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O P I N I O N S Protect yourself against the flu by Danielle Skowron, Editor-in-chief

Rule changes in the NFL and the Repercussion For years, the NFL has been doing their best to eliminate head injuries in the game. They have basic rules set in place to try to stop these vicious hits to “defenseless” receivers. These rules include no helmet to helmet contact, you can not lead with your head, and you must not hit a defenseless BRYAN MURRAY receiver. What classifies as defenseless is what I ask? No receiver is defenseless if they already plan on getting hit right? Not in this league. I completely understand that the safety of the players is most important, but the players also know

what they signed up for. Hitting is a part of football. No one purposely tries to injure their opponent. Now with the new rules, you cannot hit high and if you do, you will be subject to fines by the league. Theses fines have exceeded 50 thousand dollars. Although I see the fines as a good thing and a way to let the players know the leagues are serious, it has also caused a repercussion. The players are now going low. Now there have been numerous leg injuries, especially this season. The most recent was when Green Bay Packers star receiver Randall Cobb suffered a broken leg after a low hit. The defender’s excuse was that he didn’t want to risk being fined by hitting too high or missing the “zone” players are allowed to hit in. With one rule comes other problems and the league needs to look into this problem. —Bryan Murray, Staff Writer

Post game handshakes in Kentucky discouraged by Bryan Murray, Staff Writer For the past three years, there have been more than a dozen altercations between high school teams during the end of the game, lineup handshake at numerous high school sports contests in Kentucky. The Kentucky athletic sanctioning body decided handshake fights were happening too often and told teams to not shake hands at the end of the game and also ordered referees to exit the field as soon as the game concludes. However, these rules did not pass, so now it is ‘optional’ to shake hands after high school athletic contests in Kentucky.

It is now up to the teams’ coaches to decide whether players will shake hands at the end of the game. Refs are still required to immediately leave the field. With the refs leaving, the schools are now responsible for any altercations which break out and are subject to lawsuits. With these rules in place, more and more high schools in Kentucky are opting out of handshakes at the end of the game to protect the school district from potential lawsuits. Also, all individuals or coaches who are involved in any altercations are subject to fines and incarceration.

With the flu season just around the corner, you should be taking all the precautions that you can not to get sick. You should eat something that is rich in Vitamin C or take a Vitamin C tablet every day. Vitamin C helps boost you’re immune system. Vitamin C has been proven to shorten the duration of a cold by 8%. That’s a big deal when you can only miss six classes at CCC. Another big way to reduce your chances of getting sick this cold season is to wash your hands frequently. Bacteria enters our

body mostly through our mouths. Without knowing it, you touch your hands to your face unlimited times during the day. Bacteria can enter your body, just by you touching your hands to your mouth. Washing your hands will keep the bacteria away. Last, but not least, make a point to get a flu shot. This will be your best defense against getting sick this flu season. Flu shots can be received at your local Walgreen’s (walk-ins welcome) or at your doctor’s office. Be smart this flu season and protect yourself!

Do you qualify for SNAP? by Eric Nans, Staff Writer Most able-bodied student’s ages 18 through 49 who are enrolled at least halftime in college or other institutions of higher education are not eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). However, students may be able to get SNAP, if otherwise eligible, if they: • Receive public assistance benefits under a Title IV-A program, or • Take part in a state or federallyfinanced work study program; or • Work on average 20 hours per week. • Students who are assigned by unemployment to or placed in college or certain other schools as part of certain job or employment training programs may also be eligible for SNAP. • Single parents enrolled full time in college and taking care of a dependent household member under the age of 12 can get SNAP, if otherwise eligible. • Students also may be able to get SNAP, if otherwise eligible, if they are taking care of a dependent household member under the age of 6, or if they are taking care of a dependent household member age 6 through 11 and do not have adequate child care to enable them to attend school and work a minimum of 20 hours per week, or take part in a state or federally-financed work study program.

WHAT CAN I PURCHASE WITH SNAP? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), has strict rules and regulations in place regarding the use of SNAP benefits. Allowable food purchases are very specific.

A detailed list of items that may be purchased with SNAP benefits can be found at Generic_Product_Determinations.xlsx. Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy foods for the household to eat, such as, but not limited to: • Breads and cereals • Fruits and vegetables • Meats, fish and poultry • Dairy products • Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat • Farmers’ market items • Certain Health foods Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy: • Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco • Any nonfood items, such as: Pet foods; Soaps, paper products • Household supplies;Vitamins and medicines • Food that will be eaten in the store • Hot foods You will need photo identification, Social Security Card, proof of residence, proof of work study (if applicable) and pay stubs. Apply at: or find, Kristie Rath the Nutrition Outreach and Education, Program Coordinator. She is on the Auburn Carpus, at the Cayuga Career Center on Thursdays 9 am to 12 pm. She can help to see if you are getting the right amount of SNAP benefits, estimate how much you are eligible for, and she accepts volunteers for community service.


Great Opportunity for Aspiring Journalists An Insider’s View of Washington D.C. by Christine Jackson, Staff Writer Cokie Roberts will be giving a presentation at the Auburn High School Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on November 14th. Cokie was a congressional correspondent for more than ten years and currently works as a political analyst/commentator for ABC News. Cokie has been a prominent figure in the journalism community for more than four decades. “She has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and was cited by the American Women in Radio and Television as one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting.” She has been honored for her coverage of Congress and her contributions to protecting First Amendment Rights. She was recently named a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress, an honor bestowed on very few Americans. The presentation is part of the Elsa Soderberg Distinguished Speaker Series and is being coordinated by the Seward House Museum. Tickets are $50 for the lecture and $75 for the VIP event and book signing that will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 at the Springside Inn. Separate tickets must be purchased for each event.

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Are you being bullied? CCC is here to help you

Student thieves will be punished... CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE

The vending company, America Food and Vending, brought in an undercover investigator who watched people in the cafe and studied how to fix this problem. Wagner says the investigator witnessed two people steal items by the cancelling transaction method in just 30 minutes. Wagner says it was discovered that one person stole items 18 times in September.

The micro-market in the Auburn campus library will get a make-over with new machines soon due to thefts. Wagner says some students have come forward and admitted stealing items from The Express Cafe. He’s hoping more people will follow their lead and confess. According to Wagner, individuals who have taken items without paying can contact Wagner, Meg

Osborne in the Student Development office or report to the Security Office, to make arrangements to reimburse the college for the items taken. Wagner says he wants to be clear that no one wants students to get in trouble. He says the goal of the college is for students to learn from their mistakes and to become good citizens. “This reflects badly on the students, and we know we have good students here!” Wagner said. Flavia Creation 400 In the next two to four weeks, the library micro-market is expected to be shutting its doors. New vending machines will be coming in which will be more suitable for CCC’s population. The new machines will be similar to the ones in the cafeteria, as well as a Flavia Creation 400 brewer pay pod machine. These machines require everything to be purchased before the item is received. The suggested price will be $1.00 for the brewer machine that makes coffees, teas, chocolates, and specialty drinks, too. There will even be the option to personalize your own drink! In addition to the Flavia machine, American Food and Vending says they will be bringing a Sure Vend Snack machine, Glass Cold Front drink machine, and a Fresh Food Merchandiser to CCC in the near future.

Has Google Stalked Your Street Yet? by Christine Jackson, Staff Writer There was a recent article on alerting Central New York to the presence of a Google Camera Maps car. The car drives through neighborhoods using directional camera, GPS units and laser range scanners to capture 3D panoramic images for the Google Maps Streetview feature. It’s an interesting process. The images are captured then they are aligned to their geographic location using signals from sensors attached to the vehicle, that are used to capture GPS, speed, and direction. The images taken are slightly overlapped in order to “stitch” the images together to create a seamless 360 degree image using image processing algorithms. The program was initiated in 2007 and has seen some real improvement over the years. Google has managed to get imagery from all seven of Earth’s continents but, currently they are working on perusing the streets in six Central New York counties: Onondaga, Oswego, Cayuga, Madison, Oneida and Herkimer. Some readers expressed concerns about the invasion of their privacy in the comments that followed the article. One comment expressed their extreme displeasure with Google’s presence on their street, “They can just go away. They are not wanted. We have no privacy from any angle. 1984 is 2013.” Another reader wondered if “anyone bothered to ask what right a company has to photograph private property and then arbitrarily publish it for anyone in the world

to view” and even went on to call Google one of the most dangerous companies in the world. Still others mentioned the connection between Google and the NSA. Let’s address that question of privacy. Google does take the step of blurring faces and license plates to protect individual privacy. Google also offers an option to request removal of your property from street view with a “Report a problem” button in the bottom right image window. You can request to have the image of your home or business blurred so that it is unidentifiable in street view by filling out the form that the button opens. In defense of the service offered by Google they acknowledge that all images taken are public access and are no different than the views that someone would see walking down the street. What do you think? Invasion of privacy? Are we moving just one more step closer to the Big Brother scenario outlined in George Orwell’s book, 1984? Email your thoughts to this writer at

Career Career Placement and Planning Counselor Meg Osborne says if you are caught bullying kids on campus, you can be charged with misconduct and receive a verbal warning all the way up to expulsion. “The Code of Conduct is to ensure that we have a safe, productive and educational community,” said Osborne. Students, faculty and staff are required to follow the Code of Conduct, and not doing so can result in getting into major trouble. If you’re a victim of bullying, you should report the incidents to the Office of Public safety on campus. After an incident report is written, administrators in the Student Development office will then review the report and take appropriate actions. The Cayuga Collegian was unable to confirm by press time whether the individual who reported they withdrew from the college and moved out of Lattimore Hall because of being badly bullied had filed a report with the college.

Students still have questions after Lattimore Fire Students remain concerned that the building’s alarm system didn’t sound during the September 9th incident. by Rob Carter, Contributing Writer Many concerned students who lived in Lattimore Hall at the time of the September fire incident were most outraged by the fact that the alarms failed to sound within the building, a fact that has never been fully explained. On Monday, September 9th, Lattimore Hall, the building in downtown Auburn which independently houses students who attend CCC, was hit by a minor fire leading to the destruction of several rooms due to water damage as the sprinkler system attempted to control the situation. The Auburn Fire Department reported that the call came at approximately 1:20 pm, and were on site to combat the fire within 90 seconds, however by this time, the damage was already done. The fire began on the 5th floor, from a stove accidentally left on. The sprinkler systems took action and dowsed the fire, but unfortunately do not have the ability to recognize when a fire has been contained, and so continued to flood the apartment until the fire department arrived to shut it off. By then, the 5th floor apartment had standing water, and the apartments below soon followed suit. Some believe the alarms may have been affected by some renovations in the building over the summer. A student, who wished to remain nameless, was most grateful to the building manager, James Auringer, who made his way up to the 6th floor to perform the duty of the alarms and warn the students. “I was trying to sleep, and had no clue that anything was happening, next thing James was banging on my door. He waited behind to make sure everyone was out before getting himself out. Even though the fire was small, James showed commendable selflessness, putting the students safety before his own,” said the student. However, not all students feel the same way. “The fact the alarms weren’t functioning properly is disgraceful, the fire could have been to a far greater scale, and then what we have done?” asked a resident on the 4th floor. Many residents expressed similar frustrations, which were made worse by the two hour wait outside of Lattimore while the building was assessed, followed by the news that half the building was going to have be relocated to the nearby Holiday Inn. At the time, the students were told that the move would be temporary, a fact the management staff believed themselves when they chose the hotel as an alternative option. “There were 24 students displaced, and were split into double rooms. The cost was $90 per room, per night and we had commandeered 12 rooms, so the costs were approximately $1,100 a day, covered


Individuals who steal snacks and drinks from The Express Cafe in the Auburn campus library, will be prosecuted. Thieves are encouraged to come forward to pay for items.

You don’t need to be afraid if you are being bullied, CCC administrators say they are here to help. It is against the Student Conduct Code to bully anyone. Items in the Code numbered 12 through ­ 16 in the handbook deal specifically with bullying. 12. Physical abuse, including but not limited to rape, sexual assault, sex offenses and other physical assault; intentionally subjecting a person to offensive physical contact, other than self defense. 13. Threats of violence; conduct that threatens the health and safety of any person 14. Harassment of any kind, including stalking; any form of verbal abuse 15. Mistreatment of an individual or group because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, disability, religion or religious practice or sexual orientation 16. Behavior that recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of another person.

Lattimore Hall students waiting outside after the September fire in the dorm. by the management team here,” said a member of Lattimore Hall’s staff about the financial costs involved with the Holiday Inn relocation, After just two days at the hotel, alternative accommodations were arranged at Wells College, a 45-minute commute, and that is where some of the displaced students still reside today. On top of the immediate costs presented by the damage of the rooms, the longterm effects have been devastating A Lattimore Hall for the owners, resident begins to who were new move his things from investors as of Spring 2013. his water-damaged The building dorm suite. had recently undergone major improvements within the suites, at a major financial commitment, which made the disaster even more devastating. After a visit from the health and safety officers, and members within the fire department, Lattimore Hall was considered to be fully-functional, and safe to house students again in the rooms not touched by the fire and water damage. However, the residents from the 5th floor down, on the fire side of the building, aren’t so fortunate. The suites are now go through major reconstruction again, Lattimore’s management company told students that “the rooms have been stripped to the bolts due to the damage.” “I don’t even wish this on my worse enemy to experience what I had to go through,” said CCC student Asheika Scott. Shaquella Newby contributed to this article.



by Danielle Skowron, Editor-in-chief

Witness History 101 Oct. 24 On October 24th History will be made— History 101 by James C. Ferguson that is. Harlequin Production of Community College is pleased to announce the northeast premier of this Monte Python-esque excursion through the history of man - (and woman!) kind. The show runs two weekends October 24-26 and then October 31- Novenber 2 at 8 PM in the Bisgrove theatre on CCC’s Auburn campus. Tickets are available at the door- $1 for students, $5 general admission. History 101 is a joyous romp through time. The seventeen scenes feature such renowned characters as Alexander the Great, the Wright Brothers, Marco Polo even Hilary Clinton! The show will also take jaunts to the Oracle of Delphi, a hillside in 33 AD, Cuba, Kitty Hawk and a Viking invasion; History has never been this skewed! The all student company features

Harlequin veterans Becky White, Steven D. Hodge, Matt Limerick, Ian Moore and Zach Phillips. They will be ably joined onstage by Dylan Baker, Ashley Cornelius, Taylor Sanchez, Haley Thompson, Maren Walsh, Delores Woody, James O’Connor Megan Schwartzwalder and Christopher Dent. Ashley White is stage manager with a crew of Gillian Frame, Connor Delaney, Elizabeth Henry and Casey McCadden. Local talents Ginny Fennessy and Michael Broughton return to design the sets and lighting. The award winning costumer Mathew Ryan Limerick will again dress the company. Longtime Harlequin advisor Bob Frame again takes the helm of this entertaining evening of laughter and guffaws. There is some adult language the show. For further information contact Bob Frame at 315-294-8640 or

t s i t r A l a c Lo


Mic B

Meet DJ Mic B aka The Mixtape Junkie, age 29, born and raised in Auburn, NY. There are many different types of DJ’s, Mic B specializes in mixtapes and blends. Instruments/sounds to expect from Mic B detail a variety, “A DJ must explore all options.” His genre is R&B and Hip-Hop although he likes to explore a bit. When I asked Mic B what he thought his music sounds like he said “I would like to think what I create is positive vibes mixed with hope and dreams.” Mic B enjoys anyone saying ‘hey I think I heard that before’, that’s been done, or you didn’t do that. Mic B has gotten some “props” from his biggest influence who is also his favorite Blend/Mixtape DJ of all time, DJ Juice. Mic B states “I take pride in my work being exclusive and original.” Mic B has released several projects. One of the most wide-spread mixtapes was Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Face Off in 2006. These were all the artists official tracks not blends/ remixes. Mic B, within the last few years, has been working and focusing more on blends/ remixes. This is when you take an acapella of one track and mix it with a totally different

“I found myself unable to stop and ended up with Over 50 Joints in little over two weeks. So you could expect a second chapter.” You can Google Eminem Blend Show and download it for free or contact Mic B for an official physical copy. Other projects to look out for are Big Pun - Project Punisher where Mic B has remixed every Big Pun Joint possible. You can check out the sampler at www. themixtapejunkie. 50 Cent - 50 Blends where Mic B created 50 Exclusive/ Original Joints. “I am over 50 tracks already yet I have been waiting on the release.” Be on the lookout on, the official 50 Cent Mic B website. Mic B said “As far as other projects and singles you can always keep up on my official site www.themixtapetjunkie. com which links to all my social network sites. Most recently I have been doing a bunch of T-Pain So a Possible Project Pain & Blends,” Mic B said.“I have been working my networking for some time and have officially linked with many great and well-known artists including the most recent DJ Juice, such as the G-Unit Crew Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks, Mc Lyte, Lil Jon, Mya, Wyclef Jean, and even Shaggy to name a few. Mic B says about his creative process: “I like to take something new & mix it w/ the old because it helps people remember the past and the present. ” Mic B’s message to the people: “Don’t stop doing whatever it is you like to do and stay positive.” His advice for new artist grind: “Be in the streets give away product they can’t expect to buy if they don’t know you or your work. Also, work with DJs & don’t call it a mixtape if there is no DJ involved.”





tracks instrumental for those that may not know what a blend is. When Mic B started he said he “always wanted to have the new joints first.” (meaning new songs) With the mixtape game changing there are less and less exclusives. Artists blessing freestyles for the DJ’s and the release of acapellas is at a all time low. That is why Mic B started making his own exclusives. His most recent project (mixtape) is Eminem - The blend show with 30 all exclusive/original joints(songs) that you never heard before mixed. While working on this project Mic B said

Date: 10/24, 10/26, 10/29 Auburn’s Farmers Co-Op Market Time: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm Location: 97 State Street, Auburn Date: 10/22, 10/23, 10/24 Faces of Cayuga County: 1880-1920 Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Location: Cayuga Museum

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