2016 Waynesville High School Yearbook

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With a total student body of 517 people, you could say that Waynesville High School is small. WHS is a family, comprised of students and bloodlines that have called our small town home for years upon years. We've got deep roots in our community, but as we get older, WHS has prepared us to branch out, move on, and share our visions with the world. As the new year begins, students of all sorts are getting ready to make their mark on our town . We may be small, but we've got record breaking athletes, star performers, and students who eKcel far beyond academic e~<pectations. Whether it be in the classroom, in games, or on stage, we are ready to make our school and community proud. On that first day of school, Freshman rush through the lobby, eager to begin their four year journey, and on the opposite end, the first day for seniors is a bittersweet occasion, as they celebrate the first of many lasts. looking forward and looking back, our days at Waynesville will be remembered as some of the best of our lives. No matter the road that each of us takes, WHS will always be home, and we'll always have a family here. We live in a small town, but we've got big dreams, and this year better get ready for everything that we're going to bring.











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"I thought I wos n trouble when I got coiled down to the office, but if fe 1t great to now that all my hard work had paid off."

"Daniel is conscientious and olwoys willing to help his classmates. He's a hard worker and a great problem solver!"

"Since Freshman year, I've wanted to be Student of the Month so it was really excit ng and a huge honor!"

- Alexa Ritter, 1 1


- Brooke Lezotte, 12, November Student of the Month

Montgomery on Daniel Papanack,


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Football Cheer Student Section Marching Band Girl'sTennis Student Life Cross Country Golf Spirit Week Homecoming Homecoming Dance Volleyball Boy's Soccer Girl's Soccer Sauerkraut Fall Play




"I love cheering with my team," said Rachel Dole, 10. "We're really a family and its such a fun thing to be aport of ond I can't wait to finish this Season With them."


What would Friday Night lights be without the rallying chants of our cheerleaders? As much a part of the games as the football and basketball players, the ladies of WHS Cheer worked hard during the summer months learning countless dances and chants to prepare for their seasons. The girls cheered on the1r team w1th pride, leading the community in cheers and fight songs. "It makes you feel like you're 9 . "Being in front of everyone is just really excitmg." They apart of something bigger," said 0 v a B get to show off their stunting and tumbling skills dunng the games, wowing the crowd, and keeping the excitement alive. Sa S 12, described the atmosphere well, saying, "There's an irreplaceable energy in the air. Cheering for such a great team always makes me really proud." By Taylor Burchfield



The football team has just won w th on y seconds to spore or the point guard makes the winning free throw for the basketball teams rivalry game. Students flood the fteld and the court from the stands, cheering and chonhng for their peers. Being a port of the student section is on irreplaceable high school experience. "You get to make a bunch of friends during the game," said Sora Napier, 9, "Especially as a freshman, it's a really cool experience". WHS's very own student section, The Shield, is just one way that students get to show off their school spirit and get involved in the community. Shield member, Abby Baldwin, 1 1 said, "There's no better feeling than cheering on your team. No matter win or lose, we're proud to be Spartans,".

"I couldn't h I field after th ePbut cry When w some of m be last football ga e ran on the the stude Y es_t high scho me. I made - Taylor B nt ~ectJOn." ol memories in urchfleld, 12

"I love seeing all of the student participation whether 1min a game or in the stands. It definitely shows how much school spirit we have." 1

-Gavin Linkous. 11

"For vol/eyba/1 cheer different ;ames, we would paint them o reakfast foods and n our fa the other team ces to throw funny!" off. It Was really -Mason Callahan. 11


The ladies of WHS Tennis surely caused a racket this year, performing well in matches and proving to be powerful force in the SWBL. "I ended my season in singles being 13-2," said , 12, "I couldn't have asked for a better season to end on." Although the girls are split into doubles and singles, team cohesion played a major part in their season. "Everybody was so easy to get along with," said , 1 0, "They made it really easy to just have fun." From busy schedule to far away matches, the girls grew close and made plentiful memories, especially on the van rides, as explained by , "My most favorite memories would have to be the crazy van rides to and from matches." With eyes set on the future, the program will graduate four seniors, Megan Eckley, Hayley Richards, Kaity Kelly, and Makayla Fitzharris. left a parting wish, saying, "I really hope that the girls hold up our traditions and that the team continues to bond as years go on." By Taylor Burchfie d



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SENIORS. Nick Young, Joke Tropp, Ally Campbell, Kyle Briggs, Jamie Reeves, Errc Jones, Alison Coleman, Brion Evans.

Th1s year at Wf-IS the girls cross country team has hod a great year by qualifying for regiono s For the fifth year 1n a row that the girls hove won legoue. Jamie Reeves, '2, says, "I did cross coJntry because I always hove iked to run and won•ed to make my dod proud The boys cross country o'so hod on equal y good season As Conner Johnso'l sod " Our legs turned an•o pasta.

TIMES 1 1th Max Austin 12th Bryon Evofls 12th Nick Young 12th Auslin Phillips 12th Eric Jones 1 1th Kyle Boggeln 1 1th Connor Johnson 1Oth Toro Todd

17:09 17:15 18:47 19:04 19:12 19:34 19:45 20:07

1Oth Toro Todd 12th Joke Tropp 9th Scott Coppock 12th AI son Coleman 9th Derek Phil ips 12th Matt Smead 1 1th lon Parry 1Oth Kofe Felmonn

20·07 20:16 20:20 20:32 20:58 21:03 21:10 21:48

9th Cion McGuire 1 1th Emily O'Connor 1 1th Morgan lowing 12th Ally Campbell 9th Kenna Harvey 9th Jad McKenzie 12th Ja'me Reeves

21:52 22:15 23:02 23:09 23:18 28:55 Injured

ea oy C a St pp ora Coo Ha e t Spa to boys go f •earr • rished w •h a re nd of I 0 and fo •h vera I l'l Ire eague Eacn rremoe p t ., oro t o end w h su es n 1'1 as ra v1d a 5 a J as a tea • was a de e11• season o t e e s s• roorP rrp verPE t H pef y ext yea ey can ear'l a d grow f o 1'1 sea so E: xp a 'led Joe k B o r 1'2 rig'll gH of he sea on wa Trevor~ '1 SO'l s 2 o r ey toward t e a tr I t t...r ame'l ,.,. happy • a• t ve· My ba o a •ake a +at st a 'Tl orger tat d Jorr .)or w en asked abo • ow 'le fe t towa·ds •he era of the seaso'l



l\iERICA lVlVl~lJlii

R Thursday






Spi'tt Week IS always an exciting time at WHS During the one week a year that a I students can wear crazy o~t~i•s to school. yo;; never know what you will see walkmg the ha Is of the high school. While some go ~or an understated look, many students give each outfit their all, such as Junior, "I ust went all out because it matches my persona ity and I wanted to show my school spirit", said Getting nto the "sp1r t" of spirit week can be tr.cky for Freshman, but this year, there was a great turnout from the Class of 2019. When asked why he chose to dress up, , said stmply, "Because everyone told me to" For Seniors, the last Homecoming spirit week can be a bittersweet occurrence. "Spirit week has always been my favorite time of year. Most of the time I participate, and I'm rea ly going to miss dressing JP m ridtculous outfits and I being completely acceptable," said On Thursday, the school held the annua Homecoming Bonfire and after school the Class of 2016 decorated the lobby with window pa nt and streamers, showing thetr Spartan and Senter pr de. The pep rally to end the week on Friday afternoon gol all of the stL.dents and teachers pumped up for the Homecoming footbal game where the Kmg and Queen would be crowned, and the commun'ty wou d cheer on their Spartans against the D xie Greyhounds!

Chose Struewing & Broo e le.lotle

Co e Ph II ps & Chloe VorHoose

ihe WHS Lady Spartans Volleyball tear1 had an outstandirg 2015 season, f1n1shing wi•h a 16-6 re.co·d T'"le girls had higr ropes for Ire season, seeKing to w n the league and go far in the state tournament. A•though not in the SWBL, Ire Oakwood game was a stand out moment in treir season, as they broke the los·ng st•ea agamst the Lumber acks, ard won in ~our sets. "It felt a maL: ng; it was exhilaratirg to finally beat •hem That was a ey game for JS, because we really started to c ick as a team," said . The team f1rished with a tie for first pace in the Southwester., Buckeye league losmg only to Madison and Milton Union, and went to the second round of the state tournament, beatirg Carl sle in the ~ rst After such an exciting season, los ng was hard on all of the girls especial y the semors. "It felt li e my heart fell •hrough my storrac~." said "I just kept saying that I didn't wart to be done"


"Th s wo by fa a e o• My rr st rre'T'orob e seoso We beo tv't to" U" o.,d Preb e St-owneel T... s was rry favor te group of g Is to ploy w th and vc yth nq fe nto p ace fo us ' s yeo says She by Wort "gton 12

"My sen:)< year was perfec• We won league I go• •o ploy wth rry ~riends. We ac-corr pltshed so muc" a"d I will never forget rry expe· ence as a lSVB playe I" says KoM Pu• ey '2

Taylor R1•ter 10, said "The quote on the back of our team sh rts wasn t a joke we are strong a one, and unstoppable tl"lgether


The lady Spartans Gi•ls Soccer program ftmshed tne r outstanding 2015 season undefeated 1!1 t~e SWBL and w1th a record of 9-1-2 The g rls wen 1 to the d1strid fmals n the state tournament, the farthest that a team has gone m many years. Their success didn't come eas1ly, and the g1rls fought hard to accomplish everything that they d1d "In the preseason, we played well aga1nst some really difficult tea"T1s," sa1d Jaime Reeves, 12. of the teams eva ution throughout the season ·As the real season began, we struggled still managing to win games and aher team

bond ng, we really pulled togetrer Preble Shawnee gaMe was a stand moment for the g s as they beat tf.e helping to secure the league t tie Pre 1s really our biggest opponent It wo good feelmg to win two to zero n last game agatnst them and rema1r. best in our league • so1d Ho ey Schr 10 The girls teaM 1s not only succe on the field, but in team dynorn1cs well, something thai tney see os v1to t!"te1r cohesion during games fve Schroeder, 10, so1d "The enwonMc great I love bemg around all of girls:

Reagan Metzler 1 1, said "My favorite port of the season this year was etther riding the bus on the way to our tost tournament game or the game tself. We were so hyped and serious and hungry for it on the way there and played our hearts out in the game. •


Once a year, our entire little town braces for impact as over 400,000 people pour onto main street for the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. "I'm not much of a crowd person, so I think it's 1ust crazy," said Jack Ferguson 12, "I had to work the German Sundae Booth, though, and it was fun, except for the German Sundaes". This year was the festival's 46th Anniversary and held people from all 50 states and multiple countries. In all the excitement, Waynesville students are behind the scenes, busily working the booths, and helping to support their community. "I worked the wrestling booth selling cinnamon roasted almonds. It was fun and it felt really good to support my team," said Trav1s Foster 1 1. Among the festivities, is the presentation of the prestigious Sauerkraut Scholarship, which is awarded to five well rounded students. This year's winners were Shelby Worthington, 12, Taylor Burchf1eld, 12, Jake Trapp 12, Alison Coleman, 1 2, and Elizabeth Brown, 12. It was a record breaking year in attendance and in sales, just going to show how mighty our village can be and how much of an impact the students of WHS can make.




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Juror 3 E 10


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Juror 9

Juror 8 c:


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Juror 10

Juror 11

Juror 12

December- Feb

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Unique Sports Wrestling Fashion 1

Girl s Basketball Boy's Basketball Basketball Cheer Competition Cheer Community Service Peers Swimming Quiz Team Concert Band

"Emily is very studious and always pays close attention in class. She is very deserving of Student of the Month! 11 -Mrs. Johnson on Emily Wilson, 10, December Student of the Month

"I was really confused at first, but was pretty excited when I found out that I got gift cards! II

-Ryan Teeters, 11, January Student of the Month "Honestly, I was surprised. I didn't expect anything in return for my grades and stuff, I just always do what I think is right." - Griffin Cook, 11, February Student of the Month


AexBodw'l 10 Ha key

~ •

"I 510 ted p aymg hockey about 5 years ago I went and watct~ed a game O'ld decided I wa'1ted to play. I en1oyed •he fa5t pace of the sport and now I p oy an a hrgh school trove tear"'

Co'1nor jo"lr5on 1 1 Fe., g "I fence because its coo to hit people with 5hmy metal sFcks ard get awa~ds far it. I compete officially wth American Fenc ng Academy of Dayton "


ay or Bu chf eld S rng



"Whenever I am on the mountain i love having the feeling of being challenged."

This year, , 6 year old, Noo'l Rodenfels, who t"los a form of co'lgen•ial rnusculardys•rophy, has been wor mg toworas ~1s bloc belt. As part of h1s effort, he 1s r01smg money towo•ds MDA summer camp and ~as already ro1sed more than 800 dollars. When asked wt"ly he does taekwondo he so1d, "•t helps develop gn' poss1on pu•pose, perseverorce, lesson ir serv1ce to others 1 g·ace i'ltergrity and oyfu ness. As a pe•son I t"love g·owr to beco..,.e •o a g•eot Morhol ort1st ot'llete w'lo, w.•hout my t•o n ng, wouldn't be wi-Je·e I om now •


V ellos 10

t-lorseBack ·•ding "I've oved horses ever since I was young . got rr-y flrsl rorse in fifth grade and hove been ridirg


ever s1rce.


B ode Roscoe 9 Dr•B• e "I started nd ng when I was young because I liked the adrenaline. •


"IIi e •o wear 1erseys that ore uniqL-e, because not everyone has them M1choel Good, 11.

"I don't model my clothes off of anyone. I set my own trends. • Ryan Bulcher,


"Three words to describe my overall style. comfy. bloc , and cheap." Morgan Vogel, 12.



•My fashion must haves: a fl <ty dress with killer shoes The perfect mix of fern nme class witn a little b1t of edge" Savannah Godfrey 11.

What other ports team is able to compete in three eparate and different "games" in one day? Through a combined effort of sixteen talented girls and four coaches, the WHS Competition Cheer execute three different and dynamic ch er routines as a part of their comp tition roster. The team has not only grown in their athletic ability this year, but has also grown closer as a family. "Our trip to Disney was an unforgettable experience. It was like a vacation with fifteen of your best friends and it definitely made us all closer," aid Alexis Tingley, 12. The girls have much to be proud of this season, including a fourth place finish at Nationals in Orlando, a five-time SWBL title, and three top placements at the OASSA State Competition.





• Peers positively impacts the school atmosphere because it includes ALL studen•s in the entire school day." -Mrs. Cummins "Peers 1s a way to enhance the peer relationships between students with and w1taut leronig challenges ... At its best, it brings out the best in both students." -Mr. Vrettos "The peers program is on eye open1ng expenence for both peers and students in the classroom. It gives all the opportunity to grow during the school year in understanding and patience with others." -Mrs. Boker

"Peers has given me a

and the life of others D ne~ ~erspective on my life e mazing experience. th~~ '9 ·J~ Prom was such an M addie Brocke, 12 wr never forget. • -

"Shelb1, you're silly." -Hannah Dille, 9


For a race that lasts a handful of seconds it feels like a lifetime. The members of the sw1m team train hard and fast for their races. The extraneous training and practices allow for the waynesville players to achieve the success they did this year. Ian Parry, 11. know of the overwhelming feeling of better his times, Parry says "The best part of swim team is breaking your best time, even if it's only by a fraction of a second.'' As the season came to an end James Kelley. 12, said ¡¡Nothing is better than the hype before the final event." Through the time spent in and out of the pool the team grow together and learned a lot As Lindsey Worthington. 9, said "Sw1m was a great experience. Learned a lot from the seniors."

WHAT'S In your •

"I keep a lot of food, a few pairs of goggles, a Speedo, and a towel." -James Kelley, 12

"My swim bag consists of a

couple towels, tech suits, rotten food, goggles, caps, rollers, tons of water bottle, clothes and what not." -Sabrina Ball, 10

SWIM BAG? "I keep the usual. Towels, goggles, a water bottle, Donald Trump's hair, the basics." - Jonathon Richards, 11



Conce•t band did grea•th s year at OMEA pracr'lg wrt~ a I . They also got a I in sight reaarrg w'lrch rea ly srow row st<o'lg they are." It's rea y a g<eat thirg to go see a piece from t'1e awkward srght readirg stage wrere li•tle is krowr about •he piece itself, to wrer we play rt for a cancer\ and we con feeltre way the music is sJpposed to be played", Co1ro< Johnson, 11 Watch ng the bond perform


greo• ond wi I be greol foro long I me

W 1tn or ooerirg oct of tre Woyresv lie Boy Bond, yot.. co..1ld a eody tel t'lot •h1s 1ozz bond was close-krit 0'10 were p ann ng a greo• show." I e'1IOY joa bard because of t'le ~unky feel1'19 of +he jazz rhythm feels great It feels powerfu and rnovmg to me". Co e Dt..rho'll, l 0. Overal, jazz bond was cons1dered to be a blast ttus year.


"Abbey is very hardworking and is always willing to help anyone in any way that she can." -Ms. Gebhardt on Abbey Baldwin, 11, March Student of the Month


"Cameron works very hard in and outside the classroom. He is always willing to go the extra mile in his work" -Mrs. Lamb on Cameron Adams, 9, April Student of the Month

"Shelbi has a gift working as a PEER, she is a role model for the program" - Ms. Gebhardt on Shelbi Campbell, 11, March Student of the Month

64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82

Boys' Tennis Track Spring Musical Arts Notional Honors Society Softball Baseball Prom Choir Morine Biology Trip


Our Spartan Tennis for boys finished very well with a 5-1 league record and an 1 1-5 overall record. This caused the Spartans to be placed second in the league( We were only one win away from tying the first place team in our conference, Milton Union). " I think our season was lit We had a lot of fun, but we could've done better." says Kyle Buflod, 12. Our Spartans say goodbye to 6 seniors. Kyle Buflod, Eric jones, Nick Young. Lucas Mohme, Danny Mayper, and jake Trapp. After a decent season, the seniors hope to pass their wisdom B . and experience onto their peers. B y: A1ex awm 1

• My favorite moment of the season was when one of the players told me that I'll lose every match th1s year at third smgles. So for I om undefeated.¡ says Ben, 10.



h the spnng of 2016 theW~ IS Trac- tearr knew w'lat trey wanted t'le league IItie. I ve never worked so hard to prepare ~or a season as I 'lad for ths one soia T·evor Johnson, 12 Throug'lout the season ·eco•ds were broke'1 thanks to Brei Gr smer, 12 who broke •he 200 meter and h1s own 100 "'e•er records t'lis season His adv ce, High school sa orce ir a ife•irre where we're n the best s'lape of our lives So take adva'ltage of 11 " The 4X 1 ·ecord was b•o en for the boys ac; well Studen•s war ha•d i'1dividua ly bJt also for the sJccess of the en•i·e program. 'Its the most stressful sport, bt-t also •he ""lost reward ng," sa d Toylor Ritter, 10. Ths hard war payed oU when t'le g'rls won the league t.tle ard the boys claimed second. Doing the best •hat •hey coula, •he g1r s ard boys o~ Ire team Made rnerror.es to last a hfet me. By: Alexa R tter


I 67

Lexi Allen, 11

Toylor Burchf1eld 12

lora N1x 12

Hannah Ba'le, 1 1

Taylor Burchfield, l 2

jaime Reeves,



CHoe Roos,

Kerstyn Purkey, 1 1


Ch oe Roos,



joime Reeves


Lexi Allen


Every year, students at Woyt'lesville and at schools throughout the U S. wof together to give the gih of art to children rn underpnv1leged countries around the world Th s unique service oppo•tun ty is called the Memory Project. Th1s year, the AP and Advar.ced art class s etched pol'lted and illustrated portr01ts of boys and girls from Ethiopia who may not hove pictures of themse'ves These portraits represent a great deal of hard wor from the students of WHS and are a meaningful way thai they ore able to give bac .


~a'ional Hono·s Society is or organiza 1ion

that p·omotes and recogn zes serv1ce, leade•srip, a'1d acadeMic dedicat on fo• Sophorrore through Semo• students. With a total 4 1, inductees ·n t'le 2016 NHS class, this orgarization shows the level of excellence that Waynesvdle Stude'1ts rise to. "When I go' the call, I was happy, because I rod worked really hard to get in," said Ryan Nelson, 10, "It defmitely looks good for college, so I'm excited,'

The new members of 2016 were inducted with the tradifonal candlelit ceremony on March 4.


The lady Spartans Softball team had quite an eventful season. With a new coachrng staff and new techniques the girls randled ,t we'! A press box was built on top of the home dugout a new storage uni' was bu It next to nghl field ard they got two new umforms. Semors led great examples for the girls, a ways stayrng positive, loud, and fun They wan•ed to ma e th s season the best one yet! There were a couple downfalls during the season, but that didn't seem to get rnto the way of the gi Is' spirits. Finishir.g w1th a better record than last season. I thnk the girls met the r goa I Through a whole season of change, the softball tea'll too on tile year full speed and had fun while domrnahng on the field.


Emily Wells

Tori Wi son 1 "There is a ways going to be someone who wants to see you mess up,bl;t as lang as you're playing for you and the One above, you'll always be the winner I" Tori Wilson, 12, vses this as her motivation to keep playing. Chloe Riddle

The g rls may hove hod some rough times tn the season, but they always stayed positive! They're mtegnty was ., ... breakable as they wor ed •ogether to och1eve their goals. 'In order to succeed, you must do e to foil. • says Sarah Jones,


Holey Scl'uoc , 10, says "I enjoyed ploymg w1th everyone and I thirk we improved f•o.,., the beg nni11g of the season to t'le end "


"One of my favorite moments from the season was when John Byers would roast people." -Anthony Carmichael

From tough losses to uplifting wins, the WHS baseball team has continued to give it their all. "Looking back I'm amazed at how resilient our players are," stated Coach Hill. Each team member brought something different to the group, but when they all came together, that's when the magic happened. Mason Callahan, 11, said, "My favorite game was CHCA, because we played as a team and Chase Murray went 1 of 3 off of me." Baseba1 is more than just a sport to these guys. With another Spartan Bats season in the books, other students and community members await for what's to come next season . By: Alexa Ritter


" This was o very memorable season for rre. I rece1ved first team all league and hod one of my best seasons yet." Cory Clark

"POUNDT."- Coach Arlinghaus

We're ploymg wiffle boll

oday." Hunt Doepel


By Taylor Burchfield t is so fun to be able to perform with such an mazing group," said Destiny Dewar, 12, "We 11 don't suck! The singers of the WHS Choir perform under the motto, "Don't suck," motivating them to work hard and give their best performance. It is just one of the many aspects that brings the choir together, not only in harmony, but in friendship. "Like any sport, the choir is a family and we push each other to become better as individuals and a group," said Jenne Kennard, l 0. From the various concerts they perform during the school year, to helping out with ceremonies such as the Veterans' Day assembly and Graduation, the choir's stays busy. Full of talent, the choir participates in various competitions including OMEA Solo and Ensemble and in Contest, and received a II at Contest. Between all of this however, the main focus and passion of the choir remains in its overall voice, as explains Josh Stephens, l l, "I just like to sing. II


Solo and Ensemble Destiny DeWar: II rr--....1.-..l Jesse Reeves: II Abraham Sandy: II ..-..~ Josh Stevens: III Kayleigh Gleason: I Jenne Kennard: II Ronni Lyn: I

''Joining choir was one of the best decisions of my high school career, because I've made long lasting friendships within the group." Alexa Ritter. 11.



I had the t1me of my life on that 1sland. Spent a week on a beautiful beach w1th some of my best fnends. Kam1 Purkey 12 "I will never forget the mght of Arch1e¡s Revenge " Ab1ga1l Struew1ng 11


Every two yeCJrs CJ group of MCJnne l31ology students trCJvel to Andros lsiCJnd , 13CJhCJmCJs for CJ week full of leCJrnlng , CJdventure, CJnd some unforgettCJble memones. As KCJJtlln KrumnCJuer , 11 , looks bCJck on the tnp she recCJIIs some of the best moments , "One of my fCJvonte memones would be the mormngs thCJt we would get up before sunnse CJnd wCJik out CJt low t1de to wCJtch 1t. It WCJS CJiwCJys so beCJutlful." Immersed 1n the 13CJhCJmCJnJCJn culture the students pCJrllclpCJted 1n vCJnous CJcl1v1t1es such CJS, snorkeling, bCJsket weav1ng , blue hole JUmping , isiCJnd CJdventunng, CJnd the occCJSionCJI13eyonce JCJm sess1on. " FergCJIIclous will forever rem1nd me of my 13CJhCJmCJs fCJm ." sCJys AlyssCJ W11l1CJms , 11 . Th1s tnp wCJs more thCJn CJ leCJrmng expenence for the students thCJt went , Jt wCJs CJ chCJnce to creCJte expenences thCJt CJre 1mposs1ble to forget , CJnd thCJt IS exCJctly whCJt they d1d.


What's Your Obsession? "It's probably Grey's Anatomy. I could lie but that's the honest truth ." Dora Vrettos, 10 "Mozzarella cheese sticks and pizza." Madelyn Burton, 10 "I'm obssesed with my hair." lan Bauer, 10 "Playing guitar." Ryan Potter, 9 "Hot Cheetos." Austin Couch, 9 "Chocolate cookies." Ashton Rice,






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~5~ 0Q)






Q) :..: 0 ....c.O\J ...... Q) <{





...c. ......

Q) ._


0 11

My friends make school a little less painful 11 , Mikayla Couch, 1 0


I enjoy how close-knit of a community Waynesville is 11 .Stephen Henninger, 10 The students and staff of the school are nice, 11 Alex Baldwin, 10


Any Advice For The Freshman ... ? "Four more years and you•ll finally be free!" Carrie Wieland, 10 "Bring a hacky-sack to Stubbs• class." Ryan Nelson, 10 "lt•s gym class, not the Olympics!" Brooke Hardin, 10 "Do your homework and study!" Hunter Clements, 9

Favorite High School Moment (So Far... ) ?

"I had a lot of fun at homecoming 11 Ezra Harper, 9

Probably when Daniel Driscoll scored on me11Gehrig Habermehl, 10 11

'Basketball season was pretty fun 11 Grant Johnson, 9

Starting for Varsity against Dixie. I got an assist which was pretty cool 11 Thomas Foster, 9

"I like the simplicity and cuteness of the town", Taylor Ritter, 10.

"The theatre program." Kayleigh Gleason,9

I love the Sauerkraut festival and the food 11 • Jonas Boggs, 9 .

"2:32". Grace Aldrich, 10. 85

Cameron Adams Cameron Anderson Abigail Austin Hanna Avella Morgan Baker ...


, :..,•

Kayla Bakker John Barnthouse Emily Bassett Jackson Beachler Charla Bees



Riley Blankenship Reagan Blanton Mason Bone Jocelyn Bouchair Gracie Bryant

Hannah Bulcher Macy Burchfield Olivia Burd Daniel Butterbaugh John Byers

Anthony Carmichael William Carter Chase Cartwright Tanner Clark Hunter Clements

John Cole Carly Conner Cody Cooper Scott Coppock Bailey Dermer


f~~¡rlte _ga:yin9


You sassy pants! 11 Hannah Dille, 9


lf you want something, go work for it because it wont be handed over. 11 , y .... ... , ~'""'



Stay humble and kind. 11 Jodi Mckenzie, 9

Hannah Dille Taylor Eitel Aleshia Findley Leianna Flowers Loren Foley

Nathan Forste Thomas Foster Ryan Fowler Cooper Fravel Madison Fry

Kayleigh Gleason Crystal Green Noah Greer Brittany Hardyman Ezra Harper

~) "

Sarah Hartman Lynzie Hartshorn Kenna Harvey Alexis Henry Aaron Howard


Emily Howard Alex Hurley Kaela Hurley Grant Johnson Grace Jordan

Hannah Kaan Lauren Keeley Luke Kindred McKenna Lamont-Rogers Noah Little

"Go big or go home." Luke Kindred, 9 "Be a leader and not a follower." Jackson Beachler, 9 "Run forrest run_.' :;rant Johnson, 9


Alexander Long Taye Lowe Benjamin Lyons Hunter Mahorney Joshua Marshall

Barbara McCoy Cion McGuire Jodi McKenzie Jacob McMahon Jakob McMullen

.f .

~· ·

Aaron McNeeley Kirsten Meier Anna Miller Morgan Miller Rachel Murray

Sara Napier Mario Navarro-Romero Noah Neeley Kathryn Ooten-Meier Derek Phillips

Chloe Plummer Lucas Pollack Ryan Potter Derek Pyburn Jesse Reeves

Aliece Risch Kyle Rodriguez Anthony Roscoe Dalton Runyon Constacia Ryane

Something you can't


..Pizza because it's delicious ...

Hurl y, 9

..Water because I need to live... Johnny Col , 9 ..Friends otherwise my life would be boring ... J n Slyby, 9


Dylan Seal Jenna Senetra John Shaffer Joshua Sherod Marcella Sizer

Jennifer Slyby Cheyenne Smith Casey St. Pierre Drake Stiles Brady Stone


, .

Daniel Stone Chaz Stump Andrew Suchomel Austin Taulbee Gavin Thomson

):! ••

:... "'"'~. V< ..·- . 1111





• Robert Thomson James Tober Hannah Townsend Adam Van Dyke Andrew Van Dyke

.-· f.~. ,_...

Jarod Weaver Tyler Wells Wynston West Tyler Williams Bailey Wilson


Katherine Wilson James Wolf Lindsey Worthington Megan Zebell

Jonas Boggs

..My dog and brother that's in the military... ..My love for baseball...

unter Mahorney, 9

rake Stiles, 9

..Weight lifting... oshua M r hall, 9


Rondo Abne Morg on AchordY Lenzie Ad oms Groce Aldrich Aushn . Boir Alex Bold Win .

Sabrina Boll Alexander B b B th or e e any Bornhorst lon Bauer Daniel Beavers Julia Begley

Sophie Brown Dean Bruba ker Ryan Bulcher Katherine Bu rton Madelyn Burton Thomas Corter

Krerstyn Cassidy Ashton Caudill C

d. Trenton Clark on rce Cockerham Avery Collins Gracie Cooper A ~akaylo Couch n rew Croucher Elena Dole Samantha D I H ae ope Daniels Joshua Donre . Is

Adam Do VIS . Shouno D M . oy onsso Derrick Joshua Dick Madison D.retz Darren Dotson


Daniel Driscoll Mikoylo Duncan Cole Durham Kylo Eakins Toylor Erickson Katherine Feldmann

lon Finkbohner-Robles Aaron Fromer Jessica Gill Alyson Goldsberry Evon Greer Paul Habermehl

Malia Hall Derick Hamric Brooke Hardin Joshua Horter Koylo Hartshorn Stephen Henninger

Abigail Highley Jessica Hunter Jesse Jewell Jennefer Kennard Broydon Kirnec Cohen Koch

Ryan Loy Chandler Ledford Morgan Lowe Julian Maclennan Brionno Marshall Victoria Martin

Kylee Meredith Sarah Montgomery Dora Morgan Josephine Murray Benjamin Muth Bryce Myers


anda Abney, 10

"Linkin Park." Ryan

elson, 10

"Toby Mac." Abe Sandy, 10

"Bryson Tiller and Justin Bieber."

"Brantley Gilbert." Gracie Cooper, 1 "Luke Bryan or 21 Pilots." Josh



Edwin Neace Ryan Nelson Megan Osterhage Daniel Papanek Roslynn Papetti Tanner Patterson

Olivia Paxson Brooke Perry George Petervich Danielle Pfeiffer Dakota Radjewski Aubrey Rams

Derrick Ramsey Jacob Rasey Kourtney Rentz Ashton Rice Taylor Ritter Gracie Robbins

Noah Rodenfels Abraham Sandy Haley Schrock Evelyn Schroeder Emma Seidenschmidt Megan Sharp

Tanner Shinkle Lauren Slattery Nicholas St. Clair Peyton Stacy Sydni Stanley Trevor Stoffregen

Levi Stone Seth Sturgill Shaylee Tate Chase Thompson Tara Todd Sarah Van Hoose

B 92

Kate Von Hondorf Dora Vrettos Logon Walker Modisyn Wamsley Liana Webb Natalie Weigandt

Tyler Weigandt Holen W ick Corolme Wieland Austin Williams Emily Wilson Jordon Wiseman

Elizabeth W yatt Brittni Young

Jordan Wiseman,

Taylor Ritter,


Tanner Patterson, 10

.• , # ~ ; ·•.A~ · ... ,,iJ_.!f, . ····'"'!· ... TJ ' e ~ (

A '


. . . i) l .


George Petkervich,

Braydon Kirnec,

Madisyn Wamsley,


Sydni Stanley,


Jacob Rasey,

Josh Harter,

Edwin Neace,


Bailee Achord Alexis Allen Chaston Armstrong Max Austin Shyann Avella Travis Bakker

Abigail Baldwin Brianna Barton Brian Blair Emily Boesenberg Kyle Boggeln Brandon Bohman

Hannah Bone Taylor Burkholder Lydia Burton Mason Callahan Adyson Camp Shelbi Campbell

Bruno Ce' Griffin Cook Alicia Cooper Richard Crafton David Crossgrove Samuel Denier

Sean Durham Stanley Easterling Aaron Ellis Kayci Felumlee Aliya Fish Travis Foster

Riley Gabbard Livia Gillum Savannah Godfrey Michael Good Taylor Gwin John Henz

Favorite Book 94

fin f/6t.UtdanctZ ~D KathtZ'tin~ by John

Green." Hannah Reeder, 1 , .

1lrtl .£cUt Un;~ by Peter S. Beag e


11 .

.£;DtZ ~D Pt by Yann Martel." -Ri ey Gabbard 1 1.

Jacob Hobbs Hayden Hook Noah Hooser Kevin Howard Connor Johnson Sarah Jones

Megan Jordan Sierra Kindred Michaela Kmg Zane Kohler Kaitlin Krumnauer Gavin Linkous

Ryan Lipinski Morgan Lowmg Trenton MacKey Lyndsay Magoto Courtney Maines Tracy Maines

Kyle Mannix Reagan Metzler Alexa Neely Jonathan Nichols Emily O'Connor Jake Oaks

lan Parry Katy Penneau Ashley Powell Rhianna Powell Haley Price Noah Price

Kerstyn Purkey Hannah Reeder Jonathan Richards A lexa Ritter Chloe Roos A llison Savage

lite tJM lfttu. ,£ttJt by Kathryn Croft " Rihanna 11


"Unwind by Neil Shusterman. "-Connor ~ hns_n,

1 1.

17,. /Jtx>i (tb _e(tJt /l,inyJ by John C ... nn ... 1Y Ja e Van Atta, 1 1. _g{au.yltte-c 1/ttw. s br Curt Vonnegut "-Noah

lite t?lr.ttt'ctl by N cholas Spar s"-Alexa Rt r


Kevin Savage Micah Schenking Mikoylo Schmidt Noah Search Moriah Shaffer Ronni Smith

Micah Spille Joshua Stephens Skylor Stiles Patrick Stone Abigail Struewing Ryan Teeters

Sidney Thomson Cassie Titus Courtney Titus Grant Turner Jonothen Turney Jacob Von Alto

Erin Walsh Colt Wells Alexander Williams P01ge Wilms Kailee Woods Kaitlyn Zebell

"I like to paint."-Lindsay Magato, 11. "I love going to the city and walking around, especially at night when it is 1Ox prettier. Oh, and shopping of course. "-Savannah Godfrey, 1 1.

"Is sleeping an acceptable answer? "-Brandon Bohman,

1 1. "Working on my truck."Wade Easterling, 1 1.


"I like watching Grant Cory movies."-Michaela King, 1 1. "I like to run."-Jimmy Plummer, 1 1. "It would be playing basketball with my friends or 11 just chilling. -Micah Schenking, 1 1.

"I love photography. "-Anna Keeton, 1 1.

"What do I like to do in my free time? What is free time." Abbey Baldwin, 1 1. 11

"I like to hike. -Taylor Burkhodler,

l l. "I really like going for a drive with all my friends. "-Brianna Barton, 11 "I just skype my friends and family eat American food and pray I don get fat." -Erin Walsh, 1 l . "Competing and showing horses. Emily Boesenburg, 1 1.

Michael Arlinghous Christina Boker Jamie Borton Peggy Becker Sharon Beckett Chornelle Bees He1di Berordinis Katie Blankenship Holly Boggs Koren Boggs Corlee Bollin Danielle Bradley Kelley Bricker Hazel Brown Holly Bulach Cady Bunn Glen Burchfield Amy Surd Knsty Burns laura Byrnes Jeannie Camery Jared Cantu lauren Clark Angelo Comer Karen Conte lisa Cook Todd Cook Jenn1fer Cornett lisa Cummins Jill Curlis Michelle Dotson Pot Dubbs Jan Durham Janice Dworetsky Chris Dyer Amanda Elton Melissa Ferguson Chnshne Franz Anna Garofolo Janelle Gaver Kristen Gebhardt Randy Gebhardt Stephanie Ghantous Holly Giles Marsha Gober Amanda Grof Julian Grasso


Julie Gray Jason Hale Rebecca Hanauer Patrick Hardin Molly Hartley Ryan Hill Timothy Hines Michelle Holland Karen Horvath Judy Hupe Jenae James Molli Janusik Joefreda Theresa Johnson Cassandra Jones Nicholas Jones Scott Jordan Stacy Keeton Heather Kerns Kristen Key Shelly Kindred Chip King Stephanie Krumholtz Jessica Lacon Amy Lipinski Jim Lucas Lindsey Meyer Kelly Miller Jenifer Montgomery Krista Muterspaw Jessica Neef Elizabeth Pardon Lisa Parrish Pam Patton Beth Pendergraff Lisa Pennington Bethany Lamb Karyn Phillips Angela Polzinetti Tracey Poole Kelley Purkey Marybeth Quill Cindy Raab Sherria Rasey Vanessa Reagan Tracy Reeves Jennifer Rice Cheryl Richards


Jennifer Royalty lora Schafer Milissi Scherer leslie Schleman Hunter Schmidt Sarah Scott Kelly Servis Connie Shaffer Jaime Shaffer Shinkle Amy Smith Lindsay Smith Natalie Snell Steve Stanley Scott Stiles Andrea Stubbs Daniel Stupp Ashten Swank Maria Syvertsen Diane Thompson Jenny Todd Deborah Tracy Christy Turner Melissa Turner Joellen Ulliman Mindy Van Schaik Douglas Vixie Darcey Voelker Sharon Vogel Helen Voiles Nick Vrettos Pamela Wical Deanna Wilms Cheryl Winters Steve York David Young


PASS II Off advice for younger classmates

"Ask Stubbs if he can jump and hit his head on the ceiling." Tiffany Glascoe

Enjoy this time while you're here, beacause you can't get it back once you're gone." Jeffery Konen

"One good friend is better than a big group of fake ones." Ashten Hornyak "Don't take high school too senously. It's only 4 short years. Laugh, smile, take chances, and enJOY yourself while you can."


JR Miller

102 1 12 1 14 1 16 1 18 132 140

Senior Headshots Senior Favorites Senior Night Fall Senior College Signing Senior Nights Spring Senior Ads Senior Mop



e Roa

The end of any chapter is bittersweet, especially as many of the 2016 graduates have called Waynesville home for all of their lives. As the real world calls, and the seniors must part ways with WHS, it is a time to look forward to the goals of the future and look back on all the memories we've shared . The class of 2016 will be remembered for a number of things at WHS. We were the class that spelled "sophomore" wrong on our spirit week banner in 2013, and we were the class that held multiple talented people, especially the Waynesville Boy Band . Waynesville is home and although we are all taking different paths, a part of us will always be here. We made it in this small town, and now we get to go chase our big dreams, so thanks for the memories, Waynesville High School, and cheers to the class of 2016. Its been a good ride, guys, we did it! By Taylor Burchfield


Franklin Adae

Wyatt Allen

"I spent 113,880 hours vf my life for a paper and a handshake."

Nicholas Baker "All a!Jvut mak1ng memones •

lsa Bauer

Austin Beachler

Elijah Bennett

"I d_ t., aus __m, I can because I want to, I want to because you sa1d I couldn't" -Wiz Khallfa

"When are the quote::. due aga1n?"

'What a 1me •..., be alive "

John Blair "To those f you who rece1ved honors. awards and d1st1nct1ons, I say well done And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the Un1ted States" George W. Bush

Christian Ball

Madeleine Bracke To grow up would be an awfully b1g adventure" -Peter Pan

Kyle Briggs

Paul Bensman

Elizabeth Brown

'Gr •1 ns _ld IS manda _r .;, but grow1ng up Is optional " -Walt Disney

Kayla Coffman

Alison Coleman

Nathan Couch

'" yuu rea loy long to save men's souls, you must tell them a great deal of disagreeable truth " -Charles Spurgeon

"Life on earth Is short L1ve It with an eternal perspective "

Noah Damon

Destiny Dewar

Floyd Croucher

Alex Dufresne

Samuel Duncan


Megan Eckley

Elijah Elton

"It's the oldest story 1n the world One day you're 1 7 and planning for someday And then someday Is today, and then someday Is yesterday" -One Tree H I

"You may have not gone where you Intended to go, but you Will end up where you need to be " -Braxton M ller

Jack Ferguson

Bryan Evans

Jacob Everson

Makayla Fitzharris

Andrew Forste

Kyle Fowler

'The storm starts when the drops start dropp1ng When the drops stop dropp1ng then the storm starts stopp1ng " -Dr Seuss

I'm not great at the adv1ce Can I tnterest you In a sarcastiC comment?" -Chandler Bing

"The only difference between sc1ence and screwing around Is writing It down" -Adam Savage

Carlie Fravel

Logan Fruhwirth

Madison Gibson

"You re off to great places! Today 1s your day! Your mountain IS walt1ng, so get on your wayl" -Dr Seuss

Tiffany Glascoe "Thanks for the adventure now go have a new one " Up

Travis Greer "Party at WilkS ..

Bayli Herzog 'The best way to pred1ct the future IS to create It" Abraham Lincoln

Bret Grismer 'Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose " -Jed1 Master Yoda

Nathan Hiles "Kobe"

"Cheaters never w1n, but I graduated"

'1 JUSt finished my twelve year sentence."

Ashten Hornyak

Alexandra Howard

"The only reason , ve wa.Jted four years of my life here Is to d1stract myself from the fact that I'll never be Beyonce"

'Love IS like an on1on, Double Dee, the more you peel away Its layers, the more 1t st1nks." -Ed

"Your bra.n g~::ts smart but your head gets dumb " Smash Mouth

James Kelley

Jake King

"So what are you going to do now?" -"1 don't know I didn't think I'd get thiS far"

"The chances of beat1ng me are slim to none and sl m JUSt walked out the door."

Killian Mcguire

Andrew McNeeley

'V1ctory Is always possible for the person who refuses to stop f1ghtlng " -Napoleon H11l


Jeffrey Konen

Megan Kyne

Jacob Middlesworth

James Miller

"He who IS not courageous enough to take nsks w11i accomplish nothing In life " Muhammad All

Brooke Lezotte

Daniel Mayper

Mark Mccann

'U seems to me we have a lot of story left to tell " -Walt D1sney

''What do Y' •u mean th1s IS a free tnal and I have to pay $40,000 to cont1nue?l"

"Life d~...._sn't have any hands, but It can sure give you a slap sometimes " unknown

Lucas Mohme

Jared Moon

Joseph Moore

John Mccloud

Logan Moore


Rahel Morris

Daniel Neeley

Tara Nix

Matthew Noel "You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore " -Jack Black

Mitchell Osterhage

Tyler Parker

Leonte Patterson

"My r ,f :> not my sun, but I'll raise It" -unknown

Austin Phillips "It never gets eas,er, you JUSt get better " -unknown


Cole Phillips "Bigger IS always better!" Adam Savage

Joshua pfeiffer 'Be b1gger, t.,<= better, ut:: me"

Jarod Purdum

Kami Purkey "How lucky I am to hav something that makes saying goodbye so hard ' Wmn1e the Pooh

Mark Ramsey

Tobie Ramsey "Love '- l.fe and ltfe 'S -Debra Laws

Chloe Riddle

Garrett Schroeder

"A grand adventure ts about to begtn" -Wtnnle the Pooh

"You have yuur way , have my way As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, It does not exist " -Frlednch Ntetzsche

Luke Stone

Chase Struewing

"Was that due today?"

Jaime Reeves

Hayley Richards

Matthew Smead

Samantha Spires

tng "

"Would rather be feared r loved7 Easy, both I want people to be afratd of how much they love me."Michael Scott

"This Is JUSt part of growtng up A little adventure A little rebell on" -Tangled

Tayler Taylor

Mary Tedesco ":-he Queen ne• er ate. everyone else Is simply early " -Queen Clansse Renaldi


Alexis Tingley "No

-Meghan Tra1n..Jr

Kyle Wilson


Andrew Trapp

Chloe Van Hoose

'ltfe is short, stunt It" -Hot Rod

"Crushed It " -Fat Amy

Victoria Wilson

Austin Wiseman

Zachary Vandyke

Shelby Worthington You have t: r n: n ;our head You have feet In your shoes . You can steer yourself any direct1on you choose • Dr Seuss

Morgan Vogel "Anythmg, •v-"t can be found aga1n, except for time wasted" -Kevin Gates

Zane Wallace

Triston Wareing

Emily Wells

"I'm JUSl try1n¡ to have a good t1me " -R1ck Monroe

"Be strong In the moments where you want to be weak" -Jensen Ackles

c12016! Nicholas Young "The roof ,_, not my son, but I will raise It" -unknown


Waynesville HighScho


THt nexT W0 lVtS Of Wftll STRUT


Grace Co) Jeg

Cross Country ~~ ,-- Tra c

University of Dallas 13asketba))

r Thomas More College Footba))



unt Vernon Nazarene University Soccer ~~- rack

Edison Community College I3asebaJJ


Edison Community CoJJege


oys S.





Girls Basketf

Boys Bas~e






--.. ~



Rachel Murray, lynzie Hartshorn, lindsey Worthington, Sora Napier, Emily Bossett, Ab1goil Struewmg, Dora Vrettos, Mason Co lohon, Tiffany Glascoe, leionno Flowers, Megan Zebell, Shelby Worthington, Rh1onno Powell, Emily Wells, and Koyci Felumlee

Savannah God rey Alic1o Cooper, rovis Bo ker M1 oylo Duncan Samantha Dole Holen W1c Broo e Perry, M ~hoelo Kmg lyndsoy Mogoto Robert Thomson, Jess co G1ll, Tonner Shm le K"erstyn Coss1dy, Taylor Bur holder, Kotyn Pennea.., Emily O'Co,...nor Sidney Thomsoro Chez Stump Ab1go S•ruewmg Bnonno Borton, Aubrey Ro1ns Katherine Feldmann Dora Vret'os, Mason Callahan, James M1 er, Don•el Moyper, Ko•nerine Burton, Jacob Rasey, Coss·e T Ius, Hannah Reeder, Jacob Von Alto, Ko1'lin Krumnouer Zone Kohler, Jesse Reeves, Mokoylo f11zhorns, J01me Reeves, Desliny Dewar, Em ly Burton, and Hope Don els

Chloe Roos. Hannah Bone, Em ly O'Connor, Toylor Gwin, Cameron Adams, jacob Von Atto, Riley Gabbard Rhionno Powell, Koyci Felumlee, Hannah Reeder, and jaime Reeves

Savannah : adlrey,

M~la Ly~ a~Maga•a King,

Abigail Struewing, Bnonno Borton Enn Walsh, Emily Boesenberg, Alexa Ritter Kerstyn Pur ey, Allison Savage Koitlyn Zebell, Motilyn Hubbell, jacob Von Alto K01tl n Krumnouer, Koyci Felumlee, Rh1onno Powel, Ab1goi Boldwm, Sierra Kmdred, and Reagan Metzler

Chr stopher KavanaJgh, Hannah Bone, Jacob Middlesworth, Ryan Nelson Alison Savage Ab gad Baldwin, Kather.ne Burton, tarner Patersor Alexa Ritter, John Bla1r, Griffir Cook, Trevor ... ohnson Morgan Vogel, Sydni S•a'lley, Taylor BJrchf1eld, ard ... a me Reeves



Seth Sturgi I, Aaron Fromer Daniel Papanek, Hannah Bone, Ben1am n Muth Roslynn Papeth, M1kayla Duncan, Kate Von Handorf Julia Begley Zane Kohler, Adyso'l Comp Morgan Achord Richard Crofton, Notal1e Weigandt, Abiga I Baldwin, Daniel Moyper, Jacob Van Alta, Kaitlin KrLmnouer, Rh1anno Powe I, Andrew Tropp, Trenton Mac ey, Kevm Howard, ond Noah Search

Alexa RIter, Hannah Reeder, Daniel Mayper, Taylor Burchf1eld, James Miller Kyle Buflod Andrew Trapp, Victona Wilson Destiny Dewar, and Jaime Reeves

Shouna Day, Emily Howofd, Crystal Green, Emily Wells, Kylee Meredith, Jennefer Kennard Alicia Cooper, Madeleine Brae e, ond Matthew Smead



'SoldBuvSt0111e irs ateam of Top Producing ~ents who ire part of Corney &Shepherd We wort wlh Sellers, Buyl!'s,leasemd Commerc~l prop!'ties rang~g from~~~ to 1M+. We havevastknowledge and experince of the Real Esbte stan!Wds and methods, dwe focus on Top Notch service to our clients We have Program Managemmt and Sales expl!'ience and hmwon awards from 2008 through We are FUll TIM£ agmts with afocus on meeting yo11 Real Estate ReEds.



U -


First National Bank of Germantown 17 N Main St I Germantown, OH 937.855.41511 www.fnbgermantown.com


Family owned and operated since 1980 Monday-Frtday 7:00am-9:00pm Saturday 7:30am-9:00pm Sunday 8:00am-9:00pm

Waynesville, Ohio (513) 35

to the Class of 2016

d Sponsors of the Waynesville Spartans

Thank you Lion's Club for always supporting our students! Here are this year's Lion's Club Students of the Month

Congratulations Lydia Vrettos for winning this year's peace project contest!


G l

Love you to the moon and bock. Love, Mom

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think- A.A. Milne We ore so very proud of you Pooh Bear. Love Mom & Dad (Eric)

We ore so very proud of the young lady you hove become. The success you ore experiencing did not happen overnight; it is indeed the result of years of hard work. Remember that always ... And remember that we love you.

Mom, Dad, and Macy

ngrotulotions, Austin and good luck at Bowl1ng Green te University. e love you, om, Jeremiah, derek, Joey, Lola, Bode


Congratulations, Jockl We ore so proud of you! Love, Mom. Scott, Momow, and Papaw



A child 1s I ke a butterfly m the mmd Some con fly higher than others. But each one flies tt,e best 11 con Why compare one against the other? Each one 1s different Each one 1s speed Each one IS beautiful n We love you, Mo'Tl, Dod, Chelsea Co<ionne

El1joh, in what seems li e a blin of on eye, you've grown from a little lime that loved to ploy whiffle boll to a grown man with b1g dreams. There hove been highs and lows, a lot of PB&Js, injuries and challenges, and fo"lures and occampl shments. Through it all, you hove preserved and you're ready to start a new chapter We couldn't be more proud of you and we're excited fm what is yet to come. We II always be here for your because you've always meant so much to us We're blessed that you're our son. You're a strong, hardworking, compassionate, and inte¡ligent young man who con be whatever your wont to be. We love you very much! Dod, Mom, Com, and Joke


Tara, We are so happy you are moving on to the next chapter of your life. We are very proud of you. All our love, Mom, Dad


& Adrian

We love you more than you will ever know and wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. We look forward to seeing the successful man you become. Love, Mom, Dad


& Cameron

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