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Experience Natural Beauty

You’re invited to soak in our breathtaking scenery & outdoor fun!

Marcellus Falls as seen along The Gorge Road (Route 173). This drive is especially breathtaking during Autumn.

There is plenty of beautiful scenery to soak in around the Town of Marcellus. The plentiful woods and streams provide a perfect environment for many outdoor sports and activities all year long. Whether it is leaf peeking, hiking, fishing, cross country skiing or snowmobiling-Marcellus has the perfect setting for it all! Nine Mile Creek which run through the heart of the Town and Village of Marcellus has perhaps the best trout fishing in New York State. Nine Mile Creek is annually stocked with Trout raised locally at Carpenter’s Brook, one of only CONTINUED PAGE 4

Unique Shopping Awaits!

Shannon Welch finds all the latest clothing accessories and jewelry at The Dump Boutique in Marcellus.

Along with the outdoor beauty of Marcellus, there is also plenty to view indoors at our unique shops! People across the country and even from around the world can’t get enough of a product exclusively made in Marcellus. Bonnie Hanyak’s uniquetasting chocolate pizza & wings, recently featured nationally on The Food Network, are craved around the globe! The reason her chocolate pizzas are so popular? A secret ingredient that has been The Chocolate Pizza Company’s passed down Bonnie Hanyak and her original from generation recipe: Marcellus Munch! to generation in Marcellus. CONTINUED PAGE 6

Marcellus Business Directory AGRICULTURAL

Knaggy Knoll Farm 315-673-4801 2489 Masters Road Marcellus NY 13108

l Sycamore Hill Farm & Garden 315-673-1450 2130 Old Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 l Marcell-ass Minis Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 315-673-0858


Bubbles & Bows Grooming Salon 315-673-4225 19 North St. Marcellus NY 13108 Lake Country Veterinary 315-673-4858 2527 Cherry Valley Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 Marcellus Veterinary Hospital 315-673-2025 4240 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 l Pretty Paws Pet Grooming 315-685-PAWS 1661 E. Genesee Rd. Skaneateles NY 13152


l McHugh Star Services, Inc. 3475 Cherokee Circle Syracuse NY 13215

l The Summit Team 315-673-1323 16 E. Main St., Suite 200 Marcellus NY 13108


Cosmic Cleaners 315-673-0153 4871 Lawless Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


Donahoe, Guy 315-673-2883 60 East Main Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Tucker, David 315-673-4545 10 Orange Street Marcellus NY 13108


l Dunn, Attorney At Law First Street Marcellus NY 13108 Falge & Falge, Attorneys at Law 315-673-3636 4696 NE Townline Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Moss and Papov Law Offices 315-673-2092 8 West Main St. Marcellus NY 13108

Barber Shop, Popeye’s 315-673-3618 44 North St. Marcellus NY 13108 Charm of Marcellus 315-673-1119 2 West Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 First Impressions 315-673-4572 19 North St. Marcellus NY 13108

Sally’s Beauty Salon 315-673-3277 4605 NE Townline Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Up & Running Computer Services 315-673-4441 2531 Cherry Valley Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 l Shear Delight 315-673-4922 19 South St. Marcellus NY 13108


HEALTH & FITNESS l Finger Lakes Conservation Services 315-673-1283 3651 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 l Curves for Women 325-673-0886 29 North Street, Marcellus, NY 13108 CONVENIENCE STORES

Mobil Express Mart 315-673-1967 2545 Pleasant Valley Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Heart of Good Health 315-673-4954 4954 Frank Gay Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


Human Performance Fitness 315-673-9247 3800 Lee Mulroy Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Walk the Dog Services (walking/sitting) 315-673-2766 l Bat-Con, Inc. 315-673-2031 7 Maple St. Marcellus NY 13108 4277 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108



Beaulieu Construction, Jerry 315-673-3940 24 West Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Crowhill Hardwoods 315-673-2081 Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 CNY Builders, Inc. 315-673-1007 8 Paul St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Coon Construction & Design, Inc. 315-243-4552 4383 Clark Terrace Marcellus NY 13108 J & A Excavation 315-673-4939 3101 Pleasant Valley Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 JRC Electric & Sons, Inc. 315-673-4939 PO Box 204 Marcellus NY 13108


l Blakeslee House, The 315-673-2881 3708 South Street Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 l Debevic Homestead 315-673-9447 527 W. Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 l Fox Ridge Bed & Breakfast 315-673-4881 4786 Foster Road Elbridge, NY 13060 Slate Hill Meadow 315-673-1283 3651 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


l Kenneth P. Cardarelli, CPA 315-469-8037 PO Box 429 Camillus NY 13031

l R.J. Frost Hauling, Inc. 315-636-8925 Otisco Valley Rd. Marietta NY 13110


l Marcellus Group, The 315-673-3838 22 West Main Street Marcellus NY 13108


Jeff’s Electronic Repair Service 315-673-4441 2531 Cherry Valley Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108

ENGINEERING - METALLURGICAL Metallurgical Consulting 315-673-9289 2521 Cherry Valley Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108


l The Florist At 1 North Street 315-673-4923 1 North Street Marcellus NY 13108


Multi-Tasking Bookkeeping Service 315-673-9013 l Norris Funeral Home 315-673-2017 4719 Frank Gay Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 33 North Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Ryan Funeral Home 315-673-2345 44 East Main Street Marcellus NY 13108

Spouses Selling Houses 315-491-4605 4420 Lathrop Drive Marcellus NY 13108 l Yuhas Real Estate 315-673-1028 North St. Marcellus NY 13108


l Baltimore Woods Nature Preserve 315-673-1350 Bishop Hill Road Marcellus NY 13108


Marcellus Lanes 315-673-3230 4325 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Home and Building Inspection 315-673-2087 4100 Rockwell Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Second Opinion Home Inspection 315-673-9206 4748 NE Townline Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


l Armstrong Transmitter Corp 315-673-1269 4835 North St. Marcellus NY 13108


l Key Bank of Marcellus 315-673-2035 7 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108


l Gallinger Real Estate 315-673-2041 8 West Main St. Marcellus NY 13108

Links At Sunset Ridge, The 315-673-2255 2812 W. Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108

Warner’s Auto Body 315-673-3521 2650 Pleasant Valley Rd. Marcellus NY 13108



l MGM Word Studio, Inc. 315-673-9194 4555 Limeledge Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Rebound Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy 37 South Street, Marcellus NY 13108

Hill Side Gardens 315-673-2005 2768 W. Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108


Economy Printing 315-673-4605 2860 Falls Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Century Stables 315-673-4104 4753 Limeledge Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

Thompson Automotive Engineering 315-673-3943 l DW Desktop Publishing 315-673-4091 2879 Slate Hill Rd. Marietta NY 13110 5 First St. Marcellus NY 13108 l MGM Word Studio, Inc. 315-673-9194 4555 Limeledge Road Marcellus NY 13108


JA Spa 315-673-3838 East Main Street Marcellus, NY 13108

Bennington Iron Works 315-673-9556 26 Reed Pkwy. Marcellus NY 13108 l Reagan & Dailey, Attorneys at Law 315-673-4864 8-12 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l McClurg Associates 315-673-2051 60 East Main Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Martisco Paper Company 315-673-2071 Yuhas, John Law Office 315-673-2053 4747 Rte 174 Marcellus NY 13108 North Street Marcellus NY 13108 Roche Plumbing & General Const. 315-673-2000 2 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 Mike’s Millworks 315-673-4424 AUTOMOBILE SERVICE, SALES & PARTS 3703 Lee Mulroy Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Automotive Electronics 315-673-2070 Schneider, Jacob & Son 315-673-3877 2592 Pleasant Valley Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 2064 Old Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 W. F. Saunders & Sons 315-673-4724 Limeledge Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Cairo Motors 315-673-9976 Tom Schneider Construction, Inc. 315-673-2377 3709 Lee Mulroy Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 2412 Amidon Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 INSURANCE l Reagan Insurance Agency 315-673-2094 Dan’s Detailing Service 315-673-3383 8-12 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Welch Construction 315-673-2076 2636 Howlett Hill Road Marcellus NY 13108 4331 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Syr. Ins. Agency / Gerry Hunt 315-673-1193 Fiumara’s Auto Repair Service 315-673-1444 DAIRY PRODUCTS 3900 Rockwell Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 4588 North Street Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Wegman’s Dairy 315-673-4927 Bishop Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 LANDSCAPING I & L Auto Body Service & Sales 315-673-9634 Clarke Landscape Construction 315-673-9922 3021 West Seneca Tpk. Marcellus NY 13108 DECORATING 3845 Rockwell Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Home Interiors & Gifts / Amy Edinger 315-673-0807 NAPA Auto Parts 315-673-2085 10 1/2 Maple Street Marcellus NY 13108 Expert Landscaping and Garden 315-673-2333 3720 Lee Mulroy Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 4678 NE Townline Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Sybilla Decorating 315-673-1469 S & S Tractor Parts, Inc. 315-673-1075 14 South St. Marcellus NY 13108 Gardening Angel 315-317-0241 2500 Station Ln. Marcellus NY 13108 Tamara DeMeritt



l Robert Midgley Photography 315-673-4718 5000 Phaeton Lane Syracuse, NY

Marcellus Laundry 315-673-2309 20 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108


Berrios, Gerri, C.S.W. 315-673-9617 1/2 Orange St. Marcellus NY 13108 Berrios, Ramon, M.D. 315-673-1529 1/2 Orange St. Marcellus NY 13108 Briggs, Eva F., M.D. 315-673-9926 28 1/2 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 Guertsen, Aart, M.D. 315-673-4906 28 1/2 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Hobert-Rao, Katherine, D.D.S. 315-673-1131 28 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Kantor, Edward, D.D.S. 315-673-3102 28 1/2 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 l Merritt, Andrew, MD 315-673-9926 28 1/2 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108


l Main Street Pharmacy 315-673-2410 11 East Main St. Marcellus NY 13108

l Ultimate Goal 315-673-1018 3800 Lee Mulroy Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


l Angel Heart Gifts 315-673-9457 16 E. Main Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Chocolate Pizza Company, The 315-673-4098 60 East Main Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Dump Boutique, The 315-673-3867 22 South Street Marcellus NY 13108 Marcellus Hardware and Supply 315-673-2121 15 North Street Marcellus NY 13108 l Marcellus Liquors 315-673-1351 15 West Main St Marcellus NY 13108 l Nightingale Mills 315-673-2001 4068 South Street Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 l Nojaim Brothers Grocery 315-673-3041 27 East Main Street Marcellus NY 13108 Pastry Palace, The 315-673-9941 14 West Main St. Marcellus NY 13108 Patchwork Plus Fabric & Quilt Shop 315-673-2208 2532 Cherry Valley Tpk. Marietta NY 13110 l Play by Play Video 315-673-2923 Bradley Square Marcellus NY 13108 Quilting Shoppe, The 315-673-1126 2162 Lawrence Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 Touch of Spice, A 315-673-4098 37 South Street Marcellus NY 13108


Mathieson Septic Service 315-673-4654 2647 Pleasant Valley Rd. Marcellus NY 13108


Jemco Warehouse 315-673-9460 4283 Slate Hill Rd. Marcellus NY 13108 l West Side Storage 315-673-9500 16 Flower Ln. Marcellus NY 13108


Marcellus Tent & Party Rental 315-673-3339 4634 Cranapple Dr. Marcellus NY 13108


Stopyro, John P & Son Inc 315-673-3223 4073 South Street Rd. Marcellus NY 13108

This directory is a free service of The Greater Marcellus Community Chamber. We apologize for any errors or omissions. l Marcellus Chamber member

Welcome to Mustang Country!

The Marcellus Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team won its first State Championship this past season. The Marcellus Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team has earned multiple State Championships over the years.

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The Marcellus Central School District has earned its reputation as one of the very best in New York State. Marcellus consistently scores among the top five school districts in the Central New York area relative to student performance on the New York State ELA, Math, and Science Assessments at grades 4 and 8. Nearly half (47%) of the Class of 2005 was recognized for maintaining Honor Roll or High Honor Roll status for 12 out of 14 times since their freshman year. Marcellus Senior High School consistently scores among the top schools in Central New York on New York State Regents exams. The cohort graduation rate of Marcellus Senior High School (Class of 2003) is 91%. The Marcellus Central School District, in cooperation with the Village of Marcellus, initiated a School Resource Officer (SRO) Program during the 2005-2006 school year. The (SRO) works under the direct daily supervision of District administrators to facilitate a “safe and comfortable” learning environment in our schools.

Experience Natural Beauty... CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE four county-run fish hatcheries in New York State. The facility, located on Route 321 just over the Marcellus Town line in Elbridge, provides a picturesque setting for a picnic or a tour. Open daily year round, Carpenter’s Brook hosts many seasonal events including a children’s fishing derby. The hatchery is proud of its production of more than 70,000 Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout which stock more than 100 miles of streams in New York State. To learn more about Carpenter’s Brook Fish Hatchery, visit them online at Marcellus is proud to be the home of the Centers for Nature Education at Baltimore Woods. Located on Bishop Hill Road, Baltimore Woods offers seven scenic nature trails to explore year round at no cost! The 182-acre natural preserve also features several gardens full of wildflowers, herbs and plants which attract butterflies. The on site Centers for Nature Education keeps a full schedule of programs to assist you in your pursuit of all things wild. For more information on Baltimore Woods, check out their website at

The Centers for Nature Education at Baltimore Woods host programs year round. There are also seven trails to explore on 182 acres of nature preserve.

Nine Mile Creek which runs through the heart of the Town of Marcellus has perhaps the best Trout fishing in all of New York State.

Marcellus Park, located on the south end of the Village of Marcellus, is the perfect place for a picnic or some quiet time enjoying the outdoors. The park features covered picnic areas, a playground, baseball fields, a nature hiking trail, beach volleyball, horseshoes, tennis courts, a roller skate and skate board park and an ice skating rink. Each summer there is an outdoor concert series featuring a variety of local musical entertainment. To learn more about Marcellus Park, visit them on the Town of Marcellus website at http://park. Marcellus Park is the perfect setting for outdoor activities. Nine Mile Creek makes Marcellus Park one of the most scenic parks around.

24 West Main Street

Medical Center West

Marcellus, NY 13108

5700 W. Genesee Street


Camillus, NY 13031 315-488-7363

Hours: Mon.-Fri. • 7AM To 3PM


Sat. • 7:30AM To 2PM

Mon.-Fri. • 8AM To 2PM

Discover Marcellus Coffee Mugs

$5.00 each

Available at Marcellus Subway, The Dump Boutique & Image Studio, Angel Heart Gifts, Main Street Pharmacy, The Beanery Cafe, Marcellus KeyBank Proceeds to go to Chamber programs

James D. Cataldi RPh Owner/Pharmacist 11 E. Main Street Marcellus, New York 13108 Phone: 315-673-2410 Fax: 315-673-4668 Open M-F 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday 8:30 AM -12:30 PM

Definitely The Best Gift Shop in Central New York Specializing In:

• Willow Tree Angels • Patience Brewster • Department 56 • Jim Shore Collectibles • Mary Engelbreit • Peggy Karr Glass • Pottery • Camille Beckman • Greeting Cards • Jewelry - Charms • Collectibles - Boyds, Ty • Shower, Baby & Wedding Gifts • Margaret Furlong Collectibles


Monday through Friday 10:00-5:00 PM Saturday 10:00-4:00 PM

16 East Main Street, Marcellus, New York 13108 - (315) 673-9457

Unique Shopping Awaits! CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE Now that secret chocolate is being used to make another original product-Marcellus Munch. “It’s caramel, popcorn, chocolate and English Toffee all rolled together,” explained Chocolate Pizza Company owner The Chocolate Pizza Company now has Bonnie Hanyak. “It’s two flavors of home-made fudge: dark irresistible!” chocolate and maple. If tempting chocolate delicacies weren’t enough, The Chocolate Pizza Company also offers home-made fudge and authentic Italian Gelato. Gelato is an incredibly smooth and creamy ice cream. The rich treat is available in a variety of flavors. At The Dump Boutique and Image Studio on South Street in the Village of Marcellus, color and image expert Karen Robinson helps you to discover your best self. “We are primarily a cosmetic and make-over studio dedicated to creating a “new you” that is both natural and beautiful,” said Karen Robinson. “Your finished look will be very approachable, polished and healthy. Whatever your age, we want you to look your best!” The Dump also offers a wide range of clothing and accessories. The Dump also offers eyeglass frame counseling to help you choose the optical frame best suited to you. Hairstyle analysis is also available to help you choose a hairstyle that suits your features, life-style, and personality. “Our makeover results are accomplished by choosing cosmetics that complement your natural skin tones and using the clarity of color that is best for you,” said Robinson. To learn to look your best call or visit The Dump today at 315-673DUMP or visit their website at A visit to Marcellus wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the best gift shop in Central New York--Angel Heart Gifts. Owned and operated by the mother and daughter team of Donna Incaudo and AnnMarie Clark, Angel Heart Gifts prides itself on stocking items that are sure to please everyone on your gift list. “We are so happy when people come in on their way to a wedding or shower and they know they’ll find the perfect gift, card, AND it will be wrapped and ready to go,” said AnnMarie Clark. AnnMarie says Angel Heart tries to carry items you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Angel Heart has something new and exciting--it’s called Woven Moments!! Find your favorite picture and have it transformed into a timeless treasure. Use pictures of pets, children, grand children, brides, love ones past, houses and more. Choose from beautiful quality totes or pillows or one of each. “You will be so happy with the clear detail of each woven piece. We can’t wait till you try it,” said Clark. AnnMarie also invites you to stop in and see the shop’s variety of pottery, Angel Heart Gifts’ AnnMarie Clark like the whimsical is holding a Woven Moments pillow. “Cupcake” line, of The unique gift item is made from a mix and match dishes, treasured family photograph. bowls, sugar bowls,

mugs, creamers and cake servers. Angel Heart Gifts stocks many collectibles including Lang, Camille Beckman, Snowbabies, and Mary Englebreit. Angel Heart Gifts is the exclusive regional outlet for an assortment of Peggy Karr handmade fused glass giftware. Each piece of Peggy Karr glass is made by artisans using techniques similar to those used by the ancient Mesopotamians over 3,500 years ago. The colors are hand-stenciled on to a layer of hand-cut glass and a second layer of glass is then placed on top. The entire piece is placed on a mold and kiln-fired, fusing the glass and the color into one. Each Ann Dougherty is ready piece is a one-of-a-kind work of to teach you spinning and art. Peggy Karr Glass products weaving at her Woolgathering are decorative and functional. and Weaving Shop on South They’re meant to be used and Street in Marcellus. enjoyed. When you stop by Angel Heart Gifts, you’re always greeted with a smile. “The best part is talking with customers,” said AnnMarie. “I enjoy chatting with them and hearing how their day is going. Angel Heart Gifts on Main Street has a Some of our wide variety of unique gifts.

There are plenty of jewelry choices at The Dump Boutique. customers have become good friends. They all bring their out-of-town company in to meet us when they are visiting.” The Woolgathering and Weaving Shop, 19 South Street in Marcellus, is a haven for those who knit, spin or weave or would like to learn. Ann Doughtery’s shop offers lessons in knitting, spinning and weaving. Dougherty encourages everyone to come in, share some tea and good conversation while they work on their projects “It’s comfortable,” said customer Ann Milner of Syracuse. “Anytime you go somewhere where yarn is the focus, you find kindred spirits.” “It’s a return to a simpler life. All of this can be done in a power outage,” said Dougherty. In addition to the spinning, weaving and knitting classes, Dougherty offers a rental time on her looms. “It’s more fun to knit when you’re being social,” Dougherty said. Her door is always open for people to come and share their projects or to get advice on their projects. The Florist at One North offers fresh flower arrangements and many other unique gift items including silk flower arrangements, plants and dish gardens. They also stock a variety of Gourmet and fruit gift baskets. For owner Rita Weeks, it’s all about the customer, she and her staff are very open-minded when it comes to customer suggestions and ideas. “We want your flowers and gifts to match your vision,” Rita said.

Phone: 315.243.4552 Fax: 315.673.4366

Marcellus, NY 13108

1661 East Genesee Road US Route 20 (Intersection of US Route 20 and Lee Mulroy Rd.) Skaneateles, NY 13152

Linda Wilson - Owner/Operator Phone: 315-685-PAWS (7297) VISA - MasterCard Accepted by appointment only

Kenneth Certified P. Cardarelli Public Accountant “An experienced professional who specializes in meeting the needs of small business” P.O. Box 429 Camillus, New York 13031-0429 (315) 469-8037 Fax (315) 492-0990 email:



Norris - Plis

Funeral Home

A Blooming Business for all your Garden Needs

Tamara DeMeritt 3222 Sheridan Road Syracuse, New York 13215 Cell: (315) 317-0241

Stop in and try our famous

Chocolate Pizza

and Peanut Butter Wings!

See our new beautifully handdecorated sugar cookies - order a mixed tray of these great cookies and our wonderful chocolates for your next party!!!

We’ve shipped them all over the world!

Pick from our many gourmet delights to make up your own “gift basket”! “NEW” Marcellus Munch - delicious caramel corn with a little of our decadent chocolate and English toffee added to it!! Take a break and enjoy one of our eight wonderful flavors of gelato (Italian ice cream) available for “take out” also!! Open 7 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day with extended summer hours.

We ship anywhere and deliver locally. 60 E. Main Street, Marcellus, NY 13108

(315) 673-4098

A New Stop to Shop: Patchwork Plus

Judi West, owner of Patchwork Plus located along Route 20 in the Town of Marcellus, stands among her more than 7,500 bolts of high quality fabric in her new 5,000 square foot showroom.

Marcellus is now on the radar of quilting enthusiasts!! The popular quilting shop, Patchwork Plus, has built a new fabulous home along Cherry Valley Turnpike (U.S. Route 20) near the intersection of Rt. 174 in the Town of Marcellus. Owners Judi and Tom West say the move to Marcellus was the right one. “We raised our children in Marcellus and the idea to open a guilt shop grew out of my participation in the Thumbstall Quilt Guild which met in Marcellus,” explained Patchwork Plus owner Judi West. West says she started shop 19 years ago with a dream and 250 bolts of fabric. Now her new store, which her husband built for her, houses more than 7,500 bolts of high quality fabric brought in from all over the world displayed over 5,000 square feet. The wonderful new space incorporates natural light from skylights, high ceilings and a country lodge-feel. Among the bolts and bolts of fabric of every color imaginable, there is a stone fireplace complete with rocking chairs. “That area is for the husbands,” says West. “We surveyed our customers before we developed the new building plans and nearly every one said they would like to see an area the husbands could enjoy.” West says her new place includes a room for sewing and quilting classes. “We have classes in basic quilting and sewing machine use. We can teach you how to make any kind of fabric craft including purses, wall hangings and even how to knit!” West says quilting has increased in popularity over the years. “Quilting in the 1800’s was a necessity. Now you can go out to a store and buy a blanket. Today quilters quilt as a way to express themselves and to do something for the people they love.” West says anyone can learn how to quilt. “Sewing machines are much easier to use today and there are many accessories which make the process easier including entire quilting kits.” Already West says she has had visitors from all over the country in her shop. “Quilters never leave home without their Quilter’s Travel Companion book. A true quilter is always on the look-out for new fabric and patterns. Each shop you visit is a little different.” Patchwork Plus is proud to be the company which provides sewing machines for the national quilters’ conference, Quilting by the Lake, held each year in Morrisville, New York. Judi and her shop also recently raised more than 1,000 for breast cancer research by holding a “Make Your Bra into a Purse” sewing contest. The money raised went to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of Central New York.

Husband enjoy visiting Patchwork Plus for its comfortable nesting spot near a stone fireplace.

Patchwork Plus is the perfect place to find a matching spool of thread!

A spacious classroom is available for instruction in quilting to basic sewing machine use.

Judi West finds high quality fabric from all over the country and the world. Patchwork Plus is a quilter’s paradise.


Annual Events January July Annual Optimist Club Marcellus American Cancer WinterFest at Marcellus Society Relay for Life Event: Park featuring ice sculpture Marcellus Park; mid-month. contests, races and family fun! Summer Concert Series Continues; Marcellus Park

March August Annual Marcellus Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast at Marcellus Central Schools. (mid-month)


Crystal Ball Cruise: Antique Cars line up to escort students to their Senior Ball. Marcellus Senior High School Parking lot; mid-month. Marcellus Booster Club Golf Tournament; Sunset Ridge Golf Club; mid-month.

Memorial Day Parade and Service. 10:00 AM on Main Street.


Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Bike for the Cure; begins and ends at Marcellus Park; mid-month.

Annual Marcellus Rotary Club Run for the Woods; Marcellus Park


Fishing Derby: kids free (age limit) Marcellus Park; midmonth. Summer Arts and Crafts Show by Marcellus-Skaneateles Art Guild; Marcellus Park; midmonth.


October 14, 2006 Enjoy Marcellus in the Fall during the Greater Marcellus Community Chamber’s Discover Marcellus Fall Festival 10 AM to 3 PM. Entertainment on the point in front of the United Methodist Church in the village. Take a chance on MUSTANG MIDWAY; Main Street. 3 PM HOMECOMING & FALL FESTIVAL PARADE

Olde Home Days: Annual 3-day event first weekend in June. Marcellus Park: Rides and entertainment. Saturday parade, crafters, chicken BBQ, and fireworks. Sunday: Duck Race. Baltimore Woods Herb Festival; first Saturday in June.

Every Friday night year round, Marcellus Bluegrass hosts an evening of old time music at the Ralph Share American Legion Post on Main Street. Participation is encouraged. Donation at the door.

Special Evening Shopping event sponsored by The Greater Marcellus Community Chamber. Shops offer specials and activities. Fill out a Starlight Shopping pass for a chance at a prize! Village and Town Tree Lighting Ceremonies; a visit from Santa and much more!!! Early December. Holiday Happening; first Saturday in December; Marcellus Driver Middle School; crafts, food and fun!

Summer Concerts @ Marcellus Park Thursday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Annex Pavilion. Concerts are FREE and appropriate for the entire family.

June 23: Skaneateles Community Band June 30: Letizia & the Z Band Annual Marcellus Bluegrass Concert Event; Saturday, October 14, 2006; United Methodist Church. 3 PM Matinee; 7 PM evening concert. Featuring the music of The Abrams Brothers of Canada. Spaghetti Dinner; American Legion; October 14, 2006

July 7: Thunder Canyon July 14: Smokin’ July 21: Fritz’s Polka Band July 28: The Flyin’ Column August 4: Joe Whiting Band


Licensed Real Estate Associate

BABETTE YUHAS, CRS, LTG Licensed Real Estate Broker Certified Residential Specialist Leadership Training Graduate

(315) 673-1628 OFFICE (315) 673-2023 FAX P.O. Box 188, 17 North Street Marcellus, NY 13108



Hours: Mon.-Fri. • 7AM To 3PM Sat. • 7:30AM To 2PM

24 West Main Street  Marcellus, NY 13108  315-673-2599

60 East Main Street Marcellus, NY 13108

Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) Chocolate Pizza Gelato Shakes Peanut Butter Wings Cookies & Candy Soda Water Biscotti LOCAL DELIVERY: CALL 673-4098

Daniel’s Grill 69 North Street Marcellus, NY 13108

Burgers - Salads Wraps - Sandwiches $5.95 Daily Lunch Special


West Main Street J & J Pizza & NY DELI 24 Marcellus, NY 13108

Daily Lunch Special: 2 slices & soda $3.50 Any half sub or sandwich, drink & chips: $5.50



Subs & Wings 16 West Main Street, Marcellus


Offering slice specials, hot or cold subs, & cold beverages 2 slices & small soda: $2.50 Half cold sub, fries, small soda: $4.99

Fresh Subs & Salads 19 North Street, Marcellus 673-1810

Try a toasted sub!

Call ahead with orders 673-1810

Moon Dance Restaurant 2512 Cherry Valley Turnpike, Marcellus


The Valley Inn 2574 Cherry Valley Turnpike, Marcellus 673-9045

The Alvord House 5 East Main St., Marcellus


The Village Tavern 6 E. Main Street, Marcellus


Great Wall Restaurant 22 West Main St., Marcellus


The Pastry Palace 14 W. Main Street, Marcellus


Marcellus Lanes Ice Cream Shop Slate Hill Rd., Marcellus “They’re huge!”

Discover Marcellus Summer 2006  

Written and Designed by Mary G. Merritt