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l THE LOCAL 2015

TIME FOR A SELFIE With !Phone m hand, Kylee Meredith, 9, takes a self1e With fellow freshmen, OllVla Paxson and Juhan MacLennan. Shortly thereafter, Meredith posted her picture to Instagram. "I hke showmg people what I'm domg m my daily hfe," said Meredith.

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"[It] was hilarious to see the teachers' reactions," said Jesse Jones, 12, about dumping iced water on our administrators with fellow classmates Anthony Denier, 12, Cole Phillips, 11, and Donald Moore, 12. Why did they do this? To raise awareness, of course! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral online, bnnging attention to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Countless students participated by uploading videos to social media and challenging others to follow suit. Our superintendent and principals rose to the challenge at the end of our first day of classes. We were dismissed to the parking lot to watch them get soaked. "The water was shockingly cold," said Mr. Gebhardt. During the month of August, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge rrused over $100 million dollars. According to Forbes.com, that's a 3,500o/ increase from the same time period just a year prior. By Haley Price

Anmka Belt, 12, takes a video of the of the tce bucket challenge. "It was fun because the office staff got soaked for a great cause," satd Belt. LIFE TRANSITIONS Ton Byerly, 12, feels a little wetrd about starting her semor year. "I have mtxed emotiOns about tt," satd Byerly. "I m really exctted to be so close to fmally movmg on to somewhere different, but I 'm saddened by the thought of leavmg fnends behmd, and not seemg them for a long time."

Natalie Wetgandt, 9, ends her first day of htgh school by swappmg stones With Dakota RadJewski, 9. "I really hked Drama class. The teacher was cool," satd Wetgandt about her new schedule.

UNWINDING On the way to the M1am1 East soccer game, Kourtney Rentz, 9, hangs out With teammates on the bus beforehand, shoWing Sydm Stanley, 9, a photo "Its fun ndmg the bus and listenmg to mus1c on the vay to our av.;ay games," srud Rentz "I hke han91ng out With my fnends."

We are Waynesville High School, and this is our time. It's time to try many new things, to stand out, and to make positive changes. This is our time to make a difference in society. Our REDO group has the goal of eliminating bullying. REDO members help students come together to bring a positive atmosphere to our school, in person and over social media. Another way W aynsesville makes a difference is by having a suicide prevention week to educate students about the warning signs of suicide and to raise awareness.

This is our time to break records. Students are ready to compete, fight for wins, and take victories on the field, court, and track. It's a new start for a lot of athletes, and exciting to have a turf field for the very first time. This is our time to stand out. Not only are students talented athletically and academically, but also in the arts. The drama department puts on a play and musical to show off students' acting, singing, and dancing abilities. We also have an art show which displays students' creativity in sculpting, drawing,

and painting. To top it off, our school holds Waynesville Idol, a fun talent show where students have been known to perform acts from magic to dancing. We have the opportunity to help others, stand out, compete, and be ourselves. Whether on the field, in classrooms, or on the bus, it's our time to get involved. Whatever you're into, we're in it together, and this is the time of our lives...

USING TIME WISELY Alex BaldWin, 9, makes the most of the bus nde. "I needed to study for a math assignment due the next day," sa1d BaldWin "Our nde was fairly long, and I had nothmg else to do." GETTING P Jessica Gill, 9, hkes to sleep and listen to music to prepare for competition. On long bus ndes, "I like smgmg songs With the team," sa1d Gill



"Jake consistently has a pos1t1ve attttude and displays a Wlllmgness to help I see him helpmg With all sorts of act1v1t1es from Canned Food Dnve to the Blood Dnve." sa1d Mrs Polzmettl.

"Mason IS a strong leader. He always goes above and beyond m his work," sa1d Ms. Barton.

"I can always count on Alexa to work beyond what s expected," sa1d Ms. Powell "I really appreciated when she volunteered to help With gettmg a photo publication start&

Alexa Neely, 10

Mason Callahan, 10



L SG D WJ!hm seconds, Troy Black 12, stunned the crowd With a touchdown dunng the first play of the game agamst Taft. "I got outs1de and saw an openmg That s about II." sa1d Black. RIVER TRIP Michaela Kmg 10, goes to the Little Miam1 R1ver to take a closer look at the subjects shes learrung about m Mrs. Heileman s biology class.

Semors Tesla Lmkhart and N1ck Forward reach for the ball durmg a team bu!ldmg game at REDO, an event teachmg students about empathy and respectmg other students "It was good to get a grasp on what kmd of problems people are gomg through at school." sa1d Forward.

Sophomores A!Jy Campbell, Alexa Ritter, and Alicia Cooper, bnng awareness to the posmve effects of kindness by weanng the1r "Mean Sttnks" sh1rts. "This cause 1s liDportant to me because bemg mean really does hurt people." sa1d Cooper. "Jokes aren t always funny 1f they hurt.•

Wp ofm

08 Cheerleading 10 Football 12 Spirit 14 Band & Color Guard 16 Stressing Out 18 Girls Tennis 20 Cross Country 22 Golf 24 Homecoming 30 Volleyball 32 Boys Soccer 34 Girls Soccer 36 Work Hard 38 Fall Play Connor Johnson, 10, delivers a speech about the remembrance of World Wars I and II durmg our Veteran's Day Assembly. "I wanted to take the opportumty to show respect to the veterans. mcludmg my father," saJd Johnson. His father, Dave Johnson, served m the Air Force as a B10medJcal Research Off1cer from 1992¡1997. He was one of many veterans honored at the ceremony

I got my r t r taur nt ob workmg t Bob Evans I have to c ean the bathrooms I hate t jeffrey Konen, 11

co Grac1e Robbms 9

ALL SMILES K1m Jeffnes, 9, l1kes bemg challenged. "My coaches can be hard sometimes, but it's worth 1!," sa1d Jeffnes. ''They have great mput on everythmg and help me work harder to better myself." S' FOR SPARTANS Delaney Harmon, 9, gets the crowd gomg dunng a stunt. "Stuntmg 1s my favonte," sa1d Harmon. "You have to be t1ght and squeeze your muscles together If you don t, you II fall." LIFTING PEOPLE AND SPIRITS It s never too late to try somethmg new. Brooke Nap1er, 12, came out her semor year to cheer for the football team. "My favonte part of cheenng Fnday mghts is gettmg to be m front of the whole commumty and cheenng the boys on." Nap1er sa1d.

CHANGE CAN BE GREAT Alyson Goldsberry, 9, likes havmg the opportunity to cheer dunng Fnday night games th1s year. "It's a big change from cheenng 8th grade football," sa1d Goldsberry. "But overall, 1t s really excltmg because a lot more people show

The cheerleaders support the team by somet1mes weanng football Jerseys dunng home games. Sarah Montgomery, 9, asked to wear semor Brandon Mockabee s during the homecommg game. "It covers your face and gets m the way while tumbling," sa1d Montgomery. "But 1t s a longstandmg trad1t1on to wear them."

SETTING AN EXAMPLE S1erra Kmdred, 10, takes her JOb as a role model senously "The best thmg 1s seemg the little g1rls stand m front of me whlle I m cheenng, knowmg they look up to me," Kmdred sa1d. CL After every touchdown or f1eld goal, the cheerleaders do push-ups for each pomt scored. "It s fun to hear everyone cheenng you on and countmg With you," sa1d Abbie Muterspaw, 12. "It gets tmng, but 1t shows were more mvolved than JUSt your average squad."

Lead by senior captains Cody Brown, Bryce Linkous, and Jesse Jones, the Spartans took to the new turf field with high expectations. Brandon Philpot, the football coach and athletic director, stated the turf started being built in May. "I was in Frarnbes's geometry class when we heard the bulldozers start up," said Gavin Linkous, 10. "We all went straight

to the window to see the old grass field being ripped apart." The excitement spread throughout the school. "Our prayers had been answered," said Dillon Sarka, 12. "I was happy that I'd get to play on a field that wasn't filled with rocks." However, some of the students were concerned with the cost of the field.

"It can be used by football, soccer, band, track, or cheer," explained Philpot. "And it's always a lined and consistent surface condition, no matter the conditions " Many of the school's sports teams were able to take advantage of the new turf this year, and are optimistic about the benefits of the new field in future years.

"We ran a play on three and Taft jumped offsides and smacked me in the face, then we moved the ball up five yards and scored," said Logan Clawson, 12.

NEWJQ Coaches put James Mtller, 11, m as quarterback dunng the JV game agamst Frankhn. "I hadn t played quarterback mover a year, and gettmg that role is speCial to me." sa1d Miller. "It's what I wanted, and we had a pretty good game. We won."

A TOUGH GAME The Mass1e game was a tough loss for the Spartans With a score of 42·7. "I wanted nothmg more than to bnng home a ·w· and the paddle." said team captam, Cody Brown, 12. "The toughest part of the game was the feelmg of falhng behind."

Traditionally, the student section has a different theme for every football game. This year's seniors wanted to take a different approach and do something that everyone would remember. "We wanted to get more people involved and make it a fun time," said spirit organizer, Julie Slyby, 12 During the first game, students went all-out painting their bodies and wearing orange and black. When the crowd saw a bolt of lightening in the distance, the stands quickly cleared out But not the student sechon. They kept cheering. Those remaining in the student section were taken to the gym to wait out the storm.

Students played games and hung out with fans from Taft. "We played Duck, Duck, Goose with little kids and even got a dance-off going," said Kimberly Felumlee, 12. "They were much better dancers than we were. For sure." When the delay was over students returned to the stands, supporting the team until the last second. "We stayed until it was over to show that the student section is dedicated this year," said Lauren Osborn, 12. And dedicated they were. The student section continued to support the team with creative themes every week of the season.

SENOR NIGHT At the last home game, Juhe Slyby and Lauren Osborn, 12, chose to do a umque theme that would get everybody mvolved "We chose senor mght because we wanted 1t to be a tWist on the typical semor mght," sa1d Slyby. "We also brought sixty tacos to the game With us to hand out to the student sect1on."

CHEERING FOR CHASE Brooke Lezotte, 11, cheers on her boyfnend Chase StrueWJng, 11, dunng the b1g game. "I love cheenng him on because I love watchmg htm play. I don t know 1f It helps him, but I love holding my s1gn up and cheenng anyway," srud Lezotte.

At the Spielman game Cynthia James and Michaela Harman, 12, wore all the1r pmk apparel. "The Spielman game IS somethmg I look forward to every year, I love to wear pmk, and I love knowmg I'm supportmg people who need help," said James.

EAT TAD At the f1rst football game Logan Dyer 12, cheers on Justm Vostad, 12, by pamtmg h1s body With the words EAT TAD. "Justm IS my best friend and he always tears 11 up on the field," satd Dyer.

JUST ME •we all wanted to pamt our faces, but I was the only one who actually did 11," srud Luke Paxson, 12, about showmg h1s spmt at the first home football game. "I was tl)'lng to look hke the guy from the band KISS."

STOMP YOUR FEET "I really hke 1t when the student sect10n gets into It," srud Hunter Doepel, 10, about bemg m the stands. "When everyone JUmps up and down after a touchdown, I thmk 1t s really funny," saJd Doepel IT'S A BLUE·OUT "PartJclpatmg m the Mean Stmks game IS about standmg up for somethmg bigger than ourselves," said Carly Allen, 12 "We wanted to show our

THE BIG PARTY Floyd Croucher, 11, hfts his tuba m excitement for the f1rst home football game

Kailey Tate, 12, begms her semor year m band "Marching band IS kinda hke one b1g family and !love my band farmly," sa1d Tate. "I WISh the best of luck to the band m their shows to come.•

Two fnends, Samantha Dale, 9, and Amber Ford, 10, walt eagerly for the football players to come out on the field. •Amber made me JOin guard and I thought 1t would be fun to hit people With flags," said Dale.

What's your favorite thing about guard? p

0 H G "I hke how it feels to be performmg in front of people," sa1d Ton Rebert, 12.

MEMORIES MADE "Band camp and performmg make the best memones," satd Kirsten Cook, 10.

START WITH A BANG With fellow guard members, Abigail Dille, 10, performs at half-time. "Bemg part of the schools colorguard, I fmd the most mterestmg, enJoyable part of the show wasn t a specific song, but many rmxed m," satd Dille

COMPJlNIONSHIP Garrett Schroeder, II, talks to Lauren Slattery, 9, whtle wattmg to play. M11N IN CHARGE Ntck Young, II, prepares to lead the band. "It's a great honor, but a pam." satd Young, about bemg the bands conductor.

By Haley Price

What's it take for a marching band to sound perfect? Lots and lots of practice. The marching band and color guard compete in contests nearly every weekend throughout their season. The students must work hard for every performance, but who's the mastermind behind it all? Leslie Schleman, of course! According to Schleman, one of the hardest things about preparing is making sure everything is as clean as possible. "There's lots of repetition involved," said Schleman, about what it takes to be successful. This year, the band chose

DRUM ON Josh Hartman, 12, watches the conductor to help htm stay wtth the mUSIC

to perform various pieces from The Nightmare Before Christmas

soundrack, a stop-motion claymation directed by Tim Burton. "Contest is about going out, giving the best show you can, adapting to adverse conditions like weather, and also focusing on indiVIdual things," Kyle Briggs, 11, srud "Practices are a lot of repetition, so much that it becomes natural, like role stepping, proper posture, and having your music and sets memorized." The hard work of every person involved helps to make marching band an exciting and fun group experience.


Kyle Buflod, 11

Taylor Erickson, 9

Reagan Metzler, 10

Hunter Fetty, 10 Kristy Cartmell, 12

What stresses you out? How do you deal with your stress? Students explain how they do it.

Austin Bair, 9

Alexis Allen, 10

Tara Nix, 11

David Jeffries, 12

Tesla Linkhart, 12

EYE ON THE PRIZE Cass1e Lay, 12, knows how to keep her concentration She kept her head m the game throughout a four hour match "lt was only a loss by a few pomts, so I 11 never forget that," sa1d Lay.

Makayla F1tzharns, 11, enJoyed all the funny things that happened off the court "My favonte thmg was when we ended up m Kentucky on acc1dent." sa1d Fitzharns.

Kaltlyn Kelly, 11, pounces the ball to dehver a mean forehand "I've been working on my form all year and Its really commg together," said Kelly.

FRIENDLY RIVALRY Megan Eckley, 11, flmshed a phenomenal season by gomg 12 1. "My favonte match was when I beat my fnend Brooke from Preble Shawnee." sa1d Eckley.


The girls tennis team finished a season record of five wins eight losses. A main highlight of the season is partners Cassie Lay, 12, and Setzer, 12, won 4th in the

at noon and didn't get off

until after four," said Setzer. The match ended in a four point loss, but Setzer was happy with how she and her partner played. They finished the season with a 103 record in first doubles. Alex Kells, 12, and Kaity Kelly, 11, were partners for the second year in a row. "We continued to work together throughout the season and were able to improve," Kells said.


Despite struggles on and off the court, the girls tennis team was able to pull through the season. "Everyone made it past the first round of sectionals, which probably hasn't happened in a while," said Setzer. "So we ended the season on a positive note."


FIN S By Hannah Bone & Alexa Neely

"Running, mind-over-body, more running, and good spaghetti," said Connor Johnson, 10 To cross the finish line of a painstaking and strenuous race, this is what Johnson needs. Nick Young, 11, had a rough first practlce. "It was a realization of how out of shape I was," said Young. "Making it to the finish line is harder than you would think."

Jake Trapp, 11, deals with the pain and pressure by keeping the right mindset. Before a race, Trapp says positive messages to himself such as "I'm going to beat the person next to me " Cross country requires a tremendous amount of strength and perseverance of the mind and body.

LOSE SOMETHI G? Kyle Boggeln, 10, pictured With Tara Todd, 9, at the Kettermg Fa1rmont meet, where he lost h1s shoe m the m1ddle of the race. "I was a httle surpnsed when the shoe fell off and even more surpnsed when another runner retrieved It for me." sa1d Boggeln. ENDING THE SEASON The guys prepare for the start of their last meet. "I felt relieved and proud of my efforts throughout the season." satd Chnstlan Z1daroff,


Fl INTENSITY "It takes runmng every day, up to fifty miles a week," sa1d Alison Coleman, II The trammg and ded1cat1on that goes mto bemg as successful as Coleman couldn't be more mtense.

GRANDMA'S HOUSE Jake Trapp, 11, runs over the nver and through the woods to the f1msh lme he goes. Th1s happens to be a common reference throughout the team. After all of that runmng, Wlll he be able to make 1t to Grandma's

Bnan Evans 11 and N1ck Young 11 race to the flmsh w1th only one 'hmg on thmr mmds 'Wha• am I qettmg at Wendy s?" sa1d Evans The team would always go to Wendy's after a meet to fuel up for the long nde home

NECI{ AND NECK Jessica Gill, 9, and Morgan Lowmg, 10, run neck-and-neck at the Xenia Christian meet.

The g1rls hold the1r th1rd place team trophy. Accordmg to Emily Gill, 12, the secret to success is to JUSt keep running

Ian Parry, 10, pushes through the meets by tellmg h1mself poslt1ve affirmations. "You have the ability to do it, but you must constantly tell yourself that," Parry shared his secret m hope to help others as well as himself.

GREAT FORM V1ctona Wilson, II, tees off. LIFE IS ROUGH Gettmg m the rough IS not always the easiest thmg to get out of. Trevor Johnson. ll, demonstrates how 1t s done. "The best way to get out of the rough IS With a lot of pract1ce and composure," sa1d johnson. BROWNS RUN Chloe Riddle, 11, had an outstandmg performance at Brown's Run InVItational. She fimshed second place. ALL GOLD EVERYTHING jack Blair, 11, makes clup shots look easy. 'Normally people don t put them m the hole from the fairway," sa1d Blau. 'But I consistently did that thiS year •

Paige Wllms, 10, started golfmg after bloWing her knee out playtng basketball. "I used to suck. PuttPutt was a challenge for me,¡ satd W1lms. "But over the past two years I've gotten a lot better. The hardest part is acceptmg what you've shot and dealing with it."

PERFECTION By Ryan Hartshorn

Lead by Coach Stupp and Coach Hale, the Spartan boys golf team finished with a record of 5-1 in league matches, and fourth overall in the league. One highlight of the season was their riveting match against Carlisle. The boys needed a score of 48 to win.

It came down to Kyle Fowler, 11, who gave Waynesville the lead and secured a victory with his score of


"I wasn't sure I was taking the winning putt," said Fowler. "I was just playing my game." The Lady Spartans finished with a record of 3-6, and became very

close during the season. Between ice cream after practice and singing loudly together on long van rides, the girls developed a strong bond "When we went to get pizza after sectionals, it was just a great moment for us as a team," said Chloe Riddle, 11.

WHATSUP? Logan Murray, 11, lightens the mood on the course

THE BEST PUTI'ER Enc Gallagher 12, has played golf all four years of htgh school "It's really calmmg to be out there m a beautiful place, to relax after a stressful day," sa1d Gallagher.

PERFORMING UNDER PRESSURE Kyle Fowler, 11, saved the day agrunst Carlisle when thmgs got t1ght. "To get a VICtory, I had to come m With a score better than my best to win," said Fowler

TRUMPETS FOREVER Jarred Leestma, 12, and Dylan Helton, 12, have a good laugh together at the pep rally. "We have been fnends smce s1xth grade band," said Leestma. "We were both trumpets and that's how we met."

THE CROWD GOES WILD The football team cheers for Coach Jordan and Elijah Wheeland, 12, to secure their first place victory m the pep rally dance competition. "Elijah is one of my best friends and Jordan is one of the best coaches," sa1d Hunter Brown, 10. "I thought they were hilariOus.•

HOT DIGGITY DOG Tiffany Glascoe, 11, and Taylor Burchfield, 11, both dressed up as Mmme Mouse for D1sney Day. Tytus Collms, 12, dressed up as somethmg more unusual. "I like to be mdependent. I thought a hot dog was pretty mdependent," explamed Collms.

CHRISTMAS IN SEPTEMBER Waynesville s two honorary Christmas trees, Julie Slyby, 12 and Cynthta James 12, show off thetr spmt on Holiday Day "I f1gured no one was gonna be a Christmas tree, so I became a Chnstmas tree," sa1d james.

SUPER STUDENT D1sgU1sed as her alter ego, Karle1 Wilms, 10, protects our school from the evlls of geometry and creat1ve wntmg

OHDARLA1 Bnttany Jones, 12, was truly m character on D1sney Day when she dressed up as Darla from Fmdmg Nemo. "Ftshy, why are you sleepmg?" satd jones.


When I heard Elijah Wheeland's name I was so happy, but when I heard my name I couldn't stop smiling, said Marissa Caldwell, 12.




Morg"'ln V gel, 11 tepp d n as Sparty for Domemc Pardon, 12, who was on Homecommg court. "I was embarrassed to do It," srud Vogel. "I literally thought I was gomg to fall on my face runmng WJth the flag.•

Jacob Oakes, 10, wore white to symbolize his sophomore spmt.

SNAP IT Eh Elton, 11, about to snap the ball to Bryce Linkous, 12.

THE GAME PLAN Coach Jordan, Donald Moore, 12, and Jake Arnold, 12 discuss the game plan that will lead to WayneSVIlle s victory over Carlisle

By Jake Van Atta

Waynesville and Carlisle were set to square off on the new turf, but it wasn't like any other Friday night. It was the Homecoming game, and it was a battle against former allies for Jacob Arnold, 12, and Coach Jordan. Arnold transferred to Waynesville last year, but played on Carlisle's football team during his 9th and lOth grade years. Playing his old team was

something Arnold had to do. "It was weird, but it was for the best. It was a game I had to win," said Arnold. Coach Jordan's ties to Carlisle run even deeper. "It's always fun to play Carlisle, because it's my Alma Mater," said Jordan. "I have a lot of friends who live there and some that coach for Carlisle now." Despite this, Jordan's Spartan pride does not appear to be

diminished. "This year was especially fun for the Spartans because we were able to get a victory on Homecoming," Jordan said. The crowd seemed to agree with Coach Jordan. After the traditional presentation of the Homecoming court and an exciting game, their cheers and yelling left a ringing in the air even after the stands were cleared.

Lex1 Allen, 10, and V1ctona Byerly, 12, work tirelessly helpmg Courtney, the sports tramer, at every game. "My favonte part of bemg a tramer 1s Fnday rught games, football practices, and makmg fnends With the players and other tramers." said Byerly, "Its JUSt so much fun•¡

"I got my phone stolen, so 11 wasn t fun. Thankfully I found 1t on the ground when the lights turned on, but the memory card was gone; I couldn't call or text anyone." NOAH PRICE, 10 "My boyfnend and I started a congo !me and all our fnends JOmed even people we didn't know. For once It d1dn t matter how silly we all looked " MEGAN JORDAN, 10 "I love dancmg to the Cha-Cha Slide." JUSTIN VOSTAD, 12

·r enJoyed dancmg the most. A standout moment was when a couple in my group broke up dunng dmner." ALLY CAMPBELL, 10

"The crowded mosh p1t m the center of the dance floor IS always a good t1me." TAYLOR BURCHFIELD, 11 "Whtle eatmg before the dance at Carraba s, Mr Hamen randomly appeared and started talking to us." MICHAEL GOOD, 10 "Dressmg up m a new dress and gettmg my ha1r and make up done." RILEIGH DEAN, 12 "Our group went to Ohve Garden and the wa1ter lost our food so we didn't get dmner." COURTNEY TITUS, 10 "I liked that everyone was dressed up because we don t have formal thmgs hke that m SWitzerland • MARA COLLARCO, 11


... '. : .. ..

.·.· .. .. .. .. ~

1 Sydm Stanley, 9 & Dora Vrettos, 9

10 Dylan Goldsberry, 12 & Mitchell Sexton, 12

2 Coltm Perry, 10 & his date

11 Ronm Smith, 10 & Tara Todd, 9

3 Joshua Hartman, 12 & Knsty Cartmell, 12 4 Sydney Austm. 11 & Brooke Lezotte, 11

12 Chase Struewmg, 11 & Nathan H1les, 11

5 Bryce Hopwood,12 & LlVla Gillum, 10 6 W.Jham Evans,12 & Gwen Johnson, 12

14 Megan Jordan, 10 & Bnan Blalr, 10

7 Haley Pnce, 10 & Matllyn Hubbell, 10 8 Alyssa Williams, 10

& Grant Turner, 10 16 Alex1s Borgert, 10 & her date

9 Mad1e Suttman, 12 & Mary Van Alta, 12

17 Abb1e Muterspaw, 12 & her date

13 Madeleme Bracke, 11 15 Ryan L1pmski, 10 joshua Stephens, 10

18 Taylor Burkholder, 10 & Shelb1 Campbell, lO

SETUP The boys second set victory durmg the Volley for the Cure game was all a scam "We felt bad, so we let the boys wm one," said Bnanna Barton, 10. LEADING THE TEAM Shelby Worthmgton, 1 I , 1s always up for a challenge. "It's the best when you re considered the underdog, but pull through." said Worthmgton.

SPARTAN PRIDE Andrea Fish, 12, takes pnde m her team. "I m proud of what we accompliShed this season," said F1sh.

TEAMWORK The entlre team put forth an mcred1ble effort to beat the boys dunng the Volley for a Cure fundra1ser R.EJ\DY TO SERVE Lmdsey Magato, 10, shows tremendous focus. "We fimshed third m the league and put up great fights agamst our two toughest opponents," srud Magato.


Serve, pass, set, hit, and dig your way into what is this year's #SpartanSpandex. The girls' volleyball team ended their 2014 season with a record of eight wins, and only four losses in the SWBL. One of the girls' most exciting victories happened at horne during Volley for the Cure against a group of senior boys.

The girls started off the game strong winning the first set. The boys, now determined to win, squeezed in a victory in the second set. After a close third set, the girls carne back to win, showing off their teamwork and intensity. Not only is it a fun event, but it also raises money for a good cause.

ALL PAID OFF Holly Teeters, 12, fmished her last season as lst for servmg m the SWBL. "It was pretty excitmg knowmg that all the hard work paid off," said Teeters. "I ve been plaYing smce 7th grade.•

GNING IT YOUR ALL Usmg all his effort to save the ball, Dylan Goldsberry, 12, stretches to keep 1t inbounds. "I thmk I improved my semor year and could see a big change in myself throughout h1gh school," said Goldsberry.

Dillon Sarka, 12, flies down the field. 'Its a great feeling to score a goal," sa1d Sarka. 1 gets the crowd excited and boosts the morale of the team

Jacob Spitznogle, 12, always seems to keep the mood of the team upbeat With his humor.

FLYING HIGH Josiah Parrish, 12, soanng through the a1r as he rockets the ball off his head to h1s teammate. "Somellmes I jump too h1gh and the ball hits my face," sa1d Parrish.


In the highlight of their season, the WHS boys' soccer team dominated in their tournament game against their rival, Oakwood. Starting off, Oakwood scored the first goal. The minor setback was not going to get the Spartans down. They came back to score two goals, back-to-back. Playing under the lights, with the crowd bringing some life to the game, the team was able to keep fighting for a win. Will Gourley, 12, said, "It's amazing playing in such an intense game. The adrenaline that rushes through you is crazy."

Corning towards the end of the game, Oakwood scored to tie it up. It was now time for penalty kicks. The first set ended scoreless but in the next, the whole season changed for the better. "I took a deep breath, kicked the ball, and fell to my knees. I couldn't believe what had just happened," said Gourley. Gourley made the game winning shot. The whole team was thrilled. "It was just a huge relief after a hard fought game and a once in a lifetime experience," said Brett Grismer, ll.

r M

STAYING IN THE GAME "The sinker for Preble Shawnee had the ball and was commg forward," said Alex Baldwin, 9. "I tned to keep the ball in by passing II to the left m1dfielder "

PROTECTING OUR GAME Having a good eye on the ball helps Justm Fowler, 12. defend the net.

M1chael Good, 10, smted up WJth his headband and florescent cleats. "I want to show personality out on the field and stand out."

CONCENTRATION Benjamin Muth, 9, boots the ball back down field, hoping to help the JV squad score.



WALKING ON GRASS "I play soccer because Its my favonte sport There IS nothmg hke that extra quarter mch of height and the feehng of grass beneath your cleats," says Katie Feldmann, 9. PRESSURE COOKER The pressure of a defender can sometimes be too much to handle "I am a defender, there IS always h1gh pressure. If I mess up, 11 could cost a goal, detnmental or not, 1t s still a goal," sa1d Reagan Metzler, 10. FUN MOMENTS There are a lot of hghthearted moments when you re a part of a team. "Morgan Vogel falhng down when she tned to throw the ball m." sa1d Brook Lezotte, 11, was the funruest moment MOTIVATION ¡coach H had the b1ggest 1mpact on me because she motivated me not only as an athlete, but as a person, and I beheve that s truly the JOb of a coach," sa1d Kenz1e Gompf, 10. ITS A PLEASURE "Its a game fuLl of technical sklll, mental strength, and phys1cal endurance that makes 1t both a challenge and a pleasure to play." sa1d Katie Mack, 12 FINAL SEASON "Bemg a part of th1s team has made me come to reahze how much I Ll m1ss the game I ve always loved to play," satd Emlly Gtll,

12. CRYBABIES Lexie Adams, 12, showed no mercy when playtng GreenVJew. "My favonte moment was maklng Greenview cry m the tournament," said Adams. CO TI 0 "If the game wasn't a challenge, I wouldn't want to play." satd Alexa Neely, 10. The dnve to wm helps each mdtvidual player perform her best. mcludmg Alexa, as she makes her Nay down the fteld

By Alexa Neely

Girls Soccer knows all about what 1t means to be a team. Through countless hours spent at practices and games, this team became a family, making many memories along the way. The memories are what make players come back year after year. "Sneaking away from conditioning to get ice cream with Alexa, Reagan, and Katie was the best," said Julie Slyby, talking about one of her favorite moments

of the season. Bonding with the team doesn't just happen off the field. Haley Schrock's, 9, favorite moment of the season happened on the field. "I took a corner kick, and Taylor Ritter scored on it," said Schrock. The girls finished a successful season with a record of 12-5-l. Their team proves that with hard work, any goal is possible.

Julie Slyby, 12, throws the ball m to her teammate. "My team dnves me to be the best I can be." sa1d Slyby. "When I see everyone givmg 110%, it makes me want to do my best for both me and my team."

"One of my fnends that entertamed me wh1le working was Ton Rebert Seemg her talk to the customers that came to the band booth was deflmtely a mood lifter," sa1d Stephens

"I had to get down to the festival at f1ve m the mornmg to dehver supplies to the chamber booth I took 1ce and whatever else they needed to get set for the day"

Josh Stephens, 10 Ben Crafton, 10

Cole Durham, 9

"I worked m the Apple Flappm booth With the m1ddle school teachers peehng all the apples so they could keep the fiappms commg to raiSe money for the rruddle school "

"Its nerve-racking because so many people are there to see you but as soon as you start performmg, the nervousness goes away Nothmg else really matters."

Carlie Fravel, 11

"I sold baked goods for commumty service hours, and worked wtth my fnend, Savannah. We laughed a lot and have tons of ins1de jokes from that day."

"Th1s was the fust year I went to the festival. I was m the booth most of the t1me, but I had fun working m the bakery and mformat1on booths •

Savannah Godfrey, 10

"I worked two shifts sellmg Pohsh sausages and bean soup. Slow moments m the booth were pretty rare It was to offset the cost of Boyscout camp •

Kyle Boggeln, 10

"I needed commumty serVIce hours. Plus dependmg on the booth you work, you can usually get some free food •

George Ryan, 11

"I like working the soccer booth. We always have a good time making soft pretzels and cream puffs, to raise money for new Jerseys •

Rhianna Powell, 10

"Ra1smg money for cheerleadmg 1s our mam goal, but eatmg left over kettle corn 1s a close second," sa1d Nap1er.

Courtney Titus, 10 Brooke Napier, 12

"Who doesn't like to walk around, try different foods, and look at all the unique booths?" said Taylor Burchfield, 11. Each student has a different response as to what the best part of the festival is, but one thing is for sure, there are unlimited ways to make the Sauerkraut Festival an enjoyable time for everyone involved. The festival is filled with endless things to do. Vistors and locals are able to stroll through hundreds of booths and shops, spend time with friends, work to raise money for teams or organizations, and indulge themselves in the delicious tastes and smells of the festival foods.

"If I could change one thing it

would be the line for the doughnuts," said Kyle Boggeln, 10 The festival attracts thousands of people to our typically unknown antique capital of the Midwest. There are vendors from all of the lower 48 states. "I love this time of year. Friends come horne from college and we get to hang out, eat, and catch up," said senior, Lauren Osborn. "And the doughnuts are totally worth the wait. Or weight."

By logan Clawson & Jesse Jones

Grant Turner, 10, plays on hts phone before curtam "Bemg on my phone 1s JUSt my way of gettmg relaxed," satd Turner

Ton Rebert, 12, Jokes around Wlth Garrett Schroeder, 11, to try and relieve some of the backstage Jitters. "I like to g1ve my own kind of mot1vat10nal speeches, and to embarrass myself," satd Rebert.

Carly Allen, 12, receives her broken flower from Mr. Hamen durmg openmg mght. "It was defmltely emotional knoWlng 1t was my last show," srud Allen "I would totally do the musical but I can't because I play softball."

NOT A MONSTER jacob VanAtta, 10, applymg the fmal touches to his stage makeup "It s kmda awkward, but 1f I don t do 1t, I look hke Slenderman on stage!" srud VanAtta

Luke Stone, 11, makes sure ills makeup IS on pomt before gettmg his costume "Nerves are easy to deal Wlth untll the very last second," sa1d Stone. "You can tell yourself you 11 do fme up to the last few seconds."

"Ashley works mcredtbly hard for me," satd Ms. Barton.



"You re our ftrst student of the month wtth blue hair!" exclatmed Mr. Gebhardt.

Ashley Powell, 10

DECEMBER "I would choose Katie every month," said Mrs. Montgomery "Shes one of the best kids ever!"

"I nommated Cohen for his work ethtc, positive attitude, and Willingness to always help anyone and everyone, "said Mrs. Phillips.

"She IS totally motivated by her future goals," said Ms. JoE ·reda

Katelyn Howard, 12

Cohen Koch, 9



Semors, Lmdsey Darling and Mollie Northern, pose for the camera at Winter Formal. "Even though hke no one showed up, me and my closest friends still danced all mght," said Darling.

CHRI TMA CONC RT Luke Stone, 11, and Caroline Wteland, 9, perform Chnstmas carols at the Winter choir concert. "It s my first year smgmg at Waynesville, but I've been m choir all my hfe," said Stone • I m probably gomg to smg at Waynesville Idol, too." QUIZ TEAM WINS AGlUN Bryce Hopwood, 12, celebrates a pomt dunng a qUiz team match "When answenng the questions, you never know when you re gomg to randomly know something you dtdn t know you knew." LEARNING POKEMON Garrett Schroeder, 11, tea hes ....auren Slattery, 9, how to play Pokemon dunng ETEH "Garrett made my deck for me, but I also bought my favonte Pokemon cards, Manll and Azumanll," said Slattery. "Those were my two favonte when I started plaj'lng the VIdeo game."

I hked al the snow days that we had •rus year Logan Moore, 11

I went skunq at Perfect North but I wou dn t calltt sJamg because I was on my butt 9 of the t me Alex Williams 10

42 Unique Sports 44 Wrestling 46 Trends 48 Pets 50 Girls Basketball 52 Boys Basketball 54 Helping Out 56 Swimming 58 Competition Cheer

PEP BAND Morgan Lowe, 9, plays h1s saxophone at a home basketball game. "It's a fun thmg to do," sa1d Lowe. "I love the music we play. And I have a great t1me With everyone cheenng on the basketball team."

J red Moon and I stayed up untll f v m the morn.ng play:~ng pmg po g It got pretty compet1t1ve • Dylan Goldsberry, 12

One time dunng basketball practice, Aubrey Rams tnpped and fel There was nothing m her way so she blamed 1t on the lines Kourtney Rentz, 9

Tlus Winter I was my cousm s JUngle gym As soon as ; sat down he was umpmg on me Ryan Nelson. 9

WHY DO YOU LIKE TO SNOWBOARD? Its c 1t d a gre. 1y meet new people I like the freedom of 1t. There s no rules telhng me what I can and cant do. I like how you can be creatiVe m your ndmg and have your own style I'm always lookmg for new ways to do thmgs.

HOW GOOD ARE YOU? u a.. y ·nend. I m the only one who ndes park, or bas1cally what you would see m the X Games. I don t want to sound cocky but 1m the best I've been domg th1s smce I was fiVe WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO? Sc• y Lag· He g me

SNOW & SKATEBOARDING y--================-~

YOU ALSO SKATEBOARD? Yeilt Y 1u and y ;e, n It takes more practiCe to be good at 1t than snowboardmg. When you fall, you fall on hard ground I ve gotten concussions domg both.

FISHING WHY DO YOU LIKE TO FISH? It relaxes me and Jets me forget about life for a while. WHAT GOT YOU INTO IT? When I was htlle my great grandma would always take me and 11 was then that I dec1ded I love lt.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? 1rd 1b · :'he Stre' gth Lab ., I Wilmmgton from a fnend. After a couple years they started havmg competitions. They asked me if I'd be mterested in competmg m one, and I said yes. WHAT HAPPENS AT COMPETITION? N• .gl n r a wC~y th;\1 y 1 b put mto your class, then you dec1de on what your startmg we1ght will be for each 11ft you do. For me, 1t s 235 lbs. for bench and 445 lbs for dead lift.

Y .

WHATSNEXT? Ke• p tram.ng Whenever I m free for a couple weeks, I look for a competltlon to s1gn up for. I have a compet1t1on conung up m june. It s a h1gh school football meet.


ARCHERY WHY DO YOU LIKE ARCHERY? "I hl'e It b au e .t 1 ·hallengmg and reqmres patience. There's a special satisfaction when you hit your target. WHO PUSHES YOU TO BE BE1TI'ER? My step-dad He ves tl e outdoors, and I enJOY spendmg time with him out there. DO YOU HUNT? Yeah When I m t..p ., re and Its a lot more difficult. I haven t shot anythmg yet, but when I'm huntmg and see a deer 1t makes my heart race. Th1s was my first year huntmg With a bow, so I hope to get somethmg soon.

ALL-STAR CHEERL£ADING WHY DID YOU START CHEERING ALL-STAR? We 1v• J ve• e re 1n take new fnends, and because I feel hke I can be more fierce. FAVORITE PLACE YOU'VE VISITED? Lou v·. e. ~'h :e were a buncl. ,f fc. nous cheerleaders there WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO MOST? en Cr e Sne 1 very humb.e per n and she's a Chnstlan hke me, and very respectful. She's a level five, too. She can do double fulls, wh1ch IS the hardest type of tumblmg

WHERE DO YOU DANCE AT? I or• e Ac1de •y We have a rec1talm june and normally compete three to four times a year. WHA'l"S YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF DANCE? Lyr. '1. 1 •e •P e .'I t n. x betw 'i 1e1 nd ,azz, but Its more emotional. I don't want to necessanly say 1t s sad Its about gomg With the story of the song. It could be happy But 1t's more graceful and flowy

DO YOU COMPETE? : n tn n ng to :np e. mvolves a lot of card1o, a lot of weight hftmg, and a lot punchmg stuff. I've been domg th1s for about a year now HOW HAVE YOU MADE PROGRESS? ve pr •ved by knoWing what punches to catch and what punches to throw. I've Improved my stance to help keep me from gettmg punched m the face. WHA'l"S THE HARDEST PART? ., t de• l ve n n It ~ drd to not wear out really fast

EQUESTRIAN r· the oruy real p •rt .n wruch Y' u compete mdiVIdually With a partner. All of my horses are completely dtfferent Mare's are hormonal hke women and geldmgs tend to be quite lazy and stubborn. I also hke ndmg horses because no nde 1s the same. The horse could fhp rout at any moment My favonte omp t t '1 • Eng! sh Eq 1ta' on I reqmres focus and commumcatlon to correctly pertorm patterns g1ven by a Judge. You have to control your horse m a certam manner.

C mn mcc.. g " qu etly s p• ..ble With an ammal that doesn t understand you verbally and has a complete mmd of 1ts own. Mtm's are hornble. They sort of have a Napoleon complex. Because they re small, they get away With everything

"Unlike any other sport, if you win the ref lets everyone know by picking up your arm and showing the crowd," said A very Collins, 9.

Gettmg h1s head nght 1s somethmg that Senior, Tytus Collins, does before every match. ¡r JOke around Wlth my coach and my brother so that I'm not nervous; srud Collins.

FOOD ON THE BRAIN Semor, josh Martm, prepares to feast on his opponent. "When my coach tells me exactly what to do and I do 11, I get food after the match," sa1d Martm.

This year, on the wrestling scene, the individual wrestlers put forth their best efforts to finish out a great season. There were three district qualifiers: Josh Martin, Travis Foster, and Tytus Collins. Collins accomplished many feats this year. He became a two-time sectional champion, a three-time district qualifier, and was team captain.

His claim to fame , though, was his lOOth career win as a WHS wrestler. He ended up with 115 wins, 5th in Waynesville history. As he looks back on the season he says, "It has gone by quicker than all the rest, but it has been the most memorable." The future looks bright for Spartan Wrestling. Freshman Avery Collins finished out the season with a record of 17-10.

Sophomore, Travis Foster, ended the season with another winning record of 2421. Graduating from a program is an emotional and proud moment. Senior Josh Martin had a final record of 19-14. About his achievements, Martin said, "It's a great feeling to see that all the hard work I put in through this season, and seasons past, paid off."

Bethany Barnhorst, 9

"My style IS very preppy I buy most of my clothes from J Crew and Ralph Lauren •

Megan Sims, 12

Josh Rush, 12

Luke Paxson, 12

be my style as

btofldon p g


Logan Dyer, 12

"I went over to Chnstme s house to help her WJth a photo proJect for school. Her fam1ly ra1ses chickens for eggs. BLAKE HANKINS, 10

"When I was m second grade, I got off the bus and my mom was wa1tmg for me at the bus stop WJth a dog. She sa1d she was JUSt watchmg the ne1ghbor's dog, but a few days later she told me Onna was ours to keep " JOSEPHINE MURRAY, 9

"His name 1s Caruzm Clark. He san AppendiX (half quarter horse, half thoroughbred). The funmest IS when } unlatched the gate and he pushed 1t the rest of the way He reared up, I sltd off the back, and hnded on my feet •


WHS students explain how animals are a part of their lives. "The funniest thmg IS when she faceplants. When my dog jumps her legs aren't qmte long enough to land. L1teraJly, her legs are tiny " AMBER FORD, 10

"Her name IS Mae, but her registered name IS May Go, May Not. I love going to the rodeos WJth her and competing in contestmg classes. but I aJso love gomg on trail ndes WJth my fnends " AUBREY RAINS, 9

The first WJnter we had Bella we had to shovel paths through the snow so she could waJk around. She kept gettmg stuck in the snow because she was so smaJI." ERIC GALLAGHER, 12

"Whenever my door IS open he comes mto my room. I usuaJly don't like h1m m my room, so I hteraJly throw him out And when I don t close my door completely, he opens 1t and comes back inside." MARA COLLARCO, 11

"Th1s 1s black rat snake that currently hves at Caesar Creek Nature Center He was donated to the Nature Center m September by a woman named Lesa, who had hand ra1sed h1m from b1rth. She decided to name the snake Caesar because 1t was her plan to donate Caesar for educauonaJ purposes." BRIAN BLAIR, 10

"The fust thing that comes to mmd IS the momma goat, Lyd1a, because they d1dn t thmk she would ever be able to have bab1es. She ended uo havmg tnplets." BAILEE ACHARD, 10

•once when I had h1m out of h1s cage while I was cleamng 1t, he Jumped off the counter and hid m the corner. It took me a couple hours t< .nd Lm." MALIA HALL, 9

"Pap1 has done so many funny thmgs One time we were laYing on my bed and he wanted his tummy rubbed He rolled over, but he rolled off the bed on accident' Also, h1s failed attemots of JUmpmg onto the sofa are h1la SARAH VAN HOOSE, 9

"Lucy 1s small and really smart. She IS smart because she figures everythmg


THE BEAUTIFUL GAME Everyone looks for somethmg to get out of the sports that they play Katherine Feldmann, 9, explamed, "For me, basketball 1sn t a sport that you should JUSt play, but a sport that you should get JOY out of."

DEFINITION OF SUCCESS Freshman L1ana Webb's definitiOn of success speaks to her own expenences. "It's deternuned by not onJy how hard you work, but by how much you want 1t," Webb said.

APART OF ME "Taking a year off made me realize how important basketball was to me," scud Taylor Ritter, 9. "I have played for so long that basketball has become part of my

life •

By Dillon Sarka


/t's fun to be able to play against such amazing competition~ said Aubrey Rains~ 9.


For the WHS girls basketball team this year, age was truly just a number. They carne into the season with only two upperclassmen, Marissa Caldwell, 12, and Kami Purkey, 11. "We all get along so well; sometimes I don't realize that I'm the only senior," Caldwell said. They started off the season strong, with two key wins over nonconference teams. In light of the success, disaster hit quickly as the team dropped seven of their next ten games. It seemed that everyone was done trying, and the season looked to be in shambles.

Every season changing story has to start somewhere, and for the girls, it started January 17. A crucial win over the Polar Bears of Northridge, sparked a six game winning streak, including a very special win over longtime rival, Madison. "Everyone was jumping around full of excitement; we couldn't believe we had beat them," said Olivia Paxson, 9. This year the girls learned a lesson that no coach can teach; being a team is important, not only in games, but also in the success and comeback of a program.

MY FAVORITE PART Haley Schrock, 9, gets some time on the court "The best part 1s seemg the sm1le on my coach s face after a wm.•

UPS AND DOWNS Sydm Stanley, 9, summed up the season by saytng 1t was like bemg on a roller coaster. "The first couple of weeks were ternble, but then we started playtng as a team, leadmg us to a rune game wmrung streak." SHOOT TO SCORE Bnanna Barton, 10, prepares to shoot, but IS already thmkmg about what happens next. "Every time I shoot the ball, I know I have to get back on defense m case I m1ss," sa1d Barton. HEAD IN THE GAME Havmg all of one's self mvested mto a game IS a pnnc1ple M1kayla Schrmdt, 10, takes to heart. "I spite Oakwood, and that made me crave v1ctory more than anythmg. And m the end, we got the WJTl • ~a1d Schmidt

Having a new coach this year brought out many changes for the basketball team. "I knew we would have to play more defense and run a true offense, opposed to our fast-break offense," said Troy Black, 12. Losing some key players from last year's team hurt, but they were up for the challenge. They started preparing in the summer by lifting with the football team, followed by an open gym. The players also went to a few college camps and summer tournaments. "All the work we put in over the summer gave us a good idea of how good we could be," said Eli

Morris, 10. The season overall did not go as well as some of the players wanted it to. "It was a rough season, but it made us all better and helped us grow as people," said Beau Caplinger, 11. Everything the team prepared for was not just for this season. The coach was looking ahead at the upcoming years, making sure sophomores like Noah Price and Kyle Leis saw varsity time. Coach Arlinghaus is doing his best to form a strong team that will be unbeatable in the future.

WHY YOU PLAY We all have our own reason on why we play sports. "I started plaYing basketball when I was e1ght and contmued to play because I loved playmg With my fnends,• sa1d Mitchell Sexton, 12.

STARTING VARSITY "Startmg varsity as a sophomore means the world to me. I have worked so hard my entue ilfe to get to where I am today and 1t has defuutely prud off," sa1d Cory Clark. 10. NEW COACH NEW SEASON With a new coach commg m th1s year, a lot of players were uneasy Noah Pnce was one of those players. "I wasn t sure how the new coach would affect me, but he has shown me how to work harder, play better, and overall how to be a better person," sa1d Noah Pnce, 10.

WHATS IN YOUR GYM BAG? "My gym bag contams my shoes, goggles, and my goggle cleaner." J11STIN FOWLER, 12

"I have my shoes, Jersey, headphones, cologne, and water." PAUL HABERMEHL, 9

"My basketball shoes, Gatorade, beats, money, gum, cologne, body spray, and arm/leg sleeves." GRIFFIN COOK, 10

'My gym bag conststs of B1ofreeze, my phone charger shoes, gum. and AXE spray." KYLE LEIS, 10


How do you serve our school community? How does it make you feel? Students explain what they do.

By Jacob Van Atta VVhatiss~g?

To most, swimming is splashing around. But to the swim team it's so much more. "VVhen you're at practice in the water, you have to continually push yourself to go faster," said Adyson Camp,lO. Swimming is dryland practices, twenty plus laps, and, in the words of coach Veronica, "Keeping your chin down!" But it's worth it when you get to a meet. "It makes me feel really proud when I get a new time," explained Sidney Thomson, 10. "It's fun and awesome."

Overall, this year was incredible as far as records are concerned. James Kelley, 11, set a record for the lOOm Backstroke. "It takes a lot of hard work during the year," said Kelley. Breaking records is not the only thing that happens in swimming. Nearly every night before a meet, everyone would gather for a calorie-packed dinner. Teammates would bond over games of Cards Against Humanity, Go Fish, and Halo. "We're able to have fun and become more of a family," said Riley Gabbard, 10.

BU'ITERFLY "I love the butterfly because 1t s challengmg and makes me work harder," saJd jacob VanAtta, 10. "Every time I swtm a race With good form, 1t makes me feel hke I have accomplished somethmg great."

nRSTYEAR "I dec1ded to do swtmmmg th1s year because Max kept buggmg me to do 1t," sa1d Bryan Evans, 11. "I thought 1t would be a lot of fun. My favonte part IS when we play sharks and mmnows. •

A NEW EXPERIENCE "I dec1ded to JOin the sWJm team because I wanted to try somethmg new and I d1dn't wanna get fat," sa1d Mara Collarco. 11.

"My favonte stroke IS freestyle because that s what I have my fastest time m. • TARA NIX, 11

"My favonte stroke would have to be the butterfly because Its the most difficult one to lear.. MICHAEL GOOD, 10

"My favonte stroke to SWim 1s the backstroke because you can breathe the entire time and 1t g1ves you a good leg workout." JAMES KELLEY, 11

joey Parr.sh, Rhianna Powell. Kar1ei Wilms and Ian Parry enJOY kickmg the1r feet up after a meet. "I love haVIng movmg mghts and team meals. It s awesome to get together and JUSt hang out as a team." sa1d Karle· Wilms. 10.

"Being a part of a team is being a part of something bigger than yourself." This is a motto that WHS cheer lives by. This year started out as a struggle. After losing eight seniors, it was time for the new squad to come together and get the job done. The girls had hard work and determination on their side, propelling them into the fast-paced season.

Rebuilding a program is a difficult process. The girls started working in July to prepare for the competition season, and things didn't fully start to fall into place until January. It was a turning point for the ladies ofWHS Cheer. At the OAC State competition, the girls took home second place in their division. The SWBL League competition was where the girls

really shined this year. Coach Tammy Burchfield was thrilled with their achievements. "My proudest moment was at the league championship where the girls took first place m cheer and second in dance. They beat squads that had previously edged them out. That's why our phrase this year has been, 'It's not how you start, it's how you finish,' "said Burchfield.

"Hearing the crowd go crazy and getting the huge adrenaline rush was unreal. I love all the new stunts and dance moves. Seeing how excited the team gets never gets old," said Samantha Spires, 11.

League was a btg day. "Winnmg that league tttle and being able to say we beat Dtxie was the best feehng m the world," satd Ty Burd, 12.

THE "ALYSON" Alyson Goldsberry, 9, executed a new move thts year. "I love watching VIdeos of 1t and seeing the reactions from the crowd."

"Carly 1s comrrutted to numerous things and has unparalleled matunty and mtegnty." satd Mrs. Tteman. "She IS mcredtbly respected by peers and staff al1ke

•savannah goes above and beyond m class and 1s very pleasant to be around," satd Mrs. Barton "She has adapted very well as a new student to Waynesvllle."

"He IS an excellent - - - - -.... peer tutor and always has a pos1t1ve attitude," satd Mr. Gebhardt.

Savannah Godfrey, 10 APRIL

arch-May TOP NOTCH SINGING Brooke Hardm, 9, and Ton Martm, 9, unwmd before thetr next choir performance at Fatrmont Mtddle School, where the chmr recetved two of the highest scores. "The moment we stepped on stage we really came together and worked as a team." satd Hardm. "Were all very supportive of each other and try to be poslttve." INSIDE AN EARTHWORM Gary Murray, 12, dissects an earthworm m Btology. "Dtssectmg the worm was such a great expenence and was very fun It s not everyday you get to do something like tlus," said Murray JAZZ BAND Ntck St. Clau, 9, and Andrew Croucher, 9, play m the Jazz band dunng the NatiOnal Honor Soc1ety inductiOns. "Knowmg how to change your wind speed ts the hardest thmg about playmg the trumpet," satd St. Clatr HONORABLE MOMENT Mtkayla Schmtdt, 10, and Allison Savage, 10. hold thetr candles proudly as they are mducted mto National Honor Soctety. "It was rewardmg to know that all the hard work that I ve put m towards my grades actually patd off, sa1d Schm1dt.

"The most excttmg thing thts spnng was gettmg a JOb at Kroger and makmg some moolah • Chnstopher Bradley, 10

"I had to adrrut to my fnends that they were nght • Chase Thompson, 9

62 Musical 64 Boys Tennis 66 Track & Field 68 Senior Favorites 70 Photography Class 72 Photo Gallery 74 Art Class 76 Art Gallery 78 Softball 80 Baseball 82 Prom 86 Graduation


"When I fmally got my temps and drove for the ftrst lime • Derick Hamric, 9

The be t part • as our con rt band prepanng for compet1t. n. Bemg on stage With hghts shining on yo an unforg ttable f ehng To share that With your b st fr ends 1s a b mg

Roslynn Papett1, 9

SAVING LIVES John Henz, 10, stts and watts to gtve blood at the seffilannual blood dnve Many students gave blood and helped save hves. Although some were nervous m the begmnmg, most everyone that gave blood would agree that 1t was a rewardmg expenence, and for a good cause.

"For spnng break my famtly went to Nashvtlle I ·went to the ;ohnny Cash museum downtown It was neat gcttmg to see what hts whole hlewas hke Lane McCann, 11


J~Jru~E~J f:J.Y!.. By Jacob Van Atta

Sonny Malone, a troubled artist, is struggling to discover his purpose That was the first thing the audience saw at the start of Xanadu. In the show a Greek muse, Clio, begins a quest to help inspire Sonny create a roller disco. She disguises herself as an Australian named Kira. When she falls in forbidden love with this mortal, she may be eternally banished in the netherworld. With the help of some Greek gods and mythological creatures, they twist Zeus's omnipotent arm. Clio and Sonny are then allowed to live happily ever after in Xanadu. What the audience didn't see was the great friendships that were formed backstage or the hard

working crew. "Theater truly is like a family," said Garrett Schroeder, 11. "We are a very accepting and fun loving group." Shauna Day, 9, has been apart of theater for only a year, but she already understands how deeply the friendship runs. "I have made some amazing friends working with the cast and crew," Day explained. "It's been great to be able to work with everyone." It's thought that friendships help the show go much smoother. "Everyone gets along, so it's really easy to communicate with each other, which helps," explained Haley Price, 10.

Brooke Hardm, 9, playmg Cho, ndes through the sky on her mighty flj'lng horse Pegasus. "It's hke majestically floatmg on clouds." said Hardm FREEZE! Noah Haught, 11, and Jennefer Kennard, 9 stand, frozen in their tap dance number "This being my first show as part of the cast, I had no Idea what I was gettmg myself mto, but I had the time of my life • said Kennard. "I made fnendships that will last forever •

STAFF REVIEW Xanadu was a very exc1hng and upbeat musical lead by Luke

Stone and Brooke Hardm In tlus love story, a dem1god named Kira, played by Brooke, ends up m the 1980s and fmds a man named Sonny Malone, played by Luke. They fall m love The problem IS that a derrugod IS not allowed to fall m love With a mortal K1ra and Sonny are forced to go to Zeus to prove theu love 1s genume. There wasn t a dull moment m this mus1cal. What an mcred1ble showt

COACH ADVICE The tenms coach, Gary Hardman, IS always there to g1ve helpful adv1ce to the teammates between the matches. "We depend on th1s professiOnal adv1ce to help us get through our match," sa1d Lucas Mohme, 11.

UNSTOPPABLE The SWBL IS a very competitive when 1t comes to tenn1s. Bryce Hopwood, 12, takes the league by storm. "There rrught be a waterfall or two, but you cant stop the Bruce Canoe," sa1d Hopwood G~E,SET,SNLRSH

Qu1ck reactiOn 1 key m order to play tenms. "Sometimes I react too qu1ckly and smash the ball too hard and lose a pomt," saJd Andrew Croucher, 9. "But other times I smash It too hard and put the ball nght through the court."

THE STREAI{ CONTINUES Rivalnes are common for Waynesville sports. For the boys' tenms team that nval1s Clinton Mass1e. "Throughout my tenms career, we have yet to lose to Mass1e." saJd team captam Kyle Buflod, 11. "We started a tradition a few years ago where the Winner takes home the boogie board, and It hasn t left the tenms shed yet."

By Jacob Spitznogle

This was Gary Hardman's first year coaching Waynesville tennis. "I was glad to see the new coach was chill, and that was the main reason it was easy to adapt to his coaching style," said Kyle Wilson, 11 Although there is was a new coach, the team's rivalry (Clinton Massie) stayed the same. The reward for winning the match is the exclusive boogie board, which has yet to leave the hands of Waynesville tennis. "Even though Massie has yet to show up the last three years, we still consider it a victory." said Eric

Gallagher, 12. Gary Hardman has a strict non cursing policy, "Don't cuss, darn it." says Coach Hardman. ''I'm excited to grow in the wake of this new coach and his wonderful expertise, said Benjamin Muth, 9." With all odds against our strong, strapping, and courageous boys, they fought through adversity for multiple victories. With such a talented group, any coach would be happy to have the opportunity to mold these young men into the best players they can be.

Reagan Metzler, 10, sprmts to the f1msh lme. "There s not much you can do ill track but run, so you have to run your hardest," srud Metzler. "I'm always th1nkmg about beatmg whoever I m runnmg agamst."

IT'S ALL FOR FUN With a great start and a strong fimsh, the boys completed their epic 800 meter relay With a Victory. Chnstian Zidaroff, 12, was the lead runner ill the race. ¡we were certam to win after that lead I thought," Z1daroff sa1d.

GIVE AND TAKE In a relay, trmmg IS key. If you take the baton too early or too late, your team can be d1squal1fied. "We got DQ d m that race because we were not m the exchange zone," said Zach Vandyke, l I "When I found out we were disqualified, I was liVId because we ended up Willrnng the race, but It didn't count •

Every athlete wants to make their season memorable. So much has already happened only a few weeks into the season. Records have been broken, trophies have been won, and both the boys and girls have established themselves as one of the best track teams around. "It's great to be around great people, seeing our hard work pay off," said Abigail Struewing, 10.

Kartlin Krumnauer, 10

"You know I ask myself that everyday I gu ss I llke the social pee•

But they didn't just wake up this good. The team has been working hard at practice. "Even though sometimes practice can be hard, I have to push myself to keep going," said Kylee Meredith, 9. "I want to get better and better." All the hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. At mid-season, the boys have yet to place anything lower than first place at meets.

Darren Dotson. 9

I hke throwmg because 1t g1ves me somethmg to do m the spnng •

Megan Osterhage, 9

"I ran so I could stay m shape for soccer."

If they can keep up this winning streak, they could be the first Waynesville boys track team to wintheSWBLleague championship in 13 years. Track is not entirely an individual sport. You may see one person throwing or one person running the 100 meter dash, but you are scored as a team. Students work hard individually, but also for the success of the entire program.

Bret Grismer, 11 "Track IS a sunp e sport and I m as mp e guy

Marissa Caldwell & Donald Moore

Morghan Dean & Mitchell Sexton

Jarrod Leestma & Abbie Muterspaw

Josh Hartman & Ty Burd

Jacob Spitznogle & Lauren Osborn

Jeremiah Stilwell & Katelyn Howard

Joey Parrish & Michaela

Nina Setzer & Justin Fowler

Andrea Fish & Domenic

Logan Dyer & Tori Rebert

Liam Young & Lexie Adams

Kristy Cartmell & Gavin Price

Bryce Linkous & Julie Slyby

Justin Vostad & Ashley Zimmer

Rileigh Dean & Ryder Caldwell

Tom Tedesco & Tesla Linkhart

Gary Murray & Lindsey Darling

Cynthia James & Troy Black

MAGIC IN A BOX Students butlt then own pmhole cameras usmg a shoe box, foil, and some tape Here, Chase Thompson, 9, takes a photo With his homemade camera. "I thought It was a really cool and fun proJect," said Thompson. "I never thought 1t would be able to take a picture." PERFECT CONDITIONS Sydney Austm, 10, pamted her moms face to make a photo of her In photo class, 1t's often about making photos, not JUSt 'taking' them. MAKING A PORTFOLIO Freshmen udents Katie Burt )n, Mtkayla Duncan, and Kate Von Handorf work on edttmg and selectmg photos for the1r portfo!Jo webs1tes. "I enJOY It, and I thmk 11 s a great 1dea to share our work," sa1d Burton.

OGYAE Regional Award Winners H1dden " 'f Ethan by Alex Baldwm 9

I ...

Untitled by Taylor Burkholder, 10 Child's First Death by Knsty Cartmell 12 Mornmg by Knsty Cartmell 12 Dark Stairs Reflecting by Chnstme Duncan, II Sunset by Emlly Gill 12 Changing Youth by Malia Hall, 9 Concealed Jdent1ty by Maha Hall 9 Lookmg Out !::>y Alexa Neely, 10 Love Doesn~ Freeze by Rhianna Powell 10 Pa1gc by Tobie Ramsey, II Story T1me by Manah Shaffer, 10 Wmter Wonderland by Dora Vrettos, 9 Concealed by Dora Vrettos, 9 Super Sis by Lianll We:hh 9

Scholastic Art Award Winners Roll'n by Kyle Wilson 11 *National Silver Meda1:lt Ethan by Alex Bald·:lln 9

SILVER KEYS Pores by Sydney Austm, 10 Light on Mason by Hannah Bone 10 Elcfont by Shelbi Campbell 10 Snow by Shelbi Campbell 10 Failed Marriage by Knsty Cartmell, 12 Hidden by Erruly Gill, 12 Sister by Emily Gill, 12 Reagan by Alexa Neely 10 "I Hate Th1s Picture" by Manah Shaffer, 10 BloWing Leaves by Holly Teeters 12 Winter Wonderland by Dora Vrettos 9 Self·Portra1t by Natalie Weigandt 9

HONORABLE MENTIONS Cloudy by Abbey Baldwm, 10 You Will Jnhent Some Money by Hannah Bone, 10 Dead Dolls Money by Knsty Cartmell, 12 Best P1cture Ever by Anthony Derner 12 My Name by Riley Gabbard, 10 Changmg Youth by Maha Hall, 9 Changing Time by james Kelley, II Evening Fishing by Braydon Kunec. 10 Ant by Alexa Neely, 10 A Balancmg Act by Megan Osterhage 9 Music H1story by Chnst1an Stuart 12 Da1sy at Night by Holly Teeters 12 Water Glass by Holly Teeters, 12 Twelve Year Masquerade by Jake Van Alta, 10 Concealed by Dora Vrettos, 9 Super Sis t ' Y. 1

Mariah Shaffer, 10 ~~~~~~

Mara Collarco, 11

Lauren Osborn, 12

Taylor Burchfield, 11

EYES OPENER Work10g on her latest clay proJect, Alyssa Wllhams, 10, explams why she has always enJoyed making new proJects. "I remember makmg a clay bunny With my dad when I was little. Even though 11 exploded, 11 opened my eyes to the art world." sa1d W1lhams. ART OF MEMORIES Dean Brubaker, 9, spends art class laugh10g .·.1th fnends and creatmg memones. Th1s msp1res h1m With h1s work. "1 create artwork about memones and about what 1 hke," said Brubaker. UNIQUE BEAUTY Savannah Godfrey, 10, and Bayh Herzog, 11, workmg With watercolors. "I am 10spned by thmgs that hold umque beauty," sa1d Godfrey. "Little qunks 10 the obJect or person make 11 more 101erestmg 10 my 0p1010n"

Andrew W11kerson, 11

Tanner Patterson 9

BIG SIS Lenz1e Adams, 9, has always stnven to Improve her artwork and found mot1vauon through her older SISter "I remember when I was younger I vas always mad because my SISter, Lexte, could draN better than me." sa1d Adams Always working to unprove her artNork has boosted her creatiVIty and mcreased her pass1on for art

RELAXING Connor Snuth, 12, has found true enJoyment m making NOrks of art "It IS very relaxmg and satiSfymg." satd Snuth

GLAZING CLAY With great concentration. Morgan Lowmg, 10, glazes her new clay creation. LoWing has found that she enJoys workmg w1th some forms of art more than others. "Working w1th clay 1s defimtely the most fun." said LoWing


Tyler Sharp, lZ


Julie Slyby, lZ

Ryan Nelson, 9

Adam Davis, 9

TOGETHER, WE ARE 'ONE' Team chemistry IS a maJor component to the softball expenence. "The most Important thing to me 1s to have fun wtth the team." sa1d Mara Collarco, II M1kayla Schmidt, 10, said, "I look forward to bemg on the field wtth one of the best softball teams to come through WaynesVIlle."

SWING BATTER SWING Grac1e Cooper, 9, steps up to bat wtth hope to make the best of her appearance at the plate. "You have to put blood, sweat, and tears into the game or you will not succeed," sa1d Cooper.

PITCH PERFECT V1ctona Wdson, II, gomg m motion to deliver the perfect p1tch and stnkeout one of Preble Shawnees batters.


AT. 'S' FOR SENIOR Carly Allen, 12, shows sk1ll on the mound as she warms up her p1tchmg arm. "I keep the mmdset that the next pitch IS the most Important, and the last one doesn t matter.• Allen IS exc1ted to be apart of Bowhng Green Umverslty s softball team next fall.

HUSTLING TO YOUR SPOT Alhson Savage, 10, flashes a sm1le to the camera as she heads to take her position on the held Savages favonte pos1t10n lS plaYing center f1eld. "I like catchmg popflys and robbmg people of mce hits."

NIC C Skylar Stiles prepares to catch a ball dunng the game agamst Preble Shawnee. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME Mar1ah Shaffer, 10, makes plays m the outfield to hold runners where they are. She has a few pre-game ntuals. "I warm up my arm, take SWings, and listen to mus1c... nothing out of the ordmary, JUSt the usual," srud Shaffer. EYE ON THE BALL Emily Wells, 11, tnes her hardest to encourage her teammates. "I bnng leadership and help to encourage any players that are down," sa1d Wells.

CHEMISTRY OFF THE CHARTS Seruors Andrew Magoto and Troy Black pose for a photo. "We have three, and four year starters, and we have been plaYing together for so long our chem1stry IS off the charts," satd Troy Black, 12.

STICKING TOGETHER Jererruah Stilwell, 12, knows the mcredtble effort It takes to be apart of a team that stays together "Its amazmg bemg apart of a team that IS so close It truly IS. Everybody loves everybody and we all get along," sa1d Sillwell. CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE The Spartans got a chance to play a game at Ftfth Thud F1eld. taking on Versatlles. "I felt small because 1t was so b1g," srud Mason Callahan, 10. "It felt really ofhctal commg from a small fteld m Waynesvtlle." WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN The team played a doubleheader first agamst Clmton Massie, then Madetra, but what keeps them mollvated after workmg so hard? "Just tfYlng to get a wm for the team and wmnmg league IS what keeps me mottvated," satd Nathan Hiles, 11 PRESSURE Sophomore Hunt Doepe1 has a mean arm and enJoys pttchmg at Ftfth Thud F1eld "Usually there are bigger crowds and the battmg 1s gomg to be a lot more talented, so you really have to command all the pitches," said Doepel.

STATE WORKING HARD TO REACH THEIR GOALS By Ty Burd This year's seniors have been waiting a long time for this season. The team is looking to come out on top. These senior boys are a talented, hard working, and motivated group of lads. From tough losses to heartwarming wins, these boys have stuck with each other. Baseball is a huge part of life for this group. We asked Jeremiah Stilwell, 12, why he plays baseball "I love my teammates and coaches. Baseball is my favorite because you get to

smell the fresh cut grass, and because it's the hardest sport out there," said Stilwell Baseball isn't just a sport to these boys, it's a way of life. Baseball has become part of them, according to Stilwell, but a comment about his toughest opponent surprised us. "The game is the toughest opponent," said Stilwell. "Because you can never predict what will happen and it isn't always going to go your way."

LOTS OF TRAINING Cameron Combs, 12, looks back on what has made him successful as a baseball player. "Years of preparation playmg summer ball and coachmg from my dad has allowed me to become a four year varslly starter," said Combs

Today e grad te to begm our own pa hs make o r own lives And Wlth this 1t IS now our opporturuty to make a name for our elves To go be the change we ant m e wor d I encour ge you to m ke o hers remember your name far beyond the halls of WHS Not for the tit es you earn but for the changes you m ke Abraham Lincoln once WISe y said 'Whatever you are be a good one So whatever you do do 1t Wlth all of your heart •

Katie Mack Salutatorian

Bryce " Bruce" Linkous Valedictorian

"When you lose your way the people who know you be t he p you cour e correct When you re unsure of ho you are and who you hope to be they offer gentle rerrunders And lf you comp e e y fa!. off the deep end? They lack your butt Grow your cucle Nurture 1 Love them back. And ho d tlghtly o them Who do you love? And who loves you? The reason I keep thmkmg about these people m my own life my enco ragers those ho mspue me and those who have loved me ts because above anything e e this ts what I want for you I want you to be encouraged to be msp1red to be loved And ! want for you to do that m return •

Mr. Patrick Hardin Faculty Address

nNAL DETAILS After a semor class meetmg With Mr. Gebhardt, semor students grouped together outside for a class portrait W1th graduation requnements outlined and many college applicatiOns accepted, these students Will soon be takmg a new path. "I'm gomg to Oh1o Umverslly as a major m Manne Biology," sa1d Ton Byerly, 12. "Hopefully I can get the trammg and education I need to become a conservahomst. •

90 Faculty 92 Freshmen 95 Sophomores 98 Juniors 100 Seniors



Algebra I. R lnterve




:) ~

~:) V· dame



"1e rt 1


JASON HAMEN English 10, Dr rna


AP Biology, PI y •







rt 9, p f' ·I







JIM LUCAS c gy Cuordmator TYLER MCCALL rdmc


JENIFER MONTGOMERY AP Calculus, Calculu Pr• Calculus, Dual Credit College Algera/Tngonometry


n Sp •c.a .

BRANDON PHILPOT :::>ue< r ANGELA POLZINETII ~ q .1 AP European History, English 10

TRACEY POOLE S aen Services

AMY POWELL Yec.rl II, Photography, Digital Design l/Il. College C. ;:;en ••s


LESLIE SCHLEMAN Band. Music Theory

JONATHON STUBBS r g g DANIEL STUPP ~ Sf ry G >vernment, :.,,



MARIA SYVERTSON S n :: I:: IV CHRISTINE TIEMAN L.q.... 2, Dual Credit English, AP English


Media Specialists 1 Librarians











"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." BENJI MUTH, 9


"If 1t s meant to happen, 1t 11 happen." JULES MACLENNJ\N, 9 "Today was Tuesday, but yesterday was Tuesday also. • ABIGAIL HIGHLEY, 9 "You have to learn to fall before you can


"No matter how much proof you have, I d1dnt do 1t." COLE DURHAM, 9 "Nothmg Will work unless you do." RYJ\N BULCHER, 9


"Don t stop when you re t1red, stop when youre done." STEPHEN HENNINGER, 9 "Effort IS not m my vocabulary • AARON FROMER, 9 "You only hve once, so do what you can." TREY GOBER, 9



"High school is only what you make of 1t." TAYLOR RITI'ER, 9






YOUR "One Tree Hill because 1t's real!st1c and entertrumng •


SHOW "I d say I ct'\ \fal..e a Deal. I enJOY th1s show because lt s funny the way people dress and make money" MASON CALL.IUlliN, 10

"I hke The Wall..mg Oead Its JUSt a fantasllc show!" ~41-J-,U........... KATIE ZEBELL, 10

"Probably Scorpion because the Witty genmses solve cnmes and help save people." JAKE OAKES, 10

My favonte TV show IS f rt'\h Prince of Bel Air because I enJOY 1t and 1t's taught me to t take life for granted. LIVe _ up to your fullest potential." CHRIS BRADLEY, 10

"Tratler Pa ri.. Bo\'\ lS the best show ever. It can put anyone m a good mood!" NO.l\H PRICE, 10

"My favonte show IS South Pari.. • I like 1t because 1f I m ever feeling down 1t can get me a good laugh'" BRANDON FOWLER, 10

~ponge/)(}h IS my favonte show I hke 1t because 1t s not a load of barnacles." LYNDSEY MAGATO, 10

"My favonte show 1s I he Bachelor because Chns Soules IS hot!"





















"I clean my shoes every other Fnday." SAM SHARP, 10

''I'm obsessed With Minute Matd watermelon JUice." ELI MORRIS, 10


"I hate when people touch my hair and mess1t up• GRIFnN COOK, 10 ALEXANDER WILLIAMS ALYSSA WILLIAMS KARLEI WILMS

"I cant go to sleep unless my T.V IS playmg High School Musical " HANNAH REEDER, 10

"I'm obsessed With cold food and smoothtes." KAITLYN ZEBELL, 10 PAIGE WILMS KAILEE WOODS KAITLYN ZEBELL

"Grey's Anatomy. I ve watched every epiSode tWice." ABBEY BALDWIN, 10

"I like to dress up and impersonate Chief Keef. I m obsessed With htm." TOMMY ISAACS, 10

"I love Mac Miller. Ever smce I went to his concert m 7th grade I ve not only been obsessed With hts mustc but him as well. • SYDNEY AUSTIN, 10


o m o .:.

o m o .:.















What would you use? "My cho1ce would be mashed potatoes, because I feel they can be thrown well and make a huge mess." SAMUEL JONES, 11

"I would use a peeled orange as my weapon of choice, because 11 s easy to throw plus you can get a good splat. • .ANDREW FORSTE, 11

"My choice of food would be a p1e, because when It h1ts 11 splatters."


•An apple. It s hke a ball, so you could get some good speed on 1t." LOGAN MOORE, 11

• Applesauce JUSt because I know 1t would get everywhere." CJ\R.LIE FRAVEL, 11













~\0 -'(0 SIGNS


"You have all the free lime m the world. and yet, none of 1t goes toward homework.• ERIC GALlAGHER, 12


"The school year 1s practically over, and you re still compla1mng about semor option." ABBIE MUTERSPAW, 12


"You ve started to focus more on your future mstead of the upcommg weekend." JIMMY HARRIS, 12




"You know who I am •

"The two most Important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why •



"i'urn up.

"You m1ss ten days of school and get reported to the truancy officer." TUCKER REEVES, 12


"The most productive thing you do IS walk from class to class." JUSTIN VOSTAD, 12


"Greasy ha1r, don't care." SARA AUDIA, 12


"You can rattle off the exam schedule easily." CARLY ALLEN, 12


"I m not really sure. People still ask me If I'm thirteen years old." KATIE MACI{, 12



"You ve started to grow some facial ha1r." TYTUS COLLINS, 12

"You don t even take the lime to copy homework anymore. Its too much work, so you JUst don t do It • JOEY PARRISH, 12



"They wont let me go on a 'Black Op,' because I'm too little, am't nobody ever lets you do anythmg when you're httle." -Tiger, Major Payne

"It's a l.ttle childU. and stup1d but then, so 1s high school • -Ferris Bueller





"What _ ••• _ y? I m kmd of a b1g deal."

"She ,., "'"''m.d 1n strength and d1gmty and she laughs Without fear of the fu ure Proverbs 31:25

"Get --·n·-· .able With bemg uncomfortable.•

"You rr:. __ • DO% of the shots you dont take." -Wayne Gretzky





·we keep movmg forwud. -'P mng up new doors. and domg new thmgs, because were cunous and cunoslty keeps lcadmg us do·Nn new paths • · Walt Disney

"I am not perfect, but I am a limited edition."





"I did •• _h __ .;e the tWin life ..."

• the tw n !1fe chose me."

"To be a great charnp1on, you must beheve you are the best. If you're not, pretend that you are." -Muhammad Ali

"The .nner machmat10ns of my mind are an erugma." -Patrick Star

"You re stupid cause you re dumb ..." ·Brandon Philpot





SomebvJy's go :a Wl:l, and somebody s gotta lose, and I believe m Iettmg the other guy lose." -Pete Rose

1YT1JS COUJNS "My greatest pam m hfe IS that I w1ll never be able to see myself perform live." -Kanye West




"Taylor, w .y d<...•• you bum 1t for once?" -Everyone at WHS

"I'm ust an average white guy." -Glen Burchfield

"Trophy Wlfe m trcurung.




"Boots, chaps, and cowgtrl hats ... nothmg else matters. •

"Waynesville ha:; more need of I than I have have need of WayneSVIlle."

•Als<.. • :1'-

as Rile1gh •

KIMBERLY FEWML.E.E "If you hke water, you already hke 72% of me."



-you thmk I got where 1 3 ••• l.oday because 1 dressed hke Peter Pan here? Forget about 1t." -Rex

RILBGH DEAN "Also kn-.Jw




"Pre1-- r •v• tL WL..- and hope for the best •

•All things ,,ork together for good to those who love God .vho have been called accordmg to H1s purpose •

Romans 8:23




"1 never Jet .. ol get m the way of my education."






"That was nothmg .. e High School Musical"

"Everythmg arc. ...:-~d y<....J that you call hfe was made up by people that were no smarter than you So always try harder."

"Get y r P~ _.. b_cause were watchmg Kangaroo jackl"

"I feel hke 1m too busy wntmg history to read 1t. • ·Kanye West




"If nu one comes back from the future to stop you, how bad of an Jdea could tt really be?" -Bill Murray

"EnJOY the Journey .;f ...e. and not JUSt the end game." ·Benedict Cumberbatch

"I m totaJy gr~wmg up." -Kim Kardashian




Swag lu<e I m marrow. m my bones. Swag m my bones, bone marrow swag.•

"Btgger tnan your boyfnend."


DYLAN HELTON "Anchors A __ g ..

-Lil B




"What I come to do here ." more beautiful than any flower." -Theatre

"I s~lemniy swear tt.at I am up to no good." Fred and George, Harry Potter

Squ1rrel Cheese •



FRESHMEN "Expenencmg new thmgs IS the best way to d1scover who you really are." MADIE SUTI'MAN, 12 'God only lets things grow unt1l they are perfect. Some of us d1dn t take as long as others."

"Leave your mark on this town." •All you need for school1s a pencil, notebook. and a p1ece of gum." LIAM YOUNG, 12

"Don't g1ve m to the pressure of those around you The popular group IS only popular 1f YOU fmd them that way • THOMAS TEDESCO, 12

•All the answers are onhne." RYAN HARTSHORN, 12

"Have a not10n of who you want to be m hfe, 1t'll make thmgs a lot eas1er down the road." CHRISTIAN WILSON, 12


BRYCE HOP\IVOOD ·r w _ _____ ....e l.••..:e.

"At least try and act hke you care, the teachers will go eas1er on you." KATELYN HOWARD, 12

-Ed "Don t date brothers." LINDSEY DARLING, 12

"Don t rush through h1gh school Its eas1er than you think.• JULIE SLYBY, 12

"Never g1ve up, no matter how hard it gets." BRIANNA THAXTON, 12

"D-1s still passmg." ELIJAH WHEELAND, 12

"You re not m love, you re 141" MICHAELA HARMAN, 12

"And v.hen 11 rams on yo.u p .... ook up rather than do .vn. W1thout the ram, there Nould be no rainbov:s.'

-Gilbert K. Chesterton

'Life .s }. rd, bt. ..t's even harder 1f you re stupid • ·John Wayne

"}om clubs and sports you don't think you would normally fit mto You II be surpnsed about how much you'll enJOY It!" NINA SETZER, 12

"It was always seems m.p....~~·-le, until1t s done."





"No one looks back on the1r hle and remembers the mghts they got plenty of sleep."

"My ~st fnend 1s Sara. That s Sara With no H, because H s' are EW !"



shor. Stunt it."

-Rod Kimble "Hot Rod"

"We d1dn re..... z we were making memones. We JUSt kn we were haVIng fun •

"Forgiveness IS diVIne, but never pay full pnce for late p1zza • -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"If you cc. •••~ ·- fork m the road, take 1t." -Yogi Bear

"Today, me >'111 hv_ ••• ···moment. Unless 11 IS unpleasant, m which case, me Will eat a cookie." -Cookie Monster





"Do ..vhat 1s nght, not what 1s easy."

"If you re afra1d t .c.•• Y'JU ll never succeed. •

"Likes to taKe long wa.tks on 73. •

"Many are tne plan ••• .nan s heart, but 11 IS the Lord's purpose that prevruls." Proverbs 19 21




"How can mirrors be real If our eyes aren't real?" ·Jaden Smith

"Love the ufe you live, live the life you love." -Bob Marley





"I am prepared to g~.- cmywnere,

"Thanks WHS! I learned to nght good."

"Do you hke butter... 'cause here comes the toast!"

provided it be forward." -Dr David Livingstone



"Beatmg Carlisle my seruor year!" JAKE ARNOLD, 12

"I have a lot of favonte memones, but some of my top favontes are homecommgs and proms! There s JUSt somethmg abou: getting dressed up and hangmg out With fnends all mght long I will defirutely rruss It next year' LAUREN OSBORN, 12

"The summer before JUniOr year, the turn up With my fnends was real." JUSTIN FOWLER, 12





'Truth that IS not underg1rded by Jove makes the truth obnox1ous and the possessor of 11 repulsive •

"You Will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Spongebob

"We fmally get to go home."

'I'm JUSt here so I wont get fined." -Marshawn Lynch

-Ravi Zachari as






Surry •

"Procrastm •• -.~n ·~ he art of keepmg up v.1th yesterday." -Don Marquis

"If you obE.f •. t.1e rules, you m1ss all the fun." -Katharine Hepburn

"It 1s what .t ·-· b.Jy_.

"I slipped and fellm the snow m the parlang lot gas splashed mto my mouth and all I did was lay there laughing while cars cucled around me." MOLLIE NORTHERN, 12

"Two-on-two basketball w1th Noah Pnce, Beau Caplinger, and Justm Fowler." MITCHELL SEXTON, 12

'Wmmng two league tltles m baseball." ANDREW MAGOTO, 12


"Hangmg out w1th all of my fnends m ET/EH tluoughout the years • LUI{E PAXSON, 12

Watchmg Logan Dyer JUmp off the mdoor track dunng ET/EH freshman year." ANDREA nSH, 12

"My favonte memory of high school is when Mr. Gebhardt almost had a dance-<)ff With some kid at the end of ET/EH, and everybody was late to class. LEXIE ADAMS, 12

"My favonte memory of high school1s sconng the Winnmg penalty kick to beat Oakwood m soccer, my semor year." DILLON SARI{A, 12

"My h1gh school life was based around theatre. Walkmg on stage for the f1rst time and wa1tmg for my !me, was a rush that I never felt before. Sharing that on the stage with people that mean so much to me IS the best memory anyone could have." VICTORIA REBERT, 12

"When Justm Fowler threw up for the f1rst time." DAVID JEFFERIES, 12



"I am _ p.d •

'You t..av 1 v~ •• ) I v• ny v;ay As for the nght v."Sy the correct ·."Sy, the only way 11 does not enst • -Friedrich Nietzsche


·r played soccer once. or was 1t chess?" -Principle Horatio Gold






"Even 1f we don t have the power to choose where we come from, we can s!lll choose where we come from there."

"Its amazmg what a plane nde can do."

"Who says that my dreams have to JUSt stay my dreams?" -Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

•, tJopt.. my SISter learned how to spell DNA "





"The w r thmg I _an be is the same as everybody else." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

You re dumb cause you re stupid ..." -Brandon Philpot




"L1fe w really simple, but we msist on makmg It complicated."

"Master has g1ven Ltam a diploma, L1am 1s freeeee!"

If you knuw Who.. y~.,_. w~... ••• go and get what your worth •


you Based God!" -Lil B "The Based God"




'I spent 113,880 hours of my hfe for a p1ece of paper and a handshake •

"Ice cream. Its the best form of happmess." BRIT!'ANY JONES, 12 'My camera. I feel confident Wlth 1!." IORSTY CARTMELL, 12 "Blood, because I m actually a 600year-old vampire." GAVIN PRICE, 12 ''Harry Potter They are my favonte books and movies and make me happy and bnng me so much JOY when I watch them." TORI BYERLY, 12

CHRISTlAN WILSON _;erf ••~.e, worth your whlle."

"A1r. I tend to breath almost everyday'" SAM ALDRICH, 12 "Snow days. We all need a break from th1s place sometimes." MORGHAN DEAN, 12 "The dog I don t have, because Jt keeps me hopmg for somethmg. • DYLAN GOLDSBERRY, 12 "Music Will always be a b1g part of me. Its my stress rehever and Jt blocks out my surroundmgs. • BRIAN CONTE, 12 "Sunflower seeds because they re JUSt a bad addiction." LOGAN CLAWSON, 12 "My dog. She 1s perfect."

'My contacts because Without them I would be BLIND'" (Ron Burgundy vo1ce) RYDER CALDWELL 12 "Pancakes because they are freaking de!Jsh." CODY BROWN, 12 "Horses. I couldn't hve Wlthoutthem because they are my stress re!Jevers." ANNIKA BELT, 12 'Family and fnends because they are always there." DYLAN HELTON, 12 "My p1llow, blanket, and my da1ly naps, duh." KIMBERLYFELUMLEE,12 "Peps!. I like the way It makes me feel." JACOB SPITZNOGLE, 12 'Mustc.lt s JUSt so calmmg and 1t helps me not to stress out." RILEIGH DEAN, 12 "Sweet tea Its there for me when nobody else 1s." CYNTH~JAMES,12

"My SaVJor, Jesus. Why? Without h1m we wouldn t be here." CAMERON COMBS, 12


Vvan. I get to close this thmg out? Good mght, Amenca!"



CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN We are so proud of the beautiful young lady you have become. You have been one of our greatest blessmgs that God has given us. We can't wait to see what God has plarmed for your hfe! Always put H1m f1rstl We love you, Dad, Mom. & Luke

Luke, We are proud of you. You have a bnght future ahead of you! Congratulations. We look forward to seemg where hfe takes you. Always remember, to thank God for all your Blessmgs. Love, Mom, Dad & Olivia


Mollie, To our baby g1rl who has brought so much JOY and laughter mto our home. You make us smile every day With somethmg crazy that you do. It has been such an exc1tmg JOUrney watching you grow mto the woman you've become and we are thnlled to see what this next chapter holds for you Keep God m your hfe and work hard toward your goals. We are so proud of you, our happy, s1lly, back scratch lovmg, one mmute huggmg daughter that we adore! Love, Mom, Dad, Elhe and Abbey

Sara, It seems hke yesterday you were startmg school and now you are graduatmg. We could not be more proud of your accomplishments and the young lady you have become We Will always support you and pray you follow God's plan for your future You Will always be our Pnncessll We Love You Dad, Mom, and Jake

Kyle, I can't 1magme what 1t Will be like when you go off to college, but I know that I am gomg to m1ss you. Love, Taylor

Kyle. Words cannot express how proud we are of you. As you contmue your JOurney and begm new chapters m your life, stay true to whom you are, what you bebeve m and be proud of the person you have become. May the Lord bless you and gmde you m all that you do. We Will be cheenng for you every step of the way



D1llon, We are very proud of the man you have become. It has been an excltmg Journey With you. As you leave h1gh school and move on to college we want you to remember to never g1ve up and take some time each day to do somethmg you enJOY and be thankful for each moment you have. Work hard to ach1eve all of your dreams and goals. We love you and we believe m you! "If you laugh, you thmk, and you cry, that s a full day." Love, Mom, Dad, and Ryan


Congratulations, Ton! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You have been and always Will be the best blessmg that we have been g1ven. We are exc1ted to see what the future holds for you, we know you ll go far. We loveyoul Love, Mom, Dad & Gage

Brooke, We are so proud of you! We love you and are excited to see what your future holds Love, Dad. Mom, Rachel & Sara


Gabe, I am so proud of you! Love you With all my heart!

Mtght1er than the waves of the sea IS his love for you. Psalm 334 Love, Mom, Dad & Lane


Juhe, When thinking about how to start this, the word "proud" Immediately comes to mmd. The problem 1s "proud" doesn't even begm to approach what we feel about you as your parents. What word IS a quantum level above "proud"? That's what we feel You are a very special person. You are dnven yet kmd, focused on what you want yet always Willing to help others along the way You are a take charge leader but also a great teammate You are ever so devoted to accomplishing your lofty goals but compassionate on how you get there. You are competitive vtth an mtense desue to succeed but realize that others don't have to lose m order for you to Win You are senous about achieVIng excellence yet your srrule hghts up a room You are highly mtelhgent and selective but have the common sense to listen to sound adVIce and surround yourself With a great bunch of fnends. You are also defmed by your devotiOn to God. It truly has been such a blessmg to be your parents and take part m this leg of the JOurney Stay focused, develop mall areas and don't let anythmg stand m the way of what you want to accomplish. We love you. Mom, Dad & Jennifer

Dear Dustm, From the day you were born to the very present we have chenshed bemg a part of your hfe's JOurney and feel truly blessed to have been g1ven the opporturuty to be your parents and watch you grow mto the young canng man you have become. One of the many thmgs we appreciate about you IS your desire to show affectiOn. As a httle boy you always kissed us goodmght...as a young teenager you were never embarrassed to take our hand while walking m pubhc and as a young man you still say "I love you". Our Wish for you 1s to pursue your dreams With great amb1t1on and determmat1on And while domg so. stay grounded m your faith, know you have the unconditional love and support of your farmly and choose fnends who share your values. We are so proud of you and love you very much All our love, Mom&Dad



Gavm, It seems like yesterday that we brought our precious baby boy home from the hospital. We have been so lucky and blessed to have you in our lives and we couldn't be more exc1ted to see what life has in store for you. We are so proud of the awesome person you have become. Always follow your dreams and know that you Will always have our support and love. We Love You! Mom, Dad and Haley

Michaela, You've been my chubby little cubby, my mlm·me, and my baby bunny. Today I am so lucky to call you my best friend. L1fe hasn't always been easy for us but from the day you were born you have greeted life with love in your heart and a smile on your face and made th1s world a better place. As you begin this next step of your life remember these two thmgs ..... A dnnk of water cures everythmg and I will always LOVE YOU MORE! Love, Mom


you With us. You have changed lives, now go change the Way to be

Jacob, We are so proud of the young man you have become. We look forward to see what God has planned for you in your journey. We love you, Mom, Dad & Kathryn "You're off to great places, today is your day, your mountain IS waiting ... so ... get on your way!" -Dr.Seuss •



Ty, Words can not explam how very proud I am to be able to call you my daughter. From the day you came mto th1s world I knew you would be a wonderful person. You have become such an beautiful and amazmg young woman and I am certam you Will accomplish amazmg thmgs m your future. I love you more than you Will ever know Love you always and forever, Mom

We are so proud of your accomplishments m the classroom, of your success on the court, of the beauty of your ar norlc, and of all the ways you help others. You have only JUst begun. and we know that you Will make a difference m every life you touch. Chase your dreamsl We love youl Dad, Mom & Ryan

Ryan, We are very proud of you and WISh you the best of luck as you begm the next chapter m your life. Love, MomandDad



Dylan, As you look back on your high school years, Its now t1me to look ahead to the next chapter of your hfe. We know they will be filled With great accomphshments. We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Alyson. Grandma & Grandpa Goldsberry

Ryan, From the t1me that you came mto this world, you have done thmgs your way and marched to a different drummerl You came earher than what the Dr.'s expected, you learned to sw1m m the pool, on your own and by watchmg your older brother, you buckled down m the first year of h1gh school and passed your OGT's the f1rst tune around! You don t take crap from anybody and you stay true to your conV1ct1ons. When you set your mmd to something, you do 1t no matter what 1t takes or how long It takes Stay true to what you beheve m and contmue to do what s m your heart! Contmue to grow and Jearn no matter what you do m llfe. We know that whatever dec1s1ons you make m hfe, wherever llfe leads you, you Will make the most of lt. In the end, enJOY life and enjoy where 1t takes you. Now you are taller than your mom and almost even With your dad, but you Will always be our baby, no matter how tall you get or how old you get• We are very proud of you, you have come so far and you Wlll continue to go far• Also know that we are truly blessed and so proud to call you our son! We love you. Gnz! Love you, Mom, Dad, Zakary & Jacob


NICk, Congratulations on successfully reachmg this milestone m your hfe, we know great thmgs are m your future. You have always made us proud and so happy that you are our son We have loved you from the very start and w1lllove you forever Love, Mom&Dad

You are whoever you want to be; never let others defme you Dreams are for you to achieve, JUSt keep walking forward m your quest. When you feel stuck or when you are excellmg; give thanks, every obstacle and every reward are all pieces of the puzzle of your dreams It has been an honor to call you our daughter and our teacher.Your strength and determmat1on up to this pomt m your hfe IS more than enough to get you through the rest. Have faith, work hard and accept yourself as a blessmg Your brother would have been so p:oud of you, he IS always With you. Love you so much, Mom, Dad, Andy & all your creatures


Taylor, We are all very proud of you and all that you have already accomplished! Your expenences at school have only been a very small part of your llfe and your future IS extremely bnght and has limitless possibihtles. From the ume you were born you have always had a great des1re to excel and you have obVIously done that. We are so excited for you to enter college and know that you Will thoroughly enJOY the education and all the social aspects of the college hfe. You Will get to meet a very Wide range of people from all over the country and make some true fnends for life. We love you very much, Mom, Dad, & Bryce

PS: Bryce IS really excited to move mto your room and have his own bathroom

EMILY Em1ly, The whole fam1ly IS so proud of the bnght, responsible, determmed young woman you have become We know you mll do great thmgs With your hfe nd make a pos1t1ve difference m the world CongratulatiOns on your accomplishments and your GraduatiOn May you forever stay strong, bold and fearless and wling to be and love bemg exactly nho you are Love you bunches!! Momma, Daddy, Jess, Hannah & Mana Dear Charity, You have brought so much JOY and laughter to our family through the years. You are beautiful ms1de and out, and we are so proud of you! We know that mth your lovmg and compassionate heart that someday soon there will be many patients nho Will have been blessed to have had you as theu nurse. Al vays remember Jererruah 29 11, "For I know the pl8I1S I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to gwe you hope and a future.• We love you!!! Dad, Mom, Chelsea, Chnstle & Cody

{ r lljl-rtftttftr ~£1/ t't'-1 ~ _r

v y/{ ~


r(l"{ II~ _f

~ttl !J&:,i 1~

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"REDO is life changing!"

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\Ve under rand that life cyles may change with age, but the ability to maintain a ·afe, independent life doe ·n't have to. That i · why for more than two decade , Caring enior Service ha et the tandard for non-medical ervices at home. 24/7 Availability Respite Care Personal Care Memory & Dementia Care Hospice Care Dressing Assistance Bathmg

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TYTUS ===l Tytus, It seems hke JUSt yesterday that we were preparmg for you to come mto this world. We were so afratd of the challenge that was ahead of us. As we now Sit and reflect back on this Journey that we have had together, you have g1ven us so many amazmg memories and some crazy ones too. It seems so cliche to say, but time has truly gone by "m the blink of an eye¡. L1fe IS full of opportumt1es, tnaJs, and tnbulallons. Take the time to learn from all of them Be pauent. be deterrmned, work hard, and live hfe Without regrets. Always remember no matter where life takes you, be the best YOU that YOU can be!! In the words of Dr. Suess, "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it has become a memory " Love always, Dad, Mom, Avery, & Lev1

Front Row· Tyller Burd, VJctona Rebert, Cynthia James, Lex1e Adams, Katelyn Howard Carly Allen Second Row: Matthew Smead. Emily Wells, Madeleme Bracke, Bnttany Jones, Bnanna Thaxton Third Row: Ms. Joefreda, Cand1ce Cockerham, Shauna Day, Morgan Achard

Ftrst Row: Taylor Dame!, Cynthta James, LeXle Adams, Katelyn Howard, Carly Allen Second Row: Mrs. Tieman, Victona Wilson, Gavm Price, Kyle Buflod, Bnttany Jones

Front Row: Samantha Sptres, Chloe Van Hoose, Jatme Reeves, Emily Wells, Tiffany Glascoe, AleXls Tmgley, Taylor Burchfield Second Row: Bayh Herzog, Madeleme Bracke, Mara Collarco, Kyle Buflod, Alison Coleman, Brooke Lezotte

Front Row· Altson Coleman, Tara Nix, Jaime Reeves, Emily Gill, Hayley Richards, Nma Setzer Second Row: Bryce Lmkous, Gavm Lmkous, Logan Clawson, Jacob VanAtta, Chloe Roos

Front Row: Pa ge Wilms, Anna Keeton. S1dney Thomson. Destiny DeWar Lauren Slattery Brooke Hardin. Caroline W1eland Samantha Dale Bnanna Thaxton. jennefer Kennard Middle Row: Ka1tlin Krumnauer Kariet \\ ilms Grant Turner Malcayla FitzharriS Ton Reben. Ronru Sm1th. Katelyn Ho,..ard NataJ..e We1gandt Sydney Kaszubowslci LeXIe Adams ~ james Olivta jones Baclc Ro" Kevtn Howard joshua Stcph ns Haley Pnce Riley Gabbard. jacob VanAtta Carly Allen. Anthony Palumbo Emily Oil! Garrett Schroeder Cole Durham. Lulce Stone ChriStopher Kavanaugh Jarr tt Lamb

Front Row: Jacob Everson, Chase Struewmg, Mark Bloom, Edwm Neace, Tracy Maines Second Row. Courtney Mames, Sara England, Matthew Smead, Aaren Ellis, Jordan Wiseman Thtrd Row: Tori Wilson, Kara Bradley, Josiah Parnsh

Fnst Row: Bryce Lmkous, Taylor Dame!, Julie Slyby, Kathenne Mack, Lauren Osborn, Bnttany Jones Second Row: Logan Clawson, Gavm Lmkous, Mason Callahan, Matthew Noel, Jack Ferguson, Makayla Fttzharns, Destmy DeWar, Jaune Reeves, Emtly Gill, Paul Bensman, Ntcholas Young, Kyle Bnggs, Samuel Aldnch Third Row: Michael Good, Vtctona Byerly, Marissa Caldwell, Davtd Crossgrove, Elizabeth Brown, Emtly Burton. Andrew Forste, James Mtller, Chnstian Ball, Patnck Stone, James Kelley, Andrew Trapp Fourth Row: Logan Fruhwuth, Austm Beachler, Taylor Burchfield, Savannah Godfrey, Tiffany Glascoe, Sara Audia, Mary Van Atta, Holly Teeters, Ryan Teeters, Max Austm, Samuel Jones, Ian Parry Ftfth Row: Kamt Purkey, Jake Kmg, Katelyn Howard, Carly Allen, Mtkayla Schmidt, Hannah Bone, Adyson Camp, Michaela Kmg, Manah Shaffer, Chloe Roos, Zane Kohler Stxth Row: Shelby Worthmgton, Rhtanna Powell, Erruly O'Connor, Mackenzie New, Haley Pnce, Stdney Thomson, Reagan Metzler, Ashley Powell .•Ka1tlin Krumnauer, Alyssa Williams, Lydta Burton, John McCloud, Cody Brown Seventh Row· Brooke Lezotte, Alexa Neely, Connor Johnson, Kerstyn Purkey, Abtgail Baldwm, Emtly Wells, Lyndsay Magoto, Vtctona Wilson, Alexis Tmgley, Hannah Reeder, Karlei Wilms Etghth Row: Hayley Richards, Daniel Mayper, Gavin Price, Enc Gallagher, Kyle Erickson, Domenic Pardon. Bnan Blair, Megan Jordan, Allison Savage, Kaltlyn Zebell, Chnstian Wtlson, Garrett Schroeder Nmth Row· Altson Coleman, Abtgatl Struewmg, Chase Struewmg, Justm Fowler, Jonathan Richards

Fust Row Ntcho as Young Second Row Katelyn Ho,o.ard Bryan Evans Kyl Boggeln, Kevm Hohard Anthony Palumbo Ryan Teeters Bryce Hopwood Marcus Reeves. joshua Hartman. Andr w Trapp Kirsten Cook Third Ro· Vtctona Reben Eli ah Jones Garrett Schroeder Christian Wilson DeVIn Ford Ashlee Baker Cohen Koch. AI x DuFresne Samantha Dale Founh Row Kau Parson. Abbe M t rspaw Morgan Achard Laur n Slattery LiVIa Gillum. Richard Crafton. Bnan Conte Killian McOutr Ab g Dille Fifth Row: Car e Frave DaVId Crossgrove Max Austin Samuel )ones jonathan Richards. Kailey Ta e. Roslynn Papetu. Morgan Lowe AmbrOSia Ford Stxth Row: Dylan H ton. NICholas St C au Andrew Crou er )arrod Leesur. Cole Durham, Connor johnson. Grant Turner Ryan Llpmsld. AleXIS Cordero Seventh Ro • Kyle Buflod Tren on C ark. jacob M ddlcsworth. Joshua Dick. noyd Crou er Troy Thomas joshua S phens Kyle Bnggs Abraham Sandy

Front Row: Ronnt S th. J nnefer Kennard Ian Bauer, Bryce Myers Trenton Mackey, Anna Kee on. Bnanna Thaxton Socond Row: Ka l>oods Brooke Hardm Caroli."le Wteland, joshua Stephens Garrett Schroeder Megan Fouta Br tany jones Testa Llnkhart Sabrma Ball ':'hird Row Vtctona Martin Courtney Matnes, Abraham Sandy Edwin Neace Ton Rebert ::>cstmy DeWar Patg Wtlms

First Ro.·;.jarrod Leestma, Dylan Helton, Andrew Croucher Andrew Forste Cole Durham. Ryan Ltpmski, Grant Turner, Ntcholas St. Clau, Peyton Stacy DaVId Crossgrove, Morgan Lowmg Colt Wells. Connor johnson Thud Row; jacob Mtddlesworth, Austm Bau, Troy Thomas, joshua Stephens Max Austm, Ntcholas Young, joshua Otck, F1oyd Croucher

Fust Row: Anthony Palumbo Second Row Jacob Sp1tznogle, Marcus Reeves Kyle Boggeln Andrew Trapp, Tracy Mames Thud Row Eh]ah jones, joshua Hartman Devm Ford, Cohen Koch Fourth RoN William Gourley, Ashlee Baker

Fust Row. Dom me Pardon. Devin Ford. Enc Gallagher Katelyn Howard Car AUen Second Row. Dan e Mayper Bryce Hopwood Oavm Pr c Ky e B od, Br ttany J es Thtrd Row. Kevm Howard Patge \\ ilms Richard Cratlon. Killian McO e

First Row. Samantha Spues Bay Herzog Cyntlua 'ames Lindsey Dar g Kimberly Fe uml Mary Van Alta Michaela Harr:::an. Kaye F umlee Second Row: Mad me Bracke Le:oe Adams Nma Setzer Bryce ., ous Cba Suue-.,1Dg Brooke Lezotte Lauren Osborn Thtrd Ra.•. Jerermab Stilwell, Zalcane Collms Ka enne Mack. Tyller Burd. Bnnany Jones Kntelyn Howard

Front Row: Dillon Sarka Zakane Collms Jerom Denier Liam Young Cody BrOC\11. Jerermah Stfr.-'ell. Logan Clawson, I ss Jones Jacob Aino d Joshua Martm Socond Row Ryder Cai<M Josh Cot r William Evans Brandon Mockabee Bryce Lmkous, Gary Murray, Justm Vostad Troy Black, Donald Moore Elijah Wheeland Third Ra:. Caleb DaVIS Tyler Parker Mark McCanri. Jake King James M er Ramsey Skeens, Zachary VanDyke Andrew Wilkerson. John McCloud, Darnel Mayper Founh Ro Col Phtlhps Ebjah Elton Elt ah Bennett Thomas Ryan, Jarod Purdum, Austin B chler Darnel Nee ey James Morse IS8lah Bauer Logan Fruht.irth. Filth Ro\', Dagan Sllies James Plummer Cam ron Fo ey Franklin Adae Chase Stru wmg N cho as Baker Kyle Manrux Stanley Easterling Gavm Lmkous Jacob Hobbs. Stxth Ro TaMer Patterson Adam DaVIS, Patnck Stone Chnstopher Bradley, Kevm Savag Hunter Brown. Sam E!l Derner !onathen Turney Jonathan Ntchols, Sean Durham. 7th Ro·:. !an Bauer, Joshua Daniels, Logan Walker Tyler Wetgandt, Trey Gober Avery Collins Logan Bloom !an finkbohner Robes. 8th Row: Coach Jun Philpot Coach Matt Bly, Coach Max Gabbard Coach Ntck Vrettos Coach Chip King Coach Brandon Philpot Coach Robbte Begley Coach Scott Jordan Coach Ryan Frambes

Front Row: Alex1s Tmgley, Chloe Van Hoose, Brooke Napier, Sara Aud1a, Tyller Burd, Abbie Muterspaw, Ashten Hornyak, Samantha Sp1res Back Row: Sarah Montgomery, Mad1son Dietz, Delaney Harmon, S1erra Kmdred, Jennefer Kennard, Alyson Goldsberry, Jessica Hun er Kimberly Jeffries

Front Row: Cass1e Lay, Nina Setzer, Alexandna Kells Back Row· Makayla F1tzharris, Ka1tlyn Kelly, Megan Eckley, Morgan Achard, Hayley Richards, Coach Amanda Graf

Front Row Connor Johnson, Kyle Boggeln, Ian Parry, Nicholas Young Back Row· Andrew Trapp, Kyle Bnggs, Max Austm, Samuel Jones, Coach Pansh

Tara Todd, Emtly G1ll, jess1ca Gtll, ]atme Reeves, Kathenne Feldmann, Morgan Lowmg, Coach PariSh.

Manssa Demck, Chloe Riddle, Kate Von Handorf, Victona Wilson, Pa1ge Wilms, Coach Scott Stiles

Front Row· Trevor Johnson, Logan Murray, John Blau, Kyle Fowler Back Row: Lee Castle, James Hams, Enc Gallagher, Coach Dan1el Stupp, Coach Jason Hale

Front Ro·.v: Tara Todd, Sydru Stanley, Ashton Caudill, Haley Schrock, LellZle Adams Mtddle Row. Kourtney Rentz. Karlet Wllms, Rluanna Powell, Kailee Woods, Ltana Webb. Ashlee Baker Back Row: Stdney Thomson. Sydney AusUn, Taylor Ritter, jesstca Gtll, Courtney Mames, Kathenne Feldmann, Adyson Camp. Coach Karen Horvath, Coach Kelly Bncker, Coach Bnan Bunn, Coach Sean Falkowski

Front Row; Manssa Caldwell, Lex1e Adams, Kathenne Mack, Julie Slyby, Emily Gtll Mtddle Row: Reagan Metzler, Emtly OConnor, Emtly Wells, Morgan Vogel, Brooke Lezotte, Allyson Campbell Back Row: Kenzte Gompf, Skylar Staley, ]a1me Reeves, Haley Pnce, Alexa Neely

Front Rov. Ryan Bulcher. TraVIS Foster, joshua Dick. james Schneider, Daruel Dnscoll BenJamm Muth, Michael Good Chase Thompson Dan1el Papanek Back Rov. Coach Michael Sarka Coach jon Stubbs, Evan Greer, Alexander Williams Paul Habermehl. jacob Rasey, Stanley Easterlmg, Halen W1ck EliJah Hartman. Coach Karen Mohme Coach Zach Mohmo

Front Ro·.v Ryan Hartshorn. Bret Gnsmer, Chrisuan Ball DaVId jeffnos Stanley Easterlmg Zane Wallace, TraVIs Greer. Ntcholas Forward Back Row Coach Karen Mohme, Coach jon Stubbs Lucas Mohme jostah ParriSh, Dylan Goldsberry. Kyle Wilson, just.n Fowler james Kelley jacob Sp1tznogle William Gourley, Dillon Sarka, Coach Mtchaol Sarka

Front Rali Emma Se densc:hmidt Milcayla Schmidt Shelb1 Campbell. Shelby Worthington. AI!Json Savage Bnanna Barton. Ab ga Stru mng Taylor Erickson M ddle Rc" Taylor Burchfield Krutlyn Z boll Abigail Baldmn. OraCJ Cooper Ashton Ric Aubrey Rams Dora Vre os Lyndsay Magoto Back Rcr...- Coach Ke ey Purkey Andrea Fish, Kerstyn Purkey Sabnna Bal~ Holly Teeters. Kattlin Krumnauer Michaela King Sl:ylar Stiles ICami Purkey Coach Thea Bost. cl:

Front Row: Hayley Richards. Kierstyn CassJdy Mara Collarco Kylee Meredi Sabnna BaJ:. Tara NIX. Emily Oill Sydn y Ausun. Alison Co man. M1ddle Rowe Sidney Thomson. Tay or Daruel. Caroline W1eland. Riley Gabbard Adyson Camp Karle1 W ;:s, Kayla Hartshorn. Rhianna Powell Shelby Worthingt Coa h Emily Back Row: Coach Veronica Cass dy Tann r Slunl:le Tanner Patterson. jos ah Parr Max Ausun. james KeU y Bryan Evans N 1cholas Young M1chaol Oood. jonathan Richards. Ian Parry

L1ana Webb. Haley Schrock, Katherme Feldmann, Sydru Stanley OliVIa Paxson Back Row· Coach Kelly Bncker, Kourtney Rentz. Mikayla Schmidt, Taylor Ritter, Evelyn Schroeder, Mtchaela King Manah Shaffer, Coach Thea Bostv.1ck

Front Row Liana Webb, Aubrey Rains, MariSsa Caldwell Bnarma Barton. OliVIa Paxson. MJ:ayla Schmidt Back Row· Coach Steve York, Kamt Purkey, Mtchaela Kmg, Evelyn Schroder VIctona Maxwell, Kerstyn Purkey, Manah Shaffer, Coach Tim Gabbard

Front Row: Mitchell Sexton Troy Black. justm Fowler Second Row Douglas Clark. Kyle Le1s Beau Caplinger Noah Pnce Matthew Smead Third Row Coach TraVIS jackson, Chase Struewmg Isa1ah Bauer Logan Fruhvmth, M1cah Schenking Coach TraVIS Williams, Coach Mike Arhnghaus

Front Row Zakano Collins Brandon Mockabee, Ian Bauer, Tyler We1gandt TraVIS Foster, Brandon Bohman, justm Young Back Row joshua Martm Colt Wells, TraVIs Bakker, Avery Collms, Samuel Demer Samuel Jones, Coach Kesslar

Front Ro Ashten Hornyak. Brooke Nap1er Tyller Burd, Abb1e Muterspa路.\, Chloe Van Hoose Back Row路 AleXls Allen, Delaney Harmon, jessica Hunter, Alyson Goldsberry, Elena Dale, jennefer Kennard

Front Row Hunter Brown Eli Morrrs Beau Caplmger Noah Pnce Back Row Coach TraVIs Jackson jacob Hobbs Micah Schenking Griffm


Front Ro:~ Evan Greer Paul Habermehl Chandler Ledford, Max Colegrove Back Ro路.~ Denck Hamr1c, Logan Bloom Austm Williams Coach TraVIS W1luams

Front Ro Floyd Croucher, Andre.\ Croucher Andrew Trapp Samuel Aldnch, Joseph Bensman Ben]amm Muth Back Rov.路 Kyle Buflod Enc Gallagher, Nicholas Young,jarrod Leestma Lucas Mohme Kyle Wilson, Dame! Mayper, Seth Hawkins, Coach Gary Hardman

Front Row: Brooke Lezotte, Alison Coleman, Madison D1etz. Ka1thn Krumnauer, Sabnna Ball, Kathenne Feldmann, Alexa Neely, Taylor Ritter Abbie Muterspaw, Manssa Derrick, Michaela Kmg, Rhianna Powell, Dora Vrettos, Ab1ga11 Baldwm, Jessica Gill Second Row: Bryan Evans, Caleb Davis, Cameron Foley, Max Colegrove, Bret Grismer, Ramsey Skeens, David Crossgrove, Trevor Johnson, Ian Fmkbohner-Robles, Alexander Wilhams, Chnshan Z1daroff, Austm Phlllips, Kyle Boggeln, Ian Parry Third Row. Kylee Meredith, Ashton R1ce, Liana Webb, Morgan LoWing, Shelbi Campbell, Em1ly O'Connor, Reagan Metzler, ]a1me Reeves, Kourtney Rentz, Ab1ga1l StrueWing, Aubrey Rams, Tara Todd, Sydni Stanley, Megan Osterhage, Taylor Enckson, Emily G1ll Fourth Row: Connor Johnson, Andrew Forst e. Jonathan Nichols, Darren Dotson. Brevm Henrunger, Logan Bloom, Zachary VanDyke, james Plummer, Max Austm, Nicholas Baker, Cole Phillips, Chase Struewing.

Front Row Robert Magoto, Bryce Linkous Troy Black, Cameron Combs. Jeremiah St well Trevor Daruols Middle Row Mason Callahan. Gavm Linkous, Austm Beachler, Jacob Middlesworth Kyle Le1s. Jake Oakes Hunter Doepel Back Row Coach Hardyman. Nathan Hiles. Isaiah Bauer, Logan Fruhwuth, Kyle Bnggs, EL Bennett, Coach Begley, Coach Beachler

Front Row Carly Allen, Bnttany Jones Middle Row Coach Norton, Haley Schrock, Ashley Po.\ell, Shyann Avella, Shelby Worthmgton, Kenzie Gompf, Em1ly Wells, Allison Savage, Lydia Burton, Madelyn Burton, Coach W1lhams Back Row Coach Bncker, Manah Shaffer Kam1 Purkey, Chloe Riddle, Coach Allen Mara Collarco, Mlkayla Schmidt V1ctona Wilson, Gracie Cooper Coach Camory

Front Row Stephen Hennmger Gavm Lmkous Douglas Clark, Ryan Lay, 'oshua Daruels, M1cah Sp!lle Back RoN: Luke Moore Dagan Stiles Ryan Teeters, James Kelley, Thomas Isaacs, Ja~ee Oakes, Coach Schmidt


A Achard Batlee 49 70 95 At-hard, Morgan 14 92 128 :30 131 132 Ada Franklin 24 9S 132 Adams Lonzte 37 75 133 Adams, :.Cx e 24 34 35 63 69 72 85 ea 100 109 124 128 131 133 Aldrich. Sam I 14 65 B7 eallll29135 All n. AlexJS 17 27 43 58 59 95 135 All n. Carly 13 39 60 78 79 86 88. 100 116 124 128 129 131 137 Austin, Max 14 20 95 129 130 133 134 136 Austm, Sydn y 28. 71 95 67133134 Av Shyann 95 137

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Kara 70 5 101 128 131 Brewster Abbey 39 Bnggs K .4 15 20 63. 98 129 130 131 133 137 Bro'Wil Cody 10 II 26 88. 101 Ill 129 132 Br '11. Elizabeth 98 129 131 Brown. Hunter 6 24 95 132 135 Brown, Sophl 92 Brubaker Dean 7 4 92 Bufiod Kyle 16 64 85 85 98 128 130 131 135 B ch r Ryan 92 93 134 Burchfle d Tay r 12 25 28 30 37 72. 73 83 98. 128 129 131 134 144 B rd Tyller 8 9 55 58 59 68 81 84 ea 100 117 122 128 131 132 135 l4i) 141 Burkho der Taylor 28 29 71 Burton E=y 98. 129 Burton Kathenne 71 73 92 Burton Lydta 95 129 131 137 Burton Made yn 92 131 137 Byerly Vtctor a 3 10 27 86. ea 100 Ill 114 129 141

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Kaszubowslo., Sydney 7 62 63 82 B7 106 128 Kavana gh ChriS! pher 128 Keeton. Anna 62 63 95 128 130 Ke y ' me 12 56 67 71 72 82 99 129 134 137 Kells Alexandr. IB. 19 106 132 Kelly Kaitlyn 19 82 99 132 Kennard , e!er 9 39 62 63 93 128 130 132. 135 Kmdred S erra 9 82 95 132 Kmg J ke 10 36 42. 99 129 131 132 Kmg M chae a 6 96 129 134 136 Kunec Braydon 71 7 93 Koch Cohen 40 93 130 131 Kohler Zane 96 129 131 Konen, ;etrrey 7, 42 Krurnnauer Krutlin 67 96 128 129 131 134 136 Kyn Megan 99

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Mack Kath nne 25 34 35 60 76 84 87 88. 100 107 129 131 133 Mackey Trenton 96 130 Ma Le n. julian I 93 M g o Lyndsay 30 94 96 129 134 Magoto Robert 60 81 88 106 109 137 143 Mat Co tney 96 128 .30 133 Mamas Tracy 96 128, 131 Manrux Kyle 96 132 Marsha Bnanna 76 93 Martln. joshua 24 4 4 4 5 B2 88 106 132 135 142 143 Martin. Vtctona 60 93 130 Maxw Vtctona 12 96 134 Mayper Dani I 64 99 129 131 132 135 McCall Ty1 r 9 I McCann. Mark 61 99 132 McCI d john 24 99 129 131 132 McGuu IGllian 130 131 MckeiiZie Madtson 106 M Mabon. Ryan 106 116 McNeeley Andrew 99 M Ne c Collin 47 M redith Ky I 57 81 93 134 136 M tz er Reagan 16 34 66 70 11 72 96 129 133 136 M dd eswonh ja b IS 99 130 137 M:ilei :unes II 24 62 99 129 132 M;;lbouse Mack IIZie 93 Mmor C ayton 96 MOC1<8bee Brandon 9 10 45 85 88 107 132 135 Mohn:e Lucas 64 85 83 99 134, 135 Montgomery, Sarah 8 9. 58 59 132 Moon. • red 41 99 Moore Donald 2 3 24 26. 27 44 68 88 107 132 Moor Logan 40 98 99 Moor Luke 137 M rgan, Dara 62 93 Monts, Eli 52 96 97 135 M rr Rabe 99 M rse. jam II 132 M nara. K th 96

e 6 48 93 23133 Mut rspaw Abb 9 26 29 58 59 68 88 100 107 130 131 132 135 136 Muth Ben amm 33 65 93 134,135 Myers, Bryce 93 130

N Nap E!l Brook 6. 9 36 58. 59 88 106 114 132 135 142 N ace EdWlll 93 128 130 N ey Darn I 132 N y Alexa 6 20 34 35 68 71 72 96 129 133 136 141 N !son, Ryan 41 11 93 96 129 New Mack N ols,jona an 96 131 132 136 Ntx Tara 17 51 99 128 134 Noel Ma ew 99 129 North rn Mo 13 40 46 55 87 88 106 109 112 131 N scher Kyle 106

0 Oakes, ;a cob 26 94 96, 137 OConnor Emily 129, 133 136 Osborn. Laur n 12 13 37 68 70 73 87 88 106 106 112 .29 131 140 141 Oste1hage Megan 37 87 71 93 136 Osteibage M t eU 6 7 99 131

p Palumbo Anthony 24 88 107 128 130 131 P panel:. Dame 93 131 134 Papettt Roslynn 61 93 130 131 Pardon. Domeruc 25 26 68 81 66 107 129 131 Parker Tyler 83 99 132 Parrish. joSiah 32 56 57 68,87 88 100 126 134 Parxy ian 20 21 57 96 129, 133 134 136 Parson, Kall 130 Pan rson. Leoni 99 Patterson, Tanner 74 93 132 134 Paxson. Luke 13 47, 55 66 88107109 Paxson. OliVIa I 50 93 134 Penneau Katlyn 96 Perry Brooke 93 Perry Co un 26 96 Petk mch. Georg 93 Pf r Dame 76 93


e1 james 66 96 132 136 Pow 11 Ash ey 40 96 129 137 Powell Rhtanna 36, 57 66, 71 96 129, 133, 134 136 Puc , Gavm 36, 55, 69 84 88 108 Ill 116 128 129 131 Puc Haley 3 4 15 26 47 62 96 126 129 133 140 141 Pu Noah 26 52 53 94 96109135 Pu1dum ja1od 99 132 Purk y Kazru 50 51 84 99 129 134 137 Purk y Ke1styn 31 74 75 96 129 134

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Todd Tara 20 21 28 29 94133136 ':'r pp Andrew 6 2C 21 55 65 99 129 .30 131 133 135 Turner Grant 28 29 39 62 63 fTl 128 .30 '!'urney jonath 72 97 132


S ead Ma" ew 20 99 126, 135 Sllll Connor 75 87 66 100 Sllllth. Ro 28 29 39 63 96128130 Spt.l M ah 137 Sptres Samantha 59 85 99 128 131 132 Sp tznog e jacob 31 32 336568838688 100 Ill 116 120 131 134 141 Stacy P yton 94 130 Staley Slcylar 94 96 fTl 133 Stanley Sydni 4 28 51 66 94133134136 Starch r Hannah , 09 St Cl811 Ntcholas 60 94 130 Stephens !oshua 26 29 36 36, 63, 97 128 130 Stt.es, Dagan II 97 132 137 Stiles Skylar 78, 79 96 97 134 Stil.vcU jcrerruah 26 68 80 81 85 88 109 131 132. 137 Stone Levt 94 Stone Luke 39 40 62 63 99128 Stone Patnck II 97 129 132 Struew g Abtg 31 66 67 fTl 129 134 136 Struewmg C~.as 13 25 26295253608599 128 129 131 132 135 !36 Stuaz• Chnsuan 55 B2 86 109 131 143 SturgJll Seth 94 Suttman. Leah 28 29 87 105 109

s Sandy Ab1aharn 94 130 131 Sarka Dillon 10, II, 32 50. 52 67 62 84. 88 109 113, 132 134 141 Savage Alltson 12. 30 60 79,96 129 134. 137 Savage Kevm II, 96 132 Schenking Micah 13 135 Schmtdt Mlkayla 51 60 61 78 96 129 134 137 Schn td r james 134 Schlocl:. Ha ey 35, 51 94 133 134 137 Schlodei Evelyn 51 134 Schloede1 Ganett 15 39 40 41 62 99 128 129

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Tack n Jos y 94 Tate Kalley 14.83 110 130 Tate Shaylee 94 Tedesco Thomas 13 69. 66 105 110 Teeteu Holly 31 71 72 86 110 117, 120 129 134 Teete1s Ryan 97 129 130 131 137 Thaxton. Bnanna 62 87 88 105 110 128 .30 Thomas Troy 130 Thompson Chas 60 71 134 Thomso S dn y 36 56

Van Att jacob 27 36 39 56 57 62 71 fTl 124 128 140 141 Van Alta Mary 28 29 54 88. Ill 129 131 VanDyke Zachary 10 66 99 131 132 136

Von Handorf Kate 23 71 72 94 133 Vostad justm 13 28 69 88 100 110 ~2 Vre os Dora 26 81 71 72 94 131 134 136

w Walke!, Logan 10 132 Wa ce Zane 99 134 W bb Llana 7 50 71 94 133 134 136 W gandt. Nata e 3 7 71 94128 We gandt Tylei 94 132 135 w Cot 44 45 130 131 135 \\e Emtly 12 54 79 99 124 128 129 133 137 Wheeland Adriana 62 143 Wheeland, Elijah 24 25 83 86 88 105 110 131 132 142 Whee r Kotth 110 WJcl:. Halen 94 134 Wteland, Caroline 40 63 94128130134 Wtlkezson. Andrew 7 4 132 W ms Alexandei 40 97 134 136 Williams Alyssa Z6. 74 11 fTll29 Williams Ausun 94 !35 Wilms Karlet 24 25 57 62 63 fTl 126 129 131 133 134 Wilms P81ge 22 36 97 128, 130, 131 133 Wtlson. Chnsuan 86 105 Ill 129, 130 Wilson, Emily 94 Wilson, Kyle 33 55 7! 72 83, 99 131 134 135 Wilson, Vtctorta 22 23 78 99 128 129 13! 133 137 \\tseman jordan 94 128 \\oods Kauoe 40 41 fTl 130 133 Worthington. Shelby 13

y Y ung Br ttru 94 v ung Oabr 46 62 66 88 110 114 You g J 44 45 110 135 Young L m 10 42 69 88 105 110 132, 142 Young N cholas 15 20 2. 99 129 130 131 133 134 135 139

z Zebe Ka! yn 30 73 94 97 129 134 Z da1o!! Chi 20 66 66 88. 110 136 Zimm 1 Ashley 69 Ill

BEST PART OF YEARBOOK "The amount of people I ve come to be better fnends with." LOGAN CLAWSON, 12

OUTSIDE THE BOX One of the fust thmgs the yearbook staff d1d at camp was some team bUlldmg mvolvmg fnendly compe!ltlon With other schools. Hannah Bone, 10, displays her new outfit designed by Jacob Van Atta, 10, dunng the fashion des1gn competitiOn. They won first place. "It was klnd of n1ce haVIng everyone buzz around me puttmg 1t together, not knowing what It was gomg to look hke," sa1d Bone. "It made me feel really tall, hke I grew a few feet."

"Donuts on Fndays." JACK BLAIR, 11

"Bemg able to have expenence m a Journahsm type Job." HALEY PRICE, 10

"Interactions With students to make a fmlShed proJect." GAVIN LINKOUS, 10

"6th penod w1th Michaela and Jack. We have great conversatiOns and we are productive." LAUREN OSBORN, 12

"Havmg a say and part of the only thing that Will help me remember my sen1or year for many years to come." TYBURD, 12


"AccompliShing a layout." RYAN HARTSHORN, 12

"Creatmg a des1gn that Will last and be looked at for years." JACOB VAN AT!'A, 10


LAYOUT DESIGN PRINCIPLES Yearbook camp 1sn't all fun and games. Students went to several workshops to learn how to make a yearbook. Here they are learning how to ut1hze the bas1c design elements of a layout. "It's the small details that really matter, hke the difference m spacmg," sa1d Jack Bla.Jr, 11. "It's not JUSt st1ckmg photos on a page. You have to be sure faces don t fall m the gutter of the book. And the photography you use should capture a defmmg moment."

MORE THAN A CLASS GaVIn Linkous, 10, manages the business ad section of the yearbook. "I had to make constant calls and emails to ensure the ad des1gns got done m time," sa1d Lmkous. "Whenever a busmess owner says they'll get you somethmg tomorrow, 1t really means they'll get 1t to you next week."

L£1\NONME Bemg a part of the yearbook staff means you have to Jean on others and they have to Jean on you This group picture illustrates how well the staff worked together to accomplish theu goals. "It takes a Jot of talent to create a book like th1s, and 1t's not something you can do alone," said Ms. Powell "We all got to know our strengths and weaknesses pretty well. When somethmg had to be done, everyone stepped up to help each other and make 1t happen I m so very proud of what these lads accomplished and I Will always ueasure the memones of making th1s book ·;1th them •


Taylor Dame!. 12 shows her h pp1e s1de in her Volkswagen bus.

. FOURWH LIN Best1es Sara Aud1a, 12, and Brooke Nap1er, 12, buddy up on an ATV dunng the semor nde m "Th1s IS how we get to school m the VIlle," sa1d Aud1a.


-:' fll. I


BORN COUNTRY Seruors Josh Martm and Jake Arnold aboard the USS Craftsman lawnmower, showmg their patnotJsim and the fun side of semor year "Feels good to wear JOrts for the last time at Wayne Local," said Arnold.

As the summer days grow closer, and the final pages of this chapter in our lives comes to a close, the pictures and the stories in this book show just how much was made of our time at WHS. The end of the year is always a time of excitement. The weather gets nicer, the days get longer, and students are buzzing to have the freedom of summertime. Seniors are eager to graduate and enter the world of adulthood. Looking back on memories and friendships made over their four years, the seniors' last day is often bittersweet for many. "It feels good knowing that

I'm moving on to a bigger, better part of my life," said Christian Stuart, 12. "I honestly can't wait to graduate." Moving on can be a scary experience, as well. "For the first time in my life, I'm going to have to be my own bailout plan and be responsible for any messes that I make," said Robert Magoto, 12. The end of every year signifies a transition for all students. Whether it be graduating, or simply moving up a grade, growing up in any measure is a big deal. "Ever since my little brother

was diagnosed with diabetes, I wanted to become an endocrinologist and I've been studying on my own," said Adriana Wheeland, 11. "So, I'm looking forward to getting ready for college my senior year." As this chapter of our time here at WHS ends, the memories made are hopefully ones that will last a lifetime. On that note, enjoy your summer WHS, onto the next chapter!

_C_O__L_OPHON Adviser: Amy Powell Acknowledgments: Many talented yearbook students created th1s book at Waynesville H1gh SchooL This book was pnnted by Herff jones at the1r Kansas C1ty plant. Our rep was Pam F!tzpatnck- and we thmk she's AWESOME. Our theme was developed dunng yearbook camp (yes, that's a real thmg!) at Heidelberg Umvers1ty. The staff has spent countless hours des1gnmg, mterv1ewmg, photographmg, and producmg this book. Spec1al thanks to the Wntmg Center for helpmg us proof our copy, mcludmg our honorary grammar and punctuation checker, Taylor Burchfield. Sharon Vogel was always there for us when we needed class lists and was super helpful m locatmg students for mterv1ews. Thar!ks to Mr. Gebhardt for h1s contmued support and because he s cool And thar!k you to all of Waynesville s teachers for alloWing us to mterrupt classes. An even BIGGER thank you to the staff members who had lunch with our adVIser and listened to her yap about yearbook all year Photography: Most photography was taken by the yearbook staff and Ms. Powell. We used Canon and Nikon eqmpment. Team and portrait photos were taken by L1fetouch. A special thar!ks to Knsty Cartmell for prov1dmg photos for several spreads, and Denise Wilson for providing golf photos. Software: The 144-page (up from 128-page), all color, yearbook was created in eDes1gn. Cost Books were sold for $55 during the fall, $65 through Apnl, and $70 after d:str ,butJOn. Press run at 275 cop1es. Sales were up this year by 35%. Fonts . AHJ Li tho Antique Medium, AHJ L, ¡ho Antique L1ght, All!.ll AIJ.llon"U, Atl.l News~BI*I,AHJ News Gothic DemiBold

Paper: The pages were pnnted on 100-lb matte paper With a square-backed sewn bmdmg Senior portraits are printed With a UV gloss. Cover: Base matenal1s frost !men With a four color btho. DISCLAIMER: The WaynesVIlle High School yearbook 1s a student publication w1th re.,.world deadlines and human error may occur. Every attempt has been made to fmd and correct all mistakes. We apolog1ze for any errors that may have slipped through. Any omissiOns or other errors are not mtent10nal Put your name m your book- we'd hate for yours to disappear or get m1xed up with someone else's. We're always saddened when th1s happens, but we cannot replace lost or stolen books. Please note that books do often sell out Wlthm a couple of days after distnbut10n.



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