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The Art of

Robin Putnam

Feb / March 2019

Gondogola, Telluride

Kamruz Photography & Art Gallery • 100 W. Colorado Ave. • Telluride, CO

All Photographs in T.art by Mary Kenez

Welcome to Townie, Telluride

Bare Trees, Telluride

Dear Readers, Welcome to the Feb/Mar 2019 issue of T.art, So much new and exciting at Kamruz Gallery! We are still enjoying our new space, which has proven to be amazing. Drop in at 100 W. Colorado (under Overland) In this issue I sat down with Cindy Putnam to talk about her son Robin Putnam and his amazing art. Robin’s death remains an unsolved mystery and certainly deserves attention. The display of his art is this issue is a tribute to him. I can’t imagine how much Cindy and Doug, his parents have been though. It has impacted the whole comuunity. I hope they get the answers soon. Gondogola! Well, the populatity and appeal never ceases to amaze me. Still Goo Goo for Gondogola in Telluride for sure. Stop in for a complimentary postcard and maybe meet one of the dogs of the now famous photograph! Certainly my dog, Red will show you his new photo book!

Enternally grateful for Gondogola greeting passenger housed at San Sophia Station ! Largest known Gondogola heading to Petco Corp Headquarters in San Diego . WOW! More BIG announcements soon. Check out “About Gondogola” online at Kamruz. com and get the answers to most frequently asked questions about this photograph. Kamruz Gallery is the exclusive store for Alpine Aloha®. Mountain Adventurewear that will add zip to your sport! Come check it out. Big Noel Nite raffle and savings on all art! Noel Night is Wed Dec 5th this year. T.art welcomes artists to submit art of all media types, to be considered for Kamruz Gallery.

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Mary Kenez Editor

“Ruff RIders, Telluride” - Mary Kenez

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Mary Kenez

Bike and Ski, Telluride

VW Love, Telluride


Robin Putnam ‘s mother Cindy Putnam, talks about his art.

Robin was an unbelievable aetist from an early age. I sat down wih Cindy Putnam to talk about her son’s art.

When did you first notice Robin had artistic talent? When Robin was 3 years old in Ketchum, Idaho, he was reflecting on our vacation in Oregan. He asked , “What was that thing I saw ?” We couldn’t understand him, as he didn’t yet have the vocabulary to express himself. So he literally illustrated his question! It was a banana slug! What was his first drawing that really stood out to you? I can’t remeber the actual drawing, but I remember asking a local Telluride art teacher, “Is it just me, or is Robin really talented?” He was in 6th grade at the time, but had been drawing his entire life. Was he formally trained? Robin was aspiring to continue his formal art education even while working in coffee shops. At age 24, he went back to school to study animation art. Robin’s dream was to become a concept artist. What were some of his achievements here in Telluride? Each time he submitted works to the annual Ah Haa School Youth Art Award contest he won. Often times the prize was to attend a workshop taught by a nationally known artist. One year the prize was to have a piece professionally framed and to exhibit his work in a show. So, Robin got to have his first art show at age 18. He also was doing architectural rendering work for local and regional developers as a teenager. You have so much of his art framed in your home and in sketch books. Such a great collection, how many drawings do you think he created? We seem to discover new pieces all the time. He created so much art that he had “filed” in the closet. In other words he was ALWAYS drawing and painting.

Do you plan on having a show or exhibiting his work as you discover more? Maybe an exhibit somethime, for now many of them are on his website JusticeforRobin.com What did Robin do after graduating Telluride High School? He applied to 6 art schools all over the country, and he was accepted to all of them with scholarships! He chose California College of the Arts in Oakland. How did he feel about formal education? He said that after his first year at CCA he thought that it was regimented and competitive. What are some of his artistic accomplishments? Robin was commissioned by the Town of Telluride to paint the mural on the north side of the bike path tunnel and was invited to be a guest speaker about it at the Telluride Festival of the Arts at The Peaks, in August 2010. What kind of person was Robin? Robin was the nicest person I have ever known, and I’m not saying this because he is my kid. One of Robin’s classmates from CCA contacted me while he was missing and said, “I am speaking on behalf of a group of Robin’s friends and classmates at CCA, and Robin is the most gentle, kind-spirited person that we have gotten to know here.” How best do you think Robin’s case can be solved? We believe that Robin’s case could be solved by the FBI or maybe even the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Robin Putnam was missing for 3 years, from 2012-2015. He went missing from an Amtrak train on his way home to Telluride in July 2012. His remains were found next to Amtrak tracks 3 years later, in August of 2015. To read more about Robin please visit JusticeforRobin.com .

Robin Putnam

Icy Path

Arthur Hughes’ Ophelia

Self Portrait with Mint

Robin’s prints are available on his website JusticeforRobin.com Penguin Drawing

Robin Putnam

Surreal World with Hobbit Door

Blue Mountain

Meditating Man

Prehistoric Party

Robin Putnam

Crested Butte Rendering

Solitary Man

Mysterious Charcoal

“Our Town, Telluride”

“Red Truck Blues”

“White Sheep of the Family”

Mary Kenez

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

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David Brankley

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

KamruzConnie Gallery -Townsend welcomes Connie Townsend

“Whoa “- 30 x 48 / oil - $3900


“Dog Heaven” 14” x 18” - Oil

Plastography by Mary Kenez 8

Passion for Rescue

First Frost

Fast Friends

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You’ve got that look in your eyes!

Welcome to Telluride

Gone Skiing, Telluride

K9 VW, Telluride

Driven by Treats

K9 Road Trip, Telluride

Photography Contest...

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Mary Kenez

Casey’s Corner “I know a little about photography” Please send me your best Dog photograph to be considered for the Photography Contest! Despite what it may seem, our contest is not rigged.

Subjects for monthly photography contest Mary Kenez

Telluride, Dogs, Ski, Bikes...Plastography digital submission: mary@kamruz.com

Mary Kenez I see colors... I’ve loved photography and the outdoors for as long as I can remember... My photography is a documentation of my travels and adventures in... vivid color and sometimes not. Telluride is so full of color and beauty it’s easy to be inspired here. I find inspiration around every bend and in everyday I’m fortunate enough to spend here. Each season brings new colors, new light and new photographic opportunities.

Mary Kenez

“Welcome to the Sheep Show!”

LOVE fall in the mountains ! - Mary Kenez

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Photographs by Mary Kenez

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Dog is my Pilot featuring Nellie - Photo by Mary Kenez

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Plunge Lift

A Big Bike LOVE

exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

A Big Bike LOVE

exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Aspen Color

Photography Books by Mary Kenez available exclusively at Kamruz Gallery

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO Kamruz.com 970.708.0135

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Telluride Art News Feb_Mar 2019  

Telluride Art News photography magazine based in Telluride,Colorado This issue the Art of Robin Putnam

Telluride Art News Feb_Mar 2019  

Telluride Art News photography magazine based in Telluride,Colorado This issue the Art of Robin Putnam