads and we were th.en ready tor say, we ml!,de the best of our time lIhe said that sbe fe lt us good from of 70 vears, 10 months and 17 day9. ~o much ror Ihe Til ,'CI', The crown There lire left to mourn his depar· non Big l:itore After Inventory Sale alarm sounded at the 1J8ual hour of dinner. A battl. cruiser wae sighted while...there viBlting Killarney Lakes, having met him aud tlliked wi th him arising next morning ahe awoke and at about 6,000 yar.ds off our port bow Ca~t1e Town, Cork.·and a few other Us iI some one hnd left her a fortune: ;ewc ls wc te unu(loer IIILcrcsting sil~ht. lure, four children, six grandcbll · of Winter Goods, wished ber hu ~band a Merry Christat 4:50 A. M. W~ excbanged aignals placell. Some furloughs were given I eould rendity believe her when she I.'he imp(,tial stale crown, quean's dren , lw o great grandchildren, and with her. to London,' Enghind, while there, but said it, too. , ,-rown of sLlItc. it fl/l'mcrly had 2,818 a large circle of triends. Messrs. Carl McClure, Clarence mas, and in a few minutes more ber Moy division was on watch last they had to quit giving them on acWell, we went Itround to the Lon. oI ill mond ~ , ~rl7 pe'"'l g IIml many ot her "l' hcr~ is no "doon [or the 90 ul Mendllnhall, Kenneth Kilbon. Ethan spirit had fled. The deceased was a splendid Chrla· night from 12 o'clock until ," this co.unt of ~he U-boats siiiking so many don Towel', t ho :( thing, which jewels. T \\\I ~ap[>h"es, 56 bri11iunts Thnl dwe lls wit bIn God's bo u"dleas peace; Crane and Howard Burton attended morning. We had Java and ' 8l1nd- of the shIps going that route. There you know, was built by William th~ .. nd r,~ di"m O lld~ It tll' " been added to it A" d sick"c.s bu ild. "" du "geon wa ll s Keith's at Dnyton, Monday eveniDg tian woman, always taking an active part in church work, teaching a Sunwlches given us during the watch. were foul' ships thllt had been taking ~ollquel'er o~press ly for the snf.!'.keep- ~inc", The imperi •• ] stute crown has For o l1 e wh o k n owcL h ,iII's Rllrcea~a; day School class In the First Baptist 'T he se~ WAIl awfully rough and It our men back lind forth C11 lcave. The mil' of the cIty. Part of this tower is ,. n Ind ia n elll el'ald \\ Ilighing :J4 Clltets, H e: soa rs ou tl re lcSl vinions hi g h BIg reduction in Men's. Ladles' Church in Jonesboro , waa al hot as t he devU. We passed Germans. got three of them and then in the city of London a nd part of it >n pl'hires, und li,lil,) dia monds. Bc- And liv('. [,encRl h th6 ope n sky .'. Every ao· and Children's Underwear at Hyman quaintance was a friend and In her a transport loaded with soldiers and sent a w}~eless that if we did not give I)utside. The tower covers an aren' ddes LlacS(: I ha\'~ just mentioned, -C. S. G. & ('0. ' heading toward the States about 8 up sendmg any more she would get of 18 Ilcr(}s. The oldest and most Ihel'(, WCI'~ , Oh, ,0 many more. It death the community has Ioat a truly Card of Thanks. o'clock. StOrms were very , heavy thl' other. That was where she made import nt building of this tower is , cems to r~sc i aalc you to - look at nobl e character, most qf the day. Our at&rboard en' an awfal mistake. For in about two culled. t White Tower. Just to them, the sallie as a snllkc would The Grange will install their new The funeral was conducted Janu· We wish to expreHS our gratitude gine had a breakdown between 1 and weeks, or r~ther nine days, she was show y. how well it was protected I harm you li n! !La I I had rubies, and thanks to al\ our friends and officers, Saturday evening, January ary I at' tbe First Baptist cb~rch in 2 o'clock. We had to stop for about two SUbmlU"lnes short. . its im al'd .....ard is protected by a big diu Ilwnd3 lind sapI'hu'cs gr~ving all neighbors for the many kindne<3ses IS. All members are invited to be Jones'boro, by her past.o r, Rev. J, R. one houT. -We were jUllt 1,600 miles 9ne of our cll!Dmanders off of this wall, anked by 13 toowers. The en- "round me- when 1 went to bed that shown to us during the iIInesa and present. Oyster1l will be served af- Hobbs, after which the burial was out at Ilea when It occurred. It is shIp was returnmg from leave, whe trane to the place is on the south night. You C:111 imagine that, too, ter the work. bad at the Westlawn cemetery. death of our father. stili rough and 110 hot you can haTdly tlll' shi~ he wall on got torpedoed. ~o .side, u th the Bloody Tower, can't you ·! ·-Rogera (Ark.) Democrat. The Children, stand It•• We had no fretJh wateT to were fired at It. Only a few lwes 'Illle oullward ward is defended by six Anclher place we saw was the St. You'll find a lupply of Brown Suo Mrs. Fortenberrv Btlrved as tele· drink from 6 o'clock until 111 this were lost. .,_ towers, facing the Thames river. A John's ,~ap~l, O'I1e of the oldest places Ifar for curing meate at White's Store phone operator at the CenterviJle and moming. ' Sallor8 Villt London big, ditch, or moat, lIurrounds aU of of ~v?t'shlp In the world. ;Peo?le of &!l Waynesville excbanges for a number Sunday, and we had a general these and so you see how utterly 1m- religions went to ',:orahlp an thle I N Mill f H b I of years, and numbered her friend. elann to aband~n ,ship. The ~01'llt Well. when we left Ireland, every- possible it was for anyone to capture place. We \Vcr~ lip UI t~e bell tower, . . er. 0 arveys urg. s by the scores in tbll vicinity lltorm we were ever in ocourred to one wall glad. Of coune, no one the place. And no one ever did .. nd all over i-;l. Pauls cathedral. stili with the Antioch Nursery, and • day. So foggy yoll couldn't see f~ kn~w wl;lere we were going ' for ' II either, although, as history telll! yOU' There is a pluc~ Ill , t his .cathedral tha~ will be glad to take your order for •- • one IIhip to the otheT. We pasSed while, .or even cued., A change WM it was tried constantly. ' IS cal~ed th e wlll spcrmg gal1ll~y. anytblng in the line of fruit . trees, another ' trans rt Mondaoy mom" the thmg that we wanted. We had The middle tower was occupied -by You SIt :It Icust Il hundred and lrifty shade trees, shrubbery, etc. Call at about 8:4()~ We received u::~ plent~ of hard luc~ when we wore the kings and que~ns down to Charles feet from a mnll there, and he ,,~his­ rttructlonll' in foreign lemee Our there, loeing many good. JOen, be- 11. It was, I boheve, t he custom ~or lIe1'8 to you nnd t e ll.s y?U all about~ the Claril!8a Harrold a graduate of him, and he w\ll come and see y~u. llestinatlon given 'o ut as Queeiustown, Ildl!ll-one of the IIelt gunnery ~mman- them to stay in this to'.ver hie or ber place. You ~e!~l' 111 m Just as .plaln as the famous Leland'T. Powers scbool Ireland Our 'jus, band waS glvi n .. d'ers that ever InW to the'1ore-slgbting ride in procession to · We~tmtnSter. 1[ he wer~ SlUm!! by your sld~. No of Boston is to be beard on the The Church, Woman'swill Auxiliary. of Miss St Ii tl . .,.., unll checkinl' ot ~ jl;un. ,one can flgUl'C out why that IB, un.• hurs Mary's meet with > , ue ~ t e entertainment tonlght "at It .onIy was ~ ahort while after w,a Vlalt London Tower less it is because th'o dlmJe is so per- Waynesville lyceum course, he. Emma Heighway at the borne of Y 0 cl~~ ;;,,~eli:e ,w~ Inttu~ got uncier way until we moored .hlp Well I hardly think I have t ime fectly round . It look 45 years to build da d evenln~, ~aDltry 23, O. J. Edwards, Friday after.. y ailgtt!i ba~, .. . s~::it a here In England. Llberty wa. siven onough'to g ive ou every Jittl . il}t th is cathedral, nnd jt certainly was rno ern , an ttme y atory, ~r Mrs noon at 2 o'clock. A paper by Mrs. , !!.2u t tw0ip~t'f '~ us ~n the' afteqloon. The mpat of UB on 'the vll1'ii!ua' ;iaces within &:oen_ ,a ll'Bster mind thut con'ceived such a Country Cousins.". It has been sSld T. Lee Adams. 8ubject: "The Wo° The two 'lrames ot bllSk.t ball po ti ' go.... a & ~ 0 wen,t- over to Weymouth, 'Which is closure .Ii f an ' d'd Ii . - thlDg. Mere worda catlljot express tbat Miss Harrold 8 programs are men of tbe Orient/, will be a part ot played ~ere between Kingman and =:re ll:~,J:u;r~~~~:a~e quite, a nice little place: l~ewe..a ,thing, a~einz ~~ t:: gt!nsn~w~~ one's opinion of it. , startling In their faithf!llness to the tbe prOllram for tne afternoon.. Wavnesvllle - we~ , .,both excltinlr • t It-t - tI .' ' Th 18Im..... wore; in h~, we had qUltj! a 1I1Ullber 1I\nCllll,.... I\-rmored suit. thllt . ~he .From here we went down to Woot- types depicted , From PIttsburg. Pa" games, although the ' scorel\ were a our _ mel. e" II ""l ~ visitori on board,lhlp' every afWl"- knights used' to wea~ the different; minster Abbey, intQ tho old cbiurch comes the report tbat "ber portr1lyal , very uDlIBtistactory.. to . the Waynea· ' I : : J'~t":.~:wq d~h.~mf"noon, InCluding; of toom; 1DaDy Dloo k,~ds. of spellsj the' drfterent ItInde Oi! thor!), an~ the several other buUdlngs. of the leadlnll characte).'11 was simply Carl LlcClure, of tile U S. S. vllJe audienCe. The send. teama' ,un . en~" ,oQne-~:t who iovJted rUI 0,,81\ too thin ~ they U9lld to tortUre 0 l~ It m akes a fellow 'fool aw1:uUy tmlflU to m~l'velous; the ptpduced more fa, Oklahoma, home Sunday 8tarted the p~e. : ujl JVayne!ville ' Arrived fn the W..r Zone thaJr , ,ball. and daDce." , . witli to" got. tliem to d~lOse~ ~.. 16tand .and look a.t the diHerent p'!aCe. vQrabie comment than any enter- evening on arrived a turloullh. Clarence was clefeated 17 ,'tO 11, rhe'·firtit., 'W ~ beeg iii ~ "'_ It W" :tbia ,place tb&t.I gOt cte~ach BII tbe tbumJi.'llcrewI and , nd h~ve th.e. gUIde ten you that they tamer we bad bad this year.'" . Mendenhall, . of the IUlme· -boat,.I1'- b)ami w,re-' "ell , _\cb~ ,)aa to 'f ~ 'blJ'Ve '&lid UI ___ ~! ~~; t!IllII few daya ....e in London, 11 It a strother whii:h ' thl!Y tiled -to ptill "'Iere JJlst t!tIS way , 2,000 yean 8&'0. ' • - • rived 'JJer.e Monday- morning, The' w.ight but bette"Minll bY K~· or un ~~e ""'ll1Ul , wli iutenst JOu, t will ten YOU of 'Your 1Imbll trom JOur ¥y, the old " t the truth, to<r, but you would' . :::~'m:e abubi;efl'oeiot.h': the Uamp I ~hJle thel'!!. W. f!hojlping ~Iock and th., to ,never mako. ~ome/'people beUev~. ft., ' G. D. Mille, a rural carrier at the boV8 are looldnsr extremely well, and maD ~on the lIlPn,e, -2'Z to 18. TIl, • oar . ..... left ahlp at.) 0 Clock UI;I rot a 1iebe6d JMlOPl~ ,ntb' th, one that ~w I~CIU can easIly see that theae bulliLfn.. \ocal tJ08toffice. baa purchased tJ\. it ' b.. been over a fear ilDce they boY' nave jtIUD.:~lieauled up to the Itronll ~ -rlncl~ ~.Joew-" tuba alIovt a. It took III 1IIltil ued whait' they ~eadod _ W.tter were p'ut u8 to stay, for eome: of UaeJr awolUnlr houee ofPbfllp-HopkiDI. -Sr. bave been hOme. ~Botb ' boys bave lriid41e of March • •DeI Md' qQite ali experi.1DCe,4\lJ'iq tha, t.eama wUL~" ......- t"" , paJ ~ o:,,~~ ~~:80.:t.~ht ~::.:; ~\r-:t. ~ 1.... G}Q, l'Walll arq 2 ,~et thick. the comer of Foortb a.ld Tyler ~ .' , .~ , ?'1'J~~ _ - - - - . . • ' • ', . ...., at ........ (CoDtinued Oft PIP 4) ' .v.8ta. u.s w~ mo,_lnto It ~,











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TH~ M1AMl Q~ETrE. WAYN~Elv~t~ OHIO'.

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O\1'lIl ll', ".top II IIIII(el'l1 gOlu' ru lill vu ;'De. J\ l'U "/t' tl"OZe t ' . " "I'm IIli "lltht, but t\IC'~e h OI' ,,~ oro . nw flll llr d. Find In ICl ' IU I'C~ t ',e\'y rew millut.'" . I tolll h.lm U(Wllt til e wngou-·nud how It l'eU 'led me t hl'IU' bhn ~ny : "As lCln~ Ill! you'r" all ri g hI, boy. I ./' ! aln't goill' to WOI'I'~' 'bout tl le wog·

OU~ant to he


NewS'pape1"man ?



a country correspondtnt -for this paper.

AYBE you 're


on-I1(O Jumper?"

Probablr aspire to a bigger job in the newspaper field.

Atter We I) tl) tho bllrn door nt last be went In'the bow!;, onllllgbt'lil hl R I Mtcrn mIll C/UlIO buc], wltll\t WI"~Pl) ed In n blnt\kot !\lId Auut D 01 emne with


Adventure and Enterprise It's a liberal education in news getting and news writing. Its pages teem with soggesrioJU, guidance, examples, experiences, h ints, helpfulncss for those who feel the urge of the pen. PEP is published monthly by the NEA, the greatest news and feature organizarlon in the world. Anyone of PEP', twel\"e visits will a dozen rimes repay your outlay for them all. It's $1.00 a year.



F. R., DESK 6







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Il ly

1',,\1 " ,."1,,, \'u rl 'flilly I :-:;lid


Oay Mr. C, ,",shaw Out In the Field t o See My Un c le.





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\\ III,d · ... atl ' ... , ,) \\ 11 :11 It, ... d"u. ·th l:-: Tlli lilltl '--II ,\ , -... , ,, I C" I1,,\\' pll II .. !II \'. 1" IJr ·· :--11· d. "\\" y of nil IhlT l ;:" ' III. l UI' I., I', ·


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" ,,-'.\ !If ;, 11 th lH ~~~ ,,, III)' h unt ('x,Ir, I ,d " 11 ... \ ·I r, · \\ I' ;"',,1 fl , to glt 1111 IlJ.II lI"'I" .\ .,1., ...... III I:" ! 111O{,s ? H \ . . ... 1'01 I ! I., I I L ri ll'" ' " " '\ " ' 1, I ":111" 11' 11 ~ " . " ~:l ld Uncle 1" '111111 '1\ " I I.!II'·(,,~ JII' ('IIIl't forgive u s r'll' .... ll·, In' }{'I' \II"Y B ll rr H ' ~ ."




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lu Ihll mlln " r lIt til .. , I ,, !inIlRn o\, pr that nftf'r. Sulldiu/.! C'Homl H in n . l'u\l r ~




VINOL NAKfS .FuneraJA.- ~Af'Fn CHILDIIN STRONG EmbaJm~r, Dlrf"Ctor


Waynesville. Ohio.

, ,,,I

I I"

1111 !I ,Y lift'

11,1' '11\11.1-(' III lit!.! I II T I ! \ I II III. ..:r'· jt t. II, . ~ , . : ,,1,1.


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flill I' '\' 11 ":

1'"/ 11I 1I' , \\, I·(j

t ill ' : ' X I · ... ;..''' iI'~.

110'1£ SWEET


My Seeond Peril,

J ack WIlSOIl,

Dr. J. A Mc:(...oy,



t,hiu way.


II. 111

An Egotist. 1':!;"II~ t~ hr.' own who Ilre nnohl f h <l IMglI l." t ho fil et tbnt t,bey ort l'I\' :( s (',1 wllb thcru ~elves. J



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'1'1,,0", I 111. , tl!' 11''' 1'1,, ·:-; I II I h " liI .. f I IIdl' /"l'tlldi:1o,l :Inti 1i1l,·,J

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I' .r t I l" :-.111\, I II ill. II 111"1'1' ho i. ·..: ..... 1 I I"" , !' d I h f.TI! r ~ 'Inl:-; (. f' U ,I' I ,fi ll I'd .... : lit! 1~ ... ·1I' ·1 [ 1 ' 1/1 I"




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1: ,1111 1'(1;:". SOli l1 J 111' :11 '1\ II I"" " lIul. I"" ·tlld h lll'\\ 11,: 11 I t \;11 ... Ih. · , ,,i l '" "t t · II I·I ,· 1·" I1I .. , d~. II I' II lld stlL l l. d 1I1.t tlJ 111,"' 1 IIL(' II I !lit.! l'o l lll'llI It 1111 ~111 ' P "H~ wltJI Iii Iii. . 11:.Ut!. f ,lit! " \ I' I, IInri YI ' !" Ii ~I II,tLl ' " ,. , III Itli l. d . It I lil. '1i 1., 1t :rlld


W "ggoI'e~, h " , rd' PIl :ltlll ..... Hhin~ for




-----------------------M ICY 1",, ".,,1 ',n Atook ohat, Howard Burton Ii VI'

i '"

, , 'I ~

~r. , ' on d

,,1\ ,1

m()rt,gu~ee ,

NCJ 't'" I, 'n ~'ht"

.1,., 11" Uorblllll" Jr. , All"" flnJirl i o l.! , X J' lIi " , Oh io m2


Autb Livery


A h.,JvOlI,10lindrlllee m'lo

tQhncoo on I,be

of.her worlr.

H.I OkH, ph n [] o


Call Phonc 4


/:l:J 5, W"ynesv!llp, O. j29




'I'nrl<ey G ohblnr to ftbont 24 1hl'. Wrha WR\tl<r Rawyer, R [l 3, W"yne~vl!lo, O hIo j 22 '

A r·1"1xeb11 11 ...Uru nJ;ft',








Il """ IJl I,,' r , ~,3a8 60 ; FOR BALE J , /I ll"" ' ''' ' ''' "hp : ilJ , ((nnrtr rl:v !.'x p " II. " Ill'r. , l1lll, , ;125.20 ' - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - Tho swealer h ilS .~vo lved IIDtO -lUTUlUI. ' lhe swenterelte tor the Bprinc oil U~Oy-ll'l r.. t, oIH~" pbll\W, J;food Auto Equipmlmt.. nln e l cn. Giving up the . J'enBe~ 1'01,\1 ,. LIT!.'!! o'nd r.lpetrlQ 11 ~ht. Rell l Estate Tronsfers, scows to be aa hllrd for women all Hor~l?rawn Equlp~ent Oall on Un)' IOh le r,R D. I, Way. IR th e short walking leni'th .~. Irs:l A$'( l1'" Ii , J1IlJury tn Al bert a.'J n csv llle,Obl o. jl!2 lin nil rro~l(s. This new bltlC~ u 'l ul'R', H". t,II r, In t 5 In J.e h ilfl un, and blue Rn lln has a long sweater C R 1, Red (,-o olr.ereJ~ ' f , r l'er,EPHONB 7 . i; l. oon. DAY OR NIGHT ~tte s leeve Ie,," jacket of jerae • brr edlng purpo es, go"<1 h, ,,,,, 1 L )l'I·n'I, Ori\Vrdrl to Wll liom Franz, cnuiht "I the wnl.t with a belt o~ ' : r·: . I' 1 :-::-=-~=::,========.=~ At Il l, l'·.r t of Illl, 2(l7 in Leb~DOD, J nqulre of Lo sbley BfOR the solt malerlal. The ,we'aterett~ Is open all lh e WilY down tbe s ldil f;!5(,('I, W ilynesv illfl. Oblo), j-~'! noRJlll.lID IIIlDtDDIei ~U . . yUh J)r, !lb~ unrler the arm. It baa a wide; blndinii of t he sa ti n wblch ma'ke~ ,

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onlrd \nl(, ~ a,l\U ; I: h ,,~ .1

1 1t ~

I l d ~' It,'1


L ~ " , " (jr~ i' n 'r' t! fln~ , brld ~ e lu w . b,' r, l'" : ~ 0 I ; 'I' h" "'V, Fl Hl alls!.!!! I'., . hleni,. Ilwl ~U""I' .. ~ r~ r AudJ~ lr , Hi! (Ill; \'l -I n ' n h , 01 fl oa I el!tl ,,, ,II .. nnuLrOlf',' , ~~7 lU; ,J 'W .Iones,


,I '.'. nt. I lIll "


I Classified Ads 1


lo ti \V .J(KfI1 1. ('(lf llPIlIl\,. ' , I ~"I' " r .. r ,\ \l ,ll tnr. $l5 , IlG ; ( ~. f '1r. ,1.\ ', B T(IW ll, /I ~ (l " t , ludo h()o llr t:w iutn 1'1·, \ j.H· nr ( r· ... III) ljfl . t:a.:t ~J8; Ch t) Cin f);unH I. Qnf\rrl f.Oq ( ' ' ' ' f,{rnv. l 1 $'i!J 3r;;

l' 11.... I :. d I '.,II! 1 tl1/rr ,' II 1"tI .,

111. \1 " '\ 1' 1, \."

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1 hn .1

Ou. H.~ .



'lhh UUi" PH t'iTllIPt l ;br.lll \{ot. l :'" t 1 4! "/. It l " });' flit j PI , ~ tl';o; I qn " Il1 .. ;.1' "t Mil'oi"M I8mit!l , . f\ ~I:, j ;~. o! I,· t I DroM, 1l1 tl UkR t 'J r A ".!II." , ;: 1)11 ; \1 1ti.' l\i H p "/,p rtH , prloll Il ,\ \1 : " ,)r , ~R.lJ(J; Thn Wp~ ~,: rn ~ ('!' . Jf " ai IJl i \' . , tH .jC' ; r h o Lpb. ,nflU I' ,1I1' Ii , pohll~hll ll.( AUllit'IH·'tJ 1,' 11' 11'" , .. I It"l" orl, 1!11 8 :!oU:l:l;

IIIa l, !-



Hil "" LLlIl) \V . · · :-

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I II' , ' .I td I

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I'll ,lunA \I"/(·U

I{ V.1t

Cnmmi~. · i{Jn e r,; '

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:' Il :o\1 1\

; ' ,'I,\(ll hlf',

n IDg ~ .

I: 1' 1 II"" 'I 1

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I ! ,,· :tX -

I ly

• ' >:1 1', . li n d

il" fU II"

'1 ·1 ti l" f :. ;" " ,j ~ I : f' 'l' 1' 1\ 1' \ f '1 1" r . , I 'I ", 1 1'1 ,,, : 11 ',I " ; I! Iii '.\ I'd ;'J1



Ii AI; ' Y F' , FI lII" , I III ,r"r ,


Telephonl' 28


~~ Pl)rI!it:I . ':· R

HU:-I ;.J I~ ;'\1 0 1} 1\. furm f) r, o f rl Plll' \YilrIi1l 1k! 1.1[} , :: 10 Rn\", t . +t t' 11 ,tn, " f Hnrv ,' \ ~I'III ~ I{ , \' , H. ~ I 1'1'

II U ri

~rn " " ! ld.r


J. U, l unney , IlruRl( i5t, Waynesv ille, O.

I\lnrriagc Licenses.

11'\·'· ...


.: "1; 11+\" I ii ,' 11(. 1"111 '''' !llId :-:t'·

: ' "1 '"11


",.n· 1




"1\ ,1" I 111 I lt :t l .\ ' · Hr : ' \\;1 1.1 11.': til Iln ' l r


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{, I : I 11101 1,. I! II ' , :I!:ti h l" ' 11 "I' II III } I, ,I I \1111. III fl..:...:I~ ' : III'· ' ·, ~[Y 1'1 I ' . 1I!. d I ' l/nl ... t· I, ll', '" IIIill t. \\ 1' 1'1 ' l 'Ii"~- \ ! ' II IIII' I 11";'1 II ": It IIt 1 \\ I' fi l)l "I II"ur ;111'1 :.' ,I I.. I I I .. , k II l!J t I II'



I TII / , I,

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tbe field to see my uncle.

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Jill I I." I k' l ll nll - II · ,I \\I IIL l i lt· \ .:..."" /' "I' th Ht fir...:t tillY \\ \1 " 11- Itt ·W 11I"J d r dll,,1l - L It! \\1 !1t /':1"., \\11 1:..' "; :1" 'I~" II :, ,," "IT. I ' ·


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I,ice nse No. Q · l lllii2

Ship in your own cans or we wil1loan FR~E cans for :-10 days trial. We guarantee 'your cans and cream agnlDst loss, Remember we refund the price of your shippln~ ticket.


'I !!" '. a "" "1 \1'1'\ '" III "' 1" 11 /:11 ",olllel 1, 1' i ' :t I !' Id " C "1 ,'.1 \\lrkh \\ ... ' n ll t'u

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('\" I~ Hlng I

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S t n t •• Food

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BUTTER TRI-STATE THE Uniled AdlUinistmtlon

.I ,,,, e,

$ 102,0 1

aru .. uot'd

W, l l:" ,,, II . ~\u" II , rI ' oek~e ll , W, I !lnrn I I. \{ h. ,." "" 1M "pnoill t~rl "x ell, ,Il ~ 1OUU, (;i r,,, Me'L'\I ' (' , " buoi ". I'; L;, nlo n Il nd It" , I'} W ,

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LebulI " " VB ' llllrl ", 11111.1 !,IIUI Muo'H';


Week of Jan. 13til-to Jan. IS .It inclu.





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WO l'lit'ti

Ifl "tin,\ '" :1:'1 I I ), 1111 ' 11I1"' r Ih .l t y 1.1 :1 1,'..; \I'II'! ; I ". 1\,:, :1 ll ,q ";l'llr ll ItI'

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Hlld "' LlIII '!'?H) It I II,, ! .... lIl ·! . " S , HII I'1 1111 P'"


world , 1I1l~' \\'n y," \1 11 1 I.· l 'l'Hl1u(l" \\'(' u t on. "Hurt's u}lr L' nil' UII ' !'!" " 1111'l'l' f4.·p t o· ~11()\\' on ttl!' Il ·\ I· 1 11 11 ' IIIIIT' " cOlllin' nn' t t 'R cold I II (;!'t'I'lI lnlld." Jt WH S f: ucl! II bl'll '!' IItlY thnt: w{'


os 'Curl !' ('pllhfldy ' ·/llIli·. 1 :-- ;l \\' ,,11 1t joy thllt il L.: fIji',' W:t:': (· l lI "' I'I I1I. "YJp :., h~ · ~11"l1lp d 11'" h,' :o-l"I'Iwd IIi ....

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pnslllrf' wltll flld ~tli'P IIl l d III·fllI:.:lat III the r ()\\':4. I ),:'0 1 tJI\,oll ~ ll ndll, !II L: .I11..: t

J.:nt t tJl' 1111.·,.. ·. . 1


And Invigorates Old People


III II ... rnlll ,ll e

and th{l s lt'clIl!11I of ;lI l' ('UrJ'l'lIt l-'\\'C'llt me a l ong with t h t'll i. U\V ("'I'(" II .., JIII'li l( .;.,o t fo tl \~ In the


A s the c\ \uillJl f'n T1 t:' on r " .. ' 1\ 1\ 'ong 1001< ut my e(lnl ~. 'rll" ~ItI'r1 \\ ""


Is it rea.,onable to expect nnyone to buy your cream and SELL IT AGAIN nnd pay YOU as much money for your creall: as you WGuld receive by shipping it you rself VI RECT to The Tri·Stutc?

no 011 li nt ' ~aitl 1: ,:" !l l' w flu ld l en d u s .1 11 ) ~!J " rts I)o,'r' 0\ lIod ml·muerri ul n 110 1":-01' rOl' tht L 'I dll1 ~. lliu l L" l\llll ~"I.) f1, ,I .' , Rnnyun, U (' . \"p h ad gn' I" I, 1 :' llItH~ nflt.· r that 1i:1I 1 1\~~, UOWI\.rrJ Uonovur !lod Elln~ II , I] 11/' 1 ,!! .• : \\"1111 1 \\lIlI ld I llY lI nl'1f1 tllld ;.:nt nnl' II 1' 1; I I ,·;d IS til 11 11l 1' kp t 0g 1 e~u e(l , ~rll l1i>oli I g llo . ThA tlll ," 1,\" 1 '1' 111' 'III. ·ry h r llu :.:l d 1t·1I 1' .... to H,Y nnd cur-nell 1.'ll w ftlh.' ;.:, I{ (' 111' ~ I I 0 " (]'I u unt ot m Inl1.V " JlJJ""vrl,.te.l \ ..,.... p .... y 111 pa l ll'J' " Ifll lil< I nOlH'~': ' w\'" h ad (,,1' s a i:! hUlllll"~ WII" a;!l4 uOO, 1Ir. 11 ! 1!1 1,IIo'jll ' " IIlttl 1.. ,1 111,)' 11 I r8("' ~ I.,' t ' l pay our (h"l , l.~ in whpnt, :--H l t.~ o r n l~ ( 1I JWttll bo; l U U t xlJ \~ nth II f(lr nun !!IIP 1:, t' 1 0\ "1' Id' th ,' p :llP,.... 1 i ll\\' ;!I':al l '- (~O rn , so tl UI t I lltl" Ptll'tt l u :.!':-4 l"t ' :lll s .. I,rlH'l i " " ,,"1l I'" " :'n,, H;;i,74:1 18 t'!l1 ii ~," IIP,t!. fill' li p' '\ i lld \\11'" :-.lnd< nrn nun t€'d to (III.\' $( i~ . rln, lilY n11l' 1l' len VII J~ fI h.I I IL " "" *~5~.H2 , , ' I .. I' I\\' 'II' jo,, \I: 1i II '! In til .· I rt't 'I 'lp~! I snitt \Vc g uvC Il a ' h:alllnc(' lI od tt' J1 '0111 '="'ClJl'll I' Ro" II,\, In ve~ , tnl'nt I An~1 d~cto~ .y.llllteU YI?U ~: Ithe Either Auto Horse dra.wo Hcuict!. t 11 1t' t1'.II 1 \,:1:-: r, III" 1:l1 1" ... C"IIIII f1 U1l1 e bus h~l ~ o( ,,1It'lIt to ~ Ir·. (;l'It,, ~J liI\\' fol' t ;oullh ll Y v ~ \\'Il!l"r J. "V lll~. Th Is , c~~~~nenilie °ele~~~t:sn~~'3e~ toe::. . No extra charge {or ~utu 8t;rvi~e. :"1 ': !:'It'" 1litt 11 0\\ I \\ :1 ,. t il ,/ . 1 th " l·l'. a Rpu\"1 lo ed 1101''';' ', artC'I' wl1 \(' 1\ hl' lH\l ~I' l R <ll blfli!'seu [oj ',,' ,, 1" , pr()~e.! prove tho health of d!=liQ~ hj1dren Both pl)on es- ih·Offic and Re!lh1e~. j' tll I . t! Id I I \{> l 'd l,P. I " :1\ 11( '1'.,, 1 ": 0 llh ' o ~rl·\' tI I n gin' U I1C 11'IIH t n y eu'l" O CX'J Ul l!' '' II!, c, · ... , Ill u\ (ll ljf , ' and l'e&tdro atrclfgtlfto olapeople, No. 14 • pl l It 1·1'; ,1: 111 . 11' 111 lI r, d It Jill' ':':itlll~ t~H 'jlJ ll on 1 1 ~ ·II H:lpa l. \V, l<l n, n ' ) Hr l W II' ~ f u. ,·s ' Wfllll' l'l n eoltLlve. anll Beer Peptone., II'01l \, .111 I .: t !,' 111111 1;lIo!~·r. I 1" .. ·\\ l li;l \\'e {l'lI j'" . ' '1, II I . \ V I ll..... C ,4 n~11 tl l ~' " ,~ .... ,\d fd r Wtt-ld ~~~~~:'Q8tlte.!~:epi?:;'te.a~;or::'ct! ;;a I ,lt 1::,j 11 ,, ' 1111 1 I ll , ' , .1' Ihl ' h .II" " , :I " d "f prl" l'l' 1I 0n U~ t,h h (,,"!i t fit Plillot,ff , ( Olyccropl>oBpbatea, C",cario. I. , ,til",!, ,I, " 1" "" II 11 41 't, , J, ' •• Ml unltl 11 l{l ul-: VfJ If .. Ill :: II K l ug Those who have puny, aUing or t l l ol\ H i ll tJ· r,. \\}I , IIII' ~!T i .. 1. \\ , at'I \. \ :.,\lIl ,, 1l.1W ~ 1'1 " " "1 11' ~(j per run·down children or aged parents I, I, oj It;l1 . I I II I , tlill t " ' i ' .... h" 'i ' : may prove this at our expense. we ~k. ~i o .. ~ 50 fill' IRl(n l tIl:pellee3 Beside8 the good it does children 'I to, )..11 !.UII: ~ ry \',l1hOli l g-r l ·t. I:I • .I I , L ll< oln r \'6 RnYlulI.HI ~' , and the aged there is nothin~ like " " I I;...:" \\1'1 11'''.1 :.1,,, vl' /lil d I,," 0 1: ,,, ,· 1 )~ \" " " " ll '" ·tPd , Vinol to restore strength and vltality I, , ,1 1 "'i l" I .. "! ' / I' \ i1 l ol l I 1,1),11'1, I tl II III I \\:1 I', !· , 'OJ I! ~ " "I I' II,'. I!, ., to weak, nervous women and over- Graduate 01 Ohl" ' ''' I lniverlli ' I w('~ked. run.down men. 1.1 " I It,' I ,,, ! "I) I" II :1 'II i! ,-., d .. Probate Court Proceedings. Try it. If you are not entirely sat~ I I III I \ I III' I r"~1 ' II ' " , 1'1' I r ,.' 1·1111 I.. ..; isfied, we will return your money \''i :! 1l111) B. !" lH n l~) ~ ( "I" hel m IIi... 111: ,1 , ,, 1"01\'" J ! ": , il Illy t't :11 1,11"1.;OFfICE: t·rat. or ,h I t" I I tit' l1C1n tll I hll (',:, tuto t,f' without question; that proves our ' • f ... :all 1 r•. I.!, d 1\ 11,11, :f lll (d' 11:111 ..;-birncsB and your protection. MilJob n \1,' 10. 1.0 u P ' ':1'T D'NI dunt illn I ;ons of people have been convinced Cv rner Main and Mi ll "; treats 1"" :' II"" l ,\' ":11Ti"d 11.' I n ' lilt' I "wl d

~rnmJl)or .



I lo\'.' Iii. , 111 011 :: 11' fl f Ih .d I I1'ol\('n \\ 111'1'1 ~llIf"" liB '! It \\'Il ~: o ur otl l y h,,:n 'Y \\ 1I~· I)I1. alld \\t' Ir a\ I rn.: 10 )1:1 .\'

What u <lay It w!l s !-IIi" 11,,,,1 "t 11"'''Y Il k .. It. I II~\'r r thillk "r ,," ,.,, I 1111)':-; \\'111111111 Hnylng to rn .\·s .-lf: ' · ,,' h : t t 6 t;otl· ~ 1t\""'~I Il~ n II\Htl Il l\ i' ~ 1I: 1 ~ '''right run ht· In 1hr- r lllllllllt lti l .\· In

Il1't 'l1

\\ 1t\'I \ I~ hl'~nn jll11lplng


\\;'''' Ill' Itt II I~


hnurs cordln!: wood 10 th " 0111'.1, pon" 1 IIIg now and theu (01' 0 101 ,,1, h ,LO



Mr. Cream Producer:



jUII I (l f'd i' l1 l I' ltd W ('llt 10 11 11·11' 1" ':\11 -.1 :Ifl d j'h)Jlrl'd I l wh' . ·,\'t'S. '!'he

"Ayes I Land 0' nll' r cy ! R, ' wenl nway l ong berore (10)'II",hl wllh II I n t 0' j e rk ~<l meat In II l'''''k 11". " .. 1ayes I Yer nnd e Is goln' down ,(I (hI' village to see 'b()l1t the morl lCu!Zp lhl " afternoon, nyes I" i It was a Sa turdny Illld I spent Its

IW""ly hllif full of or ~,\'llt:tA . nl~tI. lind

sllfr b('1!1I 1\ to (In 111'1'

(" ,II I,

II't - 1i\ ~r tll \'tI ''': 1.


l'I.d,, ~ .

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'I'h.· hor "','" \\'{'r,· in 111 0 dill'll. I hill'\\' \\'11111 \\:1" tli,' mllttl' r, tor illY (' \ ' I '!" 111111 h t' l'o !l1l11lJ.! \\ !t ll SIIO\\' III HI l 'hu ;llI lI d I" l .rll ·,11 t h UlI1 " t'1t'fl. Of ('uur~e tlt t, 1111 111 hull ~ t1n'" rt'd III a Illi:t! 11 111 rllll' 1' . HI ·r" r l' t ('lIl1 l d s lnp I ht 'lIl'tl t h t' t'f' :tl'i~ or It f"II,\' :11111 II frllfll \\'111'('t d r Hpjl vd t" II ~ h l1l1 . J ( ' IIt'('\ ~ (lti llit'

cot'YIJGtn tfINfTt:.fN.Jl~. flvtHO uaIIIlD


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AimfOl UP


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""· 1'11, my ~In n', B lu'\!" I- hu ex· clu hl1Nl 11I':l 111(>1111' 111 . HI l!lnu[!I ,t ye \\" HIIII t ... ·~"" up ~IIlhl-ll) L"-'POOI b v~- I'· \\'1' ('nr'... ·" Ihp 1;1'1 ,'1 In '"111 Aunt D,'col ll1nrh' ~" '"' I'll II . II "):. UIIW j;(llId It wn~ til I ,'!, 110" \\'ill',n lll o r II,,· th'e nod of Ihl' h"II I·t H or 111",.1' '\\'1111 loved m c! lloW I (,l1 jo,I'1'I1 t 10" p,u"Jill!; IInil mill, a l1f1 111'(':u l no d hil l Ipr ! "I !:llI'SS' Y '\I'VC got U' tll,'olll';l1 the secon,J peril IlIn l 01' Kill .. "poke of," sn"] Aunl IIp!'1 us I Wl'nt Up"lIl ll's. Un~le PCQ.hotly wcut out to l oo k 01 th(' hOl'ses. When I ol" oke In th" mOl'llln:r Toll· seM'C'<1 thol l ' I\CI (\ l '(,ltbud.v')ol lwtl h ilcl not been Rlel)l In. 1 IIIIrrlt-rl down lind h l'ord tho t """ nil' h""s" hn d dlNI In the nJ g-ht uf ,rolll'. Auu l np l'1 \ \'UR 'ryIn g. A ~ h e "I IV Illl ~ lJlld,' l'~l\ 'hnily

Ii:' Hl l:lr~:v V!\ H .' lurl (h".1'~U) 1 Inltd.-II of the 1loor. Ill Y g' rt ~t...: Hll d ('11\'1'1'('11 tlwlll with n "Bn IHII(\C y t " p:\J'tn{ l'S 1w ~ llt) nh'd . vorOt' j g l" 't'S ltt1t: 11 M ' D " 1Il I : . r Ing V,l f lrm ,1II {I . Ida ll kt· t 111111 1111 1'1'1 1' 1) 11 Wtl.,' , Tile t-I unw "You nil' T ni n I r (ll l1' 111 11 (0 dl :-;('u\lr,u;.!ed .I U IU (\04 U!i\ I l 'IJ, \OV. I... ·h r !.lt·~ r M llP (~ , ( '1\1111' 1.,;,1 1 : I ~t 1111t1 II 1I1111n~1 lJllllcil 'd Sf nil fh C' IHl.~ ·\"; tllp---lIp Wt' , Bh l't?1 1 l'h ,' L >3 I III 11, n N .,I1""n l I.:l ,ok III 1. r-!1 'W ' , TIl, '1'1' ·w,·rt· tiTth'~ wllt'n I ('IHlIt! " Nt·" p !,," r IIU:-- \" "II II. tWIII'('pl .\ ... ,'t' ti l\.' 1"11 111 1 or tlw hl)r ~f'~. uTll11 t'f.; th t' IIIII,! I f nN"!"lIrr 'w e ll) .,nuu, U bh ', n 1H.i 1'11 ,1 t,;lllz · t : ~ N, 1" bU ll o n, lI il i·) lIl. Til t' \\' Illd t' llll,! ("""I' r lIu d !"outl It hitc h 1' 111'\' 1<.; 1If! wit h l' tt llll'" 11 (I~fo:l nil! I,\on ll l 1:1:1\'1. 17(" I:U UI"J "Hu,n " ,' ; l 1" jllnu liun , WIIS li ard \\/11' 1. to 111 .1<1 th t' rr lll~ lind gil uur hatJlI lI ' dtll H'," 'J h I> l;ltiz ~ntl N u t" ; nul a_uk 01 kl't ,p lil.'!' hantl:-i rr o m rr r(,,> 7.ln~ . li e li nd Pu n ·j . . . !"da rl',l wi lli hllJ ~ ht p r




"' I\ =" hare. 11 1,,1 IIII,'h,'d "I' '''Y It"r> ,', lind sN out, I I'> 'adl,.1 tl,,' 111111 ", r~ly Hn() hefOI"l' I h t, ~ r :li ll \\11~ ~ I'IIUliti lil t' t'IlI'lh ,",,1 ,It ., >I, y IIh'I\'(' , 1I'!'r1' wll llc with \\l l l t! oll !



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his hl' art fltIlt

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Hnw proul1 It ronde rue to boal' biro say: . ' I "Deel, 001 b oy Is n mun Dow-lUnde ' tills jllmpl!r 1111 'Iolle h~ himselt' 1111' has gut tli r ollgh 011 i'lgllt." I ::::hl' cnlllC nll ll 1l('1rI the 10ule"1l up to Iny fu("~ ami 1001<1,.1 III lilY hHuds. I

The Magazine of Newspaper


' II rc'd Y' sit y e r

"lIIlldo It wltll the ox und some nulls," 1. QIl.\wrctl. ~

Then read the periodical that publishers praise, editors endorse, writers rccomrnend-

''Has Mr. Wright "OII1CO?" ruther su(lIy.






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GAZET T E. ~ ..


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fl ev. Walleel' wil l pretich at the 111 Catarrh Cannot be Cured w ith LOCAL APPLI OATIONS ns thcy l~ . c hll l'ch on Sun drlY, J unu llry 19. . : ca nnot ,.cach . tho scal or lh o dlocudc. 1'he l ~n ~ I \l 1'U Star Lod ge had It so_ C.. tunh Is a 10 'nl dl .cnso, g"cnlly 111 - clu.l funCI itm at th oll' lodg r o e om on rlu cnccd by constitutional condIti ons, .' . , ~ a nd In ordor to cure It. yoU mu st ln lw I Illl,IY ulght. . '"n Intel'nnl remedy. Hn ll·. Cn ta n h ' '1 ' d M I A Un ' Medl clnc Is t nken Internn ll y nnd ac ts " I. [lJ1 rs. I'll . .... rtsoclt of ! t hru the blood on th e mu cous . urfuces nll.I' lon . wer~ Su nuay guests .of Mr . ot the sY8tem. Hn ll' s ntanh Mcdl - :J nt! Mrs . .Jos. \V. Dal' ls. dn e waH presc rIbed by on e th e bes t phy Mrs. F. L. -cla rris. Mrs. I I'[~ SyfOl'd 8lclan. In t his country . tor year.. It Is composed ot Borne of the 'bes t .lllt! OWI!O HalTls w ~ ro Dayton shOll' l onlC8 kno wn, combin ed with som e or arM on Sa turduy , lh ~ besl blood purlrlc,·s. Th o pCf'fcc t . . ~Ir. an d MrR. Ji.l. C Mnu nell Is qui t c.otnhl nnllon ot IngredIents In Ha ll' s Cnlart'h MedI cin e I. whnt produ ce. '1 . e ~u c h wonderful res ult. In clltnr .. " ,,1 ':) 01 y at t hl ~ writing. r.ond ,l rH. Hann nh Creswell Is s tili 'lull '! e ltlons. Send tor les l ilnonlnl •. f ,·co. l Clfr~~:r;t: ~?,c: Prop •.. Tolcdo. O. ,"di" I'08ed. Hnll 's Fam il y' P ilI. to,' consUI",l",". 'I'! ,,' hOIl H"hol d gllo ,l" flf Isaboll :! :II: ',,11" 11. de,,, ·IlH.·tI, wil l h.. so ld lit puu.



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Springboro .schools oJ) ~d . M0!¥lay mornIng. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown and da ughters were the Sunda y guests of Albert StR OY \VII! on t h o U. S. tbe la tter"l! parents, "MI'. lInll. MI'8. p. W. Brehm. . j ury i n Ulnolnnd\,-· Mon day .· MrQ. UOCIl 8anby I\ri d oh ll dren ~ Ir. a nd 14rs. Geor ge SeUers enter\YOr~ Dayton vi~ l tor8 . utu rd llY. ta ln ed a t dinner New Year's day. M l ssl:~ Nellie and Mary Fitts. Mr. WIllb.m l:fahul8 anu oh lldren . of an d Mrs . Cha rles . Gilpin and dau gh_ ' Bel lJl ll u t. ~ pen t tl u udn.v wl,h 13 1:i tel'. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer GraJbum. HILlnoe. hUel iomily . Hav in g receIved an honorable dl sli t 'Jr~o Ho!( p.r. of l{oute 4. who c ha rge trom Ca m p Tnylor, Ky .• Pte. w. 'I ~ tll,rlOhell .... llil p~tll lYhle ou W ed' ,' Il e nry Haokma n arrived at hi s Ilar- I u(·"t.lny . I. "1'~I.Hly IOlliru" ,'(\ a t t ll:s ell iS' hODl e, Saturda)l even in g. wr ll ' ~ lg. , ldS HOll Wlllltli ll . of Ne w Mr. Ja mes Ford (colored) died tl~" UltlD, Ill. . Ie lit h is bedSide . Sund llY evenin g a t hi s home In I rlJe [Jyti o Rod Cr '.~B d (l ll ve red I Spri ngboro. Mr. Fo rd WaR nn aged Ul Or u ICUIeU DI; "t FrIlDj.,Jlll l lI ~L week . I a nd respected c lll ~e n . Fu nera l se r v_ UI,l/'II't( II I lOI-<" II' 8r Olll " t I h" IUH r. I<:o ~ we re cond uctpd Wed nesdny a t YIIII), 7U \Il1il'tI of &oeks nUI1 36 tho late residence. • V. ,· /l181 h MI'. and Mrs. Rnfus Rosnagle eu_ Air. IIIH'I Mrs .. Alb!!)'l Kt>lcy lind t" l'luln erl Il t dinn er New Yeo r's day, u" \Jl>h l l)r~ \v tll'O VII)' t"u ~hovrie r p . \1,·. li nd Mrs. 1". \Y. Rosnagle a ud "'~~UlU"y. tiallghll' r of Vand ali a ; Mr. and Mrs. &lr~. oM .l rv t:ltrruou" Ilnl e rte l ur'U IrWi n l~arly and sou. or Ml oDllsbur g; ~ MI'. all .1 Mrs. Daniel Bu tt a nd dau gh. " II t;uIJII"y. M,'. und ,11t·_. Gel)T1( e 10'1'. or F ra nklin; Mr. Rnd Mrs. WIIl_ ,\1U "" IolI ",,(I Wl l1illUl Wlllllltou. uf h il l fl eve nuugh anll fnmlly. ot Le b_ Yu nk "e r:-t l ~e t. ""'111; MI'. a nll Mr R. Ohmer Fox. ot ~ I r IlIHI Mr~ . Wlllter l{ " llriCI{ wure .. ti e ; Mr . and Mrs . Lester Fry.


MI". nI\ll Mrs. C. C. Cleaver, of Lebanon were Sund ay guests of Mr. and Mrs. F . L. Hurrls. Mr. ROBS Moon and Miss Rova HilI" lun 1\'~l'o qu ietly mllrt'lod In Le!Jauon . on Saturday . J a nu ary 4 • . Mle extend , to ! h"l11 OU I' !J e~t wls'hes . 'J II' Ch' lr. long- ue met nt MI·ij. I'l'h, '1 . Whots le'H 0 11 Snturduy uCtel'_

D. L. CFAN E, E ditor a Dd P ublishe r . Wnyne~v ille, Oh io

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WhU H Vl r-llll ~~ itl Illl tl ~f I' H. TIlt'Jl :-;lI1llh so lll IIICH I nail l a:-. t. Wt~(jk .. \V httu g~/ lttg cO lIlIll'Y hOllll' IIlId wili leal'o to Ihu t,rb i n . s he wnl:l t h r ow n f,r ulli I Ilhi" "1ll' 1iOIl 10 1,, 1[(3 lip work at POll . · . H . M r. un d Mrs. ZImrl a mes p nS- IUn e, ' Iich. '''1 I ut,OIl\1 bil'--l, wll tOh ",Id ddeci OU anlly ente rta ined to Sunday di nuol' I MI'. and Mrs . R. E. Jones nnd sOIl R. 1 Th ,' " llIlI l\·hl",.III>; finn iH ,Iolnl; n f h p j e ll, Ul1tll ' tH' tntl BI" lI Wut-i bru . Mr. nod Mrs. Walter Wilson, Miss i!;I" '" ' hll ~ llI fJ"" III Idlllll g "lid 1''' 'l(ler. I{ j U IIIIU. • ' 1 hu Hllouldt~r. ~ ilt' 1~ ll vW III tho hUHpilll l 111 CiIl01UI Io ,11. lllthel Currey. Mr. lind Mrs . 1,lIl11o,' ing I .gH. F rance wa nts tbe peopl e or tho Haines a nd son Donald. United Sta tes. to understa nd Its ,\1,·. nll(l ~I I'" 1':01 ~lc leal'l"n . of WiI _ , views nnd nlms. And It 18 I he Mrs . Weldon Wil son s pcnt n f e w l H l lJ t~t()l1 , W f'I'I ' ~I II H l a.v \'i ~ iI(ll's IIr .\11' , duty or thIs Dlan to I1n el wa ys and days las t weelt wit h hoI' paronts ~ I r. " ,, 01 ~Ir" .. lesHll' (' 1" ,.1<. (\Jot Cenlli n c Ge n (,t;" I. Y. mea ns to prORent the m .10 t he a nt! Mrs. ffidgor BOl:foll. ' ~ : Ii d 11 11' 1If':11' (',\ ni l ' , "~!I'lI t ' r,'/ Io w ,\11 ' , nn d ~ ' I' ~, 1"lo y d ,\ 11 11"1':-' 011 lI tH1 Amorlcnn public. He I" Edo ll nnl t MI'. Levi Sh nmuuugil a nti s is le r S(1I1. of Xellla , \\(11'1' glll 'H I S of I'olu_ hnll s l II f lil'i ll J.: II h4' I'll i JIj lill'l,. \' ll'WS de ·l1l11](. delluly F r ell ch hi gh "on,· Es ther we re In Xenia Saturdny. I i\' I '~ he re 0 11 Sl1 J1d llY , hil l. fh nt Is liN fill' U8 th .·II· li l'.. rH liI) mission er at Washi ngto n. 1·1" ' ''Y" his na tion will Insl81 (h a t 0. ,' ''' , 1') t'x t c lulli." MI'. T homas Cre w of LI mn. Ind., ~I ... '"l ll Mrs . I· · ra nl, I1ntllin.·!<IIn,1 rebuild ,~ a ctorl e s lind rll l f . viSited w ltll hi s brot her, Henry Cre w, t \YO ~() lI H or 'I' f'I'I'" \\' tH'" S1Inda\' s t royo~ du r in g Iho ·.. ar. a nu fnmll y II part of lus t wee k. gnp Sl" or .\1,·. li nd ~(.. ". ('11,, ". 'i'lI cl(c ;·. MI'. and Mrs. Raymond Hurl ey and f'hnrl(,q n,. I1 :1l1gh , or 1)11,)' 1011 , Wil t-! dall!;hters. Mury Kath ryn a nd Rachel J e nnette were Sunda y gueij ls ot Er_ '" II IIl ); Oil frl " I"ls h.' ,·" 011 .\ I'lIl(\ny. nest Hur ley ot near New Bu rli ngton . No One to Copy. Oh nrley hnd twin cousins ot hIs own Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ha m e r lind age. TI.le twins looked much allke a nd., d nughter MUl'y!Jell e. MI'. a nd Mrs. \1,·. \1',,11., .. All en I ~ 0 11 , li p Rick ' a n Bogan a nd Mr. and Mrs . HorIisl. wer o neat and cl enn. Ohurley's mother Carrots for Bct d I empcr. 8111d to him "Why Charley look how ace Campton were In Dayton Well· .\11'. t-:l'Il c" 1 I,O Il r, 1s r'''" ''llesclug A wl'ltel' snUIl US th p lIl·fl i,, ·, M ('nr· neBday. nIce your cousins look a nd how dirty ·ots. whlcll. ne BU YS. ure 1101 ''''1.1' lIi J.!'h· .'1'1. ·.. a 1I'('ek'" II lll r' 88. you are I" Wher oupon he answered: Miss Fran ces Wil son Silent a par t y ll n t l' iflvn IUHI It c h pU Il 1111 11 pXf ' .. ll l' lI t .\1 ... 1':lli" ,\Io:(; I" .. e Is t u l. i ll ~ a ulx_ "Well. mpthe r, they just need to look ! or last week Wilmington . ·000. ou t nrc ulsu n spccill.. 1'''1' I' ,d· \·:,·, ·1;,,' "ourso lu ngl'lcull llr,· ut tile nt eRch other to Bee how they look I 'MI'. Horace C om pton a nd fam ily tURY 111H. ) : 1( 1 t f"l l1l11 f' l' ! " I ·"r '~i ...:kJlI ( ':It l l . s. I I . ( _ Dnd I have no one to look at to see U took Sunda y di nne r with Eve rett ng 01 !)o ll PCl 1'1I 1'1,.,l. · II .. ~: I )'''. "".111 ~I '· . nn ll Mr •. ~(. .11. 1'" .. 1' ~ 1"3nt I look rtght." Haines and wlte. 'u re 1el11 n usy. nH~lu n (' h(l ly, f f 'l ·lll,)!:": 0 1 ;u ll du,\' wll It tll fo l atter 'H nl o lh er, Ml's. Effie Crew and son Audrey N I'Ot,h nnu t'C Yl' l lgO; I\flfl . In ~h ll l'l . t h ~ II .. ". 1\:<1 hr' l'ill~ :-;u ll . of Fr,, "llli ll . we re .In Xenia on !Jus lness Monday. ·a.rrot~pnt e r W' I I tlf'('O JrW In tin (!' (': t:.,y . (olng. 1-{1l0d·1ll1tu rC<I. nml pl "rl,lIy "I'. .\II"H 11"1\,, Mc;Cllll tl les "prllt sel'Useless Noise.. Miss F loss ie Mltclbn er "pent Wed- ecUollute. 1 ('fl l11 I1I Cnd (i""" "'I"" '1,\1 oI11 Y" 111 "1 weel, \~ ltl, ~I ... a ud Som e folks c'nn Rill\' wood qnd 9 8 31 1n esday with Mrs. R. E. Jones. ~Inlly to tIl C 1I0Uet! or \\'II'~' II'h .. h"I't' lil·~ . Wa ll er Ik ll gc and ,"" ". r·ast of nothing, but n kid co n' t even rut one • - ...- -- p.n l on ~, o no· l Clnne n~c1 hu s ll ll lll l(.Z . (li n' ! t OWJI , h M' .G li ttle measly tooth wUllout rulalng the T k bern cnrrots .nstcud of '1lf'" I , ~ !' ".\fler he lll !; closed t' li' sO \'e rnl n ~l ghborhood. a ~ t e laml a~ett e no w ... ondou J.·lt-Ults. I'e e l,~ Oil Ul:CQ lI llt ot s l<I,ness. th e



Have Tobacco Boxes for everyone

Not ice of Dissolution


I h ~II'

. .

A new car of Brick for Chimney.

Mr. lind Mr~. Uhnrl .. " l.' lurk " li d Mr "li n M,~ . AllmrL ~t "C } ult""II,,,1 Mr • .

~I r.

Fresh car of Portland Cement here

~LJr l ltghul o v l rlhu l' ~, L'h nT :-. l1 ,ty.

.\ !r '. "ud ~11'" . Eo .T. ~Ip('n ll c\' 11'01'0 t·ll " IIIU£-I'" I ot Ch nrlpH ( ''' rnflJi

blll'II111 o l1 l of llUtl Hl\ , ~llInti a y • .J anuary fl,

An extra fine car of 'Shingles here


Nn'ko Is h oreby " I \'(" JI thnt " m ee tin g o f I 110 fn u~ I<I\O lrJ or.. o r tho Lytl e F arulera ' T n. IJUt'CV L:U IIlJ)B II )" will he h eld a& Lytl e Oh io Oil Jt~uruD ry 3, 19 19, (o r th o p urpose "o t~ 11,11( 0 11 t ho t1I"Ho l uLiun ti t su ld co mpnc y,



WblLer J{c n r ick, Sec' y, --- ~-

..- - -

Notice of Appointment "r

J ~~ I!i I •• W nrrllil F. JI:t1 wA r d,. , dOl:«m14'd \;,111 . " Il'I h,ll'o"y j.Chu li Ih llL U1Wll" J K c1 ~ " h l"~l'1 I!I . ... IH'UII dil ly IIf1IJol U l t·tJ 1\1 111 II llld itl 6(1 " " 1'.' I "' IIII1/' I,h (, I'. SI U.ltI o( W urreu F 1CfI . \\ nrd s l Ull} 1) ( \\' IU'I'OIi L.'o uu t ,r , ( ) hlo , d eceosOd , I hs l ,',1 Ihls 11th dtty o ( J l.1 l1l1 ory. 111 19.



,\ It o n If, Brow D, Jlldl{o o t t ho Prnba.t.e Oou r t. \\'arruu Coun ty . UIl..! o


8(,111 \\ , Brow n , A l ty.

Corwin, Ohio

Notice of Appointment li:st Mo o ( J anca , Deceased, :'-JO l h'o 1M h crt3h y l..dVbn t. hat E . V. Uarnhart. li aR bNm fl ll ly ap pu lnc. od ami qU IlUUed u K x o('u t,ur 1) ( t il t) .It8tato o f N ath o.u J on os law o( Wn,r ro ll t;'I lItl LY, Oh io, d eceased . D n ttlu Lh JN 7th da , o t J a nU ufY 19 U , A l to n F . IJro v.'11 , J lul go o f Lha Pr ob a t e Oourt. Wa rren Vo unt)' , Uh in ,

Ven n 1".

J ~U

S tllnl oy. Atly.

Notice of Appointment Eat Me

or O_orlle Mil ls. neccMe<l.

Nutlc'e Is h er eu )' ~ J vC D tha t. Am 08 Co ok h u ueeo dil l y uppol n ted &i 1<.i q ualf fl ed as E xoctl ·

to r nf th o I!:st tt te o f (;COl1(8 Mil ls lote o f \Va r.

e. v.

BARN HART, Notary Public


A ll .klndll of N otary Work . Dnd D ~ed8 B Hpeol Ol. lt y .

Waynen llle , O


19 19. A l ton F, Bro l\'Il ,

Judg_ or tbo Probato Court. WarreD CQunty . Ohlu. Den n E . Sta Dloy . Att y. J 19

T ry the Miami Gazette's Classified Columns fo r Result$ - - - - - -:::=::&!!-






This is nota " Sale ." This should be called the " Golden Opportunity, " With the demand for hea vier Overcoat s and S ui ts at h igh tide . • and every man looki ng for sty lish, servi cea ble and excelle nt made clothing, the savings in this .s ale should bring many men h ere. Every Overcoat and Suit In this entire showing Is of this season's m ake and really mad e to sell at ; t m uch highe r price, but the Hyman Method of Buying Good Clothing reflected in t he low prices we are asking In the five special groups .


AMONG THE OVERCOATS YOU'LL FIND Tr i m U lste r c tt es w ith p l(' lI t y of slvlc Big Warm Storm Ulsters, with Convertible COllars. and snap. Smart . Double-breasted s t yles . S t ap le C o ats , C h cs Le rfit:1 d s t y li-s , e t c . Qlli l l lined Coats.

$29. 50 to $39

$25 to $29 Values

$ .75

-----------------I' 50 ~3 7- 50






Hand s o m e F la n n : ls fo r yo ung: Me~ . Un fin is h ed Wors teds a n d M o de ls for S n a p p y D ress Youn g Me n s C ut- m Wa is t Lme M o d el!!. A lso N e at Co n s erva tive S uits in Favo red e rs . A lso includill g the most fa ·v orite Blue Ser g e s. P la i n C o lors and Co m b in at ions .

Vn l~le8


famed H ART , S C HA F ft'N E R

• . ' c;

& f\l/\ RX

$40 to $45 Values

I $50 to $60 Values


$ .75


~r >. >



th~ h ·igher priced range are the

to $39.


ft '






~ u jt s


Ove rc o a t s

made from the

b e s t m a t eria ls in Lh e mos t authentic s tyles, b y fine st tail o r s in the c ountry .

HERE 'S YOUR OPPORT UNITY-TAKE;ADVANTAGE OF S-ALE---Men's Furnishings---VictOJi~:t Pr·ces. Men! EXTR AORDINARY VALUE S. .--------------------------------~ EX TRA-----------------------------.~-----' Men's Shirts-SPECIAL Men'. Underwear


Winter is her~ You need Underwear-take advantalre at these low p r ices Edgemont .R ibbed Fleeced U(ll.on Suits, Extraordinary Value at ...... ....................... .. ......... .. .. .. .. Superior, Cqalmer.s and Oneida heavy Ribbed Union Suits, worth $2.50·and $2 75, at ........ ......... ... .............. . Cooper'" Heavy ·Wool Union S(Jit8, $4 and $4.60 Grade at Victory Price ....... " ........................... .. .. .... ... . Hlgb Rock Fleeced and Derbl Ribbed Shirtlf and Drawel'8, $1.26 value at Victory Price ......................... .. Men's Stephenson' s Heavy Wool and Pooper' s Ribbed . Wool Shirts and D ~,wers, valuea 12 50 & $8 Yictory Price

$1.75 $2 .. 1~ $3.50 89c $1.95


Shirt andPrawer.

BoyS' Wri~hi'8 Health Shlrta and Drawert, actual $1 values to clotl8 out,ll8r Jr1I.rment , t .... .........: ... : ......... ............... ...... . BoY8' ,Outing ~Iannel N~8ht Shirt.. valu~ offering at Victory Pncea, each ....................... : ............ ......... . Boya' Union S~lta, flat fleec8cl alld Gl'a)' Ribbed mixed, .' it Prices u.p to '1.60, VJctory price .. : .. ; ........ ~ ................ .....


r. ..

100 u oze n Mad raH '-(hirts , in Pl a 'n White nml Fancy Colors. Sta rched a nd Sof t Cu ffs , P lai n allll P ieated Bosoms. $1

2~:V~c~~~~Op~I~ ~~~.. ... .. .. .. ... ......

............. .... .... .. ... ...... .. . .. ....


.. .. .. ....... .. .. .. .. ... ................. ... ....... . .... 100 dozen Mlln 's Wor k Shirts . in clud inll: Do mnt Flannels wo r t h $1 50 IIn(1 $1. 75 . closin g at Victory P rice" ........ .. .. ..

Men ' s Co rdu r oy_Pa uts at ...... ........... .... .. ..


$1.35 $1 • 23

Pauts $2,98, $3.501 and $4.75 Caps

Good $1 Caps in broken lots Victor y Price . .... .. ..... .. .. ... .... .. ..... .. ... .... .. ...... ... ... ....... .. .... .. Men ;s Hea vy Ea r· tab Caps. , 1 60 value Victory Price .. ...... ...... .. .. .. ... .. ...... .. . ...; .... ......... : ........... ..

SOc 98c

Men's and B oy's Suits and Otercoats, nothing reserved ,. ' . 20 per cent Off 1 .'

L.____~~~~--~~~__- - - - - -__~----~~~--


Men' s Mocha.Lined Gloves $1. 25 a n d ' 1.50 valu es at Victory Prices .... .. ..... ... .... ...... .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. .... .. ... .... .. . 150 Me n' ~ Cape Kid Gloves. at, per pair .... .. ......... ... .. . ... ...... .. .. . ..... _ .. ... .. ...... ..... .. ..


$1.00 .$1.00 65 C $1 • 00

Men's Inte r woven Cashmere and Worsted Wool Hose . $ 1 v·alue. at. per pair ...... . .... ... .. . .... ........ ... ... .. . P a t rick's Wool Hose. plain a nd ribbed in N atural Gray a nd Heathe r colors, $1 26 and $1.50 values, Victory Prices......

ShaV~r~~yHp:i!;e~3a;~i;Vf!~~~:.~.~~..~.~~.i.~ ....... :. ..... ............... $1.00 COP'Vrcro~ ~ri~: . . ............... "..... . ............. ......... ...... ..... ,:.... 25c

Blac~rfe°~~:lf::.\~:~~ry Price .. .. .. ..... .... .. .. .. .. ... ....... .. .. ............ 2Sc

39 C

Men' s B V May Silk and List Hose, all colom. Victory Price per pair...... .. .... ............ ...... ... .. ..... ... . Men's and Boys' Heavy Knit Sweaters with large double·roll Collars, $Z 50 value, Victory





; itr.


~ p)




1a11' wee\f.


The elCeculive committee of thE! Men of WaYll c9v ill.e- met Mondalr alIeDing lIno m ade arrangements iOI' n m eeting t o be. hehr soon , p r o b ably some ti m e n e xt wee~ if a s p eak e l' can be securell . ' • The comm i llee nre anxiou B to h a v e a good metnb er~hip H:luin . Some o lr t h e membe1'8 of las t year h a ve no t come in yet, 8~ t h flY ou g h t to b e fo r ,e the com lnll m eeting, und a nyon,e w ishin g t o reTlt>w l h e ir m em be r s hi p, or anyon e wishing to j oin the asaoe l a tion w ill do well to see l h e ee('relar;~ be fore th at t ime Come and join, a nd h a ve ii good ti m e w,ith U ~ . Execu t ive Committ'!e. Ne w8pnpere . I.n whi ch wllre ' detailed acco u nt . ot Ihelr own disaster , li nd clgl1ret8 by lh o a rmload; all delivered by alrfllane whil e the work of r el cue w ftl go ing on. was tho experie nce or som e 2500 wounded and returning Yank e on the stra nd ed ,Iru n SpOI'l Nort her n Pacific. whi ch wcnt on 1\ sandbar ott Fire lela nd , ' And It was Uncl e Sa m '. new s u b l11 nrln e chll8ers ( 8 h oW II hore In ac lu1l1 r OBcue work) wplcb !!."1'tI able 10 let In cl08e nnd Innd e very mun , -- .


Letters [rom Boys

\ 'ill ,-


Visiled :;:(ol lallli Yard

j'n l1 l

1lI(,\'.· li




Iu \,1110

"boll t

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,' ;l'(' th l' Ol Ch:lll



Fru m'

gllil l I ...

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palal't' !:

11 1111 11 ~

III ;.!' ;IIH I


111 11 1;11


' 1 ltl' Y !




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' l'I"d h' r



1,1111 ,



I-'ron: tl!l' ).!' r oL: nd ~ h t' I'I' \\ (. t llo k 1hi ' 111 ,< bad; lip 10 lh~ Stl'allol . 11<101 IO UI' hl p[lel' :tnd then wellt tI l t il l ' th" ;lt, l' A \ PI'\, C'O(ld ~how i t \\'11 :--. loCI. Th e n "I Il1(.\ 'u( it ,"' as " lll-II II , . \!Il l'ri<,- :t. " T' Ll~' had :lnlllh e r ~l l o d pl n,\' Oil "h ilt, \\ " \\'('re 11 (' \' ('1 cJ1tir l,:d, " (ining' Up."

I I I ',' 1,·1 I III 1',,'1' I'll \ , :\ :11 11 '" 01 ... :r P il l' I

\\ ,.

:.1;" 1 11


II ,..:.


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, lip

!l1I",n unel ~ a\\' the Hoy al l ."ua, "h, I.u ud Cl tl I1r idg p, f·tC. quite n t: 1'{) \\'cJ was dc.'wn at th e \It' jd~''. vi.! wing thl' (;l' r · IIl I1 I1 U-boats lhat had j U"l lie""


' 11'

\ .,


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No. 2220

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'f' dAds , The LateCI aSSl \e

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" ~



' '? :00


REAL ESTATE, LIVE ~TOCK AN.DFARM SALES Write or Telephone for Da te

Office, A man Block Telephone 61-2 and 3 WAYNESVILLE, OHIO '

Highest Cash 'Pri'ees FOR


Wal ut, White, Oak? Hickory' and AshLo~ DON E. DEVOSS Phone 750

Wilmington, Ohio


$ !IS



Our Tinware is now in and w~ are going to inaugurate the BIGGEST $ SALE of it on record. :

i This Big Sale Starts on Thursday, January .16th i $ $ $

Below we give FOR $1.00 10 q t. Dish Pa n I qt. Mil k Kettle 1 qt . D ipper F lour Sifler Grater 2 Jelly Pans Drip Pan


an idea of the bigness of the sale:

I I,'

FOR $1.00

f;'OR '1.00 10 qt. Galva~ized Bucket 10 qt. Dairy Pail Egg Separator 1 qt. Mil.k Kettle Cookie Cutter 1 q t. Dipper . Nut M~g Gratet: Sanitary Bread Pan Drip Pan · Grater Pudding Pan 1 qt. Dippet Dripping Pan Grater 2 Jelly Pans 1 qt. 'fin Cui> ~.

F_O_R_$:_I_.OO_~I 1~-..:F_O::..:R..::.........::':-=I.:.:.OO::..=..-.----!I · l~_F_O';;;"'t~IJ~S.1; .,.~;:. : .O . ;:'. _"


to qt. Dish Pan ' .'; .

10 qt. Dairy Pails

1 qt. Dipper Potato Masher Large Spoon f Jelly Straine~ Sink Drainers Cuspidor Ora ter

5 qt.' Pudding .P"Uf'l Wash Basin Drip Pan,Funnel . Oiler Dust Pan " Grater


i.. ••


ii I :

• $ $




S $ $ $ $

• :• $

.s $

Milk Strainers Dairy Pan Flour Sifter 2 Pie Pans l:>ripping Pan Dust Pan WashBasin



i~ ~

i 10c

$ $ $ $


.t ,

I.Total lIe . i ••••••••••• ~ ••••••••••••••••••••• ~.................i Saturday even in g

w. N. SEARS A ctioneer.

I~ I,


Me, Xantippi" War Ta x

Open evenings ~ t 7 p. m . Matinee Saturday 2 p. m.

~ ~~HFJ 50. 100 AND. 250 STORE ':

1 qt. Dipper 1 qt. Tin Cup 2 Pie Pans Drip Pan 2 Pot Covers Graters


Wednesday, January 2 !2nd Featurin g Wallace Hcid. in

7 :00 p.m

Don't Miss This


10 qt. Dish Pan

. " "I •

Prices 15 and 25(', matinee and crenin[j

Open evenings


P . I ). CIMr lt . .. . ,' ,. Febru a ry I [ ( h a s : l ar~t' l me) cr .. . , Febru a,ry 12 A. Il. ~iJI.! < .... .. .. February IS


Th is is one of GI il lll!I' i)(,,, t , ;,uH i i" l ully ~h ,..:' ) "Til e Hirlh o f u \:atiron .. \ Ia t i ne c Sa lurrby af l ernoo ll al '2 (J · clul·k.

I Admissi o n


t ,. Z , lId

Public Sales


"The Great L ove "

' ~ Believe




Saturday, January 18 th


Wayne~vi ll !' . Ohio ,

.,' '.' tI

_, l·le fil II ' I

1> . \ ' . (; ri t'lI l h

phHl() . orga n o r o the r

Phone 117 I X .

i ZI M('Vi ~R~il At

" I ' ',11 .. 1, (I " h u rull

NEW BURLINGTON ~li~\ I~i~ ~ $

\' mu~ical inRt ~~;A;N{'



I am l'rnpar ed Lo fix and rebu ild

: ~~~l'.r~I,~~en~~11

'" a' I


} O(: I "


. .




Frnn lr TrAli n Ilflr . of CBmp !'lberl. , Admission - 15 and 25c d aD , AI"., i!l v ish !lll/( f ri en d s b " re M ,'f< ,lorn 0" [lnu:" n ' <'118 flhnpp\ n g , In JI"rvnysburg one cl ay reoen~IY' I '---------------""

\V a

M rs Ann ia T h or pe , who rece ntly sold h tl r fll l m ucr oss t h e river, has p Ul'ch asp.d tlte W it c ruft f a rm, 011 t.he Way n eJ;v ilie a nd Le ban on ptke. south of t , III T h e con s id e rati on was $150 a n acre . ~. " Ih erb \',' 111 I),· 11 "P ": I:J\ com muni ' -. c!l\I:m \Of Whyn~w "l o L,)dl{e No , 163 [. &. A ~1. Fllday IlV"" I11~ A ls o !'vl c! fl·1a y ( 1\ (.'1 in ~! . J anu ary 2f1 Work ) 11 1r11 ' I: . \, d" "r n'p .~r,t jll \lrni l1 g

. 0\ ,-, lIn,'


':,': ;."'

·-tHE THlRD liME

It hus many




I' " ,,!I .

I .', ,. .


A. E, F ,. Fra n ce.



·il ....

.. \·r , ' II.

i:;-; ~'~~-I-) ~i~.,


to1u lu; rl be d j,j I l' \\o r l1 t.1I 1.1 t " I' lilt· I I", . 12tt l lia r or !'IU \ Ull d,el I ~ I "' . 1'." , lI ,l fIJl . ... rI 1·"ITljC t A ' .· otl .'\',I olry 1'l i lolLt J \I I'l! ;".l E '" II AI I I .

11dil\ :':'~

r i ve r,

~ helll' d,

'IY II"I!!)


1.LlAN cuat bo

D.'W.GRIFI!lTU'S ~Tl'le Great Love'

----- ..- ---


We lise! ) at


c .. lIIn g In thi~ :

~J u t urd " v n(terTl oon .


"" n'Olll\lI" ,1 I'" a rO "lrO~8 anll

It l .

1" II', I


J 1.\ It J M' II It, I "'" d l -I

Ilip,,: '

._. _




1..\\'1\' .J'JI". p";\<, ,'a' .. ,.. I ~,: 1.'",11',' (lhi IO I' ,rll. ';\." ,. L,e ~ I'''L;I,.i 1'"l1la ' , ,'"'' ... 1.-) " i ', I·, ., ." ," ... . _. I ~w I i;d \ "\1 • ""':d'1'J 11 .p - ... 1;,1.:

,,., . I

~ I ,' ', .:.'"



1"'\1' 1

._----- - - -

\ .111, 111)'1 'H ,

tU~£IXl ~;UJ: In Jt.h


I ','

l · n l!', · t .•

Alli ';:!1 ('ake I' i,)u:" " I g .. \',<: l; l1 Vltu.1 bLIt (':. pot l I III

I'" '''II II


vloi nl ty, Mo od ilY m or nln!( Ano a l'bolUpRon II n ' l HI,"er, Mrs . Eel w , I g b ~, eu IIro on WIll Wri g ht ' ~, '

(~rl\ut. PhlllipH b u~ bep n llonor uhl y Ihe I. ,V . LirctJllI h., 81>I d h i:! farm . big dln' hlt Tl'(A,l (' 0 m ' , n1\' Hlr v lup. II I n~ so uth of t ;"wn, t il i'~ J Li nd am ood, OtlUlP .J "Ok ~OIl , lind I~ a t t h o h'''''e are of n ear DOl) trm . \.I\'" II il l muve to il of hit! prll'en l ll. be. abn ut F.'h r llu ry 15 t h 'lhp. d ell l was Mr~ . Tr e v o r ( ~. Hlly(lo" k Will' COD. ' ,\I" t ' li 111"11\ ill 1' ::'11'(-1.; , I n ' (1e In' v\ N ~: '''' 11 -': a - d rn'd(I?'~ t hf' I I .. IHI! ; 111".. ~lid l fo r 111(' 10 d(lsc ri,be 111 ' o1d tiil t " I ~ IJ41 .. C t.t ~ tl· j ~ fa" n) i,n fi Jl afl to b or h lJ w tl With q U' ns!).\' IIIt! t ; j. tl. , ,', ' , 1 11)1111 t'l' II 1'1', ;,Il d W8 fil'e ' ,. ~ ti la !! 1\\" y )\ r ll . 1.\· I ·. h l w n p u Lllc w"Fl lt. f • ltill;! \\ l~ \\ Oil t h, ' II '· 1 lt'I' I' l nllc h lud\ I il' n~ H I I,.tf~ lll ::n JOt·, t at' li'r"nk H ll n ~ ~ l, li n " Id TP s iu eliC 0 1 I!I~~ "I'. 'IH ' /" li t' ,Ill ~." ",~ nf ru · ' _ . • _. _ Ollr v ' II ~j;p, (\I t'd ,,~ t h !! h ' " n o (If h lf '1 ':"-, 111i! \\t . Iltln li: \\ (,' : 1 Ilf' o n 01\1' son III "·r ouk li n. ~' lI n" r \l 1 tlP rviCtlS ,t. hnn J(' tlll' r". · JlIall Y wef'lu~ . wore h (l ld 'llld in ton nHn t li t, bIJ rln 6 1111 • \ I 'r. 11'.11\. ;t :':!1 r'~~ fi eld obn r(l il. S" tn rdtlY I : HP" :,1111 ii'" ;11) n, K , as I anl , Mr IIn, l Mrp. W. V. Llwkev (I t ~:!I '(-1'1" ) ', tr.D jnll IblO fn OM , 1 " f Rov . U G 1:','I,I!i" 1T ,I. ('I,.\ fU(. Bnmp brf) Vri, i n C incin nati , ono nay r " llI li 11:11 111'111 Com pany,

:.!,I} I) LI.~.


i! &i:{ l t}o..I

Will T bit>le

k .,"" , II " "' "",, 10 I", ul \',·,,\1111 In j..'U 1 , II 'LI' ''' , tllli IJ Iltll I' lI t IU <h 'l" Thr~ ,Ill ,. II Il ... i , \~ " J' 1nn i~ lnlo wn , " "" 1',,11" ."," '1' "" s h" 1\ 1;,,1('8 ",' i"<1. lha ' Iii" , ,· IS nul a foot



\ ;:\1


ill." d , n I ll,. '11\1'1;"

• 11 .. · ~

I'IH'O f

I"" 'n l ·I,,>lI1 .« · r, "C.'Ii. only :;c .I1l" t fl< ),:I",d 11- I) jol II U.(' 1l al hulf II,,'I' J'I,' " I ulk :-'P"'" H,pi ,1111 "r,,· I. II, I'.,

, ,' .

Vu.ult fl O(t nt·t I.I.lUfmutN d J8 tro m J1a.t1una J ha.ul~8

T o l a l {" toll i li 1 ~ 1 r, , )' , 1 ~ .. " ,;'.I t. ,, , t<. ooam L,ltl \l u t l lhd \\ I Lh t , :-Tro&l u n ' r 1.1.1 111 ,IU " t rum I !"I C heck_

!i. ,I I " ' klll'l "" t"11 , . 1 r ~ f III


.. ;, 1/\.1 vlt h ,Il UU I/O




j! ,,:i, 120 \lU

( OU per cen t. of 8ub,c ripti uu J Va.1 ue o f ba..ukiug h4 JUSO " . " . . L a 1lt' tul ruaernt wi t h t e do r al Ht, ·

Oull 10


_ _ _-


Stock.. o ther t huo Fauoml Itt;· 8er \'6 Bank Stock " '. ' . S toek a t lted er a l H. ~en c Ha n),

_ _ _ __ _ 1\

ter tn iood comp"UI' , Snnll llY

M I' . n n" \IT" . ( 1~ " \)Ayi~ r pl or n ed h il lue . l"rt d ,.\.,' lH·t.olJ lug . fr d U l their vl. lI. in 111\ 11 ' IR ~l r. IInli ~lr" ~' . \ Ra rl ,, ')c k lin d

UtAl is

.1 ' I1U "'H'

\" ,,, . , 11 11)


!JU ,O IlIl II\)

8 ec urttl us other than l . S , Lund:'! ( DOt Inci ud lng s t uck,., ow netl

~ ,,11 ! :' Llh. t'

1,,11 4'\1

'. oUI

I l t" ' 1\

ft;:" tro ' 11\ "

60.UUI/, l.IU

d ebt.edDoaB owned [1 11 11 u n · plet1ged , , , . , '" " U, uU U, il l' Premiu m on U, 8 bon" ~ Li be r t)' Lo a u Bond. " l :" J , 4 a lill


M l ij ~

-- . \\ .. , I', ' .. ' ,I



l iWj , Otilo ,O"



"t, Iwd \ 11 1' 111 ), I SH III\.I " . " Irllcit loud 1\ III \t ~ \','1' H l \1\' I ') \ .. n lu n nl1(\ about _ __ _ _ _ • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,: iglJ l wl l ('::! lIor th, T ilc' C'l ly of V r;: r-


LolWa and (Ilaco unt.e . . ' Acce p t ance ot other uauks

I' IJ.

" ILt" 1'1"0111 t Ill' l'H I Hllt·~

Of t he Condition o f the Wayne.'i· ville Nati unal Bank. at Wayne,;· ville in t he S t a t e of O hiu , at t he close o f business , Dec , 3 1. I!! l ~


Mrs Ro \' E lli s ,and dBollbt-I',Rh l'l'l , call ed 00 Mr~ . >d u.rl eLm CIlrpen t r, ijondfl Y nftp ro uo n , Mrs. Mor ll'l t fl r.fHp Antfl r i8 sl o w l v Improvin g ot Ih o b OIDe of ber o epb Aw, U ha ri Ds I!:l l!s Mr. norl Mn T , F , MoGulnn ,e n !


.Intl I' \. I , ' llt-ttl ofl"i('{'I't'

"' l'


\'i ('(1~


Be llbro nk, ~ p n o ~'l3nnd o y with Uh"8~

EliiA aud f ll mily .

'J'h p (Ul1Pr '" " f G"('fl!I' ( :ollk. wh o W ·,y u n pvlI J" fU'\ll ,l\' rIl Ofl I1n f,! . ,Ii,.d 1I10n dRv ',\' ili bl' 1I"l d I h i ~ afte r , Mr . .. uti Mr lr, I' MRtH'fO U nD d :lIj ,.\ " .. 111 I I I JJlflt' \ In uti I 'J " I I I iJlci,d 101 " j : ... ,j, • \, .. _ ,111 1 Jltl t ,n t/ \l,nul _ o t ' rl r( at 1) 1...::\ l,lte 1, : lll c o n W r .1 ,'1'rlll" [ II' v" h A(Il' V 'O 'ItUS of AI\ a l e II,.>l I,l llle. !JUI ') '. 1' :i'l """ \\aM t ~ ll~1l1 ~~ I'eet. H\'v. J I' adwa llad e r . 1100Iu(ll,z. tI,,· fJ . 1 "',. .. . 1\ t ' lil " :1\ I ' r u ge, 'I f.u'la tlng I!I'I ~ Inll h lnr f( 1I·"I)'. t tho prl'MllIt I !I,' " . "J!'.1 1 '''; I t\\ll, lll ~ c I _ _ __ _ IITJl " I Mr . II od .\II~. In n Hnrr.~. ok n o d ,,-, 1' 1" 0' , '00\\11', I.. ,";0 'oI!1e)' ",I II I Eme rso n I ali. 'h, t1 a l h i ~ h'onw in ,, ' II' .. I' ii ", ,'".' . I\,~,l', ltk h,''' LUll)', ,, ,. "'prng u~, \A I I I 1'1l Uf~( i I:lY 11'11.e bb by alld l li,,~ Ii, I"" 1'I,' r'8 ,.CII. w et'e \Iud '"I.t \\1' \1 ' ""'1 '''' n ... . ,'~r l ,liI!I I', ']'t, II ij,.;lI! \\, 1\ 1'" , 1~:-lIt'U hill lJ(lcJ y Wi ll an l\ .!l lht" hon:lt:~ o f t,lls Ou '''1: on 11" '1l I' ,,,,·,t·. U M!> . .-uu "oot,. , ,, ' ''.)\1 ",. ('.101 II"." ., nd HloIl"l 1l 10lh e r. MrR :- ,r ,II UUVI~ . ~d Co rwin. d l1\ "f tpr1.l lIufI . I .,t-, I~ 1\11 vi ti F r. IH. 1t it Itn l unll tociny . and t h(, r 'I'H! ral w l d ue h ·Id .,Jr-. "r.d Mr. A I"1l r ,nclriin . tnn " I!(" ''''''" ,i"u lillI', ",., ,' h~ " in at t he Chap el , Tilursd ay ufle rnoon at e Dtl' r l nlnu(J Bt dl un !'r , ~ l1oduy . Mr 1:'1 .1 .,1101 II", hoi' , ;",, ' 1 :11\ , ." " I'uuu'11 2 o ' c lock , j,I'I'I'IS,'1l V.lnO u;;el' is bl1 d Mr s, W WU l' WiOi, hlltl 111 00 11y, ., ,1, .• ,,', 1,,11,' g:'." I'S oll'n' nc h ~o l. expected 10 BI'I<'·,' .... ilh the br,dy llt Lsb,w()ll, IIn rl Mr und Mr s . 1111" ... . \\\' 1\1 \ 1' (HI t t' lp('\ lic li gh ts _ _ _ __ _ __ __ Low r y tlTt!l H m . du h", Ilt \ V,lvnnjl. I . I' ll' l,ill l:lI, -I Ii, It'. Ijllitf'l a dtffer· vi II " . •



till"; 11"111\ :' ;111\ ", ;1,\11 t i" hlf' ' n llIil f' ~ I',"t 11 II 'tI , -1I \ .. ;. JI I:"i 1 1\\0 hallonl1 l.\ ," ,'. ",, 01 11,,0\ ,''''") .. loo~I' ,,, lis. hili . II . Il i II( ; ' [I Il l' C' OIll ~ .t til~~,1 I t i l W I ' \C

bl'o u~ht

I ll i i I t

I ,



St· , Jlltl 1' :al "1.'1 til tit~l~(' , (Jr .,

" !, 'r I l td 1t: 1' ,

f ~'

,I I ' . '


' ! ~ PI I' w(, 1I1"\Cll " ",·1",1" " i ll I\'




frulI ,

hllllo o n ~

1111 1'1'




fI I


I 'I





.. f"·r EI ,i phqny . ~,I' ''' ''I' :-!:h,",1 al ~),: \O l\

I\It111l i nv

IO: : ~O

111 I'



., •


j" ll/ ll



Is his best p.rod~~~ion, al\d shotild see it. '

Mls8 1C ~ b el Ln mb h l18 r esuUled I..' r everyone lIohnol d n t.leE', 8,f t er 'flAver,, 1 weektt VI Hlt wl~h-ber IIUO\ In K en t uok y . Mise Lola Feal y s plint \ be w eek. e nd wit h h e sis ter, Mr ... I~obfl rt I tl~a3iti~ S blrden . Wilbur Hawll s afY;roll . ll n attllo h l of I\pp B n ,UoU I ~ , bo t 18 r eoo ve rlllg IIlowly. M r". B oward G r , hl\ m nnd Mr s : Wil l MOOllflV bav'! l h e lr·li nerHl\ ' M r ~ . U!i ff Bowl", "fl,)" r. '111" r1 " y lalll w e', wll·h hur Ij .. " rumll .v . Mr . n ,ld Mr~. (:"011 l! oov "r, Mr Iln(! M '~ . SMlD m y BI ". r 11110 !lon , Mr r and Mrs (~ e o Antb uuy, Mrs . Muml ·' Hankie ond Mr. Aeory Uyer. ' of

SlI' Ill\,

,"'lI l1 .r.v \ ~l:


: d ,.

1\, ;11 111 \\ I'

. '1

1 ,11 t




~ 1 \ "0 1'




I ' .'

T\Oi" j!s ,e l'tailll\' <l id \oil tllO' o"cr heud .' ,

d:l" We


II "),, • ! i ·, d l:l' 1 " 11 '1\1 t .. ,j jt :d I : t ' II .:.,\\!t t Il l III ' I ' ,....;, I'll IlIbl

II tl

II~ ~ I

II, .

The Great Love



S~e (' nd

For Satur(\ay ' afternoon Wld evening, only, Crlftlth's


- .....



\\ .





lla! H a! Th e




-_.-- ..

~Ion of A. W . Reevee'


tt I

oIt " ' (,

tIll : \\l'!l' ~III't dl. \\11 \ !I,i, : \\'t! 1. thL' r t,· \\.' 1'( ' tOll 11I:1I1~ 'hl ll "':~ t il tell you :tiHlu l" \\' hen I ).! l 't :""::! I l,'d t I wtitillJ,! . I lihl' tH tvll ~O;I " :l ll l, ' 1,,1 IIhout P\"l' ythlllt!. h u t I II 1\1 1:-- ( .\ ~ l· I t \


,I \

' ,;1\11 1 •

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pl d lll' ;-;

\\ 'H il t! IH.'\' ~· I·


!~ ~' p II

.. ;t\\


\ \\'I't'iIlI \

nu cl tr ail .. m\l es I\nd

tll lcl\s


I ..

t ,1I ,!lIL:"" :tl\d~ ':1"111 \; \ I·~ul' , 'd 111 11 1 tll\I II 11 11' ,, ;q. 1'\':'11 1. , I \t' 1 t'


t hUIlr.,~lIIll:;

t ill,,' I,:

II 11


lit :

11I1.furll l'

\\l· :tl' .; 01\1'; til l '

t. l

i ..


t tl

ju ~ t

lh t , t'l'

1t\.'ll' \ \ L' \\ 1." 11 IHlt I 11 1'1

1111 11:-. 1'(',' t


\\'l' ~.t





h ~ <I u tine trip

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From here Wt' \\ c n t du\\ n tu '1lthe " Il'\ Scotl ullu Yard Detecl"'" il un au , still hnvc sOlli e \';crllHln <pi,'" lhll'L werc cupturcd , \ocsid~ s ot her "Oil' i,'I" I kin (-; ~ tjblc s,


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Miami Valley Council No 103, J . O . U.' A. M , ins t a lled their officers :to r t he eris uing term, at their r e gu· lar , m eetin g last FTidav e venlJlg. B rci ~ J C . I:lawk,e con ducted the in· stallation cerem onillB . A fin e degree st uff was organ ized, to be cs ptailled b y Bro. Char les Gray . Afte r the w ork, a s plen d id lunch was served . A la rge c r owd o f m em bers and visit· ing brothers was present. . The followinsr officerfl were In· s talle\!: Harry Sherw ood, Counselor; William Orndorf, Vice Counselor; W , H, Dinwiddie . Ree Secy; G C. K n a pp, Asst. Rec Secy. ; W. S Gra· ham, {<'In. Secy .; G,E Strouse , Tre as ,; Marvin Hay. Junior Past Couns elor; lIarry Sh aw, Conductor; Joseph H or m e l!. 'W a rden ; F ran k Cook, [ S ; E mm or D. Bail y . 0 S ,; Osca r Mowre r, Ch aplain ; Alfre d Ha y, True.

Sun day , J anu ary Hl, 19l9: S u nd ay School, 9:15 Ii In. ("mnk LeMall, s IlP er inte n cl e~lt . A b rie f I\d dr eE! ~ and H oly IJommu n ilill III 10:30 a . III Preach in g SeT _ice at 7 p . m Spe,c· -+ iul m usic. both m Ol' nill R and even i n lJ· A cordial invila t.i on tn all. G N. J olly. pnstor. Mr . nnd Mm, E L , Thon lu~ enter· t ain ed I he mem\)t'rs 01 til t> I' ,Ir m e r g' ,Jam t'ij Davis . of t h e U. S S. Ar· - -------!lon ne, s n 01 M rAnd' Mrs , Ollie n . re~hinl; C.. mp'\\lj' and 1111 ir fem· FER R Y CliURCH I I Il I ·:'!",,- ~n ',·11 HJPlt\Inn da v Dads. of C'll'w in. h as been p rom oted SlInday . J il T lIary 19. 1~19: Bibl t: to ch ief b oat tnute . Th ill is a well I \ IIIIIF ='rh r,o l. 9:30 :1 III Preac h inJ,( e l' (Il'~>l r v l'd prorllotil n . and on e which " J "" '. vit:l'~ , 10:30 U III [ln d 7 \l rn ca r dell a n ample ~ aIDI'Y. Th is young ... I~' Stal ~" .J, 11Il- l l, Il, IJ a~tor . m i, n hRS h"L'n in I he n avy f OI' th e pa., t, fivc yPUI'!I . an d ha~ made rll p io II ;\1' I 1 Ifl Jl t.'r ' pr (Jll'reS8 i n hi ~ c h"StJn pro fession , ST. M··\ ~Y'~ CI\llI~C H " .

]~11~ .

j l\'(I' lIl lll' l' lii.

Ita., Bumpbreyl' wa" & former pastor of t,h e Onuroh bere, wbvm tbo peopl ~ qf Ulf8 OOI~Ill'luntty beld til hig h ee,eelli. ~ . . Imll Mr. J ,. O. B8ioes ' enler 'be 0 , E " Wlldne ,dllY ev ~ nln ll'. 81\1 BuUls fllllng tbe vaolfooy on 'be~. F. D .• DaUled by the reelllD ••


2 Sanitary Bread Pudding Pan ... 2 Pot Covers 2 Pie Plates . Funn'ei

·-And many other Articles. Th.! n,·,




"-!: r.d allied Ilri ROn H" (, f w,,· ho'ck to U ~ 11 k" IIH r. . frori;iv e 11 11'1 f(J 1'g{' 1~10<1 ?C l!lI Ih t' 1l1 foctl . 1'hl. i " ~



n~ \\' nnd ~'I: lu '; lv o (l i l\)I,ot.;r~J) h. showln c; Dr ilit,h fJ r l g ort~ro \,,'h (, h \c fi e" " a1\ o\\r·d to Cf'lt hom£! (uod er l"rI~ '~ of t!lC: !l rnllstit , ) \",.tn.·.II\' lid RU n" ' f' ing ·;.,.. t,/n ,llF;caqr- an d malnul ntic..n , HlnT \" d, while 111'-" H {, ns- htld


plPll lt [1., I h l'I,,"~ lv~8 . Thin Is i'l~l OliO of Ii. {- ll""'",,',<1 .< why lhe (;crmu,n wll ln.: {or "o n easy pcaco'_ wHi bll 1~ .. ur,<cI._



5 qt. Eud4ing Pan

10 qt. Daity P~U P ,lDS

. 'S

,I qt. Dippc::r

1 qt. Tin • ' 2 Pie Plates 2"S~itary 'B read l:~ans Drip' . 'P.a~

. ... .

Sin Drainer' ..~






Sale starts 'fitufaday,'. )anii~~ 16'" , ,.. .... ~





Whole N.umber -'351~

1~, rnl


W. Int~resting kiter s '. f(oBl' .Boys


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trees. No matler woat other Idnd oC m.emorll1l Is eet up, tbere can be t1-ges 'plBIlted also. ·/1' 1118 suggestion already ba8 re_ <!(JIved the .,bearty Indorsement ot . .of Stat08 lhe {,'vi".

Mr. and Ma. W~ Kenrieh: , Dear Frlendi-Was vet'y glad to ~t your card and will take thi8 time

to answer i


8 1 iii

ca~:;=aEJ II'e--ii5511E11l'===-::-:1

~~~~c~:t ~e!tue~~ ~~vlc;iall~I~~ th~~

b ".. d' UIIY ...eee aya, hardly'-enciUgh 'to .~ 'Our boaTd, but I think it-ill worth more. than 'We get We are not 'Very

to atl\.y over~ h~ • . 1 .luppalle you. )plow' that the tI4~ Engineers Beg!,micli;ae tllUp ana IUPJllt "

mont aret '.

~.lrU~1:~~h~~,Hug on, reo '~A" IIl\Il sending ,pro.

~ (:II

Around Town


:~~ By Our Local News Reporter






Grant 1 ewis, of Dayton. was in Miss Beulah Kind ler was the weektown. Monduy, end guest of Miaa Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl. .Dr. Dill, Osteopath 21 S. Broad way , ~banon. Ohio. "Mendeta," the new article for mending your tin and granite ware, MUlh's Milk Bread, baked fr es h at White's Store .. every morning, at White's. Sewing Ma~hine Needles. Shuttles Mr. and Mrs. R . K Davis and ~on. rmd Bobbins, for all makes of rna. of Dayton, spent Sunday with rela· chines. at Hyman's. rives . .. Experience is a dear teacher." Howell Peirce and wife visited relatives in South Cha&ieston, last Yes, if it's your own . Whole 1.lte times of it free at the Wavnesvllle Thuredav. farmers' institute. Try a loaf of Muth's fresh Brown The Misses Marguerite and Ethel or Hearth Bread T hese lire very Ri ske , of Dayton, were the guesls popular. Will Whitfl. at the home of Mr. Henry Sattter· lhwaite. last week. JOS . Hawke, of Be ll efontaine. spent a couple of days here this week visit· $7.50 G. O. Upholstered Chairs, ing relatives. $5 86 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Se mi-Annual Furni· Hewing Machin e Need le!!, Shutlles lure Clearance Sale. Now on. and Bobbins, for all makes of machines, at Hynlan' s. Yards and yards of Congoleum and Linoleum at 40c and 45c per yard at Mr, Elliott, of Richm ond . Ind., The S Fred Company Lebanon Big \~ii l;~1 d 'i WII li t I hI! tu for wire fen\~(' !lusts sp raying ma ~pent last w('e k with M ra. Mal y Store l<~ urniture Clearance Sale. Dr"" J T . Eil i!:! pre i i ", hi s UHlI UI larl'al ). ,, 'In t 1"1'10 ot'c Come and Shule. of th e ~' rit'nds' Homp. ,I'g l!i'fi ,'d IO HI' lIc r. a nd (, 'd uclId the • I~ . . . Mr and Mrs. Max Kohlhagen and ,. pelo ker f Illu ev I}i ll Hall in L~f make your wants l(nown. Mr. and Mrs S. L . Car twright ar· Ron. of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. ;\f,WiI Z. ()f D,lyhrn '1', Ha ll l,i'lOIlI! • _ ___ _ rived home Monday evening. afte!' Sam PollI.Bky . of Dayton, spent Sun· .<' hi.. slIbj "'CI . ''('he Su '" " HlI ~!'l ia . " spemJing Revel'!ll weel( s in the South . day with Myer Hyman and family. ',li d he bbr,/ilcd Ihe !lu I' ' 1 III 1\ very I'k- mHn ll er, lIhowi nj I 'i ' he hacl Dr and Mrs. Charles Hough, of Sl!r gt. Ralph Cole, of Buford, Ohio, Lellanon and their daughter, Mrs. ~i "t' " It gl't<a l dea l of I' " l;l. t II) his wss the week·end gues t of Mr . -<uloj "I, t nUll tt'r. He Jl' J' II glO Wing He le n Se'brin l{, of Bryan, Ohio, were und Mrs. Henry Satte rthwaite and calling on friends here Sunday after· lrib ut e to America , lh . ' " ml' of his family. noon. ad opti" " Hi!! t ribute . II.e ~ tatue (I f Ihe C,)dd l~~ of Lib .. \ Woq I ruly There wi ll be two games of basket $9275 Three· Piece Black Walnut Mrs. Margaret Martin and son. p'llnutlc . a n I el icited l' ",al H JlI-'I ,1U ~e ball at School Hall, Ioriday evening t ronl hi~ hearenl The Waynesvill e Independent team EarnE:st. of Dayton. we re the Sunday Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store The R1bll i WIIS a '!' , ill lc r!'sli lig wjll meet the Bellbrook Independents gu es ts of J . L. Mendenhall and wi fe, Hi will Semi·Annual Furniture Clearance ta lker but his I e~ I ' had to be and the . 'NayneMvilie . . tryh re- of Route 3. f f suIts With Springboro HI . T ese . Sale. te'h"d l'h I \ \1' erYn~are U " a. ,1~l1t ~ e games will be fast ones, 80 come and Th';l Seml·Annual Clearance ~aleof I ~ r UI ,e::' u ~~~ . I, " ~y .Ie 1, 1 see them. . Furniture and Stoves. of The S. Fred Miss Stells Lemmon, who haa been sa id, had tu, be allee. 01, to gi ve • _ • ICompany Lebanon Big Store, now ill hi West Virginia, arrivl!d t~e prope r mflecU~lI'ts He emdcd Ion is meeting with unprecedented quite bere M:mday, where ahe will spend hls'tnl k I>y !laving tllat . J~~III :,v()uld" 1 8U~Cess. ~orn ' time with her mot~, an~ try !lOm f' d uv. \,orn -.. t.: ,-' I tJ rD . ana regalii "6 · eartIJ:great'l1-a: lun, and c'Jrne .into her own 11 I Capt. Robert Jones. of Augusta, as on e of the d ern oeratle nrd lOns of Ga., spont several days here last The farm and village women will the w~ rld --Iweek with hi s parpnts. Mr. and Mrs . need the help and Inspi ration of the Du r~ng tho su ppa 11l1t·rvnl , . the The regular quarterly meeting (If F. P. Jones. of the Lyt le road Capt. farmers' institute, more perhaps Gle.e Club ~lll!lg ~c\'~< r;\ 1 elcctlons, the Friends will be held at their Jon es purchased II. fine Cole road Rter than anyone eltle. The woman's part whSl ch weIre w!~ 11 r 1I~~ I I' eJ dd d m Saturday and Sunday, : in Cincinnati. and he It:ft Monday f or of th e program for the Waynesville eve r.1J ne~~ memu .. r~ w~re a e .February 7 and 8 . Wilson S, Doane lhiS home in the Sou th, accompanied farmers' institute is especially strong tl? ~he iJs t. lhe re w~re IIlso Revt.'ral '11 b h E r bod invited by his parp,nts as far as Cincinnati . this year. Vleltors from Franklin an d Lebanon. , WI e ere. ve y y ' .




starvation camp or (rest camp they called it) two or three days. then took the ,box oars for this place, where .-we have beon ever ,nnee. Wo, are in ,t he central part of France DellT a ,toWlJ calJad TS-8ur.TilIe and about 16 knometers from Dijon. Well, it js about supper time an!1 must stop. Would' be very.glad to hear fro"! YOII again, a8 mail 18 a very es' sential element to us. Bussell O. Burnett, A. P. O. 712 ArneI' Ex. F. Co. D. 34th Engrs. • ... •



~ th d tI f L t lVi . I)' I y e ea. I () e~ t'r I Hr HJI! I' Lhe COnllnU ll ltv hll~ I"" t 11111.' U [ II: itlGst lovt:d and nJ~Jl('cl l'r1 yo u ',~ 111 \!11 . He had a cheerful !h:-IJUSIIII)I! , urnl al~ays had a wurU oj CII .. " r I'ur hI. fnendH . He \vU 8 W t! i1 Iln /llY l, IHIII loved by all I-I ~ W ~ti a m ~ III li~ r 01 the Mt. !:lully SUlldltY ::Jeh" "I. "1111 was a . member ~f the JUnlllr () rd ~ 1 of Umttd A~ erlcllu Mechu li lc It makes .. t mure lIaJ for . the be reaved family, ~B he WII~ ~trlcken ~() suddenly" was I~ I b ut .11 ~e w day s. But, as God III I\I~ alt Wloe Ju dg lfl l::nl has taken Lest.e r frum . us. we k n ,.h~ that "ur lOUR IV "ut III S \Cit Ir" !Hl d , V Q" U while we mourn hi~ lo~s, W I! ho w OUI heads and Bay ' T hy will be " ',ne."





·'No .one knOWh h"lY much we mi>. rOil, You were so good, kind alld lrll_, God ,,,lol,e, fnr he kllows hest, you of "-'St . .hock .evere, To part "lth ),Oll we lo vecJ so dcar, Time was ao Ahort , to .ay 1:"00 · 11),_, To the one we loved su dear. "You are gone. bllt lint forgo llell, Never sball .yollr memory lade, Sweetest tbonghts shllll evCr Jjoo gcr Round lbe grave wherc ybu ore laid."










" GU· R ·~


I IIlIlJPGse you people bl\Ck homo tbhlk we. are haVIng a time I\nd I seeing great sights, but you must remember we are' under miIitat'y rule . which allows us to see notbing worth I while, but I suspect;. It is beat that , we are under these restrictions con: liderin'&- the fact that. it would not do to turn us all loose ' and let us run wild aU over Euro~e. We suw some An humblo red brIck house at Carlisle En/tlllll' has rIsen Crom obscurIty to a place In hlstolT very interesJ;ing sights on our trip with!.n lhe Insl Cew weeks. Lit tl e did tho former 0 :';/·s Imagillo that their grandson wou ld one day here, but 'h aven't seen anything ~jnce. QuIt the marble nnd go ld ha ll a of Buckingham palace. , tIC honor gue.t of England's king. to pay trlbllto It was fOUT months yesterday since to Its waH". It Is tho hom o or Ihe Woodrow >'family, III Wnrwlch road, wbere tho mother of PresIdent we landed i~ this camp. We lef.t Ft. ~.1!.8~ :!;', "~O:I!, aud wh oro the presldont WW! mOlt. . (j'uctod as he vl81~ed the spot alono dllr~~ his ;Ben.jamin August 6th,landed at Liv~ Au~ust ath , after ~====:::==::::::===:-::-:::::-:::::::==:::::::::::====:::::=ellpool, EngTan'i' ._:--.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::====:::========::::::~ _. _ __ 'lipending a ' week at Long Island, N. Y. We w~re.• siationed at a rest camp in 'England for four day· s. Then lilked' to South Hampton, where we boarded II. ship and crosaed the En· gUsh channel one night and I want to tell you I never was so siek in all my Let1ler Marion Dill. MU ll ,if Th o lDU i i life a8 I was ,t1Jat night, We were lilJd Ii:uph em iu 0111. wa~ hO' 1i Ucccm paoked in like sardines and were not bel' 10 IMIJ7 , Ih ,d u t>pa n ed t id" h i" aUo:wed to open II. window nor make Uecel!lber l!3, I!JI !l, :t~,'d <! I .v~l! rl' T he ~1<'n o f It'. IIhe r a A m ee ting will be held at the a . light of any ki.n~. As the chan- and 13 dllY!! UI!~ld e II IUI' III I!, l/l ll ' lo n ~ v,)ca t i(l ll . m e l ,' \\ " UIICHUlty nel wn8 a very cntlcal place at that thf;lr he leltves UIII! hrnth e l r.:1fl +::r' I tl M r I A Tow nship Hou se, l"ridIlY eveni ng, time. 'rhey said the subs werc thjck lion 'and a ~iB tl!r I,;tl-na at IH:llI C ',IH I Eo Vl'lIIlJio! n le a,;o '. "1 1 r1 L~ e Ji'ebrull ry 7th fo r the p urpose ot t 11l1S su ppe l wu se r.e I" I I ~ c.lltIle rli there We lived through it nnd when h' f f ' ... II' f •, .' .. . t to t rJenu ~ . IH >t lilt:r I,re 'Ia r H U U lhe lI1 t' mbe ' ~ i"il or~ com pl e tll1{!, ord e r for fertilizer. wet L a oat 0 WHOavre. g o ""-peepWoue s t aye dW~hecren a t aa l'ear~ ceded ago him lo thaL U'; tlel'' L'JlI lI .. . 0 :Iirl t;mole. j ul!{ j,'e ~' . l U lH~ 'lIl ,C Ab oui Also . t o take up question of orders

• "-d;/t L. " • ~unday wall ground hog day, and villionS and supplies to the boyl at theY he surely saw. hi. shadow, unles9 he front. You would ·be BurprI.ed to put on hi9 blinkers before he came . ,know what and how Much rmy it ·~.ea to out 'of~iR warm wInter nest Witb keep an ai1v;anclng . eqUIpped the cont!n';led long tall we have been with everything that IB Deceelary for having, It IS ~ell w look forward to have• . Ero~ labontories and a season of~ rougb weather before drawmg mate).'lal to bar1led wil'e and long ~~dm~~~~~~· ._. agine how much ,food , and cloth,ing it takes for two or three million men. . No:w, instead of sending this junk to front, 'it i8 beipg .ent back as lIalvage, lots of it, Buch all gasnumerous olino engdnell. other things, to p.feeee, , and all of it puttOl') ReaJl1ar 'communication ,of Way· record BOO is these ne.vllle Lodge No. 163, F. & A . M., camps. Thl!l'e Tuesday eVl!nlng, February 11, 1919, in this camp at 7 o'dock. There v. III be work in lltored away the F. C. degree. Sojourning breth · what they are ren and visitors art cordially Invited Some think the to be present. . going to take S. D, Henkle, W , M. hope they do. L A. Zimmerman, Seo'y.



Happenings of Pel-sonal ,Natur~ ,

These, Lett,rs Apprecklted by Eolks "Over Here"

communitY m ~ne~ ;:o""'....s hall .. tl.! ILs.. ll. • ,~ I}I 116l"ta1n, tbat their saorlfice on LIlli Illl.ur ot' t,'eellom Is WOrthy ot the 11.ne8~ . u'luu~1S tt'a~ CBII be paid the.m. , his bhoulp include also the men Wh~ uuored their' lIvea In tbelr country a sllrvlce Wheu.ler It meant the !\u-Vl",rue sacrlfloll for them or not. ·.l.'I1'11y; tuo, al'e deserving of the na. lion's ' IP'BtitudE!.. - W.I1at nobler, more Inspiring, more '1:IlIproprll1te memorial can be erected to tbe' honor oC these men than the living, growlDIS tree? I~ will stand . there' and as It develops keep fresb )D \tIe mlDds of thethepresent anddar_ of tllming generations deeds of lug which America's .heroes per. I furmed on mnd _and' sell. In or d er tlat dtlmocracy . and truath aDd justice mlgbt be tirmly esto.lillehed here anll throughout tbe world. " On this aocoubt Hte Amerlcnn Fore.slry Asltoclation suggests lhe . plantIng of trees In parks, along the stree ts and hl.gJ.lwayS and at other appro· llrlate places as Jiving monuments to our heroes. . . There are Cew communities In tbe United States that dId' not lose one or more . of I~ SOll8 Iq the great conflict whlcil has just concluded. There will b e memurlals of various kinds. bronze tii;blels, stone mark ra, arches oC b 1 d I granite and ronze an otler orms,


r==n 8' ,

In the" Service,



tq:t~1 ho~

:"'Tw~'n bill~; grief,,,


J'" ,.,






l"t~1 05t v"UAll'R"'lrtRL'V

.,..... I

_. _ .


I theArru~m~~~h~ q ~e~ W d .~d~~. Men of Waynesvtli ll for!l rousing , ~===::::::==::::::==::::::~'======~~::::::::::::~:::==:::==~==::::::~:::~~::::::~:::~:::==:::~= . e eSlre to. thank ou~ m,a ny recep tion to our boys \\ ben they get friends and relatiVes for the ir lond home neis and sympathy shown u s during . the aickneaa and death of our be· loyed son ano;! brother. Mrs. Dill and Family. __ . ____ ...._ __

• _

+- _ __


The Massie Township Sunday School Convention will meet at the Methodist church in Harveysburg on Sundav afternoon. February 9th . Rev. Saul Chancollor will give tbe address Everyone in vited to attend When President W. H. Allen went Martha Davis, Seo'y. to his deSK at the Waynesville Na· tional bl\nk Saturday motnlnlif, he {(lund a fine bouqu et of f:arnations th ere. forty four ot Ih em. ThEl car· nati ons were the gift of the directors uf the bank. nlld till' occasion was the forty· fourth anlli versary oif the bank. M I' . AII~n went int n I he bank when it WI\S org a ni ze d, an d haB rlgen from , a. cl el'~ l" tI ,,~ )In'ii ol ,,llcy He ~as ; g iven tt fll l 1 1I~ th oug hl and attentIOn ' !li nce hl' fi rs t en~rfjd , li nd by hill far- ' B ip;htedn l ''' ~ ami energy he has brou ght the bunk t o a standard that few counl ry hunk H have ever atta ined Whe n II ha rdl geta to be fifth honor hark of the state, in a sec ti nn Ihnt is 'nolthi tk ly populated, a nd Ii ~ml\lI town in which to do busi nes~. th e r p. must be Ho mething back of il. to /li ve it. ililpel lls; and it has we in 'store for you: been II facl that t he p!'l'sident of the l bank hilS been th o pushing powor


Will .be the greatest money-saver that was ever printed or read; it is for. the. purpose \of c)osi1).g out many lines at less than wholesale .prices. We want you to come and see for yourselves; the earlier yo;U ' ca..ll ". ' the ' better opportunity ,you will have to save Q1on~y - -: . '


.. ..


Below w~)lam-e ·a_ few of the ~oneY·8aving bargains

If~~:~~~~~~~. ~~~~~~ ..: 20c 25c Plaid Outings, Now ....... : ........ . ...: .. .. 88 and 40e Outings, Now ... .. ......, ........ ;.... ..

15c 29c


I $1.50 for th ese mfl~~ ~e:: _-~-._ Calicoes Now ................. .... .... . 20c CHURCH_ _SERVICES Percales which were formerly _ . 29c ~ CH 35 and 40c, are now Only ·.'d" ~~ .~ ....... .... .$.... . 00 I Sunday ~~e!·ua~:19~ :919: Sund"ay

$2 Men's heavy {I'leece Union Suits. Now ..


ouse , Now ..... . 1175 Bungalow Aprons. Now.. .. ....



' School, 9:15 u. m .. Frank LeMay, !Ruperintendent. Uivi ne Worship, 10:30 a. m. At 70 m. a papl~r on • . "Abraham Li ncoln, " by the .PIIstor. Speoiul music. lloth m?rnln~: af!d . d'l~p1ay tl Ie S prmg . ' an d evening. COllle oul and worship h ave on with us. . St,unmer samples of Men 's ClothG N. J olly. Pastor.



$1 25


A famous tractor-the ·Fordson HE , Fordson tractor bas attracted the attention of every civilized country. It is used by thousands in Europe today. It has shown the way to make farms produce more--in eyery oountryand of every si.2e.

to care for; the Fordson fulfills


. .

every requirement. It will make your farm a more profitable investment-will take worries off your shoulders.

Bums kerosene-all gears are enclosed. The Fordson is built especially to me~:~.~,need for a tractor which m~~. cared for by the operator ~. . .'-


Built right - simple, durable, economical; easy to operate-easy

, :' r


Use it with the 06ver. '· . N(). 7 Plow . Good p1owiIJc~ acre exactly .. you want it-that'i the reIult of uablc tile Oliwr No. 7 Plow especially desiined for the Fordaoo tractor. 1'raab aDd'weeds ~ buried at the bo1:tom of the furrow; the-atop ~.umwn. an even d~'offu.rrow. It'a the plow that ~' to the best advantage with thiI trac:tol'. Cclme in eDd let _ ebQW.JOIl the Fonboo. tractI:1I' CId oliVe. ,p low. '




'aa, W8e_. lte~. Bumpb1'e,YII W II .. former lMI,tol' of tbe ()hurob here, wbom;' people of'bI8QOqlmuJlt~y rr.ftl""lft.lhe1d in bt ~b .,.t~m. ' Mr. lind 1141" J. B&lo811 !l0'er ', ahled .b eQ. B" Wedne8dlly. 'ev ~Qlotr.




__ n

8."1 Hul\ 111UlI08 tbe yao D"Of 1'0


For ;' SatuI;day- ,afterrlObp.

Ule R, 1'. D,; 0 ouled by the rMlglta. Miami Valley Council No 103, J, 'Ion of A. W. Reeve, and evening, Qnly. , O. U . ( A. M. installed t heir officera ~--tor t he ens uing term. at t heir r egu· . Or.ffith's lar m ee linjt. last. Fritlav evenlJlg. Bro . J C. H.awke conduoted the in· stallation !,!eremonies. A fine degree sta ff was o rgan ized. to be captaihed by Bro , Charles Gray . After the Is his best produc~ioii. and work , a s plendid lunch was served', Miss U;~ bel LAmb h ~!I r esuwed tU'r everyone should see it, A large crowd of memb ers and visit· Bohnul ' (\oMel', afMr '!>Ave t .. 1 weeks ing brc the rs was present. The followina- officerA were ,In· vI!llt whh -bof IIUOt In Keotuok y . MIs8 Lola Fealy s pent the w eek. sta lled: Harry Sherwood, Counselor; William Orl1dorf, Vice Counselor; end wlt b he sister, M r~. It ob!lTt . ~~:.t;:;:lE:J: II W . H, Dinwiddie. Ree SeCY; G C. Sblrden. Knupp. Asst. Rec Secy .; W. S GraWilbur Hawk BufYtrad . Ilu aUnoh h~m . 1,'111. Secy.; G,E Strouse, Treas.; of npp e ncliol \l ~ . bn t IS r eoove rlng . Marvin Hay, Junior Past Coun.selor; 1l10wly. S arry Shaw, Conductor; Joseph Mrll. R ownrd Gr .h n nl " nd Mn • Ne wspapers , In whi ch were deta iled a cco u n t s o r Ih elr o wn dleD s le r . nnd CIS"l'eIH by t h e u rlllload~ Hornt ell. -Wa rden; Frank Cook, ,Will Moone.v b a v'l \ b !\ 1r: fi. '160Z \ . all delive red by airplane while the w ork of r elcu e w u go in g o n . W08 t ho expe rience or s ome 2600 IS; Emmor D. Baily. 0 S ; Oscsr wounded and returning Yank e on th e stra nd ed tr a n 8por l Nor th e r n Paci fi c. wh ich wen t o n u s andbar ocr Mr ~ . U!il'f B '"vk u ~ J1 I)U ~ ""l' rI 'IY Mowrer, Chaplain; Alfred flay, Trus, Fire bland . And It was Uncl e Bam's new lI ubm a rln e ch n.e l's ( l hoW II h ere In ac tu n l roscu e w ork ) wllic b 1a8', wre'( wl~h !lll r .... H 'I Uri tuml l.v , ~, ... able to ,et In c lole and land eve ry m a n , Mr. Il ud ~f r~ . C"ol l 1:1 0 v "r, Mr Ilod· MNI, SlImmy Bl lll r fl ll n !'on , Mr M. E. CH lJ RCf1 aod Mrs Heu Antb ll u l' . Mr!l. Mumi ·' Guokle o·nd Mr. Renry Uyer, ot Sund ay , J a nu ar y 19, 1919 : S unday \11' \ t'1111H. ' " If:. l!H ~. "' - --- -----~+ Sch ool, 9:16 Ii In, F'rllnk Le May , BellbrOOk. fl Jlo n~ l:lundll .f wltb Gbus~ \ '111. - SIll' l · IJlI ~l\ n Cl's. l!J]l hl "uri , .. mlly. superintend 1\ 1. A u ritl f n d drC~E' I Poll' \Io! hel . and Holy Comm un ion at 10:30 a . m Mrll ROI- E lli s ond dl\o~btl',Rh 8 ' 1, . \\,111,1\ " 111(1\1'11 111I 1ll o ur ohl ('amp Preaching seTvlce at 7 p. m Spec.. oail ed 00 Mrs, 'durletfa C~ rp (l ut r, Vls iled ~ co ll al1 d Yard I" I'.,,' .1 .\111" " " " III \' 1110 S ur Conilll rnusic. bo th m nrning lind evenin g, !:iundflY II ft ArD lloo . C11:" I» ' . . ,,111 1", \\1111'1\ I " ill/OII I l e n ld l oU1()' A cordia l invita t ion tn all. , D. .GRIFI!ITWS M rs. Mflrl l".ttl' na rpentar I e slowly I F rom here W e \\ ClI t. d u wn t u the G N . J olly, plistor. Sc ctl alld Yurd Dele,. t lv,' Uurllili. 'I hel' i ".' I ', '1"". II l' h:Hl a r i ne Ir lp l\l r . n n d MrR. E L ThomaH ente r · ImprovIng a t tho home of her 'Tt\e ~Grea.t Love' J a mes Davis , of th e U. S S. Ar- nephew. Ch orl!ls I!;llI s • AoAIII'CIIAPT-' st ill have 801lie Gc rlll UIi " I'll' S UlU'I ,' , "" ,. III '''II 11'.1(1," '" lfl trnil- t ain ed I hl.! rn " lIIiJ ers ot th e I' a rmers' !lonne, s on 01 M r FInd Mrs. Ollie w cre Cllptured. bcsiJ e;; ot he r '·U 'HIl- IS. I ,,' I . ' , I "'ll ';11 lillie" n lld ' n ,r". h\lll:' {"'II1I':U ',' :lnd III( il' fum· FERRY Cli URCH , Mr. nnrl Mn T . F MoGulnn eo 1 r Da vis . of Corwin, bns been prom oted Froln th e "Hrd we w l'nl.. dtlw n u . 1hl:' I Ihp~ h :,,' '~I'j'l I . \ Ionda v I Sunday , J IIT.U8ry 19, 19 19: BiblE to ch ief b na t m a t e : Thill is a well tertuloeci oorup ~ n r . S nnd ay I \ It! t k i n (~=" l a ~ lc~ \ \'e ~ ...t the l ~' jlj~t III ~ " " Will' Thl l'l e wO ll o.. lItog In ' lilt! I School, 9:30 a m F'reat'h ing S ~ r rlesflrvt>d promotion, an d one which t i n h' t o ::H'~' thl' fl1 l:ilall)..:l' )..!11:1 t' d ... T lh.'~' I II ,lltt.!, ". ,: "''' II ('/1 ,v ic e~ , 10:30 8 In { nd 7 P II I ca r ries a n ample ha lary. This young vlol nlty , Mon i! uy m o rnlo!l \;c r l :uo h d, \\ l' ; 1 [ ...;')lIl~ till ' IlIllfurlll!-i I " " ,il- lI.) O' StD II!"'v ,J u hn ~ l tJ lI, pastor. Anoa l'b mupson nn ,1 Mrs. m n n hAS b p.l'n in t h e navy for the Open evenings ~t 7 p. m. l '" l'um· h " !I . \\\,.,' \t:: lIlHlto I1 11k (,' " I -; It. , I I I~'(' I I I I I ' III I I I'! via ~) ,I 11;1 1' P ll ~ t fi ve yea rs , und ha~ !D ad e r upia Ed Wdg b t, nu llrd on Will Wrlght ·s, ' Matinee Salurday 2 p, m . ~l lit,urd " v nf ternooll . I, )1 :~:I::~~!".Il~~:d l~; I ~' l~t'tll1:::~':l1ld'~l"\',';:,'tI~: , n ' I' d I" J',rOI\[I'! prog ress in his ch osen p rofession . '.1 ' Fun k T rAl io gAr . of C~mp Iolherl. tli o ll "':II,ds dl' L{Utl:-, , ;q.tul'\·d !"nlll I IW j ," :1., !\I'~l: II;I:::111IH\\': \ 1' ·\ Second Sn ~,jay afl pr E\Ji plnny, Admission and 25c da o, Ala . , 19 vl ~i ' I! ,1t 'rfends b .. re Gt 'l ll\OI Il S 111 thl' \\ jll. 1)(·:·\11"' ... . I tH' I C II ," '\~, II ~! I, \, !,II III. . , ,l Ro u n ry \ 9 ; ,'u ll d!lY S~ h ool a l 9:30 (i \\" \' 1', ' all \ :IQll l lH'1' , t O il !dud .. \If ill'f\l'II !\J" II :lorna" BI) ~ u n was 8bnpplng . I, ":'.1 .\ 11' • • <idle 111 Mll r n illl!' I' nl"!':' "l,d Se rill OIl :, ' pl. lll t' ~ ttw t \\'l'll' !"ho\ 11.)\\11. \Jld, I II • \ ,Ih ,II I: " 11'01 1 .,. 10 lIu r v('.I'sb ll rg . o n e day reaent.IY. \' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.... !I.· .,. ,, ' III II; " IO::lO Yo u ~'''lnl'ill!t1 , 'i 111t'~e "eI' I • \\, \,11, tht,.' I' t,., \\ '_' 1'(' tl H I mafl~ t hlll;.:':-t lo ", t, '11111 t:,lllp"lI "1111\ ·1' , II I. II) I1lhll ~! vi c('s t ell y ou a bout . \V hl.'H J g't'! :-.~,l r l,',l t ,\ " , , I t~l ' 1ft l 'II II I _:,I_",Jl I"; S tH' '\'IIII,l r I I,J , l \ i , l.~: AI writ i ll}!, 1 11kt, t ( 1 tl·11 ~Oll '\ IIUII' lilt -" .II " 1 Il\ '(I"IIIIU1\. ":(II'JI("I ,I r . t '

--- _. - ..

T he elCecu tiv e commit tee of t he Men of Wayn esvill e' met Mond ay e venin ~ and mllde arrangemenl9 fo r a meeting t o be: held 800n , probably some ti me n ext week , if a speak e r can be secured. T he com mi tt ee are anxious to have a g ood mernb ~ r s h i p flj!uin . Som of t he membe rs of htat YlIsr hllve no t come in ye t . II ~ t hp.y ou gh t to befo re the com ing meet.i nl( , a nd anyone wishing t o reu pw t heir' me mbers hip, o r anyon e wishing to join the assoc I a tion will d o well t o see t he serre tary before, tb a t ti me Co m ~ a nd join, an d ha ve Ii g oou time w,ith UP. E xecutive Comm itt'le .


---_. - ..----


Letters lrom Boys I

----- ----------- 1










The Great Love



Don't Misl This


- 15



Il llout (lv 1'1'\·t h 'II:.! , h 'l l III Ih L'" (;\~ti It '"~I lIlt· tli~II'. \\1' h. ltl \\ o u ld nt'V l'r d o. " " II ,1\" tl r q I ,. 111,,1 I'ad l F r o m l hl' .I.!T ol: n d s 11(:l"t, "t· tfll,k I hl' I t ' \ 1' 11'11\'''' I'h.· (j~(t I Hl~ bad, u p to t il t, Stt·:llld . 1.l wl oue I, H., I 11l'I'II .]11\\ II UI\ til , ~u pr<-r an d l h f' n WPll t to ti ll' 11ll': lt. I' I, I "" ""/ I I I TIIln. t\ \'{'1'\" ,l!oo d sho w it \Va .... ton . Th e \ "/ ' ;n 1 1, ' I II ,I ~I ('!or frOII . n :I IlI C ~t/( it v ' a s "I h !l lo , , \ JlIl.' l il.':\ ." :-- " : 1 I . \ • I I (II t ,"l'l' I"'. :lll d \\'t"" 'r l.('y h a d a n o t her good pl ll.\· Otl wh ilt' , " 1,\ \ t' J.l11 in I 1i(1 St. \\ . \\" t're h (' 1'(" ent ilil'd , " l :\I,in).! U p ." '.!t j . \, • t", ,' I Il lI l'" tJll Jloon !-' T h in ~~ "' (' rt a in l ~' d id hit till' (l \·l,l'hl'clfl....:. ,\ Id l \l' ,·'IUIII :11,'1'1' we 11I0 \ c,I t oo. H n! H u ! T h(l J1 (' ~ t d ;I V \\ l ' we il l 11U I', If ;1-\141 I, ,.·'oJl ~.Id Il(lt! II I t il' d lt wn Hnd s aw t he H o~' a l ( '~)ar h , I.o n- " ! 1 ' "" \ '''''-' 1:10 dl,;li n s , .'... O \, QI1 d on Ilr idJ! €', ('t e. (l tllt c n I.' ro\\'U W ;l S III!. ... I rq :!! ~atll" .!"d t·j': h lCO Il T1I i1 I' ~ d vwn fit t h e \) ri tl ~ (' . )'i,' wi nJ,!' th e (~ l' l' - 1 (1'''''1 .\ 11 t/ \" I' 1,,:-: 1 1\\ 0 lHi 110011 K nUt n V -bon t s that ha d j us t bf'('!l' II' r · , dnd It , I II tll:l II ,\ l: llI !"e (' all~. but u ro ug ht in ' . I,..::, It .tl l \\".'\ e h ad fl ri u(' CO Ul -

'l.:;~ 1.'

I'XI +"llt'll nrt' tl'P t. ('0 111 1':' 11 1",

a l1 d

11\ \

(Co nt inu ed nl' ~ t "" 'I·hl

" " ,' ,h ,. 12

h n l' e

No. 2220

LoIUla owd 1IIJOco uu l.8 .. .


1 .. "; 1'7. 1 1 1 ' :' , JI.

~ ~~~~ Udn::~I~ ' 0 ;.(.;."'"

SH .

c1rculatlo o ( Dar v lllu e , ~ u . UIIO.I/O

U . S, bond l h Dd con lnCb , es d ebt.oUDe88 0 "' oed h n t!

Dledged ...

Libert y

o r In11Il -

t.: .

UDple<lge<l . . . .


Stocke, (, the r tha n

.. .



1. 11)11 IIU

Sto ck o t l l"edero.l H CitH'\' O ( a U per cen t o f euhsc rlVlI uJ} ) Val ue o f LJo.u k i ug h o use . . . . . '. Lawful rose n '''' wi t h h H.I oral H t..

scn'o tht.Dk . ,.

on(l nf't

:.tlJU 1,1 k,II VU. 1I1l

"!'lj ) II~;

H &d em v t l u ll f llwl "It.h l" .:Trou lI l'f'r 11 11(1 t\lJt, f r lJ lD l ..., T r ou u r e r . , . ' C b eck.. ( ' U hl1ll k 8 I", Il \,.d ollt '110111 or c1H' u r L •.J\\O lit r" 1J c l rl ll .~ I,illik l nte r al t •• ro bl! bU l fl '" C· ,jIl,l.'tod War l'ill n o g» l'Or fllh 'l\' e!1 ur. I T h r l t t St a. n1I' " A, t J, lll n" Db-l

J ,j'



I ;·,

'f o h l


1~1\ 1 11

f ile ' f

~t ll l .k 1JIlI il lJ

Il }' ", " 01 il l, I ,,&rll" .j Ctr c u lU tII ,..; u" l 4t:t IItll ttL,mdlllK ' ~ 'H'

Il ll l tl U! , t-,


."' (1[ l1 l1 l1d

Il' l lo'I>\) '"


"I, , .



sul d\ll I I II ' . III

I " ' ''iJ' ll ld T IJ lld of '! "lIi1ol0 ol , h ::1 ,ill" .. , J('' ' t t ~. >4. ·r \ (. ,.,. , •

,; ,., .. n ,\'


t' iid



" lalr' III I 'II' i..t Ic " I f"

hU ll " !"


" !I, t

, , ' •• >

'1'" 1/ 1' ,,:.



• .. rr'", ' ' /';:' 1' '' ;-''1. II \ 1: I \\ I I L ,', II :

I . , .. ,


, ; ' ''" '




,, ~' .,

, ,,,,,.,

I, t 11.\1~IM' 1\ ...; u Ml;rt l,ou I \ ~ \t 'I r/j t., I • I ' l 'lt li liI>\ f)! l" U\u: ,,1 (' I itl \, I. \ \\



,I' "

' ,




" .,,'





: :






\~ ('

\!,,' t '

u diUer· ngcI I a L th e

1 1\t' lI l I . t~lI l1 da ' I. ;1 ' ,'li cIt 1I01d

Z Ifl/1~


\ ' I'\'11 U l\

a ll t..i

l oad abou t


\ 11

'- lHE THiRD liME



\Iu l'l~"

' ha I'H


;! lI e RR.


liS I n m .

Tent h Ba ll oon Com pany, A.. El. F " France.

-.- - ------





• •

I) i ~

I. A. 1."


,;.Iu. IV " I II ll.·

.. , ' .

~.' ,'v .

ND1!~E 10 f~RMERS

1 I _




I a m pre pa r ed to fi x and reb uil d \ Vicl r o l R~ anrl Ph onog raphll , a lld will ' gua r RI, leo oil wo r k. A I ~ o , w ill r eo \J a ir YUli r p ifl no, org an o r other ' m u ~ ie a l im;t r um",n til. I F RAN K CARM AN, Ph on e 117 I ~~ ., \V ayn c~vi ll E' , Ohio . I f5

I' ."


1'. D. Clal! ctt ... . .... . February II :-l lJ g c ~ mc)cr .. . . February 12 A. B. S id c ~ .. . . . .' . . . Fe bruary IS

elt as

"l l lill"







u :~ l



"The G reat Love" o n e o f G l i' lit !t ' ilP ... t , a lld i,; l'lill y "T h e l\ irt 1I 'If a ;\a ti ( , n ..



c ;t ,

.,. ) ,, \

~I ':;

: '.' •

. "t ,

:\ [a t in ee Salu r d a \. af t ern()o lJ aL '..'. r'c1uc k .

~ ,

Prices 15 and 25c, matinee and el'en ing


Wednesday, January 2 !2 l1d




.. :.....


----------------------------------------- ••

• ~l


, 'l

F eaturin g W allace R c iJ, in

HSelieve Me, Xantippi" Ope.n evenings

Saturday evening

7:00 p,m 7:00 p,m.


War Ta x







t, Oak9" Hickory _and White.,'



DON -E: DEVOSS Phone 750 z

!i-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-~$-~~~$' ~ ']~HE ',50, 100 AND, 250 STORE -~, $






Our Tinware is now in and we are going to inaugurate the BIGGEST : SALE of it on record. . $

! This Big Sale Starts on Thursday, January'l6th: Below we give you an idea of the bigness of the sali : ' .

$ $

$ $


FOR $1 .00


FOR $1 .4)0

f;'OR '$1.00

IS _

S $ S

10 qt. Dish Pan 10 qt. Dairy Pail 10·qt. Galvanized Bucket S 1 qt. Milk Kettle 1 qt. Mil.k Kettle. Egg Sepatator S 1 qt. Dipper 1 qt. Dipper COOKie Cutter .,S Flour Sifter Sanitary .Bread Pan -Nut Meg: Grater :'$ Grater Pudding Pan / - Drip Pan .... Grater ' $ 2 Jelly Pans Dripping Pan 1 qt, Dippet ~ " I Drip Pan Grater 2 Jelly Paps 1 <it. Tin Cup ' $ $ $ FOR $_1_.00_--1\ FOR .S 1.00 FO., $ ~--~~~~~=---~ ~--~~~~~~~~$ 10 qt, Dish Pan 10 qt: Dairy Pails to qt. Dish Pal! • $ 1 qt. Dipper 1 qt. Dipper 5 qt:"Pudding Pan I $ $ 1 qt. Tin Cup Potato Masher WashBasin :-~,..,. " $ 2 Pie Pans Large Spoon Drip Pan- . , I $ Drip Pan fJeIly Strainer Funnel :$ $ 2 Pot Covers Sink Drainers . Oiler " $' $ Graters Cuspid9r Grater Dust Pan " Grater • $ $ $ ._.....:F.....::O~R~$::....::I.::...:.OO~_\ FOR SI.OO $ S 10 qt. Dairy l'ail Milk Strainers $ Dairy Pan $ 2 Sanitary Bread P ilfiS Flour Sifter $ Pudding Pan · 2 Pie Pans $ 2 Pot Covers . Dripping Pan $ 2' Pie Plates Dust Pan $ Wash Basin "Funnei , $ $ And other Artides, ,< $

!$ $ $ $ $ $




Th e OU1'I1"'"ft r.en d all ied pri so n (:r~ ot w nr back l o UR li ke I his . th en oRk II ~ 10 roq;!vP /111'1 f Oi'gH- n nd acnd lh m rood. T his £ ~ t\ ne w nn d c,c lu,lIvo plw o!:I'~ p h, showing Britl hl • . lIrl s on~ r ~ wlw li n 0 ben!) n \l o w~ c1 to 1;0 1 11<1010 (u n·jel· t ~ r ms of t he II rJ\ll sLl~ 1. vl rtu :dl y (11\ Run'Ori ng rrom ,li~cnq (\ and malnutr Ition , Rtftl' vod, WlIllo I h ~ K" n ~ h. d pl enly fo r tlwllIse lv c8. Th In Is lu~t ono or t ho tllnU rllt ~ u l'I,ll8ona ,. wby the Oor man wh lno tor "an easy poace:.. will bltllluUCI<4._


-------.- ---



'" d


Highest Cash

of bit! p al'en t,8. Mrs , Trevor I). Hflyd o"k W lol ~ C U D . fined to ber b om " with q U' fJ 8C Y Itls t wlllIl!. . Frllnk H nn ~ f' I, nn (,lrI r es i'l ent nf on r v ' lIl1 ge, d ied li t. th " h u rne of hl ~ Bon III 1"r ullklJ n . F u n a r ol tie rvic .. ~ we re h e lI1 l1 l1 d In tflr rn ~ nt lit SprlOff liolel o 1:111 ro\l , S" lo r <! /l V Mr IlO cl M r p. W. · V. Luc key (I t tl'lO t!ld ~ h A f n uAr d flf Re v. U (j Hornp bmv~, in Cinoln natl, OD O day

. -.

T here ". ill be ;1 ~ p .! c i3 1 com municulill n (If Wh)' n e~vi ll o LIl(hl e No. 163 F' & A :'I I . Fr iday e,·..n in l,> Also \,l r,lI ·iay '''' t·,.in~. J anu ary 2() Wo rk i ll Ih.· F A. d··,'r"p '-;(. jl'u r nill g 'lP' t' !' '. \ ' flt"I,' "' I~ 11·(·jt,)' .t~c J . \ -

", .

(h out. Pbll lipH h u!' be!' n h o o or uhl y Cr om :· r m .. ~er "IUP' ti l O'WI P J llol< 80n , !lni! hI u t Ih o IHlIlle

Publlc Sales

1'! 1' , ~() \1\ 1" ,

Office, Aman Block Telephone 61-2 and 3 WAYNESV!LLE, OHIO ' ,

d h; l h'H ~ !l ' l



I, I

Write or Telephone for Dale


Mrs . AnniQ Thorpe, who recently sold h e r far m a cross tbe ri ver, has purcbased the Witcraft f a rm, on the Wa yn e~v ille and Lebanon pike. south of tow n . T he consideration was $150 a n sCl'e.


E~\.· .'~ ,~. N '.s

. ...


r 'l1\

SOLO fAil ~ fOR

T la" l'Uy of V Of -

I :1'

A uctioneer

v i ii .


Saturday, Janua ry 18_11 D. Y. C r il'll l ll \\' 11 \ j'"~' li t 1)( JIOl h \ ('.I ·, lI 1'1


Eme r son




l imA

- -------



11'1 ;' .

'f heatcr

Th is


Sil ice r cl y , 1·:n: HI',TT J . Cl,ARK,


_ _ _ _ _ _ __

! \



, , \ \ II .


('111 11111''''


Itt II

!~ o..l' lI' roun ded

-. 1_':.


. . . . .. . . . . . .. . . "' . . . . .. . . . . . . . ..... ·.,0.<>'4:,..' ~.~("



I 1.,


I .-------

1 \ 111' 111 01./1

, . ,' )



I}U.' r(\ ilJt~ all "'1J!'t!-l of ru ltl] 1 ol\ . · I hill l.; \\'0'1 1 be on our :IY ll u nH' tH'fu l ~l ll1:'l Il )' weeks,

'Jilt )

, ' .. '



"' )I\I~" I':



h Ol oe ,


1l ~ I I. '

I. ~' . Lipc{Jln h., sol d h is f a rll1, "", <i,,,' sou th of t ow n , \ (1 I': J Li ntl fl molld, of nea r Ua) tl) n , wI. .. \\ ill llluve to it a bou t Feb r ua ry 15 th T hp. d enl was ,.I " r'" ,I,,' m In jl l;JI'P". m ' ,Ie h)' V; N ," qr " a " d m H I((~ ~ Ihl' Ii" 1101 110"1),11 f IJ I' m" 10 ,l oscri·b e [II/lid \irr-.: I.;! hI< , ~ .. 'J t loi ; far m in 'It· d, ""'allo " .)\'(o r h .. p . ,,,,,I \\'e !ire i .. ·:; thal l IWl' ye a n " wi th t wo pu blic (II'loing \I'e \lI)n 'l h, ' ",·1 .1 "'1'0 mu ch t<lIc lit' fJ !i in ll't!fI t h;: n .n ", \ . a l·.



, I

11)\\1". I' . II i':: I a)ley

, Y " !'II' Ili llY ' )1' U!-' \·.I· t\ L II I' I f) ,· i g h l lid!!':, 11 01'111.

........ l .-,~


, \

I i" ,pr yo u lIrp nil () .

.. . I;IC



I 'a l .

t .\

II / \\\', ' \ ' e r .

.~ _,_1'_'_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"_" I:' •

ab ... \' I '




l ill ul

. ,till

kll'!a. ~..::



--------.--~ - --


~ T -\ ·ll:.\) I· I ,. J, ' \\~... , .r\I_:I' I I / liurt,,' ,. k • ",,-,h'r ~ n fl lnt .. \' \.~1l1L t" "" ')"",:,I) ~ " ' h r 1111'

pllund ,!,,,nl(\ 'II· ... .

!'I "' J\!.,o..:l p ' _ ,

'; I~:: I '. I


U1\ Irte n

\ \ ' n r \lIa l,

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i, (hul a t his hom e in Mr . li nd ~h ~ . AI " n /:I ul'l$ ' ckuo d " II' " .'1 ' h . . • ·\ • • 1,,1 , ," IWelL 1,'1 1, \II I I 11 d '1'1 b .. hy all cl \I i.. ~ I i, I" " All rl8'1c lt w e ~ e !lI ld I,';, w'l' H ' l,,,'r ~:I"Il'i<. u u y - I ~prug u ~ , n ih 1,' ,1st l UI S a y ~,e I h,' ,... r"lIi~11l \I , \I",c' I-Sl I,' d h lp IH" ly WJII 8 1'1' 1' ' ut the. ho n.IEI, of hlH cu 1 ' '1 1J 0 11 ,h r·l. IH I C, t1 t,~ III'I r e. Hu u ',OOb. ~\l IlIl\\' \\l' ('.111 '.\ .u l ,: <l nd slop. 1110t h t: r , M,rR • \r:\11 lJu vl~ , ~ t Go r wln, d ~l \0' u tterll flufl . 1'11, i, all ,,1 <1 1··I',w·1t ill - Ha l 0 11 ,1 toony , a nd t h,· fune ral Will be h eld Mr. !ln d M r ~ A I VfI r.nrlrllth ton ,Ill(" ",,'lI i(ln calliJl. ,',I,,"I,., hud In at the Chapel . T lllll'sda y after noon at eD t rtnln ud fi t· di nn er, Hond uy . Mr 1:11 I .on.! Ih ,' htl" and \ allr·> , a round 2 o' c lock . ~I, 1'1 15 ('11 Van)) u ~ e r is .. n d M r s. W W u \' win l' " li d l u tlll iv ", " •• 11' " 1' .11 " j!l'a\l'H " I Ih'l1c h 601- expect ed t o 8 rt IY(' v.ith tha body ur Lebtlnn o, li nd Mr u nd .tit 1'.... \\" 11 : 1\ l\ 11 11t \·\C' t'tl' i c II glJts I _ _ _ _~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1.0 \'I' r9 utHl 8 ,n, ,l ullll, lIt \V 'I YO A ~ ­

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rl)l' t I'C~ S an d ri\' er . It bas I l·t Tl p'I 'll y h.ldl ~ !-'ht~lll\ I\, hut m an y I'nr o ., ii i " 1 IIIt!in ~" a'" Hli ll 0;00 (\ . \·\ 'e k ' I ~~, \\ , 11 1 IliHlh III 'l of \' t 'I(! Ull to the j~Y. '" , ' 11 ' "" ;,nti 1,.,111 •. ·,."" uti •. Th~ vi g ,. , 'I~ \"'r Ilin I" 1;01111' 11 a s I ,'all I·allpl'." 'I' ll, . sh .. 1\ lioles are " Ih 'cl, , h"" Ihl'''' is not" roo l be-

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l'OI{ SA L E

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Acce ptlUlce of o t ber b&uk.ti

_ _ __ ________




The Late ClassiHedAds, _ _ __ _




" 1\ 1 I ' fl'lIll1

ville Nati unal Bank . a t Wayne!!· ville in t he Sta te of Oh io, a l the close of business , Dec . ~ I , Hil t! REsOt' HCES. 1IIocoun.oo . . ..



Of the Conditi on o f t he WaYI1l!.' -




•• 11

IpJ...~ l'1h,·1' ill' l' {o' w e ha\(' had \'arilll1 ~ n t h · " ('Ul1ft'...:I". H'II'I! ;.1:0' (ll otIJu ll J.!arne~,



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Mr. fi n n .\l r< . lj ~ 1) I)" .IM r e t urne d V'rI, I" ,· u v,·"iug' . fr 'lIIl their vIs it. iu 1I1i 1i "I~ • 'I Mr. 'Inll )1 r~ I.'. ,\ Rar tA" ck uod M i 8 ~ M.uCr o., " t, nnd>" l ~ hn rolt IIot - - - - - -\ Th e ru ne r:.! Gcorj.!'p Coole who W ., y u npvll1 ' t;u 'illu v II tur lii ng . , " II .. ' 1'1. 1.,.,1 1,.0111 VII' h or Ille ,hr" \ Mon day, w ill br' h" ltl lh i ~ uf tl' r. Mr. IitHl Mr H Il: c' ltl a lln '~ 11 a ud - I'" ,,""" .' "1'1 I h.,. I'\' IIcd. 11° bet 'I "" nn a l '!. o' ,, '('ck :11 hi!! laIc h"lll " Oil W r J n rd ~l\ bll Vl't hAl' " v' O'HUS n . ji l t' ,I: :11 ". Illt. I l'll l. Jl() "1' t D f I' C I II d All o l e 111" 1 J,I<lco, uu I Oil I' ri'lliaU \I a" ~ 1Il a . r eet. " .- v.. • (\( Wll 11 e r, l11 l1 u (I1' Zot t·III' p ~" 1 " tl U ,\ t lil t! :1\I'ragu. II flH!1a l ln g . \!1' 1~ l o ~ " lot.1( nl(','I ), h t Iho IJ r(,MlD I I,


$' $ Spedaliit In $ Baraalna


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Whole Number 3516, ,



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These Lett,rs AP::'::;:F.o!frs "Over Here"


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'i'Uat Is a ques tion community in the United States hall

",",,!OJ 1.~"Il. lL .Ji canulu that their sacrifice on Lnu alLar ut !l'eeuom Is wort hy of the lUI.8lIL-.U'~lliIlL Clln be ll~ ht tho,m. -







By Our Local News Reporter



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ElIE'==II!JC2:z::J G = 3 ' Gt=- -U!!IE'

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I suppOBe you people back home t hink we are haVfng a fine time II.nd i seeing great sights, but you must remember we are' under militai-y rule wlUch allows U8 to see nothing worth _.L.a..







. GIm im li Happenings of' Personal Nature

W Interesting Letters front Boys W e -.'

l:l (


Grant 1 ewis, of Dayton, was in Miss Beulah Kindler. was the week· town, Monday , end guest of MI88 Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl , . , Dr. Dill, Osteopath 21 S. Broad wuy, Lebanon. Ohio. "Mendets," the Dew article for mending your tin and Ilranite ware, Muth's Mi lk Bread. baked fr at White's Store. every morning, at White's. Sewing Ma~hine Needles. Shuttles i:ngla;· has risen trom obsourlty to a plo.ce In hl8tOry Mr, lind Mrs R, K Davis and ~ on, and Bobbins, for all makes of maor ow ;,YS Imaglllle thnt tholr grandson would one day ' of Dayton, spent Sunday with rela· chines, at Hyman's. pa l ac(.". ~o bonol' gueat at England's kIng, to pay trIbute tives. amlly, III Warwlch road , where tbe mother at President "Experience is a dear teacber." I mOlt" '1\'ectod sa be visIt ed tbe spot alone dur4ua hl.e ~ Howell Peirce and wife visited Yes, if it's your own, Whole life '. relatives in South Charleston. JaBt times of it free at the Wavnesvllle I ~ ~~======================= Thursday. farmers' institute. Try a loat of Muth's fresh Brown The Misses Marguerite and Ethel ,I or Hellrth Bread These are very Hiske, of Dayton, were the guesls popular. Will Whitfl. " at th.e home of Mr. Henry Sattter· thwaite, laBt week. J 08. Hawke, of Bellefontaine, spent a couple of days here this week visit· $7,50 G. O. Upholstered Chairs. 1· ing relatives. $5 86 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Seml·Annual Furni. Wayn ~ I ll', ghe l' a A mee ting will be held at the Hewing Machine Need les, Shutlies ture Clearance Sale. Now on. mel till I • :" l'dllC>«:!IIY Township House, Friday evening , and . Bobbins, for all mskes of mao ! !\Iaso I, I, Inpl~ A , Yards and yards of Congoleum and ~ serve 1' 1 I h" 1~3l!1lern I' ebruur! 7th, for thO:! purpo.s~ ot chines, at Hythan's. Linoleum at 40c and 45c per yard at mt'mb$,_ ILnll vi" ilOrS completIng ord er for fer tilI zer. Mr. Elliott, of Richm ond, Ind ., The S Fred Company Lebanon Big ice to tb 411 IC Abo ut Also, to take up question of orders Store Furniture Clearance Sale. n tn ll t~ ,~. for wire fen,~e , pusts, spraying rna ~pen t last week with Mrs. MalY I;I ~ p re I J III hl S usuu l terial painl 'ile etc. Come and Shut e, of th e Frienus' Homp., Mr and Mrs. Max Koblhagen and riC " , ' UI d ,,, uuced the ' , . Ron, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. '" eveni , Habhl Lef. muke your wanls Imown. Mr. and Mrs. S, L , Cartwright ar· Sam Polasky, of Dayton, spent Sun· rived home Monday evening, afte!' day with Myer Hyman and family. ytlln '11, Hah bi to lie - - -- - - - -spending Reveral weeks in the South. j O"1"h o gq·I" f Hu91;,ia," h l HT1ie IhlJd led tbe l:luh " III Ii very Dr, and Mrs. Charles HOUih, of ultl" manlier, showln! I IH:lt he had Stlrgt. Ralph Cole, of Buford , Ohio, Lebanon and their daughter, Mrs. ltivt:' 11 & gl't!lI t d ul of' ~ ,ugh t tlO his wos the week· end g uest of Mr. Helen Se'bring, of Bryan, Oliio, were ~ulljert mutter. He : II ~Iowmg and Mrs. tfenry Satterthwaile and calling on friends here Sunday after· lribute to America, ~ '. home of his _ __ fam ily. noon. d t' Hi t 'b t i t t e • II f (:~ if2 ' dcl ec 8 ' rfl LU~~ ;" LIe ",stUuUl There wi ll be two games of basket M' d S $9275 Three-Piece Black Walnut O, Ie -,0 ~ '? • , \ wao r _y ball at School Hall , Priday eveni ng Mrs. Margaret artm an son, p.l trlOtt.c , lind elIclte 1~at. appl llu~e Tbe Wayne'sv I'l le Independent team Earnl:St, of Dayton, we re the Sunday Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The f h h \ l'? nI IS e~rerH . '. . wll1 meet the Bellbrook Independents guests of J . L. Mendenhall and wife, S. Fred Gompany LebaDon Big Store Semi·Annual Furniture Clearance rh e Ra bbi a " nterE'sting and the Wayn eRvi lle Hi wi ll try reo of Route 3. Sale. talk~r, but hiS Ie\! r' h~d to be sui ts with Springboro Hi. These , . wa~ched very car'tfI,lIJ ,'II acc?un t of games wi ll be fast OlleH, so come and Tne SemI· Annual Clearance Sale of lh~ nllnteL! and 1~~d/1 \~ , ~h ,c1n, .he see them. Furniture and Stoves, of The S. Fred M ls~ Stl:!lIa Lemmo.n, w~o haB be~n 81/.111 , had to be ~n 1 d.... to gIve . Company Lebanon Big Store, now quite III 10 West Vu·glnta,. arrived t~e lll oper inflecWll'Is ~e emdcd on is meeting wlth unprecedented here ~qnda.y, where she will spend hlS'tnlk by sllyi ng that! i?~I~ \Y9 ul d , AUCce~. ~. 11) ~ -tIme with ~' lIl;o.t~r ~~trY 1I0ro~ d~v, 1;/'10) ,- ..... c,,; •. \~ " f. fR'''~nr' . 1. -. _ .'-J .....~- - - , ..... .,.-_._ . IIDiii'iitSill . e . iAltii.-' gf6!ltllat on. and come }nto b~r' own . It ~ II Capt. Robert JaDes, of AugU8ta, . us one of the democratic na llOnS of ~ The farm and village women will Ga ., spent several daY8 here last the w~rld . week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. need the help and inspiration of the Dutl!,g the su ppor, III l!'rval ". the The regu lar quarterly meeting (If F . P. Jones, of the Lytle road Capt. farmers' institute, more perhaps Gle.e CIU~ ~nng al!\'~:a.' selectIOns, the Friends will be held a t their Jones purchased a fine Cole roadflte r than anyone eltle. The woman's part w~ch w~le w!!11 I eCb' 11 e J dd d meeting, house Saturday and Sunday, in Cincinnati, and he It.ft Monday f or of the program for the Waynesville to ti,~eri~t n eTh~r~mw~;e ~:~es:vereal February 7 and 8, Wilson S. Doane his h.ome in the South, a~co!"pan.ied farmers' institute is especially strong "t f' F kl ' d L banon will be ,here Everybody invited. by hlB parflnta aB far as CmcInnatI , this year. . VISI ors rom ran m an e , . .



not precl!lde tbe planting or No matter wb,at other kind memOlrllll Is set up, there can be a180. already has rei ~ I • 1!Ir.. and Mrs'.*al~ -Xenrleh: ..r: .., lad • pear Frienda- J. . . vel')' g to _. d d will tak thl tim a,!" your -car an . e 8 e itO answer· it. . ·Y j We.;are 'n()~ 'Very ~"y these days, . .. hardly enough to .earn our boar d, but I thi"'t. it~~ worth Dlore. than 'We get

Franconeara ,rowncaueu.1.::I-oul.- ....... u and about 16 kI1omet81'8, from Dijon. Well, it jll about Bupper time and must stop. Woulctbe very glnd to henr ·from you again, n8 mail is a very es· &ential element to U B. , Bussell O. Burnett, A. p . O. 712 Amer Ex. F. Co. D. 84th Engrs. ~'.. • - •


'''' . ." ' SAWHIS"SUAOOW 1! 'sta~v~~;i!~ E!J:~MJ~~ . . a ' n '

.,....~ ... - ~ , ~,, ; I •" meDt, a,,!,- ' a ~P an,c:.t~y . ." ."

~~ U~~~~~t:' ling on, reeeJvtng. and sending proviiJlons and S'upptiH ~ 'the booy8 at the bol)t. You would be lIurpriaeCl' w mow what and ~_ow Much it tak.. to ifeep an aa-.:lU1C~ a.rmy equipped With eyerything tllat 18 necenary for thefn to have. . ~qt iaborla~~1!f and drawing material to bar1led wu. and



. • ' '

'..SlJJ;ldlU' ~~. ,";"~ .. ~ "'00:"' ; was ground bog day. and


fnendti. He IV/lij well knowll bllll loveq by all He IV a'; a ,m .. mut:r 01 the Mt. Holly Su nuu~ ~l!hUIi I. RlId was a member of the Ju nior Urder of United American MechutilCii It. ·makes it more sad for the be reaved family, as he wus ~ l ril!ken so dd I ' 11 b f d 8U en y, WBS I ut a cw . ays. But , as God in ai8 all wise judgment haB taken Lester from us, we kno w tha.t. our los8 ill but his gllin, and , while we mourn hi R laRS, WI! bolV ou r heads and say, • Thy will be 1I'l ne. " "No one know b", 1U ch ' You '"ere so g~od:ki"~ nn~Y~r:~~> ),011, Goel alone, Cor he knows b~st, ~.Ired)tou tq" l,lilIl bome oC !,,\!st. '., '1'''~~ '1 ·bl!te~g,.icfl" Iho';;k .cvere, • Til part "Ilh you welovetl so dear, Time was 10 short, to ~(ly good·bye , To the olle we loved S<I dear. "You arc gone, but not Corgotton, Never sball .your memory hide, Sweetest lhoaght. shnll ever Hilger Round lbe' ~rave where you aro laid ."



"UAD\I' nrt' R l' y

" - -.


he' surely saw, hi .. lihadow, unless he put on bis blinkers before be came out of~i ll warm winter neat With the contll1ued long tall we bave been bavlpg, It Is well to look forward to a se8llOtl of~ rpuih weather before lona . , ~~m~~~~~~' .-' . ~dd~ Ar~p~~~b~ ng m~~=============~=========================~= agine how much food . and cloth}n~ it W d I h k tbe Men of Waynesville fo r!l rou sing takH for two or three million men. . e e8 re to t an ou~ m.any reception to our boys \\ hen they get I Now, instead Of sending this illDlf. friends and relatives for their kmd home ' , to front,'it . IIIInt back as ' sal· nesS and 8ympathy shown us durinJ;t . • - - - -vage, lots al trIIetol'll, gas. tbe sickne88 and deat b of our , be· 10Yed son ani brother. ' ~ll!'e~ nu~= 0111 and Family. ,and put "'J) these





~S2 Ml?0lshe!'vy ·£t·leece Umon SUitS.

$1 ..:, kSO


c.aM~~a..:.......,............... 20c





A famous tractor-the Fordson "f'\HE . Fordson tractor bas at· .1 tracted the attention of every

to care for; the Fordson fulfills It ' will make your farm a more profitable investment-will take worries off your shoulders. every requirement.

civilized country. It is used by thousands in Europe today. It has shoWn the way to make farms Produce more--in ~ countryend of 'every sUJe. . ,

Burns kerosene--a11 gears are enclosed. The Fordson is built especially to m~. .~need for, a ' tractor which m -, I"'care;d.for by the operator' ~. ' . -. " . . ,r

Built right - simple, durable. economical. easy to operate-easy

. '. Use it with the Oliver' No. 7 "OW ' . Good plowio&-nay acre aactly as y~ want ~t'. ~e

re8u1t of UIIinc tHe Oliva- No. 7 Pkrw eepecially desiped for the Fordaoa tractor. Trash and- weeds 'e,re buried at the botto~ of the furro9r: the Itop ~ ~ an even ~ ·of~. ' ~ ' It's the plow that wndra to the beat ~tap wi1:I:\ thia ~~ Come·in _ Jet _ the FOI'!1eao u.c:tar .~. 6!!vg I •

plow. . . '

.boo. .;.



• •

I. I

• . ~.



... .



'" .


--- _.- ...-

News papers. In which were detailed accounts of th e Ir own disaster, lind cl!;lIre t9 by tho urmloa4~ all delivered by airplane wblle tbe work of reeeue w 81 Roln, on. WDB tho oxperlence of s ome 2600 wounded and return In, Yanke on tbe stranded .I rnn spor l Norlhern PIlc1flc . which went on " sandbar ort Fire 1,land. And It was Uncle Bam's new 8ubmarln e chuer8 (8hoW II here In actunl rescue work) wllicb ¥,re able to ,et In clole and IImd every man~ .-


1~l'om here we WCIlL down to . the Scotla nd Yard Detective !Jurellu . 1 hey still have Borne German sl' ic~ tllIit II'cre captured, bes id es other convict~. From the vard we w ent down t o Lhe

Frol1\ ht!I'l' Wl' \\\1 nl Ollt 011 lht: l \) II1 .


· I • k· tIl>! Hill I rl,\ l H't'li S till' t lou:-; un s 11 plln

lO LIle

palacc:-i an d



glpo,';~~::~~" ,::1' J;~n~ :~,:,'tl:~~~:],,::'''nllh;'~~

: .',','::

Wl.'re al1 ~' :lIl1l1 bcr Hnd kl1\d :o' of HI'f O- II' p l c1oc:-; t hu t \\'(lr(! ~h ot do\\!!. And. . WI," II , therl' Wl're too mallY I hiIll!:; tu 'I

i::::: ";,," -:':: ",t,~: t':1 I;":';~" ~ ::;,1I'~;: .\ I' ,,,', ,,:




... ~

II ,.1' ;t!j'n l l I !I ,' H:t l , \ 1.. ur l1 !~;l1lthln l"' \J 11" ' ,I'll' I" 1' ''III. :., . ~IIJII~ s l)n d, "1 nl 1,1'1':1111111, supped :.11 II}t ' lIi~ lll. \\'4' h:!!] .1 ':111 ;\11.1, o r • udJ~I'. I'll tl l'W It ". ' ,I I'"~ 1' 111'11 1 1·'" Iilil {J Ill 1



tell yotl aboll!. Wh"" I .: 'I ~la l'l ..d tu writing-, I lih p to l v ll ~'O ll ' l ll ul t, hit .. 1


Second SondAY afl er Elliphllny, J an u a ry \ 9: ~undlfY School ul 9:30 u '" I, ;,:)(1 ~\I ~ , 'udie n l Morn ing- rrH"el' , uri Scrmoll al fu' (\' " ,' 111 I ll<' I\I:~O You ",,' Im'IIClll!} llt w e ~ el'· •I ., I, ,I 11.\ 1t ~ 1I11\r1' ~l viccs . 11'1':·., \'\' I'·'.), A


1..:11 ~.' \. . I'

! II , l ft l


J I,'


\'(.:r ~ '. II l ,.1 ,\ . .... 11 i1. itl..'lIt l ill l Cl' , n bout ('\' l" l 'Vt hIJl J.!, h ll t II I t hl::-o taH~ tl \ 1 ,did tl t hI·" • ' 1.\ g ,ii l il lI " \\r as (;on ,\'u u lt! nC\'l'r do, ,I' J '~ I'd ll\·., ,dl t : .ndttl, . . . t ill, l~ F r on~ tl w g- r ot: nd s tll'n' "t' l O(lk thl' H,d . ;1111,'1 I.It .I i ,n t'" t i ll IlIU:-oIL!. hu g back up to th ~ Str'and, hIlt! uUt' "" r,II 101 h" d IiI·,1\ du\\ 1\ un tll ,' :-, u PPC'l" ~Ind thl' n \\'~nt 10 t ill' tlwall r , I I, J' ~ 'II t' =-"'I' l l lllli r. A \ ' pry goud sho w it \\'fI ~, 00, T he \', \' " I ' ill Ih.' 'I \JI ll 8ll"o r (1'01 11 - -- . n : lllle (/f it \': as " 11 (1 11 0, Antl'ri<:: I, " ,":' j il'l'm II , I 1: 111 I ll( ,,,lI el I h, Hnd we Thp. fUll er '" of Geol'l!(' Coull. who Tl. cy hl,,1 anoUw l' :':11001 pi ".,' on ",h il,· ,1'" \' r) ," \ ,' \1.,r t In Iho HI . !Ill \\ :Jti , lIlC h ' ~t l I rOll I endl nf lile cil f' ci ~londa y . will b(. h~l d lh i ~ after· \\ ., \\'~ r e hr l'c, ('ntitlt:d, " C;o.i flg" Up." \11 I,' dl !\, ,til,; n:-; 1 1111'(>0 lJalloonFt ""1"1,,1111 ' ri lIllf l I , 1t "I' llo ttl·,1 to uo, tI(Jon a t '1. o'l:'od< alltis III c home on Thi n ~s ..:c rtainl v ditl hit tlw (H' 'l'heud :-: , 1 I' ',·11 li lll '>, / "1'11111 I tr'rfl wo morer} 1111'1.«1 Itt "'J! l,\,It,'d , \ " dill 1,llt " 1' t t R J I' ' d II d .. liI'Mt Ill uci!, I)UI 0 11 1' M (j ll~ll \\il " lh~ m!!!ee, ev . . ' a wa a e r . tllli. Ha! H a! Thl' next d ay we wClll IIU I', "l";l.~I",,",," ,,J11:1ted i ll . Ih · g tl (I \\·n fi nd S a\\' the Ro\'al ( 'o:lL' h. Lon- 1"11 "r ' I ll' \ 0.--;4' ~ lIH'III1 I : dn ~ , .o ve n ",'" lit e al cm ge. 1,,(hcIlIlm . ci on BridJ!(\ etc . (luit.c n crowd WllS IIH k~ 11'111 11 :\atll '.' . un t1 (> i~ hl co n mil e:.; ' l~l}t, ,1 : lh;lj IIHI ur I ,.t. , I d,~nl.) r ~ Ih.~ dC/wn nt th e '1r-idl!c , \'i~ wing" the Gl'r. (1' 11 1l1 .\I, ' li'. \ \ l' lwH two ba lloon s "os l 1 ' ,'If II 10\\ " " . I ~ H. " ,,'l Ie) .\ " I Emerson Duvi, .-lied a t hIS hom e m mu n U. bonts that ha rt just been It, 1", ,,, ,,I 11:1 ,1 1l':I1' ~ c l() ~e " II lis, bUl 1)11" ' ' ' " '' II,.", c\I'r."lo ll ll ); ""il L lor 1 S ue W I, I st 1'hur d ' . Th o :Ol',h.: !l ouy . ... prl.lg " l fff. , a ~ uy brn ug ht in , I" " "~It II :til ",,' \ e had n fltl c com· !lu t! tll;' i \\' H \ e 0\\ r , '1: 11\\ u n ci pxt'f'lIl' nl orfice rs. '" lI erp, T,)IIi~lIt \\,' 1\I' r e " 011.)<1 hlp O(lI"ly WIll art'tl1 ' II I the. hoTTtt' of ~lS (Continued nl':ct IV t!l·k I < lI ee Ih o 12 compan i ,8 Ituye bepn [,OO lS. ';0 no\\' we call ",ad,' and slop. mothe r , Mra • ,,\'oh lJuvl~ , ~ f CQ r w m, :-=::::=~::---::-_______ l"l:"tl1£'1' hure we hun' h:1I1 variou ~ nth · l i ti s i" till vi c! FI'I"ndl h, ,< dta l and loday. and tnt· funeral WIll be he ld I 'II' I'uttl e,·, "'It II as ("otutt ll j!u mes, "onCI'II I"(Il iult Cil III 1', ,'" la ',Ii.i had \ 11 at the Chapel , Thursday afternoon at a lw! -o' · wa r (p llllcu ove r the cl'£'ck 1:1)~ ;t nd tl,,· I HII ~ lI llIl ,nlll'j., at'ound 2 o 'clock. 1\1" 1'1'16"11 VanDu~e r is ,. , a nd n drill co nles t In whll'l' a ",' r" ,m .: 1'1111 (\1 gr!lv(·g or I,'re nch sol. expected 10 a rriv(' \\lith the body , No. 2220 o\h'·H . \\'" I",'e I)ltl ' lcClric II sll iS . _ __ _ - - -- RBPORT tI, /, lIr h"r l'a,l" I,,·re . <Il1lln a dUral'· rroll ' lit e "onelll's we usoci at the Of the CondItion of the Wayn e.~· drOll1 p\'l' '' 11 \\0 Iwli Ihe m). ville Nati onal Bank. at Wayn e!!I \" ,,\1 r"lI." (SIIIIJ\U )' I , a Iruck loud ville in t he State of Ohio. at the \I ~ wun l til) 10 \'I'I'Ult ll nn<i aboul close of business, Dec , 3 \. 1\:j1 ~ _ __--=-_ _______-'-_ _"u!" iu lghl lillie,; north, T h o clly of V (1r. RESO UIlCEB. o\ ,, 1t 10 "!lrro!lnd ed lIy ;t rorlress and Jo FOR AL.E l iWi , Uti " ,6b LolUlS t.Ild dlllcoun~. , , . , I ' 0" :11",1 " II I hr. \lorn. ' rlvcr. It has Aceept.tulce of otber \I "" 'n ,,"1.' 1 I)' haell)' s hell ed, but ma n y I I,. i t ', ].1 dh.count.ed . . . .. . .. , . ~ lJrU~ 6 "'1 Ille 11 lildi n ~H a re st ill good . \Va 11:'.30 <. R I I{ .. ,I <'"c l''1r eb tl~~~ =~I~' I. W. Li ncol n h ,'h sold his farm, • r t:"Ht' lI tw bil l , d r~ ( I ll t k,,~". ", nl nOI'll! oul uf \'Clclun 10 the clrcuJatloo(po.r nlue )Oo.uu u,Ou j"g 1" "11 ' I, ,·, :l IHI l)"III" rot ncls, Th e bl l: so u th of t own , I CI 1,', J 1.I· n·I ,'lmOll(l . U . 8, bond. nnd conlfica \eH v r In' H,. 1 \. I W"'YOt'R"11 e. (), .. \ I I li e \" UlIls i df' Ye l' ll1 n l~ lQ10w n n~ - u debt.ecJ..oeu owned li nt! uu_ _~_~~.....~~~--.....~~ " "a lit \'all e'· ... T h" 61t ~ 1I lioles nre of near Duyl on, wilu ",i ll l11uve to it pteIlKed , ." " . ... . ' U,oo u.O" 90 ,0 1lU 00 Premium o n U, 8 homltt . II I h' l'I< Ihal'l hl'I'!' 15 not [l. foot be. abo ulF'e b ruaryJ5 !h The denl WItS Llbert.y L..oan Bondi , 3 I..." , " ull _ -- -- - I,' {'en tl1l'nt In plnl'l's. m; de It)' V; N S~ 'r" a" r1 m ~ k er; thp 2aO. IIl) s~~tl: ~~i:!ruS.~(lJ.·~ ~uod;' nlll ,,0,"1"1< , rol' m" 10 Ilescrl'be [, hi rd t in' c I:~ ha~ ',,'J tid \ farm i n







The Late ClassHied ~ds


- - --

( not Inclulllnil stoc k.) WlJ)letlKed , . . . .

ow ooc1

, .... , .. ,

v..)~~ ~rlJ=u~lb~~~~~I,P.t~~~ ~

&, II OO, OU 10, ~ 2tJ"2j ,

6C r V8 Hauk ... . " .... .. , . . . , .

Oull In v~ult non net (Uouuut8 d !J8 trom nationa l hauke ...

~9 . ,i20 . •

TotcU I t ems 14 . I (" . JI 'i , Jj , n ~ ,6 ~ O, "7


With U ,

Keen Clean ~e r. a can. only , 5c Ju st as g oud 118 Old Du tch al half the pri e Uulk ~ pnl( . and Maca ro r. i. Ib .. li)c Seeded Rai. ins, new good~. pkg ,.......... ...................... 1()c Rio Coffee. Ib • only .... .. . .. ... ,'LUc New Canned Pumpkin, can,· · IO c All Pan Cake FloulS. pl<g .. .. .. 15c



Treu urer alld duo t r(.lm L: , S.

TreMur.rbtmk . '" s Im' ,."ou ..L ti.lde ,


1. 000 00

O ll

of Cay o r toW Q o r rel>ort.l nio; b ank Inl-erclt. •• rD&d OUL n o' collocLod . \Var 8avlogll Certtn c a le5 arid Thrltt Stamp. a c t u all y O~ n ed

90. 00 1, 770.11 ~,


HOI . ; 1!. 71

Total . . . L IAU I I.IT I ES

C8~ltD.l .tock 1)4111 (u .· . . " ',~Kl~d~uU'~,'Oil'( ;" .. .. . YDwrMt &w t d l.i(;Ol l ut '·'JII~( Lwl o r c r odltod , I II ad \'U Twe o f /UfI,t.u r tty ami out u.rll ~ d , .. , .. Olrcul.'illg DU t..68 uUlli Laoll lng . Not

aru o u ut~

bank. , ,.,.

lO ltl,'ldurU

,tw' ,


uel)'"ltd tH

chock , ."


:i , (1"4 , 9~

'l .ill ;,. !J 1 t)\I 1'\lU .ilil

~ l.fl u l lUl

Iwh j o ..- t I "

.. , . . ' "



. . . . .. , :'!1 \I:d", :l 1I \

CorUflc6.t.,1I o f t1 opo,;lt. +luu In I ~ th llD ao lll.t. y.s ,., Dlvtdell d ll \J nlJa lli . T o tal of du ll elJ"a.I! ' "',11 Jet ' to I f) r'>I"l'r,·p !o'," !' "'' .,i\ \Vnr l uan 1! " lJ""'t.


,; 1) .-,1



,jlll l.I,(1

, .. "

1 ;








1 ~ lit, () 110


T Ci lal

l:lT\T It Ul' VIII,' .

White Karo , Dark Karo. Pen· nant Syrup, all ~iz es .

'~O ,OOO.O"

\\· AHHJ;;o; tIlL:-'·I\,~'.

J, I·, C. l lb.rlftu{·k . Inltldf'r ur ll.\lul.+i \b nam ed ba.nk. ( \ tI 5td \! llItdy ...... cur t h a t t t. ~ ab~"1.) 8l11lt lll "nt III true II' th o bC'tl t td my lint)" l\l"~t' and !J ullo f.

11 A HTH t ,I I, ( 'II1ililt\r :!u 'llCrllJed 1011'1 .,oror u t.t, 1.Jf' r.,ro Ille th1J" ) 2t. h tl&}' 0 1 ~ o\"tsll1 l,e l' \Y III. E . V. IJarll l,M t , IrT'OCt. A · Lt. .. t. ; ~" I [Lry !Jul,l\ t'. J 1\ I ' E:"I It "' , II A' 1,, 1, , , \\ 11. ... \\ lll rL. IJ 1(1)1. I~ ,' . F

I::arly June Pea~, can .. ..... .... 15c Fancy Ohio Co rn . can· , ......... 15c <! poun (i '\'omaruc"s. rail .. .. .... l ~c J'i l' P"acl1ea. Ca ll .. .. , .... .. . ... l oc 1.'lul Can .• ~alm " n , ,'a n , ... .. .. Hie

Sp~~ia \ ~a\c

Ulen ;-;\\Ift' , l 'n'''"III'', t" I ,lr" du l'" Il f

___ ,_ ,,_ ,, _ :!}_.

IItO!'S. !Jill



- - -..

RO rl :-;


WI' Ih lnk \\'0'11 b e on Uf<fO I'l' ma ll Y weeks,



am ,

Sincerel )" ~:VF.RF;TT

.J. CLARK, 'J' nI h Ba ll oon Com pany. A. E . F" France.

-.- -

(~r l\nt

.. -----



rr heater







(".\>,. hl4 ' ,

\ ... 1 ('h,' F (-,l .swi\ll ....~~~'!"'!~~~~~~~~!!!~!



'1' • •




I .,


,.'( l

"dJH~ ~ , I j': Cl1 :4



h 'Cl'!J t I ,~ \, I I at


'Iii I'

II! l~ ,

: .'

I;. i

Public Sales



D. Cla ~e tt . ...... , . February II

eh a.s 11agermeyer . . . . February 12 t:'j"

r" .• "c'

:.,Iumi (; az Ilil I A. B. Sidc5 .. ..... " . .. February IS I

Th is is one of GI illi t\J ', !Jes t, a nd is l' llll y

:t ·

It! a s



~ latin ee Salli r da \ . af ternooll at 2 o'clock.

• i •

Prices 15 and 25c. matinee and creniny

,sBelieve Me, Xantippi" Open evenings •

7:00 p.m



War Tax


I ............................................~...J Saturday evening

7:00 p.m.



1 Ie


Highest' ·Cash Prices FOR

Wal ut, White. oil-Hickory and : c

A~sh .Lo~ :


$ $


fe . VMJFIfW6~~ IfT'M,rltJ!IDIlU Th e Ge rmane send 1I1IIed prl s ooHs or wBi' back ' lO U8 like thi S. then osk u ~ lO rllrgl ve n ncl forget-and sen d tl)\lm tood . TIlls!,. 0 new aile] exc:lu nlvQ p hO o~lIph. shOW ing BrlllSb Ilrlftoner. wh<r h e bel' n a llowed tIl l;nl h OI ,IC (u ndo\, terms ot thc OI'm1stJ l\') . v\fIU ., lIy 1:> 11 8\1n' ~r lnll rront cIl_cnse :ln d malnutrltlon . 8\.1\rv II. bill/ I"'" HI'r1 IUld ' pl e nty for lh ctnM(:lvI!s. 'fhln Is jltst one \If thfi thou ',dF- I>t I·e.... on • why the Ocrlllil,u whine tor "nn easy peace':" will be 115"~rl!c1 ..

10 qt. Dairy Pail 1 qt. ~il.k Ke~tle , 1 qt. Dipper

Sanitary 13rea(,i Pan', Pudding Pan " Dripping Pan Grater 2 J~lly }fans

Grater 2 Jelly Pans Drip Pan

F.~O_R~$~I_.OO~~I. I~__F~~~R~S_I.~OO~~ 2 P-ie Pans Drip Pan 2 Pot Covers ' Graters

10 CJ,t: Dairy Pails: 1 qt: 'Dipper '

Potato Masher Large Spoon _ Jelly-Strainer Sink Dr'ain~s , Cu~pidor "Ora ter


1~_ - _F~O_~~$~I_.oo~__ 1 ~I__~~~~ Milk Strainers Dairy Pan Flour Sifter 2 Pie Pans Pan Dust Pan Wash Basin


Wednesday, January 22nd Wallace Reid, ill


Our Tinware is now in and we- are SALE ,o f it

$ 10 qt. Dish·· Pan · $ 1 CJ,t Milk Kettle $ 1 qt, Dipper $ Flour Sifter

$ $ $ $

£1 [t o-; go


~$ 'I------~~~ FOR $1.00I ~~I· I~__~~~$~I~~~~ FOR ' __~~~~~__' __I~ ~I



" TI ll! Jlir l h o f a ;\ation ."

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ 10 qt. Dish Pan $ 1 qt. Dipper $ 1 qt. Tin Cup

Saturday, January 18 th

"The Great Love"


\a n '!fl(l \bll ((lOaf I of Rev. if 6 BnmpbraV6, In Clnolunatl. ' one day


fiLU· 1


~ '.I,

11 . \'. Gri n"llll wi ll I'rt''il'll t J)orol h \, C i:-.Ii in phl/ lO r la\' , (~ Il ti ll e d


Office, Aman B~ock .' Telephone 61-2 ariiJ3 . _ -WAYNESV,lLLE, OHIO

li'rll n k An nAI' I, np " lei resloent of our v' lIt>ge, d ied Itt the homo of hl~ Bon III l'·r.oltlln. ll'un flr ul 8ervl06 8 were h eh! and In tol',oHJlt tlt Sprioa field otinroh, SlltordllY' , Mr ane! Mra. W. V. LllQksv at


t! '

'i", tt

Write or Telephone for Da,te





w eale.

Mrs. Anni ~ Thorpe, who recently sold her farm across tbe river, has purchased the Wilcrllft fa.rm, on the Waynesville and Lebanon pIke, sootb , of town . The consideration was Th ere w ill be 11 s pecial com muni· $150' 8n acre. cui io n of Wayne~v i" e Lodge No . 163 ----.---, F' & AM, F' rid uy even in !!' Also Mond ay ('v cll in g . J anuary 20 Work in Ihe E A. d~g'n·p. ,' c. jPu rnillg' brel brell DIIlI l'i"i lu rS lIrt! in ' ·i '.:I!. ~ )) lI r,nl lo, \V i'd , I \ L. A. :l.il1 I1I1<" 11"11, , 'il' 'y, . I am pre pared to fix and rebuild \ Victrol !lfl an d Phanographs , and will lI;uarall tee all work. Also, will reo pai r yuur pian o. orglln or other mus ical in stru m ents, FRANK CARMAN . \I Pbone 117 ' 1Y. . WaynesvillE', OhIo,



Pblllips hus bOf' n'h oooruhly

of his pn I·oote. Mrs. Tre vor n. Htlydo"k Willi con. !load to her h owe wltb qu lDsey 1118 1



Auctio' nee~

- ..----

dlso hnrqac\ hom n rruv I'er VIOI1 01 (1SlUP Jaokson, nnd is ut Ibo b OUle





nl'e I ,',~ t ha ll lWt, yea r!1, with much t;uC liu ns in lei!!l l h nn



\\ ay horn e J {o \\'( '\"er, t hat's n ~ l1eKf;. I hO lle you nre all n. 1(.

--~----------~------------~~--~---=---~ .~~


h ' r~ , a" d

" 11'; (111), IIII1 I' IIi og.


-----------: I,

~ '.

i Mianli

ol'p r

" ulling \\' 0 11' 0 11 " he 'l l ll t~c J' ; 'h~r f' il l e all


-! ,a IlO . UU '

Lawful rosernt with,. edoral He·


h e (i .... aslal l,lll

_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _

' , 100 , 0 0

v iiI!'

Mr. IInU MrH E I', 1tt~l!nnu. Bnd W r ,' o rd un bn v" Ill' "" v 'o 'trU~ of inl1 u(ll,z'l- t,It ,· IJ" ~ I \ ' ..... 1{ 1'.11 ole ~"I, t lol! " J r·g nl m'ly 1st tho PTI'I'I!OI t,lu 'l! M ~ . lIo d Mrs. A I~n , l:1 urt~ .. ck n.od b.. hy our! \\I~s Hdo" B'lr I811c" were CU l. I"t: on II( Pi r I" I !!tl t~ h ere. Hun d ol .\' "rfern (lo". Mr. nod My"!riin ~ t.(ln eDtsrtuln"d Bl dl un r. S onduy , Mr t>lld Mrs. W W"rwiol, hUti f nll·lv of Leb,ulo n , I.nri Mr and Lo w ry Mill 8 JIl , J Clhu, of W/\YDI\~ . vill tl,



131 , 420 ,UO


M.r . Anrl ~I r~. <t eu Il(HiM r etnrn ed hOlD8, ~' rl tl'l' ov nlo", tr .,m thllir vlait. io IIl1 m ,lll Mr. ,Inil ~1r W. i\ RartR'lclc lind MI ~ l\iul :ruV " t1ond(' n (\hurob ,.1, W U YUil




- _.- --'-



Stock., other thno retl.ral n e· ... rve Bank Stock " . .• .. , , Stock 01 l'eder.u H... erv. Uan ll



iRE THmo llMlc


Mise E~bel LAmb blls reHJlmed her .ohoul dotte ... attar '!la ver ...l wellke vl!.lt wllh ·bar am\t in Kent~oky, MIs8 Lilla Fealy spllnt the week. end wltli her- Sister, Mr~. · IE~m;:ii:~ Sblrdsn. Wilbur Hawk SUffHOd . Bn a\tfloh of "I)penIUQUI~ . but 18 r eooverlt'll IIlowly. Mrl!. Bowl\rd th , \I Otl\ "nd Mrll : WIl\ Mooney hnv'! lIltl l oftllSDZ'\ , ' Mrs. f,; liir B.wllll " fl" u t .,n" <'I u lalli, Wee'( wl~h hilT ""11 ., urI fuw lJ .l' . Mr. Rud ~fr~. Cpoil 1:10 v"r, Mr and-Mfa. !:!amDlY BII1I1' '"l(l l:loo, Mr and Mrll Heo Aothu u), . AiI'll , Maml " Gunkle and Mr. Renry Uyar. of Bellbrook, PJlont. l:'!undllY with Uh"8~ IDllIs aod hmlly . Mrs RoV' Eilts lind dnllRMt',Rhll'l, called on MrH. ~tJ,l'letfll Oarpent r , tJun<lay /I.(~~rnuon , Mfa. Morlett" r,a~p8ntor 18 Blowlv Improving at. the home of her Jamt'B Dav ie, of the U. S -So Ar· nllpbew. Oharles 1!i1ll1' gonne, Bon ot Mr and Mrt!. Ollie ~ Mr: tlnd Mra T . F MoGuinu en Dav is. of Corw in. has been promoted tertainod, eow,(»u:l'.8nndll'Y' ' to chisf b oat lnnte ~ This is a well Will Tblpl WUII ollllfog In tbl8 de8p.rvf'd promotion. and one w_hich car riell an ample ~alary'. This young vlolohy, MonollY morlllJlIl . Anna Thomp80n nn ,l r, ' Mrl\. ma n hAS been in the navy fpt·· the Open: eveb.ings ~t 7 p ..m, pas t fiv e yeu ra. nnd hall made rapiu Eel WoIgIH"oullf d 00 WUI Wrlgbrp, ' Matinee Saturday' 2 p. m . t:lllturdftY nftllrDl'on. progress in his chosen p r ofession , Frllnk TrAllo" l{el' , ofCllmp ~berl. , Admission 15.'ah,d 25c' dan, AI" . • \8 vlai* (',g frlsnds h"l's MfR dOI'/loe Bo~~n WR8 · ehoppl 11 8 10 1.lurv (lysbu r g . ooe day reosn'ly.









I' ", ,,,,,,. '"

kjn(s st ab les. \V c )..:p. ,l, the re just in tim e t o · ~c Ih elll chan ':I' g'uo l'lI ·. Th ey certui nl y d o \\ ~'a r ~ (IIlW fin ,' ltn i fot"llI s.


----_ ..

"\. E. CH tJRCt1

j-tt---------+ s~iElY- EVENTS i

Visited ~cotlalld Yard

m e n s, Ill'x l


Sunday, Janu ary 19. 1919: Sunday llf'~ c lltl~t~ r Itt. I~~ I ~. School , 9:16 Ii In. Fr,Ank LeMay, \ 'l l l \.' SlIr l ' OU6U ll ce!-', Rtlperintend li t , A b rie f addreee / ' (' .1r ~ll1t h ) 1 ' and Holy t,;ommunion III 10:30 a . m \ \ . .... 1I 11\l~ (ll0\ , ' d 110111 our oll! cam )) Preaebing service at 7 D. m Spac. ., I'c''', " ,\ I(II", ,,n I() \ ' 1110 SU I' Con. ial mus ic. bo th morning a lld evening. 1~'l lIlt .~. \\h llh j ... a11011l l e n kllomo· A cordial invilat.ion to all. G N . Jolly, pllS!Or. ",', II"'It \ ' , "1" " , \\t' lIa,l II ri ll e trip Mr. '\Ilel Mrs , E L T hon a~ enter· . , ," I' Irac1<s IInrt tmll. 1 ~1n d Ihe n~emue rs of the I'~ rm ers ,n,. \'" " ".,," a "nl ';0 11I il" s ourl .11,1 . hlt." l "1ll1" r~ 101111 I III II' f<!m · FER R Y CHURCH .,' .1" '!. :,,' 1 !1 !1'~ >\' • t1 ,,) I, I ':')li ,·r . \ (on uay Sunday, J nTt 1l8ry 19. 1919: Bible 1,,' .I,..r.. I.....• 11\ \\;') w(ln.' t' \UIlIl ~ ~choo l, 9;30 0 m , Preuch ing Ser 1,.1 II ,'. I" I",' '' " !til" SOUl· 1t ' , vices. 10:30!l In Gnd 7 p m. ,\jj' '. , I' : , (t!Udb ' • Stalll,,)! John~ t on, pas tor. I't' I iii ,1.1 till' I, •• 1' 1'\.111' I', "1111.1:1 t~~l" ,-' Ia ll) . t:',· lJar --- - - -- \ I" 'I , ,'e.- , ~'1I1 I!, I I ' , I I . d III ,II" ~!'m lll d •It {'i nner ST. MARY'S CtHlRCtI '1'1 ~1I . 1 'IP\\" d o. I II 1) ;\1 1011 11 \ " I I~I. i I

Letters 1rom Boys



Miami Valley Council ·,No · lOS, J. O. U. LA. M , 'installed their officers :tor the ensuing term\ lit ~heir regu· lar meeting. last Fridav evenl,jlg. Bro. J . C. Hawke conducted the in· stallation ceremonieg. A fine degree ,s taff was organized, to be caPtained by Bro. Charles Gray. After ~he work, a splendid lunch was ' served, A large crowd ot members and visit· ing brothers was present. The followil'l2' officer" stalled : Sarry Sherwood, UUUIlt." .." . William Orndorf, Vice W , H , Dinwiddie, Ree Beey.; G Knapp, Asst. Rec Seey .; W. S Gra· I<'fn. Secy.; G,E Strouse, Treas.; Hay, Junior Past Counselor; arry Shaw, Conductor; Joseph HormeH. 'Warden; Frank Cook, IS; Emmor D. Baily, 0 S; Oscar Mowrer, Chapla!n; Alfred 9ay, Trus.

The exsoulive comq'littee of the Men of Wa.yr. esv ille- met MoodIlY e vening and made arrangemenlS lor a meeting to be. held soon, probably some time next week, if a soeaker can be secured , The comtnittee arB anxious to have -a good m embership lllluin . Some-of the membeMi of las t yoar have oot come in ye~, n~ lh flY ou ght to before the cominjf m eetinll. and anyone wishing to renf'W their membership. or anyone wishing to join the assocI ation will do wo;lI to see the serretary befOTe tbat time Com e Rnd join. and have 8 good time \V.n h UP. Executive Committ'le.


qt. Dairy Pa,il

2 Sanifary Bread Pan,"

Pudding Pan 2 Pot Covers .



2' Pie Plates

F\lJlnel '

- And !l'aJ:lY otTter. Ar~ide.,


Whole N\lPlber ' 351~


El F-salEH




~EJi 'm' '8 _f II think i 8up,Poae people ,b ack home we are haVing a tine time Md I I

aeeing great sights, but you muat I \ remember we are' under 'militati rule l: I ' wl\ich allows 08 to see nothing 'W9rth t while, but_1 so.poet,. it ia best thAt I '.: we arlJ onder these restrictions con- ' sidering the fact that. it would not do ' J to . turn UII '8011 100lle -and let us run wild all ov~r Europe. 'We suw aome very intereSting' ldghta on our trip here, but 'haven~t seen anything since. It was four months yesterday since we landed ~h this camp, We left Ft.' ~niamin A\iguat 6tn, landed at Liv- .... ellPOol, EngJam'I ' Auguet 8th, after ilpendlng a :week at Long Island, N.

An humblo red brick house ' within the Ins l few wecks. Little aid t he quit the marble a nd go ld Ifalls of l'~ '~II]~ O ll m to Ita wall". It Is tho home at the Wilson was born, and wbero the -,.. ~ .... "'--,-_ .. ---

;mp. :e~:f:iitf:!O~e:r d:{8~Th:!



h1ked" to So",th Ham-pton, where we , boarded a ship and crossed t he En·

_ _ _


ch~nnetone' nlght


P II,lIiO!•• , ,,....


' , _

risen flrom obscur ity to a place In history Imagine tbat their grandson woold one day honor Q11eat of England's king, to pay tribute leh I'oad. where the mother of President lUI he vlBI~ed the spot alone dllNllC hJJi ;!









'rr ' __


911n~. • :~er~,

' and is Th l:m&i~ , are


ro "HnS' QUART"'tR L' tnlt u




loted Bon ani brother.

. n.nd Family. .


==' El EI=='ElE-

$JmE'S5Jns) ·

Grant I ewis . of . Dayton . was in Miss Beulah Kindler. was the week· town, Mond ay, end guest of Mlsa Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl. .Dr. Dill, Osteopat h 21 S. Broad " Mendets:' the Dew article for way, Lebanon. Ohio. mending your tin alid 5[ranite ware, MUlh's Milk Bread. baked fr es h at White's Store. every morning. at White's. Sewing M a~hine Needles, Shuttles Mr. and Mrs R. K Davis and ~on, Rnd Bobbins, for all makes ot rnaof Dayton, spent Sllnduy wi th . rela- chines, at Hyman's . rives. .. E xperience Is a dear teaeher." Howell P eirce and wi fe vieited Yes, if it's your own. Whole life relatives in South Charl eston, last tim es of it free at the WavnesviJle Thursday. tarmers' institute. Try a loaf of Muth's f resh Brown The Misaea Marguerite and Ethel or HeIlrth Bread These are very Riske . of Dayton, were the guests popular. Will Whitfl. at the home of Mr. Henry Sattterthwaite. last weeK. Jos. Hawke. of Bellefontaine. spent a couple of day s here thi s wet!k visit$7.50 G. 0 , Upholstered Chairs. ing relatives . ~5 85 at The S. Fred Company Le~ Bllon Big Store Semi-Annual FumtHewing Milchine Needles, Shuttles t ure Clearance Sale. Now on. and Bobbins , for all makes of maYards and yards of Congoleum and chineB, at Hytha n's . Linoleum at 40c and 45c per yard at Mr. Ellio tt, of Rich mond, Ind:, The S Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Fu rniture Clearance Sale. ~pent laaL week wi th Mrs. MalY Shute, of the Friends' Hom p., Mr and Mrs. Max Kohlhagen and Ron, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs S. L. Cartwright ar- Sam Polasky, of Dayton, spent Sunri ved home Monday evenin g , afte!' day with Myer Hyman and family . spending severlll weeks in the South. Dr, and Mrs. Charles Houah, of Serg t. Ralph Cole, of Buford, Ohio, Lebanon and their daughter, Mrs. was the week-end g uest of Mr. H elen sebring, of Bryan, Ohio, were and Mrs. tfenry Satterthwaile and calling on friends here Sunday afterfamily. noon.



'$9275 Three·Piece Black Walnut Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Semi-Annual Furniture Clearance Sale. Miss Ste\la Lemmon, who has been Quite ill in West Virginia, arriv\d here MJnday, where she will Bllend Ofn r time with e~ ·!J)9t.~er~ , ~na ~r,y ';na regaljr'e · 8al : ~ - .


The farm and village women will need 'the help and inspiration of the farm ers' institute, more perhaps tha n anyone el~e. The woman's part of the program for th.e Waynesville farmers' institute is especially strolla this year.


. ~~~m~bfC:HQII' ,of W~J. M'r~. ~II! n.vllle Lod/ie ,No, 163, F. &; A 'Ab , . ~ead., .vdl~, February 11, 1919, The, Massie TOfo(nship ; Sunday at 7 o'clock. 1'bere ~I\I be work- Inl SchO.!l1 .Conyention will mee~ at the the P. detrrie. ~joumlDIt breth·M'etb0di8t chure\) In' lIarveYllbU r g on ltD act:Ylllton ~ eordlall,y Invited Sunday afternoon: FebrUB'lY . 9~ . to be~t. ' " .' ' . ' v. ·Saul Chancellor will give the 11. D. He.,Jde. W, M. ' address' Eyeryonelnvlted to attend .. 'L,..A. ZlmiDe~Jlhl,!' Sec',. ' . Martha Sec' <

m lEI

BI/ Our Local News Reporter .





g)lsh and Iinwant to'L8l1lel' . tell-you I never was 110 slel< all -my Mari on UIl I, SOil of Thomul jI life as I was .t\lat night. We were Bnd Euphemia Di ll, wa~ bo on Uecem . packed in like 1IftrdineB' and' were not ber 10 1897, a "d depaned this life I , ,.' aUowed to '0l!'ln 0. window nor make Decembior 28, Will, aged 21 Yl'lIJ"P I The M<.'ll o t Way!).' \ ilil', after a A mee ting will be held at the a light of any kind. As the chan- Ilnd...lS days UesH'le I!. lovtnl' Ino· I . '" d nel was a very critical place at that th h I b h E . : on~ . vacatIOn. tntl 1 I • .' cd ll eM ay Tow nship House, l"riday evening, tI :l)h id·th b th ' k er, e eav es une rot or. mer evelmlll 'IIL the MIlSOi I" 11' 1I1ple A me. Vi ' ~r:d th e gai: ~t wede ~c 80n, and a ~Ist:l;! r, 1!:tIfla, ut hu nltl. hlHt l lhle RUp[ler was sp-tve " \ 1 h~ b:aatel"f1 I~ebrua ry 7th. for the purpose ot th ere' toe v rotu I an w Ll!n 'I i host- of I rlemld, His falhE:r pre· :lIar a nd tb e m ;""t, , lind ~i~i LorB completing order for f ertilizer. ' . ' ... /01 , we go t peep au we were nt a coo d hI' n t th t r, 'tt' L d Havre, Fnmce. We ataryed ther e at a e . l o a DC e~ !I ll Lv. 0 , dit~ anlpleJul;lllcE: to ~}J , qllH: Abo ut Also. to take up qu estIOn of orders starvation crunp or <!est camp they .YeH~" th~Odellth of Let t~ r Marioll Dill l20 S~L d ~IW~ U,t tbt! t. ' -~ . for w ire fen ce. pllats , spraying ma o . h J f :' Dr J r. ElI l ~ preall I \,' hiS u8u,01 Lerial paint I ile otc Come and called it) two or three days. t hen h took the ,box ei re for this place, where t e communJtv, ue ost onll 0 ll~ oI igni"{jl!d muHl er,. \1 . pd uced the ' , , . we . have been, ever since. ' .mr,st loved and rellpect l.!d y~~ng men, spenke r of thl1 evenh , Hublll L~tf . ma ke your wants Imow n. . We are in ,t he cent ral 'Pa~ of He had a cheerfUl dl~J.lU3nlU ll, und kow itz . 0 D:l>!,tc,)O 'Ii H'lhLJi toul, - - -_ _ _ __ _ France neaT a .town called Ts-sur-Tille al'!Yay.9 had a .word of ch~e r I'or as hl~ subj l'l!t, . "I'h' S ',I. l{U!'Riu ," , and abou,t 16<1illometel'l5 from. Dijcn. fTlend~ , H.e W Il8 \~~II k/Jo\vn IUld a nd h 1,1I lltl led I he #l,I't~ " 1 In n vel'Y , Well, 1t Je a:llout aupper time and loved by a ll He W.Jt; a m mbbr of !Iltl" rnllll!lI~r, sh()y,iIYl f l/l lt h" h$d must atot). ·Would'pe very.glad t o heal' the Mt. [Jully Sunduy :::,c~uol. and "iY!.'lI 'b !In.!!!1 d III at I Ij ,ugh t Lo his from you again, ali mail 18 a very C8- was a member !It t he Jumor Order fjll bj p.r t Dlatttlr. Be p: I 11 glowmg • sential element to us; of Ut;llted A!nerlcan Mecharllctl lriuutc'to Amerlca, b ' hCl me of his - -lL makes ,lt more SIl'J for . the be lidoptioll .. His trltiut " the stat'ue . . . Ruesell O. Burn~tt, . ¥rr ~d Mrs. Walter Kenrich: A P,O 712 Amer Ex F. reaved family. 8 S he was etrlcken so of tbe Godd 55 of L' ~ } wBS'tru ly There WIll be ti o ~a~es of ba~ket M M garet Ma r ti n and son , ~ FrieJid.-Wu v,eroy glad to . . ' Co • . D. 84th Eng~. ~u~tde~~YGodi~ ~~~ ~~ ~ia / uj ~:~:t p~triol;.c, "nd elicited 'ft'e.t. appluu~e ~bl! a~~~~:~iW: ~'nd':~e~~e~~e~!~~ Ear;~t,orDayton, wer e the Sun~ay ~t yo~ card aug, will take t~8 time . •- • has taken Lester fro m us , Jwegknow from hIS he!lren!. ".' . . . will meet the Bellbrook Independents guesls of J . L . Mendenhall and WIfe, Ito answer· )£.. , , that our loss is but his itai n, and , T he Rabbi W.8S, e ._ In.te rl'lslJlng and the Wayn etlyille Hi will try re- of Route 3. while we' mourn hiR loM8, we bow OU I talker. but hla le~Wt ha,d t o be sulu with Spring boro Hi. These , . We are p6t.:very busy thel58 diys, hUdly 'enol1gh t6.~arn our boBTd, but ~.' heads an.d say, ' T hy will be 11'lIle," ha~ched very darl!suJ1~. ,~n aCrlU:t of games will be fast one!!, so come and ' Th«;! Semi · Annual Clearance Sale of l think it"ia wortl more than 'We ltet , ' ~. . .. { ~d na·D1 cs '~b 5.:t' ,: -d' ~ ItlC . ,he see them , FurnIture and StoveS, of The S. Fred 1l,a d w e ' Slle '( h . 'I . . .... ' "No kaow. h,,,. much we ul isj you, sa" 0 glve Company Le banon Big Store, now to'l· ata, ov~ bAa ' ~;UPlJoMD' !!U. . , You twere so goo<!'. kind and tru. , t~e proper 10fJec~\~ ,8 ~e endrcd 00 is meeting with unprecedented , b~ "~ ~~t ~ ,~eea .~, God ulo,!-e: fllr he ~now9 hest, hurtnlk by Ila,yl ng Ut II iW,lIA w,pllld.. ' ~ .... -. p ~P..P ~ ,." < , ", rtecfJ9 u I. ~~t h,!~ of rest" ftO /:1_~O • ~~tn - ,, ~, .v}Vf Il y. !l~Cj}4!8S.,... ""."~ - .,.... , .. ---~-fta1~ ~~ ~ _:~ ..,¥,- " f ' . • .,' ;1'''~ 'Il :biuet ~rlef: ~ .hock .eve~, gr~tlt'lla 1M, and 'orn e In to her ow n Capt. Robert Jones, of Augusta, 1,",," ...t .en'U-- pro: Sunday -waa 'around hog day, and rll "",rt with you -we lo ved so clenr, as one (If the demoerati.: nati ons of her e last Ga ., spent several days , lIlI'. ~n, ....,.,.,..",g, a"'t' \UU6~ .. "h • To T ,-, the world M d M During the Bupper int!'r vnl Lhe week with his parents, r. an rs. Vialons and sup)lfea tb the boy~. "!' • , he'aurely saw. hiit' shadow, unleE he lme was sO short, to .IlY good-bye , f~t. You would be surprliled to put on his blinkers betor he came Tq the one. we loved 50 dear. '. The regular quarterly meeting (If ' F . P. Jones, of the Lytle road Capt, how what and how lllooh it ·takflll to out ot't!ifl warm winter nest, With " You af~ gone, but llot ' rorgotl~ lI, Gle.e Club !lung sel'er I selections, the J<'ri end s will be held at their !Jooes purchased a fin~ Cole roadllter whIch were we ll rect: lved meeting· house Saturday and Sunday. in!, and he It:ft Monday ~or ' lteep an aavaocing army eqaipped the contlDljed long fall we have b~n Never shall .your memory fuae', Witli .verythin<P that is neceJlary for havlp" it Is-well to look forward 'to S lh h I II I' membl·r wereseve addrnl ed Fe' brunry 7 nnd 8 . Wilson. S . Doane \hiSh.ome \D the South, ·"'l:L...m.1fto.-'l. -rt- and e. , , . ,.. )"eele~t ong ts S 18 ever II/ llcr t t.he lhere we. re also m ~ C . pan.led them ,to h ..-e. ,. 'av -"'~ ..w a season of- rougb weather before .Round lbe ,rave where ybu nr.laid ." will be here. Everybody lDvlted. by hiS parflnts as far as InClnnatl. dramg material to-baibed wiM and I 1', , VISito rs f rom Frankl in Il.nd Lebanon. railroad material and ' you can i,n- ollg. . • _ .. ~ of TIt.auka. Arrange ment" a re bemg made ):Iy arine how much food~and clothjng'. it We- de8lr~ to t hank our many thb Men of W aynesvjJI ~ for!l rousing _tel for two three million men. friends and relatives for their kind reception to our boys \\ hen they I~et .' to~~ j~ nw and sympathy sllown uS' durinp; home . _ _ ___ _ - - " vage, Iota ,gasthe sickness and death of our,, be.

"""''f '






of Personal Nature W ~m Happenings Around Town






A ·famous tractor-the Fordson T

HE ~ F~

tractor bas attracted the attention of every civilized coontry. It is used by 't housands in Europe tnday., It has shoWn the way to make fan:ns ' pToduee more-in eyery c:ount:tY-

of every size. . Bui1~ ' right - ~le, ~ economical. easy::to operate easy



to care for; the Fordson fulfills every requirement. It ' will make your fann a more profitable irivest~ ment-will take worries off your shoulders.

Bums keroeene-el1 gears are enclosed. The Fordson is, built ,(lS.o j>ed8lly to for J l l tractor which _. cared·for by . . I /,' , . _,• .' ~ .c. •• the operator

mli!!lf .' 'need ',. . ~











"'Veil, 1 see y e Sili l mv,'

flOWIt :1 hUlldt 01 11t1·;':I ' 1\ " .\·.' \\ IIfI'l l r~I\l1

u:::,. .•r .. embrace 0 ' the wh el'lbnrr(,w," .nltl Mr. Hucke t a s w e Il I'prnndll'll th" g.'nntnr. "My enlbra co Is U, o tl'nd er pr of th o two," th e l n tter Inuglwd wit h II Ifln lt tll~

li l \ I ' li

lI IPr

ha lt;!!I1!! h ,, ~

~I n

t il l' ',\, 11 11.

"J l l:-; 1":.

j ll "l "'f t."

Ilt\ ~ pp l \ l ' in It I' I',\", "-'III Pfl ll l 1: 'Il' \\ 11 11'11 1111) )/ ·' · .... ,·11 lU I' d,·."'I ., 'I~ Ill: " II I

ot bls hands. a lI)!lttctl ("LUdic In I I" It: " . u l 1111 Be r ecOll'nl 1.ed m e nnd s"lzerl "'Y sch nolnrn s t l'r. nC' le(l 11 ~ th r o llJ:h It


two hond s nod ~hn (Jl;: tl W lII HS lit' ~nl d. "Upon m y wtlnt IH'rl' IR my frll' lltl

do(u' into U IlUr l·O\\·t ' ·CIITil!llr. lit' th~' l1 s t n bl ~ k . ·.\' Int tl Iilp I tIC 'I,; 0 1 II l u',n' Y I r tn l


I ,Tas nnt loo ltln)! fl)l' ~'o u It l·r ." I(rnll n ~ nncl titre'\\' II ope" II n,1 It" rh' ns H e pnt hI s hnnll nn 1I1~' h~lId . nuw "" 'p I.. . 1\', . .. " Ip ,·.. d ,, " 1I1 " "" 'llIn l( hIghe r tha n hIs s ltnuhh·r. ",,, I "nltl : 81 .. '1<'· 11 001'('01 " '''1'' with II "", .. 10, ' 1' Ilt "I was not I"okln/: r.. r yn u he ... ·." cLl I" IIg:ll n s l I I~ I'I'IIr 111111. U, ' l.. dn·11 He nsk ed aho ut illY uunt nnd unch' till' ,I., .. r h"h ll lll 11 ~. 1 , " \\' a rllco nnll and exp rp~sNj joy ut Ie' nrn lnl: t hn t J wns now undpr Mr. Rn cket. "I s hall he he rp fM " nlll111>l'r of weeks." b e R,lI". "unci 1 shn ll ","nl lu Ree you often. Maybe we'll 1(0 hll 11 tInil' s ome SIl!U ,·t.!uy." W e hade hI m I:ood lI10rnlng nlHI h.' w ent on wltb hi s wh l'Pl hn,·1'IIw. whIch w as Innd ert. ,1 1'('''''''11111'1', with >IOU I "arks of m en l nad flour . \V .. w('nt to Ihp "" honl nt hlll f. PII SI elJ:h t. Whut n Ih"l lI lnl': p l:t ,·(, It \1' 11 ' wit h ItR i 8 ('hllllr"n na,1 II " th,.e,· rooms.. How n ol !~ y th py w (' rt~ n ~ t ht· ~ woltl'<! In th e ,,,h,,"IYllrrl fo,' II,.. hl.lll , to r lnll ! r Rto011 hy 11,, · do()r~ ltI .. In,,), · , InJ: v,' ry r""ll sh. 1 " " ,.(' "" .1'. for I I kn ,' w '1I)l whnl til do with 1I ,.\'",'If. 1\1 .1',


f' n f' I1 ~t' d


io th t' In\\' hn'I.! 'lws fl'il

I -II\\' lI"'I ; o f I h p vill nge h oyl" wo n ' hO Il J.! ht · !

n l O~f

f' l o'lI p~


HIH! t1n (' h o o ' ....


I ll tl k l ~ d

lilY own Ipllt llP r IItH t wa s n or s hntltf! 0 11 :l fnUIlt! :1I11111 .,(


t OW P T


;'; IIII~'

c·owhltll' .

I '""I"'lh f'rj!

I n with . CIIIl t' ClT II I·r,t.:lr l s "lid Pl'l'· t f' nd efl n o T to ~rt" 1111'. Thllt WtlS th e hllrll('st hl llw J

C!\ llIe



All lo n ~

h HI Hl ~d l l H' .

th e

ho,l's of rh ,· \'111 11):"


W t ' lI - d" l·~ .... (\d

"" n r ~

\\'lIl s-

tb e b oy wh o b u d :-: I lt lt 'u IllY \\' ull\ r mtll on, I h ' P I /u'\' "r f o n ..:,l n ' /I h l lll f u r


that or for th l' kllll lll': .. r ' 11\' IllI ft ' h,·n . Th e hpll ronJ: lInd w ,' 101;.... ·111.11 illl" I I Saw a Face and F' UJ re Be hi nd t he th e hili: r uom. whll " /I fa l ):1,'1 wll it Gra ted Door of On e of Th ese Ce ll s. I' I II II I I I I' I .. rln~y bu lr plu \" 'd /)11 It " " 'l o.) ,."n·1 tl 1: 1I 1'I' ill I I H e nry Qotl onvlh ;' r ~HIV trl ... d 141 ~ hq\"I ' It' I II 1 , ·11 111 . ' l! I . H ' JlI, 1 Iht' g r a l l ·t! d o. ,," II f li ll i '


. ole o ut of li ne nud n hi }.! JI: q lt' r \\ u n f\tnu'lt the !-lJd e of my 11I 'lId 1I ~ \\', ' \\'t'r, \



II I P"' . ' ('1· 11 .. .

f-~ ow I UI H ' l y HIIII " ,'.II·el "" 11 1,"1 l u \\ Il!4l lil' I ' x l lrl's - l lill o flll a l l l,L: UI' l "


I".I~',,,\:-O I he

mnrc n g n n n r! lifte r W(" \\'t ' I'I ' ~" III i' d ~ lt t'r ln Wt ' nt 10 ti ll ' dool' ull d lin. ' n ero,s·py l"l, fn'dd ed ,::Ir l Iii tt 1·(·,1 I " d,~" II . dress mode a rnl'll ttt lOW . "11,," .. : (;I'I" I"hu\\'." 11(' ,,>il l ~"'l'IIl::. It wus. on t h f'> whol (\, t he "I\hnppl e~ t uSI ~ 1 1 tlll t h "I.c." dny ot my 11ft!. Vurl",:: j·, ·, ·P S ", I 81apped a boy's incf' for l."I1 I,, ): "" , n It nil II'l'IJ ' , .. "'Y 1"'lu'I- IIt,'


rabbit nnd th e tw o o U,, 'r s WUI) f'Hlllt' O( r s. of l it\' ~h . ' r ill' ..... 1 I lll., 111 1' I·Hl d Inll l to hel p bin} \\'cut I\W II )" f u ll u r fl 'llr 1 (If hl :-; li.'.V~ Hl lt l t1 11111· ... - 1111' d illl ' al l' lil' oad nstonl ·hru"lIl. for J 10" ,1 lh l! IIgh l. II" , 1',, 1,·. 1'.,.,.10 1"" ' " Y ' '''~ h 1' 1" , strength o f n youuJ..;' IUIH.:-oe til Ill, . lhose I w u llit·d I t ' \\'a l'd u ..... \\ t' .... 11I 'oli 1I1 ~ IlI lInl d uys \ft , tl t tl · b ) ) ", ,~I I... , ,, ,, I Ih"l !r, ' II :I S ::111" I .. s,',· frl en'ds ~ W i~ 1Il 1\.·Y (jJ: n n to !l It! ,l') tI ~ . I :O-U \\ l !:t- -.1a r \lI l1 k t· Iii . . It-ft " Hl' mao I I ' I ' I I In tbe nouo ll tlu r n 1II1ln (, :lI IIt" to 11 1 ' 111111 1"1 ' 114 ' IIII~ ti ll I 111 " ' 11 II ~ t ' I l ' t ' \, I b b I - ( \\ l ilt'll II I,\" " !I .Il" IltlC l 11 101(\ ", Hill! 1\1Jt,\\ n ~ e sc uu yurd with a S U I 'ih ' lIl1 till" th :ll hi ' 1", 1',. lht' 111 :1 1'1 ;: I II' t ·:ti u . th e exnmillutiou of AlUos (:J·i m shnw I nnd eX I,lulncd I t!i II IC H lllnf,:'. 114! u:.. lq·Il I~ III· t',"lld :-. t·, · 11 11.1 al Hl1l!


Whll I Ikl ' I ' e was tu . Itl( I~' II , tltl H IIItIn Su lly PIiBSed rue wu ll,lng w llh "n otlwr girl nnd 8u ld : "Hell o, Dnrt I" I obse r\' ~lI th ll t If ~ nry " 'l lI s j(ll " "11 them n nd ,,·ulkt.d uu \\n t1l, ' s ll t., ' 1 ut ' the s id e o f !-;lIl l y, 1 g ilt I lly III'!'i l I .HOg o f Joulnusy then. ,. '\~b4:~ n sl'htlul W U~ out lJi li t af tl'rnOOll Mr . Hu('kc l ~ Hld I t' c) u l d hll \' ~ ' li n

",,01 Ih. · ' 1" '1'111 ., 1" ,, 0), his h":,, 1 It ltd ,:tId

~ I ,. l'ttl r:

"A!;lIill st e r ule"." 0 "Al II.,!", J'\'., II lIlly o· lilY ow n nn' 1 ~."~I I'll ,. ~. , .• " sui " l h~ " ·h" .. I,,,,, sl ,·r

of ,,(h·lt-t.: J t i lt \"e ,\' "


t ' /l i l

~ i~ ,4 : ~l'-ll'l





IU \\ ) ' I ' r :

"TIlI· r. o· :,



"I wunt til

h l ) I II L" , "


.. ~ow It ,t'!" 1" .,1<





d l · I ' J an~d.

Ih . , t ·"lIl l ,: I "':o{ , "


:\"\'x t 1110 1'1 11 111; !t Jl lilY w uy to St: b uo l llu :o-:o- vU :a ~1" ' l h ' I lIu l"e Sl t'u u g" a ud

I Jl l . 111 0 1 : d d l '

li tl

tlt al l

" l u u ' r\' I( .:-;f 1" 1" a II d IIU I I', urad lIkt! n Il IO"' l , " ''' l dp ~ lIu' r " 11" lIdlll }.: tlll~ \~T (l ng \\'u r . !'il lI ' l III" 11 11 .. 11·+! !,y

selti shn css. Forg t'l w liut .~I I " \\ alll II) dO'llnd U llnk o f \ ,11 111 Wt' \\ alt l yu u l o do. " ·0 WHitt y ou til 11111 h. " a 11 11 111 uf l :-. ill ' ul \\11111111 1

you rH t.: 1r.


lou s t .III

II (., r l h.·

~ItIH~ 1

o r t h oMe d t..'nr Ilf' " l l le" \\110 1I11\ ~· doue So mu t h tor yI H J. .J Ii .. UI ·. ·dl, · L'l)ln l 8 tCJ\I,.urtl tu e fh: h ollllluus e YUIHh ·r."

\ \11" 1 I II I' lilt"

", Io \\!y 1" ' (llll d l l h' III

111 111

\\11 "

IU I' I UlI l' H e

~ 1 1" 1 ,·t . t ll\· ,..h ulit,\\'

,\ IIlUS, l l i t tl 1\1';1\\ /1:' o( \\111 1\1 \\It''i 11 11\\ I II L;

'11 " .11


111111 ,

1... 1" ,.i 'H\



JI1 \"




l'un · 1 \\ ~lL" 1 11 , ' :-01" 1'1'·'"'

duC't. h evt u s lou'~hllll-:' \\ ! IJ I l'i(. rt ~.'" IIw1 JI.,.:t S , 1,, \\ "tl.

alld Hwrll·H. 'I'll .. "",I' .1 ' ,1 ,,,. hll\' l ng been r\ 'pr f ,\"l'u (rtr t"lii ti rl \'Iu l ng, hllrl ('<..1

:-:: 11' "\

I )'1."


1'l'1I1i'lIlhe r

IhUI WI' Iwd


d i\' )d ed


I I lOll'"" 1)11. 1 '''I ' I) I'"r''' nl li " ,·, tI " n. 'l'he ~1' I"'o llll" '''I' ' r ,,0101 : "ll khu e l FT~nry \\'I ""e" hlrll I .. h~ f"I'):II'( ·" on

d l~ ultd II I IIJ'l ,\l ti l, ' "I ,,· """d

prttllllHe or h«::lH!r i' .· I . hu t (or th ..


(,fr.·O SI;'

h i'

pJ li u ll

rld f' th. III I()-

gar." . ThlR n lP lIllt I: ill" ffl r n pllltlfll i 1110. Jlh ' nl 114..' 1·0:-' '-1 h i ... f nttlf" r · ... li ll~ · I · .


mcrrYlllll kJ IIJ;


Cod L ive r o ndBc::cf Pcpto neft, ;rn n Qn4

... ., M:lnlan et. Pc pt c nnt flM ,l r-o nund A m "


• I ...... ,' ,

nUnrtH.'Y , \\ h"l lI I 11:ld U1f't It .. r.. !'I · . cnLu e V) f"e ' OlI'" IIf l " r ~1 1I'~H:~ r lind a:-oKt·ti I(l o r e q'H!~ t l fiI IS II lid II d \·I ... "d 11 1(' 10 lulie with no un.' 111"1111 ,Iii' s 11lJ1JtIJlj! wlt h {Jut hi s ' ·I)n:-;I'III. ~PI!II 1If' WI ' 11f 1\ \\ II.\', nl1(1 nrtf' r I bad 1" lIl'I lI l d m y JI ·... :-. "IJ ~


A,,, ,,,•."


- ---_ .

.\ I ' ·lln · I lh!f at ou.r

c x pe~se.

by J a ck

IIl H't'

, In the February Furniture Sale

'$87 00 $5 00


~~~~i~:'rab~~ ~~~~~~.~~.~ ..."n.~ ...~~~~~~....~~~.~~~ $119.00 -.

$16000 Louis XV I BeLl room Sui t in V.;lilnut, conRi~ti n l!' of Hpr],

. £;bi;~.~ : ..~.~~~~~:i.~ ~.. ~~.~. ~.r.i. ~~~.~.~~~~~..?~esEi~g $1 ~9. 00

Some Extraordi- ' nary .~a~gain-s ' jn Rugs •. ·, . , I

'. "ExtrRorriinar.Y" --f tt:on l'l'J'

. . .thesf'


to use v~IlJl'~ for ~hey

iv'. n!)lf ' Ino

in flt!,,~dhing ar. · IJln ~lI l\y

, b(' IIt'r than , an!.-de>l le r con '~'pr!, ,.~ ~ to~ .. ,it" hl' fj.!ugl\\., in, cllr' I()~(l lotI! fr"f11 IIII~ mll1l1 '. -,' ., . 'j

Do(1 '~


A lr._lijw~i' ru lt'PI'~('!'!I,

for.· th!'Y Hr (. ic' \iill{tllbe I:HGHE'R ' The I tiad il1~ m j l 8 agllin adva;rc

• pri Ps Janu8 : tst amI there wi rrI be urtber advS'tiC8II. •. F'orej.fl:fhl .. in .pirkinll;)u~ lar,s q,u~nti1.ie8 ,b~for'e. \\&1'. strlctions, ,, ~Igb , 'rbanutaeturinl Cl1st/! a.ll,d wool "hnrl~ge.ll occurred, enahles I us to (,{fer you ' ~he rul' vallIe . of ' a " Ufetjme',.:-< " lUt',-vou mll_dt act .QulckIY. · C?,m)el tllIrlv, If intere~tl.'d, f' i:.: tt'fer~ s going to be 'a ruati on our,rug floors .


Unusually Low Clearance Prices Point to This as ' th'e Time Buy






.$1~6p~2c~~.~.i.~.~.~.I.. ?~~.~~.~.~~~:_ ...:............ :. . :.. :.. $15~.OQ . .

$69 .0'0 .




~ Meal Gas ~ aed Da \tenpo~~8 : At Sale Price$ ,

This $76 00 Quick M~al Gas

~:b~:~r~S~r:... $62.5.0


At Sub~tantial SaLirigs

$85 00 Bed Davenl?prt ... '$29.00 .$S8 00 Bed Davenport ... t3~.00 $5800 Bed Davenport. :.t $49.110 $65 00 Bed Davenport ... 1&7.00 $79,00 Bed Davenport ... . $67.00




127.00 Wl'ititJg Desk .... .' $23.75 $ 9.00 W,riti'nit Des~ ..... $ 7.75


Desk ..... $ .8.50 r .

h.~i~~~;~ ,~u\~~:Kolf1.r::: :~3~,:~flaJ·n.~~~~~


Positive-Convincing Prooi


Jinw l,:tl l' I, I I~' . ~l ll' f l,Il" \\ ('d : I s~ed. w e W: f ~ t" F' turn y o ur mo n ey '- ~ t : l l"l ",J J , f' III" hl l.: sdl"e,IJIIII '~ . · It fJfl wl,tho u t qUt. stlo n~ t ha t prove=- o \U' II 11 11111 1. 1 "I l u,.\ '· 1Io!n,,' 1 I n.· \\ It&t fa i rne s s al .J y o ur l ,r ... tt:c tion • .

\\ U"i

l:lackc l ~II icJ : "Let US w:l lk " I' 10 11,, ' Jai l lind Ispend II few llIi UUI" ~ wllh We burrl ed to th" j fol l. '1'1.. , s lll·l'lll'. II Rtout-hullt. s tern-laced IIlUII , ullll1lt;. t ed u s. "OaD we s ee lhe Grlm8haw boy?" .Mr. Backet InquIred. "I iIIe!ll 80," h e an B'wered os he .JNU,. rolili trom hili cluL1r and took

"' 1' ..

- r""

. l ' hese few piE'ces picked at rant'\om cml y Iliv you on ink1ilig 'o f the I!xc('plionnl r~d u :: lions in th e bedroll J'n section: '_. . $10400 Ivory Bedr() om Suit 'ron~i stin ll' of Bed.Dress er. 'Chiffonier and T riple Mirror Dre~sin l{ 'I'alll ... . • $59.00 Mll hoganv. B('r]room S uit f;on ~istin g o f . Bed . 1 uno Dr e~s -I' , Queen Ann slyle.. .. .... ... .. ... .... ... . .. • . $13400 Colonlnl poster Bedroom Suit. in Mahoj!'an,v. r.n nsiql int! I1f


Notice of Appointment

1" ,11)1 11'': al I. "". II' here I S nothmg !Ik e Vinol to reo s tore strength and v itality to feeble I<H\I·. I,,, , 1.:1 '" , ,, . I,,·,'" I' , I, ,·,·. 11., old peopl~, d elid .te ch ildren an d all \\11 11,.·" "I ,,,,t.: II,,· -· " ·,·'·l I" 1'1':" ' 1 uf p e rson~ who nc c( m ore s t rength. t iH' :-n ll f"i .... ,.. Ii. ' f,.l!U\\J II ~ :IJoI ' l~rUJ t.! . . Try It. I f ~'ou tire n ot e ntirely Bat-

1.:1\' 1-0 lIlld o ur r'· lo' l' ''I' '' !. Th p dl c.; lrit' t

1)I"Ul lil s l '

/i f t') H 1



This is you r opportunity to own the r llnge that is. use .in oyer ' 200 Xenia hilmes, the Range' ha t every woman wants.

;hoon~~I~fd! ~'ct:~c:~~io~ a. ndSOUI10IYCt.:r()oo> Any doctor will t ell you thnt the flf I I ... S,It'111 \\ 1111 1· ing red ients of Vinal as published

1' 11 '11'

Notice of Appointment

(·ontlr, u.~1

~~(IOI) ' UpUn t h~ 11 ••u l". II I .. J 1II III ( \ \I ' ltl y III II I III . '~ lit ~ t ll 'I '· above. co~bine the very elements "ThCJ:i t-' In (u w "r uf hl ~ I ll1l d l..l )lIl1 ent so J t lll'lJl'd Ili t o 1111 ' Itt."" "'In ·, ' t nel!ded to make stren gth. will I ,I '''I ~'' HOY uy ~7" sllleI tl" . , .. IIoul- 1 h· 1,,, ,,1 " "d 1'1 " .<0 ' I ,~ I I,, ·,.. . I , .", 1"1" 1 All we a k, run-down, over..vorked mu s ler. 1 ~ I"I ' H Ol d I,,,y :-""" . ,. ,." ,.\. . ,., ,,,. ,1 " II I nC.rv ous men and women may prove hi s



Delivery will be deferred 'until ''S Pf' part paynlent will hold any bargain sale" continues throughout the ~ont will be' ~dvisibl(


E. low or.1 . Walter Smtlh. DeCOMOO .•



... ,.. "" " ...

:$~ ~e~~~~~i~~..~~~~~~.~~~~... ~ :..•:.....~:..... ~:.. ......; ~$63.0Q .-


" II'I·l lIl t.: l ' r .

It llil'dl "d I ~t." 1':lrll ." t ' l ·t.':I ~ : "' C I hud I " · ~ " , , I" .... 1' , I,' I.. II ... \\, ·,rel, 1I 1 .\ S tl ' l~i ljll ... " 11.\\1 '·



It l S a ll v ery well t o make c1 a iJ':HJ.. l'Ii1 1l H'.) lit '";1;': "' , :--11+' \\ .. II.,-d IlI' lt lud but can th ey be pr o v en ? W e pu bli s h rl l4' 111 :111. ;t l \'.;I.\ :-. l '" IU111,...: · t \ 111 111. thte form u la of Vk i n o l t o .pro ve the . s atemc nt s w e rna e abou t It

Th t' rp wa s

C'i 1f) rt ' ....

WU \ I ' rlllj{


Adair's ' F'




I \\

!'Hon '


J!1 ' lI l t ·

" 1' [" d. \ \ 11"11 At th e ~ 1I"1' \' r l ill df' ~Ir. JI II Ckt!l , Ih' '"'..· ... u P. , .. t II I .. ~ I'j\\ 1" "· UI . ...... - ti l lui no

(To be

\\ lI lkt.dl

1, · lId, · 1

li e wen t on \I Ith " I~ \I u r~ . IIn rl 11 8 1 1 I I,'r -I' rll , ..,., .• \\ .. , 1,, ·1 h ,', ,, ,,, II,,· ,,, 1 walk ed uway 1 unlit: r s lOfJlI (h il t tll t~ 1 \\ :I {. Ip' ''' \\1 .. " II" ' 11' .\ I" 1I ('i tr i t . ~h l · 1 neuule b e r eferre d tv wu s JIIy CoU· di d 111,1 1" 11,, ·, , 1111', ~ 1 1 " l tl J .\. 111'1" 1" d

scIence. I w e nt o.bO\lt

I+U ~ ll1 l'~S

I n III .)

I " 1'11'1 11" . 1 :-OU\\ .. 1, 1 I t. ·,d;tll,i ll (; I"I III..; !l H w w :i1 k l uJ.: lu II ... !'oi, I, ' LI tt il. 11 1-.. Ilattd!i \\ l ' r l' III hi s 1.. '1'1 . 1·1.... , III~ I ') ' .... 11\'11 1 tl :ll llt 11... ~ I'ClU l h.l , Iii ;, l i p'" 11I' 1\l lI g 01 :-' I I I,,· \\ P l'~' 111 dCl' P 111t. uJ; h t. 1t. ,\iJlg l\lI l l ', Il le nl ,,:~cd,

~uggest {!o<l .


$7~ o~;;:~~~~ ~i.~.i.~~.~~.i.~~, ......... ., ..............,.; ......

1,,,,,,,h\('11 dn UI l'S. _ I couldn't le11 S ully 1" '\1' II)( 'a n Ih' Wll ~ . 1 was !1 n(l "y lint! ,h-d d,·, 1 nu l. 1" H(lPII I; to he r ull t ll ~h € s p .. k,· Iu " "'. 1 gul IrlOII'; he ll cr In "1'1,,,,,1, Il IUI"u!; h Ib "re wa " "'Jl ne tit· t" "lna,: wi"," J '·!'ci ted . I,,..,hnl,ly be· ('atHi " 1 lta ,1 a broad,' r '"I1h-1'l II ncl h lg' 1:"1' h,wls I lw lI Ilt l' hays in tlt e \'lIlug l!.

" 'fI~ t' X til t· ~J ll d ,I J y J I ~ Un..! IJI'

li lly

DURING ;\<~.

I •

::in Iy 1'1111 I,ltst \L~ W I th lnut lOW· I "' ~I I I\'lIl s I",y. \l'h" tlll'rll!d he r bool;s f o,' 10 .. 1'. U is fll l lter hlill gone lulo the grllt'pry


' ubscrib~

t fJ I UI)!" I' IIW. "

"U"O 't ~uy II \ \ I}1' 1..i " uu u l 111l! ('use. I walked towllru Ibe hU ll "'" uf lir. I 1I<,y. IU II nyouc lJlIl Y"U I' IU \I' yc l'--wlud Wrl gbt and S IIW hl,u 1I1!(!(1 1IJ; Jl" IItI .. " S I 1I",t," 10 the gl1rcJell unll wcut In . 1 Iwc w . We Ito f t hil" \I'l'IIL to oll r h011l 0 that he W/I S my frll' nll. 111,,,1 I... " ~, l ~o ~ ]I""'I hll lf the ul!;ut "We ll, Hurl, h uw clo you 111, ., II:i .. I<l1,g u f , n,l' " i ~~ .. ~ In c c wb ich , 8chool1" h e !l ~k cd. for ,,,",,~ (L·U ," ,,, . 1 h ad 11 0 uouLt of " Not very well," 1I1n'lI'\.: r .. ,1, lhl' /-:lI ilt "I' A,,,, .,, hlll I fi l"'k<: n ot u1' "Ot ('( unl ~ no t ~ I, 's 0 "'" to yllu it to U fl Y OJl ' aud til e s ec r · t wu r rl t! d



$1~Op~2c:~~.~i.~.~..~~~..~~~~.?!~~~.~:'~~i.t:...... ......... $129.35 fo r tbe Miami $lgop~2c~sd~~.~.~~~~~:~ ~~~~~.. .. ... ........ ... ...... ....... $125.09 =======:$1~~~2 ~t)~~.~~·~.~~~~~~..~:~~~:.~·.~~~~.~~.. ".. ......... $139 ~oo Notice. of Dissolution _ _ __

tlUP l'Olt li llg'



Uill; " Iowed- Ren l of l'oom f or ,"uu II ly >UIJ(:l' ill lenu (' n t of schools , 2 Jill t;u 111 b 10 t 'OIl Il.! hli l' , III ' \\" aut! 11 )(II1 ths, .: 211; C. W il bur I vins, s upth e u, to <"Il L' . ' 1" YC III: IIl1d I t." I II~ ~l' S ll l1 l l ' ph's for eourL hous e, $7.1 8. The J. hV ll l(.~ tt , I·,·II U. It ti ll..' "' ' -; :111)" \\O l·t! W. Li ng o Hard wa r e Co .. supplies for

h o ur to S~ I.! t Ilt' sl J,:;h l !'t of Ih l' \ 1111Ig" '" 80 I se t ()ut, (l'cllnJ,:; 11I1I (' h d l· III· I . ... Jo. I.el. j

DOW , un d yo u tll i =-, =" ~ " ur Hu n t UIH.l uncle. . Htl ck t u i t. \" ,11 ' 11 IlIlI k 4' tri endH Hnd g .·t if'I ' ·rl ·... I. ·1! I " I l l fI' 1' llIg ."



Mnn' W cuver V8 · W ilbur O. Woo,'til' , di ~' orc f' ; j.:tT OSS ll c~ l cc t. 1.0\':1 Mc lllm py vs. Pau l Melum p y , ,Tivo l'ec ; g ro~ s n e~ l ec l. , Chllrfes M. lI ol'm e ll V5 . Nelle B. Re v . W. O' N~9 11 IInrl d llughter. Mrs. H orm ell. divorce, gro ss neg lect. Mary -BO/I: n of llurlinl!ton , took din· nltr with J . W . Wolf and wife ~ru e5. day. . - Proclocdinga . M l'S. CQt'n Thompson is spending C . L . R a pp vs Thos. F. Corwin et Reveral dny>! with relntivcs in Ml\son . 1\1.. Court orderell plu in tiff to recover Mr: a nd Ml'S. Eurl Harveyand · A.I$177.73 from d.efendlln G. vin and Dads, of Uticia, Mr: a nd Mrs. Harry Rott vs . L. J . Becker et a!. Stacy Burne t nnd two s ons of Hick· Court finds H a rry Rot t is not entitl ed , royville, and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hartto jurlg m e n t a gninst Cornelius O ver. , ~ ock and 60n of Ci'arksville were Sun_ holze r or Ilny part of proceeds of d a y g uests of F. A. Hartspck and h ~ sal e of personal property. wife. ' . Dall ns Phillips v s . Sylvan Jameson. Mr. a n d. Mrs. A lva Luddington were Co u r t . find def enrl a nt indehted to calling on Mr. rp1d Mrs . Emery Ospla lnl'ff for $832.37. born of ' neal' Olive Brunch Sunday afR. Wild s Gelchris t vs . Carolin e tctnoon. . S l oddnrcl chc nclt et 111. Sal e of prop. Mrs. Edit.h Davis and ,80n s Robert "rty orltm'r'd. and Rogel' s pent Thursday with her ,J ohn Mcl<ir'noy vs. Ada McKimy, di· pUfents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo . Bogan . \' orr e grnnt~d. . !\Ir. Walter Tibbals and family have T helm u J.dtllc , minor by Jolm H moved from the O'Neale property a nd L1Ltie '·R. Laverne COWde n . Dcfend- will make lheir home with Mr. and nnt o rdered to pay pl a intiff s um of · Mrs . J. M. Hei ghway . ~:l7i';. J. Wm. iiurtsock spent t he week E ll a Soude r. vs. Charley Stouder. e nd with his son, Mr. 1m Hartsock Comt g-rants dIvorce on. grounds. of and wiIe .of DnytG'I1. n ~glc·" I . Cu s tody of chl ldrE\n g iven . . to E ll a Stouder and defondan t is 0 1'M,r. John _Wol{ h a s . been spendmg dered 10 p a y $500 al' d $10 t h e past ~ck. WIth Iu s 80n, Lew Wolf pe r m onth . lmony lUI of ncar Wllmmgton, a s he has h ad a s e Vflrc atta~k of t h e f lu . Mr. and Mrs~ AI un Hartsock \Vill ('Whatl' Courl Procc.edings . move to Mr. Thos. McGlades' far m I n llH' m all er of the estnte of E Jiz. near Harveys burg, the com ing week. Mr. and Mrs . Geo. D a vis were S unnbl! UI .1. Jl ra nt , deceased . n. G. Cook was uppo ln t ed llll lll in istt'll t or. Uond day gues ts (if IIIr. and Mrs . Joe DllV1S of Harveysburg. ., ::!,OtJu. C la ude .11 . Reed . Al f . R. Ees,," y, a nd ~'. S. S impso n , we "e a ppoint- . 1\11'. J. M . Heig h wa y hilS been very s Ick for th e past week, b e ing ~11J'eat­ ~ " " pp l'al~ ers . I" t he ' ll a Uer of lh e eslnt e of ened w ith a s t r oke of pllralysis. I h:\l'l~ti Co rn~ 11. dcc['ased. Morris Cor_ Mrs. R ea Ludding ton and daul~hter II lind E . V . I3nl11h " ,1. . wer e Il ppoi n t- Mirial]!, wer ' calling on Mrs. E di t h , d l ' "cUlll rs w il h b ond of $50,000 . Dnvi s FrW lI,.v n fternoon . ..1......' L. J ,: l1el', W. S . Graha m, \Y. P . t!: ) I~,· I" · Il p po in~ed appr uiscr s . • I" till' matter of t h e cst.u l e of Chas . .\I..J: \' ~ r1, [k~ua " cd, A d a '!'. McEwen Wa " " PI" , ,, ,lcd a dmi n istratri x . Bond ~I;."II". ,J ,,~,· ph MilI CI', A ll en L a ycock " "d II'. S . 'V i li< cr~u" , W[' l'O appo in ted ;ll" '1":, :~:L·I· " , Mre. Fre j fhll lnr.,nd , ,,n, ."·)b o . In the ,,,,, lte,' o r the ('stat a of L a u 0 ,, 1 .' .~', ~ I II')' Wil ~l ot1 , ad mi ni s t ra- ~ f1n l1 t I" "t w ~I' k wlt ll rrt e nd ", . in 1'''.\ I' nt', " I ,I .Lo se ll 1I:1l1k stoc k be- WllUl JlIl: lOn Iltu ~'"g- to l'st:l tU. Th o L n d llH ' AI ,I w,,~ 1J"' n ~ "nt·l s III tl ,,' l' ta l,' of B. F . L indoln. de. pn l Artl\ in .. d til th " h ' 111 A nf M I '~ "c·a:",1. M a ,'Y Lin l'lll n II'US appo in ted J !ID nle fbi"" "' , 'l' h u r ~ tll Y a"" ""i 511'I1l , ix wit h ho nd $l!iOO. Mol'_ Th o )1(1 1" '11 ' • • r K Ant (J . H nl hlD<l 1',,\\' S heel , . Dem as C: u tl el'Y fl nd A rsrftooi v d It. II II\l!rH" ' . 'l'bnrs(1 ny . t,but, am" , K irl ~' \\'c r~ ,w p ~ in t c ,l ap pr ais e rs . h e h Hd (\1'1 I Vl'rt . ~ "fe I Y O\t N.· w port. :-'O W8 , BI >I ' " ' OJ f r'''nd~ WI ll bp .\ 1a rria)!(· Lice ns es . ~ I "u Ln w aI N. ', 0 h~1 b.u le . .\1 ;1,,< Yn u n;:: . fO l'lliCl' lind A lieo .1 . ~ L nlllll i n g hil S {fu rl'hURf1il lir e :>1 ,," . ... , bot h of Leba non. H':v. Flam . t e nun t pr l i , ,, t l ~· .. 1 .1"H'Il H Ili 'They '''' 'Ill. Wilt W ' W " j " It. in tl 1I' ftl ll . lI "rlal1 ( ;. ;;11(11'1, labo"c l' o r BrClI lh\ ~I r ... ";" 11' '1I 1 101l n l( i~ vr> t. " 1\1 III III L'OU l1 t ~. h. cnlUc ~y, und C loaCe E. r h o " u n ""," u t . 1 .. iin el.. M...r\4 , ·_ C.J '~n f' '' f" l ih l!: . (l f . IJ ~ l1l1 l to n Coun t y . . H, \t,l'.. . \\ ,,, ~mlth , labO"o r and ;o.l an e H en. ,tel'~' 'I. bUI h of I.c bnnon . Rl'I·. O. O. Th .. ' 111 , rn I " ' I" 101''; I (l r M r ~. V; 111 ,l o nl ·. e I li t g Id H I;hul d!, ' 1. [ uH. W P. I f.' ' " 101 (,t· " t· till K Inll nic l1 ", rE', I' u n li ll Y, R .· v ' WII ~h ' l.ill ClfII Hl:.(. I:IUT Heal E~ LIl I .. ']'rnn ~ fc r6 . 1111 "'", rn l. d " ut SprlIJ I< Vull l'lY E LiH I H. Anderso n t o Grace V. en·d(· y'; 'v tU1! I.. h eHllA fr"ln ( tit lU P .'\ 111:OIl"h . lot No. 1; 11 in F ru nklin, $1. ,I . A . 11", 1 .'[artha j{ lI n~' I1 11 10 Lafay- ;; Ia" III II , " 11 0 tiY e tj " y~ t n rl ll u c b ..tIl! " nd CI,I..a l;,.II hllnl, sout h half of . Mr;·. ~; D. HIrI,lnk or liroll " ') ". Mul' ri ll, " P" " I ' It~ t we ,· k /It I h" IWlne of luI :-0;". I ~H in L,·lta n ,,". , a,Soo. Il crb .. ,· l F ,tzwUl " I' to G. J . Su ms, ~Ir. I1n I MI ~ . '£ l' rJ :lv l.1 uu k . l ,·,,(·t i.n 'f u"I Il'("""' " town s hip, :$ 1. H'I Vi\',t1 ~t' l'vicBII b e ~lo lit t he M. Va l'ld 1": ocb..t lu Charles If ainbs. E.ohu rcb, W edlleijdt\y e en l n~: Cum mi. s ioll ers ' Proceedings.

------- - _. .NEW BURLINGTor~

ns Ir Ih, 'y ",pr p on lin '. flll

- - -_1__ _ ___

G ul nlllll V5. J ohn J nnings. tl u!' on ~ood s so ld nntl deliver",I; am onnl ~ I n im ~d $860 w ith inler- I • SUIII

~1v 'w y

()r UI!I.! ISI, \\·, I v "c ~ v i l) e.


mlnl. Lra, rl \ ur Ob8 Iht nt~ of.l . .Walle r Smllh h' l ti or Wurr. n County. Ohio. decca.ed . \lilted [his ~ •• h \IllY of Janull.l'Y. lUlU.

rI ~

J udgo

Alton If. Brown,

oBhe I'robat.<' Cour'•. W....roD County. Ohio:



. Furniture . ' Carpels, ,Slo~ . Victrolis


'D'on'l take:- a ch"nce on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: ~

high·pri ed Seed. Kno)V ilVhat

you are buying. You ~alll get tl I. b t t d d le very ug es este see - d 'l '11 . ' . ' see t lat Wi ~..,good hearty stalk. CaIl In. _


Younce Brothers Crain Comp,.ny


V. Notary

Subscriutioll Price. $1.60 tier yen I.'









: Slt~c:':: g~'~':;t;,lt%8.0l 'l'olodo,

l"l'lInl~ J : ', chency makes ollth lIIat h o It Son lor par_tnor ol Lho th'lll Ilf 1". J. Ohe uoy & CQ., dolnS" b\lslnod In tho .elty ot 'l'olodo, County a lld StalG afol·CMa ld. and . that satd firm wI ll . pay l hO 8um ot: OlfEl :l{UNOREO DOLLAHt:! lor each and every ca80 of Call1r~h thllt . ,'annot be bo ourcd »y tho ufto ot HALL'S ICATARna: MEDIC NEl. • ll',R AliK J ! CJ:U!lNEY. Sworn to bl!toro mc and 8ullllCTt beu In my presence, this 6th day ot 00~emb!,r, A. D., 1881, W. GLEASON (Sea l) " Notary PUbllo. & 11'. Catarrll 'Med lclno I" takon In. ternlLllY a'ld, acts through tho Blood ~~l.~h'lie~~~o~,!' t:.~~;:;~Tai~% f~~:. aylO' F. J . CHENEY & CO., i'oledo, O. ' Sold :by uU D~ulrgl8tS, t6e. Rail s Fa.mlly Filiu tor c0!lst!paUon.


" Written eepeel8lty for the Gazette) " . , , In what wa~ Jlhall we , honor • the tU bluory vt tile b.rave Ame l;lC{\n solu181'S and sailors who "ave - thllir l1,es' fOj' IIl>erty? ' ·.I'uat II a question ' w.blab every c6mmunity in United 'States hlill .L3lLeJ f~5,,1l. . <I , 1L IJI uarlaln mat tblllJ' 8'~lJrltl ge on • tlJ .. lui.. r ol l~;eedolJl Is worth~ at, the • udt;l& t u1vutl! "th.t oan be paid the.m. .. 'l 'lIls , IIhoulji: Include 11110 - the .men who 0 ered tbelr lives In ~hillr COUD.Relatives and frIends of the To, try's Ii~rv~oe wlteliler ' 1t ~e~nt l,b e Clony heroes !partiCipated hi .the , ~I'tiJU!l sac rifle .. for ' mem , or DOt. oeremf!.by, 'WIJlch Jinolu,ded slnglllg ', 'ney. £llo"are ' iteservlllg ot the na- by the chOir IInd ' a brtef , address by Llon's iraUtude~ , . ' " the t 'R D b t m Ed ' d . war s. • Wbat nobler, more inspiring, more .. -reo or, ev . .,.o ler al/proprlate memorial ClUl be ereo.ted " to the .honor of theso men than , tbe liVing,· ~rowing ' tr eY It -win stand, . ~i1ere and &l\lt develops keep fresh ' In tnll minds at · tbe present and of . geDeratl,onl the dEleds, of ~ar/ . • t:llm(ug lug w~loli Aolnerica's ..heroes ~e'i'­ furmed on nmd .and' aea.lD order thllt democraoy ·.and .t'ruatb ,.nd JUlittce I mlgbt be firmly estallllllbed ,ber!! and t hroughout the world. ' -, 'On, thlll acCount 'lne AlIlerlcan !i'or. t\lIlrY 'As_oelatlon suggests me lantIng at trees' In .parks, along the slref>ts nod h \<gbways and ~t other appro, J!rlate places e.s Jiving monuments to our he'roes. , . ' . . There are tew oommunltiea In tbe • .Unlted States tbat did not lose one 01' more of 1~ lOllS In tbe .creat cOlltlJct wb l~ 'ti1l8 Just oonolujled. There will I 0 memorials at "al1ol18 klnus, bron~e t uibillts , sfone markilu, arebl\s at gtanlte and bron2;e and oUler torms" , dedlqated to ~belr, service, But this 'does ' not preclude ' tjJe' 1llanUng . ot trees, No matter waat otber kind at m,emorldl Is set up, thllre can be tree8' ,Phlnted also. ..... ThtS ;1Il1ggestiOn already re_ CGl ved .. tbe at · Here Is what two state governors ~:~'::~:~ the ' and other officials l18y of tho plan . f:-,;---'-----i~T'ft1.""''"''''I-HHHltA'teL.,J.clvlc.!1 -'Q ovemot Lowden, of Illinoi s, says: orIPl~lzatliOl'1S, women's , ''I aln. heat'tiJ.,. in BYIDpathy with t he -and otber assoolatlons. In a I gelierhl Idea, whlcb I ha"e taken I UP ·tow piacllti trees already have been with ' ~e superloteu\lent of hl ghwa~fl planted in accordance wltb this Idea. 1of' '{Iur stale." . At 'faeOOy, ·Pa., tour t rees have I Governor .capper, at Kansos, says: ireen. planted on the lawn at the ' ~llt is m~st {Lppropl'iAte, I feel, ,t hat ~e Episcopal Churilh at t1\e lioly In_ should have !Ivlng trees as meblOI'nocehts" 'l1wo tot t be town's tmln 11'18 tor our 80ldlor dc;!ad, whose deeds thus honore(l· wer;e killed In action will live fOl"aU time." In ',li'rJUlce, while the others· died In ' Former President Taft said: "One , hoapltats ol08e ' behln'll . the - )JatUe fitting and Ilpproprlate memorlnl to I,hiell, ,'.' . . ,.. lO)11' , soill/el' dead' would be rows of



along \ ~bo ~oab at ' OU\' , VllnaU8 luoy wll~ slllud tbere tOt ,generation t9 \X)me and keep bi :t~e mindli of all passers-by \'.'''.. 1161'olc , deeds ut &il08e yaung A-1001'1CanS who guve their lives, tbat u ·eo!1.o1U and jus~lce und tl'ulh might llerlsh. truw ~ne earlil." Louisiana is phlnning to' plant 440 mil 8 at "viCtory oaks' unu Otb"l' IlUIlUblo treos alon g J l!IlUI'BOn Ii wu~, tile 8tate'S j)rlncll!lll rand IVblctJ j'uua lr\lm nOI·til to south (lud c'un_ lit' ' L8 w.!tu tue hl guway thut UXtCllU8 ..>u to I Inulpeg, l:ullullu. vo vO rnol' elau8uIIL iJUB tumed tho dtHUIIB ol.tbe· WOl'll uv" r tu M. L. AlaAulld er, belld oC lh" Iltl\t<l oonu"on depurtUlolI~. 'l'lIore will bo d Ll ee uVllry tOI·ty tuet nlvug tllo ' rouu. ullka will be used tor the mos t


lI ..II·C,

"", n Flta In With ReconBtructlon . a n d Good Roads. IlOWS or lIollle treeM . will aad not "Ult til tue ,beauty aat! utlraeLlveuesd o{ OUI' hlgllWIIY8 Ilut will be r.n uClual support to thalli, h ~ ll)liig to .IUIU ilie ground th'm und keeplllg It from w'a ahlng. As the construC', lUll of IIvOU I'ollda will ue one at tIl~ uig l'econstructlou III'olllems which .n", nUll on will buv ~ (0 sol ve, IIny_ dung lllut will hu, p In Lbls dlreotlon dUV"IU bo eneotll'lIgod. ' . Un nU the ruuds loud lu g out from every communllY In tile Uulted l:ii.~,es tilore snuuld ue I'OW.II of trees. HlO Amerleuu .1~o~·est ry ,AlIsocla_ tlOIl Is very gluu to uUIIse UIIY to\\'U or eommuulLy\ ns to Lroe pluntlng, sugg(ll;~g . tyves thut prQbubly will gro IV ueSL IU WUt IHlI'Llculul' lOCality -IIIIU t UI'Ulshlng otllul' - help% ul hluts. AUYOue cuu lIeeuro 1I11ij Irou lurormu_ LI"u Ill' I rlLwg to ,'i' uslllllgtun tor It. There uro muul'l l'eU80UII why treeH are mOSL aIlVj'Olll;IULe m~worlulll to Amerlcu'l! svttller 1I11l1 8u liOl' Iload, as us to lhe Ilvlug. 'l'he trell is a JlYlO g, growing thing, jU/lt IlH ' a re tILt) principl es wtJich America eOlul'lld t he Will' to It Htund~ tOr f l·couom . And tho b'ee played un importllut pa .... III lila WIUlIllI g vt the 1I1l1'. ill II thousaull ways I Wllij Cllilcu IULO service. III Ill'eoplunes ant! gun tltOCkB, bUrt'IICKs anu LI' ' IIC""8, IIi Urij and raflrollll Uo.1S , a nti In lIIany olbol' plucea It wus dOlullnd tl In Ilumunstl '1 uan tlliJH.

The lores ts of I"moce \I' 1'0 lurge ly SllCI:jtlc ~ to tho Heeds or lhO wur. j'lhJUBUlIds of sllullre 1.II,e8 u[ bel' for.:,qt lund OVer which tl1u Gorm'uns ad Vllll ou wore d(! VllsLullltl uy 'gllu UOll tlhll\t liro VI' th e trues cut duwn b y the enemy. Anything, thcl'efore, lodk_ 'lIIg to reiono!tllllUuU ur tho tlorll! l~ moaL tlllIug. lL Uloons Il re bultuln g o·~ SOUle 01 the nntuI'II1 resow' 8 wiliell h,,\fe (lOen IUSL thl'Ollglt ravuges o~ WUI'. . Every Community ShOUld Have " "Liberty Park" ~'I·lInk. \V1IJhLlJl IllI lI ', stato Cor_ ester at MtlSlm""\J~UllH, ~ay~ : " oot stop wlUI a sI ngle Ire" or sUAall gl'OllP8; why not 111110 lIIumorln l Cor_ ests planted ill hOllor of 0 111' soidlor uead 'I" Certulll ly, tbo l'u em"" olJe uOtltltl!; fl u" r lhun u grOVe \11' uUru lIurk tull oC trecs which '''',; UI. be 11Ilown as "Llb e .·ty l'lll·It" 0" . !lUll' other !lPpropl'iote IIl1me. Goveruoi' Goodrich, or Indiana, is ~~~~i!!!!!!!!~~!!-'!!!!!~~~~~!!'!~;;!!!!~!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!I~!I!l!!!!!!'!I~ -'. I•.P · ' ......... ·, . 1 (tlvor or .1.110 l,lun ~.l't a ~ IltQ)}J>6es to let each uf Ill! !J2 cOunties d.ecldo Lho sl.e ot Its own grove to the -memory or tholr bOYB. HepreR ntativeH trolll tbese counties' lie urged ' to tOl'm a SLlltO organIzation, appoint au exeout.lve COllJmlnee nud wltll the us lstunce of tree experts' carry olll this scheme. , "j\I1d DOW, no 'w uttQ In whutever othlar Itorms .' we ~coll1me morate the manbood that haa goull, for our pro· ,. ' tectlon let ,us plant lIlol~oria t trees!" 'l'hls 8ums up tho message whlch the .Atnerlean ,b'OI'~tl'Y A8s~cl utlon w.ould convey to every place "in the ( . United Stutes from wb lch have gone brllve and loyai sODS t.q...take part in Write Telephone for Date t he great war.-By , Charles LIlthrOl) ... Paok, President, Amerielln Forestry ORia,. Aman Block, T.elephone 6J.,·2 and 3 Adlsociatlon.

N. /S~S


A~ueti'C)neer. ..








oui- ctt~ dads should lit once PIISI! II. resohltfon to make it compulsory on nil citlzell$ liVllng 1l1'0'Il tho streets to ~ be improved, to 011 them in enrly ' su mmcr~ and if they CIIllnot pay fOI: it down, let it be coun ted in on their taxes, It paY8 , p~g dividends in preserving the streets, lind ought to receive Ii unan}mo1jJsI acl(nowledgement. If we expect . 'good s treets for t he winter o~ 1919, we II)U Ht begin now, as it take'" time to do this work. Lets all !)'t't b\lsy. "Owne ·Han·is. comillolily known as Dutt'h, got his IInkl e ,'ollsiderall>ly dialocll~e(1 wh.ile a~tcJluillg II basketball game in Way!\esville one nilrht rcci ntly. Tho ncaldent occurred dtel' the galne, 'the bOys got to WrE!st' ling and "Dutch" was the unfortu. nute O'Ile. Wo hope fOI' him a speE!dy recovery. . Clyde Leviey 15 l'e.Jlldring his property lately purchased of the Mllry Ann Singleton estate. Walter Gray. hQ8 rented his home on ElL6t Main strpet to Mr. Smalley, who will occupy It ?4nrch 1st. Several of our ladles uttended til. tlllk given by Jllne,.Adum.g at Colum.bus on Thursday. ' . MI'. lind Mrs. Ada 1 Dick inson lind two children of. neal' here, were ·cullin1J' on IIcqua.intancea here Saturday night. ' . ' Mr. and Mrs. William Gllrr are hav' iJ\g instlllled in their beautiful connb'y home an acetylene light plant. Overworked friendsh i,) won't lust. Connt yo)1.r acqualnt.ances . by the hundredD, but enum~ato your friends by individuals, • . this 'vicinity pel/)ll c lire painting t heir dwellings. If pa int is high they think it pays to imprOve their property, und .mllkes things look cheerful nnd homelike. It is to be hoped tlhn t mnny mot'e will beaut.ify LhelL' pr~!mises in the very near'future . ' DwellingsJn oUI; Yilillge arc Inot equivnlent to the deJll nndH. Seve:rnl ch unge~ will be made in the nenr future. _ _ __ -!-_ _ _ _


P. D. ClaRett . , . ...... February II Chas, Hagermeyer . ... February '12 Wm. Wardlow . .. . ... . February 12 J . S. Filer . ....• ; .. ... February 13 VV. C. Warner .... .... February 18 A. B. SIde•.. , . ... .. . . February 15 W. P. Sall.bury « Sons .. .. Feb. 19 W. H. Guthrie .. . .. . ,. Februarv 20 Wm. Coleman .. .. .... February 25 Bavlnl/; sold my tarm , I will s ..11 ut pnblto l111o,lon, 2X mllee Sonth of W"ynesvl\le, ne,,1' t he old refe g rapb Mill, on

mil doughter.;poins-

lhursday, February 6, 1919 Begin ning at 1 o'olook. tbe follow Ing ohllU .. le, to wit: . 8 hors8s, 3 cutlle, 2 bro od s ows. Implemnn'a, eto. S"e IlIrge blll8 tor partl onl ... re . I ~A A C W. LINCOLN, W. N . !:Ioart., Auot.

Eve.ry mother who has a daughter will be iRterested in the fol . lowmg letter. It answers the Question fhat thgusands of mothers ~ave been asking for years- "What can I do to reiieve my daughter of her severe headaches and periodical pains?" -I have used DR. MILES' ANT/·PAIN PiLLS for years au~ they have always giv"n me prompt r"lief. Mr daughter who has been 3 sufferer of periodical pam~ and nervous beadaches has never failed to obtam relief from these wonderful little tablets. We both thank you from the bottom of our heart for havIng enabled us t.o obtain prompt relief from our sufferings. DR. MILES' t.NTI·PAm PILLS have never failed us and we would not be without them." ~S. WINIFRED JONES, Stockto;, Md.

Rllvlng rented the farm, I will M it ot Dubllo a'notlon on the premises ~X mile8 IOa8t at Waynesville. anet llX mlle8 west ot Barvenbnrl(, on tbe N I\vnekvllJe and tlarveY8bnrg pik e, 00

Tuesday, February II, 1919,

For m~re than 30 yeru-s Dr. Miles' Anti, Pam Pills have .been relieving suffering

B"I/innlng lOt ]0 o'oleok Il . m ., 'he fu ll owill~ proper tv: "8 orRe8 and Mu lfS . 9 (Juttle. 5 Sheep, 5 ~OW8, I nJplemel'tw, Barne81. Buy, eto. "e" lorge bill a tor pBrtloulflrll. P . D. <J,,~GE1"t. w. N, ~ellf8 , Auot

women, men and ch.ldren from tormenling paioHeadache, Baekachc, Neuralgia, etc. Ask your drUggist for them - keep a box always on hand . They c!,ntain no injurious habit forming drug. They give almost INSTANT relief. Cost but a few cents a box.


rite nnuersif(opd .... 111 soli at 11110. Uon ut his r es lden oe ot Ferrv, Ohio. 4 0111.,8 nnr~hen~t of Wavnesville. 2 i\h-. and Mrs. W. Hogan enter- 10' 1'19 nort h of Lytle. on tbe. Soolal tained at dlnnCl? Sunda.y, Mr. and Mn. RI)IV r .. ail, 00 ha rley Warnick ali~ . fami ly of LebWednesday, (-'ebruary 12, 1919, IInon, lInd MI'. and Mr~ . Weldon 'WiIg,)o,. . ' Beglull1ng ut 10 o'vloek a. m,. 'he , 1'411. and Ml·5. Rayinond Wilsoll IIncI fc.,i1u.dnlo( propeuy : !l Bore ..8, 5 children und r.J1'S . Wn lto l' Will30n VIlll la. 14 \:i .. ,,!!, JII ,pl ementp, Bnr: spent oue day last week with Mr. and n e~~ . eto i'leu huge I.ill~ for psrtloMrs. Paul Peterson of n,'" .. Lumber- llllr!!. Wlt.. LIA M W ARD1.0W ton. R. C. ""ln88, Auot . Mr. and Ml·s. F. (;oll1pton had liS theil' guest SutUI'UIIY night and Sun' day, "Miss Saruh Jltlld funl of South We w ill ell nt publio A notion , 1X h.llicston. mileH ell@t ot Oar win, on the Mrs. J. Mr. and Mrs. Evpn Hogan wero E . Hookett farrp, on g uests of Mr. nnd Mrs. ['u ul PCLcrt!On Wednc:sday, February 12, 1919, ::lUIUJIlY· Mrs.,R. E. Jonea and son Curl, Bl'glnoing I~t 10 o'olook a. m. the Sa turdll~ with ·~ tel', CJmplton fnll ~wl ng proper~y: 3 B orses, 13 CIIH le, 24 I:IOg8. Implement,., eto M,'. andlldrs. Ralph Luamings were See large btlls for pllrtlonl,.ra shoppin~ in Xenia .Snt\Vday. V. E. ",\(iIl;MEYIi:R, Mr. J. $, Iieaming has purchlilled ID A HOOKETT. the Je ~se Hilt property in New W. N . Seare. Anot. Burlington .. 'rhey expcd to move as soon us it is vucated. . I wl11 offer for .,,1;, at my rE81 Little Dorothy Visllro hud her ton"ils and adenoidS l'Clnul'ed by Dr, Mnr- den ee, ne .. r Mlddl;, Ruo Ohuroh, on tbo Smltb road, kn ow n 88 tbe Fraz rell at Wilmington ladt week. Mr. W. Ii. O'Neall sJlent a part of ler fbrm , a miles 8(j uthwe8~ of Spring .lIl IlY.oo I~st week with his daughter, Mrs. E. Begun. Thursday, February 13, 1919 Aunt Eather Com pton bas 'bllen vel'y /lootly for the pUot week. Beglnninff at 10 a clook a. m ., the Ml·S. Luther I:laines is Visiting Iler fol1owln~ prOIlerty: 3 Borses, 6 parents, Mr. 'nnd Mr~. Chadey Laird, <Ja.t tle. S Brood Sows, Implement8. lit nmden, Ohio. . Chlokens, eta. t;ee IIltg8 bills for Savernl from hero IIttended the pllftioultul J. 1:1, FILER. ketblill ga'me at Kingman' Friday Forest Ma rtin. Auot. night Ml·. W. H. O'Neall and .Mrs. MlLry BOglln took dinner with 'Mrs. JClhn I will sell at Po bllo Bille all Wolf at WeIman l'uesdsy, Saturday, February 15, 1919, Miss Frances Wilson spent a few days last week with Emphamia Wil- Commenolng __ , III o'olock. sharp, son. tb., (0 lowing ROod a : Blader Twine, 'Mi.', Lawrence Michner and ' Mias .,. agonll; F tum ImplemenM. Bar~ Ethel COI)1Pton were guests at Horace ware. Haroess, Saws. aod many Compton f;lunday night. " . Mr. Henry Crew und' 80n Audrey, other ,artlolel(. Ree larKe bills for , A. B. SlOilB. have been on t he sick liaj; tPe Plast parlloulars' week. ' , ' O. T Bawkfl t Anots, W . N. ~ear8 I Mr. and Mrs. Archie' Peterllon 01l Sa m Miehner Friday , ~er- -_ _ a ___ _ _ he we are 10lDK '0 qu" farming. we , will eell '0 the hlKhelt bldd... l~ miles north of WaJ!oesvllle, aD the C1~olnDatt ·plke. on





FOR SALE Good 2 und a ye"ril o ld, 25 due to Inmb in April. In qui re of D. W . ~nrfl\oe, R . D. 2. Wf\yue8 VIlle, OhiO. fl9



Blaok Mllre, 8 .v rs . old, good. worker, weight laoo Inqqlre . !Jf Juhn Itobeeon, Orego nlu, 0 f12



Folding Bed lind 1 Folding Couoh. 0111 Rnd see thew . Mrs . Chllrles Wuynosvllle. Q . f12

A. MAFFIT Funeral Director and Embalmer,

good Bnrrey. newly palnteu . a A bllrgaln . Call lOt the Ubile8 80 tel.

Ww . Itn bineon.




Shorthorn yea~\ing k~lIs, good Either Auto or Horse drawn I!ervice. 3 oneR; No extra charge fol' autO service, 500 bn (.~rn; Clover Ilnd

Alfalfa Buy. IO'lll1re of Frank EI. ' , bon, Waynesville, Ohio. f5 ~n Offiee and Rendence. Jersey Oow with c~lf by side; oalf·8 weeh8 old l" .. ed H.lliney, Bt TI:II eg rIO pb Mt\ 18, Wit y Des viII e, O. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::==::::=




Dr. J. A. McCoy, Veterinatv Oraduate of Oblo Slat. Univerlllt OFFICE: Corner Main and Mill Stree ts Telephone 28


Thursday, February 20, 1919


Auto Livery

8IrE Orplugt:>n Vocke re l ~, bnd Call Phone 4 right .. nd t,be g row t by kind , oheap. Inquire of W . A . Sur/Ilce, ' -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- ' R. D 5, WIlVJlesvllle, Ohio fl2

daviDg BOld'my farm. I will after at pnbllo anoaton, 00 wha' Ie known 118 the " .. oob Dade farm, 1~ miles north of Ferry, • mlleel'lou'hwel' of Bellbrook, 4X mile. eu. of Ventervitle, y. mile .0uU! of 8telker'. Ooroer. OQ· She I)ay,on and Wayneeville pike. on




Wednesday, February 19, 1919

' C~). A . A . MoNell. Ano~.


oad Sorghum Yel. 1 low Popoorn Inqmre of Levi B. Lnkenl. Barvey~burg. . flO

BegtpolDg a' 10 II 'olook, 'he tollow. Ina pr.opauy: 17 Borae8, 56 CaUle, 13 Sheep, 60 Bogl, IUlplemente, Feed, H.rn6ll., e,o. Sse large blllll at tor par"oulare W. P. SALISBURY & t:lON~ . Wm. MilIa, Ano.

Bpglnn1tig at, 10o'011X1k a . !I)" the t.,}lowing proper~J' : ~ Borael, I) Vattle\' 16 Brood !:IoWII. Implemen~s, Antomoblle, Barnees, eto. See lal'1I5 bills tor p.I"loul~rs. ,

Howard Burton

EW8~ ,




WALTER McCLURf FUDet'al Director. '




, Auto Equipmenn" Hor~Drawn Equipment TELEPHONE 7


.................__."'........... .". ................ The New Arrivals t ,



With their glowing colors and charming materials,are so attractive to the eye, after months of winter hats. They will surely please every woman's sense of beauty

i •



Mrll Mary Mon('l(l bIlUIJb., wl<!pY? of O\lio Monoll'b aiiab, oled tit tUe bome of ber (llt.ugbter, Mra. Barmon alol.feltel, last TIl"Bdny . mor InRj I\f r a two. week!! J11nil!8. Fnn~r8 wile beld nt t·b hnm e Jf hllr dl1ngli. tar, lo s t S"tuftll1Y morolnf!', lind buria l WIIS Ulnde fit BeBvertolVD .. .lIthn Thoroe, a fo rmer rAl'ld nt at tbiM vl,lIage, dl d bls home ID INl\w Mexioo I:le waB b 'fn bert' to 187·.1. Be leavell two bro'berll, Win , : I of L\'OD~, Col ., nod George, of Wosb. : 10gtOD', O. .. tllso ooe sister and an t (\j(ed mother. Burhll wlta mad Q.,l.n • New Mexloo. .


". Eva,\>ol'ated Sweet Corn. ~Qci paokage equal to 2 ~n8 of :corn, Whitel~. • • • .'


Kentucky Sor~hum, thelast·barre now on tap, Try one gallon . " ' Will White • Mra. W: P. Salisbury wall called to Xenia, Monday, on account of lhe f:lerio uallliJ t!SS " f her mothflr, Mra, Luce.


.i \

Misa Vera Johnson, of Middlet~,wD, and Mr' C, 0 J obnson . of Day t()n , epent ·. Su~day . with their . mother, Mra. Set~ Cook. ' '




Uniled Sla lU Fuud Adllliuis i m liou Lice nsc No. G· I 152

Mr.l1nd Mrs. RUB Murray and Mis! Llg~ ~1 uq:ay, of Oregonia\ spent last Woonesday with Mr. ana iMrs. W. J. S1ierwood. . Mr. a,nd Mrs Charles Sherwood and Mr. and Mrs. Jame3 Kerrick: ami son , Everett, spent Sunday with relatives In Xenia.

ITheCarpet"Sweepers. $149: Special at S. Fred .Company Lebanon Big Store SE'mi.Annill.1 Clearance Sale 0.1' Now on .•

_.;....______ ......~=~~, Furniture'imd Stovll§. : - ._ .. .. '


Make up your mind today to ship your cream DIl{ECT to the Tri· :state. You know whe n the price goe:! up the Tri State will be the first to an'Vance and when th o price declines the Tri ·Swte is tqe last to go down in price. Investigate. Write for !"ree Trial Cans.

THE R. L. DOLLINGS tOMP ANY Capital Stock $:I,OOO,Oou

Municipal Bonds and High Grade Columbus, Ohio


Morrison Vanduser left for hiij home In Sprague, Wash. Saturd morning, accompanied by EV4areti Harlan, who w.i11 make his home there.

F O r S a Je I I



Rev. G. N. Joli y 1). D. ~iIl. rri,ak~ an addreSs on "Abrahain LlDcoln'tI at M. E. qh~~c h, Sunday eveni~. _ .


45c and Freight


Sewing Machine Nee4les, and Bobbin8. for 1111 m(lkes' ' . chines, at Hyman's.

M:lslI Ooro~by C "termaD bOB re .urntu home nttA1' Il plol1sant vl8it wltb hor mother 10 Clnolonati .l oe Sml tb, who I!vo~ on the Tal· bot rartn, will move io !l. few dOYII to I,bll Byron Arlnm8 furm, near l:!prlng Vollay. !\Irll. Joe Elney, elldt of lown. ie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. coolluud t.o tbll honeEl WIth lODsl1ltl1! "'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!~~~!!""'!!~!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!~ M" .. Metfn MIII~ h"A gene to ~ PMtslOonth to vi ~ lt b " r nelqe., Mi"se~ M,{V 'lOd Lon HommeJ'~ . Mr. nnn Mr~. Wilha,u Davia are Do you know what the Tri-State doee when the butter market bnth on tb e Riok lisl. becomes demoralized and ore am buyera floundering? The ~I x mon Ihs old Run of Mr. aDtI Does the Tri,State C4t the price during the middle of· the week? MrK AlirlD ErlwArdK died IUl't ' l'U(l~Does the Tri-State put ALL the loss on th-e producer? rlny. Clf double pOflumonlu BnoclUl wns mode in Bellbroolr oemetery, NO! TbnrM!lay moroio~ Qoiln u pl eoHB nt onrprl!ltl waA The Tri·State iB an instilution of stability. We have 30.000 pro· Irtold n~ the b ome of Mr. an d Mrs. ducers dependinll on us. Our price is GOOD for a week One price to all-favoritism to none·- every transaction fair, square and c"t'm Pen ewlt., sooth of town It be above board. illg Mrtl. Pen"wi~'. blrtbdny. TbeM who nttended wer~, Mr. uud Mrs. E . Our price this week Feb. 2nd to !fth, incl. Uu ~ey, of 0 (,01' Sprin g Valley; Or" CORE'Y !lnr! Bon onrl rlllugbter, of llIlV~oo; Mre . .John LIIIDOlQ , of tblA pln'co ; Dllwl.I,v C/lNey on(]' bride, of 1{llntu\' kYi uoll mony ol.hers.



Mrs:' MartY L , ~daln9,spent daya last week with relatives Wilmington .



$1,500 7 Aucs IIml Bulldil1l!8 •. $3,500 IO ~~ Acrcs and BuiltJings. $5,500 50 Acres and lfuildin~8.. , 62 Acres and Buildings ... $10,000 (;5 Ac rcs and l3uildinR;5 '" 73 Acres and Buildings .. _ 77' ; Acres and Buildings. 85 Acres and Buildings ... I 00' Ac r~s and Ul;lildhigs .• 108 Acres and Buildings ... 133 Acres and Build ings .. 143 Acres and Bllildinlt ~ ...

The re¥on we can save you money on every -pai r of shoes in our lorge stock is bet-Quse we placed our orders in the factories belore the last advance: ' I There'd 'be hut three kin,l. or. sboes i( cver)'one kne w. :~he kiu~ .,~blll Fu ukcy bas ror you," Drown ~ Sl. L~ul~sboccan Mt be beal. A~~e~~lz" Inmous ahoes arc II Cbkllgo. Ou r aloclc Is large. good oud ne\f, Aud to~elb~r wllh tbe "Me rr Comrurt Shoc' ' It \DUkes nil absolute quality line.

$10.000 $13,000 $175pcr 31S0per t"~1C SlhlC'S a re known ' nn tile $125pc'r Por" BETtEn K I N D." SllOper JOHN A. FUNKEY. Dept. Store'.. $14,000 W!l.Vnesvllle. Ohio .. $22,000




MiBS. Mary Salisbury . was ho,tess to 11 6 o'clock dinner Saturday even· ing The dinner WbS served in lour couraes, and cove'ra "fere ,laid for twelve. Those who enJoyed,the din· ner were: Mr. and 'Mra Frerl Gont<. Mr . and Mrs John Lemmon, Mr and Mrs Ro\lllid Hawkt:', Mr and MrM Russell Salisbury, Mr. and ~rs Leon Salisbury and ~t' . Harvey Rye Members of the High 'School and, Normal threw oft' their mortal cloakf and became Moth"r Gooae'R num'er. ... ou!! ct.i1dre{l. )ll8t Wednesday,evening in ' a social given by the h:aci)eril Belle Harner, as "Old (jrotichy," ro. ceived the' prize f9 f bavl~R the. best make up . Games were enjoyed refrel!hmentl!wereserv~d. at.a • able hour. H , waS: Wit. relucttlnc:e that the-g uel!tS-dep rted" to take up t.he disag<reel1blp J:out\ne of mortsl life. ' . '

One pI the leading social events of the week was a eix O'clOCk dinner py , M .j Nettie Earnhart, at the home of her , . father, ,~r. Roy' Eal'Dhu'rt ~ th(ee , -. (I c6uree· diQner serve-i, t. '" ~. which music and ~as .a social' itoqd, aft '~nie ax were enjoyed The fl1voredguest8 If you wish to bu y a farm, were: Mr aod Mrs. ' Ed Bar,tsock, ' will he glad to give you full Mr. and ' MrS. 'F'ral;lk LeMay, Mr. and '. One of our clients describes our investments sa feguarded details of any of the above. Mrs. J am'es E . . M~Clure. ,. Mr,' and under the "Dollings Plan" as comfortable investments. His rea· Mrs Lee Earnhart., Mr and Mrs. &on is that they free him from worry . care and management, Bnd Ii1)RSALE Harry Earnhart, Mr. and Mrs Cbos from watching the markE't report ! in fe ar (l l depreciation in ~ Ellis and famil~,., ...Mr. and ' M,rs Sid price. Q r"n ,!f,r BY Milo" Cows fot' Iltlle, Ellis and family. MiBSesAlma Water' Thousands of investo rs have fOllnd safety and satisfaction Waynes~iIIe, Ohio Coli phone 835, 0, L. Rloks. house and l(ebil Earnhart, " Aman I1Iod< in thele securities and prefer them tu other investments because Messrs. Ray Mills and'. C!aren!!!! WuyuPElvi l le. Olllo" flO of their safety, freedom from flu ctu ation and sa tisfactory income .I yield. You should post yourself on their lIIe rits and the definite, Monday of tliis week was H. E. systematic safeguar ds of th e "DollinJ.: 5 Plan." E'lrnhart's anniversary. so his g~od Call or write y,ife pre{lated to give him asutprise. She accordingly iftviwd th!' following g uests: Mr. and Mrs. J.O ·Cart· '!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~!!!!!!!!~~~~~!!!!!~~~~!!!!;~ wright, Mr. and Mra, C. M Rolbit:ter.1'1 Tha t good FLOUR 100% Mr Itnd Mrs, WilJlon ,Edward8, ,---.-----:~-~~+~ -'!'"."!'--I"~~-~~~~~:;. family quality, the highest Quality is our motto. Coa! and Mra Ralph Milter, .Mr. and test Winter Wheat Flour in that will please you. Le.t us £<red Hawke, Mr.. and Mrs James WARREN COUNTY MANAGER FOR McClure. ·Mr, and Mrs Charlea Ellie, \ th e state. Try it. Phone 25-2. fill your bins. Phone 25-2. Mr and Mrs Sid Ellis, Mr. and M~a Elmer Earnhart. of Dayton, Mr. imd Mrs E V Barnhart, Mr: and Mrs I Fred Elbon. Mr. and Mrs Lee Earn hart, Mr and MI'>I Frank LeMay • MTS . 'Sadie Zell. Misses Stella Daugh: erty, Miriam Mull, . Margaret Brant, Nettie Earnhart, MaN Lefferson, Messrs. Clarence Rye Van Ret&lIick; Louia Beyan and KenTleth KJlbon. ( Cards and mUBic lurniRhed the evening'a enjoyment, and at a sea· sonable hou r delicious light relresh. ments werA servoo .

Comfortable 7 , ' Investments T




Waldron C. GilInour, Tebanon, O.

The R. L. Dollings Co.


Satur~ay eveni,ng. given

LMe Classified ~lds.


CARNATION fLOUR Younce Brothers Grain Company



Younce Brothers · Graih Company

Does It Pay the FarnJers Bake Their Bread? .

.... .



1 bu~hel


exchanged at the Waynesville Mills 4.0 lbs. Albino Flour! .f0 Ibs. Albino Flour makes 50 loaves homemade bread. . " 50 IO~l\'es Bre~ld, at IOe $5.00·, 1 hushel Wheat $2.25 Ingredients .20 $2.45 $5.00 Net sa \'ing per bushel $2.55 Onc bushel Wheat sold at $2.25, will buy 22 10::1 ves of Bread. ,Bake, your o \\'n Bread and get 25 more loaves of Bread from the same bushel of Wheat, a saving of more than 100 per cent. ,B~lke your own Bread and save money. Nothing as good as Ho~~rp.ade Bread, except Homcmade Parker House Rolls. Before the ;.~r~Qual.. ity Flours. ' ~-



Tbe (Uaynesuill¢ /




-,- ' .

Word was received here 11·11' ... ' ..... mo~ning ' anriouhcing the death Mrs. M,IIry Sweet. at the homtl of dl}u"!hter,. Mrs Cliffbrd Ridge, Cmcmnatl . The body will be un'UICII. " bere Thursday mornln~ o'clock trllin f'or intermeo~ : Gertrude, dB4lfhter' J't M;~ ' ARIi Mrs. Dallas Buger, died at her home Monduy afternoon. The-'fti"eral will be h~ld from 'tbe ho.u se TIi~ morDln~ ~t'li o'cloo~, ' ~. , , , J: Harvey B~ch: eldest'sojl of the late Harri!!o~ ~nd Marv Beach'j' at8d' of pneumoma at the hospital at West Branch, Mich .. Friday. 'January 11. 1919, aged 71 years and days. He was tlie ,father' of Mrs: Perry ~alne8. of near Waynesville, a!ld Il brother of Mr\! •. JameS Ker-'

rick John Beacl'l, Wa,nesville Mrs and John Pr.Jce; ~f of ~enia, qll~rl~ i,.1Ii!~~P~J!I!I Beach, of Hot SprlDgs"Ark , S~niue' Beach, of New Mexico, IU)d Georee H Beacb, 01 Cleveland.' ~, ','

•• •


JULY 5, 1916











Two years &ao Mr. George 0. March In.ui'11rated . a profit sh.ril1&' plan In the March Bros. establlshment whereby the employees were to share in the profita of the COal_. : panyaftllr~rea~onable intereftt up '

EN ''-~. The Hill Climbing Contest Prov ,d To Be a Winning Card "" ~i~~~~e:~f:'!!;rt o3er~~; , !n~RSONAL· M liON 1 . h C ......:1.· ·' 'v" G d 'r' T 'I PERSONAL MENTIO'N "~~t ~ldecaPltal . ~~;:t"::~~~IC::~·o~1~~~~~:~ ~a:; '. t . e ' ~rs lYI~,ng, . ery 00 Ime- he Horae Racing I tr~~~~ddl$:~~o 1!~o:;i~~U:: ,know"'lBtheUnlted;YOUn~&oJle" ww'Wlt:


• '\ ' AmonII' the fI a4ded UI'e9 oUlle :Miami )~ . IW Ch'.iitau. qua ~bJl ' wlile'h qpe;t)8 J,uly 28, , aDd continues- qi)tlI.A:ulP,Jat l~Ui .. will be' the '~!IIp' ln .theuppl!r grove tobe _


' ."


w' _



__ w ' w















Invested had been ::::

~~Immlng Inltrycto~ will provide . :oppqrturli$y fot :every one to take Dr/ DUI, Oateopath. 21 S, Broad, part In ,lIOme kln.d o.f bealth /llvln/l, way Lehllnon.Oblo~ , body bulllling eX&reIIlN" " . 'Thls toaether with ,t he great pro· , . gram of entertainment offered, will MiBII Ru~h Hartaoek lpent ..Sunday make the 14lami Valley. Chautauqua with relabvealn Day.tbn, the Idl'al plaroe for the Y~un/l P"eople'a ~Inilmer Vacation. ~ . ThomPlsol),ofDaytOn,spent , These are some of theprogr.m· hert! with· relatives. · trac:t1onaR Wirllam . J:' BrYan, Dr, , Geor/le ' . S~8W!l~t" ,. Weber's g:,lze Mr, and Mrs, Joa. Thompjlon,' of 1 ~::~M~ro.:;:;~~:::t. 'lIu...: : are vlslUD/I relativea bere. · etropolltJln. G~and Qu~rtetl '9r, La'teCab~A"" Pe and -T~ma. 'A thur ·W. EVans. Leonora M. lAKe, uatl '11 p ek, p W T.he Ap,ollo .Clut>: HolI'..S. 'D, Fe., to ~lantB. ar Lea, aynesvi e, ,Gov, Flrank' B Wlllld, The Sadlers; IOhiO, . j6 Sal'flh , Mildred Wilmer, Hon James . \.. 'M. :(:ox, Hinshaw 'Li~ht !)pera COm- Robert lSurton. of Detroit, came pally, .KerrB~y~eTuper,D.D· t.LLP, home Sunday and is vlaltlng with • Dllde~JublJeeSlillJ.ers, Dr. F. Marlon homefolka. , Sjmms, M1!l8 Flo~nce Allen. Grace SaR'~., L" A. C, Orchestrllc,;Prof alln 14181 Belle .Gllteb, of Xenia. wa9 , ty G aell, Ye Old Folks hol~, Eaton the gUelt Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Club Uand, Otterbein W. H. Allen. .ql~e<.'I~.·Bi~hQP'WiJJ(am Bell, T~8C~' · man'~;. :r4!hes~ra.!h~ , ~ rU8til ~I~, - M_i'II. Abe .nd Idd Dakin. ot , 'I I · ~" Dayton, llpept.. tbe }t'olJrth holidays • ..--: .... '_ .. :: _ .... _ . __ ..:.Iwlth.rel.UV6e, '·_ . _ .

and Ball. Came ', Found Many Adherents-'Other' Events .. - - • - --+ ploy~ averaging $310 aach. Thl~ ' . . lJQ Ulvalent to 26" weeks w~es. Were Ver'.Tl.." At"r' a'ct.·ve• Mi81 In is Davis spent IQJlt week Tear. of joy fill(~d tbe eyes of th.e ~ with friends in Mason. happy force as he .handed each hi. w





check anti they m turn pledlred . . . themselves to greater interest in the Sheriff Waldron GIlmour and WIfe business for the coming year. which • ' of Lebanon, spent the Fourth here. probably means greater dividends The ~ourth of July in Waynesville this Y' I r wn s a success, spelled with a big S. . . . . . next year - Western Star. From the b eginni,rig .9f the program . to the very f·J. I lh rr was not a slow t Terrill Macy. of DetrOIt. IS vIslhn" ____ . mome n , some- his mother and other relatives here. thing was doi1)g all the time, The committee, : wit.h the aid of ~hcir ass i.s \ :t ~. all din fine work. From the very n~r'w~:kYa~~1 bH::v~~~~~~g V~!'Z. start the m e mbers of the general com~11lttee d ecld( Ihn llhey would make this day a suc- week. I' n1 h • cess, and they sl:1re y'dld. N?t 0 y t e commlttf' I'll t the .bus in ess m e n in town put the ir Mrs. H . W. Cleaver, of Xenia, is s houlders -to the wheel and aided them all they <:1 illd, :1 nd tr1 this wa y e ver ybody ca \I he the gnest of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viola Msy Clark . daughter of Hor! . h . f rl 11 n tI aCA M. and I{oxanna Clark. wu born given t e pra ise or a . ay we spen~. en ey. nellr Lytle. Ohio. January 20th, 1884; While the" fa rmers in this' section we re ext " m(·I.v IlII 'iy in the ir h arvc.<;l fi e lds. yc t M' H I H . f J) t I died Jul y 1st. 1\116. aged 32 years, Ii . . .. . . IRB e en arns,o ay on •. S months and 11 dav9. they found tune to . come and. enJoy th cl ay wll l lll'ir 11Pi ~ hbors . The re were p cople . vlslll~g her granrimother. Mrs. Alice At the RICe of eighteen yearA, in present from all the neighboring towns , Xenia. " I P l g- Va ll ey. Npw Burlin~tnll ancl Ce n - McKmst.'y. May of 1902, ahe I{raduated from . .' ' . . ' Lytle High School. whero. becauseof tervtlle belllg well represented"mtieed. 1 h e farm l :lS W(·11 as the t11l'l'c hant was h e re , atld T. R. Smith . of Brookville came hAr induRtry and chum of manner, they enjoyed the mselves too The proceeds for I day will run up into the hundreds down Tllellilay and spent the day sh., was heloveri by all of her teach· A noteworthy fea~ure ~f 'the day was the all t' I1 <:; of drunkell people which spcak~ wilh fritmds. erO~lnJMS~~cohl~4a.1~· 1911. she wall ' . ' . " Mr. an.1 Mrs. Zell of P·I·ttsbur"'. united in marriage to Harold well fOr ~he district. There was only one slig~t 3,( irle nt, when a fo ul from a hall player's . It ' u tl I '. t M -d Thllckera. ~ b t b k h' ]'..1 S DEI' t are VIS In" Ie r pa, en s. r. an 'r 0 th"IS UDlon, nne chili! • Francell ~ of M . h a ro e a s Ie u on . . ver y s au o. Ml'8 John Zell , ' Ralp VIIDCt, o~row. was t e . . . Carolinl'. was born January 16, 1916. _ . BoDd., guest .t .the home .of Mr" FIRST eVENT OF r HB ()AY Besides this bahy daughter. too . , abel lin, J. C, S."ke, ', .... Mr . and Mrs, Albert. Wilkerson y,Ollng to rem em her her mother's .• -,,-. . ,..} - - ' , . and ~hlldren. of Dayton. are vieitln" loving care. she leaves Il hUllband. a .; 'All .:.-~ -..... ' Cliff Rid .fi . IS . the first attpmpt r.elatlVes here. father, two aistel'8. a brotherd and "'!Ir....... 0 f Col - : , "'h .l erst event o f' t h c d ay. was t h e I11'11 -c l'1m'l ing COltltes t. T hIS PI.ltl'(]!\'Dl, _a8~cl~, gl,ve(l "-b"., Fuu .",e,with Mr -.rmany other relativell and frien s to ;;. ira".... on "~.:""- . : at such a thing in Waynesville, and it. proved to 'b a vv1i nner. North s treet was used for Mr and Mrs. Myer Hyman and mourn her 1088. the cohtestJ the cars starting beyond the little hrld >.1" a lld e nding on 6th street, one half of daughter spent Sunday with rei aHer natural habit~ of industry and " tiV68 in Cincinnati. energy to help thOle around her ;."itbt;oreDa.~~~ mit~. This contest was delayed somewhat but w::u'.pqlled off very satisfaclorily. were greater than her strentrtb; and 1. fi t •• ft c' 1 h lOOl\.J~I~O~ . . . Chari. Cornell W S Graham and now elle has done with eal'tll'a bur': . _ ,._ .' '. 1"}Ae~ ;J!~._.;:~~ jOJ'r9J:'~~..t an , ~,... l~ jn1l1een!!!£~:th.~ J].~·.--B1I1' ~e"6 'bsbaftull ~11i. df!n~!On" r .... t.ll lr her ~tlwaie-- _ __-:;..... . Baw'e, was·. 'cal'S ' os ·m:g more than $1000. and th .th'i'r( , vent was for ears of allclasses, s tand- tors Mon4a,. morning. went "And you--oh. you who the wild est yearn. Mr, and Mra Joe McKinley and For the old-time step, and the Irl.d son. of Morrow, were week end guess return, of Mrs. Alice McKinsey. Maine Bl'Own, of <;;plumbua. Think of her farln/l on, as dear .h8're Wedneadq ~vening. In the love of There~ u the love of she will 'speIl1 'h!Jr vacation, Mr. and Mrs . L. F. Perkins and Here. child. of Dayton, IIpent several days ,, this week with relatives here. Mi88 Elizabiith Sarver.1\ Iitlle Fresh Think of her atlil, u th. same. Alr'/lirl, of ' Clncinna,i, is spedingI aay, her vacation with Mi88 . Helen Mar· Mr. and Ml'8. Carl Hawke, of She Is not dead- she is just away." latt. . Dayton. spent the F'ourlh holidays with Mr. and Mrs. J . C. Hawke. CAR[) OF THANKS MeiIIl'II. ·W; 0, Ral!er, J . C. Hiaey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stroud. of . I want to tha!lk all those wh? mi~' Gen. Waterbouse, Wm. and Bryon Alexandria, Ky . i~ visiting MI'. and IBter~ Ito me 10 my late aftllctlo r ' ... rlmur-J Prendergast ·were in Cincinnati Sun the minister. Rev. J. F. Cadwallade , Mrs. Robert Rainey and flllT1ily. day, • Mr. McClure, those who sent flowers and the ladies who sang. " Ra,~ond Davie and Dean Howell Harold Thackara. Mr. and Mrs. Myer HymAn and arrlve(i home Sunda, evenlRH'. a(ter daughter and Milll Razel Riley moa two weeks' fishing. trip .t the restorell to Lllbanon, Tuesday evenlnll. . ' ervoIr. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hanby and . Mr, and Mra. Edgar Ber~.n and daughter. Rnd Mr. Paul Hanby. of daul'hter; of Oetro it, are ' visltin/l Dayton, spent the l"ourth with Mrs. Julia Beraran and other relafriends.




· . HVEkIS SOGlm



'-· . .

. _.



Uves 'hllie; . , Mi811 F,:lther Hawken. of Spring. M. E. CrlURCH . Mra ,M.llnda Oaborne, " Meairs field. WQJI the week-end ~uest of Sunday School at 9:16 a. m. There Mr. and M~B. J, 0 . Cartwright and were 13 now scholars lut Sund.y; Jertl aad' " ~failyllle · Oaborne. of • . .. . . . O/ld'e n,CllntoncountJ, yilited frienda ~ng l'tart. Several of the cars made better tnne III the start than they did III the running other relatives. al on the hono.r roll lut quarter. . We started to Califtlrnia IQJlt Sunday. of h"reSatuiday. ' start. The score is as follows: i,.' Mary E. Martm. paqtor of the Get a place in an auto al,ld ItO along • . < ' ~. .~. Ort~odox Church. returne. d ,We will tell you "how to make a FriendlJ 141'11. Elton Studeb.ker w.. First Race-Cars Costing ,~. than $1000 F~lda)! ev~nln~. from a short vilnt successful start." next Sunday. . . visiting ' rehitive8 at tbe With relatives 111 Logan county. \ Preaching by pRlllor hoth morning Rome lett here on Saturday for her ear--Overland-Ray Law Drlverrby Law, Time 51% ICC and evening. Fourth II8rmon in aerlIlIIl' ,8.lnll . • ' e in. Ch~~o, SaXon Slx-J. B ChapmaQ .. .. Baird ...000 56}{ IeC Dr. and Mrs. Lee Cooper and fam- ies on Sunday eveninlr; flubject. t.:hevrolet-W. E. O'Neall .. .. Sher~'*I' t\rlrd ' 5Gy'lec lIy • .of Dayton. spent Sunday here "Booker T. WaRbington- The Intel. .. .. Perkin ' •. , .Sjl~on-:-Ch~man J~bn FuDk~y 'and, wUl lave . 69 leC with relatives The Misaes GracI lectual EmancipAtor of a Race . Ford-Geor/le 'W.terhouse .. Waterh you moriey on anytl1111g In his lar/le 1 min % Bec and Louella Williamson returned Henr these sermons. .• Ford....,Walte~ KUbon .. KUbon ltore-, v ThlfJuly,Sale w.U1 be a big " - 1 min 01% see home with them for a short visit. Clarence'S. Grauser, Pastor. • Saxon Slx::"'RaY Mills' . .. Milia " 1 min 02y' sec money lI&y!na to an w.ho Ire ~n: need IdteritBte-Irh: Walker 1 min 09 sec .With every '2.00 worth goods, OVel'JaJ1d~FTed Hawe 1 min 09Y. sec and 98 cta. in money. we give a fine ST, MARY'S CHllRCH ..' }k"u ,,~t ~ New flann. oak foot'ltool-a f2.oo foot·etool \ . Seco~d Third Sunday after Trinity. July cOlltinlr you only 98 ·cta. ~. who "to... tUen slek Henj. lut , .9th. Sunday dehool at 9:30 a. m. ' . John A. Funkey. _ H ."IU I i:eporta blm i f~llna , bet-IOIIr--H~ldlKm Morning Prayer and sermon.t 10:80. Time 1 min 00 sec Mrs. Mary E. Crisenberry. of Mt. You are Invited to these services ' 1 min 06 I64l 1 min 21~ sec Gilead. a former resident and teach· e~ in the scJ1P9l!lhere,lI! visIting ~er ORTHODOX FRIENDS SISter, Mra, EdithJlarrls lind family. Sunday Sehool a19:80 a. m ', Mai'v Mi.. Vllda McPherson. music Frame. Supt. Preaching.t lu:SO. . '(2}{ lee Time . 65 lee teacher in our schools I, attendln" C: E at 7:30 p, m. Everybody tnMary E. Ma~~.D, Pator. • I 68 aec tbe lIummer achool at the American "tlted. • - • ' . ., 69 see Inetltute of Normal Methods in Pub' . " 1 miD Ol IIIC lic School Music In Evanaton. 1II. .~ ; . .. r qUn 02}{ see 1 mlD 02% lee "I : min 09 see A




wu ~3~~~~~;~~~~~::;~~~~I,,~~~!~·~;t1teinoon. a~~.j~:!*~S:~:E


::~:~~~~::~~~~~~.g~l~i JITNEY BUS :lINf~'\' ','~ ~~ ~ ~~~O:h:~~~~~.'!!d~:~?~~ - , " '. ~' ESIADI'ISHEO; ~ ," , Uk

In our bereave- you mODey. . The Family.

John A. Funke,.





t l', n. l • ~- ... ,.




N I'AS A GRAND SH MARCH " .CUT-S· A:'MELON . Two YilArs ' aiO Mr: George O. March Inauil1ri.ted a profit sbarfn&, plan In the March Bros. establish. ment whereby the employees were - - -- - - - - - - - - - to ahare in the profita of the co ...~ _ . lpanyaftHrarOS80n8ble interetlt up ,on the capital invested bad, ,been



C" ' t .~.t : ~', D rov ' d T]I> - Car d 19l ---Th . e H J-II CI~1mb.'-IngQn ~ 0 ~e a W-InnIng the Car. Ptfaldng .Very Good Time--The Horae Racing PERSONAL MENTION ,se~~~dr~inglY 1~.!It Friday ha dis~ tributed $4960. among sixteen emand Ball C8..rne· Fo\lnd Many Adherents-Other Events ... -,-- - - - - - - - -+ r~%~~af::[a~2~r~!bh·w~~ Mi81 Inis Davis spent last week Tear. ot joy filled tbe eyes of th.e · · - . " A ttrael1ve. W ere V er"" with friends in Mason. happy force he .handed each bl8 ., .' . . . check and they turn pledied ,








ifeat, -pro" enl:erJ.atnIHnl: offered ""til ChauU;uqua , Peopla'iI , are aOfnll ~nheprogram at. motional. William J. ·Bryan, Dr. George 11, at'ewa!it•. Wttber.·s prl~e ban~, Min,Nlna ,lAunk&ln, Dgr CtmI den M. Cobern, The'W ita usaars, " Mlltro~\Itan Grand Qu~rtet: pro Arthur W Evali8, Leonora M. LaKe, b ' Hon ·S :D Fe88 T he 'Ii. PQ Ii0 CI ur.! . . " •. , . GQv. Frank B wllhd, Tbe Sadlers; Sal'fili Mildred Wjlmer, Hon James 11, •. Cox, Hlnahaw Lilrht Pileia'Com:J>~tny, KerrBoy~eTuper, D.O., LL.D, I Dlxle.JublleeSlngers, Dr. F. Marlon §jmms, MI8e Florence Allen. Grace Sage. L A. C. Orohestra, P~of HIlII fY <; Bell, Ye Old Folks ChOIr. ~ton Co!flmerclal Club nand; Otterbein GJeec.:lu~. Bi~hop William Bell, Tlsobtnan's Orchestra, The Artiste Trio. -.....;....,....~ - • , , .

. ria:: Dill, Osteopath. 21 S. Broadway, Lebanon.Ohlo. . .. Mlaa Ruth Hart80ck 8pent Sunday with relatives In Daytbn. ~. ' ' MlltonTl\ofnPSOD,otOayton,aPent aner_1 daY8'hera with relatlvea. . , Mr. ana Mra. · Jos. Thompson, ' of are visiting relatlvea here. . La' t Cabbag P d T rna. e . e, ol'per an o. to ~Ianta. Park Leak, Waynesville, Ohio j5 , • . . Robert Burton.- of Detroit. came home Sunday and is visiting with homefolka.



. . d ' themselves to greater Interest In tb& Sheriff Waldron Wife business tor the corning year. which of Lebanon. spent the Fourth here, probably means greater dividends 'F 1 W' ~ Il h' . 1he . ourth of }u y 111 aynesvl e t IS ) ' Ir wa s a s:uccess, spelled with a big S. . .. .. next year.-Western Star. , Terrill Mscy. of DetrOit. IS vl81t1ni From the begjnning~of the piograOl to the very el. I Llwrc W<lS not a slow mome nt, some- hill mother and other relatives hero . . d' II t.:. . • • t1ung was omg a tile time. The committee, ' with the aid of their assi!\t II". all did fine work. From thc very tt~r;.,.~:I7a~~1 bH::v~~!~~~/~~?t ' . . 1 . . d'd start the m e mbers of the genera comn:l lttee e CI. · Il,nt they would make this clay a suc- week. I d'd Not ,o n1y th e comml'tt('' 111 11. tIe 1 ' )US111eSS " . (' M R W CI cess, and they s ure y I. m en In town put their f X . . . d id th II I . . rs. . . eaver. 0 ema, 18 h f' H s the wheel an a ed em a t l ey 1.:( Idr!, and 111 thiS wa y everybody can he the gnest of Mr. and Mrs. C. n. Viola May Clark. daug ter 0 ord ' 11 ~ Bentley ace M. and ({oxanna Clark. wu bom ' .. . glVen the praise for a ay we spent. • nt'lIr Lytle, Ohio, January 20th,18B4; . While the farmers in' this' section we re xt ,'mdy 1ll\<;Y in their h arvest fi e ld s, ye t MiRS Relen Harris. of Dayton. Is died July 1st, 1\116. aged 32108rs. 5 . d . th d ,. . . , " U h d th M AI ' months and 11 davs. they foun~ .tllne to . come an , enJoy . e ay WI I rlll'll' 11C' lghbors . 1 h e rc were pcople . VISI ~g er gran mo er. rB. Ice At the age of eighteen years. in MI98 Belle .Gatch. ot Xenia. was present from all the neighboring towns Xenia. f-I. J I Ig Valley N e w Burlingtnll a nd een- McKinsey. MIiY of. l\}02. ahe graduated from th tS d t M d Mrs . ;. " . ' ,. -'. , Lytle High School. wher~. becauseot We t\0e:1I ~n ay 0 r. an tervtlle b c m g well repres~nted, ltlrleed. _ Ihe farm . as wC'l1 as the merchant was h e re, a nd T. R. Smith. of Brookville came har indUlltry and charm of manner. ' . en. they enJ'oyed the mselves too. The proceeds for' clay will run Ul) into the hundreds. down Tuesday and spent the day sht! was beloved by all of her teacb· i . ' with friends. ers and !lchoolmfttell. - Metllre. Abe and ,Idd Oak ':I. 0, A noteworthy feature of the day was the a h "nee of drunken people which s p eaks On March 14th, 1911. she waa . . _ ' , . 't d ' rlage to Harold Dayton, epent the }tourth bohdsys with relatives well for the dis trict. Ther was only one shght at ide nt, when a foul from a hall player's Mr. and Mrs. Zell. of Plttaburll. uTnhl e rain mar k are visltinll their pa, ent~ Mr. and ac e . . bat broke a s bield on S. D. Everly's auto. - . MrJi John Zell ' To this union. one Chlld. France8 Ralp Vance, of Morrow. was tbe ' . . " CaroIiDt'. was born January 16, 191 6 . '. Sunday llUest at ,.tbe · home of Mr. . r. Besides this baby daughter. too . ~ . ,and Mn. J. Co Hawke. FIRST EVENT 0 ... THE DAY Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilker~on youni to rememher her mother's .-- - "!' - - ' '"! - ~ . and children, of Dayton. are viBitJDi loving care, she leBves 11, a . . C .. Old t Col - ' . . i . relstives here. father two sisters a brother and Mr. and M~. IIIL' I~ ge,.o M - . .:rhe first event of th day was the hlll-c1 ml mg contest. This is the first atl~lllpt ~ther relativ~ and friends to umbus. .pent tbtl Euurth With 1\. • •. . . ' " . many and,Mra Mablon RJd"ei . I at such a thmg to Wayne!ivIUe, and It proved to b a ~.Ji nner. North s treet was. u sed for Mr. and Mrs. Myer Hy~an and m!lurn her 109a.. d d ',. , ,;00 , , I h . b d h I' I b' 'd I d [. 6l h If f ' daughter epent Sunday With reI a- Her natural habits of In ustryan . . ~ . " , . the 'contest" t e ~ars startmg eyoll t e ttt e I n ~ l' an enc mg 011 ttl street, one a 0 tives in Cincinnati. energy to help thoae around her sa~~~~el.~~~~b~:;:t::..~~~~: mile. This .cont<:~t was delayed somewhat 'but Wa!',I>1\lIed of1f very satisfactorily. · were greater than h~rh8tren~h; :nd r<Ul# • .,. . .. . '. , O",nJ' CO," Ch I Co II W S G It d now alle b8ll done Wit ea1'llb'e ur'4I;.]W..:....~~~id;!:::;~.;~J.~:: ~.0D8 .. .r#t • . _j~ • J'.he. first·. e~etL~f\s for sm-,!t;§ ~ ~, . )~~O~l~~,ntne en!!!.£~: th.r. .. D. V~r:oh.'i-t: ~~_ L.,b~~~ ~'l.. den~ " mil-AlIt. I her Rewatj--. _ .....,;.....,;;.... ~,.~~:,..",lfr......~~~ _. ' W " , ·H. :"'''::'''~''''I'' ,' J.'. Cr' D.wke, was or, caTS OS lYig ·more than $1000. 'and the was (or cars of allclasses, tors Monliay mornlni. , • UWWMMI_ &.N\ "And you-oh. you wbo the wild· , '" ' ." :":",' 0W01. ~mettUcl ~ Hawke we'nt t . ' U r . "'-'" u .. J O. C---r1 ......... -, ~~ lbuntda)' .v8IIInll. Mr. and Mra Joe McKinieyand For ~e~lf.tiine step, and the ilad_ • .....SatlJrday.ev.enlq jIIo,.y .-..... In' .......... sornM'of MAol.rrow • week end guess return ~rtalhed honor ... ,._ ' . , ()f their glleate, the' II~ Gwendo- ..lis Marne Brown, of Qolumbua. 0 reo Ice Mc IOsey. Think of'her faring on, I I dear hm ¥urltt and I!latber' H.wken oA .~ved here Wellnead., evening: In the love ot There, I I the love of pl~t, ,reveniDlr wall •. .t - with Wh8~ abe will .apen1 her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Perkins and Here. Cards. ~d • iteU,htfUl luncili W88 ' child. of Dayton. spent several daJa . .... . rvad . ...' . ":'L this week with relatives here. Think of her etill, sa the lIBDle• . Miss Elizabeth Sarver ,a lit.tle Fr...... Alr'giH, of . Clncinna.i, 18 apedlngMr. and Mrs. Carl Hawke. of Sbe IIg"8:~t dead-she is just away." Mar· her' vacation wlth·MiB8 Helen 'att. " Dayton. spent the Fourlh holidays with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hawke. PARI:! OF THANKS MeII8r1. -vi. O. Ral!er, J. C. Hisey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stroud. of . I wllnt to tha!lk all those wh!J minWm. and Bryon Alexandria, Ky . Is visiting MI'. and 18ter~ (to me m my ,late aflhction , I 'Plrf!ndflr'''8Jit were In Cincinnati Sun Mrs, Robert Rainey and family. themmlater, Rev. J. F. Cadwallader, • Mr. MoClure. tnose who sent flowers and theladiea who sang. Mr. and Mrs. Myer Hyman and Harold Thackara. daughter and Mi. ·Razel Riley mor I. , tored to Lebanon. Tuesday evel)lnll.

- -... ---------. · .. '. 1 1






.- .

Mr. and Mra. Will Hanby and daughter. and Mr, Paul Hanby, of Dayton. apent the Fourth with friends.

'~~"'r.~:".~Osiii~bofne, Mesars ,~, Osborne, ot •

I ,



l,ulI:aerl,\lllD14I1I00U'nty. ~Ited trlend. tog stal,'t. Sev:eral of the cars made better trme J1 , start. The score is as follows: . .



.vialtlbjr Mn. Ei~n Studebaker who was retKUves at ~be Friend a'


First. Race-Cars Costi~g ~ than $1000

Home .Ie,ft' ~ere .ori' Saturday for her Car-Overland,....Ray 4 w b . e In Cb~eaao. . · . SaXon Slx-J. B Ohspman t..:hevrolet- W. E. O'Neall ·s..xon-Chapman Ford-Geor&,e Waterhouse Ford'r"';'Wilter KUbon • Saion~~Ix.!...JWr Mills hiterl~te-"r. Walker OVf!rI8lld-Fred Hawe

, ,


Second Race-=-Cars '-'U:H"Ulil~'''~!'i


Mi88 Eother Hawken. of SpringM. E. CrtURCH field. was the week· end ~ue9t of Sunday Sohool at 9:16 a. m. There Mr. nnd M~s. J. O. Cartwright and were 13 new scholars lut Sunday; 81 on the honor roll lut quftrtar. running other relstlVes. . We started to California last Sunday. Mary E. Martm. pastor of the Get a place in nn auto and go aloni. Friend. Ort~odox Church. returroe.d :We will tell you "how to make a F~lday' ev~nm~, from a sbort viSIt. successful start," next Sunday. With relatives m Logan county. Pr08chinlt by pa.qtor both morning Time 51% ICC and evening. Fourth Bermon in aer66~ leC Dr. and MrtI. Lee Cooper and fam· ies on Sunday evening; subject. 56y'sec lIy. ()f Dayton. spent 8~nday here "Booker T. WaRhington- The Intel59 leC with relatives The MIB8eS Grace lectual Emftnciplltor of a Raoe. 1 min y' lee and Louella Williamson returned Hear these sermons. . .. , 1 min 01y' see home with them for a short visit. Clarence'S. Grauser. Pastor. .. 1 min 02Y. see 1 mIn 09 sec every "2.00 worth goods, 1 m'ln 09Y. sec .With and 98 eta. in money. we give a lim! ST. MARY'S CHlIRCH ..: oak foot-.tool- a '2.00 foot·atool Third Sunday after Trinity. july ·, t costlnll you only 98 cta. 9th. Sunday Schoo~ at 9:30 a. m • . ;, john A. Funkey. Morning Prayer and sermon at 10:80. : . Time 36 lee .~ 1 min 00 sec Mre. Mary E. Crisenberry. of Mt. You are Invited t(\. theae aervices \ 1 min 06 lea Gilead. a former resident and teach1 min 21~ lee er in the sc$~I8._here. ia vialtlng ber . O~THODOX , FR~ENDS ,,. .eister, Mrs, Ediib.HarrlSlAnd family. Sunday' Sahool at 9:90 a.' in, Matv '/ Mia Vada McPherson. music Frame, Supt. Pre~chinK' .at lCJ:80. · ' ~~8ee Time . . 55 aee teacher in our schools ia attendlnll C. E. at 7:30 P. m. ' ,Everybody ·m-; yited. Mary E. Marlin, Putbr. d 58 sec the aummer IOhool at the American ,~. t " r\ 59 sec Inltftute cif Normal Methods in Pub.. 1 min 01 BIC lic School MUBlo In Evanlton. 1II. .. rmln 02~..e " 1 min 02Y. see , Don't fall to get IIOme ot our Un"I '.' min 09 sec uBual Barga!na, As Is or baa advam:ad, we IOU aDd Veryriowalt prioel!; IIOme _ .. Come when In need and you money. John AI






to wAlk

beime, ' 1t

a dingy afternoon ...nd the amoke

evident not only to Blbba' sight. hut to tilll nostrils, ~OUlLb moet of the -Pede»trlans were 110 aaturated wJth the IImell thll t they ' could no ion,er d etect it. ',I'hla Incited a train or thoullbt wblch contilJucd t ill be approached the new bOUle. Aa he come to the corner 9f Mr. Vertrees' lot Mr. Vertrec8~ daughter. emerged t rom the tront door and Faced by firemen walkecl thougbtfullY down the path to the picket gate. Sbe wos llUconaaloos that w'o uld impoae on' the co~nlry 'additional burd~.O 10 tral\lportat,on cosu of. or the approach ot the pedestrian a nd $lOO,QOO,OOO a fear,. the, railr~,a-ds prppo.'~ .that thi. 'wage problenfJic . • ettled ~y " dld Dot aee him until she bad opened re.f erence ·to an lll'lpartial Ft:~q~al trlbuna~. • . . . . . the gu te and he w a s ulm08t boslde ber· 'fhen sbe looked uP. lind a8 abe saw . With ~tie'se. employes, whOle efficle.nt .ervlc~ II acknowl~dged., the rall~oarf. him 8be started visib ly. Aod If this have no differences that coulq ')lot be 'c onlldered fairly and deCided JUltly by lucb tblng bad bnppened to Robert Lama. public bQdy. f .. ' born, be would have bad a thouiht ·f ar beyond the horizon ot talot-beurted Bibbs' thiJugbts. Lamborn. ~ndeed. would bave spoken bls thougbt. He The fornial pro~plalof " he ilroad.• to t he employee for' th'e ' eett1em~nt of -SOc BOX PREEwould bove said:. "You jumped because you were fOu.. ure. You come dowu to my 1, Iace the controversy- is as tollowa: ,' . "What do you waut 18 tell me ?" 1I0e this afteruoou. Wolk down-lI ll tlle thlukln" ot me!" FREE T"'IICO COUPON ~ "Our conlrr~nc .. h, .. demonstrat.d ·tbl\I w. cannot h~fmonl .. our diR.rtn~ 01 oplnloD aDd ihll cololU,litlh. "minded, brusquely. WilY. 1 suppose you kuow wby your . TH& "'''.8CO CO. matt.n I~ can lrOye,.y mInt be p....d bpoil 'b, olh. alld di.inlu.. t.ft allellciu. ThcrefoRt', P,OPON thaI your CHAPTER XIV. "~mhorn mllde love to Sibyl," be tu tber WOUtll ' to know." aoetpn. M .... 'ropo.... and the propolltion of tb. railway. b. dilp0.e.! 61 by on. Df th. other 01 the 10110" nil n .. thod.: Bond me by Nililjrn mall a DOc box ot 10 M1 • lllbba uoddcd. · "Mllchlne shop." 1' . Prcferab" by lubOll,"ion to the h,teratale Commerce Commi .. ion, . Ih. only trlbunaLwhich. by. rl~I()I),ol Itl wODdertul ollell~y u-eacmen'= J enel... 1 Mary was the ~cture ot a lady flus- ~:;:. ~ hooted. "Sh. dld to blm!" "Still hute It?" . -accumul at'l!d inform.tion buri ng, on rai.,. o)· condition. aod it, control 01 Ih. revenue oltb. railway.: ia in a po.i. or .t~PI"to help pay poetaae and tered. BIbbs had paused In bla 81011' he a!lld, arrllvely. "1 kUow." Bibbs uodded again . tion 10 con. ider and prOlect th. fill hl. and equilie. -01 all Ih, Interelll allocld! . aod tG provide addillonll rewenul • ..c.... ry to meel Ihc adll.~ r OIl 01 operalion. in ca.e your pro,l' ar. lound by ill! Comn~i .. ion to b. lUl l .aDd "Bow'" "UOO't blume you!" the doctor grunt- Ktl1de. Ilnd there elapsed an Instnnt h~ re.lOlIlblo ; or, in Ih. " rntlhe Inlerllate Conlmorce COlnmllllon caonOI, und .. cxhhng lawI, ~ct 10 I~. p.remll"1 . tore either spoke or moved-It WUR no "I tW~ there, one da7 a week ago. ed. "Ye9. I expect It'll woke a lump lu that ,.'. jDinll, roquell Cungm. to la k••pch oction .. nlay be n«cllary 10 co abl. tb. CommltlloD to ~Conlld'T and with. , RqIlCDe, aDd 1 heard Sibyl oud your gizzurd nguln. Wcll. what do louger than that, and ' yot It aufficed promp aly di. pole 01 Ihe queolion. i" Yol.o<l; or " . .mhOnl-" . you soy? Shull I tell blm you've got tor eaeb to 8eom to 8ay. by look aod at- olm. It WIl8 AD ~gerly . tnterestel1 10D". I. By arbilri lioo in accordance "ilh Ih. prOyillonl ot ,tH P,deral taw" (Th. Ne"land. Act). , BIbbs WIlS nQ'tI\ScustolDed to uuythlmg IDclIth .lICll"Ilmed with laugbter. "You tllc o ld lumll Ulere yet'/ You sull want titude. "Why. It's you I" 'l'lwo tbey' both spoke at once. ellcb Uke that. ••re •. W~th ROBCOe---and you beard to write. do you ?" :~ "l-you-l-~-" he st.nmmered. Laml10nl makina love to Sibyll" "Wbut'a tlle u~e?" Bibbs lIuld. smU- hurriedly pronouncing the other'e nnrue as It about to deJlver a mes- add the tn'lnt ~ or In We cheekS grl!w "l'{~ I heard them qUllrrell tlg," Ing ruetutl,. "M, kind ot writing!" Leaders of the train seorvice brother hoode, at the joirlt conference held in New "You're runnier than ever. Bibbsl" j "Yes," tlle doctor ogreed. "I SUppOS8 60lle ot Imporlunce. Tben both came Illmost vivid. . • i. York l June 1-15, refused t"'le offer of the railroad's 't o ~\lbmit the is!lue t';l arbitrati. 11 Sh e was sttu 100Jdng at him, and alae ~ "You aay be mnde love to It you broke nwny uud lived on roots to u . 1011 simultaneously. but Blbba " r ~'0811 ;,ou heard them guurrel- ' ll lld berries uutll you begnu to 'attract mnde u berolc errort. and as they be- sbe eaw ' the Ktraugo radiance Ulat or Federal review and the employes are now voung on the questton whether. ...I't I tbe tavorable uttentlon ot edltora' you gnu ro wli lk on to~e ther be contrived come Into his flice. There was 801llleauthority shall be given these l~aderB to declare a nation-y¥ide strike. nbout wh o too. that explained "'1bafa It. If 70U want to know mlgbt be nble to hope tor ou lucome ot to fllld bl ~ voice. "[Ihnte a trozen flah mY801t. The' Interstate Commerce Commission is propose'9 by the railroads al th~ 'QUeer" m ,nj people mlgbt thlllk wharl : betwf!en' people. you can-by tonr or live huudred dolla rs n year by he sll id . "I think three miles woa too blm; but be did not seem " queer " to the WI, tbey quarreL" the Ume you're Ofty." public body to which this issue ought to be referred for tqese reasons: 10llg tor you to IJut up w lUl on..,." Mary Vertrees· l; he seemed the m,oet "You'll kill me. Bibbs! Wbut ... ere "Tbo t's about It." BIlJbs murmured. ploye. a' .. ag.. , and Ihe money to pay iner.... d ".g.. No olh .. body •• ith .uch all intimale ltno.. ;,d." "Goo<1 iraclous !" sbe crIed. tnrnlng qualnt[y natun.(. peOion sh e bad e;~er they Quarreling about 7" "Ot course I kuow what you Wilu t to Cln come froan nG other . 101lICf! Iblo.. the rat .. paid 01 railrold condilion. h••• uch In unquulion.d poarl "Nqthln~. That's bow I know. Poo- do," said Ournoy. drow8lly. "You don·t to blm a glow ing t uee trom whIch met. by Ih' pUblic. lion In Ibe public conAd.nce . He waited. • nd bOcollle coherent IIle wbo quarrel over nothlng!-- It·s bute the maclllDe shop only; you hate re~trnlnt nnd emburmssrnent hnd sudTb. Inlentlle 'Commerce Commillion. wllh III COQ· The rol •• th. railroad, may el.arll. Ih. puhlic for alwlY8 certaln-" tbe whole s bow-the noise DDd jar and denly ti ed. "Mr. Sheridan. you're "You sa7 someCf!ng now." h e sold. "I mnlportltion are now largely Axed by Ihi. Go",rnIfol ov.r r.I ...· i. in' a po.ition 10 makt a comilicte Edith s topped ilugb 1nl' abruptly . bnt dirt, the scramble-the wboll) bloomJn' lov ely t o put It tllnt way. It was an dOD't even helm In the chorus, 8lDd in v,"il!alion Ind re"d.r luch d.d,lon .. would pro... ont board. lect the inl.... " 01 tb. railroad employe,. lb. GWD.I'I continued ber moc!'ery. "You ought craze to 'get on.' You'd lik e to go ImpositIon ror me to bn\'e modc yon here 1 am, tl')t.Pg to aln, the runny Out of e.ery dollar recrived by lit. railro. d. Irom 01 th. ,ailrold •. I nd'.lh. public. the public n•• rly one. hlll i. paid.direclly to lh. em· to know. You've bud 80 mucb experl- ~'ID1 llwbc r e In AIgl~r". or to '1·1I0rIlI lnll. brlog rue home. and atter I went Into man'S solo! Yqu-" "No." 8be In):errnpted. "I'd ratber tlle house 1 decided I should bn ve enCt!. yourselt!" perhaps. lind b08k 011 II bnkony. ~ IlIl'Jl · "I bllven' t aoy. Edith," be 8a ld. "My Ing tlowers and writing sonnet s. You'd wnlked. Beahlcs. It wasn't tbree miles play your .cco~anlment," "I'll stop an~ lis ten to It. then." lite baa been about &8 eultlng 8 S un grow tnt on It and hove n dellrate IIt- to' the Cllr lin e. 1 ocver thought ot Itt" The railroads feel Ih at they have no right to grant a wage preferment of ":0;0." 80ld Bibbs. eoruestly. "I Incubntor chlcken·s. But I look out tle lite all to yourse lt. Well, whnt " on PlIO s~ •wOn~ $100,000,000 a year to Ihe,s t elliployes, now highly paid and · co.n8tit~tiog only throul'b the glllS8 at thlng8." do you say 1 1 ca n lie llke sixty. Bibbs! dldo·t. clth er. T mlgbt bnve said someI "Well. then." sbe 8ald. "It you look Sha ll 1 tell your tn thl' r be'Jl 10He au· tll lng It l'd thougbt ot anything. I'm one,fifth of all the employes, without a clear mandate from a pubh.c tribunal that ont througb the ihl8S you must kno,\' other at bls bOY8 It you don't go to tn lklllg now. Ihougb; 1 must remember shall determine the merits of the case after a review of all the facu. thot. alld oot ,vorry nbout It later. 1 wbat e!fect 8ucb stu!f would ba VI! up- Slelly 7" The single issue hefo,,~ the COlmtry ;s whether this controversy ;s ' 18 III sttlltd.hy a" on me !" Sbe roae... 18lbly agitated . "I don't wont to go to Sicily." 8ald think I'm tnlk leg. though It doesn't souud Int elligent even to me. I mnW! "Wbat If It was true?" ahe demanded. Bibbs. " . want to st ny right bere." impartial Govenlmellf inqlliry or hy illdllstrial warfart. . ' . bitterly. "W bat It It was true a bun'l'be dol'lor's drowRlne"R dlsllflpenred up Illy mind tllnt It 1 ever Illet yon again ['d turn on my voice and keep It dred Umes over? YOII 81t tbere with tor a moment. nnd he gave hl8 pntlent National Conference Committee of the Railway. YGur lilly tace bait r eady to lPigle and a sharp glnuce. ri sk." IIIl sn ld. going. no mutter wbat It 8nld. 1- " ELISHA LEE, Chal,.",an Sbe Interrupted Wm with Inugbter, halt ready to snlme. and tell me 8torle8 " I think we' ll fin d you' re 80 milch hetH. O.Norfolk" MAHBR. ~""""tll"', O . H . IIMRR~ON. e.. ·/ " •••_. W•••.,.. It.ll w.,. G,.., Noteher. R.iI".,. RA~'~~~~~!!:l~~" ~~~{::::." like that, ahout Sibyl p icking on Bobby ter he' ll send you bnck to the 8bop and Mnry Vertrees' lnugh woe one JAMBS KUSSIII.L. e.. ·/ M ...,.. a... 'W . BAI. DWIN . a,II'/M."."". Lamborn and worrylnl' blm to death. pretty qu ick. SouwUllng's got bold whlrh ntbbR' tuther bad declared, otter D .. yrr. IUo Gu,,'" a,U,G1I4.· c . ·th;f:~!~:.1~ ~\!~r::f;;\t".~. Ccntnl of G ear.i . Ihil wa, . and you think It matters 'to me? Wbat ot you lote ly ; YOll're not 'Iulte so lack- tbe bOllse-wormlng. "a cripple would PleuCourt n. w. eluen. C. L BAIIDO. e,.·/ M...,,,. . A. ~~!~~!!!I~~\.~~~'::{""·~ ChelA""". a Ohio Rap"." New York, N ew .hn a It Hntfonl A.llro •• It I alread, knew a ll about their 'quor- adalslcal a9 yo u u sed to be. But I crawl tlve miles to benr." And a t the W_ L . laODON. ~.... ,,.,.• A. S. (lIIlUG. A",. ,....rlHrI . Fira' NaUolI 1 Bant of Ro.well VI B. H . COAPMAN. Y(c,.Pr,stJ•• t rella"? Wbat If I understood wlu' worn you: I think Ul e sbop will kuock JUerry lilting of It Bibbs' tnther's 800 a..... A',vU .. tt.U. ., 4 !h. I.nui. & San flrancino ".U ..... Sa utb cl'n Ihi " .. , . I . t al. Motl.n to yo u jus t os It did betore. and perhops took beart to torget 80101'1 ot bls trepl· Bamuel L. I A. JB~I!~~I!;.!::,'· '''''I..,. . , 8 . n. COTT I_W ~ (i,,.'1 M" ••,.. \II In' of jurlldloMon C . '~·' :.:i~~~~~·i)~:k~~/s.~~:jI. HaU . .,. dotlon. "I'll he any kind ot Idiot," he dllml.. for Wah .. h It •• lw." ever barder. Bibbs." O. 8. WIl IO. VII •• ' .... • H. \\ .' teM S r E R. C",'/ M."., .... r. B. C ROWU'.Y. A. II. v,,, · rr~. ''''JI He rose. sbook blmself. and ruhbed SOld. "Ir you'll Inugb lit me some more. oTenuled. a ..... C •• lIel Un.. \ Whulin," t . ke Erie It.ilrold.. NI' W Ynll. C ell".' Ih" .,.II 'I hl8 eyelld8. " Well. w ben we go over It won't be difficult tor me." Firtl' N.'HOa1- Bank of ROlwell She did; 0011 Bibbs' cheeks sbowed 8 vi ·~a1Jluel L . ronl e'al. 0.1411as you tbls afternoon wbot are we going ng July 18tb. little a ctllill co lor. wbleb Mnry per. Ilgned for b to Aay about It?" "Tell blm I'm ready." 8ald Blbb8. celved. Tbey bnd possed the n ew bouse' O1ar8D08 E. urfaoe. mInor. bale Commissioners' Proceedings without e ltllr r ot tbem showlng-ol look lUi at tbe ftoor. "Ob 00." Gurney Inughed. "Not possesslng-lI ny con8clousne8S thnt It qu it e yet; but you mny be almost. We'll hnd been the de8t1uatlon ot one 01 • 8_ Don't forget 1 sald to walk down." them. I,;"" ::'c:.fjsa::iib tnl!d1ig," ~ cvu. A nd' when the exnw luh lion wa_n eluded. thot atternoon. tJle doctor In- tlnued. eheerfull7. "and you keep OD G. LOWe! VI mml Bowyer. OtB . WII.on l W~flles~llIe " Oblo , : - ' - -, _ tormed Blbb8 tho t the reBult was mucb lougblng. I'm amounting to something del' made '0 rejvive dOlrman' judI' prl.)ner, $50; W . A. . Office at realdance iii F, D. ~ too soti8factory to be ple08lni. "Here'8 10 the world this afternoon. I'm mak- m~' if lIumol"t caUl II be not ehown road work In OJearor_k lownlhlp, wooerl hOue8.,FUurtbStnet. ~. a new '8ltua Uou' tor R one-act tarce • Ing a noise. and that makes you moke to the oontrary within 20 daYI. $-&0. fIi i Mmon Olark. defenl!Ing In -BITBERbe silid. gloomily. to bls next patient music. Don't be boUlered by my bleatThomat RlIe~ va Tbe Amedoan dlgent lId.oner. '1l0 i Wood '" ~h.r Auto eql{lpaient TelePtaolM Z8 wben Blbb8 bad gone. "Doctor tells Ing out sucb things as thot. I'm real- Writing Pape 00. Motion not to wood, flowerll for oour. houle aud HOraE a mau be's well. and tllnt's bls death ly trlght ened. 1 don·t remember talk- allow and lillD bill of exoep'lonl jail. '28 58; 8. Fred & 00.• olotbillg oneWD qulpment • Ing 08 mu ch a8 tbl8 more thon ooce filea for 'he reasoo tll.$ same' 91'&8 for IlIm .. t811 of jail, ,20.05 i E. ·B. Bentence. likely. Dnm' tunny world!" ---,or twice In DIY lite. I suppose It wat! DOt filed wltb oltn'Jr of oourt within !dells & 00, reoord for Il1rveyor, "DAY OR NIGHT. ~.'=======~= a lways In me to do it. thougb, the tlrst 40 daye "Uer motion for new .rlal '29.11$ i 0. W. 8parks, rOlld work lta TB....~ONB 7 i time I met anyone wbo dldn't waw wae overruled_ Motton IUlta1ued . Union townsblp. ,'0 75 i J. '.1'. Sharp. ,V. me well enougb Dot to li sten." road work In Barlan 'oWDlhip. Of oears. 1& Ibould I FOIr atter a "But you're not really talking to $40 lI8 i R A . MoCuwboon, road Probate Court Pt'oceedlnlll etrenaoo. day when yoar mU80lei . me." so ld l!nry. "You're just thlnkwork il) FraDklln townlhlp. 'Z9.7G i In r. Carl MOler, . Adjnd,9d not O. B, Decbant. pOI'.ge for audl&or'lI have beeD enrol,ed 'he limit an ling aloud;" 01 Notar,. W~aWIl1. appllOl'tlon of I:;loan'l Llnlmen~ will "No." he returned. gravely. "I'm Insane. Aim-Your Trade AI) IdDda oihoe. 5&.00; JanleaFollen lalary "a aacl Deeda a HpedIaIQ: ... te 'he SOr81l8ll1 and ,tlfrDeel awa,. DGt thlnklog at all ; I'm only making In re ea'.&e of Martba JanB Jl\loh- jani&or, '10.00 i Raymond Barlb• it' Ind 8e& yo. In fine Ibape for tbe vocal 80unds. I aeem to be the 8Ub- arelson, dOOMs6li. Second aooouu' barSer...lary aa janUor. 100. monow. You should al80 nl. It ject ot mat llttle meaning the7 POS- of exeeutor filed, In re Hollow road Improvemen' QUALITY-Above the 8ta~dard ' tor a andd.n aUaot of toothaoh.1 seRS. nod I'd like to cbonl'e It. but I i:eta&e of Edward 8 . Walke:r, d,," tb.oounty Iurveyor belD' unable DR. J. W, MILLBR. SBRVICE-That ean'i; be lreat .,II! n.clr. baokllolle, etlnl1l. bit.. don't know bow to manage It." oealed. 8eoond iUloGun' of elt8ioutor to oomple'e planll, profllu antl orOiI In4 the many flccldentll shaa Ire In. \ "You n eedn't cbange the 8ubject on filed . IIlotlon., speolficatlonl and 88tl PRICES-To pleale aIL ... oldlD ..I '0 a "aoatlon. "We wonld my account, AIr. Sberldan." she said. In re will of ~ AUOII 8ba whllD, de mate. ae directed on motton, 'hnB a8 aoon leave our bflllals" RO on "Not even It J'ou really talked. about o... ed. Will 61.d. for probate•. extended uotll July 10. UlO. "Your F.ther TelephGned Me YOlte,.. a Taoltlon or oamp out wlthoa' yourselt." Sbe turned ber taee toward • 10 re eatB&e of Julia Brewer, deMloan·. Liniment. " Wrl'lIB one vil- blm as s be spoke, and Bibbs caught J. day "ftornoDn." oatlonle' : "We uae It fOJ evny. his broath; he was patbetlcally amnzed oeased. 10venaory Ind app·ralse. She broke ott with a .. Iolent thlnl from orampe to toothaohe . " by the look ahe gave him. It wall a ment filed . Phone M-2Ya ( Co~. O~. .f Eat.,. of E,lIzabelh Van J)vr8JI I'e.ture•• sweep ot her arm extended Put a boUle III your bag, be pre. ~low1ng look. warmly trlcudly nnd unDOD" Intler wl'h I haoklD, oough .t tull lengtb. as It 8bo hurled 80me- pared and have no relret.. :lerstuudlnll. and. whnt almost Rbot!ked deen.lled. 1I'lnal AOOOont of execu. tha~ hal weakened your 8yatem~let trix flIed. thing to the Irl'ound. "Do you think n a boUle of Dr. Kin,' I New maoov. gIrl that really ca r ed tor a mon wOlll d EII,,,I. of ~llJ'lh Jlne WIISOl~, 101.- el'Y, iD ulle over '0 yean, and b8JIe- Dr. BeU's Pine-Tar-Honaw. : w.,..,riUel. LeN'ln~ Dea.... pay any atlentlon to that? Or to you. beoUe . HlnaJ _ooouo, of ,uardlan fl'lng all who ulle It, 'he lop'bing and 001.. ....· J . it ID J[q.~~B)48. IIaID 81 Blbb6 Sherid an!" flled_ pine balsam witb tar baal tDe. lr Be looked at ber 8teadlly. and bl8 Estate of Jane Dyte, dOOII&lOO . ria.ted air pa8llaget-ll:>otb811 tbe lI'aze was as keeu a 8 It was stendy. Final aoooun' of a4mlnlltr.'or, ap. raw .pol., looaenl .he mUOOM and flbe met It wllh un"a~er I Tl/l' pride. preventll noting the . ))ody wUb proved and oonfirmed. F inally be nodded s lowly. a8 It she bad In' re will of T, ·Be~oD 800'*, de- ooUgbing. Dr. Klng'a New Dleoov. Hpoken an,l he mcant to agree wltb oeased. -Will flied and admt&t.ed '0 erllnduOll8 na'ural Ileap Ind alda wbat abe SRld. urobate. Lawr-.a08 A. Voorhall IP- n,,'ure'\o cure yon. " Ab. yes." h. 861d. "I won't come pointed e:uou 'or.. No bond req uired :=-==-==-==-===-==-==-==-==-==-=~=-== l nto tbe 8mokln g r oom agA in . ['m Tl,le most Modem and Sanitary .Creamery Appralaera B L . Frye, WUlIlim Borry. Edith. Sobody can moke you J in the ~tate and will pay highest market Oole,panand Chari.. Bol!. , ... anythIng now . You'll n eve r see In re will of Re~ OJaYPoI31, deI price -for sound. c1~an so~r cre~. We are ..-'" until you 8e' tor yoursel f. The rest ot oeaeec1. WlII adml&'ed to pr()bate, .,. always prompt to recognize any advance UI will do het ter to keep ou t of I t <In PartitIon) Est.. te of Frank Biolll, d804.&led. eepeclalll mel" the market, J/wiJ.\ ttake care of your Final accoant Idplinbtratol' tu.d . "Tbat's sensible." ahe respond e(l. interes~ at times. ·-Checks maned daily .. Pleas JOMph W_ SadIe,. curtly. "You're most aurprl91na of all or weekly ~ desired .~yer ~ !Jhipme;nts. oBbe el'ate of udnw J. wben you're sensible. Blbb8." brid,e deoelled -va. Evelyn "Yea." he sillhed. "['m a dull dog. 1. w. Thomue~". Oue No, 11160 v. bridge et al. W. L'h.."r M!lJllle IP. QarI'Oleveqer R"ERENCE Sbake bands aod torglye me. Edith." I~ al. POilltOO guardiaD ad litem for minor '\ By ~lrSue of o.n order at ..Ie. duly laued Thawloll "0 tor as to smile. sbe uo· 110m aa1cl Oourt \Q \he above Hated cue _d d.fendant. • derwent tllia briM cereml)ny. and I &0 me directed. k ..w oIrer tor Ill•• by way or In re eetate or Madh .. ~. Lo11racrl puliUo au<:;lou. ou Ule promw. In 6 ....., . Georl'e appeared. summonl ntr BIbbs to b\1tl. WarreD OoUD~l. Ohlo. on deoeased . Vi .I~r Relntok ap,poln$. the library ; Doctor (J urney was wolt· ed admlnll'rdor . DODd 1500. IDi there. be announced. A od Dlbha E,'ate of AnDa II. "ol1lU1O., true bls s lBl er a aby but trleodly toucb present average prices for kerosene and oe&sed. Flnal aoootin' ap~orond upon tlle ahoO lde r as a complement to gasoline, kerosene engines save and oonfirmed the bandahaklni. Ilnd lett ber. Doctor Gurn.y WIlS si tting by the their owners about I.IC. Ver horse power per R~I Estate TrlDlfer. 10, lire, alooe In the room. and be hour over gasoline engines. merely ,lanced Gver hl8 aboulder wbeo Jamel L. Bro~ ao (Jeol'le I!Iodin8, bl •• atieot cnme 10. Be W(\S not over Figure it this way. On an 8-horse engine the fiavlot In Lebaoon, ,1, ftrty , In IIPlte ot Bhprldao' 8 babltual ing is 8.8e. an hour, SSe. in a lo-h our d ay, $88 in 100 Pearl J . . Bill to mydl J!l. litreely, "ole Doc Gurney." He WAS gray. bow· days of work. Say that is all your engine does in a lot In KalDlVllI~ 'I. ... e~n. almoBt all tbln a8 Bibbs. and The B'ranlt.lln Wheel 00, 10 ab, nearly alwaY8 he looked drowsy. year. ~rere Pulp and Paper 00,. loa I. "Your tather t.. lephoned me yeeter· It would cost you $88 more than you need to pay, to rranklln. $1_ 4ay atteroooo. Al biJ8." he silid. not ria· run an 8-horse gasoline engine one year. That is more ·In,. "Waots me to 'Iook you ov er' Il'red B. 81l1~D to, La. O&bln than a third of the price of the engin e. Can you afford to .,1aln. Come around h~re 10 tront of )'llhlDI lJIub ." ,tla. &.ruud, 5y' throwaway $88 a year? Can you afford even to think of me--between me and tbe fire. I wan! acrel in BamiltOa townabtp, '1. buying a gasoline engine when -you can get a Titan that . to _ If I caD see througb you." Barr,. O. Pra$er ' J "11 t 'l Eft dealer and talk this over• uses kerosene? See the I "YGU qlean you're too IIleepy t, Jon.. 10' iD Wa~D.rille; $1.100. He bas some interesting figures to show you. mo...." returned Bibbs, complylni. "1 S ..nley O. WWou.hb,. to .&lao. think you'll notice that I'm I'ettlnl O. DourbmaD, I~ bI . l5ou.~ . Leba,:wora.." Don, 1100. '"l'aken OD about twel .. e pound ••" (~ . BanDI II. 0080"" '0 Cb.~l.)'. aal4 Gume;,. "Thirteen. maybe." 1'1lI6k1.1d, 2 loti , . ~. "86. '"l'weJ~e." •. II. Bu.on ~ ", J:be-.; "Well. It won't do." The doctor "er, lot til DHrl4; ,I,. rubbed btl e7.UdII. ."YOtI're .0 ' much 8. II. B~ ,-.. lot' Ie 8o"b better I'll haT. to 11M IIODI' mac:hlnef7 .MIbuo., _ .011 MIAIN we cu JuIo1r. iut WUrt a l ar

demand~ fro~: ~he ' c~lld~~~.~n; e~gi~~el'~' an

.n~ br.kem~n ,

Railroa:da UJ-ge .Public Inqu1l'Y and Arllitration- , r,'







Leaders Refuse' Offer and Take Strike ,Vote




A Que,stion For the Public to D~eide





G,.'IS_" . 7',..,..,...


, I ..-;

. ,

. " ., . ..,




1.. ·'"1

e.., .....

M ' CLU' D~IDr ~~~;~nG:~d~~I1;:~~~::;rriil.~re~(~i.n~be!l:I~~U~!f.'i_:w~rf:d~ ~i :?:nl ~e~t~etln~ ~8:,~!~~.t:~.!~':'\&~:'" 1 ' ,~ j:.~L ~ Ctor.ll~fJ, I [,.1...•....:,. ." .Qi,.A~~ WALT~R



:::!:=======:;:,;:. ./' .e,. BAItN·tJART. "





. Notaryi Public








W~TERBOUSE,, ~~~.: ~-""'f O i .\ '


ql'~ H.~. HATB~w ~y ;

'or Coup;.





Warren Common


Can You Afford Any but a Titan '.:' lCerosene ~e?





btenaational ilarveater CompH), of $Derica ,






~ .

WayneaviUe, Ohiq. o


' ...

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-, ~.




\Jh~1'\ yov ,to~ to ' COf'\- ; • .5ider , it, JorrO\J i~.jv.,t A dif'",t ki",d of



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If' \.J\\ 't.ll vovld"t









A HOYtl ·By

IOOTH TAltKlNGTOH Author of .. Mooa1eur BnocaJre"o CGiIa_ 01

.. ThI


- - -' l'~"",


"reroapa-" soe negan, uut aner pausing thoughttully sbe made a gcs· ture with ber mUff, Indicating a large., brick churcb which they were approacblulr. "Do' you see thllt cb\lrcb, Mr. S\lerldau'" "I SUppOSI' I L'Ould," he onswered In .Imple trutbfulness, looking at ber. "But I don't waut to. I bn ve • teel· iog It" wbere 10u' re gol0lr. and where IIJI be aent ·hllck." She tbook ber bend In ' cheery nega· :tron . . "Not unless you woot to be. :Would IOU like to come wltb me?" "WhI'-wby-yes,·· he said. "AnJ' _berel" And again It wnl appare1lt thllt be spoke In almple truthfulne8S. "Tbeo come-It YOU care tor orgon mUliIC. The' orlfanlAt I, no old trlend of mioe, end sometlmos he plllYs tor ,me, He's a , dear 0111 mnll. Thlll'8 be, w alJlolr. In the doorwoy. He looks like Beethoven, doeao'l he? I tilll1k he kJ!.OWI .tbat; .JH!rh .. p" aod eDjoys It • Uttle. J bope 10," '! IBid BIII"". , al

b local.ppllatloll., "- tbey cailqot reach tile dileuea partlon of the .e.r: Ther, , I. anI) ODe WRT to ,jur& c:alllJThal durlle>l-., and thilt I. 'by 11 eonstltutlonal rrmcdy. t Clliarrhal Deafnell !. CIlU!lelt lbf liD in:flamed condlllOn of !he Di ,COUg lining'or th.. n.ltaabian Tuba. Whel' thla luba iii (nflamed you ban 11 ~umbllU* aound · or Imper(e~t b.aring, !ind. "hCD I~ iI entirely cloled. Dcarnen Is lhe re~ult. , 'Unless the Infl'lIIIltion 'Can be reduced aDd thl. tube fe.tored to It. flormal .conditlon, 'hearing . ' " will, be destroyed forever. M.1l1 roses of tIlese 80unds bring to you.. xes, yes, dfatnels ilre eau,;ed Ily ntarr", wblch 151 I benf It 11111 We benl'-to«.ethe.rl" an in Harped condition of the mucous sur· And though ,tile church 'grew 80 dim laces. H"II', C;lltanh Cure nctl throug" tbat all was mystorious s bndo'W exccpt ,the blood all tbe mucous surfaces of tbe tbe vogue-planes at the windoWs nod Mr. And' Mrs. I. A ' Ei lLrt800k. of 6YWem~vill give 'One Hundred Dollars for tbe orgonlst'8 IIg~t. with the white . Dllyton. spenl thtt "oek·cnd Wit~l allY <'IlSC 01 Catarrhal DeafnelSthu.t connot b~~ moving benell!b It, Blbb8 hnd no F. A. HartsooK Bnd, fa III i1y . be cured by HuU'.l:nlnrrb Cure. Cireu- consctousness that the girl slrtlng beThe Davis famtly 8Dtnrtilinod all Illr. rret!. AU DruggislI, 76c. • side 1\100 hod grown shulloW)'; be HundllY" _&J~. and ,""I" J oe UAV! P·I · CHIlNHV & CO., Toledo, O. Bllemed to lice ber ns plnhily nil ever. In Hnd MI8S Doro'bT, 0111 ,rveyeborell . the durkno88, though be did not look ut Mr. aod &\r8. 1Il • .IC lIIavn 'lD, MIRI8~. her. And 011 tbe mighty chnntlng of Ruth and' GleDni ~nnun, "nd Mig, UOClor Kl... tt. . He bas come to IIl1ten the orgnnrs' multltudlnou8 voices thnt Ida MaD non and ~"Ilgbl er, Ethel. ntterlloon 8eemed to Bibbs to- be cho· . . t' wltb me." ruslng at her nnd Interpreting ' her, Mrs. Hannab, R oh entertaloed all The organl~t looked bluntly sur, 81ngl ng ber thougbts ond II lnglng tor ~llnaAY, Mr, and .alr •. ~'rank Rloh prlsed. "18s that 80?" he cxclnlfllcd. him the worl!l ot bumble grntttlllJe thut and three Interea&lnll 'o hildren, from "He 'ls8 muslcla1l blmself. of COllrse." wns In his henrt becau8e sbe was so Lebnnon anC\ M.r. 8nC\ Mrs . WillllilJl "No," said Dlbhs. as tbe tilroa Iln' kInd to 111m. It ull meaot Mary. • W .. ~, and Mr. Lall'evrp, 0 ' Frl\nklln. toreli the cburcb togetber. "1-1 plnyell But when sbe asked him whn,t It The Jonio.r Prllolp'~ \\ ere plens. lfie-I tried to plny-" Fortuantely he OIeaot, on their homewnrd way, b e was antI,. BnlertalDed by Mls8 E $hel cbecked bl0l8elt ; he hnd been ubout 10 silent. Tbey had com" a tew paccs Maonoo, Satllrday af"'roooo. olrer the Illformutlou tbnt be bUll tailed .from the church without spenkJng, ldr. and Mra. W. T I .Iorda n and to master the Jowo' harp In bl8 boy· walking 810wly. • daughter IltteDded the wedding of bood. "No, I'm not a muslclon," be "I'll tell you wbat It mennt to me," Mls8 Nell., Jordan, We1oesday. contented himself with saying. she suld, olj, he did not Immedlntely MI'I. F. A. Harl800lt and M19 ~ "WbaU" Doctor [Craft's surprise 10· reply. "Almost any music at Bandel's (Jelen were WllmlpRlon visitors creused. "Young lUlIn, yeu are tortu· alway. mean8 one tblng nbove all oth, Friday. nnte! I play for Miss Vertrees; she Mr, and Mrs. Lew W olfe ond Mr. comos alwnys alone. ¥<ru ore the Ilrst. ere to me: COurage! 'fbat'8 It. It makes cowardice or wblnlng 8eem 80 ,,"d Mrs. RI)Y 'V,a lfe .. nd fnmll :y You nre the first one ever I" IIISnltcslmal-lt mllkcs 1D0at tblngs In epent Bllnday wUh 'bolr {lilrentfl, Tbey bud rencbed tile benll ot the aUr bustling little IIve8 8cem Inllnl tesl· ·Mr. and Mrs . John Wol fe . central alslo, Bnd as the orgnnlst finMr. aod MrII: H·. Hathawl\Y eotor', Isbed speoklng Blhll8 8topped short. wal." "Yes," he said. "It 8eems odd, '!lioed MJ:. and Mra. OIlrl Dodd and turning to look at llory Vertrees In n doesn't It, thnt people downtown nrc III1s8 Wanda, Snndal, ' dAzed way thut wus not of ber percelv· Mr. and Mrs. Gpo. Boga n and 8011, Ing; for, thougb s he stopped us he did, burrylng to trains and bl1nglog to strnps ,ln trolley cara, welterlug every Ber', visIted Mr. and Mrs. John ber Iraze followed tbe orgnnlst. who way to get bome anll feed oml sleep Bogao, liond!!.l. was walking awny trow thO,!1 towlII'd so they con get dowotown tomorrow. th" trollt at tbe church, shakln" bla And yet there ISlI't nnytblng down MISS Helen 8artaooll: spen t Mati. white Beetbovlnn ruune roguishly. there worth getUng to. 'I'bey're like day with t be Mlasea And rey aud "It's talae pretense8 00 my pnrt," serva nts drudglog to keep the bOuse 0/11l1 Thomp. on. . . Bibbs lold. "You lUelt n to be kind to gOing, nnd bellev1ng tbc drudgery It· 'l'here wllJ be progrMI At WolfnJ:e the lick. but I'm not 'an IIn'1I1111 nny selt Is the great thing. Tbey m'llw so Leoio e, ~aturday ,eveillng. Ever~v · more. I'm 80 well rm going back to much noise ond tuss und c1lrt Illey fot<- ooe 10 the Towolhlp 18 ol1 rctlflny In. work 10 a ,tew dnys. I'll better lellve get that the bOllse WI1 S mellnt to live vlted Ilnd visitors are "1~ay8 WEll In. The housework bna to he done, hut oome. . , before be begins to piIlY. budn't r'?" MiSSl\1I Irene Ungleal,y. nod Ethel "No." suld Mary. beginning to walk tbe pcople who do It have been so torword, "Not unles8 you dou't like overpnld thnt they're contused nnd MAonon attended the Holbrook r ,e. worsblp the bousework. They're over· union Isst week. . • great mUBlc." Be followed ber to n Relit about bnlf- paid, und yet, poor thlllgs l they haven' t Mis! Belen Bartlook leaves Wodwily up tbe aisle wblle Doelor TCrntt anything thnt 11 chicken Cllll't hnve. oesday to atten4- tho Friends 000nscended to tbe orgnn. '''),blH ntter, Ot l'Ouree, wben the world ,gets to pay· feren('e In Now Jeraey. I:!he wlli noon Bome Bundal!" be turned to IlIg Its wuges sensibly \bnt wUl be d1t· "SO .,Islt W tlblngton, Pblladelpbl.8 , Ibout. and otber polntl of Intere8t . terent." lIIory nodded. "WlII you like tllnt?" "Do you mean 'communism'?" abe U M, Groen, of Orohard j{nob. la ahe 1l8ked Bibb,. IIsked, anll she made their 810w pnce tmprovtnR the looks of t he grocery "I don't know. I never benrd uny a little slower-they hud ollly three .b y IIpplylng a coat of 11111nt, except 'LArgo.' I don't koow IInytblnl; blocks to go. Tbere wll\ be preaohlog d Beeoh allqut musIc. I don't evtln know bow "Wbatever the word 18, 1 only menn Grove" t:llndllY, by Rev, 8ell, and he tbat things don't look very sensible likes to see your lao88 Mre. HanDah Rloh and Mre Barllh now--t!specluJly to a man thnt wnnts to keep out of 'em nud cOll'tl 'Com· Rloh ~pent . Friday w ith Mr. and munlsm?' Well, ut least any 'decent Mr~. A. Mendenhall.11;! Wayuesville. sParr would ~ay It's talr tor nl! the II bealltilul ""d I~pretlslve oere strong runoers to sturt tram tbe same mork ond gIve the wenk ones 0 tnlr many wos psrlorooed' II I 'he home distance abend, so that 011 ca n ron of \bs. John Jordan, Wednesdny, something like even on th~ stretch. at 12 o'olook noon, ~ib(ln her lecond And wouldn't It be pleusant, really, It ' Mls8 ~el o!,' beoame the th In I I of Mr Oe,, "go ~ . Leibert, of tbey could nil CrOft8 , e w n ng Inc Chioago. {'he ceremqny Will pl~r. together? Wbo really enJoY8 bentlng. formec1 by thfl Rev'; .I!~hher Conro,., It!)y l-.1f !Ie... !J!:l!.!! 'le!!tel! 1l1~~'s of ..JamestowII p ....lib.L '1'lrtl brade tace' T e only wal we cnn e n~oy get· 1. r: tiDg ahelld ot other pC,ople .nowndllys aDd Iroom lon, Tln~Jeday morniJlg, tor &heir new home 10 10h loa&,0. Is by forgetting wbnt the other people ...:....-...... ---..feel. And thnt," he added, "Is notblng at what the music meant to me. You see, if I keep tlllldng about wbat It didn't menn 1 cno keep tram telling "I bave used you wbat It did menn." "Dldn·t It llIoun couroge to YOll, too lets aod mu., 8ay -a little?" sbe IIsked. "Triumph nnd I have ever' uled prnlse were In It, and somehow those ~nd In ,i lge8t-loo . My ; hem tor Indigestion things meuo courage to me." "Yes, they were nil there," Bibbs ber Ifood," writes enid. "I don't kno\'"' tbe nnme at what Wllmingtoo, N , C. he plnyed, but I eboullln't think It 'rablets are mild and trial. You would mntter much, The mOil that aott0r} , Give tbem makes Ule mU81c mU8t lenve It to you orecertaln to be plo led wUh libe and wbat It ClIn meQJl to you: nnd the Agreeable lux"tive eff 0' whicb tbey name be pute to cnn't make much prodnoe, Obh.lonble averywhf .e. dlffercoce--i!xccpt a himeelt alld people 1'017 much Ilke blm, 1 suppo~e." "I snppo8e that's true•• though I'd, never tboulrht of It like thnt." (Tn be eDntlDlled)

.. -

Everything .in ;' BUilding ,

Ne~el,ary to build a well.equ~~ , Dwelling, Barn, Stable, 'o r Shed. We also have Paint to pu t on your building you intend to build.



Boston, Maes.



Sond mo by return

- ..

·Every .family ",iSboll& exoeption Ibould keep tbla;prepa"8tloD al hand the hot w8ll,he,r ·of tli~, Bum· melD,nl',' ObamherlaiD'1 Colla, and Diarrhoea Remedy II ~or'h mllny Umea its OOllt "heo oeeded IiDd I. almoet oertaiu' '0 be needed before Ihe ' ,umme'r Ie over. Ic' hl!" no ~Ilperior for the porpo,ea tor wbloh n Is inteoded, BIlI It now. l)btalDeblll everywhere -

.SaXOD Six Livery ..




Wh.llng .1 .n Indultry• Whallog Is no"l a well .estnbllshed Inc1UBtl'7 olr tbe Portuguese·Afrlcan COBSt. Tbe' "humpbacked'· wbale averaled 46 feet in length and the. oeca· Ilonal sperm wbale about 60 teet.

(GuafaatfljJ .600 JBl1ea) ., ", ";~' N=d

$ 9,80 . 12'65 ' 1....45

$11.45 UU10 16.80






Come in and will make an estimate'on the building

Mr. Nelson BarplJtoo and family ontertaioed tJ.:e tollowlng g08.te Sundav, Mr. Ilnd Mre. Mar'ln Welt, of Bellbrool!.; Mr. aod Mrs. Glad Ellis and Mr. and Mr8. Jame8 Onrtla 1108 daughtElr, Mattie, of Sprlog Branoh; and Mr . . Ben Daw80n lind tamlly, of Ha~veysbnrlf. Mestln. Ed anc1 Olaude Stroud vie. Itfld Mr , Tom Courtney, Thnrsd.y. Mr. Chue. Kibler and daollbtflr, Lizzie. were In Wsynesville I::!~tur. day. Mr. Joe (jregg 8pent Monday night wltb Barry ~haw . Mr .loe Prioe and family ':loll SundBY dldoer with Mr. Nelson MoJ[eever and family. MI811 CII~herloe Burne" Ie vlsUlng 10 Waynesville. A~a Whitaller aod fllmlly enjoyed $he band ooncert at Lebaoon !:Idur: day evenlD'S. Mr. Joel , H~mIUoo has returned '0 bll home. 111' . Uooglal Holllngnvorth and family spent Sunday -wIth Barry Shaw aDd family. Mrs. Ic1a Stokes if' vIsiting ber daugh\er, Mrs. Ada Courtoe,.. Mr, and MrII. Barvey BllroeU look 80nay dloner witb M.r. Llndloy Mendenhall.bod tamlly;

Give us a call, get our prices, and we :ire positive w will get your order for lumber, etc.

.- .


W. H. MADDEN" CO. CORWIN, OHIO H I. Position. ··He·H n director In a baok." "00 all! Thl\t tollow ?" "Yea. He tflll8 the peoplA what windows to 10 to." -Detroit Froo Pros8.

Peterson &Stoops

Almost Delerted. Enkhulzen. alice one of HoUand '. most Importnnt cities, 10 now a1moat deserted.

Are buying all kinds of LIVE STOCK and paying highest market price. We are paying the highest cash price for

LOOK GOOD--FEEl GOOD No one oan eUher feol ~ood nor look 100<1 whlJo BulTering from OOD1I'lpa\ion. 6e' rid of 'hilt 'Ired, draRI', IIrele811 feeUDS by a Irea&. ment of Dr • .KiDg'a New LUe Pili•. Bay a box t.o-day, take one or two villi ~ night. In Ihe morning thllt .'otfec1, dnll feeling II 1J0n. and yOIl feel be'ter at onoe. Jl50 at your drullll.t.

1& hm't Deoelury to bave a stuffed head, ronolng no~e. To ooogh your head off a8 It were. All you need do Is '0 oee 9r. !:leU's Plne-Tar.Son. ... ey. The soo'hiog and beallog Chance for a Good Living. balsams open the ologged air pas. U you are nOl partlculnr nbout the sages and In a sbort time yoo Ret relief and aSart on the road So re way you lIet It. n good IIvlOIr can bu oovery, Your n08e B&ope ronnlng. made olr those whom thA doctors bave you oough less and you know you failed to eure.-Topoka Capital. .re getting better. Ge' a hoUle nee ae- direotad , Keep what Is leU ae a ooogh aDd oold InsuraDoe.

- - -..

- - --




111&11 a 60c 00 '

I~gg'to"~g~n~ ~~a~~II~g.'i· p~~~~~O'"

CAESARS CREEK MI.I Lelia Bogan wae 'he weekend 1(08St of ber friend Mill Mary Alenndel. of Spring V.lley, Mrs. Amanda Starr and daoghter ware gneall of Mrl. Ral.ilth 80gAO Satnrd.y aUernoon, Mu. Benty Crew II .,ery poorly a' lbls writing. Mr. and Mr8, Samuel Wilson wer& 'hi! !1uee'l of WaUer WillOliS Sun day. )lrll. Mar&ba Jone, aDd Ion., Ray aud Carl, Mu. Lnoy Comp&on and Ervin Pe&er.on were Xenia shop.. pers Wedoet!day afterooon. ' Mr. Edla~ 80llafl and wifo aDd O'oeel1 Warwlok spEn, Sonday at Lebaoon.

The follOwing oandld"te8 an. 110unoe tbelr oandldlloy betore the Repoblloan Primary ~o be held Augos' 8. 1916.

Clerk of Courts

For Commissioner A . O. BAKIIlR (Bt.mUton To"D4hlp)

W, .D. CORWIN ED B. RO(iERB FR4NK BENHAM STOKES t (W. Turtlecrook Tp.l


For Recorder

T~elivered atcOrw'

CALL Office Phone No. 46 Res. Phone No. 48:-2 ALL KINDS OF

InSUR1ln~~ Walter Chandler ~waynesville. 0.., Poatofllca,lI Om. Phone 77


A. MAFFIT Funeral Director and Embalmer. l Waynesville. Ohlo.'I/ Can answered promptly day or night _ Both phonM In Offico and Relldence. • Long dlatance,No. I'; Home phone

U-2r. Chairs and one Coach'fl11'nlahed free

with funerala.

Beat of ll8l'Vlee auaranteed,





WINDOW.BASH, for. windowe, In load ooadltloil. J.D. Marla&t, phone 18'-blllll. j19

Sknda of Beee 811d Bone1 ....-oasb1e prtOll, In.

o.noll. Phone 4'1'-3.

,1l1II~e:,.blu., 0'.


This d1111!81ie M011ld 110 treated MIIOOIl 118 the tiret nnaatural looa61Iea ,of the bowels appears. WbeIl UIIa Is done a einl!le dOflOof Chamberlain', ()OUc, Chol· era and Dtaftboea Remedy wID e1reot a cure. ThIa iemedf can. alwl\)I8 be' depended upon even ih the IDOIIt ~uId dlUlgOrotl8 c-, and ~ be bII* at hana i'eady for btIItuit _ NtmIIr .... hOD!8 o~ .. journey "



&.. .......... 1


(Second Tonn)

CJI.ssltled 'Ms



(S...",nd Term )

Mr. and Mn. John WUlon and laD, Haber', Ea&ber Shamb,ugh, "rancel and Weldon Wllaoo, Evan Balian and VirllO MUohner oallld 00 Boraoe Oomptonl Sunday afterDoon. Kr. and Mrs. Zlmr SainM and Ions, Lu'her aDd Somer took Son dav dinoer wUh Raymond WilBOOS.

Wayneaville, O.

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· G()in'g~


OM E 'lh1~the ::;axon l{~l!.~stere~peci­ ally Bpp~ling bccause 1t IS so sImple aod safe to dri ' ·e. It starts and s tops and turns wi th utruost case. There is never allY tension or strain felt when you 8re a t the wheel of the Saxon "Four." Even at the end of a long I t rip you are not fatigued. Yo u'll find [ the upholstery deep and restful and l the seat is 40 inches wide-plenty of space for two ~ arge people. Le' us tnke you for a ride and show you how easily you can drive a Saxon Roadster.


J. B. Chapman Phone 116

Waynesville, Oblo

The Holbrook centennlal '-at LebaQon IBBt week WBB a /;lecjded " , There were hundredf3 of old ite9Lebanon wbocame to spend in andba~k renew old 1l(!(tUllm· ha:t~f:~~~~~~l'Orje'.I'U1!llef. tances. The week started with services iQ the cl1'urches, many old NO'rml!lJlt811 the j)ulplta. · , , Many . touching scenes filled the week, and one man, ))r. Crowey, Beet.SlaU!on.:,-Emley, 1st; BailI who entered the IIChool ~n' 1855,and a TwOt~ear cl~-M ichener lat; Fur· young lady who had Just entered, nas, 2d,. shook handa. Then, Bpln, when Four.year.ol~and over-Michl!!1erll Josiah Holbrook,MlssAnna Holbrook 1st· SallBbu~. d and Mrs, Irene Holbrook Clarke Bl'(lOk Mare n'd Colt-Joe Evans.. mounted the rostrUm, there were Farm'T1!aJn'tJoe E"ans. ' cheers from the audience. . Best 2 0 s car old Colt-:D. ~, . The entire time was fil.1ed WIth Hockett'. ' ,'. IIpeeches. school mate meetl!lg school Roadster 01 ..... Dr. McCoy, 1st

mate, and , ..I"" . . tho tom. 100, Md 2d, A,1;,



of f .tUCI~lonl~. ent the Fourth b~re ' BP , , , ' ' . \ . .. ,. , ~. ' " \ . Ed~ard Le.w1s, of .,Dayton ~nt the !'ourth· here' with tih\ parents, . Mr, and Mn..Ott9.Lewia, .' ' ~: , . " "_ " /'1 . Mr, and Mrs. Frank Taft; of~ ..Dq-

ton, _.'ib........' ofMr. ..,

Blnce go~e, and the week passed all - ,. . Mrs. W; H. White Tuesday, too Iwlftly for them. There were . . _. , many people from a distance, and AFTeR"" ON EVENTS they enjoyed the t,ime spent again In . .i ~ . I" I old Lebanon. In'the .afternoon, at the - - -... - • events were' pulled off ad'ver'tilled, ... . and they a11.,P,1ved to 'Automobilesstirely llad their innlor At '1:80 the'~m started, SundllY,. The pikes allover tlte-town-. sbip ?lel'4t'f~lrly' l)umed ut' by them. r...,.,: . announce~. · T e results are as Mr. and Mrs. ' W. N. and . family spent lut week visiting with r,latives 'ill Darke CountY and in -In.1 . ' .' . ~ Robert E" w.~ Carr........... 1 1 , diana. : Frank Zell fell off a load of hay, at Lady Brookt,' ray ...... ........ 5 2 DollyRH ; FU' 'HCl'tVk 10 o'I Mr. and Mfa. Fred Joo~ and litc oc k thO11 mom In Ir, throwin'" • Effi · .................. .. " .2S . 43 hit shoulder out of place, while haul- G e d' H m G ·ah .... · ........ ·.. .. ·4 5 tle .. daultbter, of Cincinoati, w.ere og.. ~ am.. ......... ~ guest. of Mr, and Mrs, B: H. Kelly, inlr hay on hl8 farm on the Xenia roun Sunday.. . · pike. He WBB brought to town and .. Gr n Trot the Ihoulder WBB attended to. He Is . . t resti~ BB eBBY as can be e~pected. Orma M, McCot ............... 2 1 2 1 1 Owinlf to the fact thaUhe Gazette Samantha, satl rthwalte ... l 2 1 4 3 force all ~k the Fourth, several ~ -----Mo}ly Purce!~'l ukena ...... S 3 4 2 2 items of Importanee were IAft outof Exile Mac, M y ... ... .. .... 4 4 3 3 4 this l8Iue •

fELL Off A 'y~~ :::~,ju~~~t,~~l~~. LOAD Of HA 10W~: . Fre foi ~All





Sear. .

------.. ..


THE j\ nv

~lCN 0 11 (;


\'a rn i ~ I l\'~, ,..h"lliJ

OF GOOD PAINT or o llg h t t o lI ~C paints a nd n ' l1l c m hl' l' th at we h ave th e

II ses

ilgl'IIc\' rClr

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS AND VARNISHES in thi s I(...a l ir ~' . FIOr lifty yea rs this Iinc has been t.h l' \\,orld's It'aLl cr - th ,II 's wh v we chose it; a nd w e a re le.lrl er;. in good thin gs h ~ rc-th a t's why th e y dlO~C II ~. I L': a pn; l ty good com bination t o d o bu ~ in ess with. Sold by


DISLOCATED WRIST WASHING WINDOWS Mrs. Edith Harris, while cleaning windows last Thursday had the misfortune to fall off a step· ladder and dillocate her wrl8t. She is carrying her arm In a IlIn&" and is Bulfering consIderable pain.




ReiUlar communication of Wayneavi1le Lodge No . 168, F. & A. M., Tueaday eveninlr, July 11, at 8 o'clock. Sojourning brethren and visitors welcome. D. L. Crane, W. M. L, A. Zimmerman, Sec'y. Q

------.. ..---~

Harry R. Reeves and family of Richmond are guest.~ of relatives here, MisB Mary Elizabeth Reeves of Tacoma Washington, is at home for the Bummer. T. M. Harlan and Bon James of Miamisburg were week-eud guests of A. H. Harlan and family. , Miss Lois Whitaker returned ; urday from a plessant visit with ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!"~~~~ i ati.vt!B in Mechanicsburg and Card· I inllton. Mra· Elizabeth Carr fell Salurday TELL THE ADVERTISER YOU SAW , and severely sprained her ankle. HIS ADS IN THE MIAMI GAZEllE Born to· Mr and Mrs. Andy J!'leming, June 29, an eleven pound son . ~~~~~~~!'!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!'!'!'!'!=-:::s~~ Mrs. JustU8 Reeve. and daughter spent IBBt week in Springfield, ",uests of E . M. PattersOn and family. Mr, Jesse Hawkins and dau~hter Mise Bernice 'sp!nt Wednesday of lut week in Springfield. The June Collection of Taxes has been extended to. Mlsaeq Edna Coyl and Marie Hall, of Dayton, were here for the Fourth. J I 20 1916 u Y. • Maynard LeMar, of Xenia, is the OFFICE HOURS TO THE PUBLIC- 8:00 A. M. to guest of relatives here.



3:30 P. M,

Life's Gradations. At twenty years ot age the will I r eIgns. at thirty tb o Wit. lIud at forty the Judgmeut.-Grnclan.


~~~~~~~ - ~~~~~~~



TO MY SUPPORTERS IN WARREN COUNTY I Am a Candidate for Recorder. Please Help Me.

There we re three Holbrook boys in the erm y. al l und er 17, serving an average of three years in the 12th, 35th and 79th Regiments and Signal Corps, 80 well kn own in our county. The illneS!! reRulting from a former ('alTlpaign in which I walked abeut 7(10 mil eH hag about disappeared and I (!an nj,W .·alisfactorily perform duties of (Jllice whil'h are much more extended han f rmerly . The Deputy is my dauR'h ter. Miss Hebe . The State Bureau of I n ~ p ect i v n reports: " The new abstract index r\!Quired by Sec. <!764 G. C. is regularly kept and the work in the /{ecorder'8 office reflects credit on the cl e rical force." In addition to routine work done, we hav e:tr ~ n scribed, with corrections, almost three volumes of old records. which has made the office eelf-Iupporting . I am the only member of the family w/lo hM beeo a candidate for offiu, and if [ have one more term 1 can get my little home paid for . I was Secretary and Professor in the Lebanon University, wbich my fath. er founded, for many years. . ' Expressing feelings of profJUod gratitude for support in the past, and asking a continuance for one more term, thereby reward. ' ing a soldier of the Union army,' ti!'8t company organized In Leba. non. viz,: Co. F, 12th .Regiment, MaY,_IS6l, I am, ~ Very sincerely yours, . _' ' JOSIAH HOL'BRoOK • .oOOOOQOOOOQQOQO.QOOOO:OOOQOOOOOOOIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt


$1.40 Round Trip



85 cents f· Round TrIP==pr~mg Ie


, Gr~ n Pace B S Howell left 1uelday ' afteri Lady H, Stew ...... ..... . -3 1 2 1 ,L noon for allhort visit to hia ranch In Mary BI Baily ! ............... 1 2 1 2 2 Ala batna, will ' be Itone abqut Richara Pointe Graham ... 2 a 3 3 3 three weeki, • .



. Mrs, Emma Retallick home I8It week after spondlng sev· Betweel\ tlie ~ce8 the field even:ts eral weeks wit)! friendll in CfmlnnaU took place ah$\ were an enjoyable and...other places; feature of the.db, as only local cOlnteetants were eltered. ·The fat men's Po booster ganll'coJllPceedof Mesars. race was parti¢;Ularly funny, Frank.ZeIl, Fran" ShjlrwOocl, G. W. Fred Hawke, ~ Hawke, Ray Mml, Hawke; Mver Hyman. W. O. Raper, Walter ChY~dltnd Lester Will!! e'o- Walter Chandler. U. M. 'Wlilte, tered and ran 50 yards to the e:x:- "Dave" .Conn'8t D. ' L~ 'C rane, Ellis citement of eVil ' body. The resuJ,ta Lonll', 'Carl Mcrnure and Ethan Crane were as folloM' took in moat.o f the 'adjo nlnll towna Thursday, advertilrin~ the Fourth of 50 yd . dasli":"Emerson Surface. July celebration, 100 yd. dasb...ti)!:meraon Surface. ~20 rd. daah-!}Emerson Surface. I Boy 850 yd. q1lllh-Floy~ Daugh· Mr. and 'Mr.!'J Georlt8 tl¥lkllJ, ters. . and Mrs. Cal McBryant BoY'8 IOOyd. d8lh-James McDo'n- ter, Mr. and Mrs, Osale daughter, of Darlon; Mr. ald. Girl's ,50 y!t: dash, 12 years alia Min Mary S~raf.. MnDI~fin;iltOi~ urider- I, Catlja ine Burp.~; 2, Hel,ao and McNeal and BOD, · of New D1 Sherwood. , ' Mrs.- Harley . Carbuck• . of Girl's 50 yd. , 12yia. and ov'er Valley aUended ~8 ' fun,ral -I, Marie Su ' leo; !iI' a.len l:\her' Naomi Hllr~ ·lut .Filaq. ' wool1, . . ..., , / Wheelbarrow I double race-Clllr,' . . ·JohnA. Funkey'! ence Mendanhall land Ernest Harilln. day, . Hjs larie' SboeJuly".le Stock . Sack Race-I. 'Robert HuffmfLD; closed ouf at a · hilt savin,&' 2, Dan McMillan . , Fat Man's Ra:e--l, Lester Wills; tomers, all. at the old price below. 'EVerY one ' knon how 2 Fred Hawke. Boy's SwlmmifigRace- 1. Clarell~e shoes have wvanced. Get your share of the baraains, 500 pal~ Overalls Mendenhall; 2, Ernest Harlan. . 76c, worth 11.00 everyWhere, the 11 .;l5 Ovaralls only 86c. Buy lOme i and uve money'. THE B/\LL GAME





Close at noon Saturdays. FRANK D. MILLER, Treasurer of Warren County.






A UTO SLOW RACES 'fhe lut evell t Gf the day crowd tolrether until about in the evening, and there deal off attention pala to mobile slow racee, die which iAgiven a8 follOWS:

First Race fOl: Four Cylin~ler Car Saxon 4 Marathon Mitchell Saxon 4 .

Cars ' . Owner, -Driver Chapmm · PerJOns 7:2SY. lJhandler Chandler 5:57 Servis Servl. 5:4.'l Chapman Baird (di,a) .


Race , Six : Cylind~

Car Saxon Six Raxon Six Saxon Six: Saxon Six

Owner Mills Cornell ' Kelly Chapmrm


em .

Driver Milia Perkins Perkins Baird

Time U:43 11:15 (Iiis). 9:02

Third Race FrooforAlt, . L~ldy Driver / .', Car


Saxon" Baily



. ¥ta·


6 Kelly ,.Kelly . SUNDAY, JULY 9 FROM Saxon Ford Kilbon ' KUbon WAYNESVILLE Saxon 4 Perkins Perldna. •

SPECIAL T~AIN LEAVES 9 :35 8.m See r..caJ Agent

DR. COX'S Barbed Wire ,LIlUMENT,


At 3 o'clock f~ ball game betwl!en Work. Harve ysburg and Waynesville was UWo~ .Is not man's pu'nI8hnient; It called. A grea* many of the ,old Miamis were her e and Warren smd Is hlB rew"rd aud his Btrengt;b, hili Herbert Edwards 'got the boys to· glory and his pl8B8ure.;'-Qeorle Sand. gether for the diy. The boys plal7ed • a Ilreat Ira me, but owin", to the f,a ct that several of them tried to 10le the Can't Lose ~air ball while throwlojt to bases, lost. the Ilame 9 to 7. The Waynesville boys got fiftMn hltli and HarvEIYs burlr 6, caut the errors for Wayn(8Tw~tyYell'8 from Today. Baldheadville were every ~)D~ Costly. ~ Man WIII.Bean Uoo.ual Siaht. - '.

Saxon 4 Chapman CbAp~an



Ee::aU:J IS'==~,iEJ I'i!ia


't:l ,-===::11[:1

Brings Promise ,of a ill1:1 ..

~~ \

!flnte::sti~g '~etter:BI~romleBIEo=ys=I1


New '·Day." J

VVhole Nurnber' 3505

NOVEMBER 20, 1918





'l]Jan/(siJlulng Proclamation by .the President


In the Service


, ~ru


~ ill lEI m ElI::I==311:1Il'===' a ==='1:1 ===' ==51'1:]



E=SiI:!Gi=5:111:11:.=!;!551I .m E Bel:5'==5I'EJ


These Letters Appreciated by Folks "Over Here"

1:' 1::' (:J 1:' Oklaboma, Maye we will run across each other some of these days. Oct. 27, 1918. Well. mother, I don't know what Doar Edltor- f sup pose YOU are el se to write, so will close for this wond ering why Mnc nnd I bav(' not time. Give everybody my best, and wrillen. nH rh e ot/ler boys of dpu,' old I will write. more later . Love to ali. good bye, \\ ayncsvlil e hnve. Wp lI . tho truth Is HAROLD ITARRIS. th lll we havc been pretty ,bllsy slnee ('0. I) , 30S M. G. Bn., A. E . F. w!' I.·ft Ihp SI"tP. ~ nnt1 camo OV Cr hera. und 1)llrLly beclluse 1"0 have ueglected France Ollr cnrros polld llnce. Of course, we Somewhere in France, are no t rtghllng subs all .of .our time, October 16, 1918. as IJe.ol,le see m t.o thlnl., nOr are we Dear Father-I will write a few sheliln g lhp. German navy t.o plcce~ ,.. every day , So y.ou see \V A have had u lines to let you know that I have been !!,Qod many chancos tQ write If we hall wounded, but am getting along aU right . now. I got shot in the right .only so. Now. please b~lJevo us. wbon we IN:'. Was wounded on the 9t'h of Oc. ay we a ro sorry tllat we huve not toher , when I was Il:oing over the top. "ritten SQoner, as we know lhat all of J hav~ been over the top three differ· our friends at h.ome al'e an xious to . hear u s and to iut Ol w exactly ent times. , rli~t. , . " the people tbrollghout the land to . We have got those "square hends" what we ure dOing. "COmplete victory bal brouahtus, cease upon that day from thetr or· . 1\.0'" we are JUSt as anxious te let on the run now. Those "square hends" no~,peace alone, but til" confid~t dlnary occupationa and in their sev. IY ,~ c _ _ _ _ . . . . . . - t2I th em IOlOW uut you see thel'e Is a get up a tree and shoot at you with a great difference between flgllUng Oil llIachine gun. !Jut the higher they Il:et promise of a new day 88 well. lD eral homes and places of worship to -" I f d ' . W. H. Madrlen was in Cincinnati, W. H . Allen was in Cincinnati. lund and wUler, The army may tell the harder they fall. which jl1ltice lOUall ,rep ace oree an render thanks to God, the ruler of Tuesday. Puther T have bpen awarded the D. nearly everything thnt they hu ve \\ III cnn· ["riday. ARMlllns or the COl' j~olJ8 intriaue amona the . nation.. nations. . but with us It Is dll'ferent-a silp R, C.. wh ich is called a Dis~ingnlsh.ed dllcl n en lII)1al\ln to ' II lilt \" f arm of t he t.ongue, II secret uccid ntI y ui. , Se rvice ('ross, for what I did at SOlS"Out gallant armies bave partlcl. "'n witness whereof, I bave here· Dr. Dill, Osteopath 21 S. Brood blU'(}U U w '~mhe l' a hlp d ) ~ Th flU}\K · Graham;nreBti - fresh every morn CI08l'd- bl'lnss good-bye nav y. W e so ns, I nm sending you the nrticl .. .Pated in a triumph which Ie not unto let my hand and caused the way, Lebanon. Ohio. gtvl n" weok. j£u('h por . wIJ n j{i ll1:l jng at Whit~ ~lore . might be cOlllpared to a wise del ec· fl'Ol11 a Frenrh paper, which reads as marred or ,wned by any plJ1'p088 of seal of the United States to be ' ~m ltl' I:~ h l l' will be r,""6ollted with Uve on Ih e hunt of a dangero us crlUl- (ollows: II la.)hc!I ielft8h aaltression. In a riahteoua aftIxed. Stanley Pence, of O!lylon, spent billi On lind with ll. (' :' The cond ition of Miss (;eorgia Illai. Hc says littie bllt docs much. " Pri vate Harry D. Leonard, .Inral,lsClllare fJultC1b le for tu . : 11 ~ to hie Hudden remains about the same. Now f.or a few ilnes on the subs. try-. cause they. have won immortal glory - :'Oon8 in tbe District of Columb!a Sunday with r ela tiv!!li here. For extraordinary herOIsm 111 tront gntl). nf cO lll'H U YOIl have I'ead a great deal operations · tmd ~ve "nobly servedl ~heir nation tblS sixteenth day of ,November, ID north of S0I8sons Jul y In th e pUpOI'S a bout tbem and n.o 19 to 22, l!lIS. . . . the year of our Lord one thoulfsnd Ths \Vealc's drive w ll! " " 0 with a wounded on In ~rvipg ~an~JIld. nine hundred and eill'hteen, and ot U. M. White is !lpend ing s·'veral big IlJ llBo Illeetlng hel,1 I' Bring your cream to tho J. A. doubt yoU 11Il\'e shuddered when you July 19. 1915, lIeSeverely ,'daY, ~"ov. con~inued. to go for"God bu, lrideed, been aracloul. the independence of the United ' dRYS with friends in Brown county. ao, at the count r sca t \ pro",~mm. Long Co. F. W. Hathaway. Agent, read about some nerarlous crimes th ey ward with his company untIl the Ol1 e;hnve co mmitted, sucb as si nking a alions were over. ; rl r 'l ll ural ,. We h~ve cause for IUCh rejolalna u Statea of America the one hundred or goal, of th e ['olln t Only ~uly 20. In thnt tlmo ~v vee 'aDd 'tr.~eniin uI all th, and forty·thlrd. ' " ,T he plurality for th~ Prohibili lllJ, elforlR wlil ue presenwl; Vun Reta liick of Fort Thomas, Belgium relier shiP. or torpedoing spite of his wound, he carried a ml'Ssome unassumcd hospital ship. through a heavy barrage. l';le xt .snge uilg n Is in The pUtpOa6 at lIll! Cl spent a dtly last week with relatives ~Tlend s there Is one thIng wblcb beet ~ltton8 of our national his"WOODROW WILSON. according to the. offiCIal C0'!rl. was or kin, John Leonard, father, KII1!:,s large part a ' big attem If I" unlry et . tory. , A dQ abinea about UI, "~y the President: .Robtlrt Lan. 25,854. would, or should. make anyone want Mills, Ohio." H. E. Earnhsrt. Lou St. -John and to go gunnin g for Fritz. Sinking 1~.hIch. our ~eartl tue .new ,cour- sing, Secretary of State." Dr. and Mrs. H. E, Hatilbway I haven't heard fr om Fred yet. How Sidwell Ellis were Cincinnati visitors transports Is ,bad enough. but making spent Sunday with ~elatives . in Tue~day. war on a Red Cross sblp Is about the is everythi ng in Kings? I got a letter from Mrs. Black the other day. I. 11m Springboro. lowest t hla g that a human could deway bnck of the firing line now 111 1\ vi se. As bnd, or perhaps worse. than Born-To Mr. and Mrs Frsnk running a baby through with a 'bayo_ nice white bed. Well, I guess I ha ve Mrs. Ellzabelh Hathaway is spendDakin, Thursday. November 14. two net. 'l'hey botb have just the same told you all for this time so will close. ing a cO\lple of weel,s wilh rel alives daughters. HARRY LEONARD, chance. near Cozaudale, Ohio. 'rllelr method of BUack Is somewhat Co. B., 16th Infarttry: Just as the day was done; and Born-To Mr. and Mrs. L L. as followll : You have heard of tbe ~n, d.arkness had fallen from the wingS Salisbury, Wednesday, November~O, l!l,lriscope, a ~las!l abo~t 4. inches in t .... ~ , " of ni t-delf, ~ e,eD lI.1 ,hfir.!il""""l"'l.1CO ..H nmt:.t i; ~ lUh". ...., .... It tft &bclJ. " lu_ 19.18, II' dtlu~h\,jr. laItir~~~~~"";';'&:';;'~,1,·11...._ . ... ~ ' souUl ot aynesvlfle, Ol'lIo: Novem. minds you somewhat.of a piece of \ . The regular meeting of the Worn· ber 14, 1918, Kat"'arine Young. in lead pille moving swl!Uy through the We will have an abundance of Ice water. The s ub fully submerged, an'a l\.u:.tiliary W88 h.ld at the h~me the seventieth year of her age. In If you want any j ewelry. clocks or Cream for the Thanksgiving holidays, travels through tho water with about of Mrs. , Sarah Zimmerman Frlday usual health to within a few hours silverware for Christmas, csll at W. C. P hillips. four In ches of this showing, He sights afternoon, Nov,mber 14th. of ber death, the end was sudden KUbon's Millinery Store. agent for idre Cadwallacler opened the meet and unexpected , tbe euewy. gets bls range, and lets go Nathan'Jonell was born June 2!, M. Kohlhagen, Lebanon. N 1ing by teBding the 186th Psalm. Rev. The widpw of the late Robert 'fhe boys who had been working at a couple of tor pedoes. J[ the ship was Iteprodllctlon of Farm Bureau Memcbrlsteaed under B horses/loe, she 1831 and departed this life ov . lJ . F. Cadwallader conducted the de- Young and the daughter of William Moraine City were laid off last week ber.hlp Card. cscapes, but if a torpedo hits her 1918' aged 87 years, 4 months and 25 , votional exerciaes. Scriptural quo· and Jo'hannllh Prenderg88t. she 'wa Mr. and Mrs. A. 0: Haine~ , of lhe and went to Dayton Fridav to get 8c'juurely It is "fal'cwcll Katy, bur the days'. His father came from . New tations were aiven in respontlll to born on thtl Atlantic Ocean, her pa· Masonic Home, Springfi eld . spent their pay. door." Jersey. His mother was a nat!ve Clf roll·call. - The election of officers for ren~ bein&' enroute from Ireland to Sunday with Mr. anel Mrs. J. C. Well. deur frl enu s. we do not think Ohio. He was one of a famt1y of • toe coming year~esulted 88 f~llo~8: America, in March ]849, One of a Hawke, Leave your watch, jewelry, clock we need dwell louger Ulloa tbl s un· ten children. all of whom have gone Preai(lent, ·Mrs. Cadwallader; vIce family of seven children, two sisters and optical repairs at Kilbon's MiIli· IJl oaSfl nt su uj ect as yOU probably to their reward except onebrother , president, Mrs. Crane: secretary and and four brothers, she is survived by Leave youy watch: j ewe l ry. clock nery s tore. agent for M. Kohlhagen, l(IIolV as much about what Is going The entire life of Nathan J~n ps treuurer, Mrs. r&oaber: United Of· but one, a brother, Thomas Prender· and optiC'll repairR at Kilhon's l'.4illi· Lebanon. llll as we dll, ,but somellow I don't bo_ was spent in or near W.ayneRvlll tl , ferlng treasurer, Mrs. Cadwallader; &,ast, now living in Waynesville. nery store, agent for M. Kohlhagen, Iieve you CU ll fully reali Ze th e cru elty He wall reared in the faIth of th ... MjlIaionary tre88urer, Rev. Cadwal, Her husband. Robert Young, died LIlbanon. Mr. and Mrs. W, O. Raper are of It all until you Itnve been on the Orthodox Friends. At the sge of 21 lader. l88t August leaving her to the ten· spending a few days with relatives in Sllot alld know what Is taking place. years he became the . husba!1d vf The program' W88 taken from the der care and kindly ministration'.! of Mr. Harry Hadden, of Columbus, Brown County. where Mr. Raper is It certain ly mnkes a porson thin k Mary J . Cartwright. ,F Ive chJldrt'n Fo,:tY: lI8COnd ~ual Repor~ of the her Dtlpbew and niece, WUIi~m and hard, lJeileve us. Sometimes we feel blessed this union. rwo d~parted a cousin of Miss Georgia Hadden, hunting the bunny. Woman'l AUXIliary of the DIOCese Clf Katharine Prenderg88t. li S If It were onl y an unpleasant dream this lifein infancy. and two In early Soutbem . Ohio, Mi'II. Cadwallader Katharfne Young was a woman of spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. anti that we will wak e up some mornh d H leaves a compamo~. reading the President's Addr8l8, marked individuality and sterling H. Allen. e ne dau~hter. Mrs. A. Maffitt. Dr. J . T. Ellis. Frank ill S in the cozy liltle bed ut home. man 00 . Mrs Barnhart, Minutes of the For- character. Of limited education. Farr, Dr. !'. O. Clagett, C. H, Hart· witiJ thi ngs ju s t th e sallie as tb ey al . . one br~th~il °one granddaughter, ty·second Annual Meeting. and Mrs. ahe yet p08188118d a remarkable bURi· Coming Back-"Pride of. Hi chs and a host of soele, H A Cot:nell. C, M, Robilzer waYH w ~ rc-uut no maller what we L!!:ura . h' I j thln l nut! lI'V to believe we are MISS Et e yn one •. I Brot' , Crane. Annual Report of the Secre- net18 sagacity that served her well In mond" Flour ·- Just as good liS ever, . f ' d to mourn theIr I tary . . life ' and enabled her to ,minister to 100 percent wheat. aruused ol'e ry morning by tllO sound. rlen B . d . 09S s and lived of tha t bugle play lll g thnt old " J caa't er Jones wag ust~I°r-f' He wa~ At Will White's. The meetif!g then adjC?urned ~ loved ones. A woman who practised );o t ' CIII up " unil we want to heave a on a farm tl ate ID I e· . meet with 141M Emma Helghway In self denial that ahe might do for "hoc at 1l1;II, Then another disaster frugal, and did not spenn. h ISt~b~=r December. _ othera, of deeds rather than wordR, J. C. Hawke left Monuay morning s holVs us that we are s lill In the great unwisely . He \Va? attefillve " I eMrs. E. V. Barnhart, her's W88 a life ot usefulness and for Cincinnati where he will ~c rV(ll)n bnllie nga ln"t the Hun for the democ- ness. and made life a .nan._18 su ~ Sec')' pro tern, efficient activity. May she rest 'in tbe Federal Gran'J Jury , There wi ll racy of Lll e world and thnt we will 'be cess. He was temperate In hIS habl - - - - .~ • peal:e and Light perpetual shine be several important cases urought until he ha s co mpletely surrendered and greatly ' disliked the drunkard upon hel'. up thili time, among t hem being the e\'l'I'Yl hln g Into the bands of our He held the Lord in high es t~ e m a!l d Bughes· Deeds probe ca~e. lender. would not take his name In va m . Then while the band plays tbe He had great respect, .for the Inw, Star Spangled Banner. and we stand and always paid his just debts, He at salute. old glory will rise to the was charitable and gave to the mnlnmnst and a long streamer at tll e churches . . . fore and we will know that at last we In his declining years hIS frIends a l'O 'hom eward bound.' watched over him in love. He grew Now friends. we mus t not take' any old gracefully and Quietly went d?wn more ot your time or ours for It Is t the gate of death He passed Into about time to "turn In.'' or. as we say, the ('reat Beyond like one who had "hit the cRulkln mat:' So. hopin g f ood fight, and finished his that this lotter finds you all well and oug a 1t the last he could have enjoying lite. we remain, cOW~ith Whittier, ' Your trlends of tbe U. S. N. sa C. S. McCLURE. "And so beaide the silent sea, C. E, MENQENHALL. . I wait the muffled oar; , No harm from Him can come to me On ocean or on shore. . France, Oct. 20. 'IS. [ know not where His i~lands_ hft Their fronded palms 10 air, after dinner. The sOllcitipg committees .of the United Wa,r Drive- were busy all last week, and the Dearest Methe.Sunday, I only know I cannot drift, r , Father and Kid: Beyond Hia love and care. " re~ult of their labors is so·tnething Wayne Towushi ought to be proud of. After all the Nothing to do at present, only ... write you a few Jines to let you know that I alll. still well and feeling good, and I hope everybody at home ~s the snme. Has the weather changed any at home? r suppose by now it is beginning to get cold. It is raining ove!, here at the pn!gent--been raining ~ stnce yesterday, and when it atarts, it don't know when to quit. Not very much to tell you, as noth· to an urgent call a ing new , harr happened. Has Helen In re~~on~~ the Adult Bible Claeses been up lately? I wrote her a let- conven ad Schoola will be held at ter last week, and JrBndma one. too. Of the s ~ ay n December Brd and Thin~ are still on .over here, BeU&[On:o n~8~POn!llDent was nece•. Just like they were a month ago,only (th. T . P . f til "fiu" epldem1c , I trib ti . I haven't been paid yet. Sure, It It sary on account o · e . Th e IIrgest . 8 Inlr e con u on 10 great to be 4.000 miles from home , Leaders 01 au. movement. for conthe county W88 _Q'lven by the King and broke but I'm getting along just serving man power and wO,m an pow •. Powder Co , of Kings Mills, through the same.' Will get it Borne .of these er will Inspire ~d 1nBtr ~ct In all ~ork Ita president, Geo. G. KilUf, amount- days, I reckon. of the world In wblch Adult Cwa8s Ing ~ 11200. . How is grandpa and grandma get- afe and should be engaged. --- • ting along? Just the same I , sup_ Every Adult Clall ,I,!I . entitled to The amounted contributed in the POle. Callie, I reeko~, lIkes the two delegates. an'l l.lli ~ged to appoint county; it fa believed. will reach weather la it begins toA~~ colder. the deJepte~ at O1loe and notlfy Mr. 142,000. , ' . Does ~lIhll still go ,with uw,m in the A. T. Arnold; Ge~e1'!lI ' Secre;tU1, Ohio . \ , . . maehlnet . Bat 8'l'IUlclpa been out to Sclfool' .Assoclation, Colu~~ Ohio• . After'We tabulatfon of tbaamoUDt th~:-:,: &om ,Clint? or Fred u Oauit-,.,pr I,.ebaDOII;8~ , of tbe drive U. tatea place 41Mb I haven't Mud from him yet-don" ta1'1 Of ')Narren (i!oP..t7 8\lD11a)' SoIaqll\ tlia. towDIblp·. part will be pabiW.ed lit IU~ 1. ..... ~ u he' dOlI\' Imcnr A.M~~0Il, Wllo. MDC\ 1I~ '~11oeal pepers. . . , ~ ... I doIa'C' uul _<nAO , " ' • .

w~hib~)l. D.


alie and I~k forward ,,:iUi new hope , November 18, ·1&18. to new and greater duties. , Preeldeht Wilaqn. by 'proclamation,. "~hi1~ . we render ..thanks for t.hese -flitS .Idtt Tbur8day, Novemb,r' 28, thl~6l'I. !at U.I not torget to s~ek the . ";:"1. d ' f 't h Ii'· i I . d er diVIDe guidance In the performsnce '~ e' ay 0 an 98 V ng an pray " .t ', I d divl d I ' u 'O" til W ' of those ",ut es an I ne mercy an a 'l>!C>e ama , n 0 9 ,9: , fojogi~en8811 for all errorll' of, act or · "It h,. long bee~: 9ur cuatom to i)\~rp08e.aiId pray tMt in all we do , tum ~~ ~~tumn .ot ,th~. year In we sh'all " atrengthen th~ ties ot prallle and tllanksgl~lDg to AI~lght~ frlend9hlp and mutual respect upon ~od , forltis ' m,rply blesalngs and. which we must 888ist to build the m.erc/es. to ·· u~.~_ a nation. Thill new structure of peace and .good , ,~ we ' Ipecial and m~vlng wlil among the nat.iona., . caUMlo-~ . gr2te!ul ~ ~ re.J~lce, '''Wherefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, tl~ h~, 811 (fOOd pleasure, If.lven Preeillent" of th'e United States ot u. ~. .~t ~88 ~ot come ~ a ~ere America, do hereby designate

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;: .'. ~~~~~~~::E: [:e:~::::£::t1~:,~: 11!1-P-ER-S-O-NA-l-":'M~E"N--TI-ON-'QlI' COUNTY'FARM UJRf.AIJ ~I' -P-E-AS-O-N--Al-M-E-NT-IO-N-' --------:--:--0 SEEKS MORE a, ;. 'MOERS F



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''Ch, A 11 ;:1" • US"II" ""rs hlp 1111\111- \1('11' rl'tldy to s uIT·r h m lIext fllcnd, VS Luvel'l1e Couden \lOllar, 11\"". 1I1H1 Ifl l' Y ", lu ~1t1~s II ull ov<r fO I the Ru ke of tlolngy hllll for c10sses of j)umuges , umo unt claim ed *n,UiO an,\ It \Ins ellst"mor (Copyrigh t. 1918, by tbo McClure Ne\vspnpo r yn6I r \\1111 ,I slh'\I nr 1I'1I !;l o" , he ~JlIII School Chil dl'e n t{) he tol"cn to the TlcI CQ ::; t s I \ lIur I II h AIIH. lic 1I11~ II 1\ t' so LOtII.:h Smith vs Nmn glltenfl omtlOi ctotlmc tostu rlylhc l Hall'h 1-1 Little I ,, · ... .lIlJ lI H'\' "''''11., 1111 ,1 " IllIll they l ~ll ll l dont '''Ut'' t'g-ru Il or tHOIr GI oss lIe~lect Dlvolce I Unlscr's CHAPTE R XIV. Im e th or es lu stli nr s:roups unu 1"\0\\ \\h , t I" ,I" "lth It. Wh y, \\ulllt l' rflil 1tH' 1()11I 1' ~ SHIIJ! S OI1I ( I'roccrdin gM. Allee They us u u l' I lilly lilli' of ,,,"l 1IIIIIJol1uil es SIIW CN.' tOl·R In thc Slegcs tlH'iI' nl , os '\I'll It ' 01, 111 II ' ill ' II s " The Kalaer and Things American . ~ J H unnals lind E \I .. B. Wright I Iy plIR<ed my hOIl~" all tllel r woy to his of C OIl III r " kl1l<c .1U11 fu Ihl' ('01 lit .. I,rll'll , 1.I"lI \\lIr IV II Ihl' Aftl'r Ry Co. '1'1118 case 1& "'mong the Oermnns gen "rn ll y t h!'re In plltrlollsm . Somo- vs the B &. 1 Ol'~ 1l g-,11I1 1" II1" " .. nlllll\ c~ 10 Ih,' c"urt wll h lhe th !'lI' ohject·le sson WIthout lecord scd s nll (lls lilY is n surprl :ll u,:: fi eg rcf' or IgIHl1"IIUte re- ' rl'fc. I rpd tu the lH\j.! nt '\lIS r .. b Iw Ih" \lhcn (,~, UIII t ..11 Ihe The I~ \ ,"" I h.lllll' t .. 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Hlld I ~l u s \\ II" n ol fO I "" l.. at IU lO S vs ullY ,,0 IntelJl genrc and (luutu t lon 1i ... 1, me f\ow SI lut lit I lI q.! r(h fflli u 0"l"ul~ ' III SIII .. ,""n fl olLl IlI\OICe o ulol .. IS s.rlunle,1 I I tb Iltle\\OI l II1Il t \\ s h ont llllill du" n·)" toll I tll)' I'PII)'l'lIl otle Stote of UhlO va Leslie Cox Bnll \\e are ub e to (fl IH.' \\1111 tllp In dlnns l1111nvlll/.: Il IIw IIf ' IN !!l!llI lln!! IIN' II of chcI'k s· 1111.1' '1\ 0' fill clll I1I1 S\\ c r Thc \\ 11 (' 11 II nIl I III 11111 h ,1I1 ", hlps vi $ 1.000 ]n view of the ""tenl of Oprml1n em l m Ch thllll the} coulll posslulj c1crl\ e u(\nd IS f.xed at l. I ~OI IH' RI X ~t 111 0..: n . .. tlw 1~lIt ~t r th ,' '",1111 ll o "I ll hI' rtl<lllt ClIte ho\\ ~rntlon to Ameri ( 1l nnd th ~ \l\ ... t vol· II ff1 hi ~ In d) M Ihe s t,ltues llll1/.:I',1 ro p " 11 filII 10 bock \\Ql'!! nt RI' 1 cost '"HI "',s \0 'l 1II111h muth It Ulne of commerc ial trnn s llctlon s hL~ pIIIII Ih "lli " ' lsI! I'J:OllAJ 'E COultr PRO EED I NGS, \\ hi' " Ih' I !llul to ~cc m e thlll ",nil II lit thN ~ \\ele nnt enoug h of hl ~ <leplllt ..,,1 nne,"lllIs tween th e two countri es. It I ~ nhnost lnlt'll sit II 1 11111c "l ~ Iw e w Lhot t h e l1IV of 1110"1 le cURI thnt hUl to "nrld Ih s In hi of 11111111':< h' 101<1 IlI l' The \\111 o f .J u~ C ClIIlolI . dcccnaIInbellevn hl e thnt ouch I'rr"'l 1'0 11 " n'" ~hll1lly lilt!." ·" Ir" Illlllth c \ 1I('lm tired 'I'h ,'" n'~ ~( II 11e thlll !!" Ihat Y01lr 1101- klll-,,1 \1 ~ IIt 'd !lie. tl(lns s h ould prevnll In tl lI'SC e nll~ht· "'!l"II"nC I' nhulII hll1l TI \\11 " eLi, IS IId mllled to p robh tc sll"ns quc I<IIIg" . u nf Ih('1n 01 one IInil " Oa\l hll' "",,'t 1II 1.\1< "I "I III O\1' r II... , hl)l" fr., III l" " Ill "t le l 01 t h" c 'l tuLe o f Jos eDed days, but they /10 nllll""1 1!II)10RRllJle ftll Ih elll lfI helle\\' (/lImcy '''lh l'' HI (' ,., Is II\~ h<lIl1liful Cn't ll lit Co.-fu I" cllocti , Jo hll " '" thntth ey \\ore toho\!' til€' )1rl\'\Ie::;e of C ClIlIolI, tice Tbls tact partllll '" s e rVC" to (')(plllin 11011 11111' h I' tledll III ," "'"' III 111" 11' r) I ~ uPPoll1te d "" C)(CcutOl IH. I" l' CUrlol! s"clS VI lIt thell c",h whlcb his 1\1><1 ChillI scr \,l'ry I,IIl the the In for 11'118 _11!ln~ It y how I'o~ CHAPTE R XV. u(ond Ie IUllCd, AI~OLt Mc,ntl, Frca l'h 11111111 ". 11 "Ith 1111' 1",I HI' r h l1l1 OC('UI,11'11 Ins plrcd prc"s to )11111 t he wool over 1 1\11" v"IY rIlU I ,'ml Ueo I!.dwnrd s IIle n»· e IIlHIlSl l'd 1II1i 01/ 11 ('I lu i "Does lh p kld ~ e r lIeLuollv - It In thl~ \111' lll1n the p eople s <,yes r cgn rdlng th (~ uuhn- \ \ 1I V tltt'\ ar ro nled ,IS IIP III/ll sel S The German People. " tlltl, 1, ", - 11,,' 1.,11 .. , "'" "" " ' h.'\I the m Uller of t h e os late of Ehz 11110 Lho lry Tn en 's IncrcllAmcrlcn In of :n,1< portllnco '.fhl' II n lh M ol ll'/.:lnu,·I' \\ !llch (>1 I' ry vcry chnlr? th>y \\'0111<1 fir fI ,.. 111 11l~ I' I ell \\url. l:(lllIIID I-: to\\~ I'" Shet" Clod, deceased ,,'or. It dO f'~m t ex-plain Ilt nil ho\\ 1:1 1 n lous tonos. "Docs htl ",'el tnll< ubout ub" th W Om( ulltlc p 11'111 H'1 IIi l!l U so I ll ' t 'l S li (h~rlll 11"(' ..... 1,,, tilth \ rl hl rlHl s t:-1 d "" "dmlll' eVPf. h ow compJNr ly the knl !O::l'r 111m ? rl eu ~1l tell 1111' "hut ho !lIlld U ~hcl\\ood IS uJlPollltc e nnythlng lh ,nppmt tn t !II Olt ~ 111m tllt' ~ ,~ "I,,<I lrllill kl' t'l Il1 .· h \\ollid ( 111 Bond, :j;<!,t>UO. .SllIlLol sel t unll(1r(l!=::l1l1lnt (lu u s li nd OUI po\\('r. :-oil'e In Ih lillie h e wus hcre:' 1\1I1 ... . 1 \\1111 II I~ 11 f t' nnd his lIl nl1f+~ , the I"H d ln slu ll 1111 l'I,\ \ (\t ,l l lll "ldl..: 111 the Il I,ltle}' o{ I{uth A CholloI for J dlluht "h c rher th e r e Is HIIV for- til. III Hll FGunh account IS e USt' u nd rll1c n tl w l cth, \ fll1 \ " til 111(\ ill !t t'I 1 Ilull Hil JlI IH)m llt I ~ \\ Hi Irt ill g .. tit ilm~.1 tn I h I1I.llt I ' «" (lhtnpr 1J\lng \\tln hn s n t'\,pr \ l sit 1(1 UIHl ""1\(.' 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I q 1 \ 1\1. I t lte udlllrtl !itru t tIJU, (I,,' Iwi '-l l I fl 1ft tI w h o s old: to ~ll Cdfy til llig-lt' Irritable, no appetite, could not sleep, (1IIln' l ~cem to 8ntlsfy Boh, !tilt"' , \\ltl tld 1 011'-' nl W. Mil , I II "1 I I' I II I II 11111 d. ~ I I lt ~ ... " I I' . ll di llll' tll TI IItI, III IHIIWI Iil rn IC!o. t JUon ore nice, but was always tired. ao my houae- "I I,now; becll usc !-:/J II I II I , \ 1 til' ,.!III IlHd II ltd frolO and IIH 11 ... 1 " ' 1 .. I 'lI( AIII III ' ul' '-', ntllll"lIl be Fillrn. tJ nicer," nr,C gIrls many After l I',i t effort. l: I I 1,1 great I a t l .. 1 \ was work '''1 II I" I II" I I \ I) '1 flu s h e r tc fu ,",f' d In I t f ( 1\ t' Hr )o I II (,I, ••• DENT IST••• tlI,,\ 1 li t! J.!.1 'IU1HI [ other medicine s h ad faUed Vinol 1\ I" '\1" .. lit "Inl\ ui, t \ \ 0 dlfTf rt nt 0 \ ( 1 ~ 1U11 ::; \\ h' n 11 h . (l ~ \\U III' IJlltt bwlt me up and made me atroDg. I 1.(11 l' ti d .!' I li, Ii ,•• , I l il In omllll \\11 1" III l\!-\ \\ lll' l nl:-;lrnl t m 1I ( lIn ud have a good appetite and sleep well. 'n d. I I lt(: 1llIll dlng- \ III lid III II' t: hi t'aIIomal n,.k Rill, : li e I r ltlrlz l(l \ r) s l, u fl t;!· tl"1 j nr Beyond Im~lnatlon. Almolt eposlts C wpman lphur I,ullrl· Su ailing III, sh weak, Sp.n. l1lttl~ II Itt II I nervou~; l.! l Itli \ Every , I'll , 1.I\\s (lit e tJr)ll Illel h,,<l~ Asp-onom ers reckon tlint Ulero arc Tn liJ P I" " " ce of Murcln, S pnln. should try It. -Mra. N. Edmund ., I II..!" " t 111011' 111 111 Jh\ .... tHI IIS In l,,} he tho In s Bun .000,000 ' If lIl)'/ tJ S:'I JIIJ! I" III' Ipl. '" 1,000.000 'ost J " J n~tuld t o th r e or~ 11 ,, 11< her or sulphur (\ c)10S- 2107 DWIght Way, Berkeley . CaL 1 , ..." ' 11 1' " ; ot the m orc so tar your fH) IIt1 c. t1 (;lIl1d ld I tt ":j ( "X I IIIJl ~l I r 1 1111 , ,. f I" , most Imporlnl1 t ot II~ We ao~ every nervous, :weak, ru1I- • uni verse ; nnd some b. ~ _,,_ ~ I ('I/ I ltl'" llil flllll il l' 1I1 11 hi 1 11\11. 1 starting .fro m them li t· ~ltlC 1. ':'\Iy Pi I 'll ,' \\ uull( Non IIltle:i th clil I, Ih II .. I L a Surntll lie L orclI, down, alhng woman 1ft _ this t01!D to <1lstont that IIg!it Dr. 8bQ(o..J)'. li s \\ I" IIU I " " I l ltl\f g 'IHU H I I II I allre rtlf h t l i t II ' (l1lII th B~. t b ClOG., J on be ~h!)r kl'" at t11 ~ ",, 1'1 or SPI "' 11l! ~ 11111 of tODlC and Iron U cod eliver Ilwn 0 try thiS e enr es n11l' Il, p 1'\\\11 " f Lorcn, tll p hed \\ 1I~ 1\l \\ I" 11 ) Ir l~ Ht ! to r e turn their mODey ong e oro guarante our PI'Oci\: III Jour \\ I, II 1) 1 \ III I!'lreli JU mllU 111 WUrt'i v . ft ten Hnf O( CU "' rtllIJII S \\hl. Ii n ~lI l {! Irt of to y(WW f Ume l~ lengtll not y~t had. hnB ,\Ill. h • XI, lid . "er u history mlln lh"fl I 1 , 1(1 III HI l lin. In th e l Ilq.c '1 them: help 110 to ans f if it 0 'I1In1t~ . ' polltl c n l (U,,' pld gll~ 0\(0{ 11111'. nOlh· • II \ fl lI\'" (, 1 1\ lhll lD tho kul !o)t;l I ud erttz to th' ('I ,l FHHH lt(] 'o ln,n reach os. • 111I1IlIl' III ' 111 ,01 , wldth.of one to t;v;o _ , 16 ~ ... ~~.~... .,..... ... I IrlJ: e,f the khltll :; tv \.: r }I illtd" J E 1an".y. Druggist. Waynbvl lIc, O. l or ti l ~I ' I~ tll l;l,z ~f Ie, w lcb "", II se kll o mcters ' < rl 'I I ,11 11 hi' 1111 I1lrn llon 11I'l 11 1,,"1 1 h~ klll ~r r \IU S VI r) mu, h Inl. I' " ltd ' ern r-o h orf' ll" !lUI 'U::C In\ IH I/lIlt. 101 1(111 I 11 ... \1.1 I " It tH!c Jll c ll to III our n ~~ ro pr ll l, lC' m ho'p. a g rellt fl " II II.l llon fo r him. onrl l btl frl 'l] ul'nl ly r cfNro'II ' 0 It nc tr.ld t



The Kaiser as.j I(ilevv Him

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for Fourteen Years

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PubHc Sale s



Howard Burton




Auto Live ry








Hay and Straw HAY AND

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Dr. J. A _ Mcl. oy,



Now She is Strong and Well

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I i'i.I)i)u (I(JO 0'1(1101 s III th is couulry, hut th. ·y "ere U) III~ (ofT In g r eat nu mbers tllrouglt cOII~u,ulJlIon aud other dIs· eDRps to w hl< II \ h i ' "fT"r'll hut poor r esi ~t n I I( l-. "The n ~~ro will 111\\ l1y ~ Ilf 0 grfont prHhletn I n your 1011111 r y hu \\ t l \ (I " he u(\Ile <l "'I'h,' )' 111>11 t 1I11x ~lI1II1I1S willi till' II h lte. Ill1d Ih . r. \\111 h .. (nn' tunt fri c ti o n. Illy brOlhCl (I'rln ce lI ellrl ) , "hen he returned froln h i vi s it to America. told me n lot Rbolll these Degr oes. Indeed, one of th e IDos t 1m· IIre88lve thlnae be beard tbere was a ,

0/\ i H,S E v.'orlOCRFI)L Btl I{t-V", -AN£) HOW QUICK l '(



I~'i \j"i3~ liAS GRo~iN 1'0 A GREAI 'BIG Tio'{ - How








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T E --- --_ .

lSSlJED EVERY WEDNESDAY 8iD~.r8fl ·'&t .~be Po.tomee at Wayneovl lle, Uhlo; lIB Serood


101811011 MOller


" " •. ,ndt:n ts in the

D. L. CF' ANE, Editor and P~bllsher. Wayne~ville, Ohio

An extr a fine car of Shin

Subscrio tion PrIce. '$1.60 per year





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of 1111 I"III'S or 1)11"1'111111011111 '"'' M.eM"• .,,, " ..' k law IIn,l the dl<'!IIl es of rOll1l1l 0n hu. tl':lIl "ac led bllSll1 eHR In Cln clnutlll 011 Thp~· had only ClII U l')'I1It'iMnt S:lllll [IllY. Ulld MI' .\lcCan·l·n 1ll'01lgiH IIIUI1Jty '/ to IIInlw nf It- Il \l'1I ~ li nt ('01111,,'('1"'11 ' home It Ford I'oad~ ~el" s lve t'oolll(h! It \I'll" """u lut ll rl)lIy~ If MI'. II l1u MI'R , K U. Dul(ill "' It I MI', II0t n cl'llII e, thpy Hllld, fo~ aCI'IIIUIIY nlld M I'S , W. C, W e lcll we l'o Hl ghl seeto prescribe ~nrcty IlInl's for nl!utrnl IlI g 011 Thursday , vessl!1-i to lI SC. 'I'he wholc \l'orld s hnuld In th e 11 ('111' future Mr. C. 1-:. Leircy hm'c bcen declared n IVnr ZOO o, thllt Wo ve his ijtocit of good s lolo Mnwill deult be rnll;hl oo death nod dcsl.l'ucti bu s illess rOOIUB. son'H opportuu tile r whellcve olld r wherc,'c 0111' Kc hool Is bu sy d,'IYin g bru "~ Ity offered. Evel'y s hip that sull "11 should b e SlIlIk, nnrl evcry Amerl r' un hl'lllkti tu chs, al'lel' "el'ol'ul weelm' uf n 01'1" \'al!Ul lon , who ventured wllhll1 rnnl(lJ t1llfltltd be \\1111111111 LaWson, ou e of OUI' black: nlun gunt on HCIl 01· IIIIHI. Rllot, 'l'hnt wns th" 'IInlvcl'''al He nll- R lI1lth ~, IIIIS I 'n "" lin" hn s oJl en ed up I" Corwtn . Our loss Is th e l .. gnln. ItlL'ut. ~Ir. !llId Mr", Iru Syfe nl and son 'rhe ~lIl(g,,~tlon thnt n rnntlnlln tlon oC Ih e Huhnlll l'lnc \\'urfllre \\'0 II Itl III' JUhll, accompll uit' d hy Mu s le r Mnl evltnilly bl'llIg AIIWI'IeU Intu Ih o WOI' CIIII U, were S unday b" .I est s of Mr. did not pel'lllrIJ th l! p eoplo III the Syrel'd 's molh e r at Snbluu. sllglltes t. ,VII', P . U. Peler~uII, of .1101'1'0\\, was "How con Amp-rico rIo UN more harm u \l'colt end !>lIoSl or IJOI' p UI'ClIl ~ , MI', 1. USI(l" ~y th dnlllg?" 1I0W I~ thnll she UJIU ~1 .. ". I"mllk L, I-lanis. "AIlICl'lctl ll Imll elij lire s hooting down 1\ 11 i.l ud .\-1111. \\ ' , \~ . \ Vi..l ch \\ l' l'L.: h I ollr lIIen, Alll el·I<.'uII foo,l IR ~UAIIIII1II1I{ i ' l'ItJ:tl IU UL.



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worl(11I1: 1I!(lIlnRl us III every pnsslhlc ,,,ny. l .. et AlIIl' rl cu C,otn4! Into til e Will" .. nnd !(Ive II R n ('hlln ce to lill Y hel' blll'it 1:~: fnr whnt s ho hug done to IIR. S he

s uny nlUrc If Rllt) w(lrc ~;~;:;:;:;:;:::;:::::!:::::::::::::;:::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::;:::::::::~:~: 'could.I't hllelu u IIl1nw 1101' to r e. (Copyrlghl, 1918, by the McCluro NCWBPIL' n bollll(I'I·(' II1. Why

Fres h car of Port land Cem ent here



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,,,I 01 lyd, G",bo", wb, " ,d "". •" . '-'''',,,.,, ,,, Stlll- Il u ewn, is ve ry ~i~k with Ilppen-uic itid, ~aturdoy 11'1' ''' Ull d .

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L ,II Ir1ll1 gloll, Il CtIl' !:lla [,.. I0,,>! ,,!. d 1M r a. A . B . 'I ' HIJIl ago and ~1 r . an t fiOIl, Lee, lind Mrs. AI"" "d " (larn er took Sut;l,ray dinner wi II ~Ir , ('h a l' lc,~ Gl'3h a lll s , near Lebanoll . ~lr. All)ol't Horrls, of r:a lnp Tuylo r, Spe \ll Sunday with hi s .. d ativ os COI· C. Sund ay The MItRsle Towll clil p Sc llool Conventi on will 1J\l held at Hopch Grovo church f;1I 11c\ UY a rter_ lIuon , Decem be r l a t , HI'\' . Benne t, of .1onnh RUII church, will 1;11'1) th e " ,1· ' dres s. )11'~, H an nnb Ri ch ,",, 1 ~l i RR 111 1'S Hle h Sil ent severnl fl lI.I' I" . , \\' ",, 1< wllh Mrs , Oolrlle SUl'fa l" or \\'a YIl!lS _ vill e . MI'. Be l't Bognn is 8 P "n d i l '~ se Wl 'a l du l's at Ill s homo her~ ,

We huv t! a few c ases of Influenza h eTe yet , b\lt n on e are se riouM , T he public schoo ls o pened here Iflst Monuay, Wes ley ~mith is impro ving his prope rty on E Franklin St. by put. Ling up a front veranda and auding another room. Our post master, H, E. Turner, Is c o nflned ·to his home wilh a h eavy . cold,

La wr e nce Lllmme, who is in train· ing a t Cincinna ti, visited his grand mother, Mrs. Milry Lamme, h('re IllMl Sunday, Mr. o'1d M rs , Wm Fulkerso n, of S pring Valley , vis ited her parents h e re las t Sunday. Mi ~s Uo rolhy Harness , of Dayton, ~Irs. 1I1nl'thn DIlVl s alld ~1 1·s . L ~ na will ~ pend- the winter here w ith her HIlI'LHoc ll lIud (\a us h tl " ~ II !;H Helen, Ilunt, Mrs. Jess Weave r, and will w a l'e calling au Mrs , T!IIl III "" Ric h, attend s choo l. !:illnduy Ilrternon . .\ 1I'. HJlll ,,\1 l':i . \ . L. lIar ve y u ull ...\11'. Mis~ Zcva Morris was th e ssweck~lI ss Audrey C I ~Ja"( ". " UtlYlUl\ e of her co usin, Mi Milles eI nd .... "lit! :\1 . ':-; , \ \ . \V \\ t' lch Wut r' h'lron, . ,'. !lay ... uC;'~t I 1,1' ,' ;;" Cm ~11'. find day, :'I ead ' m ll S ud \\ UII ~UlJiI .. lI'l' ~ in Uaylon. f{ucld(,B. fieri I r_ ll SHt IV " 1'1l 1' ls 1I OI'S al. W, T . 1,,,'01:011', t.h ts u ll l 'IHlvli -- - - - - .. - - u \'\' I',11 1 r u tll Jt l.! l' u · da y . .h.! I "'c .~ CCllll u tW it..: OL WIUt l.' l'::W U U1Jl.1 Mrs. Myrtle Toylol' !II"i ,lalll; hlf'rH , J1U oI IIJIUI III .!llll' II1 e,II IJJ , Sl.llUll1 a y. S ilkworm' s Fast Growth . or Fra nk lin, spenl Lhe '10 ,,,11., 1111 with ui Xoula their plll'e nls /lore, III 2F! lIuys fl'om 1111 1<: lIln l; II s ilkworm •11 I'~ . Flu) u All oj C I'S UII, lli cre 'll ses 1,000 times 1I.f1 orll:loul size. Ch l 1\.' U uu .ur. anu ,,-\ I n ;. AIIIO !3 .l!: l lt ::; o~ M,·. nlld ;\fr". W . T. .I II I'll ;, n tnolc lll ljJ ' U~l y HIUj 1.' calu), ur l U!H \VU O ll, su tlpe l' Thur ~ do y evenln l: willi ~fr , !Inri 'I li e :l id\. ill lili H vi c i n ilY Ul'e lw_ :Ul's. Al a n H urlsook, or (' lal'k s vll l0 .

mulll 1I0utl'ui Ulld I:u uu ~mlhcd1" The ~uhllollon with wh1<-1I the news ot 'the ~ 11I1(llIg 1)[ th " LlIsitllnlu Wll~ re· re1 ulle or t nc nrHt IInpr(!SS IOD!:i celved by til{) GCl'llllIn people \l'nR gen· ceived nhollt tllC (J(,I'II1U'n peopll), when e nd. It wnR AO slgllllkn nt thnt I he· lJ g . 1 went to live 'II II on/.: thelll foul'te~n lh·vc Ame rien would hn\'c (If.clnrPil ' VIli' IH'uvl yours U}.!O, \\'nS t Itt\ Incl, of' ~u IIJl'lld o· hnlllcdln lc ly lIu,1 It he,'n Iwow n. I , . Il! :-t:i l'!i. t i l' {Jl'b U .l!.:u w urtl:; HUll H. C. ship 1I1110llg thl'llI. Clll~R rllstllll'tlo u8 hnve rulled to lind 1\ ~ lnl(l" (: " I'II",n l,;a fllt ' I' tu 'u l'aiIlLiu e; I'll' JJr. J', lJ, ore druwn tiO fine, 11m] the .. e Ill'e 80 who did nn t ('xult ovt'r till! cill Rtnl'llly 'IU ll l'1t "" " 1,' ",,"1< II I'1L(l,lu ci<. IIHIII Y gl'IHlntlt'lI~, tI,ut It Wllf! ullll/)~l crime, no,1 Ihe UCI'lvlly oC th o 7,,,p,\11 ', a llO .\h .:i. J IIl1h! li C; . :::;Jt u e L1 1a lt e r the on tlHl \\' i ll _ O~rm"n. tWIl IlllPOSRlb ie to find In IIII'll' rlllll>! 01\ 0IW(\ tOll'n ~ alill S Oli C;"el'l" I, wlli 5 (I" 11l1 would Ir pelln8 t",. III 1,'luri"a. ~ Iol'u ot U 6 BOllle sllClul [lIn Ill!. Olin \l'US Ill\\'uYH the evoked s hnllllr t1 eUlolIstrn U,,"s . ' wo COU ld . olhel"'" llU pel'lol·. Artm' lilY fuurh!cn Thut the views which the I)copl!! II ~l i:Ollli" hl.ll'!! yeurs' c-xperlellco uUlOug Ihe.e people, held regnrdln g the conduct or tllc ' wllr IlIlU ~Ir" . Lc wi:; W" slt nud MI', Vi~ O~'I!(' Sellers I"US ~II'. ItOI one dny la st wet,l" J cunnot sny tllIlt thut curly hnpI'cs6111n were strongly Influ enced by tit' [llliolle Clad e ticotl W!! ....! g li oS IS 01 f!'le nus In .. Mr. W. S. W ilkc l'son wus 11'1I1I 9,,,:L. hn s beeu rellHlvcd; II unythlug , It hus press, which wns uh>lOltltoly (!olltroll cd UnYlun uu ::;unuay, m /(' bu slIl es,s nnd vis iti l1/(' .... Iut iy"s ill been dcepen ed. Mrs Fmul I". II III' ,rl· S S im ll l S unuay 1I ell'lIIon I goveruUll'nt, WII S only to ho I'X' the by I t ne I . WC~ <. l Ill' us Anyone \l'ho hilS lIve(l In Berlin, nnll peeted. 'rhe tnct tIlU ~ In p ence lIllIi! thl! wllh her 0 ler, Mrs. Ii . K Colletl ar " '. Is s 01111'1' III s cOII,IIUon 'I'h ul'sdnl' nL with Sl'l' Is fnmlltur Ircll e McC lure ' pres8 of GO:I1111lny WIIK pl'1'III,,)>! th e SalJlnll. . anel J.'l'iduy in Dnyton. EurOI,elltl clI)llInls, will bellr llIe out most rcilnbl" In tho world, mud" of It Our clllzc os III lid s vicl uity al'Q fel. MONEY LOANE D tbnt tbe Oernlllll (lolicCJ)lnu 18 tho mORt n purticlIln rly VIIIUllhl c tool In tile \'1'OI'l!l' . I' ( ~ lind ley Knies , E Rev, body and In Wind IIrrugollt police olllclul In Ihe world, hnn,ls of tile gll\'el'lllll cot In tim e of lll g mu eh Impro ved tI) 1.1 ·loa 1101l , P l'l t iness s bu a c mad k Bec . sed cca hove hostilitie s sl nct) Bw w01'l1 Is token lu court In III'Hfrl'- wur. M0.NE Y loun ed on live Rtook o llu t, Co m hu sk ing will SOO n bc the thin- T uesduy. cnce to til II t IIf Rlx clvllltlnR, nlld IIIH ross, of 1."""" 011, ~polle l' Is gORpel to neIV Mi ss Glenna Gl'rrnon The tel ~ ~Drl sf'oond nlOrtgO l! e~, uf the lHlSt. '1'he n.bbit IlI w Ig In us power Is I;udl lIint It ml!(ht \'(!ryeIl8I1y 1" .-1 WI' ,'I, .Iohn Borblne , .Jr., NOl e~ bnu ~ ht. the peuple. Tho lust wo",1 In lilly III'I:U' llLllI g Is bohl l: indul ged In wllh s pe nt severn l (l:J ys hen t ~ r lt li be usell IlJlI"'cS~lvl! ly; hut ~tl'O ngely m ont was OIWIIYB furnlHhNI by proof h ll Mrs. T~1l1 mil .Allo lI Building , XelJlli, Ohio. much s uccess ; Oll~ COll I bou ses lire ' the g uest of MI', nnd ' ' enough, \Il'splte the S lIl,lldlty of the Hllpplled by some newRpllp cr IIrticle. I i . believed I M lIl CSB' PI'OIIUI'I'< well filled; I' . 11/1( M,·s. W. S. ' VII I(e l',(,1I w~ rc I , .. , \ lho !lnd In O£!rmUIl CIiUfUl"to r, grntt null corrup· vi s itors ThurQ(h \' "I!ls steht In der z~llung," IIhel'lllly vo"" C IOl'pers cou ven llon I' Davton . " , . Uon nmong the Om'UllI1l POIlCll 111111 tl'llnslllle d, "'l'he paper 8UYS so," WIIS .W III, not co n V(>lle FOR SALE-P ROPER TY this wlulel' li S untie_ Mr, and lIll' s. Chllrlos '1I aplIl"" a r e other olllcials ,wero proctJcul ly UII· nl\Vnya finnl Dud conclusiv e. Nothing Ipated, lown movin~ f ro m lh;ir fllrm lIol' l h of known beforc the wur. ' I So ROPERT Y .:In 8eooOlI HtreM, ne,vi lle. tile pupers declflred wns too prepostc rve rn or ou,' clllzons woro bc_ t o lh('ir new home in Wl1y Such were Iho peoplll behind the ou!:! to be bellevcll. d4 lequire ot thle olllce. " Ko~l!n/{ , Mr , ond I dllY WellneK on before lhc jury Ed. Mrs. and i\ll'. kol ser when the I,'reut Will' aturted. I . ' nil· . I,' '' exrellent to used WOR =~pres8 The -~-tO)wn, Menitti! Eornhur t 01 shull nevor fOfgllt Ule Senllmen ts ex· J ,III Ie ~hld~I(,Cl' and Ru(us ICOlltl!>lo Mrs, Pel'l'y vantflge to concelll reverReH und to re Xenll' VI SItors on Fl'idny cI'cn- WfOre !.hl' Sunday g urs'tss of 1\1 r nn;! pressed 10 me by prlvDte In,lIvlduu\(1 FORilfiALE of s uc- Iro out cOllltll1 utmost Tuylor. the' Walter moke .Mrs. _ _ _ _ _ ••_ _ __ (D every wulk Of life 'nR the vnrloll8 start the news- II g. tile from Right cesses. phases ot lhe Wllr devolope d. Miss Irene McClure ho s agoin "con Uookere l8 tor pupors declured thut OerlllOuy "'us cepted n position with the N. C C, BUFF Orplnj.{t No mCllsure Ihut WII~ taken by Gertllo nuthnt wor; e defcnslv n fighting Inqnlre ot C . S, Maxwell , sale. (nee Taylor cr Wnlt Mra. ,muny, no mllller holV ntroclous or Innnd Mr, tlon8 of the world bud jumped ou do! . O. con~lslcnt wltJl the world's Iden of lWn Earnhar t) are hapllY to announc e R. R. 1, WI,ynos 'fllle Oermllny 'li neck beCDlIRe t11('Y were Pare brad Duroc Jersev BOHr, 2 whut Is 11t!rmIRRlhlll In clvlllzcd wnr· jealous of her growing power. the nrrivul of n little doughter , NO e 10 Shropsh ire EWEl yrs , Old , ture ev~r brou!(ht II worll of cOllilelll' " ember the 7th. The Imrorlllu ce which UIC Iwlser of Thnd Zimm er. Inqutre Lambs, nntloD from tile Germnn pullilc IIR II Sunher us hud ~1rs. Fl'Onces Null hl8 leallers plnc('d In pullilc opinrI ·1 Born, to Mr. nnd Mrs, Gal'nelu Pct- (IllY /.:ucsts, Mr. nnd Mr. , Willi u m man, Waynos vllle, O . whole, nllllougll , of course, there were nud tllo Oerlll.11I p~ople Is elcur· et'son, NovemlJ er 13th :~ dnughter , Wilming of Borne noluble ex ·eptiolls. ~'he greut Ion nmong Hs, daught nn,l ns so I-.I'c, I RG AN, In fir~t 0lns8 oondltlo n lIIuRtrntel1 hy the UllnOllnc~mcllts Mary. majority of Gerlllolls who IlISCll ~RC d ly tun: Mr, ond Mrs. F', W , Rosn'lg-h "o nd s ur(!s thqy r emcu the aud Chenp, If sold soon . inquire at. mude they . nut spcnt Vandalia Mr, ond Mrs . Lu t hcr IIuines these multers wIlli lIIe, however, (~.,ughler Jnne t Mnl'cclln , of n 27 for llOme time, to office, time thIs trom to 80rted MI', Pllrents, did, her with GerlUllny the week-cnd only defended everytbln g Mr. and Mrs, W. II , Null spent the tion. O. consump Cnmden, at keroLoirel, Z nrlcy Type Ch rse rigorous o Mrs, M nnd kR 1II0re F"trb~n but cOlllplulncll I.lCcnuse wee k-end with relativ es in Dayton, Wlu;m In Decembe r, 1010, for In· , sene engiLe 3 h p ., good Dondi uut g ill1pl'ovin meusures were not luken. is Bog-nn E. . W Mrs. the were rl!llUzell thut the reMr. lind M,'S, M, .T, FaTr Uoo, good 1\8 new, used bot little; Merely by WilY of eXlllllple, nnll not stance, the kaiser not uble to be Ollt yet. g,,~ " t " of I'elutives in F nlllklin oni' <lllY will sell ohell\> unrcstl'lc lCll RubulUl'lne V. B WluMt,on , R be!!uuse her suggestio n wns nllY worse sumptioD of tool; oll Wils I' WaIte . 1\'II's o!l and MI', la st week. he hnd deterlllln D, 4, phone 56.5, Wilynes villa n 27 thon ' hundreds ot others raised by Illy wnrfnre, Which Sundoy. nes Hai Zimri with Ilinncl' Ins, bring ne utrnl Imtioll Mr, nnd Mrs, W. S, Wilkp.rso n Oerman pntlents, I IIIIlY mention the upon. might Thorong bbred Mol o \:log, blHok United Stutes, Intu llie Mrs. Josiah DlIvis , Mrs. Loyd Davi s , '\' C l'~ t he S unduy dinll cl', guests of 1\11;". surprisin g viewpoin t (',xpre8se d by the cluding the Curry to l y he EL necessur lind Polnnd China·, 1X ye~rH o ld In E ••Jon cs tlmt It was . R felt he MrM. M ~' ~, Osca r Clcv enger . . wnr, IIml VOIl of relative 0 llf, CouDtess SlerstorJ q'nlre of GuV 1\lblor, on Joe t:lulnEls g to uphold the spirit of seent the <Ill Y Wcdne 5duy w ilh Mrs. 60nlethln do and Sellmer es rl nltor Cha , wns Mrs It ulld MI'. llflrch. Henckel· Donnersl Wl\ynE>s v llle, Uhlo his people. It took the form of II pro- 1I0wnrd IIurley, fllmily spent Sun,l~y nt Montere y, tLe furm. !tilly hud joIned th" nllills uUII wheD on Hora ec guests of relativcs . Deoro to th e nilies. ed of ll ca Doshl Crew enry H Mrs, UT 7 busbels of good onplln BO nuthnt Ilgulnst nt OennaD rescutme (COotlnued on pallO ') Inquire Compton 's one n(tel'noo n lu st week, Clover l:3eed for BILle. tlon rnn very high. . MI'. and Mr s . Boycs L~ och nmU Mr. Homer Haincs returned fro m Wes t- Will Horm ell, of Dayton, were. the of Nate Gray. B .. rvoy~bnrg, Ohio "What we shoul<l (\0 lit the very first n20 SUIl,1oy dinner g uests of Mr, and, towlI, PII, Monduy or last wc ck, avalloble opportun ity," .she doclnred, Bring Up the Reserves. t. art of work McGrulle S. single every of ther, ny destroy Inquire to "III good ewes for Balo, John woa vIsiting his grnndmo Mrs. Jesse Hill spent Wednesd ID Ital,. Not a single ODe ot their who lived In the country. One doy with Hornee Compton 's: A. B. Shaner, R. D, 2, WaYDos n 12 thut John hod ville, Ohll,. Mr. Roland St. John, who hilS beel landmark s or ort trensures should 'be his gl'llndmo tlter found Dietetic Hablt& so she spending a few weeks with hi s Uncle, lett standing. Then wben the Will: IB, but n few clelln clothes left j{{lod s e Derl1l parpORe mare; fllso Slime people Ret'lII 10 thlnl, that a his mother and Som Michn er's hns returned to h ls over nnll Hnly no 10llger derives the told ;rohn to write -to 2 yoaog mules. Inqnlre of W, clothes. home in Xeniu, vCl(ctnrln n Is n ctlrlllRlty. A roulth enormOU8 revenue she has heen col- tell her to sond him some Dew ln show!; thnt the popllhltiLOIl B Whitake r, Routo 1, Wayneiv \llp, tely, nnd In II Horace COmpton lind cillculntk lecting tor yeors froll' tuurlsts, alie wll\ John obeyed Immedln Mrs and Mr. D 12 and showed her F'rnnces Wilson were in Wilming ton, of thil world, now I'stlmntcl l approxl - 01110 be 80rry tor whut she hns dODO to few minutes t'etuined mutely Ilt 1,()OO,000,OOO, Is sold to be the letter, which W08 na followB: Sununy afternoo n. ·Germnn yl" dlvlrlp.d us to dietetic habItS obout IlS pleaso send 010 a r&Did the Gennon people countenu nce "Dear ~mma, Mr. Chnriert on of Pennsylv onia, foil 011" : Strict vCI!Nnrl1l.ns, 2GO,OOO,enforcem ent ot cleoD dotbe&," from the submarin e ,\Vart~re und tlt.e 810\lIlhwho hus recently . r cturred 000; prn ctlcolly \'egeturlu ns, but eutFrunce, where he hos been engaged in Ing 0 little fis h or fl esh , '\50,000,0 00; the Friends reconstru ction work, u nve ('ilting meot IIbout once a weel{ (on al Dir"ctor at chu"ch Friends the , nt n lecture hi gh days anrl holldn:;8) ', 5QO,00(),OOO; Funer and Embalmer, New Burlingt on. ~ni-Ing lII~nt dnlly ond somp.tlm es Inore Aunt Esther Compton nnd Esther thlln once 1\ l1uy, 400,000,000. Shombfl ugh visited at John Hili's Fri· Wayn esville . Ohio. day. per Syndlcnto,)

• •

A new car of Bric k for Chim neys Hav e Toba cco Boxe s for ever yone

W. H. MADDEN &. CO. Corwin, Ohio


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to th" hunl"Cl'ing- victi ms 01 Germany County A gcnt Closs wish es E ve ry country in Eu call the Iltention of farmers to tho unel thl' \\'ar, red fr()'IYI shortage of following statemen ts issucd by the !'Ope 11lI~ suffe y ie ld, weakene d proI-'ood Adminj8trntion: It is aimed <Ii· fooel, I c~sonetl ll the grout tracts rectly nt the consume r to urge the <Iuetion, most of u by Germany , saving of food, yet It also points out overrun nncl pillngcd by Germany 'R sacked ond lhe responsi bility and opportun ity be- tortured partners ; wrecked by tho Rus sinn fore the Americn n farmers: "Americ a must this yeur send to ll1udncs . Theil' wiles nre incl'euRj ng; they arc thc armies a{ld the allies 50 per cent la8 t yenr-th rc · fn cing now n terrible winter. Mllny more food than we cannot help times tho norma l exports. When th .. , will stnl've. As ,yet Either Auto or Horse drawn eervice, 11'111' ends she must supply with food I them, except where the Belgian Rcits succor. servi~e, tends ex No extra charge for auto 180 million Ileople who u l'e fucing , Iie r Commiss ion starvotio n behind Both phones in Office and Residenc e, storvl\tio n unles ~ help comes quickly. We cannot prevent the limits When the wnr ends in dcmocro cy'!t 'l tho wnr barric r or beyond No. 14. every cubic foot triumph, new obijgatio ns will filII UI)- of s hippin g . whcr.e needed in is time s on us. We shllll be called upon to 811r! eve ry second th - effort for victory, !lend not less food, but more, \Vll rl'cn county is expected to dv 'Fhe nlli~s will by no means prohl'r (Jart in suppl yi1l1!' the additiona l duce a new hnrvest overnigh t. Let each fnrmer Eighty mi1~ions of men cnnnot be ~;food I'cquil'em ents. the producti on for four , fall jn linc by cC'-opern ting ,vith Protaken out of in its Food years without lasting losses of yield,1-C ounty Farm Bureau iving Thanksg Cnmpaig n, Rely on your owti It will be yenrs before their fields I duction Judgment a. to w.ill recupera te, farms are restored 'l.week. pnllcrn, but ' relly" respectfu Yours ond herds ore restocke d. we eber durahlllt, CHAS. F. ":LASS, But unother demond even more in- : II tbe mOit tmpol' County Agent. taut feature. sistent will come to us--thc , cry of '


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• Standard Sp~clflc. _ Some facotious persqns wont to know ,vhot we polish the sellt of our ponts with to mnke them 80 bright Bnd 8hlny. It's no "get'8Ucl NIUlck" preparati on, but on Intongib le- and natural element Imown 811 tem'pl at-, trltus.-B ouston Post. '

Conserve Enthuala ,m. Are 10n a boy or girl who becomp8 very enthllslfl9t1c about some ni ce thing you want to do? Be cnrefnl not to be so enthuslo stle In stortlng n now dndertak lng t,h nt you have no energr lett tor carrying It through to completion. Enthuslo sln Is un Importan t I Malarial Seourae. tactor ID success, but It mllst be B Molarlnl tevers aro by tar the greatst'eudy Jlo\V, ond not bU,rst forth like rur~ dl8tr1etl of some of the geysers ."hlclt selld B est scourge of the one state: of CaraSPOilt of water skywora, nnd then are Venezuel a . In the I bobo, ,vltll 0 popullltlo n 'of 198,896, quiet for 24 hours.-E xchange , there were 1.484 deaths from Dlolarla \ Subscrib e for the Miami Gazette laat yeo.. · ~~ a "-~ . \


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WALT~R McCLUR~ Fune raIDl re«.r_ . Wayn esviU e

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Ohio "..4~""~GIId*'"

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L . A. Zim~erman it' a bu ine.'II! vis-' : itor in ColumbuR today . i 'fry that gOQd Bread - Muth's, 100 perce~t whe~t flour. at Wbi~tl: s,


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Rev . and Mra . G. N . Jolly wer e Cincinnati visitors lust week .



i Miami" Theater

If you want allY j ewelry: clocks or 8ilverware for Cbri!!lmlll!. call at Kilhon' s Mil lin ory Store, agent fo r M. Kohlhagen, l..ebs·n on.



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'Featuring Charles Ray in. .

M'rs Edith Har ris expects ,to leave for Chicago on Wedn c~ay morning (Copyright. 1918, h l' the McCl ure NeWSpA- where she w ill j oin Mr.. Rnd Mrs per Syntl lcLLt6.) Frank Tay lor and go 011 to R ivers id e, California. whe re they expec t to Tilts IJrupo"n l w as neslgncCl t o U(.~ spend the winter. C'onl l'lI sh two ,lIslll!cl IJlIrpOses : F irst. It WflS to convillce the G 'I'mun pcopl e The Thanksgiving Spec ial is draw, thut th eir l<ul srr WII S rCll lly tho pCllce- ing large crowd s of Money avers. to loving monnrch h e hnd nlwuys pro- The S Fred Company Lebanon Big fc'scd to be ; secoll<i, It was to dcmQl'- Store . The su le c(m linu es nntil ullzc lIle uili es by olvhllng them Nove mber 27th. ngoillst th emselv es. This mu ch Is ccrtuln: T ho kai ser J ames W. Da vis. of (h e S S. Ore · neve r Inleuuco th e allies to nccept tbu gon. rume hom e on e day last wee k proposul he nllH)c. Ue admi tted tllU t H i ~ furlough was very short, .an tl h r~ much to me. u S (llt.l ul so t he hud only time to rt'Bch home. 'N hon Pr.lnce von rl ess. hI s 1Il0st Inllrunte he had to ret urn . He was lookin g advisor. It WII S terllled In s uch II wny well a nd hai>PY. lhllt the 1I11.1es cou lll 1I0t posSlhly necept It. Dut I t St'r\' ctl one of the porAn econom ical plan for purchllsing ]loses whtch It wns IlItcnuctl to nch leve, Chris tmal! Giftil i!l re presented in IIUO nearly accompli shed tho other. Th e S . Fred Company Lebdnon Big Store Thanksgivin g Special, nowon, CHAPTER XVI. and to ct'ntinue until N ovembe r 27.

"'Playing The Gatne" .Mack' Seniil~tt Co'tnedy :


"n l.'1I1~t · hl:111l1

You can buy Barrel Salt the cheapest at -

I I flchleyc It W IH'H



Featuring William Hart in· I ,. ,



Tuesday. November 26th

"Sherley Kay"



7:0() p.m.

0 ... ,,,.;• • ;





War Tax

....................................... Saturday


6:30 p.m.

.....•... ADAIR'S •___• __________IIIIi.. '

''lII_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




talk. The nub lic is cord ia lly in oil CI1I1H' ulmo, t U5 IIll,..h 11 9 II slI l'prls,' d[cd to attend . No ud miss ion wi ll be I to the Gel'mons us II was to UIC rest Q( charged. I th c ,,"orlt!. 'rhey knew It \\"I\S In evl! til hie tinct th C'y luol{('u forwnru CII!;cl'ly Mrs, Kilbon ha~ tuk en the ngl'ncy . to "Dcr 'l'n!;, " hut wilen It nrrlveu th e for M. Kohlhagl'n , .Je wel er and Op· hustle 111111 "~CIt"IIlCIlL. 1I0t to Rill' tician , Lebanon, Ohio . where you pallic. wldeh UC\'cluJicu throughout wi ll finu a firs t c1n~s line of goods I Ocrma ny \V1\ S so pl'OnOlll1 cctl th nt lu for Chri s tmas . sO Ule cuses It I1IJpr onchcd Ihe luulcroos. Obviou sly til e p eopl e were kept In ignorance o! the pllln8 of their wor hum ns hI order th ll t hnslillti es might I come ns n cOlllplete ~ ul'pl'I 'e to them


Featuring Clara K imball 'Yotftlg, in

Younce Brothers Grain Company

p,1't':.11 \\ H I", wh kh "'tiS t u G erlllHny's n lm!';, ('u mnwn cc c1 , e~ti n g

tl l{'

To .Ex~·rcl~e"

Saturday, November,I' 23rd '


A t nlk on "Palestine," iIIu s trllt~d with Inn tern views at lhe Wh, te Brick moethlg house, Novemher ~3 rd, at 7:30 p. m ., by Miss Mllrin ). rederickson. Miss Frederickson has spent Hil es!" h'n years with th e American colony at Jerusalem and i. ahle lo Jrive nn inlcr-


i :


Germany In Wa rtime. While th e C:~rml1n people llOvc nl· wnl' s be"11 lu I lIol'oll~1I nceOn] \lith the knl ser'S nlllil itio ll ' JlrnJC'ct which Is so s lgnlfl cnnll .v dl,~tl'll>,'u Ill' the pop lllul' siogun:


















er pound for But er a •


gi ve colur


tlt e gU" cfulllent's

eo nt pntlo ll tlln t til!' wllr

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _-;:-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - : I



ST. i\\AR Y'~ CHllRCH upo n r;t\I·lHan~'. SO IItll,' 11I,,"~11 ,lid \\,t· giw! to th e S unday next L"fl1re Ad ve nt. Nov, COIII III ,·xlllt' ... Ill' IlIl' Jlnlllkn i ~ lttl n tlon em ber 24 Lh , SU liday School lit 9:30 a I I", I nl! I ·rid:l .\' . .1 u I ~' :J I, H114. IllY wi fe m.; Morning P raye r and sermon at

Hud ] o.: fl' I',,'d IIlf 011 :t 1111111)1" trip. 'Ve 11 :1' 1 It~ :11'41 :-; " IIIH Il Y rUIJl or:s of Wfil" , \\illil n ; 111 ' I, t·, \ ' ijlU:-' It'll y('lIr~ thnt ,,'e


ti lt \\ 1111 11


Week of November HL h to 2-lth inclu.


" ":1':: 111

!toIl II U ' 1! Hhr1t~



h l~




'" ht't'll 1\1· r. ,I'I '.

I1 11 nili' \\ :I~' ''1)\ t ll4' ( ' It HI' 11I1 tf' nlll1rg'Pt'

(·1 1: 111:-: . . " ,

If you havc j g:.ll\o ll s of IT ':lI11 lo s' ll \'1) 11 can' l lllilke money anyea sicr th a n by Sllippillg" it \' OUH.S I ~ LF to the Tri-State. . TI~ e !ri-Sta te 11<1' no buyill ~ agcnl ' I'u r IIC pay ~U comm iSSIOn. Wc han 00.'E PRI CE to a'll.


l 'I' .. ~ I · U IIII' l; lIi:-;I'" lind t he 1'1'''111 P ( l t~­

I,: H ... · '\11 dl'h III;.! Itt I"" dill

111, '''1'

\I , ' It'

lil il)·.


\\' !I"I\


S und ay~chll o l ~I H: 15 a. m . Frank I LeMay ~u. l)erin( " " 1 ' nt Subj ect. J a .' 1 c ub WillS ESRtI (Gen . xxx: },11 ) Divine worsh ,p 10:30. topic , Enterin g



wil. ,,,; nn 110111', nod

I' l'n dl(' (l

l' ol ~ . l l1l1l,



!l o\\,·

!"oH \ ~' Il,'ll1 . . :lT1dH of lol\~ tt l' ('0:11 Ih'H IH 'tl lIlJ 1 11' 1\\1.'('11 Ute r nll r olld II':! 1 ' 1 \ ~ \\ I d(' 11 \\'Pl't' Ilnllnnl'i l.\' I,:ppt d"HI', Wt' r enlizt'd that JII'l' )l!l rnt lons 1'01' \\':11' wpre 1 ,(dTl~ J II : Ult' In l ·H,· ,It· .... t and " \ "1' .


i\\. E. CI-I URCI1

Ih e Sheepf()ldfJillh n x : ) ·3) Preac h"nn'l" iu di('utl lllt s of n"'~ ing 7 Pill, th em e. T he l'rod iga l l:lon ( Luke xv : 11·24 ) A ll arA inv ited to \\'" ''It'I('I'''<I littl e Irlljlorco m e and lYorllhip wit h us. C; N J olly. Pastor.

:11.' 1111

(Lilli :11

8veryborly in vill!d to (hesc se rvice~

u lll il'l1 hle solu·

1.1 11





The uni on T hanksgiving service wil l he held in t he M , E, chu rch ut llJ o'cl oc k. Thursday morning, Nov . CINCINNATI, OHIO " .. !o!llIpP"fl I n (" llI s i"" I' \\l lP l)H~ r II ~1l l'te \' . J . F Cadwullutl c i' will read WIHlll l not l Ie l u,tt,,1' url,' l' ull ttl ,·(" turn t h~ Scriptu re lesson, Re v. J ohn Me · S hip in y o u r own cans or we wr ll IlJan F HI ': E call~ fo r :\0 days trial. Jlt ll ll e. Su("'1J \\' :t ."; OU I' i ~ lI o rHn <:, ! of w ar Mi ll an wil l offer the opening prayer. \Ve gu arantee you r cans and cr 'alll again st luss. l{cllIember we that W P O(!dd .. d t hllt , e n ' II (hough It a lll) Rev . G. N. J olly 0 D will LI e· refund the p rice of yo ur shippin~ t icke t. w l' re out IHh·i..... ahl e to motor I n D el- li ve r the ~e rm ll n. T he choirs of th(~ g-IUB I unll Frn IIC£', wh(~ r c w e ,,,ere vurious ch urch e ~ are cor c1 ially invit o ~-~~~-~~~~~--~-~-~-~~------_ .J,tI\lflfl. we 1lI1~lIt ~"f .. ly plnn u (our In ed t(, a ss i ~t in t he s inging . t.h" Black f"" ,,'t III Ucr muu\,. Thi ~ sho uld be 1\ very g racioll s (Tn ht· r :o ntIO llflfJ) 'J'har,k>lgivirlg b ·rvlee . We tr ust thaL a ll the h usitw~s h ou ~es will c loee from lI avi ng- ~,,! d th e ('llI'stahle farm . .' [I,ck a lld implt'mellt 5 tl) Mr. J) ~\'id 10 to 12 o·c1oek . and th e peopl e com e ~ I ' , rrl", [he "alt· nrl ,:all l fllrtl1 f" r I' ridal', J'\'Jvpmher Read Ga zette's Cla ss ifi ed Ads lOl!etlwr Hllrl ,,·nd e r thanks to the :!:.!ml, i, hcrpi.,r calle'o ,,11'. Lord for 1-1is lovin g kindness and tender me rtle". Hu t I II ill sell (!II til l' old Ward ia r m, [\\,O miles l:a ... t oi J F . Cadwa llad e r, \1 orroll' , <)11 ;John McMi ll an. ,- - . G. N Jo tly.


- - --- - - -- - - - - -- - - -

_--_._----- --




36 Head of Cattle-All Young 36

I ~1~!L~I~ \~ " I1 ,~~I , ~J:~~~R I kil1d ~




COlll mcn ci n g a l I n't: lock I' ,

Ill. ,

e us

~c ik (' r


\\ '' . F' . I.:., mlt I I)'.

lIel '


A. A. MAYSILLES, O \V::--"I ': R, J 1.\ \'

j'( )S, () IJ

!'\l'\\ '

II ,

:--; C'w

I( J.

IJo(~, CIJI'~ in' all

:'\' I..!\\'


il l


.I. O. Cr\RT\v~I(j HT

A uctlOneer

C r 'JO b (' rri e~

Insurance and Sale Conductors (


l~ ruil

I~'a I'Y Ila idwin AIJ)Jle- s , - - - - 1


Sppcial pri ce by the harr el I

I' Goud BrooMs, u )I .... . . .... . . ...


SPEC IAL Ti l lS WEEK A New Bread, n ice big loav es , a s fine as you eve r ate

3 Big Loaves for 25c


Len ve yo ur orde rs a s ~uppl yis lim ited . Brin g


yo u r Chi cktl119 a nd Eggs




was Oll e of our ,,' Ill had ,b e-en In feeble

.l Ull'S

('i ll/. I' II !'. ,

1\:l llt l'rl " " You ng, who lI\ ea

n. :. nd n atl'ol<e of avn· 1' ; 1':\:), Tlnll':-day I.)Ycnlog, f rom which :;1,,' lIen'r Ij '('overed, 'fbe fUnera.1 0\


\\",,; h, ·It!

tJ \\

mOl'lllng from ll~e Rebecca Prenu e rj;" ,; l '" 10 o·r l,),·>., Rev. J. F. CUdWElI_ lader o III e1111 ;n J~ .Interment In Miam i cellI I~ry. lIJ u"rI :, y ur :II n ,

1',, ~l tl l' Il C"

Aman B lock

Phone 61-2

Wa ynesiJilIe, Ohio

Drain Tile CETTH£M AT

Y OUDce - Bros.


can play


Furniture .._-.,£arpets, Stoves Vieiro las

-- ..- - -

Public Sales


I wi ll sell at Public ~ale at my on t h l~ Upper Springboro Pi k". X; mil e Wc'.t of Waynesville. on Wcd n sda)'. r.edmber 4, 1918,

r e~ id c n ~e

beginnin g- at J f) o'clock a. m ., the followin g: 7 h(,raes. 19 cattle. &2 hogs . 10 shcep, f", rming Implement!t. c6rn in crib , etc. See larg e billa lror particulars. James R Gibbons .

--- --,. - --


NO HUNTING" Our expcrience and wide a C'lj un intnll c(' gel you th e II igh Dolla r. Gct terms anu da les IIOW.

STATEMENT is s~metimes made that on account of its absolute supremacy the Victrola is highpriced . The answer is a simple one. You . can buya genuine Victrola for as little as $22.50 . Beautiful cabinet styles at exceedingly reasQnable figures.

· A

We offer a Victrola_ S.ervice that is a Delight to Music Lovers .: \: .:



We will sell you ' 8 Vic- ' trola lind Recorlls for 811 ' li tt le 8S' $5 00 down, with mont.hly · paymenta of $5 00.

II '"

~Ir ~ .



Sears & Cartwright


,\1 1' .

It , ,di ll If"

~."II II

~. SEA ~ S

NathllJl Jonca ol C1d I", " ,c FI, tay evening, aged 87

".Il I' · limB. Thc fune ra l le lll ,\ II "lIily aftern oon nl 2 "'dul'k. 1:"1 . .11.\ly officiatin g. 111ll'I'IlIlll!1Il ill ~I I.IInl cemetery.

I' r t,,1 1 ()., ' lI:r~ . I,u lk "r can :;


1I ~ r. dd,·

I· '

\ ' Il)':,


La ,,' .,II· r" ek" r9. fr (,s h. a Ib ...~ O l:

T IS a brave man who will \ry to dispute the verdict of Galli-Curci, H e i. fetz , Caruso, McCormack and oth er supreme judges. This verdict is that the VICTROLA is far superior to all other instrumen ts and the only one worthy of recording their art.


! layer

C"nl \ 1, :, 1 Nl"\· I'a l,, 'ake FI ,l ur

of Music


.\t'W Ilrieol Fruil , 1'/ ,.II

] All gus ]luil, II) .\ Iil ch l·fj\\'s . i Jll: ik l ' , ;) sma ll S teers, \1 Cal\' e ~ IIIU :i CUll', c\JJllillg [rl''' I1 sur,,!.

to All Lovers

Get.a Victrola now--m~ke most of winte·r eveni~gs

A Message

Th e following nartled peraona will not all ow hunt in'7, on their premises. anti wil l p rosecl te any 'o ffender to' the full extent of the Jaw: ' fl, G. Atkil)80.D Dr. J . T Ellie J . F . Cadwallader Wm . Cum mings R. Van Tr ~88 farms Frank Braddoek 1 . • A Maffitt · , J ason Shechan "


20-24 North ,Detroit ~Street Xenia. Ohio


j!>! O _.... A~Y,!!",N.....m...,S~V_IL_L_E..j ~;_~O_H....I;""O_J_W_E_~ s!,!!.e~v~~n~~!,!Y-!,!!!.Fi! ,!rs! ! ! ! ! .!,t!,!Y~e!!!!!ar~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!~~!!!!!!,!~~~!!!!!!,!!!!!!!,!~~~~~W~ •




I iii




'a i 'El' -8 • '&1' Int~re.stmg Letters from Boys In the Service , ~~

These Letters Appreciated by Folks "Over Here"


, EI'




~ ~


Late st

.' '~

Y JANU ARY 15, 1919

Pictur~s Show' Chant~t~-·~t Great American s=:- !(:1E";'-'~Er='"5:J'I :]I--U !lEI:5S Ei • ~rn Happenings of Personal Nature ~.I~ Around Town e I

~ m


G 18

to be n pel'isco peLie1l~. Ii. J. W~terhouse writes to but was thought taken. We us and saye that he is again . in but .there nl'e no chances suspicious FrancJl, and, will join hlB division have orders to fire at any fG'\' you ~ow that a belore Ion". ·He was w' '1Indect and loo~ing object, hide behind almost hl\8 been in a .hospltal in EDI(land for perIscope can anything . some time, Tuesday , August 20th. Still get. ting colder. We ran Into a school of moming . lTbe writer ()f this article, Clar· sharks and blackfish this at 9 :80. encfI Menden hall, is at home on a Battle stations An object was sighted Wednesday. furlough . He has told Us of /lut we djd not come close enough to tb~np not mention ed .In his it to so ewhat it was. We pnssed and promiiles to write ' more thre~ more transpor ts today! one of bla.trave l8 80me day .-Edito r ] . them being Ii United States snip. .. Thursda y, wo nre stiIJ making the • 1aaDle speed, but will mnke 22' knol~ { hour, commencing at 4 o'clock toDear Friend: morrow mornin~. We caught a wireNow that this ~IIT Is 'over, I less message from off some Spanish coast lost night, or raLher this m()'l'ngreat I!leasure In writing you ing at about 2:80. letter and letting 'you know where Friday, we are now in one of the arB and what wo are doing. worst plnccs there nre between here We are now anehoted at and the United States- a place where E'JIgland, fifteen minute!!' rido moat of our transpor ts have been sunk, and where the U-boats are operatin g Weymouth, lind aile hour'lI . ride, the thickest. We have doubled our the gre,ateet. prison camp in watch and it wl11 be little IIlcep we Almoat every 'day I see any deswill get fa. sorne time. Nine of them marchin g _down ,t he came out to meet us this fired lm.orllin:g. One of 'the destroyers with Engli8b. soldiers guarding . shots at something. but we . do not lleem to mind it because what it was that she heal' not ~et they because aro prls~nera, saw. She Wile bearing off from us (y .t9 eal; alld a fairly good . about one mlle. sleep. In fllct, ' they even wo are ia port at Inst. We some of 'Us IOpora when we here In Bontery Bay at clc'Se coming back on the train from 2:30 o'clock. Thie, place used "to don. Of coane, down in their one 4f Gormany's greatest 8uhniothai might h"ve been praying bailee before the war .started. some way to .tlck a knife In UB, or are .no other battle ehlJ)& over dilpeR oCUli jn iIome1otb er way, but hero except us two, .but there !Ire. a it looked ,to UI like they really ~mentan !lubmarme number of Tliey think more of tha enee.-. are de:. tlian they do of of any chMers and d~8troye1'8. We du~y, so wo wl1l. not ;'.~'A .. · ...,+l~,.. They hate the English ta('hod on speCial bo with the grand fle~'t fop some tlm.e. Bnako . our t~p If;imer, • I will give yOu And 80 the completlD'!l. of to how we made the trip aCl'01l8. Not vel''! exoltmgplentyreali in. S. 8. , Oklahoma and about.. maybe, but it was 8.~'N•• vada left tpe .Norfolk torestmg to UII. Convoyed Bli Troop on Satuiday p.ftel'l1oon, We went from thore tried ont our :al~~~~~~~~,I~~

·Whole .Number 351a.





By Our Local News Iteporter


a·G== :JII!liG ==:J1 a Gi==:11 [:11- .=U:Jil :==!1I 1:J

Dr. Dill, Osteopa th 21 S. Broad· BIg reductio n in Men's Suits nnd way, Lebanon . Ohio. Overcoa ts at Hyman & Co. 's. Boys' Sweater s, regular $1.'75 val· Mrs. A. Maffit.t was the week end ues, speclal,9 8c . Hyman &; Co. guest of relatives In Bellbroo k.

Two of tho lUI plot\ll'on tnk.n rormor J>ro"l<lolll 'l'heodoret OOU¥QIt .how tho IruG ohnrnotA l' .f thlK tnmoll' Arnorl ol\ll lIott., than could OOIIlI1\II~ 01 IYPo In tho mall , lorl tylhfS otlJtor lt'l, 110 wnlt ".: rollQ' Bud londor" nt tho on mCl tlmo, OPIIOl lt08 ollY"~. toun<1 In tho mnko.up o[ nil Iront I.)g .!vrll, . On lhll lott II ' ''1'0<1(1)' lll" t1:thtvr,"

II ol1ArAo~.rl'llt! POlO I.

lb. worlel

know blm wb.n ho would dofr III III IInr. I1trbt lor rl,M, On tho rlabt I. "1'oad), tbo tondor," wUh hi. ItAlldlon, Arllllio ROOHyol'l Jr" In hi. arm. I1141U80 'toddy lovod ohlldren, th. trll' 101' ot , hlln. Tile In"rt I. I rIO.M pie. tllr. ot Colon.1 Roo,,,OW. widow

Mr., Thlodor . Roo.",.l t.




Miss Elsie Cleveng er, of Five A supply of Gillette Razor Blades. PolntR, ill the guest of Mias Inez DaWhite's Store. vis, of Corwin. Rev. G N . Jolly D. D. spent two MrB. Harry Murry. Mrs. Earl Con· days in Cincinna ti. this week. ner and Mr. U. M. White were In BIg reductio n in Blanket s ond Dayton Tuesday . Comfort s. Hyman & Co. Men's nnd Boys' Suits and Over-coats at almost "Before the War" Born-T o Mr. and Mrs. R E. Prices at Fred's Lebanon Big Store Davis. of Dayton. Monday. January ~ fter inventor v Sale of Winter Goods 6, 1919, n Bon.


Odds and ends in Ladles' Vests and ' Women' s CoaLs, one odd lot. $7.96 beavy weight, clCllinlr out Pants, After Store Big Lebanon Fred's at at 59c. Hyman & Co. Inventor y Sale.

anxious to start maneuvcring nt'ound Herbert aIter we got lhere. But we ull had to Mrs, F. E. Reddick, of Vancouv er. : Born-T o Mr. and Mrs. lin" up and be mustered. Some people motber. Mrs . D(Jster, of near Harvey. burg. Sun· her visiting is ., Wash herc over A. C. . M engaged in th e Y . day, January 5, 1919, /I Bon. Elizabet h Snook . had automobiles for all of uS nnd-toolt re 's );,L~r delle .• s . illk. Ihe cluy, "Li us from the sta tion to the Grnfton , . who is l.lg lil I rtJllI lI :-. hJud lht a~irit flits Notlce- A married man who is Notice- A married man Hotel, tho second la rgcst in dty While he R". n IIud ."rlb combln~ 10 illY wanting farm work, call pbone 16 2, wanting farm work, call phone 16·2. of ~evcn mjlJion ·people. Waynelivllle, Ohio. We . think the QUllke. < an' nol in 'H olY bl~s l the righleous Wb~D Ioe diesl ": Waynesville, Ohio . doing Just to show wha t Am erica isfOl'oi . B • gn L in b II C I her boys over here Ch fig. rid a s I (' ' to listen ut . war t.le • th ures. J'"irst, bere ill tl;'- oI ir t'ctul' of ' t SI h' ar f'S orne \\as orn, March "'" co un.Jles l' c... Ie Il'es wo . Mrs. Sadie Zeit sp.nt Sunday In Mr. Bnd Mrs. Sam Haines, of near 'I JI fr.,j rs uf 23, 18411, ~t LIl~borton. 911nton largest hotels in London fol' us to put the Depnrlm ent of Cl HIS young- hfe w. as Bellbrook, spent Sunday afternoo n Morrow , vlstlnl[ her friend, Mles OhIO unty. Co ' ell1 tll ,.f ll~ t . S" "oCI""ly CroBs Red lhe C. M. Y. of the th up at. Besides all spent upon th f Margare t Roberts . ~, " ~ who ga'lO up ere growm.R' here with relatives . e arm, A.'s, the young ladles ovel' 0 1' I I e :,;ociety here 8 S "The Red CroSHin100kJl their ' homes to come t to a s turd~ manhood because of hiS · t · I 8e~ a as FrtendM of . ~ e)(IJ ~ r out· door life 'd . ,. One lot Boys' Shlrta and Drawers , warkers m this great ol'ganizaLicl'l, Raisin Brean and Seven other vaOn Decemb er 22 1R69 h and eaders . 1 here 18 DO • ,I,ll o[ pe:o· WIiS rieties of Good Bread every morning regu lar 60c value, oloslng out at 28c. (I ns well as nurses for the sick • ' . d' . "lIoy ail .v~ ' we Hyman & Co. wounded, certainly deservo all tho .ple from wllOm \\ by? . H,: unite !~ murrlag e to Mory~. Hart- at White's Store. credit given them and they should lenr n Ii 80 much" AI" year of their mar· first he 1 . . s~ck lhirl I II ; , ·"" present tl;o in cl\use at wh ow have a whole lot. 1 do not kn ~ lIa/' rJ.t:!~ ~Ife was spenl on .a farm in the Lieut. Elliott, of ~ichmond, Ind., Marion ' E. Campbe ll, of Sardinia , the soldiers nrc do,ing, but I do know mu n th ~ lhe Englisb "C; 'j"b~t ' ,r\l ':l mtlre VICllllly of. Xenia, OhIO. After one rpcl' Tuesday with h\s grll;ndm o'her to spent helped relatives alrE:lldy and g goin friends are on snilr/l's called U8 Ohio. tltat everyon e of IIV,'I' year of remJenc e Ihere, ,Mr. Cornell J of the Friends Home. jl" d I' ". Shute, Mrs. villag;: Fr"nch :300 n. thon afternoo ami Friday accounts IliSt pay bere (Iur in to dig down {1l0 11 36', nJ uved b~c~ to Warren County. ~ , , .1,l1 and familiES ,01,0 11 t gl'eate~ the of one them give to help nw rly bOO FOl:lr children were. born to the Men's Best Corduro y or Duck tImes they ever hud iu thair livcs UUO ind ividllnls; buil; ,,:JUD Women' s House Dresses, $169 at packe ts mlirllfl!Se. unton, MorrIS ~., of Daywhen we the good old U. S. A: hOUSl'S; don ated some ,IJ articles' ton, YVllham E, Harry A . and Lou· Fred's Lebanon Big Store After In Water-P roof Coats, regular $6.60 hO{)!k>' valu ps, epecial for Saturda y only, !lgain. I tell you it is ju st like bl!- .,f clothes and . ventory Sale of Winter GOOdR !5,OOO worth ella C. Mllle~. of. WayneSVille. U 98. Hyman & Co. Inff cared for nt home. They see to and diRlribut d some deceased the The tpar~len life of s, tl,/(' and ~~ds YO'IJr every n eed and wo nt ond make of fa rm machine gl,Y happy .. The fellowexceedm w~s a is .. tbAI aoee I F nnd in on l'odoy H4mders B. maltes F. It· Mra Mr. and things so pleasant for you. shi p of a falnlly of children mnde Mrs. J. E, Werner and two IIODS, " , a fellow want toJlny somethin g aboul Mrs. J. H. Coleman were Xenia and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Raper, of ellt . by which (h~ "urk of their life to be an overflow ing one. n. afternoo y them nnd he cannot think of anythin~ n1 in Thursda d , respecte shoppers Mr. Cornf:1I WIiS well g Sl Quallers Dayton. were the guests of Mr. · and p'h t,o /tnll' Xou II clirta~nc;l, A mr'nc~ lind" ~. ~ ,,...~~~ hl. w)1i,.h he lived . . .~ r'f'hD.r'1 '~I ~ IlfternooD . " Rnner. I::!oDday " ; j .. t ~l ~ -j!!:.'" Mrs. W.O. . . t"$o,. efli ,. farm of s ret mut 011 !)aYL:'n, ~ ' Unit Bis opiniun . Mrs ·c.7: Eg b'~rL, aU' got room s when we : tQo. the Burellu of Ih'ohl10 riel,ds b b h . Red lhe Mr. of good (Americ nn and Brili, r>()\'lin " a nd clency was soug t y t ost:! needing spent Sunday with her parents, $9.75, hotel, and had a Suits, and Women' s Coats advice. He made a distinct success and Mrs. W. J . Baker, of Co rwin. bath and a general clean-up of our Cross th at is now' ~ ll'•j '" ~14.76, $19 75,122 95 at The S. Fred ure. agricult in h lwo trl;', ,hospi clothes_ '!Ie certainly did need it, nf- staffing fuur Compan y Lebanon Big Store After M C (or orphans , one hvm.' [u r agt'd peo· and ter our rIde 0'11 the tt:allt. We were Women's Shoes, $248, $2.95, $3.45, Inventor y Sale of Winter Goods. r . ornell and his faithful Hnd f relie .~e met im doin" lind pie e th of s by which, member active ' the~ 'lead), for .s 1upper, " d evoted l'wife were $4.48 at Fred's Lebanon Big Store F wurk among th l! tho usands of W SI' was ce rt nm y a fine one. It on- socblgees. lip !lrmders Club BII After Inventor y Sale of Winter Several of our citizens attended nre layne b Qalakers thOSe And refu ~ pence G a nnd COllts us 2 shillings Goods. work also in Italy ong as . ell I permltte . the governm ent sale at Chillico the Ilplece. There \ ere foul' of us out of doing this Bumeand The I~Lerest of Mr. Cornell in Netherla nds' Monday. my division that stayed together : Russill Sel'biaHOOlethe . , commum ty welfare was very marked. J ournal Thomaa Crew, of Lynn, Ind., is moat of the.tlme we were sight-eeejng. -The Ladies' he Herved his Townye!lr.s, l!1any F~r . ' l I 0111' relatives spending several week with We-went ou.t after we had finished shIp III un offiCial capacity . No mat- and The success of 1< red s Lebanon Big and around Wayna supper, got 'Borne oigars and started , of consider ation was ville friends In Inventor y Sale of Winter worthy Aftsr ter Store oot tci. see 8,ome of the city. paRSed by unnoticed Since retireGoods Is illustrat ed by the record. _ . '. . It sure Is a' brilliant plnce after th e deceased has lived in breakin g crowds. in attendan ce, and 1D t l\f~ ToWex:s, \vns ment, " e. D1ght, alt90u~h as y~t ~hey hnvcn't thtl~ keep awatch d WIth the Wuynf!flville. SpeCial, Men 9 $250 and $2.98 unprece dented volume of purchas got all .of tholr electrtc lights turned Lelimg us story\ c~nne.cte active member Coat an wos COl'nell ,1,76. Mr. lit s true. Sweater ,/9~te 18 winch block, chopp!ng on. You know thut all Light powel' Hyman & Co, , Uldy Jf~ne of the Methodi st Episco)Ja l Church . was cut off whe~ th~ GennDn Zeppn- , ~he time they b~hetlde\f years, he h8ll been all ofmany For stnke to ~d ~l· exec.utlOn t~le Gray on down Jins ere ciroppmg b~mbs ax before her fi cial member of the He Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenc e Sherwoo d, the city'; They have stIli got some of three ~Imes WIth hiS its e floor. It gave much time and attention to)h .rolled f~ally hend from l l)l'ote~te! statues of New Jersey, and Mias Dorothy ,famous t~ell' d . great! be will He welfafu pretty a such had shc AlIYwuy, It IS very WIIS sntd that y mlilBe Sherwoo d,of ·Lebanon , spent Thurs. Illr raids "nc~v. '. neek thut the man cO'lld· not help . .Its deh~eral .as it 18. lons. duyhere wlth·rel atives. made a poor In Ith inking about it, nnd so forty..Jl Clara, second daullhte r of J. C. ., [<'or qUI~e. a time, Mr. Cornell has Olmd~ job of it. He wus to get and Rebecca Murray, waa born near See 11J,toric Scenes enwas He health, falhng In been it instead bllt worle the cioing t t d out ror . f th e f ac t tb a t h 'IS . _I t' I Anotber barrel of,Fancy Sorghum . WayneavlUe, Ohio, Septemb er 17, . 'r, Th e .n ex t mor",ug we s ar e cost 111m forty pound s an'd ~he drinks Ir~ y,c0nsclous 0 1887, and dep~rted this life at ber your supply, this ill the last. Get immedia tel nft0r b ' 1 f t A prove Tl,is is the way that the afiliction would s~one.r or latt:!r White. Will home in JonesbOro, Ark., Decemb er by the nn%te "1 Sh~eC~p~~li~ D~~~~ around. almness c . t~e He !,Ilet thiS With 20, 1918. She was married durlft/r wns recently :~owel' cnme I? be Cs.Ilc:d ~~e Blc)ody falal , ~eremty hnen, a p erson who a of rislic c~arl,lcte Beheve II\ ~, lt IS a dlllnp, and. the summer of 1918 to A. E. Forten· knfghted for his great work in th,) I'Jwcl·. de· r, had he daughte hfe, and hiS In Harris . N. Mrs, I. the Austrtllian ~~lool1\y plac~, nnd J . would hate to CllrIstllm berry. at Birming;bam, AlB., who war. He is from knew He the . Gor! were upon Dayton, ~uch of pended Ruth, Miss Ior. any length of survives har, aleo her father, J . C. army . . Besides him anti us four W OI'I! !I.nve to s.tay In lhlll'ckulolgh would trusted Mc· ~ h Alice whum Mrs. 90d of tl~e that guests imend week· WIIS lter Murray, of Rogers, Ark, and one two Canadian soldiers, and foul' you nlr t ll~e . Sl~ Wa dungeon oi the T()wer not fall In Lho hour of hiMgreatest Kinsey and daughte r, MiilB Henriett a. siater, Mra. E . W. Hopkins , ot Wayladles, Americnn Relief WOl'kcl's II'hu .,':Isoned In a . need lHlfore years of .." have been over here evel' since A~ g U5 ~ 10 1' " g reat numuel' nesville, Ohio. On Jllnuary G, H1I9, he quietly last year. One of the boys with us j,e \\'a3 executed . She retired at night In her appar· From 10% to 33y'% off on Under· ago the at away 31epl ly peaceful nd a Jewels of s Sow 1 houslJlld ent usual good health and when the was from Texas, her nati ve stute, nnd of 70 years, IU nlollth~ and 17 clays wear at The S. Fred Compan yyLeba· of , he said that she felt as good 'from tJrc Idl to mourn hi~ depar. non Big :Store After Inventor Sale alarm sounded at the IIsual bourand There crown The wcl'. To the for much So m, hi with talked having met him nnd arising next morning IIhe awoke ture. foul' chihlrcn . six grandchll · of Winter Goods. IIlght. ng interesti hel' t nno o wel ;!!\\'cls fOl'tunl·. a her left hnd, Christ;.. liS if some one wished ber hu ~band a Merry crown, queen's dren, tlVO great grandch ildren, and her I co~ld readily believo her when she .'he imperi ul stal\1 Messrs. Carl McClure. Clarence mas, and in a few minutes .more ":own of state. It r..,·merly had ~Z ,818 ~ large .circle of friend s . SDld It, too. fled. had spirit other Ethan many nnd Kilbon. penrls Kenneth :l!J7 s, all. Mendenh Well, we went arCl'Und to the Lon- ,Jlltmond r tlte IhHd The deceased was a splendid Chrla · attended s, 66 brilliant s " Thcr~ is 11 0 1" ilion Co/Jd·sbuu" dle •• pcace; Crane and Howard Burton don TOWCI', the (ir.s t thing, which, jewels. Two sapphire Thnt dwcll.\\'i lbln C it woman, always taking an active to tian added been evening hm'(' Monday amonds di ii~ ntl Dayton, " at th~ th's m Kei Willia you know. WlIS built by Alld siokuc.s build , ,u, d"ngeou WA il . has in c.hurch work, teacblng a Sunpart crown state imperinl e Th bince. sate-keep tbo i 8 for sllfcca~ 's expresslY aill knoweth Conqucrer School class In the Firat Baptist 34 cllrets For o ll e who tireless day woig)tbig emerald n u lndi' 11 . , b tower this h hig Pal·t iuioll! p city. the of U 'J ing HI soa rs Big reductio n in Men's. Ladles' Church in Jonesbo ro. Every ao1i,liO diamonds. Be~ And livt·s llclt(,Atll the Ol)en sky.', in the city of London and port of it "n ppbire , Ilnd huv and Children 's Underw ear at Hyman quaintan ce was a friend and In her ~ jU'.!t mentIoned·. G. S. t)\ltside. The tower covers an arell :;ides these I -C. . & Co. many more!. It death the commun ity hll& Ia.t a truly of ' 18 acres. -The oldest and most Ihere wer!:', Oh, SO you at look 'to Thanks. of Cascinal~ Card tc' noble characte r. ~ccms is tower importan t building of this The funeral WIIS conduct ed JanuJust to t hem, the snmo 115 " IInake would e Grange will Install their new Tbe gratitud ur o ' express called the White Tower. to wish We rubies .. had I Hal Hn! ' 1 at tbe First Baptist ch~rcb In you !ary harm .. January . protected evening was y it well Saturda and how officers, show you s growinlr ali and tbanks to nil our friends ro, by ber pastor, Rev. J. R. Jones'bo be to invited a!e s member es All its inward 'l\'.nrd is protected ' by a big dia monds ond sapphire 18. I went to bed! that neighbo rs for the many kindne'3S after which the burial was Hobbs, afserved be Will Oyster8 . wall, flanked by 13 to'Wers. The en- around me when Bnd present illness too, shown to us during the Westlaw n cemeter y • . the at bad trRnce to the place is on the south night. You cnn imagine 'that, work. the ter death of our father. --Roger s (Ark.) Democr at. .side, undernqath f!te Bloody Tower. ~an't you? place \VO lIaw wall the St. , Children The Another The oUl!\vard ward is defended by six Mrs. Fortenb errv served as tele· You'll find a lupply of Brown Su]places towers, facing the Thames river. A John's chapel, (l'Ile oE operator at the Centerv ille and phone Store White's at meats all of o.urlng for gar big. ditch, or mOClt,- surround s al1 of uf worship in' the . Waynesville excbang l8 tllr a number this of years, and numbere d her friend. Ilee how utterly im- religions went to these and 80 you . it wall for anyone to capture \IIace. We were up Is by the scores In tbl. Tlcinlty • I. N. Miller, of H arveysb urg, and , Nursery Antioch tbe ~~ with stili ~r:~~~ t':d~~ ;,~ ovel' -aU AIId no one ever did, hnd is a 'pluce ill • - • will be glad to take your order for 'although, as history tells you, Thero is cnJled the trees, ,~~ed cODII~ntiy. fruit of line the In g anythin middle tower was occupied by You s it at least a shade trees, shruIibe ry, etc. Call mon kings an~ <\uo\!nll doV(I1 to Charles feet from a and him, and he will come and see you. tell you It-'WIII, I 1)elleve, the custom tor peril to ~C~l' You to stay in thk .tower his 01' her Illace. ho wer~ SItting uV., 'Vour, The Woman' s Auxiliar y, of St .in Jirocesalon to W~tmtn8f.e~, . It: one can fl~ure au . , Mary's Churcb, wiIJ meet with Miss because i8 it . fesl! ·Vlalt london ·Tower .. Emma Heigbw&y at the home of , . ·lectliro llnd. It . :- - - - M1'8 O. J . Edwardl1, Friday after- . a~~~!:~:f:~:~l~a: l, , tl cBthedTa thJ,lI mind lri!lster






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CHAPTER VI. My Second Peril. O ne tlay Mr. Grl mshnw cnme out tbe field to 888 my uocle. "bel





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by J ack Wllsol1.


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And Invigorate. Old People

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Mt nnle 1:1 J{tll g V8 l1it rl1lH1 K iu g l Those who have puny, alUog or etu\. Jl)urln l\u\\' ~l'h'; "; f\ lf f() per run-down chi.ldren or aged parents ... 1 · · 0 I may prove thIS at our expense. tIle', ,,. Q 0<> u f(ll' 1\ll(n expense" Besides the good it does children

- - - -- ,- - • • - -

Dr .J. A




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and the aged there Is nothln, like. Veterlna', v Vinol to restnre strength and Vl,tal\ty to weak, nervous wO/llen and over~ Graduate 01111) ~",., ll"I\I~Ii' worked. run-down men. ' .. '. Probate Court Proceedings. Try it. If you are,not entirel, I8t· Isfied, we wil1 return your /llonoy Wi llia m (:I . rb('nljJs"" jI hel m ni ~ without qu.e stion; that prove. 01U' OFFICE: t.rator b "O lll.l tlon 0 1 Ih o~ t"to lIf fairness and your . protection. MRo Jobn W leaen bf'rger DII.ll,l'lb ntion lions of people have been cOIlWcecl. CorDer Main and Mill "treets ordered . thiu way. . Tel,.,hoDI' ~ In t be m n ttl'r o f th estutCl of .I . E . 'lunney, Drugg ist, Waynesville. 0, WlIJmm A. ~nn ll, rl c oeis~ed . . WI1 B . t .! n l.. Lh ': ~ le r


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t\h r !ft'. h ' ,,,rJI,,1'( I' ll'; wlIMh lnR fo r q pd ~ l)n "T~ . Decem"pr, $iHI~ (l6; Cb n J WIII' ~n n r ". ~ ll fl:I JI. qnnrtnly L' X Tbe sweater hos .evolved lnte. the 8weaterette tor the IIprlna 011 ntn eteen. Gi vIng up tbe' JerBel~ seoms to be Il.8 hard tor women al~ '" tb e sh ort wa ll!Ing length .klrl~ <>n nil frori, s. Tnls -new blaC~! and blu e sn lln has a long sweater. fltte slcevelesA jacket · of forael

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,"'hi !'! BW I) ;\B 'rnrkey G ObblAr to 1')(I!b" ngp, wat~b ~ "bollt U Ill". Wrhn WollIn A wyer, R P 8,


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_ ._=============== FOR SALE •


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pbRJ)e, 11'004

R en l Est.lltc Trnnsfers. rol.l1ol· 1.1r('Q 0 Ild o)pctrlo 11 /lb~. 0 11.1\ on Ouy l\ib lor, 'R D . 1. Way_ A gu ra I~ (fubory til Albert aa1 n eJ:!v lll e. Ohi o. . j~l! I..o'l llis n Af' ~ t.) r. lot Ii in J.ebanun, $1.000. L :>r(lDZ Oriwuld to WllIiam II'rlinz. cau i h t lit lbo wals l wltb a belt 010 et 1\1, (l~ r t of l ot 207 In Leb!lnon, th e Be lf matorlal. The .weatere tt(~ , ~~5(,0. . Is op en all lh e WR Y down the Bldg, un ,I"r lhe prm. It haa a wld4'; bin di n g of th e sali n whIcK makel!( .. a bord er clreet nn Inoli aDd a hl\OO Read Gazette's Classined Ads to two Inch os wid <1,_•


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An Egotrrt.

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fi ual estl 11.1 !1 t (1 . OnULr ri C' . $ '!7 10; .J W ,Ioncs, palrd!ng, .3.0U ; ,:Jt:H .r Wa ggol'er,


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Funeral -Din>etOr -

Th u ~()e t:l 1'11 l' R ou lt,.\' 1n VOII!mt' ni i An~l'd~to~ ~111ten yp.ut::-J· lthe Eithlir Auto tir drajvn He,..ic~. 0 I ;OOl(J"I) Y Vd WUHM .1 . \'Ii ,Hs. This c~,;;~e~e ele~~~:sn~~ed toe;;:. , No ext,ra ch,llI'ge $or. ~uto 8t:r.vke. " HU",· I ~ (J l a U11 ~ s e ti f ( r \ '11 Il t. o r (Jro~c' l prove the health bf d~Ua~~ cbj\d(~ Both p¥nes-in. O@o !lr1ff;Rest~e . l}u tH)n Il~ C .s t n l plll lo ill f . • add ~eataiO )lttc. iUiI to'olapeople. , , No. 1'1 c· , - " '.. ..' • '

Hi l fJ 9;

fU ,"' I t ' IJ "d th ,' IHUt'r III't \\' I·t ' ll Ih,' 1'(Hl l'd!>i

ill II .. · tnldtlle of IIp! fril L! t.r:t (! (' 1 l iI!th,·t1 lIiY t l'am 1ft I Ill' !'!Iu l n lIlld !{ct (J Ilt l1~il lll, silt in g til) t i ll' 11t1 J{ ~ . II WH~ p ll "11 d: : "I{ tl l1'l tit " II llr~(lR \\H d ltlJ.! til IlId r \ '1 :11,· ... :IIHI t ill' ~ 1I0W cflllllu,t; fu :-.! .' r wll" n \\'1 ' I IIrn/ 'li i ll to 1( ,11 1 il TO:IIJ. SWII' I 11, II II'd It IlI lld hul. lUll H nt! ~n (!\\' tlIJ I I i t WIIS ell(.' . \',,1('(1 fir ( 'twh' l'eHIJfJd.\'. 111' lmd slllrl,l d o l.l to 111('(11 ,ne In llie ~ I O J ' IJI lind SIH! p wus wltl, Itl1I1.




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Hu d t!J, 'ril \,: .; ,r h i i l l' it.!! Ullif(' In)I,''' . "i,) I 11 ,,1"; 1 ,t! I I: ,' ' Itl ll r ," II(I ~ of lhp lron l'(ls /Inri 11 I> 1"'n Ih" 111 10 Illl' 1'1'lir b t' Ul" I' .\\ IIl! II 11 ' II;.:tll of Ill Y n ·ln.... Til . 11 I rt'l t ' III1 "' I·,'d UI~ iI.,1l 111 111 hl'lIlll/ll l

__ 5


Commission er " Proceedings


rl p.~·

Shlp 'in your own ~ans or we will loan FREE CaDS Cor ao days trial.. We ,guarantee your cans and cream against loss, . Remel~lber w,:" reCund the price of your shippin\t ticket. ,

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,~~lji~lill~, ~tsC~~~.~~i~t::~;1 n;~~rle~~(}~,1

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Jan. IS .1t melu.


n logs.

til' Ii i I " I ii,' f ront hrul'c wlth \\ HII,·=-, ,d'



Bllrku Is "\lpoin~ecl

I II I h " 11lUt1r'r of th e l ti fi r Uinn

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10 t-ttlill i I H! II l-!' r h ' lI ~ ljd\ lll t! d I J)( ' h tt ll Itt' I h" I·\ t · rll · r i ll"" 1111" ,It I' \1:-: t li 'j lll " Id lt · I J" ·illt' .j II ... 1' 1\\"': 1' 1'11(1 In I !ll ' iii'" l ill ri li t' ,11 ll :-; }II': 1I1 (' III\} \ \ j r h "1) 0\\, \ \'I lil ,llj ·, J l il lr fl l II " ~ i/ ,' I. I..;;t l' l li

pound, for· Butter Fat._

Uoiled StallS Food AdlUinlstratlQR l,iceRSC No. G-lIl1o~

Mnrrlage Licenses. Illen sed wItb 'themselves. RORR £ Mouu, rurm e r, of Dear Wlllll ing~on , nnd R ,~vfl Ii;. HJlr t'lf\, of Barv p),!l bllr R ev. R' B. JJ'os t,er 1J1l1l'y 11'. Flail I: , 1, llUl'er, o f S t. ctassifl,jd: \l'H l1 n'·d. I Jhlrl, /lnd ci n ~ ~ !) .ttme ~E:'u


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In th'" mlltter of I·b ", "PIlOI lltn tlJl I f Co urt tileLll)lt! ruvhel' . ludJf\ [{ ti D

Ro I got my ax out of th " \\'u!;nn

nrul I"lion r lllln d II ct)lIl'l l' of s l lla ll tI' ~es

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Week of Jan.


!lnm 8. R, hiDH In Is Il PIJO I1.l t"rt x eCUlor. BOI'II 1000. Goo Mol.u uf', r;bllr )ea ' E. E~j! t n n nd /l.,.) r W. 'o\let'k r " re II]1poiD t ed u ppTa! B' r s

. The 1t1"11 occurred to nlC' tll M lll'nl:ld 11111);(' 1\ kin d of Sl ed whll-1I 1I'1IS call eLI

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ill 11: 1' • I

Is it reasonable to expect anyont to .buy yo.ur cream and SELL IT AGAIN and pay YOU as much money for your cre":IH as. you WGuid receive by shipping it yourself VI RECT to The Trt·Stute?


O lJu~ I";-

n l ' IlllI .· flJ r Ih " :-; Ifl\\' I""""

\\ tot ), ( '1 1'\"

1111 p.

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"1\' 11 :1 1 dl .! II!' "' 11 \' : " I a ... l;t..'(l . hot "':1\ ... \ \ t ' 1, 1Ic1n ' , II" h lH~ t111 '~'" , • • til l'" II q fi l l I .. tll ·l " 11 ...•• 11 0 ~': I\ ''': ,\1' 11 ;: 11 1/1· ' ' !lI-,h l II' 11,. :,1 1 lho ",I'I' I( h l· I ". II ,' I!HI . '·· I " l q.:111 to (0,,1i: Y."IJ Ilid " -, ~ I I, "II..' I U.: I , " "1 ' .111 ~ Ii' .\' , II II ' ""'11 " ,I lind k,'u p -" I .-,,1.1. on \'.1 :1 1 I, ,\ I


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,1,. , tll'l,·fif ·III," ,·1, IIII .' ! , ·. p.·n t rl, ,' II I' '' : " . " I I." "I~ IIf · Id HI 'I lng rl /l' 1,1:/0" \' Ill,';, II I I \ .... Ii ... 11 4."ar 10 I II ' 1<111 11.. 1 ... . , , ' , '. r II ~ 111 .\ IJ1llll :In(t 111 11 I". T d, ·l'Id, ·t/ 101 gl\'(' 1111 11 1,\' life

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" ':ld : I" . lit


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I II t1llt 'l. " Thll ' 0,; lip ' II ' ,. :" ,..:d d

me a long with tltem. " We'ro the l ue! l eRt follts In the

with the r l qht crook fo r tll p r"I''''''l'd " ntJ Hf 11 r' lIll n ('r. Hnt! ~1l 1 tit ' ln n nc1 "\\"4' W Cl lf t Illlk uho u t It now,tt b. hl'w{~d thdr bottOll lS n~ Hfl) t)lI th1y itS u ,, "'wP I'f'd . I ('(Hlhl. Thpn T Il1 l1tlt, lliJtC'lll'H In t hem I" lit, . " ''' (l II ''.lIgh( ot th e evening nC)lr lh e top of Ih " l !' cronl<~ IIIILI tltI,'d " II' I. , l 'I'I)""d y . uld: Itt ' tll lll I'o f i ('i, ill to t ll f" nOI ' ill' S Ilnd S ·· '·I;'.II1 I .... h a\\ h JL.... dpr"IITH l ed 1I1 ~ mort. ('lIl't'U iL wit h /JurI s drh' u by til axJ!t1:' .. IIH' " " y :-In' II. , wnntfi It In gold. ' '' ':It I , TlIl1 ': I goO\ ;1 h illf! rll" In.'' ('\' 1-' 0" 1' . 1' :11 ~ l !1 tli ' . I ,'ll "t'I H', 1 o!,d 1II'\\'ci! 1111 ,·,·111 1\'.,' II I " "... to ~It It f1"lIle wuy, I d lll'l • h o w." Itl" i , I I f'rc ,~: !'/. tll l ' 1111""1" or thfl n :n. "\\"~ "f n il th l tlg''' : '' 1111 Hunt e x ... I: 111.,111 .1 111' 111 ;I lia I" Hrltt 11 :-:,·, ) j 'lh ll', "'1. " rI o \\' fi r. ' WI' t;n tfl' to g lt i ,,;: : :;.' li t.!) ... I u ..... '11:·" nlld ! ,r,II'\' It. 1111 I hur IIl'd ,, ' \ - I !I, '!" /' !I IIi'd I lm cs ?- 1 !:"~ (I.,' :·... 11 t,ll llrtJ ~ \\ I .i('h \\,I ' r ,' J':lRLt .'," I I 'I f ' t 111'1' Illitl II ,' , . I'd HI" , ' " I{ nll\"?" "\\' .. 11, I ('1 i1 1', 1•• 11 ~' ('." ~fil 'l Uncle \, :' :"; :1 ... , ',1 , 111' 1 In\f l 11 "' U1 11" , , 1' IIII' :n· 1J H1"/ ; 1' till ' ,r: Il'(: , l low f it m: d-\ I' I " ',,", .. I,\'. "I >; 11"" 1(1 ' "1111'1 forgive US tnr :-'11,)0' H "d uey Hllrfl l'~. '" I!. I II '. ~I \\ : .... rll) \\ II !' .... 1 p rllld , ' IIl. ..,j I

\\, (l rl~ I · d Il k.· II 11 :111 ,·1'.

In lii..; 1'.\1'''; \\ 11 "11 i f! Jii..; "nll ,-! h l':dlll und Hqll ""Z. ' d Il fl U" !'o;!!d: "S. HIl t'I ! rIl4 ' o.I' t \\ ! ... h yl' \\ II";; 1111'" nCII l u :-;q 1 1'lIlil d ra l, ,' .\ 1' Il l ' In wy nr i lls Il fI ' \.\ 1.. ,.. y., JII" I 11'-1. r 11 ... . ·" I II. JJ "rllt.'\' P ll ll1'; I,I I ,, ·I.! -=/t,\", " li l +l ) 1,11 ' 1"1' th l.' l1!' ~ t · llIl, t\III' I,HY lit , t' \ " r M ·.·... I rt ' (H' Ht l ' d l la p I'I II, ' ,,: I li ad l"url it d n~ WP We-til til th·· IlI b l, ;. "1'111 J.!,l\ n' ,,, I.. · 111\ 1' ,'U"", \ \ 'rh!111 If I ll'


r-Il(.t/( I Iq'I'~l'lIfly he WI' III OWIlY .


l ook l n!' down wl lh n " ud CIJU III"IlIlUC"' 1 Aunt Det'l fll l1owl'd illC'. "\r'y. Bun !" to-:ltP l 'x"!lIlrllr·d. UyntJ'n" t(')t) tlrr·d tt, , ·ut-H~"~ ! H p yP ~ I ('k?" r Ahno k Ill~' 1((';1'1. "PPlIl.I H1.v,' · toll" " :11 1(0" , "111i~ h oy Jt ll~ \\'o rl, (ld Ilk.' II h ":I\' ,' r ,,"p ry JlllIlll t f\ !-'l n f'I ' ,\"IIU I, ·r'-:l~··'; III' Ira ... : I fi l'\" l' t-:t·" n nyt hl n!.! III IIt 'nt It -I\I, \·' ·r ! 1 \\unt Y ' Hl 1" ('utll" ridlf lI'It ifl ll! Ih ,' \ \.Oll d · .. III·" /lUi ""',' \\iI:l I 1\1"'" d"IU '-




my pork!'!." I W e lInhl, r h('d und wl'nl III ' " "111'. , per. I W U' 11 "1'1111( II " " A'II" J •• ·.·1 would Rpl'nk "r my \\',,1'1, 10111 ,II ,' seeme,l nnt I n Ihlnk of I~. I J' I Wi ' ut fl ul n n th l"' POrt'

glt OUI' hnulln' .1(ll1c." He lind PIJl'\' I~ r ,,,,red wit h l :lll/:hWr nnd the str euglh or Ih e l'urrent ~\\'e (lt

f,.r lilY ('y •• , h'lll h ,·,'n 1I1t11l >; wit h S Il')\v w OI·lel. unywn:v." UII('I<' P ['u lllldy I 'cu l Hurl 1 hud 1~ IHI 1( 1 l l rll ~lI tllI'lil otl..-n . Of on. "nnri's u»J l'l~ nit' th Ne's lIu'('e fc.~t ('our~c tl lP t e- om hud ~\ltl'prl'd In II IlliC 0' SlIOW nn tJw h~vp ' U II ' m o l' O comln' 11I:lIIJ II 'I' , H,' ftJrf' J ('nu ld :o: tO Jl I h elll't) nn' It's cold!') '11 Orl'enlnnll." t hI' ('l'lIl'I, tl f II f ell ,\' IIlItI n frolit \\' I\t l (' [ It w ns "\Jel l II blttel' duy thllt WI! d ro ppl'd It. It s hull. I C'11C.'('1,ccl 11u' wOl'kC't1 only l!t l'(o() honrR 11 1111 cnme Il Ir~ t· s aud jlltl llWli nUl lin d went 10 !t ud' to the hf)lI ~e nllll ,,!aye.1 Ol d I hl'lr h" '" I" "llI l ,ho:l r I·Yl·8. '1'110 SIl'<l gc hy t hl' ti!'l·'lllc. tilJl l W \\' 11 .... Il l' Iu li l Y Idh.'I· ... I h f U. n(Jun ~y llu rI '(" "nmc o vC' r thnt nfter11111\' II,,· Ih'"II,III' " r 0, ., 1 III'ol,(' n n OOll IInLl sold I hnl Ill' would lend u s wln'l' l ~1I11i11' JUl'l It wn ~. our (lilly n h OI's,' f or h null ng. hl' jt vy wn;:!"n. nntl Wl.l h:t y lllJ.!' to {'IllY w,~ had 1;0 ... 1 hlo II(hlng nfh' r thlll 11 11' H) III' I !'II :! " ! \ Vhllt w l1 l1ld I n y u n c l e uud gOI our h ~ 1'1: 'H,. I ,.n lt ~ 10 lI,url<f!I "".,'1 T ill' ' III, "·y 1' J'O)u l!hl I,' nrs to IUY noLI \!u rncd $!)S. nlll white W I> g ut O\lr 1'.\1 · .... l1'Y in p np(' r 1'lu tO!' lOoney," h :l.d I 111.111 , >'1"', 1 lind 1,,\ my hnr R ~ 1. ,1 tu "oy OUI' dpul : In ",h Cll t , S!llts or lutH I ht, r ' c J \' ~ ' I' elf th l' p inl's. Jl lIW i!1 ' :lIt ~ - corn . so t hut fl ur I'nl'lIlu/:s r Nl lty fill it ~('t 111 ,.11, for lli p wi lld WitS :-:.Iudt nmounted to (l il ly $t;2 .!lO. IllY n ndt' hUI i!"\I'li ' lI~ III ill l' I r e,>! "I'\< I I sold. 'Ve ~u\' ~ tJie hlllnnce !Ind t.·o kl" "" Ihll ' J I"" ~ f, .lll· mil,'" fl'", " 110Ill \) hushel s of W h'Cft! 10 MI'. GrImshaw for "".1 I" " .", 1," 1 IIII\\' I ,,'ILl 10 ~" I t1wre. n s p,wlr,!'(\ h OI'''', a rtel' which be ,' 1"11 •.,, '" 'IH' 101'",' . I f'" lt"" ·",l ~"ll1e o ~rf',,(1 l O g ive u., lit I"ost 11 ye lll"£l 1):1(. pil c l! T,l ll I nu d ~IJI'!I 11: 111 n lIn' ;.:{,i ll ~ t en si /J u 011 tl ~IJ)(;II.n l. ,, 1111 l ;iY I tl il l lin d (:Iu h 'r. 1 'ntl' \\ rllnt \\' e f el t "~tY ,1'''1I I '',,,, It! 1lI"ll II I Ofl " .,r Ih .. hol" '< II!" I rTo t~, """1{nu ",n Il\ •• ,tj ... d


got much

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open bllok I"

tilOr uwuy In my hrnln. T t'illid them over ns J hurr h'd <11)\\0 l nlll tlli' l pHSlu r c with (lId :-':hl'Jl HIHI h r 'lI;.: 1il III th e rows. I ~(Jt tht'ulI !.!h Ilili hing- JII ...: t 88 Unci i' P C1 UhOIl y ('IIU I f'. I ~nW \\ll h Joy Ihlll h i_ (n ce \\'Il~ , ('lwl',·f,,1. "Y. IP !" IH' ;.holll (,, 1 it S h (' ~ '''I",, · d hl ~ tenm nt tiH' barn dtl tJ r, wlll'I"" .:\ UIII

h o,.". ~ ~ ,1I, ~lw

"N pvet.," J uu"'\\·(\r, II, " Thlll's th(' Illlk I U n CC'"ll l'Y w e'll hitch 1'1\r\' lq til' wl(h l'o lh l' r h OHS Oil!


my J!rnmrno r. Whut /I d oy I t wo s I-the (i,·st "f nlllllY lik e It. I oc,'cr tblnl! or Ih, '"'~ fhlY 8 Wllhullt l'nylog t o Inys .. lf: "\\'II:, t u God'~ ltl "'s IJJI( U UIIIO ilkI' :-;11 ,," \Vrl ~ 11l rnn Il e In Ille C 'JlIlll1un ll~' ill I

'whll'h hi

Illllttl'r t

if nil Ihe

Mr. Cream P~'9duc~r:






"II~ flip

I liltt" \' \\"lmt

heard thot (,nr orr hor'Nf' had L1 1ed In tile nl!;ht' oC ell iI '. Aunt. n""1 WllS cJ;/' Ing. As h e II'" Ull cle P cnllorly b egn n to d nn Cl' n j !~ III Ihl' midd le of the O" or. "Bn l n nce y t' l' r.!l T'tn (\ t' ~ I" h tl sh O llh~ d, "You nn ' r nln ', ;':0111 ' II) h (' 'll ,,'oul'O;;e d


o· j e rk ed meat In Il

village to Bee 'bout the rnort/l'uge thi S , nfternoon. nyes I" It was 11 Saturday and I spent Its I bours cordIng wood 10 th e s h NI. PJln~lug now Ilod then for n 1"0)' lu to

nnd hilf'l,,·t! up my horB~S. I r enl'h ",1 Ihe mil l snrcly nnd befut 't ' tlt l' j.! l'lIl n Wit S J,:n 11 lI lll tilt, p.fiJot h IlIHi till' <I, y flltm·(, wpre white with ~ IIOW Ill"i\'illg <illwn In u co ld, s tiff win d ntH IIf ,)It' 1 \(J I· lh \\' 4 '~ t. 1 lo utl N] lilY ~rl~I' II till cII'·el·{'(1 tlwlO with n hlllnl:,' 1 1111<1 hUl'rlp'I nWIlY. The s now !:nlll<' ~, . In ~t Ihllt It ullllo~1 bllnd"d n.... Th r,· \\'(' r e IllIl n~ wllt'll I COH ill H('u r ('l'ly Ret' th e r oud or thl' h o r $;e!;, 'I'll \' w ln<l clII,lcr nnd .·oo n It wn H hanl worl, tl) hold tilt' r Ins llnd k <,,' p lilY hn'lt lri from !re('zln):. :-;",1,"'"11' th,' wllt'('I ~ h('l:nn jlllllpln!; (\\',' r I"{J(·I(~. Thp hOl"!-:l's w('r(' tn the dll('lI .


"HilS Mr. Wright I;one?" ruther Bad ly. "Ayes I l.nnd o· mer cy!

RT o llnd WflS



the h Ol'ses.

tbe When I o,woke III Ih e mOl'llln ): T oh· bn re, served tllnt Cncle l'rllh(ld~" H hed hnd uml set out. not beeu " IOIlI In . I hurri ed elOWII nnrl

for tht"

!II)X WH;.!lIll.






)ta.t" St









t ·


I!:Dt.arod· atCtho P~.tontc~ at Wa},noavllle, 01110 ,


Second (' I... .. 1I!!! 'All tt er

'Mr. and l\1rs. C. C. O~eaver, of Leban on were Sunday guests of Mr. Ilnd Mrs. ll'. L . Hllrrls. Mr. Ross MOOD and Miss Reva Har. Ian wero quietly married In Lebanon on SaLurday, J a nua ry 4. We extend to them our best wlsl1es.

D. L. 'CFANE, E ditor and Publi&her. Wnynebville, Obio

$1.50 per ye8r

SubscriDtion Price.



' .. c •

lO t




;r ile. CivIc league m et a t Mrs. TbC!! . Whels le 'H on Sat urday aCter. UOOIl.

I. with LOCAL _ r anna e ure APPLICATIONS thoy Catn rh C

t b C


13prlngboro IIcboola QJ)~d . Mo~IPoY· nlornln g. M,. ~d Mrs. Raymond 'Brown and ~daughters were the Sunday guests ot lhe latter'\! -p arents, !Mr. -and Mrs. Albert StI\o:y,. wlle on tbe U. 8. p. W. Brebm. fury in Ulnolnoati," Monda),. Mrll. Oora Ban)>y IIDd ohUdr'en Mr. and 14rs. George Sellers enter. were D!lyton v i"ltorll. 8ut urd8Y. la lned at dinner New Year's day, Misses Nellie and Mary Fitts, Mr. WI1lI~ D1 8alnes a nd c ltlh.lren, of an ti Mrs. Charles Gilpin and daughBehu on , s p ent l:Suudo y with 8 B LeI'. Mr. and Mrs . E lmer GrBibam. l:illluos,,,nd Having received an bonorable dis. G B fam i ly. R ,'orl,;U ' Ollar , lit (,Ule 4. who charge trom Camp Taylor, Ky., Pte. Wlt tl Atrla.II 0 with P :UUIY"ld on We d. i IJ e llry Hackman arrived at bls par· I' U~ du.:, . I" Rlightly lUlLwov" d nt tll :s l onl s ' home, Saturday evenIng. wrtt r W II f N .~ 'lIlJ'. l ). 18 I:!OU h " l •. h.llI . Il tlW MI'. James Ford (colored) died I' ur l' DleU, i .• II! 1\ t 16 uellS!de . Sund ay evening at his home In The Lytle Red Cr t. ~8 dell ver,e d Springboro. Mr. Ford was an aged F m o r e I[OItUD~ .. t rlitlkllll ln at we ~ I,. a nd rOS Il!lClfl d cIti zen . Funeral servo Wl1kwg Il ll ollet iler o u t .' f lilt' "litj~ Ices were condu ctod Wednestiay at jH r U, 79 llltira of HOc ks It art. ao l he Inte r esid ence. sw ellrerb Mr. une! Mrs. Rutus Rosnagle en_ . I l I I .,,11'. Rnl! Mr s . Alher l l:i tn('y ulOd .f' r a ne, nt dinner New Year's day UIt!J~ hl erl\ \ IlI'S Vuy t"u ~ h o IJPer ~ . III'. nnd Mrs. p. \Y . Rosnagle and ., "~U , d by . I\ nnghl pr of Vnndnlla; Mr. and IIfrs . Il'wln 1'::I\I'I y ancl SOU of MI I b bII'N. M ll rf Ul\rtuoo" (J nl e rt.uitwd - . • am B urg ; ' ~II·. a llll Mr8. Daniel Blllt and dau gh. ,III t;uu<i ,.y. 1\1,.• lIud ,.11' •. Oear Re of Prnuklln; Mr. And Mrs. Will. \"VlJe"I,on t\HI'! 'Vtllfhw Whellt"", "r h ill Reve nnllgh and family, ot Leb_ Y uUkl'() t:it , f!e t . il IIOII; Mr. and Mra. Ohmer Fox. at I . uod MrH. W ,ll taf K" ltri CIr wu re vI e ; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fry. I::lvrjngh'J( o VtdjI 1J1'd, L'b.ll l> lJ" y. Mr. II lld ·Mrt! . Ubf\r )te" t:1"rk l1ud Mr lIu d M I A. Alber.t /:11'''0.1 '' It'' IJ!I,~ Ll t.h e tUDer"1 ot t..;b llrleH ( '''1'11£111 In Notice of Dissolution ,V"y n H" . 111,1. \\'eclill'srlu .l' Mr. , Fr"llk ou,Vdt!I' ''' (1t \\jllt u $ .. rl(j n ~ a cm d llut,. whlll! vl ,i lluf{ lu N,' tlco Is h orclJy glv(,11 thnt 0. meet ing ot 'lIl Clllflllt l I n ~t wtlek . Wh Hu 1!~'lUg tllO .to~khold e ... 0 1 tho Lyl.le V.rme ... • To. lluceo Go ml)any . will be hold U Lytle Oblo to Lbo trbi n , she WBS' .• tJriJwn fr oUl on February 3. IDI 9. lor tho purpose vot: ' ·'·llu , wlltoh "\I, I It! I fl 18 on tbo dl K..o lutlou ur Hu.M (.'ompany . " 0 . "... N>. I!Ulll v U Q .ll Oil f6 W. I ~er l{eorlck . Soc·y. l ilt' iell, Ulld 1 6 1' hitt 61'111 "'uS bn) . Il~ 1l UlIl,,· Ib e tlb f,Uldtir. :-i li A id n u W In Iltll 1IIl>ll,IIullu f] ll.lolul lII t.i. Notice of Appointment


Rev. Walke,' will preach at Lb e 711 .lil. church on Sun day, .l unu ary 19. .




: cnnn~t reach tho Heat ot tho dlscaRe. · 1'he FJRijllll"n Sta r l..odge Illld a so. Cu lu,rh I_ a local dl .c" .... grcn LJ,y In· cla l f Ullctlon al th eir' lod . fln cnced by con s titutional condl[lona • se 100m on ' and In ord er 10 cure It, you must lal(~ l'l'lday nlsht. ; ~rcill~II,~~nrJ t~e~~~ld~i,tc~~l;~ a~t~~';~ . ~11". and Mrs. lI'a A. }.lartsock of : thrn tho blood on the mucou s Hu,·ro.ces DU)'t.o n wel'l' Sundny guests ot Mr, or tho ·YHtem. Hall 's Ca ll1lTh Medl-' lind Mrs. Jos . W. Dn,·ls . l <:In c wo.. pr.cRerlbed b)' ono th o beR t phy. . Iclo.ns In thl_ country . tor yenr". It MI·s. p . L. Hunls, Mt's. [I'D Sy(erl\ 19 co mp08 ~d of 80mo ot tho best .lIlti Owen Hanls wem Dayton s hOll' tonlC8 known. combin ed wIth _omo ot er" OIl Sn't,,"'ay t1w bcs t blood purlrlers. Tho ".rrcc t n • u . • 'on II I . f I dl t i l Cllt~~,~h'l fi!dl~lllo n,!'o \V~~o~ ~roJt.!~ ~ ?<Ir. anel Mra. m. C. Ma un en Is quite fi uch wonderful rcs llit. In eftlnl'rh ul '00rly at this wrllfng. c"ondIUlm 8. Send tor leH tlmonluls, .rreo. . Ir~. Hannah Creswell I tlli I 1-. J . CH ElNEY &. CO. Proll . .. Toledo 0 . IJ I a s qu te All DruggIsts. 76c: . . Ill< SpOael. Hall's Fam il y P ill. ror con s tipati on. T he hou se bold goods of ISRuella ~1. .'ollell. lI ec()llsed, will be Bold at pub. -- I Ic ulI'lion on SU Lunluy, Jnnu lll'Y 18. Mr. IInti M,·s. E. J. 1l-l aCuno" wero iturtH'd oul or hOliHO a nd hOll1 o on Monlhl )" .Jan llary 6. 1111'. nnd MrR. .Tul·l) Smith sol<l I Lhelr cou nll'Y hOlll 0 and will )e avo Mr and Mrs Z' . H . 1 Ithl n seC tion to La lle UII wo r\( nl Pon. . tmrl ames dinn p COS"'II antly . enterta ined to Sunday er I tlnc , MI , ~ . Mr. and Mrs. R. Ill. Jones Dud son a, TIll' s lali g h te rlll ~ rll"ln Is dolug 1;1 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Miss gn' at bus in ess in killi ng anti re nde r. Elhe.1 Currey. Mr. and Mrs. I~utb or in g hOJ;H . HaInes a nd son Donald. ~I ,'. nnd MI"H. 1·;,1 McWal"llIn. of Wil. Mrs. Weldon Wilson spent a [ow lUin !;llIu. we l'e S und ny 1'1 ~ ltol"R or ~II" . days las t wee\( with het' IlI\renl8. Mr. a nd M I"S. J eSS ie (;1:11"1<. l!./'ItUfl; or \Vurrnn II', l~ tlw"rrI 8, doceRSOd . Not Ge nu in Gene ro . I'.y. ~ull! u hi hOl'o hf IoC"lvou tJ. n r. 08('o.r J E d"" and Mrs. JjJdgar Boga n. ~aJd I Ill' n(l:.lI' (· ~· I1I(". t'!" q l ll l' f,, !low : ward lf IIUN "('Oil du ly UIJ()nJuL cd 1111u · qu ,-,lt06f1 M,·. lint! NI "S, lel oyrl Aut! rrH"!Il "nd E XI'I' lI l q,' ntLhQ I'; @l ta'oor Wa rreD 1,' !Cd. t Mr. l..ovl Shambaugh and slstel' HOII, of Xenia, \\' 0 1'0 h 1lf' Hl s or I'e l a ~ I, ""HI "r 1'l'I II!; II 1I,·I·1t I 1'1 11"'1 1" .. Iews n,:.; wnrd l'l 1111 0 ur Warl'en Couu t.y . Oh lo . lICC6(U'0tJ. Esther were In Xenh~ Saturday. Ilv l'S he l"ll on Sundn y. hnt Ih nl Is It S fUI' U8 tll l' iI' liI"" 'n llt ~ 1>u.l lld Lh'" 11th dJi)' o f J alltln r y. l UJ 9 . t\ltOD If . Brown extcutlll," Mr. Thomas Crew or Lima, Ind .,. ~II ·. nnl\ Mrs . l'runlt nud(!uelc and .JUf'f.[e ot tJJO l'robate Court. . ' Vu rroD Count7' 011(0 vlslled with bls brother. Henry Crew, I WII sonH of 'J' ~rry were Su nd ll)' Se t.h \\ . Brown . Atty. . J2~ and family a part of last week. gues ts of MI'. !l nt! M r ~. Chns. 'I'lI Cllcr. Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Hurley and CharlcH Gc ll nugh . of 1)11 ylo II , \\,I1 S daughters, Mary Kalhryn and Rachel Notice of Appointment Jenn ette were Sunday guests ot Er_ callin g on frl l' 11I18 11('1'0 .o n ~I OIIIlny.

An extra fine car of Shingles h~re Fresh car of Portland Cement here , .

A new car of Brick for Ch~neys Have Tobacco Boxes for everyone






----- ...----

France ws.nts tbe people of tho UnIted States. to under s tand Its / .lew8 p.nd alO1s. And It Is lhe duty ot thla man to. find ways nnd meana to present lhem to the American public. ·He 18 Bdonord de 'Bl\Jy, deputy French hI gh com · m18810ner' at WnBhln gto n . H,' ""yn , . hIs na llon InRlst Ihat G" nll""' ) rebuild .~actorl es and f ure, .· 8 trOYO ~ durIng lh o ·r'lI r .


No One to Copy. nest Hurley ot near New Burlington. Chnrley bad twin couelns of hIs own Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harner aod

age. ~be twins looked mucb alike and. were neat and clean. Oharley,'s mother 8uld to him, "Why, Charley. 'Iook bow nice your cousIns look and how dlrtl' )'OU are I" Whereupoo be answered: "WeU, lIIJltber, tbey just need to look at encb other to Bee bow they look _ and I bave no one to look at to see U I 10011: right."

daugbter Mary·helle, Mr. and II1rs. .van 'Bogan and Mr. and Mrs. Hor_ ~~~d:.mPton were In Dayton Wed·

Miss Frances Wilson spent a part last week ~lIml ngton . Il\{r. · Horace Compton and familY took Sunday dinner with Everett Halues and wlte. Mrs. Elrtle Crew and aon Audrey were .In Xenl,a on bu·s lness Monday. Uaele •• Nol.!!.. Miss Flossie Mltdllner Mpont WedSome folks can snw wood '1nd sal' nesdllY wltb Mrs . R. E. Jones. n otblng, but 11 kid can't evcn cut one • - ~,---li ttle measly tooth wltbout rulalng the T k h M' , G n elgbborhood. a ~ t e lam I a;r;ette now.




W. H. MADDEN &CO. Corwin, Ohio


----- ..- - -

.\1,.. Wlllte ,· Allen Is "n



' Eot"'o of NAth.1I JonOll. Deceuod. Notlco Is horeby g lvbn tila.t. E . V, Barnhart. fla. lJ<OD duly oPIIO lnLed and qualified ... Bx.

Ot: IILur uf tho .Ib tato (I t Nath an Jones lato ot Carrots for BGd I empcr. lIst. \V4rroll Cuunty. Ohio. deceased • DIlLud thlH 7th day 0 1 Janu u':y 1919. A writer Rounds tho prol~ cs nr cor· M r . I~r ll os l Long i s t mll ,,'escl ng A lt.ou F. Hrowl..l. 'ots , whI ch, no s uys. ore not "ltl.v hi g h· ,,1'1"" a wl:e lt's !lin ss. Judgo 0 1 tho Proba .... Court. y nutrltlv() anrl n chcltJ) uno ('X('ell l'lll ~I,.. ICll i ~ ~l"CllII'O Is tn li ;Il g a SllC. Dean J~ . Stanley. Att~~arreD (Jo unty . u~~~. :000, ou t aro also u s pcclflc I'" ,· J"III - wo(.k,, ' co nr." III agricuit ll rfJ at the •usy n,"' MIll t<'llIperl " I ' e r!< i ~t"n l ell !- n . S. U. { BARNHART. ng ot ooll no cnrrot, ' lI e Rn ... ", "will Notice of Appointment !une fClI lollSY. meluncholy. f" r l l l!l~~ (It ~ I " . a nd Mrs . M ••Jj. 1·',,1'1' SlIont Notary Public wrath ano revcJl~o~ anll, In slinr l, Ih l) ;u nduy wllh tilO latter's moLher, !arrot.en ter wlil become In tln i" l'II HY' .\lrK. Kathl'l"lnB Nu ll . or Fr,,"I( lIn . IIlt.t. 01 Deorgo ~Jt ll •. O.eoMed. Notlc. II hereby gIven tbat AmOI Coole h as A II .klnds of N otary Work . ~oln g. J;ood·nature<l. lind plu clllly a 1'. ~II RS 1301\"1\ McCand les spell t sov boo n du ly appoI n ted and "uallfled lUI Execuand Deeds B ~peol t\ i ty. 'ectlonote. .l commend th rl~ I'J{j)<.'- )1'" I dRyS In s t woel' with ~ I,·. Dud tor 0 1 tho II_tate 0 1 Georg. Mills . I.... 01 War:Ially to Ie notice ot wIve,. whn hn \'1' .llrs . \Vu lle r n eu ge and ,Hnll , cast of , own re'h~.::;'t~j.()i:l:rd~;C~~nGry. 1919. ealou s. ooo·tompercd hu shulHl ". Gln' l Alton F . Browu. Judge or the Probate Court. hem carrots IDstend of 'bCIll ' R I' " AflOI' be in g cl osed hI' severnl Warren County, OhIo . .Alndon .1:lt·J31ta. .veells on account ot sl<:ku css, the Denn E. Stanley. Ally. Try the Miami Gazette's jl9

e. v.



_ _

DR. J. W. MILLER . ..• DENTIST••• omoe !p

N...onal Ilaa1t Bltt..

Waynenllle, 0

Classified Columns for Result.<;

..t _. __ _



This is not a "Sale," T his should be called the "Golden Opportunity," With the demand for heavier Oyercoats and SUits at high tide . . .. . and every man looking for stynsh, serviceable and excellent made clothing, the savings in this sale should bring many men here. Every O¥ercoat and Suit In this entire showIng Is of this s'e ason's make and really mad.e to sell at a much higher price, but the Hyman Method of Buying Good Clothing reflected in the low 'prlces . . a8~ing In the five special groups. .,








Big W~ Storm Ulsters~''Yith C6n.v ertible C911ius, Trim Ulsterettes with plenty of style . Handsome Flann; ls for youn~ Me~. Unfinished Worsteds and Models for Snappy Dress-, and ,sn,ap. Smart Double-breasted. styles. Staph~ Coats, Chesterfield styles, etc, Quilt. ers. Young Men s Cut-m WaIst Lme Models. Also Neat Conservative Suits in Favored P lain Colors and Combinations, Also including the most favorite Blue Serges . . . lined Coats, ~.--------~~--~-\ r



'$29· 5Pto $35 Values


$40 to $45 Values

$50 to $60 Values


$ .75





Included in th~ higher priced range are the world famed HAR'l', SCH AFFNER & !VIA RX Suits and Overcoats made from the best materials in the most authentic styles, by finest tailors in the country. • HERE'S Y OUR OPPORTUNITY-TAKE;ADVANTAGE OF THESE ViCtOii") EXTRAORDINARY VALUES. ',-



rIces. - Men!




Men's Underwear

100 dozen Madrll.~ ~hirts, in Plain Whi te Bne! Fancy Go)ors, Starched and




Soft Cuffs, PIBin Bnd P l eat~d 'B()80m8. ' ' . r at Vlct.lrv Prl cPs ...... ......... ...... ............. , .. ,. ......... ......... ......

79c . $1.7~~V~c~~~ p~\~ .............. ,........... . .....~~.~...:.;::... ~.. . .... $1.35 100 dozen Mfln's Work Shirts, Includinl1.' Domat E;llinnelll $1 • 23 . wo~th $\ 60J1n(J $1 .75, closing \,It Victory ~CeIt .'.. !...... ...... . .

$1 25 a n~ $1.50 v~l1\es



$1 ~95'

Men's Corduroy.Panta

·at ........ · .. .... .. ,...... ..

Good $1 Caps in b,roken lots

.\ Victory Price . . . : ............


M en's Heavy Ear: tab Caps, r-


Price, "~ .....



~. ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06 h"''''_ . .... 4~ •• ii "" ...... ' •••••

f l 60 value

... ~t" "f

. . ....... . .


. . . . . . .'•••• u . . .. . . ~ .

~ .\ • • • • • • • •• ••

SOc 98.c



The exeoutlve cQmmi~tee. of t Me n of , Waynesville- m et Mond eveping

and, made orr nge ments

a · m ee tin ~;.t o


be: hellf soon, ' probably

some time 'J1ext wee\<. if a speaker . 1~llaJ!In;Jlon ca n be seoured. The committee are anxious to have a g oott me~bership IIllain. Som , of th e m embere of las t Yllar have come in y ial , as t hllY ou g h t to the coming meeting . and n n 'u n ....1 wi 9hin~ to rea pw t hl'ir mF!mller'shi or anyone wishing to j oin the sssoef otion will d o well to see the secretary before that ' tim e Come lind join, and .have i good time w.ith UP. . . Exec u ~i v e Com mi ttp.e,


Newepa pere. Ib whI ch wer e de ta llll(\ accou nt a or their OWIJ d lan8 t e r , and clguret B by t h o ur inlond; all deli vered by airpl a ne w h ile the work of relCll e wa!' Roln, on , Wag tho experience ot s o me 26 00 w ounded and returnin g Yanke on th e s tran d ed Ira n aporl Northe r n Pacifi c, which wont on n sand ba r ott II'lr. Is la nd, And It was Uncl e 8am', new au bmnrln e cha.ers (eho wn hero In ac t unl r c scue wor k ) wblcb !!',r, a bl e to ,8 t In clol e and land every mnn ~ ' - -- -

Dece mber 16, 1918.

Letters 1rom Boys

\ '11l ~

Visited ~c otlalld Yard s till hnvc 6 0 nl C German s pi e s tl Ht l w ere ca ptu r ed . bes ides othe ,' co m ' iels. F rom th c yard we went do wn t o til e khl {s st ables. \V c ~vt t h ere just i n tim e t o dE"C t hem chang-e glulI'd<.;. They

ce rt ui nh' d o wcu r s OIlH.' firtl\ uniform . F t"om'hcl"l' \\'~ \\col out on lilt! ("0111-

pala'c~~ lind

l.u lhe kin).! and


IHI ' e 111M"" (ro m

al 1'/1111 tI .\\OIl"" OIJ t ll

From here we we n t ,Iown to ThLl~ ~ Scot ls lld Ya r d Detecti ve ll u l'ca u. c~

Ilex l


11o l\r :\lot h or :


rn( ll s

S il l'

our olu cn roll

\,lIIa Sur Con -

"" Il l·"'. whi'll i. IlliOI1L le n k ll orn e· ,I"'" (mill VI·l/IIIII. \\' . hnrl a l ine t rip . ;\ \\ ' , ':t HlP III 11111' u 'lIcll S nn el trall '1:0. I'll<' I I I JlII'1I8 nl 'OUl 100 mllcs o.n d l . , " ',101. , I I 1/1 II It "q l ~ . II~' l/.!ttl .. . lI il l .~ 1h l' wn~1 WQru tI . 1 u til li 1" III I, 1, 1H II, , II". to\\ 11 Drier 11 '

quC'cn ' s

thc' lholl~allrls ujJon


\ 1"


l ' lh: p .\·' ,:" n l ill :11111 tho I ~ 11h lf.~ 1 cspecinl!) II ' ~ tl lu ,,' I .' ,'''11 ' '1 I,; IIIP tr~~lIl d, \ •• 1,


\' (1 111 ' ) .


th OllS!.Lll ttti nl' g uns (·al·t.UI'~ti f!'lJJH , t he ~ f 1 ' "1;~;"II·II.~ll'~:~ :'I:~;;;~·I1 •.:: I~L~~::'llt1n~; ~~~~ CC:1 11l 1Ul,.. In Llw Will'; b~SJdt,;-, . I n e r e 11l1.\ ..:l lIt WI \, 111 11t1 h..'. L\" fur lb ~ W0rc UIl Y :HIIII UCt' and kll\t1~ of :It'ru- , 1 1" _1 I !It· 1nQs Vl. thul were shu t do\\'I. . .\ nd . j II· \ Iii ',,\ , 1I1 ~I ('Ir . a!JtJlll lIlt ! Uil h, \\' \.'11. t hert.! \\(' I'C too many I huq:s t o . ·hLII. til ,·' 0111 {' ·' ·lIth Itnllottu elml. te l~ ¥Oll a bo,ll t. W hen J g'lll sti..,,'tf·d t.o )lll l,.\ 111(1 \ .. d HI' IU I l o\lt~ :,I.~ )If)usson Wl'l t ll lj!', I \Jk~ , tll tell YOII "hlll,' hit .' 1:< 1 "I" 11, ' ,·1'. of I.chlllllllI. stop ped a bo ut ('V~ t'yt hlll ),(, but III thiS caSe It will , II· 1M 1111' " Iplt l . \1'" h ;t.l wo u ld never d o. Hil t" a , 11011 ;I1HI. O r CO\lr~f', t o hl en 11 F ro m tht' ~ 1' ou 1td s Jll'1'(l W(' took the I ~ .I t' r (I{ 11 ·11 ( I l' crif' IH' e~ likl.! old b lls bnek lip to t h ~ !::i lrlltltl , 1)t1d QUI' " ." "'111 I I, h ,'li IIN'1I <lOW II 0 11 th,] ~U IJ r>~t' and t hen went to lhl' thl'!t l f·r . •-\ .' 1;-. .. t lf l' dfll' I.;int ·e ~I\plclllbl'. A v e l,)' goo d show it WII ~ , too. T he 1\ I' ,', . • ~ ill Il,,' Toul ti"'lo r Cr om fl a lll e l/f it was " ll ell o, America." " ,' pl" "' ~ " " I !l 1' d (Ie lUl ll!r J . OD d we T I', ey hud an oth e r g'oo rl p l !l~' on w hile 1.. ,,1, " ""1,) " ..,i n.' lJart ill the St. W 'o! we re h ere, c nt ill~ d, " g Up. " .\ Jlhi. ·1 elli\.· ;:n.l I01"4 l t h roo ba lloon s Thi ngs certa inly did hi t t he ov e r h e llrl ~, ,II I h a l lilll;" Frulll I.hert' w e. mo vetl t Oll , HII ! H u ! The n ex t day we went to 1,,,tl t- n- .. loII:;'OIl sl luate,1 1TI t h~ tl o w n nnd an \\' th e ROY:1I (" oat'l 1, 1...on- I'lid 0 1 tilt· ~'U':';' ~I'I,( muulllnl ns, seven ci on Bridge, etc, Quite n cro wd Wtl S lil li,', Ir'IIU :>; ;III,':Y, alld e\i\hleen rn ll (>s (i<;wn a t the 'J l'i d,::e, "i~ w i n j!' t h ll Ge r- (n'lII .\ Jl'lz. ". los t t Wo ho lloon 5 1111t n U· boa t s that had just bee n It'r'·. anti ha ll 1II~'n ) closo cnl ls, bu t brou g ht in . I I" " ,,/-:l, Il n il w,' '0 h a d a fi n COUl . ";lIl\ II n rl excellC'nl office r s. (Continued ne xt week I ,; ;nce t.he 12 co m pan ies IUl.I'e be n







- -- --- -




.'\ pll H ~llI l t





!,1J .· nt

Second SnnrlRY afte r Euiph lmy , J Anu a ry \9: .' unday School a l 9:30 n rn MorninR" Prn 'er a (I Serm on a l 10::10 Y ou lI'e invited to Ihese ser· vices

IIi'\[. ami ~ir~ .• ali ie Zdl )...' .\\ \.' :\ \h j'l·tl ~fu! dH!h':t' i n lhf~ fPO lt1 H : III ' /1 1/\ I ", )l d j,.'V Ily nlfin ' ~ dry l !II ( H. I. c' , 1 I'ld :.I ) l' \l Jl III).! . A. \f<!ry J! H I ' ~I el IJ. d \ \', \;0; 111 atlt'llIlHnce . "nLl It I ht,r c. \lj.ddy j.! \ HU J t il"il~ Wi-lti t' n ~ j"l~c1 lJy ,, 0\ ''oIl '' .. U .' nel,d. :i Lul,l! ,\ 1 I .,




( ' Ullllh d

iUlfli )hcd

M r . 8 01\ M r ... O eo ' DB vi s r e l orDed UII \l ing, f r mll their .

vis It in 1I1.l tl lIllI

Th fl fu ner .. 1 of Georgp Coo k, who diprl Mond llY . will btl hplrl this a fler · IIIJonllt.t .o'c'/,r1 ut his tatc hom e 011 'Main s t reet, Rev . J . F Cadwallad er , ofli cia ting.

Illa,1 " a~ plc1lcd frOtIJ ellc lt o[ Clio 'o llllUlUi v F; aIHI 1 hillllh.·UOU to be in " UI' LullCh, e di d not II fi l'5t 111aco, but our s q uall wns .'0 \ 0 th e oyeruGe. 'l'It" 1,)('1111011 uf 'LltI' IUW Il , Wee IlIosl 1"r"11 h 10 11'11 8, Is ill a valloyan tl h 0111' <alll l' h ll" C,CI',YI'llllg boa t fo r Emersori Duvi: died a l his orne illl Ill tltl ritol w 'n;! CI' " I' slruclt any- ' prag u e . We.h ,laRt Th ursday. The . ." . ,' d I b (I() Y w i l L. arri~ I ' u t the home of his \\ it e,,,. I fln lght II ll wCle Iss ue h p Illolh e r, Mrs, . rallIJllvl·R. , of Corw ir' , I :!

p l('kcd


, bo ots, .0 n ow we ClllI Willie a nd s lop. • t"~e lh el' he r e we h a"~ ha d vanou s ath· li d s I" 11 11 ol d )"I"'n cll I"," ,.ttul a nd today, a nd tho f uneral w il l be he ld " ~ II"~ e(jl1le~t;< , Bill'l l liS [ou t ha l l ga m es, ro nccnlnll ioll CIlIllP eS laltl'lijh cd til at tbe Chapel, Th u t'sd a y a fternoon Oit :t tllg'·O '-W'II' (pll Il eu O\'e l' the cr~ol; 1'1l.J. LlH I the h ills '1;\11 \'·tllep nround 2 o'clock . l\ltJlT iS(l 1l VanD user is No. 2 2 20 ,'I nnd a drill c t In w h lt'Jt a ";'1'" (till o[ or j,'rench' s ol- expected to a rrive ..., i tb the ,body . ~ l il ' l' s . '\\'e hOl e p ul electr ic lights , _____ _ _ 0 _ __ REPORT I II ullr b"'T:l e l, s I,,·re. (Ju li O a differ· t h e Cond it ion of the Waynes' I1 t(' [rutll lh e conules we 1150(\ at t ho

:'1' '

The Late ClassHiedAds =--__

Loam u d dt.coUllte . . " .. , ., Acce ptance 01 olber b. u ~ . d h.coun'<ld .... .......... .

l ~,

i l l .I '


U :·.3G

pled g od ...... . .... tlJ . UOtJ.OI I P remiu m o n U . 8 bonf llt , . ~

a u"

s~~lr'; ~~~!r~~~~'i1.~, ~OD(I ' ( DOt ID cl udlni


BLOCk .) o w nO<l

I , , OU 00 -,.:-.oO .ufJ

Va)~~ ~rb~~O~!II~~Zo", )

Lawl uI r"""r vo wi t h t cdoral

b, II UO,

n. ·

110"'8 B a n k,. . .. .. .... , , . , . .

O uh In

vu. u lt nnrt n r.l. am ount.

d 1J8 trom na ti o nal bauks . . .. fu n d



tl U. 62U. " j

Treuurcr and cl uo trom L' . S.

Treu uN r . ... . ........ .... .

CheckJ u U btm ks hU'llLefi OUL !lld e of city ur LOwO o f re portlo.; b a tl k.

l otof'elt •• ro811 b u t flO' co ll oc t..od . WILl' a a vl DS- Cor tlO eal " And

90.00 l , 1H).1 1

T hrift S t.m ll!l aCLu all }' o wn ed

f nrlrf'P s Rnd

-' . 16


I ~O ·L 7 11


Since r el y , EVERETT J. OL.!\.RK. " I'ea l h Da lloon Compan y, A. E , F ., France,

--- --- - - - - -

Low r,v


;\,\\I ~ r. CI ;k !· l il l

1 IJJr ' '1. I.




R~;rA N 'S


(. /, '

. ''',: ( 'h

'I '



! , I l:C 'I


i• Mialni i:



I : • -.. I

1 ell :" 1 ' h ! t /. !

: I ,, ' . '1111 , ' .,

e tc

Public Sales

fiL Il ' 1

P. D. Cllll/ ctt : . ~ . ... . . February II , Ch ~s Hagermeyer : . ,. Febr uary 12 , I ", ' :., I"n,i (;nze ll a I A. 13. Sides, , , , . . , .. . . February IS I

$ $ $




$ $ $ $ $

$ .$ $ $ ,$ $




War Tax



••••• ! •••••••••••• ~ ........................... ......


5 0,





Our Tinware is noW"' in and are to iDau~~te , SALE of it Ott recurd.

This Big :Sale starts' Below we give you an

'1__.__F_O _R~$~I~.oo~~I·

FOR $1.00







HBelieve Me, Xantippi"


10 qt. Dish Pan · 1 qt. Milk Ke t tle 1 qt. Dipper $ F lour Sifter Grater $ ,2 J elly Pans Drip Pan $ :$


Wednesday, Janu a ry ,2~nd Featuring Wallace R eid , in

bllS bee o h oollr u hi y :l rlUlI ~e r V IOll 111

$. lQ 'qt. Disll Pan

_ ~' l l

Prices 15 and 25c, matinee and evening


.~ ' "

X '



Th is is one of G rillitlt ''i best , and is full y as good as " Th e Bir t h of a I\a lion ." ~ I at in ee Sa t urday afternoon a t 2 o'clock.

1:00 p,m.

1' 1 ~ wi l


"The Great Love"

Saturday evening


Pr()~L 111

D . V. G ri ffi t h wi ll /In l ' l l t DoroLl1\' (', islt ill )!tllto p la\', I'llliLlerl


:1 .. , 1'1

r·'''''''' ·'' ' .

Saturday, Jan uary 18 t h

Open evenings -


• 11', ("


. . . . . . .. . . . . .... ~. . . . .. ...... ~ .... ',Q ....... ~ ... ~. "


fr o m

Ouwp ,J aok s on. lIod iMu t Ih o 1I 0u.e of h ill po r e n te. Mre, Trevo r I), He y (\o" k Wll~ c on . fin e d to ber h OUl e w ith qU l n 80 y 11181 weelt, . F.rollk A nn ~f l , a ll Ill!! Tp.s loen t n f Ollr v l ll ~ge, d ied ... t Ih A h o mo of bl ~ son 10 !l'Iloklln , ' Fune ra l ae l'Vl Otl8 were h eld &ud Intermon t 'n t, 8rJring o h n roh, Snt nr duv' . Mr lin d MrA. W,' V , E..uokev pt tll o:locl the fO DAr ) uf Rev. U G Q om pbreVIl. 10 Cln oloD8t}, 0l\e dal'

- -_. -'--


m, J ob u, of W,l YOIIR.

Grl\lI ~ Pbillipfl dts(lbll r llorl


1 ,, \t"oru tit " , r.,ro nit: t hli 12UI'I &'),ot t-( o\blnl ,er I~I'I. 1'; V . Hflrul ."rl 1\ ' :" ,rruct A t"1l ,;" " la r y I 't l il l h' J II 1'&:-'- ' Il I

IIU1.1 8

vill e,



ll lJ (i

Mr, (lcd M'r t< A l VA r .nd d ln d '(lo 81ltertoillud 0.1, d lon e r, SUOd dY, 1111" an d Mra. •W WI1t' wiqk "IllI fn rull y of Le~ .. tln n. lIDO Ablin d Ml'!I:

.- .

Bu ."Cr ll .. ed


s old her fa rm



.' - '


I hOIlC )'OU are "II O. K . ns I nm .


MAnnn", nll d

M r . nlid Mr , A lii Ii th lr tfr'ok 00(1 \ \i II l:l j(w a>l r leooll 0111d Tlg 0 11 tot'!'ir P" rlw b h ere. ' d"y .. f tern uu .l .

Mrs Annie Thorpe, who recent ly acroBS the rive r, haB th pu rchased the Wl!cra ft farm, on t he White Ka ro, Dark Karo , Pen· Waynesv ill e Bnd Lebanon pike, sOllth $ mint Sy rup, all Aizes. ~~fb\~ "~"u P.~~ ~u : . : : :: : ::' m:m: g~ O lldJ v tded l)roOtS.. . ... .. . . 15.lJ'i4.9 Ci of Low n. Th e consideration 1'1a S $ I ntAlreet loud tl lRCOU Dt (,u lluc te<t or Early J u n e Peas , can .... .. ..... 15e $150 an acre, $ c r edited . In I\(jYtt ll t:e 0 ' Ill atur Th ere will be a s p ecia l communi· Fancy OhIo Co rn, can .... .. .. ... 15c Ity an d QUt. e lro ~d . .. . .. . . . '.! (II 5.!I ~ of W ayn e~v i ll e Lo dge No . 163 clition $ Olrcu la $l o g DuWMI OU[ll. a lldl o g: . . 01/ OIl U.!JU 2 poun,1 'l'omat tleR. ean .. ...... 1 ~ c N et. u ulti du o t.o :\ a t lo DI\1 F . & A. , 1'11, Friday eVllnin~ . Also I'i e P eache~ , call ....... ... .. .. .. I De bank. . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. .. . .. ' II Ul)(I . , •• $' Monday ev e n i ng . J unnary 20 Work Inrt l v1du a.l tle pou l u *,u h Juct I' j Fla t 'ans Salm" n , ,:(I n .... .. .. Hie in th e E A . deg rpe . Sojl,urning S Oe~~e.iell· ol 'd'oP06",' ~I'u'e' ln' iffl.~ :l ' \·.:'·Hd~ 11 1 b re threll 811d viRitors are invited. t.han ao tiBY' . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Yi'J I !J ,j t Spcci al Salc of Oleo $ D l \" ldl l l (lfI u n p a id ... '" . !\ . .J O'I.11() \ S . IJ Henk le , W. i\J. TOLn i of (.h .: m a a d ...t 6p'/ all ~ .. q l . Swifl':!j Pn ·tlliu lll . III Inll'i,du ee at ' $ Ject to r't,.,.tj r \,O . • (j!, . ~"I I. ':1(\ 1.. A. Zim merman ' , Sec'y . plJtl nd .. ... . ..... :tfic I am p re pared to fix and rebuild $ \Va r 108.u d"t)ol'Ii L a. ·. ·1)1I1I 1 I ; Ulttl Ihl Vict roills anI! P honographs, a nd will 'fOl al . .. -:.~~-;; fr e·-h Ii ... ·:,! ,11 .01 1:'011 - el '-' \ ,1.,1 g u aron teo all wo rk . Also, w ill r eo $ !!TAT Il O f Oli l ", \\' ,II{f( ); :\ I "L:-O ' \ ,~ ~ , pai r yo nI' pia no . organ or ot her $ 1. F. C. I ( hrr~cll'k.. I : lu~J II C!r .) t tLu Id i')\ C mu s ica l inst rum ents. named bank . .til SI)h~ lIIuly .,· cur lI l . t t llf $ FRANK CA RMAN, e~~~", :~:t::;, I!Clli'~I~~~rt.rlle 10 Il w I,(\:H I Jt t;l ;.o I $ P bone 117·1Ye . Waynesville . Qihlo. F , . 11 :\ n J MI H. I, ( ·u.... IIl , ·r Total ... . . . . .. .. .. ... . . .

ill, e,


Il m ll



Kl'en Cleanser . a can , only ... 5c Just as g ood as Old J)u tch aL ha lf th e pri ce. Uu lk Spn~ . and Macllroni , lb .. 15c Seeded Raisins , n ew gOOdll, pk g ............... .. . .. ... .... .. .... 10e Rio Coffee, Ib , on ly ...... .. .. .. .. 20c New Canned Pum pk in . can ... IOe A ll Pan Cake F lour s , pl<g ...... 15c


Mr, li nd Mr&.,

W r J or \lal\ bu vll bOOJ\ 'v "jt mi of IlJa nollZ~ til ! fl~~ I , - ·~tl tt 1\11 !l Ie i\ .. t~ IDj1; - lopg 01 .. ly ,ut ' t ho prcfoIlDI

I. W. Linellln h !,~ eol d his farro . sou th of t ow n , t o 10:. J Lind amoud , of n ea r Dayton. who wi ll move to it aboul Feb ru ary J5 1h T he deal was m.~ d e h;' W N SE' 'l r~ al:rI m ~ l(e!; t lh p I bird lin' " hi! has ~, ,J J tlli,; f ar m in ( he tl m 'lIs HLlon 0\'0 1' h r ro, nnll we ure I"",; t ha ll I Wl' Y M il , w ith two p ublic /top in g we wun'l be h,'lti hpl'o mu ch aile l i l1l1~ in les~ lh un 'n ~ .\'t·ur . qonger ; there IlI'e nil ~o,·ts or ru · 11101'8. UUl we think wo' ll be on our W'.I)' llom e b erol'(] many week s. I Howevo r, t hat's II guesR ,


10, H O. l .;

Tot al II. PI11 8 14 . 10, l fi. 17 1311.0 20. 41

RedemlJ tl un



~ Jl, J10 . UO

unplet.lged .... . , . . .. .. , ..

Stock., other tlla D Fc~ c r . 1 Heeerve Bank Stock "" " '" S tock 01 F ederal Heoorvo Ua llk


localerl on lit " ~Ia nl " 11 .' er It has -- - - - I' Pl'n prell ), hallly ~ hell (' Il, IJlll m an y t; R I It~ , l (;"uk e r e l" . I'ri('o of l1'l' 1J'I IIJ in );H a re sl ill good , Wo • r"I\~"n ll l'h>. .Ir ~ ( ' 111 1 R ,,~~, w p li l ,l ol'lh Dill of \' N dun 10 tho R. p. ,I WUYI.l,,~vlll e . U . j2U 1 1' ~ ' H h~" anti 1I'lltl.' I'ounda. Til e big ,'alll'" u lll ~lcle \'cl"IIIn IR Imown 3e ~___ _ "!' _~~.!!~~~~~~~~~~~ 1"1)" ;\111 \ ' nl\ ey," Th " s hell lioles nr e i"1I I llIcI! tha i Ih ore is nOl a foo t be___ _ _ __ _ _. - - - -_IWee ll lhe m In p ia ps. !l'R not \los,I III.' f ol' nl O t o deserl'b e

c1rculatlo D(par v"lue ) ~ O, 000, ou U . 8 . bond . Dud ccr MOCaleI! 01 In · debt.edneaa owned nnd un·

Libert.y Loan Bondi. J l 'J .

~u rr o\l nd ed

Mr . !ifill M r ~ 11'. Rartllock aDd MI.sIil ~l o U.... y " rnn d';Q " nu foll at Wli yo n@vlll \', n;)duy ullJruing , , -


w he ll \\ I) hnrl them>. Ye"u I'Ul\v ( . II n <la \, ), 3 Ir u elt l oad 1111 10 \ ' r'\'I\ II " and about norl h·. 1',' clly or V er-

I trolll

I,h ln Is


UOi . otil .6.

3~~~U=~1':a ' i~ secUN


I \ of 115 well l - "_=__ _ __ ~--=-..:.....-=--_ , ul{; li l III IIes


. WELLMAN bom e , Frlrlu.\'


t i l ' m u ~ic


ville NaLi onal Bank, a t Waynes. ville In t he State of Ohio, at the close of business, Dec, 31, 1918




Sunday \ J anu a ry 19,1919: Sunday School, 9 :16 :i. m . , Frnnl{ Le May. Auperintenll' nt. A b rief "ddre~e and H oly l!om munion Il t 10:30 a . m Preacp ing service a t 7 p, m Spec· -+ ial music, bo t h mo rning and e vening. A cordial invita t.ion to a ll. Mr. nnd Mrs, E L . T hom as ente r . G N . J olly , pll~9r. . '1 I I 'I L • 1 ~ ln e( ~ I n~t! rJl Jers 01 I ll' r l~ r m e rs J ames Davi8, of the U . S S. Ar:rr,re~llln~ l,0rJlwmy IIlld Ih£lr fe m!tonne, BOn cit Mr Iln d Mra. Ollie FERRY CH URCH IIII'~ lit e ll I ') ' I , r !'iJPI' cr , Mon d ay Davis. o f Corwin, bas been promoted Sunday . J \lr,uarv 19. 1919 : Bible to ch ief boa t; tn ate l T his is a well tlV t· OIlIIf. School, 9:80 11 , m , Preaeh ing S e r d ' Ilrv ed promOTion, ahd one w!Tlch ~lr I" d , ,".1 1' '[' llli .. >lolJe n · vi ces, 10:30 a m Dnd 7 p m. carries an am pl e al a r)' . This young S tan!,,:.' J ohnF;ton , pasto ~. ",' Ul l I I i'O I • ( . h(! t, nend ts' mll n has bp.en In the nsvy for t he 1'\ Ul ll i r II r n: ,I I r:~\:. .n tlHo! Ha l' pos t five,y ears, nnd h llil mane ra ,·~.', ., hu; j.! I "I.~ . I U, .' lh' ,I' !.I t !l inn er , progress in his eh sen profession , ST . MAR Y' S CH ll RCH




1 q t. Dipper Cup 1 'qt.

r in

2 PiePatis '

Drip Pan ' 2 Pot Covers -


Graters Milk Str~itiers

pairy Pan

Flour Sift er . 2 Pie 'Pans

Dripping Pan Dust Pan Wll$,b 'BaSUi



',___ F__O ~IR ~ ' '~t~,.~ ~·~_


e 6==-11:11

NUJXl~ ' 3516


'IEII=;4 U!Ji

'1:1 I

Happenings of PersonalNatureW . I!I

. ~



By Our Local News ReP,orler

alE.==3' a ==31 a 1::'







Grant t ewis, of Dayton, was in Miss Beulah Kindler.: was the week· town, Monday,. end guest of MIBB Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl. pro Dill, Osteopath 21 S , Broad way, ~banon. Ohio. "Mendete," the new article for mending your tin and Ilranite ware, Muth'a Milk Bread, ba)(ed fres h at White's Store. every morning, at White's. Sewing Ma~h ine Needles. Shuttles Mr, and Mrs , R. E. Davis and ~on, and Bobbins, for all makes of mao of Dayton, spent Sunday wi th rela· chines. at Hyman's., lives. "Experience is a dear teacher." Howell Peirce and wife visited Yes, if it's ~ur own. Whole Ufe relatives in South Charleston, last times of it free at the Wavnesvllle Thur@day. farmers' institute. Try a loaf of Muth's fresh Brown The MiBBes Marguerite and Ethel or Hearth Bread These are very Riske. of Dayton, were the guests popular. Will Whiu.. at the home of Mr. Henry Sattter· thwaite. last week. Jos, Hawke, of Bellefontaine. spent a couple of day s here this week visit· $7.50 G. O. Upholstered Chairs, ing relatives. $5 85 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Semi·Annual Furni· Hewing Machine Need les. Shuttles ture Clearance Sale. Now on. and Bobbins, for all makes of mao Yards and yards of Congoleum and chines, at Hythan's. Linoleum at 40c and 45c per yard !it Mr. Elliott, of Richmond. Ind .. The S Fred Company Lebanon Btg ~pent last week ' with Mrs. Mal Y Store Furniture Clearance Sale. Shule, of the 1'riends' Homp.. Mr and Mrs. Max Kohlhagen and Ron, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, S. L, Cartwright ar· Sam Polasky, of Dayton, spent. Sun· rived home Monday evening , afte!' day with Myer Hyman and family. spending Reveral weeks in the South. Dr, and Mrs. Charles Houlrh, of Sl!rg t . Ralph Cole, of Buford, Ohio, Lebanon and their daughter, Mrs. was the week·end guest of Mr. Helen Se'brin~, of Bryan, Ohio, were and Mrs. lIenry Satterthwaite and callinlr on friends here Sunday afterfamily. noon. $92 ,75 Three·Piece Black Walnut Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Semi· Annual Furniture Clearance Sale.

Miss SteUa Lemmon, who has been quite III iii West Virginia, arriv\d here M;mday, where she will spend

time witbe~ mot~~ "na ritgalji e .aidil: I)



-t. ,

The farm and village women will need 'the help and inspiration of the farmers' institute, more perhaps th an anyone el~e. The woman's part of the program for the Waynesville farmers' institute is especially stronlf this year .


$1 . 50 Nbw.. .,

S2 Men's heavy F'leece

. Union Suits.

Cs~~~eS.......................... 20c Percales which were S5 ana 40<:, are now


- - -- .-: " ----:r--


29c H '$2• 'D"~l~~";;, ';~'~fI~~"'. "'$'···2 •'00 I'\SChOOI, Su~dQY9:15 ~~e!'ua~;1 9~ ~~9: 'Sund'ay m ,. Fr~k LeMay, ( i :.~.~ , ~.o . ;. ~.. . , . . ' Auperintendent, Divine ".\Vonlblp, $1 • 25 l"Abrllham IO~30 a. m. At 7 m. a papelr on , ' 11.75:Bufiialow ~ .~ "'P~O"n8b· No,w.. :.. ·.. . L!ncoln." bY,; tpe .pallto!,. l\.Y '





~pecia l


, musIc. both morn,ng and evenIng:" Come out and ' in l , wltb .ue..... " . ,; G N , .J ollf. PB!!tor.

A famous tractor-the Fordson HE -Fordson tractor bas attracted the attention of every civilized couritry. It is used by thousands in Europe today. It has shown the way to make farms produce more--in eyery c::ountryand of every sizJe. ~ ,


Built ' right ~ simple, durable, economical. easy to operate-easy

to care for; the Fordson fulfills every requirement. It' will make your farm a more profitable investment-will take worries off your shoulders. Burns kerosene-all gears are enclosed. The Fordson is built esj:Iecially to m~~~>Ileed for a ~ which m . ;~ cared ,f or by the operator •: . .


'", \. . 1:.. .... ',.'"( ' .. ~-.",..





e c:::z:nElE'==:l1l:l1E'=='IiJ I


P~rSOi1at Nilhlre I

Happenings of





By Our Local News Rl!P.orier I

ElI::I55:3. a ==3. l:J ==311!JE- -:3 at' 1::.

(Q)£ (Mr ~

risen f,rom oblcurlty to a place In h1stOl"1 Imagloo ~bat tbelr grandson woald ooe dar honor «uellt of Eogland's king, to pay tribute !lilY, 'In Wnrwlch road, where tbe mother of President bOI '.«ected as he vlsl~ed the spot alone dul\tlnc hta

tMJ£lf [~a~[L _



. ." ' "



"' ~- ' ~


." .~ M~SON' ' Ie ~ NOTICE '. -' ,

. -

, ..



~o. 1~.

F. & A,,-A! ,,


Grant Tewis, of Dayton. was in Miss Beulah Kindler. was the week· town. MOl1da~, end guest of Miss Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl. Dr. DllI, Osteopath 21 S. Broad way, 4lbanon. Ohio. " Mendeta," the new article for mending your tin and Ilranite ware, Muth's Milk Bread. baked fr esh at White's Store. every morning, at White's. Sewing Ma~hine Needles. Shuttl" Mr. lind Mrs, R. .K Davis and son, and Bobbins, for all makes of mao 01 Dayton, spent SundllY with rela- chines. at Hyman's. tives. "Experienc~ is a dear tlacher." Howell Peirce and wife visited Yes, if it'B your own. WhohS life relatives in South Charleston. last tjmes of it free at the WavneavUle Thursday. farmers' ·institute.





ro"·unS IfttUA{)T"' H Y. nit l




........._ .

;..- ..... --...,:.

Capt. Robert Jones. of Auguate. Y Ga., spent several days here last --week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. The reg ular quarterly meeting of \F. P. Jones. of the Lytle road Capt. the f.'riends will be held at their Jones'purchased a fine Cole roadf\ter Saturday and Sunday lin Cincinnati. and he left Monday for February 7 and 8 Wilson S. Doan~ hilt"home in the Soulh. accompanied e E ve' rybody invited . by bis parflnta as far as Cincinnati. , WI'libe h er.







The farm Bnd village women will need 'the help and inspjration of the farmers ' institute, more perhaps than anyone ellle. The woman's part of lhe program for the Wayneevilfe farmers' institute isespecialb stronlr this year.

Ar~~m~ts ~ being m~e~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We desire to thank our many the Men of Wllynesv-ill u for !I. rouslnl~ friends and relatives for their kind reception to our boys" hen they get neSs and eymvathy shown U!J' during home. •_ _ _ _ tbe sickneaa and death of our" he. 10Yed son anli brother. .



Try a loaf of Muth's fresh Brown The Mialles Marguerite and Ethel or Hearth Bread These are very Riske. of Dayton, were the guests popular. Will Whitfl. at the home of Mr. Henry Sattter· thwaite. laSt week. . Jos. Hawlre. of Bellefontaine. spent a couple of days here this wetlk visit· $7.50 G. O. Uphols~ed Chairs, ing $5 85 at The S. Fred Company Leb'anon Big Store Semi-Annual Fumi· A meeting will be held at the Sewing Machine Needles. Shuttles ture Clearance Sale. Now on. Township House, Friday evening, and Bobbins. for all makes of ma'" Yards and yards of Congoleum and ,'ebruar~ 7th. for the purpo.s~ ot chines. at Hyman·s . Linoleum at 40c and 45c per yard at completmg order for fertlhzer . The S Fred Company Lebanon Big Mr. Elliott. of Richmond. Ind .• Also. to take up question of orders Store Furniture Clearance Sale. ~pent last week wi th Mrs. Mal), for wire fen.:e. posts. spraying nia · Shute, of the Friends' Homp.. Mr and Mrs. Max Kohlbagen and lerial. paint. I ile. etc, Come and Ron, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. make yo ur wants known. Mr. and Mrs. S. L , Cartwright ar· Sam Polasky. of Dayton, spent Sun· rived home Monday evening, after day with Myer Hyman ond family. spending Reveral weeks in the South. Dr and Mrs. · Charles HOUKh. of &lrgt. Ralph Cole, of Buford. Ohio, Lebanon. and tbeir daughter, ¥rs. WBS the week-end guest of Mr. Helen Sebrin~, of Bryan, Ol'lio, were and Mrs. tienry Satterthwaite and calling on friend!! hare Sunday after· family. noon. .' b There Will be two games of asket . $92 75 Three·Piece Black Walnut ball at School Hall ; Friday evening, Mrs, Margaret Martm . and son .. The Waynesville Independent team Earnest, of Dayton. were the Sunday Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The will meet the Bellbrook Independents guests of J. L. Mendenhall and wife, S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Semi·Annual Furniture Clearance an d th e, Wayne~vI' 11 e H'I WI' 11 t ry reo of Route 3. Sale. Bults With Sprmgboro Hi. These . games will be fast OIl89, 80 come and I Th~ Seml·Annual Clearance Sale of see them . \ Furniture and Stoves. of The S. Fred ~I~ ~mmo.n, ~ho has been Company Lebanon Big Store, now qUite III In West Vl1'gmla,. arriv'ed on, is meeting with unprecedented here f4 and llY, wher.e She w.ill !!pend • ""ccess . parJl ~ tIme 'YJ.fu ~r.!, !lna r1 ;..

'WAS MADE PRESENT ,TOeecllai ' .v,!mh~g;: Fe~'mab: ~~:elrn ~:i ~a:!~tfo~O:ilih~eetS:~n~~~ OF CARNATIONS ~cOmm~nic8Hon ,of . Wa,.


a m


lYJ,l " ril l'. >tfle r a ·t ~' . ~\ cdl'lIsduy ',' I.·mllle , A .\ IIt ~ 1!:aslerll ~ al1d ~j" ilOrs. . 11> , , .,. ~ , OI \ lunllJ l e jUlm~' ~ 10 th ~'" C Abo ut cump tn'e v-- ........go . . 1:15 Stil d l; wtl a L I hI! t called oIt) twq eo or three days. then By th e of Le~ttlr MIHlOlJ 01.' 1. /Jr' J T E I II~ preflirl I III his UBUIlI - ---...--.....;"t}nJhem 1l1rIf"8,.eJJ1lrv c~~le~u~ort':l~ tooJi: ~the ,box earl! for tblll plnce, where the commulut y. hut! lost one of II ~ oIi g-ni'fi I!O mllllflO r, and l, ·d u~llrl Lhe , hlive bee'ii ever siJrce. most 10.vt!d and rllripected Y?llll g men. bpenller e I hI! eveni n Hubl)) Let. pr::i!f~~' ~iLt 1)~::gk,:l We a.r e it! t he central 'Part of He had a cheerful dl~posl lil)n . un.1I i(owitz . ot D.lyl(1l1 (1', ){ ,II,IJi tool, memo,!'ul) Is set up, there can be ~nee neal' I\ '~wn called TS-IIur;:r'iUe al~aY9 had a word o~ cn.,E: r I'or hI.- '~M hi s n bj "cl. "The w, " 1<ll~Ria , " . an~ 'about 16· kilometers. from Dllon. friendK. He W I.11i well knu\vlI anll 1lI,,1, n ~ l)lu Jlll ed I ho /jlil" ' 1 III" very re. W."U, it J8 .allout supper time and loved by all He WMt! a fn mbt!f of Iole m all ne r, ~how i nl I , ,ft ' hI! had ~~~~~;I~~~L~~~~~~Er~~I~oi:f~' mUllt' lItoji.-Woulcfbe very ,glad to hear the Mt. Hully Sumlay ::,c~uul, lilld I(ivell " grea t d a l oj t' ,, ~" t to his agaill, a8 mall' 18 a very ~Il' was n. member ~f t~le JUDl ~r Order ~ulojf!rt m Ulter. He fl' I, " glOW In g . element to us. of UnIted A!Del"lc arJ Mechulilcil tribute to AmericA. ttl . I " mil of h is BUllllell O. Burnett, It morc sud for . lhe be adop ti.1. His tri hu ' Ihe statu E.' E . F ' reaved famIly all he was etrlcken so f h ..... d J f La, I A P' 0 712 A . " , mer x. • suddenl W8~ ill but a f w da s. o. I e \10 ( eBS '? i ..... . ' \ wn~ lr u y CO. D. nth Engrs. B t YGod ' I ' I . . J y p,llnotl.c. Imd ehclt!ld Tt.':!.1 IIppluu~e h~ ta~~n Le!~e:I~:o~w~~e J~e gk~~~; fl'°Tnhl hRIS bhbe!ll"er&. . . a ' • II.' Irtte s tmg . but hiS . gain, ' . e 9but I was tha.t, our los8 II! and , talker his Ie hlld l"E'to bE' while we mourn hi!l loss. we how UU I ' h' d . .~'rll"" " heads and 'say, ' T hy will bl! 'l'IOEl." wate e :;e,y care'Ii! . > " aCO.l unt 0 , " , lh~ nS1lI1¥' and 1~~I.po. -, ~~h lch ..hE! "/IIO'pne kOO"b bul'! much we mi~" you , 8lud . had to' be srse y d, to glV~l You wue so goo!f. kind Bnd lrue, · t~e flIoper infle~t;\;!r.I' , E!e ende(~ 004 uto'le; fpr he knows b~st, hls11llk by B!l.Ylng . ~l)a 6,1>l!IJl w!>uld Caded' you t t\~I , bome of" nlS~. 80 " dll~' ~I)Dl ' ,., ,. • .,. I:.i ' . . II '. . ·.i ·1;W~' a blt\~~~rl;~:' ~ .hoc~ .evere.' greatila Wn. an ll- 'ome !nto h~r OW~1 wa. 1rI'0uniJ hog day; and T" pirt with you we lo ved so denr. as one of the democratic md lODS o,f aaw.,hi .. Shadow. unlesa be Tlme 'was 10 sbort. 10 ~ay good-uye , the w~rld · . bUn'k era befor€ he , cllmlf To tbe one we loved so dear. Du ring the suppHr Interval •. the . .wl\rm winter neat \VI,t b "You ~re goo". but not (orgotten. G~.e I CII!b Blln~ al!v~ra~ selectIons. contsnued long fall we bave ~n Never sball .your memory 1,,<10, w SC I w~re we I SC; I \, dd d h_lIip,.lt ilrwell to . look fo~",ard to SweeleJIt tboagbllsbllll ever liuger ever.a n e\~ mell cr were a e . a --'6. ofJ. l'O, u "li weather befor~. Ro'und llle ".rav·e where ybu nre laid." t'? ~he list, 1 hero w~re also sev~ral - '-::-'l . .• V I~ltors from frank ltn nn d Lebanon.




- 'Ell

Mr~. ~U! an~ Family.



&joumlnlr breth· Methodist chureQ In' Harveysburll on Invited Sunday aftern oon. Februarf , 9th. , ;~ Rev. ·Saul Chancellor. will give tbe address Everyone hivited to attend Mart~a Davis. Sec'! :

~ ~rdially



No.w · ........ ......... ... ..... .


PercaleS which ' were formerly 35 and 4ac: are now • Only., ...................... ..._.

· n·~.'._c _.

'3 r

2ge I

House . MOW ' ..~

n o'. _, ..>.',,""



'00 Schopl. Sunday. February ~ ;J,6 a. m..

Ru perintendent. Div 10:80 'I II', At 7 o. "Abraham Lincoln. " Spatilll music. both eo,:enlng . . - Come out

..:..' . $1'' ".21:;, I

. ,. ,..


tM Sp' ring and h With of Clot .: .

M. E. CtlURClf


U9 ..,


'~==~~~:t~C j)Urt:"Ie4'·I ~r~ t.h"'" lA.tll~· ·.J:.1-;.lJtoitl~tlle'JIltE~Lti9·Djlt :,r,l~ilod! Co. None t~' 'Coine and. ' ".'c ~ 0" .'

• N.



A famous tractor-the FordsOri

T HE , Ford.!Ion

tractor bas at· tracted the attention of every civilized country. It is used by thousands in Europe today. It has shoWn the waY tX> make farms produce more-in eyes:y cxiunt:ry-'and of every size. ~ . . Built right - .simple, durable, easy

ecOnomica1. easy to operate ,

tX> care for; the Fordson fulfills every requirenient. It' will make your farm a more profitable invest· ment---will take worries off your shoulders. •

Bums kerosene-all gears are: enclosed. The FordsOrds built es:Pecially to meet~~m eed for a ' tractor which m~.cared for. bl the operator bi~. ~ r • I · ....

;r' :~;


{ ~.

aee:;::::s -,- - -'


OHIO, WEDl{ESI;>AY. FEBRUARY. 5, 1919 -,


==) ==' m'L "' II:!'


e IE£==:JUiI lE'

~. e


These Letters

. Appredat~

by RiJlks "Over Here l l


• {'!J


N~1,ler9516 , ,



w ~ Happenings of Personal Nature



Around TOWD :~~











By Our Local News Reporter

me'5521. roE'553' EI EI=:=::1. ElIE- ,=:U:lI:'=551'B

I lupporie you. people back home ; thill.k we are }laVIng a flnB time Md I seeing.' great sigllts, but you must I , remember 'We '8t'e' under ,mllit:aii !'Ule : I which allows us to see nothing ;worth t whlle, but 1 SUltpec .... jt ia \Wat that I I". we are under these reltrlctions considerin"'g the fact that. it would not tlo to tum us , all loose -and let us run wild all over Europe, We SIlW some An humblo red brick house nt carlisle Englall haa risen trom obscurity to a plnco In history very interesf;lng aighte on our trip wltliln tbe Ins l Cew weeks. Littl e did the form!lr 0 i.",a Imagine that tbelr grandson would one day here, but ,h aven't seen anything since. , . Quit- the marbl e and go ld halls ot Buokh;tgham palace, Ie bonor gueal ot England's king, to pay tribute It was four months yesterday since to Its waU,.. It Is tho homo 01 tho Woodrow fl\tnUy; n Wllrwlch rond, where tbe mother or President we landed in tliis camp. We left Ft.' ~~9~ ~v~a!, ~':.~;n , Dnd wbere tbe prE\sldent wnil, mOI ~ ·.trocted as be vl81~ed the spot alone dur~na h1II ~ Benjamjn Augus~ 6tD.-landed at Liv- e~ool.. EngTan~, ' AugllBt 8th, after =~~=======-=--r ~===========* =-:====:========~=~~~= 'iJpending a ,:Week at Long Island, N . I '


Grant 1 ewis, of Dayton, was in Miss Beulah Kindler. was the weektown, MondllY, end guest of Miss Miriam Mull, of Spring Hnl. Dr. Dill, Osteopath 21 S. Brolld way, 4ebanon, Ohio, "Mendeta," the new article for mending your tin and Stranite ware, Muth's Milk Bread, baked frt'B h at White's Store, every morning, at White's. Sewing Ma~hine Needles, Sbuttles Mr. and Mrs R. Eo Dilvis Bnd eon, Rnd Bobbins, for aU makes of rna. of Dayton , spent Sunday with rela, chines, at Hyman'e. tives. " Experience is a dear teacher." Howell Peirce and wife visited Yes, if it's your own. Whole life relatives in Sou th Cbarleston, last timt'.8 of it free at the Wavnesville Thureday, farmers' institute. _ Try a loaf of Muth's fres h Br own Y. We were., s1:IItioned . aj a rest Tbe Misses Marguerite and Ethel camp' in Eng,l and for four days. Then . II ' _ or Hearth Bread These are very Riske, of Dayton, were the guesta llikeCl' to Squth Ham})ton, where we ~ popular. Will Wbitfl. boarded a ship and crossed the En' at th e home of Mr. Henry Sattterthwaite, las t week. gllsh channel one ni&"ht anti I want to . I Jos, Hawke, of Bel lefontaine. spent tell you I never W4S so si<;1c in al\ my , ~ter Ma rion Oill, ~I/Il uf Thl/lUll' i WI a coupl e of day s here this week visit· life as I was ,t~at night. We were and Euph emia Dill, W!I~ lIo l II Uuearn . , $7.50 G. 0, Upholstered Chairs, ing relatives. . - J ; {lacked in like saTdines and were not ber 10 IH97 , a"ll d~pal1.ed lhls 11110, 1 $5 85 at The S . Fred Company Leba non Big Store Semi-Annual Furniallowed to open a window nor make Decem bllr 2a, l!)1~ ! aged ~ I years I Tl,l<l Men oC \Val/Ill- . lli l'. afle r a A meeting will be held at the a .light ot any kind. As the chan- IInd)S duy t! Uesloe a lOVing 100, I . I , Hewing Machine Needles, Shuttles ture Clearance Sate. Nowon. nel was a very critical place at that th h I u Hh E ' ong VdClit lO lI, m e~ \ \hu l,c~duy Tow nship House Friday e vening and Bobbins, for ali makes of rna· time 'the said the subs were thick er, e e~ves un,u rc cr', mer· ' vtmillil II~ lhu MasQ " 1', IlIpl\:! A ' , Yards and yards of Congoleum and . W I" ed th, h·t d h' lion, and a sIster. ~dlla, at hunw , u"el tille supr;e l' wa. sen'e n I" Ih~ 1"'lSler ll fi'ebruar y, 7th, f or the purpose ot chines, at Hythan's. t h ere. e IV rong I an w en h t of f ' tl LI ' f t ' , ,. ., ". I ' d f f ' 1' Linoleum at 400 and 45c per yard !It we got to peep out we were nt La Ii 08 . r len d . C,III , U Her pre· '~ar . ll.m.l!h e,mem b ~ allt! ~ i ~ iLors competlllg or er or e rtllzer. Mr. Elliott, of Richm ond, Ind . , The S· Fred Company Lebanon Big Havre, France. We stwyed t here at a ceded ,him to that Uctl.e r: L!ll1d L;, 0 I(lid anwle.,.Jol!t1c ,0 th" ' II' About Also, to lake up question of orders ~pent las t week with Mrs. MalY Store Furniture Clearance Sale, staryation c~p' or (rest camp they ,)Ie~~iI t~Od~ath of (,e~tllr MnriOIl Di ll 125 S~l d~l WI: ut I he. l~ for wire fence , pusts, s praying ma" " h If " iJr' J r. li: il l ~ preslU I ,,, hi~ usual lerial paint I il e etc Come and Shule, of the Friends' Homp.. called 1t) two or three daYll, t hen tb Mr and Mrs. Max Kohlhagen and took the ·box carll for thill place, \l'here ' e commullltv· 116 os t ont! 0 Il~ oIig ll i'fi~LI m'UlI!(l r, and ; ,·dllevll the ' , , . Ron, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs . we. have been ever since. m!Jstlovl:d and re~pect('(l y?~nll: men. $(.Je'lktir f Ihu evt'nin lI"h!.n Lef- muke yo ur wants known. Mr. and Mrs , S. L. Cartw rig ht ar· Slim Polasky, of Dayton, spent SunWe are in the central putt · of H.e had a cheerful tlr~ lJOs lllOn, and kowitz. of D,\ylu n '1' 1" tI, l,j lool{ rived home Mondlly evening, afte!' day witb Myer Hyman and family. Fra'nce nenr a ,town called TJl..sur-Tme al~ays had a worll of· ch",er 1'01' bl" s hi" sll bj l:lCI, "'J'b ' SI)' d HII ~tiia , " spemling Reveral weeics ih the South. and about 16 kflometers from Dijon. frlendll. He WIlS IV!!II kl} oW Il lind IIUri he llll/,lIl d 'he IfUI ' 1 III H very Dr. and Mrs. Charles HO.I,lKh, of Well, it js about supper time and loved by nil He w~'t! a In mutlc of uhl.; milli ne r, ~ owi I " ." hl{ had Sllr gt. Ralph Cole, of Buford, Obio, Lebanon, and their daugbte,r, ~r8. must MOj). Woulcfbe very glad to heaT the Mt. Hully SUlllluy ~c~uul, Blld orivl}u i, KI't!al d till I of I ,,!lI t t() his was ' the week-end guest or Mr. .Helen Sebring, of Bryan, OhiO, were fro",! you again" as man Is a very cs' wall a. member ~f th e JUnlO ~ Order ';I ul,j p.r t OIal tet·. He I" " " glOW ing and Mrs. tlenry Satterthwaite lind calling on friends hete Sunday attersentilli element ~o us. of UDlted A!" orlcau Mechulllc::I trib ute to America, th '",rnt' IJ f his family. noon. RusseD O. Bumett, , II makes , I t more sad for . the be ndopticon , His trihute ' 'he ~ tlltue ' E F reaved famIly 8S he was et rll:ken so f II G II f L'~ I There WIll be two games of basket , ' A P 0 712 A $9275 Three-Piece Black Walnut . " \ mer x. . dd I ' ' 11 b t f d IJ 1e ,Of ( '85 ~ . I e ' \ W3 ~ tru y ball at School Hall ' Friday evening Mrs. Margaret Martm and son, Co . D. 84th Engrs. ~Uut, e~/God~~ I!i~ ul~ wi:e j~Jg,::~i p:11 rwtl.C ' lind ehclt: f t',!t "PlJluu~e The Waynesville independent team Earnt:St, of Dayton , were the Sun~ay Bed Room Suites now $85.00 at The - - -...- .... . • has taken LE>.ater from us vt! knolv f rOTnh'e/lRl~ bhbe!lr~r!! , ". . l t'ig will meet the Bellbrook Independents guests ofaJ · L. Mendenball and WIfe, S. Fred Company Lebanon Big Store Semi, Annual Furniture Clearance . b ut his gum, I . t h "",t , (lur.' I0 8!! III Bud , talker, \~uot I \\his8S lecLl,1,",' '" /ladlOrE'S to IIbe an d th e. Wayne~vl' 11 e H I' w.III try re• of Route . Sale. while we mourn his lo"s we bo w OUI I d ' r II f sult.8 With Springboro HI. These , heads, and say ' 1'h ~ill be lI 'lIle." wa~(: Ie very care ,1.1 ,)', 'I> aec'!un t 0 g ames w ill be fast ones, so come and I The Semi,Annual Clearance ~aleof Miss SteIl Lemmon, who has been , ' ' y lh~ nllDlei! Dnd I~~~\O, ' . ~~lllch, .he, see them. . \FUrni ture and Stoves, of Tbe S. Fred " N,o ,one know, b,,,, lOuch we trli~:i )'011 , BllIU , had to'. be ~nee , d, to g IV e Company Lebanon Big Store, now quite ill in West Virginia, arrlvlld here Manday, where she will spend Jipu "ere so goo,<!' kind und true, t~e 1)IOpe r mflectv I,' , r!e e,nd ed , on, is meeting with unprecedented GOd' u!o?e; for he knolYS best, hurt lk by s9,vlnlt UI t J l.J '~11l would , lauocess ' pom" time with er 1X)9t er.. ~n Qf "no regaUj 'Il~r- eaiu~: ' ., ' . , \ \"': ' . . Catl.. dyoU .tdtb~lhom.ceor.",st. . /It).mfL y, ~/)m ""' ·,..t, ; ,t·,... I. m. l "t~n5t ".,-.'~ ~.--~ , .~ .... I~' h :'" , • ., 'T"as 3" bllte;g~i';f,: .hock aeVNe, great'la lon, and 'ome !nto her own; fll Capt. Rober t Jones, of Augusta, The farm and village women will SU.nday 'wal 'ground hog day, and T" part with you we lo ved so dc;,r, lIB olle of t he democratic nlll ions 01 Ga., spen t several days her e last he'lul'ely ssw hi. shadow, unless he "Time W3SlIO ahort, to Eay ~ood , bye , the w~rld iweek with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. need 'the help and inspiration of the put on hiB bilnkers before- he came To the one we loved so dear. Dun,ng th e Sll PDllr ,nlnr val " lhe The r eg ular quarterly meeting of ' F . P. Jones, of t be Lytle road Capt. farm e rs' institute, more perhaps out of'hifl warm winter nest. Witb" Gle.e Club I'ang ~O:"~f;l1 selectIOns , th i'" d ill be held at their IJon es purchased a fine Cole roadRter than anyone ehse. The woman's part continued long fall .we have been NVe~~raSI~4~~y'':;'rb::'~mll(o)try[o['~3etlen, WhS1Ch we,re w~11 I cbl'lve. dd d m:etinrgl~ho~seSaturday and Sunday, ' in Cincinnati , and he I"ft Monday for of the program for the Waynesville . . II I k t orwar d .to Sweetestlbongbts, shall ever . lillger , . . t h e Sou lh , accompame ' d farmers' institute is especially stronK It IS we to 00 t tlevera I' t new 1'1 mem er we I re a e I February 7 and 8. Wilson S. Doane h'IS h ome m th is year. a 8eUQo of -' rougl1 weather before Round lile !rave where ybu nre' laid." f! 'tie ISf · ~erekwl ~'re °dsoL sbevt'rll. will be here Everybody invited, by his parf\hts as far as Cincinnati , , . ' •_ '. Card of Thana. Arrangemen tM are bei ng made b}' ~ 1> '. romrrun In M We desire to thank our many th e Men of Wayne>lville fo r!i rousing friends and relatives for thei r kind reception to our boys \\ hen they get I . nesS and sympatby.shown u s' during home, the sickness and death of our , be, ,. ,'.:.. {. ' loyed son ani brother, I , M~s, 0111 and Family. ----__4.___ ~Iar 'communfcation ,ot Way- , D8Ivllfe Lodge No. 163, F. & A . ,.84., . Tueaday evtming, February 11,1919, The Massie Township Sunday at 7 ·o'cJoclt., Th.~ will be work In &:hool Convention will meet at the I tlie F. C: degree. &journi~~ breth , M'ethodist church In HarveysburJl on ap(Lvlaltora are eordially -lilvited Sundav afternoon, February .9th . preaent. '..:~ Rev. ,Saul Chancello(', will give the S. D . Henkle, W . M, address Everyone irivited to attend " L. A. Zimmerman, Sea',. Martha Da vis, Sec'y.













V"UMJ"lt"' H'''l Y nil

._, ,"""'-'..

e ~oo. ~===~'=====~~~=~~~'=~==~=============~==~=~~





A famous tractor-the Fordsori .THE -Fordson tractor bas attracted the attention of every civilized country. It is used by'thousan<is-in Europe tQday'. It has shoWn the way to make farms produce more-ill. f:!ICt:Y country-and of every' size. . , ~

Built right - simple, durable, economi~, elI8Y to operate easy .

to care fOf; the Fordson fulfills every requirement. It' Will make yaurfarm a more profitable mvestment-will take worries off yo~ shoulders. \ Burns kerosene.-al1 gears .~: enclosed. The Fordson is buil~ -'es­ Pecially to meet,~;t!l~need . 'for tractor which ._. m~cared for by L ~{J1""''''· , ~ the operator 1l1IDI!Ie1I. . ' .'


.\ >;!,of . , ~ •


. '






" i . .. OJ~'u10N'PWS COURT: ~

New Su.i~. Sam Gutman VB. John Je~ings: Moncy duo on goods Bold and delivercd; amon nt clu·imed $850 wiUl inter-








"Well. 1 ee yo

embrace 0' the whel'lhnrrow," said Mr. b~ e u hllllg\ng Oil the ".1"1111 . "His fa · Hacket as we approached the s nator. ther blls just I rt." H c s pol{e Ill ' U lo\\'. so lem n t l'lll "My embrace 18 Ule tenderer ot the two," the lotter Inughed with 0 look ~hl c h Imp .. t'"' 'd me tl el'!'ls UN h(' 1'111 • lighted camlle III til ' 111\11 I! of till at · his bands. . H e- recognized me nnd seized my schoo\moster. ITo led li S throllgll a two honds nnH shook them flS ho Mid: door lnto u nnrrow,corrldor. H e thrust "Upon my word. here IA my friend a bljr key loto lh ~ .lock uf 11 hell "y Iroo BlIrt. I was not 1001[lng ror' you here." grntlng nnd threw Itnpen nlld IJUde us Be put hlN hlllld 011 my hcnd. now s tep 111. W e cntered 1111 Ilt.slllclllng higher than hl ~ shoulder. IIl1d said: Btone-f1oored room wi th 11 Humber ot "I wos not looking for ~'Oll here." . cells a gulnst Its r cnr wUII. U o locl",d He nsked ahont my nllnt nnd uncle ilie door behlnll us. 1 HI! W 11 (nco nnd nnd exprl'~sc d joy ot It'nrnlng thnt ] wos now under Mr. Hncket . . "I shall bc here for n nlll11l11'r of weeks." he s aid. "uml t s hnll wnnt to see you often. lIInyb we'll go hnnt· Ing some Snturdny." We bade blm good morning on,l hi' went on with his wheelbarrow. whl('1i ~'os londed. ( r CIIl ('rober. with 8 1'0111 t!o(:ks of men\ ami flour. We weot to thl' ~('hool nt hnlf. pns l e lghL Wllnt n thrllllllg plnee It wn > with Its 78 children nnd It s Ulre<' rooms. Bow nol ror th ey ,,"(>rl' Il ~ Ih('S ",olted In the ~c hoolrllr(1 for tlw hull te rloll! t ~ t oo (\ hy Ih~ ,1001'""1 .. look· Ing v~ry fO(lli sh. I dlll'!' "ny. for I kn ew Do t what to rlo with InS""lf. M)' lfogs ~n cri~pd 10 th~ iiI\\, hre"I'llI's f(' 11 I os If Ih l'y were 00 iiI'. 1 ~II W thnl I 11I0"t nf Ih e \"lllflJl:e hoy. worl' Ionll l!ht., en el u tlw~ lind nll~ 10,,"1". 1 lo"kl'" dow n at my own len th l'r IInrl WII S 0 t owpr of s hlllll e 0 11 a .fIHIII.l:lll o l1 of grclI.ed cowhhll' . Su lly )\ ulI l\(' lh ('r~ came 10 with "(lIll e oll1l'r l!lrls II l1d prc'· t ('n(led not 10 ""t· II.... Thllt 11'11 " the ba rd est hl ow I Hlllfl 'I"'U, Al1I on~ Ih e hll l1(f,'''III('. \\, l·II .Il I·,'s<PlI boys o{ Ih e vlll nge 11'11" H(,lIry Will>\the boy who IlIIeI s lnll' n IIIV W" I> 'I" melon. ] hlll i ne ,'pr flll'I:I\'I'I\' hlll l fll r thnt or for the killing of lil Y lin t.' 1... 11 . The bell rang nn,1 WI:' IIIII r,'h ,·,1 Inl') I Saw a Face and Figure Behind the the big r oom. whil e 1\ fat girl wltll Grated Door of On e of Th ese Cells. crlnltly hulr plUY NI 'on II IIh·IOll pol1 . fi gur" ill tlfI ' <filii ",,," 111' Ii ~ht. Iol'lillI<I H enry ond anolllL'r !,oy tl' l~fl '" , 1.,1\' (' till' l! 1'al,'" d ... II' .. r " "1' or II""" r',.II-. me out of lin e aud n "I I! IllI p.·r \\lIfl HI)w 1011 1'1)' 1I11t1 tl,'jr'l .t •." 111111 hl 'lpll'K' Rtrllck the s ide of my hl'lu l 11' WI' W('r,' W ll~ I"" .. xllr~~'i(ln fir Ihlll 111'''1' ,! Th,' marching In olld IIftcr Wt' W(''''' "·,, Ipet Bherill' \\"~ nr to tI", lI"'Jl' nut! til<' ' 0 eros"·t'yed. frl'ckI ('rl gi rl In II ret! hl<."I'ed It . dress mnde II (n ce nt me. "Hel l... Crlln shulI'," Ill' !-(JIIII ~h'I·HI,· . It "'us, on the w,h ul ~. the \) n h :\P ll le~ l "~t P. 11


WEllMAN '.


Mury Wc:a ver vs' Wilbur O. Weav· er, divorcjl; gross neglect; • ~ L'ova Malampy ¥Il. Paul \';felal)lPY, " ivorce ; g ross neglect. .· I 'U'cv. W . O'N~0 11 nll r1.dallgMer. Mrs. Clmrlcs 'M. Bornlcll vs. Nelle B BormelJ , divorce, gtoss neg lect . . Ml\ry -.B~·n . of 'Bui'linlrton,. took di'i~ . ne.:r with J . W .. Wolf and wifEI Tuese. . dav. . - Prot'llcdin ......s. ·Mrs. CO\'fl 'l,'hompllon 'is ' sppndhlsj: C .' ~ . R a pp VB Thos. F. Corwin at severa). day with relative:;, in. MnS!ln. nL Court ordered plaintiff to recover Mr. and Earl Harve y and AI • $177.78 from defcndanc. v in and D<n;is, of Utieia, Mr: and 'M rs. Hany Rott V8. L , J. Beclrol' et a1. Stac¥. Burnet and two s ons of ruck· Court finds B arrY Rott is not entitled royvllle, ond Mr . nnd Mrs. Ala n Hartto judg ment ogR.lnst Cornelius Over. I1!Ock and s on of Cforks\'ille WElre Sun. holzer or nny part of proceeds of daY, guests of F. A. Hartllpek and t he sale of personal pl'o'perty. wife. . Dallas Phillips VB. Sylvan Jallle~on. Mr. and Mrs. AII'a Luddington were Court find s de.fenrlant indebted to calling on Mr. and Mrs. Emery Osplaintiff Cor $832,87. , bom' ot' near Olivo Brunch ~uTlday. af· R. Wilds Gelchrist v~. Caroline tcrno()'ll. Stoddm'c\ SFhenck et nl. Sale of prop· Mrs. Edith Davis and s ons Robert erty or,ler<,(I. . and Rogel' spent Thursday I~ith •her John McKimy vs. Ada McKim'y , di· pal·cnts. and Mrs. Geo. Bo-gnn. vorce grnnt~d. , 1Ilr. Walter Tibbals and family have . Thelma I.dttlC. minor b y John H movcd from the O'Neale propllrty und LIttle Vs. Lmreme Cowden. Defend· will make their home with lilT, and ant ordered to pay plaintiff sum of Mrs. J. Ill, Heighwuy. $875. _ J. Wm. 11artsock spent t h e weclt E lla St ouclcr. vs. Chnrley Stouder. end with Iris son, Mr. 1m Hartsock Conrt grants dIvorce on grounds of und wiIo , ol Dayt()'ll. neJ!~ect. Custody of c.hildrl'lll ~ivcn Mr. John .Wolf has been spending to Ella Stouder and d.efend ant 18 01'· the pas t week with his s on, LllW Wolf elered to pay $500 ollmony and $10 of near Wilmington, 0 8 he ho,s h ad p. per month . sevore atta~k of the flu. ' . Ml·. and Mrs, Alun Hartsock will Probate Court Proec.edlngs. move to Mr. Thos. McG1adel~' form I n t he m-atter of the cstate of Eliz· IIcnr H arvcysburg, tho eomin~: week. Mr. u nci Mrs. Geo. Da.vis were Sun. nbeLh J. Bl'llnL, decellsed. n. G. Cook wus uppointed administrator. Hood day g uests eif Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dlivis of H arveysburg. ,2,000. Claude 11. Reed. AIr. R. Ees. lIh·. J. M, llcighway has been vory ley; un I F. S. S impson. we .. e appointsiok for the past week. b eing threat;.. cd In the m:l tler of th l'stote of enee! with a stroke of paralys is. Mrs. Rea LuddingtOn and daughter ha .. les Comcl l. deceased. Monis Cal". Ile ll and E. V. Bo.,lhn .. t, IYel'e aPJloinL. Miriu1f!, were (:nlling on Mrs. Edith cd cXccutO I'S wiLh bond of $50,000. Davis Frid1l.v nfternoon. Jo hn B. Pence. 'V. S. Grnhum, W. <oa.-- -- - - - -'- 'H:..y wc ..,' uppoin Led lIpprniKcrs. ,

h t'l'C."




i\I~~I~~~. na~~c~~~J, ~fe~~~S~




to Ill u l wliidt lil y

"t ll O.'

Ilud II Hl tI", :l1ltl I{Ilt''':

In ,b~ srhllolYlird with a s ulqH'IUI fur I tlia t hI' I" ..... II ... ""11'1; 11 ft '1II n. tho exnmlulllion of AIU OS Urlms hnw I IJ. " , I '. . •.• ,.. , I •. nnrl eX jllulned Its melinlul(. I I ' h" ~ I\"1 ~. I;' I· Uld . C, III\. ~"1;~ Wh il e I was tu lklng willi thi s III Ii 0 111 .. \ I' S " '1'1 ~ .. ... < 1", 1" '11 .1 Ull ~(f Sally pn8sed rue wnlklng with Il;, uthtlr SL"rn Y: girl nod au ld: "'\1;1I1 1I8t the rilles." I ItHello, Bart I" " AIIIO S, l'r lJ ti huy 0' nl Y own nn' I [ obsen'cd thnt H enry Wills jollied f" ;-I ro!" YI'." suld IIIf' h\'hllflllllu:;ler I' l\' nu " I III gollg Iu '0111 I ' them nnd wnlk co.! du wn th,· ~lI'I'l't ut I II e II (I! ,"CI'I "1' I' U the s id e of su n". I "ot III . " /II'I 1 '"11" I 11. lu C lee!" ),C UI' , III( '.1' II I: ~ I' surue , ~ " iJ d i d ot Jeal ousy thuo. UUII A tu I'en . r 1/ "'1'.· S lillY WOI' Wh en


wus out t llUt aftl.~ r.

1100n Mr . Hockct "" 1<1

cou ld

11 11\,, '

Iof tuh' kc J ClI lI . J.!I;',I; .)l"'-l e t


UII'c )l' U


walked t ownrd tbe hUll'" uf ~lr . 'Vrlght and S IlW hllU di gging l>ullll'I"d ' In the garden ond went In . I l;new tbat be wu s my frlenll. "Well . llurt. hu\\' do y ou li ke 8cI)001?" he aSked. "Not very well," I ullswer ,(]. "Of course oot! II's n(!w to yuu now. und you ml ~!j YOllr 1l1l nt un(] uncl e. Stick to It. Y"u ' li nwke fri end. nnd g~llOler 'SlCu I,.. (un· 1',I1!;."

11OY. tu 1I 0YU IJ C Lilt y" ur I"wy ' 1~IUIIlU



Ii< a !." We I.·ft him Illfll \\ I·"t I'j OUI' IIlHUI) nud I ,,·d~, I Iu >1" "Ii hull' Ih e ul;::hl ti: lllkilll( of HI )' dl ~ . · .. , 1'1,'. s ili ce whi ch. tu" S UI "') r cu stllJ. 1 111,,1 IIU fJOlllJt of Ull' guilt of Amos. uut I s puke nu t ur It to unyoue li nd tb e seC I'cl wu .... ied w e.

:-;"Xl 1Il0nilng OH Illy wuy lu sch"rri 1 pussed U S('clle IlI ul'e stl'UL':!I' l<ul l " I ""ant t o go hUlu e." I uedufed. JIll lIIol'ahle UIUII UIIY in Ill y Ion!: eXuNow l Ej t's loo k lit tho ('OUl IW SM," he ' I II ri4l1 lf't" 1 :-:u\\' ti lt' hlwlt"y Ih.;ure uf


"YJu're Imn fn r n 1Ilinute . l n ld


(; rllll :-. !tnw

und like nll lost pC<lp l :I")II're lt culli llg Ih · Hi d· !,,,tl i. the

\~run g

w uy,

Dun't be mi sl t!'tl f ty

"I )c1,i,'lS,

\\'e \\,n ut ytJll tu IIln k., 11 WilD of

:-.i1I! n t

,1 ,. \

)' 1 :lJ'~ha


Hunynn to Lafay.

" ,' e : lid ( I., ra Grahlllll, south ha lf of lU I :\ .•. l ~~ III 1.""""0 11. $3.800. Il ~rh'rt F,t /.\\,a l l· l· t Ll G. J . Sams tl':.rl in Tunl" ,· I,·,·I, tOl\'nship. $t. ' DU" ill I\u bd til 'harlc, Hai nes. C <J lI1mis H i(ln~ r s' I'rocccd ingli.

" BjIJ ~ allow 'd-It~nt of 1'00111 fo r coulILy ~ UPl:I'iIlIClld"IIL of .c hools, 2 n. u. ntns. ,::20; '. Wilbu .. hms, SU I1. piles fo .. cuurL huu se. $7.1 8. The J . W. Lin):'o Hardware Co .. supplics for

hi ...


='iI :ly


rf'l 1,"1'. ~j"II" ' I",\

Ji ll;.."!


\\' l tll




I II''',

I ~fI \

II l un~

t'~ l "

twi ll 1I1lu li


\\ 011111 11 \\ I w , fol' lilt ' I'UI'lUII"


yourtit:lf, Y() U JIlU:o't flo it for th (! !o'ulcc A II lOS, li Bel cil'nwlI H gll llll'l, till' :!Iwuu\\' or those <l 'or IH'IJldp \\,11,., h u\'V tl oue or w il lt-il "liS III,\\' Ill .UII hilll , \\'!lllted

cun· 1 con- I

hi s R~~II ' u p(ln IhM l~u~


~ , ......, .,nt U 'I' I'.l~

The prollli sp

with no lin e nhoUl th ,· "hootln/: with· SUOII hf' Wt ' lll H wny,

nJ1d nfter I 111111 1,'ul'ncu Illy 1,,'srIOS ~" .Jlackllt s uld : ' "Let us wulk III' Ifl jllil nnd Ispend 8 few mlau t e~ wit h AI "" .... We hurrler'! to tho! jnll. T h' slw.. ltr. a stout·bullt, stern-faced mall. ndUlI);ted us. "Cnn we see the Grfmshaw, bo;y?" Kr. Hacket inquired. "I l1Iey 10,'" he answered as ' he. .JMIlw: r.QII tram h1a cha1r and tooJc ,






- ---- .


v.., 'ty~

u rl ll lH: R UIl ,


~II· . unO MI~ . T C \:lor1\· o.! I)U~[ . Hllv ivrll HP l"viirBA bO!!i o Ill; t h e M. E. churCh. W do esdl'Y Il i unlol,( _ __ ••_ _ __

.' u bsc ribc for th e Mi a mi Gaz e tte.

Notice of Uissolution

Notice of Appointment,


Jilek '

, In the February Furniture Sale • These f(>w \liec~ picked at random finly ",ive-you' nn the exc('pt iona l r ed li::Li(lns in the bedrol'm. sec!tion: .



J 'II11 IC\

lJ1'tI ~C I S l, '\\'j l\'nL~ vi lJel

0 ,

inkliti~ ~f I • '

"$87'00 $5 ' '1 .00

$10400 Ivory B~drClom Suit con~istinll,of Bed. Drp.~ e r ·Chitfonier and 'rrip le Mirror Ore sing Til II I ,.. • • $59.00 Mahoganv. Bt'droonl Suit c()fJsi!ltin.g of· 'Bed . .. . a nd Dre~s r. Queen Alln slyle.. .... .. ......... .... . ... • ' , $13400 Colonial P oste l' B droom "ttl in l\<!Rho$tan.v. Clonsi - liner of

~~~~~i~;~:b~~ ~~~~~~.i.~.~ ."I1~.~ ~~~~~~ ,~~~.~~~

$119. 00 $139.00

... .. $16000 Louis XVI Bl!llroom ~uit ' in Wl1ln ut. COJl!~r~tinll' of Rp;t .

£;bi;~.~: ..~.l~~~~. :i.~ ~.. ~~~.~. :~~:i. ~~~. ~.~~~~~..?~tisei~g

•...Exttl!orditla r}· .. " ju , noli" tr611{f .8 worrl t(l use in III!Nt:, I .th es~ vulll!'R (o r : th~))' I . " .hut t w" ,lhl(ll iin.) "deHler ..... to d' . lif' hi- ' MUlllil. in ·~.. ,~ .... ln""iI

,. I til fr(;rn Ihe· iIJfllfl "

.- ---~.~--



'" Oon" Wl\l1t'Alrd Iwel'ruir't,lrll'lf.

for tht'.Y flre~ 'i"", 1" tie IHGHER The 1l"IIc1 inw rn li.8 (ujvah'c4'd pJ'it:Ps J8nU K .' 1st and tbtlre will· be'fQrtber advances. , '.,. FOJ;l!l'ighlt!dn~8S 'in ·pl\,king up large' <J.u antilies bt!fore "ar fe , 8triction8~ high . rbaflufacturlnii CC)RtIi and ·wool s h nr.tage8 ollcu~rea, enllhl~ ~ s to ofl'er. you (h,e rug vlll~le .of s .. lifetime-. _ h U!i' I Y~JI mlt,IIt , alit qllIClkly. , C~me: early, If !,nter~t('d; nlter'E\ 8 going to be a rueti on our rug floors i


Unusually Low Clearance Prices Point to This as the Time to Buy •



$160 00 William and Mary Dining{Suit. 8 pi~cea ..... .... . .... . ...... .. .. .......... . ... .... ... .......... . $16000 Adame Dining- Suit. 8 pi eces ... .... .................. ............. ........... . . .. $165 00 QII~en Ann" Dining Snit. 8.pieces (like cut) ....... .. ........ ... ... .. ......... . ............... .. . .$ 17500 Loui s XV[ Dining Su it, 8 pieces .. ....... .. . ..... .. ........' ......... ................ .... .. $76 ()O MissIon Dining Suit. •. . 8 ptecet.. .. .................................................... . :$68 O~ Colonial Dipl!,g Suie ~ ' . 8 p Ieces ........ ..... ... . , .. .... ..... . .... . .. ......... .... .. .. . ,












'$13•95'$125.00 Gr8sa~ Rug,' . $' ~ 'RD'· $139.00 • '$189x12(0size, Sale Price.. ~ ~.U $1700" Fibre ' Ruga, " 9x1211iz6. Sale £'rh;e.:

1 ''

$lS5.0t)' . ~ ~ lpapeat'r..Y-R~,. cr~4', ~6''. $69.00 . 9xJ 2 si~e,Sale Prlce.. !IP.~ •':J . $(i3.0~·.

Qui.c k Meal Gas - Bed Daye~p'o~~8 At Sale Prices.

Notice 'of Appointment



R'anges .

ENlnt.c or ,I. 'IV;I""r 'SmILh,'DecoIl8oo. 1\0LII'0'" I.uroby I!1veu Lhat NID'. E. Smith hnslJoou .1,,11 lppololod BlId {JunU lloo ... Ad· fuln J"Lr"lm " Ctbe jJ;.t~to of.cJ . WaU.,r Smith ti "C \Vorrell C<)unty. Ohio. deoolae(\, Positive-Convincing Prooi IUl I'nlod thi' ~ nb d&y at J~nuary. 1919. Alton £f . Brc.wn. It is all very well to make: claims. J "dllO of Lhe Frobn .... Court. /1 1 WlU'rOD C<)UDty. OhIo: but can they be pr oven? We pu blish the formula or Vi'no\ to prove the I~===~~=========== statements we make about it. r·---- - -


out his corHw nt,

' ·11


:" 1( 1 t:;O

Il ls ralhC'I" :-t li nee-. WHS 1:1\'I'n find Ollr mer rymllkln~ r"~lIlII' ·" . 'l'li c dls lrl ct OtlOM1<?Y. Wh"111 I hli ll III t h" fore. callie to see me nrll-r ~u PJle r nnd lI ~ked m ore '(jues tion.· utld 'HI\'l sPIJ IIlC to lulk


HltJa' )1Ij.! I\ 11I1 ' r, ~ wus "'nll h~ tlr , t l ' !'lng Wlll ' lI 1 I'I 'l:llL'rl, IO'flh:Jllfy IH:' (,) IUSl! I had H l,ru:uh'I' 1I1"lt'(" :11111 h ie, gel' hoolS t h'" l II ,,· ,,") s ill th e \'llIug~·.

I " f..

m e nt n4:rns!;

(:J l lJ

. Mr>. ~, (). Hl d (llIk or lin d

!I~ . ~ lw J\t 111>it 1'0'.)[ "I, th n bome .. I

1)(! lI C'I' 111

1 111111 I\\ "III Y "llf.llt~ I., ~Ifln abov~ comb~e ilie ve~ ekmenW 1 llll'l it' d illll! IIH ' IH.d ll ":11'1'\'1 needed to make strength. I will ~.'I':U S\! Rlly nyc ?" s llld Ih l' SdIOOI' I " III IIu 1111·1 .'Iv-' · h.' 1 ""11 1. I , .. " 111111 1 All weak, run.down, overworked 1IIuster. ,0 "11 1111<1 lil lY '''If II ' /'1·" .'1, . 1" ".·1 II U , ne.rvous mer:t' and women may prove .1 , I HI 'lde uoll a I,i.·. ,.· ,tI' ,' 111 ' .. ,', ,\I , ', IlI ' thlS at o~r expense. 1 rclll"lIl I;p.r lllll I we I "I<I \1 II Iv 1ueu \\ 1<11 .. s ll(' Sl""d I",jlllll' " ' 'I Id,". Iii Th. ere IS no th lJl O g I'I.e k V'lJlO1 to reo h o tl :-te un 1Ilat I"1J," I'llIn l q lJ " s Ll ~IIl, ~ ~ tor at th d ' r f The ~ '1IIIOlllIlIsll'r s uld : "~lIchllel ""w. IJUI I!U " I• • 1,...,01 II, ": '1. J I ~ ~Id ~eo~j;,g dc1i~Rtc v~:;·1td%~Oan~{~)ll FT~nry w's b..~ hli ll 10 he (01'1.: 1\'('" Oil walk .. d "I .. "" iI •• · .-tr.·.·t II. J,. .. " I " I person~ who nec.c1 morc strength. prolllise o r hcll,~ r t:lluduct. hut fo r tb e lhp ~ln l'f ',~, ~Ih' " "I ,,\\!n~ :1:-: In,· Ju re. , Try It. If yo u Bre not entirely sat .. Jl ex t o{fensI! he ~hllil rl<l " the IJlld. Uow pllll l'lI ll l' . ,I«· (,,11.1\\1''': I i s ~ed, we wil) ret~rn your money ger." I ~1II 1·1 '·<i f·,r lht· lJll( ~dHJu lh"n "\! nUll WIthout qU!!Sllon,; that proveli our Tbls llI en ltt Iyl lt~ (or Il pulufu l mo' n nlllllloN ,.r I.,l''' 1111111'<1 Ill" willi fairne ss .. d your Ilre tection, "Tho!'u~ in (U\' Of of hl ~ fl lJ l lis hm e nt


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Tlw u ~, . ,.jl~ pOinta slowly l u,lalJld t i ll ' IIHHJI'y h ' lIdl' r pOllll' t o\\uru th e RcllolllllO UtW yu nd ' r," lli g il L Il illl \\1111 11,11' I,IIIIY lqrl'li llhl' r, H e went on with hi s wurk. IInrl ns 11 JIN ~ I. ' rll , ,~·c .,; \\lIt"" "" hlUl II.' u,, · ( '11 1 wnlk ed u wa y I ll n d l! r~ l Of) d t ha t ,he I \\n , dws \\ 11t'11 il" "I'I '~' J!'> ,,,1111' it. .. 'he I H! l ,tll e he r efflr r co to WitS IllY did rl ut II' .II,,\! lin', SIII'IIl1y, 111 '1' ( 4'l! 1 scJeoce, \\'fUJl IH'" in r'lIJ.!:oO, :-111' \\' wl",.. tI 1,... ldud 1 WCllt about my dw r f'!'O, I'J'h er e w os I rlJ, · luan, lIl\\ J1,\s 1,"iUlill;':' II I IdlU, t tl he no mun~ \\,u\" 'rlng In IllY \\' hl'f1 II" ~"'I'I ... d slu' :-;luJ!(lL'tl. \ VI"'I) tlUI't. At the tnhl+.! Mr. lI ucke t , Ill' 1'l' "ull\ .. d h, .. ~I,,\\ I"'''~I'I':-'s )0.111' fo lij i3:n~~vne:..~n:(l~~:~~~~~~~~:,~~~n:~~ I\ CL)t us Inu"ghlng Wllh S(J IIj!:-O 11 11 (1 j c;; t s I 11,\\1"1. I t tl ll',II· ,,1 ""', l "ul'lly l'ltc.:H U~(! :hO:~~}~fci!~~t:~c~~?~~aDclSDd" alYC"ronud , tor icli, The !toy ,Jlllln, hn \'i ng 1 hud II"~ III I II • • n'l h' \" Iii Ihl' Wl'i1'l.1. Any doctor will t e.ll you th at the bee n r,' prm·"d ror rllp ld '·Illing. hurl cu 1I ri "u ~ )1".\\,'1' "I' Ih. · :O;11<'"l \\,,,111' ingred ients or Vinol as published f;(1 IIlIlch fur ), I,U,


"'IJ~ lIl " d .. ut ~J1rlll !!! Vnllt'y CI , df' ~~ ' \' tr,Hll",l.J.l1nlA t r t-l lll {' lI nq t 'b fl d f b


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1,ltIJJ.!lllvu I'l lItill'.... I t'ull ltlll't ldl ~Il ll\ 1".\\ Ii •• ' all 1& \' \\'a~o,;, I \\'t1H HIIJ! I'y un;J d ,·,"td,·d 1101 10 ~ J1 I'J1" tu h €? J" IJll tl l s::lh


"_ U'-'OT' t'

:\ " 111'('0 11'1 h ~ roby give n that 1\ m eotln g o f ,llv 81lJchh' JioJuni of lobo Lytlo Fal'ment' 1'1.)' !JaC't" \'( llJIpany. will UO huld at Lyt lo, Ohio, JI I~ fut h,·r 1111<1 ~on" Ilil u II ,,· 011 jfe lJrUI1 ry ~, 10 19, for tho purpi so of vot". hu .. il"' ~s and J.ll'Il I·Y worl ~I~K ull LJw ulti'iOlut.IO~~lft:~I\~oc~;:::,~~nl~.Y,

1I,'c' r! \\'11).;


1/ I . '. 1\ . II IH'. . . 'rJl " lilt· I'nl '''n lc' '1< I". Mr~ . W ltl I nl1~ ,d HI ,.!h", ,,!!!I. I u(!, \\f1 I ~ 11\ hi (, t II .. M J<:. 011 ",(,\1 1"'rE', I'u" tluy, (. 'v WII"ht I ffit)1I11101o(. /jur

11 1- 111I1ILl" wc r.' In his

seltl" hn css. i-'orl(cl wllUt you wallt t u i< 1~ lips IIIIII'III/! liS If I,,' Wl'l" In "Cl·p do 'lJ.nd Ul ln k (I f lllflll we WIIIII you to th nu!;i<t. H.,\ IIIg "" I,·. th e rlll:ged. do.



hcnt.ul'h.:J. and G l'nce .E . t,h n " n "". of . il,. Il n,l, Mrs

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"T hl· r l.!'~ (J Ut; tuwillg' t onlur r uw." fl Dnn' t :-:uy II \\'IJ "d h llll'll I II ' rn,'c.


Mrs. Fret! Rlullov IInrl ~"n, ./ lb o . "flont , ,,.,t IVo('k wlt,h I'rl B nd~ ill Wllmh li l On Tit Lnil ItH' AI.) ""'11\ 1l1,, " ~not,l y enl llrt" lit Ill .. -h, IIlO (I f MI'~ J llonle R R('I'I"', Tll u r!! toy Tho pnrl' lI'. "t Ke nt (J flo lIKoc1 roooiv e u Ii I' Il'Ill r h ''' . 'l'Uurll(j ,q r. thnt, h e h nd nrllvl'e! . 8ufe )y lit, Nr w por~ :-;nw~. BI~ UI ' IlY frlfH1d~ WIll b .. . :\Inrriuf.!t, Liccnses. ~l lIa t.n w~l co " I' bl,(-Il b llOll , .\llIe_ Yuung. fn rlllcr an " Alice .1. f! Ll'llIll i ng hilS pnr('h tJI~p() the ~! :"J, .... huth of Lch:lIlQu. H"v. Ham. te un ot )lr.l·)11rl y "f .'''''~ 6 HIli 1'hey II IUnd. . w ll lUlr'\vtl i" It in till' filii . lI:<rl:ln (;. ; \lorl. btl OI'CI' of BreaLh\ ~ r"- MII ~' tJ,,<I11In/[ I~ vpr '\" III II I

1lIl! kuu w.

h o ur to Be -' th e sig-lIl :-l f.r till' \ Illagt"! 80 I set o ut, fee ling' 111114'11 dl'PI" . ,, ~,' d .


nppointed adll\i nistrntl"ix. Bond $(;,00.0 . •/ <lSC)l1l Mill er. A lle n Laycock. II l1d \y. S. \Vil ke ..son, wCl"e appoin ted aI 'P'·Ulscrs. . ' (I I In the matter of the cstat~ of Lau.. O R' lc~uy, Mllr), Wilson. adminis tm. ll·l.x I ordere, sell uank stock be. 101lf.!ing tu Ulis estnte. III lhc e., tlll" f B. F . Lindo ln. de. ceaz~d. ~'aI'~' Lin col n was appointed adll ll l\lstrn tl"lx with bOl1d $1(;00. I\Jor. row Sheet,. Dem as Gutlery uno Ars. 111 tl" Kil'hy wc .. c appointed ap Pl'llisel'9. was

doy or my life. Durlllg rl 'l'''~'' I r II I lillt!. 01 lIanlilLOII County. Blapped n b()y's fnc e (ur clI lIllI;': lIil' n t II Wt'lll I .. "I\~' III'UI'I-lll' 111110\\, ,;1 Sndth . InborOI' lInd :'T:u'ic Hen. rabbit /JO(I the t wo otill'rH wuo ClIlI1e nHS of 1I1l' ~ I I""ln , ., 1r~I' Ih. '. I'nl d 11'1'" rI\'I', I,I .. UII h of I.r.huoon. Ht'\,. O. O. I to help him weut l1 \\'lI1 full o f fl'n r I of hi S k\'y~ nlld (10111· ... - 111,· dllli ,'III ' " ' \,Jonl ond n s to ol~hm l' nr. for I 111111 llie I II glll . ti ll' 1'111,'. I dJ! II~( ' l ll " 1 )"" I ~ II "II.. -Lstreoglh of n YOUUl! muu'e III 111,. Ih.j'll j "," 11'<'11 Iuwllrll U,. \\1 ' -11",,1, hi" 1... 1, I Hl'n l E,'l.Iltc Transfcr~. dllr~ Art II ' t th 1. I IIIIU l h' ~1I 111 11>,,1 III ' w,,~ 1'11111 III "",.\ ~. er me. III CY ,,OJ;nn to III U '0 us, J :-.:t\\' lit! I ..;n \l' UII! I. ' 1' I I I "" I 4't' l \'al" , 1-'l ' I I' Anderson to C 'ac V trl ,encls with ,', " ; " " " I , ,e . ' IltHI 1" 'lIchilll( "'Il "1',, 11 lii, 1'111·.. 1, .\1,.". " .Ill No. Gill IU I' lunklln, $1. I? the no oo huur n




It hun c ll 01 hn'~" I, t!," ": \\IIlH: 1I I!U.J


SIl Il IOV " """ ""ti.\4

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Our oj~ dltdl! IIhCl\lId at once pass a ' reaolutfon to make it compulllOry on Itll ' ciiize~ lJvo1,ng upon tho streets to be UnJll'Oved, to 0\1 them In early BUmmel', a~d if rthlty Cllnnot pay for it down, lnt it be counted in on thalr ". taXe/!. It Pl1ya piC dividends in pre~ervi ng' 1ibe streets, anll ought to re~ caive n , unanjmoUII acknowledgement. IJ! we. expect good, s treets for t he \vinte,r o~ 1919, we must begin now, as P. D. Cla&ett .•... . .. ,February II i " ' ,l'. ~ , , it tIIJceS time 'to do tllis work. Lets al\ Chas, ·Hag~rmcycr .• . . February '12 get' bUllY, . . . I , • "Owne :,RnlTja. 1!9mmonly known as It :801,lo'r plLtl!!'!l' ot tho firm Hol'l Ullon depal·tlllon\,. " 1'h \'8 will bo Dutch,' g t ' hili aJ;l'klc conSiderably Wni. Wardlow • . • ..•.. February 12 dislO<lIlte'1j '\~le atwnd.hlg a basket- J. ·S. Flier . . • • • • ; •.... February IJ moet ball gnnll\ m Wa~cBvl ll e ono night W. C. Warner, ....••. February 18 ~ "1ft '-I . [ tho Bum 9.(' ONE HUNDIU1D I,U ll' recCt.!t,iy., The'taccllient occurred af. " . . '. for . o;cb "",nd e\\cry "."",r,rn,1 1'1 n Fit I With D t tb,e game, the boys got to wrest- A. B, SIde •..•.. , ... . , February IS ,~ -'----' . ~~aitI~f;~s"~c~~Ra: . .. . all n~ Good R·~:~~~·truo Ion tllr ling lind "Dutch" waH the unfortu· W. P. Sall.bury & Sons .. . . feb. 19 l b Jl't~X: .• Hows of nobl!) trecs' wlll uad not nate C'!Ie. We' hope' for him a speedy ( Written ' ,~peClall)' fo r the Gazett.) • S W. H. Outhrle .••• .... Februarv 20 . v· . , worn ·, 0 ~ oro mil an", olll! to tile beauty umi ' atlracu ve- recovery; , in What wa)' ilUIU we ' honor ' the tu my pre.e'itee. thlH 6th, day De· ilost! ot OUI" blgllways lJut will be no OIyde Lnvicy .is repairing his prop· Wm. Coleman . . . .... . February 2S Ulumel'y' ot tile b.ra. e Amei'lcan sol. combor. A., 1;1., 1881'. W. GLEASON. I1cmal suptlOl"t to thew, h ulllir g to ule," aod sailors who , ,ave - their (Seal) " ,· ~oto. ..y PUblic. lulu the gl'ound fh'm nud koeiling It erty lately 1>urchased of the Mary II,ea' or " lbertyT ' . '. " HaU,., Medicine 18 \D.kon In. from wp.alling. As t he constrUC" Ann Singleton estate. B&.dog sold my farm, I will 1~11 'l 'ullt III a queRUon ' w'hlch every tor,nally o.pd acts through tho Blool.I Walter Gra bas Tonted his home . r ' on tho- MUGou!' Surfacell of the SYa. .lull O( goou roada will bu onu or thE!> on Eftst Main street to Mr. Smalley, at publlo lIun"oo. 2y' mHee South of commonlty- in the United state. ,hajI tern. 8on'd tor tcatlmoDliLI. tree. Ol/:, l·ccons!.rucUou vrolllellls whlcll Wuyoeavlllo, ne .. r the old Tere who \vill occupy it l'4urCh 1st . ... ,~e.i ILlldll. ' ,,' F .. J . CHlDNmy & CO .• iloledo, O. Llld ' nUlloo will hu yu (0 sol\'e, auy. graph Mill, on Soll1 ' by ull Druggl8t8, 7)io: h II ,. 1 • 1)1 "lSrtllln th", thel~ /laurUfce on of. our iadtes uttended th. Selleral .. . v .,." Hall's Fam ily Pili t tip tI .11IIlg t at w I u tl i ll In this dlreotlon tllik given by ,Jane Adams at Colull\r tUIl IlHal\ ot if'eeu~m t~ -WOrtlty nf th!! .' '. • or <\on8 II. on. ~llU .. IU be encou ruged, . Thursday, February 6, 1919 . Lloe~t .~rll)u\b iu",t aso b~ pal~ tli,e.m,. Un' all the rouus loudlng out trom bus on Thursday. . Mr. and M1'8. Ada Dickinson and BeglnniuR at 1 o'olook. t he follow " { bls a IIhoul 10CIlide also , 'llle men overy cOIUIDuully lu tnu United Eve.ry mother who has a daughter will be iKterested in the fol. WIIO oUsred t/lelr JlV\l1l 10 their oQun. Relatives ani! frIends of the To. l:; Were 811uuld lle I'OWJ> or trees. two children ul nCll~ here, were call· ing ohatt .. l ~, to wit: . 8 boreee, 8 lowmg letter. It answers the question that tbgusands of in/!-, on acquaintances here Saturday .try's servlJ:e ' whel.Uer' 'It me~ot t.hl> cony heroes :participated 10 ,tbe , ue AJnerlcCln .l"o~·eBlry ,AlIsoela. catll&, 2 brood sows. Impl e m AotB, mothers have been asking foryears- "Whatcan 1 do to relieve ,~i • 1I\iji1'tlllle ~'to~1Uc:e ' for ' tbem or not. cerem~r, wblch Jlnciuded slnglllg tiou Is very glU!! to 11(1\ I~o any town night. '. eto. S ..e large billA for por tl oulu8. my daughter of her severe headaches and J;>eriodical pains?" 'l'neY, 'too, ar.e · !1es llrvlng of the na· by tho cboir ' aod a brief address by or tlOWlUunltY\l\s to tree v1nntlng, ~ug. Mr. and Mrs. William Carr are hav' , I ~ AAC W. LINCOLN. t\oii:1I : graUtudll. .',' . , til t R ., b E E a . W, N. !:leara. Auot. • Wbat nobler, more 10splrll1g, moro e r!lc or, ev. ~.o ert " dwar s. gcstmg · tyrpos that pl"Qbably will ing instlllled in thei]! beautiful coun· NI have used DR. MILES' ANTI.PAIN PiLLS for , ' 1 d srow uest IU that IlUrtH:ulal' lOCality try home an acetylene lig ht plant. years an" they have ahvays given me prompt relief. • Ill/prpprlate can be ereote 1111 /1 t Ul'Olshlng Othtll·· hUllllul IIluis. Overworked friend hi p won't last. Ml' daughter who has been a sufferer of periodical to the Iionor of these meo thau, tbe Rllvlo g ren ted the farm, I will IIvJng', '''l'owInS treeY It w1l1 staod AllYouu CUll socuro tltlij 11'00 IlltOI'WU. Count yopr acqualnt;;lnCC8 by the pains and nervous headaches has never failed to .. 1 h dlJl\ oy wl.Hlug to Wus·hln glon tor Il. hundredz, but enumerato your friends so li at Dubllo auntlon 00 the premlsee obtaln relief from these wonderful little tablets. ' ~lIere and as t devetQPs keep frea Tllere are lUun "' reasou .. why lrce~ by individuals:-' · : . I X mllee east of Waynesville. and We both thank ybu from the botUm\ of our heart ;"In toe Illiods ' of tbe preBent and of .. for having enabled us to obtain prompt relief ~ . llomlng, geoeratloos' the deeds of daS ,ura 1U0"t apIH'olll'llLle mewOl'luls to , TIl this vicinity_lleO]Jle arc painting 2,Y. miles wellt of Barveysburg. 00 from our sufferings, DR. MILES' ANTI·PAIN PILLS lug " wMcb America's . .beroos ,per. Amedeu's sUlIlle~' lind slIllor uead, us thel r dwellings. If· p ai nt ia high they the VVavD8IIville and tlarveysburg have never fail ed us and we wouid not be without t hink it pays to impruve their prop. pik e, 00 as to tho living. " rurmed on' ftmd..and· aea Iii order that them.." (ldmocraoy : and .tr))atb · anci , jU8t1ce 'l'he l1'Oij is u li VID!;. growi ng thi ng. er ty. upd 'makes t hings look cheerful , Tuesday, February ' II, 1919. MRS. WINIFRED JONES, Stockto";, Md. h . I I l:.118 h d tl Ii d JUSt U~ · Til tha vi'luclpl U6 wtJlj:1I and homelikl1". It;s to be hoped that '!nIB t be f J!DI Y es , . eJ ete o . Amel'lca en lered th., WI;,. to delend. mnny mo/,"e will beauf,ify their prcm· , Brlllnnlug at 100'oleok a. m ., the For m<?re than 30 ye~s Dr. Miles' Antithtoulhoqt tire WOlid. i. • tullowing proper tv : 4 BorRe8 aDd ises in the v ry nenr future. thl ~ acil!oub~ :tns Auier loao li'o'r~ lL stu'nds tor freeuom, • Pam Ptiis have .been relieving suffering nwell ingKJn OUt· 'village nre not Mulrll, Il Vottle, 5 Sheep. 8 I:IOW8 . And the tl'ee pluyed an i,mpol"tunt ,Il:'tr)' Aeo.oclliUon suggests tbe..plant. women. men and children from lor.menting painIn8 of trees In ~rk., aloog the IItreets 1)(Il·t · In w e 11'1 1111111 Ol th e .. ar. 1n cqllivfll ent' to the demnnds . Severnl l mplemel' t", Baroe88, Bay, eto, Head~cne, Backache, Neuralgia, etc. A sk your Ilnd· hlghwaya, and ~t olher • appro· a tllo u ~flull wayS. It wa ll cull d lULU ehllnges will be made in th e neal' f u· !:lee large bills for part.loola rll. druggIst for. them -:- ~ce'p a box always on hand. _ _ __ • __ - _ _ P . 0 , V .. "'GEl"t. They c!lntaln no II\Junous habit forming drug. lI~iate "lalle. as Jiving moouments serv ice. In al'eoplunes and gun ture. They gtve almost INSTANT relief. Cost but a to our heroes. • .. ,~ SlOCKS. barraCKS lllJU ~r uC uu~ , [llul's W. N .!:leQrs, Auot few cents a box. alld callrm"I' lI ~a , anti In III1lUY otllo l' , Tbere are' f ew ·oommunltieB 10 tbe ' United Bb\tell that ilId oot lose o~e or pluces It wus duuumd "d in 1I111l11lll S U Illore" of '4~ 1O~ 'in the great collfllot 'luunllLiJs. I'be onderolJ(n Eod wi ll seH ,at auo· w'hIClb bae jUlt concluded. Tbere will The for~8tG of 1"l'Ilnco WUI' la rgoly ti c" at hla r esldenoe Ilt Ferrv, Ohio. )jet memor ~IB of. Vjlrlous klode; bronze 8n c dtlcc ~ to tlo u lit.oil s or Lhe I~U I'. 4 miles oor,henst ot Wavneev1lJe; 2 tllIblets; s tone mark ra, arches -or 'flllJuauuds or SI1UUl'O IUl les or lIel' Mr. and Mrs. W. E. !loga l! enter. IOll es ~o r th of Ly t le, on the. Sooial granite and bronze aod other forme, forest lund over which Lhc Gormulls . dodlcatild to tbelr, service. But tbli! advllJl ctJu were d ~ ms Ultu d by !l UU lIo Li tained at dinner Sundn,y , M,'. and Mra. R llw r fllld, 00 'harl ey Warnick und {>"'l ily of Leb. does 'Dot precludl!' tjle' pla.n tlng of ~ h e)1 111'0 or lhe" true» cu~ u';,\' u b ) Wednesday, ~cbruary 12, 1919, trees. No matter w)lat otller kind the enemy. Auythiug, therefore, 10dk. anon, and Mr, lind Mrs , Weillo n WiI· FOR SALE SI'}n. Begin nin g at 10 o'olock a. m ,. 'he 'ot m.emorllll Is up, there can be , I'':hARLES LA1HROP PACK . LU reiOI't!HLuliulI 01' the worltl I~ Mr. and Mrs. RaYPlI)IId Wi lso'll and folll1""lul( propeHy : 8 80r88s, 5 -,- - - - - - -- - - - - - trees pllL\lted ' . most mUltI:(. Il meuns II rellulldtn g Tb I ' alreadY' has r eo f. ' . o( 80m" III the UULlIl'll l r ll.ou ree,; children and Mrs. Wa lte r Wi lson Uill tl e, 14 1:l111,t8, Jluplemeot@, Bal'. Good }o;we~, 2 Ilnd :I yellr" Old, Indorsement , at aere Is who.t two state govornors wit cit Illwe bUllu lu"t lhrou gh ru v u g(!~ spen t olle tilly last week with !'vIr. and n('~~ . eto ISeu \ttrge "IliA for partie. . c:Utved. due to lomb III AprIl . Inqui re ijiroughout tbe : anc\ ,other officials say of the plan. ot war. . M rs . Paul Peterson of n..:! .. Lumbel~ Ill"r~. W'lLJ LlAM WARDLOW of D. W . ~urrl1oe, R. D . ~, Wllyuell tun. ~~~=;....~~~;:=~~~~1::t~- (oreate.,., clvlll ! _Qovemor Lowden, of II1inois, says: Eve ry Community ShOUld Have FOR Ville, OhIO. flO R, C. B Ine~. A uot , "Liberty Park" organlzatlolls. women's "I am 'heal'til-Y' in .,ympathy with the ..... .Mr. and Mrs, F : COlll pton had as olubs -and other a88oolatlons. 10 a I generol Idea, whJch I ha\oe laken , UP I"runk WWi/WI ItUIl " , s ta tu CUI'. th eir g' ucsL Suturduy llil; lt t a nd Sun' ood Sorghum Mola~~e s aod Yel. 'few plaeei irees ' already have been wltb ' ~e superlntenllent o( hl ghw uy~ ester or ,11 US~Ud I US " LL8 . " al'U . "Do day, J IlSS Sura h lil"Ud ru .. d of South low Popooru loqmre of Levi We wi ll e \l fl t publio Roetion, IX planted In. acoordance with tbls Idea. ,of' our atate." not stop wltl l u sfngle U'" O or SlJluli ' Io ,Il' eston. milell e .. 8t ot Uorwio, 00 the Mrs. J . B. Lukllnl, B8rvey ~burg . . ' flll . At Tacony, Pa., {our trees bave I Governor Capper. of Kansas, says: gl'oUlls ; wily uot lUll " 1I10111 01'Iul (or. MI'. and !\I"S. Eva u !:logan wero E. Booke~t farm, on BlrE Orplugt:m Vooke r e l ~, bnd • been planted on the lawn of tbe :'It is most llPpropriate, I feel, ,t hat we ests planted til hUlio r of OU I' Bulll lor g uc~ l s of Mr. and Mrs. !'aul Peterson Call Phone 4 Wednesday, February 12, 1919, right "od the g rowthy kind, Eplacopal Churcb of toe 60ly 10. should have living trees as memor- deUln" Certaiu ly , lit I' 1!1J11 1;1 'llo SUlltluy. oheap. Ioqulre of. W . A. Surfll oe . L._ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _...J Docents. Two ~o( the town's me n Ill la for our soldier dead, whose <leeds Ilolhlng [111,,1' lltu u Il 1;1'01' 0 (11' oul.II'u Mrs. R. E. J onCll II l1d son Carl, Begloniog I~t 10 o'olook a. m, the fl2 thus hooored were kllled 10 netlon will ,live for all time." lludl toll 0 lrc,'" whi ch I.. ,,,ill be spent S,aturdllY with ter C.Jlnpton fnll )wlog property: 3 B orsea, 13 R. 0 5, WUVlIesvllle, Ohio " In Fran~e, wblle ~the othc.r8 died lu Former President Tart said: "One hUOWIl uS " LI ~e ,' [y ['ill·It'· 0" • eniu, Cattle, 24 Bogs, Implement,II, e'o Blaok Mare, M vrs. old, goorl.wor. hoJpltals . close . behloll tbe b.atUe ltllllllg nnd appropriate memorial to other llppropli ate uame. MI". alld"Mrs. Ralph L"an'aings were See large bills for partloul ,"rs ker, weight laOO ' ' 1 nq~ire . of our soldier. would be rows . of Gov eruor Goollt' l~ h , oC InUhul ll. Is shopping 1I0ea. '. in ?\.enia Sat'~·dlty. V. E. H '\GI!:M EYIilR, Juhn l~ob e8 0n , Oregonlu , 0 f12 8lJ:~ly ~ fl\ VOI' ur U u. 1>1" u . '('116> IDA BOOKEr!', Mr. J. S. Lell!qiJlg hall purchased ..... 0, 8lalo IJI'O)J)ses lo. lot ouch uf H~ u2 the J Cijse Hilf propeL"lr in.. ,New Folding Bed Hnd 1 F oldiog Couoh . W . N , 8eors. Auot. counties d clde lhe s l'.11 of Ilti own tlurlington .. 'rhey e peeL to m6ve 811 01\11 Bnd see them . Mrll. CllllrleR Funeral Director, grove to the 1l101ll01'y oC llt elr bo)'s, soon us it is vucate(\. Waynesville, Q. fl2 and Embalmer, I ,ill offe r tor 8111e .. t my rtsi tlcilres entath'eri [roUl tllese cOllulios Little lJorotW Ui s h..!) hud 'ber ton· deoce, oell r Middl e Run Ohurob, on will be urged tu form a slato orgall.' good Sarrey. n owly plllntl1,1. a / sils und ullenou:fs rCllloved by Dr. Mur· IzaUon, uppoillt an execupl'e COW_ re I lit Wilmington last week. the !:lmll h rosd, kn ow n as the Fraz bargal o , Call at the UJ:.i1os 80 Waynesville. Ohio. millce und wllh tbe as.lstance or f5 1\11'. W. H. v' ~!Iil :!J1cnt II part of ler fbrm , a mlle8 southwe8~ of Spriog tel. Wl1I . lt l,l blneon. tree eXllerts' cany oul this scheme. l~st week with his d!l ug"hLer. Mrs. W. V.alleY, on "And now, no 'm utto,.. lu whlllel'el' E. Beg-a.n. Shorthorn yea~lin g H~1l8. good Either Auto or Horae drawn eervice. Thursday, February 13, 1919 oth~r ,form s we ~colUme lllorute the oneR; 500 bn (.~ ru ; Clnve r und No extra charge for auto service. Aunt E ~ tlll)r Com l'tu n has been Alfalfa Hay. InqUire of Frank EI. ' . manitoud lllat has gallo, lor our Ill:O- very poody fu the p:l. week. Beglooin6 at 10 0 clook a. m " the ~ .. ' ,. boo Waynesvill e Ohio f5 Both phones In Office and ResIdence. lectlon lel us pluat luemorlal treoK!" Mrs. LULher Haint, ,.; visiting her followlnf( property: 8 BorseR, 6 , , . No. 14. 'l'bls s umH up tile messuge wlllCh par~nts, l\"l r. Ilnd MI'>. t: hal"ley Laird, V/lUle, 3 Brood SOW8, Implemeot8. Jer8ey Vow with oulf by side; tbe ,American ,Forestry Assqclatloo lolL Camden, Oh io. Chinke0 8, eto, ~ee luge bills for oalf,8 weeks old l" r ed ltJllney. ::==:=':==========~ w.ould convey to every place in the Sevoral from her" attended tile bas· partloulars J, !:l. ,FILER, at Tlllegrllpb Mills, Wflyo!lsv llle, O . United Stutes Irom wllIch have gone ketball gu'mo aL h ll lgmnn Friday Forellt Martin, Auot. f5 brave and loy al sons Ur tuke' purl In nig l.t ' Write or Telephone 'for Date , llle great war.-By Charles Lathrop Mr. W. H. O'Neall and Mrs. Mary I will seB llt Publlo Bille OD Pack, President, American Forestry Bogun took dillhet· \\' Il n Mrs. John Oflia, Aman Blodc , Telephone 61 ~2 and 3 WOlf nt Welmun TUesday. Association. Saturday, February 15, 1919, Miss Frances Wilsoll spent a few duys la5t week with EOlipliamia Wil. Commenolng ,WA YNESVILL,E, ' '01110 1l! o·olook. 8harp, Funeral Director. son. Veterlnai'v the (0110 wing !foods : BIDder Twine. 'Mr. Lawrence Michner nnd ' Miss V9 agoDs, Fllrm Implements, Hard Waynesville Ohio Ethel Compton were gl,cSts of Hornce ware. Haruess, Saw!!. aDd m&oy Oraduate of Oblo;, SIal, Univenl' '!' Compton Sunday njghL. other artlole~. Flee large bills lor Mr. Henry Crew und' son Audrey, partloular8 ' A. B. SlOilB. -EI'fRERMr~. Alice Githens and Mrs: Lydia have been on the sick list t;l1e P88t OFFICE: C . T Bawke I Auots , Pin.e ,<Jere Dayton shoppers Monday . . week. , Auto Equipment ~" W . N. ~ellrll I . Corner Main and Mill Streets Mr. and Mrs. AI'chle Peterson Mr. Albert Cornell is in very poor Hor~Drawn EquIpment called ()'11 Sa m Michncl' Friday after. health at tJlfs time. Telephone 28 Milia ,Ruth Coon of Wengerlawn, noon. As we are golog to qnl$ farming, ,. spent Sstoroay and Sunday with we will lIell to the hlghelt bidder, DAY OR NIGHT Ohio TELEPHON E 7 home folkl\. , IX mllea north ot Waynesville. OD Wayne~ville.. Clyde Wharton was a ~ Dayton the Clnolonatl on visitor Thu1'8day. ' Wednesday, February 19, 1919 Mr. William Brown hW3 traded his Dayton property for a form no~th of Be~tllniog at 10 ,, 'olook, the follow. Da~n, ·and expects to move there Ing proDorty: 17 Honea, 86 CaUle. sooo. . .' 18 8heep, 50 Bog.. IUlplementl, Mr. and Mn. AlbeJ$ Stecy were m Feed, B.r06l1-, eto. See large bill. LebaRon Baturoay. for pariloulars Mrs. Stanley ;TOOrulan has .been W. P. RALISBURY & ~ONS . quite' ill the past:\,(eek. " . ' Mr., I!,na Mrs: Wilbur Clark and Ww. MIIlII, Au,9' ,' daugbter. • took ' Sunday ' .d lnn ~l~ witp , Mrs. M!UY- Car.mony. , • l:ie.vlog eOld'mT I.rm, I will oller Mtj. O. S. Lamb " returned f r om at pnbllo auo&loo, on wha' I. known Day tOri'. Sunday evening after spen,d. all the \Jaoob Davis farm, IX miles 'Bl\.vcral days witll her !laughter, north of Ferry, • mllea,flonShwea' of "E. R. Randolph, who ' i5 sick BeUbrook. 4oYo mUea eaa' of lJeoter. the "fIll." ville, .Y. mile lIouth of 8&e\lrer's Oor. and Mrs. Clu\.des. Clllrk wcre ne,r, oQ·lhe Dayson aod Wayo68vllle of "the yemlCity Slltl1rd.ny. pille, 00 ' Mllrl!~Tlat' Johns spent 'l!hurs· Amg! Cook and Thursday, February 20, 1919 w,o.mI""'lTill,e. a' 10 o'olook • . m •• the propet~y : Ii Bone.. 5 Brood Sow•• Implemeo,., A~l'umclbllle, Bariieea, eto. See l&rll5 for partloulars. . " . W , B. (JUTa~l!l I Col. A. A . MoNell, Auo~.



\ 'R',

'I,U . ONODIl . ,



'': ;tiA "lli~N ' ES'~~~:~:~~l~'t:::of~~f~::I!~ Uf "c Ht H!O

i~~~~~d~~.:t~~:dl~~~k tll~V~ta~~ M~'(j~~ :'9~~~e u~v::YWI~~I~~ ~::J t:rl~~~

in,l Douglltenpoins-

' On






I Howard Burton '


Auto Livery

W 1



·w. N. 'S UBS








Dr. J. A.





--- ---- - -·SPRINGBORO,

Ola.alBed ~• •


. MONEY ,r ., LoANED .



With their· glowing colors and charming materials,are so attractive to the eye, after months of winter hats. .They will surely please 'every wOlnan's sen'se of .. " .,. bea.uty

THE BAT SHOP ...........................H._ _. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

Do you know what the TrI-8tate does when the butter market becomes demoralized and cream buyers floundering?

Does the Tri ·State cut the price during the middle of the week? Does the Tri·State put ALL the loss on tne producer? Mr. and Mrs. RUB qrray Miss 1:i ~urray, of Il\8t y{edneSday with Mr. W. J. ~Ilerwood.

NO! , The Tri·State is an institution of stllbility. 'We have 30,000 pro· ducers dependinR' on us. Our price is GOOD for a week. One price to ali-favoritism to none- every transaction fair, square and above board. -

" Mr, .anq Mrs Charles Sherwood al')d and Mrs. James K~rrick and son, Everett, spent Sunday ralativ~~ in Xenia .


Our price this week Feb. 2nd to !fth, incl.

4Sc and Freight THE TRI-ST A TE BUTTER Unjt ~d


States rood Administration License No, 0 · 1 152

CINCINNATI, OHIO Make up your mind today to ship your cream DIRECT to the Tri· State. You know whpn lhe price goes up the Tri ·State will be the first to anvance Bnd when th e price declines the Tri - ~tate iii tile last to go down in price. Investigate. Write for Free Trial Cans.

THE R. L. DOLLINGS tOMPANY Capital Stock $:l,OOO,Ooo

Municipal Bonds and High Grade Securities Columbus, Ohio

Comfortable 7'.;, Investments Tax Free One of our clients describes our investments sa feguarded under the "Dollings Plan" as comfonable investments. His rea!Oon is that they free him from worry. care and management, and from watching the markt't reports in fear QI depreciation in price. Thousands of in\.estors have found safety and satisfaction in these securities and prefer them to other investments because of their safety, freedom from fluctuation and satisfactory income yield . You should post yourself on their l1Ierits and the definite, systematic safeguards of the "Dollings Plan." Call or write

Waldron C. Gilmour, Lebanon, O.


~ 1 ' .. Ua\,pe,t'Swecoers, $1 497 S~~cial ·Mary SalisbtlrY '!Vas l\!>Jtet\a The 'S. ' Fred Company Lebanon Bill! to Mil!8 n 6 o'clo'ck, dlnQer Saturda)l 'e vM' I" nliaaj. il·ft.noo Store Sem,i·Annulil Olearance Sale of ing The dlnne~ wtis served in fqur =~~~=~~~~~~==' Furniture lmd Stovlt{I, Nowon. cour~elI, arid covers ,ere .Iaid for twelve: Those \Yho enloyed the din· .'19stit:uti,m vandu.ser left for' ner were; Mr .. and Mrs 'Freel Gonll, . D\ home 1~:"Sprngue, Wash, morning; accompanied by· Mr. ~I's John Le'mMr mQn : Mr Mr~ and' '.~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!1~~~~~~~~~~~![Ilfi~i?i~ Mrll and ROMld Hllwke, , and ~·';''l'''!·~'·',~I.IiI· . \ Barlan, who will make his Russell Salisbury, Mr. and Mrs Leon ', SaliBbu'ry and Mr. Harvey Rye '1 " . ·~~t~""""_"""''''''' '''_~ _''_''_",''j'''~'''~ . Tpe'r~on we can save you motley on every 'Jl ~ ir of shoes in QUI' lal'ge 7 Acres-and BuildiolZlI •. $1,500 fSlOCk bet'lluse we placed our ord,srs in the , Iactories be,t ore the last lOX Acrcs and Bu'ildings. $3 I 500 'advance: ' , . I . 50 Acres and Ifuilding .... $5,~0~ 'Th,re'd ~ bu t three kinde of shoen i£ cv~r)!od~ knew, . '. ' 62 Acres and BUildings, •• $10, 000 The kind llla t Puukey has for YOIl ' 65 Acres and BuildiolZs .... $10000 "O,own's" 51. LoulssboeC!lll n"l be beot, ,


And "s"lz"


73 Acres and BuildinRs ••• 77% Acres and Buildings, 85 Acres and Buildings... 100' Acres and Buildings.. 108 Acres and Bui ldings;.. 133 Acres and Buildings... 143 Acres and Buildings...


w. N. Amall lllocl<

lamou~ -shoe9


II Chi~ago


' Our etol:k 'Is, l11rge, Z<lod (\I,d new, •

'$17Sper And to ...",tber with the .,. M. rr Com:rurt Sho,/i' , . SI80per It mnkes nil absol llte qblllj~y tiue, el'~ sh",,!i are kilo,," ' nl the $J25per For "BET'rER K INP," SIIOper ' JOHN A. FUN KEY, , , • Dept. Store, $14,000 Waynellvllle, Ohio .. $22,000

If you wish to buy a fanD, will he glad to give you full detail ' of any of the above.

The LMe Gla8slfie·d-Ads. ll'onSALE


GOln .lnr~'1Y

Wnynesville, Ohio

2 C.ll


ph one 83 5. WUYll lla v i ll!l, Ob io,

for sule. O. L. Riokl,


f19 ,

ICARNATIONflOURe 0 A L That good FLOUR 100% Quality is our motto. Coal family quality, lhe highest test Winter Wh eat Flour in that will please you. Let us th e slate . Try it. Phone 25-2. fill your bins,. Phone 25-2 . . I

Younce Brothers Grain Company

Younce Brothers Grain Company·


Does It Pay -TO-

Bake Their w •

I hushel wheat exchanged at the Waynesville Mills 40 Ibs. Albino 40 Ihs. Albino Flour makes 50 IQaves homemade bread .. . 50 loaves Bread, at IOc $2.25I bushel Wheat In~redients



$2.45 Net saving, per bushel One bushel Wheat sold at $2.25, will buy 22 loaves of Bread. Bake your .:OWI1 Bread and get 25 . more lpaves of Bread from the same bushel . Wheat, a saving of more than 100 per cent. . B~ke your own Bread ' and save money. Not,h ing ,as good as Hom made~' Bread, except Homemade Parker House 1}olls. , Before the 'war ' u.l~ : ity Flours• -~







For S a I e


The R. L. Dollings Co.

.I' , Mor~~so'u

.. "









Bal\oo• .-\a._IOD Took Place. ba the Fourth IDDiD. Wh.a a.e T~ WeDt to Piece'.

a Dayton

After dve "",eeks of absence from · MiD Erma Sears' spent last week -with Mrs. Fred Hubbel at W"yne Park, Il. reorganized ' Way- ·Bellbrook. . nesv:iIle A.. e.' team (or Was i~ . dl8o~ani%ed1) :waa detellted 14 to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McClure '; '1 , by tlie Ouba (eam, in a ~ld and transacted business in Dayton, ~oo'11 , performance piirr.0rU'ng to last Thul'Sday. tie -.q. 'g"me ,'01 ba,eebal, . Sunday afternoon. ' . . Mrs. Anna Perkins, ot Houston, The presei'\t disorganized stat.e Texas, is viaiting her sister, Mrs. of tb~ leam is largely Itue to the Mary Lemmon. fine wo,k of , tlie local ' hammer Miss Ruth O'Neall, of Spring\Wielders,' w}@ have finally succeeded, in cffiving Ankeney and field, was the week-end guest of Miss Irma Rfch. ' • WeUl/r ' aWaY .. Roy Ellis, alllo -Will! , o~t 'witb a badly torn hand. Under Mrs. SteUa Eva'na of Dayton, the' ,circumstances, especially con- called on Mrs. W. P. SalisbuTy i~deJ!inlr ' his lack 01 . practice tnd Sunday evening. ' experience. Vern Simpkon ' did re" ,1IIarkably a,~od work on tl)e mound. Miss Geneva McClure, of New , Tbe 'othe' tnree I\ew men, St. John Burlington, was a Friday guest of Bro;wn "'a nd Joe Henderson, also Mra. R. A. _Weaver. showed' up to good advantBge. . Neither team scored until the · Mrs. Julia Donovan spent Tueslatter half of the second. Then, day ,with Ml's. Josie Pickering In ;Hough' walked, and Ramby sent LouillviIle, Indiana. 1m down with a neat sacrifice. .Tune in on the C. & B. pro&,!,am, ock hit to left, and commit~ bJirglary. Gons flied out ~o station WKRO every Sunday rilbtj Bough s.c;oring. Henderson after:noon at 2 p. m. safe when H. Smithson dropEva Long. of Columbus, "d Baker's assist. Joe and Hart- is Mrs. visiting her sister, ·Mrs. H. H. lIock then put on a double steal, Lue scoring and Joe reaching WiIliamllon, and family. tliird . . He was caught trying to Robert Lucas and family, of stear home' while Simpson was at Xenia, were Sunday guests of MI'. bat. . and Mrs. W. P. Salisbury. The first balloon ascension took place in the first of the fourth, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Neilson, of when a dozen aliens went to bat. Cincinnati, were Sunday guests of , TwO' singles, two doubles, two M~. and Mrs. J. O. CBl'twright. . walke, two errol'8 " and a stolen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson, of base netted the,ril seven runs be, fore a ' double plJY ended the Lebanon, took Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ~ony. ; H'ough's seco:nd walk and Ames to Indian Lake, Sunday. tamby s flrst two-bagger got one Quality and low prices, in all ~ 'these back in the latter half. lines. Cary's Jewelry Shop--"The '. Both teams scored a Home of Gifts," Leballon, Ohio. 'th'8 lucky ·round. With Camp ldt to ' right, and Mr. .and Mr~. N. A. Kina', 0'1 aeeond C?~ an error. ' H. .sn\itJ~son Knightstown, Ind., were week-end PJante,d " the .. ball In the guestl! of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Race t)V\l ' runs. Elzey. . with a · Miss . Janet Cartwright, o'f Clevelapd, is spe\ldlng.. a ·two, we~ks vacation . here with her paren,j:s. ~~


Faced as it is by acute financial 'rtl~me without aid ' from the state that has Ti~I\V1Ilpn in the past, citizens of this co uni y upon themselves to see that the i ra.rY to close its doors • . The library board, in ~ace of thIs , un"""." '''' called upon ' public .spirited citizens to port. This burden must not be evel'yone must do his part t hat this ,rnnn.. tion will' endure. Many who use the library but ~'''''' ~'' h been called upon to contrib ute the first to give; business men, u ..... .,'.L<O citizens should give something no Leave contributions at the library Hawke Insurance office. LET EVERYONE DO HIS PAR~. .."i ll

I:====;:;::=========:;=~:!;~~l:====~ .:

WOMAN ENDS HER UFE BY DROWNING IN SWIMMING POOL Funeral services for Misl' Alicc McCarren, age 36, of Dayton who drowned herself in the Delco Dell 001, Stroop road,

urer, hns 'an,n u . ed that he will extend ' ,the time f~r payanent of ta.xes .~ h August 6, lI:4oI~~~ " bii; will give




One of the outstattding featill'es of the Ohio State Fair; Aoguet '21} , to September S, will , be a mam.. Will