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6 00 1n the morn1ng and the a arm blares. demand1ng your attention You turn to your phone and see what yo are do ng o Tw1tter Facebook. and lnstagram Once that s over you get up from bed and beg n the day rout ne An hour later. you re off to schoo By 7 35. the tardy be r ngs as you're ta k ng w th fnends before your f1rst penod c ass So you relu tant y le fr ends. and scurry to take your seat . Let the learn1ng beg nl Three hours drag by and 1t s 1 32 Extra T1me/ Extra Help begms and those of us lucky enough not to be r q f ock to the gym n t e gym you enJOY horsep ay ng and catch ng up w th fnends

. .


2 32 and t e f nal be r ngs Upperclassmen qu ckly rush to the park1ng ot. search ng for the r cars. watch1ng Underc assmen strugg ng to f nd last m nute r des. and chatting t e last m nutes of the day away

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-- ------~



st d

As Spart n we form a network of trust tackling problems together as a whole rather than separated as 1nd1v1duals Its t 1s network b1nd ng us together where we see the 81g Ptcture Act ng and funct1on1ng as a fam1ly Were there for not r through the tears through the v1ctor e through the th1ck and th1n So then we must be the hee eaders or the footba I payer We must be one stereotype Wrong There 1s not one of us that creates th s tam A of s c eate our b g fam y from the ocks to the bra1macs from the band geeks to the we1rdos from the pop ar o the nobod es We each hod a v1ta pos1t10n n th1s family. carry1ng out tasks others cannot W1thout the hee eaders we wou d ose our motivators W1thout the band geeks. we would lose our entertainment at halftime W1t ut t e bra1 acs we wou d lo e our dnve to do better Th1s 1s what makes us Spartans accept1ng our d fferences ea h other anyway And 1t s here at Waynesville our fnendsh1ps are forged and our memor es are made tudent 1fe and th s s ur B g P ctu e

by Isaiah Bausmith

R• ey Blair and Maddie Dahl nd 1n on therr last Fnday of hrgh schoo

SPIRIT & your Instagrarn pictures




Day 3 : NEON DAY



HallwaY decoration winners : JUNIORS!


s Sen1ors Dav1d Fee & Lauren Kohler

"The moment that t1ara was placed on my head. I really felt hke a

"Thank you for choosing me for this honor. I appreciate 1t'"


Sen1ors Evan Cnchton & Michaela Earnhart

Sen1ors Cameron Moon & Molly Keeton. to the left

Sophomores Jake Trapp & Shelby Worthmgton

Kmg Jake Krumnauer & Queen Heather Rush1ng

lngnd Moller and Meghan Jones show the1r support at the game

Sentor Haley Pte ett cheers her last htgh school homecommg game It was a btttersweet moment for all sentors.

Sam1Sptres and Broo e Lezotte spent the1r ntght as a t supporters of the1r swceth


FridaY Ni What an amazmg nrght' Under the bnght lights. our football team brought home a b1g v1ctory defeat1ng D1x1e 82-7. It was a great way to k1ck-off Homecoming weekend. Not only d1d the team succeed 1n beatmg D1xie. 1t was a crush1ng defeat. What an accomplishment! It wasn't JUSt the football team who partiCipated 1n the game. however. The crowd. band. and cheerleaders all came together to encourage the team and cheer on a v1ctory. You could truly feel the unity and excitement in the a1r!

The entertainment aspect of Fnday n1ght games revolves around two groups who equally rally the crowd, the band and the cheerleaders M1cah Crosgrove. Chuckle McChnchy and Ben Stephens. left. cheer on the football team

Semor Eh Rams. left. had an 1mpress1ve mght He went out w1th a bang brea mg free on a touchdown run It was one of many dunng the n1ght

ould Bb Th1s fall. the Waynesville H1gh School Spartan March1ng Band

As a band

entertamed aud1ences w1th the1r 2013 show: 路Journey Through

Improve as the season progressed!


featunng mus1c from three musicals:


class AAA. we are

Fest1val th1s year. Led by Semor

often compet1ng aga1nst bands

Drum MaJor Ryan Carner and th1rtee

whose school size 1s nearly double

sen1or band and guard members. the

ours. In addition to our contests. the

Spartan March1ng Band proved that they were up to the challenge of "Defy1ng Grav1ty"!

路The Wizard of Oz." "The W1z'' and

Spartan March1ng Band combined

路w,cked路. The band competed at four

w1th band alums at the Homecom1ng

march1ng band contests th1s year.

football game. and was host to 7th

ty1ng for 3rd place at Northwestern

and 8th grade band members on

H1gh School's BandFest. and posted

M1ddle School Band N1ght!

scores that continued to

entertained crowds at the Sauerkra

The Marching Spartans also

·1 love working w1th

·1 love everyone I

l1ttle k1ds. It makes me happy when they learn something new. knowing that I taught them:

work w1th . They make the day go by so much faster I love mak1ng all the d1fferent subs and makmg the customers l"lappy:

fun. My coworkers are very nice and we're always f1nding new ways to make work a lot more fun :

~Jre~ frs&.

Jun1or Moll1e Northern works at a ha1r salon She also works at an 1ce cream parlor dunng the summer

have so many d1fferent k1nds that are very good and fun to make ·

• I enJOY seNmg the customers and com1ng up w 1th new mllkshake 1deas."

C,er 1or Chns Poole work at Bat" & Body Wor s

Jum r A!1d•ea F sh and Mo·ghan Dean w rk at Subw y

by Mic haela Harman At Waynesv1lle H1gh School students are jumpmg to the1r feet to be involved 1n extracurricular actiVIties. but apart from the1r school act1v1t1es. many students also have part·t1me jObs We have many k1ds here w1th un~que and d1fferent jobs Some students work at restaurants and stores. Others work at salons and 1ce cream parlors Workmg g1ves students a chance to take the1r f1rst b1g step mto the ·adult world" It teaches respons1b1l ty and g1ves opportunitieS to make new fnends We can bu1ld bonds w1th others we may have never expected. and we learn many new thmgs to help us throughout life Havmg a jOb teaches us many thmgs It teaches us how to work 1n a group. how to work md1v1dually. how to complete a new task. and how to be more respons1ble For example. Jun~or R1le1gh Dean works at Trop1cal Smooth1e and says, "I've learned how to make smooth1es. sandwiches. and wraps • She also ment1oned that she has made tons of new fnends and loves work1ng Regardless of the fnendsh1ps we make and the lessons we learn. havmg a jOb g ves us a sense of matunty and confidence. Here at Waynesv1Le. students build themselves up to become better both ms1de and outs1de of school Havmg a jOb helps us focus on the "b1g p1cture" and our futures ahead

Stud ts m Mr >-lard1n s c ass test c;peed and v oc1ty a lab expenment d•opp ng car at d fferent re1ghts

Logan 'II

by Is aiah Bausmith

One of the best parts about academ1c life 1s hav1ng the ab1llty to do th1ngs beyond s1mply wnt1ng essays for English class and readmg pnmary sources for H1story. For 1nstance. would you rather exam1ne differences between two short stones or dissect your way to the explanation of how a sheep's eye operates? "D1ssecung a sheep s eye was one of the highlights of my Honors Biology II year." remarks semor. Alex1s Bunnell Labs offer an exc1t1ng repneve. Milke a pause that refreshes". as the adage goes Beyond the B1ology labs. f1elds like Chem1stry add to the excitement at school. From the eye to spouts of f1re. there's no wonder as to why sc1ence labs are some of the favonte th1ngs to do m the academ1c life of students Beyond the sc1ence department. Span1sh offers another element of un1queness For example. Span1sh IV students play a game called El Juego de Las Bolsas (Game of Bags). The pomt of the game IS to memonze more vocab; one of the benef1ts 1s that the pomts you earn are added to qu1zzes Furthermore. Span1sh classes are completely different-they're a d1fferent language' You walk 1n and literally have to forget about English Regardless of what classes you take at Waynesville H1gh School. there's a lot to learn. and a lot to be .nsp1red by.

Mrs Hellemann s ows George Ryan tre m., de of a cows eyeba I

What's your favorite class?

"I like Frambes' geometry class because he makes learning fun. Mr. Frambes takes the t1me to explarn thrngs Plus. he 1sn't JUSt funny he's hot!"



'Th1ngs like grammar and vocab just come naturally to me. This year I found my inner poet and wrote a w1cked poem in English. I like that jazz l>~~t~


"I love how Mrs Clark helps you when you need 1t I understand what's go1ng on m Chem1stry You can have heart-tohearts w1th her about anythmg. too Overall. she's able to help you ms1de an" ~ ··~ ". of


~ldoul~ .Jf~,,..~,.

"When I was s1x I got 1n a bad car accident and needed to be g1ven blood Donat1ng blood IS my way of g v1ng back."

2:>~~,, l:>11fr•s~~e

by Andrew Bri ggs

The people of our small town are k1nd and self ess and we st1ck together Most Importantly, we g1ve back to our commun1ty Several t1mes not JUSt th1s year but every year the people of Waynesville have come together to g1ve to others whether 1t s to recogmze someone ra1se money for a cause or he p those rn need Th s 1s one of my favonte thmgs about I v ng here We had a blood drrve th1s year at WHS where many donated In the late w1nter we ra1sed money for Pasta for Penn1es to benef1t The Leukem1a & Lymphoma Soc1ety We have collected canned foods to help the needy. ra1sed money for breast cancer research and we generally do everythmg we can to contnbute to the wellbemg of others When our fnend and recent graduate Just1n Back passed away we came together as a school to ra1se money to support h1s fam1ly and show them we care We honor those who have served our country by hold1ng a Veterans Day assembly every year also keep1ng those we ve ost m our thoughts It feels good to see everything we do for others. and 1t also fees good to know I m contnbut1ng and he p1ng others too I m happy and proud to live and go to school 1n a town that cares about the1r ne1ghbors We do th1s because we are Spartans We may be small but we are m1ghty

HI JO ned REDO to br.ng our stude'lts togetrer and get nd of chques We are all people and all of our stones matter·

K~t•l'f" .lf•w~rJ ·1 JOI!led RtDO because , wanted to relp people I felt the group woJ'd rem1nd me to l.ve hfe 1n that way .. #youJJStgotJaked

J~h v~~~ Jnt~

Kat e Mac and lngnd Moller to the nght keepmg bundled up Morgan Gregg and Devon Zlelazney make the best of thear snow day by gettmg crazy outsade

Wath the fragad temperatures. a lot of us tested the phenomenon of throwang hot water mto the aar watchmg It freeze mstantly Freshman Ahcaa Cooper. nght. havmg some fun an the snow

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What do you do to keep


"I eat chrcken noodle soup. buried rn about 13 blankets."

"I like to cuddle snowy hills. I'm naturally a warm dude."

"I like to sta m my house weanng sweatpants and a sweatshirt

by Dakota

Every year when w1rter rolls around. you can usually expect a co<.Jple snow days a few delays. and a lot of crushed hopes Th1s year has been a '1ttle b1t d1ffere'1t We reached our limit of snow days fast. and were granted three more due to the extreme unforeseeable weather Serre days. we would even get tt1e day off due to nd1culously low. dangero<.Js temperatures At one po.nt 1t reached negative th1rty degrees w1th tre wmd-ch1ll There have been mult1ple "WI,1te Deatrs" th1s winter. each one more 1ntense than the last Most students th1s year started getting SICk of snow days and bemg trapped ms1de Students on Tw1tter and Facebook would post about how mad they'd be 1f we had another day off. someth1ng a h1gh-schooler m h1s or her nght m-nd WOi.lld never say When tre snow came down. 1t carYJe down hard and fast. and was usually accompanied by a s1zab.e amount of 1ce One moment the roads would be clear and twenty m1nutes later they would be Insanely treacherous Everyone who has lived here knows we've had OLJr fa1r share of bad snowstorms Usually though wed get a lot of snow for a week or so. and that woLJid be 1t Th1s year. however. 1t started over Thanksg1v1ng and kept poundmg us for months It never seemed to letup There was nothmg normal about the wmter we had th1s year Students w1ll surely never forget 1t

What's your favorite thing to do on a snow daY?

"Snowboardmg with my bros Kyle. W1ll. and Spitz."

"I like to plot revenge aga1nst my enem1es wh1lst stanng out my '---"._..-;::;;;.;.__. wmdow •

·1 got my scarf

·1 wear what I wear becnuse I like 1t."

and sh1rt from Kohls. I can't go anywhere Without my Baby L1ps. I get my na1ls done at Nouveau Na1ls. boots are from Famous Footwear. I like to dress how I feel cute. but also comfortable:

"I usually dress 1n a causal/edgy way. I like to dress differently and I like to show my personality through my outfitS. I am mto jewelry and p1erc1ngs too. It's a form of self-expression for me."

in by Brittany Bellar

·r dress cute and wear whatever makes me feel confrdentr

"I wear what I want to wear. when I want to wear rtl"

ul wore thiS outfit because 1t's my style. I usually choose completely different outf1ts. I try and SWitCh up My favonte thmg about my outfit IS probably my Jean Jacket I got th1s for Chnstmas from my grandma and 1t's spec1al to me


MThe way I dress depends on my mood I can go from stra1ght 90's to grunge. to cowg1rl boots and a lace dress.M

ul dreSS In whatever IS comforta ble.M

wear what I want and I don't care what people th1nk


"I dress to be different from everyone else. It's not worth go1ng through your h1gh school not standing ouC


people around me. and nature as well It's a way to heal and a way to e · pre myc;elf."

SYJW<f K41 se"~'"'S"-'

·MusiC IS what gives me confidence; and 1t can honestly be for anybody ·



·MuSIC IS my life. It's the rhythm of my heart. It's my form of love. happ1ness. and sorrow. Without 11. I wouldn't be the .ame •

T•rf ~t

The Freshmen had an amaz1ng opportumty to perform w1th other groups m Columbus.

"S1ng1ng IS one of the best th1ngs on earth. You s1ng your heart out and the stress flows out of your throat l1ke a nver 1nto the ocean •

"It's an escape frorr reality, from the ev1 s m th1s world •

ThE' ac-apella group We A•e Sparta. left. warfT's up w1th llot chocolate after s1ng1ng 1r the cold for Ch·1stmas m the V11age

Th1s year the c.r~J held 1ts f •st SEasona f ........ o ra er to p .... c.ha ,e ,..ew e-q , pment set ng pape· hurts. below

Lo by Cylie Nelson

By the end of the f1rst day of school. we've already dectded wh·ch teachers we l.ke. and ones we don't like; regardless of their situations Unfortunately. the new teachers are usually the ones that take the burden of judgment This year. we welcomed Kat1e Blankenship as our new choral director. Mrs. Blankenship had previously been Preble Shawnee's choral dtrector. so she was already used to the Hsmall-townH environment that Waynesvtlle emanates. Cho1r class 1s more than I sten·ng to a dtrector It takes concentration and dedication from every stngle one of us to be able to look back on our year and say. HWe are proud of all we have ach1eved.H It takes t1me and patience to be able to get along to a po1nt where we are like a one person. Samet mes. 1t gets hard and frustrating and we want to qu1t. but we don t Smgmg 1s 1n our blood: 1t's m our hearts and it takes everythtr>g we have to be where we are today Wtth time and patience. we learned to put as1de our dtfferences and focus on one goal. be the best singers we can be. We are better beca\.Jse of our m1stakes We s1ng w1th al we have. and yes. were tired and grumpy by ftfth penod and the room IS usually burn1ng up. but still we give our best. And to g1ve our best means to ;et go of our cares and drama and troubles. for 4 7 minutes a day. 5 days a week. we let ourselves go and we s1ng . W e lose ourselves in the stones of the songs and bnng them to l1fe. W e sing because 1t s what we love And we're thankful Mrs. Blankenship helped us pull it all together.

Earth •

~s by Adr i an Nieto

One year of fine arts is a requirement for graduation for WHS. Every student will one day step into Mrs. Foley's room and learn to utli1ze the1r creat1vity. Many see 1t as just a class. but others see it as more. The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) offers those passionate about art a chance to use their artworks to benefit others. Currently, the NAHS is working hard on THE MEMORY PROJECT. a project to help underpnvlieged children in the Philippines. Many children live w1th little education and/or art and most have never owned or seen a photo of themselves. Through use of pa1nt1ng. drawing. or digital media. students create portraits of these children . The children cherish these gifts. In addition to helping these children. the NAHS visits the local nursing home. Quaker Heights. and paints portraits of the residents. Beyond working w1th charcoal and paints. WHS offers a strong d1g1tal med1a course. Students learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and Flash to digitally create works of art. New to WHS. Ms. Powell gives students a new look and feel of the programs. For example. this year students were able to get real-life experience w1th digital arts as they interned for Dayton City Paper! Using Adobe lnDes1gn. students 1n the D1gital Med1a II class created advertisements to be featured in the paper. working directly with the publisher The arts are very act1ve within our school and community. Helping those down the street around the world. or merely taking the class to graduate. participation in the arts will always be a strong part of the SpARTan commun1ty

art to


you.w ~;~r;~lo ~•lorer "You do

"Art 1s Important to me because it lets people see how I feel and 1t helps to relieve stress."



"It g1ves me a way to express myself with words that aren't spoken ..

€-r111 J.\411111llt

"I can express myself Without fear of judgment."

j;lh v;l" Jnt;l

"It allows me to entertain others through an everevolving medium. It lets me create the otherwise 1mposs1ble. wh1ch 1s pretty neat."

Ery;lll !llfi•J

Nicholas Forward. ms1de left. works on anomat1ng a scene 1n Adobe Flash 1n the Mac Lab. Gabnel Hunt personalizes h1s portfolio

Idol Twelve talented acts competed 1n front of a full house at Waynesville Idol 2014. but our three JUdges. Mr Frambes. Mr Jordan. and Ms. PowelL had the most challengmg task of the event: p1ck1ng a wmner! In the end, the $ 100 pnze and title of Waynesville Idol 20 14 went to Lex1 Allen and Molly Keeton for the1r mash-up of HAll of MeH and "I W1ll Walt.H Second place was awarded to Zeb Morgan. whose performance of HP1ano ManH had the crowd s1ng1ng along and

by Mr . Hamen

wavmg the1r cell phone flashlights Th1rd place was a t1e between two expenenced dancers. Jon FraveL who presented her fourth and f1nal belly danc1ng rout1ne. and Elizabeth Brown. who brought a h1gh-energy tap danc1ng number. Other highlights among the large vanety of acts 1ncluded Chuck1e McCiinchy's high-flying martial arts. Lex1e Adams and Cynthia James' adorable HFrozen" duet. and Ronn1 Lynn Smith's soanng smg1ng.

(1) T1m Gabbard. (2) Molly Hartley (3) Leanne Foley. (4) Ang1e Polzmett1. (5) J .. Curhs (6) Ryan Frambes (7) Chnstlne T1eman. (8) Audrey Lueth (9) Amanda E ton. ( 10) Tommy Begley. ( 11) Scott Jordan. ( 12) Mana Syvertsen. ( 1 3) Amy Powell. ( 14) Randy Gebhardt. ( 15) M1chelle Dotson ( 1 6) Leslie Schleman ( 17) Ida Amburgy

"Saying 'sorry' when I shouldn't. Twisting my ha1r And forgetting my lunch!" Ms. Powell

Our teachers. When they were in high school.

'Too much caffe1ne and sun-tanning I" Mrs. Pardon

"Going to bed too late Mrs. Syvertsen "Saying 'alnght' too often." Mr. Frambes

"Biting my nails... Mr. Burchfield

"Leav1ng my shoes 1n the liv1ng room. 1mpulse buying. and avoid1ng yardwork. It's a JUngle out there!" Mrs. Polzmetti

W hat's your most embarrass1ng moment while teaching at WHS?

"I was demonstrating a

"Once while teach1ng. I

verb tense by doing a

pulled my husband's sock

dance and I didn't know

out of my sleeve. No one

the principal was behind

said a word!"

me watch1ng1

Mrs Polzmetti

Mrs Pardon

"I have{notonce. but

"I rumed the

THREE t1mes) said a circle

Homecom1ng pep rally by

1s c1rcumc1sed rather than

not playing along w1th the sk1t ..


Mrs. Montgomery

Mr. Frambes

"When Mr. Frost gave me

"I almost caught the h1gh

the nickname Mrs Harsh ley ..

school gym on f1re dunng

Mrs. Hartley

NHS inductions! The candles kept fall1ng to the floor!!"

Mrs. Tieman

Secretary Mrs. Amburgy A1de Mrs. Baker Health Mr. Begley Cho1r Mrs. Blankenship Algebra I Real Word Mr. Burchfield Athlet c D1rector. Mr. Catanzaro

Chem1stry. Mrs Clark 81ology I PhySICS Mrs. Curlis, Arde. Mrs. Dotson Super.ntendent Mr. Dubbs A1de. Mrs. Elton Art, Mrs. Foley

Geometry 10 Mr Frambes Bus1ness Mr Gabbard Pnnc1pal. Mr Gebhardt English 10 Drama I & 2 Mr Hamen Phys1cal Sc1ence. AP Bto Mr. Hardin Intervention Spec1ahst. Mrs. Hartley

Btolog1cal Sc1ences Mrs Hellemann Intervention Spec1ahst Mrs Hupe Counselor REDO Ms. Joefreda-Wells H1story 9 Mr. Jordan

·1 can do s1gn ,anguage: A1rs. A1ontgonnery

·sa 2Na Banana A1r. Burchfield

"I can s1ng really good n my carl· A1rs. Purkey

"I can s1ng 1n the bass range A1rs. Polzmetti

"Bemg able to make breakfast for 28 students 1n a 1O'x3' k·tchen. A1rs. Lueth

·1 can w1ggle my nose l1ke a rabb1t A1rs. Tiennan

"I am the fastest chip & salsa eater" A1rs. Syvertsen

·1 can tap dance " A1r. Hannen

C-1 ... •



Ml had a student run home dunng class wh1le I thought he was 1n the bathroom Later. I found out 1t was to retneve his notebook that was due at the end of the penod." Mrs. Syvertsen

MMrs. Tieman's class serenaded me w1th 'Happy Birthday' for my 60th a few years back They were awesome Mrs. Lueth

MTwo students h1d under my desk once. When I came around the desk to s1t down. I screamed and nearly fell out of my cha1r when I saw ·hem Mrs. Montgomery

MOne t1me. on a very rainy day back 1n Columbus. the students were upset our school levy d1dn't pass. A handful of k1ds protested by pull1ng the f1re alarm about SIX t1mes that day. We had to repeatedly stand in the pounng ra1n . Everyone was drenched!" Ms. Powell

A couple of students got 1n a f1ght 1n the library, wh1ch I had to break up. Then. I found out someone had v1deo taped 1t Mrs. Purkey M

Mr. King Phys1cal Educat1on Mr. lucas -echnology Coord1nator Mrs. Lueth ntervent1on Spec1a st Mr. McCall, Ass1stant Technology Coord nat Mrs. Montgomery 1lculus. ~ng n y Mrs. Pardon Spamsh 1 & 2

Mrs. Patton Academ1c Reinforcement Mr. Philpot PE & Health Mrs. Polzinetti Enghsh 1 1 AP Euro Mrs. Poole Stud •nt Serv1ces Ms. Powell D1g1tal Art. Yearboo leg• E l'lt als Mrs. Purkey L1branan

Mrs. Richmond Nurse Ms. Schleman Band Mr. Stubbs Engl h 9 Mr. Stupp APUSH. Government. S •OI gy Mrs. Rivero A1g •bra II. StatiStiCS Mrs. Syvertsen )pan1sh II Ill. IV

Mrs. Tieman, English 12 Mrs. Vogel Secretary Mr. Weirauch Latin II, Ill IV Mrs. Whyte H1story 10, Psychology

Le 1eAdams Samuel Aldnch Carly Allen Jacob Arnold Sara Aud1a Sabnna Barnhorst Anmka Belt

Alyssa Bla1r Tyl r Bla1r K1rsten Bradley Tyller Burd V1ctona Byerly Manssa Caldwell Ryder Caldwell

Cory Carson Lee Castle Zachary Chnstman V1cky Cole T ytus Collms Cameron Combs Bnan Conte

M1cayla Cooper Taylor DameI Lmdsey Darling Morghan Dean R1le•gh Dean Jerome Den1er Logan Dyer

N1cholas Emmenck Sara England Kyle Enckson Jacob Everson K1mberly Felumlee Andrea Fish Tyler Ford

"My worst habrt IS spend1ng too much mnney on shoes:

·cheat ng n tests!"

J•r( rNrlslt

~'I~" .Jf~. tslt•r" ot P1ctured Dustin Baker. Troy Blac

"P1ck1ng off my na1l polish when I am bored

·Eat1ng while cuttmg werght during wre"'tling season -

·My worst hab1t IS fixrng my harr all the t1me •

~~lire.. os~·. "

T"t"s c..·ll•"s

~llh r~)ts•"

Caleb Blevms. Mark Bloom. Cody Brown Chanty Combs. T1mothy Dale. Trevor Dan1els Rebecca D1lle Nlars a

Dutton. W1 ,am Evans. Dav•d Jeffnes. Jesse Jones. Gary Murray. Jordan Nauroth. Jarod Noel. Jonathan

oel Kyle Nuscher Tucker Reeves Dam

Roberts. Teaa Skeens. Connor Smith. Jesse Sorah. Hannah Starcher. EliJah Taylor. Ehjah Wheeland. Chnst1an W1lson. Ashley Z1m

Nicholas Forward Justm Fowler Enc Gallagher

Bucket List! ·rhe number one thmg on my bucket hst IS to w1n Reg1onals w1th the Bowling Green State Un1vers1ty Falcons' It would be a dream come true·

Taylor Gayhart Em1lyG Dylan Goldsberry

C..jllrly ~lie" ·Number one on my bucket hst 1s to not d1e b-lore I am 50·

W1lham Gourley M1chaela Harman James Hams

C..&.r'st'jll" St"Mt "Number one on our bucket list IS to travel the world and see whats out there. I would love expenencing what other cultures exper ence:·

Joshua Hartman Ryan Hartshorn Shelby Halter


~.,,~.jll & ~,,.,,~.


"I'd l1ke to travel to Pans. I am 1n love w1th that city! I would love to be able to travel there w1th my husband. It would be such an amazmg expenence.·

Dylan Helton M1chael Henz Bryce Hopwood

Sjllrjii+Jfjll Katelyn Howard Canssa Isaac Cynth1a James Gwenev1er Johnson

Bnttany Jones Sydney Kaszubowskl Alexandna Kells Janna Lawrenz CaSSie


Jarrod Leestma Tesla Llnkhart

Bryce Lmkous Kathenne Mack Andrew Magoto Joshua Mart n Mad1son Me enz1e Ryan Mcmahon Brandon Mockabee

lngnd Moll r Donald Moore Alyssa Mortara Abb1e Mutcrspaw Broo e ap1er Molhe orthern Lauren Osborn

Anthony Palumbo Domen1c Pardon Jos1ah Parnsh Lu e Paxson Delaney Petkerv1ch Joshua P1ckett Gav111 Pnce

Valentina Purtle V1ctona Rebert Makayla R1chardson Joshua Rush D1 on Sarka Katelyn Sayers ma Setzer

M1tchell Sexton Tyler Sharp Megan Sm1s Jul1e Slyby Jacob Sp1tzoogle R1verd Stolenkamp Chnst1an Stuart

Leah Suttman Kailey Tate Holly Teeters Bnanna Thaxton Mary Van Atta R1chard Vmcer t KCith Wheeler

Justm Vostad Wayne Yeazel GabneiYoung Justin Young L1am Young Chnsuan Z1daroff

The Human Cent1pede

(....,,." ?>ter

Captam Phtllips

The Green Mtle

Forrest Gump

Dear John

~~~•krly feltllt~lee

j11"e Slyi,y

j,.... . ,. .Jfnrls

Jere~t~l~<lo Stllw.ll


Franklin Adae tcholas Baker Austtn Beachler EliJah Bennett Paul Bensman John Bla r Kyle Bnggs

Elizabeth Brown Kyle Buflod Taylor Burchfield Emtly Burton Kayla Coffman Alison Coleman Nathan Couch

Floyd Croucher Desttny DeWar Alex Dufresne Megan Eckley DeVTn Ettel El,ah Elton Makayla Fttzharns

Devtn Ford Andrew Forste Kyle Fowler Carlle Fravel

"When I smacked my face on the cafetena floor trymg to throw my trash away."

"I dropped my tuba 1n march1ng band •

l>·~,l~s ~~·~'~

~~te• ~~-Y~~

"My bad hab1t 1s being too nice."



··My pants ripped open when I was show1ng my favorite pig ..

"Getting pants-ed at a family reunion."

"It's too embarra ng

l>evt• f·~.r

~l•s•• ~·IM'"


K~l~ ~·ff ~•

"Always being on my phone··

"Chewing on plastiC W"th my braces.·

"Cracking my lrnucldes ..

"Chewing with my

M~.r•s·• b•~s··

T~r~·~ J·~·s··

g....h ~tt•

J~•s K-llrt

mouth opAn •

"To go see the Colosseum 1n Rome. I have always loved Rome and the h1story beh1nd 1t all·

"Makmg an 1mpact on many people's lives ·

· Hang out w1th Morgan Freeman because he could narrate what I do and tt would be

"Get marned because It's the start of a

·F1gure out the rest of my bucket list."

·v1s1t Pans:

·Meet a celebnty"

"Play NFL football. Football1s what I am good at and it's what I love"

"To make as many people sm1le as possible. A smile 1s infectious!"

logan Fruhw1rth Mad1son G1bson T1ffany Glascoe Trav1s Greer Bret Gnsmer Seth Hawkms Ashten Hornyak

Trevor Johnson Samuel Jones James Kelley Jake Kmg Jeffrey Konen Megan Kyne Broo e Lezotte

Damel Mayper Mark McCann John McCloud Andrew Me eeley Jacob Middlesworth James Miller Jared Moon

Logan Moore Zebulun Morgan Rahel Morns Logan Murray Damel Neeley Tara 1 Matthew oel

M1tchell Osterhage Tyler Parker Katie Parson Joshua Pfe1ffer Ausun Ph1lhps Jarod Purdum Kam1 Pur ey

Mark Ramsey Ja1me Reeves Hayley R1chards Thomas Ryan Garrett Schroeder Samantha Sp1res Chase Struew1ng

Alex1s T1ngley Andrew Trapp Zachary VanDyke M1a Vllah Morgan Vogel Zane Wallace Em1lyWells

Ashley West V1ctona W1lson Kyle W1lson Shelby Worthington N1cholas Young

P'tch Perfect

c..&.I•• V,.,.


Forrest Gump

be.,,. ~'f~·




Zombte Land

Breakfast Club

~·,~- "'""~

"''~ V't~ll

Not P1ctured Wyatt Allen. Chnstlan Ball. lsmah Bauer. Brent Behymer. Madeleme Bracke. Beau Caplinger. Michael Carson Alyson Coyle. Dustyr D Noah Damon. Caleb Dav1s. Samuel Duncan. Bryan Evans. Autumn Fann1n. Jack Ferguson. Devm Foster. oah Haught Bayli Herzog. Alexandra How Kendra Hudgel. Chnstopher Kavanaugh. Kaltlyn Kelly. Alic1a Leasure. Chelsea McCoy. Killian McGUire. Collin McNe1ce. Lucas Mohme. James M r leonte Patterson. Cole Ph1ll1ps. Tob1e Ramsey Chloe R1ddle. Jess1e R1ne. Logan Robb1ns. Ramsey Skeens. Matthew Smead. Ashley Sm1th J Turner. Chloe Van Hoose. Seth V1ox. Tnston Waremg. Adnana Wheeland. Andrew Wilkerson. Austin W1seman Austlr. Y

Ba1lee Achard Broanna Allen Lcx1 All n Sydney Austin Max Austin Shyann Avella Trav1s Bakker

Ab1ga1l Baldwm Bnanna Barton Bnan Bla1r Em1 y Boesen berg Kyle Boggeln Hannah Bone Parker Bonng

Joshua Boucha1r Chnstoplter Bradley Kara Bradley Taylor Burkholder Lyd•a Burton Mason Callahan Adyson Camp

Sltelbl Campbell Allyson Campbell Cory Clark

"Swim w1th dolph1ns because I love them."

{....y".IS.-'f ~~1-t• Gnff1n Cook K1rsten Cook Alic1a Cooper

'To travel the entire world Life 1s short. so you should see every aspect of 1t " Samuel Demer Sean Durham Stanley Easterling

..\-l~•s .Jf""t "Go1ng off-roading in Iceland. I was born there and want to go back"

Tr~~•s Aaron Ell1s Kayc1 Felumlee Aliya F1sh

Trav1s Foster Brandon Fowler R1ley Gabbard Tony Gessman L1v1a G1llum Savannah Godfrey Kenz1e Gompf


"'I want to jump out of a plane That would be


How long is your morning routine?

M1chael Good Sydney Hancock Bla e Han .ns

"I wake up ready·

J•rJAA !•11'~"''' John Henz Jacob Hobbs Cole Hollan

"About 30 mtnutes to an hour and a half

~.-v.-.....~ ~·Jfrey Hayden Cook Noah Hooser Kevtn Howard

"45 mtnutes to an hour."

~~ley r•well

Maulyn Hubbell Alexts Hunt Thomas Isaacs Terry James Connor Johnson Sarah Jones Ol1v1a Jones

Megan Jordan Anna Keeton Cory Ktlburn Sterra Ktndred M1chaela Kmg Zane Kohler Katllyn Krumnauer

Jarrett Lamb Austin Lamb Gavtn Ltnkous Ryan Llp.nsk• Owen Longstreath Morgan Lowmg Trenton Mackey

Lyndsay Magoto Courtney Matnes Tracy Matnes Kyle Manntx Vtctona Maxwell Reagan Metzler Eh Morns

Kenneth Mortara Morgan Naegele Alexa Neely Mackenzte ew Jonathan Ntchols Jacob Oakes lan Parry

Katlyn Penneau Collin Perry Ashley Powell Rh1anna Powell Haley Pnce oah Pnce Kerstyn Purkey

Hannah Reeder Jonathan R1chards Alexa R1tter Chloe Roes Alhson Savage Kevm Savage Skylar Schrader

Manah Schaffer Samuel Sharp Kayla Shaw Ronm Sm1th Skylar Staley Joshua Stephens Skylar Stiles

Patnck Stone Ab1ga1l Struew1ng Ryan Teeters Troy Thomas S1dney Thomas Courtney T1tus Cass1e T1tus

Grant Turner Jonathan Turney Jacob Van Atta Colt Wells Alexander W1lhams Alyssa W1lhams Pa1geW1Ims

Karle1W1Ims Kanlyn Zebell

What's your most embarrassing moment?

"When I tnpped up

"That time when I

the sta1rs on the way to Span1sh "

walked 1nto a men's

Er1-••- Ent••





"Makmg a very loud

"Sneezing when I

and long sneeze 1n

had diarrhea .·

the m1ddle of class.

+·•Y. .·"s




"In 1st grade. my skirt fell down 1n front of my teacher and all my fnends (boys and g1rls)l"

.Jf--·~~" ~J...

Not P ctured Chaston Armstrong Brandon Bohman Hunter Brown Ale IS Cordero R1chard Crafton Dav1d Crossgrove Ab1ga1l D e. Hunter Doepel Ema1hne Farley Hu ter Fetty. Cameron Foley Ambros a Ford. EliJah Jones Robert McCoy Clayton Mmor Lu e 1\tloore Em )y 0 Connor Ale andra Pennmgton athan P e son James Plummer M1cah Schen 1ng Mlkayla Schm1dt Noah Search M1cah Spllle. Dagan St es Ka1lee Woods



The Lady Spartans volleyball team faced many adverstt1es from the beginning of the 201 3 season. a completely new and restructured coaching staff with new philosophies. both offensive and defensive. very few return1ng vars1ty players. and 18 of the players were brand new to WHS! Our records. Varsity 8-14. JV1 0-9. and Freshman 1-8. do not reflect the true talent and abilities on this team. The season was a success m many ways that cannot be measured by wms and losses. The teams celebrated a fun Team Day to kick off the season at Kings Island. where the girls really seemed to bond as well as entertain other amusement park thrill seekers with the1r enthusiastiC marching chants ... #SpartanSpandex! Volleyball opened the season w1th their first ever Camper Appreciation Match' The 2013 Waynesville Elementary Campers. weanng the1r

bnght green camp sh1rts. made a guest appearance and joined the Varsity team in their locker room huddle. They even part1c1pated m the pre-match warm-upt On October 1st. we hosted a very successful Volley for the Cure match. Before the match. the team put tn a lot of hard work gett1ng sponsorships and donations. selling shirts. making decorations. and tnvitmg Survivors and Ftghters to be recognized and honored. We had an incredible turnout and raised over $ 1. 100 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to use 1n the fight against breast cancer.

by Coach Bostwick



Kyle Bnggs. above. g ves one last push to the ftmsh hne He was tn the 2nd team at AI League SWBL along wtth Logan Fruhwtth. tck Young. and Enc Jones

Th g rls ft take a we I dP.s rved wat brea It r runn ng th r r

Sopt>omore Loga Fra w -rth above push1ng 'llfTISelf hc:rd He was O!" th 2nd team at All League SWBL

Ky e Boggelen left runn1ng h1s hard the compet ton

Freshman Ryan Teeters. left. ma1nta1ns complete focus as he runs

t to b at

Megan Eckley (sophomore nght) was awarded F1rst Team All-leagu The team had great support th1s year Shamn Jacquay Katie Stoc ton and Devon Z1elazny came out and cheered the team on to v1ctory

The hrst doubles team of N1na Setzer and Cass1e Lay (pictured next page) got progressively better throughout the year and expenenced much success at the net

The top two smgles players. Megan Eckley (sophomore. left) and Abbey Search (semor. center). f1n1shed strong w1th personal records of 10-4

Semor. Abbey Search. earned Second Team League th1s year All the g1rls w1 be ba nex season except Abbey, who hopes to play softballm college with possible Tenn1s on t s1de

rP,am rompiE:tE'd W1h a 4- ' 0 rPcora Be ng r latrvey yot..a'1q ana r~expenenced. t coo ~ wa pr Jd of the 'T'DrOV rnerts her r dV rs Made throug~ )t..at t <.GOn Sh( h~ h g!l 'lope for r xt yea¡ TI1 W't lS (, rl ..enr



Sophomore Bret Gnsmer "'28 (top left). spnnts down the field With the ball Sophomore Zeb Morgan "'1 2 (middle below). passes the ball after he steals It from the opposmg team

nt Jun or Ryan Hart h rn (r ght) f1ght1ng to t al the ball

W1th a very young team compnsed of nearly half sophomores. the Spartans completed the season t1ed for f1rst place with a regular season record of 8·8-0. league record of 7-1-0. and post season record of 10-9-0 Our sen1ors. Matt McCurry. Austin Gautreaux. Chuckle McChnchy. Zach Penneau. Evan Cnchton. Cameron Moon. and Kll1an

Bracke. led the team through advers1t1es and overcame obstacles they faced Th1s year they competed w1th more challenging teams than years past. but that JUSt made the team ra1se the bar to a h1gher level of play They scored a total of 3 5 goals made by 1 2 d1fferent players'


K~ckin The soccer team f1as an Immeasurable bond that makes them more than JUSt teammates. They are s1sters. grow1ng and help1ng each other to succeed They were able to ach1eve a new level of play. leading to an amazmg year The f1nal count ended the1r season With an overall record of 11-3-4 and the team took the second place title in the SWBL. Highlights of the year included Junior. Katie Mack. sconng the gamewmnlng p01nt 1n the last seven seconds of the game to defeat

Kat1 Stockton (r g t) w1ftly blows past an opposmg defender A tre team goa e Em y G (ms de r ght) scoops up the ba boc mg a goa

Mad1son! The JV team had an outstanding 1 1-2 season. f1n1sh1ng w1th only one loss 1n the SWBL. a record of 7-1. It should be no surpnse that the team had such an amaz1ng year. Together. they scored 34 goals wh1le only allow1ng the1r opponents 1 11 Seniors Bngid Prew1tt. Cayla Ryan. Erin Bunn. Kaltlin Stockton. and Meghan Jones will be missed. but the strength 1nst1lled into their s1sters will advance the team to accomplish new goals on and off the field!

Lex1e Adams (left) puts the ball back mto play v1a throw¡m Savmg the ball from the opposmg team. Bng1d Prew1tt k1cks to another player

Ja1me Reeves blasts the ball down the f1eld

Meghan Jones (above) 1 ba past two dele d r o oppo g team lngr d (left) take advantag of th fr pa e on the f1 d Lex e Adu"lS and K z e Gompf ( eft) express team p nt


The Ultimate 90% mental 10% phYsical

From left to nght: Paige Wilms. Olivia Jones. Chloe R1ddle. Tori Wilson. and Riley Gabbard Coach¡ Josh Beam

Boys Golf from left to nght Enc Gallagher. Logan Murray. Kyle Fowler. Jack Blair. Trevor Johnson. Cole Hollan Coaches: Dan Stupp & Josh Beam

Sophomore Trevor Johnson (nght). a f1rst year rece ved Honorable Ment1on tn the SWBL and the Low Average Award

Sophomore Jack Blatr (far nght). a second year letterman. reads hts putt to help lead the Spartans


"We believe that pursuing excellence is a constant individual and team processes. We believe that success means doing our best, being our best, and feeling proud of our efforts and accomplishments. We believe that each of us has special talents and the talents of each of us help all of us. We believe in ourselves, in each other, and in this squad. GO SPARTANS!" Cheerleading is not JUSt a hobby, it's a way of life. We practice. tumble. and cheer at one to three games per week. It's more than JUSt look1ng pretty and sm11ing. too; it's a way to get the crowd pumped and involved 1n the game. We are role models for young g1rls 1n our commun1ty and we ded1cate our time to coaching peewee cheer squads. When our uniforms are on. we are a symbol of happiness. joy. respect. and kindness. Most importantly. we always remember to be "Cinderella".

by Brittany Bellar

The WHS Cheer Squad was the f1rst-ever sports team at Waynesville to rece1ve the Leave It Better Award It was ded1cated to the sen1or cheerleaders Bnttany Bellar. Cass1dy Evans. Chas1ty Evans. Morgan Gregg. Knstlna Pa1nter. Haley P1ckett. Heather Rush1ng. and Canssa Stamm. Accord1ng to Mrs. Burchfield. HThe sen1ors left the program better than they found 1t." Because of what the sen1ors started. the team succeeded all four years of h1gh school-putt1ng three rout1nes on the floor almost every compet1tton. hip-hop. ground bound.

and stunt1ng At the start of the season. tt1e compet1t1on cheerleaders pract1ced three t1mes a week. but eventually, 1t became a full¡t1me JOb Tt1e g1rls became 's1sters' and bonded 1n such a way that they. and the1r coaches. understood each other well. As Heather Rushmg put 1t. " Our coaches replaced our mom's n1netyn1ne percent of the t1me Th1s year was also spec1al because the squad qualified for and competed at Nationals. They traveled to D1sney World 1n Orlando for a once-1n-a-l1fet1me expenence H

Gomg to Nationals at D1sney was much more than a vacat1on however. It represented the team's culm1nat1on of hard labor and pa1nful sacnf1ces TheSpartancheerleade~

f1n1shed s1xth place at Nationals At State. our Spartan cheer team placed third for Stuntmg and HipHop. and fourth 1n Ground Bound. This was an mcred1bly successful year. full of happy memories for all the g1rls 1nvolved We sure are proud of them.

Net Vars1ty Basketball f1mshed the season w1th a 1 2-1 0 overall record. w1th 8-4 m the league. for a share of the title w1th Carlisle and Northndge. Thrs t1tle gives the Spartans three years rn a row of w1nn1ng 1st place under Coach Todd Cook EliJah Ra1ns became the career ass1st leader for his four year career as a start1ng pornt guard. End of year awards g1ven out by the program rnclude the Orange and Black Award. g1ven to Freshman Eli Morns. JV Brent Behymer. and Vars1ty EliJah Ra1ns The Vars1ty Productivity Award was presented to Zeb Farley. EliJah Rarns and Bnan Behymer recerved All-League 1st Team. wh1le Zeb Farley rece1ved All-League Honorable Mention. EliJah Ra1ns earned D1stnct 1 5 Upperclassmen Team. The Freshmen team f1n1shed w1th a 1 3-5 record while the JV team f1n1shed w1th a 1 8-3 record Great JOb, boys!

Semor Bnan Behymer. above. getting around h1s opponent w1th the ba' oah Pnce above nght. lookmg to ma e h1s next move Sen1or Eh Rams. nght shootmg to score for the Spartans

ere What an amaz1ng n1ght! Under the lights of the gym. the g1rl's basketball team worked the1r hardest Even though th1s year was tough. the Lady Spartans fought w1th the1r all. The Vars1ty Lady Spartans ended the season w1th a 7-15 record In pomts per game. the team was led by Abbey Search She averaged 10 3 po1nts per game She was followed by Sophomore Manssa Caldwell. w1th 7 po1nts per game Abbey was recogn1zed as the SWBL F1rst Team All-League. as well as Distnct 15 All-Star Manssa was named SWBL F1rst Team as well as D1stnct 15 Underclassmen Team. Both Sen1or Molly Keeton and Jun1or Brook Lezotte were recogn1zed SWBL Honorable Ment1on Hopefully next year. the team w1ll do even better! The team nght talks strategy m the hope of defeating the1r Mad son opponents

Ellen Van Atta left. f1ghts every step to the hoop. rna mg her fc ow sen or SISters proud on Senor N1 ht Ton Maxwell below opens herself up IJ'I preparat1on to rece1ve the ball and shoot a basket Kenz1e Gompf. m1ddle below looks to receiVe that ball

ent to try and bnng her team a v pa s the ba to

Max Austin. top left. comtng up for a breath. eepmg up m the breast stro e event Taylor Damel. below. IS cont1nu1ng her event by ta ng a qu1ck breath

Just What a great season for the sw1m team' They ended the season w1th two new team records: Tara N1x w1th the Women's 1 00 breaststroke and James Kelley w1th the Men's 100 Backstroke They also had several D1stnct Oualif1ers for different events. Haley Richards. Tara N1x. Shelby Worthington. and Alison Coleman quallf1ed for the Women's 200 Medley. For the Women's 200 Free Relay. Shelby Worthington. Alison Coleman. Riley Gabbard and Tara N1x quahf1ed Tara N1x was also an 1nd1v1dual qualif1er 1n the Women s 100 breaststroke. Several end of season awards were g1ven out w1th M1chael Good earn1ng the Orange & Black Award. James Kelly w1th the Spartan Award. Taylor Dan1els w1th the Most Improved female. and Nathan P1erson w1th Most Improved Male.

W1th half the team be1ng Freshmen and first-year wrestlers. there's plenty of learn1ng and hard work needed to compete at the vars1ty level. Experienced wrestlers and upperclassmen became mentors and pushed themselves and the1r teammates to be the best they can be. Jun1or. Donald Moore states. ¡our team has plenty of potential! We need to work hard 1n the off-season to prepare ourselves for next year."

Semor Kalob Tuck. ms1de nght. stands above h1s defeated opponent Sen1or Chuck McCI!nchy, nght. wa1ts m referees pos1t10n. ready to Jump at the sound of the wh1stle

Freshman Brandon Bohman and Sophomore Enc Jones warmmg up before the1r matches

Jun1or Josh Marun. left. sprawls hard m h1s match competing for th1rd place Josh was our 3rd d1stnct quahf1er

Run to DaYton Distri c t Divis ion I I (notable) results : 3rd : 1OOm dash. 11 03 Bret Gnsmer 2nd : 4 200m relay. 1 33 04 Ramsey Skeens Zach VanDyke. Trevor Johnson. Bret Gnsmer 2nd : 4x 1OOm. 44 58 Ramsey S ·eens. Ja e Krumnauer. Zach VanDyke. Bret Gnsmer 4th : 1600m run. 5 54 83. Alison Coleman Southwestern Buckeye League (notable) results : G1rls 2nd : 4x800m relay. 11 21 36. Taylor Dan1el. Alison Coleman Ally Campbell. Morgan Lowmg 2nd : 1600m. 5 57 58. Al1son Coleman 3rd : 4x 100m relay. 55 52. Ja1me Reeves. A, ,x, eely, Rh1anna Powell. Reagan Metzler 2nd : 300m hurdles. 52 53. Brooke Lezotte 3rd : 300m hurdles. 52 81. Alexa Neeley 2nd : 3200m.13 25 71 8. Alison Coleman

Chnstlan l1da•off ngrt wear the face of Spartan mt m dat on Taylor ::>an el 1ns de r ght pass ng the t c off to her partner A on Co eman du g t'le relay'

3rd: 3200m.1352816 EmllyGIII 3rd : D1scus. Abbey Baldwin 3 rd : Long Jump Brooke Lezotte Boys 1st : 110 hurdles. 15 75. Jake Krumnauer 1st : 1OOm dash. 11 35, Bret Gnsmer 1st : 4x200m relay, 1 36 11, Ramsey Skeens. Zach VanDyke, Eli Wheeland. Bret Gnsmer 3rd : 1600m 4 52 00. Danny Hussey 1st : 4x100m relay. 45 39 10 Ramsey Skeens Jake Krumnauer, Cody Brown. Bret Gnsmer 1st : 400m. 52 64 Trevor Johnson 3rd : 300mhurdles 4368 Ja eKrumnauer 3rd : 800m run. 2 10 65, Danny Hussey 2nd : 200m dash. 23 99. Bret Gnsmer 2nd : H1gh Jump 5.()8 00. Jake Krumnauer

Bryan Evans and Austlf'l Phillips make an excl1ange dunng a relay

Sophomore Ramsey Skeens. below. executes the long Jump

Jake Krumnauer

ft bows t ou h ttl

·d s A y Ccl'Tipb I 10 d t e f n sh e

ft pr nt ng for

Ba by Coac h Gary Hardman

The Waynesv1lle Vars1ty Team had a successful season. One of the maJor opponents was the weather cond1t1ons. Many days we were pract1cing and compet1ng 1n freezing temperatures and wmd cond1t1ons that made 1t all but 1mposs1ble to play In sp1te of the weather. th1s team worked very hard and ended ttle season w1th a 9-5 record. A major accomplishment was tak1ng second place at the league tournament. Kudos to the Singles play of Ryan Carner and M1cah Crossgrove who came 1n th1rd place. as well as the two doubles teams of Enc Gallagher/Jake Trapp and Kyle






r- ' - I- ,_ ~-

..... r- r- .... ~- ~- ·-~-r r-1,_ ~ - r~



r >-+~~f~


'-1 ~r,_~- -·pr-· ,_ .._ t- H ,_ f--· ,.... '- ._

p. ~~ ,... ,_ t- ~-·



r- 1-



1"'- ~ ~-;:= f=


~ f-






l';;_ _:; 12 ~ l= l= t;; t.::: ~ ,·-

I-1--- ' - rf-·

~· ·~r-



f- f-..

Buflod/Bryce Hopwood. who came 1n second place Dav1d Jeffnes was honored by be1ng named to the Second Team SWBL All League. Micah Crossgrove was g1ven the Honorable Mention Award. For the year. Capta1n Ryan Carner was named MVP and the doubles team of Kyle Buflod and Bryce Hopwood was named Most Improved Players. This has been an incredible season w1th a great squad of ded1cated athletes. As a f1rst year coach 1t has been a real honor to work w1th these f1ne young men


., ~--~-

F= I~

Kyle Buflod. above. smashes a ball

Seth Hawk1ns abov

Bryce Hopwood. above. volleys the ball


s a pe:<fect ba

Softb VarsitY 21 - 8 JV 12-5 The biggest moment of the year was when Carly Allen pitched a PERFECT game aga1nst D1x1e. Th1s 1s the f1rst perfect game 1n Waynesville history. and won 1t soon be forgotten Congratulations. ladies! Buckeye Divis1on Champions D1strict Runner-Up

E en Van Atta r gnt r ady to catch a ball 'l t e outf eid The team "" de r ght Stdnds for t p y rg of t e Nat ona Anth bet r a




-~ ... .:. ~""

1st Team All State: Carly Allen 1st Team All Metro: Carly Allen P1tcher of the Year for SWBL· Carly Allen 1st Team All SWBL: Carly Allen. Abbey Search. Sarah Jones 2nd Team All SWBL· Skylar St1les & Kenz1e Gompf Honorable Mention SWBL: Molly Keeton & Ellen Van Atta

Mikayla Schm1dt. left •s 'ocused on catch.ng the ball Shelby Worth.ngton below. shdes .nto base

Molly Keeton ant1c1pat1ng the next play

Bnttany Jones 1ns1de left walls nx ou y to •un the b ses

Hey! Batter Th1s year's 2014 baseball team was phenomenal. The team expenenced what seemed like thousands of good th1ngs-one after another They ttended the SWBL Buckeye League Champ1onsh1p. played at the Red's Future Showcase. and ended the season 24-4 That's a lot of v1ctones! What an exceptional way to f1n1sh the season! That certainly 1s a crowd-pleaser. The boys went on to play in the SWBL Champ1onsh1ps-and wonl Great JOb boys! W1th an opportunity to play the Reds Future

Showcase at Mlam1 Umvers1ty's f1elds. the team played aga1nst the Ross Rams. takmg 1n yet another w1n Bryce L1nkous was named the game's most valuable player-what an ach1evementl To f1n1sh the season's awards. Wyatt Myers. Troy Black. and Bryce Lmkous were named F1rst Team AllLeague. Second Team All-League was awarded to Cam Combs and Jeremiah Stilwell. Andrew Magoto and AJ Lezotte were voted Honorable Mention All-League.

Bryce L1nkous left sWings the bat attempt ng a home run Hunt Doepe T•oy Blac and EliJah Bennett posmg for a p1ctu e after the game

Cameron Col"'lbs s 1des to 3rd ba e safe

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The Building You Want From the pnge of your drums to a hobby bu dll'lg or a storage buoldong for your belongoogs, Horton Buad ngs woD work wtth you to plan for a buDdlnz that meets your needs :and sty1e

Congratulations Class of2014!

To learn more and to get sorted on your pro1ect. contact Horton Bufldlngs today

937-382-8528 325 Denny Rd • Walmmgton, OH

MORTON . BUILDINGS 800-447-7436 • mortonbuiiA:hngs.com


Colophon Advisor : Amy Powell Fonts : ~~. . ,,. r''"t路 Un1t1s L1ght. Toxi ca. M~'tuc.t. Unitis Bold Cover : Soft lam1nat10n litho base w ith gloss UV coatmg on elements. Publishing : The staff a1med for a consistently des1gned book from cover-tocover. w1th 1ncreased coverage of people and events The pages are pnnted on 100-lb matte paper w1th a square-backed sewn b1ndmg by Herff Jones Publish1ng A total of 1 20 cop1es were pre-sold at an early b1rd pnce of $55. Last chance cop1es and over runs were sold for $65

Staff Members : Andrew Bnggs Bnttany Bellar Adrian N1eto

Cylie Nelson Michaela Harman lsa1ah Bausm1th

Heather Rushing Dakota Bonng Jack Blair (one semester)

Acknowledgments: Our staff 1s small. but a oh-so-m1ghty Together. we spent countless hours covenng events. creatmg layouts. check1ng grammar. stalk1ng punctuation. and promot1ng yearbook 1n new ways After the loss of Mr. Lew1s. 1t was diff1cult adjusting to Ms. Powell and her different style of teach1ng and lead1ng We laughed. we cried. we d1sagreed .. but most Importantly. we got through 1t. We couldn't be more proud of our work th1s year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. Our friends and teachers have been a huge support. and we hope all of you love and enJOY our book (you read our homework!) for many years to come

PhotographY: Jack Bla1r shot sports photos wth h N kon 7000 Sports team photos and student portraits were taken by L1fetouch. as well as some sports photos. In exchange for ad space. Kev1n Reynolds Photography (N1kon nerd) prov1ded photos for soccer and volleyball. as well as some football. swimm1ng. and compet1t1on cheerlead1ng Ms. Powell photographed homecom1ng. football. prom. the play. the mus1cal. our talent show. sen1or favontes. graduation. the clos1ng. and club shots. She used a borrowed Canon 50 Mark II (b1g thanks. fnend!). Staffers used their smart phones and personal cameras to capture 1mages for the1r photo essays and snapshots throughout the book. WHS students subm1tted 路selfies路 and the1r personal photos by usmg the hashtag. #m1ghtym1ghtyyearbook. 1n lnstagram. "If your pictures aren't good enough; you're not close enough路 -Robert Capa

Software: The 128-page. all-color yearbook was created 1n the online program. eDes1gn. us1ng Mac computers. Adobe Photoshop 5 and iPhoto were also used as needed.

Mrs T1eman. lsa1all Bausm1th. Megan Buckle. Taylor Damels. 1\tlolly Keeton and Carly Allen Not p1ctured Lex1e Adams. Cyl1e Nelson. Gavm Pnce and Katie Stockton

Front Row Lmdsey Darlmg. Katie Mac Julie Slyby, Jerem1ah Stilwell. Molly Keeton. Mary Van Atta Second row Kayc1 Felumlee. Bryce Lm ous. Michaela Harman Cynthia James. Bnttany Jones. Katelyn Howard Thtrd row Lauren Osborne. Mad1son G1bson

Frun Row: Mrs Purkey, Moll1e Northern. L1ndsey Darhng. Lauren Osborne. Jul1e Slyby, Kat1e Mac Ktm Felumlee Second Row Cynth1a James. Kayc1 Felumlee. Andrea F1sh. Holly Teeters. Sara Aud1a Marl1es Stoltenkamp

Front Row Bryce Lmkous. Kyle Enc son. Bryce Hopwood. JOJ Hartman Kevm Howard Second Row Carly Allen. Enn Mann1x. Laura Kennard. Katelyn Howard Thtrd row Enc Gallagher. Domen1c Pardon Dev1n Ford

Front Row Makayla Frtzharr1s Ja1me Reeves Adnan Nooto Jake Krumnaue' Abbey Search lsa1ah Bausm1th. Zeb Morgan. Travrs Greer Second Row KMiyn Krummnauer Holly Teeters Cynthoa James Garret Schrood Logan Fruhw1rth Bnttany Jones Domen1c Pardon Matt Noel Dan1el Maypcr Th1rd Row Ahson Coferroan Em1ly Burton Elizabeth Brown De tiny DeWar B Mockabee Founh Row Kyle Buflod Nathan Prerson Devon Ford Abbe Muterspaw E Mannox

Front Row lse h Bausrr. • Bnttney Bellar Molly Keeton Can sa StarPm Ca 1dy Evan Ct>nstoph r Poole Evan CnchtOI' 1-t nry Agee Ty Surd Kate Seco d Row Alysha Cooper Madd o Bra ke Cynthia Jam Howard Carly AI en Jake Van Atta Th rd Row Mr Joe A xa R1tter KarPI Purk y Emily W A x s T ngley 0 v a Jon

Front Row Enn Manmx Ja1me Reeves. AI son Coleman. Emtiy Gtll Back Row Jesse Rtne Hayley R1chards. Sydney Austtn. Bryce Lmkous Gav1n L1nkous Logan Clawson. Adnan N1eto. Ja e Van Atta. Marhes Stolen arnp Chloe Roos

Front Row Lex e Adams Cynth1a James Desur>y Dewar Katelyn Howard Ben St phens. Anthony Palumbo Cal!lyn McGUire Laura Kennard Ganett Schroeder Branna Thaxton Ton Rebert M dd e Zeb Morgan Grant Turn r Kar e1 W1 m Jon Frave Hannah Reeder Ar>na Keeton Ror>m Sm th Pa ge W lms Sydney Kaszubowsk Makayla F1tzharns Tuc er Reeves Carhe Fravel Ba Row Gavm Pnce Carly Allen. Josh Stephens Ja1me Reeves Kllhan McGwre Em1ly G1ll Andrew Bnggs Kov111 Howard Haley P•1ce. Jacob VanAtta Trav1s Fo tor M1chael Carson


- - - - - --


Froot Row Alexa Neely Jon Fravel Abboe Muterspaw Laura Kenn rd Rya Ca o r Ka t n Krumnauor Adyso<' Canp Lyd a Burton Megan Jordan Middle Row Zan Koh r David Cr CNe Sam Aldr h Mal< A t n Brya Buf R hards. M t Ost rhage K n MeG e Br n Cont l.Ma G urn Ca oe Fra New Asrt n Horr:ya Ba Row Kyle Broggs. Kyle Buf od Sam Oenoer Brad gv Allen Karloe Abra

Front Row E1t1ah Jones. Ryan Teeters. Kevm Howard. Bryce Hopwood Tucker Reeves. Anthony Palumbo. Kyle Boggeln. Jacob Sp1tznogle. Josh Thomas Back Row Bryan Evans. Alex DuFresne. Devm Ford. Josh Hartman Chnstran W1lson. Connor Smith. Will Gourley

Front Row Ronnt Sm1th. Michaela Earnhart. Ka1lee Woods. Tyl r Bla1r, Austm Par.sh Adnan N1eto M1dd e Row Sydney Kaszubowsk Chloe R1ddle. Trenton Mackey Ben Stephens Trav1s Foster. Molly Keeton. Lauren Kohler Ton Rebert Bnanna Thaxton. Breanna Allen Back Row Bnan Bla1r. lsa1ah Bausm1th. Haley Pnce

Band r-1embers Ryan Te ters. Bryce Hopwood. Kev1n Howard. Anthony Palumbo. flyan Carner. TuC'ker Reovos Josh Hanman. Ja o Trapp E111ah Jones Bryan fvans Alex Dufresne Kyle Boggeln Dev1n Ford Garrett Schroeder Adyson Camp N na Setzer Abb10 Muterspaw Laura Kennard Jon Fravel Bnan CoPte L a G1 urn K I an McGwe Bryan Buflod Ka ey Tate Enc Jones Sam Aldr ch Andrew Bnggs M1cah Crossgrove Jason Garren. David Dufresne Connor Jornson [)y1an Holton Jarrod leostma. Ryan L pms Jacob M1ddleswonh Karl o Abrar-1 Kyle Bnggs Kyle Buflod. Doug Croucher. lan Bertohn1 Troy TIJomas. Josh Stephens. NICk Young. Paul Bensman Ben Stephens Guard merPbers Adnan N1eto raVIs Foster Amber Ford Kaue Parson Breanna AI n Car Fravel K1rsten Coo Katelyn Howard Jenna Hooser Ton Rebert AbbeyDtlle

Trapp La

Osborne Morghan

Connor Jol'nsoro Sll!lra nd ed MIChae Good

Front Row Evan Cnchton Chuck1e McChnchy Ab1ga11 Search Lauren Kohler Molly Keeton 2nd Row Bnttany Jones Domen1c Pardon Logan Clawson Bryce Lin ous Jacob Krumnauer Samantha Tate Bnttany We gand Enn Bunn Kate Mac Cass1dy Evans Holy Teeters Taylor Dan1els 3rd Row Broo e Lezotte Chase Struewtng Jenna Hooser Chns Poole Lauren Osborn Juhe Slyby Erruly G1l Carly Allen Katelyn Hovvard Mary Van Atta Mad1e Sunman Sara Aud1a 4th Row Zeb Morgan Matt oel. Morgar~ Gregg Devon Z1elazny. Megan Buckle Ton Wtlson Ton Byerly Marnssa Caldwell Gwen Johnson Enn Manmx Mered1th Col man Ton Appl Abby Morgan 5th Row Ellen VanAtta N c Young John McCloud Haley R chards Danny Mayper Ja e Trapp Shelby Worthmgton Enc Jones James M1l er Ja e Kmg James Kelly T1ffany Glascoe Taylor Burchf•e d 6th Row Andrew Bnggs Kyle Bnggs Drew Fonste Alex1s Tmgely Em1ly Wells. Kam1 Purkey Alison Coleman Logan Fruhw~rth Justm Fowler Cameron Moon. Kyle Enkson 7th Row GaVIn Pnce Garrett Shrader Aust1n Beachler Cnst an Wilson Enc Gallagher Sam Aldndge Jam o Reeves M chaela F tzharns El zabeth Brown Destiny DeWar

Bac Row Coach John Stubbs Coach Zack Mohme. D1llon Sarka Chuck McChnchy. Austm Gautreaux. James Kelly Justin Fowler. Evan Cnchton. Lucas Mohme. Cameron Moon Kyle W1lson. Joey Pansh. Coach Sarka Front row Trav1s Greer N1c Forward Krlhan Bracke. Bret Gnsmer Wr Gourley, Matt McCurry. Ryan Hartshorn Dylan Goldsberry Zeb Morgan Zach Penneau

Coach Amanda Graf. Cass1e Lay. Hayley R1chards Katty Kelly Ab1gatl Search Alex Kells. Megan Eckley Ntna Setzer

Bac Row Travrs Foster. Collin McNe1ce. Cameron Moon. James Kelly. Justin Fowler Lucas Mohme. Evan Cncllton. Brandon Fowler. Kyle Wrlson Front Row Adam Me eeley Travrs Greer Alex Wrluams. Brett Gnsmer. W1ll Gourley K• jan Braclce. Ntck Forward Drew Foster Zeb Morgan

Front Row Kyle Boggeln Taylor Dante!. Jaime Reeves. Ben Crafton Emtly Grll. Morgan Lowtng, Matthew Smead Back Row Ntck Young. Enc Jones Chnsl!an Ztdaroff. Logan Fruhwrrth Kyle Bnggs Seth Hawktns Jake Trapp

Ba Row Andrea Ftsh Mtkayla SchfT'I dt Mtchaela Ktng Kara Brad ey Ka•thf"' Krumnauer Ho y Teercrs Kerstyn Purkey Ka tlyn Zebell Skylar St cs Th rd Row Katy Penneau Taylor Burkho der Abby Baldwm Allison Savage Taylor Burchfteld Bnanna Barton Shelby Wonhtngtor> Second Row Mattie Hubbel Kamt Purkey Broo e Napter Alison Coleman. Lmdsay Magoto She by Campbe I Abby St uewng Front Row Sarah Rohrer Ton Appl Mered th Co eman Mo 1y Keeton Rach 1 Naper

Front Row Lex1 Allen. Heather Rushmg. Morgan Gregg. Knstrna Parnter Haley Ptckett. Casstdy Evans. Canssa Stamm. Bnttany Bellar Chas1ty Evans. Skylar Staley Back Row Sam1 Sp1res. Chloe Van Hooser Ashten Hornyak. Alexrs Ttngley Sara Audta. Tv Surd Abb1e Muterspaw. Cassre Trtus Srerra K1ndred Morgan Naegele. 1kk1 Hancock

Front Row Cayla Ryan. Katie Mack Mcghan Jones. Enn Bunn Katie Stockton Bng1d Prewitt Back Row Alexa Neely Reagan Metzler Ja1me Reeves Manssa Caldwell Lex1e Adams. Broo e Lezotte Em1ly 0 Connor. EI'TIIIy G1ll

Front Row Taylor Dan1el. Ahson Coleman. R1ley Gabbard. Jonathan R1chards Shelby Worth1ngton Adyson Camp. Karlet W1lrns Back Row Hayley R1chards M1cha Good. Max Austm James Kelley Tara N x. Joe Parnsh athan P1erson Coach Veromca Cass1dy

Front Row Skytar Staley Cynthia Jar<1es Julio Slyby Mad1o Suttman Mary VanAtta I gnd Moiler Marhes Stoltenkamp Mdd Row Alyssa Bla r KenZie Gompf Morgan Vogel R 1anr>a Powe Em ly W Ashley West Bac. Row Ka lee Woods Karle Wi ms Sidney Thomas Haley Pr ce Sydney Aust n Ally Campbe I Adyson Camp

Front Row Cory Clark. Sam Sharp. Jake Oakes. Hunter Brown. Noah Pnce Bac Row E Morns. Hunt Doe pel. Jacob Hobbs. Gnff n Cook

F-ront Row OJ Wh1te Josh Martin Kalob Tuck. Tytus Collins. Enc Jones. M1cah Crossgrove. Austm W1seman Back Row Trav1s Foster. Dev1n Ford. Chuckle McChnchy. Brandon Bohman. Donald Moore Sam Den1er. Jarred Leestma Colt Wells. Trav1s Bakker Brandon Mockabee Parker Bonng Alex W1lhams

Front Row Luke Paxson. lsa1ah Bauer Chase Struewmg. M1tch Sexton. Austin Beachler Back Row Logan Fruhw1rth. Cody Duncan. Justin Fowler. Brent Behymer


Front Row Connor Caldwell EliJah Rarns. Ja e Krumnauer. Zeb Farley, Bnan Behymer Bac Row Luke Paxson. Troy Black Mitch Sexton Brent Behymer. Justin Fowler. Lo an Fruhwtrth. Chase Struewrng

Front Row Ab1ga1l Struewrng. Brooke Nap1er Em1ly Wells. Kenz1e Gompf, Rhtanna Powell Bac Row Madtson Gtbson. Manah Shaffer. Marhes Stoltenkamp, Kattl1n Krumnauer. Mtchaela K1ng. Mlkayla Scm1dt

Front Row Sam Aldnch, Enc Gallagher. Ryan Carner, Bryan Buflod. Jeffery Konen. Jake Trapp, Mtcah Crossgrove Back Row Bryce Hopwood. Dan1el Mayper. Enc Jones. Kyle Buflod Ntck Young. Seth Hawktns. Coll1n McN1ece

Front Row Sara Aud1a. Knsttna Pa1nter. Canssa Stamm. Casstdy Evan Bnttany Bellar Back Row Sam1 Sptres. Sterra Krndred Morgan Naegele Ashten Hornyak. Chloe Van Hoose. Lext Allen

Front Row Rachel Nap1er. Abbey Search. Molly Keeton. Enn Bunn Mtddle Row Brooke Lezotte. Manssa Caldwell. Bnanna Barton Kam1 Purkey Back Row Kerstyn Pur ey Ton Maxwell Kaithn Krumnauer Ktm Felumlee

Front Row Sydney Aust1n Ingrid Molter lor Byerly Alexa l'Jcety l'vly Campbel AJ l<3 R n Megan B Brooke lezone Danny Hussey Ja e Krumnauer Cameron F ey Ram Trevor Jol>nson. I.Jam Young Zacl1 Vandyk TraVIS Gr r Chr st n Zida Mllld Row Em ly G•l Ka1U n Krumnau r AJ son Coleman Taytor Dan~el Morg n low! Burd Reagan Metzler Connor Johnson Max Aust1n Cody Browro Eh Wh nd Br t G Aust n Ph ps Jon N•Chols Drew Forste Nathan P.erson Bac Row Ja•me Roeves Abby StrU6Wing MIChaela Kong Abbey BaldWin. Rh nna P Setzer Abbl Mut rspaw Brad ey Aile David Fee Cha Struewlng Cole f'tl ps And Wi soc Bryan (va David CrOSS9rOIIe Alex W lhams Kyle Bogg n

Front Row AJ Lezotte J1m Adams. Wyatt Myers Jerem 3h St well. Bryce L1n ous. Cameron Combs. Austin Beachler Back Row Trevor Damels. EliJah Bennett Troy Black. Mason Callahan Andrew tv'lagoto Logan Fruhw1rth. lsa1ah Bauer

Front row Tommy Isaacs Joshua Pfe1ffer. Dagan St1les Jacob Middlesworth. Ja e Oakes Gavm Lmkous. Cory Clar Back Row Luke Moore. Hunt Doepel Logan Murray Kyle Bnggs James Kelley Ryder Caldwell

Front Row Shan1n Jacquay. Abbey Search. Molly Keeton. Ellen Van Atta M1ddle Row Carly Allen. Kenz1e Gompf. Shelby Worthington. Em1ly Wells. Kam1 Purkey Megan Eckley Bnttany Jones Bac Row Ton W1lson Skylar Sules. Manah Shaffer. M1kayla Schmidt. Sarah Jones. Tesla Lmkhart

Front Row Lyd1a Burton. Ashley Powe'. Megan Jordan. Allison Savage. Oliv1a Jones Back Row Shyann Avella. Shelby Worthington. Chloe R1ddle. Megan Eckley Kam1 Pur ey


Ao q ~lien


M rqan V m .Attd l my




a 1re11 K h r r ved t e <;tudent of tne Year Awa¡d

Ryan Carner recerved the Perfect Attendance Award for twelve ye..•s c;trarght lmpressrvel

The beg1nn1ng of summer bnngs endless poss1bil1t1es; long n1ghts. short lazy days. bonf1res and new people 1n new places For some of us. th1s was our last year. our fmal chance to live 1t up before reality h1ts us and we have to step out mto the real world For others. we'll drag the summer out as long as possible because we

Pict re the already know what awa1ts us come August Back to getting up early. sittmg through classes. see1ng the same people day after day does 1s have to be that monotonous? The amaz1ng thrng about thrs trme rn our lives IS that we choose how to l1ve: we can erther see school as a waste of t1me and have a negatrve attitude about rt. or we

choose to look at the brgger prcture and how what we learn today w1ll benef1t us tomorrow. I know 1t can be overwhelmrng at trmes. thrnkmg about the future 1s scary "Where am I gorng rn llfe7 What am I gorng to do7 How am I go1ng to survrve7H The answers to these quest1ons aren't supposed to be easy. and nobody rs gorng

by Cylie Nelson

to hand them to us We have to f1gure them out for ourselves. Hrgh schoolrs the frrst step that wrll eventually lead us to the people we are meant to be.

Jumor. Cynth1a James. headtng home after a full day of classes

Taylor Damels and Hayley Rtchards catch up 1n the parktng lot after school Taylor eys m hand IS ready to ta e off

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