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Eighty-Sixth Year


Whol Number 6115










II 0wl'1I . p eil"ce.: SI1UAIlON Mr. and Following the custom of excclebl'at 'd the II' 56lh II cddlng an- I changi ng programs, which has been sta rted in ,the county, Farnler's nivcr. al'Y on Tue~day, . April ' 24 I The couplc have Irv d In Wllyues. 1 • Grange will take a program to Springboro, Moy 2. Members al'e ST. MARY'S CHURCH ville at three different times tlntl ============~=. urged to go to visit this neighbor H/'v. J. ,T•• ch e r. Rector have always dono . plcndid work at grunge and to back our program, Adjuatmellt Contract. 'Mr, and Mrs, W, B. Squir ~ 1.1r, and IIft·s, Moni Fulkcrson th Friencl ~ H om e. To , f ro ar. d Mr. Wheat I-'utll tb ,'uf'du)" art~r Ea. 1f r, spen t unda~' at the I'e ervoir, Approximately Thirty Student. which is as follow, pril 2!J. h\ II' h .... c- h 01 at 9 ::10; were aylon vi silor, Oil P eirc , the f amil y at t he hom and Are Slill Open For Mus ic Fires Family Orchestra Prayer and sermon at a large circle' or f,;entls in the com Enter Contest. From Fiye Mr. . M. Whi t·. of Lo uiijville, Sipen 11 ~ . H.. , . 'Weaver and son. ,I im· ;Ellen Moss Recitation muni y extend cllngrnlulati on and Ky., called on friends hcre, Mon · Xenia . vil,itors 0 11 Tu esmie, wore School. Pa ntomime In charge nc ere wi h for man y nJor( si ___ _ ' of Mrs. Stubbs day. FE RRY CHURC H OF CH RIST tlay. happy anniversaries, The world wheat situation has . , Vocal Solo Mrs. Fulkerson ( U ntlcnom inaltional) I(!ane rs aptha GIlS a nd water leaners Naptha Gas and wal \. nol Improved to any extent since Tho sectlOn<ll ~.omm rcml con- ITalk Mr. James Gibbons Whil~ Ga. for, t oves. ngl sby's Chester A. Wlilliamso n tcs.ts . were held In the. SChoOl , M u ic . ' Fires' Orchestra White Gas fol' stove. . Un leHby' s furnH.'I 'l' hard it discussed when ' nifre ll ~ n 'lce b(>~inning at Filling Station. bUlldmB: la8t Suturday, wI,th Mr. Reading , , Ruth Hockett Filling Station. the wheat adjustment program !J:;10 u. m, \1 it h Church .-ch(lQI BI:own In charge. ApprOXimately Playlet .... .. In charge ~ii ' s Doris Mr. and Mr l!. Leon Salisbury was 1>1" scnt d to them 'l ast fall. thl1"~Y students ~ook part, rep~e- I of Mrs. Larrick and family, of abinn, visiteu reo p ~r i tJ d. L ord" 'u pp el' and ~el 'mon hom la, t wc-ek after a Th 'I' is ~till 800 miltion 1>u hels a t ]O ::lO a. m. You are al\\'a~'s at scntmg Seve!! Mtle, Monroe, Falr- Music ........ Fires' Orchestra lati ves here, Sunday. relatives in I veland. of carry over wh eat on hand. t hi s ch ul eh , field . TownshIp, Morrow and WayThe mee"ting tarts at 8 :30. _ ___ Mr. and ?ill'S. On-ill Gray and Ang lin Mill 7, dil'd at he l This country will export only nesvIlJe, W, N. 'ears and fami ly are mov· ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH <laughte r, Barba ra, spent Sunda late home in St. .l oReph, Mo., on about forty to .forty,seven million In first-y ar typing Monroe ing into the larence Ry property Filthcl" Newl o:n Pa tor with relatives in Dayton. Monday, April 23, aftel' a long bushels during the year ending ran ked first and ,even Mile secon Foul'th street today. 1\1 t St A t " ' hurch illne~s, She lIas born S~ptemb I June 30, 1934. Comp ared with an ond, the rates beingrespeclively Mr. and Mrs. Lee Morri, or . ass a . ug\.l~ mc!\ 11'. RJld I'll rs. Morris Sherw od) 2 • 1 54, ill Warr n cou nty, average of 166 million bushels for '4 4 word and 39 words in a fifte \! n Dayton wel'e guests of 1\11'8 every st' ontl alld ,f ourth llntlay of :olumlJus, visitetl Mr. and Mrs . Ohi o, near Wayn ville, She wal! the past ]0 years, this 1933-34 minute test. Seven Mile and FairAmand~ Maffitt, unday. .. lot t he nlunth. Ca~1 he rwood ovcr the week-end , the dallllilt I' of th r luLl.' Jonnthon trade amounls to less than a third fi old qualified for first and l!econd MT d M FRIENDsMiEETINC and Martha Hain s. H I' early lif ~ the avernge and less than a fifth , ' place in advanced typing, with , n. an e rs. tal'l f anker, ofd to (lnd ~Mhool d"y" pe llt )'n t b c hlg . h fi gu res f or 192'..25. 0 ur ol'win E. Ary, te nant on the .T. Maso rutcs of 50 and 48.6, Fairfield and M 0 'l'he lat est r port 1\1" . Vcom II from II ~ " ..,' '''''I'C ., ~ () S ... I an I Fi l"l:;t. yu y . chaol at .I ::.1 0 a. m. r. Witham at laml n y s- Wn ynesvI·\l e. Monroe weI' award d first and , l~a~k e farlll on Col l e~e HIli , M s 0, w R 're U gues I b " o l d export mar k et 'IS gone- I'k I I.' a. r. . , ng es ee on um ny. 1\1 ting l or Won.hip a t 10 :30 pital ill thtH he is getting nlong ;'h wu s mal'l"i('d to tto . ,Mill . life-long fri t>nd wh o bas passed seco nd place in boo kk eping. Way- ~as mJ~red ab~ut ~0 :3 0 thiS mornMrs, Charles Lynch was taken to a. m. lIic Iy . April 25, 1 3, in Lebanon and away. nesville won first place in advanced mg whl lo ~orktng In the field ,. ~h e . shorthand , with Roma Hardin re- tractor w.hlch Ary was dl'lvmg 'Miami Valley Hospital Tue day ' -M.I'. ll lHI ~Irs. J ohn Fro mm and latcl' mov d to Wayne~villc and n July 1, 1933, the carryover of wh at in this country was 388 c iving an accuracy rating of broke 100 e . from th~ plow and afternoon for ma toid observation, WAY NESVILLE MI. E , CHURCH famil y werc guests of MI'. und lived hel'c a sh rj. t iml'. III 1 , Rev. G. C, Dib~~rt, Pastor Mr'. Me lvyn Banta I1t Delawal' I Mr. ami Mrl<. Mill s removed to million bush els. On July I, 1934 97 .4 ,)" at 110 words per minute. ran over .hlm, . breakmg o~e leg unuay: unday sellOol at !J :30 Ohio, Sunday. Kansa s and a litt! latcr to t. the carryover will probably be All other papers in advanced short a nd ~llas~mg him badly. HI son, . M:. an~ ?!r~, Jack, Kelley, of J o, ph, M (l., where th y hav lrom 250 to 286 million bushels, hand and all pap rs in fir t. year workmg.lD another pa~t of the field Cincinnati, VI Itcd MI.. and Mr. a. Ill. Morning "\\ oll'ship at 10:30. 1 1I'11'~ . J . D. TI' adwny is recover- since resided. which would be about twice the , horlhnnd was disq ualified be- h,eard hiS. lather callmg and h.u r- Nolan onnol' and fanllly on un · The ~ erm o n l<ubject will be I Going · ut fol' ; Noble ' ing II icely :from an op ration which ' She i flUl'vived by her husband , • normal carryover. The shortest cuuse of th eir failure to lIoore the rled . to hIm. Ary was taken Im- day. accuracy rating of 95 ~ which was ~(:dlatAlly to the McClellan hOBMr. and MI' '. J. O. CUI.twright, ~ At. :00 p. m. PI·~f. Lo 7.' . . 5~C und~r~vcllt at M.t ,lena n HOS- 10tt(1 and two s~n8, arl J, MIII~ crop in the last third of a century s t as a standal.d. pltal by Mr. Henry Westerman Hyde Park, incinnati , wen' dll Y chool (ln~s I'r~ll hav en lll' pllal Xenia. last F rIday. and Raym ond Mtll~, of t, Jo eph made is pOll ible to whitt'le into the and no report has yet om week-end guests 0 rs. annah chlli'ge- of th ser~"c, • and Ml', 1\1 Peler D C lone broth el', J ohn !Caine. , uf carry ov I' supply only abo\lt 100 the hospital. Rogers. Gar!;'t will givc the address, D em~~' and Pete)' t:n~:y Del~:s ~~ ; ~ayto n , hio a nd many .,·t'lalive~ I million bu. hols du~ing the past Wayne T~p. h,duatrial Tour. -_.. Oh ' t S d In and around W ayne~vt1le , Mr. seaso n. se of wbeat has no t deOn n xt at.urdt~y and u1)da y . I N . w lImna, 10, ~ pen un ay d.... M' II Ie b ra t e d i h e'l" . ' . of h d . Plans for the Wllyne Twp. [n - CORN-HOG SECTION J' pdl 28·2!1 the Annual Ilrmg with M ' Oil ' D ' d ' l '1 li n mfS. I S ce , clmed because t e epresslon. Mrs. JOl\eph Evans r turned home dustrial Tour are nearing como nr I'~ ncc of th D:tyton Distr ict t. I aVI an IIml y. golden wedding anniversary last Better times will not change the LIBERALIZES RULE Saturday evenin~ uftf'r spending plcllion and stud ents are looking Epworth Ll'llgue will be held in iI', and 1\1rs. Ray Hawke and year. On April 26 it she hael li ved. I consumption of bread a nd other the wintel' with her daughter in forward to a vel"y pleasant trip. Lebanon , The program open on' family, MI'. and Mrs . al'l Hawke, she would have been married 51 cer~1l1 products to any extent, The Arrangements have been mad e Oat. Acre.... for Puture or Hay Florida. aturday at 2 :30 p. m. and clo!lcS of Dayton and MI". and MrR. L e years. The funct'a] is being · held 11934 acreage for harvut, with to visit Wilbur Wright Field of unda y todllY, Th ursd~y, a~ 3 o'clock at , average yields for spring wheat, ·l\frs. Anna adwalladel' and nn Sunday at 4 p. m. It i~ hoped Hawke and family werc Not Conaidered "F~d Cropa" Dayton, the Zoological Gardens, Mi sCiara Lile visit d r.l r~ , Ella thllt !level'al muy aHend fr om here. !!,uests of Mr. anti Mrs. J, C. hel' hom . Bul'ia l will be in t. may produce about 700 million Pl'oct ~ & Gamble Company, the J oseph. I bushel~ of wheat. This is a mater- ' n Wedne~day tOf n ext week Hawke at a family dinner. Babb lit pTing Vall ey aturdar A recent rllling of the corn hog afternoon. Roo kwood Potte ry, the Cincinnati iai reduction from the average 'l'lw Wom en' · For.eign 1I1i sionary Union T erminal Company, and se.ction of the AAA permits fannSociety w ill meet with Mrs. J . B M r ,Carl onnal'd nnd two M"l'S. Mabel Lamb orner, ag d 860 million busbels of the past the Pl'od u~ rs' Cooperative Com. ers t o include oats that al'e to be Freder ick Robitzi!r, of New rabhe. A vel'y . plendid program children, of na~'ton , are spending 21 you ngest daughter or Robert few years, but still mO're t han the missioll As ociation- all of Cin- cut green and used for hay, or to Yo rk City, is spending his vacation has been planned. l\1i~s Elizabeth tllis week wi th her pal'ents, Mr. La'mb of Wuyn o~vllle died W d- a nnual disappearance of wheat, cinnati. The Dayton Breadco mpany be used for pasture, as part of the with hi s father. Mr. C. M. Rollit- Ho!!'ue, \ ' ho has sp,ent many year. and M l 'S. A_ ,Griffy. Mrs. Con- nesda~ ni ght, April at Miami 1625 million bu~h el!l, in this counat Dayton, and the Amorican Roil- to taJ crop aer ag of the farm zer and family. Il'Ol'king as Q, misdonal'Y in Inda nard and one of tbe children al'e VaUey hospital. try. ing Mills Company of fiddletown . rather than a8 a. part of the feed will be th speak r' at thj meeUng confined to the house with measles Funenll services will be held The wheat grower who s igns a Messrs. W. C, t . J ohn, My el' These Industrial Trips will be crop acreage. ---I r. Sam Shallat retumed to Saturday afternoon al' 2 o'cIo k contl'act is a . ured parity p rice on H yman and D. L, Cran e atte nded h ld during t he week of April 30, Pr viously, oats were considerCHURCH · h er honle in incinnati on Wed- at the hurch of hri t, corner of 54 per cent ?f the average crop probably on Tu esday, 'Wednesday ed a reed crop, and signers of corn R. A, M. inspec tion at Lebanon, WAYN ESVILLE CHRIST Summit an I t erc l' streets, Day- he produce d In .the base period, and Thursday of that week. Mr. hog , contracts were expected to Friday evening. ( ndcnomililational) n sda y aft l' a vi it with MI'. and ton. B u ial in Miami cem tery. 1928 to 1932. S ince he gets tbree Hatfi ld is in charge of the trip; include s ucb oats acreage in Mrs. Myel' Hyman and son , Bobt f d ti The meeti ng of the Mother's hester A. Williamson. Minister bie. Mrs. J annette Bloch, of CinMiddletown and Fmnkli"n papers paym en s or two crop re u c ons Mr. rabbI.' will arrange for trans ftguring up their total fee4 crops. club which wa to bave b en hel I ' please copy. I and since he l'e.duces his acreage, ]lortation and Mr, Brown is The contract places a limitation on May ' 11, WB postponed un Lil hUlch 'chool at O::~ 0 a . m. cinnati, mother of Mrs. Hyman, is he wiIJ actually receive parity handling the correspon dence. on the number Qf acres that can FlidflY, May 18. LOl'd's uppel' a,t conclusion. Ch ris- vi iling here now. pl'ice on more than 54 bushels out t inn Endeavor at (I :;!O p. m. Earl William RolJin ~on, 76, diod, at of every hundreq he produces in be put to fee<! crops on the indiviCalenclar for Cloain. D.,a of dual farm. l\tr . Hartl ,y Mo s en t ertained a the county hom in Lebanon, Fri- ] 934 from Ii yield siinilar to that Mrs. Merle Kern and daug hter, Woolnrd, Ll:ader. Evening evanSCMeI Oats sowed tor such a purpo e, J oan, DC Clcveland, were the week- geli , tic service at 7 :30 p. Ill . gl'oup of child ren at a birthday day morni ng, ane r an illness due of his base period. Just how much howevar, will be counted as part end g\lest of he r parents, Mr. and rlay~I' ml'clin¢ Hnd Bi ble study I arty in honor of Misses Ell en and to a. complication of dl a se . Th e mOTB, win depend uponthe amount April 27- Senlor Prom. oach Wednesday nt 7 :30 p, Ill. ~h l!- Mary M.oss, on 'aturday alter- f unel"lll wa s held at th McClure of his b nefit p,8 yments in the April 30-May, incl.- Biennial in- of the total crop acreage. The Mrs. J . D. Marlatt. church "herc yoU! feel at home. noon . The guest list included Funeral Hom e on Monday aitey- thr years , The contract simer eorn·hog contract limits the acre dustrial Tours. Mr, Mary E. Robinson, Ml's. ____ __ ..... - - ~1al. tha l\ial'tin, orma L ove1y, 9oon. In t rment \\'8S made ip will 11 his wheat O,n the open May 4- County T~ack Meet. S. W. age that can be devoted to all Erlr production is more nearly Alma Prendel'ga!\t, Opal Roberts. Miami cem tery. mark t , but his benefit payments Di ~rict Tennis meet at Cincin- crops for harvest to the number of Serena Herrick, Mrs. Ellen Goo n, Robert, of Dayton, were aVltl';lge in the n':>h nati. _ acres \planted in 1932 or 1~S3 , and central and Roxie 8ckett, Willi Faye Lo\\ is, - - - - - -- - -. will add to his returns fro m the th week-ond gue ts 01 MI' . Flossie ~ May o- District State cholarshlp hlchever is the latger. \\ estern t tc~ than e"'ewhere . Harriet Greely, Betty Braddock, crops of 1034 and 1935. and family. CareyThe contract provisions was Test at Miami University 9 :3'0 Produc t ion ill the outh has 'been harl()tte , Ry~, ~{el n Hisey, Sarah The grower who stays out of liberalized in recognition of the Mrs. Harvey Rye entertained the very low, and ill tlhe north Atlantic oa ner, Mommla HOB.k, ,J . an and •. m. the wheat adjustment program May 7cnool Di play (7-11 inel s mall 1934 8upplies 01 hay, owing member or the Argunot B ridge states, be low average, t .J(ln~ lIartsoc,k and Vlrglnta Pre will sell his wheat on the open _____ _ __ _ - I ton . A iter the afternoon was spent market at the goin g price. The May 8-Sportsmanship Brother- to winter killing of legume seed- club on Saturdily a fter.noon, The ·e P we bill in pluying games, d elicious refresh more wheat is produced, the h ood meeting a t gym, 8 p. m. ings, and also to take care of cases invite d guests were, robs, C. B, 0 r ~- ments of ice cream and angel Fcod Special'lt Name, Wild low!)r the pdce,~ is likely to be. !\fay l1--Junior-Senior Banquet. ",bieh, under strict adherence to Chapman, MI'S, John Preston and White Ros , foo d cake were served. S. W. District Track meet at contract provisionB, would have Mrs. A. H. Stubbs, hi n d th e eni~ i ne. resulted in so-called "free acres," Oxford. Ohio. Plant. That May Be Wheat Contract for rir_ Cro.... May 12-State Commercial con- or "idle Land" or far'll! under conU.ed a. Tonicl' Wheat IldjWltme'nt contracts) test, Bowling Green. tract. - --now ofl'crt'd t o Warren County ---...-.~-May l3- Baccalaureate Service at Tum now to greens to add vad· farm r f or the second time, are the gym, 8 p. m, NEW OFFICERS ELECTEI) ety to your III aI, ug g st$ Miss reo)elled to two groups of wheat May i4- Second emester Exams. . AT MEETINC OF Y. F. M. L-________________~--__~--~~~~~~~~~~~---------------------- Alma Carv in,' extension specialist producer., There are: May 18- Mother's Club meets at in nutrition for the 0, • , U. 1. Tilose who want to fill out ap Grade Building, The tf.' rm gl'('cns includ es all pliclltio ns blanks and ci.c:;:0;;; n~tr:.:a~c;::t:::.8_ __ _--,':-iI The , . . me In May 18- Report: cards and other the leafy vegctablell, salad greens, now for the first time. session at the home of Rhoades and awards at gym, 10 a. m. School a s weIJ as t he l o~\Ves that al'e cook dllCel'~ are eligible to r eceive the picnic on H. S, Campus 11 a, m. Jean Bunnell on Sunday evening, ed. Th ese gre n leaves act a second 1933 payment and all of to 1 p. m. .Commence.ment 8 April 22. Twenty-two pErsons t Pl'iJlg ton ics and l"1l'nk at the top t he 19 34 and 1936 payments, • answered to roll call and two p. m. of the list as protective f oo ds. 2. Those who grcw wheat only visitors wore present. Election, of May 10- Alumlli They lU'e ric h in iron and calcium in th years 1932 and 1933. These officers was held and the results as well as in vitamins A and C, and producers, who were ineligible to were as follows: Eva McMillan, TenDi. nre al ~/) good sources of vitamins take part in the program under president; Ernest Cook, viceTennis is expected to be a live Band G. . former rulin gs,' a re entitled to sport at W. R. ' S. tlJill spring. president; Amy Bailey, secretary. "Flom now unlil the tim e OUl' grow for harvest this ' year .85 per Many students are in~ere.ted and Stanley Bailey was lesson lea'der gard ens bl!gin to produce we call cent of theil' 1932 acreage. 'l'heir are anxio\J!i to play. , However, at the meeting and the topic was have appetiz ing greens for t.h~ benefit payments are less than due to the grading of the athletic on "Farm Problems." The next picking," says Miss Garvin . "These t hose for growers who grew held at the field and the opportunity ,t o serve meeting will wild g recJ') s nt"!~ foun d in fields, wheat each year of the past five. of Stanley and Amy BaUey. Sarah more persons, plans were made to meadows, lawns and roadsides. All No campaign will be conductJd build two courts w.heTe .we prevl- Braddock will be lestWn leadel', of t h m of c ourse, should be used bY the W arren COl1nty WCA to Ada Grace Underwood will lead ousl had but one. very' young. obtain new signers to contraetl, Considerable work on the the devotionals and Elizabeth Fur"'l'h~ dand elion is de licious at I Carl J . Miller, president of the nas will have charge of the recreathis time of Year, The hea rt call association, announces. Wheat (Continued oll pare 4) tional bour. be used as ,8 salad and the leaves Igrowers who~ cases coincide with .... cooked a groeens. It may be used 'l one of the three cited are urged HARTSOCK--STREET XEN IA PHOTOGRAPHER a\ope or in combination with other ~to inquire for detailed information greens. ' ,a t the county office of the 88S.0 CIaOBSERVES YEAR On Sunday, April 22, at 4. p. m. "The winter mustard, found in tion at lA;.banon between the dates o'clock Mr, Harold Hartsock was grain fields. and meadow s, has ' of Apt'll 23 and April ' 30. His fortieth , anniversary in married to Mias Margaret Ann ra thel' a sh arp taste and h best Figures on acrellges and yields business in Xel}ia is being cele· Street, daujfhter of )lr. and Mrs. combi ned with other greens. It turned in by the new signeJ'll will bl'ated -this week by J. J. Downing Harry Street, of Xenia. The ceremay be used raw 01' cooked. b e mu(!e publie by {lublication (or photographer, of Xenia. mony wa. performed at the home "Wild lettuce. is quite abunclan t '~:( p osting) and will theJ1 be adAfter taking a course in art and of the , bride's parenti, where the in' Ohi o. Whell young is makes an Justed to correspond with the. eUIIlworking a few years at portrait newlyweds expect to stay for the excellent salad d,is h 01' it may be Ima ry of t~'e contracts signed Jut painting, Mr. Downing added pho- present. Mr. Ha~ck ia the lion of coo ked. . fall. New signers will become mem tography to hill profession in the Mr. and Mr.. Ed Hartsock, of "Fl ea bane, sometimes called 1bers ?f . the county wheat control spring of 1886. He was located In Spring VaUet and the gi'andlOn of white top, i s another gr e(ln which ,a SSOCIatiOn . ' Waynesville for eight yean, mov- Mr. and lin. Charles Rye. 141'8, is abundnnt in some s ections of - - -- - ing to Xenia the latter part of Harttoek i. a recent araduate of Ohi o. It is found in meadows 01' SCHOLARSHIP OFFER April, 1894, when he purchased Xenia HIch school. Mr. Hartsock clover fielde. the Gatch galleries from the late operates tba City Service mtion "Curly dock which has a long, IS MADE &.', HOLBROOK W. B. Gatch. at Spring ValleT but expeet, to thin curley leaf is another tempting One of the Gatch galleries was have a permanent locatioD in Daygreen. It may be cooked and Altred Holbrook loeated at 18 Eaet lIark4t etreet, ton loon. . aened alone or in combination Lebanon ,h al announced in a room formerl, oeeupled b • - ---, with other areene, ive scholatAip otrft the Peopl~e sundinl aDd Savin.. "Usually a combination of 1Oh00la ot Warrell ao,...~,. ATTENDED CRADUATION eompan)'. The other ,aUel7 w.. The following letter is explana- This check comea in mighty handy GreenB is more pleasina than one 1bIp.. 00. . . . . tatdo. at . 48 Eut lIaln meet, pretent location of Mr. Downlnc'e gdlo. IIr. and lin. R. • , Hawke, John Henry Smith, wen known tory. I can use it very nicely to pay served alone. In cooking lP'eenl 'tu'~~01~"'~~~;~; it is Important to cook them until ..... til, II Dowalnl later combined tile !Emma B. lIeClu~ lire. L. B. local- barber, 8Upped while carry934 my taxeJ. Just t ender. Some greons, lucb a. torla. of t r. ..dioe at the Eut JIatn Gordo...... Bett7 Hartsock, lIiss inc wood Into his home lut winter April 12, 1 You can count 011 me a8 a :..~ ad...... where he tau lAIe- ~ .lo lliDel' all4l lb. Dlelt fIlm.r IDjuring his knee in the aceident. The Cincinnati Enquirer, booster for Enquirer Insurance Iplnach and ),oung dandelioll8, will ' ~ ." e " " carrlH 011 bill prof..toa ~_.., ....... w......lD.ured with the Ellquirer's Gentl"l~ nand I want to thank you for the need DO cooking water enept tIIat hiIIl ~~~.... ~ -. ~~1>II!!fo - "0 --, Service WUraDce Polie)'. I JOu promptn ill '1\ hirh you lettled which eli.,. to the Ih. S.ith f .... • aablac_ Coo illK the oJ_i... \0


PEelS ' fOR 1934 35










John H. Smith Receiving E nquirer s Insurance Check




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U.. E. Rosa. P. M., stamp , $\)~ F. J. THE MIAMI CAZETTIt "Tht!n '''u'U ha\'e t,,!'it! Heer Printing Co. 100 nolle proFor R•••lte rr..'. I ~U(·"8." DOll clipitu\lltl'd. "1' I1l1que . $1.80; C. H. . ChN'nical n't It!t )iou Jl'U \\ andering ar(\ und Co. Bupplies, $19.11; Drs. Euward in thiJ! blam{l wild rn ' o.lonl'." and Robert Blair, ervicl.'s" :12.50; It ",a. 1\ \ ilU~I'nO!~ . Th y had Griswold ervice St.ation, gas, ·ClYt'I·Ctl twenty mil(': by 1Io<'n. Tht' tire~, etc., $31.B3; Vul\ey Molor ,n~ \\0.. 11 ~mall ,lrellm, ,lug i. h Sales, tires, tub s, elc., $56. 0; W \\ inding Iik 8 nak in a hall w ti n or lh!e lBlC on the C. Gilmour, inqu I, ' .;!O; L.l.'b· ~ion 11l tlat ml'tine~ . Tht' Common Pi .... PrOc~il\l' adv rtising nullee, \'~tall) ot :'iary Ellen Thompson, anon Patriot 'w 19ra Hill. 10 med rOl in .:n'-.' ,If tional U CI'II!'t"1. i. to be gil' n to all p r $1.10; West~rn , ·t.ur, nUvl.'rtL ing th(' swouthwcl't. The ypr:~ b. ',.kd 0 .. Itt • \,,'l·. lJ. (. 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Norrie-Brock Co., live wire alld Horn lothing. tore, rent oJ plain Cor either man or ,bell.t, It In the ea ... 01 11 rry Oli~ lc- ~cutrl i. ordered to transfer and office-, 15; Follmer Bro~. l''. H. proiTes.ive ftrm for th& hltrhut ==-====-=:::::;::==-==--==-=-~=====.-:-=== 0\' y aid property to said widow market prlce. and good service. wa for nken by all \if save n lung v('!"Sus Ethd IL ne Dudl y. truction 0., tlnnl stllnllt n Union Stock Yerd,' Clne!"natl, O. Tht'~' rod!! another Illile or o. taking his calp? I'm awful occasional sage hen, n few squawk- ct ai, it is ordt'r d th l t; tru l (' pr upon compliance with the terms COli dredging cr ek, 77<1.4 5; Fllirley Tune in on R..dio Station WCKY "Why don·t you kick him out," aus about all tbi .. layb ing plo,'ers. badger that burrowed . cnt Lib'rty Hond. t.o Tre sury and conditions of payment for the em nt and s up- 12:25 to 12:80 p. m. for our daU, n ,)fl a ked. "alIt! pul in R cow- doe n't m an, anything. Maybe und rground and wo!l' es tha ~lunk n \lartment f the 1 nited late property. A bill of !!Ble i to be Hardware Co" x cuted and d livered to said pHe , $19ll.50; on limp tone market reports. man that knOW8 his bu, int:', 1" tb boy hav taken a ~h t up hel'l" un een. for payment. Co., sand and gravel, $306.!JO; R. widow. "I'll throw him out with to ~e .. if any RM stu ff ha trayed Y l lock diu cc ion Ill' tra· In the ca~e f Thl' 0., - - - , Elizab th Harding W88 appoint- M. Stanley Distributing bum that'll jal' th bonl'~ of hi, north. )faybo-w II, for in. Unc , ver e lhat de.olntion. Th y 3W onal Life Insurance o. ver u all(,(' tun,," Ruby tOl'lllecl "as oon 1 Wllllt to know m more ab<'ut ign of attle. if not the cattle l::1iz b th N. Gough,' et aI, Clluse d admini tratrix of the e tate ()f hitter shaft, $8. 0; Gri~wolu erMary Goonan Shearer, deceased, vice tation, gas nnd llupplies. 1\. 1 cnn and that will b~ ill a this Grimes & Gil on outfit. I Lh nwel\'t's. Th te wer ~ig n of was di. m~ ed aDd CO!sts, eLo. • • e y r. l'l! be t w nl}'-one uext can't very well wander off up therl' hot hoofs along the age hich I n the cns of harltel-s D. Mapl e and filed bond of $300 with sure- $123 .62; A. L. Walk in ,gn~, 1.85 O('tob r . You wntch me then." by 1l1~' elf. I could but [ don't they not d hOI)le parti ularly. tl'u!Stec for tht> heir!; of Eldr.idge tin . Charles Munger. Wilbur Weiter Welding 0., sUl1 plie , $4 0., gas, $128.64; nglesby !lnd Pauline Riley were Standard Oil "If ~ o u have proof that he's in· wtint to. Su ] fa l('n myself on Here and th re. Frc~h. Pa ing Pope, d ceased, v r!lus Ray W. McCoy{)i! 0., oil, $50.GO; FrankWAYNESVILLE, OHIO competent rou don't hav to wail you. I hould a' b en a man." . like themselve~. (ears and Eva M. Mears judg- appointed appraiser . The will of Clinton D. Watkins lin Vulcanizing & Tire 0., pint Phone 80 Bank Bid,. ut all," Don "aid. " IC he i nol "l'm darn d glad "ou're n ot," M" Id' 't h ' t e ment lo t he defendant for $150 deceu ed, was admitted to probate and supplies.. $ t86.80; J. W. aCllona s aren prop'rl)T protecting YOUt· int rests, trcmbled on the tip of Don' onl. men in "the coun try wh o ride I and costs. if he t· fus " you any rea on able tongue. But he didn't utter the shod hor es, Don remark d once In the 011 of B,e rtha Adam Althe Watkins wa aPlloi,nted ex· Lingo Hardware b .• suppll s nnd . urn~ for YOUI' own maint nance, word. lie "'8 \\'('11 aware that he to Ruby. . , I v r us Michael Adams, divorce de- ecutrix, no bond required. Albert parts, $263.72 ; Kilpatrick-French Scheurer, George Hackman and Motor Car 0., gas and upplies, you can appeal t o the di tricl had to do with a fa cinating young But ~h only sm ll~d. ~?manhk~ crce modified a to alimony. 0., • '. ourt and have a new administra· '" m. n who wa. also head, trong she abl~ d .b.Y h~r mtultlon. Don In the a~e of Thl~ :Monroe No- har1es Parker viere appointed ap $46.38; incinnati Oil ~ ork gas, $3.15 i incinnat i Oil Works lor appointed. Property law~ arl' and impulsive. Ruby wa quite h~d no mtultlon In. the. !lIattcr. He tional Bank versus Joseph King, praisers. The will of Eugenia E. Beach, Co., gas, $25.67; Blue unoco laDiad to protect orphan . A trustee cR.pable of disregarding hi advice dl~ h~ve ~neasy mtultlons abo.ut et aI, FI' d B. Cramer, h:ustee in 01' an executor ha to walk Ii of proceeding about her 0 n pur· thl girl. Llt~ was going t~ bl: ~hf- bankruptcy is made party defen- d ceased, was admitted to probate tion, gas nnd upplie~, $2.52 i In the matter of t.he truat creat- Famous Auto Supply 0., tires Ilnd ehn lck line, ·1 can lell you if you uit. in h i own way, if he offend- f l' nt fQr him a~tel' thH~ rId. dant. Frank . , n~ler80n is also hartle Bevis get a real 1(1 \\ Y l' to act on your ed her. . tverr hour . they JoggEd ~(lgether made pal1;y defendant. Judgment d by Item IV of the wlJl of Wal· tubes. $ t3ll. 0 j ter W. Voorhis. deceased. Dean E. Machine Co., bolt, steel rods, $9; behl,ll f." Whil e the range didn't exactl~' conVinced hmi ?t' that. IllS newly to plaintiff for $2,0111.33 with in. "Aro you ure aboul: that ?, ~h c1(ljllt r its women, if did have a tarted . ranch 10 the 03:-"eetgra S tel' t nnd co ts. Sal of real s- Stanley, trustee is authoriz;ed to W. W. Williams 0., torches, bur· endor e said bond called by gov- ners and wicl5 , $IS; J one Mach· k d. "I don't, know much about pn:tlr rigorou et of conventJous 'seemed remote, an unImportant talc ordered ernment. and is to take all ' other inel Tool Co., drills, etc., 11 .50; for th m. Th 1 were taboos, ju t 'i ncident. Thill was reality, riding ._ _ _ _ law or lawyer .," st ps nccessary to collect said Addis Service Station, ga, 93.62 "I don't either," Don said; "but . in a potit r ~ ocie ty there were \I P' the Sage beside Ruby Mac Suite bond and to accept payment there Ohio entral T leph ne .orporll· t- happ n to know about thot. chaperon .. A ' oman or 0 girl de- Donald, going a twoday ride into 10 the matter of the transrer of of in accordance with the regula· tion, rent. and tolls, $3&.5&; , est· Had m experi nee my elI. 1)' fled the taboos at her peril. Prob- a foreign country to a k II man f ther and mothal' were both kill- ably, Don reflected, a girl with he had never een how hi brand funds of WafTen eounty, to trans- tions of the Treasllry Department rn 'Star, com, ord rs and food Phone 78J oJ:f the United States. orders, $86; Franklin hronicl, ed in a wr ck on the anta Fe. three thou and cattle in her own came upon Don's sorrel hor e , fer fund. The will of George V. Scott, aeIn the matter of the transfer of The old man had a Ii ttl property. right could rid where and when up into the dark range of hills to carda for com. dish'" $9; Bpll ceased, was tiled in probate. will d and s e if RM aottl had trny~d there runds of nion lowl1,ship, to tran Press, printing postals, $1.50; Re had a will made, loo, appoint- and with whom ·j!h harl s . Irwin, administrator Trustees of Public Affairs, light, ~ ..----------~-f r fund . d a friend of hi . executor, and p rhaps e.cape slander. Bul she to their undoing. 43 YEA.RS OF SERVICE guardian over me an' two si ters, couldn't esca)) critici m, and There might be dynamite for Waunita • Haag ~rcrsus William of the estate of W. Phillips, welfare office, SOc; Office Outfit.younger'n me. And we w r soon most of 1t would comc from t~ose ome one over that. There might ' . Haag, for divorc:e. Gro s neg- decea d, filed his lirst and final t~r , office supplie", welfare o fI1c,e , accou nt. up a,ain. t it more'n you are by a of her own sex. $115.S0 ; ?tIrs. Mal'jori Wells, be explosions of various kinds ov r lect of duty i charlged. A ertifted copy determining the stamps and postal cords. 9,60; 'J. Don admi d Ruby MacDonald's this ridge, it they bumped into n. B. Melk • doing business a long s~. E pecial1;· me. This LEBANON, OHIO fell r r is d Cain with me. 1 courage if not her judgment. He Windy MacDonald and his cold- The Dayton ask t 'ICO. Vel'9U The inheritance tax on the estate of W. Lingo Hardawc 0., tran fer, We have a complete couldn't bardl~' get enough to eat. could carcely carp at her judg- eyed on with the itchy trigger I . W. nglesby 0" a corp., for Mary Ellea Thompson, dllceased, buzzer, witch, $2.20; Western Watch Repair SeM'ice i to be certified without delay. And I fought with him until tber ment either, for she picked him as finJer-or Tom Salter. Don didu't money. Union, t~legrams.. IU6) R. M. Prices Rea onable Robert J. hawhan wa appoint- Bradford, agent, AI Hinch, Nnt of was uch a fu rai ed it got into a companion for this expendition. really believe any of that trioed executor of the estate of Eu- office, welfare, $22.50; Miller Probate C;ourl B ad~ Restrung courL And the court kicked him Why'!--()n t.wo looks and a guess or the three tOlZ'ether- had ridden genia E. Beach, deceased, no bond Hardware and Furniture Co., J·\,wehy Repaired oft' the job in pite of the f ct that on didn't flatter himself th .. t her up Sage Creek. Why should they'? In the maUllr of th estate of he was my father' choice. 0 I'm inte~ t in him wal!l personal, af- And, contrariwise, if they so de- t lla J. Booth, decea d, Gail requ·red. Margaret Wund, Joseph seiS!oMl, welfare, $2.50; Griswold "THE HOME OF GIFTS" pretty ure that if you have ~y f ctionate, the !itt! Rame that sired, why shouldn't they? It was Thomp on, administratrix is or- McKinsey and Frank SkiDner Br08_, supplies, welfare, $15 .74; way of proving thst nele MsI. my ·tel'ously b gins to bUl'n be- a free country. A man needed no dered, directed and authoriz d to were appointed apprai!lers. Griswold Service Station, gas, William N. Wilke ~on. admini- 85e; Clyde ' Wharton, service, $5: colm is making a hash of your af- tween a man and a woman and passport to cro s the line. Range endorse said Liberty Loan bond, ends in the conRagl'aUon known men covered a hundred miles ~o~ a that hav been callcl<i by the Gov- s tTator of th e estate of Thomaa S. Morris 6 &. 10 to $1.00 store, sup· -......-.-.- - - - -- - - fairs, you can get him fired." WUkerson, deceased, is ordered to plies, 50c; A. B. Kaufman, cloth "I hope you're right," said a love. He djdn't know that he whim, a fancy. ae had done it ernment of the Uniited States. ell certain personal property and • • R Ruby brightly. "When I get back canied hi credentials of resource himself. But Windy MacDonald The will of Eugl!Oia_ E. B each, make return to court. Sales w~re ing lot indigent. famili e • $855.44: oft' this trip I'll look into that. Ye , and integrity in his look 'a nd would hardly approve ~f his niece deceased, was flIed in probate. Brown" Brown, clothing for indig PUBLIC IrIOTARY approved. Certiilcate of tranllfer hurts, sir, You can bet a dollar to a bearing', for discerning eyes to riding around lor a whim, with a Freeman E. Williiamson, ad min- of real estate ordered. Application ent families, $6; W. W. note. No. Ruby needed a man in stranger. , stockings a.nd shoes relief familie s Nalioaal Baal! doughnut I will. ' i trator of the esta,te of Caroline "y ou shouldn' 'be on this trip her bu iness, and he happened to Ruby's account of the RM cattle Williamson, decca d, filed his ap- for authority. to pay counsel fees $4.96; M. B. Hyman & Son, paid W'II 0 E · I cI granted. on merchandise furni shed famili s ra_. . at.t.. 03eU. be handy. business troubled Don in a fashion plication for authority to comat all." M. O. Pardee, Wa]te~oos and $5; C. E. MiI1itzer, supplieR, $3. 2 WAYNESVILLE, OHIO Don began his remon trance an.ew He was eager enough to helll her which he didn't mention to h r .l pOllnd a certain mortgage claim. Pauline Riley were appointed ap- Home tore, shoe, $4; March's "You don't bave to WO.r ry about Uelpfulne s was instinctive in him Under all that smoke there might admillistrator of the praisers of the estate of Elias j acket and shoes, $2.4'7; . Fred yOUf ' Hputation, do you!" Ruby as it is strangely enough in most be a spark or two. That wa why estate. Eula of Ray .Stnl'ty, decea ed, Folk, deceased. men who would di dain help for h would have preferred to pJay a tiled his inventory. infillired sweetly. es, for sewing project, 9.- DR. H. M. WILLIAMS Elizabeth Harding, administu- suppli them efve. H~ could see her lone hand. Where men owned "No, of coun;e not. Bu ~" 04 i E. B. Thirkield & Sons clothThe inventory <Of Martha N. trix of the estate of Mary Goonan "Then forget mine," she coun- difficulty plainly enough. It was cattle by thousands there were executrix of the estate of Sh(!arel', d ec~ase d, filed b er inven- ing for relief familie, . 112.16; )STEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN aad eled. "I've got something at stake the sort of thing he copld easily other men who had nothing but Hough, Mason Lumb r Co., ~oal for reS!JRGEON hades M. Hough, deceased, was tory. lief families, $36:25=;-Gwen Gross Special AllelitioD to R .. ctal aacl I want to know something about credit to a footle s windbag like ambitions to""'OWn." There were a approved. Coal, for relief families, $6; my own busin~ss. I'm not a Malcolm MacDonald. But it was variety of illegitimate ways of Inte.tiaal Dh...... J. A. Keller, guardian of Per. Mu-ir.... Lice•••• feather brain looking for thrilling wiser and safer, he felt s ure, for acquiring ownership. The cattle- melia Bennett, incnmpetent, filed Lebanon Farmers Cooperative Co:, LEBANON, OHIO'him to go scouting for her, than man always had that to contend Edward Fitzwater, farmer, of coal for relief familiee, $59.42; adventures. Don't worry about his second account. Franklin, and Miss Helen Allisoll, Morrow Feed " SUpply Co., coal l'llIioe I ~ , , 8 Phollr R16i ,..; what. any old woman in the Sweet- for Ruby herself to roam the with. There are burglars in towns. 1\' 1118 & JII.Dl 1I0 U \:lId&;. Mildred A. Mullotrd, admini tra- OL• L ebanon. grass might say about me riding plains with him on the trail of a Trusted bank officials abscond for relief families, $87.25; Jos. H . Joseph Bernard, baker, of Mor- Fedders Supply Co., coal for rearound wolh you. Have you notic- mystery. He told her that, trying with funds. There are weak trix of the estate o,f B. F. Huber, ed that there are fresh horse to persuade her to go back. lIe was brothers, even though manJdnd by decea ed, filed her first and final row, and Miss R~al Clayton, clerk .lief families, $180.25; Mason till turned. in 'that key when the, and large does not 'co\ret it account. of Lebanon. ~' Milling ..\ Supply Co., coal fot' re- r tracks leading up thi creek?" In the matter ojf the estate of halted for a noon camp. neighbor's ox to the ext~ntj pi pur"I have." C. A. Lit ch, machine tender, of lief $6.6 ; BI'adford erMary JWen Thompson, deceased , Middletown, and Miss Fay B. Vail vice,famili4ls, "I th ugbt you did. I saw you . "You're as petsistent as sin," loining the ox. coal for reli ef families, $9.distribution of secllirities by Willa Afternoon drew to a close. The 9()cretary, of Franklin. 14 ; Blair. &. LeRo y, coal for reslanting you,. eye down at them." she said to him fr ..nkly. "Why do Director of Fuaer ..1 S.nlce Cypress rnnge seemed to draw B. abot, administlratrix, ordered. "Horse tracks in a stock ' coun- you keep harping on that?" Edwin Kll.patrick, salesman, of lief families, $228.'75; W . . Tho ndjudication ,and determina"Beclluse it worries me," he said nearer, to rise high-er Bnd dark. It Leba non, and Miss Mavine Armi- Turton, coal ' for relief :fan1ilies, try is common as grass;" Don Our c(lnvenient location, sulta- ' "Persistence at anything ill natural ran away east and west like A :=:=============-", tl\ge, stenographer, of Lebanon. $94.66; East End Coal Co., coal pointed out. , ble 'surroundi ngs an d equipment "Still thi! fresh tracks of four I'm Scotch." gigantic, fiat-topped wall covered "It don't look like. we'll sight the f or relief families, $'74,69; Leb"So am I," she retorted. "Just with trees. A lowering un made a Double G to-night." Don said. shod ' horses heading north from enables us to Sel"Ve to the Be.' Real EIt.~e Tr.a.I.... anon Ice" Coal Co., coal for rethe, Rl\1 is not common. You know a. Scotch as you are. Otherwise purple haze over those distant Advantage. "We might not be welcome, if Margaret Requarth and Grover lid famiiles, ,50.03; Hudson Feed that jnstead of going down the I'd be sitting around home, com- pines. Notches where t:reeks de- \\c did," Ruhy rllplied. "Asking C. Requarth to The Miamisb\ll'Jr Co., coal for rellef families, $3; river I have a hunch tbese imita- plaining to myself. As It is, I'm bounched to the plain lay in black questions about st,olen horses." Building ;.n4 Loan A8Iociation, Brown " ~unnel1, coal for relief AMBULANCE SERVICE came up Sage Creek. Four llP in Canada, and I'm going shadows. "This isn't a country run by 10.41 acres in Franklin township. families, '26.01; A. N. Rapp, coal And they saw no ranch 01' habito thieves," Don told her. "The tracks. That would sort. of argue faIther. I 'd rather go with you, Wa,n...iUe, OWo Mary Shearer to Charlel Fink for relief famUies. $68.50; Geor- Pboa. 29 Tom Snlter is with them--ejnce because you look like a white tion in that empty land , though MQunted Police, they say, put the inlot No. 345 in Franklin. ge Carnaban, coal for relief _ __ _-.l_ _ _ _ _ _ _-'J hi horSi! is left in our pasture. man. BU,t I'm not going back till tbey had for~-odd miles between f,eai- of the Lord into any mad JOlleph H. Budde to Howard M. families; $3; Everett Early, coal Now why should Tom euddenly I've seen the head of SlIge Creek the m and Milk 'River and the actors who stage a c Smith, real estate in Deerlleld for relief families. $9; Lewis " go oft' on a pack trip with them and looked around the Cypress a Cypress was only a two-bOlli' ride over here. It a in't a g11nman's township. Drake, Inc., coal for relief familFOR SALE DATES CALL a'way. after the woy they've talked about liltle," country either. Well, we ' ·bet.ter Mildred A. Mulford to Richard iell. $$UiO.19 ; Frankiln lee & peel oll-r eyes for 'Ia good place to Gsellman, real estate in Deerileld Fuel Co., coal for relief families, camp." township. $69 j John S. Ricbardson, coal for "Yes, because, it isn't likely any _ Alphon so M. Lewis and Myrta relief families, $169.75; . Kroge" one would build a ranch away out to Dorothy Ventola, real ea- Grocery" Baking Co., groceries in these sagebru,sh flats , when tate In Harlan towD8hip. for rel~f families, $119.75; W. H. there's ehelter IIInd timber ill Ralph Brehany to Andrew F. Berger, 1'1'0ceriel for relief famithOle hills," Ruby agreed. "We'D Brehany and Thoma R. Brehaay liel, '8; Kroger Grocery &: Baking JESSE STANLEY hit ranches in the foothilla in the real eltate in Franklin townlhip. Co., IrfOceries for relief families, Edmon and Eva (. Stewart to ,114.150; Wr~ht'l Groceries, ,a.eae 310, N•• a...o.,t••, OW.. mornins, likely." That seemed probable. The great Georre Beck, real estate in rrocerie. for reUef families, '09; EARL KOOClLER plain between Mill" River and the creek townahip. Hendrick', Grocery, Ifl'ocerles for Cypres8 was hot .ILnd dry in lamW. E. Whitebread to John W. reUef familill, '6 •. 25; Woodrey's mer. Winter bUzards 'Would howl and Octavia Coleman, real ..tate Grocery, gTO~erlea for relief tamilKE •• or. · ••H unchecked across it monotonoul in Waynentlle. lea, ,28.50.; Merritt's Groceries, face, A ,headquarliers ranch , 011 Marlaret M. Killa to Charlet F. rroce,!el, 'for relief familie8, $10; that ble ak area WIlS unlikely. Don DicDon, 84.18 acrel in Deerileld Killer I Groceriee. groceries for began conning the creek bottom town.hlp. relief famlliel, $16; Coyle's GroCLASSIFIED ADS COST ONLY. tor a likely spot to camp. Roy Holman et al to William eery, grocerie8 for relief families III tbe early dusk he found F. and Susan FlI~k, inlot No. ,5; Newcomb'8 Grocery. Irocerlea _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~. ONE CENT PER WORD. WHY one. A little aside from the alink- 2B in Pleuant Plain. lor relief famUles, f8; Kroger'lI. ing stream a cqld spring bubbled Thoma. S. Wilkenon, deceased, rroceries for relief families, FOR RENT KEEP YOUR ATTIC FILLED out at the foot of a bank IIteep a s to Charles P. Wilkenon, aI, 196 'B~.60; Eltzroth'. Groceries, gro- FOR RENT-Se h WITH USELESS ARTICLES a mountain cliff. A few willows acres in Wuhinct;on' townahlp. celles for relief families, U8.25; Third stlr ~en r~~~t oUlla surroun ded t he spring, the lIrst Morton Van Doren, by executrix . Grocery. 1'1'0ceries for re'd L H ee . II &--troo THAT CAN BE TURNED INTO they had seen that day. Lush l'1'aS8 to The People's Bulldin&' Loan and lief famillel, .,12; Cole's Grocery, gal en. . • Gordon. grew there. They' cau,ld have a Savingll Co., 1l~.60 acres in Wash groceries for reliaf famllies, $6; MONEY FOR SO SMALL A FOR SALE fire and s pread their blankets ington township. Stokel Dairy, milk for relief COST . TRY THIS M:EANS OF withjn roach of Jlieketed horlles. Cauiul C. and Virginia A. Em- families, ' $29.60; Shilling'lI Food Don didn't mean to be eet afoot In mons to The Peoplea' BuUdlns, Market, l'1'oeerle8. for relief famil. FOR SALE - Bookcase, ki.tchen SELLING AND SEE WHAT A this waste land. · Loan and ,saTines Co., 192.69 lea, ,105.46; Charles J; Schwartz, cab inet, coal oil Btove. threeDIFFERENCE IT WILL MAKE He couldn't sleep. The fire died acres in Turtleereek townsbip. grocerlell for relief famillell, burner; Ice box, table, chain, to coals and went black and}te lay '90.75; Walter Keever, groceries Library table, stands, miscellaneTO YOUR POCKETBOOK, AS starin jr at the sk Yt thinking about Billa All...... for relief families, ,94.26; Collins: OU8 articles and a :few antiquel. the gtrl ,,,rapped in her blanket, ... Groeeries, eroeeriell for relief Mra, Bertha E. Bese. WELL AS TO HAVE YOUR E. D. Thompson, labor and re- f 'Ii ,83 J R a formless huddle less than ten pa.irs, $39.82; Sanco Products Co ami es, ; . . Coffman, 1'1'0STUFFY OLD ATTIC CLEANED feet from his own bed. It seemed Inc., cleaning compound, ,6.'79; eeries, for. relief fainilies, U23.48 FOR SALE-Six-room houle on Third Street. Fred B. Hendenon madness for her to be there. Don Killer Dalry. Farmll, milk, for ' reOUT. IT PAYSI thought of the ripple that would Lebanon Patriot, advertiaing time lief f8D)Uies, ,228.96j AUantic " run through .the Swee.-...... of for liatins taxes, $8; Weatern Star P.ctftc Tea Co., 1'1'0ceriea for r .. .. advertlalnl time for lbtbIa tax... Ii f f i l l . WANTED ' what h(!r own men would think. $&.40; Al Schwam. luppll... Uo; e am ee, .96; H. C. Hamilton Curiously he didn't trouble him· Clark County ean of patient, lor relief lamill.., self about what Salter would $10110 lira Ettuoth MnIeeI : E. IvinI, sroceriel for SEE US-tor Wall Paper MIIIpl.. think. He didn't care. But be $1',. laadll. ".10; Curlee Car- Palntlnl and allintertor decora~ cared trreat1y about the Uketnlood Ca~dl. fl' roD, 8J'OCftIea for rellef famillal'line. Thompson "S~.dltord, ml0 of other men-.nd women- Will Bryaa. 'Stalla $108. Wanrlck'l, If!'Oeeriea for meln\I~.PllIlX Rub, 'M acDonald after, ,7' H.r relief famW.., , '••16; W. W. W~h0L--co'" 70ar 001 to '_:~::,mu Oat, • for relief famle Ohio Wool Orowe" Coopdi . . .e · IL B. ..-0- , lratlve AlIOelati'oa, I,NO . . . . ,poaa.tIOD Boo It'OWln do. III out ot





1'''" .'.

Crooked Trails









Centerville, Ohio







Stanley &Koogler

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Best of the Ne\vs Di rect From the Ohio State Capi

New Burlington Treval' C. Haydock i IIpending w ek with Mr. and {HI, W. 11. Lnl'kill anti children, neol' GI'eenfi Itl. , A. D1ckinllon an(l son have purchn.IHI II large truck Ilnd ar' I\t,illl:' long tlislunce trucking with hcatJqullrttlrs at illcinnali. l\!u. 'annie Ha\\ kins is fin d to h el' home by illll S8 . , M r~. J . L . o nal'd retul'ned 0 'u tlay from a vis it with hel' dllug let·, fr .. Iran Pettijuhn, of R ville, Ind. Mr, nnd M[s . W . t I·tail)ed to d inner on evening, Mi l'. Rawl y and Mi ~!\ Hankin s, of the Hi"h School faculty, 1\1i s Bean and 1i ~t;l Tom · I insoll nf th is Rc hool lint! their daughter, Miss Ruby Smith, a teacher at the 0 , S, & . O. HOnle , Xe nia. Following the resilt'llalion of Mr. and Mrs. Adams Dickinson a ' manager <>f th Mutual Te lephonc exchange .her, the board ha . hired Mrs, Mabel Fitzgerald, o r Dayton , Mrs. Anna Patterson has moved to Osborn to keep houRe fl)r a brother.


f.mllle., • ; .......Jr BlJerwM4I Co. g rocniel for relief la1llUltt, " ; County CDUt't Wm. Kelley, poe.rle. fo'l" ....Uer families, $13.60; Charlel Mount. g-roceriell for r elief fa 01 llIe!, I'; (Continued from plge 2) I, G, A. Grocery, 1l'1'0cerlel for re. grocerie fOl' relief families, $5; lief afmiliee, $381.16; Tracy'" Jo~ /line., grocerie. Cor relicf West End Grocery, 1I'I'0c('rlo& for tlllllilie .. , ,:II; William .Johnson, relief famili-es, $39,60; Krog r'1I groccI'irs for reliC'f families, $4; groceries for reliet families, L. H. Brown, ~rocel'ie . iOI' relief $81.25; Robert R eichel, grocerfl\mili s, $45.50;. M r!l. nuby Van ies tor relief familics, $184.75; L. Rip<;r, jt'roceril'~ for reli 'f families I& ~'. Market, groccries .for velief J 0.70; ~l('H en r y's Croc I' Y, /lrrO- fanllhes, $66; W. L. KIrby, gr()~ c rief! o~ relicf fl'lmili eR, $112.64; ' c ries for relief fami lies, $ 10.60; Hoppe's roceri 8 , ~roc(!l'ie~ fot' .Lukeobral's ,Market, groceries f01" relief familie. , , 114.u3; G. R. Irelief families, $15,50-, • Rossri'lun & 0., groceries fOl' re- Lingo Ha\'dware Co., supplies, lief fami lit's, 71.!J8; V rtlena H op $L65; Miller rInrdware and FU1'1li kins, groceries for relie f families ture Co" seed potoes, relief $80; . G3 .1 0; G, 11. Sanrlel'~, ~l'oceries: Shifflet's Gr,oecry, groceries fol:' for I' lief famil I s, $ 12.60 ; A tlan relief, $80; hifflet's Grocery, lie & PIl in Tell 'a., I!l'ocel'ie~ for g roce ri e!o1 f Ot, relief families, $4_ relief famili es, $12.50: Zug'r' Gr cerr, g'roeeri s f ol' relief a t of collection of the profamilie.s, 16; ~ubb~ ',~r.l'st F.ntl cC8. ing tax s on farm products for grocc ne for . r hef famllles,. 21 ,- which production control program!! 25 ~ W. A;. Tu rner, groceries fOl· lare in effect is r eported al less reltef fal11!lI ~8, $8; Hurry Vondel'- t han 60 cents each $100 collected hert., grocerlcs for l'elief families, announces tho bureau. of iflternai $ 12: Kroger's grocer'ies for re-' revenue. lief families, $23 j lIildebrandt - -- - ••~--r ceriea for ,'ellef [anlilie , $53. J', W. Rath, chairman of t he 25; Ch.arll's P; .Stublls, gl'{)ceries, In stitut of Am rican Meat Packf~I' rehef. :familIes, $ 193.50; . Atlan er s state lhat the packing industlc .& Pacln.c, Tea 0., groCel'les fo r I try pa rd approximately $269,000 rehef :famlhes, $375:26; Robin· 000 f or its Iiveslock during the 1 !Ion's G"oe ery, gl'occrles for reli l'f quarter of 1934 as d t famire $5' T I ' , , . compare 0 . I 8, .' ay oJ'S. ervlC .~ . 206,000,000 f or t he same period lion, ,UOCCI y, grocene for relIef dur·ing 1933 .

New.from Warren

D. L CRANE t I P ••li.lI.r Suh.crl,tl •• Price, 11.10 a V .. r OLUMBU, - With cUlldidatC!. PIt:, nl Ic \·,·1 (Of th,' Of&co PII..... ,.... , No lIZ Entered a t Poatottle• • t Warn ..· Ro 'II . .. ... . . • ville Ohio, .a ;ee"fl4 Cia .. Mall Cor governor and United Stale wal('r ~1I pril" 'l'hL~ i!l (\ • _co .................... , N•• III . K.Ue r senlltol' a~ \\ ell 68 oth·l' -tato, of the Mu . kinl!'um ullty on 01'cuunty and di~trict officers alretldy \ alio n Pl'uj ct and of the u ndcr· nctively in th field, an enrly stnrt 'Fuunel \\'ul('r Rurve~ b 'ing mad ~, AP1HL 26, 1934 n ,\!ri\l U ~ phnse of the entia'(' has b en Jllade in cnml'llignR to pI'ovidc, uffici LI win in the D m cl'utic lind Republ 11J'obh' llI i.. t can primary ell'ction which will \luICl' 101' the lllrg rubb,el' factor occur thi~ y 81' on Tue day, Aug· ie,; lOr 1o-"n /lel'pit th() lextensive ust 14. ' ecrl!tary of ' tnte Ge ... rge s tale I '''l,tvu lrs in-Ihat 'fiiei.nity. Business indices like bank clearings, car loadings and cloctric . . Myel's has . ent t o coun ty ~) wer consumption continue to show a gain over t he same w ek in bOllrd of election II labulation A lar~t' photograph of Andr w 1033. Thi~ is in part accounted Cor, of course, by t.he fact that a yeal' showing th offices for which nOIllJI\ck!;ul1 , hl'I'o Ilf th' buttle nf Ne\\' ~g Lhc banking situation was regarded as critical and we had on ly inations ~ill be sought on th e date Ol'leans :HId ('arly DemocJmtic pr . JUst. come out of th-e nallon-wide b'ank holiday. But aside from that m nli oned. It wn. uto outlined si lillnt. was phlr d un thl! wall of th ra has been an undeniable pick.u p in retail business and light Illunu- that members of the slate central t he oflicc of ecretary of ~late I'acluring .•rust how much of this is du e to the spendin of governm nt mOn I through relief agencie s, and how much to tho natural turn committees und county c ntl'al Cl'ol'ge S.• f reJ'. 10 t week \\ith' In the tide, which is being experiencod all over the world it i impos- committ swill b elect d o n thaI the o.;omplillwnt.' of BettiI!' M . Don . T l'm ' of latc central elson, lhe on ~ urv iving memb r Sible to slate. Many financial authoriti s soy that they will not feel date. ~ntil'el~' comfortable about the. ituution unlil there is a pick-up in the committee memb ers, Who al' ('Iecl oC th Don Is n family who preso-called heavy at' capital g ods industries, which are . still in the dold- ed by congre;sionlll districts , anti ~et'ved the H!!rmituge, Jackson's ntral committee mom famou home at Nash ville, Tenn ,. rum~. 11 such an accel I·ation. com ~8 in the near future we will un- of county I). fS, will expire May l:!, l()j , it in I II. Th portrait wa s pre· doubtedly be headed fOI' better thing in the near future, P rhaps ·no industry in the country is a better barometer of gen- was ()xpl~ned, becau se tha t is the sented to 1\1.. Ray Allison, a , is lnnl er'al conditions along the p ople them!lelV8s than the one dealing with yeu of the presidential primades. Secrctal"), of 'tate when :he visited ,1lI)tion pictures. The r is a r ason for this. The motion picture is the Candidates for all sta te offie !\ ex- Lhe II /lcient e~t9tc and also callEd ne great e ntel'tainm nt for thc masses. Of course our cultured folks cept auditor nnd justice of th on Lhe ccrctory ot tatoe or Tenllttend too but it can be slIfely said that the movie it! peculiarly the supreme court; for United St ates n('8, ec l'ecently. Ilivel' ion of what Wililam J nningll Bryan used to like 1:0 call the great senator, congrc:ssmen-at-llirge and 805 AUTO ACCIDENTS ommon people. Even durinll the darkest hours of the depres ion, di ll'icl congressmen; judgl(l of Tho annual l'pring meeting of REPORTED LAST MONTH mo~t of us found timl' and money to forget ourselves and our troubles courts o( appeal ancl commOn plea:' lhe Ohiu T eachel's Training Group before the s ilvered sCI'een occasionally. As Will H. Hays, head of the courts; stat senators and repre· will be held at the D shl ~' r-Wal1i c k Motion Picture Pl'odu('crs and Distl'ibutors Association stated r:ecently scntatives, and all ·c,ounty offlce~ Ho tel all day next aturday. Th There \V re 05 automobil a · in a trans-oceanic radio addt·css fOl' tM Cinematograph Tralle Benevol- except probate judge will be nom- !general th me will be cidents reported to the State Hi~h ent Funa: . ina ted at the prinlary. The state Training of Teachers for ' wny epal'tment a, occurring on "In the da}'k days of dopres ion, the motion pictur has beEn a great offices include judges of the su- cin l Education," r fuge for hU,m anily. '('he doots of a motion picture theater are magic preme CQUI·t for five full or unex- I lat higbwaYIil outside municipali- - -noml!! beyond which lie the> l'estful country of our dreams. TherE: for a pired torms. A possible exception Twic: e defeating the salps tax lies during Mal'ch, according to Ii little timll, one CII)'l lay a Ride worry lind realitv and live in a bless~ d in county officcs it! recorded. Th e ' last Thursduy, making' 15ve times availabl e s t.ati tics just l'eleaRod by l/l,nd of mnke-bt'li('vt'. MoHon nictur s hav made th(>ir contribution to state supreme court heard argum- in all und~r CIn e form Ol~ another, Highway Oil'ector 0, W, 111 !'reil. This number, howev 1', ill not til courag lind 8anily of nnlions."-Frank P . Litschert. ents la t week on th constitution - t he hou 'c of r pr senta,iives adofficially complete, a s ome , accidality of an act extending the term joul' nou to meeL 011 call of its ofnt may have gone u!1rep o rt~ d .. of this office two yeats. fl isl lea ders, I aving the muchForty-six persons were killed in muddl d tax situation up to the the 05 mishaps. Thirty·nine weI' The first civil service examina- senate. me n and seven were women. tions to be hl!ld under lhe I'(g ulol' P destrian fatalities numbered ] 7. schedule of the tate board inee The injured totaled . 294 men The Ohio State University Radio Station- WOSU February will be conducted Ma y nnd 1Ii 1 women. Th irty of th e inL, 2 and 3 in olumbu, incin·8:00 Mus i jur d we re pede trians. . . . , ... , ... E. M. Rowalt nati, Cleveland and T oledo. The 8:05 }<'arm Adjustment New!! , Moto'r vehicle colliding with II. 8 :16 ommon Mistreatments of Lawns .,,",.. . George M, McClure examinations held in March for fix ed object was the leading cause I 8 :25 Music employes under the stllte liquor 8:40 pray er ... icc for the Fl'uit Grower . ... ...... T, H. Parke and contTol board upset the u ual pro If F.r...,.,..inca ....e Un,der of lhe accidents, 3,15 01' 42,8 pel' A. L. Pierstorfi' cant being due to this cau e. Colgram of the civil service c mmiA' .. ." P. B. Zumbro 8:50 What Is Clean P oultry Rang Rulin. Permih BUlri nc wiih another vehiclc was li!'ion sion. Th& examinations to be held . ,. ... .... .Eunice Teal ump Now j) :00 Plan for next, accounting for 27 L or 3~.6 next week will be fOI' examiner Feeder. !l :10 Music per ce nt oJ the mishaps. " .......... ..".Wendell Paddock and inspectors in val'ious dcpa rt· !J :26 Makers of Horticulture . . The majority of the accidents .. ., .. , . , .. , .... ,. . H. E. Eswine ments, a branch mana~ ... in the !) :36 Zane's Tra~ A m od ill ation of the corn-hog .. L eon Havi tax divisi<)n, chief of the divi ion c ontt'act now permits limited pur- took place on straightaway road9:45 V getable Va rieties for the nome Garden .. ... of child hygien, two fi hand chase of fe der pigs, in 1934, by a 450 or 54.4 pel' cent in all. The greatest number of mishaps game PI:Ot ctor, tate highway hog ' pl odu (>t' fr'om other conpatrolman, draftsman, clerks and lr ct Rign t', ip excess of the 44 in Tlumber. occurred b tween and 9 p, m. The I ast accident,; field workers in tbe industtiul" re- average numbel' purchased by the were betwen the houl'!l and G and lathms department. producer in the 1932-33 period, 7 a, 11)., when 13 were repol1.ed. Much concern is being feH in it is l'epo rLed by the A. A. A. Pursuant to Governor George nder t he original i'ntC;!rpreta- Whit's program for reducing th Obio a nd other tates ovel' the gradual decline of the sub;oil lion of the eontral!t, a producer ever-mounting toll of Ilutocide~ in water uppl y, now that the effect wa not pel mitled to buy feeder Ohio, t he highway depal·tment is of the shortage is beconling mor pigs in lU34 in exc ss olE the aver making a tudy or IIccidents on and mor noticenbl il1 the agri- ag number pUl'chased 'by him dur the state highway syst m lor fucultural and manufacturing di s- inl!: the past two years. T'he amend ture safety work. tricts of the state. Pt'ecipitation in m 11 1- \\D pt'epared b~ the AAA to Ohio ha peen below normnl every !lecommodate th produc:et·, partiBanana in yellow ripe con tlitlo n year except thl'ec during the past cularly the catlle fed e r, who. e decade, and engineers 'and con· !<O~V fail to farrow or who does are completely digested if propservationist!! are turning se d ously not , ave e nough pig' in 1934 to erly mllsticated. Fully ripo, the y toward worki ng out the problem of fill his marke table hog allo tment. are ea ily digested by ndul t~ nnd 1n order to qualify for the extra child!' n. how to retard fl ow of surtace fe eder pig purcha e privilege, a wnt~r and to preserve or raise the .! I COil tract l!'ig n(Jl' will :file a request ,-========-=- - from lh county allotm nt com· \ "'ll 1!iI'I' RA'I' OI\'liI NOTICE I I> H II Il ... · kl · . · " I JI ~ li t !lIt' 1}:lrk I mittee, indicating the n.umber of l ' ll nu !I L.,: OF II E .lL E 'I ,, 'fl; pig to be bought, :Crom whom they 110 s n. H ar tRocK Its IU]lI1lnlatrator LI'I"I'I.I!:A H;ItIl:A . AN I AIH': III A . 1I1f'" .. III liMe lIome 01 til.,.. OOD' are to be bought, and the reasons 1(' Il()nl~ n Oll with the will ann~~Nl ~l rttCI .. ,r ttl 1111111. Llttl. AID.r1ca. • )[ lht' .. s tal · or .JII. ~. l'. Sale, (I Cel.l8e<\ &pnl 11 I VIII Mal k II} 1'.,11(" Dr. and Mrs. Oglesbee were in fOI' such purcha e. Tbis l'equest Plalntltr, . ~OW we art!" ~ .. lItn~ ~"III" 11' .. 1 II!" .. 1l"IU r."un 00.- • •111 beeom~ vs. must be signed by 1\ member of Cincinnati last week. Geor J . ,,·l\terhoIl6C, ~I aI., " UOOtlll:\1 oll na ~1I",e .tUl ....,... ' utllrclt~ ., .. /lthf>l. 1'.11'1 . "II ntlv : I The B. I . W. Class of Ill. E. tIle c o mmunit~ com~ttE~ and 01>D etendants. Btl" I IInew wllRt wlltl .. , W',t' !I.-lIll tl 11111 ... 0 1 COIlU~ t10' tuoae... No. 15(,174 Church met with Edith Mae and [)I'oved by th county allotment " ou bUlI ld S.l une 01 ~h"'.t' wlll_t U8fJrge NovtJIe and I u. IOlq William B rooks, In til p'ur"uII.nCe Or the uri! r lind aturday even- committee before tbe pigs can be IUllgll",nt <or lh~ 'omnwll ling hll~ "al'(lll ~;" .. rylllll\l!" 11 1 !It! I II bave II two·da, c.lellrat1oD 01 purchased . ing. ol,l ,'t o t \\'I\rr 1\ 'aunty, hlo, oallll 11011 pttaCflfUI btll II l't!)", I). lit rlbdllJIl M IDe 'I. 00 tbe Zlrd &Del The feeder pigs boulght under lUlU!.' In the 1\\.0," nlill ed cn~ • Mrs. Howard Graham entertaincau!'o! are gelllll/: "rlll ·th'~ J1)1 nO nl. III 00 lbe 1I4l11, I'll b. III &Del ed a group of ladies W e<lnesday to the te rms of the amendment must ,vIII ol(('r fun ~n l ll ht pu tl ll fl.lI c ll ')1l , 011 th e ,t h uay or ,MA Y. 1U34, nl ~ IUnelllnl! OQW . rhe t~O I\ 't!rn lllre am IOIllI · to u') lO broadcaat • have been farrowed on farms locat ,)'c loel! II. In .• OIl th e J.rcmlM's Lh a "600" party. , u""",rlb etl re,d ".tllte will be aro und til! Dl'luw &t!ru !:Iuo rlUUO Ilrel!tl ng to my twtn IIroUier, T):Ie P. T, A, met WedJ1esp.ay ed in the same county 8.5 the land ,ollowlng H'lul din th l,~ ~u llnl y of \Va.l' I' EHl . ' denl)" In I re" IUltlUlt!e, we'U D4! t:lanrorcl, al bome. 'I'be Admlral"l evening. The following officerll under contract and by SlOWS owned Slate oC Ohio, to ·wlt: . .. ' ,tuate In Lhe ounty ot 'Vnrr ~ n engu lfed In a 110",111111 t.wpeal, wllh III rUlda, la Uctober 16tJ:\. H, UI. were elected: Ml'~. H. S_ Tucker, by persons wbo have eXocllted corn a nd 'tat" C. f OhIo ond I)e l ng fl. blllllkets of IDOW awlrlln, Lhrougb wa, . I don't bellev. I told ,OU I...t president, ML·. H. J. Carr vice-pre· reduction· conlrll-cta as p·roduc r s " t Militar y Survey No. 2464 I)ou th. air before I iluglUII lSI) mUe an lbe Admiral 18 .pendln!! til' sident, Mrs. Wm. Lukens, secre- and who have no :feedelr pig base, '8 f()lIows:-helrln nlng at a ,11 the lin e (tn, ccnl r or th .. bour wind and the U1t!rmom.ler • Int.r In bla lonel, bilL Mara It tary; and Miss Claudia Gray, The pUI'chas ing producer, however Mhl<lletuwn lIoad ·xtcnd t d n O/'Oij8 wIll go. WilY U\l lo. IlIrCl 01 b 0' lU 00 .JOUt club mil II. It I. at 1I!1.11 treasurer. Mu sic was furnished by can'not buy a number of feeder the LILLie Mluml Rail Road thIrty thrt't' 133) {e~ t ost trum the !'!)nter a bove, 001, to tloutb 163.10 weal. !:Ie" aU COlD- the Junior orcbestra lind Mrs. pigs over hi regular ;f eeder pig or aid !tull Hoad ,b d: thenCe In a dlrpcllon Ilnd parallel lirop a"aln WD.D fortable aoCl "'ell allowanc e, in excess of any short· :-.iortherly We tall with Planck. Ith the C nt r lin of ~ Illd Uoad Ihe alorm .. blm tr... uenll~ b)' ra<llo. age in the number of I P igs which b 'd t\tld 33 f e et th r e (rom tW enty The Junior-Senior banquet wa ~h(t'e nn4 86-100 chains to a po int: I' b e ¥'atblllt, held in t ho gymnasium F r iday he is permitted by hi (!ontract to th alSlNn ' pOuo<le I baye gained ~ n ce N, 8~' 20' ]':. 14,81 01011"'18 to a Ilurioll lbeae lerr1· produce from his OWl! BOWS. 1" 0 1' s tok e: thence ~orth 9 links tp a After the dinner, a show evening. Iylol Itorme Ie IIDce leaving Nllw Vorl and .11 tbl a t the Murphy Theatre was e njoy- exllln pie, if F'a rmer A is allowed to t>lk e; thenCe S. 77° l5' £Ilst .'.15 l'haJns to a pOint : th ence S. 68' :10' practlcall, 011 and Olen Dere bllve galDed aboul I~ "ar ed. produ'cc from his own sows in Hl34 E. 1.60 chains to a pol.ot: thene N. • ' 15' li:. 1.70 chn:ln8 lo a )Joint II la Iwpoe.lble to cent. We'll, lalo mo,.. too, .beo Mr. and Mrs, John Reeder, Ot a total of 100 pigs for market; bu t 77 wltn .. B a birch %0 tn. III . N. 3t '4' travel even be- 0111 fUnou. work 01 preparlO, for Centerville, .were Sunday after- on flceount of dlsea e or other W. 16 link;' dl tant and a Valnul H Iween tile build· th..e tWlntel i . ' aul.bed. Coopea liP noon callers of Mr. and Mrs. F, causes, only 0 pigs Bre actually In. dla, , .G8,l!o· B. 57 links dtstan cc' th enc S. ~8 OS' E. 7.93 chains 10 a Inga In ~ I tt Ie Illdoora we'll ,et ",., IItUe UfIJ'o M. Osborn. produced for market, tben Farmer Hic k ory tr~& 20 In, ,d III.. t henc S, 35' 0.' I'J. 14.67 cbalns to Il poI nt : Amene. wlUlout ct .. aod "read, .eal mat la 00 A, .with the consen t of hi local Mrs. Fred Hatlan entertained e n" e A. 57' f: . • . 71 chaIns to a. Alphona. .upport .nd IUld· 0111 dt.t twlc. • .ee.. I ba •• the "600" club, Friday evening, cotn-hog committeeml~n, might ~h p"lnt ; thNlce S, 24' l5 ' W. 6.H Cubon. chn ln8 to the cen ter \fne O'r Ihe Old ance. Al pr...ot cbanl" m, mlDO aboUt Ita teatl Mr. and Mrs, Ed Clark and buy not more than 20 extra feed Middletown Hoad: &Dd DOW DDO It palatable anCl t.... thence N. 83 ' 18' Our COOk we ba •• a pigs from other contra,ct signers; W. 33.61 cllalns to th" place or be· family wero Saturaay evening IIbe Itruoa uP . b.twlEo ·all liIe Cllr, 1.1 \I '117 raUlIIlInl anO co ... callers of )Irs. G, M, MacDonald. is, Farmer A miQ:ht buy a gInning contai nIng Sixty eIght 31 - 100 ncres 'm ore or les8 CO .31 bUlldlo,! aod lbe m8ll1 ball. You taIIl• •U Ull aee. . . ,., vltamlnl ·Su bJct to th e r ight or Pr Mrs'. Chas. and Miss Grace total of not more than 20 feed er &D<I. calon. to enable one to cop. Lawson and Nancy LawIOl1 Ibould .ee thll crowd go.lnl to Smart are visiting Mrs. Mary pigs · in excess of any fee d er pig heirs with lIle nlora of til. .~tremell and 1l81l1gn8. t o lhe use, meala <lunnl II alorm , 'I'lle m.o allotment be po sesses und er the ~ trlp ot land 10 feet In width Haines. It was provIded should he Illld com. crawling UII tike rum aota lOW I.Dl'"'raturoe. II II ave,., , Mr and Mrs. W. P. iMcCat:ren terms of the contract. th ex treme S. E. COl'IIer ot Oul or lbe I/IOW thll co..... llealth, ,ur. ."rel_dlol bill Dol and daughters, Rhea and Evelyn, tn case a contract sia:ner owned , ot i' al e8tal~ abov d .crlb d tor purcl1J1OOlDfol1a. 'i_ qu.rt.... and plIll Ibemaelv.1 alool eoUr.. , ,.... owns, or will owt:\ no interest in )l08e8 ot a. road-way trom the landa and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gordon t saId Lawson" t o the turnIJl k " Ule Itt. Une. to the mCil. ball, Woe teNta, I worked 10 liard I " .... and son, Robert were Sunday din- any 1934 hog litters, he may pur- .\Ill' gatea and f nees heceuary to I IWPpeG .,,0 ...• be at lile expene e of th e said La.w• betide anybody caugbt ·outald. UI. .plreel &Del in 1934, with the, consent of ner gueste of Mr. and Xl'll, How- chase snns thdr heirs a.nd assIgns, all 8.1 IDa " . 1D00llure '' ' ' e ID, cloUi. C&IIlp 'lo one of tb ~ ae .torma! Hut loeal corn-hog officials a nu mber provided ard Graham and family_ by a certaIn con·l ract enIntl> bet wee.n Ja.lTJU C. Sale that doel n't bappen . ~'rom now, for lreaae co aJ IMMI" I Dad to ao The Baccalaureate services were of feeder pigs not to exceed 75 per atered nd Presto n .A. l o8.W80 n · and Nancy out. man, monlhe to COWl, we .ball De lO Ule IIUlll•• .to held in the gYlllnasium Sunday cent' of the number o:f hogs pro- Law80n, on the lStn Clay ot SeptemooDftne<l 10 oUr DUU(lInp, You I ta..e Jut teaniad radl, ~ evening. The sermon was given by duced fot: market fro m 1932 I' er, 1920, and whleh was dljly tiled (o r r~cord In the Rccord e r~ Otft"e C&D't fool wllil aoutb polar w.. th.r 104 eoIIooI aDd 0011... teaclle... Rev,_· Storch of Muon, Ohio. The litters, wbichever i higher. In of Wnro'en County, Ohio , on Sep wheo It'a wInter. ume dowo ber.: . . . . . . rolled .tIletr IOU,. 411. . . . invocation was · given by Rev. J, cases wber t he cont'rllct signer lpmb r 18. 1.920 a nd 'Whlch Is duly rNol'detl In Vo l. 107 pnge 3\\0 ot the I mUBt tell you .01Delb101 tbal 10 our CIlub••Dd b.". rMet.ecs pel' P. Thornbury. The High School has no hog base or feeder pig D ed Iteco·rde or 'Vanen Counly ,uclDated Ole the !lrlt time I IOnai raellom..aai.. rrom Adalral Glee club rendered several beau- base, i)r has nQt obtained a. tran8- Ohl .... And In addition thereto th~ I'Igllt of ~""I d James , Sale hIe helra It. 1.11 th. <loga will be,'fr1skIOl or BJTd w.IOOJalo. UJem &Del tIletr tiful selection!! . . fer of hog base from a .retiring 1nd 1l88bm6 to t h e"' "lu~II' e UH .. O't a c rfldn ,81 )rlng n1>out ~ OO reet North 11Iila on top of tbe .00W. Sud puP.....' A.. til... ,OUlll people producer under the t';rm s of the Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sontag vis'~ I\st of the barn located 011 sa id eI.DI1 on. of tbese blistering atorm. ba.e been HIli tb • .,..UfuI .,,, I ited friends in Felicity, Sunday. contract or Administrative Rlllings ~ all1"8 C, Sal 'H f a rm, together w ith 1'Ight to ncase the sam ana laY' oom. up. Immedlllt.l, lbe dog. 11". IoU WOritlal map of th. The Eastern Star meeting was he may purchase up t(, ten f eeder \h" pipe IIlle th erefrom ~ t h prcmle es ltart dlillog do.n lolo tile now, Aotaretta an<l thetr memb.rablp held Thlll'llday evening. The in- pigs in 1934, or.• ald James C. Sate, abov e tl ser lb'd, with I he' rI ght ot entry t rom '/Fbtcb covers tb.m oomplel.el,. ID carde, all frae. m.tlltuall1 th., spection will occur May Hi. to time to k Oep said 'mrlnll' th .... IDlnutetl Lhere Ilo't • dq In Will .110 recel•• I. pel butlOna wttll Loans in ~xceSl5 of one billion ,,lll\1t> MiSt! Laura Ward had visitors 1 ~lLn a nd to make all n ee IRnr), r~' ,aid pipe lin e to tbe burled In IlshL And atter Ul. atorm th., til. club a.m. OD til... ft. teA«*- from Cincinnati last week, dollars have been g:rnnted farmers palu. the ground at lean ZO In ch ... a t aU oom. popplnl up apia anel 10 OD .... Iud til. hill. ad~ and their organila.tions by the 1,0111(8" a" I)rovld .. a bV 81\Id c... ntracu. frlakiDI or aleepiDI. SolDe .lpU 01 pupU. 10 OW' New ,.... . . . . . ---- • - Farm Credit Administration since lJetwe" n 80. 1<1 JamOJ .;. Sale a nd Bald I'H'aln n . lAwson and Nancy Lawgovernment agenCIJ was aon aforesaid. 'I'he at!! ment II'rllll orb. WIDd dowo bare II IOm.t.bloa mall. out cam for aaa. A rur.l edito" went home to ths I,y ." Id contract to I h 8altl created lut May. More than $840, I an.r dreamed of. It .. Impoaat' "amllerallip la til .. uunat Clu' ItUpper, V.I')' tired but with an unu C. Sal his hel~. and bl. to remalo out ID: It .for aDJ II aIIaolalel',.... It.... 0....... IUal .mUe U&,hting hie poor old 000,000 or the total wu dl!!bursed "lid lh eaaement ·..;:i...t;;r con tract to lIald l"r~,on by the federal l.nd banke. leQtb 01 tla. wttlloul ' ....101 &Jail! lied at Admlral BJrd.......- anel face. and Nancy Laweoil their anlgn., h~lnll' clOv.nantti upGHd or IIlIUmcl.aU, plOlacted Il'. 0811 po.".. II to f'8Iter. liRa.. 70. had aome lood luck ~~ ---with th e la.ndit and Irrevoca.ble eIpaN Of th. b.OcIr. A'read, •• ,reater ' IDtMeal 'a ........ aYlao .t lMt!" hta iJaq.ired. From 19 to 86 per cent of the r.ept aa JlroVI~ d In auch conti al! t. RaId rloal .."tate I. IlIllal." In 1aad lITeral ouea or r.....b 0"', tao. . .d .sploradoG. ,.. JobI' aII4I "Lucid I -.hould .., 10," re- population of China are t.1'1II ...., Wllyne Township. 'Warr"n 'Oll n(\', ...... ......... aDd ..... 'InaeJlal, receive our bl& m., aII4I ........ !!ponded the editor, "old Sql1ir. not enoulfh food is produced to Ohio. &tId have bpen· ,III{Y ReIaJ palllflll. \Nt DO alit, O&nI. ............ ...,... SkblMr, "ho un't paid anythhle IOpport the poPUlatiOD of the and r es ularly app1la8t\ .t 13,1125 .011, ab' muet be s..ld or npl I,, ~ than ......"',.. • ........ eIe&tb " ..&&IDJ OD Ida nbaeripttOli ter tea I ~·thINt. of the appraised value, eOUJItr)t • T ...... of _e, caaIJl. .... ........... .at .... ...... .Ir.. LIt 1ft aad .to"," hIa paper, '----


BUline.. Showing a Gain



!'•••••••••••••• •••••••••••




Farm ' ftiight 1 alks, Apr. 30




The Miami







""W la,









RcA :R'l'iIOr'1C

W ill find a buyer for whatever you have to sell. This IS a good chance for you. Take advantage of it.


Student. from the County in Cor.te.ta Here on Saturday





,Lone Stal Mineral Water Crystals

(Corttinued trom Paee 1) grounds i nec ",al'y to get lI1(~m into playing condition. 1"01' lhis reaso n Ir. leaver has been appointed to direct th work. Any boy who al' In'tere ted in playI ing should arrange with him at Alao, Texas Cryatala, $1.00 Once to help. L Hers will be IIwRI'd d to those who qualify, both boys and girls. Th ose wishing to leal'n th gam, PHONE 120 ven though you never played be. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - " " ' , fore, hould not hesitate to com out. Mr. Gar t, the efficient cOltch will welcome your presence.

Special Saturday Only





of 1emtwr of Ih


ontrol A ociation of Warren tate of Ohio

The foll owing is a statement f the basic information on corn acreIIg and hog pl' duction submitt d by individual producel' of Wayne township who hav ,igned contt'nct~ under th · lU34 orn-Hog Production Adjustment PrClgI'am of the Agricultural Adjustm nt Admini t ntion, Any person may make a confid ntial repoli, oral or writt n, to the county allotment commit~ee or to the community committee if he finds lilly statement hert' which h believes to b inaccurate. ign d) BEN T. BLACKBURN. hairman County Allotment am . HAROLD BECKETT, ELMER S. D RRELL.

Wayne Township ( 'umrlluuU)' C·umrnIU,·c-: ChaM ... T ...: 111-., " , 1~. Mf"ndpnhBIl. Il . C . FUl'n"., ltonuld 1I . IIl1wk~

1 Pro.hl (' r


,\.Iams .fohn ___ ..___ 1 123 Albers.. Ben S!!



Ar)'. C. L . _-,_-.--_1 131 141 Bnlllnlf("', R<)bt. }i'. R".,k tt . I ",n _ _ 117

:\ fj

M.'i Bourn, !!7Z BraddOCk. Frhl 72 lIradl Y. ltarl~1l I~. BrannOCk. J. R. _ _ l(1ft nrown, La,wrt1ncc __ ~2 Runn II, Rhoa~'8 __ )flO RunMII, lthod 8 _ ~ 1110 Burg '. Jl~nry Burn It Uroa. __ 1~4 lUi Dutter'North. Ern' t DUrlon. L. J. _ _ 02 h...,now tho Howard ~2 "irk. A. T, _ _ _ _ I. ~u ("ook. _ __ U:i

('ornell. ("orn II.

11 .( •

Lyman _ _ _. J)awllOn. MOQ(> _~ Doan • RI'I'~"II _ _ ._ Drok . _\Ibt!I·t ___ Da)l'.

DrRk .... ,,' . Fr. _ _ _ Drul.lll1nn,r. J-Iowfll'cI

)O)(lwaI',j J.

ar n

h/Ul. T , _ __


8ldw.-1I R. __ _


Emr cit.


I ___ Florence. Howard _.

}/'urnae. nllyl. _ _ Ii umae. Ell K. Fumu. li'r d _ _ _ I

FUma., FumaR.






111 !!;l !!:l


113 1



Oyot,er. J hn _

}ill..: "nU\Yt'r.

' a;:,


J.:. _ . n. _' ___'~I

Ha.ln,,". I':\·(·.·(·lt

Hall. LIar"

II IlJ'd In.


1,. _. __..

Hanlin. ' I'. 8. _ Ha..rrJs • •Tt·,tS"i(! _ _ HaJ't.nlln. Ju IlIi.! S ...\ . Ha.rt8ock. D rl _ ,Hal t "ocl<. J, V.

Ho lha w")' . ("0 rmll


K . .M,



Henry. Will. Sh ' lb)' _ .

Hili br ,ell t, .Ru,lo ll)h HO,lk, I'{' II 'r __ ._.___ . Hocke tt. I •. Enrl

~ t lr-.7

HNi S 104






.. 14 3"



l1i 210 120 226

"" ~~



:11) :tl



7t' :t:l 7.1 :JoH






200 1111










Jt) !!1 31 R



20 I '

II 10




711 :12


1\furrll)f, K""flt.hJt.n O·N~811.


Prrnderj;RBI. \\" . M.





















111 7


9.3 7















Ii. ; I (.1 ' \ 'I!;

12 11M)

J~.o I

til'. 4;· 127


~ f)

92 6~




8 3







t:', I


6 .. I




2 4 10


11 13

Ii H If 12





17 ](\



~~ ,


147 92

111 3(1





12 306





3 12 0 J




88 78

II 11'i

27 H 12 II





20 1 J~ 12 " I

24 17


Service for All






11(1 1:",;





are prepared to serve any family in this community in




a considerate, dignJ/ied man-


n er. Merchandise i. available





in a wide range of prices,


.but every call receives the

32 10 411 I










ame conscientious attention and reverent care.






li~its of creed or class. We


31 l'iM 1711 40

. 64 64 11ft








07 124 IOJ

White Rose- Power behind the enllne.


eli 130



21\0 4 ·1 54 $2 511 172


12 8 12



25 :!-I 4;1 \ 2.1

1:! :t~ I







RO u2


47 83 118 Ill.' Il]

12& M




H 4-1






!l 30

H 3:\



23 20

i h7



WI 97

(Ill $11






R ·24

3;; 2:i

. ~

HI 24 :!Il


!!:! 14

32 32 46




2!) 15 8



' 1)7

10 24 211





511 !!()

us 111





A 9 12

Ii H 14

1 '! I 8lI I' 1:1:




I i! I 4:1 I I



1 110 ·\0

Ladi•• ' Ore ....

Me.. •• Suit.


~J'1 116" :1M









7R 51 4


9 1~


Firat Public School in U. S . :rhe first (lulJllc ll~h"OI III the Onlted "totes was the lloston Latin school, e~tahllshetl III W:13. The . 6rst CUlholic sc;hool WIIS established by the Franciscan I11l1nl. 11I)::i t. Au · gusllne, ~")a " In 10(,)0. Thl' I1r t parochial . s 'hool CRt ilhll sll eel \VII!! St. Mary's Pllroc;hlal 'd lll I, fOllnd · ed In I'hlili oelpllill In I ~ 2.

- I============~~


13,2 9 :I




JO 19

:tl~l ,




III 41













10 18 17










10 10




Applicants for old age pen. ion!! be at least 65 years old, acing to M. L. Brown, chief of the division of aid for the aged in the state welfare department. In addition, an applicant must be ] ubI to prove that he or she has been a resident ot Ohio for at loast 15 years previous t o the time application is made. Residents of county infirmities, fraternal, church and welfare groups may secure aid if they comply 12 with the age, l'esidence and other qualiflcaUons of the law. Appligo to the county board of the county in which they re ide and ask fOl' ap plication blanks. The local board will cause an investigation to be made and refer the application to the state office at Columbus with a recommendation whethet· aid should be allowed.





I;' ~



70 40



!lH 4





260 ItO

143 240 ' 143



30 iii 63














11'0 231









Ill'l 1(10 14U

02 27 a:;
















3.3 4 7.2














110 302














3(1 7 117




"'7 .il




-~ ---





of(l 30 6L


7 7 14




Old Ace Pen.ion Limit at 65




Field Meet , Grad ... 1- 100 yd. Dash- Peter Vint; Willie Isaacs. 11.- 50 yd. Dash- Robel't Haines, Robel't Lee Payne. IU .- 75 Yd. Dash Howard Sheetel', Rus ell Siansbeny. IV- BI'oad Jump, over ]05P ter Vint, J ohn Boger. V,- Broad JUmp, 85·105-Howsrd Hall, Ralph Peters. VI- Broad Jump, under 85 Walter Saylol', Billy Spitler. VII - High Jump , over 105 harles Satterthwaite, Frank 32 LeMay, John Boger. VlII - High Jump, 85-105 Kenneth avage, Charles FiI'es. IX- Shot-pu R obert Hal·mon. . John Bogel·. Race- Winifred cott, HaineR. op-Step-Jump- Glen Hopkins.






~, .









1''i.l1 3




1.0mb•. II Lnrtlck • .r. p , _ l ....·J\[ a)·, J:'. \'. _

17 I»! Ill:! 1711




27 11.'< 124






27{) 211




22 7u












133 -JU







1!9 IJ,')


:12 Oil

J Il

20 10


73 HI






Il:'i 20


1~ , "


Mo.... Hllrlf,' J' __ _ MUI·ray. A'·ch


0 12 \I r;




1IlIchl'nol', C. K .. ___ _



1 lCi

111 7



1"rNtlth. -HH.Jll J,',




22!ng. R. P. ___ _ Llbbcc, 0. I!:. _ _ _. LlmlulIloo. l. K J, Willl<'l' LutlllllltOIi. iI. ucas, RoyAI____._____.1 Malnou8. Ral' Ma.rl a tt. O. fl. ___ .__ 1 Mc<111tIn. \..(.,. __. McMlIlInn. H erbert

i II

"0 2~





HI :111



2!< 31

4 12

411 2:1





31 M



HO 1I)t> lflll

311 JI








\I 1:1

III Ii'>


I:! II




1:1 HI



. :I :111


II IH 70 112 114





4'7 35 n

ehlr(nc,.. H Il L,


7 :!l


Roberl'lOn. O . W.




l:t tI M\,n, !" ' r ey J.... Itlr;>h. I r (1 1>. Rich. J. U . _



4 2




I~:! I~





7 16 17



ZOJ H 711 112 H







W eln .

l'rcwlfli' l;lUit, , 11 '~J\i '



H;olland, C. L. _ _ ._1 286 121) ·Hough. E, L. HO\lgh, J{enn < .'. 1If _._"':-_'~-:;=-_~._ I 1:I'0yl • Hoy! . I saacs. H e nry .____..;,.1 .fan 8 . nrl C. Jon .' e. J . Berne Jon l'8. L . A. _ _ _ _ _ 1

\\'. K ORborn. A. . 'Vctc·rH. \\'. L . ~ P c-t.1rIJ, ":Ol, ·rr "'.·t(·rA. Ie Il .




Ollliland G~o'r!P _ Gone. J . Q. & 1"1·.,,1 __ . Clirltalll. b. W. _ Oral II' .'. I". 11 . _ OrahulII. Harry L, Crill '1', fl"n n. __ _






• f;1J Ii!!

:IA 7.0










4.11 Ie! I;




4." W.


j\llr-n ...",.._._ .1 I~) 1~1 JUlians. flaI'l Ie Fu.lrcblld, Amol! IH

Fields, LawrenCtl Fire.. J..t,wle _ _ __


111 .


M. . ___ _ (' m 11. , • l!l. IInlmln8'll. J. P.











I B mlLfd. Wm. Bogun. :_,,.--..,-1 214 2\W) Hog n. JIM) Hog"r.

Cook. JrrKnk _ _. (ook. J. lit . _

Fair" Thel'e was a good attendance at the .. tate Fair" picture both in afternoon and a t night." Aftel' th pictu I'e, th e crowd divided into four Indian Trib . and start d on a treasure hunt. The Mohawks found the trea ure. neal' the jumping pits behind the gym. The treasul.'e was an all day ucker for each of the tribe. Following that there wa a winer roa t. The Juniol' la wish to thank everyone who helped t o muke th pictures ponsol'ed by th m a success. "S,tat

J. E. McClure Phon. 7


\\'('Il IU~l

WlIyn., ·rilll' ~ch~Liull't1


Ichlillt \\hu

til pillY at Utili tpol ,t! lhl'il' !.tume

l'iundny (Ill. (In account of l'old Inuthe).·. Th,' ~h,t'clll\nls will tl':lVel til l\Iu Itln!!\·ill· IIl'xt Sunday. April 2!1, to plu) lh~' tl'lI1m in that town whil'h i;: ~uid to be very fRSt. 11'. and 1r. Elld M una), of 'I'hl' Ruchy('>\ of K nul'ick field dt'fcatl'd the \ ~Ihnllil lcnm lust Dayton, called on Mrs. OUie Davis Sunday by u scor of 1:1 t(, 11. unday. The Buckl'Y" al' schedu led to Mr. and Mr. Wm. Peirce, of mel't th· Dn)' ton 'Ti!.terR, a wellary, called on Mr. and Mr. known fa:t colored team of that Howell Peirce, unday. Ilact' , nI.' .t. SUlld}iY, pdl 2!J. Mr. and Mrs_ Harl'y Stokes and MI'. 111'1 Cran were Dayton visitol's on W ednesda~.

Crown LI,dJ{t' Nu. 5:11'1, Kni~, htK of Pythiul'! hrld thei\' IImlulll ill. pection W ('lInl'l'Ja~1 l'vl'ning

~~~!~~~~~~~~~~LI April


HUNG AT XENIA BANK A lal'g pOI'!I'nit of the late Robert S. Kinb'!'buI'Y, pres ident of tho itizens' National bank, Xenia, for 13 years until his c1t'nth in 1931 , was pl'eserlted to the bank by his daughters, Mi ssCH Betty and Dorothy Kingsbu ry, at a me ting of the board of directors today. Mr. Kingsb ury waB well known here, as lit one time the Kingsbury lothing tOI'(' wa~ the l1lecca foi' Waynesville buyer..

ramou. r_

once lOki u pre-


mium quaUt)' at

eJ'tr. price. However, you c:aD

DOW buy &eouioe Rrd Bnnd .t DO




ar<l pri~ lI·•• n outll:aodioa •. By all m _ ..,."e in and inv_


- - - .. __ _-...


(t .A)

Waynesville Farmers Exchange Co. Phone 25 WAYNESVILLE, OHIO

CALL l 1R2'

General Hauling of All Kinds . .ALSO,

Local and Long Dis·t~nce Haul~ng

LeROY (Bill) MORAN Corwin, Ohio


A. LowA.



Set 01 ,



Ptkee ~u"Ject

clleD&4I wlCbout notka ..... IIIlUll' Statc

..... IM.


Caesars Creek

GalYlnnealed! Copper Beariql


M..s. Walter dllms, of Latonia, The It ball te~lm lit Lytle de- Ky., spent tbe first of this we k feat€d til enter~'ille t am by a with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Campto 7 ,a i enterville, b II and family . RCOl'e f Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mr . A. Z. Hartsock Miss Miriam Wharton p tit the wt/ek-end with Mis lara B. and children vi i ed Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hartsock and family on Lewis at 'ocial Row. MI·s. Mal'gUl'et J ohns was a din- unday. ner gu e. t Tllut'sday of MI'. and Miss Mabel Ellis, of Route 3 Ml'~ . GI nn John and cllildl.'el) in and Mrs. Faye Via called on MI" . Dayton. Lena Hartsock a the Friends The Ladi es Aid will me t TIl'xt Home on a~urday. ·W ednesday aft ernoon, May 2, at the home of Mrs. Earl hinn at The Friendship Club of M. E. Route 73 and Dayte)n and Lebanon chul'ch will give a Bake Sale, May pike. 12. Watch fpl' further announceMiss Gt·acc 'a\' uge Of Dayton ments. wal< all overnight gucst ~ondl\y . Mr. J ohn Gaither, of Cincinnati, of Mis Ruth Early. Mr!', Han y Burtlt t and Mr. and Mis es Alice and Agnes Hall, of M\'s . Wolter Kenl'ick were Lebanon Dayton caJled On Miss Kate Hall at the Friends Home, Saturday. visitors Friday. ' Mr. and Mrs. William Long Jr. MI'. and Mrs. Roy Nogg1e and and son , of Xenia, wer Monday son, of Troy, were guests ,of Mr. visitor, of the fot'mer's parents, and Mrs. A. O. Griffy and son, MI'. and Mr!l. William Long. incent, on unday. Ml'. and Mrs. William Long Sr., nteltai n d a number of neighMI'. and Mrs. Orville Gray and bor and fl'lends ·(In the vening daught r, Barbara. Mr. and Mrs. of April l7 in honor of their 34th Harol~ Osborn and son, Donald wedding anniversal'Y. and Robert, attended commenceeveral members: fr m here at- ment cxet:ci. es at POI·t William tended Farmel's G range at Way- Tuesday evening. nesville, aturdllY vening. Miss Faye Kelley entertained at Tho thermo meters registered 24 degrees h I'e 'i .edn day morn- B dinner party on Saturday evening. The guc.qts present were, Mrs. ing. R v. and Mrs.. Jo eph nker Anna Gibbons, Misses KatheriM and Mr~. Alice Miller pent Tues- Gibbons, Clara Lile, . Laura McKinsey. Eva and Edith Reeder. day in Dayton. A large del gatjo'n or folk (1'001 Mr. and Mrs. Will Shatzman here e1)joyed the moving picture and children, of Madisonville and show, "State Fair," starr ing Will lisa Letitia chatzman, of Walnut Rog rs At the gym a Wayn esville Hills. Cincinnati, were guests at Tuesday evening. the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. WaiteI' Ken ric jc attended an all Raper on Sunday to celebrate the day District Illeetillg of the Farm birthday of Mr. Raper. Bureau Mutual Fir,e Insurance Co. at the hotel in Lebanon, Tuesday. Fl'ederick W. tarrton, on of {jss Bernice Graham sccom- Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Stanton, of panied her grandmother Mrs. C. olumbu~, now at Riverside MiliW. Albright of Wayn esville, to tlll'l' Acadamy, Gainesvil1e, Ga., Franklin o n · business Saturday. ha been placed on the honor roll Ml's. Mildred Surface and 10f that institution for his scholastic daughter, Wilma, npen! the week- jrecord. . e nd with !\fl'. and Ml'S, Warrie .. urfae and family I Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartsock and Everett Eurly a'nd daughters, family of Milford, and Mr. and Mis 'cs Helen and Ruth and Mrs. Mrs. Ronald Hawke and s~n, Kc ler Graham amI! daughter Miss Fran~, w~re guests ot Mr~. EdIth Bernice, spent Thursday hopping I Harns, ~rs. Laura Mosher a'!1d in Dayton. ~r. HarriS Mosher at a famIly Mrs. Margaret J'ohns spent Fri- dlllner, on Sunday. day and nturday at the home of Mrs. George J. Smitjl and Mrt!. her brother, Amos Cook and family Philip Zepf, of Cincinnati, have near Waynesville and accompan- I.'eturned home after a visit of two ied Ur. and Mrs. Cook to Leban- weeks with Mr. and Mrs. RaymoJld on F1'iday ufterno,on. to the com- Lang at Washington D. C. While munity sale. there they attended the Japane!!e Mes 1'8. Calvin Longacre and cherry blossom festival. Robert Burnet motored to De.arI , born, Mich., unday, where they Mr. O. J. Edwards, of Springwill have work for everal months, field, spent several day,a last week laying floor at the Ford Museum. with his sisters, Misses ·T rillena Mrs. Longacre and children wiII and Margaret Edwards who aCCom join them soo n for an extended panied him home on Thursday to tay. be pl'esent at the graduation of . Several relatives from Miamis- George Edwards from Lawrenceburg spent Saturday evening with ville High school. 1\[1'. and 1\11'3. William Long, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hartsock celebl'ating the bir~hd8y of the latter. The guests were: Mr. and and so n, Milo, of Middletown, Mrs. Harley Long, Mr. and Mrs. were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. OrviUe Reed and daughter, Betty George Hartsock. on Sunday. In and Ml'. Russell Reed and son, the afternoon they all visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kibler and .f amily Bobby. . and Mrs. Euphamia Hough at Dayton. .


inspl'etin~ offic~l'.



White Rose, the dependable Gasoline.


25. The di trirtVisitors deputy wei'''' [rum Leblln on, l\1~ ~on . South L ' llllnon , ~IH'ingbol"o and Bethany. After the end of th~ illRP 'lion a d Iici oOs IU11eh wa s ·rvtld.




CRITERIONJ, Suffolk Stallion

Mr. Robert Wilson and family Will make the season at my of Dayton, called on Mr. and "Mrs. Charles Shepherd Sunday Iore· place, 1 mile west of Waynesville, noon. Mr. and Mrs . . Delbert Con- on the Patterson farm, No.6. $l(i.oO to insllre a living colt. ger, of near Corwin, called in the Thl·s horse is 16'At hands high, ev~ning. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, ,Rob- Weighs 1900 lbs.; red chestnut: the ert Wilson and Gt'ace Bogan went right size: the right color and the right kind to which to breed your to Greenfield on Sunday. The Y. F. M. held their meeting mare and get good farm horael. Season due when colt il ' foaled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. or wh.en mare is Bold, trllnll:ferrl!lU Rhoades Bunnell, Sunday night. Mrs. Raleigtj B ogan spent part or bred to other stock without my of Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. consent. Care taken to prevent acnorace Compton, who has not cident, but not responsible ·Bhould any occur. Lien retained on colt been so well rece:ntly. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Haines until season money il paid. and family and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Haines and children called on Mr. and Mrs. Zimri Hain'l's, Sunday evening. M;iss Edna LeEtming returned home last week after a visit in White Rose, the dependable Gasoline•. Xenia. , Mr. and Mrs. Wldter Wilson and ~1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'111111!"'!!!!!!!1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'1IIIII!"'111111!"'!!!!1 Mr. and Mrs. Raynlond Wilson and daughter, J eanneHe, took SundllY dinner with Mr. · and Mrs. Paul Peterson and family, of the E leazer n~ighborhood. Mrs. Lawrence Mitchner ealled OF DAYTON on Mrs. Amos Cqmpton and 80 n • A well known faat colored team Tuesd,y afternooln. Mr. and Mrs. Jrohn Bunnell of AND Hagerstown, Ind. , ealled on the Bunnell family, Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. RUlsell WilBon entertained 811e1ts t 'om New Vienna Sunday. MI'1I, Marianna called on AT the John Wilson IIralfttl'" Tuesday nilrht. Mra. Ru. .U



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Eighty -Sixth Year



The program for aturday night May 5, will be as follows : Music in chnrge of , Mrs. Bu rk.le. Remurk s on Comme rcial Dep·t.Mr. Brown. Home·E conomi cs on R mal k D p·t.- Mi ss Henkle . Grade buildin g Two Day. Spen' In Dayton And Few nUl1)bersoffrom Miss Lile. in charge Two In Cincinn ati Tbi. R marks on athletic s of W, H. - .Mr. Young. Week . W. Lotz. Talk This promise s to be a very in · r T h second biennia l Lou l's for tel'eatin g p]'ogram and all membll ac· get and come, to membe rs I)f the junior anti senior are urged wit.h the. teac~ers. eln s al'c being held this week. (IU uinted Elich family WIll bring a pound . in eharge T he~e 6IYull'l\ at' urrange d to ~c- of eats. Commi ttee Brown and ce Lawren Mrs. and . MI' quaInt metnb rs of the classes wllh er. Whitak Harold Mrs. nd a Mr. lhis of ries st indu l tht! principo d a receive Grange local ~ Th sec tion of the state, c pecially ro, pring-bo ~t e welco~ hearty lion 'connec the to wilh r ferenc May 2, at whlch tIme about 68 . . . r to visit that th ~e ,"dus~Fles. have wlt~ sub loc al m mbers wenl ov on the put later and , meeting eir th !!lueh achc:ol, In U C stU~I jocls . Ilrogrnm I ture, agrICul , bIology liS eh 1)~18try, at conoUllclI: elc. The schedul e for I A deliciou s lunch wa served hack. invited all and hQur IlJt~ a s:. fo!low us. IS the week - -_ _ __ __ InClOnaL I UnIOn T erMonday




THUR SDAY , MAY 3, 1!l34


Hi gh wa y 'P atr ol Active

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Tht W. r I" . ;\1.



nwt at lh CI'alloe with ~1r"

Kennet h W. Lotz and J. 1I,~u ~ h, U'NiRlllnt hosh·s: es. 'rhe ",l lIg, II op ' ned llY III 'ctlng was "Th Mornin g LiJrh t i< Dr~kin~, " Mrs. lIuWIII'r! rrhdeac ll n I ~ d thl' dl'votiolllll s, 11 ' I' ~ubjl'ct hl!ing, "Th Pcn~il'llUng L i;::ht in ~ci c nce and R (' fig-ion ," J\l 1~. L . \' . l3 t'c k, in charge of the flr0l{I'um , present ed th fu\1owinl! number>,. Vocal solo, '''I'he Lord i'l My 'hop. anL," Mt:<. F. . LeMa}". incin l\1i ~s Elizabeth 1I01!:<'. oC nali \las tben' inll'odu ced II i'! ~uesl ·peakel·. Mi> H.oge, IL returne d mi. siomll'Y f r(,m India , gave IlIJ in · t l' ting talk On th nt cou ntry ani tbe wll"k which she :ql<'l'i"nced il the .. the 42 y('al'~ ;;he 8P nt Followi ng lhis lalk by lIliss Hoge Mr. F. . LeMay conclud ed lh{ Pl'ogl'am by the \,cj('al 'oln, "Th, 11 Iy ity."


-- --



I A RETUR NED MI SS IONAR Y WORK Er ADDRE SSES W.F. M. ' M 1'". .J. R. hlll11 ~ n W ' dn~~ tl:JY aft"1'1I0011


Numb er 6116


Two Local Youl'Ig People Named A, Officera Of The OrgAni zation

e lec'ted by the W('I ounly Young Republ i::ans' lub lind other details of tbe J r~ani~aLi n comple ted at a meet III", hol d lu"l F"iday 4!vening at :-.[ morial nail in Lebano n. Nearly ! 10 young volers were in, attenLn nc ' lit the me ting with deL~· galio ns pl'cscnt fr om each of the I \ '(' 1) bill n .. hipi> in the county. A fealul'~ of lhe meeting was Ihe ~t irl i n~ 'ldLll'ess by Harty P. J fl'l'ey , Dayton attorne y and 11I'l'side nt of the Young Republ ican .. ' lub ot Montgomery county. In trac ing th history of the reo n party and the part 'it has IlUblicn I incin , Pottery od ,m inai, Rookwo in thc develop ment of the ',Iluycd y tla, nati ZoologiclII Garden!!. Tue Mr. J effl'ey stressed the nation, om· u. h R gister .-Nati onal of retainjn g the twonce imllol'ta pan y, Dayton D ' i1y News, Wilbul' syslem of govcl'nm ent. He ty lUI Com· IIU Br Wright Field, Dlly t(m ab led th " ell' DeaL" a s danpany. W edn sday- prodllc ers' 0attacke d t.he admini stragcrous ommiss ion Asso! Pbaaea of &etivities car· Operati ve Liv policy of governm,ental contion's High. and State Procter the b7 ati, oa ciation of Cincinn a Xenia ( 1' 01 of bu ine~s. Mrs. J. W. WhiLe Patrol iD improv ing Gamble , and the n ew WLW tranI'isito ,' toda . Mr. J effl'ey il:! 'u fOl'ceful speaker ~fety and establis h· rnitting station at Maso n. ThurB· und held the attentio n of his s busines a was spent Ian law can Hawk C. vehicle Will J. Mr. motor lIf)'s. and W&er Cornl'. f day- 1,'he pay~ n Rubber of interes t d listener s <lay. .wenal lCe are illustra ted Sunday with I'elat ! es in Plea nnt large group an hour. PllllY, lind the F rigidair e plante, visitOl' in Dayton on Wednes half r tlV fot' .. the accomp anying pic· Plain. one in downto wn Dayton , the oth I' Hobel' Hizur, ~ho had served as A m eting of the board was tIIHa. al MorAine ity. WIlS brough t tempor ary chair,ma n of the club Lynch hades MI'" follow· is an held lit the Friends Home on Tue Patrolm 1. home from lhc hospita l, W dnes. whcm a group met to discuss plans day. ... a JDOtorilt about to pass Track Men Named at nre t motoris for the nrga ni zation 8 veral weeks the and truck the day v,en ing. a Vack near the top of a hill. 8 0th ago, WILS named pel'l1lanent chftir· Coach Young, afler a week of Cleaner s Naptha Gas and water the truck should not be In the center lane EtXCept for passI ng. alDce tault, leaners aptha Gas and wat I' man o~ t he new club. Other officers esta!Jli~h the to ordel' in an tI' youl~, has 11amed the followi ng White r stoves. Ungles bl"s patrolm a by weighed beinlf la S. Truck White Ga ~ for stoves. UngleRby 's elected Frid~y evening were: Miss at this tl m~ --CoUrt" f Oal'ton, 0.11, N ... to represe nt Waynes ville In the Filling Station . '-do Tbla i. one of the Importa nt duties of the patro'hnen weaken 1ovel'loll( the nd withsta to te sta Filling Station. ' eu on n a Lebano in at oads atricc Dragoo , of Kings Mills, r meet the hack ldt county .. the 7.-r, when the Spring thalVs have , pre sident; Mi s Jane Thirki· Mr. and Mrs. Otto Seibold , of vi.!e Friday: weI' Smith trac:PR. of D. '. ... ' Mr. and M r recei ving instruc>after patrol l' n, secreta ry; and Boyd highw:l Frankli on eM, out start to about High jump, Wallac e Bernard , Cincinn ati, were guest. of Mr. and are ycles Wed· .motorc on a, L Two patrolm en in' incinna ii on busine offert'd service us Courteo patrol. own Wa ynesville, treasur er his son, on out t ~, Hender st rd afterwa will Frank Hawke i Discu s throw, Mar· Mrs. W. O. Raper on Sunday . .... from their lieutena nt, who n,-suny aftel·noon. SM" con "safety as acting to ye .,n d· high represe ntative s on a the ip HUlldre on Townsh Bogeri stalled vin Fox David IIr the patrolm en ranges from assi ·ting moto ri st! Miss Clara Lile was the week. again't drunken driven under I . were named by the dl'ive council Toletlo, ment of county enrol'e :mith, trict s a n Mal'k yard da h, Elden 'Ellis, Leonar d end gue t of her siBte\" Mrs. C. L, Ml'. carryo also en patrolm The ~.. o form a re,p resen· t roups Mrs. g and various Mr. ith w ' nday 'u Fran er ; Br ad jump, Wallac e spent . 'lIRueti olli from Governor White at Washin gton C. 1;i. Clliburn t. motoris 8 put commit tee and to to ve Shot ; plate per executi LeMay b:lm family. g tative Chade and , Bernard E. Andel' on :' .. Patrolm an is shown ind icating, an offendin various townsh ips the provide David Bop:er, Robert Gons; Two==~ Mr. and Mrs. Carl McClur e and ====~ ==================== Mr. and Mrs. R. E. White, of with local leaders. The followi ng -=================================: hundre d twenty yard dash, Elden family, of D~ylon, spent the week COUPL E ATTEN D LOCAL , visited l'l'll'. and Mrs. Wal - were named Friday ev-ening with Dayton Albert I"un, ~t:ile ; Fax Marvin e. Ellis, DEATH CALLS TWO end with Mrs. Mary .McClur y unday evening . Elz wr PARTY hunING Four WEDD i th ose from Wa hington , Hamilto n, GOLDE N Hawk~, Robert Smith FORME R RESID ENTS Wayne, Union anti Clearcr eek dred forty yard dash, Marvin Fox. _ Mrs. Rosalie Adams, of Topeka , ants Merch Wayn esvill The ary apLeonar d Franer ; Eight hundre d Kansas , called on Mrs. Mary unday afle,· townsh ips listed as tempor Mr. and Mrs .•J. ,Hawk e at· wi ll go to Lynchbu]'g mlth. Aclan) s at the Friends Home on pointm ents to the council : Williom L. Hartsoc k, 88, died at eighty yard run, Robert . her t team ball th play Weddin g noon to Golden John tlie tended Wa hingtQn townsh ip his home in Springf ield last SatUl;" Ilarvey Peter s; Eight hundre d Sunday . the ate]' party sponsor ed by The 'e, Oregon ia. and He was a Civil War g. ttlemY) Jamel> mornin hade day Mrs. eighty YUl'd relay Albert Hawke, and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hurley veteran and an ardent membe r of William Dayton H era ld, at Dayton , Tu!;- family wer guest!'! of MI'. and lIamilt on townshi p Mllrvin Fox, Leonar d FraneI' , n, were Kingma of , children and was day altel·noon. He outb Lebano n. Charles Jr., Lodge. on F. burg Shurts O. . . 0 Miamis I. at the James Elden Ellisi Mile relay, Ray T :Mrs. CHRIS ()F H CHURC on Sunday of Mr. and born in Wayne Town hip and his FERRY Morris Frankli n townsh ip At two O'clock 112 couples were Sunday . Davis, David Boger, Harvey Peters guests ' ( Undeno minatio Dal) Josiah Davis. was Christ He of n. here. Frankli rectpry spent the in Swain, was led life assemb early mlth. l't Roll Cheste r A. William son MrS. Emma Dakin, Mr. and Mr, ' sister of Massie townshi p - Wilbur McEpiscop al church and each lady Mi ell Mary and Louise Crane, wedded to G orgie Snlall, to this with was given a fresh r ose to weal'. A Guy Dakin, uf Xeniu, sp nt Sun· Carren, Harv e~ burg. ng and beginni Small service Charles late Unified the d week·en the spent ati, of Cincinn Senior Prom Mrs. Salem fowns lP - Curtis C1inle and Miss union eight childre n were born . Church Sehol at 9 :30 a. m. "Every group picture was taken of the day afterno on with Mr. and Th senior prom was held in the with Mrs. Maude Crane family. and al· of White n, are High W. J. You cele Shipma t Day! s of Neva nt ro f Canvas ton, Morrow . Mrs. r in Membe Harry, guests Lee. Anna gym The gym la t Friday night. Paul Turtlet reek townsh ip Springf ield, Jessie, of Cincinn ati ways welcom e at thil~ church. ~ chool and from thel'e, the party MI'. and Mrs. O. L Ridge and had b en d corated to repre ent a n. Byman , E. L. and Lee B., of New Jer ey"surv ive totel where Lebano 'c Myer n, oh J BlItmol Sl. Messrs. the to went Mr. a nd Mr!l. W. O. Ral1er called jl'"rand ball r oom. Appr ximetel y Thomas , Harry Cornell and George During the W. H. Whitele y boom Thelma ST. AUGU STINE CHURC H Wayne townshi p the entir~ cofl'ee shop was turned a th e home of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. fifty wfre in attenda nce at the af· Wate~house attende d lhe con;yoca,- on the 70's Mr. Hartsoc k l'emoved served hwai te, Waynes ville. were they !;uttel't and tHem to over IPastor \\'ton, .. es N edn W , Father William Port Howell at ents . werf served, tion of the MYBtic Shrine at IDay_ to Springf ield and lived there until fair. , I r Harlan townshi p - John Veidt,1 I Mass at St. Augustine's Church refr shment s of cake, ice cream day evening . with two m mtiers of the Juni(Jr ton, Friday night. group the , thi ng . Followi Monow tea. and his death. Sunday every econd and f 'Durth Mary class a sieling. D erfl eld town ship theater wheFil the service was held in the of the month. ankel', of 1 short /11' Loew' A to Mrs. went and , Mr MI'S. of Mr. Raymon Eyre, son cemete ry Monday comedy and car· Masvn and fr. and Mrs. N. p , Hudson , Maso n. , Miami of picture , chapel featUre -Laura Sides, is in Good Samari tan afterno on and the body was in· Debatea in Enali.}t II. Union townsh ip - William Ros. toon were held up by the manage r Bla tt uml children 0:( Manchestel·. FRIEN DS ME.ETlNG · l at Dayton , l'eeover ing terred there. hospita Golden the Lebano n. and of . outh Mr cla8ses of arrival English the guests d for ore were week·en o The sophom First-da y School lilt 9 :30 a. m. Weddin g party. from an operati on which he under· Paul ek townsh ip C108\'cr e. nglesbe R. 0.. Irs. conduc ted two interest ing debates went there last week. Meetin g for Worshi p at 10:30 ul'face, Lebano n. couples pres· many were Thursd ay mornin g. The questio ns There Mrs. Maude Crane a nd daugh. Mrs. Rebecca R . Wolcot t, age a. m. Before Ildjourn ment, Preside nt Word receive d from Mrs. J. E. were: Resolve d, That the rule that ent who had bee n marri d ju t a .1, May y, hud' as ditlDer guests on Su n· Rizar appoint ed, on enterta inment rs te Tuesda died years, 93 the that had says who g others mornin and this century Witham half H 4) (Contin ued on page social M,'. Homel' Hart bome In WAY NESVI LLE M,: E. CHURC doctor i8 now at the home - of I at 11: lOp. m. at her passed the "golden " murk by 12 day, MI'. und MI'. and Mrs. Jack co mmitte e to arranste for to pro· t P as t or R e vG. .C. D'b April born hter. and was daug club She' and the Ohio. of r, e Conove activiti is e:r, He I Wert. Van in Stoops th years. t James 7 1841' W Chul'ch chool at 9 :30 a. m. Brown and Mr~. Belle Hart, of vide enterta inment at future meete arren , coun y, .In -gainin g strengt h daily and ill get·, Chrission. conclu at nd, Inll., and Mr. Lore n ing!;. Thi s commit tee is compos ed Supper Richmo Lord's RogAnna daught er of Jacob and ting along fine. BOSS FISHER MAN of Lebano n. ers Haines. Her husban d, John an, f and Miss Mary i am J of Karl M Ernest m. p. 6:415 at avor ago. tian End ut' and' Those in attenda nce from here Wolcot t, died several years evan· g A. Wolcol t, Woolar d, Leader . lE:venin M l' . S. S. tahl, of FrAnklin, has at the Harvey sburg Masoni c in. She leaves oneAson,. W. Ser· m. p. :45 of 7 tor 'at propn'e service Smith, gelistic chair· H. d local Ralph iJ H' IIppoint been M just . h eId S a t ur d ay n Ig ht were, a niece, · rs. nnle ames an a is plannin g to attend MI'. the the SI' nelal'r Servl'ce Statl' n I'S, a~ spec t IOn M ra. L aura C'onner, mon subject , "The H eart ofBible t iece, '" man of the Ohio l\fusic Teache rs' a meeting of county preside nts to U ngIes bee, F . B . grea·n R 0 s Vass and meeting . Prayer . boss ." r. the Master D~ out, Witt et· at the H nd I rar a~ we can find ' C T U .... both ' 0 f thOIS pace. Associlltion. The Ohio Mu sic d k W .C The W• R H H t 'M1's. . 0 co ., • • • IU p. . held at th~ Qeschle r Botel in at 7 :30 at ~ s ayyou el1,ch Wedne :hul'sda y . ~ erson, · . . ar soc tb . t·IC a d m Irer 0f th e Study fisherm an of the spring. Since the Teache rs' As ociati on will b in Leolumbu of Mrs. Will Whlte1 feel home where church The m. s on Sunday , May 6. • of tbe St ...T 0 h n an d L . C. St. J 0 h n. uSlas en an was 4 the 3, of May , close u the Columb until Ilt conven tion first of April April 26, and . in spite -t home. this taken has and Gazette Miami rd, Woolla at Geo. held Smith be Mrs. Mr. and and 5, The meeting will basil ' season, April 30, Mr. chilling dismal day, a good meet· The fun· Mary Jane, Bernice and, Pauline paper for over '75 years. caught 63 bass and one channe l the D eshl er· Wallick F1 ulel. OF H ing was held. CHURC LE ESVIL WAYN on afterno this held Wool. eral will be cat. The lar,g est bass h caught Mrs. White lead in devotio nals Woolla rd, Mr. and MI'S. Ed CHRlSiT Membe rs of th Friendshi p club Bndley , (Thul'S day) at 2 p. m. at t. Pa~ weighed 3 3-4 Ibs., the channel ional) by reading the 145th Psalm, fol- lard, Mr. and Mre. Wm. ominlat (Unden l Funera Bal'ger & Vrank are goin~ to attend the meetfrom who Mrs. and cat weighed 7* Lbs. The last day lowed by repeati ng the Lord'e Miss Luey Emle,. Mr. Burial at Fletche r, Miami Home. lhe home . of l\1J'. W . E . I at ing Church the d attende caught he , Elzey ,Monday Walter and season, call the of Roll r Prayer in unison. Cheste t A. William son, Minll!te county. W dnesday aftel'nOO'll, at Stroud, .ervic~ istie evaneel weight Chrl.t total of prereadlnlr of the minute s of the : Sunday school at 9 :30 the limit 8 bass Sunday meet .fil·sb, at 1 :3Q will 9, May on. were afterno fish Word bas come fl'om Port Wil10:30. ' about, 1() Ibs. All 'these vious meeting were read and .p. Sprlne Valley, Sunday , Word haa been receive d of the 8.. m. Mornin g wOIrship at" minut s, at thl' liam, Ohio, to the effect that Wilor f o'clock Can rod. fly bamboo a on taken : be, . wil} ,,1;.Oved The. sermon Bu~, ject hom e of Mrs. A. H. Stu bbs. Thos( liam Dean Howell, about 42, had M1'II. Rosalie Adama, of Topeka , recent death of Mra. Ola Rogers. 'The Mother 's Day was oblerve d , at Takmg Our Rehl!:lo n Serlous )y. anybod y beat this ):'ecord? Bentley .Russell . 'Mr of sister Sprln,who have c.-u·~ arc urged to p:o t( died in a Chicago hospita l -Tuesda y of , doy Talbott first Dan the Mr. Mr .. Smith started ''\lith the followi ng program : "Who Kan., h League ~t '7 p. m. WIth Epwort Cal., co, Francis San in home her of the hom e of M I'S, Stubbs befol't mornin g at eight o'oLock, after an Cronin, hn rail, of April and fished every day, . will win," by Mrs. White; "A talk field, Mr. and Mrs.40 Rogers , who moved to Calif- Dean Hawke as lea,d~r. Mrs. D. La the meeting fiO t hat Hne s extendi ng over ten or twelve ati, going Clnelnn be t to gton, UI). Washin snow, or Mt. cold Mrs. shine, Patri, or I Anglo spEcIal to Girls,'" by A~ 8 p. m.. th.ere will be a 30 years ago, ie Xenia from ornia tmnspo rtation may be years. Mr. Howell was born In n of Frankli means of Stahl, S. season S. the of MI'S. and closing tact the Menden hall, stressin g the b~other, servIce conSlst mg of 80ngs and time of other one by surviveQ those who do no t have Waynesville and spent his early Antifol' of , f!c(!'l.Irecl take~ Wallace were RObert bass s by various About 15 of these "that lips that touch liquor shall and Dr. d for them. at the Walter Bentley , of Xenia and a five minute speecbe on the sub- out of the reservo ir provide visltol'S ways were colIege och ce Intluen "The life here. He remove d with hi. mine;", touch never Mra. C. C. Andeno n, Fort membe n of the church 'it's relatisister, AUen H. W. Mn. . and Mr. of home Mrl. by to Port William lIeveral ," family and nit~r Christia of one good mother of ject . t. Ancien :-:::::::::::~: years ago and and soon alter, :~-:~~::~~::~ ::::: ~~~~~ Wade. Several other readin ,. fol- 011 Sunday . ~~~~~ Sunday the ~n, onship to Educati, took a position in Chicago . School, Busines s, P ;r ayer, the Home . lowed, one about the Cadel Talkl He enlisted in the Marille s a. a on WLW every day at 7 a. m. and the Child. ician and was station ed at 'mu Wedin regard to the free ule of the each on meeting Prayer Florida , 'until the close sacola, Pen m. p. '7~30 at nesday ./ radio station. f thc war. SOon afterwa rd he 'Mra. Shultz ~eported on tbe slek tl'a!!ted a disea e that deprive d ST. MARY 'S CHURC H list. ALso Mn. White reporte d on ~ate In . p~incipal him the use of his legs. over f ' xtcnd 'dl to march PI the Tempe rance literatu re being Redor r. )tf!v. J. J. Schule ans are rapl y gomg orward streets and ending a l ' MI'. Howell receive d 'his educaand that the schoolswould K 'placed in May for the formal dedicat ion and downto wn Flail was Easter, after ' be Sunday Fifth Day Fair a"d 40; Temper ance ,1,,054. Ht ttppl'OX imlltely 2 tion in the schools here and Mllb, lng'll th To,vn The annual Wanen county baa. at lIermon :30; 9 ,at school d popular Church 6, most · ville'll $1,022. ter, Waynes ,of Lancas one at will g county countyw ide . celebra tion markin o'clock when the Odd Fellows ketball tournam ent held at Klng'll field and 1I01y Commu nion at 10 :80. observe . a flne musicia n. He Mills in Februa ry, wsa one of MV- 16. the comple tion of the new Lebano n take churgc of the wOl'k in the au - young men and Adjour ned to meet on the _ _ 4 _ _ at held al their IO!ltl, hill Bection B mourn ClalB to Tbe leaves to :. Ohio buildinl! In' ,. ~\\" n e th tourne of count)' en ditorium Town llall On Su,ndftY, May 6. ular date. in May and obM"_ TO MEET CLUB ER'S MOTH mother, K~. and the in father bis fifth widow, ranked will gton lodge n Wilmin fIeLebano • Both afterno on .and evening pro· Membe rs of the ~lower Million day at tlle lame 1P'01lll over U,OOO accordi ng to The atate among the "B" Hctlon als and Mta. B. S. Howell and one the of work tic ritualis lhe present week. Lalt the d, ced announ arrange urea • _ • . , IfTama have lIeen o. tIme. ,874.86 . The lectlon al at order and the. grand ma tel' of the brother , Harold, of ·Chlcag the re, W a n e n county tournam ent did a pouiDCvtlle Wayne Townsh ip Mother II 'afterno on event featuri ng the lit . The held . waa receipt funeral total The with the led in part a have and wlll 40 lodge ,1,064. Ohio I~" buln... of building ANNU AL IN'PEC TION club will meet Friday afterno on, formal dedioat ion of the ion of aldence of Ilia parenti at two ranked liztb Amon. the 88 eollnty of '1,280. 86. n Odd Fellows ceremo ny. At the conclus Lebano the by , bulldln Gnde the at 11, May will o'clock today (TJlIlnda,~. Ja...... lib paid Pauly fanl Mr. all work, F. basketb O. e O. 1. Buckey the ltat.e the In ted The allllusl lnlpeeti oll of the touru.m ent. conduc haa been Ladlre and an address by Frank B. speak from the stage of the new ment at Port WUDaIll. prolP'am l~ fol1ow The teama rite fav theJr lee to Paul" Middle town pOlltmaster and Illlditorlum. CliDton CoaB17 apln l~ the llat, erall • '_ ••_ __ Hia.mi Chapte r No. 107, O. Ill. S. 0 iton t w o ' a former residen t of' Lebano n. : ..._ beld FrIda, evenlDC, April the enat at. Wllabl planned l this tlol1 informa an competl ent e\'ening ' the tournam In In l ID tIM evel1i~ it is planned to I~. About 80 JIl'IOIl i were pye..nt aoatha -.0 om. a poll bulblet Mn. Anna Cad. reveaL Cout, tour- Devotio nals led houaew armlng is planned with a tourna- ,ear, Opell houle In the new build· hold for tbe lupper and 120 for the 01 ,1,'.'. tl. OtIaer eouDQ . aUader .',~,89' polled program to be present ed probab ly Ohio In _uta dollar ld .,ade inr aDd a Ihort program 18 beln, comme ncing at 8 o'clock. lit the In Miami Q1Iert"~ i1_111111 - meetil1•. Both tile clliIia. and... ... 1ftau pualat the tho1llU b:v Protrram tolll'llAc111tr1ct and al MCtioD at •• ; wen: Darb d b, Mayor W. C. Gil. arrallge Rye Harve, . FrICcI rOOIDl "ere prettilJ deeorat ecl widl duet county Vocal Warren ~e all ad in . 1."; Citizen melltl ..,oeHcI ,.1,16 mour, of Lebano n, .. a teature of Lots. potted plaD. an' cnat Iowera. ... and Mn. to attelld ~ • invited reeetpta are ptle .. nities Ia aent commu toarna at praen tath. freNa 11 Balpb JIaatt..... thia part of the celebra tion. let b~ • tetaI of A the ell«freta,. and particip ate in tile It" - . .:- . . faa. at 1 :80 o'clock, ColllJMDCl HI 1te heW • ~UlG~ .a.~. 01 ~~ . . . . . . &0 1_ 11:


VHI'l'~ n







w. C. T. U. lET AT




'Local Tou rnam ent Was Sixth in · pts State · Gross '34 ('' ' R ecel


-- -

Plans Go For war d For Tow n Hall Dedication On May 6th











r-------l~-----------------~ Hern to Edmund A. Cre Iman. r at aid llr1t!fty: ellote in Det'rfteld tow nahl". Ih(l~' al ." William F. Flit''' a lld S UAlin E. Dun pi I \1 oul ell t il' h~ Flit'k to William H. Pa!fl' lind ; U~I 6 cd the,,, cat.11 - wilh ttl ~c Mable Pace, inlot No. Z:J in Pie po H'rful len, (' S. 1'IIT our}l. Il'n. ant Plain. p(' rlt ap. l hi: mill.!, , On th , im Isabella Frye t o Robert E. Gar· of til cl·t'ek he saw clark obh·('t rhon. inlot No . 103 0 In J<'ranklln . In Jitt l!' du!< u,,, In day' rid e Austin Huff t o All on C1 mm on g ro neglect o.f duty. Com m Oil Plea. l hlly hlld not cen Ii hoof n6rth of 0Mar ie Roll ver us Bird Roll. to.. and LIQyd Cl emmons, inlol No. 268 thl' . ~ il k Hiv('r bottom • divorce. Charge ia gross negleot. in. Franklin. . "Thll l'S ho und to. be lhe h nl ROO,. FOR AND CONSIGN Audrey P. Smales versus Charlea Elmer E . B nnett ~o Lu ella H aft'· thaI 1)/I..l!ed U R." he ob eTved. S. Smales, fo.r divo.rce. Charge II man Kehoe, rea l cstat e in T urtle· Jour Cattle, bor., .heep and ealv•• ,,] wom.ll'r if th e rider!! ar t ill to No.rrlt-Brock Co .• !lve wire and gro s negleot. creek t own ship. Ry \\ ith thern?" Ruby murmured. He len Gibso n Camllb 11 to prol'r...lve firm for the hlah . . Mar y Jane Hemmer versus Fred " The y'r • catte red nut £razing,' marleet price. and «ood • . Hemmer, for alimon y, attorne, Glen Willium a and Emma Will iums Union Sloe. Y..rd,' Cincl."atl. O. !lon n~Jl Ii d. "Th. y'r not on th real estate in Deerfield tow nsh ip. Tuna In on ~adlo Station WCKT fees. costa and other relief. • driv e." • ,John H . Be an to J ennio L. aoua 12 :26 t o 12 :80 p. m. fo.r lIur dally· ' M. Do.wlar versus J ohn I " Ride r or no riderlt, 1 wan t to 1 t h ca. e of T h l otlroe Na- 1t{. Louella Dowler. for divorce, Char,e it er, 60 ..cres in Clearoreek town- market · report.l. hav(> a IQok a t th n~e ca t tl e," Ruby t io nnl Bank versl1 Jos ph K,ing ship. :.; t " " r\ I'\\' flui L Sh, .Iirlll'! ,. n. tlolI't 1)1"'" II ni~h t." d c1 ~rl'd ... " ill Yllu gu back with let al. real tal e t j) be so ld fol' 1l0t groBS neglect o.f duty: J ohn Spaeth and Lulu Spneth to WilJia m C. Turton venus Solo\. l1w\t. d with Plll.ity nd prule " r .Ion·\ knlJ w," Do.n muttt'f d. ml''!'' . le!i th n . ,2 150 s uuject to the Louis Waellemeyer and Amelia he dl.! n'! CII II' . Sh\ \' uId I (,Jl. ·'K·\ J' .till. TJ(' r~ hey co me. I an' "J ain! to p e t he wh,,1 s h IV morlgage of , Th Unio n entral mon F'red, for money. In the matter of the application Kaesemeye r, 11 9 acr 8 in Deerfield 1>on cm,ld hl'ar II 'J' -10\\. 11·l."ula. hl'ar. !'ide~. The )" won't , I.'e u s tbro.ugh,' Don nnsw red. Lite In. u.ra nce Co. hllll lh,rlj.! . . 'hi' D. 1\ IlInrn I, h unl,· th y run I'igh l in Ii us. " • hI; Fave him a gr~t t ul mile, In the C1I ' e of L oltie , tok s ver- of t he council ot the Villa.e o.f township, R. Wilds Gilchrist. et a l to J obn th u!r ht, :-: 'I V~ tikI' n nwn. And , A ,·ogue,. for lOle:. blur came 1'~ey loped o.ulh. a mile. five .us Wal t er Mc all\dle .. . et al, 1'e- Waynesville, f or authority io t ranll Paul. inlot No. 69 in Lebanon. J r fun dll from the ga. oline tax ex I" f.inlUit,'I)' etlmlllc('d thllt .om'· abrt'a4, filll n/!' t hat . hall ow crcpk , m. lr:. te n. I n a.n hOUr and a half port of th commi-sion rs on -writ The Mason Lumber Co. to Th h t, v" ", ith hi. a ,~i~bll'~, h(' '" ~ tr,)ug), nnd r a"'ed, alll e. Here they we re drawmg close. The h e rd of partitio.n app ro val. No leetian else f und t o tbe gene ral f und, t o WAYNESVILLE. OHIO Mason Build ing. Lotln and Sav\ngll tra nsfer funca. Vl,in~ t(1 lInenv'r fllml' faTe .kul· and (her a cow bowled, II low CIJOI lay on t he bank. in the creek bed, Ito tnk . Ord er t o It 80 Bank Bldl. William C. Sexton versul palll. Co .• inlot Nos. 67 and 08 In Mason dudder. ' ntJ", th ll t 'hI' \'od(' obro.all Il laining ~ou nd .. A bllorm I. Rang on the ~ench. ome grazed. Most In t h ca!'e of M:llddic WiI1iamlio.n et al. t(l R. Wolds Gilch riat, in e G. Sexton for divorce. Chatgc: hI I cH t n 1(JI)k I'lIIt ur h'r own tn- ca ttlE', xc pt In ' rl y ummel', were Iymg down, and t hey wer vel' us a r ol Williamson a divorce is g ross ,neglect o.f duty and will· Harry C. Burnll in lot No. 4 t in l '('lIt . D'''l hCIJ1cd . h· WlJuld. ,,111'11 YCtlllHt cal s p rsi- t in g t- loa wa ry to rise wh n Don a nd t W 8.l! gr a nte d t h plaintiff. Lebanon. Oth(.!·\fo i,l' -Il.· W1I "h tc h in~ 11)~t fro m t h -ir moth I'll in the Rub y r ode among ,hem. No riders In the CD o.r Willia m P. tagge ful absence. R. Wilds Gilchrist, et ai, to ~h()ull l 11 " r lu"'(' I.eeu, merely Tl ~ 01 a h rd, 1i<1 no.t bawl on a lappeare d. N o caml> loom ed any- IVI! IlS am ClaYllnan it hI ordered Agnes B. Gilohrist il'llot Nos. 41 nt 1m a {II!)t' rrand (\nl~' no- eh·iv(·. Thc .. e di d .. The dYag of t he where along the age. t hat plaintiff deposit 8uffiei nt e. Probate Court b lJdy would I'yet bf'ti vc that. Rilby h n l went b y, They could h ~a r the Th ey were all RMs. Ev ery hoof. cu,-ity for co t withjn 30 days or The inventory of GaU Thomplo.n and 42 in Leba no n. J. C. and Edith J. Hill to T he c>uldll 'l carl' w ll"lher th y oid Ilr cr.;a.k ot ]Ilalher, the jingle 01 bit No.t a st er, not a year ling. n ot I co e wilI b dismi cd administratrix of t he elltate of nl l. Bu h '. D6n. would. a nc.l ur. a railing I'O Pt! end sn p- immat u re be t. rn tl:em. on In t h ca se of ha'rJ s ' Hud on St ella J. deceased, was ap- Cincinnati Gas '" Electric Co:. H. M. and Elizabeth Scott to. The Cin he ' v "su The Masolll Holding Co. the proved. . And he cou ldn 't go about Iik a II II at Lal('~'1I rci catlle. nee a man saw Ruby'. lips moving 0 1\ Adria n A. Yeats /lIed hia applica cinnati Ga$ &: Electric 0 . ; W. . knl ht·t.'l't' nt , cuttinj!' 0 11' \\' aggin~ \ Mt' erl ply. Th n the t r ample twistell in h I' sad (,I I . He mad a defendan t is givn 20 days t~ file t "tlI(O. man Ith lit I mor and jingl of J/:cllr. the plainti ff r ough count himself, more of an an we r or other 'Pleading. tion f or the appointment of a and Mable B. Me lampy to. Th Ci n th n his hand could hardly ch l)'l o, lowin g , df l'\\ awll.y. w I' swallow- estim ut.e. I\r i e ft~'. In Che, caSe of William .. e xton guardian of Robert H. Yeats. et al dona t i Gas &: Electric Co.. ; Anna Betainger, et al to The ,cInc innati pio.n a young woman 'h o own d cd up and il nc·d in th impene· " Thl'c humlred Ilr (I" I· ... Ruby vcrl!u Paulin e G. Sextc)fI , it is OT minors. gas. $3 .62 ; The Barrett Co .• tarvla th ,. t}lOusand c 1,tle and a ranch' l Lral)le night. aid as last. "All cows. All R h . de;rcd tha t aervh:e by publication Th .following accounts were ap· lind wa proudly con. cious of her , "To·morrow," Ruby said i n Three hundrl.'d co. w~ anu not a calf b mad e on def e:ndant. proved. all owed and confirmed by $228 ; Mrs. Ada Co.ur t ney. ga rage Gas &: Electric Co.; Wm . Ida F. po. . i on. he wouldn't h im. I ))un' r, u1H" U look into tbi, ." at foot. ThllVI\ a Iittl ton mu ch of _ __ _ the court. to. The Cinci nnati Gos Shumek r Don wi. hed now that he had Tn)' ~ l()od by th ir hOI'. 11 a good t hing." New Sui..B. B. Ball, luar dian of T. Floyd Electric CO.j Wm. and Ida F. huPhone 78J . taken h r by h r white n ck nd l('j ng tim. 'l'he still n that Ii Ii on Sh frow ned, pOlldering ov t l ·j .• d uK ' F k jBall, minor. Seeond. I "r~ !Uc e l~ zle ve r us ran C. R Beckett, guaJ'dian .j! maker to. The Cincinnati Ga8 & drll!(gt'd her back to t he RM t hat th plain . 0 pro(ound it ca n be tho.! c cows and their lack of CJ ff. " Electric Co., the use of real morning. Bu t it "'liS t oo law. H fe lt, l ike rO$t a t . e3. rem in d un:- ~ priJ1l(. McKeilia e. fot' divorce. Charge H~ Geo. rge Beckett. minor, lIeo01ld. turned over and tril:d to leep. I n· broken. Th ey put tl, ir horse! on "No," ~h e w nt on, " It's not J . T. Riley, administrator of tblJ estate for lin e . William B. H~ner to J ohn Ha rd· , - - - - - - - - - - - - - , lead hi !'"y . rov d t h dark ky , pick t II ain. IInel crept Into their l'eBllonllble. You don't find thr e esta te of Emma Gilpin. deceased. 43 YEARS OF SERVICE Ing. US.67 acYes In Un io.n to.wn· mnkin a cloud bank that d ilted blankets. hundred dry cows all in one bunch " ThanJc ," Don said dryJy. "First Fir t and lInaJ. up from th east. H wonder d if But n l to I cp. Don lay Ii. ten· on any range 1 ever heard of. I wi h you ' d turn right around alld te lla Urschel. guardian of Rol. ship. it wo. uld rain . It wa cry dark. inll rol' th ound of Ruby' : ll1m· Wh re a~e t,h ir calves?" go. hom 'and lellve this stock.d e. a nd M, Gephart,' minor. Fourth. Very till. be r·br<' ul hing to lJ gin il !Oft o.n could no mOl'e answer than tective bu ine~ t~? me. It might George P ; Gates,;: Bill. AII_" LEBANON. OHIO I n th nt hU h his ear, clo to rh ythm. He heanl h r shift now she. eo me ~o sorn,e 109 !t" woman of the estate of Fanny M. RobilOn, · 'J . L. Dunn, mechanic. '83.86; F. We have a complete " I was right and t.hat f 01 uf 0. houldn t be ml~: ed up !D. deceased. Second and final. D. Hainea, painting and carp cnt r th ' ro.und , c u 'Ilt 9. re v rl:ie1'8tio'fl nno th en. fl~r an int rml nabl Watch Repal~ S.ryice to which ]I had li ten ed many t imp h \ h l;iPI'I'~d : Winuy MacDona ld was wrong- as '\ ~ ' 0 \" she flanbed. " It's m y af· Arabel Dinwiddie, executrix o! work, '24.15; D. W. Keller, servPrices Rea onable times. H e knew ~hat it was, Faint '·('Im·t you slee p'!" usual" ghe co.ntinu d angrily. "I fair, my cattl e. If my 6wn people t be estate of N. H . Dinwidc. la, de. ices. $5 ; Roy Burroughs, services. B ads Realrunl!' far. rumblinlCl making imp rcepti· 1 il t h.uh," she r plied. 'I 'm wait. to.ld him we ought (0 send tw o or I can't or v oo't do it, I'll ~e~ after ceased, Ninth . UO; Thomas Taylor . services, J trwelry R epaired bl trem ~rs in the rlh - hoo.fs inA' for daylight." t hree llllrp-eyed riders up aeTOS my own caltle lT~y~~ l f. Thl' IS up· 'Walter N. Allen, administrator ,8.25 ; Shartle 6 Bevis Machin t ramplinll'. hUI'\ur ds of th m ill 0 After that Don hims Ie found th e linc. 'V eil. 1 hUf\ to lind it out po ed to. be a Cll."lhzed country. I of the Eltate 01 William J . Allen. Co., ahaft, $2.45 ; L. P. Cavett Co. "THE HOME OF CIFTS" . leerl ilnpo. slbl .. He turned and for my. elf. Let's h ad north huve. a nght to l'lde where 1 pleu:; deoeased. Firat and Ana1. tar. ,121.94: Cineinnati Oil Works compact rna . He sat up. Nothing. When he t wlsL,.;. ne h had half a notio.n again." looki ng for my ,own stock. J will. Ab1'8ham Lillcoln KiDII', exeeu. gas, $19.07: Cincinnati Oil Works laitJ his h ead on t he folded coat to r i . and build a fir , but fo r· Oo.n rode fOl' a mile deep in H r tone pree.luded argument t or o.f the e8tat~ ot Izora Kille. de. rent, $12: Gilpin .... Son. gaa, , 34.· th at el'ved for a. pillow he could borE'. In the end be Jay pa ive, thou-ght alo ng t hat line. ceased. First, fi_1 and distributive 76: Kaufman's paint and 8UppJi s. hear it again . Stl> ck in motion. H I' waiti ng aillo f or dlt yli~ht to br ak. "LL t~n, lady" h e bl.'j!l1n then. "A ll ri~h t. I"I~ han d o~t Il? me Edna Hoff, guardian of Ansetta ,7.87; W; M. Lawl on, r epaint ,2.It ca rn e at 1 ~t, 11 pale glea m, a "Yo u know !lo.llHithing about this more adVice. I ,al,med III rld~ ~to Hoff, minor. FOllrtb and ftnal. ~O; The W. W. Williams Co., chain lay and Ii tened. It g rew. Wh n h e /lat up a IIE'co'HI timp ht' could henr mQ lI Hng f a n of pi nk and ro!\~ and Gil on and yo ur hunc h may be th~ ?Oub;CGG. 8,n &a~~l pohtt In Will Sheets. ruardian of Bertna hnband hooks. '2.66 : The DaytOn "IOTARY PUBLIC tho8e hoo! .. lie could h ar more 1)1'Il»!{(! , preadrng In the sky until right about him. The fact th a t lhi (]thu.lrlehS 0 b rlm::$. b 1. son aTo.h~ Kenric. b. feeble.minded, flIed hia Wood Products Co., shaft. $4 .78; ".ti•••l B . . . dilltinetly a dull uproor that was g l'ay light wi ped out the col r nnll Double G outfi t ha ~ its brand on IS Q~·se. ran (~ln uame s. 19 f ourth account. The Bevia Machine Co.:, making The inventory o.f GeOrge E. ateel abaft, ,17.10 : 1. K. Spencer, the bawling of ca tt! . The y were th e i Un cock 'd a seglYl ~ n of a two horses that do n'~ rightly be· mak s I t differE nt. We a re botb Dr... _ . E.tat •• Settled moving steadily a, dri ven lock ro und, yt:llow ye la zily 1\ ove the Ilon g to 'em, do sn't look. any too ~o.u"t~d o.n . JRM r hor es. That IYoung, admblistrator ot the ('stale sand and gravel, .79.40 ; D. W. WAV .. ESVILLE. OHIO movo. Don had no evidence but his hori zon. . "6od. Now the matler , of th a t DuVI /l uld Iden tify \I . )'ou call gamble of C F Cono d d Keller s~rvicea ,U;' Roy Bu r ... h ' tb C Hill . . vert eeease, was ' " • l'-eallOn, his experience. !o info rm By t h n breakfast waH ealen , ble Gon my sorrel don't amount t o vet·y ra nc er lin e .ypres! S appro.vea. roughs. service, ,7. 60 ; Tho.mas him t hat riders prel'sed that mil!!. lh ':( "ere pn ' ked and on the move mu ch, alth ough t hat lItarted me up knows that bran~ ~I'l d. Its r~n ge.. If Althe Watkins, executrix of Lh~ Tay!or, servicel, '8.26; The Ore. of ca ttl in the ni~ h t. B ut he 'os Th e fl oor of age' reek walt h reo That bunch of your cow. I were. a)one, I;1111s 1~ how I d .wor k, estate o! Clinton D. Watkin!!, de- gonia Bridge Co.• steel, 701.90; very ~·U I'C. cu\. with hoorll. They tared wilh bein' hazed so.uth in a · hurry a~d two of ,us don t make It !lny ceased, filed her inventory. F. M. Bowyer. pay roll, $14 3.78: DR. H. M. WILLIAMS /I f y, Ruby," he whispe red. incrl'lllln~ cUl'iollity. unspoken thl'o ugh the night. that'll different. d,1t ~nt: I d be an ~M . nd er In the matter of the eBt"t~ of Edward Simpson. pay roll, $175.6 lSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN .lId "Ye 1" he sat up in sto.ntly. qu '" tion.. Then they rod up on II that herd of cows with nary a scouttng arou nc~ to e~ Lf any or Charles M. HOUlh, deeease~, dlHri R. M. VanHorne, pay r oll, $276 .• SURGEON ' " 1h'3 r ' s D bunch of stock enm- t he b nehla nc] and gazed nway air among' m. That looks to m our t ult ? &d drifted thl.S fa r n orth Ibutlon o.f stocks and bonds order 48: W. A. Seiker. pay ro.l1. $1 68 .• Speci.1 AUeDlio. to !tect&! •• cI in' down t he ere k. • eems t o me south. Noth;n!!' moved within range 1i a n organized st al. Becau e a I wouldn t say o.nythmg . a botlt ed. 66; W. B. Schu.ter, pay roll , ' 205.: . 1ataati••1 Di •••••• they're b in' ha zed alonj:t. We b t- of the · c;te. h creek bed Lay lot, pro.bab ly most, of those COW!!, stolen h01'1l , when I rode mto t hl! I The estate of Buber J. Null, de- OS; Floyd Lemmon s. pay roll, LEBANON. OHIO Ler get ho.ld of o ur h Qr8e!i. 1U1' be t'mpty as fal' u t hey co.u !lee, as ad ca lves \\,ltl1 ' om quite reo Double G. I d ,! b~ cheerful stock ceased, is ex . ' Id Sweny. p a y foil. I t ~8 P h on ol'gani;p;ed," Save f o r tllOse ou nd in t he night cently. You co ul d tell t hat. J up- ha nd not worr,ym ovel' anyth ing, lt ax. Frances A N 'IJ d" tr '211.33 ; John MYers pay roll P hunlj J12 ~ ln. &. .l am . on I:Iltl14 t wa to b ' . u , a mm.1 ... -2'2 3 H L • , 11 s1ept a nd t he t rac k8. t h at paSlllng . her d pose." only ['d' th lIeet all it ha R u b y, as he d J'd b'.mse. ' I 'd Ii d tl.. tr ix filed her , first and /lnal ac- • • • ~: . . . Sclluyler. pay b 11 f ully dressed. Sbe C11st her bl ankets might have b en a dream. Rilby "Of course." seen WI ou. p'ry." . n . Jla oount. $199.90: Carl Dakin, pay ro.lI F"- -.~ aside. l t took no more tban a reach d lor tbe glasses in Don's "Every one knows that advice is Mount ed P obc.a post at Medicine EJ'z b th H d' d ' . tr $174.01' The' Gem City Blue Pri t _ _ _ __ an t alk it over with them. I . I a e ar lng, a mmlS a ' . n .. Lodge m Inute to lead up the picketed sad(Ue pocket a nd looked thrOllgh cheap," Don continued. "Have a If I Id ot b h f e trlx of the estatlt of Mary Goonan II: Supply . Co.., supphes. $5.12 ; hortes, to cinch sad dle on them. to them a Ion It time, wward Milk little pa.tience while J unloaded c~u I sp ~ a :n~ l' 0 bn : hearer, deceased, filed het' applie- Thoma Taylor. Bervices. '8.25; draW' all th ree up again ~t t he cut- River. When she lIanded them to Borne on yo.u, abo.ut thi!l~ wdeanI.e caVte.s , tranfie 0. tU~.. rta ation fo.r a certificate of tranlder. Ray Burro.ughs, services. $22.60; h d d bank. "Go ahead ." she repUe . "You're e. , con riVE) 0 n. Oll h • e7 The adjudicatio.n and dete:rmina. The Olllce Outfitters. repaire, Di ....l! lor </f FlIDerel Sen·lce "List en to ' m," Don said. a cow·puncher, and I ink you be!onged to thlat part1cul~r ranch · tion of the inheritance tax on the $1 .50; Waldron C. pilmour. In. "Funn y. Why I!hould anybod y White Rose-Power be- know your bu sin e s or 1 wouldn't er S COWl!, ?,r t o. those RM cows estate is to be given to all persons que.t, $12.70; 1'he Dayton Blank d rive cattl down this creek at be heT8 with you. I t old you be- back t h e r e . . interet!ted. Book" Printing Co., s upplies '43. Ollr convenient location. llUlla. night'" she whi peroel. "Ro.und·tlps hind the en,lna. 10re I'm not a fool." , (To Be ContInued) ___ Ma.·garet E. Folk, execlltrix 01 16; J. J . Vanderbrink. services ble 8urroundings and equipmen't enables us to Serve to the B ~· .t !'!~;::=====;:==::===:::;=========::=====::;;::===::;:=======:;::_:_!~~ iZi-:-~:-L2!liiiiii-~~Ei:i...!!'- filed the estate of Elias Folk, dec:eased. Hufford. stamps. $5 $S;; Advantace. , : WEm. ' her inventory. Transfers 01 !f0.16 .... 1'8•. I ra tzroth, services. stock ordered. The adjudication Ca.ndls Hymer, services. '5; Mrs. and determination of the inheri. Will Bryan, ' services, '10; Stella ~MBULANCE SERVICE tance tax on the estate ill to be giv Kelly. lIe.mees, '7 ; George Mil· Wa,De."m•• Olaio ler. sel'Vlces, $10; MI'8. Howard en to all persons interested. , In the matter of the estate of Sawyer, ,7; Helen Doughman. Catherine M. Hall, deceased sale of servieel, '7: Wade S. Brown, 8er· r eal estate ordered. vices, $112:60; C. d Dilatush J. T. Riley. ' was appointed ad. rent. of o.fftce. ,20: James Follen , FOR SALE DATES CALL ministrator of the estate of Dora &ervlC:el, ,16, Penn Morton, ser· Chilton. deceased, and filed bond vices. ,70. of $8000 with sureties. Harry Fry ..... ~ • Ed. F o,x and Charles Munger wer!! I ..... :ttill I. U•• appoint~ d apprais ers. Nnruelr lIven hy the 11I1IIAJlS tel In the matter of the e~ tate of .. rIous.1 v('rs. 100WIIIJ lind vllllll;ee ,M ary Go.onan Sbearer. deceased, are 'till In use, CIIlle<:lnU, In Ilhnd. $200 wall allowed to·J. T. Riley for 'hland. Otht'r, UlllY be fo.und Slicb JESSE STANLEY attorney fees. a. Monongahela lind \Vn PPol'Oma In the. matter o.f the estate of In WeRt VirginiA and Youghlogheny Florence A. Star'key. deceased. dis- aDd . Alle,rheriy In l'enll8),lvanln .. the ., DUNNO,.MARY_ ·THINK THAT EARL KOOGLER trib~tiQn of chatt4!1 pro.perty is or- I..t named stute being rlob Ln Oe .... dered. W. W. Wbitaker and Esther Nil namee. Eastern -New Vork i8 Da,to. Pho". 8UT WEkE CERTAINLY, W. Soutbgate, executors, filed their U~rally a"pplled with Dutcb CLIMATIC CONTROL KE.illore .ta. first account. . ·namee., Lou'sl!llla wltb Frtlnell. lint! Sales by James E. Burke, adruin . lI'I orl4a lind ClllIfornlli with thoH STEPP'~/I" REALLY WORKS ?" Istrator of the estate of CatherIne of Spanl •.h origin. M. Hall. deeeased. were approved. Lawrence A. Voorhis, ac:!mlni.tra tor of the estate of Welllncton S. T.rtl.. S.lIoc.te Bo.wyer deceued. flied bl. invenFOR SALE "ear tllat they may escape ta not tQry. Sale of bond ordered. cJae Oilly realOD that peea turtle" Violet B. Burnett 11''' appointed .... kept lymr OD tllelr back' In thl1 EOR SALE - Hi·qualit.y Chicks gllardlan of Itelt D. Burnett, Et aI, markell "b..e they are IOld alive, from flocks carefully culled and minors. 'and filed bolld of $1000 It · tanka of. water are aot pl'OYlded blood tested for B. W. D. under with .uretie.. Guardian authorized f6r the.m. The plaltron ot tbl, 'tur· perilonal 8uperVision by Antigen to settie claim. AfIlclaYtt on set- tle I. Dot firm JlIta those ot laad method; W. Rocks, Bal,' Rooks, Buff tlement filed. tOl'lU, alld "hea It ., lett, In all. up- RoeD, R. I. Reds, W. Wyan.--8c. A eertified copy or tbe entry de- rlaht poIItlOII on a !lrm Burta" W. Giant_l0e; Eng. WoLeg. termlninr ijae Inheritanoe tax on 7'" c. Let IlS have yo.ur order now. the eatate of Mary Goonon Shearer wbere part of Ita "ellM .. no.t IlIP' Wei8map'S Hatellery, MaBon, Ohio. ported b, lurrollndJIlI water, Ita deeeued, I, to be certifted without Internal mB 1 o.",ao. are Ilkel, to Phone 28R. delay. 80 eompreellCl .. to ea... enlroca· Jennie Allee Cumming! wu ap- tlOD of the anImal ,-,OR SALE - ! Boo.kcase, kitchen OME people don't realize that an autoor cold. Your engine wiD run at it., best.11 pointed adm inilltratrix of , the IIcabinet, coal oil stove. threemobile engine Is very sensitive to Spring's 01 the time instead of some 0/ the time. tate of Jacob Henry Cumminl'l deburneT; Ice box, table. c:bain, sudden changes of weather. tne Mobilgas regularly fOIi the next ft:'ll ceued, and fll.d bond of faoo Library tabl-e. standI!, miscellane· w..a Wu. W_t .. u.. with suretln. These chBIlges cannot affect your car if changeable weeks and notice the diffeJeoce. OUI articl., and a few antiques. .......... pua4ell: til .... 1Irup lin. Bertha, E. Hees. Minnie L. Kalford, eseeutrbl of you use Mobilgas. For this gasoline, as you More pep-more power-mOl e funl ...... of MtIoIIII to t.. pq&II the ettate ot Jehu C. Kalford, demay know, has Climatic Control. Drive in at lIle nearest MobUps dealer', 1Mtlt8UoD fA. war ... tile IItoIsJ ceaBed flIed ,h er ftnt aeeont. In simple words-Climatic Control means ,t he next time your paoline pup drOl» low. Lowell H, 8ehaeable, m......leaI . . . . . ,.. of d.tIa w....... tile enlf\neer and 11_ Rath &abelle ...... . ., aU ltamaa . .~ .. your gaspline has ..been specially prrad- and fiU up your tank with Mobilpa. Mobil- ' Bro.wn, IIChool teacher, of Le...OD .. wmte ..... justed at' the refinery to take care of any pa and MobUpa Ethyl are where JOQ lIarana 8. lAwfa" Iaepeator, of WOOl..-(l~""'" now to TIll. 01110 and all weather c:oMitiona, rain or Ihine, bot ICC the -len 0( the Red ~.-:>, Lebanon, and II_ ... Jnae Wool Cooperatmt .... Kart', teac:lller, of 1ANa0a. loeIaUOD aM bow 7011 wtlI aft luU ftla. for iitil' eltp. Low CALL'N. ALL CAl .. Time to dniD o.f your WiDler-wo.rn oil .... re6U 1.1 Ea.... T........ nockl of wool illdloate wilb ole.n . fre b Summer Moitiloll. pric.. late'. Liberal cull .~ Anna Lab to I'nII OiIIIr, t.Iot Stop at tIM .ita or abe Red Hone, .................. P........ II"n

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Crooked Trails










Centerville, Ohio







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alue or all 'I"'~'/l 'P .. lnllll' I~ liP(! WllICOnsln wnl! cnduat ed In the to tlwlII, IIIIlI at,· f"'llIlr",1 Il) 0" IprlDC ot 1861S. wblm sllr ,ounll connt tlfr 1111 rU1il1. rl'c'I'h"',1 In ('un women rompletet1 theIr work tor IIl'cthJO wHh OOllie tlll'rt·"r II, IIII' I'U" lie. At the ..... \' or I'lwh "lIl1rl!'r, their bll'helo r. degrf'f' . lhe 1/0 tmll,t"f n·Il<I .. r~ II n' llIItt, rp ~lw\\'llI!( tt,,· :lIIIIlIIIIl "r rllllll po. 111::1' ,,1' IIi!' lltl' (rilln 'elr!'!1 Appl.ja ck Pr.acri "." li,t' d ~I':II" 11·,1 I'l" Th" oh.lellt COVY :danl of a coun. tamps till ring \\ Itli Iho ,1I'1""llIu" r t('I'(Plile rlod. . 171 '( 0 book Ullt ace try doctor' ot th IlCCUU111111tl'll rC'\'f'ull~. 17:10 has olae eotry whl're I borrel at cider wa. pre crlbed for a );lit. Subscl'ibt' Cor The l\1iUnli ,Qzette t1eDt.

Mr. and Mn. Charle Kenned y of F1orlda, were R'ueeta ot Mr. and Mr8. A. 1. Kenned y, thla week. The Masllie Twp Alumni met. at You a S••• c..I,tloa Price, 11.10 P •• D. L CRANE gymnaa lum, Friday ev~nlng, the .... at W.y N., liZ Eiltered at POltofflol Oftie. Phoa. . .. lld CIa•• Man The preside nt, Mr8. Florenc K r· a:t:r ..... Ohl(), ville. 411,000 Eatima. ted far Old III 'No. ... , R••ldoaco ........... ...... eey invited the graduai .es, faculty Penaloo a .. ===:o school board membe rs and wives =====-<:=_=_==~"===-"-=' ====_=_~== Estima t l; have been, made t.o to the large table and ' alumni apMAY 3, 1934 membe rs and guests to the card GoverJ\or George Whit.e that will ons per 46,500 ately proxim .return.-~==~=--~ tables. Mr. Homer Caskey -===================~== ed thanks after which 8 deliciou ~ be rec lYing pension s by the time chicken dinner was ~erved. Mrs. the present approp riation for the into Kersey welcom ed th cIa t of old age pc!Osions ex- I 000,000 of idle the .orpni2 ation and Rh a McCar- paymen pit'es D cember 31. It lis expecte d I' . It is e.sUmated that there. ill in this country $1,000, fo)' recapltall which would normal ly be used in the mortg'a g' market ren respond ed lor the 1934. clas . that about 27,000 per ,ons will be iduntial building . R. A. on the pension payroll shortly and bring build Toasts were given by Supt. If, ~~ is hoped, present effort 1008 n these funds good . Dr. afler the distri~utio'n of fund be· , Tucker S. H. Mr. , Francis They jobs. find will mg bllck ncur ~()rmal, close to a million men hidl~ker gins iuly 1. Wilbor Mrs. Cook, have Mary lhem of most will have. regular in~ome ' . after year in whichwill have money to Mrs. Heston and Mr. Howard A Ul'vey of sta te reliee rolls lle n finding th gOing extrem Iy hard. They lid that money will go through a Collett. Men's Orchest ra furnish ed h ws appr ximatel y "1 1,000 persp ' nd lor neces itic/! and luxurie supplie s and servlees the mosic for dancing . sons 05 or older who ar'e receivin g th usond und one indu trie , buying materia ls andand up payg buildin jobs more 'Mary g tate relief. Many of the~e will be Mrs. creatin , Spray, interest John and Mr. taxes puying . . t o pension s. New workers of of entitled typeil McNeal ·all for Paul rol18 general ly Harlan and dinner That is WllUt con b'uction revival will tlo tor the country Sunday were ton, Burling r is concern Durin .. In it s individu ul applica tion, 110 far a the propert y-pwne have been ris- guests of Mr . Mary Tucker and New Car b.iatr. tioDa d, it will lik wl s do this: B om buildin g costs. They March tamily. summe r. They are ing slowly, but steadily , 'inc the low r.eached last of most materia ls . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Surtace Total of 10,95], ne\\/ passeng er />till far below n01'mal- as a mutter of fact, costscommo dity pl'ice ad- and son Edwin, were Sunday aCter cal'S were rCKiste nd in Ohio durgeneral th behind u ed in buildin g huve lagA' d money with noon callers of Mrs. Mary Surface . ance. That mean that the billions of citizens who bave ing March, an Increae.e 01 7,032 boom starts Mrs. C. E. Leviey, Mrs. Sadie over th4l correspondini~ month in which to build and repair now- before this belatedfor dellar every worth er dollar's Mrs. Laura Shidak cnn still g t a whole lot more than 11 1933. when only 3,919 new pasall Reason and IIpent. Anti that conditio n isn't going to last much longer, unless pent Saturda y afterno on and senger cars were register ed. Three . present signs point th wrong way. l priced small cars com· will aid you in evening in Dayton Build now, I' pair now. renovis e now. That mottoflgurati of Mr. A. popuhl friend of r 22 numbe A put vely about two-thi r'ds of last ed pri doing your bit towlll'd achievi ng recove ry-and will S. Collett pleasan tly surpri ed month' s sales in the state. S! SEAL ocket. p your in y 1110n Saturda y evening on his birth· =.::=,~='~=-======= day. '-"--'" -Sta te Libra.." Senic. Ito Ho.pita la Ute Cral; LI'M'L m AMICKJUA. AlIITAIHrl'l j aIOOIl Vl'r)' Cllftereo{ from brown The Magee house whic~ Runks 01 Extensi on of State l.ibrary book CA, April a4. (vIa MftckllY b:lll~r8 'I'hey are dark are now occupy ing caught on 1\re through out Radio). We are like In arm, . di g . bla c ~ wltb brlgbl gray apotl!l. bau ls hospita to senlce e defectiV a to due Sunday at noon inllo effect by linl ID and cett.lng everything l ,ullleau or rur. and malle tbe darn· flue. The fire wa extingu ished by Ohio has been put n. be· brig.ade before the 1ire Paul A. T. Noon, s tate libraria read, tor the bl, ballle to come desl oolije I ever belt rd-a crOSB bucket a and a li, 'c ontainThe Ohio tate. Univer.sity Radio Station - WOSU engine arrived . The damage was mailer branch libl'arle books, are The 10DI ...ntaretlc nlgbl hilS de- tweeo the I rill or a cnnary the seals dOWD . light. Mr. Bob Ward' collar bone ing from 100 to 600 rural hos- IMlended upon UI J.Qd all day aDd tal nl moo None 01 8:00 Mu ie norLbern 8 als. the many tbe in tpr e d lik ents k illstalle bUI Agreem bere being ing ,had Dlcbt WI are I» • deep gray broken when he felI off of the :06 Falin Adju tment N 'w : Market C. W. Hauek was .. ".. ale Clin opeo lhelr . pitals. R ading materia l str Bsing ow. 80meUm•. wben !be Iky 18 Tbe W"ddell .' . Vcg tnble Growet· house. Willard has been degreea. 8:16 Root Storage nd the Gro\\th ! Forage Crops . ". C. J. The Masoni e Inspect ion was held the happier side of life adult pa- ..ercu t or a Itorm I. raclog , we moulbs prodl glou8Iy-l&O dliY~ nofor fsw A la7.Y! selected y ly lb are careful And the 8 :26 Mu ic. or IDII, blaekDeaa. Moet "... , ... T. H. P8l'ks and Saturda y evenillg. in vivid .... I»howe.e 8 :40 Spray S rvice (01' th Fruit Grower ... r, It la a !blcll. beavy fore tbe aUD aod tbe sellill (and all School closed Tuesda y. After tients, while picture books A. L. Piersto rtr Ulne, . chilfor chOllen been have colors was program a UI lee a dozen or otber crelilur s Incl~dlog t b e Garvin dinner, leta Alma ... , basket whlch the pa, ... ... ... ..... 8:50 With 4-H Food Club Girls ared. I rllo at Iwo dren. Horst . ......... ... Hulda given .. 10 teet awa,. Bome da,l and nIghts whalea) dl sapp !) :00' The Farll1 Family Goes ti1 College .. belps lIeall .OO tbe bay Ice. to 8care them. en .and • tbal McCarr and bt P. . W mooollc .. Mrs. ba we 9:10 Music . Ea:rl Tuss!ng daught en left for Speci.1 Leri.l. ti.. Se D COD. a lot. Tbll ablence of dayllgb t Is You know tb anlma le dO\YD here Saturda y !1 :25 Handlin g Polato Se d for Late Plantin g ......... aidered Eswme E. H. humaDs. b cause ...... , .... ...... spend will Road they l where Nationa 0:35 The Id 10 Dew to me tbat It Cl~es me tbe bav.e no leal or E , Cray Walhon dingr months. wllllea but lbe (be, baveo 'l been hunted wltb gUD8 0 :45 1\1uking tb Mos~ fro m Broil e;rs ,. ... . . .......... ... R. the summe Special 'session of the Ohio olcHlm en tell me ~nl, clubB. W II . tbe Crab I::a ler Mi Opal Lapp, of Walhon ding I gislatul 'e is und r conside ration for Thunen White McCarr I'll let Uled to tt. enaked ov r tbe Ice and (lopped In· Rhea George or Miss visited by Go"ern tioJl We'll make up ror to tbe waler or an opeD lead The day and Friday. the enactm ent of new .legisla It Deat lumtne r Weddell op oed one eye, look (J at Rev. William s, of Spring Valley, govorn ing banks and buildin g & WheD we lave me scornfully. and closed It agaIn. preache d Sunday evening at the loan compan ies. The legislat ion, in be could . church. I'.e talked with lbe tractor crews Method ist 'u D I I I b t for the govern or's oplnicm ' - ~~- - ~dispate hed in a, w ek's . session. mooth" 14 hour. and tbe dog t am m n wbo Bet up a day . Tbe lun II our ,Bouthern bllRel for lh e ellillorn· Ohio hs more buildin g and Joan rt nellt the in state state ill any compan ies than dUB to pa, US Itl tloos we're going to I<la Friday historic al data found COLUM BUS. OHIO . [lotb groups . October s. -ln re,ealled liburie sprlDg White al Gov. AUl\lat munieip 'tilt union, and Delt cOllnty and aturtlay , June 1 and Z. have --Tne Annual inspecti on of the every commu nity bas IS aDd "III we did a marvelous job ana bad a bol' t for the annual judging Praetie allyof historic al materia l in Masonic ' Lodge was held on Tuesbeen Comma nd., gI . . It a cbNr! rlble lime doIng It. Cli litain looes· contest by vocatio pol agricul tural a wealth day evening of last week. There emr speake r anothe forma. , Qjert.." I don't IIl1e to Taylor. William I~alne. Floo RODne other HJalma !!!!!'!!!!!'!!!!!'!!!!!'!!!!!'!!!!!'!!!'!!!!!'.'. tudents of the high schools of the phasize d. Otlieers and moseum wae a l.rge attenda nce. A chicken lee Beal. killed aod Dick Black, .wlth their dog I !"'!!!'!!!!!'!!!~!!'!!!!!'!!!!!' ExpedItion erved. by the O. E . S. state and for the annual conven was aod supper rood bIg a ('d h estBblta in . leame. It elected tlere were dowu rs membe Commodore btll tion 01 Futur Farmer s of Americ a stafi' instanc mlle8 80uth B. H. Miller i confine d to his ell succeed ing themmost Ja .....,. ntlClllla..,., to preHn e lupply base ror U8 I 0 HUl1,fINC~ The e events will be held at O. S. home by illne s. thllt trlp mark mlgbt Vou bere. of bave We dOli, OUt and nSHIN G v Q8 tor la_til epartm ent of "elves. U. wilh the Stal . Chas. Menden hall underw ent an lOme III our on ,our club maplI. ustng tbe proper f!'OleD. all Hall, 100 of College his the of l and Agricu lture to LaU· Declare d to be the last resort to operati on for the remova ItorebaUIIII. !be rest out on Ute Ice legend tor the dog teamsAgricu lture, O. S. U., co-oper atin\r. enact a sehool relief program , the tonsils. Friday. South l..oll gltude 160.50 .lI n tude s Nature' o awa,-I mil.. Iral ... About 2,000 farm boys repl'esent.- n wly-nam ed Gunset t-Whltt emore The W. F. M. S. met at the hom e The expend iture for World War bl.l8lt leebol. You IInow, we bave Weet. in~ over 200 chool will attend gross receipt s tax bill was defeate d of Mrs. Raymo nd Carr on W dneB· V terans in the Indepe ndent OfWe've gal I\. big thlill comIng nro klDdl ot leal. dow~ bere. lbe the of thi most import ant event late Thursd ay 11 f()r day. riation Bill as amend- Orab-e at.n and th. WeddelJ .eaIB. later lbl. mODth - lf we're not b 8et senate Approp th by fices chool year among agricul tural anti 13 again It. Alter midnig ht Miss Beam and pupils enjoyed a ed and passed over the Preside nt's •• Ute lit· by too maD1 storms and blizzards. tud nts. The Ohio 'Future Farm('r that night the senate also defeat- picnic and weiner roast in th.e D. veto is the smalles t it~!m of all. The and tWj) kloda ot peDguln rl. Tbe Tbe Bclsnltsts bave told us tb ra Empero thl and "'d,lIe U. Friday day. COllvention will be held ed a one per cent ' general retail F. Beam woods, Tue bulk of the total felr War War lbout 200 wlU be 8 lot Dr vIvid meteor showMr. Harlan and pupils held a Veteran s goes to el'Vice disable d Crab-E ater leal. "elCb afterno on anI,! evening , when the sales tax proposa l 18 for to 16 .nd are erl aod they have built an obaervll.o HUN TIN newly eleoted tate Farmer s will ] 5 against , then returne d It to the weiner roa·t along the creek on veteran s from whom no Ameri- pouodl when tull, crown to..,.. So 00'1" we are 11.11 walttng to & FISH ING be aWaTded medals. Judging on taxatio n commit tee, later ad- the Taylor- Lundy farm on Wed- can citizen desired any money tIOUrarlOue Dghterl. wlUt Iharp lbls show to be put on by oble"e OPlln caD't Ute, b althoul teeth. Friday will inc.1ude dairy cattle. joutnin g to Monday night. A nesday evening . . time. Service disable d their moutbl YefJ wl4e wheD ,ob· tbe beaveuly bodlea_ l'Il ~Dl.l all any at taken ngine ring, wool, couple more cards are up the Mis es Myra Haydoc k and Ruth veteran s under tbis measur e will agricul tural Imall Dlb. about It. Curry attende d a pledge service receive thirty-o ne million dollars. 111111 orolwe anl aod poultry and ment. alurday gener· leg! lative sleeve, one being Have you and your friends Join. aod travel cra, neutral a an TIl., of ntilk of the Alpha Phi Kappa sorority allive stock, crops she p and in the house. War Veteran s, whose oYer lbl Ice like .erpeDt a. Tbey ed ol1r club yet ? Wby dDD't ~ ou get bill er World Of Bitting Wilmin gton c.ollege, on Sunday disabili ties were adjudic ated prewill be judged. There will be !levan arropn t, .eU ... Intere8t1ng and lOur Icbool teacber s 10 enroll tbelr rill hundr d single and team Attenti on of the nation is at- mornin g. Iy service connec ted back lellolO1ll t.o eat. allboug h tbelr neBb, entire ~laBl!es, 88 142 olb r teacber s sumptiv part B of spent t conai Mrs. Warne r Morris judges. The teams will tracted to Columb us by the !31in 1925 or before, twenty- nine or blubber, ban CSonef Tbe club Is open to el"Ihl e and tour membel'S. Entries .,ected address this Friday lIight of la"t week with relative& in Cin- thousan d will receive seventy -llve aDeler lbe coatlll, or fat :~~~~:":!' ~ like aU Ute blrdl ~nd el'JboCS, loteres ted In avlatlou , ex- {:U~~oB: iOI' ju!.lp:ing COI\ tests lllust be mail- b)' Gen. Hugh S. John,on . nationa l clnnati. "IU ••nd)'ou ... tbere compen sa· . ;. "...,. ,black, and lre former ir adventl th 01 and t n percen ploratlo g down bero, InclUdin Miss Maudie Peterso n, R. . N. tions. MOI'e than tWEmty-five thou s . animal ed to Ray Fife, State Superv isor l'ecover y admini strator. It is planare 00 exp Dses wball'ver to memo of Vocatio nal Agricu lture. Colum- ned that he speak in tlle state fall' was called to Dayton on a CIIse and of theae are tubercu lar or _hal.. , on aceount ot the arlchnes8 .malle runny, be .... Simply seud stAmped. clearly Tbe, .. bloo4 their or . bus, by May 20. Arrang ements will ground . Coliseu m, as he l'eque,t4ld Tuesda y. nervous shell·shock ed or insane res8ed envelope. or, 10 case ~~ '~~hr'~nll~~"n~D1~~7\~ be made for educati onal trips fol' a large hall. He wlll deliver .. mes- ' Word has been receive d by the eases. Betwee n ninel and ten mil- IDd8lllribable noll., baIt IruDt, half lelt.add teacb ers. tbe Dames a od 1>1, 1< ~llIu"" .1..,1 MOJ bl~ scbool or Paul and Cow. a thc bOYII to plae II of interes t in, lIIIge to the c:ountrf' over. nationa l pal'flnte of Wilfred class of moo like this t,o go will dollar lion 8 es or l!Iel r aDd pupils. r,.l?,;~~.:~~&feA\.\',:r ~h::;~. addr bome trans fte Wec1d,1I leatl are mucb bIg· and about Columb us. radio setup on tbe fature 01 the Wheele r tb,at they have been veteran s. F\>ur hundre d. thou and tor each, to A. C. Ab Ie, ~ .. ;\lg:'~~I~~I~:hg:tt: Itamp with in D WbS. camp pouodl CCC > 81' to t}1e Z6 , from W'lJblo ferred pro NRA in the United St..ltes if press, nocserv ice connec ted veteran Little Amenc a Avla· I ~;I~.'" ,1~!~5:~ t~ .ocl_1 tlt, y PreBtde Attorne Jr., [dabo. in the ror of camp week a a s Opinion Calitor pia to pension 1'0118 bona, po_1D1 10 Jauod. plana work out. the ent from taken cases, oD Club. Hotel Lex- I "llh $1.011 bill. Mil' , _. ExploraU I: lion now !beo .. weeki, Genera l of Ohio 101' 1933 are 01 1933 were tile am two or !br Ad y Econom the aod Lexlnglon orU.. l o-dat lO by Slreel 48th loglon. more 110wll unUI the, reach around availab le to attorne ys, judges, HUNT ING not restored . Thejr statue remain s 100 powacla. The, hue DO teetb but Avenue. New Yorls Cit, and our big other and ys aUorne prosccl lting · They are definite ly off F'lSHI NG c:.. ged. unchan Pole Soutb the of map worklDg tree and and crabe schpols bd no dUncul l, .tln, officials, librarie s, law 8ldg. roll. pensiDn , the will card rsblp membe aDd DtIIer orultac eaol and alh b, cru,b· rlrton all others d.esiring tbem. The I , Boat.on. M.... ately, Immedi IIDt volbe , three in wl&&lIo h, bound el .. ua are u TIle, opinior The British Ambas sador intro- laS them. umes, and are obtaina ble through duced a distingu ished' Briton at: a th e omee of the ecretar y of ..tate socLaJ gatheri ng in Washin gton the at the u8l1al, price of $6 per set. other night. The v~siting EnglishThe books have been prinled much. man said, "You know I intend to earlier this yl;lar tban usual. The tell my friend s in London all opinion s numbe r over 2,000, which about the lovely rec!eption accord · is double the number of the pre,:i. ed me; you know .we actually feel ous year. shy about coming over heret." ~'That is quite natur'al ." replied his Tqe prelimi nary rePort of tbe . "I, too, f,eel shy about hostess State Dlvisl~n of Insuran ce ' for a sto,r e when my chlrge into going 1933, which bu just been Issued, ~ B(:CO'Un't is long ove,rdu e." He and los· shows a large decreas e in Ib'e the Ambas sador figtlred it out next sea in this state durin, the year as day. comp8l 'ed 'With 1932. ' The falling cent. per oft' amount ed to about 84 Both Great .Britaln alld France At the same Lime, total premiu ml should ' make paymen t on their written in 1933 were about 8.6 per debts to the Amedc an people. In:" CLASS IfIED ADS COST ONLY cent lesl than in 1932. Total life stead they are preparl nc to build Insural1ce premiu m II in 1933 were more and biar~r wanhip t. .£onONE CENT PER WORD. WHY 1. 7 per cent lell8 than I n 1932. rresl should enact a pUJlitlve and .KEEP YOUR ATTIC FILLED Audito n are now checkin&, over retaliat ory tariff agalnBt ' both the annual reports of the insuran ce cpuutt:ies Ulltil . paymen tll are ARTIC LES USELE S WITH eompan iel. EUD}l nerl so far made forthco ming. This I!bould, in fact, a Wall there while tbat French indicat es be an embarg o . 'Lpinst THAT CAN BE 'TURN ED' INTO con~iderable decline Itl the bullnwlneB and champa ignes. Then MONEY FOR SO SMALL A ess of the lite insuran ce compan wouldn 't the French squea l_nd nation keteer ies the earlier part of 1933, repay! France II!! t.he·l-ac CO·ST. TRY THIS 'M EANS OF colpts I!Ihowed a marked increu e The only places ~"orth while in later in the year, doln, much to France Bl'fl the Americ an c:emeterSELLIN G AND SEE WHAT A . offset the prevJou s lauel. Reeapl- . le8. DIFFE REN E iT WILL MAKE tulation ot the reports IhoWI that Ohio ftH iruurall ce compu te. reSTATE .IENT YO R P CKETB OOK, AS T ceived premiu ml last year amoun t ing to ,8,599,584.152 and .uata!ft WELL AS TO . HAVE YOUR Statem ent of th$ owne~hlp and ad louea equal to ,1,1.7,9 54.14. manage ment of Tb,e Miami Gazette TUFFY OLD ATTI CLEAN ED The three groUP. rocel,, " ,211,869 pubUahed at Waylliellville, Ohio, u a"d Fear lut ma a premlu ID Conare 072.67 by the Act of OUT. IT PAYSI paid ,15,482,1151.98 In elalml. o• .\upat 24, 19b: Pablilh er, D. J:'. Crane, Way. Oblo .. a fertile fteIcI 'ot' .lIDphone linemea aDd ltate b.itb~ DeevUla, Ohio; lIa ~er aDd Editor e telephon to CE MENA EW ud ) aatlou torieal retIeanl b, both ..... eceue to clear D. L CraD., WaJII' ...w., Ohio. terVi~e In Ohio preaented it- workera .... Jt bllWrieal. w. . . . . . . . . . at tIM reston the crIpp.... &ad debrll awa,. Bondho lders. mortqe ee &lid huna "hea Nif art"aal naeet.tq 1ft eobatM1lII Jut rock lieel, of IlCllrit J boiliera , NODe. 1aDChe otb...... l dred.tOl ...... Are sea week of tile OhIo TIle precipice waa 4pamit e4 b,. . \IIItto and ."bJJC1'lbtd "'1~o~.1 Olltla-H Swon PClltUll the. IIIto eralbed odo&l u4 BJatorfcal . . . . . T .. hilllaWQ work. . to . . . . ...... Shell. . . . . Of 01...... . ........ iuJtOll loDe 4i1tutce Iiae aD State a ......... .... ", die ..... AbcMat 40 methll loth .., ...oi'l:HDiitiO]~~ L."~ 0. SI, ..... lrea... tur of two aatloDal ~ ... toIII of roclr ...... cat. ...." ....... tIicIe IWIIdt at a .. Tn





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M.... . lL Tu.... V.luaLI. TbirtY-ODe per cen t of the atudin agriculture and home e(onomie n"l·,lll t' or tholr fln.'r It, tur .. I\lId NO ACTION FRIDAY BANQU ET FOR MOTHE RS in the agricultural coUeaeH cof the dilltl111'1 h'l' " .. ItI 1\'"1')''' rmllor. the COnClrUCrea Mrs. Ed Lonpcre hu been ill l~ central stai Il are form r 4-11 welt lire en' Ii lu!<kH or th,· aurleDt 011 Apdl 17, Ih(' Wn 'n l'!wille At II mel'linK f the educational ub memetl!. There are more tha n hlllry 1I11I1\I1II1,lh UI' more YIlIUlltJ lp with t he grip the past week. JunioTA t imell a ' lJIony a8 t here were than -Il'lilillut huT)'. Gil'l R('nut hl'ld Ih~11' m etitlj!' nl cOnlmittl'l' of thl! Dayton Chamlwl' Mrs. Marltaret Johnll s pe nt moat tho cluh h"u e.. Thl')' deC ided til olf ommerCI! last Frida)· relative (If last week with Mrs. Martha years ago. h \v . II. Mnth('1' IIntl nuu~hter'j< tt' lh(' }lrlJPosed removal of AlHough near Waynesville. (Continued from Palre 1) R·... chibC the A PClL hJ,nqu<,~ to hI! !:Ii""n on . Ma.y 7, rrl'Ii Holbrook nllc)(e to that city Mr. and Mrs. Therle Jones a nd A new supply of the bulletin "The hll{hesl Ml'lil of .IUIIUIIOlty athl t~·~ mu. bclo",g t.o thl' Sport!! I\tu~h t o tht'ir ri i>l1ppoi ntm lit thl' l'nll!',idl'l·nhl .. int('rest wa manife t_, son, Milton, we re din ner guestlJ "Garden Roses" i availabl!! at the Gi'l :.: ut~ rl1l1l\l1t t'nrl-Y out the f'cl ill th~ plan bul no aclion w.a ' mnn ~ hifl Brolherhood ~hould be undal' of thll laUer's parents, Mr office of county agricu ltul'al ag nis clIullol h, · H\lIIIIII'I I ." sultl III Ll _ th~ 1 sng of ~htnntown, "llUtII til' wrllk· . k ]'h ' tt ' t · 1i i! Ethlll 1\1 IIdellhal1 vi8ited di sco ntinul'd. and R~ . olved. That and Ml·S. Edwin Nutt and family RO)Rer ~ lu ·en. (,' C mnll e IS t'rpor eu (l lan CuI' the hikl'. becllu. Cor free distribution. .. incinnati n unday . ne II of II fo b('(:om t h\' InNI. ur dancin ~ ~hou ld b e pumitted at I C:UllP will not bl! up.'n un til lat 1'. tIllDVC rl' f errl'tI Ii lIa I d I· POSitIon near Centerville. " or a trong OIl\n' I.: lI\'rl1 Ity." Miss Ruth Early s p nt the week On III il 24. Lli S O\lt~ debut d of thl' muttl'I' to the boar(l of direc . IIII'. . f. White . of Lou i vill • high sc hool parti~~s. Th affirm· 0 .., \~hnt to do at th fut ur lIIeetings. " . y. wa. a dinnt:'r gueRt of ~r. und tiv ~id of lhe fl rsl t debate was de· end at Wittenbe1'g coll ege, Spring- &OM I. 18TIt" T on 'i'I l\O'l'lm .eei l Hartman and field, the guest of her cousin, Miss .' n L I S .\I .I~ OF II IilA L E '1' \ '1'''1 It \I'll cle ided ttl dn IIW1'e eooking [II'. II . I'~ . unnmghum, preSident : Mrs. F . n. Henderson and family fended by Donald F O lllk ~, a ltd th~ negative Francis Thackera. hi~ing. and QuIllon I' :trtil'itie~ , of lhe L.(,banon co llege. atte nded on unda y r:..... 8 Ii . Ii Irts uck 118 ollml"lstro.l ol· 'Ladiea' Dr.... e •• 70" i<l by .1arjori,e Earnhart and I~v(' r~' one gre~HI thut Hfte r sl.'hool the ll1e&tillt:( but hilS no dt! finite Mr. and Mrs. Guy Roulzahn at- d bonl .. n ,m wllh Ih o will onnl'xe,1 Men'. S uih 6 5e .Illl\ , ' . !'llli ,d"C~lbC'1 i out t hey will hll\' lIlorc lime, plnn to move to Da yto n at this Rev. Rainsberg r, of ary, Ohio Edna Mae Sl,.Qup;; the affirmative tencled Ea.stern Star lodge at Way or til<' ,'/llule ofPlo.lrltlff, Quick- for qua lity d rycle anin 8 'wa the lun('h ()n guest 01 Mr. and sid e of the seco nd, waR defended by nesvill Friday even ing. alld take a jl'reul I ' intl're t in time. VS. Jane Cook and Ruth . lliis bury, carll'" I . Wn.t rllllllee. et tt l. . ~ outing. Holb rook this week is mailiRjl' Mrs. D , . Ridge today. Mr. and MI·s. Walter Kenrick DetenOan18 , li nd lhe negative by hnrl Jame and James Haines were , unday J1 ay 1 the meeting of th out bulletins for the 193 .. summer No. 1,,014 . ?tIl'. Lindl ey Hils, of Midland. and Robert Th o ma~. The affirma Girl Scout wa held al th club ~cho I ~e ~ion('l, ttle fir t term exnd Mrs. aft' I'noon guests of Mr. III thr "ur "un e ur h Ol't! rand jutlgm"nl vI till' ' (}Ul Uwn PIt"I.~ home a usual. Th(> tim Yo' 5 ' P nt t ndinlt frn m Jun e 1 to July 2 7 Mich., ~pent the week,end with tiyt:' WII , given the decision in each By,on Ferris in Lebanon. CLai~~J!~ ~·.:! ~ .•,. 'ourt r W arr 11 'ounty Ohio, duly case. Thp judg ~ were Mr. Lotz, in cuttinll: and e\\ inl!' on material Gnd Hie _ co nti term from July 30 Mr. and Mrs. Gt:'orge Mills. Mr. and .lr , H aro ld Whitaker lIla dl' 1,\ tht' tll,V\'\< nl lh"" Cll"e. I Mi s~ Robbins and Ml'. Br \ n. off"r (0 " ~n l al pnllllc ""etlon I Lr th ('Iub hous urlnin .. Plan, t o August 31. n tertained abQut sixty of their will evel'al local citizen nttended UII th . 7111 tI Y ot M AY . 19~~ . a1 . ~ we I'e mad ~oncerning the Mother - - ..- - old neighbors and friend s at o'CloCk \J. m .. o n Ihe nn·mlbe~ tl! the funeral of Dean Howell at roll wlnll' ,1'-IOCI'lb"d reul stal and , Daughter'l\ banquet. Th e KINGS HE RA t DS PLAN Crade M.... »c Fe.llyal cards ancl dancing, Saturday ven- I'ltu.nPd Port William, this aftel'noon. I II lh~ cutlnt v of Wa"re n, . me tin!!, ",as "ery informal and no Sto.le of 011.10. to- wit : . , The elemental'~' grades present. ing. TO ENTE RTAI N MOT HE RS .. 'ltunh lu the )Qu nty of \ '1Arr e n Court of Honor W 8 hel~. fro and Mrs. J ohn P.N!ston had cd theil' music festiya l in the gym Mias Oleo Hawke entertained to ana. Stull' o( hlo {Lnd b ei ng a. PIU't as gue~ts on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. W ed n e~d ay night of la t week. An six o'clock dinner Thursday, Mi ses of Militar y 'u r\'\l No. U0 4 bound ' el .. rOIlOW 8:-I'!lgln nlng at '" poi n t The' Kings Hera ld will hold a Chester Drury. 91 Cincinnati. . "COLONEL" SELLE RS appreciative audic!nce heard a pro- Helen Early and Mary Young, in as on the Ito r the c nt~r ot the old Ilwthel' and daughter banquet at gram of songs of a varied nature, honor of the birthday of the lat- lI11ddi lawn Itol\d '~lclld d IIcross l Mrs. Lena Hartsock c.alled at til Lilli e Ra il lload thlrt Y\ ter. ~ , • f . ell r " a COl'mer W aynes- lhl! M, E. ch urch thi e1i'ening at including two and thl- e part numl l\r~ ' (33) (,' I'l casl lrom th c nt r Messrs Wilbur Wharton and or sllld Ba ll HOIlII bed: t hence In I). ville hoy, now of Leban on, was 6 :30 o'dock. All moth ers who have the h me 01 her on, Mr. A. Z. ber., group, Ilnd 11 windNortherly dlr c llon Ilnd parall el Hartsock and family, unda y ehriF;tenen "Col nel" by cr tary daughtHs from . t~ 14 yeaTS, of instrument ensemble. Mrs. Bu erkle Frank Robinson went to work fol' with t h c nt<' ,· lin" of allid Roud • afternoon. the county Wednesday morning, b /I I\lld 33 t et thH fr om t\Venty H J H I f th N t' I F the chu rch, are Invited. directed and R btl Ed'w ard~ a ccernthrl'o nnel 96-100 chlline to Il p oint : e a lona e' l The Iollo\ving prog a has b e . . o( g , .0 on a bridge and road job near thenC ll N . • 2U' ] ~. 1 .87 c h aI n. to a ~ men d I'Blion of iml)lem nt deal I S in Mr. and Mrs. Erne st Rog r8, of panied. Phone No. 19 Morrow. s l ake.. 111 n p Norl~ 9 1Iltkll to a W shington D. C. a fter n l'hort talk planned for t he evenm~: . Dayton, spent the week-end with to.k . then 1:1. 77 16' East 4 ,'<6 Mr. and Mrs. Guy Routzahn and ~h8 11tB to .. ceIlOh.t on the eo Ie 't t' Tb t Ik ' TOll ' l to the mothers - ROXIe MI'1I. Netti R~g 1'. and Miss : til ft S. GS' 80' School Exhibit ~ . I us Ion. a \\ as ' arol ine ackett. daughter, Geneva and Betty l!:. l .50 chl1lns t o 0. point : thence N. to. the .pomt and npplausc wa (ou r R41ading- Jtuth Conn r. garet Roge rs. ' Parrnts and fri end ar' cordially moved "this week from Lytle hall n" 16' E . 1.70 c hnln. to 11 point wltn S. Ii birch ~ O In . dla, N. 32"" . I invil <l to visit tlhe chools at anv to their own hou e, which was W mmutes lon g. Reading---J an Baker. . 16 link. distant Bnd a. Walnut "14 , dill. S.6 >,ft' t,;. 57 link ' dla lan c : Voeal due t--Doris Beck and Mil- Mr .. lind Mrs. . E. Anderson ~ad t ime n xt week, ,~urin g the e ond badly dam aged by nre, and is now In Ih en c A. 2 • 06' E. 7.t\3 chll.ln~ t o 11 as dmner IlUNlts Tuesday evening, I annual exhibit. IF.:ach grad will ready for occupancy. Eighty-nine cents out of every dred alisbury. . Hi ckory t r~ 20 In. din. tllen c S , I 45' 11 ,67 c haine to 0. po int ; dol/ar lent by t he f d I'a l land Play, "Which Loves Mother Most" Mi II -Minnie Davis , of Dayton and have its own dhiplay; high -school Mes rs Robert Friend and Wal- th l· ne05' S.R 57' E . •.14 (' IH~IJ\a to a Mr, Frederick Robitzer. cla ss will also !Ihow manus riptR, bank 'com mLsioner since last Jun - Six girl. tel' Kenrick attended K of P Lodge point ; th ~nc S. 15' W , 6. 14 . . . notebooks, etc., to illustrate the at Lebanon Tuesday evening. have been mp]oyed in the N'financ Talk -Mr~. F. H. Farr. ehnlns to t h e C nler line or the Old Middletow n Roo.d: thence N , 83' IS' Mrs. E~lth Har~l s lind MISS nature of the work being done in ing ot farm indebtedne S. Mrs. Earl Shinn, Mrs. Allen W. 83. 1 hllios to the p illce ot b eEmma Helghwal1 Will b e gue ts of that l,a 'tic ula ~ department. gllllllng containing Sixty eight I1nd Eml'ick and Mr_. Albert Surface 31·100 MARKET Mr, and Mrs. harle!; Mo. her at .. er 8 fIIIor e or leas (68 .31). were jojnt hoste ses at the Ladies Subjc1 t o the right ot Preston A. , White Rose, the depenHyde Park, incinnati, Friday and Law,on • n c), Law.o n their Aid , at the home of the former, n Ira andIItld C ornm e nc e rr,en t Spealle r Ilsslgns. to th e UB e ot a dable Gasoline. The ladie of the Mt. Holly Saturilay. Wednesday a fternocn. I trlp ot land 10 tee t In width whi c h The commenCE~ment speak r tor church will ho ld a market in the It WAll provld d 8 h ou ld be laid ott "Wi~=f:==r=::::=;:l;=l~~~~~~~ Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller and of thi. year will be Raymond J. Jef?tlr. and Mrs. E. T. St'I'Qud had the ,,"treme S. E. orner of Ihe old Zimmerman building on Main son Ear'" Mrs. Ech ler and Mrs. ren l e8\1I 10 above dea rib d tor purtreet, on Saturday, May 5. Every a s dinner gue ts on Sunday, Mr. freys, p opu lar klOown a the Yan- anders of Covington, Ky., were poa"" ot 0. rOlld - way trom th landa and Mrs. R. H. Wadsworth and kee Globe Tro ttl~r. Mr. J effrey is o r suld L.a.W8008 to th lurnplk . I =f~~~~ thing good to eat. Come grandchildren, . Betty Lou Wad s- a gra duate of Mt. Union College. unday guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. any gllle .. and renc • neceaaary to t= b -at til<' expene of the aald Law · --- ~A. Smith. Mrs. Em ma Tho'ru ton, 'worth and Paul Spate, of Dayton and ha s an un ~ls uany wide ex80na th eI r heir. o.nd alslgnll. 0.11 1111 t-::=1.1I!.il! VE TER.AN · CARRIER RETIRES and Mr. and 'Mrs. Luther Perkins perience as 8 lec1turer. H has been of Independence, Ky., a sister of provided b y 11 .erto.ln contra.ct n · t r d Into between J am "s' C $ale Mrs. Smith, is making them all exand, daughler, Jean, of Pasadena. at different times, a sQldier, a Ilnd Pre. ton . l..u.",.. on and Nancy 1 1::::~=======l~===~~~ Law8on , on the J n allY lit Septem· • journalist. an editor, a world tended visit. William C. Kersey, veteran rural T he services a t Lytle chu rch b er. 1920. lind which W8.I eluly tIlet) Stretches look. and i. built like real Mr. and Mrs. John Pre ton en- adventurer. a syndicate writer, an mail carrier of Oregonia, is retirCor r ecord In ' tll. Hecorder, Office ' . . I n caskets, as in every Wa~r n County. OhIo. on Sep- f~llce. Turn. smallest ducks and h~e. ing from the service this week tefta ined the members of their cv.ang Ii t, :I teacher, an artist, and have changed for the &ummer Of t e mbl'r 18. 19~() ana which Is dilly hClit bantam•. Lastslonaerthan nett1nal months, fro m a fternoon to :tor eother kind oC mercha ndise dinner-bridge club f r om Cincinnati a bu~ine$S man. His topic will b e atter 31 years on the job. ora d In Vol. 107 page 350 of the of la.tne .o.a" "e yet coats m uch J08:l. n(lon. One Sund~, the S unday ref Oe d R cords 'Of Warren County. .. ..... On Saturday evening, Covers weTe .. Above the Clolld ~ ." there is II wide range of choo l will be at 9:30 and p reach- 01110. And In .. ddUlon thereto the F,-"II's rust 2 ways' laid for Mr. a nd Mrs. R olwrt ---,.. righ t ot 8al(l Jam". . Sale his hel ra • quality a nd value. The F_e r Cattl. ing at )0 :30 and t he n ext Sunday Ilnd asslgn8 to the lCcl ulllve use af a Ande rson. Mr. ' a nd Mrs. Wm. LOOP AWARDltD JUDGME NT fu neral director who would preaching at 9 :30 and Sunda y "er laln Iprlnl\' about .00 tee t Nort b Key.tone Chic·M cth h do u proFew r cllttle are on f eed in t he Hopple, J r., Mr. and Mrs. Wade EA8t 0 t I he barn locat II on la14 tected from rott. I ts heavyGalvannealed serve his public well, BY COMMON PLEJ\S COURT chool at 10 :30. Starting next Jo.rnelJ corn belt tates. On A pri) 1 t he Shepard, Ml'. and Mr . Fred . ale·. farm. togeth r w ith t . d' -, be unday with. Sunday School fi rst . th rIght to ncaa" Ihe Marne ana IllY ? U ~rcoatlDlt,~n lUrolUcop!Xr a rreduction in number was estimat- Pentiarge and Mr. and Mrs. Frank must select products which a pipe line th.erefrom 10 the J)reml st'a anll J n~er 1lec:1Ion aaute added y eaH d at 12 per cent under the n um ber W esterman. ()f aald lamea . S.o.l l'. abOVe de.crlb- ! of (et:\ce lervice at lowest coat p er y eu. Fronk Loop I' ~taurllnt proprioffer the most in materiHatcherymen pay $15,0 00, 000 d, with the right of en t ry t rorn A b ' 1 B 11 't 01 a year ago. But there are more etor. at Leban/ln, plaintiff in a time t o time to k eep laid '1l)rlnll' '" va ue. y a means aee 1 . M'A, als, design and equipment, for the eggs t hey use, 6250 carMr. and .Mrs. Russell W ilson en. damug suit against the Village of than in the spring of 1982. cl an a.nd to make a ll nee uary refor the price paid. We deal tel·tain d the following .at "500" Lebanon faT a 10'88 s uffered by him loads of them. This p rice repre- Jlllire. 111114 Plfe line to Ibe burled In the round a ' Ieau 20 Inchee a~ all ' Saturday even ing: Mr. and Mrs. in the collapse of the Opera sents ~ premium of $6,0 00,000 poInt, with the most reputable 1\ provided by laid co n1ractp ' Tran,po~ latiD" I .. Newfou.dla.,d over the price of regular market betw en s Itl Ja'tn..... ' . Sale a.nd .alt) Rhodes Bunn ell, Mr. and Mrs. Eli manufactarers in this Pre.ton .\. l..Riw . on nnd Nanc ' Law- I In \\'lnler ",nco barbora are Furnas a nd children, Misses Ruth House walls JaDllary 22, 1933, wa eggs, a ccording to the nation al eon afor aalel. The eallement gr&nted awarded a judgment of $llOO in field, and can guarantee floten. dogs are the only meaul of rane, Grace Hockett, E va Mc- common pleas >c ourt at Lebanon commercial and breeders ha tche ry b)' ~ald contraet to the .ald .TllJJ1e!l . Sale hi. heirs and .8Ilene torever I very article shown in our truus j.lvrLut!oD lind com munication Millan and Mr. Herbert McMillan, coordina ting committee. Rnd the ' ll8elllellt JlIranled bv 8&1t) last week. The judgment was with In nortbero 'ewfoundll1nd. ~"'ll 'Ia oC Waynesville, MI'. and Mrs. Charcon lro.ct 10 said h eston A• .Lo.weon diRpJay room as a quality and Nancy Law80n theJr h eir. Ilnd 0... II hI' ... carried by sled,e ,over 200 mllet les Doster, Misses Nellie and Kath in $69 of the nmount a ked by aaaJgnK, b e ln~ cuveoant. runntnll 1aIw.~~ c: ~~"':,..,.c:I: I)roduct. MI'. Loop in his case filed March 1 with th lande and Ir revocable ex- ....... ..t • .-ooou••, rrom tbe railroad terminal. TIll. leen Graham and Evelyn Tucker 1933, cept 118 provided Irl Buch <:ollt~acl. ' distance, Ilowever, would leem short and [Mr. Charles Ea!!ter. of Hare 6Rld r t'al stale Is sltua,erl In C, Donald Diliatush, Leban on at[0 Illl AI!lskftD moll mao. Oae of veysburg; Mr. and Mrs. Walter - -SALIt - - - - - - - Ohio, WayneBllld TownBhlll, County, torney, represented the plaintitr in - - - - -FOR II. ml,ell "'arri'll hRv e b!'en /l n ly o In Ala. ka. Hartman, of Wilmington. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and regtllar l y 1I 1)lIr818 dOlt 13, ~6 .Q O. • tl\e damage suit:. T he village was from KOJz bile to Point Barrow, a nel' musl b a()l d tor not 1<'88 tho.n \'epI'Esented by lWaple & Maple, at two-thirds oC the appraIsed vaIn!!. XC__ streicbes 000 Intllo!l over treelell Terms or enl t!. ca.h. 6.! --c-torneys of Lebanon. A motion for FO R S ALE-Plants, cabbage, t osnow bar ren8. Ilod a loog rllcky matoes a nd perenn ial flo wers. ROSS. H . HAR.TSOCK Waynelville, Ohio Phone 25 a. new trial will be filed within t he ',A:" adrnLnl8lralor de bonis non shores. WI tb never II Ita ke to wark next few days, it was stated We d- Geo. P eterson , 1 mile f ro m I he will anne d pt th e esWAYNESVILLE, OHIO tile trail, nesville on Bellbrook pike . · m3 tat e ot Ja8. .' ale, (l ec 0.8 (I. nesday. A2r. A second suit is pend ing in t he local courts as !I res ul t of the collapse of the wnlls. This was also :filed March 1, 1933, and asked lor Two Clolla. Are 10 $2,168.24 l'Cpresenting da mages claimed to haVE! been su ffered by Pr~weftt Seam. Frank Loop and Clemen t Satter~.iJliaa thwll ite doing. busine s at the S. & L. Ice Cream Company. Of this Appeal'ance of shiny streaks on amount, $1,199.76 represents damthe spring suit aft er pressing may ages to the furni~ure fixtures a nd be avoided if special precaution. equipment of the company ; $619.a re observed, according t o Mi s 48 for damages to t he ice crea m Eunice Teal , clot hing specialist plant; and $34,9 for the Joss in business resu lt ing from t he a ccif or t he O. S. U. ' Miss Teal says t he luster i dent. ca'Used by fla t tening t he r punded threads un der too much pressure, BAKE SALE or by pressing un t il the fabric is dry. The streaks are m08t a pt .to The Frien'ds l~ip CIIW of M. E . appear along t he seam s, plackets, Chu rc h will hold a Mothers' Day and wh el'e the lining laps over .t he Bak\! Sale at the Hawke-4May faci ngs. offi ce on May 1. 2, beg inning at 1 0 SUitable equ ipment f or t he pres- a . m. They willi also have plent y sing process recommended by t he of f resh dought luts. Leave advance clothing specialist are a soft, ordel's with Helen Hawke or Ma rne well-padd'e d iro ning board a nd liatfteld. ' two p ressi ng cl oths of differ en t weirbts. MASONIC NOTICE Brush the sui t well before pres- -'-sing to r emove all loose dirt and Reg Ular comlll'lunieation of Way. dust. Lay on the board and smooth IJ"!'VUlle Lodge :No, HIS F. & A. M. out caref ully. Place over it a damp Tuesday evenillg, May 8. Beside. cotton fabric about the weight of t he routine of business. Rev. J. J. cheese cloth, using a light colored Sehaeft'41r Reej:or o:t St. Mary'l cloth if the suit is light, and dark church, will give an address OD colored cloth it the suit is dark. t he "Lodges o:t the World'~ ReT. Over the damp cloth place a heav. Schaetrer durirlg his tour around ier cloth of the weight of unblea- the world visi1ted many of the • Here's the treat new tire announced ched muslin or canvas. Press with lodges in di1ferent countries and by Goodyear to match the performa hot iron. his addres s is ilure to ~e interestance of the modern motor car with The sturn created by the heat tng. removes the wrinkles. Very little Sojourning brethren and aU ita. faster tet-away, hillher speed, ADd heret • .the pressure is r equired. Lift the iron masons ought t o heu thi.e addreu. quicker stops and smaller wheels that as it is moved along to avoid E. C. ClRANE, W. M. stretching the fabric. ~ueed all makes of' nOD-skid tire F. B. HENDERSON, Sec'y . The heavy cloth holds in the ------~ -----~treads to wear faster .•. Come in, steam and prevents drying out to -Thll maneioul Dew G-' AllNEW CENTURY CLUB MET quickly. If tile fabric is press ed , the new "G-3" In your alze" See wby Weather with Ita lDany adYaD--'.- too long, and becomes dry, a lu staa.over any other tire OD the The New CEmtury club met at it Alves 43% more non-skid mlleaae ter appears. This may be removed market coat. you nothtna extra. the home of M' r a. J: B. Crabbe on and ~lowout-protectlon in EVERY by wetting the pressing cloth again and steaming the shiny places. The Friday afternoon, April 27. Roll ply. ' See why it coats more to bund. call was responded to by state steam removes the luate... flowers. And since it COlts you no more to buy~ Two papers were read, "The we adnae you to put on a set SUNOCO GAS ea.. T.II .f F .... Lone Star State," by 'Mrs. Mary - AND OILS Sclentiate III Europe claim that Cross and "When the Last of the now! they can tell the exact alre or nah, a West was Won," by Mrs. Ra)'Jnond new rlDI beIng added eacb ,ear, tor Conner. PRESSURE GltEASE lnatance, to the ac.leI of the ber, Mn. F. U. . LeMay and Mary rin,. Eva LeMay furnisbed the mualcal CUP CREASE Dumbers for the proaram, playin, ~---a piano duet after which Mary WILLARD 0 •• w•••• ,. C•••cll BATTERIES AmoDr the KIkuyu or Alnea there Eva played a piano solo, "Bacb. b a couDcll of old women 10 eTef7 8101' Buttons." The next meeting of tile club dlatrll:t; the, collect r oala ptrlodleall), to preleDt to prll!tltL The, win be held at The LIWe IIIn Oft Ka, 215, with Anlla Cadwal. oceuIonall, I De troubleeome wo.. lader aa~~~ ._ _ __ .... the tine . ....11,- ~1 1Uf a ,oa!. Ohio


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Eighty-Sixth Year


ActivitIes of the Schools Du ring Commencement Week---Other Notes -~



Whole Number 6117

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1934



F ormal application for a F('deral l mile!! above its ou t! t, Caesars ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH all otment of $ 12,000,000 f o r tlood reck an d East Fork, Cour miles Father Newton, Pasl'or co ntrol a nd cOllservuncy "ork ' in [tbove Batavia . for RowE'r boxes. A. II . PROGRAMS FOR COMMENCEMENT WEEK Mass at St. AU2'u ~tin e ' s hUI'ch t he Little Miami HiveI' bu-in wa ~ FNlera l fu nd. . if all oted, are to every sec nd and f ourth unday made t o th e J<' cderll l Emergency be used exclu ively for engin~ ring , Mrs. Flo Howell, wife or B. S. Adm inistra tion ' of P ublic Works IInci .co ns tluctiu n cust . Th e ConBorn to Mr. and Mrs. Walwr of the month . Baccalaureate- S ... nday Evening, May 13, at 8 Howell, died at her home in Port Johnson, Friday, !'.faY 4, a daugh . y es~e l day by l hc l\lial11i " l'':U!ICY Dh.tricl wi ll s~pply .an FRIENDS MEETING o'clock, at the Gym, Rev. J. J. Schaeffer de- William, Sunday morning, May 6, ter. River Consel'vancy District . At Lite add itiona l $ l ,800,000. With whIch First·day School at 9 :30 a. m. sa me t ime Lieutenant Colonel ~o defl'ay CORts of f lght-of-ways, livering the .ermon. . at 9 :30 o' clock. Mrs. Howell had Buy your pic and cake for Meeting f or W orship at 10 :80 Roger G. Pow 11 , Unite d tate~ eas~'m ' nis an d damages,. making been in very poor health for eV- Mother's Day at Hawke-LeMay of· a. m. f1istri ct E ng in er, inci nnati, was. the t()tal CCll't f the proJect $13,Comm'e ncement- Friday evening, May 18, at eral years and the care of her son, fice, MIlY 12. l'CQU sted t o muke 11 compI tc anu 800,000. 8 o'clock, at the Gym; addre •• by Raymond Dean, who was buried last Thurs- M R A Deci sion to fil e the application WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH d etail ed s urvey of the district. ,r. • • C rOS!1 w h0 s pen t th e D' The $12,000,000 , if ob ~a.ined, fOl' the Fed eral uHo tmen t was brought . upon 'complicated day, J. Jeffrey •. winter at Sardinin, arrived home Rev. G. C. lbert, Pastor ",.ill b used to con truct two flood r~ached Tuc~ day by fo r mer GovSunday: Sunday school at 9 :3 0 dis ases which she could not over- last week . oo per, former a . m. Next Sunday is Mothel"s .co ntfo l relarding bU8in s and two ernor l\fy crl\ Y. Alumni- Saturdayevf!lning, May 19, at 8 o'clock come. The funeral was held Tues· c\,mbi n d fl ood cont l'ol and lito rag Judge Hugh L. Nich ols, Batavia, Mrs. J. E. McClure and Mrs. C. Day, and will be properly ob erved day afternoon at her bome in ' r es rvoirs. Tentative site of the and Howard W. Ivin s, Lebanon, at the Gym. William at 2 o'clock. Interment M. Robitzer were in Dayton on in our church. The Mothers w ill basin s and reservo irs arc the upp r Di rectors of the district, at a meet have entire charge of t he Sunday was made at Port Wililam. She ill Tuesday. School and in the regular mOrning Litt l Miami fou r mi les a hov ing at Leban on. Da ta co ntained ' in survived by ber husband, B . . S. Messrs. Charles Ellis and Mark " pl'i ng Va lle~; T odd Fo rk, two th a pplication w as compiled by Baccalaureate Ser"ice Thil Sunday I Cccilllartman, World History. Howell and SOD', Harold, of Chi- Wilson attended the Kentucky worship service the sermon ubj ect .--======;====- J ohn . Van Horn e, Surveyor of will be, "A Tribute to The Good cago and a sister, living in Wilming Derby on Saturday. - - - - Warr n oun ty , and . C. ChamTh e baccalaureate service for Mother ." ton. The Howells who 1ived in Ei Grade Tel" bet·s, of the Morgan Engineel'ing ~he Ilcniol' cll\ss will be held SunThere will be no Sunday er en ing Several people from here attendRecently published ' results Waynesville tor a number of years ~.o m pan y , Dayto n day evening, May thirteenth, at have the sympathy of the entire ed the .funeral of Mrs. B. S. How- sel'v ice in the church because of T rritory covered by the Conight o'clo I< hi th school auditor- show that Waynesville ranked high community. the Ba~calaureate exercise a t th ell at Port William on Tuesday. ser\lanl!y in the eig/tth-grade teats given istJ'ict comprises viriUlll. High sch ool. tually the ~nti r e l, 765 square The f ollowing progt'am has been Ma.rch thirtieth. Roy Crockett was W will tak~ advance orders 10r Prayer meeting and Bible s ludy mil S oC drainag acre of the Litgiven econd place in the county, Mrs. Sasnn Jane Smith, 77, died arranged: Friendship Club Bake Sale May (lac h Wedn esday at 7 :30 p. m. being only . the and one-half tl Miami a nd its tributari s, and at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 12; leave them with Helen Hawke Processional Next Wednes day lit 2 p. m . is includes parts of Hamilton, Greene liynlll The ongregatjon pOints below the student with high- William Bernard, on Route 3, Fri- ')r Marne Hatfield. the regular time for the meetinl{ The \: aYllllsville Me rchan ts lint on, Wa rren and Clermont est ranking. Other students from [nvocation R v. J. J. chaeffer day, May 4, after suffering a heart i of the Ladie ' Aid Soci Elly. j our neyed to Lynchburg S unday, ' co unties. When the project is com. Mr. an d M rs. W I'lh ur Le Fb e u, ! Mu sic '.. High ch 01 Glee Clubs Waynesville who secured high attack. She was born June 9, of Loveland, visiited Sunday with WAYNESVILLE CHU~CH OF and welle ve r y succes ful in the i," plet ed, 64 p r ce nt . 01' 1,127 criptuI'c Reading .. ,,, ............ .. scores were Jane Furnas, Ruth determination to t ry to defeat the squa re mil es of the total drainage Conner, Anna Treadway, Vivian 1857, near Wilmington in Clinton MI'. and Mrs. Philip LaTl'ick and CHRIST ' .. Rev. G. C. Dibert great Dumford . This is qu it e aroa will have rese {voir control, county. Surviving her, are five lions Mrs. Frank Hoffman. Vocal. 010 " )\1r8. Alberta Buerkle Conner, and Howard Hall . (Undenominational) a feat fo r th e boys since it is wen According to tbe application for The Sermon Rev. J. J. Schaeffer ElIswOlth, Dayton; Ben, Osborn; Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Stump and Chester A. WlUiamson, Minister known th ut th e r ekn own ad onni e t ho F ed ral allotme·n t · the project Indultrial Tour. Mu sic ... Glee Clubs Ellis, Cincinnati; Carl and George Church School lit \):30 a. m. Mack cons idercd Dumford good is a co ordina~ed prog ram for flood On Monday, April 80, seven cars of Waynesvl e ancj. wo anghters son Paul, Mrs. LUI ell a Krononr, of Ben d iction .. Rev. G. . Dibert of students and teachers set out Mrs. Edna Buhrman, Osborn and Miamisburg, called on Mrs. Sarah Lord's Supper at conclusion. enough to pay his b oaI'd ior one cCl ntrol, power deve10pmen , water Lippincott, Sunday a1;lernoon. Moth ers will have charg of the season at lea t. Our boys, however nse rvat ion and r iver regulation. William Bernard, Waynesville (Continued on pare 4J Commencement Pro,run Chul'ch chool and everal feat- seemed to lik e hi off rings and It i called a necess ity to the proThe funeral was beld at two Because of the local Alumni pj'oc eeded to gather 6 nice hits off tcction of lives and property of a Processional ..... "'" ................ O'clock Monday afternon. Burial me~ting, the regu'lar Grange meet- ures appropriate t o Mother's Day him in tho fix-st three innings. large number of people; to the will be enjoyed. Christian EnHigh School Orchestra MEMORIAL was in Miami cemetery. iflg has been post.poned until May The second inning reully decided protection of interstate traffic and deavor and vening evangelistic Invocation ... Rev. G. O. Dibert 26 (or which timu a Mother's Day service dismissed t\tat we may all th e gam e whe n Mike Weller led commerce, postal facilities and alutatory ... Bernice Graham Word has been req.eived of the program has beeinplanned. Mrs. Rebecca R. Wolcott, daugh participate in the Bllccalaureate off with l\ beautiful singl , was im oth r governme.n tal functions and Music . .... ....... .Orch stra ter of Jacob and Anna Roger Mis es Lois lLawson , Marion services at the gym. Prayer meet- mediately sacr ific ed dQwn by prop rty; to the conservation of Addl'ess .... Hal' mond J. Jeffreys Haines, was born in Warren county death of Mrs. Carl Cle"a ver, at her MU, ic Orchest ra near Waynesville, Obio, April 7, home in Long Island, New York. Frye and Mr. Edward Schaef!er, ing and Bible study each Wedn s- Hopkins' bunt. Treadway then natural resource!! ; to the industrial cit' w a base on blllls and pitcher: agl icultural and social life of the al dictol'y .. Robert Gons 1841 ; died at the home of her son, Mrs. Clea er, whose death oecur- of pringboro ~Irid Mr. Loren day at '1 :30 p. m. Smit hso n's sing le sco ~ d both di trict, and as a relief for unemred suddenly on Tuesday, was Reason enjoyed .'unday at Clifty cholarship Recognition William A. Wolcott, in Lena, Ohio Miss Alma. Reibold, of Falls Indiana. men. Th e l\1 erchllnt ta1\ied again empl oyment. . Corinne Robbins Tuesday, May 1, at 11: lOp. m., formerly ST. MARY'S CHURCH Dayton. Mr. Cleaver 18 a former ' in the eighlh without a hit. Mik e Th propoltC d Pl'oj ct, the applll't1:usic ..... . . . . . . . Orehe tra age 93 years and 26 days. Death resident of near WeHman. )(nv. J. J. Schaef!er. Rector The Argunot Bridge club met r eached first on an errol' by P . cation sets out, wiII I'educe the Presentation of Diplomas caused by infirmities 01 old age. May 13, Sunday alter Ascen sion Young, stole econd, went to ~hil'd p eak ftow of a 1913 flood in the at the home of Mrs. Russel Sali8- - - --. .... .. , .... ,. .. S. S. Ellis She was one of the most popular bury on Saturday afternoon. The Church school at 9 :30; Mo rning on J. Younl,"S high lh.·ow an d Little Miami at . its outlet, which B nediction .................. , .. :.... .. and beloved residents in thjs com- ENTERTAINMENT AT invited guests were Mrs. Morris Prayer and sermon at 10 :30. 'cor d wh n McLaughlin error d was 180,000 cubic feet a seeo.nd, . Rev. . A. Williamson munity. Being 8 resident 67 years HOLBROOK COLLEGE Fulkerson, Mrs. J. B. Chapman, mithson's gl'ound er. The flnal run to almost one half itl! natural coming here following her marMrs. Ota Hidy and Mrs. W. E. FERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST cain e wh n Satterthwui te tripled I iie. It will reduce the stage so Atllmni Prorr_ riage to John Wolcott, Jr.·, FebruOn Thursday eveninl\', May 10~ Cornell and as Davis ra n f or atterth- ~ that there will be no major des(Undenominat'ional) waite fl'om third was scoTed by I truction of railroad s, highways, J)res ident's Greetings ... .. ... .. . IIry 28, 1867. Her husband, Jo~n at eight O'clock, the puplls from Chester A. WiHiamson MT. and 1\lrs. Walter Elzey enTUl'ner's sing le. 1bridges and other property. Flood . Mary G. Earnhart '08 1Wolcott, Jr., preceded her In the department of Dramatic Art tertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Church chool at \I :30 a. m. Smith son pitched air tight ball heights will be reduced to a level n ading of Minutes . . ... ". ..I death. 46 years ago. One 80n bless- of Alfred Holbrook Conege will Kenneth Elzey alld daughter, Mar- Lord's Supper and sermOl1 at 10 :30 onl), nllowing six hi ls and two where communities could provide Sybil Hawke LeMay ' 08 1 ed tnl!! union who haa been :faithful present a play: "Snapping out of . Roll CaJl to care for her since his father's the Depression," by Mrs. Henry jori!!, Mr. and Ml'!!. Kenneth Evans a. m. A Mother's Day program and of thes were sCI·atohy. The entire complete flood protection by loc~ Toast to Class of '34 .. ...... death and such a comfort in her Closson, in the auditorium of the and daughter, Be·tty Jean, of Day- Ilermon. You are always we lcome WayneHvilie Mer chants team play- protection wor ks, it is contended. t~, also Mr.'s mother, Mrs. at this church. ed good ball and Lynchburg did The unit of the roject nearest Lucille St. John Bland '26 last declining years. coHere. at Lebanon. On that oceasLaura B. Evans, of Bluefield, W. not have a chance to Score, the Cincinnati w Re ' pon se from Class of '34 . ...... Sh~ was a member ot the Lena ion Molly Halstead, one ot the PROGRESSlVE WOMEN'S CLUB boys being s plendid in the pinches. ervoir on East Fork, four miles Bernice Graham '34 Baptist church and was ever finest interpretive dancers of this Va. Nex t Sunday's game will be at above Batavia, with a drainage Music willing to take an a(1tive part in era, will give a group of some of Mr. Frank T: Hawke and his MET LAST TUESDAY EVENING Silver Lake, neal' New Ill'lisle, area of 844 square miles. This reToa t . Bux-nett ' Butterworth '24 the community and church as long her most beautiful dances. Rob- cousin My. Chades F. Hartsock of and we are informed they play servoir will have an all-year avP r esentati on of Loving Cup .. as her ~tren.gth would permit. ert Blair, Jr., will be the solo pian- Milford, are enj(lying a motor trip The Progressive Womens' club good ball the re. Come out and s e crage continuous power output ot iI Raymond Davis '08 ;;~l'vlvors include one aon, iat. The Lebanon Granre orcltestra to Washingtlu, with their uncle Mr 3.400 kilowatts. The reservoir on Election of Officers Wllham A. Wolcott, of Lena; one will furnish music: There will b'e G. F. Mosher and Mrs. Mosher 01 beld their , regtllar tn~eti?g at the the Merclylnts. aes ars Creek, which enters the High School Song sister, Mr~. C~arle8 Satterthwaite, no admission charge. The public is Cincinnati, taking in on their way Little Inn on Tuesday evening . .. Dakin's Orchestra of. Waynesvllle,; three gr.nd· invited to attend. Little Miami three miles south ot many points of historic interest in A.fter the dinner hour the business .. WA YNE SVILLE MER RANT. Music Waynesville, "w ilL have a power out chlldren, Charles E. Wolcott of The east for the plalt is as Virginia and other locations. meeting was held, thc new officers AB H R PO A put of 1,750 kilowatts and will Piqua, Chester W. Wolcott, . of follows: Franklin Wina Co.ullty Field ""et Shelby, an<l ·G oldie Wolcott RogMinister Chester A. Williamson who as follows, taking chal·ge. Mendy, 2b, _ 5 1 Q 0 2. serve a drainage area of 236 Mr. Bristol, Forest Hutslar: Mrs Franklin high school wqn first ers, north of Fletcher; six Bristol, Helen Rothman.: Sa\1y of the Wayne!lville and Ferry Miss Elizabeth Henkle, Pre ., Dr. Laul'en s, 85, 5 0 0 0 square miles. place in the county field meet held great grandcbildren: two Rephews, Bristol, Grace O'Bannon; J. Jr. Churche of Christ is attending the Mary L. Cook, Vice Pres., Miss Ellis, ct, & l b 5 0 0 4 Sufficient stot'age space will be Peck , 1 b 5 ~ Q () reserved in the reservoit'under the at Lebanon last Friday. Lebanon Charles Jtye and John Rye; one Bristol, Howatd Sawyer; Dick "National Restoration Assembly" 5 3 Q 1 proposed pllln to sto r e a seven·and ranked econd, and Wa;ynesvUle niece, Anna E. Haines, of Waynes- . Waddington, Adam Johnson; Mr. which is being !held in Cincinnati Helen Welch, Sec'y and Miss Stella Turner, If M . W e11el', 0 . 6 2 2 8 On -half-inch l'un oft' from thA,.. ville. . Waddington, Sr., Howard Sawyer; this week, from Thursday till Qaugherty, Treas. · third. 'f A sower h 0 f persona l gl ts was Hopkin ~, 1'1 ~ Q J dl'~linage arcas l\bove the dam. The Funeral l!ervices were held Miss Maryln Murphy, Jean Hamil- Sunday. This is Ii Bi-yeady conven Eldon Ellis broke a twelve-year remaning I;pace will be reservoir record by running the hundred- Thu1'8day, May 8 at 2 p. m. at ton; Miss Manville, Aileen Hast- tion of the "Movement to restore then tendered on Mrs. Mary Hun- Treadway, 3 b .. 3 1 1 2 Frank" Barger Funeral home at ings; Sid, oft\ce boy. Robert Blair the New Testament Churcb. II ter Mouser, whose mnrlrage to Mr. Smithon, p ~ 2 0 2 storage for power development, yard dash in 10.1 seconds. Ohio, Rev. J. W. Poor- Jr.; J the maid, AIl~n HastA complete feport of the meet St. . 0 0 1 water supply and tream regulaThe next meeting of the Men's Merle Mouser took place on lUlirch +Davis, will appear in scbool news 24. M TS. Mouser recei ved man y ~!'!!'!:J::!..!:!£!!:~L.....2!!-...!!..~!...........!!....~~.!:..f.!:'.h!.!: · o:.;n~':-:-':7~-::-==:l"!'::=-'L.:'=:---::=nrr-_-::-_ _~ and Easy club wiJI lie held Roy C. Wolcott, Mmard Wolcott, week. One Wednesday evening, May 16. The beautiful and useful gifts and Chester Wolcott,. Charles Wolcott, 3 D 12 4 27 22 0 be located on th e upper Little MEETING POSTPONED subject for the evening will be, after these were all opened and Totals Charles Rye, John Rye, Charles Miam ~ Addition which will guaraD"What Can the. Citizens of the admired, the evening was spent in Electl N_ O.ftjce:ra Satterthwaite. Interment in playing cards, LY HBURG tee a minimum fl ow for the lowe,r United States 'Do to Keep this The regular meeting of the Members the Sportsmanship Fletcher cemetery. . The invited guests were Mrs. J. Little River many times the averCountry out of War1" A general Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mary'!! Brotherhood cast their votes MonAU H R PO A E age low flow dU'ring summer monchurch has been postponed from discuB8ion on this subject will be W. Lotz, Mrs. has. James , Mrs . dily for officers for the coming year May 11 to F,lday afternoon, MI\Y appreciated. The place for meet- L. A. Garst, Mrs. L. H. Gordon, Archer, as .. 3 0 0 1 8 1th ," the application recited. "The Marvin Fox was elected president, FRIENDSHIP CLUB MET Mrs. E. F. Deppe and Miss Faith Newton, rf . 4 1 0 40 0 0 beneflts of this regulation will then WITH MRS. W. E. STROUD 18, at the home Of Mrs. C. R. ing has not been atIsigned but will Tomlinson. Betty Hartsock, vice-pre8ident, and P Young, 3b 4 1 .0 1 4 2 extend to impl'ove navigation on probably be announced SundBY. Frazier. Frances Ell is, secretary. McLaughlin,2b 4 a 0 4 2 2 the Ohio River. Resultll of 'the election -were Mrs. W. E. Stroud was charming '. Penquite, cf . 3 0 0 1 0 0 "The b'u iJding of the prQPosed . made known TueacJay evening hoateea to the Friendahlp club Butler, If '~1 0 2 1 0 reserVOit·s will provide an oppor:': when mem bers of the organization Mal' 9. The committee aB8iatln, Brewer, Ib 4 0 0 7 0 0 tunity for fOl'estry work and for gathered in the gym fClr a eom- was com)108ed of Mrs. Dallas ' , 'J. Young. c . 4 0 0 7 1 1 the development of public pal'Q blued business and social meetinr. Dumford, p .. l 0 0 0 3 0 on marginal lands. The addition of TII~ program included gt:0up aing- Boger, Mrs. Joel Stokes, and Mrs. L. C. St. John. Mrs. Hastinp·open . Pfiester, p 2 0 0 0 4 0 n number of lakes in a reiion aling, a reading by Bernard Melloh, the meeting with a poem for "._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I ready po esaing great naturcl a reading by Rqth Hockett, sev- ed Mother'1 Day after wbich Mrl. Totals 33 6 () 27 19 0 beauty and historical interest wiD eral numers from the German Clifford Buzick led in devotion.. be a national .asset of continu ing band, and .. sesBion of the "Dor Bases on balls of Dumford 1, value." Court." Talk. were ,iven by John The finanee committee solicited of Smithson 2. 2 bas hits, M. Th e Li ttle Miami Conservancy Thomson, Mr. . Lotz, Mr. HatAeld, among tbe members tor the pie and cake sale M.y 12. Atter the Well er, McLau ghlin 2, Butler. District was created under , the Mr. Garst -and Coach 'Young. base hit, atterthwaite. Pas'S d Conservancy Act of Ohio by a deRepresentative sportsmen were usual routine ot bus'Mea • short ~' " GO ball,. J. young. E"rned runs, Way Cl'ee fil ed October 5, 1933, in the chosen Monday at the 'regular literary program followed. -= --O~v ne ville, 3. Struck out, Smithson 7; Court of Common Pleas, . Warren el ction. Those receiving the covet- P.per, Mrs. L. C. St. John. Dumford 2. Pfiester 3. Left on County. Melnbers of the Conserved honor were Wallace Bernard, Humorous .ea·d inr, Irma Rich. p~ ba es, Waynesvill e Mel'chants ]0. ancy Court al'!! Judges Charles V. David Boger, Vincent Griffy, John Reading tor Mother', Day, Mrs. ~f Lynchburg 8. Hit.s off Dumford 0 Dechant, Warren County; Frank Tomson, Robert Smith, Bernice J. P. Larrick. .Mrs. W. E. Stroud. in 4 inlling., of Pfiester 6 in 5 in- M. Clevenger, Clinton (1ounty; Graham, Ion. Crane, Franees Ellia Damty refrelhmenta were then ,~~ nings, losing pitcher Dllmford. Frederick L. Hoffman, IJamilton Betty lIartsock and Ruth Hockett. served by the committee. _ ~- ~ Umpires, McLaughlin and Buzick. County; R. L. Gowdy, Green • .- • Scor r Armitage. Time, 2 hour.s County, and Charles C. White, Pn-School Dar of .... la••r. 24 minutes. Clermont County-The Cincinnati - - Ran for Satterthwaite ill lhe Enquirer. Children who wllJ enter sehool ADDIlESSES LOCAL MASONS for the flrl!t time nen year are 8th. -------_.------'being entertained .t tbe IrI'8de 4-H SEWING CLUB TO B8Iular communication ot the SCHOOL BOARD MET building today (Thursday.) Thla ORGANIZE MAY" feature WIS planned to tamUlariae Muonlc Loclre, Tuuday eveninr, the beginners with what tbe, wUI Ma, 8. At the edueatlonal hour, School board met in regular ses• see when they start to eebool; It Rev. J. J. Scbaetrer, of . D&Jton, sion Monday night. Bills wet'e 111" The flrst me!'tmr of the .U deH".red • aoet ezcenent addre. will alao live teachers the oPPOl'lowed and paid and tlie welfare of Sewing club Wlll be held . . , tunlty of meetlnr tile new PllpUL Oil the loq. of the world. Be not the school was discussed. The at Gran,. BalJ at II p. -. onlr cIa.crIbed the lodpt vlatted, board will meet Tuesday eYening, Graddy wilt with .. at bllt alIo an admirable biator, May 15, for the purpose ot employ th.,e .ad ~ the WtIIrk f . Dldrlet S......... T... of ~ of the .......t ft_ .nd ing tea bers for the comTng year. folJowin.,... AD, c int.reated -Ia .... .. The foDowiq Waflleni11e euto.. of tile ~ placea enta participated ill the DIatrlet YIIIMIl. to coma to ..... State Seholanblp teet111ae14 at Os· - - -•• - ...- - .bout oar wo1'1r. The ~







.. -..---


Wor'ld's Bleakest "Dungeon" Cages Byrd






men. But he wall vet y ruriou about the MacDonllld Rnd Tl'm Salt~\', wh)' thl·)· wero! lOK"Lh,'r, how they would explain th(·iT presence to Ruby , untler the cit'. eu 111 to ne ..". And then he wall fixed by th 101 k in Murdy MacDnnald's' eye. Tht' boy's ~aze was steadfastly Common Pica •. Proc:eeclinr. up on him. He had gr enin. h y . Thor was something in them that In the case of Iflum 'I' 'w. Mill r made Don ('ampb 11 ~ighten, modI! \'e lI'Ll I nna 1. Miller, divorce him suddenly wary. Murdy's fa ce grnnted to plaintiff. was e pI' s~ionle s-but hi I n the cas of Th By BERTHAND W. SINCLAIR w re not. nd Murdy had two ceptance 'Ol·p. ve rsus .Herbe notches on his gUll. Don remembel' Jlulf and lildred Rulf, judgment d that. La plaint ilf. lIe scarcely hard what Ruby In thl' case of F ran k Loop, dosaid to he r unclt'. He watched ing bu. in 88 as Loop' Food Shop " , ·uw >,OU'I' (' talkin' liS . " Rub y ".0 lung 1\$ they keep their dis· Murdy. alter, t op. There was a ver us The Villnlse of Lebanon. <I ,'dll I' '(\. " ]'11 S~, t.hnt you don't !.anc ." Ruby murmured. "I hope look _about thi hone t mnn, thi R Trial completed, Verdist for plain hIM' anything by lhRl, listt' r Don- I hav n't got you in a jack pot. II friend of lift' ampbell' in the ti ff at $1,100. nlll nmpbt'll. Just now I'm worry· "Ne,-er was in one y t 1 didn't far-oft' Sweetgl'a s Hill!;, tho wa In Ihe case olr Thll People's ing' o\,p r IMt cattle. Do ~' ou up· get out of," Don rea ur d h r. much of a menac e as the que r Building, Loan -Savings Co. v I'. P"~<' n~le Malcolm anel 1urdy o long as they kept their di • glow in Murdy'!! green eyes. su. Willillm B, Hayner, et aI , ac· did !l'o down l!lk Ri" 1'1 I 'ancel Well, he h,d nn active brain Young MacDonald 's hol' figi t. count approved lind rcceivE!4 dis· \\ ond r1" lind it was busy with pas ible con- ed. He jabbed the bea t suddenly charged. ,'u did D on . H wond el' d sb ut. ling nei . ntil ~o D1ething crack with his spur . . The bound the In the cn e of . Tl11l1 ~alter tuo. He wa .. a blunt· ucl if omething did- he meant to brute gave brought his alongsid ministrator de bani non, with the Spt,tlking s . W 11 a~ a direct·think· keep on his way. Don. He aw M\lrtly's right hand will annexed of tIDe estate of Mar· ing y ung man. But he didn't 1 \\' scattered grazing cattle shift. It was a if he saw double- tha J . Richardson, decea5ed, voie what w g in bi~ mind. uegan to . how on slopes that lilted all if hi perception had becom e W. 'hester Maple', execu't or ,of the A couple of miles pa t· their iTi g ntle tiers toward the Cypress lightning fast- for alter was also estate of W- F. Eltzroth, et aI, de· Cllmp Don po inted. wcaring its dark mask of timber reaching for hi gun. murrer overruled .. Defe.ndant, Lee "Yonder s a rider." all along the southern face. In five . Now Don wa a l'em arkably agil e Bone, granted 20 day additional T hey polled up. As Don 1,"eached miles, if lhey held traight, they young man, both mentally and phy ti m to answer. (or the gla~ es thi hor emlln would be among tho pin . But ieally. Also he de ired not only The American Loan ReaJt-y Co dropped out of sight. A nlile there would be a ranch belore that to live, but to live victoriou s over ver us George F: Bellham, et aI, fart her they aw him bob up unle ,the brand book lied. his enemie . He had seen a good order of sale ordere.d returned. like a jllck·in-the:box, , hOI ing They p8 sed the firs~ of the graz deal of gun play in hi s time, In the matter of tran fer of bri fly on the cr t of a littlc pin· ing cattle. Th bed of the Sage without ever having been involved funds of Warren ounty, transfer ncle. He had in reased hi di tnce narrow d, deep n~d. Willows fring in any himself. He knew what a lottunds granted. Within tilDminutes they marked ed th stl' am. Clumps of gun wa fol'. He knew also thc ad. In the matter o,f the transfer of anoth~r oft' to the left, a,t of popullu' st udded the bottoms. vantag of qu ick motion and a funds of nion te)wn bip, .transfer age reek. The glass told then] The shm·t grass of the plain was I!o lid ba, i und er his feet foJ' of fu nds granted" . In th ca e of The New.Y,ork not bing, save that it wa. indeen changing to bunch gl'a that wav straight shooting. Wherefol'e he ca t him elf Llf Insurance (,. v rsu,~ Wll11am II I ider. Neither man remained I'd like l'ipe wh at in the sun. long in sight. The line of a fene lifted far nimbly out of his saddle a ]';1 urdy Luwh~rn, . et ~I, e()Ofirmation, d d "One over here an' one over ahead, a dark thread across the reached for hi gun, thu putting and dl tl'lbutlOn. , .. . there," Don commented. "An' both gold grass. From one upstanding the thick body of a hor e between / In the .CII e ~f Ehzabeth. Man· of 'em wary. That's hardly accord· knoll. like a low island. they him elf antI both young tacDon. aoos, 1\ mmor, ven us Roy MIchaels et aI, demurrer III tained . Phlintift' ing to Hoyle, Wonder if there's g t a glimpse of Instered build- aId and Tom Salter. And as his feet hit the ground granted 30 days additional time to ing!'. For half an hour they had any behind." They twi ted in their saddles. !'e n nothing of these flanking' be bent and fired und t the neck plead.' . of his horse-not at Murdy. but In the cas~ of Tom Mariano An exclamation ~( urpri!e e· rider. c.,ped Don. As if his wond r"Ruby," on aid, "if that is at alter. almost in alt r' face, versus R~y Mlcha,~ls .. et 811, demur· which had ~en mo t1y a je t-had the Double G we had better pa ss He didn't reason about that, J' r sustn~n.e d. PI~lntlll' glranted 30 I asked Murdy was the deadly one. The days additional tune to plead. /ffiaterialized . to conCound him, it up. Medicine Lodg they Il8W a rider sitting motion· lift· about thnt post-lays right ame sort . of look had fla h d In the matter of th employment Ie on a low rise a mile or more at the west end of the hills. We over his face a he reached for of ~egal counsel tC) as is~ the prose in the rear. Don lifted the gla es_ can make it in three hours from hi gun that Don had once een cutmg attorney oJr Warrl!n county Before be had them focused this h reo 1 d just as soo n the Mount. 0'11 the face of a wolf .slashing at a 0 ., in the court ?f' appeal of Wa.rrearward horseman moved down ed Police knew we were in this hound with bared teeth But Don' s ren Cq.unty, 0 ., In the calle of Wlloil' his perch. In a moment th low country- any way. It would be gun roared at alter fi; t becnuse Ham Ertel, an infant, by Dai y ground had swallowed him up. wi er considerin'-" a pal·ticular sort of hate 'and con. Keiter, a s next fl'iend, plain tift' in "It looks to me," Don said de· Out of a hollow, squarely be- tempt. for tbe )JIan IIW~Pt. over him error, :ve~ u The Board of County liberately, "a if they were sort of fore them, rose first the heads, aa Salter bored in with his lips Comml loners,. of Warren C.o unty ridin' herd on us. One on ach ide then thi! shoulders, the bodie of parted, eager to kill. ~., d~endant In ~rror, now pend Another bebind. -Yell, sir, I • ure fOUl· mount d men, confronting Murdy miMed witb ,his first shot tn~ on the dockE't of said cour~ wish .y ou'd gone back home thi them at a distance of fifty yards. - by incl'les. Don felt the wind of bemg number 172 on tIle docket mornin'. I got a flash of that hom. "Aha !" Ruby exclaimed trium- the bullet on his face, But he thereof, I?esn E. tanlell' authoriz bre beh.ind before he disappeared . phantly. " We'll ee what ,they didn't mi s, He saw Salter' ex- ed to asSIst the pro ecutlng attorHe was watching u through a have to say for themselves." tended arm witb the black muzzle ney. Oompensation fixed at '400. lIBir of gla"8cs. I 'd say thing was For the riders, 0 close now, of a .45 ~~eping in an are, stirIn the case of The Stat;e 01 Ohio apt to tighten." . that Don cou ld &ee the whites of fen in the air. Salter's mouth versus Beverly. S'm ith. Defendant their eyeballs under gray hat opened wide like a fish snatched pI aded not guilty a be stands CHAPTER XI. brims. were Windy MacDonald, from its pool. He folded up like an charged in said nffidavit.Trial is Bl.zing Gun . .. MUrdy, T om alter. The fourth empty sack and rolled sidewise oft' set for Tuesday, May 1. Stre ight up the age they rod was a round· houldered, middle. hi plunging hor e. In th ca e of Nellie Marianos Don could never realiz~ in v I'SUS R~y Micha:ls,. et ai, demurkeeping on high ground back from individual ~ith a long nose, a the bank of the creek. Parallel long, droopIng, straw-colored mUll. detail precisely what happened re r sust8lned. PlaJntlff granted 30 with them rode tho e di tant hor e tache. But he was ell mounted after that. Guns cracked over hi days additional time to plead. men, like Indian scouts hanging and the highh aded bay he be. head, behind him. His own anIn the ca e of Harry Otis Me· on the /lank of an emigrant train. strode carried a Double G on the swered as fast a he could throw lung ver u Ethel lone Dudley, the fore sight on a ma.n and pull et aI, app~ichtion appr017i!d as to For a time they would nnish. left hip. They met. 1'lfce didn:t compensation of trustee and atThen momentarily one 01' anothe r . would appear. ed .to Don as if these four barred of being hit. tomey. . • "Keepin' us spotted," Don said theIr way. But that, he reflected, It was like being caught in a In the. c~se of Muon Shu~ts verprobably just , fancy. He whirlwind full of thunder and S~l! Chrl tIDe ~hutt8, motion as"If we wel'en't sus])icious we'd w never notice anything strange wa n't apprehensive. The range lightning. And like the whirlwind Signed for hearmg May 10, 1934 about that~ II wa a public highway . open to aU it passed quickly. He found him. at 10 o'clock. •. , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . self standing by a dead horse- his ~n. the case of Elizabeth Eddy to • horse a dead man a few feet Wilham E.dd;.-, a divorce Y\'8s grant away. A hwndred yard distant ed the plaintiff. M1urd.y MacDonald was galloping, In the case of Ida ~ay Sout;h weaving in his saddle as if he versus Roy o~th., a dIVorce was were drunk. The man with the pale granted the plaintiff, eyes . and drooping mustache flogg. ed hili horse with a quirt, vanished New SlIi .. into the hollow out of wbich the ·ment In the matter of the employ quartet had come. Windy Mac· of legal counsel to assist the prose Donald was nowwhere in l'ight. . t ~ u lUg attorney of Warren county Ruby sat on her motionle s black horse, resting bot.h hands on the \0 the court of appeals in the dehorn of her saddle. One hand held fen e of the case of William Ertel an infant, by Daisy ·Keiter. &8 next a whitehandled Colt that dribbled fl'iend, plal'ntl'ff'I'n-error versus a pa]e wisp of smoke from it muzo The Board of County Commissionzle. er , of Warren Co,unty, defendantShe· looked down at Don __ftUgo~-Ul-ll4lt''-4YelIr---------1f-L!.!~I.U:4...w.IW pencling on tlle dock. 'd you hit?" IIhe croaked. et o.f sal court, being number 172 ~·N·o." on the docket ther'eof, to authorize "I am." She put one hand to her th e emp Ioymen t (,f counsel to asside. "I'm getting dizzy. Ob, DonI SisTt hthe xroseCIUti~lg attorney, Those dirty, theiving, murdering . e ....,ntra Acceptance Corp. versus Herbert hounds !" 't Hull' W Eand Mildred If COgnOVl. • • Hoffer ie a e caught her a be slid, gather. Hu, ed her close in his arm s, cried out the attorney. Th e Mutua1 B Illi lding and Loan at the sight of blood seeping through Co. versus D. A. Harrison, , et aI, ' H the h ldbosom of her black (or 8 h lrt. e e her so for a second money. . • begging ber to speak to him, car~ The Standard Oil Co. " a corp., ' f Iess 0f t h ose fleeing, versu s Harry Hill , or Dloney. ____ killers, careless of Tom Salter in the crass at his feet starin .. vacan"I 0 Probate Court • y at the uy. CHAPTER XII. B. G. Fitzpatriick, eucutor of the estate of Cynthia Evans deAI ' d hi A ' R omance III A. H olpital cease d, u e 8 urat and final aeSomethln .. like two weeks later count. Don Campbell came jogging down The inventory c,f .RoBS a. Harta steep hill intq the town of sock adminiatrat(lr of the eetate Medicine Hat, wb~ch $its by the of Thomas Elmer Rogen, d~ceued Saskatchewan River, forty miles was approV'8d. northwest of Cypress Hills. He . Eljzabeth U,rdit)g ad.miDiIItrardde beside a man in a dat.brim- true of the estate of Karlr GooQOn med Stetso n, brigt)t scarlet tunic Shearer, deceased, filed heT ached· I f db · an d bl ue b reec h es With a two-ineb \l e - 0 e ts. yellow stripe down each outer A copy of the e11try dej~nili.liine seam- thus heralding to all and inh~.ritance ta.x on tbe estate undry at a great distance that he of ~lias F?lk, 'deceaaed, is to be was a constable 0.( the Mounted certii\e~ Without delay. Poli~. The Inventory ,of C. G. EulallS, They crossed a sage.grown flat of tlhe estate of Ray to enter the town, an orderly coli. Starry, deceased, ill to be, eiven to ection . of etores, hote~, dwellings aU persons interested. spreadlDg on both sides of a rail. Josepb F., ~uardian of th state f W Ib H" t k Th ey crossed this e e 0 I ur .... cltlnney way r.c. track to a minature barr.cD. The decease~ filed rus Mcond aeeount. po}icema~ ~oint~d out a large In tm matter ,of the estate of brICk· buddlnl' two blocks north. Florence A. Stark, 1" decj. . . .; db "There's the hospital s ir" laid t.rlbutibn of IItoc~ ol'der~ld. he, "where you'll ftnd 'th- 'youn.. In the matter hf the ,•,.. .tate of ~ • lady." Lydia E. dec~~1 MI. .Don dismounted b~fore this edi- of real 6ce. He removed his spura. enter- ! In the le state of _.. a L_'I __ I f .,.. .... an d approach e d a deale laAob ~ .... 0 to addreu a uniformed nune. Pre bonda HnU7 he as stepplne Boftly down a COI'rIdor behind another uniform trb: of th. " peNOn. .. uabered through a 811..,... door 111&0 • NOlL aDd:"::~:;~~~



Crooked Trails



Quality PrlDtlDI

The Miami


MTHEWARREN OR PAST WEEK ' the estate of Elia!! F Ik, deceased, filed her final account. Exceptions to the first and final account of George Depew, administ.ratrix of the estate of Hiram Del) w, deceased, were sustained, Alma Seig, xecutrix of the ell· tate of Jacob eig, deceasec;l, filed her application for a certificate of transfer. In the matter of the estate of Peter Noll, deceased,J., exchange of certificates ordered. Garland Hil~ filed his application (_or the 8ppomtment .of a guardIan of Ella R. Lane, Incompetent. The will of Eudora L. Whitaker deceased, was filed in probate. J. T. Riley, administrator of the e tate of Dora Chilton, deceased, tiled his inventory. Release of cer· tain properties covered by a said mortgage is ordered.' In the matter of the guardianshipof Robert H. Yeats, et aI, minors, he'aring in said matter is contin ued to May 7, 1934 at 10 o'clock. Three days wl'itten notice is to ~ erved on Albert E. Yeats minor. Jeannette Bant,a , an minor. filed her affidavit in lieu of account.

- Power .....




Washington Senator J. Lewi of Illinois is a famous lawyer , oratol' unn states· man. He is best known, however, for his pink whiskers, ~ancy vellts and faultness mann rs. His chivalry is proverbial. Recently while dining in a small rcsLuurant in southern Illinois, he compliment ed the trim red-headed waitress about the Excellence ot the servica quality of the food, her exp rtness, and incidentally hel' pulchritude. Suddenly, he got this: "Soy, big boy, don't hand me that line. You're working th wrong side of the street I've been kidtl cl by ex· perts" . •

ROOT FOR AND CONSIGN Jour Cattle, hogs. sheep and cal"•• to Nonia.Brock Co" live l'lre aud proaresllve firm lor til. titch .., arket priCeII and good lernc• . Ualon Stoc!.: yarde' Clacilln•• I. O. Tune in on Radio Station Welty 12:25 to 12 :30 p. m. tor our dall, market reporta.

Congressman Turpin of ,Pennsylvania lost his new spl'ing hat in the cloak room and WII S creating quite" rumpus. An un ympathetic' colleague suggested that he pick out a good $10 hat Ilnd beat it. WAYNESVILLE, OHIO "Ten Dollars, my ye," said he Phone 80 Bank BId,. "I paid two-fifty for peevishly, mine and there isn t anot her 8S good on the rack."


Dr. Wirt, a satellite of the Steel (Bteal) Trust, complains about the President's advisc l·s. Wirt is a publicity seeker with a book for sale. Hill silly charges were utterly disproved. It i far better to have in an administration men such as Secretary of Agri · culture Wallace, Profee 01' Tugwell, Frederick C. How e, Donald W. Richberg, and othel's, sometimes dubbed the "brain trust," men all Secretary of the interior Fall, who served sentence in the penitentiary for graft and corrup· tion; F.orbes and Miller who held office in tbe Hoover Admini tration and went to prison for corruption; Dot .t o mention Harry Daugherty and Walter Brown.

F. T.



Real Ed.'e Tr. .afera George D. Stanton to Roy Bor· roughs, inlot No. 736 in Franklin. o car Robersofl and Co?a son to Omar Hollingsworth, real estate in TurtJecreek towtl.ship. Frank J. Mardis and Aliee E . Young to Laura Mardis r al estate in Turtlecreek towllShjp. William Shumaker to Georce E. hUmaker, et aI, real estaw ill Phone- 78J Turtlecreek townsrup. Leora D. Shumaker, et aI, to William Shumaker, 87.41 acres in Un ion township. Hazel I . Shumaker, et aI, to Leora D. Shumaker, et aI, 6·0 aeroea 'OTARY PUBLIC in Turtlecrek townllhip. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS William Shulllaker to Georg. E . Bad Shumaker, et ai, 39.34 acres in STATE OF OHIO Turtlecreek townlhip. DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS Willa Dl'aW1i - • E.ta._ Seul.d WAYNESVILLE, OHIO The Pe ollles Building, Loan and Col ....... , OIaio, M.y 5, 1934 Savings Co. to Pearl P. Black, in· lots No . 61 and 66 in Harveysburg tlNI PRWI!: ONTRAl"r t.tea 1II.1e " ·ork,. Nat'on.1 John H . Rboades to Lambert B. a er,. ... __ tel•• , ......J..... DR. H. M. WILLIAMS Rhoades, 40 acres in Clearcreek .No. _ 0 township. ')STEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ..41 Mary Goonan Shear r deceased Sell I d prolloaala will be rect'h'.d SURGEON to Elizabeth Harding, ~t al real at tine otfl ce of th Slale Highway Dlrect.or of Ohio. at 0lumbu8 hio Speci.1 AU••tioll to Rectal ••eI estate in Franklin township: until two o'olock I). 01 .. Easte ..; la Db..... Frank and William Fink to Eli- Standard Tim. Frida)'. May 26. 1934 . Improvementa In : LEBANON, OHIO Babeth Hardinl', real elltate in !lor fPl'opoaals NOl. 1, 2 and 3 or lhls R 8 Phone rue. proJeet to be aw&rd d t o the /jam .. ho ne 12 Franklin township. IU one contract) 1 vln. & JlUnuOn Bldlr. Frank Fink and Elizabeth Hud cObtracto r "ro_.1 o. I Wa.rren ount)'. OhiO, on lion ing to William Fink, real eltate in ~orrow IBrldg ) or the 'Incinnati. Franklin. ~neavl11 Road. S, J-L No. 10. U . Robert Tinkler, to William J, lRout e No. t~. In III Village of Mo.. ~,.---__:---.- - - -by con.tru<:Ung 1\ (l ncret Brolwn, real e!ltate in Deerfield wllh conlinuOUI ateN hE-amI! town hip. II. U ', 0', &4' cent l'r t roo.uway 30' nd LW A. C. Fordyce ~o Henry J, Mur.. mew..... .BrIdge 1'>0. W A· 2~· Directol' of' Fu Serrice Fork _ phy, real estate ia Wellman, 1_ 52 ft , or O.Q40 mil . Roland and Okla Davia, Eugene eillUrnallC. coet of co nstru cll n, R. Mueller, John W. COli, et (or PQffiPletion. Decemb,'r Our convenient location, BultaFern L. Heydt, Marion V. _ ..L..L__ L[",.,... ble surroundings and equipment Marie Keltner to tbt State Pre_I N •. :I enable. us to Serve to the Beat Ohio, the uae of real elltate Warren ounty, hlo. on part o( highways. '!! ctlon Morrow or tbe Cincinnati. Advantaae. S Zanetlville Itoad. S H' I ~ S. E. lrfardia. deeeased, to Frank Route No. n, In 't h e' "IHng: or AMBOLANCE SERVICE J . Mardis, et aI, real eitate in Mo~row. b 81'aGIng roadway. build . In~ nOOUllary dralnng-e 8t"Ui:ture Turtlecreek township • and paving ,with POrllanll C" m ~ "t P ..... 21 W.,.e ••me, Obi. Theodore Ehrenberg, Her~rt L concrete. Wldljh : Pavem nt 37' and 28' 6"; Jtoadwa)' 4 ' and 42 ' and Mabel Alice Thompson, Olive Lenglh 2602.66' or O .-I~2 nlll S. and Henry Spinner, Fred and Eat1mate~ coat or ~on9lrUl. tlon ' Golda C. Elbon! to the State of "3180.00, .oa~e II t ror compl Iron D c m. Ohio, the use of real estate t or b r 1, 1,a~.· FOR SALE DATES CALL highways. •..... _1 N .. S Jacob Sell', deceased, to Alma .·~_l Aitl o.e. .Net 1·.,Uet... te Seig, 86.12 aeres in lIn ion town. Warren CO\lnt)'. hlo, 011 part (}r sbip Section Morrow ()It the InclnnaU· . • ZaneavUle ,Rlo!\d, . H . No. to, . S. A. C. and Ella BaYlOre, Anna Routs No. 2Z, In tbe Vllla ..e of Mor· Vella Palmer "'-M row. by paoln.-: ""ad,wIlY, draining . , ,na"ees areonet, and ".vlng wltb P~rt1and ceme nt et aI, Clyde Malin to the State of concrete. Width: l'.vem nt 28'-6'" _...1._ Roadway -42'. ' O h'10, th e ule of real _ t e for Lellcth 143.35 ft . Or 0 .021 mil JESSE STANLEY highways. Eallmat d coat o( p ..netr.uClion U.~1tt.oO. . .va e.e t f or completion, December" . . . . . 110, N_ B.I'II.,•••, au.. Bllb AU..... 1, UU. A of ",ompllance on the EARL lCoocua W. C. Turton, coal. $18.75; Ifn . which wlll. be tur· Ira Eltzrotb, --m . _. , _ ... , Helen JoUrp08e aha.ll b ~- .., "" 1lted by all bldci ra KE ••or••••• Doughman, services, $7; Candis th ElC8CUtiV Order Hymer, erviees, -5,' M- WI'II by th e ,Prel ld«-nt On 'I" .Only .·bld • • ccom· I::::============~= Bryan, services, $10; Stena KeUy c rllfteatea 8ha11 11 services, '7; Mrs. George HlUer: to ~o~~ f~:':4 ~~e ~~dl . services, '10; HI'lL Howard sawrequi r e 8ubcontrael0l'. and • ye-r, services. 'I" -7', Oftlce, furnlahlng maltand luppllea equipment, to III·g n BHullar s upplies, $6(;; clifr Brant. serTiees cer leatea before maklnlt awarde - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ .a-'___, ,1', ltOractor. or pu~cba.e. Buchor.ubeon· •-I.' H. H. WUlia-- - -........... or de.l.rt..... .. m l>optell Wbleh FOR SALE K. B. Oswald. burial ..mcet, .ball be fllrnlldled to the co ntracting $100; Gem.. Cih> Blue Print'" Sap ofp~erda. "I h n. have been pro.ramm.d for FOR SALE - BiJluality Cbi~" ply Co., letterinc aDCle, 94c; £auf t e eo.atructlon of tbl. proj.ct In f . . . .... man's IUPpU... .$ ••77,' Lebanon tb.e lI.IDount <1f , In the rom "oeb carefully culled and event 00. ntraGt unit J)l'lce. Indklate blood tellted for B W D UDder House. dun.en tor jury, $e.'t: • tota oo.t of the ,p roject •• . • . C. C. Oolllna, elerk, court bOll., f.Ja~ned In excea. of th e amount of penonal sllpervillon by Anti,en '946 Kaul' U 80- t~: '.:;tr~T~~~ 'lPf~~,::te .,e.rll<ilJebcet Imethod; W. BIl1' ~ocks, !uJt " '; man. lapp Ie; OC; .hortened If neee •• ary to .. ~"ep ..~ .. Rockl, R. I. -R eds. W. Wyano - "c. Horace F. Compton, eompenatloa co.t of tb k h .~ f .... ,. W Gi -$1; L. P. Cavett Co., tar. ,429 ••'; allotted tbe.".:tc:,r Wit In th e und.,' • anta-IOe; Enl'. W. LeI'. The Barrett Co., •• --'a '''''1.60,' ITh.e National ·Re.mpIOyment S.r- 7~c. Let UII ha"e your ~rder now. . . . . . . . .r.~en·a.Da erVI 'l Cad rplenter. HLocal Office Weisman'. Hatchery, Mason Ohio. Franklin Vala·-i~....... - Co., Lebanon.' .. n F: oor,'urn"h orntheBI.o;c~k_' Phone 28R. ' m81 ........... &1nJ Oh'o. Tires and to-a, .. •• --., e'ho • -III, -an em ~ .,. .·7.· .. v.,.... ...., ~..tul bldd.r ploym en~ lI.t • Shovela, Inc., el'llll1c. buJIiq aDd f;~r!d ~~~~u..r~J~~~.• hall ;be u - FOR SALE-Sweet potato planta, shovels, '3.90; Flack Eqlltpaellt TIll. mInImum .a~e paid to al\ 85e per hundred, 01' three hunnati Oil Worb, Co., $· ~o~C,.l c::::~~ :r~.:t'~~ e.T~oIOYlld dred for '1.00 All kind ...arden Cincinnati Oil WorD hour. . per plants, 10c dozen, three dozen 25e. 15; Sheehan Service PI, o~~~ 11~~:~~I~:f\,.~~lt. to aU On Ferry Road. Strollse Broth.ra, $(J3.99; Ohio ConJrated 0;0 •••....,.. (!Io,ecl 01\ tb la contract 'h~' 1 Route No.3, Waynesville Ohio. Co., sewer pipe, ,«.85; O-nia ,1.00 pel' hOur. ' • 3 Bri --.Tbe minimum paid to all m 1 dl'e Co., steel, $tl.81; Waynft Group S Workers em· FO ville Farmers Exehance, eement, P)oYt d on tbll con'traet ...U be 800 R SALE- 3 fr ah J.e rsey cows. $194: VUJace of lIorrow, Ease- Pe.f.heoUC:;'lnimum w . .e paid to all Unusuany ~ood ,one8. [rene Hen for higbway pul]lOlea, $3500 ~roup 4 .emi-akllled work.r. 8111- de.raotl. R, R. I. ·ml'l Anna L. Brolm. ~aiver of dam- ~G~Y~r t~u~~I. co ntraqt lihllll be ·$150; CharJ. Poppe, waiver The minimum •••• paid to all WANTED of damages, $75; ClaciDllatt Oil ~,,:!ug.,:.::.e~t:.Jla::r5:cm:~~)'~u~n Works Co., Eiaaemellt for Th. aU.aUolI of bidden .. dlrectpurposes, $8171; Sue E. ~b':t~r:If'-:'~~af::rJ:I~Vt~ ~c;,~~~t:c'i WOOL-Consll'l1 'Your wool ' to Euement for hl-.ay pu......... to HIe or 40meatlc material. The Ohi WIG C u 'SO '6 -r~. . . . electlon elf Jabor, .a.. ~ hOllr. or 0 00 rowen oop00; SIJaaIl L. Vandenoon, IIt"PIo J )'tIIe.. t. and cOftdltlona 01 el'lt1ve A.loclaU<> n. 8,000 otber Easement for bleh__y PUP.... = : - l I t . and h!,nd labor lro"en do. In 8 out of 10 yean ,2550; Jlae Ford Anderson.... ftk bJdd_ mu.t .ubmlt w ith hi. wool prh:es are lowest .t Ill_riDC ment. for bleb".,. PIll'POHl. ~~J ~~~~ed~C:~ltntl"(.~).omor uthn.t time, Liberal cub advance on .... 800; Gao,.. aad Battie tI te4 .... ~ .. ..,.. oe.lpt I 1W E••.-.nt .or ....... _ p n _ ::..rna or -to In no .,.ent mor_ E xware 0 woo. lIyn"vlOe FarJDeN .. &' . . . . . _ _... _..~...... Dollar. Co .• local repreaentattv. $8710: A. I. 8eb..,. &lid Cant. ...... IIPIClflcall_. are on SEE U"'t Smith. Eaaament tor ......,.,_ til. I~ ' Ciee 1ttJh. ltate 1I'.h.....- or Wall Paper . . .pt.. .eoo;f 'lIcmow Lam_ ,,_ ".~)' Iree:or_~4 eltM14ent Paintlnc atld all interior dec...-t ~ ...... "'''' Dlreetor I"· Th . or NO'" _'!It I''''b''!..~ ua_ to __ • OftIPIIOn -... S tandl101'Cl. -ml0 A. . . ...... &II I . pupoeee, 0. W'. IIIIftRBLL, for war Dll'eotor


Centerville, Ohio



Stanley' Koogler, Auctioneers 0.,._ Pu..






=.' ,'IO.'",O.? aD. .... aD,.





, P ...u...... S.b.erlptloa PrI.., '1.&0 • Ollie. PJ.o•• ,. . . ....... .. No. 111 Entered at POllottlee actI WaY."'Iville. Ohio. aIL~"d a •••_ Re.1 d _c. .. ............ .. ..... No. 111 Matter




MAY 10, 1934

Let U. Open The Door

Ca itoI Cross Road Chatter

ft . .

4 Million for Relief In Ohio

Total of ,4,712,706, or about '90,000 more than in April, i8 the federal government's eontribu tion to recovery in Ohio in May, Govern or Georg White has been advised by Harry L. Hopkins, f,ederal emeraency relief administrator. Approximately the same number of men will be given employment this month as in April under the federal works divisie)D, which ~pplanted the CWA. There are now approximately 55,000 Ohioans at work on federal workS divis ion jobs.

By Henr,. A. Wallaee In 11 civilized lands today we stand appalled by the tl'agic non:lenge of mit! ry and want in tile mid t of tremendous world stoeks of s!jential goods. cianee has given us control over nature tar beyond the wlldeJ!t imagi nings Of our grandfllthers. But unfortunately ihese utl itud s, relill:ious and economic, which produced such keen cientists ond aggressive busin es men the civilized world over, make it impOIIibl f or us to live with t.he balanced abundance which now would be ours if w were willing 1.0 accept it with clean, understanding hearts. I am deeply concerned in this because 1 know th"t the social Inachines set up by this administration will break down unless they Old-A.. Pen.ion Blank. Dela,.ed are inspil'ed by men who In their hearts catch 8 larger vision than the hard-driving profit motives of the past. Our people on the street and Application blanks for the Aid on th oil mu t ch"nge their altitude concel·ning the nature of man of the aged, originally expected to ·nnd the natUl'e of hUnlan society. The¥. mllst develop the capacity to be aVliilable May 1, have been de('nvision a coop rativ object and be Willing to pay the price to attain layed for probably 15 days. The it. They must have th e. intelligence and the will power to turn dllwn blanks will be distributed by simple solution!! appealing to the short-time selfish motives of a parti- county commissioners or I:Ipecial eular class. local boards. No blanks will be If we could rid the general maslI of our people of that paralyzing l'.avUllla'ble for public distribution lear which breeds and grows at a bare Bustenance level of wages and at the central office in Columbus. pric ,and which IIpreads in time to infect the whole of business and society, it i conceivable that we could proceed in time from an economy of denied plenty, with heaping surpluses next door to bitter hunger Status of NRA Hi,.. way Work to an economy of potential abund nee developed to the uttermost ungrudgingly shared. It is mean and niggardly in a land so wide and NRA projects put under conl'ieh as this on , and many others, to stem the currents of p.roduct~on, tract by the Ohio Department of and to deflect the things all men d ire into channels so IImlted~ for a 'Highwaya will reach 202 with the privileged few. It is bad management. Perhaps we can ~volve In tbis awarding of nine jobs remaining ('ountry all economy that dealM in potentialitIes Instead ~f in de!li!ll. on the schedule under the original Perhapll in time w sha l\ 1> able · to unleash the productive eapa~ltles national recovery highway fund of all our im\ustries, including agriculture. and turn ol;lt for the WIdest granted of ,15,484,502 to Ohio, eli trib ution imaginable the kind of goods 'which AmerIcans and people Highway Director O. W. Merrell throughout the world in $I' 'neral. so achingly. gesire.. has reported to Governor George The purpose of the New Deal is to r VIVa the feelll~g of mutual ubligations and n ighborlin II which marked our early pioneer I\ettle- White. Total of 193 NRA projects ments, and to make that spirit , If ctive throughout the l!lodern mter- have been sold .t a cost of $15,dependent community , the NatIOn 88 a .whole. I wonder I.f one reason 073,817 of which '14,691,294 is that th peopl in tho e simpler lIocietlcs were ~ore nelghbor!y and national recovery highway funds. I 58 inclined to pr y upon one IInother, was not 5lmJ1ly that their fe~r Seventeen of these projects have was of l)oture rather than of their fellow 1!lan. They k~ow for eer~ln been complet~d at a cost of '514,lhlll they did not have to gouge other men 10 order to hve and prOVide 500 for th il' OWll. They weI' free men, secure. They were not driven by . that fear of nameless forces which haunts both farm !,nd elty ~aces thl'oughout thi world now. They were not forced to strike out O"io Top Nation'. Safe.,. against th e remote, anonymous forces; and to .b~ ,uncompron:"smg, Record hal"d and mean in self-d fence. 1 f el that in all CIVIlized countnes we Safety record of Ohio miners 01' all heal·tily sick of 80ch meanness. . That a enforced rn aness h85 throughout mode.m socle~y bec~me for the tlrst quarter of 1934 is fl real mcnace no one can deny. The breadlines testtfy to thl' reaht)'; better than the average for the Ii million fOfC~d sale of :Carms in this country tell another part of the nation as a whole. Between wretched story; and then you have only begun to take co'::!nt 01 all the J:anuary 1 and March 31, 24,492 millions the world over who live in constant and degrading fear that men enrolled in 426 mines in the the same thing may happen to them tomorrow. Ther can be no flnal an8w~r to our present dit:Bcultles; there ~an state had 528 108t..time accidents, hardly be ven a satisfactory tentative answer until we cieefde whlcb or 12,568 tons mined fot- each lost wa we want to go. That question should be debated througho~t time mishap in comparison with A m ~~ica and on the · hi~hest po ible plane. It should be debated In only 6,40S tons mined for each aconire!~, in public forums, in city and in country IIChool~ouse mhie~ cident for the entire mining .indus ing! in every state. Thi time, our courlle must not be deCided be n try. los d doo ra eithel' in Washington or ,on Wall street. The people must be I t in on'the problem. This time, let U8 open the doors and debate ur future course lhroughout the length and breadth of the land. Be ... lt Pe, For Tobacco Cro_ra Benefit payments ,amounting to about "160,000 will be received by growers of burley tobacco in Ohio by June as a result of the federal prodUction control proThe Ohio State UnivCl'sity Radio Station- WOSU Total payments for the years 1984 and 1935 will .reach ap proximately $697,500. Burley 8 :00 Music H SI' h ............. , ......... ·'·R MiUerlPa:d acreage in Ohio will be reduced :06 Farm Adjustment News :15 Milking Hny in a New Way I ... .. .. . .. ..... ... . . . . . . • E. A. Silver about 42 per cent in consequence of the farmers' production control 8:25 Music :40 Insect and Disea es of the Garden ,............... T. H. Parke anrftd program. The first payment, exA. 'L. Piersto pecteB to atrive by June, wi]] be ... .... .. S. M. Salisbury ,20 for each acre taken from proPasture F eeding for Milk Production 1\ :60 y:OO pring Tonic . ..... ." ............ .. ' . .... Mrs. Mary Gedaugh Idulction. The second payment i.s to !): I 0 MUBI . Robert Clark be determined by the sales v ..lue 9:26 Intervi w with 11 Stat Farmer ....... ... . . . ...... ·· II E Elwlne of the crop when disposed on the Il ::J& market. Profesaiiln 9: 4& ~ .- ..... ." , ....... .......... ..................

Farm hight lalhs, Mal' 14 'l

~:r~~i~~S~ia::l~f vS:te~~:~; '.

·a~d F~Od·i~s~c~onHObb·~ ..


COLUMBUS-The fift.1l annual district-state high school contest WBS held last Saturday with tests and programs riven at t.!le five statE!- colleges. The purpose was to. det rmine the best pupils and the best schools of the state from a scholarship standpoint. A total of 5,050 pupils representing 2.00 teams from tbat many county, CIty exempted villages alld private high schools participated in the te ts. The eltaminatiQna were c.onducted at Ohio State univerSIty, Ohio university,' Miami oniversity Bowling Green Slate coUep and Kent State college, with the state divided into five districtll. Each team consisted of not to exceed 30 members, and tbe teste covered tlften subject! contained> in the high acbool curriculum . . Studeflta and teamll received rr.del o~ 76 per cent and over were declared atate winners. Thele will a ..emble ill tbe auditorium at the Central High School Columbus, at 10 a. m Saturday' May 19, to receive ' lI~te scholan:hip awards. The lltate High School Senior awardll will be made at the Hme time. Many aeetions of the state be npreaent ed. Ray G. Wood, State dIrector of scholarship testa,will b, ill charge

scaf[olding that WI.8 erected in the rotunda of the famous ,tructlM'B wal removed last week. revealintr a pleasinc view.



rapl.... •

Two London newspapers "cov· ered" Ihe search for Ihe (tcsper' ado. John Dillinger. by tran~~l · Iantic lelephone. When the pursuit cenlerrd in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Police Chief Thomas Dahill of 51 Plul received Iwo calls from I·: ng· land, one from the London Daily Eagle and one from the Lon dOll Evening News, a,oking for new development!. "It'. Quite an inlere"liog slory over here," said the I.ondoll New. reporter, in explall;itioll of the overseas intuview.



Bobby Jones, of Radnor, Obio, wbo ' will reach home next week after a 16.000....U. trip to Hawaii and weatem statal al national preThe- State Department of Acti- , ,idlnt ot the F. F. A., wfll deeerib. culture has issued a list of Obio his remarkable ~ip in ~Jl interview county and independent fain to be in tale N.tional Farm and: Home beld this year, with the dates of Roul' national broadcaat at noon each. In addition, th~ ()hio State Ma, 14. lOll'" who is onl, 7 Fair is booked for Aqu.t, 27 to yean of ap, Ipoke almoat dailJ September 1. Sevent,-three COURty to farm and civic orranlutiona faira -.vOl be held. .tartintr oft when DOt uta.Ur tl'aowelq. with two, Greene and Lowan, the • Under a new polle)' lDaururated first week in August. The last cobnt)' fair .-ill be Putnam'a the recently by the state UbAl')" the second week of October. The fint thOUMnda of vola_ Oil Ita IIbe1ns Independent fair wUl be Ashle,'s are at the diapotal of til. hunatea ....acu~ 1-8 and two lndependallta of all tile RaW'. m.tItutionl ff1r will be AI iaM AI Deeembar, Blut the ...... Ja napon. . to tbe ot· fton', Deeember 1_.14 and Put- 'ar IlIOn• b, PaIlI A. nam.AUen at Calumbal Grove 1'. MOOD, . . . . LIInrIaD, tIlat tha Deeember 18-19. aWl ..... maJ Mft ,... 1l1li _ _ of &heM boou. tile clrnlatloa of 'l'Iae tatarior of tile vut d. .a or tile 1Ulral7 bu beea tnbled.

the Btate Roue II


The last three years has ahown a larte decrease in tbe number of penona Jlaturalbed in Ohio, according to flcurea compiled by Secretary of State Georee S. Myers. In the statistical year ending .June 80, 1938, there were 8472 persons naturaliled in the state_ Thia compares with the pre_ _ ____ ••_ __ cedlna "ear's total of .,606 .. a de Cash income fr9m sale of creaae of 23 per ceat, and a as farm product. ha the United cent decreue trom tbe 19~1 ~ States is estimatfd at ,408,000,of 6,&711. The ~latlonlhip b earlier yean Ihowl the liSS taun ..OIlOJ",°uf,"O~ 't:rrf!~°':l!:~ t~:~Z:t to be 11 per cent above the 1980 raise tM estimate to total of 2,709, and 6.8 per ceat above till 1920 total of 8,282. In 7,_ 00_0_,_00_O~ _ •._ ......_ lOSS, 19 per eent, or 651, ~f' thOle ,-turaliled WIre born in Ger From 1928 to 1984 numbe~ of manJ~ 16 per ceut in the Brttilh cattle (beef and dairy) increallInlands, 18 per cent- in. Italy, and ed'in the United states ftom 67 12 per cent . .ve Poland .. their million to about 67 million. Dairy native' land. Thus about 60 per eattle numbers increased about cent ()f thotle naturalised came 22 per cent, beef cattle numbers from four couDtrt... . by a simila .. percentare.



--- ....


Best ·of the News Direct From the Ohio State 'Capitol


., ......



Trucks now handle 81 per A f~w pench blo,llOm" have allcent of the bop, 60 per cent of, pured on lOome or th(' hardier the calvea, 46 per cent of the cat-I .. ,. R I tIe, and 26 per eent ot the 8heep vanE-he uc~ ~~ Champ lUll, oc IMr. and Mrll. on 17 Market.. Along with this j l'Kt r Rnd Snllth Havell . These and Mr. and Mrs. and daughter Ruth, of tendency to more trucking there varieties, hllwever, make up only delightfully Ilurprlsed follows inerea!ed tranflit 108 es, ac- I a "ma ll p rccntag .. of till' tl'!' in Rellson Sunday ,~~'ft".. cording to the Ohio Livestock 105~ Ohio. Elbel"tn .and HRle IIJ·!! II Cail Mr. G. M. MacDc,nald. Mrs. PJ'evenLion 8s80ciation. : urI! this year. H. , Tuck r and Mrs. Cllas. Gord n att nded a W. T. C. U. meeting in Lebanon, Flriday. The " Wi1Iing Workers," of the M. E. church met with Mr!'l. E . M. V iIIars Monday eveninlg. The Sun hin e club met with Mrs. Mabel Hosier, Monday even ing. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Snell and son, Dwain, of Morlterey, are spending th we k with Mr. and Mrs. J, W. n II. Mrs. Mary Surfa(!j~ was in Middletown S unday vil;iting relatives. Mrs. Evelyn Shumaker and daughter, Marjorie, were Sunday afternoon callers among their many friends. Charles Gordon and Evelyn McCarren, of Walhonding, were week 23 end visitors here. WHALESI Many attended the Old Fiddlers' contest given by the· Sunshine I club at the gym last Friday even- LITTLE AMEUlCA , ANTAHCTI mous blue Whale Jump clear oul 0' CA. Apnl 30- (vla Mackay Had tbe "'lIltH with three kllhn whaleling. , 10) . Llte goes aloo~ with Ull . attac hed to 111m Miss Laura Ward and Mrs. Ed On tbe way down I had 1\ long, Dakin are on the sick list. Their Ilmootbl1 but busil y Outdoors II 18 many friends hope for them a nIght-li me and we doo'l Btray 1010 'talk about wbal 8 will! OIDmon 't any more lban we ba ve to I Ilm dtol OJ rt6llD . cOlDlDo\iore of tb p speedy recovery. About one hundred attended , "ClDnIDg to get IlCCUllomt'd 10 t;xpedlt1on . whQ baB navlgaled tbee wat ra Illor than nny !Dall th Masonic Inspection here last thll nlgbt IIt&-24 bou ra a day . Pl;'Ilctlcally all the men ar!! ke ell· alive. having lrliVI.'I·S d th ' Antarc Saturday night. The Eastern Star will have their Ing dIaries, Bome of wblch 14'111 lilt r Ilc Ice-pack Il~e 11m II In ench dl inspection next TuesdllY evening, , be tUrne<! Inlo books. I SUP IIOl4e l:io lectlon Since Ills tlrsl trIp dow u " ar tbere bas been very 11111 11 lit er bere In 191 I wllb Amundsen. dl.B May 15. ' . Mrs. Anni e Von DorEIn entertain al'J effort. We"'e all Deen too bUSY . coy rer of tbe Soutb Pole. H tol\l cd her niec e from Dlayton last ' In fact. we baven't Ilaa tllllt' to 118 rue abODI tbe !!1l0rlDOUS el!!el wbal ten 10 more tban a tew radIO pro Ing shipS. Ulostly N~rw ginn . an rl week. · Mr. Everett Villars spent the grame. mOllt of wblcb reacb us 11)1 called "WhRllng factori es." which w .. ~ of Nf> 7nAIand or AustraliA corne to. and sometimes Ibrougb week-end with his family. The Friend' QuatteJrly m~ting :--~~~-!: ' Ve are sllli dIg · tbe HOBB ICt' pack lind capture from ing tUDnel s. I'bla 700 to 1I00 wbales Bcb In II slngl will be held here Saturday morn• 8lmplebutback. BIla80n I thougbt Ihls Wile 8 sbame' ing, May 12. :·eaklng We dig nd-lol<l lbe Command I tbat tb e Quite -a number at"tended the I I reucb leY e Q wbales IDU I soon be exterminated Passion Play at Wilm'ington last eel de!!p 10 Ille al Ibis rale. week. .uow. lint: t:IICII ··!'Jot·· ne saId. "They will never The Givic League will meet at <I de wltb bo~~ ~ 01' De extermInated Tbere are count the h ome of Eva MacDonald lood or IUIlPlles leBB thou sands of them In the wal· Saturday evening, May' 12. . Iud roottbewbole era around tbe Antarctic contlnenl Mrs. Frances MacDonald, ot hlng oyer wltb and tbe wballng sblpe cover only Wilmipgton college will be the big block~ 01 Dara a tiny fm ction ot tbese woten. speaker of the evening. " It cos·ta about $J .60U.UOO to out· Supt. Francis and family re- , Dr. Thomoll C . 81\014'. In a few turned Sunday from a week's visit ' Poult.r, our\,re or Oay a tbe lit olie ot tbt'se eXI!edltlonll and tr , mand., Pro Tem.enUre lunnel ,I Ibe average ca leb go a down ttl with relatives in West Union. : covered many teet <leep Wltb oIUow- around .00 wbales tbe ellp dltlon!! ~ ....---dnft. Thle bouse 01 Ueqrge !'Jo- will lose 1D0n y and will be aban· DUSTLESS TRAVELS ville'. wbere I live 18 now com. done<l . ~xI)edltloD. wltb smaller FOR OHIO M40TORISTS pletely buned. Tbla snow. ellpecla l. Bblps can nev\:I lJ}ake serIous 10 ' Iy 00 tbe lurtace. Ie 80 fiDe and roads on llle buge numbers or , dry tbat It can sneak througb we wbalea 10 Ibis regIon:· Embarking in a ·fore-sighted pro- Unleat openIng. If a bole Iwo Inches Tbeae whaling fa ctorIes are tregram to pl'ovide dustlesli travel for In diameter Ie made In a tunnel. mendoua steel elllllll wltb great Ohio motorists and rurnl residents the entire tun Del will be blocked openings In Ihtl bows tbrough this summer, the Stat.!! Highway up In twelve bours. wblcb tbe wbales al Mu led . They Department has mapped out plana . W. are all alone bere on lbe Ice. 8IDell awtul. The actual wbale kill for the oiling treatment of appro- All lbe pengUins. seille and gulla Ing Is done wlLb smllll. pow rful ximately 1,275 miles of secon- bave lett us. tor beaven only fall mOLor boala , called "cbaael's. " dary state roads. knowl -bere. Even the whalea.llave uBually live to a factory . Every The progl'am will get under way ,one trom tbe Oay or Wbales. scrap 01 a whale 18 used . 'rbere May 7, Highway Director O. W. wbere lbere were bundl·eds ot tb m II no WlSle \\' hatever. Merrell has informed Governor a montb ago George Novllle I\\'eara ADd now lbe (\oy SCOUts ate White and will be comJlleted June I b. II going to catcb one next Octo· JoinIng OUI club Sw II ! I wlsb ev· 15. Individual project;s will be ber snd II laylog deep plane for ery Scout In AlIlerlcA would Join pushed forward as rapidly as pos- Ibis personal conquest of bill. becaflse I'm Bure our actlvilles will Tbey lell me wbale meat II very be of great Inte~e8t to all of tbem sible in order to have available an improyed oil-treated rOllte free of line eating. black but tender and Tbe latest troops to enroll ID A dust for the heavy volu1[Jle of sum- amazIngly lIourlsblog. I'll probably bod,. I learn trom tbe Club by rad. mer traffic. know all about lillB "ben we cap. 10. are tbose 01 th/! Oblo Soldler8' The oiled road is one of the Iture a few DaKt lime the lun ~Blts anCl Sallora' Orllbans Home at most economical in th,e low cost , UI. Unfortunately. bowever •. tbe Xenia. Ohio. and lhe troop at JUg. field. While considerable damage beat wbalee to eat are Ule blue b)l, Idaho . tb e latter wltb lO~ has been done to this t~lpe of road wbales tor ",bleb I bave a great 1IC0utS. To dnLe 166 school and col during ~he spring thaws due to the i r..llnl of Iy~patby on account of lege classes have enl·olled and eRcb severitY of the past winter an ex- , th. meenneAl wllb wblcb they are memDer bl\s ree Ived tbe blue mem cenent riding and dustleSIJ is treated by tbe killer wb'lIl .. Killer berablp card /lod tbe beautltul 20 lf.t turnished throughout the year ex- ",bales! Tbere·a 8 beastie ror you! b)l 27 .lncb working m p ot A.narc cept for this short period with a re In m1 opinion tbl. \e tbe crueleet Ilea all without coat. and lbe leach lative sma)) cost per mile for re- anImal In tbe ...·orld. Tbey lire era ba17e recf'lved a personal radio pairs and new treatment. .maller tban the oUler wbales by message trom AdOlira1 Oyrd. Teacb . Approximately two-thirds of the man1 tona. running only up to el1! aod, Scout Master8 should give work on the oiling program will be around to reet trom polnled nose .bome address a or pupils or troop done by contract, while the re- to Glpplnr tall . Bul they are 80 members and enclose 3e atom p tor maining one-third will be n ..,rf".' ...."_1 feroclou. tIIat tbe bIg whales , OD eacb. Otbers deslrtng to JoIn tbl a ed by the highways department ' wlllCb the, pre,. buen't a cbance. fast growing {liltionsl organization . labor. Tbelr pet blblt I. to IttaCk tbe bIg wltbouL cbarge, should send cleat· In Warren cf)unt.y a total of 8.4 blue wbale. eat out bll tongue and Iy self·addressees, 8tamped en "elope miles of secondary state roads are .et blm Idnft to die mfaerablJ. to C. A. Abele, Jr., President, to be oiled. This inolud~~!1 8.4 mile Comlog throuS-b the Ro.. Sea 00 Hotel Lexlngtoo. 48th Streel and for retreatment. the Jacub Ruppert. 1 . _ an 411101' Lellingtoo Avellue. New York ' City.

Timber prices in Ohio are increuinw, but not unifonn1y the state. --,-- - ...- - - cWa_ Br.n.. Col•• Cblllese blOul. coin. of abOut 100 B. 0 .. were made Ill.the Ihape of Uttle kal... aDd otber traa. artlclel. tliua IDdJeatiDi that tba coin wal worth the artl~l. repretleDted. .~


CalIf. . . . . . . . Illata J_.... It a maD fOu14t Jump .. fJr In eomparIaon to hi. own wetaba .. a Oalllol'llla .... be could ~eb tile IIIOOQ In ten Jump.. TIll." tile .. tlmate otreJ'ed bl Scl..... Ne1l'l

........ ................

---_. ............ ----



White ROIe,-Pow hind the enlln•• pi


CARY'S JEWELRY SHbP LEBANON, OHIO We have a complet Watch Sen-ice Prices Reasonable nead. RcsLrll rig .11 wclry Repaired _ __ "THE HOME OF GIFTS"





---...... -.-.--


ROBBERS' NEMt::SIS A joslh:d telephone· pr'oyed to be the slip Ihat led to the capt~re of two filling station bandits in Barnes· ville, O. In makinl; I h e i r cn lran c~ Ihroilgh a rear wind~)w of the slation early on~ Sunday morning. t:he robbers ' accidenlly . knocked over a lel ,e phone. throWlng the n:ceiver off the hook. • "Blclcks away. in th,e telephone exchlm.e, a light flashc:d on , the switc:hboard be'ore Chloris Henderson, night tele,ho.n e operator. . Thinking it was an ordinary tall, .he operator answered with he, ~sual "Number, please." There was nf) response. Then she heard noile. lIer tbe line, which were made by he rummaging of the two robbera. Trsjned 10 .ul1lect ir'reguJaritie~ n .aeh case •. the operlltor immctiately notified the poJic,~ wbo har· ·ied to the filling Although the :ore the officers .....i".. ,~ 1P captured Ius t robbery on a ~..."'....... .IilUnce from Barlllll1,ille. valued at more thaa ~red.












WHA'l' A








It • 62-'p ", mOlll"l, m.... ,I •• c,",mlll' lull o~ "Wl~

IItbl... clUDDin. MId "appl ••• tol1 •• ndplclur., ysl J.a.b lll l n fo rml.tlou about I UN. revol vCltO.1Iablnl tacl'e. glun t • • • ch.DI .... bed pi .... \0 o.lItb and 1 _

I.. .


HUNTING A. FISHING f--»- Bldg. eoe.o". M....



, tie


K. of P. children' Hum. Mrs. Mllrgaff't John.s entertained to 12 o'ck k dinn r Sunday .• Ir~ Mar)' Doster, M.r. and Mrs. Chat'le!' HOHter and Mis~ Caroline U8SlIm, of neill' WilminghH1, Mr. and ~Ir~. lenn Johns and children, Paul and Vivian, and Mr. Elizabeth mith, of Dayton and Mr. Mal-tha Hough, ot Wayne~ ill . Mr. and Mr~. Wilbur Foulk entertained to dinner unday n number of relative in honor of the birthday of the latter. 'rho ., th d M d enJoytng e ay wel'e, r. an lIh . Thoma Turner lind son John Mr . .and Mrs. Hansford Tewell and fa,nllly, Dr. and Mrs. E. ~ojfer , MIsses June and DoriS Rohm on, Billy Hoff r and Millard Tewell of Franklin, and Mr. and Mrs. harles Evans and Mrs. Florence Kirtz, or Dayton. . _ __

Bread Company, the home prNent from th Episeop 1 pari A ctivitia o( tlte I. "CDayton Miami Maid BHad. ~I! In Wllmingtun, I.ond,'n, Wa hWednesday's tour tarted with inJEton, . II., Xf.'niu and Wayne_School Durin. the Producerll' ooperative Com- ville. mlSlllon ompany in Cincinnati, ---- - ---Commencement where students wer·. given an illNOTICE


Mi! Julia Chatlf'ton and her moth!'l. llrt'. A. R. Charlfton, Litt": BI'II)" Thunla ha. lh~ J1f.'llt the "H'ek-end "ith Mr. and m a I" . )lr,. Willinm Tl'x~nburjt', at inMr . Mllrjtan·t Hadl·y nnrl ~h •. dnnnti. (:'1\1\'ln I ..,nKael·!' WCI!' 11\ 1)0)ll.n :.rl . CI)'de Wharton and Rer,)JOJllllnA' . lIIall Lltld Mi!<" Velma ~mith atMr.. fOn'1 Whal'tlln , of Leb· (~nded lht> dediclltion service "f al .on ~p nt ~ev rul d, )':\ IIIH Wl'l'l< j th(, 111'\\ Opt'ra hou. at Lebanon at the> home or fr. and !Ii!'!'. I~'cle Sunday all rnoon. What'ton. .. II". and MI'. 'harleh Gehhart ,Phylh~ 1 rk f. I?ayton wa a nlld falllily, of 1iam ishutIC \\er • unday guest of .Ml,n~m Wharton. Sunda" visitoJ' of 111 r. and ;\lr:>. Donald and VIrg1UlI\ Foulks Ilt~ tend ed a party in Dayton Friday II ·my Foulks. evening at the home of Mr. and Mr. and Mt'.. 1)'1,1 hULL and Mrg. Edward Drew in hon r of the 'l mily mo\' d from Wa.,n ville birlhda of their 80n Irvin. . tu ["'Iank Tl'I 0I1'-I)n'8 Ill·opel·l.y . Y , MIS lItary Young hBll b .en ill h re, !;nturciay. MiF~ ~ l\firillm Whllrton, Ev Iyn j\lI' everal week~ and WIll be lind Francis John and Dorothy unable to fini h thl8 term of scbool Graham look part in the ~chool pro aivin Longa re, who has .em~Iam at Waynl'8ville Grange ploymt'nt at Denborn, MICh., Sat!l l'day veninlt. "pent the week-elld with hi s fam· Mis~ H I n and Ruth Early were iI here. shopping in Daylon Friday. Mr. and l\hs. Charles Clark and Little Janice and Ph IIis Burnett Mr. lind Mrs. Waltcr lark spel)t spent the week-end with their atul'day in Dayton. ~r ndparents, lr. and MI'. Ed Mr. and Mr . th Furnas and Thomas in Waynesville. children, arah Corine and Buddy , , l\lis Virginia Foolks i spend· ;wert' unday gue ts of Mr. and tanley Brittian, neal' Riching this we(!k with DI'. and Mr~. J. Mr E. Ho/fer and family il'\ Franklin. mOIl'd, Mrs. William Brooks has been Ind. iU for a couple of week~, but is Mrs, Kesler Graham and daugh ler, Mi Bernie pent aturday some better now. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerrard shopping in the Gem city. nnd children ved from the Mr. and Mrs. Ed Longacre in Brown property to Dayton, Mon- company with Mr. and Mrs. Wilday, where Mr. G nard has em- bert wank, of Dayton, motored to incinriati, Sunday and visited Mr and Mrs, John Fite and family. White the depen- Mr. and Mrs. Don.ald Hadley attended th alumni of Adams dable Gasoline. Township, near Willmington Satur day eve ning, of which Mr. Hadley is a member. Mr. and !'lIra. Joseph Githens entertain d to a family dinner on unday, April 29, celebrating the 78th birthday of . Mr. Githens. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Forest Gith ens, Mr_ and Mrs. Elywin Stubbs and FranK Githens, In caskets, as in every Dayton and Everett Githens. other kind of merchandise Mr. and MM!. Harvey n",Tnet motored to Cincinnati Monday. there is a wide range of The latter's uncle, Mr. Ben 'Rosquality and value. The nagle accompanied them home. As funeral director who W<1Uld they WE1'e leaving the city a car serve his public well, from a side street hit them, damag must select products which ing their auto some, but no one was hart. offer the most in matenMiss Velma Smith a nd brother ale. design a nd equipment, Hermon attended the funeral of for t he price paid. W e deal their aont, MJ'lj. Charles Smith at with the most reputable Waynesville, Monday afternoon, Mrs. Smith was a former Lytle manufacturers in t his resid nt. field, and can g'u arantee Everyone is cordiall y invited every article shown in our to attend the Mother's Day service display room as a quollty at Lytle church next Sunday product. morning. R v. H. H. Lafferty will be present. He will preach here every two weeks at \I :30 a. m. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kenrick E. McClure aod James Haines, in company Phone 7 w\th Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cast, of Way nesville, motored to SpringW.yneaville, Ohio field Sunday. They visited Mr . Mat'shall Harlan at the Masonic Home, also Ferncliff cemetery and


Mother's Day. A. H. 1\11': Ilnd .1 r.

spent Lake.


MonlS \"el!k-end at

rnhnm lndian

Mrs. Paul Bool'lIm, oC Bellbrook, v-i;;itl'd friends here, Tuesday evening. Plenty of those famous MethodLt doughnuts at B~lk ale, May 12.

(Continued f rom Pace U rol' 'in innati on their first indus. tr'ia l tour. The first. tOp wt\s at the recently.completed U nion Terminal Station where a guid explained all the details of this great terminal constructed at· a cost of $136,000,000. They then went to the R okwood. Pottery and to the neighborjnr glass works. Aftfr eueing dinner, the afternoon was Ilnjoyably spent at the Zoological Gardens where th'e Biology class round specially interesting exhibits. . On Tuesda)l, the group went to Dayton, stopping first at the National Cash Register Company, where guides conducted the students over the entire factory. The next stop was at the office of the Dayton Daily News. Here guides explained the workings of a newsper office, and gave each student a copy of the "funny paper" of the next unday edition. A photograph of the entire group was taken and the picture published in th News Thursday. The afternoon was sp nt at Wright Field, with its countless attractions, und at the

Mr. lark ali sbury is villiting his parents, Mr. and Mr. W. P. Mr . Raymond Wil On pent the ali bury. week-en d with her parents, Mr. MI·s. J . P. Larrick spent Illst lind irs. Ernest Hurl y, of ' ncar Friday with the Rab . family lit New Burlington. Mad isonville. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Haines Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews nnd family were dinner ~uests of Mr. and .Mrs. Benjamin Carey. and and ons, of Dayton, called on Mrs Mr. and I\lr8. Herbert Carey of Emma Hamilton, Friday. nellr areytown, unday. Mr . Howard taniey i sick at Mr. and Mr . A. Z. Hartso k and family of ncar Wilmington, called this writing. Mi s June heets and Dorothy on relative bere, Sunday. Bogan visited the Wayne ville MI'. and irs. al'l anker of High school on ·Tuesday. Mason, were week-end guests . of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Sears and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. lB. Gons. family visited Mr. and Mrs. Russel Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilson Mr. an d M rs . .C,. B . Ch lipman, 0 f , ampbell on Social Row, Sunday. and -daught r, Jeannette, were din IIcr goe l at the McIntire home, Dnyton, were gUiests of MI'. and Mrs. E. C. ran and daughter, near N w Burlington, Sunday. Mra J, B. Chapmsm on Wedne day. Barbara, are Duyton visitors toMr. and Mrs. Raleigh Bogan !'Ifr. and Ml·S. Herman SUI'face, day. attended the funeral of Mrs. Ben of Middletown, visited Mr. and Mrs Miss Louise Henderson was a Howel l at Port Wililam, on Tuesorg Hart ock, Saturday ev n- week-end guest at the home of Mr. G day afternoon . and Mrs. Joseph T. Willhoff and Mi s Helen Leamjng and sister, ing. r.iargaret, went to the "-H club Mr. und Mrs. E. L. Thoma were family, at Coldwater, Ohio. meeting laet Thursday atternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry BurSJHtrlay dinner guests of Mr. anll at the home of Mrs. Je se Hill. nett. and hilch'en at Lyt1l!, on Sun 1\11' . fra Rich and family were Mr. The fo llowing guests were enter- day. and Mr . H. R. Moss and family, tained at dinner on Sunday, at the and Mr. Gilbert Frye, home of Raleigh Bogan and family :Maynard Rich , of O. S. U., giv n in honor of Evan Bogan's' OIUOlbus, spent fhe week-end with Miss Catherine Branstrat o r, birthda y which was one day last his parents, MI'. and Mr" J. B. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. week, Mr. and M1s. E. O. Bogan Rich, Branstrator, has been employed a akes, light or dark; . pi s, II high school in tructor at Clarksand family of Dayton, Mr. William Smith, of near Moraine City, Mr. covered or one t:rust, at Hawke- ville for the ne'xt ~c:h ool term. S he and Mrs. Weldon Wilson and son, Gerald, Q! near Xenia, Rev. and LeMay office Ma~r 12, 10 :00 a'. m. will replace a married teacher whQ lost her position because of a n ew Mrs. W. E. Bogan of near Spring- on. rule now in effect in t he school, ~Iiss l\fary Louise Lukens, o! Miss Bl'anstrator will graduate Valley a nd lb. and Mrs. Horace F Compton, of near Burlington. Harv ysbu1'g, spe·nt the wi!ek-end ft'om Wittenberg college, SpringSome of Gur people attended the with her grandmothel', Mrs. Lena fteld, this spring. "Passion Play" at Wi lmington, Hartsock. Last week. Mrs. Joh n K. Preston entertain-, Mr . Olive Curl, of Dovel', Ohio, cd a group of lrlends at a bridge Sunday May 13, is Mother's Day former matron of the Friends luncheon on Tuesday, The guest More and' more each year sons and Hom , called at he home on Sun- Ii t included Mrs. Robert Anderson daughters are showing their re- f day. Mrs. Wm. Hopple, III., Mrs. Nixon membrance of t he beautiful cus- j M r d M E l l i P '. h d Lutz, Mrs. Frank We tennan l !drs tom of setting aside the second d. . an rs • owSe d ell cMe. a Tom Lloyd, Mrs. Wade Shepard, Su nda 3' in May on which to pay las mner &:ues t s on on. a~, 1 ses Mr . Leslie Webb, Mrs. Fred Pent. t t r1'b u t e t 0 our m!> th era. 0 n thi 8 and AnnaMaster LOUise and Mommla Hoak ilarge' aU of Wyorrung, Cincinnati JUS Benton Honk day those of us who al'e so fortun- I . an.d Mrs. Wallace Graham, of ate as to have her with us do. well M1·. and Mrs. Walter Cast and Middletown. . to express our love, our gratitude Iseveral friends, visited Mr. Marsh- I Mr and Mrs J ohn Ry~ Qf and tender ~eve:ence that only a all ~arlan at the Masonic Home in Mount Holly, Mr : and Mrs. Charles mother can msplre. Sprlllgfield, Sunday. I Rye, Mr. Cha rles Satterthwai te, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= The Farmer~ club met Lau ra Conner and 80~ Earl ;;.. atte nded t h e f un eral 'of the M. E. chur~~h. Mr. Morris their a unt and sister-in-law, Mrs. ilve~as hostess lit tbe m~eti ng. Rebecca R. Wolwtt at Lena, Ohio , T hursday, May 3. Mrs. WolMI'. and Mrs. Wm. Watt, of cott has been a stlbscr,iber of The Fra.nklin, called on M~. and Mrs. Miami Gazette fo r 66 years. George Hartsoc\" Sunday af~r­ noon.

Caesars Creek


Protecting Our Patrons

sight to ~toekbuying as followed under cooperative systems. The I \\ ill Hot b 1'1.'. ponsibl for my Kahn Packing mpany entertainwile's 01' hl'l' mot her's cI bt ~. . ed the group at luncheon lind conHAR LD C. RAHAM ducted them through the packing -m17 house afterwards .. On the return _ _ _ __ trip to Waynesville, slops were I R th d made at the Tennessee . hcmieal Wh te 05e, e epen~ Company at Lockland, and at thc dable Gasoline. new' transmitting station of WLW at ~son, which was being dedicat-


ed that evening, On ThursdaY' th group visited the Taylor tre t branch of the Frigidaire Corporation, Dayton. Guides conducted the students through most of the fa«tory and explained the more important facts about the construct jon of th frigidaire unit. The next stop was the Dayton Rubber Company, where students were privileged to see Dayton Thoroughbred tires, belts, etc. in construction. The. lost ity branch stop was the Morain of the Frigidaire, whel'e the machines are assembled and shipped out to dealers. ATTEND "GU E ST DAY"

; ~. with our customers Every Employee

Today all that ia changed. Mothet1l and wives find It is possible to enjoy leisure time in their h om", thanks to electric accessories to be had at your local stores. May we su,&est you avail yourself of opportunities to do yoW' home tasks electrically '1-


REPRESENTATIVE IN OUR COMPANY each employee considers himself THB com PIll'Y. To the end that custo m ers may be properly taken care of from the greatest to the least important n eed, oUr employees are trained always to conduct themselves as representatives of a company such :a s ours a re ex· p ect ed t~that is, to be p repared for whatever the customer wants in the way of service. We ask you to remember thi!l. Have no hesitancy when you , need us to call us.

EASY to do Business With US

ELECTRICITY, on the Farm THE LAT E ST statistics fro m the government sho w that almost one million farms in our country use electric service for ' a variety of laborsaving uses. Think ba ck only a very short time w hen electricit y was not availabl e t o fa~mers . Wives fpced dru dgery from sunup to ~ undown. N ow a lo w cost service is a. va il able. ~

MOST PEOPLE prefer to do busin ess with 8 company that is o perated in aound business ways. We pride ourselves that lJlis is the method. we pursue. Customers (to the number of more than 100,000) in the territory we serve, lonl ago discovered that what we .,ree to ' do we will do. In ahart, we adhere to the old principle that the customer must be satisfied. It is a good bUSIness principle to serve users of our ljIervice in the manner they desire. In this way the customer , is happy, we are happy and relationships o~ a deSirable kin~ are maintained.



WOMEN Live Longer Today YEARS AGO women w re worn out with their hous hold duties long be fore th(y were very well along in years. A s an example, Lincoln'. mother wa s barely 40 when she died.



TAKE THE BILL you receive from us each month and divide it by the number of memben of your family. That will give you the cost per peraon per month. Then divide it by 30 days. That will give you the coat per . person per d~. The result will aurprise you,

Misses Janice and Ith yllis Burnett, of Lytle; silent the week-end with their grandparents, Mr. a nd M I' . E. L. Thoma s.

Mrs. C. R. Frazier, Mrs. Edith Banis, Mrs. Anna adwallader, Mrs. 'Ronald Hawke, Mrs. L. H. GordOn, Mrs. Emma McClure, Miss Emma Heighway and Misses Annie and Mame Brown represent. ed the Woman's Auxiliary. of St. Mary's church at the "Juest .day" luncheon and meeting at Christ chur'ch in Xenia, on Wednesday, Rev. and MI' . J. J. chac/fer Were pl'ellent lind Rev. Schaeffer gave an lnteresting and instructive addres in explanation of the liturgical co lors of the church . Guests were

let Us Show

Mrs. Fred Gons and daughter, Helen Margaret, Messrs. Elias Oglesbee and Ro bert Gons were Dayton visitors (Ill Tuesday. .



La d le.' Dre ••e •• 70c Men'. S u it. 65c Q~i c lc.- for quality drJcleanill&

• I


D.R.SMITH ' Phone No. 19

In this climate, fence must have real fiabtina qualities, or rust will socn weaken it and then destroy it. R ed Brand Fence is a two fisted fiahter. It iights rust, fil1lt, w!t~ a heavy Galvannealed o uter costma; second, "4ith a real copper t>c:aring inner section. Double p'rotectlOnl T his two-way rust protection adds years to its life and $aves fence dollars for you, Let's talk it over. ~J

Waynesville farmers [xchange Co. Phone 25


Wayne.ville t Ohio


The Mother's :Day tabl'eaux for t he Gl'allge meetilog of May 26 will pl'actiee at G ranl~e ha ll May 12 at 8 p. m. Those alJked to take part please be present. Mr: an d Mrs. R oss Hartsock and childr en , Mrs. LIma Hartsock and Miss Ethel Mendenhall attended t he "Passion Plal~' f at the Murphy theater in Wilmilngton Jast week.


Mr. and Mrs. ]!ioss Harblock attended the wedding ot the latter's nephew, Mr. Roblert Baker to Mias Gertr ude Moellelming, at Cincinnati, Wednesday.

43% MORl .Non-Slcicl



AncJ h.r. 'I the

GO'O D ,'NEWS This marvelous new G-3 All· Weather with IUmany adftln-

taaes oyer any other tire on tbe market coata you nothlna • estta.

• Come see thIa brute-for-punlahment ...;. CbII

areat new "G-3" that Goodyear has


tested, proved out under terrific abuse, to more than ofteet'the harder wear put on 'dreI bJ" today'. (..t-stepplng,fast-stopplna automo- I bUes • • • It'. a COItliertire to build but Dot t., b"y-conlid~ that importaDt fact too .. you look It over and we think you'll eay: "~t on. eet." SUNOCO CAS AND OILS







Come an d see what we have t he F ri endshi p Club Bak e Sale

The Boy Scouts will probably take charge af tlile Memorial Day services, May 80. Plans have not been arranged butt a &'Ood apeaker for tile af~rl1oo ln is anticipated. The prOl'l'am will be published in a later Issue.

FOR SAL Plants, 1 anu 2 yeal' old perennial flowel: plants, ~o­ mato s, cabbllg , mnngo lind sweet potato plant. G o. Pe t erso n, 1 mile from Waynesville On B i1brook pike. ' mlO

....son. for lJuyln.


Mrs. Opal Reason was hostess t9 t he members of tne Happy Hour clUb on . Tuesday' afternoon with Mr!!. Warr en Bra'ddock, a SSistant hostess. !l'he pr1ojfJ,"am con sated of numbers. appropriate -for Mother'B Day.



Mr. and Mrs. Leon Salisbury a nd child"en, of Sabina, called on Mr. and Mrs. W. p , Salisbury, Tuesday eve ning.

Mrs. Flossie GarEY, M·n . Smith, IMrs. Hannah Taylqr, MilS Lucy . Emley. • MeIllTl. Cheater a8Te~ and Ernl!st Smith spent Sunday at the home ot Leander Carey and family , near Dodds.




La te CIassified Ads




Eighty-Sixth Year





Whole Number 6118

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1984




I t, is said that. the Harv eysburg Susan Jane Smith, daughter of Miss Anna Marshall died lit the Friends Home on Wednesday night .rohn and Katharine Cottr II, was bonk paid iI Ilivid e nd of 75'1.' Lo ut' posito l'R on W t!tln ·sele y. " after an extended illness. Miss born at Newmarket, Ohio, June 9, 1867, and quietly and unexpectMarshall had been a resident lit. the edly passed away at the home of home for several ytiars. her daughter, Mrs. William Ber\ [s Waynesville to have Memorial ' r--::;~""-----""'--" Funeral arrangements will not n.rd, I on May 4, 1934, at the age of Defeat. Silver Lake By A Score Day exercises at Miami Cem etny be made until the arrival of rela76 years 10 months and 25 dllYs. Of 6 to . . this year? llv 8 thil5 (Thursday) afternoon. She wall united in mariage to The Wayne Town hip Trust es Superintendent J, W. Lo.. Will Th e Waynesville Merchants .with the help of council in former harley Smith, March 5, 1880. Two SUlpcc:h Que.lioned B~ Head Townlhip S,etem To Uleir union were born nine were successful in winning their 'yean '!lade adequate appropriation Marahal Joy But A .... children, two of whom and the second game of the Iseason b de- Ifor thiS .observance but failt!u to Another Year do so thiS year and many o r our husband have preceded her in .. ' . Y Given Re.le •• e death. Left to mou'rn their loss are fea.tln g SlIver Lake at Silver Lake, citiz.ens are wondering whether two daughters, Mrs. William Bet:- OhiO, by a scol'e of 6 to 4. This the day will pass with ou t th e = =======:====== upcl'inte nden t J . W. Lotz waS Loot which consi ted of cash, ralle hilS liard and Mr. Roy Buhrman; five was a very clo~ely c(mtested game lu8ual homage to v terons wbo MI's. E. I' tainetl as sup erintendent 01 clothing and two pistol was obsons, Carl, George, Ellsworth Ben and although the score sllows some ,have given their lives in war: of Wayn e T ow.nllhi p schools for tained Tuesday night in Waynesand Ellis; sixteen grandchiidren, Trors there was some very splim- the past and other lov~ d ones wh o Thomas lork is ver y another yea r at. a meeting of the ville by bu rglan who visited not one brother, Frank M. of Brook- did ball played. Silver Lak scored have gOlleto greater reward. hom e on Fl'anklin road. b anI of ed ucation Tuesdai night, less than foul' residents. held for t he purpose of selecting Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon ston, Indiana and a number of re- fir~t when McDonald singled in the This Cll tomal'y appropriation of Mr. a nd MI·s. arl Mc lure, a nd Breaking in throllgh a windoW Simpson, Saturday, May 12, 1~S4, latives and friends. thud followed by Bm·trons single. $25 was made lOr a suitable family , of Dllylon. visited MI·s. the teaching . taff for the 1934-35 in nch ca th thiev s worked a son. The greater part of her life ha B. Weller th n let one get jAway speak er and other incid ental exterm. with precision. be~~ spent ill Warren county. for a few feet and both runners penses which includ d hi.ring of Mary McClur , Sun day. Members of the board were unAt th home of RUIIBel Bentley, Fadmg health made it necessary advanced to seco~d ~nd third .re.. a band. Thi s has not been provid d . MI'. an d M I'~ . J . C. Hawke spen t cer tain as to the len gth 01 next Dr. A. T. Wright is visiting his lhey obtamed tw revolver. It for her to spend the last years of spectlvely. Brown s smgle scOred Shall Waynesville citizens peryear's school term, no action is believed tni was t.he first re- on Alfred and family, at Colum- her life in the homes of her chil- both men but Brown was retired mit this annual observance to fall S unday a t t he Oh io l asonic home be ing taken. It was agreed in pringfi Id. ide nce visited. At the home of bus. dren . In these homes. she received when Storck grounded to short, into di card' that the durati on of the term William Phillips $2 in ea. h was very loving care and kind consid- Storck being safe on an attempted - - -'- _...- - - · Mrs. Emm a Fa n Dakin. of X nia would dep end entirely on tax secured. Th'1 thieves gained en. . M~" IIn~ MI·s. ehas. A. Fisher, of erati~n that her declining years play. Collins then d<,~bled scoring I is lhe gu e·t t hi. w ek of h •. sister, collections during the remainder ll'uflce through a s id window I CJnClnnatl, wel'e guests on Sun- reqU ired, Storck lind Gautz illted to third of t his year and the fi rst part of Mrs. J. W . Wh it and family. At the home of Mrs. Edith' Hal" day, of Mr. and Mrs, W. K. Allen: Her greatest enjoyment was making the third Oillt but there next, but hope was expressed that ri '. on Main s!r et adjoining the Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark spent found in association with her chil- w~re three ' tallies on ' the b.oard for a full nine-month term would be U Mr. and M r~. Ho ward Sta nley, poss ible fOI' students of Wayne po to fflCt;, a wmd~\ was e ~tered unday in Dayton, the guests of dren and grandchildren and abe SIlver Lake. o~ Route 1. are a nnoun cing the township. and a SUIL of clothing belonQ'lIlg to Mrs. Clara Brown . was vitally interestad in all that B. Weller. scored the Merchants conc~rned them. ftrs~ run smgle h~lIlded .with the Attacks upon Sh eriff William ~ blrth of a daughte r, n Wedn sday Olh r t each ers named for the Frl\nk H!lwke, which had b n re- \' • cently l'et urned from dry cleaners, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thomas were Her quiet, una suming and as Istance of Colhnl!. WeJ~er sin- Hufford concerning treatment of May 16. nex t year's t rm are asfollows~ was taken. Paper cov dng In which I guests of their son, Seth Thomas sweet disp08ition endeared her to gled, stole second~ stole third and ' lwo pl'isoner confined to Warren irs. hn .. H ar tsock, of "Route ' Hich School lh suit was wrapp d wa to'und at and family at Dayton, on Sunday. the members of the family and to ' scored whe~ CO.lhns made a hi~h county jail at Lebanon , prompted I, suffered a broke n kn ee. cap Co rr ine Robbins, Principal, R. F. the l'Car of the Walter Elzy home .... d M nearby. ....r. an r. Earl Murray, of all who knew her. Her pa ing throw. to thud In a iD attempt to that official to invite an investiga - w hen she f e ll at her hom e, last Hatfield, 1. A. BTown, Elizabeth leaves a lovely memory in our get hl.m. The Merchants got two tion of the grand jury Into the Friday. Henkle , A lbel'ta B. Buerk.le. ClIlharles Kibler report d th 1088 Day on, were Sunday eaUers at lives, of one who wa trlle and m?re 1[1 t~e sixth when Smithson.. matter. of a pail' of trousers and ' $8 in the ~ome of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver faithful under every condition. trlple~, !dIke Weller walked and Bertie Mill s spent s veral to n Fl'izzell, coach. Mrs. As a result of this probe the Grade. ca. h from his residence. DaVIS. She ,Jllet the. changes of life with on Mike s steal of second Br~wn I county inve tigating body com· days th e first of the week wit.h her larp. J , Lile, principal, Eva Mr. Kibler told officers that two Mr. and Mrs. Zain Armitage, of cout-age, patience. and resignation fumbled the ba~1 allowing Sm,th- , mended Sherift' Hufford on the dau~titer, Mrs. h ster Cutler and R edel', Ola Harts ock, Margaret E. mn who 'suid their home was In Lebanon, visited Mr. Ed Armitage She was a faithful devoted wife a lIOn to score. Mike t;hen scored on condition of the jail and uphelc,l family at Norwoo d. mith, Alice M. Campbell, Laura Cleveland and that they were re- at the home of Mrs, Maude Crane kind loving mother and a quiet Hopkins' single, malleing the score him in the treatm nt. of the two d McKins y, Charles James, Rayturning from Cincinnati where on Sunday. ' dignified woman receiving the three all. Mr, an Mrs. C. E. "\ndel'son nlol'ld BI'Sddock, Wade Turner, . prisoners. they had delivered a truckload of deepest respect and too highest . Th re w re no more runs for The report of the grand jury and sons spent Sunday. With .Mr~· I Faye Kelley Dorothy M. Da MillS Ruth Larrick Wall the sup' Y, Susan Douglas lind MISs MIDDl e chickens, had taken a room at his regard of all with whom she came either side until Ule ninth when follows. Cook at Snrin Valley ~I\cey .CartEl', J. B. Crabbe, Vocapet guest Sunday evening at the in hom for t.he night. . contact. our boys really !tot busy. :rreadway Sh rur Wm. Hufford requested , ... g . tlono.l Instructor. They were qllestioned by Mar- home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert She, with her husband united led off with has ftl~t hit of the that the grand jury investigate Mrs. Harvey Sackett and fam IIhal Joy but rel~88ed. after none Cleaver and son, Robert. with the Christian church in Way- ganle. Mendenhall !ilDgled, Tr!!ad- charge made that two prisoners ily attend ed 8 family dinne't at the of the stolen property could be unable way topping at s.84!ond; Laurens Morris and Huse Robin on we re neaville, in 1913. AJthough Miss Virginia Hardin with a home of hel' moth r, Mr . Call'oline found. party of friends from Foster. for many years to take an active tben doubled SCOl'lllg both Tread· not given propel' treatment while Barne tt, at Bellbrook, Sunday. Sh riff William Hufford was call- pent the week-end with friends part in the church, her life has way and Mendy_ E:11is grounded in Warren county jail. The followMoth~r'8 ed from Lebanon and look part and relatives In Kentucky. · been a beautiful example of Chris out ~o shol·t and Sll!ithson doubled ing report was made in this mattian faithfulness and service. s~oT1ng Laurens; MIke Weller then tel': Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Robitzer and in the inve$tigation. We mourn htlr passing it is sl ~gled .advan~ing L:llurens to third During our session we visited MisS Beatrice Robitzer were dinThe Wayne Township Mother's A. L. 1<,ing Buffered another stroke Fdday evening and at the true, and we shall Iniss her gentle Mike Immediately stole second the c9unty jail, examined its state n r gu 8tS on unday o( Mr, amI club m('t at the Grade bu:ilding Friday aiternoon, May 11. The present tUne is in a precarious pre ence in our homes, but our and. ~olh he an.d Lllurens were in and condition, and inquired into Mrs~ J. . Marlntt. loss is her gain. Her glad reunion POSItion t.o score but the other the discipline and treatmellt of Dleeting was opened by singing condition. with the children gone before and boys c~uld not con:r1ect as B. Wei- the prisoners and their habits, diet Mr. and Mrs. Russel Garrison ' ISmilee." Devotions were led by Dr. J. E. Witham arrived home wit t e companion with whom she ler whiffed ' H opk IllS wa lk ed and and accomodation. In view of a and Mrs. Rose Haynie, of Colum- Mrs. F . H . Farr. The first grades, h h Mrs. Mary Silver vel'y delight.- from Van Wert, Ohio, .last Friday. trod Life's pathway for more than Hart~ock made tb~ third out by re'p ort which was called to our at- bus, were guests of Mr. and Ml's. under the direction of Miss ReedWare very much pleued to anfifty years, must be our conpensa- fan~lOg. Ob, well, J·t was plenty. tention, concerning the alleged.r· H. mith, on unday. e1' and Mr . MouseT, put on the fully entertained the Wayn Town lIver Lake made a valient at- mistreatment of two negro pr isonMr. and Mrs. F. J. Bates and following program; M iss Bonnie ship' club on :May 10. A nounce that the doctor is gaining tion. She has onl~ gone on ahead and tempt to. come baek in their half era, Morris and Huse Robinson , by three children, of Oakwood, were Peters, acting as announcer. pleasant social period was enjoy- strellgth daily. d before going to the M. E. Mr. and Mrs. Ota Hidy enter- Mother so dear to us here, will o! the mnth. Gantz., first man up, the Sheriff's office of this county, ~uesl!i of Mr. and Mt:S. E. C. Welcome by Ruth Wical and Jack church where a fine dinner WIlS tained at bridge on Tuesday even be waiting at the door to greet us Singled advanced tl) second when we made a very carefuL inve!ltiga~ Cnol! and family, Tucllday venCrane. Song- "Rheumatiz" by Margaret seTV d in the basement. After re- ing, .Mr. and Mr~. W. E. CorDell when we cross Life's portal into Haines wal~ed, weJllt to thirtl on a lion thereof, subpoenaing no les8 ing. fielders chOice when Ranies and than nine (9) witnesses. We find Clark, Lois-Myers, John-Philip, turning to the Silver home the Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Miller artd Mrs: the Home Beyond. Icenb~rger were retired on a and respectfully report to the Mr. and MI' . Oliver Davis, Mrs. . and James IIartsock. pl'esident called the meeting ttl J. B. Chapman. "We o~o~ee<!.s:I~~' f()~ she ' gave us beauti:!ul double play and scored Court that these two prisoners Nettie Kepler and Miss Rach!,!l A Flay "Nannie Etticoat"-sevl.'ral order and the invocation was offered by Rev. Dibert. The roll The meeting of the Men's Free And giving, brou"ht us to a w~tetndour sPlfenh~id shortstop com- were arrested by police officers of Davis we Sunday evening guests children. higher plane .. ml e. one 0 ]S ltew errors. the village at Lebanop, Ohio; that of Mrs. Lida Pence and "Uncle Three songs by first grade children call was answered by 'Tall Stories' and Easy club haa been postponed ThiS shortstop, I.aurens. makes they were intoxicafed, resisted Steve" Phillips, at LeQanon. "Ten Little Indians," "Three ond found all familiee present until 'Wednelday evening, May 23, and deeply mourn . a errors as we havt' seen but you arrest, and endeavored by physical dogs and one cat," "How do because of the various local activi- We mourn, with th exception of two. Mother. I • wh d t tt d ..... Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mengle, of I Miss Elizabeth Eul14sl!. of Leb- ties d¥ring COIDlIIeneement week. A noble 1!0man whom God saw 0 0 no a en t,,,eae games will force and violence to prevent said M dM dM L you do, Partn:er?" .. be ot the o~inion that anyone officials from fulfilling their duty; Jo:-o~s~~d M~: :~d M~: ie~~et~ Miss Helen Moss then gave the fit to give. anon, was the Bpeaker. She gave a Mt. and Mrs. I. E. KcClure atA would make errors if they covered that the Sheriff of the county was ding "The Telephone." ; talk on a journey which she had taken a year ago. The itlnersry in- tended commencement exercises n surely, when the porlal opens the ground that thill boy CQVeTS. He not present at the time and was St. John at Hubbord, Ohio. on Sun- Vocal duet, "Mother and Home' clu<\ d the Mediterranean Sea and fO.r nUl1lel at Mercy Hospital, at. To"":::'tlle one we Jove so well gets them in left tleld, back 01 (Continued on page 4) day. by Mrs. Harvey Rye and Mrs_ J. pus in third, back of secoilid and any place Mrs, RUB el Benson, of leve· W. Lotz, accompanied by MJ'8. countries adjacent. Sh is a fluent Middletown, Wednesday evening. that it is P0811ible for .im to I d " t d 1 • M tl Fulkerson. peaker and her de!criptions Welre One of tlIe graduatell ls a -ft:iend The angel bidding welcome will else SILVER LAKE an , W. VIS)P.e leI' of Mrs. McClure. " . ge t to an d b eI'leve me he Is fast. ' Mrll. ali paren.s ~ul'Y overr. an the Playlet--Mrs. Ralph Hastings, enjoyed thoroughly. done o nY'th It sure ,is. worth the price of any AB ' H R PO A E week-end and returned home on Mrs. Nelson Watkins. Well Mrs. DOTothy Silcott,· home deMr. and Mrs. Fred Hartsock and wor y ervant, thou, wast ball game to see t:his boy come in Tuesday. During ~he businesli session the monstrl;ltion agent of Montgomery family, of Milford, Mr. 'an dMrs. faithful ttl the end." and pick up grounders. Th~ throw Mc~onald, 3b 3 1 1 1 0 0 following officers were elected for county, Miss Elizabeth Grady and Robert Walton and son, Bobbie, of to first is like a shot when neces. Str.l ker, If .. . . 2 0 1 0 0 0 Mrs. [da Stok es omt Mrs. Ada the coming year: , several thers eave .short talks. The Moraine Farms, Mr. and Mrs. sary and with thl!'ee hits in this IBartron, 1b . 4 1 1 8 0 1 Coul·tney had 8 . guests on Sunday President. MI's. R. H. Hartsock. guest list inc1ud~d Mr. and Mrs. (J. Archie Hartsock, of Dayton and Card of Tha'" game he looks to be the best short Brown, 2b ...... .4 0 1 1 3 1 MT. and Mrs. H. D. Olt. of Sabina, Vice-Presid.ent, Mrs.-.Frank Van . EulasB, Miss Elizabeth Eulass Mr. and Mn. Bert Hartsock and We wish to expreu our thanks stop that the writer has seen on Stor.c~, If, 58 .4 1 1 3 1 0 Mlil. Gail B ai, of Miamisb ag, Often. and Mis Elizabeth Grady, of Leb- family were guests of Mra. J. L. and appreciation to friends and any Waynesvl'lle t..,am. Collin, c.... ker S cretary, """". 1U~ L . V . Bec. k ~, G t f 4 01 2 120 01 01 M1'8. ELI a Baker . • M1'5 . ora Ba , anon, Mrs. Dorothy Silcott, of Hartsock On Mother's Day. relativea for the kindness and Tht\ Merchanul will go to au z, r .... . . Mrs. Mildred rites and son, John, Tr asurel', Mrs. Adam Melloh. Dayton; Rev. and MrtI. G. C. Dib. . appreciation Mr. and Mrs. W. P. SaliSDtiTY sympathy extended in our bereave- Miamisburg next ~Iunday, May 20, Raines, ss, 3b .. 2 0 0 1 1 1 of Wilmington. ert, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mendenhall for a game with the ...., 1II ' Icenberger, cl 44 00 00 01 a 0 00 t· .; >;-~d-isburg IGh M' d M ' . W'lb CI k h I was e x~>end e d t 0 th eren,ngprell 1am Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Clark and had as guestl at a tamily dinner ment. Reds and this should be one hall een, p ....... ... ~ . an IS. I lIr ar at lent, ~r8. Louis Fires. on Sunday. Mr. ' and ' Mrs. Leon The Family Mrs. L. V. Beck. game as we are in~~ormed that they Ttl 36 - 4 9 27 17 4 ' as <llOner . guests on un day, Mr~. A dainty luncheon 'Was served - - - • ~ "'- -. The June meeting of the club Salisbury and family, of SaMna, have one of the best amateur 0 a a .... Mary Carmony, of Lyt~e a.nd 1')11 , dul'ing the social hour. . DAY-SHOEMAKER will be held at the home of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rye and teams insolltherll Ohio. These -E. J. Carmony, of SpI·mgfield . In children, Mr. and 'Mrs. Russel and Mrs. L. V. Branstrator. Charles W. Day, son of Mr. and games are well worth seein'" and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9- . the evenl!,!g Mr. and Mrs. c. w. Saliwury and family and Mrs. Xu. Lyman Day, and Miss Mildred it won't be long lJ,ntil the. Merch- Way,. Merch. 000102003- 6 Yqullce and children. Mr. and Mt'~. BACCELAUREATE SERYICES Russel Benson, of Cleveland. THE LITTLE MIAMI Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walton enter- Shoemaker, of Dayton, were mar- ants will be seen. on the home S. take .. .... 003000001 - " P. J. Flory. Mr. and Mrs. Claude WERE WELL ATT~NDED • TROOP ' GIRL SCOUTS tatned Sunday at dinner for their ried on Saturday afternoon. Mr. grounds. Riggs and Mr. and 'Mrs. E. J. Day is-~ -du.";' f W 'J Two Base hits--Laurens, Smithson Cl k I) ~ D t . d "'_ 80n, e Kith a nd I i~ ' ..... ~- a"" 0 aynesVl Ie . The score'. ar , a supper Or ny enJoye Th e ba~ce l aureate ' . e aynesvl'11 e G'Ir1 "",outs, ••e~In-1 aw, M rI. hlgb school. The couple will make Gautz, Collina, Striker. pot-luck at on, the Clark honte.a services at W Th their mothers and the committe, Louis Blaek, who were eelebrating their home in D.yton where Mr. WAYNESVILLE MERCHANTS Three Base hits- Smithsom )lhe gym unday night, May 13 members gathered at the Scout'l their blrthdafl. ThOle present were Day is employed. Left on Bases--Waynesville Mel'Mrs. Frank Holl'man, mothe~ were well attended The graduatlnw clubhouse on Tuesday evenlh3. Mr. and Mrs. Ral~h Bleek and • _ ••_ _ _ Alt R H PO A E chant!! 11; Silver Lake 6. of Ml's. J. P . Larrick, who for thr ::lass and high school faculty After a sumptuous supper the daurbter Jl18I Dorothea and Mr. Mendy. rt, 2b .. 5 1 2 1 1 0 Double PlaY!l-Laurens t o Mend n p~st month .has beenUi, is impr.ov- fOI:m~d a processional a~ the schoo] w Icome was given by Jane Cook BIl4 Penderatut, of ' Dayton, and 'nat'. S._tlll.. Laurens, ss .. ... 5 1 3 6 3 2 hall to Ellis. . ing slowly. Hel' Son Mr. C. E. Nor- b.ut1dmg and marclwd In the gym and was responded to by .Mrs. F. Min Eliu"etb Mullen. . The prlnclpeHtJ or Monaco tor. Ellis, Ib ... ,.... 5 O. 2 7 0 0 Struck out-:-by Simthson B; by ris Sr. ~nd wife of Kansas CiLy, Mo and to the fr~>D" where the fln$ U, LeM$y and foUo.elI b'y various A 8'a80line tractor lank let loole bid, 'Ita Inhabltanta a«ell to the Smithson, p .. .. 6 1 2 0 B 0 Gheen 9. her grand son, Dr. C. E. Norris JI·. fcw rows were for them. forms of entertainment given by t h R ,ambUo, table., but uempta them M Weller, If ... 2 0 1 1 0 0 Bases .on Balls--by Smithson 2,' and wi.fe, her great grandson . E The program for the 'ev~ning w~a t e ogoen-Simplon garage on from taxation. T urner, If ... . .. 2 1 0 0 0 0 by Gheen 2. f 01IOW!!: and shook the! town. Norris; HI., and gl'a11 daughte· all. \ a Monday, Th.e principal featare oe enter- Mark Rogen was arranging to B Weller, c .. ,, 6 1 1 8 1 1 Earned Runs -..... Waynesville 3; Patty, of Chicago, w.el'e her gu eM!>. Hymn The Congregation tainment was to have the mothe1'8 soJder the tank but he hit a pocket Happla_ aM L.c:k Ropkins, cf ... ·.4 0 .3 1 1 0 Silver Lake 1. over the week-end. Sund.a y guests [nvol'ntioll Rev. J. J. Schaeffer dress as girls, and the scouts to of ga80lIne and the tank exploded UDcle Ab UJI be does Dot "now Confer, 2b .. .. ,, 3 0 0 1 0 0 Time of Game- 2 hours, 23 were, Ml·. and Mrs. Wilbur Le- Music High School Glee C1 b dress as motherS. k ki b - h Ie h I a Hartsock, 'r! .... 2 0 0 0 0 0 minute8. Feber, . of LQvelllnd, Mr. Stetson u I l ' th _ Seve-I noe ngb"standea .. 0 were in the ceiling. cJipture R ~a d'IDg ........ . ........... " .. .. . ere were l' Y cou DlO .Aared to I'" et ler happy folk. are IDck•v • or T rea dway, 3b .. .J 1 1 3 1 0 Umpires--Cobaugh, Shuler and Larrick, of Lebanon, Mr. and Mr;:. · ta, tbi t S Th s ' "but ' ' no one wu hurt. DCIIy tolk. but tbatha.... _ - _ - - P ren dergast. ers an d c 0 mm]'ttee m e mhe.a p .r e _ death ploeaa aDd are luckhappy; ,0 torether or Saber Turner an d Mrs. S0 II' T ur .... R ev. G. C. D'b 1 ert ent. ..=.'=" ::'."" •. ;::. = = = = = oeal Solo ,... Ml·s. Alberta Buer!.l. A CORRECTION .~ The Sermon ., .. Rev. J. J. Schaeffer











New Officers Elected For Club

Farmers Club Met La8t Thursday





---- - ..----

In last week'8 IlIue of the MIami Gazette we announced that Mlu Catherine Branstrator, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. BraDStrator had been employed to teaeh in the Clarksville schools nnt year. Thll 11'81 an error, Kia Branstrator has been employeel by Wayne ttlwn.blp ce,ltralised school• . Clinton county to teach at Lees lU'8. _ _ •



:::::::::::::::~::~:::::::::::::::::::::===::::::========~===::bT=O=taI =S=



'FINAL CHAPTER OF SCrlOOL NEWS AS ·eHRO.NICLED ,BY' S.CH.OOL REPORTERS :::!~ieti~~· ·: ~.. 'ji~~: ..G.G~.e D~~~:. ._-::-:--=_:-"""""::-_~_____~":'"-:__~______________•_____~_______..::...____;:;.:::----------------! lNFORMATI . ~N WANTED I'

J_ior-S-Ier R_nptIoa The Junior clus extended the annual reception to the membere of tbe "nlor clala Jut evenlnr at .the C)'1Il. The menu eouiated of fruit eocktail, fried cblekea with cream .,.." rleed potatoei, buttered bee", ereaaMd

Iponded. Betty Harteoek gave the Junior tout and Charles Hartsock tile IInior tout. Mr, Hatfield .poke r the faculty. Cecil Davis read eel eJIa. will, and Robert Cleaver a: ohn SeUl pve the c u prop latter part of the e.eDinc . . . riven toca1'cla,tabletenDII .~ and c1ancina, IArrJ Prlee'. oroheelIIm lnta tra farnilbed m_ for the oeeu-


. -=~baDaD" :-d, COLLEGE PUSENTI PLAY "e ho I I " IIUI..... of ~ ~ The P1a7, --&.o. . .t UM aD, IjIUpho 11'01 be preII.ted b, tta. AWetla .-..d tU Department of Holbrook 8 0 - . , . _. . . . . . tout ..... .adltotla _ tile hwha at • 11


=42~;, =6=.1=5=2=7=1=5=3J:S~c;0=r~e=r=A~rm~it:-a~g~e~. =====:::J~n~e~r~,~o~f~M::a~r:ti~n~sV1~·~lI~e~.

e:_- cre: :'!"

!.,.i'foecl :"...'0err7



in behalf . of -the freabman . elaaa and BerniC4! Graham responded for tbe Seniora. )fr. Hatfield, Mias Ro,bblnl and IIr. Brown gave brief talke.

take part in the state tl'ack meet number qualifying, 49 were In the which will be held at Columbus first grade, 36 in the second, a4 Friday' and Saturday of this week In the third, 36 in the fourth, 72 in the ftfth, 88 in the sixth, 23 in the seventh, and 30 in the eighth. Warren Count~ Fie.ld Da~

R....II•• Cinle Aw..... p r - at Dlatrict Meet A total of 338 elementary Eldon Ellil fait ttack man from atlldeDta out of 460 caroUed Waynenm. placed Aecond in two qualiled for readlna circle .warda events at the Southweatern Dilltllil year..'.~d wilt b. riveD diplom tnek .eet held at Oxford . . or It_, depeacllq OD wUther 1aat ..... III the preliminary trytills iI the Ant , .... the at1Ul.t Is oata on J'rtda, be placed in the neeMq award. In 0 ...... WIld of tile mea ellai"'e to compete ...... muat ,... tIIne Ia Use . . - . . . SatUrda,. Then he .ue... beo1Ia ...... tile . .in event. ucl IQ tile loo-paod




Information want'Cd as to where aboutK of grave of John Uowell, ' who lived near Waynesville on a farm purchall8d from lohn C)e.,.. Symmes and cJ,lIed in Decembe.., 1825. He was buried on hi' f _ with Masonic bollors. Comm~ with H. J. Ko,",U, 410 Com.... for the children when the clal Sq., ClDeinJlati. village and rural, met Frl day, May 4, to contest ag$iuat DA1'& CHANCED each other in vadous ttuk. ad r Beld eventa. . Wayne Twp. entrant8 did very de pupiblarave a pod wen. Tbe of themselves and the tanen. Bella. ~ ~~""iiiii"'" hie" ICO,... ~.~~

T~~ ~~::e ~~~~nd~o~! :a~:~

._ ---...




t·doy, n cu in tht' bunch. You r---------~~------------------------------~I.TONI ROOTS FROM 4J YEARS OF SERVICE SWEET CLOVER ACRE ",e. 1 talk d PN.'tt}' ruuCh to thi G.-in. ~. H . a kind.a tam . on f ~ n ak thip!. He tried tu talk him· Sweet clover is really a biennial LEBANON. OHIO elff nuntl into hein' n elU)'they,h"n hI' hI.' "8.Ip upIlo", against Iii"," root crop. like the beet an d th e We have a complete turnip. It may produce a8 much a~ .' .. (hat wa) I got ,th key t o the L_______________\______________J 8 ton! of roots to the acre, gr~n Watcb Repair S.nic. "hul" combi nation. . Prices Reasonable "Th )' b n workin' on th R [ Comma. Plen. Proceedia.. J hn Iron8. ~t al. The Lebanon· weicht in the fall of the year It National Ban" and Trust ia sown, according to Pro/essol' C. Bead.l!l ReBtrqng fur t",6 ea on • Grim e & GiLon In the ('D . (. of Ethel Colt', minor Co. granteu leave to IIle answer J. Willard, agron omist at the O. S, J welry Repaired and SaIL r an' your uncle an' by her next frie nd . Tennie Turner Mu rdy. Lockie kn ew about i~. t (). \.'ersu M. ernom 01 . rule allow. and cro petition forthwith. U."THE HOME OF GIFTS" I I At that period'in its dev lop· Thf1 luea wa, t o make akill n ' whi e ed. m nt sweet clover hilS its greatest Old Windy had th running of the Be\'el'ly Smith was fllund guilty New Suita WEight of roots. In the year after outfit. Th ev'd haz cowswithc Ive a h n~ slall ds charged 'In t he affida· Oth a E . S am ver us Eth e I B. seedin'" the top may gl'OW 6' to 8 ' north along the age in th e \'I·t lilhd an'd Will!! fined ..'"260 and Sam, f or d'Ivorce. · Ch arg e ' .. ~ IS feet tall, alld mak COrl'cspon d'109 ~ ummer_ In the Call they'd sep· co t . .. gro neglect of duty. Iy large yields, bu t the roots do antte ' "m, keen,- tne calves in a In the cnse of Alt.A~t "". GI' bb"" 'and Ether Tennenbaum versu8 Ad am not weigh as much at the end or - - . - : - - = =-- I . • " pa lUre an' run the cows back to Ell n Gibbs ver us Harry "Barn· D. Carpenter, et ai, for money, the second year all they did at the Huh}' sat p,OI'P d up ill bed. ur' l t OO. Soun Il~ w ~o~ you . started Milk Riv r. After a while Grimes horst and Jary Barnhol'$t. de!en. foreclosure and equitable relief. end of tbe seeding year. .Tounlhl hy pill(l\\~ . :he dropped a I fur lO\l' n ~hl : 1edlcm Lodge er· Gil on would put the Double G Idant" motion sustai ned and th¥y E. D. Thompson versus S. A. One ' of the chief function s of WAYNESVILLE, OHIO 1 , 1I~d of col d "ilk nnd a pi C IrCll nt an' t hree buck trooper-s tart on the cah'e . They'v built up a ., al' g rant d 60 clays to ans wer. Stilwell. Cognovit. roots is to serve as storagc or. Phone 80 Bank Bldl . .. t "mbff,ider an I h,·I" (lU t b, lh ~d \\ i h me for the Double G. T~at herd f ver a thousand head I In th ca I' of The I rrow Lum· John D. McLeran versus Elinore wbere starche , sugar and long-·llo ed f eller that r de wlt.h und r the Dou Ie Goula llothin', bel' o. of Morl'Ow, a corporation, McLeran, for divorce. Charee is n materials elaborated in one hand. to him . .. 1y Ll'rd! I'm glad to . (., yuu," 'em \\a there. He had a h Ie in hI. at your expense. , I ver u Edith Greely and W. P. gr08 neglect of duty. season, are stored t or us in the -h. ~lIid. ··Th i.. i. Ion :()fl"~r han leg ,0 he co uidn't travel an' h~ was "An'my orrel horse spilled the heritt, d fend ilnU\ motion 5 U 8 · James C. Ro versus Lula Ross next. th,' middle o f Lon{' ome PTB il'ie. ready to CTa" fish. H was GrImes. bean. Murdy st ole 'em, $0 Grime lained and they are granted 60 for divorce. Charge i~ willful abo Most of the root growth . takes :it rlown lind gh ' c an lIccount of I Gilso n had pull d hi . f reigh t. He say. Grime claim the kid hod a days to an !<wel'. senee. place after October 1. Consequent ),oll r:,el f. W y didn 't you com to \\'a' J ack GiI~o n , all right. cra.... in· for orrel horsea." H e has,' In the maUer of Emmer J . , Raymond Fry versus Georgia Iy. . .ya Professor WiJlard, if the ~l'e OJ ~(lo ner '" .. 0 the I! rg ant tart d one Ruby confi r med. "He loves horses, Munger as R ceiver of tb Har· Fry, for divorce. Charge is gro top growth is harvested for hoy at non pull et! u chair up b ide the policeman aftel- hint, sent another but he' cra:y ' nbout a good·l ook. v y burg Natio nal Bank of Hal" neglect of duty. that time, the root growth stops. ],(>.1. to I'aise the alarm at Fort Walsh ing rorre!." v ysburp:, recei'{er authorized to Ten.yeat average tests indicate " Hoy, a re you a nyway?" ht' an' a po t t Ea t End. Then ·we "Well, he brought 'em to the accept bonds. of Hom e Own rs Probate Court that the root 'g rowth of sweet I"ked. ~ot ' hol d of two or three rancheJ'1ll Double G next da y, an' rebranded Loan orporation, plos cash clover cut for hay in late eptem' "Uh, fin . 1 can go h m a ny an' to re d own the Cl'eek after them' m Oo Bra"ged that he'd have' em amount equal to that due on said The will of George V. Scott, de· ber is less than half that of sweet time n ,they cay , if I' m cn fu l l dry cows. We hazed 'em- back to for hi special mO'unts after h e home mortgage at dat of final cea ed, was admitted to probate. clover not cut the fir t year. huw I move around," he said . "1 1the ou ble G. They had a p.asture wa through with the RM . T old ettlement. The inventory 01 Altha W. Wat.· A practical application of thi would hav go ne th good Lor d full of calve . _ ~ o t of them cow Grime! to rid 'em to keep 'em In th e case (If E. D. Thompson kin" executrix of the elltate 01 iftl[ormBlticm is in planning f or 1. now8 It'll no fun tR ying her in cla imed their own. The.y hadn't gentle. Grimes did . Darn good reus. A. Stilwell. judgment to Clinton D. Watkins, dect'a ed, was pastur crops. For examp)e : . Of b d- but I was wa it ing f or Y Oll . 01' , branded 'em yet, but of coune it thing for you he did. Sal ter's plai ntiff for lOI .19. approved. two plots of sweet clover on the Phone 78J t o hear from you anywa y." was a clea r case of steal. So they horse bein' by my camp wa just In the ca e of J oh n D. McLerall The inventory ot Elizabeth university farm at Columbu , one "We got everyth ing dead t o ' got Grime in jaiL" an accident. Somebody dld turn vel' us Elinore ?~cLeran, service hy Harding, adminiBtratrix of the es· cut for hay October 1 last, was 6 Ii .h18 " h tpld her. "Did th Y Ruby star d at him. There was them loosc on Milk RiveJ'- some publication is t.o be made for de- tate of Mary Goonan Shearer. de· to 8 inchel hig\1er May 7; the k ep you posted1 1 ent word t o inquiry in h r eyes, other feller crossin' the countr Cendant_ cea ed, wa apporved. other. not cut, was 12 inches high yo u by Sergeanl Palmer la t time "Gilson they cor nered on the in a hurry. Anyway, that don't In the matter of t he Li t.L1e Miami Fann ie Viola Boxmeyer fll~d he~ The .uncut plot wall in condition to ...OT AR Y PUBLIC he wn in." . FrenChman a couple of days later matte\'. River Con ervancy District, presid application for the appointment ot furnish pasture nearly 2 weeks be ·'Oh. they didn' t t ell me much, He resi. ted arre t on' got himself "An' my two sorrel got away ing Judge Charl es B. D chant a guardian ' of Rose L. Yetter, a fore the other. excepl- w II, ' you t Il me now,' killed in the scrap," Don continu o fro m th Double G. Buc.ked old authorized to 'Vocat e jOI\rnal en· minor. For soil improvement, th she urged. "A serg ant came in ed. "Old Wintly, a raid, ha van· Grimes off one dayan' ran away tri s heretofore filed and alsl;> Z. O. Worley, trustee of tbe will amount of nitrogen returned tothe wm. Draw. • • E.Ia... S.ul•• and henlmed and hawed and said isbed. o's Lockie. I made a flyin' with hi ll saddle. He was leadin' th e reenter an cnt1l'ies va cated . of Isaac Jones. deceaeed, flied hiB soil by plowing under the crop WAYNESVILLE, OHIO Mr. ampb 11 II nt hi compliments trip t o the R .I alter we got the m other. I gue they tore right outa on enancy Di. trict cl'('ated eighth account. cut for hay last year would be only The f ollowing accounts were a.p. half that returned by the uncut miss, and he'\1 be in to 8ei! you cattle tnight ned out. Borrowed the country. They'd come from t he under the corporation nom of The pr ently, mi ,tha.nk you." Cliff' s two rider t o hold her down south, so they naturally headed I. itt! Miami Con ervancy District proved, allowed and confirmed by crop. - ...,--- - . -- - DOn laughed at her imitatio n of until you got arollnd to tend to it back. Horses do. If 1 hadn't hap· with its office and principal place the court. . OR. H. M. WILLIAMS an mbarra . ed Engli hman. youMlelf. liff was plumb flabb er· pened to locate at Antelope Spri ng of business at Leban on. Directors Pearl H. Magee. aruardian ot " ay, I hated to ee you hauled gasted about Sa Iter . Murdy's in J might never have een 'em again . appoint.ed, Howard W. ]vin5, 3 Hugh Watson Magee, et ai, minors Whit. Rase- Power be- ;)STEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN aJllI hind the enllne. SURCEON off to town in that wagon from the },ort Benton, in hospital They grab "An' of course, Tom Salter was years, Hugh S. Nichols, 6 years Fir t. Special AU•• Uoa to Rectal aad post," he id. 'I wanted to come bed him on Milk River. They're there a t Cliff's that night we locat· and Mye rs Y. Coop er, 7 years. J. Gilp n, tru tee of the estate of l.tdtiD.1 Di...... along myscU. But, of course, I holdin' him until you say what you ed the Double G in the brand bo ok burt instructed directors to deter Sarah G. Trimble, d ceased. Fif· NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS knew you were all rirht, and I had want done. It'lI up to you." He figured I' d probably take n mine th e Ilm O ul~t of aid that can be tee nth. LEBANON, OHIO to get bu ~y with thol policemen. " And alter?" notion to look into this Doubl e G obtained from the U. S. Govern· Clifford Stitt. guardian of Ruth STATE OF OHIO I'lon 12 . nea P\bon e Rl65 l vlnl .. Jarh Ion Bldll. You were lucky, weren't you. Tw o ''~b , he was dad. wh n he hit brand business. So when he found ment, etc. Glelrk of Courts order· Ann titt, incompetent. Firs,!;. DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS inches farther In might have killed the ground, I reckon," Don said out we'd both started off that cd to take no action under Section Willard Apgar, administrator of Col........ OIlio, M.y 5, 1134 you!' • calmly. "Murdy would 'a' been too morn in' he tore down to the RM 6828·7 until further ol-der of the estate of Emm, Apgar. dece.. "Have you seen th t woman any only hll's tough. I'm kinda glad. ahead of us to warn Murdy. The m court. ed. First .and final. NIT PRIClIII ONTRAC'J' more that came in with me?" Rub y though. 1 didn't kill none of your WIlS his ciga\'ette stubs on the In the ca e of Lillie C. Canby Bertha E. Hellll, executrix of the 'Val .... S I.IN .....11<e " ' 0"'. N.I'o •• ' He_very __ '1'1 ••1 ......J..... asked. people." mantel all right. They had a pow· versu Mary E. Messick, et aI, estate of Alice Chenoweth, decell8' No, GG-D "Fle'll try to kill you, if he ever wow an' concluded they better sale of Liberty Loan Bonds ordef- cd. First and fioal. ".Mrs. Gore1 No. Met her hus· band once or twice." II: ts a chance," Ruby brooded. "I beat me to the Double G, put Gil· ed. A. A. Sprague. executor flf the aled proPOllal. lI' lll be r celv d Director of F .. aMAI S.nlc. "1 mUlt Bend her omething nice liked Murdy. too. But he's a wolf. so n wise, an' get al1 them RM cows In th case of' The People's Build estate of Alice B. Everson, oe,~eaJl'1 at Dh otflce of the Slat Highway when I get home," Rub y murmur· He alway wanted to be bad. His off the upper part of Sage Creek ing. Loan and Savings Co. v reus ed, filed his second account. {j'~~VflOt~:f ~,~l~c:t p .OI~~bu~·aal~~~; Our convenient location, .ultaed. 'Sbe wae awful good to me. My, finge rs always itched for a gun." before 1 showed up there. They Louisa Gotthardt, executrix of Sta.ndard Tim. Frida)'. May 26, 1914. I'm a soft thing- and 1 thought I .. om of 'em won't itch no figured I might use my head an' the estate of Charles Penkawa, de· ~~~~~~~: ~:.~ttl~: and 3 or thl. ble lur-roundlnl'l Illd equipment W8J) as good as a man. It wa only more," Don said soberly. "1 shot tumble to what they were doin'. helped to keel) your from gettin' ceased, is In'ant,ed 90 days addi· project to b. a.warded to .th e 80me enables ua to Serve to the But Advantase. in the flesh. and it made me sick. all the fingers off his right hand. "Of cQurse, they didn't know suspicious about how he handled tional time to file inventory. eon tractor '~:':'::"I c~!~r:ct) I never had anything hurt so." th ey say. H e'll have to do hill shoot you had bought int() it an' was your cattle, to have you all stirred Addie Stark Higgina, executrix Warren ount)', Ohio, on Seetlon ,tA .45 slo'" is not very nice," in', if any. lefthanded from now headed north with m • They had up about a man." of the estate of Owen S. Hiains, Morrow .8.rldll"e) of the In Innlitl · AMBULANCE SERVICE .. d h I '1 f h'l h Zane.vlll .Road , S. IL No. 10. . s. Don egreed. "Even ir it i n't very on . I expect that'll tame him con· no i ea anybody saw 'em hazin' e ay 51 ent or a W J e, er deceased, tiled her application for ~(OUt No. 2t. In I.he Village or 1I10r· W.y•••"iII •• Oblo I I Y ou' I'd embl y. I guess th a t' s a 11 save d th a t herd 0 f RM s d own S age ft nger8 pIC . k'109: at the w h'It e coun· a certl·fteate 0 f transf er. row. con8lru tlnll" 8\ a elcoperet you , r not so£t. bridge by with contlnuOUIJ. 11 nm e l deep. 'And sat u" there and blazed awa.y.' I'v me. that lucky firs t shot that crip. Creek in the night. But they spot· t~pane. Don looked at her uneas· The inventory of Margaret E. (three •. 4 ' 80', 64 ' cent r to ' he . d Wit . h a piece Folk. executrix of thi! estatll of center roadway tw o seen "men quit for Jess. Old Windy pled him!' te d ua wh en we ro d e bac k to I 0 0 k I' ly. H er re db lLlr, .. Id Brldg/> 80' No.anll WA.22. did. He tore off> as soon as the first " Poor kid," Ruby sip:hed. "But at them cows in the mornin.' They of ribbon, was like a fiaming cloud Elias Folk, deceased, was approved A ~'ork . gun cracked." he brought it on himself." kept outa sight. When we lUl'ned ab out her head. Her gray eyeB reo In thfl matter · of the es_ta';it~e,:.·..;fl-~~~~:_:~~ :~~~:.~~t.. g[ °c~~Oat~J~ti.:in. FOR SALE DATE! CALL "Hall be--they- luJ'ned up II:ny"He's -1I--ttIIi'"ilf-e&l!<~&ft'-iHr_m_t&-Ht&t'1ott__M~aln they trailed us, like garded him with that same mixture Dora Ch.ilton, deceased, SI where? How about Murdy?" take," Don agreed. "Still, I got no we aw. When they finally recog· of CUriosity a,nd wistfulness that real elltate was ordered. pleUoll. 9 "No, your respe ted uncle ain't animosity against him. When it nized us both an' saw us headed had lltin'ed hirn at their first meet· The inventory of Lawrence been seen "ince." Don frowned. come to a show down ' they for the Double G Ranch, alter ing. And wheJl she smiled at bim, Voorhi , admini8trator of the e.Warr n ~~o~7~, 20n p rt ~ . U "We sent word to Fort Benton to kinda put it up to him to get me. put it up to 'em to head us off an' it eemed to Don like the sun tate of Wellington S. Bowyer, de. ectlon Morrow ..f tbe <-"nclnnal!· . look out for all of 'em. an' th ~ He wa!J tryin' to protect his own 'Put my light out. Mu(dy was to breaking throug.h clouds. Only. he cease (I. was approved. ~~~v~~· J:~a\lin . 'th!f, VJI~age' ~i. Mounted Police patrols looked out. crowd. r think Salter was tbe low· start it an' Salter would chip in." told himself, he had nO' bu iness to Emma Crosson, guardian of Morrow. j)y gradIng roadway. bUlld · "Wh at d'd th ey t h'10 k I wou Id t h'ID k t h'mg8 l'k log ne(!e86ary dra.lnage .truotur I l e t h at. An d t h en, Edna Mae Crol8OD. et a 1• d Ih er and paY'lng IWIith J'ortlan4 I'emenl• JESSE STANLEY do about a killing like that?" Ruby again, he asked Ihim's elf moodily, fourth and final account. COncrel.e_ Wldtlh : PAvem ent 31 ' nnd • • 28' 8" ; Road .... ay ' f a.noi 42' Pl. ••• S20. N_ B.nU•• tea, O~'" stared at him, wide eyed. why not? He was used to taking ~rtrude Jonel w8J) appOinted Leng-lh Z 60UO' 0 0.492 mile. "Oh, Grimes ~aid old Windy chances. He could be determineli executrix of the estate of ~orge 8Ulmlloted. COlt or (lOIl8uuctlon. . tf3 1110.00. EARL KOOGLER figured they COil Id run a bl ul1' on e nough- weII , it wasn't that. V. Scott, deceased, no bond reo Date 8 t for comJ)leU~n. Decem. D.,t_ Plao_ you that would keep you quiet. It simply seemed to Don that quired. Ray Law, J. Karl Gil· b r 1. 19U. They were pl'etty desperate. he had come to a'l forked trail. christ and GOI Sieker were ap•_ _ .1 1'1 ... a "Eamor. "Any way, it all come out in Ruby McDonald had seemed desir· pointed apprail!ers. . '. FMe . .' Ahl nee. , •• ".rtlet•• le ·t h e wa eh, " Don 0 bserve d a ft cr an a b l · h h th d t I h f W'JI" E G Warren County. Ohio, on pa.rt of e enoug w en ey 1'0 e ·0· n t e ease 0 I lam ' , ra· Section M6rrow O't lb Clnclnllatl. interval. "Gilson an' Salter have gathel' lOOking for thieve!. Now she ham, administrator Qf the estate Zan nlile H~a.d, B. H:. No. 10, U . s. passed out of the game. Grimes' ll looked too much like an unattain. of Lew-nce E. Taylor. deceased. ro Route 22, In the Vllla&,e of Mor· .~ ..... byNo.81'&0101; ~ .. adwaY. draining get \1 long stretch in the pen . It's able goddess, lying among pillows;' versus W. E. Hayner, et aI, c~n· and ,p.vlnl[. with Portla.nd (letment a clear case, an' these Canadh~n a hite soft" throat risin'" out of a 1I L!rmatl'on, deed and distribution. concrete. r'av m nl 28'·6": .. lloadway Width: .2' . courts don't.l\taSte no time. Grim!!s lace tl'immed nightgown. Don William E. Graham, adminiatraLength 143.35 ft. or o.on mil FOR SALE admits they stole O1ost of these s hrank humbly to very small di· tor of the estate of Lawrence E. E.Umat~d cost -of ' A UJjf7I1.00. I d cattle from you. They'l bring mensious in his own es~imation Taylor, deceased. flIed hi. sche u.., a.te tet for completion. December of debts. . l'1 9U • tlcate at' SALE - Hi·quality Chicks Murdy back here from Montana when he JOOkjld at ber. _ _ _- -t..rlWJ.w..........'-"'J:,..O'-".Cl!.Ll...,..~¥lJ.U-1lA.;1'- you " I reckon that's about all,' The will of James . H. Jeffrey, form :hi'~:';ffi'~b~~~4-.J.!'.OIID flocks carefully eulled and want to prosecute him for rust.lin'. he said, rather laniely. deceased, was filed In probate. testedfor B. W. 15:' under"Or attempted mu.rdet·," Ruby "Is it?" shel a sked. "What about Harry Z. Gray was apopinted to personal supervision by Antigen , muttere~. "They certainly meant my I'eputatioj~ that agitated you take the depolition of Eatellah methodj W. Rocks, Bar Rocks, Butr to kill you. They came near killing so? l s it going to be torn to tat· Stiles, as to the I!ignature of W. E Rocks, R. I. Reds, W. Wyan.~e. me. What would you do, Don? ters? After me ridiD' around with Putt, witnellll to 'Will. . W. Gianb- lOc; , En&'. W. Leg. About MUrdy, I mean." you for two o:r three da)'s an' get- . Bessie GroM. executrix of the 7%e. Let UII have your order now. "What they t"l'ied .to do to me tin' mi~ed up with rUltlers in a estate of Emma Gray. deceued, W6laman's Hatchery. Mason. Obio. don't give me no grudge," Don gun fight." filed her fint and final account. Phone 28R. mal said slowly. "Th Y'I'6 your people. "Oh; I suppose there'll be talk,' Frank Frazer, Manly Frazer, FOR SALE-Sweet potato plants, "I know," she sighed. "1 hate Don said uneasily. "I can't do Lyle Frazer, executor-s of the ea86c per hundted, 01' three hunwhat they tried to do. But I hate nothin' about that unless 80me· tate of Zaldee Venable flied their dred for $1.00 All kindl garden to think of Murdy in the peniten. body makes a break In my hearin'. aale bill. plants, toc dozen, thre& dozen 26c. tiary, too. Uncle Malcolm and "We've given them lomething Tbe will of Milton M. Jaclc. de10.. ...,.". On Ferry Road. Strouse Brothel'll • . Lockie have got away. What would to talk about." Rub, propped her. ceased. was filed in probat.e. Route No • .3, Waynesville, Ohio. The will of Allee Scott was ad· you do if Murdy was your cousin. self up on one elbow, a gleam of . t m 8l Don?" mischief shining in her eyes .. "Le~'1 mitted to probate. Albert T. Scott Don thought a minute. He could give them alliother mouthful. You was appointed' exeeutor. no bond FOR SALE-3 fresh Jersey cowa. put himself in her place. take me bomle, and then take hold required. ' Unusually good ones. Irene Hen In the matte'!' of the estate of "Give him a runnin' start," said and run the RM for :rne. I've rot deMlon. R. R. 1. tm17 he. "Let him hit the trail for parts have a range bOBS, somebody I Mabel Freeze, decea.ed, Roy 1,. unknown. He's done as a gun' fight can tl·\lst." Freeze, administrator Js authorised FOR SALE-Three burner Neseo er, unless he cultivates his ' left "An' you t.hink I'll do?" Don to settle claim for wrongful deatb .e- 011 cook stove. Inquire at hand. He'd never show up in Mon· ask~d. . to &11 Gazette office. tana again.'" "Sure you"l1 do," sbe answered Marlrap ' U - _ 1 con ~'r. PO)O~!cll' F OR SALE _ Meadow Wasbing "You're a white man, all right,' promptly' "Of .course you'll do" ~ 2, ~g ' h I I ' I with •. In· Ruby murmured. iiI just can't bear "When I 'qujt the Square and Elsworth F. Bina~ paper anser m n mum wall"e Jla 4 to all IMachine, f M H H Delco t Itmotor 1 W to send that kid over the road, CompaQs this fa it," . DOll said slow. of . Wayne8ville and . Mrs. May Group 2 aeml·.kllled .workera em. qu re 0 • • un '11', ~ . ay.. II B f W '11 plo),e4 on thla conlra.ct ahall be ~8vil1e. 8 m17 even 'i f he is bad, and crooked. I'm Iy. "I swora I'd done my la8t lick Be e Igis 0 aynesV1 e. 11 .00 per hour. '. ' da S lte I' I I!lal'd I'd ----Tbe minimum 'Wage workera ])aId to em. all FOR SALE- PI ants, 1 an d 2 year f unny. I , In g Ja d you k'll I e r . for /lny b 0 dy 'b'ut mylltll. Group 3 .eml .• kllled I'd have felt awful if you'd killed never work for wages again. An' R ••I Eetat. T,...f.. p).oved on tllla contract 111..11 be 800 old perennial .flower plants, toeither Uncl~ Malcolm 01' Murdy- I've got mysEllf a good little ranch William and Enola A. Lawhor~ P~~o~'lnlm\lm wa ..e ~Id ftI all matoea. cabbage, mango and sweet much as they deserved killing." located in th,e Sweetgrass. I don't to The New York Life losuranc:. Group • •emj·eIWled ·w orker. em- potato plants. Geo. Petertoll. ' 1 Don laughed at her vehemenC1!. know." on thl. contract ""aU be ma'le from WaVftesvllle 0n B·'l Co .• 67.366 acrel in !furtlecret!k .ploy('d 150 per hour. ,,, ..... "1 wonder," Ruby went on, look Ruby settl(ld slowly back among The minimum "'....e paid to ..Il brO'ok pike. .mlO lng at him !iloberly, "why Uncle her .. mows. She lltared at him fix. township. Group I> common l.bor employed 011 " Benjamin P. Killer to tbl. colltract .haU be 60c per bour. . American Trust and SavlnThe attention of bld4er. Ie dIrect· Malcolm made that play about him cdly for a minute. WANTED bein' so dead set against Tom Sal· "I think yOUl're the stupidest man of MiddletoWn, real "tate·~ :~btl~t\~:..·':.~c~r:~r~:l~Ya~ ~~~~c~ ter, when all the time they were I ever knew,r' IIbe said at last In Ball. . to ~he u .e of dome.tlc ;mat.rl..l.~ rustling 0" Ine I'n partnershl'p a veru aggrl'(!ved to"~. eeleetloa at labor, wa..,.. houn o[ .. II . '., , '~ H F C t t C t f employment. and CC!pdltlon. of WOOL-Con.1en now to The Ohlo Tom wanted to marry me. It would Don towered over her for a .. omp on 0 oan y 0 emplo~ent, an.d hand labor It ' I f h d \.. d Warren the ulle of real estate tor melbo... . Wool Growers CoopeRtl"e Aa· have rna d e It a 0 sImp er or t em secon • my It lIe , hurt. h . 1Ihe bidder muet .ubmlt with hi. soelatioD' ad know you will cet all 11 I had. Once or twice I Then at fUcker of hiS wayl. 1J14 • certlfl.d elleck In .n amount fall valae for JOar clip Low h e MCaso~_ ~~dlJalqBu'~ aDd ::~~::i!~t!'t~tCr:ttl!'e,.~mo~~: lItocka of wool indicate 'hIPft thought I might.'" half-el oaed "I got lort 0' curious about loalc allde TID.. 0 • .., ....., thall Tea TIlollMa4 Dollar. tlricaa laW. UlMl'aI cub ....... that, too," Don eonfi!saed. "Hap· him. Thla la, lot No. 98 In Mao.. "1t.:.CI::·':l.4..•,..In_ttoaa .... 011 an made. W.,..ntne I'annen pened to mention it to Grimes. He ldAed her on American ACIN. ._ . fI . r._"~~.""~be ....~r"':: EuluiIl,. Co.. LoeaI llepnaa. lure did talk, that man-like con· Ruth II Karts. 84 aena In ,. .. ,• tm. fenion waa rood for his sou\. He . _... IIt7 ~_ tIi.2'!C;-: lin toWll.up. ~t aeF . . . aI11rNe. ••• said old Wind, figured a woman B. IIJrtIe -.IE0. . . . . .aau.. ,.... DtrI.....I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _w.. eo darned contrary that if .. he made a h oIIar a boQt Tom JOU .. . . . ..-N lllaft7 hllll, lII'IRIIIn'''' afilll'l'laD.. t



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RUlJulnna, daulfhter of Mn. Elmer Curry and Luther Lumpkin, m'al' Spring Valley. T. . Haydock hal returned 1\11'8. C. P, Nug«lt> j" the! guest ! a four week.' vl~it with his of her pllr('n tij in G~orll'('to"'n. dauKhwr, Mrs. W . U. Larkin and family, of Greenfield. The Ladies Aid of the FriendH' B eef Program church met at the home of )\1'1:1. C. Jud~t' G or"" ltittL'nuur of D. Miars on Thursday. . Pikdon ~W' !I)lpujnil'u a m(,tnOl'r The regular meeting of the of the clIlIInlltt·, IIf 25 cat lIe Dorcas club was held at the Annex rudel'll I\mi hreed('r~ who al'e on 'l'hur day . meeting ill Wn. hinjrton to cil'uil a A brooder house be longing ' to production cont 1'01 pI'o j{1'am for RIlY Reeves burned on Wednesday the beef indu~lry. D 'fure j.{oiuI(' to eveni ng, of last w ek. More than Wu hington ht· /net with a gro up two hundred littl-e chicks perisbed. of 25 cattlemen nt th(' , S. l J. nih' has been mftde t 0 gather ideas fro1l1 Ohio cattlllf Announcem th .. o e ap~roac 109 marriage of men.

New Burlm.toD

Mr. and Mr. moved to the Alpha stead. Miss Evalyn Tuoker returned aturday evening {'rom a motor trip to Flot'ida, made with some girl from Monroe. She reports t.hat they had II fine time. Misse>! I{ len Ral\dllll and Ada Gmce Underwood pent S aturday in Dayton.

Ollie. Pho.o ... , .............. N •• 112 Entered at poatorrt•• at Way!! ..R I... ville. Oblo. .. J~.e""d Cia.. llall

Apport-"•• t .,( FecI.ral R.lief Allotmenl of $4,712,706 approved by the federal relief administraMAY 17,193' . _===::a:::=_~Ition for relief purpose in Ohio _ ===================.=-during May goes for general unemployment relief a nd ru ral rehabili tation to the exten t of $4,500,000; for transient relief, $125,000; for puring the last :lew months there has bc:en growing criticism. from the national re-employmeni service many quartel's, of various ~overnmentlll activities--plirticuhuly thosll $34.081; and foJ' student aid, ~ Miss Lucile Tucke'r and Charley ,::=============~-=:-:-= which 'are of an experim ntol nature, and are without legisll!tive pre- $63,626. Incidentally, t ransients Qsborn spent the week-cmd with " I~~~::;;;:;:===::::::~~!!! cedent. And, in return, the defe nders of experiments have natu.rally willing to work will be given an her sistet', Hauietlt Clark and I opportunity of sel'Vi ng the state in been more ~e'alous and aggresijive in bringing their beliefs and argufamily, of WalhondIng. They were throughout 10 light labor camps m nts before the public. Ohio. From the transient cente.,s accompanied home by Mrs. Clark A grave responsibilit~ rests on both these groups--those who de- approximately 2,000 volunteers and children. . fend and those who criticize. The American government is .att.empt- will be ought for work at a· nomThe Friends' quarterly meeling, ing to do II great and fine thing-to bring more happineSl!, more oppor inal $1 per week, plus board, on held here last S,aturday was tunity, more useful leisure 1.0 the average man. There is no pllLce for various stat and local projects. largely attended. criticism and denunciati on which is purely partisan and selfish, and The men will be transported to the The many friend :s of Edwin I presents an ell'ort of those who al' politically "out" to get themselves work camps, where a pTOgram sim- Shidaker and family were sorry to back "in". And theTe is no place for enthusiastic praise which is like- ilar to that prevailing in CC hear of the loss of tbeir barn by 1ire Saturday mornling. wise based on parti an grounds, and represents misguided loyalty to a camps will be put into effect.. The bou se occupied by Mrs. political group. . There is unque lionably .feal' on . the part of many citiltens that Hil'bway Patrol Ac:tivitie. Durin, Amanda Starr WIIS badly damagApril ed by tire Sunday Imorning. in conducting its experiments, the government is IO!,ing sight of certain Better motor vehicle law 'observMI'. and Mrs. A. S. Collett and American tundamenlals--that it is endangering the 'e xistence of economic and social individualism, that it Is weakening the founda- ance and highway safety were the son, 'Robert, had Sun day dinner objective of the State Highway at the Wilson School in Dayton. tions of demoeracy. There i fear that we are nearing the shoals of Patrol in stopping 18,450 motor Th C" L met at th · Ies d ' A'I eaguemaid Saturday fascism, and n burenucratic dictatorship. That is the issue t hat. must be vo h IC urmg prl, acco~ d'Ing t o 'h eeof IYlC Eva MacD 24 widely discus ed, by both the friends and enemies of the new order. It the monthly report submitted to o m . . C Governor George Wbite by Colonel evemng. wIth , Mrs. Frances MaeMt:lI::URSI sh ou ld b discu!!ssd frllnk ly, fairly and authoritatively, and all ' ,ides Lynn Black, patrol superintendent Donald a8 the spell,_lk_e_r_.__ Nhould be heard. · I·LI!: AMI!:KICA. 11/111 "HI:-n· aoup. beel. Iamb, o. Ileal meal, twO Neither dogmatic \)rnise nor partisan criticism does service t.o a The vehicles stopped i ncluded CA . May 7 (vIa Mat'llIlY ItllmO) vegetables, dessert aod colfee or gov rnment, an administration, or to the public. Honest difference8 of 9,727 passenger cars and 3,623 commercial cars. Last month the meteor sbow rs ar, DPIUJtI· cocoa lIIot Wllcb' starving dOWD pinion, honestly argued and thras hed out, are of immentle benefit. COUI.fy Court rulTbelle patTol issued 3,169 verbal warn. • We bave been walChlng lbem bere as yet. ings, received 2,186 information every nlg hl alnce "prtl HI. At II ret Tbere are lew ' regulaUona In tbJa requests, rendered assistance in tbe atwoapbere waa murky and vial. camp but lb08e few are 8tncUy en· 2(5 ca es and investigated 211 acbllily low , I{ecentll'. bQwltur. t he rorced. We all adult•. OD a cid nts. Recovery of stolen prop- estate for highwaY!I. air ball clenred and Ute bet\vens aeMoue m18810n. and lbere Ie DO The glavity 0{ the housing problem. in America can be simply il· erty included . 18 motor vehicles Rudolph R. MUI!ller to Alyce lustrated by a comparison of the number 01 :lamiliu provided with new valued at 4.,900 and other property Mueller, Teal estate in Wasllington bave put 0 '0 a wonderru l ebow lor greal Oiled or C11aclpllne. We arc: UII. allowed 00 meals a.cept at regulal to",n hip. residential units in r cent years. valued at $821.75. On tbe 8Clence bul1d1~ . UIII houre. 01 coure8. wben partl B Grace L. Myers to Carrie WatIn 1922, some 370,000 families secured n ew hornell. In 1926, when Hailiell. 01 Wllsblnglon. , II. 0 .. our come ' In 011 Lbe lralls hungry Lbey kins, inlot No. 68 in Mason. the all-time high was reached, close to 600,000 home IItruetures were State Li~r.ry Seniee for Sllmliler ,eo rlgbt awa)' or Il8 soon as John B. Pownall to George L. meleorologlst. anrl tbe other IClen· are built. The ten-yeal' 8vera'ge from 1921-30 was 361.000 units each year AI Carbone, 01 Uambrldge, Mas8 .. Camp. Pownell real estatel i n Loveland. caJ1 get 80melhlog ready. Every · In 1933, new home construction tJroppedto leSl!l than 30,()00. Travelling book servlee of the Louis Fred to Sollomon Fred, inboo), mllSI gel up for brelikrael Making the problem still more severe ls the lact that during de- State Library will be extended.. to lots Nos. 6 and 6 ill Lebanon. 'I'bere II no IIngertng In bed. as Pl' s&io n doprecintion and oDsole cence of existing homes w~re more summer camps throughout Ohio. mucb W8 would like to atay In t han normally great. Thousands of houses literally went to pieces, due State Librarian Paul A_ T. Noon Bill. AI).1»wed our warm cocooo·llke sleeping has nnnounced. Already requestll to lack ol upke~p. Ohio Central Tt!lepbone Corp. tor 8 few extra winks, ThOBe who The result is tnat a heavy percentage of our people live in sub· for book loans have been received re1\t. $54.26; Ohio Central Teleare ~ ,, Illi and rreezlD& CAII·t standard dwellings. Doubling UP. with sev.e ral families occupying one from 16 summer camping groups, phone Corp., tolls, ~31.85; Reif's bear Lhe slgbl 4)' olbere stiU eoJoy· including Camp Fire Girl couneils Electric Shop. lamps, ,8.64; TrulIhome, is commonplace. 1t W8!! recently estimated that 0&,000,000 '"g tbe IU.1l1')' or the bagll &lid loon Boy Scouts of America and Girl tees of Public Affairs, light. $61.48 families lived in this manner. And population shiftll have gOl, on, de· Scout camps. Collection qf books hllul them out. Exceptlonll to this are ... AltOn Wade, of Weal Holly· pr s ion or no deprl)ssion, creating tremendous home shortagell in vari- containing poetry, adventure stor- Mrs. Ira Eltzroth, services. $6; 1'00<1. calif., a geolOglat without any Ies and tales of the home, scho,ol Helen Doughman, services, $7; ous localiti s. . roetl ·to 8tudy . who II actina as our . jump and out-ofdoors will comprise t he Candis Hymer , sel'vice • $5; Mrs. Batt t times are the herald of stimulated construe' WiJI Bryan. ervices, $10: Stella nlgbt watebman, and Clay Bailey, hipm ent of reading material first in building is coming as certainly as the tides, and it 18 going to Kelly, services, $7;, Georgia Miller 01 tlrawley, Callt., oUJ chisl radio ~dvanc building cost&-both for materials and' for sk illed Labor. The to these camps. services, $ 10; Mrs. Howard Sawoperator, wbo II alwaya on radio MIKE wise property OWn4!I', with money to spend, is beginning tCl realize that yer. services, $7; Columbus Blank watcb 11.1 nJght. f~M~08~:tI~~:a Ono of our. t •• m le.dl,.. Ohio Sec:oDd In Loan. this i8 really the time to build and repair, while bargai n priees still Book M1g., supplies, $4.60; Lyle No men are sllowe<! away rrom _8 wllJ eoltd )IOU Ohio was second to £llinois by Blank Book Co., warrants, $138; lI.ta built an obeerveUon tUl' tile ltatlon alooe. "bey mlgbt get exl t. the bare margin of a single loan Burroughs Adding Machin Co., rei or pyrallll glass wbtcb II Ilgbt IMt too eal1l1 lrl a suddeo blizzard for the largest number of indivi- service, $6.56; .1olhn Law & Son lnd won' t bresil., III lbJa tlll'rel rour III till ADta.rcUc etarkDeell. It II not dual loans Irom the Reconstruc- gas and oil, $7.24; Columbus pf the science rellowl lit 00 a r. absolutely blaok night bere all lbe :Lol~~1tnl'rbLi"n~~'~I1~ . Olllu..'\.lltlan;t bll tion Corporation from the date of Blank Book Mfg. Co., supplies, $3; rOlVIDg platform aDd each cbeckl time yet. We get a eort 01 ~ylllb I>lall b , r. 110 ebaped Co m. II'~ 1J'Utbsr.1jh Lutheraheath.. ita found, February 2, 1932, to Stakalta ~lfg., Co., suppli B, $4 3.- up a.1I nlgbt 00 the sbootlng atars abaetow ror about lbre~ boure II. day ,'}'ul. iLoU. I l un .. bat ,Oll tt lor huatlnW. /ICIIII December 31, 1933, II report '15; Columbus Blank Book Mfg. Co be observee 10 ODe QuadraDt 01 the whlcb the velerll.DlI tell ' me II day· ",D<' lin I ...... plD5 lrtPl. I ceived by Governor George White supplies, $3; Columbus Blank .lI:y. Tbll II being done UJlC1&r the light. Mayb e somebody 8X1)artenced The Ohio State University RadiO Station-WOSU \~M tiih~J..n~=. disclollCs. A total of 632 individual Book Mfg . Co., sup'plies, $20 i Jobn \llreclJoo or Ur. Tbomas C. pouller, 10 London toga mlgbt recognize It ~I~~ l1l<I"" I<><1a1 to loans were made to Illinois and fion Watson Co., supplies, $3.80; tblef 01 ou r group of la 8tlenltsttl, 811 daylight. I don·t. All Ilgbts HUNTING 8:00 Mllsic 8:0o J Farm Adjustment New .. , p ' ' ' ' . . . . . . . .. . " ...... John W. Wuichet G31 to Ohio. Other leading state, Bell Pre 8, postals and printing, wbo la I.n commaod bere wblle Ad· mUllt be out by 10,30 p. m. U'I a A FISHING 8:16 Su dan Grass for Summer Pasture ............ .... " ... , .. ,Earl Jones were WiscDnsin, 582 : lowa, 662: $3.60; Office Out:6tters, supplies, mlral Byrd III off 10 bl. but 1Z3 good bea.lthy life. I like It and am frone .. Bldg. Pennsylvania, 546: Texas. 498; $8.65; Mrs. Della Hufford, feed· mllee away . At bome Ur. i'oulter Ie ttrrt"lD& ' 00 It 8:25 Music ' ' .o.ton. M.... Mic~igan, 0&86: New Jersey, 4.29: ing prisoners, $3,54.48: William 8:40 In ects Bnd Disease of the Garden T. H. Parks &; A. L. Pierstorft' IndIana, 421 ; and New Yor k, 384. Huffo,rd, waahing for prisoners, head of the Icleoce department 01 If you willb to Join our rut·grow · Jowa We81eyan College. at MOUDI IDg Club, wllbout coet or obligation, 8:60 How 1 developed my "·R Dairy Herd .. . .... .. Lawrence Hayes $37.36; Duro Te!:t Corp., light PI_nt. Iowa, In tbll 'meleor' 0:00 001 Clothe Cor Spring ..... . , ." ...... , ........ Edna Callaban Predict. N.tio ••Wide Police Raolio bulbs. $20.95; Trustees of Public ahower observation buslneu dnwn a.nd get II memberShip card, blS free work log map of Antaretlca S,..tem Affai rs, light and! gaB, $36.89; here be Is ... o'rklng wllb IlIly mele· and. later. a handsome lapel bUlton, :10 Music 1 tl :26 Care of kin and Hair Coat of he Dog ........ D. W. Ashcraft Complete .we b of police radio Thomas g. Corwin" Jr., radio tubes orolo«1ca1 slallons tbrougbout tbe wnte to me al our Amertc&II head, 0:35 Father of Erie Canal ViSIts Ohio ...... ...... .......... H. E. Elwine communication throughout the $6.60; John Law It. Son, gas. oil, world and a lot or new knowledge lIuarter.. Simply send a lelf..d· 9:46 Origin and Development of our Dairy Breeds......... E. E. Heizer United States, ushering in an era etc., $59.96; Thomas Taylor, at Celeatlal ways 8bould come 01 It. dres8ed. stamped eoveJope to of more effective law enforcement services. $8.26; Roy Burrouglls, Our dally routin e ts all In work· Arthllr Abele. Jr., Preslderl! LIttle is forellCen by O. W. Merrell,state services, $15; K. L. Horn Cloth- Ing 8bape oow . We rise at 1. get AmeMca Avletlon a.od Expl~ratJon highway dit'ector, who is the guid- Ing Store,rent, .15; Offiee Out- Into frollen clothes. thaw oursetvc:a UI!lb. Hotel Lex ington. 48tb Street ing spirit in the coordination of litters, rental on tltpewriters, $4.10 out a bit and bave brenkfaet at 7.30. and Lexlllgton Avenue New York' radio commllni4$tion effected Obio Central Telephone Co., rent, By 8.10 we are at work. l.uncboon N. \'. If you a teacher or leade; among the State highway patrol. $7,26; Fred O. J&,me9, dog bones, bappeD. at 12.30 and dLnner at I).ao. or &.notber organtzaUoo. aeod names ROOT FOR AND CONSIGN city poUce and county sheriffs $2.10; Horace F. Compton, com- For breakful we bave dry or aod bome addre8see of eelf a.nd throughout Ohio. Ohio already ill pensation and damages, $30; J . L. cooked cereal wlLb real cream .and membera anC1 a B-eeot etamp ror ,our Cattle, hogs. ,beep and cal".. Norris-Brock Co., live ~D. COLUMBUS _ Receipts of outside by Warden Thomas, who in the front rank of states utlliz- Dunn, mechanic, $77.97; Thomas milk trom our own COWl!. bOl cakell eaob. aod everytbIDg wl1l be lent to to progressive firm for, the Nt Secretary of State George S. i. determined. that no more prison. lng the magic facllities of the radio Taylor, services, ~9.62; Roy Bur- or baCOD and egg.. and colfee. you aDd tbe membera ImmedJately market pricel and good ae ee. in connection with law enforce- rOllghs, bervices, $Hi ; John Myers, LuncbtiOU Ie • buffel , aft'alr. u8ually J t you're a teacher enroJlln8 a CJae~ Union Stock Vard.' Cincinnati. 0. Myers' office were given a big ers 81111.11 eac:ape. boost one day last week wben a ment. and it is the hope of High- pay roll, 1228.80; Harold Sweny, of lIaodwtohBe. soup and co!!'ee. you'll get a dIrect pereonaJ radio Tune in on Radio Station WC)[Y , 12 :215 to 12 :30 p. m. for our dao, Notices were forwarded to way Director Merrell to enli t the PIIY, roll, $207.48; Floyd Lemmons Dtnner .Is our blgl;est meal. with meelage trom Admiral B rei check for $7,525 was received market reportli. ------~--~--~.~= y • from the New York Central Rail- county bo~ electionl lallt eoop'eration of every police de- pay roll, $181.44; W. B. Schuler, road Company. This was the lar· wee~ by the aecretal')' of sta\~ partment andaherijf'a oftlce in the' pay roll, $216.61 :; W. A. Seiker, ~--'gest single check this ye$r, and stating ~ounty recorden W\ state in the, coordil1at~d hookup pay 1'01), "148.2 1~; R. M. Van . ~~~~ ~~~~exceeded the largest paid last y'ea1' be ~I.ected thiS year becauee of a inaugurated by the patrol. This IHorne, pay roll,. ~,305. 28; Edward by $2,400. The payment wu made deCISion by. Ute state supreme far-sighted vieion of opefating ' a Simpson, pay roll" $l89.6a; F. M. to cover an increase in the capital court dec1a~n. uncon8tituti~!,al unlfted police radio II)'stem in Ohio Bowyer, pay roll, $185 .06; L. G. stock of the railroad company an act p&lle last yea!:. eix~n Ing will provide the most adequ.te Andereon's Sons Co., guard rail from 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 the tenna .of these owC. I two proteetion p08!lible fo~ the Jives material, $11.90; J. K. Spencer, shares. The fee was computed on yea~. It b~1 'fle~essal')' !~r and property of ita citisens In Mer- sand and gravel, $163.60; Mrs. C. the basis of one-fourth of one cAandldatea or t B o.lce , at i e rell'. opinion. D_ Watkins, gra,re l, 30c; Waites cent per share on the inerease uguet prlmary. to II e pe It ani Garage, parts, $25.90; Oregonia tbe number of Ibare.s. ' plul a illin, in theIr Nlpectlve count~a b! Bridge Co., welding rod, $1.26; S. fee of $26. Other receipts the June 16. .A laIye number of candl' Ohio'. I.come Rot.ra. Gai. C. Alexander, cable and hoisting, day added approximately 11,40.0 datee for variOUI offtcea iJ. in the Gain of 18,659 in the number of $198.60; Henry Ludington, . gas, to the railroad check, making a field thit year, a~d Clf course they individual income taxreturnl filed $91.15; A. L. Toshie, gas, $62 .69 banner daily record for the office. also must file tlIen }l8titlons On or in Ohio lor t982 as compared with John Law & SOI1I, gas, $aO.16; , before June U. 1981 hall been ' reported by the Franklin Motor Go., gas, $119.65; census bureau. Returns filed for William ' J. Ayers" 'Service Station, Seven safety campaignl for prevention of accidents are now bein' Notlfithatandina much pre_ure. 1932 nllmbe~d 19fi,710 qainst gall, $13.58; Franklin Vulc. It. Tire CLASSIFIE D ADS OST ONLY conducted throughout . the Iltate from blooded Itock 177,052 .for 1931. The lltate was Co,. gas, parta and repairs, $84.80 ONE CENT PER WORD. WHY under sponsorship of tbe Division and other oqanll.tiona to have seventh In the total number of re- La Mar Body Shop gaS, $1.30' of Safety and Hygiene, Indultrial Ohio State Fair eonftned to this turn I for the county whieh increaa East End Wreeki'n g Co., 1 bumpe: KEEP YOUR ATTIC FILLED' CommiPlon of Ohio. Indultriel ltate tllta year, the mana.. ment ed from 3 •• 06.a37 for 1981 to $1.50; F. M. Bowyer, stamps and partiCipa~ng in tlle individual cam of the annual .XpoeltioD b .. decld- 4,078,640 for 1982. telephone calls, $3.30; Gilpin It. WITH USELESS ART ICLES pair are conatruction, wholesale ed that it IhaII cOlltlnue open to Son, gu, $32.21; Miller Hardware THAT CAN DE 'TURNED INTO ns petroleum distributors. mlnin•• oil the world. Tbit d84lilion ill baaed Ba.k Depoeit. Saar ia S.I. and Furniture Co., supplies $8,refiners, meat paCkers, quarries on the bellet that It is more beneD fi it i di . 62; J. L, Dunn, latlle chuck and MONEY ' FOR 0 SMALL A 'and lime burnert!, and dryers and ficial for Ohio agricultural inter41 n e n c:atlon ~f jmprove~ drill, $11; David Biggs, maintaincleanen. Som.e 200 concerns eate to be In competition with ex- ec:d~iC a::ondltio~1I In Ohio III. jng lights and barricades, '2.60; COST. TRY THIS MEANS OF then employes are takinr part. hlbito~ from the country at laree an k n at'P ,atnl recorded in Thomas Taylor, aervicts, $9.63: SELLING AND SEE WHAT A than with lltate producere only, be- G ree~urcel deposits, Roy Bunoughs, servicee, $26; D: te baa. been W. Keller, aerviees, $66; H. L. 'lliam D. Overman .baa caUIe dl8playa brollrht from other d~~~~~orTbeobargelt' DIFFERENCE IT WILL MAKE etatea add to tM educatioDal value a YIIICU. e D ~ports, III re- Schuyler, pay rc.n, $188.72; Carl Dr. WI been apopinted cllrator of the of tbe talr ,aDd rellilt in Ohio farm aponee to c~l~ of March 31, Ihow- Dakin,' pay roll. 1201.14; . J. K. TO YOUR POCKETBOOK, AS Ohio State Archaeological Museum en etrivtnr harder to meet ,out- ed that OhIO •• 36 IIcenaed band Spencer bridge timber, $ US.68 i WELL AS TO HAVE ' YOUR to succeed Dr. Harlow Lindley. aide competition thall thq would had total reaourell of ,l,f51,349,- B. L. Apgar 501'.18, bridge timber, ~:~l!eo::r~~Dkn~:ie:::"~ft~'!n:;' oth.twile. Stake ,race entriel for :r'e ~ ineJe , 0f,.!.7~U,S8206 ,'71.28; Orelonia Bridre Co., lteel STUFFY OLD ATTIC CLEANED ean Meta...., eepeciall v al it relates the State Fair h.,.e exceeded lut 1::8 wit: s.~ ba bern er'rUd' blue prints, '7.150; l"airley Hard., , year'lI by 66, an iDonue from 93 T • n repo . ware Co., cement and allpplle. OUT. IT PAYSI to the Ohio valley, He il alao an to US. Thl larc8lt.1UlmbeT of ell. ota! depoaitl weN 1874,904,910, , ••. 36; L. H. Gordon. ,a. and re~ expert arehlviat. Dr, Overman h.. triel wu for the two-7......1d pace aD iDcnaae of II5I,lle.709 Iinee palra, ,'7.211; W. C. Turton, cebeen a ruident of Columbua. 88 hi all, Th. MeOIld Ja...-t the Deoember 30, 198a, call, ment, '118.20: Fred Kahn Motor , _ _,__ nllmber waa 81. with tiM co,eted - _. Co•• parte, ,11.38; Vamous Auto Thlnra are ItliTlna around the GOftl'ltor'l lltalc. of ,t,1I00 .. the eatbDatecl b7 Supply Co., Illppli8l, '11.42; W. Ohio ptDiteDUary tbe.. cia,.. WIth coal •.....e.pen at 10 to IS plr cent. B. Madden Co., IUPPU... $251.14; three DillIDIer papten clOlll, __ • Sheehan Santee StatiOD, .... 119. parded and three other connct8 011. bichloride of 1Del'C1l~ tablet 15 ~ Few......Leen 0 ..... and Iron who W ....... 0"'" tile walla hi a plat of will control rad. PrIae 4hclbI. Ip . . . . of pld ap. Co•• Broue eutlnra, ,tc.BS; L. P. ntuaed. ftrIpnt .......... aN ilia pd eab..... IUftOts If poureel ,..... to be no tara Cavett Co., tar, $240,"; Chlclnltelq tak.. to fartller tile fC(W. tau , . oeearnd Ie tldI, the Ifth uti 00 Won. Co., .... ,11.10. I _ • of U. III the opIa. ••


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Farm lvight la/Its, May 24


Best of the News Direct From the Ohio State capitol

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NOTICE your board dill lOme loll. which do not crow pure ill I1nd would alfalfa U I'Ct'S!! fully. I '\\ III nlll til' re Jl\ln~ihle for my l'r wllich th.. Immedlat4!ly after dinner there WendeU Sa1isbur}', ot Sabina, "lither good ,,(llnan bOlll' t" 1'<'n would and will be 8 poultry program of an came unliay to spend the sum • wife'!'! or h('l' moth,'I"s dt,htM. • n 'all ht'r r .. "anl ill Heaven "h n - --- hould pruper! t. hour built around p~llet I~arinr mer with his grand.parents, MI'. • 1ll1'T HAROL]) C. GRAllAM M . Emma W(oll,,' ~l)il'lt (o,k it, P U I do not that any elln. 1problems. 'fhe Expel'l.meni Farm and Mrs. Allen Emrick. --- -~ flight to tht, gl'cat til yond on lu-l (Continued !r~m ac! ,. siderllbl" num of pnrpnt5 in I thill year is attl'mptmg 0 r;ar Mr. and Mrs. Seth FUrtHI!! anti tJlis ((IUllt,. wan to shirk th ir I pullct!l on the second .flooT 0 ha children spent aturday in DaySUnllll) veninI(' Ilt h\'I' h?llll', the 50 :,'81'0, cllI.~h In 1\ new recold J , () l Pa/,wnnlO Av('n lIl', HlIlllllton tmll! und "l1\ll1ng the bo e ball FRIENDS MEETINC (1hligation~- to their chlldrl1n or I harn in an effort to sidestep. teton. blt-s. '" ·11" WlIS thl' In.lth"r of thl't)\\ wer her accumpli. hments. pal; thl'Ol on to public officials but Jdangers ' of. disea , par~slte.s, Mrs. Ada Chenow th, of enP"rr\' G. Well~. M thi5 pillc ,and The high schuol iris, not to b~ Fir t-day chool a~ 9 :30 a. m. think nMrly oil )DarCI\ts pr fer to foxe and thl ves, enc~ of wtch In tend Ill.", was a dinner gue t Sunth ' .;1 thll' of 1\11'1'. 8ml PllWClJ, f {\utl'las '\!d by th~il' smaller is~erR, Meeting Cor WorshIp at 10:30 care (or their own ehildnn. !pal1lt years hall taken I~ tol, 'd day at tbe hom of Ml's. Belle O\'t'gonia. lalso won two first.. In he 60 a . Ill. I uo however want to ear nesUy The attemoon then .wlll c?nclu . e Scott anu family. Ml's. Mue " ~st of St. Louis, Mo. a !it'r p oC('jlll bolly wa~ t4!nd rly do, h Evelyn Fur!1 s won nrsl Bnd recomllll'nd to all par nLiI havitlg wi~h another i\ Id trIp WblCh WIll Mrs. Kesler Graham , Mr . MI\r. w!'iteM: "I'm only 28 years. old and I iel tu 1'\"\ on 1:1 t W\ld ne.dny ~lIl.Jy Burtun fourth. Polato Tace AYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH children about to enter .chool to take in the orchard ~ndhscvf ral garet Johns an Mi 8 Bernie Gra. weigh 170 Ibs, until tak1J11i one ui't('Jllhl1n , in tht' Hnllliitoll cem('· til 0 \\ nL to the Wayceh, .11:1 Rev. G. C. Dibert, Pastor be Ul' of the (!ondltion of the foatul'es not observed m t e ore- ham were Dayton visitors atur. bOle of yOUl' KUI'schen SnitI'! Just ,1 w;cks ago. 1 now weigh 150 Ibs: r tl'l·\'. J:;,ldyn IIllllin took first With W un d'ay: Bible tudy and health of sllch children and if any noon. Those wh? hay not been day, ' hllv mol'c en~I'~y and further ;'h .. 'llIany l'eilltlv '!' and fl'il!llds Jan ook 11 vt'!ry close condo The pray r D1 eting each Wednesday lit doubt exist to consult th ir family (IV r the farm III I'C ent .seasons Mrs. Mary Carmony spent IIlso more I'v never haJ a hungry nlOhnv fhe . ympllthy uf till in this r lay tcnm, Burton, Bourne, ook' I7 :30 p. m. phYHiclllns. will be highly {lleased the Moth r's Day at tQc home of Mr. m ~ n t ,t the·ir ,Iarkes l hour. allli Bra~no('k, w n second place. Sunday: unday chool at 9 :30 I Ie I sure thllt if any case of large num~er of eompallBons and and MlIl!. W. F. lark, in Waync . l~ llt Colks should take one !luH Oh! ~lI.\' ,I ar children, can it!Je The hlgb scl.lool boys mad« a a. m. MornIng wor 'hip at 10 :40. gro s neglect 9 n the part of any Ie Rons whIch he who comes may ville. ' teaj;p on ful of Kru~$!hen Salts I~l Il hu .~ , v ry fine howmg. Th Illost out- I N xt Sunday is Pentecost un· parent.<\ t owards theil' j:hildrens see. _ _ ' Mr. and Mrs. Porry Weller, of glll's of hot water 'very mornJllg And ,lid ollr III lh!'r di : "tanding tal' of the day as Eldon , day and the subject for th e morn. health should arLe that it; can be near Centervill, were undoy b [Ol'C \>l'eakfa st- nn 85·c nt bOIAnd (0 h'l' ('hil<ll'cn bid adi u, Ellis. "Tootie" made a new.record ing'sermon will bl!, "The Meaning individually by propel' officers dinner guests of Mt.. and Mr.. tie La. ts 4 weeks- you can g~t And now 11\ !I in the . ky1 in the 100 Ylll'd d~sh, bl'eBkmg t;he of Pentecost. without s ubjecting all chHdren to tanley Bai1ey and daughter, Kl'usch n at un~' dl'ug store 1n America. II not joyfully satl~n(ld ~ • • . old record of 10.3 second whl(h Epw orth L ague at 7 p. m. with examinatioTl by a county phYSician Phyms. afte\' the fir~t bOLtlc.--Money buck Milis loriS Ann HilI. ()~ near had tood for the la ~ 12 years. Ha rold Fox a l ader. The parents right to control Rumors are floating thick and Mr. und Mrs. HIITOld WhitBk to 1'1' n Brillr. 1111 nt a w{'ek m Day. l"''I'!mer plac d sixth III .the 100 Evanll: listic sel'vice at. p. Ul. and cat'e tor !hi child should fast around the COUll~y about the and childl' n, Richard and FI'an. t on, rec nlly. . yard dash. not be overriden by county officials orn and Hog Reduction Program cis 'Were unday cvening ' dinncr e\l('ral from tblS place attended , The :.120 y l'd dash was again all WAYNESVILLE CHURCH OF except in case of extreme neces- oITered the farmers by the govern· gU~flts of Mr. and Mrs. Warren L~diet' Dre •• ea, 70e the funeral Wednesday afternoon Ellis, Bernard tied with three CHRIST sity and the valriou~ b08.l'ds of ment. Many unreasonable state· Howland, in Dayton. Men'. Suit. 6Se in Hamilldll . of Mr • Eml!l8 W I~s" other War!' n county boys for the (Undenominational) education, who lue a1\ ay~ willi ng men-ts ar being made by farmers Mrs, Marg\ll~t ,lohn!; spent Quick- f or quality drycleanina wife of J ohn W. Well. III HannI· first place in the high jump. li'o)( . Chester A. Williamson, Minister po pufol'm their duties have ample as well as other elas s of Sunday at the home or Mr. an'd ton. . .and Franl'l' made good sllowing .in authority to eare for the. itu ation No doubt. a gl·eat. deal of thIS IS Mrs. Allen Emrick. Sevel'al from a dl ta~ce attend ·. tne 440 yiu'd da h. mith Peters, hUI'eh chool at 9 ;80 a. m. exi$ting in theilr respective dis. due to the delay 1ll the progJ:am Mr. and Ml'~. Melvyn SWllnk ancl "d chur h at ~r ell Bnar on last I nd Hawke :ran th long distance Lord' upper at conclusion. tricts. bl'ought about bec!luse eaclj children, of Dayton, w ere week. ·~;": r ' . " . an(1 did well. Boger, Gons and Fox Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p, 111. nder conditions a they at, pl.~s county has had to walt on a~ al; d guests of !\fl'. altd ?vIr. Ed 'ntul"day evemng. (. ~Lr:·ANEIlS .~",,,,,,,,,~,~'I"'\.. MI'. and Mr .. Virgil Mllllck 0,£ w re the weight m n and gave the Ruth Pennington, Lader. Evening alit exi~t I therlL'foNl do not rec. lotment of co rn acreage and ?g Longaere. Mt. Orab, fr. Ilnd 1111'S. M. . F•. other chools a run for their evangeJi tic service at 7 :46 p. m. ommend the adoption of a com. from the tate . Boar~ ·of Revu\; Madems ora ,Johnl'1, Olli Ro~t Jonc~ of near Harv ysburg, . vi Ited money. Prayer meting ;1fI(1 Bible tudy pulsory 8y tem for the physical (1t. olumbu!!. ThiS boal d r~fused iO zahn, Mildred urfac, Je . sle Roy Drumm?nd and famIly, of F, Hawke, Bogel' nnd Bernard each Wed nesday at 7 :45 p. m. examination of cbildren about to make allotm?lIts to countIes unt LongaeN! Rnd M i,ss Whul'tOll near Oregoma, Sunday. '!lve the other conte tant all they nter chool but wisn to repeat all counties In the state subl!litte nttended the Mother s club eotel'in the high and broad ST. MARY'S CHURCH my r commendation to the parents the tabula,ted data the tainmcnt at the Wn ynl'sville gym Mr. and Mr . Orlando Brannon, nl)v. J. J. Schaeifer. Reetor f children about to· ~ch~ol lI.nd non.slgners. ThiS meant c~n Friday afternoon, Mrs. Mary DIl~l!:e and dRughter, I ' Ilmps, In the 80 relay, Bertlard, Edna, of spent Sunday }Olt FraneI' and Ellis won 4th May 20, WhitsundllY. Church to on ult. their re pectlvc famdy !\Iderable delay for the counties lr. alltl Mra. Kesler Graham and fiel'11t)on With Mr. and Mrs. K. pIn 'e while' the mile ; lay team schoo l at 9 :30; sermon and Holy l)hy ieian if any doubt exists as to who turted the:. program early has daughter, Bernice, attended a fam. E. T.hompson and Kathleen ?erc. Fran r, Peters and Communion at 10:30. the health of thE'it' children: they to walt on the ot er il y dinner Sunday. at the hOllle of MI s Thelma Ross of neal Ore· took third Respect/'ully sllbmltted: countIes. . Mr. and Mra. Albnght, at Wayn p. gonia attended church hel' on . Edward BIniI' As a. result reports are bemg ville. • • last unday evening. FERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST f( alth CaDI. of Warren Co. circulated that the program has 11'. and Mrs. tanl y Bailey en· Several attended th unday Eilhtb Grade New. (Undenominatiollal) b en withdrawn !lnd t.he farmers tertained the y, F. M. of the Phone No. 19 school convention at the church ne of the largest and be t eq· Chester A. WiIlia.mson will never receiv,e th .11' paymen~s Friends hurch, of Waynesville nt on last unday afternoon, uipped class R of the Wayne-sville nified beginning with for making this reducbon: There I. their home here unday vening. Mi5Ses Ruth and Helen Polson, chool i graduating from. the hurch School at 9 :30 a. nl. Lord' absolutely nothing to thls report. Mrs Frank Robinson, frs. and Roy Polson rel.urned t.o their eighth grade this year. upp rand sel'mon at 10 :30 a, m. The govcl'llment ha m?re tban f~1 Cbarle's lar~ and Mrs. A, home near Wel1ma~ after spe~d. Of the forty-seven in the class, You are nlways welcome at thi~ filled their obligations tn all prevl· Thompson spent Rtlll'doy in in .. several months In Dayton WIth only' four scoTed les t han on.e church. ous program, such. as tobaeco and Dayton. their father Wilbur Polson. hundred pOints out of a possible wheat, and they Will do the sam Mr. and Mrs. Guy Routzahn and John Rose, of Go hen, Ohio and t hundred in the State Eighth ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH in the corn and hog progra.m. daughtcr., Geneva "nd Betty, en. lady friend, Lulu Miller, of g;:de examination Father Newton, Pa tor - - -- Many people are c',Cpressmg tht'he tertained to six o'clock dinner Cincinnati, were callevs . here on ' • h We h~al' a lo.t about a "Brain opinion that the contmued drou Tuesday Mr W KYoun g, Mi' last Sunday. I Elghty·three certificates, or Maes at St. Augustine'!! Chure Tru t." The ]>teEfidcnt frankly says will reduce the surplus of ,agric~J1. Geneva'~ tea~he; of the Waynes. Misses Kathleen Thompson, tWEnty.jive per cent of three hun- every second and fourth Sunday he trusts in bra.ins. am one aid tural products l!O much that wlth' h 1 Doris ' Hill and Otil'J Rich ang a dred thir~.thrc pupils of the of the month. a member of tM "Brain Trust" is the reductiorf in acreage we a~ V1 lI: !~n~~~r of friends from here trio at the ~hurtlh he~ on lallt county takln~ the test were awal'd: - --- - - - -.any(ftle c.onrICct~ld with the Roose. Headed for. a i? the United attended the baecalaureate service Sundayevemng. ed, ~e receIved seventeen, or Bp velt ndmmi!;trat.oll who hll~ better States. ThlJ! opinlon III erroneous at Waynesville Sunday evening. Mrs. Bes i~ Drumn~ond, son and proxm1at~ly ~me fi~th ?f all. awa~dthan a high school ed~catt~n and due to the fact that we have a The graduates from Lytle thi daught~r, Mu!s LUCille, of near e~. ~ron~~h , MiamI UR\~erslty with whom you 81'6 111 dlsagre' \ large enough surplus of products year are MiBBes Bernice Graholll OregOnia, called on K, E. Thomp· dlstllct,'>\ e I ecetved ten cen;lticates ment. on hand now to carry us for an and Ruth Early. Bon alld family Sunday evening. of merIt and placed one 1n ~he - .- ontire year even if we have the Mother's Day was fittingly obCharles Wei Is spent the week first one .pereent of 13.. 1)21 talu':!g The Warren County Di trict (n 8n e,Wort to conne~t v.ery j I1hortest crop thIS year the world served at the Sunday School ana with his siater, Mrs. Mary Roberts th tellt In the tate, SIX were ~n Board of Health. wOl'ker VI' lth every possl~le JO!->, Jhas ever known. . ch~rch service here Sunday. and family, near Kingman, the first seven pel' cent, twenty 1ll Gentlemen: th gove~'nm~nt ~a8 estabhsh~d In The administration at Wa.8hmg. Ei hty five were present at SunMr. and Mrs. Mylah Powell and the tit'st eig.hteen per cent and 1 beg to report to you the fol· most OhiO coun.tles, a, Nahonnl ton has oft'ered farmers of Warren d g School' including several family of near Olive Braneh spent twenty one In the first fifty per lowing facts together with certain reemplo'yment oltice. The purposes county $400 000 in payments dur- ~~t ' Sunday altemon with M:. and cent. • ' recommendations upon the fol- are to aid unemployed men and ing the yeaT '1934 if they will .agree Mrs.' HaINey Burnet en MM!. P. G. Wells and family. . The total average score for thd lowing subject. w.omen to ecur,e work nnd to fur: to Teduce corn and hog-s. ThiS pay tertained to dinn~cr Sunday. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. :T. D. Smith, Mr. claas was 123.5 compared to 118 My attention has been called to III h every emploOyer,.prop~rIYt qual~ ment will mean a great deal to the Ben Ro nagle of Cincinnati, Mr. and Mr~. Arthur Knight and son , for the county. the que tion of the medical ex- fled el!'pl~yee ,--thiS WIt OU cos future of Warren county. Ce . Harvey Monger of pri.ngboro Paul, nnd William, R. Shiflet, of • - amination of children about to or obll~atlon l? worker o~ e:pl~~ Iy no one be w.illing to let un- and Mr. and Mrs: Harold Whitaker Oregonill, attended church here on enter scbool. el'. 1t I ~ nah,~~all e~rllll nt true rumors stand tn the way of a and children and evening callen:: last uDdayevening. · That the physical condition of con tructwe service. better future for the peol'le of were: Mr. Mrs. Rue Dinwid . Several attended church at 1.. the children about to enter school War~en eounty. die Mrs. Mabel Dinwiddie and Gnen Briar on la t Sunday to 'Y ~ He ran JUry should be closely watched is of - -4O , Miss Antha of Daylon. hear the little 14 ·year-old girl course 01 prime inportance. . __ , r P It is not the function • eac1... • (Contlnqed from page,. ) . . of the t leven DemocrJats deserte d th e of .."'rass roots. Gra5S with a shal, ;;;;:;==;:;::=:::===::~ 1 on Iy ca IIe d 'to0 th e 8SSIJ!' t anee o~~ th e make count)' health commlsSloner 0 party' ranks,' voting against , thOIS 10'" 'White ROM, the depen---~ J ' ti f th .. root system suffers mote for PhOli. 25 physica examma ODS 0 0 • .toater dUl'l'n a a dry period than ffi h ~ '" dabl. ""-solin. village 0 cers 'IV en sal'd· 0 ffi eera residents of the county, t hi' s IS a measure. All Olhio DemocratIc 'd con t does grass with longer roots. UCII. WAYNESVILLE, OHIO




Lost 20 Lbs. of Fat In Just 4 Weeks


























Straigh t from

W h_ as Ilngton

. Mi~

Health Officers Urge Child Examination




S'.t. -IF E d ,.en xonerate B .... G d •

Protecting Our Patrons

In caskets, as in every other kind of merchandise 'lhere i!l a wide range of quality and value. The Cuneral direetorwho would setve his pUblic well, must select prodllcts which oifer the most in material , design and equipment, for th.e price paid. We deal with the most reputable manufacturers in this field, Qnd can guarantee every ntiele shown in 'our display room as a qUality product.

J. E. McClure Phone 7 Waynesville, Ohio ~


Waynesville Farmers Exc~ange Co.' •

~re~~nM~~~~~~w~~~~OOWbe~e~~~~M~wort~iliep~~'~~~~~~~~;~~;=d==::::====~===~=~=~::::===~~=::::==~~ practising physicians. . It is suspected that my colleague, ~

two men in the Werren cou.nty jail We further find that dunng the, incarceration of I t~ese two men in t~e co~nty ~all 01 ,warren county, Obto, every atten110n and treatment, medical and otherwise, was aiforded these two prisoners. We commend both the local village officers and the sheriff's office I"or ' their actions, in this matter. We are of the opinion that police officers, in the execution of their duty, should and ' musb use such force as is neCes sry under the circumstances til repel a vicious and unwarranted asaault upon them. . We IUrthel' respectfully report to the Court that the rules prescl'ibe~ by the Judge have been faithfully kept and observed. We do not finiJ t hat any of the provisiotu\ of law for the regulati()ns of County Jails have been violated; and we eOTlllllend the S~erlff of this coun y UPOn the excellent condition in which we found said jail. Respectiu lly submitted , J. L. MENDENliALL, Foreman '" Lebanon, Ohio, May H, 1934.

The various boards of educat10n are re ponsible for. the ''Physical conditi n of the attend· ing the public schools In so fal' as phy icial examination, immu'n ization etc. are concerned, and the law 'authorizes boards of education to appoint scbool physicians. Of cQurse the, persons most con· cerned and most 'l'esponsible for the h~alth of the child ne its par· ents and in this county the great majority of the parents are quick to detect any condition of the child that needs attention and to remedy it, the standard of intelligence of our people .is high and they are fully can SClOU.S of t~e importance of PfotC)ctmg thel1' children. . , For the health ,au.thofltJeS to seek to compel all , childr~n about to ~nter school to be p~yslcal1y ex· amIned by county ~hyslcinn.s (wh~ mi~ht be unacquatnted With t~e children) would be an autoCl'atlc and dictatorial use of power not

White Rose, the dependable Gasoline.



- - - - - -..........-,;,,;.-----'i

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ongl'CSsman Truax, does not think much of Wall street, 1111the debate on the 8tock Exchange con trol bill, oppose d by stock brokers, he divested himself of the follow. ing: "Somethirlg has been said about teeth and tusks in this bill. Both of them a;re too light for me. I would equip it with triple-plated coppeT.riv,eted. razol'.h(med, sp~ar.points stE~eped in the poison of the d~adlist snaKes of India." _.-COngTessman Wm. ThQln ...(D), of the Sixteenth 4istrict, attained a further honor last week, He was called to the Speaker's chair and in the ab ence of Speaker Rainey presided, over the House during the consideration o~ the important revenue bill. lie perfonned the Spenkel"s dut~r in an impartial, dignified and highly effective manncr. Herbert Hoover, an Akron rilal estate salesman, 'and Justin Harding, of Warren county, are candidates for at tbe Republican primaries. To be re·elected it may be necessary for me to defeat one of the8~ bearers of an honored patronym. Representative Will Rogers, of Oklahoma, namesal(e of the famoul cowboy humorist, was elected i1l 1932 on the 8ilrength of that ""eU known handle. Now Will Rogers, a truck driver, is opposing bim :for J:e·election. Tough on Will. Also in Oklalloma, Andrew Jackson JOl"dsn is running for CingreBB; and a William Cullen Bryan il a candidate, not to mention Robert E. Lee who ill oppising Congress· man Wilbur Cartwright in the third Oklahoma District.





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ewett P. !tIulford A Co. Ohio

On Friday, JUM 16, an all·day Field prograni, will be held at the Clermont eounty experiment farm. The forenoon will be devoted to a hay program with R. D. Lewis of Columbus in charge. Demonstra· tions wm be given ahowin, Jlay in different stages ,c uring and the effect which dl t practice. have on the lipeed urlnlf. Con· slderable attention 'Will be ,lven to the matter of mitlna lOod hay from timothy meadowi. Tbta alone will repay any f.nnel' for comin, u timothy t. C1uite wicht, IfrOwn In ClermOlit C01Ulty, A. block that will f.'III~aI. eoin.llmt ulldo_",

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IDa utn.






Eighty-Sixth Year




Whole Number 6119

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 1934



By Alber, T. Reid

local Grange m eeting this Salurday nfglit,MB)" 26, ~i 1other.' night and the following pi ogram haR been prepared. M Ullie' in chnrge of Fl ossie Fit·cs. Rcu rling- Mrs. Eli FUl'lla ~ . ~bllt "Resolved that Old Fashioned Mothers were t.he b st." Affirmntive, Mra. Gibbons; negativE', Mrs. W. R. Salisbury. . Mu ic- Alton ~nd Eal'l Earnhart. R IIding- Irma Fires. Tabl aux- "Life" 1~luact.ers-Mrs. Eli Furnasj DO l'othy ue Furna~. Ri chard and Frances Whitacker, William and Mary Moss, Frances Ellis , Mr. and !\{1 8. Arthur SWI\l'tzel, Rob rt Wilso n, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wll ltaker, Charles, Do ris and Irma Fires, . Mt·. and Mr s. C. L. Duke, Mr. and Mr,. Robert Crew. This pl'omi<e to be an interesting program and visitors will b we lcome for the lecture hour.

MI',. Li7.l':i(· A . ['1'llb1c dil'd at


the home of hl' r s'm, Crabb .' unduy nigohl at. t he age of 2 yell I'''. l.'h~ flllll·ral WIl S hl!llI I\l 1I1l. ~tC J linK WNln l'sduy af\et·noon, Rcv. G. ,. Dibel·t, officiating Surial wa mu!le in PI a!<lInt cemel ry the l' .



J. Jeffrey. Cave A. Edward G. Ha l'lsock, 4 8, died al Inl p1riol Add ...... To Tke Xenia, hio . Tu e~ day afternoon. JI 'Is s lJl'v iv d by one ~o n, one We ll Filled Hou •• HOlDe ·Cround. sistl'r, hoi. Win. Gutherie, of Daylon Itn(! one brother, William Hartsock, of Cillcinlll1ti. 'I'he lo neral TIl Waynesville Merchants re/I F I iday eveningj May 18, a will b held a t Middle Run church corded theil' third straight win as capacity audience attended the ThulRda~r aCt m oo n, ol 2 :3 0 they def Ilt~ d the MillmiHburg Reds o'cl . ~k , li:ld r A ng{' 1 Qf11ciating. cOln m ne m 'nt "xe~ci es held in at Mitlmisburg in a very hard Burial will be mad c in thl.' Middle lh gymnasium . Th Htage waS atf ought contel:\t by n carll of 4 to ~rilctivl!ly decorated in ftowers, Riln e metery. 3. This was 11 very nicely played fo liage and Hl"camers or the class game even though the box score A. rr . o· enl, ,Tt'. di (\ at hif co lor, red and white. 1175 shows 4 errors for the 1I1erchants '1"0 the music rendered by the home in Wa ~hi ngt o n . H. on \<' l'iand 3 for the Red. Most of Hig h sche J Ol'che h a. the memday. Th e fun eral . ervi wa llcld these en 'orR wct·c not mad e on in Washington ; . II. Monda)' bel'S or the graduating CIIlSS, led C!lsy chan ce. a nd lhe best of all uflernoon. Burial was mad e in Mt. by two Junior. marched into the •• 61 ball player!'! make eno rs in the han and took their plac s on the Stel'li ng cemetery. prof{'$sio naJ closs. .lta!1,e, followed by Supt. J. W. It wall a pitchers battle from the Lolz. Principal orrin Robbins, 1917 beginning with Smithson allowing . 'Ellis, pl'esid nl of the Board only 4 hils and , triking out to of of Education, Raymond J. J effreys the Red !!, whil e J ncob all owe d 6 gu' t P Ilk r, R ev. G. C. Dibert hits and garnered 4 strike out. and Rev . . A. Williamson. The Reds were the first to sco l'e ·Rev. Dib el·t gave the Invocation in the sixth. Mendy threw high on and Be rn ic e Graham, S nior class R. Whe lers bad grounder which p l'c ~ lde nt, dfJivered the salutatory. threw M nuy olf balance and the The 51st meeting of lhe Alumni After a number by t he orchestra high th ro w aJl ll wcd R. Wheel r to . 01 the W. H. S. was held aturday WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH upt. Lotz introdu ced the speaker. proc ed to second. Moyer t hen evening-, May 20. Rev. G. C. Dibert, Pastor Ra,ymond J . Jeffreys, grounded to third and wa thl'own Aite1' a social hour at the' High . u nday chool at !l :30 a. m. Mr. J ffr ys, popularly known out at first. R. Wheeler !laded chool building, happily spent in Moming w01'ship ilL LO :30. Th e t hroughout the country as a hard for third and attertbwuite lIleeting fri end and classmates selnH)n su bject will be, "The, world trave~er, adventurer, soldier thl' ' w high over thi rd allowing him and registration , the. President Making of Il Prop l' fe llloria!." joul'nali t, leclurer, entertainer to pc ore.Thi is unusual for Peck I Mary Gray Earnh rt, '08, invited Epworth League at 7 p. In . , ith and radio artist gave an inspiring so don't take it too hard. R. all to go to the gym for the lunch Virginia Hardin a s leader. tal k to the graduates and brought Wh ler thfn pounded out a thr e and program. a me sa ge of encouragement and bagger to I rt field which was lhe 'A roiind 250 alumni and f riends Middle pustor fi rl\~ hit. al1owe~ by mith~on. were seated at long tables prettily At 8 of p. the m. R<,v. S. Run 'E. Baptist Angel, interest to the most appreciative ch ul'ch will be with u and preach. audience. L hIgh flied to Snhth on and thJng decoratt!d while the Waynesville On Monday of next week at 8 began to look pretty good .agaln Grange .berved a very nice two Another selection by the orch. p. m. is the r(>gular time for the estra pr ceded lhe valedictory by but Laurens muffell DIck ys course lunch. meeting of the official board.grounder which allowed H. Wh()el • Rob I't Gons, Miss Corrine Rober to score. Z. Henry whiffed the The meeting was call d to order Bible study and prayer meeti ng bins awarded scholarship recognibl'eeze for the third out aJ'ld the by the pl'esident, who extended a each Wednesdny at 7 :30 p. nl. tion to Mi s Bernice Grahem and scor was 2 to 0 Miamisburg. The pleasant greeting and word of welMr. Robert Gons, who have done OF WAYNESVILLE CHURCH core in their half of the seventh come to all. commendable work during thei1' . CHRIST as atterthwaite ingl d with one Reading of minutes of last Wayn sville Troop No. 40, Boy years in chool. <lown. Mik e Weller wa safe on yeal's meeting followed, then 1'011 (Unde~ominational) Scouts of America will have Th usual custom of presentaLehighs muff 01 II pop fly Smithson c.all, by the Secretary, Sybil Hawke chal'ge 01 the arrangell1ents {or the Chester A. Williamson. Minister tion of diplomas was observed by doubled coring Satterthwaite and L May, '08. About 129 member local ob rVllnce of Mlemorial Day hurch choo l at 9 :30 a. m. S. S. Ellis and Rev. C. A. WilliamMike .( ollowed aero 9 the pan when answered to name. The earlier Mr. Paul Grif!y is visiting his next Wi!dnesd~y, Mal' 30. Lord's ' Supper at concl usion. son pronounced the bendiction The sam flower committee that Miss Sarah Smith spe nt the Jacob nlade hi only wild pitch of classe were conspicuous in their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Griffy Christian Endeavor at G :46 p. nl. which closed the exercises, makhas Ecrvcd f or mony years, under week-end' with iri nds in Lytle. the game. Turn r grounded to absence, only three answt!ring Earl Woolard , 1 ad er. Eveni ing the membertf of the class of Miss Alice Gons was the week- th djrection of Mrs. H- E . Hathathird 1'C!tiring the side. The ' Reds present to the flrst two hundred lIlr. John Fromm pent Tue day evangelistic servjce at 7 :46 p. m. L9 34 full fledged memb rs of the end guest of Miss Frances Ball, at got snother in their half of the n.ames called. It is .to be hOJ)ed the way will be at the Town!hip house and Wedn esday in Dayton. Sermon subject, " RaisIng Money Waynesville High School alumni. eventh on a base on ball a in- older alumni will revive a sentim- Wilmington. in the morning to recleive all donaand Lowering the Church." Prayer The f ollowing are the graduates gle and a double. The Merchants nt for old W. H. S. Bnd have full Walter Elzey has be n ',ery ill meeting and Bible study each tions of flower and Boy Scout MI'!!. Vernon Simpson and baby Jacque E. Adam s tied on a single by Treadway a attendance next year. will call at homes h~ town lor ince aturdllY but. i better at t hi Wednesday at 7 :~5 p. m. WaHnce M. Bernard Lucile St. John Bland, '26 wel- daughter were brought home fTom donations. double by Mendy and a double by time. . Charles E. Burton atterthwaite in the eighth. The comed the ela85 of 1934 to Alumni Mercy l{ospital on T~esday. At 1 :30 o'clock t hE! Waynesville ST. MARY'S CHURCH Lafe Conner school band wi\) ass'emble at the MI'. and Mrs. E. J . Burton, of Reds were held ,scorel in the ranks in a cheery, happy toast. A Mrs. Grace McCune, of Lima, Post Office corner and give a short Elyria, IIrc spe ndin g t.heir summe( )~f)v. J . -J. Schaeff er_ Rector lona E. Crane eightll and ninth but the 'Merch- pleasant response wall given by Cecil M. Davis vacation here . ants got on in the ninth putting Jacque Adams. repre enting t his spent the we~k.end with her pl'eJiminary concert. Trinity unday, May 27, Church mother, Mrs. Eva Miller. Ruth r.-Ear~y----_-_".-_ _ _ ., the game on ice when M. Wt!lIer year's graduates. The program at the s!X!akers school at D:30; sermon anU Hoty stand in the cemete:ry will begin Mr. and Mrs. Cnl Sanker spent Communion at 10:30. Robert O. Gons on a fieldA sJ?lendid musical selection foldoubled, .went to third S h Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gons and promptly at 2 :30 o'clock where the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Graham ers !: h olce as mit on was lowed given by Winifred Armi-. E . thrown out at 'first and scored on tage '3S I a R'IC h '30 d Dean family and Mr. has Oglespee one of the Scouts wm deliver the O. R. Unglesbee. Roma Dale Hardin FERRY CHURCK OF CHRIST ' '33' r!D B t' . harlc A. Hartsock T urners sacrifice bunt. t age, WI th ea nee aR 0 b't I Eel visited friends in Eaton on Sunday Gettysburg addre ss and Wade MilMis Charlotte Rye .is vi iting (Undenominational) ~ In NI HaysJip leI'" of Middletown, will be the he~ aunt, Mrs. Ru sel Ben on and This iSI 't he kind of a ball game 'Sl aeco'rpanist. Mr. E. F. Reifsnider, on route 3, Chester A. WilliamsolJ Ruth Hockett I thlat keeps the crowd on their toe . Burn t Butterworth, '24 gave a underwent a major operation at speaker. The program will be 101- Ifalnily at Cleveland. Uni fled service beginning with Rub y E. Jame 10wC'd by ·the usunl decoration a most evel'y minute and this team toast ;representing the class of ten M' . V 11 h 'tal T d is one of the best that our fans lam I a ey ospt on uos ay exercises at the Mernorial cann on hurch cb'ool at 0 :30 Q. 1'11 _ Lord' Jeanne Meredith Miss Jesse lark, of Cincinnati, years ago. Everett Charles Miller hav\ had the pleda~ure of seeing on Raymond Davis, '08, was scbedMessrs. Harry Prater, Italph which will be conducted by the was the week-end guest 'of MiBS Supper and sermon at 10 :30 Il. m. Sermon subject, "In Debt to Richard C. Miller Emma l:Ieighway_ our orne groun 9 for a long time. uled on the program to present mith, James Gibbons and Edgjlf Boy Scouts. Evet'ybody." You are always welGarland' Osborne The Memorial. Day exercises this Next Sunday will be the team the loving cup held the past year Smith are spending today at Indian year have been made possible by Mr. and Mr . Morri Sherwood, come at this churcb. Ruth Marie Peck flrst appearance on the h o m e " L grounds this year when they will by the elas of' 09 to the cJaSll ake. the business men and other public' of Colllmbus, visited MI' . and Mrs. Neva Peters Ruberta E. Roberson meet Martinsville. Martinsville de- haylll3 ~~ largea' attendance at Mr. Robert Fogle, of Covington spirited citizens who raised funds (Jarl Sherwood on ~unday . ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH feated our boys in Ii prlKticc game tiUa yeu II meeUne, ~ut was con-. J{y., visited Mrs. . (Jordie Truax wh.ich had Margaret Evelyn Rogers in previoills years. been D d U' E F D ... . . d r. an ... rs. . . eppe, .... ISS Father Newton, Pastor ear]y- t his season and for tha fronted with presenting tbe cup, and other relatives here on TUe!!- appropriate Ernest L. Sheets b-y the townabip E\izabeth Renkle and Mr. Paul Mass a t St. Augustine's Church reason this might be a game we from the clsss of '08 to the clasa day Robelt L. Smith trustees. Winters spent Sund'.y at Indian evet·y seco nd and fourth Sunday worth seeing. The underatandinc of '08, the Occillion makinlr a . John 8. Thomson -- -~ Lake. t he month. is that the game will be played 00 creat deal of fun, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Banta ar· Lucille Thompson NOTICE The nominating committee then riV'Cd on Thursday evening from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelley,of FRIENDS MEETING (Continued on par. t) vted the n officerll for Delware to make their home here Cincinnati, spent tbe week-end Following our usual custom we with .Mr. and Mrl!I. Nolan C0l1n4!1rT-F'lrSt-(lIi:Y'~!I'm:ot"-m:"'it':-3fj'<1':--r:rr.t~~UlI44w~....t~LdlL---,--_~.J = next year, will be glad to furniish our cars to Meeting f or Worship a t 10 :30 President, Boyd Hellderson, '29. Miss Aljce Gons with a party of anyone wishing; to go to the me- and family. ·Vice-Pre.ident, Roy Ellis, '28. a. m. y friends from Wilmington, attend- tery with flowers; Phone 7. MillS Csrleen Hough, of RidgeSecretary, Irma Rich, ·SO. ed Tree Day exercises at Western ville, ill viSiting her grandparents. . James E. McClure Treasurer. John Cartwright, '89 college, Oxford, on Saturday. AUTO ACCIDENT ' Indictm ents were returned Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hough and - -MI'. Kellison (Supt. W. H. S., aga inst ten persons while chargell family, th~ week. Mi~s Mary Leah Edw8l'ds and 1'909) wa~ present with Mrs. KellIS NAMED SUlRV~YOR The Woman's Auxiliary of St. ison and made a ' Mrs. Sarah Wit hrow and hel' ets- .lIgainst fOl;lrteen others were ignor Mr. GEorge Edw.ards" of SpringMuter CharI.. Connard , grand- ter, Mt's. Kennon Dunham, promi- Ie~ by the May grand jury in iesMary's Church met on Friday fleld, )Nere guests of their aunt, Sam D. Henkle, has been ap- Bon ot Mr. and Mia. , A. O. GritTy men t Ci ncinnati women we t'e il1- sion at Lebanon last week. The afternooJ), May 18, at the home The meeting -then adjourned, the MrII. Emma McClure over the week pointed eounty 8ury,eyorj to fUl the is in St. Elizabeth hospitlll, Day- jured S unday evening ~hen th ir j\lry complete d ifs investigation at tables cleared and the re.t of the of Mrs. C. R. Frazier. . end. vacancy caused by the death of tQn, with pneumo.nia. Rev. 'J. J. Schaeffer conducted evening waa spent in dancing. automobiJ , swerved by the chauf- Inoon Monday and reporte,d to the Mr. lind Mrs. Herbert Marsha]], John S. Van Horne, who died last the devotional service. Scriptural Music being furnbhed by Don feur to avoid hitting. a motol'cycl e cou~t shortJy alter one 0 clock. Thursday at his heme in Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kibler find that cut in from the side ove rturn .FIfty-three witnesses were quelQuotations were given in respon" Sellar'a orchestra, of Middletown. Qf Chicago, Ill., and Mr. and M1'II. The appointment WIIi! nta~e by family and Mrs. E1rphamill Hough Marllhall Haines, of Dayton, were ed on rouill 42 betwecr: Way\! . _ t~oned by the jury in its' lllvestipto roll call. . the Warren county commissionerll visited ' Mr. and Ml's. Vern t lon of 24 cases. J. L. Mendenhall dinner guests at tbe Friends Home at tbe~r regular mE!eting on Mon- ' Hough and family, unday arlcr- ville and Lebanon. The program for the annual APOPLETIC STROKE on Sat~rday. . The two women we re "taken to of Waynesville served lis foreman. meeting of tlle 'Woman's Auxiliary RESULTS IN DEATH day. . noon. of Southern Ohio, to be held in the Blah' hosp ital at Leba n Indictments were returned Christ Chul'ch, Dayton, lday 22 M1'. Simon Gasset. of route 3, Mr. and Mrs. A. Eaton, and where t hey were given first aid again st Roger War~ and Howard and 23, was read. The meeting .was Thomall D. Fruer, 66, died at was injured in an automobile . acdaugliter and Miss Surface, of treatment and then taken to Cin-' Coyle, charged with larceny in ta open with the Corporate Com- hill hOme, in Lebanon Sunday, fol- ciden't in 'Dayton on Monday ~ven­ orm~r Rel~dent Dayton, were callers at the home cinnati, where Mrs. Withl' oW is connection 'with the theft of coal munion' at 11 a. m. Bishop Vincent lowinlf a stroke of apoplexy. ' He ing and was taken to Miami Valley of D. L. Crane and ' family Sunday now a patient in Christ ho 'pital , ' /r om freight cars at Frank1in. preaching the sermon. Mrs. L. H. had been in ill health alnee last hospital for treatment. afternoon. suffering from severe body fuises. Both are in jail at Lebanoll. when he retired all village Gordon,Mrs . Emma H . McClure , January .,. WaJlace Bernard and LeMar Field K. McIntosh. (Jlift Bagby was taken to b e\' A Mrs: Dunham and Mrs. Edith M. Harris were marshal, a position he had held for Observing NewII~,aper AppreciaMr. and Mrs. E. L. Tho .... as ha 2' . Earnhart attended a Wayne Town .. a U home. She was cut on the right and Dave Childress, all of Clncmappointed D ele~at~s ~h this meet- .. ·yearll. ship school play at Osborn on non We~k wllich 'Was spons!)red as dinner guests on Saturday, Mr arm and head. The chauffeur suf- n;tti, were indicted on charg.s of ing, and Mrs. • . omu, )Irs. Funeral services were con- Tburaday evening. Charles Smith, lut month by the Calltornia News and Mrs. K. J. Vail. Mr . and Mrs. fered bruised legs.. breaking and entering a railra.d C. R. Fruie)' and , Miss Emma ducted Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 M d M f pap Ill' Publisherl! auociation Howard Reynold and chUdrell, 01 .. - car with intent to steal. They are Heighway, Altemathes. o'clock at the Otrwald funeral ~.:na m::;b!:~f~:h~:St throurhout the stal~e, the Fontana Jefferson county. IDLE WILDE CLUB MEETS charged with thefts Irom can at At the close 01" t e buaine. IM!S- home: Lebanon and Kings MiUe. AU are and was graduated from the 0,- Herald, as a memlber of the asTh f 11 . d' thO sion the followlng Program was Besides bts widow, !,Ir. ' Frazer aocietyalso partic!ipated and ofe a owmg are liP en mg lS held in jail at 'Leanon. given: la survived by two sona, Will and born High school this spring. fered a letter cont(lSt to residents week camping at Dunham'S camp Charges Lester Allen, Everett Mr. and Mrs. K. J. V,iJ and Mr. of the community .and district. on the Little 'Miami river. Th e Tdlewild e birlhday club Reading ' from the . studybook, Charles and a daughter, Mnl. Paul "The Never Failing Light," Mrs. Holthouse, all of Lebanon, and a and Mra. Howard Reynard and two The contest lUI ed lor answers Bobbie Hyman, Earl Conner, Dean met at the hospitable home of Mr. Fry and John Allen were indicted Ronaid Hawke, Mrs. Emma H. Mc- lIiater, IIrL Harry Murphy: children, of left'erson county. to the statement: "Why I like to Hawke, JQhn Sears, Clyde Fromm and Mrs. W. A. Kellner, Wednes- on charges of breaking and enter__ • Ipent the week-end wttll lira Anna live in Fontana," and tbe aim of and Charles Burton Earnhart. day evening. The time was spent in ing in connection with an anced Clure. Reading, "Tbrourh the Valley TO SPEAK AT HOLBROOK Sheehan. On Saturday evenlnr, the contest was to rive the gam es and siunts and three dif- po~ltry theft at .the R. B. Luhle1 of the Shadow,"-lIrs. · D. L. Mr. and Mra. E. L. Thomu and a chance to pClint out with their' Mrs. Edith Harrill, Mr8. L. H. Ie rent groups 01 mus icians enter- farm near Waynesville. They .... in the count7 jail at Lebanon. Crane. Mr. and Mn. Alvin Earnhart and Clwn wC!rd. the many-fold advantB- Gordon, M·rs. Emma McClure and Wined with music and songs. The spealMr for the laat Gen- family enJ'o'led a dinner at the re. that Fontana hM, and also to Mra. C. R: Frazier repTcsented the At the hour of. 10 p. m. we wert A Letter from Pine Mounbin Two other Indictments were ... ~1 E_"_A"'~ for the "ear at Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mary'S served with ice cream and cake. turned by the j1lry but are 1IOt e.... Settlement School,-lIi. Mam'e .. ..... J home of Mra. Sheehan. IItimalate the popular dogan, Browne. Alfred Holbrook College II the "Know your cClmlllunity firat." churcb at the aDnltal meetinjl: of At about midnight the crowd ad- made public at dda time. Rural Work In the Church-lin Bonora"le Arthur Hamilton, forJb• .and Mrs" Oharl.. Andrewa Our old friend, L. A. Zimmer- the Woman's Auxiliary of the Dlo- ~o\lrned, all 'havinlr had a good time Lee Hawke. mer .,.aker of the Hou. of Be· and flOD1l" of C1armiJ1e, Mr. man, .of Foothill , FOl1tana, eese of Soutbern Ohio. held at and looking forward to meeting at )l18IIionar, Not.. 1>1 nNe p~.. of Ohio. lb. Hamu- Charhs Shephard and Ian and ofters the contribution: Christ cburoh in Dayton, TlICsday. the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Members. tea'. topic! II a timel, one and will 1c1aupter, of New Barlblcton and ''To work out the open when IIr. and Mn. Charles James and Reallon June 14. Durine the I/OClal hour, dalnt, of blterut to til...neral public Mr. and lin. 0harIeI Boran and one pleMft, tel able to breath family had lUI dinner «uests on ~Dn~ 'i:e::~. ~:~~y' refreshment. d. Dr. Robert Blair, lamoaa Leb- famll, and ClarY, of Wa,- the eJ.... trail and to drink of Sunday, IIr. and Mrs. H. E. . _. _ . ' . _____ • ..OD ......, will ....der ....rsl Deeville called at til. 8aftford 0001, tre.b 1ft water, to Spencer and family, Mr. and Mn. ' 110m. on Sa• . , to NDdnd\PJaat bow It will Ray .Jam.., IUleea Ethel and Edn. Mr. and lira. Myron Tho• • of, In of Ia_ 'I'8t1l biTtlNla,. . tJIe mouDtaln Ja.... ot Xlanallburr, Mr. and Dayton, and Mr. alld lin. Wln. . Merc:h.a,nta To ' Mee t


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Ii the pluintiff. 0 nllmsptrator ° d e eS a e ~ filed to an I'mproved die t, de clar, es Mrs. ill (hi.' t hick of the III let'. III the cu:.t' '\)!" Hlllller A. ' toute n mb a d ' f l!,r.lcOeO'O ~tehas d , ~n Ed 'a ' I 'louten on 0 Wi sure .. es. Mary E. Gerlaug h, cxtens lon p C'. l h ROOT FOR AND CONSIGN " 1 d l\ 't lik' thb dnnum if I IllIOUj.! \ rhUg \\ I( . . A ugust BL unn e, Lexecut or of t he Cattle hoe', .heep and calY•• d c'l all'st l' n nutritionll for the 0, S. hU do '" -hout II ]\{r Hu;'n t Ht raJ'or uMough, t ai, Fronk Brandon wa • ~ ., . d d' d l"l ta te 0 r ernard unn , dece&lle Better method ll Qt cook ery, t . e Norrla.B'rock Co., live alld I . . Pottle. "I'm m d to look l\ fool. appo."~tl' :U~l~ IO~ n I em. fi led his application fo r a oe .. tifldiscovery ot the importanc e. of Vl\'('H . PTER I. ftrm for tlIe hlehat ' hI' \·rll·d .•. \\ h. t [ mean I,. not a nnd so' Johnst n and the mnje t\ l'U!'t1tlllll or l'1 e , e c. f f aml' ns and the new mphasls u p~ n prol1'eeltvs market pricel and good lervlee. he 'aid t.hol f llow 1'1! tb~ In\\'• h Id ~p to ridil'ul nnd r or the ~state R: a~~.oh trlanSs cebr.war b er" was ap- f rul't,. and v~ getable I'n t he dUlL Union Stock Yal'd.' Cinel __ t!t O. njl)l' R.\wll' ~ 1\1111\ \I, ~ lIl~l ""1 .. 11 f "hat ,. I V In the T (.~nHI dt '('el\.'~d I>pt!ul ofsus""IC ae f til ,hr\'l' 1I11\t+'!l:I!"~ "Ill) ~tlt .1I1 ne '·l'r. It'Clnteml,t d nil y l1u r tau t, an Ii r -- , ~ ~, , pointed executor ot t he e'"te of have made Ihe sulfur and molasses Tune In on Radio Station Wulty \"!'(,!(hl'l") ".\h:·· ole-h,' " :\l r. Jon ,: . anti ~nl l fOIlIt. I' ttlp !" I lain!:, toO . U . d .r t.s An na Schwarberg, deceased, n o ure- ot our grandf athers oldJa h. 12 :25 to 12 :80 p. m. for our dan, jll\! 'm'l1 l ' I" .111111 M ' ,! ne! J:H"oh (": I""hcl''') d \\0 r~lu('t lItly. "A nd 0 it ~l'm to mil!" cri~d In th II.S~· 0,£ nil IS d bond required she 8ays . market reportl. ' ~mh h ;\t J.::~ 01111 : mHh dl~T" l'p .illn I, (',.1 Jh)l"t~'rh]--h(~111Il\he:'kfor :OIl'. J(lhn~on. "IW v \\'~re i(l lu' to Th~~'t;~~r dUI'~:~d~nlrl\lte;r~~te~a~o Fannie VioJ~ Boxmeyer, W&II ap- A quar ter of a centu r y ago, says I I ~'Ith ~ ttlll . tir~ to. i .h l! hllblla· lh, u·,·n, tl1l1L'." I I I. ~ I . -e: ht'ed y u, P ott l'..~ ou ~ur. u 'h' r fil I ' din guardian of ROlle L. Yetter Mrs. Gerlaugh, we had to b con. , 11 011 of Aln"nm ~I: c.\.la"hr )1 - brio t Iill 1:. [Ill.! t"IJ th~ eourt. m the !ello\V \ '0. an Ignorant, friend ua~ le:vft In \\ ~cl~ to k ~ P ell ~ and fil ed bond of '18,000 tent with foods held ove r, sto.recl 43 YEARS OF SERVICE J311 ~lllChl'r. thu- d ~,tn ') In)!' ~"Id n.>nci t' nd ,·h·ltl Enl!li h. all that le~. tlUa tlel' and ootlaw, and hint· In t ~~SI1 0 ran Oi)i> v r~u l'etie ' in t he cellar or ground, drl d. hablt 'l lion "r lIll\ld(' I mi . by th~ h(.> had ]t'3tn ul fr,ml ~13l'!v r nd I·d at things cone 'rni~ ~~l; ~c 'nllllge. Leba~~n, moug ust Lu~ne executor of the ickled or canned. u unw ..' tlon ·ri.\'i(1u,l~ Inll't'nllin~ "Big- .J )hn" ~la(')) n Id of lhe him. nd l'l' 'hat ame of it - the 'Ion or nl!~\ trill overru e . of ~mord L1lnne, deceased Canning had not ach ieved t he LEBANON. OHIO tht 'I dl' of th (' . tlid ~tacl":l. lo- ! umin.: ,Ir lhe J"rilrt' un the \\'na\;a re p ct ble young man him elf In the cat: 'Mil; ki~~~'~~ ~::~ fil d his final account. of method know n t o Lhe .. ('t hI' I' "ith lhl' JiH'. u f 1'1'l'tllin ,jO r n. • lrl . . in' u, th lie in three language uran . t Idbe~ht II'. etY,'",<I Georie E , H all, S. C. Alexander , and by ~pringtime fol~s We have a complete ...otht r Ill'I ;I1M; t. "it. AUII:\I:t "' 11\1: ' h'Ispert' d - to nn(I t h a t. fi r(1·ea t III " . 1\ t a I lg Watch Repa;" Seniee Th.. llIall:l.·tm(c . r egml t 1 eth • e p aliii l1li .The People's and Harry Fltzgeral d were apvery hungry f or c rtaln bl 1 On aId Hill "1'\\ 0 Billukt't" :ab. t- !!,I't \lt'r . L'rg·J b,' Ptltt1('. Mr. Bun- cllle(or bl' rn tin' \I , li\<e drunken .nl \. e cLc e, 0 d \ ' 1' 0 )()inted appr aisers of the eetate of and mine ral sal 8 in P rices Rea ona e . I ~n ani n t ngs . tl~ and I.ittle Sll1 nk B nr. I1l' ask.1 ))0 tur Hamma!r t h I! ,:r1'l1 omo, an d yo u 'tt' I III , th t'll! \H'lh BUI. Illig " F K"bbe I . d . Jacob H enry Cummmg8. de~as eel . their dI•ets h II d b tln deli , B ads Re l rung Th e ('hnrlte W8> mlldo by Mnc- \\ h,'I'I'a!:>o ul- •• f th~ burlled habit.a- f n . P 31' I'llz ed tlon d!!u~t lll"kl.d ~tlfAced ~~ ~~I~~ to sC~~e 'pla~llti:' ~r~~ JUde~ The will of Ch~les d R. Jambes, eient or .lacking. Hence, sprIng J~lwelry R pa ir ed l rt 3' h ' r. bu hi. fliend Doeh;!' IImn- thlll. (I ow. ' on I e I. n 1 f d' l' Ii' Kibbe' and Ad- decea ed, was admltte to pro ate. fever. '. "THE HOME OF GIfTS" m I' of lh ~ '1\I"1'\S"l1 had written "['II t .. 11 \OU that, Bunn t." 1'e- ' YOU uon't ha\' thnt doctor ou t ~n .llIt ~ca : th ~ of Jean nette James was appointed Some f ood are excell ent t Oni CS it out in proper El1l!li~h. ' Ul" n II H'lIUIIl(>\" nll"gre .. ivel ·. " I fOl' Jlltl'tit rin' your fa~e with i~- d~e.j?' -IkIb~.~~ •• I:~ 1e sum executrix, no bond r-equired. Fred body r eg ulat ing, . or tonic, Til. Ihr e magi trat ~ Inokcd klP w lit. country. I v b n ther ~ult . . 110 Inan of br d1l1' or cq 1. ~I 111 c. res . O. J a mes, J ohn G. Vail and 80ware those valued a s ~ sour ce -::~==~====-:::::=:=== wi e. ~llI.jor I'Qttle. (Iuit e approlHi· \\lth ~"llr' fri~nd P(lttle and I've bilLty \\ould. tak fr m r oya.lty it· ---ard Reif were appointed appuis- of, minerals-c:ompounds of calntftly 10 ked th '1\ best • f the b e n here wi h b tt r men. ] \ . If, I' ll r Ign my commlS 1 n of New Suit. ers. . cfum phosphorUS, Iron , cQpper, thn! . - ,,",1 1)1'1 \he \Y klldogglln at ju tiel' (,f the. P<'U e aad tell the William . Roof, 8dmini~tratol' . W. W. Shudl , Henry HamUton iodin~, etc.- tho e valued as Ii At a word-or Wll~ it Ih,· 111011 h of a ribota:ry tr JIl g<1vel'nOI' why." . of the esta te o~ J cob Roof, decerus and Ha rry Harding were appointed aOU1'ce of vitamins, and ~hose val·-(rom on (1f the ma 'hich i· known ttl.o m a Gunwad "1\Ie, too!" xelnll11ed Mr. B un- .. I ver u Alvado[" Roof et III for appraisets of the estate ot Alice J . ued fo r their bulk. Mo t Important AI sdBjr 1l\cIv ~r !rot to Cr k and . ,) oth 'r~ ae 91enbhre<!.' net. " 1'11 tell. hi, . xcelJency I ~'l'- ~~struction of eOlntract; jud ~\ent ~co tt, ~ceased. , o f the regulatory foods ~re milk , ana a ddr d th COult. 11 d .. lI('li "I und r..tan,l that It wa be- fa e to ~sso~late In any capac!ty Hnd direction of t:he cour t, Ma r y EI ie Snook, executrix of eRR, vegetables and f r ulls. WAYNESVILLE, OHIO up for the oeca,inn in hi~ \'E.·l·, best y nd th ' b. llntial'ics of tha~ pal'cel l with II,· red l'o\~Brd, ~a~o~ I lift'Ol'd ouc h ver.;u Bertha t he estate of Lealie E . ~no.o'k, ~eGreen leaf y vegetabl s,. car rota, Phone 80 Bank Bid •. ('loth , - kilt nnd plait! alld (Ioubl t (1f lund which \\a: appropnnted to , or no Il1I1Jor! Put that In you I 1>1P( ouch l or oiv or e har i.. ex- ceased, filed her allidavat In beu cauliflow er, celery, endive, dry of final aecount. , . legumes, parsnip, rh?barb, t ur- _ _ _ _ _ und SPMran- that gold n High t.he "c.>tt I(,IU ttn t of the c olony of an' slll oke i lind J hop!? it .tran- tt'('me 'cru lty. ' Ol'villl) Alii on Ill'. us Evelyn Garland Hill was appointed nip., and milk, add cahcum to t he lund"!,, Ul an afr • ting figure. He ('otti!<h immigrant to which thi, gle y o u ! " , I t fly abro d 'ide of aelic into :\rDelv~1' belong"lo, c nd that Mciver I Then Mr. Bunnet and ?1r. J ohn. Alii o n (01' divorce. Charge is g uardian ol Ella R. Lane, illeom- diet. Many of the fo ods ~hatcon . • • their hl)l1or.. Their hQnors hiv~r- L nothing 1Il01'e than II masterle:5s I ton~ walked out on. thetr brot~ r !\llultl!r'y. petent, and filed bond of '~OOO tain calcium al~o con tam pho · ed. but h ld their gruund ano trlttd ~t)ulllter." _ nlaglstrate, .. breathmg hea:Vlly ____ with sureties. phorus. Egg, liver, and gre~n to look intelligent, mi~taking the I " I know nothing of the boundar I through theIr no ,.es. Ilnd repalud P robate Cour t In the case . of Charles F. Bod- vegetables al 0 are good iron t omcs \l ild l'peech of lh . u I for th ie of the .land . old by 'our (riend I hurriedly t() a friend' hou. ~ nnd gen, administrator of the e.tate of A fiM vitamin A f ood ma y be hig-hl), consider ed. nd mor .l~a.~. but 1 have the honor i jnform you I did" hat they could to I e.! 111. h~t I hadt: . Irwin, exec utor of the Florence J . Arlrlll. deceaeed, ver- made by combinatl.on8 of green rf' longua~ of Irg.1 that what I have heard from my pu nch, the m mory of th mdlglll - e tale oj J. A, Runyan, <lee eLI_cd, s u George M. Arkill, et al, Alton veretable and mllk. Green a nd and icero. p jump d Doctor friend lacI,' rand jUl't now told , t! s to which they had be n s~b - filet,! hi thi r d account. F. Brown was appointed cuardiao yellow foods f llrnish generou s Hammer and olfer d hi: to ~1 0U i lhe truth in eve ry port i- PE cl 0 hot and high wa the~r tn· T he ~chedule oJ1 d ebts of £Jiz· ad litem. amounts of vitamin A. Th e red s interprete r. 1\:[8 Iver wa cuillr. I know 1lothing of 1ajor djKnati()n that .they di? n t l/: IVC n aHh H\l rding, administratrix of Albert T. Scott, ellecutor of the ' is Cull of vitamin C. down. , Pottl ' b~undarie8, and not much tho.ught tc? theIr unfinc hed Dlagis· the t! tat oI Mary Goo nan Shear· estate of Alice 1'. Scott, deceaaed, Whole grain8 are good sour~e! "Don't trouble your If, Dave, • more of the law lhan yourself, terlal bu 111 ~s 01' to the escape. of CI', dEcea cJ, was. approved. flIed his inVentory. of vitamin B. So are yea .t, mll.k, I!aill MacIver•• till .1> aking BunMI- and that.'s a good n ad· Jame! Megg and J acob nnth. The e tate of .E:mma Gray. de · Robert J . Shawban, e.xecutor of and vegetable . Fish OIls na tive to ngue. "I w . giv a en· mitting ab. olute ignorance of the Th y drai~ed 8 bo \~I, then d part· ed, is ex mpt fl'oll1 inneritanc e t he estate of Eugene E. Beach. de- and eggs 8upply vitamin D. tieman' education in my father' s ubject- but I know a n honest ed lor t heir re pect l"~ homes--;-o ne tax. ce ased filed bis inventory. _ __ __ . Phone 78J hOIl. e, and I'n do th o e three loons J\\an whe'n 1 , ee him, not to m n- fo r King's H ill , six mile; Willa n, nbo!;, Ad mini tra trix In the matter of the e.tat. of ' Vp there the politeness to suppo e tion a gentl man. And ·M acIver'. the other for Go~ fi~Ic1, ('\'en ~II Il d the e taw of fll1.'y Ellen Tl10mp_ Aary E. ' Waterhouse, deeeued" Rumpke, Teal elltate III Dee! field that t hey were given the arne." both the on llud the ot)Jer. as I 11m down r lvel .. - nch In II robe-hnl'd on, de eased, film) her fir t, fina L sales approved aDd distribution or- townlhip. He add)·es. ed the court in the my~lf; but [ could point yOu out fll igh behind a blood horse, nch and di ll'ibutive Rlccount. d ered. Georee W. Ruppert to Zella A. !<till bre~thinA' bot And hard Ad~ian A. Yeats wa Bpp-oint.e d The will of MUton M, Jack, de- Nash, 66.2' acres in Massie t ownlanguage of C. Ol'nelius Tacitus. , me ""ho ar n. ither. Their honor brac d th m elv "nd my adVIce to you Ilnd through hl no e. ullrdl< n of llobelrt H. Yeats, mm- ceased W&II admitted to proba~. ahip. "fOTARY PUBLIC and exchanged desp rate eye~cor- your distingu i hed a ociate, B unDocto r Ha~m rand ifr, Jone M.inni~ M. Jack W&II appointed ellMichael Schwarberg to JUI ... '. "" I•• al B_II ner glances. Maclver pau ed expee net is to jail the e rogue. Megg caught l a da)!' Maciver by the ecutrix no bond required. Ernest Schwarberrer. 1.23 acres in Union a ntly, as if for comment, econd land Smith, and to catch a nd jail elbows nnd hurried hi!" alonj!; the l hl'fle men and provisions enough Gorsuch, D. E. Heywood and EI- townabip. Will. Ora.e • . E.tat•• SeUI.1i of silence followed. during .whicn t he third rogue wh o wa , with him, street to~' ard the Kmg' H ad . for 'wee ks if all Ibe wan ted was II ~er Bercaw were appointed apWAYNESVILLE. OHIO their honors gaz d at their h ands and to di cover the party , bvi- Big J oh n ' ~l acDon~ld Iln d Mac- ew hundre dweight of moo! meat p ointed appraiaers, Billa Ano._ in their lap . MacI ver poke again, Iously II cowardly, 10\\, !lIcoodition Iver's fait hful Ma~lc t f?ll~ved V hal' between him and Pott le 1 Jeannette Jamel, executrilt of John Law, Sharpening Lawn ~~==~~~~~===~= thi tim(! in Fret)ch. He rattl died en my <If 11'. lac lver- who clo e, Big J ohn till pl'OClal.mlng, I ('uught some lants of the eye the estate of Charles R. James, Mo_r I; Weldinr Wheel, C. R., off- yard of it. Again he pau ed I hired that scum to go up the in Ga elic, his singlehanded vlct~r~1 pa: ing ~tween tbem. I'll speak deceased filed Mr inventory. ,1 76' Mary E Hopping rent of DR. H. M. WI LLIAMS xpec antlYi and again their Waakadoggan and tr'y to bum ov~r tbrc(' ru ffiaJl ~rmed w.lth to the governOl' about it. I'll tell The adjudication and determina- omee 'for Co. S'upt, of 'chools tD ')STEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ••ct honors fi led to respo nd. fac I vcr in hi blanket. There's kmves. J ones wa .till ~hu~khng him nil I know alOd all I sus pe ct." Uon of the inberitance tax ' on the A\Ilrust I, 1934, $50;' George C. SURGEON Th en young Mr. J one , an of- I David Hammer's oplnl n and and Hammer W8. tIll brIstling. .• peaking of tlhe governor, bere estate of William A. Carroll, de· S h Adjutant, RUB ell McEI- Special Alt'-.tio. to Rectal aad flcer ' of t h e infantry Tegime1)t, th r 's his advice; and if you or " There's law for yo.u!" . barkeq come RuggleBt~ln," ~aid Jones. ceased is to be given to all per- fP~hr,po t Memorial Day AllowgatTison in Kingston, ·tood up at I· sto ne don't !ikl' it, ~nd n ~he. doct or. 'There's JU lice and "Oh, L rd! Wha~ a sight for a poor sons i~tereBted. · a~ce, $26 i' Bert Reese, Command. latealiaal Oi •••••• tbe bac k of the roo m. friend to ee a friend of mme to JU tlcel Pottle and Bunnet and Mll cer of a reglment of · the Une ! An authenticated copy of the Fed B Craver Post Memorial LEBANON, OHIO "Gentlemen, my iri nd Mr. Mac arrange. "hatever you wllnl to do J ohnston blnckguard a~d Dear Heaven I 'Whot boots .a nd last will and er, r . 6', M. Cole- l' hO"B 12 Hee Phon JU G5 .. k illS.I Coulson, deceaaed" is hereby re- man, Adj1lltant, Loveland PO!!t I vln. .111111('8 n lUdg. h er haL-had the honor r . spurs an swagger ~n d o"ter!l ing you eloquently a nd t~, t~e J a fingc~ by pulhn~, a Doctor , t J1 our .fnend M~c that filed in probatle. The Riggs N~- No. 266. llemoJial Da, Allowaoc I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ",:!-!!L!!-~_~!'!'!!!'!~ p oint in three languages sa Id yo ur frlel\d Pottle. . the gell.tlemen .appr?achmg u~ tional Bank, executor filed thetr ,25 j J. Lisle Vorhis, Commander Mr· Jone . ' Ther WII confu lon on the make htn~ ami hiS R lghl.a.nd vam appli<!ation 101' a certificate of Ralph P . Snook, . Post No. 186. .., _ _ _ _ _ _"-~_ "I d on't b elieve a da mm word bench.. Ther were c~eers and , ties look h k an ashman m a duat t ransfer. . Memorial Day Allowance. ,26; Sol of it !" exploded Major P ottle. I confUSIon an d laughter In the body th m O. \ b re d that utthroat ,torm. I haven't the exact French The estate of Benjamin H. 1111111 St a G A. B Pod Memorial • • l of ih e COurt, with Mr. Jones lead-, Lunk go to? An~ tha~ mug tav(',:' for it, or ['d tell bim m)'lleIC." dece&lled, is exempt from n:ve~ilow~c~, '26; j. M. Con.. ir'?' queri d Mr. J one~. Major P ottle 10 t color. ,ing t h e cbeering~ On6Utb~es and , nero What of him. W hy t~e. de~11 To Be :ontio ued ) tance tax. ov! Granville Thurston, Post. Director of Fuaera! S ~r"lce "You m i understand me, sir I" th clerk of the COll rt ran almles~ly I would he fit out an expedition of ( ! I Ray F. Millll, adminilltrator of G K Memorial Day Allowance . I









I ., ' .



















Centerville, Ohio








the estate of H. Milia, deceased, filed hiS first and final account. . In tM! case of Anna J. Rankin, IWiministratrix of tbe e~tate of Minnie MOOn! Waten, decealled, veJ'Sus Charles H. Moore, et ai, sale o f real estate was ordered.. L. Earl Thompson was appomtei administr ator of the estate of J. Lee Thomp on. dec~ased, an.d filed bond of $40,000 With luretles.



the crank.shaft, you r car begins to "breath~I"

On every other down stroke of the pistons, your engine d raws air-mixes it wi th g asoline and makes the " gas" th at



run. your car, , That's the reason wh y Mobil-


gal ha. Climatic Co ntrol. The

weather is always changing . Ordinarily thes e v a riation s . atrect the "gas" mixture. Loss of pc"~r iot very apt to result. 8u~ Climatic Cont rol giv es Mobilga, the ability to mix h~lI(r w;tb air·-all kjt~d! of air. Every d arge of fuel th at reaches your cylinders is full-powered. Every drop of gasoline flJorkJ. Certainly, this is wha t you want from gasoline. Why n t try this ~iGCll Look for the sign bc.-low.


I T' UIlPRI ' ING .. . tb.dJawent ..... ..,atrClOD4llltloDa you m ee' on • SUlIcIa, elteraooa·. cIrt.taa, K>W7 mlleteD



Stanley &Koogler Auctioneers


, the ignition' switch- step on the starter. With the Iii-it tu", of



Edw. and Blair, Our c(lnvenient location, suita· medical services rendered Veri ble lIurroundinp and equipme nt Mmer during . April, '16i Mrs. enables us to Serve to t .1I C lit Howard Sawyer, servic es, ,'7; Stella Kelly lIl!rvices, '7; Candia Advantace. Hymer, se~ice~ ,5; Mrs. Wlll AMBULANCE SERVICE Bryan, seryices, ,10 i M~. Helen Doughman. servieell, $'7; George pa.-. 29 W'JII •• "m•. OMo J4i11er services, $10; Mrs. Ira ! Eltsroth, serviees~ ,6; Clark ,-------------- -- County Hospitalization Eldell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!~__ _~ Baker during April, ,106; The FOR SALE DATES CALL --~ Columbull Blank Mfg. Co., Mania .. Beve.race, Cosmetic and Malt Licenses, Auditor, $ 3.80; Tr$cy hester B. Augspurger, mechanic Bone, uttering Sealer ot Wta. I; of Hamilton , and Mi Agnes Oor- Meas. Truck. '1.20; Drs. Edw. I; .)thy Schuermann, of Blanehester. Kobt.Blair, Examination 4 Rudgel Aubrey Wab.on, steel worker, of 4 Biggs children for admill ion to Cadi 1(>, and Miss Joan Hohveger, Ghildren'lI Home. ,8; Blair Bros. of Carlisle. Hospital, Service rendered at JESSE STANLEY Ivan Shuck, steel worker of 1'aU during April, 1034, $36; , ..... 320, N •• Barll •• lo., l''Nc.>urn~l't, Kentucky and Mrs. Inez Griswold Service Station, Gas I; R anic. of Million. Oil for Sberitr's ear during April EARL ICOOGLER '10.75; The Hubman Supply Co" OaF to. Pboa_ Real E.ta!. Tr_.f.r. 6 mop heads for .Jali, '~.ll; J. M, ICE.more 1'18 O\\en S. Higgins, deceased, to C,on?ver, ~ervice. as Member Sol: Addie Stark Higgins and Adda H. dler s Rebef Com,. 6 months, $20, I i Leb Harry Z. Gray, salary as S~reFl ' emmg, rea estate n anCln_ t S Idi ' Reref Com 6 Flora LehJ' to Horace G. Cook, tar), 0 0 er s I ·k '· Inlot Nos. 123.23 -22.24 -33 -34 ' months, ,90; Karl D. Da l~.. • . Morrow, '1 " ·In G premium on Inau~ance, Fall' __-"_ _ _ _ _ _- _ _ _ __ and 1 JD. a so " 10 acres dB 'ld' ,178' The West roun UI mill, , Salem towmhip William D. Thompson, deceased, ern Star, 600 Government ~nvel. FOR SALE to Willa B. Cabot, iDiot No. 36 in ope' for Pr?bate Court, '17 , Wal. Lebanon and 121 acrell in Turtle- ! dron C. Gilmour, Inquest Jam?s FOR SALE _ HI-quality Ohicks creek township. Presley, '&.90; Waldron C. <?1l. from flocka carefuUy culled and Anna Glancy trustee to Anna mour, inquest Susan .JI~e Smith, blood tested for B. W. D. under Kahlen, real est~te in H~r1an town' I'VTO; Gem City Blue Print" Sup peraonal supervision by Antigen ship ply Co., Erasers AI Lumber Cray- method; W. Rocks, Bar Rock!!. Buff B~rnard Lunne, deceased to Au. ons for Surveyors, $1.49; H. C. Rocks, R .. I. Reds, W. Wyan.-8c. :' gust Lunne, inlot No. 114 in Mol" F\Ilrett, 100 posts, Surveyor, $40; W; Giants--lQc ; Eng. W. Leg. row. Harold Martz, gravel, Burveyor, 7 %c. Let us have your order now. L. J . Hardwick to Antonio v.n- $386.60; Van Camp Stone Co., Weiama'll', Hatchery, Muon, Ohio. t PI' 245 yda. Sand. AI Gravel, ' .366.76; Phone 28R. mal I .. I t N 36' PI arJ, !n.o o. I.n easan aln . The Standard Oil Co., Gasoline I; .' . Wllbam W. Wires to Emma J. KerolMme, $19.3&; The Kilpatrick- FOR SALE-Sweet potato plants, and John A . Jones, r-eal estate In French Motorear Co., Gasoline, 3Gc per hundred, or. three bunC<Jzadd~le. $76.U; W. A. Hause, psoline, dred for '1.00 All kind. prden Myrtl~ L and Val Purcell to $U 79' CiJleinanti Oil Works Co. planta, 10c dozen, three dozen 21c. Mary ,~etnthel, 6 acres in Deerfteld 1 Ia'ree, d rum Iubrieant, . -85.21" townlhlP , On Fe...... •• , Road . Strouse Brothers, Th ti· N ti I Lit I Weiler We~ing Co .• Osnen AI Route No. a, WayrtelYllIe, Ohio. lIuran~e c':.o~ C:th:~e JL ;ac:'; supplies, rarare. '&.61; Waynea-m8l real .. tate in Fraaklln toWDalUp. YiJle Service StatioD, ..-oUne, MeaalDa Co1ll8oa deeuHd to $1.88; Onawold Station

Engines "Breathe" like Human Beings.a.How AIR helps to run your Car! ' SLIDE INTO YOUR CAR

A $26;·~.

~_"_.8_.__ dl_8_U_._D_t_.~ __ eo~DO~doD---.-.-.-~----t-..-~--..__ m I~ ___.~~________________________..,..........__


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lieU... CODO..... Ii., 1-4 ..Nt. III GuollH • 81lPPU.. ,18CUI; WANTED Deerle1c1 towuIiip Tool . . . . . . Co•• Ioeketa, Lacy A. 1l00n ~d B. C. Moore on Co•• 110 o.L on 'W ANTED-Can to walb aDei to LeODai'd 1(00N. 11 .... bl Vc;~ COn pollah. Jolla Sean, CIJde J'Iooma to c. L. . . . . . o.r..., Ph01le '78. ml40 aDd E J IIwpIa, real..... .. Claebnletl Oil WOOL-Co....... 701lr wool to Deert~ •~ a....,. , lUG- The Ohio Wool Oro en Coop-

W;:te~c:'-:t. rn.. .....

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Co., , eratl" Aa.oela$toa. ,,000 otMr ..-owen do. I • O1It 10








D. L CRANE P.bu.Ja.rI5ub.crIP.... P ....!. '1.10 • v_ OSe. Pho.. .... No 111 Entered at POltofflce at war::t. R••i N• ville. OhIo. .. _~"lIdi CIa.. I ..... .... .... ... . o. I II Katt.1" MAY 24 ,



The Redskins Are Comina! A short time ago th e Chicago Tribune printed a cartoon that. hit th e predicament of the average American nearly on the head. It pictures "John R. TaX'payer" and fllmiiy, attired in frontier drUB. hid. ing in anll under a cove r d wagon. sUl'rou nlied by an attacking "Tribe of Taxeat 1'5 ." who hnve come out of the " American Tax Wilderness." "h e unIortunate "John Taxpayer" is saying in nsponse to frightened llplJ nls from his wife and children. "There a s so many of 'em I don·t. wh ere to start shootin· ... E very citizen is in that position now. The tax·Indians, of course, won't do him physical harm- but !.hey are highly can nibalistic so tar 11 8 hi pocketbook. hilt savings, and his property aril concerned. Th ey are destroying jobs by ' d raining the !!prings from which paylolls fl ow. • The y are captUl'ing omes and fUl'ms--because their owners. in thesQ dllYs of fe lluced income and in CT a sed taxes--ean't pay the levies a gain st them. It's hard all right , t o know where to start shooting- but unless that stllrt is mad e. thl'() ugh the un ited effort of the millions of both workers Dnd employers of the country, the Indians are going to have un ea y time a ~ the massacre. The CUTe lies in opposition to extrava· J.(ance and to legislation which goel! outside the proper spbere of govrnment, at the taxpayers expense. and opposition to oftlcial s who pro pose or {ost er such practices. A g enuine movement along t hese lines should be st a rted. And every citi'Zcn who has a job. owns a piece of 111'~ p er ty. 01' hns a fllw dollar invest ed, belongs in it.

A Gra ve Responsibility The automobil e gol ofT to a bad s tart in 1984. Returns for January show an inc reasl! of close to 17 per cent in motor vehicles fatalities, a compared with January, 1933. Th death total for the month was 2.400- only v ery slightly less than in the same month of 1931, tIle year which e. tablished the existing "hIgh" fo"!' fatal automobil e accidents. That record plac a heavy responsibility on automobile- drivers aUld traffic authol'ities. The reckle 8, t he incompetent. the discourteous, continue to rule t he highways. They are, of co~rse. in the minority, 'representing lesB than len per cent of all motorists. But they men· lice the lives, h ea.lth /lnd propery of t.he ninety per cen who are eom· pete nt, cautious and courteous. Th l' e ate three distinct phases to the automibUe accident problem. One is traffic law s--the state or community which lacks a realonable, modernized traffic cod e, thoroughly and efficiently enforced by high\'.·ay police, it itself. encouraging accidel1;ts. The lIecond ph.lle is the licensing of drivers--as yet, only a pl'oportlon 01 states have set up machinery (or checking on the experience., the ability and the physical attributes oC motorists. The third phase is the car itaelf-miJllons of automobiles which are defective In brakes, teering mechan1sm. liehts or signal devices are permitted to use ·the streets and hia~waY8. Every ...e ponsible citizen shou ld Btand squ arely behm~ proposals design d to 1'eform, perfect and improve legislation concerning one or another of these factor.s. The automobile is killing 80,000 people every year--a nd no one knows where death, behind the steering wheel will tri ke next.



Farm lvight lalks, Mal' 28' The Ohio State Univer sity Radio Station-WOSU :00 (\ :05 8 :15 8:25 8 :40

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. Adjustment News ..................... ... John W. WUlchet. Why Do We Have Poor Hay? ... R. D. LeWIS and C. L. Blackman Mu&ic Insects lind Dl ease!! of the Garden .. ........ ..1'. ~. Parks and A. L. Pleratorff 8:50 Cultivating orn in a Modern Way ....... " G. W . Mc Cnen 9 :00 Rural Women and Consumer Education .............. Adele Koch l<~arm

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New in Rock Gardens ...... , .................... V. H. Riea "'. 35 Ohio's Canal!! ......... ...... ............ ,... ...... .H . E. Eswine ., P B Z b U:45 Control of Coccidiosis . . . ..... .. ..... .... .. . • um 1."0


Best of the News Direct From the Ohio .State Capitol I'nland of this year was ,.-129.66, or $6.63 Oh 'o's COL UMBUS I lakes i'neluding Lake St. Mary'lI, Ie s than a year previous. India'n Lake, Lake Loramie; Port· age Lakes and Buckeye Lake, aTe William Aaron Sel%, Steele High beinl\' restoj:ked this spring with School, Dayton; and Elin~r Imo-

Beech Grove

attended the funeral of his lather In Alabama lut w~ek . Mr. and MI'II. K. E. Tbompson Mr. and MrR. Frt!tI Nash, Harold A c.-ircular de"l'ribln« the PDI'-Cbal!. Gordon and E erett Vii· and Kathlt>en of this place. had and Curti" Nash. D<,lorc~ LaMar pORe and UIIt' ot contractt'd aerea lar. were here with hOI'lle folks tor their Sunday guests: Mrs. Lew and Viola Buehmer. Dr I layton, on farmK undcr contract with the over Sunday. .I Emery of Wichita Kansal! Rnd Ispent Sunday III thei,' plllee here. AgricultUral Adju tment Admlnb. Mi>lR lIl lrH' W e ll s of t hi!l place. l~ati?n i. now available for free Miss Lucille Tucker lnd ~i!lter. daughter Helen. of' Marlon. ·Ohin. Harriett Clark lind daugMer. Mar· Bnd ~rl!. Mattie (O'Neal . urface is vil'ilin J!: h ' I' sist <'t. M I'''. Mnry uls .• t.n bUt Ion nt th e 0 ffi ce 0 f • county . garet Ellen, spent last Wednesday of Piqua, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Hob <'1t 6 lind fllll1'lly o f KinJl: rn a n. agricultural ag!' nt~. It oull,"e~ the i"tjt~a~~'c~;b~ati:~r oill~he1'llb7ri~~: John lyder, 80n James and MiSl\('s ~~l i l\11 hel h a ll d Mll ry Moore Ivhari ous methods lOI' handling lhe daughters, Mis es Lenora. Vivian, o f Hamilto n. have bN.'n ~i!; iting I t e acres taken from the produc. days of Mesdsmes Carr ilmd Clark. r;hyli 5 and Lorene. of New lleb- their grand mother hen, M I' ~ . J ohn ,I tion o f corn and wheat. MI'. Br~ce Carr and family -trave IllJOn, Ohio; MByfred and Modena Edy.ards. wh is quil l' PQo/' ly. . - - - -moved mto the property vacated PoweU Elbert Wells of thi s plac e ' Subscribe for The Miami Gazette by MI'. ha~ . Voiers and wife. Ij:cldy • Wells, Cecil' Lamb, and ' -Mrs. adle ~e.aso~ ha: returned William R. Shiflet, of Oregonia. I G"o wing' 500 chicks in n brooder from a short VISit With her grand-, John Rose. of Go shen. Ohio, and is delrim .. n Lal to the prodl1cLion of daughter, Mrs. Rhodes BunneU. Miss Lulu Muller of Cincinnati, h i!{h quality pUlIcts. En tern Wh Ite Rose- Power be-Mr. Edwin Randall, of Cleve- were here on la st unday. Jloultrymen I\r~ accepUnll: the pra - hind .the engine. land. s pent last Wedn :sday with ' Mr. Milton Eakins of lhi. plac e lice of re ducing the n umb ci' t o 250 _ _ __ I ____ _ __ his fathel', Dr. Randall and fa 11 i1y. Born to Mr. and Mrs. G orge Wall (nec Helen Gra,ham) an eight pouno son last Tuesday_ Hi name is Fred Graham. Over one hundred attended Easter tar Inspection her e last Tuesday evening. Dinne·r was servo ed by the Ladies' Aid. A few from our Masonic Lodg e at tended B meeting at the Leban on Masonic lodge last Friday evening The Mi ses Rh'ea and Evelyn Mc Carien spent the week-end with relatives here.

Harve),abu I

traight Washington Vice President Garner is one 01 the strong men in the administration. Incidentally, he is not a profiteer. The American Magazine offered hi~ two thousand dollars for an article he had written . He wrote "Nobody would pay J ohn Garner a dollar a word for any article, and nobody can pay Vic e Prcsident a cent f or it. II yo u wanl to publish the article, you nre welcome to It." Air Mail . rid s submitted by priVate companies are one-third of the (ormel' excessive rate e'ranted by Postmaster General Walter Brown . Cancellation of Air Mail contracts and making new con· tracts will results in a great Sav· ing to the tax·payers.


The investigation of th e Army Air Corps is in full swing. If the Army Air Corps cannot perform efficiently and safely during peace time. in the co mparati~ely simple task of carrying the mail. what could we expect in war? "They did Quite a few from hel'e attended not know the routes." In time of commencement exerdses and war would the routes be familiar? Alumni at Waynesville la~t Friday Might it not be sup posed that our and Saturday night. fliers would find many unchartered Miss Laura Ward is entertaining routes 'in actual warfare'! What her niec'e from Dayton . about instruments? Why are army The Hilarity club !lpl!nt Sunday planes inadequately equipped ! with Howard Graham nnd family. Whose duty is it to draw up sp4!ciMiss Dorothy Davis of Dayton. flcation.? Somebody was at fault spent Saturday night a,nd Sunday long before the brave young men , with ber parents. started to fty the mails. If they Roger Gray. a form er Harveys . ",ere not accustomed to nlgl1t fly· burg boy, is here from Abuqu er. ing. mUlt we alsume that they will que. confine th~ir WIU' ac~ivith!s to ---_ - - - -about the same houn as those used l or traini ng ? It appears that Bomebody in authority has been grossly negli· Mrs. Minnie Marlatt and Mrs . gent. The air service is the most Stephen are on the ick list. impol'tant of our national defense everal attended the wei~r r oa st and upon its complete competence la t ~hursday ev~ning .a t Mr_ and depends our national safety. W e Mrs. Elvis Michael neal' New Burdon't care a rap who carries the Iington. Air Mail. or wheher it is carried. Mr. and Mrs. Everhart spent but ~ do care most pointedly Sunday afternoon with Mr. and about t he ability of our fiiers to Mrs. P. A. Ryon. navigate the air in time of war. Mr. and Mrs. Earnes,t Eal'lihart and the latter's sister, Evelyn, The Recipl'ocal Tariff Bill gives went to Kings Mills Saturday even President Roosevelt power to ing for commencement exercises. change existing tariff rates up to Mr, and M11l. Burgess and son, fifty perce.nt. It is certain he will apent Sunday with her parents, Mr not. increase rates. He will. in and Mrs. Lon Morgan. many instancea, lower tariff duties Mr. and Mrs. Elvis 1Ilicbsel, a~nd and t hereby fulfill another Plat- P. Michael spent SundB.y with he r form pledge of the Democratic parents. Mr. and Mrll. Herbert Party. This in order to increa!!e Marlatt. our trade witb foreign countries Mrs. Roland enterloained Mr. who heretofore have r aj ed tariff Marc.a DiU and family 0.1 Lebanon, walls against us in retaliation of and Mrs. Etta Baker over the .t he prohibitive l'ates of the Smoot· week.end. Hawley·Grundy Tariff. Industry Miss Audrey Crawford spent will be sti mulated and farm en and Saturday and Sunday with Mr. factory employee will be benefit- Crawfnrd and fam ily. ted. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert entertain. ed Thursday, Mrs. Bessie Bratton. Congress enters the last lap of Mrs. Clara Moore, MICs. Maude the most. remarkable se8llion of its Moore. Mre.. Clem ~~immerman j history. New relief financing to the and MYB. Scott. all of Dayton and extent of one billion five hundred Mrs. Burn JontlS, of Ll~t1e. million dollars to include a housMrs. Annie Lucas spent Thurs. inr program and the application of day in Da.y ton. five hundred million dollars to___ - - _ ward publie worb.tofurtberstimu late employment is the chief item remalmng to be enacted. The President wants this. He also Ii wants the ~ffnate to pa8sh~heh RheciprocaJ T an measure w IC as Ohio motorists must. cooperate already passed the HouBe. in the state·wide safet y program This will be done. The President's to "help themselves make streets hands are firmly at the helm. Fol- and highways tltlfer" an analy sis of lowing adjournment of the Con· the causes of accidlmts being gress which will probably ta1<e made by the traffic bureau of the place early in June', the public will Stale Highway Department reveals lee the New Deal in full swing- and Highway Director O. W. Me ra success. rell hns repol'ted to Goverl')or White who ordered tbE' state.wide The Stock Exehange Control safety campaign . to reduce the meaaure. which is one of the motor vehic.fe accident toll that the President'8 pet billa, passed the element of "penonal responsibillSen.te with a wtJoop. As aoon ill ty" must be imprinted de epJy on the House and Senate in joint con· the minds of motorists to Iltlsurc

Mt. HoJly

Motorists Must Help I • f Sa ety Plrogram

_ _ '2-__


AM ERICA. ANTAltCTI- llllng lik e a fraternI ty InlUaUon. CA. May 15- cvla Mackay llad- wllb mucb bo rseplay a.nd bazlng. 0) . My. my I What a lime we ba.d Tben a blg dinner followed' ast Friday (tbe 11th)! Wednet!lday by motion piC-LUres. At th e end ev· faa tbe etghth annIversary of Ad· erybody was v 'r,/ tlr d a nd p lied I1lral Byrd's flight over tlJe Nortb Into bed. excellt rour of us. My Pole 10 we planned a tittlng cele- bunk look ed very gOOd (0 me but traUon on Friday by knocking olr I sud!lenly found myself wltlJ a new IVork and Initiating all tbe new men )ob-ofHclal m leor watcher. Alton e tn thlB expedlUon Into tile famous Wade. geologlsl. of Wesl Holly· '78" club. WOOd. Calif.. Alton A. Llnd ~ey. bl· This orga.nlzation la made up of ologiat, of Wesl Newtoa. Pa., and lien wbo bl\ve been on vaMoua ex· Ha lpb W. Sml lh. allllllUle pnol. of ,editions with AdmIral liyrd beyond Frederlcklown. 0 .• and 1 had to latitude 78. nonll or aoutb. We bave stay up 11.11 ni ght In tbe littl e c upola !lere tbree men wbo were on tlJat on top 01 tb observation platform f'lort.ll Pole expedition. Lleut..(;om· staring al lbe SKY tlJrou gb an "eye mander O~rge o. piece." Ev eryth ing would be black. Novllie. wllo aillo Then suddenly a littl e blink of IIgbt flew acroas tbe and a SWIrl streak ac ross tlJe Sky. Atlantic to "'ranee The eye pl eee througb which w.' wltb tbe Admiral watch enables UB to plol the dlr~on tba t senaaliOD' tlon and cou rse of .t be meteon. o~ al trIp 01 tbe air· which 13 bave b en observed ,~\ plane Amenca; one nlgbt. Un one occasion 22 we': " W I I I 1 a m U . reported In a. elngle bour. Haynes. o. Wash· 'fhre e Ume s a day pilot balloona \J\g\.OD. D. U., lbe are Bent up lO great distances to veteran meteo rol · cbeck Lbe velocity and direction or ataw~rt 0_ Paine. agist and Pete the wInd at vo.J1ou s I v Is . 'ril e lu· Durtlam. N . H •• Dem~. Of Waeb. veBUgatlon ollerrll lrlal magn etism Dog Ellpert Ington. D.O .• DOSS Is going on constanlly. In facl. our or our tractor grouP. boLb or wbom Bcl entllic work llnd reaearch will allO were members of tlJe IIrst Byrd conttnue all through tbe wInter Antarctic Exped lLlon . Tbe exc"&- nlgbt. ment started wltlJ a line lecture I juet received tlJe wondertlll 111 a.Jnes oa a SUbJecl somewhat aews from til club secretary by strange to us- tlJ e Nonb POle. Ve ry radio tlJal 24 ~ scbool a.nd college Ulteresllng. You kno .... conditions leacbers have enroll ed tbelr enUr are Quit., dllfel'ent up tbere and cl&!lses Ill! members and bave redown 11 ere. T he North Pole has 110 celved p rsonal radio mes sages H U T ~O land around It . Tbe SoutlJ Pol Is from AdmIral Dyrd and tbat ludlv. N.~. . . '" on an Im.mense pl ateau 01 Ice. Wllb ldual membe rs b[ps are comIng In & FISHING land und e~ It. surrounded by buge. at a greatly In creased rate Includ· ~:,6:-Jm.6If:~'r.~rt: rocky mou.ntalns down which Inl several ea.cb trom Elngland. ~~:DP~:~~i1:~cfDl~~ stream countless enormous glacleJ'll France. Swltterland and G nnany . nl uabl. lnlorm.Uoo .bou. . UM . revOlven. Olb1DlrlaGkor riven of Ice, wttlJ "Ic&-l'all!," I don't bow that bappened ~.~~::~~-: ~Ban.Jri= wblch would be wat'erlalls If they because these atones are nOl ap· .'0 weren't frozen. more than SUU leet pearlng abroad. Dut It may Intereat hi,h . The animals a.nd bl"!1S nre you to that tlley are apo ar· all different and lbey have many ,Inlln approximately 120 A1ll rlCtlJan :W:~.~;'I'lo.eJf.t~:r.ol~:-:":'::1 more varieties at tlJ Nortb I'ole news pap rs III e ve r)' State ln t' . t than we bBVe ber . ullion and Ala ska and tba t we n'ow This "' bole cel hraUnn wns orol\.l· bave more th an 1 .OtlO ll1emb rs In cast to AdmIral Uyrd In tltll but our club. M mbtl rahllJ Is fr Il.Jld down at ljeUS and be repl1pd with lh re are no exp nse8 wbat VE>r a wonderfUl messaKe In dot5 a nd All tlJal Is n eijsary Is to send a dubell. He could hear all tbe SOngs plalnJy self·adll rrssed. stamp d eD' we aanK for bim aud everylbln ~ velope. or If yoU ILre 11 lea che r. bUl he cannot talk with us- only name u.nd add]' 88 or 8 If and l10me 8end code mesp.agea by radio. We addr slIes 'of PUI)lIs wlUJ a 3c S la tXl ~ . I !tad a moonlight basebRlI gnrne (or eaell . to C. A. Abele. J r.. pres· HUNTING planned with an Indoor baseball but lIent. Llltle Ame ri ca Avlu.tlon and A. ' F'ISHIN~ a rtp·snortlng blizzard 'Prevented It. ExploraUoJl Club. HOlel Lexington . f ra Bldg. The Initiation of "78" club tnembel'll 48th Street and. IJl)xlngton Avenu.. l Ito.ton ........ took three hours and waa som e- N ew York . N. Y .



Only $1.00

F R E E' _WI


~~~~ili~caW~~~~~re~~~.fu~~~~~~~w«~of~eu~~~~ the Ohiq Division of ConservatIon Washington county. ranked first this remedial measure will go to Statistics reveal that 21 per cent -~======~===~========~~~=~=~=~~~~~=~=======~~ - - - - ----- - - - - - - - Mn~n~_T~~~~~ri~P~~~g~bQud~h~~ool~Whl~H~~~~~~

dd~ro~m~.~hl~ .

gram of stocking state waters with students of Ohio. it was announced -- - _ - • way system are 20 feet. or more in game-fi sh of other. kinds has ~Is~ when state IlChoUnhip awards A .d f f . t't' f or width. Yet the tr.affic bureau statil! b n proc~ding With great acbVl· were HUlde before a large audience co e 0 aIr compe I 10~ tics compiled for a t nth ty. These co"sist 01 large. lind I at Central High School, Columbus country elevators b~came effect· period reveal that on 1this type of small Qlouth black bass, catfish, last Saturday. Second places went ive May 21. It apphes to 16,000 wide roadfl. n early hal t of the ae . cidents oCCur. rock bass and bluegills. Efforts to Robert C. Jones, De Vilbiss elevators. were made by tile division to ob- High Sehool, Toledo, and Betty . The traffic bureau analysis cite tain wall-eyed pike and <!I.o me mus· Hamilton Fairmont High Sehool, Slxty· five per cent of the meat that while the wider roads are de. ood comea signed and do tarry more traffic . ' kies for' waten auitable. to them" DaytOn. All awarda were the re. r offered. for hu!"an In a special bulletin Conservation sulb of teltsln ftve state districts ~nde~ f~de.tal ll'lllpection. InB~ec. yet "excessive dangerous speed Commisaloner W. H . . Reinh.a rt I April 2S: He.Jen Vi,.cinia Falla. tlon la hmlted to t~ose establIsh· and tboughtlessnellS' work hand In giVes dlr,\ctions how tb. e CrapPI!8, Lake Township acbool. Wood men!-, engaged in Interstate or hand for responsibilHy of the major portion of accidents. a popular fish, in all pa~s qf Oh~b. county. waa ftnt in th SUi rrade foreIgn traik!, can be most easily cauabt by dls- tests and Sa-rah ,Grace Dodda, Mt. "Motol'lsts must help perso nally ciptes of 'lsaak Walton, including 1Moriah Ij!bool, .Teffenon county. Practically aU of the tobacco to cut down the accident toU by women and children. T~iB fish bites aecond. The Trumbull count)' echol grown in P~erto Rico is now under making speed conform to existing best on small minnows and Ute best arship team p1aeed flnat and Sum· cont.r act wIth the Secretary of conditions. and above all ljeeding equil)m ent is a light cane pole with mit eounty HCond. Aca.demy of Agrlc.ulture. Ten thou.sand grow. the warning signs and keep the bobber and hook. The best place tJ Ilmmaculate Conception team, Can. ers ~Igned • It was the first pro· mind on driving and I~he hand on fish is near stumps, logs or brush ton won fint place among priv.te ~uctlon control contract o~ered an the stllering wheel," the report under the water, with the. eork bigh scbool. and Caldwell Higb mllular. possellSlon or terrItory of obaerves. about 1/1 inches above the h ook, as ~am first M exempted vlllqes. Of the Umted States. It i, indicated that while Ohio _ has many miles ot goiod highways a rule. "When the cork bobs and cit)' high school teaml. Mt. Vernon !roes out of sight, )'OU can pull," placed first. The highest -rankine Secretary of State George S. for use ot commercial and pl~as . the directions Bay- and then, oh individu.1 aehool on Count)' teams Myera from the votes cast at the ure can alike, there l!tiIl remain s boy-maybe. waa McDonald; Trumbull county. Nov~mber, 1933, election show many improvements 'Lhat can be • Over 1,500 winnel'll b)' aubject. iome interesting facta. One of made aa funds ~I'e avall.ble to . The forthcoming annual report regardlea of sdIoo1 claaeifteatlon il th~t .n average of 26 per further the pubhc Slltety. Many of Auditor of State Jos. T. Tracy were also announced. cent of the entire number voUnr existent roads were c~'nstruc~ to for 1933 will show that Ohio's polio failed to vote on the four .tate meet the needs o~ a decade ago. tical sub-diviaiona reduced their The. market tor municipal and wide luuta aubmitted. The numller but the enormous l.ncrease In vehitotal indebtednell8 $9'7,448,877 other bonda baa improved appreela votilll' was 2282401 which w.. eular trallie Qver ce:rtain erosalJIite of heavy bl)" .nd the I.neral ...el of prlc.. 882,100 leu tban' the' ;ote at the s~te routes ~as developed r.pldly d urInl th e year In I d d..... baa riMn, accol'1i1q to E. C. GaDa· presidential election of 11182 A" the au~mlblle became a uni.,er. d relleltIand itl epre. on em_a •. ~ ..e her. I ormer __ .... ""r 0 IUIUC. 0 I concluaion reached from _ stud)' . aal meanl of tran sl'ofOO'r,tiO villaces townahipi ....1 n, I't i II coun H. c es, d • d to&al I Akron, who baa beeD 6naaclat ad· of the ftcuree ia that the ate-wid. elrplatned. This In tur< will neceaand achools ()w~~ a ~Dlq vlaer 01 the ltate IDd1I&trial eom- lubJeeta beat uduatood by the .Itate · that the ltate hlrIJwa)' de,,81.111.881 IIlluioa lIYeral ••Ilth.. It II Mr. I. received the 1aIch..t .CIte partmeat continue Ita aafet}r m .... thla yeai' whO••~::·8:~d';~ to .~ on the ~-;tty.thna pal' eant 01 tho~ Drel by fDrtber ImPl~n. road. they owed '19:; d d ~ til. paralaue ael .... of boDda br the balloted OD old ... pen- tMollP .U",inatJoa 0 ~ eu"_ c..... pat redactloD tb e......on. ad to be, a eo.. aion.. 10 . .t OD Npaal 01 tala wldenill.. and ot~er malnten:rear " .. by th. cl Ie, 1'1 ataat cheek oa eoUaettoaa of. 1Dter- OhIo 'f1 per cent on aDlle work that will AI!d to the aaf d.croe... 'J&8,1. . . ad pmdpa}. Th. 00IIlIBiIaI0D _ ad at.)' procram .. as U. 1mon the 1910 ~ the II fot .mloaa of . .t oa raIe. hicaD acollOm· eapIt.a . . . . of. title de" the bI'IeItId III the . . . ..... IIhow ... JdIIa8Il ..



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R l.--tI anof Propert, 0-....1 of W.,nelyill ... Cre.. tinl'

Merchar t. Win A Hard Fouglat Game

SOLVES in·chool.el.... beloqa to our und., Mr. Zlmrl Haine IIpent Tun· with her lister, lin. Horaee DIFFICULTIES day ('ompton of New Burlington. Mra.


Witla Miami.burg ' In view of ,t he fnl't that tlu'TI' x i~t al'uunu ~{llll' hUI1lPs nnd othl'T builclin)ts in the villuge of (Continued from page 1) Wa~"1le. "ill!' nil" ac('unlulation of th,,' Ilew ground!' at the High akheR. can.. gal'bnl:' and otht'r rubbish and WIIl'i \\ hich jl< un"igh. ~chool Gym. Why not come out tly and nl ~o Ilnh alth y. I. A. K. and ee your own boy, play ball. ] l\. Muy r of Waynesville; do hereby ord('r thllt all ~ u h abovc;o nnlll d 'ondil ion" hI.' COITl,(·ted. A the SlIme lin1l', 1 \\'i ~h to l'om 111 ('lid most of out citizens who a t 1111 time~ k(:ep their prem ises in n 1110, t tidy find h althful ('ondition Dotle thi iWl'nty-t hi rd day of

Humer Haines and children called' P ..riod Blue- in the evening, 111 is, June Sheets pent Friday with Dorothy Bogan. A,ronomil" Mr. and 1I1r. Howard Stanley lire announcing the birth of an 11 pound daughter. Miss Edna Learning Is visiting her aunt, nellr Xenia. Mr. and Ml's. , !ilford MiBr and daughters, Reb ca and Ruth Esther, of New Burlington, were vis.itors at our church Sunday mc;u'll ing. MI'. Raleigh Bogan and daughter Dorothy, attended the funeral of Mr. Abijah 'Neall at Washington

lny. 1984.




(Continned from Pal' U live in the c.o unt~y, this is (he desire of moat every man of the city, arid the realization of all who live in Fontana. In no other place is co-operative community pirit so revellied as in this progressive and industrial little c ity, with chul'ches, and ~o cial organizations for all, there is no lack of social activity. The excellent local educational facilities and the affiliation with Chaffey- school, each child is give n an equal opportunity to develop his particular talent. Fontana Burpo se all other simil ar agricultural sections becau e of its ideal weather tor div r sified farming, poultry and rabbits. Fontana has a 'fine bank, newspapel', plunge, mail service, library. woman's club. fire depart. ment, hotel, mercantile establishments, paved streets and street igns. and many other advantages as any other city of its size in California. After having lived here six years these are my reasona "Why I like to live in Fontana." For his contribution, Mr. Zimmerman received $1.

Phone No. 19

Protecting Our Patrons In caskets, as in every other kind of merchandise there is a wide range of quality and value. The funeral director who would serv his public well, must select products which offer the IllOst in materials, design and equipment, fot the price paid. We deal with the most reputable manufacturers in this field, and can guarantee every article shown in our di ploy room as a quality product.

RI!V. G. . \!lfl"ert and family are ViAiting the pat't.'nt8 of Mrs. Dibert at McComb.

upt. and Mr . J. W. Lotz and d'l!ught r are visiting relatives at Forest, Ohio. 1\1rs. R. . Weaver was hoste@! Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hawke ...pent Sunday at Indian Lake. at a basket dinner giv n at her home by th members of t.he sew, Mr. All en Kibler is visiting this •ing club of the Bel'ean cl a~ in the week with his 80n, Mr. Guy Kibl~r Reform ChUl' h at X niB. Wednesand Camily, in Dayton. clay art rnoon .

Mr. and M I·s. J . ariwright. of incinnati, apent the wl'ek· en tl with Mrs. Hannah Rogers.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Evans and daughtel', Betty Jean, MI'. and Mrs. Kenneth Elzey lind daughteT, . H. Marjorie, of Dayton called on I\h, Mr. and Mrs, Roy J o nes and and Mrs. Walter Elzey. unday family, of N w Burlington, spent evening. unday with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mrs. Laura ides has returned ompton . home 8iter staying two weeks with her sOn, Raymond Eyre, of Dayton FORMER RESIDENT Mr. Eyre is recuperating from an TURNS JOURNAI.IST operation which he underwent at


- --White Rose, the dependable Gasoline.

Good Samaritan 1I0epital reoeat17,


White Rose, tlte depen'dable Gasoline. Ladie,' Dre~.e" 70c Men'. Suit. 6Sc Quick- for quality dryc:leanin.






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'f's Galvannealed!

A heavier and better mu: coatin&. More copper In the Iteel. That', why Red Brand lutl yean !OII&er-cOltl ltlll per year. It', a nationwide wc:ceIII. An outatalldin& value"

Galvanneallnl-. p!f....ec1 ....... pJQCeM few ~tlAa rence ..,ire-12 u. S. petara. Orat I1eat·tnstl,.. 0 ...... et IUO· F.llrelibeit. fIlM ,~ lIavy m..., roatinl ri~t Into tbe capper-tteei wIft. No _ dUD. _ " yen coatin" filled .nib p,1IIboIa. a....- feaR life ~, , ........teed- /n ..rit;n,1 . , ell ..... CICIIIIII ill alii! _ tbU . -....1* r..- yal_ '

It', • ndlcaJly ''''p''''''ed ~ ~



fielda,ear _ _ l1li tJ. II RIGHT!

Waynesville farmers fxchaBge Co. Phone 2S

Waynea,..ilIe, Ohio


J. E. McClure Phone 7 W.yneaville, Ohio

e D.O· I~T Caelara Creek


Mr. and l'tfr . Lee Hunt and son of Cleveland, called on Ev rett Haines and family, FridaY~~'l:l"'lti:w;-l-l.~~"''' Mrs. Emelrson S in c1ait· 1', Mrs. Horace ompton of New Burlington, Thursday evening. Mrs Compton ha been seriously ill again, but is ome better at this writing. Mr . Luther Haines and daughter, Phyllis, pent Mother's Day with Mrs. Haines's p8ll'ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Laird I of Camden Ohio. They returned to thei!' home Monday e\1Eming. Mr. and :Mrs. Audl'CY Crew, of Itt. a lot safer, mo~e pleasant and this neighborhood, are ' announcirig t he bit·th of a daughter, Betty cheaper In the end to .tart out on Jean. Mr. Weldon Wjlson and family Dew tlre8-particularly unce prices of n~ar Xerlia, were Sunday even- are8tti1_ low ••• And because Gooding callers with Mr. John Wilson and family, Mrs. Wilson is much year makes the moat tires-by miIbetter. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanley, 0:( UOD..-and 80 often the biMeet mODSabina R. R, called at t he home of Mr. and Mrs. LawTence Mitch- ey'. wort.h at "elY price-It's a lot ----.~~-ner Wedneelday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Rob ert, Walton Some of our .members attended 'Wiler to choose new Goodyears - • • and sori, Bobbie, of Morain e Farms the Waynes,ville High School com- <lome and see why more ,p eople buy spent the week-ena with Mrs. J. mencement F r iday evening. Ernes\ L. Hartsock. _r Sheets, a member of the graduat- Goodyears than any other tire-:just

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The Lates1t Ne,Ys

On Thursday evening, May, 24, the Wa~ren Oounty Rural Letter al·,lel·S Association met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. KerRey. at Oregonia, for their regular me-eting and to welcome D. D. Donehoo who has been transferred to Oregonia. The carriers and reo Ro.. H. Hartaoel< Out For tirecl carriere from here, with their familie., were present and Tree.aurer and Sa.m D. Henle" enjoyed a bounteous basket dinner Fo1" Suryeyor and pleasant 80cial time.

Whole Number 6120

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1934 -




All Slat.e Hig way Pal.rol Ofwel'e 011 notivl! patrol duty IJl!c(Ol'uliufI Day, May ;W, in 1l1' (\Cl,1' to a 'sure maximum 'afety iot tlie h avy volume of boliday traffic. olonel J,..Yllll Black, patrol superintendent ordel'ed that every bighway patrolman bo 011 duty Cuba To F u rniah The Oppo.itioll from u. Ill. Memorial Day until 2 For The Merchanta Neat a. m. the next morning. Sunday 01. Black pointed out that the palrolm~n WOl'e espccially vigilant in I'ender;ng any pos ible assis· ~ ----Decoration Day was the first tance to moto1'ists as well as keeIJ With the deadline for tiling homu game o,f the SUBson and It the great amount of holiday moto!: petitions at hand, con&id rable was ind ed a mirage. We naturally t ravel flowing safety. mterest is being manifested in ... supp o~e d thnt Lebanon support"ed Waynesville and Wayne township over the pt:imary election this fall a ball learn but to OUI' SU I'prise we This is undoubtedly due to the found dift' I·ent. At the end of the [act that Wayn $ville, for the fir t third inning Lhe score was 10 to time in many campaigns. will be 2 in fa,vor of Lhe ,Mnchant.s and represented by at least two names WAYNESVILLE CHURCH OF th ut is when our boys let up to' see on th Republican ticket. CHRIST ~088 H. lIartIJock, who will Te· (Undenominational) if L ba.non c uld do anything at til" as postmaster, is circulating a all; nod with Smithso n just lobbpetition as candidate for treasurer Ohester A. Williamson. Min..ter obBerv'cd in ing th rn ovel' a8 one might in Memorial Day was while Sam D. Henkle, who last Church School at 9 :30 a. m. Waynesville by a large number of batting practice, the Lebanon boya week was appointed county SU T· Lord 's Supper at conclusion. Chris ciLizells.8lHl fOI'rner residents, who went out and got 8 :few runs for veyo'r , will be a candidate for the tian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. John unexpired term of the late John Se8u, Leader. Evening evangelis-;;;;;~~::~~~~~=:;;;;:~~~:.= visited !lliami cemetery iNm eady themselves. It was impos ible for S.· Van Horne. tic service at 7 :46 p. m. Sermon = morning until evening, taking i our boys to obtain earned runs Hartsock will be opposed by J : ilubject, "The Cue .Against floral remembranc to place on because Lebanon handed them Lisle VooThi!!., Lebanon. Mr. Hart. Christ." Prayer meeting and . . runs before they had a chance to the gl'aves of their loved ones earn them as their record of 13 Rock has made lin excellent Way· Bible study each Wednaaday at nesville postmar.ter and should poll 7 !45 p. m. The church where you sleeping there. From near and far errors shows. Woe nre sorry to a large vote in not only this but leel at home. they cl!me, to pay homage and show the home folks such poor other sections of thc county, as ---honor to those who rest in OUl" baseball in the opening game but welL Both men are active members ST. MARY' S CHURCH Rogers and Simpson, this week beautiful cemetery. we are certain they will have some ., • good teams here in the near futuro of the Ralph Snook post of the ~~oV'. J . J. Schaelrer. Rector completed moving their garage Waynesville Tt·oop No. 40, Bo~ so that the Merchants will have to American Legion. from the Odd' FeJl.)ws building to To date ther has been none to First Sunday after Trinity, June the old F:ord building on Main Scout.ll of Arnerica, had charge of step out and do their best. Mr. Thomas Clark,. who has street, where they will be located R I f I d announce opposition to Mr. Henkle ~. Church school at 9 :30; Morn· the ,p rogram for tbe day and carCuba will play the Merchants on . colt McClure, of Turtlecreek Ing Prayer and sermon at 10;30. b 't '11 ' bl t t in the future. . oy I'ons, 0 y e, Oblo, was I ied out their work very efficiently the borne ground unday, June 3. d H D B'I t een qUJ e .1' I IS a e 0 ge . In town on Tuesday. t o~ ns b... 'I' an . . al ey, 0 around now. Larger and more convement In the morning flowers were re- Cuba had a .good ball team last . . year. Our pItcher mithson was Franklin township will seek the FERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST . . . . . . . quarter are pTovided in this new MI'. and Mrs. Curl Frye spent celved by the cIJmrmttee at the with Cuba Ja t year and he will be Republican nomin tion for county (UndenomiutioDal) Dan Brown and son, of Dayton, location. Both of these young men Sunday at Indian Lake. Townllhip House. opposing his old teammates in the Chester A. WnUamaon vi8ited with friends and relatives have been bU8inesspartnersinWay commissioner. Oarl J. Miller, pres· Tho afternoon prog1'8m began game Sunday. This should be ent comml8sioner expects to retire Unified aeJ;'vice beginnln, with here on Monday. nesvlIle for several yeal's and are Mt'. and Mrs. J. O. Cartwright thiS year. hurch School at 9:30 a. m. Lord's well and favorably· kno'~n to a Qf Hyde Park, Cincinnati, we;'e in. with Ule usual concet·t by the rather interesting as he will . Will R .. Lewis. county auditor, Supper and sermon at 10:30 a. m. M.r. and Mrs. Lee and large circle of friend s and patrons tow ~ on Saturday. H' h school band at the post of- u!ldoubtedly try very hard to beat , 19 . . hI former team mates and tbey 18 a candIdate for reelection, aa Sermon subject, "Putting Bap- famIly, of. Norwalk, were In town who :wish them every success in Md ' .. well as Alle~ Huffman, recorder. tlsm in its Place." You are always Decoration Day. their new bUSIness venture. ed ~~.a:ndM~~s.\t~; ~~'g~~/:~~i fice corner and c0!1tin~ed . at thc will naturally try to knock Smithspt!aker's platfIJl'm 1II Mlsml ceme· son out of the box. This will be The latter WIll probably be opposed welcome at this churcb. I dd't' t rt .. by Georgot' B. Johnson, of Lebanon M rs. Mary Hopkins, of Dayton, n a I Ion 0 expe garage son, at Troy, Sunday. te.ry where Mr. F. y. LeMay, loe.a l rather hard to do 8S this lad their spent the week·end with Mr. and sel'Vice of all kindll they are local Two have announced scout leader, preSIded, really is good when it is necessary candidacy fot , county coroner, ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH M J C H ke dealers for Firestone and' Dayton Miss Alice Campbell will enter. After the invocation by Rev. to bear down Waldron • GilmouT, the present Father Newton, Paltor reo . . aw . Thorobred tires, as well as offering I s~mmer school at 1i-1ianli Univer· C. A. Williamson, cout Eldon _._ __ D.L. 0 rane, w h0 b as b een Ill.'J'109 ev ry el'vice t he motorist might. Slty, Oxford, June 18. incllmbent and Dr. Herschel Mass at St. Auguatine's Ohurch Ellis gave Lincoln's Getty8bur~ WAYNE VILLE uERCHANTS , •• Williams, both of Lebanon. every seco nd and fourth Sunday tor several months, is cOlldn~d to wish. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Tho1nas Addre Ii. A selection by the band ' AB R H PO A E C. Donald Dilat.u h, prosecuting of the month. his bome tor a rest. ?'hey have reclmtly been IlP- were guests of Mr. and Mrs. MYl'on preceded the introduction of the speaker, Wade E. MilleI', Ilperin· Mendy 2b ...... 5 1 1 2 2 1 pomted as sub-agent for Ford cars , Thomas at Dayton Sunday "ttQrney Wl'll seck rcclectl'on .. Mr. RoIlS Hartsock was n lunc~. under the Bryant Agency, of tendent of Miami Valley Ohllu- Lawrens, ss ' . 5 ' .1 1 3 3 1 again thja year, a well as Arthur FRIENDS MEETING eon IQest at the Rotary club In Xenia, and will lIc,t only serve a Mr. and Mrs. Ira Rich and tauqua. . Smithson, p .... 5 0 1 0 13 0 Hamilton, state repr sentative. First-day Sebopl at 9:80 •. m. Franklin, on Tuesday. authorized Ford repres ntl.tives daughter, vi ited Mr. and Mrs. Following the addrClss adjourn· Peck, Ib ... , 3 2 1 S 0 0 Hamilton will be opposed by T. O. Patter on, it is understood. Me tlng for Worship at 10 :30 Miss Barbara Jean Crane is , but repairmen in this district as M. T. Rich and family, at Bethel, ment was madl! to the Mcmorial Davis, cf ,... 2 0 1 1 0 0 cannon where the monument was Ellis, d, 1b .... 4 1 0 6 0 1 I. m. visiting Ifr: and Mrs. Paul Boo rom well. ' Su nday. covel'ed with flower and trumpet- Turner, 1f ...... 4 1 1 1 0 0 - - .. • Ell tern Stsr Market, 9 :30 era ftom the band sounded "Taps.' B Weller, c .. 4 2 1 8 3 1 OBITUARY WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH at Bellbrook, this week. ' . Rev. G. C. Dillert, Putot The Y. F. M. met at the home of Saturday mor~ing, at. LeMayClo$ing exel' iSBIHlnd drills weI' eadway, 3b 3 3 1 2 0 1 Edward Hart ~ck, son of Sunday : Sunday lehool at 9 :80 Ada Grace and Ruby D~le UnderHawke Agency. Everythmg good given by the cout.s, thus ending Hartsock, rf .. 4 2 1 1 0 1 John and Ehlla. Hartsock, was bom a. m. Morning w01'llhip at 10:80. wood, on Sunday evenmg. Ito eat. another Memorial Day observance - - - - - Total s ... ..... 39 13 9 27 21 6 March 12, 1886 and departed this . , Di ' S ri ---.... A' d M life, May 22, 1934, aged 48 yean At th18 service tbe Itrict upe n Eastern Star Market, 9:30 ",J.S es nme aname Brown tendant, Dr. J. O. Bickel wj)J 'be Saturday morning, at LeMayA study. of the bog quota allot. , were dinn~r guests of Mr. and NEW CENTURY CLUB HAS • 2 months and 10 days. witb us .nd pre&eh and .Iso con· H k I Ated Warren co unity, under the Mrs. S. M Sellars at Lebanon on LEBANON l'ractically his whole lite "all duct the bUBme.. of tbe Fourth a ... e nsunnce ._ncy, AAA program, s'hows that total Sunday." , INTERESTING MEETING AB H R PO A E y s~llnt inthth~ viciniRt' ofthWabyne8h- Quarterly Conference. Mr. Loren Reaa01'l hall returned hog benefits to far/ner& wHl ~xceed "r. and Mrs. L. V. Beck ancl . Wolie, 2 .. b .. .... 6 0 1 2 3 2 VI e on e .. arm were e c I1Te Epwortn League at 7 p. m. At hom;; after spending several da yS by ,15,000 the amount estllllfl ted JU. Th New Century club met at I Doudare p . 6 1 0- 0 6 2 stands, During' the la!)t four 8 p. m. Rev. J. J. Sch.efl'er, at the World'. Fair at Chicago;' when the program was annouliced. famIly IUld Mr . and . MI' . W. ~ O. The Litt.le Inn on ~riday after.. Thomp8~n, 18 . 6. 2 .4 4 6 2 montbs of his earthly days he was Rector of the local St. M_ry's B. T. Blackburn chairman of ~per spe~t Decoratton Day nsh- noon, May 21>, with Mrs. Anna Gray, rf, If, .... 4 3 1 too confined to his bed in the hospital Episcopal Church will be .. ith ua Mr. and Mr8. Perry Sac~ett, of county allotment committee, finds , lOg at IndIan Lake. Oadwallader as hostess. Th re- Leveck, 1b ..... 1 0 0 7 0 2 with ~ brok~n hip. He e~dured his and preach. Bellbrook, s~nt Sunday wlth Mr. that, even after tlhe overstatement lYr: Walter KUbon anel rand- gullir business meeting was hel.d. Burgess, c .... 2 0 0 1 1 0 uft'~rlr;r Wl~ much patience. "arid Wednesday: Bible IItudy and and' M7II. Harvey Sackett and is repJoved from the contract ap_1son of Da:v.t;on were guest. ~{Mr ReIlPOJ1SeS to rolJ call wet'e glven BIvins, c, Ib .. 5 3 3 7 1 S fortit~ e a~ wall appartendtly ~- prayer meet inr eaeb Wednesday family. plications, hog payments will total Ilnd Mrs Geo~~ Hendel' on and by state capita ls. Two paper" were Oornelius, cf ..5 ·0 2 0 0 0 ef· w teni uneie~. e S co~- Ilt 7 :30 p. m. Mias Anna Lee Crane wu the '324,000. The original estimate fam ily, Wednesday and Thur day Tead, "National Park~:" ~y 1\1rs. C Ivins, ]f, rf .. 4. 1 2 0 0 1 P ;~adtO 8 ~ n an 18 aVlor auest of Mr. and lira. Earl Carr was ,309,000. ;rhe percentage ~f of this week. J. L. Mendenh~lI and ADlma~8 of Russell, 8b .. ..4 0 0 1 2 1 ca e . tm o r n e . . , and Ion Russel at Lebanon on overatatement In the county )s t the Northwest,' by :Mrs. H. Eo Edgington, 3b 0 O . 0 1 0 0 He leaves to mourn th~JT.loss, a COAL DEAJ.:.ERS MUST a' ' , . ' slightly less than the average fun4 1 01'. alld Mrs. J .. V. Mulford, of Hathaway. ______ _ ~b~etlvhe yeMar °Wld lIopn, HW~~~mk' a REGISTER AT ONCE Sundy. for the state by the ~tste Board of Lebanon, called On Mrs. Franct! I Ejection of OffiCl,ll'S was held and Totals ........ 42 10 13 24 18. 13 ~o . er, . r.. ~. . •• """c, ~f Dclcto~ A. T. Wri,ht atrived lesa than in some other of tbe Nicholson at the Friends Home, tbe following were eJected : CtnCI~natl , a SIster, Mre. Mi!lnle . . home last week after a visit with corn belt states. Sunday afternoon. President, Ml'!t, L. M. Hender1 2 3 4 5 6 '1 8 9~~::r~~aof ~~::.' :;d r:efl~:e: Oh~:' :~!l !p~;!d o~ftI~i!~n~:: bisl aon, Alfred and , family, at Mr.. Black.burn. !lays no blanke~ Mr. and Mrs. Cha),les James and p~~;~e .iCC~~~:~~~~rit, M~~' ::.ow~~ Mel'chantlil ... ,31603000 x-18 Ohio, lUi well a~ a host of f . gistraLin.....Y[amn county, it w• • 00 umbue. reductjltO n ~111.tsbe m~de f ~ k~he fami ly were dinner guests of the Hathn;"ay ' Tl'('aS~l'e1' 'Afrs W E Lebanon ..... 0 2 0 1 0 0 2 2 3- 10 and neighboTS. announced yeeterday by the ReMr. and 'M1''' Ernest Martln, of cth°mm t ee Itn I 'Nt OfI' 0 cthec III latter"s mother, Mrs. Ella Folks at Corn~ell- , , . . . Bases on "Balls--Doudare 3' Smith . d th' d e overs t a emen rom e con- G fi ld S d " . ' life is a to in volumes three ta.t!. ~olid Fuel Co e Au orlty, Cleve~a.Dd, were "eek-~n guests tract application~l. He 'p'o ints out reen e ,on lin ny. During the social hour delicious son 4. . . . The post, therypreaent and the yet ~lv1slon No. 2J. with headqaartere of }(ra. Marpret Martin nand Mr. that much of it is unintentional. Mr. and Mrs. George MilJll. refrell~me~t . were served. The Two .Base lilts---Davls 1; Corto be. III Columbus. anel Mn. J. L. Mendenha • due to a lack of farm records. Mastl)r William Strouse, Mr. and gllest It ~ mcluded ~fI'8. J. B. Chap· nehus 1. . • The fir·s t is finished and layed All r~tallera ,sel.Un~ coal in the )(1'. and Mrs. Ot vi11e Gray and Farmers who have presented Mrs. J ohn Fromm and f amil y 'Were man, 1\h8se8 Annie and ?dame Three Base Hlts-.-Thom.pson 1, a.way, 8~ . <?hlo coun£ie~ In the . ~ll' daughter, Barbara, visited Mr. satidactory evidence of production dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bl·owne. . Laure ns 1; Satterthwalte 1. The' second we are readin, day by ~IVISIOI\ are required'. to reciater and Mrs. A. C. Bowman and family during the base period need have C. Hawke, on Sunday. . ~he nex t meetmg of the cl ub Ho~e Run~-Hal1;sock 1; B. Ivins day. Im.mediatel~. Mr. Lewla to4a, H- at Franklin, Sunday eveni~. no fear of a cut i:n their individual . W.:, ,b e held nt the home of Mrs. .1, C. I".ms 1. Tohe third and last of volume three celved offiCIal regiatration 'b lanks quotas, he !laid. !'II'. ,and Mrs. E. C. Crane an,d Mana Elbon on Jun e 22. HIt by ~Itched Ball-Edgington Is locked f om sight God keeps for this count,. Mr. and :Mn. H. A. Col'tlell a n d . A i ' chJJdren and Dr. and Mrs. E. F. -- - - by Smithson. the key r , . When local coal dealerlJ have Mr. alld 'M;rs. W. E. Contell attend th~~~lal:u:1e~h~f 1h eApr~:u~~~~~ DepPe attended the HagenbackY. F. M. MEETING Wild Pitches-Smithson1, Doudare . tilled these out they ..rUl be for- cd the funeral of Mr. )(oody Price e ' . Wallace eireu at Dayton, Friday 2. Sleep on, dear brother, in peace- warded to the Division Code at Wiiml~ton, Friday afternoon. eontrio} p}antadebPE!ndfs upon uSlngte evening. . 1 . f . th 'Y F Earned Ron _ Waynesville Merh ful rest A th 't h d rt t Oolum I . genu ne quo aile or eac coun Y The me bng p Ilee 01 e . . ' chants l' Lebanon " For why this is, God "kno\Veth beat, b u orll e·la:,a Mr. and 141'11. J. C. Hawke at- Without a genuille base it will not l Mr. and . Mrs. 'Earl Davis, Mrs. M. on Sunday night. June 10, Struck Ou t--Smithson'10' Dcluda ti en • rt'fi t aNI 7 ' . For all ill hope and »eace and ~~ ban .~: dir ;~: ~ c~ ee tended the funeral of Mr. Chal. be pouible t o reduce hog produc- F. R. Miller and Miss Helen Mil- will bnt the White brick meetin/!' love. l W e mal . e -:- en Hipe, at Bellmont, on Saturday tion be 25 per cent, the goal 0[ 11er, of Oakwood, we~c g uests of houl!e with Mr. Lawr~nce F~J'1las Loft . on' BaseIl-WayneaV'ille ' Mer1,Jntil we meet in heaven abo"l. In all prob.bllity the dutnbut1- afternoon. Mr. Hine the father the program. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Jtldge, Sund'ay as host. Mrs. Russel WIlson Will be chants 6; Lebanon 10. on dOf tbethneW ~~ be In-law of Mr. Oarl Hawke, Dayton. Extreme care exercised now by ~fternoon. Jesson leade~., Mr. RIl!{m ond Brad- Umpires--Schuler and Frederiek. t . r.... faoo . county aIJotment committee", al( . dock, devotIonal IMde:- and Mr. Time- Two hO·u rs. . . Gon e where no storms of sorio.. , ma e on tion for this incluetry. Mr. and Mr8. Ed .M~rrel and tbourh acting all a delay to pay_ T. C. . Tony) Patte~son.' of Leb Stanley Bailey, recreatIOnal leader _ _ __ ...~_ _ Sweep o'er 'his troubled breaat; llec1ltrati.oll .t this time 11 daurhter and MI __ RobbIn HamU mInt of cash berleflta willl'eault in anon, called at the Miami Gazette _ - .....- - ,Gone from 'a dark tomorrow, GRANGE PROGRAM limited to tho.. dealer. who did ton, of ' Lebanon, Mr. and Mr8. L. a .etter underetl~ndinr of the pur- offic e .on T~e8day. Mr. Patterson NA~ FARM HEAD IN To evetlastinr lilt. not p.rtieip.te in the Divisional H .•Gordon and Mrll. 14ary'McClure poaes of the pro,gram, In the opin- has IUs p~tltlon out for State ReFOR JUNE SECOND Code Authority eleetion of ~reh enJo,ed Sunda7 at IndIAn Lake. Ion of Mr. Blacll:burn. presentative. RURAL RELIEF PROGRAM MASONS INVITED TO ret\lttation '" It w ill operat ,e a I110 to alsure .a Mr . an d MAlI Th e progl'am prepared ,.or ~ the DAYTON GATHERINC bn or send U at theirthe ti It direct I _ :r. and.... _n. Myer H,man an d ra. en H 0Ie, 0f . s ex- .on, BQbb~ and Hlu Stella reduction in hog numbers. Thl! Lytle and Mr. and Mrs. Oli fford Torn FO!lter, ·o f Hamilton, twp., Orange meeting of June Z is as 101 . y ma nee t IlIe: ---- . peeted that .all dealen .II! ~oal In Dall8berty and Charlee Burton price rise that lwill f ollow the reo Campbell and family, of Social has been appointed farm uper· lows. Invitation bas beel'l extended to the 86 counties of the DIVlthalo~ will Eamh~, apent .eve~l daj 8 at 'ductlon in tb e lI,apply will more Row} visited MI:. and Mrs. W. N. visor for W~rren .county. uncJ er. a Mus ic in charge of Mrs. John Gone e .next Indl.n lake th.. week. than oifset the slig'ht nduction in I Sears and family, on Sunday" new plan whlc~ WIll fUl·~llSh. l elte! ~ea.ding--Juanita Br~nnock. Waynesville Masons to attend ' a b.e rerfatered ..Ithln m~etlng in the Masonic temj)le, IIlxty da,.. benelit payments he said. to farm families on Teltef It was Thi'Ee minute talks-Dayton, on tbe evenln« of June 8, ._. JI.... D. ~. Rld,e wu hOlte.. to "W~n will 0"; cheexs ,be heret' Corwin E. Ary, tenant On t}le announced this week. It ~s expee.t"Easier Methoda of !Joa.. at which time I)am B. Squire, DEATH the memben 01 th, ' Arpnot Thl. is the quel11ion most frequent. T. 0. Hawke tarm at Coll ege Hill, that the new plan Will be 1\1 Cleaning," Mr.. M. A. Cornell Grand Master of Ohio, will b. the BricIP clab at her borne on Iy a.ked of the committee. It II waa brougb~ home ;from the M~· l operation by June 1, . and w!l.1 reo "Man's Most Important Work bonored lJUest of the e~ht blue Mila Marl Woolard, ace 10 Saturday afternoon. 1111'11. Earl impoulble to aet an exact date. Clellan , on Monday. a.nd. IS ,suIt in aiding many· Impovlrlsbed Each MOilth," Mr. I. D. Riell. lodges of Dayton. ),Iara, died at the WOGlard bonae Davia, of Dayton, M1'I!. J. B. GoftB A large number of tabulating recovermg nicely from InjUries farm residen~. . '. " Woman's MOlt Importaat The meetins will start proftJptly on Maia Itreet, thla (Thurada7) and lin. Earl Hockett were the .nd statistical work l'emains to be received aeveral weeki ago. . County relle.! boal.d, who WIll Work Each Month," HrII. W. Bat 7:30 o'cfock, and all HalO.. of momiac, after • .plOlo..... ru..... invited l1IetU. come before co~traeta can be fol'Miss Henrietta Poeling, Messrs. aId t he superVISor, l! c.omposed Cornen. , ~ Waynesville .nd yJeinity haY" ftShe.... born In Corwbl. the Ml' and 111'11 Lee Hawke warded to WalJhinrton. A final Hilbert Bisdor! and Al Schoeler of E. Tyler Sho~lI:h, rel.lef dir· "Our TOW1l To-day and ......orceived a cordial invitation to at- daachter of the lata aeDry .nd , family had as ·dlnner euelta . Oil aia'nature mus~ be otalned after of Hamilton and Mi158 Louil!~ ,ector; Oarl J. MIner, of row," Mr. I. L.. lIendenhall. tend. Bull.. Woo1ucf and apent her l DlContion Day IIr allel Hn. an contracta .re typewritten. The Hendenon attended a Founder's the board o~~~unty co~mlslll0~e.. Recltatioa--Joha HaD. life ill WaFDeeville. SulllvaD ~Uor, Mr. _c1 lira. c:ommitee wfll bul)' a week Day pageant presented by Miami 1Lellter J . . I er, COlln y agrlcu · • • ' Ill' to IDnive ber, one Paul Moot'e, ., LlIIDbertoIa, Mr. !:nth::. ~-::~ Unlvel'lity etudenta a.t Oxford, on 1~~~~;~ej.t'B~· ~e~~:~::~i. gr;:: tAD OP lUI. . . . . . ' CLOTHING CLUB fIlET brodIw, Edward Woolard, of n.'- Iw Kn. II. L. PanhalI and Mn. an ultable il made Sunday. bunau prel i4ent; E. J. Beeelle. Thll Good Oat ClClltbi: 01_ to one llIter.:'_ 1I!d IEm. . Slirface. in .:a..ndtaal It II reported that theater roere Eliab&eth Graddy, ho... c1ellloD::Id Ita.-:°R!:=DIJ~ Ul':~J.-:~ wru.. eOD: lira. ......aNt TbOlllu, Mn. After the arrlve at will lOOn. be able to enjoy aU-talk- lstl'ation agent, aid lb-.... Jo,!! ;~~~;!;I= G~im wen aUo..... to .....n dm Ute faural...,.. at tM j Wanda Grift'ith . . elllhlnD, of . ...un pue iq motion pietur.. In W.yneevtlle Ja.k. truetee i 0 ,~Wl'"# · 1 tlli r I MfiiDI the ~ CIlrt.& .. bat .... Q'SteftJ. Thla D. D. Bralreleld, of Sabma and orphan', .nd ch Id:ln I ~O • 'ftI written at tile Carrol 8rakdeld, of Xenia, will Work ..~ ltart TIMN are, tile . . . . ed espeet I





----_ ---









Hog Paymetnta WIll T I $324 000' 00 ota " .




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~• ._~. :::=i.:fOr.,Ope"'~~;;_

r-----li-----------------..... FROM 'fHE WARREN r FOR PASrr WEEK

fistols at Davbreak

C om m OD PIe • Proeeed'DII

conftrmation, d 'ed and distribution

the estate of Martha A. ColURI, decealed, filed his ftrst and Rnal account. E. C. Morriaon, D. E. Heywood and F. E. William.on were appoint ed appraise", of the estale of J. .ThomplOn, deceased. In the matter of the estate of Elbridge Barris, dec /lsed, 30 day!! 1\'as I!J(tended for time oC sale. Ruth McClure was appointed ad· mini8tralirx of the estate of James W. Presley, dece.aaed, a~d filed of $1000 Wtth l!ure~les. Carl er, George Perrme and Foley were appointed ap·

State. r portioa early truck crop. advl e of mor nap bean. I c.bbage anll cllnlHloup ~. I.. " cel· ery, green peall and "pinach, and about tho I!am~ amount of al!pllra· rUI, peppers and atrawb rries. A Ilational ra(lio program by the United States Department of Agri culture for homemaker hus be n ohedu led monthly. The firs t broad cast is June 6, through the Nati· onal Broadcasting CompanY'1! facio lities. It may be heard at 10 :30 to 1 :80 p. m. over 48 stations.

New Suite ' Ruth Gebhart VUI!US Homer ma t ion, de .. u tl lHI di It'i buli oll. alt~ fi r. . t.; . < ~ 10 th ell " Cit 'alll ud Richard G bhart, neglect 01 duty, ~n tma ..d~:. a~. \'(,.I ~. ~ntl .T. )Iillet, et AI, com. Greenben-y Be~rd versus Lottie .. . . . • . xc ellenq . T hen Int. ston!!t :!, th~ dere ndant ure May Beard, for dIvorce. Charge is ('II APTER II. 0 dor Hammer and A Ill.! d ir J) OU re a I ~ \ ~,r man t hun I am. by Igronted I j) u r additional time t o gro s negl ct of duty and .adultery " I Illl' t bt!' a f (>(lI-" nupped th (> ~1 8c h'er pl~ ented t h mselve at a f~lI month. . fil l' p]"auing. In the matt r of the transfer of d ClOl·. ' J) t. . lcelling dogil He. D' yc GOyernmBnt House a t four o'cl ck ! .tr ~0~t1(' H art~' 1\ b~d~illlr of In the 'a·' 1 of Miron hutt ve r- f u nds of The Board of Trustees of M. Scott, executor of the e8· WI\J'It our killed fMen(1 to take t o sha rp. cn-ant in a maroo n-and- ho ~e~, a more I a n dIn! l e gh!"U hrisU ;l h~tt s the cu lody ITu t'llecreek township, to transfer of Larue L. Rankin , deceased, 43 YEARS OF SERVICE Crt mm inl? hi g ntlema n', educa· buff II\-cl-Y had no more t hll n a ee.? ho..:~ pro.u( ufll h.~ u re of IS of mi nor child 11r 0(' 'to d fe ndant' lfunds. filed hili inventory. lion and b i~ p digl'ee do,,"n t he p n d the door t o t OOm th un t he it a'do.neud t~r~ U~'do ht~d · ea·?i~~dd Plaint iffi t.o pa)· 1.50nWeekfor j Nella Tracy versus William E. E. Oswald, acbninist1'8tor of r.ti jf I1l'1'k of that gild d popinj a y governo r him, elf appeared a nd th n ti' . ~n a IPhT! e d a. ~ltr\ ~ c ~ UPII rt of child. . Tracy, for divorce. Charge is gross the estate of J!lsse Wilk~rson dcLEBANON, OHIO I II re in t h publi street?" welcom tI them with fla tterin g e IS , Y N l r () I ~ II mlnl ~ LrutJon , . . • neglect. ceased, filed his sale bill. " It 1I' 0u id b mil. in.'l,'· returne d co rdiality and led th t l 'ttl In th e " cond v al' t he widow of a T he cmlt! or Chff'ot d oucb verGI 8 d B ' S . E. E. Oswald, administra.tor of We have a complete h eom 0 a 1 e{ lat e a tt orn!'y 'O(>n~ 1'91 of the l \ r O- su Berths Cou.~h W II di mis ed. 'b YCSh etrmcGB awsyer, a mlhno.. Wat". SeMliee 'ned 00 1111'• •T on l!~. " I'd lay illS mon ey on book. It r m a re 0 . h d ,., h Th ea of The ta ndard Oil or, y es er . awyel', er estate of Harry Ross, deceaB d COnte Il me LO hN' e . . l' I ' .' . d ' rathe l' and next friend versus hiB sale bill. Prices Rea onable tht' Highlander , ble s hiR man gy log slt'uck r ub y and gol den a nd vmce a opaz lights in the belliI'll of th ree If a th er' h o~,. in King ton ~l'om . n ? versu Harry I 11 I d t<:.mlsse Cedric tanley, a minor, t~r money In the matter of the estate of Beads Restrtlng 8pO(l rnn I:' .' larence Arthur Brown, Jr., a Christina Bllchanan, decea.sed, ad· J(Jwelry Repaired a ptaln Ru~}tle,gton met and DC· d canters on a ro. wood table-- round of Vl It S. a mo ng relllt~v lO \\ Ilhout r ~cord. co. ted th l' m wlt hm a r od of the port a nd B [a rc old brandy and a 1th e old countt y . . he had Inset u- I In th cn. e of harie Beck ver· . minor by Clarence Arthur Brown dition.l assets that should be in· "THE HOME OF GIFTS" lavern doo r, with .a bland smil for pal sherry, . table green ~ Y l' a nd nn im crut- ~ u Pal Il azelwood, et ai, t he de· , Sr., h'is father and next frien d: eluded in said .inventory were ap. the doctor nnd Mr. J ones, a peak· The doctor aid tlt at he alway! nblo low s mtle. he had a slender f endunt . , .J ohn 13utt, Dan Butt and versus Cearic Stanley a minor for ed eyebrow tor :MacIver'/', e COllnd a nip of brandy to b an C.1C . lneck. thllt . om how ~u,,~st~d t.h e Jo. ~ Jlh Rtdd<>11 hllve l ea~e to file Imoney and damages: ' The bond of C. Donald Dilatush fln f' ry, nnd a n n~abJ e salu~ \ hl ch ce\lent thing f or th dig ative or_ l ?an ~tng of nymph t o Pnn s ptt'· I thell' ';\n s~\' cr.,' Confi r ma t IOn, dee d adminiltrator of the estate of induded th e ent Ire g~th erm g. gaDS if taken a t exactly fi ve m in_\m g In a leafy " ~de of rcad?" She lund d t tn buhon . Probate Courl George W . Nun, deceased, was reo "Docto r, I've b en In str ncted by utes pa, t four of th e afte rnoo n. po se~se d two (hm pll' ; one III h ~r I.n t h ea of H . B. [elke, doing duced from $7,000 to $1600. MacIve r t ook sherry. The governor Jlawlcs_ left chee k a nu th" ot~ er In bllsiness Os The Ryton asket Co A .c opy .of th~ entry determlnmg In the case of C . .Donald Dilll' his nib to pre ent hi compllmen to yO\! a nd a Mr. McIver, and his t ook port, remarking that the best Ihe; , Iendlr left . bo~ l d!!r. r hc~e \ cl U, The . W . nglesby Co., a , the I~herltance tax on the estate tush, administrator of the esta~ of invitati on to both of you to dine preparation he knew 101' a bottle thlllg5: eye. and , nllle a nd ne<-k corp., jud~ment to the plaintiff in of WIlliam A. C~olJ, deceased, is George W . NUSI!, deceased, versus WA YNESVILLE, OH.O and dance at €iovernment Hou e or two· of p ort after dinner wal: a a lld. dimple. amI othPl' or h~ r po . the slim of $63 1~.G 3. t.o be certified Without delay. Ruth NUSII, et aI, order of 8ale Pbone 80 Bank Blda. this vening," he. caid. "His nib gl ass of port before dinner, Mac. sesslon s. "lm ost. perhaps ClUjte. ~ 1n the mntt!'r' of Em ma J. Mun]n the matter of Edgar Carson bsued. will b g lad to see both 01 you "" er'l! 'Palate wa plEased ith the I e~ch an ~tn~ , pla )·.,d ~ he very de\ tl Jee r, n receiver of the Harvey . B~rger, deceased distribution, In In re: estate of Charlell Penkawa eotly--e\' n II early 3 four pale sh erry ; but his tomacb un· I '" tth ht. ex ~ 1I ney s haJ'd h nd burg 'ational Ba nk of Harveys. kind was ordered. deceased, the chedule of debts o'clock- particularly his Highland used to wine. and bred t o High- , and , ~o. on d heart. hurl(, rec eiver a u thoriz d t o accept Th~ will of James H. Jeft'rey, de· was filed. The inv~ntory 01 J. T. Riley, ad· gentleman. ~ hom I ve not yet had lond spirits, d'i d n o t so mueh 8 K To shol'Len n lonsr !ItOI' ' . Lh e .~o\'- d ~1I tor property desc ri be d in peU ceased, was admitted' to probate. lh h()nor of meeting." regi t r ibl arrival . erno r wooed and WI):) t hat wluO v .ill n, H e. Pe.titi on grontee! as to Iifford Stitt, guardian of Ruth minlstrator of the estate of Dora "Ala dair. this g orgeous person Doct or Hammer gave his exc 11. llnd ~a {' ~ I{'Hl n 11 d ~l1tt e l' lI ~ U Q .tccep ting fun d~l, etc. Ann Stitt, incompetent, tiled a Chilton, deceased, was approved. aptain the H()norable Peter ency Ii vivid description Of l he I!-ranll bull In Ct·I(·bratlU rt of ht s~c 1n the caae of Lillie C. Canby new bond of ,20,000 witb sureties Blanche Carollne Barber, execu· i of the Grenadier farcical attempted trial of th c es~ ; and. to get bnek. to ;\luJld81r 'I:('r. us l ary E:. Messick, et ai, In re: estate of R. Van Treu, trill: of the estate of LO\Jise A. Ruggleston, Guards, who i' j:J t now condes. 1 llows whom MacIv er and h' m n MucY\'or'l' st OI' Y, ~h '" td ow. dlt u~h 11nal account a ppro\' d a nd tru Lee deceased, sal~ of timber ordered. Barber, deceased, filed her inven· cending 1;0 act the govern or 'lI had brought down fr om G1 nbhr ec l r a~d only chtld nW'n l!l·d both II i-char -ed, The following accounts were ap tory. a id-d -camp," aid Hammer, ' in The governor showed neitber sur- lhe d lMnel' Ilnd the l) t\l1. IIr r nom In th caBe of Heber Hizsr ve r· proved, allowed and confirmed by Rub, Van Riper, executrix of the Gaelic. llHe hal! requested the prise nor excitemen t. "':Il S Florette Lytton. H er age w a~ " u~ edric Stanl ey, a minor, et 01 , the court. elltate of D. Victor Van ~lper. delpI aBure of your acquaintance and "I b lieve both Bunnet and J ohn- : \, Iliht~ n; nnd that made he ex nct· t he def endant ii !Cl'anted 15dl1Y8 Otha E . Slims, l!J(ecutor of the ceased, tiled her inventory. deliver d an invitation from his ex. tone t o be as hDnest as they havo , ly .DID t€en y 1', her m ot h cr'~ ud ditionnl time to fi le motion, de· tate of Amanda E. SamB,' deceas Gertrude Trimble was appointed . cellency." proved to be in eomp tent, " h e said JUOIor. But for those. years, unu nnlt r r or ot her pleoding. ed. Second and final. administratrix 01 the eltate of MacIver doffed hi bonnet and pleasantly. "We can't expect too t he color a,nd cxpre,slon ~! hcr Tn the Cll e 0:( J. f. Shields verMildred A. Mulford, adminiatra· Herbert L. Trimble, deceased, and bowed. Ru glestown bowed. The much from our voluntary mag i!ltra eye , she mtght hllv b<.>cn ml tllk!'n su C ddc Stan.ley, a m inor, et 01, trix of the estate of B. F. Huber, filed bond of $6000 with sureties. Phone 78J Highlander straightened him self ws. As to the accu ed, it is qui te f~ r h er mother at, \'en ~o f<h?r ~ a t he deft!nt.lant ils granted , 15 days deceased. First and final. Charlell Waggoner, GU8 Sie-ker and like a lance, returned his broad Ievident that they w re nothjng bu t dl~tan ce .IlS lhe wtdth of Il tlrnm . . dditional time il1 whi ch to file mo· J. A. K-eller, guardian of Pet· Fred O. James were appoinwd ap· bonnet to his golden h ad, and tools. They had ' nothing a ltllin t tabl!' . 1.1 IS L)ltton's eyes wet' l ion , demurrer or oUler pleading. melia Bennett, incompetent. PJ'aisers. cocked it. The guardsman, straight lour young friend here, so far as d~rker and t nd rr t hn1' t he The en e of 'fh e People's Build· Charles S. bwio, administrator The will of Loui! M . ABllnm, dea8 a lance, smiled condescendingyl ( can learn ; nor had the f ellow wtd ow'". 0 dark a nd t~ntler w r c ing-f, Loan & Savings Co. versus of the estate ot John W. PhilliplI, ceased, was admitted to prob.te. "Now you're acquainted with Lunk To.morrow will be time they that wh en Al as~ l\tl· I!l.clvc ~ ,TQh n J. b on, ct al, is dismiased d ceased. First and final. Ho.w ard Phillip Allllum was ap"fOT ARY PUBLIC bim, but don't be too sure that yon enough for us to disc,ul\S the mat. first ncouniered ~he ll' A'r ntle reo \, ithuu! record. Will Sheets, guardian of Bertha pointed adminil!trator and tiled N.,I•••1 B ..II In the ease o,f State ot Ohio ver Kenrick, feeble·minded. Fourth. bond of .9000 with su.reties. Earl kn()w him," said the doctor in ter. Iltove always made a point of I' gard he almost ml st.o()k thellt fo r EngU!h. "He's a gentleman of u. ing my brain a. little as possible tho eyes of Flora MIl~ Dol)ald. And FU S Fi Id K McK innish, W. E. Frances A. Null, administratrix J. Meal', Dr. C. P. Krohn alld Willa Dra .._ • , Eat.... S.ttl.4 very ancient family and true High· during the hour precedinll' dinn l'r W? n ,he look ed agam , the. be- IGraham was .Illppointed guard to of the estate of Huber J . Null , J08eph McKiDley \'rere appointed WAYNESVILLE, OHIO land temper. He's not t() be judg- and 1 don't intend t<l uae it at 011 ",lld crm~ . r 8 mblnnce Wil. even I trans port defendant to the Ohio c aBed. First and fin.l. appr.illen. ed by his wordly possessions." to-nigbt. This Is to be the best more trlkl,ng a t fi rs t: and th e mor tate Rl,fofmntory al Mansfield. W. W_ Whiteker .nd Esther W. It is ordered that the will of C. "Quite 80: and of a ~ ntleman's party, the best dinner, and the b CB t h look d, the grea ter the rese m- \ ln the case of Th e People'll Southgate, executors of the estate E. Hartman, deceased, be admltt~d educ.tion, 1 und rstand," return· ball ever /ttven In thf llrovince. \ blance became. Building, Loan IlTld Savings o. of F)ol'enc A. Starkey, decealed. to record in probate court. DR. H. M. WILLIAMS eel tbe eclrgeous calltain polit Iy. for it is to celebrate a very great (To Be ont in ued) vers us l\1alindi~ . Zl' cker, et ai, J. W. Collins, administr.tor of The estate of Horace G. Bogan, JSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ..d ~~====~~====~-=--~~~~------~~~~=_----~~~~~~--------~--------~~--~----~~~~--~==~~===-==~~==~~==============~ deceased, ~empt from admin· inheri· _ tance tax. isElva D. Bogan. . SURGEON istratrix flied her first and final Sp.eial Att.Dti_ to Rectal alld aceount. IlIteltlllal Di •••••• Esther W. Southgate and W. W LEBANON, OHIO Whiteker, executors of the estate I! R t' 8 Phon" n165 of Florence A. Starkey, decea~ed, l'hone !vln. &. .Tnmeaoo Bldg. filed their second and final accOl,lnt In the matter of the estate of Elbridge Hllrril1, deceased, sale of real estate is ordered. HI--T~~;'~~.d-H,ol1ing ~head and , admini · trators of the of Margaret Director of FU ••Tal S.,,·ie. Hollings~ead, deceased, filed their ftl'1lt, final and distributive account Our ct'nYenient location, aulta· Alice Gilmour was appointed administratrix of the estate of ble lurroundin... and equipment enablel us to S \'Ve to tha Be.t Jo eph Gilmour deceased and tiled bond of $10,000 with 8uretiefl. Advantace. Thomas Hunter, Z. O. Worley alld Albert Parker were appointed ap. AMBULANCE SERVICE praisers. Way ••• yilla, Ohio Phoe. 28 Paul W. Tetrick was appointed admhiistrator of the estate of Flor~ W. Tetrick, deceased, and filed bond of $1000 with sureties. Frank W.tkins, Roscoe Case and FOR SALE DATE! CALL John Ranker w~re appointed ap. praisers. .













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MAY 3 1, 1934

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, during April, $10; r1 fourthll th~ stlltl'li Ifoct fav<Jl'ably, I; th .. l"ll'clOI al "allege will be a L. H. 8: }o;nv. tor I 17; Franklin Chro mt!mory. Mis. Ruth Curry wa~ guest of ' fo l' W@lfare Office, ~ A summary made by the honor at a Bridge-Shower given by IBrown, Groc rieR relief !\lemuel'. of lhl' ('ongr()~~ir,nal Mr!. RU8sei Lumpkin, of Wilming- familil's dul'inll $7f!.50 : L. (',ml1liltH'invt'Mil!':\t il1ll llllocondllct Motor Vehicle Bureau of the ~l'l of pa~senger CRrs registered in ' ton, aturday evening. Mrs. R. W. W. Smith, groceries, $ 6: Carroll's Et lor c I·tain ' hicu~, '-l'der-nl jud.r eH Ohio tor th present year shO\\ II Duffey, Mi s Myra and Mrs. A. J. Store, groceries, $26111.76; Miller are sufT lin~ from Il1ll0l'hil' dY ~t'nLumpkin were among the guest~. Dulry Farm, Milk fUrl ished reli f The 1I0use, by l'Vl'r.,..h Iming ltlry. Thi ~ ' in ' iliiou. di~us c hus that of the ral's ope l'ating Mrs. MalOY Mills who suffered n families during April, $333.46; \ote, authorized an appropriuli n b(,(>11 a probl~ m thel'I' fur mo1'C on Ohio highway. are over 5 YClal'S stroke of paralysis last week i ., K1'oger Grocery & J~aking Co., of four hundred million dollal's for than a Yl"nr. Mnn !, oth!!I' Ohi ans old. Out of 1,155,930 pasl\engl'r 80mewhat improved. I Grocerie. , 05.2 5; Kro'ge.r Grocery new Federal highway con ·tl'uction. vi~i ting th (' l('nlu r~ ,r Prn,p' p~ cars ' l'egistered on April 1, 19 :14 , Mr. Bishop Dickinson of olum- , & Baking Co., Groced!! , $85.35; Congrcs. mun Bob S crest (D) Exposition hu\'~ bee'll ill al< u l'(!~ lllt 692 ,968 arc over 6 years old. Statistics compiled show a total bug itl a guest in the home of his Kroger Grocery & I~aklng 0., made an excellent speech arguing of the conl.ligion. Ncverth('h1i\~ th a so n, C. 1\. J icldns.o n Rnd (~miJ y. I $76; West Side Gro('.ery~ grocel:i{l for allocation of twt'nty-fivc pel" Expo~ition is being condu('ted fot· of 6,-1:13 pnss!!ngcr cars 1'egi terNl in Warren county RO fat in 1934. Mr. IIOU Mr. ·W. A. Smith, of $22; TI'ustees of PubliC Affairs, ('('Ill of this amount f or I'ural pos· anoth r Yl'al·. Springfield, were we k-end guests light to May 1, 1984, Welfal'e of- tal and school bus 1'oads. This A )Ced rl\1 gl'!lllt (, I (our hundred Of these 2,787 cars were five yeat of relatives here, fl ee, 60c; ~di~h L. Weav 1', . I I am endment was ado('lted. ongre 8 lhousRnd dollars wa ~ a ~lwd . W , old. MI'. and Mrs. O~an Tur.ner and rent and Gas Bill for Franklin of- , mall J nkin (R) offered this in the lI ouse ~ayed th' lll~ ('Ioy<'I'S March hatchery report!! point to son , of new Phlladelpllla, are fice, $21.99; Kroger Grocery & amendment and all Membe)' of ' two hundred lh ousand doll nts and guestll of ' ~hcir parents, Mr. and Baking Co., gro_eeries, $68.; D. C. 'I the House 'from Oh io Bupported t neal'ly succeeded in preventing a reduction in ~a lable chiel;s to 8 Mrs. A. 'V!. Turn.!!r. . Elt;zroth,, $2:3; Glltnore' the advocates for more aid for ' any appropriation. Co ngressman per cenl under 1933 ~nl s • . Memllrtal servlees were held In Grocery, Groceries, ~~13; Groger rural'roads Blanton in lhe deblltt· ~nitl "Let the 1\1.~. hu rch unday after- Grocery & Baking" Co. " g r o c e r i e s , ' the peojJlj,' of hi eng~ 'Rtal;t1 un n' 0 AI' d' ~3' 60' K G ' & B k ' . ' 0 n. all~e uu lence was pres. ..... , roger rocery 8 The reutesl l'llcket in the world thell: own botlomll." ong l'e,. ~m :tn , Api'll" 01 193:.!. ra mers got $4.81 nt. to hear the inter sting address iflg Co., groceries, $'160.86; J. R. dig t c W ' ht Britt n rejoined, " It i u!<t can't be or th con. umers' monthly bill of by Rev. Peters of the M. E. Hendricks, Groceri es, $136.48; ~c~or ng ongrts~~an rig f done" . 14 68 f or 1.1 imponant fooda Church . A delegation from the Great Atlantic & Pac:iflc Tea Co., Gil man a t ex~\ ~ . e t aJ>us:, 0 • APr'n of 1'13 4 f armers got $641 of American Legion Post in Xen ia , Groceries, 1106.; Sa unders Gro· IOVb61'nkmen lIcre I Y"Tmh ernAs 1 0~-' 011 " I I lh 17 pent for the' same nd Ii ' d f th 0 S cery groceries' $28 50' W H Me II an cr. e says, e mef!(age S ClI1'l.y an( uncmp oy- f d . a a 11'1ng squa rom e .., .!' . ' -.' - can people have been impl'ovel'ished ment insurance nrc r ceiving mu ~h 00 s. ~n (\ S. 0 . . Home, also took part Henry, grocelles! $1 '4.23, T . l,J. by the e international swindlers." lconsideration in Con I'e ·S. Ab out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! In t he se rvIces Woodrey gr ocenes $23.50' Cha~ . . f ., i Mr. and Ml~. H. E Reeves of of. Schw~rtz, groc~ries, $1'44.26; TChere IS a f stron g . mOI,,:emt~nt m thhl'~le hEUI?chl'C!lhund fHQty years ago t R· h dId . k' dMERossPM stampsior W el- ong-N!sl!I Or nalona lzalon 0 f WI Izal et wail uet' Il,so me- WhlteRose - Powerbe. Ie on f , . n, t'! wehre wee ~en fa're 'office' $4' 0 ., banking and to take from the bank body th ougb t of t he poor house. hind the engine. gue s~s 0 lves f ere. , • th e l'Ig . ht ta 'Issue currenCl· . , " th en ~e h ' I be t l er Th L d'I ca A'd h M E - . - - ---ers IfIC~ a~E' ,oun,

New Burlington

from Washindton

__ _


that co ntri bu te to 8uccess in bu 'inc $ or in investment, patience is foremost. Without patience, failure is almost inevitable. Study the history of any Buce 8. flll bUliin ess. Invariably the ownel's bav bee n willing. to wait. Divid nds have been of less interest to them than eUl·n illg'S. Earnings hRve been of less interest than suundnl" ~ nnd growth The h " ' \1 ' t 't fl t ~. v n lw~nty yeal'S f ' lh Y al~e 'Il een fWlhl~g dO ,wal ve or en- or - e rCII IZnl The stoc k . on ' 0 tell' eSl1'es. ' . . . llIark t ~s nttractlv,: to most people becau se It offer8 the pportumty for a qUick turn. If you need money for a holiday next month, the 5tock mal'ket prom ises it. But who among all ths people yo u know ever becal11 e weulthy through quick turns ill the market" Those h t k I h . W .0 a e mon y out 0 t e market are men and women who buy stock to k e not merely for II year but fOI' five or fifteen years often for . " h" 1·( l ' h Y b ~ e. e C hCO'dmc (Iatl'lnclr . 111 thC - corpo~aht~onIIS 1ft w lch they own h .rlares.and a on otlelr sloc k asfmt. uyastoughtheywere Ilctive in th managcm nt. Th same type of IJutience is typical Qf proprietors of small businesses. Earnings are nOl mo ney 101' self-indulgence, A fair share Chur:h ~e~e~t : he °ho~e e of 'Mrs' NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT waYh~ of Id~~ng t~;~r.!t ~~ /ave be long to nle bu ineil!! for its protection and ex.pllnsion. Such patience E. . Lemar, on Thursday . 1!J36 may be the la t ~ime that etx.c anlte< rl -4! ~Utl. or e outhnthe archaic obsolete electol'iol , am pen an prtn mg prell>!; (' . R ev. an!I M1'80 Curless is uncomm on and that is why so few succeed when they go into and Estate of Anna A. Marshall, de · II '11' b I' d I Icu ndle f or the lec tric ligh t· lhe bURin s fol' themst·lv _8. Their impatience leads them to rob the enter- daughter of near Blanchester, ceased. copegeldwl t e" pevr'!l tte P to·de ectt horSe fol' the railt'oad Bnton~(,bil fo) me l'ly. . locate<1 . here , were wel Notl'ce 'Is hereby c, .PI·ven that L . aTheres anuto nboli Ice h the r 51 elec-' en '1 and ail·plane. Nev<!'l'theJ ' ss we still · . ' 1) 1'I Be 0 f a d equa t e w r k' lng capItal. . resoen lu tion A . fit II l' .... d h f 11 th comp vl!lltors in our commumty M. Iiend erllon , whose Post Office t 1 t th h W pI () a, e pas Im c con$1 ts In w1'Itmg own t e names 0 a e Sunday Addl'ess is Waynesvillle, Ohio, hilS oral college intro;ldueed by Senatol' 0 era (! e poor ouse. c carl' )Ieople of ulJstnntilll means in )lour com munity of whose affairs y o u ' been duly appointed as Adminis- Norris failed by only two votes Ilf Ifor our. needy aged by metho~s in have p rsonal knowledge, Wh'ut ill the- so urce of their investment intrator of the E state of Anna A. securi ng the necessary two thirds. vogue I~ 15 . No problem IS 01 om '! Whence cam their principal ? Note how frequently it ocMarshall late of Wa.rren County, Therc can be no argument again~t great~r Imparlance thnn ~n mpl.oy Ul'S that th IN fur·tune cume fro l U single so urce. Often stock has Ohio, deceased. abolitiOn ,of this unwield y alld hm~nt Ifl · e : a nbd (reefing wh it ) l rows rOn:'l CIIII'C be n h Id in on e co POI'u'l' on ,~ .. two ' gellel'atl'ons There were d""'p D d I' 23 d d -I U undem ocratic ipstitution. We have sldr an d. Wflnbk1e(ld . ,.,., . . .... ~ ate t li S r ay 0, .uay pMsed from the ta .. e coach an aD1CJ ety y 0 age :lCC UTI y cROOT FOR AND CONSIGN dips in the lJusineJ;s cu r ve .<Juting those years but depressions do not 1934. ' . . S .. , . I t· I'our Cattle, hogs, sheep and calv~. . . RALPH H AREY tallow dip, and thnUock mu ket g1 8 a Ion. to Norrill-Brock Co., live wlrJ allt alarm th p~taent man. lIe does n~t expect to a cqui re an md~pe~de~t (Ccntinued Fron Pa~e 2) . ra. Certainly, the President and ---- - - --('ompetence In a y~al'. If he can gam a twenty pel' cent appreciation 1ft Cartridges, Chains & Snaps for j14 Judge of t he PI'obate Court Vice President should be elected Ten years ngo ther were f eo\ progreS&ive firm for th& high ... prices and good lernee. fiv y a rs in addition to dividends he is 8lltisfied. Dog Warden, $2.65; Thos. Taylor ___ _ ~n County, Ohio by direct vote. The nex.tcongress is c dit union~, or "buby banks," market Unio n StOCK Yard.' Cincill_tl, Q. Th table of compoun d interest is the bible of finance. Every Services Ull Chainman, $22; Roy White Rose-I~ower be- likely to adopt this resolution by which provide credit to perSons of Tune in on Radio Station W(JKY young man should know this one fact by heart: "Five dollars saved Burough s, serviees as Engineer, the necessary two-thirds vote a rid 'mall means. Today th pre an 12 :211 to 12:30 p. m. for our dan, market reJ)orta. . weekly wlll amount to almo t $10,000 in twenty years at six per cent $40 .. D, W. Kel~er, services, . as hind the enllnle. as soon as legislatures of three~, I 2300. inlerest, e mpollnded ~ mianIlually." Many men who could save $100 engm eEr . ~55; J. L. Dunn, ser'lI~es I~!!'!~~_~~"""!~'_"!"!~~~~___________~"'_~~~_~"!!'~~~~!"""!~~_~' ~~~~~~~'. weeklY are ll'ying to get rich 1)y quick turns. Do they know that $100 as MechaniC, $86.33; Carl Dakm, .. t f Id . th $199097 h th Supt., Puyroll, $159.04; H. L. faye d. we kI y' .b eg'lIIlling ~ ol'ty, wou g ive e~ , w en . ey Schuyler, Supt, payro1J, $136.24; • UI'O , Ixty, at SIX pCI' cent Interest, comp?~n~ sel'lll-annually? John Myers Supt., payroll $219.90 For' mo. t of us, uniortunawly, SIlV Jng IS too slow. We · hear of Harold Sweny. Supt., payroll, oth t. w~o at'c getting rich Quick, and so wc sell out our amaH business $156.76; Floyd Lemmons, Supt., and dUI1lP OUI' eq\.lity ipto speculative I'eal e tate, 01' we take our hald~ payroll, $146.28; W. B. Schuler, won flaving!! and buy 011 msrgin in the stock market. Thus we lost the Supt.,. payroll, $178.98; W. A. foundation of n comfortable fortune fo r our old age. Seiker, Supt., payroll, $118.14; Edw. Simpson, Supt. $180.35; R. M. VanHorne, payroll, $278.83;' F M. Bowyer, payroll, $174.08; Zain Armitage, $and and gravel, $203.1 , 61; Franklin &: Tire Co., 4 tires and tubes, $156.08; Franklill Plumbing Co., Pip{lB &: The Ohio 5tl\te UnivCl r ~ity Radio Station- WOSU Plumbing supplies, Fai rgro ullds, 8 :00 M.usic $159.89; Lawrence Field, 23 LoS :O~ Farm Adjust m nt Ne\\s . J ohn A. Slipher cust Posts, $9.20; Oregonia Brid'l'e :15 Finding Funds to Finunce Olll' Farm 01. FI'nnk , D. Rash Co., Steel, $114.36; Edw. Simpson :25 Mu sic Stamps & Phone calls, $1.45; J. K. 8 :40 Hou nd Table on Fal'm and Gard n In. ects and Diseases . .. .. . ... Spencer, sand &: gravel, $246.60; '" . . .. .. .. ....... ....... . .... Parks and Pierstorff D W BI'shop repa' . g tt rs :50 "Everyday 'j)r;tctice o( Judgi~ 1\' on a .Stock Farm .... ,. 9. w. Gay . . , . Inn gu e On 9:00 Home D monsl1'alion Work 111 RelatIOn to Federal Rclle! . , ...... jail, $175.06: Kaufman's, cheese You ALWA'YS HAVE GAS, when you use Pyrofax Service. , .......... ... 1................. Nelhe Watts cloth, tub and matches for court 9: 1 0 1~ . ic . . _ houlI.e, $9.24; Mrs. Ira Eltzroth, That'. no idle statement, for here are definite reasons why !1:25 Futul'~ Farmers. at the Umv rSlty .. .. . .. . .. ... . ..... Bobby Jo~e8 I se""!ce8, $5; . Hele? Doughman, 9:35 Facts lind Jo'uncle of Old a'.lal Days ....... . .R. E. E8,:"m~ 8~fVIces, $5; Mrs. WIll Bryan, serit', true, 1J :45 Quality Roughage Relfuce!l Milk C08ts ..... , ........ C. L. EI~ck.nan. 1 Vices, $10; Stella Kelly, services, ____ ~_ -$7; M rs. LiJlie Urton, services $10 - -&lTS. Roward Sawyer, services, $7; 1 The Pyrofa:x aystern baa two cylindera, one for use, the other for reBell Press, binding for atrve. WbeJll the cylinder in ~ is empty, the reaerve il turned on. Treuurer'8. office, $1; Wm. Hul~ Iford, sheriff quarterly expenses You then OC)tify your distributor and be promptly brinp a new cylinending MAiJ:ch 31, 198(, $26.'17; M. E. Ross, P. M., stamps for Comder to rep18lce the empty. The Pyrofax reaerve-cylinder system makes mon Pleas (Jourt, $6; Columbus ' OLU MB11S- That pirit that in the state, being, in effcet, a : Blank Book Mfg. Co., 15-Teetimit impoqibl~e ever toi be without PI. moves mankind to meander in t~e chai n store tax. ~t is . practically ony of Witness to Will- Probate pringtim is again in evidence ~n th SlIme I1S the Ulble blll that was Court, '76c. 2 We pride Cilunelves on the speed and dependability of ow. service. the state capital as it bas been 1ft defeated at the recent special sesolher years frol)\ iIIr back until . ~ion of the legislature except that We ~ways have an adequate ~pply of cylinders on lUmd-ready, at Reli.r BID. nOw. Youth and middle-aged and It provides that the tax shall be older people have been visitiRg pnj~ into . a Bchool. Telief fund Ohio Central Telephone Corp., an instant':, notice, to be delivered. We have com.,lete 8n.d up· to-date points oC interest in Columbus while t~e mon~ de1lved from the M.ay Rent, April Tons, Welfa!'e ofdelivery eq,u ipment that will !let PyJ:ofax Gill to you whenever you more and more as brighter and Dible bill was Intended to pay old fice, $~ 1.76; H. M. Coyne, 8erviees warmer days have come. Always, pensions. ~ food ~i8tributor, .montb endneed it. of course the State House and Ing AprIl 80, $6'1.60; Jeannette State De~artments :Suilding and According to the 1930 federal Payne, ~rv. as Reception aec'y . .t,i ·3 Pyrofax i. tnade by the oldest and 18J'1est manusurfou ndin!l" gl'ounds have been ccns\l" Ohio ranked fourth in the mo. ending April 80 1934, $17.50 ; included'. Lovinr pairs, groups of United States In· value of ~ pro I G~ce maker, Servo as Stenographfacturer8 ojr compr~ gas in. the world. They school children and their in8truc~ duced, with a total estimated I er 1ft Welfare office, ~ mo. ending tOI'S, parentll and children, Jleop e amou of ~o,OOO, .Earl H. , April 10, ~82.60; Myra B~hr, abeolutely I~antee Pyrofax Service. from far and near some touriSts Hanefteld, Director of Agriculture Se~. as viSItor, ~ mo. endIng wwring costumes strange make states in a foreword to a publica- I A.prtl SO,. ~ Car allowance, '~6 ; up, go from point ' to point, enjoy- tlon just issued by the Division Llftnle Wllhams, s,ame, $~6; Willa ing the beauties of the. skillfully of M.arkets giving COmplete in- Beedle, same, $~6, ~hrlstlne Bund landscaped state 'lawlls f ceding form.ation about the Fed~ral-State.l ren, same, $~6. Fmtb Tomlinson, and admir ing the ever-interesting I' Egg Grading Servic.1! in Ohio. This , same a~ ~unlo~ Case Worker, IAJ 'l:'hJo io how t he two eyll"den "tc ifihlaned. W hen tbe (tnt-in State House squinele, and inspect- is the flrst book of the kind ,otten mo. en~lDg AprIl 80, car allowance utc: ia emply. you turn on the ing the paintings and carvings, the out by the department. It mark.s 1$67.50, Eetty K. Oswald, same a8 fC"terve. Thi •• ~ ,u(ea au \IlliOl r1r uPlt<l ."Pllly a( . ", murals and man aments and many another step 'by the department in ~tenorral?her. welfare- otftce, endother eVidences ot Ohio's ~eat- its efforll to raise the standard of I mg, Aprll SO, .$3~; M. H. Coyne We Are equipped (". ness in war and' stateamanship as eggs produced and !lold in this , Sa~e, Food Dlstrlblltor, ~ mo. prom pt d,.li v~ry eer vi e C'. indicated by 8ags and trophies, state, and to provide a uniformity ending, May 16, &: Car allowance, N L"W cylimie:-S , II.r e alwllY I un J.·md. a 0l.1 up .. to·datC" and statues and portraits promil- in grades. the lack of which }>l'evi- $67.60: Jeann~tte Payne, Ia!"e r qHip mt'Jlt rUOjl!n the l"7\ ' cuoualy placed. Not a few also stop ously ,ave Ohio a poor Reception Sec y. ~mo. endmg IDclo" to you. to register their -names in the b1i as an en atate. May 16, $87.50; Grace Baker IIIme book on a stand In the State HQuse steDOlrl'ap~er welfaN oft\ce, ~ rotunda. Enginee~ In the State Depart- mo. e ndrng May 15, $82.60; __ men~ of Public Works hav'e been Betty K. Oswald, same, stenogra. co p'l' tatist' tb t pheT, weUare office, ~ mo. ending, Entries of teams of .high sehool Ie mllilflfh: P ~cae ~k ed~: .~~ May 16, $86; Elizabeth Hathaway fal'Jll boys for the jud'gmg eon.tests b:c~us~ of ~igir~les t~~t IlIh~ve same, clerk in welfare office. ~ to b e held at O. S. U. Vocational . Ak d dj "'t t mo ending May 16 1934 ,20' Agricultural Congress at O. S. 11.. t I!, rondanlt:tbace.. er- Wiila Eeedl~ same ~ visit~r ~' rl Friday and Saturday of this week f ory..... uvimpare20 w tehavebra!e mo ending iray &: Cal' ailo",year., e so"'.. . -66 Ch I ' '. . I g'i large numers or a pre OUII have.b een arflV n n ace In rainfall in the U IIquare ance, . . ; r atme Bundren, promIsing a record. attendance. milell of the dilltrlct wa. 7.86 in-, $55; Linnie Williams, Same, !l0Y.s wl.n compete with each other ches as the average for the tour $66; Myra Bahr, same, $66; Faith In Judgmg dairy, !!tock and other vi to 1984 Th d Tomlinson Same as Junior Case Bgricultu~al pro~uct~. A' 8Ched~le p~~ 0:~8 Inches' in ~99~ Wo.rker, ~ mo. M.a y 16 " Car aIof oeducatl!)nal tnps I,!cludel! ViSits 5.31 inches 'ln 1992,3.12 inches in lowance, $67'.6.0; P. B. . Lukinz~eal to '!lany points o~ mterest, . an 1932 and 11.12 inches in 1983. ,roceriell furnIShed. rehef families bavmg ~ortle !elatlon to agrlcul- Thill ear there hall been a further durin, Ap~1. f'; Frank Sherwood ...., ~ •• "~",, . , ...ther" . . . . . . . . . . IIftIoIIIt ... f ... til... ~ dlatributors-but you cap see U! t they, too, live up to Iha t~ sdl!!O:l. ture. FrIday mgbt is set aside for decre!.e In the water fall. Beeause Co. grocene., f'; Chaa. P. Stubbs I. tt.!. ,, ~ ,tb'lrIl IaIat ........ ..,..". . _ ... fu "Anyweolher" r'C.,lIy rnetn. lonu! \hl n\ll to u." IOU. ",',. .a Bobby Jones ~c~ptlon dinner, of the abortqe, every e.ort haw groceries, $114.26; Great Atlantic T1Ua PrTolu cIIatributot hal - 1 ' conlu",en on it· _ t ...n.l ~~tIoa Ie To .......,altMm tIae deliver Pyrof.X' U.J , in t hc r", nQr:h . 'rtuou h '!ct-;' ..... Bet tIIe7 let their PyroIul The distributor'. ,,:,lth a~ndance limited to .676. been made by tb department to " Paclftc Tea Co., lrTocerin, ,78; .... of P)ToIa:~ ....YaIeace .. not. , _ . A."....... InowanJ biLter tll d, lti1'5C .turd;'" dults llikd fll H ~ \·lIr .. boet........ P,raIu". ~ up .Dd dowu the lalres, O\J~tandmg state and lIatlonal prevent water The en- Verdena Hopkin.. Irl'Oceriea. $64.... _,lin ...., -'IpIt oItilla f . pIue .... daIIYend dill...... ~ wlicacYlr lICIIdod. den to Pyrofu U 'I..'r • • IJ., ... 11_ tIllIDt qnculturaJ leaden will be present gineen Itate that 80 per cent of 110; Rllby Van Rlper, Groceries. and State Future 'artner keys will the rainfall In thl Ponca,e Lakes f136. 70; B. E. Ivins, ~oceries, be presented. watemed .ho1l1d ~ lnto the ,9; t. G. A. Grocery, IToceries. HOT WATER • REFRIGH.'.~: :'·. lakes and reee"ol.... Tb.,. a1ao ,164.35;.Joe Hlne&, rrocerles ''0. ": HEATING" At least ODe ltate-wtde initiated It&te that the water table ot the 60; Weat End Grocery, poeeriee, bDl prom~ to be lubmitted to entire It&te w'bleh m..n. tlte depo ,17.2&; Conner'. Groce17, poeer· tbe next eaneral _mly, wbich tb to which wella mutt be dug to lea, tl0; Cal. Oroeer,o, Peen., wUt meet the ftrat Honda), in obtabt a permanent .1Ippl, haa te; Great At1antte A:Paelftc T.. Co COM'"'' AS SilVIe! FDI OA . . . . . MDM" wh,,, '. ' " "". cony'. J1IJl1l1lrJ'. 1931. The propoeed bill rapidly decHa.. in and '1910. poeeri-. ,18; Gnat AtlantJe 6 now before Secretat'J' of State - - Paeih T.. Co., lrl'CMerl.., ta8.10; G~ s. IIJuI for approval 'a loll I ... The E .....r Groeer? 6 Balriq Co for... 0• • It ~.. for lie.... poeeri-. taI8.IO WrlIht'1 OnIe. to be .... b,- .tore· m_ that ~~ pooerl..




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Culling Cow Herd =~~-=====I Is Expedient Now


Sprin« Rather Than F.U I. Time For Butcher



But('hcr!'\ will ha e a lo t 0'£ dairy cows on their haneL if man y 1\[1'. and lItr~. :"I Ot'l'i8 Graham flll'm ~ ~s fo ll w the sugg slion of "pent t h week-end al Indian Lake . L. BJnckman. exten!'ion !;pecial. M ~ r , Roy Noggle, of Tr?y, A. Illt in a nimal hu ~b llndry [01' ' he O. . . 10 . .en!fy, ha Jam . and Vlncent Now i the lime to cull the dairy G; lff! at~ ndcd th e baJJ g an,c at. herd, the speciali t declares. H e mClnnah, on Wednesday. point.'< (Oul that many Oh io farmers M A d " Ill'e in the habit of waiting until t'S llIan a Maffit "'~o nas been ill for the past several weeks, is fall to cull, and by waiting. they r eported to be feeling better at end th it COW!! to mark t at the t hi time. same time lhat the western catUI!man culL hi h rd at. the round- :Mr. Bnd Mt·s. J ohn Iny, of CinTh ink of the Cl)sts. Automobile li p. Thl res ults in a glutted mlll'- cinnati, br oth r a nd si te t-In-Iaw Stretches, 100'" and is built like rea] of Mrs. J . D. Marlatt, vilfited with accidents eost each year m Ole than fwee. T un ,. .malle t c:hick. and live- keto new ears. Sa ve that mont'y and There at·c noW more than 26 mil r elative here on Memorial Day. liest. bantams. Laltalongerthan netting buy something l70U ~eally wa nt. of _IDe ,a\ICe. yet cc»t. m u ch Itt••. lion dairy cows on farms , the largest. number on r cord a nd more MT. and Mrs. Lloyd Davis an~ Don't in '>'est in, tombstones . Fights lust 2 ways I re 1'\ e ded to produce th e pres family s pent Sunday with ~Ir, and T his III one of 1& serice of a fety K yatone Chic· M esh it doubJy pro- !It milk . upply. Average produc- M rs. Howar d HUI'ley an (1 family, , ubjecta releasedl by Gov. George tectedfromru.t. Ju heavy Galvannealed bon of milk per cow dropp d from at. Kin g man. Vhite·through 0 , W. Merrell, State outor coating. alld it. r tt.l cop$>f:r bear- 4750 pound, lh average of four II i ~h way 0 1rectur. in inner .ectlon ••sure .dded yean yelll'S ago t o 4354 pounds t he preCharles Lynch and rami ly have o( rence serVice at low~t ca.t per year. sent average. These production moved into t he Charle S hutts A bi& v alLle. By aU mean. lee it. ao-A) figure s are for Ohio. property on Fourth street. In April the proportion of cows In milk in Ohio was the s maUest Mr. and Mrs. harles Phllips and ! [01' ny April Ijince 1926. Althou gh son, Ch8l'ies Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. POlU t the total n umber of cows increa cd Bert Van Cleve all of Xenia, were ----10 per cent since that period, the g uests of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver I Six of the eight. men arra igned a moun t of milk produced ffmain · Davi and family on 'Wednesday. I in common pleas court at Lebanon ed allnost constant. ' last week t o anS\1~er to indictments Blackmail suggests culling, f or 1111'. and l'Ifn. Earl MUTray a nd' r et ur ned against t hem b y t he May (lOo1. 1100II . _ " I... .... ,_,..I •••_ ~. ...,.. a.,. the butcher, COWl! kn own to be at- Mrs. E lla Murray. 0:£ Dayton, l gl'and j ury,' plea ded g uilty and fected with garget. abortion a nd visited Mr. lind Mrs . Oliver Davis were i mm edi atel~' sen tenced by the other ail ments, as well a the low and family, Tu esday evening. court. Three ware given p en lten . H tiary scnt;ences. CIne was sentenced • producer of th e herd . R b r t h t th f d 't _ MISS e.len Greet,'e underwent to t he stat e ref ormat or y at Mans. e leves a . ee ~I u~ an appendlx operat Ion la t Montion IS sucb tha~ culh nlr. whIch I II day at 131alrs HOflpitai at L ebanon. field a nd two were g iven' 30-day n ow the ex~edlen t. .th lng to do, he' i getting along 'Very nicely. sentences in t he county j ail. Pbone 25 may be come Imperative. • _ _ Evel"tt Fry. 22, charged with breaking and en tering in connecWAYNESVILLE. OHIO Entertailled for Bride·To-Be tion with a poultry t heft near !!!!!!~~!!!'!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!"!!'!~!!'!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!'-!! I U RCE DRIVERS TO GUARD Wayn esville, pl.~aded guilty and In honor of Miss Harriett H unt was sen tenced t o a year in the "... AGAINST CHILD MISHAPS . -whose marr iage to Chiles Wads- Ohio penitenUary. Charles Lest er W ith another school year at a n wo rth will t ak e place ill Ju ne, a Allen and J ohn Allen, indicted on e nd. lughway Direct or O. W . Mer- ca rd party a nd Dlisee llane ouB the same charire, pleaded not reLl hilS iS8u d an appeal for Ohio sh ow er was given Saturday night guilty and will be tried in t he motor ists to cooperate in Governor by Mrs. T. G. Wadllworth a.n d Mrs local co urt. . Georg White's !!8f ety prog ram by J. L . B row n a t the home 01 t h e Clifford B8gb~' , 37. Dave Childbeing particularly car ef ul about former in Da yt on . rell , 37, and Fileld K. McXjnnis h, their driving during the vacation Mr. Wadsworth is thtl son 01 28. all of Cinltlinnati, plea~d In caskets, a ll in every period. . 'U r. an d.... 'l ..... ..... fI!. H • H •. W • d sworth , guilty tel indil:tments ch.rging other kind of merchandise W hen 1iv~s of Iittle ch I dren aTe f ormer residellt s of , Waynesville. th em with brealtine and entering there is a wide ran ge of a.t stake, Merrell cited, driven can n ot dodgoe their r esponsibility. quality and value. The Motorists, he added, muat be funeral director who would extra careful during the vacation serve his p ublic well, days when the youngsters. teles 'mu t seleet p rodUcts which ed from claas-rooms. are likely to offer the most in materiforget caution. "If the re is one thing that als, design and equipment, should mean careful driving to a for the price paid . W I!: deal motor vehicle operator it is .. group with lhe m ost reput able of },oungsters playing ' n or near manufactureI'll in this the st~et or highway," MetTel de· clared. "Motoris ts can follow no fi eld. and call guarantee better rule than t o drive a s ., ery a r ticle shown in our t hough the children are their own.' di play r oom a8 a qualit y The highway director a110 reploduct. minds the parents to do everything within t heir power to keep the children off the streets and hirh, ways, especially where the volume of traffic is very heavy.

Citizenl \0 Telephone Information to Sbtlonl at Findlay, Colum.ul

d Local Man, Sentence I Th f For try e


Waynesville Farmers Exchange .Co.

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J. E. McClure

Phone 7 Waynesvill., Ohio

White ROle-Power behind the enllne. :I

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White R. .,~the dependeble GelOline.

The spring' ditltribution of fish Ohio lak" and streams by the divisi on of cons I'vation will include approximllte ly 160.000 breed er fi sh fro m Lake Erie and 100,000 fr om Lake Rockwell and Barberton . The stream will be posted and close d to fishing for at least a mile above and · below th e point wher e t he fls h are placed. A con ign ment of breeder fish for Warre n county arrived May 18 being liberated in Tod d's Fork in Salem township. "l' he consignment incillded 60 smallmouth, 66 rock bass, 260 ca t Hsh a nd 250 bullhead.&. All fi sliermen 1Ire requested to coope rate in t he pl'ogram fol' ~tter fishing by n ot disturbing the closed ar eaa until the water . are op ne d for fish ing July 1.

Late CIassified Ads.










SALE- Fresh c ow, Guern soy J rltey, /) yeoTs old. J. n. Sackett R. 1. m!ll S ALE- Gard en Plants , all kinds ; extra go od Tomato plants fiOc pe l' ] 90; Cabbllg ~5 PC I' 100; Swe(!t PotAt o Illllllts 35e P?r 100, 30Q for $l.O~, Over 40 kmds f hal'<fy Pel'enma1 flowers both 1 an~ 2 y sr old. Geo. Peter1 mIle . from Waynesville ?n Bellbrook pIke. ·m!ll


Flo~ l .


Named For Floreace

----_ ..- - -

Chi.,a ..o Nud. in l New York Ohlca,o'lI VOllulnUoa II' as oaly • few hllllllre(.\ when ~ w Yo rk bad mort tblll . 200,000.


More than 90 per cent 'of the in~urance companiel, bank., mortgage companiell and other financial institution., holden of wee numbers of farms, are coclJ)era1:iD11t'

Ladi"' D........ 70c Mea'. Suib 65c Qllick-'''~ qualit, dr)'c'-aaht.


, " .eI(


'R S MIT H •

Phone No. 19


Subllcrlbe fo r The Miami GazeLte

Now Opea For Buslaes. In New Location At The

Ford Garale Rogers & Simpson Firestone and Dayton ~horobred Tires

Gas and Oil Expert Repairing Sub Agency for FORD CARS


LITTLIil AMEHI 4JA. AN 'I' Alt~ 1 York . as king fc,r a loan of ,16. TICA, May 21 ( vI" MI\~kay Hit · wh leb be "romptl, arranged b1 I'lldlo) - Eh'ery day I reallz~ 11101' Il nd IdfO. N'ilt sueh a Igood Idea, that. more \\rba t n wonlf r ttJl' !\C'I41rlllllc Contra ry to Ule general belief. age we Rr e IIvt ug In . ll ~r41 we I,re. LltLl e America III built 00 • blanket '6 or us, IIvh;lg 00 a sheet of snow ti l about 40 feelL of snow. nol Ice. and Ice with 1600 feet or wa te , UIJ ' .t1 tbougb the re maoy feet of ICe der us In total darkn()88, 23UO Dltl~ .. ude r l be snow . ThiS ' fact glvell U8 from the nearest hu man hllbltlt!lol1.. II. great scare ,e very IIltie while. aod so surround ed wl lll Ice. so we We'llne sItting nl clloner. or arour.d or It SO anll 4.0 reeL lh lek r OJ b un· tile table workln.g, aod all 01 a Iud· dredl of miles. tha.t all t he com· den (.be Mu.e w111 give a lurch and bloed oavlee and Ice breAkers III the s hiver. maklog lUll bold our brelllh world could nOl rea ch us. An u yet a nd wouder Whlit .18 gotng to ~. we bave electriC IIgbt and maoy peo to WI. NoUllog bu yet and we're boplng- .. 'rheae are called temblors and a.~e exactly like mo;xl· erale earthqu) sbockl. and tra[)kl.y. we don't llke tbew even" littl o bit. 'rbey t ell us tb e), are due to tb e ~etllln g · o~r tbe snow aulJ lliat 1.lttie America IB lem Porartl1 out 01 danger, We JilbllOI'b these aSBur· IIccee but back III OUt mInds thel'!" lurks tbe tbougtlt tbat th!! lIe abock. may be caused by 80me dlsturballco under tile lce. Aod we wonder what III goIng to hallP,eo lo our Antarctic vlllag __ and UI--Ilelt October when our h;Jodredlt-Of,mlles-wlde Ice foun· ration statu. to melt. Our tubn.l.. 'wbere we etore our OUf Radio Engln,., fOQd. beclD~'IDI to ameU like a _ _ _......._ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ butcl!er', Ice bcl!lL 1'be1 are rull of , other l\Uurlel and throug~ the ml ... cbop,pect up aealil. We got about halt we of radio, we kllOw prett1 well ot the GUO aeaJ.I w~. bad to kill In what II lollll on. In the relt ot tbe before darkoe.. prnented UI from ' world. Three .mall locldentl dlU'lllg worklnl': on the bay ICI! aoy 101lIer. the put few weekI. lovolY'lui Com- Now 'We have pJeoty tola.t u. tOT' mander No..llle. with whom I live the wloter. Tbel relit are Iyln, ouL In, a lItUe hut we built on the way there oli the Ice. We'll dig them out down. made me ponder lhue thlng8. of the now wben cIa;U,h~ retllm. In one of the newa broadcasts we tn AUiWlt. We I~eedn't worry about .... receiving we leamed that bil wild animal. laking them away. ta"orlte baaeball team,. the New There are 110 Il ucb nlmal. dowD York Yankee., were abqut to open here. Spnng IIilU8t be well IIIld.r' tIl"r sea.80n, which gave Ueorge a way up where :~ou live by now. "d chaDce to radio hi. 100II wlllbea tor like to lee a fe'w !lowers and .ome a lGClCeutul .euon tull of ho~e bird •. ~ell. whl~n the weather geta ruDIl, to Col. Ruppert. owner or the too bot to pleas. 10U, thInk of 11. team. and Babe Ruth and Lou Oeb· In Little Amen,Ca-ln the and rli. This mel.age, we understand. 36 to 60 belOW ••ro. w.. delivered to the team Jut b. W.·re about to PllbUab a Dew lot tore the arat pme aDd wl11l. It of beau~fU) blS 10'* It IT~ lDCIl cUb't make them wtn It. an workhl.l map. of AIltaroUca to HIld haPP1 to now the, ba". woo aJ- to new member. of the club. It IOU moat ."ery game since and are waF baveD't joined yet. DOW Is the tim•• out In front. Learnlns that bt. oil! No dUM or olber apeul. . II. .· friend. Hal Skelly, aIIout to bershlp card, lIlap. I.IUl .vel'Jtbhll open In a aew pIa,. COIIlIIl8Dd.. No. el.e rr.e. Blmpl, .. nd .eU~ YiU• •enthim a m.....1It of loocJ ed. It.aIDped ellvelope. or. II roa are wUI OD openlDI nJght and Uck· a ttllClier. IICOUt m........ IAIIon led ·to cet word that the pla7, ComlDBDder. or he..t or aD, I1'OUP "eame What 11&,:' proved a IUb- lala..-ted tn ..viatiOD. uplQraUon ItaIltial IUce... a. told m. be ny_ture. uul "Iab to _ran . Iaopel It rIlDlllntll ret back antS . .Ure o~taoa. IIDd . . . . . OM ... It. Som. ntD I W. ap8CIt aome adcII.....e lad • • oeDt to . . . . . . co BroadWQ III about for 8Mb or rear ....... lUi. Not all or oar aaataoll LIt... ua. werId an" ..._~


The dorIo. ouce E urope'. moat LO T- Palt· of Ti n Snips in Waywidely eircuillted colo, wal olmed n eaville . Pl ea e notify Ed tor the cit, of Florence, once a St,ndiford. -j7 Ir.. t flDlDc1a1 cecter.

fr eight cal's with intent to stn!. Bagby and Childr ess were lenteneed to serVe not less tttan one year i n the Ohio penitentiary and MeKinnish was given a year in the Man,lfield reformatory. Roger Ward, 19, and Howard Coyle, 18, both of Franklin, plead ed guilty to incHctmenta chaqlng them with the theft of coal from railrolld cars at Franklin. Ward was fined $25 and coats and sentenced to 30 da,a in the county jail. Coyle was given a SO-day jail term. The other defendants againlt whom indictments were teturned by the grand jury ten day I ago, 'have not been arrafened.

White Rote, the depen'deble Gasoll ....




Better and morc effective law enforcement in Ohio through tlle use of radio and telephone facilities il the goal of thc State H igbway Patrol in operation of Its two radio broadcasting statiolls - WP GG al r;'indlay and WPG O on the Ohio ta te University farm north west of Columbu . The Findlay station, which was built by the Buckeye State ShcTitb ' Association to fum ish police radio service 10 26 counlies in nort hwelt· er n Ohio, was turned over recently to ' the patrol so that it migbt b~ operated in close co-operation with the new Col umbus statio n. Welcomea Crime New. Both broadcnting stallons use the same wave len gth, 1682 kilo· cye\(;5. Beca use of this wave le ngtll duplication each station will stand by fo r alternate broadcasts, givin g \Yay to the other in emergencies. Ihus obviating the possibili ty of con lusion. Any information of a criminal na ture win be weleomed from the pub Ik at the stations, according to Col Lynu Black, superin~ndent of thr patrol. However, if Pi individu al wi hes a message put 1),1 the Mir it must be arranged through some sher· iIf s office. ch ief of police or other en for cement officer. Study State. wide System Citizen s nlay reach either station Irom any telephone in the state. F OI example, the radio station at Find lay may be contacted by li mply caJl. ing Long Dislance operator and saying : "I want the State Highway Patrol'. radio . tation. Find1ay, 0 .. Maln 1231." The Columbus l tation ma,. be reached similarly by calling Lawndale 1125 at Columbus.


Under Bryant Agency, Xeni'a , OhiO

50-Ie.. THE BRAKES ..........8'" to...... 2 ....... COULDN'T TAKE IT ft''''' COULDI BUtfHENEW _


"ery -Ic.p H up .nd deyl"

DELIVERS. ----,.~.-% ::.::.-..icI


. • You must this huakier, handsomer, new "G-~tt-Goodyear'8 treateat tire-the tire that came forth ,a champion ·from teats which abused Catl, wore out brake Unlnas every 72 hours-the tire that has proved JDore than a match for today's Job on faet-startlna, blah-speed, qulck-stopplna'modem automobRes ••• Once you He tbI8 coetUer·to-buUcl but fIO-costlier-to-buy champion, we know ,ou'D want no other tire under your wheels.

TbIa Dl8nelou. newG·3 AllWeather with It. many ad· va~taae,


any other tire 011 the market

COlt. you jloth-

lila .tn.





Eighty..sixth Year


CLA.RENCE J. BROWN ,ENTERS STATE RA.CE FOR NOMINATION AS GOVERNOR p, &: A. M. NOTICE Mr . Brown. Forrroer Secretary of State i. Wld.I, Known Regular communicati\ln of WayIn the, County nesville Lodge No, 163 F. & A. M. Tuesday evening, June 12. VisitOf intel'es to many Wayne ing and sojo urning brethren are townsll~ residents was ' the welcbm E. O. C~ane, W. M. announcem nt early this week of F. B. Htlnderson, See'y. th candidacy of CI81'ence J. Brown, of Blanchestel' fOl' the Repul>lican nominathm ap governor of Ohio. , Mr. Brown fOl'mer secretary of state is widely known to Warr-en cCiunLy Republicans. ' _____ In cOJmection with the anThe Miami Girl Scouts met at nouncement of his candidacy, he t.he club hou8o on May 22, and , Did in part: . practiced signaling. A local natur"In announcing my candidacy alist offered to , conduct the girls for the ~ publican nomination for on a fie l~ hunt m the n~ar future. The Girl Scout!! met In Ma~ 29 Gov rnOT of Ohio [ do so with the Cull rl'111ization of the gl'eat re- at the Post office corn~r and hiked sponsibility and the unusual oppor to Scout Roxy Sackt;tt 8 h0!l1e. On tunity to sel'V th people of Ohio the way they studied d1t1erent trees and took notes on th,em, also went through the Miami Cemetery and practiced the drill for the Decllration of the cannon for Memorial Day. At the Sackett home lunch was eaten and games were , played until time to return ' home. On Memorial Day the d~cora­ tion of the cannon was performed by the Girl Scout!! after which the Boy Scout buglers sounded taps. The 'Program waS coneluded by • the Girl Scout!! singing their chant and taps. The Scouts met on June- 5, at their "little hou ." The Brown Owl Patrol is planning to tay ai, night at t he club house on next Wedne day and cook their supper. If possible they will stu dy stars I1lso. The Swastika Patrol is going to have a nature hike on Friday.




Whole Number 6121


Wayn es ville CitIZens Revive Sewer Probletn

Th ~ Ladies' Auxiliary to th(' National LetlN urric:r'. Association (If Warren county ht!ld an ol'ganizut ion me tillg at the home of M)·s. W. . Kersey on Friday evelling. Mr!l, "' I·ench. Di, lrict Organizer; r Washington C. H. WH prese nt and gave a brlC1f talk. Officel s were ~Iected and the 1'eBU Its wel'e llS follow : President, Mrs. ' DIIY, of Pl easilnt Plain; Vice-PI' ,Idt'nt, Mt·s. Harvey Rye ; ==~=============/FT========~======== '~=====Secretal'y-Tr aaurer, Mrs. End Hllrper, Lebanon.



~~~~~::~~::=~!~~r o::



'econd . unduy after Trinity. ViI\.l'e Boue! Decide. to Fl •• 1t Miss Saub Smith is vi iting reNew Rutin, Announced On Wt..,.t, latives at Springboro. June ] O. Church school at 9 :30 ; Sc"'erl In Slim mer a. EmerCorn-HoI' .n,d Toba~co tomin g Pray '/, a.nd ermoll at Master eth Hoak underwent a Mrs, John K. Presto n attended 10 :30. No ~e l'Vices during Jul y Irency Mealure ContY.,ct. ton sil operation on Monday. a luncheon In ' Middletown ;)n Tu es and Augus t.·


Mi s Winifred Nutting. of DayWord h" from day. ' ton, visited Dr. Mary Cook ,Iut Washington by county agricultural Food nllll'ket in we k, agl!'Ilt. Lester J , Mill er, announc- building, E;aturday, d 'fi t' C II h t L d' I h Mr. And Mrs. Howell Peirce and ngo t e mo I ea Ion 0 a w ea, U les.


An echo from the agitation under way lW!t rail COl' a. sanitary selVer syste m for Waynesville was heard at the meeting of council

(Undenominational) Chester A, Wiltiamson Corn.Hog, and Tobacco contracts. nili ed se rvice beginning with MI . L. M. Henderson spent Tues- This new ruling t'emoves all ,'eMT. J ohn Stal ey, of Daylon, is hUTch Seho I at 9 :3 0 a. m. last Monday night in the f(lrm of a day in incinnati. strictions on the planting and har- viSiting his sister, Mr, Maud e Lord's upp I' nnd sermon at 1 :30 lettel' il'om Dr. Edward Blair, B. m. county health commi sioner, who Mr. and Ml'l!. My r Hyman and vestinA' of all fOI:age crops. By Fetter. .A Child's Day Missionary recommended immediate study of t on, Bobbie, visited relatives at fOl'age crops ill meant any cr PI' used as pa ·ture or hay. Thi s mean Miss Emma Peacock, of Dayto n, Day Pl'ogl'am wil~ be p.l'e~ented ~t the situation with the ~w of imPiqua on unday. th ere ar no restrictions on th is ited her cousin, Mrs. Gtol'ge J. 8 jJ. m. Don't 1n1 s i111Ii. You al e . , always " elcome at thi ahul'cb. pr ving unfavorable cl)nditlona Robert Haines, Jr., is .enjOylng number of acres a farmer can Smith , last week. thlit now exist. a visit with Eugene peil'son at plant to soybean", oats, bar l!'lY, millet, etc. providing it is pastured ?frs. Maynard Weltz, MI·s. Bel'ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH Thi, I tter was received simulaTippecanoe City, lie Mill and Miss Lena Earnhart h d · Or ilia e mto ay. d Fa'he" Newton, Pastor taneou sly with, a petition on the wel'e Dayton visitors, Tues 119· • • ,Mr. L. A. King i feeling much th f Restrictions on e use 0 con. Mass at St. Augu stine's Church part 01 27 representative citizens better this week and is very much tract d acres are j~lso modified to Mrs. Lucy Dyke, of, Dayton, IS every second and fourth Sundllr and business men askin'" that improved in health. p£'rmit planting anld hal'Vesting of ." h d ht III Fest ' .. all forage crops e;ltcept corn, and VI Ihng er au~ er, t', 01' ()f the month. something be done at on('e to reo MillS Alice Brittain, of Columh Graham andfamJly, on I·Ollte 2. . , to, permit wi thou rest'l'iction t e FRIENDS MEETINC lieve ihe !;lltuaUon along Mam bu!§, is vi!liting her parents, Mr. pa~turing of the Mnracted acres Mr. and Mrs. Harry MlsseldirH', stre t and Mrs. Walter Brittain . and harvesting of hay from those 01 Witchita, Kan sas, are visiting First-day School at 9 :30 a. m. . I ' b f '1 Mr. and MI'!!. J. W. Lotz and already seeded. With t his new Mr, and Mrs. Ollie Miss Idine. Meeting fOl' Worship at 10 :30The p ell of mem el'S 0 co.unci daughter have returned after a ruling in effect fa,rmers will b H S ~ II. m. fOlWloWSl: h d' d 't' c ns pm'mitl d to make hay or pasture Mr, and Mrs. erma!, ur~acc, e, t un erslgne C1 lZ viait with relatives at Forest, Ohio all contracted BCI'ES left in Bny of of Middletown, are visiting Mr. WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH and business men of The Village ' of Waynesville, hereby petition Mi ses Lola and Irma Sear!! were the re d uc t Ion pro,&r ams. ' If' th ese and ' Ml's. George Harts()ck this Rev. G. C. Dibert, Pastor your honorable do body to abate the dinnel' gue ts of Mr. and Mrs, Rus- acres have _be n left idle th y can week. [[ Id se l Campbell on Soci al Row, Sun- pJant SoybellO& on 'them and rai e Mrs. R\Jth Janney I\ud Mis Thursday ~ 1'he LK~g '!I h ra ~ following (] scribed nuisance: h will meeL at the e ay 0111 a Dul'ing the summer mont II day. a "'ood forage "rop. ' . " th el'e emana t es a rna st nauseatThe . removal of t'belle restrictions Luella Janney have retul'lIed home 2 :at) p. Ill, Rev. J. J. Schaeffer, of St. under the; gives the con- from DeLand, Fla., to spend tb Sunday: unday School at 9:30 ing an(l intolerable stench from Mary's chureh spoke at the Sun- tract igner a great advantage ummer, a. m, Morning worship at lO:~Oh' the various manholes or openingll h ' . th f H ' h t JoJpwot·th LeagUe at 7 p, m. Wit in the storm Hewers in the bUllinesa . day vening service at the M. E. ·llat awaits the nex t chief execu••• OVe'l' tenon-signer since earMi s Barbara ames as I'e urn- live cott as lender. ur annual .'ec' l·on Or elsewhere. Th ls eondimer who has ,cooperated with t he ed to ber home aftel' spending the • \ church. tiv of this State. governrn"nt can s till pasture or week as the hou e gue.t of Miascs hildren's el'v ic will be held at tion being ' due tQ a few citizen II . , t.h d' A d 1 t' ~ 1600 Mra. Clifffford Busick and chil" u 8 h "Fully npprecmtmg e con Ie ega ~on o~ some harvut n forage crop off the land Ruth and Virginia ornell at Day p. m. w 0 have c,onnec t e d the'II' p lU'lb " _ Wedn , day: 0," W >~nesday ~lf lng ystems directly into the storm tion of the times and the keen In- Ohio F , F, A. boys together with dren and Mr. and Mrs. W. O. rented to the government and ieresL all citizens, are tak ing in their instructors met at O. S. U. Raper were Dayton vi itors on Rtill T celve a g~'od Tental pay- ton. next week the Frwnd$hlp club wIll 1se\Vers, All this can be avoided and governmental affairs, I ball give Ilast Friday a nd Saturday. The oc- Tuesday. ment from the government. AcMr. and 1\Irs, W. N, curs and meet with Mrll. Silv 1'8. Bibl e reutifi d by the installation of all i!lllucs in the coming <' mpaign ca ion was to confer State Farmer Mr, 'and Mrs. Lloyd Davis and c~rding to MI'. Miller the l'ental daIJghter, attended High school study and pl'Uyel' m cling each septic tanks at Il...YMY small cost. This stench is unbearable and 18 a th eriou8 discussions th y 111 rit. degrees, to e'n ter into competitive family and Mr. and Mrs, Josiab paym nts will not be reduced any cOlllmenCemtlnt. exercises at, Gen- Wedn e~dny at 7 :3() p. m. . " The present Democratic , ad- , live s~ock and grain judging and Davis visited relatives at Xenia, becau e of this new rulil)g. This terville, Saturday evening. , direct menace to the health and ministration in Ohio has sought to t t() enJoy themselve,a gene~ally. A Sunday afternoon. ' nlean!! a farmer can g1'OW a 1\ll'age . . WAYNESVILLE CHUReH-OF comfort ot our vlUBg(l. entrench its 110li t.i al machine in number of educational t~lls had crop on land rented to the govMiss. Henrietta. McKmsey, J)1'ICHRIST We pray you to take immediate eVHy department of State govern" been planned for conveDlence of Mrs, Ruth Janney and Miss Luella ernment and stiIJ receive a l'ent.n) mary In.structor In t he Astabula (Undenominational) action in thi matter. ment, anti to extend it into every , t~o!e boys who mIght have the Janney visited Mr. and Mrs. Wal- payment to 10 1.0 $25 per aCl'e chool, IS home to spend the sum- Ch t A w 'n' Minister Discussion of both t he petition bme. . , ter Williams and family at according to the Iertility of his mer with her mother, Mrs. Alice es r . I lamson. of citizens and the letter trom Dr. county. ,villoge and tow nship , "", h h d I t Ik about Th He tnp!i were as follows; Cen- man on Friday. land and whelher' it is under a McKinsey. Church chool at 0 :30 a. , m, Blair followed with the result ,n llV eDr on new a tral Ohio Co~p Stock Yards, , Lorrl'!\ upper at conclUSIOn. cou ncil voted to undertake the findmg the , \n!lans of b redve~. Columhus Pilcking Co., Ohio Wool ' and Mrs. W. B. Russum and tobac,co, orn-Hog: or Wheat conl\~l'. and, l\ft~ .. Omsl' Bau'd, f Cl)hristian Endellvol' l at 6 :4.6 p. m, flushing of such sewers as were ~ICS"; none Iwllat.ever a o~t, a op"" Growete A8Sociation, Ohio Farm Miss Margaret Ru ssu.m, of Day:ton tract! IndIanapolis. VISited " Mrs. J U la Mary Jane Woolard, leader, Eveni th' condition a an mg th.e only. attitude toward !r0v, Bureau Federation, Moores &: RosS are visiting Mi8Ses Mal1l'aret and These modificatiolls were brou· Do~ovan and dMt·. at~d fi~rt r~;t ing evangelistic service al ~: 451 Pt' ~~u:r;;ncy ~easurc, ' l'tnrnent whIch ma~es ~ew ;even. Milk Co., Smith Agricultural Trillena Edwards. gh t about due to the continued BaJ'rd severa l ay e III 0 e m. The church whet'e you:. e a Dr. Blair'a letter to Mayor A. lies unn ecessary~ lmphftcat.lon Of Chemical 00 .• Ohio State Univ~rdrouth throughout the United week. home. K. Day was as. follows: , g~v~rnLn .nt and economy mad- sity crop plote, Ohio State Uni- Miss Maralyn Hym~m, 01 States which has caused a shoJ·tage Mr . Wm. Glover and daughter, - - _. ~ On May 31st tinsp-eeted some n\lnlstl'atlon, .In8te~~, w have verslty poultry farm, N. W. Giles Lebanon, is spending a few days of fo-rage croPfs. . f narlene, Miss Ruth Glover, of storm sewers in WayhesviUe, wltnessed the Impos1tlo~ of numer Gr een'houBe and market garden, with Mr, and . Mrs. Myer Hyman Final date or ~lcceptlng 0 new C"'l'ncI'nnatl. and Mis!! Eva McMillan that are being ueed as 8anlt~ry ous new tax~s and an. increaSe 01 'B F 't F d th A I and son, Bobble. contracts with cis'a r leaf growers, Th' C • t arm ~~ e .'. . and revision of the, old contracts by were guest8 of Mrs. Maud e Cl'ane sewers. I! 0 course, IS can rary millions of (lo ll a~ iii State ex- rown, .rul dit U f 1itical U. bu,ldmg. ,In addItion to thelle Mr. and Mra. A. O. Griffy, way 01 the rid,e r o.ffered by the to- on Thursday. to the rales, but as this has been pen ureill-mos y or po needless to say, these boys pauo- Vincent G\'iffy and Earl C;)nner bacco section of tbe AAA, is Bet the custom lor so many yeare, we pel'sonne . nued a number of C01umull ted Mr . and Mrs. Carl Con nard at June 16. Bertha Filer is Val dictl,lrian of should be slow to take drastic " l.t .ia t~pical of t~ .present theaters. and iamjly at Dayton, Sunday. Producers wh o opera ted und r the graduating class at Cincinnati measures to remed y this too adrmmsh'atlon tbat while It could The boys from Waynesville on cigar leaf contra,cts in handling Bible Seminary this year. Mi S The Wayn sville :Merchant!! de- abruptly , find no funds to pre,:,ent hundreda this trip were Robert GollS, Cecil Mr. and :&'Ir . MYTon Banta, Mrs the 1983 crop in Warren county Filer grAduated from Waynesvill e I ated the uba Cubs last Sunday However. there is but one perof schools trom clOSing or to pay Davis, Cecil and Mr. Raymond were urged t0cf'a:y to execute a High school with the claa of 1930 on orne 'r mament soluElon to thl8 problem, the sala.ries 01 thousands of 10nl Robert Furnas, Harden ,P eters, attended a reunion at rider, if they haVE! not done so, to Anna Cadwallader and rf 3 to 2, making their fifth and that Is the construction of · teachers, it was able to $Ilpplf the Albert lIawke and Richard Sat- Union school house on SU,n day. be attached to th,e 1933 contra~t, Mi~l SOlaJ'8 Lile were gue ts at a straight win of the seaso nl in a sanitary sewers. means ·Services at St. , Mary'45 church if they wish to aVlllil for themselvea famil re union in honol' ' of ' the ball ~all1e that w~uld gladden the I would, therefore re.comqtend to nessto put Ohio into the liquor teEthwaite. bU!!li wfiithd an attenda:t iiq~~rEntries were made in ,the will be discon,tinuo.d during July the benefits of th,e new pr()vi slons birth ~annivCrsary of Miss Lile at hearts of. any good baseball .fan. the ('ouneil of Wayn esville ,t hat a wel as to ~ vast s,ums .0 ur et" dairy cattle, general live stock ~nd and August 'and will be resumed of the new provisions of the 19 34 t he home of het: ne])hew, Law' i Sur,e~y thiS was one of the mo.t stud)' of the problem be. scriously agument thiS machIne 1\1 other poultry judgin« conteBts; the s&conll Sunday in Sept~mber. program. renCe Lile and family near Xenia exciting of ball gan:e and as gOOd comme nc d as soon all p08llibl.. bureaus and depar.t mente of state. On Friday eveDing at 7 o'clock Blank rideTs ml~y be obtained at S d ' .as one would see In any clas a f Any as istance 1 can be, to you, "The people of Ohio are today the ' State Farmera of Mr. and MM!. Raymond Lang, of the office of the County Agricul- on un ay. teams. will he a pleasure to me. awakened to the failure of State America held a banquet in Pom- Washington D, C. arrived on Sun- tural Agent at Lebanon. According Miss Mildred Hartsock of Mil. Whil e the visitors secul'ed 9 hits ReoCCUrl'(\nCe of tbe sewer government to function during the erene hall where L. L. Rummell, day for a visit with the latter's to County Agent Lester J . Miller, 10rd MillS Kathleen Kessler, of off Smithson they were unable to problem brings to mind a propo181 past three years. They are demand Honorary State Farmer and Field parentel Mr. and MT!. G. J . Smith. 76 per cent of the last year's Caht'l>ridge City, Ind." and Mi S do anything with him in ~be la t rail to seek federal aid in the ing a reduction in cost of iovern- Editor of The Ohio' Farmer, preIlignera of contracts nave investi- Ru t\l Dowden of Lizton, Indiana pinches with the r su it of havmg const'ruction of a new system but meJit; the elimination of wute eided as t,o aatmaater. Reeponaes Mrs. George Sellars and daugh- ga~ed the 1934 offer and 50 per were week..end ' guests of Mrs, ~1 ,of theil· men stranded on the .. 'Which was rejected by council and extravagance; the Bubmerginr were a8 follows: "Future FarmeTli ... ' L tt! MGrB'h DOn ()fSeSliparrnS bao~do cent haVll tound the new p roviBions Edith M, Harris and family. , sack .. Our boys only nicked Gray jalter piea.sure was brought to of the less needed operatij)n~ of of Hawaii and the Welt," by ~1'~. o!e ra am.. g , to their liking. ' ' fo r 8 hits, yet they were buncbed bear on . the past of !lome, citizeDS 1("0verl1ment for the propt'r protec:- Bobby JOllee, President of the VISIted Mu'Is Sarah Smith, Sunday Growers may ch'oose one of three Mr, and ,.Ml's. Ernest Hartsock, ' enough to earn the thl'ee ruhs that against such a program. F tion a\'ld conduction of the man! State . • 'P. A., alIa president of afternoon. IIptions for their' 1934 acreage, and son, Mllo, Mr.. and Mrs. H~r. decided the g"me. I Tlrere were many who felt at es ential governmental activities. National F. F. A.; "Future Mr, anll Mrs, Lewis Pohlman They may reducj/one-third, anA"- man Surface, of Middletown, MISS The Merchants did the lh st SCOl' !t hat time that WaynesVille should "The problem of a taxation Farmera of America,:~ by and dau,gitter, Mildred, of Cincln- half or 'they may (:hoose to grow no Doris Surface and Mr. Ilnd Mrs. ing in the fil' t inning whe n Men- bave tallen advantage 01 the oppor program and the maintenance , of Ralph A. Howard, State Advl$Ory nati, were Sunday guests of Mrs. tobacco at all. ' George Hartsock spent t he week- don hall wa lked and Sattert hwaite tunity to secure federal aid whereOUI' ,educational syst em can and S~e'y.; talk, Dr. Geo. W: Right- Pqhlman's uncle, Dr. J. E. Witham At extl'a payrnent of $3 lIer end at St. M8l'Y's Lillie, near ~nlackcd ahome I un in the bush es. by 30 percent of the entire cost of must be solved. Many divisions 01 mlre, Pres. Ohio State Umversity; ~nd Mrs. With'am . contracted acre is given tho.e who Celina, The Mercliants did not score again ~onsl;ruction )"ould haft, been aD government elo e to the people Introduction of iueat:s by t~e accept the provisions of the rider. Mr. and, Mrs. Ronald Hawk e until the fifth, Elli fitst man up outrigh t gift fro m the government and affecting their dally Iivel' tOalltma.sterj talk, Charles S.' WJ1MI8Ses Jane and ,Jean Hartsock. entertained Miss MUdrlld Harts<>ck tripled to right and scol'ed on with the remaining 70 percent such al public utilitlel, hlahw8)'1; liamll, aviatioD ' editor of COhUD- and Mastel' Owen Hattsock are of Milford, Ohio, MillS Kathleen Laurens' single which run was the paid in Municipal bond, bearing' Dispatcb aDel the addrea of vi-aiting their uncle Mr. A, Z. Re. ler of Cambridge City, Il'\d" deciding factor of the game. fOUl' pel'cent interest, but secured public welfare, WOl'kmen'lI com· pensation and conservancy can do the ~.Dlng b~ T.l.. Taber, Kalter Hartsock and family, ' near Wi!· and Miss Ruth Dowden, of Lizton, The Cubs got their first run in by tbe system itself. _ Ilnd must be made to better .." , ofStaNatio na1 GraJlle aDd RODOruy mlngton, this week. Ind., at six o'clock dinner on Satur t he cond on McNeels. s~ngll\! Th e feeling exists among bullinte F armer. Lucas' walk and areys ,SIng (! css men, however, that if the tile average man and woman of Ohio" ·' Degree,a ot State Farmer were ,M r. and ' Mre. ~d Schwart'l, of day evening. which ~cOl'!!ci McNeaL Stn~th30n aewers .are Rushed frequently this • - - • conferred upon 62 candidates Buckeye Lake ~slted friends he~e _ _, - A Childrell's Day Missionary then retired th s ide with two men ,!umll\er as council' haa p'romiHd. trom ~iouli de.partments 01 th. on Thurllday, enrou,t e to Franklin program will be presented at in pOllition to score. Theil' second Itliis w!ll bring at lealt temporary atate. ' , to visit their Ion who ill camping Partial relief tram the prolon• . h h L h h 14 h ' Id h' Ferry Church, Sunday night, .. une run came In the mnt \'v ,ell aur· ~relief to .. lituatioll t at I 01,1 d th Requlremen'" for receiving thhl at the Chautauqua Irro~nda there. ged routh at !lll ,Ie t IS 10 at 8 o'clock. Everyone is invito, ens made a wild throw of CarlJlan~ not be permitted to eonUllue. de -ee are ••~ - . - h~-b --d in its gt'il~ for " the k' past . h f d h' II UII owe d Carman ... ...... " . , .. au ".r. and "n. Howard Case, o.f section • _ • paratl"'el" - - ell...lble eacb'" severaI WE ek• came t h IS wee In ed. Arrangements are In c al'ge 0 groun er W 1C a H d fr m B" 'e~ .. d Lebanon, vilited Mi.. Emma the form of scattered showers that Erma and Lola Sears and Mrs. to reach eeco n. e !lcore 0 BAND CONCERT ,ear. 071 mut a~ no ....a e Helgh.,a)' laat Wedne!day. have played strange pranks. Mildred Campbell. second on two fielders choice!!o lower than B In all hleh eehool Mr. 'Georae Henkle haa ,eturnTauday alte,rooon aections of A Smithson seem8 to be ahoot the Th'" 1 object. for thl four "ears, he ed home after Ipending a year in eastern Wayne township received Attacked by a rat, Carolyn nn best wn~.. have had in a pitcher 40r e oint -r, eOD&!-v...... ' 0 .... __ 1._ Only r outine busineaa occupied mult be able to preside# at meet· k C Hainee, infant daughter of Robert qUI'te .o~e time. He i.n't only a !eason .. ," ... a. p. IL ity. hca"" ~ ... &.._ J the attention of Wayne Towruhip know parlimentary law, New YoI' ... rainll.• while there was com- Hainet, of Corwin, was given treat IJplendid pitcher with plenty of ITh u nd af ..In,_. ,... 1~., Oil ~L_ .... board of education membel'll at have a well deftned s)'Item of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Mweldlne parativel,Y no rainfall in Waynu- ment for severe face lacerations stuff on the ball when necessary, McQure Fun'" Ho.... earn.r. , their regular monthl? lIleetiDl proJecti and and their rue.t.. Mr. alld lin. ville ?r areu west of the Little in the omce of Dr. E. F. Deppe he i8 ailio a fine bitter and handles Tbhl .......... 'oolltrib.W Monday nllht~ Approval of blU. ed practice uel a dlblte IIlten- HarrJ lllaeldiDe, of Witchita, MiamI riV~ ~Mae ahowln were Tuetday lIlamlnl. Accordil1l' to numerous chances with 110 far' not ,whtt wall the onl~ bUlb.... tranlAClted. lion ot eanrlnc On hi, Improved KafllU, wert diann rUelta of Mr. accompanle y a aeveN wlnd lateat report. the child it recover- a wobble. ~~.., At the nut rlplar practl"I' in til. f1Itare. Our OWII and lin. Vietor earp.ntA!r at storm, which uprooted t re. an ci 1118 nicely from tbe accident. We understand that Turner will eollOfttt July 2 it Ie expected that tbe Robert Gona, of Wa,....vm. lIidcltetown, Wedneaday eWllIww, JI'arm:=~nd~hl:C-Hetion report Mr. aDd M.... Road Benl on and not be with 011 f or the reat of the :~=:.:=~} board ril draw up tha badret for ,.... ODe of the • ....tul eudld b ff -'_ _d bl a L_.... f ele 1_ d t eeaaon .. he Ia IltartiD, to the 198'·1. term, th. ........ oJ datil to noel.. till' d.... II .... tOM PlaDek..~-o..I_cwe crop. to • 112 e.-we co era., ic........, 0 Ye ..n • Ipen th f tUN' an4 hlGb wm 4etermllled .., tIM .,.. ........t " . . tile . . . . ... ...... - - wttII wbeat bead.... "~ 1Iaot't. It the w~ wlib Mr. aDd JIlL !:...18 ~ u This til _nat of ......... to mow .... W. P. 1Ir. aDd tb' P •














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a knif 011 \I J(ril1d tone. "A hillw , Howard Sawyer, Brd. & Carf How- Subllcrlbe for The M.iami GueUe d'", 1'8\" '/ Given anll taken untiel .rd Saw)"fr for week ending • ~ including Monday, May :28, '7; - - - the gOI' Ill'" '., 1l1l,f. \\' YUII lrlL1.y HI1I.....dl'~I' 1\'!" lie )l\\'itcht' d to Stella K"lIy. Bl>ard anti Care Mc- Whit. Rose, the d.penOatl1ic. "Yuu tnl, :l bl,m, r.tac1vc r Kinley Kelly. '7; Mrs. Will Bryan, dabl. Galol.l ne. ynll, II 11 ighlllnll ~l!ntl('Il1un!" Board and care, atberine Snow, I "'!y f,u'!' took it; and pity t h $10; Candis Hymer, board and I !'a".enllc'h fool who t<t ruek It !" , , c a r e Le-wi. Hymel', $6; Hel!'n Iwhilll' 1'l' t1 Maclv I". c.,mmon PIM. P,roc:eedin.. testament of rhos, D. Fl'Illler, tor Doughman board alit! care Clifford rn t hl' a~e of The ~H(lt .. o f Ohi o application to admit will to pro· Doughman: $7; Mr~. Ira Eltzroth, " Will ytlu llPoio~ize £ul' thllt bill"""'" a,'kl';) the 11(1 'le)!, of the v('r!!u , harlell Lest!!I' Alle n, d • bate. board and eare Alice turkey, ,$5: cap tain. rClIdnllt hanged fli jl (If not guilty MrR. Lillie Urton. board nnd a I'e .. I'll l' e\,e1')' I' '<I-kn cd, , trull- tv A'uilt~, lind was se ntenced to Probate Court VerI Mill r. $6; Wade S, Brown, in the Ohio LEI Th ompso n, a d mmistrator . S rv. as Do'" inl! Sc()t(!h h!'uA'ul' in h~1\ ft,·!\t!" not I ss th8n 1 vear ,~I\r .. Ward n, $112 .50; • . 'la t~ R.. formatory. f h Solvay ales Corp., 01. hlorida rl'pJil'd Rugglcl'lon. .H" , d k" 0 t e estate ot J. Lee Tbompson, ' ou, re run ', I n Ih",~ Cft,h (I f hla l'les L, B ck eceased, filed his inventory . for Vl'Uag of F)'Sllkll' n ' $6J .00,' IT! 1'1" II ' b " \. I' " u ~ 11 , T'T .L'R ...., a" lII~ton oot \\"g~ t'e tinghelw ou ru a HII'. Vel'l' 1I8 Pal I-h~ze lw u()t.l, ot aI, it is ' In the matter of' the estate of Ruby Van Rip r, gagoline. $7 .4 : , , Ijly on lhe to of one of his elegant .. You've troulIll' eno ugh ori your ordel'e U" thut the clerk pay to Pal Lillian J. Small, d~cea8edJ ale of . Hutchinso, n's lnd p ndent iI 0 ., ' I II II' b ( lII 'lU,'"1 all(I .... iJv\~I'·huc k led shors. He we not hund~ nlJ'{'ady, my gay young c\)ck lIazt' lwo , t 11 1\, .. r ~I1JU~ 't d in full his laim of bonds ordered. gasoline, $1.80; T~ Hubflrt 81'08. t111\'or of t1w, I!(\\'~,' rnol"l' \\ inl'''; btl t I dallcin ... at th(' ll'lOment, nOI' were WiUHlUl dl'l\" ing av Hamm r's 4' Co., electrodes, t1!2.09 ', Cincl' nnati ROOT FOR AND CONSIGN I .. ...1 , Morris Bourne ill .uuthorized to Oil Works Co. gasoline 'I' t I nOal ~ .. lhnnk.~ to hl~ HI I'! I1Inn, 1 h !'fltI un, I ihtnp nny ludi<!s withi" six or, even iil' • Come along with me, both of The ca! o( Th e Miami Valley $(\.27' Gil- Jour Cate. l"eelJP a nd _.. cahel ~ ,n I I 1', I'nl'n" I f l11111, ' .B ut" hat I) f It ' ? "1' d com" qUI tl y. " re ei ve and Jleceipt t or prop-ty of pm.& . ' ,&sollne 't o Norril-Broek. 0., lv... ' ., I' ~I'lm I h Bnu liS "I" )I .... yar(.,~ J: I you; 1m BUI'I(lin' and Loan A ~~ ociati o n ver" D ~~ Son $26 26 ' _ ... tl t ... lh Th t t h ' ,~~ rotby Bourne, et aI, minors. , , ' . pro~e .. lv. firm for \.he II n __ , I h ey n1l'Rnt III I' mOI'e II 111111 an th oughts wcr,e bul'Y, in [\ plea, 8111 ey wen 0 l e go \'emor s se- us Henry E . Liber a,p , t aI, is dis'l'h e a ! E tt Sh 1c" Shartle &: Bevis Machin Co" R - mar et pricel and r "d 111(>11 an,l Ill.le, litH' nl r , of confu~ion. \\ i1h Flol"E'nc LV,'tton eluded ludy, picking U" a Mr . tnt· ..sed. n me 0 vere an lias . i IF I v l. Ii I t k Th d'" h been chanred to Everett Pence. palr nr. $14,60~ Blai d 1- 0 Z U.loa Stoek Vard.' Clnlliaftat!: O. t:lll'r l, uut ,0 tt , u" 0 11 8 ~ 8 ; ' and FloI'a MacDona Id. H e treed hi- 'par on tht' way. e o("tor s ut 1n thj; eliSe of The tat of Ohio equipment Co" parts. $83.68; J, Tune In on Radio Station WultY . tl1:1 t comJ'luny nne I th a t tOl' Wit ' Iwul conul1cnl. Wit • h Ollt a t h-e d 001', th II I'It a can dl c at th v~r. 11," II'ff Bn"'by, Morrow Brant d. In tbe Anna J . Rankin, d 11 n" lh 'Il1g In . tratrlx ' eae.e of ..o Hal'dware Co., upnJi ~ 0 ,.. a minls of the estate oW. rLin " .. s 12 :2& t.o 12 :80 p. m. for our a , tilll(>, ~llln e. But when, n moment later. fell('n fil' on t h h earth. H e x- was uppointed guard, M ' . hi paTts, $186.97; W. M. Lawson market reportl. hi th ca~e of Mill,tha McCabe I/Inll: oore WateMl, deceased, sharpened, $2; L, P. av- _______.........~~~~~ [ncIvt.'I' bt'hnVl'd vlith dl' C))'um, (hI' hc('1 retllrned to re t on the plained the Itua ion to 1\-, pal'k, If \\1'Ih (IS I' I'lOC,, ~l\n1l.' 'pot, h e 100 k d to see ..,' h 0 , •h (l wa Il ml" "'tIle· IIge dCI ' 1'1'!an .... CI·SUS William Me .abe n divorce versus Charles H. Moore . et ai, · (\ (I 1\11 I lll'!I hIm"l' fl t 00., tar. $761,4.8; Howard T. - - - ~ lon thl'IJu .. hout th!' (·lnj)l)l'ale din- "ccupied th W lIinaton boot, It w lh two hottle of po rt b e hlOd wnR granted the pla 'intiff. con ion, deed and distribution C00, k 8an. d gravel an d stone, r_ - - - - - - - - - - - - ' " .. " . 1 . ' Lee rma Bl'andenburg, administratrix n ..r. li e had h en tl'llint'll to the WIlS ap~ai n the Honol'nblc P ·ter hl: wal te at, 1I t hou and ncres of 111 th case of Th e Stat'e of Ohio f h t · $58.40. 43 YEARS OF SERVICE el "'ant lem ny of the 11lhle in !Run-nol Rton . who tood with his l!md Il Rtabl of fnst h(H' es nd fl 0 tees ate of Zellia Brandenbu1;g ... ",., . ' ,. , ' a vet'SUa Dave 'hi ldres, Al chwartz decea sed, tiled bis affidavit III lieu hi~ fatl\ r'~ hou ~c. thtJugh ~her(' the I long and ,gl'a fill s arIel buck hl~h 0p\IIlon o.f. himself ~n Illl appointed guard. of aec.ount. R " Ii.f Bill. In.s~fS and most of Ole eh~h~~ had tumed f!lirly 10 him. 3uthonly on e~ lqlle~t , POIOt!! of I" the mnller of th-e transfer by G 81 LEBANON, OHIO been mpt~' and u wild gillie 1)1" j "My fo.ut, ~ir, if you plen!'e," h nono1', and equ ln ~ "llmen~, Do.ct. the Village of Waynesville, State us 8c1c was appointed ap· L. & C, Market, groceries furnWe have a complete t\\O hlld pa H,\J a. powd(')"('d foot- , Inu rmul'cd in Fl' nctJ. or Hamm r (llrplalned the SItu 8tion of Ohio of certain municipal praise r ill place of Earl J. Maag, ished relief families during April , n Caplam . R ut('I( l cHton turn (I a b' k Th e d can t . , .'"66 '" Watch Repair Service mt'n. But th C f orll1. 0 f tl\ th m,g rte fl y t 0 M r. S par. eTS funds' trans! r of funds h om the appraise M A 'r of the estate o:f Loula $6 ,, ; W . W , CI'me, gl'ocene Pricell Reasonable hsd b('cn .1\ rart f hl~ ~cnllemen ~ AUlIhcd and contempuou~ face up- of th ar~ ('11001'1 lit I st ood. on ~he gasoli~e tax exciSe f und to the ' 88um, deceaaed. 50 ; Walter Kever, gr.oeerie8, In the matter of the estate ot $166,76 : Watkins grocery, grocer· ducali on. AR Iv th~ rqtlil'ment of (III him, and at Lhe same tim re- help tI hJlI'Isplr to a bl'l1nmm general fund. B e ad ~ Reatrung the taule- thl' ~ih' I' nd cry:tnJ,' move d th~ he I with il ~rinding rosewQ ~I tabl ; and Ruggle ton , The cn. f The Milllni Valley hules V. Chamberlain, deeeased, i S, $7; H. C. Hamilton, gr~ceri&.l J owelry R paired nd nnpery- he hod n Vl'f c(>n it!' motion. g13!<~.... Building and Loo,n As 'oc ial io n sale of real estate is ordered. $82.76; L. M. Scofield, groceries, "THE HOME OF GIFTS" qual, ev n in ·the ~r lit hOIl.!' of i "Dit! you peuk 1" ollked Rugglc$ M ~. ~ park . BIt!. Wlt~ b con~mg Vlll'SU Ivah B. Harri t, ai, WIIS The will of Thurman F. Bercaw, $24' Scbilling's Food Market , ,Iennora, the anc ~lJ"al hQl)le or ton in Enldi,.h, "or was it th e gl'Rvlty, that h~ \Va. qUite c.0nvlllc- dismi cd without r'cco rd. decea sed, was admltt~ to probate. ,229_40; Herb Hoppe, tuel and ·tho head of his family. But did he : 'h cks on your kill T heaI'd'"]" er! that th~ genU mon In ~he I n the case of 'l'b(l Miami Volley E~ta Bercaw wall apPOInted ezeeu- groceries, $92.76; 1. S. Richardson gape a nd start! ILt the glittor and Mil Iv 'I' Il'ot nuthi ng of thAt but SClul t tumc .Rnd g? ld Ince had m· Builuing and Loam Allsociation trtX of the estate, no bond required tuel, $151; Owen G1"O()8S, fuel, $6; shine and glor~r of it unclel' tll(> Ih(' !In '('I' which a ccompanied it, tl'.n,dc.d by h iS llc l10n t~ )Cpr tiS versus 'M, J . Fo ndl~ I·~mith. et ai, D. E. Heywood, H. D. MeVey and Warren County ,Lumber Co .• fuel, oft. radiance /If the wa candle? Th e M I' urpri , ed and sho ked CritiCIsm of the per~on O( c~aracter firmation , deed and di tribution. F. A. Hudsoll w re apPOinted ap- '9; Lebanon Ice & Coal Co., fuel. • • • Not he. Royal ly it II could not him , It wa,s evident to l1ill1 that the of lhe g~ntleman m th kilt, first fnth ells of Th(~ Miami Valley praisers. $6.26; Lebanon Farmer' Co-op. bJ!v cast a calmer and m' I' casual Englishm!ln waR a ngry with him. by standlllg on the kiltecl g£'ntle. Building and L aln Association The inventory of Louisa Got- 00., luel, $21.77; W, C. Turton, glane ov r that ma~n ifl c nc. I But why should the Engli bman man: toe and afl~rwal'd by up· v'r us J. W. Ware, let al, confirma- thartIt, executrix of the estate of fuel. $12.64; Franklin Ice & Fuel Madv r at betw (On Mi~R Lytlon b e an~ry with him or ·witli any playltlg ~ glove to hiS fllce Ilnd th.lJt tion, deed and distl'ibutlon, Charles Penlcawa. decea ed, waB Co., fuel. 17.50; Joseph H. Fedders WAVNESVILLE. OHIO al)d an eld('l"1y mntron wilh a face 1011 ? What aHed lhe blazing loon? he, olhngwoo.d park, wos entlr· In the case of Thl~ Miami Valley approved. upply Co•• fu~I, $43 ,60; Allan Phone 80 Bank Bld._ ely at th se rvice of ull concerned. Building and Loun ASliociation L. M, Hender On was appointed Rapp,fuel,' $6; Brown & Bunnel, like a war hone. He addre!! d the Was he drunk1 matron p(llitely in hiR nati",e ton· , "My foot," aid Mtlclvet" jn su h 0 it was agre~d that Doctor versu Jesse Mentz, et al. confir- administrator of the estate of Fuel, $6.26; East End Coal Comgue, b£'cau e her ea t of cou nt!)n- 'Engli h a9 he had 1 arued from Rammer l'epre. entmg' MI'. MacIver malion, deed and eli tribution. Anna A. Mal'8hall, d ,ceased, and pany, fuel, $18.89; Blah~ tit LeRoy, once remind d him 01 . ome of the Liul l' moke and ,],wo Bla.nkets. ho uld ,call upon. Mr. parks, reIn the matter 01' tl;1e will of filed bond of $200 WIth lIureties. fuel, $40.50; Thieman'S Shoe & • • more ru~ed of his n a ~ive hill!!. "You tlln e! n him too much, pl' sentlng aptam the Honor.abl Thoma D. Fraser, deceased, it is Ross H. Hartsock, W. F. Olark and Repair Shop, Shoes furnisbed reo ur pre ume that to b the lan- Rugg l ~t()n." P eter Ruggle ton, at noo n, and ordered that will be certifi d to H. A. Cornell were appointed ap- lief familieB durini April, $UI8; gllage of the P icts and Scots, "aptain Ruggl ston t() you, l~at mum was. the word in ~hemean lerk. of Courtl!. Th e will is to be praisers. Fred', Store, baby IIblrt8.& sboes young man, to j udll;e from your dammil!" bill? Followmg that piec e of admitted to probatt3. In the matter of the estal.e of J. furnished relief families, flO.34; p~tti oat lind ba e 1m e ~nd tho "Dammi t to you I" busmes!!, pactaI' Hammer returne,d In he ca e of The People's Lee Thompson, deceased. sale M.rI!. Ma.r jorle S. Wells, stamps, 2 re icule with hair nil, which I The 0 , D. .' flu shed and con- to t.he dmlnl:' room and Ala dalr Bl1ilding, ~an and Savings Co. bond~ was ordered. . DirectorIes,. Transportation, was admiring beturc e took our temptuou cou ntenance fairly MacIver to the ballroom. Tbe A . vJ!r us Everett Stubbs tal conAlhe Wardlow. executrIx of the AprU, all; LeWiIi .& Drake, coal seatl. But the language m 8ns no smok d. MacIver' eyeS appeared D. C. and fr. Spark remained in firmation, de d and di tribution. estatb of Kate Kammerer, deeeall- and feed furniBhed reU f families more to m than a mu(,h Gr ek," to throw off spark. Th nostrils of the ecluded study, s ated at the In the matter of the transfer ot ed, flIed her ~~t acount. . April, $56.39; E. B. Thirkield & . aid the matron. both young men went while at the rosewood tabl , emptied the tl.r~e fund of board of trustee Turtle- I Howard Phillip A urn, admJnlll- Sonll Co., Shoes" flannel for reThen h chatted to h(,,' 'ench ba c, a if pinched byin vi sible fing- decantCI'S, and fel l asleep in their cre k township, trlln 'fer ~f fund t.rator of the estatl of ~ui_ M. lief tamllie during April, $27.~4; which ~h e recog nized 1\ after er.. chairs. Maciver had ano her dance granted Assum, deceased, filed hlB Inven- The Home Store, Shoes &: clothmg len minutes or it. ,he LOO excep- ,"This way," croaked "Ruggleston with the lady with t.he Fl ora Mac . ___ tory. furnished reliet families, April, Phone 71J lio n to his pronunciation. Mi s He turned and le ft thf ballroom, Donald eyes, Ruth McClure, administratrix of $6.79; M. B. Hyman .& Son" payNext morn ing l1'adver told Big N_ Suite the estate of Jam ~ W. Pre.ley. ments on Clarellce Atkinso n Suit, Lytton t ur-ned ft'om Captai n Rug- 1aclver .followed him, In tbe hall, I!"leaton on her oth r ide and de· in the gloom the staircase. John 1acDonald and theMalicete . The Pe1)pl"l1 Building, Loan and deceased, filed het Inventory. US; ()hio Central Telephone Corp. fended hi pronunciation. H look- Ru~glest(>n baited and 'turned and that certain important matters '~ving Co, versus Lina M. heelS, Hattie B.a,:bee, executrix of the May rent & April To))s, C. W. A" d into h t eyes; and that was the ~lappe d t he Highlancler lightly 'wo uld detain him in town until the et aI, for money • .foreelol!ut'e and estate of Lllhan F. Moon, deceased '5•.10; Ohio Central Telephone • • across the mouth with a glove of foll ow ing hornlng and perhap equituble relief. filed her application for a certlA- Corp., May Rent. April tolls, F. E. IIfOTARY PUBLIC third tim, il' Jome , being in love, left the whi te kid which he 'had removed later. In the matter of the last will and cate of tranBfer. R. A. Offiee, $9.26: Kaufman'll. table with the lnd! Ii that night, fTom hi hand tor the purpo e. " Is It about land?" a ked Big The inventory of Robert J, Shaw [Iupplies, furnished relief families . . , han, e,xecutor ot the estate of dUring April, $85.40; Dr. Robert Will. Draw" . • E.ta... S.u..4 A nd a Sh .lam\' was governor, 1a<'lver r coiled .., if he had been ' John. a1l til entlemen did the lIllme, . truck witb an 11.1'.. Every "That. among other thingS," rc- ment" and you 11 have wlnl.d al)dd Eugema E. Beach, dec~a8ed, wal Blair, x-ray treatment furnished W"'yuEGVILLE. OHIO but , m of them slole back to the and n rve in him jerked ond froze plied MacIver, thinki ng of the pow ~ ectual to YOI\J ~ gent lty an approved. A. E. Vincent. Weltare. $30; Brad ft ... .. decanters and the gleaming mah o- as if he had re(!eived hjs d at h sev n fect of ground which would I~arnl~g before YCIU re many days W. E. Graham, administrator of Service tatlon, Gasoline :fur-I,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~!!!!!!~ {tnny al th(l fh'st opportunity. sb 'oke. F or low s econds he stood vel'y probably be ' r qu ired by him- 0 ~~:• t d b t the estate or Lawrence E. Taylor, nished Wm. farks during April, I' Dancinl( wa one of MacIver'S motionlef\s ,~roml Se y ou 0 o. my es, decea ed filed his 8chedule of debt. Welfare 85e; Ivin8.Jameson Drug ohn polite accompli hm nts. He could wit h blank e 8, e a I'e w. n•. e caSe 0 ar ell • oilien Co., drugs turnished--reli f familie , returned MacIver gravely-; pe rform the most intricate step!\ stone. Th n, in a queer whi5per looking shrewd . "You're a friend ~y best for .the honor of all true laltlrnm,strator of the estate of FLor during April, $11.88; J. W. Lingo with hi gaze on his partn I" S gaze or his m'o tuer ~ongu'e, he v oiced of th e governor's, . Maciver. no Rlg~~llnd heatts 011 the Waa1<adog- ence I. , Arkill, decea ed, ver~ulI Hardware Co., Axe Handle, 3 axe - - -II!" wltho\,lt a Jook or a thought to his sometb ing of his staggering emo- doubt ,of that; and governor!! and ga~. J h 111 D Id d Tw George 1\1. Arkill. et ai, sale of real .& File, Welfare, '8.90; McGetc:hDirec.or .f FII••r.1 '.nice ' f et or hel's. And at t he waltz, a lions. ueh are abl to mak e gifts of land Ig' 0 n ~c ona an 0 estate ordered. in'l! Pharmacy, Medicine furnished 1'1 form of polit e divel's ion, he " A blow! <A slap in t he Incel A wj~h no mol' trouble than a !!crat. Blanket and Llttll~ Smoke et ?ut Etbel Van Derveer, administta- relief families. April, $4,50; Clint's Our convenient 10catioD. lIulta· was a w nder. Looking into l'tli S bl ow on th mouth I" ch ot the pen. It was a great man f r hom e ~ h~r~ly nfter noon, bhu- trix of the estate of WiUlam J. groceries furnillhed relief ble Burroundlnre and equipment Lytlon' . hadowed eye~, he could At that moment Doctor Hammer 1 saved from b inp; r oa 8ted to de11th I~ un USP I~\oUS of the. real and Vanderveer, decealled, 111ed her apduring April, fiO.50; Ray ilT,l.gine that it was Flol'a Mac- ,appeared, 11 it from nowhel'e. fI in hi blnnket a few night!! baCK, tr8~1f. Ala~dalr M:aclvr dIn tow~. plication tor a certicate 01 tran.. groceries turnillhed relief .nable. UII to Serve to the B..t Advantaa'e. Donald i.h lhe sheller of hi!! strong appeal'cd between the two tall ingl -handed against three, and ~tor [ammel- ea Ie h o.n r . f er. Th adjUdication and deterduring April, ,16; John right arm_ Iyoung men, 'With his whi ~ kers maybe four. Use youl' jlld~m(!nt Sp~rks, .that sportsman avtng re- mination of the inheritance tax OD Gay, Moving Robert Baker to It .... ali midnight, or t hereabout, bristling. ullder your .broltue. Bnd that' m81~e? III ~ow~ f~,t' the purpose ot the .estate is to be given to all per. Manchester, Ky., $50; )11'11. AI AMBULANCE SERVICE wbun AJI1 .dair faclver became I "What's this?" he asked in a John MacDonald's ripe opinion. rece lvmg hIm. sons interested. Hinsch, Rent of oft\ce for Welfare WaY•• llyil\.. Ohio P ...... 2. 8"31" of the fact that Lhe beel of voie as' hal'sh as the comp lain t of Take your lim e and use your jl,ldg (To Be Clontinued) T h.e will of Thomas D. Fraser, "F. E. R. A.• April, ,45; Albaugh deceased, was flIed in probate. The Good Drug Coo, Bttedll & Truss matteri to be certlfled to the Robert Reichel. Groceries furnishcourt o:f Common Pleas. ed relief families during APl'i1; • FOR SALE DATES CALL • The inventory of Jeannette $209.25; W. H. Berger, Il'oceries James, executrix of the estate of $2; Miller Hardware & Furniture, Charles R. James, deceased, WaS saws, and seeds furnillhed re1ie-f approved. families, April, "6.75; • R. Cof· fman, groceries and supplies furnillhed relief familie. April, f226.R.I E.tat. Trall.f.n 85; Albert Wallace, groceries furJamee B. Davia t() Charles nillhed relle:f families 4.nri..-I---lr:JI'-~c.aJL3II~A.:!IIL:!II"'''''L.Lew, teal estate In Lebanon. 18.150 ; Cbas. Mount, .-r"" ..,ri ..,., Gertrude Strip pel and Maggie Oollina" Son, P .... 320, N.~ •• rll•••••• May HarringtoJl to George- M. and Wm. '77.76; G. R. Rossman" Co., iroKate Wolf, iniot No. 99 in Mason cel'iell, $88,60; Wm. Kelly, grocerEARL KOOGLER Willie and Edna Bail' to Geot'ee leI, $~: .R ay Kautz, Pet ,IM ldland Harper, inlot No. 3'19 in Franklin. Grocery , Co., groceries, ,9: O. O. N. G. Hartman, deeeued, to Hildebrant, gNeeriel, ,72.60; A, KEamor. Itll George H. Hartman. et aI, 262.98 Shiflett, . groceries, $7.60; New. acres in Wayne township. comb', Groceriel. $7.76. O. C. Hartman, et ,al, to C. Estol ~--Hartman, et aI, 262.98 acrel in OHIO STATE ENROLLME.NT Wayne ~wnllbip. George E. Hartman, et aI, to C. SHOWS BUSINESS TRENDS Elltol Hartman, et aI, 262.98 acres FOltSALE in Wayne township, ' Student eDrollment at O. S. U. Addie Hartsock to The Dayton year hall re8ected the gradual FOR SALE- Sweet potato plants, Power and Light 00" the uee of improvement, in bualnese conditi36c per bundred, or three hun·r eal estate for lines. dred for $t.()O All kind! garden Wl11iam J. Van Derveer, dec.eas- ons, the "giltrar'B report ihowa. While the enl'ollment each plants, 10c dozen, tbree dozen 25c. ed to Richard P . .van Derveer, 1'8al quarter thlt year haa been a little On Fern' Road. Strouse Brothers, estate in Franklin township. Amanda Catherine Petre to leu than fol' the corrsspoDdini Route No.8, Waynesville, Ohio. Harry L. Petre, 27.715 acres in term a year aro, the deficienciell *j28 Harlan townsblp. S-T~R.O-I:.B-ANO BREATHE! Srroke.nd breath. I YOUR ~NCINE bil•• "beat," too. CyUndendraw SUN BRIGHT AND TRA",IC HEAVY-Thl. .ntl_ been decrealne. SALE-Fresh cow, Guernsey FOR Tb.....Immer "no",. that thl!re·. no power In ber In a lIupply of "1JljUI" made of Air mlsod Wi th ,...18 ruonlna on .Ir that II hot a,,11 dry. A re ... mil.. Autumn quarter enrollment ",as . Jersey 6 years old. J. H, Sackett '(rOb unltatI b r breatbln,larlaht. SbemuethaveaLr. farther on, It may meet a mower or • _Una braue. ollne wSlh "yery other down etroke of the platon•• Bill. AlI..-d 7.6 per Cetlt under the previous R 1 ' m31 J . year, the winter quarter total wall • • . ames Follen, Servo a~ jal;lItor 7.1 Pft' cent leu tban In 1993, SWEET PO,"ATO PLANTS _ f YOU D~[VE A CAR- st~dy the dia~ according 1:0 what the weather man says. with air. Sudden weather changes no 2nd floor Court House mo. endina and tile ofBelat apring quarteT total Speaking of Sweet Potato plants 3~, $1.6: Penn Morton, Servo ju~ announced, is but B.2 per cent you can get them at Dan Hockett'll Naturally. your "gas" mixture changes, Longer affect the "gas" mixture. The fuel gram .above. It helps explain why as ~anltor, C-ourt HOUle tOT mo. under that of the previoUS spring. on route 78,· 2" milell Eait of many motonsts are failing to get all the too-unless your gasoline is a "good charges fed to your engine are uniendlDg M!lY 31, '70; C. Donald Rent ot office fo't Pro!. Of the to eol1~ell at Obio State Waynellville, Phone 65R11. Dilatu8h, formly powerful and rich. . mixer" with all kinds of air. po er they should from their gasoline. Atty., mo. &ndinB Kay 81, fZO; elx have reported mer..lss for the Your ca. can't burn liquid gasoline. It That'swhySocony-Vacuumdeveloped Your car is always at it& best - rutlWoodrow.Weil.Stan.,. Co., 200 IIprin~ quarte~ommerce and Clima't ic Control, .. a pr adjustment at must tlrst turn gasoline into "gas*' by powered-fast on pick.-up-r.~sponsive to WANTED Appropriation ledger allest. for tion, medlelne, phal'lllaey. and mixing it with lafge quanttties of air. tbe refinery to make Mobilgas mix better every touch on the gas pedal Auditor, UO.I"; TIle JohnlOu- veterlriary medicine. Agriculture Think what that means, The condition Try Mobilgas - and see how it im': Watson Co., 100 leta of 2 clearette had one I... Itudent than a year WANTED--Cars to wath aDd of the'air is constantly changing with the proves performam.'e of your car. It's sold polieh: John Seare, Clyde l'romm lieenses for Auditor, f",'70; The Oftlce, 1 coupon book of for the lummer Phone 79. mU weather. It's hot or cold, damp or dry, a t dealers who show theFlyingRedHorse. typewriter rlbbolll for Recorder, _tartiq June 18, aN eom $9.60: Fred Procter. I CrtllliDal ill rapidly. university olleiall WOOL-Con1len your "'001 to ApJleannce Docket tor Clerk of ..,. Th. ftrat term aJicia Jul,. 26 The Ohio Wool Growe.ra CoopCourt, ,85 ••• ; Ohio Pen. IU... and til. noond clotH on :Aqult eratl.. Aaoclation. 8.000 o~el' Sal.. Dept.. Soap ohl.,., LaUDcIrJ 81. &mel._ ma)' attend ,lther or erowen do. In B Ollt ' of 10 leaN Soap" ToUet Soap tor Blaadl'. botll ..... liON tIaan .00 eours. wool prlcea ate low,1t at theetln. '18.10; CoIIl1ll'_ BlanIc Book ba '0 cleparhMnta of IDltruatioft time. Liberal cull .inace OD ... CompU), "0 _ . .0" for _ haft ..... ·. .enle4 tor th. _ . tf wool. Wap...mell'arnltn 'U: Wm. 81aotwt1I, 1uY... I... me . . .tllL Co•• loeal NPlWIIltaUve ltor lleaodal .... for laO. . . . . . . • - ••- - -

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J NE 7. 1934

Draining The Blood From Indust Anyone who Jooks dUbiously o'n the al'gum lit that ta'Xes atand in th e w.ay of business rcc()very would do well to take a glance at t he expel'I(!ll.ce of Am ricall industry dul'in'" the past few yeal's. " I J eJ'(~, f(lr l'xample, is what hapl' ne " to a co n A~n whleh has II . u~ ' ~rOS8 Income of about $220,000,000 8 yeaI'. In 1929, a year of boom prosp I'ily, it paid out n.l7 C~lItS in lIIXC1l for eac h dollar it look in. In lO:l l it paid out la.14 cents. In 1933, wherl conditions were ex. tr m Iy bad. it IJaid oul 16.38 cent. And the proportion will probably be hlghet' sti ll in UJ34. Thal particula)' bus'ne . b' e -b t 11 " d t ' • • . .1 SS l S a Ig on u lima In u rles ar m preCisely th slime Po!utlon. As matter of fact, they have had tougher I dd ' I ' . ~ ~ , .'ngo l urlnj( d PI' Sl ion th~n huvc lar!'e, concerns with ~reat cash IC. eIV s-nncl hnve eon n riSing proporLlon of hard -ea.rlled dollars go to lh govl'l'Il t M th t Id h b £I f ' I . III n. on('y .11 cou . ave "cn usc .or expans on, tor ral mg wages lind !!hOlte nmg workmg hour, ;for puttlllg more men to work- the taK collec tor got. Evet·y wOl'k r nnd inv\?, t or has felt the adverse eft'ecta of that, and lh probl 111 constantly g rows grellt r. Honc!;t tax reduction, that really rcduc s the co t or governme nt and doesn 't. simply shift the burden by Iiti I l' 'h po ~a s Ill' L-~f.hnnd,.would be u powerful impetus to industry, to indUllb' lnl ,exJ>n~sl on, to rncl'~asei,l cmplOY~l nt, to gen eral r~covcry. You can t dram lhe finanClfi1 I.lIood fl'om indUstry and expect It to go fO l·w8I·d. <=---= _ ____ ----

Farm hight 7 alks, June '11 The Ohio


'L/niverility Radio Station-WOSU

8:00 Mus.i!! ;0 5 lo'arTll Adjustment News .... ,.. . ... '.. John A. Slipher 8 :16 'l.'ha Money You N ed for urrent Fal'm Purposes ... . ... .. .... . .. ' .... .. ........... .. ...... ,. WaIteI' F. Gahm :25 Music, 8:40 Ro und Table on Farm and Garden Ins cts and DiSEa ses ............. . . ...... ...... P arks &. Pierstorff .. ... ' ... , .. ,... C, W. Gay :50 P (ligree R gi!ltrat\on .. ,... ............ ., , ...... Minnle Price !l :00 Vacation amps fOI' Rur I Women 9:10 Mu ie !J ~26 What Hnp» n to Pho phale F rtllizer in the Soil? ...... ,........ . , .. ' ....... .. , ... " ........... ,.. Richard Bradf\~ld ..... ,........... . ....... H. E. Eswine 9 :311 Early Railroad!; In Ohio .. ......... , ........ .... .. . . F. H. Beacb 9:46 f'ruit PI'O pects for 1934 ~


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-'-_ _ _...,

Best of the News Direct From the Ohio State Capitol

lsi h·d of ~ixt~.lh·/' membt'r.. In . • t,·ad "I' .IIIC· I 'unl!Tt ",.lImn fliT ~"~I 'I th,. ~ hund, (,.1 th"u~an.1 lll'upl.,. \.11" for ('Hch \·ight hundred




Woman Lo••• 41 Lbs. of F.t

Hcv"J'al from here attended Illu)1lination Night at Wilmington l IIUtH.BIIU ""lrJtI hi' alollllt I i~ht. enllu~ la~t Monday eVI! ~ing.' WaShl·n~ton Blood Pressure Down Too M r~. Howllrd raha1l1 has been ;; s~ndinR' It few ua'YlI with h I' . II Oh io W"lld W at' vdcran Acting on motives of economy, daughte r" ,11'5. Hel n Wall IInc] WIIX('d l,ul'l l('a\ ill n'urnlng 8 check ConA .. t'~Ft1lan 'Illtl' il!hl (D) elf III the' \" 'It'l Ull ' Atllllini ~tratiCln, said to have been occasioned by an fflmily . "1 have been t.kinK K"ulclut,. all ged overdraft 01 nea rly $7000 l\liss Dorothy Davis lu\(I a girl, suys, "pity thl' pIl\lr t:unj.i"l·'~ p""vidcd. in r('~torin~ Salte for my bealtb. aDd for bi.h in the cou nty 1'ond an.l bridge 'Cd 'nd of Dayton visitulo relative Congl' ssman. Due lO Lhe s~()I'L tllO t\\\'llly.nine th"UHlnr\ V('t(,I'on~ to blood pre.. ura "nd rheumati_ and funds, County S urveyol' am D. hel' ovel' unday. Iyeal' .tel'm tint! the neCl'1\~lly ftlr the I'llIllpl'lI satloll rol l ~. who. c d i~iI' it h elp ed both. My. blood pre. .ur. Henkle has mud Il 8\vl!i!ping ,'e· Mr. H. . Tucker od family I'ull nmg ylll'Y uth r Y('UI', II (' ,m· bilith)~ \\' '1'" IIt'te rrni nl'<l to hUVl' waa .. high AI 290 wbell I at.rted to take Kru.ehen. I weilrhed 2:55 duction in hil'lstalf by Lhe (Ii ~mis III and Virginia Davis attended De. gJ ~~ .man I (ot c ~ .to b~ a '\1l1kin~ b~l'n RI' 1vic~ ('omll'cll',1 that tI and now I weigh 214 that i. 101in. of several <)IT)p l o~ . c rulion el'vices at G 'r mant (.J wr\ , p tltlon and a 11\'1~'1r p\,ay!:'\, , j,ll' v~I("an \\'a~ im'li~ihle fol' CO tnpC't1 41 Ibl ., in aboul nin .. montha and 1 AR B r esult of tht' wholc ~all! IllY Ky. last W dnesday. vat s. Abl~ut lh time Il scr~ oll K. l'lItiCJn if h) l'llrned enough mom's feel fin e." Mre. W . Eckoff .. A half t a spoon ful of Kl'usehen oft's, til sUl'veyor's staff .Wll~ re· Many from her attended D . , hard.wul'k~ng on.",'I' \:" man cltn~lI ~ to lHl)' all incOlll' tux. One Oh l , duc~d to a skelton organrzation, cOI'Btion at Miami 'em~' tery. ,tb e ladd el of se nlOrl~y t o Il POlllt vetl'ran. ilL I~u t. WIlS 'U fO l'tuna te, in n Kia.!! of \VB 1'111 wat'r every m I'ning S AI,'E L Y tak(>s oft' unMost of tho e dism[sge{] weN Misse. Evelun Tuckel' and Dnro. whel'e he "eally haij mftu !l ee :lnd II wrotu: D. emo ratrc . apPointees, . . ' l't hea lthy l nt by he lping t u rc-e ta bgiven po I· . thy D,avis ' aUended Commenc(' mC!nt Ican.d 0 ~o ~ . go,( d f (II','h..~ J) u1.'.I(' "'1'1WI I LI l! (:I ICC k 11 f f Il d Cu" lJJ ur tlon by the late John •. Vall Even~i ell a t Bethesda Hospltnl of hIS dl lll~t, so m SP l u ut "III Wi lh (\ thl' e-cenL ~tllmp I ~(,l1d lo Ii)'h propl'T rundion ing of body organs- at lhe nm time it ellerHO l'ne~ wllo died in the midst of an ur es 'rraining eouri< lll st Tu es. me ~ut n!{llin t him wit h thc dC'you. ~j~('H ami help build up robust unexP lre.d tnm as c~unty urv yoI' day nighl.~{i s~ Elizab eth Black. c1al'ahon that ht: ~1I8. L e n the]'!' It lo oked ~Iu i.t e r(Jo ri. in dnys of nlll. h('nlth. FCle l yellrs ;'oullger- ACT H enkl e IS a R publican, Bnd wns ford forme"ly of hel'e was one of 1 ng nough and It 1Mbm\! to mil k!! But now It )s n t nlln tu hold, it and LOOK it. ne bottle lasts 4appointed rc~~ntly to fill the va· t he graduate '. In c.hange ." , , I paid a lux in thi,ty-thl'ee, · k~ . You clln.gel Kruschen Salts caney cilused by Van Horn e'" Mis Dorothy ShambELugh is not ongl' 8SIllan a l'lwn gh t. con· So, good (Jld check, :i:!tr ' wc\l L< ,It any dl'ug t re in the world. death. . II d h t d to M' • cloded his 8peech on the WOI)8 tlf II' thee," . . so we an as re urne JamJ . I " Thus relieved of theu' duties by Hospital for treutment H er many ongress man, sal<, Th e Gov rn· I PUBLIC SALE the Burv '101' are: CharI 8 E. Kun- fri~nds hope for her Q' speedy \'1'- m'e~t has taK en on so ma ny new 1~()lIrtee n y,eH'"s ago. directl y 'I _ _ __ k er, deputy surveyor, Harlan tp. · eov ry duties tl,at a Congre~. 'mall ha, Il O aftcl' t h ' World War A~si~t an t II I d 'd" R B h . '1 .' . t' l. I 'I t Jl . k t • . . I av ng I eu to 1'(l1l1 0Ve DIy oy . urroug s, elV) cngme ~ r, Miss Laura Ward is so mew!1lll more .lIne () gl~ a 1' . ~ '.' rop :('e\'('tnl~y o f the Navy Rooseve lt home. 1 will ~(' IJ ul Public A.u ction Frankhn; Tbomas Taylor, chalr- impl'oved at this writing. busy, n~!l ety.five I) r eat of 1t.IS tun !) I \\lt~ n 'ked by his chief, Secre tary at my hom e at Mt. Holly on man. Lebanon; R~bert Van Hor~ e, Mrs. Everett Villa I una chilo a~ , \\ ~11I1g" lette l'f\ a nd culling (III of the Navy Jo. ephu Dani els, to Saturd ay. June 16. 1934 maintenance englnee~,. !t'ankhn; dl'en spe nt ' the week.end with her dlff lent dera,rtm nts. H~ u~es nt , u~"i~t i,) I'('~iew ing ~ncle am' s Comm encing a t 1 o'd ock p. m. a?d Frank Bowy ~r, dlstr~ct !luper- si ter, Mrs . W. P. McCanen alld vcn .~nv" t n~e to prepa, (' C) I make summ oned hl~ old cllle!. Ambll s- hUI'p lh e f oll owi ng Visor, and entlre main tenan ce family of Walhonding. speecbles. es, troubles or. no ~lIdol' I ,(niels, fro m Mexico to a , H ousehold Goods and ome crew, Mason. tl'OU ell, ongres81llon artnght !'Ii"t him in I' viewi llg , the battJ (' At! ' Eden Terry, wh o was report d The mony f~i end s . of ]\fiss Rachel is a cl\ndidale f ol' reelection. fl ~ ,t n ow t he e un l of 011 in th e n qU()~. PETER RU YON as a ca ndidat for thc county sher- hQmbnu~h wlll .b(l ()Ieas.ed t? le~rn wO~'I~1. q y ift" H office on the RepubliCan tlck- of her be.lI1g successful I? wlll.nmg It is n f uet that !'om' 'o np;rl' ~. Stallle y & K~g2!'!.. Aud. et was placed on th civil engine r a ~ree trrp to the World Fall' !It mon Ilre employment age nts anri p o t occupied by D. W. Keller who hlcago. The cont~st was ponso.l·. glorified errand boys. I'ictur ~ lak n of tho r~vi w White Rose- Power beis $aid to hav quit foll owing. the ed. by the Entel'pll1se club of Wl1f ..ou l·tpe ll y£'nl's ago sho"l'. ~ sslslan t hind the enllne. lay .off's in the surveyor's office . mmgton. ongrllsaional lend ers are trsing Secl Hal'Y Ruosevelt 1<nnitng, ~ncl Inman Munger chief clel'k in Tlte W. . T" U, :ponsored n ' to force adjournm ent of 'ongrI:'81< eC.l'ctnry r th e I a".y DanJel~ the office still retains his position Food Sale he18 aturday afternoon ' 011 June f!t h. Jl' they succt'\!~I, n )(l loklllg g'1 ~II.n. At the ~Im(' ere· NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT ~ut is r~ported seeking another Band conceds will be held her week's. news letter to my constitu· I tl~ri ~!I~I~~~ ~~;lm\lntl'libg t~nl Job. this summer commencing this Wed en ts WIll bl:' my last, at le~\Sl until ' ~ I C \lr .• 11 . e ,are CI 00 ' Estate of Anna A. Mar ball, deSurveyor Henkl e indicated that nesday evening. l~eKt Jt\nuary. Anxiety of fo mo mg townr~ .the Wdhlte .Hou e. You eeas d. th offic e would be placed on a The Woman' lvic l ea ue will ongl'esRionnl I aders t o forc' ad- appelll' mlltn g an . aYlllg to you r. Notice is hereby given that L. part.tiro basis and that th s kele- ' ,t 'th M R .. g. joul'nm nt i~ r ally du e t o the fact sclf 'l am golnR' to be there some M. Hend erson, who se Post Office -"" I'd b mel! WI rs. ose an next th t t ( , b'll lillY' n th other hllnd I look d Addre& is Waynesville, Ohio, has t on 8 t ILl' \You ot~ h old forth Satul'day aftel'Doon June 9. a wo extt'eme y Important 1 '. ,. J' 1l ' ]' , until work piCKS up, In the county. . ' may under houSe r ul e be called up SO Ul, " kno" log n vel' I e b n duly appointed as AdminisH enkle also said that there was " Mr. . Cha . Garner spen t u!lda y for debale and vot Monday, thel·tl. trator of the Estate of Anna A. a p(Jsljibility that those dismi sed \I Ith hiS mother. Mrs. Mary Finch. June 111h. Th es bill s al'e th c --Mar, hall late of Warren COUllty, might be re-hir d on a part-time Ml'~' Hannah Creswe·11 has been Frazier·Lem ke Bill and the Me· odlin!!, m oth gg are expected Ohio, deceased. plan later on. . pendrng a few days at her home L od Bank Pay·off Bill. PO",onully to commence hatching early in Dated this 23rd day 01 May F ortbcoming state gasoline tax III town. it is my hope that we do not ao· J une . Th e moth, began to em(!rgc 1934. Mrs. Laura Shidaker spent Sun- journ ~ntil after con!<iflerlng both I1t Wooster MIlY 17, at Oak Harbol' mon ey will wipe out the deficit in RALPli H. CAREY th road and bridge fund, it was d a y evening with Mrs. Ida Howe. of t hese bills. May 1. ami I1t Lorain May 21. Judge f th Probate Court sa id . 01 Dayt on . , ounty aRents are supp!i d • with j14 Wart n County. Ohio - - " --,Mr. and Mrs. A . S, Collett: spent There arc f UI' hunth'c d ulld the d tnil, o/contro1.Sproy sel·vic(> Although maximum yields of Sunday wiih his brother Ro bed thirty·five M lnbers QC ,UIg"I'C"S- talks 111'0 heart! oach Mondoy ot v •• THE MIAMI GAZETTE timothy arc reached just as bloom- Collett and wife of D~lyto n. that js two hundl'etl and thirty·five 11.45 1I. m . ove~ WLW and al For R.lultl jilg is completed, maximum .Yields too mallY. The first CUll- 12:50 J) m. over WTAM. of probein are attained by the early blOom tagt'o NOI'malty in Ohio this White Rose-Power beis dut'ing the third and fourth week of June. hind the en.lne~



--- .. -----




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LUM:BU The first exa mlnn ' secret8.ry Akron Cleaners, P re8!le rs to be held by the tate Board or and Dyen Union;, Ml'S. Lola G. CosmetQlogy wer~ conducted ill I lark, Columbus, and Miss Eva 'olumbu ' thl week fOI' central Hand, Cincinnati. After studying Ohio. Thoa for 'the northern part l a complete report on wages and of the late will be held in lev · hours in the industry a s made by land June II, 12 and 12 at the r the division the Board will recomCleveland Law chool. Examina- mend a minimum wage for women tion covering the outhe rn part or and minprs. th tate, ill be conducted in ---Mem Qrial Hall, Cin~innati, June 18 1 "Do you know your fi sh?" 19 .and 20. All examinntions . will Wheth r you do or' don 't, you may begin at a. m. study eleveri species of inland fish to your li~a s content In 'Oie arce Entertninmenl or at lea t diver ~ ion of interest from the ullual dull pools north and outh of the State routi~ i provided for inmates of Departments Building. Columbul, the Ohio Penitentiary by high now that they have been repleniehcIa motion pictures every Friday ed and stocked for tile Bummer by evening and reJigiou service the Stat Conservatjon Divisic)11. every Sunday. Then th te are also Tw nty-ftve of eac:t\ ot the follow~rtain sports, softball and volley- illg varieties have been placed or ball being the ('hief ao urce of in- will be placed in theae Jarge pools: terest along this line in the sum· Large-moutb blac)e ba!ll!, smallmer, with keen competition be- mouth black bus, rock bUB, white tw en cell blo k and department croppies, black erappies, bluegills, companies. The "tnlkics" are Ulade and pumpkinseed iunftsh. One hun possible through Miss Amanda dred channel catflsb,80me weighing TlIom8s. daughter of Warden and a8 much as ten pOllnds. · IIDd 100 Mrs. Thomas, and the liberallty of bull-head catfish .. well as one motion pictul'e producers. Religi- dogfish are also ineluded in the OUt lCJ'vices are held in tour separ- quota. Over 100 goldfish from ate chapel, Protes t!!nt, Catholic, Lake Erie, some nine iJIChes long J wish and Christian Science. At- have been put in the poole, and 300 tendance at these services ill volun- inOI'e will be. added. tary and i said to be larger than when compulsory, Entertainment Officers 01 the Ohio State Archae of SOJ1l$ kind is also provided on olo&,~cal and ru.torical Society holi«nys. lire making a special appeal for new members aa part of the pro· The econd state minimUm wage gram to renew and expand the acboard to. be set up under the- new tivity of the organiUition. As an law to regulate wages for' women inducement to increa8e membermet in Columbus Monday. This ship the annual dues have been board i studying the dyeing and reduced from ,6 to A contribut cleaning industry, one, of the mosting membershipc08ts,6.auBtaining complex in the state. The members mem~l'flhip '10 and life memberare as follows: Publie repre.enta- ship $100. The director and Becretives, Dr. I. M. Rubinow,' member tary have Invited the members to of t he State Unemplo~nt Insu1'- forward a list ofindividualB who anee Commission, Cincinnati; Miss are interested in Ohio history and Amy Maher, pl'etlident Toledo Con- archaelogy and who would be help~llmer$' Leagll'e, and 'Mrs. H. hI members ot the organization. Krecker, Athens; employer The-re are believed to be hundreds sentative8, Albert J. Graham, of persOns in Ohio who could rendpresident Ohio. State Asociatioll of er valuable servieeas members of Max Read, Akron, and E. J. Stry- the Society, Dr. H. C. Shetrone, bel Jr..; Cincinnati; employe re- North High Street and Fifteenth pretlentativel, ltfl.. Mary COli don, avenue, Columbus, ii director.






"Hello ......'1 Tbb I. Pw. ...._-tered wtIether _'11 liD t.o . . to: • -w till. ~



'"Y_ CWI . .100011' W.,"Il ban time for u.e- .. Oh, of COW''' :1'00 ~ .II .botat II. - " " CU>d I little ahopPiDa: utd art \MoCk , . eIoce,.ou "'ve PyJOlu. tool You'll. ...w to a:eu. me,. I'm .....u.u.c1 ~ .... Pyroiu oval. It ..... beat coabol. PyJOlu JaM.ved _ ...1< that [ ..."t ' CU>d d i _ tri1l be dGuc to ID7 ~'. _ help ~ abcMIt it \0 peofIe. . . "'" Ia I

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She ha,s more leisure no"" ... with PYROFAX


LITTL.t.: 1\ .\II';I.tCA. AN1·ARC· 't know wuelher It was a do, , 'I'ICA. May ~11 (via' Mackay !ta. doC drl ver that bit blm About d!o)- l think It II about tIme 1 pve tbe wen are wearing full you a re.'p ort on our live Slock. You · beard •. The relt of UI are shaving !thow, we have a varied ae.ortment regularly . I Ihave eveJry 111\1 with . of domestio anlmall here leading oae of Commander NovUle's elec· " tr1e ruOI'l 10 J don't need wa.rm the 'Itrangetlt life that bOUle water. Tbe rest of tbe IIbavera have were ever called upon to lead. And ther are thriving on It. The pen. terrible time getting il n the cook's gu lns. eeall, whalee and skua guile way to melt snow for their ahaving. I bave aU bad the lense to depart for We are In areat need ot a barber. parts unknown. probably the west Cutting eaell other'. b8Jr produeetl cout of South America and various BOIDe startllnc and comical results. We are In need of exercise now DUler, warme. places. No AnaroUc our outside work til nearly over wlnte", ror them! d the atorma, darkn'381 anAl cold Yesterday a tew 01 UII lIad an elab. us trom wandering much orate ceremony In In the opell. Wfi are putting up the cO"lbed. We a punching bag and a couple of leta wetghed the bU')! 0' parallei We ,a lso will do 80me walking Illd , skll ,ng wben lbe You ma, ber that ""eather permit.. Tile doctor II watcblnc our diet very closely. We are lndlng It dlfllcull to lIeeli blooded CO~., .Klondike. oUl'lelvel and our cl'othes clean.· \ bad a bull calf on Tbe popular pastime III Iteallng bot LIRoy Clark of the way through water from AI carbone, our Cam· Cambridge, M .....tbe HOII Sea tee bridge. Mae•. ! cook, bIJlt even ,w hen Our Comml..u)' aDd that we cbrts. w.e 've .tolen It we ha~le to be very Bo.. tenecl b1m 1oereful utnl' It for fear of Budden berl'. WeU, let me teU you that Je&'rhere 11 . a dltrerence of ~ berg now 360 poundl! Ell. aa thlrty-Ilve del~reel til tem· IttrleW ellaperoD II Edpr COlt. Or betWeeD the lower .ana upIII our Ileeli,ing ,quarters. .Lrcade, N. Y., who, tn IoddlUoo to ah' rilling creates a .lltua· belna OUf carpenter, ta allo our cowherd, or cow,b o" or ahepherd. wMoh the man til the upper or whateYer the Utle la tor a man 11 peraptrtDI'. w:l th bla cloth· who playa ,nuraemal4 to a ~oct throwli open, .'hUe the man COW8. Twice a 4a1 CellI: mllkl Klon. II bundle4 un. rr••il1J. When 4111:e and her two 81ltera. I'oro\uult " .. b our cloUl&ll we baven't lIoutb,em GIrl UMl Deerfoo~ .o' w. room to bau¥ tucm Ul) til Ule bunJc NEW PYROFAX PRICE SCALE.Withlhenew1934Pyroi'u: , bay. oodl. ·and oodlea or an. milk bouses. 'J'hey freeze hllstantl1. wben alidiDc price scale, the mOTe B8I you UlIe the lCSl you pay per cylinder. with our mM.a a1l4 In Ouf cooiling. bUIl« III the :It.her buJldtll«s and 1\ You can DOW alfOld to \Pe Pyrofu forHe retI\1Iat.. tbe temperature Of II almo"t IDlP'lllslble to dry them. our cowbarn UDder the IIlO...S. ourSpeakllJl of weathelr, we are hay· ri.. the catUe daU7. reedt tllelll. Inl!: pleDty of Il her&-- Itorm., bUa· beda tJlem dOW1l ud .,.ell alcePI zardll aDd eold SUch ai, t bave never III the barn. H. hal tor other Ileerr .But wbere ,~dmlral 8,1'd In. c:ompaDlou OIU t ...o ca... Snu.· la, It la eyen wone. TIle 10Weit tem· ahoea. ...ho baa ~ t.iIe8 011 . . . perature ...e·ve had haa beell 10 d. toot. &D4 O7elon.. and one ot the CJ'88I belo... lero. The Adm1ra1 hall IlIIqWIDO clop. W. Dcnr ban 11. alread, reported 71 belo.... IUI4 tIae o. " C clop ucl MY. pupa, all ID Pod willter 1. JUlt commenclnl'l coDdlUoD. m&aIt dOC .... t1Jo 1IaIf- J'd IUle to ... a pera4e 01 . . . . pouDd p('rtlou·" .... a dq. of OW' club. l it ...owd .u. ft, pu"- w.....v...... U DCMIDIIa to ,.... n.~' GI thea. If ....... wtrIatat. pi tHeIl_ ..~ Uk, to, JoID uclle.NOelV. . . . . or ........... 0IUr *iJaIL card. bJ, Bolitll Polar CJaaIL ~. _ ddnn tupta. U .tor aDII _ COM'Lnl GAS. SlaVICI _FOR G~~\lSS HOMES trip&. all eo.& or·...... 16'1.....



EVEN' tbouah you don't have ... maina near your home you may atiD have the wonderful advantages of real la.. For PyroCax Service brin&l you lu-in cylinders. PyroCax .gas burna just like recWar pipe.line &'IlL It make& a clean, bot &.me the moment you turn it CD and light a match. No waiting for • fire to come up or burners to ect bot. , And you can now ,get this complete. las lervice Cor abot:lt the same COlt III a stove that uxs old. ordinary rudal ~ You pay $10 ..... hen you order and let con~ent terms on thc · ~ The ' cost of gas ranges va,ries, depeildiDg CD I tile type you select. But all model. caD be paid for in easy inata1laleDta. Tho. las itself it incxperuive to uae. "

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p,JOlu ... Ie delivenod to 70UI IMIaM la qou.. den and imtaIIed '" tbia atbactin catliDet. Yhave'two eyliDden-<me f... !auoedIate __ , 1M other ror ~e. WbeG. _ I. ~, tha 18oerve it turned - . ClOd tlMPwraraa_~ tbe empty with • fI1U cylimdaw. You ..... _ _ act .... rOC' Pyroru a.Yb1a .........

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TRY OU R CLASSIFIED COLUMNS Mn. Margaret Johnll, Mrs. Mar, .', \\ sundll)' .JUTlI' 10. LrllchFOR RESULTS garet Hadley and MI'. Arline IoUI·1t 'I ill play thl' It'rchnnt. on 1" uI' !:l'Hlntl~ allli thi8 is all" ball Mnl. Therle. Jones IIpent Thurs· Jonel! and on and Miss ---.-- _~ g'111111' that you ~~t>uld not mi, ~ as da"I in Dayto\l , G ra h am spen t Mon day of last White Ro....- Power beMrs. Morrffi Wharton, of Leb- week in Dayt.on. (C'ontinued from Pare 1) lIlt' Iltlll',j Jhll111\lId, \\"h\l Was with Ihe l'hilad lrhin Athll\tic~ will lio anon, spent last week at the 'home Mesus. Robert BUI'nett and hind the line: tlw Int,'hill': lor LYIlChhlll·.. .... and Ill' , 'Is IInd"t· a tly all.1 l"u~ r can of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wharton. alvin Longacre r turned from 1 1'J'~·pnl"ati{)nK 1I1'l' going ati lid Additionul hOIlOl';: have been ~"\11l1 tlW runJl£'I' 1'(. 11 I·t'll 111111 It'' hr 'I ill pl'ohnbly 1M' out flll' blood MI·s. Ruth Weir and on James, Delll'born, Mich., Saturday, where ~----------------------­ L t 1 k . k for the open in'" ('If a new motion attained by IIludents of Wayne ~ I1\ I" t "" 1t' mil C'. 1\ qUI ('r )"t•• a:\ oUI' lwys ('ILused him to r('liI' pidul" of Detroit, are making an extend. they ha,'c be 'n employed f01' a lhealer in Wayne~ville town~hip Hc hools. according to Lad i..' Dre ..... 7 0 c I" .. n ,I 11 Il' I"' 11 ( 1"'111 th ~ tlU tft l'11I frrlm the box when lht'.Y nwt at with all till kie ant.! ' 0 un d programs wOl'd received thi. wee~k by 'uper I.'d visit nt the home of Mr. and number of week, laying 1I00r at M.,,·. Suits 6Sc I 'Inn anx am3 t eur P 1uy 'I' I hIl I 1 l,ynt·hhul'R". Sn1ilh~on will unirs. William Bergdall. th Ford Mu eum. inll'ndcnl J. W. Lotz. hovt! nolit' ~ foJ' n Ion\!: ti~l('. d,;ubtl'dly lIT v ry hard to n1ll.k nbout June 16th. Quick-fo r q u ality d ..,.cleaDiDI Mr. Imd Mrs. J. W. Kerchner Mr. and MI'S. H l'bert Meredith Mr. Lotz haR just Ibeen given 1.1 ,llInJ!' l' 111I·I>UI')' hO\H'\'~r tnt (I thi.' 1!U11l0 1111 01h,')" victory f or th Thi nl'W" lheiltci' in th/O FOI'II and family and Mr. and Mrs. and fnmily, Mr. and Mrs. Law· , 1'hOOlI1 S /l 1i ill R\JndIlY' ,l!UtlH! :lnd Merchunts n~ Smilh80n broth ,' i building \dll b opet"at d by D. D. the informillion that in th(' sLate Duke 'I'rickey and family. of Day- rence Brown and family and Mr. \\ f elll that hI' pln,ct! n v rr mllnagel' of the L~'llehburg lellhl flnd '. W, Brakefield ~nd will be lunk\Jlg;:; of tlldents in the vari· lon, were din her gu sts on Decora and Mrs. Clarence Edward!; and (' ... ·dillll.ll. J:(anw. WI' h.t Ii H' ihnt 11 in Ill! thl ganll' houlrl b~ known the Twins Thl.'lltCI:, A ous s holuJ"ship te t9 held during Lion Day, of Mr. and Mrs. Louis tnmily of near Waynesville were CLI:~NE~S local he hall 1\ ch!lllc" of t.1l"mg care (\f 'worth comin!! to s . simi1al' hOll. e i8 opemted by the the pa t : chool year, th .. - ... f<chools have Iour 'DlI t tanuing Trickey and !\f1·S. Alice Miller lind evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ih:' . (>CO l1tI lin. l' l' ol',it i(ln al(ln~$ial' I BrlLket1elds in SAbinu. Ohio. son. Harold Whitaker on Wednesday M Lau re I. Hnd \I Hh H Ii ltle rln~'- , W Y ' E 'VI LE MER H T IC Bt'st piclur I! will be offered slud nts l'eceiving special mention Frank Rogers has purchased a of last week. These al'e Roy E. rockett. inP.' tOA'ethc]' thi~ hould mnk(' n AB R H PO A E Wayn sville patron at the theater mdwich shop and filling station Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hu'l1t rt!ceiv. Eigh th gmde . ta te test; .B tty II. tty f ll"( l'olllbinat il1 n Ill'ountl Mendy, rf . :l 1 1 1 0 0 \"hich is undergoing complete re· on the Dixie Highway near West ed an announcement from the th k 'y. tonI' HICk. , Lnur en ~, l'S I t) 1 2 I 2 tleco)";lltion at this tim . The best H,u·t ~oc k. English 'I; Jane ook, A4exandria, and' took possession College of ,Medicine, of the UniI.l\n" u!'-k Ilny 011<' If P,·('k can ."\: ('Ucr, cf .1 0 1 1 0 sound quipm nt is being installed English X; and Glenna Woollard ' Monday. Mr,. and Mrs. Charles versity of Tennessee, at Memphis, 4. 1 3 12 0 ~ under th dir etion of D. D. Brake En~li8h IX. ,'ma k that ball, ome out und SI! 1'(' 'k . Ib of the eonfel'l'ing of the Degl'ee of fild, of 'abi na, who i a man of In the district scholluship tesls Pennewit will assist him. l\fr. and M,ra. Glenn Johns, son Doctor of Medicine upon II gra~_ _~~~!!!"!'!!~~~~~!!'!!! Tholllp. on. 2b .. 0 0 2 4 ~ wid cxpcrien in thi field hav- h Id la t spl'i ng at Miami univerand daugbter, took dinner with duating claa of thirty, on June , -Whlte- Rose, the' depen. 1 SII~i~~I~~nr,' pC ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 ing serv d for 16 yellr IlS operatnl' sity, Oxford, Wayne township and ell'vic man in som of the .tudentR carl'ied off sill:nal honors, Mrs.' Margaret Johns on Wednes- 11. Their son Morlston T. Hunt, is .a member of this class and ha dab Ie Gasoline'. 1:rc:ad w a y , 3b .. 2 0 0 0 2 0 IS1'g r theat 1'. of Dayton and in that out o( 47 outstan<ling day of last week. Messrs Clyde Wharton, Allen a position awaiting him. Friend • • bIll" If 3 1 1 2 0 0 othe cities. ~t udents from Warren county the New seat .at'C be ing in taliI'd local chools pl'ovided more than F:ml'ick and 'Wendell Salisbury here are pleased to learn o'f Dr . . Phone No. 19 made Il business trip to Springfield Bunt's success. ' ,.._ _- - - - - - - - " - . . Totals :U 3 27 20 3 while the int.erior of the llOus is half of this number. Monday. heing give n a new coat of paint.. A number of members and BA UB. While the wl'ekly programs have ANNUAL MEETING friend of the .Ladies' Aid enjoyed AB ~ H PO A E not been determined it has b en t he annual picnic Wednesday, I) 1 0 1 0 0 J'ec iued to make a charge of 10 The annual meeting of the lot hold at Roser park near Ridgeville 4 0 2 0 0 0 cents for all patrons. ownel'S of Miami Cemetery AsMrs. Jess Harris. who l'eC4!ntly .. 1 0 0 0 0 0 Pear] Fannon. of abina. will be sociation will be held i111 the hapel underwent an opera'tion at Blair's th)" '5 2 1 3 0 101'111 mannge l' in charge of lhe Grave J Wh e1"t' on Monday, June 11. at 2 p. m, 110 pital, Lebanon, is not so weU 5 0 2 II 1 0 Twins theatel:. victory? A iull attendance is desired. at this time, but hopes to come .3 0 0 1 0 0 . W. Brake'field, is a widely Death! Wh ere i~ thy home soon• . a 0 0 0 1 0 known business man of X nia, sting? NOTICE Mr. and Mrs. J . B. Jones Mr •. and 1 0 0 t O O being connected with the itizens Pope Mr . Therle Jones and son attend" 1 1 0 0 0 National bank of that city. Crown Lodge 538 Kn ights of ed the commencement at Centera 0 0 9 1 0 Pythias will decorate iJhe gl'av~s of ville Saturday evening, The latA stea-dfa t. faith r(!'deceased members Su nday morn· ter's bl'other, Herman Nutt was ~ ~ ~ _~ 13 ~ move. much of the sorro\\' ing June 10. All member are 1' 1" one of the graduates. 38 2 9 24 19 o of parlin'g, by teaching Mrs. ]\{ary Boitnott. Mr. and (tu sted tomcct lit hall lit 9 that death is only a tranMrs. Frank Brown and Cri 15 Boito clock and bring !\owerll. 1234-667891933 'D ODGE 'SEDAN nott, of Tippeeanoe City, were M rchllnt .. 2000 1 000 x-, 3 sition to II better xiHere is a fi sh slol'Y for "ocal week-end guests of Mr. and Mn. Cuba Cubs .. 010000001- 2 EASTERN SlfAR 1933 CHEVROLET MASTER COACH t nee. It i our ta k to un~lers to shoot at. Guy Routzahn and daughter. . Bases on Ball --off mith on 2, nlake the . la!\t rite synlcc()rding to a letter received Miss Eva Wharton spent last Miami hapter No. 107 O. E. t 933 CHEVROLET DELUX COUPE 011' orey 2. by Dr. J. E. Witham from Holmes balk of thi (aith, a leave· week with her uncle and aunt, Mr. , will meet in reg-cllat' ession Home Run atterthwaite 1. Stoops, of an Wert, neph ew of and Mrs. Arthur Greathouse and taking made serene by 1933 CHEVROLET STANDARD COACK Three Base Hits atterthwoite Mrs. Witham, Mr. toops gave th'e Monday evening, June, 11, at 7:30 sons in Dayton. the as urance of a future Visiting members welcome. I, Ellis 1, Carey 1. natives of the lndian I'iver country The Children's Day exercises Edna Harts()ck, W. M. 1932 CHEVROLET DELUX COUPE reunion_ Two Base Hlt.s--Camp 1. In northern Michigan som thing to will be held in connection with Minnie Fronnm, Sec'y. Wild Pitchell-Carey i.. talk about. . the Sunday School · and Church ...... - - 1933 CHEVROLET SEDAN truck Out- by mithson 8, by On a recent Ii hing trip into thot service Sunday morning. AUXILIARY TO MEET care, 9. territory Mr. toops land d a 27E~ Mrs. Mabel Dinwiddie, or Day1932 PONTIAC COUPE Left on Bases - W aynesvill~ 6, pound muskegon after a bottle ton and Miss Sarah Burnet, ot . . Phone 7 Cuba Cubs 11. lasting more than 16 minutes. The Th Woman's Auxiliary of St. Ea t Palestine, Ohio, were Sunday 1931 OLDSMOBILE DELUX COUPE Earn Runs - W'a ynesville 3, fish, nearly 50 inches long, estab- Mal'Y's Church will meet on Fri- afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wayn esville, Oh io uba.. Cubs l. Hshed a new Te ord for that vicin- day afternoon. Jun'~ 8. at two Harvey Burnet. 1931 CHEVROLET SPORT COUPE Time of Game-I hour, 63 min, ity. Pietur~ were taken of th o'clock at the home Clf MI'!!. L. H. Misses Mary Young, Cleo Hawke , ____ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ Umpil'es--Craig and Prendergast. catch and apP!!1lt'ed in newspaper Gordon. and Bernice Graham were dinner 1931 CHEVROLET COACH in Mr. the vicinity. Tbi ofmeeting the guests Sunday evening, of MiMes i Stoops is the son of Mr. nature a dollar will soeial,Mto in replen· th and Helen Early. 1930 CHEVROLET SPORT COUPE and Mrs. James Stoops former ish the treasury of the Guild. A Mr. and Mrs. W alter Kenric'k Waynesville residents. ' full attendance is desired. and James Haines, il1 company 1930 CHEVROLET BUSINESS COUPE with Mr. and Mrs. Ha.fold Binegar of Springfield. atten ded a birthday 1929 ESSEX SEDAN dinner Sunday in honor of Mr, C, Ml s Martha Elizabeth Jo.y died R. Binegar at his home in James1928 FORD SPORT COUPE town. at hel' home on Third treet, SunA very large crowd attended tbe Wedne day ufternoon, June 5, day, June a. he Will" bOl'n near Keystone talking movie Friday Waynesville, the daughter of Benthe W. F. M. S. met at the home jamin and Angeline J oy, July 29, evening sponsored by Everett of Mrs. HaT~ Williamson with 1858. She is survi'ved by one Early of Lytle elevator. ' Due to the extrenle heat tbe show was Mrs. G. D. 1\11115 and Mr . L. V. nephew, narles P. Joy .and one given in the open Mar t he fjlon.Sif<t(>l'-in-law, Mrs. Gordon Joy_ tOT. A number of prizes- were ThQ !unu'al se vice was held LEBANON, OHIO TJle meeting ovened by singing WednesdllY afternon at the Me- given to the lucky winners whose "Blc. ed A Burance." ture Funeral Home . Mrs. Ruth ' Mrs. Archdeacon conducted the Munay officiated and Rev. G. C. devotional ervice, hG.r tcYpic being Dibert assi. ted . Burial was made White Rose, the depenin Miami cemetery. dable Gasoline. "The Life Was the Light."

Cubo I. DeFeated B~... Merchants 3 •2

I him tlo it.


118mea were drawn.







'- 1

- - - - - -

A Symbol of Faith

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---- - - --Death

Interefting Meeting


&fck Of the Wheel..;

·the Man Back of the Man,


After a short bu!!iness ses. ion the fol1ow~ng ' program ,prepared by Mrs. Wilbur Clark was gl'eatly enjoyed by all: Duel, "Flower S()lIg." Mary Eva LeMay and Doris Beck; )·ead· ing, "Ant's Wings" Hnd "Mayon. aiss~" Mrs. Martha Hough; "The Canaidate, Prepal"ntioJl and Ac· ceptance," Mrs. L. V. Beck; "Aitel' Many Yeat·s," Mr' . Ken· neth Hough; duet. Mal'Y Eva Le· May and DOI'is BecK; reading, "The Three Fold Furlough," Mrs. J. W. 'Wbite; duet. "End of the Cobble to~e Road," Mary Eva Le May and Doris Beck, The , meeting adjourned to meet with Mrs. Maw CroSlS in July.


Late Classifi'ed Ads.


.. -----

Within 17 months farmers in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky have oppliE!d to the Federa l Land Bank at Louisville for 86,999 .loans aggre@:ating $304.,00(1,000, accol'ding to Col. Frank D. Rash, pl·esident.




Hot ,..cI."8_' ~~~.


Miss Eva Brittain 'visited friends at Bellefontaine, on. Su nday. Mr. Paul Bell, of Toledo, is a ~uest this w-eek of J I)hn T urner, at

tbe nome of Mr. and Mrs. Hatvey Sackett and family.

WANTEJ) --------------~----

An opel'atlon for t he removal of tonsils was llerform~!d in the offi ce of Dr. E. F . Deppe Thursda y morn ing on Earl Moran who is recovering satisfactorily. Ib-. DepPe was as ist.e d by Dr. HarloM A. Ray, of ·j7 Xenia.

- - - -- - NOT ICE The Ames' Poultry an d Egg Market has been moved ' to the Barnhal't' property on Bar nhart hill, Phone 48R2, •

' =:======~==~========~====================-

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E very successful industry depends upon three essential factors:-Men, M aterials and Power.

It is the personalized interest our compa~y takes in its industrial and domestic customers tlult mak~ possible a cont inuous, reliable service. We always are prepared for tltiJ maximum dernIInC1 01 induatry or 01 the residential uaer 01 electric current. It is our business to satisfy our cuatbmen.

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BATTERIES P~e4 he... II a proftlometer The devlee rerbtert an I1UIkoI achille' which II belD, uaed b, or raised spot. which III&~ tIM ~. state hlJb....y department &0 pavement. It disco,," bam,. oj . 1heck up on cOntractors In deter. only 8-18 of an lacla III ~ 01 deptb on concrete .ncl !4 of •• ..tal......hether road eODst ructlon I i ncb on brick aDei bltlllllhlou au ..... apeel6cationl concernln. faceL aJIIIIIMtrJ of road aortae.. I Althou,lI bat 0•• protno_ " '1'IIe pI'OllOlDetI~ machine II at. ' uled b, til, bilhwa, . . , . . . . :MIhed U 1M aide of a bittllway at preeellt, 1&II to 0Dt ta. . . DoW'll in the in u.. 10 .... ctVel' th. tbDqll"~itl"J."








A_Val... I'or U.M.."

T h e Qu a lity T ire With ... T h" R etlcb Of






Eighty-Sixtb Year




Merc ..... t.



at Bellm .... t

CHILDREN'S DAY AT CRANCE MAn Thrill" R.."oJwer in Her Fa ••


Merchanh to M_t" BellmoDt

Whole Number 6122


and Tak .. .$15 hom Ilturd~)'

Sunday, June ]0 being the 26th wedding anniversary ot Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Simth, Beveral friends s urprised them by dropping in to help ,*lebrate their silver anniver ary, The visitors were Mrs. Rose A. Haymie and Mis! Mabel Smith of Columbus, Mr. F " H. Gray and eon Herbert, of New Vienna and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Al'chdeacon, of Dayton. Mr. alid Mrs. Smith were the recipients of several nice presents in silver and the day was happily spent.

night, June 16, th annual children'!! program will be given at the local Grange meet · ing. Mrs. Ella ook. matron of juv nile grange will have entire charge vf this lectur hour after which Mrs. Warren ' Braddock will tak chot'ge of th usual treat which is alwnys provided on this occasion.


Miss D01'is Hawke reporta that The Waynel\ville Merchants adon Tuesday about nooll as s he Wal' d d another win to their st'l'ing of sealed in her cnl', parked on Eaatvictories making the total six, by ern Avenue in Chillicothe, a man defeating Lynchbul'g on the home grounds by a score of 6 to 4 in a appl'oached the car and asked for very fast played game. The time ten cents with which to buy someof the 'g ame was only 1 ho'Ur and thing to eat. 27 minutes. Dumford, the exAcc rding to Mi s Hawke's 1'8athletic pitcher, waB not with POI't as sh e op ned her purse to Lynchburg as we are told that he Is now getting a try with the Cingive him the money, the man cinnati Reds. We sincerely wish thr ust a revolver in her face and that he makes the grade. took $16 from her pUl'se. We were disappointed because The mnn dellcrib d as about six our own pitcher Smithson c o u l d ' " feet tall and looking disheveled, fERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST not be on hand. It was either work fled out Ealltern Avenue in a Ford at his job or loose it and of course Tudor, driven by a second man. he could not alfol'd to lose hiB job Police and the sheriff's offiee were to pitch thill game. Manager Salis" (UndenominatioDal) bury advises, that he will be. on Chester A. Williamson called and highway patrolmen Sunday serv ice ~i11 be held in were notified about 20 minutes hand lIext Sunday. The boys got by very well however. back of Mrs. Morris Silver was hostess union with other thurches of after the hold-up, Jacobus' pitching, He did very well to 80 members of the Friendship hrist of Xenia Area at the Xenia especially in the pinches. club of the M. E. church, on Fairgrounds. Bible School' at 10 BUNNELL- LONG . T~e Merchantil atarted the scar. Wednesday afternoon. u. m. Morning sermon at 11. I~g 10 th? fourth when Hart1lock The meeting was opened with a Afte rnoon program: Lord's Supthe per and se rmon at 2 :30. Charles slRgled W1th two down and prom. hymn, the club motto an ptly scored on Laurens' triple. Lord's PTByer. Carter, mini tel'. olumbin, Ave., The wedding of Miss llildred Laurena scored a moment . . hurch, Cincinnati will speak both Louise Long, daughter of Mr. and later when third baseman ' Mc- . During the regular busmess se8morning and aHel'llOon . Come and Ml'. Clyde Long of Whipp Road L. B. Ha.1l ,~ead a. letter enjoy a · • pirituaJ fea t with us. and George Latone Bunnell, Ion Laughlin missed the throw in an slon attempt to get Laurens as he was :from Little H.argle, a. child for You are always welcome at this of Mrs. Chauncey Bunnell and the coming into third. The Merchants,who~ the club IS promotang an ed· churCh. late Chauncey Bunnell of Waynn 0 added three more in the flfth ueatlon. ville, waa solem nilled at 1 :80 Treadway led oft with a aingle: The program cOllsisted of variST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH o'clock, Wedne day morning, June Jacobul fanned. Mendenhall tripl. OUB aongs by the club, stunts and 6th, at the David'! Reformed ed leo ring Treadway. Thomplon membe1'll readinr favorite poems. Fathel' Newton, Pastor Church , Lebanon Pike. was sale on C. Pfeiaters bad throw During the social hour delieious TIME FOR PAYING Mass at st. Augustine's Church The Reverand M. P. Sehoepfte, to Ant and Mendenhall scored on refreshments were aerved. The every second and fourth Sunday of the David's church per· the same play. Thompson was ceu. committee in of tbe meetTAXES E:x1ENDED oJ the month. the ceremony. ght oft first making the aecond out ing wu compoaed of Mrs. Mark The attendants weT!! tbe Misses M. Weller walked, scored on Sat- Rogers, Mrs. James Lovely, Mrs. Time fOI' payment of June taxes FRIENDS MEETING Hilda Long, sister of the bride, terthwaites double and Hartsock ~ame Hatfield, Mrs. Morris Fulwithout the penalty hlU been ellFirst-day School at 9 :30 a. m. and MarjDrie Puco and Mesan. filled to center. No more scoring kerson and Mn. L. B. Hall. tend~d to July 20. Meeting fol' Wo rship at 10 :30 Bunnell and Kermit Lonr for the merchants. E. B. Ml[JRRELL, ushers wel'e Messrs. Roland Lynehburc did not-staTt seoring OBITUARY Treosul'er of Wal'lren County. and Hugh Lawson. until the sixth When Newton IfOt __- - WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHU bride wote a gown of wbite on ftnt on a fielders choice. Con. At h ' M' R' V Oft . . 't' Miss Alice Gons spent the week Rev. G. C, Dibert, Pastor organdie with a veil caught with over ainrled and both men acored tel' mont s of failing health, I Ita an en I VISI lI'18 blossoms and carried white on McLaughlin" single. Ag-ain in weeks of painful unrest and long friend s at Dayton this. week. ~:rie~~~ Mi s FI'ances Hall, at Friday: Choir practice at 8 orangeMiss Hilda Long a8 maid ot the seventh Smithson \1iRnt to sec. dreary days and lIirhts between m. 01' wore a gown ot pink orranond on Lauren's wild thl'oW to life and death, the weary sufterer, Mr. and Mn. A. O. GI'iffy and lee cream ocial at Mt. Holly Saturday: 'l'be Little Light Bear with blue accessories and carfirst, to third on C Pfels"an B,'n- Mary Woollard, daughter of Henry son, Vincent. vis ited friends at F 'd . L d ers will meet at the church at 2 p. pink roses. Mia. Marj'orie Pa... .... and Rachel Wha t W II d CincinnAti, on Saturday. tl ay evenmg. a ies Aid Sp· m "" gle Bnd both scored when Archer r on 00 ar , ciety of the M. E. C h u r c h . ' co wore a gown of blue orpndie tripled. Archer was left 8tranded ThurBdaY morning, Mr. and Ml'II. Myer Hyman and Sunday: Sunday school at 9 :30 with pink accessories and carried on third and Lynchburg could ayth.'" d S'"d' aged 60 years 7 $on. Bobbie, visited relatives at The Womunls Auxilliary 9£ St, Mr. and Ml's. L. H. Gordon were ad' FathehT's Dhoy wtillSbedobservd- pink roses. aY8. . d Mary,'s Church met on Ft'iday Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. e III our cure nex un ay an M:t;s. Schoepfie, organist, Mr. score ,no more. mon II an aft l'n<lon, June 8, at Ithe home of B. Murrell, at LebaJlon. the fathers will have ~ntire charge Clark Haines, 80loist and Mig Even without the rerular pitch- .When '!.uite y~ung she united Jamestown on Sun ay. • erll this was a splendid ball game WIth the Christum Church .at Several membe'r s from here at- Mrs. L. H. Gordon. of the 'Sunday school. Mornini Katherine Routsong, '\'ioUlIlat furand any town should be Pl'oud of ~ubington C. H. during the mm. tended 0, E. S. IlI,pection lit WilMrs. Anna Cadwa!l1ader (tonMrs. Chester Garbutt. of Can- worship at 10 :40. Epworth Lea- nished the nuptial music which inthe cla68 of baseball that the Mer- lltry 01 the late R.ev. Boden. She mington on Monday evening. • ducted the devotioliial service. ton, Ohio, was the guest of her gue at 7 p, In. Evangelistic sef- eluded, Oh Perfect Love and At chants are playing this year wall an eunest and consistent ' Quotations from Scripture were aunt, Mrs. W. B . Allell , last weelr vice at 8 p. m. Dawning. Next S,u nday. June 17 th~ Mer- christian all her Iif:e. Mrs. W. N. Newland, of Chi- given in respOD e to roll call. • Wednesday : On ,Wednesday of Following the ceremony an inctt.ants are booked to play the BellAlways of II delicate constitution cago, is visiting her brothel-inAite,· the close of bu si ness the Mt. and Mrs. R· 'y Hawke and next week the Ladie's Aid Society tormal 'leception was held at the m~nt Mercbants at Bellmont. ah&, enjoyed little, if any, health. law a.nd sister, 1\11'. and Mr • W. program was taken UJI as follows: familY, of Dayton, w~re guests of will meet at 2 p. m. Bible study Long home. Neither ?f these teams have been A lew weeka ago thete was a H. Allen. i Piano Solo, Mrs. John Gons. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hawke on Sun- and prayer meeting at 7 :30 p. Jll. The bride is a graduate of Cenbeaten slllee the regular pmel decided failing of strencth, ~e Reading fr om the study book. day. I High school add the Da,· were started and this Bbould be grew wone rapidl)' until the frail The regular meeting of the "The Never Failing Light,t' Mrs Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Barden. of WAYNESVILLE CHURCH Junior Tenchers' CoUere and one of the clauy pmell of the body could no longer withstand Farmer's club was held at the Will Scanlan, Miss Clara Lile. Columbus, are spending thi!! week CHRIST has taught at Cellterville tor the Beason. Our managt!r states that the lavaces of diaeaae and the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Brans· Missionary Notes by Eigbt Mem- with Mrs. Ruth Janney and Miss (Undenominational) last four years. The poom is a Smithson wiU be on to do Iweary soul drifted into the Bleep of trator today. berB, piano Ml1B. John Gons Luella. Chester A. Williamson. MinUter graduate of WayneSVille High the hurling and it sure wjU be an death, from which she will awaken Mr, Mary Hugg, of Detroit, Report of the Annuali Meeting at Church School. at 9:30 a. m. School, t he Warun County Noreycfull to see these &'Ood teams I nO more until the resurrection Mich., returned boole on Monday Dayton, Mrs. C. R. Frazier. Mr. Bryan Prendergast and Lord's Supper at conclusion, school and eolle.. hook up. mornina,when her body "sown In after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J,. Delicious refre hl'11ents were family, of Cincinanti, were week- Everybody who possibly can is and is at present 8 member of tbe weakneaa" shall come forth in all L. Menden'ball. served during the' soeiial hour. Mrs end gueats of Mr. Jesse and Miss urged to leave immediately after faculty at Centerville Hlih schoo1. WAYNESVILLE IlERCBANTS the beauty of immortality. E. B. Merrell, of ~banon, Mrs. Catherine Prendergast. the morning Silrvice f~r Xenia Following the reception. the briMiss Julia and Mr. Ru sel Brown Mr. John Gons. and Miss O1a Fairgrounds, wher Chl)fches of day ~oupl~ l~ft b~ motolt for an AB R B PO A B "Oh, wby ahould memory, veiled of Centerville, called OD the Mis es Hartsock were guests of the after I Don't torget the big Mid-Sum- Xenia A rea are observing their eastern trip mcJudmg Wallbinjfton Mendy, rf .... .... 4 1 1 1 0 0 with eloom , Annie and Marne Brown, on noon. . ,mer Clearance sale that started at annual "Fellow$hip Day." After- D. C. . . r- -- - Hyman's store this ·morning. Come noon sel'vices at the Fairgrounds The bride wo~ for travehne a Thompson, 2b .. 4 0 1 2 2 0 And llke a sorrowing moutner Sunday afternoon. M. Weller, c '." 2 1 .() 10 0 0 craped, and see for yourself the wonder- will bAD'in at 2 :30. Christian En· sma.rt ensemble 01 brown and Peck" Ib ........ 4 0 1 9 1 1 Sit weepin•... 0 e"• a.n empty tomb Mr. Arnold Linton and eat l ful ,bargains being offered there. deavor-..M-6-:46 p. m· James Arthur whI t e. I and Mrs. I d d . . 'ro Cathel'·ne J d 'd Mr. and Mrs. James Beirne and leader. Evening evangelistic serHartsock, . If ,... 8 1 1 1 1 0 WhOle capU,e has escaped' fami y, of C evelan , were Sun 80y U pan th ell' r t urn th e,Y WIIJ b e lI I ~ aurens, 8lJ .... j 1 r 3 2 1 . a ft ernoon gue~,t S 0 f Mr. an d Mr. 1 or an WI ow d b' at hom.e with the gl'oom II mother L B. Weller, cf, ..2 0 0 1 1 0 Tbe joy. we lOSe are but foreCast, Samuel Butterworth. of th~ lat J oh J 'd ' d' d t ' aughter, of Cincinnati, \Vere .viee , at 7 :45. Sermon u Jact, ' Ellia, ef ..... .. ...1 0 0 0 1 0 ADd we ahall ftnd them all once h h e n 01; an, Ie. a guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. "What a the Devil T eaches." Prayer for th.e summer. Add'e S 'th meetin and Bible sludy each Mr. and Mrs. Hemlan Surf,ace, ~r orne near Wellman, Friday Anderson and M, CHARLE'ION REUNION Treadway, 2b .. 8 1 1 0 2 0 1II0re, mght. rs. I ml, .. Jacobus, p ...... 8 0 0' 0 10 0 We look'Ibehind u. for the past, of Middletown and Mr. and Mrs. M Jo d bl ' . T' on Sunday. Wednesday 7 :45 The George Hartsock visited relatives IS. r an was )m m \ppechurch whereat you m. home, Relatives of the Charleton famat Piqua, on Sunday. rary, Ireland, June 4, 1860 and Mrs. 1\Iary Hopkin s and son, _ _ _ _ _ _ B I1t ,I 0, t. an before.'" ST. MARY'S CHURCH ily gathered ~t the hOflle of lb. Totalll ... ." .. 80 6 6 27 20 2 She leaves to mourn their losa was brought to t~is country by Kenneth Hopkins and faJllily, of nov,. J. J, Schaefter. Rector and Mrs. Samuel Charleton &lid one brother, her twin lister, Mn. The Happy Hour club met at her parents, Patrlck and Ellen Dayton, were dinner guests 01 Mr Frank Miller and her Aunt Mary the home of Mra. Earl Hockett on Foley, when sbe was four years I and Mrs. J. C. Hawke, Tuesday, Third Sunday sfte,' Trinity Mr. and Mrs. Ch.nles Harvey oa LYNCHBURG June 17.' Church school at 9:30; Route 73 unday, June 10. Thia Wharton, who miniatered ao ten- Tuesday afternoon. A number bf old. evening. Moming Pra,y I' and 'sermon at day al80 being the 87th birtladay ~ m,rly and faithfully to their loved c.h ildren were present and gave a he leaves to mOllrn their loss AB R HPO A 2u d b Chi'dren'. Day pro"'-m. seven sons, two daughters' tw~ Ml'II. J. S. Filer and daughters, 10 :30. of the elder Mr. 'Ch.rll!toll, Cbaa. Archer, a. ...... , 0 2 8 o 0 one .-' M'18S B erth a an d MrS. J. S. H art· 1~ arin, h f er tUne.. and death;' brothers, one sister and several _ __ _ _ _ Sr. a bounteous bubt clJaner Newton, of ,..... 4 l O S 1 0 a ..o a ost 0 relatives and frienda M1s~1I Albert A. and Louie Elam g rand j:hjldren: •, sock, spent last Monday with Mrs, was enjoyed at the noon Jaoar. ' Conover, c :..... 4 1 4 ' 7 21 The funeral servic,a Was held at Flier's sister, Mrs. <;. C. Sparks M I'. Harvey 'Elam and ,two nephT/ler.were 57 present, DUlely: H'eLaug'n, 8b · ' 0 ' 1 ., 1 0 Carll of T..... eWII, of Xenia. called · on Mr. . and St. Augustine ohurch Monday and son, WUliam, at Latonia, Ky. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Fdermood and Penquit, Ib .... 4 0 1 10 o 0 The family wIIhes to expreaa Mrs. Jo!!iah Davis, Sunday after- mOl'ning, Father Newton, offlciatMrs. Anna Cadwallader, Misses family of Beavertown; IIr. CharWlUiama, If .... 2 0 0 0 Mame Brown and Clara Lile aclei Charleton ST. and Hr. and Mn. o «) rratltade to their friend. and noon. ing. Bu~r, If .. .... .. 2 , 0 0 0 Miss Thelma St. Jobn accornGIRL SCOUT NEWS companied Rev. and Mrll. J. J. Emmett E)~roth and Hi-· Loui .. Smltblon, lIb .. C 1 .0 e 1 olnl'lriliboll'l -.tho 10 kindly aaajsted . d Mr, an d..... Sch aeuer .. t 0 C·· A Children's Day program was Charleton of Lebanon, - Mr. ud .... rs. K enne.~h St. .lDcmna t'I, S un day in any wa" and alao to panle J. Pfeiater, r f ' 0 0 1 o 0 Oll The Girl Scouts on Tuellday called at the 01 Mrs. Frank Charleton anelfamll, C. ptel.ter,' p .. 4 1 1 0 9 1 thOle who have shown Iympathy In John to their aad be....vement. after spen 1I1g tree wee s th \ afternoon J e 2 PI orne 0 av. arle8 Reed. of Franklin. Mr, and M.n. W. 1. them at Hubbard Ohio. ' un . . ans 'Were , . . The first number wall a reading, ' m a d e to paint the I!halls on , the Mr. and Mrs. George Hartsock by Bobby Lee Drake. Charleton and family alld Leete. Totala .. " .... " 86 , 9. 24· 16 2 JJUeI on b.u.:-:.otr Co PI"'r 2. • . •• .. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Filer, Mr. upper ft?or of the c:lub houle. It and Mr. ' and Mrs. Herman Surface The 'following Japanese program Starkey of Morrow; Mr. and lin Two Due Hlta--ftom.,.. I, Bnd 1\11'11. J. L. Hartaock and the deCIded fortheSwastikapatro\ will leave this afternoon on a was given by 23 little folks: Charleton , and hmUy of Satterthwaite 1, CotlO'f'el' I. Misscs Eileen and Lois Cornell, of wll1 hold a ,sale on June 16 at the motor trip to Loudoun COUDty, Greeting, song, by all; Scripture Cincinnati; Mrs. Alvaretta DdJ , Three Bue Hits--Lau.rlnl 1, Dayton, attended a ",'edl1il\g on :township nouse, at o'clock. Iva." to visit )frs: Hartsock'lI Les80n by 5 boys; Prayer, Jimmy 'a nd son, Mr. and M1'8. Howatd Mendenball 1, Archer 1. The W. C. T. U. met at the Thunday evening in Cincinnati. June 11. Is planned for brother-in-law and 8ister, Mr. and Hartsock i The Cherry Blossom Fairchild and son o:f Dayton; otara Double Plays.-B. Wener to Sat- home o"lIra. 1. L. MendenhaU on ..... ..: M Fil d d hte pover-mght hike j,n Swut- Mrs. Rice Sllapp.. song, girls; Lantern Parade; Sewell -of ClaTksvilJe; 'M r. and , terthwalte, lIartlOck to Thomp- Thllnda, aftamoon, JI1D8' 7. ' mI'. w. . er aug r, Ika atrol. On the f,)lIowmg Wed. Three Jap!\nese Monkeys and Mrs. Harold Harlie and famD, of The tin called rd IIi.. Lena, of CynthIana, KY·"Mr. ne~day the ' couts alre to go on a Mrs. J. S. Filer 01 Ferry WIth American Girl' A talk about Middletown; Emerr Charl.toa of Ea~-:;d Runs--Wayn_vUle lIer. b the m::'id!:-~t1on!~a 0 eer R. L. FIl,:r, of Paris Ky., and Mr. field bunt. Mr. Davison" Biology Iher daughte~, Mrs. J. S. Hart!!ock. Japan. Minister ~nd , boYt; WhIat Lytle; Samuel Charleton. AlYa Plln. 'llarr Croaa andw,:i- Sidney FlIer, of Dayton, ,,:,ere re- teacher at Holbrook collere, is ex- of Waynesville, s,?en.t co."me~ce- ling Sol-o, Buddy Filer; "Jesus Charleton; Mr. and lin. ~.. ,chants 3, Lync:bburc s. Struck Out--C. Pfelater 6, laeob til Lord' cent guelt. of Mr. J. S. Filer and pected to accompany the rirls and men~ week at Clncl~nati Bible Loves Me to in English and Japan· Haney and eon, IIr. aM lin. , I a pl'Qer. Mrs. Filer, at Ferry. H. E. Cunningham, pre8ident of S~mmary where. Mls~ Bertba eae; "We 'Thank You," 2 J Charlea CharietoD aad eIIiWnn. bf~I:~ Baa__Merchant. Flower lIi..ion DaJ' w.. 0&Larrick that col~ge is also to be preaent I FlIer graduated. WIth high honors girls and 1 American; tableau. II_I Fnda and RlIth Aa. Barlenoeel &lid the followlna procram Mr. and Mn. J. P. en- at that time being valedictonan of a clalS ot 22 "Tbe Children'8 Idle, JIB; reclt&- vey of near W.,...vIlIe. Lyncbbura 6. " .. Jivln: . tertained the members of their --_ .- - the largest clan that has ever tion "0 Great Gift" Bobby .. _ ••- - Utnplres--Prenderrut A Trout.. It. vocal 1010. "AU Ban the "600" ~Iub Saturday evening. CEMETERY MEETING rraduated from the Seminar,. ?furp' by. 1 wine. -'! ,ent were !Ilr.Mrs and Ralph Mrs. Tlme of Game-l hoar,.'7 mlau_ P01Nr V __..of 1 _ Name" ,lin . ,L. Those A H Stubbe Mr and --- , The ChuTehes of Christ of Xenia Ofte~tory prayer, Bobby ]du . _ . nedbw. "The Life •. ,. d' The annual meeting of the A.....• will ob..n. their annual phy·, Ofterill"', clo8ln .. aon'" and 1".I"I~ C. II •• " .... TomHuon. Butlnp 'and Mr. an Mn. Mark ..... It ... _ THAIIItI ~M.._.. Ropn. Miami cemetery AlIICICiation was i'Tellowahip Da)'" at the Xenia Benediction. cARD fW " -, "!foftla ;WlDclowl,'~ 111'1. held on Saturday aftemoon at tile Falra'rouncia. Sanda, lune 1'7 Tbe total olferi... w .. '23·'oI·1ii~~"~ii. 0-; _ ..~~_~' IIr. and lira. L. B. Gordon, 111'. Chapel. ' Blbl. School, with . .en ieleet: Tbia w\ll be lent to the lladdea -;~:=~::'. 1II!~'.III11-r • and IIJL I. B. Cb&plIlan, Dr. and The tru.teea, 1Ir. II. It.. COl"IleU eel hom the partlelpatlq claurela.. I \n 0eaIra, Jap.n. • ._. lin. 11. E. Bathaway, .r. an4 and IIr. Carl Duke '"" ......eeted will betID at 10 L m. 1I01'J11q sei-•- • Qi L D. lin. E..... ~ . . Stella DaUChelit)" .... ..., ... at 11. 'Atternooa propam at ...... Gala Cllarl D. uaJI~. mbdltiP',






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M-Ira•• Lice.... George Pierre, labol'el", .ot Frank lin, and Mrs. Ona Todd, hollsekeeper, of Franklin. K Isic C. otting, automobile mechanie. of Hamilto n, nnd Miss Virginia Browlr, of Morrow. Eugene Paul, mill wQrkel·. of Franklin, and Mi ~ Eve lyn o.>avers, Franklin. Arthur W. Spurling, farmer, of Cl arksville, and Mi ss Anna Imhulse, of Ma on. Robert Campbell, factory worker of Franklin, and Mrs. Margaret Cole banks, factory worker of Franklin. Dilve.r H. Weber, factory worker of Kings Mills and Miss Mary Frances Haney, teacher, or Morrow.

White Rose, the depen-

glanced Iluickly hut dable Gasoline. Sl'1l 1 hingl~' intll th doctor's eye C~mon Pleat PI"ClIc:eedin,. sua Cedri~ Stanley, et aI, leave Is t h .. n into Mudvet"~. H ill !<wift suspicillll wall Rtil1ed. He chuckled deIn the ('as(' or F.stel Wright. ver- granted Newell Thompson to file fllrentilllly. sus th ,inl,:illnali & Lake Erie answer. " I \\'3 afl'ured ful' a moment ye Raill'olld 0., et aI, motion uverrul In the case of J. M. Shields vermeant. mischief, i1'," h ('said, with I'd. sus Cedric Stanley. et ai, leave is thaI r SP(! clfu II , guilele • con1n the cas f Mal'cella Th r,m- granted Newell Thompsone to file tiding smirk of hi~ whi h mo t uf a80n versus Duvid 1'homason, a cli- answer. : ± =====-_ - - . his social ! upcrior~ accept at it In the cas of Helen ?t1cKlnn y HAPTER IY. "p<'rted fath l ' sho t ~)ack at you rne valuf', aOI) with which few of who was restor'ed to her former versus Hermie D. McKinney, adiname of Mal'cdla Pre ·sel. whell h Wl~8 ducllting \nl in hi ~ ellua!., and none of hi. InIn the case of Alliee Bowman vorce is granted the plaintiff wbo " Tberl"B ~ot to b(. II n1!'eting. thut part iculal' branch of p lite feriol'f'. were acquainted. anti lweil Me my, ,executors 01 was restored to her maiden name RI ark." "tile! the d"dol'. " athin!!, learn inK? That's th e point. Thal' "Don't be Il fool," "eturned ' (,I (' ror Il. Inc1vl'r'" II lnt! of V('l'Y the esiate of hristy Me ray, de- of Helen L. ROB. t llc t I','L" . Hamill I" FOR AND CONSIGN 8n('i~lIt fnmih-. d vii ::t doubt of it; cased, I'erllus John M. 'kinner, et In the case of Marie Roll versus "f'v been nut b fore. nn yoa • a the tav rn r ,'etired, warn- al. confirmation, deed nndistTibu.b..p aDd ealY.. nd \(In jf 'h e Wll , ll'l there' no Bird Roll, a divorce was gratited Iol'ive me a l'hym(' (01' Flora~" ~d hi a si.tant and the hnl! dozen !iv. ~ati. the plaintiff. (tU stioninll the gl'ntility of 11 gue t th. i: ... "FloI'll? Th chit' namll is Fl or- cu _tomers in the bar not to get liOn. I'f th g()\' rnor. But I'll not (urcl.' In the ca e of Vada Sparks vel'In case No. 15282, The Miami cod. ... ane . ' xci ted iC tht'y heard the popping it. My pl'i~cipal i a reasonable Real E.tat. Tranafera Ualoa Go explained hi of pi~tols overh ad. as it would be sus Solomon FI'ed, cause is dis- Valley Building and Loan A!5!IociaThen Mach'er IIlIl·n. If YUli principal will admit reason fol' hi~ mvked attentions nolhin~ but two genll emen upstairs l11i sed. tion versus Perry S. Eby, ~t ai, Sarah J. Gileren to Haniet Lu- Tune In on Radio Station WOKT In the calle of Mae LeFever ver- service by publication- is to be cille Holmes Fisher, inlot No. 80 12 :211 to 12:80 p. m. for our datl, th t he wns dl·unk. there's the end to 1is8 Lytton. Doctor Hammel' . hooti ng at \\ icks fill' a wager, sus Jam e~ Eberharot, et aI, mal'ket reporta. r the mattel'," wore. then turned with the candles and the Miallli Vaney B.uilding and made on the' defendant, Mary A. in ,South Lebanon. ' '''n,at hand onwly "If th MacDonald girl's eyes a bot.t! of his best port. The can- Loan Association was mad party Richards. Madge S. Sharp to Wi11la I=:=:======:=::=:==~ my d Ir £Iii.," I'eturned Mr. ' pal'k. hallpened to be green, I sU]'lpo. e dies weI' lit Ilnd RtoO c\ on the In the case No. 1628.1, the Miami Fordyce and Susan Fordyce', inlot "But no chance. That's the Il\st you would hav mad an e~hibi- chim n y piece, one at each end of defendant. Valley Building and Loan A!5!Iocla No. 664 in Franklin. In the case of The State of Ohio tion versus Perry . Eby, et aI, 43 YEARS OF SERVICE hing in the world my mlln wlll tion of the g-reeneyecl , id ow, and the five-foot. hell. {aclvel" brace Clay Hedger to Leo McDermott admit - that be wa drunk, 01' even lIO had Sir John Hard ~tall(li ng on f hort 'pistol. lay on a table at versus John Allen d f'~ndant plead service by publication is to be real estate in Deerfield township. cd ' guilty to the indictm nt fi led made on the defendant, Mary A. { Ma.linda C. and Louis C. Zecher sli ~htly und l' the influenc(). I wa your toes and slapped yo ur face!' t he far ('nd of the I'oom, loaded the me at his age--and ~o were cried the doctor. "J never heal'd of and primee!. Doctor Hammer gave herein against him. l lmposition of Richards. to The People's Building, to The LEBANON, OHIO ~ au, Hammer- honestly of the uch madne. s. If Ruggleston wa In the case of Stanley Holiday People's Building Loan, and Burley grn ious permi i! ion to reo selltcence suspended if he serve 90 We have a complete day in jail. opinion that 1 could carryall the swnN! of it, there'd be no fight. main and se e the SpOl·t. versus Goldie Holiday, a divol'ce Savings Co., 104.40 acr es in Turtle Watc" R.pair Senic. 1n the case of olomon Fred and wine in thl' wOl'ld without hawing H 'd· laugh his silly head off. I was granted the plaintiff and cus- creek township. MacIver took ' up the pi tal, one Prleee Reasonable Louis Fred versus The . Fred Co .• it by so much a .a fiushed brow; believe it.'s my duty to infol'm him with eithe r h nd, anll stood edgetody of child given to plaintiff. Oscar Ernst Walter to 0 car a corp., et aI, the first and final nnd if I tolled in the ditch, or fell of th Beads Restru nil: truth of the lnat.tcl'n to th candles. Th doctor Bnd account of A. B. Kaufman and C. . Walther, inlots Nos. 688 and 'do~' nlltail' , I laid the blame on the through hi Jl.rwelry Repaired . econd, of the publican fell buck Irom the C. Eulass, receivers, was confirm689 in Loveland. New Suit. ditch and the stairs, in all good Knowing th truth, he line of fire . Maclvel' ,'aised bis ed, l'atified and approved and reHarry M. Linder to incinnati "THE HOME. OF GinS" faith." apologize handsoln Iy." light hand and let fl y. ne of the ceivel' ar discharged. Mae Leli'ever versus Jame. Ed· &. Electric Co" W . S. and " In that case, my man' the The golden lIighlandel' eyed hi narrow yellow flames blinked a,nd In the case of Lotti{~ Stokes ver- win Eberhart, et ai, for pal'tition ~abel B. Melampy to Cincinnati challenger." fdend coldly, consideringly. vanished. MacIver turned, present of reul ~state and equitable relief. Gas &: Electric Co., the use 6r real RU s Walter Me aDdles,s, et al, eon"Quite 80." , "No blow was ever wip d from ed his left ide to the mantel Gertrude McNeill verSU9 Gordon estate tor Jines. "aptain nuggle ton. as the the face of a Mllc!ver of Glennol'a piece, raised his lett al'm and di - firmation. deed and diistribution. Wilbur R. Carnahan to Harold McNeill, for divorce. Charge Is In the case of Hebl!r Hizar vel'· hallenged party, has the prlvil. \,~ ith handsom ap'ologie, ," he . aid. charged his ~econd pistol. The B. Carnaham, real estate in Harextreme cruelty. ege of naming the weapons." Doctor Hammer r nliz d the u e- l1am of the cond candle blinked Charlel! P. Wilkerson versus Nell lan township. 'Quite o. Hi choice i pistols." (ulnes of llursuin'g that point far- to nothing. Everett ,Stubbs, et al to The W. Wade, for partition. Other details of the meeting were th 1', having the blood of clansmen MacIver smiled, No one spoke for and down the big river. Now he The Miami VaHey Building and Peoples' Building, Loan and SavWAYNESVILLE, OHIO orranged. Two glasses of old in his own veins. ten se cond or so, though Ben had what promi ed to be a bright Loan Asociation versu Perry S. ings Co., 7,65 acres in Turtlecreek Phone 80 Bank 81d•. brown . heny were poured and Twenty minute. lat I' a beH Barley dl'ew in a breath with a dis ielea. It had sprung il~to beiDg at Eby, et al, for foreclosure and township. ipped.. jangled in th bar. Ten b lis weI' tinct, but entirely respectfully, the instant of the eli charge of equitable relief. Ca.rl and Caroline Schaub to "There must have been ome- there in the ". II, each hung on a so und of whistling. The doctor MucLver's pistol, 8S if the extinguThe Miami Valley Building and Christ Weishaupt, inl ots Nos. 729 thing behhld th wine, 80 to speak,' cuiled spring and l1urnbered for wus lh.c first to peak. i hed candle flame had transmitted Loan Association versus Perry Eby and 730 in Loveland. said Doctor Hammer reflectively. the chamber to which it was at"You win, Alasdair," he said. a sp8l'k to his ehafty brain. l\uth L. Petre to Harry L. Petre et aI, f or foreclosure and equitabl "II; requirel! more than a skinful o'f tach d. The taverner looked quick " Barley, draw the cOTk." He caU d upon Ii' gentleman relief. 27.75 acres in Harlan township. MacIver diu no more than mois. whom he knew to be in good tand wine to drive a well.bred man to Iy. th n thoughtfully, ut the nurn. The Board ot Education (If LebMargaret Fowler versus Ernest the Inci i1ity of standing intention b l' of that jangling bell. It was tell his lips with the superior wine ing at Government House, talk ed Fowler, for ·divorce. Charge is anon Village chool District 'to aUy On another gentlemen's foot." th number of Ala. dair MacIver's Bal'ley drank a gl a s to the health for a few minutes about a new gro B neglect. Mary C. HQrn, real e tate in Tur"I'm of the same Qpinion," re- l'oom. ond prosperity of the gentlemen, consignment of old brandy, then tlecreek township. turned Ml'. Spal'k, ying the sherry "['11 tend to that mYlIelf" he then s tarted for the door. asked a few apparent:ly irrelevant The New York Life Ins. Co. to Prob.te C_rt in his ~la$s... ounds sh rry, this. said to his assi tanti and he un"One moment," said Doct01: Question concerning Sir James Daniel M. and Mabel H. Collette, ]t' been thre times across the rolled his shirt sle v 8 and donn d Hammer. "Ten "hilling for the Murd' grand dinner and grand The inventory of Jeannette 101 acres in Massie and Wayne Atlantic i{1 wood. I have a s u - his jacket. " It's thnt young cotch port and , ten for the plaster; and ball. He went away from there James, executrix of the estate at township. pieion there i a lady b hind it." man IV twas dancin' at Gover'- keep your mouth shut about this with his suspicion confirmed and Charles R. James, deceased, was James M. Henl'Y, deceased, to "I {eared as much, damme!" m nt house till dawn." candle snuffiing for it's no credit hi idea waxing brighter. He hast- approved . Hannah Henry, et aI, 109 acres in Doctor Hammer went to ·the Honest Ben Barley wa int.~l; est- for a man of my age and position ened home, harnessed his gray , In the matter of t he estate of Hulan township. . King'lI Head, di covered Ala dair ed in the gue t from Gllnwad to make and lose wagers." geldin g and hitched him to a Howard C. Keafauver, deceased, Hannah Henry , deceased, to Phone 71J MacIver . in his 1'00111 writing reek on the Waaklldoggan tor He passed two gold coins into little red pung, and 9E!t out for distribution ~f assets ordered. Charles E. Henry, et ai, 145.34 vel' es, ~nd , informed him of all another reason than the fact that Barley' hand; and as Soon as the King's Hill, the rural home of Mr. The will of Eud81's L. Whitaker acres in Harlan township. 'Particulars of time, place and the gentleman had dined and door had closed on the taverner's Rigby Bunnet, J. P . the road was deceased, was admitted to probate. Arthur and Ruth Smadbcck to condition$. The Highlander ex- danced at Government House. He heels, he refilled his glass. good and the gelding owas a stepper The- tollowing accounts were ap- Carl Schaub, real e tate in Lovepre d him elf as being entirely was beginning to think that Mac"I never saw it better done," he Barley's brain w(lr'ked busily to proved, allowed and confirmed by land. . ' atL fied with the arrangements]v r, who was quite evidently not aid. " I couldn't do it a well my- the merry jingling of the sleigh the court. "fOTARY PUBLIC Mr. J. and Freda Fondersmilh and thanked the doctor cordially the friendless immigrant depicted self. But how about twenty paces? bells. He found Mr. BunMt at Minnie L. Mulford. executrix of to The Miami VaJley Building and for hi t rouble. by Major Pottle. might make a 1"1 might splatter a trifl of tallow hhl?smpea'1'tll?c~pkaintl~onal'ntrhif1i: ewxcaenlleanfctyerS the estate of ,Jehu C. Maltol'd, de- Loan Association, in lot No. 86 in Spribgboro. "You're a cool hand,' aid mOl'e valuable patron than Ole at twenty," added MacIver. " wnla Dr._ . . Eel.... S.ttIM ceased. First. r Doclor Hammer. "Ver ea. is it? major himself. He wa having dif"Just so, A drop of half an hospitality. Barley told Mr. BunJ. W. Ware to The Miami Valley WAYNESVILLE, OHIO Joseph F. McKinney, guardian Jingling rhymes when you should ficulty with the major. He was inch. p rhaps. Thill i a very sound net a very interestilllg story, in of ,Wilbur H. McKinney. minor lec Building and Loan Asociation real be out in the open air stea4ying growing a trifle weary of the wine and I'm glad to see you have strictest confidence. estate in Franklin. ond. yonr nerves Poetry.!..1_W\!¥Jlbsa:t.t~mllJlIll1l1r1UJe.!!!l'l+-~.a-.m·8 meth{)d~ nd his sen e enough to I ave it all to me.' "D'yc tell me so 1'" exclaimed Margaret E7-F-orllr,-eltee'otrirlJf't:-~~t&:!~~-&n~ Emma C. Duffy of pl' paratjon iii that for exchang- bluster; and he was beginning to Ben Barley returned to the bar Bunnet. "But it'saga;inst the law I' the estate of Elias F.olk. deceased inlots Nos. 9 and ~ ~" ing sh9ts with an officer of the doubt the major's impOl'talfee in only for long enough to say i1.few Barley remi nded him ,respectfully F'inal. . Grenadier Guards?" the general scheme of things. $0 words in his as istanl's ear, after that he had COm& to a s portsman Perle T. Eichelberger to Rosa Elizabeth Hardlnr, adminiatra. "I'm prepared," returned Mac- he PI'Csented himself t<l MacIver which he donned hat and great- and a gentleman and, !f he might trix of the estate of Mary Goonan , Schumaker, real estate i1l !ver pleasantly. and Doctor Hammer in a clean coat and stepped out. In the joint make ~~ bold an admired patron Shearer deceased flrst and final. Clearcl'eek township. "Can YOIl !'hoot?" jacket and bis best manner. c'lipllcities of taver·ner and impor- and frie nd , and not to a magisz. Worley, b-ustee of the es- O~ie Kirkpatrick to Frank Kirk"!lfy father gave m a gentle"Mr. :M aclver and I have Ii little ter of wines and spitits, he had a t trate. ~r ..B.un net hastened. to rea8 tate of Isaac Jones, deceased. patnck, 71.72 acres in Harlan Our convenient 10caCloD. lui... man's education." ",ager on the subject of snuffing wide acqu intance among all !sure hiS vIsitor on t~at pomt. ble aurroundlnp and equipmlDt Eighth. to~ahip. .. 0 I've heard; but did your re- I!andles with pistol balls," said the classes in the little town and up (To Be Continued) enabl .. u. to Serve to tho Bed A. A. Sprague, executor of the G.eo.rge Nunner, deceased. to eBtate (II Alice B. Everson, deceas- Katie Nunner, Teal elltate in Hamil Advanta,•• ton township. ed. Second. Emma Crosson. guardian ot Edna ---AMBULANCE SERVICE Mae Cross9n. et al. minor,s. Fourth Bill. AIIo",.,d and final. The Stakalta Mig Co., 1 grip P..... 2. Bessie Grols, executrix of the '% doz adding machine papers ________--._____-' ... estate of Emma Gray, deceased . Probate, U.36; Kaufman's, First and final. Chamois and Sponge for Memorial A certified copy of the entry HaU, U.08; March Brothers 1 flag FOR SALE DATES CALL Memorial HaJJ, $1.98; Trulldetermining the inheritance tax on the estate of William J. Van Der- teea of Public Affairs Light & Gas v~er, deceased, is to he certifted Memorial HaJJ, ,2.99 i W. H. ' . Anderson Company. Suba., to Without ~elay. The WIll of ~homas D. Fruer 111 Page's Ohio Code Service, 1934 to be recorded 1D probate. Mary J. le811 disc.t · '9.50; Lillie Urton, ser' FTaser wa~ appointed executor, no ces; $7.50; Mrs. Ira Eltzroth, bond l'equlreq. W. C. GUm!)ur, aervices, $5; Helen Doughman, JESSE S1'ANLaV Charles J. Wagg?ner and ~lfred services, ,7: Candis Hymer, serTI QUtO GASOLINE won't bum in Brant were apPoJRted appralBers. vices, $6; Mrs. Will Bryan, ser- P'••• 110. N_ ,a.rU••t ••, .ow. L YOll, r engine. But gasoline The inventory 'o f Albert J. Scott vices, 110' Stella Kelly services mixed with AI R forms the power~ ~ecutor of the eltate of Alice J. $7; Mrs. Howard Sawye~, serViee; EARL 1e000LEit S.-ott, ?e«:eased, wu approved_ '7; Stillwater Sanatorium serviees Da,.to. PIa._ ful "gasH that malce~'your engine go. The mventol')" of H. M. Scott, pany, 100 applications for clgarleE_ore .... That's why AIR has a lot to do executor of the . estate of Larue L. ette licenses Auditor's office $2' with the way your car performs. Rankin, deceased, was approved. The Columb~s Blank Book 'Mfg' The inventory of Blanehe Caro- Co., Mfg. Co" 76 sheets for Gen~ Perhaps you have noticed it-that line Barber, executrix of the es- eral Duplicate 25 for Classified at night particularly your car tate of Louis A. Barber, deceased. ,16.25; The Wutern Star, Print: seems to run better than during a was appr.oved. , ing & Fu.rnishing paper for Tax hot, sultry day. The estate of George Nunner is Duplicates ,85" The W PO. SALE exempt from inM!ritanee. tax. Kate Star, Ad"':, sale, ~f, Morrow Weather does make a difference N~nner, executl'ix .. flIed her perty, 15.&5; AI Schwartz. ex..... andthat'swhySocony-Vacuum abon for a ceJ'tlflcate of pense sealer eonv.tlon Ma, 23 FOR SALE--Sweet potato plants, engineers developed and perfected ,In the matter of the estate 1984; $2.80, Wm. Huff011l, sheriff: 35e per hundred, or three 'h unClimat ic Control. L~e Thompson" deceaBed.. ~he Stamps for ' Shariff's omce. '8; dred for $1.00 All kinds rarden Widow elected to take certain per- F. M. BOWyer. ltamps, used by plants, 10c 'dozen, three dOlen 25c. In simple words. this means a sonal property. Supt. of Road Dilt 1 II' Bur- On, Ferry Road. Strouse Brothera. gasoline that wo~ks well in any In tbe matter of the trult creat- rouche Addlnr :Macbine' Co. 'Main Route No.8. WaJllelville, Ohio. weather-rain or shine, hot or . -j28 ed by item ;3 of 'the wl\) of Nancy Service on pros. Atty. Adding cold, sunny morning or foggy night. J. Hopkins, deceased. the reslgna- Machine, 1 year, '6; F. J. Heer tion of the Lebanon-CItizens Na- Printing. Co., -12 ~tijions hI' S~EETki POTfAS~O PLANTS ,' With Mobi lgas you get brilliant Bank an~ Truat Co., as truR- Tral1llter of Funds for Phos. Att pea q 0 weet Potato plaJltl performance all tlu time. It starts tee 'was accepte4 and it is to file $1.76; , .MiUer.Br,ant.Pierce C~' can c~t them at D&J\ Hockett's quic~. Gets away fast when the its final account within 10 days. typeWriter ribbons tor rr08. ,Atty.: ' 7S, p~~ ~ilea . Eaat ,ot lights g , green. Has that e.xtra The will of James .Madl.on WadronC. Gilmq'ur, inqliest. _ one 65Rll. "pull" when hills get steep. Henry, deceased, WIUI admitted to '7.50; Columbu8 Blank Book lUg. SALE-:.ThOuaands of fielil probate. " Co.. ':onnl ,for Probate Court and Cabbace Wh y not ,c hoose this gasoline Etta Bercaw, executrix of the '~9.25, Weiler Welding Co., OxySpecial prices on hundred. that mixes better with air? You " Carbide, 110.80; W. H. Anthousand lots. Geo. Petel'lon, of Thurman F. Bel'ea", decan buy it wherever you see the ceased, flied her Inventol')". Ohio Cos:an y, Subs. to Page'll 1 mile from WaJllesville on Bellaign of the Flying Red Horse, Ethel Van Deneer, admlnt.tra- C rt ,9 60 "R for Common Pleas brook pike. -j15 trix of the eltate of WIlliam J. 011. • ; 01 Burrou,ht. ee" ftJENDLY DaVia I ADOther thiDt _tori.t.Ub Van Derve-er flied her firat an. &II Encineer. "'2. 60; F. D. ·Rainea, IN 1111 GREAT Soooay·VaouulD Leboratori••• a Painter. ,9.66; P. :M. Bowyer, ftnal account. ebout buyi", Mobil,.. i. the Frie.lII, Servi.. of .... of bi&bly Ikilled ea&laeer. I. workia, Di,bt WANTED , p&yroU, period end inc lIa, 29 d~len who .ell ' it. You'll "ut to GIO_ 1Maok. ud d.y to &lve you. paoliae tbal i, wutber-proof. The estate of Jacob Sei" deeeaa- $127.09; W. P. Stitt, .tone UO ed, is exempt from inheritance tax lilt- WIl'8Ch ,ra"el $1 16' N •D NOTICE - The Am ..' Poultrr Alma Sale, executrix tl.d her ftNt Brew. .r, Pipe. and Huleet . hu been and flnal aceoUDt. 80"7.1', Oanp rent-trueJca, A moved. to the Barnhart properQ The adjudication and 'determlDa act-lla" .. ; L. P. Cawtt ~o Baruhart hlb. Pholll 4881. of till InheritanCle tax OD the 1400 GaL tar tor Gen. Patchine' eJ7 of t.mtaa F.I5ooIl, ........ t..,..80; 8h...... Sel'Yiee ·IWIQO:L-.CO:....ra DOW to 0 ... la to be 81"eD to all penon ID.. '11.11; Thoe, ._

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Centerville, Ohio






Stanley &Koogler

Did you know that Engines Breather... Why Gasoline m.ust Mix with AIR I

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, PATROL SURVEY REVEALS I ment was organized only two DANGEROUS DRIVER TYPES ' ~eul's ago. and has liut ten tltatlon~ 10 operation at prellcnt. I The tttnt4.'-wide 4.'llg mlll'keting ISSUED EVERY THURSDAY ~1I1 vcy taken amon~ stal" Hi$th program, a new ad~itio~ to O~i~ way patrolmen in northeastern I Farm BUI'eau ~4.'rVIC e, III an InD. L CRANE . , I S....rI.t1_ fl.1O Y';'p ('astern Ohio ciLed the six most I novlltion in this state. It!! purpose Crower. Tell of Unuau.Uy Spotty dung-erous types of drivers. The i. to miHe the quality of Ohio pro- The SAFE Wa, t. RHuee :,.::..~a., ,No. III 1II~lr:'·1>II~!. to·=~GI &Jla:aL~' ...... ......... .......... Ho. 11. . ~".r survf'y action was taken iJy the rlucf'll egg" Fel'neau said, by hav"For 3 monlh. I· .......d Kru.. President Roosev Il's message to Pro.peele Becauae of l>lllr()i in Coopl'l'ation with th jng all the eggs 'm arketed t hrough =-:= -==Congres on the war debt was the Seuon leveland Safety ourlcil. 11h(' fa~'m bureau cooperatives can- chen Salta- I' •• loat 45 1....JUNE 14, 1934 last word in common ense. It dIed and "'raded undel' "'ovem- tak_ 6 incb•• off bual- 3 Itottl. He ---. The most hnzardous drivers as .. '" . Irave me aplet\did Mra. h ld appea I to a II A mel·lcan~. S ou ' ment specificatio ns and by ll'c nsec] Carl t o Id the wor ld th a t I" '. was Amerl. b inqicated by the survey wer : Wihon . nothel' light apple c1' IP, a out cnnrllers. Egg produce nrc paid A half tea poon!ul or Krusehen FI"g can dollllTS, taken from American half lhe size of last ye,lr's, a nd 1. Drivel's who weave in Qnd accordi to the quality of their of hot every morny...!~~-------t-1@1k1ln~ that furnished the confi ned lnrgt'ly to' commercial out' of traffic, not necE'R'lnl'ily ggs F The taxpayer w\l) find a certain amount of encouragement in 1'0- H~t~~i~e:;:"I;:~~:~lIIpg :phl: \~~I~ 0Brchanl~, is r!l~ort d b~1 I. • 1:"' :sp eding but making it difficult for eggs ~bul'~inLg.../;.L!lt':-OI-l)~I)!.lII'~icLe[).;slllolf!,nl~t:-h~c.l:lellJa1.l9!J;t_LHiI'g-4,or-c+alR<1e-r~C;ed~u~ce~S!lA~F~E:(lL.:\!'i~a~ne!l!fhact.t -cent treasury figures conccrnin'" expenditures for the eleven mont hs aeh, ~ xteltSlon speCla 1St III other highway-uscrs to (Jperate erll markets, farmel's have an in- the ame t.ime glli n ph ysical atending May a 1 . " a right to expect to be repaid ; fruit for the O. S. U. Ra Cety'. • centive to impl'ove t heir quality . tractive-nes8. On bottle Lasts .. Th ' that if European nations did . not , Light blo m Ilnd frost inj ut'y ' in • . . Equipment to properly refri~er- weeks. You can g ' t Kruschen Salts . e deficit, aftel' subtracting public debt retirement, was $3,287,- pay t heir debts of hon r .Amerlca n southern Ohi o, and severe ""int'I' :.!. Drunken d;1\Icr5 who drlVI' atc e/!,gs after they are purchased at any drug ~to\'c in lhe world. 466,000. Mr. Roosevelt'~ e tim ate of the deficit, made some. mont hs ago taxpayers must. injury to many it'ees in northeast- c!lre l ~ssly and w1thout thought of i. in. talled in all planta. Eggs arc - - ' . rn Ohio, are respon~ib l e, fruil ot her s safety. sent to market in reft'igeratod NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT was, $7,3 00, 000,_000- more than twice ~h e pre1lent deficit, with only a month or the fiscal year left to go. The preSident's House Bill may growers tol? B eac~. . ; J , Drivers with llad yesight, '!'lIt'ks anu railroad c~r~ .everal Reason is that. emerge ncy spending w'as much leAS than anticipated be abandoned until Jllnuary. Let Baldwin IS deCidedly off thIS operating vehicles as fast all those tIm a wee~ so as to mInimIZe the Estate of Anna A. Marshall, de~.. Where the budget authorized total spending 01 about ,11,000,000,000, us hope t hat thi Congress will re- yenr: Rome B Duty show~ the most with good vision; but eeing only I()~s of quahty from th Unl they c~ased. only $6,370,000.000 was spent, of which emergenl.'Y payments came to main in sellSion a not her week, if conslste~t prospects. WIth marry half as well. Are graded until they are sold on Notice is hereby given that L. $3,680,000,000. Routine governmental costs were $2,790,000,000 as necessary, to pass this important proap~ctl~e fuJI. c: rops . Jonathan the market. M. Henderson, whose Post Office com pared with $3,477,000,000 a year ago, 110 the Administration's legislation. Home owners will be are Yleldm~ well In northern and Although Ohio is at an advan tage Address is Wayne.sville, Ohio, bas . f . h d b id b greatly helped, the building indus- central OhIO, but e.lse\.~I~ere the _ in point of neal'n -s to the big mnr been rluly apPol'nted 6S Adminisprom1SCS 0 economy 10 at fiel have, to a su stantia egree, een try w.iJ1 be stimulllted, equities. of bloom was spotty 01 lacklllfP on .. Anna A. " . .. . .;... mOI'kets it ranks sixth in the tratoT of the Estate of fulfilled. TreasuI'y income was well over the precedin'" comparable dltton of Dehclou a IS strOllar ex home ed owners will be somewhat . ~ . ,country quantity Marshall late of Wan-en County, .. perlod- $2,700,OOO ,OOO, a against $1,700,000,000. ret.oor and purchll ingpower will ~ p~ that. frost. Injury IS repo rted Ferncau inpomted outof, production, llecause of Ohio deceased. . .Ihe inditr rent quality of its eggs D~ted this 23rd day of May The unspent emergency money, however, bas been appropriated be given to many of our citizens. III southel n .Ohlo., ony may still be used. It is generally ~lieved that Mr. Roosevelt will Congress should not adjourn Stayman, hg.~t Tn southern pa.rts throughout the stllte as a whol . 1984. use It during the 'comlng fiscal year in which tbe Administration will withuut first passing thi measure. ?f the state, ls almost; a full CI~p. , . The prescnt farm bureau egg proRALPH H. CAREY make its strongest drive aguinst the forces of depression. handling of home mortgages In many. secti.ons of the nort~ern OhIO poultrymen are enJoy~ng gram, which is expanding every Judge of the Probate Court The new drive will1'equire money-and plenty of it. By the time th rough private institutions and half. Gtlmes 18 spotty a,n~ hgh:·1th benfits of ~o~ernment .grachng year, is designeci to put Ohio on j14 Warren County, Ohio this is ready, Democratic leaders will have pushed the last of the mak~ klans for home improvement Mc Intosh, Spy and <?retntng ale and cooperatIve marketing, 8!< on a quality basis. - -- -- - bt' ble It w'lf a 'd greatly report.ed well set In northern shown by the premium of si x cent " _ ...- - money bills through .t he House, where all appropriations' legisJation ~o~~eo r:~~:ery' .of ;nd~stry and ports of the state. " 8 dozen paid fo\' quality eggs marNOTICE OF APPOINTMENT .PUBLIC SALE lI1ust, under the Constitutioll, originate. It was the President's wish 'd I t ummel' apple varlE!hes are ket d through the l+~arm Bureau ----that t he money be appropriated without sp ecific instruct.ions as to how proVl e emp oymen . bearing well in northern Ohio, ooperative Association over the Having decided to remove my it is to be spent, leaving. it entirely up to him. Represe ntatives weren't only Jair' in centra l Ohio, l\ve~'age Ohio r eceipts 0'1 better Es tate of Martha Elizabeth J Oy home I will sell at Public Auctioll tlulte willing to dQ that, and under the new bills a percentage of the Tbe House was debating a bill and in the southern purt of quality eggs of the leveland mar- deceased . ' at m; home at .Mt. Holly on funds have been sp cifically alloeated. Some of the prinCipal alloca- to appropriate one million dolla,s 1the state al"e round largelly 01'\ high kat at the pre ent time, U. W. Notice is hel' by given that Saturda" JUlie 16, 1934 tions are: '100,000,0 00 for highway construction; $66,000,000 for for the Agricultural Adjustment sites only. Felneau, marketing expe l·t of the Chal' le!; P. Joy whose Po t Office Comm-Encing at 1 o'clock p. m. Admi nistration to extermi.nate A11 other f ruits are Ii(rht in the hio Farm Bureau report·. addr S5 is Waynesville, Ohio ha s sharp the . following (or public buildings; a maximum of $600,000,oqo lor PWA work. In chinch bugs. Representative Truax south, but in the northern portions Producers in the state sold been duly appointed as Executor Household Goods and soma actual cash, the President will have something over $899,000,000 101' orrered an amendment tbat one- of the state sour cherries promise 1,900,000 dozen eggs worth of the Estate or Martha ElizaiJeth Antiqueil. relief purposes. It is aid thot the President will uk for an a~dltional half of the amount must be used a half crop, sweet cherries some- $325,000 and some 800,000 pound~ Joy late of Warren County, Ohio, PETER RUNYON $ 160,000,000 or 80 for drought relief. "to exterminate 'bugs' in the A. what bett r, plums and pear very of poultry worth $110,000, during deceased. Stanley & Kootler, Auct. ' Many more millions will likewiile be available, il Mr. Roosevelt A. A." The House laugh d when .well , and grapes a fail' to good the year ending May I , 1934 on Dated this 8th day of June 1934 wants thern. Thai deficiency bill empowers him to di~rt for relief all a moment later Speaker Rain ey, C I · O ! I . . a cooperative basis. This good C. Donald Dilatush , Atty. money .repaid the RFC. The bill likewiSe gives the RFC authority to absentminded, said, " Without obAll small frU It are Eight, and volume has been built up in a comRALPH. H. CAREY White Rose-Power bebuy bond s 01 political subdivisions which have received PWA construc- jection the am endment is agreed where drouth persists, are near paratively short time. a the Judge of the Probate Court I d th I tion funds. , to." failure. coop rative egg mllrKeting move- j28 Warl'en ounty, Ohio . h n . e enl nee




. . . . . . . .,. .

Straight from Washington


Takel 6 lache. Off Hips aDd BUlt




==:::..==================. . . . -========-_ -=--A Few Trealur







ThuI, the Administration will face finandal difficulties in the immediate future. It will, however, meet strong opposition trom taxpayers' group which think the magnitude of appropriations, 1'Cftected in higher tl1xes, are delaying, rather t han .helping, t he trend toward reo covery.

Farm lViaht 7 alka, June 18 e The Ohio State University Radio S~tion-WOSU 8:00 8:06 8:16 8:25 &: 40

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Music . . Farm Adjustment Newl .......... " ........ ,. ,... ,....... J. W . WUlchet Cooperative Finance for Cooperatives .......... ,... John E. Brown Mu ie Round Table on Farm and Garden Insecta and DiseIl8es.. ..... ........ .. . ...... .... . ... . ...... _ ................. .. ParkA &; Pierstorff Meat for Summer .... ... .. ........... .... ............ ................ L. E. Kunkle . 1._ forW D ays .... ...... .... .......... Al rna Garvm . · h t I u1 DrIO"" arm D eI If!: Music ' COR d · Id" [s Your Binder Ready for the F )e . ....... ,..... ............ . . ee Pioneer Amusements .......................... ..... ...... ........... H. E. Ea.... ine The Trend in Dairy Manufacturing ............................ R. E.

T e ongres!llona e ec Ions will apPI'oach the plane of n Presidential contest. Dem'ocrati... victories will be interpreted as endorsements of the New Deat. Son1e folks simulate horror ~nd sbed crocodiJe tears over t he fact that fOJ' PUIPO e of constr uction, to give em pI yment to overcome depressio n, ten billion dollars will hllve been Rpoent du ring t he first two year of the New I)eal. Thi s, however, sets no record. During the Ulineteen months, from April 1917, to November, 1918. our Govern ment spent thirty-two billion dollars for purposes of destruction, plus ten billions additional to the Allies. A t this debt of honor ha been repudiated by European nations, our total expenditurea for purposes IIf destruction wall forty-two billion dollars.


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reel pa. ~fu Service brinp ,.. . . - in cylinder.. Pyrofu ps burDa jaIt like regular pipe-line ,aa. It III8IB • clean, hot flame ~ moment you liPt it.


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1\.,-0 LONGER Deed:pou" up willi J. ~ a~~, bameJlooOat

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,nation's capital except w"en public COLU MBUs.-Over 46 per een~ will center at tb6 State House busine811 keeps them th~ in atof the people of Ohio are without Grounda, where will be the Head- tendance at sessios of Congress adequate library service, State quarteTII, regiateraUon, hospital 01' committee meetings. The people Librarian Paul A, T. Noon learned and other tenta. The convention should rule. Congressmen should bear in mind that th ey need to after completing a recentsurveyof will be held in lIemor\al Han. contact their constituents and the state. A map has just. been com pleted , howinr the towns havinc A dri~inc fountain bas been that six months mingling with conlibraries and thollC that do not. A placed in the n ortb lobby of the stituents will result in more reaeries of radio talks by Mr. Noon State House that bean tbia in- sponsive government and hetter. describinc the state library aervice ICription on a bronKe prate : "De- laws ~or all. Furthennore, at and giving book revleW8 resulted ill dlcated June, 1984, to our fAtllen, present, the administration should an average or 62 book requests the Gr,.nd .A'f'!D" of the Rep~ic, be given a chance to catch up with followinr each broadcast. The 1'C- 'by tit" OhiO Department Da.· legislation. views by radio will be reaumad In tan of Union Veterana ot the the fall. ClvU 'War, 1861.tse6." Dedication will take place next week as a '!'he or"inal Tolla of Ohlo'.c -«'lt u .... ~.,.HIf-r..,,,,,,~ , ~ constitution, lia'ned at ' Chlllll:othe procram • · The Kibler girls entert.ained in 1802, are in .custody of Secre· ' . quite a number of people tary of ·State. Geol'le S. Myel'll. He ')(llk aDd water 8Ource" should with a picnic supper last Th1,lr is aleo cUltodlan of tk orilinal 'be especially ruarded now beeaule day evening. Supt,· and Mrs. Francis e ntuconlltituiion adopted In .18'6,1. Botb of heat and drouc'bt -conditionl, of these predoua documents are the Ohio, Department of Health tained Mr. and Mrs. Homer Caskept. ln a fireproOf safe under lock Water should be . boU!8d ·be- key at 8ix O'clock dinner on Wedand key, as the secretary of state fore drinkinc wbe. obtained from nellday evening. . is P¥nollally .reaponaibJe for their surfac:e luppliel or other heretoMr. and Mrs. A. S. Coliett, enl atety and perpetuity. The 1802 fore unused soue.. now that the tertalnedon Thursday evening the constitution ia the only fint-band, dry weather 'h u eaused eprlnp and and Mrs. Howard Graham and tangible evielence in existence of weUa to become d..,-, Dr. H. G. Miaa Kathleen trom Harveysbul'l; the Boverelrnity 'Of the state 'Of Southard, director 01 health, urCe! Mr. and Mre. Joe ChIpman, Mr. Ohio hence ita I\fl'eat Intrinalc H. alae ia.ued • . atatement warn· and III'S. Lester Gordon, Dr. a.nd valu~. The fint constitution II lnr of the daDcer at this time of Mrs. H. E. Hathaway, Mr. and Mrs written on paper that Iho.s . the diarrhea ' and enteritia, commonly Irvlng Welch, Mr!! . .Mary McClure, -rav&ees of time. It consists of 22 know. as "Bummer complaint." Mial\ Helen Welch .a nd Mr!!. Emma pagell Inl.'ludinr two papa of Tbia lUne., 10 ciaDProue to in- McClure from Waynellville. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Carr enterBirne:a. These al'@ . headed by tuta, 11 due more to the efrect of Edward Timn, president of the bot weather on the milk lupply to tained for supper last Sunday even convention. The _!enera represent- homel than to -bot weather itaelf, inr. eiI ~dama, Belmont, Clennont, Dr. Southard aald. Typhoid fever Millll Carol Lee Francis has been Fairfield, Hamilton, JetJenon, ROil alIo can be ..educed and prevented visiting relatives at West Ulllon Trumbull and Washington COlliitiea boUlnr a)l spring and well w..ter for a week. . Included amoDlf the qnera were and all ~th.r uDtreated aupphee, Mr. and Mrs. W' . P. McCarren five future cavemon, TitIln, the depUtnaeat deelarea. land Mr. and !,In. Chas. GQrdon, Tbomu' Kirker, Jeremiah Mon'Ow, . IiIpe,llt the week-end h$t'e and the Thom.. Worthillaton and Samuel . AU -..t.t.denl reUet ..-ncles Miue8 Rhea and Evelyn McCarren Huntinrton. The second connltu- ~at1lav. bH. located iD the W,.an returned ~Ol1le with them after a tion i. enaroued on larre sheet. dott. buUdlq have been moved t~ pleasant VJsl.t hete. . of parchment and is ' much more the Pure on blilldiq, Cheatnut ~. and Mre. Ira Hamock, of durable than the other. It was en- and Ria'h streets. where these )Jur- 'Dayton, .pent Sunday with Joe rolled by D. H. Mortley of Mi!- eau. are more eonaoUciated than Davia and family. Harold Boran of the U. · S. Navy Connellsville, who.. skill as a pen- they have beea. , Tbla HIDOvel reman la much evidenee from this nlted In more room hI the State fa vlaitm. hill parenti. document. Wm. MedlU was prllid- !Departments buDcHDe for the older We were BatT)' to heal' of the eat dd Wm. H. Gill aecretal'J of oac.. to tile WJaDdotte ulldlq. death of Mrs. Jordan of near the eoiultitutional cODvention OIITlMee lattft iaelacled the ata~ Beec:h Grove last Friday evenine· 1851 plau,J1la board, cIMelon of proba~ The funeral w.. held at Way_ tiOD ud" parole, ~ cU"lon neavill. Monday morning. • Tb, annual Ohio G. A. R. Ea- of tuatloD, Itat. board of barber - - - -. -~ camp.ent ,rUl ~ beld ID COla.·IDaIDIa.., Ohlp tnd. eocIe and NOTICE OF APPOIHTMUT bu aut ....k beciDniq Tu....,. . . . aaIlk dl¥lalon. . with .aD7 ausnlal7 ""PI partlel----- Estate of James Gona deceued. . -.....,..The G. A. JL. II I I . fnqant c a _ of law Notfee fa berebJ rt'Hn that J. Q. War vet..... · p ana, . . . . Iaq 'acn, .. the ftelel. late Gou wboM Poet O81ee AcIcIreu is .,..981, . . . . . ... aM ~1IIr; iD WAJIleevtDe, Ohio .... been dlllJ ~~~ .~ foe. 01' IDOW . . . . . . flf .. AclmlDlRrator of the

it aD, amd I ' ll boo... _ _ ~ ... , . . .. . , . " .



Most Congressmen will, upon adjournment, return to their h ome. districts. This really should be com

Best ,of the News Direct From the Ohio State Capitol

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WnEN YOU OiDklCQ:-.·.,:;j~IE'O




at Ct'ntf'rvlll(' aturtla)' ('venin,. (" • •I....'II:R BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATED RI'Ut'I'l 8mnt'U iA now tayin, .'01111 "'.I nil' It! tltI, .ul llual r"II(Irt or ttnrvt')· Rllrnt't attended 11 meet- in Ililylon "h.'I·l' h l • has "l1lpl,lYMr, and Mr.. James Lovely with lllnm l I .. lt1d .. r~ ,\. o~laLlun : Inlf lit tb Milk ,r: II1nli itln In nwnt . Waltll /' Underwood entertained a He"••••• <.. Iumhu. ThuI'llda~'. 'II'. lind ,M r~ . . ])onold ~ ., .. ,' ., . 1,~U . On number or friends at an elaborate It1lJ'lnl \ 118!'H .. .. .... , ItIS 611 ~II ,l!:liulw't h O'lith of DII)'l n I'nlertaillt'd bIll liltl ~ I\i~l'es "I' the friud chicken dinner laRt It'riday FOIIIHIIIOunK ~1 : 50 wa " a Il'u("~t Sunday afternC)(ln of funnel' from Ileal' W,llnllnglon Is t evening. The dinner waB in cele- UI'''H t Oil Ltlll.l18 ", . . ,., o96 ,O U )f l"1l. Margllrt't. Johns. week. Fuurteen pi the !liilt ell m mLration of the birthdays oC Mrs. NUl' l'O WNl m U ll .. " ~OO , OIt 11'.. J e s Harris I'cturn('d from MI':, MIIl'Y Carillon),'. h tlllse ber!! of the Good Ult lot.hing 11'1" );{llc\ , • • "., 198.0 0 Miss Fuye Kel1 y an\! Mrs. Lovely a nd Mr, Underwooll. Grnv Hllfhl8. , 0,00 th,' Blair hospital Frida)" lind i!' looks beautifu l with a Ill'W cOllt of club held theil' thil'd meeting Those pI'a nt lnclud d Mr. and 1'("' P l' tU lll al'~ ~60 , OIl Mag~i e Burnett al'C visiting fl'i\'('('uvet'injt nicely. white paint. Wednesday afternoon at the 1'''~' m~1I1 Ill' n oU' 1.r.O~ . ()O MI·~. Mitchel Whit and family, 1<'11)","r8 ~'lo\ ,., , & (1 f;v{' ,tt Early spent Thur day in 'rh hl'~ WI' II bl' a pro(~' III I'n honol,' home of Ruth onlner . After enl\. in Hillsboro. Lebanon, Mr. and Mrs. WiJliam' Til e SOlO .• . ,., ,GO , , eo 11'. and Ml's. How'al'd Archdea - op mng . . h th e 4-"U Bo ng th e Columbus, of Fnt.hc:r's Day ot the ~unday WIt Ula Members of the A rgunot bridge Hauk, Harvey burg, Mr, aud Mrs. Itt!tllnd on Olla . , con wel'e th "'u sts of r elatives at lb ' d t d H(' filnd on Gil. . 1.95 • ~ .8 ~.9~ Mr. Mlu'y ClIl'monr i I cov rhour next 'ull da y mill'" jng ... u ua U81ness W8S con ue . club went to Cincinnati on W d- Lee Lov ely and family, Spring. ' I , . Buth",'vil1e n unday. D ' th e \Vor k perla . d th lnl{ (1'0 11\ .1 r f cent. I 111(' .8 lind MI S. Margaret J ohns and MI'. Ul'tng ' e nesday ond njoyed a -lunch on boro, Jam es Lovely, Edgal' Smith. Wll . RbI to .R1H'ncl • und{l~' \\;llh 1l' alld MI's. ,alvi n Longacre wer 'MI'. alit! 1111', R. G. Miller en- following demonstration wcre bridge at the home of Mr . J , O. Lenol'a Jenn Lovely, Norma LoY'1)"'".~I!.I I\'ug ij ." •• , • • $ 1,()fI"T,Or. nnd Mrs. ". F. lat'k ilL \\ lIyne - Dayton vi itot's Tu e day. tertaineo Il number of frie nd lit. g iven, .. rrect Postu re While Cartwright H yde Park. ely, Clinton Fannin, Lewis Thomp- "IIII'I I! nln l'y ,_ . 1.1[00.00 vmMrs. . 'tal)Ir.' y llnlley. Mr. and .'('veral pe:. OIlS ,from here , D,t . 8 steak roa t, last Fl'iday ev ning. Sewing," Mildl'ed Coolc; "How to 'l'I' ea" u~ n l' 8JtllllT 100,00 son, Lawrence Duvis an<l Jesse thread 0 needle, tie la knot and 1n,8ul'[I '1('0) .. , .. , 7 7,80 Mr. and Mr , Fl'~nk Taylor, of Pennington, Waynesville. Inl o ... · H , . . . .. . . ( 61.00 Mr . 'l'herlt~ ,Tones lind so n a nd the children II day exercIses !r'. U o yd Davis and family and we l' a thimble," Roxie Sackett; an Francisco, allt., arrived on " I 1'u'X . .... ...... . 14 , as Afte~ the thnner, hour a gel1era t.lIta II 1 1'~, ic fill el" attt'nded lumni FelTY hUTch undllY (! V nlng, Mjss Sue Crane visited friends "How to buy , a Co mmercial Pat- Wednesday evening f or a visit , PUI'"hfllJed , ,', nO,oo 11", lind 1Ih-8. ~'I'ank urmonyof n ar Ridgev il l . Tue. day evening. tern," Ru th onntll"; "How to with Mn" Edith Harri s and Mrs. good tune was enJoyed Ilnd Mrs. ,'cletlhullf ..... . 76,25 Piqua were wee k-end guests at alter a pattern," Ruth :Salisbury, LauI'a Mo sher. L o.vely and Ml': Un,derwood re- /'lU II"I I" II ' " ... ,. 71f14 , 1r. « Ived sevel'al mce gifts. 1'0_lalfe .... , . , . lhe home of Mr. Ilnd Mrs. Harvey MI'. and Mrs, has, A. Fi!!her. A g neral di$cUS iOTl of "What a . ~6 Prlntlnar ,., ... . White Rose, the depen- Burnl'l and al 0 called on Mrs. of incinanti, called on 'Mr, and onstitutes a Finishe,d ArticJ e," Mr. and Mr . Ha rry Patterson 4 , O~ nOnk HOl< n .. n l ~.2U I .. A"s'" 1)" .. _ dable Gasoline. J\la ry annony lin d II". and Ml1!. Mrs. W . H , Allen unday after- by the club closed the meeting. and daughter, ()f Blanchester , Mr. il.Oo. Dry weather Is favorable for l:Ha eh "k 'rill< ., ..• 3,3 ~ Eli Russell. \lloon. The next meeting will be held at and Mrs. Ralph Linn and daughter chinch bug development. Flowers IIn ti !)hrtll'R .. •. ,.,. 1 ~ 7 , 64 Mr. and frs. K e IeI' Graham M 1 1\1 J M K' f the home of Vivian amd Winifred' and Miss Anna Hoyle s pent Sunand daughter entertained MI'. and r, an( 1'8 , ()e c Insey, o . anneI', July 27. day at the Jr. O. U. A. M. Home 1t('(,.. lpl ~ "!I~e,' d frs. J ohn f yers and daughter , M~rrow, ., w ro ?nday guests ,of. _ _ _ ____ at Tiffin, Ohio. llI8bol'I!Nll,,"t $ 1. 218.57 L.diH' Dr-e•• ea, 70c In tead' of 19ht cents a bushel Bn,llltIC(' JUli e I , I harlotte of Dayton, to dinn I' MI S.. Ahe {cKlIIsey and MISS STROUD FA MI LY R:£UNION Men' a Suit. 6Sc Iq33 H;1,13 Miss Evelyn Furna was badly payment, less local admini trative Bn I 11.11 C J Uri I , unday. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. White Mennetta, Quick- fl> r quality drycleallill& scald ed Mondoy while carrymg a cost, the second wheat payment 1934 " .. .... . 1.7 9.70 and sons of ol umbus were even........... , 1.7 9. 70 L, H. G01'don hn a supply oJ ~ore than 75 lllemb ers of the kettle of watel' from the kitchen will be IIine cents a bushel Ie s A nl!h ing gue ts. cou ll te ,. ,.". 76~,3u • J Miss leo Hawke entertain ed at application s and qu stions f or tr'o ud famil y from Ohio, Indiana to the basement of her h ome. Mi 9 local co ·ts. Raising the payment G Sh"rl.'s Ling!), P r. Sto k .. 300,0 dinn er Wednesday evening in the 1.34 -8 6 chaueffer'$ Iicen e ex- and K entu cky gathered at Wayne Grace Hockett suffered a siJ'!li1a~ one cent add ~3.500,OOO to the H~81(l enc In amination. CL£ANERS Park on unday to ce,le brate the acciden t at her home. total of the second payment. The orwl n •. ,.,., 1.500.00 h nor of the birthdays of "Misses '11{J81l In MUlUn.1 sixtieth wedding anniivEl"Sary of first payment, n ow in the hands of " flom Hclen and Ruth Early. Other e , ... ',., 2.936,00 1is :! Jan nnd Jean Hartsock Mr. and Ml'9. E_ T. !'troud, on Ge orge Henkle, son of Mr, and 'all growers, wa s 20 cent! ,a bushel NOI . • , .. ', , .. , 14.565.70 ~uest.s were, Mis es Bern ice Gra- spent Tue day night with their Route 2. Mrs , . D. Henkle, or Toute 3, wa ham and Mary Y oung. Total ' . . . " " .. ' ~1. 83,06 o gl'andpal'ents, M r,a nd Mrs. Car Mr. and Mrs. troud wel'e mal'- ; one in a group of more than 4,000 Onlnn o In rp tua l CBre Mr. and Mr!:l. Walter Kenrick roll Deathl·age. I?u n a ,11111 I, J9 3S .• . , $ ) •• 377,79 ried in P endl eto n counlty, Ky .• in studen,ts who ~ere .graduate.d from and James Haines spen t Sunday White RosePower beVnlrl In (lul"ll1g ~"r .. 260.00 1874 anll seven children were born Nelv ') O.rk Un~ crslty at OhIO Feld afternoon and ('vening nt th e hom fiss Louis ['anc lind h r to them there. In 1904 th y moved I University Heights, New York, all hind the enllne. BIlI" n l''' .Iun .. I . 11134 .•.... .,14.0 27 ,79 of Mr. and MI'S. W, G. Haines in guesL, 1is Bunnie Kellogg, 0/ Dayton. Their neph w, Robert Cinci nnati, spent the week.end to Wayne ville and untU recent Wedne day. Haines, has been quite ill, but wa with Mr , Maude Crane. ~:~~ ~~' ta~~fndg.wa9 nctively n- 1'I1~ss Anna O'Neall arrived :Crom : Improved. Sunday. Their daughtel', IIrs. H. Fl. Flonda on W~dnesday to spend W enden alis bury. who is spentt MI·s. Mary ~ c lure is visiting the s ummer WIth ~r. a~d Mrs, L. Ing the umm r with his grand- her sister, ill' . hidlaw at Duluth. Wadsworth, Mrs, George ud, of Dayton, Mrs. B, T. Vice, Mr , M, He~derson . MISS 0 Neall ~c- I •• parents, 1'111'. and frs , Alle n Em- Minn ., a nd will enjoy a fi hing trip rick , left Fr-idllY, with Ilis par- in anada before her I'eturn home Otho Henderson and Mr. Maude compamed Mr, W . ~. Kerser, MUls Phone No. 19 Crane and their ~ons, MI'. W. E . !EVelyn and the MIsses Ehzabe,th ents and 81 tel', Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stroud and Mr. Claude Stroud lind Elea~or . Clark, of Oregonia, Mrs. I. D. Ha rris, of entervill e • ali bury and Mi Miriam. of Davidson, of were all present at the reunion all ' trom theIr trIp south. abina. for Chicago and a :lew and Ml's. Jam . Chicago, ate g ue. ts of Mrs. Alice Sunday. d ys visit at the World's Fail'. Mr. J. S. Filer, of Ferry, Mr. Mrs. Margaret Johns, and lit. MeKin se ~t and Miss H enrietta, toand Mrs, Harold Filer, of near Bell and Mn. ' Earl Thoma and son. day. G.. M.d. of Se'...... brook. M rs. Gladys Haines, of CorWarren, attended the Meade8e'l'l'oge Is used to make gas. Of Idn, Mr. J. S. Hartsock at .WayMr. and Mrs. Ronald Hawke and 111gb heating vnlull. It 18 nl8() u ell neeville and the Misses Eileen and Dailey reunion at Dayton Thursday eveni ng in which Mrs. John's son, Frank, and Mr. Harris Mosher 10 drive el1gln~ Lol Cornell of Dayton, atunday guClSts of Mr. and little grand·daughter, Vivian were tended graduation exercl ell at the o Gravel Where is thy Johns was one of the PI' formers, Mrs. F, C. Hartsock and family, at Group loans t(J financc project incinnati Bible Seminary Thursvictoty? activities of 4-R clubs Ican now be day. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Whitakel' Milford. obtained from the farnl credit adentertained several "friends at 6 Death,t Where is thy Miss ,E mma Heig hway returned ministration, ,throuJh ,a responsio'clock dinner and bridge Monday Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peine sting? in honor of Mrs. Percy Simpson home on Wednesday alter a visit ble adult. The minimllm amount and Bon, Richard and Mrs. Bertha P ope veral days . with Mrs. Emma that can be loaned,; through local Brickett, of Toledo, were weekand Mrs. Frank Reid of Wa hing- of Barn tt and MI'. E. V. Barn hart, production credit aSSOCiations, is end gucsts of Mr, and Mrs. , Howell ton D. C. who ate the house A steadfa t faith re,60. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard at Cincinnati, Peirce. On Monday they motored moves much of the sorrow in Tinney of near Waynesville. to Oxiord to attend the commence of J)arting, by teaching Mrs. Henry Foulks, awed 76. ment exercises at Miami Univerthat death is only a tran. pa sed away vel'Y Buddf)nly Tuessity. Mis Mary Louise Peirce, day morning at her home here, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Raysition to a better exi.aComedy, Micky McQuire in after ah iIInes8 of several month s, mond Peirce, is a member of the tence. It is our task to graduating class. • Mrs. Foulks had been a life long make !;.be' last rites symre ident of Lytle. She Is survived bolie of this faith, a leaveMr. LaMar Earnhart entertainby her husband, two daughters ed at a 6 o'clock dinner undaY' taking made serene by and one son, Mrs. Mabel Warner evening at his (:abin a8 a surprise <If Middletown, Mrs. Imo LinneTthe nS8urance of a future in honor of his father's birthday. man of Da}>ton, Wilbur Foulks of rEunion. The guests were: Mr. and Mr . H. Lytle and several grand children . B. Earnhart, daughter and SOft, in Funeral service was at the resiMr, and Mrs. Madison Earnhart dence Thursday conducted by Rev and sons, of Dayton; Mr. and Mrs. Dibert, and interment in Miami ---''--.-:.-~-"-......- -~---1_~__"....,_----II+e,emetef" , Karl Babb and son, of Xenia; M.I'. and Mr . Ernest Earnh art, daugbter and son; Mr. and Mn. E. F. Ohio Earnhart and childred and Mr. ~ White Rose, the depenVo.J. N , A . and Mrs. A. R. Earnhart and sons.







t I ===========:--::::









A Symbol of Faith

W 4YD•••1118, 0111.






"Wheeler and Woosley" ,

"HIPS--HIPS·.HOORA Y" . "The Touchdown"

Sunday•.• Monday, June 17···18


J. E. 'McClure

Katharine Hepburn

"LITTLE WOllEN" .dd.d

Columbia Sna pmota


dable GalOline.

28 LIGHTS AND GAMESt LI""'W!l "M~;ItIC A , AN'I A111;'1'1 CA, JUDe. (vIa Macka)' Ha.llo) -ADd wbat do )'OU t,blrlk WI! Itl:" till lo no-w 't Arooe r)' , rio "'MII! ,


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work - lecture. and Itud)' on tile lH!or II 01 tblng. neCesSal'3' tor UI to k'lOW down bere, Theae Itudlea hove a lomewbat greater value wltl! us now than our work did We are not alllult ily ~ nOuliOtI; ar· wben we were In Ichaol or coil ese, IOWI around ),el bUl Wtj are ~uIDK to. Lut nlghl Co~mllllrt"l N"vllie Tbe knOWledge of lOme tltUe tact 0 / climate. or trlell or the Ice. 111&)' unounced thlt. If ,we nave an), lIave our lIves l ome da,. You 8hould bear lOD1ot of th. dll. Ume at a ll to pi )' arltJl 1lI .. lI un com.1 baCk nelt Augus t. We are culalonl thlt 'take place. 'rbe), ant ,01111 to have an 8.I'Cbery conlell, II held In loud voice. a nd range Our dog Bled men ana I!:agal \.:01, dee" and lenalbte ~blt080!)h1 ~Ilr carpenler.are ulILklll8 a conll,'ete to rldicu/oul lbeO'rleli acbout l'I&, ,011, and keeping tropl· outfit ot bOW 8 anll a rrows ana. a rc b, 81'3' beIng one 0 1 the mo~t rl lllicull cal " lib 01 eta.mpa, Speakln& of aDd acleutUlc o. II po I'lli. Il IlVlleal! stamps. some of tbe pj~opl e who buge.,)' to thlli particular crowl!. I seol coverl dOWD here. lalt )'ear t b a \I g b t t\18rl! s bould be recelvlDg tJ:lem ba.cll DJlglll be a "· a bout now . properly and li a r prubl;un con (lUI own nMlI letters eb~uld be a1'lI8I:ted wltb our I'1vtng, About 'a lbl rtJ or' the 'mall ",rcbery acUvlllel we brougbl With III or wblcb ar· but t b e c r a IV a rtweo 00 the Hear of Oak laDrt. went lalt nlgbt Qul!:kly bac.ll, on ber 10 ~'ebTUar)' fLnd IbOllld :!Olveo It. II 00- b• .-eblol Iu delUnatlon at thll curred to IDe 't aal Um .. 'I'be reat will comll out with II anyb04)' IhOt ui out Jo'ebTUary-1t we come out. at a tarlel and Evel'3' ol,bt there II a 10Dg loud ml.leII It. til e at' dllcuaaloo- enUrel, rutlle-on the Rlohard B. Blick. row would travel probabl e date wheD the good old of . Orand Fork., a lolll: UDder t'be "agablp. Jacob Kill/pert. wll) cODle N. 0., Surv.yor ,now flnd "teaming bnclt , to tllke UB borne. be fouod, I wellllon.m tnl8 and It Will tbe ICII pack De ,too tblck and . W88 det:taed to liang a couple of bIg tougll ror ber tlO get th/'ough Tit : p'eces ur beavy canvall In back of 80 we 'l ball bave to spe'nd at leut l the largeta and thUi! make lbe ar' another winter on Lbe 1C:e-- maybe roWI drop gently onto the aaow. tWG,or three, ,waab. wllat u thGUClltr 80 wal.Ch ont for detailS 01 the lou!' Hut It'a a p08l1bllll)', . oament of tbe t:Joutb Pole Archer)' Our outdoor work II all over now Leag'lIe Uirel! or four mooUlI from and we are delloltel, Inldoora tor 1l0W. lbe nelt three ,molltb_lIt1i1Oners of We . bave lOll or other LOurQa· UtI! a,t orma and darkneu-.,..](cept In ,meDu. ' Half ' ollt membera are the tew calm boura WileD we aan l)ltcsae Genii. aDd 10Dil .aDd loud are ~lIe abort, torehU,bt8d wailla , or the argUment' and " poat morteml" alll tripe for Dovelty andl eserer.., after, our evening games of "con· 'I'be varioUl lrroupi are tremeDd· tract." We Drought 40111'0 with UI oUII, bUl, maklnl dellllite plaJ18 .. I.ta of !JI. fucl~aUDI aDd tan- for !JIe Ilichte, tractor Itrlpe. 40a tallallll number pUIa/e, "Imp," and. s l - . )GUrD.,1 and oUle'r UplO,. 10 addlUoD to Lb. um. apent Indt· tloal aDd eetantllc queata aest ,Iduall, worllll1l out Ul. vanoUl epnol ,autumn wlUl YGII) . 'I'llMe comblnatloo8, we are 10lDI to Dve IIlaol .-11\ be pUbllab ed bj,re dUrin, lOme recular contuta for prl... the winter nl,bt- and ttI,en lbey11 BoIDe of 'Ule IClenUlte Dye beco... all be cbauled. ~uClb .. -••te &monl espuL u.cqammon'l aa· e.plorerat oUlet 01 our rayorlte pUtilDel la Our club la lUll 11.0410 tile W. allO bave mon. members aow! If aDd do • 101 or naclllll. JoIDed. b, all meana 'rIae aclepUatt! pracUcall)' ariel' qu" DO eoa. or obllPtlOD. wor.tAI,' ..t,,, or da,. AD' ua. w., cant aDd our Itll lDap or jIUJr.a""U.l& til., oao eODOIatrat. CIA ..., wlU . . MDt If ,ou11 I. . . 01 "'1'000lIl1, or ........... DaIII. ud add,.... UiI • w...." .ultJea\. la ...... , ftdl ar ..... Ie rtbu . . ....1111 ...., ......... •. . . .,.aalu.

Are Your Tire. safe for SUmmerl DoIt'1 Porg,t D"",.,. oj S-." Growl ., R •• tls G" t H.II,,. Watch JOur epeed-lf yqur tInI an thID I Hot roids quICkly eap tlleir 'fatt--:-atnaath-tlu!y're liable to faU you at ..., moment. Better be we thaD eorry-put on Dew Goodyears DOW.

Come In-eee the Ilreater Talue we ofter bec:auae Goodyear Deal. ...u the IDOIt dtet-b, millions! DrI•• ill for a tin lnapecdOD, Ilet an aecurate report on tile coadidon of your dreI.



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Eighty..stxth Year






Whole Number 6128


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Man, Pal'U Of Th. Stata HaY. Had Good Shower. Which







Will Help Lat. Crop'

With the deadline 1"1' nUng petl. YALE OflllE WEst" A father sharp decline In crop tiOll1 lallt Friday, and leas than prospects for Ohio due to the pro· two months until the AUgUHt IH'ilonged drouth was shown in the mary, lines are being laid fn .. one Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Branstrator ' ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH June 1 report Issued today by ot the mOlt Ipirit·J(\ fights far very hospitably. welcomed the Fathel: Newton, Pa!ltor Glenn S. Ray, of the Federal Crop nominations witnellsed in Wcll\'On members and friends of the Wayne Mass at St. Augustine's Church DepoTting Sel'vie&. Since JUlie 1 county in years. Township Farmers' Club on June many parts of the State .have had Fifty-nine candldlltell have fllud 12. every second and fourth Sunday good showers which will be of help <3OtmI 01= ON sw.TE f the month. 'Petitions for variou <llTico'l in..! Iu.lAbout sixty partook of the ex· 1\,0,.,......, An.. A nAnlO',:( PICTUMl".L'QUE "'JiliN ____ to late sown spring crops, to !lome ing the central committC!lll. cellent dinner. The afternoon ICIJUII: ~ I<MK"'K= '--"'" ,-~ hay CI'OPS and to pasture. In several instances lCep<ll,)hcan meetinc was held on the lawn. OF lAKES. ANE FISHING, GOOD C;WIMMING AN:; FRIENDS MEETING Winter Wheat on June 1 gave BOJmNG. NON A SlAT£. ~RK. CAMP AND WAS BUILT MOQE First·day School at 9 :30 a. m. promia!! of 28,968,00 bushels com· incumbentl ,will be . opposed, while The annual electloll of officers llO lea8 tban five candidatell, two resultltd aa follows: J. Harvey PICNIC ~I AND COTTAGES. ' fJ'tltlAN A /Il?IJ. tTs ORIGINAl. Meeting 1 01' Worship at 10:30 pared with the May 1 forecut of on the Republicall and three on the Sackett, presidentj F. U. LeMay, ' ._ . / , ~ BUILDINGS WERE COPIED R<Orv1 a. m. 32,468,000 bushels. Production In Democratic aide of the fence have vice-president; Mrs. W. A. , /( ~"~ 1933 was 34,732,00 bushels. Tbe their eyes 011 the Sheritr'! offi~e. SwartrJel, secretary·treuurerj L. ( ! "THOSE AT1l1E EASTERN UNIVERSIlY. WAYNESVILLE M. E. CHURCH condition of the crop on the first Arthur Hamilton, member and E. Hockett and Carl Duke memr• .;7, .I-~N THE CAMPUS I9THE AR9l' Rev. G, C'. D'b t P'~ of the month aceraged but 62 per__ f"IQ~/,.......rt\I\A""""OF-n.I" I er. as ..... r former spe:sker of the House of berB of the executive committee. -\ ? uo~oc.V~'VKl HC:)I In'" hoir practice lit 8 p. cent of normal compared with 80 Rep,reaentative:s win be opposed by The program committee had Al.1.EGHENIES. Friday: percent on June 1. 1933. 84 per· T.C. (Tony) Patterson ot Leb· planned a James Whitcomb Riley • m'SundllY: Sunday school at. 9:30 cent on June 1. 1932 and 76 per anon. Both are Republicans. For program. R.oll call wall answered a. m. Morning worship at 10:40. cent. the 10 year (1932-31) avercounty auditoTI, Will R. Lewis, by "Quotations from Riley. Mrs. , .J The sermon subject will be. "A age. Many fields are reported to county auditor, will have oppo!i- F. U. LeMay gave a life IIketch of have snort !ltraw and the heads of tlOD. He is being opposed by Riley and Mrs. A. S. Collett read Wortt,while Vocation. Epworth wheat are rather ahort in numer' ..... League at 7 p. m. with ChQ1"les oUs I·nllt&nce-. ano tb er Repu bl Ican, .... eI on W I'l - a poem, "Wh en J 0 b n Left th e I ~ Bon, of Kings Mills. Farm." . Whitaker a s lead t. Evange istic Rye declined from 82 percent In the race for county com. The p:uelt entertainers were Rev It1QIifNlOTOS COURt- , / services at 8 p. m. of normal on May 1 to 67 percent miuloner. there are three Republi. and lrll'l. Tilford. of Xenla. ¥rs. ~=~ ~~ Monday: On .Monday of next on June 1. The forecast ill now calls and one Demoerat seekins Tilford P08le..e. a voice of rare ,. v'e k at 8 p. m. IS the regular time 644 000 bushels compared with a ~~ : : r te meeting of t~e olhclal Icrop of 688,000d bushelll in 1933. nominatloll. H. D. Bailey. of Frank (lualii)' and bas specialized in the lin, Scott. McClure. of Lebanon. old spiritual 8l>Ogs. She accompanTfJl: MEMOQJAl TO WIWAM McKINLEY. MA~ Wednesday: Bible t d d Oats aver.,e but 46 percent of and Jltmis Nixon 01 Lebanon are lea henel! on tile guitar. nn .., NT AI r ...: n./ IN AKRON IS'rnE WORlD'S GREA1tSf BUILDING OF prayer In@sting each ~~d~es~~y ntloornmaoln' tl'beecolrOdw, eMstanJyUneoalt c~nelddis' tile RepublicalUl; Walter A. Seiker "Rev. Tilford pve an "up to lYR£D YI<CStDE I IN !;~ILI\WN \Jt:J'.tT£K1, ~ISTYPE, IN IT WERE BUlcrlllE. AI~IPS AIa<oN II of Springboro ia the Democrat. ,-the minute" talk on pre$ent day :11 CANTON. 'f$A SN:R£D 9HI2INE VISITED BY AND MJ~N. tTaMRS 8l$: ACQffi AND 'MlILD f.UD lit 7 :30 p- roo !show a poor stand. the growth is For IIheri«, there are two Re· litoationa .nd problems. He. ex· llOJSANDS. ASERJES OF&AUTIFUl REllIEWOOl~8UILOING AND1tjEWASHINGlON WAYNESVILLE CHURCH OF extremely short. and the crop is publicans. William Rufford. in- pres ed himself with a humor and FlECflNG POOL~ AND A'GREAT FliGHT OF ~Jr.NU.jl'-UT ""'i'THE SAME TIME. ITIl' UI'Ir'V'TlIII...1 CHRIST already heading in several loca· eumbent and CharI" Ellil of Leb.- cood fellowllhip that although one crrrnl' I r'AI'I ~ 'TUE MONUMENT: "IV 1'1 "'" ~I r.:> 1"1UKt: 111M!' t ies. No forecast of oat production anon, Democrat! in the race are did not thoroughly acr M at all ;;"P'i) I.UW IV In ® ur,wf:),IWO OIL co. tf'OIf/O 2(X) FEET HIGH. (Undenominational) will be made until next month. '· OM>~,...,. atjpllrAHtlo9tatbl S Chester A.. Willlam80n. Minlater ' The June 1 condition of Spring Olen Pursley. Mainville, ROJ Fite, times it ,,&8 taIIen with a laugb. Lebanon and J . Robert Baker. A friendly ceneral diacu ..ion Evangelistic services now going Wbeat was 48 per cent against 69 Wayneaville. followed tbe projffam. on. Evangeli tic D. R. Dunn I percent one year ago and 80 perFor clerk of courts there is one The cueat lilIt included Mrt, preaching nightly, ervices begin cent,. t.he ten·year a.verage. Barley Republican alld one Democrat. C. John K. Preston. BQn aad daurhter DEATHS at 7:46 p. m. Pt'ogram for Sunday; conditions on June 1 averaged 46 C. Collins. Republlean incumbent. Irfr. and Mra. Ota Hidy, Kr. and IJun e 24, Church School at 9: 30 lpereent compared with 63 percellt and Harry Palmer, Muon. Demo· Mra. J. L. Mendenhall. M Ch a r1otte V . ",m ' ea, d 70 , a. m. Lord's Supper and sermo n th on June 1, 1933 and 81 percent, j rs. t . and Rev. t have 81e d pe titl onl. cra, ,and Mrs. T iIt ord. died at the home of her 80n, Iby B1·0. Dunn at 10 :30. Christian, e en· year average. ROil Hartsock, Waynelville, He· The club will meet in July with Fuunce, on root.e 3, TUI!sday even. 'Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. Lola SearB, Pastures on 'June 1 were very publican. and Inman Munger, Mr. 1.1111 Mrs. A. S • .Collett at ina. The funeral servil:e i being Leader. Evening evangelistic ser- poor .alld in plaees had little feed Franklin, Democrat, will make tbe "Hole In the Wood.... h ld this afternoon at Lhe res ivice at 7:45 p. m. Sel'mon by BTo. l!tt 10 them. The averare con eIlrace for county treuure.r. • - • dence. Burial will be mnde at Bell. Dunn, Meeting continues. The 110n on June 1 was only 1i1 perFor proHcuting attorney, the brook. . church whet'e you feel at home. cent of normal compaTed with 89 namel of two Republicans. C . Donr---perc-ent one )lear .,0. 72 pereent aid Dilatullh. Incu.mbent. and WIl. Mr. and Mrs. Ot. Hldy spent Miss Roma Hardin is in SpringST. MARY'S ' CHURCH two years ago and 82 percent, the 1Iam E. Hofer, of Franklin 'Will the week-end at Springfield. Ted. infant son of Mr. and Mrs. field taking a course at bu Ine s ten.year average. appear on the banot. Vernon impson. died at Good school there. )tev. J. J. Schaelfer. Rec~~ Apple prospects at thi. time inFor . surveyor tbere ' ill be Sam Mtases Tri11ena and MargaT~t Suma itan Hospital on Wednesday ; . .. Fourth Sunday after Tnnaty, dicate a light crop. The averale D. Henkle, Republican Incumbent, Edwards spent Saturday in Dayton moming. The f uneral nervice was MISS Fran~s Hall. of Walmmg- June 24. Chu rch Rc~ool at 9:30; condition on June 1 was 80 }lerand Roy S. Burroul'ha. Democrat, . The" R CJobs of Warren county ' M~. and Mrs. M~r Hyman at- held at 2 o'clock this afternoon ~~' A~' tb~ week-end guellt 01 rviee at 10:30. when members of icent of normal with 66 percent ODe of AlFrlan kHIID' d are IpolllOrln, a tour to the tended abridge-shower at Xenia, (Thursday) at the Mc'CluJ'e Fun· IS Ice ops. 18Waynesville Lodge N 163 F. & year ago, 49 percent tw.o years_ro . en utlman, county reeo~ er World'a F at Chiearo thla lum. Sunday e.vening. eral Home, Rev. G. C. Dibert. Miss Etbel Mendenhall spent A. M, are invited to attel1~ in ob- and 63 percent, the ten-year averwI11 be oppo••d in tbe Repubhean mer. aceordlng to County Arriculofficiating. everal days last week with Mr, servance of St. ~aptlst D!'y' jig for lune 1. . primary by Geo .... S. JohnlOn of tural Agent. Lester J. Miller. Mias Clara LUe is visiting her • - .. and Mrs. Harley Plyroir~ Peaches suffered very heavily ~banon, while lira. Van Horne. July 12-13-14-1& haa been Ie. alater, Mn. N. P. ClybuTn at FERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST from the low winter temperatures. wldow of the late county suneyor. lected for thil date tour which wUl Wuhincton C. H. Miss Marjorie Earn.hart is villit. (UndenomiutioDal) most buds and, in some Instancea, ing her aunt. Mrs. Karl Babb and , Chester A. Williamson trees themselves beine kiUed. Th. h.. filed her petition for the Demo- be ov~r the Ble Four Route. The cratle nomination. route and time of the train is u Mr. W. E. O'Neall, of Orlando, family, at Xenia, this week. Unified service beginning with June 1 forecast is for a crop of A. newcomer iDto county p~lI" follows' I Fla., af!ived in town on Tuesday Miss Alice Hall, of Dayton, call. Church School at n.'30 a. m. Lord's 182,000 bushels compaTed with the tici Dr Herschel Williama B e ' for a visit. d h ... ., light crop of 456.000 bushell l..t J.a,. II Ret.ra Jw.. 14-11 eveni1lc e On er aunt, l'Oiss Kate Hall, at Supper and sermon at 10:30. Ser- year and 1,223,000 bushels the 6Lebanon ....11 ofer op1<6 . Publican f{; • , ... Franklin, 6:10 a. m. 6:&& a. m. Ralph Vance , and son, of the Frlendll Home. on Friday. mOil "ubject, "Questions Answered pOlli on to the present county cor· Middletown 6:B~ a. m. 6:40 a. m. Pleasant Plain. were guests of Mr. I .. • and Lessons Taught in the Trans-. year averare. oner, Waldron C. Gilmour. Mauda 6:40 a. m. 6:26 a. m. and Mrs. J. C. Hawke. on Sun. Ml s~ ~orls H~nder~on, of C~n. figuration." You aI' alw~ys welPears give promise of a crop of For the Democratic eommlttM. Clncillnati 8:00 a. m. 6:80 a. m da),. clnnata. Issp e l1dmg thIS week WIth come at this churCh. 261,000 bushels IIgalnst 336.000 th~re are conteata In several town· \ This tour will enable people of . ' Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Henderson. _ ,_ _ In 1933 while the foreeut of a'IIPS . ' the objective being th •. COli" Warren county to spend two fun Mr. and Mrs, Rellmsn anddaugb. The Waynesvj}Je Merchants lost Cherries is 2,745 tons compared trol of the central committee: da- at the fa)'r. The entire tour ter. of Dayton. called on Mrs. their first game of the season last work Missas Alice Qonl will instart ber with 2.806 tons last yea!'. . summer school structor RI ch1.1'd II • C ox .and S • M. 11.... ie J~ arranged so that all aceomodo- .... m.aqare t Ma rti n, Sun day af ter. SUlliiay , when the Be.lmont Mer· . • - Deerfield townahlpj D. W. Billhop tiona will be taken care of even to noon. chants gave them a real trounc- in Wilmington College, on Monday . MEASEL-PENNINGTON d tour ' is to\u O!u; ::: In a beautiful ceremony amid an HamUton; Roy II. Comba and AI· $11.60 for adults and '8.70 for for several w~eks ill slowly im- have .theil' ,~ad day whe.n they were Emmet Wise at Norwood, Sundal'. lartistic arrangement of oak lea•• bert Ertle, UDlon; Kel1ar lIoak chUdren under twelve years ' of proving • meehn". thIS team. 01 course w e . . and cut-garden 80wers Mlsa B..... Dnd John P. CIUDDlha... Wa,.e: ..... This colt oven transporta. . ' klIew that they would have a ba.d Mr. C. H. Kuns. 01 Chicago, Ill., The Wayncsville Troop No. 40 • •nice Pennington becam& the bride Jobn BIa,..r and Carl Belehler. tion bot!) wayaj two adml.ions to Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Grijfy anli day ome time but ~a~ed to see It called .on Mrs. Mary ~dams at:no · Scouts of America entertained of Mr. !tUB el M. M~aael in Todd Franklin, Howard E. MC?"'ian the Fair, b,ua tour ' of Chicago, 80ns, Paul and Vincent. visited MI' wh'en w,e. w~re .meetlDlr Belmont. the Fraends Home, on Fnday after I th~r faihers at a banquet on 1H0u~e, Monday evenine, .JGne. 11, and Cora 1'ho~n, .....1•• John lodging at . hote]' for two nights. and ' Ml·s. Car] Connard at Dayton, Crew S 'pltchm.f: wasl very good .noon. I Monday evening. June 18,' in the ' at eight o ~clock. . ' E. HoldeD: Balem; Wilbur Hutt, transfer of 'ba,rage, entra~ce to on Sunday. a. tt~e , boys . ~bly gSltQered , five Miss Belle O'Neall ha removed 'social rooms of the Methodist! Candelabra holdmg lIfrbted taP.~Iearc,.ek, D, M. Adami. Wash· several attractil>nl 'on the groul\ds . hits off his dehvery and some of . L C H ' h h Sh rtl It 6 -3 0 '1 k ers added to tbe charm of tile ... Inrton. and Edwin Sotll Harlan,. and a Iree bor lunch comlnc back Mrs. Orville Gt.ay and daughte r, ~hosewere of the sCTa,tch variety. here 'from W~shang"on . . and ,c ure ' . 0 y a er . 0 c oc ' coratio,ns. Miss eell& 'It 8e1a • There are but three CODtesta KiM Barbara, viSited My. and Mrs. /l ou Weller the o~'I" Wavnes- taken room III the home of Mrs. a group of 38 made up of fathers, I -d Ch i'> N c t . '1th l!. , In on the' traln. The only additional A, .C. Bowman, at Franklin, 'Sun- ~ile ' boy cross t. h:/plate.r·;nd IMaRie Burnett. . onts dand toutta~Ofb-ltown 'lguestsl' wedre eLOI' P~Pnnnl'ns no+oon umr~el'c1' offtl_~ the Republican pl'imarJ for com· expenle would be ~our meals while d aft h' . .. I sea e a es c evere y e. ~. v ,,~... -'"' mlttee~lI: W. 1l.. Roward, Harlan In Chleago. ay emoon. , ! IS. dId n?t bappen unbl the .nlntb Mr. R. F. Hat1ield and Mrs. conted in the boy scout colora, and s18~r ot tbe brideent.ered 1:0 ·t ownshlp; Joaeph L, Davia, lJeerRuervatiou can be made at the Mr. and Mrs. Lindley . Mills and mnmg. Mlk,e le~ off with a 8I1lPil~. Mame Ratfield spent Thursday and khaki and red and soon showed the Itrams of 'MendelllllOblls Wedfield; C. E. Ha-:nerj 8t.lem; R. D. COllDt, Ar:enta oSce allytime be- daughter 01 Midland Michigan ,S atterthwaite smgled and Mike I Friday of last week with Mrs. C. their appreciation of the bounte- ding March. She wore putel print Van Meter: UnIon; W. 0. Penee. tween now and July 10. Last year were' we~k-end guests' of 'Mr. and stopped at second •. Both ·runners C. Watkins, at Cbilli~otbi) . ' OU8 banqu t dinner. •~ voile and carried a bouquet 1St , Clearcreek. R. E. LeJtoJ ud 200 people from Warrell Mn. G. D Mills. advanced. when .Snlltbsl)1l grounded Chas. A.ndel·RO O Sr, assistant pmk roses, larkllPur, and mignoDHarold Ham. Frankllft; Bd hoek mad. a li-,\t-r t'ou'" to th efa'~.' out to tl\nd. Mike sooted on Hart· MI Betty Shade and Mr. Mar· t er, ' had •che rae • f th etta. mua . Beou tr mas . a white 80wn of hea.". enhauer anc1 Wa Iter Shl• ld a. Ham U • _ , •. ." Mrs. Emerson Earnhart Mrs. sock ,s Ion". fly to rig h't and Tread- ,i on Wh'tak I er, . 0 f Dayt on, were fo th eveninar 0 whicbe I Wearlll&' ton; Harry M. ~ M..... ; John Fromm and Mise Ola' Hart. way fanned end ing the ball dinneT guests of Mr. and Mrs. MOTe ~rog e , ~ crepe and a tulle veil trimmed witJl as amf 11 r John C. Hawke, W.a,...; C. J, W... HOI PaVWIent. sock attended Eastern Star in- game. ' ' ris Grah,am. Tuesday evenin&,. ast· 0 ows: D'b t rose-point lace and. car'ryinir .a bo.... Mho. "-1\ ...... rtJ ,,-Th B i t b ~ d' t" nvoca, Ion , ev, I er . goner an d GuJ~' pe· , 1"\.0_ s~ection ,at Dayton, Saturd'a y e e mono oYe s:~ore 1n .,e M.essrs; Orvilie Gray, his father. Welcome to Fathers ... Leo Conner. quet bf white r~se8 and Itll~ of creek, aDd FNd Rqerneyef, uue D . Irt, nlrht. I . , f o r th-etr first. :Pu.tterbaugb J. T. Gray Chester Car y and Response .. ,.... ..... .. Ronald Hawke tbe valley, the brIde entered atOll•• k Rbi' d d h b II R d' J b R The groom entered with hiS beat Washington. " smgled. Went to seconld as Tread- F _ _ ____ e Judge Abel Reisinger, of Eaton \\ray threw Johnson out. Hoefling ran 0 .ns?n at.ten e t e a ea lng .. ... ......; ...... 0 n unyon man Terrence Meuel hit' broth. . FhIal adju.tmenta have been and his son, ' Roi Reisinger. of doubled and Putterbaughstopped game at ClIlcmnata, on Sunday. IAdd~8S ...... MIddletown ScouteT The ceremony w~ ormed made in the Com.Hop: eontracta In Canada, have been guests at third. Boomer then s ingled SCOT· I Mr and Mrs Stanley Se)lars ~Beadlnfig ··I·"R·.... : . RoFrbert llsymatn by Dr Wi.lliam J Huich:::'prr-ul - n coual-.. A~rdln ... to tbe . wee k·.... EI'las 0 g1eg· mg . P utterb augh all d ' Hoe fti ng. and Miss . eeelveB ' omd Mcou " of BeTea Colleee. . ....._.I , Wa U,. ~I' . ..... - . ... 0 ...... r. Brady,. of Lebanon, and I " . ene.. I:!! 11 h- ent t U · AUotment Committee. the I:on- bee. . Schalnat singled an~ Boomer stop- I Rev. and MT8.. J. J. ~chaetrer we:re T~Ir;:.... .:.:·,:::::·,:".::·.:·:".. ~::.r WiI1~a~lS Miss Pennington I. the dau...... . tracta are beiDa tJped and ~ Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ker.sey and ped at ucond. Sane w~t out, dinner lUests of Misses Annie and .' Spring Valley of Mr. and ~r9. H. C. PenalDctoD The Idle",Ud Blrthda, club met ~ ~w::. ~e =4e daughter. Mise Evelyn, Qt Ore- Tbompson to SatterthwaIte and Mame Browne at the Friends As an additional feature. of of WayneSVIlle. Slie is .. erad_a .t the couatIT home of Mr. and:' 1l if ~ m~ gollla; called on Mr: and Mrs. R. both ru~ners advan~ed to s,e cond Home. on Sunday. interest a motion picture film. of Berea Collep:e, (e.... of '11) f .... 0 Mra P L. BeaaoD, o. the eveDinc • .. al'ND COUD Y H H rt k 'd f U S d and third respectlv.,ly. Thomas I· 'is D t A F' Id" and has for several yean b ...... ot jun~ U celebrating the ' birth. Ih()lIld ree. . thefr em adjut· • i a 1I0C an am y. un ay walked ftllh1g the bas~11I but Crews Sunday afte.rnoon callers of Mr, cou~ a~ ar th r~.eo ~. I!istant matron at Ladl" IIell. days of OPal Reason aad Davia payment 111 about thirty day- even ng. ground~d to short, for the' third out land Mrs. Samuel Butterworth wa~hll ownl lnn:r :::~ Mr. Measel Is the 80D of 2ft' Fum... · , Aceordilll to Mr. ·MIll.r, count, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davis, Mrs. Belmont again &cored in ' the were: Mr. ~nd Mrs. Jim O'Dell a!,d from e F::nkli~ o;;idd~Il:::n and . and Mrs_ ~enTy Meuel of Som": , r'n Valle.' . set, Ky. He finished hie jualor,.. All of 'the meDlbera were pres- qricu1t"ral acent, the tamlers Mame Hatfield and Mr. R. F. Ha~ fi~th. Wlth one down , Plltterbaugh famtly, ~ISS. S~rah Burnett, Mus ent aad quite a number of vi.lton. will be nodi". come to the head 1e1d attended memorial services tnpled and 1IC0red w,ben John.on Ant,ha Danwlddle and Mrs. Mabel Sp 1 g Y• _ • of colleae work at B.raa .. 11M A tew mulieiaU' were here from quarten fa tIl.1r tcnraallip to of the I. O. O. F. at Lebanon. filed to right. Tben with two dowD Dillwiddie of Dayton, and Mr. and and be II now cOGnected wItJt ~ Ciaelnnatl and fu.miahe.1' 1OJIl. the tlDal ......ture on their Sunday afternoon. Hoeftlng alngled. Bo(!mer sinrled Mt'S. Burnet of Leb· M alonl To Attend Prudential We lnaulanee eo.. very nice Hledlo.... eoDtnw:t. Bel... of contracted and both Hored on Laurens' two anon. pany at Danvlll.. KJ'. ' The men preMllt aCral for , . . . . or mula. of Mr, and Mrs. R. H. Hartsock, bue errqr. Sine ftied to c.nter reMG' Mary'l Out of tOW1l petta were lit. aad C 'd the pri.. ftcht that w.. ha, will be a b" ladue• •Dt for ..... John Fromm and Mrs.. Lena tirinc the side but there were five lIr. an.d Mh~' Harry th inniS • . Mn. Terrene. 11....1 of LexIJw.. e that evenl.. all l&?men to tIleir ftnal Rartlock. attencJed the inspection runs over the plate in the fourth are spendanr t IS e home ton .... Je.le ...... ~e retrealun~tI cona.ted 01 .....ure IUId eoo.,.,.te · In thll of Aealia chapter at Masonic Tem· and tfth Inningl. The Belmont of Dr. L. B. Hall urln: t~nd aD- Members Df Wayne.vUle lodge ,of ' . . . IIIn. R C. ream cake and etn.......... · procra",· pie, Dayton, on Thursday evening. team again aeOTed jn the ninth lienee of Mr!. Hal an c ren No. 163 F. 6; A. M. have received • Icel : wa. 'deel4ed to . . .to . Fort PlaaJ ebeek-up .110.,. that War· Mila Vlqlnia Hardin left Sun. when SIDe, fint man up ~rl a~ ~illtdlr,:he -;renta o~ Dr, an invitation trom Rev. John J_I Ie leale . . . - 4 tilt .... eomat, wID reeeM eel u4 IICIOred .. Thomu waa a, r. an ra.. m. a. a Schaelrer, pastot of at. MarY'1 Hn. ...... Ane nt wo~!.!'...._~...... ......, ,.'0,000 II the cia)' for Oxford, Ohio, where Ih. on Laurene error Thom.. Wtllt Weat Lafayette, Oh10. Epiaeopal Qhureh to attend aer- II... __ day Oil _ J ' , . • __ ' pleted a4 ...., II atteDdiq wlllmer a e l t o o l . · . _.. • S.L. I' - .. Etta PI-. ~_"!!. ... Laella laue, alld eeeond Oil a rid pitch to third en Mr. ud lira. I. Q. Gon., VIces at that _ureb Ull_y morn- wore • tIIIIn1... P. 1.. ....... ...,. . .__._a. .... enteNd IOlaool there oa a leW.n chole. aad ROred 011 Mr. ud lira. J. B. Goill and lDC, SaiIlt Johll Baptist Th· j..l.... ______ • - - Zl....thalen 10ftI' 11' to ..-.r Hila ~ Goa eatertalaed at service atarttnlr ..t 1. :a8, ill 0........ which ended the aeorl..... dillner on TlleedaJ. Ja4re Ab.l Ill. ~ I helle. . till. ......... or Baton, 1Ir. 801 ReIs An appropriate . . .0 • ..,. Mr.... tile

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Idlewild· Birthda, CI b M e Th'u rMla,


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1..-------....;1 1 ----------------.. · s OM 1"'HE WARREN N EW

lUll Ga~ t hin fe-Jlv w? Gillman, tMetor), orker of lAb. S"b rlbe for The nobv,d)"d h(' t uul ~m,ugh fo l' that. " anon. " I\U llnl' \'<! hi" nllmt'. !IiI. lind, Charle, Loyel.,... punch pre.. th..,r!!' no denyin' he'- drunk. Bun operalor ot Dayton, alld Mr.. Mar Ilet was lilway a hf'ttin ' tool, l>ir, c lIa Pre"el. of FrankHn. (tr unk (l r ~ob er. O'y e mind hi With Reliabl. Serum wllgel' on ap' n axb)' " Blu e Boy R••I E.t.t. Traa.I. . and Virul Lv dilanc Judge An derson' h J Sparrer Ora. by t\\ 0 Icngthl!-COinmo n PIe.. prjxeedia r In the ca e of J ohn N WaRer William S. Norria to T Oma8 . At a rea.onable price anti al l eC llnse he wa tit out with . ' nnd Clarice Wager ve rsus' Cather. ~nd Sarah .E. Stanle~, 131.16 acres I n th ca~e of T he · tat~ ( (Ohio II~ F. Wager, et al; confinnlitlon, m Frankli n towllshlP· lh .. judI( '." " II 's 8 Cool. d " i1 a doubt of V(lr u Ch rl l'. Le1!tcj' A ll n. AI ~ dl!ed a nd distribuct.ion. J uhn M. !;klnncr, O~ aI, t o Atwe ll Ph_ 17R4 ill But wh "s h laying a wager in (hwa~h w app. in t,ed g uard to ltl th case of C. C. Eulass, ad. McCray, 100.04 acres In llllrla D [hi ' affair? And why against Rug- a .I. l m tran P?l'ttng t he d fen- mini trator de bonis Tlon with t he township. , _ ~ gleston'! And " hat. do\:s he know dunt t o the OhiO tat(> R f01' n! - will ann ex d of the e tate of Mar· William McCandl 8 ~o W. C. . of it? It i · public pJ' operty- c m: trY. . t ha J . Richartl son, deceased. ver· and Emma Lewis, r cal e tut~ in HA)1TF~R V. bllll ~tOl'Y-llgO "18t my word?" mo n talk ? It so, Hard wiu put a tn th case of T b ~ tat 010hlo u W . Ch e ter Maple, execut or at lea rcreek township. "('altn rOlllself. sir," retut'ned top to it" Everett Frye, W. E. Ora· the e tate of W. F . E ltzroth de· J C S· l o G Ol'g J , YUII . lIW t h e can, II e ~n u f · B111' J .y. "0' - Pqt t I ' !\ po ken "Bunnet'' _ got his rea~on8. Reas- . . • d d t 0 asSUl . t cea ed, t aI, the plaintiff . "is grant. Waterhouse ameli . 6831 a acr ~ In Wayne. HAnd .l a,ol' ~Jl;lm. was.ppo.lnoe guar ' d w\1h ~' OUI' u\\ II f!y ~~ .. he ad- word a1l A'l)nd a lin)' other It n· on n oug h tOI' him ir H '11 wnl. m tran portatlng the defendant to ed leave to file J'eplv to the answ· h' " . J . n hon d to Bi!n B ar- ter' down anyth ing, Hamm tl ('man 'a Wl'ltl dNI. r t Us '•he Ob'10 tate P e m't eo t'lary. ers of W. Chester Baple and Le town .Ip' d d to "At n)n f ull puce" ir; nnd 1 y no III tter what lIalll s ' yer 'i mayb tor Illv 0' the doctor In tbe CII e of Hurry Oti Me· V. B li e. LI~han F . Moon, e~ea8C, wi th th' I ft h~IMlI Ill' denn 1\'; Wilh hon t: .may givl' to our lit.Ue agree ~ nd maybe for fear. nd ir J u.m. lung vers~s 1!=th el Ilonl! Dlldley, In t h ca of William P . Stagge !'Iattle Barbee, e t ai , inl ol No. 294 thf1 right - all a~ cu"y a en czin' m nt In .a moment ox exciteme nt. " Rec nd butler, he was t enin° et ai, applIca tion. to buy b9 nds ersus Sam 'layman , cause is di s. In Lebanon. ir:' 'm here to-nhl'ht to put money in me thi mornin' there'll consider. granted. miQ ed. Elizabeth Brant., d ceased, to I. mRzin'! nd who':\ t~e p r~on y ~. poc~et. I'ir; an~ n1aybe a f w a bl feeli n' among l the so-called I.n !he calle of The Miami ,:,al~ey Alice M. Shawban, inlot No. 124 '" iIIiltl( t." w8'l:el' . aK'Aln ~t thl gumea III my wn. . gentry hereo bouts aga inst t he n ew Buddmg and Loan A811oclatJOn N ew Suit. in Morrow. ROOT FOR A"D CONlle" m~1 kS1ll1I1I s u~c,~; \0 the 1.. ue of I H~ told the .. ory. of th off Ir, him treatin' them versus. J . E. Eberh rt,. e~. ai, conAlice M. Shawha.n to C. P. rour Cattle, bop, ,b••'p and ...,,~ to Norrl.. Broek Co•• Ii... thl ah- a.f f8lr. t b lIH'~n the wtld Highlander and Imore off.han ded no.l' they're ac. Brma tlon, deed and dl tllbutl on. An na T eniJi versu s Be1)jamin Krohn, inlot No. 124 In MoJ'Ow. • ••lve ftrm for til. ' ... Ii The Uiv I ncr _ pok,~ a name. . apt In the ¥onorable P ter Rug· customed to. aptom Rugglesto n The case of G eorg~ .J , Water T nill, f or divorce. Oharge is ex· J. W. Kibler to C. P. Kro hn, pro prtce, and !rood.. .. 32.1l acres In Salelt1 township . maXet Damu th~ fellow.I crl~ SqUlr ,gil' Lon; anll to that h added a n- Ispilt a glas 9' negus onto Bunnet' house v~r8u Jame Ir~l!, Leffel" treme crUelty. Ullloa Staick Yarde' Cl••laaatt Q. Bunnet. "Ith brlghteniOg ey 8. oth r tory, the s cond being an ' we kit IS8t night a n' did n't even on, a mlllor, et aI, partit Ion order ' . R 0 F ' h Tune in on Radio Station un made a fool of me in court, ab.olute creation of hill brnin. He lexpre s hi regret 0 the econd. ed. Protiat. CollrtLydia E. ~UkY to oy , ~~c , U :25 to 11 :30 p. m . tor our daD, and a bigger fool ot himself. I'll aid that he had been ordet'ed to Ibutl r was tellin' me wlJilst. treat. In the ca e of RoSl R. Hartsock, 82.33 acres In Wayne tow ns ~p . market r.porta. be glad to tea h him a Ie son t,. ' at·I'Y two cllndle~ to Madv r's in' him el! to tl'upenny,worth 0' a. admini tutor, d boni n on A copy of the entry determining William R. Morri s, by admlnl S" 1' 11 be glad to ~ e that myself. Toom, anel there had 10unrl Doctor ' UIS' "um Well sir you knuw with the will annexed of t he e tate t~e .inhe ritance tax in tbe e~tate of trator, to Roy O. Finch, 1'13.91 yer hon or, And about a g ntleman 'Hammer instructing th Highland- ' quire Bun~et'~ nal'un." of James C. ale, deceased, versus Lilh~!, ~oon, deceat!ed, IS to be acres in Wayne town ship. to hold th takes. ir- a gentl!'- 'r ill the use of pi stols. 'Maclv l ' "Did h e approach you in George J . Waterhouse, tat, con- cert lfie wl~hout delay. Melvin Townl!end and Ev )yn ,. 4 '" YEARS OF SERVICE m n of di~cl'eUon like yer elf, sir, had handled th wea pon as if matter'" flrm ation, deed an d distribution. Mr~. Marie H. T~ylor and Allen Towneend to W. S. Norris, 13 1.15 '" who'll keep a poor man's name ont nfraid they would explode in his I " Bunnet' He d id that, sir He In th e ca e of Wallin ita . Haag I Thlr kleld wel:'eappomted ~ember acres in Fran klin township. CARY~ of th maher?" finger: and de troy him . Re had waved his ';lOney i n my fae ( iittle versus ' m lam L. Hug, divorce to of the Board of County VIsitors. Atwell McCray to O. R. Bohache ~ LEBANON" OHIO " ]'\1 have one here, waiting for trembled like a leaf. t hough cold knowin' wh at I'd bee n h ea rin ' f r om I plaint iff. Care of child, te.. to In the matter of the ~ust creat- and Charles BihleTt, 16.0'1 aer es in the bold maju,r and his money." , ~ober. The fire-eating doctor had the second Butler abo ut a p'n Rug I plain tiff. Defe ndan t to pay $2.50 ed by Item I V. of the Will of Wal- Harlan township. W e ha ve a complete Barle.y produced gold and bank be()n cruel sharp with h im, curs ing ' g leston shootin' t h stem! out per week in a dvance beginning on tel' W'. VoorhiS, deceased. trustee Atwell McCray to Charles SkinW.tch R• .,.Jr S.nrlc. not()s, wbich f l'. .Bunnet cOllnted, like a logger. The doctor had I fro m under win gIll e at ten he 4th day at Jun e. authorized to purcha e bonds. n er, 29.iH aeres in Harlan town· Prices Reasonable nlade a note of, and pocketf'd. \gl'abbl'd a pi tol from fcfver'$ poces an' him urun k as billy· beI n the ca se of Audrey P. males . In the matter of the estate of ship. " And I'll ~ouble i~, Ben," aid t.rembling hand and hot the wick am.'" v !'Su!! ~harles . . males, ~vol'ce J ame. C. Sale, deceased, order of Ephraim Dimmack to, Loui BO~8 Bea da Restrung Mr.13unnet. Very fTlendly oC ~ou off OM of the can dles. Then the "Did t he f How s it?" to plamtlff. Care of child to ale I ued. . . a nd Mary Bore 39.114 scres 10 J(:welry Repai red to think of m in this connection: di traded MacI ver had pull ed '''r h money sit? I saw it -an' plaintiff until furth~lr ord er of Paul W. Tetrick, administrator Franklin township. " THE J{OME OF GIFTS" nnd r'lI not forget it. And yo ur trigger at t he oth I' candle nnd cover ed fo r ty p ou~d of it I;' court. D tendant to pay $7 per of the estate of ~Iora W. Tetrick. Flinn K. Reeder and Kati Reed , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _", name and t he entire mat.ler i safe made a hole in the c~i1i n ~. It had "The br oking ' f th win . week in advance beg inning on the deceased,. til d hl.s inventory. e r to Ev rett Re d~l' 63.07 aeres c. with me. That's om of the Boll· been a distressing exhibition. and 8 1a u a t ten paces" e 4t h day of . The will of Ahce D. Howe. de- i n Washington town hip. " Thi~ very mor~inn', before ceased, was admitted to ~robate. Herman ThiebeJl to Wililam Heb ington brandy at your, Ib?~t Ben. I Honest Ben had been lad to leave him wi~h a bangFrank M. HOWe was appomted ex- beler a nd Emma Rebb eler 17 acres Help yourself ; · and III Jom you the r oom. in a nip. It' 00 bad you don't. " If t hat r~d ·headed loon can't l ove r " out and pinch ed him. He left the ecutor, no bond required. Mrs. in Ha milt.on township. know the e xact tim and p la~e, fo r shoot, why th hell rlo s-he fight?' "And Bl.jOnet 'laid a wag er wit h warm bed, lit a Cllndle at the Adda Han~jnson, Georee . Hall and Velma B. Drake to Kal'l D. akin it. I~ ollld be w~ll worth ~~I~g." a ~ d lhe m ~jor. "Jf he's got you?" hearth , shaved and bathed ,i n ice. Kent La~r)ck were apPoUlted ap· and Ruth I. Dakin, real elltate in But w~ ca!, t hel~ learDl,n the ~ elther tb e Sk,lll lIor the , lIy for I " Forty ' pound. He ha d hundreds cold water, ' dressed in hill best, and praisers. . Lebanon. W AY"E!VILLE, OHIO r sult of It, Sir , An that 11 b Ilt, why doesn t be eat dll't? It's trenn '. Ask him ." spread t he cont nta of Doctor Ham .J . Q. Gons was a ppomted ad· D• .A. Harrison to William J ohn· Phone 80 Buk 81". enough knowledge fO l' )'OU and m be~n done b f ore, by bet.ter men I . . mer's package on lLb c table-all mlOlstrator of t he estate of James son inlot No. 126 ill Franklin. sir ; and too much f ot i ajor PoL· ' that t hat swaggeri ng aVllge-so I ~~t :b~ matord was not ~ulte without sound 01' hatate. He br~ak· Gona. deceased, and fi led bond of Fr~nk Hughes and arab Hughes tie." l 've b en told." sa I S e . e as e O1 or-: questIon s, last ed a t hi leisu re on sand '45,000 with sureties. EU. Oele8' to Minnie ChaWin '1 5.16 acre in Ben Barley smiled fr equenl.1)' " Th e swagger'" all out of hiUl an.d ~e same ones ,Il g j{' and /etiwlchIlS. two raw egg'S, and a little bee, Thomas Corwin and Henry Franklin townabip: at hI, tb \lghts duti n g hill h01l'\e- now, eir. I 's Hammer' forcm' celve /lnsw!!!;, to a l. e app Ie rum and water. Wills were appointed appraisU'8. E va Hageman to Douglal\ Hol• • ward dl'iv~. Arrived ,he stabled and holdin' him to i for the to ~ botJle bof b.lue g!a{! to~ cour· He blew out the cllndl and rais· Mal,}, J. Fraser, executrix of the lingsworth real estate i/l Turtle· the gelding smartened up his dre s honor C)f Scotland, t o judge by his ~geh an.' Ii ~ m~e 0 hC oc t ' t~ waf ad th_1! blind at ~ne c,f the wind o~ estate of Thom~s D. Fra er, de- creek tow~8hiP • • ~tJ ~ e o . t e ru. o . He gave ten mlDutt~s t o th e rals- ceased, filed her lnventory. Evelyn H Ja qua to Douglas Holand made a hearty supper . Alter talk. There's Highland blood in ot upper he called on Major P ottle, t he doctor , too . by what he was B~;~ey s ,"for~atl~n a~d equIPpe~ ing of th e sash, whi ch was frostIn t he matter of the estate of li ngsworth ' real estate in Turtle· The major did not want to see sa yi n' . The captain struck the ~ courage 0 ta e a vantag~ 0 bound in the frame" He went out Chal'le Penkawa. decealled. the creek tow~sbip Honest Ben but be lacked the kilted lad on the mouth; and Ham- It.. He ordered a h Ol'se and sleIgh. feet first and Jaced crwn across the hearing on the sched ule of debt, is Elmer Shock to RUSMI Mentz courage to send his eXCUIle!! to t he mer saw it done. Tbe poor calf's ~~ tr~!Isf~rred b not~8 h ~nd sill, and lowered hilmse1f. He was continued to Jun$ 20 at 10 o'clock 10 acrell in F ra nklll) township. · • doo)'. The fact is, he n ot only reo mor e aleared of the doctor nOlOhe tom 1 8 rong ox 0 IS poc e . hanging fully xtel1lded when he The inventory of Howard Phillip J enn i Kirby to S E Coyle ingretted hi past ('. sociati on with be of the Englishman; and he' Arrived at King's Hill, Major f elt the icy ridge /)f t he kitche n Assum, a dminIstrator of the estate lot No ~6s) in Franklin' , the taverner, but he was beginning got to tight one or t other of them. Pottle entered the house alone. roof. He traveled the length of of Louis M. A sum, decealled, was Fra~k R Combs to joaie Wills to fear the f~llQw. He cursed him. 80 he'll atand up ' to the captaln. Ben Barley ~hrew a robe ?ver t~e thlt roof on handsl and knees, approv~d. real elltate 'in Olearcreek township: self f or the sense! ess hatred whicb There'll be a dud Hi ghlan~er horse, l~t a pIpe, a,n d rem~ l1~ed dlS- dro~ped from that to \pe shed onto T~e . mventory of Ru th McClure CorneliuB Rile)' to Pauline W. had pr~mpted him t \> that mad layin' . out 80m where before long. eteely m the sleigh: ~l thlO, the a pile of cordwoo d. admlnlstratrix of ,the estate of Riley inlot No. 407 ' in Franklin. Phone 7U , a nd futIle and disuttoU8 attempt Now if it was n fight with broad- maj or found , the mllgulded BUll· MacIver f ound Doctor Hammer James W. I:"resley. deceased. WSB • on the Hie of Ala dair MacIver . swords or axes or club!:!, 1 wouldn't net and a very re pectable man awaiting him at ' tlhe rend ezvous approved. B·II. Allowed MadoeFs ! The action of a fo ol! He put it lIaat MacIver to dQ Ms part from farther upriver, and accom· behind the town. "rhe doctor carThe inventory of Ruby Van 1 hould have tried to scrape up a and maybe more'n hill par t; but p~islled hi busin~. S lVithout a ried a case of pi tols and another Rlper. executrix of the esate of D. ~rville K. Brown, P remo on Ins. ( riendship )vit'h McIver, licked t he pistol' 1>eyond him. He's afe~r hItch. of surgical In.' tn'm..... d V~"., Van RIp". , ..,Mod. w .. Ch'I.....•• H. m•• Ch"l~ "OTAllY PUBLIC brogues and flat tered edo' the tOQl in his hand. But MacIver ~ upped alone that night started up a wide rOf.d slopinll' be· approved. J . Schwart z, Starch, Oxydol for ~tl:"--;---1ttzlfllrn.t~'Ill1r1t<lr.1!'DTT1r'_trrlt:t_;ttre+r,J1n)tm;,;;...u.:".~,.._Tl../' .. 'rl:__fao.e on t hen went for a )o~ walk in the tween walls oll>lac.l!UU:I" an be adjndiCP t ion and determi Cou ~ House 4.72; Lillie Urt~n, ild4!rness and sung low and it e doctor tills rim up with frosty starshine. He called at ed for fif teen minu~es in s ilence. tion ot tb e inh eritance tax on the lerV!Ces, U'I. ;-,Mrs.. Ira E ltzroth " .....aI B..k to all tho! mangy immigrant _ liquor at the last m inule." Doetor Hammer's quat'ter On his " I didn't sleep," !Iaid the doctor. estate of Be rtha Kavanagh, deceaa lIerv~ee., $5 ; Rel~J'l Doughman, ·.,U.. Draw. •• E...... I ...... Anything but the crazy, reckless "Mf.cJver's nallght to Ole. alive way back to the tavern. The doc- " Damn the nighttime I I t's a ll very ed, ill to be given t o aU persona in· services, ,7; Candls Rymer, ser· WAYNESVILLE OHIO thing he had done. or dead," said Major Pottle. " Bllt tor gave. him a package co ntain. well when a man's up a nd in com terest.ed. vice., $5 ; H rs. Will Bryan, ser· • Distribution ordered i n the mat- vices, UO; Stella Kelly, services, " I've no ~oney for you," he what was that talk of putting ing beef sandwiches and r aw pallY, but bedtime-th.,t·s t he 8llid to Barl-ey, 1,)utting on a bold money In our pockets ?" eggs. He was in bed by nine thir. hell of it lit my ag~. That's wh en ter of t he estate of Stella J . Booth $'1; Mre. Howar d SayY er, services ; _ _.....:.....:_ _ _ _ __ face. "I'm at an entire lose to Barley told him. ty and sou nd aftleep by ten. He a man of my age (Cets to thinking deaeased. $7 ; Clark County, S oepitilizatlon, .. guess why you claim mon y h om "] don't believe it I' cried the awoke at exactly half past four, as and worrying. " Maude WittUnser, e xecutrix of $1.08.50; Tha Oflle, Outfttte re, sup me. Who'd b elieve your cock-an maj or. "Lay a wager- eighty jf a han d of his wateh bad reacb ed (To Be COlilftntled) th~ esta te ot Anna T. Geerinl" de- plles f or Auditor's Otlce, , 1.60; • • !!!!!!!!!!!!"'!!!'!~...~!'"'"""!!'~~~!!'!"'~~!!'!"'~~~~-~!!!!'!!'!!!~!""!!~!!!!!!~!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~!!!!!!~!!!!!!~~~!!!!!!~'~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ account ceased, . filed her fou. rth a nd final Jobn Law" Son, Gas, 01'. tube tor OJ,,",o ... t P....... I~ Sealn of Wta. A Mess.. ,8.16; In t he ease of O. W. Mor ris, ad. The Weltern Star , 500 Gov. ministrator of the estate of Wil- Envelope. f Oil RecoriJer, $18.35 ; OUI' c(ln.enteat 10caUon ••ulta)jam H. Morris, deceased. ve,SUIL WUUam Hufford, Sheriff, wa8qlng bit l ur roundinp .nd equipmea' Lydill E. Buk)' and A. B. Morrill, fo r; prisoners during May, $30.93' ,nabl.. u, to Serve ~ the confirmation, deed a n distribu- Mrs. Della Hu1fOTd, Jeding prison. Advantare. tao n. era during May, $292.56; Tbe The will of Jane G. Lewill, de- Sta~lta lUg, Co., Sup'pliu for AMBULA"CE SERVICE ceased, was filed in proba te. Shen":, '8.25 : John Law 4l Son, In the matte r of the trust cr eat. gaB" all, w.ashmg ca.. and May P ..... H Wa,••• "in., Ollie ed by- lum 3 of the ..,11 of Naacy Stor.age, $67.44; Orville Keever, J . Hopkim deceased Oharles S llel'Vlcell as chainman, ,2.76 ; Roy Irwin was' appo inted • trustee aDd Bu roul'hs, eeTVices all engineer, ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2S!!!!! gave bond of $1100 with 8uretl... ,22.50 ; . J . D. Dunn, serv ice~ 8 S The will of Frank C. Cleave r, de mechalnlc, ,46.23 ; Edward SI"""""+-- ' - .ALa DATa. Gu.~ _ _ ceased , was filed in probate court son~ payroll period endillg May 31. The will of Martha Elizabeth 1934, '170.~2; M. C. . F9~e:rna~, . J oy, dec.ased was admitted to payroll penod ending May 31. pr obaW. Cha;les P. Joy was ap. 1984, f 251.89; W. A. Seike r. pay· pointed executor, n o bond requir-. roll period ending May 81. 1984, 00. George Harb ock Walter Ken. $128.76 ; W. B. Schuler, payroll rick and Ross Ha~ock wer41 ap- perio!! ending May . 31, 1984, pointe d appraisers. , $17~.68; Floyd Lemmon!, payroll JESSE ,TA"LEY The nam~ of Harry Ti1fany has period endJng May 31 , 1984, PIa.a. ale. B.rUa,._, ow. been changed upon his petition to $168.87 ; Harold Sweney, payroll Harry Spaulding. , period ending May 81. 1984, ' ~ 79. EARL KOOQUa L. M. Henderson, admlnilltrator 48; John :Myna, p ayroll period D.,. . P .... of th e estate of Anna A. Marshall. ending May 81. 1934, .283.16; H. ICE••_ .... decea sed, tiled hiB Inventou-. L. Sehuyillr, payroll ending Hay The estate of Alexander 81, 08.85; Cal"l Dakin, payroll . endinlr May 81. 19"34, deceased, is ,r elieved from Admin. istration. 92.77; William J . Ayers. easo· IWUt'S HOW AIR i. witt. a-li.. , .. In the matter of tbe estate of ,3.88; Fairley Hardware Co., to produoe the " , ••" wbiob ru.. 'our ..... Lillian F. Moon, deceased, dlat'ri. supplies, ,16.42; Harold Msrtz, bution 01 a u ete Wall ordered. grav~l. '~08. 40; W. A. Hause, The will of Jane G. Lewis, de- paolme, $54.10; Oram Shoup. , FOR.ALE ceased, was admitted to probate. guollne aad kerol enll, U9.70j W. - - -____....:.._-,-___ HAT RSALLY HAPPENS when you T. B. Griswold Wall appointed ad- C. Turton, e~ment, $80.80; Frank FOR SALE-Th ' da I fl Id .tep on the ',' gull? A valve minist1:ator and filed bond of Vulc. &: Tire Co., guoline. parte 4l OUAD 9 e opens. Ai, rushes in-mixel with , 5,000 with sureties. Edward Repaira, '266.86 ; J . 1(. Spencer, grown Celer y and lat. Tomato gasoline-and "gas" is fo~ed. Blair, Robe:rt M_ Blair and Charles gravel, $189.20 ; Cincinnati Oil ~~e~~!~t p:nta, 85c per 100: Waggoner were appointe(l ap. Worka Co .• gaeolill,e, $2.99; A. L. 900 f o 2p6c.~ 10°1' That's why Mobilgas has Oimatic pr aisers TOlhie, GalOline, $41,21 ; Addis . r • . , eo. , ....non. Control. Thisgasoline mwlS bntn' with Kath~ril'la Aseher adminlsba Service ~tation, 1U0line. ,,92.21; ~11e k fr~: Wa,nesville 011 fenair. because of this featute. tl'ix of the estate of Frank Asche\,: Wa~e.vilJe Service StatiQn, r oo PI e. . j21 ' deceaaed, filed h er fi ret and fin. ga!ohae. $148 ..24 ; Lebanon Lum. SWEET POTATO PLANTS _ I n other word. - every drop of , ber Co., Scr~en l;Iold . &: Bra.. . Speakine of Sweet Potato planb Mobilga. works_ The rellult i. uniChain, 39c, Kilpatnc1c·French you can get the.m at Dan Hockett·, formly good car pef~rmance-the M.niac_ Motor~ 00 .• gasoline. ,,40.18; on rou" 73, 2~ mlles Eut of kind ,of performance you wantHary Rill, ruoline • .sa.l0; Frank. Waynesville. Phone 8&Rll Carl WilSon Oeder. gravel "ork- lin Motor 00., G8IIOline. '18.44; • , regardle.. of the weather I SALE-Sw..t potato P...... er and t ruck driver, aad llial 'Elva John Law A Son. ~nlle, 'U.GO Try Mobilgu next time you need Grace Creamer, of Loveland. Ita.n Motor eG•• parta, $1.06 per hUndred, or tllree "tlaPaul McComas, 8hoe worker of The Standard 011 Co .• keroNne, for '1.00 An kin'" prde gasoline. You'll alway. Lebanon, and Miu Pauline Yeuel f4.91; The l.e,bDer Auto Parts. lOe dOlen, do.... lie. it at the lip of of Lebanon. be., Vacuum Tank. ,1; Tru8teee Road. Btroa.. Brothen, Ioooay.v_... oqa. find th~ Flying Red Hone. Robert .lunlor ,MurraY', of P01Ie Main, U...t bill, garace 8, Wa1llentJl.. 0"0. at lplA, MoIIlI,... of Wap ...iUe, aftd II1II 0 " , , •• 11; L R, GordeD. IUOlh,. A oJ. Vlqlnia GeU_, of IAbanen. TIn , npairln, ".18; Weiler FraN R. MeJaap" . . .1daIat • Iteel. of .lcIdleton~ .... 10M t..ea. Cox. ..001 teulaer of . . . . . Robert W. fMtot7 ......

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Capitol . Cross Road Chatter

Ohio because of the droucht I! el. IN' ......',. .. OF PUBLIC HEA.ING Wh timated at from $22.000.000 to hind t ... _ ..... '23.000.00(1 by the agricultul'HI I!lltpnsion llervicp of . S. U. On tice i. ht",l'IJY given that un thl' ISSUED EVERY THUllSDA Y the basi of a urvey conducted by day of July. 193", al 8 o'clock Friday. June 22. ill Poult!')' Da, .• a public hearing will be at the Ohio Arricultural Esperi. county agents throughout the !ltate D. L CU'" • • s.....rt..... PrIM. a the agricullural extension SErvice on the Bud" ,t l1\'('pared by mont Station at Woolter, ~e ............... .................. III IInt.ed at Po.totflae at w.(f.... fnund the ~hrinkage confined alTownship Tl'Ulltccs of Wayne ........ ......................... M.. III ,\,111 •• 01110, a~~ Cia.. II During the ~I\ate debate upon Pe •• ioa. To A." Effecti.e, I. most entirely to wheat. oats. pa~of Wurren 'ounty. Ohio. for NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT the President·s Reciprocal Tariff Jvl" tUI'es and hay. These crops W('I'e he next succeedin,," liscal yea r Ohio's old ag~ pension 8~ tern ia decidedly the hardest. hit by the endin~ December :J 1st, 1935. BlII. leveral Senators indulged in JUNE 21, 1984 learned dillcours~s on revenUe mat exp cted to go mto effect 10 Jr1;lly. ~ I'" weuther·: The findlllg do s not Suth hearing will be held at t.he E ta.te ot MarUla Elizabeth Joy tel'll, telling how complic"ted the, wilen first checks lUe t.o be. mll.lled IlI\c1UdC frUIts, vegetables. pow- office of the TOW1Iship Tru tCl' S, tarltr is, etc. This was too mUCh j to all persons whose appheat:lOn toes and corn. the laiter two Cl'OPS Main St .• Waynesville. Ohio. Notice is hCI'~by gi ven that for Huey Long. He said "there i Cor aid hnv been approved. ac- noL being far enough advanced as L. H. 0 RDON Charles P. Joy whose Po !It Olftce Clerk Wayn e Twp. address is Waynellvi1le, Ohio h.. hoeuspocus about th'e lnl'iff I cordi ng to M. L. J3t-own, chief of yet t.o permit an intC'lIigent estim--. "No system is perfect." said Call1liuB E. Gatel. past n-;;~;r.;;;-r-nr!r.v~;ote for your copper you VOle· to the aged pension division. Bo,ards ate. been ' duly appointed all Executor the Seattle Chamber 01 Commerce recently. "Certa(n}y wI'ong-doers protect the sugar of' my state. are now organized in nearly all of Recent rain. I. the service has in- NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING of the Estate of Martha Elizabeth hould be punished. Abu8es should be corrected. . • Wise govel'nmen- That is the way it is done." the 88 counties in the state. and dicated, bl'oug t arneasure of I'e- On Th Villalre Of Wayne.vill. Joy late of Warren County. Ohio, tal regulations.. , is needed in many directions--bu it is not nee, investigations are under way 10 de lief, but it was slre. s d that ~ e deceased. PL'esid ent Roosevel"s mossag~ termine the eligibiHty and actual Igreat deal of moisture is needed ', Budwet Dated this 8th day ot June 1934 essary to d estroy't hat which we gained in a century and a half of pro· • ~ ~ d f r gl't!8S. nol' it is necessarll. in the desire to cure one evil, to go so far to Congr-e88 laying down a consL- nee S 0 app lcants. laoon if benefits from the recent N" . C. Donald Dilatush. Atty. as to destroy tbe fundamental rights of institutions and of men." r uctive social program- old age I ---precipitations arc nol to b~ lIulli otlce LS hereby gIVen tha~ on RALPH. H. CAREY All genuine progress must be built upon the :foundations of the pensions, unemployment insQrance Pupila Sian Safety Plede·s fled. I ninth day of July. 1934. at Judge of the Probate Court past-on that which has bee n learned through trial and error and lonl and hous ing resigned to make it Elem nblty alld high s(~hool l Governor Gorge White haR r<! - 7:30 ~'clock p. m., a public hear. j28 Warren County, Ohio . Ch b I . I pOUG1'ble "fo" Amarl'can famill'es t,. pupils of th state numberinQ~ ap- quested $500 000 of fed~rel money. mg WIll be held on the Budget ellperlence. ange which diamislle8 the past as e ng entlre"i unwor· Q~ ,~ t I 105 (lOO 1\ • d ' prepUJ.' I b th C '1 f V'II live as Amen'cans should" wl·ll. prOXlma ey , ave slgne to aid Ohio's drought- trleken ( Y. e ouncl 0 I age . NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT t h 'I of- consideration muat ineyitably do great damage an d little per· fifty years from now. be regarded til e, saf et'I ipd VIII e of W e ge. 0 f tb e G.)ver- farmers lind has al 0 urged em. of .Wayne ' arrene oun. t y, manent good. To keep that which time has proven valuable and worth- as a great state paper. nor s Safety Service Commission ployment of farmer's equipm nt , OhlO, for the next succeedIng E tate of James Gons deceaaed, spons'ore~ in conjunction with the for the highway department ' fiscal year eo ding December 3 Lst. while. while eliminating that which is Inimical to the common welfare, Notice is hereby given that J. Q. is the purpose of the partriotic American. The oext Congress will be call- tate Highway DepBl'tment. An weed-cutting program. 1935. . Today we have an excellent example, in many countries. of what d d educational program in fUl'therSuclJ· llearing will be beld at the Gons whose Post Office Address is ffi f h C e upon, un er President Rooseuncontrolled ;teal to make changes can do. Germany. Italy, RUlsia. velt'. leaderllhip to provide for Lhe linea uf street and highway Bllfety'ol R.dio Benefits Cited (I l e (' 0 t e lerk and Council in Waynesville, Ohio has been duly appointed as Administrator ot the . d d th f t t h t bi d b r f recast th t es A . h d f 'I has been carl'k1d on during the past C d't ' h h d ' Township House. come i n mIn - an e ac a un as 0 serve s 0 a pr merlcan ome an anti y; to pro sehool term amollg schoo ls, par- . on I lOllS ave c ange so raA. K . DAY. Mayor Estate of Jam~s 00n8 1.te of War. ent syste ms of government i~ those powers will either collaplle or be vide a higher standard of Jiving. ant-teacher associations. auto dlc~l1y In recent years that states R. F_ HATFIELD, Clerk. ren County. Ohio. deceused. . ntlrelyoverhaul d. is ignificant. Ruman rigbts were abrogated, tra- based on clubs. civic organizations and eim- l whl~h do not .set. up .syste"'!s .of J28 Dated tJ:tis 6th day of June 1934 Decent homes to live in ilar group. Governor G~~orge ratl~ communIcation SImply I~Vl~e ditions were forgotten. dictatorship with a vast lust for po\yer were RALPH. H. CAREY Judge of the hobate Court eet up.-and a feeling of rebellipn grows con8tantly In the hearts and Old age security While gave hi personal coo,pera- cr '!I mals to tak . refuge .wlthm 528 the minds of their peoples. Unemployment insurance tion to the movement in line with thelr contlnea, J{lghway Dn'ector Warren County. Ohio We are seeking to do great t hings in America. We can do them A chance to every worker til b.i s announced pJan to create a I O. W. Merrell has declared. It is only if w temper tbe theQTies of the present with the experience of be gainfully employed. sense of safety consciousneJilS on I planned, .he added. even~ually ,to the part of Ohioans Bud tbus re- MIl~e OhIO the, best pohce-l'odlO' th e paBt. everal of Ohio's Democratic duce the motor vehiclar accident eqUIpped state 111 the countr·y_ I Congressmen were , all a-twitter toll. FfElS FINE F ... me~. Re.dy to Cinch I ast week. They were victims of a practical joker. Ex-Governor Cox Ohio Crop D.male II H ••• vy Bu.a "I .~ uaing Kru.chen Salta not had been in Washington for 8e";- 'I'otal shrinkage of crop vailles in ' A~ded by the appropriation ot for reducin. bvt for ita bene. eral days. Speculation 'W8S rile in $1.000.000 by Congress, farmer~ only ficial e6eoct.. 'It keep. the whole regard to Governor White with. • - in Ohio a lld throughout the Middle body in conditio.... I have b_n talcThe Ohio etate University Radio Station-WOSU drawing 88 candidate for Senator lion Finance Corporation to pur- west are rlreparing to fight the in. Kru'. chen for One year. my 8:00 Music i n favo r of former Governor Cox chase asset of closed banks. Con- Icinch bug, destroyer of. gTain and weicltt w.. 186 lb.. I now wei.h 8 :OG Farm Adjustment News .................................... J. W. Wuichet or Congressman Charlie We~t. gre s provided that depositor,s will corn. .120 Ib a. I recommen.d it to all my frlenda.'· Mi •• Elene.. Medio. 8:16 Where Farmers Have Equality with Industry ........ Ralph G. Sams V81'ious members of the Ohio De- be paid 011" by purchase of theBe YOU, too, can achieve the youthmocratic delegation received tele- assets at a "Jibel'al apprais,al in 8 :2G Music fully slend er lines you want-you . 8 :40 Round Table on Farm and Garden Insecta and DlleaBes . ............ grams "Cannot understand your anticipation of orderly Iiqui~iation can SAFELY take off un· M()st authorities on dog$ fitly htoo. , ... ,.,. : ...... , ............ ......... .......... Paru " Plerltorti' arbitrary attitude against party over a period of years instead of althy. beauty-t'ohbing fat.-sim 8:60 Part-Time Fal'ming in Franklin County .: .... ........ John Sitterley .harmony in Ohi o Senato}ial race on the basis of 10reed sellinlr val- t hat a normal. healthy dog should ply take a half teaspoonful of 9 :00 Brinalng the Garden into the House , ..... .......... Anne Biebrieher -call at Shoreha.~ Hotel for con- i.~ a p~riod of b,uslness d.~pres- be bathed as infrequently a pos- Kl'uschen Salts in a glass of war01 fer nc e at a clock. James M. 810n. ?,hls law wlll~laee . more sible. Bathing removes the natufal water every morning. Then watch 9:10 Music oil of the skin. They recommend. fat go--notice how you feel more Cox," Members called at the ap. money In every county In OhiO. Lively ,......... C. E. 9:21> Problem in Rural Life .. .. .. ,...... /....... , point d time, which wall at inter. tead, frequent combing and nergetic- tronger- healthier 9:85 E.rly MarkeUn, Method . ..... ,.. .. .............. .. ............ H. E. Ellwine vals throughout the day, and spent The President's Rou e Bill. en- vigorous rubbing with a damp complexion clears-eyes brighter. One bottle lasts 4 weeks. You White Rose-Power bet:411 Il.kera of Horticulture .... .. ................... .. .,.Wendell Paddock a lot of ti me in fruitless efforts to acted during the tinal days 01 this cloth to I·emove the surface dirt can get Kruljchen Salts at any , locate the former Governor. One COllgressiOlt'lal session. autharizes from the hair coat hind the enllne. drug lItora in the world. was 10 diltre8sed upon flnding t hat One Eillion Five Hundred Dollars • ~e E~~e~denU~ can~da~ had addU~n~ for home ~anL Undu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ebeeke4 out, he put in a long dis- the beneficent provisions of this tance call fOr Daytlln. Ex. Gov. law. home mortgag-es will be JIItand Cox did not know what he was 8rdized. interest rates will bj~ lowtalking about. The victims are now ered, homes will btl repaired and On the war-path to find the perpe· tenements unflt for human habita COLUMBUS-The Monroeville cbarre of six divlaions . in the de- tutor of this hoa)C. tion by A mericans will be abated. team, composed of Richard Metz, partment. Employment will be given and , Harold . Rug,les and Dennis HohOver One Billion Dollars will be pUfchasing power restored to . . ler won the ,17'6 cub prute! , of. Facilltlea for care of 660 ad aet uide to enable the Reconstruc- rna ny of our people . fer~d by the Ohio State Granp to ditlonal patienta the coming year the wlnping team in the ,eneral and &00 tbe following )'ear will be l1vel1toek contHt at the recent an· provided under the program for nual vocational arricultural judcto ltate institutions in&, competitioP. The money Ie ~ to IrQ throu,b. The be ul4ld -topa, expense. to the are to be financed by the National AlTicultural ConlTesl1 at It&te and federal ,overnments. Xan... City. A complete list of all The seneral auembly baa already .... 1·4. to 'bUl' <De or tbeoe Pyrolu ••• tIftoI _ ,.. _ at . kl Jwrt CUI't thtIak 70U CDOIICh. .Jla. I _ _ 1'. . DOti<ed • diJfeteDOe ia tQY wile ..innera baa been ilsued by the adopt.ed two acta to provide for ci".. me P]Pro(a&.l didn ·t tDCOIDpiaia. mwrie4. How 40 ,.. .. II,.. ....7 - - aU woro out rro... labori". bllt owwlterinc OYeI! thaI old. red-bot coal Ohio Future Farmer. Schools parti the ltate'. sbare. Olle providel "Well, I'll IldI ,.,... Jlal ~ . . . . . _ _ dlat old co.l.tove 01 0 ..... OW'1nddio, etDVe ~iBl7 tool< the pep out 01 me. AAd ci'pating numbered 193. 18 mote that $660.000 Ihall be placed in • ' IIIUda ..... oiJM:e you . . . . _ ........ ...........,. ia 1M 24tb. CoW4 ,OU . . it IA· I~ .........4 oboveliDe coal _ ' t ...u.s b)' \JIoeD , .. doi,.. _ . bit oI,oocL" than in 1988. The Ohio Farm lpec:iaJ fund from the pay patietlt Tbat'a ~ J .... bet-.. ..,.,.. II . . . too. Look at mi ..... tMY . . . . .__ BU1'lall $12& pri&e fOf a trip to a fund each year fro follt yean. and lI.... - - . .. National Vocational AlfTicultural the other approJ!matea ,1150,000 convention waa won by the New annually for t",o from this Vienna teall'l, Boward MeXeuie, apecial fuDd, Tiaia will provide 70 Donald DariS and Robert B~ard. per cant of the diired appropriaThis W&l In d~iry ca~e j~q. tlou, .nd the P. • -A. authorities , J I Hlabeat Individual kJl-elau ",tn· have tentatiYeJ, proved the reo nen included: LivutoCk, Richard mala.... ao per cut desired. The OU can give your wife .n the .... Metl, MonronUle; dairy cattle, moat letloua Deed for enlargement derful advanta,,11 of real . . .... Marvin Btnrotb, Supr Creek, Put of ltate Inltltutlou como {rom 29 ~ou&:h you don't live near a ... ...... man cOllnti CTOpl Identifteatlon, the I..... DUm"r of inaDe, feeble LIGHTS I For Pyrorax Service brinK' you . . . - . Ralph Lnlie. Houllton; milk judg- mlnchd Hd tuberc1llar p.tients • cylinders. Pyrofax burns jlllt like ..... inc. Rlebard Dyer. Jackson town· who an. on waltiDa llsta for whom lar pipe-line las. It makes a dela.W ship, FnnkUn countYimeat juclar- there a.. been no room In lltate Ll'M'Lil AMERICA. ANTARCT~ el ectric Iigbtlng eet. 'rbe on~~)'lI n CA, June 11 (vllL Maclay Radio) del' unit wlllghs 35 poundl. Is nj, inc, WOllam Jenn" IIIme tolmaldp boIpliaJa. flame the moment you tum It em ..s Talk about the Bouth Pole aa a aum· cooled (and bow!) and gOUierntlll .nd countJ; wool juqirw, Earl li&ht a match. . A IrQlden ray brlcbtened the mer I'tIIOrt I , Never have 1 .eeD 350 watta 11 0 volt8 . Blane" lit. GUead; poult.rJ, RObAnd the best part olit allla)bat 70U We are living be re 8UTl'Ollnded b!' ct.rlt MIlooI altoatioll last Thun- .ucb weather-ot, ratber. felt It. ert Clymer, Weaterlilht, can now get this complete ......... da, _he. D. H. Button, lupertDten Here. In the Ibort space of two garagea. A.II our automotive QUI~' for about ~e I8me cost aa a etove tt.t The eleetlon dlvWon of See.... dent o~ lnanee ill the It&te depart· IDOnth.. our thermometere bave ment or planes. tractors and SlIOW, used old. ordinsry fuelal You PI')' tary of State GlOqa S. KJen' ment of .au_tlon, received word dauCed un and down all the way mobi les 18 underground. or, rnth ! when you order. and let alDYCDiteDt oSee wu ellceptionall, buy the from WuhlliitOn tJiit a Ncom- from 60 degreea below leTO to 28 undel'8now. W-e dug out big bot 8 .' th~ Bnow. wltb ramps leadll:' terms on the balance. The COlt c:lpe put . . .It receivilllf and. IllIpectlnl ••adaUo. bad been made to allot aw.o... For three weekll 1I0W' we 10 down loto them. and. Just ,a s lhl' ranges varies, depending 011 the ~ I.....e lIumben of ,etltionl ftlecl ,,_,•••••11'·,.5t9 to Ohio to pay teachers have bad a recuJar beat wave and wtnler nlgbt descended up'rm tI ~ you select, But all models can be pad numeroaa candldatell for nomina- ill acbool dlatrietl "'ith leu than Admiral Byi-d, out tbere In hJa stowed OlU macblne.' 10 them li nd for in easy installment.. The PI it.llie tion to .tate olllce. at the prima.., &,000 popalatlon and levied elcht au",·burled but, hal radioed lome covered tbem wttb bJock8 or 8'DOW not expensive to use. . AUglllt U. The clOlI~ hour for OJ more ml1l1 for CUlTellt ellPenlell of bt. frtllnda In New York to come or tarpaulins wb,cb the 'SllGIW lluJ. fllinl was 6 :30 Friday ' ayeninl. without bavirw redueed the levy in • Come in and see us. We'I be . . . 4ow1i and him In hi. "wonder· already roored over. Five days are allowed after the P.ut three 7ean. The money i. to talk ovc!: your own ~ , . fill aummer ",on.'· It Is notblng, Tbere 18, not a great deal to tell da~ for proteab. Then the ncre. to.,. uled to par alariee to teach· quirementa. • • • bllUanl ta 011 tbQ way, tor about our actlvltle. al the moment " tary of ltate will prepare sample ere who haYe ftO othel' incomes. U8 to .e~ a change Pete Demas, our Greek cblef mil , ballot ' form. contamiDC the dm. - - ••- - New of 56 de'grees III I/o cbanlc. baa beell appoInted t,o whal of Democratic candidatea on ODe D ' few houra. But, I cooslder the meanest Job bereseparate ticket and thOle of Repooped up tn ntgllt watohman. He open8 UP til( publican candidatu on anoUaer. ChUdre'n'1 Day wu obHl"fed at II 0 U II II a, the I phlce every nIght after wl!"ve r6 '(hue will be lent to county boards both churches on Sunday aftercbaneel are not tired at II) o·cIOtlk. to clear OUlt Btah of election., where the ,nam.. of noon annoJl.ngullmuob'. air, and ebtvel'8 all nIght tn the count)' and diabi4:t c:andl~teI wlll II • H F C to h h TIle aclentlatl.'" k.ltohen, until be IIgbta the Urea 111 be adaed accorainwll to the .... been~rio~l; ill ~ peclall, wmfam the momlog, about an hour betOTf H&TlIel, of we gel up at 7,SI). Our cJalJlel hi Ipeeti",. locatlollL ",ee" III wilbUr improYld. lacton. are all navigation, dog and traceor tran. Th. HDW realdo. of the and' bothered b, portatlon. radio. geology, tltology. Th. emerceDe, period 30 da,. StanleJ famil, .".. held at the With Pyrofax Equipment under which the Induatrlal Com· home of 1Ir. and II.... Orent ,,1oIIarII""UIIIU,tIle uncertainly of &ooIOgy, meteorology and l!>byalc, i Ir.. fill ....... .the temperature/J are colng Oil every da,. We al'6 minion of Oblo baa operated PhiJ1lp. on SundiJ. Dee Driver &Dd are a bit llVor- filllnc Ollr headll wltb uleful knowl under tbe Dew law .ince it became The Do....' SocietJ met at the etrecti.e lIa, 16 uporecl Iut h~ of lin. G. A. PJdIHJIe 011 rle4abollt01U'te.foundationbreU- cdee and It keep. UI b~IY . Onl NEW PYROFAX PRtCE .SC ~lE.Witbthen-I934D.-1IDe 1111. , Important tblng we ·a re learlline te .....~ ....... week.. .u a ranlt tile commlallolt TlnmldQ. . w. ba.... plut, 01 Upt IlIdool'8 the valve of Ima.1l thing• . 'ulually ..,... .... -'e, tJ;e more Qat you Wit! the lese you ~ IJIr ~er, requ..tecl tile Stat. Ctril Sentce . . . . . . . . Ir. Ie ....odelJaa nt ' 0CllJ blaekDeu outafde. The waaled. With us old cotu, rae-. ~ou CD _ "ord to UIIC: Pytofu forCommJaalon to certIf7 tile - ..... of the employee In til. Department T~ Ladi.' Aid of the Prtencla ........ aN upted b, keroselle .ocke., ItJ1ns and ot~er cut-oft I lui,. and elec:trtc IISbt. W.e laave Item. al1l prlcelell tOr • ~, ou"lld of laduetr1ai Relatlolia who are Clnarch w.. entel1ailled 1ft 8Uc\bl. for appolntm-..t under the 110", ef IIr. aDd lira. Horace ..aetnc lull \ampa and lOme guo- purpOlel. 111 certatn.l, be all old .. _ _ tWl_ to poW . . . . . . . lIM laDtena.. AJld DO mOilquitoa or Itrlll, ad paper bas ..vel' when. I ne" fa,,; Tb..e emplo,. number IIJtchener on Thanda,. de.- ancIlAetaIIed IA till. a~ c:eWMe. '1'_ 812. The Dew eet takes ft"om tile lite. A. W. Turner in Cln. GUIer tDaect. p.Uler around them! get home.. ... ... t_C7IiDden_I.. 1·. . . .1. . - . _ .... '01' _ . Whoa _ .. __ director oJ Indu.trial relatlou the einuti on Saturday where bar a.bIdNi IIJI'd took with him to tIitI The club reportS to me II,. radio adYaDoe w-.tller b..e .1' LOa. ef that Qulle a n\Jmber of memberablf! pOWI' to ad.inilter the workmen'. Infant arandlon. Dallas BOPIl, the eaIIIt7 wItII • ,00II .,..,.... Y _ _ ...... 'D ltnlMIIII producta fOr lUe IIcbUq, carda alld map! aent LO II.'" memo eOJI$enUtion la" aDd confen that • patlftt in _ bollpital. ' 1ft .... ,.. ..._ ....... _ power aD the mdutdal com.'" • _ . --It. . . . aacI oookJq. Thillaciuded bere are belDg retumed b, the PCIII! 1aIpal.....,. oIlte .... 1M pIIaraa of Tydol &UOUlle and maned "not fouad." .....Uel lion, which heretofore h.. beeD in 8ftMD pIIona aI Veeclat 011 for ilia addrelll.- "110 .ucb cit,," ''monel ellafl'e of the fullCl and on aU etalml without power of &po Kelder paoU.....eotrie pIIerator ." etc. Therefore. 10U . . . T.. aI lIeroHDl tor Ill. ba.,u't reeeived your card Iltr map . polDtlll.t or diNCtloft of e.plo'-IIaOIMIIILIk.... .allea.1 ............... _.,. . . . fuel lD&7be 'ou lent 1U1lOur la, ... No" tH lnd1utrial eoabualon . . . . . ., I IIa4 to ..... all tllla eorreotly or not (lOlopl:ete ;1-~UI:h . wlU' Mye eo...... eIIui'e .f tIdII ........ Na4IJ .. PNperIJ martl84I 80 lend III ~ la 100II ........ Ie die ... ......... lor trip.' 'l'ocIa, we lq. Otben ..., JoItI 0.JulIIUlIt Ia ........ " .... w ... tM radIO.. _t ud .....,. crud .... 1dI ...., Ie . . . . . oat. map.r AataraUta ...................... .., adctr.a an4

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.......===================::a.....-_:o=::c::=-====-_ The Palt And The Prelent




. . .

Reduees From 186 To 120 Pounds


Fo'rm hight 7olk., June 25 ,






Best of the News Direct From the Ohio State Capitol


'a. do,_ ,.,..' .............. ~J-.


Kee.p her l the girl you 'married Y


New BurliDlto.


Beautiful Magic Chef and Eltate Ga. ' Rangel, complete for al little al


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.8'.50 In.talled




. _1.t.....s_ ... dIe..,..,._....... ~,







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~!o!9_~!! $1 FRED'S FURNITURE E





Save Now. Come to

Waynesville, O.


Great Sale

Clothing, Shoes, Dry Goods, Dresses, Fumishings, Rugs, Mattresses, Wall P,-per

Mrs. am Henkle. near Two bulletins 01 timely inter-est BAND CONCERT ne ville a nd in tbt! afternoon acto Ohio fArmers. available at the compani d Mr. and Mrs. Henkle offices of county agricultural dable Gasoline. The third band concert of the A large crowd enjoyed the to the home 01 M.l'. and Ml'tl. Clina~ents, ai' : Chinch BURl! and .se son will be held Thursday even~_ ~~~~~_~_~~~~~~~~~~ Father' Day service at Lytle ton orwin. near Xenia. Their onb 'ol, by T. H. Parks; ing, Jun 28, 8 p. m., at the Mcchur h, Sunday mllrning. Misa Ruth Early and Mr. CharAt th special meet ing of town lind Eradicationg anada Thistle. lure corner. Thi concert will be r Mr. and Mrs. J . B. Jones at- Ie Morgan announced Monday spon ored by , n. R. Smjth and The council held on Monday vening, a by C. J. Willard and R. D. Lewis. tended a sale at Mt. Holly Satut. that they were married in Indiana contract was awarded to the 1':. B. Waynesville Nationa1 Bank. on June 7. Thi ca'me a8 a surCon tr·uctlon . company, 01 Hamil· day. The concert on July 6, wilY be to their many friends who pri Mrs. Margaret Johns was a dln- wi h them p~·osperity. After a bell~p o n so red by the LeMay-Hawke ton, Ohio fO I; tbe surface treat· Candidate for ment of North treet ft om the n r guest Sunday of Ml'8. L. B. Hall .and children, near Wayne _ ing Monday evening they left for Miss Frances Ellis was the gU~l!It In s ursn~e Agency. traffic light; to the race bl'idge to ville. ' Dayton, where Mr. Morgan hall of Miss Barbara Gray last week_ b& treated bom curb to curb. This employment. company offered the lowest of the WANTED Mr. U. M. White, of Louisville, Mr. and Mr. Allen Emrlck were Subject to Republicall two bid submitted for the work. un!iay afternoon guests of Mr. Ky .• called on friends here. WedPrimary The places for voting for the WANTED-Widow woman to help and Mrs. A • . ornell, near Ferry. neaday. August U. 19S4 August primary and November Mr . Wilbur Foulks is quite ill CAre for invalid mother, Anna at this lime from the effects or a Game Food market in Zin\mel'man The Gjri Scouts met at their club election wel·e ·' de ignal d, the Koyle, Waynesv ille. 0 ., R. R. 3. outh precinct at the home of =~~~=~===~~~~ bu m. building Saturdal'. Mt. Holly Calvin Longacre left Tuesday Ladi • hOUSe on June 19th and, as plan- Walter Elzey and th North premorning for Monroe. Mich., where (Continued from pare 1) ned. painted a part of the furni· ainct at the fire engi'ne hous . Mrs. J. P. Larrick and dau Mer ture White Rose- Power be~e . will be employed for awhile in the teams makeup. I1een, spent Frida)1 evening at . The Brown Ow] spent the night hind the enllne. laymg hard-wood floor. Next Sunday the Merchanbl will Miamisburg. at the club house and studied stars CHAUFFEUR EXAMINERS The young p~ople ~f Lytle meet the strong ;Jamestown team with Miss E. W. Nutting as teacher APPOINTED FOR COUNTY churCh he,ld a oc,tal meetmg Mon- on tbe home gl'ounds. Last yeal" Mrs. J . C. Hawke lind ,Mr. Dean She also attended the afternoon day evening at the home of ?tIro these teams met twiCe and they Hawke made a business trip to meeting. '. . ontemplating a heavy registra Ladiee' Ore ..... 70c and .Mrs. C. L. Duke. were very int resting game!\., The Cincinnati tadllY. The, Swas!>ika Patrol en.Joyed a.n tion of chauffeurs dUring the next Me ..•• Svite 85c MI'. and Mra. R. ~. Moler, of game on Jame town ground& our over night hike the arne tIm . ThIll month, Registrar Frank We t of olumbus. are ~pendmg a couple boys took. but 13 innings were re- br:~gt?t· t~:~o:~OO! ~i~~i 2ya~~ patrol will offer candy and lemon- tho Bureau of Motor Vehicles an· Quick-;--for qu.Jity !lrycleaai•• -of ~ee.ks at th,elr farm .near here. quired :for a final decision. The Hospital, on Wednesday. ad~ for sale at the b~nd concert nouneed that 227 deputy license Phone No. 19 ~:~~~hlsV~~ei.led by It. and Mrs. gt.amd e on hWanYfnteh vEle. grOUndd Willi thHI (Thursday) evenll~g aDd on regi trars have been appointed Mi Charlette Ichbaum. of Ie i n t e an was Mrs. Ru sel BensQln and son, Saturday. June 23, Will. hold a chauffeur examiners. The e regi . !!!!!!!!!!'!!!"!!!!!!!!!"!!!!"!!!!"!!!!"!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dayton, is spendinlf the Bummer ~ecause of rain. A large Roy. 01 Cleveland. are vi ittn&, foo~ ~Ie at the townshIp bouse, trars will receive a'Pplicatlo n with her grand paren,ts. Dr. and crowd IS expected. and Mrs. W. P. Balisbury. beginnIng at, 9 a. m. . blanks with physician's certificates . h On Wednesday of dns wee~ the and give all qualified applicants Ii Mn .A. A. ....~mlt . Mra. J. p , Larrick and daughter t ed 14 D ds - ~ Mrs. Amos Cook and son. of WAYNESVILLE MERCHANTS Lois Jean visited W.edne~day with ;oof aCtcSOmpt~Ol L b r. aVlch onI' written e.xamination on the state _ , - - - - - - - - - - - - , , , nesr WaynesvlUe.• spent Tuesdav "B R H PO W I La' k J L b up , 0 ou e anon 00. motor vehicle laws. All individuals " A A a ter rrle 0 e anon. and a w~lI informed naturalist, on classified as chaulJ'eur must " ago~~!dh~~dl::. her daughter. Mrs. Mendy. rf ...... 4 0 0 1 0 Mrs. Earl Munay. of Dayton. a field hunt at Dry Cree~ Run. The register ~fore July 1.1934. and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lo1\g'acre were Thompson, 2b. 0 1 2 6 called at tbe borne oj: Mr. and Mrs. couts ~ade th.e acquaintance of will be licensed for II. period of one Oliver Davis, on MOllld~y alte.rnoon many different 1Oseets. year terminating July 1. 1935, called to Dayton last week by the M Weller. c ... .4 1 1 4 2 o Grave! Where is tby seriouB iIlnesa of their 1it.t1e grand- sPec.k! Ib ..... ., 44 0 1 12 0 ~ A. fecellt ruling of t.h attorney vietory? 0 () 1 4 0 ' Ml.'. and Mrs. MOll'ris Fulkerson TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION AT general stat d that' all who are ml t 1l80n, p ... . B bb S k h tak lion. 0 y wan. w 0 'Was en B W 11 It 3 0 0 0 0 0 d M d M W 0 Ra o Death I Where h~ thy to M. lami Valley hospital after Tr·eadewa~r. Bb " 4 0 1 0 an r. an . ~8. • . per EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGN hired primarily to o~rat a motor tlng? bavlOC hemorhageB and nose Laure y, . 3 0 1 1 2 0 were Dayton Vl!lItors on Tuesday vehicle are chauffeurs and must be bl d g' tiT . ns, liS , 4 3 evening. E r tD R D f Chllli licensed. Inclpded in this elassiflPope on ab~eutthe !!m:. 1 Ion remams Em_. ef .. ,.... ,3 0 0 3 0 0, vange IS . ' . ' • unn, o. - cation are public utilities operators "'r. and "'rs. Donald Hadley en- Hartsock. . ... _,. 1 0 0 0 0 0 .Mra. SteUa. Evans and dau~hter. cothe, . O~\O, IS , conductIng an r-ular and subltitute school bu A ateadla t faitb re~ .m MISS Helen, of lJiayton, spent e"angelLsbc camptugn at the Way- d-"t nd 11 own h moves milch of the sorrow tertained at dinner Sunday Mr. - - - - - - Wednesday with Mr" and Mrs. W. n~ ville Church of Christ. Some of trlVersh" a .a hi ers W 0 o,p erl and Mrs. Ralph Webb and family, Totals ...... , .. . . 34 1 5 24 17 3 P alisbury ' th to ' h I s t a e ve IC e .. or reo of partinc. by teaching Saturcla,.. Ju.. 23 Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Crites Hartsock batted for B. Weller in" epIc e pan 0 use are at Chauffeurs regiltration in Warthat de!lth is only a trail, ninth Miss Ella Lutz and Mr. Cha ' s. follows:" , r e n county may be made with: an d family. 01 Willmington, and . ~h~rsday. The Three R a of Lebanon Esther Stibbs' Franksition to a better exisMr. Morris Hadley. of near ClarksHawke. of Dayton, were guests ot Rehglon." ," in, tence. It II our task to ville. Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Hawke, on F 'day "Counterfe't Ch ' tl hn. H~len Ber~er. Mason, Geo. E. Mr. and Mnl. Therle Jones and BELMONT MERCHANTS Wednesday. Ity ,~I • I rl anCarnabam; and Waynesville. make the Jaat ritel symlion, spent Sunday at the home of AB R H PO A E Mrs. W. N. Newland has returll• ahrday, I fDoes it Matter What L. H. Gordon. __ - - bolic of thill faith. a leavethe's parenta. Mr. and Mrs. Ziegenthaler2b 4 0 1 2 4 1 ed to her home at Chicago a:fter III I Believe. U I am ' Honest and Valu e of U. S. THU S.......Moll.--J_e 24. 21 taking made 'aerene by Ed, , Nutt. near Centerville. Mrs. Putterbaugb, 3 5 2 2 1 2 1 visit of two weeks with her sister. onscientiou9 in That Belief." Of' the 850 dJlrerent .pecil!1I or the aaaurance of a future Jonues's sister. Miss Alma Nutt. Johnson, Ib ,. 4 0 1 11 1 0 Mrs. W. H. Allen. Sunday morning. "The Preacher trees In the nlted tnt~, 180 bl\ve reunion. aecompanied Olem home and ia Hoefling, If .... 4 2 2 1 0 0 With A Big Voice, VAcant Stare economIc vRlue. spendinr this week here. Hogel, e ......... 0 0 0 , 1 0 0 J.adieB of the M. ,E. chllrcb will Slid Wooden Legs." --~; -~========= in ,Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Trickey. Boomer, () .... .... 3 1 2 6 1 0 hold a home-made ice crea'm and Sunday nigbt, "The Way That Kinlrdom That CaDJ~ot be haken.· Mrs. Alice Miller and BOn. Ray. Schalnat, cf .. 4 0 1 1 0 0 cake social it the bllRd concert on i~ Right and Cannot be Wrong." Thursday. · jS~ld the Dead be were SundaY' dinner guests of Mr. Sine, ss .. ...... 4 1 1 2 2 0 McClure's corner. Thursday evenMonday (June 26), "The Four BUTied?" " Phone 7 =============~ Thomas, rt .. .... 3 1 0 2 0 0 ing. June 28. Saviors." These are unique and logiell1 Crews, p .... .. .' 4 0 1 0 9 0 M TuesdAY. !'The Four Baptisms." Bible sermolls. packed with human Wayne.ville, Ohio , White R,.., the depen- - - r. and Mrl. OliYer Davis. Miss Wednesday. "Receiving the interelt. Totals 35 7 11 27 19 2 Nettle Keppler and Miss Rachel I dab.e GalOl ne. ,,,,. ".. DAvis apent Suuday in the home =========~==~====~~=~=====;::=:===~==:-==-== -==~~::=~~==~~~~::=~~~~~~::=====~~~ of Mr. and Mr•• Peter Demas. at 1 2 3 4 6 8 7 8 9-' New Vienna. ~

White Rose, the depen·

Council Leta Bid For Street Repairs




County Treasurer

Late Classi6ed Ads.

Local Girl Scouts Have Busy Week

Merchants Lose Their First






A Symbol of


Faith '


W.,.••••IU., O.

berybOOy IOc Buck Jones

'Thrill Hunter' Edmund Lowe and Ann Southern

J. E. McClure

"Let'. Fall

In u,ve'!


.......IIIi. . . . . . . . .III.lIIillliiil• • • •!I'III. . . .~IWay

esvUle .. 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 1- ,) 7 . - -...- - - ~ 7 ENTE.RTAINS BRIDAL COUPLE

B~lmont , .... 00023002 x-

Base~ on Balls-.; Smithson 3. Two Baae Hit&--Hoefling. Three Base Hit&-->Johnson. Sine. Double play-Thomp80nto Laurens to Sattertbwaite. Wild Pltch-Smitbson Earned Run&--Waynesville I, Belmont 3. Struck out--by Smithson 3, by Crews 8. Lett on Bsse&--Waynesville 6, Belmont 7. ' Umpire--Perry. Time of game 1 hour 43 minutes. - - -___ •

In honor of Mr. a.n dMrs. Gtorge Bunnell, Mrs. Nelhe Bunnel1 and MilS Moni",ia BunneII entertained at dinner On Sunday. the :follow ing guests: ' Mr. and Mrs. ChBS. Bunnell, of Richmond. Ind. ; Mrs. Margaret Bunnell and MisfJ Margaret Bunnell, of Dayton; Dr. and Mrl. Herschel Bunnell and Mrs. Olara Dunn, ot' Lebanoll; Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Bogan. of Spring Valley; P4!. and M1'8. Glenn Davis, Ro~rt, Roger. Nellie Mary and. Marjori~ , Davis. of Wellm.a n; Mr. and Mr8~ Clyde Long. Messrl8, Roland and Kermit Long, Miss Hilcla Long, , Miss Marjorie PllSCO and Mr. Hugh Lawllon. of Centerville, Mr. ShOuld pasture and hay crop. and Mrs. Earl Hockett, Miss Ruth f 'I f d h W Hockett, Mr. and Mrs. J . B. Gonll al rom. roul t arren county Mr. and Mrs. Kellar Hoak and farmers WIll see more of th~ !lew family, Mr, and Mrs. Rhoades Bunforage crop, Sudan Grass. IJI the nell Mrs S rab M d M OPilliton of Le~ter J. Miller, county R08~oe F~r~. ,urray an 1'.

- ~ 'IfI'1a

Sudan Gras. Is Good Forage Crop

apn .


- -.- __



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lIIDoOth dreI IOOD 'Wear

daD&eroUlly thin .... become weak'l.u!cldy rlladl "the d._Un•• " Your ,.... laertaee-Irom egg, puncturee, . _4_ btowout.. Don't rIIk your Deck 011 hot ~4. with ttdua&erline" dreI when eafe IWW

Sudan GraIB il one of t he mOlt ' eallly, arrown and mOlt dependable DEATH TAKES AllJTO VICTIM ot emert~ncy hay and pasture ) crops, he laYI. A native 'of Atrica, Clarence Barl\~s, 22, Mt_ Ster· it arrows well in dry weather. once ling, Ky .• died sbortly before mida lltand ill secured. night Tuesday at BlaiT hospital, GoocJYearl COlt 10 Utde. Let Seeded in Jate or Early .June, Lebanon, trom a f'ractured skull , ua lnIpeCt your tJr.. ,for . Sudan grass y ields good pasture I received when the automobile in within five or six weekI. hirly he was ridina: in the rumble good results have been secured seat, collilled with a bus en route trom July leedinrs. With !luftlcient from Cincinnati to Dsyton TUIIImoisture one acre will support two day afternoon, at the intersection or: three cows until frolt. 10f Route 73 and the, Dayton-Leb· Seeding may be with a grain anon pike.' . drill,' ulinc th. wheat side in a Barnes had ~en pickecl up by a double ,feed drill an~ drllIhig ' /lolid Mt. Sterling school teacher who as for small grains. One.balf to ~n was on her way to Micldll"town to inch of cover il all that II ' nec. visit her ailter. The teacher and eSBary on the heavier soU types; another woman esc,ape4 injury. It one to two inchea on the U&,bter 1II'aa said the driver failed to beed Boil types. ' the IItop sign and clraahed into the If the soil II dry, cultipackin, bUll. " after laedln, r ..ulta in quicker B.rnes was removed to ,erminatiGII and a better ltand. Blair hOlpital by Carl Duke. farmen report to Mr. Killer. • -A very common seediq rate b Y . F. M. MI~ETING 20 to 25 pounds an &ere, but thla amount rna, be varied to trom 16 The Y. F. M. to 80 pound•• For puture, thllFurnu .. hoat, havter rate. are preferred. meeting house on "l;u,.u.,y B"VllIllrur. aeedtnar produces a coaner ba7. Jalle 10. The more dHllcalt to cure, but dOH Dot te!'eat at the DI'C!••;~,t nelua the ,..ld. Prlnda CoJlf'l~eJlc:.r For two to three tolll • . , I Cape 1Ia, upeetH. Bu~-eat, well"'" I to w.bleh til.. lI'O'aplcllq)ltcta ...... fa palatabl.. COWl . . . . . ._ =S=~""'''''II eoattata IftIe ram .....Ili. tlllllI tIIat of ..... _~=:~=





















Eiahty-Bixth Year


MERCHANTS DEFEATED A total of bas been received from State Auditor Joseph 8Y JAMESTOWN INTracy as Warren county's ahare of the excise paotine !'efund. it announced last week the GAME HERE SUNDAY office of County Auditorfrom Will R.





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OWER WAlER RATES The Good Cllt Clothing club met tlje home of Winifred ARE BEING CONSIDERED. and ivian Ten members answered to roll call by naming Lh e nr finished l1l'tic;le in their fOR WAY N ESVILL E project. lrtc:luded the busines JUl1tl

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Whole Number 612'



Lewil, Lebanon. Of the total amount. a su m amounting to $10,000 will b& placed in the county road fund, while $3,860 wUl be distributed to 11 townahips in the county. ' Each of the townships wl11 receive approximately $860. - - - - - ...- - -

etillg was discu ion 'of J1 float to exhibit at the counly fail' and OIlT community service. During the work hour the girls 'j udged their first flni!hed article and Winil'red onner and lona Crane gave a team demonstration on "How to l'ack a Suitcase." A short recraati,on period and dainty refreshments this most enjoyable as wellended as pre>fitable meeting. . III

Baard Alfthorillu Th. J.taUatl_ Of Matan A.


A. Po•• ible

The Waynesville Merchants Wl!1e Th e Tru tees of Public Aftair. def.ated by Jameltown in a hard held their regular meeting on hitting conteat. The numben of Tuesday, June 26, 1:934. Billa hits were equal but the Jamestown wer alJowed and 11 fl!w olltstandboys made their hits count. a little fug wat ~ r accounts were dlaelUBed more than the Merchants. While it was played rather loosel)' I have The ques~ion had been preBen"" leen worse ball gameH. ed to the Board whether any perJamestown Icored two in U)e first son othe~ than an authorized employee of the Water Worka had & inning. Galligh er singled. went to second when Smithson threw right to r move water meters from Jenkl out at lint, advanced to S.... Fouad in Ohio; Tell the line. The question had arisen third when Sattetthwaite rot How to Eradicate Weed IJ\ when objection had been made by H.rris unalaisted .nd .cored when Wid. Chemical. the Sup~rintendent of the W.ter Hartsock made an error Oil PikerWorks to the fact that a plumber in,. &'I:ounder. Plkertnlt IItole lecBoud Will Tr)' To Have Their had removed meterll trom the linea ond and scored on Tiddl double. Canadian thistles do produce Tu; PrGlram Enacted Be. without the consent or knowledp l<"udre fanned retirinr the side. seeds that win ITOW. In five of the of any Water Worke official. The · In . t he past six year. seed prod uetion . was fore the Gellera} A••embl)' I .meltown acore d again matter was quickly decided by the third. Harris walked with on~ noted in south central Ohio by R. board since a state law governa down and Icof(!d on Pikering three D. LewiB, e.xterution agronomi t S()hoolll will open thi faJ! a the situation and prohibits rebase hit. Piekering scored on a for the O. S. U. Collected and u ual ~! th Ohio l"lU'm .Bureau ha mova) of a meter from the line or fly'to center and Fudge grounded tetlted. these Beeds were found to an ytlung to say nbo~i It, Perr~ L. tampering with Bame by any perto IIhort. Two more for Jamestown grow. ro n. pre,sident sa~d to?ay. rhe son other than a duly authorized in the leurth. Sessler singled with It is commonly believed Canada boud of t~ustees in bl-monthly emp10yee of the water department 00& out went to third on E. thatk! do not reprodUCe from session at CO,lumbu/I adopted a tax The Superintendent of the Trouts ' single an scored on Gallic- !eeda in Ohio, according to Lewis. l}l'ogram which they wlll try for Water Works reported th.t he hee fly to center. E. Trout stole This belief, he aye, led to careenactment before the G.eneral A.s- had installed ten meten and the second went to third on Smithson's l~ne .. in cuttinr thilltles b.efore sem~Jy beca~se they beheve It WIll Board authorized th,e installation prOVide suffic~ent revenue to pat of about twenty more as time throw which was wide IIf the bac they bloomed. and Icored when l:lartsock mu1red Two procedures must be tollowilchtlOl operatmg expe.nses, ,b ased permits. Sueh ,,"ctlon is in accordthe throw. Jamestown added three ed to eradlc.t& C.nadian thistle: Ull .ability topsy, and I apphca.b!e ance with the policy of tile Water more in the sixth. Sel81ar sin,led first, seed production mUllt be to a!l classes and groups of CltlZ Board to m ter all ervice as lIoon en~, I.n th~ state, . . , a.8 possible. with one out and seored on E. checked by preventinr bl08soml Troutt triple. E. TrQut and dam,- from maturin" and second. exist.'l he situation 111 a..senou8 one, The qllcstion of water ratell was £11'. Greenremarke~l. ~any schools discussed but laid on the table her :tollowed hjm acro.. on Oal- Inc patchea must be eradicated. IIrhen home run. In the eichth Eradication may be accomplished the state. especially In the rural until some, future date wilen there Jenka walkt> hlllles. Cine sin81ed with chemicala or by exhausting district. will not open next fall would be a full attendance of tbe then IIcor '. -ftb - and Harris. the ~Ie:rve supplies of food in the. unless legislation .Is fort~eomini in B,oard. It is the idea that some Fudee Ai u t retirinc the side. roots by mowing or hoeing the the present speCial seUlon of the downward revision in the rate. ]n the ninth B. Trout .Incled and topa. r General Assembly. or fOrEseen in might be made. nole aecond, Se8sler W8ll hit by a Small patches may be treate.d the regula!;" sessio n to be held next __ • January. The Ohio Farm Bureau pitched ball. Both runners advanc- quickly wltb a pee-ially prepared ed when Laurena fumbled E. mixture 01 sodium chloride and is pledged to PI'Otect the educaTrouta ITounder. Seuler went out limetltone developed by agronomtioDal institutions and more es· Dea~h the baae. but Harria hit into a ist. at the Ohio Agricultural ExFRIENDS MEET'INC pecially the rural 8chools. it is dOllble play. periment Station. The mixture M' N . h f 01 11 pledged to efficiency in operation The Merchants seored in tbe cannot be prepared Bately or 18 eva mit, () rtey, I., First-day chool at 9 ;'30 a. m. Mi$s Elizabeth Fox ill visiting Mr of the, but .a1.80 in,,' ade· Carlton Per.... Roush, 69. died at is the guest of Mi s DoriS Hawke. Meeting for Worship at 10:30 and Mrs. C. E. Anderson and fam- quate e d dca t ulna1 f aCI1Itl ea. . ftret as Mendenhall linrled. went economic.lly at home. his home here'.1on Wednelda)' at 7 to econd ' on Thompson'a Bacrilice lCere are the directions for using Mr. and Mrs. Clle Cutler and m. ily several day this week. 111 presenting the report of the &. m. Mr. Roush w.s a well known bunt, to third qn a wild pitch and ,the material given by the agron- aon, Francis, of Norwood, apent Jeaislative commi~tee to the.boord Iman in Dayton and surrounding seared on a fleJderll cho'ce. In the omiats: the week-end with Mrs. Bertie WAYNESVILLE M. E., CHURCH Mr. and Mrs. Myron Thomas, 0 J. M. Hodson, Pioneer. chaIrman, iug tOwnl. He was conne.cted with toul'th the Merchants rot three. "Mow the thistlea before the Mills. Rev. O. C. Dibert, ,Pastor 'Payton. were guests of Mr. and S&i~, "In vi w of the fact that the Tbe City National Bank at Dayton Satterthwaite alneled, etole second ftQwer bud. open. A8 soon as f.o ur FI.iday : hoir projltice at 8 p. m. Mrs. E. L. Thomas, on Sunday. OhIO General Assem~ly haa not lfor a 'number of · )'~rs and ..a. and went to third on a wild pitch. , or ftve inches of new growth apHisses Trillena and Margal'et Sunday : Sunday sch,ool at 9 :30 "' . enMted a comprehll1181Ve tax pro- active in political affairl in that Hartsock fanned . LaurelUl ~rlpled , pA.rI, applv the chlorate-limestone "'dwards entertained the member Mr .. Dan Brown of Da?ton , lS gra.m. and since conditions are fClty. He was a memb~r of' the . . . .at "the rate of 600 to 600 '"" Un s wee k rna!l d a II t h.e n\o're acute b y th e Ohio Societ" of Sons of- American .corine .Satterthwaite. Lauren. mixture of the Arln1not Bridge club. on a.h m. Morning worllhill at 10 :30. 'p.endlOg several da"" ~"'-. T e sermon ubject will be, "True With Mr . and Mr 8. Alb rt Cle ay er ten 1'1)1'11 I'Imitation " d t we t Revolution. " seored and Smithsoll went to sec- pounds an aere. Extend t~ appll Tuesday afternoon. • itizenship. Epworth League at aflI ta.menf men. tb f ondo on Fud,ces bad throw ot , cations three or tour feet beyond 7 p. m. with Ronald Hardin as M d' U C F ,., h f a r e rma Ion 0 e arm ' Mr. Roush ill lurvived by one Smithson'. -ounder. smitblOnjthe viaible e d - of the patch. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Collett and r. an mrs. . .....,os er, 0 bureau tax program with lIucb ad- fste M D ' S d d •• -~ leader. Evangelistic services at 9 Cincinnati. were the guests of .MI'll ; ...tmen". and modiftcatl'O~~ aa a~ 8 hr. rsR' hailiSY dny er an one Itole tblrd .nd scored on B. Wel"U new .prouts .ppear rener- 80n. Robert. werE guests of Miss Ed' H . d T'~'" .~ . '~ nep ew OUI ny er d to aUy over the area make a see-on d ~ ' on S.I m. condiR ema1ft! '. • ed to th• Iel'8 j nII e Id out. U' _eft d 11 ·1 II e _aty W'l I gum, at X en la, un"ay p. Wednesday:Bibl tudy and dayIth ' arrl8 an _ family on hqrs- nece8l8ry by present . . were remov e ••cond r.tlrina thSj .ide. applieation .t the rate of 400 to evening. • tions and as are consJStent WIth Stubbs Fllnerlll Home where fUDIn the Afth tM. Merehanta cot 600 poun. an acre. If s~routa . . prayer meeting at 7 :30 p. m. The. Mi Louise Crane of Wyoming, the resolutions ad~pted by I the 'eral services will be. held Saturday one when M. Weller slnrled, went are oeeaaion.l, after either the lira: J. O. Cartwrlg.h t. o~ Cln- W. F. M. . will meet wilh Mrs. Cincinnatf, spent the week-end delegate body at lts.1a t annual at 10 a. m. Rev. J. J. Schaeffer. of to third on Peck'. double and ftrat or "cond application. treat cinnab. spent T~esday m town a~d 1'08S on Thul' day of next week. with her mother. Mrs. Maude meeting." St. Mary's ehurch ofticiatlnlr. Bur~coJ;ed on Jenkl' error of Hart-- by '&potting' witb chlorate-lime- was the over-Tl1g~t guest of Mr. Crane and Miss Anna Lee. The report of th committee as ial will be made in Woodland sock'. erounder. In the seventh. the atone an area at leut one foot I.n and Mrs. D. C. RIdge. WAYNESVILLE, CHURCH OF . . finally adop~ed by ~he board of cemetery, Dayton. Miss Grace McNutt of Elkart CHRIST M1SS Olive Allen attended a tru8tee~, whIch consltutea tbe tax . -- -- - .. - - Merehants Irot one more as Peck diameter al'ound eacb IIprout. dOllbled one out and scored "If the treated area is to be Y,nd.. a fo.mer 'secrAta' 1''' of the' , . (Undenominational) party given by Lawrence ,Program of the state farm bureau. REPORT ftEVE "LS 'D E .... ND J" " . I on Miss Cbester A.. Williamlon, Mini.ter Shields at XeniJI., on Thursday calls for the following legislation " ' ' ' . .oA on Lauren I I i DC Ie. T wo more in planted to a eu1tlvate d crop, 'b ~ e D ...."n Y. •W. C. A. called the el..htb B Weller -'-"'led lItole ..... -1 ..- tin t .b d law d ;r~ evening. based upon ability .to pay: A per. FOR COOPERATIVE PROJECTS ..~ n may e ~ .Ie Olive Allen, Thursday. afternoon . Evangelistic m~etings will cond . I' h . . .. . sOJ¥I earne Income tax aw WIt second, stole thll'd and ecored until cultivation has been gtven • ahead of Tbompson oil Tomp,'a chllnce to clean up the few reMrs. Aliee M.cKinsey and Miss tin ue. Evangelillt D. R. Dunn is MISS Elizabeth Ho~ht attended iradua ted ratesandlowexemptions .' ·.... b . •. bringing Bible mes!Jages of unu- ' co~men.cement e. x~r. clSea. of th.e intrreases in the rates of certaill The Ohio. Farm Bure.u now'" hollie run. I n tile n in ... ... Wle _.rc • maininr liproutll." Henr.etta McKinsey were dinner 1.. d • S v' U t f C t i t "'as many paid members as were Manti rot one more on H.rbock·. The job is not done, the arron- guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. s~al e arlty an. power. er lces nlVerll) ~ 0 moman I, as J' ~I- items of the present intangible tax . home rlln and th.t .neled the omlsta .l nd. until the lut sprout Collett, at Harveysbur", Thursday LoDlghdt,IYD at Ch7 ASh' SP~ogrlamt' 9 '30 day evenanlr· law. an increase tn utility excise cured durmg th.e entire year of , .. r s ay urc CdOO a ta ffi' t t .. t th' 1933, M. D. Llneoln. tlI:eeatl•• lIuehanla ecol'lng wIth four run. ia 1dUed. . " . . M.r . and Mrs. A. S. Collett en- X~I! IIU . clen 0 . o"se. e~r seeretary of the Ohio F.rm Bartaa short of wlnnl..... The ftpe-texture, . non-cakinc Mr. and Mr8. ChM. James and a. m. •Lord s ~ul?~er .~nd 8e~lrlOn tertained Mr. and Mrs. Ernest savmg. due t9 t~e ten mIll t d t th b d OI tnat.n Next Sunda), the Merchanta will ..uta" ot"lOaiiam c orate and family weM gue? of M.r. 8!,d at 10.30, Oh:r\sban E,ndeavo~ ~t Gillam. of New York ' City, at nt, .~trlc~ , conomy ID f:P~~~ontbIY :esS:: at Columba meet the Dayton Ti8en on the IImelltone c.n be applied 'readlly Mn. W. O. Hutchison ,and family 6 :4.5. p. in. Evening evangeilstlc breakfast on Thursday morning. government With such changes 8 S lat I. . . home ground•• The Tigers are an by hand throul'h "a lawn f~rtillzer ..t Dayton, on Sunday. 8ervlc~ at 7 :4~ p. m. JD. R. Dunn ' . will money and not impair the. S wee~ .. . . . . ' hro . th ' preachmg. Th church where, you . M.n. Lee ltawke, ' Miss DO"1'l11 service needed, 81'1d a general re_ The s prmg fert.ltzer tonnar' eltbroadcaster, of t qh e ferMfss Sue. Crane Mills Barbara feel at home, . Hawke Miss Neva Smith and MI s , tail ales tax with low rates. with ceeded t~e 19S3 volume f"r the. (Continued Oft pap . " - -- • . tUber attachment 01 a train drill. Jean Orane and' Master J a c k ' Marie Macabee were Dayton visi. exemptions for ballic farm supplies s.al1le pen~d by 65 % a';ld tber. are CountY.lgriculture arentl are IUP- Orane 's pent Wednesday at the FERR.Y CHURCH' OIF CHRIST torfi, on W~nesday. such u seeds, feeds and fertilizers l~ bulk 011 plants now In operation " .... 0 . plied WIth a bUlletin deecriblnc .t~ home of Mr. ·and Mrs. Forrest Gra. '. • to proYide whatever revenues are with. 74 tank tr':l~ks, lervin.. in ~ methods of thistle eradlC8--ham and family on' Litle Road. ( Mr. and Mra. .~arold Wllb~m.Bon, abllOlut&ly neeesuty for the opera- 26 dd'l'erent. cO,untiell. a8 apinat .S ICDlC nner bon. It ia tree:. _ • . Hr~ and Mn. Herbert Becketol Cllester A. Willl,a mlon 'R ichard and 111 Luella Wlllla!,,- tion of the schools not produced one bulk 0.11 plant In 1933, the Unified service beginning with Bon. of Dayton, spent Sunday wlth by tile 'foregoing farm bureau officials f(!Ported. K1tUEY-BALDWIN of Florida, Mr. and Mrs. John Church School at 9:30 a. m. Lord' Mr. and Mr. H. H. William son . ' The Ohio Farm Bureau Service On Sunday. eleven of the t1Venty-two memben 01 the 1925 Williams. of Toledo, were week- Supper and sermon at 10:80, Ser~ and Miss Grace. EVANCELISTIC CAMPAIGN Company bUBlneBil. botb wbole graduatinr clalS of Wa,.eavUle A weddiriC of interelt to many end gU'ests of P. L. Rea On and mon subject, I<The Sig'Dificance of . sale and 'retail. for the past Ave l:Iiah achool, torether wiUl their In thia community j)ecurred at family. th.e Cross." You are always we1-' M,I;'. and Mrs. J. B. Gons visited WILL CONTINU£ months of 1934, wall almolttwi" ,a!JIme, and cuesta, c.tbered at B].lf"cl\eater W.dnes4ay evening Mis. Jes~e Clark, of Oincinnati, come at this churc)l. Mr. a"d Mrs. . C~rl Sanker at the volume of the same period lut Camp Ruth for a picnic dinner. J~ne 20. wben Miil D.wn Jla)dwin was a goest of Misses Trillena and Mason, aturdaY.nlght. Mr. Sanker . The evangelistic ~amp~igll lit ·y ear. Th,e presentyeal;. to da~!I' Tho.e preaent 'Were. Ill'. and lin. daupter 01 lin. H.llIe Baldwin Margaret Edwards at the Argunot ST. AUGUSTINE ICHt)RCH who has bee~ .ver), dl tor the past Ithl' Churoh of Christ wil, continue has wftnessed th.e Latgest volume · few W~ks1 18 much better. tintllJuly 8 or later. Eval)gelist of automobile insurance in the hl.Th omaa Bu'rton. Mr. and IIr•• E, "• of that place, the bride .of Brld'g e clu"" on Tuesday afternoon . Father Newton. lPastor " D .R D ' tt ti d . t '. ,, ' f th t f b j t. BlIrtoD, Mr. and ¥n. Albert Wil- Mr. Joaepb Xenel, BOn o' Mr. and Ipent the night: lit their home. Mass at St.. Augustl ne'! Churcb Mr. and Mrs. John Bolin, (Gladys htl u~~h ISh ' a ;ac ~gl crow ~ . or 0 L ' a I ar~ uren ~~~ lS t orce .lu son. Mr••nd ~. Harold William- and lin. WUliam ICeraey, of Oreev~ry secon d and fou1'th Sunda~' !'larlan) of Lebanon, are anoounc- m g Y fWI d b p,eec th r. flllCO nb so rl\epoj ~ . Ion and 80n; Richard. Mr. and lin conia. IIr.K.ne7 .. an instructor Mr. nd Mrs. T. S. Hardin and l h . th 11111: the birth 0-(' a son John Har- an d pro oun u easl y e new arm ureau re murane. Harold Beckett and cbtlclren. Mr. in the LebaDon High school. sons~ Ronald, Tresslar and Lanlling t e mon . Ian, born at st. A.nn~'s Hospital, stood Bible meS3ag!s. . .' company el!tablisbed April II, and Mrs. Herbert Edwarcla and The ceremora, .... soJemnized at spent the week-end in Kentucky . Dayton, Monday June 25. Some of the toPICS which will 193 •• had paBsed tlle f2.000,000 two 10111. Mr. and rMrs. Chaa. the bome of the bride's mother in They visited the broth ell ot Mr. probably be discuBiled by the evan- mark for business in force. Th..... maD,1UIa h JlloIIilJIia, IItaa O. BJ.-ach. . . -' aHCI.n-tblrt, o'eloek H81'din who ia very ill in the hosMr. and Mrs. Orville Gray and gelist are as tollows: "What Think is also a gNat deal of prop•• in HartaoeJc, 1Ir. 101m X..., and t.n tile . . . . . . 01 immediate pital at Oynthiana. daulI'hter. Barb8l'a. had as guests ye ·of ChrisU" "]s Jesus Coming tbe cooperative marketing proMr......baIt ADlt. 1Ir. . . . 1IrL. :talllillte .... a few lIlYited peatll. on Sunday, Ml'. anll Mrs. Rustlel Again!" "Detective Vision," l'ls jects, as wen as in the tarm bure.u Bower, of Sprllirft.ld. IlC~Q" ..... TIle brWe I • a lftCiuate of Mrs. Frank L. l'ay)oT of San N ~l; 01 Cincinnati, Mr. and Mra. 'l;heJ;'1! Such a Thing ' as Sin?" ag,:icultural er;edit pro,ram. 01 1Jr'. and Mrs. E. J, Buttoa tor Blancbetter Blch scbool and taur Franelseo, Calif., Mr, and Mr!l~ F , A. C. Bownlan and family, Jim- I'Disd'pleship or Delusion ~ , • - .. t. tt d~'" wn-'--" 0 "I .... F ' O. Hat1;4loclc and family oi Milmie O'Ne",lI and Avery Cnok, of Which?" "Th"'ee," . "Where Are BAND. CONCERT the week-enca IUIIV preaea • en ... ........... n 0, e .. ~. Ql' f'o ' rd. and" and Mrs. Ronald ' • and ~ Fran klin. · Tlaou 1" and othe'I' vital,. up to the Th'e p Icn.i c w.. en j _... 10 mu eh ' the '..... ' - tJar.e ..... , n she 'h.. .· beell Hawl«! family. were ,Sunday that it wu deeided to maD the *.'!~IqJ[i" the....ClarIamlle aeho~1a 'g uests of Mra. Edith Harris and )Irs. C. B. ChapMan, of Dayton. minute_Bu_b_j_ e c!,:.. _ The 4th eoncert will ". Tbara reUl'lloll. an anlluu . . .eJ.. . of 'II 1aJI". _rn;.aIkllooL graduate of f am I] y. .II! VlSI . 't'Ing U...·r. an d.... J • B, Ch ap day, I u Iy .." a t 8 p. lD. a t u_""J ' Be latu . Mrs. _~ rare I The memben of ... .I man this week during the absence NEW CENTURY CLUB MET corner by Th. W.ya..9Ule 8aad. who were not 1»naent on Bundq attended W~ 00II... and . A large gathering of ladiet! of of Mr. Chapman who is malting a Thll cOllcert la lilY-en tor the Leare: Loll Daldn Mulford, IIUdred cnduatecl trom OhIo S.te Uni~ the Aid and Missionary Society of bUlinetlll trip out of town and will Mrs. Maria Elbon entertained Ka)' Hawke 111m...." Aceae7, Hole Campbell; Edith IIcJtibboD nnitr iD tH .... of lS81. , For the Prubyterian church of Spring join her here for the week-.end. the membertt ot the New Century with tM ccnapBmnta of IIr. Amaa AtcII]ey, Th.t.... Graham G!'&7, the put two ~ be . . been tile field. Ohio, met at the borne of ~n clllb at her home, Friday atter- You wUI And thia ftrm tile wriw. KatlaJeea Bencleraon Noble, de- voeationu apleaitural inatruetor lohn K. Pre.ton today for a Mr. and Mrs. Georre Hartaoek noon, JUM 22. ThOll. prelent re- of .... old ad nllable ltD. of .... ceaaed, Marpret lIadatt, deceM-lin the ..... ac!hool at Le.on. hasket dlJ\ner. Sixty guellta were and 'Mr. and Mrs. Herman Surfaee sponded to roll call with namea of Insurance. Oln thea! • -trial tbe ed, . .,aaond B..c1doelr. wtJIiI.aa IIr. and lin. KerNy. loUowing pretJent. returned home on Thursda,. after famoWl trees. .eltt dna. )'011 _alit IDMlnUlee. Tboma. Ken." It. , . , JIIv- • two weeka' wecldlDt trip, ptan to spendhl~ a week with HH. HaJ't,. Two Vfl1I Intere.ting papera II.., woaea IUI4 ....... ra, Bopktna, ,earl On, ... Bow. make their 1l0000e In Lebanon. III'. and Mn. Ralph MilleT enloek'l .llIter and brothe!'-In·la", were read, "Talbtiv. Tl'e. Ria.. ... .... . . . , walle fill al'd Ooot. • teltabled a number of fri8llda.t. Mr. and Hn. Rfee Saapp, in LOU- f tile Soutllwest," II, lin. Joh" ...... . It . . .. • - • ..... Of G...& ~ atak rout at eamp Oft Weddouft cOllnt" VlIPnla. 1o Fromm and ''Wild LIte of ..... alii u r • and KI"L Sheth. . AtJutic ... ... ..... _ - - ID t:Ida .... ,.... K?~ln.. ad JIIn. ThOM J. B. .. . . . . aU . Galc Coaat," lin. W. .aItJ .. .,.....,. aU wIIJ lie III 1Ir. &ad .... Bert were called to Sprlqboro Ia8t 6. Come.. ,M . . of tile .... ' ....... of th• •adela l . Tile ...






Carlton Perry Roush Called B,


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...... we" •.

f 1925

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.. '11'' ' . _1_-






--- ...... c.e.

-_.....- --.........


















tOI' • ~ertlftcatl! tit transfer. Coyl , inlot No. 2ee la FraDklin. It. O.wald, .. rvlcl., ,35; WW" flied hel' fint alld final account. William H. Brown to LilHe E. Beeclle!, servieN, ,1)5; Llnnle WUlemcN, ,1)1): Chriltlne I 'The Lebanon·Cltlzena National Cooper, 88.60 acree In Salem, Bar· llama, Bundren, .ameel, ,65; Faith Tom Bank aJld Truat Co .• trustee of the land andWuhlnlton township.. tru t created by Item 3 of the will J. E. Eberhart, f't al to The MI. Unson, eel' vice!l" $67.60; E UleHathaway, services, ,20. of Nancy J. Hopkin!l, dece.aed. ami VaIley Building and Loan As· St'cond lind flnal. sociation, 100 acres In Tudlecl'eek arrington P. EI1i~, executor of tuwnship. Common P I••• Pr~eeclin•• Jt:dgar Bawyer, d ceased, to Min Subllcribe tor The Miami Gazette approved. . . the estate of Gladman H. Ellis, de· mar Mo t.eller: a,dnllnlstrator of ceased, Illed hi inv<'nt ry. nie L. Bowy~r, et III, 82 acres in 1 h" clIse of Robt'l'i ''f yl r 1\ nd til 1'. tllt(l f ~hzll • hop,Parcl. u In the matter of the tate ' of D ~rfield township. J. A,·thul· T y101' v J'su~ J . B. cell,s,ed iiI d hI apiJllc tlon tOI' a W~llingtoll . Bowyet', deceased, Laverne Ayers, et aI, to Minnie 1 ling rOlan, receiver. WII disllli~l! - celtltlcate of irlln ' sale. were II ppt·oveci. AllowRnce t.o L. Bowyer 82 acre in Deerfield VOTE FOR I d. 1 rothy Burgfm " r, leU I'dian. of widow authorized. The ndjudica- township. Clifford Reeve ct al to Jennie In th e case of The Kcl1~' S~l'il\g al'l M. and La\\ r nc Leo ZWlck, tion und determination of the in. ..:..==-='- ~============-= lit'ld Til'e Cu. vel' u H. J. Hay 5, minors', 1i1 d, h r JiHh !i~count.. hel'itanc tax i to b given to aU . and William M. l{,u~t, 19:12.lJ4 r. li n e~ li d, n~ if to cl sr his vi sion . nction is dismi. sed \\Ht)out record. Matti Gl'Imm. dmJnls tratr~ of perSons inter ted. acres in Turtlecreek township. The va of Mab 1 Martin vel' us thtl estate bf Edward T, Grlmn), 'I'he will 0-[ Frank . 0\ Dvm' d Union Joint Stock Land Bank crow \ iuged. !lCI'OSS th clearing "U '11 /tt'l noth ing WOTS C' than 1\ Hn d pi~he d n II tr et op. Otto fm-tin is di~missed. d('ceas.ed , filed her pplicatibn for C fi Red, was admitted to probat. to John F. Hutton, real estate in CANDIDATE FOR brok n fi nger r t \\ ()," ' Did"Two." T he case 0/ ThE: merican Loan n e rhficat of tran .fer: h, fil d h !'Ie, P. Joy, executor of the Wayne and Harlan tOW1lstiip. Ill cr . .. \lld 1\(ln' L \\ony about m ,1 Th(' Yl1U lIj{ men l'aL d th!'ir right o. a cOl'poraUon ver us Catherine her fi rst, nnai and dlslnbtl1lve ae· e tate of Milrtho Elizab-eth Joy, The Cincinnati Oil Work!! Co. to Dav . 11 's 00 high·st r ung ~ o b~ I h nd" each t thl? level of til I Wagnel' Ilnd Edw11l'd A. Wagn er is count. h h u('cealled. ftled hi inventory, incinnati Development 0., real dang r Us ol thi, /tame, H ' tI'l t (l , g ~ouhJ er .. T he m~7.Zle s of the di_llIi ed. In t e 1l1aU r of t e estate of estate in Salem town~hip, Subject to Republican 10()k 001, ilh h is Janll\ 18 kllc!a.i- I pu;tolR 110ll1te.d !!tl'a!ght up at th!' The ca. e of Ja ob Fro t ver u St.ella J. Booth. de(:ease~, attorn Y Patrick Gaynor, Ileceal!cd, to Primary, Augu t 14, 1994 Marria,e Lieen... Ann Gaynor, et ai, inlotll Noll. 477 t al mann ; but he J id not deeel' l cloudl !t, r lghtenmg dome of Ada F" ost is dismi ell without fees w '·.EI . aliow. d. GOll Thornpv me, f or I t.ook Iii lIleK~Ur in hea\' n. The mu t u e of Ruggle· record. ' . on, ndmml trn trlx ~I d h r sched L~ ter Adran Mount. medical and 478 in FrankUn, :hi y e:." . , 1~ton '!! P~ t?l s~ ooki 8!ld Ruggle tOll The Case of Calh rine Ooodpas- ule of debts. Th e adJudication and interne, of L banon and Mi s Ruth "lie's been tJ pphlll'!'. pOl'k t ell c urse~ 't" m hI S shakmg hart. te r ver sUs Muriel Goodpostol' i determination of the inheritance Maxwell Baker, of Lebanon. Billa Allowed m e. Til mol' hi h n d lUlk s. t he I Thl e. disml'ss d . "'I'thout "e co~(1 tax is to be given to all persons in· Edward Liming,}[laborer, of Ma· M S II K II . $7 ; ,. 1': h d i h . , . , d .. D rs. te a e y, servIce, .ftC man ma e B r g t turn, ~ t In th ca e of William . TUI.ton tel' te . son, a nd Mrs, arri d ixon I\fto~. Will Bryan, services. $10; mor e diffi cult your mark will b e. , "'X'herc'll be murk enough. nev r thte ~am (' t ime .slrai~hten~nG' hi!! versus olomon Fn"d. motions The I ollo\ving 8 cQunts w re ap· hou ~e keeper , of South Lebanon. Candia Hymer, service, $5: With Reliable Serum J nr. Of Ielbow and droppmg hl!\ wrl~t. Th e u iained Fiftee n day~granted to proved, ailo\\'ed arid confirmed by Ralph ' H. P ox, factory wOI'ker, Helen Dougbman. ervices, $7: and Viru. lOy u wOl,lldrl't kill the poor b,:o reports sound e~ like on e. Cap. file pleading or amended petition. the t;ourt. , ' 01 Ll'hanon , ane{ lil; Velma N. M EI b , dev,i1 ?" , Itam Rugglellton tWllched, but s~it In th Cll e Qf L wis Barber v r- Willa B. Cabot,. administratrix Atkinson, telephone operator, of M~:: I~~lie u;~:~~ se~~!~se8$27.:J At' a rea.onahle price Mac1yer rea. ur d t he doc to r on fell ed in. lantly, The horee tosed Its I'ty ot 'Franklin, et al tl'tle of the estate of MalTY Ellen Thomp Lebanon. DR. W. FRO,S T ft ' d d ' I d Ml's. How&t'd Sawyer, ervicell, I d d h thn point . I lea ,a n t e C ~QW apped up and quiet d, plain iff t' pay cosl!!. s?n,. e~ea e . F Ir st, fina an $7 ; Columbus Blank Book &. PhoDe 17R. Dawn wa g raY !II ng the a~ t away. crawing d risivcly. The 10 th e ens of The State of Ohio dl !ltrlbutlve. . Real ~.tate T ran.f.r. Mfg, Co. budgetl! for auditor's of. wh~n th Y l' n h d th hon . moke drifted slowly. The second anal, in.1PO ition of hal'ies, JrWll~, eXEcuta,· and lice, $50.05; The' Burougbs AddR. M . Robin on to Vit'gil E. Tay- ing Machine Co., ribbon and Audi. ground, which was a tump~' cleat·· sta re~ at Ruggle ~on, who continu- sentenc is u~ p nded upon condi_ ltru tee of the es~~e of J. A. Run· ing in 8 \\'ood o f fi rs and , prllne . to I' nd v ry Btnight. with his ti<) 1l thatdef~ ndant giv bOlld of )'8n, decca ed. Thll'd. lor !1nd ,Dor othy Jane Taylor. real tor' adding machine, $1; Stakalta The doctor exomin d Maclver r ight hond still extended and till $50 and that he pay $1.50 per A ugu t Lu nn. xecutor of the estate in Franklin. 0., 1200 concll,lding paybands and rubbed , them wilh gr ipped on the enlP~ pistol. They wee'k for support of millor child, eS.tate of Bernard Il.unnc , decca ed. Margal'et Hannller to Albert J. ment receipt tor TTeasurer, SUi; brandy. Mr. park and ~ptain mov d udd nIy. lmutaneouaJy, Delendant I, t o pay cost!!. ,FlIlsI. _ , , Scheuerer, real es(at in Morrow . Burol,lghs Adding Machine Co., III the case of J B lingerman Roy F, ~hlls , adnllnlstrat.oY' of harl s N. Williams and Myrtle Main, on Treasurer's addin1 machRu.ggle ton arriv d ten mmutes and ran toward the guardsman. later hI a. pungo park driv!ng. I But th pi~tol dropped from his I'eceivel' vcr u T'ayl~r BJ'othc.w!I, the tate o.f Benjamin H. Mills. E. Williams to amu I A. Palmer ine April 24 to November 14, T~e capt8," ha.d pent the r~d lingers b fore the;y r eached et ai, judgm Ilt rendered {or de . decea ed. Flr~t and fi~a~. and Catherine Pa.lmer inlot No. $7.75: Columbus .Blank Book Mfg. WitH hI second. Toey had com ' b,nt, One finger dangbng . BI.o.IUl elldant _ _ ____ J. W. 0 11111 8 , l!ldnllnJ trlltor of 762 In Franklin. Co., Cosmetic Receipts & Beverage by litUe u ed and unpopu]ou way dripped , pattering on the ~r~l!tY I [n th· · casc of Hilda Taylor vel" the e tate: of Martina A. Collins deLillian A. Schroth to C. W. receipts lor Trea urer, $8; Banksand th beJls had been removed now. ~lacIver rela'JC~d and JOI~l!d 1 ~us Wi~ljam F rr st Taylor mo. ceased. Fn" t and I1nal. . . . Downard, 25 acre in Salem town- Baldwin Law Pub. Co., Deibel's fro~ harne s and s~afts before the r the other; . He resched them Just lion of defendant for reducti on of Elva D. Bogan., admmlstratl'lx ah ip. Ohio Pro bat Manual Supplem·ent. Btart. Mr. park hltehed tb hOI,;! a,\1 aJltaJn~uggleston agged to paymentJI by defendant f r support oC the e. tat~ of Horace G. Bogan, Jes ie Z. Jamc to Maria E. 19S., ,3.50; Barrett Brothers, 100 ROOT FOR. AND CONSIGN of n1inor child approved decea ed. FIrst and 1\nal. tockwelJ, inlot No. 384 in ' Frank· cost bill , 50 inherit811ce Forms to a smell fir and blnnketed It. his kne s, whlt.e a II sbeet. Cattl•• boca, .hup .nd "'va Captain Ruggle ton tepped to a I' Back at th.. King' H ad. Ala· " In the matter I3f the e tate of lin. f P b t $725 D Ed d NoJTla.8roc\l liv. ~. bare humm ock and stamped his dnri ifaelvt"r dispo d o! 'econd - - - -Joseph McCauley, deceased, order Moses Beel to Amy Montgomery or ro a e, . ; rs. war pro n lv. arm Co" for the _ ... booted feet on tbe 'frosty mos . \ breakf t. He had r eturned alon e New Suit. of sale at real estate ordered. 60 acres In Franklin township. and Robert Blair, Medical Services ma!a:':t prie.. and !rood a. • rendered at Jail dllring l\lay, Then park and the doctor 100ked \ trom the clear ing in the wood, Edna Ro ellt! ver sus An on R oaales by T. H. Zen. executor if Louis C. Zechel' to Ernest Zecher $27,50; Griswold Service Station, U.I•• Siock V......• ·Cla.I._JI. a. over th grQund and paced ff Doctor Hamm I' haYing driven ell , for divorce. harge i gross the estate of Laura J. Zell, decea - and Anna F. Zecher. 160 actes in Gaa and Labor on Sheriff's Tun. tn OD Radio Station Wc-Y 11 :211 to 12 :80 p. m. for our daDr what was requ\t'ed for th~ir prin. away with park and the wounded neglect. ed, were approvec:ll., Turtlecreek townsRjp. d" M $16 10' Wald mar ket rep orta. cipl" polite purpo e . Maciver and Engli hman in hi!! ,profeS!lional Grace B. Millard versus Alon:r;a In .the matter of the estate of Ernest Zecher to Anna F. Zech C~r Gi~:r!~:r, :%quest: $~.50; Ru&,glet on ignored each other. capacit.y. He had walked in at the Millard, at aI, for alimony, attor- 1George Nunner, deceased distrlbu· er, 160 acres in Turllecreek town. anon Lumber Co., lumber, $22. 6 4: Tbe. seconds loaded the pistols. front door with a cas\l~l air, as if ney fees, injunction, costs and oth Hon of assets orde~ed. ship. Blair Le. Roy, ~ sacka cement. whi!lpering together grav Iy, Then he had been abroad fQr the go oil of er rel~f. John C. impkins was appointed The V,rginhm .Toint Sto~k Land .. each led his principal into position l)is appetite, and had been va.tly Vera Telthest(lr vel' us Emil admini8tratOl' of the estate of Allie Bank to Fr~nk1in W. Schuermann $1.64.; 'Karl Snell, Gal'lla-e rent 43 VEARS OF SE1t.VICE The prinCipals stood twenty paces relil~ved jlt fi.ndtng his room exact- Telth tor, for divorce. Charge Is \'tl. S,mpkinll, de,:eased, and finel 134.56 acrell in Harlan township, truck ,No. 17 April and May, ,.; .part, each with a pi tal in hi Iy all he had left i the window Mgl ct to provid and extrem bond of $40Q with BUl'eties. Russell Mentz tQ The Miami 'Val- ~~~Ii~:.\~~; 'j.o~~ ~~~g~;aar;~~ . " right band. Th light was gray stili op n alJd the nr cru Ity. ' The estate of Jacob Nichwitz. ley BuildJng and Loan A ociation, LEBANON, OHIO and clear and sufficient. 'l'he young iehed. He had elo.!led the window Kentucky Joint Stock Land Bank deceased, Is exempt {tom inherit-real estate in Franklin township, Co., Supplies and Parts, .38.· We have a complete men bad been Jllaced 0 that ond built up the fire and pu1Jed the of Lexington versus hayles W. ance tax. • G. W. Cole, deceased; to Wealey 41; The Baker Mf~. Co., ~lutc~ W.tch Repair Semel neither had an (ldvantage of light bell; and the taverner him elf had Schaefer. et aI, lOr money, :fore. Luella M. Youlng, guardian of Cole, e.t al, inlot No. 1169 in Frank- Teeth, $1280; I incinnatl 0 Priees Reasonable or (found: They received their answered ' the bell and taken his cloll.Ure, sale or rea] e tste, ap· Thomas A.. Wi1lillms., incompetent, lin. :~~r~~e~;t:U'o~, '.:a~·;I~~e and Beads ReatrunK . Imple instructions irom Doctol' order andfetched his breakfMt. polntment of receiver and equit. filed her s.eventh account. M~nnle Moore Waters, by Anna lies and Repal"r ,214.68; The Jewelry Repaired Hammer, -first in English, t~n in Ma Iver's vanity was touched by able relief. The inventory of Etta Bercaw, J. Rankin, administratrbt, to Lll. Watson Co., Paper Gaelic. They faced in op-posite di- the defer ntial wal'mth of Barexecutrix at the E!state 01 Thurm\lIJ cida Brown, real estate in Leb· of Cou:rt, $110.50: Th "THE HOME OF GIFTS" rectlon •. The captain 'ilia breath- ley' .ttentlon. ' Prob.t. c.urt Proc .... la.. F. Bercaw, decea.sed, \Va appoint- anon. 0 tfitt R ' I inK very fast and short, and a "The fellow evidently knows a . ed. Ray Dutro. et ai, Harry Ivins e u era, epllt . p .ten nerve In his left cheek -was twitch. gtlutlel1len when he ees one," the The ~nv?n.tory ~ ~arl T~Otmp!- Julia Wi11iamll was appointed anc:j Mobe l B. , (vms, Thea. and ~~!c.;,:~~rnC~:.!'r,o~arC::~~~ts6~~; ing; MacIver breathed deep and Highlander nflected. . 8On, a mll1lstra r o e es e 0 administratrix oJ~ the t:state of Anna Honerlaw, Jr., Charles S. Blow, without a twitch oof nerve What hill reflections might have J. Lee Thompson, decea&ed, was Thomas Williamsl, de~a8ed, andt\l. and Gladys H. Ivins, to The Cincin. Clerk of Court, $50; The Office or mus Ie. Th guard man's face been had 1'Ie been aware of t h e ' ed bond of $1~)0 with sureties. Jlati Gax &. Electric Co., the UBe of Outfitters, 1 bottle tyPC cleaner • • • Probate Court, 60e. wore nn expression that was at taverner' activiti /I of yesterday ld b' . f Fred O. Meeker.. George Ball and I estate for lines. _I . 'h t. an d ~f wou I!,nnd po . • d ap· EI'lza SL.. eppar, d d ceo ed , an d )ast nlg h df~1soonf Id b sessIon k t4! 0 Ber t W eIs h were appoln.e oncc desperate an d contemptuous. lu,tel'noon Reli. f Billa T he Highlander looked thought- the fa ts that the smirki.n g fenow an ItS ~ t~O Ma I and;o 8 a~ praisers. Omar Mosteller, real estate WAYNESVILLE, OHIO lot had visited his de erted room and a resu 0 e ae v~r e ense.o The estate of Edgar Bowyer, de. townShip. Phone 80 Buk BI". " One," cried Doctor Hammer. drawn- a true conclu ion from ii, th~ ltfact~er h~~or!. I a que tlon ceased, is e-xemp't from inheritance l[ji,-:::=. 6f.:~~~~T-~-.i==~+V=::r.~.-=~~ Captain R\lggleston shivered and and drawn a second true co no wor consl erlng. ta-x. Minn ie L. Sowyer executrix I , moistened hIs lips. Maciver Ai hed ion from hi reappearance, and (To be Cont inued ) of the estate filed her application

.fistols 'at Dav~reak



'X IDr. H. M. Williamrl

..=;===;;.o,;:=. . . .


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KE. . . . . . .



Sunday. Cincinnati, who wUllloon leave for Whl R ....., ThinuDIr appl. :=~ moat proft~bl chari.. cIJ7 .. Band ~oncert drew a RUlllia. hind t he I nl lnl. appreciat!\'e lludil'llce lu l Mr. and Mra. E. J . Carmuny, of Prof. and Mrs. Ralph Fl"I~ncis day ni~hl. Springfield, were SUliday anel" ISSUED EVERY TBURSDA Y U.I ... Stal., ' W......... have returned home alter II two . h·~. C. G. Randall noon guests of the fornH'l"s The Uoltec1 Statu lias G.OOO IIIlIee week'a visit with relatives iII West quite poorly. moth!'!, Mr. Mary Carmony. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING of ocean cOaltllne, al1n or D. L CRANE I I ... rIPtl......,.., fl .1O a Y-.. Union . MI'. CharieR }O~a t r Mt·. and Mrs. Guy RQutzahn lind On the Ann"al T a. Buell.t oavlrable rlvton IUld 8,100 IDII. or -- - . ....... .................... N .. 111 Blnt.r.4 rtaa. at ..• Mn... D B tJ n derwoo d h as been M'Isses K 0 thl l!en an d Nil' of an(I " kh .pent . 1\1 Obiat Poato a.e"114 CiaWaya .. Mall e Ie C la· L'r. Iurs. B e n 'l.[a"' ~"~. ....-.c. ........................:.N• • III "., o. ~tt.r entertaining her isiter fl'om Texas ham were Sllnday evening ~ uC!sts . uturdllY evening and Sunday, NClliee i~ ht'reby ~ivell that on the Ihorellnt, 00 nn\'lllable lak_ Twa· tJ·nln. .t~le. are acceulbl. to Miss Chari tte Thomas is taking of Miss Lucille Tucker. fishing Ilt • l. Mat·y'~ Re@cI'V(lir. 3rd day of Jul~'. 1\134. at 8 o'clock a ix week's cour. at t.he on, el'Mrs. Ernestine Moo),e and chil· Mrs. Ruth Savage, of ent r- p. m., II puhlic hearing will be ocean-Iotog v~lM!l •. .JUNE 28. 1934 vatory of MUfiie at incinnati. dren In!'!. with an aut.omobile accid· ville me.ved her household goods /leld on the Budget prepared by Prot. and Mrs. E. L. Hatton, of ent while returning 'home ;unday I from Dayton here 18 t week, to the Town ship T)'usLecs of Wayne DOCTOR TOLD THIS LADY Cincinnati, were callinr: on fl-icnds evening. The machin 'U}lSE·!. but part of the house of 1\11'. and MI'~ Twp . of Warl'cn ounty, Ohio. tOl' HOW TO ~AFEL Y here Saturday evening. liD one was hurt. 1A. C. Thompson and spent Sunday th e n xt succeeding fiscal year Mr. and :Ml's. W. W. Welch 8'rltl Mr, a nti l\hs. Munger. Mr. and evening and Monday here. ending December 31st, 1 !J35. In a recent editorial, the American Builder point to the need fln,"+",....... and Mrs. Harry Ba rbeau bnd Mr. Wlll. Lllk(>n~ and Mr. and ·M1'8. - - -- - -- - - Such hearing will be held at the stimulating homebuUding ' as an aid to general recovery. Sixty per boys wereentel·tained by Mr.' and Carl Moore ~pent Saturday even· office of the Town l1ip Trustees. cent of all urban homes in the country need extensive l'ol'airs. Fifty Mrs. E. B. Dakin recently. It was ing at Coney I land. Main St., Waync$ville, Ohio. per cent still Jack such es nlials to civilized living as piped hot water, ft celebration of lhe forty-ninth Mrs. a rl sbom hall beeln very L. H. GORDON M.... Helen CHen. " A. inside flu n toile~. and central heating system. Twenty per cent are wedding anniver.sary of Mr. and ill. Clerk Wayne Twp. pb".idan ad"i.ed my m ........ to . d d d h d bl' , f iii Ad' 1 Mrs. Welch. Pomona Grange will be held lak.e KruacJ.en Salt. 10.. o" . b dl '" a y uvel'crow e, ue to t e ou 1011' up 0.. am es. n III rura Mr. and Mrs. Wales Smart visit- here aturday. I immediately .tarted takhac lt 0 area the condition of the average home is still worse as far as com- ed relatives here last week . Miss Rachel hambaugh ha s J<eNOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING m,Ylelf. I'bed 192 and aft •• forb andconvenienceB are concerned. Mrs. Pauline Villars and chil. turned home fr om 8 week's visit at for On The V,lIag. Of Way:nenille t&klal 3 bottles J now ~ilh t~5 It Is reliably estimated that the present housinlj: need total about dl'en and bel' mothel', Mrs. Lallra the ntury of PI'o"res8. ,Poultry Speciali.u Trainillil B cl t and neyer felt .0 well. It. a tODIC u ,. a. Reduce well a. reducel' ... Miss Vil'~inia " Davis and S.1l sately and sensibly by . 800,000 units. If they could be built and cost but $8,000 each, a very Shidaker, called at lhe h ome of modest estimate even at present low construction COIU, cl08e to Ernest Butterworth last Thursday Loui Snell 0.1' vi iting in Mon· School. Notic is hel'eby given that on takin~ a half teaspoonful of KrUll600,000 of new purchasing power would be re leased to 6nd its way evenin~ and. at.tended Band conc rt. terey. th ninth day oC July, 1934, at chen In hot water every morningthrough a hundred industries and trade., and into the pockets of a at Waynesv'IUe. . -- ..... _ .. ~7:30 o'clock p. m., a public bear- you 'll be ov~rjoyed with your imlegion of. workers, Btorekeeperl! farme1'8 and persons in all callings. On Mr. and Mr . ETne t ~~nal11, ~f Chick buyers in a yea r or . so ing will be held on the Budget ~roved health and slender, stylish , . h c t.Id Ncw York, have been vl81tmg hl~ yt e may order theil' one-day old chiCks prepared by th Council of Village figure . One bottle lasts 4 weeks. the average, about ~2,OOO,000,000 of that--e11r ty per en wou go parent a, Mr. and Mt·s. Will Gillam. by Be.J( when thClY pUI'chase from Wayn ' viii of Warren County You can ge~ Krusehen Salts at any to labor . . hll:t~herymen . A n~et h ' e next succeeding , • drug store 111 the world. .. Mr. and MI's. [yde LUI'cy en Mr. Dnd Ml.'s. hades Clark commel'clal - OhIO, f or'" th~ It ill a sig'nificant sign that executives in all hnes of lIIdu.stry are t~l'tajll d Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hart· spen t Satul'day in Dayton. od of determining sex 111 ChiCk, Ii cal year endmg Deccmber 31st, continuallY stre sins the need for stimulating home·buildlng, as well sock and ·Mr. and Mrs. J oe Davi!! l\11'~. hal'le Pennewit. o,f near developed to a science in Japan, is 1935. a8 other types of eonstruction. Nothing would do more to speed reeov- artd son, Richard for dinnel; last Bellbrook, lUl n t Sunday her being introduced widely into the Such bearing will be held at the grand .mother, Mrs. L oUie Caref. United States. · . office of the lerk and Council in C. " Tony" Patterson ery. "Build ollT~elves into prosperity" is im eXCilllent slogan to romem· ber. of 1801.5 Charla!! J McDal'gh 1 Harold Whitakel.' lost a vBlllable Federal departmeTlt of agrlcll.l- TQwn. hip Hou se. aged 92 Urbana ' wa ' elected 0 , hors e with lock-jaw, Satul'day ture experts are now engaged 10 A. K. DAY, Mayor For . A. R.. c~mmande~ ; Simeon Chap: night. teaching membcrs of the. pou.J~ry R. F. HATFIEI:.D, Clerk. STATE REPRESENTATIVE man, 90 Sunbury sen ior vice com MisR Alma Nult returned t o her depal·tments of state umverslbes J28 - - mand r 'and F. S.' Layton , Marion. h('ll1c in entetville Sundal{ after the methods employed in Japan · IF elected, it .hall lie my pur. junior vice commander. Mrs. Vin- ' spending a week III the h IQte of Members of the department, 0 f NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT po •• to attend the .ellioll, •• d L ___________________________ nie LaRowe, Findlay, lVas chosen Mr. ~'nd 1\1rs. Therle Jones.. poultry h1:'sbandry at t~e O. S. "ot•• The Ohio State University Radio Station- WOSU p .. e~ident of the Women's Relie! MISS Helen EIl!'ly W~9 a dinner ~re pla~ntng for a penod of such I .hall b. for Warre. County Corps;' Mrs. Nora Kohler, Martin s guest Sunday of. MISS Wanda an structlo.n. .. Estate of Martha Elizabeth Joy 6 ... t. 8:00 Music F rry, prt!Sident of the Ladies of lark, w~o is spendmg acplUple of Foll.owmg their. penod of it.'. deceased. I ,h.• 11 be for tba ta" payer 8:.06 Farm Adjustment N ws ... , .......................... 1ohn A. 1ipher the G. A. R.; Mrs. Gel.trud e Barnes wet'ks ~' Ith her par~nts, Mr. and structlon at .Washlh~on, t.he hlo Notice is hereby given that before tlIe ta" 8:16 We Can Still Plant for Next Year's Hay....... D. R. Dodd Connea1lt, presid I)t of the Daugh. Ml's. "alter lark. ~oultl'Y spectalistB will hold a scr· CharI s P. Joy whose Post Office 8:2 ~ Music ters of Union Veteran s of the Civil Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roger!, weI' les of scho.ols for batcberymen. address is Waynesville, Ohio ha HERE IS A. PROBLEM FOR 8:'0 future Farmcl'!! of Am rica in Camp .................... C. !. George War; Mrs. Ann Lockyer, Steuben. Sunday afte\'noon guests of Mr. Male chicks may . be separated been duh' appointed as Executor T HE VOTERS: B T ville pr'e sident of th Auxiliary to andl\hs. She.l'man Rogers lit West fl'om th females With 80 to .100 of the Estate of Martha Elizabeth 8t60 Let's Go Camping .. ..... ,........ " ... ...... .. ............ ,.. r\lce om Son; of Veterana of the Civil War Carrollton. per cent 'llccuracy by those tral~ed Joy late of Warren County, Ohio, Total ta".. IHied. in W ....... 9:00 Interpretations from RurD! Housin, Survey ......... Thelma Beall Chester O. Bigler, Toledo, comMrs. Margaret Johns ret.urned 10 the Japanese method, .accol'dmg de~aBed. CotlIIty 1913-'383,245.0 3 • • 9 :10 Music . mander Ohi.o Department of Sons hOlll e !onday after spendmg a to E. L. Dakan, professor of poul. Dated this 8th day of. June 1034 Total ' a".. I•• lacl iD W ..... \I :26 Activities of 4-H Recrl!;ation Period .................. Wm. Smith, Jr. of Veterans week at the home of Mt·. a.nd Mrs tty al the state university. C. Donald Dilotush, Atty. County 1933-$7'3 ,181 .1' . 9:35 The American Eagle ........................... ....... ,... ,H. E. E s w i n e ' ;'Ilie Sudace near Lebanon. By buying only the females RALPH. H. CAREY 011. t a".a ili ON . ... 9:46 Some Makers of' Horticulture .. ,...... ,.' ......... Wendell Paddock f H lth Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hadley iarmel's may ra.ise pullets lor their Judge of the Probate Court doubled i. Ih. -"ort . pace of The State Department 0 ca w"r.ei week.end guests of lltr. and laying flocks by purchasing only j28 Warnn County, Ohio t_".ly )fe.,.. If the b ..all...... Harvey, near half the u ual number of chick, _ _ ..._ __ is sounding an alarm this week 1\11' . . Clarence not applied, th_ 'What?· again. t .dangers of lockjaw be Clal ksville: thus reducing feed and equipment The startling thing ii, that cause of the near approach of In· Ev I'ett Savage is spending the costs. The males will be dispos d NOTICE OF APPOINTME NT while no taxes bave more than dependence Day and its attendant summer with Mr. and Mrs. Jo eph of to those who specialize in pro. accidents. Fourth of July ha been Githcn and hi brother, OJ'ville, is duction for the broiler market. Estate of James Gons deceased. doubled in twenty yearll, our dubb~d "Tetanus Day" by some staying at the home of Mr. and The technique of "chick.sexing" Notice is hereby given that J. Q. population 18 on the standetl1l. health authorities -who know the Mrs. Robed Bunt. may be lea.t oed jn two days to 11 Gons whose Post Office Address is You ... tal. I..ialata .. Ie the dangers of infection from burns hs. Wilbur Foulks remains week. Waynesville, Ohio h88 been duly hociy that .ntakea tJ.e Ja• • , COLUMBUS- OJlce again the ecbool•. and lacerations cau cd by fire quite m. Mr. and Mrs. Tc,m Tur. _ _ _ _ _ ••_ __ appointed as Administrator of the pro"l'" fo r t he aM". tea .a· lltate lecislature i8 "In our midst", crackers, fireworks and other ex· ner, of Franklin, are now !lllying at' Estate of Jam s Oons late of War. p.ndit....... Why 1I0t the 1ewI.· AN NUAL FIELD DAY referrin.. to Columbull. Tbe )e..iala Displaying the same pluck and plosive powder and gas com· the Foulks home. " tUN ecollomi_ .. _ ...,. 11Ml1. ren Coanty, Ohio, deceased. tora were called by the governor to perservance that has characteri£ed compounds. Most cities and tQwns I'llI'. and M rl!. Walter "'ltitaker i. deinl? n..n _ woa•• Annual field day at the Marietta Dated this 6th day of June 1984 meet Wednesday in apecialseaBlon their comrade., 81 Civil War veter have prevented the sale of . fire· entertained at a flnnily dinner, n.ec1 no ~.w t • • law•. RALPH. H. CAREY to en.ct emerreney bull din .. and ana att ended the annual G. A. R- works by strict ordinances, but de. un day, in honor of the latter's 'l' ruck Farm i8 scheduled for the Judge of the Probate Court loan le"llation. One proposed act encampment in Columbus last !lpi~ efforts covering many years flirter, Mil:s Anna Meredith, of afternoon of July 7. E. J. Boddy, ': "8 T. C. PAT TERSON. W C Oh' "" I I t f th L d"" arren ounty, 10 would permit of the federalization week and marched in t he parade. no law has been enacted to l'egul agrtcu tura agen or e . an Republican Primary, of e:datln~ building and loan com· Hundreds Qf ~embers of auxiliary ate their sale .o n a sate·wide ba.sis ~!"'!""'!"'!""'~~!!""~!"'!""'!!!!!!"'!""'!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!!! N. Railroad, is principal speakeT. August, 14, 1934 pani... The I'Ovemor i8 expected organizations were also in atten. and thus prevent operation of. F?L\owing. his address th group White Rose-Power beWhite Rose, the depen-Political A dv to extelld the call to include legiala ,dance. Boy Scouts did admlt1\bh~ sales stands outside corporation Will tour the farm and study ex· . \ion for temporary relief of service in attendi ng the vete.-ans limits. dable Gasoline. perlments underway. hind the enllne.


Ha n ey. burg


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Red uce Fat

,New Home. Needed









=======:-========-==========;::;:=== c: -

Farm hight 7 aiks, July 2



Best of the

Ne~s Direct

From the Ohio State. Capitol



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orld Trout 2. be equal to the. Double Plays-Lauren. to Men- In tralnln~ and eq~lipll1erlt. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! denbaU to Satt rthwalte, White Rose, the deptn;y ame . n to Piekerlnr. Cash payment the oldler'. d bl, Gasoline. \Hit by Pitched BaU- Mendenhall lion os never had chance tban ontlnued from Pan 1) by E. Trout, Seplar by Smith- . heep tokill 8 aa far as all c<llot·"d I am lind it hl)uld be ~o n. e lar by Thompson. 801!810n of the Con~88 is conIVh; of f11n 10 • e thi~ galn~. Pa8lled Ball e slar, M. Weller. The Hou8~e of RepreaentaWild Pitch E. Trout 2. paaaed it b~' an overwhelmEarned. Runs--Jamestown 8, Way- ing vote, despite :President RooseW YNE VILLE MER HANTS nesville 6. velt's warning tl~at the bonus AB RHO A. E Struck Out- by Smithson 4, by Itruck at the ver~' heart of bis reft'ndy. rr, 2b <I 1 ) <I 1 0 M . Weller I, by E Trout 6. covery program. The Senate, on Thomp on, 2 p-I J t 0 :l 0 Left n Bases amestown 9, June 11, defeated it 31 to 61 and M Weller, c, p 5 1 1 4 1 0 Waynesville 9. ' on two previO\lil o(!caaioDs defeated Treadway. 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 Umpires-Prendergast " Pullam. The President was BAved the . .5 2 3 12 0 0 Time 01 Game-l bour, 48 min. nouble of writing a veto meseage. Peck, Ib Hartsock, 3 1'£ 5 1 1 1 2 3 - - • 1 2. 1 4 l ' ---Phone No. 19 Laul' ns, as ., .. 5 The. House of Representatives i. 1 1 1 ~~~'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ , llIithson, p c 5 0 03 3 60 0 6 an intellectual andpolitical arena j DIlVi, cf <I , • h h h B Wil er 1f 5 1 2 1 0 0 In WhlC men fig it to t eir utmost _ _ _ _ _ _ , lor their districts: and states for their political c:onvictlons and 42 9 14 27 17 6 traditions and fo~' the welfare at -their country as they see it. He JAMESTOWN' _ who gets along or holds hi own in A E The House Military AfI'airs Com this erena wlnll and deeerves the AB R H PO mitte will remain in session moat agnomen of c()mpetency and Gl1lve! Whel'e i thy . ability. James G. Blaine BAld: Gallighet', If 6 2 2 1 1 0 Yictory? Jenk , S! .. 4. 1 0 3 4. 1 ot .the umme~. Startmg and s~n- "There is no placE~ On earth where thy o D ath! Where Harris, rf .. " 2 1 1 0 0 sabonal testimony concernmg a man finds his true level more ling? Pickering 2b .. 4 2 1 2 4 0 Army officers and airplane con- quickly than in th4! American ConPope Tidd, cf ......4 0 3 0 0 0 tracts has been developed. Demand grees." Cline, ci ........1 0 1 0 0 0 for removal of Major General _ _ __ A I'teadfa t faith reFudge, 3b .. ..4 0 0 2 1 3 Fouloi8, Chief of the Army Ail' 5 1 1 13 0 0 Corps, has alr6ady been made. h The " 73rd " ·Cong1ret\ll B Trout 1b moves much of the sorrow ... d closed . h J its S slar, c . 3 2 2 5 0 0 Chal'-an Rogers "har-d at ml tune of parting, by teaching ~... .. .. - dl'shones 18IstorlC Th' seS810n C d'd-llIg0re d E. Trout, p , 4 2 3 0 9 0 ty and corruption and predicted a . IS ongresI8 I !D an that deat.h is only a nan- - - - - - "far renching scandal." talked less tha!' any of Its pred~c $Ition to II better exisTotal 40 12 14 27 19" The young lieutenants who flew esson. AI 0, WIth one. exception, It tt'hCC. It is our task to the air mail al1d met death during ~as the shortest ~~ssJOn of the a time of unprecedented storms ongrea on recol . make the ]a t l'ites Synl123466789- -bolie of this faith, a leaveMerchant .., 1 ()·O 3 101 2 1-. 9 because of faulty planes and deCongressman Art Lameck told taking made 8i!r ne by Jame town .. 202 20 3 0 2 1- 12 feeth'e material lind failure on the part 01 their superiors to adequat- this one: a great executive assemthe a urance of a fu~ure Two Ba e Hits-Harris, atterth- ely train them, may not have died bled a few at his closest adviserB reunion. in vai n. for conference on 'his latest pl'Owaite, 2. Three Base Hit_ Lauren, Picker ject. ODe pronounced it "grand.' ing, E Trout. "Let no guilty man e cape" aid Another said it was "great." A Home . Run_Galligher, Thompson President Grant on hi storic oc- third expressed th,e opinion that it Hartsock. ' casion. Thi applies to .corrupt was "magnificent." In the back Phone 7 acri1ice Hits-Thompson, Fudge. Sr/11Y office)'! from the highest ground sat the fourth member of tolen Bue Tbompson. Satterth dow n, who betrayed their country the Advisory Board or Brain Trust Waynnville, Ohio waite, Lauren mithson 2, to pro1iteer_ Our Army Air Service He ""as called on. "I am no yes Da"\; • B Weller 2, Pickering 3, as a re ult of action tollowing this man," he replied, ") ay It is perTidd 2, B Trout, sIt'[' 2, E investigatjon, will ,within a year, fect.






St·ral· dht from

A Symbol of Faith


GIRL SCOUT NEWS The Girl Scouta meatin, held at the club hou•• on Tuellday, June 26 was in charJ't\ of Lieutenant Sear.. The program waft as foUow.: . "Hello" Bon&, ,By Group of Motto, Promises and JawlI . Group Patrol Meetinga Talk . .. . .... , ., Rev. Dunn ourt of Honor. On next Saturday, beginnning at 9 a. m. the Swa tika patrol will hold another food sal, Orders may be telephon d to No. 27.

White , d ..... GOollne.

PeIitic:aI HAROLD D. ( Jh.) BAILEY We are authorized to announce tbe name of Harold D. (Jim) Bailey, of Franklin Township, as a candidate for County Commiaaionor, subject to the Republic Primary election, August H, 1934.

ROSS H. HARTSOel Candidate for

CODDly Treasurer

'Subject to Republican FOR REPRESENTATIVE Primary . Augu~t 14, 1934 I a~l a candidate fo-r Representatlve to .the General ~s embly of Ohio BubJect to the Primary to. !'!'!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.'!'!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"'~ be beld August 14, 1984. Your FINAL ' SIGNATURES vote and support is respectfully t.di..' D........ JOe solicited. Men'. ISc Final signatures for the corn-hog ARTHUR HAMILTON Quick- for .....lit, contracts were made yesterday and today at the Township house by fllrmers in the tow nship. Fil'llt ALLEN HUFFMAN adjustment payments are expected · Allen Huffman announces his within the next thirty days. CLtANEIlS didacy for nomination for reIt was announced last week that Warren county will re~eive appro- election to th'e office o:f County -=~~~:::=~~::::=~===~ ximately $340,000 if the 1125 Recorder, subject to the Republl· contracts are completed and sent can primary election on August 14, 1934. to Washington.


T~ID. Creek

J. E. McClure

....;.;...:...;;...-.::.-----.=-------------------------------------:---..----- --

thy, a week ago laat Sunday.

I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I!!!!!!!'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!'.'!'!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' TIlY OUR CLASSIFIED COLU ....S FOR RESULTS



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-Ioa't it ....,t.laoIr.

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....._ 1Qf Bat " - c.a ,.... blow • ,!*·r ..... _ ....r·

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·It __ be _

,II _ . . . ,. DO "'"""'- with boarDed· ........ Mod _ Me. dIrt7 _ to ....... _ - ' d ...... _ N



High School in Mr. Smith is tM son of Mr. and Ai re. Ernie. Smith, of Dayton and is employed at the Frilidaire plant. The couJlle wiJl rellide in Dayton.



'T heater

W.ya•••IU.~ o.

"" ''''''''''''-.''''''''''''~

10e Everybody. Satllrday, J __ 30 KEN MAYNARD In

Fiddling Buckaroo Comedy- Cla rk It McCullou,b in "Kicldllc The CloWD Arolllld" 511nd.,.-.Mo"d., •• JIII,. \..2 . JEAN PARKER A: TOM BROWN in

."Two Alone" Comedy- Mick.e,. Mh..trel.


.AN 1....lIiaw A W ..h A ... Coo Ii.. S,.t...... Will Be R..d,. Satnda,.


White Rose- Power .... hind the enllne.

------~--.~--~-------~-- ~


Get S.t for a "Safety Fourth'"



I "'o.._la,



. FOR CORONER Dr. H. M. Williamll, of Lebanon Mrs. Margaret Antram and .au th' orlzes th e ann () uneemen t 0 f d'd acy f or th e R bI'Ican tami~ have returned to their ·his ~an.1 epu home after villiting friende and nomanatlon for Coroner. ot Warrelatives in New York. Rev. Jane ren County subject to the primary Carey 01 Chester fllled the p election of August 14, 1934. Quallduring the absenCe 01 our minister ed for the office both by education Rev. Mary Antram. and experienc.e, Dr. Williams reMiss Jeannette Wilson is visit- spectfully solicits your vote but ing her aunt Mrs. Lothair Winfield "~te8 that his. profe slonal . duties and family, f)f Dayton. WIll p~event blrr~ from maklng an Mr. and Mrs. Frank Braddock extensive campaIgn. called at the home of Mr. and Mn. • - - --Walter Wll on, Su nday evening. SMITH-CRAHAM Mi8ll Phyllis Haines ill visiting' her grandparents, . Mr. and Mrs. Charlell Laird of Camd.e n, Ohio. Mise Kathryn Graham and Mr: The New Burlington and Ray Smith were quietly married ars Creek W. F. M. S, was held at on Tuesday, June ,26, the cereCreek Wedne day after- Dlony being performed in the Methodist parsonage at Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Carey and Ohio. . ~~'.'!'!'!!!~~'.'!'!'!!!~~'!!!!!!''.'!'!'!!!=~=~_ _ _ _ _ _~_..._~!!''!'!!'!~!!!'"'~~~~~_~~_~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!~,~~!!!!~'.'!'!'!!!~ Igranldscln Rendall were entertained The bride is the econd daughter - - - . - - --at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Ray. of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Graham mond Wilaon and daughter. Doro- on Lytle Road and was graduated


. . . .111-

.... w..... ' ..,. 1_".,...... 'T'" tile..pea ...,...,10 _ ......

......... - , , .. It Ie Ii ... tOVIeL



"A04.,.. _'d _

/t'ee Driving on New Goodyears! .

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to ..... ' " ' " ' - _ I


.....;and a SummerofTroub Ie..

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'" the ....... 1'. . . . .

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It burna with a bot, clean flame. It'. m.tantlyeootrolled. No Wllitinc for bum· en to let bot, at a fire to come up. The moment you rum on a F'yrofax burner ' and li&ht a match, the JIIaIne ill there - full beat and ready to WOI'k for y.pul We have a new plan tlbat makea the coat of .Pyrofax equipmelrlt almoIt the aame u the COlt of Itove. that u.e the old orclliaaryfuela. You Plll' $10 when you order, and let convenient terma on the balance. The price of IU J'lUlICI variea. depending on the type Y4!)U ee]ect. aut all models can be paid fitx" in ~ in. stallments. Stop in lOme time 800n and wel1 &ladlYe1i 'ain Pyrofax Service toyou.

Beautiful New Magic Chef and E.ta'l e Ga. Rangea, compl,e te for ·a. little a.

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Ei,hty-8ixth Year


R. F. YOUNG OffERS Mre. Laura H. MOlher died at her on Sunday morning, aged 72 TIMELY ADVICE ON home years. For several yeara she had been unable to enjoy iood health FIRE PREVENTION and passed quietly away in her


~~-------------- ------------------------------------------

,---------A.Jo~.., 6cpl.tYlA~



Spark. oa Roof.

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aacl PI .... a •• the late I. H. Harris. private banCa~


Half of Fir..


ONE·FOURTH OF lndependence Day was not cele. extent in Way brated to a'ny TO fAllNCOME IS nesl/iIle. No ,obserlla tion was made and other than the usual fun derived by the children, PAlO fOR l AXES hom cap guns and other various g~eat


fireworks, the day was quietly spent, A large gathering of pic nick $2,200,000,000 Paid for Tall•• Iers at Wayn4} Park provided a 19131 For 1933 tta. A_ual ~autiful display of fireworks in Wa. $10,500,000,000 the evening.

sleep on Sunday. The daughter ot Oefecli..

Whole Number 6125



of Waynesville, ahe wall a lifelong resident, having spent her entire life in this commllnity. She ie survived by two daughters, Mra. F. 'C. Hartsock, of Milford, Mrs. Ronald Hawke, of route 3; one son, Harrie Mosher and one aister, Mrs. Frank Taylor, San Francisco, Calif, The fune.ral service wu held on. Tuellday afternoon at the residence, Rev. I. J. Schaetrll'er, of St. Mary's church, officiating.

- -----


How the people of the United At thia time of the year, when States have experIenced .n ineverything is "powde.... dry, a crease in cost of goverl\ment ia word even to tbe wille with reg.rd disclosed in some recent ftrurea to flre prevention, i. a lood thing made public by federal agencies In R. F. Y.oung. bead of the fire inTHE RRST BUILDING IN OHIO- LAND OFFICE OF1l4E NORT~­ More seaiilon tickets for Ohio Washington. For example, the WEST LAND CO.WAS BUILT IN 1788. WrrnlN ITS STilL surance division of the Ohio Farm State University's home football people of the United States paid STURDY WALLS ARE RilleS OF MARlmA'S To BureaU-laid today. Th6 extent of games this fall have been sold to PIONEER DAYS, tWELVE MILS OOWNllIE SCENIC date than were sold all of Jast in taxes in 1913 a total of ,2,200,fire 1088e~ on farms alone is OHIO R<.OM MARIETTA 19 BlENNEQsesson. according to Henry D. 000,000. Ten years later, or in fl00,000,000 a year, and farmers \-lASSET ISlAND. HERE. AARON BuRR, Taylor, director of ticket salea. 1923. the total taxes paid by 'TI1IRD VICE PRE<;iIDENT OF 'mE cannot .fford to ignore preventi.on The increased sal s, Taylor citizens of this country had ,rown UNITED St'ATES, CONSPIRED Wffi.! practices this year, says, are due to a keen interest in HARMON Bl£NNERHASSET 10 Ohio State's football prospects to $7,200,000,000. For the ~e.r To havt! 80me knowledre of u~der 't.h e new coach, Francis S(lh- 1933 the amount is $10',600,000.INVADE MEXICO AND FORM what is cauBlni rural flrell Is cerA NEW EMPIRE. mJdt, and also to t.he fact that 000. Such figures have drawn attainly a ltep in the direction of persons ~u.ying se~son tickets now I tention on the part of .erioull their prevention and control. De-I are ~e~ .!h~lce seats, minded citizens to the queatioll .. fective chimneys and fiues .nd to what shall or can be done to resparks on roofs are ' the cause of OBITUARY IIduce the tax load of the American more th.n one half of the Are. people. The United State II Labor which occur in rural dwellings: WA YNESVILLJ; M. E. CHURCH ~eath came peacefully and \ Depart.ment shows that the 'eorner Other cauaes originating in dwellRev. G. C. Dibert, Pastor qUietly to Mrs. Laura H, MOBhel', ' ings are I.S and oil fires, atoves, Friday: Choir practice at 8 p. on Sunday morning, July 1, 1934. grocer .has been forced to charae GQeN BURIAL t-'OONOS, MEMORIALS furnacea and their pipell, hot aahes m. Mrs, MOBher had been an invalid approximately .16 % more for alld their coalll, .Mr. Youn~ stated. Sunday: Sunday IIchool at 9 :30 10 LONG DEAD INOlAN CHIEFS, . for some years ' but except tOI' \ fo od th~n he did a year ago, and Referring to caua.. ot barn a. m. Mornine worship at 10 :40, complaining of weakness due to the Natlonal Ind?8trial Conference ARE.IN MouND CEME'TtRY. firea, it is estimated that lightning Epworth League at 7 p. m. with the extreme heat, had seemed as ' Board discloses 10 a recent report 'NEARBY lJES GEN. PI.JTNAM accounts for about one·sixth of Charlell Whitaker a8 leader. OGI • PUTNAM'S N-tD MARlmA FOUNDERS. usual until the end. When she did that the total number of employeel A HISTORIC GRAVEYARD. . -~"l~~/. the barn firea, and spontaneous Evanlelistic lervice at 8 p. m. ,. i~llJ R'( AGO, IS not come downstairs at her usual of the federa~, 8~te and local combustion amount. to about one· Wednesday: Bible study and bou.r on Sunday mornng, her son governments 10 thiS country now HAtlTIUS EUM. IN IT ARE THE LARGEST ELM l'Re:E IN /HE tenth of them. The other principal prayer meetinc each' Wedne8day at went to can her and found th.t ~ggre~ate 3.122,000 persons. Thfa ANCIENT FURNITURE AND UNITED~ATES 19 IN t-1AAlmA. calillee are matches, ImokiDI', pow- 7 :30 p. m. t.he spirit· had slipped quietly away IS an mcre'ase of 19 % from 1922 MANY POSSESSIONS OF 4!r macbinery, etc. To prevent 10.. in sleep. to 1982.. • TIUS GROO G£NE'RAL- • lea from spontaneous combllition, WAYNESVIlLE CHURCH OF Laura Han'is Mosher, daughter When It is taken into cO~lderaYoung continued" hay ahould be CHRIST ==============~==========.-=======================- of Caroline Bunnell and Israel ~ion that, according to Indlcationa Hopkins Harris was born in the one-!ourth of the total inco~ ~~~:~~oncU~:Ou~defor:e (Undenomlo'.tlonal) BIRTH ANNIVE:RSARY f amily home on Main street, Jan- (which m~ans one-fourth of aU . apinst leaky roois and leaky lides Cheater A. WUUameon, Ilinilter uary 16,' 1862. There her girlhood money which everyone receIve. in of barns. "I woul4 suggest the Church School at 9 :30 a. m. was passed and there she- was the United States) now goes for MI'. and Mrs. Earl :Murray, Mrs. following," said Mr. Young. "Add Lord'a Supper and sermon at 10:· martied to John Jacob Mosher, some form ~f. taxation, the grGwth Ella Murray. Mr. Ro,bert Adams, ten pounds of Bait per ton to damp 3Q. Chriatian En~eavor at 6::.i6 p. June 6, 1883. Atter the deaih of .of. thil . condItion III ~ore eully reall of Dayton; Mr. and Mrs. hay u it is 'placed in the mow 01' m. Mari~ Pine, leader. Evenin&, her husband and her father she abzed. It baa been estimated that Clyde Everhart and on of Mit'l. ltack. Also begin to ventilate the evangelistic service at 7 :46 p. rn.. .l,'etuIned to share the old home everybody in tbe country woro dl l.own, Mrs. Edith D,emas and 80n hay u freely 8.tI possible immedlat· D. R. Dunn will preach morning with her stepmother, Mrs. Edith three , months out of ey-ery yeal!. of New Vienna, Ml'.. and Mn. ely alter ltorace." and eveninl this being the lut ._ _ __ , Paul Everhal·t and daq'g hter, of Harris and spent the remaining not to BUpport hi. fa,mlly, but tG ''Do not forget that Wllte and day of the eYaDI'e1il1tic campailn. , years of \ler lite ther~. pay for. ~e .COlt of belOg' govern.ed Miamisburg, Mrs. N~l ttie Kepler, rag. IIturated with llnued or I Don't mila the rem.ining lIermons Mrs.~,~, Joy IS ~onfi ned to her MI'. Ralph A. L. King was taken to th e Three childre were bom to Mr. I.'ubhe utdjtiea are preaentin~ a mith, Miss Rachel n series of advertisements honne other dryinl oil., heat apontane.!ot the camp.ian. The evaneelist is home With illness tbls week. Davis, Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Davis tate h ospital at Dayton, last !,nd Mrs. Mosher, Carolyn Tenn: up.on thill lIubject. They point out , ously and cause many fires," Ibringing rreat gOlpel sermons In&;', n.ow Mrs. Fred Hartsock, that they do not have in mind, ot Young said. "Thele Ibould be nightly. The church where you feel Mr. Qn~ Mrs. Kenneth St. John and daughter and Mr Oliver Davis Saturday. The Kini'll Heralds met with EdIth S., n.ow Mrs. Rona!d Ha,,:ke course, any desire to escape tbeir burned immedi"tely or p1aced in tat home. are 8pen~lng a few days at Hub- gathered at the h omEl of Mr. an~ Mrs. Oliver Davi , to rcmind Mrs. Roxie Carolyn Sackett tbis (Thuu. a!1 d I srael Harris \\ho I!ved With just Ihare .of taxation, but they a cloud metal receptacle." bord, Ohio. Oliver Davis, that July 4 was her day) a/tel'n.oOn. hiS mo~her. These, With th:ree feel that discrimination .,ainst ------~ FERRY CHURCH OF CHRIST Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Truax and 69th birthday. Mrs. Davis received grandchildren, Mil.dred Hartsock, their particular industry haa bee. , (Undenomlnatioaal) Mn. Cordia Truax spent Sunday a numb r of nice pr~e~: ents. After a Mis Ruth Pr.azier, of Detroit, Charles Ha~tsock and 'Frank engaged in. For an example, The deligbtful lunch wa !Iuved all de· Mich., i visiting her sister, Mrs. Hawke, remain. to mourn the losa Dayton Power alld Light Comp.ny in Cincinnati. . Cheater A. Wl1lIamIQn parted wishing her many more Har old Smitb. of the~r beloved mother. pays $4,000 every worklnl day of Unified .erviee beginnlnc with MillS Jesse Clark of Cincinnati happy birthdays. . . Durl~g ~he later years of Mrs. the year in aome form of taxation. Church School at 9 :80 a. m. ia spending this' week at tb~ -- ..... MISS Ailce Gons was the guest Mo~her s life! her health ~88 t,wo Approximately 16c out of every Lord's Supper and llermon at · Friends Home of Aliss Elva lJeck at Dayton, ovel: ~rall to .perT!,llt active participation doUar it coUect! from customera • 10 :80. Sermon tubjec:t, "The Li,ht 1 the week-end. In outside mterests but ahe w~s, s spent for taxes. All thia comLloyd Davis and family and Mi ss. Joaepb A. Keya, a formel: reo of the World." You are alwaY8 • . . . . I for many y an, an able m mber pany points out, it is a at tbla, church. Winifred Conner motored to Lexwelcome .ide.t .of WaynenUle. died .t hiB 1II1I~s Grllce WIlliamson VISited of the New Century ~lub, a mem- truth that "Jower ratell for lerriee ington. Ky. on the Fourth. bome in Chicqo, Sunday, July 1. her Sister, Mrs. Paul Hauke at bel' 01 the ,Waynesville Chapter and higher taxes do not CO hand He fa lurvived bY' hil widow, lin. ST. AUCUSTIN" CHURCH Troy, ,last week. of the Eastern Star, and to the in ,hand" Mill Rita Van Often ill the guest , . end, a most loyal and devoted . .• _ • Jean Keyl;' a Ion, Lym.n A. K.y. Father Newton, Paator . of Misa Marjorie Edwards 'at MlsB Frances ElliS, of route 1, member of St. Mary's Episcopal ---',.. and three alatera, Mra. Eva Sele, Mall! at St. AU~8tine'a Ohureh Sprinarfield, this week. was ~he week<end guest at Mis church. ' of LOI Angeles; 'Mrs. Ev. J.o1l81. every second .nd fourth Sunday To those 'who knew 'Mrs. !d0sher of Mlahaw.k., Ind., and MI'II. f the month Mr. and Mrs. · James Lovely atMr. and Mrs. Morris Graham Barbara Gray. Minerva lIIilll, of Ft, Worth, T4!JI. . _._ _...'Ml'. and Mrs.Olifford Busick and she needs no eulogy. Her bfe and tended tb.e double-header at Cros.- spent the Fourth in Dayton, The funeral wu held July 3 ley field on the FO\lrth. 'Mr. and Mrs, Earl 'Coyle spent w.ords were an open book. She was unller Muol)ic aUllpicea. Mr. KeJll FRIENDS MEETING 'Mr. and Mrs. Otto Seibold, of Sunday evening in Dayton. kind and generous to all the reMr. Joe Van 011 en wa th,e guest Cincinnati, were week-end guests lations of life, a loyal friend and w.. a member of MYltic Star Fint-clay Scho~l at 9 :80 a. m. MillS Ruby James is visiting her devoted to her children and grand Lodee No. 7G8. He wu in the live Meeting for Worship at 10:80 of Mr. Ruful Conner, near New of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Raper. Burlington, on the Fourth. uncle MI', Ray James and family children, in whom her deepest inThe 1934 harvest .of whe.t Is .tock broker.,e bUllineN. m. l'tfi sea Elizabeth Mullen. Mary at Miamisburg, Ohio, this week, tereats were centered. turning out to be a fair crop 'a The Keys family rellded for many • - • Mr. a'nd Mrs. Morris Sherwood, Savage and Messrs.. John Thom p- , There remain, to mourn her the county and is practically ftnilb yean i'n the old toll pte hOllle .on of Columbus, were guests of ,MI'. and Keith Walton spEmt Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hawke and paSBinr,-besides her children and led. Threshing started lut week the Corwin hill comilll' down froID Y. F. M. DELEGATES ATTENDI"G CONFERENCE and Mrs. Carl· Sherwood, over the Coney Island. family, o~ Dayton, visited 'Mr. and grandchildren, , her stepmother, land the job will soon be over for the cemetel')' .nd in qrly day. the ,Fourth. Mrs. J. C. Hawke, ~n Saturday. &Irl!. Edith Harris and one sister, another year. father ."as tll", toll late keeper when, tolls were collected. On hit Six memben of the Y. F. M. are' l Mrs , Kenneth ",0 ugh and ' Mr. and Mrll,.r. E. McClure Mrs. ,Earl l1'ockett, of Route .1, Mrs. Frank Taylor , of .san Fran - I.. 'Alt~?u~h the yiel.d wilJ " death 'the family continued UJe dele tea to the Friends Conter- daulr~~~ and Mrs. VIOla Harlan visited Mr , McClure's parents, spent several days last week with cisco. ' short. 1n some section. of th. work until road tolls were abanea ,t C M N J near l are vlsltmg relatives at Galesburg. Mr. and MrS. Perry Sackett. near hei' mother, Mrs. Sadie Reason, at The funeral service was held at cou,,:ty, Lester J. ' Miller ~ount~ exdoned. eJIAtClaent&I'c CI.atPye, belna!'held uris week Illinois, this week. Bellbrook, Sunday dternoon. Harveysburg. the f.amily residence, Rev, John J . tensIon agent, 8tated Jalt week • Schaeft'er officiating and interment that the local yield will probably 8tartint toela" July Ii. Tholle in at~ Mr. and Mrs. Merle Kerns and Miss Ethel Mendenhall Vlent -to Mr. Lee Lemmon was taken to was made in Miami cemetery. 'average around 20 buahela to aD . LICENSE PLATES NOW te,n danee at the meetine are Mi8les daughter of Cleveland spent· Philadelphia, Pa., Oll Tuesday to the Soldiers Home hospital last Those attending from a distance acre. The five· year .venaee for SELL AT HALF PRICE Ruth Tomlin.on, Ruby D.le Under Tuelday'and Wednesday ~th Mr. spend the Fourth with friends . week and will remain there a were Mrs. Frank Taylor of San Warren county ia 21.6 bUilMh. From there she will 1~0 on to Cape month for treatment. Francisco, Mr. F. N. Harris, I The IItraw is Ibort be~uae of wood, A,nna Loulee Hoak, Ethel and Mrs. J. D. Marlatt. Oblo motoriJta are now able, Mendenhall, Meun. Lawrence May, N. J. an~ join the dele~ates , Joseph Barris ana Mrs. Graether, eontinue4 dry weather ~nCl the since the flrat of July. to purchaae Furna. and Ernelt Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins, of from WayneSVille ~t the FrIends ~r. and Mrs. D. R. D~nn and of Centerville I Mr. and Mrs., Chal'- grain in many placee Is thin on th. liceDle tqa for both p . . .n..r • _. Dayton, spent the week-end here Conference. family. and Mr. C. A. Williamson ' lea Mosher of incinnati, Mr. ground. I ' . COALE and removed the~r household goods , " were dinner guests of M . r. Bnd Mr$ 'S amuel ""osher, Mr. andMrs.Ralph Acrea- in the county bu , h I to Dayton the "'rs-t of the week. MOB Oh It d la t W N S d f IS'.... e.....n and commertial ve ic el at on.. MRS. M...RY DU hall the annual rate. CALLED BY DEATH II r8. .. . apmnn illS e .8 • • ears an ami y, on un- Mosher, Foster Mosher,. ' Carl reduced approximately 10 per: cn' Passenger eat rates effective Mr. and Mts. Orville Gray, Miss wee\, ¥11th Mr: and ~r8. J, B. Chap day. . M,o sher, .s. F. Mosher, Mr. and Mrs from lallt yea.. beeaule of the fanD man 1and Sh" went to d M Columbus on "and Mrs OSClif Wade and W ort h'109t on, M' . t',on 10 . tb e f • d·enll .."., sinc;e July 1 are as f 01 Iow.: Iii h. J Barbara, Mr. Chester Carey and T Cli Mr arlanna Wor thi ng- ers ' partl clpa y p. or I.... '8.1i0; mote than 26 h. Mn. lIa~ Dupale, aistel' of Mr . Frank Robinson attended the thues(a . d e JOlDe ·l'd h~pm~n Mrs ,'Rillie Bu;nett of Yankee ltQn, Mrs. 1esli~ Jackson, Edith crop reduction progNim. Contract p. and not mON than za II. p, n: IIIrs. Ho~el1 Pelrte~ ..... brougl\t .ir show at Wilmington .on the Mere Ii ~~ o~ct.omph'nle th Lm .~ Str~et called on:M.r and Mrs I Crisenbeny, Mr. and Mrs. Landis, signers cut tbeir aereaae 16 per over 28 h. p. and not more thaD 82 bere from the McOlellan ho.pital, Fourth. ans teh' t 0,_ w ere ey WI Samu~1 Butter~orth SU~day after: all of Cardington; Mr, and Mrs. B. ;cent but a majority of non"~ers k h. p., ''1.10; over 82 h. p. aad Dot Xenia, on Thunda, and died a t , ., spen d e nex wee. nooh. C. Poole, Mrs. J. O. Oartwright increased their sawini'. more tban 28 h. p., '10; more than the. FrieDcla Home early Saturday MISS Beatrice Robltzer accom· Mrs. Russel Benson and sons, and Mis8 Jessie Clark of Cincin- \ ApproXimately 9,000 acrea wen 86 h; p., '10; more than 88 h. p., momlq.· Th. bod)' wu taken to panied Mr. and Mrs. Merle Kerns R.ob R4y and Richard, returned to Mr. Everett Houston, ' of Day- nati. . abando'ned by Warren CGOl, . ,12.10. ' Selma IIIIAl fu....1 aerrioea , were and d~ughter ~o Cleveland today her home at Clevel8llld, on Sunday ton, has become a member of the wheat growers this year in aecor Oommerelal .ehlete. .... lle.1lI- he1cl at the laom. of laer brot.ber-ln- and will remam there for an ex· after a visit with Mrl. and M1'a. W. famil¥ at the Friends Home for MEETlNG DATE CHANCED dan.ce with reduction contraetl,. P. Salisbury. Mr. Henaon Ipent the summer, MI;'. Houston is in The first 1933 wheat wal ree. . . ed on. cnduted aeale of f . . ac law aDd 1IIater. Mr, and JIri. tend('d v'isit.. ordinl to ,t he welrht of tlllewhl- ThGII\U ~ 0.. 1I0adQ. Mn. Nettie Rogers and Misa the week-end here and the real ' estate business at Dayt.on The Good Cut Clothing Club at local elevators ~t , ••r jut ele and .re charred .oDe-halt of ,-- 1t(argaret had as gueats on the led hit f,mily to Ipleveland . Mr . and Mrs. Howell Peirce, Mr. meetUig has been changed to Fri- before the Fourth of luI,.. the eatabUahed rate. SNYDER-LINTON Fourth, .Mr. and Mrs. Milton. Shee- Sunday. '1111'8. J, L. Mendenhall, Mrs. day, July 13, at the borne of MilFRIEND'S-H-IP"tl"LUB han, of Centerville and Mr. end CurUs Tomlinson and Mrs. Lena dred' Cook. , ~ . • --. lira. Chu. Clark, of Lytle. Week-end guest. of Mr. and Harteoek attended the funeral of Members pleue remember to -BAND CONCERT Of InteNet to aneral in thia Mrs. J. P. Larrick ~nd Mrs. Hotr~ 1IIrs. Peiree's aister, Mrs. Mary bring' food for our community ser· The Friendahip Clllb wlll meet Tbe lith band co"".rt .m be cllmmuDitT '.. the .1lD0Ilne....ent :liisa Eva Lippincott went to' man were: :Mrs. , Chu. Dowing, Dugdale, at Selma, Ohio, on Mon- vice basket. _ _ _ J u l y 11 at the bome of lin. 1ra Tbunda, eveDiq lul7 11, 8 p. m. of· the ~e of lIi1e Ethel Dayton on )fonday to meet Mrs. Miaa.. Frannie, E1ira and NeU ' at MeClu",. corner. by Bett7 UD~a, nlee. of Or. aDell Pr.nUaa Geor,e, of Detroit, Downing, lb. and Mrs. Richard day. . EASTERN STAR NOTICE Rich. Wa",eRille band. It .W be lin. Ollar•• CarroQ Linton• .of lIiehipn, who il vi8iting for two Joh1lll0n and daulhter, of Mra. Kellar Hoak, daughter, ., p.!~~..;o:.~";-~:a.::.:.= IOnei 1»,. the followlSW N.., York Ctl7. to Ib, Barold Weeki at tbe home of Mr. and Ky.; Ill'll. ROlli O'N~!all aad .on, Monimia and lion, Benton, Mn. M~aml Chap.ter No. 107 O. E~ and all . . . . . . an upd t atof W.,.....w.: Browe..•• aaJder. Oil Tu.....,.. Ian. 18. The W. A. Lippincott and other reIa- Jimmie, of Hollywood, California Harry Smith, Mrll. Eli Furnas, S. will meet In re~lar leuion tend 0 ant, IIyet' Ryman, GordGn·. Ser- II"". ia. aleee of Ill'. Samnl tivea here, . and Mrs. W. R. .of lIIessrs, Fred and ROlcoe Furna" Monday e~ning, Julp 9, at 7 :30, ' • _ . '_ __ vice Statioil, CoyI,'1 lleat lluket, BatterwortIL d lln. KeUat H at d Columbus, Georcia. attended t~ 'f uneral of Elia. ieitine members welcome. CIlANG& MOnca E•• Ilftl'llart. U......... lerYlee --IIr. an ,.,:. ~" Th .'eak fry at Blackburn at Filhertown, Pa., last EDNA HARTSOCK. W. M., Station, l'alktnOD'. .......... llAUIAG& oUIKOUNCED family, IIr. and lin. DI 00M' pruent at even Wednesday. IIr. Blaekbum WII MINNIE FROMM, Sec'y. tlon Bldle 8ndlo and TIae LIttle . and famUy. Mr. and lin. I. Q.!IIU1er'. eamp on I B- tile hUllband .of the late Anna Fur. - - -_ -, ~ • GoDI, lin. Char'" HOUlrh, II... 1118 ..... : 1&. •. Bla kb .. 1I"""'ot.."... 1Ir. ad """ON 8.IIOD- IlODIII"a 8W1De11, II........DDetlt IChapman, Mr. and HarY', nu e um. F. • A... II, NOTICE n W. !lope 011 ce..n will 10ft, fill ' ' Ko" Roeeo. Parau BUu Otrfee. ,a,. ..d daupter, lin. Mr. aDd lin. CIUrorei Buatek 8 ....... =r..;~=-; to alL ~ ....., bM anel, lluter JIattIaew Tarur ,lob K.. Preaton IIr. an ap8lldiq • fe.. cia,. witll the ta.... .. to.... at a ..p~ panata ___ "'.....__ _ 6a 0lI10. 01 .... ldter at IIclJl." aDd nemll6 ...n_....

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-----------VaI.e .f U. S. T_ \\'a delirhLed to hear that your townahlp. 01 tile 8:10 durerellt aped • ., aIYl'ctiuns .... not sel'ou I)' enRalph II. Stuta to lela BiD, in- treM In the Valled 8tatee, 180 b.,.e lot No. te' ill .....nklin. gaged in the Lyttun q al'ttol . And Joseph L. Marlatt to John W. ecoDomle value. when I told him how Qu'd givell me your word not to n th e Elllf· Marlatt, real ..tate in Wa),ne townsbip. Iishman a seriou$ inju 'y, and the mastel'ly manner in wh ch you had Roy R. Andrews to Ralph Foae - - - - - - - - - - - - shot away his trigger finger, he AncHrBon, teal estate in Salem VOTE FOR , Common Pie.. fendant ordered to lIay tl0 per townehip. was but Rool'ed with Iltinlil'ation ~nd gratitud . III the cas of Luuella M. Dow. week temporary alimony, aillo to " pay $26 to plaintiff's attorney. Th I'e' II lI1an after my own lar VIll' II J ohn 1. Dowlar. DI. Bill. Allo"," h aH, and ye t nothing more t han a vorce to plaintiff. :ustody 01 mi. Mn. Howard Sawyer, services. 4.uatter in the ey s of the law," nol' hild to plaintift'. New Sui.. $7 i Mrs. Stella Kelly, services, CANDIDATE FOR In the mattel' uf t,he estate of R The Mof]'oW National Ba.nk, of $7 i Mrs. Will Bryan, services, $10 says he. 'Ther' a friend I'm ==='-"'''-'==-...:::.:== ..:;::-===========- - proud to nam e all uch- a gentle- an Tree, deceased. Motion over Morrow, vereus Thomas WilLiaml Candia Hymer, .ervices, $6: Helen 0.£ part and br~eding, with nltorneys exc:ept. ' . henrt !" h exclaimed at last.-"The b rulud, ~ an d Alic& W IlIlams. Cognovit. Doug-hman, serVices, t7: Mrs. I ra H APTE R vn. mercy and discreti on is In the CAse of Tl1ie Morrow Na, I U devil himself can't match yo u fOI' A d I' d b b Harry Z, Grlly and Charters D~ Eltzroth, &ervicea, $6; Lil ie rton SubJ'ect to Republican Maclver'~ heart urg ~I him l(l pI'ide, nor the holYPl'ophets for courage. n III pro ll to e e- tional Bank of N[orrow versus Rose M. Ctorer versus Edward Blank Book :Mfg. Co.; Beverage Primary, Augus 14, 198 • • t 'C)ut I'mlnedl'otftly {Ol' lem'tln. ' Y' 11 d k holden to him- which I am, devil Thomas Williams and AUce Wi!- Stores, for divorce. Charae is I1censes " Applications, Auditor's vaulty. 0\1 re a . I'ea y to coe 8 doubt of it, for did ll't he fOl'ce Iiams, j udlrlllent tel the plaintift' .. old Ilnd GI~nbhl' c, but his pddt' youI' bonn et at SIr Jam ~s, an d thisgay young cock of a Ruggle- tor '"12 60.10 and costs, neglect of duty, $2.70; Drs. Edward and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .~ld h'm n ha!<tvJ U·'epartur e doubtless shoot aWAy ' a vl~rega]· Robert Blair, Hospital eare, ,85'j "' I tl'lat ~. , ston to d clare himself before witIn the caee of 'I'ruman Cas on from King ton would. und('r the linger, without waiting to ask how n sses in the matt~r of the young verSUS ' Mo1'ietta Ca.s on. Answer P"'At. CoW't C. C. Collins, Clerk, Court costs , ilcum tances, look very much he ca me to know he kllOw or what lady who' so SOOn t.o be my ward wl'thdl'awn and leave grant.ed t o case No, ~41S8, ,6'.83; D an E . J. Q. Gons, adminletrator of the Stanley, Attorne "v fees, $250 ; ],' kn~ ft l·ght·, and an appear nee of he ..wants you for" ' . a nd step daug h tel'. And i! 'It's I and file answer and cro J,-petitioll forth jlight wOllld 5UTely sugge t shame What doe he kn w? Y u sa id he needs bing now n o more lhan estate of James Gons, deceased, Dean E . Stanley, Attorney feea, With Reliable Serum "1' f H1' to some minds. 'ham ! Be he !~ne,:,' all about it. And ~ow : he a squat~r on the W akadogglln, wi*he case of The Waynesville filed his inventory. ,500 ; William Ertel, Compromis and Virua The w£ll of Addie M. Dowdell, and Settlement In all claimll had dOne nothing to feel I,shllnu' d de\lI dId he com~ to know It 1 I ve land he'll have, by royal grant-or National Bank, ~I corporation, At a rea.onable price against Warren County particulof. On the contrar)", h bad don got no more vamty than YOllrself. I'm not the governorl Drink versus Frank M. Diakin and Ada deceaaed, was filed in probate. something tu be proud of. Ruggle- Dave Hammer. alld 110 more than hearty!" . A certifi.ed copy of the entry de- arly. of the claims eued on in case ston had be n at his mercy i and any self-re pecting Highland gen" , . Dakin was dinn issc!d WIthout 1'eo- termining the inheritance tax on No. 14136 in Common Pleas Court Pbo•• 17R4 'MacIver had been merciful. He tieman's decenli pride. What does That s how he talked- SIr co rd. the estate of Wellington S. Bawyer and No. 162' in Court of Appeals, had shot all' y one finger or th he want of me'! He may get what James Bard and no other-and the The case of O. 1l~. Gray, super- decealled, is to be ce,rtifl~d with- $900; Wade S. Brown, Servo as JIlan who insulted him aOlI declar- hI! doesn't ·ant.. Bun as yet nowhe1'e near the yard· intendent of Banks of State of out delay. Do&, Warden month ending June d bonor satisfied. Was there "Keep your kilt on. The governor arml An~ he's stiJ1 talking i;, the Ohio, in charge of the liquidation Frank Croll, administrator of 30, 112.60; Waldron C. Gilmour, another llIan in th province, was at ,park's hou e. waiting for a!" e. vel.n. By ~ und own he n be of Merchants and 'Farmers' Bank the estate ' of Christopher Gephart, Inquest, $7.60; C. L. Duke & Sonl high or low, from ir James down, u., when w got three. He'd I!.melt thinkIng It wa s h~mselC"taught you of Blanche ter, "er~us R. D. Drake deceued, filed his inventory. 19 shrubs planted in front o( iih either character or skill a rat. He was amazin'ly mild. Milk the use of the PI tols. et ai, is dismissed without record. Charles J. Waggoner, W. G. Court Hc)uBe, '6.65; L. G. Kennett enought to match that pel'for- and water. The effect green eyes "I want not hing from the .gover. In the case of amuel Rickard Hockbill and H. E. Warwick were linoleum Wax for Court House, appraisers to reappraise $22.89; Gem City Blue Print" mance? None with mark manship has on him, i seem. Rugglston no r nor any man for defendlDg the vel' us Cad J. Mille1r, et al county enough, certainly. And h could blurted out hal! the story without honor of my I'ace and name.," said commissioner s. Fir'st motion to estate of Mary Holzlin, de- Supply Co., maps, $8.28; Orville think of no reason f or tearing the waiting for a que"tion. That }1aclver. amend petition ove,l'ruled. Seco~ iJ ceased. K~ever. Services a8 Chainman, r suit of that highly creditable young cock wa unnerved, devil a "And wh~t true Hig hlander "lind third m(,ltio:ns sustai ned . J ohn Kamps was appointed ad- 76; Merrill Funeral Home, Ambul performance. The gual'dsman was Idoubt of it. He said that your a t- would!" returned the artful Leave granted plai\ltiff to file a.m· mini,strator of the estate of Fr-ed ance service for Catherine Meeke. not likely to feel the inj ur)' for Itentions to Mi Lytton were more do'to\·. " I w~ uldn't myself- and end ed petition fortll1with. Kamps, deceased. and ftled bond of $6; Edward Simpllon, Supt., Pay more than a week, except in his than human £le. h and blood could onl y half a Hlghl~nder, and lowly In the case of ,lames C. Ross $20,000 with sureties. Joe Don- roll, $175.20; M. C. Foreman, prid4!. Hammer bad completed the 5tand. He described wllat took born, The crown IS til sOlJ rce- C)f versuS Lula Rosa, a divorce wae nelly, Josph Schustel' and Obarlell Supt., PlY roll, $224,40: W. A. ROQT FOR AND CONSI~~".. amputation, of tlle fin ger without place, truthfully enough. all wordly and material reward granted the plaintiff. S. Irwin were appointed appraisera Setker, Supt., PayroJl, $127.60: W 'to°uNr ~t..tlB·' bO~C' o·b··ll~.aD:!t:d --. . . a moment's los8 of tim~ and had "Hi exc lI ency asked him, in a [or honest men lik4! and me, In the caa& of Clarence Arthur In the case of Earl J . Maa&" ad- B. Schuler, Supt. Payroll. ,164; pro rr~ for th. ... cleaned and dressed the wound voice of honey. if he had heard Alasdair, my lad. Did David Ham- Brown, Jr., a minor, by Clarence mini kator of the estate of Will- Floyd Lemmonll, Supt., Pay 1'011, mar':., prie.. ud &,ooel •• • efficiently and promptly. him aright. Had h e mentione d the mer ever .refuse an in crease of pay Arthur Brown, Sr., his father and ard J. BUchanan, decea ed, venue $205.60; Harold Sweny, PayroO, Stee. Y.nIa' CI ••I...,!. O. A for the law? W n, what of lname of a lady in connection with or a mention In di patches! Nol n ext friend, versus C d1'ic Stanley G. C. Knapp, administrator of the $186.40; Joh1l Myers, Payroll, Tall. In on Radio Station WCKY the law~. I.f word of tho affair (the affair! The young fellow didn't Alld where'll you find a pro uder a minor, defendant. i granted 30 estate of Christina Buchanan; de- ,312.70; H. ,L. Schuyler, Payroll, 11:21 to 12:80 p. m. for our .U, hould get. olli-4nd he could not deny it. He had mentioned the man than Dave Hamme r, 'milit~ry days additional time to file motion cealed, et .1 the ,500 additional '243.90; Carl Dakin, Pa}'l'oll, muket repon.. imagine how it could- who W'ould name of a young lady upon whom -or civil? Nowhere I Not even if demurrer or other pleading. bond given by Earl J. Maar, ,184.40; J. L. Dunn, Serv., as -==~========:;:=~ venture to take it to t he la~ ? Not all his thoughts and affections you looked into the mirror. Come In lh case of Glady Berenice admiJlist1'ator, was apprQved. Sa~ Machanic;, '57.60; Orville Keever, ;. the governol", certainly; 10r the in· were centered and he wu only along with me." , Sawyer, a minor; 'by Chester B. o'f real estate ordered. Serv, all Chainman, $19.25; War- ~~------------'\ suIt had been given in hi own' waiting for an opportunity to ask The governor recElived Doctor S~wyer, her f8th~r and lIext In the case of Charles F. Hod- ren County Lumber Co., Lumber, 43 YEARS OF SERVICE hou se, to one of his guests, by a permi88ion of that young lady's Hamnler and Alasdaire M.aelver in fr~end, versus Cedrl~ Stanley, a gen, administrator of the estate of cement and Lime, U3.11; L. P. f{entleman of hi' staft'. If Any guardian to make all offer of his his little book·lined Iitudy. A fiN mmor, thtl ~efend~~l1t IS granted 30 Florence I . Arkill, deceued, ver- Cavett Co" a60 Gal. tar, $166.03 lawyer tried to tell him Alasdail' heart an hand. Be said it right burned on the beartb. The rose- days addItional tt.m to file !Do. IIllS George M. Arklll, et ai, dis. Lewis" Drake, cement, li~ a~d LEBANON, OHIO MacIver that the only' thing a out. He waa quite eloquent, wbat' wood table was still there; and tion, demurrer or other pleadlD~. tribution of funqs ordered. Sewerj $81.9.; Oreronia Bridae We have ~ complete pntlem~n could do about a slap with the pain in his hand and the still- all at MacIver's first and , l.n .the case of The. People 8 The inventAlry of ' Paul W. Tet- Co., Steel, ,46.73: Zain Armitage, Watch Itepair Ser.i". in the face wa to go to court and brandy he' d swallowed to steady second experienceB with that table BUlldmg, Loan anld Savmgs Co. rick. administrator of the estate of Sand ud Gravel, f116.49; J. K. Pricel Rea.onable .ulk then he would make a his nerves. --decanters and glasses stood on V?rBUS Cla~on ~la'1'k, qet al.. ser· Flora W. Tetrick, decealled, waa Spencer, Sand and Gravel, $64; monkey of that lawyer. He Was j'Sir James couldn't conceal his it. His eJl:ccllency'. manner wa VICe by pubhcatl.on ordered fOI' the approved. W. A. Selker, Garaae rent for No. Beade Reltrung not aahamed, and he wae not sati faction. It'e no secret th,a t cordial but poundel'ous. His move- defendant, Trl·State Looseleaf , A certified copy of the entry ,de- 6, and 11, year 1938, $48; Gilpin Jewelry Repaired afraid' and though his heart yeam young Ruggleeton'l a great catch ments and speech were slow, con- ~eat Tobacco W rebouses Co" COY t rmining the inheritance. tax on " Son, Gasoline, $18.~6; J. D. "THE HOME OF clns" ed fo; Glenranald. hill pride told - heir to a very t'espeetable title sidered. One could see at a glance mgton, Ky. ,. the estate of Stella J. Booth. de- AdamI 00., Parta, $36.88; Frank him not to lIa ten hi depal'ture and a vast tor tune-- and a n'oted that the great man wa an arena In the case of (~al"t'le Eberh~rt ceased, is to be certified Sherwood Co., Galoline '1.62; Cin from Kingston. philandere1' l and it's no secret tbat in which the gove1'11l0r, the high ~ers?s Ja.'"~s EdWin Eberhart, In - delay. eineillnati Oil WorkaCogreaee'15, Doctor Hammer called oli Mac- the green·eyed widow's second and just and imperlloruU official. Jllctton dl solved. , ' In the matter of the estate of 87; Wl1Iiam Shotwell, Janitor at Iver early in the afternoon. ambition-second to her ambition struggled for tempolr~ry mastery In the case of ~,race B. MIllard Laura I. Zell, deceased, extra- Memorill HaU Mon. ending June "You're to come to Government to become Lady Hard- is to \lee over the lover of grleen eyes and versus Alon~a MIllIard, et al, de- o1'dinary campenutlon to T. H. 30, 1934 $20; Blind Pension, • • • HOUle initante'r my boy," aid the Mr daughter the Honorable Mrs. red wine and good-fellowship. One Zell, executor, and attorney feel Quarter ending June 30, 1934, doctor. "His e~cel1ency's orders. Peter Rugglellton. Sir James ill could see at . a glance that the my 'eye on you ever smce. . M.r. Mac were allowed. . f"'8'.60 ·, Penn Morton, Serv. as .. • 'He knowl all about it." e.vidently in sympathy with both lover and good feIlow had been i nIver, I've brought the lIubjectJohn E. Holden was Janitor Court HOUle month endiQg WAYNESVJLLE. OHIO MacIvet'. gray eyes hardened her ambitions. So the poor young the ascendant for some time palt. this ma~ter-your services and val adminilltrator of the June 80, 1934, ,70; Lewis of! Phon. 80 Baak BI". and brightened. man made hiB declaration then and "Mr. MacIver, I've had your ue to the crown- to the attention AJice ~. Holden, decea&ed, and Drake, Inc., 10 bags white 'sand "Then wlty does Ite lIend for me, there, with plenty of encourage- case under con"ideration ever of my honorable council, and 'i t filed bond of $7,000 with sureties. f~r Court Houee, tI2.50; J. W. _ _ ----..~~_ if he knows all about it--unlell8 men~ from tb governor. since our first meeting at the givea me gNat I~leasure, in my Albert P~rker, E. A. Ludlum and Lingo H~ware Co., buekets, "And after that. and a round tJloose yard back there in the private I!s in my official capacity. Fra?k Skmner were appointed nada, brulhes for F. E. jt'll to apo]ogiz41 to me, for Butt,e ring inllult under his roo!'!" The' of punch, we drove to Govern- woods," he said. "Hammer, you to . inform you that-to make Pi'alse"!. $12.79; C. Donald DiatuBh, · . • ' Highlander's voice matched his ment House, where I put Rugle- t1'anslate, there a dear man. Under known to you_, Well" my dear CarrIe offiCe for Pros. Atty.• ok. .. . ' d in my best consi(leratiolrl, T llay your felJow, what d' ending June 30, 1934. ,20. ehould come to me-put his little private and in str,i ct confidence, I value to thill' provinc~1 of mine, to t f ' x:t L d d f tate of John Adamll, dec ... ··ed and -- -. . . , k t 1-1 SI J th f b B 't' h N rth A . t th gran 0 81 een .nun re acres 0 jaek-m-offlce dipllty ID hie poc et 0,+ I' ames ~ rest a t e swnr rl 18 . 0 merIca, 0 e em- 1 d'" filed bond of $1500 with eureties. alld c.ome to thil. house inlltead of 1 explained your attentions to the pire.Get that, Dav~,. Help your- anM~cIver could Inot find a word Henry Eisenmenger, R. C. Bo)'l RTfON ~ orderlng'me to hI house." Lytton chit-her t'ellemblance to self. I was deeply bnpreslM!d by t t't f 'nut b and C. W. :MulI(I'E!r were appointed Doctor Hammer laugbed until to the MacDonald girl. the kind, th~ integrity and force-force, o~ ~~! s~~lin~r o~ h:artec~~:;: appraisers. his ~yell watered. gentle brown e)'es and eo on. qUite so-of your character; and 'd d t'tud ROilS Farquhar, administrator of "Man, Alasdair Maelver~ hilt 'Green (!yes for me,' says Jamea; by your erudication and natural ca PTI e an . gra I e. the e tate of Benjamin L. Faryou're a joy to my Highl8l'!d "but every man · to his taIIte.' He pacity for leadership. I have had THE END quhar, deceased, flied hil inven~~________~__~~~~~~~~~~__~~~~~~__~~~~~______~~~~~~~~~~~~~tory. , , • In the CUe of ROM Farqultar, A,ric.I.\a.. ShHkiats" 4-H ~~ administrator, ek., veraue Andrew Mr., Ere.i.. .... Pla.t Phone T. Farquhar, et aI., sale of real estate ordered. Additional bond of ,2500 given by plaintiff ia apo • , prOv~d. Reforeltation went on apace in In the. matter of Tobiall Bretney Ohio this aprin,. More than 6000,"OTARY PUBLIC incompetent, expenditure of fundll 000 tree. were planted, accordine ordere~,. to a ,eport by F. W. Dean, exten· Natlea" B... CJ HattIe Barbee, executrix of the lion forester for the Obio State estate of Lillian F. Moon, dece&&- Univertity. WII.. DN_ •• E ..........W .filed her firat, Anal and diltri Not all 01 the tree.... re plantWAYNESVILLK.. OHIO butlve account. • ed by work,n in the a soil eroOmar MolteUer, adm.. ietrator .ion campI. Students in voca~ouall ~!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!'!!!!!!!!'!!!'!!!!!!!!!!'!!!'!!f!!!!!!!'!!!'!!!!! of the ~8tate of Eliza Sheppa"d, de &Ir1~ic\lltttNc;-f'ltell,"t'tt--el-+H-fet~____- - -_ _- - - _ . cea1!led, filed hia ftnt and final ac· cluba, municipalitiea . count.. . f"men did their share ' of the A., L. KIng is .alleged In~ne and plantlnc. eJihauIUn, the available •• . u,- Your eogine "breathes" appltcatio~ III to be made tor lupply o~ le'edJinCI fllrDltbed by Dlr.. t.r .f F.".-a I.m.. Jile you ~o-ancl for the same entrance mto the. Da~on State the state forut nursery at Hospital. lIarietta. reason I Your bOOy turns oxygen Our con••nlent. locatloll. .111.' Fred Howaer anel R. o. Crilt . into power-and dou your car! wer,e appointed administrators Worken In erosion campI plan.t- bl. lurroundlnp alld .qui,..... the estate. 01 William Crilt, .d foulJ; millioll tree.. A half mll- enabl.. u. to Sel'V. to the . . . The engin~ draw. in air. The carcea1!led. and rued bond of ,4400 more .. ere planted by worken Advantqe. bureter sends out a gasoline spray. with sureUe.. In cOQerYation campi. ,Students of The tWO mix-and make the" gas" The estate of Eliza Sheppard, voeatlonal apiculture planted AllBULANca saavlcll that runs your carl ceased il ,eJl:empt from inheritanee 280,000 ud 4·H for..t~ memo tax. ' , ben 170,OOCl. , .... H . W~.w.. ow. You ,don't have to be an engiThe in~ntol')'ot L. M. Bender. Four-H club ~embenof Tutneer to see that gasoline can be lion, administrator of the e.tate of county planted 79,000 wasted ,a nd power lost-if your fuel Anna A. ,M anhaIl, deceaaed, is apliettin, a record docs not mix property with air. And proved. P~~~~c~~~acou ..ty4.H'en club II county paa SAU OAT.S CALL you know yourself that weather


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M.rna. U ...... John Vill80n Hill, farmer, of Morrow, and Mi.. B.len Aliee Merrill, nune and houMil:eeper, of LebanoIL William G1'aey, truck dri....r, of Dayton, and Mn. Lucille Grayaon, cook, of L~banon. Everett H. Doue, carpenter. Morrow, and Ki.. Ruth K. Bamber, of CozadclaJe.



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Stan.Iey &KDOgIer

ed 11,000, In Portatre county, 14,000, ud In TrumbuU, 11,000. Forty thoUMnd more ke.. were planted thia y..-r thaD Iut. A thoulUld trees are .upplled free to each forestry club member wlao to plellt thea on hit , IIore "Cluld have beeD JESI& STAilUy. ,ltad lIot ' ~e luppl, of leed f t _ .................. ow. become exhauated. , Since ' , . nearty 1,600,000 heel have EAIlL KOOOI •• been furnished 4-H clubs for tht. D . . . . .' pUrpole. A tbCluaand took part thia ,ear in the propam. KEa.. . . . . . Student. III voeationaI acrieul~ tun alao ut a new reeord to be their mark Hoth.r ,ear. Treea are fumillled vocational qriculture ltudeDti OD the bula aa "-B clab members. PlaIItiDC b llIpenia by inatructon in a,rlculture in tehooa tucl ta I toa coua- ,.: all:" n b poa $ALE-WlIlte Collie ~ .., en J Cll~ '1I1'1Iett, WapemJk ... I... "1,000 tn... ebaaa hi Lytle road. Wa7llerrUle Olllo l poa SAI.ll-A 1'udI' . . . . tile ~ of R. • A rood 0.1, "'7 ~......:

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indlvidul 00DIN T....... rll '



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- - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

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BuHerlbe for by t 982 dIan.poHa and Detroit until the and payrolll 4t per the low point of the bllillin,eal de- Itate'l quota of IrQvernlMnt IUp' T. C. "Ton," Patterson plied creolote was exhauated. pression. of the ",hut belt is reportAll WhIttR. ., for I88UED EVDY THURSDAY C. C. C. Quota For int severe chinch bug infectiom. d.llit STATE REP~ESENTATIV£ Ohio hall a quota of In Iowa ~ 1I!i million gallons of creD. L I • ."~IS.'-rIJI"" t • .IO a 100,000 men t.o be to the oBote had been elllployed to reIf elected, it .hall be my pur. 011. . . . . . ......... .............. N.. 111 IIIItar.4 at Po.t,:.!!'e'4 all civilian conservation during peal ~he insect . Othel' staws re· po•• to attend the ae .. iona and _ " " C ••• ......... .................. ....... N.. III ...111 •• 01110. ~tt.r R.Ii.f For OWo Depo.ltoH Helped July. The nl!w recruits will be port hke troubles. . ...ote. By Go". Whit. young men, war veteraOlS and ex- l The bugs mature m wlleat, billI .hall be for W.,ren County . .. .. perlenced woodsmen whl) will re- ley and oats, and when theSe' crop~ 'JULY 6, 1934 Depo81tore tn OhiO aVIJIgs and 1 th se h h d lPP d out are cut they migrate to corn where firat. I ....11 be for the tax p.yer to they do great damage Th e tar loan associati ons are eligible for p ace' ll °b wd ' °h ave d rc Ie "'t8 un d er ~ h e H ousmg ' ISC arge pt·. or bene." act pas- or I WI1 e lines are laId down before the before t"e lax .pender. led 1n th~ clOSing hou rs of th.e re' l y • first rOW8 of corn to be protected . HERE ISA PROBLEM FOR cent lIeS810n of Congl·es!'. It IR es. l ' Repelled by the odor. t he bugs THE VOTERS: There ill a &,\,oWing feeling on the part of those in a ,._.-..:~::.; on::....:"'+t,io.iIDl,nha....'e....d...."that a tAltal of nearly a \Motor Sa~et:e:::~c~h~ra-ed By crowl along before the line and Total t.xe. I . in know the Cacts that government farm relief measurel have made' their liars is tlE"d up in Olli o 0 • ' fall into post h oI $ dug at inte)'- Cou",')' 1913- $383,245.03. el most conapicuous succeBlles when they have sougnt to help the farmer l~titution8. Legislation to tlna ble . ]~Cl'!ply conceme d 0v: :. t~e slug- ' vals. Kerosene is poured Into holes Tot..1 taxe. I.. yied in W.rren help hllJll\elf-and have come nearest to failure tihen they have simply savings and loan aS80ciations to ihermg toll Oft dedatha, UlJ1unesdsnbd to kill them. Count)' 1933- $793, 186. 19 . avail the'."selves 0: the llew f e~- ~avy prope~ y amage. cause y I Parks says the severity of the Our ta".1 more than tried to change a condition through legislative, judicial or executive law t8 th object of the OhiO hlg~way aCCIdents, Govelr. George infes~tion is due to accumulotGen~ral Assembly call ed in pecial ~h lte has .called up ~ n the motor- ing dry seasons. Chinch bug8 doubled in th.. .hort apace of fiat. twenty ,eara. II the are ·p.~,by Governor George lsts Of..0hlO to pay . be,ed to the thrive during such weather. It'll an old axiom that doing a thing for a person isn't nearly 80 seSSlon not applied, then wbat? worthwhile as showing him how to do it On his own hook, and that Is White. admoJlltlo~ of PreEHderlt I Almost all farms in cou nties The startling thing is, that .~~, DtOf'aMl, _ as true of agriculture aa anything else. When oftlcial aeencies have ----velt that those. who USC! the h~g~ along the western edge of the state whil e our taxes have more than . . . . 1•• _......... .... worked to build and trengthen the farmer-owned cooperatives, whieh A,ainu Auto T.r aad Ca. Fee ~ays mu st reahze the ~:espon slbl - 1are reporting the pl'esence of 'the doubled in twenty years, our _w ........ ..... I'eprellent concentrated individual efforts, they have produced excellent Di...anion hty t hey ~,ssume when ~hey take bugs. Less severe iniections are re- population is on the sta nd till. results. the wbee~. . Iported in counties in the eastern Your et.te leri.lahlre i. tbe Two constit uti onal amendments Th e aCCIdent probl~m IS squarely half of the Ohio wheat belt. tbat m.k.. tbe lawI, tbat ~!..-~..r.:l body The cooperative. bave the "'reat virtue of .... rmanence. They are pI'ohl ' bltl ' n'" .L e u f t te t t th t t G .. y~ .. w, se 0 s a mo or up 0 .e moo~l s, . overnor Bugs we re first reported prest." ex· ';;'Wlit;.r,"" not subject to change as Is an administration or a political party. They vehicle fuel and license tag reven- White Cites, .addmg t hat the ent June 19. They will contim~e to pro"ide for the are Immune to political conHideration...-they don't depend on voters ues for any purpose other than f or thoughtlessnc~s and clllre l~ss~ e8s Ido damage until about the micldle penditure.. Why notl the le,i.for thejr existence. They can determine upon ~ policy, and pursue it may be submitted to t he of the moto~lst are t he· prmclpal of July, 'when they will disappear. latur. e·conomiz. a. eyer, indione year, five years, or twenty years if it is advisable. of Ohio in November. Th e cauSe of aCCIdents. Anticipating unusual trouble, vidual it doin,? Tb_ we would .fc:-!.::m The Roundly man aced cooperatives, consequently, are getting Ohio Highway Suers' Federation ongress passed a bill authorizing need no new tax la.a. 11.0/l. T. C. PATTERSON somewhere. They are winning out along a dosen front_ winning in has obtained approval of petition Indu.try Mo ... ed Ah...,d In State expendi t ure of a million dollal's ~""~ .t'!1l_II1I.' ,.. their tight for stabler markets, better prices, and a fairer break for the ~ornts for the amendments from Ohio mployment and! payrolls for chinch bug control. The 187,Republican PTimary. .. II~ . . . . . . tarm producer. They eminently deserve the great mea ure of agrieultu- MecretarTY Oft ht.ate <?eorge S. showed increases fol' 1!ilay over ,000 gallons of creosote representg I yers. 0 ge t e question on the April. The increase in Ohio emp loyed Ohio's share of this fund. \ _ _ _A_U__U_8_t_l_4_,_1_9_34_ _ ral, public and official 8u"'port they have been .... iven by those who ball()t 260000 s 19ners · ... , 0 f vo t ers ment as applying to 5,7CI7 industr- - - ___ _ __ understand their motives and tbeir methods. will be required. ial establisbments amounted to 2.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ HU~TINQ Two major units of i he United per cent, while the incNllse i n pay'. FISHINQ IlIdu.tnal Cuee Filed rolls for the same pericld totalled tates Department of Agriculture', White Rose- Pewer beI • Trane" the bureau of entomology and the Ohio workers filed 1,578,269 in- 1.8 per cent. The fi rms reporting ~ a-toa. ..... 'L ., 1 IY It II(g , jury and occupational disea se to the labor department. at Wash- bureau of plant quarantine, have hind the engine. be en merged into ne. The n ew l -_ _ _ _----------------------~ claims with the state .industrial ington s howed total ennllloyes of commission from 1926 to 1933, ac 517,000 with an ineresise weekly unit will be known as the bureau The Ohio State University Radio Statlon- WOSU eording to the Safety and hygie nce payroll of $11,333,868. Industries of entomology lind plant quaran8 :00 Music division of the commission. Indus- showing greatest increase in em- tine. r h statistics were flrst ployment were cement, brick, til S IP er trial accident 8:06 Farm Adjust.ment News ............. , ........ J 0 hC n A • Wild ' 1926 . 1 n t h at year an d terra co tta , bl as t f urn aces. ed In 8:16 Replaclnl New Seedings Killed by Drouth ...... -.... . J . I ar 220,786 cases were filed on pay- steel work, sawmills, structu'ral 8 :26 Mu ic rolls amounting to $2,042,9 66,989. iron work, stea m fittinl~, machin e 8:40 New Electrical Machines for the Farm .... :............ I.- P. Blauser Claims had decreased 40 per ce nt tool, electrical machine'I'Y, railroad 8 :60 A Pr0WlrTam for~Better BlItter in Ohio ...;.. . .: ....... ·0.... 1. HH. Ehrb repair and rolling mills .. 9 :00 Hot eat h er menJlB . . ........... .. ... _... .... .. ....... .... 8 ug es 9:10 Muaic forma tory also has 3,276 male inTran.ient Help G.ine ---mates. Number of destitute transients Mr. J. W. Fro.. write.: ,41'"e 9 :26 MUlic in tbe 4·H Clubs ...... ., ................ _.... ..... Wm. Smith, Jr. aid ed by Ohio relief ,commission uaed 7 bottle. of Krulchen aad reo 9:36 The Bobolink .,._. ,........ .. .................... .. ........ .. H. E. EBwine While chool activities in Ohio has been teadily incrE!asing dur- due>ed from 272 to 210 Ibl. with DO 9 :46 Hlehlights in the Flower Garden ....... ............... Alex. Laurie ended generally in June or earlier ing the pa t five months, Teport ill effecl. what In f.ct I feel ' mUA:h belter .... n Ioflich.y.. for .ome ___________________________• this h _'- has not been true in rural su bmltted to Govern,~r George -_rl. A.• a pol,'ce I r-om:i"", school of the state where Who I R d h th t z w, Ite revea s. ecor s II ow a ..eDd KrUlch.ea to hrother office,. vo~tionlll agriculture is taught. 9,400 persons were aided during to k.ep iD ......I.tion weitrht aDd W~t~ such tudents !l~d teachers June a compared with 7,662 in .... Ith... . thiS 18 an all-year. activity, at least May, 4,387 in March alnd 3,446 in Kruschen is ,the safe, healthy from a praetlcal standpoint. February. sensible way to lose unhealth Y L _ _ _.....,.._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-' These pupils must raise crops and _ _ _- surplu fat-simply take a hp)i . tl b d stock during the summer season teupoonful ~very morning in 0 COLUMBUS-- Notwlthlltandina IItate. water conaerYa on oar. as a part of their cour e and their glasl of warm water- you'll feel reeent ralna bave greatly enhanced w~~ Ulrvico-op:.ratiwng Wlthi thl e kf~d- teachers must direct tbis' work The so good-so energetic. You'll gain . 1 II enoa Ie ceo amer II 00 Inlf tat . di'd d . I ' . lin strength and ambition-you feel erop prospects, a ~ener. II ortace forward to even greater things in II . e III VI . e Into e eve~ dl~Miss Lucille Tucker entertain- years younger and look it. By reol water exists 1ft the United Salt Creek valley, however, than trh,:ts contamlng 63 counties, m ed the MiSSel! EUzabeth and Elean- ducing excess fat you'll be apt to Stat. and abroad to the extent eonservancy dams and prevention W u:h 196 teachers have charge 01 lor Clark of Oregonia and MiSS / live years longer. that It h.. become a matter of of 1011 erosion. 20ft schools. The tea.chers l!'re Anna MacDonald at dinner on One bottle lasts 4 weeks. You crave eoncern. It is therefor. of . aUoWild 80 daya vacation which Wednesday of last week. can get Kruschen Salls at any interest to Ohio people that one they IIcatter over the year. The M Chas Bradbury directed the drug store in the world.





. Capitol Cross Road







When "Farm Relief" Succeu '

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Policeman Loses 62 Pounds of FAT


Best of the News Dl"reet From the Oh."o State Capl-tol



~~~~~~~~m~~ ~~~~~thellta~oo~~~~~W~~I~-~[~th~wm~~w~~~=====~~======~===~~==========~========~=~ come the laboratory wheft the co.metoloD law Wb complete cultural instructIOn are Cham- da 'ght ~~~~~ft~~~~~~=~~~~=~,~~~~u~~ ~~H~~~~~ ~~====~-~~---~---------------------~-----~ U Hamilton, . Jack on, . J~ffer~on, ville, spent the latter lpart of the Lucas, MadISon, MabonlDg, Seloto week with her mother Mrs Sadie ,. kingum, vaUey towardll materlalia- who, had not obtained t~elr first Su~mit, Trumbull, Tusc:.arawas, Reason. ina a valt water cODservation pro- year II lice nile by July 1 will be re- UnIOn and Vinton. Mr and Mrs Clyde 'Le~icy Mr quired to Palll the ltate ex.amina. . , .. ject bl' joint federal and ltate tlon before the will be lIned and MJ:'s. W. W. Welch, Mrs. Sadie aetlon. But impoundlnr ot water lieensel To be :ble to take thele With the smoothness of clock Season, 101r8. Elsie Hc)ckett and in numeToua daml ill not alone suf . . t'oD"the applicant must wo.rk the general assembly adopt- Mrs. Laura Shidaker Ipicniced on lei,nt. Wuhing of IOU il e&uinc ::=~":r~dit of at least 760 houn ed seven emergency building and tbe lawn of the Welches. Mrs. George Beaeh is visiting mUlionl of dollars of J0811 to farm- from a reeo tiled Khool of COl- I~an acta and. three special school en In hill aectionL Salt Creek etolo Tht i.a lao true ()f out- aId meallures In two daya last week friends in Cleveland. ta~~pen.tona "I'h 0 wish tAl besldea appropriating $126,000 for The W. C. T. U. will meet at the 'Valley, comprised of 100,000 aenl eaat of Zanesville hI the XUlldn- 0 ...k' Obi Ii r4e' ocity baa the state industrial commission. hom of M • H. S. ~rucker tbis 11&111 mer watenh.ed, ~ beeni : : : b:.n e:t.biuilied l!~tb other The 1IC)~001. lelrislation permits Thursdaly jlftern?on, J 'ul, 6. • eet4d by the SoU Ero.ion Ser- tat d tol la school dIBtrlcts to borrow money Mr. Barry WIlson, of Daytpn, v e of tbe federal lovernment .. II ell un er a coame ogy w. in anti(!ipation ot tax collection spent Sunday with his.J3arents. Mrs oJllt section in the United Statel to and to borrow f~eral money to Chaa. Gordon and Me,ssrs Robert Populati()n eqaal to tbat of ' a. pay indebtedneaa. It also included and Marie Gordon visited in e eriment In developinl soil eontI.-vatlon by .trip croppllll, lone ,ood-llaed ci\7 illhabitJ Ohio'.Z2 amendment of the budget law to Walhonding, Sunday, lWrs. Gordon rQlationl. improvement in pasture ltate lutltutionl, a4lcording to the conform with the ten-mill limita- remained for: a longer visit. Mrs. Sadie Rea on entertained altd woo otI, aad tertacill•• Th... 1Mt mOJatbly NpeJl1 of the Depart- lion on real estate. The buildIng t¥fl1 tAl~." would retard aile IMIlt of Public Welfare. Inmatel and loan acts proVide means at dinner, Friday evening, Mr .. a"d ftow ol w~ to lower 1...1. &Dd in all · I••titutioDjl numb41r 85.784 whereby "uociations may obtain Mrs. Rhodes Bunnell-llnd Mr. ~nd PlJOtect u.. .,0. It baa been eal- one third of th... b,lne womeR federal funds and insurance and Mrs. Earl HoCkett a)lld daughter, elllated that an ave..... of ten tou aad pl•• The elcbt .tate hospitals otber relief, and Btrenelhen state Miss ·Ruth. Mrs. Lida Walker and chiJdren, o IOU is IOlt aDJIua))y from evel'J for insane contain 17,277, a lIttl, control of lIuch Institutions. The awe in ' the lIulkiDIrUIIl vall" by over one half of the total. The len ate allo conftnne'd the appoint- of Cambridge have been visiting and Mrs. A. L. ellOlion. equal to a yearly loea of 01110 Penitentiary baa the larre.t ments of Lockwood Thompson her parents, ",000.000, accol'Cllnl to David C. population, ',898, ineludinc '81 at and George O'Brien to the board Kennedy. . mer, executive secretary of the honor ~mpa. T liquor control. Mr, abd Mrs. GU)l' Carr, of . I Broo'Uyn, arrived hero op Sunday e tor .a two week's visiit with 'his mother ' and relatives. Mrs. Henry Murpbiy, of Wellman, entertained theilr strawberry piekers with a 'Party last Friday evening. ... Mr. and Mrs. 1. 'W. Snell entertained company at dilliner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Chl\l'les Doster entertained the Card I?arty, Saturday night. Pomdna G~anlre WIUI well attend ed here Saturday. The Civic League hlBs a quilt on display at th'e store of lira. Jra Syferd. Anyone ·i nterested may calland see it and if' they desire OLASSIJ'IED ADS COST ONLY may leave a· bid o.n t!ame. ONE CENT PEa WORD. WHY

be solved in wJlole or part. A fair



.tart haa been made in the J4u.~ state eOllmetology board t~at a

Lower rates for service and higher· taxes ...

do not in band








110"'" 1'0.







w. cannot escape them

How shall we reduce 'ihem?





Bani_ To R.~l Worlit la~...ioa 18. T_tF-Fi....e 'rean Not ~n 25 years bave chincb bugs thre.tened Buch. a larlJl proportion of the corn .:rop in Ohio. III more than 40 couutiell in the wheat belt of the state tannen are battling the inlect invaders ,rith tar lJDe repellents. B1 the end of June the 187,000 pUons of cresole fumilbed by the eovemment had been edlaa..d In the buildh\g of more than a thou.. and mU.. of tar barrier liD... And fanlen, count, . .nta; and T. H, ........ emulon eDtomolOlllt tor the O. U., wen ICO~ tile

....... __ 01*


• •

The subject of taXes is one that .has . ellerybody in tbe cOlmlry now works become of primary importance to · three ·m onthsout of each year, not to the citizenship in all cOWltries. Tax- suppOrt his family, but to pay for the ation forms the only source of reve· cos[ of being governed. The U. S. Labor department statisnue for Government; therefore, it Is necessary. Whatever we may think tics show that the corner grocer has of taxes, we cannot escape them. A been forced to charge about 16 per mHtakeo idea some people have is cent mote for food than he did ~ . that they do not pay taxes, simply year ago. The Industrial Conference because they do·not report regularly Board ~hows the total number of at tax - collecting agencies and pay employees of the federal, state, and over a stipulated amount based on local governments· is now 3,122,000, an increase of 19 per cent from 1922 property hol~ings. The Nad. InduStrial to 1932. People of the U.S. paid Cool'erence Board has estimated . that one- S4,OOOaday in taxes in 1913 a totlllof $2,200.000,000. For 1923 'o"",/) of tOtal for Taxes the amount had grown tioDal income (which I.ike evcry p.uiotic citizen, me means one-fourth of all Pllblic Utili., wlllU co bur its to Seven Billion, Two share of caution. Fo. OUr Hundred ~illion Dolthe money which every- ;"" OWD com.,...,. we IIOW are pay. Hllnl e""1 lars. For 1?33theamowu aae.receives in the U.S.) iDa to. ,.,.." My .. IN ~n for cues. Approalmafltl)' , . , isTeoBWioa. iveHuo· DOW for some form out of evu]' dol.Iar weU collett





01.cuatioa. A striking apre. to be sure, but in· lICapable. It allo hu •••• i.dieated that



holD aaICCaIeft J.CIU for __ form of taIL Wbr_.bould die

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Public: UtiliI)' be ditc~ ....... u illl coda,? ,~

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let.. • •., . . ..." if


('10".._ .


----,lea 01'14 Wh ..t produ~lIon ouuide BUllta and .hln. now ••ems Ilk· I, to be about 7 per c nt IH. than the crop 01 la t y.. ar, and tbe per ~c.>nt world lupply aboul '!DaUer, accordinr to the urrent l'oV"emment report. China is r · portlld having a b tter crop, Ru~­ .ia • pOOTt'r, then last yur. "


Political Announcements


FOR REPRESENTATIVE I am a candidate for Rapre. a ntative to lhe Gell ral A embll' f Ohio ubj t to the Primary to h ld August 14, 1934. · Your vote and SIlI)J)Ot't i rt'spectfully olldt d. ARTHUR HAMILTON

County Treasurer


METEORS BY MILLION ..... . S .....I======I


ALLEN HUFFMAN Allen HuWman Ilnll Ounc cundidacy for nomination for -reelection to the office of County . Recorder, ubject to the Republl. can primary lecHon on A ugu at 14, 1934. FOR CORONER Dr. H. M. Williams, of Lebanon uthol'lzes the announcement of his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Coroner of War· reD County subject to thll primary I ctlon of AUgUBt 14, 1934. Qualid tor the office both by ednc.tion a nd experi nce, Dr. Williams re!.'I pectfully BoHcitl! your vote but .tatea that hi' profe sional duties will pr v!\nt him from making an Jtten8ive campaign.

HAROLD D. (Jh.) BAILEY We ar authorized to announce the lIame of Ilarold D. (Jim) Dailey, 0,1 Franklin Town hip, &Ii a candidate lor County Commlaaioner, aubj ct to the R public PrlmalT eleeUon, A\jfu t 14. 19S•.

tittle Thing. The IIttl tbinrs matter 11)0 t in funeral lervire. The perfection of our .et'. vice hal resulted from viC' iJant atteaUon to amen detail.. Every piece of qulpment or ' merehandi~ u ed by IU ill first carefully e!C&mlned by a member of our ata". The renlt i.. a laultle fllneral that i. • dirnitled tribute to the de eased.

Dan •• Jr., of L.xlngton. M..... with on_ of our dOf t .. ",. at Pr... ur. Camp. l 'I"I'Lbl AMto;IUUA. UI 'I ' &'''~ 10 tile w teor all,",." or Jlllle e TICA. JUDI If (Wla Macla, auG 1 ....... er. a •• lo, about tllr•• Racllo) .-I bav. lu" com. dowo tim .. I,bal oumb.r. ADd w. b II ... trom the aatrooomtcal to".r att.r blm I Tbll II a caretul caloulatloa obalrTtn, tnlUoDth m.teor. baaed 00 Il two mooth,· oblenaLloD Wa, be It wal m, equllltootlll An" by 11,._ obaen.ra. In all probabllltJ bow. It I, plleb dull aod I'm cold lbll I. due to lbe ,reat depUl 01 tb, aDd Ureci, but I IIlU,t ,.t lbll ,tol7 atmoapber1c canon lothe.~ laU· olf to ,ou 00 Ume. tud.a, aillo to th, compl.t. freedom I am DOW a ,..I\llar m.mber 01 trom duet. amok. and vapor down wbat ... eall tb ......teor Part,," her. at lbe bottom 01 the world. b.lplll, Dr. 'fJlomu C. POUlter, or The.e oblenatlona wtll be COQ' Nt. Plealaat. la .. cbler of our Iclen tloued uo1.11 tb. wlot.r nLebt IIod, tllle ,roup and ,.colld 10 COmmand 10 Auau,t Ilnd we ,boulc1 ba .. ,om. be,.. "bile Admtral B,rd la olf ID ..el7 Int.reaUo, Dew data apd lbeobtl but 118 mUu aw&,; Jam.. II. n .. wblch ,bould be of ,reat valu. It.rrett. ot Bea,er Fanl, PL; to all ..tlOnoman. , Work of tbla kloG m.... &b. wIn· Ralpb W . Smllll, a"lalor, 01 rred.rloktown, 0 .; aod Earle 8. Per- ter IIl,bt ID lJttI. Amenca " • .., In· klH. ot N.w Brun.wlok, N. J. lereettn, and It baa certalal, ....0 lllaht DOW for a"eraJ w..". we m. , ebaoce to aCQlllr. IOml .real ba", aat ID . th. ob""aUOD tower, knowlll4,. a.allabla to oDlJ a f.w about wbleb I told 'OU 10 a pt... lou, peopl. 10 Lb. world WODt.r wbat ,to.." oba.nlo, aD ar.. aboul 11 1'1 b. abl. to do with till. lEoowlade' mil., tn dlam.ter aDc1 to ao atma- lat.r 00 I !'rom oowa to ..... to . . Ipbene deptb at about )00 mU ... 10 tronom,. From a.lallon to ablJ) aa. Dr. Moultoo', book, "AD lotroduo- ,llaUOD to oootract bnd,.. 81;1eb t. tlon to .atroDom,:' "blob I am ut. aroUDd til. 8outt;a Pol.r And .tud,IDI, b. calolllalil tJaat, U It 0 .. 1 How I'd lib a bot .,.tII, wttll bumalll,. p.lbl., ". could ,...1 . .p and btc roulJa CIt... t _ obae"" at aD1 ....D tim. from tao , lIIo1dtotall,. w. beard perfeoU7 to, mlllloQ (D.teol'l dall,. ID the rowacl·b"rouad cleeoripUoo 01 othlr WOrda. lbat oumber 01 m. th. aa•. oaroara ~t. Boa, teol'l are 10 moUolI alid beadll4 batU., towull th. aarua ''''17 da, wtlblA Scbool, and 0011 .... are oloetq til. cenoP7 atmoeplle,.. wIlli up are but lOt ..UN wblob til. wortd 'a aurrounded. 01..... ba•• enrolltcl III ow ..ab. LaCkIl, onl, comparaU"el, UII7 U J'Ou'~ tote,..ttcl la pi,", of a of them ....r raacla 011 at lb. aowar eDd 01 ~ til. . .rua. belD, burned b7 Ula ,"aMIld a Mlt4clcl...... atamp. UOD eauall4 b, Nih lbroup ed . . .lope to .e at ow ....n... our atmoapbe .... TweDt, mlliloD tull bMdCl1l&rtal'l ud a bl_ ISsed meteors bltUq til. eutla all IIItp carel uad bl. wortJa. . . .., or at 0Ilc,! wen. w. abouldD't IUt all AatareUea will be IIDt JOQ. au IODII .'dlout coat ., obllaaUoll. BlapIJ Or. Pollltt"'a calowalloaa, bow· &r1bur &"1e. Ir.. prftld.lIt. ever~ dUfer r." .. tbo.. of Or. Mout- LltU. Am.rlca A,'aUoll &Dcl. . . tOil. Dr, Poulter die,.. are at ploraUOll Club, Hotel lAaloctoD. leatll lblrt, mtllloo ...teol'l a,lDI &ltII &treat and LulA,toD A".1&., lroU1I4 'JIo l1)aee ••eD cia, ant tJaat York. N.Y.





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Tbeater o. ...... "'tOe Everybody



"King of Wild




"Flying Down to Rio"

.IID" .

J. E. McClure Phone 7


SWaDk, who remalnl at lIiami CIII............... ChIDeh bap ..... been rlported ValllY hOlpltal. Ie much wone. In a number of locatioraa in Ohio• .Mila Bernice Graham untertainCount,. .,ent. are prepared to ed the rirl, or the W.,n_viUe lIupply directions " , r their control home of Mrs. . Morri Miller, the 8chool, at a miecellaoeouB .bower, teader on Thursday afternoon. for Mrs. Chul.. Marean. SaturThe' July meeting o:r the "Ladies day aftel1loon. Little Frances Miller and her Aid" i postponed bom the 4th, White Ro.., the Wednesdayj' the l.lth, and will cousin, Nancy Whitlock, of Zane.· Evangelistic campaign at the dable Gasoline. be held at the home ~) f Mrt. J. B. vill , are spending this week at the Cbureb of Christ will c10le Sun. Jones, Girls c~mp at Chautauqua grounds day, July 8. Mt'8. Margaret Jrohns apent Frankhn. Satyday with Mr. an!~ Mr . Harry Mrs .. Harry Graham attended the Mrs. M. 0: Baird has been conMcGinnis in Waynes,nl1e. weddmg of her brother, Henry fined to., her hllme witb iUne a but Mr. and Mrs. hs~r1et1 Morgan Saylor, of Dayton and Miss Ruth is better this week. are now staying at 'the home of Kemllton, of West Alexandria for Everett Early and the former bas Thur day eveiling at the bride's Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Egbel·t, of employment at Lytle elevator. home. Xenia, were guests of Mr. and Mrs Cal'n Longacre, who is work· W. J. Baker, on Monday. Mr. and Mn. Guy Itoutzahn and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kenrick ing at Monroe, Mich., came home spent Wednesday evening of lut Saturday and returned Sunday, Russel Salisbury and SUbject to Republican Mr. Primary week in Tippecanoe City, guests taking his family wbo will sojourn daughter, MillS Doris, attended the AUi u t 14, 1934 of Mr. and Mrs. Fran'k Brown and there awhile in . a cottage along Mrs. Mary Boitnott. the lake. night races at Dayton on t he ~;;;;;;;;;;;;; ! Mn. Ella Cecil of near Sidney Walter Kanrick is planning a Fourth. Is vi iting at the home of her home coming of the teachers and Master Clair Dibert returned coullin Mrs. Will Gr.lI.ham. pupils of Lytle scbool, at Lytle L.di .. ' Drea •••• TOe The' wh at In this Siection which ,chool ground, Sunday, July 15. A home last week after visiting a M.D'. Suit• • month ",Ith his grandparents, at is now being threshed Is yielding basket dinner at the noon hour. Quick-for q ••lit,. McComb, Ohio • . better than anticipated. Over four Misses Cleo Hawke and Helen thousand bushels were! delivered at Early entertained at 8 miscellaneMr. and Mrs. Albert Cleaver, Lytl el(>Vatol' on TUlesday. Ous shower Friday afternoon in MrB. Edith MilcLardie ret.urned honor Of Mrs. Charl~1! Morgan, at 80n, Robert and· Mls8 Ruth LaI'Tick to her home in Dayton Monday the home of MisM Early the follow visited relatives at Dayton, Sun. evening, . aft~r pencling se-veral ings .guests, Misses Bernice Gra- day evening. clays wilh he r cou. iml, Mr. and ham, ' Mary Young, Helen Friend, Miss Mary Leah lildwards, of Mrs. Harvey BUl'nct. Eva Wharton, Wanda Clark, Mr. and r.fJ-s. Arnold Bridges of Thelma Coleman, Kathryn Smith Springfield, arrived Monday even- White Ro.., the depenDayton were g uest over the week and Geneva Mae Routzahn and. ing for a' visit with her aunt, M1'8. dable Gasoline .. end or Or. and MrR. A . "A. Smith. Me damel< Lowell Thomas, Donald Emma McClure. Mrs. Margaret Johns was also a Hadley, Jbrold Whitaker, Calvin Miss Velma Armitage. 'of Spring Saturclay evening gU(~st. Longacre, Mtldred Surface, Stan. Mr. Rudd Saylor of West Cn- ley Bailey, Kesler Graham, Therle field, spent the week·end with her rollton called on relatives here J ones, L 8lie Gray, Frank Robin. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Armitage and M~ Winifred. Sunday~ son and Gdy R·o utzahn. Anna Marilyn Whitaker is enWe are starling a rope walk in Mr. and Mrs. Chester Noetker tertaining Reba Surface this week our town, A. D. Hole claims he can Mis Mary Young lrave a party make -any and all izes of rope out and children and Mr. Joseph Monday afternoon in honor of her of binder twine, anything from a Noetker, of Mariemont, villi ted Mr. ister, Mildred's birthday. sm.all quarteT-inch rope 10 feet lind MrB. Philip Larrick and family . lIfr. and Mrs. Fron}c mith spent long to an inch hay rOPe 200 fe t on unday. unday in Dayton, at the home of long. He says be il! going to BPecial Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Coleman, Phone No. 19 the former's sister. ize in making ·Ia so ropes for the Mrs. F. F. Coleman, of Norwood, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ MTlI. Kesler Graham and daugh;1 boys and every .boYbetween the and Mrs. Laura Foster, of Mt. ter, Bernice, and Mr. Martha ages of even a.nd seventy IIbould Healthy, Ohio, called at the hom Graham wer Dayton hoppers have and learn how to use a laniat of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Crane, on Monday. rope. The old l!8ying I "give a Bunda,. Mr. and Mrs. Char'l e Clark In man enough rope and he .will bang company with Mr. andl Mrs. Milton himself," but be say the modern Sheehan of Centervillle, pent the way of putting jt is, "give 8 ,ood 4th with Mrs. Nettie Rogerll and man enough rope and he will pull grand·daughter·, in Waynesville. himself out of too h~le. W.~._.ID Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Pursley ----~ -~ and family of near Middletown NOTlCE OF P'U BLIC HEARlNC visited Mrs. Belle Scott and Everett Early and family Sunday. 0. The W_~ Tow••hip R.raI S.t.cIa,., J.I,. 1 Mr. and Mrl!. Jam,es Nash. and S.h... B.....t sons of Canfield spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrel. Harry Gra· Notice is hereby riven that on ham. the 16th day of July, 1934, at 9 Horlel" MI'. and Mrs.. Ray Smith and o'clock p. m., a public heariD, Thousands of wild, hate-l1I8dMias Mildred Graham and friend, wm be held on the budget predened animal!! t\rlltinc a of Dayton, spent the 4th with Mr. pared by the Board of Education human enemy. With REXand Mn. Forest Grah!am and chil- of the Wayne Townablp Rural THE WONDER HORSE dren. School District of Warren County, OomedY-FITS IN A FIDDLE Mrs. Ada Chenowdh of Center- Ohio, lor the next suceeding fttcal ville IIpent Sunday .ftliternoon with year ending Deeember 31st, 1936. ........ Mrs. Frank RogeJ'll. Sitch hearlill will be held at the Mr. and MTs. A. n. Hole were oftlce ot th~ Board ot Education, en~rtained to dinner SUllday at Room 16, in the High School Build the horne of his twill brother, John ing. Hole and family in Dayton, in S. S. ELLIS, Pres. Mu ieal Romanee Staged In honor of their 59th birthdays. R. H. HARTSOCK, Clerk the clouds 'With\\" all 1t~\"I!(l that the other leI· Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gabelman, DOLORES DEL RIO I,,~ CUll t', "cciQenti.~ the reat rs. W. G. Haines arid lion, RobComedy-MIC, K EY MOUSE D ' tht I' l plc you may be that other were dinner gu'estll Sund\lY of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Exclusive of benefit payments f. !l1)\\. Thi~ i. (Jlle of a pa!cty Hl'les fromrovernment farm prorrama, Mrs. Ed l[..ongacre are cash income or 01lJo. farmers in r. In O(A h~' 00\'. Wili t through 18J),enClljnK ~veral day!! In Dayton, May was &; per clnt taraer than in () W. l\(el'l'ell, ·tate Highway DI. White Rose-Power ..... as their little &'1'an~I'lIon, Bobby the same month lut year. hind the en.lne.


£! '



- ~


"Yolr Idver:tilil, of

- - -. . . --- ....---""T-- . -


+ Qa~Uty ·



The '!"orldlll mightiest amllsement entourare, the Ringling Bro and Barnum & Bailey Combined CirCUli with its gljlantk 1934 program of new world-wide wondel'B, mallY of' which have never before appeared in America, is definitely scheduled to exhibit in Dayton, Friday, July 20. The gorgeous, vastly enlarged inaugural SpectaCHl, "The- Durbar of Delhi" stupendously introduces the multitude of arenie · marvels that succeed thi pOmp()U8 panoramic display. The great new intel'national congress Qf featur s presented In the. aeven ringe and atagea, huge hlppo<ttome track and the maze of aeriat riningl includ s tile recently imported Otari Troupe in tile most 8$tounding mid-air featll ever wit1\e8lled. These intrepid performers fty from all points Df the com· pallll at the same time in periloua lorward and reverse fHrhtll tbtourb apace from the lofty aerial crOl1l.. The Otaris with suc.h art-nie no~ bles as Mile, Gillette, Europe', sensation. of the air, now appearing in this country for tbe first time and the celebrated Torenc. Dolorell, Merkel., WllIolI and Spurpt Troupell, all new to thil continent, are among the 800 ' men and women drcua stan prftented by th~ bir show this year. The cireuB beArt on its fOllr long trains of 100 double-Ieqth deel railroad can mon Qan 1600 people, 60 elepbanta, 1008 m.uarerie aoimalll aDd '700 honetl. The great COD CoUeano, tumbling forwarcbomme ....ultln. tight wire ,tar h.. beeu recalled from Europe triumph. to join the ~..t RlnallDc Broe aod Barnllm .. Bailey CODlteJ1a~oa of Stan. Th. c.l.breted Wall.nda Troap of hiIJI wire thrillera, the famoUi LoJaIa•.,..aId family, world'. ereatat bareback ride,., DorodlJ B.rhrt, .Od darill8 honewoman In Iliata,,, III8nIfi0ua Yaeo,', ~=: Yom K. . acu_.


MO-qf-~IOI·SIID ~..::~


is'lll WIOI." ..,. a North c.rollDa car ..... 1'1ao baa . . . G·3'. perform f . moatlll OD mountain roads. "Ia ·M , 0pIaI0D You Ha•• 7~ Monl"

Report. pourllli In from G·a ueen eyerywhere read Uke tbeMl: "43% more noo·aJdd mU....

Is too conu"atiYe tt -

"60% would be c1oeer"

-"Feel I'll racei•• I"" mOifenon-akldmUeaae." . Maybe we haYe put tlae aellre low; but~. year'. 43", .tatement II baaed on the .tobjh..t tire te.t. ever de\'I....ipeecllDj up to __Jam.

mln& on brakes-ew.,.

fewaillea-dayaod Dl&ht -toua,her UI8 tQamoat people "ye tire.. Come 1M thta wouer(ul new G·3 that uThe PubUc Teet ,l..t" "181M bett. thaD we dalm-dl.coat· Uer·tlre·to·buUcI that coat. YOU aotbbla Oltra to buJl







Eighty-Sixth Year




-- --

cont-racts, and other payments will The Waynesville Merchanta eas- be made In October and February ily defuted the Middletown Re- it i8 announced.

~~:~Ito:~~:e:e~ch::~. c~~:l~~~ SI7 000

Sewerage System t Installation Urge Here ANNOUNCEMrarr OF L11 , SERVICES AI THE CHURCHE~.I SUNDAY



he allowed 11 hits they were ke pt I ., scattered and ethe Reserves were unable to Bcof a Ingle r un off' _____ WAYNESYILLE CHURCH OF __ hia deUvel'Y. Some say Elil. is wild . CHRIST ... Iy t wo wa1"aBJ ean Myers of Dayton is the Mr• Ben H owe, II 0 f P ort W 118m 'll' ye t th ere were . un euest of Betty Davis this week. (Undenominational) Oh I'o , was I'n t own on Monday.. g Iven t 0 th e R eserves. T r ea d way E. Tyler Shough county relief did the c~tc~ing job and did a director, announced'thls week that Mrs. Ida Hammond, of Asland, Cbester A. Williamson, Minister Mrs. Hartley Moss and .children pretty fall' Job of It. Tbompeon ov r '17,000 hall bji!en appropriat- Ky .• ilj vi siting her sister, Mrs. A. Chul'ch School at 9:30 a. m. were Dayton visitors on Monday and Mendenhall handled Iota of ed for reUer, FERA and rural reo K. ~y. Lord's SUPl?el' at conclusion. Chris afternoon. tian Endeavor at S :4,5 p. m. chance around the keYltone sac" covery work in Warren county Mr. and Mrs. MYTon Thomas Verdena Fox, leadel'. Evening Mi Minnie Davis, of Dayton, with but o ~e wobble 0,!l Mendy. As during the mohth of July. The a fi41lder thIS Tompy boy &,eta them appropriations are slightly greater visited Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Th Omas evangelistic ervice at 7:46 p. m. was the week-end guest of Mr. and T~e Meuhants ~eally ha~ their than the JUli e allotments whiCh Tue day afternoon. Sermon by the mini ter. Prayer Mrs. C. E. Anderson and family. baltlng eyes working and It ,was 'otaled approximately ,13,000. meeting and Bibl e Study each Mr. and Mr. L. V. Beck and W M-. Dunham', of Lebanon, for . • II fI I'llt man The July allotments were anBure. t.i me. M en de n ha, e d nes-d By a t 7 :46 p. m. Th e n th ft t Ik d W t to children visited relatives in h 1. h f 1 t h mer resident at the Friends home en 1I0un(led by the State Relief Com. Arka"S88 the past. week. ·c ure.! were you E!e a orne. '(isited Mrs. France Nichol~6n o~ up I e rs.' wa e. lIec:ond on a wild pitch by Staton. miu lon lut week. Monday. • Mr, and Mrs. Carl Sanker, of FERRY CHURCH ')F CHRIST Thompson grounded out to shol't, ae~ond. La"renOf the total, ,10,118 is ap . propn • "oldl ' n'" Mendy II .. D (U d enom iDatI ODa I) Mr. a nd Mrs. James Brannock ate d f or re Jje f purposes. Th IS com- Mason, M dspent M the 0 Rweek·end U Iwith bn b at out a hit• and~ ,Mend .. Bcored wh n Perratt threw to third. Sat- pares with '9,893 for June and r. an 1'8. • • ng es ee. Ohester A. Williamion ue announcing the birth of a Mr. Seth Thomas, of DaY,ton, Unified service beginning -with daughter, Donna Mae, July 11. terthwaite doubled throulrh short 19,4JiO.75 for May. and Laurens scored when Little For ~ER~ work the July ap- sp Ilt Tuesday night with his par- Church School at 9 :8 0 a. m. Miss Jesse Clark ha returned to threw wild to t hird. ,Peck talOng p~opl'iatlon IS ",,436 a s compared ent!! Mr. and M.... E. L. Thoma s. Lord's Supper and SE!rtYlOn st 10 ;. her home in Cincinnati afte r spend third .oD the error. Hartlock for WithMay U,549 for June and ,3,360 30. .Tbe Bi-Mbnthly Rally of the Hiss Elizabeth Mullen alld .Mr. X • ing a weel< at the Friends .Home. fanned and We ller grounded to . ema A rea Ch urc h i!!8 of Ch nat M·•. and Mra. Ed \\'ar d RIe"", 1.Th e ruraI recovery program ap· Keith Walton spent unday even- wi II be he Id here Thu rsday evening second. an d Davia opened the second with a propriation for July ill '2,600. This ing with Miss Dorothea Cable, a t July 19. You a re alwaY8 welcome family of DaytonJ called on Mr. double. Treadway lingled. ' Ie conll~erably larger than t he Dayton. at this church. and Mrs. Wm. Scanlan, Thur day evenin... stoppe d at third . .Em. walked, fill- J une all otmen t of ,9 72. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Zuercher ... in~ the bues. MenckDhall fanned. The rural recovery prosram was and children, of Pandora, called at ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH Mrs. Luella Ramsey, of incinDl.Vis was cau~ht at the plate on the la t to be started in Warren the home of Rev. and Mr • Dibert Father Newton, Pastor natl, spent several days the last Thompson's erounder, Tomp), county but bas developed into one last Sunday. Ma h week at tlle home of her br'other, . f La th • h . d 85 at I!!!t. A ugusl>ine's Churc beln~ .. e. ureDi en ~me OL t e maJor epart.. entl of the 10 d d h H. H. 'Wililamson and famUy. throurh with a lingle scorinr cal relief oftlc:e. . Mr. and Mrs. Lestel' Jam es and every secon an f ourt Sunday Tr adway and. Elli&. Peek fI!ed to Durine June the following lltock family, of Blanchestel' visited MI". f the ,-nonth. J . V. Hartsock attended the left for the third out. and farm supplies were and Mrs. Charle James and automobile races at the new Day. No runl in the third and fourth ed: three eowl, llve hOrlles, two famUy, on Sunday. FRIENDS MEI~TING ton speedway On July 4. 1n tbe fUtb HaNock walked mules, 600 baby chicka, 26,000 Mrs. Mary Cross and her si ter, First-day School al; '9 :30 a. m. Mr. and Mrs. P . L. Rea&on were .... ith one down, ~tole second and pounda of seed potatoes and 75 Mi May Weatherall, of Engle- Meeting for Worshi.p at 10:30 guests of Mrs. Sadie Reason at advanced to _ thl~ •• Wener blUhels· of 80y beans. The wood, Florida, left the first ot the m. grounded out. Davu wu safe when ill8' tracta were alllO planted it i3 week on a tri-p to Harveysbura-, on Sunday. Perratt drew bia foot off firIIt and annouDced: 17 acres Of ' po~toes. Mr. and lUrs. Frank Andrews, ~ . H artsock scored on t b e error. 14 acres of .0rt'Ui:II two acres of "Lo mr. ren "amleson, of Lebanon WAYNESVILLE M. ,E. CHURCH"~ lion, George and Mr. and Mfa. Davia went to third durin, the broom com, one' ~e;e of tomatoes was the dinner guest of Mrll. Rev. G. C. Dibert, Pastor Harry K. Hamilton, of Cleveland, araument ~ut Treadway grounded anel tbree acres 01 cabbace. Maude Crane and daughters on Friday: Choir practice at " p. m were gueBts at the hom~ of their to hort. No ruJ18 in the abth. In In an attempt to carry out the Sunday. unday : Sunday school at 9:30 mother, Mrs. Emma Hamilton, on ~e fifth Laurelll led oft with a poJic)' ol centraliaation wherever a. m. Morning worshJp at 10 :40. Sunday. stngl.~. Pec~ doubled, Laurena pOlllble the relief ofIlce maintain. Mr. and Mrs. Hflward Hurley and The sermOn subject 'i"ilI be, "Hia holdlnr thlrd. On Hartsock's d ld' f children, of Kingman, were guests Life in Ours." Epworth League Mr. and Mrs. ROB!! Hartsock and grCJlInder to ahort Daniels thre", ~o::ha !"as Inm:~e~et!..t:::::~ ~:v~nday of Mr. and Mra. Josiah at 7 p. 1)1. Evangelisi;ic service at family had as dinner guests on 8 p. m. Sunday, Mr. snd Mrs. ~. H. Death h?me to eet Laurelll, bllt La~ren' last week. In the lutul'e the entire dlcl not try for home aad Hart- count, proeram will be administer Mn. Oliver Davi3 and Mrs. Wednesday: On W'edneada'f of rage, of Oregonta, MISS Martha Nettie Kepler callers at the next week llt 2 p. m. js the regular Deatherage, of Dayton .and . Mr. sock wu sat~. W!lIer fouled to ed from the oftlce at Leba Gibbs. Davil IIlnrled leorinr _ . _ __ _ • non. home of Mr. Steve Phillips who is time fol' the meeting of the Ladles Arthur Counce, of Cincmnati. wun"a and Peck. Hartsock Hop • quite lick at his home in Lebanon. Aid. Bible study and prayer meet· ~ I,'. and Mrs. Charles Bogan and ped at secon40 Tread..ay Iineled ing each Wednesday Ilt 7 :90 p. m. family, Mr. Charles Shephard and sco ring Hartsock. Ellis doubled and Mrs. Robert Alderman, You are cordially invited to at· children, Mrs. Darrel Bogan and IeOI in&' Davis and Treadw~)'. Men. Mrs. Vern Hough and aon. Panl tend these meetings. b b M E S d denhaU and ThompaOlt fanned but " and Mrs. C. P. loy visited Mrs. .- _ _ _ a y. rs. vere~t tevens an " daughter Mrs. Wl1110n Shephard there were r; runa over f or th e l n Boup's . brother, Roy Com en Scattered showers whIch have and daughter and Mr. Frank Crew Third of a aerlel of ten union and family at Muon, on Sunday. been forecast fol' s:everal days were guests at a birthday dinner at ning. , . In ~e e1lMh LaUHftl! .I~trlecl. outdoor velp8l' meetinra wiu be B G C D'b rt d f IJ y were forthcoming -Thursday bring· the home of M:J:I and Mrs Robert , Peck IlInrled. Laurelll stopped t held' in the park adjoln!n, tbe Day ' M e~ D' ~n: Man Id a , 1.n g slight relief from the intense l willlon in Da.yto~ on Sunday second. Hamock fanned, Weller to P bli L 'b S d rI!I... ay . rs. a ,m heat, although aidjng p8l'ched , . fauned. Davia sinakd fiUillC the 1 \ . U e I I rary on un ay attended the-Bible school at fields and pastures but little. Mr. and Mrs. J . L. Mendenhall y bases. Treadway lingled acorina ::n~\!: fwtJ)be ~::kL d fte';:lIe Chautauqua, t:uea Farmer ' iit this !lection bave . Mr.and MrtI. Howell Peirce, Mrs: Laurena and Ellia pounded to 8~-1.- m'-I·I~-r of '''e S":'ond· Re· ay a oon. practically completed thresbing Margaret Martin. Mrs. Lena , au....01 DaJton WI "'" • 8 h ort f or thi I'd ou t. form Misses Trillena and Margaret with an average' yield being report Bock,. Mra. Rosa Hartsock and Mia Nell;t Sunda,. July 11. tbe Mer•• .. • Edwards entertained the members ed in most sections. , Marne Brown attended the funeral chants will play the CocaCola R.v. W. G. Dad Kershner, of the Argunot Bridge club on Com. pasture and other crops _of Mrs. Della Ellis Foster at tea.m trom Cincinnati. Thia III one ~or several Yearl conducted a Tuesday afternoon. The invited are badly in need of 11 steady rain Butterworth Station on ' Monday. I of the best amateur tealDl arouH "ol'lunr devotional .period over eata were :Mrs. J. B. Chapman although tbe drouth bas not reach Mrs. Foster was the sister of Mrs. ed proportions in this vic.inity. Ruth Janney. Cincinnati. If th~ lIerehaDta have radio station _WLW In Cincinnati and lIis8 Jesse Clark. 'n)'thin, like one of their !rOod will be pHsent and lead the con~ daya this wUl be a flne ball PJlle. lillliq', a.v. Kerahner -- -,. no", PBltor 01 the Conrrep_ r JI!ft~~ #'Vir. O' .l:. :~.. WAYNESVILLE MERCHANTS tional Ohrtttian ehtrrchi'n P)eu~ ~...... 'TUU -, AB R B PO It. B ant HUJ. Ohio. ' OHIO, ~ ~llL<; . PICTU~E QIV92 ~ At-aO ITS SWEEPING ISlANcr PrelidillC at the service Sunday WIU ALWAVS BE ONE OF 'mE 9TATE'S ~ ICQt.WfI1C SECllONS .1llE O~IVE Mendy, 2b .....,4 1 ,t 1 • . & 1 will be Dr. Walter ' W. Rowe, TbomplolI, III, II 0 0 ! 7 0 minuter of the Central Reformed OF ~E aJlMNG RiVEQ .AFf<)I2()S MAGNIJ:lCENT·VIEWS Of -mE Laurenl!, 8b .... 5 S 4 111 · 0 0 churCh of Da)'ton. KENTUCKY I-IIW3. ""'G\."" """"" A-.nIHEnl""" HAN 1'fO 1CV'..f. IV'" >< I~, P eQk. 1b.......... 5 1 a 10 0 0 Amplifiers 4nlta1led in the nark '-KM'\CAl CUrF, 'RrAl"li liNG .1100' _. ~ 2 0 1 0 0 V~I<' .. t;H..1'1 '-i Dart IOC I.... <:J. .... . make It J1OIIIb.e tor motoiarta to FEET ADrAtr: TIlE st~TELY 01-11 0 ' , ~,,,, '''' I B. W~ller. If ...... 11 0 0 0 1 linen in OD the Mme.. from park ~ JUS~ oP ~~ON . Davia, rf ....... ,5 · 1 3 I 0 0 eel autoi in st. Clail" Poliee have Treadway, c .. II 2 3 , 1 0 8ivH permiaatoD for diqolial ATE . 52, QE 1 , N A Ellis, p -.......... -, 1 1 0 II 0 parI". . charlq the ""ice. Tbia CEN1lJRV tel) ~19 REGION WI>S - - - - - - arran.,.ment ~.. ' made primarily DtvcJTED TO 'ruE MANUj;taURE To*-la ".,.. .-- 42 11 15 21 18~ . 2 for tile beDdt of oat of town On~G lOON AND PRODUCED autollta who drive in and enjoy MUCH OF 'mE CIVIL WAR tbs aervlee without I.vlq tbeir Ano.AtI.AENT. can. """'11-\1'1 MIDDLETOWN RESERVES AB B B PO A B At the ll"t meetine th. speaker Sloan, " ........ 11 0,. 0 0 0 0 ",as Dr. Phil Porter rector 'of Billet.. If ... .....II 0 8 1 0 , 0 Chrbt EplacolU chureh. aev. John .M,ere, 8b .... ,... 4 00 1, ' 01 ' 1 1 W. Danford of the South Park .~ . 12MI\.f:S NORm· Little, ct ........ S 0 1 I(. B. dlarch. ... the .., Jut \\'E5r ($ .WJTU ITS 2S SQ. Daniell, u ...... 8 0 I 0 I 0 SaDcIq. 'I ~lILfS r3 LAQGE':)T ~ IN OHIO, D. Glb•• Ib .... , 0 0 I I 0 liON tUD 100 were iD FRoMl'l-\E SUMMIT Of CoDDE.R\-100 QJOOE C. Glbba, c .... , O l e 1 : attn••nee at teell .ot tile m.e&TOW£JJ. ;~E TOURIST GElS A MAGNIfiCENT a,\ VIEW t)F'U-lESURRQUNDING PelTatt, 1b .... .. 4 0 1 11 0 0 tnp. Staton, p .... .. .. 4 0 2 0 10 -.,-" ' /'RJI>ff.KlrPScrowd-:<'~~ [rV)="" A. D"If.lS - - - - - GtaL SCOUT NEWS I U:OIIIO!1TAT& ll/iJII",,<<;:>1::) ~"J... . Total. ..... .. Ie I 0 11 !4 10 4 , WIVDEPT. I'\. 40





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11" ' I '1'1Mercbants .".1200 1 0 1- z-11 M. ReM"ea •• 0 0 0 0 0 ! 0 0 0- 0 _. B.... OD balla off .. ule I: Statoa .. • Two bue Bitll-SattertJawalte l)a'fll, 1, Il1IIa 1. to Sattertla",a"


Whole N,umber 6136


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CORN·HOC CONTRActs GRANGE HAS GOOD PROGRAM SENT TO WASHINGTON _ 1-...L..l.......u'-aullIO" lecture hour~ 7 was in ch!lrge of the following Corn-hog contracts, over 11 00 cOmmittee: Mrs. Lewi s Fires, Mrs. of which were s igned by Warren L. V. 'Branstra tor, Mrs. Ira Rich county farmers. were sent to and Mr. Lewis Fires. Washinrton last week, it was anThe fo llowing pl'llgram 'was nounced last week by Letter J. given: Miller, county agricultural agent. Music S. S. Ellis Government checks totaling 'l'alk Mr. H. . Williamso n Stron, CoeaCol. OIltfit ,o f Cinein- ,170,000 are expected In two New Vienna, Ohio we kll, says Miller. Music uti Will F,,,ailh S. S. Ellis The '170,000 represents one. Stu nts Mrs. Fires Oppoaitioa half of the amount due on. the

senes S\lnday by a scbre of 11 to


rile Girl ~tII met at thalr eblb hOllH lalr I. lIuch to tIaeIr dlaap,.lIl~t It .... anDoa"'''' tut til. . Ia no room tor .......0 .....' CI_ t - ..... a... lIi~n _ .. _.... II' ...,ou . .p. Varl01l8 plalla tor C8JIIPiaa' ~T dIIcaIHd, bat noth teWH TIM lDet at tile .•hab 10. After .tIIa pMroIa . . 0,..,..


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Waynesville was well represented in the larg~ Warren county de· legation which attend dam et. ing la st Friday night at Spring_ field, fOl' larence J. Brown, candi A ' 1 bl F date for the R pUblican nomina. F"l!deral Fund. Are "a. a a or Uon for governor. Wlm'en county sent lhe largest To Report delegation fl'om any of the nin e counties of the seven con. gre ional districts, all of which Con~ iderable more -pressu re wall were represent d at t.he gathering given to the Pl'oposal that Wayne. Mr. Brown spoke at the meeting. ville iD!stall a sanitary sewerare sysU::rn. Mayor Day presented to Wayne ville was represented by CQunc'I'l the folio W l'ng letter'• ROBS H. Hartsock, J. W. Lotz. William Stroud, Percy Reason, Mr. Department of Health and Mrs. J ohn C. Hawke, harle>! Columbus, Ohio J I W h dR .1 J uIy 6 , ']