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Waynesville Hugh School

C!Class of 2 007 t ~taft

;.iMr. ~bilfro~t



;.iMr. JLeb:ntttn

Jljillp QCoffep

~r~. ~iekear~

j'Grittanie jt}urlep

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mustin jlfla;e

i>am i>tock

]'ap Jlambermiester ]'.QZ..]'obnson

]'asmine ]'ones

l\anbp jt}oium

l&plin Qtollins

i>pilli Violette






Back Row: Coach Vretto , oach Harvey, Colleen Aiello, Jes ica Dahnke, Shelby ewland, Hilary Lindauer, Kat lmwalle, Whitney Cole, Head Coach Pari h Middle Row: Paige Fedor, Brandi ole, ydney Hogan, atalie Van tta, Hannah Imwalle, Morgan Gib on, Megan Folev, Jcna Pari h, Jc ica Bow cr; Front Row: Chcl ca VanHorn, mv Bricker





Back Row: Kyle Knepper, Chris Warfel, Cory Hopwood, Dustin Riley Mark Becker Alex Downard, Ben Liles Middle Row: Daniel Parsons, Myles Greely Jeff Messinger, Brad Richmond, Caleb Liles, Ryan Beatty, Coach Kris Stiver Front Row: Tyler Ewing, Spencer Kimball, Andrew Foged

Senlort;: Courtn6y Hur16y, Elyt;6 N6Ioon, KatJe Campvell, Molly FttzpatrJok, 1..6al6y KJm, AIIJoon Me~~ Ke!aJ Hur16y


f3aok L to R: Aeet. Coaoh6e: JamJ6 Barton, Clatr6 Atzpatrfok, Clatr6 Norton, Farran Etd8, K.6ID Cook6, Aehley Durham, Jordan Pool6, Mok6nna Warf6~ E116n Woolf, Katt6 Mor~ Coaoh: Dlok Mt116r Mk:ldl6: Kat16 Hamilton, Er~oa Datltl6r, Katt6 Campv6ll, Allloon M6ae6~ Mlel Hurl6y, Ely~ Netoon, Courtn6y Hurl6y, Laur6n Pr!G6 Aret Row, Captrurw: Molly Atzpatrtok, Kaytt6 Rloharde ana L6el6y Kim 29


Back Row L to R: Taylor Peter , Michelle Eckle~, Megan Markl, Molly Zeh, Emily tanley, hel ea chaaf Middle Row L to R: mber Helton, Natalie Dowe, Tasha Tipton, Brittany Stacy, Bet y Jone Front Row L toR: ikki McGeehan, Cry tal Stacy, Brittanie Etienne, Jamie Withrow, Andrea ackett, Whitney Violette


r I s 38

Back row: Mandy Viox, Mckenna Warfel, Molley Alford, Katie Hamilton Middle Row:Carly Crowe, Kaylie McCloud, Katie Morgan Front Row: Sarah Dick and Kayla Farra Coaches:Dick Miller and Jamie Barton

y s Back row: Matt Storer, Eric Berger, Arick Downard, Justin Mohme, Kyle Markl. Front row: Danny Parsons, Michael Dunkin, Myles Greely, Ben Chamberlain, Caleb Liles, Josh Apple. Coach: Not Pictured:Andy Hoeweler, Matt Unger, Nick Tuck, Josh Howell


Back:Dan1el ~1arkl. \111chacl Ryan. Randy \111ller Th1rd RO\\,'v1aggJC l ngcr. Elh Gilbert, nd)' DC\\inc. Andre\\ Fogcd Kyhn \11alonc)'. Dan1cllc Johnson Second Row:Ehzabcth Raspcr. Jennifer mith . am ofTe)'. on1a houp. pencer K1mball. Deena Plamondon Fmt Row:TifTan)' Vochringcr. \11cgan R1mpo. Knstcn tubbs. Karla talcy . .\nna Abrantcs. Abb} Hall. Angela Dermer


Hen, Devin rnold, Quentin ailey, icole Baker, Courtney

Benge , Te a Boring, Zachary arrier, Brian

,Da 1d on, Korey ermer, Kell~ eter , Brad~ Doran, Elizabeth atalie

Etde, Farran Elton, Cameron aul, ichola ergu on, Oli 1a rank, Jame ood, Tyler Hamilton, dam Hamilton, Ju tin Hamilton, Kati


John on, arah Jone , Mallori Keegan, K~ I Kemp, K~ I Ke e, ara:


Rtchard on, Bnttany Richmond, Brad Rile~, Du tin Robert on, Brittney chwerdtfeger, Luke

ard1 , Bret crncll, Michelle racy, Tyler Vanatta, amantha Vanhorn, Brandon



Top Row: Coach John Murphy, Garret Hahn , Joe Lamb , Wes Larkin , Dylan Schwerdtfeger, Cory Hopwood , Coach Mike Violette Bottom Row: Kyle Violette, Andy Dewine , Cameron Jones, Brady Deters. Travis Williams


Top Row: Coach Stupp, Shelby Newland , Erica Danner, Michele Jewett, Jessica Dahnke; Middle Row: Kat lmwalle, Kelly Dermer, Mallorie Jones, Jessica Williamson ; Bottom Row: Sam VanAtta , Lauren Price, Farran Eide

Coach Meredith, Jeff Messinger, Dale Coffey, Dustin Riley, Jimmy Frank, Austin Beam, Jake Kindred , Max Gabbard

Steven Rice, Cory Young, Brandon Gautreaux, Stephen Gossard, Danny f:'arsons, Josh Apple, Spencer late, Caleb Utes, Myles Greely, Luke Dale, Devon Burton


Back: Coach Jenae James, Emily Michael, Kayla Spires, Hannah lmwalle, Beth Cardona Middle: Molley Alford, Ashley Cornett, Lauren Price, Morgan r---~ Gibson, Jessica Dahnke Front: Jessica Bowser, Alanna Stewart




Front Row L toR: Michelle Eckley and Taylor Peters

. Jeff Winkler, am Homm, helsea t, Anna Megan Foley; 4th: tcphanie Bellar,~ t ax Gabbard. Dale Coffey, Michelle Eckley. Emily Stanley, Sarah Johnson. Bobbi Wilson, Briann Woods: 3rd: Adam Konen, Jake Lamb, Abe Farley. Michael Dimascio. Karla Staley. 1 ¡atashia Tipton, Branda Reynolds. Claire 1\!orton: 2nd: Sam Davidson. Kristina Beckett. Heather James, M1chele Jewett, Jimi Hanaur, Kir. tin Felumlee, Jonathon Ma1e, Jacob Stock: Bottom: Amy Bricker, Courtney Hurley, Farran Eide. Lucas Hammonds. Elyse Nelson. Mrs. Lcuth. Hugh Stockier. Cameron Elton, Tyler Good, Joey Kapper

, L to Johnson, Jennifer Smith, Jena Parish, Jordan Davis, Rachel Martin, Mrs. Polzinetti, Dani mold, Sam Coffe). Katie Patton.

Amanda omb Megan Rimpo Danielle John on Maggie nger arah John on

Megan Ke e Angela Dermer .\ hle~ Tire~ Megan Rimpo Brom>v)n Jone Kirstin Felumlee Branda Reynold

J/UiJJ!w~ V ~resibent

~R_.~ ~bbisor



Choir Director DavU! Coffey


W•yne local



Agnew, Jame Alford, Kel ey Arm trong, Falon Arnold, Danelle Beam, Au tin Becker, Mark Beckett, Andrew Beckett, Kri tina Benge , Zach Berger, Eric Ble in , ndrew Brown, Du tin Bulpin, lly on Bunnell, Michael Burkard, Brian Burke, David ar ten, Ali on a on, Je ica a idy, Kayla offman, ngie ole, Whitney omb , Chri tie ook, Zachary ook K lli ouch Jo hua ro gro e, Caleb Da i , Jordan Dille, ydney Dima cio, Anthony Down rd e and r Duff, aron Durham, hley Eltzroth, Timothy England, u tin Feluml , Kir ten U


te den, Ju tin Fole , Megan Fortener, Brittany Frye, ourtne Go ard, Emily

d Hanauer, J arne Hapner, Janna Ha tell, nna 85

nJamm ton, Alexander McGilli ra , ichola McKee er, Matthew McKinzie, Zackery i -

au e , ra 1 Pitzer, Britani Poole, Jordan Proffitt, Tyler Richard , Katherine

tewart, J am1e tump, Leigha inne., Holly ata hia hley 86



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w L L

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w w L

Top Row: Coach Foltz, Coach Jordan, Jessica \Villiam on J a o · , en 'ood, Jordan Poole, Erica Danner, Shelby 1 • C\\ land, Che a orn, Erica f'ogcd, Coach Stupp Bottom Row: Sam Vanatta, Amand tevenson, Heather Sharpe, Kayla Farra, Katie Morgan, vcnson, Amy Bricker, Tashia Tipton Hillary Lindauer, Rach I J


Amy Bricker, Chelsea VanHorn, Rachel Stevenson




am, enJamm ole, Brandi omett, Ashley omett, Brooke omett, Kevin


rna cio, Michael arley, braham arley, Tyler arra, Kayla ee, m elumlee, Ben oged, Erica rangaki , Maria autreaux, ¡b on, Morgan ard, Stephen Greely , Myle Cortney

egan er, Jeremy , Jacob on, hley wi , Jordan

ay, Lauren cloud, Kaylie


nan a r , Brittany

nk, Chel ea

Waynesvi!k Jl1fJii Scfioo{(}Tom 2007 StarCit ~mance

Waynesvi!k JfiiJii Scfioo{(Jlrom 2007 Starfit ~mance

Wayru.witre 1fieft. Sclioo[(hom StarCit ~mance

Waynesvitre 1fieft. Sclioo[(hom 2007

11 I

~ 3 ynes\Jf'\ \ e \\"\

n scnoo \ 9 f>._rt snovJ

Nikki, You have made us proud since day one. We love and cherish every moment. Set your goals high and live life to the fullest. Good luck in your future. Love, Dad, Joey, Bandit

Rachel, You have been a joy since the moment you were born. You have grown into a wonderful young woman that we couldn't be prouder of. Love, Mom & Amanda

Alii, Our Little Alii, We are so proud of you, You have such a promising future in hair design. You are going to be awesome! Love, Mom & Dad

So much has changed So much IS the same So many paths it seems like a game But you're ready now for whatever life brings fill your heart and your world with many great things Congratulations with love From Mom and LB

Andy, We are very proud of you!! Celebrate this moment and make the most of all life has to offer. The future is yours and what you make of it. Congratulations and Be jlijlliii.._ Happy! ! Love, Mom, Tom, & Chanda

1.256 games, 39 skinned knees, 7 sprained ankles, 3 black eyes, 1 dislocated thumb: all for the love of the "game". What a fun ride, Aiim! Love ya, Dad & Mom


Dusty, You are such a blessing in our lives. We love you and are so proud of everything you have accomplished. Follow your dreams-Good ~-L.;I~uc;:.k. at Ohio State! Love, Dad, Mom, Tyler, Kelly, and Michael

Holly, You are the sweetest! You have a great future ahead of you. We are all so proud of you! Love you so much! Love, Dad, Mom, and April

Dear Kristin, Wow, what an amaz1ng girl you are! We are so proud of you and all you've accomplished. Always believe in yourself and keep smiling! We love you! Mom, Dad, and Bryan

Dear Jasmine, Wishing you success in all your dreams. We are so proud of you! Always keep God first place in your life. We love you! Jeremiah 29:11 Much Love, Dad & Mom

Samuel, The world is now your stage. You are our Shining Super Star! Follow your passion and you'll hit your mark. We are proud of you, by Bear! Love, Mom, Kenny, Dad


Dear Courtney, We are so proud of you. What a blessing you have been to all. Hope all your dreams come true. May God bless you in all you do. Love, Mom, Dad, & Ashten

Punkadoodle, What an amazing journey. You started school just a baby; Now you're all grown up ready to face the world. May God be with you. Psalm 32:8

May you have as much happiness as you have given us. Follow your dreams & never give up. You are special ! Love, JfliiiiiiJ!~~ Mom, Dad & Whitney

We Love You Dad, Mom

Michael, We are so proud of all you have accomplished in your first 18 years! We are always here for you! We Love You! Dad, Mom, Josh & Ashley

Billy, What you get out of life depends on what you contribute. Give BIG. We are proud of you.

Elyse, We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Your gentle spirit has endeared you to everyone around , especially your cats. Good Luck in pursuing your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Andrea, Tyler, and Abigail

Dan, We wish you so much joy, happiness, and love. Now, go and make your dreams come true, you have our love and support. We love you! Mom, Dad, and all your family

Love Always, Mom and Dad

11 9

Heather, We are o proud of the inner qualitie you po e and di play of love, care, and concern of other and your pa ion for excellence in your academic , athletics, and your Chri tian life.

Congratulations ! We love you and are very proud of you. May you have as much happiness as you have given us.

Love, Dad, Clara, and Nick

Your # 1 Fans, Mom, Dad , Jenae, Ali ha & Coco

If Gram were here today, I could ju t hear what she would say, As your enior year comes to an end, She would look at you with her big wide grin, I love you my Little HeadyShe would whisper in your ear And hold you close, probably shed a few tear . I'm o proud of you, the beautiful young woman you've turned out to be. Remember I will always be there for you; Just close your eyes and you will see me. Forever clo e to your heart, Grams

You are a great person! You have been a leader & inspiration to many people! We are so proud of you! You are the best! Our Waynesville Idol! Love, Your Family

Dear Megan Congratulations, Megan, we are so proud of you! May you always keep a smile on your lips, a dance in your heart, and God in the center of your life. May you strive to make all your dreams come true. Love, Mom, Dad, and Nicolas


Tiffany, We are so proud of you. Each day you amaze us with your determination and conviction. We know the best is yet to come. Love, Mom, Dad, Thomas


Cassie, I can't believe that my baby is all grown up and going away to college. Just know that we're so proud and we hope for the brightest of futures for Baby Ruth. Love, Mom & Dad

Lesley, From Lady Spartan to Proud Buckeye. We are proud of what you have accomplished, but more importantly, whom you have become. Continue to be great! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Leigh a

Dear Brittany, We are so proud of who you are and all you do. You are a true inspiration to all. Keep God in you heart. We love you dearly! Forever For Always And no matter what, Mom, Dad, and Justin

Angela, Congratulations Angela, you are so talented and we are so proud of you. We love you. Love, Mom, Dad, April, Kenny, Kelly, Shelby, and Bailey

We are so proud and blessed to have been a part of all your achievements. May you both find happiness on life's journey. We love you both so much.


Congratulations Son, We are sooo very proud of you and the young man you have become. Your positive attitude, vibrant personality, and leadership skills will lead you successfully towards your goals. Mom, Dad & Luke

Lindsey, Congratulations! We're ve ry proud of you and all you 've accomplished. You 've proven you can achieve and overcome anything. Remember, we're always here for you . Love ya, Mom, Granny, Jessica, and Brandon

Jonathan, What we have said all these years is still true! "You ARE a Champion and a Winner!" We are SO proud of you son!

Chelsea, Thanks for taking us on this journey with you-from adorable child to beautiful young adult. Can't wait to see what the future brings!

Love, Daddio, Mum & Haley

Through the years watching you grow, our lives have been enriched and full of joy. You are truly a gift from God. May all dreams come true. We Love You, Mom, Steve & Sissy


All our love, Dad & Tish

Jayme: No words can describe the spe<:ial joy that comes from having a wonderful daughter like you to love and cherish. All My Love, Mom

Jenny, From baby steps to confident adult, we have been blessed to watch you grow. And now, with great honor, we get to see u fly. The sky's the limit sweetheart. Love, Mom, Dad and Family

Tabitha, Remember Mathew 5:14. Show the world who you are. Hold on to what you believe in and be proud of what you have accomplished rday, today, and your tomorrows. We Love You. Mom, Dad, and Abby

Jamie, You have always had the drive to make things happen. Take that passion and make the world a better place! We are so roud of you! We love you, Mom, Dad, & Morgan

We are so proud and you have worked so hard to get here. Congratulations and you should be proud of yourself.

Congratulations Class of 2007! From the Isaacs Family

Love, Mom, Dad, and Joe

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Congratulations Class of 2007! Be t wi he for a fabulou future, Fred and Donna Tweel

Seniors Tru tin the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own under tanding; in all your way acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Shed Antiques 85 . Main trret P.O.BOX 514 Wayne ville, OHIO PHO E (513)897-6326 General lines- Dealer Welcome \tonda}- aturda} 11:00-5:00 open unda} 1:00 - 5:00 Vi it Wa}ne ville' other fine hop Please remember us when you have an antiques to sell

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2007 Waynesville High School Yearbook  

2007 Waynesville, Ohio High School Yearbook

2007 Waynesville High School Yearbook  

2007 Waynesville, Ohio High School Yearbook

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