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Nov / Dec 2018

Kamruz Gallery featuring

Mary Kenez

Connie Townsend David Brankley Interview with Telluride Resort

Ski Patroller


How you can support the Arts in Telluride

Gondogola, Telluride

Kamruz Photography & Art Gallery • 100 W. Colorado Ave. • Telluride, CO

All Photographs in T.art by Mary Kenez

Welcome to Townie, Telluride

Bare Trees, Telluride

Dear Readers, Welcome to the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of T.art, So much new and exciting at Kamruz Gallery! We are still enjoying our new space, which has proven to be amazing. Drop in at 100 W. Colorado (under Overland) Check out new work from Connie Townsend, David Brankley’s exhibit, and my new photographs. After more than 10 years as a photographer and a gallery owner here in Telluride, I’m still loving it! I’ve seen so many changes but the heart and beauty of Telluride beats on. Gondogola! Well, the populatity and appeal never ceases to amaze me. Still Goo Goo for Gondogola in Telluride for sure. Stop in for a complimentary postcard and maybe meet one of the dogs of the now famous photograph! Certainly my dog, Red will show you his new photo book!

Enternally grateful for Gondogola greeting passenger housed at San Sophia Station ! Largest known Gondogola heading to Petco Corp Headquarters in San Diego . WOW! More BIG announcements soon. Check out “About Gondogola” online at Kamruz. com and get the answers to most frequently asked questions about this photograph. Kamruz Gallery is the exclusive store for Alpine Aloha®. Mountain Adventurewear that will add zip to your sport! Come check it out. Big Noel Nite raffle and savings on all art! Noel Night is Wed Dec 5th this year. T.art welcomes artists to submit art of all media types, to be considered for Kamruz Gallery.

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Mary Kenez Editor

“Ruff RIders, Telluride” - Mary Kenez

RUFF Riders Jerseys are back! Available exclusively at Kamruz

Gallery and Kamruz.com

Bike and Ski, Telluride

Hip Chic Chloe

All Photographs by Mary Kenez

“Our Town, Telluride”

“Red Truck Blues”

“White Sheep of the Family”

KamruzConnie Gallery -Townsend welcomes Connie Townsend

“Whoa “- 30 x 48 / oil - $3900


“Dog Heaven” 14” x 18” - Oil

Plastography by Mary Kenez 8

Passion for Rescue

First Frost

Fast Friends


Tom Sokolowski - “Socko” 46 years on Ski Patrol - Tellluride Ski Resort

I got a chance to sit down wih Socko about his 46 years on Ski Patrol here in Telluride

How did you come to be a Telluridian? I moved to Telluride in 1972 ...I had graduated from Michigan State with a BFA in Fine Arts. I followed my girlfriend to Aspen... we took a road trip to Telluride and I said WOW! if they ever build a ski area here Im moving to Telluride. They did and I did! What did you do here for a living? Photo Credit: Ben Knight

I wasn’t a strong enough skier yet so I got hired on a winter trail crew and then 2nd season I was hired on to Telluride ski patrol. In my spare time I was learning carpentry and with the help of friends built the first employee style housing on Columbia and Townsend . I lived there myself and then with my wife for about 19 years, until we built our place down valley. How did you start working for the ski resort? I started in the 72/73 ski season as a foot packer and shoveling the mogels. That was the first year the ski area was open. How did the ski area layout look then? Kids Hill, chairs 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, (Allais Alley was chair 6) Happy Tought at the time was not open as a run but was a natural slide path. Upper Spiral Stairs had not yet been cut, that happened the 2nd season ! 5 chairs total. chair 3 (bottom of 4) It took about 45 min to get to the top of the mountain and the day lodge was Big Billies!

What kind of pay did you make early on? $2.60 per hour - summer $2.75 hour $7.00 month health insurance with a $100.00 deductible! Weather, Snow and Climate change? Last year was worse than the dry spell of the 76/77 season. Back then there was no snow making and the area was only open 28 or 30 nonconsecutive days of the 76/77 season. How have you seen the ski area change? Better runs, still pretty much the same. Snowmaking of course made a big difference. How have you seen Telluride change? I think beacuse the slow rate of growth Telluride has been able to keep it’s character . It never really exploded. I watched the ski area expand slowly and Bill Jenson’s vision has been a success. What is your favorite run? - Dihendral Chute. Who was Captain Jack? He was a friend, Jack Carey, he was here in the early years and he was a hang glider and ski bum. Who is the most famous person you’ve skied with? - Richard Holbrooke. What is the best part of your job on the mountain? - Early morning ride up the chair AND end sweep at the end of the day! What do you do in the summer now? I have Socko’s Hang Ups, I hang wall paper - now days known as “wall coverings “ . “I consider myself blessed and lucky to be here in Telluride all these years and still at it!”

Mary Kenez

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

Stop by for a free sticker!

David Brankley

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

970-728-3930 Telluride Arts

Haycamp Highlands in Dolores, Colorado

Photographs by Mary Kenez

You’ve got that look in your eyes!

Welcome to Telluride

Gone Skiing, Telluride

K9 VW, Telluride

Driven by Treats

K9 Road Trip, Telluride

Photography Contest...

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Casey’s Corner “I know a little about photography” Please send me your best Dog photograph to be considered for the Photography Contest! Despite what it may seem, our contest is not rigged.

Subjects for monthly photography contest Mary Kenez

Telluride, Dogs, Ski, Bikes...Plastography digital submission: mary@kamruz.com

Mary Kenez I see colors... I’ve loved photography and the outdoors for as long as I can remember... My photography is a documentation of my travels and adventures in... vivid color and sometimes not. Telluride is so full of color and beauty it’s easy to be inspired here. I find inspiration around every bend and in everyday I’m fortunate enough to spend here. Each season brings new colors, new light and new photographic opportunities.

Mary Kenez

“Welcome to the Sheep Show!”

LOVE fall in the mountains ! - Mary Kenez

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Massage by Alessandra Alessandra Jacobson FSMTB Certified and Licensed

Massage Therapist 970.729 1737 jacobson.alessandra@gmail.com alessandratelluridemassage.com





401 N. 1st St. Montrose, CO 81401 970-252-1789 megapixelprintframe.com Tim Frates Laser Engraving & Custom Framing

Dog is my Pilot featuring Nellie - Photo by Mary Kenez

Red’s NEW Book, K9 Player’s Club is now Available! “From humble beginnings to professional model and president of K9 Players Club Red will entertain you with his amazing ability to engage with almost any dog he meets!” A large format hardcover photo book by Mary Kenez available exclusively at... Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

World’s Largest known Gondogola hanging in PETCO Corp. Headquarters 6’ x 10.5 ‘ •


There is a Gondogola for any space... Prints as small as 4” x 6” to 7.5’ x 12’ paneled We can print all the way up to 7 x 11 ! This is true for my other photographs as well, everything in this issue and everything online at TelluridePhotographer.com Gondogola Merchandise available : Signed Prints (on canvas and matted) T-shirts Cycling Jersey - NEW! Tote Bags Postcards Note Cards Mugs 2019 Calendar - NEW!

Plunge Lift

A Big Bike LOVE

exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

A Big Bike LOVE

exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Aspen Color


Photography Books by Mary Kenez available exclusively at Kamruz Gallery

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

Profile for Mary Kenez

Telluride Art News  

Telluride Art News - Nov / Dec 2018 Long Awaited "Socko" interview! Photographer Mary Kenez

Telluride Art News  

Telluride Art News - Nov / Dec 2018 Long Awaited "Socko" interview! Photographer Mary Kenez