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CCC Students Help Make a Difference

Computer Science Student Wins CCC Library Research Award Eric Conklin of Auburn has won the 2009–10 Cayuga Community College Library Research Award. Conklin completed his award-winning project, a 10-page research paper on sustainable architecture, for a Freshman Composition class in fall 2009. A Computer Science major at the Auburn campus, Conklin tutors fellow students in writing and mathematics in the college’s Academic Support Center. He is a student intern in Professor Maryanne Felter’s British Literature and Children’s Literature courses. As the winner of the seventh annual Library Research Award, Conklin received a prize of $200 and will have his name engraved on a permanent plaque in the college’s Norman F. Bourke Memorial Library. Created in 2003–4 to encourage information literacy, the award program evaluates student work submitted by faculty members. Entries, without the authors’ identities, are judged by the college librarians based on standards set by the State University of New York and the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.

by Crystal Wolfe, Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010, (weather permitting), the Cayuga Community College Criminal Justice Club hopes to host their next hamburger and hotdog sale on the Auburn Campus Quad. Pictured Left to Right: William Wahl, Criminal Justice Club Vice President; Heather Allen, President; Danielle Bliss, Secretary; and Thereze Whitfield, Co-Secretary.

Need a Job? Time is Running Out to Apply to be a Collegian Editor In a bold move to ensure both CCC campuses are equally represented in the college’s independent, student-run newspaper, The Cayuga Collegian, faculty advisor Mary G. Merritt has split the former job of one Editor-in-chief into two Co-editors, one to be hired on each CCC campus, one in Auburn and one in Fulton. “It will be an interesting experiment,” said Merritt. Over the years, Merritt and the Collegian staff have reached out to the Fulton campus, looking to find a Fulton correspondent. Participation from Fulton was inconsistent. “However, once I learned that enrollment at the Fulton campus is nearly equal to the enrollment at the Auburn campus, I knew we needed to change how we gather the news so both campuses are represented.” Merritt is actively seeking applicants for both positions. Each editor is paid ten hours per issue. To apply, Merritt is asking potential candidates to email her at a short description of their writing experience and three samples of news stories they have written. The application deadline is October 11, 2010.


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October 4, 2010

Fulton campus students Kelsey MacDougall and Matt Jennings show off the fancy gadgets they won for videos they created telling “Why I Chose Cayuga.”

CCC Announces YouTube Contest Winners Two Cayuga Community College students have won prizes for creating short videos that tell “Why I Chose Cayuga.” During the past summer, the college posted a YouTube video contest with that theme, inviting incoming students to submit original entries of 30 to 90 seconds in length. Two prizes were awarded, and both winners are enrolled at the college’s Fulton campus. A panel of Cayuga faculty members judged the entries for content, aesthetics, technical quality and overall impression. They awarded the Grand Prize, an Apple iPad, to Kelsey MacDougall of Fulton, a graduate of Mexico High School. Based on online voting, Matt Jennings of Liverpool, a graduate of Liverpool High School, won the People’s Choice award and received a Flip Mino HD digital camcorder. The winning videos can be viewed at

We now have proof that a small group of people working together can help change the world. The members of Cayuga Community College’s Criminal Justice Club have worked tirelessly to raise money to assist children in Cayuga County who suffer trauma or abuse. The club’s frequent bake sales, hamburger and hot dog roasts, and pizza for lunch fund-raisers have successfully generated hundreds of dollars to help Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in Cayuga County do what they do best. The CAC is a special place for abused or traumatized children to go and be cared for while the logistics of their case are being worked on. “In the old days, kids who were reported to have been sexually or physically abused would have to wait hours in police stations and hospitals, which more times than not, weren’t kid-friendly. The Children’s Advocacy Center is a colorful environment that acts as everything a child would need who had been abused,” said Norm Ashberry, Law Enforcement Director for the Cayuga County Children’s Advocacy Center. Ashberry spoke along with Rose Grube, an educator for Sexual Assault Victims Advocate Resource (SAVAR) at a recent meeting of CCC’s Criminal Justice Club. The programs Ashberry and Grube represent are both a part of the agency, Cayuga Counseling Services, which has provided quality child and family services in Cayuga and Onondaga counties since 1921. The pair discussed their mission in violence and abuse prevention with the CJ members and encouraged college student involvement in the programs the agency sponsors. For example, they said SAVAR offers a free 40-hour training program to students on how to respond in crisis situations. “This is a look at the victim side of law enforcement,” said Rosa Grube. “Around three quarters of police work involves domestic issues.” She said SAVAR works with adult women and provides therapy for what they have been through by women who have been through it themselves. She said she also has spoken in middle schools and high schools in the area about issues, CONTINUED PAGE THREE


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MeetTheCayugaCollegianStaff Angela Wornick

I am 28 married with 3 children who are my world. I have been involved with many Fulton campus clubs including Green Team, PTK, SAB and SGO. I am working on my Associates of Applied Science in Nursing which will be my second degree from CCC my first was a Humanities and Social Science with a Psychology Concentration. I am currently employed as Fulton Campus Student Activities Coordinator. I like reading, Cayuga Community College writing and softball. I would like President Dr. Larson is working on finding another property in the to go for my Masters of Science in Nursing and someday teach Nursing area with or without a commercial School. I am very outgoing and love helping people.

Fulton is Ready to Grow! CCC’s Fulton Campus started out as just two classrooms in the Education Center on 4th Street in 1994. The campus relocated to the Holy Family Church building next to Tops Super Market later that same year. In 2001, we moved again to our current location at 806 West Broadway, Fulton, New York. Our campus has seen a steady increase in students over the last decade and as far as enrollment, we are now neck and neck with the main campus at Auburn. We have outgrown our building and we need additional classrooms and parking spaces for our students. We would also like to see amenities such as a fitness center, a cafeteria and a day care center on campus. An offer was made to purchase the old P&C store in River Glen Plaza which would provide more room for our students, staff and faculty. Unfortunately, it has been reported by Sarah Gantz from The Citizen that the company we lease our current campus from, Pioneer Companies, made an 11th hour bid on the same property we were attempting to buy. It is a general consensus that this bid was entered to prevent the campus from relocating to the old P&C store. This is unfortunate but not illegal for the company we lease from to create obstacles for our plans to relocate.

building already in place. Do not lose hope, we will find a place that will accommodate the needs of our students. When an adequate place for our campus is found, there will be a forum for students to express their opinions and suggestions for the needs of our new campus. I would encourage our student body to express their perceived needs when that time comes. Dr. Larson has stated that a public announcement will be given when any additional information is available. I am sure that many of you may be feeling frustrated but the problem is being addressed. We will eventually get a larger campus that will meet the needs of our Fulton Campus students. -Angela Wornick, Fulton Campus Student

Kat Taylor

Kat is a CCC Alumni and returning as a Telcom major at the Auburn campus, and loving every minute of it. She’s also enjoyed writing since she was young; so diving in and trying journalism seemed natural. In her free time you can catch her doing just about anything and everything. Her love for music, art, tattooing, DJ/ KJ assisting, exploration, people, and design ensure there’s never a dull moment.

Paul Farinelli

I’ve lived in Auburn, New York my entire life. I attended Saints Peter & Paul Catholic school from Kindergarten to 8th Grade, then Auburn High School. I consider myself an artistic person, and have been told I have talent in both drawing and writing. I’m attending CCC in the hopes that it will aid me in my goal to either become a concept artist, or a journalist, if that doesn’t pan out for whatever reason.

WORK FOR THE COLLEGIAN Two PAID Editor Positions Open AUBURN EDITOR AND FULTON EDITOR Email: for job description To apply: send contact information, writing history and three news writing samples by October 11th to

Crystal Wolfe

The Cayuga Collegian welcomes letters from its readers. Submissions must be in a word document on a PC formatted disc. Submissions may be edited for content or length. Submissions must include your name, address and daytime phone number. All letters to the editor are copied exactly and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Collegian office, its staff or advisors. All letters are simply the opinions of the writers themselves.



My passions and goals are as varied as the colors and symbolism of the animal represented in my name itself. I have a zest for life and knowledge and believe that the only limits are those which we put on ourselves. I have a lot of experience in many forms of writing, as well as acting-both film and theater, singing, dancing, professional modeling, and am even a DJ on the school radio station WIN 89.1 on Mondays from 1 pm to 2 pm! I am living my dreams by pursuing all the things I have always wanted to learn and achieve for the chief purpose of brightening up the world in all ways possible. I aim high because I don’t believe in any limits at all. I want to defy gravity and turn the world upside down.

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SPARTAN SPORTS CCC Students Earn Black Belts in Judo by D.J. DuVall, Sports Editor

Two Cayuga Community College students recently excelled to one of the highest honors in the world of sports. They earned their first degree black belts in Judo. Casey Purcell and Chris Baum recently attended the Niagara Judo Promotional Clinic at the Kin Tora Judo Club in Buffalo last February. CCC’s Judo instructor Peter Petrosino says the students were candidates for the Shodan, which is a first degree black belt. Petrosino says both students performed exceptionally well. Offering a physical education class in Judo has been a long time tradition at CCC. Petrosino says the sport has been offered each semester for the past 42 years. Judo is defined as ‘a modern Japanese marital art and combat sport’ was created in 1882 by Dr. Kano Jigoro. Judo, (a Japanese word meaning gentle way), is known for its “soft method”

of fighting, where it’s not always the strongest, but perhaps the quickest or most agile competitor that comes out victorious. Casey Purcell, 22, is in his 5th year at CCC. He has already earned degrees in Criminal Justice Police and in Liberal Arts Humanities. Purcell says he is still attending CCC as a full-time student, “just to keep my mind active and growing.” He says he has competed in Judo since he was 18-years-old. After the competition, Purcell was approved by the Promotional Committee for his first degree black belt, but was later denied the promotion due to a lack of tournament points. Purcell recently received notification that he was approved again to receive the honor Purcell was upgraded to a 1st degree black belt on September 11, 2010. “I am very proud of both of these young men and their

accomplishments,” Petrosino said. Petrosino also said two senior members of the Judo night class, Dr. Joe Giannettino and retired Physics teacher Mr. Clifford Gale, were recently upgraded to 2nd degree black belts. Petrosino says that Gale has been a “faithful student for the past 25 years, driving in from Liverpool every Tuesday and Thursday to attend class.” Petrosino encourages anyone interested to come and see what Judo is all about. His night classes are from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He says participants have a wide range of abilities ranging from junior white belts to veteran black belts. Petrosino recommends if you’re lacking a Physical Education class and not sure what to take, Judo offers a new, unique, and exciting physical experience.

The Radio and Television Guild (RAT Guild) elected new officers: left to right: Ryan Parlo, President; Bridget McNally, Treasurer; Gussie Mull, Secretary and Michael Reyes, Vice President.

Students Make a Difference CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE

The Academic Support Center’s Tutor Club held a fund-raiser in the main lobby on CCC’s Auburn campus recently. The group sold ice cream sandwiches for 50-cents to benefit a warm clothes drive for children. Pictured left to right are Brett St. Pierre, a second year Math and Science major and Carrie Rooker, a second year Adolescent Education major with a concentration in History. Both say they enjoy the rewards of being a peer tutor. “It is very fulfilling to help people,” said Rooker.

CCC FULTON STUDENTS The Cayuga Collegian is looking for staff writers to cover news and events happening on the CCC Fulton Campus. Please email

such as Internet safety. The Children’s Advocacy Center works with kids, 16 and under. The center provides counseling services. The facility also has specially-equipped rooms which can be utilized if a child needs to be interviewed by police officers or examined by a doctor. There are also plenty of games and toys. Televisions are ready for use with programming children would enjoy.

Rosa Grube said she even has a dog named “Snickers” that she brings in to play with the children. “It is so kid-friendly, in fact, that some kids don’t even want to leave it,” said Norm Ashberry. “I want the students to be recognized for all their efforts,” said the CJ club advisor and CCC faculty member Teri Misiaszek. “Without them, this organization wouldn’t be here in this community.”

The Earth is not your ashtray...

Put your butt where it belongs!



Young Entrepreneur Opens Coffee Shop in Mall by Kat Taylor, Staff Writer There’s a new place in town to linger over a cup of coffee. The Bean Counter opened for business at the beginning of August in the Finger Lakes Mall just outside the City of Auburn in Aurelius. You may have to take a second look when you learn that the help behind the counter is really the owner. Ashley Williams, just 22-years-old, decided bringing the Auburn area the best brew was just her cup of tea. It’s new and exciting and it’s a challenge, ” Williams said. Williams, recently earned a degree in accounting at Canisus College in Buffalo. She was completing an internship at the Finger Lakes Mall when she learned the old coffee shop was going to close. Williams said after three days of researching her options, she dove in with no reservations. “The time to do it is now; everyone is behind me,” Williams explained saying that at her age, she doesn’t any concerns about providing for a family. She says she didn’t want to look back ten years from now and wished she had done it. Williams chose the name The Bean Counter, playing off the slang name often used for describing




Jim Collins

Okay, a few people have come up to me and asked, ‘Why Cosmo?’ Well, long story short, when I was working as I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the a bartender at Mirbeau Inn world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to and Spa in Skaneateles, my Cosmopolitan martinis were plan the day. ~Elwyn Brooks White so popular that people were From Kathy Lawler constantly leaving comments Auburn Literary Club in the books scattered around the lounge. One day the doorman, Jack Cuddehy said “Jim, you got another comment on your cosmos, in fact, from now on you’re Jimmy Cosmo!” Well, Jack was and still is, an institution at the place so I wasn’t going to argue. We’ll just leave it as ‘Cosmo’. ‘Nuff said. Anyway, this week I am reviewing Michael’s Restaurant, 196 Clark Street, Auburn, New York. When I want Italian food, for my money, there is only one Joe Hunter (Telecommunications Major), Sara Hahn (Nursing Major), place in Auburn and this is the Tasha Laird (Business Major), Lucy Hall (Telecommunications Major), place. Owner and chef Duffy and Jesse Burrows (Telecommunications Major). Mastropietro has been in the business since the 70’s and

Literary Club Quote of the Week


accountants; the profession she thought she would be starting now. The Bean Counter offers a variety of brewed coffees, coffee flavors and espresso at prices far lower than most of her competitors. A small coffee is $1.25, $1.50 for medium, $1.75 for a large. There is plenty of seating and even free Wi-Fi to hop on. In addition to three difference energy drinks on the menu, there are also plenty of small snacks like bagels, muffins and baked goods. So far, word of mouth, has really helped her filled the chairs at her shop and business is just about as she expected. “It’s paying the bills and I can stay open,” she said. To learn more about The Bean Counter check out their website at The store’s phone number is 315253-0646.

worked with one of Auburn’s favorite chefs, Clara Portello of The Italia Rex (now Lasca’s). When Clara cooked, Duffy paid attention (as did we all!) and it has paid dividends ten-fold. Michael’s has a small, quaint bar and dining room with a rustic Italian atmosphere. Try the Minestrone soup for starters, it’s the best. The Antipasto is huge and more than enough for two. Move on to any of the pasta dishesthe red sauce rocks! Or try one of the nightly specials. The real treat here, though, are the veal dishes, they’re the best in the area. There are some nice wines on the wine list and don’t forget the cheesecake! Michael’s prices are very reasonable and pretty affordable for any budget. So, for great Italian food right in Auburn, this should be your first choice! Make sure you request waitress Jen to wait on you. Cheers!




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