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DANAY GARCIA Fear the Walking Dead

Bringing Back Community By Tara-jenelle Walsch

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Catherine Schreiber

Harvesting the Wisdom of our Souls By Les Jensen

By Stacey Blanchet

The Whole Nutrition By Sasha Gary



By Steve Taylor

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D NAY Fear the Walking Dead actress committed to giving back and helping Latino children

Photography by Louis Rodiger

By Cory Stevens


Danay Garcia arrived in the United States from Cuba with her two-year-old son in pursuit of a better life. She spoke no English and had no job. Flash forward 15 years and Garcia is now a highly sought-after actress who currently stars in the AMC hit television show “Fear the Walking Dead,” one of the top-rated shows on cable television. She has been working steadily in film and television since 2006 and has recently ventured into writing, producing and directing. Garcia’s experiences have made her feel strongly people need to give back to the communities from which they came. Now that she has achieved success in the entertainment industry, Garcia has committed herself to helping those who are in need and face similar challenges as she did. Her own experiences have inspired her to help people who might not have the tools they need to achieve success. She is also passionate about introducing the arts to children and showing them how much it can add to their lives. Whether they want to become performers themselves, or just open their minds and hearts to it, Garcia believes the arts can enrich and educate. Garcia was born in Havana, Cuba. Dance became her passion and she quickly became one of Cuba’s most well-known dancers, performing for audiences throughout the country. Garcia realized hard work and dedication pay off and this gave a her a work ethic that has stayed with her to this day. In her late teens Garcia continued her dance career however turned her attention toward acting. Dance was an introduction to the arts and showed Garcia how to express herself, but theater is when she found her voice and understood the power of performance. Dance gave Garcia the discipline and tools to pursue theater and become a storyteller. Her first role performed for the public was the complex lead role in "Maria Antonia," by Cuban playwright Eugenio Hernandez Espinosa. She played a 40-year-old character while she was only 17 and got rave reviews. After training in the Cuban theater community and getting a few plays under belt, Garcia decided to relocate to the U.S. to make a life for herself and her son and pursue acting. She left Cuba for Los Angeles and was granted political asylum in the U.S. Within a few years, Garcia had learned English and jumped into a successful acting career. Television audiences first got to know Garcia as a co-star of the popular Fox series “Prison Break,” where she played the lead role of Sofia Lugo and achieved instant fame, appearing in hundreds of magazines around the world. She also appeared in episodes of popular television shows such as “Supernatural,” among others. In 2008, just five years after arriving from Cuba, Garcia was named one of the 50 most beautiful people by People En Español magazine and one of Maxim magazine’s hottest girls on television. Garcia has had starring roles in films including “Sniper: Ultimate Kill” and “Avenge the Crows,” as well as supporting roles in a dozen other movies.


Photography by Louis Rodiger

Photography by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

In “Fear the Walking Dead,” Garcia stars as “Luciana,” the fearless yet compassionate leader who shows unwavering courage in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and humans who will do anything to survive. Garcia recently wrote, directed and produced “La Cura,” a short film about a small town in Mexico feeling the effects of an unknown disease that forces the local pastor to make an ethical decision that will impact the lives of everyone in his village.

Photography by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Garcia is now committed to giving back and helping Latino children. She believes the performing arts, which helped her make a life for herself, can help children get on the right path. She is currently working with several theater companies in Cuba on a program that would enable Cuban children to participate in the performing arts and give them a sense of purpose. “The performing arts is all about expression,” said Garcia. “It is so important for young children to have a direction in life and to aspire to something great. The performing arts also helps children develop skills and a work ethic that will serve them well whatever they decide to do.” While filming in different locations, Garcia has visited local orphanages and spent time with children who need the support and guidance of an adult. She works to introduce the performing arts to these children. Garcia is also forming a nonprofit foundation as part of her production company, This is Happening Productions, where Photography by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC


a portion of proceeds from her projects will go to worthwhile charities. Garcia is looking to produce films that educate people about various causes and issues, with proceeds going to support the causes depicted in the films. Wherever she goes, Garcia never forgets her roots and where she came from. Garcia said “I always believed that success was defined by finding your passion, doing what you love and striving to be the best you can be. This is the message I want to impart to others.” Special Thank you to Danay Garcia Photography Richard Foreman Jr/AMC | Louis Rodiger Production and Makeup by ​Karina Fonti​ using ​Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Hair by ​Gloria Espinoza

Photos by Danay Garcia

Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality To Make Sense of the World By Steve Taylor


As an academic - a researcher and senior lecturer at a university in the UK - people are often surprised by my unorthodox views on the nature of life, and of the world. For example, when I mention to col-leagues that I believe in some form of life after death and in paranormal phenomena such as telepathy or precognition, and that I’m doubtful about the conventional Neo-Darwinist view of evolution, they look at me as if I’ve told them I’m going to give up academia and become a professional footballer. It’s taken for granted that intellectuals and academics don't entertain such unusual views. People are even more confused when I tell them that I’m not in the least bit religious. ‘Have can you believe in life after death without being religious?’ they wonder. ‘How can you be doubtful about Darwinism without being religious?’ But it is very possible to be intellectual and rational while accepting the existence of seemingly 'irrational' phenomena. In fact, in my view it is much more rational to be open to such perspectives. Our culture is in thrall to a particular paradigm or belief system which in its own way is just as dogmatic and irrational as a religious paradigm. This is the belief system of materialism, which holds that matter is the primary reality of the universe, and that anything that appears to be non-physical - such as the mind, our thoughts, consciousness, or even life itself - is physical in origin, or can be ex-plained in physical terms. It’s often assumed that we only have two choices in how we see the world: a “scientific” mate-rialist view or a religious one. Either you believe in heaven and hell, or you believe that there is no life after death. Either God created all life forms, or they evolved accidentally through random mutations and natural selection. But there is a third alternative worldview: a spiritual approach that suggests that the essence of reality (which is also the essence of our being) is a quality which might be called spirit, or consciousness. This quality is fundamental and universal; it is everywhere and in all things. It is not unlike gravity or mass, in that it was embedded into the universe right from the beginning of time, and is still present in everything. It may even have existed before the universe, and the universe can be seen as an emanation or manifestation of it.


How Spirituality Can Help Explain the World Spirituality isn’t often thought of in an 'explanatory' context. Most people believe that it’s the role of science to explain how the world works. But the simple notion that that there is a fundamental spirit or consciousness which is ever-present and in everything has great explanatory power. In fact, this is the main reason why I think this approach is so valid. There are many things that don’t make sense from a materialist perspective, but which can be easily explained from a spiritual point of view. Conventional science can’t explain where consciousness comes from. It can’t explain the powerful effect that mental intentions and beliefs can have on the body (as shown by the placebo effect and the healing and analgesic effects of hypnosis). It can’t account for the extreme flexibility of the human brain, as shown by cases where people have had normal mental functioning in spite of lacking massive amounts of normal brain tissue. The normal scientific view cannot account for altruism either, except by explaining it away as a kind of mistake. It can’t explain anomalous phenomena such as spiritual experiences, near-death expe-riences (in which consciousness apparently continues when the brain is inactive) or telepathy or pre-cognition. Although there is a good deal of evidence of these phenomena, they make so little sense from the materialist perspective that they are either ignored or explained away. Even many of the phe-nomena of quantum physics make no sense from the standpoint of scientific materialism. But as I show in my new book Spiritual Science, all of these phenomena make sense in spir-itual terms. For example, our own individual consciousness can be explained as an 'influx' of the fun-damental consciousness of the universe, facilitated by our brains. Altruism can be explained as the result of the fundamental interconnectedness of human beings, which allows us to sense each other’s pain and suffering and respond to it. Spiritual experiences can be explained as moments in which we 'touch into' the fundamental oneness of the universe, and experience its spiritual essence. Telepathy can also be explained in terms of our interconnectedness. Perhaps the most important aspect of the spiritual worldview, however, is what it tells us about the world and our own lives as human beings. The conventional materialist model tells us that the world is an inert, soulless ma-

16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e Octoberr 2018

chine, made up of genetic machines (such as ourselves), inert material particles and inert empty space. It tells us that we are isolated entities, enclosed within our brains and our bodies, in separation from the world and other human beings and living beings. It tells us that the only purpose of lives is to survive and replicate our genes. In other words, it leads to a devaluation of life - of our own lives, of other species’, and of the Earth itself. But the spiritual worldview tells us that we are not biological machines but manifestations of spirit. The whole world itself is a manifestation of spirit, so that we share its essence, and the essence of every other living being.

Steve Taylor PhD is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. For the last six years he has been included in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people.’ His books include Waking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity, and his latest book The Leap published by Eckhart Tolle who has described his work as ‘an important contribution to the shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet at present’. www.stevenmtaylor,com.

THE WAY I SEE IT By Joe Santos, Jr.

I am. And, I did.

I Am. And, I Did. September 22nd, 2018, on a farm in beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan I stood before and said, "I do” to my partner of five years in front of 170 guests, comprised of Family and the closest of friends. Many had flown in for the weekend celebration from as far away as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Mexico, London, Paris, and Copenhagen! Who would have thought? I surely didn’t. As gay men and women, we weren’t conditioned to the idea, let alone the possibility that one-day we could live and love openly with pride, commitment, joy, respect, and acceptance legally and otherwise. But it does come with a big responsibility and it’s something most of us take seriously and not for granted. Maybe because it has been so elusive to us, and the threat that at any time it could be taken away from us. That thought is still very real. But with that said, it was the furthest thing from any of our minds this weekend. We met in Saugatuck. I proposed in Saugatuck. We married in Saugatuck! Also, my partner and his Family are from Michigan so that helped make the planning and execution seamless! We decided on an outdoor Wedding. We both love “Indian Summer” (that little piece of time just before Autumn where the air is crisp, clean and less warm). Because there is no "Wedding Tradition” that applies to our union, the fun part was creating our own. There is no “dress to stress”, no "cake to bake”, no “garter to barter”, no “ring to bring” no “old to new” and no “borrow to blue!” The one thing we both knew to follow and protect was the reason we were all "gathered here." Love. There is no tradition to follow when it comes to that. It hits you when you least expect it, finds you when you aren’t looking, reminds you when you aren't thinking, and rewards you when you are prepared and reflecting. We picked the date based on what would have been my Mother’s birthday. She died young 30 years ago. I know she would have been so proud to be there and would have loved my partner and his family. My partner’s Brother was chosen to stand for him, and my “chosen” Brother (friends since nine years old) I asked to stand for me. Our Officiant was J.Rosalynn Smith-Clark, Author & Motivational Speaker. She spoke of truth,

love, authenticity, honor, gratitude, God, grace & Family. The importance of commitment to one another, respect to ourselves and to each other, as well as to our planet and to our Universe. We decided not to exchange rings or vows. In place, we chose to have bracelets made of black onyx “Mala Beads.” Each bead represents our intentions to one another that we read aloud as we presented and tied the bracelets to each other. They are held together by a black diamond, signifying “our unbreakable bond.” Guests were served a Vegan Buffet of Chili, Cornbread, Assorted Grilled Vegetable, Salads, Quinoa Burgers and Spicy Asian Noodles. My “Chosen Brother” baked us our favorite “high as the sky” coconut cake that served as our “spectacle cake!” Everyone was dressed beautifully and comfortably. We ate, drank, danced, laughed, sang, loved and walked away refreshed, renewed and rewarded by a sense of friendship, family, and a reminder of what sharing and celebrating really means. Whatever we forget along the way it’s important to find a memory or at least a reminder or two of what is important. No matter who you are, what you do, where you come from or whatever excuse that represents your fear, we must learn to conquer them and rise far above them because when we find the true meaning of love, life and happiness, we find ourselves in God’s brightest light. He/She/It, (however you perceive God to be), remember, that “Almighty Being” is way too busy creating life and love to judge. Just live and applaud the lives of others… there is plenty of beauty, happiness, and love for us all to find and share!!

2 Joe Santos, Jr. is a Celebrity Chef and Life-Stylist. He joins The Eden Magazine as a writer sharing his unique view on life, death, love, and the avoidance of mediocrity. Follow Joey on Instagram @jojoboy13


The Mindful Tax and Money Guide By Miriam Bertke



Did you start to work on creating your financial abundance yet? Last time we talked about taking the first step towards creating your financial abundance, and that is to start the process of creating a financial plan. I believe that you started the process so let’s move forward. Along with this entry, I will write a few articles on financial planning, all of which are meant to guide you as you go about getting your affairs in order. Let’s take a look on the next step and that is meeting with your financial team. Do you know who should be in your financial team? Financial team of advisors includes financial planner, tax and estate planning attorneys, financial broker, insurance broker, CPA. If you don’t have your trusted team of advisors, it might be a good time to start to create one that will guide you and help you to achieve your financial goals. The right financial advisor can get you on track, even back on track. When meeting with any of your financial professionals that's helping you with your financial planning it is not unusual to be intimated. Don’t be, although we all might feel sometimes this way. Keep in mind that it’s your life, your money, your assets and you need to be in charge. Take control. What I always tell all my clients, the person sitting on the other side of the desk from you should be making effort to get to know you as a person not just as a new engagement and likewise you should be doing the same with them. They should not just ask questions about your assets, net worth and family. It should be more than that, much more. What I have seen is that many people just stand by and let the professional lecture them as opposed to have a conversation with their advisor. Planning should be a two-way street, not just a teacher instructing the student. So don’t be afraid to have the conversation and ask questions. Please note that when it is your turn to ask the question, you are entitled to an answer, and when you get an answer, it is important that you understand the answer. If that answer is relevant to your particular situation, do not be intimidated, keep asking questions until you fully understand and are satisfied with the answers you are receiving.

In my practice, I meet many interesting people/clients, and whether you’re affluent or not, the process of getting and keeping your affairs in order should be approached in much the same manner. Remember that knowledge alone is not power, execution is. Action is where all your power is found. My dear friends, make sure you take action and make sure that the people that guiding you have your best interests in mind. The right one can help you create or refine your plan. I look forward to meeting you in person someday soon. Until then, keep moving forward with your financial planning.

Miriam Bertke is a Financial Services représentative. She is a part of The Advisor Consulting Group (ACG), a firm designed to provide financial and estate planning assistance to individuals and businesses. She has many years of experience, specializes in strategic and comprehensive financial planning focusing on the areas of tax, retirement and asset protection, helping people gain clarity with their financial goals and objectives. She also works closely with attorneys, CPAs, as well as with other financial advisors, creating financial planning teams. You can also connect with Miriam via email or on LinkedIn: Email: Website:


Harvesting the Wisdom of Our Souls

By Les Jensen

It can seem like our human narrative has lost its way. Where the everyday news is filled with stories of humanity struggling with itself. Our eyes can show us everything that we don't want. And the chances for hope can seem fleeting. But there is a much bigger story going on as well. And you are a player in that story too. Humanity is hungry for a better paradigm. A vision of a better future. Indeed, we have all been in a kind of a karmic pressure cooker. Pushing us deeper and deeper into our own collective karmic shadow. An upheaval of sorts. And we are ready for change. Enter the Soul. Your Soul. Your life was chosen. It was a conscious choice of your own soul. Your family of origin had karmic tendencies that were specifically chosen to set yourself up for your own life-path. Each one of us has our own unique karmic collage. A collection of karmic imprinting from our past. A series of karmic attributes that we are experiencing in these passing days. And each one of us has our own unique life-purpose too. A paradigm of possibilities that has been set up just for us. If you took the time to ponder your own life-purpose, what comes to mind? What are the karmic lessons your own soul chose for you? What was the karmic posturing of your family of origin? You can get a sense of what that might be by looking at the values that your family held dear. For example, a strong work ethic and a strong back might be highly valued growing up on a family farm. Or perhaps living the righteous path would be valued growing up in a family where religion was the strongest core value of the family. And then there are several thousand other possibilities too. There are so many unique paradigms being played out on this global stage upon which we stand. Each one having its own karmic momentum of sorts. But yours is perhaps the most powerful … for you. Kind of a “blossom where you are planted” mentality. Often our egos can covet someone else's life path. It is not that there cannot be value in noticing what we desire, as we observe the lives others are living. However, make no mistake, your seat is indeed the best seat in the house. For you.

You will not find what you are looking for by copying someone else. You are unique for a reason. You are here for your own personal experience. A handpicked adventure of sorts. Chosen by your soul. Complete with unique karmic lessons and opportunities. And an escrow of sorts too. An escrow in the sense that you can evolve who you are. You can master, and thus transcend, your karmic tendencies. And evolve yourself into whole new arenas of living for yourself. And there are no limits as to where that can take you. But to really get some serious traction with that will require changing your perception of your life. Changing, perhaps, how you feel about your own life. It can happen when we shift our focus. When we shift our focus from the perception of our ego, and move it into the vision of our own soul. Your soul. By moving our perception to the perspective of our soul, everything becomes impersonal. Your soul knows that the principles of karma are indeed very impersonal. And the karmic interactions you are having with others in your life are following the same timeless karmic tendencies of our human nature. Every single karmic interaction you are having with those people in your life is modeling an impersonal karmic lesson for you to learn. For myself, I would rate one of the strongest and most difficult karmic interactions I have had in my life as perhaps one of the biggest gifts of my life. Over a period of ten years, I had a daily interaction with a boss that was very difficult and demeaning. And yet, he broke me open. He put karmic pressure, of sorts, on my own psyche every day. And my own karma would re-act to it over and over again. Eventually putting me on the couch in my psychiatrist’s office. Where my life changed forever. Opening me up to a much bigger life-path for myself. That “tyrant” was one of my best karmic teachers. You have karmic contracts of sorts. With the people with whom you interact as you go about your life. As part of your life-path that was chosen by your soul before you were even born. And there is a gift behind each and every one of them. To take the perspective of your soul, you would see every interaction as an opportunity to learn about the impersonal aspects of karma that are playing out in your life. And as you open up to that bigger perspective, the vision of your life can expand as well. Then, perhaps, there comes an opportunity to see your own life-lessons, and how they relate to the collective


struggles of humanity. Those karmic arenas of upheaval that we see humanity going through. And where your own karmic lessons have had you grow yourself too. This is where the idea of service can come in. When our soul has an opportunity for us to serve others, we can have a very deep and satisfying sense of self. A very deep feeling of accomplishment. This is the doorway to living the life that you love. From your own soul’s perspective. To be alive on this planet at this time is to participate in the classroom of the very advanced classes of karma. Where the old souls come to learn how to love one another, walking in the center of the karmic storm itself. Take the time to daydream. Surrendering what you thought your life would be, and open up your imagination so that your soul can feed you new visions, and new dreams of where your life can go. Getting out of your ego and surrendering to the vision of your soul is the doorway to living a most exceptional life.

1 Les Jensen is an author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living Radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. Les’ latest book, “Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior” was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include “Citizen King: The New Age of Power” and “Personal Power Fundamentals.” To learn more visit his websites at and

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Mindful Matters By Samantha Gordon

5 Steps to a More Mindful Morning 1. Resist the Early Morning Scroll I used to wake up, roll over with my eyes still closed, fumble for my phone and crack openone eye to reveal the first sight of the day: a brightly lit screen. I’d then do the procedurals: check facebook for any wedding/ baby announcements, scroll through skinny girls in bikinis drinking fitness eas on instagram, and checking texts, tweets, emails… you name it! Scrolling through social media can easily turn into acomparison game. And if you COMPARE, you will DESPAIR which is not how we want to start off our mornings. Instead, try activating your mind with other things like stretching, reading, journaling, or playing with your pet! Try keeping your phone plugged in a room other than your bedroom to help you resist any temptations.

Mindful Mornings

2. Make a Hydrating Morning Tonic It’s very important to rehydrate your body in the morning. Think about it… while asleep, you haven’t been drinking anything for (hopefully) at least 8 hours. Drinking water is a great way to get your body and mind going! There are many benefits to warm lemon water like awakening of the digestive system and giving you a boost of vitamin C to aid your immune system. Add healthy boosters to your lemon water like apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, or ginger. Try other healthy hacks like taking shot of liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the dark green pigment found in plants. One tablespoon a day can boost red blood cells, improve oxygen, increase energy, help body odor, protect from cancer, help regulate bowel movements, and increase magnesium, vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein!

3. Say positive self affirmations Daily affirmations help to start the day from a place of gratitude. A daily practice helps to keep the small things in perspective. A simple morning affirmation sentence of “I am healthy” can go a long way when later in the day a curve ball gets thrown at you at your job, or you get stuck in rush hour traffic. My 3 favorite affirmations to say in the morning are: “My vibration is aligned with the abundance of the universe”, “Great things will happen today”, and “I am enough”.

Samantha Gordon is committed to helping others around her live their life as abundantly and vibrantly as possible! Through exercise, diet, mindful meditation, and artistic expression, Samantha learns something new about herself everyday and hopes to exchange and share this knowledge with others. Samantha studied journalism and musical theatre at NYU and now lives in Los Angeles, working as an actress, singer, personal trainer, and writer. To see more of Samantha, follow her instagram @SamKGordon 26 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~L.M. Montgomery

Visit us in www.theeden magazine

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WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT Interview with Catherine Schreiber



My Wings

By Stacey Blanchet


What do we want out of life? Many of us are living day-to-day trying to survive without a thought of how to thrive. Hopefully, some will shift their priorities when they hit their second stage of life. A new question presents itself to us. What do we want to leave behind? Well, Catherine Schreiber asked herself that very question and headed to Broadway. In 2010, ‘Catherine Schreiber Productions’ was launched and Catherine landed on Broadway with a bang. Catherine has won two Tony Awards, (6) six Tony nominations and (4) four Olivier Nominations. In London, she won the ‘Evening Standard Award’ and ‘London Outer Critics’ Circle’ Award for ‘Scottsboro Boys’ and an ‘Offie’ for ‘The Life.’ On Broadway, she also won the ‘Drama League, Drama Desk and Outer Critics’ Award for ‘Angels in America.’ And last year, she was named “Broadway Global Producer of Year” for 2017, a first for a woman and she was chosen unanimously by the Board of Directors. She has produced a total of 13 plays in the US (11 on Broadway, two Off Broadway) and 10 in the UK and 1 in Peru since 2010. She has hit a stride and there is no stopping this woman to bring about change. The goal for Catherine is to produce work with a purpose, but also to entertain. She was also quite honored to have received the key to the city of Scottsboro, Alabama, for her work with the ‘Scottsboro Boys Museum.’ When Governor Bentley of Alabama signed the ‘Scottsboro Boys Act,’ exonerating the boys, Catherine gave the keynote address. Governor Bentley has credited Schreiber's involvement in the Broadway production & her work with the museum, as helping to get the Act passed. Having made a difference, touching lives & getting the story of the Scottsboro Boys told worldwide, has been her proudest achievement.


During the time my writing partner, Joshua Grenrock, and I were working on a film script for Kate Hudson's Company, we were working on another film that we just had to do, because it was based on our experience. It’s called ‘Desperate Writers’. The film went on to be a semi-finalist in several film competitions. I decided to "make it happen". We rewrote ‘Desperate Writers’ as a play and I produced it in a small theater in LA in 2007 and then recast it for a 2008 production, In 2010, I started producing on Broadway in 2010 because I was determined to produce ‘Desperate Writers’ in NY after my husband and I moved there. I was encouraged to learn about the Broadway world by investing in a play. I decided to dive in instead and produce. My first project was ‘Next Fall,’ which exquisitely depicts the struggles of gay men at a time when gay marriage was not recognized. It was my first Broadway producing experience and my first Tony nomination. It was the first time I produced a show I hadn’t written or wanted to act in. I learned I could derive great satisfaction from helping give birth to someone else’s baby. And thus my producing career on Broadway began. I have had the joy of being involved in 11 Broadway shows so far, and nominated for six Tony’s with two wins. And, I'm so excited about my upcoming shows, ‘Network’ on Broadway and a reimagined ‘Company’ directed by Marianne Elliott in London starring Patti Lupone.

Scottsboro Boys -at rehearsal with David Thompson (book author) Susan Stroman (director) John Kander (of Kander & Ebb)composer & lyricist 32 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

With JJ Abrams - Rehearsal Play that Goes Wrong Amber Riley and Catherine Opening Night Dreamgirls London

1. Who inspired you to enter the world of Broadway Producing? Actually, no one inspired me. Well, let me clarify. No specific person inspired me, but all the incredible plays and musicals I’ve seen over the years nurtured my great love for theatre. I started acting as a little girl and my passion for theatre never subsided. I starred in high school productions at Great Neck North and then at Yale where I majored in English. I acted Off Broadway and then acted in a National Tour. I ended up pursuing my passion in Los Angeles. I started producing because I wanted to play the role of Rochelle in ‘Saturday Night,’ a play by Jerome Kass. I had done a scene in an acting class and I loved the part. I got the rights from the author and then just did it! I produced ‘Saturday Night’ at The Cast theatre in LA. It was a great experience. Then, years later, after I started writing, I decided to produce again.

2. Do you believe the stories that productions only get better when more women are involved? How do you believe you can make the prospect attractive for women to want to be producers? Everything gets better when women are involved :) In terms of people interested or attracted to producing, it would be the same for men and women. There are so many people interested in theatre. I love theatre so I just encourage those who feel the same way to get involved. If someone loves theatre, wants to come to opening night, be a part of what goes on behind the scenes, there is a place for them. In terms of women or men who have spent their lives raising children or doing a job they no longer derive satisfaction from- many are looking for a new passion in their lives, I think theatre can satisfy that hunger for something rewarding. I have helped many people, women, especially, find great excitement and fulfillment by getting involved in theatre. Taking a “lead” from Catherine, what is your passion project? How are you going to make your mark? Taking that great leap of faith about yourself is one of the biggest pay-offs we can get in life. Being truly an adult is a great liberator. We can determine our destiny. Too often we accept other people’s expectations about ourselves. Isn’t it time to throw out other people’s expectation of us and set our own goals for ourselves? Don’t be afraid to dream big! When you embrace, fear it wakes you up. By facing fear, you take away its power. You are free to fly! Let us all grab a pair of wings and take off!

Catherine with Governor Bentley G.


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Magic is Allof Fall Around Us By Nancy E. Yearout It’s the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The sweaters and jackets are finding their way out of their cozy hiding spaces as winter creeps up on us. I have learned over time that fall is brilliant but unique to where ever you may be when it arrives. Growing up in Ohio and Michigan our family was blessed with the amazing colored leaves that decorate the branches of the many trees that encompassed our town. When the mighty aspen oaks, sugar maple, red maple and hickory trees turn their brilliant shades of oranges, reds and yellows we knew it was late Fall. This was also a sign that it was time for a trip to the local Cider Mill. Upon arriving at this land mark from the mid 1800’s you can smell the strong aroma of fresh hot donuts and apple cider. The large red water wheel outside of the building is constantly turning to operate the apple press, which smashes the apples to create the sacred brew. The line is long but worth the wait every year. The cider and donuts are hot and delicious! (I miss this place.) Later in my life I relocated to the Desert Southwest where Hot Air Balloons and the smell of roasted green chili is the sign of late Fall. The Land of Enchantment as it is called, has skies that are filled with bright colored hot air balloons. The balloons of many shapes and colors fly early in the morning and will follow you all the way to work above your car. It’s very difficult to drive as all you want to do is look up!

While living in New Mexico another definite sign of late Fall is the smell of Pinon wood burning in the fireplaces around town. People light their fireplaces to take the chill off the morning time. Pinion wood burning is a sure sign that old man winter is just around the corner. Today living in West Texas, looking out onto the fields at first light you can see a thick mist rising into the air from the cold ground. This is how you know its late Fall. The cotton crop harvesting is another sure sign that the first freeze has arrived or will be here soon along with a large migration of geese. Canadian Geese inhabit the area lakes from early winter until late February. You will know when they have arrived as they make a loud honking sound as they fly by overhead. Therefore, the Canadian Geese, are often referred to as, “The Honkers”. It seems no matter where we are in life nature let’s us know that the season is changing. And if we look carefully we can witness the magic of fall all around us.

nm Nancy E. Yearout is an author, a spiritual life coach, and a motivational speaker. Nancy has enjoyed an extensive corporate career as a sales coordinator with one of the Big Three automakers in Detroit. Her sales, management, and marketing skills have grown with each step of her business. Her success has blessed her with the real life experience, knowledge, and common sense that is required to help others through life’s challenges. Nancy has been fortunate to acquire hands-on energy healing skills from an Aztec healer from Mexico, and she has helped many balance their energy fields. She has received guidance from religious and spiritual teachers along the way, resulting in the development of her skills as an intuitive, a tarot card reader, and a life coach. She utilizes these tools to guide her clients to joyful and successful lives. Nancy is the author of Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You.


Reclaming Your True Self By Angela Dunning


Finding the Gold Within Our Shadow Inner-work that involves healing our shadow-side and projections often tends to focus on the more challenging and so-called “negative” aspects of ourselves that we have disowned, for example, our repressed anger, shame, sadness or lack of confidence. Yet, there is an equally important aspect to shadow-work. This is to locate “the gold within our shadow” and, to also stop projecting this unowned aspect of ourselves onto others. In my personal experience, it is equally important to focus on this aspect of our shadow-work, as it is through nurturing our passions in life that we come more into balance and self-focused in a positive way, rather than letting just our wounds always dictate the content and direction of our life. The gold that I am referring to is an untapped collection full of our latent gifts, talents, passions, dreams, abilities and desires. These are the aspects of ourselves that were quashed and diminished by others in our early years of life. The bubbling enthusiasm we felt for certain things which were often creative, fun for the sheer sake of it and highly expressive, are often severely dampened down by those in our immediate surroundings who felt themselves threatened by, or envious of, our gifts, energy and enthusiasm. Overtime, this leads to repression of our true-self and our vital life-force energy, and sadly, is a common cultural wound which many of us suffer from. Yet, as adults, these burning desires are just that; burning. They are repressed energies languishing deep inside and from time to time pop-up in our dreams at night, or in our fervent love of others who display similar talents or passions. Our favourite musicians, artists, actors, writers, dancers, celebrities or successful entrepreneurs all hold clues as to what needs our attention and nurturing love to come alive and make us feel fully ourselves once more.


How do we locate and start to own “The Gold in our Shadow”? How do we unearth and nourish these burning desires into lived experiences of joy, passion and self-expression in our present lives? Here are some suggestions: • Explore what was suppressed as a child? What comments or experiences caused you to start hiding your light rather than shining brightly and boldly? What did you love that you gave up doing?

This process is a case of following each single thread of your own gold and see where it takes you. In my experience, full of fun and new people and places. Unearthing the gold in our shadow can never go wrong because, ultimately, if it’s inside of us then it is a gift we were born with and is meant to enliven and enrich our lives, otherwise it wouldn’t be there in the first place. To neglect our gold through fear or previous painful experiences is the tragedy of many a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

• Ask yourself: What excites you? What really makes you come alive? What do you really wish you could have more of in your life – a skill, talent or experience? • Pay attention to your dreams – these hold vital information and clues for us and can lead us to what we have repressed. Notice which scenarios make you feel very happy, fulfilled, and excited in your dreams. Sometimes, such parts of us appear as gemstones or precious jewels in dreams.

• Explore your projections: Who do you really love, admire, idolise and wish you could be like? Who did you love as a child or teenager? Make a list of what it is about them that you admire and then honestly ask yourself where your similarities are and what inside of you is attracted to them so? What are you denying in yourself and placing upon others so willing and why? Honestly assess how much of your life currently focusses on nurturing the talents or abilities you revere so much in others. • Begin the process of pulling your projections back-in from others and back to where they belong inside of you. And then, begin to own and heal these long lost parts and gifts within your inner-gold.


Angela Dunning is the author of The Horse Leads the Way: Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice. You can learn more about Angela; her work helping people and horses reclaim their wildness, and read more of her articles at: You can also connect with Angela on Facebook: or




contemplation By Jayita Bhattacharjee

You begin to live an introspective life, you look into the wonders of contemplation‌. contemplative enough, to be willing to see through, free enough to hear and real enough to respond to the deepest callings of heart. You live in a wordless awe, and you are receptive enough to receive everything with grace and gratitude, and if ever there comes a moment when you do pause in doubt and despair, then you are authentic enough, you are real enough to go into an introspective look of your own self, so you don’t lose yourself, but find yourself. Finding yourself uncovering the mystery of who you are, what excites you at your deepest level, what rouses you from your age- old slumber is the call that whispers the ancient music to your heart. The music was there all along, it was just your staying away from this contemplative beauty kept you away from looking into your own soul in the sea of solitude. Contemplative heart is a gift of solitude and introspective wisdom. It is the moment when wisdom falls in our souls. This is our pilgrimage into our very depth, the pilgrimage that we started ever since we responded to the call and the depths where our retreats lie, in such a deep peace, it is there that contemplation breaks into the gifts of wonder. Awareness of divine presence becomes an underlying beauty, an underlying reason for this pilgrimage, and awakens an undercurrent of the stream of consciousness that never really leaves us completely. Contemplative prayer has no words. It is a wordless prayer flowing silently from your heart and its gifts are felt in the solitude of a contemplative prayer trying to reach the doors of divine.

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As we contemplate, we receive light within the caves of our hearts. We walk towards the mine of undiscovered treasures, the mines that hold the rubies of wisdom. Those are the timeless gifts, that the divine showers on us as we enter into the realm of contemplation. There is a gestation of the spirit, as there is a silent withdrawal from within. We walk away from this exterior world, and we travel within, we roam within our hearts, and in our roaming do we discover so many undiscovered truths, so many unfelt feelings, that we begin to cry in joy and truth of what really keeps us alive. It is in these gifts of contemplation, that your soul grows deep like a running brook, whose beauty you see both in the wilder currents and tranquil waters. Where the wildness and tranquility, all roll over time and ultimately make you see the courage in loving life, the way it comes. With times, you realize, that in this courage lives a beauty, that may be invisible to the world, but it is so luminous in the eyes of divine. Its resplendence glows like a new sunrise, on a new day in the horizon that comes up with a light which merges the light of our souls. In this light, is revealed the gifts of contemplative beauty, the wonders of it and how far can we reach with them. This is the phase of receptive spirituality. That moment, you let spirituality penetrate you, your very soul and it works the wonders of personal healing. That is a transcendent guide to return to your authentic self again as you become receptive to the wisdom of spirituality. Returning to the mystic nature of our souls is a sacred art of learning and relearning how to shed off the old layers of buries pain and to come forth to meet life again in the wonders of a divine ecstasy, that can melt all the pain which held you back. It gives us a profound insight that can help us to reclaim our authentic nature which sings of unparalleled joy. The divine ecstasy ignites a renaissance of soul and it invites us into the sacred temple of joy. We have all sadly experienced our share of pain and suffering. In the midst of our own heartbreaks, there comes a moment, when we learn to rise again, holding on to this long-lost divine ecstasy and seem to be able to sing again the forgotten tunes of joy. This ecstasy finds its way to our hearts, and while it does, life finds its way back to the temple of our souls again. We wander into the deeper meanings of life and that’s what helps us connect with our primordial peace that we were seeded with in the first place. This is the spiritual odyssey, where the ultimate fulfillment is an unending joy. But in life, as we descend into the depths of sorrow, we seem to be challenged to remember this ageless, timeless truth. We lose the shore that glimmers with the wisdom of soul. Being on a mystic pilgrimage helps us navigate the way through 42 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e Octoberr 2018

the troubled waters of life. As it is this ecstasy that will show us the light, in the midst of a dancing chaos. This odyssey gives birth to a story and sometimes a poem as we transcend happiness and enter into real joy of sipping the ecstasy and we feel the indescribable feelings of breathless beauty in some of the most breathtaking moments of life. You immerse in the deep ocean of divine and you hear the sacred sound, the sacred poetry of divine all inside of you. It is not elsewhere, where you seek, the poetry recites on your very lips, the sacred song escapes from your singing soul. There is that dew that fell from the lips of heaven and it sits on the sacred poetry of your heart, needing you to refresh yourself, once again in the wake of a whispering breeze. This is the poetry that kisses your soul, the poetry that was born in the wonders of contemplation.

t Jayita Bhattacharjee was born in Calcutta, India and later on pursued education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. Her Indian residence is in the vicinity of the famous Belurmath. Currently, she is settled in Tampa, Florida. Her love for writing on a journey of heart and soul was hidden all within. Looking at the moments captured in love and pain, joy and grief, the hidden tragedies of was a calling of her soul to write with the ink that kept flowing from her heart. This is what gave her the fulfillment, the richness in her soul. Her books "The Ecstatic Dance of Life', " Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", "Dewdrops of Compassion" are meant to shed light on what guides a person to respond to the mystical voice hidden inside, to soar in a boundless expansion with the limitless freedom of spirit. "It is in the deepest joy that I write with every breath of mine."







West Hollywood -- On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Fig & Olive – THE Hollywood Hotspot on Melrose Place, opened its doors to Bergman’s Style Lounge and Party – in celebration of the upcoming 70th Annual Emmy® Awards. Over 100 of Hollywood’s finest turned out to celebrate and honor the television industry’s Emmy® Nominated actors, former Emmy® winners, presenters, stylists and industry VIPS. This highly anticipated invitation-only event, hosted by Green Horizen and presented by Precious Vodka, featured an incredible array of fashion for him and her including couture gowns, bespoke tuxedos & suits, men’s grooming products, the finest in beauty, skin & hair care, stunning jewelry collections, gorgeous accessories, fashion forward luggage, Napa Valley wines, premium luxury coffee, innovative teeth whitening, chic chapeaus, fabulous fragrance, everything for the pampered baby, gourmet cuisine, unique spirits, delectable sweets and much more!

2018 Emmy Nominees Kelly Jenrette (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Lee Garlington (“Broken”), Miles Tagtmeyer (“Broken”), Melvin Jackson, Jr. (“This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours”), Naomi Grossman (“Control Alt Delete”), Sam Sokolov (Executive Producer “Genius: Picasso”), Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas (Casting Directors for “Handmaid’s Tale” & “Barry”) joined Former Emmy Winners Kim Estes (Best Actor “Dicks” 2017), Patrika Darbo (Best Actress “Acting Dead” 2016, Former Emmy Nominees Kelsey Scott and Khandi Alexander, Grammy Winning Bonnie & Anita Pointer (“Pointer Sisters”), Lou Ferrigno (“The Hulk”), Michael Irby (“Mayans M.C.”), Michael Campion (“Fuller House”), Gleb Savchenko (“Dancing With The Stars”), Diego Tinoco (“On My Block”), Joely Fisher, John Brotherton (“Fuller House”), Matt Cedeno (“Power”), Lisa Vidal (“Being Mary Jane”), Michele Weaver (“Love Is”), to name a few, who were among the cadre of celebrities and industry VIPS who were treated to the best of the best!

In the spirit of giving back, guests & sponsors made monetary donations and/or donated unwrapped gifts for young adults (ages 13-18) for a Pre-Holiday Gift Drive benefiting ‘Wednesday’s Child’ -- a weekly segment airing on KTTV FOX 11 News, Los Angeles, with Anchor Christine Devine. ‘Wednesday’s Child’ highlights ‘harder to place’ young adults in the LA County foster care system who are in need of adoptive families. “In Los Angeles County, alone, there are over 30,000 children receiving child welfare services,” says social worker, Dr. William Wong. Bergman always invites at least 2 foster children to join in on the festivities and experience what it feels like to be treated as a VIP. Gifts and services were provided by: Green Horizen CBD Products; Precious Vodka; Beauty Kitchen; Lollies & Lace couture baby clothing; Twisted Silver; My Saint, My Hero blessing bracelets; Porto Vino handbags and messenger bags; Sunder Sparkling Beverages; Hint Water; Sue Wong Couture and Fragrance; Nourish Modern Wellness Skin Care; Chef John Sunfungkmee of Emporium Thai; Mobile White; Kam Shield;; Goldinger’s Print Tees; Let’s Cake; Zirconmania; Diamond Veneer; Mind In Sole insole foot massage; Emmy’s Hope Dog Accessories; Rhonda Shear Aah Bras; Rock Your Hair; Zangu Language App; Bitmar Streaming Subscriptions; Filam Luxury Coffee; Junkless Granola Bars; “Shark Tank” Winning BeatBox Portable Party Punch; Planet Beauty; Popsockets phone accessories; The Hollywood Trinity; Popcornopolis and VIP Gift Bags provided by Emmy’s Hope & Kam Shield. #Emmys2018


LANGUAGE OF SPACE By Michael White Ryan

Finding Our Way Out Through Darkness Appearing As Light Born into a world full of hope, full of faith. Did we stand a chance? Of course, it may appear different according to who you have become. Birthed into a world surrounded by an acceptance reality as it was presented for us. Now much later, with eyes wide shut, a questioning thought lingers on the fringed horizon, “what are we missing out on”? In finding our way out of the darkness, we may have to look inside, for whom is doing the thinking!!! Have we become what we read, hear, hope and pray for, at the baseline we believe our mind can transform the body, the everything, the outcome, the happy forever once upon a time in duplication. There are those amongst us who


are chosen to explain how it all works, the 1+1=1, how to think, how to function, how to become and it was called an education. We were taught a system of processes, through a world of black and white, expanding out into a maze of extraordinary colors. Where are we now in this evolving ocean of acceptability Everything will be alright. Have we become used followers of people we don’t know, but trust, a product of logic which binds us to the believable, or is it up to organics to save our material self. Questions upon questions never asked!


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Our minds are trapped on a thin slice of reality, looking for the knowing-winds of who do I become to charter a passage to my crowning success. Influencers and motivators are powerful at creating followers of how to win at life “jump up and down and you will release your soul”. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the meaning of life is through self-discovery, evolution commands, this is where we entertain the opportunities to reinvent our self. Learn to recreate the idea of “I AM” through constant rediscovery, of reimagining who you will be tomorrow, now go and input that on your “I PHONE” address finder! In days of old, how did scholars and masters pass on their knowledge, to bypass suffering. Where did they hide those formulas required for discovering personal freedom, to be the enlightened master of the self, the ego and the material vessel. The “Language of Secrets” was encrypted into the silent language of symbolism. Is it the perception of the “I” relative to something personal, experience or else, which motivates us in our choices? For me, it’s a new reality, something entirely different which then can move us into new choices, away from negative constructs, deliberately birthed in false beliefs, hidden within traditions, so called truths. The timing is ripe, we require a new concept made of pure information A language coded out of energies aligned with one’s spirit-self Formless and undefined No longer stuck in ideas of social-expectations mother Gia has released her children It’s all up to you me we Who is in control of the learner? Mastery is not a duration. Cultural portals have confined the mindset in an endless search to find a cause trapped in bottomless reasons and ideas of archetypal empowerments to occupy the seeker into realms of obscurity, at the risk of being completely misunderstood! To live with meaning (purpose) has become the catch-cry to finding the one antidote to seeing through the veil. Know that knowledge is separate from us, it’s not who we are. Awaken, by fussing/knowing the three trinities of self. Ask, are you, the mosaic-self approachable/capable of accepting new technologies? Is it that difficult to remove

one’s self from the comforting beliefs embroiled firmly into one’s human consciousness? Where does our driving force come from, these motives of wants, needs and desires that drive us to win, be successful? Were we born with the idea or are we out here just looking for ego’s justified salvation??? Questions abound, why are we not asking, who is the one having the conversations with the one making our decisions, are we misguided by listening to our heart, are we really finding our way out with a smile, by heading towards darkness appearing as light? Blessings to one and all, michael


Michael White Ryan is a co-founder with his wife Pamela Edwards of Language of Space. They are leaders in sustainable business growth via Performance Design and Performance Code. Sustainable design encompasses both Western and Eastern philosophies including advanced Feng Shui principles, Environmental Design, Buildings, Alternative Health, Business Advisory Consultants and 20 plus years as entrepreneurs. Recognized in the top 100 globally and are Americas Leading Feng Shui Business Consultants. They are on faculty at CEO Space International one of the oldest business organizations in America today, currently operate in 7 countries and reside in Carlsbad CA..



By Tara-jenelle Walsch

Bringing Back Community

These days it’s rare for someone to ask for driving directions, so I was a little surprised to be approached by a directionally challenged man last week. It was a pleasant surprise, though. Reminded me of the olden days when vehicles didn’t have navigation systems and cell phones weren’t strapped to everyone’s hip. Maps. That’s what we used, folks. Big, dog-eared, paper accordion maps. (I can feel heads nodding) Reminiscing aside, it’s not everyday that someone asks for your help, let alone a stranger. This is what really infused the experience with pleasantry. It was like getting a big dose of being human again. There was something nostalgic about this man’s character that made him instantly congenial. He was at ease with his humility in a way I hadn’t seen in a long time, and this unbarred vulnerability had an affect on me that created immediate harmony between us. After guiding him to his destination and exchanging a few chuckles, I wished him well and walked away with a smile in my heart, as though I’d seen an old friend. The energy of that exchange stayed with me for the next hour or so, in a forefront and center kind of way. Almost 52 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

as if I inhaled “reminder fumes” on how to relax back into my humanness. Somehow I snapped back into being that me, again. The real one that trusts people and enjoys connection. The one that aways looks out for the best interest of others. The one that finds freedom in genuinely feeling and expressing; my soul self. Without thinking, I found myself reaching for things from top shelves for a shorter lady, bending down to prevent a toddler from falling and picking up dropped items for an older couple. And the response was wondrous; like coming home. Big smiles, thank you’s and short conversations. Energetic accessibility has a domino affect in this way. It’s charm is the relatability it wears and how that awakens those engaged to unforeseen connection. We simply see ourselves in those who “go first” and it creates an unspoken sense of camaraderie. Yet, through the years, humanity has changed it’s ingredients for socially acceptable interaction. Where fundamental traits such as geniality and vulnerability were once regarded as noble and virtuous, they are now often seen as needy, eager or weak.

There’s something to be said for the way people used to care for and interact with one another. There was an inherent sense of togetherness and agreement of community among us. People openly conversed and offered to help one another without question. Today, if someone offers a helping hand with no request for return, people get suspicious. What’s his ulterior motive? What will I owe him? Will he hurt me? Yet, the fewer and far between our trust and open interaction is with others, the more unusual it starts to become. And the more unusual it becomes, the more it draws attention to itself. Occasionally it may stand out as a favorable, but as generations go by, simple gestures of kindness and open vulnerability may start to make others uncomfortable, soon turning a corner into strange and creepy. As it is, the younger generation usually flinches if you move into their bubble in some way and has been known to call really nice or helpful people, freaks and weirdos. Most just don’t know any better and aren’t used to open congeniality from strangers. They grew up befriending their smart phones, not principles of honorable character. With little to no previous positive experience to draw from, the mind steps in to judge and analyze others as a form of protection. It thinks it’s defending you, but more often than not, it’s pulling you away from your heart. The illusion itself dismantles any grounded state of internal alignment and can throw you in a mental spin-cycle. The value of togetherness and community is falling from the tree of life and restitching itself into a superhero cape for one-man operations. With all the technological props now available, there’s an increasing expectation for people to achieve greatness alone, work on their own & entertain themselves alone. Yet, the more we keep to ourselves when we’re in public, the more human interaction will become irritating and intimidating to us. Eventually increasing our desire to just stay in. Humans simply need humans; in so many ways for so many reasons, not the least of which being to better understand ourselves. How can we bring community back into humanity? Establishing a sense of community requires more than common courtesy. Just being nice as a response to others is not an act of altruism. To do our part in bringing more community back to humanity we must exercise being

present and genuine and instinctively support others with no agenda or expectation. Earnestly and joyfully dispensing goodwill because that is just who we are; love for humankind and fellowship are in our bones. It’s helpful to first expand awareness around our inner voice and make a point to replace the unconscious judgements we project on others with compassion and resemblance. Once we shift our default thought to understanding and relating like this, we will instinctively begin extending kindness rather than pulling back with hesitation and annoyance. As we increase our trust in the goodness of others, the outer layers of protection invisibly wrapped around us will shed more consistently, allowing our true selves to shine through. And when we’re shining bright in the comfort of authenticity, we’re energetically open to the reception of others and have a natural desire to connect. Our soul has always had an internal navigation system with directions to love. RoadMap to Bringing Back Community 1- Increase inner and outer presence 2- Replace judgment with resemblance 3- Trust in the goodness of others 4- Shed your walls of protection 5- Share your genuine, vulnerable self 6- Extend support in some way; energetically, emotionally, physically. 7- Feel the glory of goodwill & togetherness

e Tara-jenelle Walsch is a monthly columnist for the Eden Magazine. She is the author of the book, Soul Courage, and the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company. You will also find her speaking publicly about emotional and energetic awareness, and a sacred formula which she believes has the ability to enrich the world at large. Tara-jenelle was raised in Annapolis, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Towson University in Baltimore. She currently lives in the beautiful hills of Ashland, Oregon. 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

How Giving Up On My Diet Lead Me To Love Myself More By Stephanie Mason

As a woman, I used to find myself searching for new ways to achieve the “ideal” body. However as I start to dive deeper into the self love world I have changed my thinking around needing to lose weight and change my body. In June, I signed up with a coach for some added accountability. My goal: I wanted to lose five pounds. I wanted to fit into my old clothes as comfortably as I used to. So, she set me up on a nutrition and workout plan and I was set up for success. Growing up I was a chronic dieter, and I would pride myself on how perfect I could be on my diet. You name it, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Intermittent Fasting, Vegetarian, and I’ve tried it. I would not mess up, because I was only letting myself down, (or so I thought). You can imagine how frustrated I was this summer when for some reason I just could NOT stick to the diet.

I was driving home from work one day (during week 8 of my diet) when I had a lightbulb moment because of a podcast I was listening to. Podcast “Well-Fed Women” with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Noelle Tarr and cohost and author Stefani Ruper spoke about “the last five pounds”. I’ve heard so many women say something along the lines of “I do like my body but I could always lose 5-10 more pounds”. This is what Noelle had to say to thatGREAT! You should be in a place where you could lose 5 pounds. Here’s why - that means you're in a place where your body can reproduce, have a normal menstrual cycle, have a healthy metabolism, give you energy to get through the day, etc. Get my point? So after about 8 weeks of attempting this diet, and listening to this podcast I gave up on my diet for the first time. Usually when we associate giving up on something we think of

it being a failure but this was just the opposite. This was a HUGE win for me. This experience lead me down a road of self awareness where I had to get REAL honest with myself. For the first time in my life I refused to give up the Mexican Monday dates with my boyfriend, and the glass of wine on Saturdays with my girlfriends. I already eat really healthy and move my body often, so why take away the simple little joys that occur a couple times a week in order to lose those five pounds? For what? Would I suddenly have the perfect body in my mind when the scale read 135 instead of 140? I doubt it. As a personal trainer I think there is absolutely a time and a place for necessary weight loss - if you are at a body weight putting you at risk or possible risk for disease then yes. I

would consult with your physician and see if that would be an appropriate choice for you. If you are not at risk for disease or other health issues due to your weight and you are trying to lose more weight I would just ask you to consider doing one thing: Check in with yourself often surrounding your “why” around your weight loss goals. If you are choosing to lose the weight out of love for yourself, know that I am in your corner and cheering you on. Weight loss is such hard work. Listening to that podcast that day was a breath of fresh air for me to hear. I felt like I had the support of these women, and so many others who have obviously been in the same boat as me. If you’re still in the boat, and want to quit the last five pound voyage, I welcome you to take the jump into the ocean. I will be there to welcome you with open arms and a smile.

Stephanie is a certified NASM Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach at Equinox Century City in Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology from Bridgewater State University. She specializes in resistance training and nutritional coaching. Stephanie’s mission is to help her clients feel strong mentally and physically. Through her coaching abilities she helps her clients develop a positive mindset that facilitates a healthy relationship with food and body image.


Spiritually Living By William Constantine, D.MSc


There is this popular misconception in society that love is conditional - that it comes in degrees. That a mother and a step mother can't love the child the same, that two people of the same gender can't love each other the same way two of the opposite sex can, etc. I have learned through the years that LOVE IS LOVE there are no degrees or conditions on it that you didn't put there. However, that doesn't change the nature of love it just changes the degree to which you will allow yourself to love! We live in a whacky society with mixed up belief systems, which have many feeling like they are walking on eggshells. A step mother, for example, may not know her place in a child's life because she doesn't want to offend the mother -she's not trying to replace her just be the best mother she can be. As a child that grew up in foster care, let me say, that you can never have too many people that love you! Love is the essence of the soul. You go through life seeking this "one true love" and, the funny thing is, that is you! When you love yourself truly and deeply & without condition that love will overflow like a cup that runneth over and everyone around you will bathe in it. Often, we seek in another what we feel we don't have within ourselves. Now, when a relationship enhances due to the recognition of the feeling of being complete -a sense of 'I can't live without this person in my life.' Then there is no injustice in allowing yourself to explore the experience of connecting with a person on a soul level - a romantic level. Now, the amount of love remains the same, but our involvement becomes more as we shed whatever limitations and fear of vulnerability that we had. This gives us that sense of a deeper love - but the well of love is always full and is without a bottom. "Love is blind" refers to it not having a distinction or preference that all are capable and worthy of love. Love isn't reserved for a certain few and it isn't something that comes in levels - it's something that just is and it's only us who can ever put limitations or preference on it. Yet, it dong so we are simply stating the degree to which we will allow our self-love. What makes infidelity wrong? Societies opinion of it which is also largely based in faith which is what, often times, makes loving a person of the same gender wrong.

But, we cannot say when we love or with whom nor is it up to us to judge someone because they have been unfaithful. Instead, what we can see is someone willing to risk it all to experience someone on a soul level and the courage to leave the "safety" of a relationship in order to do so. A relationship, is simply a connection to another person, and does not mean they are connected on a soul level. Just because two people have the title of "husband and wife" doesn't mean they share a soul connection. I can tell you that as a Life Coach, I have spoken to many "cheaters" and one common thing that is said is they felt their current relationship was dead. That it somehow had shifted and a connection was lost and this sometimes happens and when it does instead of getting out right away many opt to stay in the comfort of a current relationship and continue to "play house". In fact, many times, they try and convince themselves they are happy and nothing has changed, but meanwhile, their soul is on the lookout for that soul connection. Now, I'm not speaking about a person who prefers who have multiple sexual partners, is not ready to settle down, etc. I'm talking about a connection with one person ending and a new one beginning. Sometimes, we can control the way we transition from one relationship to another, but other times the pull is so intense and strong it's like being caught in an undertow or a riptide. I'm not saying that "cheating" is something we should condone or not condone - I don't believe it our place because we don't know the circumstances. It's not our place to villainies someone either - love doesn't judge. At this point, it is entirely up to the people involved in the situation do decide on if they want to work on the current relationships & heal them or move on to a new chance at a soul connection. Ultimately, if you decide to move on you are also freeing that person to find a soul connection themselves because while you may have had it or convinced yourself you did if you had you wouldn't have gone looking for it elsewhere. It is vital that we understand that loving ourselves first and foremost is crucial in our ability to truly open our hearts; mind, body, and soul to another. We will never do ourselves justice or the person we are in a relationship with justice if we are seeking self-love in a soul connection.


In society, we hear such terms as "Love" and "True Love" and with these notions the expressed phrases of, "I'm in Love" or "I Love You" - but what is love really? I believe there are two types of love. One a complete illusion made up by the Ego and the other is a conscious expression of that which is. The "love" we see most in the world is the illusion of the Ego. For when you love, you're ultimately seeking to fill a void that you feel exists within yourself. So, as we commonly do, we seek outside of ourselves for the "missing piece". When a person comes into our lives we unconsciously and consciously size them up - is this the person who can take away your pain, your past, your suffering, your incompleteness, your emptiness, etc? The Ego in an effort to serve you -- err, rather "protect you" -- it escapes these feelings by creating a subsequent want or desire ... love. When we love someone - we focus all our attention on this person - making them feel significant and special. But, often, this is done unconsciously at the will of the Ego to escape whatever "suffering" we previously and, in truth, still have. It's a distraction from handling the very thing that will draw you deeper and more connected to yourself. So, the Ego, provides us a "savior" - that knight in shining armor or special someone - that will ride in and save the day. Soon, the Ego's flawed logic will reveal itself, as this person won't live up to the expectation that you have placed on their shoulders. In part because they don't know you have done so and also because if you couldn't handle it what makes you think someone else can? Now, what we projected as love and adoration quickly turns into hate, disappointment, communication breakdowns, etc. Not because this person failed you, but because you entered into a relationship with false expectations of what this person could do for you; how they might ease your burden, complete you, etc. Ego's Love requires sacrifice, not so much on your side, but rather the one you "love". The person you elected to be your saving grace; to be everything you need and often this requires change in order to become what you need, but that my friends, is not love.


True Love requires nothing, expects nothing, and possesses nothing - it simply is. Ultimately, what the Ego's Love is doing is trying to fill your feeling of not being enough by offering a distraction from the truth - you've been seeking yourself in another and avoiding the very dwelling you reside. When you find yourself and come into this awareness of a dynamic loving relationship - a true love with yourself - you stop seeking it in others. You no longer require someone else to complete you which is an impossible task, by the way. The illusion of other people exists solely so we can come to have a deeper relationship with our one true self. Throughout the years, there have been adages hinting to a more fulfilled life of love and happiness, but many have been misinterpreted or simply discarded. “Love is blind.” Love is blind means, simply, that love has no judgments and exists through all things. It means that a person shouldn’t love another because they have money or not love a person because they do not have money. It means that a person should love another not because of who they are on the outside – male, female, black, white, Asian, etc. – but, rather, because of who they are on the inside as a person – a reflection of GOD. Love doesn’t care who the last one to do dishes was or who did more “chores” around the house. Love doesn’t compare – it simply is. Love doesn’t argue it endures and allows, embraces and smiles, and above all else it doesn’t hold grudges. Love is not put-downs, lies and deception, and it certainly isn’t physical or sexual abuse. “You are what you eat.” You are what you eat, to me, means that we become what we absorb into our minds and body. It tells us to not only be mindful of what we physically feed our body with, but also with what we spiritually feed it with. The Native American’s believe that when you eat an animal you take in its life force – it’s energy into your body. That being said, what about what we read in the papers, magazines, and on-line? What about what we watch on TV? What about our choice of a movie do we absorb all of these things as well?

YES! Everything we surround ourselves with plays an important role with who we are, what we do, and what we become!

no point in time should you be saying or feeling; “This is as good as it gets,” because you can always create better, do more, and be more!

When people watch the news or read the paper in the morning –the vast majority of the headlines are negative in nature – it’s no wonder why people go to work or start their day in a “bad mood”.

“Follow your dreams.” Follow your dreams means not to allow anyone to stand in the way of your pursuit of them. It means don’t give up on them – if it is something you really want and you can feel it in every fiber of your being – GO AFTER IT! Stop at NO/THING … don’t let your perception of failure get in the way either.

If a person shifted what they read, listened to, and watched to positive and uplifting things – they would begin to see a transformation within their own life. “Choose your friends wisely.” Choosing ones friends wisely is good advice because just as we absorb what we eat, watch, and listen to – we also, are a direct reflection of those we call our friends. Friendships, like anything in life, grow and expand as you travel down the road of life and sometimes that means they shift a little or end – neither is a bad thing. It means that you are moving onward and upward, that your priorities and goals in life have shifted so to will your friends to align with your new manifestation of life. Far too many people try and hold on to relationships or friendships that no longer serve their highest intention or good – for fear of never creating new ones or losing what the old ones represent. All relationships, bring into our life something of value, and sometimes that relationship is meant to last a lifetime and other times that relationship is only meant to run its course – give us the experience, and then allow us to move on enriched.

“You’ll fail.” Failure is an illusion – it’s a stepping stone to greatness as it is really prompting you to ask yourself, “How can I do this better, How can I BE better?” Reassessing and aligning to the ultimate goal is a good thing– thus you can never fail. Our true nature is to be love always and in all ways and that is what this column, “Spiritually Living with Dr. Constantine” is going to focus on. So, if you have questions of how to see certain life experiences from a spiritual perspective please e-mail me at wmconstantine@


“Get Your Head out of the Clouds.” Or “Come back to reality.” People who say this are simply ignorant of the fact that they are creating their own reality. Don’t allow them to sway your dreams or tell you that you’ll never achieve them – it simply isn’t for them to decide. If you listen to them, you’ll be right because you settle for less than what you desire – your dream will shift and you’ll become stuck doing something far less than what you are capable of simply because you stopped dreaming.

William Constantine, is a Celebrity Psychic Medium, Spiritual teacher, and lifestyle expert with a Doctorate in Metaphysical sciences. He has been utilized as a source on many top tier media outlets including; CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, SIRIUS / XM, and many others. He’s been interviewed by Shirley MacLaines and recently Thrive Global.

“This is as good as it gets.” This is as good as it gets is a statement of settling –giving up. The great thing about you is that you can create new and exciting things in your life each and every day and at

For more information, visit his website at, follow him on Twitter: @wmconstantine , Instagram: @wmconstantine and visit his Facebook Page.


Healing Generational Wounds With Klazina Dobbe


healer with a master’s degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, life coach and expert in meditation, Klazina Dobbe finds herself on the other side of healing as a patient diagnosed with cancer. Ready for the fight of her life she starts the journey of the unknown. Born in the Netherlands, she immigrated with her husband and three young children to America in 1980. With big dreams they start a Tulip Farm, named Holland America Flowers at the west coast, first in Washington and later in California. Working side by side in the fields, their Tulip Farm blossomed into success, but soon she found herself at the farms office working the administration. Missing the connection with nature she went on an internal quest to find a new dream for herself. At that time she was drawn to healing and discovered how her background as a grower, taught her, if you nurture a plant it has the ability to blossom, the same is true for people. This became the basis for her healing practice. Starting with Reiki, sharing universal healing energy through her hands, she felt the need to be better educated in order to be more credible. With a master’s degree in oriental medicine, she started her clinic and found the five thousand years history and philosophy of Chinese medicine appealing. For the next 15 years her bliss was treating patients with all types of diseases. Here is when she started guided healing imagery with her patients while they rested on the table with needles in their body.


61 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2018

After a while, her mind was wondering again, especially when the acupuncture or herbal medicine didn't work for some people. She discovered how the best results for healing are a combination of the willingness of the patient to heal, the invitation of God, and the intent of the practitioner. The results for healing multiplied in combination with the three above. She began sending her patients home with affirmations to continue their healing by practicing positive words, transforming their thoughts and emotions. With new knowledge about healing she needed a break from her clinic and started researching how disharmony in the mind and emotions often manifest in the body as a disease. This took her on a new journey back to school to learn hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) a helpful addition to the philosophy of Chinese medicine she learned before. The more she learned, the more she felt the need to write a book about the knowledge floating in her mind, sharing her experiences as a healer. Eager to learn the trades of writing, she signed up to join writer’s conferences. One of these conferences was on a cruise ship to Alaska. With an outline of a healing book in hand, she participated in workshops, hoping to learn more and pitch her work with publishers. One morning in the tiny shower of the cruise ship, the spirit voice of her maternal grandmother dropped in telling her the names and life stories of seven of her ancestors including her mother and grandmother. She was told she was to write a book about these women for the emotions of their stories were still imprinted in the memory cells of her DNA. Confused she skipped one of her workshops and jutted down the information she received. How could she ignore this powerful message, she thought, knowing they were not created in her own mind. After writing down the bones of the new story, she sent a proposal to a publisher where it was denied. Disappointed when her first attempt went south, the script was placed on the shelf, until she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When she received the call she was diagnosed with cancer, she was shocked. To make it even more devastating, her sister was diagnosed three month prior with brain cancer. Afraid to miss out on her live with her husband, children and friends, she found solace in meditation. Here she starts questions why she and her sister were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time. These questions were not asked in a poor-me state of mind but rather with a curiosity of learning what might have contributed to this new ordeal she found herself in. The answers to her questions came when God send her an angel in the shape of her grandmother's spirit, the same who had visited her before, who assured her she and her sister would be guided on their journey. She was taken in a dream to a circle in the woods to meet her ancestors who told their life stories. These stories are still lived by women today. They would teach lessons learned from their lives and help her during meditation to release generational wounds. It was then she was reminded of the book placed on the shelf collecting dust and somehow a new wind of inspiration emerged to visit the script again. This time writing about the link between her ancestors and the two sister’s cancer journey and in the process she hoped to find the answers she was looking for. Her new dream is to help other woman to find the healer within and guide them to release the generational wounds we all carry within. We are on the threshold of a new dream where we will use our minds to change our experiences and transform old false beliefs others have placed upon us. If one person heals, they will affect the entire world. Klazina Dobbe Author of Visitors along My Cancer Journey, Emotional release of generational wounds. Meditations related to her book can be downloaded for free with the promo code GUIDED MEDITATION at


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Message from the Goddess Mother By Jan Diana





y Beloved Children of Heart,

“Greetings on this most glorious day! Today is a new beginning is it not? Every moment is an opportunity for a new perspective, a new thought, a new choice, a new action. As we focus on this moment, we can begin to see, sense and feel a newness, a freshness, a sense of a flow that is deeply held within our awareness. Making that connection guides us to reach a greater sense of unity, a communication flow with our heart. Within your heart is the deepest of peace, where clarity can be reached to the greater truth. This truth is who you are. Realizing this connection makes it possible to reach deeper into the wisdom held within your heart. The wisdom of the heart holds the keys to knowing the divine truth of yourself and of all that is. To begin to see beyond the stories of life into the essence of who you are and your sacred purpose is the pathway leading to the greatest joy. To live and be in this state of great joy is a deep desire held within yourself. You are drawn to it like a magnet is to a metal object. Though you may be diverted from time to time, ultimately the attraction draw is a constant and will prevail. As you develop your conscious awareness of your connection to the wisdom of your heart, you will begin to notice many life changes. They may be subtle at first but will build to more expansion and depth of understanding. Awareness will become more easily accessed leading you to be able to recognize and choose pathways of wisdom as they present before you. To begin having a greater awareness, a sense of your true self, will deepen your connection to the divine truth. It will become easier for you to release from any definers held in consciousness of lesser value than the truth of your magnificence. Developing this connection to the wisdom of your heart is part of the grand experience offered to you on your life journey. The privilege of remembering yourself and developing your personal mastery is one of the many reasons you chose to be here at this time on Earth. To be living life as a part of the grand adventure allows you the opportunity and privilege to experience yourself in so many different ways. To approach each moment with an outlook of “what wonder will present today for me to experience”, will give your life a feeling of the many potentials this adventure offers. You will feel like the great explorer self, open to experience, grow, expand, create and express. Infinite potentials and possibilities await your discovery. You may choose whatever appeals to you. This gift of choice is given to you and to each one by the Creator . 65 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

Whatever you choose leads you on a pathway which you can continue to fuel if you desire. You may also choose to make another choice for a different flavor or different pathway. Life is filled with opportunities. The only limitations are thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs held in your and the collective’s consciousness. We are living in a time where this is changing and shifting. We are choosing freedom to be, to live and express our truth free from the past of perceptions of lesser value. We see it as a glorious past and yet now we are ready to release it and step into our roles of being on our path to full realization of our master self. Yes indeed these are exciting times. It is time to celebrate for we have dreamed them into being together.

FREE CLASS: As a Gift I am offering you a Free Tele- Class, “Remember Who you are”. -Restore pathways to remembering the truth of yourself using the tools of SVH, a prayer modality that can shift the old stories, old beliefs and perceptions that are not relevant to your truth. -Receive tools that you can utilize in your life to further free yourself from the veils of forgetting -Take a journey to meet your true self and receive a priceless gift You will leave this class filled a greater vision of yourself and what is now possible for you. This class is a great joy bringer! Note: Register by subscribing by email at: (if the time is not convenient, register to receive the recording when available)

Let us walk together into the greater freedom. Let us allow the light of our hearts to shine to ourselves and to all, illuminating the pathways of greater acceptance of our sacred truth to be known to us all. Our truth is universal truth. We are all part of one family of lightness and love. Each is remembering in their timing of readiness. As we remember more so does the collective as we are all connected. Let is all journey together on the pathways of lightness. Let us listen to the wisdom of our hearts. Let us love ourselves and love one another. This is the dream you desired. It is the dream we all desired. It is here for you, for each to experience now. Allow yourself the blessings of the guidance of your heart. The wisdom will help you to navigate through any bumpy waters, and move onto the smooth silky flow of still waters. It is a time for greater acceptance, greater awareness, greater peace, joy and harmony. Receive the wisdom with openness and let yourself thrive. May you each feel the greater connections as the threads of golden light weave into your awareness. Accept the wisdom of the heart, for it is your divine birthright to claim. Remember always that you are loved. Shamon,” With great love, Your Beloved Mother 66 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

n Jan Diana is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. Her mission is to assist clients & students in creating harmony, balance, heightened levels of clarity, develop innate gifts & abilities, empowering them on their personal evolution to create the dreams of their heart. She utilizes several modalities including SVH L3M, Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Reiki Master, and more. Free meditation journeys, articles, & classes. Sessions and Classes by phone. You can reach her at website or by email

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Whole Nutrition

By Sasha Gary The power of whole food nutrition and well-being is my life! We are so fortunate to have so many farmer’s markets and amazing produce at our doorstep. I love to cook, and I make my own food at home, more than I love going out to eat. I know exactly where my food is coming from and the nutritional value. I have a ritual of walking the dog, watching the sunset and having a glass of wine, and preparing my evening meal. Food is medicine! You can heal your body with the proper nutrition. I am a big believer of mind, body and spirit selfcare being my daily method of operation when it comes to my lifestyle. You see, I don’t diet. I eat what I want, when I want, and I fuel my mind, my heart and soul with well-being. When people find out they are sick, they go into panic mode, and end up changing their diets in order to heal their bodies. I want you to do this as a health maintenance, not under distress. The cost of health insurance is astronomical and taking preventative measures will help you in the length of your life. Understanding what food does to your body is important 68 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

for you overall health. Are you eating 7-13 fruit and veggies serves a day? Most people are not. Most people are only getting 3-5 servings a day if they are lucky! I cook daily, and even I don’t get the proper amount. Whole food nutrition is having your body absorb all of the nutrients into your body 100%! That’s the power of whole food nutrition. If you are taking vitamins or supplements, they are usually only absorbed 30% in the body, and the rest is urinated out. The nutrients, vitamins and minerals are what help support your immune system, keeps it strong and protects you from disease. But, eating more healthy whole foods actually helps you maintain or lose weight. A healthy whole food nutrition plan consists of leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, root vegetables, quinoa, whole fruit, whole wheat, oats, brown rice and nuts. Let’s talk sugar cravings, if you are feeling that afternoon sugar craving pick me up, it’s because you haven’t given your body enough nutrition. You begin to crave sugar, coffee, carbs and you don’t realize, but your mind begins to tell you this and you can’t keep up with your busy day!

Sweet vegetables are a great snack. Sweet potato for brekkie, carrots, and any root vegetable will help satisfy that feeling. I love making sweet potato hash browns with onions for brekkie, carrots and hummus for a mid snack lunch, and adding bell peppers to your salad throughout the day so you won’t have that sugar craving at 3pm. For meal prep Sunday I chop up all of the sweet potatoes and freeze them during the week, and I also purchase the snack pack carrots, and chop up my peppers. Adding leafy greens, vegetables to our diets as it is high in alkaline food. To protect us from free radicals, technology, pesticides and environmental factors. This will help you replenish your body, and help you excrete the toxins that you don’t need.

When I was a young girl, my British mother made an English Sunday roast. Each week, my sister and I prepared the dining room table with our special table cloth, plates, silverware, and glasses. Sometimes, I would begrudgingly do it, as my brother was able to sit and watch football. At the time, I didn’t realize my mother was preparing me to be a home maker. I value that time so much now, as a loving memory. My mother would cook all day, and have a beautiful, English roast of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and dessert. But, what she really put into those Sunday’s was her energy, love, and time to care for her children and husband. Quality time, and energy into one day of the week, where we all reconnect, and have gratitude and togetherness.

The worst things we can put into our bodies are convenient. It comes in a box, it’s cheap, it can be delivered, it’s in a drive thru, it’s addictive and you want more of it! It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break free from. When it comes to preservatives and sugar from processed food, this is where you have a can of beans, tuna, anything that keeps it alive and can live on a shelf for months and months. Not just chocolate, and sweets. It’s hidden in shelved items. Make sure you shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store for fresh items.

As we are entering into the fall season it’s the perfect time to slow down, and re-invigorate the slow food cooking movement.

When it comes to food and family, we have lost the tradition of sitting down, relaxing, catching up with our loved ones and enjoying what we have created! Now a days, everyone is in such a rush and dinner is on the go, and it’s become more of a hobby to try this new place, yelp that bad place. We’ve lost the human connection of togetherness. It’s more than just fueling your body, it’s the spirituality of community. Taking the time to slow down, putting love and energy into the food preparation and putting the food into our bodies. That is all energy!

Sasha Gary is an actress, writer, and Wellness Coach at a 16 week online health program for women that shows you how to implement small sustainable changes one by one to help you with whole food nutrition, self-love and a conscious movement. Sasha is a yogi of 25 years, a crystal healer, and an avid sound bowl meditation participant and lives in Venice California!



elf-Compassion: The

Healing of Self-Blame and Judgment

70 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2018

71 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e September 2018

By Wendy E. Slater As one awakens to the Truth within as we walk the Path, the journey, and wake from the slumber of separation from parts of self and step into full union with self and Divinity, the resulting self-forgiveness allows one to move forward in wholeness without the false archetype of perfection. When blame and self-judgment are transformed, healed, and cease to be, we have reawakened without the myth, “the mythos,” of separation from Source. We come to understand that Divinity and “all that is” is within the self. All things can heal by opening the heart into forgiveness and love rather than being in a place of suppression due to grief or fear held on the conscious, subconscious, or even unconscious levels of being. Unresolved grief, shame and fear can accumulate throughout one’s life, and impede, constrict, and block the natural flow of energy in the subtle bodies. We all come into being with infinite love; a wholeness of the heart that lacks suppression. In separation from Source or ‘all that is’, there is a closing down of the heart that stagnates one’s authentic self as past shrouded impressions have become blocked energy. Constriction of the heart energy imprints a marked influence on how life is perceived as one projects past obscured and limiting impressions into the future as guideposts, and this, inherently, disengages one in the now. Liberating and strengthening fundamental heart energy enables an untethering and our authentic self to remember that oneness is the union of the now and always. This true self-reunion is a remembering and reawakening that reveals itself with uncomplicated Universal Truths.


Invocation for Peace Together let us hold the intention that all aspects of this living planet come together in love, acceptance, and celebration of both our diversities and commonalities. Let us possess the common purpose that we heal from our hearts into compassion and forgiveness for ourselves. Together let us own the belief that we will no longer unite with blame and judgment, but come to accept that we all carry the same wounds. In acknowledging this, the hope is for the whole planet in its jubilant diversity to be healed from any and all woundings so that we come together on equal footing, living in peace and joy and setting the tone for a future of harmony within and on this planet. Peace to all and healing to all. © 2016 Wendy E. Slater

In our fast-paced modern reality, there is a renewed awareness of our oneness with all humanity, nature, the cosmos and the Divine. As we remember and re-awaken from the illusory separation of self, love and Divinity, we must reconcile with self-blame and judgment. It is in the healing of self-blame and judgment that the self is liberated from the constraints of binding emotions and one comes to remember the true authentic self. Hindering emotions like shame must be replaced with self-responsibility. Self-examination does not involve judgment or self-blame; rather it allows one to approach forgiveness and begin to understand that compassion starts with the self. It is only when one has found true empathy and forgiveness of the self that one can radiate compassion to others. In the process of this inner healing, one begins to see that inner compassion emanates out to others with an increasingly less comparative and judgmental stance. The self, love, and Divinity become progressively evident and commence to come into full union when one releases judgments, labels and comparatives. The spiritual and Divinity are always present even in the seemingly mundane. This knowing is cloaked by self-judgment and self-blame, and when these hampering qualities are hidden, allusions distort and project out from the ego onto others. It is one-by-one as we heal and come into unity and oneness that we may then impart compassion together as an increasingly larger unified frequency. It is through self-compassion that we connect to Divinity and then, without effort, may emanate forgiveness and love so that others, too, may remember the union of the self and Divinity resides within all. My own journey of inner transformation and selfreconciliation is expressed in my creation of The Traduka Wisdom poetry series. The poetry is the expression and

integration of the inner dialogue with Divinity and the spiritual journey of self-discovery through vision quests, spiritual awakenings, and the dark night of the soul. The words reflect deeply on both the hidden and revealed relationship of nature, the cosmos, humanity and the healing of archetypes both esoteric and known in the individual and collective psyche. The poetic formulas are both wisdom and method; a sharing of words that open doors and invite readers on their own spiritual evolution and journey of awakening, inner transformation and healing to remember their own inner wisdom. The true continent of one’s authentic self will be revealed and formed as the poetry guides one through the geology and geography of one’s soul, and one’s inner wisdom and Truth remember that the separation of self, love, and Divinity is merely an illusion. The delicacy Of these sounds: A train, lizards in the bush, Distant religious music Loud enough for me To chant with, Celebration of voices Rising up into the sky Simplicity with sitar Climbing with the moon, Quarter crescent, A lute and the stars All become you Me, us. 1418 from Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 © 2015 Wendy E. Slater

d Wendy E. Slater has three published volumes of modern mystical poetry in her Traduka Wisdom Poetry Series: Into the Hearth, Of the Flame, and The Ocher of Abundance. Wendy is also a quantum healer and shamanic facilitator. For more information visit her web site:


Toranto Film Festival with a conscience By Alexia Melocchi

It’s official- Award Season is here and Hollywood is coming out roaring with conscious film making and a string of exciting new films and documentaries. If you are not living or working in Hollywood, you probably have heard of the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance or the Venice Film Festival, which are considered by movie lovers and movie makers alike the right places to showcase the best and most quality films from film makers around the world. Few are familiar with the Toronto Film Festival. This Canadian festival is one of the largest attended in the world, attracting over 480,000 movie lovers annually, and becoming a permanent destination for film culture. The Festival, that first started in 1976, was mostly focused in art house movies, primarily foreign. Not anymore. In the past decade, it has become a platform for socially conscious film making from all over the world, while concurrently considered an “Award Season” kick off showcase of new movies from all over the world. I arrived this year, as I do every year, with much anticipation for the movies that would inspire the public in attendance. We all know the glamour side of Hollywood, the clothes, the Red Carpet, the Celebrities, but it is through the hard work and perseverance of some talented and often little known film makers that the moving picture can translate into an almost spiritual experience shedding light on socially conscious issues that are faced by humanity. It is no surprise that the current theme of this year’s Festival was the empowerment of women as this became the first Toronto Festival of the #MeToo movement. PETA also had a presence at this year’s Festival, as peaceful protesters carried signs and pictures of slaughtered wolves, calling out the Festival for the endangerment for these animals by one of its Sponsors, Grey Goose. 74 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

While many lined up to see highly anticipated films such as A STAR IS BORN, a remake of the original Chris Christoppherson and Barbara Straisand romance, directed by and starring Bradley Cooper, and featuring pop star Lady Gaga in a true movie star in the making performances, there were several more intimate and meaningful movie gems that I had the pleasure of screening and one of these was the visually stunning documentary AQUARELA.

Before heading back to Los Angeles, I was lucky to be attending the National Geographic Party on top of the rooftop of the Bisha Hotel, a boutique new Hotel in Downtown Toronto, right before sunset, enjoying a magical view of this great city and trying out the newest virtual reality goggles to see clips of FREE SOLO, the documentary about Alex Honnond’s iconic free- rider ascent, and a celebration of the wonder of humans and nature with extraordinary photography. Just like the journey of a film, wanting to communicate a feeling to its audience, the climb to the top can be exhilarating and inspiring for those who create as well as for those who watch because if you are moved by an image enough to want to talk about it, then Hollywood may have used its power of influence in the right way, after all, and I hope it won’t stop.

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Directed by Russia’s Victor Kossakovsky, the documentary was a poetic and visual feast about the power and magic of one of Earth’s four elements, water. With practically no narrative, we dive, no pun intended, into a series of high definition images of glaciers, icebergs and giant waves as well as rushing waterfalls and incredibly still lakes. The wide angles lenses used literally gives as a full immersion experience accompanied by a state of the art sound system where we experience the raging waves through a tempest as experienced sailors maneuver a yacht , or the angry crash of iceberg cracks from glaciers, or the rainbow making drops that become clouds to then redistribute water back into the eco system. Even though there is no obvious story told here, the right gaps are left to the viewers to see the effects of climate change, while water remains the mutable, infinitely temperamental star and the real protagonist.

Though Hollywood gets at times a bad reputation for being self -absorbed, it was clear in this Festival, not just with this documentary but with several other films I had the pleasure of screening, that creativity and the arts can also be used to create and spread awareness, and this year Nature was front and center.

Alexia Melocchi is an accomplished film producer and worldwide distribution executive and the partner of Beverly Hills based LITTLE STUDIO FILMS. Alexia Melocchi has an experience of more than twenty years in in Hollywood and has produced 11 award wining movies and 3 documentaries that were shot by emerging film makers that she has personally discovered and mentored. She also acquires on behalf of her international distributor clients films and television shows from all over the world for release in the Middle East, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada, South America and Germany. She attends all major film festivals in the USA and abroad and has been often invited as an expert panelist on the Film Business for high profile film and television conventions. Alexia is fluent in five languages and is the proud mama to 3 rescue cats. She supports environmental and animal causes , meditates daily, and is an avid reader of spiritual and self helps books. IG @lexybella @LttleStudioFlms 75 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM e October 2018

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