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LUCA BOSURGI Inspirational mindspirit coach and healer

REALITY IS NEGOTIABLE An Interview with Marcus Giers

BEING THAT SOMEONE By Tara-jenelle Walsch

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION & ANIMALS By Becky Chambers September 2017

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An interview with Marcus Giers





BEING THAT SOMEONE By Tara-jenelle Walsch



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THE JOY OF EMPTINESS By Shailendra Gulhati




LOOKING GOOD & FEELING GREAT By Margaret Tomaszewicz


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An Interview with Marcus Giers Marcus Giers, who hales from Wismar, in Germany, is a very successful public speaker and top business expert. He is also regarded as an excellent consultant, successful producer, guarantor for extraordinary results, and he is extremely connected in German politics and the German business sector. The Eden Magazine met with Marcus Giers… Mr. Giers welcome to L.A. As you have told us previously, you are on the road for business more than 230 days a year. Why do you do what you do? At the age of 14 I dropped out of school and soon began working on construction sites. One day, early in the morning as I crawled around on all fours in front of Wismar Town Hall cleaning the natural stone slabs with my bare hands, I looked up and noticed all the black limousines that were pulling up to the front doors of the town hall to let good-looking ladies and gentlemen in black pinstripe suits, out of the limousine’s. As I stared at these people, I thought to myself, "I hope they don’t trip over the loser in the dirt." Of course, I was talking about myself. And then in that same moment this feeling began to take over me and it was like a volcano suddenly erupted inside and I realized, "No. I'm not a loser and if something is going to change in my life, then it's going to be me who is going to have to make it happen." It was also in that same moment, that I decided I too would one day wear a pinstripe suit. In five short years, from that very day, I earned 5-digits per month, drove a beautiful luxury car, and wore a pin stripe suit. But then everything changed when I was 34yrs. old. I made several very bad decisions, which caused me to go broke. Even worse, I was charged by the public prosecutor's office and I went through the full program. My million dollar assets were lost, my house was searched, I had criminal proceedings, and incurred high debts. My wife and I lost everything, but we did not lose ourselves. In the end we had exactly 10.85 Euro’s cash in our pockets. The strangest thing however, was that I still felt incredibly free. As strange as it may seem, it was at

this low point that I knew what I really wanted to do with my life and that was to be a public speaker so I could tell people the truth about how to really reach success. Only then was I able to learn things, which I believe, very few people in life ever learn. This, I believe, is also the reason why most people can only dream the lives of their dreams, while only a few live their dream. Because of the things I was able to learn, I managed to turn my life around in less than three years. Today I live on the beautiful island of Mallorca, give seminars and lectures in Europe, Asia and America and I am more successful than ever before. The best thing is, since we do not have any children of our own, I can devote myself, along with my wife, to many social projects in Haiti, Kenya and Germany, where we have experienced true happiness and genuine love from these children. You have gotten a new chance in life and you used it. How many opportunities do we get in life? Every day has endless chances. The problem is that we do not recognize the opportunities. We can’t see the forest for all the trees. We must be more open-minded and more vigilant. Our conscious mind and our awareness picks up only a fraction of what is happening in a day and what happens all around us, than our subconscious mind does. This is the whole mishap on the matter. You claim that reality is negotiable. This sounds almost a little esoteric. What exactly do you mean by that? This has nothing to do with esotericism. I look at the whole thing purely scientifically. It is about how experience controls our genes. I have dealt intensively with the scientific findings of neurobiology, brain research, epigenetics, quantum physics, and spiritual wisdom from Laotses Tao Te King, and have asked myself how we can transfer these eternal truths into our present and apply them in our daily lives. All of this you can imagine is an exciting journey within your mind and your own self. You feel hidden conditionings and you then realize that reality is only an illusion that you project into yourself with artificial imagery and questionable beliefs onto your life. At the end of this journey, you have all the tools in your hand to create a happier and more selfdetermined life.

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And you are sure this is not just wishful thinking? Yes absolutely! It is basically all about physics - nature's principles. Even for someone who has never studied this, it’s very easy to understand. It’s a discovery journey - exciting, entertaining, inspiring and motivating at the same time. You are now holding lectures all over the world, including New York, Dubai and Oman…. Yes, that is true. I have received a unique opportunity in life, a promise that I gave my mentors. The promise was that when I succeeded and climbed up the success ladder, that I would tell as many people as possible in my lectures and show them how reality can be negotiated. What can someone who books your lectures expect? "Reality is Negotiable?” I am absolutely in favor of the expectation being very high, because you can set the bar high. It’s a very successful lecture program. It shows in simple and easy-to-understand steps how to negotiate reality so that everyone will find a happier and more self-determined life, both private and professional, and the whole thing can be done in manageable time. However, the lecture does not only show a clear concept but also conveys the motivation one needs to have the energy to start and take action. It is a very exciting lecture. Many people are still at the beginning of their journey and finding their way, please tell us how it was at the beginning of your journey? In 2010, my wife and I were completely broke. Our beginning was anything but nice and that applied to all areas of our lives, to our family, and even to our health. But, I did have something good going on, I knew what I wanted (at least I thought I did) and so I wondered who could help me. Through these considerations, I built a whole new relationship with my mentors, and I also came to know the woman whom I believe I owe my life and today's knowledge of reality to. In order to understand what I mean, I will give you a brief, most exclusive summary of my life at that time. I had a talent for getting what I wanted, but only to a certain degree, and then I literally "crashed and burned.” I could not, for the life of me, find the clients I needed, let alone make the money we needed. Money and sales were a very difficult issue for me. Then I met an extraordinary woman through my mentors and I learned so much from her in a short time. With her influence, I succeeded in turning

10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

around my health, success and prosperity in abundance. Through this woman I learned that success has nothing to do with chance, luck or bad luck! I learned how reality - the reality - could be negotiated, or better yet, influenced. There is a clear strategy; basically a simple concept behind everything, everything you REALLY want, can be achieved. So I started to live this concept and became very successful again in a very short period of time. You were still heavily indebted and had to deal with many other problems. What had changed for you? I had made the clear decision, "I want to be financially secure and successful again." I promised my wife that in 12 months from that day, we would laugh at the problems we had, and I have kept my word. Now that I know the strategy, and how to negotiate reality, I realize that if I want to go in this one direction, I cannot go in the other direction. Another important thing I learned was the ability to differentiate between what I thought I wanted and what I really want. I never really understood that before. What can I know? What should I do? What can I hope for? What is man? To answer these questions is not so easy, but I will try. What can I know? I realize that I cannot know everything, not even in my field. So this is why I have people, experts in my scientific advisory council team who advise me, who tell me their opinions, which are honest. They will make me see the truth in challenging moments. What should I do? I only do what I am truly convinced of. To remain authentic is the most important thing for me in everything I do and propagate. No matter where I perform, I always act according to my inner feelings. The next question is from the German philosopher, Emanuel Kant: What can I hope for? That decisions I make from a pure heart with love, fall on fertile ground, and that the wrong decisions I make show me a new way to grow. And the most important question: What is man? Man is what he thinks all day, a product of his convictions, his values, his faith, and his inner attitude in his heart. So, for me, the circle closes when I say, "REALITY IS NEGOTIABLE".

REALITÄT IST VERHANDELBAR Ein Interview mit Marcus Giers

11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Marcus Giers ist erfolgreicher Speaker & Top Business Expert. Er gilt in Europa als ein exzellenter Berater, Speaker & Top Business Expert, ein Erfolgs-Producer, als Garant für außergewöhnliche Ergebnisse, bestens vernetzt in der deutschen Politik & Wirtschaft. The Eden Magazine traf ihn zum Gespräch Herr Giers willkommen in L.A.. Wie Sie gerade im Vorgespräch erzählten, sind Sie über 230 Tage im Jahr beruflich unterwegs. Warum tun Sie eigentlich das, was Sie tun? Im Alter von 14 Jahren habe ich die Schule geschmissen – ohne Abschluss, danach auf Baustellen gejobbt. Eines Tages, früh am Morgen, ich kroch auf allen Vieren vor dem Wismarer Rathaus und putzte mit meinen Händen die Natursteinplatten, hielten schwarze Limousinen vor dem Rathaus, aus ihnen stiegen gutaussehende Damen & Herren in dunklen Nadelstreifenanzügen aus. In dem Augenblick dachte ich nur „naja, hoffentlich stolpern sie nicht über den Looser im Dreck“, damit meinte ich mich. In dem Moment, es war unbeschreiblich, brach ein Vulkan in mir aus. Ich wusste auf einmal „Ich bin kein Verlierer“ und „wenn sich etwas in meinem Leben verändern soll, kann nur ich es tun, indem ich mich ändere“. Ich habe tief in mir beschlossen, dass auch ich Mercedes fahren und Nadelstreifenanzug tragen werde. Kurz um, 5 Jahre später verdiente ich 5-stellig im Monat und fuhr einen neuen Mercedes Benz E 280 Avantgarde. Als ich 34 Jahre war, ging ich auf Grund einer Kette von falschen Entscheidungen, die ich getroffen hatte, restlos pleite. Noch schlimmer! Gegen mich wurde sogar von Seiten der Staatsanwaltschaft ein Haftantrag gestellt. Ich durchlebte das volle Programm. Ein Millionenvermögen verloren, Hausdurchsuchung, Strafverfahren, hohe Schulden. Meine Frau und ich verloren wirklich alles, bis auf uns selbst. Am Ende hatten wir noch exakt 10,85 Euro Bargeld. Das merkwürdige war, ich fühlte mich dennoch unglaublich frei. Ich wusste, dass ich jetzt die Chance hatte, das zu tun, was ich wirklich tun wollte und das war Speaker werden, Menschen zu erzählen, wie das mit dem Erfolg wirklich funktioniert. Dann durfte ich Dinge erfahren & lernen, die glaube ich, nur wenige Menschen im Leben erfahren & lernen dürfen. Das, glaube ich, ist auch der Grund, warum, die meisten Menschen das Leben ihrer Träume nur träumen dürfen, während einige wenige diesen Traum leben. Auf Grund dieser Dinge, die ich lernen durfte, schaffte ich den turn around in weniger als 3 Jahren. Heute lebe ich auf der schönen Insel Mallorca, gebe Seminare & Vorträge in Europa, Asien und Amerika und bin erfolgreicher als jemals zuvor. Das Schönste jedoch ist, da wir keine eigenen Kinder haben ist, dass ich mich mit meiner Frau vielen sozialen Projekten in Haiti, Ke12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

nia und in Deutschland widmen kann. Hier erfährt man wahres Glück und echte Liebe von Kindern. Sie haben eine neue Chance bekommen und genutzt. Wie viele Chancen bekommen wir denn im Leben? Jeden Tag unendlich viele. Das Problem dabei ist, dass wir die Chancen nicht erkennen. Wir sehen den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht. Wir müssen offener durchs Leben gehen und wachsamer sein. Zudem kommt hinzu, dass unser Wachbewusstsein im Gegensatz zu unserem Unterbewusstsein nur einen Bruchteil von dem am Tag bewusst wahrnimmt, was um uns herum passiert. Das ist das ganze Malheur an der Sache. Sie behaupten ja, dass Realität verhandelbar ist. Es klingt ja fast ein wenig esoterisch. Was genau meinen Sie damit? Das hat ganz und gar nichts mit Esoterik zu tun. Ich betrachte die ganze Sache rein wissenschaftlich. Es geht darum, wie Erfahrungen unsere Gene steuern. Ich habe mich sehr intensiv mit den wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen der Neurobiologie, der Hirnforschung, der Epigenetik, der Quantenphysik sowie mit spirituellen Weisheiten aus Laotses Tao Te King auseinandergesetzt und mich gefragt, wie wir diese ewigen Wahrheiten in unsere Gegenwart übertragen und im Alltag anwenden können. Das ganze können Sie sich wie eine spannende Reise zu Ihrem Verstand und zu Ihrem eigenen Selbst vorstellen. Sie spüren versteckte Konditionierungen auf und Sie erkennen dann, dass die Realität nur eine Illusion ist, die Sie sich selbst in künstlichen Bildern mit fragwürdigen Überzeugungen auf die Kinoleinwand Ihres Lebens projizieren. Am Ende dieser Reise haben Sie alle Werkzeuge in der Hand, um sich ein glücklicheres & selbstbestimmteres Leben zu erschaffen. Und Sie sind sich sicher, dass das kein Wunschdenken ist? Ja, absolut! Es dreht sich im Grunde alles um Physik, um Naturprinzipien. Selbst für jemanden, der sich damit noch nie auseinander gesetzt hat, ist es sehr einfach zu verstehen. Es ist eine Entdeckungsreise – spannend, unterhaltsam, inspirierend und motivierend zugleich. Darüber halten Sie ja mittlerweile weltweit Vorträge, sogar in New York, Dubai und im Oman. Ja, absolut! Es dreht sich im Grunde alles um Physik, um Naturprinzipien. Selbst für jemanden, der sich damit noch nie auseinander gesetzt hat, ist es sehr einfach zu verstehen. Es ist eine Entdeckungsreise – spannend, unterhaltsam, inspirierend und motivierend zugleich.

Darüber halten Sie ja mittlerweile weltweit Vorträge, sogar in New York, Dubai und im Oman. Was kann jemand erwarten, der Ihren Vortrag "Realität ist verhandelbar“ bucht? Ich bin absolut dafür, dass die Erwartung sehr hoch gesteckt wird, denn man kann die Messlatte hier sehr hoch legen. Es ist ein sehr erfolgreiches Vortrags-Programm. Es zeigt in einfachen und leicht nachvollziehbaren Schritten, wie sich Realität verhandeln lässt, so dass jeder zu einem glücklicheren & selbstbestimmteren Leben, privat wie beruflich, finden wird und das Ganze in einer sehr überschaubaren Zeit. Der Vortrag zeigt jedoch nicht nur die klaren Konzepte sondern er vermittelt vielmehr auch die Motivation, dass man die Energie hat, um zu beginnen, um aufzustehen und zu handeln. Es ist ein sehr runder, vor allem aber auch, ein spannender Vortrag. Viele Menschen stehen noch ganz am Anfang ihrer Reise, wenn ich Ihr Wort von „der Reise“, von der Sie sprachen, hier verwenden darf. Wie war es bei Ihnen Herr Giers, am Anfang Ihrer Reise? Nun, 2010 waren wir, meine Frau und ich, restlos pleite. Also unser Anfang war damit alles andere als schön. Es hat sich auf sämtliche Lebensbereiche ausgewirkt, auf die Familie, vor allem aber auf die Gesundheit. Es hatte jedoch auch etwas Gutes. Ich wusste, was ich wollte (meinte ich zumindest) und so fragte ich mich, wer kann mir helfen. Durch diese Überlegungen habe ich dann ein ganz neues Verhältnis zu meinen Mentoren aufgebaut und durch sie die Frau kennengelernt, der ich, wie ich glaube, mein Leben und heutiges Wissen über die Wirklichkeit zu verdanken habe. Damit Sie verstehen, was ich meine, will ich Ihnen eine kurze, auszugsweise Zusammenfassung meines Lebens zur damaligen Zeit geben. Ich hatte ein Talent, etwas, nur bis zu einem bestimmten Grad, zu erreichen, dann flog ich sprichwörtlich „immer auf die Nase“. Es wollte mir absolut nicht gelingen, die Kunden zu finden, die ich brauchte, geschweige denn das Geld zu verdienen, welches wir benötigten. Geld und Umsatz waren in der Zeit ein ganz schwieriges Thema für mich. Dann lernte ich über meine Mentoren eine außergewöhnliche Frau kennen, von der ich in kurzer Zeit so viel lernen durfte. Mit ihrem Wirken gelang mir die Wende hin zu Gesundheit, Erfolg & Wohlstand im Überfluss. Durch diese Frau habe ich etwas ganz entscheidendes lernen dürfen. Erfolg hat nichts mit Zufall, Glück oder Pech zu tun! Ich habe lernen dürfen, wie sich die Wirklichkeit – die Realität – verhandeln oder, sagen wir besser, beeinflussen lässt. Es steckt eine klare Strategie, im Grunde ein

simples Konzept dahinter, mit dem sich alles, alles was man WIRKLICH will, erreichen lässt. So habe ich dann angefangen, dieses Konzept zu leben und wurde in sehr kurzer Zeit wieder sehr reich und erfolgreich. Sie waren damals noch hoch verschuldet, hatten noch mit vielen anderen Problemen zu kämpfen. Was hatte sich für Sie geändert? Ich habe die klare Entscheidung getroffen, „Ich will wieder reich & erfolgreich werden“. Ich hatte meiner Frau versprochen, dass wir in 12 Monaten, von dem Tag an gerechnet, über die Probleme lachen werden und ich habe mein Wort gehalten. Durch die mir nun bekannte Strategie, wie sich Realität verhandeln lässt, war mir klar, dass, wenn ich in diese eine Richtung will, darf ich nicht in die andere Richtung laufen. Eine weitere wichtige Erkenntnis war, mir die Fähigkeit anzueignen, unterscheiden zu können, zwischen dem, was ich meine zu wollen und dem, was ich wirklich will. Das hatte ich bis dahin nicht wirklich verstanden. Was kann ich wissen? Was soll ich machen? Worauf darf ich hoffen? Was ist der Mensch? Diese Fragen zu beantworten ist nicht ganz so leicht, dennoch werde ich es wagen. Mir ist klar, dass ich nicht alles wissen kann, auch nicht in meinem Fachgebiet. Also habe ich Menschen, Experten in meinem wissenschaftlichen Beirat, die mich beraten, die mir ungeschminkt ihre Meinung sagen, die integer und ehrlich zu mir sind, welche mir in herausfordernden Momenten den Spiegel vorhalten. So, die Frage, was soll ich machen? Ich mache nur das, wovon ich wirklich überzeugt bin. Authentisch zu bleiben, ist mir bei allem was ich mache und propagiere, das Wichtigste. Egal, wo ich auftrete, handle ich immer nach meinem inneren Gefühl. Nächste Frage Immanuel Kant's: Worauf darf ich hoffen? Dass Entscheidungen, die ich aus reinem Herzen mit Liebe treffe, auf fruchtbaren Boden fallen und dass Fehlentscheidungen, die ich treffe, mir einen neuen Weg aufzeigen, weiter zu wachsen. Und die alles entscheidende Frage: Was ist der Mensch? Der Mensch ist, was er den ganzen Tag denkt, ein Produkt seiner Überzeugungen, seiner Werte, seines Glaubens, seiner inneren Einstellung in seinem Herzen. Somit schließt sich für mich wieder der Kreis, wenn ich sage, dass „REALITÄT VERHANDELBAR 13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Luca Bosurgi

Inspirational mind-spirit coach and healer, author and visionary speaker, creator of Mind Fitnes, CognitiveOS Hypnosis and the founder and CEO of the Mind Fitness Lab Corp.

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Luca Bosurgi was born in Rome, Italy, to an aristocratic Italian family, the descendants of the Marquis Bosurgi who have a 1,200year history rich in art, engineering and enterprise. In the early 1890’s, Luca’s grandfather invented concentrated orange juice, and established himself as one of the first Italian Industrialists. Luca’s history is an eclectic mix of experiences that mesh perfectly with his passion to increase human happiness and self-reliance. At an early age, Luca began receiving extensive spiritual teachings from a channeled holy master. By the time he was becoming an adult, Luca had acquired groundbreaking knowledge about the meaning of life, the spirit-mind hierarchy, the mechanics of the mind and how it relates to mankind’s journey of spiritual evolution. Luca studied Business & Law at the University Bocconi in Milan. At 23, he was called on to rescue his family company, Sanderson & Sons in Messina, Sicily. In three years, Luca saved 1,500 jobs and secured the continued production of approximately 25,000 citrus farmers. This experience launched Luca into his first career, Investment Banking. At 28, Luca established his investment portfolio in Luxemburg with offices in London and New York. His company focused on Portfolio Management, VC Investments and M&A. In 2005, after more than two decades of sharing his life between his healing mission and the world of banking, he sold his business and moved to Los Angeles to establish his Mind Fitness™ School and Los Angeles practice. This was the beginning of Luca’s 11-yearlong journey towards perfecting Mind Fitness™, and it has allowed him to enhance and refine his method, improving his success rate from the initial 65% to more than 95% in the last five years. Today, thousands of people have experienced the Mind Fitness™, not only with Luca, but also with the approximately 20 Mind Healers that he has trained. In 2014, Luca identified Virtual Reality as an effective channel to bring Mind Fitness™ to the public. This motivated him to build a team, and based on the Mind Fitness™ method, develop a Virtual Reality Mind Training solution. The efficacy of using VR as a delivery mechanism for the Mind Fitness™ was tested and proven out in beta testing, showing results that equaled those he obtained in his practice – exceeding 95%. Additionally, Luca is a Medicine Man (Shaman) empowered with the gift of vision, known by his Native American spiritual name Red Cougar Mountain Spirit. He is also highly trained in ancient combat and martial arts (black belt in judo and karate), and initiated in Western and Easter mind-body disciplines. Luca consistently seeks effective ways to impart greater balance and healing to those in need. He discovered the power of Clinical Hypnosis in the early 1990’s in London.

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He was individually trained by Michael Joseph, Founder and President of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and publisher of the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. Clinical Hypnosis combined with his comprehensive knowledge of computer and digital science, metaphysics, psychology and ancient mind/spirit healing techniques, became the foundation of Luca’s new form of psychotherapy and mind training, Mind Fitness™. Luca lives with his wife and three children in Santa Monica, California. Tell us about Luca Bosurgi? Hmmm, where do I start? I’m Italian. I was born in Rome from an old Sicilian family. I lived an extraordinary life, jam-packed with the most complex and challenging experiences from which I’m so deeply grateful. I traveled the world, lived in many towns, met thousands of amazing people from different cultures, social status and beliefs, and learned from each one of them about life and human behavior. I received vast spiritual training by a holy master, and great initiations by wonderful teachers. I’ve been an Investment Banker for over 25 years, and for the last decade I have been, and continue to be, a spiritual and mind fitness coach. My life has been a blessed journey of discovery and understanding of spirituality, integrated with the human nature and behaviors. I’m now based in Santa Monica California, where I see my clients, bring forward my mission, and enjoy my 3 young kids, who are the best teachers I ever had. Tell us about your mission. I’ve been passionate about the mind and human behaviors from childhood. I always loved observing people, imagining their thoughts and predicting their reactions; it was a fun game and I loved the challenge. Soon it became more than a game. I spent hours analyzing and comparing my own behaviors with the ones of others, trying to link the purpose of life with our desires and needs. A lot of it made sense to me, but something was off. I trusted natures work to be perfect, our bodies to be naturally healthy and balanced as well as our minds. But, most of my friends, and a lot of the world around me, were overwhelmed by emotions, battling anxiety, fear and stress, or addiction and depression, and this was dramatically reducing their performance and happiness. This was odd, and against the law of nature. Emotions are meant to be at our service, not our enemies. So, I embraced the challenge to identify the cause of this widespread emotional disease, and possibly engineer solutions to clear this off so that people can live an easier, more effective, and happier life. In the middle of my thirties, after I had been rack18 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

ing my brain for years, I finally discovered the cause of these issues, a condition that I named Adult Emotional Dependency (AED). This is a mental disorder that compels emotional dependency from the people around us, causing a variety of emotional distress. In fact, the true hidden cause of most anxiety and fear is choking our society. Its consequences are so severe that the annual cost of stress and anxiety in the US alone is estimated to be $300BN in healthcare and lost productivity. I guess it remained undetected until today because it’s like the elephant in the room, such a common condition that its symptoms are considered the ‘normal’ consequences of modern society and are treated with drugs and symptom specific therapies, instead of hitting the root-cause. This discovery changed my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The awareness that I had a rather easy solution to resolve and prevent such a globally devastating condition took over my life and became my mission. After a few years of dividing my time between my financial business and AED, I sold my company and came to California to dedicate all of my time to developing and testing a program able to clear the condition and related consequences. I achieved what I set out to do and as a result, the solution that I identified has already proven successful with over 3,000 clients. The next step is to broadcast this awareness to the world and help people to create all sorts of educational and therapeutically approaches to eradicate Adult Emotional Dependency from our world. This will bring the world to the next evolutional stage where survival is used only in real threatening situations, where drugs and alcohol are used only for recreational purposes, where people can use all their undistracted brainpower to create, succeed, love, and where we can all join our resources to clean and rebuild our world to be decent and kind. Can you define Adult Emotional Dependency and Self-Reparenting? In brief, AED is the consequence of a missing emotional development in young adults, where we are meant to self-reparent our bodies and minds into becoming emotionally self-reliant. The lack of self-reparenting shifts our emotional needs from our parents to the world around us, with consequences such as fear of judgment, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, anxiety, stress, addiction, depression, sadness, poor performances, people ‘pleaser’, procrastination, self-doubt, neediness, social anxiety, poor confidence, lacking an identity, loneliness, anger and so many more…

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Self-reparenting is the act of self-adoption, where we assume a maternal and paternal role over our mind and body, becoming the sole indispensable provider of our own emotional needs. This transforms dependency to interdependency, needs to choices, and removes all the mental loops and distress related with the need for others as our essential emotional suppliers. You can read more about self-reparenting and AED at www.selfreparenting. org Do you mean, to take care of our wounded child within? No! Proudly reparenting our body and mind as our own son or daughter of our actual age. We don't have in us a wounded child, we own a superb life equipment (our mind and body) that requires our leadership and emotional supply. Let me expand on the theory of self-reparenting. Our life on Earth is a journey of learning and understanding, often defined as spiritual evolution. To enable us to live on this planet, we receive equipment (our mind and body) purposely built to give us a physical existence and to harvest awareness through experiences. This equipment is built like a highly sophisticated biological robot, with eyes as cameras, ears as microphones, mouth as speaker, hands as tools, legs as transport system. Our brain acts as the board computer managed by our mind, the software that operates the entire system. Our equipment has physical and emotional vital needs, these are meant to be satisfied by our parents during childhood. Around puberty we are meant to take charge of these needs, self-reparenting our body and mind. The level of success we achieve in our self-reparenting process is determined by the life-models we learned from our parents. Though this is Nature’s plan, it frequently fails because our parents and/or guardians have not achieved emotional independence themselves, so they cannot model and teach these essential life skills to their children. Without good parental models of self-leadership and self-reliance we become either unaware or unable to make the vital self-reparenting step. This obliges our starving mind to shift the seeking of our emotional needs from our parents to the people around us. But people are not surrogating parents, bound by parental love, thus are usually unwilling and unable to satisfy our emotional needs. This is felt as rejection and lack of support triggering all the harsh emotional responses presently choking our society.

What is Mind Fitness? Mind Fitness is the therapeutic program that I engineered with over 25 years of research and that I use with my clients to help them to implement and enhance their natural self-reparenting process and to remove past traumas. The basic program spans on 12 sessions of spiritual teaching, life coaching & CognitiveOS Hypnosis®. Spiritual teaching helps implement self-reparenting, enhances selflove and self-leadership–this sets the natural spirit-mind’s alignment and instinctively promotes healthier choices. Life coaching helps to embrace more efficient and healthier behaviors – this fast-tracks the path to emotional freedom. CognitiveOS Hypnosis® helps integrate organically these new tools and models in my clients’ daily routine – this boosts their performance and effectiveness in just a few weeks. Each session is 60 minutes long and combines 30 minutes’ of spiritual-mind-life coaching with 30 minutes of CognitiveOS Hypnosis®, the results are fast and life-changing. It’s a flexible method that I offer in person or remotely via phone or Facetime. I embrace each healing journey with a deep sense of respect, love and responsibility, therefore I only admit clients that I strongly believe will gain results exceeding their expectations. My best candidates are highly smart people, technical enough, however, open to spirituality and ready to embrace their own emotional needs. In your practice you use Hypnosis, how can this help people? Hypnosis helps people to enter into the same deep state of meditation used by Buddhist monks in their practice. It can be used for a variety of purposes. I use hypnosis to reduce our natural doubts barrier to the new or unproven. This allows the mind to listen and eventually implement new behavioral models. My proprietary form of hypnosis keeps my clients relaxed and aware of their surroundings, while remaining under their own control and able to regain normal consciousness at any time. What does CognitiveOS mean? CognitiveOS Hypnosis is my proprietary language under hypnosis that I refined with over 30,000 sessions. It’s a communication protocol that the mind understands and responds positively. I believe that our mind is perfect and always strives to provide the best possible service trying to keep us safe and operate efficiently. Therefore, if we establish proper communication with the mind, offering safer and more efficient behavioral models, the mind will evaluate them and it will agree on their value, and will implement them in a very short time.

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Who can benefit from Mind Fitness? We can all benefit from a good physical or mental workout, however the areas where Mind Fitness has demonstrated life changing results are with people suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD, fear, alcoholism or depression, or with the ones that want to improve confidence, gain high-performance, better their relationships and their quality of life. Gaining control over our mind, allows us to gain control over our life, and this improves every aspect of our existence.

a much faster and long-lasting solution, as well as a solid foundation for other mind-enhancing modalities.

What inspired you to write your book “The Mind Shaman?” I wrote The Mind Shaman as my first intent to bring awareness about self-reparenting to the world. It was written about 4 years ago. The terminology has changed and I progressed extensively in my research and therapy from then, but the basic concept of self-reparenting and the vital value that is represented and depicted in the novel are all taken from a variety of real-life stories. Most of the stories described in the book are real events, experienced by me or my clients, of course the names and locations are different, but the full content of the book refers to the dramatic transformations that I saw happen in me and my clients when we embraced selfreparenting.

How do you feel about using Prescription Drugs when a person has depression? Is it helpful? Sure, if you don’t have alternatives, drugs will help you to cope. But depression is typically not an organic illness, it’s an overload brain because of excess of anxiety and fear. These burn available brainpower into reducing every other brains activities to a crippling stage. To end depression, we just need to end the causes of anxiety and fear. I saw dozens of clients that had suffered years of depression and end depression in just a couple of weeks. The main problem with drugs, apart from the side effects, is that they are only targeting the symptoms and altering the chemical of the brain, when the root problem is in the mind.

Do you practice Shaman sessions? I was reconnected with my past-life’s shamanic powers about 9 years ago by a powerful Apache Medicine Woman. I don’t do ceremonies, but every day in my practice, I connect the world of spirits with the world of matter, helping my clients to embrace the two realities and fuse them in one. In each session, I guide my clients in the Sacred Healing Space of the Montaigne, where magic happens, and then inside their own beautiful mind, where more magic occurs.

Photography by: Brenda Saint Hilaire Photography Suit by: Valentino Location: Mind Fitness, Santa Monica, CA

How do you plan to expand your practice in the future? In fact, I’m planning to reduce my practice to just a few clients and dedicate most of my time to educate our communities about self-reparenting and engineer tools like the Virtual Reality app that can help people worldwide. How is your healing method different than other methods? I guess the main difference is that most healing methods are symptom or behavior driven. Meaning that they fo­cus on alleviating symptoms, or substituting behaviors. My method instead aims to restructure the needs and the priorities of the mind. This consequently removes the negative symptoms and promotes healthier behavioral choice, 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

How is the “Virtual Reality Method” different from your one-on-one process? The ‘Mind Fitness & Detox’ Virtual Reality app is a home Mind Fitness that replicates my program. It implements rather successfully the basics of my program promoting self-reparenting. Of course, it’s not tailor-made for specific client’s needs but does the job. `

Soul Courage

with Tara-jenelle Walsch


That Someone By Tara-jenelle Walsch

Every now and again you meet that someone who just knocks your socks off and leaves you smiling. I’m not talking about a physical or romantic attraction, this is more like an instant, “I get you” attraction. The kind of spontaneous click with a perfect stranger that lights you up in the moment and stays with you throughout the day.

How on earth does that happen?

That someone is most likely characterized as; charismatic, compelling, enthusiastic, magnetizing, captivating, or intriguing. Yet this seemingly magical person is usually not much different than any of us. The only difference may be the way in which they share who they are with the world. And how they do that is usually by being accessible and engaging in such a way that their energy invites others to be available to receiving it.

And when this happens, it ignites a little burst of light between those involved. This “light” between people is the feeling of recognition and connection. I call it a Soul Spark when we instantly connect like this with a stranger and it feels as harmonious and familiar as if we were meeting up with an old friend. And most likely, we are.

It can feel magical sometimes, because the energy of this person lifts our spirits even if we aren’t in a particularly good mood at that moment. We could be feeling tired or a little grumpy and then along comes that someone and boom! —we’re even surprised at our own reaction to them. But they have such a genuine sense of being that it leaves us feeling comfortable and safe, loosening the hatch on any inkling of resistance or rigidity we may have. 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

My take is that accessibility seduces availability. That when we are genuine and open and engaging it coaxes the same out of others and brings their attention to the surface. In essence, our approachability awakens their presence.

The difference between being available for another and accessible to another is vast. When we’re available for someone, we are at hand, of use and present with them. When we’re accessible to someone, we are approachable, within reach and have dropped our walls of protection. But what is it that seduces accessibility? How do we even get to the place inside where we can be open and engaging with others?”

Katerina Plotnikova Photography 25 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Actually, we’ve all been that someone for others many times over, but likely didn’t realize it because we were busy being in joy or bliss about something at that time. That’s when we’re most naturally alive and accessible to others, when we’re feeling joyful or grateful about something and our whole body is smiling. This is because joy and bliss carry a higher frequency than that of the mind’s daily navigating and problem solving. A frequency that lifts our emotions above rationale, rippling the elated energy through our body and opening our heart wide. You may notice that when you’re in a state of bliss like this, the mind is completely hushed and there is a sense of your spirit feeling lifted, almost as if you are tipsy or in another dimension. It’s an energy almost impossible to contain because it radiates in and around you so much that even people in your presence can feel some of it. We’ve all felt someone walk into the room who is filled with positive energy like this and we often say, “Wow, your radiating!” The reason we tend to be more open and accessible with others when we’re feeling joyful like this is because the raised frequency of the emotional energy aligns us with our true selves and its inherent desire to love and be loved, filling us with an unexplained sense of harmony with all things and people. It’s as though we fall in love with life and feel such a profound sense of freedom that we come out to play. But what if there is no bliss in our life? Then we call it in. There is always elevated energy available to us, it’s not something that just flows to the “lucky people.” It’s a frequency that we can tune into and ride along with, even if we see no evidence of it in our physical life. We can intentionally move into this energy field by creating little Bliss Bits for ourselves throughout the day. Bliss Bits can be anything from the excitement in getting out of work early on a Friday, to taking a walk on the beach, or even the feeling of picking pizza up for dinner. One of my favorites is simply stopping as I get out of the car at night and looking up into the sky, breathing into its vastness and the wonder of life. Whatever the instance, when the joy in these little

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moments is felt fully it expands our hearts and flows through us freely, opening our accessibility to others. The more we take care of ourselves and keep our bliss tank full, it spills over into who we are and we naturally share it with others creating a mutual gift for all. Roadmap to Being That Someone 1 - Increase daily awareness around your emotions. 2 - Increase awareness around how your feelings conduct your interaction with others. 3 - If you desire a lift, intentionally move into an elevated energy field by creating a Bliss Bit. 4 - However small your Bliss Bit may seem, don’t judge it or let your mind talk you out of it, just focus on fully feeling into the joy. 5 - Openly share your unguarded, joyous self with others. *Note: I don’t recommend pushing yourself into a Bliss Bit if you’re feeling sincerely low. In those cases I believe it’s best to nurture yourself by feeling through your low.

p Are you in a soul quandary? Feel free to ask Tara-jenelle for courageous insight. Submit your question to Tara-jenelle Walsch is a monthly columnist for the Eden Magazine. She is the author of the book, Soul Courage, and the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company. You will also find her speaking publicly about emotional and energetic awareness, and a sacred formula which she believes has the ability to enrich the world at large. Tara-jenelle was raised in Annapolis, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University in Baltimore. She currently lives in the beautiful hills of Ashland, Oregon with her pug, Sascha.

Be The Change By Master Charles Cannon and Will Wilkinson

The Reiki master closes her eyes and exhales slowly, inaudibly, hovering over her client. The polarity therapist empties his mind and notes a tingling in his fingers. The shaman crouches near the fire and enters a trance-like state. They are all practitioners of energy medicine, each connecting with “source” in their own unique way and preparing to flow a specific energetic exchange with others. Energy Medicine, in its many forms, remains a mystery. How does it work? Why does it work for some and not for others, at some times and not at other times? Are only a few rare individuals born with special gifts or can anyone learn how to experience and transmit healing power? We are encouraged to explore our potential by biologist Rupert Sheldrake who wrote in Setting Science Free, “The delusion that science has already answered the fundamental questions chokes off the spirit of inquiry. The illusion that scientists are superior to the rest of humanity means that they have little to learn from anyone else. They need other people’s financial support, but they do not need to listen to anyone less scientifically educated than themselves. In return for their privileged position, scientists will deliver knowledge and power over nature, transforming humanity and the earth.”1

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In 1981 Sheldrake introduced the concept of “morphogenetic fields” (M-fields) in his book, A New Science of Life, described as “invisible organizing patterns (that) act like energy templates to establish forms on various levels of life.”2 Proving a causative relationship between energy and matter was, of course, established by Einstein with his signature Theory of Relativity, but even he was troubled by quantum discoveries which he called “spooky action at a distance.” Most of us are familiar with occurrences that validate this illogical relationship. On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first human to run a mile in under four minutes. Suddenly, other runners began doing the same. Sheldrake sees this as proof that, once one person has accomplished something novel, it’s easier for others to follow suit. One pioneer changes the M-field and this evolved field is instantly available to others. Richard Hawkins wrote in Power vs Force, “We are all familiar with the fact that new ideas often seem to arise in the minds of several far-removed people at the same time. Somehow, the M-field acts as an organizing principle, like a sort of general magnetic attraction. An M-field does not have to move anywhere. It is a standing energy field that is everywhere present. Once it is created, it exists as a universally available pattern throughout the invisible universe.”3 If these M-fields are universally available, then the measurement of genius changes from innate or learned ability to skills of accessing. This means that none of us needs to feel inadequate when it comes to developing energy healing talents. We can learn how to access the appropriate fields. There are courses of study, skilled practitioners to apprentice with, and perception exercises that enhance our own unique, dormant abilities. Those of us who follow the call and become energy medicine practitioners come to understand that the entirety of our lives– through every twist and turn – has actually been preparing us perfectly for this work. The vast majority of us who never train to become healing professionals, open offices, and begin seeing clients, can still develop our intuitive healing skills by paying closer attention to the details of our daily lives, especially our relationships.

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Everyone carries a unique energetic signature, radiating from us in what some refer to as an aura. Not many of us can see auras but we can all feel them. An angry person feels angry. A loving person feels loving. Before they say a word or do anything, we can usually perceive their energy field. When we begin consciously paying attention, our perception increases and a whole new world begins to open up. We have entered the domain of “energy medicine,” not first as a healer of others but as a participant in the mysterious dance of life force originating from a source beyond description. Some do call this “source,” others use the word God or love. Something is transmitting power to us and though us. Our hearts beat. How? Courtesy of the same force that is steering the stars. This force keeps us alive. It automatically transmits beyond our body as an aura and we can learn how to transmit our energy consciously, spreading “good vibes” in every moment of every day. This prepares us for special occasions when a particular focus of transmission may be needed. That requires training but everyone can learn to do it. In fact, it’s natural. A mother holds her child. A coach gives his team a pep talk. A musician strokes strings or keys. We all transmit energy through every form we use but those who do it consciously are co-creating an impact that is accumulative and is, literally, changing the future. “As within, so without,” may be a term that originated in ancient Hermeticism but it’s a widely accepted spiritual principle today. Indeed, philosophers of old have long advised that our visible reality is a reflection of invisible energetic fields. When we become deliberate about our participation in those fields, we develop the ability to “change the world.” What does the future hold, then, if more and more of us are beginning to be responsible for our energetic contribution, as interest in these matters increases? Futurist Ray Kurzweil and others have popularized a term, “The Singularity,” originated in 1993 by science fiction writer Vernor Venge who described it this way: “It is a point where our old models must be discarded and a new reality rules. As we move closer to this point, it will loom vaster and vaster over human affairs till the notion becomes commonplace. Yet when it finally happens it may still be a great surprise and a greater unknown.”4

The French priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote about his vision for the future: “Like a vast tide, Being will have engulfed the shifting sands of being. Within a now tranquil ocean, each drop of which, nevertheless, will be conscious of remaining itself, the astonishing adventure of the world will have ended. The dream of every mystic, the eternal pantheist ideal, will have found its full and legitimate satisfaction.”5 Certainly, what’s brewing for the future is mysterious. But we’re already proving that the old laws don’t work the way we thought they did. In his recent book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza writes about a prayer experiment conducted by an Israeli doctor in 2000. 3,393 hospital patients suffering from sepsis (an infection) were divided into two groups. The intention was to determine if prayer at a distance could affect a measurable influence. Results indicated that those prayed-for “benefited from an earlier decrease in fever and a shorter hospitalization time.”6 That is truly remarkable, but there’s more. “Actually, those who were praying weren’t praying for patients who were infected in 2000. Instead, unbeknownst to them, they were praying for lists of people who had been in the hospital from 1990 to 1996 – four to ten years prior to the experiment! The prayed-for patients actually got better during the 1990s from the experiment conducted years later. Let me say this another way: the patients who were prayed for in 2000 all showed measurable changes in health, but those changes took effect years before.”6 That’s a real mind-bender! It indicates that whatever this life force is, what those praying transmitted, what the Reiki master, the polarity therapist, and the shaman transmit, is not limited in space and time. The power of love can be harnessed and expressed for the benefit of others, including those in distant places and times. All of us are transmitting energy all the time. Our moments may seem ordinary but they bring us the “target” of the moment, the opportunity to flow source energy, however we would describe it, with others and into the world around us. But this starts within us. Yes, there are those who have special talents for energy healing, but all of us are innately able to transmit energy

and, when we choose to become more conscious about the quality of our transmission, we can fulfill Gandhi’s famous injunction, to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

References: 1. Sheldrake, Rupert, Setting Science Free, Deepak Chopra Books, 2012, page 341, accessed November, 2015 2. Ibid, same page 3. Hawkins, David Power vs. Force, Hay House Inc., 2012, page 159, accessed January, 2017. 4. Newitz, Annalee, What Is The Singularity And Will You Live To See It?,, 05/05/2010, Retrieved from accessed February, 2017 5. Russell, Peter, Waking Up in Time, Origin Press, 1998, page 172, accessed February, 2017, 6. Dispenza, Joe, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Hay House Inc., 2012, page 17, accessed February 2017

f Master Charles Cannon is the Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality. His other books include: Living an Awakened Life: The Lessons of Love, Forgiving the Unforgivable, Awakening from the American Dream, The Bliss of Freedom, Modern Spirituality and The Meditation Toolbox. For more information, contact Synchronicity Will Wilkinson is a senior consultant with Luminary Communications in Ashland, Oregon. He has written a dozen self-help books and delivered programs in conscious living for forty years, interviewed scores of leading-edge change agents and pioneered experiments in small scale alternative economies. His latest book, Now or Never: A Time Traveler’s Guide to Personal and Global Transformation, was published in January 2017.

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5 ways to live a successful life By Roxana Jones

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Success is a word with at least 7.5 billion definitions. Every human being on this planet has a unique way of interpreting success and this is simply because we all have different beliefs, different ways of seeing the world, and different dreams and goals that give shape and define how we see ourselves being successful. Additionally, we are beings that are always transforming ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically even when it is not so evident for the majority. Our transformation is always resulting in new ways of seeing the world, new ways of wanting to be successful. I believe that being a successful person has more to do with an inner state of being than with amassing great wealth. There was a time in my life where I had all that money could buy and yet, I didn’t feel successful at all. One day I decided I would do everything possible to understand how to achieve that successful life I knew I was missing and I knew I deserved to have. I learned many hard lessons before understating that success and happiness were synonyms and that in order to feel successful and live a successful life I would first have to learn how to stay happy. Everything began to make sense when I realized that whenever I felt happy I also felt successful. Later on, I understood that when I was in that happy state, or better said, in that frequency of happiness, I was vibrating higher. The more positive energy I could emanate the more energy of success I could experience. What happens when you experience a happy moment in your life? Don’t you think it is much easier to feel successful when you’re happy? What happened the day when you graduated from high school or college or you earned a degree? Didn’t you feel happy AND successful? What happened when you knew you had madly fallen in love and the other person felt just the same as you did? Didn’t you feel happy AND successful? Or what happened when your boss called you to his office to let you know you had been promoted to that new position you wanted for so long? Didn’t you feel happy AND successful? 33 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

As you can see through these examples, success is not only about achieving a specific ‘material’ status. Success is a happy feeling and the more happy feeling moments you experience, the more your life becomes a successful one. The material aspect of success comes once you become the feeling of happiness and success. All the material things you want in order to feel successful are the natural result of your state of being, not the other way around. I’m sure you know a few cases of people who have all the wealth they want and are still miserable and empty. Why is that? Because they still have not become the feeling of happiness and success. Here are five ways to achieve that inner state that allows you to become the feeling of happiness and success: 1. Say goodbye to negative people Many people don’t realize the importance of staying away from negative people when it comes to having a successful life. Begin to identify the people in your life who live in ‘complaining and criticizing mode’. Loving them doesn’t mean you must let them influence you with their negative ways. Learn when is the right time to say ‘enough is enough’ without feeling guilty and begin creating circumstances where you attract positive people who allow you to feel happy and successful when they’re around. 2. Don’t try to compare or compete We were conditioned to believe we need to compare ourselves with others, and that the only way to become successful is to compete and win some type of imaginary race we run in our minds. Guess what? Your gifts and talents (even if you don’t see them right now) are so special that you are incomparable. Also, you really don’t need to compete because your so-called contenders are all imagined until the moment you stop imagining them. As Bob Marley used to say: “the moment you stop racing is the moment you win the race.” 3. Believe you are unique If you are struggling with feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love and beliefs of not being so special, you’re not alone. Millions of people in this world feel insignificant and disempowered. Most of us have been taught to believe in a lack of self-worth that is not ours. It is up to you to let go of that belief because it is only a belief and as such you can change it as you please as soon as you’re ready to accept your uniqueness. 4. Build your dreams through your uniqueness Don’t think your dreams need to be the same dreams

34 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

as those of your parents, friends, colleagues, role models, and so on. It’s time for you to start experiencing your uniqueness and from there choose the type of life you truly want. Not because someone has a multi-million dollar mansion you have to aspire to the same. Ask your heart what is your most authentic dream and then, if the multi-million dollar mansion is aligned with that dream well then so be it, but don’t feel bad or ‘unsuccessful’ because you might feel happy with a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. You are successful as long as you are living an authentic life from your authentic Self, remember that when you’re egomind tries to convince you otherwise. 5. Repeat every day until your eyes begin seeing your amazing results This last recommendation is the most important of all five. You see, none of the above-mentioned would serve you and give you the results you deserve if you don’t commit to practicing them daily. You only get what you focus on and when incorporating new habits you must focus daily on them until the old ones are permanently replaced by the new. There are many studies out there describing how you need between 21 days to 60 days in average to incorporate a new habit. The sooner you start the sooner you will realize you deserve to become the feeling of happiness of success. Are you ready to live life in your own happy and successful terms? Until next time!

, Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul are successful copreneurs and philanthropists who have been working together since 2009. Through their different online ventures, Roxana and Arnaud empower individuals and businesses through the common goal of promoting the growth and expansion of positivity around the world. Up to now, Roxana and Arnaud have inspired 40M people on social media and their HealThruWords® online community counts with 200,000+ members. Please visit

Be Mindful, Be Heartful, Be Empowered

Roxana Jones Arnaud Saint-Paul

Reclaming Your True Self

with Angela Dunning

How to Re-Centre Yourself and Find Your Balance By Angela Dunning

For many people, but especially for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), when we are in a high-energy, stressful mode of operating, or surviving, we often make rash decisions which go against our best interests, desires or well-being, and we can also get more easily pulled or knocked-off balance. We find ourselves running - running towards things, and running away from things; especially our feelings and true needs. If we take a moment to pay attention to this level of energy - we notice that we are unconsciously operating like this all of the time. And this is not healthy. In addition, we avoid accessing the positive hormones and endorphins which get released through deep relaxation, mindfulness and being in our bodies. Over a period of time this can lead to ill-health, imbalance and a general loss of power and energy, as it is simply exhausting to be at this stress-level for too long. Further, when we are always running, we are inevitably never actually arriving: Arriving to the present moment of what actually is; arriving to ourselves, to our presence inside: our feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and intuitive insights. As well as never really being present with the people or animals in our lives too. This is such a shame as it means we miss out on actually being here; right now. Instead, our eyes remain fixed on a goal always ahead. Always, always ahead and never right here.

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Photo by Dorota Dziduch 37 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Often we think if we change something physical in our lives - our home, our job, our relationship and so on, that all will suddenly fall into balance and the stress will disappear. It won’t. As the adrenaline we generate from within us affects all that we try to do and especially affects our decision-making ability and our relationships.

Then it is possible to find your unique track (your Soul's purpose or Dharma path) and stay on it. Not that the temptations or disruptions won’t still come along, as they will. Yet, little by little, finding it easier to resist those that don’t serve your higher purpose, or your very best level of self-care.

When we run from ourselves and our feelings we get off balance. We leave ourselves behind and abandon ourselves, over and over again. Our much neglected emotional-self cries out for our attention, yet we prefer to run away from its voices...

Just as when we offer to lead a horse, we keep focused on our purpose, keep breathing and remind ourselves that we can do it, and the horse follows. The horses love being with us when we are in this calmer state. They find our stress and rushing highly unsettling and if they can move away, they will or they will create difficulties and further stress in our handling of them.

However, when we consciously change this energy and focus instead on our center - the very core of our being, we discover we can slow this energy down. Literally becoming more centered. Imagine, if you like, a central pole or column (or a tree, or beam of light), running where your spine is, from the top of your head down into the ground. Imagine this pole as solid, stable, grounded and secure. Once this central pillar of your being is in place, it’s impossible to get swayed and tempted by outside options, or inner desires that aren’t in your best interests. In my work alongside the horses, I help women locate their central pillar within themselves and strengthen it, a little at a time. Connecting to it with their breath, their attention and their intention they learn to move through life from a more centered, calm place, where balance already exists and is possible, regardless of whatever new storms arise in their life. I also help them to consciously start to listen to their emotions and gently create the space for them to be felt, received and heard. When they get the message from their emotions, the feelings gently dissipate and their body relaxes: They are back home once again. When we practice doing this on a regular basis, we can find that staying put with ourselves is actually far more satisfying than running away from ourselves. We also see ourselves, our present situation, our environment and those in our lives - human and animal, with fresh eyes of appreciation and gratitude. Our energy then also changes. From the rush of running, to a slower, calmer flow of release and an ability to remain present.

38 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

So it is with life. When we come from a centered place life flows much more effortlessly, and instead, offers us new directions we perhaps have never even yet dreamt of.

e Angela Dunning has been a certified Eponaquest Instructor since 2007. Based in Herefordshire, England, she also practices elsewhere in the UK and abroad on invitation. She delivers gentle yet powerful personal development and training programs in Equine Facilitated Learning to individuals, groups and organizations. She specializes in helping people reconnect to their body, emotions and personal power. She particularly works with women with depression, low levels of confidence and relationship issues, using ground-breaking techniques that make a real difference to your life, your inner healing work and your relationships. In addition, she offers consultancy, supervision and training in equine facilitated practice. Angela is also a passionate writer of books, articles and poetry on related topics. Learn more about Angela and her EFL work and read her Blog here: You can also connect with Angela on Facebook also:

Himalayan Pink Salt Health Benefits and How to Implement Them By Terri David

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Hidden in the beauty of the world's highest mountain range lies Himalayan pink salt, the ancient secret to health, beauty, and total well-being. Known to be the cleanest and purest form of salt in the world, Himalayan pink salt has been used in natural medicine and therapeutic treatments for centuries. With benefits that include everything from increased energy levels and concentration, to weight loss, enhanced sleep quality, and improvements in the functioning of your body's major systems, this powerful mineral has effective healing properties that can restore health and have you feeling better than ever.

1. Nutritional Benefits: Himalayan pink salt contains 84 minerals essential to human life and will help re-balance your body, allowing your cells to function properly so you can fight infections and disease. This salt also aids in the absorption of vitamins from other foods and supplements so you receive maximum nutrition from the food you eat. Simply replace your table salt with Himalayan pink salt and use it to prepare or flavor meals, so you can begin reaping all the health benefits this mineral has to offer. 2. Respiratory Benefits: Himalayan crystal salt lamps emit negative ions that are effective in cleaning the air of pollutants, allergens, toxins, and odors, allowing you to breath easier and relieving respiratory difficulties caused by asthma or bronchitis. You can also enhance the benefits of salt lamps by using a salt inhaler which will clear the lungs and respiratory passageways and help remove infection causing bacteria. The inhaler is simply a ceramic container filled with dry salt. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and inhale deeply, repeating the process for 15-20 minutes daily. Most people notice improved breathing and relief of respiratory symptoms almost immediately. 3. Hydration Benefits: Water is essential to cell function, and without a sufficient water supply the body will become dehydrated and unable to work properly, resulting in health problems. Himalayan pink salts help attract water to the cells so they can do their job, allowing you to stay healthy and strong. The best way to enjoy the hydration benefits is to make a solution known as "sole". Fill a jar with Himalayan pink salt, cover with water and let it sit for about 8 hours. Each day, take a teaspoon of the sole, add it to a glass of water, and drink it on a empty stomach. Sole also offers many other benefits such as improved circulatory function, increased immunity, higher energy levels, and better sleeping patterns. 4. Sinus Benefits: By making a saline solution, Himalayan pink salts can cleanse nasal passages and offer relief from allergy symptoms, sinus infections, sinusitis, snoring, and sinus pain. This can be done most effectively by using a neti pot, a small device with a spout similar to a little teapot. Fill the pot with a solution made to the same concentration as natural tears, and pour into the nasal passageways to clear the sinuses. It is important to

follow proper instructions for technique and mixing recipes. 5. Replenishing Benefits: Salt is vital to the body and is needed for proper muscle and nerve function as well as the regulation of blood pressure. After an intense workout or in extreme heat, it is important to replace the sodium, fluids, and electrolytes lost through sweating. By mixing a little Himalayan pink salt with water, lemon juice, and natural sweeteners, you can create a delicious and healthy sports drink that will restore your body's balance and help it function properly. 6. Purification Benefits: Many sicknesses and diseases are caused by the high level of toxins present in the body due to pesticides, artificial colorings, preservatives, and environmental contaminants. Drinking 2 tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt dissolved in a glass of water will help relieve constipation and flush toxins and waste from your body. A salt bath is also one of the best ways to purify the body and restore your health. Dissolve at least one full kilogram (about 2 pounds) of Himalayan pink salt into a hot bath and soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. The heat from the water increases blood flow to dissolve toxins, and the salt helps draw these toxins out of the body. As an added benefit, you also enjoy improved circulation and healthier looking skin. Himalayan pink salts offer many benefits that can restore your body, relieve stress, and help you stay healthy.

y Terri David is a natural health consultant specializing in wellness, preventative health and weight management. She created to provide info on alternative cure products such as Himalayan pink salt.

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with Michael White Ryan


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THE POWER IS NOW Every moment we are in the grip of change. Every moment is worth the effort. The shift in time has happened, the shift in self remains open to one of two paths. We are what we are today and we are today what we shall remain in our future, path one. We are today what we have been in the past, but now a shift has birthed from within, each day is written as if it is written for you/me/we collectively and as a single language for each individual, path two. It’s now in our hands to integrate!!! As of now we are swimming in an energetic sea of wonderess glory. Every breath I breathe is the universe and every breath the universe breathes is you/me/we. We may have already had a mindset of thinking we know this, but the reality of that information is no longer a theory, it is now a physical presence. Our connections are merging at a consciousness/unconsciousness down to a level into the everymanwoman. The beauty is, I hear the whispers in the crowds, in the single experiences of wonders expressed, as if, what we term as luck, has come knocking on their door looking for a place to call home.

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In an attending meditation circle, I hear talk of how we can manifest to our heart’s desire, due to the late August astrological events and solar eclipse. A big Question…how long have we been manifesting our desires/ goals/wants/needs? Unfortunately, the debate is still out on when humans began to manifest, 40,000 years ago is a rough estimate. For most of us today it may have started in the 60’s hippy era, or when it was popularized in small circle downloads and the ever-popular Esther Hicks and many others. Powerful as it may be, it’s time on the planet is long, therefore I suggest a thank you and “R.I.P. Manifestation”. We live in a world of constant change and yet we love to hang onto that which we think benefits us, increases our outcomes. At the same time wanting the new fresh updated models in every area of our existence. Manifestation has lived a long life and given us beautiful moments in time, but in order to elevate, a new-lesson must emerge and it has. Life will always manifest an evolution to humans, as it has done since time began. It’s just happening differently for you and me. We are at this moment in time, so so blessed!!! Manifestation implies, wait, we need new eyes to see. Manifestation has a definition, but now that we have moved into a new energetic age, one that supports humans in connectivity, the language to communicate with the universe and vice versa is different. We can no longer ignore there exists a peripheral aspect to language, a larger sound to every word that ripples out to reach deep down inside and touch our soul with expanded meanings. Hence manifestation implies the help of another energetic force, we give the message to the universe and tomorrow or 20 years later it rocks on up. The good news, we no longer need to wait! If time is evolutionary then what’s next. We are evolutionary, we have arrived at knowing manifestation was always there to feed every individual 24/7, we were just blind to the fact. This new wave of universal energies has gifted us back our sight/awareness to see one’s individual personal creation opportunities 24/7. This goes way beyond those existing, past, present ego selfordained mindset practices we’ve engaged in far too long, to feel as one with the social-joneses-clubs. Be gone oh ye past limitation, gone from the depths of never knowing our/my/real identity. Forsake yourself no more, for you are the creator of your unique life-path. Know thy self and be true, for you are the manifestation/manifestor of wonder and glory, now available as we come back home to unite the many variances living in our-self. 44 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

A white fluffy rabbit jumps over a bright red house, which smells like hot honey peaches on a cold winters morn. Close by is a large blue flower pot filled with multi colored roses as a ginger cat stands, watering those roses with warm dark chocolate, while a bright yellow sun shines on five rows of dancing orange carrots, wearing hats made of large green banana leaves. Here is the exercise, after reading ask someone to read to you while you sit with eyes closed. Picture in the mind the words as visual as possible, repeat if necessary. Some of you may already know the meaning, congratulations. You are your inspiration, the authority to connect with all that is, interact to know your presence has power. What are you, you are community, you are individual, you are nature, you are human, you are the driving force, the foundation of all futures. Knowing your purpose, this is not enough. Experience and you live…blessings to one and all…michael.

t Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Henderson NV.

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Paradigms and Dimensions By Jodi Hershey

Here are some descriptions for the different dimensions: First Dimension - Is the heaviest dimension The Mineral Kingdom. Second Dimension - The Plant Kingdom Third Dimension - Is the Animal Kingdom - The lower to mid-level intelligence of the Human Species. This thought process is about survival and is centered around the "I" self - eat, drink, sleep and provide for oneself. This is where the majority of the human race has resided. It is "Ego" based in time, space, direction and it represents: Past, Present and Future Karma - Cause and effect Separateness - Instead of Inclusiveness Fourth Dimension - We have now begun the shift of a higher frequency and vibration. This shift requires us to become more evolved, so that we may adjust and adapt to this forward movement. Fourth Dimension starts a REVOLUTION OF THOUGHT - a paradigm, which is how we look at the world and an EVOLUTION OF SPECIES. Some say this may actually be altering our human bodies anatomy and creating more strands of DNA to help us evolve.

This frequency shift is part of what we are feeling as in the example that time is going way too fast. And, the once clear A paradigm is a set of assumptions that defines how we lines between past, present and future are diminishing. We are look at the world. An example of a paradigm is that we learning to "live in the now." What we once knew as real and all thought that the world was flat and accepted this as true is changing by the day.

true. Then, along comes Columbus and he discovers the world is round and not flat at all. This sent everyone up in arms, saying this is impossible and crazy. We succumbed and had to adjust to a new perspective. The new thought was the world was indeed round. We had to let go of the old belief of the world being flat. A dimension encompasses entire realities that overlap each other. Dimensions are based on the frequency of vibration. The dimensions, also, get lighter in density as the frequency accelerates faster. The lower the frequency, the more dense the matter, the lower amount of cognitive understanding.

We are being shown that we are responsible for our actions and we are asked to take a look at our choices. We have to change our behavior from neglect and disregard for the earth and all of its inhabitances on it. We have become "greed" based and cavalier with an attitude of say-la-vie. This attitude, my friends, is no longer going to be. We are to correct this behavior in the Fourth Dimensional frequency or cease to exist. Our beliefs are being challenged, so we can come into a new way of living and understanding. Remember, things have to break down, so we can rebuild a new healthy society. Until we start to change ourselves individually and collectively and start working towards a cooperative, global world, things will continue to deteriorate until we get it. 47 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

We determine how far we fall and how soon we start to pick everything up. We are all good at cooperative rebuilding, as we have seen this in crisis after crisis. The outpouring of compassion and our tenacity to help thy neighbor, shows up in contribution every time. And, this very thing is what we are called to do NOW! We will pretty much stay in the Fourth Dimension for a while as this is where we will have opened our minds to all working together for the common good of all living things. A new rebuilding will be taking place in every aspect of our society. In Fourth Dimension you learn about your true-self and live it. We start to change our thought process from apathetic beliefs to positive possibilities, so as to create an outcome we are looking for. We learn that we create our own Universe and we can change it anytime, so we must start to break down our belief systems because they are limiting and no longer serve our purpose. We become "open" to "new" thought. We go to and out of the box thinking and start working from our intuition, so that we can create a sustainable world. Our thought process is no longer limited and we realize: We Are Not In Kansas Anymore TOTO! We Are In A Brave New World!! When these changes have become second nature to us and we have made this a part of our reality, we are then able to experience Fifth Dimension and up. The frequency shift here becomes fluid and we are able to go back and forth into the different levels of understanding. This all happens because we are keeping our perspectives open to new ideas and are firmly grounded in the energy of the Fourth Dimensional perspective of peace. In the Fifth Dimension, we are able to experience and create manifestation and cocreation; however, you must first believe in the power of your thoughts that all things are possible. Our desires are clear and open to create. So, you must believe undeniably in what you are creating. You are able to send out the intention in thought, word and deed. It starts to manifest. We create our own experiences. You will, also, be able to watch it in motion without doing anything. Quite remarkable! This energy comes from a high frequency of Fifth Dimension and above. It is a blended opaque energy of white haze that is very fast giving you an image of your thought and then through your interpretation of this picture and answer comes. I have had this experience a

48 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

few times where I just desired something and I watched the process while the energy started manifesting. It was doing creating through my thoughts. I just sat and watched the show, so to speak. It's like a musical orchestration. It is magical. I can say it can be almost like jumping into a picture like the movie Mary Poppins. This happened coming out of being in a physical location that carried this frequency and being with a group of higher consciousness people. This was an incredible experience. We are now being asked to be open in our perspective and to believe in things that we can't see. Why? Because we are asked to learn to count on our intuition. It's not just seeing is believing, it is, also, a gut level feeling and a knowing that you experience internally. We are asked to eliminate all judgments of others and start creating a global love and appreciation for all mankind. In conclusion, it is our responsibility to make our individual changes. We are asked to expand our minds and our hearts, so we are an example to others. In my opinion, I believe that even though it may seem like dark times, it is up to us to make it brighter no matter what the challenges are. Let's hold the candle of light and kindle the next person's candle beside us and continue to pass this flame on until one day we have created a world of peace. All of this does not have to be a dream. Together and collectively, we can make this a realty. Remember: You Fight Dark With Light and Fear With Love...

j Jodi is the founder of Joy Journey of You. Joy provides books and services that guide you to living your own personal truth and products that bring healing, joy and meaning to one’s self and your living environment. Jodi is the author of The Call of the Day. More information is available at and

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Message from the Goddess Mother


THE DANCE By Jan Diana

photography by Howard Schatz 50 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

My Beloved Children of Heart, “Greetings! May you feel my great love for you. As you sense into the words shared today, allow yourself to know my love for you, know that it is eternal. You are my children of heart, magnificent in all respects. I celebrate each of you in your splendor. Now is a time of great celebration. In your heart is a sense of joy that perhaps you have not been aware of before. The many curtains of the many stages which have been playing out on your glorious world are beginning to fall away, making room for the new stages of life, with infinite potentials for new experiences to begin. Yes My Beloveds, new opportunities for new stories to be written and played. Each filled with the possibilities you have dreamed of since the beginning. The world is blossoming into its new chapters. The story of us, all who live upon glorious Earth is preparing to embark on the many pages of new chapters for glorious new stories. The excitement is elevating and quite contagious. As you remember how easy it really is to choose new thoughts, new plans will unfold allowing you to live in the world of the dreams of your heart. Being an active knowing participate in the journey of us, while having your very own story play out. Each story becomes a part of the masterpiece of our family of heart. Each role played and each participant holds important pieces to the wholeness of the story of our family. It is such a great plan and you are very excited about the next steps and stages that are about to unfold. Celebrations are in order, for you are in a state of graduation as you take these next steps. Know that you are ready and very capable to move into the higher planes of Earth. It is such a perfect plan and honors each in their timing. And yet the many hearts are choosing the lighter pathways, making it easier for those who are perhaps still dusting off the sleep from their eyes. Loving kindness and being patient will assist you during these times of great transformation. These great attributes will not only assist you, but bless those sweet ones who perhaps are still in the earlier stages of recognizing their great wonder.

51 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

As we become aware of our important parts played in the journey, we can begin to realize how we contribute to the wholeness. It then becomes easier to see that everyone has important roles.

The rewards of remembering your truth are priceless, leading you onto pathways of lightness that delights your soul. Remembering your song brings you into joy. Remembering the dance leads you into bliss.

In recognizing our connection to each other, we also begin to see how we are connected to all of life. We become more aware of our divine nature, our sacred truth and the unity of heart that we all share.

Dance throughout your life, allowing the music to lift you onto the pathways of the heart. Let your song be played on the strings of your heart. Know the joy of you.

When we recognize that we are all connected in this glorious plan, we begin to see the wonder. For are we not all of great wonder! Each one is a great wonder, a part of the wholeness of our family of heart. Our family of heart is forever held in the realms of unconditional loving and oneness. Divine love is the true essence of all that is. Loving yourself is the pathway to the greater awareness of self. Loving is the way and means to the greater recognition of your connection to our family of heart. Our family of heart is always in the flow, in the dance of our heart. As we move into the higher realms of greater awareness, we remember more of the dance. We recognize that we are all dancing in the glory of the radiance of our heart, forever connecting in a presence of forever oneness. As you receive this message from my heart today, let it carry you into acceptance of the love that shines upon your pathways, leading you deeper into your heart. Let yourself know your loving presence within your heart and feel yourself drawn into the dance. Yes My Darlings, it is time to lift up your feet and dance in the fields of golden light. As you dance, others join until all have found their placement within the grand ballroom of life. You know this dance. You know how to dance. Be in joy as you feel the lightness of your steps, lifting you further and further into the realms of great joy. Dance and know your sweetness. Let the music of your heart carry you forward into the dreams of remembering your sweet song as it joins with the songs of the many into the fullness of our symphony of heart.

52 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Dance My Beloveds, be in bliss. Sing your song. Join with our family in the symphony of our heart. The sweetness is delicious. Let us dance together in our song of forever joy. Shamon” With great love, Your Beloved Mother


Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website or by email . Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. FREE CLASS- “The Gift of the Golden Rose”. Experience the Golden Rose Ray on a journey to the Sacred Gardens of Light, learning how this gift can bless your life. Class information & Registration at:


Cat & Kitten for adoption

Cats At The Studios, Inc is a non profit rescue organization comprised entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to nurturing, neutering/spaying, and finding a good homes for abononed cats and Kitten. We are looking for volunteers and help please contact us at 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

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THE JOY OF EMPTINESS By Shailendra Gulhati

Coming from a business family for a living, and also learning spiritual nuances from a tradition that has a huge respect for the manifest world, I'm not your kind of mystic who can write easily on the joy of emptiness, but when a spiritual friend asked me to muse on this awhile, I saw her point straight away, so let me try to share what I came up with... The paradox seems to be caused by what we usually associate with the word 'empty ' When we say that a box is empty, we rush to conclude that it is content less, that’s pretty obvious, but the subtle, more important corollary is, that the box is ready to receive. When do we, the human containers of the immortal spirit normally say" I feel empty”? When we've felt strongly that the little toys of the outside world aren't pleasing us anymore. This is actually a great time, if only we know how to attune, for it is the time we are emptying ourselves of all old notions, and making way for new. There is a small fable of the seeker who went to a mystic master and as he asked for higher wisdom, he thrust forward his palms in a receiving gesture, but alas, his hands were already full with varied alms, and so the master could not find the place to drop even a penny of insight... When you go out on a trek, it’s alright to collect things along the way...but when the real ascent begins, your guide asks you to jettison those extra souvenirs, which will now only hamper your further progress...In most of the paramount mystic traditions, the master begins your sojourn by emptying you of much sense dross (debris) that you have accumulated so far. The emptiness the mystics want you to know, is not content less, it is the content of all there is. And it is your birthright to enjoy this divinity within you. Empty yourself of all sorts of mental hoarding...rid yourself of the confusion that clusters always create! So, this

season, instead of your cupboards only, spring clean yourself! How? its quite this hustle bustle frenetic world........Find time for yourself! Simply be with yourself in quiet repose, relax! If you're weary with the fleeting pleasures known via the outside world, if you've seen through the 'emptiness' of worldly joy, it’s definitely time to tune into the joy of emptiness, which will deliver you to a far more enduring happiness.

f Shailendra Gulhati is a Jammu based spiritual author. He has written five books: The yogi and the snake Naam roop –A tribute to the divine( with artist Arpana Caur) Shiva, The ultimate time traveller Shiva poetry And life said. He contributes regularly to sunday newspapers and magazines in spiritual columns. He also appears frequently on radio shows for talks on spirituality. He has attended seminars on Shaivisim for keynote talks, and also participated in a conference orgainsed by Flowering Dharma. Shailendra has been part of the team from India, for the SAARC writers summit, twice. He also participated in the prestigious festival of India in Thailand To contact Shailendra:

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Mary & Me By Anna Raimondi

Art by Maryam Morrison 56 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

57 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

The first time Mary came to me was when I was five years old. I was alone in the backyard of the house I shared with my family in suburban Long Island. It was an average residential yard with verdant lush grass, a sturdy apple tree growing in the center and a swing set built by my father, painted in red and white candy stripes on the right side of the lawn. There was also a small grotto in front of the apple tree where, at one time, stood a statue of Mary. The statue was long gone; probably broken and never replaced. I remember wearing an olive green and white polka dot mini dress that my mother had made for me. Like any child on those first warm Spring days, I was so happy to be out of the constrictive clothing of winter. As I sometimes did, that afternoon I slid my body easily into the space where the statue once was. I just sat and marveled at the day. I was that kind of a child. My eyes were wide and always absorbing the world around me. I was able to feel nature; the wonders of it all. The fresh clean smell of the dense grass was almost tangible to me. The soft breeze heightened my senses and woke me up to all that was surrounding me— both seen and unseen. I heard the gentle hum of the vacuum cleaner as my mother moved it around our small house; the stereo belted the voice of Vicky Carr singing “It Must be Him.” Then, as I sat in the grotto, a feeling of pure and unadulterated peace overtook my body. I felt giddy with excitement although I had no frame of reference as to the reason. Every one of my senses became more sensitive. I felt the cool stone beneath my little hands; its hard smooth surface under my thighs and buttocks. I smelled the sweet aroma of lilacs that graced the perimeter of the yard. I didn't dare move for fear this state of being would pass. I heard sparrows above my head shifting on the branches of the apple tree behind me and took notice as they sung their morning songs to the world. And then, among this symphony of sound, I heard her voice. It was gentle, yet strong. She said, “Anna, I am here for you always. Always come to me.” A total unconditional love overtook me; there was a feeling that was and remains so extraordinary and so difficult to describe in words. People always say this—I know— but it is very true: Our language is too limited to convey spiritual feelings or to describe the wondrous feeling of Mary’s presence. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move for fear that this sensation would leave. And then suddenly, there she was, directly in front of me. Mary was smiling at me, her hands reached for me. I didn't reach out; I was stunned. I felt paralyzed. I knew without a doubt that this was Mary, although she didn't look like the ren58 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

derings I had seen of her in books or even in churches. She was dressed in a well-worn brown robe, the fabric appeared rough, but radiated warmth. There was a light brown dress underneath. She had olive skin, wide, soft mahogany colored eyes and coffee colored hair that hung to her waist where a hemp belt was tied and held her dress together. She wore a tan colored covering adorning the top of her head, but no hood. Her face stood out in repose. Her penetrating eyes captured my attention and communicated with me in a way that I can only describe as speaking to my heart. I didn't just hear her words; they became mingled with my very essence—my soul. I didn't want this rapture to end. I remember just sitting there for what seemed like hours, catatonic, as I basked in the overwhelming love of this beautiful vision. The feeling of that first time still lingers and makes my heart skip a beat. And that, I believe, is what perfect love does to us all. I continue to communicate with her … but now for the entire world. Mary has since told me that her desire to communicate with me is so that I can share her words and my experiences with others, no matter what their faith, cultural background or belief system. And so, my mission is to introduce Mary as the woman, the Mother, the Queen most high, the guardian of humanity—to everyone. Mother Mary sees all of us as her children, and she wants to help. She wants to teach us and provide a place of refuge in her mantle and lead us to peace and love.

p Anna Raimondi is a grief counselor, spiritual advisor, and medium with a large following. She lives in Connecticut. Anna Rainmondi's new book Conversations with Mary explores fate and free will, the power of faith, the role of religion and its corruption, the gifts of angels, the path to enlightenment, and how to find harmony in today’s divisive world. Uplifting, illuminating, and thought- and action-provoking, Conversations with Mary is a book for all spiritual seekers and everyone yearning for unity, peace, and love in our troubled times. For more information about Anna please visit

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IN VINO Sneak Preview

Photography by Kerstin Alm It was a special night for the Buoitton family. The very wealthy Charles and Linda invited their closest friends and family to dinner. Before the meal was served, Charles raises his glass for a toast to his family and dropped dead face forward on his plate. Linda confessed that she had poisoned him, and she had poisoned everyone in the room to get their money. The guests had one choice: In order to get the antidote, they must kill one person among them, to took the blame for both murders. What follows is an hysterical exchange between the overstressed members of the group, who in an attempt to establish who should die and who should be the killer, reveal all their skeletons in the closet. This is the story of in the movie "In Vino" that captured the audience to watch this mystery drama film which took a place in Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, CA on July, 27 2017.

60 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Starr’s In Vino movie are Ed Asner, Sean Young, Brendan Bradley, Brooks Almy, Candice Azzara, Jill-Michele Melean, Alison England, Jeff Doucette, Marina Benedict, Adam Korson, Jennifer Candy, Andre Gordon, Natalie Britton, Casey Kramer, Leonardo Foti, director, writer, producer, Fabio Golombek, producer, Tom Malloy, producer ,Emanuele Secci, editor

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62 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Whole Body Vibration and Animals By Becky Chambers

In the winter of 2015 my darling eight-year-old goldendoodle, Maple Sugar, nearly died of bacterial meningitis, a rare but potentially fatal brain infection. Her life was saved with the help of steroids and antibiotics, but she was left with significant brain damage and poor health. She had lost her sense of balance which left her nauseous and falling down as the world spun around her. She lost ten pounds the first week, about a fifth of her body weight, when she was so sick she could not eat or drink, then I had to feed her with a syringe for several more weeks. Her energy was low, her fur began falling out in clumps, and she was suddenly prone to eye, ear, and bladder infections. She was a sad shadow of her previous vital, energetic, playful self. When she was out of imminent danger the neurological veterinary specialist said that she would likely eventually regain some of her lost brain function but she would probably need to stay on a low dose of steroids for the rest of her life. They did not expect a full recovery, and while steroids can be necessary in an emergency they also have negative long-term side effects. That was when I began to treat Sugar with whole body vibration and homeopathy (a type of energy medicine), two natural health methods which helped me to change my life and health. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is most famous for its workout effect. When you exercise on the vibrating plate of a whole body vibration machine, every neuron in your body fires, causing all your muscle

fibers to tense and relax at the same rate the machine is vibrating, 20-50 times per second. This adds up to over 1000-3000 contractions, kind of like little tiny reps, per minute! Additionally, holding your body weight against the vibration increases the effects of gravity. Because of this physical reality (described mathematically as gravity equals mass times acceleration), your muscles must hold up to three times your actual weight, the exact amount depending on the amplitude and frequency of the vibration. If you have any doubt about this, consider the arm and shoulder muscle development of men who operate jackhammers. Hundreds of research studies over the last fifty years have shown that ten minutes of working out on a powerful WBV machine gives you the benefits of an hour of conventional weight lifting, in terms of muscle strength, bone density, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Originally developed for Olympic athletes in Russia about fifty years ago, WBV is now used by many professional athletes, and teams worldwide. NASA now sends these machines into space so that the astronauts do not lose muscle and bone in zero gravity outer space. WBV is even used in the elite world of horse racing, where EquiVibe makes a WBV system big enough for horses. This quick system of exercise is a godsend for millions of ordinary people too; exercise is critical for health, but with our sedentary lifestyles and busy schedules it can be hard to fit in a workout.

63 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM eSeptember 2017

Of course, Sugar wasn’t keen on exercising on the vibrating plate, but you don’t actually have to work out on the plate to get many of the benefits. Just standing or sitting on the plate will give you many of the benefits—don’t forget that many of the research studies were, in fact, originally done using animals standing or sitting on the plate. The vibration automatically triggers the nervous system to fire no matter what position you are in. Those signals light up your brain and causes your muscle fibers to tighten and relax, all of which leads to a cascade of benefits. Studies of WBV have shown numerous hormonal benefits. Human growth hormone, our major repair and regeneration antiaging hormone, increases.1 Testosterone levels increase, which is linked to energy and zest as well as libido.2 Cortisol, a critical stress hormone decreases, which promotes weight loss as well as healing.3 And recent research has shown decreasing levels of insulin which helps protect against diabetes.4 One of the most important benefits for Sugar, who had brain damage, was the effects on her neurological system. The latest research has shown that nothing helps your brain develop and stay healthy more than exercise, and WBV is exercise on steroids! A recent New York Times magazine article, “Jogging Your Brain,” states, “For more than a decade, neuroscientists and physiologists have been gathering evidence of the beneficial relationship between exercise and brain-power. But the newest findings make it clear that this isn’t just a relationship; it is the relationship. . . . Exercise, the latest neuroscience suggests, does more to bolster thinking than thinking does.”5 The massive stimulation of Sugar’s nervous system, where 20-50 times per second every neuron in her body fires signals into her brain, promotes a process called neurogenesis - the creation of new brain cells. Once thought to only happen before birth, this process is now known to continue at a slower pace throughout life. This allows for the creation of new neural connections that can help you relearn lost skills, or learn new ones, and to increase the ability to learn, think creatively, and change. Actually, there is an animal who has been using whole body vibration for thousands of years already. Cats purr, creating a vibration that travels through their entire body, and they purr when they are happy but also when they are sick or stressed. Could this be why cats rarely suffer bone or joint issues, including hip dysplasia, arthritis and ligament problems and even bone cancers? Cats also have a remarkable ability to heal from injuries. 64 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Veterinary research has shown that cats do often live through and heal from things that would kill other more ordinary beings. Researchers who looked at the records of 132 cat falls from an average height of 5½ stories, found that 90% had survived. The record height for a cat falling and surviving is 45 stories! Perhaps purring is the root of the myth that cats have nine lives.... Returning to the story of Maple Sugar, within a few months of beginning WBV, with the help of good nutrition and homeopathy, she made a full recovery. She is now ten years old, off the steroids (and any other drugs) for two years, and full of life, fun and joy. She is so playful and full of energy that occasionally people still even think she is a puppy!


1. C. Bosco, et al., “Hormonal Responses to Whole-Body Vibration in Men,” European Journal of Applied Physiology 81 (2000): 449–454. 2. Ibid. 3. Ibid. 4. Mitch Leslie, “Good vibrations: A bit of shaking can burn fat, combat diabetes,” Science Magazine, March 15, 2017, 5. Gretchen Reynolds, “Jogging Your Brain,” New York Times magazine, April 2012, 46.

y Becky Chambers, B.S., M.Ed., is a natural health practitioner, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health. She specializes in homeopathy and the revolutionary body, mind, and energy therapy of whole body vibration. Becky is one of the most experienced independent experts in whole body vibration in the United States. Her book, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, has been the best-selling book in the USA about this revolutionary technology since it was published in 2013. Becky second book, Homeopathy Plus Whole BodyVibration, explores the synergy between energy medicine and whole body vibration.


The Joy of Living Feature article including excerpts

By Barry Eaton

In 2013 author and broadcaster Barry Eaton was diagnosed with a large tumour that to all intents and purposes had suddenly erupted in his throat. After scans and medical tests the doctors informed Barry that immediate surgery was required and on February 28th that year he found himself being launched into the hospital system that was to take over his life for the next five months. How he made his decision and the process he went through over the next few months is told in his new book “The Joy of Living – Postposing the Afterlife” which was released in Australia and New Zealand in April and in the US and UK later this year.…….. My life changed drastically the day my ear nose and throat specialist informed me that what I naively thought was just something caught in my throat, was actually a cancerous throat tumour. I had unsuccessfully been trying to cough it up like a cat with a fur ball. Immediate surgery was the next step and “perhaps that may solve the problem”. Surgery did not remove all the cancer cells, and to top it off a biopsy of my thyroid also showed signs of cancer and would have to come out as well. Good grief, more surgery! Then following that, I faced the daunting prospect of radiotherapy, or even chemotherapy, to kill those recalcitrant cells. The big dilemma – do I go mainstream or alternative? More lost sleep, lots of research, but the decision was mine alone to make. One thing I knew intuitively was that I would survive the ordeal – somehow. My ticket to the afterlife would not be stamped just yet.

66 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Over the years I have chosen the holistic approach, preferring alternative procedures and spiritual practices when health problems arose. My partner Anne, an expert in numerology, recently told me that I have numbers that indicate I have a lot of intolerance to pharmaceutical drugs. Of course there are times when we all need to visit a doctor, and even have to take prescription medicines, in my case reluctantly. Now with my thyroid gone I face a lifetime of taking Thyroxine tablets to provide the hormone not being naturally generated by my body. As a general rule I prefer treatments like acupuncture, osteopathy, bush flower essences, natural medicine and spiritual healing. So I was faced with the biggest health decision of my life. During a series of deep meditations I received explicit instructions from my master guide whose wisdom has played an invaluable role in my life, especially in recent years. Spirit wanted me to combine mainstream and alternative therapy and afterwards write a book about my experience. The story would help alleviate fear and inspire people to take a positive role in their healing. This made a lot of sense when I thought about it as most people regard complimentary therapies as being in the woo woo class. But combining the two modalities was the kind of approach that could maybe get the message through to help a wider group of people. My decision made, I agreed to radiotherapy, following my guide’s recommendation, but refused chemotherapy. I could then open myself up to the full range of potential holistic solutions and trust that my footsteps would be led in the right direction. They were. My family was surprised, fearing that I would reject mainstream medicine completely, and end up as another disastrous statistic. Synchronistically, one-by- one, a variety of therapeutic support options dropped into my lap. A healer friend offered regular energy clearing to offset the effects of radiotherapy; a very talented hypnotherapist guest from my radio program, RadioOutThere, prepared me for the thirty five hospital treatments I was facing, and I was loaned a crystal bed from John of God’s healing centre in Brazil, which I had visited in 2008. My guides were hard at work on my behalf. Since being introduced to the rune stones over 25 years ago I have found them an invaluable way of tapping into my inner wisdom. Each message I received from the runes during the course of my treatment proved uncannily accurate. At one point in my treatment when I was having a few emotional misgivings, I drew the Blank Rune “of total trust which is evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny.” My nerves immediately settled down when I read this message.

67 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

So, when I anxiously started radiotherapy, fortunately I was emotionally and spiritually prepared. The specialist radiation staff at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital was caring and supportive throughout the whole process, which removed any lingering traces of concern I may have had. Yes, I did face challenging times, but combining mainstream and holistic practices worked exceptionally well for me, and four years down the track I am still cancer free. Looking back, my life has changed in ways I wouldn’t have expected, and I’m a better person for the whole experience. I believe it’s important to take some personal responsibility in demanding times like this. To collapse into fear is to be avoided, nor is it always enough to simply expect one form of therapy to provide all the answers. The following is an excerpt from The Joy of Living: “Cancer. Often referred to as The Big C. The word carries a unique energy as well as the implication that is terrifying. As the number of lives affected by cancer increases around the globe every year, it is hard to find someone in our circle of family, friends and colleagues whose lives have not been touched in some way. Statistics released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012. The same report revealed that some 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and that number is expected to rise by about 70 per cent over the next two decades. The statistic that stood out for me was that more people die from cancer-related causes than are healed. Fortunately, many lives affected by cancer are being saved as medical science makes great advances in this field. However, mainstream medicine tends to rely mainly on such practices as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The WHO is urging the medical profession to accept that solutions for preventing cancer must be found as a matter of urgency. The WHO report (at states that about 30 per cent of cancer deaths are due to five leading behavioural and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and veg-

68 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

etable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use and alcohol use. Tobacco is the most important risk factor for cancer, causing over 20 per cent of cancer deaths overall and about 70 per cent of deaths from lung cancer. Other leading causes of deaths are liver, stomach, colorectal, breast and oesophageal cancers, accounting for another third of all cancer deaths. It is not surprising that the WHO is asking for urgent preventive solutions. Many of us don’t realise it but, as the WHO report states, ‘cancer arises from one single cell. The transformation from a normal cell into a tumour cell is a multistage process, typically a progression from a pre-cancerous lesion to malignant tumours.’ One cell, one rogue cell, can change your life forever. It seems hard to believe. There are many claims of alternative treatments for cancer. They are usually dismissed out of hand by most mainstream medical authorities, who traditionally advocate scientific and pharmaceutical treatments. This is not surprising as the cancer industry in the United States alone is estimated to be worth over $200 billion a year. Many sceptics believe that those in positions of power are not interested in delivering a cure as it would be financially disastrous for the cancer industry. Unfortunately it is hard to know just how effective alternative treatments are, as this information is not readily available, apart from isolated claims and some anecdotal reports on the internet. The medical establishment tends to dismiss complementary or alternative treatments out of hand, unless combined with conventional practices. However, detailed information about the long-term effects of mainstream treatments is also very hazy. A patient is regarded as being in remission if there is no trace of cancer after a period of five years following treatment. If the cancer returns after that, it is apparently treated as a whole new ball game, which sounds very convenient. My purpose in writing The Joy of Living is to help inspire people facing the ordeal of cancer to realise that being diagnosed with this disease is not necessarily the beginning of the end. This is my story of how I came to terms with the Big C and the holistic way I prepared and coped with something that suddenly turned my life upside down. Of course everyone’s

experience of cancer is unique — no two cases are exactly the same. The Oxford Dictionary defines cancer as ‘from (the) Latin, “crab or creeping ulcer”, translating Greek karkinos, said to have been applied to such tumours because the swollen veins around them resembled the limbs of a crab.’ Looking back on the more than seventy years of my life, I have come to the firm conclusion that everything happens for a reason. We may not consciously choose to create problems, but I believe that we subconsciously create, attract or accept everything in our daily lives. Understanding and dealing with these events — good, bad and indifferent — and the wide range of people we encounter along the way, is an integral part of why we are here in the first place. Life is about having a multitude of positive and challenging human experiences and how we react to them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have found that accepting responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs and actions is the most positive starting point in coping with life’s ups and downs. Inevitably, the initial response to being diagnosed with any form of cancer is to retreat into fear mode. I was no different to anyone else in this regard. However, several years ago I discovered a useful acronym for FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real —and digging deep I have usually been able to work with this demon whenever it crops up. The vast majority of my past worries were false alarms, which soon dissipated when facts emerged or conditions changed. Indeed, for most of us, it’s often difficult to remember what we were worried about even a few months later, as life moves on so fast. One set of worries usually dissolves into the next. Having thoroughly researched the whole area of death in the course of writing two books on the afterlife, I felt no immediate fear of this when medical scans confirmed the existence of my cancer. But I did have to cope with other fears about the treatment process I was required to undergo in order to at least postpone my return to the afterlife. “ Barry’s Story Continues. As my side of the story unfolds I detail the decisions I made about the treatment and the methods used to prepare myself for each stage of the process. By accept-

ing that I had a role to play and not just give my power away to the system, it soon became evident that not only could I cope more easily with the everyday situations which arose, but I was able to remove the fear from the experience. The lead up to these events, I later realised, actually started several years previously when I decided to visit the Brazilian spiritual healer and medium John of God, known also as João de Deus, to look for some answers to several health problems. My first contact with the healer was when my partner Anne and I went to New Zealand in 2006 for a four day experience along with many hundreds of other people looking for answers. I had a major health breakthrough which I have recounted more fully in The Joy of Living. Two years later with some other situations, both physical and spiritual, needing to be resolved I was given the opportunity to go to Abadiania in Brazil for an extended visit to the centre of John of God’s global operations. While I was debating internally as to the best decision to make about solving my cancer dilemma my mind drifted back to the life changing second encounter I had with John of God….. “……………….. I received strong spiritual messages from my guides to join a group of nine Australians heading for Brazil to John of God’s Casa de Dom Inacio in the state of Goiás. This was to be a three-week stay, which would involve physical, emotional and spiritual healing according to the needs of each person. Mindful of my past experience, I had decided to ask for further healing for my eyes, having been born with an astigmatism in my left eye, and also to ask for spiritual guidance and future direction. The first morning, joining the line for those who had received a healing in the past, I shuffled patiently along to see the great man again. As I got closer, I saw that he was sitting in a large comfortable throne-like chair as people consulted him one by one. In each session medium Joao incorporates one of thirty-three different spirit entities who speak and heal through him. Sitting on Joao’s left was a beautiful woman who I later discovered was Dorothy, a retired opera singer who helped him to maintain the energy needed to sit in spirit for several hours at a time.

69 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

When it came to my turn I was expecting the few words that everyone received, whether it was to go and sit in meditation or to come back later for a spiritual operation. However, after my request was delivered, he looked directly into my eyes and told me to go and sit in a chair next to Dorothy. I was instructed to sit quietly, open my heart and focus on what I needed to do from now on with my life. Surprised and slightly bewildered, I stepped onto the small stage and sat down. After I managed to settle my racing thoughts, I opened my heart chakra and focused my mind. And then the tears began to flow. An energy I had never felt before that moment flowed through my entire being, as the tears flooded down my cheeks. It was like an infusion of spirit. This energy download continued until the end of the session. Time stood still for me and I had no idea how long I sat there (I later worked out it was nearly two hours). Looking back, it was one of the most emotional experiences I have had as I really went very deep and explored the inner reaches of myself, probably for the first time ever. Afterwards, I emerged blinking into the sunlight and was given a bowl of the soup that is provided for all those visiting he Casa. The vegetable soup and a slice of dry bread helped ground me as I gradually came back to earth. Sitting on my own away from the other members of my group, I went over the events of the morning in my mind. Why me? I mused. Of the hundreds of people who went for healing that day, why was I selected to sit in the direct energy of the spirit entity, and what will happen next? The following day I was directed to have a spiritual healing for my eyes later that afternoon. I was wearing trifocal glasses at this stage of my life, having been born with an astigmatism is my left eye. I sat in a crowd of people as Joao went through a group healing ceremony, and surprisingly I did feel a buzz of energy but nothing remarkable. Despite this, in the days following, my eyes slowly became much clearer and soon I was able to ditch the trifocals, and now only require reading glasses. My left eye straightened noticeably. During the second week I joined the line to see Joao again, I presumed to get a clearance after my operation

70 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

the previous week. This time, after passing by him and being waved away to join the meditation groups, I was suddenly called back by the interpreter amid puzzled looks from the people in the queue behind me. I was told that the title of ‘filho de casa’, a son of the house, had been conferred on me, a rare honour I later discovered. I was also asked if I would like to purchase some very special crystals from the mine where the Casa was situated. I figured to warrant this attention I must have done something right when I sat on the stage the previous week. The next morning my crystals arrived, specially wrapped and handed over by Joao’s chief assistant. He explained he was giving me two different crystals, with a male and a female energy. When meditating I was to hold the mother crystal in my left hand, as this resonates with the female side of the body. The crystals, which stand about 15 or 16 centimetres high and each weigh around a kilo, are very powerful and he instructed that I must keep them covered at all times in public. Nobody is to be allowed to ever see them, and when I pass away a trusted member of my family is to return them to a lake, deep river or the sea bed. As I was handed them I felt a real buzz. The energy of these crystals was palpable. Walking through the village back to my lodgings to secrete them in my room, I suddenly became the focus of attention of every dog for hundreds of metres around. There were dogs everywhere around the Casa and before this they had ignored me. Now suddenly I was the flavour of the month. They tried to jump up at me and I had to hold the crystals high as I shooed them away. I realised then this was a sign of the power of these amazing crystals. The next day I was directed to sit at the front of the Casa a couple of rows from where Joao was seated, and to meditate for the entire session while I held my crystals. They were now tucked inside small cloth bags so nobody could see them. As I started to meditate, I received very clear instructions in my mind to raise my vibrations while meditating and to keep raising them as much as possible. As I did this for the remaining sessions at the Casa, I could feel that I was able to easily connect with some of the many different energies in the spirit world and receive their messages.

These messages and contacts have continued whenever I meditate with these crystals, and have resulted in many changes to my life. Not long afterwards, for instance, I was inspired and guided to write the first of my books about the afterlife. As I came out of my reverie and back to the present moment, I wondered what would be the best method of treating my cancer. I was still having second thoughts about undergoing any further intrusive mainstream medical treatments, so I meditated with the crystals and the answers were given to me very clearly. As I accepted these spiritual guidelines my mind cleared, and for the first time I felt positive about the future and which direction I had to take…………….” Thinking back about the whole experience it came as no surprise when my guide confirmed that I agreed to it all as part of my life contract. Research for my previous books revealed that major events like this are part of our destiny, agreed to before we reincarnate. It is up to our free will how we cope and what decisions we make, and is all part of our soul development in each life. I feel privileged to be able to have my story published in the belief that if I can help even one person to survive the ordeal by taking some kind of selfresponsibility and not collapsing into fear mode, it will all be worthwhile. I have learned many lessons over the last four years of my cancer encounter. Primarily the importance of family and friends and the love they provide at times like these. I have been able to get much closer to the people in my life who really matter, and have even managed to mend a few fences along the way. My partner Anne gave up a lot to be with me during my ordeal. We live about 800 kilometres (500 miles) apart and her selfless dedication was a vital part of my ability to get through what at times were harrowing experiences. Mind you we had a lot of lighter moments as well and Anne’s contribution as co-writer of The Joy of Living tells the story from the carer’s sensitive perspective. My son Matt, was also a tower of strength and his observations also form part of this book. Each person’s encounter with cancer is unique, but I

believe that taking some form of self-responsibility is a vital step in our ability to potentially survive these challenges and go on to embrace a new lease on life. The medical authorities’ official position is that a cancer patient only goes into remission five years after completing their treatment. As I write these words I’m only a few weeks short of the four year mark, and my last examination in February 2017 showed no signs of the cancer returning. Four down, and one to go. As I stated at the beginning of this article the anomaly is that if cancer should appear after five years, and is in the same place as before, it is treated as a whole new outbreak. A good way of massaging the statistics you might say.

g Barry Eaton is a highly experienced Australian broadcaster and TV presenter who worked with ABC Radio/TV in Sydney for many years. He also appeared on leading commercial radio stations as a talk back host, sports commentator and entertainment presenter. Barry is the author of two books, “Afterlife, Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death” which is an international best-seller, and its follow-up “No Goodbyes, Insights From the Heaven World.” He has spoken about the afterlife at two Nexus Conferences and his voice is well known to Nexus readers, hosting his internet radio program Barry is also the MC and a presenter at the Afterlife Explorers Conferences in Australia. He is also a qualified astrologer and psychic medium and an ardent researcher into metaphysics. He can be contacted at or via his radio website. The Joy of Living – Postponing the Afterlife, by Barry Eaton and Anne Morjanoff is published in Australia and New Zealand by Red Wheel Weiser Rockpool Publishing. The book is distributed I the USA by Red Wheel Weiser.

71 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Looking Good and Feeling Great

The importance of taking care of your skin organically

By Margaret Tomaszewicz

72 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2017

Organic and natural skin care products are growing in popularity each and every day. They are trending in spas, pharmacies and department stores as well as online. So what is the motivation to use these products? The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and easily absorbs nearly everything we put onto it. Our blood stream picks up the ingredients from these products as they make their way to all our organs. With constant exposure to chemicals in the water, harsh sunlight, air pollution and non-organic products, it’s no surprise that there is an increase in cases of cancer as well as other illnesses. We do not have control in everything that we are exposed to, but we can definitely choose what we use on our skin. It is common sense that just like eating natural, low processed food is good for our health, so is using skin care products with no chemicals good for your skin and overall health. The natural skin care idea is nothing new. Before there were cosmetics sold in jars, women were making their own lotions and facial masks in their kitchen using fruits and vegetables they picked from their gardens or from local farmers markets. I remember my grandmother using lemon on her skin to lighten her complexion and I used to rinse my hair in chamomile tea to achieve soft and golden highlights. Cleopatra famously bathed in milk every night and applied a gold mask to her face. Although using self-made products is still a good idea, there is an advantage to use natural products made in the lab.

for each skin condition. So with so many natural and organic companies to choose from, how does one determine which products are best to purchase? The best way is to read ingredients list of every product. The ingredients that are used in the largest quantity are listed at the top. Look for certified organic vitamins, herbs and essential oils and for Certified Organic and Cruelty Free logos. Keep in mind that words such as “fragrance” are broad terms to cover up a wide range of chemical additives. In addition to fragrances, harmful toxins found in skin care products include mineral oil, parables and color pigments. Chemical products are not only are harmful to our bodies but by using and rinsing them off we are affecting the Earth’s water systems. So be good to yourself and the environment by switching to Natural and Organic skin care products. To your health,

f Margaret Tomaszewicz is a licensed esthetician with over 25 years of experience. She is the owner of European Skin and Massage Studio in Santa Monica, California and has developed the Organic WODA European Natural Skin Care Line.

Chemists have now perfected ways to extract the best ingredients from fruits and vegetables delivering them in a micronized form so that they can have a better penetration path into our skin.

Her products are available on and on

Vitamins, peptides and fruit acids can also help in managing and improving different skin care conditions. It takes research and experience to know what ingredients work best and process them together for the best results

Margaret can be reached at 424-279-9771 or

For every product sold WODA Skin Care plants a tree.

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